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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1963 volume:

The Jolly Roger Staff Presents:Foreword The 1962-63 school year lies behind us. For many of us, the seniors, it marked the end of a never to be forgotten phase in our lives. To others it was but the start of a new and exciting adventure. This year's Jolly Roger staff has worked faithfully to present the events of this year which have been a milestone for each of us. The Jolly Roger is all that remains of last year. It is the night of the Senior play, the boys on the basketball team, that favorite algebra class, the parties you helped plan, and the expressions on the face of that favorite teacher or friend.Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION: Pages 6-9 CLASSES: Pages 10-31 ATHLETICS: Pages 54-59 HONOR: Pages 60-65 ADVERTISING: Pages 66-80In Dedication: Mr. James Price will have served Anthony High School as a custodian for twenty-five years this spring. He can usually be found when his help is needed by students or teachers in distress. His work starts before we ever arrive and continues after the last of us has left. In gratitude of his long service, the Jolly Roger Staff dedicates the 1963 Jolly Roger to Mr. James Price.Mr. Mose Siucky, Superintendent of Anthony Public Schools, looks over the school records. Admini It has been a pleasure to work with the students and the faculty of the Anthony High School during the 1962 - 63 school year. En- thusiasm, interest and loyalty to your school have been evident throughout the school year. With this type of spirit prevailing you gain much from the educational opportuni- ties available. Congratulations and- best wishes, L. C. Crouch Mr. Crouch, who is Principal principal of AHS, watches the activity in the hall. School board members, Vic Eliott, Vice-President; Dale Knorp, Edgar Barett, Mr. Stucky; Jim Newton; Lloyd Miller, President; Emma Jess, Clerk; and Mayford Graves discuss problems.ANTHONY PUBLIC SCHOOLS ANTHONY. KANSAS HOSE STOCKY STUDENTS OF ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL The success of the 1962-63 school term is a tribute to you students who have made the most of the opportunities that have been provided for you by the staff, the board of education, and the community. As you continue your education either formally or out of school may you always remember that your character, integrity. Initiative, and resourcefulness will help you use the many opportunities that are available to enrich your life. My wish for you in your quest for knowledge and professional status is enough ltandicaps to keep you alert to your own needs, those of your fellowmen, and the ability to use these to gain new heights of achievements. As you review your successes and failures in this volume of the Jolly Roger may you gain new courage to make decisions and alter your plans when necessary to achieve the goals you desire. Mose Stucky, Superintendent stration James Price, custodian at the high school, and Marvin Hager, custodian at the school shop and lunch room, prepare to clean the building. Miss Emma Jess is office clerk and secretary of the board. Mrs. Claudine Gering is records clerk; Mrs. Gladys Stov- er is the office assistant. Mrs. Mary Miller, school nurse looks at the eye chart. Mrs. Lola Garrison, speech therapist, is shown checking a stu- dent’s ears. 7The teacher’s lounge provided the teachers with refreshment and relaxation. Miss Weins, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Blair, and Mr. Bayless drink coffee and chat about the day's events. Mrs. Esther Johnson, home economics teacher, pauses between classes to relax. She teaches clothing, foods, and family living. Mr. Leon Ballenger and Mr. Wen- dell Hodges work together to pre- pare a concert. Mr. Ballenger is the vocal music instructor and Mr. Hodges is the band director. Miss Betty Lou Weins and Mrs. Bucilla Blair inspect one of the machines in the commerce room. Miss Weins teaches Typing I. Mrs. Blair leaches office practice, book- keeping, shorthand, and typing. Mr. Bill Bayless is the school counselor. His work includes typing re- ports, setting up appoint ments, and keeping ca- reer files. Mrs. Janice Troyer and Mrs. Mary Smith look over the console in the foreign lan- guage department. Mrs. Troyer teaches Spanish I and Mrs. Smith teaches Spanish II, French I and French II. 8Mr. Duane Boline, who teaches Physics, and Chemistry, works with the other science instructor, Mr. Sheldon Berg- strom. Mr. Bergstrom teaches four Biology classes and General Science. English teachers, Mrs. Sue Green, Mr. Donald Nigus, Miss Betty Weins, and Mrs. Janice Troyer, pose together. Mrs. Green teaches Speech, English IV, and Journalism. Mr. Nigus teaches English I, Miss Weins English III, and Mrs. Troyer English II. Mr. Stanford Troyer and Mr. Duane Bo- line study an algebra book. Mr. Troyer instructs classes in Geometry, Advanced Algebra, and Trigonometry. Mr. Boline teaches Algebra I. Mr. Fred E. Webb and Mr. Ralph John- son supervise the school shop. Classes in Auto Mechanics, General Shop, and Metals are offered under Mr. Webb. General Shop, Woodwork, Mechanical Drawing, and Arts and Crafts are under the instruction of Mr. Johnson. Physical Education instructors, Mr. Ronald Holmes and Mr. Donald Nigus, planned a strenuous physical fitness program. Mr. Nigus has two boy's Physical Education classes, and Mr. Holmes manages four girl's classes. Social Science teacher, Mr. James Williams, Mr. Bill Bayless, and Mr. J. W. Shurley, strike a com- ical pose in the middle hall. Mr. Williams is the Driver's Education instructor. Mr. Bayless teaches Freshman Orientation and Health. Mr. Shurley teaches American History, American Government, Sociology, and International Relations. 910 JUNIORS: SENIORS: Seniors in Physics class experiment with Bernoulli's Principle. The Junior girls learned to Sophomores learn an improve- prepare a meal in foods ment on the 'hunt and peck' class.Senior girls played basketball in Phys- ical Education. You see? The Senior English class takes its semes- tec examination. sses Mr. Troyer helps a geometry student with a problem. FRESHMEN: Mr. Williams keeps a close eye on his Drivers Education students. Freshman students industriously study their English assignment. system in typing. All Freshmen take Orientation under Mr. Bay less. IISeniors 62-’63 CLASS SPONSORS: The Officers Were President--------------------------------------------Victor Osborn Vice-President---------------------------------------R. C. Francis Secretary-Treasurer----------------------------------------------Mary Baker Class Cheerleaders....................................Carolyn Coon Howard Carr Student Council Representatives.........................Chris Elliott Carol Appling Mrs. Smith Mr. Bergstrom Mr. Webb 1963 representatives to Girls' State and Boys' State were Sheril Mize, Janet Duncan, Chuck Knorp, and John Gates.ERNIE ADKISSON Band 1,2; Brass Quintet 1; Mixed Chorus 1,2,4; Boys Octet 1,3; Boys Quartet 1,4; Boys Glee Club 1-4; Hi-Y 1,2; Thespians 3; Class Cheer- leader 1,2; Senior Play; Tennis 3; Track 1,2; Stage Crew 3,4. CAROL APPLING Y-Teens 1-3; FHA 1; Thespians 3; Pep Club 2,3; Vocal Solo 3; Foot- ball Queen Attendant 3; Vocal Ensemble 3. I I MARY BAKER Transferred here at beginning of junior year; Band 3; FHA 3-4; Y-Teens 3-4; Thespians 3; Class Secretary 4; Pep Club 3-4; Student Council 4; Junior Play; Librarian 4; Yearbook Staff 4. HOWARD CARR Band 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2; Class Cheerleader 2,4; Senior Play; Stage Crew 3; Football 1; Bas- ketball 1; Track 1; Intramurals 4; Booster Staff 4. CAROLYN COON Y-Teens 1-2; FHA 1-4; Thespians 1; Tennis 1-3; Pep Club 1-3. HAROLD BOHNERT Hi-Y 1. STEVE CLUTTER Mixed Chorus 1-4; Boys Oc- tet 3,4; Boys Glee Club 1-4; Mixed Ensemble 3,4; Hi-Y 1-4; Hi-Y Cabinet 2,3,4; Thespians 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; Stage Crew 3; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Track 1-3; Yearbook Staff 4. DONALD COOPER Senior Play Stage Crew. JUDY DICKEY FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Senior Play Stage Crew; Junior Play Stage Crew. CHARLES DICKEY Junior Play.JANET DUNCAN Football Queen Attendant 1; Vocal Accompanist 1-4; Speech Arts 2-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play; Mixed Chorus 1-4; Girls Glee Club 1-4; Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-4; FHA 1-4; FHA District Treasurer 3; FHA National Convention, Salt Lake 3; Y-Teens 1-4; Y-Teens Cabinet 3-4; Thespians 1-4; Thespians Secretary 3; Thes- pians President 4; Class Secretary 1; Pep Club 1-4; Student Council 4; Yearbook 4. ALTA DU WE FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior and Senior Play Stage Crew; Booster Staff. MARY RONDA EATON Band 1-3; Clarinet Octet 2; MLxed Chorus 1-2; Girls Glee Club 1; FHA 1-4; Class V.- Pres. 1; Pep Club 1-4; Junior and Senior Play Stage Crew; Booster Staff. R. C. FRANCIS Mixed Chorus 1-3; Boys Glee 1-3; Hi-Y 1-3; Thespians 3; Class V. -Pres. 4; Class Cheer- leader 3; A Club 2-4; Junior and Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-3; Track 1,2,4; Booster Staff. BILL GATES Thespians 2-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1-4; Basketball 1; Track 1-3. CHRIS ELLIOTT Band 1-3; Hi-Y 1-2; Student Council 4; Senior Play Stage Crew; Basketball 1; Tennis 1. JOHN GATES Mixed Chorus 1,2,4; Boys Oc- tet 3; Boys Glee Club 1-4; Hi-Y 1-4; Hi-Y Cabinet 3; Thespians 3-4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Football 1,2,4; Basketball 1-2; Track 1-3. RAYMOND GEORGE Junior Play Stage Crew; Foot- ball 3; Basketball 1-2; Track 1-2. TERRY GOUCHER Track 3; Junior Play; Football 3. TANA GRUBB MLxed Chorus 1; Girls Glee Club 1; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Thespians 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Speech Arts 2; One-Act Play 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; All School Carnival Queen.JENNA JO HAMILTON Girls Glee Club 1-4; Girl$ Vocal Ensemble 4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew. JIMMIE HARRISON Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1; Tennis 3; Track 1. KATHLEEN NE1SER Mixed Chorus 3-4; Girls Glee Club 2-3; FHA 1,3-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Senior Play Stage Crew. JIMMY HUDGENS Mixed Chorus 1; Hi-Y 1-2; Thespians 3; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Basketball 1, 3. CHUCK KNORP Band 1-4; Band President 4; Brass 9,1-4; Brass Quintet 3-4; Mixed Chorus 1-3; Boys Glee Club 1-3; Hi-Y 1-4; Class V. - Pres. 2-3; Student Council 1-3; A Club 2-4; Senior Play; Foot- ball 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Ten- nis 1; Track 1-2; Yearbook 4; Stuco V. -Pres. 4; Carnival King. TRUDY HOOPES Mixed Chorus 1-4; Girls Glee 1- 3; Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-4; Vocal Accompanist 1-4; FHA 2- 4; Thespians 2-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 3; Class Cheer- leader 3; Speech Arts 4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play; Librarian 1; Piano Solo 1-4. WANDA KAUFFMAN FHA 1-3; Y-Teens 1-3; Junior Play Stage Crew; Booster Staff. JANET LAING Girls Glee Club 1; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Y-Teens Presi- dent 4; Y-Teens Cabinet 3-4; Thespians 1-4; Class Secretary 2- 3; Pep Club 1; Speech Arts 3- 4; Senior Play; Junior Play Stage Crew; Librarian 3-4; Yearbook 1-4; Yearbook Edi- tor 4. JUDY LAING MLxed Chorus 2-4; Girls Glee Club 1-3; Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-4; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-3; Thespians 1-3; Pep Club 1-3; Junior Play; Senior Play Stage Crew; Booster Staff. BARBARA LEWIS Pep Club 1-2.CATHY LONG Girls Glee Club 1; FHA 2-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Librarian 4; Booster 4. EVERETT MARTENS Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Glee Club 1-3; Junior Play; Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1-2; Basketball 1-2; Tennis 1-3. SHERIL MIZE Yearbook 2-4; Vocal Solo; Band 1-3; Mixed Chorus 1-4; Girls Glee 1-3; Girls Ensemble 1-4; Mixed Ensemble 3-4; FHA 1- 4; Y-Teens 1-4; Y-Teens Cabinet 3-4; Thespians 1-4; Class Cheerleader 1-2; Cheer- leader 3; Pep Club 1-4; Stu- dent Council 4; Speech Arts 2- 4; Senior Play; Football Queen Atten. PATTY NORMAN Band 1; FHA 1-3; Y-Teens 1-4; Y-Teens Cabinet 3; Jun- ior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Office As- sistant 4; Booster Staff 4; Booster Editor 4. VICTOR OSBORN Hi-Y 1-2; Class President 4; Student Council 3-4; Speech Arts 4; Senior Play; Junior Play Stage Crew; Football 3; Basketball 1-3; Track 1-2; A Club 2-4. MARIANNE MORROW Girls Glee Club 1; FHA 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Senior Play; Librarian 3-4; Yearbook Staff 3-4. JOHN NYE Mixed Chorus 3; Boys Glee Club 2-3; Hi-Y 1-4; Hi-Y Cabinet 3; Thespians 3-4; Stu- dent Council 3-4; Speech Arts 4; Junior Play; Senior Play Stage Crew; Junior Play Stage Crew; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; Yearbook Staff 4; A Club 2-4; A Club President 4. JULIA POLLARD FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-3; Pep Club 1; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Booster Staff. RONNIE PRICE Junior Play; Football 3; Basketball 3; Tennis 3. LINDA ROBINSON Band 1-4; Mixed Chorus 1-4; Girls Glee Club 1-3; Girls Vocal En- semble 1-4; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Pep Club Presi- dent 4; Thespians 3-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play; Tennis 4.RODNEY RO'JNDY Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1-4; Bas- ketball 1; Track 1. NYNA SECHLER Mixed Chorus 3-4; Girls Glee Club 2-4; Girls Ensemble 3; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Tennis 3-4; Librarian 3; Booster 4. RONNIE SHARP Hi-Y 1-3; Thespians 1,3; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Basketball 1-3; Tennis 2-3; Track 1; A Club 4. SHIRLEY STARK Transferred here at the begin ning of Senior year. NANCY JO STUCHAL Mixed Chorus 1-4; Girls Glee 1-3; Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-3; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Y- Teens Cabinet 4; Thespians 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Librarian 3-4. JEAN SHELLHAMMER Student Council Sec. 4; Band 1-4; Mixed Chorus 1-2; Girls Glee 2; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1- 4; Y-Teens Cabinet 3; Thes- pians 3; Pep Club 1-4; Student Council 2-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Yearbook 2-4; Clarinet Choir 1-4; Woodwind Ensemble 4; Instrumental Solo 3-4. NANCY STOVER Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Librarian 1-3; Booster Staff 4. KATHY STURNS Band 1-4; Brass 9,1-4; Brass Quintet 3-4; Mixed Chorus 1- 4; Girls Glee 1-3; Girls En- semble 1-3; FHA 1-4; FHA President 4; Y-Teens 1-4; Y- Teens Cabinet 2-4; Thespians 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Student Council 1,3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Relay Queen Maid of Honor; Tennis 4. LINDA SWAFFORD FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Booster 4. JOHNIE WALKER Hi-Y 1-3; Senior Play Stage Crew.MICK WEIBERG Mixed Chorus 1-3; Boys Octet 3; Boys Glee Club 1-4; Hi-Y 1-4; Hi-Y Cabinet 2-3; Class President 1-3; Student Council 4; Student Council President 4; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play; Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Track 1; A Club 3-4; Christian Athletic Camp, Estes Park, Colo. ROBERT WELCH Boys Glee Club 1; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1; Tennis 3. STAN WETHINGTON Hi-Y 1-4; Hi-Y President 4; Hi-Y Cabinet 3-4; Student Council 4; Junior Play; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play; Football 1-4; Basketball 1,2,4; Track 1-4; Yearbook Staff 4; A Club 2-4; A Club Cabinet 4; Christian Athletic Camp, Estes Park, Colorado. KENT WILSON Mixed Chorus 1; Hi-Y 1-3; Class Cheerleader 3; Junior Play Stage Crew; Senior Play Stage Crew; Football 1-3; Tennis 3; Track 1. BARBARA WHEALY Band 1-4; Clarinet Octet 1-4; Mixed Chorus 1-3; Girls Glee Club 1-3; FHA 1-4; Y-Teens 1-4; Pep Club 1-4; Senior Play; Relay Queen Maid of Honor 2; Intramurals 2-3; Booster Staff 4. 18 You've already voted eight times.I Go, Seniors! Beat Faculty! (And we did!) I don’t care if you have ten nine- weeks tests to-morrow! As the final day drew closer, choir robes and band uniforms were returned.Juniors Class Officers The class officers for the Junior class of 1962-63 were, President Bob Drosselmeyer, Vice-President Jerry Yeary, and Sec. - Treas. Dana Dial. Mary Aleshire Sherry Armstrong Patricia Bland Peggy Bland Jack Brown Linda Butz Connie Carr Janie CoonRichard Davis Robert Drosselmeyer Myrna Frank Larry Huddleston Ronnie Couch Darryl Dodgen Lola Duran James Gates Mary Ruth Hudgens Dana Dial Lois Downing Laura Dyke Lynda Hess Janet Duffy Jim Hatfield Dennis HendershotJunea McKee Tom Mangcn Sherry Hughes Linda Keller Don Maninger Cathy Payne David Miller Charles Potts Janice Morrison Jim Prouse Linda Moses Bill Puls Louise Reneau Steve Reynolds Charles Ritter Patricia RoachSusan Salser Grant Sechler Larry Seales Gary Sherman Mildred Stith Mary Stamm Doug Stucky Larry Stark Linda Watkins Ward Stark Charles Wells Connie Wharton Jerry Yeary Eldon Younce Mary Jane Zuber Behind the Scenes • The Thinker Patience, boys Our angels Honest, I’m not cheating Cheese! Meant for each other?CLASS OFFICERS: President, Vickie Warner; Vice-President, Gary Osborn; Sec. -Treas., Charlene Wolff. Stanley Adams Joe Aleshire Rodney Angle L. C. Appling Carol Bean1 Darla Benford Clifton Berry Cheryl Bettis Kenneth Bohnert Kenneth Brotton Kathy Christy Marie Coats Glenda Collings Bob Cook Lois Cook Dick Croft Jerry Croft Kenneth Crouse Larry Elmore Jane Foster Ray Frank Inola Fultz Jackie Gates Roy George Mike Ghormley Jim Graves Marsha Graves Dale GrubbI DeAnna Halsey Cheryl Haltom Ronnie Hartman Christine Heiser Doug Hite Sarah Hudgens Paul Hulett Don Kaufman Reva Keller Joyce Kennedy Eddie Laing Lana Laing Mike McKee Johnny Marshall Jeannie Meador Stanley Messner Darlene Mingle Russell Morris Diana Moses Gary Osborn Kent Patterson Steve Patterson Fred PayneVerna Pohlenz Glendale Ritter Gene Rorabaugh Jim Smith Mary Smithhisler Diana Snyder Mike Sproul Sharon Stark Marilyn Stark Mamie Stith Stan Tague Evalyn Tower Leslie Vlcek Betty Walker Vickie Warner Deanna Weckworth Dena Weckworth Terry Welch Sharee Williams Barbara Wimmer Charlene Wolff Mike Wyatt Gayle York Gary Borders David Holmes Picture Not AvailableFreshmen i TREASURER Tommy Clark SPONSOR Mr. Boline SECRETARY Donna Headberg SPONSOR Mr. Johnston Dennis Albright Janice Aleshire Sharon Anderson Ann Appling Sharon Benford Larry Campbell Sherry Carothers Hal Carpenter Janice Childs Diana Christy Richard Ciemny Bill Coats 29Cheryl Coffman Craig Cooper Howard Couch Diana Croft Innis Croft Diana Crouse Kirk Elliot John E wertz Rhonda Grubb Mark Hamilton Virginia Hayter Larry Hess 30 Rodney Hess Cherlene Hodges Jerry Hoskinson Susan Hoskinson Majorie Howard Barbara Kauffman Sandra Kaup Jeannie Lane Peggy Larson Judy Miller Dennis Moore Beverly NewtonFreshmen ’62-’63 Lou Ann Reynolds Kay Ritter Lee Ritter Darlene Rump Mike Rutherford Cathy Schnackenberg Ronnie Scott Kirk Smith Darrell Niemann Cathy Patterson Sheryl Patterson Steven Stark Sue Ann Stark Janette Stamm Betty Jo Stith Gayle Swafford Patricia Truitt Darlene Vlcek Steve Waldschmidt Robert Walker Carol Warner Kenny Wells Jesse Wilsonn t Student Council members are, FRONT ROW: Myrna Frank, Charlene Wolff, Janet Duncan, Tana Grubb, Cherlene Hodges. SECOND ROW: Darrel Neiman, Bob Cook, Sheril Mize, Jean Shellhammer. THIRD ROW: John Nye, Jim Hatfield, Kent Patterson. FOURTH ROW: Stan Wethington, Victor Osborn. FIFTH ROW: Mick Weiburg. Organiz Standing from left to right are: Sponsor, J. W. Shurley; A before the scene pic- Vice-President, Victor Osborn; President, Mick Weiburg; ture of the carnival which Secretary, Jean Shellhammer. 32The 1963 Student Council, consisting of 18 members, is the governing body of Anthony High School. The Pirate and Pirette of the all-school carnival are spon- sored by this organization. For several years the Student Council has furnished in- surance for all students of Anthony High. These students are to be commended for the great job they did this year. ations Pictured is a typical Student Council meeting. The meetings were held twice a month in Mr. Shurley's room.Future Homemak The officers for FHA this year were: Lola Duran, Treasurer; Dana Dial, Vice-President; Kathy Sturns, President; Vicki Warner, Secretary; Mrs. Esther Johnson, Club Sponsor. Girls who were not working on degrees this year were, FIRST ROW: Tana Grubb, Linda Robinson; Myrna Frank. SECOND ROW: Sherri Hughes, Linda Watkins, Cathy Payne, Dana Dial, Connie Carr, Inola Fultz, Connie Wharton. THIRD ROW: Pat Roach, Lola Duran, Mary Jane Zuber, Cheryl Haltom, Jean Shellhammer, Junea McKee, Jeannie Meador, Barbara Wimmer, Mamie Stith. Girls who received their chapter degrees this year are, FIRST ROW: Vicki Warner, Jane Foster, Janie Coon, Joyce Kennedy.ers of America Girls receiving their Junior Degrees this year were, FIRST ROW: Virginia Hayter, Kay Ritter, Peggy Larson, Donna Headburg, Susan Hoskinson, Rhonda Grubb, Carol Bean. SECOND ROW: Diane Croft, Janice Childs, Jeannie Lane, Beverly Newton, Carol Warner, Lou Ann Reynolds, Diane Crouse. THIRD ROW: Janice Aleshire, Ann Appling, Sue Ann Stark, Kathy Schnackenberg, Marjorie Howard, Sarah Hudgens, Cherlene Hodges, Cheryl Bettis, Marsha Graves. SECOND ROW: DiAnna Halsey, Diana Snyder, Mary A leshire, Marilyn Stark. Shown are those girls who were in the clothing classes this year and participated in the FHA Style Show. Seven girls worked for their State Degrees during the past year. They are, FIRST ROW: Trudy Hoopes, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Kathy Sturns. SECOND ROW: Sheril Mize, Mari- anne Morrow, Janet Laing, and Janet Duncan.Members of Hi-Y this year were, FIRST ROW: Bill Carr, Darryl Dodgen, Bill Puls, Kent Patterson, Eldon Younce, Dale Grubb, Jack Brown, John Gates. SECOND ROW: Stan Messener, Bob Cook, Mike Wyatt, Steve Clutter, Stan Wethington. Dennis Hendershot, Mick Weiburg, John Nye, and Bob Drosselmyer. This year's Hi-Y officers were: Bob Cook, Student Council Representa- tive; Bill Puls, Vice-President; Steve Clutter, Treasurer; Stan Wething- ton, President; Bob Drosselmeyer, Secretary; and Eldon Younce, Program 36 Chairman. mjmAnthony High School TER Patty Norman, right, Editor-in-Chief of the Booster, and Nancy Stover, Assistant Editor look over a finished edition of the last Booster. From left to right are: Cathy Long, Judy Laing, Mary Ronda Eaton, and Howard Carr looking at the first issues of this year's Booster. Editor-in-Chief - - - Assistant Editor----- Copy Editor........... Asst. Copy Editor - - Sports Editor-------- Art Editor----------- Business Manager - - Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Reporters------------ Faculty Advisor - - • ------------------------------- Patty Norman ------------------------------Nancy Stover ----------------------------------Judy Laing ----------------------------------Cathy Long -------------------------------- Howard Carr -----------------------------Mary Ronda Eaton -----------------------------Barbara Whealy ------------------------------ Nyna Sechler ----------------------------------Alta Duwe Wanda Kauffman, Julia Pollard, Linda Swafford, R. C. Francis, Raymond George, Judy Dickey. ------------------------------Mrs. Sue Green Reporters for the Booster this year were from left to right: Linda Swafford, Julia Pollard, Wanda Kauffman, Judy Dickey, Raymond George, and R. C. Francis. Standing from left to right are: Nyna Sechler, Alta Duwe, and Barbara Whealy. Seated is Mrs. Sue Green, Faculty Advisor for this year’s Booster. 37A Club A CLUB - Victor Osborn, R. C. Francis, Bob Cook, Kent Patterson, Mike Wyatt, Chuck Knorp, Charles Wells, John Nye, Stan Wethington, Bob Drosselmeyer, John Gates, Joe Aleshire, Steve Clutter, Larry Huddleston, Mick Weiburg, Kirk Snyder, Jerry Yeary in a formation with Doug Stucky, Bill Puls, and Jim Hatfield making the cross bar. Sponsor, Jim Williams, is seated in the center. OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: R. C. Francis, Vice-President; Chuck Knorp, Treasurer; Stan Wethington, Student Council Representa- tive. BACK ROW: Jim Williams, Sponsor; John Nye, President; 33 Steve Clutter, Secretary; Victor Osborn, Sergeant at Arms. Pep Club PEP CLUB - FIRST ROW: P. Roach, D. Dial, L. Duran, C. Carr. SECOND ROW: L. Robinson, K. Slums, T. Grubb, L. Watkins, J. Duffy, C. Caroihers, V. Hayter, R. Grubb, S. Stark. THIRD ROW: Sponsor, Miss Betty Weins, M. Howard, J. Coon, C. Hodges, J. Childs, J. Miller. J. Lane, C. Haltom, J. McKee. FOURTH ROW: K. Heiser, C. Payne, S. Hughes, C. Bettis, S. Hudgens, L. Cook, C. Heiser, J. Foster, M. Frank. FIFTH ROW: M. Graves, P. Larson, S. Patterson, C. Wharton, E. Tower, D. Halsey, C. Wolff, J. Shellhammer, J. Duncan. SIXTH ROW: M. Morrow. K. Schnackenburg, S. Mize, D. Croft, J. Aleshire, N. Stover, J. Meador, I. Fultz, V. Warner, S. Williams. An intense group of Pep Club Members watch an exciting basketball game. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Tana Grubb, Program Chairman; Janie Coon, Secretary; Kathy Stums, Vice-President; Linda Robinson, President; and Miss Betty Weins, Sponsor. Dana Dial Connie Carr 39Y-Teens Y-TEEN OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Dana Dial, Social Chairman; Pat Roach, Worship Chairman; Nancy Jo Stuchal, Music Chairman; Sheril Mize, Program Chairman; Jane Foster, Secretary; Kathy Sturns, Publicity Chairman. SECOND ROW: Myrna Frank, Treasurer; Charlene Wolff, Student Council Representative; Marianne Morrow, Vice- President; Janet Laing, President; Diana Snyder, Piano Player; and Janet Duncan, World Fellowship Chairman. SOCIAL COMMITTEE - Janet Duffy, Dana Dial, Chairman; Connie Carr, Jeanie Meader, Janice Childs, Peggy Larson and Myrna Frank. 40 PROGRAM COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: LouAnn Reynolds, Janice Morrison, Vir- ginia Hayter. SECOND ROW: Susan Salser, Mildred Stith, Sheril Mize, Chair- man; Janie Coon, Charlene Wolff, and Inola Fultz.Y-TEENS i «■- r—-- i i . MUSIC COMMITTEE - Cherlene Hodges, Marjorie Howard, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Chairman; Sarah Hudgens, Jenna Jo Hamilton, Kathleen Heiser, Mamie Slilh, and Donna Headburg. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE - Linda Robinson, Myrna Frank, Kathy Sturns, Chairman; Tana Grubb, Cheryl Bettis, and Cheryl Haltom. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE - Ronda Grubb, Marsha Graves, Diane Snyder, Marianne Morrow, Chair- man; Sherrie Hughes, and Junea McKee. WORSHIP COMMITTEE - FRONT ROW: Pat Roach. Chairman; Jane Foster, Susan Hoskinson. SECOND ROW: Lois Cook, Jeannie Lane, Connie Wharton, Sue Ann Stark. WORLD FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE - FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Zuber, Diana Halsey, Cookie Carothcrs. SECOND ROW: Cathy Payne, Sherry Williams, and Judy Miller. 41Jolly JOLLY ROGER STAFF - FIRST ROW: Susan Hoskinson, Linda Watkins, Cathy Payne, Sheryl Patterson, Lou Ann Reynolds, Carol Bean. SECOND ROW: Jean Shellhammer, Janet Duncan, Mary Baker, Janet Laing, Marianne Morrow, Sheril Mize, Myrna Frank. THIRD ROW: Chuck Knorp, Stan Wethington, John Nye, Steve Clutter, and Ronnie Couch. PAGE EDITORS - FIRST ROW: Jean Shellhammer, Sheril Mize, Chuck Knorp. SEC- OND ROW: Mary Baker, Eldon Younce, Lou Ann Reynolds, Marianne Morrow, Ronnie Couch. THIRD ROW: John Nye, Stan Wethington, and Steve Clutter. 42Roger OFFICERS - Assistant Editor, Cathy Payne; Editor, Janet Laing; Chuck Knorp, Sheril Mize, Co-Business Managers. The Jolly Roger Staff happily presents the 1963 Jolly Roger to the students of Anthony High. The staff gives special thanks and recognition to Barbara Whealy, an honorary member of the staff, for all the help she has given to the staff. Thatta girl, Grace. You can do An after-school yearbook meeting? it. 43Thespians THESPIANS - FIRST ROW: Tana Grubb, Vice-President; Janet Duncan, President; Kathy Sturns, Linda Robinson, Scribe; Linda Watkins, Pat Roach, Secretary-Treasurer; Charlene Wolff. SECOND ROW: Nancy Jo Stuchal, Sheril Mize, Trudy Hoopes, Sandra Kaup, Dana Dial, Mrs. Troyer, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Mary Baker, Janet Laing, Cookie Carothers, Ronda Grubb, Cherlene Hodges, and John Gates. Speech Arts Those participating in speech arts this year were, FIRST ROW: Trudy Hoopes, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Sheril Mize, Jane Foster, Cherlene Hodges, Connie Carr. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Sue Green, Sponsor; John Nye, Victor Osborn, Butch Martins, and Dennis Albright. Go Anthonyl We got out of school all day for this? Play Ball, Girls! Watch a got there? Love those PJs. 45Instrumental Music Pep band performing during Queen's Night. Activities SOLOISTS - J. Marshall, M. Graves, K. Snyder, H. Stewart, B. Drosselmeyer, B. Cook, B. Coats, M. Ghormley. FRONT ROW: D. Niemann, C. Hodges, J. Duffy, M. Howard, C. Carr, J. Shellham- mer, C. Bean. MAJORETTES - J. Duffy, S. Williams, CLARINET CHOIR - BACK ROW: B. Drosselmeyer, P. J. Miller, C. Warner. Larson, C. Bettis, J. Shellhammer, J. McKee. FRONT ROW: D. Halsey, J. Foster, D. Snyder, K. Snyder, B. 4£ Whealy. WOOD WIN TRIO - C. Bean, J. Graves, D. Snyder. CLARINET QUARTET - J. Fos- ter, D. Halsey, M. Graves, D. Snyder. FLUTE QUINTET - J. Coon, V. Warner, M. Aleshire, C. Bean, J. Duffy. BRASS SEXTET - K. Sturns, B. Cook, C. Carr, R. Couch, P. Roach, C. Knorp.BACK ROW: M. Aleshire, V. Warner, V. Hayter, L. Laing, L. Robinson, B. Coals, K. Smith. MIDDLE ROW: J. Duffy, C. Bean, D. Albright, J. Coon, P. Larson, C. Bettis. FRONT ROW: J. Graves, M. Howard, C. Hodges, B. Drosselmeyer, J. Shellhammer, J. McKee. BACK ROW: D. Hite, L. Appling, D. Christy, M. Zuber, J. Childs. THIRD ROW: K. Brot- ten, E. Younce, K. Schnackenberg, C. Warner, R. Grubb, S. Williams, K. Elliott. SECOND ROW: J. Meador, D. Hendershot, J. Lane, L. Cook, P. Truitt, S. Hughes, J. Miller. FRONT ROW: D. Halsey, J. Foster, D. Snyder, M. Graves, K. Snyder, B. Whealy. 48 BACK ROW: M. Wyatt, R. Couch, H. Couch, C. Haltom, P. Roach, C. Knorp. SECOND ROW: J. Brown, M. Ghormley, H. Stewart, D. Neimann, S. Messner, B. Cook, K. Stums. FRONT ROW: S. Stark, B. Carr, J. Marshall, C. Carr.MIXED CHORUS - BACK ROW: D. Crouse, J. Duffy, T. Hoopes, P. Roach, S. Mize, C. Heiser, J. Laing, M. Graves, K. Schnackenberg, S. Clutter, C. Elliot, S. Patterson, J. Marshall, C. Cooper, K. Heiser, N. Sechler, D. Halsey, J. Coon, D. Dial. THIRD ROW: C. Patterson, D. Moses, C. Warner, A. Appling, G. Swafford, J. Aleshire, B. Newton, J. Miller, C. Coffman, C. Knorp, J. Hatfield, D. Maniger, I. Croft, C. Payne, D. Headburg, L. Watkins, J. Foster, J. Morrison. SECOND ROW: C. Wharton, K. Ritter, S. Patterson, M. Frank, M. Aleshire, D. Croft, F. Payne, D. Hite, D. Stucky, S. Waldschmidt, M. Howard, P. Truitt, C. Hodges, J. Lane, J. Childs. FIRST ROW: S. Hughes, D. Rump, S. Stark, J. Gates, J. Wilson, J. Gates, J. Gates, M. Hamilton, L. Robinson, K. Sturns, V. Hayter, S. Carothers, N. Stuchal, S. Kaup, Accompanist, J. Duncan. The Mixed Chorus this year completed a very successful season. They appeared before the public in three major concerts and baccalaureate. To con- clude the year a tour was taken of area schools in- cluding Spring, Eagle, Plainview, and Attica Rural High School. The mixed chorus received a I at League contest and District contest. Girls Glee Club, six small en- sembles and six soloists also appeared at league and district contests. Those receiving I s at state were John Marshall, Sheril Mize, and the Girl 9 NO I. 49 Mixed Chorus participants prepare for the vocal contest.BRASS CHOIR - BACK ROW: R. Couch, P. Roach, C. Haltom, J. Marshall, S. Messner, D. Neiman, B. Cook. FRONT ROW: M. Wyatt, J. Brown, M. Ghormley, C. Knorp, L. Vlcek, H. Stewart, K. Sturns. MIXED ENSEMBLE - BACK ROW: R. Couch, S. Stark, B. Carr, J. Marshall, C. Carr, C. Hodges, B. Drosselmeyer. FRONT ROW: J. Shellhammer, J. McKee, J. Graves, M. Howard, K. Snyder, M. Graves. Vocal Music Department GIRL’S GLEE CLUB - BACK ROW: J. Miller, N. Sechler, D. Croft, M. Howard, M. Graves, K. Schnackenberg, S. Anderson, C. Coffman. FOURTH ROW: L. Du- ran, M. Frank, B. Stith, J. Ale- shire, S. Stark, G. Swafford, M. Coats. THIRD ROW: K. Ritter, J. Lane, J. Childs, C. Hodges, S. Carothers, B. Newton. SEC- OND ROW: A. Appling, C. Payne, P. Larson, D. Headburg, C. Whar- ton. FIRST ROW: J. Hamilton, D. Rump, S. Kaup. MIXED ENSEMBLE - BACK ROW: J. Gates, J. Marshall, S. Clut- ter, D. Hite, F. Payne, J. Gates. FRONT ROW: S. Stark, S. Mize, L. Duran, M. Graves, K. Sturns, C. Hodges, N. Stuchal. 50BOYS ENSEMBLE - BACK ROW: J. Hatfield, C. Knorp, J. Mar- shall, S. Patterson, S. Clutter, M. Weiberg, S. Waldschmidt. FRONT ROW: J. Gates, J. Gates, J. Gates, D. Maninger, I. Croft, J. Wilson. NINE-I GIRLS ENSEMBLE: S. Hughes, J. Duffy, P. Roach, S. Mize, M. Aleshire, J. Duncan, J. Coon, D. Dial, J Foster. TWELVE-I - BACK ROW: M. Howard, N. Sechler, M. Graves, J. Aleshire, J. Miller, M. Frank. FRONT ROW: D. Rump, L. Reynolds, C. Hodges, J. Lane, C. Heiser, D. Head- burg. NINE-U ENSEMBLE: S. Stark, P. Larson, S. Hughes, C. Payne, J. Aleshire, D. Halsey, D. Croft, J. Childs, B. Newton. TWELVE-U: P. Larson, P. Roach, C. Warner, M. Frank, C. Heiser, K. Heiser. J. Dun- can, L. Robinson, J. Morrison, L. Watkins, M. Frank. 51Junior Play ASK ANY GIRL CAST D. Hendershot, D. Dial, J. Yeary, C. Carr, P. Roach, L. Duran, C. Wharton, J. Hatfield, T. Mangen, J. McKee, D. Maninger, J. Coon, J. Duffy, L. Watkins, S. Armstrong, M. Frank, D. Stucky. ASSISTANT DIRECTOR - Bob Drossel- meyer; STAGE MANAGER - Grant Sechler; DIRECTOR - Mrs. Janice Troyer. Senior Play ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN CAST V. Osborn, T. Grubb, J. Gates, K. Sturns, C. Knorp, S. Wellington, M. Morrow, J. Laing, N. Stuchal, E. Adkisson, L. Robinson, S. Mize, J. Duncan, B. Whealy, S. Clutter, M. Weiberg, T. Hoopes. STAGE MANAGERS - Jean Shell- hammer and Mary Baker; TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - Ronnie Sharp; DIRECTOR - Mrs. Sue Green.Along the south wall stood the back view of an old The head table can be seen in the background with southern mansion. The upper foreground reveals the moon shining behind the willows, the star infested sky. MOON RIVER AND SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Junior-Senior Banquet The program for the banquet was provided by the Junior High Boys Quartette, David Hodges, Steve Childs, David Hall and Steve Hodge, singing Kentucky Babe. Views of babies designated as present seniors were shown by Linda Watkins and Lola Duran. Moon River by the High School Quartette, Marsha Graves, Cherlene Hodges, John Marshall and Steve Clutter, accompanied on the piano by Janice Childs, concluded the entertainment. The music for the prom was provided by the Continentals, under the direction of Walter Engelken, from Alva, Okla- homa. Some mothers, and a father, are pic- 53 mv On the left is shown the stage as it was decorated to house the band at the Prom, tured (to the right) hanging stars in a southern sky.Tennis Following tradition, the Anthony Pirate's Boys Tennis Squad had a highly successful season. The Pirate netmen placed first at Alva and Hutch- inson, second at Russel, Buhler, and Pratt, and third in their own Anthony Invitational. Mick Weiberg and Grant Sech- ler received special honor by winning the State Doubles Championship. Girls Tennis, under the di- rection of Coach Holmes had several dual matches and won first in the Hutchinson Invita- tional. Athl BOYS TENNIS - BACK ROW: J. Hatfield, G. Sechler, M. Weiberg. J. Aleshire, K. Snyder, R. Morris. FRONT ROW: J. Gates, B. Carr, R. Davis. GIRLS TENNIS - BACK ROW: Coach Holmes, J. Miller, D. Halsey, C. Heiser, T. Grubb, L. Cook, C. Wolf, D. Snyder, N. Sechler. MIDDLE ROW: L. Robinson, V. Warner, L. Duran, C. Carr, C. Bean, P. Norman, C. Hodges. FRONT ROW: K. Stums, R. Grubb, S. Wil- liams, J. Meador, D. Headberg.Track The Anthony Pirates participated in nine track meets in 1963. First came our own Anthony Relays. The results were: John Nye, 1st, 440 - 5th, 220; Bill Puls, 3rd, 880; Mark Hamilton, 3rd, Pole Vault; Stan Wethington, 5th, Discus. Next we went to the Wichita Relays. The team scored 13 points. Charles Wells set the school mile record 4:55. The Medley Relay placed second behind Medicine Lodge who set the record. Pratt followed Wichita. We brought home 14 medals. The Southwestern Relays was one of our better meets. We placed 4th as a team. We placed 2 men in the 880, 220, Pole Vault, 440 and all three relays placed. At the Freshman-Sophomore Meet we were second; 10 points off first. Gary Osborn was the meet's stand out, winning the 100 (tied record), 220, and the 440 (new record). At Buhler we ran in the mud and placed 3rd. Puls won the 880, Wells won the mile, Wethington got his best Discus throw of 135'5 placing 3rd. The SKL was our toughest competition. We were 5th in the league. Our best events were the 880 (Puls 2nd, Wells 4th) and the 440 (Osborn 2nd, Nye 4th). Twelve boys went to the Regional at Dodge. The Medley Relay won 1st and placed 7th in the State. The members were Osborn, Francis, Nye, and Puls. etics VARSITY TRACK SQUAD - BACK ROW: C. Wells. J. Nye, S. Wethington, G. Osborn, E. Laing, C. Potts, M. Ghormley. MIDDLE ROW: J. Yeary, R. C. Francis, D. Stucky, B. Puls, B. Coats. FRONT ROW: H. Stewart, M. Hamilton, D. Dodgen, D. Neiman, M. McKee. Pirate Point GettersAnthony 42 Anthony 42 Anthony 30 Kingman 37 Attica 39 Caldwell 23 Anthony 57 Anthony 48 Anthony 29 Valley Center 56 Goddard 69 Medicine Lodge 58 Anthony 59 Harper 48 Anthony 42 Kiowa 56 Anthony 42 Valley Center 52 A TEAM: B. Puls, G. Sechler, J. Hatfield, J. Yeary, J. Nye, G. Osborn. M. Weiberg, C. Knorp, K. Snyder, M. McKee. B TEAM - BACK ROW: G. Ritter, D. Grubb, S. Tague, R. Morris, K. Patterson, J. Gates. FRONT ROW: D. Hendershot, J. Aleshire, M. Wyatt, E. Laing, J. Mar- shall.Basketball The Anthony Pirate basketball team completed a successful season with a record of 11 wins and 10 losses. The outstanding Pirate eager was Mick Weiberg, who was se- lected to the all-state team, placing them to a third place league finish. The Pirates also placed third in the Wellington Invitational and third in the Valley Center Regional. Anthony 50 Medicine Lodge 57 Anthony 56 Mulvane 47 Anthony 27 THE UNDEFEATED FRESHMAN TEAM Whitewater 47 Anthony 61 Andover 37 Anthony 47 Anthony 34 Anthony 56 Anthony 37 Medicine Lodge 50 Kingman 38 Attica 53 Caldwell 38 Anthony 46 Anthony 42 Anthony 63 Anthony 60 Eureka 42 Harper 49 Wichita Heights 52 Kiowa 59 57Anthony 7 Valley Center 13 Anthony 0 Medicine Lodge 38 Anthony 14 Mulvane 42 Anthony 7 Caldwell 0 A TEAM - BACK ROW: G. Sechler, C. Knorp, B. Puls, R. C. Francis. FRONT ROW: K. Snyder, S. Clutter, K. Patterson, J. Nye, B. Drosselmeyer, M. Wyatt, M. Wei- berg. SENIORS: M. Weiberg, J. Nye, C. Knorp, R. C. Francis, S. Clutter, J. Gates. COACHES: Mr. Williams, Mr. Holmes, Mr. Shurley. FRESHMAN TEAM - BACK ROW: Coach Shurley, H. Carpenter, J. Hoskinson, M. Hamilton, L. Ritter, K. Elliot, B. Coats, C. Cooper, D. Neiman. FRONT ROW: K. Smith, R. Ciemney, H. Stewart, B. Carr, K. Wells, J. Wilson, M. Ruther- ford.Football Second place standing in S.K.L. football was shared by Anthony, Harper, and Kingman during the '62 season. Anthony completed the season with a record of four wins, four losses and one tie. The Pirates were led by senior tri-captains John Nye, Mick Weiberg and R. C. Francis. Mick was selected as All-League End with John, R. C., Bob Drosselmeyer and Steve Clutter receiving recognition by league coaches. The freshman football squad had an undefeated season and show good possibility for future years. FOOTBALL TEAM - BACK ROW: J. Gates, L. Huddleston, G. Sechler, B. Drosselmeyer, C. Knorp, R. C. Francis, J. Yeary, K. Snyder, S. Wethington, S. Clutter, M. Weiberg, J. Nye, G. Osborn. MIDDLE ROW: D. Neiman, H. Stewart, D. Dodgen, D. Stucky, C. Wells, G. Ritter, B. Cook, E.BACK ROW: Janet Laing, John Nye, Steve Clutter, John Gates. FRONT ROW: Janet Duncan, Mary Baker, Sheril Mize, Jean Shellhammer. Hon Salutatorian MARY BAKER JANET DUNCANMr. and Miss Jolly Roger CONNIE CARR MICK WEIBERGCHARLENE WOLFF LINDA ROBINSONAnthony Relays Queen LINDA ROBINSON Pirate and Pirette CHUCK KNORP TANA GRUBBJUDY LAING TANA GRUBB KATHY STURNS JANET DUNCAN AttendantsADVERTISING Dennis Hendershot and Joe Aleshire look at some of the supreme quality foods available at SUPREME MARKET, 317 W. MainA good refrigerator buy is selected by Myrna Frank, Connie Wharton, Pat Roach, and Janie Coon at COON'S REFRIGERATION The Berlin Area is pointed out by Virginia Hayter on the HAYTER LAND COMPANY map. Mick Weiberg, Connie Carr, Linda Watkins, and Terry Goucher are enjoying a coke at OLMSTEAD'S DRUG STORELinda Hess shows Don Maniger some of the merchandise at DUCKWALLS The FIRST NATIONAL BANK a good place to go with your money (if you have any that is) shown by Eldon Younce and Susan Hoskinson Jean Shellhammer, Janet Duffy, and Mary Baker pick out their school wardrobe at NORMA'SThree beauties of Anthony look at some of ANTHONY FLORAL'S beauties J For appliances and electric equip- ment, go to MARDIS ELECTRIC, as Jane Foster and Virginia Hayter did. Mike Wyatt is shown one of the fix- tures available at BUSH PLUMB- ING AND HEATING The PARK HILL BOWLING LANES offers an excellent place for a date, says Beverly New- ton and Ronnie Scott Cousins, Janet and Judy Laing, are picking their summer ward- robe at JEAN'S CASUAL Some of the sports equipment at PIPER'S FIRESTONE is inspected by Larry Huddleston, Grant Sechler, and Bob DrosselmeyerFOX GROCERY is where Patty Nor- man and Nancy Stover do their shop- ping Chuck Knorp and Tana Grubb play with the toys at OKLAHOMA TIRE AND SUPPLY Bill Puls becomes a helper out at KLEPPER OIL CO.Ouch! Came the scream from DENNY'S BARBER SHOP as Howard Carr gave his first shave.The interior beauty of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK provides a beautiful setting for Lana Laing and Barbara Whealy The anniversary sale provided extra bargains in addition to the ones you find year round at JETT'S Willard Dial keeps an eye on his new help, Lola Duran and Dana Dial, at DIAL'S K-T Follow the advice of the three stooges and go to ROCK ISLAND LUMBER for all your building needs. Linda and Jim Robinson are stand- ing in front of their store, IRWIN- POTTER DRUG STOREStan Wethington, Steve Clutter, and John Nye try out the line of equipment at STURNS IMPLEMENT The ANTHONY CO-OP is seen from the skyDavid Miller and Les Vlcek are in front of FRAZIERS SEED CO. STANDARD OIL follows its motto As you travel ask us. mmmm The line up beside the new Drivers Education car from ROACH CHEVROLETSherry Armstrong looks in the window of WOODS MUSIC AND JEWELRY Cathy Payne and Carol Bean inspect a new television at GAMBLES The TOT AND TEEN is where Christen Heiser and Janice Morrison are hunt- ing for children's clothesC AND S WELDING is where Kent Wilson, Raymond George, and Grant Sechler take all their Welding needs Gary Osborn and Bob Cook look at the merchandise in MUELLER BROTHERS CLOTHING STOREThe Anthony High School Shop is one of the best Class A shops in Kansas. They have, for the second year in a row, taken the grand sweepstakes trophy from the Fort Hays In- dustrial Arts Fair. Everyone owes the shop a debt of thanks for preparing Anthony students to work in industrial art, me- chanical drawing and mechan- ics.I'm so tired. Lose something? In jail again? 80 New suit? I’ll put the body here. We are too, Seniors. ►V fS? wmrnMi

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