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.-Mc , , gt J PV' F f f Q, V 15 if - I 1:1 F 4 . 1 '- s, -8- .P f 9-I .vi 44 nk. 1 y fl, Tv I. if V' M I . ,, --W .- gh , wg-3 ,ME ,X 5' , 'gg-gr ,. W.: yf 11 7 w.. X eff: 1 ,FI . ,, -1 'P 3' 3? as , 9 H. -F r lm : .cf , -' 'r-if w v Q, 1, L Y , 5134 1. . 1 , J .qs . '.- e SY., - Bi 1 lv. M f-'B' 52 f . x 1, 1, Y 1 .86 ,- f ' Z 'Q i A sf' , it ., is - :ff LJ 5 -1, ' '41 A ,T 1 , . J Y Ln '-1:5511 1- ' .M if T 4 'if L v Q 5 L fn 4, 3 . gl 1,11 gk nf P, ai ,Q ga i 3 . it A R is it Q gif V Q W I 1 . , . E' 'N g ,S Q -54 .cf V Sv, , - 'ar fa 'Q L i at 1 4. -v . 3, s If 1 5, Eff? ii. Q M 9.- '1 ' I lf-L. i s Tr fi 'MQ' , 1 Q I T i TM' -' T4 yy A f f .rx , if F - . f ' M33 ,V -, ' E I, - W . - K. -N L P' i? Mu sg: ' , 1, 35? gl' g . ,'YY A f N: In -v Egg . 4 3 JE, ,vw , R ' 'Sf b 'B if 4' 2' -.A ' I 5' ' ', 4 . , -A gk 'T ji 1 I+, .wax ., Q i : fain Ji! 4 in 65 if a 'ic igwifh Y f A fb - L: 1 ,X Q - 'ri mf., 1 V If ., L . 1 L V :gb -,1. V. .ni 33115 . 5 Y ' 1 K as ' 1-f -. A , ' 7 Q. 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V, L, f., I . 5,A M FY? 5 M W R In f Z X eff ' ' .m...f : N r -lr w 4' 1 P n Q w X , v f iw ' L wa 1 'E L t ' K u X Q Y w I 1 4 w . 4 'f ' ,Tw ., W, I Ll xi x ' 4 1 ' Km-1 i r -1 v, A . 47-. .Wye I , .1 4 'P F 'Y , 4 1 I . i -5 A 9 1 Q + f 2353 Nd' X 4 ' r x , , f El El Che Sequoia 1928 liluhlislyeh bg the Senior flllzxss of Qmiinrlq iffufnnship glgigh 521111111 fsniiurh, Cjlllirtnis Hgulume II EI EI 1928 The SEQUOIA :. .z 1928 1928 : : The SEQUOIA :: : 1928 Ezhiraieh in mr- Sixth in E-intern zrpprerizxiiuu mth IBIIIBIUIITEIIYEB uf his iuierssi ami! ru-operation fuiilq the 0115155 uf 1928 1928 The SEQUOIA : ': 1928 L. O. Bright, A. M. Alice E. Smith I. S. N. U., U. of I. Vrzljuzmiso, De Kalb Principal, Mathematics History, Latin l -Ll L. R. Watson, B. E. C. L. Kutil, B. S. I. S. N. U. U. of Wisconsin Conch, Manual Arts Agriculture Page Four 1928 : T-he SEQUOIA : 1928 L' A' Stark, A' B' Paul Kessler, A. B. Augustana . . Wabash MUSIC, Sc1ence . . Social Sc1ence Mary A. Sigworth, A. B. Hedvig Rice, B. S. U. of Iowa U. of North Dakota Commercial English, Music Page Five 1928 : : The SEQUOIA : :: 1928 Page Six l l Ruby Richey, B. E. Ethel Witts, A. B. I. S. N. U. Br' Oif I-Iome Economics English, Art, Physical Training f x , ' ' - 1411122-J'2x'ii , f C .el Y' L i, 1928 The SEQUOIA : 1928 l mhz 511215 Top Row Left to Right Herbert Ghan .... ,..,.,... ..,....,,,, Marguerite Manzer Helen Neahous . . Russell Spicer ,. Laura Andersen .. Dorothy Brogan , . . Joseph Bernolfo ...,............,.....,.,.. Bottom Row Left to Right Marian Willie ,. Mr. Stark ..,. Harold Asp . , Jean Abt ,..,.. Homer Tilqany .. Edwin Kapple ..., Ramona Winship .. Snaps Assistant Editor . . . A Calendar , A . Athletics , . . . Classes . . . Snaps . . . Jokes Organizations Faculty Adviser Business Manager Editor-in-chief Ads A . . Jokes . . . Ads Page Seven 1928 :: :: The SEQUOIA 3 gg 1928 C3111 gHFIemnriz11n 26121121 QRBIIHIRI Qinrn 91131151 3, 19U9 Dinh Dernmlwr 39, 19213 Page Eighfl 1928 2 The SEQUOIA : 1928 Selmiura K T i i i i f N l f itil A, 3 I V i ' , ix Q i- : 1 N i i f my X X A President ...., A . . Homer Tiffany Vice President A . . A Edwin Kapple Secretary . . . , Edna Verrier Treasurer . ., Harold Asp A Senior is a limited porfiou of lommmify wbicb bas cznzbled about fl campus for four years or more. Page Niue 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 I 1 . '.. l HOMER TIFFANY Gr1l0j1i11'l Glee Club 12 3 45' Chorus 13 4 EDNA VERRIER Senior Play 1455 Secretary 1455 ffEdd,J ,-, , , Ji Latin League 12, 3, 455 Operetta 12, 455 President 1455 Vice Presi- dent 135. EDXVIN KAPPLE Eddie Orchestra 1455 Senior Play 1455 Latin League 11, 2, 455 Operetta 1455 Vice President 1455 Annual Staff 145. HAROLD ASP A-Sb' Senior Play 1455 Football 1355 Ag. Club 12, 3, 455 Judging Team 1255 Treasurer 1455 Business Manager of Sequoia 1455 Commercial Club 145. Chorus 13, 455 Operetta 11, 255 Commercial 1455 Glee Club 1455 Annual Staff 145. LAURA ANDERSEN Annie Latin League 11, 255 Secretary 11, 25: COH1merCiHl 1455 Annual Staff 145. l JEAN ABT ffsusfef' Glee Club 12, 432 Chorus 135' ODSPGUH 1235 Senior Play 145' T Y , , yp- 1113 Contest 1355 Latin League 11, 2, 455 Editor of Sequoia. 145. KATHERINE ANZINGER Katie,' Home Economics 1455 President 4-H Sewing Club 1355 Commercial Club 1455 Athletic Club 145. Le! us make an honorable retreat. Page Ten 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 JOSEPH BERNOLFO joe Football Captain '28 11, 2, 3, 45, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 453 Track 11, 2, 3, 45, Senior Play 1455 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Operetta 11, 253 Annual Staff, Ag. Club, Latin League 12,35. DOROTHY BROGAN Dot Glee Club 13, 455 Chorus 135, Com- mercial Club 145g Senior Play, An- nual Staff. DORIS BRUMFIELD Docle,' Home Economics 1155 Latin League 1253 Glee Club 12, 3, 455 Chorus 13, 45, Vice President of Commer- cial Club 1453 Athletic Club, Presi- dent 145g Operetta 12, 455 Typing Contest 125. HARLAND CRAFT Cmft,' Orchestra 145, Football 11, 2, 3, 455 Ag Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Ag Judging Team 11, 2, 3, 45. RUTH CRIBB Boo Home Economics 11, 253 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 453 Commercial Club 145. HOWARD GASTON Gas Ag Club 1455 Glee Club 145, Orches- tra 13, 45, Track Captain 13, 45 Football 145. we d0n't have ez good opinion of ourselves who will? Page Eleven 1928 : The SEQUOIA 1928 l 3 HERBERT GI-IAN Orchestra 43, 435 Glee Club 423' 1 Operetta 42, 435 Chorus 4235 Sen- ior Play 4435 Latin League 41, 23. ALYCE HAI-IN Allie', Home Economics 4435 Entered from Wilmot High School. Glee Club 4435 Orchestra 4435 Girl's Athletic Association 443. A JOE HUCKER Agriculture Club 41, 2, 3, 435 Judg- ing Team 41, 235 Latin League 42, 33. ROBERTA LEXVIS Pick, Latin League 41, 2,435 Glee Club 41, 2. 335 Operetta 4135 Senior Play 4435 President 4335 Staff 443. ffHcyb7J MARGUERITE MANZER Peggy Home Economics 41, 235 Glee Club 41, 2, 3, 435 Chorus 43, 435 Senior Play 4435 Operetta 4235 Commercial Club 443. WILBUR MADSEN Bill Latin League 41, 2,435 Football 4435 Track 433. CHARLES MICHELI Cbarlie' Ag Club 41, 2, 3, 435 G1-ee Club 41, 2, 3, 435 Track 43, 435 Football 42, 3, 435 Chorus 43, 435 Opleretta 41, 2, 435 Baseball, Captain '28 41, 2, 3, 435 Basketball 43, 43. To sleep no more. Page Twelve 3 7 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 I i HELEN NEAHOUS Home Economics 1155 Athletic As- sociation 1455 Commercial Club 1455 Latin League 13,455 Annual Staff 145. FRANK PASKAUSKY Agriculture Club 11, 2, 3, 455 Foot- ball 145. HATTIE RISCH Home Economics 11, 255 Chorus 1455 Commercial Club 145. RUSSELL SPICER Russ Football 12, 3, 455 Basketball Captain '28 12, 3, 455 Baseball 12, 3, 455 Track 13, 455 Operetta 1255 Senior Play 145. MARIAN NWILLIE Willie Latin League 11, 2, 455 Glee Club 1, 2, 355 Operetta 1, 355 Chorus 12, 355 Play 1455 Treasurer 11, 2, 355 Staff. 145. RAY VAN PATTEN Burl Glee Club 11, 455 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 455 Operetta 11, 255 Basketball 1455 Football 13, 455 Track 13, 45. RAMONA WINSHIP Entered from Lake View High School, Chorus 1455 Vice President of Athletic Association 1455 Senior Play 145. Be all thy sins 1'e1nembcrea'. Page Thirteen 1928 . The SEQUQIA 1928 UL' 12 Seniur lates:-I The class which entered A. T. H. S. in '24 was not different from any other Freshman class, except that they might, perhaps, have been just a bit more ill-assorted, more mischievous, or more verdant than previous beginners. Though they were of as- sorted sizes, physicially or otherwise, graduates of many different schools, and possessing exceedingly different ideas, they soon came to enjoy each other's company. From their initiation into the family of A. T. H. S. by the Juniors, they emerged a trifle meekly, to proceed through that year of trials in an industrious though no less uproarious manner. The next year found the ulirolicsome Freshiesv turned into Studious Sopho- mores, just a little more sober, more industrious and more determined than ever. Dur- ing this year, an attempt was made at organizing a united class. Though the efforts of some of the most ambitious members of the class were wielded toward that end, we must confess that it was not the great success that they had hoped. Nevertheless, the class was well represented in social events and in athletics. On the whole, the year passed swiftly and uneventfully away. lt was not until they became jovial, well-informed Juniors that the class suc- ceeded in obtaining some semblance of the unity for which they had so long striven. Wfith a unity of spirit once established, the combined efforts of the class were directed toward giving their Seniors a real send-off. These juniors have the distinction of being the hrst class to present a Prom- enade in connection with the annual Banquet. Their diligent efforts were crowned with the laurels of success, and they bade their Senior playmates a sad farewell. The next year found our heroes and heroines enjoying the privileges accorded only to lofty Seniors. There were now twenty-seven of them, grown from a weak, dis- jointed group of people to a firm, united class. On December 9, 1927, the Senior play, A Full Housef, was presented. It was the result of many weeks of concentrated effort on the part of its cast, and the full house that attended recognized it as an achievement of some merit. With the Senior play successfully accomplished, the class was able to turn once again in earnest to their studies, so beloved by some, and by others not at all. Soon the doors of A. T. H. S. will again swing shut on a departing class. An- other group will leave that family of which they became members four years ago. But when they go forth to enter that still greater family of Life, it will be with pride in old A. T. H. S. and only pleasant memories of happy days spent behind its doors. Our pasf has gone info bisforyf' Page Fourteen 1928 :: :: The SEQUOIA ' :: 1928 615155325 nf' ly I ' I W S11 7, ix W 1 lx gg Tu1f0red in the ruclimenfs of many despemfe sf1m'ies.', P g F ft 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Elie m1I1Iil.'I1'5 President , Louise Simons Vice President . . , ..... Lloyd Murrie Secretary i . Martha Wfestlake Treasurer . . , , ..., f , .,,,,..,. Richert Folbrick A lost group of Freshmen found their way into the A. T. H. S. in September 1925. Before the month was over, they had been initiated by the Juniors, and gradually settled down to study. The greatest achievement of their Sophomore year was the welding togeth- er and formation of a firm and united class. The Junior-Freshman party was the opening social event of the following year. On November 4, 1927, the Junior County Fair was a product of the combined efforts of the class. During their years at school, the Junior Class has proven itself deserving of recognition in the athletic and social, as well as scholastic Helds. At present, the Annual Junior-Senior party is being planned, and we hope it will be a success worthy of their past achievements. We speak with fongzzes more than you all. Page Sixteen 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Elie jgUPlfU1IIUl'B5 A President ...,. . , Delmar Beman Vice President . . r i i Amelia B-ernolfo Secretary ,..,, , Dorothy Hughes Treasurer ...,,.......r........, , ,,rr, , , Lewis Beman In 1926, a class of some 45 Freshmen passed one of the most important mile- stones of their lives when they entered the portals of the A. T. H. S. At the Junior party, shortly after their advent into the new life, the Freshmen were initiated into the mysteries of the school, and made regular members. During this year, they were Well represented in all school activities. The following September, nearly all of the original class returned ready for more work and fun, and willing to help those who had stepped into their outgrown shoes. The Sophomore class is keeping up the good work that was begun in their in- itial year, and We hope they continue to do so in future years, that they may deserve the honorable name of A. T. H. S. students. qi.. We labor and baz e no resf. Page Seventeen 1928 : The SEQUOIA 1928 Ezzzirl.. C' U 2 4x25 men President . s . . . Juanita Nickerson Vice President . , . . A . Helen SilT10USCH Secretary i , s ,,,..., Vera Bown Treasurer , . . , , Mildred Robinson The fun-loving, ambitious group of youngsters who came to us in 1927 have so far proven themselves worthy of the respect of their upper classmen. We recognize among their ranks the scholars and athletes of tomorrow, and we hope that they may continue to stand solidly behind our school, so that when they become upper-classmen, they may not differ, in spirit at least, from the many who have gone before them. The snzallcst ffaings are often ffae most difficult to deal with. Page Eighteen 1928 :: :: The SEQUOIA 1: : 1928 gihlpiifg he 5 N I li 1 :D ik , 3 . SW' g 5 ,J ex X sg is It makes 01111 P g N t 1928 : The SEQUOIA 1928 Top Row-Monnicr, Sheehan, Spicer, Steininger Beman Micheli P Kessle coach. Seated-Wcrtz, Murrie, Dalziel, Craft, Strametz Fisher Bernolfo SCORES 1927 Waukegan . . . . 0 Barrington , , , . O Waukegan . , . . O Arlington A . . . 0 Warren . . . . 19 Leyden , , . . . 0 Libertyville . . . . . 14 Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Antioch Who gave fbem charge over fbe earth Page Twenty 1928 The sEQUo1A 2- 1928 fnntlxzrll 5525151111--1927 With only four letter men as a nucleus, Coach Watson had a mighty task in rounding up a team capable of supporting the reputation of the BIG ELEVEN of 1926. In answer 'to his first call, forty-five men answered. Though this number dwindled slightly during the season, there seldom were less than twenty-Hve out. This enthusiasm helped Coach Watson not a little bit. Our first game was scheduled with W'aukegan's Second team. They proved to be a push-over and the Antioch team, flashing a snappy forward-pass attack, downed them 32-0. Several glaring faults showed in this contest and these Coach Watson patched up in time for our next and Hrst Conference game. Barrington, our opponents, and doped to be a tough team, took the short end of a 33-0 score. Antioch, in the first half, using their first team and straight football rolled up 27 points. In the second half, using second team men and playing defensive ball, we managed to squeeze over one more touch-down. Waukegan played a return game with us next, and we again set them down, this time 25-0. Antioch's defense featured in this game, the line teaming with :he backheld in knocking down forward passes, and turning in end runs. Arlington Heights, our next Conference opponent, put up the best scrap of the season but the local team, following the ball closely, took most of the breaks and consequently the long end of a 20-0 score. Warren, our next opponent, outweighed us, and due to the soggy condition of the field, had quite an advantage. However, nothing can be detracted from their victory and the fact that they outplayed us. The final score was NWarren 19, Antioch 0. It was our first defeat. Our next game was with Leyden, and permitted the five men who had been in- jured in the Warren game to lay off. Our seconds put up a nice battle and took the Leyden boys in by score of 25-0. The Hnal clash of the year was with Libertyville, and on a drenched field they defeated us 14-0. This victory gave them a clear title to first place and put Warren in second place and entitled us to third place. For our eyes are upon thy ways. Page Twenty-one 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Top Row-Nickerson, Hoffman, Cremin, Wagner, Mastne, McNeil, Holmes. Madsen, LaPlant, Strang. Seated-L. R. Watson, coach, Van Patten, Paskausky, Anzinger, Belter, Hunter, Gaston, Beman, P. Kessler, coach. FOOTBALL 1927 SECOND TEAM Libertyville . . . . . 12 Antioch , . . . 0 Libertyville i . , i 6 Antioch , . . 2 Warren , i . ,,...,.. 0 Antioch , . .,... . . . . 0 The second team is fodder for the Hrstg that is, they are trampled and cut down one afternoon after another. Its purpose is to season some of the next year's prospects. Because of this, difficult games are scheduled, many combinations used in the line up, and set plays are not used. To them belong a great deal of praise for standing this daily punishment. Very seldom do they have much credit given them but the strength of the next yearas team is, to a great extent, dependent upon them, so their Work is of very great value. Ou! of their nostrils goeth smoke. Page Twenty-two 1928 The SEQUOIA inners uf the RQ. FOOTBALL Major J. Bernolfo, Captain L. R. Spicer R. C. Micheli A. W. Fisher E. H. Craft D W. Steininger J. C. Wertz E. Minor D. Crernin F. H. Mastne R. R. McNeil A C. Holmes H R. Van Patten L. BASKETBALL Major R. Spicer, Captain C. J. Bernolfo L. C. Micheli E. W. Steininger R. Minor R. Folbrick E. D. Cremin R. R. Van Patten M A. Dalziel H. Murrie Strarnetz Dalziel Sheehan Bennan Anzinger Monnier Paskausky Belter Hunter Gaston Beman Wertz Murrie Sheehan Strarnetz Monnier McNeil Bown Mastne Speak Thy Speech, I Pray You. 1928 Page Twenty-three 1928 .. .. The SEQUOIA 1928 Top Row-R. Strametz, C. Michcli, L. Murrie, Mr. L. R. Watson, Coach Second Row-G. Sheehan, W. Steininger, R. Spicer, C. Wertz, J. Bcrnolfo. Waukegan-Znds Leyden . Arlington Alumni Warren Leyden . Bensenville . Warren .. Arlington . . Bensenville . Palatine . Waueonda . . . Waukegan Richmond Palatine .. Wauconda . Tournament of the 1928 SCORES .. Z2 A. T. H. S. . 26 10 A. T. H. S. . .17 . . 15 A. T. H. S. ., 13 . 20 A. T. H. S. .. . 25 .. 25 A. T. H. S. .. ., 19 .20 A. T. H. S. .. 23 12 A. T. H. S. .. .22 .. 21 A. T. H. S. . 18 .. 18 A. T. H. S. . .30 ..,2'1 A.T.H.S... H28 . 13 A. T. H. S. .. .. 14 .. 13 A. T. H. S. 33 .. 17 A. T. H. S. . .. 33 . 28 A. T. H. S. . . 35 M19 A.T.H.S.... ...18 .. . U20 A.T.H.S.. . The District Tournament North West Conference wfauconda 13 A.T.H.S. YH23 Warren ....., 16 A.T. H. S.....26 Barrington 17 A, T, 1-1, 5, 21 Waueonda . . . 13 A. T. H. S.. , . .26 Warren . 15 A. T. H. S. . . . 16 Waukegan .... 26 A. T. H. S.. . . .22 Page Twenty-foul' Terrible as an army wiffa bazzlzcrs. L 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 1927-ZS Basketball Barium The results of the basketball season this year were indeed a pleasant surprise. The prospects at the beginning of the year did not appear as good as previous years, since Captain Spicer was the only regular left from last year's five. But it was not long before Coach Watson began to give expression to a confident smile which bodes ill for opponents. Three of the early games were lost but by such close scores, confidence was increased rather than decreased. The adoption of the delayed offense was something new to this section and seemed well adapted to the temperament of the boys, in fact they used it so effectively that they upset the dope and won the conference tournament, winning- from both Bar- rington and Warren who were high in percentage for the season. In the District Tournament at Waukegan, Antioch won from their rivals, Warren, in the opening game and followed by a victory over Wauconda to enter the semi-finals against Waukegan. In this game Antioch gave Waukegan the scare of their lives. Antioch was in the lead by one point with twenty seconds left to play when a doubtful foul was called on Bernolfo tying the score and Waukegan forged ahead in the overtime. Coach Watson did some nice work in forming such a good team from com- paratively inexperienced players. In Captain Spicer Antioch had as good a player as there is in the state. His floor work, shooting ability, and generalship would be hard to equal. In addition to this he was awarded the conference tournament trophy for sports- manship. Bernolfo, at forward made a good floor and scoring-mate for Spicer. Joe had a nice deceptive cutback dribble that opened the way for a good many baskets. Spicer, Bernolfo and Micheli will be lost to the squad for next year and will be hard to replace. In Steininger, Sheehan and Wertz, the coach will have a good nucleus about which to form a team. 'The reserves under the direction of Mr. Kessler had a successful season, and there were players developed on this squad that will make interesting competition for a place on the regulars next year. The wealzesf goes lo the wall. Page Twenty-five 1928 The SEQUQIA 1928 1928 SECONDS Top Row-H. Mastne, R. McNeil, M. Bown, Mr. Kessler, coach. Second Row-E. Monnier, A. Dalziel, R. Van Patten, D. Cremin, R. Folbrxcl XVon 8 Lost fewer games than any other conference team Lost P Antioch 18 Leyden . . .,,... . . . . 3 Antioch 21 Leyden . . ,,... , , 6 Antioch , , 4 Arlington Heights ,.,, , , R Antioch , . 18 Arlington Heights QOver Timej . 21 Antioch . , 17 Wfarren . . , . , . , . . . 16 Antioch . . . S Warren .....,.. ....,. . . 6 Antioch . . 26 Palatine . , , . 4 Antioch . . 14 Palatine . . . . . 8 Antioch . ,.., 12 Vfauconda . S Antioch .,....,. 18 Whuconda . . , . 12 Games with First Teams Antioch . . 19 Richmond . . 43 Antioch ,,.. ...... 1 1 Wilmot . , . . . 16 Antioch .,.. . ..... . . ..,. 11 Wfilmot .,.., . , . 26 Others Including Practice Games Antioch Allendale . , . 22 Antioch . , . 21 Watlkegan . . . 10 Antioch Allendale . , . 18 Antioch .... 7 Whukegan . . . 13 Antioch Allendale .. . 21 Antioch . . . 18 Richmond . . , . P3 Antioch Allendale . . 14 Page Twenty-six He is iizmfe pt'rft'c'f by L'O1'1'0CfiO71. 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Qlharnpinnzi nf 1927 This team was probably the best quintet that Antioch has produced in recent years. Certainly it was the most successful, winning 19 games and losing S. They were champions of the Northwest Conference and winners of the annual Conference Tourney. After the regular season was over and they had broken training an invitation was received from Wesleyan University to attend their Interscholastic Tournament. It was accepted and a week later the team went to Bloomington. Their first game was with University High of Normal-this team had a record of thirty victories. Our boys ran over them, 22-14. They lost the next game to Tremont because they could not fathom the slow breakf' Four of this team graduated. Bob', Wilson, the captain is the only one of the four not going to college at this time. Phil,' Simpson, left guard, is attending -the U. of I. It was his steady game at back guard combined with Wilson's team work that stopped many an opponent's attack. Bill Sehwenk, center, was high scorer and the most consistent player. He also is attending the U. of I. Les Nixon, diminutive for- ward, was handicapped at times by his size, but it seldom interfered with his playing. Nickls specialty was making a big opponent look silly. He is attending Illinois Wesleyan. Spicer was the only one left to this year's team of which he was the backbone. Thou shalt endure forever. Page Twenty-seven 1928 .. .: The SEQUOIA .. .. 1928 Hllvrurh Sinai HIZIIIIIZIYQ 1, 151,213 fxTHi,izT1c: conifniuzwcic ei-mivimomsniv Basketball season . . 1925-264 1926-27 liasltetball Tournament 1927g 1928 Baseball season . , , . , , , . . , , . 19263 1927 liootball season . , . . . . , , . 1926 AGRICULTURE Third of thirteen schools in Northern Illinois district judging contest held at Allendale under direction of Mr. Kutil. In state contest at University of Illinois. Dairy team fifth out of 98 schools. First in school agriculture exhibit at Watiltegaia Pageant of Progress. Members of 4-I-I Club won first honors at following fairs: Farm Bureau Ex- hibit at Diamond Lakeg Central Stateys 'Exposition at Aurorag Watilaegali Pageant of Progressg Antioch Poultry Show. MUSIC 1927 Soprano solo-Louise Simons-1st at Elgin. Contralto solo-Virginia I-Iaehmeister-Znd at Elgin. Baritone solo-I-Iomer Tiffany-2nd at Elgin. Boys' Glee Club-1st at Elgin and at Normal. Girls' Glee Club-1st at Elgin. Orchestra-lst at Elgin and at Normal. SPEAKING Declamation-Gordon Martin-3rd at Elgin. Erftemporaneous-Marian XVillie-2nd at Elgin. Oratory-Lilah Hawkins-2nd at Elgin. Amf zur' will h1kz'nu'r1y all ffzy fin. Page Twenty-eight 1928 : 3: The SEQUOIA :: 1928 :T GM zmizaiiuu-5 T K lg 6 li x J x 'I H ,+R H j , M I 9+ X ' 4 - x X X 1 Prove all things. M + x . j Q J' P g Twenty-nil 1928 The SEQUOIA 1 1928 Clie Cbirls' Give Club The Girls, Glee Club is one of the oldest organizations in the school. Its mem- bers are girls selected by the process of elimination, the best voices winning a place in it. The Glec Club's services are much in demand to supply music at functions both in and out of school. Each spring an operetta is given and the greater part of the cast is selected from this organization. The Girls' Glee Club was one of the competitors at the State Music Contest at Normal last spring. Full of zzizjiiwlzerfifafed nzirfb. Page Thirty 1928 : : The SEQUOIA 3 : 1928 1 Ellie EEUQB' C5122 Qlluh The Boys' Glee Club consists of twelve members. We have been working on a number of songs this year, and believe we have worked up a strong foundation for a better Glee Club for next year. We all took part in the Operetta, Sailor Maids, and were especially featured as the Guards of the Sea. They fb1t11ll'E7'fl9 1726l7'1!E'IOZlSljl with their voicesq Page Thirty-one 1928 The SEQUOIA . 1928 '--1' cD1'lZlll25lIZI nf 1928 The orchestra this year is almost twice the size of last year's State Champions. As a result, the orchestra has been divided into two groups: the Senior and the Junior Orchestra. The Senior Orchestra consists of more experienced players. Most of them played in last year,s orchestra. This orchestra was awarded the district championship at Elgin, April 12, and are strong contenders for the state championship. The orchestra has played at many public performances, and has shown a great deal of ability. The Junior Orchestra consists of beginners. They, however, have accomplish- ed very much. They have fitted themselves for membership in next year's Senior Orchestra. A great deal of credit for the success of the Orchestra is, of course, due to the splendid direction of their leader, Mr. L. A. Stark. Practice is evc1'ytbi11g. Page Thirty-two 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Qffliglq gitlqunl fgrtlyesira STATE CHAMPION OF 1927 The year of '26 and '27 was a very active and successful season for the A. T. H. S. Orchestra. The Orchestra furnished music for many entertainments at the high school, and also at various programs in the community. The organization motored to Normal May 6, to participate in the state music contest. Two selections were played, which pleased the judge to such an extent, that the orchestra was awarded the championship cup. The final appearance was made at the Commencement Exercises, which was also the last performance for several of the members. Mr. L. A. Stark had the honor of being director of this orchestra. All we ask is but ez przfiem' ear. Page Thirty-three 1928 z 1 The SEQUQIA 1 1928 mhz iusic iflruplqies The trophies pictured above are the reward of hard work both on the part of the students and directors. The orchestra, chorus, girls' glee club, and boys, glee club, along with the soloists won the banner at the district contest held in Elgin, Illinois. The same organizations and individuals journeyed to Normal, Illinois, a few weeks later to participate in the state finals. The orchestra, chorus, and boys' glee club Won first place thus giving Antioch High School the highest number of points. Al- though the girls, glee club did not place in the contest, a great deal of credit is due to them. The orchestra was under the directorship of Mr. L. A. Stark and the other organizations were trained by Miss Helen Bauck. A good man possesses a kingdom. Page Thirty-four 1928 : The SEQUOIA 1928 Uhr Eflaiin league President .,.... , . . Helen Neahous Vice-President . . . ..A... Lois King Secretary .,.. . . . Lilah Hawkins Treasurer . . . . Richard Martin The Latin League was organized at the beginning of 1924. All members of all Latin classes are members of the Leagueg no arrangement being made for cutting meetings. At various times they have evolved different plans for the raising of money which have met with success. At the beginning of 1925 they hired a lecturer, Mr. Canton, from the University of Illinois, who was very well received. At the present time there are iifty-three members. When you are in Rome, do as the Romans. Page Thirty-five 1928 ' l 1 2 F ., : The SEQUOIA : 1928 Ulhe V grituliure Qlluh Morris Bown . . . ..,,. President Dorr Cremin , - A . Vice President Gordon Martin . . . .,... Secretary Homer Edwards . , .,....,.. Treasurer C. L. Kutil ..,, . , , Faculty Advisor This year the activities of the Ag Club included the assisting with the poultry show and pullet saleg Farmers' Institute and Soybean Exhibitg Sectional and States Live stock Judging Contestsg and the Father and Son Banquet. 4-I-I Club work has always been promoted by the Ag Club. Each year, ten boys are sent to the University of Illinois to compete in the State Judging Contest. Last summer, our boys placed fourth in the fat stock contest in the state, and first in the dairy contest in the Northeast sec tion of Illinois. Page Thirty-six I-Ie who bas plenty of pepper will pepper his cabbage. 1928 : The SEQUOIA 1928 4 uma 7 tunumits Qlluh Bertha Sebora ,.,.. ,..... P resident Frances Dougwell . . . , . . Vice President Bernice Dougwell , , ,.,4.. Treasurer Irene Walsh ..... , . . Secretary Ruby Richey ....,.,.... ,,,. A . . . .......... Sponsor The Home Economics Club was organized during the school year of 1921-22. It consists of the teacher and student members of the home economics department. Meetings are held once each month at which programs consisting of social affairs, de'- bates, and discussions of etiquette, dress, poetry, and health are given. The Home Economics Club is affiliated with the Illinois Home Economics As- sociation and thus automatically affiliated with the American Home Economics Associa- tion. The club sent a delegate to the All State Vocational Home Makers Meeting at Chicago, November 11-12, 1927. It matters not how long you live, but how well. Page Thirty-seven 1928 The SEQUOIA 1 1928 -'TZQQ ,,,, .. , .- H ,--f- awMWM .--4 .J COOKING CLASS I NEW CHEMISTRY LABORATORY If is only the ignorant who despise education. Page Thirty-eight 1928 The SEQUOIA - 1928 Wipe Qtgirlzi' Qxililciit 52-iutiziiinn Doris Brumfield , , .,.,. President Ramona Winship , . . . . Vice President . Lois King ..... .....,. S ecretary Esther Stearns . . , . . .... Treasurer Alyce Hahn . . , , . Sergeant-at-Arms Ruth Perry . . . ,,,.. Scorekeeper The Girls, Athletic Association is a new organization in our school. Miss Watts, the gymnasium teacher, called the girls interested in such an organization to- gether and over half the girls in school responded. The girls formed Z1 constitution and paid their national dues. Now our High School is filed as a member ofthe Illinois League of High School Girls, Athletic Associations in the Chicago oflflce. The Honorary members are Mrs. L. Watson and Miss Edna Drom. The girls will send a delegate to the State Convention to vote on matters con- cerning athletics for High School girls. In books, or work, or healthful play. Page Thirty-nine 1928 : The SEQUOIA 1923 Glnmmerriaxl Glluh President A . . Marguerite Manzer Vice President . . Doris Brumfield Secretary A . . Dorothy Brogan Treasurer , , . . . . . . , , s A , , ,.., . . . . . Edna Verrier The commercial club was organized early in the school year, with Miss Sig- Worth as advisor. Persons eligible to be enrolled in the club are members of Bookkeep- ing,IShorthand and Typing classes. Shortly after it was organized, the club purchased an adding machine, for the school. This was its biggest undertaking and each member is diligently working to raise funds with which to pay for it. It is hoped that interest in the Commercial Club will increase in the future, so that it will become one of the strongest organizations in the school. Everyone excels in something in which another fails. Page Forty 1928 : The SEQUOIA : : 1928 1,1 NEW SEWING ROOM CAFETERIA A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. - r Page Forty-one 1928 - The SEQUOIA -- :1928 Q I, V,g,g.Q1' F . :fl aff? 1 i . 'Q Y A C' x. COMMERCIAL ROGM AGRICULTURE CLASS Toil does noi Come to help fbe idfe. Page Forty-two According as the mam is, so must you humour him 1928 : The SEQUOIA : 1928 gllull 4'uw:-ie CAST Parks, An English Servant ,,,,.. Susie, from Sioux City, A Maid .... Attily Howell, A Bride .....,...,. Miss Winnecker, from Yonkers, The Aunt Daphne Charters, Attily's Sister .,..,.., . . Nicholas King, A Stranger ....,,, Ned Pembroke, Jr., An Only Son ..., George Howell, A Bridegroom ...,. A Police Sergeant .. . . ,.. , . Jim Mooney, A Policeman . . A Kearney, Another .,... ,,,..,..,.. Mrs. Fleming, Owner of Apartment .... Vera Vernon, A Show Girl . . . . . . . Mrs. Pembroke, from Boston . . . A . . Edwin Kapple JeanAbt , Dorothy Brogan . , . Marian Willie Marguerite Manzer ,. Russell Spicer . . Homer Tiffany . , Joseph Bernolfo . , . . . Harold Asp 4 . r Herbert Ghan . Ray Van Patten . , , . Edna Verrier , . Roberta Lewis Ramona Winship A small joke entirely surrounded by costumes. Page Forty-four 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 The Senior Play, A Full House, was a farcical comedy in three acts. Imagine a reckless and wealthy youth, Ned Pembroke, played by Homer Tiffany, who wrote ardent love letters, an attorney brother-in-law, George Howell, played by Joseph Bernolfo, who stole them, and then got his hand-bag mixed up with the grip of a burglar, Nicholas King, played by Russell Spicer, who had just stolen a valuable necklace from Mrs. Pembroke, Ramona Winslxip, who was the mother of the indiscreet youth, and the efforts of the crook to recover his plunder, as incidents in the story of this play, and you will have some idea of the swiftness of the action, which never halted for an instant. Edwin Kapple, as Parks, the English servant, and Jean Abt, as Susie, the maid, held the audience by their extremely amusing situations, and their interpretations of the udumbu characters they were enacting. 1 Dorothy Brogan, as Attily Howell and Marian Willie as Miss Winnecker, with their hysterical and exaggerated scenes, the scenes of young love with Daphne, fMar- guerite Manzerj and Ned, George Howell's strong part as the misunderstood bride- groom, the comic scenes with the policemen, Mrs. Flemingis CEdna Verrierj ontrayed appearance, Vera Vernon's fRoberta Lewisj blase and bold scene with Ned and George, who were hopelessly distressed-all together made the situations not only screamingly funny, but every line held a fund of humor. A Full Housev was played to a full house, and by the laughs which it receiv- ed from the audience, we felt that it was indeed a success. Much credit is due to the able coaching by Miss Rice. Fortune helps the brave. Page Forty-tive 1928 The SEQUOIA Z 1928 4 umnr Miss Smith: When George Washington was your age he was at the head of his classf' Freshman: That's nothing, when he was your age he was president of the United States. George: Gee an elephant must be dumb. Homer: What makes you say that? George: His head is so full of ivory that it sticks out.', Miss Rice: Is this theme original? junior: No, I wrote it myself. Pete: That man is wanted in Chicago. Repeat: What for ? Pete: I-Ie's a crookf' Repeat: Why, do they want more crooks in Chicago? Sister: Bob proposes in this letter. I wonder if he really loves me, he's only known me a weekf' Brother: Oh then perhaps he does! Senior: I'm sorry I couldn't come to your party, yesterday. Freshman: Dear me, weren't you there?', Senior: Oh, why, of course, I Was. How stupid of me-I must have forgottenf' First Junior: Where do you bathe? Second Junior: In the spring. First Junior: I didn,t ask you when, I asked you wheref' Eddie K.: fusing phonej Q'Give me 22 double Z. Central-2222? Eddie K.: Yah, hurry up-I'll play train with you afterwardsf, Mr. Stark: fin orchestraj What is the motive in that composition of Tzyschinosky's I just played?H Red: Sounded like revengef, Marian: Shall We waltz? Homer: It's all the same to me. Marian: Yes, I've noticed that. A blanket A Ford A Kettle or two No where to go and nothing to do. A Tourist. Page Forty-six 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Glimpses 13111111 H12 7 uiure jean Abt-Salvation Army Worker. Laura Andersen and Katherine Anzinger-Dramatic artists. Harold Asp-Admiral of the U. S. Navy. Joe Bernolfo-Professional ditch-digger. Dorothy Brogan-Lecturing on Conservation of Energy. Doris Brumfield-Brilliant satirist. Harland Craft-Famous Movie Sheik. Ruth Cribb-Physical Culture Director. Howard Gaston-Worlcl,s Greatest Debater. Herbert Ghan-Frank Valenta,s successor. Alyce Hahn-Grand Opera Star. Joe Hucker-Athletic Coach. Ed. Kapple-Constable of Lake Villa. Roberta Lewis-Engaged in Saving Souls. Wilbur Madsen-Chief chef in Spur Cafe. Marguerite Manzer-Channel Swimmer. Charlie Micheli-Swimming after her. Helen Neahous-Artist Model. Frank Paskausky-Model for Collar Ads. Hattie Risch-Toe Dancer. Russell Spicer- Red Cap in the Antioch depot. Ray Van Patten-Big Game Hunter. Edna Verrier-Sunday School Teacher. Marian Willie-Author of the year's best-seller, MHOW to Be a Good Wife. Ramona Winship-Missionary in South Pole. Homer Tiffany-Famous Tight-Rope Artist. Hence those tears. Page Forty-seven 1928 The SEQUOIA ' Iumni Qliegisier Lillie Watson White, Waukegan, Illinois. Ira Boylan, 212 West NVashington Street, Chicago, Illinois. Walter Taylor, 814 North County Street, XVaukegan, Illinois. Eflie Hardin, Newhall, California. Mrs. Elsie Schraeder, S592 Everett Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Howard Smith, Antioch, Illinois. Dr. Gaggin, 2648 North Talman Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Williams, Antioch, Illinois. Harvey XVatson, Mundelein, Illinois. Eleanor Micheli, Antioch, Illinois. Mrs. Walter Thomas, 1033 First Street, Milwaukee, Nvisconsin. Mrs. Nels Nelson, Antioch, Illinois. Bertha Lewis Goodell, Waukegan, Illinois. Mrs. Ernest Brook, Antioch, Illinois. Mrs. Ernest Simons, Antioch, Illinois. Oliver Cubbon, Antioch, Illinois. Herman Cubbon, Antioch, Illinois. Mrs. Eva Kaye, Antioch, Illinois. Mrs. Ben Burke, Antioch, Illinois. Mrs. C. L. Carrell, 823 Lakeside Place, Chicago, Illinois. Cora Hooper, Lake Villa, Illinois. Joe Turner, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Mrs. George Garland, Antioch, Illinois. George Lewis, XVaukegan, Illinois. Grace Gullidge Griffin, Salem, Wisconsin. Jennie Sibley Hawkins, Antioch. Illinois. CLASS OF 1916 XValter Forbrick, Antioch, Illinois. Laurel Powles, Antioch, Illinois. CLASS OF 1917 Aneta Hucker, 811 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Elmer Jack, 1314 North Mead Street, South Bend, Indiana. Stanley Jack, 223 Sherman Place, Waukegan, Illinois. Marie Johonnott Porter, Mellon Institute, Pittsburg, Pa. Viola Kuhaupt Thompson, 172 Park Avenue, River Forest, Illinois. John Morley, Waukegan, Illinois. Jennie W'illett Ziegler, 638 S. Fourth Street, DeKalb, Illinois. Ruby Leonard, Lake Villa, Illinois. Ruth Pollock Denman, 1341 N. Hickory Street, XVaukegan, Illinois. CLASS OF 1918 Anna Drom, Antioch, Illinois. Laura Hatch. Antioch. Illinois. Helen Kerr Weber, Lake Villa, Illinois. Pearl Powles, Antioch, Illinois. Mary McCann. Antioch, Illinois. Mary Paddock Forester, 1158 South 69th Street, Chicago. Illinois. Tlx' wry flourr of youfb. Page Forty-eight 1928 1928 : The SEQUOIA ' 1928 Cillumni Qliegir-der I C ontin uedj Ernest Cox, Orchard Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Marshall Jack, S905 Kenwood Avenue, Kansas City. Russel Smith, Antioch, Illinois. Charles Tiffany, S14 North Butrick Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Mary Tiffany, Antioch, Illinois. Belle Hughes, 707 County Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Leland Watson, Grand Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois. CLASS OF 1919 Edna Richards Drom, Antioch, Illinois. Clare Sherwood, Lake Villa, Illinois. Ida Runyard Kufalk, Antioch, Illinois. Ethel Runyard, Trevor, Wisconsin. Margaret Drom, Bordoeph, Illinois. Ruth Pollock, Antioch, Illinois. J. Lyman Thain, Wadsworth, Illinois. Frank P0Wle5, Antioch, Illinois- Ray Taylor, 1326 Dewey Avenue, Evanston, Illinois. Merrill Sabin, 1924 South College Street, Springfield, Illinois. CLASS OF 1920 Arthur Trieger, Antioch, Illinois. Willie Sheehan, Barrington, Illinois. Wfilliam Morley, Antioch, Illinois. Wfilliam Cassidy, California. Frank Cox, Orchard Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Grace Drom, Antioch, Illinois. Dortha Hucker Runyard, Antioch, Illinois. Mary Jack, Gurnee, Illinois. Irene Keulman Tiffany, S14 North Butrick Street, Waukegan, Illinois. Mildred La Plant, 801 South VC'right Street, Champaign, Illinois. Elsie Panowski Horton, Vfaukegan, Illinois. Madolyn Sheehan, Antioch, Illinois. Lena Spafford Message, Antioch, Illinois. Susan Tiffany, Waukegan, Illinois. Alida Wilcox Douglas, 7747 Hoskins Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Aneta Wilton Banks, Antioch, Illinois. CLASS OF 1921 Fflylfl Iirom, D0Wf1S,hllllE0lS' John Wallace, Lake Villa, Illinois. .uiver asco, Antioc ,I inois. - W lh I 1 -d HI- ' Phyllis Morley McMillen, Grayslake, Ill. Siievleg T S ,L Tig 63.15, HTSOII' Margaret Sheehan, Antioch, Illinois. 3 ter Oug as' 3 I af Amols' Arthur Verrier, Antioch, Illinois. Royal Ffflch, Lake Vlllav lllmols' CLASS OF 1922 Wfillard Chinn, 714 Nevada Street, Urbana, Illinois. Emily Forbrick, 681 Murray Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beulah Drom, 405 Carson Street, Los Vegas, Nevada. Francis Gray, 162 Massena Avenue, XVaukegan, Illinois. Henry Haley, 4201 North Hamlin Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Margaret Jack, 801 South Wright Street, Champaign, Illinois. Roy Kennedy, 6026 Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Floyd Mathews, Antioch, Illinois. , Fred Sheehan, Antioch, Illinois. Gertrude Winis, 809 LeClaire Hotel, Moline, Illinois. Time as be grows olrl teacbrs many lessons. Page Forty-nine 1928 The SEQUOIA lunmi egisier fC07lfil1Ilf'f1j CLASS OF 1923 Gordon Ames, 311 E. Green Street, Champaign, Illinois. Victor Bown, Antioch, Illinois. Elynore Dodge, 217 Iowa Street, Oak Park, Illinois. Irving Elms, Antioch, Illinois. Helen Gray, 162 Massena Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois. Ruth Kettelhut Pregenzer, Antioch, Illinois. George Keulman, Antioch, Illinois. Anna Kret Haver, 715 Barnard Avenue, Cudahy, Wisconsin. Howard Spafford, Park Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Vfesley XVertz, 801 West Nevada Street, Urbana, Illinois. Clarence Nader, Lake Villa, Illinois. Antoinette Smart Fields, Antioch, Illinois. Mayone Walsh, Ingleside, Illinois. Edwin Rentner, Antioch, Illinois. Lucille Wells Swans, 35 Blackler Building, Lake Forest, Illinois. Vera Nelson Rentncr, Antioch, Illinois. Mabel Van Deusen Stearns, 104 South Lewis Avenue, Waukegan, Illinois. CLASS OF 1924 Elma Cannon Anderson, 2612 Montrose Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Richard Cass, Ingleside, Illinois. Ada Chinn, 802 West Green Street, Urbana, Illinois. Helen Cribb, Antioch, Illinois. Dwight Drom, Antioch, Illinois. Mildred Galiger, Lake Villa, Illinois. Ardis Grimm, Halton Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Albert Herman, 1111 West Oregon, Urbana, Illinois. Beulah Harrison White, Russell, Illinois. Elmer Kufalk, Antioch, Illinois. Letha La Plant, Antioch, Illinois. Emil Lubkeman, Antioch, Illinois. Lester Nelson, Antioch, Illinois. Albert Tiffany, University of XVisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. CLASS OF 1925 Ward Abt, Antioch, Illinois. Harry Wfillett, Antioch, Illinois. Margaret Golden Webb, Antioch, Illinois. Brosia Britton, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Ella Anzinger, 3444 Grove Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois. Katherine Minto, 629 Harrison Avenue, Beloit, XVisconsin. Clara Sorenson Williams, Antioch, Illinois. George Anzinger, Antioch, Illinois. Cornelia Roberts, 511 E. John Street, Champaign, Illinois. Chas. Paddock, Antioch, Illinois. Arthur Christensen, Antioch, Illinois. Harry Peetzke, Antioch, Illinois. Marion Neahous, 4025 North Kilpatue Avenue, Chicago, IlIin Agusta Hucker Haley, Antioch, Illinois. Mildred Hulik, Antioch, Illinois. Dorothy Hawkins Shultis, Antioch, Illinois. I did not ffm' one straw. Page Fifty Ois. 1928 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 lunmi egisier fC011fi11Zl0dj Edith Edgar Elms, Antioch, Illinois. Marguerite Grice Johnson, Antioch, Illinois. Lillian Hanke, Antioch, Illinois. Genevieve Sanborn Lucas, Antioch, Illinois. Pearl Monnier McKinney, Antioch, Illinois. CLASS OF 1926 Lester Hamlin, Lake Villa, Illinois. Eric Noe, 309 East Daniel, Champaign, Illinois. Norma Sebora, Leming Hall, Cape Gerardeau, Missouri. Myrtle Norman, Leming Hall, Cape Gerardeau, Missouri. Ruth Minto, 735 College Street, Beloit, Wisconsin. Louise Sheehan, Lake Villa, Illinois. Vida Palmer, Antioch, Illinois. Shirley Fletcher, 3508 Fond du Lac Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Oliver Hughes, Antioch, Illinois. Una Dalziel Rushmore, Fox Lake, Illinois. Leslie Palmer, Antioch, Illinois. Irene Sheehan, Antioch, Illinois. Margaret Runyard Brady, Antioch, Illinois. Chas. Alvers, Antioch, Illinois. Lewis Barthel, Salem, Wfisconsin. Bernadine Walsh, Fox Lake, Illinois. Margaret Dunn, Antioch, Illinois. Bernice Folbrick, Antioch, Illinois. Gladys Barthel Crandall, Antioch, Illinois. CLASS OF 1927 Lester Nixon, 109 North Main, Bloomington, Illinois. Donald Cremin, Grayslake, Illinois. Mae'-Sebora, 845-Sth Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Elmer Barthel, Salem, Wisconsin. Stephen Pacini, Antioch, Illinois. William Schwenk, 107 Green Street, Champaign, Illinois. Glenna Roberts, 511 East John Street, Champaign, Illinois. Robert Morley, S09 East John Street, Champaign, Illinois. Mary Herman, S11 E. John Street, Champaign, Illinois. Philip Simpson, 303 East John Street, Champaign, Illinois. Robert Alvers, Antioch, Illinois. Emil Hallwas, Antioch, Illinois. Louis Forbrick, Antioch, Illinois. I-Iilma Rosing, Antioch, Illinois. Arnold Shunneson, Antioch, Illinois. Ruth Hanke, 127 North Genesee Street, W'aukegan, Illinois. Richard Kennedy, Antioch, Illinois. Edmee Warner, Antioch, Illinois. Robert Wilson, 120 N. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois. Anna Simonsen, Antioch, Illinois. Shirley Hollenbeck, Antioch, Illinois. Paul Thompson, 8643 Bumham Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Irma Hanke, Antioch, Illinois. Clara Micheli, Antioch, Illinois. Time Flies. Page Fifty-on .2 Laugh and fhe world laughs wilb you 1928 : :: The SEQUOIA : : 1928 U 3215 I I w ,5 W Nw fu ,y , ,, X I I fy , 'W , K VA f Nw ? f 9 ,W X 9 sy 'A'x' ,X SQ ' Many receive advice, few profif by it. lg Fftyth 6 1928 The SEQUOIA 1928 Stlqnnl Qlalenhztr AUGUST 29-We all register for another year's work. SEPTEMBER 6-Begin school with the greenies,' on hand. 12-Football practice begins. 23-Freshies are initiated with solemn rites. 28-Seniors conduct a dance. 30-Win first football game of season at Waukegan. 30-Three weeks reports sent out. OCTCBER 7-Beat Barrington at football. 10-11-Seniors give The Bush Leaguerl' at the Crystal. 13-Sophomores give dance. I4-Beat Waukegan again. 14-Begin Country Gentlemen Contest. 22-Win football game from Heights. 29-Grrr! Lose game to Warren. NOVEMBER 2-Second team loses to Libertyville. 4-Junior County Fair is great success. S-Beat Leyden in football. 11-12-Poultry show. 11-Vacation-School open for inspection. ll-Lose game to Libertyville. 17-18-19-Teachers go to Champaign. 28-Basketball practice begins in earnest. DECEMBER 9-Senior play is a success. 10-Beat Waukegan Seconds and Freshies. 16-Defeat Leyden. 22-We adjourn for Christmas vacation. 22-Defeated by Arlington Heights. 26-Alumni Banquet. Page Fifty-four STATE BANK OF ANTIGCI-I ' KVI - ' Ill l' do al . Annan qaqnnqn HIRTY-FIVE YEARS of experience in the handling of country banking busi- ness, a special training and knowledge of the livestock in- dustry and agricultural condi- l tions. U-'. g? Capital and Surplus fJ?'?,LL ?AFE .X85,ooo. oo Il QERVME +- fl , COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE lgFftfi 1928 The SEQUOIA Srhunl Clalnnhar I Continued Q JANUARY 4-Back at the old grind. 6-Lose game to Gurnee, our old rivals. 7-Win in basketball from Leyden. 11-Miss Pauline Knapp speaks to the girls. 14-Defeat Bensenville. 20-Lose to Gurnee with close score of 18-21. 21--Beat Arlington on our floor. 26-27-Semester Examination. FEBRUARY 3-4-Win tournament by beating Gurnee in close game of 7-Win game from Bensenville. 9-Cow Calling Contest won by one of our Freshies. 10-Interesting speech on The Origin of American Flag. 11-Beat Palatine in close game 14-13. 17-Beat Wauconda 33-13. 20-Pictures taken for the Annual. 28-Lose to Palatine 19-18. MARCH 1-Beat Wauconda there. 8-9-10-Tournament at Waukegan. 8-NVin first game of tournament from Warren. 9-Beat Wauconda in our second game we play. 10-Nearly win from Waukegan in overtime game. 10-Beat Arlington for third place. 29-rElectrical show given in Auditorium. APRIL 2-Freshmen conduct Leap Year Dance. 5-6--Spring Vacation. 12-Musical Organizations go to Elgin. 12-Beat Wauconda in our first baseball game. 16-Teachers go to Waukegan to Teachers' Meeting. 20-Win critical game of the season from Arlington. 26-Annual goes to press. Page Fifty-six 16-15. 1928 E llnnnulll E PHONE ANTIOCH 17 ACCESSORIES Main Garage mfbe garage of Immediate Servicev Q. I i f A. MAPLETHORPE ANTIOCH, ILL, E nlunnnnlllllulllll E unluununllulunllllulnuuuulnl Yours truly, S. H. Reeves CDruggi5t E qlnnllllnlllllln lllnulllnnnunnnluunn EIC Clrase Webb InunInlnnlnguluulnun::umm 'nuff said! Page F ity 1 The First GIXQzti0rzal CBariIe of QAIN TI OCI-L ILLINOIS Capital and Surplus fzoopoo. oo 'Service With a Smile E E1........ El Page Sixty Telephone Wellington 3135 I R. S. Winship Sz Company PRINTERS - - BINDERS 3532 North Hoyne Avenue CHICAGO E ullllll ulnnnn uunnun un unnn uluununnnnnnn unnunu uunn lulnlllvm Tlve Construction Supply Company 811 STRAUS BUILDING CHICAGO DISTRICT SALES AGENTS Wisconsin Ornamental Iron and Bronze Co. Fabricating Plant and Foundries Milwaukee, Wits. Union Fibre Company, Inc. Hanzilton Glass Co. Factories at Warehouse Winona, Minn. Chicago, Illinois COMPLETE STOCKS CARRIED IN CHICAGO AME TAL INSULATIONS ORN MOHN GLASS Fibrofelt Bronze Plate Linofelt Gates Window Lith Rails Mirrors Local Dealers' Accounts Soliciteri D. W. BEMAN, Sr. Antioch Representative nunuunlululzul Ilnnu nn nnnnnnnulullllluunlnlllllm E lllllll nnnn nnlln nullllnziw annul: IIIIIIIIIE Phone 24 5 E 5 MAUDE E. SABIN Antioch Packing House CHOICE MEATS Dry Goods, Ladies' Fnrnisiaings and Fancy Gooiis Wholesale and Retail : 5 Phone 127-W Antioch, Ill. 5 Antiogh I1Ii11OiS Q E 5 E nunnlrnnlnn nulllllllllllllug lil :nun :running null: nnlnnlll lnllunnlnllllnnlllunllE Qulululn lllnnl unlnlnn n nnnn-3 Phone 199W Lake Street g 5 Magazines, Toys, Stationery 5 Kitchen Ware, Books C. A. Powies Sz Son pigm, CHOICE MEATS WEBB'S RACKET Swiffs Premium Hanzs, - Bacon and Lara' Greeting Canis E , , , H ' , L' , C l Antioch mmols : 5 osiery inen ani y E E Souvenirs, Gifts and Prizes E nnnnnnnunu ll ununnm Einnnu nnnuuullnunlulnunlunlnnnununuanunna Page Sixty-one Elunlun nnnnn E Eulllunl Wetzel Chevrolet E Q :Inv - : v M , M ... n 21515 11 Sales 'TQ .1 ALL MODELS Annual ON DISPLAY , Pmtures See Us BY FOR Usun CARS Tronson's 3 Amim-11 Illinois - E Phone 56 E 5 Annmib Pbmm 194-I .5 ......... ........... 5 E -----'A--- -------- Q ---------- ---- '-------' ---- --'- -------'--- e E' - - ' 2 CIJllIlJlillll'lIfS of E E 2 , , 311911112112 El11rv5s WISCOHSIH Butter 5 ' CPRINTERS Store U E Allcmfrzlcf Farm Lake' Villa - 'X X g lil ' E1 E1 ---------------------------------------------------------'------------------- X-f' E f 1 Who's A Fashion Plate? 5 The next man or woman-or 2 yourself? A thorough and proper E dry cleaning as we do the job will E remove the doubts falso dust, grit 5 and marks of weather-wear.J Phone 193 ANTIOCH Q A ti h HI. . : 5 CLEANERS E5 TAILORS H OC mms Phone 130-W 5 llll llllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllli EIIIIIIIIIII lllllllll lllllllllllllllll lllllll Page Sixty-two nunlllnr E nun: Iuunulm Elllllllll ,,,,,,,,,,E TELEPHONE 16 H. R. cfidams ana' Company LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL M2 Lzznzber with Service 7 V W L. A A Antioch. Illinois Cpollockps Greenhouses Telephone Antioch 57 A-R 5 'Suv gs f Ei :EEE Egg . , ,. : A I - I .. O: , - A . 02 :fl .ef gag do 1.53, fp... I A . EIN A-,,.,v - gl,-.-4fLfLL..z3fexrm V: - ' 2sE.5:zffgxwiiHy'?f' Q'-' 'Ercgz I JA. , i Ear- A - n -' .55r,.iE:: J, gym. FLOWERS EOR EVERY OCCASION Q AT REASONABLE PRICES : E Antioch, Illinois KIKIKI IIIIIIIIE Ellllllll ullllnm llnnnu nlnlllllll lnlnu nu nullnrq qlununl nunum Ph L k V'l1 7 E E 5 one fi E 1 a - - H. P. LOWRY - Lake Tire PLUMBING AND HEATING Sz Auto Service Gas Ranges Lake Vina, Illinois HHH' GHS Wafer : Heaters Gus Swanson Propriefor Phone 53 Antioch, IH. llllll Ill ll lllllllllllIlllllllllllllli' Elilllllllllllllllilllll lllllllllllllllll llllllllg Ilnnnnnlununlnunnnnnxulnunnllnnnnnnnnxnlxnn Q g,,,,,,,n un...nun.unnnnlnn Iuuxir E Antioch 155J-2 Chicago Papers 2 E Q ' ' Cornplhnezris ' Cermak'S of Loon Lake Store Grocery ana' Market--Bakery Goods Soft Drinks Ice Cream Soclas Candies, Cigars and Tobacco Meals Served Filling Station Antioch, 111. : J. BLUMBERG E VVaukegan : Lake Cozzzzfyis Olffesf and Besf Fzzrnifzzre 5 Q Sfore Q E nn:nnunnulnnnnunul lunnnlnnlnnuulunlunil gnluanu 1unlnn:nunlnllnnnlruxnnuigl Page Sixty-three E ulnuulnnllunuunluu lnlllnlunnnlnn nnlnuu llllllllllll E QAntiocl7 Lumber 6? Coal Company QINCORPORATEDJ LUMBER, COAL, FEED, AND BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE ANTIOCH 17 ANTIOCH ILLINOIS EI -'----------------------------- -------------------------------------- I3 El ---'----------------------------------------------------------------------- lou don, an uf Z 3 ' If 9 0 Om' , Kzngps Drug Store you ouglol fo The Drug Store Uniquo', OTTO S. KLASS - Ozzffffer fo men and boys Ice Cream Soft Drinks EI ......1................. ..................... 5 ' Road Stand Accessories ........ ............ .... . ..... .,....,........E' : Comjnlimenfs Q Q at of : Wholesale WILLIAM KEULMAN Q Jeweler S Z Telephone 22 Farmers' Line S tyf 5 azlununnlullullluu nluulnuulu nnnlu nu mlnlllmm THE QANTIOCH NEWS The Lake Regi0n's Leading Weekly Newspaper Published Every Thursday Subscription 52.00 per Year in Advance Modern equipment for the production of HIGH CLASS PRINTING Telepfoone 43 Antioch, Illinois THIS ANNUAL WAS PRINTED BY THE ANTIOCH NEWS E llllll lllllllllllllllullllllllllullllnlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnllulllllllnllllllllulllulnllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllE lllllllll llnllllll E Qlxlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllxlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnlllllllllll E QANTIOCH RESTAURANT and : Scott? Dairy MNTIOCH CBAKERY ?T 'T?l A nice place to eat : ER Bakery goods always fresh 5 PHONES 32 and 233 2 5 is llllllllll llllllllllll llllllllllll llllll llll Ill IIIII lllllllllli T. B. Tested Pasteufized E ?mImmg I LQ H ImmmmmmnmlmI? . Q Lbecia izinv in esort Properties 5 Milk Illifagis--Wisconsifz Phone 225 Cliobert C. Abt Real Estate Investments phone 103 Antioch, Illinois Antioch Illinois Q E Insurance in all its Branches. E lllllllllll llll ll llll lllllllllulum E :lllul llll lllllllllllllllllxlll llllllllll llxlnnlu lllll llllll lllllllllllllllg Page Sixty-Hve Page Sixty-six E lun ulnlllm We do not care so much for a profitable return on the cost of the space we are using here, but we do hope that the amount We have paid for this space will help the boys and girls to accomplish their desire in issuing a high school year book that will be a credit to the school and the community. CHICAGO FOOTWEAR CO. E I' luunlum nnnunm Riglate0us110ss exalfctb zz nnfiong but sin is cz reproach to any people. PROVERBS 14:34 ,al The Church is the pulse of national righteousness. It means colleges, hospitals, civic organizations and national governments, it means better schools, cleaner politics, purer social lifeg it means law and order and respect for such ideals as make a nation great. It transforms the individual life. It is the voice of God in the midst of the people. Think of all the church has done, of all it means today and then give its sacred influences first place in your hearts and minds. This space paid for in the i11z'e1'est of youfb. Page Sixty-seven 1928 : 1: The SEQUOIA 2: :: 1928 Qsuiugrzrphea Page Sixty-eight 1928 1 The SEQUOIA 1 : 1928 Qguingrzxphz PgSt 1928 : :: The SEQUOIA : :: 1928 Qmtugraplqsi w I A UPG' 'ANT P pl114liIl1011ilIl1021riuiiliuioioiuiot This Annual Printed and Bound Complete by The Antioch News, Antioch, Illinois. DU11litliII10101IIinitlilxinillioioilld 'if' v .gg mx V? .QR 5 ,MX 'EEN ' Q15 if ,. L ...,. . if L 1 v A QM V .,. 4 V. p wa Min: ,-, x. SM ,ig L. ' J ',-5 ., .5 .a Wi 4!,1. ri, 'wi- v 1' e ,V ,Yi - , - I , 1 A s 'f 'f N fm. m 'QQ' f :ggz .fx-H ff' . in as - Ls. f A ff: .1 t, - 4 al ,xi a TH 2' --1 f f 1 1 ya I ,xl X f ,- , 1 1 '13, . .. ,I-'Mu '-1 ar ' , . ' 1 -' wif? S. rf Av- f 1 , v ' 3. 1 I fl 1- I 7 A , V f . J' : L1 v 'I -- N 1' L 4. fi y gjf Y' .if pg . if -,L inn lj VH' N 1 .S-' eq YV V: 1 -- 1 . --1--, Q 1 1 xfq Ls- K ,, :if , -.lf 4, .1 b S5.R ?,.3ixjaJ , ,fbnzgwxzyllii il!1.,., ,lx ' fi 1 um ' . ffcf ,. ,5 ki' w gf' .,, V3 ,, : 1' -, f .ffif 1 ,ff -sf 2' ,1.. A .fe 3 3,ff', w- L., ya- Kf. ' i.. -. f v. , J ,fn W , 1 g i . , 1 9 ft 5 ' 1' . '. f ww. -4. 1 5. mi- ,, f J. A .' 'g J 1 , I S ,. Q , wa . ,xg Nc J 1 J 44 J PF' 5 ,vjyx 1,, f Vx va,-, V ' -lxf'-' 4 ,lvwl fx g ff XXEY fin? -fy, f, f Y n , 1. 5 1 vi' . W, . , . f I yn, 1 ,.'--,,-r- 'I' EIL' xx l,.,,1 A 3' S J , . . v. .Ex 1 'L L- 5 , , ' A ,-' 14 'Q -f ' ' M 3 .V -1. f ' iff f-W 1. 2 Y 4 ' f. ff: lf! ' Y 4 ., . , Q, ..w 1 . PV. I-, vufyyx .sk . w lv 3 . z, N 7. 5, 4, -1 'M ., 1 .-A . , ,. ,Q g ,. , Y K 1 'I , A T I ff H if' e w 1 1' 1 ' ' Q 4 --M1553 'P' ri u 1,11 15. . My A H . ,kg-,Q V if 13,-rr :T A N' . - .w3'Q x .cf-wg., ig f qt it 'Q -iff 1 x ,nan --x.-if ' na x... -1 'A g ,F iw Fwy. 7 1 'L 'ff ' .iwaf 5:1-Q. . . 1 ft, ,3. ' gpg :Sm 'ggi A , z.- , .u-,- 1. Q Q Qi, . 1.4 i - 1 5 . . 3 -p. Q 1 I ai 1 L1 Ag vu' fi, Q J Q 6 W 1 1814... . je, 5 A r 4 k:'.- T x- 5 L 1 ., 1. f Qi- f If - W jfffv. 1? 5, 1' M, A . X ., - 5. w V ix A Jf --:E 55 fi, , 5 + -9 is 1 1 L' EW , ,Q. ,:, I Rh' F we f -Y .W I . E L 'K Y V B , Q rv. 1' 0 In va asf a ,lf 1 A: Q ' A A Ag , R 4 5 1 Q Q Sfxvs. 1 in I 6.32 9 1 gf JS ' -F Yi Yi. Walid- ,- - E-2 , . 753. .1- .Y : ' .L Y 11131. ni 5 at ,,?4'i Q. 33, yr k . ,..'i' A 'X' ik. ui - . 7 it f.. , rex 5 z v 'ff 3'-5 1 L -Q., ,QS af 'E Q 491.-N.: I ,v -4, f 1. 4 ,,, ffm f, .L J. '. Q.. U4 .2 .4 u H ,L 'FA -W Q, '-..kff'1 4 M

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