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, 4 5 5 5 I i I i x 2 w E E 2 3 I X g I 2 5 ! 2 2 x 2 Y 1 2 I I Q , 5 I 5 s E 2 2 E . E I 5 ! 1 K i 2 4 5 x--. 4 an 'L' 4 ' ' . 3 is. Q -... Q -V 4- ' .su A ...'.:.. .. ...L. '... ,.....,. .....J.. -,,,. -sn.. --,...A-gf. .. - , -e...i-Y, - v ,- x-'Z A . .li-'H . 1 R ff rw , A, . 1' - .A K. ' ' I' 'ui 1'..,'-, ' .. .K ' , .g . . ' , a- J. ' ,-,,,. .11,'l ' VY.. S1 5. fi. . g..-.sf , , ' . ' Z.- 'ffifw ,F :LJ 1 .4.. K' f . . 4' M .. .vw j- ,,.fk41i1' -.L . 3 -,-FF' -.J ,f , dx...-1..'Q,.q,,l V, - 4 j' . v 5 g .W 1. .. ,LM . .135 . -.Q 'Av A 1. V .. .f E -'1 ,Q , 'J' --vw '- ,. ' . .,.4- , . A - ffl.- -V f - - M' A- 1 , -., av ,, 3' , .N A-.-. .A f-sz'-A 5' , . - Q .Q .rw J - 4 . 1- -- - - W ' V 954.7 'Y' Jr In - 1 f ' ,J fig -axe I ve ' , wg:-155.6 'H-.. 9 - - A L ' A' 4 1- -h 3 4' -Q-A A . - 'lfivgg' 3, . ' . dew: A V :'1I'3,, - w. ,, . f X, A 7 W -..-.Ara-Y.,-, -N1 ff'-p -ff . Q ,.,, .1-. - ..,,,2v- 4- U, :gtg-' L.. M. '1p. -- fin . ' 'A' , : ' 1- ..-F vc 'qi N u N ' 'K 1ft,,. 1 , . r N ' ' ., x ., , -.,. ,1 -1, J' . 4 W ,. LY- I :Ii-Q V ,, Q x 1 .QA lx Q6 A , 5. N -.- x - 1.-wk I , A jk, ..',M. Q ji' -:Q ,A 5 in H Q, ag W -.-fi' .Ql- . ,, , 47 ', . ,g-., f Q + .-s 1.5 116 -1 -.W - 411241 .511 5 '-' IJ.. j 4 551: Qs., . M., 913 -1 - aim Qi . .E 50 -.15 'U T53 V ff? QIZSQ F! .I 1,1 W, 41 ' , L . . . . I ,, . y 2 Si! TZ . 2 ' '-'S E .- 2. -QL-Y T X .QL 11 - Aff fi 'h 'Q' 'A .' kk ,, . - Q Q '4 'I I , H. X Q ' , Z . I I4 I . if ,3 A If ' 'sf .5 . Q 5 ' x I Q ' 3 5 .E ,af-, X s i ' 1 ' 1 - 1 1 I -X F w .mg 1 fz' K., ,. K '-51' 5. 4 . I I 43 V ' -wif' The USS ANTIETAIWS HISTORICAL CRUISE 9 edic atXon X5nYtVse t'ne in-st, tdnete was neXt'nev t'ne coat t'ne Yxrivt, Xt too ntowl ed to 'oe a turifxng, txon Xdlstovi . Xdow ev ec , ation, nNnSt aXso 1 21 f2f:4 1 Z ,ff-f a Second Bat'CXe oi Psntfxetafn. 'ne Xoss oi a sXnq,Xe Xtie. Ent YW-e c'nanq,ed t'ne confSe oiiasi aX Polka aiiects t'ne fnXXxtatq Xotce oi a n XMNXXX 'oe caoa'oXe oi 'nandXxnq, taste assniance oi secniktq . XNXt'n Xeadxng, toXe as t'ne 'oeted 'Ynete was ot gan fue, not t noknt Xn Xxxstool . 'Vne CantedOecXs 'nas Xndeed 'nete . Y ot vvnatev ec X owe ot tdnat Satfton. edsNXt'n t'ne canted dec 1 Satxon v1Xt'n a geatec ' xdlstod can contfxnne Xn its XYIY msd NXXX be te10e1n te to Xt than t'nat, tot and saq: i'ne Xdistcaw , Xt does CCY not stop 'Cne Xfxst0tXca c aXCadXe1S constxnct 'nts -.-:XXX ntoslide on ot oni Xiatfxon s ont 'Cne YN otXd. ent. 'ina oss psi Xd. Ent t'nete's fno can stop 'nts cXocXs e gnofnent oi .... ction and the ev aXf ev et stooped condi ati Oni Sas! and 'oetf-et 3ets. 'Y 'nts secntitsl , t'ne confse 1 oi Oeqnoctacq tbioncgn NXXX tecoid tnls adniefl efn ecv- Canker in t'ne Not Xe second. So 'ntstotkan 1 occgfied at t'ne QtecXS de t'ne Xdea, t'ne conf-tin ses the 'nandS oi tune n tho ito-gn Enq,Xand, se ot secondS, someone, i ev ew, t 0 tende ooxo ed 0 sxnq, n Xxtstoc nS 'ncXn 'n e Q53 o tet,,:0 X 'don nds 0 Xfxcb 6 xdlstowb 'ne ?XtSt Cant ot qnade in a sraX P-sltatto 'negtsw e 10 t X XX txnonggn t es ooXsXq0 to nt tkns accnfnn a Xlkstow . tdS t'noSe seco sXent, aXX oi wx-I t'nen, Xs the as t xg 9 oiia YW' 'n e P, B X t Ang te to teco d an ok' ed xxlstoisl tnin1nqQQoXnt to'oe accntate and co ' n ot t'ne canted deck. Ycogn its conmnctxon onts, daqS, fnontns. On MIX contsvonted 'nts s'na X t'no6e secondS. Y or Xt ate, vloiv-ed, teXa1Led Xnatton Ctnise . 'Vnxs Bo 'caX cnixse . 'nasle been acco1n9Xts'n Watto tecotdfxng. 'oecafne 1nXnntes , 'n so-gnefdnete on tXne PsX4'YXYJX 'Ynxs Ctdlse Book Xs a tecotd o 1nXnnte as the nnen ot 'One P.X4'YX?IY PAA 'bnted to tkns snccessinX CantedOecXs YN a e account ot t'ne X355 Pqs'fYX?IY PtrNs 'nkstott ss oi t'nXs ctdxse noi dfxs Cruise wvov- coxdd ' 'Cne Second ?1at1Xe oi P-nttetafn. 01161 inost accniat eXt'net the sncce fl on +N'no 'neXned 1:-Ixn q1it'nont l U, X f Q Z! if X f Z Z f 7 XW1, JH ,nf jf X A 7 ,X 7, ,f f!,l!4,4, fe f f r v , i ,yi , E ,, , r 2 1 ' i , , is I ls 2 l l ' l 1 l 1 , it ll lli I I, li 11 1 ell 1 , I 1 P Q l s 4 , l , , r 1 I 1 3 1 1 i I I I 1 r I 1 ,gi l . 1 Captain S. G. Mitchell will be recorded in history as the first Skipper of a Canted Carrier, and also as the first Pilot to land on a canted flight deck. Captain Mitchell assumed command of the USS ANTIETAM in September 1952, while lille shiP was in the Brooklyn NaVY Yard undergoing construction of the new canted deck. He remained as Commanding Offl' cer of the ANTIETAM throughout this Canted Deck Evaluation Cruise. Bom in Tennessee in 1904, Captain Mitchell was graduated from Annapolis in 1927. Three years later he received his wings at Pensacola. During the past World War, he served aboard the USS HORNET until she was sunk in 1942 in the Battle of Santa Cruz. Other duties found Captain Mitchell serving as Commanding Officer of Cecil Field, the USS CORREGIDOR CVE 58 and CASU-1 at Barber's Point, Hawaii and also the USS WOLVERINE., Captain Mitchellwas awarded the Am the Presidential Citation with one star, the American Campaign Medal and the World War II Victory Medal. In the Reserve Fleet, he was Commanding Officer of Sub Group One, at Norfolk Va. Later he became the Guided 1 Missile Representative of the Western District in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California. Captain Mitchell was on the staff of We He was Commanding Officer of the USS SHANGRI-LA CVA 38 from April to September of 1952. erican Defense Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with three battle St-US, stern Sea Frontier from February, 1950 to March: 1952' . ' ,' ' '. - -. Ji r' --, le- v- ' '1.-A - . - , . 1 ,,i .n..ulJ+ ,.q'v.1ALNHL!1-i'.4,' l -' 'el-.f..:.4:.l :rin---f.L-:4,L.i-isnfe--f- ...3,u1-51--..4.,.za..1:n Mil, ..:1n..u!C-Fuzz. -,., L, - .., 1 '4--. ....- v.. v-,.. -. 1.2 ,- , - . , . 1 ' ' if if 'V if-e, rf ,X 5, 'r ' I . w i R l P i i CDR. J.D. Blitch was attached to the USS ANTIETAM in November 1952 and served continuously as Executive Officer throughout this Canted Deck Evaluation Cruise. Born in 1914 in Charleston, S. C. , he received his commission at the Naval Academy in 1936. In 1939 he was designated a Naval Aviator at Pensacola. CDR, Blitch was engaged in action from the very first day of World War II. While assigned to Bombing Squadron Six aboard the USS -ENTERPRISE, he participated in combat at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Except for one year, he remained in the Pacific Theater participating in practically every major raid from the Marshall Islands, right up to Oki- nawa and the homelands of Japan. CDR. LD. Blitch was singled out on numerous missions for his, Heroic conduct and meritorious achievements. In addition to the Navy Cross, Silver Star Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross with two Gold Stars, Bronze Star Medal, and the Air Medal with five Gold Stars, Commander Blitch has Ribbons for, and facsimiles of, the Presidential Unit Citation to the USS ENTERPRISE Qwith starj and the Navy Unit Commendation to the USS WASP fwith two starsj, and the Purple Heart Medal for wounds received in combat. I-Ie also has the American Defense Service Medal with one star, Asiatic-Pa- cific-Campaign Medal with seven stars, the American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, Philippine Liber ation Ribbon with two stars, and the Expert Rifleman's Medal. After the war, he fulfilled such assignments as: Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Facility, Bermuda, Operations Officer at Patuxent River, Md., Commander of Air Group Two. Prior to his attachment to the USS ANTIETAM, CDR. LD. Blitch was assigned to the staff of Commander, Carrier Division Six. ll Q -mr--V ---A-Y7iL , f-111 H' ,-i '----V g H-:il air, 3. C- ., , ,Y -, ' ,? l' 'll lllfcf l A T - I j?A' TL 'V 77' 'gp -- . - 2 . rf- F , ,J ,Y I I , V '-fl--V--f , - 5,fngef', 1?q'f1?ifg!z' ff fi -A 7Le' if e 1 6 fd' 35 - A liilll' g' 'V -X1 i ,Z f f l im, A ,Wi S S f- Z3 at 71,17 my ,f 9 ,A -1 1 if r' a::-:T- - Q 1. 1:1 - .L sf, 1 A 1:-ll l. A -1, A .. -J . ... .210 f. ,-.if -- A ,ff Y., 1 , ,ifl'l1 ,'.'v'-QZfQ-11,1 11 ,11 e- as as 3 f'!.'.1'Z .?..Q if - --A: -- 'H-'f-e1,,?W 'V -liQ', J' 'f T A 1 6 131315 it J S gi--if as ' 6 2-1 yfgffg-i,. -1i'. ,t g - ,F'-g A C- g Y -Z gjpf f if - f f i 1,111 --1 53 e- A 4 X714 iL14:l,' ,- j Q, s Y f 1 715 1'-73 , L 'w ?- - '!l5, A -, . ,- 4, Y ' f --1 f K I + 1 is ' 1 Y A ef F 5 -15. V A ...-,T W af- A 1 ! 5- A 5 .- 'Wy im YR fX J, 1 S A e T9 M . . 1 I f ! r Q ' f y ' J ,- A rfb , ' V 1 X N:-6 IH .1 w v rf' If Q ' :Tx-lyfgf x .J Q 4 gr., XQIT14 ff, Xi , '. 4 'IJ' '57 ' ui' ' t 'C QA 1 gp Liz.- if - It ' 1 f-7 - 5. f6 ,2X7 ' 3' ,ff fi if ' ' D ff! ff f f7 f 1 ff! fe e f' ,if of! , .nf lg TXQ ' ifdzfli X, Z X -Z 5 f ,Q Z 42 5' I '22-qi 5- T mgfgx I fX2! ,L A-cp! Q A 5 T '- Yi' S S K b X T 5 Battle of Antietam Creek S In general, carriers of the Navybear names in commemoration of important battles in U. S. History or of olddistinguished ships of the Navy itself. The ANTIETAM is of the first category and has and is gloryfying the victory of the Battle of Antietam Creek, fought near Sharnsburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862, between the Federal Army of the U. 3. and the Army of the Confederate States. The C . P Y mission successfully completed, Robert E. Lee was determined to continue his northward march. Confronting this advance were the Federal Armies 'under General George McClellan. Lee's spirit was greater than his strength, for the ConfederateS were a weakened army. Their maj or force, the Army of Northern Virginia had fou ht co t' 1 f ear' Wlth g n inuous y or over a Y supplies limited and their numbers lessened, the Confederates met the well equipped and larger Union Army. Both Armies faced each other on opposite banks of Antietam Creek, on September 17, 1862. What first started with an artill h ' ery exc ange ended up in hand to hand combat. Charge and retreat - first one army had the advantage then the other. Thus the battle was fought all day without any side achieving victory. Atnight fall both armies were again Posed as at dawn on opposite banks of Antietam Creek. Between them now laid thousands of their comrades who paid the Srlpfeme sacrifice. The red dyed Creek gave evidence of the bloodiest battle fought in History. The following day found' both Armies still on their own sides of the Cr k On ee . September 19th, the Confederate Army, weakenedby its losses, retreated South. onfederates in the Fall of 1862 were marching northward, their objective the capture of Har ers Ferr . With this Although both sides claimed the victory, history has proved it to have been the ' ' turning point of the War. s The Ship History Having had her keel laid on 15 March 1943 and being commissioned on 28January 1945, ANTlETAM's building time was a record for a ship of this size. QThe record still stands., However, the time neces- sary for fitting out, trials, shakedown, etc. saw her almost ready to sail west when VJ Day was an- nounced. Although frustrated in her attempt to take part in the Pacific Theatre of World War II by the Japanese surrender, the ANTIETAM operated in support of the Japanese occupation. In 1949 she was mothballed at Alameda, Califomia as part of the Pacific Reserve Fleet. To support the Korean conflict, the ANTIETAM wasreactivated on January 17, 1951. Operations in combat for almost four months saw her responsible for 5, 728 sorties against the North Koreans, during which time the bomb weight that left her magazines totaled more than twice the weight of one of our des- Iroyers. There followed a period in the inactive Pacific Fleet again from April until August, 1952, at which time she sailed for the East Coast. Shortly after her arrival, the now famous ANTIETAM-SHANGRI-LA personnel shift of complete crews was made. ' In September, 1952, the present canted-deck in- stallation commenced and on January 5, 1953, the ANTIETAM sailed from New York harbor to com- mence experimental operations. The experimental operations included: Phase I, initial evaluation by a group of experienced pilots from the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, Maryland, Phase II, air group training for Carrier Air Group Eight, which consisted mostly of pilots com- pletely inexperienced in the jet aircraft they were flying, Phase III, post-shakedown repairs, and Phase IV,.fullscale air operations with fleet units embarked. X W . , W, 1 if Y fj4f'r'E'32 ' ' K Y- . ,a an 7 ., g f S, rypi l , qw ,M ,, 2' ..., Captain Mitchell assumes command of the USS ANTIETAM at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on September 5, 1952. , The first section of the Canted Deck is hoisted aboard the ANTIETAM for construction. ob ,J 5' ' fa X S 'fn . f ff X The First Days The USS ANTIETAM entered the Brooklyn Navy Yard in September 1952 to become the first carrier in history to have a Canted Flight Deck. While in the yard, the ship received a new Skipper, Captain S.G. Mitchell, who remained Commanding Officer of the AN- TIETAM during the entire Canted Deck Ev- alution Cruise. E . ,.. 2 X .51 . I, 5-,--.f,1L.,,:. ,: 7.1 at :,V,:7,fV Ati., 1.3. JJ., S, :- - .1 -3- , 1. f.,..ct. ,..f,,,j..-V - - I ,A Lg ' 1 ,, --4 ---,, ,','-'-.f..- -,.,,. c... . a. '-,'v',.'. ,g , -11-J.: .-'-, ',-- - -'-I -.g-,, all 'K ' x . -'a rf Q' ii Wi' 11771 m'fWi6JWi'ffWH7F I .li 1 U... . ,P fl ,. r -Q. J? AJ- 4j. ,M 5 . NSN H: 'if' Adorned with the Canted Deck, the ANTIETAM, on her way from the . Brooklyn Navy Yard to the Supply Depot at Bayonne, makes her first trip as the Canted Carrier. gzl 9 v . 'Ill xl V1 Christmas Party p . On December 23rd, 1952, while tied up at Bayonne, N,j,, the Crew of the I N-HE' TAM played the part of Big Brother. to a group of fifty children from the Department of Child Welfare, Bergen County, NJ. Excitedly, the youngsters clamored around the ship under the watchful eye of the crew until Santa Claus arrived by jeep to start the big party. With the entertainment, favors I Christmas tree, and gifts, the children had a day we hoped they would long remember Certainly, no one who was aboard can forget what they gave us by their presence. , a very Merry Christnnas. 5:-:stall 1 1 I ' , A-L 5 S?-'S X S: Ti A thrill of a lifetime as the children toured the ship, ff , I XNBXX ,T QRightl Waiting for Santa. Vwk Q gill 3 QBottomj Captain Mitchell welcomes St. Nick to the Party, ffw I I U 'NKXX Q l lxx , ix '1k..-Q A 4 v Q :XX S r XX N17 XXXX 'r S Q, QNX -sf ' MXN M EET PARTY ,Q QTopj The childrenreceiving h gifts. h lRightj Thank you, men of the ANTIETAM, for a wonderful Christmas party. ' 4-6 if 0,-3' , f X 1 . J ' 5, -6 0 . The Skipper pilots the first plane ever to land on a canted deck Captain Mitchell before the take off. :i g --1. it 3 133' If CHBOSN Comorat -extends his congratulations. T-WT '42 - - 'A Af: -fq-,5f:-- ',N..,.f.-.-,,,-.A -- -... .1 .. ...i J ,.f ',.,,., ,YM-,,lf:, f Captain S, G. Mitchell will be recorded in the annals of Naval History as the first pilot ever to land on a Canted Flight Deck. - Despite a heavy overcast and extremely adverse wind condition, Captain Mitchell piloted his SNI to a perfect landing on the newly constructed deck onjanuary 12, 1953. This first flight opened a new era in Naval Aviation History. 'Wd S U35 if KY N0 N0 N0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 g The Log From 0000-Jen.1, 1953 2 Q 0 O By LT. F, M. Collier, USNR. K9 0 On the stroke of midnight of the first watch of the year, O 0 ANTIETAM iey moored, starboard side fe Number One Pier, 0 The Supply Depot at Bayonne is the scene of the berth, O 0 Hardly the place for merriment or mirth, 9 0 Carrier mooring lines are standard for a ship of this size, 9 0 Plus four extra wires when the Boatswain thought it wise. Q 0 All needed services are being received from the dock, o 0 Except salt water pumped by the engineers rotmd the clock. 0 O CAPTAIN R. SPERRY CLARKE, the WASP is his boat, O Gallantly serves as Senior Officer Present Afloat, g Ships present, in addition to Yard and District Craft, Include units of the Atlantic Fleet of various draft. 0 Twelve bells were struck at midnight, according to tradition, O With snow and freezing cold ruling out any inhibition. A 3 Some of the crew is sleeping in their ship safe from fear, While others are returning, full of spirits, beer, and cheer. 9 l 2 The old year is over, as we welcome in the new, 3 The United States Ship ANTIETAM bids farewell to 1952. L3 3 From Korea to Newjersey, Asia's shores to the Land of the Free, 9 Q 0 ANTIETAM'S New Year resolution: A happy cruise in 1953. S 0 o P O Q 0 f xo-Osososo vp :ZF C 0 2 g 0 O ,,. Q Q 0 O Q C370 O is Q O G 9 O 2' f J x 4 L7 U O Q' O O Q 0 XX A Panther Jet headed for elevator. Guardian Vecdled lol flight deck Flight Quarters Flight quarters are piped. It begins again. The excitement, tension, suspense, seemed to be bound up into a single act - to see the planes up there, flying. Actually it began on the hangar deck long before the pilots were briefed, when the maintenance crews tuned the aircrafts for top performance. From the planes' recovery to the planes' launching, the airdales task was to keep them flying . Plane crew making a pleasant job of moving plane fo fhe eleyofor. Sweepers, man your brooms! N Airmen celebrate 3000th landi -if as 4 g, , I ,, yf ,V ,Q ' xx X, QAbovel Gas crew refueling plane on flight deck. Cleaning up a little that was spilled. NS xi. .,f' Crew preparing to receive ammunition from below. fBelow, leftl Flares being loaded on AD-4N fBe1ow, rightl The planes are in the air. ,fix ' 1 . . f-1-1. 4' ' : 1 X 4 . r , A C , . pw, A 1 , xl ., X - . x 1, ,.f..g , 1 way., M 4 V. . 4 5. X . , 4 X 7 vuu -vas, f . ,-5, M Ty 5 ' 3 ., fi K .nb 'A A ! -- sx n sf . ,a npri Flyfl x ' Flight Operations. T177 W -,.,. ' , -N- m lnglm lDiClGFErLHOmS Planes spotted in preparation for the take-off. A Panther Jet being elevated to the Flight Deck from l th I-I D k, e angar ec All jet planes required catapult take-offs. Vw--1.-., Plar Othf , i R A Banshee completes a touch and go . ' ' , 1-rf' ' , ,, ,L i Hwa- N ' '- - 'V r '- .... if-.. ' ' mt, f mrs. .. 1 Ita An F3-D Skynight takes off as a Panther Jet receives directions upon approaching catapult. a. Age A up rp L V ' 'I W ,., 'Q 1 - 6 v 'Q 'm...1rl .. .. ,Q A . ' '. ' N . - ,,-,K ' I ,-1-7 ov' v-P.- 'I aw., . - . ' 4' ' , 9- M--l1'j :' f- ,,. ff .uv 1 ,. f' -- 7' . .- ,lr- '- ',. Plane directed to forward part of Flight Deck as an other gets into pattern for the groove - ,pg ,M .. ,..' 1 k f. ,1.'1' 1 A 2 a-new - , I -5,35 - 1? V4--aan if.,-, A A Arrested landing. --- 1--'f Rf .,,,,, . X, V 514,47 YC' ,,, 4 Awff f X K Landing Signal Officer signals Roger for planes land on the Canted Deck. 'lf 1 to f Canted Dgck Rgggr Pilot getting into his Banshee before take off. To evaluate good bourbon, look for the beads. To l nun ' il ll I. N bu evaluate a good carrier, look for the canted deck. Both are marks of the best by any test. Pilots being briefed in ready room prior to air operations. ,,,.,r Z , f 1 1 :QQ LJ' Z f Z, X D e ck . . ., A..4viifi1Qg,5fQ,1'i4fq.g3,2gg:f,:i,,5h'reiid. Azz? gmail-iid ' I. ,Jaw if , - V , . - 1- - --...-. 4 111. 4 I .. - fn -Y... , - L ,. , li NATC pilots give their sign of approval on the 'Canted 3 ,ll U, A, -, ., .-,,,...., . , - a, 1- 4. xx NXXX Bhmp hovering over planes clustered about the flight deck vw AD leaving canted portion of flight deck in touch and go operations. Air operations go on both night and day. Aircraft Turning up engine prior to launching. Flight deck director controlling SNI. ..,,,. ' ' 1 - - --lv'-'f fr' - i at-. 1 r' mm- f. g:111: w,L.,.:', -rwfe' - Vg-, N., ,gL,!,q,,,,,,.1....,,.,W--....-?.,,,.,-, Y -T,.u,,,,:,,,T,-W, -M,,:72'f'-f ,446 4 U1 -' f,1,..p' ,,. ff -, ff . -tc s f?E:rfe i 1 V , ft, ,gf jf' -- ., .-r2.ff2:f -ff - 4' lf!?Qf- lr' '- T - 4925. J 'fp'-1 5 . ' ,Z ' 1 j- 1 4 -'1 5' ff f,: ff , K, f, ,Li , t ' , ' f , f'ffij?7?' rf' we - ,i ff f f4 fi 'Civ ,Qi--p-,47,g7' 1 ,f,.. 5 'gf' J 'i'7s'22 5 -r' W flllzf' ' 2 i L, f' X - Ln l ,- ' ,V r ' 'r-' f ' x2i V, YL Ly lllhlld :lr Q I, H I-J ,.f-, if 'fwllxllrf'-Q34 Liss' f 4 V If ,A A A, page 1 i g 1, q A J fw.,l1lll,Uf'- X' if' f fiffll-' -4 fp, Np'5f -- . ,gya ' V 4 ,:4.., K ,g ,., .,.L. Ar, Y, Q, , , ,- ,fx Y, 1 f A ,v J- 1 , ,zff f ,- .' ,fy we-Z'--' , 7 I i . f 5, Yfefxp, Y, jf-,gif -'- QQ-fw .,1,,,-gegrlg ozzgfaf' ',f1?3 -' 7: -:ff ffhzgjk. fi Q15 1 .Q if: 'r If 2 ?f'A--'f f i :isXloei53e?Eq Ziefif' -fe .1 ff' 3-5 XS-M' f'QCQf?2f'i f:,,f,Lf2fi1',ff X K -wx-'Af 'fe-gf Z af ww ATX '5 trxbagtff,-fv.Le,J!X ,f , r 1 , XL, 1No ' xfsyf i-1-f of -d! - -1 X XV: f4cff e - 'sf3'XQaL'E i,:i4ff9i f . ' 2 Aff-f , K , ' rl v , Y' ,f ' Q , gp Af- 1 1 fee,-f' 'TNQ fiv- 'iq Gmamtamarm 13113319 lu uma The USS ANTIETAM arrived at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba for a training cruise. As the men soon found out, it wasn't all work and no play. AtGuantanamo they had golf and soft ball and a lot of dandy games-but there was nothing like, as Rodgers and Hammerstein phrased it, dames. Although isolated, Guantanamo Bay offered the men of the ANTIETAM excellent facilities for recreation after extensive work during qualification exercises. There wasn't a single mem- ber of the crew who clidn't feel relaxed after a few hours at the EM Club. Captain makes his inspection.. Y' T' t 45 '1' A Q, ,. it 4 H M, we ' i X Y 41 2: V, f K Sv. is if Q A ' 1 l 4 A N -ff is l . RV 5, r - -TGS 532, ' Inspection at Gitmo. . . .assisted by the Executive O i.. 9 7 , ,-,'2S1f-11- aw. 5 or s 0. v 30 V? 0 f 'X V355 4 s ' 4 6, sy , Ml ar it 5 f---4.., -far uv wi- ' -, , -- . .. .- 3,-. :V . ,.................,..s. is fficer. .su x s. A x X X. K it Q Q s s g s is .Q 4, - L... Y I, ,, ,1..,,.... ' ,-nf X xiii- - ..... QA- ' Zi! ' ff .--- ' ,f ,f ,YV Q.: I , ,. , 2 y - ff 1 ' , -f --- -Q ff is A ,' fn 4. ,1 if f, tf?,,,,4,f?f -a -4 4'- 'ly 3 , A 1, f,, , 'fl ' X A ,seg-r J 1 i r eg 1 'slag-L.. V Lf H: -,' ,117 1, -gg ..1Q,l1'6?fX,l' lvqfjffefm FE' 1 ffl? u '? 2' A ' Q':7g-Bri? .PTWQ gi -rf' 3755 el of -C' 1' I Finfi ff 1 1 11 ! ww qt: 1 if f iff 2 li le- her l ll 151 . ,K Lg, V Q,-Nf1',1fgIW Q ll AL lg'-s-Twin gil rl R it lffff '1 ' 5-sl Le if -J- il A sw! yff M - W C11 .fyf , dpgthbvffeyzf f, Crew members help clean up EVM Club. While the ship was in the middle of the Bay, fishing was a popular sport. Here, Chief Morris AMC displays his catch. A carnival sponsored by the Navy Relief Fund on the Base attracted men from the ANTIETAM. -i i 'r'- J Marine batter slugs if out with A Division during finals for the Cap- tcin's Cup. A - N X 1 K Xi . 1 i is e'1 f reg . k xx Cdr. Blirch ond umpire Humphreys discuss -f 43-2 cpoint during the game between the Offi- ' I -1 I cers and Chiefs. . X fury' 1' I. ' i X e X ,f X X f N: X 7 W -vg- - dn.. M I ,JY A Division winsthe Captcin's Cup. 5 i E t 1 A While the ship participated in training exercises at Guantanamo, Senator Estes Ketauver and his party vis- ited Captain Mitchell. At first scuttlebutt attributed Crimebuster, Senator Kefauver's visit as an investigation into the reports of a Croolced Carrier. As it turned out, our Skipper and the Senator were school boy chums. Along with Senator Kefauver were Congressmen Michael S A. Feighanand Wayne L. Hayes, who chatted with crew members from their home states. Right: Captain Mitchell poses with his distinguished guests. Above: Senator Kefauver greets crew members from the state of Tennessee. Congressmen Feighan and Hayes are seen with some of the men fr0m Ohio. - --J---A---v--A---W---W -V-f --.F.---..-... ,,. ff MQW Right: As we First saw Port au Prince. I 'MJ' ' I L! After our own fight for independence, the Republic of Haiti was the first nation in the Americas to win her liberty. We ofthe ANTIETAM had a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Haitian Liberty. With a background of modern tropical buildings and pastel colored structures, we explor- ed our first foreign port. Among Friendly citizens, we found that buying the famous I mahogany articles of Haiti for the folks baclc home was a novelty in itself. Returning lib- erty launches, piled high with souvenirs, were easily mistaken for neighboring bum boats. l l ag 53. Above First liberty boqf Q,- rives. Right: Natives in the markef place. LEFT! l..OOkil'iQ OVef some native wares. l '5 H'5f'i'4'J:-te'zirf-f.Jf:f.,.se...,4e .. . ., . -......-.4 4 'J14.i.f4g.-:z,.L,.dili91-.E'f.f...1-1,9fr4tr...-un WJLMUU Jig. . .. . ., .A 441 . f... U li 1 5'-H 4' mg, . V41-fi'-M-.r1r. .,. ,, V , 1 , I The Capital Building of Haiti. Relaxing at one of I-Iaiti's finer hotels ffffefe-2fff,f2w Nxfs ,f ' N, K, fax fikg-A'-IQ-, , J Y 'Q ' dy' anggggiiw Y LTR I rw, Qzff, gl! , , 1Z'KJ 'fv I 4 g' , , -t,.f-1--F., ,f, I 1 ,V 1-'L Xi'.:E.'1' ,,-N.a.41,,f fl- f-5 1 ,L ,iff cg- M ueffkffe Jerry ii' are:-JN f F., - Mzgt F- tx ,J 1,53 ,4 ,fx x 1 J 'M-'Q-z 55'7 5 X gr, ,,, x 1 Q ff'l?E'j Qs? '7 5-i'i I .F ,, QL! fjjgvgyqyxfg, - X K1 ' M-fexefivlela c.74?:?'if f Vi r 'I M v -x ex 5-Q f f-167' - yn Q-J Qbwv 1 :N ,- -, I- ia-.4-.xiii gf ef-4, 3 r ,,f,ff ':r Q ful X 5 nf, .-7 K- 4 4, in 5, ' xx f Q fs lf fl ik, , M it e i Q ff he M it W? jf W r Y JJ V , I I X in my f X 'gg ew ,nf IQQQ46 .-resulnnfffxf--,ease fiffa , fa- f XF ff-2 L-A L ff: X A A if? ifrzf 4-XS., Motor launch leaves Port'au Prince. Waiting on the wharf for the return trip. ,v-,,1t.ft.,,,.4t-r'r.r., 45.1 Af' ' ' 4, 1 ' W --DQTKKIQ-W H--T Right: Cdr. Blitch reviews 2 'Z T ZA, i the History of the Battle Of Antietam Creek Left: Passing in review. Above: Captain Mitchell transfers the 9 69th to the ship's color guard. Antietam battle colors from the Fightin Right: Encased on the Quarter Deck, the flags will remain aboard until the ship is decommissioned. Antie tam Battle Flag Presentation The historical battle colors carried by troops of the North and South at the Civil War battle of Antietam Creek, in 1862, were presented to the USS ANTIETAM during a flight deck ceremony on April ll. The presentation took place while the USSANTIETAM was berthed at Bayonne, N. J. The battle streamers were presented by the 165th Infantry Regiment of New York's Fighting 69th Di- vision andthe l67th Infantry Regiment ofthe Old 4th Alabama Division . The colors are to remain in the custody of the ANTIETAM for the duration of active service. lt was fitting that while the ANTIETAM was trying out new methods to protect our present and future heritage, she received historic momentos from those who had successfully done so in the past. K ws. Q WSW xv XX wx s X X S , ,L M1 -1'-E!'x.g..,.g2j.:: 0:11, V9 i-A749-:::,sL,JilJe.tE ,s.ti4, 'lv?f...-- 1 3 ' f ' I q Y , . ....w.1s.n-.f,v,.f1f.n,:1r..nxlafwLvns--.. N, Q.. .:' .wav-V.. ...u.- . , -nf .- . -f Admirals It was inevitable that a distinguished innovation as the Canted Deck should attract distinguished military leaders. During every phase of the Evaluation Cruise, Admirals con- cerned with Naval Aviation boarded the ANT IETAM to ob- serve Canted Deck Gperations. It might be assumed that their favorable reaction to the Canted Deck could be summed up in one word, Admirable . Capt. Mitchell describes the features of the Canted Deck to Vice Admiral LI, Ballentineg COMAIRLANT5 and to Admiral L,B, McCormick, CINCLANTFLTQ' Left toright: Congressman R.L. Condon, Vice Admiral M, B, Brig. Gen. Hassg Vice Admiral 1.1. Ballentineg Capt. T.B, Gardner DCNO QAirlg Congressman Sam Yortyg Capt. Mitchellg Neblett. . vice Admirai 1.1. Bauenrine, COMAIRLANT. Q LCDR, LD, Eckartg RADM A. K. Doylea RADM Wardefs and Captain I-Iowart. Chaplain Curtis conducting Protestant ser-' vice on Christmas Eve. Aff, X X 1, '1 35 f xy f at f 13 x RFI e?'F 'i 2 :D aata atra X. fl 'e 'f,, fil XXX Q swf i l 1 'fl ffl Wvfifitfnff M X Doctor Jasper leads those of his faith in He- brew prayers. ..T.., , F -V ,. ., Aff., ,, .., The ANTIETAM was fortunate in having spiritual guidance for all faiths: Cdr. Curtis, was our Protestant Chaplain, Ltjg McGroa1-ty, as our Catholic Chaplain, and, as acting Rabbi, Lt. Jasper, junior Dental Officer. Besides conducting divine services, the Chaplains assisted anyone who sought gui- dance in spiritual or personal affairs. The Chaplains also were in charge of the Wel- fare Department, taking care of the Crew's Lounge, Library, and the Athletic Gear Locker, Smokers, etc. Father McGroarty saying Catholic Mass on the Hangar Deck. A - - - f-.I H A -2 :...,.:.4: 'f,.'.1:,i,,f,a..aa,+f-...eff.M-dw-.--. gg .,,.,f,qq.f,.,,.. , , , W. nm, , ,.,.,, ,,. .,,,., , i W L X Chaplains were always pres ent dming all Executive and Captain's Mast 1 K 3 Below, right: Catholic men receive Communion. f YW? ' L , Chaplain transferred by high line to hold services aboard a Destroyer. 5 ? I T GOD was always with the men and the men were always with GOD, 1 he as -l..J fir? n Q-ef Their cooking was often praised just like Mom's . Y Chow Down The most discussed topic during the entire cruise, next to the health of Marilyn Monroe, was chow, Certainly Mother's meals are the best, but Mom would be one harried housewife if she had to prepare almost two thousand meals, three times a day, and also see to it that her sons ate on time. Gne of the most vivid impressions visitors carried away with them, was the excellence of the food ser- ved aboard the ANTIETAM, This compliment be- longs solely to a small group of men that labored long hours to please. The crew's praises were silent but far more eloquent, empty trays. No shortage of spuds . That human touch T eiiillh They made enough dough for all. 5 i. -. . L 1 .-vvifffw sa'-i'.1u: - '-1' 'E .-' M1131 :Ti 'f.4A2lg- va, ,ai.w-..2-wma-u4fr...-. 1' icky!Lm..aJmrw:.ufs---.,.l,. t...1- .- -1'--s W.-. ,. M-...,.,. ..t . . - ,. . . . . . .. , ' This is not a poster. V Mother's little helpers Ala ANT IETAM Chow Down The radio gang of station BIAS. ,ZFCQ-tfxs X ,CQ 4- N -11. lb ,i wifi lj' l ff? filfi ,Eff L21 of 0 ' ' , xx, ,, ,-A Ce iii Mei? M9551 V X , f y X ss, llfml fi 33, in ll N' V A it is fy! rl rl 4 T 3 ' gl' x. , M' xtsfyx fjxxgpb Station Bias The words, Voice of the ANTlETAM , belonged solely to Radio Station BIAS. Nightly until Taps, thevaried musical selections they offered found a large and faithful audience. As an added public service, numerous ship events such as variety shows and smokers were publicized. The Ken Rademacher trio on the air. Johnnie Gore and his hillbilly serenaders. Presenting the Blueiackets . STATKDN ss A s vim N K Q- ' 'i .Zvi Q ,rgvlf QL or Z! C 5:1 if ,X F-lf X QTX- jx 4 -X LV ,ffrfy E N 5'---Y '1i1:l,ig1i4 '12 A C X Qifqeli : fx fff, 4, ,XX Q fig Q, --riff 3 xv P xtf Rx?-,pew nm ,riff XXQ.,-,Jf k 9'XQ2S:x fl ' if :M x .STK , ff! o of . !'Y,,,.i,, , X S, ef ai. xerrffffif v RQ 9, '7 f,-- Ii' f-it xxx 'X pf., Xl xx? f2 'f,'f?Q '- f-V614-y Q 1 if - mei' 1 pu- rf' .x x WJ ' ' re F fl, XX 5 af r r W1 + K ffezfl, 1 r'-ef N. N,-xf?j'r?fl, 2, - JY -R! A L El , Emi K -Jr aff! 7 A - gr r jp' , g4i,Q 21 g rw g.'-rift e. X ' 1 f- ,Av JQZ11 A is 4 ,f'L:s X-:fs-ex X gr' ef' 'fffii' 1- g'e.l?l11'i:?i: 'f'jg:21'fQS37?'4f'1'...' H ' 2 r ML? flhmfiy - 4 ' f+' .f -fv?-ffgg-12:2-n'r'1 N ,f 413-4 'A-.3 , , w ,. ' L -' ff 1T ?f2: A 'f Qtr,--Qi - -wfwmvf ,ff 5 .W Zh ,-:z--Q2 VN? 's L7fj'n'7'2' 'ffi A r 1' V -:A f 'EEWSB E Yptlilfl fi rr? -f, 'cgi ' 'x'- ' QJ.-. qi 5 uw' 'X J Rf-' 4 flfwf f I V .,.1-f-:Q- -..-N. :er f7 1-PJ ' XX T-331' ff -5... 'fu' If,-jr A 0:1 Weffiiiif nfs o --,'-rigs'-at .grew-ff? M f ,ff-W-Q' -f:.r-:eeif ,.-f-'iffy he -:grew LQ s'fyTs f H- - f 4' Q? ' ' Que ',.s,.f'ffffN' f - ,fijfl bf x -E:-11.-gj 4, 5- -, - F5 P WMM' if 'iii'-2'-.1--j S fo 5 C -. - L I -' ' -, Q, fb 1- 1 A 7 1-L, ' iff' fy ,X 2 - V fi f Rf ,---1 b W ,ff L --2',--h H,'T fx-.1 - -'kk 9 2 -.lxy ' Fr ly ly Q- ffl N-' ll?-if Q4 y -'Te'-1-Ae ' 57: Eff f 1 ' ' -.Jf WW Q X X H .-If ylfaxexf S I., .1 f..Aq1 ,N . rj. -fS- ,il U vi- fx ?- , C - P:- or .1 - ff , ' -Ng f ,J f - ,iff K--, no ,r- 'f4 Sli, .- , 6 r f 25?-f f ff A.: ,N ff: T f,ff1f Y ,A Q , ,V f-f-- - W' H 7- f fx --f-1 V-2f.4'-i.fN,Hr,f' fre ff' 1,-' ' If gf!! b ' S' M 'R' -r ' ' f-' L-. Q ri 4--f gf., LJ C LJLN . Inu and Out of Norfolk Quarters for entering port. Men boardmg chartered buses for New York and Waslungton, D. C . a' Com ing along side Pier 7 at Norfolk. zz-:,.ea:vf:2f.v::b,.7,,'al,mv'xr'.-i.',-xifzgwrx-inwkabxrsrsm-f. W., -- '- - M1111- UU '- 1 ' ' ' ' Inspection Many people have said many things about the'Na- vy. But by its very nature, there stands one ines- capable fact: given the boy, the Navy returns the man. These pictures may bring about memories of gleam - ing shoe shines, trimmed hair, and pressed uniforms or of the cobbler, the barber and the tailor. Still, they show the men of the ANTIETAM, responsible and disciplined, being inspected. No boys can be Seen. ? 4 A . si jg.: Q - as the men saw it f ,,,f Barber Shop - as the barbers saw it Above: The Cobbler Shop made sure each man had something to stand on during in spection. Left: Tailor Shop - bursting at the seams as inspection time nears - -4,-a :.1.a4 -1,55 515- fy ,im md. V i -.A H' .F I U- .,..,,.... :.,, '-,giggr ,, ,- -A r ,- .,'-, 4 -Q .,,,,.,.a,..-,.gv,w,-N-4... .wligm-'MMAFM M 'X dim. fe Captain's Inspe ction. Marines smartly pass inspectiona The inspection as seen from the Bridge Chow Line X tk, 31. ?L3gffjf,,,2,'A iaflfllz-Y Qwfffwcp ff fe A ffv r '29 P sfjfgges f axe If ff fx. X 'ff ee, ff XR K.-',L?9-npfgkzigijg ff X X N , y.:,fX xx NX X X XX X KN XX x Q Ax A e1 ,,....,..,,..... , F' . . ,fl 1..k , ff 1 M , J 2? y , 5215 1 ' W 1 1 fig? 5 F' N i , V fi 5 '-,wi K, XX K X! X I mf Kali' N xv 1- , 1 . . ' -1 ' fm G N xx f ggi? f . s-32 i, 42? 5 Eg? . 2 ' f 'Q xy H5 Q Ry Wy. V,: I-'gi-Q 3- 77' c 2' FF? .-'.JEI-lx:.:.f The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Aboard the Antietarn, the men theorized that act- ually the shortest distance on a Chow or Liberty line was to be there first. Liberty Line ig 4 I ! 6 1 1 I A f 1 1 1 11 l 6 r A N T 1 I i i I ? i z,ff:,4'An1,, ,,. -, ,, - . . ,, .., , A s W V i sv V,.! I V ,V 'V ,. , , I fV ,fmwmw-'1:.,'.,f L -f Vf- ' f 1 J' V VV , , ef 'c'7r vMf1wff,ffw- 1' , ZA, , , , . f 5, -' '- ifvficifffifl-Q'l.VVk I' 'i4f7Q1'QfILQ177,-,.f'57.1'i,? ' , ' Q if V ff1.,f:a:,vr E'LgQfQ55,ZC ' ,gk L .. ,,,.,V...,.. ,.,. ---f ' ' ' ' ?? 'aff3vlhafzfflifff1T2fWa7QvM,,wzy-ZIPIIXZ? ?:'Z'f-w2'h4'cc:fw,:rg 'f'? Wi N ? f 'S V V7 13 :1.-1 My S' NW'-43x?f',f+'zazWZ7V0 . f, i V f T22 iw Q 3 gay ' -'ffzg:y3p7f,,,2, 'ifify 'jzvj-f':-'VVr1f+ff-w-My-M. ff ' ' - 1 , 1 ,A 1. . Q 5 I AV , A L ,f X' H' ,, 1 V, , Q .-.,.,-,-e-ff zaffrfilf V faffl-ffV iff, s VV 1Vfcefxi,-'V2af2effQfzwm,,j A , , , , 1 V ,- V V, , A f .3,,,,, , , ,, ,, MW W, ff , , , , . f p K , ., 5,52 !V.,2WZ1WfQi:M!M5 V! f,f7,,VL43,i f M VK ,Z -, M l A5 . , vt.. ' , -- , 1 f 1 1,,'::Q,'-V ff- Z I ,I, Maw' 1 H ,i 4' A V W V.. , ,. -, , ga , V f . im MA V. . - V ,f ., V. To 5 I ,, -V af f . .,,4, , -V - a , vi, y . CV ' .., V 'Q J YV, , - '- rv - sf- ,fzJnff,,, v - Q z.VQp,'i' f V.'f-fwry A an 4 'f ' 'L Vw ,V ' f , , ' K' '- acura- ' - 4? ffmf' '.pf41-'wif 'V ffffrf' ' . : CV f , V-it-2 ,affffz fats.. ' '- f 4 A if f A , , ,.,fV'iVf VI, ' - i,,My:f'if'tj ,fa f ,VyaawfmvCi,'g,'fVffMM?'fff',5w,W frV,,.,g VV.: f- Q -. ' A, .:- 4 V, 1-,f 3:-f-zZ,,g.aVf. fy V- Aw- ,fm fy , -f ' ' V V ,1 ,- 1 1, V. ,tiff V2 ' V A if Vf,.,.,,,,i-a ,QWrf-.mwfaw-af-yzaywmafrffrweyiifzffzfaf ., V, f 's1'Wf 1? 3 :ff sv: f'f1'fz.:V.Vf ,, , ,, , QM., ,V VV-N f , f fi f ' V - W V 937 1 V, 4!'ifi'Tfia':-? fa ' ff-':ffff'ZZ' 1' f ff','?fi,-'cf'-V- .- t.LL,'. sl ' ' A a : V V- if V WWW. 1 ' V a ' ' V f5?l?.i3 - 545. ' '42 ??'l9'5KWf'7lZ fVi5'ffv:4Mf4J 14323 ' 'Z' NIV Qyz:f422'if-1f ,V-'-s-mu',.,,V.3'z'71?fg21-z.,fa ff ,,,-Vf1iI'f ',?QE1-14'fz'4Ef W?QwKawwawWwwwQgQa Qwwmwmwwwawwmwwragwa L , zwiwif, XY -' ' 'ia' '. ,,52Vt':'4-,ff f-'WV ' Vtvwf'--f- 1 ,. ,yn 1 f - -' V , , ' f ,. ' A- ,V z. .V W5 5, ' - 45- -I -1 'fV.,4Qf2ymH'y-- ,f . f ta V, ,V - 4 .,.f., 4. , ,. . ,, .. , ,, , Mya .,yr,,Q WM .,44?. ,. .,, ,f. W, ,, .,i,f1,, .wax V, qw ,. , W. . ,, ., ., -f faw w ' V- : - 1 - f- f ' V ' 4. ' V- 1 .V ew -1: M4 ' . -. si ' Z ' ,mf ,V 'Tw ya-5, . -,Q. Vy,' ,VH -V ,, ,. Q-.,4:,gV,,,j.V::','zf',:w1ff ff- ' , 'fr-' 47'PE'- lids '24'i44'IgC.-fx 23?-'. ,ff-j ,',gQ-,,1:5f'jgj 5':yi 3?j.g.Zj'2--- 0f fj. - ,V . ff- , ,Q--vm--vflfffif, ,aff V- 1 I f-,V-a AMW- f f V .710 V. V-VV ,-ff ff fic. V .sb 19'V:wVV-ff'.gg,1,,,yf,z . - 'V -VV' -wr: '. U, :-. 7'-W'-,rf- 2' - V ' - .,.3 ' W m ,-My A -V -, b g 41- 31523:-i '-14ggriff .V. 1-,Vf ,ad -4 ,. V y -g,::-.+g5:-4g5,,,q- Aj.5:1Vffy'V:,,',..,, , -WB... - ' V - yr VV ,, .,,. 5 11' ,afar-as V' :V V-gr ' 'f4'fsVA s f'm:f:W9'5. , mf, , 'fa 'rf 'V 2 V'V' . ,, V Barrier Ready . . . just in case. Below: Dual Operations. .,, 1,lv::, , AL 'ff L 1-'V-rw:-gxg --Y ff -4- ---T .L......21.. ..J,.. M.. QV, , - ,.f-3f-,- ' L---- .f'..-.,. .. L.X,J...f-2.x...... Naval Aviation was always concerned with the problem of stopping planes on the flight deck which failed to engage the arresting wire. There always remained the constant danger of such planes crashing into the parked planes up forward. The old answer to this problem was the use of Barriers. Now with the Canted Deck, no barriers are required since planes that fail to hook the arresting wires can take off for another attempt to land safely. However, a barrier is retained since their might arise cases wherein a p1ane's landing hook might be damaged in flight. Even a canted deck is useless in such predicaments. Consequently the continued need for a bar- rier. During this Canted Deck Cruise raising the barrier was only a drill. pK power ,Zia 4.,2,, ., 1 0fficer's Ward Room Officer's at evening meal. Capt. S, G. Mitchell and his guests of the Sec, of Navy in the Ward Room. ' Stewards preparing Officerspmeals. Qxxr ATN S S X S W .MSXXNN x Q + A 'L '5'4-f'5 '-'JJ -U.-'i 5ff' Y- ' 53T,:.Q.:QiP :HQ 13-1349: :.Qf...dis-f-...EIaasiaf-v4f'f.-......,. '- --J 4.49. u1f-.w.g,,g4.m.- ,, -..A ,, , , Y .. 1 - Yr Chic-:f's Quarters Chiefs invite the Skipper and Executive Officer for chow. Passing the time away. A scene from the Chief's Lounge. ' , New Chiefs 9-Te initiated' S X X WSH' 'ii 5 Q Top: Officers from the Staff College com- ing aboard at Norfolk. Middle: Officers observe features of the Canted Flight Deck. Right: Orientation rx B , is Amrgmeccl O Ti nv vein ew or colleges isnt rump The ANTIETAM did her bit toward the mutual understanding that is vital among all branches of the service, by being host to a group of officers from the Armed Forces Staff College and Industrial College of the Armed Forces. During the two day cruise, members of all the services had an oppor- tunity to see the value of modern carrier operations. 3 A' A 'J -'fi - '-'-'-2w.z-,..g,4,.- ,oi ,V ' -11.5'1.,'l-E! -Y '.--. : ., -.-. 1m-.m1.f:,r1Lv: ,,,,-.-,,1.,. ,-V-.,..,.-W. ,..-.-.-v.,..... 1...,,,w .ma J.- -... . V Celebrated Landings Every aircraft carrier keeps a tab on the number of landings made. When the count reaches a new thousand mark, the lucky pilot who made the landing is greeted into the select thousand club . For the occasion a cake,' in the shape of a carrier, is baked. So it was only fitting that the cakes baked for our ship's thousand landings had a cant. 1000th landing, Lt. Murphy 2000th landing LCDR. Langford 3000th landing LTQIG. Davis f 'g W- TD D D Refueling Destroyer DLu'ing operations, accompanying destroyers often came alongside the ANTIETAM for fuel. Working long hours as plane guards, the Cans required constant replenishment. To the credit of the Gunnery Department, these difficult tasks were done without a hitch. J.. -e 'Q :J .ua-rw. H., vyrr' pm.,..wmH,u --- --e 45 ',4 ' ' ' Preparations are ready for fueling. Below: Air View of ANTIETAM fueling the Destroyer USS Corry. Bottom: Destroyer alongside receiving fuel. K V A, ,Y ,,.,,,-.:s4 ,jvbfrgq -- 4.-sf-...,'13.., npr.-r4,... .,, -....- ,...,,.,.-.-..L , . ,, , .,.. . --A-A -ff-.-Q ,r------f-U ' ' r l l Ready to lift the booms. Finishing touches. . Final Instructions. Operation Flashbulb During the cruise, the men of the ANTIETAM took part in many firsts . Onevof which was the largest night, color picture ever taken. The Sylvania Electric Company chose the ANTIETAM to be the subject for this new technique in photography because she represented the newest tech- niques in carrier operations. The photograph depicted a typical night operation, with jets being catapulted and landing on the canted deck. It was taken by a hovering Navy blimp containing the camera and the remote control gear which launched a plane, set-off thousands of flashbulbs, and took the picture all within approximately one-eighth of a second. Timing, teamwork, and though in the placing of flashbulbs from the ship's trunk to the fwaterline made the second photo attempt another ANTIETAM success story. Flashbulb reflectors rigged on booms. A trial run. England The purpose of our visit to England was to demonstrate the Canted Deck to the British and also to have them participate in flight operations, Thg Brit- ish, we soon learned, referred to the Canted Deck as the Angled Deck . But as Shakespere once exclaimed, A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. British Sea Hawk pushed Forward on the Flight deck. Sea Hawks during catapult operations. British Wyvern makes a touch and go on the Canted Deck LCDR, D. G. Parker of the Royal Navy is feted on making the 5,000th landing on the Canted Deck. i XX X F5 A 'X 10 K l V X t Af .245 - GSU o 6 39 rw .W y The Adlmirazls During our five days operating period, numerous American and British visitors witnessed the combined air operations of both countries. Many of the visitors were admirals. Among this assemblage of military leaders was Vice Admiral J. Wright CINC NE LM who commended the crew with a well done . Our mission in England was a success. Above: The large group of American and British Admirals who visited the ANTIETAM during our coordinated operations with the Royal Navy. Left: CDR. Blitch indoctrinates British visitors concerning the performance of the Canted Deck. Right: Ad- mirals observe Flight operations. 14 Above Lord Mayor of Portsmouth boards the ANTIETAM to welcome Left As we found out there were no more hamburgers to be had., W, ,ff fag 3 L42 Portsmouth, England With our maj or operation completed on'Eng1ish Shores, the men set out for liberty. Many remained in Portsmouth, most others visited London or the surrounding country side. There was so much to see, so much gift shopping to be done. Whether anyone actually accomplished all that was anticipated, is really doubtful. But whatever was accom- plished, everyone agrees, we did have a most delightful time in Eng- land. ' As the ANTIETAM sails back to the States we feel that England will always remember the first Angled Deck Carrier and we in turn will er s rem emb I 49' v X 49 Wgffv J' If gffiggy A11 for one and one for all. A spot of tea. A familiar sight in Portsmouth Crew members gather in the local dance hall. .11 .,.,a ..- .. .M f, Q XX XeN'Q Q! ,X QYQSRQM7 ' f fggff gl 'ax gif I Wafffg K W NS f' YM fr 1 X an an use X 2 Guards at the Palace Gate. London Queen Elizabeth as seen by many of the crew members at aWar Veterans Reunion in Hyde Park. The Queen and her Consort. - f T I -v 1 , 4 3 fl w ' 'TWH Hn .,4, A.. .1 Big Ben ,vffnfffnfqkgw yy! I Gr I Above: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis celebrate their closing at the Palladium in London with men of the ANTIETAM. Tradition and the Future , Cruise Book Staff. Left to right - seated- H. I. Hall, Pl-13, Staff Photographer, ENS F. Spada, Editor, LT. Brennan, SN, Associate. Staff Writer, R.L. Sampson, AB3, Business Manager, -standing: K,E, Rademyher, SN Associate Editor-5D.F.1oachim, RDSN, Sm, Cartoonist. 1 Special thanks is extended to CDR, RNA. Curtis, and PHOT N, O, Keesling, the Photo Lab, and all others who contributed to the make up of this book. I ew I f 's X .A I ' is X, . I I I I Special Services Council. I - Department Heads w 1 I Q CDR- D- K0 Petelwn USN - Oper- cDR. J. P, Dobson qrvicy USN - Y 'ations Officer. f CDR. R. A. Curtis USN - Senior I Medical Officer. Chaplain . ! S I1 cDR, A, V. Eisenhart qncy USN - CDR. o. H, Mac Phee USN - Air CDR. M,c, Norton USN - Ships 7 Dental Officer. Officer. Navigator. J CDR- J. P. Allen, QSCQ USN - Supply LCDR. LF, Wheeler USN - Gmmery LCDR. G. W. Folta USN - Engi- Officer. Officer. nearing Officer- -f vll 'V if ' After the last record is put away Executive Department While on the cruise, our leaves, liberties, and laws were promulgated by the Executive Department. The constant grind of getting the work out could make young men old, but not aboard the ANTIETAM. For what had been planned with intelligence, was carried out in the same manner. for the ship and handling officer's records. Captain's Office preparing all official correspondence I f fb c Q s v , 1 i X - t ' ' CJ ff r .. , fr r -'-4,-'A , I 1 if 4 : ' I I i The quest for knowledge never ceased. I 5 i I 1 1 A 1 1 I 5 Chaplains and their staff. d t t Ng job was too big or too Small fm- the print Shop' Lega1,0ffice's work depended upon the supply and 4 demand of Unauthorized Absences. i 6 Wt 1 a 9 vi Rl 6.-f Lq lp b f di I' 5 v Q , - Q K p vu t p Q WV .il Marines The highspirits of the Marine Corps were well rep- resented aboard ship by the 4th Division. Never shy or sad of eye, this Division played an integral part in all ship's activities. As always they were every- where: first in war, first in peace, and first in the chow line. When the ANTIETAM wanted to show its best foot forward during the numerous ceremonies held, the marines were always present. But all their jobs weren't ceremonious. The se- curity of the ship, the disciplining of offenders, and as orderlies for the Captain and Executive Officer, were important duties well done. Left: Maj or General Donovan inspects the Marines. Below: Behind each gun was a man, Brow Watch. P , Wen: -What 2-re you lookin at? K through the Cruise Book. 8 eep moving , , , 2 1 i r 1 1 w P 4 I A I 5 . XX' x-A in Q' W 5 C57 Captain Mitchell congratulates 1st Lt. Galliher USMC upon receiving the Bronze Star for bravery in Korea. Below: Runnerups for the Cap- tain's Cupr 1 Right Top: At Battle Station during General Quarters. Right Bottom: An-mounted mar- ine. E 4.1 Engineering Department We had rambling wrecks from Navy Techs, but they could- notbe helluva Engineers. They were responsible for a physi- cal life - the ship's. They saw to it that the pulsating arteries carrying the energy of water, steam and electricity flowed evenly so that every call for speed and power was answered. Constant inspections insured a sound heart for a fast moving lady whose job was to get planes in the air. The Snipes may have lacked the glamor of the airdales , but they commanded respect for work well done. Z x Dm l X . . X Q l O: f J no Q 1 Discussing Engineering Problems in the Log Room. f f X ,T Ni N Wf .. -T Xl Z. L X x x X X X 1' X xx X X X fff X wig Q 2' I Ejyyxsg P X I ggi X X N X X '-ZZ' or s I i Machinist running lathe ini Machine Shop, 'X Performing duties in fi Fire Room. X R r, Y 5. I i r Inter commumcauons control room. 1 Tool issue room., Electricians working on burned out motor in repair r shop. Personnel in the evaporator plant. l 'R Q 1? . . . - - h- ,n Talking it over in ,,A,, Division Office. Shlnmg brass on compressor m the 1ce mac 1nery plant. -lg V r 1 1 v W i i i i 1 I l i I 1 Repairing sound powered telephone equipment. C 1, ew of 543 F c , i arg M' ,.,, ' W l E1 tr.C.ans making repairs in the Power Shop Working on cold storage equipment in the Ice Machine Plant ec 1 1 - A Damage Control Station during General Quarters. Operating generator .. ire Room . if I R 5 r mwnfy ..... 1 .. ' 4 rc. .1 'QA ' f X - X ,X K5 0 M. K I X X 1 :V X 'h 1 -.1 I X ,V 4? ,z , x Operating Drill Press in Machine Shop. ,,.. 'J Metalsmiths take time out to smile for the camera. -Ti ir u Q 1- V 1 'v 1 w 1 Ol O PA I 1 Securing a valve in the pump room. Readings being taken from Gyro-Compass. 1 w w 4 I 1 A I In . k. Check and double check in the forward engine room, More paper wot -F i ,i6A A Preparing one of the various metal lathes for a job, as seen . . . . f QXVWW '- wMW.::.M,f,, fW fly V 11111 gr: 1' ' V in the machine shop. O The checking of batteries function of battery shop, for emergency power was vital s if '2 Nc, f N A steady hand is essential in the carpenter shop. ii, wit rr s bi Rr a a al 'E haw' Air compressor receives routine checks in ice machinery room. Caution is used in the operation of an a c e tyl e ne torch by the ship's metalsmith. ,, -.-.......... ..... . -. .sa .. u,.-.,,f,- ff-1 ,--.-5,.. 2 I... 7,4 , iY,,,,-,,,,,,,, , 5 7... of-iw 1-1-JE,,,-mm, MMV,-,,,,-,glng-nk, ,q.,f:-,-f,.,p.+-'isa-,:,,.-1.-'Mr'---H fw- .- Y --,.----M--- - ' ' X I fi ,-12' ,f f , f all NX QQ A X ,, , , - V - -- ,. - -. ..- ' Y -s - - - V - Y Y -A .- -- ,:'.a:g7:', ,', ' --V . -.f,-c- , , U, , , ,,.,,,,- .Y A , V---...... W i0 C y T' EM L t y N7 e lE'HK'liff5'l f A jl --T ,cs -r i Position angle . Navigation A traditional mystery that clouds the minds of men who sail the seas is . . . where am I? But this was not the case for th e crew of the ANTIETAM. Seasoned sailors marveled at the ease in which we stayed on course in the East River of New York or always found Pier 7 at Norfolk. Some sa t f 01'1 USU Modesty forbids more, but our Navigation Department was as sharp as their pencils. y s ars ound their way by getting a fix i i Men receiving instructions in Loran. Navigator at work. 2 I l of A. 8 Helmsmen assuming control of the ship in the after steering room. I 2 4,.,-:.1'r-ff-1. .,::v..'f WELL ' . ' c s x x 1 E 1 -d Operations Ancient mariners painted eyes on carved fig- ures in the bow of their craft so that the ship cou1d see her way. The Operations Depart- ment saw the Eyes of the ANTIETAM. As ra- dar, lookout and aerology information flowed in- to the operation center, any black spots before us were immediately removed. Far more advanced than the Ancient Mariners with our modern apparatus of radio and signal communications we might say - the Operation Department was also the Ears of the ANTIETAM. A A checkup at any time always found the Oper- ations Department rating E for Excellent. All electronic equipment is kept at peak operation by the Radar Set is checked by the E. T. 's I Electronic's Technician. The ship's Post Office is also maintained by the Radiomen. , Below: Radiomen at work in Radio Central. Right: An intricate system of radio receiving equi ment ' tr ll d f A p is con o e rom the radio shack. I ,nr., ' l -4 v'? i M X , 4 i IN . Q V f I XX A BX K 1 x . h x X W C , ' a f i I I x ci Q0 d Q Q Q' t . A problem is worked out in air plot. Ra-dal' gang man their stations for special S62 detail. i ment. Power is restored to a piece of equip - i ?i 1?-1, TP .Q- I 1 fx ,.. ' , x f lt' I A S X t K. l K .1 ' 2 X f viii? .- A, 1' .,-.Wa-,J-1.xAv V -,,..I 1 X 1 Q 5 2 ff 5 3 'Vw Above: Operations yeoman handle all departmental administrative work. Left: Aerographers receiving wea- ther data. Information which is vital to the ship's air operations. Above: A11 weather records are filed in the aerO- logy office. Left: Signalmen control vital tributary of shiP'5 communications system. Sick call. Sick Bay and Dental Department Justin case - the ANTIETAM had a hospital aboardg utilizing the most modern techniques and equipped with the finest to provide adequate care for the slightest of the most serious ailment. The assign- ment of keeping the ANTlETAM's crew healthy was a big oneg but the Sick Bay experts - from doctors to hospitalmen, dentists to dentalmen, always had the situation well in hand. And I came in for a rest. N10 f f n ,I XX 445 EX yi , Q, l-1-- -' Gunnery Department 5 v A f I Although during the cruise the accent was on air operations, l- it would be impossible to forget the Gunnery Department, be- ' cause aboard the ANTIETAM, if the job was 'di,ffi.cult,i,it was A , N done by the Deck force . Sea and anchor details, loading 2 J stores, handling boats, fueling at sea, etc. were their spec - ialties. And if it Was done bl' them . . . it was done right. . P Q Below, left: Gunnery Office personnel keep gun logs, Q1-di- , g ' nance pamphlets, and all records on fire control. , Right: Working on boat grade. s 4 . K Preparing to slack off anchor chain. Men bare a hand at the after boat crane, - 1 ,fmafv ,, , . 3 Side cleaners take a break for pictures. v G-iq, TER V I S A a U AV. Securing floater net. Motor launch readied for repairs. Second Division at refueling station. General Quarters drill-in the fire control room XN iYQx 5 Q r ggi ...-4 Receiving 40mm gun mount instructions on the foc's1e. xxx Splicing wire rope and braiding line in the Boatswain's Locker. Q 1 ., - a sf. 41.5. .. ' 4.-..4,-:.11-no -'--- --- -' 1 ' ' Sail Locker personnel cutting material for boat covers. Shiprs armory gunners 1113.126-28. l. 95,,,,..- 1 of fi Supply If it was animal, vegetable, or mineral the Supply Department had it in stock. Through their systems of catalogues and ac- counts, almost everything was within reach Supply always met demand. Left: Taking on provisions at Norfolk. Marking supplies for proper storage. Work in the storeroom. Electronic parts being catalogued and placed in bins. Orders can now be filled. A -3.-..... .. -A--v--f ff r wary- 1- -L1 - 1r.n.-Jn-1v-rn-vnrr :nan-1-L11-z-vlzfg.-an-ruff nv -vw .-.N 1- ,, , -- . ' ' A1 is 3 -Wir. p 1, Q . . . ,. Supply Offices Handling distribution problems. Aviation slipply involves much clerical work. Many hours are spent on paper work Commissary officer Ships Stores WM lfllf Ill 11 ' A 1 r1,. .M K . S., i J, I 4 '- 1 , Long line at the ge-dunk. X.. Stores office personnel X . ...f ls.. UI! NUM wiv' Another 'purchase at small stores. swi- 0- - ' w a.- ' I E ,. dz' Ships service. -,N , ,252 MW-.iftft . ,,.,,,. , Wh Putting finishing touches to pay list. Pay Day A11 hands pitched in to make every pay day a big success. Checking pay records. f N Us A7 f 6 to f Happy is the day when we get our pay. Y' i ' A I. O I, P X 4.x oi if 5 Q .Y--11:-asnfl, .QJV fl '4Z 4rl-..f.....-.:4-1:511143-a..L..un-s..f'44-e-v.-......-.vw-.....,fp .,.,.-,,.,,,,. .,,, , 0 v -wh I Money orders are sent home. 4 A ...Q .FV T 4 f vyfff fy JAG ' UN I Laundry Lrg, Above: Checking on laundry to be washed. Right: Huge washing machines handle tons of clothes every week. iw-,,., l 5. 'isvl Duz didn't do everything aboard the AN- TIETAM. It took a lot of muscle and sweat in a steaming laundry to see that the crew were able to maintain the high standards of cleanliness for which the Navy is sojustly proud. But this hard work didn't phase thc laundry gang's sense of humor. Many a dull day was enlivened by hunting for a lost pair of socks, found later in another division. '13, Clean clothes ready to be rc- turned to the divisions. N . , ,, ,1,,A-,..,---.--.-..- 77:7 -- - i VF-84 Squadron There were many squadrons that came aboard the ANTIETAM, but our steady cus- tomer was VF-84, Thus, by getting to know them well, it's no surprise we became good friends. To them we extend our best and hope they enjoyed their stay. i Yeomen in the squadron administration office. ' Right: Status Board Keepers in the ready room during flight quarters. Air Frame Mechanics working on F9F-5. Right: Changing a wheel on a jetfighter. 'A' ' ' - ' 1' 'r'b' -Q D' '17 'I' :G '-41' 'f'--'f--.---Jlftil '-Aus-:.L.Jo0 4-?'-I-e914'-.-...4...nn1:vs.4.,.,-fp ,1.,,q1ggy,,,-. Y ,.- -,Au ,,,L,,,-,-,Y,,,,, I 1 , Parachute riggers filling oxygen bottles. Power plant mechanics administering repairs to jet's turbo engine. Routine Check-up . Examining of F9F-5's gurmery mechanism. Q-. ,N - w .sun .-.nal-:RQ . --IPL., ..,. 4.--.... --- S ports No matter how difficult the dcy's work was, there was olwoys o little energy left for sports Just os there was o job for everyone on the AN- TIETAM, so was there o particular sport for every one to enjoy. X is XX ' r l all J l 'l l I yy rllllll A ' ' ll ly' .1 , 1:,.x,1 .W In- xii t N y qiga f f f will-S 'A ' -X ,TV ' N- M X Yr l. ff D l lt 1, M OO., the tr'5 good for two points. TW lllls one on lo' Sue' pc'-et'-orr'ec1 Noiting for the rest of the teom. i , 1 ,584 l. A aw I . V9.5 4 le E u Hitting the deck the hard way. Sparring on the flight deck. 1 X X A left and a right - cross. S ports This picture is muscle bound. Knock Uff 1-gn' .eff -1' ,::- 5 Movie Call ef P ' , IT3.-'1 .,!Qt.tQ The wide variety of magazine and books in the library offcrcdrelaxation and knowledge ! 9 . , I 5 1... T t J And the Band played On. i ,..,t-- - X X X 1 - ,C Q' ' Q' Whenever the weather permitted. P f L 5 7 L '4 h -A .ix - -I- I W 2, .. ,, 4 .14 J X x X Q X Q I I 1 I . lx . I e 4 I ol M' I 2! 'x G w 5 , 5 E ! w 1 I f 1 f Y '1'he Hobby Shop provided many hours for creative work. fV 1 ,, N N 1 l I W I p Always our first thought . . . A letter to our loved ones. Men relaxing in the Crew's Lounge. i y P W f y 4 ' 4 Card Playing - a sure favorite during off hours. One of the familiar coffee messes foundabout the sip . if v fn if X xt 5 M I l . X, eg ' ll Taps, Taps J keep silence about the deck, . gl' .UI Pmnxh turn into your hunky PY 'rw -f-in-rg:-1 -'vw --+ Y---Y- , - gg- I1ght5 out 1 K R ' ',f- f- M Senior Officers Flrst row - left to right: CDR R. A. Curtisg CDR J.D. Blitchp CAPT S.G. Mitchellg CDR D.P. Dobson, CDR O.H. MocPl1ee. Second row - left to right: LCDR J.F. Wheeler, LCDR J. Hort- lem CDR A.V. Eisenhortp CDR M.C. Nortong CDR J.P. Alleng LCDR F.W. Jr. Foltap LCDR J. W Tlbbetts. Third row - left to right: LCDR L. S. Biorlop LCDR R.C. Trlppp LCDR R. Griffin LCDR M.J. Olmsteaclp LCDR H.D. Hoong LCDR A. Payne. 11 mmm wrvgrun. .f....,,, F-KL.. f- -re: QW AQ, KW - .S f fx I - 4: ', ' , If T S... ,p'C ' '44,-' Q T ' 'ia 9,1 ' 'N.f'lsi ' T f 6 T, .T ' I S I N 3 3 . . l i 9 S I - as G- if Y K . QI. Q si! .f I I 6. 3 hx wglx K Q Mfxxgiv L ' ' YQ' H . 'X s '49 -I 1 ', r ' 'Kane T Y 1 f' f' ,, .. . . 5 .MY First row- left to right: LT. J. C. D. Hengstp LT. V.B. Rinkg LT. C.E. Schumcznnp LT. D,G. Robinsonp LT. G.J. Mooreg LT. A. Wochtelg LT. W.B. Chomberlinp LT. W.L. Pricep LT. R.J. Honscheng LT. W.J. Jasper. Second row - left to right: LT. E.E. Williamsg LT, W.E. Flynng LT. Y.A. Auerbochg LT. J.P. Murrcyg LT. L.G. No- berinig LT. R,W. Monnp LT. W.R. Prosserp LT. C.R, Hortp LT.. J,E. Sheii. r., ' -2 7'1 . -.--,. -. X g . ,-'Ag fxxx 1 L ll . ln x f 'S+-' First row - left t ' h - LT . E-N. Waddell, LTLTZLS. CoJrie?.' Chereskm? LTJG J.B. MCCroc:rty5 LTJG G.F. Nordonep LTJG R.l. Winnegi I-UG econd ro - I f ' h . , deCkeUEr1JVS' 53toBQ3dLLG lts.tELrTI.SR.E. Golfnherg ENS. E,B, OvNeiHi ENS. JQE. Mcconnqughyi ENS J.T. Leyen.. Third row - left to right, F tftgtdleyi LTJG R.L. Van Houten. NS F.L. Cutrone. ' ' pc G' NS' R'H- BOOfUiyp ENS. C.L. Hohensteinp ENS. L.R. Kuhlmann1E ' A Warrant Officers First row -- left to right: Ross, J.R.., CHPCLK, Moran, T.M. , CARP, Maloney, J. D. , CHBOSN, Morten, C.E. , CHELEC, Gilliam, W.T. , CHSCLK, ' Second row - left to right: Fuller, J.W. , CHMACH, McCaul, L. L., CHGUN, Bluma, L.E., CHBOSN, Leupp, C.E. MACH, Calahan, H. K. , CHMACH, Caruthers, H.E. , CHGUN. Third row - left to right: Walter, R.J. , CHGUN, Mahon, A. L. , PACT, MacNaughton, J.R, , :MACH, Keesling N.O. ,fHOT, Graham, R. L. , RELE. ' ' Chief Petty Officers First row - left to right: Caligivri, AM., GMC, Morris, WT., AOC, Burrows, DJ., ENC, Benton,, Falzone, JS. , AMC, Letempt, VL., DCC, Cason, LJ., ATC, Shackeleford, BH., CSC, Lee, NC., RDC, Oram, WE., BTC, Stan- hope, WH. , ADC, Summers, DF. , BMC. Second row - left to right: Sullivan, LW, , BTC, Van Vliet, F. , AKC, Badgett, SM., MMC, Tatum, ED., BMC, Erickson, ER. , PRC, Currington, AE. , SDC, Bagclricwicz, MMC, Gomory, C. , OMC, Goddard, EA. , AOC, Ringo , TG. , SDC, Cook, RW. , DKC, Falke, LL. , ADC, Schuessler, HG., GMC, Smith, RL., ADC, Delamater, CD., ABC, Piccorelli, MR., RMC. Third row - left to right: Morris, BC. , AMC, Herrick, AMC, Labossicie, GO. , GMC, Temple, RE., GMC, Jackson, BMC, Pelleyier, DF. , HMC, Woclas, LJ. , BTC, Hallorcln, JJ. , AGC, Thompson, HS. , BTC, Endrizzi, EJ., EMC, Dix- on, JJ., SKC, Poythress, PA., ADC. ls 4 M.A.A. K, ,. gas 'Ja-Y--si -- Xf Y yin ... - Q7 ' A 8 Q Q . ls. f 324. Sf. s - , N. QA K rf A -N . is ' will 5 .2 Zi khku . X J 'x . A ru K 1 21' ' ' Front row - left to right: Loy, LW. , BM 2, Huddleston, WL. , DC lp Jackson, S., BMC, Long, JR. , ME lp Schroeder, BM. , AD2. Second Row - left to right: Heiman, JJ. , AO 3, Rudnicki, JD. , GM 3, Wacldell, CE. , SH 3, Quint, WA., RD3, Martineau, HE. , ME 3, Binkowslci, SS., AF 3. ' X Division wi L .L .lr f ff V f 1. bf f- . er Front row - p ,k . ' 'I I y . . , 5 n ey , . , Pfestifri , Somfort, J.-D. , YNT 3, Reynolds, PNI. , l ENS. Frank Soada, Phillipsl, AD 3, Sampson, AB3 Secondlroxlv ttf Ifyocco' 'l l' I SNP ROY, J.C. , PNSAQ SGGC-0, C- -l- 1 SNP -leflelf J-1 YNSN- YNSN. Gre SN, Ro Gmnlf SAF LlPP0fdf R- l--, YNSNp Baron, J., SA, Gallery, D., PNSN, Lenaharl Lelwis, Q. L-v, QINSN' D. I Mulroy, FI'QnCeSCQn, Q.B. I ' mo ' C' ' YNSNf O How, SAP RYOH, W. F. , SA, Hernandez, G. , LI35 Rademache , f Left toRlgl1t: Anderson, E L YNSNP Do le J J SN Da I R A PN3-Moon, R.W.,YN .'--- - , 4 O-A Division Wav Y f s , 5. , ii. 'JI U 7 fm AQ? W lst Row - Left to Right: Blount, J.C. , AF3, Long, T.W., AF3,-Mead, D.L. , PH3, Halloran, J. J. , AGC, Price, W. L. , LT Division Officer, Keesling, N. O., PHOT Ass. Division Officer, Benton, D,B., AFC, Wetzel, W. B. , PH2, Griffth, M. L. , TD2, Filippi, D. A. , AG3. ' A Second Row - Left to Right: Imlay, J.H. , AGAA, .Sweet, R.C. , AGAA, Barnett, C.G., AGAN, McDougall, J.J., YN3, Davies, A. L., PHAN, Agostnella, J.A., AFAN, Hutsko, J.S., AFAN, Spalding, V.R., AGAN, Farrell, K. J. , YN2, Peterson, W. J. , YN3. Third Row - Left to Right: Cottrell, R.F., AGAA, McDonald, S. P.,,SA, DeBrocke, W.M. , YNSN, Drozed, E.R. , PHAN, Wilson, R.T. , YN3, Meyer, J.R. , AGAN, Patch, B.C., AG3, Alcott, B.'M. , YNSN, McLean, J. H. , PH3, Engvold, K. J. , TDAN. OI Division elsif' H ,X gg if '52 my J ff , Q li V l, . ,, . 5-'g A V lst row - left to right: Beck, RD3, Riester, N.A. , RD3, Kontz, RD3, Stafford, RDSN, Riester, P. J. , RD2, Rink, LT., Lee, RDC, Daniels, RD2, Fitzgerald, RD3, Kish, RD3, Smith, RDSN, Acquilano, RDSN. 2nd row - left to right: Mazewski, SA, Staley, RD3, USCG, RDSNF Rizzo, RDSNI D0U9l1e fYf RDSNP Hispqnski, RD3,Biscardi, RD3, Mackinnon, RD3,Clawson, RD3, Northrup, SN, Burns, RD3, Hapsias, RD3. 3rd row - left to right: Marsh, RDSN, Marchant, SA, Hill, RD3, Stefanlciewicz, SA, Arnold, RD3, Mc- Bride, RD3. --, -xlg I l l 1 1 QQ ls ll ll l ...Ia ER Division V V1 ,-...' Ll Niq. U ,- -...., M--A Qg,,.,,.-,.,, I G. Lid- it -- X X K . -- --.- -1 Q- . .,.i,.. sw- W 9 S rbi' . - X as ,, 2 J, xg, -Q-A t. 515-1 . H 2 . . , A A -L -A-F l S i mgyxf' gtlilff -'-i Q - 1' 1 S .5 ' .. 1 ,Q 2 v , . 7' ' - I r.... S f law, Q W S S, ' ' ', l ' K five l bf. 1 X 7 X I K ' L, hs! 4 ' x A ' Q Rx A 2 1 I v Y R -' I .A S - 1, 5, A S X ,z S 5. l - V. 'X ,4 S. A liq Q ,. - - .1 is 1, ff - C- - A Q... ,-Vi f- W A Q -- -fr f ' . 7? ' ' Y ' S- 4 ., y. 5 Q ,, :SQ 4 -55' U 1 Q .-J g, NBP, A. tj in 1 ' I 'Q . Q .y 6 A ' A in . +1 N 4 I E? l -. S li El- S X' 'f . - ' T 0' if -' ' A :-' v fi-' ,. :V 'sfif . I 1 .- A - A ' W 1 12 'Q A A A at A' if f S, iii S. S l A fl I '- -V ' f- - Q ' 'Q I ' AL ,451 .,,. .L - 95ml :i ff i,ii. 9? -Si , 1 , ,L , ..,' - Q ' 7- T S H :AA ' f- ' - -... H., A . Q vw ? 34, ' -3. 4 : -, .. X X K . as I . . ,ff M be---5 1- .1 Q.--gk - , A f ,,,i M M 5,5,.,,,, 5, N. .WX Q - I - , ' - , : - ,G f A. '- N : ff A -V A , V I Q ' Y X an 1 w f ... 1. gm.. .V 1, -, V . X x u x 1 Q J A QKK- A X. .. - 5 - 1 -.. - First row - left to right: Reiff, D.A. , ET3p Wagner, R.J. , ET3, Bahr, A7 R. , ET35 Grahm, R. L. , RELEg Severin, L. C. , LT, Love, J. Y. , ETC, Doerr, F.W. , ET35 Purdy, B.W. , ET3g McCray, E. T. , ET3. Second row- left to right: Durham, J. N., ETSNp Pirkle, S. J., ET3p Legore, R. S., ET3g Schroeder, H.C. , ET3, Rose, D.K. , SN, Appel, E.W. , YNSNp Shein, l. L. ETSN. OL Division V' F 9.1 ? f farvgw 1 ' HP- I rl gm.- -...-.A 1 L: gr fl - iw .I ' 9 !.., PY' ,' 47,- s fd , 1, ' -25' . Q W I is 2. .,.,, Y ,Y .1 k QM ., , ,,., A ' 'Q F' - - . Brrgt rogvN lift to rrght. Drzazga, G.A. , SN, Granger, A,E, I SN, Meoler, C R. I SN: gabingki, - .1 pBoschickak,A., BM, O'N' l E B E - . ' gasrcheu, T., SN: Sigmund, R.c., sA.'eDQvas' fi Shea' LF BM' Sounders' LA BM' d - . ' l I 1 - 1, . Jepon Sftwcclift to! nsht.SElrE:kner, C.H. , SN, Diroma, R. G. , SA, Puglia, T.V., SA, PCIUlf . ., f , . -, 5 arona, J,P,, SA: H bb I JIGI N. . . N.R . I C.J., SA, Howard, W,L,, SAF Woman, C-B., SN? S , S f Jenkuns, R.L , S , enme B k - I ' . ac row eftnto rlght. Murphy, J.R. , SA, Busichio, M. , SN, Bqchuz, F, GW SA, Behlmef, H.F., SN: Lapme, 'J.R., SA, Cottrell, N.M., SN. Clark M D SA i , S Division 1 .Mun xii First row - leff'to right: Cover, M. L., QM2, Berryman, C,R,, QM1, Gomery, 0.5, QMCP Leyendecker J T ENS, Hulliger, F.W. , QM2, Burns, A. J. , QM3 Second row - left to right: Kunes, J. J., SN, Gerken, P.G. , SN, Bazilcuckas, A. B., SN, Kozian, R SA- Farris ' I I I T.E., QM3. OR Dlvlslon ??4',v f K, ., 5 fy! 4 ,, ry, k, , f fn Vi ll J M SA Horfle B J RM3' Weaver PW TE3-Ashburner lst row- left to right: Conger,C.R., SN, Nutta , . ., , y, . ., , , . ., , , J. H. , RMI, Diamond, F. J. , LTJG, Piccorelli, M. R. , RMC, McCulloch, D. F. , TE3, Cote, L. J. , RM3, Wisner,R. D., RMSNN, Moynihan, T. J. , SN, Thornton, M.C. , RMNSN, 2nd row - left to right: Ccrrol, J. , RMSA, Mikovsky, A. J. , RMNSN, Housfermon, L. H. , SA, Parks, C. E. , RMSA, Bcfe, J. P., SN, Lang, J. F., SA, Recla, R,R,, RMNSN, Hulse, R.A. , SA, Tirado, J. P. , SN, Ringer, J.F.S., SN, McDuffy, R.M., SN, Keim, W. , SA, Shea, D. F., RMNSN, Scoff, H.P., SN, Roflwermel, C.E., SA, McCall, W. J., SN, Cosigrove, E.W. , SN. Navigation 'L 'qs-J' l f ik' R' SA up T u -I - K, it Q. ' if 4 J...-J , .R X video 4- l V ' , 'I 1 . I I A f' S ' 5 A A D ,Jinx -f ... 'T' ' lb. . .av I, , ,,. Xxx, Front row - left to right: Withom, JF. , QM3, Hubbe, EH. , QM3, Higgins, JJ., QM3p Anyz, FW. , QM2, Rockwell, WJK., ENS., Brown, FF., QM2, Wilhelm, FA., QM3, Fuller, PJ., QM3, Kennecly, JJ., QM3. Bock row - left to right: Lemieux: PJ. , YNSN, Gruneisen, JH., QMSN, Villines, RB. , QMSN, Endicott, WE . , QM3, Miller, AC. , YNTSNp Horris, DL., QM3, Ray, FR.,,QM3, Berner, RE., QMSN5 Copeland, RL., QMSN, Corlberg, JW. , QMSN. Band 'wr ' . L J, M' fr V Q fe q 4 Q4-fx 'f J , li Xn :J , I l Uwe? 1 .--- 1 L '54 wg-.-f. J-,gf H . 1' r v' , X A Q' i 1 4 ' fl ' Nr nuns. 'l, iz .. ll All W fallfx CQ4 ffo- . -u P 14 MY 'V'-X 4. l 4 1 Ff0'1'f0'- 'ef' 'O fight: Cvndecius, C.w., Mum: Parks, R.P., MUSN, Rhodes, J.E. , Mm, Rom, w.K., Muc, Antonelll, D. J., MUSNQ Norris, C. B. , MUSN. Second row - left ro right: Boronyk, J.Jr. , MUSAg Shelton, D.R. , MUSN, Bcgni, R.A., MUSN, Suetcr, E., MUSN5 GlOb0, R.C., MUSN, Rogers, C.A. , MUSN, Bortlett, JR., MUSN- Kunkle R H MUSN. Third row - left to right: Horty, W. J. , Jr. , MUSNg Vonsondt, W. , MUSl1l,.Ch.o'wnin 9, J.M., MUSN. First Division if ll llf' illyll Il llc Fnrst Row Front fowl Hester W F SA Byron R S SA Day W J SA Hubert A R SA Nntch J E SA Halbon F W SA Craycraft D A GM2 Batcheller R L BM2 Harlclns T D GM3 Smnth J SN Blrenbaum H N SA Hutchins, C G SN albby C A SA Second Row Montgomery C D SN Homlcz E J SA Lauer D F SA Ruppert L J SA Sampson C F SN Bonner F J SA McDonnell J J SN Gordon C A SA Tapken W H SN Hunkapsller W N SN Bowhall R S SA Gerclung A H SN Dobos, J W SA Du Chateau J S SA Thur Row Stephens E R BM3 Novuello F SA Gray B L SA Bendell E F SA Hauser J E N Kubma W C SA Kenney, O SN Hoerner R SA Holbrook F D SA Dallanre R N SA Wallace 1 ers SA Scarg ato WM? 'fir First Row fFront row Ketterman, G W SA Genton H SA Newberry H H BMSN Aff0l'd0 A A GM3 Kumble A A , GM3 McKunes J M BM3 Borls V R GM2 Cheresknn H LTJGlDIVISI0f1 0ff'Cef Summers D F BMC Le Blanc R L BMT Bauer W T 1 BM2 Reed l J I M2 B0YCl E l- BM3 Mono h n J J 3 Second Row Wnllnarcl R J SN Afek N J SA Makesell S O SA Grlppe R J SN Zablosky G P Dumdle, G S SA Keller J E SA Robinson W E SA Brown, T J CG 00 C E SN SCUV' o mr R E SA Torrey D F SA Bellmore,W A Thu' ROW Q Lone T 5 SA Lugzgk, A W SA Messlna C SA Lucas, J F SA Steyer C R SA Nemerovsku, B V SA Parham C A SA Mc Elravy G W SA D'n9eY R R SA 5'1Gn'?HM G R SA Greene J T SN Ward L R SA Long A SA Brown M H IBMSN TUPPSU K SA ' any I If t 5 Ig W? . . - c ' I ' ' I I I -' -' I I I ' - I I I - - I I I - - I . l I I I -' ' I 1 1 I 4 I P I 1 .1 I I I . 1 I I I . W . I . 0 . Q IA n I I ' ' I I 1 - I I I - - I -' 1 Q . - . , ' I ' - I 1 I - X- I 1 I - - I 1 I I - I 1 I ' ' I I I ' ' I I I I ' I I I I -' I I I ' ' I I I . ' ' I I I , ' ' I I I - ' I I - I I I - - I '- - I ' ' I I I 1 I I I ' - I I I - - 1 1 I - - I 1 U 0 I ' ' I I I I I I - 1 I I' + - I 1 I - ' I I . I . R.E.,SA5Spll , J.V., 5 l , ..P.,SNa . X Q L 11 A A l I ' f V' ' ' ii I f f' ,. s r M , f , ,jg ,Z I g 9 I ' ' , ,. M , ,K V K ,, 5 K :L A ', , E ' ' 3, 'L ir I ' . V M ,,,, Q VI, , Q34 4 ' 5 ., ,- . - e , 1 ' ,g ., . , , I ' I I I ' ' I I ' ' ' . , . . 1 . 7. I I I -I I I ' 0 I I I ' ' I ' B 0 I , I 1 0 I I I v -1 I I I ' I I 7 I S F ' I Q , , ., BM . 1 I 0 D I . Q I I I -I ' 1 I I ' ' I I ' ' W' ' ' ' N ' ' 1 I . 0 - SNP ' . -1 I I A Il I I 0 'I I I SN' t ' , ' ' ' ff' ' I ' 1 4 I S N o I Q Q I , I v 1 I I 4 s Q . cl - ' 1 1 I I .. 0 I I I ' I I ' ' I I I ' I . . . - ' . .- , I . - , ,. . , , I I ' I I I I 1 0 I I I ' ' I - I . - H , . - I I ' I I I ' I ' ' I I I I ' I I I T' ' ' ' ' 0 SA. I Third Division ,.v1 Yx ..i '-'X 'L ' . 51 -.. 4 Mi ns ' I' ' f 9 X' It igi' Ti. IX , -., A-r J A I 5: X s' ' .' ' 'A -Y-rf 'Nu -hw ,Q f-X .L -' ' ' D 'IC ' 'CE' . V s- , . -.f. e- , ,X . f ,. ' . 'n' ' ' T Q 5 as V 'Q .., ,, . 'SN , P , '-. . , '- 3, .K , J ,T .i i. .gs .,,q3n,,L ' . ,. v ' , f ,V U3 ' ,es f 'T S ' ' 5' : Q 1 4 .. 1 I I I .hp ' . mf .. - v- I - .0 I , W my S -A if 2-4s,,31 ' 'Ss X ' .-,, g.045f'.- x V - ii'-2 - ' '5- First Row lFront rowi: Comerford, H. D. , SN, Thompson, C.R., SN, Laranko, W. , SA, Doran, W.F. , SN, Land, H. , BM2, Borski, L. M. , BM2, Tatum, BMC, Carney, E. J., LTJG QDivision Officeri, Glowa, J., BMI, Lezzaro, A. J. , SN, Pardue, W.O., SN, Slusser, L., SN, Light, G.E., SN. Second Row: Winner, C. J., SA, Fox, F. L. , SN, Rexroad, E.G. , SN, Jellison, L. J., SN, Van Eperen, G.R., SN, Melton, R. J., SA, Means, R. B., SA, Johnson, D.W. , SN, Barth, D.A., SN, Marmai, M.H., SA, Kenclle, R.D., SA, Dorry, M. F. , SN. Third Row: Clark, W.H. , SN, Shorey, K. N. , SA, Jeffers, R. L., SA, Person, D. , SN, Mc Daniels, K.R. , SA, Garrett, C.P. , SA, Stew- art, J.E., SN, Aaron, 8.A. , SA, Cottrell, D.L., SA, Digiovanni, C.J., SA, Robinson, J.E. , SN, Keeling, D.E. , SN, Michaels, K.R. , SA, Lindenboum, N., SN, Mac Daniels, R.J., SA. Fox Division W 164 ' ., J J - A 9 Q f 4 1 3 ,, 1 Q f .gs 4? gl Yew, L lg ' .. 'ffl' V T lp' - , li ii - -f,vfY 'wh' I' . FIM Row fFront Rowi: Mc lnnis, 8.G., FT3, Barker, E.E., FT2, Andrews, G.A. , GM2, Temple, R. , GMC, Walter, R.J. , CHGUN fDivision Officeri Caruthln, A.E., CHGUN, Schueuler, H., GNC, Caliguiri, A.M., GMC, Barriclcmon, R.F. , GM3, Dietrich, R.H. , FT3. Second Row: Carlson, G.S., FT3, Gill, R.A., FT3, Borringer, W.E., FT3, Brennan, J. A., FT3, Fogelman, H.F., FT3, Gallemeyer, E.S., FT3, Countiss, W.F., FT3, TOOMSSCN, A.G., FT3, White, R.N., FT3, Nolan, R.F., SN, Bocook, G.A., SN, Corstens, G.R., FT3, Huebner, R.A., FT3, oeveoul R'l-'I Zielonkcl H'A-I Locker D'E'l Sconlln, , COflSOV1, F.C. , Vflll'Clf'1SOf't, B., SN. Third Row: Cambridge, M-A-, SN: KOVYOY, C-5-, SN, Digilolomo, D.J., SN, Dibattista, R., SN, Mc Hugh, J.C., SN, Moore, B.D., SN, Connor F.J., SN, l-0Y'lQlCY1 B-A- 1 FT3i Johnson, A-E-, SN,KulilcOslQi, L. , GNl3,SirleS, R.S. , SN, Streeter, v'l.P. , SN, Sheffler, R.M. , SN, BUODOYG, G.V. SN, Hovotter, T.C., SN, Downer, J.H., SN. 'gf 6 l V -..-,Q ..-.?,,!-f- ..-- ' Marine Detachment 11. First row - left to right: McNeil, R. , Sgt.,Grol1man, J. J. , Sgt., Flanagan, A.F., Sgt., Regan, L W.E., Sgt., Driscoll, R.G., MSgt.,Gallil1er, R.E., lst LT., Silies, D.E., SSgt., Flynn, J.B., Sgt., Williams, W.P. , Sgt., Clarkson, H. , Sgt., Newton, R.E. , Sgt. Second row 5- left to right: Ball, R.P. , Pfc., Campbell, L. L. ,.Pfc., Wittwer, G.H. , Cpl., Cor- riea, R.N., Pfc.., Rice, C.C., Pfc., Reecl, L.E., Pfc., Long, D.A., Pfc., Suchomski, C.F.,, Cpl., Riggs, E.G. , Cpl., Black, R.E., Pfc. l 'X Third Row - left to right: Unwin, E.E., Pfc., Dorsey, H.D. , Cpl., Currin, B. , Pfc.5 Culliney, A' W. B., Pfc., Collins, B. , Cpl. 4 r l l l l l 1 5 A Division YYYW . ' N fi, F pf in, iw lf'l:?, ltr-di w ,f. 4- N, 'Y 6 V First rows - Left to right: Ferguson, W.W. , EN3, White, J.H. , MM2, Hat- tabaugh, T.J., EN3, Irish, D.N., MM3, Cantor, G.J., MM3, O'NeiIl J.J., MM3, Miller, J.T., EN3, Thoma, G.E., MR3, Ladd, K.A., MM3 Booruiy, R.l'l., ENS., Woltenburg, T.D., MMC, Pederson, C.L., EN2 Brown, T.H.,MMl,Doley,C.B., MMI, Toth, J.S., MMI, Windeler, L.R. MM3, Hellauer, E.J., EN3, Hays, R.J., MM3. Second rows - left to right: Hanson, W.J. , EN3, West, J. L. , FN, Hansen L.A.,ENFN, Shoop,G.G., ENFN, Pressy, R., FN, McAlhany, B.F. MR3, Anderson, D.S., MR3, Petit, L.T. , MR3, Lowe, D.S., MM3, Mellon J.J., MRFA, Long, R.E., MM3, O'Connor, J.R., FN, Butler, M.A., FN Walling, J.F., FA, Moran, J.E., FN. Back rows - left to right: Gehen, G.W. , MMFN: Ennis, C. , FA, Rocco- bruna, H.R., FN, Smith, J.C., MMFN, Andrews, N.P., SA, Burlcs, R.N. FN, Walker, W.D. , FN, Miller, F. L. , FN, Burns, P.F. , FN, Brennan, J.T. SN, Lawlor, J.J., FN, Saundors, G.H., MRFA, Edgar, R.M., FN, Engle A.J., FN, Huber, C.E., FN, Weiss, C.R., FA, Lewis, C.G., FN, Faw- cett, l..W. , FN. B Division -F f' flirt, :ei L.. r in .fi Y if Tlx, ...Nl Fm' 'OWS ' .J., FN- Leese BT3i R0eSSle.f F-F- I FA: l-Ongo, A.G., FN, Vick, J.S., FN, Gardner, M.T., FN, Atkinson, H.C. FA, Kempenlch, , FN, Davis, A., BTl, Donson, S.C., BT3, McGinty, R.C., FN, Kembie, D.E. FA, Buldgrihini, B. , MM3. Second rows - left to right: Antullis, C.P. ,i BTl, Hilborn, C. L. , BT2, Melrath, H. L. , BT3, Grinnell J- F-1 BT3, Bryant, H.E., BT3, Wetherell, R.E., BT3, Reinholt, R.R., BT3, Nobies, T.B., BT3, Max- well, G.W., BT3, Stephens, L. QND, BT3, Lewis, C.L., BT3, Palesky, W.V., BTC, Wadas, L.J., BTC Leupp, C. E. , MACH, Sullivan, L.W. , BTC, Watson, C.E. , BTC, Oram, W.E. , BTC, Marasco, A.A. BT3, Bowman, H. C., BT3, Barber, F.O., BTl, McCarroll, A.W., BT3, McCarole, G.E., BT3, Roys H.A., BT3, Gossett, J.R., BT3, McLeod, D.F., BT3, Davidson, R.S., BT3, Lawry, E., BT3. Third rows - left to right: Little, W. H., FA, Hunt, H.W., FN, Burg, K.W. , FA, Dent, V.L. , FN Lambert, R. , FA, Alvey, J.C. , FN,Slater, A.W., FN, Warr, M.A., FN, Nagley, R.G., FN, O'Con- nor, D. G., FN, Kiernan, D.J., FN, McGeitigan, FN, Hunsucker, J.E., FN, Deisler, H.C., FN Chatelain, C. O., FN, Pelkey, W. E., FN, Poinak, S.J., FN, Poodiack, FN, Knecth, J.M. , FN Richmond, K.. H. , BT2, Whiteacre, J.A., FN, Gleene, E.A., FN, Johnson, B.D., FN, Look, R.D. BT3, Simkins, F.H. , FN, Roberts, R.A., BT3, Meyer, F.H., FN, Hernandez,T,H., FA, Rushing, T.B. FN? QUl9el, D.G. , FN, Buckner, G.J., FN, Shaw, C.M., FA, Kunkel, J.G. , FN, Adelstein, H.A. FN, H.untington, D.H., FN, Laughlin, R.L., BT2, O'Neill, J.D., BTT, Kelly, A.T. , BT3, Parker, W. A., BT2, Harris, W.C., FA, Mealey, G.l., MM3. Fourth rows - left to right: Curtin, D.P. , FA, Mullany, M.J. , FN, Harter, D-F- 1 FAI Singleton, Ci- FN, Tillson,C.J., FN, Yokun, I.P., FA, Norris, P.S., FN, YCIHCSYI R-A-1 FAI COX, T-F-, FA:DUf1- shee, D.R., FN, Harris, G.Y. , FA, Smith, W.B. , FA, Violette, L.P. , BT, Esposito, V. L. , FA, Har- low, K.J., FN, Oliva, L.J., FN, O'Hare, R., lNi, FA, BOVmll, F-I FN: Ol5ClWe5l4Yf R-F-I FN: l-lf' tig, H.R. , FN, McDaniel, R.D. , FA, Stroup, R.E. , FN, Eckel, R.T. , FN, Christian, D.L. , FA,Mason O.J., Crane, J.F. , FA, Terry, A., FN, Shimalla, G.W-, FN: CfGYl0f1f A-H-1 FAI Crvblef 'V-B-I FA,K0lb,R.A,, FA, sfanaey, c.K., FA,PolicaStrO,M-G-1FNJHGWQNR-JHFNiKelle'fD'E'fFNf . G FN' B E.L.,FA. Collins, R.N., FN, Kuber, E.P., FN, Boyd, O.G., FN, Websieff F' -1 I 'Own' E Division r Q! ' .I h., ,To 'Zeb Q33 ,,,. f1.,:i .Tv tif' igrfjfiff' ,A lk' fi--1 T' ff I M ,ling V ' bl! 'Q ' ll ,qs 1 T ' I . 'N' s. . x - -0 QQ wk, on Y f' . . , 'i Q' r x. , s , 1 v v J, 4 Y f .e. E :I 4' r W V - 1' 8, 5 9 T 4' A 5 fl'-4 :ff pil' '7 lil 3 ' ' ...Q TT, fre: .,:' ,kj an Z,.',.0.' lgl- , 6 'td W X v A , ,, i 'T' Y Y: L is T 'gf' '1 Q . .' 1? Xp FK N s. f X S First Rows - Left to Right: Grassi, M.R. , EM3, Hodde, J.J. , EM3, Murphy, B. A. , EM3, Gainey, A.S. , lC3, Stephens, C.N., lC3, Mang, W..l. , EM3, Ackrish, J., EM3, Kirkland, W.E., lC2, Dye, G.W., EM2, Boozer, L.A., EMl, Morten,C.E., CHELEC Ass. Div. Off., Hanschen, R.J., Lt. Division Officer, Endrizzi, E. J. , EMC, Cormier, J.A., EMI, Young, J.G. , EM3, Waddups, J.A. , EM3, DeMio, J. E., EM3, Shumate, J.D., EM3, Hauser, EM3, Ackerman, D. I. , EM3, Todd, ..l.L. , lC3, Radliff, R.D., IC3. Second rows - Left to Right: Nevins, H. I. , IC3, Franks, D. , lC3, Purfield, R.A. J. , ICFN, Schmitt, M. A. , ICFN, Allen, L. D. , EM3, Calcutta, F. , EMFN, Elliott, D.R. , EMFN, Phister, H.E., EMFN, Baxter, J.W. , EMFN, Nielsen, R.E., EMFA, Masur, R.A. , EMFN, Embree, T.T., EMFN, Roles, W.W. , EMFN, Matsko, J., EM3, Batchelor, D., EMFN, Fowler, B. J., EMFN, Hilliman, R.E., EMFN, Thompson, H.B., EM3, Hinebaugh, P.l'l., EM3, Levinson, H.M., EMFN, Cantrell, J.W., IC3, Honmeier, l'l.M.,EM3, Mullins, J.R., EM3. Third Rows - Left to Right: Carlsen, E.C. , IC3, Labbe, R.S. , IC3, Dacillio, J.F. , EMFN, Edburg, J.E. , EMFN, Witt, G.W., ICFN, Updike, R. M., ICFN, Curcio, T. R. , EMFN, Krick, C.L. , EMFN, Thomas, R.C. , EMFN, Bowen, V.L., EM3, Burgett, D.C. , EMFN, Bolt, F.C. ,EMFN, Bilz, W.J., EMFN, Beck, R. H., EMFN, Thornton, A., EMFN, Walker, FA., EMFN, Kraft, D.A., ICFN, Meadows, J.E. , EMFN, Hege, G. W. , EMFN, Eglin- ton, R.J., EMFN. M Division X 7 iv 2 ffl l Q K A , 4 Y Y K 1 2 7 I 'f 19 M - , , . Q 4 F' Z l ,5f 'ff ' fi 5 Qi fprv 1 FZ, ., 5 , ff K Q Q If I 1 LL- , 5 31 Y v ' 3.1 :I 3 X 3' L 3' V. , ff, . W' 4 X fi 3 E , 4,.1 fl if w Front rows - left to right: Sullivan, M.C. , MM3, McCrudden', J.J., MM3, Yueckstock, C.W. , MM3,Stroup, R.J. , MM3, Smith, D.F. , MM3, Beattie, F.G. , MM3, Butler, P. L. , MM3, Southam, J.H. , MM2, Sackett, J. M. , MM2, Doucette, W.H., MMl,Duncan, G.L., MMC, Hengst, J.C.D., LT., Taylor, B.M., MMC, Aurand, R.L., MMC, Hunt, J. R., MMI, Collins, D.F., MM3, White, A. J., MM3, Sawick, N.M., MM3, Kowalic, R.J., MM3, Sullivan, M.C. , MM3, Pontillo, V.A. , MM3, Erickson, G.J. , MM3, Dion, D.H., MMS. Second rows - left to right: De Marco, G.T. , FN, Fritz, R., FN, Spivey, C. J. , FN, Baker, B.E. , FN, Baldwin, W.B. , FN, Kosten, R. L. , FN, Leach, D.L,, FN, Miller, G.J., FN, Farrell, R.F., MM3, Von Eiff K., FN, Fox, W.C., FN, Brunkhorst, H.H., FN, Spleet, R.C., FN, Balcom, G.H., FN, Fabiszak, R.A. , FN, Timmons, M.A., FN' Knisely, D., MM3, Smith, G. H., FN, Lodge, N.S., FN, Lilly, R.W., FN, Galuschik, T.R., FN. Third rows - left to right: George, R.E., FA, Bloom, K.K., FN, Rogers, - ' H FN' Pt R.W., FN, U.W., FN, Bernhard, G.J., FN, Corns, C. ., , e ersen, Bickhart, W.L., FN, Perrine, L.G. , FN, SIC, C.E., FN, O'Bryant, J.A., FA, Moran, M. J. , FN, Holder, D. C., FN, Wheeler,L.V., FN, Snow, G.M. , MM3, Coughlin, T. R. , FN, Erickson, J., FN, Schumacher, G. G. , FN, Pudwill, J., MM2, Draine, D.T., MM3, De Walt, R.K., FN, Warns, T.O., FN, Rhodes, S. F. , FN. Y ' R Division no? lv, Y iff. X wi 3' Y ir Fug. --' i .T ,Q .,,1. .li 4 Q1 lvl 1 sk' 'fl v YW!! 3.1 Ji T' . ,bl 'x A fa . 4., 2.1 ,.2f'7'.xx Front rows - left to right: Linde, J.H. , FP3, Cooper, D. D. , ME3, Hoover R.E., FP3, Young, H. H., ME3, Horton, E. C., FP3,Snow,D.H.,l:P3 Kelly, P.W., FP3, Peyton, M. L., FPl, Swetmon, J.F., MET, Mulloney F., ME3, Hoernlein, K. H. , ME3, Cokleof, R.E. , DC3, Le Tempt, V. L. DCC, LT ligl R. Von Houten, Foircloth, C.L. , DCC, Jennings, P.T. , ME3 Tillett, W.D., FP2, Heliker, H.A., ME3, Zock, R.T., MEG3,Wl1ite,H.E. Thompson, J.F. , MEG3, Leccese, G.M. , DCW3, Smith, H.F., DC3. Second rows - left to right' McCarthy R FN- Corne C E FN Ch' . , ., , y, . ., , :ver- ton, D.W., FN, Leeper, J.M., FN, DeVellis, A.A., DCFN, Cloyton, H. W, , FN, McCurley, W. , MEFN, Wl'1itesel,R. ,MEFN, Tuttle, A.W. , FPFN, Aylsworth,W.J., DCFN- Kish J J FN' Boker P FN H h , , .., , , ., ,otc,W.M. MEFN, Sowko, E.F., FN, Hennebury, K. R., DCFN- Geis J T DCFN Vossel, S.A., MEFN, Lumsden, H.J., FN, Duncon, C.M. 'stil-' 'W lt I , , o on D.R., DCFN, Modiclc, R., FPFN. MWMM 1 .A ,S Dental gm! X-mwf? fi 5 2 f g 5 1 4 , -v,4f, 4,,,,,, ,4:.1f, . Vv.V,.1f- .,,,,, ,,.,f1f, ,v.-f. , KA11, vl: S712 ll Q ff., xv, f ,V ,J VQIA , N Y lk .,. AMX V xg Ins. KA . First row - left to right: Liller, J.F., DT3, Eisenhort, A.V. , CDR QDCD, Jasper, W.J. , LT QDCD, Goudy, I.H., SH3. ' Second row - left to right: Anderson, W.E., SN, Fennell, W.LA , DT, Kintigos, J.F. , SN. Medical HQQK q 5 'E lr if 41-' -xc l ! 1 i N' 3 Eff! ,Q SM! me f ll E Front row - left to right: Cabell, F-W-, HMN: Kvrfim E-R- , HA: MCCOHH. C.H- , HM3: John son, W.B., HM3, Kellog, L.F., LTJG, Pelletier, D, F. , HMC? TfClClel'f -l-K-1 l lM3i SWee 'eY T.F., HM3:Grc1ss, T,G., SN, Fletcher, C., SA.. Second row: Left to right: Konyclr, L,,C., HN W.O., SN, Joskutc, L.M., SN, Garten, C.E, , SN, Fernandez, W-I HN- , Johnson, L..F., SN, Kesling, H.E., SA, Jordon it W V-1-A Division . Mgr it 'ii MSQQMQ Y fel gif W zzf V V'l 5 A . F i1 .1, iV1A, ,,i,.., ii,i E 1 L L :.::.. ,.,.vx. L L . , , . f. w 12 ww fr - U ' www., V: M .I , I ig mlA,: gf 2, .,, 1, , Q V L' ' 4 ' ,Iva 3 , ' 1 Q, il: fb ' M M B L' i fl X ,4i,' ,' ii A V wi, xg y 3 VX ,iz iffy? ,, -. -fi, Q: fa., l fi 1 l' '-- .5 ... ..- vs Front Row - Youngsman, J.C., AN, Leahy, G.F., AB3, Davis, E. R., AB2, Lechak, G., ABI, Olmstead, M.J., LCDR, Murphy, J.J., LTJG, Zlutnick, F., AB3, Nelson, A.H., AB3, Zeller, G.F., AB3, Stone, C.J., AN. Second Row - Skinner, G.E., AN, Hart, R.L., AA, Dobbins, H.L., AN, Rogers, H.F., AN, Friedman, A., ABAN, Baker, W.R., AN, Beatty, J.N. , AN, Waite, R.R., AN, Richardson, C.H. , AN, Creekmore, B.U., AA. V-1-C Division it FI 4 i I' l l 1 5 f fx mr ' f ' ..,., , , f Z X .7 , A yy 7 is-W, 7 -B .V I AQ, -. 1 . 4 kv 1.- Q f , From ROW ' Mofllnf R-A- 1 ANi Costner, C. L., ABI, Noberini, L.G. , LT., Olmstead, M. J. LCDR' Harrison, R.T., AB2, Fountain, M.R. , ABAN, I I Second ROW Flynn, P.F. , AN, Stoughton, C-W- 1 ABANI Smlflif F- D. , AN, Wake, M. J. AN, ChiHon, W.E AN, Spaulding, D.F. , AN, ' Not in picture: Calleia, A, , AN, Kayser, D.R., ABAN. l l if .--v- V-1-F wg ,X ,Q I, . fl pq fx Q-A-A 51? 5 'ntl l A Gal l X9 W Y, M Q t 4 if 4 1 ?+?ll+l,,lfiffl.lvw vert 'i if Front rows - left to right: Roberts, W.T. , AN, Bullock, O. M. , AN, Tit- man, K.G., AB3, Sica, A.N., YN3, Reilly, J.M., AB2, Fambro, B. G. AD3, Troller, G.R., ABI, Delamater, C.D., ABC, Robinson, D.G., LT., Clmstead, M. J., LCDR, Moloney, J.D. ,- CHBOSIN, O'Sullivan, E. , ABI, Enlow, D.E., ABT, Harnois, R.C., AB2, Armstrong, D.W., AB3, Burns, R E., AB3, Bergeron, J.B. , AB3, Taggart, T.C. , AN, Udulutch, J.L. , AN, McGiuney, H.E., AN. Second rows - left to right: Mols, E.F. , AN, Chowaniec, B.P. , AN, Lear, W.K., AN, Tobola, D.R., AN, lorio, V. A., AN, Brunson, A.S., AN, Pumilia, S.A. , AN, Ward, B.R., AN, Shipe, C.R. , AN, Sirgerson, G.D. AN, Mowers, F. A. , AN, King, C.K., AN, Peters, R., AN, Fisher, B.J. AN, Shanahan, J.W. , AN, Mostowy, S. , AN, O'Toole,R.H. , AN, Green well, vv.M.,AN,BeffS, M.S.,AN,Whitt, H.w., AA, cugtno, Mo., AN, Ciffelli, R.E. , AA, La Montagne, D.J. , AN. Third rows - left to right: Jacobson, L.L. , AN, Belanger, A.J. , AN, Ring R.E. , AN, Tibbifts, T.S. , AN, Neustaedter, R.J. , AN, Hayden, W.L. AA, Townson, W.M. , IAA, Shannon, R.L. , AN, Sweet, R.C. , AA, Stanton C.J., AN, McManus, J.D., AN, Brittingham, C.R. , AN, Lenhardt,R.A., AN, Rzasa, F.A., AN, Hardin, R. M'. , AN, Schmidt, E.W. , AN, Parris J.W., AN, Anderson, J.D. , AA, Hackett, C. , AN, Jarecki, J.S., AN, Goffredo, F.N. , AN, Webb, D.T. , AN, Wright, C.R. , AN, Williamson W.J., AN, Eisenhut, G.F., AN. I V-1-H A vga? . . , 4-13 S. .-, ' '2 ,-. 6 A 1 'll .gag Y v Front row - left to right: Bilger, H. R. , AN, Truslow, W.R.', AN, Ander- son, D.E., AN, Campbell, T.D., AN, Green, A.W., AN, Riley, C. D. AN, Toney, K. , AB3, Scheer, F.W., ABC, Olmstead, M.J. , LCDR, Wig- gins, G., ABT, Schuck, C.W., AB3, Hike, J. D., AN, Pruett, D., AN Locker, E.C. , AN, Mathers, W.C. , AN, West, E.U. , AN, Shedron, A.T. AN. Second row - left to right: Antonuccio, M.G. , AN, Hudak, B. J. , AMAN Schmidt, A.P. , AA, Sanchez, E.J. , AN, Long, W.R. , AN, Sweeney, B J., AN, Piper, J.F., AN, Sullivan, P.A. , AN, Scholl, J.D., AN, Ar- nold, J., AN, Stephens, J.F., AN, Clarke, R. P., AN, Murray, E.J. AN, Parson, J.H. , ABAN, Biddulph, D.M., AN, Nelis, W. M., ABAN Henderson, F., AN. Third row - left to right: Walz, N.M. , AN, Wave, W.H. , AN, Smith, G C., AN, Lister, R.M., AN, Wismer, D.J. AN, Opershaw, R A , AN Williamson, J.A., AN, Williams, J.P. , AN, Benton, D.L., AN, Newton R.M. , ABAN, Woolf, J.T. , ABAN, Tyler, J.K. , AA, Scammaccn, S.A. AN, McLaughlin, J.F., AN, Wagner, G.L. , AN, Sherman, A. , AN. I n l.. 273.6 aw! y ,Ay In . ll' lf J .1 . r rf? f iQ,.,9 ' fi ...1 '-f , My V, l yi all fx! I - 'ffl ll fe - A Q- . J v P ' K-M, v lx 7, 27 V V lt. Y Y l -ff ,ev a , ff, ' Q' .. . ' ,- , A - Y . f First row - left to right: Muzzy, G. R., AN, Callison, J.E., AN, Chasmer, J.A. , AN, Nelson, L.C., AN, Ebovicz, J. , AN, Ruggles, L.G., AN. Second row - left to right: Rosen, H.C. , AB3, Morris, L.B. , AB3, Martin, J.J. , AB3, O'Malley, J.J. , AB3, Patterson, C.W. , ABI, Schumann, C.E., Lt. Calahan, H.K. , CHMACH, Fischer, H.A. , ABI, Hennessy, J.B. , AB3, Mason, J.J. , AB2, Cassel, D. E., AM3, Brown, R.C., AB3. Third row - left to right: Watt, R., AN, Davis, J.L., AN, Cox, R.H. , AN, Hock, C.A. , AN, Hartman, W.C. , AN, Maclntosh, A.C., AN, Fitzpatrick, G.C., AN, Carter, R.M. , AN,Toutant, R.G., AN, Tyree, G.G. , AN, Carpenter, L.E. , AN, Morrison, S.D., AN, Miller, G., AN, Russell, R.A., AN, Clarke, F.J., AN, Conway, C. E., AN, Shine, J., AN, Leister, C.M., AN. Fourth row - left to right: Moore, S.T. , AN, Sullins, R.E. , AN, Ferguson, B.R., AN, Whipkey, R.A., AN, O'Neill, J.J., AN, Wuiick, A.J. , AN, Beckler, J.-J., AN. V-3-O 4 vw 'rf QA left to right: Turner, BL. , AO3, Lucius, RG. , AO3, Comstock, MM., AO3, McSwain, JR. , AO3, Goddard, EA. , Front row - AOC, Lt. CE Schumann, CHGUN LL McCaul,Sarno, JJ. ,AO3,Farley, RW. , AO3, Blair, RB., AO3, Wagner, RT., TM3, Lenegar, BR. , AOI. ' - left to right: Lazarski, WP., AN,Ferrari, PJ. , AN, McHugh, JJ. , AN, Wilson, DO. , AN, Rudy, WA. , AN, Craw- AN, Felts, RE. , AN, Browne, JJ., AN, Green, JJ. , AN, Holt, RP. , AN, Shields, LE., TM3, Ordway, EC., AO3, Second row ford, DC. , Sancetta JF. TMTSN- Lovat, A. , AN, Arcl, RB., AN, Bonnel, JF., AN, Fuller, A. , AN, Cottage, RG. , YNSN. LOS, ,OWL Iefflfg righfgl Assif, JM. , AN, Anderson, GW. , AN, Heisler, DG. , AN, Burdett, HW., AN, Rizzi, AH. , AN, Adair, RE. AN. Persons not present: Clemson, RD. , AN, Shaffner, CW. , AN, Ice, RL. , AN. 4 1 5 I 4 F -5- -C 'QL -.- - 1 V-2 .lx .J ZF fm . Q- 139, if -..ti -li QQ' ...N X k.,k 1. ' +9 ' 2 fs. I 1, z-.5 .,3.. -. . K N . .Q vw lx is 1,3 ' . ' A 1 . - ' '-521.35 -W. ' ..i-,.2.l.'3l...4-'LQ'-52:13 W W l.. S Q Q sd? X V vi xii? Yi' y A , ., X I V li if if YQ Nfl ri Front rows - left to right: Johnson, RA. , PRI, Eggenberger, JT. , AMl, Peace, D. W. , AN, Schmitt, LC. , ADAN, Hagins, DF. , AD3, Hiers, AL., AD2, Dennis, RL. , AE3, Farashian, RS., ADAN, Weber, TJ. , AD3, Martin, CF. , AN, Stanhope, WH. , ADC, R V B. Griffin, LCDR, Smith, RL. , ADC, Maxwell, SL. , AN, Cordaro, VJ. , AN, Rudey, RE. , SN, Phillips, E. , AD3, Parker, JH. , AD2, Raymonde, RR., MMl, Disalvo, A. , AN, Bisbing, WE. , AN, Sommer, RA., AN, Groves, RR. , AN. Second rows - left to right-Rumpf, WR. , AD3, Lacy, HW. , AM3, Krueger, WF. , AEAN, Rath, McClure, JP. , AD3, Souders, JF. , AEl, Koen, WL., AEAN, Sforza, MN. , AN, Vestal, HK., AM3, McCuin, DM. , AC3, Trautmann, W. , AM3, Fordham, TJ. , ATAN, Exley, RL. , AE3, Grav- el, NE. , AN. Third rows - left to right: Noyes, FE. , AN, Reilly, JF. , YNT3, Richardson, EW. , AN, Simpson, WH. , AL3, Gamble, VM. , AN, Whitmer, PJ. , AN, White, WD. , AN, Breeden, CE., AD3, Dinger, JA., AD2, Lyle, RL. , AD3, Long, TB. , AN, Dreibelbis, CP. , ADAN, Kozel, EL. , AT 3, Munsey, JJ. , ADAN, Paradis,PA., ALl, Kelly, JF. , AN, Nixon, AW., AN, McEwen, EO. , AMAN, Price, CN., SA, Keplinger, MA., SN, Wooddell, JM. , AEAN, Miller, AX. , SN. 'Absent from picture: Till, WJ. , AA, Desch, AE. , AN. AC. , AD3, Guerrieri, J. , AE3, Hollendersky, G. , AN, Disrosiers, TW. , AN, Stirrat, LK. , AN, Lyons, LJ. , AD2, Kellams, R. , AE3, Whitard, CR. , AD3, Hall, AH. , AT2, Coffin, TE., AN, S-1 Division I f f ' ' ,,,.-' ' 7 ----- 1 ,,VVV ,VVVVVVJV - , :II , ,, f .. , , , . gf-I - f ' ,f of Wl!f ' i2 A HW M EM A if Y X. Y Y Y f 1 'f 'W l - xl g Q .f if J Aw -if 4 - 4 fa - 1 , I ' aw I gh -5 f ' R, 9 ' v ' 4, T I , T , 4 , Z. 1 , 1 4 , I , K. , it Y l'OW ' J.F., SK3, Hathaway, W-O., SK3, vlfolo, G.E., Al43,r-Aorplly, Goulston, A.lnI SK3, Whisler, C. L. , SKI, J.R. , Ross CHPCLK, Van Vliet, F. lniAKC, Baldwin, D.lnI AK3, Martin, R.B., AK3, Meads, J.J., SK3, Dean, B.J., SK2, Hilterman, J.C., SK2, Dubberly,B.J.,SK3,Ervin, J.W. AK3' Second row - left to right: Hopkins, R. J. , SA, Satterlee, R. L. , AN, Sigala, R.E. , SN, Kittrell, LC., SN: Smith IE.-Lf AN, Heller, I. ini AN, Goehring, R.L. , SKSN, Hoffman, W.A., SKGSN, Graden, F.M. , SA, Hatch, J.F., SA, Kirby Di T., X, Birmingham, J.C., SN, Burt, I. Jr. , AN, Williams, R.R., SA, Shoemaker, D.lni AN, Olofson, E I'I.,AN. I hircl row - left to right: Holzman, F.lnI AN, Addington, G.R., AN, Hanley, W.R., SKSN, Simpson, R. R., SA, Isgett, E.L. , SA, Rimbey, F.E. , AN, Kause, J.O. , SN, Kulick, J G., SN, Reynolds, R.R.,AN,Sutton, L.W. SKSN, VanShoyck, , Ruggieri, A.R. , AN, Wilson, E.V. , AN, Garvin, S.A., AN, Hinson, L.W., SA, Maceria, F.lnI SN, Getchell, . ., . S-2 Division lst row - left to right: Leary, FC., SN, Fishel, HE. , CSGSN, Doyle, JR., CSSN, Giampietro, J. , CSI, Bell, H. , CSI, Mortimer, RJ. , CSI, Records, F., CSI, Milliken, CD. , CSI, Mahon, AL., Pact, Shackelford, BH., CSC, Wright, T., SKI, Fernandes, J. , CSI, Rushing, WA. , CSI, Odom, WR., CSI, Lachmann, RM. , CS3, Wallace, MK. ,CSSN, Herrington, CR. , SN, Siler, F., CSI. , 2nd row - left to right: Abell, TR. , CS2, Cioch, JJ. , CSG3, Johnson, WF., CSG3, Concannon, MJ. , CS3, Montanari, JJ., CS3, Suttles, NL., CS3, Cifelli, AL. , CS3, Riddle, RK. , GS2, Lacobee, WM.,CSI, Allaire, J., CS2, Galmish, JW., CS3, Pergoligzi, FA. , CS3, Stary, DE. , CS3, LoVerde, JA. , CS3, Gelb, RA. , CS3, Keown, GE., CS3, Gorski, AA., CSR3, Muse, WA. , CS3, Dudley, TW., CS3, Caiazza, EJ. , Jr., CS3, Perkins, W. , SN, Super, AJ., SA. 3rd row - left to right: Smith, RL. , SN, Ingrassia, JA. , SN, Knight, CH., SN,Caiazza, V.,CSSN, Recanati, ED., CSSN, Martin, JH. , SN, Barrickman, FM., CSSN, LaPorta, CM. , CSSN, Gerrish, JA., CSSN, King, JL., CSSN, McCormick, RF., SA, Muhl, TJ. , CSSN, Suttles, WR., CSSN, Johns, JT., CSSN. S-2M Division gg lst row - left to fight. Jacobs, AA., SA, Ice, RL., SA, Watkins, AR., AN, Smith, GH., FN: Rodni, DG- , N432 Blau' Jw AD2, Reynolds, JTN, , GMI, Mahon,.AL., Pact, Shackelford, BH. ,CSC, Bellls, RL. , MM3, Woomer, DL. , GM3, Poz- zo, JM., AN, Lloyd, RC., MMFN, Porr, vv., SN, Ponfo, R., FN- . 2nd row - left to right: Grummet, DJ. , SN, DeBourge, RA- 1 SNP Foffwfvf C-I' 1 AN? Klepperf C' ' ANS H Havrilla, J., FN, Ludwigsen, K., SA, Steinfurth, RE- r SAI Rhodes, SF-1 MMFNI RSYUOICISI EMFN, lerardo, DE., ETSN, Chilton, T., SN, Swank, Jr., WR. , FN, ACqUIIOnO, FP-, EMFNI GW. FA, Persico J., FN. 3rd rdw - left to right: Tinkle, JE. , AN, Conley, RT- I AN? Blivem CL- 1 ANI H090d0 nf LP- I McCabe, BF., AA, Glick, RE., ABAN, lalool-Show, GD., FN: Dibble- DA-- FAI E 9e f W-I FG., Jr., QMSN, Arellano, os., FA, Mo.-len, JR., FA, Hefmesdoff- Fftl- SA- yatt, JH., SA, WT. , DCFN, Tucker, TL. , Warner, HC. , AN, Sheilds, AN, Anderson, D. 1 AKANF SN, Cole, WE. , FN, Ward, 5 S-3 Division l v,f4 'IDA' Y ., I rv ' 'sy ' Q, eriiiflll fl ii' . , -JA. if . - xl ,i w it A if xi X sa. 5 1 ii Yay it , 'lit 4 1 ' ff fi. ' if V in 'Iva ' -Wim E 5 l ' qt. .7' ll an Q , 1 fa , ' I -A I Q 2 V Q s' i X 4 J I ,gui l-.rf .K fa' - - t -up 5 N J up f Nw, L4 3 J if F First rows - left to right: Corpolongo, R. , SKSN, Johnson, S. , SH3, ,Marrama, S. , SH3, Malizia, S. , SH3, Price, D. G., DK3, Keller, R. P., SH3, Meadows, D.E. , SH3, Hayde, S.J., SH3, Kindley, W. E., ENS., Montgomery, J. G., SHl, Trotter, R. W., DK2, Dow, P.S., SH2, Ermakow, W.P., SH2, Wallin, C.L. , DK3, Barnes, B.Z. , SH3, Perry, W.H. , SH3,Knibbs,E.R., SH3, Hull, W.D. , DK3. Second rows - left to right: Carroll, C. H. , SN, Morante, C. , SHSN, Johns, J. , SHSN, Read, J.M. , SHSN, Gauthier, C.A. , SHSN, Fultz, S.Q. , DKSN, Cook, H.R. , DKSN, Figueroa, W., SA, Broderdorf, K.R. , DKSN, Caldwell, E., SHSN, Johnson, M., SHSN, Gamber, C.D., SN, Hartz, R.A., SN, Harrell, C.E., SA, Blankenship, JR., SN, Averitt, J.A., SN, Bowers, L.L., SHSN, Via, H.A, , SKSN, Walsh, W.J. , ASKSN. Third rows - left to right: Coker, W.E. , SHSN, Morena, R.E. , SHSN, Aaron, T.J. , SHSN, Schmidt, J.B., SHSN, Smith, W.B. , SHSN,Seymour, R. N. , SHSN, Ruggieri, J., SHSN, Carter, M.J., SHSN, McLeod, A.B. , DKSN, Milano, R.J. , SN, Chester, B.A. , SN, Budine, R.B., SN, Brown, J.E. , SN, Averitt, J.A., SN, Doandee, J.R.,SA,Coates, J.C., SN, Pitts, A.M., SN, Carrell, D.W., SN, Fitzpatrick, J.J., DKSN, Camarinos, A. S., DKSN, Higginbothan, 'P.J., Cheverine, E.R. , SN. S-4 Division ff .7 , . . 1, 'gg I ' 'lik Q 3, .3 355 2 6 f W F C v 'f . W I' , A T . ,x K., Front row - left to right: Jenkins, J., SD3, Evans, J.H., SD2, Landers, E. , SD2, Vanall, R.A. , SDI, Car- rington, A.E., SDC, Bondurant, E.J., ENS., Ringo, T. G., SDC, Long, C., SD', Gordon, R., SD2, Smith, J.C., SD3, Lee, C.R., SD3. - Second row - left to right: Edwards, N., SD3, Ward, B., TA, Green, J., SD3, Williams, B.T., SD3, Cade E., TN, Thomas, W., TN, Givson, W., TN, Simmons, E. , SD3, Rouse, J., SD3.' Third row - left to right: Fullylone, L., TN, Wilson, L., TN, Moore, J.H.,TN, Smith, R.J., TN, Nelson, C.M., TN, Jones, W., SD3. A .Q 4 Fighter Squadron Eighty Four -e . . ' .Y-1,3 '- .l '+ ,. - .e .K X M K L . . . -. hx 35. X . . - X .-,L . Xk-. . Q . N,,......4,.L..,.. . L- .,xN,...v,...y:nN ,..-4 S' 8 21 ' Q2 Y. lf fs iii 5 K . W... l 4' Q S 'N E 3 if ,l Y' 5 lst row - Left to Right: Davis, R.H. , LT., Ringe, T.B.K. , ENS,Chombers, K. W., LT., Ahlstrom, O. J., LT., Horgan, J., LTJG., Kolbeck, F.S., LTJG, Buell, H.L., CO., LCDR, Ogle, W. J., ENS., Moncill, J. E., ENS., Barnett, J.H., LCDR, Rogers, W.H., LT. 2nd row - Left to Right: Adams, R.H., LT., Lewis, J.T., LTJG, Bohonick, L., LTJG, Kivlen, A.L., LTJG, Peffermcn, A.L., LTJG, Drcine, C.A., ENS., Plimmer, R.J., LT., Kennedy, C.C., ENS., Riley, E.E., LT, Poriseoue, J.A. , LCDR, McNerney, J.F., LTJG, Anderson, R.W., ENS.,Solveson, H.T., ENS., Kent, L.B. LT. lm H .M W I IW --l lll 'G l'n fjlll .lm in xt .l ',' - . 4 WM -en., , in fr A 5 J ' Q , , ' Q X R. l Q 4. 7 A T 'I 1 l T- .nr-vi , ri Sl VS 27 Crew Front row - left to right: Sweet W.B., PRAN, O'Dea, FQR., AOT Evans, G. R., AOI, Ward, J.S. AT3, Fathom, L. R. , AGC, Voorvort J.H . , AE2, Roggeman, W. A. , AE3 Meil, G.A., ATAN. Second row- left to right: Voelker W.. D. , ADT, Rosser, J.M. , AM3 Nebus, J.K. , AN, Hubbard, T. R. AD3, Freid, R.W.. , AD3, Danchek S.E., AN, Bombard, J. T., AD3 Penrala, H.E., ADAN, Fitzgerald ADB, Longo, E.J. , AN. .M J Mix. ,L VS 27 Pilots Left to Right: Lt. J.B. Stockdale, LTJG R.M. Netherland, LTJG D.T. Sinicropi, LTJG W. A. White. Helicopter Crew Front row - left to right: Robertson, J.J. , ADl,Smith, C.H. , ADC, Hardy, R. , AN. Second row - left to right: Corrigan, J. F., LT., Stropes, W.R., AN, Cox, W.N., AE2, Andrews, C.F., ENS. mf' , wh .iii . .t t : ?y'f-ii 73' ' HU-s Electricians Front row - left to right Ovendale, R.B., Williams H.R. , Bolwanick, L. , Falke L.L., Effzngef, D.o., BUI- lard, G.H. Second row - left to right: Coker, C.D. , Bridges, F.B. Ayeres, K.E.,Hodge, W.F. , Boatwright, D.W. , Eloy, R. C. N ' 4 ti , , X .- w Q ,', Ordnance ' Left to rigl1t:R.D., Oliver, E. M. Greb, B.F. Willin, B. A. Hinzman, D.F. Du- Vall, G.L. Mc Howell, F. J. Mc Beth. .A 'I C' r A , hgxvyw. -0 ......-,.. . Line Crew lln cockpit, Fletcher, M.P Left to right: Poythress, P A., Kolbelc, F.S., Brewer C. A., Mew, A. F..,Fen- nessey, T., Baum, C.C. Electrcnlcs lst row - left to right: Bridges, F. B., Eby, R.C. Falke, L. L. , Hodge, W.F . Ayers, K.E. Second row - left to right: Bullard, G. H., Coper, C. D., Williams, H.R., Oven- I I dale, R.B., Boatwriglwt, D. W. , Effinger, D.D. ,,.,....,,..,.q., . 3' Llne Crew Firgt row - left to l'lgl1l: Mew, A.F. , Brewer, f C.A.' poyfhress, P,A, , Kolbek, F.S. , Fennessey T., Baum, C-5- Second row - left to right: Boyd, W. J. , Jordan, E,L,, Miller, C.E., Easterling, D.C., McGar- vey' H,A,, Peckhvarinj C'..J.jY,' Fl, :her, M.P. Third row - left to ri -r, L.J., Durns R, Giles, W., Ritchey, Q Fourth row - left to right: Gadeke, T. L. , Harris A R, E., Knaack, K. H. , Reynolds, V.C., Wilson J.i..,'Cl'0ff, J.l..., Soplqo, J.J. My Z 'Maw 9. 'lit AMW Plane Captains Leffrorighf: Croft, J. L, , Peyrh- ress, P.A. , Owens, C.D. , Mc- Garvey, H. A., Boyd, W.J., Peckham, C.J. , Knaack, K.H. , Fletcher, M.P. I '. I l Electronics Front row - left to right: Shuckert, R. T., Cason, L. J., Steele, T.G. , Klinger, J.L. Q Second row - left to right: Kemmerer, i E. M., Hall,' R. L., Brown, K.F., iHarwess, R.W. , Thomas, J.C. f Q Sir Plane Captains Left to right: Giles, W., Boyd, W. J., ,Durns, R., Easterling, Miller, F. L., Fisher, L.J., Harris, R.E. fUnder wingl Ritchey, R.T. .,....4,.,5,.-7,.,,,-7- 7, 3: ' 'iqnL'.E'?'-'.iiki .M N046 yvwrvvfv J I Q I, 1 4 s-x ws, Y l 5' Engineering Front row .- left to right: Guynn, C. E., Basil, C.A., Marshall, W B., Lahay, G. O., Nansteel, R L. , Davis, W.P. Second row - left to right: Horne, G.J., Pascale, L. J., Blalock, J.W., Campbell, J.L.,Thomas,C.F. ,Austin, E.K. , Martin, W.T. . ' Y. bs-an- r . ,V Q, E+ M UL- Q if - . . L. , -V wi -' egg -,ft YQ L Q E fs' 1-- Administration Back row - Left to rigln: Maus, P G. , Lynch, J.C., Prior, R., Rob- erts, G.M. , Smith, J.I., Watter- son, J.E. Front row - Left to right: Smith,C'.T.,Draine, C.A., Kiv- len, A. L., Ogle, R.W., Ander- son, R.W., Brandt, E.C., Jr. Sli 'Q Ordnance Lett to right lStandingl: LTJG J. F. McNerney, D.S. Farney, R.D. Ol- iver, L.J. Booher, A..f. Greaves, F. H. Couture, G.W. Newhook, K. F. Zeller, B.A. Hinzman, D. F. Pefferman. Left to right sitting: H . J. Lemay, B.E.Williams, F.J. Mc- Beth, R.M. Hite, C.E. Netherland , B.F. Wlllln, G.L. McHowell, J.S. Cameron, S.F. Daley. -- 7-.-.-V- - ,. . Y, ., .,. 3 Y Baseball Team 7' - 3 If 5 f ' F P f r ' T2 ' r . N I , ,z in if--W w 5- ...e,,.. A L. ,3,.- R M Qilffj' JJIEN4, H .UL , i 1 f my :gi M .IW -... .v -. Q 5 M Front row - left to right: Collison, AN, P., Sanchez, E. , AN, OF, Mims, R. ,AN, P, Lowe, D., MML3, P, McConnaughy J.E. , Athletic Officer, Cassles, D. , AB3, Zb, Nixon, A. , AN, Zb, Parsegian, M. , SH3, OF, Lewis, Max, YNSN, P. Back row - left to right: Mitchell, S.G. , Capt. , Commanding Officer, Sampson, R. , AB3, Manager, Bain, J. , SN, 3b, Hollendersky, GAN, C, Gomory, C., QMC, OF, McDuffy, R., SN, OF, Hauser, J., SN, SS, Zeller, F., AN, OF, Bonner, F., SN, P, West, E., AN, OF, Coates, J., SN, OF, Broderclorf, K. , SN, lb, Gallmeyer, E., FT3, lb, Murray D. , AN, Equipment Mgr., Calleia, A. , AN, 2b, Phillips, J. , AD3, Road Sec.,Blitch, J.D. ,CDR. , Executive Officer. I I Boxing Team 0, , ll 'WP ..- M.. i V G McConnou h J J ENS. QAthletic Officeri, Barrick- Front row - left to right: Genton, H. , PGFSOUI -lf 1 BUOPOVGI C ' 9 Y' ' ' ' man R., Desanto, D., Hernandez T. . I M H lb k Setgnd +0 'f fCs2fs1'1i':f?2fe'if..,iO22z224. M1 5sr2s!d3:..,' e.:..gz3.: F., Dingey, R., Doran, W., Whlfe, Du l'l0fUhe f Tir e 'C 're ' ' f' QExecutive Officer., ' With the Battle over and won, a Warrior returns home to rest. Only the man who fought will remember every moment of that Battleg history will only record a Name. What the Future has in store For us, we know notg but this we do knowg we will never Forget our participation in the Second Battle of Antietam. U. ' , , V K' I . 1 W ,,,f ij A 'A v 53' ' 1, , v .ru,f,A', A . .K Y . -X, Q. .Rr 14. fi ua Q ,-1' , 1 ,fax P ,H ,F 4 .P ' J. 1 1. A I - 1-:.,g ff ajffn , -' E 'FE-51.2 D -. A s ., 5? . . .rw ' 4' -,.',':,.' , . - 5, ' f .,f -f' . . ug f .Q f 74. 'qlfq' x , aTif N fig! . .', ,kgy ,7 Q.. 3. R -, . Z r ? i A O c R . -Qin Q I a 0 A An s-ff' , if ' M 4 5' ' Q. ' ' f' 1 . an W -H 4 ,. ',v. I Q. K f 'V ,V 'G 5, 5 f , , 5 y Akx ' Q A N ' ': V 4 Q A m.,...,f, ' y X I t 1 'J f 'UL4 ' . ,gm . rw ru..-L s- Q kara' at f F ,ff -, 2 j ., -hp v-A vu: ,iw A ' If .Qu , 4, 'Q' ,Rv 1 4 -.- , ,...,. -..... -.F . .gp-1... ., . - 4 'Y' R x .N -1 fa-f. ,. - . :L .' ' A- 'its- qa 'X ...,4 'X f ',er BQ ', 'vt '-.1 ,, Q v '. s I 'N Y .gmff . 'AQ7-A 'N ' rw ',. -- ,.. A B ' Q - W ' qi' . ,EN C' Ag N' Q f K , - A s 4 ' ' ff ,.,, y H- N in tt-.1 -.V Y .. E K Q1 ,J v 4. - - 'f A.,. f A tl , if V 5 . ,.,-,, 1. ' Q V N . yy 4.-ff CQ' , 3'.-h vhdpat Q + 'Q - - - -up W -1 ' Q , ' 1 ' X -A., ' -W. .f .0 , 5' 5 ls W 1 , . ,,' . Q H W K ov Q- . , 1 x 5 t ,vt ,, V.. .9-'V 'T 2 A I I I ' 4 0 . ' is ' ' -. A Q k ' , 43 w M f W f 4 4 A J A I ' ' 'A ' V A 4 QT Z' f , 7f,1h 'iq'gif,h, An ,. , -. M ., , ff g P ,. - -. - Q . f f 1 c ff ,, . H , A 6' 7 .V , ,, , N Q. .- , f . 4 af ' 1 255'-pw A Q 'qv0',W5 ,r W ,V I 4 VNV?-,: F ,lx , , J' n . . . ,. 1, 6 ,, . ,, 2 , 4 J' ' 41 ' ' ' 41. 1-, ' 'f?3if, 4 'H' , ,ar ' - I' ' '14, I 'J 1. V' f. ?2QQ,,,, ' 'Kr 'ff ' ' A '4' ' k ' y ' .fb ' ' ' A Q Y, ,L 4,5 0 . . . -' Y v 4' 7341 1 A , ar, ff 115g 6 ' , QQ ff -r fp f 4 . .I ,M 1 -V J w U x V Q U K I I . .I , ,Q f' f, Vw-, A C :A - ' I 1 7' , . .wks . ay, 0- f 7 T ' fin ' -. 9 l, M A . ' f 'ff ff t v-. fm 1 'KN Q' 2, , ' A 4' T I I 35, su In W wintry, 6, :,o,5Q'Af ' 1 ,Hg 13 S H , , K . : - If a f . , , 3. Wi V-J' A , If , ' f V -.1-,ew .- ., , F X , K , Q, A K - l v ., , I M 1, fr! - 'Q' ' ' I- -'-1nl--- -'Ufui'-sau..4 ,Qi ' .Q-2.n5.i'LqLars:5z1.z.g..Q MAS fl,-tif, Le, f ff vw f 0 in su' 7 23S 4 YWQ13? v , ' Aww.,- .,f ' ',. ,wx fv- 'V .., -W., fa., N' Ju Q.. We' ,w ,QM - fa ' ww, 1' , -- -ff ,I Vfr- 'f , 3112333-v 'f fng:l'A, , K, N. ,, .1544 57,ff.n,.v ' w .:fv.g5,':j-.N W2 -H 'W f elvimv Wm

Suggestions in the Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 94

1953, pg 94

Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 91

1953, pg 91

Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 43

1953, pg 43

Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 29

1953, pg 29

Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 71

1953, pg 71

Antietam (CVA 36) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 19

1953, pg 19

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