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 - Class of 1938

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Ooh J. Eff 1 v I Lf" I ,CIICJJ V Ll, gf I ' , I 1' 2 X 4 ' I lf? 'I ' 3. 9 JL f fx .j 1 f! if M Q f 4 .f G ' , 'W . ,,f fl ' A ,JI U' yylcly X 'Y x . kt X it ' .J f,-'E X 1 V . fi 4 V ,Q ,L x L. b V 1" Vu " , sg 1 J 9 pyfv i X X f' z ' f -V' f f J gf ,L " M L , A I ,,, kf . bf' . r, 4:-fn , ,lf I V !avLf T1 W ' l f ffffg' ' ,X ' 'a f J Q ,. ' A ' i I ML ' l,yy,!' I V7 1 J lb A , . ' . 3- ,PL fp , 'f"'? 1 T7 4 FJ , iwvgzax 4" ' 1 f"-A' -5- A-, E r ' ' ,,1 fr V'w'A ,J , x ,, H,.ff'P",' r V I A, Q L5 , .lf ' K' J I ' C a 1' I . . f- LJ J ' K 1' f ' A g . 4 b Q , , I fl J U wx , M!! iw!! , .,g,l,,fff 1 ,fLf'1'1 V ,W '-' L 5 I I JJ!! K Aix' 1 . , s N 5 I I f -K X A: f!: ,.,,,f ' A 'I J .1 - H 9' ' C! . . ff I 7 K fi X! QW . ,ffgx 6 , ,il x A 1 rx. I . fi lk' f , !gw E. I 4 fix,-ff' - W X . u J M ,V A 'Q K : . - -' . f T , g E- wxjf. 3 ' , -.,, -,, VY ' K 5 , L" 'I B li' X' gil' ,, 37 X hxxzjrf N. lQf f' 4' X YY li A I J wk K W I ! . 2 i I , R 5 wggffgfjfw '71 JLQQUQYLCIZM I gD.L,,Lf"v'VA"fg'fc4,, -V ,V J K 4 1 1 Q XZLA, JV 1 J L ,VM J N3 7547, 572-LQ 1,6 A 'LLL Lf' M I ' f ,Qi ff e , . '- fu- ' ,.fL'9' J' . V , , 1 A .fW,JL..J .4 - azinmgtwffglxg-f 'F-' A A f ?' Mf5Ji,"i"-afn ZWWWWMW Wj M WW V q af yw if bv, , , ,Q ., V ,ri vc'-'L..-Lfie5Ed5JZf'i3FRauQ"' 7- Q 3 9'fd y"5?fQ.45 fmQ7wWcr2 ,M-'vvrwrf t n 5 . I 'ff'fM"2"mg9f .y if J SQ? af ' N M Wy. Q W ff f f 3 SQ GJ M4A 05 'KHJ QLo'!"my Ri? 2fff:zii,iii1ffz MW M QJJWW, f ' lofi JV TCE! M 0' pf VA 1 L '2 , ' .Q: ' . P - nga' 5..'Lww V 11 ' lf- - .V. -1 Z -Y it ewizaiwifigiivwc. i5.fs.,i1w .3 fnmmasznfiiaz-M?+5i-max" - . TER IPIRITTYGIMS NOW ON f3Al.E'. AT YOUR N EMIEISST VIUSSKZ ESTAND GET YOUR cow NEW .7 Cf mee, W, X,XlQl?'if TLN VVETTY CHVLS W ow vxlx P ScxxooL Swwwlsite ani the Scveaypwnrfs 5 Q , Q3 Q rg f D . K uf' W c?+'MifiN 3 f X ' If K-Nj in WM A-1 A fsxlrh "N .f ,X CSX JI QTIOXU ..... ueken Ex-mlqnscilm I ' TICZZZ .... lavevvw C mi L Ln 'Sy Bashful .... EUC! QL1PYLQJ P22111 EXQQPLI ....,.. VNU 3-lenclmks KA'-1 now PL t 'QRIDPLI ....,.. ,X2PPK1T3!-Yll5xVW-k. Sfmt Xp af qnq fyrum al. .... DM Kleen' W , L1 2129 qow ,DCM lhQa4e'aDOC... I XXLux-ini C9 'A wnnnu 1,14 WK.Ll S. . 4. M l Mum INTRODUCTION Index H1 Lights and Personalities--- I ! ! I In. AecoirdanzeTfiith-Fhe-Times' --- 3 4-5 ------------ 6- 9 Dedication ....... - - -----, ,H ,-----,- 10 M WA ' SUMMER Transition .-...,,--,-, - 16 , Snaps' ----- ------..-...... ......M. 1 2-15 FALL J ' Sophomore Home Rooms Classes ..-......, - ,--g Assemblies .....- - ...- - Football ...,.....,, A ----- 1 6' Graduate Staff ......... Homecoming --- .-..---,- ---.----- ---18-M19 -------------- 20-23 -------------- 24-25 ----------- 27-33 ---- 34-35 G. A, A. Treasure Hunt -----,,----- u--,- 3 6 3 .-......- - --- 37 way, - Junior-Senior Debate --- WINTER ---------38-40 Basketball --.- ............ -. -..-....... 42-46 Intramurals ----.-...-....--.....--.- 48-53 Junior Home Rooms ..-....--- ------. 54-55 Classes -.- --.--..........--.---.-- .--- 56-57 Assemblies ---.------------.--.-----. 58-59 W. L. S. Show ..--.-...---.-.-----.-- 60 Forestry Bean Feed -----.------..--..-- 61 G. A. A. ..--..-. -. ...-...........--- 62-63 Drama Club --. .--.--.-.-.--.-- - ------ 64 Debate --- ..--....----- -.--.--. - -- 65 Faculty Plays ---------- . ----- -.-.---.- . - 66 Student Council ---- .- .----- - ------ ----66-67 Spreads ------------------------..-- 68-69 FA L SPRING L Latin Club Banquet ---. - --------------- 72 Band and Orchestra ---------------- --- 73 .Glee Clubs and Mixed Chorus- SPIUNQ ' I' ADVERTISEMENTS --- -..-..---- 1-2, V v C. Q -----------74-75 Senior Prints ----- - ------ -- ----------- 76-95 26, 47. 96 I .f f 3 IN ACCORDANCE ,gk ax E IL NA 6 C C J mm.M 1C ,, maaaakiwlw C C N . C QL SC C CQ: ,,Ci Lnfi-E C ,- C 1 AN,xxuQ5F,w1L'3R HU- if , g,, efFC'C 5gHi'Lxght53 msmga WA? , ,cn C A119113 ' AMO. 4 Q R51 C 1 wo -Sv C NAME OP P1 Q A ,iyga ggi' k ,Q C ' QRS 2 SCHOOL mv?-R' Q09 Cya" CCN N40 SE-V0 KTKSE 'WY C 4-A f 050969 . 2? ' 095085 XNTRAD C a aa, Y, 1 ,Gm 1.0. V CIAO gb' loagbfiovx 0 'La a C 1Q'L fKfx3" ,QF Na-.DYQ.,f-Cxa . '3T..f- V M A Q 'rm-:. ,mrxooxmx i gioilxb Y k C h C' U?" ffif X , x e V nc smlt ,aa w -aff-sm 1 V A Q x 5 Q9 130 363 xy v a a . A as ww 601+ mfg C , Drama Club Play 6995 ie aa k94wf3ae,,ov6Q1vf'lfxi.w 06634 ls Broadwava . o 960 as XR C Be K -.1 Jac' 1 A . N 369 9+ a' N 62, ff ECPSVHQ Cf cali con s9o99 ,lie .X ,, ' 0 Xu al Mx, K vm Eg' 5 CC - A ff 00' of iff' Gio C C' 6 XSS a Cbhfls 'GB 'wg 80, QL C S xg Q9 CC 89 P,,,rg"'a,,,s 0495408 060 a CCCCa f Caa , 221, Q53-2"505L,,'Q-'fZ', gin C35 lelecki and Pioe A Q14 . O.. C aa, fwgekcqwipf Q5 'sq Pl ' gel' JOUrgp- ' - +-75'-.4b ,,90',f QQ" 'Q easant Christmas a wtf!!! To S : of -11112.'1":Q'i:z:f'z,.ff 1-" a "" QW' sv"65qsq5Qi i Sign La " ,f 5 3' .wiiiiaf ::g1fieae0'f' c,of'e awe a "W" 0 af' a VI..-M.1QEyQ1g.ff"'ffQ'fiffy xx 65 A A cv-ma, N M W wa W .gf ucv' T va a 'fr .5 M. 1 x 43? Q if 'IS Jo! Ou C CC CCQ"ff K CLCilg"7?-a:::4.4,,g,:, r My I C K M ,..,N .. A I . I SXT . ,S ,. X., ,EV , . A1 i :QA ' f.V5WiQ'X : L J fa nf--gg f?:lQG535ij"f51 " ,V .,., . :X , g,. LQ . mx I K K . ' 2 .6151 K -:ff :gg I S N. A xy, W My-.,Aq4..l.,1w, A ' gf+. ' s5 W N ff ' JLQQQWZ?-v vm:-if? . sffrmlysf. , , ,L ' sm-g.:.if ' ikgiviaif . , V X1 I 9 , Q , i K - - w ' . - 1 f - K . -L JSQF . I W' Ek : Q K .. W . K H ,1 ig:.fs,w ' - ' is V , K M' j 1' ,.,, f ,, 1g.g,w + sf wg: -' , ' 1 ' A ' ' Q 'Q X 5, 3' .,::..,g. Q , 2..Z1Zg1,x mi a bf. rv, W 'tt:"'fx, L E 3 N'Y ' 4 s-" 'X ,,,, "ff -E" ' 3 H 1 v .A Q 5 , ? "' Q X 'Ll 4--f,f"g " ff X' ,A :ZX gf Rl, . 'Q 1 1 0 4ONE5T TOIL . 7 QMS!! kk.. L 5 . A f'-. X' V' 2 . Qt-1-V, ki mi' W X u N? , 5.2-55 uw.. .Q m - ' ww ., W. ,gl A inf? 5? 'v LJfr4JlXlUlNilllI.D 'WORSHQP ff - iwfffgi Q . 3 52-,L is .S S! iw a -1 v x Y 'I W, .fliillsik FREEDGM w ACE SPEECHA-JQPRE5 W1 A mffzwff wif, IKE gg!! xv 1' . WWI- 5 ll H 1 my if-2 "A, -'QQ -Q. 'mf Qu. 4 E ST: QL 35: ' V 3' EQ - ' 453255 ' , 'Y' ' Q LW "AL . ' X ' ,av -su . .u. Q S. ik EEN--, , . , -, Q 1 W V 6 Y ,Q ,Q g as ,AS M B nv- mation porter a star student entering into the spirit and activity of the school whole-heartedly and contributing much my kirsch not only an athlete but n student with a variety of interests and an inclination to work THE YEAR'S The Hi-Light offers you the ten higl' ty vote as the outstanding of the year in th+ tributions. val schmeisser willing and sincere-puts forth ma.ximum effort in every thing she undertakes I 4 douglas besaw enthusiastic and dependa- ble, a photographer and Writer with ambition and talents willardneary debator, actor, twice class president and above all loyal and conscientious stu- dent and worker HI-LIGHTERS :hool students adjudged by facul- xcellence and variety of their con- lowell mcmullen to him went most of the inglorious, untempting jobs which he did too well louise brlsmaster tops at the piano-for three years a virtual slave of the student body betty stetien a. leader in every or almost every activity in school harry grane a star in the game and all around school-a stickler for what is right max-garet walsch a tire-less and unselflsh worker for Antigo High School Tug CA MEFF' LenS d the man m me PM WE DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL SHUIIHER QQ' - iiilww tiff SPEAKING 0F SUMMER 47-GP 0 5 Av Q93 ',fNfj. T- 6 3 Ol? i 1 1 I-. X s 1 It couldn't be Mr. Reed, could it, Miss Canfield? 2. Meet the celebrities! The lucky girl with Edgar Guest lpoet, if you don't know itl is Lorraine Gillaspy. 3. "Butch" Geer, Rita Muttart, and an out-of-town friend posin' in some- body's backyard. 4. Anastasia Walsh and Betty Mc- Cann looking down at everyone and everything with upturned noses. 5. Nice looking legs, girls. Oh, yes! We see the bridge, too! Wau- sau, isn't it? 6. Girls! Is that you again? But personally we prefer the good looking legs. 'venv DAY's A HouoAY I R B thing beauties never swim! Q a , , Hut "Honey" Somdahl does get wet. . "Big Chief Swing," Dougie Be-- saw, gives us a little song and dance. ' ' - ll thumb' Q Amateur hitchhikexs a ed out. Marg ie Cohler and Edythe Turney are the girls. O Experts Jeanne Janes and Helen "P ctice makes Per- Johnson say ra f ect." Gila. .. we Q2 we as N". 5 "N .K get g A e 'swanii 1.sslm.,, .ii Ni - X s ,1 1 s an H L fu-xgn, V. MQ x f i A "pvc 44 ' 4. - 1 W l A 4. 7 , i x zfvt tw' Ja? A e A S 1 . SiS?+. . 'ia ' , A h JY? K .. ik , - f.., .1 A ".j.'.s wg .a, . Q5 , fav If 3'- 'fi'-B' I Posin'! Smiles and Smirks from 0 "Love t Mary Jane Healy and Dolores Pay- Janet Pras ette. .,.5 arf ' 2 - ,ee' 'J' , J ' me, Love my dog," says il. i Ri , ' hm ,W Lg, ,: , , H, J . at M Vi ' 0 Row Row, Row your boat! Q Heavy mush scenes by Geer and ' Rournan. IHC. Adeline Platek and Helen Reis. I ,,...Qo0"m "U 'XF d that's going places Q That old gang ot mme-meet the Junior Crow land doing thingslj 15 Fvf K' KW -0 I 1 :Cl 1 'Q 01-1:1 Q - 1 Q ,funn -- unease I ll rr 119 il - lining -1111 di -f in 5. FQ.:-" E., -Z?-5 if 16 4: 1-Q Y ,, N flgic I .5 ,4 si, Sis? F jiri!!! c-3 Rod Bac FALL Pi Third R UWZ G1'ab0WS1x'y, HUHZ1' Fouch, Hopkins, Ho1l'n1 Sr-cond Row: Mrs Sllll, Go ' RE SOPHCMO tz ' Mi3S Bguesch Aullkfoykinsy Aulik' Mlhop' B .ta B15 ,lik k. R1 uchan' M- Ah .9 Blau dt, D nsky, Ecilttlf Berns Cero --St R0w.Anglla y Fl! Cartgry r, Hickey, Hellnbrecht, INNER CIRCLE: McNamara, Kalka, Meyers, Malik, 4 an. Ja0kv1,H11ge1', Hallada Grath, Kelly, Matuszevvski, McCann, Klajbor, ll . Dresseig Gibbs, Fessenden, Grabel, Jen Arthur, Mclver, I. Johnson zham, Hudson, Grant, Halbesleben, Jacobe, Miss OUTER CIRCLE: Knorr, Kohel, Mader, Karinek, Ladwig Garflzmr Kuss, Laabs, Keen, Knight First Row: Fleischnzzrn, Gorham, Gavittezg Henricks. Er-kart, Heckert, Hempfer, HEIIUGISIGI' 'Third Row: Joe Brejeha, John Brejcha, Baraniak, DaInit2, Crosland, Auclaizg Bradley, Cernoch, Aitkin, Ed. Ches- Third Row: G. Hugunin, Kranimer, Gray, Fronek, Franz, Ink, Beattie, Bergeron, Be-saw Eickhoflj Knapp, Hartman, Kaplanek, Johnson, Folk Second Row: Butler, Ahlers, H Dobrinska, I-L Byrne, I Second Row: Miss Garley, Konzela, Koles, Holiflnan, Hafe- Isjvrno, Bishop, K. Duc-hae, Crandell, Drake, Cousineau, meister, Holifman, Hanousek, Ehardt, Herman, Geiger, Mr. Cvengros Jury, Fermanicb 'rst Row: E. Dobrinska, Bryant, Cheslak, W Duchac, First Row: Hohensee, Korth, Grossman, Foss, Keller. Irlelott, Rrecklin, Boelter, Denk, Carlson, Brandow Forbes Gralnbow, Holup, Fink NIR. CVENCROS MISS GA N A Miss Marr MRS. oaessea HOME ROOMS 18 4 i ,f W7 . War X' wwf ix. t'tff,'QV,f5' iw. .MWF V' f' yi iiw",P.:-,dl Q l vw qimxs 'W K .-,. we ,-M' - - '55 0 RLEY MISS Es rd RO Ban W2 B Czak Zhi, 0 , nd Rflwl- Doing Bagrndr ' Dag ' Barr- f Be -kam Blgk ntley B oettcher C aranzyk ' 2114150 ' Barq n' BOVI A es' - e Blgmkfiy WRU ROW-. Rogan, F, Schvocpicv, ?vxcne, Nxmv, 'Ynkrd Row: XNnXiarns, Simons, E. Wlacnm, Scnx-mnX. Smnhcmnan, Quads, Neuman, 'S-cs-5, Yarnek, 'ZAehnsXM, Si,CCWOiM12Y, 'S5'f10'l-, 'LOCYYM 5U3W505i' XI N W Koen, Bgcond Bow: Wavnev, xssbroccv-er, Spynnmhx, Ll Af- 5CONn ROW: Vvobesvd. Robvaon, Ranma, Qcnrnidt, sew, Shwbg, Tmvo, Vevgntz, fioowg, NMS vwnvg V x Y Sfxnmdx, Nl. Ymsfnowicz, F. ?Y8S8XONViC'L, Scnebuskk Fwst Rovlt 'LXnW0Q1'. 51- GCYYYWUU0- lm Dcxxffwv NNWWT' Magi ROW-, H, Nirnkz, Scnw-okmev, Ni, Scnroepiev, 3. Wacnak KNaX5n, Wendi, 'YYKOIOPSOYM Yi- HWS Y'mm1,, Ykoufnan, Smsner, Y. Oxisk Nanow Lane, icnrnon, Mamma, Mmm- 'Ynird Row: XNiknonk, Sxvasscv, WceXcy, 'Tm-r..-v, 'xwsxw owen Znenwe, Sworn, Van Dernek, Weeks, Dan 'Yann ?eppcx',?vico, Second Row: Stvandbcvg, Wacnm, Wahl. Van Ywx-wax. A Span, Sxone, Smenar, Tuma, Skrnon, Mx-. 'Mnwmx Fkvsi Rowi Webev, Tnoynac, Strasscv, Dah: Tmw, Sun' mana, Vaugnn, Sknons MR. NXOPXPXN M MW qwxifm-,.,g.f mfwmw Ylmukz, Scnnuz, Yvebo-SARS, Rain, Y rm-51, Reed, Maw, Koszarck, Piney "LcXevc, Patnndc 'YYXXYG Row: mmm, Yagcx, Second Row: Lang, Rwscbe Lawson, Scnoeniehh, Roberts, Fnsx Bow: Yvebosw, Morgan, Martins, Lax Lncxaozxc, Seis, ?eterncK, C. Pmnvz. MR. XKXRX4. n 'Bw' , iff f gpg., nf? , 5,15 'lv sfexn www Rooms Mass HOME HER 19 ,,2". 5 N w' 1 M' 1. Future spud growers, David Koch, Marvin Hoppe, and Russell Wright, try their skill at judging the finished product. 2. Last minute touches by Loraine Orgeman and Harry Grane before the Antigonian goes to press'--Antigonian being offered as a regular subject this year. 3. Henry Sperl turning out a piece of work on the metal lathe. use WSWS e 4. No soap-box oxatory for this serious group of speech students enrolled in the year's new speech course. 5. From the serious expressions, these physics students will no doubt all develop into future big-time scientists- especially "Einstein" Neary in the foreground. 6. Speed test or just a dislike of the camera that brings such frowns from this typing class? But with pretty Miss Stein as teacher how can they be so glum? fu 1 iowa aoqxxogoovee, ponacv me qvsexevkee, oi axgevcafana claw we mm 05 5 5,4492 ' oo . Geogoektg eeegivs, ko 'oe Qvemg eehoos bodxneegfbofv about Xp, ying! X5 Q, www 50 oo, ago-meow coegsixexe, xx-nov! what godw gifs-:img 09, were, gk- 309505, ko Ao 5XX Kfoe e-1-QXo6xog XQKOSQAK. 61 Sow 1 xxv-ee 9 . on Know , Move Horne Y-Lo. gms. e bear irogo good " Ps sixtctx X-rx time eaves Noel' Ks the motto ot tbese aint: 'ima apparent iofqoahtg oi the Ptrt CN-ass ooesd t awlags eadxst, tn! ovktg. '5b'o'.'. 'ixxeg woo som paint, The kotense oooceotratxoo X-5 mtkxer oeceptwe in tkxks ykmxuax ,Nts CX-ass, cogoqoetciw stxxdexxts geem S1603 Kotefee-ted to Hhs demotxsttatkogx oi modern oostratkog the pfkockpws ot acet-pane wading to a oX-555, ?l-. These ice eqxhpmexxt. XA. Nic. BSeXecAa3 is oem VARIETY Bush Sea Xp an cv. 'pix he a ekr es. 8'Y19X5BS'. C-aught ip X fvjtoh N3c?hmX ookxg, th eXp the saw oi Graduat was the qhosx cokurm Margaret Cooper, Scormskp, kr.- AB X51 hat perhaps S khe year W-a5 given by Harp Xp-strockor irom Wx ad Nhss Dwyer. Y N. 1 proggxmh o ihe 'redheaoeo duced by our reohe xro 3 R BBS 'Yagnor SN Sggs ded oh 3 X '-e Bae M YS. KOCH! 3 essx hes. 5 W BTG Q NNY. Banos and CA- BSSBWUXY skunk to h shew any other 7 I, . -mv q I J ,. 5" I ' , .df j 1 'il' 1 A W: ,row . .J- nf' .,. ' -.wo 1 ,EQ A Vwviv Ninas'-a 15" ht!! No! Omg character and 085108 A negro servo hx orxe oi her many oi the Cabbage Yaxch, he!! program. 7, 'x I . i n J j 5' V , , -' , .J ' J ,Xl ' , 'rl ,I ' -1' ' 1 if' - ' '..1A! S!! rj' A G ly J ' 'I ,' ly ' J I I t," ,, LX, L, A V, if ' gf" Lt 1 . ' 1 , LJ 'f , f 1 - .1 ki ,A 1 I I 1 1 v' - :V - 1 1 f' U , , i , ASSEMBLBQ Q YOUNGSTERS This up the se ' younger generation shows nior high in song and dance. ' Dolejs, Dorothy Grane, Da n Lnrksmith, and Fid ' ' Lorraine w A rmstr elis Rick PRCDGRAMS O ACTRESSES Commercial thespians trod the b0aPdS, and in the characters of the bespecfacged Scotchman and the blue-serged executive show good advantages. ong, Doris ,anis entertain Q SPEAKER Assemblies are not tional guidance. M versit lacking in educa r. I-Iauhahl of Marquette Uni y speaks on vocations. 25 SEND YOUD DAUQHMQ 40 , M4 L 6AfmQzff Ayffwf SLLECA BOADDING 5Cl-KOOL FDD GHQLJ WLD' ACLRLDIILD JILCOIIEGL counses occeaeo-MUsmc,M1+,DHYLD,,EMB112oloAuv,uomeec., xNrAN+ CAQEAND DALLL4 DANUNG. SEND COQ CALALGG . 40 Lum. muu1,vau.,ao1 fmno Manu,sur.r.wA4Lv.,uonlopf+1 SLCEJ-ED HUNLYT'1UlUN...f 0712, fam rvwzf mldfof , I-IADDY LHEWOMAN WHOSE HUSBAND Hill. ADUQES HER lf. Q OF MAH- AFLEQON YEA NED LIFE. ....... ....... . ..... . .. XGXLQQJYN .XS , QBVQQQXSS ZW WS SSEXQX was 21 Qyocws QMS R959 XA Of' QA 520' Occ, 5 K of O6 Q 5I 0 :Nb W xx 50 VP' ESIYOI' 90 O or- A 00 KJQXVN' wa WWA O98 C' x '5 01' ' Su S0520 , ' X7 0 u we .50 I' -Qwxwziwjw W ., QM2f.w W N Q1 Ah. . v . K.. i . 'I V xy 'A QW .. as 1' an ,Q if S3 M X , , , .JV , wg Its- 3 5. Qifwzb. .5 , . V .ft V ian! 5 9,5 "' rv -4 . 75 'Wi ,eq 15 v ,n . .K ff f Q- , Qrfifi 5 I , 0 3 VK " '55 QI-'I' fm-5 ax 4 --Q if - 'D J! ,. . iw! . A r' 3 3 f EQ xv ,X I - QA. 1 3-31 ,F ,sg .. A, " .-1' , -ew . U END 0F FO0TBALL SEASUN FIND mason ELECTED Houonmw cnmm FOOTBALL SUMMARY The Antigo High School team of 1937 was a well balanced club, despite the fact that only s-even experienced lettermen returned from the previous year. Averaging about 155 pounds, the team, composed of smart and will ing players, finished the season with a .500 percentage. The line, a trifle unsteady at the season's opening de- veloped into one of the best in the Valley while the back field, a very fast combination, was no doubt as good as any. The Ants tied Mari- nette ,Point, and the Rapids, defeated Wausau and Marshfield and in turn were defeated by Rhinelander and M-errill. Although the team didn't lead thc conference in wins, they had by far the best backing in the Wisconsin Valley. At the end of the season the boys cl-acted Ray Kirsch honorary Cap- tain. MARINETTE AT ANTIGO In a non-conference game, the Ants held a powerful Marinette machine to a six-all tie. A fair crowd of some 2,000 fans saw Grane score the initial touch down of the "37" season early in the game from the four-yard line. Marinette, however, came back very strong and Waugas scored their lone touchdown in the last three minutes of the game. Score-Antigo 6fMar- inette 6. ANTIGO AT RAPIDS The Friday following the Marinette game the locals took to the road and traveled to Rapids. In a defensive battle the Rapids had the Ants hack on their heels from the opening kick- off. Three times, the Kirk-m-en rose to heroic heights and stopped the "march of the Rapids." Fisher, Ant tackle, looked very impressive in this game as did Gross, small Rapids full. Final-Antigo 0-Rapids 0. ANTIGO AT MERRILL In a heart breaking contest the Merrillites eked out a 6-0 win over :1 better Ant team. Three times the Ants pushed the ball within the five' yard line only to be denied a score. A pass, Detert to Rajek, was turned into six points early in the second half. Hal Fermanlck, sophomore fullback, practically ripped the Mer- rill line to shreds. However, when the occasion called for a goal-line stand the stubborn Merrill boys were not to be budged. Final-Merrill 6-- Antigo 0. 28 KIRSCH if wares we M.. 725.3 wil' FOURTH ROW: Fermanich, Bradley, Breicha, Tes THIRD ROW: Gongoll, Ass't. Coach, Fisher, Rich SECOND ROW: McCann, Simons, Feil, Miller, Sch Maltby FIRST ROW: Mgr. Bahr, Smith, Skodinski, Benish derson, Grane, Coach Kirk S ANTS WITH 500 PERCENTAGE ax p KIRK ,QW - ,fr VN E W. , 5, Franz, Drake, Jury, Eichkoff, Lang, Plautz ids, C. Voss, Kotchie, F. Voss, R. Diercks is, Wendt, Kielhofer, Palmer, Herman, Ahlers, Mfg. c, Kalkofen, Kirsch, Capt. Sims, Lingle. Joyce, An ' LEAD 00NFERENGE IN ATTENDANCE MARSHFIELD AT ANTIGO A light but formidable Marshfield team were Antigo's host and were treated rather roughly to the tune of 12-0. The score was kept low by the quick and very efhcient punts of Carnahan, Marshfield captain. Ander- son and Fermanick each scored once to give Antigo 12-'Marshfield 0. WAUSAU AT ANTIGO Before .the largest crow of the sea' son, the Antigo Team, under-dogs and having an undefeated team to cope with, rose up and took the highly prized Lumberjacks by a 7-0 count. The 5,000 people saw the Ants bottle up the famed passing attack, Young to Nimz, and go on to win. Anderson scored a touchdown by skirting left end and added the point by the same methodhFinal score-Antigo 7-VVauw sau 0. ANTIGO AT POINT On a snowy and wind-swept field the Ants met a strong Point team and held them to a scoreless tie. The Ants made 12 flrst downs to the Point- ers' five. Fumbling was frequent on part of centers, backs, and ends as hands were blue with cold. Skodin- ski and Kirsch played well for thc Ants as did Anderson, back field ac-e. Final count-Antigo 0-Point O. RHINELANDER AT ANTIGO Featuring a. hard charging line and a fast stepping backfield the I-Iodags whipped the locals by a 31-6 score. Diercks scored for Antigo by sneak- ing over from the one yard line early in the second period. Lewis played a bang-up game for Rhinelander as did their big line. Many seniors bqwed out in this game and, although they lost they gave their fighting best. Final-Antigo 6-Rhirielander 31.. MANY RETURNING Next year's squad will be composed of these men coming back from this year's squadhSophomores-t'Hal" Fer- manick, "Eggie" Lang, Bud Byrnes, Charlie Fisher, Junior Eickoff, "Ollie" Frans, Shermie Ehart, and Jim Jury, while the following Juniors will put on the pads for one more year, Bob Diercks, Dan Schleis, "Ham" Kotchie. John Richards, Joe Feil, Frank and "Click" Voss, "Ky" Kielhofer, Verne Teske, Jack Diercks, "Andy" Coblentz, John Miller, Don Drake, and "Sy" Si- mons. Our freshman squad should also add a couple of good players. 90 Sembr Award ' w f and if N 'J' 'BMSKODINSKI-Gu Benishek, Skodinski. Kalkofen ard :HANDERSON-Halfbackv xfiilsbv XISOYGV Q03 deibacyy irk, Kirsch, Joyce, Anderson, Grane -56150 SWS! 19911 '95 3 KQU 1161-back 31 J ki u , H W ffj K I l. aa- ' . 'T l W I W' Malzby F Bah , ' "M ,, . 1 r , M 3 -J? .. 52 ' 'il mx Rzchards m. X . jx li ' Q ,wif Y 4' Fischer-Schlezs ,Q 5' :.6 af xxlwvyqf-fff X Fzscher S: 9 f v xi xv! .k L A ss't. Gongoll X X iQ Ass't. C venaros tw. in-Q if?- Eichkoff-Brejcha Fcrmanich 411 1- , Kielhofer- Voss Lang Q Q, S .gg i KI ax 'Q 6? ' fn . k4kt-:,.- Aw ' . 'A it M A M X Vi.,-, 1 - ... -N i 1 - K D -'ithleon 051235 Ju I-loMEcoMlNG an . Of ne S AUIIQQ CQPFQ. 2. W fy. US, a 9 Carr: ,, . Wppfeciage iad that S. 9 re 17039 I-gh Q , Dram member Smues but W , l if jwmk Club Hoxlag thstgif-ls, And Edg 'Q"vQg was th.. aw W. W 'N W ,KY ,X any . . - 4. . """""""""3T N .Q K 3 dw mfw .- 8. . N x ,,,....x Tx YI x 'X X M X 5 X if X , W . Gif X-V w if A 1' Thv Wausau football game was the inspiration for all the color and u-tivity fvzxtllwd in the Hr ' 1 ' mmecommg, Parade, Frlday, October 15. ' ,, 1 l l ff l ,JK an ul W' 100 't i "1 The Bunn? di? caS9 you can ade f . uxsyfggiaushmg' . ar t 9 5 15 on P S b n heel'- 6' Thi with vlenw of C an ' 1 nes- f om the Slde x r RUSH -3 fi Qi WAUSA . for s in claSS Seghgganui k top honor ell, mats 10 What? The band again--this time a Boat re- 3. The Antigonian class comes forth with a float strictly in ac- cordance with its journalistic views. 4. We know it's Forestry Cluh without reading the sign for what other organization could get hold ot such a beautiiui log? 5. This novel idea was presented by the Sophomore class. l.,i . fi ' sf ' ' 2 6 'WK ,f'L"Q W! Can you read the short hand? No! Well, the pretty stenos tell us it says "we will win." Congratulationsi And the Student Council dc- serves it for this iioat, which took first prize in the activities group. view. 'wmnsfm Www Vi 35 0 1.0 '50 QX K CN K, 'WXO x, pm Q- qgcxx noe, 60591 Q05 vac woven? , 36 2, Nuax. P- cac326 WCDYYV9 xxixxxgps eve was ' ww 'Wh MA Ycdv we good f 09 Coe Yefsw-. xo Skov 'Yotee Xfaggevs bhp, when are goo gokog, A . R05 'Y Ko V06 vaixx 5 S ' ' Xxxnck '3' 'b io: Xxmcxx. 1 B926 ovxixwg Q Q, Coen if x X14 '08 -yi 2 e 'oeev SKAXX eng 'O Q1 6 Q 'cf-eg xxx vom, 5- 'K X xoabxf' 'Face , bags, so ex1X6eo'09 x A ASK f-5X ge. 0 3 Q1 wg. 000 . '98 .vo ' X0 'ok . XYX fa 'om TX? Y Q, .0 x 1 1 1 as " 4 G -A -A .Girls r O w ,H ry x. Tu fn P,,ate And seek Treasure 9,0 O Cay. This year under the direction of Mr. Esker and Mr. Epple a new type of annual was attempted. The staff has tried to make the year-book a students' book entire- ly and by keeping it as informal as possible to give it 71 fresh interest and appeal. Among the many changes made, the most important was the changing of the name from "Graduate" to the new name "Hi-Light." 52519 Q 1 x9 -9,956 055 0 . x .ow X99 50 eve? Z9 x -2:9 ev . of e- 66' 190 0 Wt' xi 0 Q ,ff of 6,61 6,22 ff X N9 , QCD Qi Aff! 'JV N90 OV' -005 on WA' "' ' X5 909 .oo Qx ,cite ,W me CQ, .Q ,500 eve' .axe , ' so fs Q I Q xv '60 0 1. 9 996 568 9 I tax' xe-e-910 X l fri- c 565 9109 .XIQA QC5' Nix 0190 x0 QV K, 6 i' ov Q0 -A 'S . 05 o Q5 of 'ci' 00 ii y' aio' cox SVA cz, 6 'Q- gipie g riiax Q0 9 ,690 .50 The Graduate Staff Begins Work 37 ..-Q: -"4 ' L. to R., Marion Porter, Bill Neary, Val Schmeisscr, Miss Garley, and Bill Whiting. The sum and substance of Senior debate team, Z' o KP GQ Q92- voos CL, 'P' 5' O 1301500 o .:'Q5. 1Q,.?,,Q . Q6 9 6 1.1, QL. sp? 02009 Z-0 Oat' Yes, they decorateAbesides debate. Seniors at work! Victory was inevitable just then. JUNICRS WIN November 23, the annual Junior-Senior debate, one ol the oldest and most popular traditions of Antigo High School, was brought lo a dramatic climax by a junior victory--the first in four years, Three teachers from Vkfausau acted as judges and the decision was Zf l. This year's question was one of immediate interest to everyone. con' cerning as it did the neutrality policy of the United States. The question was worded, Resolved: That the present neutrality policy ol the United States should be made permanent. 0 'Q OjQQ3,0,b 0961 'Q o fb Q1 'o "1 Qc, 0 6 Q C2590 '05 61? 669 es? Q J I 'bf ' fr 566, Q60 We 051 Pappy in one of his more serious moments. Imperial decree issued to Warren Roberts, Mary Greisch, Bob Heyse, and Jane Novotny. ,oy IUIXIIUTII 0 ALIHL Q on I3ll-Illi-INK I-L-IF. , .' .f kafmf jo ffzfdffm JERRY . VEIX ,Yi Quuumco BY DODUIAQ Rmupsx LHS SILVEPIY VOICE I-IAS WON I-IIIVI IAVORILIE NA- IION OVER.. ........ .. DINING - DANCING FLOOR SHOW AI- IIOO DM. I DMM :N,,fff?'Z 4.00649 N,Wf,549,lt,M 7Z...0ZC , . 4 1 IDIHTER , 8 'N v Q x, S , it 9 Y, ' U P jx 2 f fkvgvkt KL 'L J v 1, ' ,lv V K fav Ai It VL. h, W X 1. , 1 x v . -If .- .1 ., m' :a.uf1ef:-.i .:U,Q:.Nl,,-1, mi? If ,Q -tvs JOYCE AND KIRSCH SECOND ROW: Mgr. Maltby, Kirsch, FIRST ROW: Fermanich, Voss, Joyce, Mader, RED lt0BlIlS IIIWE HEIIIDGRE SEASUII, llighliglited hy a txip to Madison and the State Tournament the 1938 edition or Antitgo High School Basketball was considered successful even thou fh ,hc Ants won four games and fell short in thirteen. May it be said, howevefr, that MGR' MALTBY in eight ot the games played not more than five points separated the winner and Antigo. Lady Jinx was the mascot of our club and in six of the eight 1-ont-.-sts lost by tive or less points, free throws were the deciding factor. Anti- go, no doubt, had the poorest free throwers in the conference, as their record pi-ohahly shows, for, in the 204 chances at the charity line the Ants only con- verted eighty-six for n 41.8 percentage, meanwhile the opponents tickled the webbing fully 95 times in only 175 tries to finish with a fine 51.4. The Ants compiled a total of 366 total points compared with the 418 for their opponents. This gives Antigo a 121.5 average per game according to the 24.5 points 1,-er garne the enemy enjoyed. The lor-al boys scored as follows during the season, "Hal" Fermanick, an up and coming sophomore, led his mates with a 118 total: a 68 followed and this was eolleeted hy 'tflc-ne" Joyce. Th-e others who scored points were "Mux" Mader with 37, Hob Di-ercks with 21, Ray Kirsch with 14, "R0l" Ferrell with 4, Holi llerman and lla:-ry Crane, along with Tom Keough had two and last Mr Kohl with one, Antigo 22, Rapids 24 Led by "Haba" Gross, all-conference guard, the red and white Rapids team eame to town and won to the tune of two points. With but ten seconds re- maining, Seim, Rapids forward, sank the winning bucket. Antigo 18, Rhinelander 31 Holding Kotz to the lowest he had ever been held to the Ants fought the llodags to even terms on the Hodags hard-court. The fourth quarter was de trimental to the Ants and they were outscored 13-3. Kotz led his team with ltl points. Antigo 18, Nvausau 15 The Ants upset the State Champs by throwing a zone defense at Nimz, Sie- wert and Co. that proved altogether too much for the Lumberjacks. Nimz, all conference and all State man, was held to 1 point. The game was the Hrst ever to l,-.' hroadcast from 'the Antigo gym. l r :S Ieough, Kohl, Guertz, Poullette, coach iercks MADER AND DIERCKS TEM! SIIUWS GLASS III DEFEATS .T WORK 5 Antigo 27, Merrill 24 Led by Maurice Mader, who collected seven points, the Ants defeated the Merrillites on their own hardwood quarters. Thorson and Rajeh kept Mer- rill in th-e race with their seven points respectively. Antigo 21, Rapids 25 Too much Watson and Gross gave Antigo much trouble and thereby the Ants suffered another close defeat. Guertz and Voss each garmered 6 points for the Ants. Antigo 26, Tomahawk 30 It took two overtimes to do it but with L. Koth in rare form the Tommies did it. Koth made 12 points while Joyce collected 10 for the Maroon and white. Antigo 24, Wausau 32 The Ants were off again when they invaded the Lumberjacks camp and con- sequently lost by an eight point margin. Reichl led Wausau and Fermanick help the Ants along. Antigo 31, Rhinelander 34 With Kotz scoring nineteen points the Hodags still had to go into one over- time to whip Antigo and sixteen point Fermanick by the 3 point margin the above score indicates. Antigo 21, Nekoosa 27 Lost in the bigness of the Nekoosa gym, the Ants couldn't get going and lost to Klein and Company by a decisive margin. Antigo 31, Tomahawk 22 Hal Fermanick found the hoop for 12 points to overdo Nelson's eight and the Ants won by a decisive eight point margin. Antigo 17, Point 22 Playing in the local gym before a capacity crowd the Maroon and white suc- cumbed to a big Pointer team by the five points that meant so much to Antigo all year. Peterson collected 11 points for the Pointers while Voss led Antio with six. W . 4 . ,r I, k"i GUERTZ AND KOHL SECOND ROW: Coach Asher, Simons, Van Dera, Cousineau, mgr. FIRST ROW: Eiter, Keilhofer, Franz, V 23' Due to good ,sound and well-executed coaching under Mr, Asher, the "B" squad of Antigc High School for the past basketball season was one of the most highly prized and most successful HB" teams this school ever has turned out. By virtue of 252 total points to the opponents 223 the lads were able to win ten of thirteen contests. This gave them an average of 19.3 points per game to the opponents 17.1. Of these 252 points, Keough, Eiter and Simons scored 100. SCORE BOARD TELLS THE TALE SIMONS AND givza, fgfi I F nf S ,:,,?, xapb A 454 M Fagigg .. 1 nf ,ww 'ff'-'L' S n"'Ir "' --:faa:Eia.a5i:a- ' ' ul' uv" nl ' ggiiingglh-'SI 9 . f' F i iffmfs 2 .--45: 1 ' - B f : -. . t Q . n q 1 1 ' 2: -.. .-.-his new 1 Xi , x :33 'eske, Richards, Hanousek, Diercks, iough, Simons, Ehardt, Schoenfeldt The season's record is as follows: Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Antigo Amigo EOUGH 12, 28, White Lake 19. 26 32 Ns., Elcho 9. , Merrill 18. 20, Stevens Point 19. 16' Osbkosh 40- FERMANICH AND VOSS 29, Rhmelander 18. 13, Wausau 11. 14, Merrill 12. 18, Tomahawk 12. 24, Wausau 28. I3, Rhinelander 20. 27, Tomahawk 5. 12, Stevens Point 0. WAUSAU GAME BROADCAST 'Z' ll --' B3 ,r w ., ,, PM ?f VEB: A 24 EB , 0 4 1 I ,IX L . r- ' yi 8 , AV "L ,V 'WMM l hwy ' Y 3 X 3 M rv .4 Q - A is Q 4 Q , W'?'.W,, I T K V X x, , ' ' 71 5 --W " 2 I 7 sl ml .Q K . we 5 K ' R . B Wing. N vm' Ny, T df' S ' Q ik . -, Y Q. , . 'QQ A' '. l ,few x I - Q 6 if l 9 :fu f -:fn ' V xi ' .. 1 315: 'ff .Y a Q' G ' - X- X ' 57' fffxfu ff, -. - X. ' 5 X - X K",, V i ' I '1 .Q ' S ' ' Q x t '-aw Q Qs , ,mv V V V- Vg 5 Q, . , U A ' Nr Q " vw' ,Jw A EV, 1 1'1" L..- ",- , V , , 'Q w 'V fl' ' V fi 3 W s , 'P'-wfsw f x U5 M ' L Q X V Q3 1, ff " ,P ,Q I ' L f 1 K I , . mga V Om. : . 1. .. .,.'.,,?: .X . , waL.w:g'w.M au- ' f "I X w ffw V X A VV ,. , .-4:-- 4 5!,g:,'Q1' 7-gf A1 2 4 k' ' gi, if -' M , X 'iifies-21-ef 5 .ff?'l, ' wi Lrg-.-.36 'f,5',g,1wLigwgLfg11 .qygigfy Q.:-,.r:f .nf l ' 'iw'-EAL- " '?iQ'ff'Ak-15-QVV'f, 1,5-if 4.29" ':"'3':,g - . 5 ' "'1' -,+2gI'ff '.rzwf'gL52flel Af , .pg -..':.11.'::f:l w i , X 1'-'ff-Z'f:e.. 4,-:fri-. . 1 ' '1' . , -:',J.-f:,,:4,,.- .V ,' XV ,wg -,VA ,- ,Irfk mL ri. gf-,A ' '-V-V V - --3 ""-efikag,-E.-1:53 -'f,jfw' M ff: ' .1 f',rnfVLgi'V,,, f +13-E1 '-Sfff--..'?-V sfeff "KT fkrw af' file! 5 Yi 3' r-'ff 'iw fivis 4 V -55.- ,, A Arrbwiggiegljhkjq, M. "EL-gtg? fs ' ffffgif !" ,ff ,Amh2'f5zrdlEfE2'1' 'E'mlxiIg'L?'11f2,5'Uvf.gfffk' ' :Kg MTE: L-,fifkilll Q '1rTl'1.Q5':q'5 1f445"5L1' ,f-""4. if K . soft, 9 :i.3"Hv,.F3fL f553V5ii11lQ'Vfwi'1'g1, :Tuff 5 n' ifJ,' 5' ' Q 5 'in sux- terra, 'LY' :iff r f - -f , Y 2' s vu, , ..,,,,M-., wff"vi .rf-, V. .5 M.. 1 Q 1 .21 , 'IVA N' P, ir JV , D .lf A 3,654 V V,.. . M K V . , 1 .ef 'H' ' L u .S vi A 2 g, l , , 1 f . , , -, ,Q r . L n WV 14 if ie V Y A . n I A, ,W Q5 ' if V 4,1 ,fp 'f Vi . ,Q V - A . x 5 gk NX -. Jef- Q 4' A . 551 V. VV, V.. ,N , ' A Q 3' 5 ' 1, ,Q :V :X guy, 4 4 ww,- L nf! Yififi I 9wif11YRiihHT!iXi?SA':3Hi'fW'f5" I.II4!'w'iH-'II l Q gk m I K it Q 'Q I- Ll LJ www Hur lr. DDODLDLY LQUXDLD wuu LLLLLALLILY .-' IF N04- CALL RAIDIJ MDANDBLRG ELLCLDICAL .SUDDLILS DDOMIN .SERVICE DQONDLP DELIVLDY SHOULD MVS COLLLQLALL Lm+uoA1 ml-I-Ld .souxcu of fvz.fovmq,4icm, and iYtA'UYb5'l" ,,,,,,,,, pw' copes-oi Atom- book dL,nJm-.s -5.-.inf -.L,. -- -A.,-H.. A - A-A AA vv ,Y-vv vv v-,v-ra--5,-,-11 liLQANi,HAl2Q.LN,L HP-QL1 BU+ H- DID7 WWNY J- LOCAL GIQL NAMES GOOD-BECOMES IVIANAGEROF AN EIVIDLOYNEN1' AGENCY IN ONLY PIVIL WEEK5 MISS NPLRIAN DODAER LSAVS1"'I JHALL NLVLR BE ABLE 40 ALLANK PuoL1.4AMLLs, DUNHEN FOR FINDING VIL Ll-IIS JOB .... URHE NU'-5 40 PROP. BUNHEN ,LANGLEVOFFICES CLEVELANQOHIO, ron BooKLa+oN "5UccE5sf" on AOP ff 5 Nl OQQQ .. ' CALL FOQ EHOIUIR IDLOSILS 1+ WILL BE. Youa LUCKY X-Z1-1ISKE.Y , A+ . HANK VAI-ILS LIQUEUD. MAO? oun ouooucns DESICZNLD Fon MEN wuo Dasana-Lua DEHEQ +I-IIINGS LN Ll'FE. oUQ,"eaAr.L.cLvs f' BOB cuea+3 AND doa FELLER GFFEDL Luc- c,eLLEN+ szmvuce A+ ANY HOUR LARGE CRDWDS ATTE D INTRAMIIII GONGOLL, NUESSE AND GARLEY CHAMPS SEASON During the past season some of the best intramural basket- ball in the history of the school was played. With the start of the in-Hula: season, no team could be picked as the best in its respective class, and as the year wore on, it was a bitter fight to the finish. At the end of the season there had to be playoffs for the 1-hzimpionship of the senior class in which Gongoll's home room bent Epples, 30-13. 'for the championship of the sophomores, G:1rley's boys took Kirk's into camp by a score of 14-8. In the junior class Nuesse's home room had a hard fight for top ho.iors, being challenged by Esker's tribe and the Hitchcock men who tied for second place with Esker's coming out on top, 847, in a playoff game. All of these games were close and some ot the boys on the lower class teams served notice by their outstanding playing, that they would be varsity material in a year or so. One of the things that was noticeable and would have been a credit to the varsity was the shooting of free throws. Almost every boy had an average of 50 per cent or over, which is very good considering th-c amount of practice they had. Another thing that was noticeable was the scantiness of fouls, there being very few boys who had to leave the game because of four fouls. All through the season there were different boys leading the scoring for their respective home rooms, and as a result of every one being so evenly matched in scoring ability there wasn't a great deal of difference in the individual scoring race. Hut the following bovs scored a few more points than anyone else in their class: Matteffs, senior-27 Wendt, junior-26 Dablc, sophomorek36 SOPH CHAMPS GARLEY'S BACKGROUND Johnson Hugunin I-Iafmeister Eiter Knapp FOREGROUN D Hoffman Foss Folk Grambow :Xe CHA GONGOLL'S T0p Row: Anderson Grane MANA E i x NUESSE Steber Schleis J. Whiting Wendt Servi Vahl Schumitsch L GAMES THRUIIGHDIIT THE YEAR GONGOLL'S TEAM WINS ANNUAL TOURNEY . TOURNAMENT On April 1, after a series of playoffs, Gongoll's home room, representing the senior class, defeated Kin-k's home room of the sophomores in the finals of the intramurals by a score of 27 to 14. Gongoll's boys won the right to participate in the finals by defeating Epple's, 30 to 21, and then taking Nuesse's junior boys 35-17. Kirk's team defeated Cvengros' 19 to 11 and then Asher's frosh champs 23 to 13. This year the finals of the tournament were played during assembly and the whole senior high turned out to see the game. The seniors who borrowed the yellow silk suits presented quite a colorful scene. Although it was predicted that the seniors would win with ease, the soph lads, playing inspired ball, held their own with the exception of the third quarter wh-en the seniors made ten points. It can be said that the senior team was one of the best, if not the best, intramural team ever to be assembled. They did well in all the departments of the game, such as shooting, passing, and the most important, teamwork. All through the tourney large crowds attended the games. Most of them went because of the assurance that they would see good basketball and they were not disappointed. For some of the fellows it was their first tournament and they became a little rattled at the start. But after playing for a half, they forgot the crowds and played stand out ball the rest of the game. Because of the shortness of time, some of the teams only par- ticipated in ong game and therefore we couldn't very well give the names of the leading scorers. On behalf of all those who took part in intramurals, we wish to extend out thanks to Mr. Asher, our athletic director, who did a noble job in hand- ling the tournament. JUNIOR CHAMPS limi is-id FIVE HUNDRED TAKE PART ff' EPPLE'S ROOM Top Row: McPhail Mattefs Knox Hendricks Bottom Row: Novak L. Kalkofen McCann Lingle CH. I IHTCHCOCKSROOM TOP ROW Molle Rudolph Laehn BOTTOM ROW Larsen Palmer Richman Rettinger MORAN' S TOP ROW Weeks Turner Wachal BOTTOM ROW T. Weix Zuehlke Bob Strandberg As a result of making 18 out of f Bill Henricks after a strenous campai won the honor of being the Intramul Free Throw Champ of the Antigo Hi, School. N INTRAMURAL PROGRAM P MOORS' ROOM Top Row: Vanderhei Rine Smith Strandberg Bottom Row: Silverstein Sims Villard Ranke 'he contest originally started in MQCVENGROS' s gym classes and out of 550 partici- TOP ROW its only 4 were left for the f'1nalCOuSineau wing. Ahlers Byrne Dabel BOTTOM ROW Crosland Bergeron John Brejcha Joe Brejcha. km ,xx ESKER'S ROOM TOP ROW Kotchie Kautza Kane Lloyd Kalkofen BOTTOM ROW Koles Gartner Jewell Hunter af.-"i I FRESHMEN Asher .... Knutson Bielecki Peterson SOPHOMORES Garley . Kirk ..,,.. Cvengros Moran J UNIORS Nuesse Luhn ..,, Esker ..., Hitchcock SENIORS Gongoll Epple Moors KlRK'S HOME ROOM BACKROUND Edward Plautz Schoonfcldt Pepper Prcboski Mettler Larsen Pillar Marks FOREGROUN D Chester Plautz Luckowicz Sois Lax-zclcre Pcterlick TQURP GONGOLL , KIRK WO,,O NUESSE --, ASI-IER ,, EPPLE ,Ov ESKER Y ,W CVENGROS KNUTSON O BIELECKI ,, PETERSON GARLEY ,, MORAN OW- LUHN .--O HITCHCOCK MOORS c,, SUE on Lost Pvr. 0 1,000 3 500 4 333 5 167 2 714 3 571 3 500 5 167 0 1,000 3 500 3 500 6 000 1 750 2 600 4 000 AMENT Won Lost 11111 4 o 1111 3 1 1 WA1.. 2 1 111111 2 1 11111 1 1 11111 1 1 1 1.1, 1 1 11111 1 1 11111 o 1 11111 0 1 1111 0 1 11111 o 1 1 1111 0 1 11111 o 1 110 I 1 11 I LUHN'S ROOM LEFT TO RIGHT D. Frisch J. Frey Erdman Finger Feil 'T. Frey Finch Becker Cherek 'I'l1l1'fi R 171 JUNICRS OH" . Ilnrmon 1l'f'sr'h, H1 lim- IJ 'Q Olly Dawleyv C Blbittenham, Orson' C3505 Clille' ck And Y I, . Bohlnla?-3I'3d1eyn0l'. Cho ROW: ndowv DeGay -1-d , Bfa .-icki Thl - 1-cl' Ball C13 OW: c0nd R Se , Ifhnrdz, Gucnthnm: Fostcrling, Third Row: Koss, Mach, Kccn, Jakobi, Koch, Kuccra s fm'hvr'Iw1, Crcisch, Cctchcll, Jam? D012 Roles, HOIIGUSCG ,K1'HU70I'. IYIQVUIZ Mihalko , Ullf'f'ffP, Fischci Second Row: McNeil, Miller, Johnson, Muttart, Jensen, .iw-oiifl Row: Miss Driurina, Hr'11c1'. Hafclrzan, Fi'-alvy Mehne, Locksmith, Klemann, Mcssman, Miss Thciler Iinlws, Ilmirzf-rbauciy Erickson, Annc Donaliuc, Goci' First Row: Jerik, Menting Rakes, Lcnzner, Bloshcig Loy- Ifigy, limit, Gigvck, DOWOJ' A-om, Hoe, Kommers, Hcrlnan First Row: 1IrwfYni:in, Ednr, I'wI'f'iblII',L'0I', GI'lI0f7b!'l2, Fleisch- niim, Iflvvlyn rimnt, Dunn, Maijnric Grant, Green Third Row: Koshick, Kelnofcr, Heysc, Hognestad, Gosscn, 7-,,,,.,, ROW, 7-,,,,. gr,-,x-V, 1,-m,,p1,, Igeckg,-, E, Frisch, Finger. Hunter, Gufsrtz, Kohl, Gilmer Aj,-ff, Jw-if limi-i-ks, Foil, Rob Dir-rcks, Coblcntz Second Row: Kncizcl, Hurlburt, Goeman, Joyce, Jewell. wi-wifi iffiw: ieiiiiiz, in-ifmii-r, Frisch, on-rz. Isrdman, Bair. Kalkofen, Havllada. Korth, Georgeson, Hlibatvh, Jfwlf- lulilj Fink Filycs, M11 Luhh S017 'irst!Iio1v.' Ifiivhs, Iliirkvc, 1JlI0h1'OWV, Cahak, Jim FFGY, First ROWS Heallv, K0tC11iP, Iolerlnah, K0Ol1g17, Kiel Cmwp, mimi,-, mimi-r, Doilzc Kane, Roles, Gartner MR ' AUC, LUHN M ISS C HOME 54 ofcr, ELK ER AR TWRIGHT MISS DO UDNA ROOMS MISS Chase t Rovtgvclgler M. B ' ls Ohse S Cart v Bahr CWI-ight ' hernl ak, C ody' B X urtf Ca fy .ird Bow: Begnoidsjsorraine Yriem, Audrey Yrierh, Otis, Third Row: St. Marie, Venabie, Ueimen, Weir, Sorrmn. Schyoedeyy Regan, jean Remington, ?ospec'mti Vonderiieth, Waihovich, Turner, Stage ccond Bow: Ott, Ytcinhe, Novak, Pariieh, Buss, Neison, Second P-ow: Stwcngi, Voim, Tvxppa, 'LOW-0. TYXOYYM 5200- Schnitz, Busch icst, Spear, W iison First Bow: Schuman, Shacheiiord, Novotny, B-arnrner, i?er- First Ywowt Snopi, Steiieia ,Steiniest, Caroi Smith, 'Ynr-icy. sen, Fagne, X1 ora Remington, Pihcr, Boeiser Aithea Srnith, Theisen, Wu, SPYCYYHXXH Third Bow: Ryan, Nlaitby, Raed, Osteuneier, Nlatteh, Third Bow: Swanson, White, E. Schweitzer, Strnhu, Surf Mohe, F-. Knbiach, '71, Knbiav-, Nlossah, Larsen, Laehn. gent, Servi, T. Sirnon, W cdcynaycr, Schnynitsch. Oitman 'Lschetzsche B-ow: Nlaedhe, Mcllinnexj, Neuwirth NS-antheg, Nic- Second Row: Stcchhauer, Whecier, Zcrnho, Shcci, Stcimi-W udoiph, Lazewshi, Lindsay, Richman, shi, C. Voss, Stern, W cndt, L. Strasser, L. Schroeder, Mr. Nnesse ushowshi, Nliher, Pairncr, First Row-. G. Stebcr, R. Schicis, F. 'il oss, Vahi, 3. Whit ing, Yi. Simons, Steiniest NXYK. NUESSE Second Mahon, B Roberts, Nlenting First Bow: Krgxnse, Bettinger, K Richards, Rabideau MR HYYCHCOCK Miss LUECK EXLER xl Miss W XLSON HOME RGONXS 55 ' ,V .mllill M XG GLASSES Mr. Peterson and two agricultural students inspect and repair harnesses. Sophomore boys add the finishing touches to projects in the woodworking shop. Manual Art boys find the actual repair of an automobile somewhat interesting. Typing students pound the keys of their future stenographic careers. Accident? No! B' l t of first aid. Qui' soph cheerleader, in th f e oreground, demonstrates artificial respiration to an interested biology class. io ogy s udents are just demonstrating some of the fundamentals Mr. Bieliecki lectures on the intricacies and pitfalls in repairing a modern differen- tial to his Auto Mechanics Class. Students don dark glasses as sparks fly in the Vocational Machine Shop. 0 The newspapers this world history class seem s ' t o in erested in are the products of their own labor. Newspapers and diligence obviously characterize the Antigonian class. ,fu ' 2' A: With his finger, a cloth, and a little paint, Louis Panico from the State Department f V o ocational Guidance, fash' this beautifull bl IODQ y ended rose. B: ' With the mere touch of the chalk, Maudie Canfield and Edith Turney, two art students, present "The raggity man.' C: The English Department presents "Sauce for the Gos- lingsf' Bill Hendricks and Jeanne Janes? ? are the goslings 'while Mom Gillaspy, Pop Kalkofen, and Grandma Porter disk the sauce with Dan Schleis quite expertly supplying the ro' mantic theme. D: Milton Geiger, Irving Korth fwhere's the rest of you, Irving'?J Otto Mueller, and Haelett Heckart, members of the Future Farmers Club, introduce several musical numbers. E: "Prof-essor Q ' " uiz as impersonated by Harry Grane Math students answer all the . questionsf and wise cracksl with final honors going to Lucille Drengler. F: Charles Pepper seems to be manipulating those pliers very expertly. The biology classes present "Behind the Scenes at a Hospital." G: Just an old fashioned dance. In celebration of Wash- ir1gton's birthday, grade school children don eighteenth cen- tury costumes to entertain. ssemblies 59 f:1f'f' Club I , rio hmvornffs si Barn dance quartet. Bob Knox, nyd fJSfe"I'IIlil'l', Mr. Hitchcock, and Leon Viilard harmonize thx- W. L. S, show. X NA ,Y -I I X' 1 vip ff? Well. if it aim Stagy? And blow me down, Clayton McPhaii in me disguise. comes Uncle E ,re 1 Incl: M0l'a-n' ' d. ' ld frlen c OU' 0 zraf Meg f the t 0 0 1 ers are only W , s. Show' ncertlna payn the W' L' These 031,-S featured 0 many S L. . Show oresfr Mr. Tipler pauses but "Fuzzy Moran goes right on oontentedly eating his beans. y Club Gives Bean Feed i Mr. Johnson and his Iumberjacks celebrate the coming of spring with a big "bean feed" at which some of the real "freeman" of the faculty are guests. S ..-Luc 1' and Mr. Johnson , seems very interested in Miss Hei- man! si?"-sl Could this be what Mr Luth . 4 er was point' Oren Molle, Earl Georgeson, Bill Whiting, Blair Reed. ng at? Mr. Asher evidently enjoys the Bob Heyf ', and Don Aucutt an al 'H'-A ' hocolate milk but Mr Cvengros see , umhllq . ms un- ber, help .hemsplvns if A' ble to Hnish his beans. G. A. A. Parties Brighten Winter Season The two big social events of the G. A. A. this year were the "Skirt and Sweater" Party held Dec. l4, and the "Costume Party" held Feb. 22. About l5O girls at- tended each party and plenty of unique fun and costumes were presented. -the overalls are a, little large, aren't they, Mac and Steve?-what costumes and what smiles - Yes. Eve tempted Adam and he bit-a. mood to suit the costume -cokes for everyone at the costume party. adminton Added To Regular G. A. A. Sports This year badminton was added to the regulzn G, A. A. sports schedule for the winter season which already included deck tennis, cageball, and basketball. Badminton immediately became one of the most popular games played among the girls. l i -looks as if 'tSc0op" Dawley just put over a nice shot-nice form, Mary-the Deck Tennis Champions -the juniors caged this championship by defeating the seniors. After a hard fought tournament the juniors took first place, the seniors second place, the freshmen third place, and the sophomores trailed behind with the lowest score-juniors vs. seniors playing for the deck tennis championship- Second Row: Cary, Leykom, Cherek. First Row: Mehne, Piller, Locksmith, Schumann, Dawley. -Basketball Champions-by defeating the Seniors in one of the best games ever played in the history of the G. A. A., the Juniors took the basketball hon- ors. The Freshmen surprised everyone by taking third place and 'the Sophomores, after some hard luck games, came out on the bottom. 63 B B C6625 'Vne enxne NN nh 'YW' C99 Y 0' "X-aixes ok 'me NN" Yteseni-65 bil the Dt va Cxub 1 LX," -jj I M C I lk 3 X yifizew Y f 5, MJT if f , X 11 S V. L X 1 l I, Exean neg 'XX Semi , or Fm Mm poses as indge, is pkctnve ci the Kss KNeXsn, Nlkes 'Ynenen an three "then oi We Suwf' BK e Ntcvienon. Stvandberg cameraman snaps xn sxage crew sbiixkng xne scene. vi ave-up nd Gen 10 Bnnten, a FookYxg'nks The enmc un me exception oi Cnarhe Fksbe , soxnewnax deiecxedw over vne bencn inventw at vne witness. iegner as Mrs. Crane, max brmianx ognen, draxnaticehg qnes- Snacv-Xeiord. YN ckoops me Jew gazes Grace B ng sociew vi wkxness, Sxnrxeg 64 El dons OV the YY- Johfx we G . ya ii ynwie gevsegpappv Bob - ch, ff GWB i 'bl . pT9xegc5eai'Yt Max iw and hijafi Bm N 020 DOC i rm' we C me novo 'QHQ' V 3309 QIXIYOQXSSCX' , 4 x f A f'fN 1119 Conte rs Meet Defeat in D' rence Debate t ' t T t The conference debate teams, coached by Mr. Nuesse, were defeated in the District Tournament held at Stevens Point, Feb. l2. This eliminated them from further partie' pation. The question debated was Resolved: That the sex'cr.l ' ' A unicameral system of legislation. ,H 1 ntates should adopt N S . X AN- , ' l- :fix ine t La 1 M. 'fn Vigil: 'ig W 9 l'Y:A?:'nl GF? yi a mi fl, io, e 'AKG Q0 6585 Y 5096 692558 NU' 10. tea . -av -A xfex 'O 093' 6 c .50 .qc WMO av ge? cfm' -xi TN 65 A: Assembly hoard maps out A program schedule---fXVeix, Rasmussen, Avery, Mis-z Cianheld, Vdalsch. Venahle, Cireisch, Rammer. li: Shoe Shine Kids: Schoenfeldt, Jakohi, Narlow, Aulik, lVlclVlahon, and lludson put a gloss on the trophies-W-another of the Council jobs. CI: Miss Norem. Student Council advisor, with Stone, Byrne, Greisch, Mut- tart, J. Duble, and l., Duble gather at the lost and found desk which is main- tained hy the Council- lli Part ol' our student governing body, Schlcis, Avery, Thompson, Rani- mer. Cfnnlield, lfinger, O'l'mrien, Snopl, Simons, Joyce, Hafmeister, look on as Ann Donahue posts .1 lost and found ad. Student Council Performs Its Duties Q '- Q vii E3 ARE. YOU IN A DWHER A5 TO NV!-U-XT TO D0 WITH YOUQ DOC' www You Aus AWAY .9 call - E DIET WQUBHTS DUE NUQEEQY ptwono 757 4 I I cgi' My IZ lA3lL at umanoeeug 3 Scmeasq mc., ', me anon s ,face polka CMJ... AIM. You lONLLV? 1 cf, 9 ,u ff UND YOUR HUSBAND l BY P'lAlL.f I JOIN mv .LONELY HeAf:1+a owe - ICAN DQOMCSE JA4-I.S FACA-ION 1 lo D. A. ESKER HYDE. DAQK Dr-uve: GS CLASS SPREIXDS HI- Mkss Huw, scnko: advksox, jokns xbks gwup OK senkors who scum to enjoy phymg, much more man dzmckng. Bean Oodracek, .Mm LKGQW' DOWN Don' cane, and Chuck Skms sneak 06 no Coe ocu- - ' ' ack. sex sxzmwmy 10 QNOY mu' 59 card ,, Q., Q, NA W 1 P as YOKYSK OB BBKDGE AYPLE YH9 AND 1015 CREAM Those Xmpohxe sophomores. But somc- shkng, beskdes me camera musx be me ccn-V xc: of aumcxkong we hear Xie a shod DIST ASTE FOR THE CANIEBAT DFRHIN' THE GRUB ,O LIGHT WINTER FUN 1VIiss Cartwright and MiSS Ifllefk Wffh these juniors smilingly accept thi' Dlflif'-Y handed to them. IVIUST BE UN 'TERES TIN G Y I ON THE AIR "Pick-up Sticks" has its facination JF demonstrated by these sophomore spread goers. Mr. Hitchcock seems almost hilarioiisly PPV OV b n er announcing Lots Locksmith and Bob Herman as Co-P ' rom Chairmen. THE FACULTY PLAYS And as for hats, showing the usual female ingenuity in imitating the animal and vegetable world in matters ol taste, Relaxation. With such headgear, we imagine it's required. Ladies and gentlemen, the whole as- semblage of female hats at the women faculty's gala party of the year. Off to Mexico! The rear-end ol the Bielecki-Ploeger contraption that saw Mexico and lived to tell about it- 70 rw' LWWQQ -ffiulwf ffwwyiziiumefq 'U f14,4A,cl1, MMJLJ VL A' .lfaf-.4f- TLA! f wk, ' jg ' k.fa,iJ , fv. fffmfii, .I 66 4Z.,L,4.,'f7'a-1.f'L! 'Ulf N 7 I SPRING it uf .Ml 5 , 'f . 'K45 "" 'tl 3 in 6 U 7 -J ,L t0 01 252' Q ALL ROADS LEAD T0 ROME is Hom gi xamo ve '17-' , - W 29 dam . :Owls Cc 'YVNC ie dass' Q0 SOPYXO AGN me Tuesday, April 12, the Latin Club held its annual Roman Banquet. The dinner was carried out in true Roman style and the guests came dressed eith- er as Roman gods and goddesses or Roman citizens. Each member receiv- ed a gold pin certifying membership in the Junior Classical League, a 'na- tional organization which the club joined this year. 72 ' t Swdegts re? SCWO ew we 12566 the go As of NX Pl Rom 1. OWYQPUS' ty . .Q an its Q0 vfx Bgkque ah sicians Bauschka and Mu Practice for Tourney I' The band assembles fo practice. Its big event uf the year is the annual district musical tournament held this year in Merrill. .OW Ss if o Q'-' N 'N -S' it 3' 4V f fa T, 1: 45 -Q 1? w -C' 3 'Q .21 CJ ,-C' '- F 01 "' 4U 55' Nx- .Q -C 4, Q " 5? K rv ff rv A. o 'w 57 - ,C o N S 'N 0 Q F17 O x. -c ev fv- 5' Q2 S E-'S EQ, IVR .S ff gg QA. h .53 ax NN ,5-CF 41 03 gg: I-Q -i' u S CBOKU MIXED Gil- kow Crafidau' Poe ' T 141101 .- 'n. - E- Fugc ahlv v Legfot if 1 oth " Dufkee' Ostefme ' Geolges Babel' ,mari Sen, Brown, Stfmba, Dabex' lybiercks' ENB. Rfaedg, Chefek' Jan W. Mona' Lar7-exe!-elyersteifh Lt Mcmaho fa, Pweb y grismag' TH RO -Nlcwluueny mkev SA Stexnies Mehnev Tapkd Bunk' . Hoe' I-5 SG' Fouaei' Feuer' J Frey' Zgchoenieugte Made' nbcfg' Wiasorn Mannnvxiv Komme ' m I W 1 1 -E . y ' Y Y a I THKEQAQPSSX' Rxeeadivpeuxg E1Y3EEArtk:xurixg2c?mSYgh::we, A. Don 0 1 . NOV ' 0'B-Tie ' n ' ND R 051331. Eder, Re H 1 SECO 30- M XSOD. gefm W1 Ne . 'r RO F135 S VQKUY' Angilas' N0 hn50Dv .x. gan? Triem' Wm The Girls' Glee Club, directed Choir directed by M extent MNAKFIFV eg P by Miss Doudna, the Boys' Glee Club and the A Capella. 5 935' r. Hitchcock, offered outstanding entertainment this year. The N x 5. , of their activity, especially of the A Capella Choir, included: Vesper Service at f . V' 3 Christmas, three appearances before the Elks Club and one before the Woman's Club, j Q g .QQ with entertainment for the P. T. A. on Founder's Day. K 4 ' During the latter part of the year s-everal more important activities took place. The 'ts A E V Choir attended the festival at Northland College as the featured choir. This special --, ' X Q ' --gi T honor was given to the Antigo choir since Mr. Hitchcock was the first alumnus to return P " as a director of his own musical organization. Y AN A Two concerts were presented: a spring concert held on April 21, and a Joint Pre-Festi 'f HQ ggi, val Concert, May 17. The choir entered Class A competition at the Merrill festivalg the - X , gg Boys' Glee Club, Class A competition, and the Girls' Glee Club, Class B competition. fp 1, 5 ss. 74 vi. 6 vs ,. . O, nO assert " gk Ziee club at Wo i on Turner, Mach. Remington, Harmon, Mnttart, Nes , V. Cody, Herman, Venabie, B. FOURTH BOW: Arnoid, Mach, Aiic-0 Kakes, C. Breti, Kathieen Cody, Dawiey THXRD ROW: Mariorie O'Brien, Fieischman, Erickson, Ehardt, Dnquette, Chase, G. Breti, Kiever, Freiburger, Schumann, Schmeisser, Heien Johnson, L. Non- rnan, Peters, Priern, Upton, Kohier SECOND ROW: Edna Wu, Eder, Stengi, Korka, E. Joyce, Vonderiieth, Smith, Waikovik, Remington, Heiier, D. Rettingger, Paiinske, Dewey, Voim, Gruen- ' Brismaster, Figy, Cherek, St. ' oh ue, 5 berg, Dunn FIRST ROW: Kieihoier, Nedden, Manning, Hoe, Marie, Kieman, Green, Locksmith, Konimers. Soman. Went, Don Donohue. S. ,S 1 t .theyre singingi The git Georgeson, Jones, B. Knox, ROW' Crandaii, Yonkow, T. Knox, Giimef. i Kubi-ak Move Ostermeir, Larzeiere, L. Dabei THXRD . Frisch, Brenner, J. Dabe , . W Strube, Reed, Frey, Silverstein, - Y - - ii n, Vihard, Miner, Dnrkee, Legro. SECOND BO 1 'WRST ROW: Weeks, Skeei, McMu e 75 d'!""9' gp' 'C' af- SEUIGRS fm YZQMWJ fmw Jwdyyf YZMV JQVW EM., :Qu WJ lljahrldmw fmm CL-WL LMLAM W'7"Wf9'-'4'75Mf-'J swam.,-Q...m-.1.L ?,0-m'7QQM QYVMJW 6'-,-2zjG3M,,.4L..., ,Hu-gn lcozxgu-V WM Melani iwffmwfi GKMM4 ,iylmnk Z.0,. 7 'M' 'UU me uf 551210 les QW, ffiwzw fmfffam WMJWQWM jaw A-cz4,,..,,,, Zf,..of4..Qz z.f,4,-aff Qmjjwffm., QW, Ppzaw ,Jima Bw-WA, ww EJ hm WLLAQ wgaau, UZl5fuLL,., 57- MW 2!u.6,at2i'4.Zv.,x 4,,,.,,4,, Ziffe Jwgwf 75km 3ie?,.ffK4e.,.f 'km T' 36" ,JY xv, , 3594 Q" Y w ""'x "Im SEUIQRS Wim, Q,,M..19..ww-ML !Va:cb7m4fXZ?.w BMW EMM mfggfwimdau QM QW,-fb wg, UWM RWM J Lwwj W-4.2.47 ,X.L......w Kvmgv., fafviu .fafgfmm WWW M24 vffwywz ZMWMV 3"fff may UO' .1-""" 'Q "Q ""'lu...L -'Q' 19' v. W' 3 455 XP-GM' 51,04 X Nr ug-f Lug SEUIORS 724-ww! 5.M,1w 8,e...,....b5M...., EMA, Zim Afwndgfauv 66224-03-Liz-.Q fwwwwdm MQVQAA- 90-L ?7!wufw fiM...g,. MNA Jwwliw MMWM airy! Wwlfezf Wbvk JH-1113 ffL,Q.wMx 5'w4.,v84...L,,.M.tzU 72-.-...Aw MLM, WA Qsmkk Eiiffw Ai4456z ss X wx XX'-fin N - :-3 SEUIQRS Bm mdfbvct 54-ZLAMV Jfwdfmmuk ZLL. iiw' JQSMQQ QW JC-M79 mil dfr Wm, j.mLF,w1z, "I7,A.M6-WJ.1z G-L0 may Way 7272-w-e ALF AME 575254444 iw Libwuuww W7 400269 my M -4 49" 1' F 55111035 ZMQ C241 e , azwegwdfw A6 I9.,,..v!.e.aJL.V yww AJ bifida jfm., MK 46.01440 QM QM immiiz wwf? -rfiufiamfidb iw 8, A my IX' ig-w ff? 551210 RS ZW6 fm 57W JW wwf ffwyiw QQJMWQQQGV B06 yang fmbwmwm hgduq, 'NML06 nf lwgf, zg, :z ,g M ffviw ,X - Z I ,c0.4,jfZ4V Q.. mmm, GMM lm Q: ' .1-UM: nik l ---QQ env' 90 S WL-4-L Pzwfw EHIGRS CMM. w ,JM 5 M6Q8M49,Ag,f WM Maw 74686 ,aww MwXQ,iiQ if QM 1-Zu Quidiw-.fQ81Qwww Me J.1,,.,,L.,.f Wayan F0 Qyifw ,K-d264z,af WEN? 77141-'lv-1-L 80-van! W5 4' 499 H.,- ,,.m g 3 Q Q X QI' Q35 SEUIQRS QM' W MMWQM, Hfwdm RJ, XMWJLMZ GWZW arm film WML 7 ,Xf-QUE Q-A-6,4-rw 222221 62.1 gp.. D0-,JJ 0342. 7wJw,flJ,..7,c.N jozwa-I 77j,3,W !WM f ,,..--1 ,pulls ,tu if -'47 3 ,xy 5.5 Y' 13-0 vf l N SEUIQRS 'bfdffwffmm QLWGGA-Au Qbeb-HJ? QM my ffl.-,,t.I.! BAAL, WM iw My avalan- JZQ Feffq- 7'f,o-,M-4 711-f-w-iz? JMJLL ,6....4c Ziff 223 fwzao .M 32,2 QM!!-W Mfg, 6244.4 nz HARRY CJQANE New5vAPAveR MAN NL SNOK LQ TO ANOTHER .. 1122! ll f"Yl.Qf SNOKERS +0 wuor-4 s+eADv NERVES Ama ESSEN-HAL Dus- Luss Amo AGREE. uvom me rms Down on ms PRODUCIZ iEAsv on my +HuoA+1'mAm,Em QNE5 NE A HH- mxav one noe Peome Q-Q APPQECAAIPE me COMLIER JOBACCOS QAi3'1E.Lf HIE NOS? DODULAD CIGERN-HE KN AMEQIQA JK w W X NADA! MOE- NUSILIAN Xi if may cena-mmm-clue 2, oo HOSLESS 5412 ADV ON rw weaves-may mm W all' I 'Log2'?V X Q " lf G fc lg A7 F. ef. '11 J "WB ' '..::'::: 4 QP' W wg NMA D U, Q cg 5,5 ' 35 ww 1.2 X 'ki-v nun? fir' . 1, Ml fu :fp jf G15 My JA . 1 yigjfyfjw P gpWv0P , do flild W i V MJ fb' ' 1 :bpd N2 3 'X ? g X 63 TH V 'Q f ,J 145 ' 'ig :Tia 9? ,Q ?"?-"aff .I Q.- -1,-Q 3. X -rx, ,V I if Wav- Y, 'V W, KV ' M fig? flfffW fi Llffrcijf 3 W Www I , QW H V: ! ' 'i f , A . 0' D fu'-w wwf K 6 K4 fb bf? 'Q Vg V - is? G My - Qiwfkitj ,i.. ,, of G T1 'EN gifs. 2 A 1? Q.,-4 A WW I T 3 x 4,0 3 Ts -YA 'T X921 . S- iv, 9- T, Q' ag XQ -Pm .W I. M. f f' T , -1 x ' ., -glflff W 4, f- , T Us P W . J 'Q w N ,E ', kwa E q xg xv J V. x - u Y I 11,4 J 4? xp J, V x 1 ,iv i K X 1 ,. 1 " 1 V . W, J. 4 ' I 3, Y. Q I , b x. :'- V 1 9 A, '. , ' n ' ' ' L4 f 1 P J: f ' ' , M , L . X f 1 F f- 10- V ! , X v JY r f 'Af ' .E r f R " 23 L f-'V , .. L Jay-1' ' A I U - " ff A I 1 K y fi' fx A A I x 5 l tj 11, W! Il, 1 I I f - i 4 -I . I 67 .WI f '. jf' 1 it ,, l N-. rn! 3. - ,MW . -- 1 2 A1 W 33 'mfs Q, if ff? 0 ,

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Antigo High School - Hi Light Yearbook (Antigo, WI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Antigo High School - Hi Light Yearbook (Antigo, WI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Antigo High School - Hi Light Yearbook (Antigo, WI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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