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Q N, g,- .. x. 1.7 5 if vs-3 4- n., Q.',, v ur " W 'W:!""'i 1 H 6 -Q ' M3 v, ' i f g r' ,'?fg ' ,f A N, 5 9 ngguf 'M I ' ' f?'!1L9,L9I'T, Im . nu t stir W' F "' 'Q a u t lffl' FOOTBALL TEAM Bottom row: Stewort, C. Rcnyworth. Second row: Kilesg Brushg Benisekg Byrneg Stewart, F.. Top row: Ru dolphg Brown, Kennedy Millordg Drake. 190 - 7959 THE FIRST ANTIGO HIGH SCHOOL cv" f I Yes, we remember the class of l909. Their faces have long been gone from our school, and some of that class are deceased, but their spirit and mem- ory is still with us. This class begun the tradition of a yearbook to preserve the special events of the 4 ,-by 7 ' ' ' BASKETBALL TEAM Drake, Steffen, Rudolph Millard, Dallman. 1, greatest years of a person's life. ln years to come what we now know so well will fade away. May this book help us recall and relive the friendships, games, and events in our memories so we will ever keep alive our Antigo High School Spirit. GlRL'S BASKETBALL TEAM Preston, O., Dana, K., Hoff- man, H., Lewins, B., Maltby, M., Miss V. Vinal, Coach. MORGAN POULLETTE Superuntendent of Schools ADMIN! 7' R14 7l0N LLIAM STEPHANS Principal Junnor Hugh fic. 'i 1.4-1 MRS. NORA SEVERANS, MRS. LORA HAMBLY, Secretory Secretory We the graduahng sensors of 1959, wlsh to ex press our deep grahtude to all of you for everythnng you have done for us MRS MAE PREBOSKI MRS MARY ZELENSKI MISS BETTY IGL Secretory Secretory Secretary ...,S ,..r'y-- --- W Yr V R, Q Mi I ' fx - I 3 X L J , A W X JI 'I X x ,J n I + ' '.-2' "V lu' 8 . z ,A ' .- W.-,U A e an-w'1 DOROTHY AVERILL 10555 5AU5CHKA B. S. Stevens Point State B. M' University of Chicago C0lle99- Conservatory of Music. Home Economics. Band. - RICHARD BILSE MARIE BLAIR S 8- M 5 Stout 5' B S Unlverslty of WISCONSIN College Educatlon 8. Home Economics General Metals G9 ,LY pnf' l Maj JOHN BOUDRY SHIRLEY BOUDRY GERALD BRUSS B S Stevens Pomt State B S Stevens Pomt State B S Stevens Pomt State College College College B A Carthage lllmos Phystcal Educatuon Physucs 8. Mathematucs Bnology f GRACE CANNON ELON CASE LILLIAN CASE B A I-GWVQHCG College B A Supernor State College B A Lawrence College M S Unaversnty of Wusconsm Bmlogy M A UFlIVe"5"Y of W'5Con5'n Englush Q ISABELLE CAVERS HARRY CRAMER ANIONY DORNER B E Whltewoter State College A B Marquette Umversnty B M Milwaukee State TYPIWQ 1 I-Uhr' Saunt Norberts Instrumental Muslc GEORGE L DOVERSPIKE JOHN GUENBURG MARY LOUISE JUNEAU B A North Central College B S Stevens Pomt State B A Mount Mary College M S Umversuty ot Wnsconsun College Physncal Educatnon American History . l . , ' I . 1' . . . . f " . 1 ' . , - I 1 ,C A . , ' F. 1-I n X , f, . . 3 l ,- 1 C., 'Q x fi A4 1 1 'mx in MAME KANE BEATRICE KUHARSK1 JAMES KULKA B A Marquette Untversuty M S Unuverstty of Wnscon tn Whnewmer College L'b'O"Gn Bustness Educotuon Instructor American Problems Offnce Practtce Typing Amertcan Hnstory Shorthand ang 5 B E Wtsconsm Stdfe Colege B S Mtlwaukee State Teachers JAMIL LaHAM RICHARD LUND CYRIL LYONS S Saunt Norberts Cote e B 5 Sgevens pcm, Smge B S Rlver Falls State Col ege Rupon Conege Vocattonal Agrtculture A"'P"'C0'1 H'5'0VY Conservatuon Drtvers Educatton Basketball Coach xt "" i v 1' f ,Q 13" JAMES McLAUGHLIN PETER MARCH ROBERT MEYER S Rtver Falls State Cole B 5 5,e,,en, pcm, Smge B S LaCrosse State Cole e Chemustry Bt Mathemattcs College M A Untversnty of Mlnnesota M S UNIVEYSITY of Wtsconsln AmeV'CU" Pfoblems 5' Algebm Geometry Advanced Algebra QL, MARY MOORS GEORGIA MUELI-ER MARTHA MUNDT B S Unuversuly of Mlnnesolc 5 A Lawyence College B A Valparoaso Umversuly Specuol English I2 Speech Home Economucs AGNES NOREM B A Lawrence College World Hustory Psychology DALE PETERSON B E Whntewuler Stale College ROBERT NORDLANDER 'MAXINE p5NNlNG5 Ensllsh 8' SPcn'5h Arl Educcllon EUGENE PETERSON GARY ROSS B E Whltewczler Stole College A B Rlpon College Physxcol Educallon Commercial Sublecls Englush 452' ,..... . . . B. A. Universily of Wisconsin. B. 5- Universiw of Wisconsin n 3 f l ,u , Af' 4, l ffl 4-I . LYNN SCHIMMELS BERNARD SCHUMITSCH MARGARET SCOTT B, S, University ot Wisconsin. B. S. River Falls Slate Teachers B. E. Superior State College. English. College. M. S. University of Wisconsin, Agriculture 8. Mathematics Biology 8- Science Chairman M0 HY EU ROBERT SCUE LINCOLN WALKER S Stout lnsti 5 El-,U Cm, 5 570'-'l l"'5l' U Physical Education Machine Shop 8- Industrial Arts v"ul"' ,noun MVRON WANDREY CLYDE WEEKS B E Oshkosh State Teachers S Slou Inst: College Auto Mechanics Drafting ,444 CORDELIA WANDRY E Oshko Stole Teachers College English sigh 1. .4 -1-f"" JOSEPH WEIX S Stout lnsti Woodworking 1, gas, C' 10" Q TODD ORTHMANN Todd O Mu ssc Clsnsc Scholarshsp 1958 Bad ger Boys State 1958 Pressdent of Soph Jr and Sr Class Drum or 234 Band1234 ce Club 123 Latsn Club Pressdent 3 Chosr 4 Madrsgal 4 Track 1 Football 1 Basketball 1 S Class Play Jr Prom Court Homecomsng Skst Pet Saysng Got me Ambstson Play Pro Hockey Pet Peeve Reckless Drs vers Hobbses Hockey MARY LOU COMBS Combs Jr Class Sec Treos l Sr Class Vsce Pres Forenssc Pres 4 GAA Vsce Pres 4 Softball Chasrman 3 Sr Class Play Hs Lste 4 Latsn Club 4 Student Councsl 34 Forensscs 2 34 Band 1 2 3 Bowlsng 2 4 GAA 1234 Drama 14 e b e 2 Homecomsng Skst J Prom Sno Ball Youth Club 34 Pet Saysng Hot Spst Ambstson Be an MD and walk wsth the Pres of the US and have people say Whos that wsth Dr Combs? Pet Peeve Everyone but myself Hobbses Censored G BARBARA JANE SOMAN Barb Sec Treas Sr Class U W Sum mer Mussc Clsnsc Scholarshsp 34 Band 1 2 34 Student Councsl 2 34 Hs Lste 4 Antsgonsan 4 o rensscs 2 3 4 Pressdent 3 Assem Board 3 Drama C b Homecomsng Sk t Governors Board 34 Pet Saysng No Ksd dsng Ambstson Be Happy Pet Peeve Wastsng As we approach another phase sn the adventures of Isvsng we brsng to an end our hsgh school adventure of learnsng and preparsng Each of us must go our own way, but looksng back we fsnd many memorable expers ences we shared as the class of 1959 Sensor hsgh school was an sntrsgusng world to us as sophomores We chose our fsrst class offscers Press dent Todd Orthmann, Vsce Pressdent, Carole Qusrk, and Secretary Treasurer, Janet Kretz Our class began to make a name for stself As sunsors we chose Todd Orthmann, Pressdent, Carole Qusrk Vsce Pressdent, and Mary l.ou Combs, Secretary Treasurer to represent us Under the supervssson of Mr Mclaughlsn, we presented Garden sn The Rasn for our Junsor Prom We chose Gary Schroepfer and Janet Kretz as the Prom Royalty Two of our class members were gsven honorable mentson for All Conference foot ba Ken Krueger and Ron Wsldman The spoon was awarded to Ron Wsldman as the most popular Junsor Boy Carole Qusrk recesved the msrror as the most popular Junsor Gsrl, and Marge Myszka re cesved the spade for her hsgh scholastsc achsevement Local organszatsons sent Ken Krueger, Allyn Bennett, and Todd Orthmann to Badger Boys State and Carole Qusrk to Badger Gsrls State We were well represented at State Forensscs and Mussc contests Four members of the band have attended Wssconssn State Mussc Clsnsc Todd Orthmann, Mary Bannach Barb Soman, and Barb Payne ln our Sensor year we really lead the way sn all we attempted After the class rally we elected Todd Orth mann, Pressdent Mary Lou Combs, Vsce Pressdent, and Barb Soman, Secretary Treasurer Our Student Councsl offscers were also Sensors, Carole Qusrk, Pressdent Peggy Fuller, Vsce Pressdent, and Phylss Kurth Secretary Our homecomsng was enhanced wsth new beauty and formalsty Queen Romelle Kselchesks and her court were gsven royal servsce at the pep assembly and at the game They cheered our Robbsns, led by All Con ference Ken Krueger and Ron Wsldman, to a vsctory over the prevsously unbeaten D C Everest Evergreens An excstsng Sensor Class Play Arsensc and Old Lace was presented under the supervssson of Mr Ross Our wsnter formal, Frosty Fantasy was resgned over by Walter Duff and Elayne Jeske, chosen by popular vote Our basketball team was sparked wsth Sensors and Ken Krueger set a new sndsvsdual scorsng record Karen Wseld, our only sensor cheerleader sparked the cheer sng squad D A R award was won by Mary Lou Combs We the class of 1959 have a lot to thank our class mates and teachers for There ss so much ahead but so many wonderful tsmes behsnd Wsth a smsle and yet a tear we bsd farewell to A H S A a , 4 f pv- ,vf A 5 T , 6' x 5' 'ag ' I .. ., , ss ss '- , ' ' ' , ss tv g . . ' ., . , . . . . '. ' ' ' I - " .' I . ' ' .' ' l I .-. l . I I ar wr u 1 , I I I I I I I I I MOI .,,,5cI- 1,,,, ,,, ' ,gl ,, - , .F- en ,,, ' 3,4 ',,.,,,' llp. ,,, , - ' , ' , ' , qt , ' ', ,-, bly , lv 2, ' ' .' 1 ' 1 r - l ' r. , . , ' , -. -- , , . 1 - ss ss .'. . 1 ' ' ' . I - - . 1 .. ns s . I n sl . I ' . i ' . . U .- I I . . . I ' ' . . . ., . . ,. . . . . . . ts . ' I ' ss ' ' . ' ll ll ' ll ' I . . . . D 0 af' 1. as 9090 SHARON ADAMSKI "Sherry" G.A.A. 2,3,4, Choir 2. Pet Say- ing: Are you kidding? Am- bition: Travel. Pet Peeve: A boy who wises off. Hobbies: Sewing. JOHN J. BAGINSKI "Whitty" MARY S. BANNACH U. W. MARY ANN BAUER Girls Glee CHARLES C. ASHER "Chip" Pet Saying: You bel your boots. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Pet Peeve: Hot Rodders. Hob- bies: Working on cars. JEROME A. AULIK "Jerry" Pet Saying: So What. Ambition: To be a game warden. Pet Peeve: Stuck up girls. Hobbies: Sports in general. 1' 1 90" X W. KAROLYN RAE AMERSON "Carol" Pet Saying: You're kidding, of course. Ambition: Be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Con- ceited people: Hobbies: Piano, Drawing. EL.: l Baseball 2,3,4, Intramurals 1, 3,-4. Better Baseball Honor 3. Pet Saying: Makes no differ- ence to me. Ambition: Join the service. Pet Peeve: Red-head girls. -?' IQ he tv E,-.5 ' all BEVERLY K. ARROWOOD "Bev" Student Council l,2, Pep Club 2, Drama Club 2,4, Antigonian 4, Hi-Lite 4. Pet Saying: Why? and What? Am- bition: Be an air line hostess. Pet Peeve: Donald Duck. Hob- bies: Collecting glass cats land of course Davel. "QW A 'l':f Summer Music Clinic 'l958, Voice of Democracy Award, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, For- ensics 2,3,4, Antigonian 2,3, 4, Bowling 3,4, Jr. Prom Court of Honor, Sr. Sno-Ball Court of Honor, Homecoming Skit, Sr. Class Play, Band l,2,3,4, Ma- drigal 2,3,4, latin Club 3,4, Hi-Lite Editor. Pet Saying lt died! Ambition: Be happy. Pet Peeve: Hockey. Hobbies: Music. 5 .4 ELLA FAYE ARROWOOD "Ott" Drama Club 2,4, F.H.A. 2, For- ensics 2,4, Antigonian 4, Choir 4, Glee Club 2,3, Pep Club 2. Pet Saying: Dilburt One. Am- bition: Be an airline hostess. Pet Peeve: These high school boys. Hobbies: Collecting stuf- fed skunks. BARBARA ASKENETTE "Barb" G.A.A. 2,3. Ambition: Travel Around the World. Pet Peeve: People with hair parted in the middle. Club 2,3, Drama Club 2. Am- bition: Be a good secretary and to travel. Pet Peeve: Poor marks. Hobbies: Reading. its 5 'Q ALLYN BENNETT "Sparky" La- tin Club 3,4, Science Club 2, Hi-Lite 4, Court of Honor Jr. Prom, Sno-Ball Court of Honor. Pet Saying: Keep calm. Am- bition: Be a scientist. Pet Peeve: People that don't keep calm. DAN L. BORNEMAN "Bornie" F.F.A. Ambition: Get into the Army and stay there. Pet Peeve: Night life. RAYMOND JOHN BRAUN "Ray" Intramurals 4. Pet Say- ing: Censored. Ambition: Join the Air Force. Pet Peeve: Powerglides. Hobbies: Cars - machine shop. Q6 uf 'Y X KATHRYN F. BLAZEK "Kaye" Choir 3,4, Glee Club 2,3, Ma- drigal 4, Antigonian 2,3,4, G.A.A. 4, Latin Club 3,4, Dra- ma 2,4, Hi-Lite, Homecoming Skit, Court ot Honor Jr. Prom. Pet Saying: No kidding! Ambi- tion: Medical Technician: Pet Peeve: People who are brains. Hobbies: Listening to music. CONSTANCE LOUISE BUETOW "Connie" Latin Club 3,4, G. A.A. 3,4, Band 1. Pet Saying: All right. Ambition: Elementary teacher. Pet Peeve: Blue Olds- mobile. J. A- '- 'Iv Eff: CAROL ANN BOETTCHER Pet Saying: Oh, Honestly! Ambi- tion: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Boys. JEANNINE CALDWELL Ambi- tion: Get Married: Pet Peeve: People who smack their lips while eating or chewing. Hob- bies: Collecting different orna- ments. A4 :li iv ROY W. BOLL "Wanna" Bas- ketball 2, lntramural 4. Pet Saying: You's da von. Ambi- tion: Get a new car. Pet Peeve: Pepsi Cola. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. CAROL BOSTWICK G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 2, Livewire 'l, Bowl- ing 4. Pet Saying: That's life. Ambition: Otlice work. Pet Peeve: Dependable Barb. Hob- bies: Dancing, hayrides. MARGARET L. CALLAHAN "Peggy" F.H.A. 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Bowling 2,3, Antigonian 4, Glee Club 3. Pet Saying: Dilburt One. Ambition: Secre- tary. Pet Peeve: Talkative peo- ple. 5 Hu. W . GERALD CALLSEN "Jerry" C oir 3,4, Latin Club 4. GEORGE J. CROSS "George" Football l,2, Basketball i,2,3, 4, Baseball 2,3,4. Pet Saying: Hi! Honey. Ambition: Be a farmer. Pet Peeve: Girls that fight. ELAINE CUNNINGHAM "Lon- ie" library 2,3,4, Livewirer. Pet Saying: Takes one to know one. Ambition: To at- tend Business school. Pet Peeve: People who make fun of others. Awards: Library pin and guard for three year's service. Hobbies: Swimming, music. ROSEMARY CAMPBELL "Rosie" Pet Saying: That's the way it goes. Ambition: Airline Stew- ardess. Hobbies: Dancing, Hay- rides. , 1 JOHN A. CURTIS "Big John" Football l,2, Choir 3,4, Ma- drigal 4, Student Council 3, Sr. Class Play, President of Choir. Pet Saying: That's fine, iust wunnerful. Ambition: Col- lege education. Hobbies: Hunt- ing, fishing. PAUL CONNORS "Red" Pet Saying: I don't know. Ambi: tion: To go to college. Pet Peeve: Talkative women. Hob- bies: Water Skiing, swimming. ,. f v-. ruygf75QiQ.f.i,s K Q -4, . k eeeisyamsf rf se JOHN CURTIS "John T." Ten- nis I, Basketball 1, Football 2. Pet Saying: Nasty Break. Am- bition: Mechanic. Pet Peeve: J. L. Hobbies: Mechanics, hunt- ing. ' Q A I CHARLES TERRY CROSS "Char- Iie" Choir 2,3,4, Baseball 2, 3,-1, Football 2,4, Basketball 2,3, A Club 3,4. Pet Saying: Oh ya, sure. Ambition: Make a million. Pet Peeve: Gossiping girls. Hobbies: Fishing, hunt- ing. SANDRA CROSS "Sandy" Homecoming Skit 4, Hi-Lite 4, Girl's Glee Club l,2,3. Pet Saying: Dilburt One, Pet Peeve: People. GEORGE H. DAKIN 936' C' :uni ,,,!'+. ,ws 15 44. tual X1 -.,,f BONNIE PEARL DANKMEYER Bon" Pet Saying: Help! Ambi- tion To be a beautician. Pet Peeve: Dark-Haired boys. Hob- bies Sports. RUTH MARY DEMLOW "Ruth- ie" Cheerleading I,2, Pep Club 2, Hi-Lite 4, Choir Vice Pres. 4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Homecoming Attendant, Home- coming Skit 4, Sno-Ball At- tendant 4. Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Short boys. DENNIS R. DICKMAN "R. J." Football 3, Intramurals I,2,4, Baseball 3,4. Pet Saying: Hey! Handsome: Ambition: Teach- ing. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke. Hobbies: Baseball, fish- ing. CF NQ s Bef' BONNIE A, DARLING "Bunny" G.A.A. Pet Saying: Panic! Am- bition: To be a teacher. Pet Peeve: Tubby's singing, Hob- bies: Collecting records. Ss I x I DIANE CLAIRE DIERCKS Span- ish Club 3,4, Pres. 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, G.A.A. 4, Drama Club 2,4, Forensics 4, Antigonian 4, Girl's Glee Club 2,3, Jr. Prom Court of Honor. Pet Saying: Arf! Ambition: Social Worker. Hobbies: Tennis, bowling. Q!! tv: I at it I ,, I l , WILLIAM J. DEACY "Dace" Football I. Pet Saying: That's beside the point. Ambition: To be a fly boy. Pet Peeve: Black- haired girls. Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, parties, car racing. JOHN A. DOBRINSKA "Jack" Intramurals I,2, Track I, Foot- ball I,2, Pet Saying: Say hey. Ambition: Go to an Engineer- ing College. Pet Peeve: Women Wrestlers, Hobbies: Hockey, fishing, hunting. 44: 'i I. if 1 L, gl 9- - W fu be I 2 .,, bi if MILTON DELABRUE "Jigger' Pet Saying: Always. Ambition Join Air Force. Pet Peeve: Tall girls. Hobbies: Boxing. AUDREY DICKMAN Pet Saying: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Ambition: To get o iob. Pet Peeve: All those dark-headed boys. LARRY A. DRAEGER F.F.A. 2,3 4, Intramurals. Ambition: Live until I die. Pet Peeve: Girls who chew their fingernails Hobbies: Hunting. vp... Q 'S , - A . 1152-7 .Ji ,,,,,. vi., X Y. ff' DARWIN J. DREXLER Pet Say- ing: Darn it. Ambition: Get in the Air Force. Pet Peeve: Girls. Hobbies: Riding a Horse. DAVID WILLIAM DUPKE "Dave" F.F.A. 2,3,4, D.H.l.A. 2,3, Intramurals 2. Pet Saying: Oh heck. Ambition: Mechanic. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke. KENNETH JAMES FLEISCHMAN "Father" Forestry Club 2,3, Drama 2, A Club, Football 3, 4, Pet Peeve: Dances. Pet Say- ing: What?? Ambition: Live till I die. Hobbies: A certain girl. fs- VERONA MARIE DUFF "Ron- nie" Hi-Lite 4, F.H.A. 4. Pet Saying: ls that what it is - Oh well. Ambition: To see all the states and Canada. Pet Peeve: Long hair on boys. Hobbies: Archery and horseback riding. NORBERT FLEISCHMAN "Boom, Boom" Ambition: Join the Marines. Pet Peeve: Girls. Hobbies: Hunting and fishing. i 6' 1-v 5 Q-v L WALTER DUFF "Dubie" Intra- murals 3,4, Basketball 2. Sen- ior Sno-Ball King. Pet Saying: That don't bother me. Ambi- tion: Keep my driver's license. Pet Peeve: Dumb girls. Hob- bies: Parties. 4H""N RUTH FREDERIKSEN "Freddy" F.H.A., Hi-Lite, Class Play, Homecoming Skit, G.A.A., Bowling and Apparatus. Pet Saying: Dumb Bunny. Ambi- tion: To someday own an or- phanage and watch my bro- ther go to college. Hobbies: Being a people watcher. 2' N. 'H MARILYN KAY DUNN "Gus" Forensics I,2,3,4, Glee Club I, Drama 2,4, Antigonian 2,3, Latin Club 4, Pep Club 3, G.A.A. 2,J,4, Valley Ball Chairman 4, Hi-Lite 4, Home- coming Skit 4. Pet Saying: No Sweat. Ambition: Be happy. Pet Peeve: Big Mouth's. PATSY JEAN FLANNERY "Pat" Band 3,4, G.A.A. 4, Forensics 4, Drama 4, Antigonian 4. Pet Saying: That's a laugh. Ambition: To be an interior decorater. Pet Peeve: Navy. Hobbies: Tennis and Bowling. MARGARET L. FULLER "Peg" Court of Honor Jr. Prom 3, Sno-Ball Court of Honor 4 Drama Club I,2, Pep Club 2, Student Council I,2,4, Vice President-Treasurer 4, Latin Club 4, Secretary 4, Antigon- ian 3,4, Hi-Lite 4, Boys Sports Editor 4, Homecoming Skit 4. Pet Saying: He's so lonesome. Ambition: To be a successful nurse. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke and drink. Hobbies: Dancing. 1 ng. xx . f. JOYCE GAUDETTE Photo Club, F.H.A., Hi-Lite. Pet Saying: No kidding. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Nosey People. to -5 el JANET GLOWEN "Squirt" Band 2,3,4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Drama Club 2, G.A.A. 3, Antigonian 4, Pep Club 2,3, Jr. Prom Court, Sno- Boll Court. Pet Saying: No sweat. Pet Peeve: Hockey. PETER P. GLUGLA "Gloomzy" Football 2, Intramurals l,2,4. Pet Saying: No sweat. Ambi- tion: Get married. Pet Peeve: Drinking water. Hobbies: Hunt- ing, fishing. FERN M. HANSEN F.H.A. 2,3, G.A.A. Bowling 3. Pet Saying: Drop dead. Ambition: Unde- cided. Pet Peeve: Fly boys. -459- JAMES HARTMAN "Jim" Stu dent Council 4. Pet Saying What'll you have. Ambition Go on to school. Pet Peeve: A black Ford. Hobbies: Hunt ing, fishing, hot rods. JAMES M. HAYES, JR. "Smil- ing Ed." Sr. Class Play, Jr. Prom Court, Drama Club 2,3, 4, Golf 4, Latin Club 4, De- bate 2, Intramurals 2,4, Band 2,3. Pet Saying: No kidding. Ambition: To be o mortician. Pet Peeve: Leotards. Hobbies: Baseball, basketball, hunting, golfing. l4'N ELIZABETH J. HECKERT "Liz" Spanish Club. Pet Saying: Jol- ly good. Ambition: Elementary Art Teacher. Pet Peeve: Dates with a 5 o'clock shadow. Hob- bies: Painting, reading. MIKE HACKBARTH "Charlie" Band l,2, Choir 2,3,4, Madri- gal 2,3,4. Ambition: live until I die. Pet Peeve: Women. Pet Saying: Set me up a squirt. MARY LOU HELGESON "Black- ie" Pep Club 3. Pet Saying: Oh my gosh, Really! Ambition: A happy, successful life as a Primary Teacher. Pet Peeve: Al- fred Hitchcock. Hobbies: Horse riding, painting, shopping, sr we-:sf qu. PETE HELMBRECHT "Homo" Basketball 2, Baseball 2,4, Football 4, Cheerleading 2, Choir 3,4. Pet Saying: Sutter! Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. Pet Peeve: Gabby wo- men. Hobbies: Horse racing, parties. DALE J. HOERMAN "Hoerman the German" Pet Saying: Hi! Beautiful. Ambition: Be a suc- cess. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke. JANICE M. HUBATCH "James" Pet Saying: Holy Manl Ambi- tion: Beautician. Pet Peeve: Hot Rodders. 3 PATRICIA HENNEMAN "Pat" Band l, Latin Club 3, Anti- gonian 2,3,4, Drama 2,4, Hi- lite 4, Forensics, 4, G.A.A. Bowling 3, Sr. Class Play, Homecoming Skit, Sr. Sno-Ball Court. Pet Saying: Oh, don't get your underwear in a bun- dle. Ambition: To become a better person. Pet Peeve: Gum snappers. Hobbies: Can't say. HERBERT P. HUSNICK "Fuzz" Intramurals 2,3,4, Forestry Club 2,3. Pet Saying: What you doing? Ambition: Go to college. Pet Peeve: Girls who smoke. Hobbies: Wednesday nights. MIKE HICKEY "Crotch" Wrest- ling, Football, Tumbling. Pet Saying: Chu-hair. Ambition: Hot rod driver. Pet Peeve: Blondes. Hobbies: Hot rodding. JUDITH C. lGl. "Judy" Amerie can Legion Essay Contest - Second Prize, Sec. G.A.A. 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4. Pet Saying: Ya! l'll bet. Ambition: To be a success. Pet Peeve: Hot rod drivers. JANET HIGGINS G.A.A. l,2,3 4. Pet Saying: Gee whiz! Am bition: Be a teacher. MAE HOLUP G.A.A. 4. Pet Saying: Gee whiz! Ambition: Be a success. Pet Peeve: Gum crackers. RITA IGL "Shorty" Pet Saying: Oh, sure! Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Hobbies: Dancing. ROSE MARIE IGL "Rosie" F. H.A. Pet Saying: Oh, man! Ambition: To be a success. Hobbies: Dancing. AUDREY JOHNSON Pet Say- ing Oh ya! Ambition: To be a success and to travel. Pet Peeve: Show offs. Hobbies: Dancing. MARGUERITE J. JONES "Pag- ge" Pet Saying: Holy cow! Am- bition: Be a success. Hobbies: Dancing. 'T MAE J. INCHA Pep Club 3. Pet Saying: Gee, whiz! Ambi- tion: Be a success. Pet Peeve: Knuckle-crackers. Hobbies: Reading. PATRICIA KANE "Pat" Ameri- can legion Essay Winner - First Prize. Pet Saying: How about that now. Ambition: Be- come famous as a iournalist. Pet Peeve: Betsy Below. Hob- bies: Dancing, writing. ALICE JANE JANSEN "Jenny" Glee Club l,2, Chair 3,4, Dra- ma 2,4, Forensics 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Hi-Lite 4, Antigonian 2, 3, Sr. Class Play, Pep Club 2, 3, Court of Honor Jr. Prom. Pet Saying: No sweat. Ambi- tion: School teacher. Pet Peeve: Fourth hour study hall. Hob- bies: Wednesday nights. CHRISTINE C. KAPLAN "Chris" Pep Club 3, Antigonian 2, Hi- Lite 4, Sr. Class Play. Pet Say- ing: Oh mercy! Ambition: Be a success. Pet Peeve: Black Buick. Hobbies: listen to re- cords. L M5 l! wo- 'Kg ELAYNE JESKE "Jabber Fourth Attendant to Homecom ing Queen, Forensics 2, H Lite 4. Ambition: Be happy DENNIS C. JOHNSON "Den- ny" Pet Saying: I don't know. Ambition: Go to Alaska. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke. MARIAN H. KAPUSTA "Andy Latin Club 3, Pep Club 3,4 Antigonian 2, Hi-Lite 4, Sr Class Play. Pet Saying: Oh mercy! Ambition: Go to college and become a Medical Tech nologist. Pet Peeve: Brown and green Fords. Hobbies: Listen ing to records. 3' ff' MICHAEL J. KAUTZA "Rem- brant" Football l,2,3,4, Wrest- ling 2,3,4, Track 3,4, A Club 3,4, Student Council l. Pet Saying: Wise, ain't ya. Ambi- tion: Retire by the time I'm 24, Pet Peeve: Girls that drink. Hobbies: Painting, hunting, and sports in general. JUDITH M. KRETZ "Judy" Court of Honor Jr. Prom, Court ot Honor Sno-Ball, G.A.A. 2,3, 4, Treas 4, latin Club 2,3,4, Treas. 3, Antigonian 2,3,4, Choir 3,4, Glee Club 2, Ma- drigal 3,4, Pep Club 3,4, For- ensics 3,4, Hi-Lite 4, Photogra- phy 4. Pet Saying: Betcha a cookie. Ambition: Enter teach- ing. Pet Peeve: People who go steady. ROMELLE KIELCHESKI Latin Club 3,4, Antigonian 2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Hi-Lite 4, Homecoming Queen. Pet Saying: We'II see. Ambition: To make it through college. Pet Peeve: Pushy people, MARGARET ANN KING "Mog- gie" Pet Saying: lt doesn't put any money in my pocket. 'ig- Y ii' be 4, . x - . 'IL -'bfi 2 JL 4 :.,x-rw., . l Ni 1 I , PAUL KNOP Star A at State in Forensics, Court of Honor Jr. Prom, Forensics 3,-1, Sr. Ambition: Beautician. Pet Class Play. Pet Saying: Let's Peeve: Gum crackers. Hobbies: cut out of here. Ambition: Be Sewing and art. a throttle iockey. Pet Peeve: Brigitte Bardot. JANET R. KRETZ "Jan" Jr. Prom Queen, V.F.W. Essay Winner, Soph. Class Secretary- Treasurer, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3,4, Antigonian 2,3,4, Choir 3,4, Madrigal 3,4, Glee Club 2, Forensics 2,3,4, Debate 4, Drama 4. Ambition: Be a CONNIE KAY KRUEGER "Jam- mie" Drama Club, Forensics, Homecoming Skit, Senior Class Play, Pep Club. Pet Saying: No sweat iust like an ice cube. Ambition: To be happy with it. Pet Peeve: Jerdongol. Hobbies: Wednesday nights. Nurse. KENNETH R. KRUGER "Ken" Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Basketball 2,3,4, Track, A Club, Court of Honor Sno-Ball. Pet Saying: Big Deal. Ambi- tion: Nuclear Physicist. 15.3 TOM KRYKA Pet Saying: What do you mean by that? Ambi- tion: Electronics Engineer. Pet Peeve: Homework. Hobbies: Building radios, model planes, hunting and fishing. jf..- I N RUTH M. KUNZ "Ruthie" Jun- ior D.A.R. Award G.A.A. 2,3, 4, Bowling Chairman 4. Pet Saying: Write a book! Ambi- tion: High school teacher. Pet Peeve: Schmoos. Hobbies: Bowling, Sewing. MARCELLA LARZELERE "Mar- cie" Choir, Glee Club, G.A. A., F.H.A. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Second hour Eng- lish. JOHN W. LUTZ Pet Saying: What's the matter? Ambition: Have a successful life. Pet Peeve: Girls who talk at the wrong time. Court ot Honor of Junior Prom. Hobbies: Water sports, cars. hh' Y' PHYLIS MARY KURTH "Chubs" Secretary Student Council, Am- erican Legion Essay - Third Prize, First Attendant to Home- coming Queen, Secretary For- ensic, Senior Class Play, Stu- dent Council 2,3,4, Forensics 2,3,4, Antigonian 2,3, Hi-Lite Business Editor, Pep Club 2, Court ot Honor Junior Prom. Pet Saying: Got any gum? Am- bition: To be a lawyer. Pet Peeve: Pushing cars. LORETTA ANN MACKIEWICZ "lorry" Pep Club 2, F.H.A. 2, Drama 2,3,4, Glee Club 2, 3,4, Choir 4, Homecoming Skit 4, Sr. Class Play 4. Pet Say- ing: Tool! Ambition: Have mil- lions and live happy. Pet Peeve: l talk too fast, too often. Hobbies: Reading. NEIL KURTZ "Congo Kurtz" La- tin Club 2,3. Pet Saying: Take it easy on the curves. Ambi- tion: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Painting steps, pushing cars. Hobbies: Hunting, shooting. RONALD LEE McNElL "Buck" Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2. Pet Saying: Hi Ya Shorty. Am- bition: To live until I die with lots of money. Pet Peeve: Sun- day drivers. EVELYN MARGARET LANG "Ev" Band. Pet Saying: Bother's me. Ambition: Get a better paying iob. Pet Peeve: Locker Partner. Hobbies: Reading. JOHN H. LUCHT Pet Saying: l don't know. Ambition: To become a success. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke. Hobbies: Hunting. CONNIE DENISE MEINERT "Speedy" Livewire, F.H.A. 2, G.A.A. 2, Drama 2,3,4, Sr. Class Play, Homecoming Skit. Pet Saying: Tool. Ambition: Get Married, Pet Peeve: Wise Guys. ir"- an is-lg, l s .x I ' f l LARRY LEE MENDL "Louse" Stephen Memorial Scholarship, F.f.A. Secretary 3, President 4, Band 2,3,4. Pet Saying: Cotton Picker. Ambition: Pota- to Farmer. Pet Peeve: Girls who smoke. GLORIA JEAN MORGAN "Morgie" G.A.A. 2,3,4, Anti- gonian 2,3,4, Bowling 2,3,4, Forensics 2,3, Latin Club 3,4, Drama Club 3, Third place in Constitution Contest. Pet Say- ing: Now you're logging! Am- bition: To be a private secre- tary. Pet Peeve: My locker Partner. MARJORIE MAE MYSZKA Win- ner of Spade. Pet Saying: lsn't that nicel Ambition: Tra- vel. Pet Peeve: Snobs. Hobbies: Listening to music, reading. BARBARA JEAN MESSER "Barb" G.A.A. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 2,3, Glee Club, Pep Club 2, Cheerleading 3. Pet Saying: That's life! Ambition: Live un- til better days come. Pet Peeve: High school boys. N' -4- ' i wx f Nix is :ie Y . ..,. lx DALE NAUTA Hi-Lite, Pho- tography Club 4. Pet Saying: Who knows? Ambition: Live a good life. Pet Peeve: Fast dri- vers. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, working. FAYE MOELLENDORF G.A.A. 3, 4, Antigonian 3,4, Bowling 2, 3, Drama 4. Pet Saying: Was l ever Embarassedl Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: My locker partner. Hobbies: Paint- ing, piano, reading. 'ff-' JOHN NICHOLSON "Jack" Forestry 2. Pet Saying: So. Ambition: To be a mechanic. Pet Peeve: Sleeping. Hobbies: Hunting. .2 K- 4 yv ,qi ibfy xl! fi- KATHLEEN MOORE "Kathie Forensics 3, Spanish Club Pet Saying: You're kidding O course! Ambition: To be happy Pet Peeve: A certain "49" Ply mouth. Hobbies: Music. MILTON MOSHER Ambition: To become a mechanic. Pet Peeve: Sleeping. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. KAREN S. NICHOLSON G.A.A. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Pep Club 3, Antigonian 2,3. Pet Say- ing Panic. Ambition: To be cl librarian. Pet Peeve: Locker Partner. Hobbies: Reading. PATRICIA NICHOLSON "Pat" G.A.A. 2,3, latin Club 4. Pet Saying: Oh, icy! Ambition: To travel. Pet Peeve: Snobs. DAVID OLDENBURG "Dave" F. F.A. I,2,3,4, Debate I. Pet Saying: Drink up! Ambition: To be a pilot. Pet Peeve: Sleeping. Hobbies: Girls. JOHN OTTMAN "Otto" Hob- btes Hunting fishing -ff? -if Ir - TOM NOVOTNY "Tom" F.F.A. I,2,3,4. Ambition: To travel, JAMES L. NOSKOWIAK "Jim" F.F.A., Intramurals. Pet Saying: Mercy! Mercy! Ambition: Be- come a dairy farmer. Pet Peeve: Girls that drink. Hob' bies: Hunting. JAMES PAVLICHEK Pet Saying: How is it going? Ambition Ge a lab Hobbies Fishing hunting ang. f 'M 4 ii . N ,f . F D-15.9 BARBARA PAYNE "Barb" Mu- sic Clinic Scholarship I957, Band I,2,3,4, G.A.A. 2, Jr. Prom Court of Honor. Pet Say- ing: Toughlll Ambition to be happy. Pet Peeve: Dumb people. N Qi. I k u Xl LARRY NOSKOWIAK "Scovy" Intramurals 3,4. Pet Saying: Don't sweat it. Ambition: Get a iob. Pet Peeve: Getting drunk. BILL FRANK OTHERSALI 'Han- dy" Choir I,2. Pet Saying: You betl Ambition: Catch game vio- lators. Pet Peeve: Sack dresses and brains. Hobbies: Bird Watching. DON PEDERSON "Pete" Choir, Intramurals 4, Basketball I. Pet Saying: No kidding. Ambi- tion: To be a success. Pet Peeve: Girls that smoke. Hob- bies: Football, basketball, hunting, fishing. 'Y' RAMONA J. PESL "AIkie" G. A.A. I, Drama I,2, Jr. Prom Court, Pep Club 2. Pet Say- ing: Stupid. Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Going steady. JOHN KEITH PRIEM Basketball l, Baseball l, Intramurals 2,3. Pet Saying: l'll get them next time. Ambition: To be a doctor. Pet Peeve: Girls. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, baseball. ng HOWARD JOSEPH PLZAK "Howie" Drama Club 'l,2, La- tin Club 3,4, Antigonian 3,4, Sr. Class Play. Pet Saying: That ain't a big thing. Ambi- tion: Get through college. PATRICIA A. POULLETTE "Pat- ty" Glee Club 2, Pep Club 2, Forensics l,2,3, Drama Club l,2, Antigonian 3,4, Hi-Lite 4, Art Editor, Spanish Club 3,4, Jr. Prom Court, Homecoming Skit, Cheerleading l, Snc-Ball Court. Pet Saying: lsn't he tweet! Ambition: To get through college. Pet Peeve: Gambling. Hobbies: Painting. GEORGE POZORSKI Ambition Carpenter. Hobbies: Hunting fishing. THOMAS PRINS "Tom" Bas- ketball I, Football I, Intra- murals 2,3,4. Pet Saying: Get off my back. Ambition: To get out of school. Pet Peeve: Girls. Hobbies: Fly tying, hunting. .ff for ' 39' MICHAEL POZZA "Dago" Choir l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2, Madrigal 3,,4 Homecoming Skit, Intramurals 2,4. Pet Say- ing: Nothin but the best! Am- bition: To be a bachelor. Pet Peeve: Work. PATRICIA A. PROCHASKA "Pat" G.A.A. 4, latin Club 3, Hi-Lite 4, Glee Club 2,3, Homecoming Skit 4, Pep Club 2. Pet Saying: Huhl Ambition: To be happy. CAROLE QUIRK Badger Girl's State, Mirror, Class Vice Pres. 2,3, Student Council Sec. 3, Student Council Pres. 4, Most Valuable Student Council mem- ber 3, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award I, Maxwell Award 1, Forensics l,2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Drama Club l, 2,4, Spanish Club 3,4, Sr. Class Play 4, Hi-lite 4, Home- coming Skit 4, Jr. Prom Court. Ambition: To be happy. Pet Peeve: Two-faced people. Hob- bies: Sewing. JOAN LEE REED "Joanie" NANCY KAY RADTKE "Lucy" G.A.A. 2,4, Pep Club 2, Dra- ma 2,4. Pet Saying: Get off my back. Ambition: To become a secretary. Pet Peeve: Jealous girls. Band l,2,3,4, Latin Club 4, Court of Jr. Prom. Pet Saying: Jeacus Nonnal Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: Milwaukee!! GAIL M. RESCH "Galey" Pet Saying: No kidding. Ambition: Be a teacher, Hobbies: Collect- ing records. RICHARD C. RASMUSSEN "Greasy" Lunch Line 3,4. Pet Saying: Horse feathers. Ambi- tion: Be a cop or hardware merchant. Pet Peeve: Guns. Hobbies: Hunting and hunting. In 'fit' A '-15 KATHLEEN J. REYNOLDS "Ka- thy" Court of Honor Jr. Prom 3, G.A.A. Tennis Chairman 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Antigonian 2,3, 4, Drama Club 4, Latin Club 3,4, Hi-Lite Typing Editor 4, Bowling 2,3,4, Senior Class Play 4, Homecoming Skit 4, Pep Club 4. Pet Saying: Oh Rah. Ambition: To go to Ha- waii an my honeymoon. Pet Peeve: People who drink. Hob- bies: Collecting records. .K vagu- l .X . 1 4 v . I MARIANNE RANDL "Randy" Pep Club l,2,3. Pet Saying: Blast it all. Ambition: Lead a successful life. Pet Peeve: Be- ing kept waiting. Hobbies: Drawing. X 8 K BARRY ROBERTS "Big Bad Bar- ry" Ambition: Like to be a carpenter. RONALD JOSEPH RANDL "Ron" First Place at Wis. High School Forensic Contest 1957- l958, Drama Club 2,4, For- ensics 3,4 Vice President 4, Class Play 4, Latin Club 3,4 Vice President 4, Hi-Lite Pho- tography 4, Photography 4, Court of Honor Jr. Prom. Pet Saying: Heavens to Betsyl Am- bition: Television producer. Pet Peeve: Representative of Wrig- ley Gum Co. Hobbies: Photog- raphy. SANDRA LEE REIMER "Mus- cIes" Glee Club 1. Pet Saying: No kiddin. Ambition: Be suc- cessful in attending hayrides. Pet Peeve: Barb's undepend- ability. Hobbies: Hayrides, and dancing. MARY JUDlTH RICHARDS "Rich" First place State For- ensic Meet l957-l958. Schol- arship to Stevens Point Music Clinic, All State Choir at Madi- son, Pep Club 4, Antigonian 2,3,4, Drama l,2,4, Sec.- Treas. 2, Forensics l,2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Bowling 2,3,4, Hi-Lite Activities Editor 4, La- tin Club 4, Glee Club l,2, Choir 2,3,4, Madrigal 3,4, Stu- dent Council I, Homecoming Skit 4, Senior Class Play, Jr. Prom Court, Sr. Sno-Ball Court. Pet Saying: Jacus Nunnal Am- bition: To be a successful nurse. Pet Peeve: John's and Paul's disturbance in study hall. Hobbies: Music. -lf4 V-QQ. .gt .. DONALD ROSIO "Don" Am- bition: Like to be a truck dri- ver. GERALD R. SCHROEDER "Jer- ry" F.H.A. l,2,3,4, D.H,l.A. l. 2,4, Noon Intramurals. Pet Saying: You don't say. Ambi- tion: Go to Alaska or Canada. Pet Peeve: Sack dresses. Hob- bies: Hunting, fishing. DONNA M. SCHROEPFER Dra- ma 2,4, Hi-Lite 4. Pet Saying: Are you kidding? Ambition: Be an elementary school teacher. Pet Peeve: Little brats! Hob- bies: lce skating, XP-' L' -r up Vi is if . DAVE RUSCH Intramurals. Am- JACQULINE RUSCH "Jackie" GAIL SCHLEINZ "Moose" G bition: Have oil wells. Pet Pet Saying: Oh! baby that's A.A., Jr. Prom Court, Sno-Ball Peeve:Customixing ieeps. Hob- what l like. Ambition: Home Sr. Class Play, Hi-Lite. Pe bies: EIi's Junkyard. Economics teacher. Pet Peeve: Saying: Here it comes. Ambi Those sophomores. tion: Be a success with bub bles. Pet Peeve: Flee-bitten mother. Hobbies: Tennis. I K,,,.u:'v-,.,x X .f A This 5 GARY SCHROEPFER Jr. Prom King, Forensics 3,4, Latin Club 3,4, Choir 4, Madrigal l, Dra- ma Club, Antigonion Editor 3, 4. Pet Saying: Don't be o dumb bunny. Ambition: Psy- chiatrist. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Hobbies: Swimming. firm, NANCY SCHULTZ "SchuItzie" Pet Saying: That's life. Ambi tion: To go to as many hay rides as possible. Pet Peeve: People who swear. Hobbies: Hoyrides. WAYNE SCHROEDER "Winny" F.F.A. l,2,3,4, D.H.l.A. 'l,2,4, Noon Intramurals. Pet Saying: Could be worse. Ambition: Be a man-women are no good. Hobbies: Ice skating. FRED W. SCHUSTER "Eli' Track 2,3,4, Intramurals 1,2 Pet Saying: I give up. Ambi tion: Make money. Pet Peeve 4th hour. Hobbies: Water ski ing, hunting, fishing. 49- 1:-f I wig, ' will I TOM SCHWEITZER Pet Saying: Pretty-wellie. Ambition: None. Pet Peeve: Mr. Meyer's short hair cut. JOHN W. SHARKEY "Shark" Pet Saying: Come on. Ambi- tion: Get out of school. Pet Peeve: Girls who smoke. Hob- bies: Bowling, skating, skiing, baseball. AUDREY SIMMONS Pet Say- ing: Fraid so. Ambition: To be a beautician. Pet Peeve: Certain teachers. . DWAYNE SCOTT "Scottie" Choir l,2,3,4, Intramurals 2, 3,4. Pet Saying: Don't sweat that small stuff. Ambition: Be a cop. Pet Peeve: Blond girls. Hobbies: Hunting. 6 it X N I il KEN ALLEN SHADICK "Tic" Pet Saying: Let's do it, Ambi- tion: Go on to school. Pet Peeve: Knee socks. Hobbies- Girls, radios. MARIE SIMMONS "Bug" Am- bition: Work in a restaurant. FRANCES ROSE SOLIN 'tFran' D.A.R., Pep Club. Pet Saying: Don't ya iust know it. Ambi- tion: Beauticion. Pet Peeve: Certain iuniors. 'Ya 1'Z ' ' JOSEPH B. SHAFEL "Joe" FF A. l,2,3. Pet Saying: Only Sundays. Ambition: Make lots of money. Pet Peeve: Reckless drivers, Hobbies: Photography water skiing. CHARLOTTE MAE SICKINGER "Boozie" Glee Club. Pet Say- ing: Oh-cha cha. Ambition: Get out of Antigo. Pet Peeve: Smoking. Hobbies: A little of everything. HELEN STEBER "Wheels" Pep Club 4, F.H.A. 2. Pet Sayi Oh yes! Ambition: Beautician time Hobbies Driving my car Pet Peeve: People never on f, U i 4 'Av 4 ,, vwyf f 4 if! . 4' Es. :A BETH STEINFELDT "Steiney" Pep Club 2,4, Bowling 2, G.A. A. l. Pet Saying: Oh, really. Ambition: Beautician. Pet Peeve: Conceited people. Marcy" G.A.A. Pres. 4, G.A. TOM STRASSER "Chester" A Club, Basketball 3,4, Football 2, Baseball 2. Pet Saying: Homely one. Ambition: Get married, Pet Peeve: Girls that drink and smoke. MARCELLA MARIE SZITTA A. l,2,3,4, Drama Club l, Stu- dent Council 2, latin Club 3,4, Glee Club 3, Choir 4, Hi-Lite 4, Sr. Class Play 4. Pet Soy- ing: You think l should? Am- bition: To get a college educa- tion and be successful in what- ever I do. Pet Peeve: People who tell lies. Hobbies: Hay- rides, dancing. 4 4, we 'QF ' BONNIE STERN Glee Club 2, 3, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club 2. Pet Saying: Dilburt One. Ambition: Get married and live in a house trailer. Pet Peeve: Peo- ple who think they know it alll '99 SHIRLEY "Stogy" Drama Club. Pet Say- ing: Aw! Ambition: To get out of Antigo. Pet Peeve: Drinking. Hobbies: A little of everything, especially motorcycle riding. ANN STOLZMAN TERENCE TATRO "Terry" F.F. A. Pet Saying: You know it. Ambition: To be a bachelor. Pet Peeve: Rock and roll. Hob- bies: Hunting, bowling. A-T v .14 gy. V, BARBARA E. TAUTGES "Bobbi" Pet Saying: Honest to pete! Ambition: Get married. Pet Peeve: Gossipers. Hobbies: Sewing, reading, roller skating. ,faq 7 PAT M. STONE "Rock" F.F.A. 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 2 years, Or- chestra 2,3,4. Pet Saying: You stupid tool. Ambition: To go into the service. Pet Peeve: People who talk too much. Hobbies: Hot rods. JOHN DulUE STRUTZ F.F.A. 2, 3,4. Pet Saying: Doggonel Am- bition: To live until I die. Pet Peeve: Some girls. Hobbies: Hunting and fishing. MARY ANN TAUTGES Pet Scy- ing: For Pete's Sake. Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: People who chew with their mouth open. Hobbies: Sewing, Read- ing. asv: vi' W R. 'i Wiki 1' .. X . 1? Eg X JOYCE ELAINE THIELMAN "Jet" G.A.A. 3. Pet Saying: Don't Bother me. Ambition: Be happily married. Pet Peeve: A certain boy. Hobbies: Singing. JUDITH M. ULLENBRAUCK "Pussy Cat" Pet Saying: Be careful there, dear. Ambition: Be a farmer's wife, of course. Pet Peeve: A broken down Hudson. Hobbies: Sleeping. JUDITH A. UTNEHMER "Judy" Court ot Honor Jr. Prom, Band 'l,2,3, G.A.A. 3,4, F.H.A. l,2. Pep Club, Drama Club, Anti- gonian 4, Homecoming Skit, Hi-Lite. Ambition: Be a Beau- tician. TOM THOMPSON Wrestling 4. Pet Saying: l give up. What is my pet saying? Ambition: To buy a Thunderbird. Pet Peeve: Crying bus drivers. Hobbies: Baseball. MARY VANDEHEY "Pidgey" G. A.A., Drama Club. Pet Say- ing: That's tough. Ambition Be a Maior in the Air Force. Hobbies: Making grape wine. que! JAN R. TUCKER Ambition: do not want to say. Pet Peeve: The smart acting students that go to this school. Hobbies: Women. NANCY C. VANDERBERG "Nan" Court of Honor Jr. Prom, Court of Honor Sr. Sno- Ball, Student Council 2,3, G. A.A. 2,3,4, Choir 3,4, Glee Club 2,3, Madrigal 4, Latin Club 2,3,4, Antigonian 2,3,4, Band 3,-4, Hi-Lite 4, Homecom- ing Skit 4, Pep Club 2. Am- bition: To be a good nurse. JOAN ANN ULLENBRAUCK "Oldsie" Pet Saying: Love you. Ambition: Get married Pet Peeve: Riding in Dave's car. Hobbies: Sleeping. JOHN J, UTNEHMER "Utey" Orchestra 2,3. Pet Saying: Fat so! Ambition: Join the Marines. Pet Peeve: Sack dresses. Hob- bies: Horseback riding. KAREN JOY WALTER "Kay" Pet Saying: Ching. Ambition: Get married, of course. Pet Peeve: Fast drivers. Hobbies: Driving cars lslowl. Q., .W I I it i . I f 1 fi WAYNE R. WAUKAU "Beech: ie" Basketball 3,4, A Club 4. Pet Saying: Get wise. Ambi- tion: Join the Marines. Pet Peeve: Hard work. Hobbies: Horseback riding. ROBERT WHITE "Bob" Pet Saying: How should I know. Ambition: Tool and die maker. KAREN L. WIELD "Karen" Third attendant to Homecoming Queen, Court of Honor Jr. Prom and Sr. Sno-Ball, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Apparatus Chairman 4, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Choir 2, 3,4, Secretary 4, Madrigal 3, 4, Pep Club 2,3,4, President 4, Student Council l,2,4, Hi-l.ite 4, Antigonian 2,3,4, Sr. Class Play 4, F,H.A. 'I,2. Pet Saying: Honestly. Ambition: To be a successful typist. Pet Peeve: Study Hall. Hobbies: Sports. 6 1 DARRELL WEBSTER "Web" Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2.3, A Club 3,4, Letter for Basket! ball and Football. Pet Saying: Good enough for Indian, good enough for white mon. Ambi- tion: Get a iob. Pet Peeve: Girls who drink. ROBERT DAVID WILCENSKI "Bob" F.F.A. I,2, Football 4, Track 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, I.a- tin Club 4. Pet Saying: Panic. Ambition: To go to Alaska. Pet Peeve: Girls that are al- coholics. Hobbies: Making gun powder. keg s TOM WENDT F.F.A. l. Pet Saying: Get lost. Ambition: Get out of school. Pet Peeve: Be teased. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. 1 RON WILDMAN "Wilma" Sec- ond Tearn All Conference Jr., Most Popular Jr. Boy, Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Golf 3,4, A Club 2,3,4. Ambition: Be a certified public accountant. Pet Peeve: Girls who drink and smoke. sw, , 'VN X X JULIANA WESLEY "Julie" Court of Honor Jr. Prom, Sr. Class Play, Homecoming Skit, Forensics l,2,3,4, Drama l,2, 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Cheerleading Sec. 4, Antigonian 2, Hi-Lite Editor of Girls' Sports, latin Club 3,4. Pet Saying: Mercy. Ambition: To follow a medical career. Pet Peeve: Swearing. Hobbies: Swimming, tennis. ROY WIEGERT "Wheaties" Pet Saying: I'lI accept that. Ambition: Career in Astro-, physics andfor Nuclear Phy- sics. Pet Peeve: Hoods. Hob- bies: Hunting, fishing, astron- omy. ROSE MAE WILDMAN "Short- ie" G.A.A., Archery Chairman 4, Pep Club 4. Pet Saying: No kidding. Ambition: To get out of school. Pet Peeve: Boys in general. Hobbies: Stamp Collecting. 'C' R. WIRZ "Jerry" Wrestling, Band Schol- - '58. Pet Saying: Oh Ambition: Become a Engineer. Pet Peeve: Girls think they got it made. Pet Peeve: Young punks. WURTINGER "Dinger" Get out of school. ' 1 ALAN WISSBROECKER "AI" Ambition: Become a farmer. Pet Peeve: Walking one mile to catch the bus at 6:45. . f." l fifrflf' I S J' my i . ., g . ,, . . : 5 . I l'-' ' gy, 5 DARLENE ZAITZ Pet Saying: Dilburt One. Ambition: Get a iob so that I can buy my own cigarettes. Pet Peeve: People. SENIORS NOT PICTURED .. RONALD KRZUSIAK Ambition: Enioy life. Pet Peeve: Homework. Hob- bies: Radio SHIRLEY LaMOTT Pet Saying: That's all right, Ambition: Be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Crashing. WILLIAM P. PRICKETTE "Bill" Choir l, Baseball l, Football. Pet Saying: Oh, balony. Ambition: Play baseball. Pet Peeve: Girls. Hobbies: Hunting. 32 SHIRLEY M. WOLF Band l,2, 3,4, Latin Club 3,4, Hi-Light 4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Homecoming Skit 4, Senior Class Play 4, Jr. Prom Court. Pet Saying: Think so? Ambition: To be in Audo- bon Club. Pet Peeve: Painting garage doors green. JEROME ZDANOVEC DARLENE WOLFER Pet Saying: Dilburt One. Ambition: To have o successful future. Pet Peeve: When E.W. goes out with me. MERLYN SCHULTZ Baseball, Intramurals 3,-1. Pet Saying Beat it. Ambition: Bar tender Pet Peeve: Women. Hobbies Fishing, hunting, hayrides. HARRY SPAULDING "Butch" Wrestling, Orchestra. Pet Saying: No sweat. Ambition: To grow someday. Pet Peeve: English teachers Hobbies: Looking at the pretty girls. MIKE WOLF "Woltie" Pet Saying: Your kidding of course. Ambition U. S, Air Force. Pet Peeve: Girls in general. JIM GRIGNON "Jim" B Basketball. Pet Saying: Eat it. Ambition Navy career man. Pet Peeve: Short girls. Hobbies: Boxing. ful Jl!Nl0R 611455 0 FICERS' K President: GARY STENGL, Vice President: SHIRLEY FLElSCHMANg Sec- retary: KAY CONRAD. As SOPHOMORES we were proud of our representation in extra curricular activities, especially in sports. The officers we elected in our sophomore year were: Earl Bailey, president, Shirley Fleischman, vice-presi- dent, and Melanie Kasson, secretary-treasurer. The "hi-light" of our iunior year was the Junior Prom. Many hours of work were put into the completion of this formal event. When JUNIORS, we elected Gary Stengel, president, Shirley Fleischman, vice-president, and Kaye Conrad, secretary-treasurer. We the class of '60 look back on two years of memorable days and look forward to a year of many more. 1,.....--- M N.. F 4 1 'Or MR BOUDRY ofom Row Armstrong B Anione J Below B B ur H Bernd! B Bishop B Bergman M Second Row Bonne each oen era e ers e us e n B rn L Top Row Bora R Bec In ns K Bonczuk D Bloedorn ortyczak G Bornemon N B Ins E ssert sen! uns Bcu unn or J e m Bo em arv. MR. BILSE tom Row. Domitz, S.p Canon, Hp rec in, .7 c un, 5 Broes e, N4 Crowe, W.p Conro , K. Secon Row: Bur, .5 rrcn,J.5 overs, .1 'e, .g reiene , .7 o, .7 ores, .L w E, ., 'ne, ,g ose, ,gCsu. .- r cz, J sem: u zenski, .1 G, .4 ui .5 urr, , 94' MRS CASE o om Row Hersant A Jensen M Kng rue er Huq uns L Kcquoros B Jansen J Middle w re er oc son e ml le o er ro n o one Kruros ern Kubuccz F o ow Kcson M Holup M rouse ro ansen ement er u cc Q MR. CASE 0 ' h, n ow: u , .5 r ne , .5 eoc , .- u o, .- oemeis er, .5 o oc , .- Du e J.5FfOI1e .- eis mon, . econ ow: order, .' i ons, .' as er, ,5 Q er, .- e es, .5 Edwcr s, .- Gcu ier .5 roeger, S. Top Row: Fisher, M.5 Duncan, E.5 e net, .5 Gre uric , .5 Fisher, M.5 Edelman, 1.5 Groth, E. Absent: De or .5 a enc, .5 iec , .5 ross url , .5 ro , .5 uie, .5 cnsen, .5 Erickson, . MRS CAVERS Bollom Row Mendle McKrnnon Mrelke Malhrsen Lauby Meharg Laffey Markgraf Mererden Lacoque Layman Marmes McCIean Tap Leonard C McKrnney Lenzner R Lee MR. GUENSBURG Lueck Marshall Second Row Lenzer B Lynell Row McDougal Lalender McNeal Leonard J Firsl Row: Olhersall, K, Person, M., Mueller, D., Norem, H,, Nelson, V., Misfedl, B., Mundl, C. Second Row: Mosher J., Parker, P., Neconish, B., Mosher, P., Mikkelson, B., Parsons, C., Monk, A,, O'Brien, P, Third Row: O'Non, S., Orge man, B., Nonnemacher, K., Miklelson, T,g Pe-sl, S., Mendl, D., Noskowiak, P., Mosher, S, ps MR LYONS Front Row Robe G Reznnhek P Pefroskey W Porfman S Ruff W Rosmon M Rasmussen K Second Row Rondl orier B o otzlu sro enmer r er Qunnn P Thurd Row Qunrk D Ruelond L Robern ose o ce zews n er sen osuo Rusc -Q- 1' MR McLAUGHLIN orom Row Schultz J c roepfer M un mn ro uc c nur Sm: D Snnkler P Second Ow :mon D encer ener c wun e c roe er mn S hnse T Top Row Sek n J S h c: ey c roe or wmgle c emz n ec e vm n S ens I ' ' v- 5. ' A 9 1 1' 1 ,I s Y' - ' , 7 ' 1 V: L u I an - . -X kj 7:7 ' ' Q I P J 4 if . , , 1 I . . 7 .N . w., P ., R,g 'I ', J., Ro,' ,wP.p R ' ,'D.,'Regl ,CQ Rim, J.. , . " I' 1 ' ,I ' , .,' of C., Ruff, B., R , P., R y , L., Ryd k', L., Pill , G. Ab v. R ',R., h, R. - N ., , gg , ,Q 1 V . ' Y - 1 L ' -I ' ' . Y 1 I 1 ' of , , P 1 PT .Ll '. - 1 l in Q . ' h - 7-' 1' : H '- . Q - J ,Q F . 5 .. ' X ' ' , I '. 5 3 n K 7 I Y 5 5 K N 3 f,3 ' I!! ' . W' 4,, BI . , ., S h , ., Sol' , J., sch uv, J., Sp q ,s., 5 h ,s., wh, ., ' , . R I S' , .. Sp ,J.gSI ,R.gSh'gI,B,gSh pf ,R,,s'fh,M.. C' 1, . . ,., d, D.. Sch ' , L., s hu' ,J., Sm'Ih, D., s v h I, R., S' Q , R., el ky R. MISS SCOTT HOMEROOM 201 ront Row Left to Rnghf Stuempges M Vo!m G engl G r on oc o om son ews Tes To gcrt J Second Row Left to Rnghi Turcoite T Teske M Trudeweli J VcmOouen D Stewart D S!e hon I m ns P wortz osz cz oc ow et o I on e e len: Sworz G Vorcss C Tomcxn e emcn nnewa wo o c our Shckne 4 Q T MRS MUNDT otom Row Zemcnek J Wmter D wz me I G m SOD GS O O Z F1159 M A SCCO W Yonkge D Wlldmon J ,gn 11 :son cz ner es Wx'd M Wolf S Top Row WG V ey M Q ner 0 er gnove emofuek J en 1 le err Wo ner Wcnes z , f Q - 'K X 1 , , . j 5 K . M , ,Ly A .2 F , ' : , ,Q , .5 ST , .5 U Q , 6.5 V h , R4 Th p , D.7 T , J.: Ch,J Q , . , 4 1 , .7 , .7 , .p , .7 , .5 p , R4 T'm 0 , .5 S , P.g V k , A, B k R , Lf t R'ght: B d h y, E.g Tugl' V, J.g t, .5 , .p D., St fl, M., UI , L.p Sv' H, B.g S b d , B.g Sr. Cl ',S.p ' y, J. ' .5 . V' 1 , 'H X' A' I 'I S' 2 is W ' Y I. 6 ,,. , :.. - . K. 8' ,li . -' ,U 4 X lf 4 . v '9 H 1 TL " 4- ' , I 7 l I 'f 1 5 B1 1 , ., ' , .gZnv,C,,Yc:' ,J,gW'IhN ,Cf Wil ,J,g W h tk , D4 e ' k, , . nd RO 1 I , ' ,woj ,H,,Zq'Q,B,,W'I ,H.7W 9 ,C.,W r,D., T, ,p , . : Id, og , , Ly W g , C.p W H , M. E.g Zd 51, J-2 Z 1 f '-J W d, J.: W' Q , T-, Q V B-: f M. 0 li0MORf 62,4 5' 0 flffkb' Q , gp ,I S QUHOMORES President GEORGIANNA WEBSTER Vice President DONNA STADLER Secretary JUDY ARENDT We the class of 61 found ourselves a but confused the first few weeks of school as all sophomores do But in a short while we became well adgusted to the thrill of senior high life We entered very enthusiastically into the campaign for student officers. We did very well by electing Geor- gianna Webster as presidentg Donna Stadler as vice presidentg and Judy Arendt as secretary-treasurer. We can proudly say that we were well represented in extra curricular activities. We showed our versatility in the field of sports and cheerleading. We are sad to see the close of our first year in the senior high. lt has left us with many wonderful mem- ories which we will olways treasure. As individuals we may have run into some difficulties which is always expected, but we soon learned to overcome them. We are thankful for them, for with their help we have become much wiser. We are confident to say that in our future years we will do much more to prove ourselves an asset to our school, the Antigo Senior High. I Q MISS AVERILL o om Row Amerson R Anderson J dknns ax er xer Be c Bcxronno E Barley M Be ow Second Row Bernd! J Adumskl D Arendf J Arrowood D Berc D Besser B Berdan A Arquette M Arrow w od B elon D op ow ehm W eo!! W anczak T a cz Bear D Bushop C Ascher F Becklng cm S Arrowood D Arno!! B Absent Askenetie O Bear R 4-n'N. s XB yi an 9- MR BRUSS vom Row B Ilus um uno un en orowczy ausen ova o e Beers econd Row Debroux J Doleshnl urron erons cr e ru urns rozo Bre M w 2 S N u lens I ave e cr es L Top Row Demes Brown J Bovee M Borowuz J Brenenfe wel A an e on os wuc owser Dom: z M Debroux a J -' A -'n 1' T : Q K' x :nh 6 , ,X I " . . Q' , :zu ' M 'A U . ' J ' B 4 A ' , J J N , E ll y I x , ' , 1-1 J , 71 - - 'ig f J , ., Jf . " . ' x B rr 1 , ., , ., A ' ,J., B I ,M., But ,E., nu k, J., 'k, .5 ' , .: I . 5' 1 , -: ', -7 , 4: , -z , -1 J. -1 , -1 I -2 ' 0 , .7 B , , T R :B , .7 B I , .5 B , .5 Bl h , B,g , .7 ' , -I , 'I I h . v N 1: rw , Q l - rf, ' Yin. Y A A ,1 ' . " J 1 n B3' - , , jp ., Y si . 1 f A 4 v 8 ' ' A . L1 T .- f B , D 1 . . . f. r' X ' , N , NJ f M I 4 J r V . , . x ,J A A 1-,J ' fe . X I N 3. T' is " f x , ' xx 1 I Bo! : U ', J.7 Cr , J.g De La P' , R4 B J , R.g B k, R4 Cl , A.7 D 'd, B.7 B yl , L.g , R S 1 , ,F ,1., C ,M., C ky, M.. C ly, J,, Ch d' ky, H., B k, K., n, ., Bo H, .1 B d kj T.. Cl rr , B, Ch I , . I y, M., , ., , ., yk, ., ' ldv R- Cold I, M. ., Duk' , R,: D W , D.7 B f 'k, W.g B , R.p W, .p ,D, ,f MISS KUHARSKI o Row Drueger N Gardner M Goodnough S Fuscher J Flood D Doucette F Drabek Draeger J ra Grcxl econd Row Fellner T vorok D roy rl: son sser ouce e Go cc Fr n each G ouceHe G eusc man D o om ow orbes R en Gruveen Flcnner L Flenschman Gubbons P Groves J rob J crrel G Iro ,J KUKLA Furs? w Halle J e m uecht nc cz onsen msc er un er or mon H r D c ond w Igl n en nc s owe o ownse re urn: un evson occ us Hubc c Top w Igl o uns om :J es ac son u o c er Howcr V Jacobson cnsen M Hoppe J Hurlbert 1 ' , 5 ,4 ' i , Q 5 6 , ' V- . A A, If 'I -, A I -F 5- - "' Q . I Q 4 l' :I I : . nf,, V K .3 ' , I I f I , I x ,I V. Q y T P 1 1 -2 , -: , -2 ' , .1 . -2 , -1 . R-: , -: G I, G4 , S 2 , .7 D , .5 G , K.: E 'IK , N.7 E I, E.g D If , 5.5 lb I1, D.7 I IC, C.: GI ' , .5 D , ,y FI' h , , B II R : F , .5 Ed , D.5 , C4 I y, .5 ' , N4 ' , ., , ., D , ., F I, M., a y, R. on cl I - ' V Y .ling v In ' Q 'Z K 4M . ., x ' h Ala I 4 , ' , I A , I f f , 1.5 T Q f au ' " I , , .I A .n ' Z -. 1 . . y 5 1' T L . x 7 ' vu' ' . ' 'I li IZA. 71 K . I " - - ' xx I-,' MR. ' Ro : , .3 HI b , 8.7 I I1 , D.gJ , M.p G , I1, A4 Hilg ,B.g H I ,M,g H I ,M.g 0 II, .Se - Ro z , J,7 Iso , S.p H d I Im, B4 H ,B.g .I I ' ,M.g G g 'I1, R4 G d ,D.gJ I3 , 1.7 II1, D. Ro 1 , D4 H pk' , Ag H OIR , 5.5 Hay , DJJ IK , D.7 H IJ II1, M.g Hell , 5.5 CI, .g , R4 H , .F , .7 , D. o tom Row Knoble 1 ubeny K ne une Ko uc os Krec er B Secon Row Lu z B Johnson retz T cr on r :zum ove ace u IC lr w r u Keg er H Konobec o nson K retz enzner asson os e ac a o w an J Kongsleun T Larze ere Kubeny K "' l .f MR MARCH atom Row Manner! D Mc over J er T Novak J McCormack M McMahon T Matuszewslu R Second ow core B osher c u zca ow e ar eson nc oson Mu: a J Top Row Mc en onemacher D Novak D eyer oss 1 e er Marx Malzo n C Absent Murrc . 3 N I - A ff 1 A - - . U - S - . A Y a. v T 5 ,, - im , - . . . . ,. - . f 4. ' A 5 V- , K Q- F 4, 1 f. - Q V 1 " I .f' X49 L . W - A - hir L. B Y : , .7 IK , .7 Ly H, J.p K Y, DJ Q J h, C.7 h , . d : J, .5 , L.: K , .5 K b , R.g Kohl, D.g Ky ' k, R.g L I , P.y K b' k, R. Th' d Ro : K a se, J.. I , .5 k, A.: J h , .5 K , R., L ,J.g K , M.g K t I ,P.p Kryk , K. T p Ro : K' g, .5 ', .5 I , J.p Kondzela, J.g Kapishkowii, B.g Kennedy, L., Lufzow, R.g Kaiser, J.g Johnson, L. Absent: Kegley, K.g Krause, J.g Kreher, R.g t. 6 , Q., ,E 51 Q K T I - W ' I '. f ' ww - -1 e rf ' ' 72 Q.. ' ' Z.. ' A 1 '- ,Q--K, f . U 2. , M-- I 351 8 ' ' - I . , 1 A 1. , X 'W U " 9 , -. a , ws X T ' , ,, ,.y.., B1 : ' , .g G , .7 Mi!! , .7 , .g ' , .5 , .7 ', . R : M -M M. M 2 s k, L.: N ,J.g M lg d, P.g N I , M4 N' h I ,F4 h, . 1 N 'I, P.7 N , 4: , .7 M , T.p M , V.g Me'dI, J.p M y ,CJ , J.7 h , . 1 y, D, Ss. Y MR MEYER ni Row L 0 o rec osmussen emnn on s Poruze P Second Row Resc e kdcl L ureda J s uns e urr non o enson ss T Packer O Third Row Osness osro G cxbe M esc wares n rc z mem c urr es errnc ss J Ba ow Petrrck M echmcrn C cmmer M acrne son oewor e z Ouro c Mrssm Ran c 'Li aws- X55 MR NORDLANDER 0 om Row Left Io Rrghi Rydzewskr K Schrelke K Spycholla B Schwletzer B Schuman M Schmrdt S Sm: L Schrerber R Schafel M Mrddle Row Leftto Rrght Simon R Schrodpher K Srlhcvy A R hland S Schnsel R d er D n er Schob cs o D Spcldrn G Top Row Lefi to Rrghr Speener R Spren K Schmutzer L Schu z S Spurgeon J Schroder A Salcheri B Stosek B Schacher F Schroepher S Somon G Absent Scfford C Slnkler H 4. .I .P V ' ' ' : u , 'x Y L ' ' ' x-, :s 4' - 'C . ,S L JL f 1 ' 3- L Y Q! A L x . L , 4 . x X K ' .. 6- " - . - .f 'A ' N Ad A 1 'L' 1 K . N ,Q X 2 X R ' xsh rl L X 0 , xrxkxg r X Fro , I R: Randall, R.g R b hi, J.g R , J.p R ' gt , C.y Pe I, D.g ' k, . : h, E. R Y 1 -I O , .5 Po h' R , P.7 Q 'k, P4 P'I , H.: R b , S.p Ro , .5 d, . ' : , D. P ', .5 R , .5 R h, K.g Ol' , D.y Pc k I, D.7 P A , K.g Rok, S.g Q 'k, 1.7 O Y ' h, C.: Po , . ck R : ' , .7 P , .5 R , .g R ' , R.g Ol , 1:7 R 7, C.g Pi L , L.g d , C. ' ' g: d ll, D in 'V ' X ' ,. R ' ' v L - r Y I 1. 4. 3 tg . C 5 ' ,C 4, rl I . , gpg , .4 KA I L L J I B N , ' 2 ', -1 ' , 0-7 , -: ' , .2 , -2 ' . -: 'Uh -J ' f -1 , - ' , A 1 ' , -: , -1 ' f -1 U . -: ' , .1 Siu - dl , .5 SL kl , 1,7 L Li , .5 ' Q, , , A : , .5 Q, -2 I -I II MR ROSS o om Row Thomce J Trodewell J Tubbets M eriz omcs evens omce cro Sferc econd Row Tullmon D :mon evens Ver sse Te R Shckney A Shenfeldt T Swanson K Siron erg G mon o ow cnderhel S rube G man er osse ne man ern Stevens Siern R Vundehey J Svcton B Abseni Svedc F MR WEIX U---- 0 Row Wuldmen B Y ung P I m n oern ucensn on Wnld P Second ow ed P evster :ss rocker e er eze oun uns c ner Wes V Wolvcge czoskn L ur ow udtke Q ronsky 'son o nsno e er nz Wa er C Z ro mon o om ow eux news: overows n ue B Zxmmermcn B No! Shown Vom B Wumnger P 'F' z .2 1 ' Q' Q j K? ' I I . . ' J K .A Q N- ' g W I V. . f v , X . 5 , .X 1 Q' , , - J 5 ! i QF 5 at ' , 4 , Z - 5 R fi ' 5 1 i A Q 5 . , , 1 j. ' ' Z X If XX- xg. X X B H : , .5 , .5 I , .5 V , J.5 Th , R.5 Sf , 8.5 T k, J.j T f , R.: , B. S : ' , .5 T'II , 5.5 S1 , R.5 ha If,V,5 Vol, .5 ' , .5 ' , .5 , .5 d- b , .5 UII , E. T p R :V ', .5 Sf , .5 Ull , J.5 V h ll, R.5 ThA I , V.5 S? , J.5 , R.5 .5 7, X A L: n H ,OL - ' 3. , -112. ,, ap- 9 ., ' F A fs J S fl- 5 , 5 '- Q ,ff . 4 ' f .. N ., r f K' I s 7 , L - - A " 'Y' ., .I , .' J .Q , . ,. f' 1- .'.'1 ' J 0 T p . ' , .5 0 , .5 Zahn, D., W'Id Q , S., z , W., W'I ky P.5 Wy v, P.. ' . . R 1 W'I , ,5 W , GJ W' b , G.5 W b , S.: W 7 I, C5 Y gq '?, P.5 W 9 , J-1 ff -5 J. M.: Zcl ', .Th'd R :W , M.5 Z b , J.5 W'I ,J.5 W it 'k, J,5 W gh ,L,5 Zo4!,L.5 Ik , .5 d - zil, T.5 Wild , D. B tt R 1 W ' , T.5 Z I k', B.5 Z ky, J.5 Vg , .5 ' , . 2 J , 'F-x I X Q X. ff- I ,-f ! M xi 7' 'A CX I N " J gk-. f NH f 2 IX ,- I fn. K X ,vw -N4 V,-:....::zS 14,5 -.N J,-,,.,,. ,A ,JH ,A 4 ,r 5 - N"'V f' fy lf" f x rl, Q K fx W, ,. . , X, , . . f ,.fNx, i .- XJ -W ' M -. I ,,-, I 'X ff N. . , nl ' 1 .V X X 1 ,, , RN, ,f ,. Ii I 'XXX CG! A -1- V ff 1 g XX f V V fl J: fl f ,Z . ,g .Q 4 ' J' 3 r ' .""'x f' ! xg' ' I , . L ff" ' sf 1 fx, '-:K-4 rj X! .W . r Z in -Q 1 l , LJ 3 ry ' ff' x ' , ' x N N ' I 5 f' 1' xx V ' p ' , ' 3 if F1 g4,,f' "'--- u '- ' f -V Hx If ,uf V ' f , - f K . ' gg, ,, .X sx if f,,x. I , xg I ,5"',',, i KJP' , .x "MN 1 , -, .. f 2 ' ff ' , -., . x Q . 1 5 Q Q. : N -I 1 A E 1 X ' A -- Q XX ,Aa-' . A 3 in , , -,. f - Y h j .au- I W. Nxxx 1: . 1 f 1 xx 1 ,' If Q XX., J ' ' X . ' ' 4 ""' I.. ' f E X . 1 df gi ' f' mf A ' 1' ' - .. f". ,-. h V. ,S XX r E 1 1. I . A ' xx X ,J If , , -, , Y J ' xl ,f X ' ,p - '. , .ff A ' 'X N. ' f -1' I N . V , . x-hi 4 W . Mix- P- . ,J 1 - i"'- A Y - . ' yr x,.,i xv X V N -.X W' if I' f 7 .,,,: . Y F - , EA' :f C -'J If 2 ,A-,T 3 I . ff!-.Ax 4 N J X-.uf 4' ff' ,.,, 5 r' F ! 'Q if :N , 5 A Av! 'H A f ' g' 5' ,f f -U-., xx '-5' ff' xx .xi if N N I . . Q xxx ,il '- J! ' -,K Y ""' R "X -'Aw 5--ff , R, - X N 5 x " - , Q. - 4 X I-4,,..,4 4-A--W KIM I Y . 43 If r ,f f 6 1 ,Y -1 mt illldlf' dxf Lint' OUR QUEEN ROMELLE Thlrd Attendent Karen Wleld Furst Attendent Phylns Kurth Queen Romelle Knelcheskn Second Attendant Ruttue Demlow Fourth Attendant Elayne Jeske , X A ,. A ,X , i , t E E , L., . Aff The assembly for the Homecoming candidates on Oct. 3 opened a busy week for AHS. At the assembly Mr. Kukla introduced the ten candidates: Mary Bannach, Ruthie Dem- low, Peg Fuller, Elayne Jeske, Romelle Kiekheski, Janet Kretz, Phylis Kurth, Carole Quirk, Barb Soman, and Karen Wield. Floats bearing catchy slogans announced the Robins' hopes as the big parade moved down the street on Oct. l0. These slogans were not in vain for the Robins won of course! The student body elected Romelle as queen and her attend- ants were Phylis, Ruthie, Karen and Elayne. Here I cm! "Times to exquisite to last, still more exquisite when past." Taste Good? 47 Young Royalty - Donnie Soman ond Jody Reed. A wreath of yellow roses was worn by Janet Kretz queen of the Junior Prom Friday evening April IO, 1958. Janet was escorted by Gary Schroepfer who was elected King of the dance by the Junior Class. The King and Queen were crowned by last year's royalty Bobbie Jo West and Jack Winemiller. The crowns were pre- sented by Jody Reed and Donnie Soman. "Garden in the Rain" was the eve- ning's theme and was depicted with bright Spring flowers in a garden effect and big umbrellas spread around the gym. The throne was a swing covered with flowers. The court of honor consisted of 28 couples. GRAND MARCH tif' QUEEN JANET an KING GARY Todd Orlhmann Allyn Bennett Ron Randl Jerry Pozak Jerry Prins Bob Crowe Neil Kurtz Mike Stevens Ben Molly Paul Knop Jack Dobrinska Gary Hopkins Bob Bula Bob Swoboda Larry Krueger Jerry Polzin Mel Edwards Jim Bennett Jerry Wirl l COURT OF HONOR Janet Glowen Kaye Blazek Mary Richards Romelle Kilcheske Karen Weild Nancy Vanderberg Judy Kretz Mary Bannach Kathy Reynolds Judy Utenhemer Marilyn Dunn Barb Soman Shirley Wolf Peggy Callahan Ruth Fredrickson Gail Schlienz Kathy Othersal Pat Henneman Alice Jansen Jim Hayes Jim Klessig John Lutz Bob Fisher Keith Iris Ray Braun Ron Wildman Gary Cramer Charles Cross Fred Mayo Darrel Webster Jerry Verhassal Ron Hansen Dick Hubatch Gary Dorn John Curtis Mike Pozza Jerry Leonard Diane Dierecks Ruth Demlow Connie Buetow Peg Fuller Bev Arrowood Pat Flannery Patty Poullelte Eve Lang Jane Duffek Barb Payne Ramona Pesl Joan Reed Faye Mollendorf Kathy Moore Carole Ouirk June Tesch Mary Holup Phyliss Kurth Anita Schlienz a n d 50 -MP' ' fi K . , X 1 lima E... V fs 'P Q V, Pete Juetteng Queen Elayne .leskeg King Walter Duffg Donna Gallenberg. Johnny O'Brien cor- ried the crowns. Our Snowball, sponsored by the Women's Club, was very suc- cessful this year. One hundred and ten couples danced to the music of Stan Ness and his or- chestra in a mood set by our 5 theme "Frosty Fantasy." S, i I 4 , F' 9- , .2 -'YJ I5 The Melbourne Method QU? The Brewslers Arsemc and Old Lace DIRECTED BY MR G ROSS Abby Brewster Rev Dr Harper Teddy Brewster Officer Klein Martha Brewster Elalne Harper Mortlmer Brewster Mr Glbbs Jonathan Brewster Dr Elnsteln Offlcer OHara Lieutenant Rooney Mr Wutherspoon Carole Qulrk Ron Randl Allyn Bennett Charles Cross Mary Lou Combs Phylls Kurth Gary Schroepfer Todd Orthmann Paul Knopp Jim Hayes Howard Plzak Todd Orthmann Ron Randl I T . T 3 by . i Officer Brophy .............. John A. Curtis QQ, WF 'P XJ gfff' 'r W, f 'Q 14 5' f 9:5 vf 't 'Cl t Ll HN W . rw' 1 t lx F w,x :iff --P 57 94 Q 1 x 5 L 34' 1 '- ,agfiiih J! 5 C . A, 49 f Ia' X ,z wi It l . 5 , voj 54 rtl, D., Schroepfer, K., Kestly, S., Wudtke, M., Miller, J., Thomas, R. B14 Hours of practice, the will to learn, pride of accomplishment, and a great di- rector helped produce another outstand- ing band for Antigo High School. The band provided entertainment at home football games and performed at Stev- ens Point and Rhinelander football Q- . . ut... ...... ' f .U Q Bottom Row, Orthmann, N., Swartz, R., Hayes, M., Fronek, D., Vosmek, J., Laehn, Mattes, l.,, Reed, J., Spychalla, J., Drews, S., Grall, G., Brunner, S., Randl, K., S., Riley, J., Fromstein, S., Brandt, S. Back Row: Bartz, C., Timmons, C., Payne, B., K retz, R., Wield, O Bottom Row: Spychalla, W., Ostermeier, ronek, D., Wirz, J., Pietz, Kaiser, K., Orthmann, T., Mendl, L., Suaton, R. Back Row: Nelson, K., Wolf, S., Reykdal, l.., Bula, R., Klemann, K., Salchert, W. ND games. The annual Christmas and Spring Concerts were a huge success. The band members took part in the Solo and En- semble Contest and the Band Festival at Nekoosa where they received a high rating. Schmidt, J.: Bannach, M.: Quirk, J.: Vanderberg, N.: Rut, J.: Nelson, M 'lm ff I'- F iv I 1 3 3 " 1 is , 'I"f - 5 --. - QI . sbt J Q Front Row: Brandt, C.: Glowen, J.: Fischer, P.: Bera, N.: Flannery, P.: lauby, W.: Hunter, K.: Back Row: Porter, B.: Orthmann, T.: Thomas, R.: Pokluda, D. ii' Graduating Seniors: Front Row: Payne, B.: Vanderberg, N.: Flannery, P.: Reed, J.: Bannach, M.: Wolf, S.: Glcwen, J. Back Row: Bauschka, J.: Wirz, J.: Orthmann, T.: Mendl, l. First Row: Dunn, M., McNeil, P., King, S., Hersont, A., DeMesy, J., Nickolson, F., Jansen, M., Charles, L., Hoppe J., Hull, B. Second Row: Wield, K., Demlow, R., Nelson, V., O'Nan, S., Bluzek, K., Szillc, M., Bonnoch, M., Krelz J., Jansen, A., Vonderberg, N., Gibbons, P. Third Row: Below, S., Anderson, J., Volm, G., Richards, M., Mendl .- embrechl, P.- evens .' Tomcek .- Me er .- Vandihe E.- Reznichek P. Fourth Row: Schroepfer . rtis J iz ozza e a ss omos co rue Cross G Orthmann owe B Fifth ow Moluszczak L Zorn W Verhassell R Krause Cau sen G Hochbarlh M Simon Stevens R Wetzel C Vonderhel S Shckney J Absent Dokm R Arrowood E Crum J DeWan D Larzlere Mcxckiewicz L Duncan OVUSS C C Voedef A OCkGfd O pe ir ow o J Mo kiewncz L Beckinghum S Homo Cl OUVWQCWW P Smmon ene ourt ow ec in om O on S Hofemeister K Anderson ogner L orzelere J e org ison To Row We er Rydzewsi K Ourodo C Sol or OSIO G 5OSGlK ores nveres ro A sen o Mon B, H l , 5? , R, , J, Y , lr Yr I , , G Cu I, .7 Z0'l , L., P , M., R yd l, L..p Cro , C., Th , R., S ll, D., Ya' , J., , .7 , T. H , . ' R 2 , -J , -1 . -: , J-2 l , -2 , -I ' f R- M-: I 'll ' , -:I I , E- Bottom ROW' DCVTWOW, R-1 KVSQCV, M., Spreng, K., McNeil, P., Wolter, M., Hull, B. Second Row: Heller, S., Below, S. V , -rsh , .:P , -Hop ,J.Th'd R -J nsen, . c' ' , ., ' , ., Ik ,S, Y , ., L ,P., Df i, A,F h R .B sv gh , K., 'N , ., ' , ,, ,J, 56 W . ., L , ., M h ,M., w'l ,J. p , b ,S., ky ,, , ., f d, C, R 1 .1 f . .Br Ch I . L., or ,o., Tai , R. b rj w lf, s., k, A. ,- Seoted: Matuszczak, L., Anderson, J., Bannach, M. Standing: Simon, R., Kretz, J., Hackbarth, M., Blazek, K., Scott, D., Vonderhei, S., Kretz, J., Nelson, V., Reykdal, L., Curtis, J., Richards, M., Vanderberg, N., Orthmann, T., Howe, B., Rezni- chek, P., Wield, K., Schroepfer, G., Stickney, J. Absent: Cross, G., Yarie, J. .Q 'M-Q C9 Officers: Curtis, J., Demlow, R., Wield, K. The Senior High School Choir, under the direction of Mr. George Doverspike, consisted of sixty members from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. lt per- formed at the Christmas and Spring concerts, for vari- ous social functions, and at the Concert festival held at Nekoosa in April. The same month, individual mem- bers participated at the Solo and Ensemble also held at Nekoosa. The choir also had the honor of singing in Wausau on March 6 for the Central Wisconsin Teach- ers Convention. The Madrigal group is still a fairly new organization at Antigo High School, although they are becoming more widely known each year. This group consists of sixteen active members with alternates for each section. They don't usually start their singing engagements until spring and then a very important one is the an- nual solo and ensemble contest. This group always has a fine time singing and is under the very capable direction of Mr. Doverspike, is n F' ml First Row, Lett to Right: Berndt, B., Thomas, J., Krueger, C., Hartman, J., Fleischman, S., Orthmann, T., Quirk, C., iPres.l, Sten- gl, G., Rasman, M. Second Row: McDougal, D., Kubeny, K., Arendt, J., Dakin, B., Webster, G., Parker, P., Matuszczak, L., Stad- ler, D, Third Row: Weild, K., Conrad, K., Quirk, P., Saman, B., Fuller, P., iVice-Pres.l, Wagner, C., Combs, M., Keilcheski, R. Kurth, P., lSec'y.l, Goodnough, S. The Student Council was organized to voice the opinions of the student body, further the interest of the school, foster good sportsmanship, promote the spirit of service for others, create a better relationship between teachers and students, encourage scholastic attainments, and protect the good name of Antigo High School. The Council, now under the guidance of Mr. Kukla, has carried on the school elections and has also sponsored sev- eral activities, including the Homecoming celebration, the Christmas dance, a clothing drive for the "Save the Children Federation," the school Community Chest drive, a Dress Right Campaign, and the Senior Farewell Dance. The Youth Club, under the supervision of Mr. Kukla, and Mr. Dale Peterson, was continued this year by the Student Council. Members of the Student Council are chosen at the be- ginning ot the school year by popular vote. Students in each home room in the senior high school vote for one person in their home room whom they think will be a good repre- sentative and assume the responsibilities which accompany membership on the Student Council. iff President: CAROLE QUIRK, Secretary-Treasurer: PHYLLIS KURTH President: PEG FULLER. J l. ' 1 4' Bottom Row: Bulles, J., Strasser, T., Winters, D., Kruger, K., Wildman, R., Kautza, M., Cross, C., Uleman, B., Schlienz, J. Middle Row: Wifi, J-1 K1-tblflelki F.: Melgard, P-1 Randi, W-2 WYGHY, J., Fleishman, K., Orgeman, B., Mundl, D., Matuszczak, L. Top Row: Coach Walker, Kubiak, R., Waukau, W., Rabe, J., Smith, D., Ruf, B., Duncan, E., Pillar, G., Bonnell, D., Berndt, L. llltf g-fllllllLX ,li-:nip , Jlllllla ,ami-nl.: g"H41lll: ,o., ,-amply... iggaz ,.E. will ,333 J.. l,,...,, . ii 1.'.22 I 1 . , .'Jf. Officers: Kruger, K., Randl, W., Ruf, B., Wildmgnl R. The general purposes of the "A" Club are to promote athletics and 'foster good sportsmanship. The Club is composed of boys who have earned one maior letter or two minor letters. This year the club sponsored the Facul- ty and All Star game, sold refreshments at the basketball games, and sold pro- grams at the Sub-Regional Tournament held in Antigo. A trip to Milwaukee for all senior mem- bers was the big event this year. xx X ' A Mx VC' ff J 5 i ls 0 ,, -. L-A i J l 1 , Y ifr 5332 4 ,1.,,, 5 I Clockwise from Lower Left: Conrad, K., Kasson, P., Cheerleaders are a symbol of school spirit and every student should give them full support. Both the "A" and "B" squads did a fine iob of cheering our team on to fight their hardest. With Mrs. Boud- ry as advisor, many new cheers were introduced and the cheerlead- ers performed in bright new uni- forms. They did a lot to promote good school spirit and to instill in the boys that old "Col Go! Go!" which is necessary for victory. Person, M., Fleischman, S., Wield, K. l l l l l i Bottom Row: Stadler, D., Ison, S. Second Row: Kaiser, J., Clavette, B, Third Row: Fleischmcn, N4 Webster, G. Top Row: Helm brechl, B. Ill Hull, B. The Pep Club was established three years ago and it certainly has been an asset to the entire school. The purpose of this club is to work with the cheerleaders to promote school spirit at the games, at assemblies, and around the school. At the meetings new cheers and songs were learned and ci better sense of school spirit was developed. Members of the organization sold candy and popcorn at all the basketball games. They also made posters for the Sub-Regional tournaments held in Antigo. .QU .7 .wy- .Z f Bottom Row: Person, M4 Fleischman, 5,p Kassan, M.g Wield, K Hull R We S er S rn VGC 0 ef ft 5 CIOVS 9 B.g Fleischman, N.g Stasek, B., Kretz, J.g Utnehrner, J.g Richards ierc s C Fl S C Cl' 95 l ZVUGHE ZUNS9 M Sie 9 M., Walters, M4 Khron, A.g Wildman, R.g Thielman, 1.5 Zmane rnent e t ensen in O Brien M Schroep er Wudtke, M. K -u Again this year a large number of students sign , entered one of the nine divisions of Forensics work. The Antigo Forensics contest was held in .M I March and the League and State contest followed. Students also attended the Speech Institute held in Stevens Point and the Practice Meet. appear on programs for the various city organiza- tions. While busily preparing for the City Contest, under the supervision of Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Case, the members also had time to sponsor a I Club members are in demand in the spring to K , dance on February 6 after the basketball game. i President: MARY LOU COMES, Vice President: RON RANDEL, Secretary-Treasurer: PHYLLIS KURTH. bf! wi Bottom Row: Reykdal, L., Petrick, M., Knop, P., Randl, P., Stephan, B., Verhasselt, R. Second Row: Berndt, B., Quirk, C., Fronek D., Combs, M. L., Kurth, P., Damitz, S., Hartl, D., lgl, S., Calhoun, J., Richards, M., Dunn, M. Third Row: Stewart, D.7 Befndt, -l- Schroe fer Kp lson S.- L nett J., Stadler D.- I I D.- Krue er, C., Jansen, A., Lauby, W., O'BfiEn, P-: 5Cl10lDlGSlf0, D4 TOP P f I f f Y f I f 1 91 f 9 Row: Kretz, J., Kretz, J., Thomas, R., Helmbrecht, B., Bannach, M., Hayes, J., Wesley, J., Krause, J., Soman, B., Henneman P., Spreng, K., Brietenfeldt, V. Tl Q-1' ,- df Members Front Mr Nordlander Fronek D McGaverJ Poss J Top Nelson M Thomas R Stephen B Debate us an actuvuty whuch encourages the clash of opunuons and udeas A debater must not only mas ter the conventuonal skulls of publuc speakung he must also be prepared to thunk on hus feet un order to de fend hus IdeCS orally Debate was revuved at Antugo Hugh School thus year Members of the debate squad uncluded Duane Fronek Muke Nelson John McGaver Roy Thomas and Joan Poss Mr Nordlander was debate advuser The questuon debated by hugh school debaters durung the 1958 59 debate season was RESOLVED THAT THE UNITED STATES ADOPT THE ESSENTIAL FEATURES OF THE BRITISH SYSTEM OF EDUCATION Antugo Hugh School debaters partucupated practuce tourney at Merrull Wus on December l3th wunnung three decusuons and losung three closely con tested debates On January 31 l959 Antugo Hugh School debaters partucupated un the dustruct debate tourney held at Central State College Stevens Pount Wus Robun de baters emerged from the smoke and fray of the un tellectual battlefueld wuth one vuctory In spute ofthe fuve losses experuenced by Antugo s novuce debaters the Robun debaters looked forward to the l959 60 debate season wuth great antucupatuon rs 'Y' . 4 - ' ' t - A I' kk 5 ' 2 f Mtigycp u ' 1 ,'1:.w?- ,sfgljgtvzw 3 I Qs! TLV ' - 5- .E 4 N K 'M -. -, u . K vm u , , . P .7 I E x E . V I . I N V E X1 gt 1 5 , , , 5 , .1 , . I 1 Q7 1 -7 1 - . . . . . . . . in U . - . . I . 'I I - . I . . ' . . I . ' . ' . - I . I I I l - . . . . . , . I . 2 I ' - Bo tom Row Schroepfer G Hayes J R ndl R Knap P Bennt A Second Row Berndt J Qulrk J Lafte H Radtke N H Y OUP oppe J oungqunst P Sc roepter K lr ow raveen C Wesley J r nek D rez Bann c M Ber B rue er C D rez lerc s D Richards M Urban G Morton D Utnehmer J Fourth Row Reynolds K Dunn M Goodnoug rrowood B Darlmg B son Q er asggn Kqsson Stewar D Wes V Lenzner J Schroepfer D Clave e os elac n I ow els: man u e McDou a' Lyne eJ Brozo K Blazek K Henneman P Oura C M N I el Quark P Krueger C Jansen A Soman G Top Row Combs M L Flannery P Arrowood E Volm G Rasman ansen V n e ey M utr Krause The Drama Club has once agaun been organized under the dlrectlon of Mr Gary Ross Productlon ot plays was postponed until after the Sensor Class Play but then plans were made to present several one act plays The large membershlp shows the tal ents of the students and their ablllty to have fun through hard work pe mn vs S5 fl: . 15 g 1 -...-..-. l 'if - g . . ' . ' J, 'T' , W ' . J X .I V I V x 1. 5 , - 1 . .1 , g Q M ' 1 , I I ,' A 'V' ' 1 .. x , 1 Y I 5 -1 , .: Cl V .: . .1 elf - 1 , -: ' , -5 , -2 f -1 l M.5 H , .5 Y ' , .5 h , . Th' d R :G , .5 , .5 FO , .5 K t, J.5 Cl h, .5 ndt, .5 K 9 1 -2 K t, J.: ' li , .5 ' , 4: , -J , -z 5 . 1 , -7 , -: lt, 5- A 1 -7 I , .5 l , 5.5 Sl dl , D.5 K , M.5 , M.5 l, .5 l, .5 , .5 , .5 ll B.5 K l , P.5 Ar dl, J. F'fth R : Fl ' h , 5.5 D ft lc, J.5 9 ., D.5 tt , .5 li, .5 , .5 , .5 da, .5 C ', P.5 ' , .5 , .5 , .5 , . :. , . .5 , .5 , .5 , .5 M.5 J , J.5 a d l1 , .5 Q 'k, C.5 , J. ' ' ' 'xxx'-.. , . V 'N - l t l V Y ' "N a , . U .x ll.: ANTI 'K 0 4 9 n , me PAPER THAT MADE 3 F THE scHooL FAMOUS 03,7 lon " 0F M0 " MA TH 65 KW- f-' ns. 2115? riff' - Q V ' Top Row: Morton, D., Helmbrecht, B., Holup, M., Reed, J., Richards, M., Mundl, C., Bannach, M., Vandehey, E. Second Row Nicholson P., McDougal, D., Mosher, P., Lynette, J., Dunn, M., Morgan, G., Arendt, J., Fleischman, N., Sprang, K., Wild, M., Quic Bera Third Row: Orgeman, B., Wohon, H., Kretz, J., Tradewell, J., Blazek, K., Kretz, J., Reynolds, K., Wagner, K., Kretz, R., Schwinge Bleodorn, P., Kielcheski, R., Nickelson, F., Hersant, A., lson, S., Fuller, P., Vanderburg, N., Payne, B., Soman, B., Jansen A Som n G., Goodriough, S. Fourth Row: Kubeny, B., Crowe, B., Duffek, J., Kopusta, M., Combs, M., Krause, J., Tesch, J., Urban, G Wes ey Wolf, S., Krueger, C., Fronek, D., Jensen, M., Teske, S., Schultz, J., Defnet, A. Fifth Row: Plzok, H., Lueck, J., Petrick, M Wilcens i R., Nelson, M., Behl, D., Wyant, J., Melgaard, P., Bula, R., Kropko, J., Hartle, D. Bottom Row: DeLacy, D., Hayes, J., Schroepler Bennett, A., Randl, R., Thomas, R., McGaver, J., Schwartz, G., Callsen, G.: Calhoun, J.: Bunlen, R. The Latin Club again had a winning float in the annual Homecoming Parade. The members also held their Latin Ban- quet which is open to all students having had one year of Latin or more. First year students are sold as slaves and they serve the meal in Roman style. All who attend are attired in Roman costumes, which aclds to the fun and festivities. Mr. Cramer is the director again this year, icers: Ron Randl, Peg Fuller, Bill Orgeman ' nm ae nm at The Spanish Club, under the direction of Mr. Robert Nordlander, sponsored the first school dance of the football season. The high light ofthe year was the annual fiesta which was enioyed by all who at- 5 tended. flf'.s'l'f1.. Officers: Diercks, D., Breitenfeldt, V., Glowen, J. it li i u....... e 'ffl - Q -Q ,. . ,Y NX2' . ,. . r A 1 I K - H51 X I . H Bottom Row- Poullette, P.: Ouirk, C.: Hartl, D,, Parker, P., Spychalla, W., Conrad, K., Reylrdal, L., Jansen, J. Second Row: Hull, B., Glowen, J., Charles, G., Breitenfeldt, V., Zernanek, J., Zemanek, Janice, Moore, K., Heckert, E. Last Raw: Lauby, W., Lalfey, L., Volm, G., Dcnkmeyer, B., Leonard, J., Diercks, D. 67 EHJI .... ,ry gg' b H 'x n Bottom Row: Baxter, M., Baxter, E., Hofmeister, L., Wandrey, B., Below, B., Nicholson, K., Baraniak, E., Parsons, S., Draeger, N. Sec- ond Row: Bartz, C., Krause, J., Silenska, J., Riley, J., Malzahn, P., Curley, J., Bostwick, W., Theilman, H., Arnott, B. Top Row: Crowe, R., Blaha, J., Ourada, M., Thomoe, N., Smith, E., Bolle, B., Groves, J., Bahr, M., Breitenfeldt, V., Joerns, J. Officer 68 The F. H. Afs membership is composed of girls thot have had a semester of Home Economics in High School. The colors are Red, for youth ond courage, and white for innocence and purity. The motto we tol- low is "Toward New Horizons" and our flower is the Red Rose. Our advisors are Mrs. Mundl, Mrs. Schroder, and Miss Averill, Home Economics teachers at Antigo. The moin purpose ot the F. H. A. is to help young women become good homemakers after their graduation. s- Malzahn, P., President, Erickson, J., Sec., Parson, S., Vice President, Krause, J., Treasurer, .E . The Antigo Chapter of the Future Farmers of -f America has ci large membership, all of whom are enrolled in agriculture classes and maintain indi- vidual farming programs. The F. F. A. motto "Learning to do, doing to learn, learning to live, and living to serve", ex- presses the actual viewpoint of farm youth today. The primary purpose of the F. F. A. is to de- velop agriculture leadership and citizenship. Left to Right: Dupke, D., Draeger, L., Mendl, L., Stone, P., Schraeder W. Row I: Reimer, D., Silhavy, A., Simon, J., Steger, J., Hameister, R., Nelson, S., Debroux, D., Tucker, D., Marx, J., Munk, P., Yonkee, L., Schroepter, R. Row 2, Turcotte, T., Smith, R., De Lo Pina, V., Ziotz, L., Breitenteldt, R., Sinkler, J., Bricko, C., Gliech, G., Bolin, R., Cline, H, Row 3: Bessert, B., Selner, B., Noskowiak, J., lncha, D.: Jllek, N.: Cltflldlmilllt H-I lQli Ra CltfUdimSlli, F-: Novotny, T-i Teal, J., Shatel, M., Jacobus, J., Gregurich, R. Row 4, Ziatz, D., Teal, R., Heckert, H., Strutz, D., Schroeder, J., Golbach, J., Schroeder, W., Dupke, D., Stone, P., Mendl, L., Draeger, L., Verhasselt, R., Jackson, D., King, J., Simon, R., Waldvogel, E. Row 5: Lucht, M., Petroski, W., Cline, L., Inchu, D., Gregurich, T., Rassmussen, K., Bula, C., Bula, V., Nonnemacher, R.: Simon, K.: Zaverousky, J., Zdralil, T-I Zimmerman, B., Schroeder, D., Meyer, T., Sekoney, J., Marx, J., Arrowood, J., Harris, R. 69 "W MARY BANNACH, Editor al .1 1 t fl!-H607 . . . Students! As you pause while looking through our masterpiece and say "THEY did this?" lOr if you preferl "They did THIS?" Consider the hectic life of a yearbook staff as they rush to meet the deadline. The staff throngs around the tables. A haggard face appears and collapses. lt's Mary Bannach, editor. The staff rushes to revive her with the news that the book will be finished on time. No'Doz passes aroundg Peg Fuller keeps working on sports while Jan Kretz and Mary Richards are busy with the social section. Judy Kretz and Ron Randl, the conservative photographers, are busy saving Hi- Light money by not using film in the camera. Then one day in May our pain turns to ioy, an- niversary Hi-Light is brought into the world. The staff wishes to thank Mr. Meyer for the many hours of time spent in helping to complete our 50th yearbook. QLVH' JUDY KRETZ, Photographer RON RANDL, Photographer 15 Qs PATTY POULLETTE - Art Editor. .L Q JANET KRETZ - Production Editor. STAFF: Ruthie Demlow, Kaye Blazek, Nancy Vonderberg, Janet Glowen, Diane Diercks, Judy Utnehmei, Missing: Phylis Kurth, Julie Wesley, Todd Orthmann, John Curtis. MARY RICHARDS . Activity Editor, PAT HENNEMAN - Financial Editor, PEG FULLER - Sports Editor, KATHY REYNOLDS - Typing Editor. I gi ' iv ff I x, 4 71 S, ff 7' 4" Av' 'Q-.'.g"" K liq " ,Q- The Forestry Club as organrzed for the purpose of preservrng and promohng con servahon Each year the club has different achvlfnes, suc"r as tree planting, working school grounds and worklng around e county Mr Brlse rs the advrsor Boliom Row Zarlz L Gresch A Tomcek J Rrelond L Matbrsrn H Chrudrmsky F Davud J Second Row Rogatskr .I Edwards D Rommer M Kegler H Nonnemacher R lutzow D Top Row esserl B eoH emen Ver osse M rx T! +2 L f 1 --' 4 ' I 5 ' xt '. -5- .. I tt , - .1 tl,-3 . Q1 ' . 1 -t N H QI Q . . - D I 3 ' ' , ' on ' th . . ' ' ' . .5 ,z ,g I .2 , .7 ' .7 ,, Z 'z if , .5 Dlui, D., 'KI' 1, C.g : h It, IR! a , J EGP ' 'N I K ,f rw , y Q., 3 D , i ' rf Q r ' 1' f 'I iv " Q 'AJ V , Y . I - Q ' ' ' 2 x p F51 .M-K' s' ,, If ' if f 4 ' --. ' Qylvfv .A iff 4 g 4 ,,4, , L. I A ' . A . y .X , y 'D . ,f '7 ' 4 i S is . 1"- .4 ,w-am. MT Hx H W. mv. -o ZMJU off. ZX: "O .N Do :D- sims 2' of.: .U .x- Q ... -63 Nan ..O, ?n:" ac.. 'nw -1-o .fi 233 55' assi 425 O- Qlxuh 'ffgcg 'oo cz'- 135 . .,- Z -E 23. fx. 0 .C-24 Um . -cov- 11.5 ova, 22.9 - I 24, -. L-,Q O ..x 12.1 -om 523 N .in Lf 5 ,CJ .K-K! 21: ug-' C321 N Q., 120 dvici .Eff UGJ 529 104 -1 u.l.CD .EM P- so 2.5 mc? 4"'o 321 .QI4 4.1 aa..-C :rx c -Lx! .02 xxx 22" 532 44.2 img -454 hx gc, 131: c,:o mm-Q m.V 4:6255 jo Eu' oz:"" tc. occ: c Em- . Cf Di- ' uv E. Egg '-.n .GD 0.2 3: 3: OU' czEg REE "o 23:1 .K 5 ci C O .Q D O I .,- . U N 'c r 1 A f CJ : E U I nl af .A 3 E Z 4 o 'u U . 3 O -Q as U7 Q! . a. U 3 C 5. .4 -Q V7 3 o CZ ..: . o 'ca C GJ :: E G2 .A 3 O . X H -E C D 2 U L D cn O of .1 .- w I- ui U. U7 : 3 .z u V7 cd . Q3 c 2 U1 D 3 3 O cz ci . Q2 rzel Lo M Somcm B. vi , K. Schroepfer Dunn up, M. Ho I, M. cDougc r,D,M Moshe C, P. SS Po J. Y, Hersan ,A, On Swans rles, K Cha L. olup, M H H, Hoe ,D. On O'N S S, M. Morme .1 u O 1 L. Johnson, P. Bowens, n ere, N. YZ J. Lo Pesl, :S. 4 Row Adomsk. Vonderbcrq, B. lgl, S. N . Left to Rnght KAREN WIELD Apparatus Tumblrng Chairman DIANE FRONEK Basketball Chairman JANET KRETZ So clal Charrman PAT GIBBONS Whltfleball Chairman JUDY IGL Secretary MARCELLA SZITTA Presrdent MARY LOU COMBS Vrce Presrdent JUDY KRETZ Treasurer MARlLYN DUNN Volleyball RUTH KUNZ Bowlrng Charrman KATHY REYNOLDS Badmmton Tennrs Charrman Conme Buetow Thus year, our G AA has been more actrve than IH prevrous years because our G A A tumb lrng team was organized and gave three successful performances two conference basketball games and the Faculty All Star Game Some of our other actrvltres Include basketball volleyball baseball and bowling We have about 21 bowling teams and we are trying and suc ceedmg In rarsung our averages The mam purposes of our G A A ns to promote Interest In athletics and good sportsmanship We also try to teach the students more about the sports that are carrred out rn our hugh school Tu bl ng Team Up We Go Q? W, wif V! k ,. A, rm I x 8 Q . , 995' ' if V.: fi .Qfi , F, Q A 9? , A ,, rt r f W N ? 2 ., , X ' i T Oi: ' ' 1 ini gag., ,i ,xll . . . 700719 C203 The Youth Club was organized as an activity ofthe Student Council. Youth Club members elected a board of directors to direct the activities of the club. Mr. Kukla was the advisor for this organization. if Q , fi I' alle 4 so I 5 lk- QQ ...l A if USA 1 ?' Bottom Row Swoboda Bob Manager Wyant Jam Second Row Randl Wayne Matusczak Lynn Flenshman Ken Smith Don Wnnter Don Thlrd Row Walker Coach Berant Leon Cross Charlie Bonnell Dave Ulman Bud Strasser Tom Bullus Jlm This year the Anhgo Varsity Football Team fmlshed the season with a record of four wlns three losses and one tue The Robans Hlllghted the season by wlnmng the Home Comung game 12 0 and by tyvng the final game with Rhme lander enabling Antugo to keep the tradrtlonal bell With a good showmg made by the Fresh man and B Team we can be sure of an extra good season next year fi 80 PILLAR, GARY, Haltback BONNELL, mvf, Hqlfbqgk rLElsHMAN, KEN, Haltback Mnuzczmc. LYNN, Guard - 0 4 t -su 3 MEM ef,- K 1 mms f if 'g if 'S a GV' 1-gl, left to Right, Bottom Row: Manager, Melgard, Pete, Wilcenski, Bob .Second Row: Kautzc, Mike, Wild- man, Ron, Schlienz, Jack, Ruff, Bill, Pillar, Gary. Third Row: Rabe, Jerry, Hunter, Mike, Duncan, Ed, Helmbrect, Pet, Mundl, Dick, Webster, Darrel, Asst. Coach, Schofield. Waupaca . St. Point .. Marinette . D. C. Everest 12-6 18-0 27-26 12-0 KAUTZA, MIKE, Tackle SCHLIENZ, JACK, Halfback Wis. Rapids Merrill . . . Marshfield Rhinelander 19-7 13-6 13-6 13-13 s i 'M SMITH, DON, Tackle STRASSER. TOM Eftd ' Q 3 frf mis. A4 007B!Ill . . . "B" 754111 Bottom: H. Haynes, B. Howe, T Weigert. Second: V. Theilman, S. Vanderhei, D. Nelson, J. Zabran ski, T. Mikkelson. Top: A. Claw san, A. Gresh, J, Drab, I. Duff T. Kretz, Coach, B, Peacy. Bottom: C. Grall, B. Volm, D Hayes, K. Kubeny, J. Wagner Second: B. Ruf, J. Johanek, J Kondzela, K. Johnson, T. Weix Top: Manager, D. Kubiak, L Boyle, B. Bishop, L. Woitasiak J. Crumb, L. Flannery, B. Spy challa. Bottom Row: Webster, D.: Kubeny, K. Second Row: Mundl, J.: B0f"f16ll, D-I CFOSS, C-7 WCUlY0Uf W-7 Rfmdl w. Third Row: Schlienz, J., Bums, J., Wildmcn, R.r Kruger, K.: Winters, Dr: Slfvsseff T- WIR IW 8:45165 TBA!! Coach Dick Lund The Antigo Red Robins finished the l958-59 season with a record of 13 wins and 5 losses. The Robins placed second in the conference with a record of 9 wins and 3 losses making sure that each game was a thriller for the fans. Co-Captains for the year were Ron Wildman and Ken Krueger, Ken also took scoring honors in the conference. The Robins ended their season with the tourna- ment which was held at Antigo. BASKETBAZZ ff 'Q . 1 bf- f H' 1- 1 j 4 , ' if I I? V M r "lil i Q , 5 .5 A6 4 , in-.X E, M x l x Q!! NX ,rl I 7 31 ' 1 ff '41 35" M" - g 1 , I X f ll , I 1+ 1 2 I Q 1 , B fi ji 25- Wayne Rundl, 31- George Cros 51- Jack Schlenz J B Ils 21- Ken K b ny 43 Dck Mundl 23 - Tom B n ll 41 - D n Wi I 52 - R Wildman. M ddl Darrel Websier on e o n ers, on 55- Ken Kruge , 35- Wayne Wcukou, 33 Tom Strasse 45 86 I ff? ntesalumps Om CO d Tomahawk Wnsconsln Rapids Merrlll D C Everest Marshfleid Clnntonvulle Medford Marmette Wisconsin Rapids Menll Marshfneid D C Everest Shawano Madison West Stevens Pomt Rhanelander eretgo SCORES Anhgo RO 'i ' ho" Th a es. ' ' ' ......,.,..., U69 ' ....................... 77 W . . .,.,.,....,....... .63 ' ,..............,.... 57 E xo Q ' e,sedssdddss4d,,d ,.81 N ..,.......,..,.,...... 58 ' .......,............. 58 ' ' ' ...,......... ..70 ' ......,.............,... 74 ' .,.............,.,.. 79 X f - . . .,.........,....,. .64 5 ,,...,........,.,..,. 49 f- ' .4......,.....,4 .51 I PSC. ' ,,.,4.A,,..A4,.,.. 62 Y Al, . An er for the re r. ,pf- ront Row Haynes H Oregman B Kubeny G Cousmeau B Wagner J Back Row Hunter M E en as rez Poshlnskl D Gardner M Coach la am Coach La Ham Coach La Ham 'B ' TEAM Bv4.S'KHBv4ll The Antlgo Junior Varsnty under the coachmg of Mr Laham again came through with an excellent performance Iosnng only two games throughout the entire season Thus as a predlctnon of hav mg a the varsuty m the commg years IP- ' .. Q fs' , I " ' -. -4- I nd 4' I F 2 ,-: ,-1 ,-:',.: ,- 1 fad, M4 Bull' , Lp K T, T.7 Kdhl, Lg ' I, .g , .7 H . I I The Wrestling team, with many ot their experienced wrestlers ""'t' back, and the excellent coaching ability ot Mr. March enioyed a ,, 'dk very successful season. 7 4 M it -A Three of our wrestlers this year Q qualified for state competition, 5 they are Jerry Wirz, Mike Kautza, and Don Smith. D. Smith, M. Kcutza, J. Wirz. tv x , f, lf.. -, 'gl . tl Lf' Bottom Row: B. Dokin, R. Simon, A. Smith, J. wan, R. Smith, B, Rot, M. tcootzo. Second Row. J, rhomPS0f1tC' Hoffman' T, Thompson, P. Molgoroo, K. Johnson, First Row: I. Duff, J. Drob, M. Hobotch, L. Flonnorrf J- Crum, J- Jensen- r 1 4 his Ar lg 'E' Row 1: Wiegert, T., Pillar, G., Dickman, D., Schuster, F., Randl, W., Matuscszak, L., Kegler, H., Grall, C., Kondzela, J. ow 2: Drab, J., Kruger, K., Strasser, T., Kautza, M., Winter, D., Wildman, R., Hayes, J., Boll, R., Helmbrecht, P., Ruf, H., Wilcenski, B. Row 3: Johanek, J., Boyle, L., Mundl, D., Kubney, K., Crass, C., Vacha, B., Hunter, M., Smith, D., Uelmen, B., Schleinz, J., Duncan, E. Row 4: Mikkelson, T., Howard, V., Bonnell, D., Cigel, L., Crum, J., Bullis, J., Robe, J., Cross, G., Ruff, B., Adkins, J., Dakin, B. INT R14 MORv4l5 4 J f'l I 4 I 1 A 8 x. I 8 Row l: Kruger, K., Strasser, T., Kautza, M., Winters, D., Wildman, R., Hayes, J., Boll, R., Helmbrecht, P. Row 2: Wei gen, J., Dickman, D., Simon, D., Kubeny, K., Cross, C., Wagner, J., Randl, W., Vcchd. B. ROW 31 Pillef, G.: OYQEFHGH B., Prvckette, B., Cigel, L., Johnson, D., Bullis, J., Cross, G., Rabe, J., Rui, B. lN7fRMORv4l5 75 0 xX ye, N Xxx , -ru x N l VS: -HU px UTQ GR 91933 a x,,....., ref' Nw ,Eb f 'E LRWNC 93 i' :ll -s he .. I sv M P.-IZ:-X ef-"N.1 .QJ M L i - 'Q -.... .. eo... l. Shy One - Mary Richards 2. Need Help - Ron Randl 3. Flower Girl? . Mary Bannach 4 Forth Ward Rascles F Crass Twins 5. Success at last - John T. Curtis 6 Itch - Barb Messer 7. Have Bike, Will Travel - Bucky McNeil 8. Well, Here I Am - Gary Shroepfer 9. Hot Rod Kids Y Kretx Twins 94 IO. To Bad She Changed - Patty Paulette Ain't She Sweet - Gail Resch Wanna Fight? V Walter Duff It's Love - Mike Kautza and Alice Jansen Baby lt's Cold Outside . Judy Wesley Drivers License? - John A. Curtis Oh Dear! What can the Matter be? - Judy Utnehmer School Girl - Elayne Cunningham Look Out, I'm on the Warpath - John Lutz si A3 . W . 'U ,L .. .fr , 'A 1 -- .,-v ,rt , so . .V . o tg 4.5 My . 21, a 'lla- I9, I cannot Tell a Lie . Jack Dobrinska 20. Rag-a-Muffen - Warren Boll 21. The Holy Terror e Bill Othersall 22 Buddies - Dunn 8 Wield 23. Next To Me, My Mother Likes Tide Marcella Szitta 24. I Come From Fairchild Way - Nancy Vanderberg 25. Honest Officer, I Wasnt Speeding Pat Henneman 26. Baby Doll - Diane Diercks CQ QQ- 652 'TQ 'V .41 Sad Sack Todd Orthmann 6th Ward 'Ist Grade 1947 Wg, 75 4 34" ,Q G G I lamor nr Kaye Blazek ? Baby Face Ron Randl r"'1 . --1 Wife, Mrs. Richard Lund. av' Sd Mother, Mrs. Lundy Baby Sitters, Mrs. Allie lson, Mrs. Pete Froley, Daughter, Debbiep Coach Lundy Son, Jeffp Nu' ls Your Mfg Dlkk Lund Master of Ceremonies, John A. Curtis. 96 Peggy Fuller and Jan Kretz es- corting Mr. Lund to stage. Mr, Lund's first blind date, por trayed by Marian Kapusta, 'ing 41.-. QOLWQRTH 9- .gf 'X ll Illl -gl! L'0N7RlBll7l0lV5 Anuta s Flower 8- Grft Shop Antlgo Candy Co Antlgo Cllnlc Arcade Bea s Flowers 8- Glfts Beltel s Shoes Blake Paint 81 Wallpaper Co B 8K M Bootery Brandt s East Slde Grocery Bretl 8. Perz Cavers Klessug Agency Central Tavern Club 77 Coast To Coast Stores Con s Carmel Corn Davids Store for Men 8. Boys Draeger Onl Co Dr A M Klome Dr Portman Dunbar Radlo 8- TV Service Duchac Lumber Co Dude s Llquor Store Farrvlew Daury Famrly Shoe Store Fermamch Fuel Co Fnsch Greenhouses Frost Veneer 81 Plywood Co Gene s Superior Standard Service Glowen s Dept Store Gold Coast Grantman Beverages Inc Gresch Implement Co Hackbarth s Service Station Hayes Barber Shop Hoes Clothing House of Dlamonds Hunter s Super Market Jeane Hats 8- Dresses J C Penny Co Kasson s Motel Kingsbury Photo Shop Larson s Tot N Teen Shop Langlade Laundry 8. Cleaners Lew Connors Pontiac Lockwood Graders of Wns Inc Mabel Jewell Ramm Agency Mel Bergs Texaco Servnce Olk s Drug Store Rasman Drug Store Reed Johnson Chevrolet Service Dry Cleaners Schroepher s Music Store Shoppers Guude Skud s Clothes Shop Soman Furniture Store Spurgeon s Dept Store Up Town Cafe Vosmek Drug Store The Senior Class gives special thanks to the Toburen and Wessa studios for their contributions and wonderful photography D-Lite-M Molle Jewelry Store I - Co. 4. 42.4.1-4. 'X

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