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yn.. , 5 N 3.1 4, ,. .,, . -." A,-, ,L ' ,4 , v, -k i 1 1 , f A ,'-' wg- .,X 4- f xl X, . 1" y , -ac Q, V , 7 ,V l T 1 ff X 1 v Q, ' iff' U AV Inv., a.aEd'!"l1l!"'+'-M-1518" as 'QW fl 'r gffx Elihris , ,,.,, Jn, . , E ,A AJ.. .,. ,Wh ' 1 -1 ,I , , 'K , ."D'w- ' f - , in. y I, 2-fiiffh A---'Q.-...,,A, -.-..,., .. ...M ,filgrlf ., ,....,,.,.,,w ww, i ff-""" A 47 4 ,.,..,,...-...,-.-.',...- -My V W ,h-1-Nffqv-,N ,,.,.,.....,-.,-,,... -W' f:,,, :61'f'fe33,w'1 -wma-,L' -1f1v-- fu. . .1 -- -vw F s ,.....v .., J., I .Q - f .,, 1 -,Q 4 1 V , ,iff fc fy, ,, f , , .1 1 I, A ., A ,E-xfwf df, V , , ,, 0.5, V l, KVM, M 2,1 '5 V z ' .5 ,, f. gr 5 V., , ,rw TCW' X. V' xiii., .T , H . ,MW .W 4 fha if, 4, 5 .V '- UQHJLZ fzfBf..4:.xfr,r-- -"f-'- 'nhl mf.. 'N' y , , ff ,Av , ..., fn ' K-11- f 573 m 3 f . W., , ,F 'Q 511, 5 WRWL M' 2' V 'S' Q ' A f -1-Wx: i.. 3 'z 1 Wzfvaa ' 1 . " 1 ' -, f - .1 4. J, 1 I , . ,I 'ls 1 P15 J ' LiW?,q,Q,fLif3?.,jx:5 f f 4 ' 1 1 i'1,6"'1':, I f 2 , f Q mf' 42 in 2 yy .fy ' A KT ' fii'i'.'.i'.Qf.-, R, ,gvra . ., , ,s . , ' 1 'T-'21-w , - M. W , , f 3.1, 4 "Z 'ZH .., , 1 , b , V , ..,, ,, ?'?'n1f',f1i., if' ff, t .Q . , 1 ,. f .- . f -14. Qliggaf. M1 1,1 Y , M . V . V . ,, x y ' ' ,VVV fffwflf ,ef ,V I Y U? V ,. , W W H -U ,.,...... . -H-, v--1+ V - ' N 'V - .I 1 X . , X , ., , ,N .- V1 pw 3 -, 1 'Nu 1 "N N V - L4-'Qi-,M , .,. .K , -A MW.- "np if -14 1, SA . i HC-HEY? ' vnu, - - ' , x Q X The SEQUQIA 1937 Us ANTIOCH TQWNSHIP HIGH sc:-noon. I Volume VI PbIhdbyhCI F1 9 FCREWORD PAGE: TW O As the Seniors dedicate themselves to the symbol- ism of the ivy, so do we. the Juniors, dedicate this page to them and their future. IVY DAY The ivy .... is symbolic of all things dear to the hearts of the students. It is symbolic of industry . . . . of faith, ambition, perseverance .... of cour- age, valor, and beauty. - M. K. P. To Our Class Advisers We, the Junior Class of Antioch Township High School Respectfully Dedicate This Publication DEDICATICJN P GE THR E ADMINISTRATION The members of our Board of Education, With the exception of Mr. Arthur Maplethorpe, have served the school for a number of years. In 1937 Mrs. Jean Ferris was re-elected, and Mr. Maplethorpe was elected to fmll the vacancy lerft by the departure of Mr. Paul Zeien. Arthur Maplethorpeg Mrs. Helen Osmond, Secy G orge Whlt P es Mrs. jean Ferrisg Clarence Crowley I I PAGE FOUR r l l L. O. BRIGHT, Principal Illinois State Normal University University of Illinois, A. B., M. A. University of Wisconsili Mathematics In 1920, when Mr. Bright first became principal at Antioch, there were only six teachers and 62 students. The building consisted of only six rooms besides the assembly hall and gymnasium. When the new building was completed in 1927, there were eight teachers and 153 students. At the present time, we have a faculty of- fifteen members and 263 students. PAGE FIVE FACULTY PAGE SIX ELIZABETH H. BENNETT lege Grinnell College, .-X. FS. Univ. of Chicago, A. M. English LINA A. BRUMUND Northwestern University, Supervisor of Music University of lYisconsin Iowa State Teachers Col- CLARENCE KUTIL University of Wisconsin Agriculture HELEN MAE OLSON Northwestern Univ., IX. S. Gregg Business College Commerce, H. S. COITZWWVCF School of Ed., M' A, Physical Education California University Gregg Shorthand College International Accountants Society, Inc. Illinois School of Filing' CfIl11llZf'l'fl' REUBEN H. CHILIJERS AUGUSTA Q'NpAL Rflfflf Cflllfile, ll- A- lnfliana State'l'eachers'Coi LaCrosse State Teachers' lc-gc College l'niversity of Colorado . . . C 0 Ill 111 ern' Northwestern L niversity Pb ,sind Edmvalmn H1.Yf01'J', Ilffyleffrx J Lois HALLE MARoUERI'1'E K. PHILLIPS Univ. of XX'isconsin, IJ. S New York School of Dra Aff matics Ljbfllfj' University of lYisconsin Northwestern University Dranzalirs RUBY RICHEY Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, B. E. Columbia University, M. A Foods, Clothing Science HUBERT H. RIECH,ERS Platteville State Teachers' College, B. E. University of Colorado Mathematics CORNELIA M. ROBERTS University of Illinois, A. B. Univ. of Chicago, A. M. History, English ALICE E. SMITH Valparaiso College Berlitz School of Languages Latin, History EDWIN G. SPACIE N. Ill., State Teachers' Col- i lege, B. E. University of Iowa, M. S. University of Chicago Science MELVIN M. STILLSON University of S. Dak. Eastern State Teach ers' College, B. S. Colorado State University Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing I-IANS VON HOLWEDE Prussian State Seminary American Conservatory, B. Music Chicago Conservatory, M. M. E., M. M. Music, Gcrman MILDRED I-IULII4 Secretary PAGE SEVEN WE WORK PAGE NINE CLASS 1937 PAGE TEN ALLNER, JAYNE Secretary, Sophomore Class Vice-president, Puzzle Club, 2 Girls' Club, 3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Glee Club and Chorus, l-2-3 BACON, WILAH E. Secretary, Senior Girls' Commercial Club, 3 Girls' Club, 4, G. A. A., 3, 4 Class Play, 3-4 Band, 3-4 BARTH, ELVERA Commercial Club, 2 Airplane Club, 3 Class Play, 4 Play Tournament, 4 BROWN, KENNETH President, Freshman Class Student Council, 1-4 Puzzle Club, 4 Play Tournament, l Class Play, 4 Airplane Club, 3 Track, 3-4 BUCHTA, LEONE llonie lfconoinics Club, l Girls' Club N G. A. A., 3-4 Art Club, 4 Class Play, 3-4 CHRISTENSEN, ROBERT JOHN Student Council, 3-4 Class Play, 3 DALGAARD, ANDREA Secretary, Sophomore Girls Student Council, 4 Commercial Club, 2 Class Play, 3-4 Girls' Club and G. A. A., 3-4 Play Tournament. 4 Glee Club, l-23 Chorus, 1 DIBBLE, FERN I. Puzzle Club, 2 Latin League, 3 Stamp Club, 4 Girls' Club and G. A. A., 3-4 Play Tournament, 2 DRECOLL, ALBERT Puzzle Club, 2 Couriers-News Staff, 3 Class Play, 3-4 Play Tournament, 3-4 EDWARDS, PEARL Home Economics Club, l Connncrcial Club, 2-3 Girls' Club and G. A. A., 3-4 Class Play Cllusiness Crewj, 4 Jayne Allner, Wilah E. Bacon, Elvera Barth, Kenneth Brown, Leone Buchta, Robert john Christensen, Andrea Dalgaard, Fern I. Dibble, Albert Drecoll, Pearl Edwards Doris Fitzgerald, Everet Galiger, Robert Griffin, Willis Griffin, Ambrose Griffith, Harold Edmund Groebli, Otto Hanke, Calvin Harden, james Herman, Arthur Houghton FITZGERALD, DORIS Home Economics Club, Pres. 4, 1-2-3-4 President, Junior Girls Girls' Club, Vice-president, 4, 3-4 G. A, A., 3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Play Tournament, 4 Book-VVeek Play, 4 Christmas Play, 1-4 Red Cross Council, 4 GALIGER, EVERET Airplane Club, 3 GRIFFIN, ROBERT F. F. A., 1-2-3-4 Class Play CStage Crew 45, 3 GRIFFIN, WILLIS Annual Staff, 3 F. F. A., 1-2 Class Play, 3-4 Boxing, 3-4 Band, 1 GRIFFITH, AMBROSE Elburn High School, I-2 Stamp Club, 4 F. F. A., 3 Class Play, 4 Basketball, 3-4 GROEBLI, HAROLD EDMUND Class Play, 3 Play Tournament, 3 Christmas Play, 1 Manager of Basketball, 4 HANKE, OTTO F. F. A., 1-2-3-4 President, junior Boys Class Play, 3-4 Play Tournament, 2-3-4 HARDEN, CALVIN Tumbling Club, 4 HERMAN, JAMES F. F. A., 1-Z-4 Couriers-News Staff, 3 Vice-president, Junior C President, Senior Class Class Play, 3-4 Baseball, 3-4 HOUGHTON, ARTHUR 'Warren High School F. F. A., ' Basketball, 4 lass PAGE ELEVEN PAGE TWELVE Leslie Houghton, jean Hughes, Cleo Cabada, Anthony Kubs, Ted Larson, Loretta Loeper RllSS6ll Luetltke, Robert Madsen, MBIJOTV Mccorkle, Charles McCormack HOUGHTON, LESLIE XYarren High School lf. 17. A. HUGHES, JEAN Home Economics Club, l Puzzle Club, 2-3 Couriers-News Staff, 3-4 Annual Staff, 3 Class Play, 3-4 Christmas Play, 4 CABADA, CLEO Latin League, l-2 Commercial Cub, 3 Class Play, 3 Christmas Play. 2 Play Tournament, 2 Glee Club, l-2 KUBS, ANTHONY Puzzle Club, 2 Class Play CStage Crewj, 3 LARSON, TED Airplane Club LOEPER, LORETTA Home Economics Club, l-2-3 Girls' Club and G. A. A., 3-4 Glee Club, 2 LUEDTKE, RUSSELL Commercial Club, 3 MADSEN, ROBERT Class Play, 4 Baseball, 1-2-3-4 MCCORKLE, MARJORY Home Economics Club, 1 Latin League, 3 Girls' Club and Cv. A. A., 3-4 Class Play, 4 Glee Club, Chorus, l-3-4 MCCORMACK, CHARLES Editor, News Couriers, 4 F. F. A.. l-2-3 Student Council, 4 Class Play lPub. Agent 3D, 4 Class Play, 4 Basketball, 2-3-4 Play Tournament, 4 MEYER, DOROTHY NELL Home Economics Club, l Girls' Club and G. A. A., 3-4 Art Club, 4 Class Play, 3-4 Orchestra, 3, and Band, 2-3-4 Chorus, l-3-4 MICHELI, CAMERON Latin League, l President, Junior Class Class Play CProp. Crewb, 4 Secretary, Senior Boys MINTO, DONALD Student Council, 4 Treasurer, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Junior Class F. F. A. CPres. 45, l-2-3-4 Class Play, 3-4 Play Tournament, 2-3-4 Cheerleader, 3-4 Band, 2-3 MORTENSEN, ROBERT Class Play fStage Crewj, 3-4 MOUNT, PHYLLIS Secretary, Student Council, 4 NORMAN, VIRGINIA Student Council, 33 Treasurer, Senior Girls: Home Economics Club, l-2-3-4: Girls' Club, 4, and G. A. A., 31 Class Play, 3-43 Home EC, and F. F. A. Play, 33 Christmas Play, 43 Book-lYeelc Play, 4 PAPE, LORRAINE Home Economics Club, l Commercial Club, 3 Girls' Club, 4, and G. A. A., 3-4 Chorus Class Play CProp. Crewh, 4 PETERSON, BERTHA Yice-president, Freshman Girls: Yice- presiclent, Senior Girls: Secretary, Senior Class: Sec., Tri-School Conference, 3: Sec., Home Economics Club, 43 Girls' Club and G. A. A., 3-4: Class Play, 3-43 Play Tournament, -li Christmas Play, 4, Book-Wieek Play, 4 RIORDAN, ALICE Lucy Flower Technical School Home Economics Club, 3 Christmas Play, 3 Couriers-News Staff, 4 Secretary, junior Class Glee Club' 3 Vice-president, Senior Class Treasurer, Girls' Club, 4 ROSENSTOCK, CLARENCE Home Economics Club, l-2-3-4 Puzzle Club, 2 Class Play, 4 Christmas Play, 4 Book-VVeek Play, 4 Glee Club, l Airplane Club, 3 Stamp Club, 4 Class Play, 3-4 Base Ball Manager, 4 Dorothy Nell Meyer, Cameron Micheli, Donald Minto, Robert Mortensen, Phyllis Mount, Virginia Norman, Lorraine Pape, Bertha Peterson, Alice Riordan, Clarence Rosenstock PAGE THIRTEEN Conrad Shedek, Warren Sheehan, Clara Sherwood, Mary Lou Sibley Richard Slyster. Roger Anthony Thill, Valiere Wilton, Eleanor Marie Zilke SHEDEK, CONRAD THILL, ROGER ANTHONY , , ,, 9 , . . . . lu lx A., ll ice-pres., 35, 1---3 Class Play lStage Crewl, 4 Band, jazz, 2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 SHEEHAN, WARREN F. F. A., 1-3-4 Class Play, 4 Boxing, 3 WI SHERWOOD, CLARA Class Play, 3-4 Secretary, Freshman Class Girls' Club, 4, G. A. A., 3 Play Tournament, 3 Christmas Play, 4 Glee Club, 1-2-3 SIBLEY, MARY LOU I resident, Student Council, 4 Treasurer, Senior Class President, Sophomore Class Class Play, 4 llasketball, l-2-3-4 Baseball, 3-4 LTON, VALIERE President, Senior Girls Treasurer, Freshman Class Vice-president, Sophomore Class Treasurer. Couriers News Staff, Vice-president, G. A. A., 4 Class Play, 3-4 Christmas Play, 1-2 Commercial Club, 3 Latin Leaffue 1-2 4 WITHOUT PICTURES ANDERSEN, ALFRED F. lf. A., 1-2-3-4 NELSON, HARRY Tumbling Club, 4 MEEK, ROBERT H. Roosevelt High School R. O. T. C. 1-2-3-4 Civics Club, 1-2-3 Shakespeare Club, 1-2 Hearst Trophy Rifle Team, 3-4 Sixth Corps Area Rifle Team, 2-3-4 International Drawing Exchange, 3 Interclass Baseball, 3 Giee Ciubfbi-2-3, Chorus, 2-3-4 OVERTON, LU-I-IAN, L- Home Economics Club, 1 Vicfap,-esidem' Student Council, 4 ZILKE, ELEANOR MARIE Business Club, 2-3 Treas., Tri-School Conference, 4 Union High School Chorus, 1-2-3-4 Latin League' 1 Hardin High School Glee Club, 1-2-3-4 Girls' Club l'Sec. 43 G. A. A., 1-2-4 Treasurer, Commercial Club, 3 junior Play, 3 President, Stamp Club, 4 Couriers-News Staff, 4 t Interclass Tournament Play, 3 Band, 1-2 Vice-president, Junior Girls Sequoia Staff, 3 Girls' Club and G. A. A., 4 Christmas Play, 2 1 HARD Christmas Play, 3 G. A. A., 3 SLY!?EIESieRCEJb, 3 Glee Club, 4 University High School, U. C. L. X PAGE FOURTFFN SENIOR OFFICERS James Herman - - President Phyllis Mount - - Vice-president Bertha Petersen - - Secretary Roger Thill - - - Treasurer Miss Smith, Mr. Spacie-Advisers herman before the days of perry and the mumps .... aye aye -captain griflin .... thill and madsen lake villas pride and joy .... two cool calm and collected seniors norman and iitzgerald . . . three cool calm and collected seniors bacon dibble edwards .... strong silent senior slyster .... one cool calm and collected senior this could go on forever .... dont tell us that shampoo makes your hair curly ambrose .... stillsons serious students .... mighty mortensen .... what a man brown .... romeo hanke and juliet barth .... allendales napoleon thill .... tony kubs tumbling clerk . . . . the cream of the senior crop allner norman mount fitzgerald and petersen iMs -I I 1 Ii " Il . "?' u.Z CLASS of 1938 JUNIOR OFFICERS Bernard Osmond - - President jack Crandall - - Vice-president Russell Doolittle - - Sec.-Treas. Miss Roberts, Mr. Riechers-Advisers bright and shining as the moon ruby chinn .... yes yes as you Were saying mr W e king .... dressels alias barrymore profile .... aunty gayle going to town .... Wendell how can you stand it to be alone so much .... oh boy aint that kissable fennema .... thats a ford for you bud .... to keep your prestige as editor betty you really ought to have some copy in your hand .... one of the hard Working schneiders .... the only time you see art and bill Woman less is in a picture .... er gosh gee aint love grand russ and Winnie , . . . three cool calm and collected junior girls howd that get in here .... What makes Winnie so bashful genevieve .... not babe ruth just groebli .... the bright and shining english iii class .... JUNIOR GIRLS Top Row-left to right: G. McCormack, D. Smith, M. Teckert, E. Malget, R. Chinn, V. Wells, M. Galiger, W. M. Manning, R. Cunningham, V. Greenwald. B. Andersen Second Row-V. Baethke, B. Sherman, M. Homan, H. Olsen, B. Grimes, G. Mahlum, H. Goodell, B. L. Williams Bottom Row-E. Van Patten, M. Musch, L. Craft, Sec., G. Pierce, St. Council Rep., Miss Roberts, M. Simonsen, Chairman, G. DeSelms, V. Ames, H. Brett JUNIOR BOYS Top Row-left to right: A. Fennema, S. Hughes, R. Luedtke, R. Rasmussen, C. Smith, A. Maleck, W. Phillips, G. Hawkins, J. Nielsen, D. Truax, M. Groebli, R. Denman. Second Row: H. Rudolph, B. Andersen, D. Elfering, W. E. King, W. G. King, R. Doo- little, R. Chinn, C. Hawkins, D. Kistler, W. Nelson, C. Miller, A. Van Patten, J. Thomas Bottom Row: S. West, R. Roepenack, Lester Perry, P. Hazen, Sec.-Treas., J. Crandall, Pres., Mr. Riechers, J. Riddel, V. P., B. Osmond, St. Council Rep., B. Schneider, B. Simon, R. Hallwas PAGE SEVENTEEN SOPHOMOREGHHB Top Row--lefft to right: D. Wolf, E. Ericksen, M. Hagdahl, C. Nielsen, M. Horan. J. Sherman, C. Jorgensen, P. Hughes, C. Phillips, A. Krahn, S. Wilets, F. Verkest, R. Pierstorff Second Row: H. Thompson. H. Fields, M. Long, P. Luedtke, B. Schlosser, I. Poulsen. E. Craft, F. Beimer, St. Council Rep., V. Philippi, J. Brett, R. Turnock Bottom Row: J. Kapple, L. Carney, B. Davis, V. Jensen, E. White, Sec., Miss Brumund. C. Minto, Pres., L. Laursen, Treas., E. Snyder, V. P., D. Hall, H. Lubkeman SOPHOMOREBOYS Top Row-left to right: G. Fox, J. Maplethorpe, W. Dalgaard, St. Council Rep., T. Toll. F. Zilke, W. Randall, R. Burke, R. Homan, C. Schonscheck, G. Bartlett, C. Hostetter, K. Leiting, G. Carney Second Row: R. Gaston, A. Weber, R. White, R. Strang. L. Dibble, H. Vandenberg, J. La Fleur, R. Patrick, Leslie Perry, T. Manning, R. Brogan, E. Smith, O. Winfield, H. Quedenfeld Bottom Row: H. Atwood, M. Miller, R. Story, C. Rothers, D. Sherwood. Pres., R. Davis. Sec.-Treas., Mr. Childers, J. Eflinger, L. Keisler, V. Horton, R. Bemis, R. Thill, L. Seger PAGE EIGHTEEN CLASS of1939 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS ,lack Efiinger - - - President Veneita Philippi - Vice-president James Maplethorpe - - Secretary Janice Kapple - - - Treasurer Miss Brumund, Mr. Childers-Advisers some shivering sophomore boys bartlett brogan maplethorpe .... aint White handsome orville .... sophomore girls sure stick to gether dont they .... this ones got us speechless .... eileen cupid snyder .... no easter parade just millie and eileen .... We couldnt think of a crack for this one doris and harriett .... hold it please story .... leiting sherwood thill three lake villa bigshots .... hurry up gals youll never make it at that rate .... West what are you doing in this panel with hostetter .... what have they got a lemon for a birdie strang .... headed for a nice quiet evening at home lorraine CLASS of 1940 FRESHMAN OFFICERS Raymond Baethke - - President Leona Hostetter - Vice-president Gordon Knott - - Sec.-Treas. Miss O'Neal, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Stillson -Advisers grayslake beauties behning doolittle leng .... get that duck over there miss olsen .... just a couple of gentlemen of salem fennema and vandenberg .... maids of salem the schultzs .... so thats Why perrys moved to antioch eh bill .... Whats the matter did he leave you in the lurch .... mamma that havvkins boy is here again . . . . the last of the dalgaards . . . . the three musketeers glenda jean and virginia .... ' K ' WY' ' ' 'fivwn-a.""' I I -fmvm ll! 1' ,. .V f, .. 1 i FRESHMAN GIRLS Top Row-left to right: L. Crawford, L. Dalgaard, E. Behning, B. Weber, I. Chinn, B. Buchta, M. Walker, L. Costabile, C. Dangel, D. Jacobsen Second Row: M. Doolittle, H. Horton, B. Leng, J. jones, R. Martin, L. Waters. J. Perry, L. Mueller, Z. Ellis, F. Edlmann Bottom Row: A. Schultz, C. Truax, M. Van Patten, B. Hanke, V. Pres., Miss O'Neal, L. Hostetter, Sec.-Treas., D. Schneider, Pres., L. Bonner, J. Schultz FRESHMAN BOYS Top Row-left to right: R. Bonner, O. Palaske, F. Swensen, M. Heath. R. Hawkins, R. Prince, R. Wells, E. Knickelbein, R. Fennema, G. Voltz Second Row: A. Sorenson, E. Costabile, R. Campbell, R. Wilkinson, E. Rojewski, P. Sterbenz, M. Schneider, R. Elfering, B. Teckert, G. Pierce Bottom Row: R. Willett, C. Wurster, W. Cisna, G. Knott, Pres., D. Palaske, Sec.-Treas. Mr. Stillson, J. Blackman, V. Pres., R. Baethke, A. Wilets, J. Atwood, G. Winfield. PAGE TNVENTY-ONE WE PLAY 3471 an wuzwiim wa , ,, . , ,A aw vm, W wx qf .mv ,.M, A ga A24 124 M 15 'S,1 , ,, mmm , f,,, , ,Q 11 mlkllmll Elm QAM SWG Mfg' AA. PAGE TXVENTY-THREE ATHLETES ---- BOYS BASKETBALL The Sequoits started out slowly, losing all of their piactlce games. However, they finally got going and Won four straight conference games, finishing in eighth place in the conference Then they Went on to Win the district tournament in the playois for the State Championship. They lost the first game in the Re gional Tournament, thereby ending the season. HEAVYWEIGHTS Antioch Richmond Kenosha Warren Libertyville Grant Warren Waukegan Ela Wauconda Lake Forest Barrington Palatine Bensenville Arlington Leyden Wauconda Tournament Antioch 28 Grant PAGE TXYENTY-I-'OUR sc Wauconda Antioch u u s c LIGHTWEIGHTS Warren Libertyville Grant Warren Waukegan Ela Wauconda Lake Forest Barrington Palatine Bensenville Arlington Leyden WVaukegan Tournament Antioch 22 Maine FIRST TEAM Top Row-left to right: H. Groebli, 1. Crandall, A. Maleck, B. Osmond, B. Schneider, A. Griffith, Mr. Childers Bottom Row: R. Doolittle, J. Efhnger, J. Riddel, T. Larsen, R. Thill, Capt. SECOND TEAM Top Row: Mr. Childers, R. Hallwas, J. Blackman, R. Brogan, W. Dalgaard, R. Denman, T. Manning, M. Schneider, H. Groebli Bottom Row: R. Burke, C. Hawkins, M. Groebli, A. Houghton, G. Hawkins, A C. Smith. H. Vandenberg PAGE TWENTY-FIVE Q91 This year the physical education Work has been reinstated as a department. As a result of the school's requirement of three years of physical education for graduation, the number of classes has now been increased to four each for boys and girls. These classes meet three times each Week, one period being devoted to health and hygiene, and the other two to regular gym Work. Under the direction of Mr. Childers, Miss 0'Neal, and later Miss Olsen, many new types of training have been added to the traditional physical education Work. Both boys and girls are now privileged to participate in basketball, baseball, track, tennis, volley ball, and gymnastics. Special equipment for the boys includes the boxing ring and mats and apparatus, for the girls, archery equipment and hockey equipment have been pro- vided. Probably one of the most successful and enjoyable proj- ects ever sponsored by this department Was the Gym Exhibit of PACE T ENTX SIX and GIRLS April 23, directed by Mr. Childers and Miss Olsen with the able assistance of Mr. Von Holwede for the music. This consisted of marching, drills, folk dancing, exhibit work on the bars and new equipment, pyramid building, class demonstrations, and square dancing Ca new feature of this year's gym classes Which has been most popularj. The exhibit Was presented twice. ln the afternoon all the grade school children of the Vicinity were the guests of the high school, while in the evening, the gymnasium was again filled to capacity by adults. Not only the faculty sponsors but also the student parti- cipants should be complimented on the spirit of co-operation which was evident during the preparation and presentation of the Exhibit. When questioned as to whether this would be an annual affair, lVlr. Childers said, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" ' 5' T 1 1 1"li'1"1-'il-' ld! X Nil-li Top Row-left to right: C. Dangel, V. Ames, L. Craft, E. Behning, M. Walsh, D. Schneider, L. Buchta W. Bacon. D. Fitzgerald. B. Petersen, G. McCormack, R. Pierstorff. D. Jacobsen. M. McC0rkle. Second Row: P. Hughes, C. Minto, F. Dibble, J. Brett, E. VanPatten, B. Buchta, L. Crawford, B. Leng M, Doolittle, I. Chinn, B. Hanke, L. Hostetter, H. Lubkeman. E. Ericksen Third Row: L. Costabile, L. Waters, J. Kapple, Manning, P. Luedtke, V. Jensen, C. Phillips, D. Bottom Row: M. Teckert, Z. Ellis, B. Sherman, Simonsen, V. Wilton, J. jones, D. Hall, R. Chinn G. A. A. Mabel Simonsen - - President Valiere Wilton - Vice-president Betty Lu Williams - Sec.-Treas. Miss O'Neal and Miss Olsen-Sponsors The Girls' Athletic Association has Fifty members including thirteen freshmen who were initiated on December 3, each being presented with a G. A. A. pin. On October 16 a G. A. A. Carnival, in which the whole school took part, was given. The proceeds were used to bu new athletic e ui ment and to send Y fl P ten girls to the G. A. A. Camp in June. Eight girls, Virginia Ames, Lucille Waters, Eileen Snyder, Jean Hughes, Ruth Cunningham, Mabel Simonsen, Helen Lubkeman, and Clarice Minto, com- peted in an archery tournament. Eileen Snyder won over Mabel Simonsen with a total of 240 points, the award being a chain and medal. Thirty girls participated in the Annual G. A. A. Telegraphic Tournament. They had to make eight baskets out of twenty-four shots from difficult posi- tions. V. Philippi, M. Musch, M. Horan, G. Mahlum, W. M Meyer M. VanPatten, B. L. Williams, Miss O'Neal, M PAGE TXY"ENTY-EIGHT GIRLS' CLUB Gayle Pierce - Doris Fitzgerald Mary Lou Sibley Phyllis Mount - - President Vice-president - Secretary - - Treasurer Andrea Dalgaard - Student Council Representative Miss Roberts-Sponsor At our meetings, which were held every two weeks, we were enter- tained by various members of the faculty. In the fall, we attended the Tri-School Girls' Conference, held at Warren Township High School, Gurnee, on December 12. Mary Lou Sibley was treasurer of the conference. On April 24, we attended the Spring Conference held at Maine Town- ship High School, Des Plaines. Top Row-left to right-M. Galiger, R. Martin, C. Truax, M. Walker, L. Craft, C. Minto, M. Horan, P. Hughes, B. Davis, C. Jorgensen, V. Wells, D. Pet- ersen, M. McCork1e, M. Homan, V. Ames, D. Jacob- sen, E. Behning, J. Perry, R. Cunningham, M. Simon- sen, C. Dangel, L. Costabile, A. Krahn, L. Mueller C. Nielsen, F. Verkest, B. Grimes. Third Row-H. Goodell, J. Sherman, H. Thompson, B. Schlosser, E. Craft, F. Dibble, G. McCormack C. Phillips, B. Hanke, I. Chinn, H. Olsen, F. Beimer, D. Meyer, V. Wilton, J. Jones, L. Dalgaard, L Waters, J. Brett, D. Hall, J. Hughes, B. Sherman P. Luedtke, R. Turnock, H. Fields, I. Poulsen. v Second Row-M. Long, H. Horton, P. Edwards, A. Schultz, W. Bacon, V. Baethke, R. Pierstorff, S. Wilets, D. Smith, M. Teckert, L. Buchta, G. Mahlum, W. M. Manning, E. Zilke, A. Riordan, L. Loeper, J. Kapple, V. Philippi, J. Allner, V. Norman, G. De Selms, V. Greenwald, B. L. Williams, M. Musch, H. Brett, F. Edlmann. Fourth Row-B. Buchta, B. Weber, M. Van Patten, L. Hostetter, M. Doolittle, L. Crawford, B. Leng, D. Fitzgerald, G. Pierce, Miss Roberts, P. Mount, M. L. Sibley, C. Sherwood, A. Dalgaard, E. Barth, C. Cabada, E. Snyder, H. Lubkeman, L. Carney. Bottom Row-E. Van Patten, J. Schultz, E. White, L. Laursen, L. Bonner, Z. Ellis, D. Schneider, M. Hagdahl, E. Ericksen, V. Jensen, B. Andersen, R. Chinn, E. Malget, D. Wolf. W. JOURNALISTS PAGE THIRTY ANNUAL STAFF Thanks to the Annual staff, Miss Roberts and Mr. Riechers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It seems that for some reason or other several members of the staff always had some other engagement at the time of the meetings. Most of these reasons seemed to lead to some fair lady although that was never the excuse which was given. Basketball, play practice, baseball-anything rather than staff meeting. That we finally met, the Annual is proof-we hope you like it! SEQUOIT NEWS STAFF The slogan of the Sequoit News has been "All the news while it is news." In accordance with this policy some twenty regular editions have been printed as well as eight or ten extras. The staff has about twelve well trained members who are doing most of the work at the present, but an auxiliary staff is also being trained for future years. Several features have been added this year which in- clude a three column page instead of the old two column make-up. This enables more material to be put on a page, and it presents a much better looking page. Many cartoons have been printed this year and have been such a success that there are sure to be many more in the years to come. ANNUAL STAFF Standing-G. Hawkins, A. Fennema, P. Hazen, Business Manager, R. Doolittle, W. M. Manning, D. Kistler, G. DeSelms Sitting-W. Phillips, B. Grimes, Editor NEWS STAFF Top Row-G. Hawkins, C. McCormack, B. Sherman, B. Grimes, Mr. Spacie, M. Simonsen, V. Ames, A. Drecoll, W. Phillips Bottom Row-V. Wilton, A. Dalgaard, H. Goodell, J. Hughes, A. Riordan L. Loeper, E. Zilke, G. DeSe1ms PAGE THIRTY-ONE STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row-left to right- R. Brogan, W. Dalgaard, B. Osmond, D. Minto, F. Beimer, B. Grimes, M. Simonsen, K. Brown, R. Christensen, G. Hawkins, G. Knott. Bottom Row-R. Baethke, G. Pierce, R. Thill, Mr. Riechers, Miss Roberts, Mr. Bright, M. L. Sibley, P. Mount, A. Dalgaard, D. Schneider. RED CROSS COUNCIL Top Row-left to right-J. Blackman, Mrs. Bennett, G. Hawkins, P. Hazen. Bottom Row-A. Krahn, D. Fitzgerald, G. Pierce, M. Doolittle, M. Hagdahl. WO RTHY SEOUOIT COUNCIL U STUDENT COUNCIL ,Roger Thill - A - President Mary Lou Sibley Vice-president ,Phyllis Mount - Sec.-Treas. Among the accomplishments of the Student Council this year is the Finger printing of students in co-operation with the Civil Identification Pro- gramof the Federal Government. These finger prints are to be used for non-criminal investigation and identification. The Council also started the staggered dismissal at noon, to lessen the confusion in the lunch line, and dancing in the gym to keep the halls more quiet. . Several members of the council attended various conferences and meet- ings during the year. Roger'Thil1, the president, represented Antioch last summer at the Boys' State in' Springfield. On November 16, Roger Brogan, Doris Schneider, George Hawkins, Phyllis Mount, and Roger Thill were sent to the District Student Council Conference at Winnetka. On April 9th, Roger Thill, Phyllis Mount, George Hawkins, Bernard Osmond, Mabel Simonsen, and Mr. Bright attended the State Student Council Convention in Bloomington. RED CROSS COUNCIL Parker Hazen - President George Hawkins p Vice-president Gayle Pierce - - - Sec.-Treas, Mrs. Bennett-Sponsor The Red Cross Council, organized late in November, is composed of one representative from each of the various organizations which are parti- cularly interested in Red Cross work. On various holidays throughout the year the council sent cards and favors to the Lake Bluff. Orphanage, Old People's Home at Libertyville, and to the Soldiers Hospital at North Chicago. The Red Cross party which was given at the High School january 27 was a great success. The proceeds, which grew to the grand sum of 5500, benefitted the sufferers of the Ohio-Mississippi flood. The Waukegan North Chicago Chapter of the Red Cross sponsored an essay contest in which Antioch had 17 entrants, Carolyn Phillips and Parker Hazen being chosen as finalists in the oratorical part of the contest. PAGE. THIRTY-THREE HOBBYISTS PAGE TI-IIRTY-FOUR STAMP CLUB Mary Lou Sibley - President Parker Hazen Vi-ce-president Lucille Waters - - Secretary Robert Strang - - Treasurer Miss Smith-Sponsor The "Sequoit Stamp and Cover Club" was organized for the- first time this year. The members participate in these meetings by each taking charge of a program. As a majority of our membe-rs are beginners in the field of stamp collecting, these programs have taught us many things about stamps and types of collecting. The Stamp Club gave a banquet for its members, their parents, and the faculty on Friday evening, March 12. The members arranged an exf hibit of their stamps, cachets, postmarks, postcards, and blocks. PUZZLE CLUB Donald Sherwood - President Harold Vandenberg - Vice-president Richard Thill - - Sec.-Treas. Kenneth Brown - Student Council Rep. Mr. Riechers-Sponsor This puzzle is not so hard to do In it our story is told To give you just a little clue If it isn't hot it's dpme. Uif Qvaamf Dmvc nfncfstijo jt rnpx cvu joufsftu jt ijhi-tpnf ebzt xf ibwf dspttxpset Cjo qvaamft pg dpvstfj-tpnf ebzt tdsbncmfe xpset-po puifs ebzt xf ep nbuifnbujdbm qvaamft-pgufm xf ibwf "Qspgfttps Rvja" qsphsbnt-xf bmtp uijol pvs xbz pg beejoh uif ejhjut gspn pof up ojof up hfu uxfouz-uisff jt bt hppe bt Dijfg Ipstfgfbuifst! r STAMP CLUB Top Row-left to right-B. Schlosser, E. Craft, W. Dalgaard, Lloyd Strang, F. Zilke, R. Burke, G. Bartlett, B. Andersen, R. Patrick, A. Griffith, M. Horan, C. Minto Second Row-V. Jensen, F. Dibble, J. Atwood, H. Atwood, L. Dibble, R. White, K. Leit- ing, R. Campbell, A. Rojewski, W. Cisna, H. Quedenfeld, M. Miller, C. Phillips. Bottom Row-B. Buchta, M. Doolittle, B. Leng, L. Waters, P. Hazen, Miss Smith, M. L. Sibley, R. Strang, R. Brogan, R. Pierstorff, V. Ames PUZZLE CLUB Top Row-left to right-R. Davis, K. Brown, Mr. Riechers, D. Kistler, H. Vandenberg. Bottom Row-J. Sherman, M. Hagdahl, D. Sherwood, P. Hughes, R. Thill, O. Palaske PAGE THIRTY-FIVE HOME EC. Top Row-1. to r.-L. Carney, E. White, L. Craft, G. McCormack, F. Beimer, A. Krahn, M. Walker, F. Verkest, R. Turnock, D. Jacobsen Second Row-E. Van Patten, H. Horton, J. Jones, I. Poulsen, M. Galiger, C. Truax, V. Norman, H. Fields, L. Laursen Bottom Row-J. Brett, M. Musch, W. M. Manning, D. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Richey, B. Petersen, P. Mount, Z. Ellis, E. Snyder, L. Bonner F. F. A. Top Row-l. to r.-B. Schneider, G. Carney, V. Horton, B. White, R. Prince, R. Wells, S. Hughes, D. Truax, L. Houghton, J. Herman, J. Nielsen, F. Zilke, A. Van Patten, R. Wilkinson, D. Elfering. Second Row-L. Seger, A. Sorenson, H. Quedenfeld, F. Swensen, J. Blackman, L. Keisler, G. Fox, H. Rudo-ph, A. Houghton, O. Hanke, L. Dibble, Leslie Perry, A. Weber, W. E. King, G. Pierce Bottom Row-G. Winfield, R. Willett, C. Wurster, R. Bonner, R. Bemis, C. Shedek, R. Doolittle, Mr. Kutil, D. Minto, R. Denman, R. Hallwas, A. Andersen, O. Winiield. COOKS and FARMERS P XGE Tl-IIRTH SIX HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Doris Fitzgerald - - President Marie Musch Vice-president Bertha Petersen - - Secretary Winnie Mae Manning - Treasurer Phyllis Mount - Student Council Rep. Mrs. Richey-Sponsor Our aim is to bring about closer co-operation among the teachers, students, and workers in the Home Economics and allied fields that more effective work may be done in improving the conditions of living. We aim to serve as a link between the home and the school, to develop leadership among the girls, and to furnish opportunities for social activities. The club has been very active during the year. We have planned and served our own Mother and Daughter Banquet which was a grand success and filled every member's heart with pride. Our club also had the pleas- ure of serving the Business Menls Banquet and the Principals' and Superintendents' Banquet, both of which were held at school. F. F. A. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Don Minto - - President Conrad Shedek - Vice-president Russell Doolittle - Secretary Robert Hallwas Treasurer Robert Denman - - Reporter Mr. Kutil-Sponsor The co-operative, started by the seniors in their class, was one of the main activities of the Future Farmers' Club during the past year. A con- stitution was drawn up and officers were elected. They raised capital by selling preferred stock at twenty-five cents a share. Each member was given one share of common stock and one vote. The prohts are divided up and returned to the boys twice a year. The co-operative was not formed to make money but only to teach the members how it works. The mem- bers have introduced new farm products in this community, and have en- couraged business men to handle them. The club also sponsored this year two contests, Father and Son Ban- quet, and the formation of basketball teams. PAGE THIRTY-SEVEN TU MBLERS and COURI 'PAC I1 'T'Hi'R"'l 'Y 5216 H T COURIERS William Phillips - - President George Hawkins - - Vice-president Betty Grimes - Student Council Rep. Mr. Spacie-Sponsor The Couriers Club is composed chiefly of the Sequoit News Staff One of its objectives is to cooperate with the other departments in the printing of their publications. Some of these publicaions have been: Th Book-Week Magazine, G. A. A. Song Book, and also the programs for the Senior play. Another outstanding enterprise of this organization was the "Chamber of Horrors" which won first prize for taking in the most money at the G. A. A. Carnival. Silver Pins were awarded to the following members of the News Stal? Chas. McCormack, George Hawkins, Glenda DeSelms, Betty Grimes, Bill Phillips, Bernice Sherman, Valiere Wilton, Doris Hall, Lucille Waters, and Harriet Goodellg and to Mrs. Bennett, who was awarded an Honorary Pin in appreciation of her co-operation with the staff. TUMBLING CLUB This is the first year of the Tumbling Club which, for the time it has been in existence, has accomplished a great deal under the leadership of Mr. Childers. At the beginning of the fourth six weeks about five hundred dollars worth of gym equipment was purchased. This has been very valuable not only to the Tumbling Club but also to the gym classes. The equipment included parallel bars, horizontal bars, a horse, and a spring board. 1 i 1 COURIERS Top Row-1. to r.-P. Hazen, C. McCormack, G. Hawkins, Mr. Spacie, L. Loeper, V. Jensen, C. Phillips, E. Zilke, D. Hall Bottom Row-J. Hughes, B. Grimes, G. DeSe1ms, V. Wilton, L. Waters TUMBLERS Top Row-C. Rothers, R. Hawkins, B. Schneider, H. Gaston, A. Maleck 2nd Row-C. Schonscheck, H. Nelson, R. Homan, T. Toll, M. Groebli, R. Roepenack Bottom Row-L. Keisler, M. Heath, Mr. Childers, W. G. King, R. Baethke. PAGE THIKTY NINE l l l 4 l Mabel Simonsen Charles Hawkins Andrew Fennerna Jack Riddel Betty Grimes Winnie Mae Manning Ruth Cunningham Robert Chinn Dale Kistler Hazel Olsen Russell Doolittle Stanley West Clarence Rosenstock Albert Drecoll Margie McCorkle Donald Minto Phyllis Mount Charles McCormack Doris Fitzgerald Virginia Norman Warren Sheehan Robert Madsen Bertha Petersen Leone Buchta Jayne Allner Ted Larsen "THE EYES OF TLALOCH JUNIOR PLAY CAST Nancy Tommy Profes 'or Nawa Pat Virginia Pepita Salvador Ezra Amanda Puclge Jchn Wayne "GUESS AGAIN" SENIOR PLAY CAST Waldo Henry Grimes Olive Ordway Bill Douglas Janet Moore Pratt Mrs. Skinner Dora Mae Skinner Bertie Blodgett Lord Wiggleton Marcella Jenks Renee Lamour Lulu Perkins Sol Messer Virginia Ames Lester Perry Parker Hazen Jack Riddel Betty Lu Williams Ruby Chinn Glenda DeSelms Russell Roepenack Dale Kistler Gayle Pierce Russell Doolittle Bernard Schneider Willis Griffin Ambrose Griffin Dorothy Meyer Otto Hanke Elvera Barth Kenneth Brown Jean Hughes Valiere Wilton James Herman Roger Thill Andrea Dalgaard Clara Sherwood Wilah Bacon Ted Larsen PAGE FORTY FUTURE THESPIANS PLAY TOURNAMENT The Inter-Class Play Tournament was held the evening of Saturday, February 13, this year because members of the dramatics classes felt that their parents and friends would enjoy the privilege of attending. A capacity crowd traveled the dramatic road from Shakespeare to Modernism. Four short episodes from the "Merchant of Venice" gave some of the seniors a first-hand oppor- tunity to strut about in ostrich plumes and venetian hose'. Willard Randall, playing Shy- lock and representing the sophomore class, with Elvera Barth as Portia, representing the senior class, fought right to the finish in the race for first place, Portia blocking out Shylock by an eyelash. "Words and Music by Pierrot" was a whimsical hunian story centered around the love of Pierrot for Pierrette in a modernistic setting of red polka-dots and jelly-roll for nourishment. Janice Kapple, a sophomore, was given first place. Parker Hazen, thes- pian for the junior class, took second place, This play entered the district tournament at Palatine, April l7th. The third play, "The Ring and the Book," was so well presented that no one wanted to leave, and not a chair squeaked, so well did these folks move their audience. Roger Brogan, a sophomore, was outstanding in this cast giving both sincerity and fidelity to the part of Tommy Tuttle. In the fourth play, two scenes from the "Life of Lincoln," Dale Kistler, a junior, as Lincoln easily outdistanced all contestants. If the girls had spent less energy perambu- lating their hoop-skirts, they might have nosed him out of the race. The class of 1939 won the Drama Shield. Because of the point system used in judging, a play festival of this type does not focus all endeavor on competition but encourages whole-hearted co-operation among all students. PAGE FORTY ONE MUSIC PAGE PORT Y -TXVO MUSIC DEPARTMENT The music department has had a very busy year, especially the last semester. The members of the jazz Band early in the year made their annual trip to the Veteran's Hospital at North Chicago, where they presented a program consisting of many different types of numbers. e During the Gyrh Exhibition, the band played for all of the numbers, after many hours of hard practice and much transcribing by the "Professor.' The week following the Gym Exhibition, a selected group of about 30 members took Friday afternoon off and went to Warren and Lake Forest to present a program of varied selections at the high schools there. At Lake Forest, the Jazz Band played for a dance after the program, and then were served with refreshments by the Lake Forest music department. ' The Annual Concert was given in january, and as usual it was very successful. BAND g Top Row-1. to r.-V. Horton, C. Shedek. M. Hagdahl. R. Bemis, A. Schultz 2nd Row-R. Turnock, J. Maplethorpe, L. Strang, W. Dalgaard, R. Strang, R. Chinn, S. Hughes, R. White, J. Sherman 3rd Row-E. Craft, G. Pierce, V. Baethke.. W. E. Kingl WR. Fennema, J. Kapple, W. Bacon, D. Meyer, Mr. Von I-Iolwede, P. Hazen, L. Mueller, L. Dalgaard, V. Ames,.V. Philippi, B. L. Williams Bottom Row-J. Perry, R. Baethke, G. Bartlett, R. Burke, F. Zilke. R. Pierstorff, G. DeSelms, M. Van Patten. H. Brett, M. 'Heath. J. Effmger, L. Laursen JAZZ BAND P . Top Row-M. L. Sibley, A. Wilets, A. Fennema, M. Hagdahl, R. Hawkins, L. Mueller, G. DeSe1ms Bottom Row-C. Shedek, G. Bartlett, G. Hawkins, Mr. Von H6lwede, B. L. Williams, V. Philipoi, C. Hawkins. S. Hughes GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-left't.o right: P. Hughes, C. Phillips, S. Wilets. M. H.oma.n, J. Brett, B. Davis, V. Wells, J. Perry. A. Dalgaard, L. Mueller, B. L. Williams. ' Second Row-V. Baethke,.R. Pierstorff, M. Teekert, E. Zilke, A. Riordan, L. Loeper, B. Sherman, G. Pierce, D. Jacobsenfl-I. Brett. ' ' - Bottom Row-M. Van Patten, B. I-Ianke, M. llagdahl, M. Musch, Mr. Von Holwede, F. Beimer, I. Poulsen, IV. Jensen, L. Hostetter. I BOYS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-Left to right: V. Horton, S. Hughes, T. Toll. C. Schonscheck. W. Dalgaard, J. Etfinger, W. Ra.n- dall,-F. Zilke, R. Homan, G. Hawkins, C. Micheli, G. Bartlett, J. Herman, D. Minto, D. Truax, M. Groebli, R. Hawkins, L. Houghton, J. Nielsen, C. 1-Iostetter. Second Row-Richard Thill, J. Maplethorpe, E. Smith, R. Gaston, F. Swensen, A. Wilets, G. Carney, J. Black- man, R. Davis, L. Dibble, P. Sterhenz, A. Sorensen. l-I. Vandenberg, R. Campbell, D. Palaske, R. Fennema, D. Elfering, R. WVhite, R. Strang, R. Prince. Third Row-J. Thomas, G. Voltz, R. Denman, H. Rudolph. R. Luedtke, C. Rothers, R. Brogan, G. Fox, R. Wilkinson, J. Crandall, A. Maleek, R. Doolittle, M. Heath, K. Brown, S. West, W. Grilfn, W. E. King, A. Van Patten, R. Elfering. , ' f ' Fourth Row-G. Winfield, R. Bonner, R. Bemis, 0. Palaske, WV. Cisna, R. Wvells, C. Shedek, L. Segar, A. Grif- fith, Mr.-Von Holwede, R. Rasmussen, R. Hallwas, G. Knott, A. Andersen, Leslie Perry, R. Story, 0. XVinHeld. , Y Bottom Row--C. Wurster, R. Willett, J. Atwood, A. Rojewski, G. Pierce, R. Baethke, D. Sherwood, B. Tech- ert, H. Atwood-, l-I. Quedenfeld.. 7 A - CHORUS Top Row-fLeft to right: R. Baethke, R. Bemis, P. Hazen, VV. E. King, D. Kistler. G. Bartlett, S. Hughes, R. Chinn, R. Strmng, V. Horton. ' Second' Row--V. Baethke, M. Walker, M. Horan, M. Heath. F. Zilke, R. Burke, VV. Dalgaard, J. Effinger, A. Fennema., J. Maplethorpe, J. Kapple, G. DeSelms. Third Row-M. McC0rk1e, M. Homan, M. Doolittle, R. Pierstorff, E. Snyder, V. Ames, J. Brett, H. Brett, B. L. Williams, A. Schultz, V. Philippi, J. Perry, XV. M. Manning, B. Schlosser. Bottom Row-B. Leng,,,I. Chinn, G. Pierce, J. Sherman. M. Hagdahl, Mr. Von Holwede, L. Dalgaard, L. Mueller, I-I. Lubkemmn, V. Wilton, D. Meyer. PAGE FORTY-THREE Alfred Andersen-Though I am in a haste, I am never in a hurry. Kenneth Brown-The loud laugh speaketh the vacant mind. Robert Christensen-Say not the good are dead. Albert Drecoll-He tried the luxury of doing good. Everet Galiger- As merry as the day is long. Robert Griffin-Well timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. Ambrose Griffith-A confirmed bachelor but a romantic heart. Harold Groebli-I leave my character behind me. Otto Hanke-True as the needle to the pole. Calvin Harden-A still small voice. james Herman-He is the very pineapple of politeness. Arthur Houghton-Let thy words be few. Leslie Houghton-judge not by the appearance. Ted Larsen-The true pleasure of life is to live with your inferior. Bob Madsen-His enemies shall lick the dust. Chas. McCormack-Remove not the ancient landmark. Cameron Micheli-Of a good beginning comes a good end. Don Minto-You are not like Cerbereus-3 gentlemen at once, are you? Robert Mortensen-He multiplieth words without knowledge. Harry Nelson-As he thinketh. so is he. Conrad Shedek-Men of few words are the best men. Clarence Rosenstock-Drowsiness shall clothe the man with rags. Warren Sheehan-Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail. Richard Slyster-The man that blushes is not quite a brute. Roger Thill-Fame sometimes hath made something of nothing. Russell Luedtke-As headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile. Willis Griffin-The sleep of the laboring man is sweet. Robert Meek-Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Jayne Allner-Get thee behind me Satan. Wilah Bacon-A soft answer turneth awav wrath. Elvera Barth--A man is as true as steel. Leone Buchta-Speak low, if you speak love. Andrea Dalgaard-I know a maiden fair to see. Fern Dibble-She shall rise up, and they shall call her blessed. Pearl Edwards-In her tongue is the law of kindness. Doris Fitzgerald-Hail to thee, blithe spirit. Jean Hughes-I am alpha and omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Cleo Cabada-Why so pale and wan? Prithee why so pale? Loretta Loeper-Better late than never. Marjorie McCorkle-At their wits' end. Dorothy Meyer-Let's go hand in hand, not one before the other. Phyllis Mount-Is she not passing fair? Virginia Norman-Blushing is the color of virtue. Lorraine Pape-Soft peace she brings. Bertha Petersen-She moves a goddess and she looks a queen. Alice Riordan-Of excellent dumb discourse. Clara Sherwood-T he fair, the chaste, and unexpressive she. Mary Lou Sibley-My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. ' Valiere Wilton-She talketh to the wise in their own craftiness. Eleanor Zilke-I am resolved to grow fat and look young till forty. Lillian Overton-She's beautiful, and therefore to be wooed. PAGE FORTY-F OUR SENIOR SQUIBS the hawkinses and their fraus .... moose and his stooge gianinni of kenosha and brett of channel lake ..... good night millie .... not a traveling salesman just mr kutil . . . . Whoops earl . . . . Watch the birdie . . . . aint he fierce . . . . that rose should be in her hair . . . . a helping hand and a ready Wit .... mr stillson had plenty of time to pose for pictures after he turned his clock back .... just another english iii class .... if they Were all pitchers i think Wed have something there .... PATRONS PAGE FORTY-SIX WEBB'S VARIETY STORE - Greeting Cards for All Occasions THE FARMER'S EXCHANGE - Antioch's Shopping Center WALT'S BARBER SHOP AND BILLIARD HALL PHILLIPS' CENTRELLA STORE - You are always welcome KING'S DRUG STORE - Your Rexall Drug Store E. RENTNER - Chevrolet Garage SCOTT'S SHOE STORE - Dan Scott, Prop. J. B. FIELD'S - With My Best Wishes C. E. HENNINGS- Home-made Candies - Ice Cream - Newspapers POWLESI FOOD STORE - Everything to eat GAMBLE STORE AGENCY - R. Eckert DR. L. JOHN ZIMMERMAN - With Best Wishes OTTO S. KLASS-If you don't know Otto you auto THOMAS F. HUNT WILLIAMS BROS. DEPT. STORE - Hardware, Paint and Dry Goods O. E. HACHMEISTER'S MEAT MARKET - Quality Meats Always Please MR. L. O. BRIGHT BILL MURPHY'S EAT SHOP - Good Food, Low Prices, Cheerful Service REEVES' DRUG STORE W. E. NELSON - Laundry and Dry Cleaning R. E. MANN - Your Grocer - Shield of Quality Store HARTNELL CHEVROLET SALES - Salem, Wisconsin C. KING'S GROCERY STORE - Salem, Wisconsin KRAHN BROS. AUTO SERVICE - Salem, Wisconsin THE ANTIOCH NEWS E gfa 'ing by Pflllted by PONTIAC ENGRAVING THE ANTIOCH NEWS WIIFEOQ 11fINd1?ING ef ELECTROTYPE co. Antioch, 111. mute en mg A: 2: qi . K , if ff' .ix .,-A , ,L :M 1.7 v . - .VJWJ ' 1. , ' X11 1 JE ,Q .X Sr If an if? A " W FET v ' wx ,M --' H' -ivfpfsgi I ti- Kia. n ml' v f ' vf51g.d:2v': , - - ...ff-1 'f . .f,1a'1fA3T , V ,f"" . Zi 'f 1 ' Z '."wgf'lifEjQT i -32.4" duff Q ff 4f 1 A 143- ,JY "f W I swwf wfiwfffs or . gg.,-SMS: 'fi 1' .+ " ef' f. ' ' . V' 1 161 1 "Nh: ,L -'WJ ' 'f'fvR5'ff!. ,, Lynx my vi, ,. f, Qi ' M I., ,Zig 1 5 Z-54531 - , . ..,. J, '521 . ilwi -:4'..f,k2l V .Lil X 1 , .EEMLL-n',.,. , A -L X .-4 -"ZA 'C T45 ff Q7 5571137 ' ' ,yy 155. fa 515-,Q ' -'glam . ,M .Vw 4 ' f '- -F- 4 K. R.,

Suggestions in the Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) collection:

Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Antioch Community High School - Sequoia Yearbook (Antioch, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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