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 - Class of 1940

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K ,ff . Q ,, , QQ ,z5f,Wfff,af?i 1 9 W f , F SJ cis! X mf X N ' f 7. 5,0 J' 7 X f f v , , 3,x57 ,gl xi YN , K f Q X' A yxxgx fx .CJ 6 x J, 3 L s Sf! y if NX, Sf? 5 w x ,ff 'a ni 'x f J ' J E C! 44.1-,psdrf at Wm i., fgwmzfrw f'-X Zcdfifflli, ,L ' f P- . f ' - bf I A XR . ' 5 I - K A r VA I 1 U t F A ' 5 V . 5 Q J J - W, 1 ,, ' l I U . 1 ' ' ' ' 1 A . . A' h A, Y ' - - . X - X w x 1 , ' ' - fy ' 1' f , ' N 1 ' 1 ' Y ' V f, ' t . 9 v A 5 3 F n - , A l i, ,. I. L. 1xj T Q . u ,h I, . , ,- . xl ,X ' ,4 lx' LJ Mx X Q K - ' x YJ!! 1' - ' V. I . ? V L 5 ' I .Ax rf 'L 4 7 - I ,N V N, N ,x X. , Y Q ,s.' I , ' I X I . . sw 'H V ' ' E , , 4 ' 1 , - J X A A lv' 0 Qt '1 , X. U , -1 I L , K X '5- Wf' in 'Q EU A 2 I . x . 9. f' X K L . V K uf f , W, - V ,.L.v ' U1 l V f ,, JJ, f f X X Q f f M11 1 ' , 4 ' ' , Y I . X ' , n J-Af' 1 V V s f 4 5 v ' 'X , J ' Aj' 4 l Y ,, 1 . 5 11 , I l .fax V V ca W. , f J' ' V ,.-., f ,J . , L ff' 7 . ,f,ff-17 - 4 ' ' X - 41. rQ!VV,X,,f1,A,ff52x i Af.. ,. , ,ff J J, l I , K 4 4 K , ...nlkgfq I9 Y' Y J, J-'lvfuf J f X 4 'frnlfav . 1 -f , 4 , .J ff-44 if t , , ff ' UV X - iw, IJ X J 7 JJ Q . f f f x :g,, .PC . A , ' I 1' ,Y Q'-ff ' z'N Xa.-gy, gg gw' ' I r gig xf yff, Q J Q1 Q A-2 fifflffk- ' ,W,.A,v-fL 'JfV'LLkwX .zgg - V. A Q ' ' Q 1 L P 1 1 Q O x ! I' 'xi av 'J . -1 -5 N 1, A 1-Lf . V ' 1 ,. ,',i?IXt , id ' i Q I - F . , - . Q . 4 1 Q -int V ..z'-I x K 'K ur- .- 1 si-Kg 44' . ,Q .h H, V: I 2.0. nf. Q -V -4 ite -2- J , 'S ' -. ' ' ' J! '. 9 '4 5. s 2 , ' 2 ' ' ' 'J 0 Q: U. ,s 1- ' . ' ' 9 is-fx' 1 , 1 5 Y f pf 4 K- O , 5 my 'S' Yi ' U 9 U , 1 '- 'O.,. I ' 5-Q ,fs 3 ' -U ' -T, ,v 4 'S-W ,S , ' L , r .5 Ctax W. X ls - . , ' vial f' R 's-'vi 1 .. '- ' I :J 55:3 .axis I ith.-'.T'mn ' .' I 1 . V' . , .A ,fya 3. 's',x f mfg . - t ,. - Q ' A. 'I 4- JL L' ' i ' . af..-o!AqLV.6.':,4 'Q' ' , a ' 'A - ' , --Str. ' . I, J I N ' - f r' it LM - .V ,-. 'v' ' 'r ' lag? gr, rf ,, ,,. ,, L. 1? 'M It Yi-VX i ,f fx Y qfjfl 0 , I ,GFS .in ' X t? I f 1' . Q F4 a Q f 71 , ' , 35 , A 5 A' . F 'V ir.. , .Ja 3' - ' H: If I ,lf , . . l,0 41 'uh l . U ,J 0 , lliflt. I 'Q,ro if K 't . 5 x, .A 'gl . ! I fi. 'l.. fail, :V 2 's .' . , P xu,.vQ:.fQi4. A , sa QL! ' 5? 1' ' 3 ' 4 1',ax4 i. f ,li 0 ' . I 5 ,pr Y' ' 3 ' ' Fl -, 'mfg .. :Ira Y . . ,f . '5- hwf yy ,,f'v'r'Avn 1 P . f I ' .3- , 5 fn. ,, u ' T Q .R 'rt s t :Ntfo:'fQ'l F- Qin mi' ' 1 1' '-'ff' 'S tv , y XJ. mA- , -'.'- ' , . E.: -ur-f. S -L l , W - I . b - - Q ,M .lv ' vw ' o if-. .P ,1 P? . 1 ' As , . Q51-. vnu.. l.' 8'-Q0 , 'dx' '- ,' - Q4 :K- 5 : wr- ? ' +-'1 't - k '.1lV + h. 3 JV. .. l gi: , -Q41 Wi 0 4- , ,, ' -.-na... A -iv 'A , . I , 1 Y Yffz' 1 'f' f' P' ' iw .f 4 I u ' ' I' fgli 1 if 4 If , .1 M' i' m,k, 1 me-.' V f! '. 'f' -fl ' '17 I L I A , v ' 4 ' -55 u Q I it iff' L: Q ' M 'biz' ' -' ' Iain :ir .I I. . 323-.Y I ' Y 1, . ' ' U ' wp: v . U 'I if 'Q A' I 1- 1 ' . 8 4 ' i ' A ' 0 , . I . i I . 'f ,,f al 2 . - K bg. af., Q. g .' fill ' 63':if. , - 4' , 3- , - 'jl'I 'r' -H- -fi' I Jul. 'Q A-. I --.x ,xg 1 lk 1 I x .n P Wo- f- X ' NQQ fbvf . :sry 1 ', f ' . N , XT f ,,.f:.,f, ,iff 1, 4.4 M ,,v-s 'QM-vw M ' Aft Y ff ,I XX if vi' R ,ff ,Awfgif ' -, ,491 ' f' fi? 4,1 , J, ., ,ff 5 .yr ff' i X 4, F7 ,J ,.,, -M f 0 if X ,C,JTQ1, f!lafw,g,- ,,j'Sl,'.! . nf fp .fl X ,I F , ...un 743 0415- .fzqhz PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ANTIGO WISCONSIN 'NM-.. 1 EDYTOR BOTTONI ROW M A lk CEN TER ROW B h K k PROW MA MII LAURE HAWU I TOR MARY L HT LIGHT STAFF WH M , ,, 4 , 3 Y, W .Q - 4 4' an -fx, ,, X 'fgx.1.r,Q1 'ZS i 5 Q 'X ,Q il , I ' 3 i Qflfif ,gkgk ,AV iv ,Qt AHLERS, RAY 'V' ' ' O'er tiny grievances I do not U sorrow: Theres a whole brand new day coming tomorrow. ll! Q gm -X AITKEN, JoHN 9 ' 7 lust another candid camera . ,,, f-0' Elf DQSE He never gets you at your best. f -J 'S 'V auf? f 4--yu. -Mqf -2-fs.-n.,, ll.. ,mf Aj.-,,4-A. ANGILUS, ANNA I'm just like the navy, after a sort, 'Cause l've got a boyfriend in every port. AULIK, MARGARET A true friend all the while, Always ready with a smile. I Q AULIK, MARQUETTE A jollier girl you'll never find, Her grin laps over and buttons behind. 496 ' if YE' AULIK, RITA BAHR, DOLORES Althouqh I am but very small, l can be seen among you all. BAKER, MILDRED Sweet and sincere Each day in the year. BANCZAK, MILDRED l don't say much, but I think Q a lot. BARANZYK, ISABELLE Always jolly, never furious, Ever funny, seldom serious. BARRICK, BERNADINE She speaks not often, yet we're sure There are none whose wit will equal hers. 1'11 1, f 1' ' BELOTT, MARLIN 'Cagjelerllyefiiesclhluliagfwill 9 A g - I goat say much but when ' o: never cool. Q lt means something: it's just f - ,N , f W 4' vi - .' , '... and true. 11' ' I f-. N ', auf U f A ' -P A W' BENTLEY, DOLORES Have your fun now while 7 you can: Today will never come again. EARL BERGERON I can tell l am good looking By a picture that l took, And if that isn't proof enough For you, why, take a look. BERENDT, WANDA Pretty maid with lovely hair- A lovely Venus anywhere. BESAW, DOUGLAS Girls, here's a boy that's really A nice: Come and cut yourselves a slice. BLANK, LOUISE Lots of loves, and 'most no hates, As fond as an Arab of hei dates. BLEMKE, VIVIAN Love me not for comely grace Nor for my pleasing eye or face, But let my friendship set the pace. Rh- ,A , 5. . ' e ' iss l Q93 5' -I ' s '-15 ' a . f, fi wr' K, I . BOELTER, WARREN Eight o'clock, the bell has rung, In an hour or so Warren will come. BOETCHER, MARIORIE A smile is always on her face, A friend to all in any place. BOYLE, LORRAINE Tall and stately, Walks sedately. BRADLEY, BOB You can tell I'm Irish By the color of my hair, But if you look for temper You'll not find it anywhere. BRANDOW, IAMES You mind your business: l'll tend to mine: And in that way we'l1 get along fine. IAMES BRECKLIN 'When it comes to Future Partners This fellow takes the cakep He not only is a leader He knows the kind of spuds to bake. BREICHA, l OE ZS .Q nl' Bravey is one real nice . , ueqqzu lf you don't believe it-ask Miss Clegg. BRUNK, GENE Here's a girl who's ever merry, When there's work she doesn't tarry. BUTLER, ORLIE A real fisherman A mighty hunter, too, He usually gets his limit Before the seasons through. BYRNE, HUGH His feelings at last have been unmasked, Gentlemen prefer blondes, he'll say when asked. BYRNE, IEROME Handsome, dark, and oh- so slim, Girls are Ierry's favorite whim. BYRNE, MERLE Pretty eyes and kinky curls: He makes a hit with all the girls. L.. --as .Paz-J Q9 'if 1 ff? 1'--v. CARLSON, ELVERA She smiled on many, just for fun, But we all know there's only one. CARLSON, NORMAN One fine fella -he has style: And also a very pleasing smile. CARLEY, HELEN Ever ready with a smile or helping hand: It's just her style. CARTER, VIVIAN She is laughing wherever she goes: A TIGDDY-Q0-lucky without any woes. , Q 41 'g S y CERNOCK, ROBERT K ' 5 ' Sometimes the city is O. K. Nbr' But give me the farm any day. CERONSKY, LA VYRNE Friendships, hundreds has she begun Of ladies many, of men, but one. CHESLAK. EUGENE is He's rather quiet, never bad: We seldom hear much from this lad. COUSINEAU, FRANCIS I am the school teams' ITIGTIGQGT, And Vi, I also manage CRANDALL, IOHN SchooI's not so bad, At times anyway, But if I had my choice 'Twould be W. P. A. CROSLAND, WILLIAM her It's lucky I sometimes sit out a dance, To give the other fellows a chance. DABEL, LYLE 9 1 You girls who to the Caveman bow, Have hope, for here is one right now. DAMITZ, CLYDE Here's a great worker A boy you can trust, If given a duty He'1I do it or bust, 3 GI DUCHAC, KENNETH an Don't let me be too, too confusing That you should challenge me with words-Amusing! uv, ,un- 5 DUCHAN, LA RAYNE A This dark haried lady's at our call She's lovely, sweet, in fact- if--3 Som-dahl. if-' DUESCHER, ARVELLA Those big brown eyes Wre enough, l'd say, But the Gods didn't seem to feel that way: They gave her charm and made her gay. E ECKART, CAROLINE Although she's not so very tall, Her character is a match for all. gm Z EICKHOFF, HAROLD Here's ability, physical and ,K mental: He's so tough and oh, so gentle! v 501-4 EITER, ROBERT P' As an athlete he's a real go' 0 , getter, , But he likes curly locks cr whole A q lot better. ' P .Z FERMANICH, HAROLD Hal, the mighty athlete The hero of the school, Now that girls all like him l-le shuns them as a rule. FESSENDEN, BETTY That she's a beauty is no rumor: She also has a sense of humor. i FINK, LLOYD A friendly youth who all the while Does his work with a cheerful smile. FISCHER, CHARLES Around the dance floor I don't want to twirl, l want to be the sweetheart of a nice cowgirl. FLEISCHMAN, VERA Ever a friend to all in need of friendship. FORBES, GLEN When a flashy shirt is seen Glen's inside it if it's green. FOSS, EDWARD Sambo swings it on the slide trombone: When he starts' to play we all go home. FRANZ, ADOLPH Happiness to him is no sin, This bearer of a perpetual grin. FROELICH, LEILA A sweet young thing this charming blond: Of only one she's really fond. FRONEK, FRANK Serious, polite, and tall, And surely not stuck-up at all. GEIGER, MILTON III angels play ukes, Im on my way to heaven. GEURTZ, HELEN She won the mirror her Iunlor year, A sweet young lady, never fear. ' GORHAM, NAOMI A world of good cheer ever present. GRAMBOW, LESTER He's rather bashful, but a pal, He could steal the heart of any vo -1' 8 gal. GRANT, ELEANOR Tall and blonde and rather shy, One who's sure to catch your eye. GRAVITTER, VIRGINIA A jolly good fellow, a friend ' tried and true: Disliked by none, unknown to few. WARREN GROSSMAN All work and no play Would make me a dull boy HAFEMEISTER, IACK l Handsome lad with hair divine: 1 Curly locks, curly locks, wilt thou be mine. HALBESLEBAN, ALICE Cutting up is one of her features, Except when she's around the teachers. HALLADA, EVELYN In musical ability she nothing lacks: How she can swing it on her great big sax! HAMEISTER, La VERNE Blond, pretty with a regal walk, We almost never hear her talk. HARTMAN, IAMES He never needs to hunt a daieg Iimmy, Iimmy, how you ratel I-IECKERT, IONE In classes she seldom can be heard, Her voice is as soft as a chirp- ing bird's. HEINRICH, FLORENCE on my chewing gum Makes my classes shorten some. Q R HEMPFER, DORIS An angelic look is in her eyes. Yet, she is very, very wise. HERMAN, CLARENCE This husky lad knows all the tricks: For all the girls tires he'll fix. y HICKEY, MARY Happy am I, from care I'm free: ew Why ain't they all contented like me? HILGER, ELEANOR . To have enemies is to her a sing She always meets you with a cheerful grin. HOFFMAN, RUSSELL His worries are few Over any book: He knows its content With just one look. HOHENSEE, BERNARD Shucksl What's school with- out a little fun? HOLUP, BURT I V Q You cant kid me-You dont want a pal, You want a gal just like my gal. HOPKINS, MERILEAN Ouiet and sweet, Smiling and neat. HUDSON, PHYLLIS Endowed with a nature given to few, She's all that's kind and sweet and true. HUGUNIN, IERRY Our telephone calls are so divine, l'm glad we're not on a party line. IRIS, MARGARET We all know Margaret, yet they say She's not in school quite every day. IACKEL, IEAN As an artist she has lots of skill: She's not too shy - yet not a sil. ,T JAKOBL GERALDINE , She smiles and laughs-this me-, . loyal friend, 'Q ,A And knows the ways to win the men. IENSEN, DORIS Doris is always full of fun, Sees that nothing's left undone. .wifi 5 JOHNSON, DALE You bet I'm Swedish Can't you tell? Look at my hair And my name, vell? '37, IOYCE, VIOLET Oceans of fun, and quite a scholar, Makes us dummies sit and holler. KAFKA, GERTRUDE Unlike her brothers, she's no football ace, But to us she'll always lead the race. N KAPLONEK, RAY 'D A great kidder, never a bore: .4 When he does the kidding no -:ff one gets sore , ' IQ ui . 'wh A ,f 2, KEENE, MARGARET Man's not worth a moments pain Base, ungrateful, tickle, vain. KELLY, MARY ROSE Sweet and sincere Each day in the year. KLAlBOR, BETTE Never mad: never smug: A sweet, small, pretty iitterbuq. KNAPP, ROBERT l'll be rolling in clover When high school is over. KNIGHT, BETTY Shes like the girls you read about: Who never get Spunky and pOut. NORR, ERMA A basketball player of great renown: One who'll never let you down. 'Nfl' ii 03' : Y KOLES, ROBERT The fellow has brains He knows his dish: When he sits down to eat, He orders fish. ,Q it KONDZELA, LAWRENCE A real man right from the tu' X . t start ' The possessor of a Rhinelander heart. KORINEK, ELEANOR When you've lots of things to do, She's always willing to help you. KORTH, KENNETH Some people pass their quizzes by looking around a lot But the way to get ahead is to use the one you've got. KOSZAREK, TOM 5- He's the one who won the Iunior spade, The swellest fellow ever made. es ' KUNZE, IRENE , Here's a student with high -0, marks: X ' With her no Unsatisfactory M ML- parks. L,....r KUSS, MARGARET Durinq classes she doesn't pine But 'she thinks wavy hair is too divine. LAABS, DOROTHY Our pride and joy, this lovely lass: Lots of pep and lots of class. LADWIG, WILHELMINA My noise won't shake you from the earth: Let my deeds be witness of my worth. LANE, IOSEPH 1, He does no talking, PY He isn't teachers pet But he can write exams well And that's what counts, you bet. LANG, ROBERT Shall I wasting in despair Die because a woman's fair? ' LARSON, DONALD I always hate to talk to girls And when I do I blush, V The only remedy I find Z Is to pass them in a rush. LOOS, EDNA When it comes to work, you will see I am as able and fit as thee. LUKOVVICZ, THOMAS The qals for him all make a dash: We all agree he's quite a flash MADER, SHIRLEY Tears, idle tears. I know them not: I've too much fun for all that rot. MARX, BOB I-Iarpo with his brain should reap, But he would much, much rather sleep. . A4- ,,, LDA, 1-M J 1- 41 If' ' I ' ,... , ,.. ,I f ' -1' K , , J. ., Q, x, , -,O-,' fc,.!,x MATTMILLER, HAROLD When I tall, I go a long way. MATUSZEWSKI, VERNA Lots of comrades: enemies none: She's quiet, shy, but lots of fun. McARTHUR, ROSEMARY G-ee! is she clever! We hear everyone say: Of course she wears green On St. Patricks Day. MCCANN, BETTY She was our prom queen, fine and sweet, A heart and smile that cant be beat. MCGRATH, LAURETTA No king should she e'er fear to face: This possessor of gentle, sovereign grace. MCIVER, BETTE A lot of fun this lovely lass With many pals in every class. MCKINNEY, ARTHUR I have two worries: my hair is one: The other's to get my shaving done. MCNAMARA, GERALDINE Drink to her, toast her, your baners unfurlg Here's to our peppiest senior girl. -2 I ,vs f Q -J 7 'M 'Q ., 5 if 16 is-Q Q MERTENS, JAMES When it comes to polishing He can't be beat: Do you get the idea? Look at your feet. METTLER, ROY Better than girls or even ice cream, l like playing on my homeroom team. MOI-IR, IEAN Little dabs of powder, little specks of paint, Make my little freckles look as if they ain't. MORGAN, HM l'm not very tall, but why worry, Neither was Napoleon. NARLOW, EUNICE Liked by all the high school folks, She does crack the cutest iokes. NESS, NOMA Schoolwork is a lot of fun, Especially when it isn't done. NIMTZ, HARRIET She makes her fellow students moan, --.wpf When she swings it on her Q' baritone. NIMTZ, IANE Never 'mad -here's our solution: She has a blessed disposition. OLESEN, ORA Always greets you with a smile: A friend that's really worth your while. Ip K PAAK, CARL ', Have you seen Carl M-' Do work that's tree hand? An artist in the making ls this young man. A K PAGEL, AGNES She's always nice: she's al- ways good: She speaks and acts iust as she should. is 'flrff PAGEL, EDWARD 1 , Though on his fiddle he's no ', 3 ty f an Kreisler greatg ' V A li. Give him time-fame s his fate. My -5-ag ' PARILEK, ROSE I How she studies and recites, Gives us flunkers forty friql'1iS- PEPPER, CHARLES To hear his name would tempt a cough But tc this lad your hat you'll off. PETERLICK, NORBERT lt was a tloat that won him fame: Remember the last homecoming game? PETERS, DOROTHY Lots of pep, lots ot fun: A smile that's brighter than the sun. PETSKA, ARLEEN Eyes of blue Sweet and true. PILLER, lOl-lN We've followed him through thick and thin: His duty was to raise a din. PLAUTZ, CHESTER Is there anything that you wish done? If so, call Chester, and he'll come. PLAUTZ, EDWARD Morning, ah, morning-l'd give you the cup: 'Tis the time to study, but I never get up. PRASALOWICZ, FLORENCE Cheery ever, solemn, no, She's the girl you like to know. PRASALOWICZ, MARGARET She works in study hall from the start, Perhaps that's why she is so smart. PREBOSKI, EUGENE Another Preboskig just call him Pete, There is no foe he's afraid to meet. REBOSKI, LILLIAN You'll like her if you get acquainted .9 She's not as quiet as she's painted. PREBOSKI, WARREN A practical joker is I-latty Sometimes he drives you batty PRICE, ARTHUR Oh, I think school Would be all right, If all you did Was sit and Writef PRIEBE, GERTRUDE I'll never get into a r 'Cause a merry caper I can cut QUADE, IEAN Or light or dark, or short or tall, Sheusets a trap to snare them a . RANDL, AGNES That classes aren't longer makes me weep: The bell breaks in upon my sleep. RATH, LUCIAN Wavy hair, and a smile so sweet, That combination can't be beat RUSCH, GERMAINE When I get the riqht answer I think it's sublime, Cause I usually get correct answers at the incorrect time. SALMANN, SYLVIA Not a stranger any place Because of her friendliness and QIGCG. NDBERG, CARL A tall, tall man, some six feet four: When he enters class he ducks for the door. SCHARDT, IONE 'Q 'Ani Competing with her we all are sunk, ,M shes the thinkinqest thinker what ever thunk. SCI-IILLEMAN, IOYCE Our memory of her will fade never, For a thinq of beauty's a joy forever. SCHIRMER EVELYN ROUMAN DOLLY , 1 . To Detroit to school I want to Legsirgup school' Gsslgnmems an 0 ' My Bill is there-Did you not TTS daykis much too fine know? -R, or wor . SCI-ILESSER, IRENE For brevity is very good, Especially when we're under- stood. SCHLEINZ, MARIORIE You'd never find her, she's so small, But her eyes are bright as leaves in fall. SCI-IMIDT, SHIRLEY If Shirly Schmidt had her choice, She'd never, never use her voice. SCHMIEGE, ROLAND When I'm through, l'll have lung N. Y. A., here I come. SCHMUTZER, GEORGE Good natured as the day is long. SCHOENFELDT, FLOYD I would truly swear by the heavens above: I really ain't joshin-this time ii's love. Tiff 2 'Q Cgt .1 - 1 l 'f' I A N!- L-4 It SCHRAML, DOROTHY Where iOy and duty clash, I-ef dUfY qo to smash. SCHROEDER, AUDREY She's a beauty, fine and sweet, She's got the fellows at her feet. SCI-IROEPFER, IUNE A movie queen she'd ought to be, A sweeter girl you'll seldom see. SCHROEPFER, MARIORIE Isn't it fun to be alive? SCHULTZ, EUGENE A smile, a hello. A wave of his hand. When he-'s not busy playing The saw in the band. SWEITZER, ELEANOR She's one to be heard and also seen, This one-time county dairy queen. Sl-IEBUSKI, MAE The DGDDGY-Upper of every classy Humor for her is just no task. SEIS, DONALD What have I got that makes them tall? Dogs and cats and girls and all. SIKORA, IOHN I have a car, lt's not so new, But show me a road I can't go through. SIMON, CAROLINE She's not simple, although she's a Simon. SIMON, EUGENE lt may sound fishy lt may sound high, But if Eugene told it It is no lie. SIMONS, PAUL Here's a fellow Who's so fast and spry That trying to catch him Is like chasing ct fly. if SIMONS, RUTH She's in the hall from 3:10 on, lust waiting for her own Don Iuan. SINGER, VIRGINIA We seldom hear her through the day: She never has a lot to say. SKLENAR, IULIUS A career for this lad? A salesman he'll become, For he took speech this year And can now talk on the run. SMETANA, EDWARD He always works when there's work to do: He never plays until he's through. SOMAN, EILEEN Never affected: always the same: A true sportsman in this life's game. SPERL, HENRY The students who know him All call him Frog, As to why they do it, We're still in a fog. SPERL, IOSEPHINE If you insist on saying l'm daft, Ill come no more to make you laugh. SPYCHALLA, REGINA Though sometimes shy, she's often gay: The violin she loves to play. STECKBAURER, C El thg I1 i I1 Q Never a worry, never a care, -A-1WCIYS happy, this maid so fair. STEINFEST, IEANETTE G. A. A.-she's swell at that: A She swings a wicked baseball bat. STE. GERMAINE, MARGE One nice girl, never snooty: She's a pal, this black-eyed beauty. STONE, IACK I believe in staying single And making them all happy Rather than going steady And making one miserable. STRANDBERG, ROBERT A swell fella with an electric personality: An individual with individual ity. STRASSER, IACK We've all heard this fellow Play in the German band, And when he gets through swinging He always gets a hand. STRUBE, IRMA A smile that beams just like the sun: Iust being happy is lots of fun. TATRO, DAN I'm always doing My level best: With that on my mind How can l rest? TATRO, EILEEN Thou that was ever fair and never proud Had tongue at will and Yet was never loud. TESKE, L u VERNE He stars on the field Or out on the floor: Has a good personality Never's a bore. THOMAE, ROBERT He does his work as well as he can, He-'s an honest, quiet gentleman. THOMPSON, RUTH Lovely manners she always shows, She's dignified whereever she goes. TOOLEY, IEANETTE Her disposition is always iinep Her work is done and in on time. TRENHAILE, BOB When the car breaks down And you're in despair, Get Bob to fix it If he's around anywhere. RUNTZ, EVELYN Never a dull moment if you sit Near this giggly, gigglewit. TUMA, CHARLES Slow and sure has been my pace, Remember the tortoise won zhe race! S2 52-,G 'T 7' TURNER, NEAL Studies are fine on some occasions, But they don't interfere with my education. VALENTINE, DELORES To excell has been her aim, Quite as sweet as is her name VAN DERA, MARVIN The way they fight over me makes me sigh, 'Tis a dull, dull, life for Clark Gable and I. VERGUTZ, HELEN If we'd all work as hard as she, What super students we would be. VERHASSELT, ANGELINE As a friend, no one can beat her As sweet as sugar if not sweeter. VITOUS, VIOLA A friend to all, of every sort, Considered by all as a good sport. WACHAL, EVELYN A gtgflllijln Jim feel ornery on a WEEKS' EUGENE Y, A smile will qo a long, long H9 answered C111 Gd way, lHe's a magazine fanl, And qot ten easy lessons On How to Become a Man. WACHAL, IANE ? WEIX TOM if ge World Wag GS ll may: l've liked school from the very e happy anyway. start, I Especially the vacation part. WALSH, ANASTACIA She helps make qirls' athletics WELNETZI EDWARD A finer sport you'll never know. Thjfe is-ffl much that Ed Cfrrfi 07 He sticks to a task until he's through. WALTERS, LADDINE A WENDT, LILLIAN A lovely addition to any scene: ' A sweet young lady, a lady She'd grace the throne of airy any queen. Perhaps an angel with aubum hair. l L' WARNER SUE WESLEY, EUGENE Yoltliourgiyer know she's in the Tagaiggoiggkgnd fair, She's as quiet as a mouse. Imsgllg gff:'YSLi,nEair?,. WILES, PHILIP WE?E5'F35Q2AgGrmer Secreiary 1' 2 Here-'s a lad so handsome and Also handles an the Cash' 'sf l' - Tlfgtlrever one wonders Does And that's why Orval's serious Y -.ff 5' - Y And doesn't do things rash. N Q in 'f' PM o,' i he Curl his hairy' WILMOT, GORDON When it comes to facts I-le's always right there: I-le knows his stuff And he's fair and square. WOIAN, VIRGINIA S0 Clllief You'd not know she was there the while, But we always can tell by her sunny smile. ZELINSKI, FRANCES A chummy smile, willing to lend, She proves she'd like to be your friend. ZOERN, VIRGINIA Why worry and grow gray? Life's an adventure bright and gay. ZUEHLKE, GEORGE I don't think it would be bad To be a storekeeper like dad. BARANIAK, RAYMOND My work comes first. fi BEATTIE. PLOY If ever trouble should azsail yoif, I'11 help out, I will not fail you. BEATTIE, I-IOMER The thing about Latin I liked a lot Was such stuff as amo - amat. BISHOP, DELORES At basketball she won her crown: A guard she was of great renown. BISHOP, HARRY Am I dreaming? Or is it really over? BOYKINS, KATHERINE A helping hand she'll always lend A really true and loyal friend. BUDNEY. EDNA Known to few, she's a great reader: Bom to follow, not a leader. EHARDT, SHERMAN They don't come ony finer FOLK, DICK . With looks like his he should Thcxn this husky fellow, go fm-, A lover of all sports U He could challenqe any movie Who never shows yellow, Star, HANOUSEK, VICTOR Isn't he tall? GRAY, LU VERNE He bclmost reaches the I ith f d I Gilm- iirl e news rom near an But height comes in handy For I've cx rcrdio in my cor. On U baskelbau feflm- MCNAIR, GENE If you know him you'll agree he's nice: He's like cr Hush when on the ice. KELLER, FRANK I've got C1 ccrr, cz Model A: If you'd like cz ride you'l1 hcxve' to pay. AUCLAIR, DONALD I wonder, mused Donald Aucloir, Why heads must orlwuys Qrow hair? OTTMAN, LEO A At last I cxm free from thot four Q 6 year qrindy ' I A .. X 5 My next worry is cz job to find. 2,79 gn . , sy, Y , f, T -r 5 14 A I ein If 'I f f' I f 5 h, Q. L25 . ' - X tx If K y HUNTER, KATHERINE K-K-K-Katy, toll and slirn, Friendliness is her pet whirn. VAN DERHEI, BUD I don't wcmt to sink so I swimg My motto is Work hard and . win. f t e 'I X C4 J. fv f I . 9 x CO. Cass This year the W. P. A. is serving a hot dish to all stu- dents who bring their lunches to school. In this way the students get more milk and vegetables in their diet than they would otherwise get and pay only a small sum for this valuable addition. One cook and two assistants prepare and serve the noon meal. Miss Fladen supervises the project, and Miss Hubatch has charge of an activity program after- wards that grade children enjoy. A typical week's menu is: Mondayflleqetable soup. Tuesday-Chili. Wednesday-Scalloped corn and fruit cup. Thursday-Baked beans and an apple. Friday-Scalloped corn and an orange. D E P A R T M E N T S . .1 W! f jk X X, 1 f y SUPERINTENDENT P A TIPLER MRS NORA SEVERENS Supermtendeni s secretary G IRENE HERMANN Pnnclpcxl s secretary 8 fb PRINCIPALI F LUTHER 31 K MARGUERITE HASSE- L , Lcxtin qw mln Club C Lai' Club Bd' h'is Puffy Q0 . cwb WG .Edu I Lalin Club Banque' Laiin Club Banquet - nA,.L:,v A , , f Mofhemchcs DRESSE-R' 31 fl? 779 , A, OA4 ENSEN 0117 45' iigxigxoxacs e'7fQf1bf UG n Chou Club Hgsx BOTTOM RI INV' D . rrwerg Hurlhur, 1.3 Rumen Fr-,m-ki Suxck, Yan fzmligarx: Mr, Hughcsg Bughcr: Dunn: Iirxferhcckerg Ano: Rath. ' 'XTFR RUN' KI -. . ' uc-1 Mcfhlhurg Schmidt: Frisch Kmnch, A.: Kane: Vahnkg Sxcpanekg Hurfrnan' llwpymg finareicng XV:ulc. TNI' ROW: Mnchg Baliyg Thumaeg Kirsch, M.: Simck: llurlbnr, 12.5 juhnstong Buetuwg Kelly Kc-nughg Frm-lich. JOSEPH BAUSCH Music X x T Xi X 'X J A P Mudge .fb 1 ,117 UWA Ax jf',I. If 1 j 1 K lx! VJ A , 1 I Q , ff fy ijgff f L A 1 f 1 J' I Q f 1 Q! xv! f! f J f f . ,f j J. Arleen Grabowsky. Drum Maier 0 r 1 M4 ,Jw ?W WJ CWA 49 0 J Orchestra Members ,L Q TOR ROW: Thompson: Crxrleyg Spychallag Behmg Iamesg Porter, E.g Jesseg Byrnes, N4 Sybeldong Rasmussen: Lciterman. CENTER ROVV: Pagelg Henricksg Schmulzerg Navarrag Porter, D.g Barskig Geigerg Weslcyg Filbrandtg Korthg Beckman. BOTTOM ROW: Byrnes, J.: Wojang Schoenfeldtg An! ' P ' A ' ' ' ' A ' es, etcrs, nderson, Zclazoskx, Patzer, Mach, OBrien, Rammer. BOTTOM ROVY: VVzxIkovikg Zclozwskiz Lund: A!hrecht, E.: johnson: Meyers: Stevcnsg Schmiegcg Schocnfelrltg Stone, J.: Patzerg Stone. D CENTER RUVV: Mr. Bauschka, hand-master: Foss: Theiseng Parilskg VVolhaupt: Thompson: Horng McArthurg VS'alkg Duquctteg Hallafia VVnjam, Y.g Schultz. TOP RUXY: Mzxflerg Amir-rsnnp Icskrg Orgs-mlmg Cunnersg Onclrucckg Bretl: Liucrtfg Ilhmkg XYojuv1g Korthp VVhitiz1gg-Sirasser. x 'J X, J 'LJ - f 9 1 . A , V 1 X NJ 1 . ,, f If W , f' , 1 ' 'Q , . f . 37 xl, J ' JY m 1 V f I 9 .J HJ XJ mf ' U' J 1 X :. A ., x 5 v J -an f sig, ,' ' Q 'V , QC Q i I ' s 5 f V ? 'fir 1 L5 3 Xvv ,Q P1 w . rf K X 'I K s H X . i Q A if ' . n ' I X A Q ' W U' 5 'np 1. as U me 339 ,,TfN.Q? 5 'Qi X0 3 xv L QI , vy Y, W ,K X X T X IP ls , W ' mi- ,ip 3 . . , ' U N .vii wg ini x X2 -. X gf -. . 7,6555 ' W - . if ' . J M ' Y x ., A Sli, gf, , '51 'H if K, .Z ' j fi WY? W NE vi TY 5 x .' ' 1 ' . 'f ' Y 2 X o 8 N f mm 1 Q -nf ,tug 5 if. mf war A :QR Q V 'fa' if I '- 5 edgy ,- Mug. r ', A V ,A , 5 ' , l W 0, M......i...,.-w .. An. .f f , ROBERT HITCHCOCK- ,W ' Music - x a . , a , X 1 x x , - xjiyiiirfd 4' 'HU X V x A Ui f 1 X yy V, UV! Xp ' xi' VUJ Jf' LX? 'JK KZ ff TX X I M I X E D C H O R U D BOTTOM RUXY: Ilrattic-1 McI'h:nil: Dakin, Strasserg THIRD ROWVI Green: Rfffi: Mvlilerc Pillgfl 015914 V pril.y,i.: Larsen: yyt.iM.3 punt.: 185503 Kolerusg Reifg Plautzg Healyg Donahue: Croslandg Bretlg Thmuyvwnl, Dfvhrinskig Olsen, G. JHIIUS'-lPkC Tvsch, SEWINIJ RUVV: jams: XYeSthurp:: Augustineg Caseg Aulikl WP Roxy: fPf ChC111A1u1ffSfH11 Fffihufgefi KNOX? swf wg IMW-1 Fml: Alwrvq Hanousf-k. Duffel: Remingwn: H01-pc: I-exrw: Lombardo. I x X- - 'Q Y A ' ' Q A X 13. Q Lv , -A a X 5 s. G L E E C L U B BOTTOM RONV: Keppleg Kucerag Milke, ,Ioyceg Angilnsg Preibcg Laubsg Kellyg Mclverg McArthur: Thompsong Moore x fe A TOP ROW: Molitor, I.: Bretl. G.: Duchuc, R.: Plautz. C.: Donahue. C.: Piller. I.: Riei. W.: Reed. I. BOTTOM ROW: Getchell, T.: Lombardo. I.: Anderson. A.: Frieburqer. E.: Dabel, L.: Olsen, G.: Leqro, E.: Healy. M. ,,,,... Hg ... ' 'U'-.:Q.-. OE:-z wg ...Aj Cm C5 f IUZU .- 4 A ' -VME, mfg 4 2-fs. M' ' T' ff 0.55 :s fb-, , ff' rv 3,3- :4 2? : 3 5 Q13 .. :gl P-I 3 2 I .'11 , -4., E 2 w 32 - 5 F' uf D 3- H -. ., yn. pq 2 rf- . Ex. mag. F' Em ii EP wr' :s 2 gg :J ... r-In S 3? -- :zz- f Z 5 Q? r- 3: 3 2 mg 2' W4 : --E pf Q E! 'ii TJ 5 'K 3 2? 0 if: 9. x- 5 aw S- gf fu ...fl :1 1-3- Q- C '1 '21 IP :' : J? 712 2 2-Q 55' 3-m -1,. my .-. ME. SFT 5: B.. Um 75. FP. Z: 5- D -1 FJ wave ,J-'f ' .av P 2 fa-veN'95EN GQOYKGX sawn H PM 5160 PHYSICA fi-.A KW'-.431 L EDUC ATION EDITH C Ph me fm TWHIGHT Q E CQHOH L '-1 U N 1 O M R E M B E R S HUTTUM RUXY: Gvilfusig VVesthurg3 Fells-rg Cor Joyce: Straswrg Jesscg Tusch. CENTER ROVV: Byrneg Payneg Huguning Sieversg Hissonettcg Mamhyg Marlinyg Brellg Hzmuusek: Meyer: Simek: Ninmz-. TOP ROXY: jzmcsg Sch111e-man: janousekg Purlerg Rasmusseng Kalkufeng McPhailg Hagenyg Kcllyg Gramsg Schwemnerg Jerovik. neliusg Daking Cru-ng Robertsg VVachalQ Berncrg BUTTON RUXY: f2r.xh1m'iky: St. .Germaincg XYalNhg Runmani Qnmlc: NClItlllTKt'Y1,K2lfk3. l'I'1XTER RHXY: Nm-wg Dawleyg 3':alon': Bcaltmrg Iliflmy-L Gun-rlz. TUP ROW: Fed: Blankg Milke, joycr: Spcrl: Mc- Arthurg Mllkc, Jewell. X , S15 4. x Cgrs liO'l'T03I ROVV: Matnizcwski: Hickey: Xessg Nou nlznxg NY:xl5h: Quads-3 Kznfkag Knurrg llunterg Bent leyg Heuttncl Yergutz. UEXTER RUXY: ,Ynkobii Slrerlg SChillL'Y'!lZl!'lQ Ceron Nkyg St, llernmineg Hopkins: llrcjchag NYachal Illankg Tntmg Hnrlsong Heinrich. TOP RONV: Klajburg Shehnski: Knseg Mzulcrg Sal ITFZIIIIIQ -Keeney McArthur: Blclvcrg Bnykins, Hein rlchg Bishopg Gurrtzg Grant. U7 mwogomwo M E M B E R S 'L ,pf-J L -. ' V. All Set For Merrill Play Day in 3 A ,yr an . 9 dmxpw so Softball G. A. A. Party Basketball K I 'llliiu-...K 3 PC wha Mlss Moors Team TOP: Marx, B., Lang, B., Lukovucz, . BOTTOM. Plautz, C., Peak, C. BOTTOM: .44 ' ,Y N, rm. , Healy, M. X ' ' 3 Mr. Svendsen's Team- TOP: Strandberg, R., Schoenfeldt, F, BOTTOM: Seis, D., Zuelke, G., Turner, l x, N . x x Mr. Ncsh's Team- TOP. Hull, A.: Johnson, F.: ,Xinh- tony, R.: Hoiiman, R. , Kelly, J., Joyce, R., 3 J l f7 ,Qfofk l J ff ffa f ,f l , f ff .J , v jf? l fl ' 1 ,I ff! lfkf ' fy 'K fl , . J I - 'lk' ' ' 1 f J' ' ' - dj 1' iff, ffl fdlhf XLT!! XL! I 1 , 1 f 1 f ff J f f ' f ,I 4 fl' . . A T ,ll 1,41 f 47' B' ff ' ,- pfulmkffi , I - ,fl f . f I :fa rf Mr. Nuesses Team- V l l, f r OP: Noe, W.: Rath, R.: Remington, K. , OTTOM: Rock, P.: Reed, J.: Rank, E.: Moliter, P. Mr. Luhrfs Team- E 1 Mr. Huplinqe-r's Tecm- TOP: Zelozoski, B.: Talarczyk, A., Schremp, L.: Wade, B.: Wojan, C.: Taylor, W. BOTTOM: Wesley, NV.: Van De Hey, E.: Streh- low, M.: Schoenfeldt, R,: Stevens, G. TOP: Neuman, C., Kunz, O.: Olk, J.: Lombardo, J., McKenna, B. BOTTOM: Otto, K., Magelund, M.: Nonnemacher, A.: Peters, T, fn 'Ax A -'Z ,4 CENTER Ehardt, S., Folk, R., Hugunin, J., Fisher C BOTTOM Kol Mr. Bie1icki's Team- TOP Filhrandt, A. BOTTOM: Anderson, M., Bergeron, L.: Beattie, B. I mf f 1' 'Xe f f' , J LXR I JJ jj. ll . Qgjdfff' e' 'T fniafy I X , A qifffffffff Mr. Cvenqros' Teom- TOP: Breicha, I., Bergeron, E BOTTOM: Cousineau, F., Die Mr. Pe-terson's Tecm- TOP: Strube, R., Schwartz, L., Sarris, A Vku D BOTTOM: Turney, R., Seis, N., Shebuskl J Scbraml V Mr Hughes' Team- TOP Grossman, W., Mr. Hughes, Drake, D. CS, R-9 FOSS, E-3 Grambow, L., Kondzela L Hocgei Wfesuin .J I 1 ' J HOCk A Spin 39 Bwmg I I L x V3 5515 HJ R mx I ntra A ,agp . Baskeibd , L fx' ' K l 4 1 11 Tu 4 ,ff A , 1 m' F X .+f, ' ' Q . l- 2 Q, ' ' H T , 1, ff' . ' E, w , 1 A ' . . 'dp - , 1' A V ,K 01511179 . f 2' fi! x','f 1 4 f A , murals Baskeibuu HOCkeY Q fi- V' X HOCkey Qne , A 0 Rf ' Bqskeibcu 4 we 'V V X Vi ,digi- ' 1 ,L . x Hockey Two I' 'ls p if nf 'F ug L W XA ii I HOME ECONOMICS A w 8711562 X-Z Y Ppgivce Q7 8510, ECO 01791721 E HOW C R X A ,A lv X , V fi O ' p ' E531 ' ' K O L no ' SQ . 'I .S X l3UI'TOXI ROXX 111141 il Eta Eps1lon cr 1 1 118 un ms 1r len 111 111 I '11 w OX IJ 1 1rk russ111111 111171 use 41' 1111. 1 1 1 rc R R1 IL c 1 11' 1111111111 HNC1 111 fh 1 31111 'I 1111K H1 XXH II 1111 1 onm L my pr 4 11 ll man 11 1 11,4r lxune L 1'1lf HIS l111ll' 51115011 -I. 1 ther. Club kncheil in me ' - ' ' sg hy' x 1.31, ' 0 O ' 1 KIA 4' F . l . ' Cb 4 1 if . - -. L ' 1 ': Il -11-3 1111131613 V211 Q P k ', Rl.: C11 k. 17.53 '1fcSt: S111'SS0rg 111 ter: ,.1-iz. S1il' .' IHXY: Cl: ', 51.3 fl : g B: xzkg R 5113 F+1stA1' fl Kzfkzg 1 -jchzxg 1'1v111cm5g Taylmg 1111111-: 11 -klg I':1:1'1g L' 1 - Nz'1s111, T111 II KPXV: 1-'1-rm-M1113 1in1c-riclxg Ilan-1cy: K . 1: I. kl QR: S1, 1z111: A 1 'L I': 'ivk: Ng' 3 R -3 1I'I'- 1 Rn11i11-m1g - , TU1' RUXY. CU' . 11 -11g I4 -113 S1111 -1wt'- g R'111g Ka f 1 Bal-1 191111 '1tg 1.14 '.3 Z1 Q 111 J 1 IJ:1xk:1111g XY1l1!1, fi, I 1 xx x 1 V ' I I 1' ' 2 v ' 1' I A 1 A P . , U ' ii , ' - X ' 5 . - X . 'K r Yi C , 'I 1 ' 45 COMMERCIAL A , MARIE STEIN-Commercial 59 -g ,Q QYZ7 ' Commercial , g,29' L ' f cm Banque' L Comm el' Ciux CIEHNNIE O COMMERCIAL CLUB fnlnef-C 51412 Tzx lcrl T'lkHM RHNXY K1-mmf, Il., Ilmxqxxulu-3 HHH:-, Mg ilvm, Xlwln-rg Spy-I:a!Ia1 XYfwlml. VI.: Spulg Km-cnc, Mg Ralph: Iilamkm-: Sum-k: Kumvum. Nlwmxlm RHXX' Hf-A-hg SL-hzmltg Hrmhzxug Hakim: Vrxv-dx: Iizumg XY:1lk, 31,3 Ilulwixx-kxg XYviwg fimlvmwkyg lin-attic: Vvvmuzxkyi Hrarl. Numan. Xvwl Slmvv' IHIRIJ RUN' Sln'w1Xlxx, Nlm-xtnr: I'11MwL1g 51'-uw. Fjxxvuwm. SH-rn: XYf:t1a'l: XYirt13 Hultmzmg XY1nc'h1xl, E.: XIn'Hr.nl13 I'1fz'1:r. lfzuwll-wk, XX-l1fl'. Nln:,m1l1 ,lg-1. Nl , Iwliu. 'lm'-, XY,Ul1:J. Ag RH?-1'I'l4: K'-115. IUI' RIIXY U1-N l5.1:'f. ,lnkw'f1, 5:fv1vgu.x:1 5 'xv H. Ihhxmrw-'.. N1r'f'1t.4: -I 300. X 1 Vzulw-11. Yxrsllxtlg Qvl1Zl'!UI 'ffwlw llzuxlwl Nlullfrag Nlullffm. 11. 41: :z'. UVM. ll. Nvxvwf. I, mtv. NIL Kux-I Illxn-vim. Nlxulfl IAYWYV X' .Uh A WILSON MORAN- ,lf MICHAEL CVENGROS- Manual Arts THEODORE BLELECKI Manual Arts MANUAL ARTS FUTURE FARMERS TOP ROXYI Sxmpl, 1.5 K-wss S.: Ring, R.: Hunan-k, T.: Schmml, 15.3 Koznrek, J., X . V. xxi'11l'l'. 0.3 Hlvrklixm, 1.5 '1'ur111Uvr, R.g Kvllcr, F.g l'cu-rs, 514 Kms, Y.g Novara, 142.5 114u1rrmN14i, R. - SIQVUNI1 RUXX: Yiwu 17:11ui. 11,1 R.,jN1L'. 11.3 Slwuwvx, 1'f.3 1 x'1w11, 1..g 1'1'4-Mwki, 1',, 11.111113 1..3 XY1iu11t, IQ Q Kwxlh, K.. Nuwlmx, 1'1 f11LxlIv.'k .1 1 1111T1-11, ,-X.: 111-un--, S m '1'111R1J RUXY, X111 1'vInrxmx: X1LKm1. y, .-X., 11x'xttr1:11:m1., XY1: N1IAC1l. A.: HL-igrx' Mg 11IAl1Ll..1i, R: 51111-Nz. X ,Q llxlmk. YQ Ifnmisk, 17.. Sxlwtxnm, E. FUVR111 RUXY 11zn!:u:.n. 1.1 Iiw-f.x':L. 1..: X11-1.11. 12.3 X1:nr111m-. 13.5 Uurwig, 1f.g Bula R.g .1.rl1mm1, IJ.: Sh-1111:-, R.: 1'Vu'l'us, X13 Frifch, 11. V, F '75 fl,-. .fffw . 111i 1 P 1 pf O3eC - HUT 9 AQUCU PJ! 'N fume '50 . 10513 Yokdo Xudqlncl 7' smog Amy, fb VICTOR PETERSON Agriculture 'S Y. ! 'N LE' P1BOLcE??1hC1umCm S0169 . 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X0 4.1 Xia! ,df 1, f Q ' I 14 C4444 On Our Stage Dance Crazed .3 Iohn .- 4- loan Advertising the Hi-Light Z pr, w, 1 J fe 4 ff I f -'f ' f 5, ' L W 'e Li-V 4 A 1 EM' yi r P 9- + ax Electrical Assembly High School Library Student Lxbraricms A-QP X R BBE DW nahsh M Quan E,nQ Lxbf Exhibit for Book Week f Q 1'-f , IG st 't . I 1 K! 4 I f KX 575' 1 ' t t - ,.-,A , I Vx S t A 7 fi Editors The Antigonian OCC When lhe Pdper Comes out ANTIGONIAN STAFF i of at-9 1 IN SCHOOL AND OUT If W 1 5 I Q 1 In n 'fl . ix 1 ,v P A ff ,X ' C Vx' N . ,r - A, M.. ,. I, I On Our WCIY Senior Scouts in the Auditorium v I r LEAGUE GAMES Aniiqo - - 26 Nekossa - Antiqo . - 14 Wisconsin Rapids Antiqo - - 13 Merrill - - Antiqo - - 45 Marshfield - Amigo - - 0 Wausau - AHUQO - . I4 Stevens Point Antiqo - - l9 Rhinelander VALLEY CONFERENCE RANKINGS WLT Pct Vfausau .... . 700 1.000 Amigo ............. 610 856 Vlfisconsin Rapids .... . 520 714 Merrill ........... 340 428 Stevens Point .... . 241 333 Rhinelander .... 250 287 Marshfield ..... . 052 .000 llekoosa .... . 061 .000 BOTTOM ROW-CLeft to right?-Vernon Gongoll, Asst. Coach: Bob Brodleyg Chcxrles Fischerg Hugh Byrnep Roy Ahlersp Torn Ehorcltp Eugene Hoyesg Michael Cvengros, Assi. Couch. CENTER ROW--fLef1 to righIlfGeorge Svendsen, Coach: Kurt Ottoy loe Brejchog lock Keoughy Bob Eiier: Harold Ferrnonich: Remington. TOP ROW-CLeft to rlghtl-Bill MCKQ-nncrp Gregory Steve-nsg Word Tctylory Ierry Ford: Eugene Preboskip Donald Duchrowy lvlelvl Antigo High School , ff I 1 Umm Gllllgoll' MSI- Mxchnel Lvl-xxgrns, :Asst I1 1' l 23-1. xml.. Ki .V ' X41 1.r'l':- AB' Auclalrg Iohn Brandt: Adolf Franzg La Verne Teskeg Leonard Wachalg Franklin lohnsong Vernon Schrcrrnlg Sherman Charles Pepper: Marvin Van Deraq Don Drake: Edward Franz: Earl Bergeron: Bob Strubeg lack Shebuskiy Ken mqery Fray Bath: Gene Mclxlairg Laurence Kondzelay Sam Beevesf Bob McPliail: Vernon Dvorak: Ray Reynolds: Ed Plautz. in fr 'ff ' Q Football Team Teqm Managers Q x V .-7 .' 1 xii l 'Q f. Francie Cousin 3 Donald H ,. iv aw, 'v- . 2.111111 A ..1g-v OKK 'xox W9 O 'Yovchdo Football 76 QQSQ6 R. The Three Musketeers Q f zwx 'tn , M :,. ,, , 15-'i' X fe.-ftj. I '.m,,,. 4- ,, rr mf, w e e 7 . ,N , Jr Qhfikf 54' fr 'if .-.1 , '4IxQ',M M 4, ',, as iv 2' ' : , i ie' QAM w, uf Z ,x akif r ,, gf L, I a ,- nu, Shots fwgger P Ile we Goo ,IS 6 -Ny, y Aww? COOCXXQ Q Touchdown? -5 'UNL I xx me u li I D Y X M . Q U , .' , ' z'1f,?1lfaf '52H'V- kg W , , A Q. + . , Chuck Avery Football Shots uuaxwvw 'W :ugh f :uv----A - ' TQ, x V, fd' ,M .1 3' 0 .Q 3 ' Harry Bishop's Float Mi Ss GQ:-Ieyk Home Hoo my-,om Clqb H OU! Homecoming Sophomore Class Flon! I V 1 1 '+'vr- , Q - ' of Q the parade I f' H I I . nl H' ll - J I oo W nl il' F XTRA R J GR l :1'31i ' nu U 23 S. v. ,on A. + si 4, 03 QC Y' Antigo High School Basketball Team LT . 'S 2 ng 5,3 .,: -. . 1 V. K.4'. . 1 1iflr'Tlf3'xx'l?ml,,11Q,HETSSQTL lllflfilg 115523, E12'l'i'S11?f1 'Rg7i.1'll2', Ilz'QSlfiifl1if,X?n3SQ?ZB'sllgifigefeske' Fm AN TI CO' S 1939-40 RECORD 1 'K N 1 5 X X Elcho 15, Aritiqo 24 Oconto Falls 25,Antiqo 45 White Lake 24.Ar1iiqo 19 Merrill 25fAnt1qo 36 Sievens Point 24, Antiqo 22 Wis. Rapids 35, Amigo 33 Wausau 31, Amigo 24 Chippewa Falls 29, Aniiqo 19 Merrill 30, Antigo 46 N f 5 x Y axe. J Q 1- N X 1 x bk x Wausau 31, Anliqo 24 Marshfield 26, Aritiqo 37 Tomahawk 23. Aritiqo 33 Tomahawk 2 5'Antiqo 38 Rhinelander 46, Antiqo 2 7 Rhinelander 27, Amigo 17 White Lake 24, Aritiqo 2 7 Nekoosa 15, Aniiqo 27 Wausau 36, Antiqo 23 ii Y' ' I fl V. JY 'Tw I f '- Q-5 X A ff---9: W I ' Q ' 9 ff. fd QS 1' 1 ,,..1 . BXOWS -XNYHSHG The f N . I X vi' ' ,J , ,, x X, s .8 . , r ' 5 X x, x y X .. N ,f a 4 ip- 1'-v Pick n Up, Vic , A-,7 When Dcxy Is Done X I The Che edeudetiv X ll . f when P qr'YQftb Singh, 9 She fclzes Christmas Party Q iQ1,, llze Mo url, at the Quigley At Moron s Cottage i I F!!! 5 3 In the Domonstraticm Room ova' 695 O evo' ur-65 KQO6 Q we At Moran s Cottqqg Mr. Moran us Santo 1 . O5 IXQKQ' 120 At Miss Hermcufs Birthday Party I -1 ,,-4 wx v w V: Q!! 5, I Q, 'ln iff fx I s... W QQ: Gen Spreads Pomln e Tejjer A HQUQS Faculty at the Iunior Spread FQCuIty at the SO Dho more SDIQQ At the Sophomore Spread d P196 H ,.,....--' A f The Qu imupXe1s Pep Stunt The Wausau Madriqcd Smq GIS PGP Siunt f' 1 ' Schadg sf Q' MMV! ,-'A 4 J' vw A X uf' gf ff ff 1 A .ii X V- Back-woodsv All Dr - Iczck cmd 1111 G. A. A. As 8 elhbly essed Up fl X660 S110 QXXG Sun o '1,mQ 19 G We Three G' M r GonqoH VUCOfIOn yu A ' I .gm 'r A , , . - m Q Q ' f UL I, r - x 1 .l A fr 4' 'T M1sS Iensen O13 My QP? DGYS Jerry and Don Betty KQ119 X pf M , ywywgf KY! J E5M !Mf' ff I Q ,,, iff f L 97 J ,M ew Wax uf r' On Our Wcxy In the Good The Gcznq Goes Ccmpmq I Q' o O' Old Summer Tame Aqne-sc1ndGlc1dys L.-1-4 5 , , , 5 I 4 wif 15N ' Brushing UD In the Biq City :ff v I xs. ii fb! va ,ittki kg , SW Ai 1, V. . N M .Si if Q Q j. Mfg. iiladd FQ' if '35 I' 31? g given f ,. , Tix, J ,, '2 'WMM 'S K , ffl' 11' 1 . xg , A5 12 Q 406 s ship' ,WW v QM ir 5. i v -ef O 'U 5 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President-Mary Louise Neuburger Vice-President-Ed Vande Hey Secretary-Treasurer-Mildred Svaton SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President-Fred Schmeisser Vice-President-uKathIeen Kelly Secretary-Treasurer-Pat Molitor R -I Q K J J I 1- 'P ,J , ,1 :I rf JV' Ym N.. 1 7 N. ' 'I 1 I V Y- I I' ' I vl XX txt X , 4 X K S X ,VJ J ,r- ' i, . I I J Af- , I I A W . A V . j r Miss Thei1er's' room- TOP ROVV: Zehmc-r. N.: Tnmskc, L.: I'I- mann, L.: VVach:il, Ii.: W'ujau, E.: W':ilk, M.: Sylselllmm, II.: Strasse-r, A.: VVcs!- berg, B.: Tcrmy, G.: Verhagen, P, IWIIDDLE ROVV: Stvfnnskl, L.: Znllpricsr vcr, A.: Thrimy, II.: Steiner, IJ.: Spreng, M,: Stern, L.: Smetzmzi. L.: Tusch, L. BU'I I'0M RUNV: XX'qiiu-, KI.: Yziul, G.: fwifky, L.: Miss 'I'hc'ilcr: Strilzinan, E., VVil:nont, Il.: Zinmn-rman, M. Miss Ieriserfs room4 TOP RUXY: Kregvr, M.: Manlhey. II.: MCIJunu:xl, If., Kwpzci, M. , Krarncr. YJ .It-Sw, K.: Knlpzivk, A : I.:irson. N.: Mc- I'h:nl, M. MIIJIJI.Ii R'WI'g jflycc. M : Knlknfrn. B.: Mcnting, A.: Lewis II.: Mayo, IJ.: Mushrr, L.: Martiny. Ii.: Kozzimck. T. ISUTTUM ROXV. Krwhick, A.: Moore, M.: jcrnvi-c, II.: Kelly, K.: Miss Jensen: Meyer, j.: Kern, B.: Rakes, I-Q., Munch, I.. Miss Bennetfs room- 'I II' RUVV: Ilissonet, Y.: frum. R.: llc- luw. Ii: IIa-mis, M.: Ilziislry, I,: Iirnnl, M.: Beech, Y.: Cornelius, N. MIDDLE ROVY: Byrne, N.: Dakin, II.: Biweski, S.: IIr:.mrIow. IIA BFCICI, IMI Bahr, M.: Cnhak, G.: Clark, M. II1VI I'UM RUXY: Anflraske YJ Dulmrin ski, M.: Ilcmlffw, M.: Miss Bennct: IDL-rsch, A.: Iiullu, M.: Ile-rncr, I'.: Iiula, A. Miss Cclrtwriqhts room-- TUI' Rf PNY. Ihxgunin. M. I Fraley, II.: Ffistn-flung, M.: Ilwpkins, Il.: lirziy. X .: Ifcrpzuscn, M.: iiriff. IJ. MIIJIJLIC RUNY: Iluchmw, A. Guilfus, S.: Grall, L.: Fla-ishmzm, I.: Hagcny. M.: Fiicyus, R.: Clutch:-ll. I.. B0'l'THM ROXY: .I?AliIuiwsIii. A.: Lim-s, II.: Ilmmusck, M.: jzuiffwk, II.: Miss l':irtwright: llrams N.: Frzilry, If: Gun- nh-rson, j.: IJnquv.lte'. V. Sophomore Miss Lueclds room- TUI' ROXY: Rammer, P.: Schroepfer, M.. Simnn, L.: Paynr, A.: Rusch, Il.: I i,n lwvv- M.: Perry, I.. MI-IJI7l.IC RUVY: Rice, I'.: Sinn-k, I-.. blhillcmzm, I., Ralph, If.: Sfhflllllll, E. Rasmussen. R.: Roberts, C. BOTTOM ROXY: Parsons, L.: Schmicll, A.: Severs. M.: Miss Lueck: Schultz, E.: Porter, E., Rusch, A. Mr. Bielickfs room- TUP RONV: Cnnachcn, D., Conachen. A ffhcslak. L., Ccrnwch. VV.: Allvrechl, Albright. E.: Eickhrwtf, J.: Byrne. Eharclt. R.: Cannon, T., Anrlerson. M Dobrinski, If. R T MIDDLE ROXV1 Barski. B.: Bancyk. R Fisher, J., Dvorak. Y.: Detwiller, J Baccn, G., Dohrinska, R.: Dresser, B Carlson, L., Bradley, J.: Bally, R., Cnr son. A. BOTTOBI ROVVZ Drexler, B.: Bergeron L., Filbrnndt, T., Deckcr. R., Buntcn .IJ Crosland, D., Duchac, D., Beard, C. Lemke, L., Ackerman, J. Mr. Pete-rson's room- TOP RONV: Schnfeisrr, T.. Thane, D.: Strasser, V., Schmidt, R.: Wrxzsland, J., Suxcl-C, .I-I Schrzxmcl. I., Turney, R., Schramel, V., Snopel, J. Strube, B., Seis, N., VVhceIer, A.: Stein fest, G., Stcpzxneck, A., Seis, F., Veslak K., Seis, H., Schutz, H., Stone, D, BOTTOM RONV: NVu, D., Schafer, L. Spychalla, P.: Sarrls, A., Svaton, J. Mr. Peterson, Stcngcl, R., Schwartz, L. Shebuski, J., VVI1iting, R., NVilmont, D MIDDLE RONV: Yan Gallagan, D., v M n Mr. Nc1sh's room- -. 's as TOP ROW: Kregcr, R., Garden, H. Ferflm, A., Koss, V., Franz, E., Get chell, T., Koopvr, A., Freiberger, E. Kolzb E., Irish, N., Hoffman, R., Hov CY, . MIDDLE RONV: Herman, R., Jacobs D., Joyce, R., Frisch, L., Iris, E., Kel ly, J., Healy, M.: Lawrence, G., Ger vais. D., Lcgro, E., Hall, R., Golner ville. G., Hull, A. BOTTOM ROXV: Jeske, R., Hallada, E. Koznrek, L., Kalkofen, H., Keefe, J. Mr, Nash, Hurllmut, G., Kotney, R. Hartman, L., Iflersnnt, H., Kakes, D. E Mr. Nuesse-'s room- TOP ROXV: Muraski, D., Noe, XV., Ourada, A., Mach, H., Meyer, E., Mey- er, F., Rath, R., Rock, P., Linns, VV., Novak, M. Menting, R., Ourzxda, R., Reed, J. Raymark, G. Home Rooms MIDDLE RONV: Molitor, P., Rarxke, E., Remington, K., Rapple, L., Olsen, G., Perry. D. 3 Palnocle, V., Rettinger, M. , BOTTOM ROXV: Parfitt, J., Ritke, W., Mattmiller, VV.: Maloney, G., Mr. Xuesse: Marsh, V., Lund, D., Ryan, T., Miss Gcmfie-1d's room- TOP ROVV: Hoffman. B,: Kane, B.: Gm' lnuwsky, A.: F1eisc11n14a1'1, D.: Kanmiler, l'. Horn, R.: Gipp, F.: Hziferheckcr, Y. IIEIYITIIIIII, L.: Hartrnzin, L.: iI1111a1ch, X' XIIDIDLIE ROV! flrzmt L.: 111-11r1L1w:11 1.: 11u1:A1111u'k. A.: 1111144-. 1:12 1l11i1u, R. vlfnims, If.: ,1111111s1111, H.: Kz41m111L'r, 12. :111141111i11, 1'. 1lU'l 1'UN1 RHNY: Jackson, L.: 11'111kf-. H 11f11l111:111, .-X.: -1111111-1111. P: Miss fla11f1v111 -1v1'111-kc, A.: 1I1'u'1111u1'y, E.: Irinucr, 14. Kzilkfrfwi. 1'. Miss McC1e11sn's roari- TU1' 1Ul'xY3 Suifrlx. 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Drug Store Nada Qaaaqe iii a Nah- zfhe Gm Um 9 TIBBETTS FURRIERS Remodeling Repairing Cleanmg fd Glazing Storoge A p ' . - Sauce fbfuf Glenna!! Dixie Lunch 1 Room 5 Greetings, Class of 1940! 'ik when It has been our privilege fo serve your parents and Good Furniture grandparents. We hope fo merit your friendship and Since 1904 qood will. MCCANDLESS 81 ZOBEL CO. 1: MALONEYS SUPER SERVICE Your busmess apprecxated Corner Superlor Street at Third Avenue. Phone 1 132 Mole Beadfq Shop Jeweler- JOHN H. DABEL Sth Avenue fwglade amz., sm PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL HOTOGRAPHY CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES QDAK FINISHING PHOTO ENGRAVING TOBUREN STUDIO Antiqo, Wisconsin Nwtaya .SAM Jupdd luulfafzl-lung CENTRAL PHARMACY GIBBONS BROTHERS llflflllllflfllllll H51--f-- is . Kaufmarfs Standard Service Corner Fifth and Edison Street OLK'S DRUG STORE Visit our fountain---The place to pause cmd Refresh. Service with a smile. Phone 707. We Deliver Lp THE FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK M IEWEL MUSIC ST ORE Everything in Music 14.1 ,waz Qmsza, Ama, saw, -E,r...S3,....-....FEL.., .... .BEEF-..:1:,..1-miggrnm.1:13Lzigf- vEgEgig?- -'gfEf5:n:1:,-:Lyi-5:::::::,4,.g-:-:.-:gf 1-5 '--'H --v---'-:iz --:fi - -- - - - '-41: - H .. .- - , ... : -.-.111 - - ---- - -- --- -- ---tw -.- Y -- . .-.xt g X if 1 H ' N pix xf VM K M. .1 . W f : , ki I x I Vx x1 I ' 1 I 1 i ,Y ' in -if 1. If t r ! , W J uf' HV S, n 4 X A ,, - , ' 1 n ' X 5 2 K l N x H ' 1 7 , 1 1 ..i ,, 'A . A. 1 x u x x ,x X . x X ' X X K xii XQ4' I O ,1 N 2 'Q , J f IM V! ' f' 3 J , a- V ,, 44- , A J , 436 . 1 V ' f 4 1' 'V 1 ' W L, . f I SN I3 rj! x , ' ' X X i J I f if Q ' W 7 ' h v I ff ff' X , , ' ' x X fn 'V ,ff ,ff 7 ' A ' ge ' . 'I I V all I A 4, ' ' - . J , ' ' f .J E ' . ' f i 5 x , f It uf .JA Yr' 4 , ' it v I I 1, ' ' , 1 ffv 4 Q' WV -f ,x f f If Q , f ' ' ' , if 1 ' , ' J 1 1 ,. A - ,, g ' - g. A r , 4 X W X, ' x ' W- Lv ' V , Z J' , A X' f. I 1 ' 1 , . ,, J I T

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