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QU ALP WM , v , sf , -'-'PC 1 : ' w5,f5,':" , i v 1 u., ,IA , ,un J, 1 5 ' u Qiig V Q mu-mpg 'fggzgg-'QW' ,5 . W ,w-1-, ,:- w A K' ,sf ff 1 a 4 I 1 V ,..x , , ,JW X .M , f if Q ia? .fqf , ,wa F,, f : 1 A, aw ..x K W1 in 1 Q, .-g' x X 1 11 K 1 .. gh!! .,.: A , ,ip-13, I .M-A xklfm 'W 4 'c 4' 2 ,f ..,5 - . 4 3? 1-Ji?3"52' U5 A x4-'lf 'g?- E53 fu ff X Wi . , .wa Q:f9.', ' sl 'l ITT' 53.- Y 'K' fa V' 1, .vm r , 1 I 9153- ,ff F' . +K 'W'f K :N LA. 1. . 1 gf , ,M XA 1 " 'l'Qi f L 25 Q f -.r , .A-11. V .VMI N, r' '.ilZz?'1: 3555 5 i xxx: 5 ,,,: 1-,,.fg+g'7 W 'Q Vi EQ' It 2' Q' ., ' m 1 '- 2 . V, 4 f :Li if 'L-124: - ik-.-f"f ' ' 35 ,, L ,-5?-Q: f "T 1:':?I5,, , :.:5,,5R,, ,3 11"Qiii7155Sf51?l'5.?,,, " - 5557 .wif i L Z 7f'g!, G"' W 'I , . I ,lpaw 5 ,fini ' ' . Q ,- by me-sms N , , . V11 , " . -v wyfvw, . ' -ag X gJ2f'w --fm, gigs, 4 1-, . ., w , Q,g,:213A-,511 ri ,1w?eV,,ffzam a. ia, fm Q, .,2 'J 1, . Ty:- M: f Q wif: :-'J' .. 1- Pg.:-kk ,.-, V ,no , ,H ..,5,. an ff A '52 " 91 -1' f , , 5,1 w ' Z A All ,,. E bit,-W,f:1g.eT 33: - LL ' gp ,nga , - , PM 5'-14: Wk ,HTL , , Y V, 4,3 -.-513.15 gli'- rgilff' uf-1i"a?5' M -25:3 T F , - Y?14":'EFil 1 -H' -M A 1. . ,Riff-,fig , iw-,HA V , , yn, -- gm. fs? , zu: J-mf-ev. ,.: , ma w, gp. - ,-1: 12 -Q.: 2:5 " 3 '2 ,ff 1 'F w .Ju x k.: sf, af L, , my J' W fy 15: .vigil ,, A M A64 J. pl 323 .,-. . :i 55 P 'U 1 1 in ,R if 4 Q if , , W A 4, ,,:,N NV. , "M . ,- ,fi 1.1. A 4,.fj',4':5! i , 1,, S , ff , Q W IP 1, if ' A' .2 J 4 I V .Q W ww , , NE " X K '- - - J' . Q Q 1+ , in , . :vm . 4 if . Q, , V al lg s ' in .. Q ' R V" -1, Q ,.N, . K,--' A I. my it . W sf 'Q' ,Q Af, 'lf , .- .AV 15 wk! Mugs? q ',-X 1f"""'N X'- 2.0.5 ,,- A ji figfipnrts A 2' ...Q L :-" 59 - X ciweruur 14-K A f 'QX f ,,f 5 A. 1 E ,-L E 95547 S , my -'-"f"g,g ! " ' .. x ff , fi ix Z--N ,l V in gf' V' F-1 P+-l if- if ,ilfacultg -1, 9d,,.3.-j Ulrahifiuns 2 4 12" I Eff: ffa.-L1 lf ff' .M . - - ...Q ., s -'S-1 V : fd.. '5 2 . ff fi 1347.5 f -if- 5652 f Z iff ' 7? MMM '4"' 1 X' 1. .:v P 31", kg? -75- -3:7 -az- L-,Tl-f' Z ffffg Eff- A fy Z Q W .515-Q i A 5 ,. E 2 fi?-Szfx fi X: X- fix n ff! A X ' Q.3fif A ', Q - 1' 42' , gn: ,g 5 Ji-f X .fit V -H , QQ ff' Z. 1' Sequoia 51940 Pbllalby cz f4 Flntioch Gownsbip 1bigh School Anfiocb, Illinois As untutored pages We enter the Castle of Knowl- edge to learn court life and living. With high hopes and some fears, We begin our career toward develop- ment of knowledge, striving to reach at least one turret in the castle. We picture our school participation as a castle consisting of turrets. Each turret represents an activ- ity in which We participate, or faculty members and students Who iniiuence us. Through these various activities We obtain a fully rounded school experience which will help to guide our foot-steps to the infinite goal of knight-hood: service to the World. I s s MARGUERITE K. PHILLIPS DEDICATION There are ladies in every castle. Our Castle of Knowledge is no exception. Among the most gracious and kind of these ladies is Mrs. Phillips, companion and helper throughout the trials of our high school careers. Not only is she capable in her own turret, Dramatics, but she throws her influence and lends her encourage- ment to other helds of endeavor as well. Her busy schedule is never too crowded for her to give a bit of advice. So to her, who is beloved by every student and remembered by every graduate, we dedicate our annual, Sequoia 1940. 'yd if 1 1-fl elyfjv Tln fllbemoriam 2525262 Zilirrnr 552115 Q KX 21 ieninrs Zi' Z 5 fi X I g 5,2 Z - - - ii- ,1 T' - E-' ,il ,H fig ffax 17 Rx, 214 'f ,F WTN A 3 'vf f f 2 I J .1" 1 I fi A' ' X A'! f 7' x X, , ffl, L" iqx,m1, , I fl ui-PQI' .21-5'1f ' ag, Q 1. 11 fc. A1f.1,.,l f -1152 ll. X321 WI- X L" 111 S V g, 1 5' "5 Q g,1s'1 3 s L ' .1 m-1 -ive' V i.:f.:: ' 1Q,1 "I Q " M1 4 Y f 1 2 , .if- 'J, 1, " ff -153: - , 1 3:31 11 52611124-, ' 115'-1w 1 1. 1 11' 114' f-.-111 -NR' 1, Q '+i'1fr A1 ffl-1'2b , ' ,J ff WI 1 ' V, I ' 1 W " 1 1 1 1 '1 gii1'f'iflf V il f:,.. " 55 - .559-'I ' 1 - ii-:.'a1?s' 1 'lfii ' , -1-1 11 1- -5 11 A ' 1 ff 11111 5:2 -"E-1T1If?fi1:1i'1 . 'W Q 5 1 11,.1?'?:iF" 'wi 1 1 1 fi 1+ 121,54 - mipeggf- Et ' ." '. ff., 1 11 " Qi:I!k1,.A-J 1 ' 1 IETF U 1:43 1.:ff:r1'1 1 ,. 61 ' 1 11 112' . 111 c, , 1 .5 1119135511 ' 1. '- 1' 111.gif 1 ., ' .. -11'f'1".-fi--1 1' 1 , , v ' , ' 11, - 5-1 , 1 11. ,D f 1 - ,am . . P11 I' , 1 L' , IW-SI 11 f "' 7 T fm , ' ',V3,1,.,'1 ' 1 1 ' , -' 1' '+ 1 "::L.1511 Ii? ., 1111111-4:1-1-H, 1 ' . ,Win . - M- 1 4,1 -- L 1 -.-11 m::,,ip11..f -rf . 1 , , 1 1" 7-'fn13g'1w:gzn f X .3 Jfvzw , w -1451 .1- :' T1-'aif3'i,": 1- Q , , 1 . 1111A f, -1 . 1 ," Q 1 . ff: r I 1 1 - . 1 Qlfww ' 1 71- wfvlfzieg- ' FPfJQ4.11L ' 1 .::s11Efii'- 11' 1 1 ' i' ,uQ?i - M, v . 11 - f .' :gg--M ww . 1 1-1,11 , , 1-'Vx . I 1 'gig 1-W , W1 r-, 11 1 H1 .V ,J:11Al., ' eHw1'1112g i 4.1, 111' 2 4e,'iln,rrv1R1gQF fn 1 vu ,E .X 111-P--.1121 1 , 1' F111 r 1 4 nw-55 -5- 1 ,1 '- 1 fb-gf: -:J -IIN:-, 1 5 h A u'Y3",'Q 11 ' .15. L I S 1 1 1 3 , .111 giiilwifzri ' ' -' W 'E-jufkgii 1 'D :g3?f'4?5,1,l ,gg 1.1 V -gs ' 1 152' 123 311114: 'Q X' 'ii -A' . 1- 1 3 ' f11q,:F:i,1'1-1fQ,1'. ,, 1131 ' 1. 1 1 11 TV 11111 2 1 : ' 1 ' 1 "-'T'?f1l 1 WWQN1 Q-11 .1 A1 '- ' +1 '1 I : rw: 1 1 -ff31e1111if a 1 ' . .111 Law. 1 1 ' up . ,, E F: 55,154 ' 1 'JR W ,1 1 it 1, 412. 1 " Y V 1 5 W ti ,Q V11 1 .11x.,'1 -' -LL f: 1 fm . 1 ' 31 111 ,, 1 A V wah ., 71221, 5932, , 211-411' K E111 A 1 '11 1 1. ,-1 11 1 , 21 25 -A - ' " 11 15- I e- Liff 1f'1f" a'11111r1 f .gl 1 - 1 - V 5' . 1 , XM. - g 'X 7, '1 af - ' , if 1 ' 1 if 5 1 ki 5 , - 1 ' ,1 1 1 1 11 , , . Ja- 1. E 1 L-EM. . , 'L i , 1 ff I J J. o. AUSTIN I f fl J. Behind the scenes of everyday life in the Castle of Knowledge is the guiding hand of the school board and the principal. Our castle is exceptionally fortunate in having such a Hne group of men and women to give us the opportunity to climb to the very top of each turret. They have con- tinued to uphold the standards set by pre- vious school boards in providing valuable equipment necessary for our participation in sports, dramatics, vocational clubs, and all extra curricular activities. Mr. Austin, our principal, has come this year from Athens to the Castle of Knowl- edge, Those who are leaving realize that his leadership will be a lasting influence. We have the feeling that he is genuinely interested in our problems and activities. He is always willing to guide our efforts and give us the benefit of his past experi- ence. Mr. Austin has also become a leader in our civic organizations. He is an active member of the Men's Civic Club, the Lions Club, and the Antioch High School Parent Teachers' Association. Left to Right Mr. James McMillen, Mr. Paul Chase, Mr. Arthur Maplethorpe, Mt. Walter Hills, Mrs. Jean Ferris jfacultg The Sequoit faculty is topped by few. We are for- tunate to have instructors who are Willing to guide our steps through the trails of learning. During our four years in this Castle We spend a great deal of our time with these teachers. They are always ready to aid us with our personal problems as Well as our academic work. Mr. Kutil CClarencej University of Wisconsiii, B. S. Agrirzilfzm' I". If. A. Club Q. it Mr. I-Iack Qleewis C.j University of Iowa, Westerii Illinois State Teachers' Col- lege, B. E., University of Kansas, M. A. Seienee and Maflvenizaiies Izmior Boys Raekef Cizzgp' Mr. Von Holwede QI-Iansj Prussian State Seminary, Am- erican Conscrvatory, B. M.g Chicago Co servatory, M. M. E., M. M. German M ZlSiC X Sw 'Wifi 1 Mmr1j3fvf1111r11'e Boys Miss Slocum QLucilcj Augustana College, Univer- sity of Illinois, B. S. Typing Sborflmnd I and II Bookkeeping lfj4, VhfJJ.fyAf Mrs. Phillips fMJYgUCfitC Northwestern University University of Wisconsin Dranzulies and Speech Dralnalies Club Mr. Stillson fMelvin 7 University of South Dakota, Eastern State Teachers' C01 lege, B. S., Colorado Stat University I11a'usf1fiui Arts Mechanical Drawing pf f Senior Boys K, - 6 nk. r afl- Mr. Childers IReuben I-I.j LaCrosse State Teachers' Col- lege, Beloit College, B. A., Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin European Hisiory Physical Education Coach Freshman Boys Rod and Gun Club Miss Rasmussen QClaraQ Illinois State Normal Univer- sity B. E., University of Illi- nois, M. A. English II and III Senior G' s Iourn :sm C lb QW Miss Larimer Usabelj Eastern Illinois State Teach- ers' College, B. E. Home Economics Cafeteria Home Ec. Club Pep Club Girls' Club Dean of Girls Miss Leland QInaj State School of Science, Wah- peton, N. D., State Teachers, College, Mayville, N. D., A.B University of Illinois, B. S. Economics Civics Librarian K So hornore Girlf 622' A 2,95 wt'- Mr. Austin University of Illinois, M. S. Mafhemafics Principal We JW Miss Smith CAlice EJ Valparaiso College, Barlitz School of Languages, Univer- sity of California Ancient Hisfory American History Lafin Slanzp Club Miss Lyne IDorothyj University of Wisconsin, B.S. English I and IV junior Girls and Annual 5353.235 Robert Chinn Lake College of Commerce Secretary 1 ,Ll x RCA, .' 1-.. , Q f L x - 'eu-f X- 1 , If -s A 1 X 1,31 'Mx I2 M I , . y ,f K. 1 xi! Y, A '+,.,m '-,vs sf,- . ffl Miss gtjnley QMargaretQ Grinnell College, B. A. Twins Business Girls' P. E. G. A. A. Freshman Girls Pep Club Mr. Edwards QElmoj Illinois State Teachers, Col- lege, A. B., Colorado State College of Education, M. A. Physics General Science gif, General Mathematics -'V . . . J Assisianf Principal 'J w- vw Glass of 1940 Cisna, Bill Demog "Tyr0m"' "Thai wrll tl!7f70lIII4f'6l lf'L1lI'l'V frmzfx us l1c'rz'." Clubs: Stamp Club l, Z3 ,lournalism 3, 43 Swing Club 43 Draniaticsz lnti-rfClass Plays l, Z, 3, 4, ,luninr Playg Scninr Play, Christmas Play 43 Sports: lloxing 1, 2, Haskvtball 3, UolI'Tcan1 3, 4g Activities: Annual Coflfditor, Prom Com., Homi'corning Com. Chsurmang Ring Cun1.g Ani' biliun: llccornr yfgoud',loiirnallst. . X f . N ,7 fff K '-Jf7"'1 Waiters, Lucillcg "Sr'alH "TIM jzvn of a iwzfly 1lJI'lft'I'.H Clubs: Stamp Club l Svc., 21 ,lournalism Club l. 3, -lg Dramatics: Play Tournarni-nt 2, Z, 4: Christmas Play -lg junior Play, Sunlor Playg Ambition: lntcrior Decorator. K? 4 Dalgaarcl, Lila Arlettag "Toodlcs3' "If's nice' to bc' nafzzral wbru yozfrc mzfurally niccff' Clubs: Girls' Club I, 2, 43 Swing 4, Miisic Appreciation 3, Sports: B slcctball 1. 2, 33 Dramatics: Play Tournament 2, 4, Christmas Play 45 Senior Play, Miisic: Chorus 1, ZX 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Glcc Club 1, 2, 3: Activitics: Prom Com., Sec, junior Classg Student Council 4g Ambition: Singer and to travel. Mficers Bnctbke, Rayg "Buck" "Light of laeurf and fair of face." Clubs: Tumbling 1, 2, Swing 4, Sports: Goll 2, 3, 4, Class bascball 2, 3, 4g Boxing l, Zg Class Football 41 Class Baslcctball 4g Second Tram Basketball 35 Dramatics: Play Tournament 4: Junior Play 3, Scnioi' 4, Nlusic: Chorus I, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Swing Bind 2, 43 Activi' tics: Studcnt Council lg Annual Stallg Prom Com.g Ring Com,g Prcsinlunt of Class 1, 31 Viccflirusiclcnt of Class -lg VccfPrcsidcnt of Group 45 President of A'Club 45 Ambition: ?acr. 'U Miliircd Van Pattcng Millir"' HSXII' dolh il7d!'f'lI show sjulrles fha! arf wif." Clubs: fi. A, A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 21 Camcra Club 33 Curtain Call Club 41 Dramatlcsi Play Tournamvnr 3, 4, ,lunior Play, Scnior Play 45 Nlusic: Hand l, 2, 3, 43 fllcc Club Ig Sports: Bsislcvtball l, 2, 3, 41 Baseball l, 2. 3, 4g Ambition: Cnmrnvrcial lVork , , , . , I 'fff' I I ' Gordon Knottg l'MilV!177JJ,, "All great 111011 arf' dying and I my- self am 710f fcelirzg wrllf' Clubs: journalism l, 3, 43 "A" Club 3, 41 Sports: Baslcctball 2, 3, 43 Bascball 3, 4, Golf 3, 41 Boxing 2. 3, Ambition: journalist, Atwood, James: "jinzU C, 1 , in i , "II was a trac' report I beard of thy wisdonzf, Clubs: Stamp 1, 2, 3, 4: Sports: Boxing 1, Z, 3, 4: lntcrfClass Basketball 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Prcsidcnt of Stamp Club 4: Ambition: A good job. Behlcr, Robert: "Sco0 " "Mon Dieu pcasc cmembcr be pattern an 1 rc." kt. C Clubs: Cha' Rac Baseball Tca , 3. ' U ' 'f fnHgCr 4: Activities: nnual ' ci ouncil 4: SCC. Boys G up 4: ' i 2 a e a mi 'on 3 rts: Class Baseb l las all ng 31 b ll lli in next five ye ' ,I Behning, Elinor Rae: "Ream "I have found one man, among the crowds." fi 1 Clubs: G.PA.,,A. 1, 2, i Jil Halal Et. 2, Checkers and Chess,,3:, wing 4: ramatics: Christmas Play 2:l 1 ament 2: junior Play: Home Ec. Play 2:- orts: Girls' Basketball 1. Z, 3, 4: Activfticsi:'Annual Stafi, Prom. Com.: Treasurer of Girls 2: Treasurer junior Class, Book Week Tablcau 2. Blackman, John Morris: "Niggc'r" "He fears the wilcs of inaidens' s1nzlcs." Clubs: F. F. A, 1, 3, 4: Scicnce Z: Swing 4: Dramatics: junio may 3: Play Tournament Z: Christmas -,lay xi, 4:i Book Wcek Tableau Z, 4: Sports: xskgiloall 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4: Boxing 7. , 4: Activities: Annual Staff: Prom Com.' mg Club VicefPres. 4: F. F. A. Vice-Pres. 3: 1, ,icefPres. Boys' Group 1, 2: Junior Class Soo: Ambition: Coaching, Chirof practor. X Bonner, Lois Margaret: "Little Lulu" ,ff f 1 1 "A qlllft' stualzous lnam'." jii' Clubs: Home Ee, 1, 2: Journal sm '4: Camera 3: Swing 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club 1, 4: Dramatics: Christmas Play Z, 4: Tourna' ment Plays 2, 4: Home Ec. Play 2: Book Week Tablcau 2: Senior Play 4: Sports: Girls' Basket' ball l, 2, 3, 4: Music: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3: Activities: Prom Com.: Bus. Chr, ol junior Play: Ambition: Private Secretary. Buchta, Barbara Jane: "Barb" 07,171 glad I have no fC7lI1'7C'1'.H Clubs: G. A. A. 1, Handicraft 3: Dramatics: Junior: Sports: Girls' Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4: Girls' Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Music: Band 2, 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Activities: Prom Com.: Am4 bition: Artist, XVhistlc with an Orchestra. f Campbell, Raymond Kenneth: "To be merry best bcconzes yon." Clubs: Stamp club l: Rod and Gun 3, 42 A-Club 2, 3, 4: Dramarics: junior Play, Play Tournament 1, Z: Sports: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Activities: Annual Staff: Student Council 3: Ambition: To go to Col' lege. Chinn, Irene Mary: "'Tis good-will 111ak " Clubs: G. A. A. 1, Z: Music Appreciation 3: Swing Club 4: Dramatics: Junior' Play: Play Tournament 2, 3, 4: Christmas Play Z, 3, 4: Senior Play: Music: Glee Club 1, 2: Chorus 1, 3, 4: Sports: Basketball l, 2, 3: Ambition: Artist or Miisic Career. Crawford, Lotus Marie: "Gentle thou art." Clubs: G. A. A.: Sports: Basketball l. 2, Ambition: To Trawyl. 1 ff 'K' L Av. MQ qlfw ll tl i. Lf Il! ,Ill DeBoer, Gordon: "Slnggc'1"' "say, yontbfnl, silent and zznzter- stood." Clubs: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3: A'Club 3, 4: Rod and Gun 4: Sports: Basketball 3: Baseball 3, 4: Boxing Z, 3, 4: Activities: President of Sophof more Boys: Student Council 2: Ambiton: Air' plane Mechanic in U. S. Navy. f . , f ezjllw-IAHI' I' 1- 'Z.f'df'Y1 Doolittle, Marjorie rion: "Margc', ,A ,f 1' "Inst try fJ'77LClEU Inf' mad." Clubs: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Clubs l. Z, 3, 4: Stamp 1, Z: Drarnatics 3, 4: Dramatics: ,lunior Play: Senior Play: Play Tournament I. 3, 4: Christmas Play 3: Book Wleek Tableau F, 4: Sports: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Music: Chorus 1, 2, 3: Band 3, 4: Activities: President of Sophomore: ViccfPres. Dramatics Club 4: Anf nual Staff: Prom. Com.: Ring Com.: Homef coming Queen 4: Ambition: Private Secretary. Dowell, Hazel , "Qz1if't? Yon sbonlif know but l2ettc'1'." Clubs: Stamp Z: Activities: Annual Staff: Prom Com.: Ambition: A Secretary. 1 A, ' 1 I V .V ,f fC ' , gi. 1. Elfering, Robert Paul: "Bob" "I'll warraiif lainz bearif wlaolef' Clubs: Tumbling 11 F. F. A. 4: Checker and Chess 35 Sports: Boxing 2, 3, Ambition: To travel and become an Aviator. Ellis, Mary Zellag' "Zell, "A willing bear! and a ready mindf' Clubs: Home Ee. 1, 2: Handicraft 3: Dramatics 4311, A, A, l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics: Play Tourna- ment 2, 4: Christmas 2: Sports: Basketball l, 2, 31 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Activities: Annual SMH: Prom Com., Pres, of G. A. A. 4: Sec. and Treas. of G. A. A. 3: Ambition: To be a Physical Education Teacher. Fennema, Raymond Henry "A mari tba! lzlusbv is iiof quilt' a brzilixv Clubs: SCILI 1' 2' llii"lu'i's and Chess 3: Swing 43 l7r.uuat : Play Tournanirnt 2, ll fihrislinas Plays Z, l. 'll ,luniiur ljlllyl Slmllf Play: Sports: ll.iski'tball 4: lvlusle: Bantl l, 3, 4, flliiiiwts Z, 3, -lg Buys' Gln' Club l, -Q Aiubuuin: Teielni. Freund, Geraldine: "Bzm'dici" "Never idle a NI0l17f'I1f but Ibrifly H1711 lbfffful of olbr'rs.', Clubs: Home Bc. lg Curtain Call 3: Swing Club 4: llramaties: ,luniur Play: Sports: Baskrtf hall l, 2, 3, 4: lvlusie: Chorus Z, 3, Ambition: Stenographer. Gussarson, Otto: "Gzzss,' "A nice big boy." Clubs: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramaties: Christ' mas Play 1: Captain of Stage Crew: Sports: F. F. A.: Basketball team 1, 2, 3. 4, Activitisc: Prom Com.g VieefPres. of F. F. A. 43 Am' bition: Farming. ,29 Hanke, Betty: "Betsy "Tbr're's iz language in ber eye, ber rbeelz, ber lip." Clubs: G. A, A. 1, 2, 3, 4: CRWCTH Clllb 31 Dramatics 4: Dramatits: Play Tournament 1. 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Christmas Plays 3, 43 Book Vv'eelc Tableau 41 SPOTYPI Bzsi-b.ll l, Z, 3, 43 Basketball l. Z. 3. 4: Gi LAl A.: Basketball 2, 3: Mtisic: Glee Club lg Activities: Vice-Pres. of Fresh. Girls: Sec. of Soph. Girls: Pres. of ,lunior Girls: Pres. of Girls' Club 4: Trcas. of G. A. A. 42 Amlnf tion: A good Secretary. Hawkins, Robert: "Rocky, "For sewral lf'l7'fllf'5, I bam' lawn' several women." Clubs: journalism 2, 3, 41 Dramatics: lunigf Play, Play Tournament 4: Sports: Baslietball 3, 43 Golf 1, 2, 3, 4: Boxing 1, 2, 3' 4. Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 4: Activities: Annual SraE, Prom. Comm.: Ami bition: Draftsman, Heath, Marvin: "Marv" "And I sat beside ber and went fo slc'ep." Clubs: Tumbling 1, 2, Checkers ancl Chess 3: Swing Club 4: Dramatics: junior Play: Sports: Basketball 2: Boxing 1, 2, Music: Band l, 2 3, 4: Chorus 1, Z, Glee Club l, 25 Activities? Annual Stall: Prom Com.: Ring Com., Seq, gf Soph. boys, Ambition: None. Hennings, Shirley Ardelle "Sbirl" "A merry beart nmleeib a cbecr- ful C'0ZL7If6'174Il'lC6'.H Clubs: Girls' Club l, 4: Home Ee. Club 1, 2, Camera 3: Dramatic 4: Dramatics: Christmas Play lg Play Tournament 3: junior Play: Book Week Tableau 2, 3. 4: Activities: Prom Com.: Vfaitress at Prom.: Ambition: To Travel, Dress Designer. Henry, Helene: "H01ir'y-cbileu lik "fl mam' wiib zz lbzirjnosc bigb and gm ve." Clubs: Dramatics 3: Swingffjirls 4: Sports: Girls' Basketball 3, 4: Aetivties: Prom Com.: Ambition: Nurse, XVifL'. rf. Horton, Helen: "Lefty" "M0rlesty becomes ber." Clubs: Home Ee. 1, 2: Curtain Call fl: Swing 43 Girls' 4: Dramatics: Tournament Plays I. 2, Junior Play: Activities: Prom Com.: Ambif tion: Beauty Culture. Hostetter, Leona: "Texas" "Yon walk, softly, look sweetly, arid say lzolbingf' Clubs: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club 1,49 Dramaties: junior Play: Christmas Play 22 Tournament Play 2, Sports: Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Mlisicz Glee Club li Activities: Prom Com., VicefPres. of Freshmen Class, Secretary of Senior Girls: Secretary of Freshmen Girls: Ambition: Travel. Jacobsen, Dorothy: "fallacy" "Slut lorefb pleasziref, Clubs: Home Ee. 1: G. A. A. l, 2. 3: Music 3: Swing 43 Sports: Archery: Basketball l, 2, 3: Music: Choir l, 2, 3: Bank 3: Clllvflli 32 Activities: Annual Staff: Prom Com.: Ambif tion: Designer. Keown, Page: "Benny,' "If's a plague fo be n handsome man." Entered from Libertyville High School in senior year. 4 ea H fegdf 1' Q I Time T Edwhrd "Nick" "Men okghwxw e besf men." Tie? ., 1 Clubs: Tumbling: Gen. Science, Pres. 31 Sports: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tennis 1, 2: Ambition: Chemist. Maleck, LeRoy: "Roy" "Good nafurecl, busy, anal ei friend to all." Clubs: Rod and Gun 3: Swing 4: Camera 4: Dramatics: Christmas Play 4: Play Tournament 4: Music: Chorus 3, 4: Sports: Boxing 3. 4: Tumbling 4: Ambition: News Reel Photographer. i527 WMA Mueller, Louise: "lVeese" "A giggle, a dash, a shriek, and cz eraslaf' y i L Clubs: G. A. A. 1, Camera Club 3: r. ities Club 4: Dram. ics: junior Pl. .: Play Tournament 4' istmas lay, Qiyfii: Music: Bancl 1, 2, I : Chorus-X, ll: Girls' Glce Cli K I: ivion: Bdfuvciarif, A . HU l Nash, Charlotte: "Clmr,' HG1"Cdf feelings laiztla sloe of ber own." Clubs: G. A. A. 4: Girls' Club 4: Curtain Call Club 3: Swing Club 4: Dramatics: Play Tournament 3, 4: Christmas Play 4: Book Week Tableau 5: Sports: Interclass Basketball 3, 41 Interclass Baseball 3, 4: Music: Chorus 3: : Ambition: Beautician. l' ab by , x f Nelson, Anne: "D0lly" "She biilla ii nalzlriil wise sineerilyf' Clubs: G. A. A, 1, 2: Music Appreciation 3: Miisic: Chorus l, 2: Ambition: Travel. , ,,,1Sft.-M-1 Perry, Jeanne: "lean" lwifloinking iclle, wild, young, I llazigbecl and ilizneea' anal frzlkeil and snngf' lClubs: Home Economics 1, 2: Dramaties 3, 4: Sec. Girls' Club l, 2, -l: G. A. A. l, 2, 3: Dramaties: jr. Play 3: Christmas Play 3, -lg Play Tournament 3, 41 Senior Play 4: Music: Band l, 2, 3, -4: Chorus l, 2, 3. -4: jazz Band XZ: Glee Club l: Ambition: Nurse. Petersen, William: "Peie" QA fellow of plain nneoined con- Maury." l Clubs: Journalism 2. 3: Dramatics: Christmas bis 1 3 in ' , -. 3, 4: Tournament Play 2: Senior fl . ! 3 . D Prince, Richard: "Dirk" "To sjzeml ibe firnes delieiozisly be- comes noi men of worfbf' Clubs: F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Treas.: Dramaticsz Christmas Play l, Play Tournament 4: Stage Crew 2, 3, 4: Music: Boys' Glee Club 1, Z: Sports: Baseball 3, 4: Ambition: Healthy, wealthy and wise. fl' -,,f,.,",4'4 Q! Reamer, William: "Billy" "This liolil, bad man." Clubs: F. F. A. 2, 3: Checkers 3: Rod and Gun 4: Dramatics: Play Tournament 3: Senior Play 4: lvlusie: Chorus 2: Ambition: Forest Ranger. "iLL7Fv-ef, f!CIff'1LUf fl 1" Schneider, Doris: "Do-DO' "C0t1ZlC'ff0HI16l my af onee ljer airfl Clubs: Home Et. 1, 2: G. A. A. l, Z. 3, 4: Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4: Checker and Chess 3: Swing Club -6, Dramaticsg Play Tournament l, Z, 3: Christmas Plays 1, 4: Ambition: Nurse. Schneider, Maynardg "Bail" "Hr fiom nofhing :uni does if zucilf' Clubs: Tumbling 2: A Club 3, 41 Rod and Gun, Pres. 4: Sports: Basketball 1, 3. 4g Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Golf Team 33 Ambition: Baseball Player. f Severson, Haroldg "Hain "Marie up of wisriom and of fzmf, Clubs: F. F, A. 3, 4, Camera Club 4, Draf matics: Senior Play: Ambition: Farmer. I Sterbcnz, Paul "MIM ami gwiflr' as hz' ix hri11'r'." Clubs: limi and liun 33 F. F. A. -lg llramatiesc Play Tllllfllilllllill 1, 2, 4, ,lunior Playg Senior Plavg Sports: Boxing l, Z, 3, 4, Nlusic: Glen Club 1, Z, Anilutinn: Aviator. 92,11 Swenson, Franeisg "Swr'zif" "A frm' of mi'fflr', a good hay." Clubs: F. F. A. 1, Z, 3, 4 Pres.: Sports: Baseball 3, 4: Ambition: To own a dairy farm. ii ' - 'la' '-... -il ,n Teehert, William: "Bill,' "I am Ihr' wry pink of cozirfcayf' Clubs: Checker and Chess 35 SCC. Racket Club 4: Dramatics: vlr. Play, Music: Band 1, Z: Chorus 1, Ig Sports: Boxing l, Zg Baseball 3: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4, Ambition: Teacher of industrial arts. 'iipiwe .!"' 0 fy, Thompson, William "Suede" "The 01'7HlI7lC'71Il of LZ 1l1Ff'k llllff quiet spirit? Clubs: Tumbling Club Z1 Chess and Checker Club 3: Rod and Gun Club 4: A Club 4: Dramaties: Play Tournament Z3 hlunior Play: Sports: Basketball Z, 3, -lg Baseball -1: blusic: Band Z1 Chorus Z. Ambitiof1:Physical education director. Qflj jlyyfjf Truax, Richard: "Doc" "Our class-firsl, Iusl, always," Clubs: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ivlicroscope 3: Rod and Gun 4: Sports: Basketball 2: Ambition. Iwleehanieal Draftng. ' Truax, Carrollg "Kahn" "Bc no! 100 lame." , Clubs: Home Economic 1, 25 Checkers and Chess 3: Swing Club 4, G. A, A. 1, 2, 3, -lg Dramatics: Play Tournament 1, 43 Christmas Play 1, 4: Sports: Baseball 3, Basketball 4, Ambition: Physical Education and Business 7f,Mwlf Weber, Betty Teacher. "A 'LUOIl7IIl1,S fare which 11aiure's own ham! pui11lc'n'." Clubs: Home Ee. Club 2: Camera Club 15 journalism Club 4, Drarnatics: Play Tournament 1, 2, Ambition: Stunographer, Sw clls, Rnymondg "Ray" is umri' hrauliful than any songf' Clubs: F. lf. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Swing Club 41 llraniatierz Christmas Play Z, ,lunior Play, Play Tournament 3, Senior Play 41 lvlusic: Boy! filer Club 1, Z: Sports: Baseball 1,2, 3, 4: Baskt-tlvall 3, 4: Ambition: Baseball Player. Winfield, Georgeg "Speed" "He is strong and mighty and can hold his own? Clubs: F, F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics: Junior Play 3: Sports: Boxing 1, 2, 3, Ambition: Civil Engineer, Gifs f wut llbast FRESHMAN YEAR 'Member way back in September '36? Fifty-nine green, but promising, freshmen were we -the Class of '40, We chose Ray Baethke as president, Leona I-Iostetter as vice-president, and Gordon Knott, secretary-treasurer. Doris Schneider and Gordon represented us in the Student Council. Johnny Blackman and Marge Doolittle served on the Red Cross Council. Our capable advisers were Miss O'Neal, Mrs. Bennett, and Mr. Stillson. Our class, being lively and energetic, entered into all activities whole-heartedly. Bill Cisna ably represented us on the cheer leading squad. Maynard Schneider and Johnny Black- man played basketball on the light-weight team. Our actors in the play tournament were Betty Hanke, Paul Sterbenz, Bill Cisna, Helen Horton and Marge Doolittle. One of our triumphs was our part in the G. A. A. Carnival. Our candidate for Queen of the Carnival, Jeanne Perry, placed second, and our "Major Bowes" Amateur Hour won the honored first place and the one dollar prize. SOPHOMORE YEAR '37 saw us back in school, fifty-six strong, with Marge Doolittle presiding. Working with her were Johnny Blackman, vice-president, and Leona Hostetter, secretary-treasurer. In the Student Council were Doris Schneider and Gordon DeBoer. Miss Fledderjohn, with Mr. Stillson, became our advisers for this, our sophomore year. As sophomores we came to the front in intramural sports, both boys' and girls' teams win- ning the inter-class basketball tournaments. On the basketball second team were Campbell, Pa- laske, and Blackman. Wells, Campbell, and Schneider were members of the baseball team. On the floor leading cheers with the others was Mildred Van Patten. We all remember the inter-class play tournament, when Bill Thompson, a dignified inn keeper, nearly choked himself on that 'ttalcum powder" smoke. That was in "Rip Van Winklef' Others of our classmates were outstanding in the tournament plays-Ray Campbell, who was given an award as the best Thespian, Lucille Waters, Bill Cisna, Johnny Blackman, Betty Hanke, and Otto Palaske. Later in the year, twenty-four of us were selected to serve at the Junior-Senior Prom- enade. As a finale for a grand year, we held a class picnic at Fox River Grove-and "a good time was had by all-U JUNIOR YEAR Co-operation was the theme of our activities throughout our junior year, and all fifty-four members of the class worked together. Class oi'Iicers were Ray Baethke, president, Bill Cisna, vice-president, Danny Palaske, secretary, and "Red" Behning, treasurer. Ray Campbell and Lucille Waters represented us in the Student Council. In October we presented the play, "The Circus Is Coming to Town," written by our dramatic coach, Mrs. "M, K." Phillips. Few of us will forget "Ceruke" Heath's mustache in the dramatic scene of the second act. Our dramatic ability was also shown by those who represented us in the Book Week Tableaux, Christmas Play, and the Inter-Class Play Tournament. The "Sequoia" of 1939 was successfully issued, with Lucille Waters and Bill Cisna work- ing as co-editors. Many were the nights we spent hard at work, and we recall with much laughter Danny and "Mabel." Thompson, Knott, Baethke, Cisna, Schneider, Campbell, I-Iawkins, Palaske, and DeBoer were our braves on the light-weight basketball tearn. Out on the floor cheering them on was Mildred Van Patten. The baseball season found Wells, Swenson, Schneider, Campbell, and Techert on the dia- mond. Golf and tennis were opportunities to prove the talent of Hawkins, Cisna, Knott, Knickel- bein, and Pierce. We all enjoyed planning and preparing for "then event of the year, the Junior-Senior wut llbaet Promenade. The theme was an Hawaiian setting, with an effective rock garden and pool to pro- vide atmosphere for the guests. As the climax of a year of hard work and real fun, our own Bill Cisna was elected Stu- dent Council President for the year '39-40. The annual class picnic was a big success. We spent the day at Petrifying Springs, where some played golf and baseball, and others hiked. At this time we gave Miss Fledderjohn a farewell gift to show our appreciation of all her fine work. SENIOR YEAR 1 In September, '39, fifty-two of us entered the Castle of Knowledge. We elected Bill Cisna, president, Ray Baethke, vice-presidentg Lucille Waters, secretary, and Mildred Van Pat- ten, treasurer. Our advisers were Miss Rasmussen and Mr. Stillson. In the Student Council we were represented by Lila Dalgaard, Gordon Knott, and Bill Cisna, the president. Bill and Gordon went to the State Convention at Carbondale. We seniors truly took Ufirstsf' Betty Hanke was president of the Girls, Clubg Ray Baethke president of the "A" Club, Zella Ellis president of the G. A. A., and Francis Swenson president of the F. F. A. Marge Doolittle was voted "Queen of the Homecoming," and reigned at the dance which followed our victorious "Winn over Grant, We again proved our dramatic talents by winning the Drama Shield in the inter-class play tournament. Bill Cisna was chosen "best actorf' and Jeanne Perry, Richard Prince, Louise Mueller, Lucille Waters, Otto Gussarson, and Betty Hanke received Thespian awards. Bill Cisna took part in the district play tournainent at La Grange, where we took second place. The Senior Play, "Spring Fever," was put over with great success. Poor Hal-what a Workout he had! Class Night, Ivy Day, Baccalaureate, our last class get-together, and, of course, gradua- tion, and our story of four fine years packed with work and play, enjoyment, and serious thought is ended. wut will We, the Class of 1940, Antioch Township High School, being of sound mind and mem- ory, and considering the uncertainty of this frail and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish, and declare this to be our last WILL and TESTAMENT, hereby revoking all other and former wills by us at any time made. Elinor Behning leaves her "carrot top" to Betty Sobey. Lois Bonner leaves her "corney,' jokes to the whole school, and may they always appreciate them. Barbara Buchta leaves her whistle to Lawrence Keisler. Irene Chinn leaves her oral book reports to Doris Klass. Lotus Crawford leaves her quiet nature to Emile Myer. Lila Dalgaard leaves her one and only yodel to Ella Fay. Marjorie Doolittle leaves her place in Miss Smith's car to Alice Leng. Hazel Dowell leaves her scholastic ability to Violet Loftus. Zella Ellis leaves her athletic ability to Marion Wagner. Buddie Freund leaves her ladylike disposition to Betty Scheibe. Betty Hanke leaves her many stage love scenes to Mary Kay Lynn. Shirley Hennings leaves her cheerful chatter to John Thain. Helene Henry leaves her best wishes to the Commercial Department. Helen Horton leaves her dancing dark eyes to Gertrude Horton. Leona Hostetter leaves her teasing to Betty Shank. Dorothy Jacobsen leaves her carload of "termites" to Catherine McCorkle. KPIMXU fzzm jmgcj Seniors Gong! Too busy for "Spring Fever." Cave man stuff. Miracle-Seniors at work. Jeannie with the dark brown hair Mrs. Purcell, the second. Confidentially. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 Writing notes again. Winner take all. With the greatest of ease. Pals. . Stupid! Why study! . Incognito. . More 'lSpring Feverf' The Thinker. Look pretty, boys. Oh, turn around. Mrs. Purcell, the first Does it hurt? Sophisticated. wut will Louise Mueller leaves her cute nose to VirJean Hook. Charlotte Nash leaves her giggle to Carol Waters. Anne Nelson leaves her love for the classics to Joyce Anderson. Jeanne Perry leaves her dramatic ability to James Austin. Doris Schneider leaves her shy blush to Ruth Schonscheck. Carroll Truax leaves her love for action to Lucille Sherman. Mildred Van Patten leaves her love of dancing to Arthur Small. Lucille Waters leaves her special typing system to Joan Smith. Harold Severson leaves his bashfulness to Elmer Hawkins. Robert Behler leaves his southern drawl to N-eda Bacon. Gordon Knott leaves his curly eyelashes to Bob Horton. James Atwood leaves his unruifled calm nature to Mary Osmond. Ray Baethke leaves his perfect haircut to Arthur Carpenter. John Blackman leaves his "Way with the Wimmen" to Charles Dalbkc. Ray Campbell leaves his promptness to Charles Anderson. Bill Cisna leaves his "come hither" eyes to Bob Pedersen. Gordon De Boer leaves his "left hook" to Donald Hutchison. Robert Elfering leaves his quiet nature to Dudley Ward. Ray Fennema leaves his booming voice to Lila Cobb. Otto Gussarson leaves his height to Bob Severson. Bob Hawkins leaves his Krupa style of drumming to Jerry Savage. Marvin Heath leaves his place in Lovers Lane to Bill Effinger. Edward Knickelbein leaves his love for the juniors to anyone who wants it. LeRoy Maleck leaves his sense of rhythm to Bob Dressel. Richard Prince leaves his place on the stage crew to Roman Pfannenstill. Bill Petersen leaves his ready wit to Harmon Garwood. Bill Reamer leaves his curly hair to James Main. Maynard Schneider leaves his temperament to George Pierce. Francis Swenson leaves his freshman girl friends to Norman Edwards. Paul Sterbenz leaves the quiet motor in his car to Jack Sobey. Bill Techert leaves his hat decorations to Dale Smith. Bill Thompson leaves his uglamori' to Bob Sturgeon. Richard Truax leaves his wariness of women to Lyle Techert. Raymond Wells leaves his devotion to American History to Jim Harvey. George Winfield leaves his driving ability to Don Wilton. Page Keown leaves his ever-present cud of gum to Charles Zender. IN VVITNESS WHEREOF we have hereunto subscribed our name and fixed our seal the nineteenth day of August in this year one thousand nine hundred and forty ...,. WITNESSES: Class of 1940. Mr. Stillson Miss Rasmussen 'Ql11bo'e who 2 1960 A biographical dictionary of notable living men and women of the United States. The names in the Who's Who in America are selected not as the best, but as an attempt to choose the best known men and women of the country in all lines of useful and reputable achievements. Atwood, James-President of Internation al Philatelic Societyg world authority on stamp Collections. Baethke, Raymond-President of Baethkeis Tonsorial Emporiums, Inc. Behler, Robert-Architect of R. C. A. Television Institute Buildingg author of "Mechan- ical Drawing Simplifiedf, Behning, Elinor-Head dietician of Good Housekeeping Institute. Blackman, John-Famous chiropractor, author of theory of homolateral movement of nervous impulses. Bonner, Lois-New York Times humorist, writer of daily column "Bona-fide Bonersf' Buchta, Barbara-Renowned fashion expert, designer for Nate Lewis, Inc., New York. Campbell, Raymond-Four-time winner of Indianapolis Auto Race, executive of Goodyear Rubber Company. Chinn, Irene-Author of "Around the Horn" Qbiography of Magellanj. Cisna, William-Editor of New York Herald Tribune, foreign correspondent during Sec- ond World War. Crawford, Lotus-Head librarian of Smithsonian Institute Library, originator of Crawford Catalogue System. games. Dalgaard, Lila-Singer on Television Stage. De Boer, Gordon-Second vice-president of Worme Windmill and Pump Company. Doolittle, Marjorie-Originator of educational theory of classics in kindergarten. Dowell, Hazel-Professor of Modern History at Columbia University. Elfering, Robert-Owner of Cross Country Trucking Service. Ellis, Zella-Dean of Women at Leland Stanford University, California. Fennema, Raymond-Manufacturer of Dainty Rae Perfumes and Cosmetics. Freund, Geraldine-Writer, "Buddies' Fairy Tales", Singer on childrenis radio program. Gussarson, Otto-Stage manager of Erlanger-Selwyn Theatres. Hanke, Betty-Secretary of Labor, organizer of National Child Labor Association. Hawkins, Robert-Brain surgeon, head of Atlanta Municipal Hospital staff. Heath, Marvin-Owner of chain of restaurants, called "The Marv." Hennings, Shirley-Counselor at Vassar. Henry, Helene-Prominent socialite, head of Junior Red Cross of Florida. Hostetter, Leona-Importer, authority on Oriental curios. Jacobsen, Dorothy-Head buyer for "Saks" Fifth Avenue. Keown, Page-Owner of Wrigley's Chewing Gum Industry. Knickelbein, Edward-Head chemist in Dupont Research Laboratories. Knott, Gordon-Sports writer for Chicago Daily News, professional golfer. Maleek, Le Roy-Industrial photographer. Mueller, Louise-Supervisor of Larsonneur School of Music. Nash, Charlotte-Dramatic coach at Northwestern University. Nelson, Anne-Interior decorator, decorated the Barrymore Memorial Theater. Perry, Jeanne-Superintendent of the Cradle at Evanston. Petersen, William-Book collector, owns only complete set of Jack London stories. Prince, Richard-Head of illumination and sound effects in NBC Studio. Reamer, William-Zoology professor at Washington College Prep School. Schneider, Maynard-Nlining engineer, examiner of mines for State of Idaho. Schneider, Doris-Head of Vocational Guidance Council for National Educational Board. Severson, Harold-Investment banker, first vice-president of I. C. R. R. Swenson, Francis-Inventor of Swenson's Self-driven Rotary Plow. Sterbenz, Paul-Retired heavyweight champion of the world. Techert, Wfilliam-Aeronautical engineer for Grumman 86 Douglas, Inc. Thompson, William-Athletic coach at St. John's Academy. Truax, Carroll-Owner and manager of Sunkist Health Resort. Truax, Richard-Dude Rancher in Northern Texas. Van Patten, Mildred-Private secretary to David O. Selznick. Waters, Lucille-Scenario writer for Paramount, Hollywood. Wells, Raymond-Member of Baseball's Hall of Fame. Holds a record of 3 no-hit, no-run Winneld, George-Retired farmer, developed Winfield Hybrid Corn. Glass of 1941 First row, left to right-M. Quirk, M. Osmond, I. Pachay, Miss Lyne, adviser, R. Selter, J. Anderson, M. Ferris Second row, left to right-E. Myer, M. VVhite, C. Barthel, N. Bacon, V. Loftus, Y. Hook, M. lx. Lynn, R. Glenn Third row, left to rightw-D, Klass, M. XVagner I, Mack, F. Peterson, J. Hughes, B. Shank, G. fierce First row, loft to right-C, Truax, XY. Mongan, R. Hunt, R. Dressel, Mr. Hack, adviser, F. Hawkins, H. Eltherington, H. jordan, F. Petty Second row, left to right-D. Hills, E. VValker, j, Main, l.. Kratz, A. DeBates, R. Holton, N. Edwards, Y. Burnette, J. Sobey, C. Anderson Third row, left to right-R. Luecltke, R. Hartnell, C, Smith, L. Droni, R. Pedersen, R. Patrick, I. Horan, .-X. Armstrong, D. Smith, W. Iohnsoin THE JUNIOR STORY F, Hawkjng, Prcg, Smith, View-Pres. M. Osmond, Secy. The third year in the high school is always the most memorable and most activeg our junior class has found this especially true. The first big event of this year was the Junior Class Play, entitled l'S0mewhere in Ohio," which was directed by Mrs. Phillips. We enjoyed working in it and the audience seemed to enjoy seeing it. Next the juniors undertook a Community Party. As you will remember the decorations emphasized the atmosphere of Christmasg a stage show provided entertainment. The month of May was extremely busy for the juniors. The annual was published and the Prom was given, the success of the Annual may be judged by yourselves. The last and probably most anticipated event of the year was the Junior Prom, which the juniors gave in honor of the seniors. XWe are looking forward to a happy and prohtable senior year. Glass of 19-42 First row, left to right-R. Schonscheclc, D. Kraft, M. Defiates, G. Horton, Miss Leland, adviser, A. Leng, D. Carney, j, Harrison, E. Horton Second Row. left to rig'htfY. Cosgrove, D. Drury, P. Hanna, M. Buscher, M, Dow, D. Peters, A. Denman, Y. Sorenson, D. XYa,Q,ner, L. Sherman, j. Hutchison Thirfli row, left to'rig'ht-Rl. XYijvch, J. Waters, D. Aronson, L. Cobb, B. NYillett, lt. Defloer, lx. RlcCo1'kle, lf.. Uussarson, S. Vlfells, M. Prince, C, Moran First row, left to right-D. VVard, A. Smith, I. Roepeneck, C. Zender, Mr. Yon Holwede, adviser, H. Atwood, R. Severson, J, Carney, E, Ruschewski Second row, left to right-R. Gussarson, R. Sturgeon, D. Freund, j. XYhite, I. Jones, L. Buchta, R. Gross, B. VVhite, D. Weber, R, Que-denfeld Third row, left to right-H. Lubkeman, R. Horton, P, Gustfafson, E. McNamara. D. Dupre, A. Carpenter, F. Hawkins, G. Sterbenz, E. Jones, A, Small, l.. Miller THE SOPHOMQRE STORY E. Horton, Prnt. D. Dupre, Vifc'-Pres. vl. Harrison, Sag. During the year, our class was well represented in most of the school activities. Pour of our boys played on the regular basketball team and three of our girls upheld our honor on the girls' all-star team. Six of the sophomore boys represented us in the boxing tournaments. Mar- garet DeBates was elected as our candidate for home-coming queen. Five of the students of our class belonged to the student council and twelve sophomores were in the play tournaments. After the grand showing we have had this year, we are all looking forward to our junior year with great expectancy. Glass of 1943 First row, le-ft to right-A. Schaer, V. Smith, E. Fay, Miss Stanley, adviser, D. Strang, C. VVaters, B. Schiebe, P. Palmer Second row, left to right-M. Zender, E. Nelson, T. Hennings, L. J. Minto, A. Fox, D. Kutz, R. Miller, P. Anderson Third row, left to rig'htYA. VVard. B. Wiillett, J. Dhuyvetter, Cr. Keisler, U. Nelson, S. Johanson, E. Nelson, Y. Paulsen, M. Matthes, C. VVurster First row, left to rightfD. lrlutehison, Ci. Pierce, A. lrlawkins, j. Fields, I.. Teehert, C. Dressel, Mr. Childers, adviser, C. Maplethoripe, T. Brett, H. Glenn, D. Nljelde, D. Cunningham Second row, left to riiglit-VY. Luhkeman, j. Savage, C. Dalbke, M. Smith, VV. Effinger, R. Ho-ran, E. Tlrixen, B. Horton, J. Flanagan, j. Riunyard, W. Chase Third row, left to right-E. Nevitt, Nl. NN'urzbach, Ci. lfzilaske, D. liarnstalnle, M. Michaelis, I. Meyer, C. Jorgensen, R. Pfannenstill, G. Marrs, VY. Drom, N. Nielsen, E. Pape Fourth row, left to right-D. XYilton, li. Barnstable, T. Smith, C. Fisher, C. Techert, R. Freund, XY. Edlmann, H. Harwood, F. Hoekstra, E. Hartnell, H. Sherman, C. Campbell THE FRESHMAN STORY L. Techert, Pres. M. Matthes, Vic'e-pres. C. Maplethorpe, Sery. Our freshman class is the largest Antioch has seen in some time. The total enrollment is eighty-one. The sophomore class gave us a party last fall. In january, a return party was given, at which we went skating and coasting. Later refreshments were served and everyone danced. The entire class was in the spring exhibition. Thirteen girls were on the tumbling team and in the tap dancing. Some of the boys were on the boys' tumbling team. A number of our classmates have participated in plays. George Pierce went to the dis- trict play tournament which was held in LaGrange. Betty Sobey and Idal Maier sang frequentiy in school assemblies. Shirley Johanson was a cheer leader this year, which we considered an honor to our class. The class, as .1 whole, is very interested in Sports-especially btseball. XVe look forward to our sophomore year with anticipation. hoping to once again enter these activities. and to make Ll place for our class in the School life. K 2 QQ E f-""? , " fllluhs N 5'- sx 5 IE x I I W Z ,,- ,..f ,- Z gi f-gvfx ESE ag? J Q5 L90 Q fff I . X , 'N ' 4 x fs T ,ff -ff KX XX XXX ' X X X K-1? 1. , gtg, . .-qi 1 1 1 .bsfgt ., .V il . - 1 59551. f I1 ' , ' N V, . Y ,vcjHiff4i12.igg- Qi . -,9+,.11yL -, V E-.QV '-is 105 ' ,- I mf ".:,,.,', 2 1, , 1 r if . -V ,, , 71- -11 .QQ , 5 '- . -- V F E25 , ' ,wir 1 X E: l' "'24,5:-F M 'Ani Ah L 'f , .V 1 ., f. 9'-f 'f,Q'fTif1Qf'4 f, Y, ,. ' g.,fs, 53 'KQV M, " jg, -A Q 'jg 123323 A - " fl' 1 ,gf 1' ,.3..,f :gi , F , . .-gif-JJ 1. i . ,hiwlmi 53, J' ,:5i,iib5.1fI fr , 51 ,.J' ff . 'Sigh' ,V Q, ki, H 7? l .,:,L,.,.H .bvikvzgy 5-v,g,,:h gm q wy Maw' .wg -E: A 1:5 -f um- +5g.f5f.' , 5971 - M f, ' :Ulf Lig,fvif?f3 ' 551 1' Qi-1 'f "Cxa.,51,w,.w,,e-4 ' - ,' -1-1 ,. 1 ,., ,J - -,M-j' '-,A -1357,-,,,.-' H , :B-.1 liffii ff-H31 ' fi: 4-fjig-Aff? A Lava am," f. eg, Fi: .f ' A ' 31.422, .wh-f-2 fm ,. 1 is .N 1 , 1 L , qw-215, .f 1,1q,,,l-, ' - .. , 1-1,-,-iz . 'i Ifzsfu- , K1g2g"'r1-.-fl' is TW!--va .hlrfn -'Ja' V lg! ',-, wwf c 2 uf al, -1 A wg 1- my 1 fy- ' 'ww- , ' A W KN wx T if 95 .'VQ'!,FL.f-i w ., f19l"'hf-f1i"':'mJf wwf' A gg: www ,r Jag 'f..1g,L 'Hg-' ev, va n ,gk , 1 -4 -lv.-wx, -.6 Y 1:4 "M swf -' 4' Y- 55 mf' . ,,gl5"' V " PWJLLA. Y , W ' "Q j'3f."f,l::,:, 1' gk , K . ,ww . "W 2' 'Fi --. ,gfff if-Q, QF tx, W. .fn-A Hifi' , 1 'fi 'N , f VL.-H' 11' firm -Y fu- ' 4 ' e' u J 116 . ,L Y, 5. M my mr, as t 5 ,kai ' "f'f'Ff--,' 'Q 1 'Q ni .QVPM " V 3 A529 , ',y:JfQggl,Q"'a,b ,QPU Y 'Qqaf , '35, i 'f ' ' -r' 'Z T-a,g1,,w', 5, 'f,rf21v?, .' f IV.: ' 1 4 " Q Y.. 'Ula' . " 53 "4 f'Q'4.e 1 YG V 5 ,A 'r 'V kj' 33' g.'-.- f , ,l.''4q 'K ig ,gf gint: .FQ ELL' A. - W' N '- ' fi' 1 55-. W ' f' lei Q Q V' MLS W Sv, fav' 1 T1 ' J 557 F ' Q',,f-fa, ?ff',J5NV.,M. , A Wgkjga, i , .3 'ks 'f' V H jgjlni ,L '.,,1:',K- ,,Vf,, v -, 1' -. " " 7 . 'wt 9 .,g'5,G,, fy , Q L, if' 1 ' K K - '- ', wi' E, " w ii. 4 -, wt si- N A - ,H . in . N g,lg,:, ,.-f' ffm, M-5 ,ld ' AW '45 k qw' x -:av T , I . Q, i w -1 lube ano tganigations Clubs comprise one of the most important turrets in Antiochls Castle. Nearly every Sequoit is interested in the Club program and does his most toward the betterment of it. In the club program nearly every field of endeavor is found-dramatics, athletics, handicraft, home economics, agriculture, and music. Drama lovers find an outlet for their talent in the Curtain Call Club. Music lovers have many organizations from which to choose. For the talented students-the glee club, chorus, band, and swing band offer opportunities. For the jitterbug Qwith which Antioch is generously endowedj we have the Swing Club. The Student Council is the student governing body of the school. Its members are representatives chosen from the various groups and clubs in school. The purpose of the Council is to form a more intimate understanding between students and teachers, to control school social functions and activities, and to act as an advisory body to the faculty for the students. Under the Student Council, all turrets in the Castle are unified to form an active, contented, co-operative body working together for the good of the school and its students. Stubent Council First row, left to right4M, Delrlates, L. Dalgaard, G. Knott, XY. Cisna, R. Salter, J. Anderson Second row, left to right-D. Schneider, M. VVhite, J. Atwood, H. Atwood, J. Austin, 1. Harvey, E. hay Third row, le-ft to right--VV. Wliite, E. Ruschewski, E. Knickelbein, O. Gussarson, R. Hunt, R. Behler, R. Severson 4 time 7 eunnmitz Glluh The Home Economics Club of Antioch is one of the most active clubs in school. Isabel Larimer is its adviser. The aims of this organization are to develop girls socially and mentally and to develop their home living. Many of the club meetings were devoted to the discussion of fashions that are appropriate for the high school girl. The Home Economics girls, in collaboration with the F. F. A. boys, gave a joint party. This proved such a success that later in the year another was given. A tea- dance and several hot dog sales were given to raise money. A Mother and Daughter banquet was the Hnal event in the spring of the school year. This club has been active in school life for the last ten years. Sequuii ,Staff During this year, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to work on the Annual staff. This has been made possible by the co-operation and generosity of all students and teachers as well as outsiders. NVe wish to take this time to express our apprecia- tion of their genuine interest. The staff is made up of fourteen juniors to whom different assignments were given. These assignments gave opportunities to write biographies of teachers and stories of classes and clubs. Besides these, many stories were written concerning school functions, class activities, and various programs. The staff had Joyce Anderson and Roberta Selter as co-editors. l3lU1If1IEIli51lI Glluh This club is responsible for the school newspaper that is published semi-weekly. Every student enjoys his school newspaper with its news items, its "SpiceH column, fashion notes, editorials, and feature articles. The reporters and their adviser, Miss Rasmussen, spend a great deal of their spare time in preparing the paper. There is a larger membership in the club this year than last. We all hope that we will always have a "Sequoit Newsl' to let us know about everything that is going on in the school. Qllarltei Qlluh The Racket Club was organized for the purpose of promoting interest in racket sports, such as ping pong, tennis, and badminton. This club is striving to create good sportsmanship and fair play. The Tennis Club was not active for several years, but this year it was reorganized under the name of the Racket Club. The group sponsors the school tournaments for racket sports. This year they will take part in the inter-school matches. It is hoped that girls as well as boys will participate. Probably interest and membership in the club will increase next year. First Row, Left to Right-P. XX'h,rg, M, DQ BAICS. E. Horton, Miss Liirimcr, advisor, A. Denman, D. Carney, D. Drury. Staind Roux, Left to Right- A. Sghqifr, L, VI, Mintmv. E. Dc Bocr, R. Gusmrson, M. Princc, C. Hutchison, C. Barthcl. Third Row, Luft to Right4B. NVillctt, E. N011 son, V. Paulsen, S. jolminscn, ,L Dhuyvcttcr, D. Kutl. First Row, Loft to Right-f-D. Smith, V. ,L Hook, D. Klass, R. Suiter, I. Anderson, G. Pierce, M. K. Lynn, F. Petty. Second Row, Left to Rghc-F. Peterson, R. Pcdcrscn, L. Drom, R. Drcssel, F. Hawkins, R. Hartncll, Miss Lyne, advisor. First Row, Left to Rightfj, Knppcn, C. Mor an, M. K. Lvnn, L, Wlitcrs, Miss Rzismusbcn, advisor, M. Doolittic, L. Bonner, D. Klxxss. Second Row, Left to Right-I. Harvey, Cf. Knott, V, I. Hook, R. Scltcr, R. Drcsscl, R. Hawkins, Vfcbcr, I. Anderson, F. Putty XV. Cisna. First Row, Left to Right-J. Koppcn, R. Bch lor, E. Ncvirr, Mr. Hack, advisor, W. Tcchcrt T. Brett, R. Qncndcnficld. Second Row, Lcft tn Right-D. Vfgxrd, V, Bur nvttc, D. Duprc, A. Cnrpcritcr, E. Jwncs, R Horan, D. NYcbcf. w Cqurfaiii Gall Club The Dramatics department always looks forward to a busy year with its activities centering around Curtain Call Club. The ofhcers of the club are R. Selter, president, M. Doolittle, vice-president, J. Perry, secretary, D. Klass, treasurer, and B. Hanke, program chairman. Mrs. Phillips is th: advisor and sponsor. Almost as soon as school started, work on the Book Week Tableaux was begun. Twenty-ive tableaux, representing books about every part of the world, were presented to the students. At Christmas, the club produced four plays, with the theme "Christmas Through the Agesf, The Play Tournament entailed the co-operation of the entire school, but was centered about the club. A minimum admission was charged for the two nights. The money taken in from the Play Tournament sustains the club throughout the year. The final activity was the Thespian Banquet. Fourteen awards were given to outstanding Thespians who had helped to make the year a success. nh zmh Cbun Maynard Schneider, Pres., Edward Knickelbein, Vice-pres., Bill Thompson, Secy.-Treas. The purpose of the Rod and Gun Club is to train boys in handling a gun, a fish- ing rod, and a sling shot. This club is also interested in wild life. Although the mem- bers are interested in hunting and fishing, they are sportsmen and believe in conserva- tion. To this end they have done much in the short time they have been organized. Because of growing enthusiasm in the club work, we feel certain that it will be a real improvement to the school. I uhzrn: 7 ziriunrs nf ,Aiiwrim u Francis Swenson, Pres. Richard Hartnell, Sexy. Richard Prince, Trmx. The Future Farmers of America, an industrious agricultural organization, plays an important part in our high school. The Antioch F. F. A. Chapter, which was organ- ized in 1929, is the oldest in the state. It was organized under the leadership of Mr. Kutil, the present advisor. The main purposes of the club are to create more interest in agriculture and to improve the standards of farming. Some of the activities of this club include the pest contest, judging contests, and stock shows. The club also helps the "ag" boys to finance their projects. A thrift banking and co-operative buying system is kept throughout the year. Such a club is the foundation for good country citizens. Cbirls' Pdlileht Ae-suttattnzi The cfniecs of the Antioch association, supervised by Miss Margaret Stanley, are Zella Ellis, president, Lois Bonner, vice-president, Roberta Selter, secretary, Betty Hanke, treasurer, and Violet Loftus, song leader. - The activities of the G. A. A., organized by Miss Cornelia Roberts in the fall of 1935, are girls' intramural sports: baseball, hiking, field hockey, basketball, ping-pong, badminton, callisthenics, archery, track, and tennis. This year the group gave a skating party in conjunction with the "A" Club, another party in Cctob-er, and a tobogganing party during the winter. An all-star basketball team was chosen to play in the gym exhibition. The big event of the year was the final banquet at which the awards for the year's accomplishments were pre- sented. The high ideals set up by the G. A. A. have helped all girls who participated in the program. First Row, Left to Right-fA. NVard, D. Klass, M. Doolittle, R. Srltcr, lwlrs. Phillips, advisor, kl. Prrry, J. Anderson, V. Loftus, M. Van Patten. Second Row, Lett to Right-M. Zcnder, T. Hennings, P. Anderson, C. NYurster, E. Faye, L. Cohh. D. Aronson, P. Palmer, V. Sorenson, R. Glenn, M. NYineh, L. Sherman, A. Leng, V. Cosgrove. Third Row, Left to Right--Z. Ellis, M. Matthes, C. XX'atcrs, M. Don, G, Keisler, ,l. Mack, C. Mecorklc, F. Peterson, B. Hunks, S. Hennings, L. lvlucller, G. Pierce, V. Smith. First Row, Left to RghtAR. Campbell, XV. lfthnger, lvl. Michaclis, E. Knicltelhein, Mr. Childtrs, M. Schneider, NV. Thompson, B. Sherman, XY, Chase, E. Pape. Second Row, Left to Right-XV. Lubkeman, L. Techert, ,l. Fields, D. Barnstable, G. Palaske, F. Hawkins, C. De Boer, M. XVurZbaeh, R. Hunt, H. Garwood, R. Freund, C. Jorgenson. Third Row, Left to Right-D. Hills, R. Lude' ktc, j. White, C. Dresscl, J. Horan, R. Pat' rick, XY. Rcamcr, A. Hawkins, j. Flanagan, C. Tcchcrt, D. Wilton, C. Campbell. Fourth Row. Left to Right-F. Hockstra, I. Runl yard, C. Manlethorpe, H. Elthcrington, YV. Johnson, I. Sobey, E. Barnstable. D. Hutchison. First Row, Left to Rghcgfl. Truaix, C. Dal' hkc, ,l. Flanagan, O. Gusszarson, R. Prince, Mr. Kutil, advisor, R. Ylfells, F. Swenson, R. Hartncll, D. XYilton. Seennd Row, Left to RightfR. Severson, XV. Edlmann, ,l. Carney, F. MeN:imzira, A. De Bates, R. Bolton, R. Truax, A. Smith, N. Nielsen, M. Smith, G. Pierce. Third Row, Left to Right-G. Vfinfield, H. Scvtrsnn, L. Drom, R. Horton, R. Elfering, Cv. Sterhtnz, L. Buchta, P. Sterhenz, L. Keislcr, A. Armstrong, L. Miller, H. Luhkcman. Fourth Row, Left to Right-D. Mielde, xl. Ro' pcnack, G. Marrs, J. Jones, J. Blackman, P. Keoxyn, N. Edwards, F. Hartnell, XV, Drom. First Row, Left to R1Lght4A. YYard, B. Miller, V. Smith, R. Schonscheclc, E. Horton, A. Leng, B. Xlfillett, M. Zender. Second Row, Left to RightfR. Glenn, J. Smith, V. Loftus, R. Sclter, B. Hanke, Miss Stanley, advisor, L. Bonner, Z. Ellis, E. Nlyer, L. Sherman, V. Cosgrove. Third Row, Left to Right-P. Anderson, C. Vfurster, D. Aronson, B. Schiehe, A. Denman, L. J Minto. F. Fav. C. Keisler, M. Osmond, M. Quirk, E. Behning, V. G. Hook, M. K. Lynn, C. Truax. Fourth Rom, Left to Right-fV. Sorenson. C. Nash, L. Cohh, D. Klass, J. Mack, B. VVill:tt, F. Peterson, I. Pachay, D. Jacobsen, ,l, Hughes, C. McCnrlile, M. Prince, S. Johanson, U. Nelson. Fifth Row, Left to Right-D. Schneider, L. Hmtetter, G. Hutchison, D. Strung, M. Mwtthes, P. Palmer, T. Hcnnings, A. Fox. D. Kutz, M. Van Patten, M. Doolittle, M. Ferris, M. De Bates, D. Peters, F. Nelson. ,giving Elgzmh Some of the outstanding players have organized the Swing Band which has con- tributed much toward making our school parties successful. Two important events that the band played for were the Homecoming and the Junior Community Party. Dale Smith acts as assistant conductor. Mary Kay Lynn, Violet Loftus, Betty Shank, and Bob Hunt are the bandis vocalists. Mr. Von Holwede is looking forward to a larger band next year. Zllianh The school band is conducted by Hans Von Holwede, Antioch's good natured music instructor, better known to students as "Hans," There are approximately forty pieces in the band, which are played by talented members of every class. The instru- mentation is exceptionally hne for so small a school. Our band has played ably and willingly for home basketball games, for the gym exhibition, and for several town functions. Antioch can well be proud of its high school band. ,gaining Gluh D. Smith, Pn's.g AI. Blackman, V.-P.g J. Austin, Srcy.-Trc'as.g B. Wfhite, Sfzul. Conn. Rep. Hans Von Holwede, Acfviser The Swing Club is a very large and enthusiastic club, newly organized this year. Its purpose is "dance and enjoy it." Antioch's jitterbugs have been offered the oppor- tunity to learn ball-room dancing due to the efforts of the Swing Club. flllqnrus mah 6122 Qflula The Chorus and Glee Club together consist of a large number of members. Al- though each is a separate organization, their work is alike and they work together. With the Dramatics department, the choral group worked to present the operetta which was held late in May. Many Hne voices are found in the two groups in which an enthusiastic school spirit prevails. First Row, Left to Right-W, White, R. Pc. dcrsen, D, Smith, Mr. H. xon Holwede, inf structor, R. Hawkins, R. Bgzcthke, R. Sturgeon. Second Row, Left to RightAfV. Loftus, B. Shank, M. K. Lynn. First Row, Left to Right.-V. Smith, E. Fay, L. Dalgaard, M. Van Patten, Mr. von Hol- wede, instructor. J. Savage, M. Matthes, L. Mueller, L. Bonner, J. Perry, Second Row, Left to Right-R, Sturgeon, J. Meyer, W, White, M. Doolittle. R. Gross. R. Fennema, J. Austin, F. Peterson, D. Weber, M. Heath, R, Baethke. Third Row, Left to Right-N. Bacon, D. Hills, R. Pedersen. C. Maplcthorpe, R. Patrick, A. Small, E. Jones, M. Michraclis, YV. Efhnger, J. Jones. First Row, Left to Right-J. Smith, M. Quirk, M. K. Lynn, B. Shank, Mr. von Holwede, ad' visor, D. Peters, D. Strang, L. Bonner, J. Harrison, D. Wagner. Second Row, Left to Right-M. Osmond, M. Ferris, D. Jacobsen, E. Behning, C. Nash, D. Schneider, C. Truax, M. Busschcr, C-. Horton, U. Nelson, I. Chinn, M. Wagner, H. Henry, H. Horton. Th rd Row, Left to RightfR. Pedersen, R. Fen' nema, R. Vvfells, V. J. Hook, J, Blackman, D. Smith, J. Ausnn, F. Hawkins, R. Dressel, A. Small, B, Vfillett. Fourth Row, Left to Right4D. Freund, VJ. Cisf na, J. Harvey, R. Baethke, M. Heath, R. Sturf geon, W. White, C. Anderson, F. Petty. First Row, Left to Right-V. Smith, R, Glenn, C. Barthcl, lvl. De Batee, Mr, von Holwede, Inftructor, D. Peters, M. Matthcs, D. Strung. E. Fay. Second Row, Left to RightfN. Bacon. R. Gus' sarson, J. Pcrrv, L. Dalgaard, I. Chinn, E, De Boer, M. Prince, V, Paulsen, A, Denman, J. Dhuyvetter, V. Cosgrove. Third Row, Left to Right-B. NVillett, J. Run' yrrd, C. Mzlplethorpc, J. Austtn, R. Pedersen, F. Peterson, B. Buchta, E. Jonea, R, Fennema, J. Jones, D, Drury, P. Anderson. Fourth Row, Left to R1ghtfJ, Savage, T. Smith, B, Vt'hitc, C. McCorklc, B. Shank, M. K. Lvnn, I, Pachay, V. Loftus, S. W'ells, R. Sturgeon, D. XVehcr, T. Brett, L. Maleek. iluuinr Flag "Somewhere in Ohio" a young man was doing his best to make his trailer camp put him through school. His trouble really starts when he is descended upon by a bus load of school girls-minus their chaperon- and two pairs of boys, both fitting the description of escaped bandits. Marooned at the camp by the flood, the girls and boys give the poor owner a terrible headache and the audience a good many laughs. The comedy goes merrily on its troubled way -to a happy ending. Senior filing We sincerely hope that all college students do not run into as many difficulties as did these young people when they were suffering from "Spring Fever." Term papers, graduation, chemistry explosions in the homemade "lab,,' romance, mistaken identity-what more could one ask for excite- ment. The young hero holds that "honesty is the best policy," even when it means his failure. His "Policy,', however, turns out to be perfectly right, and the comedy comes to a close happily wiifa c'vc'ry011e U96 best of friends. Standing, Left to RightsF. Petty, M. Osmond, R. Selter. J. Hughes. R. Glenn, M. Qinrk, C. Barrhel, G- Pierce, F. Hawkins, D. Klass. Seated, Left I0 Right-C. Anderson, V. Loftus. H. Eltherington, F. Peterson, L. Drom, V. Burnette. Left to Right-NV. Johnson, J. Austin, R. Drcsf ssl, D, Smith, F. Petty, J. Anderson, M. K. Lynn, I. Pachay, J, Hughes, j. Smith, R. Glenn, V. J. Hook, M. Ferris, R. Hartnell, D. Klass. Left to RightfS. Hennings, L. Waters, M. Van Patten, H. Seversen Con Iloorj, J. Black' man, C. Nash, NV. Cisna, R. Fennema, L. Mueller, W. Peterson, J. Perry, P. Sterbenz. First Row, Left to Right-G. Knott, B, Hanke R. Wells, I. Chinn, W. Reamer, R. Baethke, H Sevcrsen, L. Bonner, C. Truax, L. Dalgaard, M Doolittle, G. Vhnfield. wut Eramatists Aye Yust Kum Offer. 7. His Majesty and stuff. 13 Juniors. 8. Senorita Dorisa. 14 A Pair of Wooden Shoes. 9. Wanna buy a duck? 15 Ah, Miss Witherspoon. 10. The Rains Came to Antioch. 16 junior Class Play, "Yesg yes." 11. "Out Damn Spotln 17 011, my ghost! 12. Petty's Dreams. Confucius Say- Junior Class Play A Scarlett Freeze. Man of Mystery? More Juniors. Attention Class iq gi'-T" ,f- 4' pa- .... lil-'i Xy f"? .. , -5 !'i - Z f Z fat 1 -xx fa - fg X cf, Af- ,X 'Q f NT fg 3 li-4'- XX: Sparta . - i j T gg -' i Xxx Keg: 3 1 ! f QA w... X mf ' X xv L I 'W hz ' ' G' 'ii ' P .511 A 5 -gf' 3 .M ,A H , Lg ,- 1 z., - : :, ' ' f . ,J 1 ' ' ' Sr' 5, . rg , .D .- N Z ' M Nj! " Y , ,Q '- 'A 'ff - A ,5 51 ,gn L 5 ly . gi' " :Z A Y , , ' ff 'f:." H Jw, , - f, F A ,. A 2 f. , 1 -A 1 :Z : .' T' , ' ? , , 'P W' ' , Xi ff' , I 1, 11 ' , U , M K in i VY x ,-Q 55,1 X1 f f-L: 7 X , VR wwf is. mx . Q -Q- :igw K rj' Q. 4 , 'E -Q '-1 m' , , , 1 ,g rm Ehe Sports Story Our sports program for this year was a very complete and successful one. Several different fields of interest were added to our program. It now consists not only of inter-school competition, but also of intramural competition. All of the boys and girls who are interested may participate in these contests. Basketball was the main inter-school sport. This year the team had a very full schedule, which consisted of about twenty-three games. We won approximately one-half of these games. An intramural basketball tournament was held for both the girls and boys. In recent years golf has come forward as a major sport. We have many capable boys on the team, and we expect to have a successful season. Besides our regular golf tournaments, we annually stage an intramural tournament. Boxing is a sport in which many of our boys took part this year. A boxing team was organized and proved to be quite successful in bouts with other schools. Many fine matches took place at our own boxing tournament which was staged before record crowds for three successive nights. A Tennis is one of the newer sports open to both boys and girls. This is our first year so we are not placing our hopes too high, yet our prospects look promising for this season and for the years to come. Great interest has been shown in another new sport, track. Although in for- mer years our boys could go out for track, this is the first year we have had an es- tablished team. Mr. Edwards, who coaches the boys, says that they are confident of their ability. Our baseball schedule this year consists of ten games. Although the competi- tion is "stiff," we expect to come out on top. Thus, with the introduction of new sports and a complete intramural program, this year's sports mouto really has been "Many studenfs in many sports." glileahgfnnighi Uezxm After training for several weeks the Sequoits played host to Richmond on Tuesday, November 21, to officially open their 1939-40 basketball season. Paced by Bill Thompson the Sequoits easily emerged with a 34-29 victory. Then, after dropping Hve straight games the Sequoits romped over Grant on December 15 for their first conference victory. Wauconda was the next victim and was nosed out in an overtime game 22-21 when Thompsf 'pped in a rebound shot. January 9 and February 6 will go down in sch-,ol history because on both occasions we defeated Warren, our foremost rival. Probably one of the biggest events of the season was our first homecoming. On this occasion Grant was our opponent and the Sequoits, led by Jim Harvey, swamped Grant 39-29. This was our third conference win. Palatine and Wauconda, the Sequoits' next conference games, were lost by decisive scores. Northbrook was our last conference opponent and was easily defeated 25-19. Thus our conference season ended with the Sequoits in fourth place with five victories against five defeats. lightweight 61921111 The lightweights furnish the material and opposition for the first team. Each day they are pounded in practice by the heavyweights. To them goes more credit than is ever given. They are the boys who will next year be the Hrst team. This year they ended a successful season with a total of ten victories. Qlheerlvuhrrs Six students, selected by a student vote, represented Antioch this year as cheer- leaders. From a large field of contestants these six, four girls and two boys, were chosen. Those who did their best to cheer the teams on to victory were Mildred Van Patten, Virjean Hook, Violet Loftus, Shirley Johanson, Robert Pedersen, and Charles An- derson. Mildred Van Patten, the most experienced of the group, was unanimously elected head cheerleader by her fellow members. In this position she acted as chairman for the pep meetings that preceded the more important games. This year was considered very successful with the introduction of new cheers, new actions for them, and four new squad members. "CAM Qilull Reuben Childers-Advisor Ray Baethke, Pres. Maynard Schneider, Vice-Pres. Fred Hawkins, Secy.-Trees. Robert Hunt, Sfzzflcfzzf Council Represc'11fzziiz'r The A Club was organized for boys who have received one or more school letters for outstanding playing on any of the organized sport teams. The purpose of the Club is to encourage good school spirit and enthusiasm among the students. This Club has many accomplishments to its credit. The members worked with Girls' Club to make Courtesy Week a success. The A Club also put up posters re- minding the students to keep the school clean. First Row, Left to Right-,l. Harvey, XV. Thompson, F. Hliwkins, Bliiclzmxin, M. Schncider. Sccond Row, Left to Right-R. Bfhlcr, Nluna- gcr, E. Knicklsbein, J. Austin, G. Knott, R. Cziinpbcll, Mr. Childers, Conch. First Row, Left to Right-L. Buchta, D. Burn' stable, A. Carpenter, J. Fields, G. Stcrbenz. Second Row, Left to Right. R. Bchler, Muna' ger, J. Koppen, J. Hogan, R. Horan, ul. jones, Mr. Childers, Coach. Left to Right M. Van Patten, V. Loftus, B. Peterson Qstartdingl, C. Anderson, S. Johanson. V. J. Hook. Firbt Row, Left to Right-I, Harvey, F. Hawk ins, M. Schneider, G. Knott, Coach Childurs Advisor, R. Bacthke, R. Hunt, W. Cisnzi. Second Row, Left to Right-R. Hawkins, NV Thompson, D. Smith, W. Tzchcrt, R. Vfells G. De Boer, R. Campbell, Athletics 1. We want a touchdown. Z. Fight team Hght 3. Wfash 'em out 4. Stretch Ride 'em cowboy 9. Upsey daisy-Girls' tumbling Come on, get those feet off the floor 10. Don,t fall OH Time out 11. Are we late? Looks like zi tough game P A af ,Z ?f ex l - Y ff-2-fx ,f ,lr ,fl 'R ' t:, if 7 , Zmfuhifi L 'i Ung - ' ,,., A :T - ,f11"i- M 1? f f :d m 'ZZZH gamma 1 um i f ' Q ' 1 4? ..:- zz iff W? ,Q 1, 1 ' ,f f ix A QL ix f f 1 - Q-DM ' , ,B QV V f gf if k1v wx YR 2 X X-N Xxx .9 fx E K . V H15 . " "1 A .ww - if " -.lf-La. Y 'j,'.'f ,'f. ' wil' ' . 1 " ,, k K XI fin 's .3 .Lv -J X.: 51. .4 , L. ss: 1f1'4b.. C ., Q? M .UB W , .n y,-Fi Y: 45. 1 ..+ M55 ff 5 'J ,il ' ,flu :E ,U 1 .1 ffl .df 4 v -A T1 wa ...g . V. If ' ' , 1'.vf . ' 49 3.255 .' gf.. I wonder? Oh, oh, theres Ray! All eyes on music Why Art-burr! Prize student! Stuoging? 6. Professor 11. Oh-for the bell 7. Working hard! 12. More Miracles-Juniors at work 8. The devil in his eyes 13. W. P. A. student 9. Learning something, Mr, Hack? 14. Why didnlt they take them all! 10. Looking for someone? Q., ff l , X X-N., ws Q i H NX Fllcatrakg? 1Remember the Ebay . . . ? THAT- THAT- fPir1'1zres from lefz' io rigbfj Marjorie Doolittle was crowned Queen of the Homecoming and was attended by M. DeBates, R. Selter, and C. Waters. Each girl was elected by the popular vote of her group. Marjorie was formally designated Queen of the Homecoming at the dance fol- lowing the game. This, the first homecoming to be held at the Antioch High School, proved to be very successful. the ever-active Dramatics department presented the community their Christmas gift in a program depicting Christmas through the ages. There was the modern play, "Christmas Trimmingsug the pioneer play, "Star on the Trail", the Puritan play, "The Christmas Spirit of Swift Deerng and Hnally, the story of the first Christmas, "So Saith the Prophecy." The music department led the audience in the singing. The final tableau showed Mary and Joseph beside the manger of the Christ child. The picture is of two players from "Star of the Trail"-M. K. Lynn and V. Cosgrove. THAT-the Hfth annual Boxing Tournament was held in March. In this tournament eighty-two THAT boys contested before a capacity crowd. Later in the year, a crack team of fighters was picked for an inter-scholastic tournament. Anitioch tied Grant boxers with a score of three and one-half each. The purpose of sponsoring such tournaments is to t-each good sportsmanship and the fundamental arts of manly self-defense. -"Around the Worldf' to visit different and interesting places via books, was the theme of Book Week. The tableaux represented books from all parts of the world. Violet Loftus and John Blackman portrayed Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler respectively. Q"Gone with the Wind" of eourse.j THAT-a privileged invitation to the annual Thespian banquet was extended to the students who had shown an interest in dramatics, all members of the Dramatic club and the faculty. The guests were seated in the green and pink room according to the casts in the Play Tournament. ' Roberta Selter and Bill Cisna were presented with trophies as the year's best Thespians. Twelve other Thespians received their letters for their work in dramatics. Gordon Knott, Lucille Waters, and Mildred Van Patten are holding the drama award shield, which this year went to the Senior Class. THAT-the annual Play Tournament, with four entirely different plays each night, was the big success it always has been. V. Loftus, D. Aronson, L. Sherman, L. Maleck, M. K. Lynn, and D. Schneider played in "In an Irish Garden," which the audience voted the most popular play on the Hrst night. THAT-The Queen of the Homecoming kissed the basketball team captain, F. Hawkins, for THAT- THAT- THAT- THAT- luck-the game was won-too! J. Perry, B. Hanke, Smith, R. Selter, and L. Mueller went to the Tri-Conference at Warren High school. The Girls' Club has been becoming more prominent each year and this year it was proud that Jeanne Perry was elected secretary of the Tri-Confer- ence. This group is composed of all of the girls in the high school who wish to partici- pate in its activities. the committee for Courtesy Week was picked. Harvey, F. Hawkins, B. Hanke, M. K. Lynn, W. Cisna, and U. Nelson prepared and executed the plans for the week. The program was elimaxed by a Professor Quiz program on fundamentals of courtesy. Roberta Selter won the prize by answering every question correctly. "Madness in Triple Time," with J. Main, D. Smith, L. Waters, E. Fay, and M. Dow, was a popular farce in the Play Tournament. "Gray on the Horizon," a tragedy, with R. Hunt, P. Hanna, L. Bonner, and G. Pierce Qcenterj was given. X The other plays in the Tournament were-"Two Hundred Riders," "Wienies on Wed- nesdayf' "Hiram and the Pr1ncess,', "Remember the Dawnf' voted the most popular play bv the second night audience, and "The Lost Kiss.', The pic'fz11'c?s fbrozzgfl ffm fozzrfvxy of Tbv u7lllllZt'glllI Posf ere here f. L Wg f . Around the world . Lake Villa 3643, please . Sleeping in the sun . Hello, Dale . Uh, for a swim! . Look at the birdie . Hep! Hep! . Here comes Paul Close the door, please Hookey Quack, quack Oh! Johnny Ha, ha! Don't forget anything Caught you in the act All dressed up and no p lace to go Hurry-or you,ll be late The legions are coming O. K. -There's nobody coming Out the night before Antioch peaches Hard Work If it isn't "Clark" and "Tyrone Pciwwwwwf , ,, f , Y' - Y w 'xZi, fyQ OffNWl Z P' XM! o WS ?9NffwWWwME Jglwffgfivfjw Q VF MM gp? "+'L5rW fy Saw x 'gaxiffwffj b ,. MW XB f hffz, QMQSQ . R751-Qf gp QM Ll L g Qijw WM . . 4, f"Q-25 .cgzff A MHA QA ia Ea Lk Q M K, K., .iw , w, 5 Q' X , 1 Q .1 .9 ' 12- ' A Q 2 f B J qu.. yy wi- 1,.', , Ji , .1 , . Wm gf' , N 5 A, . " 'f',-31513 1 ,2 .'2bf5f'.. . ' i 3 .iv A. H ' xv-Q K , X Q V ' , ., 1 ' 1 - l .1 -, 1.5, ,N ,N H5 it ,rJg, I ,H t :Q cf 1, R ,, .-mg 1 -1 g ,Qi . -' we . .1 6 56' . im ft uf , if 1' , ,u .,, Mr '- gf., , X.. VH c we 4 Q S ' 1 Q L-Q w Ns in s , Y , 1 T Q", fn-,Kf- X W QW? ' .' iix'--'QJEVU' S ,,Q-53,51-4--r : -,fi. V, f L+ ,im , f 9 "' I :V E . rg 1 , if Q, W . ,53 E: 5 ' L. . -. 'L '1Q'l5'!' Ru.: :EQ-'fy N-13553 E-113' lfyggpi. -25.159 ,,'.5N. ww wi: NW r V .MF- 4 Y 1 .. .1 I :QR W- 3 ,fx + 1 'if tif 9 1? fbi ' -' nf. E , vq, Q 9:1 X1 55 QW Vw V . 'W , Q'-1 , A ,-1 'r ' .v' 'i4'viN ' J' x ULU .Vw -ra-. .- ,.,, 4, ' ,5 3' 5 Lu -Q ., ,Y ,H 1 "-!- Ya- , ig. ., A ' 3 4 1 WA . It J, g 'N L in A, as 43, F' l 1' f Jar 1 .1 fr V 'W' A X 1 f Q Vx 1 51 V 1 ga :W 1 1 W ,--4' : 1 . 14 ', m., -W - 'E W 'ilu 'c ??xI' g.'.- 2 V z .flm 1. if ,Lx- ' x ,JN A' B3 1 1 X rg. .g 1:2 ,. -L, '.,,.f5 i-1 .1 .Cf :Vx n 1 f -ifffi 'N 'Twig 'z' , f'5ff':4 ,. ,fF2f,f'wQzfgp, sg l'Z1'-. LJ? fi :G fm,-'g"Q-1 ', QP' 4 1 'X1:fie:a1z9'31mg!f-Ge-'QF' L hi-fi -, , w m v b. ,-Jax, 13,35 , '- - V , 1 ' fg,f.,,4-jf 'Qf14',-ij ? 9 'F ' u l . LV . ,M . , , . , I . W ,. - , ,, 1 V. 11 rg ygfkjf. f

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