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5. 2 -we .gm b-38:-' .Q ax 2 Ham' . fw 1 ,., gil 222 .l ,H- ag -'QQ 4- 31, 4 4, ,im ggupif . V-14 11, ' W4 w , R A, Q22 3' fy- 13 - n ef PU1 x gi, F 1 -'W 4. .A 1 JA ,QL If HX-4 iw. Em,-3 3-H 'if 91 F .jlglvv inks, . 4, , . .g, xg f' 4'1 T4 - rf. L Wi iw 1' Tin- 11 , , 1 Qw fu w if S J' M Ai gp .- WS , i 51 5 .... -f I 1939 sEQuolA O CO-EDITORS Lucille Wafers Bill Cisna THE LIBRARY Heart of l:i1e School A VITAL FACTOR IN VITALIZING . . . Vd ik i939 sEQuolA PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF Antioch Township High School I ALL DEPARTMENTS OF EDUCATION Thoughts Behind the Theme lQlFwoiTi ,ze S lvl WITH I H' all happened back in l920 when 'rhe 'firsf book enfered and began Anfioch Township High School's library. From +ha+ fime on fhe library grew. For a while if occupied one corner of 'rhe sfudy hall, fhen five years ago if was moved do'wns+airs so +ha+ H mighf have s'rill more room +o expand. Today our library has 6,000 volumes, each monfh approximafely 700 books are circulafed among 'rhe sfudenfs. ln addi+ion +0 fhe books, our library gels 38 magazines monfhlyg if has ZI6 bound volumes of magazines and over l,000 pamphlefs and clippings. When we look back and compare our presenl library wi1'h 'I'ha+ of fhe pasl' we smile proudly, and we are iusily proud, for our library is one of 'l'he fine-s'r and bes'r in +his seclion of 'rhe s+a're. I+ is iusl' one big book filled wi+h knowledge for every s+uden+. ln selecling +he Library as +he fheme for ihis, our annual, we have a very definife purpose in mind. Thar is: no+ only fo show fhe ac+ivi+ies of fhe library bul' also lo poinl' ou+ Hs hand in hand rela+ionship wilh each s+uden'r's curriculum and olher school aclivifies. Presenting . . . BOOK ONE 0 Antioch Personalities BOOK TWO 0 Traditions and Events POP HORTON Q We miss your familiar figure busily sweeping around +he desks or perhaps locking 'lhe s+udy hall doors, du+ies you performed so offen. We hope you will be baclc so'on. You have given ninefeen of +he besl' years of your life 'ro +he laslc of caring for our school so fhal' il' will be a cleaner and more pleasanl' place for us. You have worked hard and faifhfully giving your best Your fob has been well done. So as a measure of our sincere apprecia+ion and gra+i+ude we, fhe sfudenls of An'rioch Township High School, sincerely dedica+e 'rhis book fo yo'u, Pop Hor+on . Ulf HUHUH SEQUOIA O U r Sequoia, Sequoia, Sequoia Here sfand your sons and daughlers loyal and brave and lrue Alma On field or in Hue classroom in wl1a'r so e'er we do We will slrive fo uphold 'flue mighl' of 'rlme name we fake from you Mater You blazed +he frail we follow, you se'r +l1e pace we run Your spiril' leads us onward, onward +o l::aHles won Then in fancy we hear you say Well done Sequoils, Well done Sequoia, Sequoia, Sequoia Mary Pollock Maplelhorpe Presenting . .. 'J BOOK CNE Wm 'YWSWQQXF ANTIOCI-I PERSONALITIES L. O. BRIGHT, Principal . .. Illinois Universily Normalg Universily of Illinois, A.B., M.A.g Universily of Wisconsin Civics, Economics. II.efl lo righll Mr. Arlhur Maplelhorpeg Mrs. Helen Osmond, Secrelaryg Mr. George While Presidenlq Mrs. Jean Ferris, Mr. Waller Hills. EDUCATIGNAL PLAN A+ lhis lime we wish 'ro inlroduce 'rhose who malre our many hours al school so pleasanl. We owe a vol'e of lhanlcs lo The school board whose unliring efforl in solving school problems, as lhey arise, has helped in elevaling l'he school's slandards +o high- er levels. To Mr. Brighl, our principal, we are also indebled, for under his capable leadership and supervision our school has become l'he elficienl inslilulion il is loday. Then lhere is 'lhal' group, our facully, whose foremosl inleresl is o'ur welfare. Nol only are lhey our leachers, counselors, ad- visers, and leaders, bul' above all lhey are our 'Friends al' all limes. Hal's off! lo lhem. ,Nj ALICE E. SMITH Valparaiso College, Berlilz School of Languages, Universily of California. I'Iis'fory, Lalin, Slamp Club. HUBERT H. RIECHERS Plafleville lWis.l Sfale Teachers' College, B.E.1 Universify of Colorado, M.A. Malhemarics, Dean of Boys, Adviser, Freshman Classf Chess and Checkers Club. LEWIS C. HACK VVesIern Illinois Slale Teachers' College, B.E.g Universify of Kansas, MA.: Universi+y of Iowag Universily of Illinois. Science, Adviser, Sophomore Class, Microzcope Club. REU BEN I-I. CI-IILDERS La Crosse Slafe Teachers' College, Beloil Col- lege, B.A.g Norlhweslern Universilyg Universily ol Wisconsin. I-Iis+oryg Alhlelicsy Adviser, Senior Class, Rod and Gun Club. I-IANS VON I-IOLWEDE Prussian Sfare Seminary: American Conserva- Iory, B.M.g Chicago Conservafory, M.M.E.,M.M. Music, German, Music Appreciafion Club. RUBY RICI-IEY Illinois S'raI'e Normal Universily, B.A.7 Columbia Universify, M.A. Home Economics, Science, Home Economics Club. C Our Ieachers play loo . . . MR. BRIGI-IT'S hobby is his rose garden . . . Slamps, dogs, and molor Irips furnish MISS SMITI-I'S relaxalion . . . MR. RIECHERS likes 'lo read . . . The insecl coIIecI'ion owned by MR. HACK is well worlh seeing . . . COACH enjoys hunling and fishing lwhal slories he 'rellslll . . . MR. HANS Iravels . . . gardening and remodeling houses bring MRS. RICHEY happy hours. LUCILE SLOCUM Augusfana College, Universify of Illinois, B. S., Commerce, Adviser, Sophomore Class. LUCILLE PUTZ SI. Vialor College, Ph.B.g Gallagher Business College: Universily of Illinois. Librarian, Commerce, Journalism Club. CORNELIA M. ROBERTS Universify of Illinois, A.B.g Universily of Chi- cago, M.A.g Columbia Universify. Hisloryy English, Dean of Girlsg Adviser, Fresh- man Classg Bridge Club. HELEN MAE OLSON Norfhweslern Universify, B.S.g Gregg Business College: Columbia Universify. Commerce, Physical Educaliong Adviser Senior Classy G.A.A. ESTHER FLEDDERJOHN Heidelberg College, B.A.g Norfhwesiern Medill School of Journalism, Universify of Chicago. English: Adviser, Junior Class. MARGUERITE K. PHILLIPS Norfhwesfern Universifyg Wisconsin Universify. Dramafics, Speech, Curlain Call Club. O MISS SLOCUM enioys music and a+hIe+ics I+ennis especiallyl . . . coIIec+ing poe'Iry and recipes suifs MISS PUTZ . . . MISS ROBERTS coIIec+s rings, Bibles, and slamps . . . MISS OLSON likes all games . . . The 'rhree M's Iyou guessl keep MISS FLEDDER- JOHN'S spare lime well-filled . . . MRS. PHILLIPS has a beaufiful 'flower garden . . . Hunfing and fishing claim MR. STILLSON'S spare lime when he isn'I' building . . . MR. KUTIL likes farming on his Norlh S+ar Acres . . . MILDRED doles on knick-knacks and window shopping. MELVIN M. STILLSON Universify of Soufh Dalcofa Easfern Sfafe Teacher's College, B. S. Colorado Sfafe Universify lndusfrial Arfsg Mechanical Draw ing: Adviser, Junior Classy Handi craff Club. ' CLARENCE KUTIL Universify of Wisconsin, B. S. Agriculfureg Fufure Farmers Asso- ciafion. MILDRED J. HULIK Secrefary. THEY WROTE THEM, WE OUOTE THEM 0 COACH CHILDERS: Scholasfic achievemenf, fhrough good sfudy habifs, my friends, is whaf sociefy, and indusfry is loolring for: Rigid fraining, be if menfal or physical, produces champions. Lef's be champions. LUCILLE PUTZ: Always remember fhaf a Iiffle good done foday is beffer fhan dreaming of greaf fhings fo do fomorrow. May you find frue happiness as you fravel along life's way. HELEN MAE OLSON: Enfhusiasm is necessary for success: 'nofhing greaf was ever achieved wifhouf if'-fry fherefore fo enfer enfhusiasfi- cally info everyfhing fhaf you do. LEWIS HACK: ln your brief sfay in fhis school if is hoped fhaf you have learned how fo acf as you falce your place in sociefy. To learn good manners and fo learn fo have respecf for ofhers should be fwo imporfanf aspecfs of your educafion. Then you can sell yourselves fo fhe public. MARGUERITE PHILLIPS: My very besf wishes fo my sfage crews fhis year. May fheir indusfry be a forecasf of a happy, prosperous life. ALICE SMITH: This pasf year, in my opinion, has been one of fhe mosf successful in my years as a feacher af Anfioch. This year's Senior Class is one of fhe fines? in fhe hisfory of Anfioch. LUCILE SLOCUM: There is always a place for leadersg leaders musf have inifiafive, skilled knowledge, imaginafion, and fearlessness. Sfrive fo be and do fhe besf you can in whafever you underfalce and you will succeed. The besf success fo all of you in everyfhing you do! L. O. BRIGHT: The class of I939 is one of fhe largesf in fhe hisfory of fhe school. We wish fhaf fhe fufure will presenf you wifh fhings fhaf will safisfy your ambifionsf' MILDRED HULIK: May you always have frue friends fo share your ioys and fo lighfen your burdens. HANS VON HOLWEDE: May fhe parfing Seniors find in fheir coming environmenfs as much fairness and good will as fhey have shown while wi+h fheir schoolmafes and feachersf' CORNELIA M. ROBERTS: ln froublous fimes, a sfeadfasf faifh, a loyalfy unflinching, lleep us ever building foward fhe sfars. C. L. KUTIL: Carry on fhe worlc of fhe world in fhe spirif of service founded on faifh in God and in man. Be ever ready fo sacrifice and fo fighf for fhe over-fhrow of evil and fhe advancemenf of right H. H. RIECHERS: As every school year draws fo a close if is inferesfing 'ro review ifs highlighfs. The year N738-39 had ifs share, a very evidenf one being fhe worlc of an acfive Sfudenf Council in locafing, diagnosing, and suggesfing remedial procedures for various school problems. Lef's hope ifs efforfs will be an inspirafion fo fufure Councils. RUBY RICHEY: Wi+h fhe besf equipmenf, more books, and a greafer amounf of fime for sfudy fhan has ever been lcnown in hisfory, we have a righf fo expecf fhe sfudenfs of foday fo be fha mosf highly educafed and culfured persons of all ages. M. M. STILLSON: Success means fhe abilify fo overcome obsfacles and reverses. Hold your head up, aim high, clinch your fisf. Sef your iaw firmly and push forward wifh cleferminafionf' ESTHER FLEDDERJOHN: Jusf lieep smiling! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf ,YSSSS S SS SS SYYSS Charles J. Rofhers Vice Presidenf James E. Maple'Iho'rpe Secrefary S ,S S SS S Janice Kapple TreasurerSS SSSSSS SArlene Mae Krahn 9 Oh yes, Ihey do more Ihan sludy. Here's proof enough for anybody .. . CHICK ROTHERS, Sludenl Council 45 Baslcelball 3, 45 Tumbling Club 2, 35 Rod and Gun Club 45 Golf 35 Boxing I, 2, 35 Annual Slalf 35 Junior and Senior Plays5 Play lournamenls 3, 45 Hobbies, hunling and gun collecfing . . . Ambilion, success . . . JIM MAPLETI-IORPE, Sludenf Council 45 Class baslcelball 2, 35 Boxing 2, 35 Baseball manager 35 Puzzle Club I5 Rod and Gun Club 45 A Club 45 Junior and Senior Plays5 Annual Sfaff 3: Band I, 2, 3, 45 Hobbies, woodworking and girls . . . Ambilion, mechanical engineer . . . JAN KAPPLE, Annual Slalf 35 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3: Tri- Conie-rence 45 Secrelary Tri-Conference 31 Treasurer Big Conference' Lafin League I, 25 Curlain Call Club 45 Tournamenl' Play 2: Junior and Senior Plays . . . Hobby, collecfing souvenirs . . . Ambilion, privafe secrelary . . . ARLENE KRAHN, SI'uden+ Council 4, Junior and Senior Plays, Play Tournamenls 3, 45 Home Economics Club 2, 3, 45 6.A.A. 3, 45 Girls' Club Z, 35 Red Cross Council 2 . . . Hobby, Bicycling . . . Ambifion, privafe secrelary. .gk 'M fl' The Seniors' Story In Sepfember I935, eighfy-cighf fimid freshmen enlered upon The fhreshold of Anfioch High. They held fheir firsf meefing in Ocfober, af which lime fhey elecfed Roger Brogan, presidenfg Charles Hosfeffer, vice-presidenri Arlene Krahn, secrefaryg Lucille Thurwell, freasurer. Our advisers fhaf year were Miss Lina A. Brummund and Mr. Reuben Childers. The social highlighf of our firsf year was fhe Bel'ly and Bob parfy we gave for fhe sophomores on Sf. Pafriclcs Day. A mosf enjoyable lime was had by all. Our class was well represenfed in fhe exlra-curricular acfivifies of fhe school. Jack Effinger was fhe oufsfanding freshman sporfsman. He received his minor leffer in baskef- ball. We were represenfed in fhe cheer-leading secfion by Mildred Horan and Edwin Eggles+on. The girls were also very acfive in afhlefics. We were represenfed in many of fhe clubs and musical organizafions. To fhe Sludenf Council we senf Rufh Piersforff and Roberl Sfrang. ln fhe lnfer-Class Play Tournamenf we were represenfed by Jean Breff, Roberf Sfrang. Frances Beimer, Roger Brogan and Edwin Egqleslon. Roger Brogan represenfed us in fhe play, The Birfhday of The lnfan+a, which was senf fo Palafine. On May 27, I936 we held our class picnic af Sherwood's Park in Lalre Villa, which ended our firsf year af high school. A+ fhe beginning of school in I936 only sixly-fhree came back. Our class officers were: presidenf, Jack Effingerg vice-presidenf, Veneifa Philippij secrefary, Janice Kappleg freas- urer, James Maplefhorpe. ln fhe all-school swimming meef held af Sherwocd's Parle many of our classmafos placed in fhe various evenfs. Jean Breff won firsf place in fhe balhing beaufy confcsl. The following sophomores were oufsfanding in baslnefball fhaf year: iirsf leam Jael: Effinger, second feam Roger Brogan, Winsor Dalgaard, Thomas Manning, Roberf Burke, and Harold Vandenberg. The fhree girls who carried fhe class colors in fho annual archery fournamenf sponsored by fhe G.A.A. were: Eileen Snyder, Helen Lublueman, and Clarice Minfo. Eileen Snyder broughf high honors fo our class by defeafing fhe resf of fhe confeslanfs. Roger Brogan and Frances Beimer were able represenfalives on fhe Sfudonf Council. The Red Cross Council was considerably aided in i+s many worfhwhile acfivilies by Arlene Krahn and Marie Hagdahl. Doris Hall, Carolyn Phillips, and Yvonne Jensen were on fhe sfaff of fhe Sequoif News. Veneifa Philippi was elecfed queen of fhe school af fhe G.A.A. Carnival. She compefed againsf fhe oufsfanding girls of 'rhe school. We won fhe Drama Shield in fhe annual lnfer-Class Play Tournamenf fhaf year. Our falenfed Thespians were: Willard Randall, Janice Kapple, Roger Brogan, Doris Hall, George Barfleff, and Florence Verlresf. Janice Kapple represenled us al fhe disfricf fournamenf af Palafine April I7. 'Cznfinued on Page 501 Th Class ol: I9 9 9 HAROLD ATWOOD, Lalin League I, Slamp Club 2, 3, 4 . . . Hobby, slamp collecling . . . Ambifion, governmenl' employee lcivil servicel . . . BIG STOOPH BARTLETT, sludenl council 4, baslielball 3, 4, junior and senior plays, play Iournamenls 2, 43 band I, 2, 3, 4, chorus I, 2, 3, 4, orchesfra I, swing band 2, 3, 4, puzzle club I, 3, slamp club 2, rod and gun club 4 . . . Hobby, wood worlcing . . . Ambifion, Io oblain a college educalion . . . FIB BEIMER, sludenl council 2, 37 iunior and senior plays, play lournamenl 2, 4, Girls' Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, Red Cross Council 3, Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hobby, bicycling . . . Ambilion, secrelary or beaulician . . . JEAN BRETT, G-.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, chorus I, 2, Glee Club I, 2, Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, play lournamenl 2, 4, senior play, Bridge Club 4 . . . Hobby, collecling words wilh 4 i's . . . BROS BROGAN, sludenl council 2, 4, baskelball 2, 3, 4, boxing lournamenl I, 2, 3, golf Iournamenl 3, A Club, Annual slafl 3, junior and senior plays, play lournamenl I, 2, 3, 4, Puzzle Club Ig Slamp Club 2, Chess and Checkers Club 4 . . . Hobby, basliel- ball . . . Ambilion, Io be heallhy, weallhy, and wise . . . POINTS BURKE, baslrefball 2, 3, 4, A Club 4, iunior and senior plays, play Iournamenl 4, band I, 2, 3, 4, chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club I, 2, Orcheslra I, lvlalh Club I, Puzzle Club 2, Slamp Club 3, Rod and Gun Club 4 . . . Hobbies, baslcelball and woodworking . , . MAC COS- GROVE, newspaper slaff 4, Social Hour Club I, G.A.A. 2, 4, Bridge Club 4 . . . Hobby, sewing . . . Ambilion, lrindergarlen Ieacher . . . WlN DALGAARD, baslrelball 2, 3, 4, baseball 2, 3, 4, sfudenl' council 4: iunior and senior plays, play lournamenl 4, band and chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Slamp Club 2, Rod and Gun Club 4, A Club 4 . . . Hobby, sporls . . . Ambilion, governmenl job and lravel . . . BETS DAVIS, G-.A.A. 4, music apprecialion 4 . . . Hobby, collecling perfume . . . Ambilion, Io be a singer . . . DICK DAVIS, baslcefball 3, 4, boxing I, 2, 3, A Club 4, band 3, 4, Puzzle Club I, 2, 3, Rod and Gun Club 4, . . . Hobby, swimming . . . Ambilion, good iob. H. Alwoocl G. Barllell F. Beimer J. Brell R. Brogan R. Burke M. Cosgrove W. Dalgaard B. Davis R. Davis 0+ 1 ww Ellunger E. Erickson H. Fields G. Fox A. Giannini E Glrller R Homan M. Horan V. Horlon C. Hosleller P. Hughes Y Jensen 9 EEF EFFINGER, baslcelball I, 2, 3, 43 baseball I, 2, 3, 43 A Club 43 band I, 2, 3,43 chorus 2, 3, 4: boxing 2, 33 Annual slalf 33 junior and senior plays3 Airplane Club 23 Rod and Gun Club 4. . . Hobby, sporls . . . Ambilion, lraveling . . . SKIPPY ERICKSON. Commercial Club I, 2, 33 G.A.A. I, 2, 33 Girls' Club I3 Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4 Hobby, dancing . . . Ambilion, slenographer . . . OLE W. FOX, F.E.A. I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hobbies, baseball and hunling . . . Ambilion, farmer . . . HAZEL FIELDS, Home Ec. Club I, 2, 3, 43 Girls Club, I3 . . . Hobby, dancing . . . Ambilion, Slenographer . . . DlMPLES GIANNINI, G.A.A. I, 2, 4: Home Economics Club I3 Bridge Club 4 . . . Hobbies, dancing, roller slialing . . . Ambilion, dielifian or nurse . . . GIRT GIRTLER, class baslcelball I, 23 class baseball I, 23 band I, 2, 3, 43 chorus 3, 43 Model Club I, 2, 33 Science Club 33 Handicrafl Club 4 . . . Hobby, gasolineepowerecl models . . . Ambilion, business man . . . RUSS HOMAN, boixng l, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club 2, 33 F.F.A. I3 Rod and Gun Club 43 senior play 43 play lournamenl 4 . . . Hobbies, golf and 'ioolball . . . Ambilion, denlal 'lechnician . . . MlLLY HORAN, Sludenl' Council 43 Girls' Club I, 2, 33 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Annual slall 33 Lafin League I, 23 Slamp Club 33 Curlain Call Club 43 orchesfra I3 chorus 2, 3, 4: cheerleader 43 junior and senior playsg play fournamenl 3 . . . Hobby, collecling slamps and souvenirs . . . Arnbilion, physical educalion leacher . . . TURTLE HORTON, F.F.A. I, 2, 33 judging 'leams 2, 33 band 23 Rod and Gun Club 43 junior and senior plays . . . Hobby, model air- planes . . . Ambilion, velerinarian . . , CHARLEY HOSTETTER, baseball 23 Airplane Club I3 Rod and Gun Club 43 junior and senior plays.. . Hobbies, ice slcaling and baseball . . . Ambilion, air-condifioning . . . PHIL HUGHES, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4: home economics I3 Puzzle Club 2, 33 Glee Club l, 23 Girls' Club I3 Red Cross 43 Newspaper 43 Chess and Checlrers Club 4 . . . Hobbies, baseball and baslielball . . . Ambifion, home economics leacher . . . VONNlE JENSEN, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Lalin League I, 23 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Club I, 2, 33 Newspaper slaff 23 Slamp Club 3, 43 junior play . . . Hobby, horses . . . Ambilion, wriler. . ,gm wfqq, Wig. C. Jorgensen L. Keisler L. Laursen M. Long H. Lubkeman P. Luedlke T. Manning M. Miller C. Minfo O. Palaske R. Palrick V. Philippi 9 CHAR JORGENSEN, Girls' Club I, 2, 3, Commercial Club I, 2, 3, senior play, play Iournamenf 4, Bridge Club 4 . . . Hobby, reading . . . Ambilion, privale secrefary . . . LEO KEISLER, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 3, play Iournamenl 3, 4, iunior and senior plays . . . Ambilion, qovernmenl job . . . LOUIE LAURSEN, sludenl council 3, home economics I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, band I, 2, iunior and senior plays, play Iournamenl 3 . . . Hobby, collecling popular songs . . . MILLY LONG, MarioneHe Club 3, senior play, play Iournamenl 3, 4, Curlain Call Club 4 . . . Hobby, collecling pennies . . . Ambilion, nurse . . . SHORTY LUBKEMAN, Home Economics Club I, 2, Marionelle Club 3, Curlain Call Club 4, senior play, play Iournamenl 3, 4 . . . Hobby, collecfing movie slars' piclures . . . Ambilion, nurse . . . PHIL LUEDTKE, Girls' Club I, 2, 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club I, 2, Commercial Club 3, Bridge Club 4 . . . Hobby, wriling poems and reading books . . . Ambilion, nurse . . . TOM MANNING, Sludenf council 4, baslcelball 2, 3, 4, baseball 2, 3, 4, boxing I, A Club 4, Airplane Club I, Chess and Checkers 4 . . . Ambilion, lawyer . . . MIKE MILLER, Annual slaff 3, junior play, Sfamp Club 2, 3, 4 . , . Hobby, slamp collecling . . . Ambilion, Ieacher . . . CLARICE MINTO, Sludenl council 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club I 2, 3, Lalin League Ig Sfamp Club Z, Marionelle Club 3, Camera Club 4, iunior and senior plays . . . Ambilion, privale secrelary . . . PROFESSOR PALASKE, Puzzle Club I, Science Club 2: Slarnp Club 3: Red Cross Council I, 2, 3 . . . Hobbies, slamps, golf, dancing, and woodworking . . . Ambifion, hislory professor . . . BOB PATRICK, Slamp Club I, Tumbling Club 2, F.F.A. 3, 4, Chess and Checkers Club 4 . . . Hobbies, guns and hunling . . . Ambilion, Io gel Ihrough school. . . VENEITA PHILIPPI, Sludenl Council 4, Annual slaff 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club 2, orchcslra I, band I, 2, 3, chorus 2, 3, swing band 2, 3, cheerleader 2, iunior and senior plays, play Iournamenl' 3, 4, Curlain Call Club 4 . . . Hobby, music . . . Ambilion, privafe secrelary. ,' A , , I I I , I f J is, , I M1 J The Class ol: I939 9 CAROLYN PHILLIPS, Sludenl Council 4, Annual Slall 3, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Club I, 2, 3, Newspaper Slaff 2, 4, Lalin League Ig Slamp Club 2, Chorus I, 2, Glee Club I, 2, 3, Home Economics Club 3, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Junior and Senior Plays . . . Hobby, animals . . . Ambilion, lo be a Home Economics Columnisl . . . RUTH PIERSTORFF, Sludenl' Council I, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Girls' Club I, 2, Glee Club I, 27 Chorus 2, 3, Orcheslra I, Home Economics Club I, 3, Slamp Club 2, Curlain Call Club 4, Junior Play, Play Tournamenl 3 . . . Hobby, music . . . Ambilion, nurse . . . HANK QUEDEN- EELD, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play . . . Hobby, slamps . . . BILL RANDALL, Tumbling Club 3, Boxing I, 2, 4, Tournamenl Plays 2, 4 . . . Hobby, slamps and fishing . . . Ambilion, air-condilioning . . . BETTY SCHLOSSER, Junior Play, Glee Club 3, 4, Music Apprecialion Club 4 . . . Hobby, collecling news arlicles and slamps . . . Ambilion, singing . . . HUGH SCHONSCHECK, Basltelball 3, 4, Tumbling Club 2, 3, Goll Team 3, 4, A Club 4, Junior and Senior Plays: Rod and Gun Club 4... Hobby, cross word puzzles . . . Ambilion, drallsman or foresler . . . JEAN SHERMAN, Girls' Club I, 2, 3, G.A.A. 4, Puzzle Club 2, 3, Play Tournamenl 3, Curlain Call Club 4 . . . Ambilion, leacher . . . SHRIMP SHERWOOD, Boxing I, 2, 3, Puzzle Club I, 2, Chess and Checlxers Club 4, Senior Play . . . Hobby, fishing . . . Ambilion, lawyer . . . EILEEN SNYDER, Sludenl Council 3, Annual Slall 3: Girls' Club I, 2, 3, G.A.A. 3, 4, Treasurer Tri-Conference 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, Home Economics Club I, Curlain Call Club 4, Junior and Senior Plays, Play Tournamenl 4 . . . Hobby, collecling lcniclr-lcnaclrs . . . Ambilion, beaulician . . . BOB STRANG, Sludenl Council I, Annual Slalf 3, Band I, 2, 4, Chorus I, 2, 4, Airplane Club I, Boxing Tourna- menl 2, 3, 43 Baseball 4, Junior and Senior Plays, Play Tournamenl I, 2, 3, 4, Slamp Club 2, 3, 4, Machine operalor l, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hobby, slamps and woodworking . . . Ambilion, big business man. C. Phillips R. Pierslorlf I-I. Quedenleld C. Schonschecl J. Sherman Bill Randall B. Schlosser D. Sherwood E. Snyder R. Slrang , -in kd IQ! 'mf W, The Class of I939 9 DICK THILL, Sludenf Council 3, Annual Sfaff 37 Puzzle Club 2, 3: Chess and Checllers Club 43 Senior Play . . . Hobby, ice boafing . . . Ambilion, Naval officer . . . HELEN THOMPSON, Laiin League Ig Annual Slaff 3: Newspaper Siaif 41 Curiain Call Club 4: Senior Play: Play Tournamenf 4 . . . Hobby, radio 'ian . . . Ambiiion, Couri' Reporler . . . RUTHIE TURNOCK, Girls' Club I, 37 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Play Tournamenf 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hobby, wriling Iefiers . . . Ambiiion, grade school 'Ieacher . . . SNORK VANDENBER6, Airplane Club Ig Puzzle Club 2: Tumbling Club 3, Baslxei- ball 2, Baslcefball Manager 41 Boxing 2, 3, 4, A Club 45 Junior and Senior Plays: Rod and Gun Club 4 . . . Hobby, making model airplanes . . . HAPPY VERKEST, Puzzle Club Ig Home Economics Club 2, 37 Play Tournameni 2: Chess and Checkers Club 4, . . . Hobby, wriiing IeHers and poems . . . ARNOLD WEBER, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Rod and Gun Club 4 . . . Hobby, hunling . . . Ambilion, farmer . . . RED WHITE, Puzzle Club Ig Home Economics Club 2, 3, 41 Annual Slaff 35 Junior Play, Play Tournamenf I, 3 . . . Hobby, coIIec+ing compacfs . . . Ambifion, Iiindergarien Ieacher . . . BOB WHITE, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 43 Slamp Club 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 43 Glee Club I, 2, 45 Junior and Senior Plays: Play Tournamenf 43 Judging Team 43 Represenlalive al' Boys' Sfale Fairg Thomas E. Wilson gold medal . . . Hobby, sfamps . . . Ambirion, io be a chef . . . DOROTHY WOLF, Music Apprecialion Club . . . Hobby, music . . . Ambilion, musical career . . . FRED ZILKE, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Sramp Club 2, Band I, 3, 43 Chorus I, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3: Boxing 43 Play Tournamenf 43 Junior and Senior Plays . . . Hobby, dancing and all sporfs . . . Ambilion, 'ob wilh a pension on 'Ihe end of iI'. A. Thill H. Thompson R. Turnoclu H. Vandenberg F. Verkesf A. Weber E. While R. While D. Wolf F. Zillxe rn- Senior Advisers Mr. Reuben Childers Miss Helen Olson 9 BOB BEMIS, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 41 Band l, 2, 3 .. . Hobby, phofography and mechanics . . . Ambifion, Iravel . . . LYELL DIBBLE, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 . . . Hobby, collecling novellies' . . . Ambifion, mechanic . . . RUP GASTON, Tumbling Club I, 23 F.F.A. 37 Rocl and Gun Club 4 . . . Hobby, boaling . . . Ambilion, Iravel . . . CAROL NIELSEN, Home Economics Club 2. 3, 45 Junior Play . . . Hobby, dancing . . . Ambiiion, designer of clofhes . . . BILL PHILLIPS, Annual Slali 3, Sludeni CounciI 3 . . . SMITTY SMITH, F.F.A. I . . . Hobbies, slamps and Indian relics . . . Ambilion, mechanic . . . KILLER STORY . . . Hobbies, huniing and fishing. 'NVlNDY WINFIELD, F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing I, 2, 3, 4, Judging Ieams I, 3' Sfudz-nI Council 4: Senior Play 4 . . . Hobby, wooclworlring . . . Ambifion, civil engineer. , . ., POST GRADUATES W. King B. Williams TO BE CR NOT T0 BE . . 9 A few weeks before fhe opening of fhe l959 New York World's Fair Mr. Charles Rofhers, manager, and his assisfanf, Edward Smifh, were greafly sfarfled when, in going over fheir lisfs of exhibifors and enferfainers fhey discovered fhaf many of 'lheir former classmafes from Anfioch High School were among fhem. Seizing upon fhe idea fhaf fhis was an opporfune fime for a class reunion, Mr. Rofhers hasfily dialed Wesf Poinf, where one of his closesf friends, Roger Brogan, had risen fo fhe posifion of Commandanf. Say, Rog, how're chances for you fo bring down a bunch of your crack cadefs fo parade and affend fhe reunion l'm planning? lncidenfally, fhaf very charming wife of yours, fhe former Miss Veneifa Philippi of Lake Villa, is invifed. How abouf if? Will we come! We're pracfically fhere, cadefs and all. Mr. Rofhers and his assisfanf immediafely dispafched invifafions fo all members of fhe class of I939 fo affend fhe reunion. Af fhis poinf fhe scene shiffs fo fhe Grand Cenfral Sfafion one week lafer. The Twenfiefh Cenfury Limifed has iusf arrived and fhe firsf figure we spy is fhaf of fhe Honorable George Bar+Ie++, Mayor of Chicago. Harold Afwood, now a quief, respecfable banker of Chicago, follows close on his heels. They are accompanied by Mildred Long and Florence Verkesf, fheir wives respecfively. All four have come fo view fhe Fair and affend fhe reunion. We musf hurry on, however, for fhe maiorify of our classmafes are fo arrive by plane. Ouf af fhe airporf we discover James Maplefhorpe, and his secrefary, Janice Kapple, busily working over reporfs concerning fheir exhibif for fhe Fair. James is nof only fhe head of fhe biggesf corporafion in New York, buf he is also an invenfor of safefy devices for airplanes. The firsf fo arrive by plane is Yvonne Jensen, famous wrifer of hisforical novels, and her husband, Michael Miller, who has gained infernafional fame because of his sfamp collecfion. They are accompanied by Clifford Schonscheck, fhe famous poef. Through fhe use of fhe felevision sef owned by Mr. Maplefhorpe we are fo view a number of our classmafes who will be delayed a few days in coming fo fhe Fair. We are firsf freafed fo a glimpse of Frances Beimer, head librarian af fhe Universify of Chicago. She is overseeing and checking fhe preparafion of an exhibif of valuable books for fhe Fair. The nexf picfure in fhe glass before our eyes is fhaf of Jean Breff, professor of Dramafics af Norfhwesfern Universify. She and a froupe of her falenfed sfudenfs are fo appear af fhe Fair. Our glass shows us Mary Cosgrove and Phyllis Luedfke working af Hull House. Offo Palaske, Roberf Pafrick, and Henry Quedenfield will be able fo affend fhe reunion since fheir respecfive firms, Magic Elecfric Heafing Fluid of Anfioch, The General Elecfric, Unifed Pharmacisfs of America, are exhibifing af fhe Fair. Alicia Paffi, known fo us as Beffe Davis, will give a concerf under fhe auspices of fhe Mefropolifan Opera Company. Miss Elizabefh Erickson, ballerina wifh fhe Russian Ballef will be unable fo affend because of a long exfended Soufh American four wifh her company. Charlene Jorgensen, her manager, will be forced fo send her regrefs because of fhis, also. Hazel Fields and Carol Nielsen, wealfhy inferior decorafors are fo exhibif some of fheir lafesf creafions. Arlene Krahn is now fhe wife of Rcberl Horlon, our second Tyrone Power. Lauraine Laursen will be forced fo remain in Hollywood because she is fashion designer for Twenfiefh Cenfury Fox. Helen Lubkeman and Clarice Minfo are busy members of fhe faculfy af Anfioch High School feaching Lafin and chcmislry. They expecf fo affend if fheir dufies permif. lffonfinued on Page 5Ol UNDERCLASSES .. Few do, many doodle! Perhaps +his was lhe idea behind holding lhe class meelings in separale groups ---lhe boys and +he girls. This praclice has en- couraged cooperalion in +he classes. The girls' groups have inauguraled a sys+em whereby programs, presen+ecl in groups, will noi be repea+ed year a'f+er year. A program has been arranged +o carry lhrough rhe four years. A fheme is chosen for each year. The freshmen girls use The All- Around Girl as a basis for 'lheir discussion, 'rhe sophomores, Per- sonaliiy Plus, The iuniors, Swing l+, lrhey mus'r swing lheir annual and promlg and lhe seniors, Looking Ahead. The boys' groups are planning a similar program for nexl' year. We feel l'ha+ much more work is accomplished 'rhis way and 'rhe programs are more sa+isFac+ory. Tuesday is +he regular day for meering, and par+ies are oflen held during 'rhis lime. Occasional business mee+ings are called for +he enlire class. TI-IE GRGUP PLAN X T JUNIOR GIRLS OFFICERS Top Row-lefl +o righlz E. Crafl, A. Nelson, B. Buchla, I. Chinn, D. Jacobsen, Presidenl ,,,,,,, Ray Baefhke J. Perry, E. Behning, C. Truax, B. Long, B. Mae Lighlseyg Middle Row: L. Bonner, Vice Presidenl , , Bill Cisna I l. Dowell, B. Weber, S. I-Iennings, L. I-losleller, M. Doolillle, L. Mueller, H. Secrelary , Dan Palagke Henry, Z. Ellis, Bollom Row: L. Crawford, I-I. Horlon, G. Freund, C. Nash, M. Treasurerw. .Elinor Behning Van Pallen, Miss Fledderiohn adviser, B. I-Ianke, L. Dalgaard, L. Wafers. JUNIOR BOYS ADVISERS Top Row-lefl Io righl: R. Wells, O. Gussarson, P. Slerbenz, R. Prince, W. Mr Simson Miss Fledderiohn Thompson, R. Fennema, G. De Boer, R. Hawkins, G. Knoll, R. Campbell, Middle Row: E. Knicklebein, G. Zink, W. Reimer, B. Techerl, M. Healh, R. Baelhke, R. Ellering, G. Pierce, F. Swenson, Bollom Row: G. Winfield, C. Wursler, R. Behler, W. Cisna, Mr. Slillson adviser, J. Blackman, D. Palaske, H. Severson J. Alwood. on lhe annual slaff or decoraling for lhe Prom, which makes every- There is somelhing aboul being in lhe Junior Play or working J U N one look eagerly forward fo his or liar iunior year. The iunior class 'rhis year has been a lribule Io Ihe school. II has pul forlh a spiril of leadership, cooperalion, and good L will. From all appearances if will make a greal senior class. In 'rhe fall lhe juniors held a class parlyg fhen in Oclober Ihey presenled Iheir Junior Play, The Circus is Coming fo Town. Anolher laslc which lhey underlook was Ihal of wriling and publish- ing Ihe I939 Sequoia. lmmedialely aller Ihe Annual wenl fo press, preparalion was begun on lhe biggesl social evenl of Ilxe year, Ihe Junior+Senior Prom. And now as anolher successful school year draws Io a close Ihey are anxiously planning Ihe class picnic, which will be Their lasl good lime logelher as juniors. 4. SOPHOMORE GIRLS Top Row-leff Io righfz E. Craft E. La Fleur, B. Wildermufh, R. Seller, J. Hughes, F. Pelerson, I. Pachay, V. Lof'rus, C. Barfhellg Middle Row: B. Madsen, M. While B. Shank, J. Anderson, R. Glenn, N. Bacon, M. Quirlxg Boflom Row: J. Whiled M. Ferris, D. Klass, G. Pierce, Miss Slocum adviser, V. Hoolc, M. Lynn, J. Smi+h M. Osmond. SOPHOMORE BOYS Top Row-leff +o righfz C. Smifln, R. Hunl, R. Palriclz, R. Aronson, D. Smifh R. Dressel, F. Hawlrins, H. Elfheringion, C. Sheehan, L. Drom, R. Bollon, R Pederson, A. Armsfrong, D. Benneclie, E. Wallrer, L. Krafzg Middle Row: R Luedllze, J. Horan, N. Edwards, D. Homan, A. DeBa+es, W. Yucus. V. Giriler B. Mongan, V. BurneI'+e, B. Johnson, C. Anderson, C. Truax: Boffom Row: R Harfnell, D. Hills, J. Thain, L. Keisler, J. Harvey, Mr. Hack adviser, M. Verlresl F. Peffy, J. Newman, V. Crall. Leaving fhe unforlunale name of Fresh behind Ihem fhe Sophomores gaily began Ihe second year of school life. The class sold pennanls and in Ihe fall il had a freshman- sophomore par'ry. The sophomores were well represenfed in Ihe Sfudenf Council. The greaf Triumph of Ihe year was Ihe winning of lhe Play Tournamenf Award. Now fhey are loolring forward fo nexf year, Ihe Junior Play, Annual, and Prom. We wish Ihem success and Ihe besl of luck in Iheir new venfures. OFFICERS Presidenl Joan Smilh Vice Presidenl Fred Hawkins Secrefary- Treasurer JeanneHe Whiled ADVISERS Mr. Hack Miss Slocum SOPI-IOMORE CLASS FRESHMEN GIRLS Top Row-leff fo righf: E. Horfon, A. Denman, D. Drury, M. Dow, R. Gus sarson, M. De Bafes, L. Adell, E. DeBoer, S. Wells, D. Pefers, B. Willef, M ADVISERS Hauser, E. Ebling, M. Winch: Second Row: D. Carney, R. Schonscheclc, V. Soren- - - son, A. Murray, M. Prince, J. Nevelier, S. Johnson, S. Maiewslri, D. Craff, L MISS Roberls Mr' Rlechers Cobb, A. Long, V. Cosgroveg Firsl Row: L. Sherman, A. Williams, H. Zink, J. Young, M. Brighf, Miss Roberfs, Adviser, J. Ellis, G. Horfon, J. Wafers, D. OFFICERS Ammon' Presidenf ,.,,,,,, , , , David Dupre FRESHMEN BOYS Vice Presidenl' Dudley Ward Top Row-lefl' fo righfz F. Oliver, R. Horfon, E. Hawkins, L. Buchfa, M. Praff, Secrefarygn-HH Mario,-je Briglrrr G. Sferbenz, J. Whife, A. Small, C. Anderson, J. Roepenaclcg Middle Row: R Treasurer, VVVV Y r Alice Leng Quedenfeld, H. Ludlceman, A. Smifh, B. Philips, Mr. Riechers, adviser, R. Gross, L. Miller, M. Crawford, D. Dupre, E. McNamarag Boffom Row: B. Whife, E Rushewski, D. Freund, J. Carney, H. Afwood, D. Ward, C. Zender, R. Sever- son, R. Gussarson. 9 On fhe morning of fhe sixfh of Sepfember A.T.H.S. welcomed sixfy-fhree fimid, excifed freshmen. The firsf few weeks were busy FRESI-IMAN CLASS ones, geffing acquainfed wifh each ofher and accusfoming fhem- selves wifh fheir schedules, rooms, and feachers. They chose fheir officers for fha class, and fhey inaugurafed a sysfem whereby group officers would be elecfed for a semesfer. This was fo give more boys and girls a chance for leadership. The class enferfained fhe sophomores af a Chrisfmas parfy besides enjoying class parfies. Here's wishing you good luck for your coming years. Helpful Hobbies: Happy Hours. To' furlher The social and recrealional side of school we have formed clubs which hold lheir meelings every olher week. Wilh- ou'r a doubl 'rhese clubs will help lhe sludenls in la+er life by giving fhem hobbies which will conlinue 'ro malce 'rheir lives fuller and more profilable. This praclice has been carried on for a number of years, bul +his year many new clubs were added lo' 'rhe lig-L By malcing 'lhe selec+ion larger and more varied grea+er sludenl parricipafion was encouraged. The clubs, each one sponsored by a faculfy member, hold +heir meefings every olher Wednesday during school rime. The officers are elecfed a'r 'rhe beginning of every school year. Besides fhe regu- lar officers a member is chosen +o go +o 'rhe S+uden+ Council. They usually plan 'ro have a program af every mee+ing. Some of +hem, such as The Camera Club and Handicrafl, use +heir meelings 'ro worlc on lhe proiecls wi+h which lhey are concerned. Each club 'fries 'ro raise money in some way by il's aclivilies during l'he year. ln rhis way if is able +o hold par+ies and lo have ofher forms of recreafion. 5 3 .YV i' lm and GRGANIZATIONS STUDENT COUNCIL We believe in frue democracy. Our S'ruden'r Council is +he bes+ example. Each club and group sends a represenlalive +o 'rhe Council, which meels once a week. The differenl groups bring fheir problems before 'rhe Council and a solufion is worlced out Among olher fhings il has underlalcen +o revise fhe Sfudenl' Aclivify Card Sysfem, and a poin1's sys'rem has been discussed. This year's Council has been one of fhe mosf aclive in recenl years. SEQUOIA STAFF The Sequoia Slaif, a junior organizalion, has fhe responsibilily of puffing ou+ fhe annual, and i+ has labored hard lo' prepare lhe Sequoia for press. The slaff is composed of +wen'ry members. Depar+men+s for adverfising, special feafures, sporfs, and snapshofs, no'r +o men'rion fhe edifors and fheir associafes make up 'rhe working lisl'. We hope you like our Sequoia '39. M ,ws MMLJOURNALISM CLUB The newspaper is a fradifion in Anlioch High. Affer a year of resl' il' has again come in+o being. The firsl semesler fhe members spenl' in learning abouf differenl' sfyles of news- paper wrifing and olher lrechniques of newswrifing. The second semesler ihe slaff published fhe Sequoi+ News bi-weekly. A number of new feafures was ins'ril'u+ed 'rhis year. STAMP CLUB The Sfamp Club has been a leading organizalion for several years. Slamp collecling is a hobby engaged in for pleasure by mos+ people, and so pleasure is +he main purpose of +he club. The Club held i'rs annual exhibilion and banquel' in March. The members had many beauliful and inferesling exhibifs, and some of lhe people in The communily also exhibilecl. The Club sold candy and ice cream al The baskefball games 'ro supporl' i'ls acfivilies. STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row-llefi' fo righfl: R. Campbell, D. Smifh, M. Horan, J. Harvey, T. Man- ning, Second Row: J. Anderson, M. Osmond, A. Krahn, Mr. Riechers, Miss Roberfs, Mr. Brighf, R. Brogan, G. Bar+le+f: Bol- fom Row: B. Williams, L. Buchla, B. Davis, C. Phil- lips, W. Dalgaard, presi- denf, V. Phillippi, L. Wa+ers, C. Ro'rl'iers, H. Zink. SEQUOIA STAFF Top Row-lleff 'ro riglwllz G. Zink, J. Blackman, J. Perry, G. Kno+f, R. Baellikeq Middle Row: M. Heafli, E. Belnning, R. Wells, R. Campbell, W. Thompson, Z. Ellis, B. Hanke, H. Dowell: Boflorn Row: Miss Fledder- john, M. Dooliifle, D. Ja- cobson, W. Cisna, Edi+or, L. Walers, Edi+or, R. Behi- er, L. Mueller M. Van Paffen, Mr. S+illson. JOURNALISM CLUB Leif +o Right: 6. Zink, R. Hawkins, C. Phillips, Miss Pufz, L. Walers. Edifor, W. Cisna, G. Knoll. STAMP CLUB Top Row-llef+ +o righ+l: H. Afwood, J. Smifl-1, Y. Jensen, V. Hook, M. K. Lynn, R. Wlwife, O. Palaske. M. Miller, C. Anderson, J. Afwoocl, D. Ward, BoH'om Row: M. Ferris, H. Henry, M. Osmond, Secrefary, D. Smifli, Presideni, Miss Smifh, Miss Robe-r'rs, R. Dressel, Vice President R. Sfrang, Treasurer, H. A+- wood. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top Row-lefl' fo righl: E. Horlon, R. Turnock, B. Madsen, E. De Boer, B. Wil- lef, J. Young, J. Wafers, E. Ebelingg Second Row: D. Carney, A. Krahn, H. Fields freasurer, Mrs. Richey, F. Beimer presidenf, L. Carney vice presideni, C. Neilsen secrefary. F. A. A. CLUB Top Row--lefl lo righl: W. Reimer, G. Pierce, R. Prince, L. Keisler, G. De Boer, O. Gussarson, F. Zilke secrelary, C. Sheee han, A. Weber vice presidenl, R. Palrick, R. While, A. Armsfrong, D. Bennecke, H. Quedenfeldg Middle Row: R. Horlon, G. Carney, N. Edwards, L. Miller, F. Swenson, R. Bolfon, L. Keisler, L. Drom, R. Harlnell, R. Bemis, E. Walker, J. Roepenack, E. McNamara, H. Severson, C. Wursfer, C. Zender, L. Dibbleg Bol- lom Row: L. Buchla, G. Fox lreasurer, V. Horlon, J. Blackman, Mr. Kulil adviser, R. Wells, W. Yucus, M. Crawford, Bol- fom Row: R. Gussarson, A. Smilh, J. Thain, C. Anderson, J. Carney, J. New- man, H. Ludkeman, G. Winfield, R. Severson, O. Winfield, presidenf, absenl. 1 l 1 HOME ECONOMICS Planning lhe lvlofher-Daughler Banquel, enferfaining 'I'he F.F.A., learning 'ro knil' and croche+, and enjoying par+ies have given fhe Home Economics club plen'ry of fun. Hs purposes, fo serve as a connecling link befween home and school, 'ro leach leadership, and 'ro promofe grealer sociabilify have been developed. There are fili- 'reen members in fhe organizalion. F. F. A. The F.F.A., one of 'rhe mosf acfive organizalions in 'lhe school, has been an imporlanl' parl of our school for many years. ll was organized as a medium befween 'rhe farm and lhe school. The members have 'ralcen parl in Seclional Liveslock Judging, Poullry Congress Conlesf, F.F.A. Fair, and +he Pes+ Con+es+. MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Froni Row-Iefl fo righfz E. Crafl, B. Schlosser, A. Murray, R. Glenn, Hans, B. Davis presidenl, E. Cralf secrelary- Ireasurer, B. Shank, S. Maiewskig Back Row: D. Wolf vice presideni, D. Jacob- sen, A. Nelson, V. Crall, E. Rushewski, M. Prall, I. Chinn, L. Dalgaard, F. Peler- son, M. Quirk. CURTAIN CALL CLUB Top Row-lei? Io righl: J. Perry, D. Klass, J. Sherman, H. Thompson, B. Leng, R. Seller secrefary, M. Brighl, D. Aron- song Middle Row: M. Winch, C. Nash, H. Zink, G. Pierce, V. Lof+us, J. Nevelier, G. Horlon, S. Johnson, L. Cobb, L. Sher- man: BoI I'om Row: B. Freund, J. Whiled, V. Philippi, M. Horan vice presidenl, Mrs. Phillips, H. Lubkeman freasurer, J. Kapple presidenf, H. Horlon, M. Long. MUSIC APPRECIATION The Music Apprecialion Club was organized rhis year 'ro help +he sfudenis enjoy and undersland all Iypes of music. This was accomplished Ihrough 'rhe programs pre- senfed in club lime and Ihe members' allendance al' musical performances. Each of Ihe I'wenI'y members was presenled wiI'h a Iiny gold pin in 'rhe shape of a I'rebIe cleff. CURTAIN CALL Drama needs +o be underslood Io be enioyed. So Ihoughi' Ihe Ihirly members of 'rhe Curlain Call Club when Ihey organized Iheir group a+ lhe beginning of Ihis year. The organizafion sponsored Ihe Book Week Tableaus, +he Chrisrmas Play, The Birds' Chrisrmas Carol, I'he Play Tournamenl, and +he Annual Thespian Jeuner which was held for 'rhe people who look parl in Ihe Play Tournament Qi ANTICCH MUSICAL Some people enjoy brass bands, ofhers a symphony orchesfra, some swing bands, and slill o+hers dreamy orches+rasg buf fhe mos'r loved of all lhese l'ypes of music and one l'ha+ is enioyed by more people lhan any ol'her is iusl singing: every one whis'l'les, hums, or sings. Under 'rhe direclion of Mr. Hans Von Holwede fhe boys and girls use 'rwo days of +he week for singing. The chorus is composed of fiffy-'Five voices including firsl' sopranos, second sopranos, allos, lenors, and basses. On fhree nighls a week fhe girls meer wi+h Mr. Von Holwede +0 enioy singing. The Glee Club has +wen+y-+hree voices: firsr and second so'pranos and alfos. Once or fwice during 1'he year a selec'r group from fhe chorus 'rravels fo a neigh- boring school fo give a concerl. CHORUS Fourlh Row-lei? 'ro righl: W. While, E. Rushewski, M. PraH', V. Crafl, B. Slrang, D. Smilh, R. Fennema, F. Zilke, G. Bar+leH, R. Burke, W. King, E. Girller, VV. Dalgaard, J. Effinger, J. Perry, B. Buchrag Third Row- lefl lo r:qh+: R. Gussarson, M. Prince, M. Hauser, F. Pelerson, L. Bonner, D. Perers, E. De Boer, L. Dalgaard, I. Chinn, l. Pachay, D. Jacobsen, B. Schlosser, E. Craff, D. Crafl, N. Bacon, S. Wells, L. Mueller, J. Ellis: Second Row: D. Drury, A. Williams, A. Denman, A. Murray, M. DooliHle, G. Freund, C. Nash, G. Pierce, E. Crafi, Mr. Von Holwede, D. Carney, L. Sherman, J. Young, M. De Bales, M. Briglif, J. Whiledg Firs+ Row: B. Williams, V. Cosgrove, H. Zink, E. Horlon, L. Cobb. GLEE CLUB Back Row--leff lo righ+: Y. Jensen, J. Whifed, F. Peler- son, E. Craft B. Schlosser, B. Davis, L. Dalgaard, D. Jacobsen, R. Glenn, V. Hook, K. Lynn, L. Mueller: Fronf Row-leff fo righl: M. Cosgrove, B. Williams, V. Cos- grove, J. BreH, G. Pierce, E. Craff, Mr. Von Holwede, H. Zink, V. Loflus, J. Ellis, M. Osmond, J. Smifh. H ORGANIZATIONS Many of our s+uden'rs have a Ialenl for music and have learned Io play musical inslrumenls. Also, Mr. Von Holwede has frained many boys and girls. The band meefs Ihree limes a week. Once or Iwice a year if presenls a concerl' in collaboralion wilh Ihe olher musical organizafions. If has 'rhirly-eighl members and all Ihe well-known inslrumenls are represenled. The Swing Band, allhough small, having only seven members, is a very impo'rI'anI' parl' of our school. I+ is very accommoda+ing, playing for school dances. The Swing Band also plays for dances o'u'rside school. Mr. Von Holwede has done much for +he musical organizafions and he deserves a greal' deal of credi+. BAND Firsl' Row-lefl Io righf: D. Ward, L. Bonner, M. Van Pa'H'en, J. Effinger, M. l'Iea'rh, Hans, G. Barllefl, J. Perry, R. Baelhlie, R. Burlre, R. Davis: Second Row: V. Craft W. King, D. Jacobsen, D. Craft L. Sherman, F. Peferson, R. Pedersen, R. Fennema, B. Buchfag Third Row: R. Whi+e, B. Williams, E. Craif, N. Bacon, M. Dooliifle, J. Whiled, W. While, D. Smilh, M. Pralf, F. Zilke, E. Girflerg Top Row: E. Crafl, L. Dalgaard, W. Dalgaard, R. Slrang, R. Pafricll, R. Bemis, I.. Mueller, E. Rushewslri. SWING BAND Back Row-lefl fo righlz V. Cralf, Hans, A. Small, Fronf Row: leff fo righlz G. Barlef+, W. While, B. Williams. D. Smilh, E. Girller. CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB Top Row-leff +0 righf: R. Hunl, W. Reimer, M. Heafh, W. Techerf, W. Thompson, R. Fennema, F. Hawkins, R. Pal- rick, R. Eliering, F. Oliver, E. Hawkins, Middle Row: R. Behi- er, B. Phillips, R. Quedenield, J. Hughes, l. Pachay, E. Behn- ing, C. Truax, G. Sferbenz, L. Krafzq Bo'Hom Row: F. Pefry, D. Sherwood, freasurer, T. Manning, Mr. Riechers, advis- er, P. Hughes, vice presidenl, R. Brogan, presideni, C. Roih- ers, R. Thill, secrefary. BRIDGE CLUB Top Row-leil 'ro righfz N. Bacon, M. Dooliflle, E. Snyder, L. Laursen, C. Jorgensen, E. While, E. Erickson, P. Luedfkeg Boffom Row: M. Cosgrove, B. L. Williams, V. Cosgrove, Miss Roberfs, A. Giannini, J. Bre'H, C. Barfhel. CAMERA CLUB Top Row-leff +o righf: B. Weber, B. Wildermufh, V. Sor- ensen, L. Bonner, D. Craff, B. Johnson, F. Zilke, W. Ade.l, D. Pefers, M. De Bafesg Bo++om Row: S. Hennings, C. Minfo, M. Van PaH'en, secreiary- lreasurer, W. E. King, presi- denf, Mr. Brighl, B. Hanke, vice presidenl, L. Mueller, R. Schonscheck, A. Leng. ROD AND GUN CLUB Top Row-leff +o righl: E. Knicklebein, H. Vandenberg, P. Sferbenz, R. Pederson, H. El- lhringfon, W. Randall, R. Ho- man, NN. Dafgaard, C. Shon- scheck, J. Erfingcrg Middle Row: J. Harvey, B. Mangan. L. Keisler, J. lloran, D. Ho- man, R. Campbell, M. Verkesl, R. Slory, C. Hoslerferg Boliom Row: D. Palaske, R. Burke, G. Barlleif, presidenf, Mr. Child- ers, adviser, J. Maplefhorpe, secrelary -Treasurer, C. Shee- han, R. Davis, R. G-asfon. CHESS and CH ECKERS The Chess and Checkers Club is also a new one. I+ was organized for 'rhe purpose of 'leaching 'rhe members 'ro become beHer players and +0 give fhem a chance +o show 'rheir abilifies. The members sponsored a movie in order 'rhaf rhey could buy se'rs of chess and checkers for general use. A lournamenf was held in +he spring. BRiDGE The Bridge Club, anolher of our new clubs, has fourfeen members. They organized for 1 he express purpose of learning 'ro play bridge, since ir is such a popular game. The club sponsored a sandwich sale a+ 'rhe beginning of 'rhe year, and a+ Chrisf- mas il' had a par+y. CAMERA Developing, blue prinling, proper ligh+ing, lenses-all of rhese poinls and many more have been +he concern of +he Camera Club members, who formed 'ro learn aboul' such affairs. Mr. Dickey, a professional pholographer, ralked +o +he club. The members also' had +he ice cream concession a+ 'rhe boxing bours. RCD and GUN LUB Our Rod and Gun Club is organized in coniuncfion wifh rhe An'rio'ch Rod and Gun Club. The fwenfy-six members buill' a rifle range in Jrhe game preserve in 'lhe fall and made applicalion for several crales of pheasanls lo be released 'rhroughoul' The +erril'ory. The obiecl' of 'rhe club is +he sfudy of nalure and fhe conservalion of game, song birds, and o+her wild life. ANTICCH DRAMATISTS Oh! Whaf an exciling life an acfor leads wilh conferences in lhe green room, dress rehearsals, and sfage selling. Our s+uden+s are very enlhusiasfic fhespians and The dramafics deparrmenl' is one of fhe mosl' aclive in lhe school. Under 'rhe supervision of Mrs. Marguerife Phillips lhe dramafics deparimenl presenfed fhe Book Week Tableaus, The Chrisrmas play, The Bird's Chrisrmas Carol, and rhe Play Tournameni. The iunior play, The Circus ls Coming 'ro Town, was wriH'en and direcfed by Mrs. Phillips. The senio'r play, The Counry Chairman, by George Ade, was pre- sen+ed on March 30 and 3I. The sophomores were +he winners of 'rhe Play Tournamenl' Award. The winning play, which was chosen by +he audience, was His+ory in 'rhe Making, a s'rory abouf Maior Andre. Dramalics is one of fhe mo's'r valuable courses in school, noi' only because of +he experience in public speaking, buf also for fhe experience of making somefhing our of no+hingl SR. PLAY CAST iii B. Sfrang, R. Homan, B. Bemis, H, Alwood, M. Horan, R. Piers+orii, L. Laursen, H. Lub- keman, J. Effinger, C. Minfo, B. Schlosser, H. Thompson, B. Davis, M. Cosgrove, P. Luedlke, E. Erickson, J. BreH, B. While, C. Hos+e++er, H. Quedenfeld. sn. PLAY cAsT izi F. Zilke, L. Keisler, J. Kapple, J. Maplerhorpe, R. Brogan, V. Philippi, E. Snyder, B. Gaslon, B. Pafrick, F. Beimer, B. Burke, O. Winfield, R. Slrang, V. Horlon, O. Palaske, J. Effin- ger, R. Davis, E. Girller, G. Barflelf, P. Hughes, C. Jor- gensen, C. Phillips, D. Sher- wood lin fronll. .lj JUNIOR PLAY CAST Back-lefl Io rigI'1'I: C. Wur- s'rer, G. Winfield, I. Chinn, J. Perry, O. Gussarson, W. Ream- er, Mr. Sfillson, Miss Fledder- iolnn, B. I-Ianke, P. Sferbenz, L. Mueller, L. I-IosIe+I'er, Z. Ellis, Mrs. Phillips, Fr-onf Row-B. TecI1er+, G. Pierce, R. Baelhlce, D. Palaslxe, M. Van Pa++en. JUNIOR PLAY CAST Top Row-lefl Io rigl'1I: M Healln, B. Buclnfa, L. Walers, R. Fennema, H. Horfon Zinlr, M. DooIi++Ie1 Middle Row: W. Cisna, G. Kno'r+, D. Palaslre, G. Freund, S. Hen- nings: Boflorn Row: C. Wur- sfer, G. Pierce, R. Bae+l'ike, B. Techerl, G. Winfield, W. Thompson. THE WINNING PLAY Leif Io riglwf-R. Homen, F. Zilke, M. Kay Lynn, B. I-Ianlre, R. Brogan, M. Brighf, W. Reimer, V. Plnilippi, l 'I. Ludke- man, L. Keisler. THE WINNING PLAYERS, SOPI-IOMORES Leif fo rigl'1+-V. Hoolr, M. Kay Lynn, G. Pierce, V. Lofrus, R. Selfer, D. Klass, J. Whiled, J. Anderson, B. Mongan, L. Keisler, C. Anderson, D. Smillm, R. Dressel. ,G. Back Row-Ief+ lo righl: A. Williams, R. Gussarson, C. Smilh, R. Gross, Mr. Slillson. E. Girller, R. Palriclr, B. Buchla, M. Dowg Fronl Row- lefl lo righl: A. Denman, M. Prince, J. Anderson, M. Haus- er, secrelary-lreasurer, Z. Ellis, presidenl, M. While, J. Ellis, D. Drury. HANDICRAFTERS One ol lhe mosl imporlanl of our vocalional clubs lhis year is lhal ol lhe Handi- crallers. This club, a new one ol lhe club series, was greeled hearlily by many enlhusiaslic sludenls. lls purpose is lhreelold: one, il is ils aim lo leach lhe members lo use lheir hands, lwo, lo' leach lhem how lo use lheir recrealional periods, lhree, lo leach lhem how lo make useful arlicles. MICROSCOPE CLUB Anolher new club lhis year, is lhe Microscope Club. ll was organized lo help lhe sludenls gel a direcl apprecialion ol nalure and lo realize lhal lhere are many beau- lilul lhings lo be observed lhrough lhe microscope. The eighl members have enioyed many lield lrips lhrough which lhey have learned much aboul small lhings. RED CRCSS The Red Cross Council, which is a parl ol lhe Junior Red Cross of America, has been a vilal laclor in our school lor a number ol years. ln lhe fall lhe council presenled a movie, lor lhe purpose ol raising lunds. The members made decoralions al Chrislmas lime lor a lree in lhe Velerans' Home al Norlh Chicago. The Council also sponsored a concerl, by lhe Swing Band, lor lhe velerans. ln April lhe counly chapler senl our presidenl, Doris Klass, lo lhe Nalional Con- venlion in Washinglon, D. C. PLAYING TI-IE GAME ,- Kr 'f , J f, QS?-1 Antioch Athletics Top-IefT To righT: J. Maple- Thorpe, F. Hawkins, C. Schon- scheck, secreTary-Treasurer, Fiffh -IefT To righT: D. Palaske, D. SmiTh, R. Brogan, presidenfg FourTh-IeTT To righT: J. Effinger, G. BarTleTT, W. Dalgaard, J. Blackman, Third-lefT To righT: M. Van PaTTen, Coach Childers, J. KappIe1 Second-left To righT: T. Manning, R. Davis, R. Campbell: FirsT, IefT To righT, C. Rofhers, R. Burke, J. Harvey. I ij!! Through the 0 The TirsT call oi The l938-39 baskeTbaII season broughT Coach Childers a group of enThusiasTic candiclafes. Two of lasT year's heavyweighTs reTurned along wirh ThirTeen of lasT season's IighT- weighfs. FaTe deaIT a severe blow To AnTioch's chances for a good year when Jack Effinger, sTar guard from lasT season's five, received a cracked pelvis and was unable To play in Tour conference games. Affer pracTice games wiTh Waukegan, BurIing+on, Richmond, and Palatine, The SequoiTs looked eagerly ahead To The TirsT con- ference game wiTh Wauconda. Faced by Roger Brogan, who scored I3 poinTs, The SequoiTs Trimmed Wauconda on December 2. This was our TirsT conference vicTory. On December Ib, before a capaciTy crowd which filled War- ren's gym The Sequoifs dropped a one poinT decision To The Blue Devils when our lasT quarTer rally came wiThin one poinT of Tying The score. The Liberfyville WiIdcaTs broughT gloom To The SequoiT's camp on January I3 when They deaIT us anoTher close defeaT. Vicfory seemed almosT wiThin our reach, when Lake ForesT snaTched iT from us in anoTher TighT baTTle on January 20. Playing Their besT game of The season Wauconda Tripped up The SequoiTs on January 27. The Bulldogs ran up an ll To 4 margin aT The half and added I5 more poinTs while The visiTors made I3, Thus aToning for Their previous defeaf. The Warren Blue Devils invaded The SequoiT reservaTion on February 4 and were forced To use Their besT aThleTic abiIiTy To emerge wiTh a close vicTory. ATTer holding a I3-poinT advanfage aT The half, Warren was Thrown inTo panic when Warrior Manning wenT on The warpaTh and scored I4 sTraighT poinTs. On February I7, an AnTioch Team which Tried To find iTs sTride all season marched To vicTory over The LiberTyviIIe WiIdcaTs and avenged iTs previous deTeaT. SharpshooTing Bob Burke led The of- fensive wiTh I7 poinTs. The SequoiT Braves made Their Tinal bid for glory February 23 when They played Ela in The DisTricT TournamenT aT Wauconda: defeafed in Their final aTTempT They filed siIenTly back To camp. Thus ended The season. Like faTher, like son, so iT was wiTh The young braves, our lighT- weighfsg They Tared no beTTer Than did The big bravesg however, They won Two very imporTanT ba++les, one againsf Wauconda, The oTher againsT Liberyville. A-CLUB The A-Club, an organizafion Tor IeTTermen, is a new parT of our aThIeTic program. IT was organized To promoTe parTicipaTion in aThIeTics and mainTain good sporTsmanship, To encourage and mainTain high schoIasTic grades, To correIaTe social and aThIeTic TuncTions To build and perpeTuaTe IoyalTy To AnTioch High School, and To honor and recognize sTudenTs represenfing our school in inTerschoIasTic affairs. The clubs' ninefeen members played a baskeTball game wiTh The facuITy: The boys proved vicTorious by a small margin. They sponsored a donkey-baskeTbalI game which made iT possible To presenT Mr. BrighT wiTh a check for TwenTy-five dollars Toward new basketball suiTs. Their greaTesT social evenT was The dinner dance in January. Qgp... HEAVIES Top-Ieff Io righ'I': H. Vandenberg, man ager, D. Davis, W. Thompson, G. Bar?- leH, F. Hawkins, J. Harvey, Coach Child- ers, Bo++om Row-leH fo righf, T. Man- ning, W. Dalgaard, R. Burke, J. Effinger R. Brogan. LIGHTS Top Row-Ieff 'lo righf: D. Smifh, C Schonscheck, G. DeBoer, H. Elfhringfon D. Palaske, M. Schneider, Coach Child ersg Boffom Row-leff Io righfz R. Camp bell, G. Knoll, R. Hawkins, R. Baefhke, R. Hunf. I-IOW THEY FARED HEAVIES LIGHTS Anfioch Nov. I6 Richmond 7 Anlioch Nov. I6 Anfioch Dec. 2 Wauconda I7 Anfioch Dec. 2 Anfioch Dec. I6 Warren 27 Anlioch Dec. I6 Aniioch Jan. 6 Granf 28 Anfioch Jan. 6 Anlioch Jan. I3 Liberfyville 27 Anfioch Jan. I3 Anfioch Jan. 20 Lake Foresf 25 Anlioch Jan. 20 Anfioch Jan. 27 Wauconcla 26 Anfloch Jan. 27 Anfioch Feb. 3 Warren 29 Anfioch Feb. 3 Aniioch Feb. IO Granl' 24 Anlioch Feb. IO Anfioch Feb. I7 Liberlyville 28 Anfioch Feb. I7 Anfioch Feb. I8 Niles Cenfer 33 Anlioch Feb. I8 Richmond I0 Wauconda I5 Warren 27 Granl' I3 Labenyville 36 Lake Foresl 30 Wauconda 24 Warren 36 Gran? I5 Libenyvalle I4 Niles Cenler 32 AnTioch AnTioch AnTioch AnTioch AnTioch AnTioch AnTioch Batter Up. SCORES 7 April I3 Ela 22 33 April 22 W aucon da I4 6 April 28 Warren 5 l May 3 ArlingTon 4 ForfeiT-May 5-Ela 4 May 20 Warren O l May 27 Niles CenTer 5 BASEBALL Back Row-leTT To righT: Coach Childers, D. Davis, H. Vanden- berg, C. HosTeTTer. R. Homan, R. Burke, R. Wells, R. Bolfon, J. ET- Tinger, W. Dalgaard, H. ElThring- Ton, F. Swenson: FronT Row-leTT To righT: T. Manning, R. STrang, M. Schneider, J. Harvey, R. Campbell, W. TecherT, R. STory. 0 As The lasT Traces oT snow and TrosT disappeared, baseballs and gloves began To make Their appearance aT school. Much enThusiasm was shown when The TirsT call Tor pracTice was made. The graduaTion of some of 37's regulars leTT 4 posiTions To be Tilled eiTher by reserves from lasT season or by new players, and compeTiTion was very keen. The SequoiTs' regular season opened on April I3, wiTh AnTioch opposing Ela on our Tield. Crandall opened The game wiTh a hiT Tor our boys. This seemed To be The only spark displayed by us as we wenT down in deTeaT. The SequoiTs improved aTTer Their TirsT game and proved iT when They ouTslugged Wauconda on April 22, To win Their TirsT conTerence game. Every man in The opening lineup scored once Tor The visiTing SequoiTs in The TirsT inning. ATTer The TirsT Tew inn- ings, The reserves Took over and They Too soon had liTTle Trouble scoring aT Their leisure. Again on April 28, before l50 home Tans The SequoiTs proved They had a baseball Team which was no Tlash in The pan when They nosed ouT Warren 6 To 5. ln The TirsT inning Denman reached firsT on a Tielder's choice and wenT To second when Beshell dropped B. Schneider's Tly ball. Russ DooliTTle lined one oT Panze's oTTer- ings inTo deep cenTer Tor a Triple To score Denman and Schneider. Warren came back in Their half To score 3 runs on 3 hiTs. AnTioch added one in The second and one in The Third and 2 in The sixTh. The Blue Devils ended Their scoring wiTh 2 in The Third. AnTioch slipped back To a 50070 raTing on May 3 when Arling- Ton deTeaTed us. The AnTioch braves goT Their one run in The open- ing inning. The winners made 3 in The Third and one in The TourTh. The SequoiTs iumped back inTo The win column on May 22 when They journeyed To Warren. Behind The l hiT piTching of Jack Riddel They blanked The Blue Devils To win, 4 To O, Tor Their Third conTerence vicTory. Riddel leTT liTTle Tor his maTes To do in The maTTer oT puT-ouTs siriking ouT 20 men ouT of The 27 ThaT Taced him. AnTioch's Tinal game of The season was played May 27 wiTh Niles CenTer as guesT. This game did noT prove so proTiTable as we losT. NeiTher Team scored in The TirsT 3 innings. ln The TourTh inning DooliTTle scored our lone run, while in The remaining innings Niles CenTer chalked up a subsTanTial margin Tor vicTory. Our record: Won 3: Losf 4. GOLF U As spring rolls around, and fhe fairways be- gin fo' resound wifh fhe familiar fore we are busily ushering in anofher golf seaso'n. Golf firsf made ifs appearance as a parf-fime sporf in I936 when for fhe firsf fime a school lournamenf was held. Every year since fhen we have had a fournamenf. Lasf year we enfered a feam in fhe sfafe disfricf golf meef and placed fourfh. This year Fred Hawkins won fhe school fourna- menf. Again we held feam mafches wifh various schools and we senf a feam fo fhe disfricf meef. Leff fo righf: F. Hawkins, C. Schonscheclr, R. Hawkins, G. Knoff, W. Cisna. TENNIS I Any pofenfial rackef-wielder who aspires fo be a Tilden, Budge, Vines, Moody, or Jacobs, is provided wifh an excellenf chance in fhe form of 'rhree well-kepf fennis courfs. From early spring unfil lafe aufumn 'rhese courfs provide a source of enferfainmenf for one-fourfh of Anfi- och's sfudenfs. For fhe pasf fwo years a school fournamenl' has been held wifh fhe finalisf receiving an ap- propriafe frophy for his achievemenf. Leff fo righf: E. Kniclxelbein, D. Smifh, C. Anderson, V. Burneffe. QE Top row-lefi Io righ+: L. Sherman, E. Crafl, J. Breli, G. Horion, D. Klass, R. Seller, M. Quirk, J. Sherman, A. Krahn, F. Beimer, J. Perry, V. Loffus, J. Hughes, I. Pachay, P. Hughes, J. Whiied, L. Mueller, E. Ebling, M. Brighig Middle row-Ief+ Io righlz V. Cosgrove, E. Horion, R. Schonscheck, A. Denman, B. Willefl, M. Hauser, D. Crafl, C. Truax, D. Jacobsen, L. Adell, J. Nevelier, Miss Olson, F. Peierson, M. Osmond, M. Lynn, M. Prince, V. Sorensen, C. Barfhel, L. Cobb, D. Aronsong Middle row-lefl' 'ro righf, Y. Jensen, E. Behning, B. Leng, E. Snyder, M. Doolillle, C. Phillips, M. Horan, J. Kapple, C. Minio, B. Williams, P. Luedfke, R. Turnock, V. Hook, V. Phillipi, B. Hanke, J. Smilh, R. Glenn: Boliom row- OFFICERS Presidenl ,.,, Clarice Minfo Vice Presidenl , , Janice Kapple Secrefary-Treasurer ., ,.ZelIa Ellis lefl Io righfz S. Johnson, A. Leng, Z. Ellis, M. Van Pailen, L. Hoslefier, L. Bonner, M. Cosgrove, A. Giannini. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION .U I promise 'ro uphold Ihe ideals of I'he Girls' AI'hIeI'ic Asso- cia+ion: by promoling in+eres+ in aI'hle+ics and Ihe ou? of doors: by living so +ha+ I may be heallhy and sfrongg by making good sporfsmanship a cons+an+ faclor in my conduct Every G.A.A. member fakes fhis pledge upon ioining Ihe organizaiion. The G.A.A. has charge of Ihe girls' in+ramural sporls, which include baseball, hiking, field hockey, baskefball, ping-pong, badminlon, callisfhenics, archery, Irack, and Iennis. In +he fall a parly was given for all I'he girls +o promoie inI'eresI' in I'he club. The organiza+io'n senl girls Io differenl conferences during +he year, and if sponsored a concer'I given by Mary McCormick. A poi luck supper was given in January for Ihe purpose of awarding Ie++ers and numerals. Sixfeen girls wen+ ouf for cheerleading, four were chosen. In March +he girls look parl in Ihe Sfafe Telegraphic Baskef Shoofing +ournamenI'. The besl baskefball players were selecfed Io give an ex- hibilion game before Ihe assembly. The Iwo Ieams were Army and Navy: Ihe Navy was vicI'orio'us. In May +I-me final banquel was held. The high ideals se+ up by +he G.A.A. have helped Io make American womanhood a finer and fuller ins'Ii+uI'ion. I. Clarice Minfo, our G.A.A. presidenl, is quife an archery she won 'firsl prize lasl year. Arching, a spring and fall sporf has become very popular during +he las+ year. A fournamenf is held every season. 2. Janice Kapple, vice presiclenf of our G.A.A. club, has faken up badminlon, as have 'the resf of fhe girls in our club. Badminlon has gained in popularify, unfil i+ is now one of lhe mosi ouf- sfanding sporfs we have. This year, for The firsf 'time a badminfon fournamenl was held. 3. Volley ball is a 'Favorife spor+ here and fhe G.A.A. members play olfen afler school fo earn fheir necessary poinfs. Mildred Horan is an ener- gelic playery her serves are dynamile. 4. Zella Ellis the able secrefary of fhe G-.A.A is one of The mos? enlhusiasfic baslrelball parli- cipanfs we have. Each year a 'rournamenf is held wifh 'rhe four classes falling parf. A+ lhe final game an award is presenfed +0 +he winning learn. 5. Three maids on a horse, Clarice Minfo, Joan Smifh, Lorraine Laursen. Gym classes are offen Spenl' in pracficing gymnaslics, and fhe horse comes in for Hs share of aflenfion. By fhe way we would lilre fo know who fhe ioclcey is! 6. Carroll Truax, Elinor Behning, Helen Horfon, and Zella Ellis engage in a warm up before one of fhe season's baseball games. Baseball is played in fhe spring and fall. Two feams are organized by 'lhe G.A.A. members, and a liflle world series is held. 3 7. The fiflh hour gym class shows how il' prac- lices for lhe annual exhibifion which is held every spring. Af fhis exhibilion sfunls, dances, and games are demonsfraled by bofh boys' and girls' gym classes. .4 If li L.a.nF Harvey, Pierce, KnoH. Pierce, Knoll, Harvey. Quedenfeld, Afwood, Kralz, Phillips, BurneHe. Phillips, Quedenfeld, Elfering, While, De Boer, Severson. Kno'H'. Pierce. INTRAMURALS ' In order ihaf every boy enrolled in school may have a chance io develop his body and become well acquain+ed wi+h baseball, foo+ball, boxing, baske+ball, fen- nis, and gymnasiics, we are required ro' 'lake 'Three years of gym under +he able direcrion of Coach Childers. These classes meer +hree 'rimes each week, one period being devo+ed 'lo healfh and hygiene and iwo fo regular gym work. In +he fall +he gym periods are given over +o +ouch foo+ball. When +he weafh- er becomes colder, baske'rball claims our aHen+ion. Teams are chosen in classes and rhey play each o+her ihroughoui' 'ihe winrer. The monfh of March is given over +0 The sfudy of boxing, and every boy is required 'ro box someone in his weigh+ class. During 'rhe +hird week in March +he annual boxing rournameni' was held, +he divisions ranged from I00 pounds Through l80 pounds. Each boui' consisled of 'three one-minufe rounds. This year +he preliminaries were held on March Zi and 22 wifh +welve boufs each night The 'finals on rhe nighf of March 25 were a++ended by 700 en+husias+ic boxing fans who saw ama'I'eur boxing presenfed al' nearly +he same perfecfion as shown by fhe Golden Glovers. Afier a lapse of rhree years, frack and 'field evenfs were revived fhis year and fhese along wi+h bo+h soff ball and hard ball kepi' 'lhe gym classes busy fhrough +he remainder of fhe year. ,Z 0 130014 TWO Traditions and Events an . v riffs! ,, , I. Two prizes-snapsho+ and- 7. Where's OHO? 2-3-4-5. Some more seniors. 8. Don'+ lel' him gef away girls! 6. U-rah-rah! 9. Mike, where did you gel 'rhai' hai? They Take the Bestg They Leave fhe Restn 9 Harold Alwood-leaves Elmer Hawkins his sobrieiy . . . George Bar+leH-leaves his manly figure 'ro Dudley Ward . . . Frances Beiner-leaves her iolliness io Loius Crawford . . . Roberi Bemis-leaves his quiefness lo Doris Schneider . . . Jean BreH-leaves her business-like manner lo Carroll Truax . . . Roger Brogan-leaves his feminine appeal To Freddie Hawkins . . . Roberl Burke-leaves io Joe Carney his heighf . . . Mary Cosgrove- leaves Mildred Van PaHen her sweel and kindly disposifion . . . Winsor Dalgaard-leaves his excellem' manners fo Danny Palaske . . . Belly Davis-leaves her voice lo Irene Chinn . . . Richard Davis-leaves Arlhur Small his dancing abilily . . . Lyell Dibble-leaves his Lalin abilify lo Charles Anderson . . . Jack Effinger-leaves his ihoughffulness and kindness lo Virclean Hook . . . Elizabelh Erickson leaves her many book reporis fo Gerlrude Horfon . . . Hazel Fields-leaves Billie Mae Lighfsey her fyping abilify . . . Glenn Fox-leaves to Paul Sferbenz his saneness of mind . . . Roberl Gaslon-leaves his parking space fo Frank Perry . . . Anne Giannini-leaves her dimples fo Richard Prince . . . Evereff Gir+ler-leaves his skilled fingers lo OHO Gussarson . . . Russell Homan-leaves his dancing abilify 'fo Ray Wells . . . Mildred Horan-leaves her afhlelic abilily +o Berfha Wildermufh . . . Roberf Horfon-leaves his Tyrone Power eyes lo Alberl Smilh . . . Virgil Horlon-leaves his suave manner fo William Yucus . . . Charles Hos+eHer--leaves his profile and reserve fo Bessie Leng . . . Phyllis Hughes-leaves her graceful carriage fo Violei' Loflus . . . Yvonne Jensen-leaves her aloofness and sludiousness fo Mary Osmond . . . l XC my 9 Charlene Jorgensen-leaves her neg- afive answers lo Belly Hanke . . . Janice Kapple-leaves her vivaciousness To Florence Peierson . . . Leo Keisler- leaves his argumeniaiive abilily io Ger- aldine Freund . . . Arlene Krahn-leaves her fondness 'lor movie idols lo Caiherine Barfhel . . . Mildred Long and Helen Lubkeman-leave iheir deep friendship io Bud Sheehan and Arney Armslrong . . . Phyllis Luedike-leaves her love of clolhes fo Aniia Murray . . . Thomas Manning-leaves his afhlelic abilify lo Bob Dressel . . . James Maplefhorpe- leaves his riding breeches fo Dale Smilh . . . Michael Miller-leaves his brains and meekness io Bob Hunl . . . Clarice Minlo-leaves her cooperarive nalure +o Dorofhy Aronson . . . Carol Nielsen- leaves her knowledge of grammar fo Harold Elfhringlon . . . Olro Palaske- leaves Bob Hawkins his ambiliousness and cour+eous manner . . . Roberr Pal- rick-leaves his quiel' gen+lemanly man- ner lo Vernon Craff . . . Veneila Philippi -leaves her Mona Lisa smile 'ro Marjorie Doolilnrle . . . Carolyn Phillips-leaves her smile +o Louise Mueller . . , William Phillips-leaves his sunfan lo Bob Boiron . . . Ruih Piersforff-leaves her high heels fo Jeannerle Whiled . . . Henry Ouedeniield-leaves his quick wif lo Norman Edwards . . .Willard Randall- leaves Lucille Wa+ers his scholasiic abili- ry . , . Charles Rorhers-leaves his sophisficalion +o Shirley Hennings . . . Berry Schlosser-leaves her love of music lo Neda Bacon . . . Clifford Schonscheck -leaves his hisiory abilify lo Helene Henry . . . Jean Sherman-leaves her scienlific knowledge fo Ray Aronson . .. Donald Sherwood-leaves his abiliry ro bluff lo Gordon De Boer . . . Edward Smirh-leaves his love for economics and civics fo Lila Dalgaard . . . Eileen Snyder -leaves her ralenl for archery 'ro Marie Quirk . . . Roberl Sfory-leaves his love of hunring fo Zella Ellis . . . Roberl Sfrang-leaves his hard-'ro-ruffle femper lo Charlo'r+e Nash . . . Richard Thill- leaves his love of boals 'ro Belly Weber . . . Helen Thompson-leaves her grades +0 all lower classmen. May 'rhey make good use of ihem . . . Ru'lh Turnock- leaves her loyalfy lo Sybil Johnson . . . Florence Verkesl-leaves her poise 'ro Dororhy Jacobsen . . . Harold Vanden- berg-leaves his love of sleeping lo Maynard Schneider . . .Arnold Weber- leaves his shyness lo Joyce Anderson . . . Eleanor While-leaves her freckles 'fo Helen Horlon . . . Roberf While-leaves his persuasiveness lo Edward Walker . . . Orville Winfield-leaves his enfhusiasm for everylhing lo Donald Homan . . . Dororhy Wolf-leaves her musical abilily lo James Afwood . . . Frederick Zilke- leaves his ralkaliveness lo Charles Zen- der. R- ? 4+ ....1u-oi l. Rider Danny! 3. Here's a favorife eveni. 2. Exams are over. 4. Three bumps on a log. 5. Adopfion, No. 256. THE COMMITTEE Janice Kapple Roger Brogan Carolyn Phillips Richard Thill Frances Beimer Roberi Gasion 2g'.ZJ , V Take your pick, girls. LiTTle Alma MaTer. PugilisTs de luxe. We didn'T hear The bell! Our counTry genTleman. JusT a couple of Grayslake Three sophomore sTooges. Three of a kind. Three of a differenl' kind. WI-IO'S WI-I0 pong. Who are l-Tans's Tush-Tushers? Who is ThaT sophomore boy who cannoT be exciTed? Who is The Teacher ThaT is Tempered by his breakTasT? Who is The speedy girl, Speed? Who was The owner oT The melodious voice aT This year's baskeTball games? Who was The bewhiskered Tellow we had in our midsT This winTer? Who blew his nose so vigorously in The ' Junior Play ThaT his mousTac:he was shaken Trom iTs ToundaTion? Who is The young man who seTs his hair wiTh 6 every washing? Who yodels? Who rides a scooTer? Who looks Tor scoops? VVho wears asc:oTs? Who is The presidenT oT The STag Club? Who chews Tooffhpicks during FourTh l-Tour? Who wears a pencil behind his ear? WhaT Teacher likes To wear blue? WhaT sophomore girl wears pasTels? WhaT iunior boy was Told he looked like The Type ThaT would eaT goldTish? Vifho make up The sexTeT in The TirsT hour European l-lisTory Class? Whos The Teacher ThaT made The Tlies rue The day They visiTed her desk? gals. A Who's The senior girl who haunTs The Typing room. Who is ThaT senior girl who is going To be ping-pong champ some day? Who is The eccenTric Tellow who plays ping- 7 1. Inseparable. 4. O give me my booTs and saddle! 2. Number, please--in person 5. Why The sudden inTeresT, everybody? 3. All aboard! 6. This one sTumped us. WI-lO'S WI-IO Who are Those ,wo cneer leaders who really geT The cheers? Who is The Iuncr girl who never Teels aT home wiThouT gum? Who is The senior boy who was advised noT To drive guiTe so TasT? Who is ThaT red headed senior girl who ezcells in every subiecT? Who is The boy we call Snorll'? Who is always saying, C sugar! Who will occupy lovers' lane nefT year? Whols The boy Triend ThaT supplies The Teachers wiTh sweeT peas? Who will H. l l. pick on when The seniors are gone? WhaT junior boy spins The Tall Tish sTories? Who is The big disTurbance in The TourTh hour Typing class? Who is Mr. Hacks sTar chemisTry pupil? Who geTs a Tree sTickl' every oTher day? Who lqnows whaT happened To Uncle Eclc during The mob scene? class hom sTem Who is The liTe oT The TiTTh hour dramaTics ? WhaT young lady is always laTe Tor German I? Who is The besT school newspaperu? WhaT club in school is The largesT? WhaT boy desTroys his own shirTs? WhaT boy rneriTs a whiTe excuse on WenT E. 7 Who seT baclc his cloclc by misTal4e? Who Tears aparT paper clips? Whose dance sTep is always The shag? Whose narcissus had Two blossoms on one ? Who is Mabel? y Who is Two-gunui? Who wanTs wooden dishes? F'-X '--11,1 The Seniors' Story lConfinued from Page l3l Many of our members were acfive in music work fhaf year. Twelve boys and fwelve girls were selecfed fo serve af fhe annual Junior-Senior Promenade. They were: Arlene Krahn, Frances Beimer, Eileen Snyder, Eleanor Whife, Clarice Minfo, Lorraine Laursen, Rufh Turnock, Phyllis Hughes, Phyllis Luedfke, Jean Sherman, Ida Paulsen, Elizabefh Erickson, James Maplefhorpe, Jack Effinger, Winsor Dalgaard, Gene Carney, Charles Hosfeffer, Edward Smifh, Roberf Burke, Lyell Dibble, Leo Keisler, Leslie Perry, and Roberf Sfrang. Thus ended our sophomore year. Af fhe beginning of '37 fhe iunior class had an enrollmenf of abouf sixfy-five. Miss Brummund was replaced by Miss Helen Olson as our adviser. As officers fhaf year we chose: presidenf, Winsor Dalgaardg vice-presidenf, Mildred Horan: secrefary, Arlene Krahng freasurer, James Maplefhorpe. We were represenfed by Frances Beimer, Lorraine Laursen, Eileen Snyder, and Richard Thill on The Sfudenf Council. Lorraine Laursen and Richard Thill were fwo of fhe five who represenfed Anfioch af fhe Sfafe Sfudenf Council Conven- fion af New Trier High School. We issued a prinfed annual fhaf year. Our class was very acfive in fhe band, girls' glee club, chorus, and boys' chorus. We were represenfed on fhe Red Cross Council fhaf year by Carolyn Phillips. Nearly every club in fhe school had Juniors as acfive members and officers. ln Ocfober our class presenfed a fhree acl' comedy, Who Wouldn'f be Crazy. Approximafely fwenfy-fwo iuniors appeared. If was an oufsfanding success due fo fhe cooperafion of everyone connecfed wifh fhe producfion. Many of our class parficipafed in fhe infer-class fournamenf. We were represenfed fhaf year in fhe Disfricf Tour- namenf af Palafine, by Arlene Krahn as fhe movie sfar in fhe Purple Door Knob. Jack Effinger again represenfed us in baskefball on fhe firsf feam. Roberf Burke, Winsor Dalgaard, Clifford Schon- sheck, Harold Vandenberg, Richard Davis, Roger Brogan and Thomas Manning carried our colors on fhe lighfweighf feam. Baseball also provided an opporfunify for members of our class fo exercise fheir falenfs. Harold Vandenberg, Winsor Dalgaard, Jack Effinger, Clifford Schonscheck, Richard Davis, Roberf Sfrang, and Thomas Manning won places on fhe squad. James Maplefhorpe acfed as manager for fhe feam. Baseball also provided an opporfunify for members of our class fo exercise fheir falenfs. Harold Vandenberg, Winsor Dalgaard, Jack Effinger, Clifford Schonscheck, Richard Davis, Roberf Sfrang, and Thomas Manning won places on fhe squad. James Maplefhorpe acfed as manager for fhe feam. Many iunior girls were acfive members of fhe G.A.A. High honors were again won for us by Clarice Minfo in fhe annual archery fournamenf. Janice Kapple won one of fhe covefed spofs on fhe cheer-leading feam. We sfaged fhe annual Junior-Senior Promenade as fhe closing social highlighf for fhe year. The decorafions cenfered around fhe fheme Modern Rhyfhm. As a fiffing climax fo a wonderful year Winsor Dalgaard was elecfed presidenf of fhe Sfudenf Council. Our firsf acfivify fhis year was a very successful candy sale. We were greafly honored fo have six seniors in fhe play Hisfory ln fhe Making, which was vofed fhe mosl' ouf- sfanding play af fhe lnfer-Class Play Tournamenf. Seniors who parficipafed were: Roger Brogan, Veneifa Philippi, Russell Homan, Leo Keisler, and Frederick Zilke. Janice Kapple and Mildred Horan represenfed fhe senior class as cheer leaders fhis year. Janice Kapple was unanimously chosen as fhe winner of fhe D.A.R. award for good cifizenship. On fhe Sfudenf Council fhis year we were represenfed by Winsor Dalgaard, Roger Brogan, Arlene Krahn, Charles Rofhers, Mildred Horan, Beffy Davis, Carolyn Phillips, Veneifa Philippi, Thomas Manning, Clarice Minfo officially rep- resenfing organizafions of fhe school. The social highlighf of fhe winfer season was a sleigh ride. For our group meefings we used fhe fheme Careers, Movies from various colleges were shown. On fhe Red Cross Council fhis year we were represenfed by Carolyn Phillips as viceepresidenf, Phyllis Hughes, Offo Palaske, and Charlene Jorgenson. Phyllis Hughes, Mary Cosgrove, and Carolyn Phillips, were fhe seniors on fhe Sequoif News Sfaff. Roberf Whife received a special sfafe award in agriculfure, winning fhe Wilson Award presenfed af fhe Graaf Norfhern Hofel, Chicago, Illinois. Three of our members were honored in fhe business deparfmenf. Helen Thompson, Janice Kapple, and Arlene Krhan received special awards for perfecf shorfhand. This year fhe following seniors were senf fo fhe sfafe sfudenf council convenfion af Peoria: Winsor Dalgaard, Charles Rofhers and Arlene Krahn. As our senior play fhis year we presenfed, The Counly Chairman by George Ade. Everyone parficipafed in some way and fhe play was a grand success. Class nighf, Ivy Day, Baccalareafe Sunday and graduafion furnished enough excifemenf fo keep us all on fhe go fhe resf of fhe year. I And so fhe. senior class of '39 bids a fond farewell fo Anfioch Township High School and our Class advisers' R. H- Childers and Miss Htelen M. Olson who have sef fhe high ideals we hope fo affain and who will forever be wafching for our success and achievemenfs. The Commiffee: Janice Kapple, Carolyn Phillips, Frances Beimer, Roger Brogan, Richard Thill, Roberf Gasfon. TO BE OR NOT TO BE lConfinu-ed from Page 201 Helen Tl10mPS0Fl. he-id Of Gregg College of Commerce, will be on hand fo represenf fhe world of business. Ruth Turnock, her close friend, will accompany her fo New York where she will be in charge of fhe new mefhods of 'reaching kindergarten. Roberf Bemis is fo carry fhe colors of fhe class in a midgef aufo race. Richard Davis will also represenf us in a six-day bike race. Roberf Burke finds his dufies as confracfor for fhe new Antioch High School foo sfrenuous fo allow him fo affend. Lyell Dibble is fo represenf, in New York, fhe legal firm of Dibble, Sherwood, and Sfory. Jack Effinger will arrive af the Fair fo have charge of fhe exhibif of lafesf hardware. Mildred Horan, his wife and chief screen cuffer, will accompany him. Glenn Fox, head of fhe Pure Milk Associafion, will fly fo the Fair for the reunion. He will be accompanied by Russell Homan, head of fhe mechanics' labor union and Charles Hosfeffer, president of fhe Waukegan Air-Conditioning Planf. Windsor Dalgaard, now a famous movie sfar, called fhe second Nelson Eddy, will give a recifal wifh Beffy Schlosser, N.B.C.'s famous soprano. Virgil Horfon, Head of Sfandard Oil Company, Leo Keisler, vice-presiclenf of fhe Greyhound bus line, and Thomas Manning, coach af Anfioch High School, will arrive by plane lafer in fhe week. Robert Sfrang, a big business execufive, will arrive wifhin a few days affer affending a conference in Europe. Richard Thill, head of Boys' Town, will bring a group of his falenfed boys fo the Fair. Harold Vandenberg is af home, in New York, because he is fhe chief pilof of fhe Unifed Air Lines. Arnold Weber, sfafe veferinarian of lllinois expecfs his dufies fo prevenf his affending. Roberf Whife and Orville Winfield are in Brazil, demonstrating fheir mefhocl of preserving valuable frees. Fred Zilke, head of fhe Balaban and Kafz Theafres of Chicago will be on hand since he musf be in New York af fhis fime fo affend several pre-views. Evereff Girfler, president of Chicago Universify will accompany Eleanor White, professor of English and hisfory fo fhe Fair. William Phillips, head of fhe Finger Prinfing Bureau in Washingfon, D. C., is fo dernonsfrafe new police mefhods. Ann Giannini, diefifiang Eileen Snyder, beauficiang Dorofhy Wolf, organist af lowa Sfafe chapel: Rufh Piersforff, head nurse af fhe Evansfon Hospifalg Jean Sherman, physics feacher af Warren Township High School, and Phyllis Hughes, home economics feacher af Anfioch Township High School will arrive by car fhis week since fhey are spending fheir vacafions here. Roberf Gasfon, edifor-in-chief of fhe Chicago Tribune, will arrive for a conference of newspaper officials. Carolyn Phillips, woman's edifor of fhe New York Times, will be here fo cover the highlighfs of fhe fashion world. So we say au revoir fo fhe class of I939 unfil fheir nexf reunion. The Cornmiffee: Janice Kapple, Carolyn Phillips, Frances Beimer, Roger Brogan, Richard Thill, Roberf Gasfov. i' lt is with sincere appreciation that the Staff of l939 Sequoia wishes to thank all the advertisers who have helped to make this book possible. THE STAFF 6 To g Be a first Mr. Man, Not a slow also ran, Get going and wear something new. Wear the latest in style, Something really worth while, We're suggesting a smart Under-Grad suit for you. 1 -' I-lz '::. I' Q . S2 I .OO I 5' : . EXTRA TROUSERS r '53 '- U ,-1 ISERMANN BROTHERS Kenosha, Wisconsin SCOTT'S DAIRY O Phone Anfioch I03 ANTIOCH 5 6' IO Cenl: Store Herman I'IoIbeIx 883 Main Sfreef ANTIOCH, ILLINOIS D. Ward: ThaI means a Iighf where I co from. Randall: Well, why cIon'I you figh+? D. Ward: Well-eh-er-Cause I ain'I wher I come from.' Low COST RELIABLE INS U RAN C E AUTO - FIRE - LIFE Arfhur Leng Wm. B. Leng I LAKE VILLA, ILLINOIS Phone Grayslake 62 I 3-6232 WALTER ill C0mP'Ime +S0f METIIKB HIIIIUIIH IHEHIRE 0 Barber Shop 0 Billiard Hall J Kppl I ldllc p p I I 9o9M s++ PI Y' 'I' YI DgCIklOdfIdI D y I ANTIOCI-I ILLINOIS l d J Y I fhkffh ,- LXCIII Pflilll CII IJ 0 I ALLENDALE PRESS ALLENDALE FARM Lake Villa. Illinois I Personal Sfationery Printed Specialties Complimenfs of CompIimenI'S of ANTIOCH SHOE gl-'gp J. MEYER AND BROTHER DAN SCOTT, PROP. Warehouse Tel. 28 Service SI. Tel. 358 CompIimenIs of ANTIOCH OIL COMPANY Drug Store DIs+ribuI'ors SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ' D PHONE 22 A. L. Kucera, Mgr. AnI'1ocI1, III. Qgfzcgaf MUTOWJQ ET . . SIQWONIS STUDIO MAJESTIC IOI7 220 Wesf Washingfon Sireef WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS DALZEIL FOCDD MART TWIN LAKES, WISCONSIN 0 We wan'I' your Irade soIeIy upon I'I1e merifs of our goods. 0 SeIecI frui+s and vege+abIes delivered Io 'rhe s+ore daiIy. 0 CompIeI'e Food SuppIy and Mea'rs delivered 'ro your door in I'own and in counI'ry. Arthur Dalziel, Owner MASTER ENGRAVERS Io America's Schools cons+anIIy aIerI' for new ideas, beIIer ways of doing Ihings . . . Pon'riac has sponsored ou+s'rand- ing improvemen+s in yearbook design and en- graving procedure. The name PonIiac is and will con'rinue 'ro be your guaran+ee of unques+ion- able quaIi+y and complefe sa'risfacI'ion. Pontiac Engraving SL EIoc'Lrotypo Co. 8I2-822 Wes+ Van Buren S+ree+ QCHIEFTAIN BLDG.I CHICAGO, ILLINOIS WILLIAMS DEPARTMENT STORE Hardware Paini' Drygoods Men's Furnishings Esfai-,lashed :sn Phone An+ioch 2 COmPlimeI1+S of Miss smuhz who dis Cove red America, c ford? Reeves Drug Store cm: --OW Where You are always Miss Smiihz No: Columbus did if. Cliff: Ye-S'm, Columbus was his 'lirsl' na if When 'rhe Occasion Requires A Coal, Dress, Or A Very Fine Fur Coal Come Where Your Money Buys +he Bes'r for 1'he Leasr. KORF'S Fifth A venue Kenosha, Wisconsin WriH'en by Bill Cisna, Ray Campbell, and Gordon Knoll' Remember OTTO S. KLASS When in need of shoes and gen+s furnishings. Antioch Lumber G- Coal Co. Phone 52R An'I'ioch, III. I 0 EVERYTHING TO BUILD State Bank of Antioch Anfioch, Illinois ANYTHING . STRONG LARGE ENOUGH TO ENOUGH TO pRQTECT YOU SERVE You Phone and AHIIOCI1, SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU CLASS RINGS WATCHES msg Cornplimenfs of The GLCJBE fljeioarfnzen I Sffife WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS Serving Fai+hfuIIy for For+y Years k 9 'S 912 i- X so ., W.- 5 -ff..-'I .f 2' Presenfafion and Graduafion GIHS They Will Cherish C. S. HUBBARD Jeweler 81 Engraver KENOSHA, WISCONSIN IIFII IIU IH. III N' X -762 BpJf.I70rp -an f!1efVan'!1Ilmr.4i' I I Souih Genesee S+., Waukegan WISH YOU THE BETTER THINGS OF LIFE AND MAY WE HELP GET THEM? 'k RUBIN QUALITY em Won no fum THE NEWS of KIENQSHA City and County THE NEWS OF THE WGRLD BY DIRECT WIRE SERVICE I THE KENOSHA EVENING NEWS 55.00 a year by mail ssR 7 Mi oberlsz Who was Ihe ch I h I S GTIEIFIUIIIHOUISIE in 'The Rime of The Ancienf Mariner? FLORISTS Cul' Flowers and Floral Emblems O Phone Anfioch 37 ANTIOCH, ILL. George Sferbenz: The aIabasIer.' Coach: Who was Queen Vicfori h sb cl? B. Hawlunsz Queen Vncloria s husb cl K g Vicior a. COMPLIMENTS OF Complimenls of BART:-IEL anon-lens YA, PANTRY SERVICE STATION U SHELL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 9I4 Main S+. Anlioch, Illinois ALL OUR FOOD IS HOME COOKED Wm. Gerber Careq Elec ' Heil Oil Burners ' Myers Pumps ' Plumbing Fixlures ' Gas and Elecfric Ranges ' Hea+ing tric and Plumbing Sheef Melal Wesfinghoue and G-E Refrigerafors and Washers Philco Radios Combusiioneer S+oIcers IBOTTLED COOKING GASI SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES Our close conI'acI' Ihrough compelenl' Salesmen offers a compIeI'e service in your Ierrifory. We solicif your business on ' SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' OFFICE SUPPLIES ' FURNITURE ' JANITOR SUPPLIES ' PRINTING ' SHIPPING SUPPLIES ZION INDUSTRIES, Inc. OFFICE SUPPLY DIVISION Zion, Illinois Main Garage G' Service Siation A. Maplefhorpe, Prop. Phone I7 Anfioch, III. Gas Oil Greasing Tires General Repairing and Washing COMPLIMENTS OF MOUNT HATCHERY Hi-Qualify Chix Anfioch, Illinois Phone 293 COIVIPLIMENTS OF Roland M. Poehlman Represenfalive of HERFF JONES, CHICAGO Class Ring Jewelers Bell Dressed Men are Well Dressed Men! BUY AT THE Bell Clothing House, Inc. KFNOSHA, WIS. olh Ave. Corner 56Ih SI. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Anfioch, Illinois V Open a Savings Accounl' or Chris+mas Club Ac- coun'I wi+h us. You will be welcome. Roclcenbacl-I Chevrolet Sales R. G. Rockenbach Corner Belvidere S+. and Lake S+ree'r GRAYSLAKE, ILLINOIS I SCHOOL BUSES .... EXCURSION BUSES Telephone 543I COMPLIMENTS OF MCHENRY ICE CREAM COMPANY I J 1 IKCFQGIH of CFGCINIS C PHONE McHENRY 302 McHENRY, ILLINOIS .. :YT fger 4110116 'Cllllllllf fsetvzce nc f 7 I COLOR PRINTERS AND BINDERS I SPECIALISTS IN ANNUALS CATALOGS and BIQOCI-IURES I Publishers of THE INDEPENDENT-REGISTER THE WAUKEG-AN NEWS-SUN Your Home Town Newspaper Lake Coun'ry's Only Daily . ,1xuTQQVQfA D+xs My! J h ' , K ri 5 ,f ff ' JQCKNQWLEDQEWENTS The sfaff of SEQUOIA I939 acknowledges wilh deep appreciafion The real assisfance of The following: ENGRAVING: The Ponliac Engraving Company of Chicago, Illinois Mr. F. F. Monliegel PRINTING: The Keyslone Priniing Service, Liberfyville, Illinois Mr. Dorsey Ford Mr. Joseph J. I'Iancox PHOTOGRAPHY: The Sfeimonls Sfuclio, Waulregan, Illinois 'A' TIJE EDITCVQS I I I I 2 I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I I i I i I I I i i i 5 I I I I I I I I 3

Suggestions in the Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) collection:

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