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gligxf- 14, , 53353573 A-, ,ap .A T5 , , F 4 1. ,,, 'g,-an -'4 ,H 'P' ?f?:"5'?uf'Mf1:f 1 V .M .4 , h ?'3,. " A 3' ' . 11: . .w ' ,ffvaV,v,, ' ,I ,, .IN -1. 1 " ii .' 'JV M. ,1.,- , . . X'---U ? 2' A . fn? 'MN wvgh, fv' -1: , 52- , va- S V .,A,, , , If ' :N f" ' -1 ' Aw -.5'.H:'1' RFQ .:' ms wwf wg syn. w Q l"'x r 11 . ,r 7' 'v , , A 2 1, f 0 xi v, fx Q . 1 , 1? -+ V N fl .X-fv, ,J '- V' rv., L . ' , .5 L' 5 , f , - , 7 ' vi- ., j., , 1 ' , 1 ,jyfg ' r ff., . ,. e , A 1 K' Ni' E ., V' - 1 , . '51 Q 7, , 111' - ai V 1. . . . . Y, 3- F 9 X L , X, I f .V- gg. ,dr , S w ' 1 ,,',,.:.,. ,, ,, . , V' Ml M, f.'.' ,. ff' , r , I tl . A -,mf ,z I T ANR? '-'F-SJEEHZN mlWs'EF X f ., vw 1 1 . 355 1 I, , . 1 ir' Te" 2 , '1 , ,J if A ,' ' - ', 'wi - x Q' J " 1 , 1 : 1 1 1: .,, g 5 ' .5 il . ,.V, .' 1 qi ' -L4 114, , , ,yn- ,fixl , 4 .. 1 1 ' 5 f" , .2 1 75, , " , ' Z I, -Q1 -, 1 , ,-La, 'Lv , ' f ' , 4 , 1. 5-1' 1 ,,' "ff 'A ..rv.xG?.V ,K ,,,' I, .QA - '-I3-13, ff f" . ,-gg, 5- A , : ,n-1' ' 1 , .Q ',, '1 L- ,- 'HJ - . , ' 1 'N V , P'-" ' ' K, " ' "' -7 Q- . V, . " 1' , , . ,' A, E' j ,.11',1. 1 -. ,Q ,.1 .':', ' -1+ ' , ,I-353.1 .5 431' M 1 10: ,fm Hg 1,11 - 11 ,. W 1 9314" -C, -,J N "f'13.M51 1, 1 .. 15 1 -f"'.1fH ': -uw , , ,..,1i-Lg ,,5,1, ,H . ,N , , ,x ,T ' ,. f A 4,3 x ,f -1: V I K 'H xii- 1 4 1u!:ma'rxwsunuvll1m5aimr.:mun1vf'fQ femme! .. -,xl ,Q '4 1' 4 A W . rr w -1,,. 'r 11, 7 'H' -- .--,E:,i fda 25, f iufifig, "QV ' ' -14 , 1 - 1. 'M f Q L ' nv? 1-rv. f " J W Wx rig' pu"-5 , , Ei, .j a,g,1- ,V xy f - '-4 f ,.g5J'1Aev . L.-1, ,IU '1,T"" p, 1 1 .. 5 ' " 'QNQ .wx ,rj 3, .1 V yl. 5' .N H' 1' , ,i' 1 1-.4 . Y. , , A. lj 3 , rj : 15-.SEM , ,A .1 - ,, Q .1 2 QI' Y ff' ' W 'M A , f f,, , M w ,vzfy W . 3, f, ., 4, . T I QU I -1,4 1' ' 11,11 .- ' -,-, e K, 1 ' 4 .1 R14 Iv.- N' 44 5 21 .L ,, mf av X., 'if AT: V '1 4.. s 'UU I . X 1 1 A Wi . .5312 ' .- ,. 4 J- r , , f Jijwf if 4.2231 IliltllllllIIIlII!lINllIIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllIIIllllllllllllllIlIIIIlllllIlllllllllllilllllillllllllllililHlllllllllllIlllllllillllllIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIl1lIlIlIlIlllIIIIINIIIH1IlllIIIIIIIIHillIlllllllllIIllNIIIlllllllllPINHIIIIIIIIIIillllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIlHll!IIIIII1HHHIIIIIIIIllNIHIIIIIIIIIIIVIJIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Uhr Svquuia was liuhlinlpzh hg the .iluninr 0112155 nf 2-Xtdinrh Efumnahip igigh Svrhnnl Antinrh, Zlllinnia I Hnlnmv I l HIIllllllIIIlllllIlIllilllIIIlIi1IIllllllllIIIIIIHIIIIllllllIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIllIllIlIIIIIllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllIlIIlIIIIliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIillIIIIIIIIilllll!IIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIII IIIVIII!IlllllIllllIlIlllIIIIIlliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 1926 : : THE SEQUOIA : 1926 Un Qlllr. GD. E. Ifiright nur tzarher unit prinripal mhnur vnrnuragemrnt aah rnnprraiinn han hmm grratlg appreriatrh hy the Qllaas nf '27, mr hvhiratr this annual nf tht Antinrh Enmnnhip Tgigh Svrhnnl Be not simply good-be good for somelhing. 1926 : . THE .SEQUOIA 1926 I L. 0. Bright A. M. Alice E. Smith I. S. N, U., U, of I. Valporaiso, De Kalb Principal, Matlieriiatics History, Latin L. R. Watson B. E. Deedie Tiifany B. S. I, SA N. U- U. of I., De Kalb Coach, Manual arts Domestic science There is no art to jind the mind's construction in lhe face. lugfr I' our 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 C. L. Kutil B. S. L. A. Stark B. S. U. of Wisconsin Augustana Agriculture Music, Science. Helen Bauck, A. B. Katherin Prescott, B. L. Cornell U. of Chicago Music, English. History, English. Wizards that peep and mutter. Page Fiwe 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Pf1geSix Hilma Rosing ..., Mary Herman Bertie Wallace .. Emil Hallwas Phillip Simpson ., Lena Sebora ...... Shirley Hollenbeck But Marie Rothers .l.. Robert Morley , , . Emmet Webb .... Glenna Roberts .. 01112 Sttaif tom Rau' Left to Rig ,-I llfl Rufw Imft tu Rig!!! ..... Secretary , . . Organizations .Advertising mgr. .....,. Calendar ., Athletics . . Classes . . , Secretary ht . Associate Editor . . . .Business Manager . .. Editor-in-chief . Associate Editor Progress is made by work alone .IIHIHIlUllllllll.'IHllllllllllllH!IIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIHIIIIIIIHIHIIHHIIIlIiIIlIllIIlIHlIl!l1IlllllllllllllllIlllllllllilllillll. llllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHHHI QM I fr F' E- I I iv?-Li li .......... . .. . ..... C ....... .... ..... ii ' CL sslis ,, - llllIIllllIllIIIIllIIIIIllllIIllIllllllIIllIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIII I Y V iMInl41 4 H a w, la NH IR HHH!llllflllllllllllhf IIIIHTIIIIIIllIlllIIl!IllIIIHIlH IIIIllIIIIIIIHHIHIIllllllllilllllllillllllIIHIIIIllIlIIIII,I Il,I lillllllllllliillllllll oi words U. 1926 : THE SEQUOIA 1926 1 I Payz' Eight I NORMA SEBORA "Norm" "If's nice lo be nafzzral when you're naturally nice." President Q3,4jg Glee Club C3,4?? Home Economics Qljg Play C459 Latln League Q3,4j. ' MYRTLE N ORMAN "1VlYrf" "A maid wifh purpose high and grave." Vice-President Qfljg Scribbler's Club C4jg Latin League Q3,4jg Play Q4jg Athletics BERNICE FOLBRICK "Beefie" "'Tis Good-will makes intelligence." Home Economics Q4j 5 Play Q4Dg Sec- retary C4j. GLADYS BARTHEL "Guy" "Never idle a momenf but fhriffy and tho'fful of others." Treasurer C415 Home Economics fi, 253 Dramatic Q2,3jg Basketball C2,3, 4jg Volley Ball Q2,3j. An investment in knowledge always pays the best inferesf, 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 IRENE SHEEAN "Sheeny" "Fm glad I have no temper." . . Home Economics t4jg Glee Club C2, 3, 4jg Dramatic Q3jg Operetta Q2, 3jg Play Q4jg Basket Ball ERIC NOE "Rusty" "All great men are dying, I myself am noi feeling well." Entered from Hyde Park High School. Scribbler's Club QLD 9 Play Q4j. LEWIS BARTHEL "Skinny" "He fears the wiles of maidens' smiles." Ag. Club Q45 9 Play Q4j 5 Latin League Q3, 4j. SHIRLEY FLETCHER "Be not too tame." Entered from Washington School Milwaukee. Home Economics Q2,3jg Play f4j. BERADINE WALSH "Bunny" "The pen of a ready writer." Home Economics Q4jg Editor of Journalism Cfljg Scribbler's Qlljg Play t4j g Athletics UIQ. Out of school life into Life's school. Page Nine 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1925 Page Ten RUTH MINTO "Rufus" "A quief sizzdious maid." Home Economics fl, 2j 9 Latin League Q3, 4D g Scribbler's Club Q4j 5 Play Q4j. OLIVER HUGHES "Ollie" "Mild and gentle as he was brave." Football Uljg Track Q3jg Basketball t2,3,4Jg Glee Club Q4jg Play Q4jg Ag. Club Q2,3j. MARGARET RUNYARD "Peg" "Unfhinking idle, wild, young, I laughed and danced and talked and sung." Glee Club 1435 Basketball Q4jg Play 149g Volley Ball Q3, 45. MARGARET DUNN "Peg" "A giggle, a dash, a shriek, and a crash." Pep Club f3,4jg Home Economics C1,2jg Dramatic Club C2,3jg Basket Ball C2,3,4j. LOUISE SHEEAN "Lou" 'Clusl fry fo make me mad." Secretary f1,2Qg Home Economics C1,2j Basket Ball C455 Play Q4j. You can fell a Senior but you can'f fell him much. 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 LESLIE PALMER "Les" "The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit." Ag. Club Q2,3j, Glee Club Qfljg or- chestra Q1, 2, 3, 4D 3 Play Q4jg Operretta Q2,3jg Football Q3,4jg Basket Ball Q1, 2, 3, 4j g Track Q31 LESTER HAMLIN "Ham" "Shy, youthful, silent and understood", Latin League Q3,4jg Play Qfljg Glee Club 4. UNA DALZIEL "Pat" "There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip. Entered from Vero High Schoolg Basket Ball QU, Track Qljg Glee Club Qljg Vice Pres. QSD, CHARLES ALVERS "Chuck" "Bon Dieu please remember the pat- tern and make more of this plan." Treasurer Q1,2,3jg Ag. Club Q2,3jg Glee Club Q'3jg Orchestra Q1, 2, 3,4jg Play UIQ. VIDA PALMER "Wida" "She loveth pleasure." Play l2, 455 Home Economics C1, 25, Basket Ball QS, 4j 9 Treasurer QSQ, Our minds to us are empires E ! Page Elefuen 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Qllama nf 'EE An extraordinary tribe of very green "Freshies" appeared at A. T. H. S. in September 1922. There were forty-two of them and the upper classmen were soon convinced that the "Freshies" would forever possess the ability to look out for themselves, and to stand up for their rights wherever they might be. The members of this unusual class were collected from a number of dif- ferent grade schools, but it was not long before they were firmly bound into a united class and were all ready to support it loyally. During that first memorable year, there were many good times which will forever remain in the minds of those little "Freshies" but no great social events were indulged in because they believed their time to be too fully taken up by study. When a year had passed, the tribe of "Freshies" had changed into a much smaller group of eager Sophomores. Although they were much smaller in number, they were now more able to make a more lasting impression on the school. Even though they had lost a great number a few new members were added from other schools. It ws not long before the "Sophs" had emerged into flighty Juniors. They accepted this year as the crowning height of their glory. They were respon- sible for making the new class of "Freshies" acquainted fully with the cus- toms of the school. At the Junior-Freshman party the thoroughly scared the little green "Freshies" but not to such an extent that they were unable to re- sume their studies. Their next step was to acquire some wealth with which to make a good impression on the Seniors at the annual banquet. It need not be said that this event went over with a "bang" and that it was a remarkable success. Once more they returned to A. T. H. S., this time as dignified Seniors, although some people believed them to lack dignity. The Senior family had dropped away until they were only nineteen in number. It was not long before talk of the Senior play was in the wind. This talk culminated into the pro- duction of "The Whole Town's Talking" in which all of the nineteen par- ticipated. Everyone knows what a great success it was as the whole town talked about it for some time afterward. Although they had made quite a sum of mone they might leave an extraordinary class gift to the school. To acquire this needed money they sponsored a Lect C sandwiches and served cafeteria. y, they needed more so that ure ourse and a show, and also Sold Vim, vigor, and vitality. Page T-1:6117 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 During all of the four years their Worthy classmates participated in all activities, so that they were recognized as a talented class. At last the members of the "Peppy Family" have attained the highest position offered at A. T. H. S. and they will soon receive their diplomas and march forth into the cruel World, proud that they have acquired their educa- tion and are now ready for the hard knocks with which they will often be brought into contact. ,, v Q if ifvyf sa .- gc I 3 -.Q 1.1244 iii EW?" S! f.6:2G,' riibldn' E4 I 'l 5 1 fl 5 L1 lr I I .llxg 'Zfp No season for calm and familiar Ialk. Page Thirteen 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 ROBERT MORLEY "Bob" "That well appointed leader fronts us here," ROBERT ALVERS "'B0b" "1 am the very pink of courtesy." SHIRLEY HOLLENBECK "Sher" "A willing heart and a ready mind." EMIL HALLWAS "Ehm" "He is strong and mighty and can hold his own." GLENNA ROBERTS "Gkwmy" "Q11iet? You should know her better." Our class-first, last, always. Page Fourteen 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 ROBERT WILSON "Maggie" "A man that blushes is not quite a brute," GEORGIA BACON "Babe" "I have found one man among one thousand." EMMET WEBB "Emmy" "He does nothing, and does it well." MARIE ROTHERS "Murphy" It was a true report I heard of thy wisdom." BERTIE WALLACE "Star" "A lion among the ladies." LOUIS FORBRICK "Louie" "You walk softly, look sweetly, and say nothing." IRMA HANKE "Maria" "Great feelings hath she of her own." We are building day by day the character that will make or mar our Happiness. Page Fifteen 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1920 J ADELLA RENTNER "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." WILLIAM HATTENDORF "For several virtues, 1 have loved several women." CLARA MICHELI "A woman's face with natures own hand painted." PHILIP SIMPSON RUTH I-IANKE ll "Men of few words are the best men." She doth indeed show sparks that are wit. ANNA SIMMONSON "She hath a natural wise sincerity." DONALD CREMIN Page Sixteen "And I sat beside her and went to sleep." Opportunity knocks but once. "Betty HaPPY "Ta "Simp "Ruthie 'Annie S andy 1926 : THE SEQUOIA : 1920 LENA SEBORA 'Tvfade up of wisdom and of fun." HAROLD CHRISTENSEN "Silence more beautiful than any HILMA ROSING i "Modesty becomes her." HAROLD BRITTON "It's a great plague to be a handsome man." EDMEE WARNER "What does a maiden think about." MARY HERMAN f'Good natured, busy, and a friend to all." WILLIAM SCHWENK "A lad of metlle, a good boy." 'Tis good will makes intelligence. l iIJ'iIn11 "Dynamite" ong." HI-Iii!! 5lTommY!! UEdH "Susie" HBi11H Page Seventeen 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1925 LESTER NIXON "To be merrybesf becomes you." BLAN CE SORENSON ll Coquelfe and coy at once her air." DAISY EH RENBORGH ARNOLD SHUNNE PAUL THOMPSON MYRTLE NELSON STEPHEN PACINI "Light of heart, fair of face," SON "This bold, bad man." "A nice big boy." "Genile thou arf," H "A fellow of plain uncoined consfancyf' RICHARD KENNEDY ELMER BARTHEL "I'll warrant him heart whole." "Shorty Brownie" "Dizzy Barney H H "Paul" "lV1yrt "Steve H 11 "Dick" Cyclone "To spend ihe times deliciously becomes not men of worth." Pagf' Eighteen 'Tis good will makes intelligence. ll 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Uhr Sluninr Gilman President ..... . . . Robert Morley Vice-president ..... .. Robert Alvers Secretary-Treasurer . . . . . . Emil I-Iallwas Three years have passed since the present Junior class enrolled in A.T. H.S. During the entire time, they have striven toward their ideals, slowly but surely realizing them, They have always been Well represented in athletics, societies, and in the high scholarship records of our school-even While they were green and verdant Freshman, and through their Sophomore year. As Juniors they have formed one of the peppiest bunches of upper classmen which has ever reached that honor in A,T.H.S. and the members seem to have the initiative to do things and carry out their desires in the best way possible. And so, let us hope and pray, for the benefit of the school, that future classes may be more and more like the class of '27. We live in deeds not years. Page Nineteen 1926 THE SEQUOIA z 1926 Best looking boy . . Best looking girl . Best liked boy .. . Faculty rusher .. Biggest sleeper . Biggest eater .... Best natured boy . Best natured girl . Most accomplished Most athletic .... Most dramatic . . . Biggest fusser ... Clown ........... Most hard boiled . Most coquettish . . Worst cutup . . . Most willing .... Most love aifairs . Boy Craziest .... Uhr Euninr 0112155 . . , Louis Forbrick .. Clara Micheli .. Philip Simpson .. Maggie Wilson . Donald Cremin .. Philip Simpson . . . . . Bob Morley .,. Mary Herman Daisy Ehrenborgh . Glenna Roberts .. . Marie Rothers . . . Emil Hallwas . . . . Lester Nixon Arnold Shunneson . . . Georgia Bacon ... . Lena Sebora .. Adella Rentner . . . Bertie Wallace Blanche Sorenson The beautiful is nothing more than the visible form of the good, P11516 Twenty 1 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Uhr Suphnmurra President .... . . . William Fisher Vice-president . . . ...... Jean Abt Secretary .... . . . Laura Anderson Treasurer .... ..... . . ............... Marion Willie The sophomores, since they entered High School, have been well repre- sented in all activities. They have some of the best scholars, are quite jolly, and ready to back the school. Its members are very ambitious, and are quite some go-getters. We hope they will continue in our school as they have in the past two years, Some are wise--some are otherwise. Page Tfwenty-one S 1926 THE SEQUQIA 1926 -H .al 1 -ff Eh? Zllrrahmrn President ...... . . . Richard Forbrick Vice-President . . . . . Bertha SCb0fa Secretary ,,,, . . . Eugene Sheehan Treasurer .... . . Charles Billings Into the open portals of old A.T.H.S. came the forty-three anxious fresh- men, Eager for knowledge, they soon acquainted themselves with the peculiar characteristics of the school. Within a month's time these shy freshmen had become a healthy, normal, noisy group of youngsters. By the time these fine people attained the dignified position of Seniors we hope they shall be well represented in school activities, and if our proph- icies come true this class will be as fine a one as has ever left the portals of A. T. H. S, Brilliant sons of the Emerald Isle. Page TiL'l"!lfj'-1180 E9 l A pound of pluck is worth more than a pound of luck. Page Tfwenty-three 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Top Row-Wallace, R. Alvers, Barthel, Fisher, Steininger, H1lghBS. 1 Middle Row-Kennedy, Simms, Hattendorf, L. R. Watson, coach, Craft, Bernolfo, Nixon. Seated-Wilson, Shunneson, Morley, Simpson, captg Hallawas, Spicer, Schwenk, Palmer. Ffnnthall 1925 25: A. T. H. S. vs. ARLINGTON-Qctober 2, 1925. The first game of the year was an easy game. Antioch making four touchdowns to win with a score 25-0. if A. T. H. S. vs. WARREN-October 9, 1925 Although we outplayed Warren and advanced the ball at will, we only made on touchdown to win by a score of 6-0. 15: A. T. H. S, vs. LIBERTYVILLE-October 16, 1925 Both Antioch and Libertyville were tied for the Iirst place but in a Held of rnud we lost 19-6. Libertyville won the championship. A. T. H. S. vs. MCHENRY-October 24, 1925 We went to 1VlcHeury and played while it rained the whole game. They defeated us by a score 6-0. Pagf Tacfnry-four LV 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 A 11:81 - .s ' u A. T. H. S. vs. BURLINGTGN-October 31, 1925 Burlington came expecting an easy game but were mistaken when we beat them with a score 7-0. It was a grand game. A. T. H. S. vs. BARRINGTON-November 7, 1925 Playing with five regulars out, only one regular back-field man we de- feated Barrington with a score 6-0. A. T. H. S. vs. KENOSHA-November 11, 1925 In the last minute Kenosha made a second touchdown to win 12-7, but A. T. H. S. came back and on the first play made fifty yards for a touch- down but the referee said the game was already over. A. T. H. S. vs. WARREN-November 18, 1925 In a good game we defeated Warren with a score 7-0. The seconds beat McHenry 13-0 and lost to Allendale 6-0. CONFERENCE GAMES. Page Tfwenty-jffve 1926 : : : THE SEQUOIA 1926 Standing-L. to R.-L. O. Bright, mgr.g Shunneson, Hattendorf, Nixon, captain.g Steininger, L. R. Watson, coach. Seated-L. to R.-Simpson, Wilson, Schwenk, Hughes. Zizwkvthall 1925 FIRST TEAM Spicer, A. T. H. S. Opponents 13 20 December 12 Antioch at Hebron ........... .... December Antioch at Palatine .......... . . 223: December Arlington Heights at Antioch 12:3 December Kenosha at Antioch ....... 19 January 8 Antioch at Libertyville . .. 261: January 12 Palatine at Antioch .... 9? January 16 Antioch at Kenosha .................. 12 January 22 January 23 Norwestern Tournament at Arlington Heights Antioch vs. Wauconda 17 Antioch vs. Libertyvill 12 Antioch vs. Arlington Hts. . . .. 11 January 29 Warren at Antioch ..,........., .. 162: February 2 Barrington at Antioch . . . 9:51 February Antioch at Warren 15:11 February Antioch at Wauconda . .. 1821 February Libertyville at Antioch . . . 12211 February Hebron at Antioch .... 15 February Antioch at Barrington ...... 132: February Wauconda at Antioch ......... .. 22:51 February Antioch at Arlington Heights . . . . . 262: March 4 District Tournament Antioch vs. Hinsdale ......,... 19 if CONFERENCE GAMES WON 15 LOST 5 PERCENTAGE .750 ,250 Pllfjl' Tfiwfzfy-,x'iQv: 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Standing-L. to R.-L. O. Bright, mgr.g Murrie, Cremin, Kennedy, Wertz, Alvers, Folbrick, L. R. Watson, coach. Seated-L. to R.-Wallace, C. Alvers, capt.g Palmer, Bernolfo. THE SECOND TEAM Won 8 Lost 4 fb Won .750 Z3 Lost .250 The seconds also won the conference championship in their class. Eaurhall anim Erark Antioch had a successful baseball season last spring, winning five and losing three games. We lost the conference championship to Wauconda in a good game which ended with a score of four to three with Antioch on the light end. With the same men out for the team this spring we hope to turn tables on Wauconda and win the trophy. Last year was the first for Antioch on the track and field, but, consider- ing the little time that was spent in training, the boys made a creditable showing at the conference meet. With more boys training and more enthus- iasm being shown for track and field sports the school should make a much better showing this year. Page Tfwenty-seven 1926 I I P. Simpson, Capt R. Morley, Capt. E. Hallwas H. Craft E. Barthel R. Kennedy B. Wallace L. Nixon, Capt. R. Wilson, Capt. L. Palmer C. Alvers W. Steininger J. Bernolfo In If Tfwrrrty-figllf THE SEQUOIA mi1111P1'5 nf the "A" FGOTBALL Major . J. Bernolfo elect. R. Wilson L. Nixon W. Schwenk MiH01 C. Michelli W. Fisher W. Hattendorf BASKET BALL Major P. Simpson elect. R. Spicer W. Schwenk Minor L. Murrie R. Kennedy R. Alvers 1926 Palmer Shunneson Spicer Steininger Britton Hughes Murrie Hughes Shunneson Wertz Wallace Cremin Folbricla. 4 I W i Page Tfwenty-nine 1926 1 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Srrihhlvrn Glluh Our newest attempt to develop the inherent possibilities in our students has taken the form of a weekly writing "fest," There are fifteen charter mem- bers, elected on the basis of their literary abilities. They have announced that promising talent and interest in writing will be the two deciding qualifications for further admission. The members present for criticism and discussion, at each meeting, their attempts at prose and poetry. We wonder if we can someday say, "We inspired 'that Shakespearef and 'that Milton.' " We never dare fo write as funny as we can. Pllfli' Tlliriy 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 15211 Gllnh The Pep Club was organized last year mainly for the purpose of promoting enthusiasm among the students for our athletic contests. It considers itself a "generator of pep", and oiliciates at the games, selling crimson and grey paper swishers and candy bars. This fall the club sponsored a parade, before the Armistice Day foot- ball game With Kenosha, with each class and organization in High School represented by a more or less characteristically decorated float, The prize, a large class banner, was awarded to the Seniors. The members are elected by the student body-who votes for two Seniors, two Juniors, one Sophomore, and one Freshman. Membership is carried on until graduation. Smile a little bit smile. Paar Thirty-one 1926 THIE SEQUOIA 1926 Munn, iirnnnmirri Glluh Faculty Advisor . . . .... Miss Tiffany President ......... . . . Bernice Folbrick Vice-President .... ..... N Ofma K01101' Secretary ..... . . . Bernadine Walsh Treasurer ............................. Blanche Sorenson The Home Economics Club, or what is known as the Stitch and Stew Club, was organized in 1921 by Miss Tiffany, Home Economics instructor. The purpose of the club is both educational and social. All girls who are taking Home Economics are eligible for membership. The club meets once a month. The oiiicers and members of the club make their meeting interesting and instructive. The Home Economics Club served school lunches for two years Q1921-1923j and also serves about three banquets annually. Last year the club had the pleasure of sending Ella Anzinger and Shirley Hollenbeck as delegates to the Convention of Vocational Education of the Middle West, held at the Sherman Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. One of the aims of the club this year is to become aiiiliated with the Illinois Economics Association. As ye sew, so shall ye rip. Page Thirty-tfwo 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1920 Mirlz C5122 Glluh President ............... ...... V ida Palmer Secretary and Treasurer ................ Daisy Ehrenborgh The Girls Glee club, which is one of the oldest organizations in the school -was started "Way back when." Membership is determined by a process somewhat comparable to "The Survival of the Fittest" namely, anyone who can successfully and melodiously carry her part, Whether it be soprano or alto, or any of the intermediate stages, against the other parts sung by members and the Directress, worthy of mem- bership, is accepted. Each fall the vacancies made by the spring graduation are filled in this manner. Appropriate numbers are studied during the tirst semester, but the real mission of the club is the Operetta, which is presented each spring. A great amount of time and effort is expended in making this performance a success, and the proceeds are used to buy equipment for the Orchestra and Glee Clubs. The object of music is to strengthen and ennoble the soul. Page Tlzirty-three 1926 1 THE SEQUOIA 2 1926 flings C5122 Qllnh Faculty Advisors ...... . . .Miss BauCk Mr. Stark President ....... . . . Robert Morley Vice-President .......... . . . Joseph Bernolfo Secretary and Treasurer .... .. . Bertie Wallace Librarian ,... 2 ............................ Emil Hallwas One of our new organizations, and one which already ranks among the best, is our club of male voices. For some time the need for such has been felt, but until this fall, no definite steps were taken. There are now some twenty-five enthusiastic boys enrolled who have developed an insatiable in- terest in songs "for song's sake." Health and cheerfulness make beauty. Page Thirty-four 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 1 -Q nr K A. El. E. Sf. ilbrrhrsaira The A. T. H. S, orchestra was organized in 1924 by Mr, Stark, violinist, and teacher of music. Mr. Stark held a meeting for all the students who were able to play instruments and found there was a suflicient number to organize an orchestra. Besides those students who were already playing in- struments, many began to learn to play the violin and clarinet under Mr. Stark's direction. At the end of the school year the orchestra consisted of seventeen mem- bers. It played before the public several times during the school year. This year the orchestra consists of twenty-three members, although many musicians have been graduated. With the past success under Mr. Stark's direction, we hope to have a much bigger and better orchestra than in previous years. Music washes away from lhe soul the dust of every day life. Page Thirty-jifve 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 ,.. Us--1...-:L -..r' v l Agrirulturr 0111111 Faculty Advisor ,.,. ..... C - L, Kutil President ........ .... E mil Hallwas Vice-President . . . . . Donald Cremin Secretary .....,. ..... E lmer Barthel Treasurer ............................. Richard Kennedy In the beginning of the year 1923, when C. L. Kutil came to Antioch High School, the boys taking the Agricultural courses organized what is now the Agricultural Club. Under Mr. Kutil's leadership the club has grown and prospered, until now it is one of the most influential of the Lake County Agriculture groups. Aside from promoting the farming interests, the boys conduct a small experimental farm on the school grounds. Their stock and crops have won many prizes at fairs. Each year mem- bers of the club are chosen to represent Antioch in the Sectional and State Livestock and Grain Judging Contest. Each year they hold a Father and Son Banquet that is the one big social aiiair of the annual program, Every day brings its work. Pagf Tfziriy-,fix 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 I Uhr illaiin llenguv President ...... . . . ...... Bertie Wallace Vice-President . . . ..... Louis Forbrick Secretary ...... . . . Myrtle Norman Treasurer ....... .. Lester Nixon Faculty Advisor ............................ Miss Smith The Latin League was organized at the beginning of 1924. All members of all Latin classes are members of the league, whether willing or not, for as yet no arrangement for cutting meetings has been made. Last year they de- cided to raise money, as most organizations do, in order that they might hire a lecturer, or a group of slides. They envolved a plan that they take over the candy selling department of Miss Tiffany's cafeteria, The plan was a great success. At the end of the year they had a cleared 324. At the beginning of 1925 they hired a lecturer, Mr. Canton, from the University of Illinois, who was very well appreciated, As the League ages, it intends to do more of this kind of Work, and we hope they succeed. The secret of success is constancy to purpose. Page Thirty-.fefven 1926 THE SEQUOIA :gr 1926 Esther Simmons Mrs. Simmons . Henry Simmons Chester Binney Roger Shields . Letty Lythe . .. Donald Swift .. Sadie Bloom . . . Annie ....... Taxi Driver . .. Sally Otis .... Lila Wilson ..., flhv Svrninr 1312113 The Cast of Characters .. . Vida Palmer Bernadine Walsh . Charles Alvers . Lester Hamlin Eric Noe . . . . Una Dalziel .. Leslie Palmer Margaret Dunn Bernice Folbrick .. Lewis Barthel . . . . Margaret Runyard ..........................................LouiseSheehan Mrs. Jackson and Girls-Gladys Barthel, Norma Sebora, Irene Sheehan, Myrtle Norman, Ruth Minto, Shirley Fletcher, The Whole Town's Talking was one of the best and most entertaining plays ever presented by a Senior Class of A.T.H.S, It is one of the most up- to-date plays of 'the time, and was most interesting with its clever plot, its fine settings, and character portrayals. A good deal of credit is due to the principle actors and actress' of the cast who have produced some very fine and excellent acting. The Seniors in- deed may be proud of the fact that their class has in its possession so much talent, and proud of the success of their year's biggest effort. Those who had minor roles deserve credit, too, because they certainly filled in their "extras" very cleverly and naturally. Brimful of the best humor and superior amateur acting "The Whole Town's Talking" will have established a permanent position in the play records of A.T.H.S. Miss Bauck's excellent direction and her efforts to make the play a suc- cess deserve much praise and well earned credit for her work. A riot of startling possibilities. Pagf Thirty-fight 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 B Uhr Iduninr Ellrulir One of the most brilliant class performances ever presented in the his- tory of A.T.H.S. has come and gone and left many pleasant, never-to-be-for- gotten, memories of the class of 1927. Never before has a class had such impressive scenery, with its gorgeous draperies, flashy cushions, beautiful, soft-colored lights, and intricate stage furnishings. The effect of all this was of oriental splendor and regular Amer- ican atmosphere intermingled. The dainty dancing girls, Who performed with the delicate lightness of intagible fairies, brought us spell-bound to the exquisite realms of grace and into lithe and supple rhythm of girlish figures. We are immensely proud of the excellent singers in our class and still happier to present them Whenever the opportunity offers, We express our sin- cere appreciation to them for their good work. The comedy, with the exception of the one-act play was entirely original and extremely delightful in its humorous entertaining qualities. The genial and select acts which our comediennes gave proved the height of interest during the whole Frolicg of course, this includes our worthy minstrels too. The Juniors feel that they have been successful in their Frolic and hope to be able to produce more of such scintillating entertainment in the near future. We vote our thanks to Miss Prescott, directress, Mr. Stark, Mr. Nixon, Miss Bauck, and Adella Renter. The "Eigfh" wonder of the world. Page Thirty-nine 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Gbur Glhriztnnam Hrngram This year, when Christmas came around, as it sometimes does, we decided to have a program, and Christmas tree, as we had done in previous years. Miss Prescott and Mr. Stark were delegated to select the entertainment, which they did in splendid order. The piece, which was selected, was a pageant of the more serious nature. After the pageant, came the climax of the perfor- mance. Santa Clause Himself. He came down from the north pole, especial- ly to hand our gifts to the little children of A.T.H.S., as he enjoys seeing their little faces beam with enjoyment. When Santa was thru with the presenta- tion of gifts, pop-corn balls were served, and everyone went home happy. The beautiful is nothing more than the visible form of the good. Page Forty 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 It has been the custom for a number of years at A.T.H.S. for the Glee Club, assisted by other students and teachers, to give an operetta near the close of the school year, but as the Sequoia must go to press before the 1926 operetta is presented, on May 14, 15, 16, we will review the one of last year. Cflhv 132112 nf Ilarrelnna We chose the Belle of Barcelona from many other operettas for the beauty of its songs, and its adaptability to our facilities with one scene thruout which was laid in Spain with its picturesque scenery. The costumes further carried out the Spanish effect to such a degree that most of the audience felt they had been transplanted to Spain for a thoroughly delightful two hours. The cast included Emmet Webb, Daisy Ehrenborgh, Mr. Watson, Mr. Bright, Clifford Hook, Vida Palmer and Emil Halwas. They were held up by an excellent supporting cast, and a perfectly trained chorus. The oper- etta was directed by Miss Bauck. Music hath charms, Page Forty-one 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1925 He who laughs last laughs best. Pagf Forty-tfcco 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Tlhingn me Erwin 2-Xhnnt Bertie without a mad love affair. Juniors giving a prom. Freshmen studying. Peg Dunn keeping still. The physics class getting their note books in on time. A teachers strike: Our new school building. Cutting classes without the teacher's knowledge. The football cup. Summer vacation. A swimming tank. Miss Smith against giving home Work. Nixon acting sensibly. Dismissal bell. Joe not getting kicked out of classes more than once a week. Kutil not giving the farm mechanics class--- . Spicer a midget. Margaret Runyard without a "case." Getting the annual in on time. Our coach, walking. Tommy with his hair combed. Good humor is the health of the soul. Page Forly-three 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 Pagf 311151 fur Zllun Miss Prescott--Are you positive that sentence is right? George W.-No, I'm negative. Mr. Stark-A vacuum is lighter than anything known. Barthel-Why don't they fill balloons with it then? Prof.-What is the difference between the Einstein theory and the Darwin theory? Student-Einstein says that all things are relative and Darwin says that all things are relatives. Adam-Do you believe that story about Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt? Eve--Why not? Whenever you see a ilapper pass you turn to rubber. Dinner-Waiter, what kind of meat is this? Waiter-It is spring lamb, sir. Diner-I thought so! I've been chewing on one of the Springs for an hour. Toricelli, the man who first made a vacuum, was the only inventor who produced absolutely nothing, and got credit for it. Slim-Did you hear about that baby that gained 100 pounds in a month because it lived on elephant's milk. Jim-Naw, it can't be done. Quit your kidding. Slim-Sure it was the elephant's baby. Profeor tto inattentive pupilsjg Is leather an organic or ignorganic com- pound? Pupil--Er-inorganic. Professor-Then give me the chemical name. Pupil-Ox hide of beef. She-"Anyway, a womans mind is purer than a man's." He-"It ought to be, it changes so often." Little brother-"Nobody loves me any more, I'm going out and dig worms and eat them and die a miserable death." Little sister-"Eat a fuzzy one and be tickled to death." Laugh and grow fat, Forty- fu ur 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 A little boy whose grandmother had just died wrote to the angels the following letter and duly posted it: "Dear Angels we have sent you grand- ma. Please give her a harp to play, as she is short winded and can't blow a trumpet." Little boy-"Make a noise like a frog, Uncle." Uncle-"Why ?" Little boy-"Because every time I ask daddy for anything, he says, Wait till your uncle croaksf' Joe-"Them doctors are getting better every year." Phil-"Yah! I hear they are going to revive Shakespeare in New York." Nick Qto aviatorj "How do people look to you when you are up in the air?" Aviator-"Young man, I'm up so high that my uncles look like ants." She-"I'll be a sister to you just the same." He-"All right, then come and kiss your brother." Charlie-"Papa, what's a shylock?" Papa-"Shame on you song go study your bible." Mag-"All good looking men are conceited anyway." Spitz-"Oh, I don't know. I'm not." Mary-"What was Washington's farewell address." Lou-"I don't know but I thinks it was heaven. Miss Bauck-"Take this sentence, Bertie, and insert the proper pronoun." Bertie-"When you saw Claire and me we were walking home." Freshmen-Greenstone. Sophomore-Blarney stone. Junior-Grind stone. Senior-Tomb stone. Frank-"What did Blanche do when you said you liked to drive with one hand?" Charlie-"She gave me an apple." And we laughed, and laughed. Page Forty-ffve 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 And they "snapped" us up Page Forly-fix X W J ILL K , X ff M 2 5 X Q X HX M y4,j E Nl'--Fir:-. Q I XX X R4-XXV! 2 W mp If CX T X mx ' xxqtf Wfuciy N32 5 N P F 1926 THE SEQUOIA : 1925 Qlalvnhar AUGUST 27-Registration Day. SEPTEMBER 7-School opens with the "Wandering Freshmen" on hand. 8-Assembly today. Mr. Bright directs "the Greens" to their respective classrooms. 17-Hard football practice. More boys out for football than in former years. 25-Freshman Initiation, by the Juniors. 30-Yell practice. OCTOBER 2-Antioch opens football season by defeating Arlington Heights in a one sided game. 8-Country Gentleman party. 9--Who said the boys couldn't tight? Gurnee couldn't stop them. 13-Report cards portray a. strange silence in the assembly. 16-Antioch loses to Libertyville.-Grrr! 19-Half-hour periods started. 20-Glee Club for boys this year on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 23-Antioch loses to McHenry. 30-Antioch defeats Burlington. NOVEMBER 6-Antioch defeats Barrington with ive of the regulars absent. 13-Kenosha defeats Antioch. Big parade in the afternoon, and prizes given for the best floats. Little strokes fell great oaks. Pagff Forly-ffigln use nu 1--1- 1..---- ----1------1--1 I I ii- up To the Parents of School Children I am dedicating this space to Fathers and Mothers of school children who will make an effort to show their children the great advantage in getting an early start and high marks in their lessons for the first three or four weeks of each school season, In ninety-five cases out of every hundred where a child will get well started in the first three or four weeks, they will finish the season up with credits that will be a great pleasure for the parents and the teachers, and particularly beneficial to the child who has learned to start right. I recommend that the principal or teacher of each class deliver a little address to their class telling them of the importance of learning the First well and get the founda- tion of what they are going to learn, so that they will not be backward and discouraged because they have neglected to study and start properly. No doubt, every teacher has thought this out before and knows of its importance, but they often get discouraged in their endeavors to get scholars interested in their studies. It is worth the price of the cost of this space to any child if it will only take advantage of the opportunities which are afforded them, and their attention is called to the importance of early study in each season. Yours very truly, T. G. RI-IQDES, President. CHICAGO FGGTWEAR CO. ANTIocH, ILLINOIS ...,. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1H1.m...-lm1.1,,1,..,1,,,...,,,,...uu1,.,,1....-1.1111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,m1 11:11 1.1.11 1 1 1 1 1nnv 1 4...1,m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Phone 3 Fafmefs Line 1 T Compliments of I 5 I A D I I WISCONSIN HILLEBR N I , 8, I , BUTTER l : SHULTIS I I STORE l : LADIES, REGAN BROS. READY-To-WEAR Pfozfriffoff I COMPLETE LINE or L GRocERIi3s I PAINTS I OILS i I VARNISHES i Q Phone 193 G 1 V E U 3 A C A L L ANTIOCH ILLINOIS I I B -n -1111-11-1- nn-info .in-nn-un ---11- 1 -lui--rw-ull-IIII1 Page Forty-nzne 1926 : THE SEQUOIA 1926 16.-Group pictures of the Classes, clubs, and the orchestra taken for the Annual. 18-Antioch defeats Gurnee. 24-Basketball season opens. 25-Report cards are cause of many sighs and sobs. 30-Free ice-cream today. DECEMBER 3-Good news! Miss Bauck who was absent, is back today. 4-Agriculture boys go to International Livestock Show at Chicago. 7-President Coolidge speaks on something from Hotel Sherman. 9-Most exciting news! Senior play postponed. 11-Antioch loses closely fought battle of basketball to Hebron. 15-Antioch loses first conference game to Palatine. 18-The boys put over a win against Arlington Heights. 22-Santa Claus arrives at High School and leaves presents for everyone. JANUARY 4-Glenna Roberts is back with us. 8-A loud cackling and squacking noise announced the poultry show. Antioch loses second conference game to our old rival, Libertyville. Grrr! 12-The boys handed Palatine their first defeat. 15-Senior play a big success. Seniors receive many compliments. 16-Antioch defeats Kenosha. 21-Semester examinations. 22--Antioch in tournament at Arlington Heights. 25-Antioch gets third place in tournament, Gurnee capturing first. 29-The "Pep Club" sure put pep into the boys. They defeated Gurnees champions in a closely fought game. So convenient cz thing if is fo be a reasonable creature Pllfll' Fifty :.1.,1..1n.1..1..1 1. .....,1u1',1-1.1- ,1.,1..1 1 1 1..1,,1...1-.1 1 1 1 1 .-...1 Yours Truly S. H. RE EVES Druggist 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,1.,11,1..1,.1.,.....1..1..1.,1.,1.,1..1.,1..1..1 1.1 -:Y-zflzfnfufn:fnfuzfnf-r1.2 Maude E. Sabin Dry Goods, Ladies' Furnishings and Fancy Goods Phone 127-VV ASTXOCH, ILL. --u1u-11: 1:1 :l1: 11. :u1:.1..1u1:.1. 1- 1 1-1.-1.-1. I- -r --1-n: -uu- Complimerzts f Antioclo Hotel o CHARLES VEIGEL 1 Proprietor Conzplirrzents of RIECI-IMANN'S BA KERY HENRY RIECHMANX Proprietor ,-Xntioch 4-1 -,. 1,,1,, 1,1 1..1.,1.....,...,1..1 11,1 .-.,1.,1....,,1.,1.,1.,1,,1,,....,1..1.,1 Barred Plymouth Rock and S. C. XY. Leghorn Breeding Stock Broilers and Springers in Season William Schwenk Phone Lake Villa 15 Lake Villa, Ill. +.. .. s. . . . . . .,,.,,f. .....,.....-,,-,.- -..-.--..-..-1.-.9 an ,.1..1..1.-141111, 141.111 , Page Fifiy 1926 THE SEQUOIA 1926 FEBRUARY 2-Antioch attains lead in conference by defeating Gurnee. 9-Antioch hold lead in conference by defeating Wauconda. 10-Father and Son banquet a big success, held by the Agriculture club in the gymnasium of the school. H 12-Assembly recognizes Lincoln's Birthday by saluting the flag. Antioch wins from Libertyville. The best game played on the Antioch floor. 16-Antioch defeats Hebron. 20-Antioch wins from Barrington. 23-Antioch couldn't help it. They defeated Wauconda. 24-A little celebrating by the students for the game last night. Very short talks by players. Football captain and manager elected for next year. Last number of entertainment course sponsored by Seniors. 27-Antioch downs Arlington Heights in a fast game. MARCH 2-Six weeks examinations. 4-Many go to Evanston Tournament. Antioch loses first game but gives Hinsdale a battle. 6-Three of faculty absent on account of illness. Half day vacation. Juniors to have Frolic on March 26. 7-School dismissed for the rest of the week. Many of the students are sick. 16--Assembly in the afternoon. Reports cards given out. 25-Dress rehearsal of Junior Frolic attended by many children. 26-Junior Frolic attended by many people. Everyone satisfied and Juniors are complimented on their ability to hand out laughs. 27-All day staff meeting to get Annual out on time. 31-Day after big snow storm. Almost fifty per cent absent. APRIL 1-April Fool-1-No school today. 5--Alumni visiting day. 15-Annual goes to press. Big Suprise-Miss Prescott now Mrs, Middlemas. Lost time is never found again, Page Fifty-tivo 4. n.....,......,,.....,-....-u..- .. - - - - ... - - - .. - .. - - .....-..,.-...... 4. JOHN LUCAS LESTER NIXON GO TO NIXUN' Ice Cream, Sodas and Candies FANNIE MAY CAND Y Cigars Cigarettes Antioch 58 , OUR CI-IQCOLATE SUDAS ARE FAMOUS ? DRESS TO FEEL I AT EASE Xa MW K4WfYl!4lMyMk We help men improve their per- Cm' -Cnr ,N 1 sonal appearance. You will feel L Slim J your best Wherever you are if you NT ff are outfitted by us. m y ' Satisfaction Guaranteed U S. M. WA LANCE "For Men and Boys" ANTIOCH -1- n---u -------- H- '--- -M--'-1-H---'M "-- - -f'f - --'- -"H ---- "-' - H-1---'-M-HH-rm-+ Page Fifty-th P11512 Fifty-four :nn1nu1im.1mi1iuu-- 1 - 1nuLun-uu1im1un- n.1mi1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '- 4. in .. - -,...-...-.g. F i Phone 99-W Lake street Yi i Coznplinzents C. A. Powles Sc Son L of Choice Meats T i William Keulman Swift's Premium Hams, Bacon and Lard 3 i Q jeweler. ANT1ocH ILLINOIS L 2 I 1--u---u-----u------- ---- -----------in------.A -1---1 x--- ---- . L ------ .-...i-al 1m,.-.11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.1.,,,1.,,,1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1,,1,..,1 Un the opposite page is a picture of the Antioch Poultry Show given by the Antioch Poultry Association, and the Agriculture Club of the High School. This has been given for two years and will be from now on an annual affair. 1n,,1u111111111111....1..1.111.-.11111,.1.m.- 1,m1,,.,1 11...-.m1m.1.m1,,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,1,,,.... gbr Econo-meal Transpcrfa tion ANTIGCH MQTOR SALES Phones: Antioch 60, Richmond 361 WM. J. HUBER Manager ANTIOCH, lLL. gi. 1:1u1.,,I1141.1.,,,1,.,,..m.1.H.1.m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,.,,1,.,,1,,,,1nu...H,,1mi1,,.,..,,,,1im1,,,,14. Page Fifty-yi 5..-..-..-.. q.........- -...-.... .-------.- .- - ..-.....-...........-....-....-I........,- 6' I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I E 2 I I E u I I Page Fifty-:ix 1031.1 ... , 1 3 The dismal rain came down so gray The morn was dark and drear, The birds sang not a note all day For lo, you were not here. Today the sun is shining bright As I shall ever see, The days are long-there is no night For you've come back to me. Once beside a babbling brookil sat Thinking as I blandly twirled my hat Wondering what the brook would have t Could it talk while gliding on its way. VV0uld it talk of things that it had seen Places where few of us have been No, it only sang a little song ' Babbling as the water rushed along. 53. 4' -- - ------------- ------- - .- -...,..- .5 STAT13 BANK or ANTIOCH A Consolidation ofthe BRooK STATE BANK andthe STATE BANK OF ANTIOCH HIRTY-THREE years of eX- perience in the handling of country banking business, a special training and knowledge of the live stock industry and agricul- tural conditions. Our years of experience are at your disposal. Capital and Surplus 385,000.00 COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE I + -1- ,1m,.-m..1uu.1nn1um1ml1.m1.m..,.,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,n1,..1 Page Fifty .i,,,-,,- - .. - .. -, ....... ......d...-..,.- - - - - - - - - -9 i l Poets Corner THESE HAPPY THINGS lNfIAKE EASTER i A little Easter Bunny A perky little bonnet i Scampering thru the grass, f A tiny, cheery whisper Adorns miladyls head A confidential whisper Q Oh! bunny's here at last. "You look so well in redf' The golden peals of music These happy .things make Easter Li lylake sweet the Easter Morn, A joy to Christ this day Q 2 lnto each human heart again He sees upon 'this earth again, 5 A strong new faith reborn. A faith that lives for aye. , -B. W l i My love is like a woodland Hower I As light as it can be, i But oh, my dear, in all my bower i I have no love like thee. ' -E W I JF ee: x l I EASTER POElVI 5 when spring spreads out her glory , lo please the hearts of men l The world renews the story l Of how He rose again. He bore the cross upon His back To which He soon was hung L Oft stumbling blindly in the track I At Him the jeers were flung. All men, like Him, must bear a cross l Beneath its load we stumble I Up hills, o'er vales and out across ' Air castles oft times tumble. Sometimes our dreams seem all in vain I And our hopes all at loss I But while we learn defeat for pain He carried His own cross. I For after sorrow, joy abide, - Qur longed for goal we'll reach. i This is the lesson Easter Tide i To all, attempts to teach. 5 -R. H. I .i...-r.-.,-..-,,.-. ..-.. - - - - - - Page Fifty-eight M1141 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ...un1. -1- Q. +I-I..-nu--.H-I..-W-.m ------- un- Q. I I I I I I I I Telephone 16 I I ANTIOCH I H. R. ADAMS I PRESS i I I I Printers of all kinds of I I OFFICE AND FANCY - 1 S T A T I O N E R I LUINIBER AND BUILDING : A g GET OUR PRICES I MATER1 L I Also I Lumber with Serfuive Publisher of The Hntioch News, - u an XIII-Home-Print I Weekly' - I JOHN L. HORAN, EDITQR I ANTIOCH 43 : FARMERS LINE I ANTIOCH ILLINOIS ' 4.. -W- - - .- - -...- - .... - .... -...- ..,. ---.I 4- -.-. - --.. - ,--. - ---- -I ------ I----------------I -ull-I 1v1i1111f1' "'l 1 "" ' 'Z "" ?'1iT1i"li' "" 1 ' mg' I I W bb QSC C I I I I u au . I I 1 4- -In-I ---------- ------ -' f ----- "" "" -W"-W-""-MP Page Fifty-nine Pagr Sixiy - ..1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111 +-uu- --nu--m1.m1M111n1nn1uu1uu1nu1un1n.. T gf. .,i, If you dowft know Otto, you ought to. OTTO S. KLASS OUTFITTERS TO MEN AND BOYS 1un1uu1un114H11,,,1,,,,1,4,,1un1,,,,1uu1,,,,1un1n 1nn111111111111 IF IVE ANSWVERED ALL OUR ADVERTISING LETTERS Bly dear Mr. Arrofw Collar: I received your charming letter sev- eral days ago but due to very pressing business I have been unable to answer it until just now. I really am ashamed to be so lax in my correspondence but I know you will forgive me this time. Your suggestion that I try out your new two door collars pleases me very much. I am very particular about my collars as I have a great deal of trouble with my neck. It is inherited, I think, as my father also had trouble with his neckg in fact the trouble led indirectly to his death. After he was hanged I determined to be very care- ful with mine. Your last collar with the reversible buttonholes was a fine collar but I have one complaint to make. I notice that it became soiled very quickly. I had worn it less than three weeks, as Elinor Glyn would say, when I had to have it cleaned. I don't work in the coal yard any more so I can prob- ably wear them longer now. Thank you again for your cordial letter. I almost thought you had for- gotten me. Yours till your winged collars Hy, M. T. Bean. Quality Meat Market O. E. I-IACHlVIEISTER,,Prop. PHONE 57 Antioch, Illinois sftuvnu 1111111111- .1 ENGLISH AS SHE IS SPOKE Prof: Your pneumatic contrivance has ceased to function. Motorist: Er-what? Prof: I say, your tubular air con- tainer has lost its rotundity. Motorist: I don't quite- Prof: The cylindrical apparatus which supports your vehicle is no longer inflated. Motorist: But- Prof: The elastic fabric surround- ing the circular frame whose succes- sive revolutions bear you onward in space has not retained its pristine roundness. Motorist: VVould you kindly- Small Boy: Hey, mister, you got a flat tire! 1 ., . ........ .... . ..-qi .... ..... . ., Page Sixty one .11 1 1..,,1 1 1 1,,n1,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1 1mn,-,un...nnlnuu-nn.1mI1.u PHONE ANTIOCH 17 ACCESSORIES Main Garage "The Garage of Immediate Service" A. MAPLICTHORPE ANTIOCH, ILL. l I ANTIOCH LUMBER and COAL COMPANY CINCORPORATEDJ LUMBER, COAL, FEED and BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE ANTIOCH 15 ANTIOCH ILLINOIS in .I1......n.1....1....1I,.....m11,,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1' i 1 1 -uu1,,,,1,, If 9131 lm., -. ... i , 1 .. .1 1 , Lunlnl.- n sg Ig...-.....-....... .-.I....-...1.-..........-....- ......- -....-...,-.g. I I s I Mr. Bright Centering CIVICS classj : The subject to be discussed today is liars. How many read L the sixth chapter of the text?" I : - Evidently the entire class raised their hands. E I 2 of Mr. Bright: 'IVery goodl You are the class I wish to speak top there is no sixth chapter." I I 5 I 5 I 5 .r-m-I I CAPITAL AND SURPLUS i I I 5 I 2 I 2 I 362,500.00 I I I I Bertie: "Where do pins go?" E Bob: "It's hard to tellg they're SERVICE WITH A SMILE pgirfilted one direction and head- 5 e e o er. Q I I : I 5 -I -------- - - -it-A Q.- iiii - iti. - iii. -I -.-.-.-. -I-.WL - "" ----- ------- IIII - -III - 'I" - III- - - ' --------- I - --" -'Hi' I I Hammersmith-Kortmeyer Company PUBLISHERS OF HIGH CLASS MAGAZINES AND ANNUALS I Artists I Engravers I Printers 1 Get Our Special Proposition on Your Publication I 116 Michigan Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin I ,. -.... ....................... ....-....-,...-....-....-..4. Page Sixty-three - 1 , .. 1,,,,..,,..-,i. +I:-ull -1-111 1 1' " 1 """'-"'+ 'I"""" ' ' ' ' ' i I . 2 l . 5 E I PETERSON : I T Magazines Toys I and I i Stationery Kitchen Wa1'e E 5 Books Aluminum Ware I I I Films Crockery . E i - I I I I CHOICE MEATS AND ' ' 5 A 7 I GRQCERIES' I Webb s Racket Store 5 I 3 1 I I I 2 I E " I E , I I IIE: I i Greeting Cards Hosiery I I i Souvenirs Stamped Linens I I 5 Gifts and Prizes Candy I i I Handkerchiefs T0b21CCO I Phone I2 and 32 5 I : I 5 I I I I,,fxI4If: YII.I.Ix II.I,INoIs . 5 I .,- iii. - .iii -.........- i..i - . II. I- i..i - iiii --.-.----- - --I- olml-I-I--II ----------i- ffll 1 Illv - I 11-11--1--1 -HH- I I I ALI, IJHOTOGRAPI-IING IN THIS ANNUAL DONE BY I I W I ' S CI' I 3 fer' S IQLI 10 I High Class Groups and Porlrzzit Work Done I Q55 E Phone 197-J I Corner of Lake and Victoria Streets ANTIOCH ILLINOIS I .i......-.,.....n-.,..- - - Page Sixty-four iii1...i1iiu..i X .Q ,fe f I,- Z' fi. ' ,ffjf 'J Z" ff-ff f : Q7 4 fg X . ,.j?,1?f3" f 'gi ffff f X, f "'Q'?57"fff' 1777 ' I ' l:l,, ff, X f7ff:?E272-ffrgif ""?2L1f4 , . f f , x 1 X2 V,f,ffj'.A VA, ,,,,4f: A. n ,gif ! '9 fit?" '44 ,gf j I U A ff 4, , fP' fiifi ml1k4?JfF n:" E,miim,.., A li9' 5 ' jv--fzvilff F575 "1 l W5 -f -7-115. ff ' 71 rjifwwxei.. m x M, ,ZG1:I-f'gf:g-, ,fb - H+ .. -. ff -if ,,. I fiifli fzv w ii! 'IIIIINL E 1 ,. -1 ef f -' . ' ' gases? 2 Zwfzy we 1' "J ri . - " 2 :.' nl ' ::I1:E55 ' Ealing 12555:-, ' 3 53:55. .f.1ff, ,V " Liiz.. 12255: '5 ff' f, , Sai! , 1, , , , Q' ef f T 55 . 'f . 2 f, f f 1. I ,H !f24 :sf151:2fQafa'Ss .7 f XL' MA iierrzii--4 ,ff f' 'ifiil f Wai gf S' Y if ff V Figggggn X , , , yff Iv-N , K igimiag ff 4 f ,,:,, ' ,,: " I -1 '.-. gg f I ,.- , 5:55-. ' Q , g4,,, f:f4,f,.sX iii! W Q 2 ' j 924522191 ff iiii 'Z ,fffflf J! -X11 QQ V, ,f,' , ' ffQf!2jZ,ff QL: XX K, X, l-.W Q :giizgggl lg Q yfsdf-1' . ,f n 23 f' - ' , 55255255 I2 X' .fff"' . 'iiix - T- 46 ff' f in X ' , WW4 Af 6 My - 9 f f - "' X A - ' f ll f ,X :---"L l ,W gag, Q f, +,nwN1 ' x Y P21 ,f f ..,5, - ' 1, , .- I X ..::::g75::555iiie4 g 255252 ' f ,f , l"::I mir- fxfff - x . J-1'vi"2'1i5.a'2' 112555: Q ' if 11:55 ,gg , X U 'Mm 2'a", L. !',E!::i5 "5 Ezssgggii .H-Af fv :Z Q as W f. f I' 'qu' i- - ..T--f',e 555225 f K In 2 2 ' -v ,jf Ui "L.Ai..-Qngmga.-:mmfllvss5:Jf2?5, pw- ,X U, . , , 'F ' ' " -:'iii"i! W 4 k v f A aaa!F1s:!'!allilillIf'9"!!i!'?IH'1n111wsi'Eiv--JMwaagssfffwf K f A5116 r Q -gglai,-2. 'HUM 1 1- Q .:a5ai1i1,fEis. X Cl 'K , ' , ff "4 A4 TJ K ' K ,, ,II T120 gl 1 U 1 . WL X A UUIH ' ,V Hg" 'VK 'J- THE END Page Sixty-fifve n 4 Q , 1 .- . A, uw. .f ,.,+....mmmw, ..- .- E. iw? ir?-5 r1AMMEnfMnr1 ' Iii Kommlgvm QQ. ART IIT! ENGI2AVERf PRINTED! M ILWAUKEE' Wlf 1' 2,15 5' 1 1. I lb' li: 22 55 Ei Lia ii pq ! wi B' -' Xa "" 1 , z 4,, 14-15 5. m,-1 1' af HW K X- ff? nr .am .Ff X im. ,. V f . tp f.. x X vb N ?. n ., 1, -.Hi ,g, iwq ,Q 'ml -1 - ,V 15- I FN? U f , Y yxz-7 N 2.1. iw ff ,L V by-,-ef- . - K' rf' if if , xy W" 5 Y- 5- vs? f. .-1, 'K , , 1- -Wai ,. '. Agp Eu ,5',.,,--' ,fu PJ 'YQ l,M:..v.:V EXW , . gas-, 1 2 f Q LX - , .,fi,! Dv ,u-' 3 ,fu 4 . , pw . 1A+ .,A , A.. '4 ,, f , V V I 2 x. 1 Y- gsx W" 'Q L ' 'L LQ. A :. YA. I . +1 , MMP p U V x 3 ' ' S.. R Q "L S 1 1 ,U I 1 f 1, I W '-F x' A Q k , - 41 " 4 f 1 ,1 ,NV . fa.-Jia ? , ,A 2 x , 'Sf 5, .ny-A '1 ' , 3 '..,g-in 1 w,,- . 1 - .k .M f' , , 'Aff-1"'H, ""' ,w ffl- , 3 WJVG 'L 'f F 1-4 ' , .. .ff , ,, tv. ff .f .4 J,-rg .A L af Y 'f ' ' 'A n ., ,, V: X XI ay, I, ,, , 3 . , , '31, , , .. 'gi . . 4 'i' I+ 4' fx . ' Y 5, I W I r , -4 qu 1 J f N X, I 4 M- I , K -N L L , '51, I ,V s I 1 , x . ., f 'Q . 1 A, V , . '14 x ,S ' W IW' I, s Q ,wvf'. ' ff , :H ' 7' X ,M 'sm f ' v f, , 1 K x ., , 5, I ' ' " xx f 1 1 , R, , ' j A , J 64, ,. ., 1,5 .:,,:,i . 1 ,-, 'wr .,,1.,fV-- 1 -1-1??,vL 'P yi fEB4!1Miii 49?h':1'f'w51 -fM'tCv""-al,1J 5':' A" 1 f MEX?-f " .P ,sl .' 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