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■fmiA ' j m ' P. " - ' " ' ' • s ' JP 5CI M JCI SCI sa SCI USS ANTIETAM CG-54 WORLD PREMIERE CRUISE WESTERN PACIFIC AND INDIAN OCEANS 2 SEPTEMBER 1988 TO 2 MARCH 1989 It TABLE OF CONTENTS SCENE ONE: INTRODUCTION SCENE TWO: ANTIETAM TAKES THE SHOW ON THE ROAD SCENE THREE: LIBERTY CALL SCENE FOUR: A DAY IN THE LIFE SCENE FIVE: THE LIGHTER SIDE SCENE SIX: THE CAST 6-7 17 33 39 49 1 A THE FIRST ANTIETAM In naming this Aegis cruiser ANTIETAlW. fPii US, NdVy (6omme?fiorates a site along Antietam Creek, near Sharpsburg, Maryland, at which o major Civil War battle was fought. CG 54 is the third U.S. warship named in commemoration of this battle. Construction of the first ANTIETAM was begun in the Philadelphia Navy Yard in 1864. Although originally planned as a steam sloop, she served as a sailing store ship, before being sold in August 1888. The second ANTIETAM was an aircraft carrier designated CV-36 when built, but later redesignated CVA. then CVS-36. She was launched on August 20th. 1944, christened by Mrs. M E. Tydings, wife of the Maryland Senator. CV-36 was commissioned January 28th, 1945, but joined the U.S. Pacific Fleet too late to actively participate in World War II operations. She served in the Korean Conflict serving with Task Force 77 until 1952, earning two battle stars for her service. During her Korean service, more than 5,700 aircraft sorties were launched from her decks. The " Grey Lady of the Gulf " was modernized in late October 1952. reclassified CVA-36, then became the first carrier fitted with an angled deck and again reclassified CVS-36 for antisubmarine duty She served in the Atlantic fleet as flagship of two earner divisions in 1954- 65 and continued Atlantic Fleet operations until April 1957. In April she reported to Pensacola, Florida for duty as a training carrier for the Naval Aviation Training Center. She served as the training carrier for all young naval aviators for over ten years. ANTIETAM was decommissioned in May 1967. She remained in the reserve mothball fleet as an aircraft transport vessel until February 1973, when she was stricken from the Navy ' s list of ships. i COMMANDING OFFICER RADM (SEL) PHILIP J. COADY, JR. AUGUST 1986-MAY 1989 Captain Coady is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. He is a 1963 graduate of Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts vy here he obtained an A.B. in Economics. Following Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rl, he was commissioned on Ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. His initial assignments included duty as a division officer in USS KIDD (DD 661) and USS MYLES C, FOX (DD 829), In 1966 and 1967, he served as Executive Officer of USS KEMPER COUNTY (LST 854). Following augmentation into the reg- ular Navy, he attended Destroyer School in Newport, Rl. Upon graduation, he reported to USS BROOKE (DDG 1) where he served as Engineer Officer and Operations Officer. In 197 1 and 1972 he attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA and graduated with a M.S. In Financial Management. He also participated in a pilot program for the Weapon System Acquisition Curriculum. Following a tour on the staff of the Chief of Naval Oper- ations (OP-96, OP-97), Lieutenant Commander Coady was assigned as Executive Officer of USS CLAUDE V. RICKETTS (DDG 5). Upon completion of that tour in 1976, he returned to the Pentagon to the staff of the Office of Program Planning (OP-090), In his next assignment, as a student at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, he was selected as a Research Fellow of National Defense University. He commanded the USS CONNOLLY (DD 979) from January 1981 to March 1983. Following his command tour. Captain Coady served briefly as Chief Staff Officer for Commander Destroyer Squadron TWO before assuming duties as the Director, Command and Tactics Department, Surface Warfare Officers School Command. In August 1986, he assumed duties as the Commanding Officer of the Pre-Commissioning Unit for the AEGIS Cruis- er ANTIETAM (CG-54). He assumed command of USS AN- TIETAM (CG 54) upon her commissioning 6 June 1987. His personal decorations include the Legion of Merit, and Meritorious Service Medal with gold star and the Navy Commendation Medal with two gold stars. He re- sides with his wife Judy in San Pedro, California. EXECUTIVE OFFICER I LCDR MICHAEL N. WARD The X.O. is responsible for the ship ' s routine not so routine. and the STCM(SW) BRUCE N. BAKER COMMAND MASTER CHIEF MASTER CHIEF BAKER JOINED THE NAVY IN JULY 1968 AND ATTENDED BASIC TRAINING IN SAN DIEGO. AFTER GRADUATING, HE ATTENDED SONAR TECHNICIAN " A " SCHOOL UNTIL DECEMBER OF 1968. HIS FIRST SEA COM- MAND WAS THE USS DECATUR (DDG-31), HOMEPORTED OUT OF LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, WHERE HE ROSE TO THE RANK OF STG1. HIS FIRST TOUR ASHORE WAS WITH COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF U.S. NAVAL FORCES EUROPE IN LONDON. ENGLAND, MAKING CHIEF PETTY OFFICER THERE. AFTER COMPLETING THAT ASSIGNMENT IN DECEMBER 1978, HE WAS TRANSFERRED TO FLEET ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE TRAINING CENTER PACIF- IC AS A STUDENT. IN MARCH 1980, HE JOINED THE PRECOMMISSIONING CREW OF THE USS FIFE (DD- 991) HOMEPORTED IN SAN DIEGO. IN JUNE OF 1983 HE WAS ADVANCED TO SENIOR CHIEF. IN JULY, HE LEFT FIFE AND ATTENDED THE SENIOR ENLISTED ACADEMY IN NEWPORT, RHODE IS- LAND AFTERWARDS, SENIOR CHIEF BAKER RETURNED TO FLEET ASW TO INSTRUCT. IN MARCH 1986, HE WAS ADVANCED TO STCM. MASTER CHIEF BAKER LEFT SHORE DUTY IN JUNE 1986 AND REPORTED TO THE PRECOMMIS- SIONING CREW FOR THE USS ANTIETAM (CG-54). HE ASSUMED THE DUTIES OF THE MASTER CHIEF OF THE COMMAND IN APRIL 1988. HIS PERSONAL AWARDS INCLUDE THE NAVY COMMENDATION MEDAL, THREE NAVY ACHIEVEMENT MEDALS, AND FIVE CONSECUTIVE GOOD CONDUCT MEDALS. MASTER CHIEF BAKER IS MARRIED TO THE FORMER JEANETTE TRUITT, AND HAS TWO CHILDREN; USA AND BRUCE II. MRS BAKER IS ANTIETAM ' S OMBUDS- MAN. THEY CURRENTLY RESIDE IN LOS ALIMITOS, CAUFORNIA. NO TICKET REBATES DURING LUNCH THE SILVER FOX ANTIETAM TAKES n THE SHOW ON THE ROAD NORTH TO ALASKA SUMMER WANED, AND BENEATH THE SOMBER SEPTEMBER SKIES THE GRAY-CLAD SHIPS THRUST INTO THE SULLEN GULF OF ALASKA IN A FORESHADOWING OF THINGS TO COME. FOUR HUNDRED MEN ABOARD A BILLION-DOLLAR AEGIS CRUISER CONFRONTED HEAD-ON THE AWESOME FURY OF MOTHER NA- TURE FOR SOME. IT WAS THEIR FIRST TASTE OF REAL HONEST- TO-GOD SAL T. AND THE GLOSSARY OF NAUTICAL TERMS ONLY RECENTLY INTRODUCED TO THEM SUDDENLY TOOK ON WHOLE NEW MEANINGS " PITCH " WAS NO LONGER JUST SOMETHING THAT DWIGHT GOODEN DID FOR A LIVING. " ROLL " WAS NO LONGER JUST SOMETHING YOU ATE WITH TURKEY, " HAZE GRAY AND UNDERWAY " FOR SOME BECAME SYNONYMOUS WITH " PALE GREEN AND HUNCHED OVER PORCELAIN " FOR OTHERS, OUR FORAY INTO THE TURBULENT GULF OF ALASKA AND THE STORMY WEATHER WE ENCOUNTERED THROUGHOUT THE RE- MAINDER OF THE DEPLOYMENT WERE MERELY RECONFIRMA- TIONS OF THE INSIGNIFICANCE OF MAN WHEN COMPARED WITH THE FRIGHTENING POWER OF NATURE THE BOW IS GOING A GREEN DECK FOR FOOD! GOING. AN UNREP PROVIDES THE BACKDROP FOR STG2 WYMAN GONEI OUR FIRST OF MANY VERTREPS SOUTH CHINA SEA ANOTHER POSTCARD-PERFECT SUNSET ET2 HOWELL IN A MOMENT OF REPOSE tf YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD POSTMAN, USS NIMITZ NICE PROFILE, HUH? m 1 THE FUEL-BRINGER, USS WILLAMETTE A HOVERING HUEY GATHERS NO MOSS AO., LO., ITS OFF TO WORK WE GO! BATTLE GROUP BRAVO CONVERGES ON THE INDIAN OCEAN cj ? A BRITISH FRIGATE GETS A PIGGYBACK RIDE THE RUSSIANS AT ANCHOR IN THE GULF OF OMAN STG1 FRIERSON TAKES NO FLAK WITH THAT VEST ON! NAVY COFFEE-ALWAYS GOOD TO THE LAST DROPI 10 JOE RATHNAW DEMONSTRATES THE COORDINATION NECESSARY TO BE A RADIOMAN SECRETARY OF DEFENSE THE HONORABLE MR. FRANK CARLUCCI 91 " m n [p r:|-;aiJESI WILL 1 I— 4 I •4 I 14 HOMEWARD BOUND z LM ' -- f. I, " V k:. 15 HOME AGAIN!!! i LIBERTY CALL ffi 17 1B 19 20 21 22 p l m 1 26 27 ■4 28 II 29 vs 30 31 OPERATION TIGER ' 89 ANTIETAM TIGERS AND SPONSORS OS2 (SW) WALLY SCHRIEBER HAS HIS FA- THER. BERNIE, UNDER INSTRUCTION AS A TACTICAL INFORMATION COORDINATOR, JIMMY SPEEGLE, BRAD AKANS, KRIS PLEW, AND FCC LARRY FARR CONSTRUCT A PA- PER AND CARDBOARD AIRCRAFT CARRIER. 32 TIGER JOHN ANDRADE RECEIVES HIS SUR- FACE WARFARE TIGER CERTIFICATE FROM CAPTAIN COADY. A DAY IN THE LIFE l SJJ » 3 f Dawn Patrol Sentinel Andale Bandido Have guns will travel. WESTPAC. v ' ti rif The Few, The Proud, The Scat Pack. Move up, not out. Stay Navy. No Spray ' N Wipe rt 34 WORKING PARTIES WORKING PARTIES WERE OF VARIOUS SIZES FOR VARIOUS REASONS. THEY VARIED FROM FIVE MEN WORKING PARTIES FOR MAIL TO TWENTY MEN WORKING PARTIES FOR SODAS TO AN ALL E-5 AND BELOW NOT ACTUALLY ON WATCH FOR FRESH PRODUCE AND STORES. ALTHOUGH THE WORKING PARTIES HAD TO BE DONE. THEY WERE NOT REALLY CONSIDERED TO BE EVERYBODY ' S FAVOR- ITE PAST TIME. WHEN THE WORD WAS PASSED " MUSTER A WORKING PARTY ON THE QUARTERDECK WITH THE OFFICER OF THE DECK, " THERE WAS SILENCE IN THE AIR AS THE CREW CRINGED AND DETERMINED WHO THE LUCKY ONES WERE TO BE. AFTER THE LUCKY CREW MEMBERS HAD BEEN CHOSEN AND THE GRUMBLING HAD CEASED THE WORK COMMENCED. WITH EVERYBODY KNOWING THAT OUR TURN WOULD SOON COME, WE WERE ALL RELIEVED THAT THE WORKING PARTIES CAME TO AN END WITH GREAT BENEFITS OF HAVING A DIFFER- ENT ENTREE FOR SUPPER BESIDES CHICKEN WHEN STORES WERE RECEIVED OR MOST OF ALL IF MAIL WAS THE CAUSE OF THE WORKING PARTY THE BENEFITS OF RECEIVING NEWS FROM HOME. YO! WHERE DID EVERYONE GO?! BE CAREFUL! THIS ONE IS MARKED FRAGILE. VERTICAL REPLENISHMENT DETAIL (VERTREP) MAIL CALL , MAIL CALL " WHO SAYS THAT THE NAVY DOES NOT DELIVER? " " DOMINOES EAT YOUR HEART OUT " " WHO ORDERED EXTRA CHEESE? " i " HEY, WHAT ABOUT OUR CHANGE? " 36 UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT DETAIL (UNREP) IWHP " m T FILL HER UP AND CHECK THE OIL PLEASE. CHARGE IT TO MY CREDIT CARDI - ' ' " " ' ' • ' -- ' W r . % ' 2f«- H ■ttu. ' " ' Rp -, ■ " ' W W C - ' % m WILL THAT BE REGULAR OR UNLEADED ' ' GOOD THING THIS IS NOT A SELF-SERV STATION! 37 CPO INITIATION 16 SEPTEMBER, 1988 The Chief Petty Officer ' s Initiation is a time honored tradition that indoctrinates and transforms E-7 candidates into Chief Petty Officers. It is a special and hectic day for all concerned. The Chiefs on- board are charged with taking the E-7 candidates and molding them into the leaders of tomorrow. The Chief Petty Officers community is a Fraternal Brotherhood which is very unique in nature. No other military organi- zation have CPO ' s, but only E-7 ' s. As a Chief, there are many more added re- sponsibilities and an image as the subject matter expert, leader, and personal ex- ample to maintain. The ANTIETAM was transiting to the western Pacific when ICC(SW) Kevin Tory. RMC Art Speegle, OSC(SW) Jay Sheldrake, and FCC Ed Abernothy earned their anchors. After long deliberations, meetings, and councils, after all the smoke had cleared and all was said and done, ANTIETAM had 4 new Chief Petty Officers. All were tired but the exhilaration or the shock hod not yet wore off. THE SHOCK STILL HASN ' T WORN OFF RMC ART SPEEGLE AS CAPTAIN COADY PLACES THE CPO COLLAR DEVICES ON . I THE CAPTAIN PINS ON ICC(SS) KEVIN TORY ' S ANCHORS AND THEN SHAKES THE HAND OF OSC(SW) JAY SHELDRAKE AS THEIR FELLOW CHIEFS LOOK ON. THE NEW CHIEFS 38 THE LIGHTER SIDE GEE CHIEF. THE ENGINE WORKS, WHY DOESN ' T THE BIRD FLY? CLASH OF THE TITANS S(IAI«Kftf ANTIETAM OLYMPICS ' , ' i v-f.i!v t--s WHILE THE WORLD WAS WATCHING THE OLYMPICS IN KOREA. AN- TIETAM HELD THEIR OWN OLYMPICS, THEY WERE OFF WITH A GOOD START EVENTS LEADING OFF WERE TOURNAMENTS IN PINOCHLE, SPADES AND CHESS, THE LATER EVENTS TOOK MORE BRONZE THAN BRAINS MR1 GUMES DEFEATED LAST YEAR ' S ARM WRESTLING CHAM- PION PNCS PLEW, IN THE BATTLE OF THE BICEPS, THE CREWS ' TWO FAVORITE EVENTS WERE BOXING AND WRESTLING, IN BOXING, THE FIGHTERS HAD THREE ROUNDS TO TAKE THE FIGHT, COMMENTATORS FOR THE " BRUISE OF HORMUZ " WERE LT SULLIVAN AND STG3 VILLAN- UEVA THE REFEREE WAS NONE OTHER THAN LT JACOBSEN AND OUR GLORIOUS RING GIRL WAS SN DOUGLAS, FOR THE NEXT EVENT WE HIT THE MATS THE MATCHES WERE GREAT AND LASTED VARIOUS LENGTHS ONE OF THE BETTER MATCHES WAS BETWEEN LT PERRY BINGHAM AND MR1 DARRYL GUMES. AGAIN GUMES CAME OUT ON TOP THE NEXT TWO EVENTS WERE RIGHT OUT OF FIELD AND STREAM, IN SKEETSHOOTING, MANY CAME OUT AND GAVE IT THEIR BEST SHOT BUT STG3 CHAMBERLIN TOOK THE GOLD, THE FINAL EVENT OF THE COMPETITION WAS FISHING, MANY WERE CAUGHT BUT THERE WERE THOSE THAT GOT AWAY. s r!m " -f r. . " ' i " Ni t s- J 42 BEER DAY AH. BEER DAY. THIS FOR MOST OF THE CREW WAS A HIGHLIGHT FOR THE UNDERWAY PERIOD. AFTER 45 HOT, CONTINUOUS, GQ AFTER GQ DAYS CAME, ' FOSTER TIME ' . WELL IF WE COULDN ' T GO TO AUSTRALIA. AT LEAST WE WOULD DRINK SOME OF THEIR BEERI 8 U »1 ' Ap ' - ' ftr J p THANKSGIVING I THANKSGIVING, A TIME OF THANKS AND OF SHARING WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. EVEN THOUGH OUR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES MAY BE FAR AWAY BACK HOME, THE CREW AND OFFICERS ONBOARD THE USS ANTIE- TAM SHARE THIS SPECIAL HOLIDAY TOGETHER AS FRIENDS AND AS SHIP- MATES. WHETHER IT BE WITH SHOOT- ING OUR THANKSGIVING MEAL AT SEA, PREPARING OUR THANKSGIVING MEAL, SHOWING OFF OUR FINISHED PRODUCTS, OR JUST RELAXING, EAT- ING OUR TURKEY DINNERS, THE USS ANTIETAM GIVES THANKS AND EN- JOYS THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT. ANTIETAMS FIRST CHRISTMAS UNDERWAY CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR WAS SPENT AT SEA. IT WAS NOT HOME, BUT MUCH WAS DONE TO MAKE THE DAY SEEM A LITTLE MORE LIKE THE HOLI- DAYS. ON CHRISTMAS EVE SOME OF THE CREW GOT TOGETHER TO SING CHRISTMAS CAROLS. IT SOUNDED GREAT! CHRISTMAS DAY, REAR AD- MIRAL KOENEMAN, THE ASSISTANT CHIEF OF CHAPLAINS CAME ABOARD TO SAY CHRISTMAS MASS. THE COOKS REALLY GAVE US A GREAT MEAL WITH THE TRADITIONAL TURKEY, AND ALL THE TRIMMINGS, THE MESS DECK WAS DECORATED WITH A CHRISTMAS TREE, AND THE ROOM TRIMMED WITH RED, AND GREEN LIGHTS. EVERYONE ON THE SHIP RE- CEIVED PACKAGES FROM HOME, AND OPENED THEM ON CHRISTMAS DAY, WHICH MADE US FEEL A LITTLE CLOSER TO HOME. THIS OF COURSE WAS NOT THE BEST CHRISTMAS WE HAVE EVER HAD, BUT KNOWING WE WERE IN THE THOUGHTS OF EVERY- ONE BACK HOME MADE IT A LITTLE EASIER. wsavKG OJfNSfia ' ( AND i ' CROSSING THE LINE THE RIGHTS OF EQUATORIAL PASSAGE THROUGH THE KINGDOM OF NEPUNIS REX n THE CAST OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT ' P H ■ jfa H ■ " £iH .i i r m i B V. " f s ■1 1 r ■ .CD ? GERARD D. RONCOLATO OPERATIONS OFFICER tk ' tm LT DOUG WINEGAR NAVIGATOR ADMIN LT WILLIAM THAYER CIC OFFICER LT MARK WENZEL COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER LT GLENN STAHL FIRST LIEUTENANT LT JOHN VILLANUEVA PROSPECTIVE NAVIGATOR ENS HARMON FANSLER ASST CIC OFFICER ENS TIMOTHY CHARLESWORTH CW02 JAMES LAIRD ELECTRONIC WARFARE OFFICER SIGNAL WARFARE OFFICER 50 RM3 " RAT " RATHNAW HAVING A WOG BREAKFAST. SM2 (GRAPE APE) BARRY PLAYING BOUNCER IN THAILAND. SLIM. SPOOKY. AND DUKIE ARE MOVING UP. LOOKOUT RUN-DMC, HERE ' S COMES SPOOKY AND DUKIE. ON TOUR IN SINGAPORE. RM3 " HARRY " HAREWOOD AND FRIENDS. RM3 VELASCO AND CALDWELL " KILLER MIKE " CHILLING IN KOREA. OffCS 51 On the morning of Sep. 2, 1988 the USS ANTIETAM was embarking on its world premiere, her first tour of the WESTERN PACIFIC and INDIAN Oceans, and her communications team was more than ready for the trip half way around the world, OC Division (operation communications) is broken into two parts. First there ' s OC-01, or as most people know us, RADIO CENTRAL. We are responsible for all electronic communications onboard. We provide Combat Information Center (CIC) with not only the means to communicate with other ships and oircrofts in the battle group, but with international ships and oircrofts as well. All this kept us on our toes of all times while operating in the Indian Ocean Persian Gulf Region, We also handle and process all incoming and outgoing message traffic for the ship. Let ' s take time out for you to meet the gang of OC-01 before we go on ... first up, the leader himself, the big cheese . . . LT Mark Wenzel . . . the communications officer (COMMO) . . . next is RMC Torgerson . . . new to the command just before westpac. Also new to the command and to the title of CHIEF is RMC (FLASH BEAGLE) Speegle. Then the Main Man himself RM1 (MAYFLOWER) Mayfield, LPO, followed by (PAC-MAN) himself RM2 Paquette . . . sounds French doesn ' t it. Next we hove RM3 (SLIM) Beverly, and RM3 (HARRY) Horewood . . . not HAIRY, followed by the big boy and I mean BIG RM3 (KILLER MIKE) Caldwell . . . Radio ' s very own bouncer. Next we hove RM3 (DUKE OF GILROY, Co) Velasco and the MOTOWN MAN himself (RAT) Rothnaw, and his brother (he just doesn ' t know it yet) RM3 (SPOOKY) Slattery from New York. Let ' s not forget RMSN (STEVE) MARTIN who just went up for Radioman Third Class Petty Officer ... we are all behind him . . . Along with him are the newcomers to RADIO . . . From CD is RMSN Henry (ROGER) and RMSN (WORTH) Hollingsworth, and there you have it. The best RADIO GANG in the Pacific Fleet, Now lets go three decks up to the warm and sunny Signal Shock to meet the men of OC 02, , , OC 02 the world of flashing lights and flogs. The Signal Shock is the home of Antietom ' s Signalmen, The Signalmen ore also communication experts, but they communicate visually using flags and flashing lights. They work closely with the Officer-of-the-Deck on the Bridge and report sightings of other ships that come in visual contact with us. They also ploy on important role in helo londings takeoffs, underway replenishment operations, tactical maneuvers, and man overboard operations, and if you think that is all, well your wrong. They all keep an eye out for distress calls from other ships and set up flags for special ceremonies. The Signalmen are famously known for having the best night vision, so at night don ' t be surprised to find one or two of them on the bridge assisting the Officer-of-the-Deck and the wotchstanders keeping an eye out for small fishing boots. Let ' s meet the guys behind those RAY-BANS . . . First there is SMI Action Jackson, the Leading Petty Officer , , . assisted by SMI (BIG DADDY) Nelson. Next is SM2 (GRAPE APE) Barry, followed by SM3 Hayes (CATTMAN), SM3 Lee (ACID BURNER), SM3 Walker (EWOK), SM3 Vomer, and from CD division we welcome SMSN Lee. We like to thank our families for the support they hove given us which help us make it through the long days at sea, as well as the holidays. WE LOVE YOU!!!! L LOOK OUT TYSON, HERES JOHN " SPOOKY " SLATTERY DAVID WALKER MEETS ALF IN KOREA i OSl 52 01 DIVISION •oi oitiie Kipteknow »Co(rfcat ' bottle -« r MC(FUSH ' « Whs HU) ' fthrnae Itaeyou wi,Ilie igfifi They ' envisuai nations, dkeepon Bfomouily • ebfidge lefimeet asBtedby OSCS(SW) PETE BAUMGARTNER OSC(SW) BILL NEUBAUER OSC(SW) JAY SHELDRAKE OPERATION SPECIALISTS WORK AND OFTEN LIVE IN COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER, BETTER KNOWN AS " CIC. " CIC IS A PLACE WHERE IT IS A LWAYS VERY DARK, THERE ARE BLUE DISPLAYS OF THE WORLD UP AT THE FRONT BENCH, WITH SMALL RED, BLUE, AMBER, AND GREEN LIGHTS SCATTERED EVERYWHERE. OS ' S ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACKING OF THE VARIOUS SURFACE AND AIR CONTACTS THATARE DETECTED BY THE SHIPS SENSORS, CONTROL OF FIGHTER AND PATROL AIRCRAFT AND HELOS, OPERATION OF THE COMBAT SYSTEMS AND DATA LINKS, ADMINISTRA- TIVE TASKS, AND JUST ABOUT ANY OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES THAT ARE INVOLVED IN KEEPING A WARSHIP ON STATION AT SEA. THE OS ' S MOTTO: BE FLEXIBLE (ALSO DON ' T WORRY, BE HAPPY). OS1(SW) CALVIN OS1 JIM WADLEIGH THE SENIOR BEAST CONDUCTS A LITTLE HANDS-ON TRAINING WITH ED CAMACHO ON THE CARE CARTER AND CLEANING OF AN SH-60B HELO. OS1 PHIL KASO OS1(SW) CHRIS LOCHMAN OS1(SW) ROBERT TUCKER OS1(SW) GLENN MAYS OS1 CLIFF BROWN 53 OS2 TERRY BRYANT OS2 PAT SULLIVAN OS2 ROBERT HOPKINS OS2 MARK FIEFEL OS2 CHRIS HODGES WEDGE SEEMS TO HAVE LOST MORE THAN HIS PATIENCE. CURT, SPANKY, AND MIKE WITH THEIR " FRIEND. " MS. PACMAN JUST ATE MY SYMBOL HICOM, FLEET TAC, AND NET 52 ' ' NO PROBLEM. { m OS2 PERRY JONES OS2 DARRYN RENWICK OS2 ANTHONY WEGNER OS2(SW) WALTER SCHREIBER OS2 ROBERT NIEUWHOF 54 fr. e0 OS3 TIM KASO OS3 KENNETH WALKER OS3 TOM WEAVER DON ' T WORRY, BE HAPP-Y 55 f OS3 TERRY TRAXLER OS3 JEFF SIMPSON OS3 JOHN LANG OS3 SCOTT LANKFORD OSSN NILO MELO THE SANTA CHIEF I Honesty AFTER 12 HOURS OF WATCH AND EVEN MORE CUPS OF COFFEE. SULLY CAN STILL GRIN AND BEAR IT, I LOVE IT HERE . , 1 OSSN RALPH STUBBS OSSN ERIK LUDVICKSON OSSN BALTAZAR MAGANA OSSN JEFF KOVACICH OSSN WAYNE CHANEY -; ' 1 WALLY RECEIVES A BRAVO ZULU FROM THE CAP- TAIN. NOW WHERE DID I PUT THAT BALL TAB? 56 A ONE AND A TWO Weather deck TUG - O - WAR, a WESTPAC ii favorite. WESTPAC WARRIORS - keeping our little part of America safe. J. sTri Did YOU hiave somethiing to say •dk ' ' Ji 57 CELEBRATIONS EW2 Crawford leading o small band of rebels into the hills of Korea EW3 Williams eating chow on the run, to relieve Chris for watch. The infamous Alan Whitty Show Starring IS1 Whitty and his cohorts GSE2 Whittaker and EW3 Williams The two studs of OE Division, EW2 Blair Alvidrez end EW2 John Carnley. EW3 James Somerville looking good, waiting to pull into port The women are waiting . , EW3 James Somerville practicing for next port Eat your heart out, girls James is Coming!!! EWC (sw) Brundage, Edward CTRC Davenport, Val CTOC (sw) Nowlin. Edward CTR1 Vincent, Gary CT01 Lumbord, Steve IS1 Whiitty, Alan EW2 Crawford, Chris EW2 Carnley, John EW2 Alvidrez, Blair CT03 Huber, Alan CT03 Starkweather, Roy EW3 Williams, Michael EW3 Bruenming, Thomas EW3 Sommerville. James CTSN Hemelt, Greg OE DIVISION Electronic Warfare And Cryptologlcal Techs OE Division consists of Electronic Warfare Techs and Cryptological Techis. OE Division played a vital role, as the eyes and ears of the ship. They gave us updated information on the state of the v orld. And kept us informed of immediate threats. For most of them it vjos their first PAG, but you would never know it. They work hard and play hard! The Electronic Warfare Insignia 61 QMC Frank Morreale QM1 Brontz Mebane QM2 " Bristol " Bob Martin QM3 Darren Brown ON DIVISION ON Division is very diverse because it has more different ratings than any other division on board. We all found our- selves becoming more popular as time v ent by, or at least ansv ering alot more questions. As the ships Postal Clerk, PC1 lorg has a job that ' s very important to everyone, handling all of the ships mail. The Quartermasters, v hose job is the safe navigation of the ship, v ere alv ays attempting to onsv er questions like, " What ' s our next destination? When fj vje get there? " Not on easy task considering they usually didn ' t know either. Prob- ably the most often asked question v as, " How for are vje from home? " To this one unnamed QM responded, " The only way to get any farther from home is to go into outer space. " The Yeomen and Personnelmen in the Administration Office v ere olv ays in demand to help crew members w ih shipboard problems and family and legal matters back home. The Hospital Corpsmen always became very popular when the seas got rough, or the foreign food became too much. NC1 Jones, the Command Career Councilor, was the man to see about career opportunities in the Navy. Division Officer. Lt. Doug Winegar, stiows that he is always the snappy dresser. PNCS Randall Plew i YN1 Pete Reynolds PCI Joseph lorg ■t NC1 Roger Jones QMSN Mark S Nelson YN2 Terrance Jacobs 62 | i HMC David Evans jcwno PN2 Clement Robinson YN2 Todd Wilson YN3 Kevin Johnson The vi ildmen of the streets. QM1 Brontz Mebane and friends Dorrell Brown frocked to QM2, Jon 16, 1989 PN3 Jose Perez QMSN John DuBois YNSN Silvester Govlik 63 I Mark S, Nelson frocked to QM3, Jan 16. 1989, Also frocked were QM3 Bryant VanBuskirk and QM3 Johin DuBois. kr N. AG2 Steve Heller IHDAVD Ififcin AG1 Paul Cooper ' CiMHAi 64 COMBAT SYSTEMS DEPARTMENT ;? ' LCDR LANNY L. KING COMBAT SYSTEMS OFFICER LT ROBERT A. SHAFER WEAPONS OFFICER LT DAVID FUCITO LT LEROY THOMPSON ELECTRONIC MATERIAL OFFICER GUNNERY OFFICER LT MICHAEL JACOBSEN FIRE CONTROL OFFICER LT WILLIAM BINGHAM ANTI SUBMARINE WARFARE OFFICER ' 1 LT RICHARD MOSER TOMAHAWK OFFICER LTJG BRIAN SCHWARK SYSTEMS TEST OFFICER ENS DONALD LESH ASST. ASW OFFICER ENS CHRISTOPHER LOPEZ ASST. GUNNERY OFFICER 65 CS DIVISION THOMAS DUNKLEE FCC KEVIN TORY ICC KENNETH MAHONEY IC1 (SW) TERRY IRWIN IC1 KERRY GALLAGER IC2 SCOTT SLOAN IC2 IC ELECTRICIANS IC2 SLOAN WORKING ON AN IVCS HEADSET IC1 MAHONEY TAKING A SMOKE BREAK LTJG SCHWARK IN A CHRIST- MAS SPIRIT rmi CA DIVISION: The lead division for ANTIETAM ' S Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) mission and support of the ship ' s Anti-Surface Warfare mission. The operational readiness and effective tactical employment of the hull mounted sonar, towed body sonar, ASW v eapons, and associated auxiliary eduipment ore its primary responsibility. CA division is headed by the Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer (ASWO) and is manned by Surface Sonar Technicians (STG) and Torpedoman ' s Mates (TM), Persian Excursion Commando ' s: The Infamous Ones. We do more before six fhan we do the whole rotten day Navy, it ' s not just a job, an ad- venture. It ' s 10 a.m., do you know where your workers are ' ' zzzzzz Tubular! Surf ' s up dude I hate Ex-Lax in the morning! W d Im -Lj to i GET OFF ME! AT T, Prof Jones It rams, it pours. q,q What time is it? Hey momi LEGGO MY EGGO! STGCS(SW) Akans, D Detroit. Ml STGC Boudreau. MA Santa Clara, CA TMC Schneider. G. Naples. FL. STG1 Teets. W Port Richey. FL. 4 STG1 (SW) Knowles, D STG1 (SW) Kuakini. R M Waianae, HI. STG1 Frierson, R A. Llathe, Ka. STG1 Betancourt, F P Greenfield, CA STG1 Emerick. L.P. Minot, ND, Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. Just a touch away. Mo Bell The barbarian STG2 Wigger, D.B. STG2 Goosby, ML Cincinotti, OH, STG2 Owen, M,L, Niantic, CT, STG1 Borcherdt, J. Portland. OR. STG2 Lively, C. Sterrett, AL, All in all the times we shared forever grabbed a niche Within olI minds, throughout our hearts, a treasure. There to stay. So if. in timJ you ever find a need to reach. To speak. Remember this, you ' re no| alone But just o touch oway, CA STGSN Heath, J. Chillicothe, 11 STGSN Andrade, R, Larimie, WY. STGSN Straw, M. Glendole, CA, STGSA Pomerleau, S, Arcadia, FL, Just us doing what we do best HAV- ING FUN! CE DIVISION COMBAT ELECTRONICS DIVISION IS COMPRISED OF HIGH- LY-TRAINED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING ANTIETAM ' S AN SPS-49 AIR SEARCH RADAR. AN SPS-55 SURFACE SEARCH RADAR, AN SPS-64 NAVIGA- TIONAL RADAR, AND ALL EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT. AS WELL AS CRYPTOGRAPHIC SYSTEMS AND SATELLITE NAVIGATION GEAR. ET1 Ernie Vaughan ET2 Gerry Cassldy ET3 Casey Boyd ET1 John Garrett ET1 More Morgan ET1 Marty Fohirenwold ET2 Ttiom Howell ET2 Tom Dwyer ET3 Steve Coggins ET3 John Waynick ET3 Bernie Healy i A MOMENT OF RESPITE ON THE 03 LEVEL L TO R ET1 VAUGHAN. ET1 GARRETT, ET2 HOWELL, ET2 DWYER, AND ET2 CASSIDY AT LEFT, SIPPIN ' THE SUDS IN THE LO. ON BEER DAY, 5 DECEMBER 72 CHRISTMAS EVE IN THE ET SHOP, L TO R: TOM DWYER. ' FLUF ' CASSIDY, " MALIBU " WAYNICK, " LIMBO " COGGINS, AND " RACK HAMSTER " HEALY, " IT ' S THE WATER, AND A LOT MORE AFTER 45 DAYS! " ESPECIALLY I DOING THE TEXAS STREET SHUFFLE, PUSAN, KOREA. WHAT A CHEESY GROUP! CLASSIC HAMSTER " SMILE. CASEY, YOU ' RE ON LIBER- TV! " " CARE FOR A BEER OR TWELVE? " MARC MORGAN AND STEVE COGGINS MODEL THEIR NEW JACKETS, WHILE STGSN " MARIO " ANDRADE DOES ONE OF HIS PATENTED GESTURES, 73 CG DIVISION fciZH?- L GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY! YES, I AM HAVING FUN!? NO, I ' M NOT STANDING THE MID- WATCH! CG DIVISION IS COMPRISED OF 12 FC ' S, AND 7 GMG ' S, THIS DIV. OPERATES, AND MAINTAINS 3 DIFFERENT WEAPON SYSTEMS. THE GUN- NERS STAY BUSY WITH THEIR GUNS, THE FC ' S WORK ON THE FIRECON- TROL, AND HARPOON WEAPON SYSTEM ALONG WITH HELPING THE GUNNERS WHEN NEEDED. THE MK-86 GUNFIRE CONTROL SYSTEM AIMS, AND FIRES THE SHIPS 5 " GUNS PLACING 5 " ROUNDS ON TARGETS WITH AMAZING ACCURACY. THE HIGH RESOLUTION SPQ-9 RADAR IS THE SYSTEMS SENSOR. THE RETURNS FROM UP TO 4 TARGETS CAN BE TRACKED SIMULTANEOUSLY, AND PROCESSED GUN ORDERS ARE PRO- DUCED BY THE UYK-7 COMPUTER. THE SYSTEM IS PRIMARILY DESIGNED FOR USE AGAINST SURFACE TARGETS HARPOON, AN ANTI-SHIP MIS- SILE WHICH FLIES AT SUBSONIC SPEEDS. IT IS A CONTACT DETONATED TYPE WARHEAD. THE LOW ALTITUDE CRUISE TRAJECTORY INSURES MINIMUM DETECTION BY DEFENSE WEAPON SYSTEMS, THEREBY EN- HANCING THE CAPABILITY OF GENERATING ENEMY SHIP DEFENSES. CIWS, PROVIDES FINAL DEFENSE AGAINST ANTI-SHIP MISSILES. CIWS WITHOUT ASSISTANCE FROM OTHER SHIP SYSTEMS WILL AUTOMATI- CALLY ENHANCE ASM ' S THAT PENETRATE THE SHIPS PRIMARY DEFENSE SYSTEM THE RELATIVE INEXPENSE OF 5 ' GUNS, AND CIWS AMMUNI- TION ENABLES THESE WEAPON SYSTEMS TO BE TESTED MORE OFTEN THAN ANY OTHERS ONBOARD. MAKING IT APPARENT THAT THE MEN OF CG DIVISION ARE EQUAL TO THE TASK! WHAT ' S THE QUICKEST WAY OUT OF HERE? St • CIWS GUN MT 22 CIWS SMILE! Roy Phillips FC1 -i-t HAS ANYONE SEEN AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER? Jess Rictor FC3 WE ' RE GOING HOME WHEN!? Jim Anderson FC1 Kevin MacGovern FC2 75 Kelly Streiby FC2 ifien i;- ' ,wio li ( GMM3 TERRY HERRMANN 76 " IS THIS MICKY D ' s " The men and their equipment of CT division hove provided Antietam with offensive and I defensive capabilities in the areas of anti-air, anti-surface and strategic land attack warfare. [ this has allowed CG-54 to cruise into harms way and back, to our loved ones. GMM1 David Smith 1 BUNS BERG. QUEEN FOR A DAY r • t n " EVERYDAYS A PARTY " " THEY CALL ME MR HAPPY " 77 FCC (SW) Gilbert Lang FCI Ttiomas Hanctier FC1 Mark Seigler FC2 Kevin Ketchum FC2 David Craig FCC Larry Farr LCPO FCC Manuel Caballero CM FCC Donald Busse ' CM Division is made up wholly of firecontrolmen who operate and maintain the AEGIS Weapons System. It is one of, if not the most advanced weapons system in the world. Work Center CM01 has responsibility for the AN SPY- 1 A Radar, the heart of the AEGIS System. It is a multipurpose, phased array radar Work Center CM02 is also on integral port of the AEGIS System, they operate and maintain CRTS (Operational Readiness Test System). CRTS, simply put, is a computerized system with the sole task of constantly monitoring the AEGIS System for proper op- eration. The MK 99 Fire Control System, also belongs to CM02, provides the target illumination required for missile homing. The MK 99 System is composed of four individual SPG-62 radars. CM02 also maintains the MK-84 400 Hz power converters, which provide the AEGIS System with 400 Hz power. Of course, a weapons system this complex is going to require computers: lots of computers. The computer of choice is the AN UYK-7(V) built by Sperry-Univoc. This versatile main frame com- puter is configured into powerful four bay suites. There are sepa- rate, but interconnected, four boy suites for the AN SPY-1A, AEGIS Command and Decision System (C D), and AEGIS Weap- ons Control System (WCS). In addition to maintaining the com- puters Work Center CMOS also performs data collection and analysis. If you ' ve ever been in CIC, you know the most prominent and striking aspect of Combat is the large screen displays. Those large blue screens with their maps of the world, make you feel like you ' ve stepped right onto the set of Star Wars. CM04 ' s Display Technicians are responsible for the maintenance of all display equipment, from the rows of consoles, to the large screen displays, to the automated status boards. Display also maintains communications interface that allows access to any phone or net onboard the Antietom, or access to radio tele- phone circuits to other ships and aircraft, all with Just the push of a button. FC1 William Abernathy FCI John Jackson LPO 78 ««i(lflLPC FC1 Jerry Martin FC1 Gregory Yeamans FC1 John Parsons FC1 Alex Brown FC2 David Garland 79 FC2 James Newman IP ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LT ROBERT BONNER REPAIR OFFICER LT GERARD LEWIS MAIN PROPULSION ASST. LTJG JAMES HUMAN DAMAGE CONTROL ASST CHIEF ENGINEER LCDR BENJAMIN GOSLIN .. y LTJG PATRICK MORROCO rt " MP DIVISION OFFICER ENS ROBERT GERSH ELECTRICAL OFFICER ENS TONY ENCINIAS ASST. DAMAGE CONTROL ASST. 81 R DIVISION HT3 Lebsack HT3 Gustafson DC3 Olson DC3 Dion 82 HTFN Muller HTFN Keenan DCFN Stokes DCFR Ferguson 5 X25M ai«» ENC MORRIS THOMAS, F. EN1 BISHOP EDMUND EN2 BOYD BENJAMIN, L. EN3 DOSS DALE EN3 BELTRAN LAWRENCE, J, EN3 DURNIN JAMES ENFN HAMPTON RANDOLPH ENFN COLLINS PHILLIP FN BOKUKU TASIO, T, FA MASON BOBBY LEE ■( i 84 A-GANG A DIV BETTER KNOWN AS A - GANG SUPPLIES ALL HOTEL SER- VICES TO THE USS ANTIETAM IN- CLUDING, FRESH WATER FROM THE DISTILLING PLANTS, HOT WATER FOR SHOWERS, AND STEAM FOR COOKING. A - GANG ALSO TAKES CARE OF HP AIR, LP AIR. ANCHOR WIND- LASS, AFT STEERING, RAST, SHIPS BOATS, AND DAVITS. EMC (SW) Efren Lucena EM1 (SW) Marc Bagtas EM3 Tony Winn EMFN Jeffrey Davis E-DIVISION IIUIIUII E-DIVISION IS COMPOSED OF ELECTRICIAN ' S MATES OR WIDELY KNOWN AS " SPARKYS " . ELECTRICIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PREVENTATIVE AND CORREC- TIVE MAINTENANCE, TROUBLE SHOOTING AND REPAIR OF ALL ELECTRICAL SYS- TEMS ONBOARD, SUCH AS RAST (RECOVERY ASSIST AND TRAVERSING SYSTEM), HRS (HORIZON REFERENCE SET), DEGAUSSING SYSTEM, VARIOUS MOTORS AND CONTROLLERS POWER AND LIGHTING DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, SMALL BOATS, LEAD ACID BATTERIES, AND WIDE VARIETY OF OTHER ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTS THROUGHOUT THE SHIP. THE FEW BUT PROUD SPARKYS , . . " CAN DO " ATTITUDE PAINTED ON THEIR FACES, S EM2 Wendell Corr EM3 James Thompsc EMFN Dorryl Brckefie FN Torrance Payne j WHERE ' S YOUR RMS REPORT? I NEED IT NOW! IlL SHOW YOU THE INSTRUCTIONS AS SOON AS I FIND IT. [■■■ o Ste- ;ASU ALTY control no sweat, IIJ auto mode, be a PACC operator, I ' LL THINK IT OVER. THIS IS IT! IF NOT I LL SURE FIND IT IN HURRY, " " IT BE l h WE ' RE NOT JUST POSING, WE ' RE SUPERVISING. 1 % i -i v K r -Tj DON ' T WORRY, I KNOW THIS SYSTEM BY HEART, LOOKS BRAND NEW BUT LETS CHECK IT ANYWAY I GOT SHORT END OF THE STRAW, BUT I ' LL ENJOY THE VIEW. MAIN PROPULSION DIVI- SION CONSISTS OF GSE ' S AND GSM ' S. WE WORK ON GAS TURBINES AND CONTROL CIRCUITRY. WE ALSO WORK ON RELATED PUMPS, VALVES, AND SYS- TEMS, SUCH AS LUBE OIL, STEAM, AND FUEL. MAIN PROPULSION DIVISION GSM3 DAVE CORDOVA GSE2 LAVURNE DAVIS GSM2 JAQUES DIANO GSMFA MARK GARDNER GSMC BARRY HEMPHILL GSMFN DAVID HOTALING GSMFN ELMER INDIONCO GSMFN JAMES KNAPP GSE3 ALBERT MANGOBA GSEFN TERRY MYATT GSMFN KEVIN OKINELLO GSM3 RODNEY OWENS 89 GSM2 MARIO PADIN GSM1 PAT PERKINS GSM2 BILLY PIERCE GSM2 DAN PREISSNER GSMFN ROBERT PUTNAM GSEC MARIO QUINTERO GSM1 JEFF RACE GSMFA RAY REEVES GSE3 MARTIN ROLLS GSM1 DON SABOL GSM2 CRAIG SCHMITT GSM3 KEVIN SIMON 90 ONE MORE ROUND TO GO ONE MAN JOB GSE2 WHITAKER GSMFN JIM WISSENBACK 91 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT LCDR STEPHEN FERREE SUPPLY OFFICER LTJG JASON ALEXANDER DISBURSING OFFICER V f d 1 B MSCS R A QUIMBAO SKC HOWARD RAYBURN SK1 WAYNE McKENNA DK1 BENJAMIN CRUZ MSI DOMINGO BASCOS MSI DENNIS BURHANS MSI FOY MS1 JUANITO BERNARDO 92 SH3 RANDY CHAVEZ DK3 STANLEY SCOTT SKSN BRAD WILLIAMS MSSN ANTHONY KILBURN MSSN GREG BERROA SHSN GREG BATES SN DEXTER BUNTS SHSA MICHAEL WONCH What, me worry? The chosen few 94 The top contributer A Few Of Antietam ' s Favorite People Got Together To Wash Oceanlord 21 And Raise Over $7,000 For CFC. The press was out in force. " I don ' t wash helos, I control them " .i.-.33afi HSL-43 DET 3, Based on North Island in San Diego, flies the SH-60B. AIR DEPARTMENT n HSL-43 DET 3 % OIC ' ICOR GARV O.KLINK MO. LT DAN G-FORCCGOHRICK | HAINTENANCf CHIEf : AOC JAMir " RIG JIM-LfGAGPI lireflANDONTOPEVf RUBV LI STEWLIMA LIMA PHILIPS II CREHi-SHKES " SCHNtlO{R| lAMSIIERRrSMOItf lOPIHOMAS LIERIICS»HyGlA.LIVAW Wll PlIEPlHVtRrROVlR I lAEeAL-MRWIZARD-GERENA WKfllH-ACIION ' OIXON AI2PtirKIERf CfBAHlAN0l lA (HaKaLVSPUOS " Rt£Oy AESJOHN ' PB. HAWKIN-J AOEOtNHIS ' eon-OOWNWG I |AW3RICICC(a HAND ' MCGOIRE AMS3 JAUES ' JWMY JOt ' ROOOWN WISnVl1IW»VTRIflAH0| AIAW MARK-SOS ' KEMP AEAM JOHN ' SMIIEVHOSAH ADAN JERRV-COOl BRlE f -WAllHINriTnN DONTWORRV ' BE happy! 96 On final Sensors By AW1 P, Kover LCDR G Klink LT D. Gomrick LT B. Ruby Aviating Flying By LT S. Phillips LT E. Sullivan LT G. Schneider AW3 R, Mcguire AW3 S, Freelond Director ADC J, Legaspi Making It Trons By AT2 P Garland AMH2 K. Reedy AMS3 J Goodwin 98 ATAN M Kemp r ;?GoWK) AE2 A Geraena All Possible Power By Electrical Systems By AE3 J Hawkins AEAN J. Husar ADAN J. Washington AZ1 K. Dixon I ROLL THE CREDITS A special thanks to all those involved in the prepara- tion of this cruisebook. - the EDITOR, Union or Soviet Sociailal Republics l7 Mongolian Republic Jap k Korea Iran Ukm y China Sea toMdi Arabia India Arabian! Ethiopia V scvcnturs i r ' X • EQUATOR mOPK Of CAFKICORn INDIAN OCEAM .1 • J Jdapan jpokohAma JtO Z ' •4okasuk,i V " r " 1 - Iwan rMi | piaeSea • • rt1muUmm4 taovtUK AT 9 United SUtes EUKEISLWDS (loni Sea . SAFWA isiAnos V- New CaMoata rui SOaCTY IM-AUDS Tahiti ' WESTPAC 88-89 PORTS ' O CALL SOUTH PACIFIC DEPART LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA YOKOSUKA, JAPAN PUSAN, SOUTH KOREA SUBIC BAY, REP. P.I, HONG KONG MASIRAH ISLAND ANCHORAGE SINGAPORE PATTAYA BEACH, THAILAND HONG KONG SUBIC BAY, REP. P.I. PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII RETURN LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 02 SEP 88 20 SEP-26 SEP 88 27 SEP-29 SEP 88 07 OCT-12 OCT 88 17 OCT-20 OCT 88 05-11 DEC 88 31.DEC-06 JAN 89 24-27 JAN 89 31 JAN-04 JAN 89 06-08 FEB 89 21-23 FEB 89 02 MAR 89

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