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M,--f ,f 1 ' ,hw vm-Q---, f lv llfff mn 1 fi -. .LMS X 1 - i Q -s..s.h.x x x i 'II .Ky s, I , 1 1 ai ,. .. rw,- ,vs N, 1 H 1 . J - w W , 1 , f e p 4 f , v .1 r , 1 K ' f 1, f 1 1 v f I 1969- 0 ,Ioll Roger "Hail dear old Anthony 1 Hats off to you - Ever you 'll find us Loyal and True Firm and undaunted Always we'll be Hail to the school we love Here's a toast to thee" Anthony H igh School Anlhvny, Kansas DONATED BY' JACK BENDER III AUGUST 2004 .+ miQ wm'mm wwQQnMQmmMw Foreword fmnugr-1.f - -nf Q 522 "Sounds" was chosen as the theme of this Jolly Roger because it has played a dominant role in the life of every student who has attended Anthony High through the years. The sounds have changed from the buzz of the bi-planes to the roar of the jet beasts, and will change to whatever tomorrow will bring, but some, those of opportunity, authority, spirit, laughter, silence, echo from the past and will remain in the future. I 1 I Table INTRODUCTION ADMINISTRATION CURRICULUM ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS FAVORITES SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRES I-IMEN ADVERTISERS CREDITS INDEX HISTORY of Contents 1 fn, , Y, W W, ... -..',:,+,L-M4-lf awww ,ff --1297:-.'v-214 Sounds Of Youth -li , 1 fi W K Sounds of Upportunity 3 iw .. 4 .Ni JW N wji' -32, A Q. YQ 1-wg, W' 'la 1763 4 6 w .. , Q , ELT aww "' .,., 5 Aw iw, n 'V 'firm-gap, I1 "5'2f2""QT2'.. lima.. - UU-wh-L-Lxlda' " .gawk ,, .4 '5'E:?'1 JZ? 'QW 7:71 4 ' Ah+Li-'wx mf? 5 V Ll .M + iw ' L15 f t V ,. A KN ,V .QY ,w '0...!,5 ' .V - W VM, -,f--' fy' f 'V Vs V W . J.. ,,. , 5, V iw- , g, V LM ., 5, -V :W,j X 7J,'Q V7-V jf, ,- X HYNYT 'Y M 11 ms? ,V Q' nf ., , H t !,,4 ml, . Y H t .J V H , 1 1 '-' M "' Z W Q' , Ja., "QX'ffA" vV , V4.5 , ,. Q.,-' 'Jif-if + ' 2,4 . -,xy ' VVQJY'-V 1,5 n',.V..-V Ab 1- . V ,.,-- a V :Q V V- X fwra-,,, V VV . V V 'VV 9- V-V, V, . W ' , 1' K f 'F 14-N LMXV ' f ' , ' . 4 X ' r m . X VV " lv V- ' AV X 'H 4, fl ' I 'R Q ,ab lx -1 FN'-':fA,L'. ' X' f - f ' V '. 'JAJ . , ' . x N. w - ' V ' -' V A' 1 if 'J I ,ndqjst . X ui, V ik. Xiu if, Wag ' 7:11, V 5, Q' V- , 'V X I v wwf-,o. 1. 5 5 ' fuk Y' fi FQ it g'k.'uAx- - xx: 'E JN' 'fi I k'Kw.eVA:I,4?jS'gJ M gl. ' ' VV. V VVVV' .1 V, . V V-wr. - ,.VV+, -. x X0-' V' ' X' " "' 1f'VVg?' Tlfflv , 'vm' 25: if I' ' ,' ' ,X f X ' ". N5-X"p5V,,ii.Vi'? M V. 99" 4' 5.-,f M.,-,Vey ,V ,f V V 1 X x H! 14' '1 N J' 'l ful' . W5 :Will V W ,, K 1 xl-,-xzwk 1 4 -Lf: Q. MAQU VI V " J '.f 1' 4 A - X 4:1525 5 ' .I , Q, lg ' ., 'I i S, 'af V,,, wv',:fTV- ' 'T,3,"i,VX"X . ,V-r,fVfg'fg, N- L V : A - 4 rw' -,V,.'fx.,uV V . f if-f yi. X l,m,,f Wffj h ' ' 1' ' s J 1 r .I V"- ,- ' si- "-' A V' .VA .Wm-'.f-' fx? 'M ' V,sr1'l?lA -.VNV 'fix ' "iN,1f, N ' - 9' , .: ff",V' iii-.XVRV - , ' ' -' f 'ffxf T up ,vii V f-,fv -..-wa Qu- -.r. 1 N ,.f, VV, ,V ink 1, I ,K K , , V A, . :fiqvzs Vybri... ,E Nuff -4?.g'v 'M' XIHSJEQX ' VW 5 'L'l- ' riff' tx. x , Q ' 7 . - A V V K-.Rf 1111" f ffi V .QI 'J . -H-Alf W , !... f f"' ', V fy ' e R V. M' 'ani :Ep ' fx! ' -Vg EIL 1' '. ' , , -!.V"'yL, 'P A . -, -- ' 'U ' WV' 4 0. "f1Q"'xV '6fffI'cJ"'f' '11 'XV 955' 5 Ff? u rf, 'ik' r- 'wif flbylff' . ,Q TIP ' 'I fm V---V1: aw,-1 -V. - V--' V ,,1x.'fo""f A - A i I . .p Q 1 . f ' fx-"' A Z Q .' 5 A'4ffH -"N V. .5 VW. "fr -A:A'7,V,QL-"1" 1' 13 xp 1 . ,Q-. V--' - ,PH L,- M . - Lf X in , fitxwk 'AJ ...zu 'fi' 'An -L . N ,r " P- V. .' if . V, A ' ff gn ' ,' Ky ' X -4 , 'A:,F',"'.'-jn', --1 , -fl. "SJ A-' 'Ag ia- . Av.. y,.sVfn,,.,, . 5 , q .. ., G., '- ,' fy", ff? , ,' 57.93. qgjf, .W fl-1', ' f',ifiW"'f24 - 'V'xL'1'i?l'--, ..k.,. .W .,- ,'y4,,Vs,. lx .p.,,-,..,,1' ' I. , V +I f ,V V! " . 'nc -' ' ' .3 'Tlk"'f'."".'iN -LA' , -.if -. f - 1 f, '1 . n V' '- x L 112. H'-. F" 1,15 'fkvpjf - ' . f.7",- - B , 'X N. L.-plig - -,' rzvfsg.-Q . f. J.. lfi,kf,Vd ' 'I V,"i .Va .. .. J 0'-y " "', - xfv -, -r V V fx mNYf. Vs ,Q,,-- - ij -I vc ,V ,,e', - LVM .,y.,h f' ' " u . .'. Q . "'-' 7 ff' xixw' Z, '- " gf - V 5 .V5'?w'V,w 1 f . -X 1 7 AL A -Q .-.5 V - 'L V - - FV .V-Q fy' J 4 V! 7 lxV-1, lf," ' sf" ' w' 6 2 , ff -' 'lu ' " ' -'H'-2-' . '1' J' - ' i , ', , ,V .N ,DV V -J I ,N s Mk- Q 2 1n,,- 7 U .iv-ff,-4, It-. l, KMA V 5 .ll .. .. .,,,,,V,q,..-fffj-F , ' - ' , . ,7-' 4-QR ,.V..V...,' .4 .' i Q iw gm f V' zu .M-.yV 1 r V' ' 1 V Y sf'-.,'QfV,l.::1-.5 , 1 V, 3 V 1 "VV, "J.:'gA-riklxxzff l-- ' ' Ji VK' R52 .E K 1 1 ' VA VV V, 5 i 0- 'Q MBI fVwTr1,:t.1?"l- 5 1, E 5 '1 L '4.s"iWg Y :,, Q : ' Q X ',-nf, H44 '1 , .. X Vi ' V ? 5 . ' 1 I ' , ff- J. If I X f 2 5 V I I Y, .-.LV-i"'fQy1! "1" ' f FA " INA I K' ' VV " 2 I , QV " "HZ -V . L ' A ff f S ' f 1 I i V I V L41--':"' 1 , ,fe-:VV 1 c . ,.. ---J"""""'u V V ' W V ,f--"m. mv' ' Q ,, V-f-iff, . 1 , ,,.- -vfw ---img 1 Q31 ,fm - V 77- h X I si 1 Q W ,, S1 A ,""'Q?':. 1' s L VK a 2. li U4 fiii V, "W 5 n f' 32 Q' L"" F1 ,-..' V :""n- 'V ' V 3, 5 I. " 1314- fa' ez-V ,bfi ,."" Q X ,..-,jjj':','ifT , M,:ii.'F1'T73-777-' f V, U XIX ' ,, ' . K5 ,if " V 1 2 V f, V ,mg V J E W ' Wflq-k'!M:,,V,,,..f.',J lg. 1 ' ,,,Y1...' , ' '55 1' ',1ffL'5'1.e"Ui1:f' Q9 .----'1"" ' , X mf. ff 'WYf:n., 533. V V . ft .la l ' V gg: Y-Zim Vi qi '-K., A if? , "ff . N . -V' T .M Ap . ..,,,,,,,, il.: A 7 " I A -I 'ff-,. .Q-U.. . . :M F- 5,4 QV' H ' ., 2'-N L5 -V?-cf., . 5 SV 1 ' . V E X ji - ,Q V 3 ' ,.,.,, .,., .,.. .....,..-...,.......,i am. L.. V 1, . QE ' Q g Q? x' 'rw- V E . , V VV ,. . 1 , , 1 .j-V 113 'ff . 4 T 5,fj:iVV ii . am 5 ' V K if "' K 1 gr, 2: --W V, . 13 ' v'vw Lfnfi' 9 'rw' W " ,A , A V M 4k'my"-,S'VV- HM. I 1 :V 4 Q, r w J Vw Yu, 'M . if :J , I Anthony I-Iigh has been a building of opportunity since it was occupied in Jan- uary of 1921. Two thousand five hundred ninety four young men and women have graduated leaving behind the echo of many sounds - those of footsteps, voices register- ing acclaim, laughter, approval, disgust. Though the times have changed since 1921, her students basically remain the same, having the same emotions, hopes, ideals, and fond memories of days at Anthony High. v,-.v.11zuxx:.x:::-.f:-vsfgi1if,S-1if.'iifE1U g.H"f'1 Sounds 0 PQ u Authorit 2 x 117,-. f. ,, -,-,-1 ,ma ' l'l!!!!2!, ,, -f- . ,!'!L1!!'!"!'!77'?7H!'.!'3"9Y1'5T!!??i77'ff?2D?',!f?f5fP'!jFF'5ECF' Sounds Laughter . urs - - , ---' ' vu- - V-w"--af. 1 fm-, ' r"".:.1g. . --:--2 --A f"f"':!I5-T ,W H'-'fri 'ffiiwf g',"" 14 .1, " 4' H' vvfn mu..1t1GRG21rLm1'F5:!-1.i3'li5.7'Ef,...'::..xl'- ifrrgLtf?1! :'?? .1 X 3:1.'G: ,fEz y-431 ,3dv.Qi44, .3 H 555, E-4 ff U41 ,s QL, -55,3 f, sw Kffff i N ' Q V. 1 wQ-.1,,fgQp,,5Q 7 . x. X Sounds Spirit y Mx x Y 4.3, ' 11 3, 5 L k 1 z .N A M, tv -.x 1 f fa in- 371 'ISL' .-.'f2'f?1J- 153: if-L'-'7:L.1 1'1C-N 21-ff 1-z :.::' 23", "Hr-' -'4 1-: 4f::':r:z:--':- 4: 1 -1: a:.,:- . c:.r'.-ix.:- 1:'11f. .11---1.-'arf 1 :sr --11'---1'2'i2F'r:.-'A:z: .::w:5-ff---E-2' 1--::.:-:-- gg 'L-4 - f uqa .- -5 " , :H-.--. ' Sounds Q Silence X -ii Q K X . .:' '1" X' - - -' T ' "'YzY"'2f B' 'T' " SUP. qi' " "ALL -M' 91.1-',1i'gg.'4-.r-N v:-, I--5,1-.. , M ,,,,,, I I I Administration Principal, GERALD VICKERS RIGHT SEATED: BYRON SMITH, Superintendent STANDING: DONALD GASPER, Assistant BELOW: I. C. BAKER, Counselor BOARD OF EDUCATION: John Heavin, Dick Watt, J. W. Bayless, Gerald Fisher, Charles Masner, Herbert Mathes, Elizabeth Galloway, Chester Babcock, I4 -ff--W English Department Issi VELMA RENEAU M, A, , Wichita State University Teaches English I, II, Remedial, and Practical 5 MELVIN RIGGS M. S. , Kansas State College at Pittsburg Teaches English IIA, IVA, and IVB MIKE ROSEBERY B.A. , Northwestern State College Teaches English IA, and IIIA and IIIB Foreign Language and Library MARY SMITH A. B. , Fort Hays State College A Librarian and French I and II I. R. SMITH B.A., Northwestern State College 5 4 Teaches Spanish I, II, and III W! r f Jan Morrow - - Jonathan Forbes Brad Allen - - - - - Alma - -'- - Pierot ---- Mrs. Walters - Tony Walters - Marie ----- Ellen - - Yvette ---- Miss Conrad - - Supervisor ---- Miss Dickenson Policeman ---- - Bessie ----- Mrs. Frost - - Graham - - Girl in Club - - T ilda ---- Ann-- Stage Crew - - MYREL CARR B S Emporia State Teachers College teaches speech Journalism, debate Speech - - Pam Baird - - ---- David Ryan Doug Warbinton Anita Hamliton - - Scott NCWIO11 LuAnn Hughes Gary Salsberry - - -Linda Croft - Judy Reymer - -Janet Wilson - Linda Croft - - Janet Wilson - -Linda Croft - - Rick Garlow - - Judy Reymer - Linda Croft - David Ward - - Judy Reymer - Judy Reymer - - LuAnn Hughes - - -Steve Lott Floyd Cash I7 Debate RESOLVED: That Congress should prohibit unilateral U. S. Military intervention in for- eign countries. BACK ROW: Curtis Ghormley, Beth Wilcox, Mrs. Myrel Carr, Coach, FRONT ROW: Connie Otis, Howard Schmidt, Terry Otis, Mary Cleveland, Marge Barber, STANDING: Brad Newton Attended meets at Newton, Fredonia, Manhattan, Wichita East, Sterling qregionalj, Alva Okla. l' rf: ,J -Wm S354 Journalism STANDING: Co-Editors David Wyssmann, Janice Barrett, Adviser Mrs. Myrel Carr, SEATED: Eric Jacobsen. ,Af f BOOSTER STAFF Jim Mock, Janice Barrett, Yvonne Lee, Maurita Hudgens Linda Croft, David Wyssmann, Pam Rishell, Pauletta Williams, Mary Catlin, Judy Armstrong, Pam Powell ,, Fw., .,.,f"" " A 'Mi w,,,.4f"u',"d X1 xg' Mathematics A ' f ' ELMER RHODES M. S. Northwestern State College, l Alva, Okla. teaches algebra I,ll, geometry, 5th year math JOHN RYMAN M. S. Kansas State,Teachers College of Pittsburg teaches general math, advanced math, chemistry, physics ? 2' Science Department 1 f I 1 4 TOM COLE B. S. Northeastern Oklahoma State College, Tallequah, Okla. teaches physical science, biology, advanced biology Business BUCILLA BLAIR M. S. Northwestern State College, Alva, Okla. teaches typing I, bookkeeping, office practice, shorthand I Social Sciences RIGHT: J. W. SHURLEY M. S. Northwestern State College, Alva, Okla. teaches American government, his- tory, head basket- ball and tennis coach LEFT: STEVE DOMENICO M.S. North- western State College, Alva, Okla. teaches American history, world history, boys health and P. E. , head football coach BOTTOM: JIM WILLIAMS M. S. Northwest- ern State College, Alva, Okla. teaches psychology, sociology, Kansas history, economics, head cross -country, wrestling , and track coach 22 Physical Education A and Health LAURA CLARK M. S. Emporia State ' 8 teaches gms health and P. E. that I 1 23 24 f ---' f fisimvf .WW " pf-V, ,I AWG 'MQ 'V 'gi Home Economics JANET RICHARDSON B. S. Emporia State Teachers College V teaches clothing, foods, A home living The first domestic science QI-Iome Ec.j lab was located in the basement a , Necxw of the Washington School on a dirt gig-'rats floor with two coal oil stoves and one -3 E- pedal sewing machine. K lf Industrial Arts RALPH JOHNSTON M. S. l A University of Colorado, Greely, Colorado WALTER WIECHEN B. S. Fort Hays State College, Hays f ?f' X 'KM NY S IM' Mamma . ,j g ff J , " f w?jf.',f2 o . ssssa 5 Q' 2 ,,,.,,,,3,g, WV A 1, 4 'ff g. ,. ff 4 U 'TQ elif gg i ' f X fm, ,ff a --wmrg, uw: V,f,,,,, f M .Mfg ' Txfw 1 V V 'ff 775. . ' 1 , ., , f af ff 1 ' Q ' K 2 Zsliwf-,xii 2 5 0, C f X A ,Mx W if su- f X Los-'Lag , X, N ' ' f 1' ' '4..e.x. 1 ' ff WM- ,Vw , ,.-f , we fs ,. , ff sf . f' "icy fx' , , ,suv -lu , :L , if 1 ' 4' aff 3 Special Services TOP RIGHT: Shirley Wyssmann, secretary, Nellie Robinson, book- keeper. TOP LEFT: Mr. Ernest Schwanz, custodian. COOKS: BACK ROW: Bernice Huddleston, Helen Morris, Donna Piersall, Clara Newton, FRONT ROW: Rhoda Holt, Loraine Mess- ner. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Mary Mize school nurse. BOTTOM LEFT: BACK ROW: Mrs. Ellen Rishell, Mrs. Lois Linn, Mrs. Maurine Williams, Mrs. Pat Wil- cox, Mrs. Donna Hanna, FRONT ROW: Jerry Goucher, Roy Birch- enough, Rex Messner, Warner Bon- hert, Bill Brown. 1 fs f I-bf Q ,S J .1 fr ,f P"' Music FAR LEFT: RICHARD BUSBY B. M. Friends University, Wichita directs mixed chorus, Choraliers, ensembles RIGHT: WENDELL HODGES M. M. Wichita State University directs band, stage band, pep band, ensembles -X 3 777+ 3 Anthon "Pirate" Band 1970 The Pirate Band has developed a reputation of playing the finest quality of music and of excellence in performance. The Band has received seventeen consecutive First Division Ratings in State sponsored competition. This record is unexcelled in our state. The solo and ensemble ratings have been compar- able to this example set by the Band. In marching appearances the Band has proven itself as one of the finest in the State. Marching com- petition festivals are relatively new, but the Band has received the highest ratings in all of the festivals entered. The Pirate Band has been honored by being invited for special appearances at Wichita State, Southwestern, Fort Hays State and Emporia State, Another criteria that speaks for the quality of the Band program is a list of Universities, Colleges 1 and Junior Colleges where our Band members have become members of the Bands. The department has been awarded numerous scholarships averaging more than two per year. - 28 E - 'E S I Wnmwmu W,N,,h.,,,,, .. A Stage Band l Beethoven Sextet State I TWIRLERS: LuAnn Hughes , Judy Reymer, Sharon Stewart, Kathy Coffman, and Pam Powell, DRUM MAJOR: Jeff Hodges. Anita Hamilton, Marilyn New ton, Mary Lane, Nancy Foster Marj Barber and Pam Powell, f-- -- Lou Ann Bruey, Becky Reber, Dennis Dodgen, Nancy Dillon, Marj Barber, and David Duweg ROW 1: Jane Jelinek, Jane Denton, Nancy Foster, Jane Duwe, Teresa Mitchell, Mary Lane, Sharon Stewart, and Pam Baird, ROW 2: Dennis Dodgen, Patty Vierthaler, Pam Rishell, Mike Bonham, Phil Hodson, Nancy Dillon and Barbara Poston. ROW 1: Jeff Hodges, Chuck Deuth, Brad Newton, Terry Niemann, Marilyn Newton, Anita Hamilton, Rod Runyan and Bob Wells, ROW 2: Jim Mock, Randy Patterson, Larry Scott, Jim Stitt, Curtis Ghorm- ley, Steve Lott and Mark Bev- ington. ROW 1: Belinda Shelite, 'Nancy Dillon, Marj Barber, Jayne Snyder, Judy Reymer, and Jane Jelinek, ROW 2: Jeff Hodges, Terry Niemann, Jim Mock, Curtis Ghormley, David Duwe, Mark Bevington, and Mary Cleveland. t ""' "'. e--- - Sophomore Sextet Clarinet Choir State I Brass Choir Smte I Soloists Clarinet Quartetl State Il S ll Clarinet Quartet II S Brass Quintet State I J J mgass Sextet State Il Nancy Foster, Pam Baird, Mary Lane and Sharon Stewart. Jane Jelinek, Teresa Mitchell, Jane Denton and Jane Duwe. Jeff Hodges, Chuck Deuth Jim Stitt, Rod Runyan and Jim Mock. Brad Newton, Terry Nie- mann, Curtis C-hormley, Bob Wells, Larry Scott, and Steve Lott. 4 Mixed Chorus Choraliers Z? 12 5 2 2 l Girls Ensemble 4 e Soloists L Mixed Ensemb Mr. Richard Busby has done very well his first year of teaching in-the Anthony school system. The Mixed Chorus received a I rating at both SKL and State Festivals. GIRLS ENSEMBLE State II Joyce Gates, Susan Roth, Margaret Sheen, Ruth Misak, Judy Wilcox, Linda Linn, Anita Hamilton, Janice Barrett, Pam McKee, Annette , Clutter, Marilyn Newton, Pam Baird, Kathy Coffman, Carol And- erson, Debbie Evans, Melissa Mills, Rita Otis, LouAnn Bruey, Kathy Walker, Jane Jelinek, Doris Ale- shite, LuAnn Hughes, and Carol Clutter. ' MIXED ENSEMBLE State I Mary Cleveland, Jeannie Crow, Nancy Foster, Mary Lane, Marilyn Jelinek, Jo Patterson, Lois Scott, Belinda Shelite, Rod Runyan, Mike Brewer, Jerome Gates, Howard Schmidt, Jim Mock, Jeff Hodges, David Walker ,' Curtis Ghormley, SOLOISTS Curtis Ghormley, David Walker, Belinda Shelite, Mary Lane and Jo Patterson. J Mixed Chorus Concert Choraliers rehearse E group? QRGANIZATIQNS -I- ,Iolly Roger Recalls lllemories The Jolly Roger Staff is made up of a group of students who want to work hard ,B get pages in and meet the deadlines. Since this is our last year, the yearbook has been designed to be a memorial of A. H. S. and the staff has tried to find as much history as possible. Many people outside of the organi- zation are to be thanked for their help. We hope this will bring back .memories of high school years. The sponsor is Mrs. Carr. The Jolly Roger Staff members are: Editor ------- Regina Hoopes Assistant ------- Nancy Foster Business Manager - Sharon Stewart Assistant ------ Kathy Walker Jerome Gates Daryl Salser Linda Linn Marge Barber Mary Lane Ruth Misak LuAnn Hughes Mike Bonham Kendall Powell 36 Student Council Achieves Goals Student Cotmcil is the governing body and an organization that gives its members a chance for practical experience in training for citizen- ship. Their goal is to help make a better school and community. The organization is made up of repre- sentatives from classes and organi- zations. The sponsor is Mr. Shur- ley. The officers are President, Gary Robinsong Vice President, David Wardg Secretary-Treasurer, Pam Powell. 37 f vf ff , ' HV, ' 'V 3' "V ye. A 'l M f 4' jf "' N V' if n ' un , '- 1 fs 2 - MI W1 4' M, , 7 lv www, - M52 41 A, ,' :ff 'JW , N w: ,kt I ,wvglzgfgag-. , ,,.,1. , 1 'H wy 1 f " 'VH W4 V J' A ' f ,Sn ,aa , Z-4 ,, . f 4 A 4' A it FTA Experiences Teaching FTA was organized in 1966 to give students an op- portunity to work and decide on a career for themselves. They discuss both sides of teaching and in some cases a member participates in student teaching and experiences what a teacher goes through. The sponsor is Mr. Riggs. The officers are President, Doug Warbintong Vice Presi- dent, Ieff Hodgesg Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Wilcoxg Stuco. Rep. , LuAnn Hughes. , W .. , f f ff! , We V 4 f fv 1 z-,fy 4 ,, '11 iff WM . fw - we Y- Teens Strive Growth in the knowledge and love of God is the Y-teens main goal. They seek to promote un- derstanding, friendship and world peace. Two events each year have been Heart-Sister Week and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. They also had moneyfmaking proj- ects and participated in a drive for cystic fibrosis. Mrs. Blair is the sponsor. The officers are Presi- dent, Rhonda George, Vice Presi- dent, Nancy Foster, Secretary, Mar Laneg Treasurer, Kathy Walker, Stuco. Rep. , Jane Den- - tong Program Chairman, Debbie Fleenor. 1'-111i-.,,l HT FHA Practices Homemaking The FHA, a national organiza- tion of students studying homemak- ing, have sponsored Various parties and money-making projects. The organization promotes an apprecia- tion of family living and home- making. A special highlight of the year was the children's Christ- mas Party. Mrs. Richardson is the sponsor. The officers are President Pam Powell, Vice President, Linda Linng Secretary, Lou Ann Brueyg Treasurer, Judy Reymerg Stuco. Rep. , Regina Hoopesg Historian, Debbie Bonham, Song Leader, Maurita Hudgensg Pianist, Sharon Stewart. if Pep Club Backs Team Pep Club is one of the oldest organi- zations in A. H. S. Its goal is to support the team and boost school spirit. The girls this year are to be commended on their spirit and willingness to make this last year our best while also looking forward to next year and its possibili- ties. The sponsor is Mrs. Smith. The officers are President, Debbie Bonhamg Vice-President, Pam Bairdg Secretary, Jane Nicholsg Treasurer, Marge Barberg Program Chairman, Mary Clevelandg and Stuco. Rep. , Cheryl Bollman. I K A-Club Encourages Pride A-Club was orglanized in 1959. lt is an organization that onors the boys who are out- standing in athletics. It encourages pride in the school, the team and in each boy as an in- dividual. To be a member of A-Club each boy must meet certain requirements. The A-Club sponsors the Faculty-Senior basketball game and also takes part in sending boys to t e Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes Camp. Mr. Domenico is the sponsor. Officers are Presi- dent, Marvin Jelinekg Vice-President, Dave Wardg and Secretary-Treasurer, Bryan Patter- son. Hi- Y Encourages hristian Living To create, maintain, and extend high standards of living throughout the home, school, and community is one of the main goals of the Hi-Y. Clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship are important in order to achieve this goal. The orga- nizations activities are running the concession stand, producing the Thanks giving Assembly, and having a joint garage sale with the A-Club. The sponsor is Mr. Williams. The officers are President, Bobby Reber, Vice Pres- ident, Iim Stittg Secretary-Treasurer, Mike Bonham, Stuco. Rep. , Bob Mizeg Devotion Chairman, David Wyssmann, ATHLETICS U, S4 VARSITY SQUAD BACK: Coach Steve Domenico, Greg Hoopes, Doug Howard, Dave Wyssmann, J. D. Schnackenberg, Howard Van Ranken, Rick Randolph, Coach J, W, Shurley. MIDDLE: Jim Stitt, Gary Moore, Dave Ward, Chuck Dueth, Flint Cooper, Bob Mize, Rich- ard Williams, John McDermott, Terry Niemann, Greg Downing, FRONT: Dennis Downing, Jeff Hodges, Wesley Hughes, Don Pickering, Richard Ball, Dennis Puls, Bobby Reber, Glen Ewertz, Varsity Wins Five SCHEDULE Valley Center O Anthony 18 Medicine Lodge 29 Anthony 22 Clearwater 16 Anthony 26 Caldwell O Anthony 24 Sedan O Anthony 45 Kiowa 14 Anthony 26 Harper 16 Anthony 8 Kingman 20 Anthony 8 LEFT: All Conference Football Players, BACK: Dave Wyssmann - offensive end and defensive end, Bob Mize - offensive center, FRONT: Dave Ward - offensive and defensive back, Dennis Puls - offensive guard and defensive linebacker. 4 FRESI-IMAN -SOPHOMORE: BACK ROW: Brian Hoopes, Sandy Witters, Greg Hoopes, Steve Moore, Eddie Hill, Mike Morgan, Jeff Rorabaugh, John McDermott, Rick Randolph, Coach Walter Wiechen, MIDDLE ROW: Dave Hoopes, Steve Stitt, Gary Pulliam, Greg Baker, Scott Reynolds, Scott Newton, Terry Neimann, Rod- ney Goertz, FRONT ROW: Mike Netahla, Billy Stone, Dennis Robinson, Kirk Stewart, Doug Salser, J, R, Cooper, Ricky Shepard, SENIORS r if ...m Wamego - First Wellington - Second Anthony - First Augusta - Second Mulvane - Seventh Salina - Second Buhler - First Regional - Second State - Fifth Boys Run, to Victory L-R: Marvin Jelinek, Jerry Francis, Pat Ruthuford, Vic Ready, Darell Williams, Allen Francis, Terry Kiser, Larry Scott, David Wilcox, Coach Jim Williams. Y l l Basketball Wins Twent TOP ROW: Coach J. W. Shirley, Doug Warbinton, Dave Wyssmann, Doug Howard, Doug Bradley, J, D. Schnackenberg, FRONT ROW: Terry Kiser, Chuck Dueth, Marvin Jelinek, Jerry Francis ,y Greg Downing. Marvin Jelinek and David Wyss- mann were named outstanding senior athletes at the annual Athletic Banquet. 48 AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS Caldwell Goddard - Medicine Lodge Alva - - Harper - Valley Center Mulva ne Kiowa - - Kingman Caldwell Fairfield Larned - Kinsley - Medicine Lodge Valley Center Harper - Kingman Kiowa - - Caldwell Harper - Fairfield - Ellinwood Harper - - Wrestlers Win Meets W BACKROW: Coach Jim Williams, Eddie Hill, Kirk Reynolds, Roger Mayo, Mark Kastens, Keith Piersall, Flint Cooper, Jeff Cupps, Steve Lott, Charles Dillingham, Kenny Evans, Scott Newton, Kirk Stewart, Scott Reynolds MIDDLE ROW: A-TEAM: George Roth, Howard Van Ranken, Mike Walker, Richard Williams, John Thomas, Bryan Patterson, FRONT ROW: A-TEAM: Dennis Puls, Bob Reber, Glen Ewertz, David Wilcox, Jeff Warden, Dennis Robinson. ik- District - Third Regional - 2 matches AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS AHS 37 17 - Harper 43 9 - Stafford 41 15 - St. John 27 21 - Andale 43 10 - Leon 22 22 - Augusta 22 24 - Blackwell 40 17 - Skyline 41 5 - Coldwater 18 36 - Valley Center 32 18 - Valley Center Third Pratt Tournament ' 1 1 ,r 11 13 12 11 11 12 11 1 1 I -1 11 1 1 .1 1,1 11 11 1 1 11 11 1 11 1-1 12 11 11 1 11 1 11' 1, '1 -1 15' 1.1 11 11 ur gi 1 11 1 1,1 11 ? 1 1. 11 ar 15 1 s 1 I 111 1? ,. 111i 112 1 11' 1 J 1 in X. 1 5 I 1 N-"-"H" f '-' ' " """1"'f'':v4.q32-fl, .. 1 ',1..a,fn.. -,,.,, . Track Produces State Winners ABOVE - L-R: BACK ROW: Greg Hoopes, Terry Niemann, Allen Francis, Gary Moore, Marvin Jelinek, Doug Bradley, Doug Howard, Jim Stitt, Jerry Francis, Vic Ready, Richard-Williams, Coach Jim Williams, FRONT ROW: David Wilcox, Mike Nethala , Brian Hoopes, Steve Moore, David Doherty, Gary Pulliam, David Hoopes, Kirk Stewart. The 1970 Track Team started out with a bang and ended with a bigger one. They finished a surprise third at Regional. Then came back winning Second at State by l!2 point. Jerry Francis and Marvin Ielinek were out- standing members this year. Jerry broke 2 school records. Pole vault at 16 feet 6 318 inches. The long jump at 21 feet 9 1X2 inches. Marvin was an outstanding distance runner in the state. Marvin broke the school mile mark of 4:22. 7. The mile relay team composed of Greg Hoopes, Gary Moore, Richard Williams, and Vic Ready set the school record 3:27.9. They won Regionals and placed third at State. ' BELOW - L-R: Vic Ready, Greg Hoopes, Rich Williams, Gary BELOW: Jerry Francis, Moore, Mile Relay Team, - ' l O Col ers Drwe to r 0 W U18 ABOVE - L-R: Randy Patterson, Bob Jackson, Denis Downing, Scott Newton, Bryan Patterson Terry Kiser, Howard Hatfield, Chuck Deuth, Bill Stone, Greg Downing, Kieth Piersall, Ed- die Hill, Steve Lott, Coach P. D. Hatfield. Regionals - Third QFour many Kingman Invitational - Third fFour many Circle Invitational - Second fFour many Boys Swing Into Action ABOVE - L-R: BACK ROW: Dennis Robinson, Jim Mock, David Walker, Wesley Hughes, John McDermott, FRONT ROW: Brad Newton, Doug Warbinton, Dave Wyssmann, Jeff Hodges RIGHT 1 Jeff Hodges, Doug Warbinton finished 2nd in Doubles at state. Anthony Invitational Tourney - 5th Buhler Invitational Tourney - 4th S. K.L. Tennis Tourney - 2nd Regional Tournament - Doug W. and Jeff Hodges finished 2nd in doubles. WX N X NN 7 f 'V gm A 1 mum X , 8 Girls Active in Tennis A SQUAD BACK ROW: Judy Wilcox, Beth Wilcox, Janice Barrett, Kathy Coff- man. FRONT ROW: Marge Barber, Rhonda George, SCHEDULE Sept. 8 Duel: Burlington 7 Anthony 2 15-19 Duel: Burlington 8 Anthony 4 25 Tri: Wichita 7 Harper 5 Anthony 6 30 Quad Hutchinson 17 Harper 10 Medicine Lodge O Anthony 9 OCI. 4 SKL: GCOIgC. lst Coffman -Barret 3rd 7 Quad: Buhler 5 Harper O Anthony 2 Sharon 4 B SQUAD Christie Patterson, Mary Lane, Doris Ale- shire, LuAnn Hughes, Judy Denton, Jane T Duwe, Pat Christy, BOTTOM LEFT: Coach, Laura Clark. , ww: Z',pi,w1f?f ' Mi? 7'7W4f4-' QM Vw NS W wa-'f:,,f,,pf,, . , . N , 1, ,MAH 7 0, ,ma w,,..,,,,,,W f f wif f 1 ,, . , J , A 1. ' r '2 WW fwfffw- - 1 ia 'M 4 , f -, 5 1 f ff in 1 'fi V f7f77'f'ff wffwfffi--www W1 .WWW 4, if , ,,i,,,f:: ,Wi f KWW, Q Q f Wwfve MH, vs, WW My W Z . W, 4 4 ,,,, , - , Q ,, 5 5 f . 'f frff-fffwa, mf-,ffh MJ!-'Tin ', 'rw -f MWQ,-,,,,, f ',rff f,, 'Wir wfff f ' ' MM, ,,, ,f,,M,,,,,,,,..,,y,, I, f, ,NMX , 1. , ,,,..,,, ff ffriswymff vfwf pw f , f :,fwfw1f4z-:rm 4, rw? ,,.,, 1 MW"Zf7..,W2441,,wW 1 X, ,f H V' -p 4 ,V,yW,fr.g QW, 4.5 U is 11, , - rg .-V,,W.+ qff.,yWf.fWmffermwwk,,,, 0 ,ff4,,,,W'-A Qi , . 7 eff'-w fe'mZffW?ffZWWZ5gwwzgwwzf f' H gg 2,5 Z2 2 fffyf-rj f 5 5 , , 4 4 g 9 Wf,,,f,ggs',,,ff. f., ,,y,m'?-aww . ,J Q + W , ,, 4.2 W7f..z,migWzf?7WW4Mwflyfgj Wa, 4 H ,Zia . . , W, 1, M Q M 4 e - 1 rf,1ff.r- 'WZ' hgff-,',Wff " 5-r,wM2 - 4-3 7!7?fmrf,,,WZff4W ,, 45,74 ,ZZ , 1, ' , yum My J, 4 1 .Mm ,fx 7 55 FAVCRITES b-. Mr. and Miss jolly Roger 0 1970 Mr, and Miss Jolly Roger are sponsored by the yearbook. Candidates are selected by the staff. As each person purchases a yearbook, he votes for a couple, PAM POWELL and DOUG WARBINTON Janet Wilson, Doug Howard - Jayne Synder, Terry Niernann Janet Myer, Doug Bradley 57 1969 Football ueen Crowned Debbie Gardner Reigned Each class nominated two girls as queen candi- dates. The student body selected four from the following: Rhonda George, Debbie Gardner, Pam Baird, Marilyn Newton, Teresa I-lughbanks, Cecilia Duran, Cheryl I-Iodson and Jayne Snyder, The following queens have reigned in the past years. A Linda Woody Cheatum '60 Carolyn Jacobson Hatfield JOAHD Duncan Randels '61 Sandra Smith Downing Roberta Cordwell ,Duncan '62 Pat Roach Schrack Shirley I-Iolt Montague ' Myrna Walters Williams ' Paula Behrmann Hendrick ' Sydney Smith Swafford ' Charlotte Fox Ediger ' Marilyn Tague Roach ' Mary Lou Frazier Klenda 63 64 65 66 67 68 Dana Dial Osborn Vickie Warner Patterson Donna Headberg Elliott Billie Jane Kiser Janie Goertz Susan Warner RHONDA GEoRGE PAM BA1 58 Q RD MARILYN NEWTICN CHRISTIE PATTERSON i Each class nominated two girls as queen candidates. The student body selected four from the following, Christie Patterson, Jayne Snyder, Beth Ewertz, Pam Angle, Leigh Ann Prouse, Diane Bruey, Rhonda George, Janice Barrett. The following queens have reigned in the past year. '55 Joan Denny '63 Connie Carr '56 Henrietta Nye '64 Janie Coon '57 Saundra Warnock '65 Sue Ann7Stark '58 Marilee Carr '66 Carol Warner '59 Valerie Mills '67 Debbie Snyder '60 DeAnn Olmstead '68 Peggy Wilson '61 Dea Ingram '69 Beth Patterson '70 Christie Patterson Basketball Squad Honors Freshman '62 Sherry Harris Rhonda, Jayne, Christie, Diane, Janiee - J l,,,-,-,....-....,f -f'P --6-:Mfr 1-ee 5+-it af-W Linda Linn Crowned Final Relay ueen The relay queen is a senior. Each class draws a name of the four girls elected by the student body as its candidate. The queen is decided by the class selling the most tickets and its maid of honor is al- so an attendant. i Pam Powell, Jane Ielinek, Queen Linda Linn, Doris Aleshire, Janice Barrett. 21 A be David Duwe Nancy Je linek Scott Newton Cheryl I-Iodson Pirate and Pnette reign over the all-school carnival sponsored by Stuco. Candiates of the class turning in the most money are crowned. RHONDA GEORGE GREG DOWNING bl SENIORS Barber, Debbie Bollman, Cheryl Cleveland, Mary Deuth, Chuck Downing, Greg George, Rhonda Hoopes, Regina Kiser, Terry Lee, Yvonne Linn, Linda Newton, Brad Patterson, Bryan Powell, Pam Robinson, Gary Runyan, Rod Warbinton, Doug Wilcox, Elizabeth Williams, Kathie Pickering, Don JUNlORS Allenbach, Jan Baird, Pam Bradley, Doug Croft, Linda Cupps, Jeff 'l'Numbers denote 9 weeks on honor roll, S, semester, Fourth period grades not available. Honor Students Recognized Foster, Nancy Ghormley, Curtis Hodges, Jeff Hughes, Wesley Lane, Mary Payne, John Prouse, Leigh Ann Rishell, Pam A Wells, Bob Williams, Richard Mayo, Doris Stewart, Sharon Salser, Daryl Newton, Marilyn SOPHOMORES Barber, Marge Bruey, Lou Ann Clutter, Annette Dillon, Nancy Ewertz, Beth Hoopes, Greg Hughbanks, Teresa Hibbard, Ruth Mandevill, Tresa Otis, Terry Powell, Kendall Reber, Becky Rutherford, Pat Scott, Larry Van Ranken, Doug Waldschmidt, Mark Whisman, Barbara Walker, Kathy FRESHMEN Bevington, Mark Clutter, Carol Cooper, J. R. Downing, Cecilee Fisher, Mary Goertz, Rodney Hill, Eddie Jelinek , 'Jane Hoopes, David Patterson, Christie Pope, Kay Pulliam, Gary Porter, Teresa Robinson, Dennis Salser, Doug Schmidt, Howard Snyder, Jayne Walker, Pat Walker, Susan Debbie Barber, valedictorian, leads Rod Runyan, saluta- rian , off stage. CON GRATULATIO NS' '-'4"l"0 A NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: ROW l: Gary Robinson, Rhonda George, Debbie Gardner, Beth Wilcox, Terry Kiser, Rod Runyan, ROW 2: Mr. Melvin Riggs, sponsor: Jeff Hodges, Chuck Deuth, Doug Warbinton, Pam Powell, Nancy Foster, Curtis Ghormley, Gary Moore, I I SPEECH ARTS students rated high in festivals. Those receiving I rating in District qualified for State. District contestants above., ROW 1: Tresa Mandevill, Connie Otis, Margaret P Sheen, Kathy Walker, Nancy Foster, Linda Croft, Beth Wilcox, LuAnn Hughes, ROW 2: Debbie Barber, Scott Newton, Mark Bevington, Pam Baird, Howard Schmidt, Curtis Ghorm- I lay, Brad Newton, Janet Wilxon, Marge Barber, SKL Contestants below, ROW l: Tresa Mandevill, Connie Otis, Margaret Sheen, Kathy Walker, Judy Reymer, Linda Croft, Beth Wilcox, Janet Wilson, ROW 2: Jane Nichols, Debbie Barber, Mark Bevington, Steve Lott, Howard Schmidt, Gary Salsberry, Curtis Ghormley, Brad Newton, LuAnn Hughes, Marge Barber. if 1 ig 6 1 STATE - I Debbie Barber Beth Wilcox Brad Newton Nancy Foster Janet Wilson Scott Newton l Mark Bevington DISTRICT - I Debbie Barber Beth Wilcox Brad Newton Nancy Foster Janet Wilson Scott Newton Mark Bevington Linda Croft Curtis Ghormley Howard Schmidt Marge Barber Tresa Mandevill Margaret Sheen Connie Otis NFL Promotes Citizenship The value of membership in the A National Forensic League is the encouragement and incentive it gives a person to become an ef- fective speaker, and hence, a more successful and more influen- tial citizen. - Membership in a na- tional honor society is the objec- tive of the ambitious and forward looking high school student, Through NFL students may partici- pate in Debate, Forensics and Stu- dent Congress. Boys ' State The American Legion sponsors Boys' State that the boys may learn the workings of government. The boys campaign and take office 's in city, county and state of- fices. Locals Clubs help pay the expense. Jerome Gates, Jeff Cupps, Bob Wells, Wesley Hughes. Girls 9 State Girls' State is spon- sored by the American Legion Auxiliary. The purpose is to educate young women in duties, privileges, rights and responsi- bilities of American Citizenship. Mary Lane, Nancy Foster. , , sal l n 'l "A" TEAM: Dori Alshire, Janice Bar- rett, Debbie Gardner, Cecilia Duran, Marilyn Newton. Five "A" Team Cheerleaders are elected in the spring that they may go to cheerleading camp. This spring 3 cheerleaders were elected from An- thony and 3 from Harper for Chaparral High. E "B" TEAM: Jayne Snyder, Jan Allen- bach, Cheryl Hodson, Janet Myers. Four "B" Team Cheerleaders are elected inthe fall. Two will be elected from Anthony, and 2 from Harper in the fall. l as J J aa Parents Entertain L la Paris de la N uit SENICRS 1 -3 i Seniors Face Final Year at AHS DORIS ALESHIRE R CAROL ANDERSON JUDY ARMSTRONG Rvws' DEBBIE BARBER JANICE BARRETT CHERYL BOLLMAN ? FLOYD CASH MARY CLEVELAND KATHY COFFMAN JEANIE CROW CHUCK DEUTH CHARLES DILLINGHAM Seniors Paint Victor Bell GREG DOWNING KATHY DROSSELMEYER MARY ESLINGER r ,W If ,T.,w-?,q? W DEBBIE EVANS GLEN EWERTZ JERRY FRANCIS RICHARD GARLOW Seniors Thirst at Senior-Faculty Game JOYCE GATES RHONDA GEORGE xff:- xp . ww S: REGINA HOOPES DOUG HOWARD I Beth Wilcox likes watermelon! MAURITA HUDGENS DEBBIE QBONI-IAMJ HUNT IOHNNIE IEFFERIES MARVIN IELINEK . 73 I Seniors Promote School Spirit I W' , f ,MQQWM "Q,,fffffC,wW ' ' ,MW ww ,Q ' TERRY KISER YVONNE LEE LINDA LINN MELISSA MILLS BRAD NEWTON .TIM NICHOLS DIANNE OAKES RITA OTIS BRYAN PATTERSON DON PICKERING TERRY POSTON PAM POWELL BOB REBER KIRK REYNOLDS GARY ROBINSON X-' 1 DARYL RORABOUGH GEORGE ROTH ROD RUNYAN LOIS ANN SCOTT DOUG SIEFERT MARSHEL STAMM DAVID STARKS HM STITT BONNIE CDUNCANJ SWAFFORD HOWARD VAN RANKEN MIKE WALKER DOUG WARBINTON DAVE WARD I DEBBIECGARDNERJ WARD JEFF WARDEN Bryan Patterson, Pres. 3 A Mr. Baker, Sponsorg Jerry Francis, Stuco. Rep.g Mrs. Smith, Sponsorg Mr. Shurley, Sponsorg Marvin Jelinek, Sec. -Treas. 3 Dorie Aleshire, Stuco. Rep. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Greg Downing, Vice Pres. BETH WILCOX KATHY WILLIAMS DIANE QPARSONSJ WYCKOFF DAVID WYSSMANN JuNloRs Juniors Show Spirit Jan Allenbach Richard Ball Pam Baird Doug Bradley Diane Bruey Fred Calderon Lola Calderon Gene Carothers Mary Catlin Pat Christy Jim Coady Flint Cooper Linda Croft Jeff Cupps Jane Denton Denis Downing Jane Duwe Tommy Dyke Nancy Foster Evon Friend Jerome Gates Nancy Gates Curtis Ghormley Dickey Greve Helina Guerra X7 w 'V' 4 A Y I 5,,. ,.,, - W I 1 1 fx 4 ' , ,ff 1 ' 4k ' ,, f, fw wg , , sffonz 5' pi Q, 1 W .,. 1 - ,ad M.. -W . 1 ,.,,' mf, A 3' my 4.0. ,A f 'I ,lf-.. G , I W , 1 ,, 4 Q4 ., Z. Ti'- J, I ,...,,'g f ,ff I , ',"':n, ,M 4 5 'V 7 x , , f,,, ,, fy! -.402 f ' X .,'lMau,t f y ? ,gs W ,f f f 325 af Anita Carl Jeff V Jeff Lu Ann Hamilton a Hanna Headberg Hodges Hughes Juniors Are Active 2 " f, X, Q M , ,W L -W-f faffff -aa -2 af A 1... 4 f ff 'K " H f " ' 1 f WW , ,W ..,,, W., Wesley Marilyn jane M ary pam Hughes Jeliflek Knoell Lane Mg-:Kee "JN Nas-mai f ? . , X ff ,'ff2"ff'. n , Urol , .9 tl, fg. v W Q, WWMW Rn 'f ff ,.,4- A z W'.aagx , 'QQ-'M it fvffyf' . R fV Wu -adi if 5 ry .1-4 f f 5 ga , .. f 'Q , ,f Aff W Rf . fy! f , Q r an I MA. , , Q, fy' .1911 X M ' wwf I V lf! ., ff, x .- -, Sf ff , CEM ff !,,!6f,f,Q , V al, , ' wmwm f if fe ' fl 14 of I A ff V in f l ', y 1 is Z Z f I ' Qi' ' Z f , Z X 1 4' ff X X X f 40 fix X f f ff J fa 1 jf . 4 , M 3 7 L W X ,Qf, ,,Mf ' ,, ,, f, 4. V Q - ff , f X 4 , , I f at V f , ,Z ! U ,,, fi' , , .. ,.. f, , 1 6 M , ,500 , W 1 . , ff 1 W f ,V , , Mr Doris Mayo Roger Wanda Rodney Ruth R Mayo Mayo Miller Misak Teresa Mitchell Bob Mize Jim Mock Gary Moore Marilyn Newton Io Patterson Randy D, I0h1'1 Mark Leigh Ann DGHHTS Patterson Payne Pfeifer Prouse Puls YC!! , A? . find by f 4 , f ffpyf 4 f' aa iffy , f f rmw -W l 'Z'-M V! w 'W Z4-ff M, ,,,,,, If X 'Wynn ta J if of ,f M Q gf f fa M 4 M Z fy My X My fV,,, Z if 7 af, NN ra., Judy Reymer lam Pam Rishell David Ryan X Gary Salsberry D ' Daryl Salser J. D. Schnackenberg Sharon Stewart John Thomas David Walker Jeannie Walker Bob Wells Judy Wilcox . 1 ,' 'Quia ,,-ff iff' ff 4,3 , ff!v,,,,f':giM' 1 ' 1' 0" " ' , . . . f f f' V .1 ' . Richard Williams 23 2 9 I if Pauletta Williams 4 an Janet Wilson if J ,, X ' f QQ f Y , " f -, K--NX , 'ggi Hrs-Fifa 2-If 'f , 217. may ' 4-.wr .,,,bah0Js- if E X 4, r Ka ,l,, r 7"fffgf',5'5',?V 15' 3' as S' ,. .., X' SV f 17 ' ,., 4. I 3' 5 I 4' ' 9 A ,fy ,FV L3",SV' 45" ' .--' M sf'Z"hW . X yr ,.-, sw .X.- f sz if 51 I ,9. f ., AS, gs- C f sv K xr sp rs' , ff ,, , 1 0 A ,, ,WA,Wm WbmWhWWWf , , , m. M,,ml X r. A , M W , , 'gwnMMZ,,,Zxff,,,,:Z,':7A , A .WWWW!Wh.-375r:7,.,.:.417,0,5,W? X W A , af f 'MW iff- ,R f ' f ,J J f'Hh-ff 5 fr vfz4.,,,,yQl4jA4?! t W 'Q fa fy 'Z , I f r , 2 MA , V ! Y ,,,,. , Q 5 , ,,,,, r- " ' rr f 5 'r -'kw a 7 3 "7" W7 , JON Q ff 'R - G 1 V F ' sm, r f 4 1 ,,. W ef . M, 1149, A , fm,4M.Mfm,,,,.,a 5 ,af r , ,.,,.,,,, SW. ,,,,, ,, ,V,, 1 Zi ,,,,, , , ., ., ,, , or ,O , - , cf fir ,F"""l , Mig -Y J "' AW ' - sf,:fg ,V ,. ,ai ,,,, ,,,, .L "" , arss R .,g,9," , Mgagag 1- if-' -' Qgffy if ,A-"Ig QQ 4 - 0 I 4: ? A- ' r X g L. 'k.J,f,' S, 'N his dw-1 fyisfhfs fr- Jw OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: Pres, Bob Mizeg Vice-Pres, Doug Bradleyg Sec. -Treas, Mary Laneg Stuco Nancy Gate Richard Ball quot picturedj. Sponsors: Mrs. Blair, Miss S R61'163.Ll, MI, Ry1'I13I'1, MI. DO' menico. Juniors Discover Chaparral X f f v 2 Z , X 0 ,Q h , , 4 , ,f 4 W, ' 85 SOPHOMORES d .,,A, j xr - 411.-'3lQ'x.?'+lf f S I , if f f 9' at 0 Q 'gl Z1 49' Sf QQ Mig!! ska i if f 0 7 7 'fx " i . , JL 'G -z,.-alas, M f -ff., My , yy 5 Ag, M , f , Q , li Nancy Dillon Dennis Dodgen Pam Angle Rodney Ball, Frances Bahr Marjorie Barber Lydia Berry Lou Ann Bruey Mike Bonham Rick Bunch Annette Clutter Jeffrey Cullop Judy Denton Kenneth Dillingham ,xx 4 , , " Q ,,,m.f,, n f 7' V - no if i9 f i Cecilia Duran 'Wi ' TM 1' fi ,, w J ' - fgh J ,Z -,, 1 ,aff ,,11f , X f 1 y 1,- MW ff 1 ,7?"" fr , 4 f ff David Duwe X X I uk mm - . ,.-W-.,.,agv1...--, ,-e-:2v-::::' ""smu"'- """" Larry Graves Howard Hatfield Ruth Hibbard Phil Hodson Gregory Hoopes Linton Hoover Teresa Hughbanks Dennis Hughes Bobby ,Jackson Nancy Jelinek Richard Jelinek Mark Kastens l R -' 'Q f,:QW'x - if "x , . ' fs? , 6,9 ,ss s EK kms , 5 e a l is - A s 5 Q S - 'X ff f f wvvzs H r V f- ,QQVLW :Yr Y, X ' V Y 1 .. I L fx" vm - e , . X f X ' 9 5 5' 'W' N' X ss X is 1 . Nfl Q r ,gr X NW ,, Q15 is X XQQQX ss S- - 's kit x KY E : Roger Fowler Allen Francis . Beth Ewertz 'S if I f f, , O 2 W ff s MW, X Q I .. Wi W, -.xl GS ,, f y ffz , f 1-4 , X 'f 4 , 1 PRX 2. y, .X , ,, , ax s f 1 y. Q... I fksf VV f ' M? N :f 'zu I gf 'zu is .' ff . .Q ,f ffm. gf E 4 K o f f in Q ff -fra x? W 64 Z 7 sf .ffitwi , ,f tc' Z7 , XJ ,, -I K X V f f wah , V AIAI 7 4 ..--- , f Q. " ff U,,,.wX . aff! ' r I s EW X P f Q f an gf 71 LA 2 I ' '- f f 4- W 'f W of -s' 1 .','X fs Q ,Q , ' 4 at ,ff f lo af, " fp' ' .' .Z .,.. , s M .s ,, , mf, ,ts ,- V, 6 s- , . f .., K f I i sw, Janice Kirby Steve Lott John McDermott Tresa Mandevill Mike Martin Gary Misak Terry Niemann Jane Nichols Roxanne Nottingham Pete Nulik Dana Osborn Donnie Otis Y! za P f My f , f ff , , P2 , . 1 ASV Terry Otis Randy E, Patterson Keith Piers all fQ?76 X ! I I ff X I ' , Go to it, Sophs! Kend all Powell W ,4 Betty Quick Ricky Randolph Victor Ready Becky Reber Vickie Ricks Susan Roth r Pat Rutherford Larry Scott Margaret Sheen Doug VanRanken Debbie Wade Mark Waldschmidt Q WW W M ft yi ,- f WW VW 'M ft WW WW! , N J., . I , ,if,, 4 M WWW ,pf f ff , fn ,if I ,ft 5, -',2Mf',,,,W ff ff ', ' , f fi . X 4" X V 0 V QW t i ,3Lw!Z3Q is f ff 4 ff f fl W M ,M W lf! X I M, W if ff WWW, f ff 'M ,ff My f I , .,l ,114 f' lx ., 4 , K lui fx , , KVW6 f iyl f Q' mfr 7 ' WC V If 4 ,, Sophs show spirit, Kathy Walker Barbara Whism an Darrell Williams Lori Witters 2 f, f 41 if U4 . A i SO fx .S f 1 I lar' OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: Pres. Larry Scottg Vice -Pres. Terry Niemanng Sec. -Treas. Darrell Williamsg fnot picturedj Stuco Kathy Walker, Greg Hoopes. Sponsorsg Mr. Johnston, Mr. Cole Mr. Rhodes fnot picturedy, FRESHMEN mf V iff' V, f ff W ,, f f ffilf C- gg f f , lj..-3 di rf ' 42 x..,,,,,f Qh' A V ,Q C7 ,A., Avi? ,gf f, , ' 1 3,1 ' ,KAAVV ,fl f X , S w - f':'2', fm 'O Mf f f if f f ', 5 Z ,Mc M170 VW M 1 , ' f I 45 , f i g 04527552 f ,f , Q, 4 UM! f S W 5 i ,. . Q X -, ,5g,,, 1 Z LQ i f ' 7 ff , ,, , 472252 1 fr QW Ziff' X - np 44' MWA As.-,lv , r I, " X fx' 0 i 64- , 4' II' f '. Q gf fy awe, f -' , ,, ,,,, . .1 zv ,fu www hw , ' U ,ff f f .fi ,l , fav X M Z K Z """'V" X5 ffl' 7' ..-- Q f .ww X Z ff M ff ff 4 Z No More Cats! I Susan Andrews Gre Baker Mark Bevington Paul Bollman Mike Brewer David Carmichael Debbie Christy Carol Clutter I. R. Cooper David Denton David Doherty Cecilee Downing in Q 5 ! A Kenny Evans Lonnie Ferda Mary Fisher Rodney Goertz David Headberg Eddie Hill Cheryl Hodson Brian Lee , af,-f4""' ' 1,21 ' I-Ioopes Q' ff! ff x X f ff 1 f ff WC K , fee .ffwgff W Y 413 I J X D-Wld HOOPSS fl if i l im? MH Q Jane Jelinek Lauri Jones N by Cindy Kiser l Sally Linn M L if! N 15 i l i 5 H. D. Mayo 35, Janet Meyer or Kitty Mitchell 13 Steve Moore ll f' 1 94 , I , . 1 ,,,, L, ff ,rs ff W, 1111... K .. W, V-af. ...,,..,,,. Q rf ,l ff H X , M f , ,,. 2 f-"' f 1 'C 44 f f ., 4 Q-fgf,f?,.. f N r ,z ,QW Q V if f 'X 2 M T"' Wflf"'f2' ' Y -, 1 I g if X , W-W, ,l Christie Patterson Kay Pope , 7g W rf A 1 f W 73 J33' of Q g xyga f fffff fx 1 - :fuf ff " ax f' -, . . 2 mis", AX ox f y Q I K , 2 1 , 'Q , S f 5 , , Q-...dagyg Q Tm 9 C . QNVQ X' SA XWS' My . Q I Q-4 tw g f Q A mf KM ,V N! ,. ,:, 1 4,A:L!,'. I . , ' f 6 ,,'jf,E9' ff ,. - my ff Mike Morgan Mike Netahla Scott Newton Connie Otis Freshmen M Search Teresa Porter Barbara Poston 1 , Gary Pulliam Martin Rishell Dennis Robinson Jeff Rorabaugh Brenda Ryan Douglas Salser Howard Schmidt Pamela Scott 95 Debbie Seifert Belinda Shelite Rick Shepard Jayne Snyder Kirk Stewart Steve Stitt Billy Stone Pattie Vierthaler Freshmen Learn Through Experlenee WV ' V X ,fL-f,7w'4f.fff,7'w X W, Mmfffl 'f ff' ff' OFFICERS AND SPONSORS: Pres. Dennis Robinsong Vice- Pres. Kirk Stewartg Sec, - Treas. Mike Netahlag Stuco Jane Ielinek, Greg Baker, Sponsors: Mr, Williams, fnot picturedj, Mr. Smith, Mr. Wiechen, Advertising The RED BARN DRIVE-INN isa "favorite" of AHS students. The Red Barn was built on April 7 , 1969 on the corner of North L8aG and Garfield. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Powell are the proud owners of this fabu- lous drive-inn where fine food is always served. BELOW: fLeft to rightj Roxanne Nottingham, Jane Nichols, Laurie Jones, and Pam Powell are busy working on orders at the Red Barn. B RGERS g HMUl TOP - LEFT: CONGRATULATIONS A. H. S. on your past record and achieve- ments. Good luck and full speed ahead for your future at CHAPARRAL HIGH. ANTHONY LAUNDRY at DRY CLEANERS Kenneth B. Foster, owner class of 1929 TOP - RIGHT: Pam McKee helps Jane Jelinek with her purchase from M'LADYS. LEFT: AHS students enjoythe comfort of GAMBLES furniture after being shown around by Alden Ma jor. LEFT: Mrs. Ron Hill, a 1953 graduate of AHS, helps AHS students as they pick up after-school snacks at RON'S FOODLINER. A 99 AHS Class Rings at Marshallgs 1 Mr. Ed Marshall, of MARSHALL JEWELRY is showing LuAnn Hughes and Gary Salsberry the 1971 AHS Class Rings. The '71 rings are the last ones to have an Anthony Pi.- rate on them. The '72 rings will be a different style with a Chapar- ral High Roadrunner on them. "Peace99 Says Bill Green 0,511 ,. H M f , ,, W f, ,, ,,..i , f AHS students don 't think Bill Green is any square! He is 4 shown here outside HOW ARD -GREEN f5'f2"'f" iran .0-n...t,.ndnf-s my-.L an-... ., REAL ESTATE 85 IN- SURANCE COMPANY, giving the peace sign, as he shows AHS stu- dents around. l LEFT: Melissa Mills, waitress at MARK'S GRILL, takes orders from Diane Bruey and Wanda Mayo. CENTER LEFT: Roger Andrews, of HAD- -SALL 8a ANDREWS INSURANCE, gives ad- Vice to his daughter, Susan, and friends. 4 5 Z Z V 1 1 5'fwf4'w-V-. TG - f P 1 I ABOVE: Carl offers Parn a mum from ANTHONY FLORAL. H0 LEFT: Rod Runyan helps David Duwe choose slacks from IETTS men's depart- ment, los , V .. -- A-, ..., 1-.-:."1- '. -1-1-f-A-'ha-w ':::.:--V ':w.'.:. z: : --' E i and new The FIRST NATIONAL BANK both old KANSAS offers service to AHS students. I ' e 'W ' X MY' M ' Leigh Ann and Daryl enjoy a Pepsi from our pop machine. WICHITA PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. , INC. A Pepsifs Got a Lot to Give! LEFT: AHS students look at menus as they Visit with Mr. Hamilton and Anita at HAMlLTON'S CAFE. BELOW LEFT: Jeff Warden is busy stocking shelves at LARRY'S IGA. BELOW: Nancy and Jim drink a , toast to milk, "Nature 's Goodness at its Best," by GOLD SPOT DAIRY PRODUCTS. i f? nf' fwg, . Ps. u ' Q f fl gf--Fa RIGHT: Mr. Fox helps AHS stu- dents at FOX'S GROCERY. BELOW: Dave and Jim argue who was first and size doesn'tL count! DENNY KLEPPER OIL CO. T Silva Ugins , 1995 1 J RIGHTS AHS SW' ss sess.,,ses.u dents try out truck at VALLEY LUMBER COM- PANY. D S D i 1 2 x fi S, S S: 4, gl Q 1 1 ! 1 fa QI ez I 1 , x J I The elevator QI, ,...,, ,iv lm, , I I truck w 5 w ll N! 4 V I 1 l 5 and office 1 all are part of the E ANTHONY Co-OP. Ei l05 RIGHT: You can't miss the SUPREME MARKET sign on West Main. BELOW: Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Harris work in the office. The picture on the wall shows the original Su- preme Market in 1937. BELOW RIGHT: AHS students have a hard choice between the many different selections at Supreme 's bakery. 54' 1 2 .-. f 5lif:1.,.L 'X We 0 I A .E,,W,..- ABOVE: AHS students visit the modern facili- ties of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK. LEFT: The Citizens National Bank has greatly improved from what it was several years back. BELOW: AHS students make banking their busi ness. RIGHT: Beth and Judy Wilcox serve AHS students at the "hang- out" of Anthony, the IRON BUTTER FLY. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Howard Wil- liams helps Richard Williams and Wesley Hughes try on coats in MUELLER BROS. CENTER RIGHT: AHS students look over the 1970 cars at ROACH CHEVROLET-OLDSMOBILE. RIGHT: Mrs. Billie Meade and daughter Valerie Myers are busy styling hair at the LA BONITA beauty salon, 'W mTLlRE stunt "Per ormance Counts" at Phillips 66 ABOVE LEFT: Customers enjoy the quick, con- venient service they get at PHILLIPS 66 from Greg Mason and Johnny Jeffries. ABOVE: The ideal way to wash a car, in back of Phillips. LEFT: Marilyn and Cecilia enjoy having their cheerleading outfits cleaned at COON'S. BELOW: AHS students pass by CARR FURNITURE STORE as they load furniture. Founded Sept. 19143 proprietors are Harold '26, Iro '28 and Vernon '38. 4l-, , ,X , ,gi , 4 1 ' svdk:if2'1'f1f35, - 1.1133 9 ' I Q I 1 2 1 ' I 4 4 ABOVE: Customers enjoy the attractive- ness of the new IRWIN 85 POTTER qRexal15 Drugstore. RIGHT: AHS students pick out their favorite albums at HODSON ELECTRIC. BOTTOM RIGHT: Wesley Hughes, Richard Williams, and I. R. Cooper help themselves to the mens depart- ment at B 85 C CLOTHING store. I have been asking you to HWATEH THE BIRDIE" for many years. I hank you for the privilege of recording for posterity your days in Anthony High School. May I continue, as longas I can make a picture, contribute to your uated with the class of '36 from An- thony High School, longl before you were born. Yet I feel t at I am grad- uating with every class that passes through these ha lowed halls. The photo to the left first appeared in an Anthony High School Annual in 1920. It was in 1969 that I formed "TALENT UNLIMITED" through which many schools and organiza- tions obtain bands and other acts. May it, like FANNING STUDIO serve the youth of our area for many years to come. Good Luck. FANNING STUDIO and TALENT UNLIMITED 106 1X2 West Main I I0 Anthony, Kansas 67003 memories through these pages. I grad- ,- 4 YL X AHS students out for sports will be happy to come to PlPER'S for an assortment of sporting goods and other fine articles. LFE' Ring Seal The Chaparral High School ring and seal were specially designed by: L, G. BALFOUR Co. Attleboro, Massachusetts Representative Paul McClellan SEARS ROEBUCK Congratulations Class of 1970 Elliott Mortuary ABOVE: AHS students experience the painting of a car and the skillfulness of Fred Jones Body Repair. FRED'S BODY REPAIR Body - paint - glass - radiator free estimates - all work guaranteed. Vernon D. Elliott. Victor M, Elliott. Chris Allan Elliott. Fred A- Jones Phone 842 '3423 Richard Kirk Elliott. 308 W. Main Anthony, Kansas Dr. B. L. Gardner Erwin A. Peterson, dntst. Wood W. Runyan, atty. FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICES ALICE L. YAGER REAL ESTATE BUSH PLUMBING 85 HEATING BEVINGTON SHOE SHOP INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER PIERSALL BARBER SHOP MARDIS ELECTRIC DENNY'S BARBER SHOP ANTHONY MOTOR CO. C 85 S WELDING SHOP F ANKHAUSER MOTORS RUSTY 'S BARBER SHOP DUCKWALLS Donna Headberg Elliott. Clifford Dennis Elliott, 1942 1944 1963 1966 1966 1967 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Anthony Hospital Medical Staff Dr. P. I. Antrim Dr. I. F. Duffy Dr. H. L. Galloway Dr. L. R. Kirby Dr. W. H. Mitchell Boosters ANTHONY HARDWARE ANTHONY PLUMBING at HEATING J. C. PENNEY CO. BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP CLEVELAND CLEANERS CAMPBELLS w. R. WOODY IEWELER SMOKE HOUSE RECREATION TI-IRIFT OIL CO. HARTFORD INSURANCE JONES OIL I PHILOAS ANTHONY LIONS CLUB lI2 I f Senior Credits ALESHIRE, DORIS - Band 13 Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 2 ,43 Choraliers 2-43 F.H.A. 1-43 Pep Club l-43 Speech Arts 33 Stuco 2- 43 Y-Teens 1-43 Cheerleader 1-43 Class Officer 1,2, 4g Librarian 43 Basketball Queen Attendant 2 ,33 Re- lay Queen Attendant 43 Tennis Squad 1,43 Gymnas- tics Squad 4. ANDERSON, CAROL - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 3,4Q Choraliers 3,43 Pep Club 1-43 Speech Arts 33 Office Assistant 4. ARMSTRONG, IUDY - Girls Glee 43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Booster Staff 43 F. H. A. 1,43 Pep Club 1-43 Y-Teens 2-43 Librarian 3 ,4. BARBER, DEBORAH - Girls Glee 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Choraliers 23 Vocal Ensemble 23 Pep Club 2-4-Q Science Club 33 Speech Arts 4g Yearbook Staff 2,33 Office Assistant 4g Honor Roll qNine Weeksj 1-43 qSemesterJ 1-43 F. T. A. 3,43 N. H. S. 3,43 N. F. L. 4. BARRETT, JANICE - Band 13 Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 43 Choraliers 43 Booster, Staff 3,43 F. H.A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Speech Arts 3g Stuco 13 Y-Teens 1-43 Cheerleader 1-43 Class Officer 13 Basketball Queen Attendant 3,43 Relay Queen Attendant 2,43 Tennis 1-43 Letter 3,4, BOLLMAN , CHERYL - Band 1-43 Instrumental En- semble 13 Instrumental Solo 2,3Q Girls Glee l-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Accompanist 3,43 Vocal Ensem- ble 3,43 Choraliers 3,43 F. H.A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Stuco 43 Y-Teens 1-43 Honor Roll qNine Weeksj 1, 3,43 qSemestery l,3. CASH, FLOYD - Boys Glee 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Vo- cal Solo 2-43 Choraliers 43 Football 3,43 Basketball 2,33 Track 1-3. CLEVELAND, MARY - Band 1-43 Instrumental En- semble 23 Girls Glee 1,-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Choral- iers 2-43 F. H. A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Slpseech Arts 3, 43 Y-Teens 1-43 Honor Roll qNine Wee 3 43 Debate 2-4, COFFMAN, KATHY - Band 1-43 Instrumental En- ' semble 23 Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus l-43 Vocal Ensemble 3,45 Choraliers 3,43 F. H, A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Y-Teens 1-43 Office Assistant 43 Honor Roll fNine Weeksj 13 Semester 23 Track 13 Tennis 3,43 Letter 43 Debate 3. Q 3 CROW, JEANNIE - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1- 43 Vocal Ensemble 3,43 Choraliers 3,43 F. H. A. 1-43 Pep Club 2-43 Y-Teens 3. DEUTH, CHUCK - Band 1-43 Instrumental Ensemble 1-43 Instrumental Solo lg A-Club 3,43 Stuco 1,23 Class Officer 1,23 Honor Roll qNine Weeksp 1-43 qSemesterJ 1-43 Football 1-43 Letter 2-43 Basketball 1-43 Letter 2-43 Track 13 N. H. S. 4. DILLINGHAM, CHARLES - A-Club 43 Hi-Y 43 Honor Roll qNine Weeksy 1,23 qsemestery 23 Football 1-43 Letter 3,43 Track 2,33 Wrestling 3,43 Athletic Man- II3 ager 1. DOWNING, GREG - Boys Glee 1-33 Mixed Chorus 1- 33 Vocal Ensemble 1,23 Choraliers 3,45 A-Club 2-43 Speech Arts 23 Stuco 13 Class Officer 1-43 Honor Roll qNine Weeksp l,3,43 qsemesterp 3,42 Football 1-43 Letter 2-43 Basketball 1,2,43 Letter 43 Tennis 1,23 Letter 23 Golf 3,43 Letter 3,4, ESLINGER, MARY - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Choraliers 43 Pep Club 1-43 Y-Teens 13 Honor Roll fNine Weeksy 1,2, EVANS, DEBBIE - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1- 43 Vocal Ensemble 3,43 Choraliers 3,4Q F. H, A, 1- 3g Pep Club 3,43 Y-Teens 4, EWERTZ, GLEN - A-Club 2-43 Football 1,43 Letter 43 Track 13 Wrestling ,1-43 Letter 1-4. FRANCIS, JERRY - A-Club 1-43 Stuco 43 Cross Country 3,4Q Letter 3,43 Basketball 1-43 Letter 43 Track 1-43 Letter 1-43 F.C. A. 3,4. GARLOW, RICHARD - Football 13 Wrestlin l,2. GATES, JOYCE - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Cgorus 1- 43 Vocal Ensemble 3,43 Choraliers 3,43 F. H, A. 13 Pep Club 1-4, GEORGE, RI-IONDA - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 33 F, H. A, 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Yearbook Staff 33 Y-Teens 1-43 Office Assistant 3,43 Football Queen Attendant 3 ,43 Basketball Queen At- tendant 43 Honor Roll Weeksj 1,43 fSemesterj 1,43 Tennis 1-43 Letter 1-43 F.T.A. 3,43 N, H, S, 3,4, HOOPES, REGINA - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 F. H. A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Stuco 43 Yearbook Staff 3,43 Y-Teens 1-43 Honor Roll qNine Weeksp 1- 43qSemesterj 1,43 F. T. A. 3. , HOWARD, DOUG - Boys Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1- 43 Vocal Ensemble 23 Choraliers 2-43 A-Club 43 Yearbook Staff 33 Honor Roll qNine Weeksy l ,23 fSemesterJ 13 Football 1,43 Letter 43 Basketball 43 Letter 43 Track 4g Letter 4, HUDGENS, MAURITA - Girls Glee l,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Choraliers 2-43 Booster Staff 43 F. H. A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Speech Arts 23 Y-Teens 1-43 Librarian 3,4. HUNT, QBONHAMJ DEBORAH - Girls Glee 1'3Q Band 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 33 Choral- iers 43 F, H, A, 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Science Club 33 Y-Teens 1-43 Office Assistant 4. JEFFERIS, JOHN - A-Club 33 Honor RollqNine Weeksj 33 Football 1,35 Letter 33 Basketball 1-33 Track 1-3 3 Letter 3. , JELINEK, MARVIN - A-Club 1-43 Class Officer 43 Basketball 1-43 Letter 2-43 Track 1-43 Letter 1-43 Cross Country 1-43 Letter 2-4. KISER, TERRY - Boys Glee 2,33 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 33 Hi-Y 2-43 Science Club 33 Honor Roll qNine Weeksj 1-43 qSemesterj l,3,43 Basketball 1-43 Let- ter 43 Tennis 2,33 N. H. S. 3,43 Golf 3,43 Cross Country 3 ,4. - LEE, YVONNE - Band 13 Instrumental Ensemble ls Girls Glee 4s Mixed Chorus 4: BOOSYCI Staff 45 F- H.,A- 43 Pep Club 1-43 Yearbook Staff 23 Y-Teens 1-43 L1- brarian 43 Honor Roll fNine Weeksj 1-43 CSCITICSYSU 1 s 3 34- ' ' LINN, LINDA - Band 2,32 Instrumental Ensemble,2 , 33 Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensem- ble 3,43 Choraliers 3,43 F. H. A. 1-43 P6P Club 1'4? Science Club 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Booster staff 4: Y-Teens 1-43 Office Assistant 43 Relay Queen 43 Honor Roll qNine Weeksy l-4SC3emeSte1'7 1'4- MILLS, MELISSA - Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 3,43 Choraliers 3,43 F. H. A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Y-Teens 2-43 Speech Play 3. NEWTON, BRAD - Band 1-43 Student Director 33 Instrumental Ensemble 1-43 Hi-Y 1-43 Science Club 33 S eech Arts 1-43 Speech Play 33 Honor Roll qN1ne Weelksj 1,32 qSemesterj 1,33 Tennis 1'4:: Letter 43 Football lg Basketball 13 F. T. A. 3,43 Debate 1-43 Letter 1-4. , I , NICHOLAS, JIM - Football 33 Track 23 Wrestling 3g Athletic Manager 2. 3 , OAKES, DIANA - Pep Club 1,23 Office Assistant 23 Honor Roll QNine Weeksy 3,43fSerr1GS11G1'D 33 Gym' nastics 13 F. T. A. 1: Future Nurses 1: Red CIOSS 1- OTIS, RITA - Girls Glee 1"4: Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 43 F, H. A. 2 ,33 Pep Club 4: Speech Arts 43 'Y-Teens 4. PATTERSON, BRYAN - Boys Glee 1,23 Mixed Cho- rus 1,23 A-Club 2-43 Hi-Y 1-43 Speech Arts 33 Stuco 2 ,33 Class Officer 2-43 Honor Roll qNine Weeksy 43 Football 1-43 Letter 2'-43 Track 13 Wrestling 1-43 Letter 3 ,43 Golf 4, PICKERING, DON - Boys Glee 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Science Club 33 Football 43 Letter 43 Wrestling 1. POSTON, JOHN TERRY - Boys Glee 2-43 Mixed Cho- rus 2-43 A-Club 2 ,33 Hi-Y 23 Track 23 Athletic Manager 2 ,3. POWELL, PAM - Band 1-43 Instrumental Ensemble 1,43 Instrumental Solo 13 Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Cho- rus l-43 Vocal Ensemble 33 Choraliers 3,45 Booster Staff 43 F.H.A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Stuco 43 Y- 3 Teens 1 4 Rela ueen Attendant 4 Honor Roll - s Y Q : 3 qNine Weeksp 3,42 qsemesterj 1-43 F.T.A, 43 N. H. S. 4 , REBER, ROBERT - Band 1,23 Instrumental Ensemble 1,23 A-Club 2-43 Hi-Y 2-43 Football 1-43 Letter 3, 43 Track 13 Wrestling 1-43 Letter 2-4, REYNOLDS, KIRK - Band 1-43 Instrumental Ensemble 2 ,33 Wrestling 2-43 Letter 43 Athletic Manager 3. ROBINSON, GARY - Band 1,23 Instrurnental 1,23 Boys Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble l-43 Choraliers 2-43 A-Club 2'4': Hi-Y l ,23 Stuco 43 Class Officer 1,33 Honor Roll fNine Weeksj 1-43 qSemestery 1-43 Football 1-43 Letter 2-43 Basketball 1'3: Tennis 1,23 F. T. A, 43 N.H. S. 3,4, RORABAUGH, DARYL - science Club 3g Football lg Wrestling 4g F. F. A. 2. RUNYAN ROD - Bandrl-43 Instrumental Ensemble 1- 43 Boys Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 1-43 Vocal Solo 33 Choraliers 2-43 Hi-Y 1,23 Sci- ence Club 33 Debate lg Honor Roll qNine Weeksy 1- 43 qSemesterj 1-43 Basketball 23 Tennis 23 Golf 33 Letter 33 F, T, A, 1-33 N. H. S. 3,4. SCOTT LOIS - Band 1,23 Instrumental Ensemble 23 Girls Glee 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Vocal Ensemble 4g Pep Club 1-43 Y-Teens 43 Librarian 4. SEIFERT, DOUGLAS - Boys Glee 1,2: Mixed Chorus 1,23 Science Club 33 Football 13 Basketball 23 Track 1,2. STAMM, MARSHEL - STARKS, DAVE - Science Club 3, STITT, JIM - Band 1-43 Instrumental Ensemble 2-43 Boys Glee 13 Mixed Chorus lg A-Club 2-43 Hi-Y 1- 43 Class Officer 43 Football 1-43 Letter 23 Basketball 1-43 Track 1-43 Letter 43 Wrestling 43 Athletic Man- ager 2,3Q F. T.A. 4s F, C, A. 2-4, SWAFFORD, BONNIE - VAN RANKEN, HOWARD - A-Club 2-43 Hi-Y lg Football 13 Wrestling 2-43 Letter 2-4, WALKER, MICHAEL - Football 13 Wrestling 43 Let- ter 43 F.F. A. 2, WARBINTON, DOUGLAS - Band 1-43 lnstlumerltal 13 Boys Glee 2-43 Mixed Chorus 2-43 Vocal Ensemble 23 Choraliers 2-43 A-Club 2-43 I-Ii-Y l-43 Science Club 33 Stuco 43 Class Officer 1-33 Honor Roll qNine Weeksy 1-43 qSemesterJ 43 Football 23 Basketball 1- 43 Letter 2'4: Tennis 1-43 Letter 1-43 F, T. A, 3,43 N. H. S. 43 Cross Country 1. WARD, DAVID - A-Club 2-43 Hi-Y 3,43 Football 1-43 Letter 2-43 Basketball 23 Track 2 ,33 Wrestling 3. WARD QGARDNERJ, DEBORAH - Girls Glee 1,2,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,43 F. H. A, 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Stuco 3,43 Y-Teens 1-43 Cheerleaders 1-43 Class Officer 2 ,33 Football Queen 4g Football Queen At- tendant 2 ,3. WARDEN, IEFF - Wrestling 3,43 Letter 4. WILCOX, ELIZABETH - F, H, A. 1,23 Pep Club 1-43 Science Club 33 Speech Arts 2-43 Yearbook Staff 23 Y-Teens 1-43 Speech Play 23 Honor Roll Q Nine Weeksj 1-43 fSemesterj 3,4: Gymnastics 43 F. T. A. 1-43 N. H. S. 3.4: N. F.L. 3,4, WILLIAMS, KATHIE - Pep Club 1-43 Y-Teens 23 Librarian 3,43 Honor Roll fNine Weeksj 4. WYCKOFF, QPARSONSJ , DIANE - Girls Glee 1-33 Mixed Chorus 1-33 Vocal Ensemble 2 ,33 Choraliers 2,33 F. H. A. 1-33 Pep Club 1-33 Science Club 33 Yearbook Staff 13 Y-Teens 1-33 F. T, A. 3, WYSSMANN, DAVID - Bo s Glee 1,23 Mixed Cho- rus 1,23 Choraliers 23 A-Cllub 2-43 Booster staff Edi- tor 3,43 Hi-Y 1-43 Office Assistant 43 Football 1-43 Letter 2-43 Basketball 1-43 Letter 2-43 Track 1,23 Tennis 3,43 Letter 43 F. T. A. 3,4, II4 Aleshire, Doris - 34,37,65,69 Allenbach, Jan - 65,80 Anderson, Carol - 34, 69 Andrews, Susan - 93 Angle, Pam - 87 Armstrong, Judy - 18,69 Bahr, Frances - 87 Baird, Pam - 30,31,34,41,58,80 Baker, Greg - 37,93 Ball, Richard - 37,45,80 Ball, Rodney - 87 Barber, Debbie - 70 Barber, Marjorie - 18,29,30,36, 41,55,87 V Barrett, Janice - 18,34,55,59,62 70 Berry, Lydia - 87 Bevington, Mark - 30,93 Bollman, Cheryl - 37,41,70 Bollman, Paul - 93 Bonham, Mike - 30,36,43,87 Bradly, Doug - 48,52,57,80 Brewer, Mike - 34,93 Bruey, Diane - 59,80 Bruey, Lou Ann - 30,34,40,87 Btmch, Rick - 87 Caledron, Fredrick - 80 Caledron, Lola - 80 Carmichael, David - 93 Carothers, Gene - 80 Cash, Floyd - 70 Catlin, Mary - 80 Christy, Debbie - 93 Christy, Pat - 80 Cleveland, Mary - 18,30,34,4l, 70 Clutter, Annette - 34,87 Clutter, Carol - 34,93 Coady, Jim - 80 Coffman, Kathy - 29,34,55,7O Cooper, Flint - 45,50,80 Cooper, J. R. - 46,93 Croft, Linda - 18,80 Crow, Jeanne - 34,71 Cullop, Jeffrey - 87 Cupps, Jeffrey - 50,80 Denton, David - 93 Denton, Jane - 31,39,80 Denton, Judy - 87 Index Deuth, Chuck - 30,3l,45,48,53, 54,82 71 Hodson, Dillingham, Charles - 45,50,7l Hodson, Dillingham, Kenneth - 87 Hoopes, Dillon, Nancy - 30,87 Hoopes, Drosselmeyer, Kathy - 71 Hgopes, Dodgen, Dennis - 30,87 HOQPQS, Doherty, David - 52,93 Hogver, Downing, Cecilee - 93 Hgward, Downing, Denis - 45,53,80 Downing, Greg - 45,48,53,6l,7l Duran, Cecilia - 65,87 Duwe, David - 30,87 Duwe, Jane - 30,31,80 Dyke, Tommy - 80 Eslinger, Mary - 71 Evans, Debbie - 34,72 Evans, Kenny - 50,94 Ewertz, Beth - 88 Ewertz, Glen - 45,50,72 Ferda, Lonnie - 94 Fisher, Mary - 94 Foster, Nancy - 29,30,34,36,39, 80 Fowler, Roger - 88 Francis, Allen - 47,52,88 Francis, Jerry - 37,47,48,52,72 Friend, Evon - 80 Garlow, Richard - 72 Gates, Jerome - 34,36,80 Gates, Joyce - 34,72 Gates, Nancy - 37,80 George, Rhonda - 39,55,58,59, 61,72 Ghormley, Curtis - 18,30,31,34, so Goertz, Rodney - 46,94 Graves, Larry - 88 I Greve, Dickey - 80 Guerra, Helina -Q 80 1 Hamilton, Anita - 29,30,34,82 Hanna, Carl - 82 Hatfield, Howard - 53,88 Headberg, David - 94 Headberg, Jeff - 82 I-Iibbard, Ruth - 88 Hill, Eddie - 46,50,53,94 Hodges, Jeff - 29,30,31,34,38,45 Cheryl - 65,94 Phil - 30,88 Brian - 46,52,94 David - 46,52 ,94 Greg - 37,45,46,52,88 Regina - 36,37,40,73 Li.nton - 88 Doug - 45,48,52,57,73 Hudgens, Maurita - 18,40,43 Hughbanks, Teresa - 88 Hughes, Dennis - 88 Hughes, Lu Ann - 29,34,36,38,82 Hughes, Wesley - 45,54,82 HuntqBonhamJ Debbie - 40,41,73 Jackson, Bobby - 53,88 Jefferis Jelinek, Jelinek Jelinek Jelinek, Jelinek Johnny - 73 Jane - 30,31,34,37,94 Marilyn - 34,82 Marvin - 42,47,48,52,73 Nancy - 88 Richard - 88 Jones, Lauri - 94 Kastens, Mark - 50,88 Kirby, Janice - 89 Kiser, Cindy - 94 Kiser, Terry - 47,48,53,74 Knoell, Jane - 82 Lane, Mary - 29,3o,31,34,36,39, 82 Lee, Yvonne - 18,74 Linn, Linda - 18,34,36,40,74 Linn, Sally - 94 Q Lott, Steve -A 30,31,50,53,89. Mandervill, Tresa - 89 Martin, Mike - 89 Mayo, Doris - 83 Mayo, H Mayo, Roger - 50,83 Mayo, Wanda - 83 McDermott, John - 45,46,54,89 McKee, Pam - 34,82 Meyer, Janet - 57,65,94 Miller, Rodney - 83 Mills, Melissa - 34,75 Misak, Gary - 89, Misak, Rum - 34,36,83 Mitchell, Kitty - 94 .D. -94 Il5 Mitchell, Teresa - 30,3l,83 Mize, Bobby - 37,43,45,83 Mock, Jim - l8,30,31,34,54,83 Moore, Gray - 45,52,83 P Moore, Steve - 46,52,94 Morgan, Mike - 46,95 Netahla, Mike - 46,52,95 K Newton, Brad - l8,3O,3l,54,75 Newton, Marilyn - 29,30,34,58, 65,83 Newton, Scott - 46,50,53,95 Nichols, Jane - 41,89 Niemann, Terry - 30,31,45,52, 57,89 Nottingham, Roxanne - 89 Nulik, Pete - 89 Osborn, Dana - 89 Otis, Connie - 95 Otis, Donnie - 89 Otis, Rita - l8,34,74 Otis, Terry - 18,89 Wade, Debbie - 90 Patterson Byran - 42 ,45,50,53, 75 Patterson, Christie - 59,95 Patterson Randy D. - 83 Patterson Jo - 34,83 Patterson Randy E. - 30,53,89 Payne, John - 83 Pfeifer, Mark - 83 Pickering, Don - 45,75 Piersall, Keith - 50,53,89 Pope, Bertha Kay - 95 Porter, Teresa - 95 Poston, Barbara - 30,95 Poston, Terry - '74 Powell, Kendall - 36,89 Powell, Pam - l8,29,37,40,57, '74 Prouse, Leigh Ann - 83 Pulliam, Gary - 46,52,95 Puls, Dennis - 45,50,83 Quick, Betty - 90 Randolph, Rick - 45,46,90 Ready, Victor - 47,52,9O Reber, Becky - 30,90 Reber, Bobby - 45,43,50,74 Reymer, Judy - 29,30,40,84 Reynolds, Kirk - 50,75 Reynolds, Scott - 46,50 Ricks, Vikie - 90 Rishell, Matin - 95 Rishall, Pam - l8,30,84 Robinson, Dennis - 46,5o,54,95 Robinson, Gary - 45,37,75 Rorabough, Daryl - 76 Rorabough, Jeff - 46,95 Roth, George - 50,76 Roth, Susan - 34,90 Runyan, Rod - 30,3l,34,76 Rutherford, Pat - 47 ,90 Ryan, Brenda - 95 Ryan, David - 84 Salsberry, Gary - 84 Salser, Daryl - 36,84 Salser, Douglass - 46,95 Schmidt, Howard - l8,34,95 Schnackenberg, J. D. - 45,48,84 Scott, Larry - 30,3l,47,90 Scott, Lois - 34,76 Scott, Pamela - 95 Seifert, Debbie - 96 Seifert, Doug - 76 Sheen, Margaret - 34,90 Shelite, Belinda - 30,34,96 Shepard, Ricky - 46,96 Snyder, Jane - 30,57,59,65,96 Stamm, Marshall - 76 Starks, David - 76 Stewart, Kirk - 46,50,52,96 Stewart, Sharon - 29,30,3l,36, 40,84 Stitt, Jim - 30,31,43,45,52,'76 sum, steve - 46,96 Stone, Billy - 46,53,96 Swafford, Bonnie - 76 Thomas, John - 50,84 Van Rankin, Doug - 90 Van Rankin, Howard - 45,50,77 Vierthaler, Patti - 30,96 Waldschmidt, Mark - 90 Walker, David - 34,54,84 Walker, Kathy - 34,36,37,39,90 Walker, Susan - 96 Walker, Jo Ann - 96 Walker, Mike - 50,77 Walker, Patricia - 96 Warbinton, Doug - 38,48 ,54,5'7, 77 i Ward, David - 37,45,42,77 Ward CGaId116rj Debbie - 37,58, 62 ,77 Warden, Jeff - 50,77 Wells, Bobby - 30,3l,84 Whisman, Barbara - 90 Wilcox, Beth - l8,55,78 Wilcox, David - 47,50,52,96 Wilcox, Judy- - 34,38,55,84 Williams, Darrell - 47,90 Williams, Richard - 45,50,52 Williams, Dale - 96 Williams, Peuleue - 18,84 Williams Kathie - 78 Wilson, Janet - 57,84 Witters, Lori - 90 Witters, Sandy - 46,96 Wyssmann, David - l8,43,48 54 78 PP 1878 Sounds of the Pasta' Bring Memories of Former Years Alumni of Anthony High School cooperated with the jolly Roger Staff in making the following pages possible. The alumni researched and made material available for the ninety-two years of history in picture and story. ' 1970 History of Anthony High School The Public School System in Anthony was inaugurated on May 1, 1879, by the engagement of Misses Clara Sherwood and Sarah Bidwell as teachers. On Sept. 29, C. M. Cade and Mary Patton took charge. Saturday, july 23, 1879, the Spring term of school was over, two thirty-day terms comprised the first school year in Anthony called a Fall and Spring Term. The 70 students, their parents, teachers, and friends, along with the editor of the Anthony Journal, S. Soule, were holding the school picnic in the school yard. The plans for the new building were coming along nicely. The present school, a -frame build- ing 14x16 feet with planks laid across nail kegs for benches, even with the addition could not accomodate the rapidly growing enrollment f the exact location not found on' file but be- lieved to be where the fire station now standsj. The new plant would accomodate 100 students and their teachers. The editor of the journal felt that it might be too small. The contract was let to Mr. Hamlin for a bid of 35945. A dozen teams and wagons made the long trip to Wichita for lumber. Construc- tion was begun in earnest on Aug. 15, 1879, and completed in 60 days. The structure, 26x50 feet was equipped for 351,300. School opened on Sept. 29, 1879. ' In 1882 two wings were added at 351,000 as enrollment exceeded the 100 mark fsee photo on inside coverj. In 1886 it was obvious that a new building had to be erected. Finally, a contract was let for a building costing 322,000 and the heating apparatus cost an additional 552,500 fa far cry from the first year when one fourth of the term was lost due to the lack of stoves and fuelj. The furnishings and outbuildings cost an additional 355,500 making the total cost 3530,000. While this building was under construction the blackest page in the history of Anthony was written for, at 1 a.m. on the morning of April 19, 1886, three men from Danville-Philip H. Weaver, 27, Henry S. Weaver, 255 and Oliver F. M. Weaver, 23, were shot in the basement of the school by a mob of about fifty men from the Danville area. Their bodies were laid out on the floor of what later became the third grade classroom. The building was completed, and the first high school graduating class held its exercises on june 1, 1888. The class consisted of Libbie Randels, Stella Halsey, Grace Russell, and Frank C. Firestone, valedictorian. The building was struck by lightning on Saturday evening, Aug. 4, 1888, and burned to the ground fsee photo inside front coverj. The building called "The Old Washington School,"-was built on the same foundation at a cost of 325,000 and was dedicated on May 30, 1889, and served until June 30, 1927. The Lincoln School was built in 1910 to house the grades after four years of argument as to location and cost. Bonds were issued 'in 1919 for a building to be used as a high school. If the building had been built with the plans of 1916, it would really have been something in this community, but the delay, plus the rising cost of materials, forced curtailment of these plans. Thus, everything had to be scaled down or eliminated before they were finally accepted. The Anthony High School was finally built at a cost of 335,000 and was dedicated on Friday, jan. 7, 1921. The address was given by. Mr. H. L. Smith, Superintendent of Schools in Lawrence. A girls' basketball game, that was a real thriller, was held that evening in the new gym. The score was tied 14-14 at the end of regulation play. In the five minute overtime the Anthony girls made two goals to 'their opponents, one making the final score read Anthony 18, Kiowa 15. The Anthony boys, then called "The Tigers," played the Kiowa boys and won 30 to 14. The move from the 'Old Washington School" into the Anthony High School was made during Christmas Vacation. Plans now are well under way to move into the new unified high school to be named "Chaparral High." Building cost will be 352,750,000 Chaparral High is located half way between Anthony and Harper on Kansas High- way K-2. First Graduating Class . . . 1883 . First diploma measured 21" x 16". l 1 An inscription of "First High School Commencement june 1, 1888" was placed on the taper- ing face of the column sur- rounding the copper box. The contents of the box are now in the Anthony Public Library. The class was organized at the be- ginning of the fall term of 1887 and consisted of Grace Russell, Estella Hal- sey fParksj, Frank C. Firestone, Libby Randels QMayesj, fpicturedj, and Blanche Hollingsworth and john Poor- man who left school. On the 31st day' of May, 1888, a crowd of more than seven hundred crowded into the Opera House for the first class day exercises of the Anthony High School and the following day for the commencement exercises. The honor of the Valedictory oration was conferred upon Frank Firestone, who had for his subject "Et Nunc lni-i tium Est" "And Now in the Be- ginning." Miss Russell read the class prophecy, and the address to the under- graduates was given by Miss Randels. The class history was given by Estella Halsey. It was the custom of the time to toss flowers and present baskets of them to the students after their orations. fNote flowers in class photoj. M The address connected with the lay- ing of the center stone in the class plot was made by Frank Firestone, who dug the hole to receive the stone. During his speech he deposited the copper box containing the archives of the class, con- sisting of afcatalogue of the Anthony Public Schools, the part each member took in the graduation, the picture of the class, a plot of the school grounds, and the printed program and invitation card of the commencement, banquet, and reception. I20 1889 Lizzie Bent Walton W. E. Crooker B Mary Davis Springer Olin Forbes Lawrence Holdridge Minnie Hoopes Thorp - 1890 Sadie Bauman Clawson V Frank Buckingham Hugh Fain Ed McCullough Leo Rathburn Crane Rilla Ruddock Manning Carrie Wright McDowell 1891 Robert Beard Ada Buckingham Mack Tom Davis james Cherry William T. Hall Allen Hilts Orley Northrop Anna Pantier Temple Ned Wright 1893 g Maude Cadamy Arnett Qohnj Edward Campbell Melissa David Nash Sadie Hean David Grace Marsh Bird fS.R.j Will Meyer 1 894 Lee Brown Lillian Marsh Bert Northrop Edna Odor McGuire Mertie Odor Boyers 1897 Tuck Early Myrtle Fain Sarah Hurd Davis Mattie Moore Stella Pantier Bowers Helen Reilly Ferrell 1898 Alta Huston Wright Nina Pantier Timmons J. Raymond Shidler 1899 Helen Engle Robert Huesman Agnes Mattimore Nina Miller Trask Roy Poundstone Laura Smith Whitney Charles Poorman 1896 1900 Fagnie Smith Agatha Byrnes O'Farrell 1892 Eya Goudie. Libbie Carrithers Burdge W. Paul Fain Fred W. Olmstead Lillian Beard Lettie Hixson Davison Mabel Sampson Brown Claude Brand Mamie Rice Martin Isaac Shelton Maude Brand Linn-an Anna Tubbs Knote Withers 1901 jerry Cook, Lora Orr, Frank Fain, Ned Edwards, Will Poundstone, Louise Bristol Stotts, Winifred Mattimore fnot picturedl 1902-Grace Bowen Blowey Floyd Cook M rtl G ' Bradford, Mamie Hughbank h i Y e Winn Blanche Tucker Lydick. S JO mon, Olaf B' Ludlck' 1903-LEFT: ROW 1: Olive Burchfiel, E. A. Shepardson, Supt., Winona Whittington Pfander, ROW 2: Elmer Watkins, Clara M. Gilmer, Prin., Otha P.'Burchfiel. 1904-T to B: Minnie Croft Fox, Zelma Small Smith, Litta Bird Gwinn, Iva Evans McMillan, Pearl Bundy Leech. BELOW: Anthony High School 1907-ROW 1: Joe Zolezzi, Andy Titers, Arthur Littlepage, Joe Montague, Earl Hunter, Andy Mull, Clayton Law, Elmer Miller, Guy Neal, Fred Sohn, Vernon Bean, Clarence Jacobs, ROW 2: Bob Watt, Jim Prouse, Earl Kennedy, Wallace Johnson, Clyde Faubain, Fred Hamilton, Fred Lydick, Claude Meade, Guy Echroyd, Floyd Harriss, Clarence Law, Grover Kastens, Iro Krider, ROW 3: J. H. Clements, Supt., Murden Martindale, Georgia Pilcher, Adeline Finn, fteachersj Jim Edwards, Cecil Burchfiel, Marion Hoath, Nellie Brant, Anna Poundstone, Mary Clow, Stella Hoath, ?, Martha Hunter, Addie Farmer, Mazie Dusenbury, Grace Krider, Mildred Elliott, Hazel Halbower, Miriam Jacobs, Nellie Gates, Dorothy Morris, Willamina Randels, Marjorie McMahon, ROW 4: Mabel Corbett, Loine Ball, Frances Randels, Carol Shidler, Helen Simonson, Frances Burchfiel, Ethel Shidler, May Smithson, Edna Semple, Mabel Fulwider, Bertha Morriss, Jessie Patterson, Harriett Duwall, Blanche Clow, Ruth Hoath, Edith Semple, Kate Stewart, Alma Halbower, Kate Blackburn, Gertrude Tuttle, Faye Simmons, ROW 5: Harry K. Wood, Odie Pyles, Ernest Cannon, Art Poundstone, Everett Hager, Jim Smith, Ralph Yowell, Edwin Hunter, Clyde Brockett. A M , Lmm Z 1907-TOP: Art Poundstone, James G. Smith, Kate Blackburn Weaver, Ralph Yowell, Edith Semple, Alma Halbower Giles, Ena Kirkpatrick, Frances Burch- field Brown, Edna Semple, Harry K. Wood, Helen Orr, Harriett Dewall Felt, Bertha Morris, Ernest Cannon. 1908--ROW 1: Kate Stewart Rutherford, Jessie Patterson, Frances Randels Hoch, Everett Hager, ROW 2: Odie Pyles, Blanche Clow, Edwin Hunter, Lorene Hamilton Nichols, Vilona Cutler. INSERT4Beatrice Rife Frazier. 1909-funidentifiedj, Lorene Ball Stapleton, Mabel Fulwider, Nellie Gates, Fred Lydick. Fred Hamilton, Marjorie McMahon, Dorothy Morris McVay, Willamina Randels I-leacock, Ethel Shidler Cooke, Faye Simmons, Helen Simonson Watt, Mae Smithson Lamb, Gertrude Tuttle Wright. 1910-ROW 1: Arthur Littlepage, Vernon Bean, Nellie Brant. Earl Hunter, ROW 2: Vera Gibbon Kline, Hazel Halbower Kennedy, Clyde Faubian, Martha Hunter, Miriam Jacobs, Grace Krider Burg- meier, ROW 3: Clarence Jacobs. Earl Kennedy, Clayton Law, Cecil Burchfiel, James Edwards, Guy Neal, Mariam Hoath Cammack, James Prouse, Clarence Law. Elmer Miller Not pictured. 1911-ROW 1: Adabelle Burchfiel Harris, Raymond Deewall, Carol Shidler Combs, Olen Brockett, Hazel Oliver Hatchett, Nana Bennett Wal- cher, Lee Randels, Reba Black- burn Couch, ROW 2: Vester Wells, Sylvester Watkins, Otto Caton, Anna Baker Michener, Mary Clark Dirks, Gay Neal, , Anna Poundstone Bettis, Claude Wakefield, Hazel Mil- ler Moorhead, Max Kirk, Dora VanCleve Ihle, Floyd LL ml Holder. 1912-ROW 1: Ray West, Bertice Poundstone, john Meyer, Richard Dadisman, ROW 2: Ruth Wooley Kropp, Rosa Wilson, Mildred Allen Brown, Elsie Deming Lockwood, Mildred- Clarkson, lone Sluss Morgan, Mabel Penrod, Mabel Leslie Embrey, Swanhild Miller Rowe, Alta Randels Furr. 1913-Elsie Bevington Meyer, Mile Bird, Thompson F. Blackburn, Anna Carr Kern, Faye Clark Prouse Hunt, Kathleen Croll Cole, Fae Dur- ham Truitt, Roy K. Durham, Josephine Edward jones, Helen Hilts Gatterman, james Clinton Hoath, Ruth Hoath, Hazel je n n i n g s Gaitskill, Edith McMahan Jordan, Edgar Curger Miller, Edith Shelton, Mary Weldon Learnard, An- nette Wood, john Wood, Ruth Wcutid Rorick. 1914-ROW 1: Florence Hunt Montague, Glen K. Hamilton, Katharine Jennings Miller, Del- mont Montague, Grace Fite Allen, Captain McKee, Mildred Geitgey, Powell, Irl Elam, ROW 2: Lotta Thomas Lime, Alfred Nordgren, Lissie Davis Kastens, Adelma Rice Cadamy, Bertha Nold Hunt, Zula Clark Reid, Henry Wilson, ROW 3: Artie B. Sanders, Frances Carr Edwards, Theodore Shidler, Maude Cook Riggs, Rus- sell Jump, Nellie Miller Small, Gavetia Burchfiel, Ruth Durham, Mary Cornick, ROW 4: Edwin Watt, Mabel Sluss Hoath, Hieatt Arnold, Ruth Thomas Enlow, Harold Irwin, Clifford Firestone, Marie Fox Riley, Floyd Comes, -H . -- ' ' ' ', M'll O , A . S .ll, Mildred Hilts Schmidt, Floyd Reynolds, Maurita Van Horn igyggifgeckglshelfioyggl21?gmif3ri1tichIFielHBarbt?ney,rllichrgdg Rryiiah, Beulah Price Bateman, Floyd Bowen, Grace 'Griswold Dlouce, Ruskin Couch Reb. Marts Simmons Claude Cadamy Alice Hamilton, Waltef CNY- ROW 3' Frank Strange, Ruby Hfmiwlclc Gee' Earl W'I50n' Marie Durhani Brtiner Buirchfiel Frances Ludeman Sample, james Price, lmah Bird, Charlesx Lydick, ROW 11: Olive Gilbert Mason, Henry Gates, Leora Brooks, Eschol Leslie, Irene Meyer, Robert Schmidt, Maurita Laughlin W21fklDS. 66011-ie MCMHIYOU- X l I23 1916-ROW 1: Helen Ehrle Schmidt, Esther Osborn Jones, jim Clark, Zola Kropp Gentry, Herbert Barrett, Helen Wood Stephens, Helen Ball Cuppett, ROW 2: Frank Hoath, Thelma Connell Shellman, 'Ornie Neal, Estella Griesinger Forsythe, Carson Halbower, Ruth Walters Raberding, Olive Law Cornwall, Frank Strange, ROW 5: Nellie Hike Sheekey, Bessie Hill Turner, Walter Nordgren, Margaret Youngberg Richard, Ruth Miller Ross, Milford Powell, Adelaide Bassett Mahler, Imogene Beebe Randels, Ernest W, Callison, Vera Neal, ROW 4: Allie jones Hatfield, Leroy Gillespie, Inez Hoke Helmley, Lawrence Cornick, Ruth Watkins Bendon, Ethel jump, Ellis Stackfleth. 1917-ROW 1: Marie Tayer, Wilbur Hunter, Clara Carrithers Halbower, Harry Halbower, Vida Durham Truitt, Hobart Burchfiel, Nadine Irwin Couch, Durland I-Iilts, Ida Carr Rombold, ROW 2: Ada Montague Gass, Vinnea Loughead Moore, Minnie Freeman, Roy Meyer, Hazel Stanley, Herschel Cornwall, Elsie Parker Subera, Harold Wilcox, Effie jones, Carl Coombs, ROW 3: Leon Faubion, Katie Loughead, Alfred Raberding, Mabel Clarkson, George Wood, Susie Ball Heinrici, Fred Infield, Jeannie Woodsworth Stewart, Harry Gillispie, Jennie Marts Kerley, Archie Cox. 1918-ROW 1: Ethel Watkins Koelling Deschner, Ethel Griesinger Warnock, Pearl Getz Albaugh, Beatrice Marts Wege, Evelyn Edmundson, Grace Belschner Preston, Gaveta Miller Eder, Effie Kuhns Nichols, ROW 2: Thelma Small Felible, Lillian Smith Weber, Marie Allen Connell, Ilene Hoodlet Hinshaw, Sallie Toler Couch, Imogene Couch Vincent, Mabel Blackburn Koelling, Mabel Reynold Brown, Alice Hansbarger Coon, Electra Clinton Munger, ROW 3: Ilorence Hamilton, sponsor, Hazel Staley Bird, Florence Meyer Hilts, Bernice Briggs Wilcox, Horace Randels, Esther Hunter Hawk, Earl Neal, Faye Hansbarger Peter, Raymond Luce, Ada Smith Hester, Paul Blankenship, Pearl Smith Longland, Celia Ruth Keller Apostolu, Hattie Williams Wallenstein, Alice Price Henline, Gladys Vannaman Hat- field, ROW 4: Gordon Walters, Ralph Marts, Herman Lee, Howard Wilcox, Dale Simonson, Leroy Griesinger, Bennie Rose, Charles McMillan, William Greve, Not picturede Herbert Rose, Graydon Brittan CWorld War IJ. , -ly my sg 1 . A X Q A r 1 A . f ,, - V 1 ,, , , - iii':i'? 4 'i'SZ'TTgiiJi " w w ' - -a is.. --e..-- M.-:fa .-f- M - . .A ,--e-h-+-- 1111? 1919-ROW 11: Eugene Gallop, Lena Orme, Opal Lacy, Warren Wharton, Phyllis Carrithers, Rena Catherwood, Galen Barber, Lila Mitchell, Mamie Clark, Lindley Heck, ROW 2: Minnie Howe, Grace Barber, Gant Kilborn, Alma Jack, Walton Howard, Irene Diamond, Arthur Edgerton, Ruby Luce, Era Clutter, ROW 3: Anna Greve QTJ, Helen Neal, Birdie Garrison, Louise Brinkman, Ruby Ross, Aural Westbrooke, Elsie Kuhn, Anna Strange, Veta Lear, Principal, ROW 4: Clarence Brooke, Bob Gwinn, Barney Hartley, Elmer Pollock, Allan Ludeman, Morris Denton, Nelson Mock, Howard Jones. Perry Thurman-Not pictured. 1920-ROW 1: Edward jones, Fermal Cummings, Charles Carr, Gertrude Cooper, Lillian Brubaker, John Griswold, ROW 2: Kathryn Boyers, Eugene Galloup, Leslie Burgmeier, Nellie Helmley, Louis Burlie, Valora Blackburn, Gladys Rankin, Marion Warren, Grace Clark, Clarence Lydick, ROW 3: Ray Randels, Winifred Rhodes, Carl Wharton, Lucile Mulford, Gladys Allen, Raymond Frye, Gladys Hatfield, Paul Heck, Lloyd Veatch, Hazel Birchenough, ROW 4: Clarence Davis, Pauline Potter, Louise Belschner, Donald DeTar, Ethel Atkison, Nellis Comes, Charles McCaleb, Etta Stites, Thomas Kuhns, Lvelyn Roach. WNW' 324 f mf 1? h X X 2 4 X 1 fu 3 . f , ' r , : i r X s ', X. S i X . . 1 i X- 3, :K , :X 5 is f, ,A f 5 ., , K h Q , 'R f L ,, t ' '-1 t It AL M xii? rigid , Fi, X W N l 5 ,, m -,Ni rxlx E X KLX 1 O ,. ,,,,,Q,ix xr ,VW , 1 5 x , X X , f Q w 3 X17 t: ,, ll, S X Q 4 X v X i Q, so sa: a :s,se s ,gran sa rx y , R ,L ,K . 1 , .. Q 1 v s , Q V S . X I J 2' X E ,fr ' L ' , , l -' r- K r , :E sa , - of , Q af ssl MQ Q A 5 r S A il A si ' r L S as x- I if X if lll my a S A: as r A it F A I X, '44 E if wr, W ww hrs? i 5 s,, r ,,r rf ya, ,g', r A L is sk L lu 1 sw rt' 5 an - Q -we f Q A x-F-rm ----- ,wg-Zia, TEV L- rema in ,, F gawk, , K . rx Bi 73 ,wwsfrf K V6 Yay P f ' war 4 rv '5 ,A X S YV TX L X H S ., V ,. L - . ra L A ' A maxi it A i A is er it A Q y ' m V A Q -'Jr ' f S , A 2 y F 4 F fr '- w Qs tt fi, N fl X , -V 3 Z TQ' , X ly L Y SEQ- f'L. EAM-Q3 S sim 1 l y , ,, .Q ra - A VqqQ 3 t, Y. A , - P ls 1 f y 1 a r sr of f f raa as Q -7 , I -I H A V rf , i f 3 C ' V X N W1 :M tf':- K www- ata a i ' , X Q ' - f ' s ii R X x 0X as il li ,, 1923-ROW 1: Wallace Howard, Helen Whitney Rigg, Ervin Prouse, Ruth Hentz, Agnes Miller Moore,-Carl Frische, Ethel Price, r Florence Stark Harrison, Paul Thrasher, Albert Mitchell, ROW 2: Lillie Helmbold Anderson, Rosa Shroyer Whaley, Dorothea Beard Sturns, Charles Burlie, Elmeretta Marteney Little, Karl Miller, Theodore Wood, Edith Owens Oppel, Velma' Quinn Cowdrey, Merle H Hartwick, ROW 3: 'Victor Truby, Charles Wood, Thelma Shroyer Hewitt, Elizabeth Rose Rousseau, Pauline Turner Garver, Alma Diamond Divinia, Floyd Goddard, Edward Gallagher, Hazel Diamond McFadden Brown, Reba Wise Thurman, ROW 4: Maurita Asper Q Stearns, Ruth Armstrong Hadley, Aubrey Stark, Lewis Hamm, Bernece Huffman Reneau, Leona Clinton Miller, joseph Jones, Maurita , Suesz Nicholson, Homer Kuhns, Hope Gaither Brodbeck, ROW 5: Aileen Parker Kottal, Leland Detar, Florence Deming Siner, Gertrude ' , Harper Skirvin, Walter Joyner, Hugh Cullison, Amber Adkisson Zeitler, William Love and Irene Meyer. ,p 1924-ROW 1: Lucille Beebe jones, Stanford Fanlels, james Rood, Frances Allen Bird, Ethylle Buck, Howard Carrithers, Minnie , Humfield Hurst, Robert Sturns, ROW 2: Gayle Quinn Ireland, Ruth Davis Bluhm, Ralph jones, Ruth Coon Jones, Ocren Newby, Irene Brinkman Bales, Rozelle Blowey, Florence Kirk, Kate Apperson Barnard, Dwight Hayter, ROW 3: Grace Price Melvin, Winfred it DeLozier, Veda Moore Welch, Charles Burlie, Beulah Denton Randels, Clesteele White Sluss, Harold Harris, Paul Durahn, Gerald Hale, 5 Carson Hatfield. ROW 4: Verena Bridgess Stark, Edyth Miller Sechler, Ruth Millard Crawford, Neva Long Gibson, Halson Boorn, i i I Bertha DeBord, Charles Zeigler, Ida Carr Scott, Virginia Pollock Rigdon, ROW 5: Lowell Burch, John Cather, Charles Wood, Helen 3 Parker Trapp, Gladys Pollock Meals, Bessie Strange Starnes, Edna Burgmeier Delaney, Lillyan Smith Jefferies, Mildred Stanley Hood, r Zelma Fulton Strader Rezabek, ROW 6: Mervin Siner, Helen Harbin Schindler, Lloyd Rishell, Ethel Little Cole, Carl Carrithers, Lyle l DeMoss, Ray Baird, Ruby Cope Armstrong, Althea Kirk Newland, Ralph Hoard. v , 9 fl an W ff If ' 1? i f if fry, pw it E. Q, at ,G 1 r vf , 'M fl l l" 1-vnu 6 'Thin 1925-ROW 1: Sam Hutchinson, Harold Brubaker, Lucille Dooley, George Cruse, Henly Bratton, Harriet Gilbert Staves, Roberta jones Long, Harry Wood, Virgil Clark, Fern Cornick McCall, Genevieve Stover Petroff, Leon jones, Floyd Kennedy, Myrle Isabell Fent, ROW 2: Eleanor Fox Denton, William Irwin, Ben Zeigler, Dorothy Carr Logsdon, Marjorie Green Elliot, Ruby Elliott Montague, Raybern Clarkson, Mattie Shannon Carr, Glenn Minshall, Frances Roberts Gray, ROW 3: Suzanne Robertson Poppino, Elinor Gard Heath, Nyle Miller, Hazel Bottorff, Marlan Garvin, Mary Louise Olmstead Updegraff, Elizabeth Limbird, jesse Cullison, Flora De Bord Stouffer, Dorothy Bratton Madden, ROW 4: Olive Fox Reynolds, Nila De Bord Taylor, Grace Baird Muir, Roy Birchenough, Hazel Crane Marts, Thelma Mardis Quinn, Frances Rhoads Long, Evelyn Allen Arnett, Evalyn Hoopes Hayter, Madeleine Joyner McDaniel, ROW 5: Paul Whichcord, Fern Thrasher Wagoner, Margaret Moulton Ikenberry, Theodore Montague, James Murry,. DeForest Balckburn, Monte Crooker, Jack Law. x E., z.,r ,rr a ww ,W,,-,,rr , , ,S on r . r t r, V., ,--.w,,,, me rim., IP' 1"" ,f XT' 3' ZM5 pw 1926-ROW 1: Dent Walker, Frances Hare Webster, Esther Hancher Kern, Roscoe Reynolds, Maye Scott, Frank Stover, Leota Cleveland Shepherd, Floyd Crum, Eugene Parker, Gladys johnson, ROW 2: Grant Martin, Ruth Stephenson Mize, Phillip Carter, Lucille Shaver Osborne, Clifford Deere, Grace Johnson Montague Stark, Helen Smith Gideon, Erle Kropp, Winifred Jordan, Garland Matthews, ROW 3: Rhoda Wells, Norman Mark, Gladys Clark Anderson, Garold McAdams, Perlie Cary, Alice Sechler Yaaer, john Price, Georgia Siner Reynolds, Iro Cothern, Lela Martin, ROW 4: Clarence Blowey, Maurity Arnett Dooley, Floyde Tague, Helen Hatfield Miller, Marsh Bird, Ruth Roberts Presley, Glenn Asper, Edward Thompson, Zelma Edmonson Wacker, Ralph Rankin, ROW 5: Loarice Pearce, Reva Scott Overman, Harold Carr, Crace Cary DeVorss, Henry Hoard, Golda Swafford Prouse, Huxley Hansbarger, Irene Stark Replogle, Clarence Bowersock. 1927-ROW 1: Rodney Olmstead, Ruth Limbird, Lucille johnson, Otha Carr, Merab Salser, Clifford Trotter, 'Vesta june Lewis, Katherine Mock, ROW 2: Neva Fisher, Harold Hanna, Ruth Regnier, Sylvia Isbell, Winifred Ford, Harold Evand, jack,Hale, Mairgorie Cornwell, Reba Clepper, Emma .1ess,,ROW 3: Marvel Bonham, Nancy Lee Altaffer, Muriel Bird, Dorothy Evans, Cordley Brown, Lloyd Simpson, Lila Mae Miller, Arhtur Duvall, Catherine Wilcox. Iijeo Blowey, ROW 4: Alvin Prouse, Clara jones, Esther Watts, Frances Durham, Phillip Davis, Frances Cass, Everett McCaleb, Vera Wilson., Wendell alin, Roma Gish. Q,.,.E.i ,,..,, ' W d V nDolah Pauline Joyner Lawrence Seipel Inez Childers 1928-ROW 1: Almond Hancher, Belva Davis, an a a ,,,, Kenneth Dusenbury, Dorothea Broche, Ruth Fox, Margaretta Bettis, ROW 2:fAlberta Brittain, Boyd Worthington, Harold Hayter, Emma Wilcox, Adrian Combs, Keith Dusenbury, Irene Carrithers, Caradon Wilson, Marguerite Brooker, Helen Ritter, ROW 3: Virgil Patterson, Dean Rhoads, Dale Hughes, Gretta Schnackenberg, Raymond Sechler, Frankie Snow Cora Yourdon Geneva Kennedy, George Cullison, Eunice Rose, ROW 4: Lewis Ravenscroft, , . . h , jack,Hale, Olive Wood, Ruth Warren, Delphin Diamond, Charles Calloway, Kathryn Murp y, Kenneth Sherar Iro Carr, Sidney Toler, ROW 5: Cutler Brubaker. 1929-ROW 1: Thelma Burchfiel, Mauguerite Pedrick, Richard Bird, Albert Mallon, Leone Oder, Mildred Wilson, Raymond Shelton, Monroe jones, Evelyn Duncan, Edna Rishel, ROW 2: Delvia Waggoner, Lawrence Peitz, Bernice Hansbarger, Louise Ford, Lewis Fogleman, john Deere, Elma Bonham, Ruth Bertenshaw, Kenneth Foster, Dale Mingle, ROW 5: Ocie Brown, Lucilla Hansvarger, Russel Rishell, Russel Steen, Helen Weatherford, Martha Eson, Howard Montague, Peary Pollock, LFern Scott, Helen Carothers, ROW 4: Lawrence Guthrie, Ray Fox, Molise Calloway, Marcelyn Hoopes, james Nesselroad, Warren Turner, Margaret McKee, Kenneth Asper, Olin Trotter, jack Bettis, ROW 5: Iva Hardman, Gean Hauck, Alva Garrison. QF' G' W 13. 3 lk - '- QW Y --f 'W - ' .rw ' Q 1930-ROW 1: Edna Pearson Jamison, Rita Waggoner Carothers, Mildred DeLozier Mollohan, Dorothy Jordon Teizel, Florence justice johnson, Helen jones McCanse, Wilma Law Dymacek, Edna Nichols Wilson, ROW 2: Dorotha Nichols Downing, Marietta Glover Hungerford, Ruth Diamond Burns, Ruth Hoopes Rishel, Faye Burchfield Barnett, Lillian Zeller Walsh, Mary Wilson, Delma Palin, junior Mock, ROW 3: julia Wood, Harriet Swain Gibson, Ruby Gish Kuhns, Lucerne Robertson Bird, Elsie Goss Clark, Fern Schnackenberg Maninger, Harold Swinson, Harry Turner. ROW 4: Irene Riggs Weed, Ruth Nash Kiemel, Helen Mitchell Patton, Elmer Smith, Alice Long Meador, Dorothy Lee Harder, Myrl Coon Pulliam, Marjorie Paton Veatch, Louise Pedrick Young, Mildred Fenton Tusler, Charles Guthrie, Everett Beals, ROW 5: Arthur Murphy, Ruth Clark, Vivian Gates, junia Todd jurgens, Goldie Miller Owens, Beth Casper, Vernon Hoopes, Maurice Dusenbury, Pauline Burlie Bushey fnot picturedj. 1931 fnot identifiedj Evelyn Bettis Pickerill, W. L. Blackburn, Ernest Bosf, Jeannette Brooke' Maflges, JHY W-ghufqeff, Logan Caress, Evelyn Carr Rymph, Thelma Carr Arnett, Elizabeth Carer Palin, Gladys Cole Lawrence, Marshall. Coon, ar sey Cooper Hoopes, Elizabeth Coyle, Rose Crum Gerberding, Lawrence Fogleman, Dorothy Ford Pennington, Doris Gates Dusen- buiy, Kenneth Gibson, Harold Greve, George Guthrie, james Haltom, Fredrick Holt, Olen Hoopes, Dorothy Laing Burkholder, Tessie Mayfield Moore, Helen Ruth Meyer Wyester, William George Muir, 0110 N0ffhf0P, I-0l115C 0Ci0r Duncan, Marjorie Ogle Tower, Lois Patterson Carpenter, Lowell Parsons, Harry Peebles, Maurice Powell, Ruth Shelton McNabb, Avis Shroyer Stewart, G1 ' S' r St t E ene Smith, Herbert A. Snow, Ralph Stark, Elizabeth Louise Stephens, Milton Strout, Maurice Ddii1iig:nwat1Ti1lis,MaLiigh, virginia watson, Earl Wells, Ralph Wilcox, Paul Wllsom Wmlfred Wvflfk MOON- f-, ,,,, t ,, . -4. 1932-Harold Adkisson, W. Gordon Arnett, Herman Barnard, Margaret Ruth Barnard Ziegler, Delbert Nile Browne, .Hazel Mae. Brown Hackney, Bennie Cary, Mildred Frances Connor Jones, Wilma Diamond Dickson, Marcelyn Dusenbury Humbert, Genevieve Guthrie' Cox, Charles Hardman, Tilford Hargett, Eve Hayter Davis, Leo Heiser, Wilma Hoffman Dillon, Raymond I-Ioopes, Weldon Hughbanks, Dean Hughes, Helen Eleanor Hunter McMullin, Carmen Jefferies Livingston, Bonita Jones Earnest, Edwyna Jones, Lois Justice Stone, LaI'leeta Lee Croft, Kathleen Mallon Seipel, Ivan Mantooth, Lela Mantooth Huddleston, Harold Merriman, Lois Maurine Miller Yieager, Mary Marguerite Mock Ellis, Fidella Jean Palin Donnohue, Howard Parsons, Raymond Patterson, Lou Velm, Pearl Osborn, .Mervin Peebles, Dale Petty, Charles Poston, Jr., Lucille Rankin Sherriff, Marvin Scott, John Arthur Seth, Evelyn Shannon Gibson, Clar1Ce Smith Hale, A0021 Smlth White Calani, Robert Eugene Stark, Marvin Stone, Bernice Swinson Dickey, Bryce Todd, Milan Tretbar, Vera Turner Denton, John Ward, Martha Wilson. - 1933-James Bonhert, Berniece Bradley Huddleston, Harold Broce, Vivian Bonita Campbell Hughes, Joy Carter Hughbanks, Florence Cooper Adkisson, Clifton Couch, Opal Crum Wofford, Lou Wilma Detwiler Rust, Georgia Louise Fenter Sampson, Donna Pauline Feely Chapman, .Wayne Fling, J. Otha Fox, Keith Foster, Thelma Fox Phillips, R. Vincent Garvin, Anna Haltom Lincoln, Lloyd Hayter, Marguerite Hennessey DeVoge, Irene Hill Beedy, Marvin Hill, Kenneth Huffman, Otha Jones, Harriet Charlotte Kane Beaver, Howard Kirk, William Large, Joan Law Delp, Noreen Leota Lee Miller, Earl Le Mon, Hazel Lee Merriman, Ruskin Meyer, Thelma Irene Miller Flood, Rev. Forrest W. Nash, Olive Ogle Ghormley, Durland Powell, Mildred Madge Scott, Gylah Schnackenberg Smith, Eugene Stewart, Ruth Swinson Allen, Martha Teem Johnsmeyer, Glennys Theresa Veatch Hughes, LuCile Agnes Watking Loyd, Rosena Wiemeyer, Rosa- mond Wilcox Sievers, Richard Williamson. ' 1934-Joyce Elixabeth Bean Rogers, Mary Blowey Sullivan, Dorothy Bridgess Anderson, Loyal Brown, Eugene Carrithers, Maxine Cary Grosch, Vera Marlea Casper, Clarence Chasey, George Clabough, Virgil Cole, Helen Coon Steinacker, Margaret Pauline Duncan Kelly, Elizabeth Duwe Snyder, Ruth Duwe Schmidt, Berniece Fenton Burr, Margaret Fetters Patterson, Mervin Wesley Flood, Frank Fogleman, Sarah Marguerita Gates Hite, Juanita Hamilton Sweet, Thaine Minton Heiser, Charles Oden Herold, Palma Hilbig, Geneva Hughes Redfern, Rolland Hughes, Harold Emmett Humfield, Loren William Hyatt, Eleanor Druzilla Kirk Bennett, Philip Law, Arliss Brown Lee, Maxine Long Cooper, Kenneth Mantooth, Virginia Martin Moldenhauer, Frances Mayfield Hargett, Forrest Meyer, Genevieve Michael LeBlond, Helen Moore Goodwin, Eileen Mildred Murphy Erwin, Aileen Patterson Bond, Carl Patterson, Harry Patton, Bertha Peebles McDaniel, Shirley Pohlenz Drinkard, Gerald Powell, Ellis Redfern, Genevieve Reneau Finley, Beth Rutherford, De Martini, Duane Oral,Rutherford, Lawrence Vernon Scott, Keith Sherar, Mary Louise Springer McCuistion, Threva Thomas Miller, Charles Thompson, Max Tysor, Inez Vogt, Ruby Walters Brazzell, Julius Ward, Georgia Lodema Williams, Phillip Roger Young, Mildred Youngberg Knitel. The Grand Opera House Dec. 1887-June 2, 1933. The first graduating class was ,held here. The' build- ing seated 900 including private boxes and standing room for an additional 300. Several concerts were I held here and this was the finest building of its kind between Kansas City and El Paso. 7" Nwilmont Aneth N jim Rice Lynam Smithheisler Hazel Ruth Morris Wimmer Redfern Phyllis Cecil glifchflell Adkisson r 's 1 QS! ' 'f f io 2 o 1 Lawrence Marge Flood Blowey Millions Ione Rutherford Il-' 1956--funidentifiedl Callie Armstrong, Ralph Bean, Donald Lee Birchenough, Emogene Dorothy Blolwey Williams, Ruth lone Bridgess Clayton, William Campbell, Kenneth Carothers, Roy Carter, Roy Chadwick, Fern Cooper Wagner, Doris Louise Cross Boyer-, Anastasia Duran Sandoval, james Albert Dusenbury, Fredric Dusenbury, Thomas Wesley Fanning, Harold Elbert Fawcett, june Fogleman Hill, Leland Grasser, Kenneth Haltom, Glen Hardman, Glendine Hardman Sproul, Frances Nadine Herold Parsons, Lewis Hill, John Hixson,V Ernest Hoopes, .Ellsworth Donald Humes, Granville Johnson, Lorene Ione jones Morgan, Claude Kennedy, J. A. Kirts, Zeta Marie Lee Roach, Lucille Long Mingle, Fern Olive McMichael, james Menasco, Robert Lee Mueller, John Nichols, Walter Nichols, Muriel Eleanor Orr Baugh. johns, Leslie Lawrence Parsons, Mary Kathryn Powell Anderson, Nora Fern Redfern Duckworth, Mary Evelyn Price Hufford, Robert Reneau, Virginia Roots Welch Barrett, Eula Rutherford Crawford, Doris Sanders Hayter, Helen Veronica Shannon Close, Kenneth Alford Smith, Wavey Mae Scott Fe-nton, Pauline Smith Patterson, Willa Ruth Stauf Hall, Donald Stoddard, Marie Ferne Todd Sherar, Opal Lorene ,Tower jemison, Helen Turner Olivier, Mary Lou Turner Ryland, Mary Maxine Veatch Jax, Maxine Elizabeth Veatch Payne, J. C. Waggoner, Ivan Wagner, Charles Wilson, Merl Wilson, Eleanor Ruth Woodworth Poston: 1957-Cunidentifiedj Robert Adkisson, Maxine Baird jones, Dorothy Bettis, Harold Burton, Raymond Carothers, Harriet Cary Laing, Imogene Cary Johnson, Ruthena Casper Stoddard, Ray Chadwick, Lillian East Bridson, joseph Ellis Farmer, Paulagene Finch Luizza, Major Clarence Fox, Velma Fox Barry, Phillip Lee Galloway, William Donald Garvin, Geraldine Harper Patterson, Phillip Hatfield, Daniel Hayes, Ruth Hibbard Vawter, Harold Stanley Hilts, Elberta Hoard Newell Whittington, james Robert Hoath, Maxine Hoel Gilliland, Maxine Hoffman King. Amos Ray jones, Genevieve Jones Barber, Orma Lee jones Smith, Burton Keeble, Rev. Vernon Le Mon, Mildred McAllister Oliver, Leo McElroy, Robert Vernon McElroy, Wesley Meade, Warren Meador, Dorothy Meineke, Erby Dean Miller, Arvey Milligan, Winifred Mingle Bridges, Ruth Moore Martens, Col. Glen Mueller, Dr. Frank Murphy, Helen jo Neal, Gladys Peebles Goodman, Velva Peffley Bates, Wilma Pohlenz Hoopes, Elizabeth Poston Hatfield, Ruby Roach King, Veldean Roots Bridgess, Harold Ronald Scott, LaVaughan Silcott Lee, Virginia Strain, Kenneth Thomas, Phyllis Tolle Cravens, Beatrice Wallace Lively, john Watt, Jr., Edward Wimmer, Elizabeth Wood Bartlett, Iris Irene Wood, Major Hunter Yowell. 1958 funidentifiedj Everett Aleshire, Frances LuRee Anthony Stout, Ben Baldwin, jr., Dr. Marvin Harold Bean, Frances Helen Brown Patton, Wilma Arlene Bursch Huston, Edna Louise Carr Fields, Vernon Lee Carr, Kathryn Casper Perry, Anna Mae Catherwood Duncan, Darold Deane Caton, Billy Donahue Connell, Donald Louis Crane, Robert George Croft, Ella Fern Duncan Johnson, Arthur Henry Duwe, Gladys Marie Gaume Drouhard, Virgil Wayne Gering, Virgil Gilliland, Billie Merle Hanley, Lucerne Evelyn ,Herold, Robert Lee Hill, Herbert Leroy Hoopes, Richard Lyman Justice, jean Anne Kropp Bottomley, Billy Theodore Laing, Ruth Irene Long jacob, john Lowe III, Bessie Ruth Lynam Denes, Alice Emmajean McBee Nossaman, Betty Deane McDaniel Spingler, Arlyn McGuire Weiberg, Melvin McMichael, Alice Eleanor Miller Barker, Frances Miller Hartman, Marguerite Moore McElwain, Alma Maude Nichols Hoover, Edwin Spencer Orr, Margaret Lucern Orr Gray, Thelma Parkerson Scott, Alvin Patterson, Kerris Ray Powell, joseph Prouse, jr., Merl Everett Salser, Nadine Seipel Jones, Orin Dale Silcott, Elizabeth Smith Nelson, Olive Marie Smith Robertson Christena Stands Taggart, Sarah Adelia Stigers Curr Willa Mae Teem , y, Sprirfcgfeldt, Claudine Thomas Connelly, Pearl Evelina Thomas Hibbard, Richard Karl- Timm, Frances Evelyn Wagner Leatherwood, Max Wat ins. 7' 1939-ROW 1: Shirley Shannon Yeager, Bob Straughan, Maxine Law, Robert Long, David Cadamy, Doris Jones Keeble, Hazel Hibbard Cantrell, Albert Fawcett, Betty Birchenough Rayl, Grace Bloom Dusenbury, Norma Meyer Leader Freedman. ROW 2: Gladys Hughes Hobbs, John Croft, Peggy Dawson Muth, Mary Ann Dary Schiff, Betty Lefever Wilson, Velma Standrich Oswald, Marjorie Harper Grum, Carmen McGuire Meade. Lois Grasser Croft, Gracia East Dingle, ROW 3: Eleon Hill Spriggs, Marjorie Stephenson Hahn,iJuanita Hoard Armstrong, Virginia Myers Coffman, Thelma Baird Pilcher, Lydia Ann Salsberry Lawrence, Betty Heiser Alton, Jean Van Dolah Brown, Virginia Beboust Baker, Vernanice Hivner Furneaux, ROW 4: Lee Stackfleth, Evelyn Head- berg Leitch, Louise Haltom Brown, Doris Kastens, Thelma Campbell Durant, Earl Stegall, Maxine Bond Hall, Frank Wachholz, ROW 5: Earldean Hibbard, Donald Smith, Gorden Hoath, Richard Pestinger, Leon Cox, Vivan Neal Gates, Vera Rutherford Gabbard, Carold Rutherford Wachholz, ROW 6: Almer Wiemeyer, Dean Corbett, Willis jones, Bob Corbett, Lewis Duncan, Frances Meyer Kroemer. 1940-ROW 1: Marjory Watkins Lyon, Ruth Graham Chandler, Dorothy Stewart Butler, Maxine Martin Potts,,Marguerite Gilek Hoover, Geniece Hivner Lindemann. Dorothy Hoodlet Scoby. Norma Carothers Brown, jean Stout Straughan, ROW 2: Charles Watkins, Jessie Wagner Graves, Edith Armstrong Whitney, Helen Bettis Wiemeyer, Roberta Metzker Palmer, Wanda Hershberger Groves, Suzanne Schmidt Swafford, johnny Swafford, ROW 3: Henry Hudgens, Diana Guthrie Frazier, Dorothy Anderson Hall, Vivian Shaw Cullison, Evelyn Bebermeyer, Lorraine McMichael Messner, jack Yeager, ROW 4: Dalton Eash, Irene Gass Nichols, Bethalee Adkisson Lay, Ruth Moore Dakin, Nadine jones Adkisson, Donald Cunningham, ROW 5: Chester White, jr., Robert Lee Gates, Arlene Burton Ross, Fannie Hughbanks Elliott, Dorothy Huston, Myrtle Ford Parsons, Mattalena Wiemeyer Ashmore, ROW 6: Don Pohlenz, Donald Messener, Lynndell Baker, Ruth Gaume Ronck, Thelma justice Van Horn, Lauretta Crum Bennett, Emma Hill, ROW 7: jess Cullison, Abelino Durant, Donald johnson, Lee Anthony, joseph Ault, Alfred Young, Elbert Tower. Robert Cary, john Parker, Louise Everett, Minter Brown, Supt. ' 1 'Wh ff? 'tw' 5 I35 ' s Seniors left to right are: First row, Charles D. Williams. Harry Rice, Rich ard Williams, Harold Lee, Jack Fox, Arthur Shannon, Maynard Grubb, David Hawk, Dean Ready: second row, Lavonne Gates, Max Stevens, Philipp Duwe, Georgiann Poston, Esther Wilson, Betty Jo Zuber. Ciara Beth Price, Laois Ruth Smith, Mary Hawkins: third row, Joan Van Dnlah, Wilma Dr-PTar, Ethel Mae Connor, Ollie Mae Chadwick, Norma Zuber: fourth row, Donna Moore, Edith Wilson, Marcella McCsnse. Mary Bevington, Anna Bette Wagaman., Margaret Wilson, Maxine Wharton, Robert I-Hits: fifth zowf Lois Akbers. Carme101iviex, Mary Ann Klastens, Bi!! Hughes, Marie Smith, Kathryn Elliott. Georgia Chasey, Virginia Fox, Margaret Hilts, Barbara Jean Schmidt: sixth row, Maytord Graves, Edgar Powell. Elwood Wedrnan, Harold Pi-ice, Williazd Swafford, Charles Linn, Lois Hopkins, Joyce Harris, Betty Jane Lynam: seventh row, Charts Hatbower, Howard Miller, Cai-los Wailey, Albert Zeller, Adolph Daly, Richard Huffman, Mickey McGuire, Mary Ellen Brown: last row, Mr. Jess O. Cuilison, Mr. Alfred R. Young. Miss Louise Everitt, Mr. Miner E. Brown, Graydon Cross, and John Pearson. f Delbert Mciianse, lffsyne YawoettiinciiahtstyLggAfftsgtgvfgfgltfosgntlz-it jhgwtfrng thas picture was made. f 44 Q. pp f uxr-vvfnfiz-eu if PIKIDYIQYYDU an w 1-f--N-.---Q M- --4--Q M---A 2 - . .. .. Mwwvrv W-WIWVEYY 1942-Dean Alley, Warner Bohnert, Marvin Broce, joy Carothers Dodgen, Phil Carter, Earl Catherwood, Morris Christiansen, james Clark, Gayle Dary Lareu, Leota Ruth Downing Burr, George Duran, Regina Eades Platt, Vernon Elliott, Katherine Fawcett Hayne, Lois Gass Bramlett, Delores Gates, Geraldine Gaume, Clair Haltom, Phyllis Hardin Straughn, Dorothy jean Hate Nichols, Rex Hatfield, Major Donald Hawkins, Garold Hoard, Robert Lee Hoard, Wilma Hughes Swafford, Lonnie Dsan Kastens, Mary Lou Kastens Chippeaux, Philip Elmer Kastens, Melva Kennedy Cummings, Robert Knight, Izola Livingston Duwe, Earl McMichael, Velta McMichael Maninger, Robert Major, Helen Meyer McGuire, William Edgar Miller, Frank Morrison, Ileen Nichols Lytle, Dorotha Ann Nordgren Krumery, Lorna Iris Parke-rson Kastens, Betty jean Pearson Hull, Marlan Pollock, Edna Ravenscroft Locke, Bruce Ready, Malissa Lou Riggs Johnson, Marjorie Rishell Hawk Larson, jack Roberson, john Schnackenberg, Jr., Maurita Pearl Shaw Nagle, Clark Sheldon, Herman Smithhisler, Ruby Gladys Stamm Koestel, jack Staples, Phyllis Nadine Stark Price, John Stephenson, Phebe Mae Stigers Buckner, Glen Jackson Swafford, Opal Thomas Eslinger, Myrle Wagner Roberson, Ruth Watley Casey, Margaret Anne White Hoard, john Philip Williams, Helen Wood Rishell Swafford. I J l I J P tl 'tt 7 9 w v 1,-ii 1945-ROW 1: Hal Bingham, Lucy jackson Storm, Maxine Flinn Stuchal, Claudine Gates Adams, Carol Halbower Haury, Ellen MetzkertGalloway, Vivian Hockett Beardsley,'Barbara Smithhisler, Gordon Walters, Bob Parsons, Willard Pohlenz, ROW 2: Marlin Bond, Caroline Cooke Haines, Delores Huffman Van Etten, Phyllis Grasser Otis, Betty Frank Rohrback, Ruth Ready Fulling, Ruby Smithhisler Richardson, Galen Mardis, Clifford Shannon, Jimmie Price, ROW 3: Jack Nichols, Virginia Wedman Berube, Edgar Barrett, Frances Armstrong Adams, Margaret Fisher Atteberry, Ruby Wilson Pollock, Barbara Turrentine Laing, Lois Blankenship Waldschmidt, Pearl Gering, Bette Morse Patterson. Gladys Graves Blizzard, Mariana Mueller Cox, Arlene Williams -McNeal, Lois Baldwin Montague, Wilbut Van Etten, ROW 4: Dwight Lee, Richard Graham, David Montague, Shirley Cheatum, Horace Menasco, Eugene Velasquez, Walter Waldschmidt, Richard Rump, Lloyd Francis, ROW 5: Teachers-Wendell Grove, Carmen Shoemaker, Clarence, Supt. Minter Brown fnot picturedj, Patsey Eades Ritter, Marlan Laing, Stanley Burchfiel, Nell jones Latimer, Leon Haltom, Frank Taft, juan Calderon. If I9-44--ROW 1: LaVonne Lear Bigelow, Velma Kershner Sanders, Dorothy Coom Drummond, Lula Hughes Hunt, Ruth Ann Barrett Stuart Doris- Houlton Ward, Pat Hyatt Detwiler, ROW 2: Velree Moyer Fox, Roberta Reynolds Engle, Frances Montague Spangler, l Mary iGassr Galloway Wahneta Hatfield Sunderland, Marilyn Hilts Blomquist, Lillian Allen Childers, Bruce Atchinson, ROW 3: A Bob Staples Don Rever, Alta Slaughter Lingo, Aline Lynam Hooten, Ellen Sturns Cheatum, Ruth Eslinger Bettis, Mabel Post Brotton Lorraine McCanse Dodd, ROW 4: Wendelin Smithhisler, Betty Lou Eash Rushing, Alice Vlcek Childers, Irene Croft Purdy 1Marjean,Reneau, Wiilma Turner' Keller, Frances Hanley Snyder, Marie Gates Hibbard, Gene Ryan, ROW 5: Edwin Rood, J Scott ,Shahan, Howard Wimmer, Donald Rutherford, Dick Noftzger, Leo Kastens, ROW 6: john Couch, Roger Andrews, Victor Elliott Phil Pestinger Maurice Cleveland, Bob Waldschmidt, Sponsors, Geraldine Gosch, Clarence Spong, Wendell Grove, Mmter Brown, Supt. U I A A is 1 1 4 t 4 1 2 Z 8 C , -, 1 -....,. -. 1 . A- -f-.o .. -' ' f" -A -" " - '- -f - f -- - A . ---W ,a .1-V. Zin .4..:!'1",2,-.?- 52117.22 ff- .1'?'f.'t4.' ' Y"'J A 1 ' ' ' L 2 Z i945--ROW 1: Nelda McClellan Parsons, Kent Thompson, Judy Warren Menasco, Bob Martin, Pat McGovney Kille, Peggy Graves Murray, Bernie Rishell, Margaret Haltom Mardis, Leonard McCanse, Marjorie Crow Malcomb, ROW 2: Barney Menasco, Betty jo Alley Rutherford, Hod Mardis, Maurita Gaither Ellis, Bob Cather, Howard Gillespie, Burchie Burchfiel Kastens, Max Rife, Emma Swafford Giesen, Milford Coady, ROW 3: Norma Laina Stewart, Bob Thomas, Mayola Kelly Wooten, Carl Ryan, Evelyn Mock Pohlenz, Doris Moore Barrett, Dick Barber, Margaret Ann joines Hoagland, Kenneth Houser, Lorene Van Ranken Waldschmidt, ROW 4: Max Krumrey, Ellen Marie Denton Warren, Phil Sydney, Charlene Allen, Don Bevington, Gene Dixon, Izalia Livingston Duwe, Loren Long, Doris Wohlgemuth Little, Cyril Meyer, ROW 5: Betty Knight Neal, Keith Moore, Dorothy Herold Todd Vanis, Bob Kastens, Vonnie Lee Neal, Wanda Coon Herrin, Carllyle Roots, Phyllis Whitney Stobaugh, Marvin Franklin, Marvel Thomas Mingle, ROW 6: Stanle Stout N H f' ' ' ' ' y , orma at ield Stout, Joe Gideon, Mary jean Yager, Bill Patton, Wilmot Carr, Don Pohlenz, Noma Smith Martin, Kenneth Linn, Clarence Spong. 1946-funidentifiedj Carmen Atchison Dixon, Letha Brown Rutlrauff, Marilyn Bryan Burchfiel, Rosalee Bursch Niethamer, M i ary Cather Bushnell, Yvonne Chappel Bell, Ben Clark, Gene Cleveland, Robert Denton, Keith Dombaugh, Floyd Dunning, jr., Lillian Duwe Velasquez, Betty Ellington Bishop, Roberta Garvin Sprague, Ruth Gilek Roberts, Nellie Hanely Whisman, Robert Hanna, Franklin Heel, William Hilts, Margaret Hoopes, Doyle Huffman, Berniece Hughes, Eva jackson Zumalt, Garold jones, Glenn jones, Mary Jones Johnson, Frances Kastens Warner McKnight joan Lear Eye Robert McKee jo ce Maltbie Corn'ck a 1 7 Y I 7 Mary Montague Jewell, Winifred Patterson Gerberding, Carol Price Rankin, Betty Prouse Botk' H b P in, er ert rouse, LeEtta Roberts Lester, Jack Scott, Betty Standrich Romine, Duane Stevens, Robert Stewart, Charles Truby, Charles Underwood, Harold Velasquez, Ruth Wallace Harritt, Lawrence Williams, Wilford Wyckoff, ,lo Ann Waggoner Galusha. 7-"e H 1947-ROW 11 Mary Thurman Clark, Wesley Sallee, Ellen Long Rishell, Jerry Holland, Marthella Shaw Thornhill, Guilford Barnard, June Wachholz Obley Price, ROW 2: Kenneth Rosseay, Jim Hopkins, Frank Meyer, Rosa Mae Chism Blasdell, Richard Bohnert, Joan Hanley Meyer, Bill Downing, Ken- neth Snyder, Lula Mae Grandstaff Hawley, Nelson Burton, ROW 3: Rolland Freed, Twila Cheatum Wiggins, Elmer Vanderpool, George Podschun, Norma Jean Coady Nulik, Wesley Poston, Belva Turner Niemann, Marvin Turren- tine, Richard Van Rankin, Pauline Walker Redger. ROW 4: Jerry Connell, Bill Baird, Betty Ann Long Watts, Bob Standrich, Dorothy Watley Bubdy, Bill Woody, Lucerne Montague, George Wagoner, Bonnie Snodgrass Con- nell, Bernard Kastens, ROW 5: Leroy Smith, Jean Smith Cleveland, Jim Underwood, Joyce Mingle Frizzell Fry, Bill Bates, Betty Mae Houser Lewis, Vernon Ryan, Betty Faye Gates Berggen, Phil Barrett, Gerald Fisher, ROW 6: Pat Men- asco Templin, Bliss Ransom, Bill Howard, Lonnie Smithhisler, Joyce Mardis Sterling, Dick Templin, Boyd Hatfield, Nita Faye Deshong Shannon, Robert Eslinger, Dorothy Laird Martin, ROW 7: David Bet- tis, Jane Halbower Bascomb, Bill Price, Beverly Tucker Hagen, Bob Sydney, Donald Miller, Barbara Bassford Bauer, Raymond Dom- bough, Lorraine Halbower Volsky Rankin Griesinger. Y-'17 1948-ROW 1: Mrs. Claudine Chamberlin Gering fsponsorj, Carolyn Alley Buckles, Margaret Ann Wimmer, Shirley Hockett Lee, Dorothy Ann Meyer Czaplinski, Mary Jo Ransom Hodson, Beradine Prouse Mardis, Sandy Newsom fsponsorj, ROW 2: Marion Asper'Sharkey, Kathleen Rump Drosselmeyer, Joyce Walker Walker, Joyce Hawley Harger, Vera McCanse, ROW 3: Neva Franklin Barlow, Virginia Kastens Warren, Gladys Johnson Bollman, Geraldine Brown Park, Dorothy Jean Halbower Menges, Jean Bailey Ryan, Ruth Montague McClean, ROW 4: Patrica Price Drouhard, Claribel Cather Baer, Marcelyn Krumery Troyer, Jo Ellen Stark Kelley, ROW 5: Jack Metzker, Bob Couch, Jack Templin, Dean Schmidt, John Fox, Leroy Walker, ROW 6: Dwight Hoopes, Howard Kastens, Vernon Winery, Gene Cammack, Ivan Pfalser, Ray Thomas Lloyd Hopkins, ROW 7: Bill Timmons, ,Dale Parderson, Donald Osborn, Bill Kastens, Don Collins, Jim Bates. W Z yt l 2 ,i gs ii 'i il l i ir' J l QI? it' 5 . ,r l I I mol -Lai 1949- funidentifiedj Dona Albert Butler, William Behrmann, William Browning, Virginia Chism Nichols, Barbara Cooper Garlow Kiser, Dona Cooper Hanna, Jack Crittenden, Neva Gaile Davis Stewart, Mary Ann Dilts Rix, Wanda Dilts White, Permelia Downing Arasmith, Jimmie Fox, Robert Freed, Virginia Galloway Barrett, Rebecca Jeanette Griswold, Robert Graves, James Griswold, Harry Halbower, Dick Hamliton, Frank Hanley, Beverly Harrison Stinson, Jim Hester, Jo Dee Howe Goshorn, Patricia Kastens Coady, Patty Kiser Kadau, Jacky Lear, Hazel Longland Wolley, John McKee, Ralph Meyer, Marion Miller House, Bobbie Ogle, Elizabeth Patterson Starks, James Patterson, Phyllis Perry Brooks, Clarice Podschun Esparza, Lyle Rousseau, Mona Rousseau Hoffman, Me'lvin Smith, Teresa Smith- hisler Brooks, Billy Standrich, Billy Starks, Lillian Stouffer, Bobbie Swafford, Jeanne Thomas Eslinger, Nancy Truby Krhut, Walter Underwood, Betty Velasquez Maricle, Jennie Waldschmidt Van Rankin, Billy Warnock, Ray Warren. LaDuska Whinery Linn, Betty Whitney Johnson, Herbert Wilcox, Jr., Howard Williams, Frederick "Tom" Woodyi 1950-ROW 1: Mary Jo Stewart Martim Joyce Doctor Jolly, Frances Downing Goddard, Shirlee Gaither Hoopes, Mary Jane Jones Dewey, Inez Coady Holliday, Shirley LaPlant Vondracek, Bette Cooper Morgan, ROW 2: Danny Donica, Athol Green, Bob Burdue. Phyllis Walker Seifert, Del Randels, Ann Lytle Nichols, Charles McMichael, Marilyn Button Halliday, ROW 3: Carole Stout Opel, Arlene Bettis Lloyd, Freida Hudgens Schmidt, Mary Jo Warren Barrett, Lorene Walker Anderson, Pat Armstrong Wilcox, Jeanne Johnson Kastens, ROW 4: Norma Albright Henderson, Don Powell, Janet Coglizer Woody, Kaye Coon Kirchman, Joyce Montague Latta, Martha Montague Taylor, ROW 5: Jim Hilts, Shirley Crooker Owens, Duane Pulliam, Pat Howard Miller, Betty Walker Fisher, Pat Fox Williams, Viola Hager Pfalser, ROW 6: Charles Lear, Vernon Angle, Georgia Hamilton Klaver, Wanda Ricker Bollman, Marilyn Meyer Downing, Ruth McCanse Ellis, Maureen Bonham Grandon, Shirley Wohlgemuth Marken, ROW 7: Monte Gass, John Reber, Ed Byrd, Francis Hoopes, Travis Durr, Katherine Hern Durr, Joan Denton Smith, Jim Murray, Bill Grabham, Bob Mowry, ROW 8: Norman Whealy, Lloyd Cordwell, Dean Stackfleth, Wayne Whitney, ROW 9: Hal Gates, Vic Hager. Bob Sharp, Benny Croft, Charles Wood. ww we A-,M-... tt . f I I l 1951-ROW 12. virginia Goddard Couch, Winifred Morton Lear, Genevieve Patterson Hamill, Joyce Joyner, Virginia Stark Halbower McAdam, Arlene Glover Young, Joyce Ricker Ross, Valeria Bevington, Dulcenia Tower Hansen, ROW -2: Marsh Doctor, Dick Downing, Mary Alice Wilson Prather, Alma Chism Yoe, Peggy Meaclor Schmidt, Joyce Hoopes Greve Bellesine, Peggy Jones Jelinek, Betty Denton Brewer, Norma Davis Compton, ROW 3: Glen Tague, Melvin Phillips, Alberta McCanse Johnson, Zora Lewis Garnett, Nina Chrittenden Looper, Sue Montague Hawkins, Darlene Scheel May, Evelyn Long, Phil Elliott, Nancy Staples Templin, Jack Denny, Verlan Neal, Harold Ryan, ROW! 4: Gaye Mortimer Scott, Gerald Banard, Parker Harrison, Jack Walker, Mary Velasquez, Bob Templin, ROW 5: Jim Kastens, Gerald Cullop, Jerry Miller, Daryl McCoy, Bill Galloway, Pat Hodson Klett, John Moore, ROW 6: Ernest Schmidt, Frank Goddard, Phil Donica, Jim Bassford, Don Halbower, Don Albert, Don Gering, Earle Smith. 1952-ROW 1: Marguerite Hardesty Lohronz, Joyce Turrentine Doyle, Myrtle Raberding Anderson, Shirley Armstrong Webb, Wand Holt Morgan, Wanda Turner Lyles, Robert Patterson, ROW 2: Yvonne Lawson Denny, Sue Walker Breneman, LaVona Allen Hubbard, ,Frances Jones, Connie Hayter Williams, Joyce Francis Waggoner, Gerald Rousseau, ROW 3: Joyce Bonham Kaufman, Ann Walker Peters, Peggy Babcock Miller, Sue Seth Gable, Eula Armstrong Scott, Neal Scott, Jeanne Gaither Williams, Jerry 'L. Laird, Paul J. Montague, ROW 4: Patricia Moyer Gautier, Veda McClellan Kunc, Clarice Bowersock Raida, Roberta Sue Hudgens, Linda Woody Cheatum, Suzanne Fox Terry, Christine Christiansen May, Eleanor Morgan Holder, Dean Wohlgemuth, ROW 5: Sammie Otir, Walter Asper, Phillip Price, Larry Patterson, Donand Ransom, Dick Moore, Marvin Grandstaff, Glen Hoopes, ROW 6: Jack Sechler, Max Truby, Dwight Hatfield, Floyd Mardis, Richard Standrich, Jack Bevington, Robert Whaley, Gary Henderson, ROW 7: Bill Swinson. Bill Lear, Don Parkerson, Benida Lear Fox, Joe Hopkins, Patricia Mitchell McConbrey, Bill Wilson, Proc Randels, Donald Holcomb, Not,Pictured-Frank Hess, Jr. 1953-ROW 1: Wynona Bettis jones, Sue Underwood Enholm, Joyce Downing Gilstrap, Margaret Hunter Kennedy, Charlene Reneau Olivier, Lina Long Lipps, Patty Pooler Burke, Pat Grasser, ROW 2: Clarice Wilson, Gilbert Mason, Miles Tade, Don Truby, Martha Meyer Ferguson, Joyce Warnock Ransom, Roberta Cordwell Duncan, jerry Duncan, Shirley Turner, ROW 5: Norma Thomas Spillman, Betty Henry Carmichael, Lewanna Fox Hill. Donna Rife, Bob Truby, Richard Dickey, Jim Lear, Tom Kastens, ROW 4: Jim Donica, Bob Alley, Richard McKnight, Charles Seipel, Lee Whitaker, H. D. Lear, jack Helms, ROW 5: Richard Adkisson, Tom Murry, Bill Hess, Dick Lear, Charles Elliott, Clair Walker, jim Walker, Paul Harlan, Gordon Angle. 1954-ROW 1: Ruthie Meyer Wehling, Anna Lee Galloway Halbower, Carol Halsey Butcher, Carolyn Couch Redfern, Janet Potts R D . . yan, onna Denny Schuster, JoAnn Duncan Randels H'llen. ROW 2: Donna Ricker Hanna, Myrna Sproul Smith, Judy Moore Puckett, Kay Mardis Brewer, Alberta Bruce Croft Shirley Holt Montague, Joyce Kastens W hl hl l B b P , o sc ege , ar ara erry Pryor McCanna, ROW 3: Beverly Patterson Graves, Barbara Moore johnson, Pat Longbine Walker, Donna Standrich Pyles June Moore Kastens Shirley Pierce Mart' M ' in, jerry cCanse, ROW 4: Larry Bettis, Rodney O'mstead, Harlow Halbower, Don Bohnert, Raymond R . h . . . . ein art, Haynes Miller, Herbert Morton, Bill Wilson, Gale Gerrng, ROW 5: Frank Hormel, Raymond jelinke, jack White, Phil Eslrnger, Fred jones, Ben Holder, ROW 6: Bob Hodson, Gerald Schmidt, Charles Redfern, Earl VanRanken, Art Behrman, Owen Patterson, Roland Mitchell. 7 I l l , . l l l l i I I 1 V l v E l 4 1955-funidentifiedj Earl Alsdurf, Richard Baird, John Otis Berry, Julianne Bird Haller, Linden Bruce Carr, Mary Ann Coady Jones, Raleigh Dickey, Marcella Mae Florentin Taton, Dwaine Freed, Harvey Gaither, Gary Gates, Florence Halbower Pearson, William Hill, Don Hilts, 'Carolyn Holcomb Gish, Linda Jo Jacobsen Mantz Lewis, Larry Large, Kathryn Maag Harrison, Clarence Martens, Tom McKnight, Robert Newlin, Marv Ann Niemann Veteto, Sandra Kay Parsons Carothers, Gloria Raberding Crossman, Carolun Redfern Rosecrans, Kenneth Redfern, Patricia Swafford Norris, Janet Stark Olmstead, Noretta Moreen Starkey Baird, Eula Wagner Tade, Jean Walker Alley, James Owen Wingerd. ' 1956-funidentifiedj Rose Ella Armstrong Gaither, Ruth Averill Turner, Paula Hertha Behrmann Hedrick, Robert Bonhert, James Brooks, Betty Carothers Craighead, James Chism, Kenneth Clark, Marilyn Cook Giesen, Mary COVCY I-IPPS, KQ21 Dalene Davis Phillips, Robert Downing, Shirley Ecker'Lewis, Kenneth Francis, Dixie Gideon Hand, Arlene . Gould, Beverly .Kay Headberg McKaig, Sherry Henderson Doctor, Kenneth Humfeld, Sally Jean Jones 'Tucker, Vicki Lemke Jelmek, Ronald Mardis, Mary Milller McCutcheon, Bette Jane Nichols Bonhert, Patricia Parsons Decker, Billy -Potter, Laura Randels Clark, Wanda. RoaEdldBar er, Harold Richard Seipel, Dixie Sherman Hodson, Julia Margaret Smith, SuL1nn Sproul Carr, Elvin Beryle Standrich, ie Stegall, Dwaine Tague, Barbara Walker Row, Sandra Walker Smith, Myrna Walters Williams, Loree Whealy Easfell Vlfml-1 Whealy, Jimmie Ray Wilson. A e I 1 l f 1 ' nsummsx .. i l l M ,,,,,.. N.,,..... ,,,,,, ,,,, , , ,,M,,,n,1' 1957--ROW 1: Jim Fankhauser, Ronnie Steward, Sydney Smith Swafford, Larry Burke, Karen Drosselmeyer Davis, Eric Jacobsen, Maurita Starkey Schiff, Dan Bird, Jim Newlin, ROW 2: Dick Smith, Jim Drosselmeyer, Lawrence Patterson, Dickie Carr, Terry Drosselmeyer, Ronald Johnston, Leon Swafford, Gary Brumbaugh, Edwin Nicholson, ROW 3: Dwane Hender- son, Pete Piper, Dora Covalt Goodmiller, Jerry Dusenbury, Betty Ann Jones Hughes, Saundra Warnock Silley, Duane Barnard, Henrietta Nye Logan, ROW 4: Zelbert Livingston, Wanda Pohlenz Wingerd, Pat Denton Romack, Audrey Bohnert Elliott, lla Kaup Booth Rice, Jim Williams, Leonard Bartell, Beverly Patterson Bonner. Not pictured-Ilene Seipel Gruen- hacher, Barbara Smith Mardis, Jerry Angle, Richard Birchenough, Donald Mingle, 1958-ROW 1: Patricia White Summers, Joan Denny Craft, Barbarar Highfill Lear, Donna Ayres Wells, Kay Coon Allton, Amelia Hudgens Slaughter, Margaret Warner Seipel, ROW 2: Wanda Oliviet Harnden, Coralee Marshall Ramsey, Carolyn Scott, Ann Meador Mortimer, Sue Limke Mathews, Sandra Veatch Peters, ,Deanna Stark Gehlback, Edith Jones Misak, Karen Carrithers Learned, ROW 3: Harold Madsen, Max Mize, Richard Henderson, Gerald Wolff, Fred Wagner, Sidney Stark, Karl Berry, Harold Bean, ROW 4: Larry Ryan, Dennis Joyner, James Pitts, John Hadsall, Terry Moore, Wm. L. Bowersock, Robert Sharp, Richard Hoel, ROW 5: G B ' ' ' arry onham, Glen Seipel, Glen Allen, Edgar Martens, Jerry Croft, Phillip Truby, Robert Helms, Larry Bonham. l v l l .M ii l l l 4 l959'ROW lf Ken Howard, Phil Hill, Jerry Mason, Loran Ingram, Gary Goodner, Mike Dial, P. D. Hatfield, Hal Roach ghafles Sllifllifmahlk Eid Lafgq, Pal Hall, Ray Claton, Phil Harmon, Jerry Turner, Bob Highfill, ROW 2: Don Drosselmeyer, Mickey Aiilefg GY H Sell, Jafllfe' Tllfllel, Janet Mason, NHHCY W11S0H, Mary Jones, Margaret Major, Karen Hoyt, Ann Jacobsen, -lie mlf i Janet Dllfallf, I-015 Doolin, Judy Schmidt, Roberta Clutter, Dixie Croft, Patsy Adkisson, ROW 3: Lester Johnson Richard Long, Jack Durant, Curtis Nordgren, Kent Hanby, Felix Brand, Hugh Dale Barnard, Phil Parsons, Jack McBroomi Robert Wethington, Larry Kaufman, Neil Roach, Bob Stover, 1960-ROW 1: Marcia Truitt, Carol Wagner Phye, Loretta Oliver Berthoff, Charlotte Fox Ediger, Judith Palmer Oliver, Bonnie Hughes Harvey, Leora Yonce, Linda Hunter Van Horn, ROW 2: Patrica Ritter Hall, Connie Mason Robinson, Carolyn Ordway Keener, Mary Ellis Lear, Marlyn Ordway Preston, Vicki Heiser Schommer, Rose Ann Clutter Shorey, ROW 5: Karyn Martens Woodward, Joyce Butz Wooley, Marsha Wilson Whealy, Eleanor Hamilton Williams, Dianne Davis Adams, Judy Smith Dial, Juliann Carpenter, Judith Hoopcs Hinerman, ROW -4: Sandra Munn Leader, Leona Johnson Pence, Virginia Coats Downing, Jane Butz Eberhart, Gerald Walker, Johnnie Francis, Gary Harmon Donald Bean ROW 5: Phil Hudgens, Edward Morrow, Les Bliss, Fred Standrich, Kirk k Weiberg, Gerald Wymer, Jim Long, Mike Stucky, ROW 6: John Kiser, Barry Meador, Mike Lem e, Lon Smith, Richard Croft, Anthony fTonyJ Mathews, Barry Smith, Theron Bonham, Dennis Van Horn. i1 , ,ii- 1961-ROW 1: Paula Wilson Hughes, Carolyn Joyner Delaney, Mary Lou Frazier Klenda, Lynda Lane Brazil, DeAnn Olmstead Hatfield, Sheryl Redfern Smith, Dea Ingram, Marilee Carr Puls, Carolyn Jacobsen Hatfield, Marilyn Tague Roach, Valorie Mills Meyer, Kathy Hall, ROW 2: Bette Mosley Morris, Lynne Albright Zongker, Ann Wilson Bedinghaus, Vickie McKee Golliher, Sharon Johnston Blank, Louann Couch Zimmerman, Suzanne Messner Cunningham, Savilla Hadsall, Sharon Grubb, Ronna Byers Freeman, Carol Helnnarichs Irvin, Donna Scott Fowler, ROW 3: Priscilla Norman, Loretta Doolin Long, Phyllis Birchenough Williams, Opal Ecker Drosselmeyer, Carolyn Hatfield Appling, Carol Burke Borkenhagen, Corene Fultz Hare, Rosie Walker Besore, Nancy Jo Laing Jenkins, Karen Swafford Williams, Glenda George Tyree, ROW 4: Lonnie Nichols, Tom Dickey, Allen Hudgens, Maurice Armstrong, John Carothers, Jimmy Nielson, ROW 5: Larry Allen, Jerry Adkisson, Craig Smith, Avery Wilson, Les Hatfield, Dick Headberg, Ronnie Underwood, ROW 6: Steve Kaufman, Pat Dial, Rick Eichor, Ron Meyer, Bill Newlin, ROXX' 7: Doug Dusenbury, Jack Hadsall, Curtis Harris, David Dillon, Tom Fankhauser fnot picturedj. 1962 funidentifiedj Walter Anderson, Ronald Bonham, Marsha Bradly, Billy Clayton, Jack Coffman, Connie Coon Shaw, Patricia Cooper Ingram, Dan Davis, Steve Downing, Linda Duran, Lydia Duran, Georgia Durant Ricker, Glenda Durant, Clair Earnest Duwe, Bill Ecker, Barbara Thompson, Robert Ghormley, Ronald Gould, David Graves, Carolyn Hager Ogden, Richard Hall, Charlotte Hamilton Goodner, Tommy Harmon, Sherry Harris, Stanley Hayter, Wendy Hodges, Donna Hoopes Clark, Lynne Hunter Parker, Edward Jones, Karen Knorp, Charles Laing, Stanley Lear, Lyle Ferrell Maninger, Ruth Mathews Dowd, Sherry Meade Lanie, Philip Miller, Doris Morris, Edward Newlin, Karen Nichols Harris, Carolyn Patterson Stevens, Deniese Patterson Benson, Mary Ruth Payne Ghormley, Randy Perry, Charles Pohlenz, Gary Puls, Marilyn Ritter, Juanita Salser Henricks, Robert Shaw, Mar Sh P ll k S'l ' ' ' ' y erar o oc, ily Joe Smith, Sandra Sue Smith Downing, Howard Stamm, Stanley Stark, Patrick Stucky, Margie Turner, Larry Welch, Helen Wilson Hall, Pamela Wisegarver, Johnny Lee Yeary. Li 1963-RONW 1: Chris Elliot, Vic Osborn, Howard Carr, R. C. Francis, Kathy Sturns Francis, Tana Grubb, Mary Baker, Trudy Hoopes Kiser, ROW 2: Donald Cooper, Linda Robinson Sweat, Judy Laing Gdglazier, Marianne Morrow, Sheril Mize, Nancy Stover, Mary Rhonda Eaton, Alta Duwe, Judy Dickey Drosselmeyer, Linda Swafford Allton, ROW 3: Harold Boshnert, Patrica Norman, Janet Laing, Barbara Whealy, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Julia Pollard, ROW 4: Ronnie Sharp, Stephen Clutter, Jean Shellhamer, Nina Sechler, Cathy Long Holt, Kathleen Heiser, ROW 5: John Gates, Stan Wethington, John Nye, Janet Duncan, Carolyn Coon Jones, Jenna Jo Hamilton Jacobs, ROW 6: Bill Gates, Chuck Knorp, Raymond George, Jerry Goucher, Jimmy Hudgens Charles Dickey, Johnnie Walker, Ernest Adkisson, ROW 7: Everrett Martins, Robert Welch, Roland Price, Kent Wilson, Jimmie Harrison, Mick Weiberg. I 1964-ROW 1: Dana Dial Osborn, Linda Watkins, Janet Duffy, Cecilia Fritchman, Linda Keller, Mildred Stith, -Connie , Wharton, Sherry Hughes, Mary Hudgens, ROW 2: Patricia Roach, Janice Morrison, Lola Duran Sechler, Connie Carr l Ellithorpe, Linda Moses Ball, Junea McKee, Lois Downing, Linda Butz Coombs, Susan Salser, ROW 3: Laura Dyke, , Martha Magnusson, Cathy Payne Ghormley, Mary Aleshi 'e Davis, Janie Coon Puls, Myrna Frank Jones, Larry Huddleston, Q Ronald Couch, ROW 4: Louise Reneau, Mary Stamm, Mary Zuber Drew, Dennis Hendershot, Bill Puls, Larry Stark, J Charles Wells, ROW 5: Larry Seales, Kirk Snyder, James Hatfield, Jerry Yeary, Robert Drosselmeyer, Grant Sechler, Donald Maniger, James Gates, ROW 6: Ward Stark, Darryl Dodgen, Jack Brown, David Miller, Charles Potts, Eldon i Younce, Ronald Couch, Gary Sherman, Dwight Croft. g l I I47 l " 't"1"". '-' Q - ee '-'---'-we-V -- if 7- M M , L -I aw., ,,.,.zD.,.... ,..-,,... . 1965-ROW 1: Joyce Kennedy Lyon, Vickie Warner Patterson, Cheryl Bettis Wheeler, Jeannie Meador Thrasher, DiAnna Halsey Waldschmidt, Jane Foster, Bonnie Strader, DeAnna Weckworth Skinner, Verna Pohlenz Sechler, Inola Fultz Sanders, Betty Walker, Mamie Stith, ROW 2: Marie Coats, Deanna Moses, Darlene Mingle,,Reva Keller, Kathy Christy Roedl, Charlene Wolff Drosselmeyer, Diane Snyder Bonham, Christine Heiser Pearson, Dale Grubb, Cheryl Haltom, ROW 3: Mike Ghormley, Doug Hite, Sarah Hudgens Ballantyne, Carol Bean, Russel Morris, Rosemary Blubaugh Sproul, Mike Sproul, Lana Laing Frank, Lois Cook Croft, ROW 4: Joe Aleshire, Marsha Graves, Stanley Tague, Mike McKee, Ken Patterson, Bob Cook, Ed Laing, Gary Osborn, ROW 5: Charles Salsberry, Mike Wyatt, Paul Hulett, Fred Payne, Roy George, Jim Graves, Jack, Gates, ROW 63 Gene Rorabauh, Stanley Adams, Dick Croft, Glendale Ritter, Clifton Berry, Gayle York, ROW 7: Kenneth Brotton, Rodney Angle, L. C. Appling, Ronnie Hartman, Ray Frank, Terry Welch, ROW 8: Leslie Vlcek, Diane Porter Brittain, Darla Benford Matthews, Stan Messner, John Marshall, Randy Coombs. 1966-ROW 1: Peggy Larson, Beverly Newton, Carol Warner Osborne, Donna Headberg Elliott, Darlene Rump Sitzes, Diana Christy, Jeannie Lane Cook, Cherlene Hodges Graves, Virginia Hayter Patterson, Betty Jo Stith, ROW 2: Sherry Carothers, Susan Hoskinson, Sue Ann Stark McKee, Rhonda Grubb, Marjorie Howard Hulett, Judy Miller, Cheryl Coffman, Darlene Vlcek, Sharon Anderson, Barbara Kauffman, ROW 3: Larry Ewertz, Dennis Albright, Mark Hamilton, Jerry Hoskinson, Ronnie Scott, Bill Carr, Janice Aleshire Goertz, Roger Goertz, Eleanor Briggs Paden, Kathy Schnackenberg Nielsen, Christine Cooper, ROW 4: Kirk Smith, Tom Clark, Bill Coats, Howard Stewart, Kirk Elliott, Darrell Niemann, Howard Couch, Diana Crouse Struble, ROW 5: Mike Rutherford, Dennis Moore, Hal Carpenter, Innis Croft, Kenny Wells, Larrel Krehbiel, Steve Waldschmidt, Richard Ciemny. l 5 44 7 1967-ROW 1: Robert Stark, Don Christy, David Hodge, Neal Patterson, Stephen Hodge, Ronnie Birchenough, Frank Hargett, Gregory Catherwood, Alan Van Horn, James Eaton, Daniel Swafford, ROW 2: Linda Hoover, Diana Downing, Aleta Moses Armstrong, Mary Armstrong Bush, Judy Angle Dent, Leslie Matrow Radar, Jacqulyn Eligan, Sherrie Catherwood Eaton, Carol Headberg Tague, Sherry Messner Rupp, ROW 3: Wanda Reneau, Diane Mingle, Judith Hendershot, Debra Snyder Barker, Carol I-luddleston, Linda Stover Rutherford, Mary Dillon, Sheila Powell, Christie Schlinglof Sandell, Jana Baldwin, ROW 4: Elizabeth Brotton Glassburn, Patricia Cooper, Billie Jane Kiser, Deborah Green, Sherryl Hamill George, Barbara Scott, Margie Adams Perry, ROW 5: Steven Stark, Lois Clutter, Jeaneilla Blair, Dennis Barrett, Rita Coats, Wesley Duwe, Paul Cupps, Gregory Cleveland, ROW 6: John Walker, Clifford Elliott, Lee Adams, Charles Masner, David Hall, James Robinson, Terry Allen, David Warbinton, Jerry Cox, Not Pictured-Betty Pope, Cydnee Williams Daniels. 1968-ROW 1: Sheryl George, Donna Jelinek, Delma Mayo, Nancy Bruey, Connie Collings, Verla Ciemny, Deborah Mangen, Nancy Phillips, Sheryl Rorabaugh, Carmen Wilson, ROW 2: Terry Miller, Gerald Knoell, Larry Wharton, Gregory Mason, John Catherwood, Tony Ball, Rodger Linn, Rodney Struble. ROW 3:VMickey Moore, Geneva Ryan, Randal Wisely, Jana Schnackenberg, XX'arren Matthews, Wanda Martens, David Dvke, Lee Cooperrider, William Ewertz, ROW 4: Larry Anton, Steven Niethamer, Gary Williams, Sandra Seifert, Douglas Haltom, Cynthia Naasz, Betty Wells, Genile Allton, ROW 5: Michael Halsey, William Hamill, Mary Runyan, Debra Lott, Cynthia Patterson, Kevin Graves, Vickie Hughes, Linda Matrow, Linda Ward, ROW 6: Jane'Goertz, Rex Gates, Rodney Mayo, James Calderon, Randy ,Warner, Gregory Gardner, Dickie Salsberry, Carol Hoel, ROW 7: Timothy House, Kathleen Williams, David Lemke, John Cox, Clarence Moses, Carl Bahr, Billy Watson, Jr., Michael Connell, Peggy Wilson, Cynthia Clark, ROW 8: Ernest Misak, Jerry Kiser. ' - V Mf,fAvf- . ss., f, ff 4 f -- " " ' ' i .iff z A ' I 1 z 1969--ROW 1: Lois Bean Wiechen, Rocky Calderon, Toni Dautel, Steve Messner, janet Netahla Curtis, Jerry Warden, Karen Antrim, Jay Wyckoff, Patty Roach Wharton, ROW 2: Paul Messner, Jo Ellen Denton, Pete Meador, Sarah Albright, Allen Francis, Glenda Williams, Gregg Ryan, Cathy Robinson, jay Krehbiel, ROW 3: Beth Patterson, Larry Whisman, Cathy Lear, Mike Coady, janece Mize. Mike Linn, Patricia Major Mayo, Kevin Marks, ROW 4: Kathy Pfeifer Ewertz, Tim Pinnick, Mark Ready, Sherlene Burns, Douglass Hoopes, Liane Hanna, Jerry Armstrong, Gayle Joyner, ROW 5: Wanda Moses, Rex Osborn, Darlene Ball Laing, Dennis Francis, Glenda Scott, Claudia Clark, Dianna Hamilton Orr, Millie Sauers, ROW 6: Danny Eslinger, Susan Warner, janell Patterson George, Connie Phillips, Lucille Hibbard, Richard McKee, Angie Siefert, Douglass Sherar, ROW 7: Susan Laing. Kirk Brown, Doug Garlow, Stan Bogdanovexz, Harold Waldschmidt, Dick Duffy, Wesley Fowler, Ken Carrothers, ROW 8: Ed Briggs, Jack Mayo, Tom Coyne, Steve Garlow, Lee Wade, Rich Stone, Mike Vierthaler. V Tenn L- -4 7 The Randels Family One of the outstanding families in AHS history is the Randels J. B. and Florence had ten children and lived at 223 S, Bluff, All started to school in Anthony and all graduated from AHS' All attended college and a number of them became teachers. Ruth Durham and Emma jess Cbelow rightj have the greatest longevltl' With AHS- MiSS Durham 1925-62 served as librarian, A study hall teacher and kept the activity fund. Miss jess 1928-66 A Served as secretary and clerk of the School board. BELOW: 1931 Faculty Quartet L. A. Robbins, Ross Curtis, Kenneth McFarland, Earl Shelley. Ruth Durham Emma jess Natalie Chavey Science 1950's 1956-FACULTY: ROW 1: Harold Williams, Evelyn Triplett, Geraldine Lansdowne, Ruth Durham, Emma Henry, Lois Coon, Frances Brooks, ROW 2: Edith Brown Foster, Margaret Cheatum Dusenbury, Freda Ferguson, Nell Nida, Almeta Heller Turner, Quinella Webb, Isabelle Babcock, ROW 3: Jessie Wheatley, ?, Beth Casper, Grace Griffiths, Emma jess, Pauline Schneider Garrison, ROW 4: Lauren Robbins, Beryl Roach, Donald Lake, D. A. McConnell, E. A. Bettega, H. E. Gaeddert, ROW 5: Stanley johnson, P Baird, Olaf Steg, Vera Setzer, Geneva Chestnut, Wayne Gardner. A 1940 FACULTY' ROW 1' Alfred Young H E Gaeddert, Carl Cross, Wayne Gardner, Claude Wise, Donald Lake, jess Cullign, Harold Williams,.Minter Brown,, 2: Eula Gardner, Quinella Webb, Mrs. Harold Williams, ?, Carmen Shoe- maker, Myrel Yost Carr, ?, Mrs. A. E. Walker, Mrs. Alfred Young, Myrl Coon, Hazel FeatherSf0n, Emma Jess, Emma HCHYY, ?, Nell Nida, Mrs. Henry Gaeddert, Grace Caton, Beth Casper, ?, Martha Harms, ?, Vivian Melcher, Ruth Durham, ? Hollingsworth, Albertine Brown, Kathryn Nachtigal, Louise Everett. ..a1xx1:'a..-n-.uu::m.u l Y- P - 1904-TRACK: Charlie Randels, jim Smith, Joe Hamilton Clyde Simmons, George Carothers, Paul Shidler. 1906-TRACK: John Poundstone, Charles Randels, jim Smith, Joe Hamilton, William Wood, 'ROW 2: Ralph Yowell, Neal Dutler, Iro Krider, George Carothers, Art Poundstone, Elmer Brooks, Hunter Yowell, ROW 3: Will Poundstone, Coach, Supt. Clements, H. E. Whitney, Coach. jim Smith and Ralph Yowell, a two-man squad, won the 1907 State Meet at Lawrence. Smith won the broad jump, high jump, 220 low hurdles, 220 dash and placed in two other events. He held the staterecord of 21' 11" in the broad jump. 1909-TRACK: frightj Dick Dadisman, Lee Randels, Earl Hunter, Clyde Faubian, ROW 2: Chester Lydick, George Baily, Coach, Jim Prouse, Otto Caton. 1917--TRACK: Coach Brown, Raymond Luce, George Wood, Herschel Cornwall, Harold Wilcox, Charles Couch' Truby, Ralph Sturns, Homer Kuhns. 1921-TRACK: Harry Egbert, Ray Whitney, George Truby, William Shuyler, Walter Brinkman, ROW 2: Arthur Garrison, Floyd Goddard, A. J. Brownlee, coach, Victor 1947-TRACK SKL CHAMPS: Oscar Schaaf, asst. coach, Dean Schmidt, Howard Kastens, Bill Timmons, Ray Warren, i Jerry Holland, Travis Durr, jack Templin, Vernon Ryan. Keith Williams, Bernard Kastens, Gerald Fisher, Kenneth Snyder, Dick Templin, Raymond Dombaugh, Donald Osborn, Dwight Hoopes, Dale Parkerson, Walter Underwood, James Phillippe, coach, Don Adkisson. Since 1920 AHS tennis has been strong. An unmatched record is six State Class A-B singles and three doubles championships in 13 years. State single winners are Bill Potter 1954, 5, 6, Doug.Dusenbury 1959-60, Bill Carr 1966. Doubles champs are Mick Weiberg-Grant Sechler 1963, joe Aleshire-Bill Carr 1965, David Hodges-Terry Allen, 1967. Second in state was won by Weiberg-Sechler in 1962, Aleshire-Carr in 1964. Bill Potter Doug Dusenbury Bill Carr W' ""-A4 . g..-. .1 -1- rv V - -Y- wwf! --p-WH...-?-1 .,.N?EH 5 4 1964--TRACK STATE CHAMPS: Bill Puls. V2 mile 1:57.07, jim Williams, coach, Mail Hamilton, pole vault 12' 3", later passed 15- Aleshire-Carr . W q ff ' ' fi 9,1 f' .Z Q! ,,,z If G .Q I If-f V 1 1 f f f X V, 1 9 if 1 fqw , f ff' a . , YQ, .1 lf ' Qi? , wwf , fy! 37,5 -' K, H, ,XV I X. ' X X 4 az . !," 7 f' 77 S 3.51 4. -Q t St- x X V .Q 'St WXYWX X Sgxwif Xa XTXXOXOQ TYQXSJQSX X S R XX .X Xi ' XXX Xi TN X Q .Xe N X5 X " XXX XX ' XXXXXX XBXXX X 3' X 'R X X XX NX X X X w X X X XXX X X X XXX X Q X X ck X X X X XX M XX X X X ' XX X X FNX X X X X EE' X XR? Q XXX t2Q'QNX R N QXXX NRS N R X XXXX WAN X XX XX X XXX QXX X N xv XXX NSR X XXXXXQ X XXX X XX X X 'r XXX X XX X FXXNXNXX SX XX, XXXXXXXC XXXSX X1 XXX X XXXX XXX X XXQ XX XXX X XX XS XXX X X XX 9 Q XX XXX X CNQXW X XX gx X X X XX X XXXXX X XX X XXXXX X S WXTXXR X X R X XX X X X X XXX X R 3 XX X XXXXX E XX X XX X X X N X XXX X XX QXX X X XD X K X XXXXX tX, XXX , XQ X X X , g ff Lf ,f A if , gg, 1 fff f if V! f , 1:1 "' "I 75,1 is eff f at , E ,!, , 1- 1 X fff f 4 f f 4 f f 1 f? ff ,V , 4 1'Q67+ST'ATE cizoss COUNTRY cHAMPioNs: Gfffgg Ryan, jim Williams, Danny Eslinger, ROW 22 Marvin Jelinek, Dick Salsberry, Bill Watson, iD0Ugf Sherar, Dennis Francis. : 1968-ROW 1: Gregg Ryan, Dennis Francis, Doug Sherar, Danny Eslinger, ROW 2: Marvin jelinek, jerry Francis, 1906-GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM: Mary Hilts, Kate Stewart, Ruth I-Ioath, Frances Randels, Vilona Cutler, Lorene Hamilton. 1909-FIRST BASEBALL TEAM: ROW 1: Earl Hunter, Lee Randels, Cecil Burchfiel, Fred Hamilton, ROW 2: Chester Lydick, Earl Miller, Clyde Faubion, Clayton Law, Olen Brocket. S. W. Watkins ran the My mile in 2:03 at the state meet in 1911. 1912-GIRLSVBASKETBALL TEAM: Delma Rice, Elsie Deming, Alta Randels, Dora Lockett, Edith McMahon, Ruth Thomas, Nellie Miller. 1915-Ada Corbett jones, Mildred Hilts Schmidt, Gladys Burchfiel Barutiney, Louie Burchfiel Parsons, Nadine Irwin Couch,XThelma Connell Shellrnan, Alice Hamilton, Ethel jump, Alta Randels Furr, coach. ' 1966-ROW 1: Judy Miller, Cherlene Hodges Graves, Virginia Hayter Patterson, Leslie Matrow, Debbie Snyder Barker, Sheryl George, ROW 2: Coach Ron Holmes, Jana Schnackenberg Matthews, jacki Eligan, Rhonda Grubb, Wanda Martens, ,Billie jan Kiser. Victor Ready, jim Williams, Coach. 1967-ROW 1: Rich Stone, Doug Howard, Terry Kiser, David g il, L ,,,,, 1, I , g . g gg,. . Lempke, W. G. Timmell, john Catherwood, Mike Connell, Kevin 1911- 12-Chester Barber, Richard Dadisman, ton, Walter Cary. 1917-18-FIRST TROPHY: ROW 1: Howard Suez, Raymond Luce, Roy Griesinger, ROW 2: I-loward Kastens, Ray Randels, Lofenk CPrin.j Horace Randels, Coach Brown, Fred Coon, Glen Bevington. Lloyd Miller '21 has contributed to Basketball Is Popular Sport 1920-21-ROW 1: Harold Brand, Frank Miller, George "I'ruby, Kenneth Halbower, Ray Whitney, ROW 2: Olaf Potter, Bill Shuyler, Brownlee, Coach, George Griesinger, Elfrey Cox. sports. He has kept the basketball score since 1938, football down box since 1943, assisted with the Anthony Relays since they started in 1922 and acted as Clerk of Course since 1925. He married Clarice Hand, teacher in '27, and has two children, Don '47 and Marian '49, In addition he has contributed to town sports. 1925-26-HARPER-BARBER COUNTY LEAGUE CHAM- PIONS: ROW 1: Harold Carr, Marsh Bird, Norman Mark Dent Walker, Ralph Rankin, ROW 2: Bud Hancher, Mgr. Cordley Brown, Pearlie Cary, Floyd Tague, Kenneth Dusen- bury, Glen Hamilton, Coach. 7 1936-37-ROW 1: Wayne Gardiner, Ray Chadwich, Albert Fawcett, Henry Gaddert, ROW 2: Leon Cox, Gordon Hoath, Dean Caton, ROW 3: Amon -Iones, Hobart Smith, Dick justice, Ed Orr. Vernon Carr fnot picturedj. 1942 45 SECOND IN STATE - .- CLASS A-won all games but final: ROW 1: Gene Cleveland, Stanley Burchfiel, Chuck Truby, Dwight Lee, ROW 2: Minter Brown, supt., Roger Andrews, Horace Menasco, Victor Elliott, Ralph Menasco, Phil Pestinger, Wayne Gardner, coach. Amos Small, Coach Showey, Harry Cornick, Glen Hamil ' 1 l ,E -E ,,.,- 1. , 1 1 - f at 9 - l , , , ,,,, .,,, , , -....,,. .,- ,,. .... C..,.-,v.1zua.-,-vga-ine-5-Q.--....,- --W 9---V '..-aa..-nEu4.u:.t.+- ' -ri:.:' .' Lasik-uma:-cn.-uniauuzia " m1,.f,, 4 i,.. ' t : - --- V - 9 - 1944-45-STATE CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL: ROW 1: Robert "Bob" Cather, Max Rife, Charles "Chuck" Tnrby, Ralph Menasco, Robert Denton, ROW 2: Howard Lee Gillispie, Milford Coady, Charles "Chuck" Underwood Richard Bafbef, R0bCff "B0lQ" Martin, ROW 3: james E. Phillippi, asst., coach, Wilmont D. Carr, supt., Clarence Spong, principal, K. A. "Pete" Piper, coach. 1950-ROW 1: Daryl McCoy, Athol Green, Duane Pulliam, Max Truby, Gerald Cullop, jim Hilts, Danny Donica, ROW 2: Coach Dix, Coach Newsom, Proc Randels, Jim Basford, Donnie Albert, jerry Laird, Bill Swinson, Ernest Schmidt. 1960-SKL CHAMPS: ROW 1: Hayter, Meyer,,Hatfield, Manniger, Wilson, Allen, ROW 2: Weiberg, Kaufman, Dusenbury, Harmon, Francis, B. Smith, ROW 3: Noah, Newlin, Carothers, Harris, L. Smith, Stucky, Croft. 1966-ROW 1: Coach Dub Shurley, Bill Carr, Howard Stewart, Larrel Krehbiel, Tom Clark, Terry Allen, jim Robinson, ROW 2: Steve Waldschmidt, Kirk Elliott, Jerry Cox, Cliff Elliott, Dave Warbinton, Lee Adams. ootball 1909-FIRST TEAM: ROW 1: Olin Dewall, Lee Randels, Chester Lydick, George Baily, Coach, ROW 2: Vester Wills, Claude Wakefield 'Earl Kennedy, Dick Dadisman, Cecil Burchfiel, Guy Neal, Clarence Jacobs, Clyde Faubion, Harry Mott, Edgar Miller, Otto Caton Raymond 1913-ROW 1: Walter Cary, Captain McKee, Floyd Sucez, Richard Ryan, Ruskin Couch, ROW 2: Leroy Gillispie, Irl Elam, Harold Irwin, Roy Durham, Clifford Firestone, ROW 3: C. H. Ream, manager, Robert Schmidt, Loren Deming, Joe jones, Chet Harrison, Dale Gard, Harry Carey. Hieatt Arnold, Amos Small, Merl Simms, coach. 1920-ROW 1: George Truby, H. M. Sydney, coach, Ray Ranclleg, ROW 2: Kenneth Halbower, Vic Truby, Pete Faubion, Harold Brand, Ed Jones, Clarence Hoopes, ROW 3: Leroy Montague, V 1935-L E A G U E CHAMPS: Special Train to Kingman b r o k e Kingman's winning streak of 22 games. ., Y V I ROW 1: Amos jones, Fred Dusenbury, Albert Dusenbury, Lewis Hill, Roy Carter, Kenneth Smith, jimmy Menasco, J. A. Kirts, Everett Aleshire, Cal Armstrong, ROW 2: Warren Meador, Ed Orr, Herbie Carter, J. R. Nichols, Lawrence Parsons, J. C. Wagner, ROW 3: Donald McConnell john 'Charlesworth Chet l White, Wesley Meade, john Lowe, Leland Grasser, Ray Chadwick, Don Lake,, Henry Gaddart. l A l 1942-ALL-VICTORIOUS: ROW 1: Gene Cleveland, Horace Menasco, Leon Haltom, Dwight Lee, Curley Stevens, Bob Parsons, Stan Burchfiel, juan Calderon, Walt Underwood, ROW 2: Wayne Gardner, Cleo Angle, Floyd Ralston, Phil Pestinger. Leo Kastens, Don Rutherford, Chuck Truby, Jack Meineke, Jack Metzker, Bill Patton, Minter Brown, ROW 3: Edgar ' Barrett, jack Wharton, David McKaig, Bob Stewart, jack Scott, ? jones, ? McCracken, Keith Dombaugh, Bob Kastens Gordan Walters, ROW 4: Bob Staples, Marlin Laing, Vic Elliott, David Montague, Ralph Menasco, Roger Andrews, Bob Thomas, James ' Phillippi. ' I ia- ,.-.- f V., - 11-.1--W-im.. 1s., mf4 ,Y W,, ,,,.,.,,.M.l,,.,,..l,.,, ,,., ,, .,... Q ca-.q.,-.qua c... ..- . ara. M. - ,. ,. . LL,-.La . V 1946-ROW 1: Sandy Newsom, coach, jack Templin, Gerald Fisher, David Bettis, George Podschun, Ken Nichols, Bill Timmons, Ray Thomas, James Phillippi, coach, ROW 2: Dick Templin, Walter Underwood, Don Miller, Don Osborn, Dale Parkerson, Rusty Ryan, Bill Baird, Wesley Sallee, Jim Fox, ROW 3: Keith Williams, Bob Sydney, Raymond Dombaugh, Bernard Kastens, Travis Durr, Bill Downing, Tom Woody, Bob Burdue, ROW 4: Howard Kastens, Dale Cordwell, Bob Couch, Gene Cammack, Jim Hilts, Dean Schmidt, Danny Donica, ?, ROW 5: Francis Hoopes, Dwight Hoopes, Jack Lear, Don Powell, Harry Halbower, Bob Graves, jack Hester, ROW 6: H. H. Williams, Prin., Wilmot Carr, Supt., Oscar Schaaf, coach, Athol Green, Melvin Smith. 1960-ROW 1: Dusenbury, Weiberg, Bean, Mathews, Smith, Harmon, Smith, Croft, Stuckey, Francis, Walker, Lemke, Carothers, ROW 2: Fankhouser, Armstrong, Allen, Meyer, Newlin, Harfield, Kaufman, Eichor, Adkisson, Dial, Hadsall, Nichols, ROW 3: Puls, Noah, Ecker, Newlin, Miller, Srucky, jones, Manniger, Harmon, Bonham, Yeary, Laing, Wethington, ROW 4: Gates, Welch, Harrison, Carr, Noah, Martens, Nye, Wilson, Weiberg, Knorp, Gates, Francis, Roundy. 4 ' 3. .. fix .... fli 1966-ROW 1: Roger Goertz, Kirk Elliott, Larrel Krehbiel, Kenny Wells, Tom Clark, jerry Hoskinson, Richard Ciemny, Darrel Nieman Howard Stewart, Mark Hamilton, Bill Coats, ROW 2: Steve Messner, Jerry Cox, Dave Warbinton, Jim Robinson, Jimmy Eaton, Ronnie Birchenough, Cliff Elliott, Neal Patterson, Terry Allen, Bill Carr, ROW 3: Tom ingress Mike Halsey, Bill Ewertz, Tom Hinderliter, Greg Gardner, john Cox, Randy Warner, jerry Kiser, Clalien? Mlosesil 4: Danny Eslinger, Richard McKee, Larry Whisman, Roger Tr1m'nell,, Steve Garlow, jay Krehbiel, Mi e oa y, arence Weckworth, David Hatfield, Doug Hoopes. jim Williams, Ron Holmes, Coaches- . m ff, Q . I ,,ffxf,fHo , 'ff , , . , ffffwfywa Q . ,' ' , W fffafwp 1956-37-P E P 1 CLUB ROW 1: Wayne Gardner, coach, P, G r a c e Bloom, Norma jean Carothers, A r l e n e Burton, jean Stout, Betty Lefever, Olaf Steg, T, ROW 2: Wilma Burch, Irene Carothers, Ruth Moore, Olive Hill, Frances Anthony, Bernanice Hivner, Mary Helen Rob- erts, Wilma Dun- can, ROW 3: Thel- ma Campbell, Betty McDaniel, Mildred McAllister, Al i c e McBee, Ella Fern Duncan, Helen Armstrong, V e r n a Keeble. 1941-MEDLEY RELAY TEAM: Harold Price fyzj, Russell Jones fhj Charles Smith 0101, Johnny Schnacken berg f220j Time: 3:36:02 a record. 1960-Anthony won SKL in track, ten- nis, football and basketball: ROW 1: Newlin, Studky, Walker, Francis, Stand- rich, Smith, Mathews, Bonham, Kiser, Harmon, B. Smith and Hudgens, mgrs., ROW 2: Wilson, Hatfield, Harmon, Carothers, Eichor, Fankhauser, Dusen- bury, Hadsall, Nichols, Armstrong, Kauf- man, Meyer, ROW 3: Maninger, Coff- man, Puls, Pohlenz, Newlin, Yeary, Gould, Davis, Ghormley, Noah, Stucky, ROW 4: Gates, Carr, Harrison, Roundy, M. Noah, Knorp, F. Francis, Osborn, Wethington, Nye, Clutter. ROW 1: Martens, Weiberg, Graves, Smith, Dial, Allen, Jones, ROW 2: Bean, Croft, L. Smith, Harris, Dusen- bury, Weiberg, B. Smith. -- A ww ff, fa . 3 A V ,MDW 'aw X l f J, ' f , V pi ,, I Q ' , K f f ,,,' y ,w fy f f ff a ,f 2 .- 2 , Q ,f , af , ,, I . A, fail f , ,f Vlf, - y, I I 5 I fi V, Z? X My 4 at . I 1 .va f f'a'1"lI1Ia'- , , ,., CMV. ,, f ,.f V , .f ,f,.fy,,,-a,,.,f f f, f ff , , ff ffyffyf X ff! li ' 'iii f ..' . X 5 9 f f far '41 I W H ' fkkk WL., , H !.,, X . . , ..,, X l 5 7 ,WV I, in VS f ,, .1 X ,A Q an ,, , -' sf ' f ' A " ' ,,:, 6' at K-, A. 4, 'V fy I , ,4 if 4, f ff., 1 f , ,ja ag X ff 2 of sf : :inf 1- Jw ...AQ at 41,1 2 Q, 'Gly ' X -I bnah ff 'fff ' L A IQI M WMS iii. 'qqlffl ,, . ,wifi J? g on? sf V37 'lf .I . 2 I 4 . I fzstfy xkxf Sf ,W Nmfg I I V . f a 1966-67 Wrestling Squad , Q V . 3 nw.. as-1-V.,-,-V,-f X .,f, y- Ln-.1 . ,, g---'bf---f ----vw vfvf-'-:zr :ren -1 -'fT- "" -"-'f-- ' '-"""1"' ""' 'QM'-'A' '-' 'WW' Ag Y- 1 l JUG CLUB Uust Us Girlsj 1908-O9-ROW 1: Lorene Hamilton, Gertrude Tuttle, Kate Stewart, Mary Hilts, Thelma George, ROW 2: Vilona Cutler, Hazel Shoemaker, ?, Ruth Hoath, Mabel Corbett, Erma Bean. Material for the graduation dress could cost no more than as in 1914. Caps and gowns were worn for the first time in 1929. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB: 1936-37-ROW 1: Geraldine Harper, Betty Seaman, Imogene Cary, Dorothy Bettis, Ruth Hibbard, Nadine jones, Maxine Hoel, Edith Brown Foster, ROW 2: Thelma Parkerson, Dorothy Meineke, Vernanice Hivner, Peggy Dawson, Fannie Hughbanks, Velma Standrich, ROW 3: Lillian East, Betty Poston, Geniveve jones, Bethlea Adkisson, Marguerite Moore, Lucille! Long, Ruth Bridgess, Margie Harper, Margaret Orr, ROW 4: Gladys Peebles, Velva Peffly, Velma Fox, Harriet Cary, Helen -Brown, Irene Gass, Veldean Roots, Irene Ford. I i MANUAL TRAINING CLUB: 1936-37-ROW 1: Bob I Long, jack Yeager, Bob Straughn, Donald Crane, Jim Faucett, Bill Ecker, Don Lake, ROW 2: Bob Croft, Virgil Gilliland, Leon Cox, Dean Corbett, Howard Meeks, Ralph Eroggett, ROW 3: Herbie Miller, Gordon Hoath, Amos Jones, Virgil 1 Gering, Warren Watkins, Alvin Patterson, Lewis Duncan. 5 U . L. AS YOU LIKE IT 1908 ROW 1: Blanche Clow, Ruth Hoath, Vilona Cutler, Frances Randels Hoch, Kate Stewart Rutherford, Jessie Patterson, Beatrice Rife Frazier, ROW 2: Clayton Law, Fred Lydick, Clarence Law, Fred Hamilton, Lorene'Hamil- ton, Everett Hager, Nellie Brant, Odie Pyles, Edwin Hunter. DSW ,, 1912-OPERETTA: ROW 1: Indian Girl Rufina Hall, Janes Edwards, Cecil Burchfiel, Miss,Ackerman-T. Lewis Tuttle, Adabelle Burchfiel, Harold Doty, Nellie Brant, ROW 2: Vera Gibbon, Mabel Leslie, Kathleen Connell Underwood, Mildred Allen Brown, Hazel Jennings Tibbetts, Marian Hoath Cammack, Martha Hunter, Mary Clark, Edith Shelton, Reba Blackburn Couch, Hazel Oliver, Elsie Bevington Meyer, Dora Lockett, Mildred Elliott, Nannie Walcher, ROW 3: Vernon Bean, Clyde Faubion, Olen Brockett, Tom Kirk, Lee Randels, Earl Kennedy, Richard Dadisman, Claude Wakefield, Earnest Walker, Max Kirk, Clarence Law, Sylvester Watkins, Chester Lydick, Raymond Deewall. ' 1913-MAY DAY: The queen of the May Day events rode into the fairgrounds on a white horse. After the Coronation, the girls would wind the may pole. 1917-PLAY AT THE OLD OPERA HOUSE: Marie Tayer Griffith Roy Meyer Clara Carrithers Halbower Carl Combs Wilbur Hunter, Jennie Woodworth Stewart, Minnie Freeman, Durland Hilts Harold Wilcox Susie Ball Heinrici Leon Faubion Alfred Raberding, Ida Carr Rombold. I f A :- 1919-SENIOR CLASS PLAY: Irene Diamond, Bob Gwinn, Chas. Couch Walton Howard, Galen Barber, Clarence Brooke, Howard jones, Alma jacks Geo. Clutter, Phyllis Thurman on floerl 1933-FACULTY HIGH SCHOOL PLAY "THE NERVOUS WRECKU: ROW 1: Lawrence Flood, Lowell Hite, Lloyd Hayter, Ralph Bean, Forrest Nash, Austin Hershberger, Gerald Hayter, Keith Foster, Eugene Carrithers, ROW 2: Frank Fogelman, P, Cari Patterson, Elinor Gard, John Charlesworth, Stanley Diamond. Charles Herold, Earl Shelley, Eugenia Dawson, Ronald Lyons, Vincent Garvin, Cecil McKee, Dick Williamson, Adelbert Buck. 'i 1946-"The, City Slicker and Our Nell," Speech Class 1944-JUNIOR CLASS PLAY: ROW 1: Lula Hughes, john Couch, ROW 2: Howard Wimmer, Marilyn Hilts, Bob Staples, Betty Eash, Maurice Cleveland, Lavonne Lear, Roger Andrews, Velree Moyer, ROW 3: Ann Nichols, Dick- Noftzger, Roy Reneau, Luella Bohnert, Leroy Smith, Laura Mae Swafford, Don Reber, Frances Montague. Clarice Miller, Rosa Mae Chism, Lor- raine I-Ialbower, Bob Eslinger, jim Underwood, jane Halbower, Pat Men- asco, Bob Sydney, Dorothy jean Hal- bower, Bill Price, Joyce Mardis. ,,, - ,--' -- fe -ff fe Q Drum and Bugle Corps The Drum and Bugle Corps was an organization of seventeen girls which Mr. C. McKee, music instructor in 1934, instructed in music, marching, and precision drill. The uniform consisted of gold skirts, purple jackets, and gold band hats. There were seven snare drums, eight bugles, one bass drum and one Drum Major with her baton. An outstanding personage of the group was the little mascot hailed as "The Youngest Active Drum Major in the World" which was the head line of the Wichita Eagle when the group participated in the University of Wichita-Chamber of Commerce band festival. The Drum Corps, and five year old Bliss Ransom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ransom, led the parade of bands from Dodge City, Eldorado, Newton, Sterling, Clearwater, Garden Plain, Andale, Anthony, and Belle Plaine. The Drum Corps performed at all football and basketball games locally. 1934-35-ROW 1: Doris Sanders Hayter, Helen Shannon Close, Willa Mae Teem Springfeldt, Lucerne Herold, Dorothy Ann Nichols Brent. Eula Rutherford Crawford, Alice Miller Barker, Marjory Blowey Million, Imogene Cary johnson, ROW 2: Mary Evelyn Price Hufford, Ruthena Casper Stoddard, Elizabeth Wood Bartlett, Harriett Cary Laing, Velva Peffley Bates, Frances Herold Parsons, Alta Jefferies, Hoover, Mary Katherine Powell Anderson, Cecil J. McKee-Director. Bliss Ransom s The-'gft . l I , ,, xfc A X, ,, Nw, Z YW XZWZWMA ,inwwjwmc 2 'Www r ,, ,, ,, Si I , J t ,,, in V a X ., f , Q aww rn- . .,f:. rw, , yxmx fa 1-1 " . N :H :fe . A va QA M rc, s Q4 c Si as W-as sag V, 2 .Q , fa 5 f . N X ,K ,r t N , ,, J ,N , gf, , ,ck 5 Z ,Qc A ,, , - ,, xp my , sM,,,,1 A Y ff 'L M 7' H, ,fini is ,Raw f x, ':, " W ' st' f "LQ U 2 e -t sua 1 - f - A A ta, 4 r , . af is ,As , QSM Qt ,fd - S J 3' X A , N SW f ' N 1 + r f gtg-3 X 7 W, ,rc M' 1 , sa N, t . . N. -s" f' , " ' W A X- . :wt I . X + -e N sf f f Ms. a 5 ,wg ' -it -of .. , - :Ygvqv as re V' L ,-, X 1 , .X ,, ,X X X , f h,,g,,f - 'Q , ' -13 I -- -' A swf r ' -f ' -- fr i f g " , - 4 -Y'-,ss M , ,Mix . ,. ,ggi ,K , Mig as I, S, ,, is , I qw f X Y h .N Ragga Eng, 7 S N c if .N , ,ps rg ., f Q. l J Win ,rrp N LN ' , " - - ' I 3139- EX' - ' T it 'N Q C R A .'x.,,.. f 4, X7 ug I - I, .A is g 1, .. N't,!,.--- yi t, ,1,,o-"'-Q QXQX. Nc X. ,... I f . A .Q - ' t aff " A uf w i X 5' . Q ii" - JN' ' ' . Gel' " ' .3 t 5 ' , I ,tc , N Wm A , ff K EFX? 5 , ' ,x 2. i ' ,, . c -- S ' , ' ' r- rn i ' - ' iff P 'K .V f X 1, . S- , -4 S --'Klee 265, - 2 ---as -f N A 1 -. QW sf ar ssc. , - ws: H .5 ff. if-Q. r f - . f . , '. -' - N - r t we w-at - Q , asa , , ' N- X s.. ,f X it 1. ,, ' t Es: , 595 , ,. - 1942-45-ROW 1: Yvonne Chappel, Ruth Gilek, Gladys Graves, Mariana Mueller Cox, Lovonne Lear, Lula Hughes Hunt, Arlene Williams, ROW 2: Lavern Aspef, Mary Ellen Brown, Rosalle Birch Niehammer, Betty Frank, Ruth Ready, Mary Helen Montague, ROW 3: Frances Kasfens Warner, Maurita Gaither, Norma Hatfield Stout, Roland Gunn-Director. atnhgx-LAQMUIIEZR , V, ahah., , , . . . im, . ...,, -L -Y.-, , .- . M.- eg g . W ., ,. - L , . v-,, i ,,E:5,,,L,,,, , ..,,,La. 4 , ? 1924 1931-32 1933 ---.-.--T , ,'3"t35:::-- 1956457 f 1942-43 , .. 1950 -- I gm .A X VI 2 , M P pt, .5 n h a. 5 V A 4 . di I A If . 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K ' f .-ffm.. "WWf,L..J' ' 'K if fff'X W5k ,,'f W , w w w 1 N 1 E, H v F i y f f F 5, I f v 5 4 1 , ,I li 'v Q El i 4 w N w W , Y A The Mouse That Roared-1965 Gammer Gurton's Needle-1966 Nero Fiddles-1967 The Importance of Being Ernest-1966 Girl Crazy-1968 -i Iii E of ! f Victory Bell In the belfry of the first public school in the 1800's the bell rang to call the children to school. When the building burned, the bell was saved and used in the old Washington school. The people set their clocks by it. When the old Washington school was torn down, the bell was cast aside to remain silent for many years. Finally a high school class fpossibly their parents in- stigated the ideaj decided to use it as a victory bell to be rung every time Anthony High made a touchdown on its own gridiron. Its tone is clear and sharp and still in use today. W 1947 Upper Ha 1914-SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS1 Row 1: Artie Sanders. Delmont Montague, ROW 2: Glenn Hamilton, Captain McKee, Alfred Nordgren and Edwin Watt. . The six walked to Wichita to see a track meet and took the train back to Anthony. I67 Anthony Library The Anthony Library won by a plurality of votes in 1897. It was located in the rooms above what is now the J. C. Penney Store. The present library was dedicated in 1910. g Librarians have been Jennie Davy, B. H. Stedman, Mary Ran- dels Poundstone, Kate Blackburn, Winnie Williams, Lora Orr C913- 62j, Alice Henline who retired in 1970, and Mary Smith. Four generations have graduated from Anthony High School. David Starks pictured on page 76 is the fourth. Pictured right is his great-grandmother, Minnie Croft Fox '04, grandmother, Ruth Fox Pat- terson '28, and mother, Betty Rae Patterson Starks '49. His sister, Kathy, is also pictured. His father, Bill, graduated in '49. Could this be freshman initiation? It is now discontinued-wonder why? Who did this? In the fall. of 1917 Military Training was installed. After the war it was discontinued, ROW 1: Lloyd Veatch, Lloyd Miller, Paul Heck, Clutter, Ray Whitney, Guy Hutchinson, Howard Kastens, R. E. Lofinck, instructor, Ray Randels, Proc Randels, ROW 2: Clarence Brooks, Ralph Marts, George Moore, Bennie Rose, Paul Blanken- ship, Dan Koelling, Walton Howard, Herman Lee, Clarence Hoopes, Hobart Burchfiel, ROW 5: Earl Neal, Bob Gwinn, Allan Ludeman, Marion Warren, jack Wharton, Grant Kilborn, jefferis, Marlon Faubion. V The chorus line of the early 1940's. LCC Freshman again! '. ' rum: ' .,-.s,...- ,,,, ,.,, ' DTFATWEDQ ':L. T,.....,. D......1AIa o-.J-.,, ru,-.u l 1 it 1 r yi ri l l i l l M l le ll 'J ll: l l, ai, lf :ll l, 13, l I: i , lg 3 ,, ll X l l , l l N , li 1 J l l in l il 169 5 ll, Qu V , " M 'f it l 1 l . Main Street when a postcard could be sent for one cent. 1937-DEBATE TEAM: ROW 1: Miss Roberts, Betty Birchenough, Shirley Shannon, ROW 2: Elean Hill, Betty Heiser, Vera Setzer, coach, Wanda Hershberger, ROW 3: Burton Keeble, Velva Peffley. jim Hoath. :awe ANTHONY VICTORY CORPS COUNCIL fWorld War IU ROW 1: Horace Menasco, Bob Staples, Gordon Wlaters, Carol Halbower, Arlene Williams, Lois Baldwin, Edgar Barrett, Hal Bingham, student director, ROW 2: Clarence Spong, Minter Brown, Carmen Shoemaker, Mary Marvel Kantz, Wendell Grove, Wayne Gardner. Before Mrs. Esther Johnson displays the kitchens she designed. , .Y -.,.., K ii '-zz: :::4,5-1::1f: gIL"'QI-2.-.3""', fa f fm 1 X f Q Win iw 35:55 I72 i Girls Girls have reigned for years over the Annual Anthony Relays ' as queen and attendants. 6 4 f 5 2 I i The class of '61 produced man d ' y queens uring its four years. ABOVE: Louann Couch, Carolyn Jacobsen, Dea Ingram, Valorie Mills, Marilyn Tague, DeAnn Olmstead, Marilee Carr, Mary I.ou.Frazier, RIGHT: Carolyn Joyner '61 won many pageants, the top being Miss U.S.A. and fourth runner-up to Miss International Beauty Pageant in 1962. Girls wear the tennis crown. G I irls hit the bulls eye i.grQ....-5- A- A ' e mma ' Lin' - ' f - ' Girls help cheer the teams to victory. And then they work with those arrows again. Couples The class of 1913 enjoy a picnic and outing together. l l They visit-and look at pictures in the hall Couples hav enjoyed the facilities of the Pirates Den. :wh 2 Q Qin f ff fi sz x 1 ', ' X 32 - M S , f 'S ,, - A 1 ff-2 x I . qs' 5 7 51 W Q-' ,-, -xc. , , I W ,..,,,..., . E, ,f If Y Q 9 gs fx 4 W ff, 7 LZ N , M Z. .I SS? f X, 73 The Jolly Roger Staff wishes to thank Tom Fanning for all his help in composing the historical section-without him it would have been impossiblep Everything could not be included in this section, but we hope the previous pages have recalled your high school days. The sounds of high school fade away but those of opportunity, authority, spirit, laughter, and silence will remain in the future. iQ WW 9 QL7 7 Aff djzffggfwy I K I I 1 r M FP' V l M1 My 2 E gi"i 'lj V. fn Y l 9? w Hi ww, ff' vw w ,, ,L. , ji 11 ' r k1 Eff ri' M If li lil iii H: W if vi ff l X ji 1 M - A, fm 3 'A 1 5 S 7 3 i 1 J 3' 2 K 1 1 v I F E F- W X. ff 3 5 F'1V?'.I, V. 2 E ? yi gl A" ff 5 V H 1 M , W. -k 1 Q ,K I E3 X V n L 2 , n E :U H 3? um :H +1 w, , M J, . ,wif K1 Q I I .1 YW i fi M ! if 5? I l! J Y M fr , f W is lv U L H ,N RM SV Rl, 1? M W Q fl N 1 I 5 2 5 2 f Q X I 5 l 34 5 '? -wr 4 1 L 4 1 Q I if Vi I 4 I E 1 M 5 V 5 1 1 w EQ N H if -L w ul F? V EE sq u Q HWELQ WI 1 '5 s ,f Yi uf ' gi xii I1-1 E lgf i Q I-, Jim V 4- " V ml . 11,55 Y-Q rw Ii l! Mi iw' w, f 1 fn I, 1 I H1 QV H2 52' X!! in v w s r r 1 1 I ! 1 5 E 3 i 4 Aa r RZ Q. 5 I 1 4 1 1 1 Q 1 3, I A ' 1- f 1 1 1 v v . V 1 va i L 3 A C U Ni 1, L5 1 1 4 4 F 1 A 5 , Y , , L , 1 5 I 3 I v 'ws-my-u 1 X . M 3 w 'l E 1 I ii iii! iii 181' llfliliffililii .liiilt lil +V" V x 6 X , My K- ix' 1 1 I f f I f f I 2, . Qlffif I X 7' X , 1, 1 L if , L, f 0 gf! , X as f f ' , , ,, X4 -, . ' . J, x Y " ,V V fjygeqi I f"'f .x L I -f 1 f- K .5 ' egg , X ff , 1, P 'Q W v , 1 . s ' 1- f 'ff-,f,ff 'ff X f ff ,V ,Qf U, fgfgffx 'Q fzfp' f" 7 ' ?'g' VN , 31? A 2 '- f , my lf. ' f If f ,f.WJ,h, W5 , X K f , fm W Q 1 M fx 227 ff1ff1fr'ff ,H ff , f,.vV!,-v4 , ,,f-'Muffy vf 4 M, 4 Q , , f, f if W ' W' ' , .-141,25 X IVVV Mmfw 1 fWf1f27f7 ' , f ff " "W A 7,5 ff, ff 14 if 1 . ,wwf K I 515. fg liilit gfxf ' fl 1 5

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