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7 fQ'i'-AZ6'-:L'7'JZa.2.4- rf?"-llieffffil, 42 , ,C .5 -dow Lf 4 -144,2 1.i.i-, l,V:, M1 :tiL"L"4A"' fig f ' ,Lg 414' Afwu A f u,M,M,Q,w,,,A.4 2Sd,4fg,..4 ffm fwf M ,QM I fJix' L'Clf'- ff ' 6-Siazca. -'- I 1 xfrff-16.94 ,4 'I jj: 4 .ffokcc Q- 1.c..4,4- 3465 ' ' ' V ' f56'i'L' AW wa A ,QQ A l VW' wif, 'fag uwfzawwg, ' v +'QfM-' PQ , , j ai--I-,C 4 4 ,yy pfigvo IHS, 6,408 ,- if fg,w1aa4.M g1'f4if:.1-Qf.:7Q,5'l! fW1f , F , ,i.M, ,g4f,fMM1f:.f 51. 0, V 5 5 f -. Q 4 A E My Wfyyfw WWW NA' 'Qu MQAIISC, ' , ig WWW 5 . Q2 . ZW" MM' "Mi -if wp, ,MM Aa 4 U. , ' in- ' L . qv 4,-:A .. .mr . -:,tT,.,,, .5-11 :N l il, f Af .34 QQ, .- qi: ?..:.. 3. F Q 3 ' Abu " ' 'aw VU! XP' in MP4 o-ov ,4.u.,cc,44Q!Afv'-I '54 kk 'J' P fdowu 0-vv V -3 QV up M O' . ' . 3 I no .V AdJ.J J, U A Q Y If ,XKYPMXW JZNM? VMJWQ' 7""'r"""" 2 In my WW ff df 'Vx V A A J I My 1 . id S1 Quay . QP Z an 1 E 1 ' fb , J , , mf, 4 X. P ,X M F yw . :pr f sa jiga N355 AM MMM WMM Wffl o' f " dfH'V55'W +-WL 'W QD ' . ?3fNdg"LJ"JJj,bUw My fa " Q f f l 15 Hi K , 62' Qi R W JW J M WM JHMMM, fm M Qf WQWMQQMMLJQQMQQM +4419 P5555 MQ? M W M66 MM-6 ,myqww MW , 1 013' . Pfwikfffyfy ff, ? 'Q MQ! 3? 57 ' XP ' ' 1 . FA A h V 1 A 1, J, F AI L fb' Q 'jf .V I "L t'2f",f' 4' "'A A f XS' it Q, ii- ? ,,f 4.4,jQfff .ill ' U V I T A 1- " 'Q L 3 1 fs. V : :fx ' , H 'Q': . :,-Q gf, X ' 4-1 . D' ' 'Q fx . V 'V :grin 5 W A it ' 'iiQ:+'g. W - X 'l . A A ' in '4 A' .f Lfii....l.L , ,Q Q ' , A A .4 I1 I- . I , U E' y ,M M P4 , L W, fu fi heme A-Q-M 76 h 1564 li 2. 'Q 40 M-514, gig M www - I w F 72-fn MMM My ,iq 2 ,. 4 , ff A :Q rv, ,- -V , k f . -' Y' LHQNJ- " ff, 4 f .1158 f - ,YL ,IQ . A, ,P fr 1 1- -,- 1 15' T1 f x.-N , Q' ,, 1 ' P Q1 , ' V , :' : ! Qt' ' ' ' L 5: Q' AL 4- 22 .3 711 5 9 1 ' ,:f,T,l, zf v- . I k-. . W,-A V ' 1 - -,'x s, L, .1 Y -f I-gy A .. .www te 1 . If J.. Lf:!,.5,.v 1 ,V .- ,,t51-A 17 - r-Q,, ,, hx, A 1 ' at-T: ? FE, 1, mf-f-si. ::s...K.-.,- 5533 .RMA ' 4 ' '4 ' :M-2' uamamz.. 1, ,fJ ,gif M, ..Q,.. ,uv .f 4- ja ,- I ,J ff' ff" ,L-1 iv ,fm i 1 ii ,QM c. Q7 ,f L. 1 .L 5, s Z, vm .1 f 21 4 ' x 1 x fw -an 2 Q' Wi I 6 ig K K, 'E '1 l D if v Q 'vm I M! "- 4 'K ' FM ., ? , M YM. ,-f 1 if , K Q. V , ,219 f 3" I s AM ,W s M, KU' L' ff ,, fv""4 . , ,MB frgafgfj e Classy L 1 if s My gig? 4 MjyffQs fly 3 Q , M V 1 eg 'rtothe ' ' 5 91 r stu ents and faculty that have xg my A e our high school days so . - , 5 e ' yable ' Worth while. W 9? W? 7 s ss if . jfs X s sfgifm gjgjgfgg-AVL! . NQ, P' K fYfffChe,S .C W9 b seniors ..... , X X! UHC?CICIHgggC -. ,NV HCV Wx' Siiiliijgiixsss s??egglsZTX fgafmf ,www sss.,s.s if ,u ,0y,Q1,,,VijPyU,,f sffgfffvw s M55 11332 ff? WMM Wfjlf M 'ff ff M, M 2 4fQ2'i2,fVJ fm s f M .-Q1 t W 1 , '11 51 2 ' 1 L4-li gf f 4' . 9 ' n 2 iw- ,Li I 'V . " 'i -W ., 31' gs, W I 1 1 C Wk I 2 i '41 - ,, S' Tim t Q Win K fff r, ' 1. A if. Q lv, 1 i X , 1 xx fri Xt i! fx N IM KX 4 It A wif i if JN y In AVL' Ni I I XM Lf if M i, ,i 4 . J y f A P X! iw 1 M , wind xJ ,xx , ,YK NU L1 my 4 , F M . P 11 If f fin AMW if V gb A NHL, My V T M -:'i"5 -4- ii.. U Qi-f' ' 4 MR. MORGAN POULETTE Superintendent of Schools wi J fi nb My .....-5, ,.,,, MR. ALBERT TINK Principa lof Senior High l NR. WAYNE FLAMME Principal of junior High S E C R E T A R I E S Iwrs. Harnizly, Mrs. Erulnum, Mrs. Milty, Mrs, Sevcrvfis ANNETTE ALBRIGHT DOROTHY AVIZRILL JOSEF BAUSCIIKA B.iVl., University of Chirago BS., Central Slate Coiir-gc BS., Slcvcns Point Slate College Conservatory of Music Homemalzing Home making Band RICHARD WLSU RAY BLASKILY GRACE CANNON B-Su Simi' Institute BS., Stevens Point State College MS.. University ol Wis. G6'flI'Vftl twetuls Algellra and Geometry Guiilunce Counselor ISABIfI,l,A FAVFRS HARRY CRAMER RICHARD DIY GVISIT 42" N x .lf.. Xvlmitz-unter State College AB., lxlarquette University lXl.A., University ol Nlinnesota Typing I Latin IEIIQHSII and Speovfu GEORGE DOVERSPIKE IOHN Gl'liNSBtlRG MARY .IUNIZAU MSW University of Xvisronsin BS., Central State College lxlount lxlnry College Voml Mlnsict Amerieun History Physical Education MARIE KANE Am' B.A,, Marquette University Librarian MARLENE LIBERDA 4. .J ,fig B.S,, Ninrqui-tic Univvrsity Spanish I and English II FREDERICK MATES BS... NLS.. Universities of Vvisconsin and Colorado Physical Education .f a BEATRICE KUHARSKI EVALYN LEIDER 'A ,, 1 Xfvtlitcwntvr Statr' College OSIIICOFII Stair' College? CvUlllfTlf'f'l'illl Suiniorts English ll CYRIL LYONS IN IARTIN BS., River Falls College BS., Valparaiso University Physical Education ROBERT MEYER BS., River Fails State Colicgr- BS.. Lacrosse State College an Chemistry, Malin Univr-rsity of Nlinncsota American Problems bww MARY MOORS GEORGIA MUELLER AGNES NOREIVI BS., University oi Minnesota English CHARLOTTE OLSEN B.A., Ripon Cniivgr- Biology EUGENE PETERSON PLE., Vvixilewaler Shake College Commercial Subjects i A W if 'f"+-mf. T 2 ,K M I M L G . L X fa I M., if KA., Lnwrmirc- College IHA., Luxxrf-nf-o Coll.-gp SIPPUFII fxnll'rif'U'l IDFOIJIUIIYS ED O'NElLL DEANE PAGE ........ J NJ A M5 ,isp fi' , A I , 4 A mu . HS., RTS., Univvrsily oi Vvisronsin B.S., Univvrsily of Vvisrnnsin Pixysiral lfciuruiion, Cflllfll Xvorlci Hislory anti Psyvlloiogy LYNN SCHIMMELS JOEL SALTER BS.. Univcrsiky of Vvisconsin B.S,, Univvrsily oi Vvisronsin English 10, ll Aff BERNARD SCHUMITSCH MARGARET SCOTT Fans Stale College NLS., Superior Stain and of Vvis. Agriculture Biology ROBERT SOUE JAMES STEINKRAUS BS.. NLS., Smut lrlstilutc HS., Nlzurqucltc University Machirle Shop and Drafting Math CLYDE NVEEKS JOE WEIX BS., Stout Institute W BS" Stow Auto Mechanics I W'?0J2'0rLiQ8 1 X kj JAMES SMICK BS., Oshkosh State College Physics and Matll NYRON NVANDREY Stntc Collegi- WHITI NG HA., Ripon Collr-gc Anwrican ffislory SENIOR OFFICERS Dun KMII, President H O N O R S ,. I ,gli 5 S ' I . Meirvin HoI2e, Spade, Bolwhe Vassau, Minor, lack Eder, Spoon SENIOR 'CLASS HISTORY Hoping to do a good joh and to have a good time, our cIass entered the doors of the senior high scI'1ooI in 1952. Our officers that year were Dick QIIQ, Irene Bovee, and .Iacic Eder. To heIp Carry us through our junior year, in 1055, We chose Tom OIIQ, Louise Schumitsch, and IVIiIce BOII. HDreamer's HoIidayH was chosen as the theme for the Inig event of that year, our junior prom. .IacIc Eder was chosen Icing and as his queen, he escorted Louise Schumitsch. AIso, hi-Iighting that IJig year were the honors and schoIarships given to deserving ciassmates. INIeIvin I'IoI4e was awarded the "Spade, for the highest schoIastic average. .IacIc Eder and BoIJIoe Vassau were given the nspoonu and "Mirror" for being chosen the most popuiar IJoy and girI. Chosen as deIegates for Badger Boys' State were Don KraII, Tom 0IIc. and Dick Olk. Bohhe Vassau represented us at Badger GirIs, State. In the IieId of music, PhyIIis Parsons was awarded the choir schoIarship, and Margaret Fergin and Judy Duchac were awarded hand scI1oIarships. CIosing the doors on our WonderfuI junior year we were all set to enter into our Iast year and rnaIce it a hig one. Leading the cIass of '54 were Don KraII, .IacIc Eder, and pat Caiiahan. The first hig event. hi-Iighting the IootIJaII season, was uI'Iomecoming." Louise Schu- mitsch reigned as queen and Iier attendants were Bohhe Vassau, .IucIy Duchac, Irene Bovee, and IVIary KnoeI:JeI. In spite of ineviiahIe Iosses, the IoolhaII team did a great job and We were all proud of the Inoys. Senior Ietterwinners were CarI BorowczyI4, ,IacI4 Eder, .Iay HecIcman, Don KraII, Dick OII4, Tom QIIQ, Don Parker, Laverne Pendieton, .Iim Reiii, Ciyde Rice, Fritz SchedIIJauer, Tom Seidei, and Dick Thorne. A three-act comedy was the theme for our cIass play, UCindereIIa Cottagef' Hi-Iighting the Christmas hoIi- days was the annuai Sno-BaII. HVVhite Christmasn was the theme and it was Ied hy Icing, Don KraII and his queen, Caroi HacIcI3arlh. I am sure as we IooIc hacIc on the memories of our senior years, we will recaII the happy and sad ones and Icnow that we wiII never forget any of them. Those memories comprise the Iaest years of our Iives. LLOYD A. ANSTUTZ "Lloyd" F.F.A. 2, Drama Club 2. Band 3.4, Ambition - Own a large farrn. SHIRLEY J. ARROVVOOD "Shirl" Antigonian 4, Amlaition - Travel. CAROL E. ARROWOOD ucary Beth" Antigonian 3.4, Latin Club 5.4. Ambition - Nursing DAN E. AULIK "Outlaw" Ambition - Bc a game warden. V SALLY A. BABCOCK Ambition - Be a teaclwcr. MARY G. BACON Drama Clula 2.14, 2,5 Eta Epsilon 4, Presiclent, Amlni tion - Undecided. . W ZV. ,Ly lkl mm STANLEY T. BAGINSKI SAM J. BALLAS att.. "Ml" "Sam" , ,,. I I n Band 2. Intramurals 2.3.4, FF. Ambition - Be a millionaire w :-':: ' I A. 3. Baseball 4, Amlaition - To sg-vi-ml Cadillacg, , A, ' become a millionaire ',,. , ,V f . ..-" 4, Antigonian 3.4, Glee, Clula 5, it It LOIS J. BERDAN "Monlzey" 2. Ambition - To get out of scliool. MICHAEL M. BOLL llwhizl' Latin Club 2, Clioir 2.5, Glee Club 2.5, Intramurals 2.5.4. Coll 2.4. Student Council 2.5, Sec.-Treas. 5. Hi-Ligiit 4, Am- bition - To gracluate. I2 MARILYN A. BINA Glee Club 2.5. Antigonian 5.4, Latin Cluln 5.4, Drama Clula 5, 4, Hi-Ligixt 4, Eta Epsilon 4. CARL F. BOROWCZYK HB" Football 2.5.4. Intramurals 2, Tracie 2. Student Council 5.4. "A" Club 5.4. Ambition - To get rich. CAROL J. BANCZAK JERRY A. BANCZAK "Girlie" "IoFm" Eta Epsilon 5.4, Vice Prcsiclent, Band 2.5.4, F.F.A. 2.5. Ambi- Amimition - Get marrieri. tion - Own n large farm. IJ l 4" C' l M I ' Ndlf of ' lNIXIi7JfliaE RINPIJA WTI-IUR K. BELANF fl I I ,V . "Art" ll orest Cl 4, ' itio ,yi - .F.A. 2.5.4, Forestry Clula 5 wg e rim-zsgrply ' Ambition - To ine a farmer, ,JU UJIZGU' 'I ,ff J I N -I ' 1 ,Q fy. , I It XJ V' ' ' , Q, K IFJDJXJJJI' I fwqgf IRENE L. BOVEE "Rennie" "Irma" ELAINE E. BRANDT G.A.A. 2, Antigonian 2.5. Student Council 2.5, G.A.A. 2. Drama Club 4, Honors: Home- 5 4 Antigonian 2 5 4 J coming Queen A endant, Am tor 5 Eclitor rama Cl In EWQW 53552 MDW 'xaGA . BRANDT IVIILDRED IVI. BRANDT ' randi" "Millie" Band 2.5.4, Ambition - Manl Ambition - To be a secretary. M JEAN E. BRENNECKE "Jeanie" Glcc Club 2, G.A.A. 2.5.4. Drama Cluls 2.5.4. Antigonian 5.4. lfta Epsilon 4, Ambition - Travel. AVID J. CALLSEN F.F.A. 2,5. Forestry 5, Ambi- tion - To be an airplane me- clianic t I I PATRICIA J. CALLAHAN UP I.. ll Latin Club 2.5.4, G.A.A. 2.5. 4. Sec. 4, HivLighi 4, Amigo- nian 4, Secretary ol: Sr. Class, Ambition - To Iac a nurse. ALVAR CARLSON HAI.. Latin Club 5, Intramurals 5.4 Glee Club 4, Ambition . T5 stay young. I3 I CAROL L. CLAVETTE "Laila Grin" GERMAINE V. CORNELIUS Band 2,5, Ambition - Go to Antigonian 2,3,4, Hi-Light 4, Georgia' ' Amisition - To iive on a farm. Hi-' RX.,-Lgjo, A. -f i A W A5 -. 0.1 ov'-'JJ'-J Y.h4:,,,3 1.1-41.-4:.' vv,.n4 'xg- ., "lr J 'il' not .xffx A "kd" '.,-.ANI Q.. . 5 . ' - K L - -4- 3.4:--.-.. -2 51 AJ.. ", .gli .. 7 - ' - .. ,-. 047 A , Q, JL rx fkp. EMO tk., Ex 'lv' ,Vt I 'A' "5-L il "n..-f-psi E K bm:-Q. -.,5"l,nl-3.3 'fi .3,,,,:-,a J. 54-C'-:Q xi JACLYN M. COUSINEAU DIANA L. COX "CuZZie" G.A.A. 5.4, Ambition - To be- Drania Ciuim 2.5, Antigonian 2. SA, Eta Epsilon 2,5,4, Latin Club 4, Hi-Light 4, Student Council 2, Ambition - Go to Inciia J yff . MQ? " v" ' st ', ,f , once Club 2.5. :WA T Bynd , Ambi- train ce orses. ' - e t sc oo. ,tor h I X 1 'z " X , . Y ,I wx 0 . I ' ' f Q pf , , ,f .1 f . I ' if I , ! ff!!! fy. ,n ' J yt il - ,I ,f if L, jf if J!" A fi! f If ,ff ff! -J' If V "yy Lf 'V 1 X ' A 1 -,ff Z if PATRICK IVI. CURRAN JAMES F. DARLING "Quarter Can" "lim" Ciloir 2,4. Giee Club 2,4, Foot- Intramurals 2.3.4. Hockey 4, bali 5, Ambition - Stay out oi Amiaition - Make iots of money. tile Army. 14 come a secretary. KENNETH R. DEACY JOHN DEBROUX "Monste," F.F.A. 2,4. AmIJition - To get Band 2.3.4. Stuclent Council 2. out of SCIIOOI' Camera Clulm 4, Ambition - To fly airplanes. SHELVIE Del-IART JERRY L. DEMLOW Intramurals 2.3.4. Ambition "junior" Get out OI School' Intramurals 2,1 Drama Clulm 5. Hockey 5.4, Senior Class Play 4, Amlaition - To travel. .XX 9 MfW LARRY D. DETVILOW ELIZABETH J. DICKIE "Larry Dee" "BinIey" Band 2.3.4, Soplmmore plays, G.A.A. 5,4. Ambition - Be a Ambition - Be.a goocl Iiuslmancl. gooci nurse. ALICE J. DICKIVIAN REINALD E. DICKMAN "Dickie" "Dick" Intramurals 5.4, Traclc 5.4, Am- Inition - Be a Civil Engineer. --W.-,--pr-Y-.W ... . . , ,,,.,. , , ,,,. JUDY A. DUCHAC WAYNE O. DUESCHER "Red" lntramurals 2.3.4. Forestry 2. Anngonian 2.5. Student Conn- Ambition - Go on to scliool. cil 2.3.4, Band 2.3.4, Honors: Homecoming Queen Attendant. Ambition - Be a success. . ANDREW ECKER HAROLD W. ECKER "Handy Andy" "Skipper" Intramurals 15.4, Ambition - Ambition - To be a jet pilot. ive. 16 HAZEL A. DRAEGER --: '1mngqwr-rw HARRIET DRAGE Ambition - Be a rural grade Ambition - To be B teacller. scllool teaclier. ELDRED N. DRESCHER Hoop.. Ambition - Become a Mechani- cal Engineer. VERNA M. DREXLFR Ambition - To travel. JOHN W. EDER "luck" Football 2.5.4. Basketball 2.3. Track 2.14, Student Council 2, 5.4, HA" Club 5.4, Sec.Treas.. MARIEL E. FENTON Antigonian 2.3, Band 2,14 Glen Club 3. Latin Club 5.4, G.A.A, 3.4, Troas. 4, Clfloir 4, Hi'Ligl1t. A mlaition - To travel. Hono? bJr. Prxgn Kingi ' 'r - t r , - ,. f. , ":.i:::,i W wjfijfwgwffi' dill! "kg, DA Ijiy , ,cl f vSQ IFMU- 1 59? Xjjifka U VJ MARGARET E. FERGIN MARY M. FINNEGAN "Ma,gi" Ambition - To ine a school Antigonian 2.5, Drama Club teacher' 2,1 Band 2.5.4, Stufient Coun- cil 1,25-, Hi-Light 4. Laun Club 4, Honors: Scholarship to Sum- mer Music Clinic at Madison. Ambition - To see tlle world Bild be 8 successful HUISC. - lin!! MARILYN J. FISCHER Ambition - To be a nurse. LOWELL D. FLEISCHMAN M A JOANN R. FLEISCHIVIAN Hloanien Antigonian 2.5, G.A.A. 2,5,4, Bancl 2.5.4, Glee Club 5 Drama Club 3, Latin Club 3,4 Clmoir 4, Hi-Light 4, Ambition - Go to Coloraclo. ALMA H. FORBES I-Bugs-1 HA'-ny.. Intramurals 2.3.4. Ambition - Eta Epsilon 4. Ambition - To Join tlle Air Force. travel, I7 V . -X. LN' X I A 1 'Q AMXQHI N DALE E. GOEMAN MICHAEL A. "Baldy" GOODNOUGH IntramuraIs 2.5.4. F.F.A. 2.5.4, "MiIze" D.I'I.I.A. 2.5. Student CounciI Football 2,5,4, IntramuraIs 2.5. 2. Ambition - Bartender. Track 2,3,4, Latin Club 5, Hockey 3.4, Ambition - To do what I want to cIo. JACK E. GRABOWSKY JUDY GRALI4 "Jackson" 2.5, Ambition - To get IntramuraIs 2.5.4. I 8 married ancI Iive I1appiIy. W' SV MARY E. FORD SANDRA ANN G.A.A. 4, Arribition - CIerIcing. GALAROWICZ I I "San" G.A.A. 2.5.4, Baton 2.3, Hi- ' I..igI1t 4. Ambition - To be a 1 success. MARY L. GALLENBERG WILLIAM E. GARDISKY l'Weed" "Cart" Antigonian 4, Speech CIub 4. IntramuraIs 2.3.4, C'I1oir 2.3.4. Ambition - Be an educated GIee CIuIJ 2.5.4. Baseball 5, bum. Ambition - To graduate. 4 ROBERT A. GRANTMAN WILLIAM R. GRAVES "Bob" Ambition - Get tlirougli sclwol. Football 2.4, Tennis 2.5.4, In- tramurals 2.3.4, Antigonian 2.5, Clloir 4, Glee CIuIa 4, Hi-Light 4. NANCY A. GROSS JAMES R. GUENTHNER Baton 2.5. Stuclent Council 5.4, "Swann," 7.H.A. 5. G.A.A. 4. D.A.R. It I 5 4 Award. Amlaition - To be a nmmums ' ' secretary. 7 1 1 1 I LARRY A. GUNDERSON "Gunner Gundien Football 2, Intramurals 4, Am- bition - Get ricI1. EMILY Y. HANSEN ..Em,. F.H.A. 5.4, Ambition - To be a teaclzer. BEVERLY J. HALAMA "Bev" Antigonian 2.5. Cheerleader 2. 3.4, Glee Club 2, Clloir 3.4. Drama Club 2. Stuclent Coun- cil 5. Ambition - To marry llim. WILLIAM E. HANSON Camera CIuIJ, Pres. 4. Hi-Light 4. By-Ptny-Chem. Vice Pres. 4, Baclger Boys' State, Mnrinette. Ambition - To get over my worst fault. I9 JAY J. HECKMAN "Hencl1rmm" Student Council 2, Football Manager 2.5. Basketball Mana- ger 2,3,4. Baseball Manager 2. Track Manager 5. "A" Club 5.4, Football 4, Baseball 4. Ambition - Go to a Mechanics ol' Television School. FRED D. HELLER 'Fritz' ' F.F.A. 2,3,4. Forestry Clul: 3, Ambition - Go to Mars. 20 J ADELINE M. HELLER "Addie" Eta Epsilon 2, Choir 23.4, Glee Club 2. G.A.A. 4, Homecom- ing Slcit. Ambition - Keep a cer- tain guy. RICHARD J. HERMAN "Herm" Cvlee Clulo 2.4, Choir 2,4. F. F.A. 2, Bi-Play-Clmem, Club 3. Latin Club 4. Ambition - Fly to Mars in a helicopter. CAROL F. HARIVI DUANE K. HAVILAND 'Bennien "Dewey" G.A.A. 2. Antigonian 4. Amlni- Choir 5,4, Glee Club 5,4, Am tion - Get to Alaska. bition - Learn to Mambo. FRANCES M. HAYES RICHARD G. HAYES "Fran" "Dick" Antigonian SA, Hi-Light 4, Am- lntramurals 2.14, Clioir 5,4 lnition - Get out ol scllool. Glee Club 14. Ambition - Get out ol sclwol. . . M M .. 'X X Qi ' .,., ' in f " , A ,W S, ,M , 9115251 fir' V' 2 l ELEANOR M. HINTZ "El " "Me " F.H.A. 3, Ambition - Final that "special" guy. , 0 ZW .JW ij. V MELVIN A. HOKE e Glee Clulz 2, Clloir 2. Student Council 2, Debate 2.3.4, Fo- rensics 3.4, Honors: lvlaxwell award, Ellis Scllolarsixip, Spade. Ambition - Teaching. law W THEODORA J. MARILYN J. HUNTER HOMMERDING "Botany" "TedJie" G.A.A. 2.5.4, Eta Epsilon 25, flieerleader 2.3.4, Band 2.3. 3.A.A. 2.3.4, Hi-Light 4. Agn- wition 3 Remain in tionora le-E 4, Majorette Corps 2.3, Senior Class Play, Amluition - To lzxe five feet tall. XX: group., :ig .R N Q . f' mg. sf A A. E 13 L: L, LLEVVELLYN C. MARY B. HUSNICK HURLBERT "Niche" "llewieu G.A.A. 2, Eta Epsilon 3,4, Band 273,41 Drama Club 2' Homecoming skit 4. Ambition - Debate 2, Ambition - Become a G0 lo California- pilot. KATHLEEN M. IGL PAULINE A. IGL "Kathy" "Polly" G.A.A. 2.14. Pres. 4, Latin Latin Club 2.3.4. Student Club 5.4. Ambition - Bc a gym Council 5.4, G.A.A. 4, Amlai- teacller. tion - Be a surgical nurse. 21, l fsl 5 SHIRLEY M. KEMMER A' .M O NANCY L. KING "Kim" "Shorty" Clmoir 2.5, Antigonian 2. Glee Glee Club 2, Student Council Club 3, Amlsition - Get married 2.5. Clioir 5.4. Hi-Liglit 4, Am- ancl settle clown. MARGARET M. KLEVER ..Mig., Latin Club 25, Ambition - To inlierit a fortune and grow taller instead ol' wider. 22 tuition - Get a Mrs. degree. HARVEY A. KLITZ . . Haw . . F.F.A. 2.5. Ambition - Sleep. fi JEANNE P. IGL HBlonclie" G.A.A. 3.4, Ambition - Be a scliool teacher. CAROL Y. KEGLEY ..Keg,. Glee Club 2. F.H.A. 5, Ambi- tion - Get an otlice job. i it .. Egg, T, .-3-,Q 41 JAMES R. JENSEN uhm.. MARJORIE A. KELLY "Marge" Latin Club 2.14. Antigonian 2.3. Drama Club 4. Hi-Light 4, Ambition - To get a college education. x GERALD A. KLITZKA Hlerry.. IntramuraIs 2.3.4, Ambition To graduate. MARY A. KNOEBEL Hconeyn Majorctte Corps 2.3.4, Antigo- nian 2.3.4, Ct1eerIcacIer 3. Hon ors: Homecoming Queen At tendant. Ambition - To Ive a IIUFSC. DENNIS R. KLOPSTEIN IntramuraIs 3.4. Science CIuIx 3. Chess 3. JOEL A. KOELZER "Jo Jo" Intran1uraIs 2.3.4, Antigonian 4. Track 4, Ambition - Be success- Iul. If -5 QSM, 9-1-4 gf Ei -Quo'-X 1 ANTHONY J, KOSS "Tony" F.F.A. 2.3.4, IntramuraIs 2.3.4 BascIJaII 3.4, Forestry 3,4 Track 4. "A" CIuIJ 4, F.F,A Judging Team 2.3, Vice-Pres. 3 Sec. 4. DeIcgate to F.F.A. State Convention, Ambition - HSoIcIier ot Fortune." PATRICIA M. KRALL "Pat" Eta EpsiIon 2.3, Ambition - Marry a miIIionaire. f DONALD E. KRALL "Bomber" FootI3aII 2.3.4, BasIcetIJaII 2.3, 4. BaseIbaII 2.3.4. Track 2.3.4. "AH CIUIJ 2.3.4, Pres. 4. Hi- LigI1t 2. Student CounciI 2.4. Badger Boys' State. Senior CIass President. AII-Conference FootIJaII 3, Second Team AII- Conference BasIcetI'JaII 3. Hon- oraIJIe Mention AII-State Foot- tJaII 3. Ambition - Be a civiI or cI1emicaI engineer. HELEN C. KRAUSE Latin CIuIJ 2. GIee CIuIn 3, Choir 4. Antigonian 3. Foren- sics 4, CIass PIay. Ambition - Be a teacI'xer. ,23 rl df, LORENA J. LEE , 2:44.21 kgcasjf F.H.A. 4. Amlwitio - r "di.Iie"J7 I I gracluatc. I ' - is .4 nt A' iff J Wf,f ,ff ,.ig.?f.f.. if ,I ' ' 1, success. P jfzfif 'tiff I ff 'I 7 'I ,f' 1' ff f iffy? ' tj 'Ill .J I ffm ' l,fjf.fJ', I I f.ff"i..,f"fir ,gin It fynfgfll O! .Iliff .. 1 - 1 iff If 'I' 1 5 ' , . JEAN F. LEOPOLD Jeanne Antigonian 2.3.4. G.A.A. 2.3. Glcc Club 2, Drama Clulo 2.3, Choir 3.4. Hi-Light 3.4. Type- writing Award. Amlsition - Just to Iac Ilappy. 24 . 'f ' " , , I7 ,f?j,f'.,!",f"r1 if 1 '7 fl! ' JAMES E. LUKAS "Luke" F.F,A. 2.5.4, Sentinel 4. Am Imition - Sing Iilie Louis Arm- strong. RICHARD J. KRAUSE .. , ,. Scrapiron I7ootI:mII 2.3.4, Pliotograplly 4, Latin Club 4, Ambition - Bc a mechanical engineer. PATRICIA IVI. LANGER "Fuzzy" JUDITI-I A. KRYKA "Rusty" Band 2.5.4. Orchestra 2.5. An tigonian 4. Ambition - Get a stenograpI1er's job. JERRY L. LAEHN Trarlc 2.3.4, Intramurals 2.3.4. Student Council 2.3. Latin Club 2.3. Antigunian 3.4. Ambition - Bc a sports writer. JEROME S. LUND MARGARET. A. IVIARTINY "Jerry" I ' Iwarlu kitramurais 42,ii4.bBang:If 29?.4. A J , tn. .t . ' 'tier ghcvet :Et nti onian . m ition - 1 r- I i U10 C WUT - gryH.1tiClsXfg2Hhf2fC6LL Q1 .I oil V M M W- I QW L 1 .Aj Jw XL! Ulf! ,JJ : LW f "IN M . MWIIWM V I .,ff7L4,'J Q MD, j I Aj 70 WT hifi fl, A ' . V 1, . 1 I . flfffyyd' .J Lita' LM 1 3- jj" if 1 W W ,MQ Ib' IJ "X ' nCifjx0R,1l7A. Mixi2xff"" MJAMES MATTEK Ambition - Become a teacher. "VVenC" Intramurais 2.3.4, Latin Club 5, 4, FootI:maII 5. Amiuition - Mar- ry a YICII woman. I J I CECELIA L. MATUSZEWSKI "Beth" "Celia" G.A.A. 4. Amiwition - Bc a ELIZABETH R. IVIAZANEC Student Cnuncii 2. G.A.A. 2. 5.4. Latin CIUIQ 2,5,4, Banci 2.5. model' 4. CLISEFICHJEF 5.4, Hi-Ligixt 4. Ambition - Become si nurse - go to Venice. DAVID E. IVRCORIVIICK NEIL J. MCCORMICK "Dave" "Bud" Intramurais 2.5.4, Hockey 3.4. Fo0tI'JaII 2.3, Traci: 25. For- Aminition - Bc-rome a man and estry CIUIJ 2, Intramurais 2.3.4. raise a family. "A" CIUIJ 4. Ambition - Be a cartoonist. 25 KENNETH H. MEIDL ulceflu KATHLEEN A. MEHARG "Kathy" Intramurals 4. Ambition - Go Ambition - To be a success. to California. MARY JO MCKINNON NIO.. Clioir 3. Glcc Club 3.4. Anti- gonian 5.4. Latin Clula 4. Am- bition - Be an Englisli teacller. JAMES M. MCHALE uhm.. Student Council 2. Intramurals 2.3.4, Latin Club 2.5.4, Golf 3.4. Honors: Stuclent Congress 5.4, Utlw-Rolar. Ambition - To be a lawyer. MARY CLARICE BONNIE J. MIKKELSON MCGOURTY -'Mike-' "Chris" Antigonian 4, Hi-Light 4. Am- Iub 2'3'4' G'A.Al 2,331 bition - To live a very happy Club 2. Antigonian 4. me- l - Become B IIUFSC E-llld see tlie world. JEANNE G. MERTENS NANCY R. MEINERT "Meri" uNanc" Antigonian 2.5.4. G.A.A. 2. Cheerleader 2.5, Ambition - To Hi-Light 4. Ambition - To be a malce otiicr people beautiful lbe success. a laeauticianf' Ai. 26 x-X MARY A. MIKKELSON "Scary" Antigonian 2.5. Student Council 2.5, Glee Clula 2, Clioir 3.4. Pres. 4, Hi-Liglit 4. Honors: Typewriting Award. Ambition - To tae a nurse. DONNA M. MODL "Dani" G.A.A. 4. Amlaition - Live llap- pily. EDWARD R. MILLER "Eddie" F.F.A. 2.5.4. Ambition - To be a dairy farmer. ANTHONY M. MILLS "TONY" Student Council 2,5,4. Latin Club 2.3.4, Clxoir 2.5.4, Vice- Pres. 4. Glee Club 2.5.4, Senior Class Play. Honors: Utll-Rotar. Ambition - Run a paint store. . A fax iff.-1 if Q, X fb, Wx I v 1. F. nf Q .A i. .y.' . . V ' l lf dh fl foybwxyflii ,NV Ziff, ZMXUIO p WN wa L M JJ. all My UVM' rv K iii I l Lb 4 Q X Lf FA! V fl! A !4l,1"fl1I ,X N1 X I 5 A . ' it ,ling , ji Cf ..if,M ji . it Mm Wt :lv R. ! ER wg it ONALD L. Moss QL me L 2 .W Cvntsa 'rals itionyjfiion - Ride a motorcycle. . 3 ming: f f G M ..f ,Nfl iff L ,lf XV w my f. af QM If JANET R. MURRAY JANIS R. NELSON HJBYIH Hlafln Drama Club 2, Antigonian 2.3, Glee Clula 2, Latin Cluln 3.4, Clloir 3.4, Hi-Light 4. Ambi- tion - Be a nurse. Student Council 2, Forensics 2. Drama Club 2.4, Sec. 2. Anti- gonian 5.4. Hi-Light 3.4, De- lmate 4, Senior Class Play, An- tigonian News Editor 4. Ambi- tion - Go to college. 27 I A A s I X' BARBARA C. OCHS "Barb" Anligonian 2.5, Drama Clul'J 2. Latin Cluln 5.4. Sluflc-nt Con- gress 3.4. Hi-Liglit 4, Amimi- tion - Get an RN. Dc-grcc ancl nllur tliat A ? RICHARD M. OLK "Slippery" Class Pr:-siclcnt 2. Latin Clulu 2. Baslivllaall 2.3.4. Coll 2.3.4, Bm-ball 3.4, Football 2, "A" Clulu 4. Honors: Badger Boys' Stale. Amlnition - Get married ancl lxavc twelve liicls. 28 ALBERT O. OLDENBURG HAI.. Bancl 2.5.4, Traclc 2.3.4. Intra- murals 2.5.4, Bi-Pixy-Cliem. Clulrr 3.4. Dc-lnate 3, Baseball 4, Camera Clul: 4. Amlnition - Teaching. THOMAS R. OLK IUTOYYIH Latin Clula 2.5. Student Coun cil 2, Baslcctlxall 2.5.4. Golf 2. 5.4, Jr. Class Presiclent 5, "A" Club 4. Hi-Light 4. Hon- ors: Baclger Boys' State. Am laition - Be a Dermatologist. JOANN M. NOLTE "Noll" Ambition - To meet "Nat" King Cole in person. SHIRLEY M. NOSKOWIAK ' Amlnition - To get married. Y BETTY A. NOSKOWIAK "Boots" Bancl 2.3.4, 5.4, Am- bition - Get married. WILLIAM F. NOW "Bill" Delaate 2. Antigonian 2, Crea- tive VVriter's Club 5, Latin Clulo 5, Intramurals 4. Amlri- tion - Be a teaclxer. If fwia i . V . sgpizxsf . f fa, if was grail? 5gf,fg.gM ' ' s 452 5.155 W ' - sg 'V w w ' . I f ,.., I . - L -' . ' . ROY R. OLIVARES GEORGE PACKARD Transfer student from Portage. "G0,ge0us George" Baseball lmltgfiljssfl ' To be a F.F.A. 2,3, Ambition-Dancing. MERLE E. PAFF DONALD E. PARKER -'p..ff" "Park" Banci 2.3, F.F.A. 25.4. Jr. Basketball 2.3.4, Tracic 2.14, D.H.l.A. 2. Ambition - Marry UA" Club 3.4. Football 4. Am- a ricil wiclow. bilion - To go lar. YV .X X 7 N- my is R N ELEANOR A. PARSONS PHYLLIS L. PARSONS "El" "PF1yl" Drama Ciuia 2, Piioiograpily 2, Clioir 2.3.4. Gif-0 Club 3. Glce Club 2. Amlzzition - Gain Drama Ciulu 3, Forvnsics 3.4, an eciucation. Honors: University of Wiscon- sin Niusic Clinic. Amlaition - Direct an opera company. BONNIE M. PEDERSON JANET L. PeLONG "Squirt" "Peggy" Cv.A.A. 2.3, Drama Club 5.4, Antigonian 3, Drama Club 3.4. Senior Class Play 4. Ambition - Forensics 3, Amiaition - To be Be an airline liostess. quiet. 29 ,LL, , M , I gf K , 41. A 1 I ash .Q - ., ' i45iZ.. 4,t. . " 5" X950 J W f 'QV' .Q W K , 3. A wgtw F 4 2. 1 H034 ,, f igwagli ' . , K . MELEX , Qi ifkigfi q . 5 . P il? 92 M , .4 , 9 EM Ei, THERESA A. PRASALOWICZ Drama Club 4. Ambition Marry a millionaire. DANIELLE D. REED 4 'Dannee ' ' Band 2.3.4. Antigonian 2.5.4. Forensics 2.3, Hi-Ligtit 3.4. Latin Club 4. Ambition - To be happily marriecl. ...f 30 LIBBY L, PROCHASKA "Lib " Student Council 2.3. Antigonian 2,1 Glee Club 2. Cboir 5.4. Sec. 4. Drama Club 3.4, As- sembly Board 4. I'Ii-I..igI1t 4. Ambition f To be Iiappy. JAMES H, REIF "Moc1est Guy" Football 2.5.4, Baslcctball 2, Track 2.5.4. Intramurals 5.4 Baseball 5. Latin Club 5. HA' Club 4. Ambition - Be an arctli tect. LaVERNE A. PENDLETON "Scrooge" Basketball 2.3.4. Track 2.5.4. Football 4. Ambition - Get mar- ried and bc supported by my wite. PATRICIA V. PETROWSKI "Pat" G.A.A. 4. Ambition - Get a job in IVIiIwauIcec. SAMUEL C. PERRY HSGTYIEJOH F.F.A. 2.3.4, Jr. D.I'I.I.A. 2.5. F.F.A. Trcas. 5, Vice-Pres. 4. Intramurals 4. Ambition - To go to college. JEAN A. PILECKY Uleann G.A.A. 4. Ambition - Be a beautician. EMILY R. REIVIINGTON CLYDE D. RICE "Buddy" Intramumis 2.5.4. Basiwtioaii 2, FHA 4 A BT T t I Student Councii 3.4. President . . . . m lion - o rave 4, Football 4- anci raise a famiiy. THEODORE J. RUDOLPII JOHN G. RYLAND "Ted" "Inch" Pimtograpiwy 4. Dc-imatc '5, Iii- Intramurais 2.4, Ciioir 2.3.4, Ligiit 4. Bi-Piwy-Ciicm. Ciuim 4, Give Ciuiu 2.5.4, Latin Ciuim 5. Ambition - Vvorii witix Peter 4, Forestry Ciuin 5, Ambition - Growianci. Graciuute. ROBERT A. SCHARDT ELAINE F. SAWICKI Giee Ciuid 2. Latin Ciui: 5.4, "Bob" Eta Epsiion 3. Scif-nm Ciuin 3. Ambition - Get married. Ambition - To iiy nn airpinne FRED J. SCHEDLBAUER GERALDINE NI. "Fritz" SCHIEFELBEIN Fontmaii 2,3,4ic Basicctiniii 2. ..Geri., HOC ey vgeprliaclirlegliliitngm mon- Ambition - To Ive a Kicici. 31 JUDITH A. SCHROEPFER KATHRYN A. SCHULTZ "Judy" "Kay" Ambition - To be a sctiool G.A.A. 2.3.4, Latin Club 2.5, teactler. 4, Hi-Light 4. Cheerleader 5.4, JOAN M. SCHUMAN ' 'Ioanie ' ' Band 2. Glee Club 2. Ctloir 3. 4, Forensics 4. Ambition - Have unlimited happiness. 32 Capt. of "B" Squad. Ambi- tion - Marry a coach. LOUISE C. SCHUMITSCH ' 'Bunny' ' Cheerleader 25.4, Captain 4. Latin Club 25.4. Student Coun- cil 2.5.4, G.A.A. 2.3.4. Jr. Class Vice-President, Band 5.4. Hon- ors: Jr. Prom Queen. Home- coming Queen. Ambition - To be a Jacly. JOAN J. SCHILLEMAN JOAN M. SCHILLEMAN X if uloanieu "Ioan" Antigonian 2.3, Band 3.4, Hi- G.A.A. 4, Ambition - Be a Light 4. Ambition - Get mar' stenograptler. riecl. F WILLIAM J. SCHMOLL ROY L. SCHROEDER "Bill" F.F.A. 2.3.4. Jr. D.H.I.A. 5. Ambition Be a man because Ambition - Make money ae- - ' d gauyy women are no goo . A . ff ROBERT D. SCHWARTZ RONALD W. SCOTT "Bob" "Scotty" F.F.A. 2.3. Forestry Club 2,3, Band 2,3. Intramurals 2.3.4, Pres. Ambition - Make money Ambition - To be a store mana- flegallyl . ger. THOMAS C. SEIDL JERRY H. SETS "Tom" alumina" Intramurals 2,3,4. Baseball 3.4. F.F.A. 2.3. Amlsition - To worlc. Football 4. Ambition - Can't say for sure. GEORGE F. SERVI "Gorgeous" F.F.A. 2.3.4. Ambition - To be a mecixanic. MARTHA A. SERVI Ambition - To get a Mrs. cle- gfee. 752. gb' 4. 4531- T-'TW'11.s:'f 14 f -iii?-fl" .fl'Q'i,?:1Y:i'l-fxfff ff 52551 . Q . 1 . t iii! in few .4 if5i'f2fE7f. - :Wei 25Zg5i?'Xf'i'Hr. ,,a.Q55'fs Sliviiltglf' ws' '11--1311w121ff3ff::i.sI warm f -" fa. H . if f- '- its .S f ...Q W. .L . . -ss1o.w..f ,, -. - AA . we 04 Jil .4 JW VERN M. SERVI npinkien Football 2.3, Basketball 2,3. Track 2.3. Intramurals 2.3.4. "A" Club 3.4. Honors: Men- tionecl for 2 team All Confer- ence. Ambition - Be in tlxe service. WILLIAM C. SKINNER "Billy" Hockey 3.4. Ambition - Keep away from tllose girls. 33 KENNETH C. STEINFEST usteinyn Ambition - To be like my bro- ther-in-law. ALYCE M. STROBEL JOANNE L. STRASSER HID.. Student Council 2, Glee Club 2.3, Latin Club 3.4, G.A.A. 5. 4, Antigonian 5.4, Hi-Light 4, Choir 4. Amimition - I just don't know. DONNA M. STUIBER "Elsie" Eta Epsilon 2, Ambition - To G.A.A. 4, Hi-Light 4. Ambi- tion - To be a secretary. 34 become a teacher. JOHN W. STANDIFORD PATRICIA STARKEY "Iohn" "Pat" Ambition - Become a million- Transfer from Washington. aire. ELAINE M. STENGL THERESA M. STENGL "Blondie" "Terry" Band 5.4, G.A,A. 4. Ambition- Forensics 3.4, Drama Club 4 Get a 'iMrs." degree. Sr. Class Play. Ambition - To be five feet, one inch ian. v 'u. P ,Aff s r EUGENE S, SUMM "Smiley" Student Council 2.5. Ambition To be a man. RAMONA D. SWANSON "Mona" Amlmition - To be a secretary. it ' LX JEANNE SUNDELL "Ieanne" Ambition - Get marriecl. JERRY J. TEWS "Mountainocousley" F.F.A. 2.3.4, Amluition - Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. DONALD R. THOMPSON RICHARD l. THORNE "Real" "Diclz" Ambition - To get n goocl jola. Football 2.4. Hoclcey 5.4, Clmir 31 Glee Clula 3, Traclc 4. Am- laition - l'll never tell. GEORGINE R. TOOLEY BERNARD F. URBAN "Squirt" "Bernie" Glee Club 2. Band 3.4. Amlai- lntramurals 2, F.F.A. 2.5. For- tion - .loin tlle Air Force. estry 2.3, Glee Club 2.3, Clxoir 2.5. 35 f .Z A S SUZANNE E. VICK ROBERT E. WARG Hsuen "Eggie" Forensics 2. G.A.A. 3.4. Hi- intramurais 2.5.4. Ambition - To Ligint 4. Amiaition - Work in iive forever. an office. WILLIAM T. WARG "Wilt" Intramurals 2.5.4, Basicetbaii 2. Giee Ciuim 5.4, Ciioir 5.4. Am- izitioh - Be a medical doctor. 36 DELORIS L. WENDT "Sis" Band 2.5.4, G.A.A. 4. Amimi- tion - To remove my irecicies. M25-H131 0-4'-w ""'k"""""" bu!A.o-xuu-b94"""'l-"VL" ,Ho-4-d fu-el. 114 ' 'B' A--. 'Un--an Oo-gl.. BETTY A. VAN OOY JAMES R. VA OOYEN "Betts" "lim" Amiaition - To travei. Amiaition - To woric in a meat BOBBE M. VASSAU "Boizi1e" Deimte 5.4, Pres. 4, Antigonian 3.4, Student Councii 3.4. Wis. Stucient Congress 5.4, Latin Ciuiz 3.4, Cixoir 5.4. Assembiy Board 4, Jr. Prom Chairman. Honors: Badger Giris' State. Mirror, Homecoming Queen At- tenciani, Ciwir Alternative to State Music Clinic. Hi-Light Editor. Ambition - Be a nurse anci go to ireiand. packing piant. CAROL J. VER HAAGH "Short One" Hi-Light 4, G.A.A. 4. Ambi tion - To ire a success. xv .JN SALLY J. WEYENBERG MARY A. WILCENSKI "Sais" "Maryann" Latin Ciuia 4. Ambition - To Latin Club 2.3. G.A.A.Pf. Am- be a teacher. Inition - To trav . rg! . fig! V W f 1 JANET M. VVIRTH Hlanetn Student Counrii 2, F.H.A. 3. G.A.A. 4. Ambition - Unde- cicieci. X if wi., 4 iffy ,it tw ff? ia .,., ,J EUGENE F. YARIE "Bird Dog" Band 2.3.4. Traci: 2,4, Intra- murals 2,5,4. Ambition - To go to Africa. .rr X f ELAINE E. YONKEE ROSITA A. YOUNG FHA. 4, GAA. 4. Ambition . --Rosien To g'fw'ua'C- Band 2.3.4. GAA. 4. Amin if Q, tion - To be a Teaciier. U' fy 7' :F 1 'KM QF? '- xx si. X . "vt, K 'X' f Q- ., N r 1' 1 . 'ft M Vx" s A, .151 2. if fit -.. .V ern- 1, if I' ' 'P HQ Yi ,X - s' V34 ," -J N .Q A PHILLIP R. ZANGL 7 "N ARLENE A. ZAUCHA "Solved uzaucif' Stuiiont Council 2,1 Aminition - G.A.A. 4. Amiuition - Marry To im a ciicsvi tccimirian. a miiiionaire. 37 MWQ as M A AGNES L. ZIMA CHARLES M. ZUPAN "Aggie" IlChllCR,' A,A. 5.4, Ambition - To lac- F.F.A. 2.3, Forestry 5. Amlmi zu surccss. tion - Nlalcc it tllrougll school NOT PICTURED JOHN T. ZXVICKY CAROL J. SEIS JAMES L, LENZNER " Olmnyn Girls Intramurals 2, G.A.A. 4. "lim" FIFA- -5' Fnmstry Cluh 3' Ambition - Bc a millionaire. FFA. 2'-5' Anlbition - Bc n Amliition - Blow n square mCCl'l5niC- smokcring. SENIOR HONOR STUDENTS ROW I: S. Galarowicz. B. Mazanec, T. Slengl. ROW 2: M. Milzlzelson, B. Oclns, B. Vassau. ROW 3: D. Reed, Murray. R. Swanson. ROVV 4: M. Bina, H. Draeger, H. Droege. ROW 5: S. Perry, D. Stueber, P. lgl. ROW 6: cHale. I. Laelm, B. Now. ROW 7: D. Krall. R. Diclzman, M. Halle. fA. Zima, absent, V 87 in x '4 ! e 43' 'VQ In 39 NOC. , , Ifffff - fi" YKAL 1 all ff' f W4 4- ff" WW y 1' jx Jig. IAA Qyaff .ffff - ' jx: . 'wx a:f'fA'f'f7" 'f fa f - , -1 ff 94, LK ZA .ff 4 E X33- f ,X ff .,4:.4!', , 7' I 'fr' , 1' jg lixfizgyrj 374' , I7 a V- ,'754.. 7560 f !2,Q,'?f0Yf 'ff - ffffif' ,yfff nf 'ip-fir ' 1 in Polly and Kal y Me 1 in "Bennie ' , Harm me Whiiy Mike loanie Schuman Elaine Siengl Bill Warg Bob Warg Elaine Brandi Germaine Carneliaas Iahn Zwieky Margie Arlene Ban Ie anne Leupold Pai Starkey laele S eare y Bomber Mary Husnick an T eresa Siengl Ramona Swanson 5557K ,V iyyff ,wi-f. ,,, J ,Je W ,ff 'p-AL-1 f5J,5"fl!7f,jMe4 I -V ,,4j + HAZ- ,lla f 1 ,Il 1.2 M ,Mi fy a ' V,.1.JfZ'e64Z4 11. . fa r 'ff .lj-XR: ft' ' 79, f J I WM HIM, 0. 'Hifi- jji ff! P f'i -- fe! Jffifgilliiive 3 'U 124' f2i3ff?j WMM L 0 W? ieiii f-ffef ' i ii? , Q , ai ' ilii , '3 i "H ii kM 5ij,,V:fV P.. A :wig ' ii i ' " ' ' t es e ' .e.. 1 iiee Q 1 ., Q -1 new A J ni.,-:.:5 xl, f Q .x JUNIOR OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS ,HISTORY HM' 95? I i er e VAQQQ- Senior fidencgt ouxflie soofrC?::t:i-fafxg we, time cIa:?gIg5 grea'?gQgEg9ta or this, the second to e r s ooI yea , Our confidence that tilesg expectatgxzvcsiey we founded couici Ive seen in tile X ' g ourgla 1 , made as sophomores. The o at year were Dick StengI, President: Judy Reinert, ice-Presi- dent, and I..esIie Braun, Secretary-Treasurer. e contributed three Iettermen in footIJaII and two in IJasIcetIJaII. We were weII represented in all of the other activities toouanci we tooIc part in tI1e annual Homecomwgoagdgghggme of our fIoat was 4 L ., Poi6Rk ag1loLngiA Secretaigfrgggcjxregicciargcinglfandall juixiaxlg, Iw sen President: Vice-President, Leslie Braun . time ' raun51Xic:R-lresidxfantg ai X.Ianice RancIaII. , IWYMLL V yi' K Q- X'Sf?f5T?5FlQa ure Ag ' l'V8'Q2'lE.bQ3d severai I "1 ' , 4 ' ' Y" M I fc XML UDL' vjzafj tterme fth!:Qi ic ckQSXiengI, f ,P L iz fit' ffwgzf, an 72liBe5:Xw0 J-ygirietterslin v IA-,dir I I ,pr 1 H Ji, JI' footba I. Ba etIJaII Iacicingeqi ju rstglfbgr. 7b I ii iv MJLZD7 ELA I ff Our on: i Hoa , UVVEI-Haut ' Iiibggil ' ff" I ' A ' ,N time Cli ' w,e 'e Ima original' y ' ging 5 1 Ty, ,NW if ff, N15 gg 'J ' U rin MV, fd!!! fp., F 1 5 Ilome first p a rget tilmgtiler - X124 M M I if ,4 1 Kgfji t. .t. f . 'X N 5 ,add C f Ly fl , lvl ies, or we yurrhars m Aup goadyrt oikt-Egfr. 'MII 75 fwfbwyfy I Au- Il thRI3QxtfIE1iXQ Mya" S be 'iff I up ' in a , we e C o .me ur o Q 'grea KZ Ljytflji XL Q expectations" and are Ioo ing forward 2F,Q?ar My ly I ith new hopes, new friends, new ambiti s, o , , . ,Q I ' x My new 1cIeas. 5 b Q fm MV af' J I VI-f 'M 5- X .X fu mf ,J 'JW fQ127ip'Jr,jjjjjjL Y f I W JV f V I W! I in . ' JM M M! f f1fJ'l'uMUgjIH7jV IKMIX W' W , Y . Liz J My , fi!! I KU 'I NV, P 4' I UI' W ' X , VI 'Ui , X Q, X, P fw' , , f 1 ff 'J 1 Q, 1 , ,J Z! V X, M pf J I I , 3 if Ja ,,,fW f W if ' f N IV ' L' , ' , 40 , 1, 4 My ,Ja HW E LFIDER - Row I: O, Baginsbi, Anderson, T. Albright, Andvrson, M. Bonclwr, Burowfzyle, R. Bricleo. Row 2: G. Blumen- scllein, B. Beilel, Bornemunn, C. Arrowoocf, ASIIOIITUOL, I.. Braun, G. Barker. Row '51 B. Artymiule, S. Bornemann, B. Below G. Bowens. L. Brandt, C. Baxter. Row 4: B. Braun, D. Boyle, C. Berg, D, Beloit, P. Blanele, E. Bouller. Row 5: D. Bera, H. Bulcl er, D. Bonnell. K. Barla, L. Adkins. 5 3 9 CRAMER - Row I: D, Devine, D. Dobrinslm, K. Buelow, P. Close, Crha, D. Cunningham, B. Carlson. Row 2: VV. Diech. D. Callahan, V. Cejlza, C, Conn, B. Dewan, A. Cross, P. Donohue. Row 5: N. Dorn, P. Buch, Demlow, P. Crum, D. Cline, M Dorn, D. Dodge. Row 4: C. Chervenlea, Climer. Dewey. A- DGRYUHT, D' COYQV, Debmux- , Y.-um-.... an-nuns.--u.. -use-an--n NOREM - Row lzl. Gardner, L. Funk, R. Emenecleer, N. Ford, P. Drake, M. Guyanl, D, Drexler, Row 2: G. Greisinger, B. frlIPIllllIlCT, A. Gunderson, B. Fisher, B. Gehr, Fonzedahl, Draegcr. Row 5: Fellvr, C. Haclzlmrlh, M. Franck, G. Gee, N. Gran, I.. Forbes, M, Gesell. Row 4: R. Durenberger, D. Frey, R. Driver, K. Fenton, Drabelz, K, Heclelnarilz, R. Duchrow. ll. SCHIMMEL - Row l:H. Hennie, lim, C. Heschlze, E. Kegler, B. Hulwatch, L. Hansen, Holup. Row 2: Hersant, D. Husnicle, M, Hulmtch, P. Incha, Hartman, D. Kieper, D. Hurllwurl. Row 5: A. Igl, Igl, M. Iohanelz, H, Halumu. XV. Kennedy, B. Kapusta, M. Helmbreckt. Row 4: D. lgl. P. lgl, F. Hunter, T. Iensen, Iensen, B. Higgins, T. Iesse. iuuanaaua-1-qua mum-.-.N - RON' li KYIUPP, 14. LCltf'TlflPl', l!Ul1g, KVUIHIJT, KfGllSF, LPKIHIUII, LOVIZYIPT. 21 KIIIQUQ I. Kuny, D. Knott, A. A'1OfSll!1U, N, Kruogvr, D. IJIFQIIP, M. Kubiaczylz. Row 3: Leonard, A. Lenzner, C. Krall, S. Kliiz, G Koudellea, B. Ivlllflfgldi. Row 4: IW. Luleowkz, IW. Krueger, E. Locke, Krause. Lenzner, Leslie. QMQMWMW, . . . . M VVHITING - Row l:K. Milzleelson, I.. Iwaiucheslei, B, Moller, Mc'CIean, Mayo, M. Noslzowialz, E. Neigenfind. Row 2: McHule, O. Olivares, B. F1cKinnon, E. Ffunson, R. Newton, M, Opvicfzleu, I.. Mosller. Row 3: F. Mfmore, B. Mullah, B. Melxren, E. Mccandless, L, Nelson, B. McCormick, D. Muench, Row 4: D, Nicleolson, D, Iwurplly, S. O'Neil, S, Nicholson, P. Meidl, K, Moss, D, Iwurray. Row 5: C. Ollo. B. OBrien, T. Mccloskey. ALBRIGHT - Run- I: R. Portman, Ranciuii, Ruscil, B. SC'liPSO', Remington, Reineri, R. Pricizett. Row 2: D. Rosio, P, I Rumnutr. Reed, Ross, Rvminglon, Puvcie, Sriziliprnun, Rirlmrcls. Row '5: Pcivrson, Rowan, D. Porivr, 'Roi1insun, A. Pinegur, sl'IlH'iYlQlP, D. Robinson. Row 4: D. Perry, Prins. R. Ryland, Racilze, Rusch, X V1 , . ... .... - .'.g.L3,, . .. I 5 . ' ' W 5 W x ' ik-ff 4 na- 1 i i' vavmvfvgnsullw Nil'l'.l.i.lfR - Rim' I: I., Svoll. IW. Sharp, D. Summ, L. Slrassor, H. Tillman. D. Svizii, Sieariupieu, Row 2: L. Tooivy, P. Sieffei, iw, Tulru, N, Sunclvli, Siluriirie. I.. S4-'rl'i, D, Turnvy. Row 5: Syirwslvr. Nl. Sivieinger, B. Siranberg, M. Sieinnvr, Talro, Sflliill, Thorne. Row 4: D. Skinner, D. Starr, D. Sporina, G. Smifiw, D. Sfvngi, B. Tracivweii. AA SMICK - ROW l: B. Weso, G, Winter, L. Zimu, P. Zoern, S. Wolfe, M. Weber, R, West, Row 2: Zorlw, Walter, M. Wierschke, A. Zimmerman, B. Wild, Vorass, R. Zoern. Row 3: T. Weeks, L. Worman, V. Woitusialz, B, Wild, K. Wagner, G. Worrmn, D. Waldvogel Row 4: Wflitealaer, B. Wirth, V9FIldSS8lf, P. VnnDerl1ei, D. Yvag Qwaannff' PW! ' ig. A ' CA! 27 MQW . . Autograp S ,gi 29053 Al." 'fix' 4 h , w lf" ' 1 K 'ix fk QL 1 Li I . ' IM ' C e .we ff e ei eg Judi? fbi-jg. L :HCP . x K M fffifw fb 54 1 ,gjff-AA ibjw 'wflfi LMp7:?'fjf ffp' Q X' WfffCj,2ff fy fwlifffff' ,W 'V Mn V Auwwlc 'wi aff X 'J' ' ' W - ii' V R- MLL iff' A - jWljd,,4,w7?' 5? E ,Q 'sa 3 E 45 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President, Gary Dorn Vice-President, Lynn Tractewell Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Li enfelt N ,Q if , MJA Lf . I . , if ,- SOPHOMORE CLASS We ttie ctass of '57 entered time Antigo Senior High Sctiooi fitted witti ptans, hopes, and dreams to maice our years profitable, not only to our- seives, but to tile entire sctiooi. We elected for our ctass officers President, Gary Dorng Vice-President, Lynn Tradeweiig and Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Lingenfeiter. Our first main event was ttie Homecoming. it was exciting to work on our float bearing ttle sio- gan, HVVe'ii Grind Gur Way to Victoryf, For the first time in A. H. S. tile sophomores presented a class play WtliCt'l was entitled, "Tile Patsy." ' Our HBH squads in tootiuaii and iaasicettiaii, backed by ttleir ctieerieaders, stiowed promise for ttne coming years. Many of our students received individual and cotiection awards in their respective fields. J I ' ,Lffff r' g flex. . -J - f I 1' We are adjusted to tile senior high now, and I I IRL, yrli ' X A I ' t ' VA K A are looking forward to our junior year with much i , L c 1 . I A 1- L rw f X U X ff" X' ' ', 1 Lf,-. f 4, anticipation. . V -fwwf -W 1' S f- 41 159' 3 " . I L '6 ' .1 :Xl nf, , f!f'f '7 ' I Fi :fd 5' ' ,I 'gffff'-1-QL' "l"v+ ' and ,f , , Li, L' , . , A acyl' fra-G V '7'-1041" , in u L , , ' J - L 67 -ca-gr - Anna, - ' .4 IAA 1,-.airs - ft . """4 ' " :""'rc'1'-' ..fl.4ld!'r' ' Y . 0 . Q gy 149 "ang: '., ,,4',- - ,,.-4.4,,,.y' ' 7,,-,di . XX Nb.. S N x ' . V xii .x XX K ' C40 'inckni' '!""'i' ' '4'4 " J'-14,1 - p- I S X, r Xi ' , ' 3 E . - - ZX , R ff -Jn' if-ff . -A s A 1 ' . - X- , A . . tl t Xe N S it . ' Axes Nt 52 ay' ' ""L4"'C"-5' '42 1 -'-1.-n-I " as A if - , t, X X ' ' . - , . N -VN ' .3 'vm eff ' ' 4-M f-f-L ' 'Mel'- 3 X ml X Q ,X up Q .iff-can-14. . api. f.,,h4,'1r.,, .If air, . AA., 'S i X ' " rf i , . Xa 3 x RJ X' N5 W t '-z!Lf191'f 'wqfcf 706' lg! Atal.. z . XM, Q -lxbi wg I 13,5 f ' N if ...iaggwttt X ":Z'l4'4'-' -61.3 ff-dc-ara 44.4.-r,J giant, lux i NN xg ei E X A . '. f .9 'SKB sf NX Q out-eff, . ' lf A ' h - 1 D st' 1-QA R' :A Q ' 'T ,A i ,' 'F' Q 1.4447 . 4' 4' I ,Q .i . ,A ,ix ' ' ., sig by t t OLSITN - Row lz R. Beirntwarn, K, Arquette, Benishetz, M. Beauprvy, R. Arrowooct, D. Buruniatz. Row 2: B. Arlvn, T. Boar, M. Allen, Betnn, B. Bmske, T. Bonnell, D, Bainin. Row 3: Bryan, D. Bohm, G. Brandt, A. Antik, G. Bent, R. Boslwicte, G. Bernd! Ram' -1: C. Bailey, G, Arrowoofl, Bownps, Brennecke, W, Armwood, D. Bfovctorn, I., Brunolfl. Row 5: A. Arveson, Braun, C. Brpnnvctev, 51. Baxter, Braun, E, Albrecht. LYONS - Row I:B. Bula, B. Dresclwr, R. Calmlz, D, Below, Dralweh, D. DUGSCIIQT, D. Cherl. Row 2: L. Draeger, D. Bures, N. Daecy, C. Curtis. Datein. Buch, Doucfla. Row 3: A. Dutnrinstea, D. Debord, A. Crandall, H. Dziamarasfzi, B. Burt, D. Dunbar, R. Burke. Row 41 T. Dolznl, Cigel, Cousineuu., K. Burns, L. Dietrich, E. Cunningham, G. Dorn. Row 5: B. Crowe, L. Doucette, O, DeHart. . . 5 TJ, Q U 4 ' -nil-N .. Y, ay .5 fig! n 'SS gr 3 xi x E MOORS - Row l: D. Guyant, M. Funk, A. Fessender, Guharrlf, B. Frilscll, M. Glugla, B. Esseri. Row 2: V. Fleischman, S. l:l0iSl'l1TlI.Cl7I, M. Feller, B, Gravcen, Ehlers, l. lfcleelstafer, T. Fnrzl. Row 'Sz D, Gross, B, Gruenlmrg, S. Euler, M. Hansen, D. Huvifund, K. Guentllner, E. Gmssleurtll. Row 4: R. Eden, K. Gallvrnlmrg, Harm, A. Gross, A. Ficlz, D, Halama, B, Gullzaclz. Row 5: lf. Finnegan. .gm-my-1-u SCOTT - Row I: Hiplze, L. Homnwrding, Ison, D. Kluluall, M. Hiplze, K, Iensen, R. Helmig. Row 2: K. Homonza, Klamerus, I, Hintz, Hendricks, Hiniz, M. lgl, M. Hiiz. Row 5: L. Klopslvin, I.. King, M. Kaplan, M. Ianleowslei, G. Hoffman, K. Iris, D. Klilzlza. Row 4: Huffman, Herrrlan, Hix, Keen, T. K0lVl'lLJf6'T, Hess, A. King. ,ua-fm--.4 ..w.,................ ...--.--an-uw Milo., DEGUISE - Row 2: B. Koszarelz, M. Lindemann, V. McKinney, I.. Knutson, D. Krauren, R. Molyahn, G. Dreger. Row 2: D. Leon- ard, Krugcl, N. Lingenfvltor, IW. IVlcClvan, Koss, I.. Lurzelerv, R. Krohn. Row 3: B. Kulwny, P. MOTCilliUI?, Kvarda, M. Kos- telac, XV. Kunz, B. Maly, Murlirl, Row 4: Malfzisrmn, L. Krueger. . I V H GUENSBERG - Row I: R. Nicholson, B. Monissey, M, Mosher, B. Miclxalleo, P. Mosher, L. Misfeldt, L, Meniing. Row 2: D. Olclenberg, Meidl, C. Meinerl, B. Packard, Payne, Mrecho, M. OBrien. Row 3: E. Mosher, S. Ovialf, P. Melzarg, S. O'Brien, M. Packard, Miersch, N. Orlhmann. Row 4: K, Moss, B. Nick:-I, P. Iwyszlea, T. Meyer. .---......... ann- STEINKRAUS - Row I: R. Pregler, Rahacele, Rusch, R. Perry, K. Svlxneicler, P. Sawciei, G. Rhodes. Row 2: VV',.SCl1wingle G. Svlzwvitzer, R. Rvzniflxvle, S. Srlunoll, S. Piuziz, Rosiu, D. Rvinwr. Row 5: B. Moly, C. Srlwiniz, D. Prins, R. Riley, M. I Ponclloton, Resrli, C. Pre-gier. Row 5: G. Scliroepher, Perkins, Pvtrogvnea, R. Roegrig, G, Robbins, R. Ross. LEBERDA , Row 1: D. Sgcbgri Silver, N, Stafllor, Sesil, Sporleauer, Tourlillett, Stewart. Row 2: E. Scllimeclz, N Strauch, E. Stephan, C. Stvlmr, C. Tatro, N. Selzurwy, B, Slapts. Row 3: Stolzmen, I., Trrxdviveil, N. Stern, M. Smith, K. Smith M. Teal, B. Thompson, Row 4: T. Swaboda, B. Straucli, E. Theison, K. Strobel, L. Togiiente, S. Tulro, G. Smith, Sliafel. BILSE - Row 1: E. Vozfza, A. Zangl, Waubanascum, L. Weso, Walker, Wudtlze, T. Vick. Row 2: A. Vorass, E. Wudinger, P, Zaclzril, L. Wanen, S. Zoern, P. Wagner, R. Zailz. Row 5: T, Voruss, B. Williams, D. Wild, F. Wild, G. Weidler. Row 4: D. Yarie, R. Warren. I. Verfmsselt, T. Wagner, D. Zwicky. L., .. .1 .E ,s K, 4 -L K, ' B1 Sym-'L Autograp S . V H K, 'X L f . ff? va-V5 V! 'Nw 6 J , ff! 9 ' 5 A. . I7 ff l '7 ff f ff' ' 30 W J IJ4 lfffffff fnlgih ' ff! 'Ill' 'X ff '1 gl? f ' J, if . Z , I 1 YL! 1 7, 1 .VG f. ' F N vi x- J' jj 1,17 fl 'I A! ff I N A, ,ll N! X, yy. I fl-'I Aff l ' " 1' " , :II V 'f ,Wi Kiwi 'A' ' fj, 'IJ 60296 ' ' ' 1' 7 JA, ' IW, I 'Il nfl ,4, I . I l rrp- al . 1 N W I 1,1 'XII All, I' 1 .1 fl' 1' ' . " l JA il 'lb ., f' , " 'I I , X ' wh :Q1.'L yr Quee Second Attendant Indy Fourth Attendant Coney First Attendant B017 IJ P The queen is crowned by student 7hirdRAufendunt muncil president. Clyde Rice eme .4 The Royal Chariot . . and the game begins . . . f'9 TH EPARADE WX G X51 X - - QS XG NJXK .mx it of-X TA 0 0 X 5 : A X! xy X. WNY A L Aj 'fa F . ' my! f . 1 ' f Nove1Sen1orFloat fu ll f a 4 J 1 s. w 4 'af gb ' f ff I :ff X O 1 i I 1 I 1. ,. 1 .f va , .'3 ' v .,: ..' L I Iuniors lake first prize -m ,SV i!p, +35 f f i, 2, ,, ,Th 5 ffkxx ' eq N Hfif ' X' in XX N ' ' 53 .xg Beauties and Butterflies on a "Dreamers Hoiiciayn i The Grand March P R O M C O U R T Louise Schumitscli - lack Eder Boivbe Vdssau - foe Zabransiay Ieanne Mertins - lim Mattelz Pat Callahan - Ron Galarowicz Elaine Brandt - Dick OUQ Mary Knoetuel - Bill Mattetz Beth Mazenelz - Ierry Prins lean Leopold - Bill Gardislzy lanis Nelson - Bob Grantman lane! Mrtrray - Wes Macler Teddy Hommerding - Bob Schwartz ll is . 54 D i if 5 A t t e . A if .SLB ' ' i an as 'Q L ' 0: H l kkri naw 'GQ I. 0... 54 Queen Louise and King ack I Margi Fergin - Tom Oliz Bev Halama - Dennis Klopstein Nancy Gross - Dave McCormick Phyllis Carpenter - Vernon Servi Barbara Ochs - Bill Tradewell Mary Io McKinnon A Carl Borowczyi Lois Mcphait - lim Rammer Mary Husnictz - Dietz Hayes Mary Bacon - Fritz Schedelzauer Pat Langer - Cdlldll White Christmas" in the New Gym , WK The CmfY'g'4f524'fKHff Vis E 'sf 1 lfj ,fp -fxbfq QXJ XC. Gila- Q-501,23 Cv Fill ' Uilyra 42 if V vi. NT' X- 'ffgviih H C U qc- A f' X sq JK ' ? Q XY? X to KX X L 7 6' it-9 CEN SNO BALL CGURT Carol Haclzlzarlli - Don Krall Kay Scllullz - Iolm Kuelm Barbara Oclis - laclz Eder Put Callahan - Ron Galarowicz Teddy Hommerrling - Tum Kreitz Louise Scllumiisch - Bud Korlll Chris Mcfloiirty - Bill Gurdislzy Beth Mazonec - lim Reif Elaine Brandi - Dick Ollz lean Leopold - Gary Dorn Indy Durlrac - Gene LaFave Peg Pelong - lim Lulzas Ianis Nelson - Bob Grantman Margo Sharp - Norman Dorn Danille Reed - Gene Mundl Polly Igl - lay Heclzman xi' 3 Y 'hi ,Q - I nf "-Q , 'J 5 1 I If l J VIII, " x ' ' fi I , . , I x x 'azllx X In .X - W- ! .VKX , ' -x L 's f i it 'lf I, ,xv 5 ,, -7 I w' - .. -' -. Q ueen Carol and King Don Qefw' ifzwwj 1' GDHQ f - P573fr,- kr in W' Antigo 1,1 f ui 3 , A J K , 4 0 : 4 I r ,, I .v , , if , -I .J 1 Snevegf' .af j ' ,, fs .- , U 92 H 19 QF , 1 :gf M' 1 1 fa , Jaw f1f:L,, 544 50' 'M Z X,-no 12 " fy I- ' fi -LZIY' ' V' Q -f ,, M, Ax p ff H-ff' ff:-Q W4 n A ffr! 14 , ,917 ,950 Af ,f:Q f,-ff, f 4 ff 1 . w - . ,f 1 ' W 5,5 S I L -' 4,71 vo 44" W1 22" 04? 'wwf ' " 59 . Ste s Po'n 2 Z' 14, fulfil ' ' V747 fffisfindeydegge 'yi f " 6 Tomalugwk V45 , 3 - -13 . " v levens oint ,- A. J, If i? ABE , -aff YAY! 47 2 ' A TK " 50 Marshfield V5 , r' 1 - X' '. - 'J j',, -f ff X fffj ,gy 95581965 Xb 'X I iff I I ,H If Ty" ,Q Mqrrill ' 48 , L " 7 mr iff-65 fd I ry 64 arif' ld X70 l'r-Qf .1710 7 ,lf W' ' ' V ' ' ,A - , f ' f EE , , J My Af-fff 6- fzlf 9 f aff' ji A , I 2,f:,d,fj,'A,I 1,-1451 'f I 'ff 252 1 ik" ,- f ,ff LA me B I- 21,110 yf ' flarfznf 40,451 uf, gxrff-4 6 f If I , , 7 1 2. ,jf ff,a,,,,,k Zfaja icy! ,if-I 1' jf! .ff ,Jzo-f 10 1 ' ,I K 14 ', Il ff,--'nf -1. f'4 Ayf 'QV' X.. Row I: D. Parizer, C. Rice, D. TIIOWIG, C. Borowczyiz, P. Curran, D. Krall, D. Krause, Eder, F. Scheidtzauer, HBCHMGN, L. Pendleton, Reif. Row 2: T. Nlcciosizey, M. Goocinough, D. Bonneii, T. Koss, T. Seidi, D. Stengi, R. Durnherger, R. Ryland, B. A Graniman, prius, N. Dorn, D. Zwiciey. Row 3: D. Hoffman, C. Bailey, T. Swoohda, S. Ovialt, B. Kutzeny, T. Meyer. Richards, I, Bruns, Fiiunier, R. Burk, Thorne, G. Dorn. Row 4: B. Maileh, B. McCormick, F. Finnegan, B. Goidinach, Gaiienherg, Krause, R. Hicks, D. Rhodes, B. Fisher. Row 5: Coach Ed O'Nieii, Lund, Schofield. The Antigo High School Foothaii team, with iucic riding against them in the first part of the season, turneci in spectacuiar performances in the ciosing games, to give the season a worthy finish. The team prociuceci two aii-conference players in quarterback Don Kraii, his second time on the aii- Trainer, Diciz Olin fki. . 'A k .rf ., A ,S x . i .,,. fg y. n X .. i'i' L ,xg-'T .. g . it at ' conference team, and in end Jerry Prins, who is a Junior this year. The Rohins chose as their captain, Cari Borow- czyic. Don Kraii was eiecteci most vaiuahie piayer. The Antigo Robins can iooic forward to a success- fui season next year with seven iettermen returning. Managers, Tom Oiiz and Mike Kuiziaczyiz Carl Borowczyk Fritz Schelcfbauer . , f ' V 311-, if-1433? 9 fx., gf . .M It .,, 3 f , g w . . l I L4 . :74 ,:3,s . V Q 4-QUIZ z' ' 'K -r .N ' W. W . s ' " 1- '21 v-- 41. 3 M Q Don Krall ,, fx X fq lay Heclzman 58 lack Edef 4 Norem Dorn Dick Frey g ,z f ..ffNX 22' ff' i' 'if li if ferry Prins A, , m , ! G, H M . ,Rf V il?" f ' , ,jkjiff f Vx JA!!! a,l7,!,fiLfff f . I ,Aff i , V f 1 1411: f , In 1 - r ? 1 1' J If N , , V ,A!, fff f fx L6 Dick BOTITIEU VY R011 Dufnburggr 3,- Nlike Gooclnough Dick Thorne lim Reif Tom Seidl 60 Dick Krause X Q D le Stengl Vern Pen 0 fif ! Milffifwfgffjgb W' W W5 Jf My ww Wm W fpfff J Mcclousley 6-I Clyde R Football Ends In Late Fan, Just As . . . A refreshing drink during a uiimef' Q - f 1 f f' 4 fv I' ? I A. 7 1 1 4 x 1 f ' ' ' t .Jr f J .f 3 ,f ' . I 's . , 1- M, 1 "..A I A,-Q f , Borowczyk gains some ground Dorn slips by the opponents . . . Baslcetlball Gets Underway Krall tries for two , 1. f I ,K , 1 2 A Krall scores again Ou? puts 0719 in HAH Squa . . . D. Ullz, R. McCormick, B. Kulzeny, T. Ollz I. Radtlze, D, Frey, F. Hunter, D. Krall, Prins, B. Traclewell Antigo stark-Ll out its l054-55 season in an encounter with lxlarshliclcl. The game was a rontest all the way, hut the linal hell rcvealecl Antigo ns the loser hy two points. The Robins made up lor this elosc cl:-lea! hy posting a virtory over u talented Toma- hawk team hy a narrow two point margin. The next loc cn- rouiiterecl was Vvisconsin Rapicls, a perennial powerhouse. Our hoys put up a terrific' struggle hut were sulpduecl lay two points again. These games were typiral ol the season. Highlights ol the season incluclecl wins over Tomahawlc, Stevens Point twice, and our traclitional rival Rhinelanclcr. The greater rhampionship. All were outstancling in this game hut our par- tirular gratiturlc goes out to Tom Ollc lor his game winning tree- throw alter time had run out. Vve are expecting great things ol our hoys at the sectional. High scorer lor the season was Don Krall. Returning lc-ttermen include Dick Frey, Bill Traclewell, John Racltlcr-, Frank Hunter, Bob lvlccormiclc, Jerry Prins, ancl Diclc Bonncll. Losses sustainecl lay graduation are thc lollowing: Don Krall, Tom Ollc, ancl Dick Olli. Vvc are all justly proucl ol this years team and anxiously await next season. game by l our victory over Shawuno to gain the regional X 9? 4. :- tw r l14O,l.-Dk Om W e,, DEV Uvdk X55 lgxb'-fuel bvfrgxd f LJftfVlT',sf1A fljl' al lim SWL 4 Captain, Tom Ollz Coaches, Lund and O'Neill . . . :CBN TCHHI T. Martiny, P. Fratey, Vosmelz C. Sclileintz, Warnmilter, B. Dunbar, Greening, B. Goltzaclz, B. Fisher, Pizl Our "B" team ttlis year posted exactly time opposite record of the SUCII talent was shown by several of our boys that they were varsity. Included in their activity were opponents SUCI1 as: Vvis- promoted to time Varsity Team. Xfxylf are confident that this years consin Rapids. Tomaiiawk twice, Rilineiander twice, Marshfield, squad will provide an asset to next years team. Nierrilt, and Stevens Point. E , , 5 ,. 1. ' - ' ". , . .,,,. - . . .V,. p X L 33 at 3 . "B" T eam nmnagers' "A" Team managers, D. Zwicley, F. Scfneldtmuer, C. Richards M' Kubiaczyk Heckman Diciz Bonnell X . Yw. X N 3 P A ,7 -I 2 T Z! f fr f fa fx f7 ff . J J '! , ff f 141 "I, -czf-L.4..fL,,q- WZ, ff fri- x ' - fl? C14--fi" 'LJ Wg--1'-n.-..1 ,5f,',4g2g,,7-7g,Q4L f Q7 19412-f.,g,,J 'sg-,'cs...f U! .... . 'Jr' -1 -X U A A .,,,ff1-f ,ig ff..-' by 3.413 1p'Lc4.fC.!4.J ,7L.4gLjf' K, 1' 5 " , A .X , 1544.4 -4 fu 2 Kc 'U 1 3 U1 N X R F wig Don Krall Captain Dick Iohn Radike Most Valuable Player fx i 1 L, A Bill Trqdew ellflrlf Q,.'fv, A kDicl2 Frey x v x. N k . K , lv M LIKAJJ Ly'-L , I, ' X 5 , , 7 .a J X p X' L v A x xx -x .. .X ' L - x 1, R L? ,' X' -, X. x 1, '- VI iii Q! X X X , X y X L X x P, I V wr' y' X x ' qf IV' , iff' 1717 X fx " XY H. I V .L f' X X X X "' K . , ' X -N Q N X Q ' x x jg f If bf if if Qxn X. -' 4 5 N N 'Vx . lf, 1 J, X iw X ,, L, F K.. V LV. N . - N. fi A , ff g . r X wiv! I -4 VL L Q 4 X X1 '- J f ' 1" 2 X 1 X Ara , x X Q v 1 2 X it , X QR X R ,, , X 'X A' , , f L4 "g X Lg, X 5 X . N 3 ' . JL K ff", XX x NX Y UL 5 1.3 ' ' X if N , X. s N x x X -5 Frank Hunter I 1, 4 'X Bill Kuben y 67 Bob McCormick lntramura s . Rell lallies as Rice guards Tllis yearls intramural program Consistecl mostly ol laaslcetlaall witli some l0llL'll lootlmall in llle fall. 'lille lnasliellmall program was llelcl cluring noon lmours ancl on 'l4l1ursclay niglils. At noon llour sessions. faplains were pivlcecl. and tlmey in turn rllose tlieir team. MAJOR LEAGUE W L lxlclxlugjlllin . . . . 7 5 Vveix .... . . 7 5 Blaslcey ..... . , 6 4 page-Smiclf . . . . . 6 4 AverillfKul1arslii . . . . 5 7 lxleyer ..... . . . . l O 68 Zwiclzy and Richards jump for it Tlme nigllt schedule was Composed ol two leagues, tlle major and tl1e minor. Tlae major league consisted ol tlue senior looys, wllile tlme minor league was com- posecl ol juniors ancl soplmomores. At tlle end ol tlle year, ten senior lvoys were cllosen to comprise tlle all- star squacl wliiclsl was to talce on tlte faculty. bl-lie intra- mural program was supervised lay lwlr. Smiclc. MINOR LEAGUE W L Vvlliting-Steinlcraus . . .. I0 0 Bilse-Allmriglit .... .. 7 5 Lyons-Scliumitselu . . . . 6 4 Qlsensleilnercla . . . . 5 7 Scott-DeGuise ......., . . 2 8 Leider-Sclnimmel-Nlueller . . . 2 8 Hockey . ROXV I: M. Leslie, T. Ford, Demlow, B. Skinner: ROVV 2: D. Skinner, M. Goodnough, D. McCormick, Darling, Ruscfi, R. Reiland, N. IWcCormicIe, Bennett, K. Meidl. uY0L!'?"!L4,2,6d!,,V, ,ua I' f - if if I w!wa.0IfLlY17 .VZ 'D' D. Skinner, Most Valuable Playerg Mr. Stein- ' 59 0' WD kraus, Coach: M. Goodnough, Captain. we W 36 f' , . X . W' ' . u if ,i W I 57 f 517 f .f Hockey, a two year oIrI sport in Anligo High, is becoming much better Icnown. This ycar's team, consisting oI mostly juniors and seniors had n vcry goocl scason, and is Iooking forward to an even Ioettcr one next year with six Iettcrmen returning. WON 4 LOST 6 ANTIGO VISITORS Madison Central 8 7 Madison West 5 I Milwaukee Country Day 4 7 Rhinelanclcr 3 8 Madison Central l 3 Wausau 3 4 Stevens Point 3 2 Stevens Point I 0 RIiineIancIer I 4 Vvausau l 4 Antigo showed a Iaig improvement over the Iirst year. . Basehaii Anci Tennis ROVV l: B. Thompson, R. Galurowicz, Radltee, G. Guvnlhner, R. Mccormiciz, O. Schultz, Hoffman, G. Hunter, N. Dorn: ROXV 21 Prins, D. Bonnvll, Sopata, D. Krall, Reif, Zahransley, D. Guenthner, D Nirholson, D. Lund, D. Ollz, tMissing M , t 4.,L.4.' H ' id ,AA ' 7.,-J 574' Z fi- ft X4 . ,J ,,,x1e:'v'f"7 Z ' I K , I jf 9 1 5"-v,-.f ,WH ' gms- . rf!! -A -X 1 - Dae!! ,I A ' ,di ff-A' ft M' A X19 D. Kulriaczylz, B. Tradeluell, D. Frey, Draeger The baseball team, headed by a veteran squad, played winning hail throughout most of their season. With a strong nucleus of let- termen returning. the tennis team enjoyed a very successful season, and in time, hope that tennis he- comes stronger in Antigo High. 'S 5, ROXX I C B xt I fi D Waqno R D clam n D P rry B K in y A Olclentzergg ROW 2: D. Parker, N C fe IV' o o g r es r r J Mr. Kalfzofen, Coach' x N- , . 'W I I J J P 1' Q o 'Q U 'X X N 2 X 5 ik 4 R , ,v n . X 1 4.2 , sf 1 at A most successful season was rewarded to the track team for their fine efforts ciis- played in their meets. The A. H. S. golf team en- joyed a highly successful sea- son witir a promising year to follow. '-Z:'V'1J x., The HA" Ctuh is an organization composed of boys who have earned one major letter or two minor tet- ters. This past year, the club spon- sored a haslcethaii game between the Badger AH-Stars and the An- tigo City AH-Stars. They also spon- sored a dance and sold refreshments at the hasicethail games. They in- tenct to make a trip to Chicago this spring. 1 , .4 xg g atv, we CWM Kffwvfw fyuL,1'L LHR -Jiv' , lift MJfc,fJ aj' 1 7 IL.. cf fs 'A aj ,I V' flu Ulf A -. f liwgf XX' Ki . jx, fdf' J C , . 1 D. Parker, Sergeant of Arms, Eder, Vice- Pres., D. Krall, Pres., D. One, Sec. Treas. we . . . "A" CLUB ROVV ROW ROVV ROW l: C. Rice, D, Parker, D. Krall, D. OHL L. Pendleton, D. Krause, 2: Reif, T. Seicu, T. One, M. Goodnough, Heclzman, Eder: 3: B. Thomson, T. iwcfjloskey, N. Mccormicie, R, Slengl, R. Thorne, 4: D. Frey, Prins, M. Kuhiaczyk, R. 1V1cCormick, R. Bonnell. GAA. ROXV l: D, Cox, Strusser, Brennecize, K. Sci1uitz,B. Mazanec, L. Scilumitsch, Fieischman, M. Fenton, P. CCIIGHGH, E. Brandt, Miss Juneau, K. igi, C. McGourty, T. Hommerding, E. Dickie, N. Gross, Wirth, E. Stengi, A. Stroixei, D. Wendt. ROVV 2: Yonieee, M, Wiicenshi, P. igi, C. Matiiszeiivsiei, P. Peirowsiei, Piievizy, M, Feiier, Ehiers, Rohacek, igi, A, Zaucha, A. Zima, R. Young, D. iviorii, ii.. Hommerding, Ison, K. Strobel, R. Newton, Waiiimanscunzg ROW 3: Sciiiiieman, K. len- sen, P. Mehurg, B. Cravoon, C. Mtviriert, Daiein, M. Ford, C. Sets, L. Matuchtfsizi, Kcgier, B. Guenthner, 1, Kuney, Krugei, M. Curtis, N. Darcy, S. O'N0iii, G. Xvinter, L. Zima, D. Bueiowg ROW' 4: E. Mrinson, A. Laiidenaer, G. Behi, L. Knutson, K. Smith, D. Kiuizaii, L. Dietrich, R. Maiguhn, M. Kosteiac, D. Dohrinsiza, S. Meidi, C. Tutro, DoUJs, D. Seidi, V. Ceiiza, M. Tatro, ' S. Carter. "Q Q "' 'Q l, YI .Q ' ROVV 1: P. Cuiiaimn, E. Branfit, B. Mazanec, K. Schultz, C. McGourty. ROW 2: 'x' ' ' 5' ' A T. Hommerziing, M, Fenton, Fieischman, M. L, luneau, Advisor, E. Dicizie. C. lgi, ' L. Scilumitsciz. . I .1 . XY 1 w ' A ., t 1 .f G.A.A. provides the giris with en- tertainment, aiong with good. healthy Q athietic activities. A iarge numioer of 2 giris attenci G.A.A., for their meeting usuaiiy numhers nearly one hundred. The giris meet once a weeic for major activities, such as hasicethaii, archery, and voiiey ioaii. They have a iot of fun and usuaiiy hreaic up around five oiciocic. On Tuesday nights, we iinci them at the howiing aiiey in rip-roar- ing Competition. The hig event of the year is the C.A.A. banquet. when aii the giris go out ior a good healthy meai. They aii iooic iorwarci to this with much an- ticipation. CHEERLEADERS .v - . l ,' ' ' I ' i 'ROVV I: N. Dorn, R. Siengig ROW Qxlfixiigvldiixnec, S n S ' ,- i i ' . B. Huiama, L., Scizumitsch, T. Hommefui gy, LJ chwing , Y A LB Both. tile squad and tile "B" squad cileerieaders, under time cap- iaincy of Louise Schumitscil and ,esiie Braun respectiveiy, did a fine ob of ciieering our team on to fight iieir ilardest. Vvitii Miss Martin act- ng as advisor, they introduced many lew cileers and performed in brigiit lew uniforms. I'm silre everyone wiii ngree tiiat they did a iot to promote food sciwooi spirit and to instiii in tile Joys that oid "Gui Go! Goin in aii heir games. As time oid saying goes, KA cheering section witilout cileeriead- ers is like an orchestra without a con- iuctorf' I fu M M' IJ. I ' y , X Hz 'E 1 dim i 7 .!,.,i 1 X 1 , 1. - . KJ NX I' H X x . I renneche, L. Tradewell, M. Ross L. Braun, lson. Q4 .if 1, Ddnna, Louise, and Barb aim for a buffs eye. Q Q 9 R Qs 'xo - gnu. N Kg AS 3 ' Q is if QE M QSM Alyce, Carol and Sally try for a basket. W ' . F - Diana and Indy try for a strike! f,,.f'd ', A I ., K I , l f f 1 2 ' ffg Uwfflf if -xg? Q-QQZL' I .117 f- QPYC-4 7' 'CLA' fl.: JC ji 7 X4 W f f' X 1 YL 71, f 9617: .fc Lfzf VL uw' WZ , fldf' fr JC? fggixl 14.4, iQ,Z,f,Zl?7A X Q 4M Z. 7941 wma C. 'Q dijje, ,KLKILYLJ I' ffu,1,g,ZLL 2 b .9C1.44L,v4fL,e fu.. 1" X - f" .1 ,. X Lge , 702 LJ' ,f V - ,- JJ Cflfkfx- -'C C7 VCA--bpk J Q gk 4711 577144 LLJ 'ppt cvfpf 5 x Q-46 A-A fl X.- 3 1 v 5Z',fC5fVQff7 W 7400 ' - VVai!ing for a chance al the Arcade. ' M ,x 6 V . N X uf' iff if ,MC r Mrk, I I e,fL L I . Q L fb XVM ' UQWMM I Od wkdyiw wr! The two Carols and Harriet try their luck. vi L 7 AHA The PJHHC1 Played Un f ""- 2 ' Q if .EEZ 55 ,I T2 M.: EE M5 E5 1521? F3 'S as Sv: :si Q.: SLU 01:4 FS -Cm O 39 :M :af 'ISE Q5 . 22 Gi cds me ii .gi U . 5,9 1593 U . -gm mi? Qc? -gig is PE SQ if WE Qs fr. UC D. CUZ As -5 Em D54 vi fs 2 V7 Q9 -E A VJ vi fi 2 : CD U-4 Ci : P1 c Q.. 'Q r-if -E 3 o P-N K0 o Z cd ri as E -: U -2 3 LL. 'A U5 If 3 'U .E UD Z "-5 o U5 E LD U ei 2 O cn: e 5 E E CD Z 5 2 CD B CQ L5 Q55 'EE QDQJ fl. Sz FS, 'Ja ..,,Q We 213. mo E. eff QS' Zo 5. JD.. 2 . 2.2 53 mn: QQ .dh 52 P-3 mm' 5 ima UJ LL?- E5 Qi? .L u. -and sf? C92 -s -s 2 EE EQ M. .E if e G . E2 '75 . Lv-bd OE gs 55 :M gg. M2 D Reed, M. Knoebel, T. Igl ne I Schl Q SS: ff C BAND X l I R u ry 0 0 , Rolzacele, S, O'BriPn, P. Hennvman, M. Fischer: RONV 2: Kr ll B ry a ark re t C B dz Slolzman, G, Mefnren, D, Krause, G, Kramvrg ROVV 3: P. Bl le R sch M Ko le uc Teskc L Amillz L orrnun lf. los,-ze, R, Bostwirlz, L. Dietrich. GRADUATING BAND MEMBERS Row l: M. Fergin, Duchac, Krylza, B. Noslzowiak M. Fenton, Fleiscfzman, R. Young. Row Q: A. Ol- denberg, P. Csuy, L. Hurllnert, L. Anstutz, Banczak, K. Deacy, E. Yarie, G. Brandt. MR. BAUSCHKA Director MAJORETTES , Muza C, . i- lcman, I 4 , I Nl 80 r-I - Q. U 55.5 as up .E Cfl vr Yi Z. -42 if . c ...E U1 Cd 'S : U N FN LY. 4 :S L- c 'S Cd W. E .Q .c o CC E 5 S I v-C Q UD 'Q If o Q o rv P4 'Q Sa C o 'J cv Fl. CL vi VJ cv S . Q : c U U 2 I-Li 4 O I f A ,Jiffy 'mffq 'fr' .ff Z? ffl ,f rv ' bf ,V 1.14 . W ' e . ff! 1 'Zia Zzrp C. CID it O Q3 fb Row l: N. Skinner, H. Kraus, Reinert, Ehlers, D. Calla- Dorn, G. Worman, M. Krueger, D. Haviland, B. Garclisky, Eg- han, N. King, M. Tatro, L. Prochaska, N. Gross, B. Graveen, D. Nlurray, A. Ecker, L. King. R. Pricleette, Hersani, D. 3 E. Dobbs, P. Parsons, Ison, D. Kieper. Row 2: B. Haiama, Rosie, D. Harman. Row 4: B. Skinner, L. Adkins, Novak, M. Mikkeison, B. Va sau, Murray, G. Gee, M. Fenton, S. D. Hayes, T. Mil s, P. Blazek, K. Fenton, B. Grantma , G. L. WOFmGH. 's L me U1 5 3 -Q QD I si 'S cz :E L5 E cs t :J U D.: .H 5 O IZ xl Q3 V1 V1 cs I: VJ 4 'Ei .Q 2 U1 si E cs E .: O .2 2 LL. 'Q . . . 'Sires Giee Club ROXV 4: Kluball, M. Monlz, Schmoll, M. Wogiosich, P. Maresln, C. Roerechf, Hosleiller, R. Arrawoocl, S. Stanfli- furd, P. Zartz, S. Spreng, D. Presieelie, M. Dicieman, G. Vosmelzf ROVV 3: N. Fleischman, M. Doucelle, D, Bures, Ison, lf. Fischer, C. HCSCIILQ, S. Meirll, S. Keslly, B. Gruenlzerg, M. Cornelius, A. Buch, M. Fuller, C. Tulro, B. Dewung ROVV 2: G. BEIII, N. Grades, Berndl, N. Skinner, D. Porter, L. Tuglienti, R. Marciniale, Gill, B. Beitel, M. Slrasser, S. Curivr, B. Monisseyi, M. Gunderson, P. Rammerg ROW l: M. Voras, A. Strobel, L. Traclcwell, R. West, P. Meiicirg, O. Darmruili, S. O'Neill, G. Gee, Kollas, Berner, K. Krueger, Leopold, Cliner, 1VlcNeil. . . Bays Cvlee is f f A A A is 1 .1 A if i 5 Zi. ii A Figgriswi if iii' .. , 1 i Y X f M' A h qw? w fa , A wi Y 'T ROW I: Novak, C. Welzler, P. Adamslzi, D. Haviland, B. Carclisizy, R. Prickelle, Sharp, G. WOTMGH: ROW 21 N- Dorn, M. Krueger, D. Murray, A. Ecizer, T. Meyers, D. Hayes, Hersant, P. Curran, D. Rosiog ROW 3: B. Skinner, D. Hayes, T. Mills, P. Blazek, B. Grantman, A. Carlson, B. Warg, G. Robbins, Ryland. Dfama . The main objective of the Drama Club is to present one act plays and acquaint students with play produc- tion procedures. Membership is open to any senior high school student. The Drama Club plans to give three plays this year: a Christmas play. 'Song of Gloryf' a television play, to be pre- sented over the Vvausau station, and another play in the late spring. Miss Leider is the advisor. Row I: L. Worman, R. Portman, P. Blazek, L. King. G. Worman. Row 2: A. Schweitzer. Reinert, M. Kelly, P. PeLong, M. Gallentlerg, C. Meinert. Row 5: T. Slengl, R. Bovee, E. Brandt, M, Bina, Brennecize, E. Mccandless. Row 4: B. Pederson, W. Kennedy, A. Pinnegar, K. Beu- tow, I.. Nelson, B. Mehren. Row 5: G. Steiner, W. Moller, E. Kegler, M. Doran, N. Ford, C. Haclelzarlll. Row 6: R. Reznichelz, Rollacek, L. Hommerding, Ison. Reed, Randall. Row 7: N. Sledler, N. Lingenfelter, Brenneclze, K. len- Sen, L. O'Neill, A. Cross. Row 8: L. Dietrich, D, Klulzall, M. Smith, C. Behl, L. Feuer, S. Brecklin, Row 9: R. Malzalln, M. Glugla, Cousineau. B. P. MeHarg, Ross, B. Morrissey, S. Fleischman. 4Df-M.JfK' , .,e,.,,,7cff.71eZfQf- ze' we ,cz ' 7'-'f . ,. 7?uM M7 .fff' l'?s.A- -me I . B4 L-tiff' if ,Z4,f-I ' 94,441 ' M Ross, President: i resi dent: C. Hactebarth, sec. reasurer, talusentj . Seniors Present Cinciereiia Cottage Teresa Stengi .. Tony Mills ..... Reinoici Dickman Marilyn Hunter .. Helen Krause Janis Nelson .. Joe Neufeit .... Bonnie Pederson Jerry Demiow .. sim it 5, r s t e i -- Aunt Abbih t i i' " .......Eveitt it it .. Mr. Conicie WY' X ' P t ' D ' Msg, 'Q Mr. Kirscflrzjisigrt 5 C75-W ......Spanicy Qcvtef if-Q M .. ..... Bob fm '46 Paul Csuyi ..... lm Forensics . ixftrs. iwiuetter is ctirector ot ttle forensic program, which tias become a year round activity at Antigo. in September tide 32 ctutw members attended a Speectl institute t1etct at the State Cottege in Stevens Point. Un October '50, fifteen ot ttie mem- bers participated in a Practice Nieet tletct tor IO of the Vattey sctioots at ivterritt Higti. Ctutm memtuers are in great ctemanct year rounci to appear on time programs of time various city organizations. January and Fetmruary are tuusy monttis preparing tor tile Higti Sctloot Contest traditionatty tietct on iwtarcti I. Tile Winners go on to League, District, and tinaity to State competition. Row I: N. Stern, G. Sctiweitzer, R. Reznictlek, A. Antik, M, Duran. Row 2: I.. Nelson, N. Lingenfeltpr, I., Trurtewr-tt, D, Kiepor, SCIIIIHIZIYI. Row 5: Mrftzcxtir, P. Parsons, T. Shfngt, Krause, Ken- nvcly. Row 4: IW. Hoicv, lson, K, Iris. L. Braun, K. Fenton. L Braun Presirlentg K. Fenton, Vice M. Doran, Sec. Treasurer. . Spanish Club The Spanish Club, advised by Miss ciineria, had its beginning this year in nur school. Time Club plays games in Spanish, converses in Spanish, and learns ongs in Spanish. A Christmas fiesta vas iaeid with the breaking of a pinacia is a tli-iight, Two pro'ects of tile Cl tm , Wy. . Mfffjy wwf W low Sunde , B. Dewan, M. Sharp. B. 7riIscl1, w 2: B. Gehr, K. Schneider, A. Kennedy, J. Summ, N. Grail. Row 5: C. Conn, Dakin, U. 1 uliring, L. Taglienli, M, Kaplan. Row 4: Mi9fSCIl, 7. Murray, L. Draiger, B. Maly, B. Richards. Row : Gardner, Leonard, P. Blazeh, R. Pricizette. M. Sharp, Treasurer, P. Blazek, President: D. Summ, Secretary, B. McCormick, Vice President fabsenli I c 'I XG ' "2 i I I 4 . '-P jxggqfs-7,iEfbQv 4-A ' 4 .1 W. 'Vg Jfg ,Q 'njvi Uxgw V e... ' . L YR7 PM .... ,JN ,V 3. cn ja - kj -' -- . , 85 Row l: Aschehrooh, Reed, M. McKinnon, Cousineau, B. Vassau, M. Kelly. Row 2: S. Weyena berg, C. Haciehurth, Nelson, P. Callahan, C. Mc- Gourty, B. Mazanec, M. Bina. Row 4: E. McCan- Jless, Reinert, E. Dobbs, S. Carter, Schwingl, D. Callahan. Row 5: Anderson, K. Buetow, Fel- ler, Rowan, lim, B, Huhatch. Row 6: D. Do- tzrinsizu, A, Zimmerman, M. Fenton, P. Crum, N Fleischman, M. Iohanelz. Row 7: B. Noslzowiaia, L. Schumitsch, E. Sawicizy, D. Reed, L. Zima, K. Waf- ner. Row S: S. O'NeiH, K. Schultz. Row 9: Mc- hale, B, Tradewell, B. Maltelz. D. Frey, T. Mills, Maiieh, T, lesse K. Fenton. , , gm ,, . ' ffl - Qx aj df xv I ' N nj... Yi M' fff-' Y K .tiff X v" 1' VIA + is . 1 . .f 4,-I f' w ,'-I . ' b. l 86, M. Latin Ciuh . Latin Club is open to all students who have completed two years of Latin or are in their second year. The purpose of the Latin Cluh is to study and enjoy Roman life and customs. The hi-iight of this club is the Latin Banquet which is held in the spring of the year. At this event students come dressed in Roman clothing and eat a Roman meal in Roman style. The advisor is Mr. Cramer. Blaze, '5"" 7"" 'ii I 'f!,l'ff 'f fu .41 ff!" 'lf' 'Y 94, 44 111117 1416 'I' 5-'el iwiffjf " ti-7!?"'7,',' 771316, if-:Vi .-fl !,:.!f'-I ,I ff"f,, ijulfldfl 344 +1 ggi ff: fx, 1,-'.,4 11'ef,,ff,.f-' 1 4 ff' ! I f I --ff", ' -'yin' lfgkfffrf 0 lf' 4"a-L? A 0- ,'Qf6 "ff,-f' -fn ,fff-'f ffff. ef. 731.10 ff ff.-p - ff, 'z rw, nf-ff-:I ,..,e,"' agen' K . M .Z-1.4! .4u,e.c,,,,f.f fam naffyadlga. 4. ' r - L. Braun, Pre nt: N. Dorn, ice 21:7 it . f f" Y . President: Anderson, Sec. Treasurer. A - 4 Il 'G f! RN As you all lcnow, the Antigonian is a school edited and produced newspaper, and getting a paper out every three weeks and doing a good job of it, has lcept the Anti- gonian staff plenty husy. At the same time they have gained experience in production and news writing, learned the fundame als of better journalism, and still found tj e toj, sponsor three dances. ' .e , A Under the direwzymissmiiigcdaefce school paper has r ht newolo all klfldskj to the student 'of . Hifi sur we a all happy anfp ud off! i ,, 1' gf i f . fi i ,ff , , , Xu 3 y x : f t, , lx 4 n fb! ff UM il Qi kj' It ll ll ,.7,"jL A nffly :J . fy ffv ,f f , if lo lj ! 1 f U E. Brandt, Editor in Chief: B. Mehren, Iunior Editor. I . Antigonian Row I: B. Fischer, E. Mccandless, Muway, B. Ochs, Ducliav, Nelson, B. Halama, Cousi- neau, M. Milzlzelson. Row 2: Reinert, M. Kelly. B. Vassau, M. McKinnon, Leupold, B. Mamnec. Row 3: C. Haclztmrth, I.. Nelson, N. Crum, Brenneclze, P. Callahan, C. McGouriy, Row 4: Anderson, B. Milzlzelson, R. Bovee, M. Bacon, M. Bina, M. Fronele. Row 5: M. Doran, Feller, E. Dobbs, S. Carter, M. Goodman, B. McKinnon. Row 6: Rowan, B. Beitel, P. Rammer, Sclnilleman, Scliwingle, D. Callahan. Row 7: T. Weeks, R. Port- man, Krause, Laefm, Koelzer, Lund. X., XXSQ X N f-Era-JUL1X, NIB?-1 Lvvaf ix - , , r f fvtktfelesi , g,N,.,l,W.X.-.fwg A V, 3-ANMM X ' to .lx JJ C-4 -X., up Q.. - ' ' X' A J-"-Lv Wx Q Xi U57 Row I: R. Gress. G. Krueger, P. Marciniale, L. Mosher, R. Nicholson. Row 2: A. Belant. D. Nicholson, G. Sctnroepfer,-E. Mosher, C. Wild. Row 5: T. Koss, D. Herman. B. Schwartz, B. I:l9iSChTlll1Yl. Forestry . The Forestry Club consists of about 25 memiaers wtio meet once every monttx. Features at meetings this year have been a Christmas party, a speaker from "Trees for Tomorrow," and a movie shown by the Conservation Department. In tile Spring of ttle year, tile club plans on spending two days in tile Sctiooi Forest. They wiii spend considerable time planting young trees. One of tile biggest projects of time year is tile promotion of sctlooi usage of the forest iand owned by Antigo High. The advisor, Mr. Biise, along with Mr. Pou- iette, has been betlinci ttlis plan. f!fl'X D. Herman, Vice President, D. Nichol- son, President, P. Marciniak, Secretary Treasurer. bib!! Row I: R. Beimizor , S, Euizier, B. Gruenimerg, Rosie, I Row 2: M. Hipkewz. Remington, D. Cunningham, Seizeny. ,J J Row 'ixz S.!lTatgfVt. Lee, Kryiza, E. Repington. I if 4juAiJ Jf .X , l UW! ,LV dj if X Ui' J 5, , L X . i VM !J Yi' by If AM Nw ,ld ,iv . , bfi U mx MJ 74140 fi J t NA .1 5 1 V ri Ld fb 7 j X V xi? 'X , M V L 1 , K3 ii V K t V -, -1, 1 U ,IJ 'A-If filblbyj wif V M' 'Li' AMLNHLQIJX 'Jbfy f in k WJ A My 'W A Jw f, .Li Ai F IV My im J U X vi! f 5 I xr X. ,N f JJ UL C F vw ff v ye, t ' ll 'X -4 f x id' N 7 X M I t 3. ra -Y W, , My .M LN My if Ui' Qi L iw ig W' L Y Y Q fd VN L Cv ,v M 'w t V bf 1 Fii'l.A. is opgn to anyone who is taking or has taken one se- mester of Homemaicing. Colors are red and white, and time flower is the red rose. The motto, "Forward New Horizonsf' means learning to live better today in order that our lives and ti'l0SC of our pos- terity may tive better tomorrow. Y-T1 Row l: Remington, Vice President, D. Cunningham, President Row 2: Rosio, Secretary, E. Yonkee, Reporter, Kryiea, Treas. Photography w I. lim, T, Rudolph, K. Daecy, B. u . . lit" AXVL g N Row 2: D. Seidl, R. Herman, M. Lutzowicz. wa I lvjjgfd 'LV' Lgw 3: R, Dictzman, Standiforcl, D. Waldvogel. , , N ,,, CDV . u ' n I 31 Q ,wk W Y, ow, 4: B Hansen I i i f M 1 'li .1131 A LUVL ttf jj . M bf!! - W0 J, W i Vt W s if N we W M 1 if Mtv? .af etffq fA li f ft U ff ffyf tt My rj . .Ji ""' I- -. f .V , li ff . ,ff I " - ' A ff 'I f I + 13 ffff if N fi f' ff W Lil it Of t ft VL gf I .yfhjr R . ' 'L jx! fx ' l '-'kv' Y I 61, Ullti U lb X' X AMQLVHI! la? ft l ff A fl? C , ,. , U A 'I - .- V I x' 2 AV ,fy , kj H 1 I C fn L 2 C M, rx! ell 39' J F,,ff'j1qjL,,-'jEl1he main purpose om og l1QJtssto Ertgxurage Hxwj ..,.. NN Cy ht H wiki All interest9d.rgtuclents to tai etter icturesEfAtNlfk,a rn:QEtingS'fJ!4 it ' 4w,l-XV Nifkx W ' , S- :gl E ,wheeefterms lilce Hparalloxf' Hhyperfocal clisthfnq If K gAi.,f'Y .43 aff C257 K, .4 ww it X QA" are thrown arounct with apparent unclerstgtltii r. t Af: V I 'J X 0, V vff Lf f f Cyer, the advisor, instructs the members in at fewiil' theft! N1 1 ' ?y.,' VD Mui' Fu sf 0 M70 If tx ,fwwt V ,K I ,bt Y 1 -I I .SH ,j X Q technical and artistic phases of photography. They als velop and print their own pictures in the school ctarlc rn m. At the beginning ot the school year Bill Hansen! was elected President. No other officers were elected. some off the activities ot the cluh included a shooting session for Rwhich two Junior girls posect, ancl a display ot' the nationa x rize-winning pictures. x ' J 1 N X N XE Xi Q , . i A ti ,Y N Qt t Ju IIN A ix ' Vx X 3 sky QX X . XJ X KR x sw J - 3 ,L N 'N .N , I 5: XX Y X5 Q 3 , . as , , 5 it W. 'Q 9 N NE it .5 K f J ig , V. R ii, 1-f J X5 - S A J XY MX' CX' wx- Yr P ,AJ L XY it tg, KJ 5 . . . Science Club Row I : T. Ford, N. Lingenfelter. Row 2: Vosmelz, B. Bula, A. Aulilz. Row 3: A, Arvesun, K, lensen, Brenneclze, Cousineau. Row 4: N. Orlhman, T. Iesse, Lul20wiCZ, S. OUUIU- Row 5: D, Waldvogel, C. Bailey, B, Hanson, T. Rudolph. The Science Club. heaclecl by Mr. McLaughlin, is an organization to help students further their interest in science. Anyone who is interested in any phase of science is eligible lor membership in this club. The Science Club talces lielcl trips and all members worlc on a project in either physics, biology, or chemistry. This is a goocl or- ganization to get into it you are interested in science. jf . .1 fr ff ff ffff X EZ I l 7 JI! ff! ' ' ' 1 fl ' elle . if Kiwi' 'i f 1 W-NN , 1 j? , A L PX ffl fzffb fag ff! Q: K ff ff - X Q I f N. X fig 'Q Officers - T. fesse, President, Brenneclee 91 .Qan -Trane R I-I,..,...,.... XD-- D-,-:1. I R x I I Anderson F fonq I Hansen C Cherlnka 1 orties. R 2 B01 PE q 1371 flll fl M BGCOYI, A Forbes l MllChU, Randuxl, f ,, ,a,.,f 1' r , 1 W A 1 ' 4. " ' ' '1 Y l I 4 4, f s 5 rf. B 4 , . wx X N The main purpose of Eta Epsilon is to raise money for the Home Econom- ics Department. They do this hy sell- ing coffee at the football games, and hy having harhecue and cancty sales. They also help with the traditional "Open Housen and basketball tourna- ments. i......... , . . . Radio Ami TV Ciuin Row I: M. Mosher, L. Slrassef, I.. Nelson, N. Ford. Row 2: I.. Deifriciz, Ison, If. I.onq, B, Sl'l'liSPI, N. Grail Row '5- E. Ml'cwllllfIlPSS, fy, Ifaclzimuriil, L. Hommercling, K, Iensen, Sumieli. Row 4: Edeniiz. King, Ovinll, Ti Ford, I4 Brunolcl. Row 5: iv. Orfilrrliln, CJ'Briun. E. Nelson, President, S. Oviatt, Vice President, N. Ford, Sec. Treasurer. The Radio fc' T.V. Club is one of iime new club organizations of our sciiooi advised by Wir. DeGuise. This Club has given programs over WATK, Antigo and has done some eievision woric over VVSAU. They as- :ist in speech and assembly work and iii dramatic and entertainment groups. Ro F.F.A .... 5 . Row l: D. Pavlpiz, T. Koss, T. igl, D. Husnicte, D. Drexler, D, Hutzatch, Row 2: Euler, E. Miller, G. Kreger, G. Servi, B. Hoermnn, D. Gulfltwncti, Row 'Sz E. Cunningham, V. Arrowood, B. Kapusta, H. Hannie, D. Sporina, Igl, C. Kakes. Row 4: M, Puff, D, Kopesclzu, G. Sctiwitzer, Drage, T. SOPGIU, ZGIYPFOIISIQY- W l: T. Igl, President, S. Perry, Vice Presi- dent. Row 2: T. Koss, Secretary, D. Drexler, Re- porter, Lukas, Sentinel. The F.F.A. is an organization begun for ttie purpose of developing competent, aggressive, rural and agriculture leadership. To be a member, one must be in vocational agriculture with satisfactory grades and a satisfactory farm- ing program. The iii-tights of the year are the Father and Son Banquet, Exhibit at the Coun- ty Fair, and the F.F.A. Educational Tour. The honor given eactl year is time Efficient Pro- ctuction Award. 'Q fs ...DEBATE Row l: L. Braun, Nelson, M. Hake, A. Aulile, M. Doran. Row 2: B. Vassau, B. Mehren, L. Tradeweii, E. Kegler. The question that this year's dehate team met was UResoive that the Federal Govern- ment shouid initiate a poiicy of free trade among nations friendly to the U. S. The big event of the year, after the teams had participated in debates in Merrill, Point, and Eau Claire, came when the HA" team won the right to attend the state sectional. This was the first time in 14 years that Antigo had been represented at this particular tourney. Members of the winning team were Leslie Braun, Bohhe Vassau, Melvin Hoice, and Bonnie Niehren. The dehate squad also has given a program over the air this year, with the help of the An- tigo High School Radio and T.V. Ciuh and WATK Antigo. All in all the season proved successful, and so another year of debate in Antigo High has been completed under the fine direction of iwirs. Vvhiting. B. Vassau, President, L. Braun, Vice President, L. Traclewell, Sec. Treasurer. 1-A2 T ,I I . . gf!!! ' F ,14.4.'p.L-fi ':!LdJdJ,X.b :MPG-1 H 61523: L.,-ff pf V -veg. ,Plifijf ,,- 7, 1, ,u,Lg2,,.,.z...,.1n c..L,4C.A,:r4'1.,Ljm,L1fT.f?-. 3T'vzLc., A , "girl-' 1?. J?'AflfL-ff ,.rKZL::Qt,,. cl-57. ,.., Q'-'fig-,IN K.A'f2Ai,,,:-5 4..5aL, A ' i:,, A .i yfailf flag' V45-H---HJ,---X .. '147-15-ff-if' ffgirgyaxffvff-' ,LfQ5y,-,lf 5,-'7'6i.. A . -, N ttlirty hard-working students who put much time and energy into making this Hi-Light an enjoy- able one for all of you. Vve hope that you will all like the Annual, and that ir! years to come it will toe something at which you will look with pleasure, and feel that this has been a good summary of ttlese, the -.dwg 1 very best years of our lives. ""f.Z jf ,Q Q, g, Cfifg-' rg. cl?" 4, 4.12.01-.. . ' V Editor in Chief J A K K 4 ' K f. 1 fifth A , --',. ,- 69" 5- Ca' :: f . ,.-' . if--g,,.,..,,, BQBBE VASSAU eff f 'L y ef e- if '- 1 47 1, . I I twat, pff"':"iK, fi KQAAMZJTN ' P 4 RYV4 L A l 'I K A if !i I !iA:,1-L-L 1,1 ,,,, 45,1 .5 Wi.:-tt! V 'Lip .7 I I 4,' .I K .K yfl1,N,L,H. 741' 7:TZ,.Q.ig,-,,- .'., QQ .--5-Jef f ' fi jf.1..-llkl--L:4'41.a, Qi 7-.1,i.iP' "'i N',sZ,-:.4.- A byfifyem-5 .' LJ ."""'C-Y GENERAL STAFF. , if , ' f e ,,. ,. ' f'f!"- 4. fir. div'--1-1-r-.f'1f112 -f-4 ' 91,4 r.., :gave K .. 4-'U-,-...,,L.,,:2.n1 ffv,-..--" 'f""'n"',2L? " ' ' fl 7 "" xv 4 unify' I ' i fill ,. . .2 1" I .M ff' 451' ui f-'- V 'iff f -f-:f -1- d..:'ef' ,.. f gtg' ,f7f2Z5,,Cf,, J .off-'K Y K , , . .. i . if Q-ff, , 4 W -S . fx. 4 ' r " " -- W - .ff -f . 1 s it W ? I 1'42MQ' 'Z jzzpzm-kt' .-nj gm ' W " . fs? f it . aff if ' ,as . Row 1: D. Reed, C, Ctavette, N. Ford, B, Mazanec. Row 2: P. Callahan, Strasser, T. Hommerding, Nelson, A. Strobel, Sctlitlemun. Row 5: K. Schultz, Fleiscliman, B. Mehren, C. Hactzbarth, M. Kelty, M. Fenton. 'H ', ff M 'F ff'9o"Mf f . fifzf-L-f 4 .ffr i- ...W f--fbi .I A-E-Alix -- 4. ,,i F , 7 ff ' ,X .- , Kea.-Q gi?x.f:-fuC:.,4.,.aLIl!,,f4+ , 1,fm,xif,,,L'-, -:f1Q,,,!.!:,f 4, 1-if--' l,,:Qf-ff.. V ..fg.'1..Vf5 , .gif V 1.241 ,,.-,egg Yiakyflizi.,:..-1'f2..jZSfLg, f.Lx.' KZ! .L ' 57,2 ' if ---J' , ,Pig Aytyg' ' ".' --V "A" .QL ,ff f VKX " --f t-Q . ' The H1-Light Staffffiils year Eonsisted of, about PHOTOGRAPHERS i!,f'fLgf3?'5' 7 1 Cz zffa wif inf 4.1 if 5ffiZp"1f1Zlf' ji X 'Lf , - Zi ' 'U 'Lf'1CZi . ,-4 Z6 X W ,fp zzz Qffgcgfivff AMA if-vw-N rvfffffjn 'ik O 5 ' I X vQ,a.,s1-- I R lawns-Lack.. Bill Hansen . ' , -gpw,-, k,.J..w-.N...,, Ted Rudolph to 3- SK..-...-.-.fn--S. 3.-s---3x CIQMAS ' "Q--L...- 'A--QQ, M U? ve-13'-M-'ALL I. Cousineau, Miirray, Mike Boil, Tom Clk, M. Fergin, B. OCIIS. I A , t , Eciitorgrgob Granfman I I, f, I , L 7, fnPiNE2ff5 BUSINESS . fl, f -- Ieanne Leupold, Mary Mikkel- son, Chairman: Nancy King Sue Vick, Elaine Brancit, Cilairmang Marilyn Bina. 97 Student Counei . . . Row I: D. Slengi, C. Rice, ison, L. Scirumitscii, Rosio. Mr. Guenstlerg, Advisor. Row 2: M. Smith, P. Igl. Ducimc, N, Gross, B. killllllffll, S, Carter, Mfmrrissey. Row 'iz fy. Bailey, H. ivlvilren, Vassau, in.. Braun, Ford, D. Zwiciey. Row 4: B. Kuimny, Krueger, Mills, Gfllluulcil. Z I . jf.-gif ,gi . 7? ' ,f Aj Z .275 j f. ML-- . , .JA , - ' if f ' 'Ji ' . J f ? ' , v M,,f f- . jg? 17' LU! fifvfffvu if 1 ,., ,H ,f . ,fn .gjfj-f - f d . 7, A - .N e. i ,, ff Y '- h :ff 1 , 1 A tifgafff GMA' ,Stiff M5146 f' ' f 117' 1' Cer res: ent, N. Ford, Secretary, L. 'fa . NX ' , na!!! Braun, Treasurer, D. Stengl, Vice President. 1 Tile Student Councii is an or- ganization ctevoteci to tide purpose of directing student activities and complying with ati student needs. This year time council iras sponsored the Homecoming, tile saie of Robin riioiuons, time Christmas Dance, time Senior Fareweii Dance. and tile ar- rangement of assemblies. Tile Stu- cient Council is atniy adviseci by Wir. Guensberg. I. Drfmlow twins 2. The Gang 3, Bolzfw 4. Georgina 5. janet 6. Bathing Beauties T, Convv 8. lean 9. lim and Iaclz 10. Dick Il. Bev and Mary 12. lavleiv 15. Dunn:-'Q I4. Bob I5. Bvuuliful Barb I6. Scury??? Dannce Minrlicf "Red" Duchac Slurnfwr Parlies SU!! llflll Carole Don Ioanie, Iucly, Kath, Minrlie SHUIU-IJOUTIJ Fmnnic Sleeping Beauty Andy One twins al twelve Ioaniv and Hlwonstern School Days fBev, Audry, Ianis, Malwis, Rcnnee. Indy? Four for fun The Doorway To Qur Past QM., 'i in '71 fudge,-4 7964! awe M... 594167 ' 'QAM L 64:1 -el1iaTTvQf The Student Body . . . ew- SPGKJ 46.1.5 7041-'fl 1 57.0. A... 70.l'.L.rv7e...,,1,'f4...I.. RM gy-gig, w-LU UM we t is opp umyto itiffnka o . 7 W the foll ssos tlffii have helfrejtto maze our AJ 4Q,g,,?2f,,,I-if-...7f1UI LQ-4k.-44'-if-44' f'. Al Ebertf Jewelry .................. S 5.00 Harvey's Service Ftation ............ 5.00 ff 5 ,..,,, 1 .Cd-'df - TQ? .414 A4 :fa ,Z Antigo -afe ..... ......... . 5.00 Hoe's aiottling Ste? . . .......... 5.00 f fffrv'-0 NL-wwf' ff ,-444-fL.-c, 'K-1 1' , A' o Electra: G' Gas ....... ..... 5.00 Lv p . .... i ................ 5.0.0 by Antigo Electronics ....... ........ 5 .00 Jol1nny's Spoftswgr ..... . ........... 00 ! . HM M, Q-'U Q77iA.r-7 H 0,.,f, J Anttgo Radio S' f.V. ................ 5.00 Johnson Fl er Er Gift S op ......... 5.00 W.Antigo Shoe Hospital ............... 5.00 Knox Grocery ...................... 5.00 QQ: w-fl!! wiv caivtl. vm. igntigo o per's fiat-1:3 ............ 5.00 Kretz Bros. Lumber Co. . . . . 5.00 . 9 w,1fw1....A..0..J-0.,1i...',.,g14, g ' B. E1 M. Bootery ...... ............. 5 .00 Langlade Laundry ................ ' . . 5.00 ' M O. ' ! Q ,b-ff-4'-1,0 IU Cid M .I Bacon's Bowling Alley .. ............ 5.00 dless, Zotael Bradley ...... 3 .sz 2557... e... . . ' 7M...v Badger Paint Stor ..... ......... 53, Molle Jewelry re . . . . . . 5.00 Cavers Agency ................ Hardware Co. ...... ..... . . 5.00 , . 9 S can 4 , S777 L41-Q ermont Printing . . . . ........... 5.60 Penney' .' ..... ......... . 5.00 C24,., ff-wha 4' aQA,.,,',.,,.' 0-Q 54750-14 Club 77 .................. - ......... l 0.00 Petters Auto Supply . 7 . ......... 5.00 are may QL.. he if-E.. ', . - ' f W Con s ........... . . .... 2.00 Rasman's D ....... . 5.00 Q , . s jewelry tore ............. ' . . 5.00 Resch Bros: Tire Shop .............. 5.00 . N I ' ' ' 1 PV!! D7vid's Clottiikradgtoge 4 .. 5.00 JM-gervi s ..... . . . . 5.00 f " f f 1 . - . f N 2 ri... CJ vcd! Agua, 'W '52 Sheldon sp...fE'Kfi.'Q.f3 .......... 5.00 6? 1 , f I R 7 . ' I Q 6:-reger i . . 5.00 mit nc1hj' Barier W 0-14.9 ' ' 51 45 .E ri' - 1 !Dunbar adio 55 T.V. Service . . . . . 5.09 Toburen . ........ . . 5.00 C g U. X 'I . I ,. Familfghoe Store? ............... '5.00 Vassau Insurance ............. X ..... 5 .00 kj ' 9, E 3 Il-5,94-5 " 'lfcff-yw.fp-p-...4,xJ . Gamble Store . . . . . . .67 5.00 Axylfs Ti: Shop ...... , .......... . . 5.00 Gunlcers Bakery .......... ' .......... 5 .00 W dio ...... x ..... ,,. . . 0 A .f v , yi, I , 'Gai , I Harte 's ........ ..... A ........ 51.020-K ,N V. I K,-J " ' M4 Goff' Qfwifif . C9 ,wffw bf' WA Jw' W i ,Wx if ff 1 wa .A ' 1 0Xj:b-ral-'XFJy, 0yJ.,,.f GM loo 015 fi !!! . f 9 ' ffm WW QEZ?W?Q2PyM f2aQ9jZ7fQf?W, wW 4i7ilf5yW 'ff5ZZf.fiZ QWQWWNQPJ W WJQZ 9 M iffy M + NSW 'Kirby 9 A QQ' Six if Q E ykjjgff wggx yy W SQ W EM 5 Qwmmii if 2 Nfkfiiivgqfx f.f,Tf "?ixiQgiE3QiQ 353 REQQE isis V, M. '.:4' Y 'if K- '- mu-.wgf ' 4 V vV,,J, --' '4:.:.,- M I , E ,z',:,5.a-In - MW df M, Q, fivwiffwy wif VN MQW ww W vj'f?fffW . if , if WW' Q M 2' My 9 ' fy"

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