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-' 5 506 S. Dodson Dl'1Ve ,gp t ,. , W, M L. ,V .ge Urbana, Iuinois 61801 jg A Q W W 'fAf1 W vV- W W I . If - ,M . W ',Mf'Mjfb, fwfi? WWW MW wwmfa W QW Wjfiw M' iff W3 j QM if Q ZOGJKW' MMM WQf:z'Lf3J3A M-M J WM J Wgiifgwjl I NWZMQ, 101251 if Q12 UL W M f h . W6 'af' W fi. ff ww IM I4 J I 0 ,Jfi'J7N:' af W IK wwf V ,av awww ,ff QV, Jw Wi, Ulwsgcjfjvfwmj x Utrjjjj ,xi E WWW Q W V933 .mf Q if jf gjlm l W f Q ,Q ww AMW D JC W My Hb ff X ffiifw ff W XX Vffflffjl X 'JP YY A fw J 52644 My M Q' M5 , Ju N f gf W, xv+",g'W7'y ' ' . 09 J'J?.f'y .ry fc A 'X lbw Ac ff? fy www 9QQjQg,JpjjTj V51 WM 'few Q 1 W' ii ,Jim W f' Ai W ffm 0 I ,-Q0 ' ' 1 ,VI , X ' A 'J XJ" QWQ me Jy , N? 43 ,. A ,N ' ff Jw N WN' A , ff ,Sf f ' JJ ' V4 QSC Qi l I fQrX.gx ul I J 'P U Bf V 1x55J up X M fb V A .V v w L N f 5 A WV A L X V JUN H 0- Fy up 1 ix " wif My Q f A .fum ' , v Q A NT , YJ' Mm hd: , ' Y lf ww!-Y Ky Apwtffw, . bfajcigx ' M7 1 If vuxvf X ' :JJ cl: Q . , ,f ISJJQ 'ay F122 3 N -wil of 611 - y 7 , AY' Q3 BQ M 'n ' LJJX f'F4JJb,3U - If 2 wwwjlf MWJ J 1, K D97 Mo WWAJV au tm -7 fp?,LfL cl J' Jtlv5,g2.4Qf1J--L.,H.xJ1-i-cLfCifZC?!'V"75 mlwwfqyqjjl jg-gwQvQf"-gi,a,,Jv7,ow,-, 5 ALA 7' 770262 jiwmmgwk LW? mf?-di qqggbgvjfmgcm 'Dtn'ULQ'QL1"f9'kS"'Cf WMA W'-AA Whig M iWMMW M wif mf: W W0 W jdlzgfiacbibm M 2:27 195' fmffwwykwfwwingm .hgwqmmmzfmsdd Jhww Www wa 693 :MM Elf-gaefN777afcLQ,E9 , mpafligmm - m7jfZ7g5'f'f7V 'Jima C, ufwv ZUAM gym +! LoZQ .zaLm,Qff,7570mmO .fm-Q ' WMM Zgufwv monk ,mmm JW? W fx H , ' r N A A fw ,7 x ' ' , fx . A. -KVI 'l X L Ok, 24 3 -I LL 'CQ Ct Lvqnbu ' . 'ww' 0 f f !".-V 7" 1 V cf: vmuan' X " 1 f' ' Q D ' K AQ-cl ' Q V 7w2,.r+?avf 'A VV ' at 77Lf-AJ if 'X 5 ' 6,6 , 4: ga Liv? ff A 0' Ok' I 4' b x- 'AL-favbgb-rua... . ' x' ' A " '4 ' cu JL QQ, ,Q A . A I V 1 4 ' ' JJMW' ' v f Q 72, 'L 4' , v ' Q- . f I 'L l ' k-1.6, 0 7 ' - . ' A ff '- , ', 4 1' 1 74 0 Q x A A , az vu, I ' 9 . M334 AF' v far My x in Vi. , L . mi w Wr,.,3, ,. U fu-'fab can ...annu- calm uv! with YH ...Ja MR MORGAN POULLETTE Superintendent of Schools X .4 Tse A-,J 1 - W MRS. LAURA HAMBLY, Secretory MRS. NORA SEVERENS, Secretary ...gxt X X 'Uv' '-:"' Ji Z MRS MAY PREBOSKI Secretary MR WAYNE FLAMME Prlncnpol of Senior Hugh fi- Cav' f-'R i MR WILBUR STEPHENS Principal of Junior Hugh MISS LOIS STRASSER Secretary Q s . , 1. R 5 M M ' 1 fl r g If Wfx' P, P ' ,gf K , M M 4535 W. 2212 f . M QI' . fi' 52447 J 1 ' 5 " M Q ,Mfg i DOROTHY AVERILL JOSEF BAUSCHKA "B.S." "B.M." Stevens Point University of Chicago Hbmemdking Conservatory of Music Band ophx 111' RICHARD 51155 RAYMOND BLASKEY I-Bs." "s.s." Stout State College Stevens Point Gene,-al Mgfqls Physics and Advanced Algebra JEROME BOETTCHER ALBERT BRAUN "B.S." "B.S." Wisconsin State, Stevens Point Stevens Point English World and American History up 1 - A m f Br are .-.Q ,ai .fx lfk 'li I unimiom rx X y vii 'X FFF.. - 5 . . N W -4 f, Qfrffll , , Ll U, I HARRY CRAMER "A.B." Marquette University Latin ,-Ji r i V ' f 'Q 9 a Q - '- cf i rn ' Q' f .1 f ls' 'V .I ' FRANK HOFFMAN "B.S." Stevens Point Math and Science A .Q 4,,, fs I ff T, 'ce - BEATRICE KUHARSKI "B.E." Whitewater State College Commercial Subiects M, 1' AGNES NOREM "B.A." Lawrence College American Problems ,,-I 4.1 if LYNN SCHIMMELS "B.S." University of Wisconsin English 10, ll ,rf BERNARD SCHUMITSCH UB-S... River Falls State College ta., 0 f' Own CHARLOTTE OLSEN ..B.A'.- Ripon College Biology AQgjZ501f"2 Q. EUGENE PETERSON "B.E." Whitewater State College Commercial Subiects ..-, ... fi F' RICHARD SCHNEIDER D7 7 JANUS SCHELLIN "B.S." "B.S." Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point Milwaukee Home Economics Art MARGARET SCOTT "B E M S " Superior Stole and -W Xl- ' ' g KAREN SEITZ Msgs... Carroll College Agriculture University of Wisconsin Spdniih, Efl9llSh ll 7 Biology if f -. ROBERT SOLIE LEONARD TANEY B S M S "B.S Stout Institute Temple University of Philadelphia Machine Shop Drafting Penna Music Education ge T , Musa., 1 'e' , , A' I f 95 ' Jani . ', Z' Y, W .M x,,j,L 'f' M ' ,. L V "ff"'QgQ:- 1, JOSEPH WEIX "B.S Stout Institute Woodworking 5 i vo -I v , v-I H?-. ..,54, Q, . vi: 151. X Mfg .ri my :'n'fijm I , U .,l l I if 'mi 1. ','1",'1 U li fd 5 332+ gf! ',. ,tx f' . s ,wp V X 'fig' 5 Q '?,.' ig.: i : :fQ.3t:1'..Ig 1.-35Qf5'f:'.g -x' 35 .P QS J ,g 1 Jr. Sfgi-v x 1' -f D if S . gf 9' A I ,. Yi in 5 Q -.kg2,'?d'.j.4 ,-j . fw.n r ,, 4.4.4 ,f ig, ,..4'r-.Hyff nf .f lcv" 'AV fi, 2 ,. 3 'I' 1 ""ES'DENT .YLWIOR LYA55' 0 flL'fR.S' VICE PRESIDENT -as-'S' gif' Y 1 4' 55,11-rr s pt, 93 il r Q3 .sg-f if -fn 4 I' f 5 va SECRETARY TREASURER iv if H at CLAYTON GEORGE BAILEY CHICK Track 2 3 lat n Club 3 4 Ant gonlan 4 H light 4 Science Club 2 G Club 2 Youth Rotor 4 Student Councl Honors Jr Prom King Jr Class Pres Class res Badger Boy State Spoon 3 Worst Fault Making stink bombs Chem stry Class SIDNEY OVIOTT SID O Student Councl 3 4 Pes 4 Band 1 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Wres in Cub 34 RadloCub 23 es 2 Science Club 2 3 Senior Class Play G f 34 Honors Vice Pres of Senior Class Ambition Be on electronic engineer Worst Fault My Irish temper Dmmu 2 Honors Sec and Treas of Sr Class Ambtion Comptometer operator DONNA MAE KLUBALI. A ice res A Hoping to do a good 'ob and to have a good time, our class entered the doors of the Senior High In i954 Our officers that year were Presl dent Gary Dorn, Vice president lynn Tradewell and Secretary treasurer Nancy Llngenfelter Ned Orthman, James Bryan, and lynn Hommerding were awarded band scholarships To make our Jr year a success we elected Clayton Bailey President, Judy lson Vice pres: dent, and Kay Burns, Secretary treasurer The big event of that year, our Jr Prom bore the theme Neptunes Garden Clayton Bailey reigned as king and escorted Betty Graveen as his queen. Also highlighting that year were the honors and scholarships given to deserving classmates. Joe Vosmek was awarded the Spade for the high- est scholastic average, Clayton Bailey and Lynn Tradewell were given the Spoon and Mirror as the most popular boy and girl. Chosen as dele- gates to Badger Boys State were Bill Dunbar, Clayton Bailey, and Bill Kubeny. Representing us at Badger Girls State was Jean Buch. ln the field of music, Gary Dorn and Penny Vandehey were awarded vocal and instrumental scholarships. Closing the doors on our wonderful Jr Year we were prepared to face our final year with expectations of success leading the class of i957 were Clayton Bailey President, Sid Ovlatt, Vice president, and Donna Kluball Secretary treasurer All too soon our last Homecoming Queen Janet Roslo reigned over our Homecoming festivities with her court Kathy Strobel, Phyllis Meharg Judy lson lynn Tradewell We succeeded in defeating Marshfield l3 6 Our Christmas Formal entitled Winter Fan tasy was presided over by King Clayton Bailey and his chosen queen, Patricia Schumitsch. Father Was A Housewife was the play pre- sented by our Sr. class. lt was a great success. Sr. letter winners during the i956-57 school season included Bill Kubeny, Carl Schleinz, Ted Meyer, Jack Grignon, Gary Dorn, Ed Finnigan, Tony Dolezal, David Zwicky, Sid Oviatt, Rod Hix, Joel McKenna and Tom Swoboda. We now leave Antigo High School knowing we will always cherish these experiences that will fill our future lives with memories. 4 ROBERT F. ARLEN "BOB" Lotin Club, Pep Club Hobbies: Fishing Ambition: Be a good repairman Worst fault: Girlsl ARTHUR MARK ARVESON "ARVE" Bond 2,3,4, Latin Club 3,-1, Science Club 3,4, Sec. 3, Intramurals 2,3,4 Favorite expression: "How YG fixed for blades?" Ambition: Become an electrical engineer Pet peeve: Shaving RICHARD DEAN BARANIAK "BARNEY" Intramurals 2,3,4 Hobbies: Radio Ambition: Drive a stock car Pet peeve: Womenl Worst foult: Working 'Y fr. , ,, H 1 5 Q KATHRYN ARQUETTE "KITTY" F.H.A., G.A.A. Favorite expression: "I don't know" Pet peeve: Stone faces Worst fault: Cheatingl W GALEY J. BEHL "GAY BELL" Latin Club 4, Antigonian 2,3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Hi-light 4, Drama Club 2,3, Choir 3,4, Glee Club 2, Homecoming skit Favorite expression: Holy socksl Ambition: To be a gardener ii 'i..,:,1:g,Q..:fsfiiiE, . t ROSEMARY GALE ARROWOOD WILMA .IEAN ARROWOOD --Rosie" -'wiiueu Glee Club 2, Forensics 2,.l,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Bowling 3,4, Drama 4, Latin Club A, Hi-light A Ambition: Airline xtewardess lb-X Q JANET MAE BEHM "JEANlE" Activities: F.H.A. Hobbies: Men Favorite expression: Garshl Ambition: Find the right one Worst fault: Sleeping in class. Hobbies: Reading Ambition: Undecided Pet peeve: Selfish people Worst fault: Too quietl ALICE MARY AULIK "HERMIT" Latin Club 3,-4, Science Club 2, Fo- rensics 2,3,4, Pres. 3,4, Hi-light 3,4, Coeeditor 4, G.A.A. bowling 3,4, De- bate 2,3,4, Pep Club 4, Jr. Prom Sub-chairman, Sr. Class play, Antigo- nian 3.4, Art editor 4, Homecoming Skit Favorite expression: "Put it over the P.A. Hommerdingl" Ambition: Be o Medical Technologist DAVID ALLEN BELOW "DAVE" Activities: Intramurals Hobbies: Archery Favorite expression: Hi, Budl Ambition: Be o chiropractor Worst fault: Fighting. fl 'Y .ff -,,f- JUDITH ANN BENISHEK "JUDY" Hobbies: Collecting statues Favorite expresison: Excuse me for living Ambition: Raise dogs instead of kids Pet Peeve: People like me Worst fault: Reading too many books. RALPH ARLIE BOSTWICK Activities: Bond 2,3, F.F.A. 2, D.H.I.A. 2 Hobbies: What? What else? Favorite expression: Next time, huh? Ambition: To keep "her" happy and solve that problem Pet peeve: Oh - those long-haired blondes. LUELLA JEAN BRANDT "JEANNlE" Hobbies Reading and sewing Favorite expression Calling everything dumb Ambition Leave Antlgo Pet peeve People who show off -rv' s x : get r GLENN A. BERNDT "C-RlZZY" Hobbies: Hunting Favorite expression: Look alive Ambition: Mechanic Pet peeve: Women Worst fault: Hot roding be W A wi I .. as . . f , tfvzifv Wie. f . .. agar. 5 k .. . st.. 5 'R Effie. i A Yi? , F K ' Z3 fm 5 ,GIF . 3 L ,r R t. M 'D 4 1 4 fs- if N f ,L x E , ,,,, i DONALD JEROME BLOEDORN "DONNIE" Activities: Intramurals, Wrestling, estry Club Hobbies: Skating Favorite expression: You bet Ambition: Be a farmer Pet peeve: Girls Worst fault: Losing sleep For- THOMAS G. BONNELL "BUNDLES" ActivLties: Intramurals 2,3,4, Student Council 3,4 Favorite expression: Why sure Ambition: Be a Clark owner Pet peeve: Women Worst fault. Working GWENDOLYN DELLA BRANDT "BUNNY" Activities: Spanish Club l, G.A.A. Hobbies: Writing letters Favorite expression: Dig me daddy Ambition: Go to Africa Pet peeve: Joe Braun Worst fault: Day dreaming. GARLAN GORDON BRAUN JOSEPH BRAUN CARL CHRISTAPH BRENNECKE Hobbies: That's telling "JOE" "LEFTY" Favorite expression: You name it Activities: Wrestling Activities: F.F.A. Ambition: Be a truck driver Hobbies: Girls Hobbies: Guns Pet peeve- Red heedsl Ambition Join the Nov Favorite expression Ya don't se is t Worst fault Blondes . - : y : Y Worst fault: Too many parties. Worst fault: Blondes Ambition: Join the Navy M i , , :L M ff' Ill V. ,,k. K . . -L.: . : iff sy. K JUDITH SARAH BRENNECKE "JUDY" Cheerleading 2,3,4, Latin Club 3,4, Pres. 3, Hi-light 4, Society editor, Fa- rensics 2,4, G.A.A. Bowling 2,3, Homecoming skit, Jr. Prom Sub-chair- man Hobbies: Dancing Ambition: Nursing CAROL JEAN BUCH "JEAN" Band 2,3,4, F.H.A. 4, Latin Club 4 Honors: Badger Girl State Ambition: To travel Worst fault: Bad memory ROBERT MICHAEL BULA "BOB" Photography Club 2,3, Hi-light photog- rapher 4, Ski team 3,4 Favorite expression: I s'pose sol Ambition: Procure Dr. degree in nu- clear physics Pet peeve: Women drivers BILLIE MARIE BROESKE "BlLLIE" Glee Club 3, Choir 4 Ambition: See the world Pet peeve: Conceited people Worst fault: Being moody ,dui-ll f K P Nl-Q ...W H:-fr sr? yr C l l LEONARD A. BRUNOLD "JOE" Football l,2, Science Club 3, Forestry Club 3,4, Baseball Mgr. 3,4, Intra- murals 2,3,4, Basketball 1, Sr. Class Play Ambition: Drink all night without get- ting drunk. be DORIS THERESA BURES "DORlE" Glee Club 2,3, Choir 3,4, G.A.A Hobbies: Playing piano Ambition: To get up there. 'fur 'QPR RONALD A. BURKE "BEATER" Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2,3,4, Basket: ball 2, "A" Club 3,4, Intramurals 3,4 Hobbies: Babysitting with the baby- sitter Ambition: Professional baseball player. 'WZ' JAMES C. BRYAN "JIM" Intramurals 2,3,4, Latin Club 3,4, Bank 1,2,3,4, Student Council 2, Hi-light 4 Favorite expression: No sweatl Ambition: M. D. Pet peeve: Nero DOLORES MAE BUELOW "Bl.ONDY" F.H.A. A, Bowling 3,4 Ambition: Marry Ray Pet peeve: Elvis Presley Worst fault: Talk too much KATHLEEN C. BURNS UK.. Antigonian 2,3, G.A.A. 2, Eta Epsilon 2, Bowling 4, Drama Club 3, Hi-light 4 Honors: Sec., Treas. ot Jr. Class. W 564 BARBARA ROSE BURT "BARB" F.H,A. 4, G.A.A. 4 Favorite expression: One never knowsl Ambition: Airline stewardess JEANINE E. COUSINEAU "GEORGE" Latin Club 3,4, Drama Club 2,3, De- bate 3,4, G.A.A. bowling 3,4, Science Club 2, Antigonian 4, Hi-light 4, Pep Club 4, Homecoming skit Favorite expression: Dawn'tl Ambition: Graduate from college Worst taultf Too manyl ROBERT T. CROWE "BOB" Band 2,3,4 Hobbies: Tromboning Ambition: Play a duet with Tommy Dorsey Pet peeve: Sour notes Worst fault: Study habits Q I . 1 x I ROSALIE J. CAHAK "ROSY" F.H.A. 2,3 Ambition: Marry George Pet peeve: Elvis Presley Worst fault: Talking t f EDWARD J. CUNNINGHAM MED.. F.F,A. 1,2,3,4, D.H.l.A. 1 Favorite expression: You Republican! Ambition: No ambition Pet peeve: Plucked eyebrows iff RICHARD J. CHERF "DICK" lntramurals 2,3 Ambition: Whatever will be Pet peeve: Getting racked ,, . is j, will be Worst lault: Watching the curvess go byl H-into re!" MARY CURTIS F.H.A. A, G,A.A. 2,3,4, latin 4, Antiganian 3 Favorite expression: Oh fainl Ambition: Be'a nurse Pet peeve: Conceited people. Club fl, .sr ef l ,. '95 'KB .,.- ig ff w JERRY J. CIGEI. "CIGEl BABY" Hobbies: Collectin "church" 9 Favorite expression. face Ambition: Take a hunter's iob lady killer l 5,4 keys Hold a straight CIS U Worst fault: Losing driver's license LEll.A R. CRANDALL "LEE" Choir 4, Glee Club l, Pep Club 4 Ambition: Go to Bible School Worst fault: Not getting in on time JEAN W. DAKIN Choir 2,3,4, Glee Club 2,3, 23,4 Favorite expression: Aain't t shamel Ambition: To become a nurse Pet peeve' Getting up in the rn C-.A.A hat a orning f"'c NANCY L. DEACY G.A.A. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 4 Favorite expression: lt makes me ill Ambition: live on a farm Pet peeve: People gt 1 DOUGLAS DE BORD "lEFTY" F.F.A. Favorite expression: Ya got mel Ambition: Own pink Cadillac f 95 was LAURA LEE DIETRICH "lAURlE" Cheerleader 1, Drama 2,3,4, Sr. Class Play, Sec. 3, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Radio- T.V. Club 2, Band 2,3,4 Pet peeve: Teachers who give themes. Ambition: Make something of myself. GARY L. DORN "HOSE NOSE" Student Council 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 4, Choir 2,3,4, Pres. 4, Football 2,3,4, Track 3,4, Wrestling 3,4, "A" Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Glee Club 4 Honors: Class Pres. 2, University of Wis. Music Clinic Favorite expression: l'll buy that GERALD E. DOUCHA "JERRY" Forestry Club 2,3,4 Favorite expression: Ca Worst fault: Eating. n't say s for sure JUDITH MARY DRABEK "JUDY" G.A.A. 3,4, Antiganian 4, Spanish Club 4, Pep Club A Favorite expression: Good gosh Gertiel Ambition: Pass Mr. Meyer's class Pet peeve: Freckles Worst fault: Blushing LAWRENCE WILLAM DRAEGER "HG" Drama Club 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2,3, Sr. Class Play, Intramurals 2,3,4, Ra- dio-T.V. Club 2, Ski Team 2,4 Favorite expression: Manl Ambition: Be a brain Pet peeve: Girls -. 3 1-ul ANTHONY J. DOLEZAL "DUTCH" Football 1,2,3,4, Forestry, F.F.A. Drama, Orchestra Favorite expression: Hi ya smileyl Ambition: Be a machinist Pet peeves: Am. Problems WILLIAM FREDERICK DUNBAR "BUZ" Basketball 2,3, Intramurals 4, Base ball 2,3,4, Pep Club 4 Honors: Badger Bays State Favorite expression: ls that right? Ambition: Go to college 1 HELEN ROSE DZIAMARSKI i L I Favoritc expression: For Pete's sake Ambition: Leave Antigo Pet peeve: Elvis Presley MARY LOU FELLER "LOU LOU" Drama 'l.2,3, Latin Club 4, Antigonian 2,3, Choir 3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Glee Club 2 Ambition: Get rich Worst fault: Cheating ANGELINE FICK "ANG" F.H.A. 3,-4, G.A.A. 3,4 Favorite expression: l cauldn' t care less Ambition: Get through school. ROGER D. EDEN "ROG" Latin Club 3,4, Radio-T.V. 2, Youth Rotor Ambition: Go to college Pet peeve: Special English Worst fault: Knowing Maly and Rich- ards. 4' , ,Sy x " L Keri. : , ED FINNEGAN NED.. Football 2,3,4, "A" Club 3.4, Forestry Club 2,3,4 Ambition: Electrician Pet peeve: Girls Worst fault: Whiskers. fv- JUDITH M. EHLERS "JUDY" G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 4, Choir 2, 3, F.H.A, 4, Sr. Class Play, Homecom- ing skit Ambition: Gym teacher Worst fault: Checking up on a certain "black boy." SANDRA LEE FLEISCHMAN "SANDlE" Hi-light 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Drama Club 3, Antigonian 2 Ambition: Be successful and happy. K. 'en- Q 7 gt...w.i-tab.-i :V SHARON KAY EULER G.A.A. 3, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club 4 Favorite expression: Good gravyl Ambition: Pass Mr. LaHam's class Pet peeve: People who swear ANN, JEAN FESSENDEN F.H.A. 4, G.A.A, bowling, Antigonian Favorite expression: You'Il never know Ambition: Get through school Worst fault: Blushing VERNON F. FLEISCHMAN "VERN" Forestry Club, F.F.A. Favorite expression: No kidding? Ambition: Be a farmer Pet peeve: Girls 'fs Ts-' ui. ,5- iv, do hr, J ss : " ' if THOMAS CHARLES FORD SHIRLEY ANN FOWLER "TOM" "LEE" Hockey 'I, Intramurals 'I,2,3, By-Phy- Band Chemistry l,2, Radio Club 'I Favorite expression: Crazy manl Favorite expression: Take it light Ambition: Retire Ambition: Pro bowler Pet peeve: Squares Worst fault: Weeds! MARY ANN GLUGLA "GOOG" Drama Club 2, G.A.A. 3, F.H,A. 4, Sec. 4 Ambition: Be successful Worst fault: Temper. BERNARD GOLBACH "BREEZlE" Basketball 2,3,4, Football 2, Student Council 2,3,4, "A" Club, F.F.A. Vice Pres. Favorite expression: How's thot? Ambition: Make a dollar. v "H-ir BONNIE FRITSCH "BOP" F.H.A. 4 Favorite expression: Howdy Ambition: Be u bookkeeper Pet peeve: Competition BETTY J. GRAVEEN "SQUEAKlE" Choir 2,3,4, Glee Club 3, G.A.A Bowling 2,3, Antigonion 2,3 Honors: Jr. Prom Queen Ambition: Be successful and happy Worst fault: Deep masculine voice. KEN GALLENBERG "SKlNNY GUY" Intramurals 2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Foot ball 2,3, Forestry Club 4 Favorite expression: What say? Ambition: Play pro baseball Worst fault: Con't dance JACK ALBERT GREENING ROBERT l. GRESS "FlSH" Bowling Worst fault: Girls. 'uv L , N Lex., A f L as A l X H ' l ,gl "BOB" Forestry I, Intramurals 2 Favorite expression: You goofedl Ambition: Be success Pet peeva: Silly girls li l ,, x X ' l r J TN J. MYRON J. GRIGNON "JACK" Basketball, Track, Baseball Favorite expression: You look like itl Ambition: Navy career man Worst fault: Watching women JUDITH ANN HANKE "JUDY" F.H.A., Cheerleading Hobbies: Cooking Favorite expression: Hey, wait! Ambition: See the world. ANNE M. GROSS "ANNA BEll" G.A.A. 2,3, Choir 2,3,4, Antlgonian 2,3 Favorite expression: Crazy kidl Ambition: Be a successful beauticion and wife. JUNE HARM JESSE EUGENE HESS "JUNGLE JUNE" F.F.A. Favorite expression: Aw, come onl Ambition: Army Ambition: Marry a handsome rich man Worst fault: Sleeping. Worst fault: Flirting. 'YIM BEVERLY ANN GRUENBERG DALE A. GUYANT "BEV" "BUB" Glee Club 2, F.H.A. 2, Pep Club 4, Favorite expression: By George! Drama 4, Antigonian A Ambition: Get a iob Favorite expression: Oh, dash itl Pet peeve: Forward girls. Ambition: To succeed in anything l try to do Worst fault: Blushing. MARY JEAN HIPKE F.H.A. 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4 Favorite expression: No foolin? Ambition: Own my own horse Worst fault: Swearing. ranch MARLENE H. HANSON "HANA" Antigonian 2,3, G.A.A. 3,4, 4, Drama Club 2,3,4 Ambition: Private secretory Pet peeve: Nosey people Worst fault: Being stubborn. Band 2,3 RICHARD HIPKE "DICK" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Favorite expression: Get outl Ambition: Go to California Worst fault: Missing school. I . . , 1. ., . 1' I . . ' I ' I . 4 ' " 1 '. " . ' ' u . '74 "'4 ,J as Q ,U . .. ,L Q RODNEY HIX "ROD" Football 2,3,4, Intramurals 2,3,4, F,F. A. 2,3,4, Sec., 3, Pres. 4, "A" Club 3,4 Ambition: Go on to college Pet peeve: My car. KENNETH EDWARD HOMOLKA "KEN" Forestry Club 3,4 U Favorite expression: By George laurel Ambiton: Be six feet tall Worst fault: Leaving school work un- til lost minute. KEITH FRANCIS IRIS "KRUSHER" Chair 3,4, Glee Club 3,4, Radio-T.V. Club 2, latin Club 2, Forensics 2, Intramurals 2,3,4, Sr. Class Play Favorite expression: Hi ya sunshine Worst fault: Bashful s. -....-ff" GERALDINE ROSEMARY HOFFMAN "JERRIE" Favorite expression: Kill itl Ambition: Have my own restaurant Pet peeve: Walking newspapers. X .IUDITH GAII. ISON "PUNK" Choir 2,3,4, Pres. 3, Glee Club 2,3, Club 3,4, Sr. Class Vice Pres. Radio-T.V. Club 2, latin G.A.A. 2,3, Bowling 3,4, Play, Student Council 2,3, 3, Drama 2,3, Vice Pres. 2, Cheerlead- i-ng 2,3,4, Captain 3,4, Assembly board 2, Forensics 2, Hi-light 4 Honors: 2nd attendant to Homecoming Queen, Jr. Class Vice Pres. Ambition: Be happy. DALE A. HOFFMAN "HOFFER" Baseball 2,3,4, Football 2, Intramurals 2,3,4 Favorite expression: l'II think about it Ambition: Be a success Pet peeve: Beefing. fhtgynx "mf" X .. - . H .,o -W 1, . . . -an ' N "' N? s ' MARY JANE JANKOWSKI "JAYNE" Antigonian 3,4, F.H.A. 4, Bowling 4 Favorite expression: That's quite all right Ambition: Go to Texas to Iind a mil- Iionaire. Will' IQ, f f L .6 : as ROSALIND LEE HOMMERDING HROZ.. G.A.A. 2, Radio-T.V. Club 2, Drama 2, Antigonian 2, Hi-light 4, Band 2,3, 4, Bowling 3,4, Sr. Class Play, Debate 4 Honors: Snowball Queen 3 Ambition: Succeed in medical field Pet peeve: Waitingl MARY ANN THERESA IGL "MARY ANN" F.H.A. 2,3,4, Reporter 4 Favorite expression: Big deall Ambition: Accomplish sewing career Pet peeve: Not enough spare time KAREN J. JENSEN G.A,A. 2, Drama Club 2, Radio-T.V Club, rum: club 4, Hi-light 4, Fa rensics 2, Glee Club 1 Favorite expression: Tell me about I Ambition: Lead a happy life. I FLORENCE LORRAINE JOHNSON ..FlO.. Favorite expression: What? Ambition: Get a secretarial Pet peeve: Too much homework Worst fault: Forgetfulness MARGIE FLORENCE KEMP "MARGE" F.H.A. 2,3, Vice Pres. 3, Treas. 2, Historian 2, Forensics 1,2,3, Drama l,2,3 Favorite expression: Oh dearl Ambition: Secretary Pet peeve: Snobby people ALLEN EUGENE KING "KING" Favorite expression: lt's all Ambition: Mechanic Pet peeve: Game wardens. , 30 40-17 MARY LOU KAPLAN Spanish Club 2,3, Antigonian 2,3,4, Hi-light 4 iob Favorite expression: No hey Ambition: To be a private secretary Worst fault: Chewing gum in Miss Moors. it Ni' LS.-1 JERRY L. KEEN THEODORE J. KENHOFER Forestry Club "TED" Favorite expression: Gadzooke manl Ambition: Join Air Force Ambition: Air Force Pet peeve: People who call me Teddy Pet peeve: People who call me teddy- Kins kins Worst fault: My driving. Worst fault: My driving li CAROL JEAN KLAMERUS Antigonian 34 FHA 4 Bowlin 4 LARRY C. KLOPSTEIN , , . . . , g "KlOPPER" right Favorite expression: Wasn't I supposed Forestry Club 3,4, Science Club 3, In- to? tramurals 1,2,3,4 Ambition: Get to Wyoming Favorite expression: Bite mel Worst fault: Gutter balls. Ambition: Live until I die Pet peeve: Conceited girls Worst fault: Canceitedl LUCILLE SHlRLEY KNUTSON "LUCY" G.A.A. 2,3,4, F.H.A. 3 Favorite expression: Oh shootl Ambition: Marry a certain guy Worst fault: Temper Y' 5 I 5 JULIANN R. KOSS "JULIE" Drama Club 'I, Forensics 2, Antiganian 3 Favorite expression' Hol smuttl - Y Ambition: Marry a soldier of fortune Pet peeve: Dirty looks. 161:95 YV! ' 4 is Al MARY JO KOSTELAC ROBERT JOHN KOSZAREK GLENN BOYD KREGER "KOSTY" "BOB" "FUZZ" G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Basketball chairman Forestry Club 3, Intramurals 2,3 Forestry Club, F.F.A. I,2,3 2,3, Band 1,2,3,4 Favorite expression: You'II never know Favorite expression: Hey therel Favorite expression: Terrificl Ambition: Be a truck driver Ambition: Boker Ambition: Go to college and be a Pet peeve: Dumb blondes Pet oeeve: Red heads teacher. Worst fault: Spending money. lRONALD KROHN 'w Noon Intramurals Favorite expression: Eat mel Ambition: Live to a ripe old age. JACQUELINE FRANCES KRUGEL "JACKIE" G.A.A. 2,3,4 Favorite expression: That's all right Ambition: Go to Canada Pet peeve: Stuck up people. .l . X A iii : - ., X I I WILLIAM JOHN KUBENY "WHITEY" Football 2,3,-4, Basketball 2,3,4, Track 2,3. Baseball 2,4, Student Council 2, 3,4, "A" Club 3,4 Honors: Badger Boys State 3, li it WALTER S. KUNZ "Wally" Favorite expression: Bite Ambition: Graduate Pet peeve: Teachers Worst fault: Sleeping. L UIQ LARRY V. KRUEGER "SHORTY" Intramurals 2,3,4, Hi-light 4, Photog raphy, Latin Club 3,4 Favorite expression: Farmer Ambition: B.A. or PhD. degree in SClel'1Ce Pet peeve: Being chaperoned. LUELLA LARZELERE "LOUIE" Choir, F.H.A., Glee Club Hobbies: Sewing Ambition: Airline hostess Pet peeve: Sistersl l 3 M NANCY L. LINGENFELTER "ORT" 'kr' MARY ANN MCCLEAN "CARAMEL" Pep Club, Anligonian 3,4, Editor 4, Favorite expression: Here here pickl Student Council 2, Latin Club 3,4, G. Ambition: Own a horse ranch A.A. Bowling 4, Forensics 2, Hi-light Pet peeve: Snobs. 3,4, Sr. Class Play, Homecoming skit A Honors: Sec., Treas. of Sophomore Class Ambition: Medical Technologist. JOSEPH RICHARD MCKINNEY "DICK" Favorite expression: Sa what? Ambition: Go to college X Pet peeve: Working hard. -'Qi X"- .P I I 'Yo' BERNARD MALY RUTHMARY A. MALZAHN "BEN" "RUTHIE" Band 2,3, Radio-T.V. Club 2, Spanish Drama 2, Forensics 2,3, G.A.A. 2, Club 2, Intramurals 3,4 Bowling 4, Latin Club 2, Prompter for Favorite expression: How are yal Sr. Class Play Ambition: Own a new car Worst fault: Riding with Richards. Favorite expression: Likewisel Ambition: Teacher. REGINA C. MCGOURTY "JEANIE" G.A.A. 3,4, F.H.A. 3 Dro tigonian 3 Ambition: Teacher Pet peeve: My freckles Lb JOSEPH F MCKENNA MAC Football 4 Spanish Club 4 Favorite expression Hey Elvis' Ambition Get my driver s Icense back Df V V 26 qlyflfl yo .3 7 5.--Z PATRICK J. MARCINIAK "PAT" Wrestling, Intramurals, F.F.A. Favorite expression: Peskin thingl Ambition: See the world. X ii . I Af JAMES STANLEY MARTIN .. M.. Wrestling, F.F.A. Ambition: Get through college Worst fault: late to bed and o ruse. X te to gi 9 ab. ELROY M. MATHISEN "HAlRY" F,F.A., Forestry Club Favorite expression: Who me? Ambition: Join the Air Force. TED H. MEYER "TEAT" Football 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, "A" Club 3,4, Tennis 3,4, Bond 2, Choir 2 Ambition: Be a iet pilot Pet peeve: Something I want that I can't get. BEVERLY JANE MIHALKO "BEV" F.H.A. Photography Club, Radio-T.V. Club Favorite expression: How come? Ambition: See entire U. S. Worst fault: Flipping my lid. .. tv s ' '?"1 "ge 1,- 'ra NIS .J K ., 'W ' in-o , I V , X s - A as PHYLISS JOAN MEHARG "POOPER" G.A.A. 2,3,4, Latin Club 4, Antigo- nian, 2,3, Drama Club 2,3 Honors: 3rd attendant to Homecoming Queen Ambition: Be a medical secretary Pet peeve: People who shove me around. E T' ig:-J . 4, L , lyk I ,z 5 , gl I , 4 5' JL. as 0352 iii . I z .Eu LARRY J. MENTING "LAR" Basketball, Intramurals 2 Favorite expression: Breaks my heart Ambition: Be a sportscaster Pet peeve: Girlsl LINDALU L. MISFELDT "HON" Drama Club Ambition: Teach and travel Pet peeve: Non-harmonizing color corn- binotions. BETTI E MORRISSEY "CRABBER" Sr. Class Play, G,A.A., Bowling 4, Choir 4, Hi-light 4 Ambition: Be a cheerleader in a tor- ture chamber. f-.. '37, 'QF' 3 v GORDON MESSER "GORDIE" Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Track Student Council, Forestry Club Ambition: Game Warden Pet peeve: A certain gym teacher. JAMES A. MIERSCH "JIM" Forestry 2,3,-1, Spanish 2,3 Drama Club 'I Ambition: Aeronautical engineer Pet peeve: Making speeches. LEON IRVIN MOSHER "LEO" Favorite expression: Holy smokesl Ambition: Get out of school Pet peeve: Crabby teachers. MARY L. MOSHER "MARY MO" Radio-T.V. Club 2, G.A.A. 2, Bowling 4, Antiganian 3,4, Forensics 3, Hi- Iight 4 Ambition: Travel Worst fault: Talking. PATRICIA ANN MYSZKA UPAT.. Favorite expression: That's a laugh and a halt Ambition: Travel Worst fault: Being selt-conscious. BARBARA L. NICKEL "BARBS" F.H.A. Favorite expression: Bite Ambition: Graduate. fx I3 'tv 'L' 'I li Wg.. - mf ' I X PHYLISS MOSHER "PHYl" Favorite expression: Oh Ambition: Travel. goodyl KAREN MOSS Drama Club, Radio Club Favorite expression: No sweutl Ambition: Go down South. MICHAEL T. O'BRlEN SHARON ANN O'BRlEN "MIKE" Band 2, F.H.A, 3, News reporter 3 F.F.A,, Sentinel Ambition: Be married mel Favorite expression: l'lI kill 'em Pet peeve: Jealousy. Ambition: Be a millionaire Pet peeve: Rattles in a car Worst fault: Being good 1 1 fr. i ...Q as we Q 'imp 'T' 'E ' .F r Hind' I E, . 2 7' l 1 2 7 . ,Q ,- w - . . gp JUDITH J. MUCHA "JUDY" Eta Epsilon 2, Hi-light 4, F,H.A. 3, Bowling 4, Antigonion 3 Favorite expression: Alrighteel Ambition: Go to Hawaii. ROGER ALLEN NICHOLSON "Nick" F.F.A. 3,4 Favorite expression: Get lostl Ambition: Get out ot school. DALE WAYNE OLDENBERG "OLEY" Hobbies: Hitting dead ends Ambition: Sleeping Worst fault: Going to school so Y :Q much NED H. ORTHMANN Band 2,3,-4, Science Club 2,3,4, Pres. 3, Student Council 2, Antigonian 3, latin Club 3,4 Ambition:BG on M.D. Pet pe,eve: My cor. JOHN M. PERKINS "PERK" Antigonian 3,4 Favorite expression: I'm hungryl Ambition: To be cs rich as Rockefeller. GERALD PETRZELKA "1ERRY" Forestry Club, Football 1,2, Base- ball 4 Favorite expression: I don't know Ambition: Dedent my car Worst Fault: Drinking lSauirtl Q BONNIE LOUISE PACKARD "BON" Band 1,2, G.A.A. 4, Bowling 4, An- tigonion A Ambition: Marry Rock Hudson Worst fault: Fascination for red hair. SHARON ANN PLZAK "POZY" F.H.A. 3, G.A,A. Bowling 2,3, Antie gonion 3 Favorite expression: Don't be that way Ambition: Be- a beauticion Pet peeve: Wise crackers. , fa: , . -Lx r 1 E , a MONICA LOUISE PACKARD JOYCE PAYNE "MONA" Band 2,3,4 Orchestra 1, Band 1,2, F.H.A, 4, Ambition: To travel Antigonion 4 Pet peeve: Conceited people. Favorite expression: No kiddin Ambition: Be a secretory. RACHEL PERRY 'AFUZZYH F.H.A, 4, Parliamentorian 4, latin Club 4 Favorite expression: Hi ya honeyl Ambition: Be o teacher Pet peeve: Elvis Presley fans Worst fault: Drinking - squirt! GERALD G. PREGLER ROBERT J. L. PREGLER "JAKE" "BOB" Forestry Club Forestry Club, F.F.A. Favorite expression: Drop dead Favorite expression: Take a mile Ambition: Be experienced Ambition: Be on expert. Pet peeve: Dumb girls. .Q-, 7 1 CORRINE ANN PRIEM F.H.A., Historian Favorite expression: Oh good heavens Ambition: Secretary or telephone op- erator. WILLIAM J. RICHARDS "BILL" Track 2,3,4, Band 2,3, Intramurals 2, 3.4, Spanish Club 2, Science Club 3 Ambition: To move away from Maly and Eden Worst fault: Taking special English. GARY ROSS ROBBINS Choir 1,2, Glee Club 1, Hi-light 4, DANIEL LEE PRINS "IKE" Cheerleading 3, Track 2, Drama I, Choir 4, Science Club 3 Favorite expression: Keatings Ambition: Electrical engineer Pet peeve: Liquor Worst fault: Conceited. , Club -in , ,ca i .f' fu S. DeWAlN K. REIMER Baseball, Intramurals Favorite expression: Tell me about it Ambition: Play pro baseball. Intramurals 3,4 Ambition: What's that? Pet peeve: G. K.I Worst fault: Staying out of trouble. PAUL ROEHRIG JOAN ARLENE ROHACEK "JOANIE" Basketball 2,3,4, Foat- Band 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Drama Club, try Club 2 F.H.A. Ga to college Ambition: Become five feet tall Too fastl Pet peeve: People who don't act their age. ,Q . 4 f' . 2 ROBEIITA SALLY ANN REZNICHEK "BOBBY" G.A.A. 3,4, Forensics 2,3,4, Hi-light A, Glee Club 1, Antigonian 2, latin Club 3 Ambition: Nurse or teacher Worst fault: Impatience RITA E. RILEY "READlE" Bowling 4, Archer 3,-4, Drama Club 3, F.H.A. 4, Hi-light 4 Ambition: Office work RON ROSE O s X JANET LEE ROSIO "JAYE" F.H.A. 2,3,4, Sec. 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Antigonian 4, Hi-light 4, Student Council 'l,2,3 Honors: Homecoming Queen Ambition: Private secretary, travel Pet peeve: Oldenberg's drivingl Worst fault: Blushing. KARIN SCHNEIDER Drama Club 2,3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, Sr. Class Play, Spanish Club Hobbies: Divin - 9 Favorite expression: That's tough Ambition: Secretary. GERALD SCHROEPFER "JERRY" Intramurals 1,2,3,4, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, Forestry Club 2,3,4 Favorite expression: Just one time Ambition: Make money . ' . H- . nv . g , , . rl ' t ge' . 555 , , j .jf r 553.-if fi . 'I . ' AM i '35 will is M. U ,,f' ' JUDY B. T. RUSCH "RED" Band 2,3,4, Bowling 3,4 Ambition: Join service Pet peeve: People who tease me Worst fault: Flirting. H CARI. SCHLEINZ Football 3, Basketball 2,J,4, Baseball 2,4, Track 2,3 "A" Club Ambition: Make money Worst fault: Can't remember girls names. GERTRUDE FRANCES SCHWEITZER "TRUDY" Forensics 2,3,4, Spanish 4, Drama 2,3, Antigonian 3, G.A.A. 3,4, Bowling 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Hi-light 4 Ambition: High school geography teacher Worst fault: laughing. WAYNE SCHWINGLE "TORBlE" Football 1,2, F,F.A. 1,2,3,4, Forestry 3,4, Intramurals 'l,2,3,4, D.H.l.A. I,2,3 Favorite expression: Yeah it ain't Ambition: Graduate. SHIRLEY ANN SCHMOLL "5HlRI." G.A.A. 2, F.H.A. 4, Drama Club 4 Favorite expression: Ohl Ambition: Be a beautician Pet peeve: Nosey people Worst fault: Missing school. NANCY CAROL SEKANEY "NAN" F,H.A. 2,3,4 Favorite expression: How about Ambition: Grade school teacher Pet peeve: Jealous people. that lf' Fa is EDWIN CARL SHIMECK GARY DEAN SMITH "EDDIE" "HUTCH" Favorite expression: Humph! Ambition: See the world Ambition: Auto mechanic Warsl fault: Chewing hair Pet peeve: Red lights and stop signs. Kg . -C 2+ ,-, , KAY SMITH MARY R. SMITH G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Archery 3,4, Bowling "SMlTTY" 2 Student Council 2,3, Bowling 2, Drama Favorite expression: You know? 2,3,4, F.H.A. 3,4, Hi-light 4 Ambition: Be happily married Favorite expression: Honestly! Pet peeve: Studying. CAROL AGNES STEBER "STEVE" Antigonian 4, F.H.A. 4, Drama 2, latin Club 3 Favorite expression: Really? Ambition: Graduate. ELAINE D. STEPHAN F.H.A. 4 Hobbies: Reading Ambition: Secretary Pet peeve: Girls who giggle. ff i t 4 js: g -Ani 3 i -S'-f7 Ambition: Shake hands with Elvis Presley. 'Q- 11 NANCY LEE STADLER 'G' "NANCE" TERRENCE STEWART "TERRY" Favorite expression: I don' Ambition: I'll never tell. .. Bond 2,3, Drama Club 2,3, Antigonian GAA Bowin 3, . , . I g 3 Ambition: To be happy. JAMES RICHARD STOLZMAN "J IM" , know, Bond 2,3,4, Orchestra 2, Intramurals 2 Favorite expression: That figures Ambition: Graduate before I'm too late. 7334s is .tx - 5 :I 'E' Qc KATHRYN ANN STROBEL "KATHIE" Drama 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Sec. 4, Bowling 2,3, Antigonian 3,4, Latin Club 4, Student Council 3,4 Honors: 1st attendant to Homecoming Queen Ambition: Become a good nurse. x Q- ' THOMAS SWOBODA "SWABBEY" Football 2,3,4, "A" Club 3,4 Favorite expression: I don't know Ambition: l'II never tell. LEILANI M. TAGLIENTI "LEE" Antigonian 4, Glee Club 2,3, Choir 4, Spanish Club 2, Hi-light 4 Favorite expression: No, not mel Ambition: Get a M.J.H. degree Pet peeve: Conceited people. SHIRLEY ANN TATRO "SHIRL" F.H.A. Favorite expression: So rightl Ambition: Get cl M.W.H. degree Worst fault: Skipping school and get- ting caught. ELEANOR M. THEISEN "NORIE" Favorite expression: WouIdn't that ius about rot your socksl Ambition: Private secretary Pet peeve: Wise-offs. t QPR WILLIAM THOMPSON "BILL" A Club 2,3,4, Sec., Treas. 4, ln- tramurals 2,3,4, Football Mgr. 2 Ambition: Be a success Pet peeve: Boasters. W LYNN TRADEWELL "SKlNNY" Student Council 2, Debate 2,3,4, Vice Pres. 2, Forensics 2,3,4, Sec., Treas. 3, Cheerleading 2,3,4, Glee Club 2, Sr. Class Play, Latin Club 3,4, Hi-light 4, Drama Club 2 Honors: Sec., Treas. of Sophomore Class, Mirror, 4th attendant to Home- coming Queen Ambition: Go to college Pet peeve: Waitingl 3 ,v Q.. Q-gf CLARAJEAN TATRO J... G.A.A., Treas. 4, Choir, Glee Club, Antigonian Favorite expression: Na kiddingl Ambition: Travel Pet peeve: Snotty people. MARCIA ANN VANDEHEY "PENNY" Glee Club 3, Choir 3,4, Band 3,4, Sr. Class Play, Drama 3, Antigonian 3,4, Debate 3,4, Science Club 4, Modrigal 4, Hi-light 4, Co-editor 4 Honors: Jr. Academy of Science Ambition: Be a research biochemist. I Q Q A GERALD VERHASSELT "JERRY" Intramurals 1,4 Ambition: Be a success Worst fault: Nat doing my school work. DANIEL WAGNER "DAN" R, x us, I TRACY VICK "TRACE" Ambition: Be a success Pet peeve: My car Worst fault: Girlsl Q x -1, I JOANN WALKER ..JO.. 'C' : . Choir 4, Glee Club 4 Antiganian 3, Drama 3,4, Bowling 3, Favorite expression: What's that? G,A.A. 3,4, Hi-light 4, Sports editor 4 Ambition: Make lots of mane Favorite ex ression: So? Y Worst fault: Girls. P Ambition: Secretary. ALFRED VORASS HAL., Intramurals 3,4 Hobbies: Hunting Ambition: Be an engineer. -Asad, fx: 2' N2 S JOSEF F. VOSMEK "SPIDER" Band 'l,2,3,4, Science Club 'l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2, Track 'l,2,3 Honors: Winner of Spade 3 Ambition: Be a medical research scien- tist , Pet peeve: Answering classmates ques- tions Worst fault: Too dumb. ' EMIL JAMES VOSKA JR. " "NATURE BOY" .. I' r,r.A. 1 Ambition: Mechanic LILLIE MAE WARREN "MICKEY" Radio-T.V. Club 2 Favorite expression: Came on, let's gol Ambition: Get married. 4.5 Q-.... Favorite expression: You sausage Pet peeve: Hate to read. ROBERT LEE WARREN "WORMSlE" Favorite expression: How are you? Ambition: Get a ioh and get married Worst fault: Chasing girls. 'Wan ' f 'RU' is . N-nv' K 1 i we fi . i , J i'if:':9 i gf, 53, as JANET WAUBANASCUM "JAN" G.A.A. 2,3,4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Glee Club 3,4, Choir 4, Bowling 2,3,4 Favorite expression: Quit crowding me Ambition: Go to college. '53 in 5-10 I GEORGE EDWARD WEIDLER "GUNNER" Hobbies: Hunting Ambition: Chemist Pet peeve: Fritz, Voross. LORRAINE WESO "RAlNlE" G.A.A. 3,4, Bowling 3, Archery 3,4, Archery chairman, Band 2,3,4, Twirling 'l,2,3, Twirling teacher 3,4 Ambition: Live as long as I can Worst fault: Giggling. K. :ss I ,er Els DONALD WILD gif' 'L in "DON" ,Mwst F.F,A,, Forestry Club 3 L f qyh--4 Ambition: Live 'till l die 4- Pet peeve: My '49 Kaiser. , , t'i7'i?!r- .. ,bn . ku' 1 K, ,ffgylfqt I I P Q. , .. if 1 FLOYD NORBERT WILD Forestry Club 3 Favorite expression: Don't know do yol Ambition: Make money. FRANK C. WILLIAMS "F. C." Band l,2,3,4 Favorite expression: All right all readyl Ambition: Dance, bond of my own Pet peeve: Typing. .IANINE ANN WUDTKE "JAN" Antigonian 3, Drama 3,4, G.A.A. 3,4, F.H.A. 3, Hi-light 4, Bowling 3 Ambition: Nurse, see world Worst fault: Talking in S. H. I i , i J? '-....-av '+ .... 1 - it ...U--' i' ,K N CONRAD FRANK WILD "CON" Forestry Club 2,3,4 Ambition: Teacher EDWARD EUGENE WURTINGER NED., Hobbies: Archery Ambition: Truck driver Worst fault: Too quiet. 'S X .rf DONALD YARIE RONALD R. ZAITZ ALICE MARIE ZANGL PATRICIA MARY ZDRAZIL "MEAT" "RON" F.H.A. "PAT" Favorite expression: Rover boy F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 Favorite expression: I'm tired F.H.A. 3,4 Ambition: Get to Kuklomunga. Ambition: Get iob in Milwaukee Ambition: Travel Favorite expression: Honestlyl Pet peeve: Don't like to see girls smoke Worst fault: Bashfulness. Ambition: Got o iob Worst fault: Staying out too late. Pet peeve: Stuck up people DAVID ZWICKY "ZWICK" Football 2,3,4, Basketball Mgr. 2,3,4, Student Council 2,3,4, Track 2,3, Base- ball 2, Goll 3,4, Intramurals Vice Pres. at "A" Club Ambition: live a good life, and be happy with what l get Pet peeve: Freshman girls. LARRY DOBRINSKA LARRY WAYNE KING MARY LOUISE I-INDEMAN "LARRY" "STlNKY KINKY" "lINDY" Ambition: Get rich and retire within Sr. Class Play, Intramurals 4, Solo En- Favorite exPfllli0'l2 CWI CCI ten years. somble 4 Ambition: Wac. Favorite expression: Your what hurts? Ambition: To live till I die if l live that long. DAVID FRANK SKARLUPKA EVERETTE LEE WAUPOOSE Ambition: Auto mechanic "BUTCH" Pet peevex Teachers Intramurals Worst fault: Never getting work done. , Favorite expression: Oh myl Ambition: Electrician. 32 J Nu . A, 9 Qi i yixx . 5 x 4 Q J 'mf' 3' d'4 Qin-W W -hm wc., I fl gd' lb' 4, . W v"""""""""'t ,,,. ,www . ,4 W4.aor1"M """'4"W'A JUN 0K C'lu4.S'5' 0 F CER 1 v 1 iq QQ Secretary Treasurer Vuce Presudent Presudent MARJORIE BONNELL MARY STRASSER RICHARD FENTON We the class of 58 entered the Antugo Hugh School wuth much anxuety and very luttle confudence We hope to make our hugh school years profutable not only to ourselves but to everyone As Sophomores we elected our offucers presu dent Eddue OBruen vuce presudent Bobbue West and secretary treasurer Jackue McKunnon As Junuors we chose Duck Fenton presudent Mary Strasser vuce p ent Mudge Bonnell secretary treasurer ,lj X y R. Sw Our Junuor boys played a bug part un our fall and wunter sports thus year Our Junuor gurls were well represented on the cheerleadung squad We were well represented un all other actuvutues that the Jun uor class partucupated un also All un all we the class of 58 have had a profut able and unforgetable year We are lookung for ward to another very enuoyable year wuth new hopes new fruends new ambutuons and new Ideas 41 11 Mass AverlU ROW 'I M Berner A Buch C Ayers E Cherwlnka J Bellack J Berndl S Baslyr ROW 2 M Brandl H z M Bonnell J Bowens D Bolle D Bosfwuck B Caudxll ROW 3 R Braun A Bornemonn K Bolle W Boslwsck and! B Bornemann T Campbell ROW 4 B Adamsku D Back B Boyle J A h J Che.-rf Be J Benn Mr MEYER ROWI M Crowe P Conn M Dleck M Dlckman M Doucelle P Ehlers K Fuller N Fessenden ROW 2 M Dobbs B DeWon M Dull V Dvorak C Farrell C Damllz ROW 3 J Drcge B Crha R Debroux K Dunn B Dr e ger P Donohue J Flnnegcn ROW 4 P Duff J Danuelson J Curran W Curran D Defnet D Fenton J Euler ABSENT Kathy Clark Marilyn Cornelrus - -Q, 4 V Y we , , , , , YYWWM ,, ,,,,,..-... - - ,,.......... my f - .. , A 15 -J .1 ., - an 5 ,4 .,. , Y oi , 1 ...uct A, w.---,, , l -r -r '.,.- .- N . 2 , 'l.0. ' ' v 1 X , rx , X X . K. 6 o- " -J " 1 N, F 2 '. I 3 ,1 B .D .- J B- J B lm , .. . f,-' . V-A ,.- , I - J 't' Q ' , ' l R' X ff ' ' . 4 X lv 4 -K M-- ., Q rv Q I . L. . ... J ' ' 2 , - , - , - . - ' , - , - f V A . - , . Ar? , . , . , . , . ' , . ' . , . , . , . , . ' , E. Br , . , . . , . ', . r , . , . sc er, . , C, hl, . ell. V M- -,,,,.,,M, MW L H - 1 ' -Q -. ,, ,... . I Q A I N' K . 1-. A- , - .-... K , , , ,H Et .1 .. ...- L . 1 - ' l' ' - '. KA :J - f , - .. ' I ire J " - ,, .. f 1 A , ., .4 , B A V 5 ,V if ., , g c 2 l a. , A . 1 . - , - , - ' , - ' , - , - , . , - - , , . , . ' . , . , . I 1 - I - 1 - 1 - I - - 1 I ' . tal l -1 7 M Weux ROW l M Fleuschmun J Hubalch J Hosiefiler D Gallenberg N Fleuschman J Hafemexsier M Gunderson S Fnscher ROW 2 D Hubctch N Gerdes R Johanek A lncho E Flscher G Grbbons R Heschke ROW 3 D Golbcch er Frone J Grelsrnger K Hof man He ler R Hanson ROW T Fleuschmcn P Juetten D Har L ar n V n a es Fischer P Frcley Absen S Fowler P Jackson J Jankowskl B Garblsc f lg Lenzner J Kluball B Konrad B Knott S Kesily J Kressel K Krueger K Kasson ROW 2 D Lindsay F Knelcheskm A Lenzner L Kretz ROW 3 J Leonard D Leslue S Kes y G Kramer ROW 4 D Leonard R Kohl D Kopeschka G Krosnlcku M Kennedy Mlss Kuharskl ROW l P M Kegley R Kapusia J Kollcs Leopold Lenzner B Krueger G Krueger J Klessrg B Kcschub .T 9.1882 l -11 M -an 1 ...imma-L U Luhrlng S McPhall B Pllho er Parsons K Murphy T Ness E O Me ren V Lukas D Mosher B Perrot ROW 3 M Moss F Mayo K Nnckel M Brien ROW4 S Lukas B McKmnon R Nonnemacker W Mork J Pezl Absent Uoyd Luizow 79 Bl f Lund ROW 1 B Rose E Schuman G Robrnscn J Reuldnd P Schumutsch D Prlckette M Schlundf S Schwlngle W 2, J Prosolowucz, A Sens, Y Rnce, G Reimer, J Schuster, J Schuster ROW 3, R Schuifz, C Robrecht, J Schmoll, Schultz, J Qunrk, N Seaman, J Rhoades ROW 4, J Posself, B Resch, J Polzm, J Schweltzer, D Rose, J Rexnuchek W--Vi -44 ' 4 .-. - .P .i v -n. 1-1-m1 Y R U f 'P' . . J A K V . -- J 'T ' 'V 1 X' .' xr I - yr' . fa J R T S A' I 4115.5 A , Mr. Blaskeyz ROW 1, R. Marciniak, P. Maresch, G. Monk, S, Pilon, J. McKinnon, J. Oviott, B. Mach. ROW 2, M. Martiny, . ' , . ', . ' f , G. h , . , . , . . , . , . , . ' , . . ,... W-A 5 Mi . MNMMH-WY -I A I i I V V Aw. and-.-A y' 'i . ' rj. f - . v f- , 2 H . ,,,..Q.- k X I A . .. NJ, . , b g ,A ' 6- X . ,YQ I K J 5 f- ,-A Q YH W.. . . 1 -I J 4 Mr. : , . , . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . ' , . , . ' . Mr Hottman ROW I R West R Wolter M Weso D Wagner G Vosmek V Vandehey A Wnlson M Wolf M Voras ROW 2 S Vandehey A Wnrz B Woltostok M Woltosuck D Wldder H VanOoyen B Wegner L Zolozoskl ROW 3 J Zupan J Zaverousky D Wo ezel netz Weso Ver asse Wlrz RO J Wurtlnger Wnerschke C Zimmerman D Weeks A Wald J Wunemuller R Waukau D Zoloskl Mr Mclaughlm ROW1 L Strasser J Sludmore K Stump Thellman M Smith M Strasser M Strube G Thom B Ullm Tnllman J Strandberg M Stadler B Tatro ROW 4 D Spa J Stengl ges S an K uldlng Spreng E Sveda S Thom S Standlford ROW 2 S Shadlck ROW 3 A Selunskn W Tews D Sylvester C E Smuth D Sterc M Simmons J Sharp L Speener ' I -11-i I , K 5 ,. lil ' , L I - ' 1-1 .- N 5- . - H I ' . Y , 'y r ' HAY . , In , , ' 1 K ': - ,Q , 0 U F .4 , 1 - -. I 1 A : 'v . . 4 . . . y x J e as ' ' I X , . -I 1 ' ,JA 7, ', , 1 ,fl I I ' ,g O . ' K ,., P d ' ' ' , - 1 V , ' -fl. ,, u 'x X. - , A ' I I ' I ' I ' I 1 1 ' I ' I ' V I ' I ' ' , - , . L , . I l , . ' l , , I , . , . , . b. , . , . , , If, C. Wt , P. Wel , D. , R. h lt, C. ' . W 4, . ' , B. J 1 . ' , . , . I , . l I , . , . '. ....-.. -.--We -- - -W -4 .HH - Y- V-Y - ., 1 ,M . ,f J 3 5 X . 4 -..... f Y , . Q - y - ,L W .- , . . I . I. Y . Q Q . ' ' 'I I ' , ' 1 , . , . ' , . , - , - . - , - ' - , J , . . , , , . , . , . , . J 1 I I I 'I ' I ' I U , - I . 1 . . , . I , . ' 1 ' I ' . I ' I ' G' 50Pfl0MOR C'lv45'.S' 0 FICTRS 'B r"- Secretary Treasurer Vnce Presndent President JANET KRETZ CAROL QUIRK TODD ORTHMANN We entered Antngo Hugh school this year and al though at frrst we werent sure of ourselves we qunck ly became acquainted wrth both teachers and other students We chose for our class offlcers president Todd Orthmann vuce president Carol Qulrk and secretary treasurer Janet Kretg 1' X xPfN J llgf I, l'J' gl, Our furst actnvuty of the year was homecomlng Al though our float dldnt place among the winners we were very proud of It Because we have enloyed thus school year here very much we know our next two years wlll be better yet and we look forward to them with great antlclpatlon lb H I q .,,, ,, M ly 5 my HQI4 'fi-I ,lb . 'jj' Nqr' , i pu fly KN' , 2 -Vw .535 .lflifsf-f ' Qld W! 1' Y' . ',.-fi 3 l l "ft T i ' r, if f Md' sol. U- ,la 4 will-f 254, M 'X pix ,K V ,f 1 if M r 1 E fp 'J :la 'll'-. X J xo. 1" Pglxtil-A ls.'K-J , , .N ,Q l, ill-Jail 5 rfb t' ,rQ"' ix in lt fx , Al, . Q1 ffl lt, xii 31, , N X" 40 ix vivl Mr Braun W1 J Bagmskn C Berdan M Bauer R Campbell C Buetow S Adamslu J Caldwell J Callsen L e ROW 2 D Borneman K Amerson C Boyd D Beach B Askmelle J Boyd J Aulnk ROW 3 A Bennell B Arrowood E Ar rowood M Callahan C Boslwuch E Below M Bannach J Cahak ROW 4 J Caldwell R Braun C Asher J Baxter W Boll Absent C Boeflcher K Blazek Mr Cramer ROW 1 H Duncan B Darlnng M Dunn E Cunmngham M L Combs ROW 2 S Cross R Demlow J Doucelle D Dnercks B Dunkmeyer A Dlckmamn ROW 3 C Cross D Drexler P Connors J Curhs G Dakm M Delabrue ROW 4 Cross W Dauf B eacy J Dobrnnska D Duckman J A C l I Mnss Johnson ROW! J Glowen P nnemcn P Fuller S Erwm J Gaudeffe M Incho ROW 2 J Hubaich B Fischer C Fondow M Helgeson R Frederucksog E Heckerl R OW 3 M :key C enschman F anson J D rn s Fleusc man F chlnan ROW 4 Edwards P Helmbrechv J Hayes P Glugla M Hackbarth K h H Husmck vHoermqm 1? Mr LaHom ROW1 R Kuelchesku M lelskaw A Johnson M Larzeler P Kurfh C Krueger A Jensen ROW 2 M Ka p sta P Kane M Knnney C Kaplan J Krefz J Kretz E Jeske E Lewns ROW 3 M James M Kung M Koszarek B Lentzke E Lang M Jones R Kunz T Kryka ROW4 M Kauiza D Johnson R Krzysuok P Knop K Kreger N Kurtz Lurz J Luchi B Llndemcnn N K lr 1 .-1 min Mrs Mueller ROWI B Messer J Nnckel K Nucholson M Myszkc B Poyne R Pesl F Moellendorf ROW 2 C Mae nert L Mockuewncz C Packard P Nncholson B Munson B Peters G Morgonj Nncholson ROW 3 L Mendl D Olden burg D Nautc J Orthman B Othersoll F Oesterrnch D Pederson ROW 4 J Pcvluchek T Novotny M Mosher R McNeuI B Pesl L Noskovnok J Noskovlck ,ZF 7? Y D T ee Q Eegseeftsiiff? ac Q23 Affieffiifq Q 'KU 1 J' Mass Norem ROWI K Reynolds G Schlernz G Resch N Ro tke J Rusch D Prnckette D Schroepfer J Prebosku E Royce ROW Sc M Rnchar s S Renmer C Qunr J Reed P Prochoskc P Pcullette ROW 3 T Schweitzer Schultz D Rosso M Pozzo D Rusch C Resch H Pz mussen ns Prnem F Schuster Rnchue G Schroeder B Prfnckette R Rcndl D Royce Abse t Wayne Schroeder Tom Rudolph A .1 ""'- 5 fl 4 . " I . --pr Q, 1- my , X 1 ' - . X J l 1 V 3 1 . . y - A A l X7 df f ' ' T . Q .' Y, Q N6 1 li ,V V k l 3' A I L 5 , . R ,J Y IV P . Z , . , . . , . ' , . , . , . , , , I . ' . T , 5 T , Offer fa f A . 'il ' I I 1 2 J Ji 1' Y' . QM fi 1 PS2 K 3' , LC A' -f ' QS. 2 Tc, . 4 Q: y 3 ,,.,,,,,-, ww,--,ir A KM H my 4 y vw- t Yiid W K ,I k-m .1efy.,.3 . if "k""""" .a .. . 1 H .S X My , , - K H y ' .Q . 19 '-1 0 ,. , . v v - A... ' 4 w 1 is P 9 T J .P v . A 'f L 1 J -N, , V 4 J y L b X J 4 -l ' : , . , . ' , . , . d , . , . ' , . , . ', . . 2, N. hultz, . ' d , . ' , . ' li, . , . , . . , . ' , M. , . ' , . , . , . , . l ck, R. Ros . ROW 4, T. Pri , K. ' , . , P. ' ' , . , . ' , . , . . n - , . Mr Schnmmels ROWT V Tale B Sleanwoll M Smllh A Simmons B Stern C Suclmenger Sleger P Thellman Sznlta ROW 2 A Shawono H Sfeber M Simmons M Tculges D Thompson S Slolzmcn B Steunfeldl B Tautges Sholel T Thompson .I Shurky T Slrosser D Scoll M Sybeldon P Stone Q T A Mr Schumnlsch ROWI K Wleld D Zoulz M Vondehey V Wynos A Weso J Ullenbrouck R Wnldman P Whuleogle ROW 2 N Vcnderberg S Wolf J Ulnehemer K Waller J Wesley D Wolter J Ullenbrouck ROW 3 T Wendt R Wlegerl J Zdonovec S Youngquust J Wlrz R Wnlcenskl D Webster ROW 4 G Wurhnger R Wndder M Wolf J Tucker, J Utnehemer, R Wnldmon, R Whule ' '----H O. .. ,Wh W-1 I ..-.-.1 Y .3 5,2 S 'Mx - .-. .. I J ., V ty T l l A 'J ,, 'ls A . s . Xl - , 3 . ,I A - -A -. 4 ' by 1 if 7 X . , I . ' A X 1 - If .X . ' : , . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . , . ' , L, , . ' , M ROW 3, H. Spcmgllding, B. Somon, F. Solin, N. Shegonee, J. Theilmon, D. Teller, C. Sims, D. Slrulz. ROW 4, T. Talro, J I 'g""' - ----f M----. t I Q I --....- M S 4 - Y T 1 X I . ' .- l . , 1 K' .1 ' g, 5 " Q 'T 'T' Q- I ' A . h Q "' 2.1 l' I . - .. . 5 ff ' Ms A 'K 4 -All . x 5 - ' l . ' : , . ' , . ' , . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . , . , . ' , . , . I , . U , . l ', . . , . I , . ' , . , . Aufograpfzs E . I Q I , I in 4 1 Q f51 .Q E .gk k . SQ: Q - . .fi .gg .dj ? 3 5 L51 "ie: ., I .X 1 'E 4 :Av X- f, X -7 Q S k .1 , . 2 'ig Q 121:63 M. E uni Judy Ison giving a commer- cial during the Homecoming as- sembly skit. The theme of the skit was based around TV sta- tion W-A-L-K-E-R TV, with sev- eral seniors faking part. WS. 1 RE EXP The Juniors winning floai 'MQ -1 ? cg 6' A :asf Neptune 's Garden ' 9 Dancmg nn the deep . . . Court of Honor Clayton Barley Dan Prlns Bull Townsend Ned Orthmann Bob McCormick Dan Auluk Gordon Dorn Paul Roehrlg Betty Graveen Gerrne Mehren Pat Schumltsch Karen Guenthner Judy Ehlers Jamne Wudtke Nancy Llngenfelter Lynn Tradewell Gary Robbins Sud Ovlatt Kelth Ins Gary Dorn Dave Below Fleming Anderson Tom Flelschman Jay Heckman Phyllis Meharg Sharon McPha1l Vlckl Vandehey Mudge Bonnell Marlene Hanson JoAnn Walker Nancy Stadler Kay Burns Arve Arveson .................. Kathy Strobel George Blumenschein ........... Rosalie Cahak "WINDER FANTASY ". . . '91 Last year s Kung and Queen crowning thus year s Queen Pat and Kung Clayton -f er The Court of Honor bemg led by the new Kung and Queen CQ' ' in MA X Q . i I.. . A 5 Ty 333, f. wg- is Qifig, f47'f5'Ef G ' 'Vffl fm " x QA 7 Zz. Y . gs' , M vi :,.3,..n5:5F1-faq, ,lv ,, A f- -il "!"f , M BOB GENE TED -':- f 2 , ,H BILL PAT A Jon-:N .fi 1 Ron TOM JOE JOHN KEN DAVE RON Gary Carryung the ball Kubeny carries through the lane 1 rf I 0 S4904 Y Wgfral, if .wp-. 'ww QW-fo. if N Ns 4- a 'f w 43 35" ww' asf? ,- 1 1 sn-1 The dads watch proudly as err sons try for vlc or Hs Bull around rnght end r -. - ...H -- -1, , L 7 .. .. ' QBHW Q ' ' , 5.5 Q. TT- ,A 'S A - 4- A K ,L ",. ' uf: '-'iff' Q,-3-fA.,,,3g'51rf'1 " ",a..ef Y A gf U . f -rar ' -wf.1f'a ' f . 'sf Q Q . Th ' ' 1 y x ' .3':s-9-K O 5 . ' v Q ,Of "0"q'O 4 is Row two: L to R B. McNeil, M. Sebelyon, W. Boll, R. Kahl, R. Wildman, K. Kruger T Slrasser G Cross . . . BflSKf7Bf4ll The "B" team showed a repeat performance of its ed good steady ball all through the season We are fine record from last year. They ended wifh a record all looking ahead to a good showing as varsity of 13 wins and 4 losses. players. Coached again by Mr. LaHam the Jay-Vees play- WONI3... LOST4.. New london wisconsin Rapids .. ao 29 Marshfield ' Wisconsin Rapids .. 29 35 Tomahawk . H 32 34 Merrill .... Stevens Point Stevens Point .. 40 41 Marathon . Rhinelander Marshfield . Tomahawk . Merrill .. Mosinee .. Medford .. Rhinelander The Managers, Chuck and Dave OCXHEH 44 JACK PAT TED DICK BEAUTY" 3 1 3 KEN BOB Me ".S'fars ll ' Acflbn Jock sncztches the rebound 81 x...wJ Ted shoots for 2 Beauty fakes It away fi A tustle for control Bob fries cz lump shot Two more pomts for Kubeny WR STZIN6 . . . Kl ROW l: J. Pregler, G. Messer, D. Smith, J. Wirz, D. Golbach, J. Crha, C. Wirz, P. Marciniak, G. Dorn, D. Below. ROW 2: Coach Walker, W. Bostwich, B. Tatro, M. Kennedy, J. Posselt, G. Jacobus, R. Schultz, M. Kautsa, D. Rueger. The wrestling team, although welcoming back several of their experienced wrestlers from last year, did not enioy a very successful season, wind- ing up below the .500 mark. Two of our wrestlers this year qualified for state competition. They were Pat Marciniak and Carl Wirz, BASEBALL ... ROW 1: K. Gallenberg, T. Sopctc, W. Bostwich. ROW 2: B. Fischer, J. Brunold, T. Vick. ROW 3: G. Krueger P. Helmbrechi, B. Dunbar. Bv4.S'f7'Bv4ll and TRACK E 4,06 4 TRACK . . . L io R: G. Dorn, D. Zwic Richards, C. Wirtz. INTRAMURAZS . . . Dunbar Zwucky Golbach Bonnell King . 5 Droeger SENIOR LEAGUE Rhodes Sharp Orthmcnn Duff .... Fronek . . Helmbrechf JUNIOR LEAGUE fist '4 600: dna' TENNIS' .gg-Q-n-uuuu 613 52' 3 ,nr Xxx ,1- GOLF ROW T Ness D Zwncky B Curran ROW Resch B Curran E OBru TENNIS W I T Meyer J Leonard .I Po zm W 2 Broc M Cromer B uc W- EA an Va .moi -QJJ' v Moll 'ff'.2 ! 1 I 1 'iii' W 1, v- M an 6.v4.:4... .J hw, " S xg-aa ,i .... . 4 1 V "Qt-N 4+ M. ,, L-.Aw 'lmllf 'gg' , . l 1 . A. . . , ROW l: N. Vanderberg, J. Kretz, N. Radtke, P. Callahan, M. Richards, M. Dunn, K. Wild, B. Messer, B. Packard, J. Waubanas- cum, M. Combs, M. Szitta, J. lgl, R. Kunz, K. Nicholson, P. Whiteagle, N. Shegonee, B. Askinette, J. Boyd. ROW 2: A. Jensen, M. Bannach, K. Strobel, D. Kluball, J. Quirck, M. Doucette, J. Oviatt, J. Schuster, J. Schuster, S. Kestly, J. Rieland, D. Lindsay, E. Cherwinka, L. Schacher, M. Bonnell, L. Kretz, M. Schultz, S. McPhail, G. Vosmek, J. Kretz, B. Fischer. ROW 3: C. Tatro, G. Schweit- zer, R. Arrowood, J. Walker, J. Wudtke, J. McGourty, J. Rohacek, J. Drabek, J. Schumitsch, M. Strasser, S. Kestly, D. Gollenberg, S. Vandehey, R. Reznichek, L. Weso, L. Knutson, D. Griffith, M. Weso, B. Wagner, L. Zelazoski. ROW 4: S. Bastyr, A. Incha, J. Prosolwicz, B. Woitasiak, A. Buch, G. Morgan, S. Wolf, M. Vandehey, J. Wesley, M. Kostelac, B. Burt, S. Standford, N. Fleisch- man, A. Wivz, G. Monk, D. Mosher, P. Nicholson, V. Krall, J. Hafemeister, M. Larzelere, K. Nickel, Miss Juneau. G.A.A. ' t' I t' ' t' h' h 'd , , , , L5 G slmuq mg orgomm 'on W lc prov' es bowling, archery, and tennis. A malor Item on the interestin d health t t ' tf t- ' d d , , . 9 an Y en er ammen or spor S mm e year's agenda is the athletic banquet at which special girls the year 'round. , , , , , , awards are given. This as the largest organization in The chief features are apparatus work, which has . the school this year. really had a big boost this year. They are basketball, sl The Lune Up f 'Sf ia Tnme out from Badmunfon 1, K g n ' f-Vx f?',2.:lk I ,, w .Aqwrx Q Some neat gym nosfics The Archery ieum waiting for uciion Need some help? K x I ik , " 5 4 15+ Af' 'W 5 , . fi 4 N 3 ff .v CHEIRZHIDING . . . "A' SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: G. Messer, J. Brennecke, L. Tradewell, K. Wield, P. Schu- mitsch, J. lson, R. Demlow. Our cheerleaders this year backed our basketball and football squads with pep and vivacity. ln addition, they 'formed the Pep Club, which furnished added sparkle at all home games. X "B" SQUAD CHEERLEADERS: ROW l: J Hostlettler, P. Helmbrecht, S. Spreng ROW 2: B. West, D. Gallenberg, C Wirz, S. Keslly, M. Slrosser., PIP C103 . . . The Pep Club is a new organization in Antigo High School. lt was organ- ized by the cheerleaders to promote better school spirit at all home games. At the meetings new cheers and songs were learned and a better sense of school spirit was developed. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: President, Sandy Th P CI b , Y I Kestlyg Vice President, Wayne Bostwickg e ep U ln oclon Secretary-Treasurer, Sharon McPhoil. It Xllll X H-- SHOUT, STUDENTS, snow V 2 ,flefxk A I v l jx .J FOKENSICS C103 . . . Forensics provides educational experi- ences through which students may develop abilities to investigate thoroughly, to think critically, and to express themselves clearly. In September the members attended a speech institute held at the State College in Stevens Point. January and February are the busiest months while they are preparing for the high school contest held in March. The winners go on to league, district, and finally state competition. Miss Seitz and Mrs. Mueller are the direc- tors of this program. 5- ROW ROW ROW ROW R. Arrowood, N. Lingenfelter, J. Brennecke, A. Aulik J. Wesly, E. Jeske, C. Quirk, M. Combs C. Ayers, J. McNeil, G. Vosmek, M. Richards S. Standiford, M. Bannach, J. Kretz, M. Dunn. OFFICERS: L. to R, Secretory-Treasurer, Georgia Vosmak, Vice President, Judy McNeil, President, Alice Aulik. rf' at' cr: ROW l: M. Vandehey, J. Brennecke, l. Hommerding, L, Trcdewell, J. Cousinneau. ROW 2: E. Covers, D. McDougal, J. Tradewell, D. Stewart, J. Teske. ROW 3: A. Aulik. i 0 -"T,,",Z'..l-af DEBATE '1 f- SFS fc?'Q'Ql . . . P53475 C105 This organization promotes a gen- eral interest in speech and acquaints the members with the problems our nation faces today. The question of this year's debate team was "Resolve that the Federal Government should sustain the prices of maior agricultural products at not less than 90 per cent of parity." The district meet was held at Stevens Point, February 2. Under the direction of Miss Baye, the debate team has completed another successful year. 79 Y 're short and fc! 'x I "Julie, what happened to you?" Farber Was a floasewfe xx "Bu ff Allah, Mr. Boellcherl Julie Butler .. Doug Butler . Dr. Ann Butler Tom Butler . . . Mrs. Hanson . Hank Steincke Warren ..... Sergeant Lutzfelder . .. Mrs. Cranfield Mrs. Ames . . Pat Flanagan Mrs. Norris . . Miss Osborne Cynthia Lewis Calvin Pepper AII's well that ends well!! .............. CAST OF CHARACTERS . . . LYNN TRADEWELL . . . . LARRY DRAEGER LYNN HOMMERDING . . ....LARRY KING . . PENNY VANDEHEY . . . .. SID OVIATT . . NED ORTHMANN . . . JOE BRUNOLD ... ALICE AULIK JUDY EHLERS NANCY LINGENFELTER .. . . LAURA DIETRICH .. KAREN SCHNEIDER . . . ...... JUDY ISON .. ... KEITH IRIS "Dr, ButIer's office . SPANISH C108 One of the highlights of the of the Spanish club this year Christmas fiesta. Spanish games tivities were enioyed. This club activities was the and ac- is under the direction of Miss Karen Seitz. r s' X 1 All NN X l ROW ROW ROW ROW 5 Farrell, A. Wilson, P. Conn, S. McPhqiI Brietenfeld, S, Kestly, J. Schuster, J. Schuster Kluball, J. Prosolowicz, S. Standiford, P. Schumitsch Maly, B. Richards lflflll' CZUB . . . The Latin Club, under the direction of Mr. Cramer, entered a float in the annual Home- coming parade and was well received. ln addition they sponsored the Latin banquet held on March 13th which was open to all second-year Latin students. The meal was served in Roman style with many types of Roman costumes sparking the scene. It was engoyed by all who attended. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Artz: Vice President, Joan Oviattg President, Linda Kretz. ROW 1: M. Smith, S. Schwingle, J. Cousineau, N. Lingenfelter, S Oviatt, J. Brennecke. ROW 2: J. Oviatt, L. Tradewell, S. Vondehey ROW 3: J. Kretz, J. Buch, N. Orthmann, R. Eden, R. Arvewn ROW 4: J. Kretz, N. Vanderberg, M. Berner, J. lson, G. Behl, M Feller. ROW 5: M. Schultz, S. Bastyr, E Cherwinka, M. Bonnell, L Schacker, L. Kretz. ROW 6: B. Pilhofer, K. Strobel, H. Artz, V. Van dehey, G. Vosmek, D. Gallenberg. Ll "il" 6103 . . . The "A" Club is a group of boys who have earned a maior letter, or two letters in a minor sport. The purpose ofthe group is to promote athletics and create good sportsmanship in the school. This year the club sold pop at all home basketball games and sponsored a dance following the Marathon game. The money that is raised by the club will be used to purchase some articles for the athletic department that the boys be- lieve will be worthwhile. ' l , 1 ' l 2 f J Qi in .slr J 'S Q f yr .,, ROW I: B. Thompson, D. Zwicky, G. Dorn, B. Kubeny, P. Froley. ROW 2: R. Hix P. Rhoerig, E. Finnigon, S. Oviott, T. Dolezal. ROW 3: C. Schlienz, B. Golbach, M Kennedy, R. Kohl, G. Polzin. ROW 4: J. Sharp, T. Sopoto, B. Fischer, J. Finnigon J. Posselt. ROW 5: J. Jankowski, T. Swobodo, G. Jacobus, E. O'Brien. ROW 6 Couch Walker, R. Wildmon, K. Kruger. "A" CLUB OFFICERS B. Kubeny, Sgt. at Arms, D. Zwicky, Vice Presi- dent, G. Dorn, President, B. Thompson, Secretary. .S'7'l!DEN7 C'0l!NL'll The purpose of the Student Council is to direct student activities and create a better relationship between'the students and the teacher. This year under the guidance of Mr. Guensburg, the Council, has efficiently ran the Homecoming, the Christmas dance, the Senior Farewell Dance, Fed- erated childrens clothing drive, School Community Chest Drive, assemble board, and a talent show. Q ROW 1: D. Zwicky, G. Dorn, B. Kubeny, P. Fraley, S. Oviatt. ROW 2: J Ovigtt, M. Szitta, C. Quirk, P. Fuller, H. Artz, M. Doucette. ROW 3: P Schumitsch, N. Vanderberg, B. Arrowood, H. Duncan, M. Strasser, K. Stroble ROW 4: B. Goldbach, T. Bonnell, J. McKinnon, G. Vosmek. ROW 5: J Sharp, K. Krueger, T. Orthman. ty STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS G. Dorn, Vice President: J. McKinnon, Secretary S. Oviatt, President, D. Zwicky, Treasurer. Co ednor ALICE AULIK fl! - H6197 STAFF Co edutor PENNY VANDEHEY Sporis Siaff NED ORTHMANN, JOANN WALKER, BILL RICHARDS .ff BOB BULA and LARRY KRUEGER, Photographers Head Typist, JANET ROSIO OUR THANKS TO HIRAM CANNON , MQW' ',f'9'f7Z'f?f'-""4'.s..T -IN' ya.-4 DRAMA . . . This year's Drama Club has been especially successful. The new advisor, Miss Johnson, has added new features which activate hearty interest and re- sponse. The Drama Club is open to all stu- dents interested in production of plays and in learning more about dramatics. "Quiz Business," the first produc- tion this year, was offered during Book Week. DRAMA CLUB ROW l: K. Strobel, M. Richards, M. Dunn, P. Henneman. ROW 2: J. Ovictl, M Doucette, S. McPhail. ROW 3: J. Walker, M. Bauer. ROW 4: J. McNeil, C. Quirk B. Arrowood, A. Jensen, R. Pesil. ROW 5: E. Arrowood, D. Schroepfer, S. Stoll man, A. Lenzner, P. Fuller, J. McGourty. ROW 6: R. Arrowood, J. Wudtke, H. Artz J. Berndt, L. Draeger. ROW 7: M. Parsons, D. Diercks, H. Plzak, S. Standiford M. L. Smith. ROW 8: J. Kollas, S. Schwingle, N. Radtke, R Rondl, P Knop, J. Hayes ,cu L 'T3 OFFICERS Kathy Stroble and Mary Richards 1 ANTIGONIAN STAFF: Editor, N. Lingenfelter, Jr., Editor, E. O'Brian, Publication Editor, J. Cousineou, Art Editor, A. Aulik. With Mr Schlmmels acting as advisor the Antlgoman staff has provided students with the news and views from around school They wrote edited and produced a paper usually once a month gaining experiences In the field of lournallsm ' dlfjgbw Waf br' a l WNW Q12 S7ZX3 N " YC' Z ' 770W .1 1' EDI 'Flop' in-o l QA W God 414 'lx 5 f . Q , - S r i ROW 1: M. Doucette, G. Behl, D. Bures, J. Dakin, S. Standiford, J. Hostettler, S, Kestly, L. Larzelere, M. Smith, M. Cornelius, S. Spreng, B. Graveen, G. Vosmek. ROW 2: L. Tagleinti, J. Wauba nascum, M. Dobbs, B. Morrissey, M. Strasser, J. Kollas, K. Wield, A. Gross, M. Vandehey, M. Bannach, C. Tatro, M. Feller, R. Marciniak, K. Krueger. ROW 3: M. Vorass, R. West, M. Richards, G. Dakin, G. Cross, M. Hockbarth, C. Cross, B. Othersall, M. Pozza, E. Duncan, P. Meharg, B. Broeske, M. Larzelere. ROW 4: K. Hubatch, R. Adamski, C. Wetzel, J. Sharp, P. Fraley, G. Dorn, D. Prins, K. Iris, D. Wagner, L. King, T. Prins, D. Fenton, B. Crowe, D. Krause. I U U The Antigo high school choir has been unusually active this year. In addition to the annual Christmas and spring concerts, they made appearances at the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs before Christmas. Many of the choir members took part in the solo ensemble contest in Wisconsin Rapids on April 'l6th. The win- ners here then went to state. The choir as a whole also had their contest on May 4th. They performed before the Rotary convention in the latter part of April. lie MADRIGAZ . . . The madrigal group is a new group at Antigo High School. lt consists of sixteen active members. Among its engagements were singing for the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs, The Catholic Women's Council, Langlade County Teachers College, The Rotary convention, and for a teachers' meeting on April first. It is under the capable direction of Mr. Doverspike. We're all sure that it will con- tinue to be as much fun in 'future years as it was this year. Our Director, MR. DOVERSPIKE ROW I: K. Iris, S. Standiford, G. Dorn, J. Dokin, K. Fenton, M. Bannach, D. Wagner. ROW 2: B. Adamski, A. Gross, C. Wetzel, P. Vandehey, L. King, M. Doucette, M. Hackbarth. F. M14 .... The FH.A. is open to any girl who is taking or has taken one semester of Home Ec. The F H.A. colors are Red which symbolizes cour- ge and youth and White which symbolizes inno- ence and purity. Our flower is the Red Rose and Toward New Horizons" is our motto. This year we have done many new and interest- ng things. The high light of the year is the trip all he F H A. members take in the spring. ROW 1: C. Klamerus, M. Jankowski, J. Rosio, R. Perry, B. Garbisch. ROW 2: L. Mackiewicz, B. Stern, E. Arrowood, M. Igl, R. Igl. ROW 3: A. Buch, G. Lenzner, B. Fischer, N. Fessenden, M. Packard. ROW 4: M. Cornelius, M. Gunderson, M. Vorass, D. Kluball, B. Messer. ROW 5: N. Broeske, P. Cal- lahan, C. Brecklin, F. Hanson, J. Behm, N. Sekaney. ROW 6: R. Riley, F. Moellendorf, K. Wield. ROW 7: S. Pilon, J. Bettack, G. Robinsin, B. Fritsch. F H A OFFICERS M lgl Reporter: J. Rosio, President: B. Garbisch, Vice President: M. Glugla, Secre- tary M Vorass, Treasurer: R. Perry, Parliamentarian. Absent-C. Ayers, Historian. tx YW fl NN f.ff4 .... The Antigo Chapter of Fu- ture Farmers of America has a membership of 83 farm boys, all of whom are duly enrolled in high school agriculture classes, and who maintain individual farming programs. The primary purpose of this organization is to develop agri- cultural leadership lt also helps in training for useful citizenship and patriotism The FFA motto Learning to do doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve, reflects the spirit of sincerity that shows the true viewpoint of farm youth today fllffya 5 l my l if, ,J- W F 96 21 4' F F A MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE W l L Draeger L Mendl P Stone ROW 2 R Heske G Pankratz D Harp G Jacobus F F A MEMBERSHIP pictured J Antone H Arrowood E Bal R e Chrudimsky D Csuy D Golbach W Grosskurth T Gregurich K Hubalch Johonek C Klement H Mathlsen B Mikkelson J Noskowiak W Petroskey K Rasmussen D Rlemer J Rogalzkl D Schroeder R Schroepfer D Simon R Simon eal rco Was ako lcenskl Wlrz Zupon J Bagnnsku B Borneman R Burke D Borneman E Cunningham J Drage D Dupke Eu D Frutsch R Fronek B Golbach D Golbach J Hess L art n R Hipke Hnx J Jankowskn B Kaschube A King M Kennedy D Ko p schka E Krueger J Lucht L Lutzow P Marcinick J Meyer T Novolny J Leopold R Pregler D Rosio G Schroeder W Schroeder G Schroepfer W Sc wingle J Schwietzer A Selenski Sopata J Shafel D Strutz D Wild Vck R Wilcenski R Zaitz J Zu n I RO 1 . , . , . . vi ll, M. , , AL, Noi ' 1 , , . , . is, . Bonn, c. Bula, H. Clin , F 1 xii' ' , . , . , . , . ' , . X , .lj ' R. igl, J. , . , . ' , . ' ' , . ' , Q , ' , . ' , A. T , T. Tu n, D. h 1 , E. w'l ', J. ' , R f9 A F 4 X XA ' , , , . , ' . 1 E-T-.i . ,J. len - , . , . , . , - , . H - inf! Qxxi mo, - ' ,R. ',. ',. , . ', . ,- f Sal J , . , - ' , . , - 1 - , Q1 lx!! 52 h' ,. ',, ',T. ,. ,. 9 T. I , . ' ', . ' , . po . ' 1 I A , . 14 FURESTRY C103 . . . The Forestry Club is organized for the purpose of preserving and pro- moting conservation. The Club has different activities each year, such as tree planting, working on school grounds and working around the country. Mr. Bilse is the advisor. 4 ROW l: D. Johnson, R. Schultz, T Dolezal ROW 2: G. Kreger, J. Miersch, K Homulka ROW 3: B. Warren, G. Messer, Below E Jacabus ,f 1' - Q 3 xl! X All ' 4 'c V t Xl kill! .x . 5 1 lllllh ,ML E'-gif' . ,gi-2 K V , x, -e v Y ,fl 'i j 1 ' 1 ll ll Y l l lg l ll X l Y lt XI ,I r , X X ! . X 4 X l"r ' X SK! C108 . ia 981' W l J Bennett D Brock B ua ROW 2 Mr Mates K Homolka M Kennedy D Defnet D Mundl The Antlgo hugh school ska team agam placed fifth ln the annual state wlde sk: races held .tumor by the W I AA lor Wnsconsm lnterscholastlc Athletlc Assoclatronl at Rub Mountain on Feb ruary 9th ln the comblned downhlll and slalom events our leadlng scorers were Duck Mundl Fresh year f 0 K SKlx 9 man Ken Homolka Sensor and Dexter Defnet The Antlgo B squad placed lOth In the fleld of 22 teams from all parts of the state lt us hoped that the new Kettlebowl Sk: Area wall provide more opportunlty for practice next xl ff' X Janet R Preity Boy Joe V 'J K1Hy Hugh Pockets Dan W en Karen M TWINS, Anne Crabber ,- i Phyllus Dnnkmg Agomf' Ken DeWa1n 3 Mouseketeers EdlfOf7 Chuck Scndue Wi San -11" 2. Z 'Y ...L Z ,I if fir ana- :O 41 Nancy The gang Sleepyhme Wowl Mary Ann I Janme e Ga 7. . 1, , a. "B " 2, 1- 1' 9. ' . 3, H 1o. " ' 4 . .5 'ff 1 1 , 5. - 12. " " 6. ' 1 . . s 1, I I q wb 1 .2 ' ,,, if 4, i 2 N hi X ',X"4. A .Q - VV f 11 5'1" 'Z' 2: 9'1" 3 lv xg I ,i Q Q W Q IT! ly V my K :gf L r Y X , -X . K .21 f 1 Q 4 , .Q .111 54? ,Q A L , , , , . -Y .. ' fill 3 , v l F QV 1 I '1 'A' gl. 'AW , 1 X 1 K Q 1 L E151 U91 x' 'fy f-2-3 11 2 ,lfflflg 1' in' ' 4 ' 1-gf W Q an lf 5 , X . W . W 5? , 1 - ,L K A 1 T21 -. 3 .lag ' 0 L, W i , 1 e Q. 1 15 13. ' ' . V ll V, 5 51 .. - f 1 1 20. 14. A 13211 1 '1 21. 15. ' 1 1 .... , 22. " ' 16. .1 1 ' .L Q A ' 23. 17. ' , , 1 24. . 18. ' A Q 1 25. ' 19. ' ' , gg 26. "lk " '-' . . Ni' Antngo Auto Parts Antngo Bakery Antngo Cafe Antugo Co op Antugo Electronics lRad Antlgo Liquor and Gun Antngo Ture Sales B 81 M Bootery Badger Paint Store Bastyrs Beltels Berg Texaco Servuce Bud s Drrve ln Cavers Dabel s Jewelry Store Dairy Bar Dave s Dude s Emmallne Family Shoe Store Foreway Motor lnc Gamble s Gene s Supenor Service Glowens Green Bay Surplus Gulles Pomt Shop Gunkles Bakery Hank s Cnty Service ffl l4g!1f Contributions I 81TVl S100 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 200 500 300 300 300 300 500 300 300 500 500 300 300 300 Harvey Wagner s Cnty Servlce Hoes Jeanes Hat Shop Kay Dee Klngsbury Langlade Laundry Larson s Tot N Teen Lynetts Drug Store Molles Jewelry Store Montgomery Ward 3 00 3 O0 3 00 3 OO 3 00 5 00 3 00 00 6 00 5 00 Muttart Conrad Furnlture 8. Funeral Co 2 00 Offlce Equupment 8. Supply Co 12 00 Olks Drug Store Olsen Hardware Co Petters Auto Supply Rasmen s Drug Store Samolnnskn s Shoe Service Schroepfer Muslc Store Sharon Motor Co Skud s Clothmg Store Soman s Spurgeon s Department S Tlbbetts Furs Toburen s Studlo Walts Tlre Service Wessa s Studio Western Radio 8. TV tore 500 300 200 300 300 3 00 3 O0 3 00 5 00 3 00 3 00 3 00 3 00 20 00 3 00 ' ' 'o .... . ' .......... .......... . . Clermont Printing Co. ............ 3.00 J- C- PSHHCY CO- ---------------- 5-00 o NWVWWW xx P LF V W ff Q 1 Wu WW ZW M M JVM W V513 ff ZZZMYLYL QM DLWZwwfU'V'3fjg7vZWfWw QMQITQWZWMU W Jf Myff VV -ji'A67'LffVWjv4f Jgpwjl 14 J f 5,4011 P Y, Wifi? f W M W7 M Jw Lf Jw JMKXMM MM ,Q W Www M QA NY my WQYM W '1 - f J r-U ff M "lfQl',Vx 'LXQSL 5 'Rt'4":y , I 'mn qv cafe,-4 -Ang" 'T5fQ,Q1ifg'x .LKWLZIJ f , f -X 3 ,rv 2 W IU Liww-QP 'M - D Joifb idk'-"f -'6 CL- qd X -'JLXLQJQ , , cl . V X ff f' ' X J WL V . 'Q A Q 'W , " wc 1 , , M Q 9, pliyuafv I bl 4 r j Jw x , W W' jj, w' lj,-vfAv , ,,,L,ow GV! Ov .. vim . V: I I M, JMUXU' 'WWW' A , I iw- ,J J 'MIX f' 'f I 4 V ,, Mig, ' . N Vg rf n ff ,V M . NJ, af f, fy LAN WJ mf ff' ,, dm . .- ,M I ,ff Wm fy 70l,,,A,C,z,fHfkL4' x fy . , ' 5 1 " i"l J ,ali J fu!! ' W , Z' H lj!!! 'IVV U IV A b I , fTl'J!VL M DW 9 L 3 bav 'JV ' , ' ' ' f ' ' '- , , 11 ,W X if ' , ' 1, yt W DM 1 A 2 n . I , ,. f I, -P - f X ' '- -642 C V 54,1 1 A f ff 7 "Aj y . J f I .Ax 'pdffff ,V Jef ' VW?" ,UV I u A, " J J M MJ9 N. VL'1'V , V LH V u to K 4-' , J' J V V1 y fl!!! ,J ' XKPWA p V A vff 45 . ' ' 90 " I b A W 1 sf Q, , xg X4 7,12 pg Vxvmg-H I 5 lab UA-Iv mx --1 SQA c.f,.1, lilll. X XXQJS E y 'w xgk Q E., Jw MJ' WM LLM? 54Hwv1KwbAm5w YA .MMHQQ jf!! 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QQ A F S u k'- -2 ,,,, , X I 2 - 1 E F 5 NEG gy RFQ ff? W' W W -.-,-L, V -- .'----'-,,-' ---v-W-'--- ' AM --"--'--vA A '--A'- f L--' A " b-'A"A"-' 'A"' , . ,..... ,,,,A. . i 5 .. .. ' .,A.., ..A. 'Q . ,A, .,.A.,A .,.,,,,,. 1 f ,- fm I , L

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