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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1962 volume:

xl' va x ..,, K, 1 -KN :- 'Ts 155 45' r, "f ix? ,. faif-11, 1 - J -egg w Q" -:PQ-Qi , Q., .. '04 r .gi f it 4:33-' . .-:, : 1:22 225-ig. - - 's 'ti' "?.'i.ks' ' Q-gc .QFF5 9 ,,.' . "N .S 3-.Q S.: ?'-+2 - -EQ'-1 1:-1.2, Qi.-L A523 ,yas -r 'i ,5?1".:5, . asrrgg- Q U. Qrkilg' J Qfzs'-sgi .912 EI: 1 X 'I ,Z . -A - fr 759- 33 .ff 11 Lf,5tfQi-' ' ' ,2-'-1-31 U - gf -A ,133 7452 ,az f Q29 sf' , Qy f qf D , rw,-7 -. ww Q 'M' 571- 4'5.S".,, ' ., V H i t: ' ' ,. g.eP',3s'Lwi... 1 ' 41. ' 'war K m Y-:fb-Q 7- . " '-Eff 'ww fmfzzfk vf . x gift-gf' 4' ' 'F' 'ff .. -' -'Jimi-2'EiE'.1f'-Lx- - x uw. , . , -Y,-':,5I:49sL4.a.,1-':.15.,1,,4:: -ff 1 Y. ' , -2 ' 7 ,. .., -- V .: 4,:j: '.,.. 5, .-:-,it-,-f A , ':'ui'F' 'iE'?!'9fP2275LL5i5'fifpfiigrg., .. . . ' 7-,, . .,,,,, - v-b-.-11-7 -. .gf 1 5,64 ,Z , - H -5. L N Z, " V ., A., , -.,, Ai "4-F ,HZ ,c'g.-:asf-34:-11-iL"V'pj:g -T32 ,,gg,,-.1f,A1: 1-1,553-.-fy.-1..4 ,,.- .: aw- T ' L ' use-."r,-5-43133 CU fr' Z-L4 MOSE STUCKY Superintendent School Board The members of School District 9953 are: Vic Eliott, Vice-Presidentg Dale Knorp, Memberg Edgar Barrett, Memberg Mr. Stucky, Jim Newton, Memberg Lloyd Miller, Presidentg Emma Jess, Clerkg and Mayford Graves, Member. ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL mmouv, nuns STUDENTS OF ANTHONYWHIGH SCHOOL The 196l-62 school term has come to a successful close. The flight of the astronaut, Colonel John Glenn, must establish more firmly in your minds the need of accepting more personal responsibility and preparing for the task ahead. Although you haveencountered unforeseen irregularities and disappoint- ments, the school year has been successful for you. You have continued to mold your character, personality, integrity, and personal responsibility to the image that you desire. This volume contains some of the records that you have made in this building process, lf the records are not suitable, may you have the courage to change your plans and work towards future years of success and happiness, Mose Stucky, Superintgdent E , 1? rv. gg h 'iif V y, I Special ervices The group of people on this page contribute in many ways to the welfare of Anthony High School. JACKSON WINTERS Principal MARY MILLER CLAUDINE GERING BETTE MORRIS OLIVE GHORMLEY Nurse Records Clerk Secretary Part-time Secretary JIM PRICE MARVIN HAGER Custodians s, ga' al as , a I1 . ' ' " J . a t xii i it .1 U. .11 , "W" . 7" ' t v , , X l ., 1- ,f:.,':.'iL2"f-535331. , , w i ,:t5?g',.2va.s-n- 'nr-ff5"5i""fgYi fir f':?1.gyf2f p ' NWN' ' K-lf' mitral' u'5'l,i N' i ft tm it 7,3 1'l"vi1 YM - ' - -V ' ', 11 ' '. wwf. 'tt ' P W' ima'-,J:v+,5't'.w:vw f-1-u Lt' ag1f.f.', ,mga ' ' ' ' f if- ff ws, if f tf hif' it'i'2'2:f2Ik1'w.n.s: ".1,.-H::-"wif mg W A. ., Dedication During the school day many visits are made to the office-for lunch tickets, to buy books, to pay shop fees, to ask for information. Miss Emma Jess is always there, ready with an answer to all problems. For many years Anthony High School students have been accustomed to Miss Jess' efficient help. To you, Miss Emma Jess, the staff of the Jolly Roger dedicates this 1962 book. We wish to express our gratitude for the many services you have so unselfishly given to us. dwg K Tl' A? :"I'f1'J1 af, V 11 saw. L'-E957 535555411 ' gyms M ' 2 f "4 L if 1 -rm 4.5 iaith! - gs- A . 5 .YF 1 at-H ' ct, iii mf .si me .1 12 'Fl , is 1 bm. '51 53:55 I ,Eat-fi' V , .N w,v fr' ,fi ,ess v ai 1 4 113 ., 4 3 if A3 J f ,Q E' s i -H :di ' 5" :1 ' fzwfx' i f if 5 ' rf.-.QE ftf-'KTM ' ' """'ff'1'"''iw':f'f'v'f':'f'u'v'ir':"wtf ww' .rs-if-v. - .i ,A .a,1.H., -af ,,.,i,..,w- .H .,.. af. . . A.,-. , ., , i- 1. ,-. , ,..,,..,,. ii in Fifi," at ' ' ' - f M v, if, if ,':. 5,,.,,,.WFFEl'5 .'- uy.a,ff4--wyhi .th it..',,1ffi-wt112'-i'f-'ft1sr' 'N i t' f- ttt'""f?-' ""-a":1.,,.5'-'t'.1:,uL:'g'L4wSS'tPf5TiEhggxi,m'r,wxiihfgi iffy 1, F Y it a A 3 4..1ga, .-7 4 1-Igaq,-'gg ,mifitil ' 'aw-v.3,,ns.i,my,,'1g-aims, E 1 3, a i b i Q i 1 .- me is ff .X .1 i ,. 4: Facult .- would not hesitate to say wthiit :ZVA United States is the fjnest society grand scale that the world has thus Alfred North Whiteheazi i f t ,-V. ay ' 5 ft, ' "fl ' I ' I gf I ki V ,UA X ? at . If N , ft' 5 5 ii' 'Q 2" X, Rx, ' g , El f at I M wif F Ag 1 ' 5 - t l K ' ' WJ K ' i x 4' J K 5 . 5 3 M , h . u f A1 3 1, 1 - Y ' v ini ' My .Y E g I , ' Q i 5 + kt - ' 'fi I 8 5 , ' Q E 1 , Y 1 ' , ' I L 1 ' f 'j,,,' . lj .. 1 tim, , , K z ,, W 4 , A "' r' 4 ' K ' 4 A t s WL ff: 'U JT- 'V-f fr' rf 0 ' -'l av a ,:,,. - :A ,- V . I .,,-..r..'.,.. ,,.. 5' nan!! if' tonal :ima - ,-5:V :'- I ' 1 I Vt F' 0 i 5 ' Ai, , -L 4 , ns "5 4' , s.. ....,.,...t M 1.111 .Jw --451 L ii ""' t ' I en, Q Q , H ttf ttf fltf Qifif' A 5 E it' C 4 g I 'tj In as .A 1 " 5 i f ' ' , L J L g 2. ' I W ' ev' 'Q' I. in I - f' Q 111351 t:"' Eibt ' P1 tl S 3 1 t I , if t if :., A , -us 3 4 I .L,,. --Nzqqu 'B : V , I ,gv..: I I t 1 t tt t t t "T 1. ' M 11 f ..........-manila i Science Clinton Wilt has taught in Anthony two years. He teaches chemistry, general science, general math and alge- bra. Mr. Wilt graduated from Kansas State College of Pittsburg and received his lVlaster's Degree there. L. W. Bittle teaches biology, physics, and general science. He has taught in Anthony one year and got his teacher training at Southwestern College at Winfield. Chemistry students watch a class dem- Mr. Bittle explains the principle of the A class of eager freshmen take onstration of water distillation. pendulum to his physics class. one of Mr. Wilt's tests. ath Advanced Algebra students mob Mr. Strimple for HELP. J. W. Shurley taught American History to all the juniors and seniors this year. This is his second year in Anthony and he received his degree at Northwestern State College, Alva, Oklahoma. Bill Bayless came to Anthony High from Lincoln Junior High this year. He is our counselor and teaches health and orientation. Mr. Bayless attended North- western State College also. Jim Williams has taught drivers' education for two years after graduating from University of Wichita. Freshman health students learn Several drivers' education boys practice Enthusiastic American History students the parts of the body. steering at the football field. mutilate the newspaper for current ematics events while the librarian tries to read. Mr. Strimple's "shot-gun tests" will always be remembered by his geog- raphy students. Clyde Strlmple teaches geometry and ad vanced algebra classes. He is also the head football coach. ThlS IS his 5th year of teachlng in Anthony. He attended college at Washburn University. I . . I Mrs. Blair teaches typing, office practice and short- hand. This is her first year in Anthony. She grad- uated from Northwestern State Teachers College. Miss Wiens teaches typing and Sophomore English. This is her first year at Anthony also. She graduated from Emporia State Teachers College. The Spanish II students pre- sent an original play "To the Bullfight' written in Spanish. The QffiCC .PFHCQCC A student is trying to do her A second hour typing student C1355 15 59193 112' fshorthandl late at night. is cleaning his typewriter while Stfllcted bY MTS- Blair the rest of the class is typing. on how to use the light scope. A French I class works in the new language laboratory. if .afgui,fGW'ff2,GX'4'11xf .'iiY'?1'xfgiI vY1fN F AQ , 1-J, -5QrYwi4xK,3f21,iQl5tw2g,f.ir5.-S :ggi 1-"s"55ai '- fsf,ws29,- ,... rf- . . . - i fgrffai'-ixli'-Iirifkij. " ' ' rF','5ILrV1:?7" t-z-5 ' - ,-WJ . tp, 5 - . 1. . 3- 1 A . 1' ,rr ' . . Mrs. Mary Smith teaches French and Spanish and is our Librarian. She graduated from Fort Hays Kansas State College and has taught in Anthony two years. Home Economics Foods students make Christmas candy. Mrs. Esther Johnson has taught home economics in ,Anthony for 13 years. She received her degree from College of Emporia. Girls enrolled in Family Seniors gather last minute facts Students in speech class get used living examine suits made in at the library for their research to appearing in public by play this class. papers. ing a rousing game of charades Miss Uhles flefti, teaches Junior and Freshman English. She also directed the Junior and Senior plays. Miss Uhles graduated from Southwestern State College at Weatherford, Oklahoma, with a B.A. in education. This is her first year of teaching. Mrs. Cozart Crighti, has taught in Anthony four years. She attended school at Phillips University in Enid. She teaches one Freshman English class, all Senior English and two speech classes. Miss Wiens teaches Sophomore English as well as several Business Courses. lndustrial Arts Ralph Johnston teaches woodworking, arts and crafts, me- chanical drawing, and general shop. He has taught in Anthony High for 21 years. He received his A.B. from McPherson College and his Master's from Colorado State. Fred Webb teaches auto mechanics, metal work, and general shop. This is his second year in Anthony. He received his training at Fort Hays State College. Several boys are hard at W0fk in the W00dW0fk' Two auto mechanics students check the auto- ing department. mobile engines. Three girls work hard on pull-ups The IJOYS, IJhYSiCa1 9dUC3ti0H ClaSS in physical education. construct a human pyramid. Physical Education Lyle Wall teaches boys, and girls' physical education. He received his degree from Kansas State of Emporia and is teaching his first year in Anthony. I0 Classes "I hope we shall never forget that we created this nation, not to serve ourselves, but to serve man- kindf, Woodrow Wilson shi? "I F5517 iii: eniors '61 - 962 The Officers Were: President ............. ......v,. Ed ward J ones The Class Sponsors Were Mrs. Dorthy Cozart Mrs. Esther Johnson Mr. Fred E. Webb Vice-President ........ ......,.. T om Harmon Secretary-Treasurer .........,.....r... Pam Wisegarver l l Class Cheerleaders ...,.... Walter "Tony" Anderson W Pat Cooper Student Council Representatives ......,,,. Stan Hayter Connie Coon Senior Class Pla Our Town The second act of Our Town" was about marriage. Phil Miller R. C. Chormley Pam Wisegarver Gary Puls Edward Jones Pat Cooper Doris Morris Linda Duran Richard Hall Stan Hayter Stan Lear Sherry Harris Lynne Hunter Cast Death was the topic of the third act Connie Coon Charlotte Hamilton Marsha Bradley Sherry Mead Lydia Duran Pat Stucky Bill Ecker Mary Payne Wendy Hodges Karen Knorp Dean Shaw Helen Wilson Donna Hoopes Tennis 43 Intramurals 3. Seniors JACK COFF MAN Speech Arts 43 Senior Play Stage Crewg Junior Play Stage Crewg Football 13 Track 1-43 Intramurals I-33 A-Club 2-43 A-Club Officer 4. CONNIE COON Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Girls' Glee Club 13 F.H.A. 1-43 Y-Teens 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Student Council 43 Senior Play3 Junior Play Stage Crewg Tennis 3, 4. PAT COOPER Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 43 Girls' Clee Club 1-43 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 2-43 F.H.A. 1-43 Y-Teens 1-43 Class Cheerleader 43 Pep Club 1-43 Debate 43 Speech Arts 4g Senior Play: Junior Play3 .Iunior Play Stage CICWQ Tennis 2-43 Intramurals 1, 23 Librarian 4. DAN DAVIS Band 1, 33 Brass 9 13 Hi-Y 1, 23 Basketball 1, 23 Track 23 Booster Staff 43 Tennis 4. Hi-Y 1, 23 Booster Staff 4. WALTER ANDERSON Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Class Cheerleader 43 Football 4 Basketball 3 4 Tennis 43 Track 33 Booster Staff 4. RONALD BONHAN Mixed Chorus 43 Boys' Clee Club 43 Junior Play 3 Football 14 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 33 A-Club 4. MARSHA BRADLEY Mixed Chorus 1-43 Girls' Glee Club 1-43 FHA 14 YTeens 14 Thespians 3, 4g Pep Club 1-43 Pep Club President 4 Debate 4 Speech Arts 3, 4g Senior Play3 Junior Play3 Basketball Queen Att 3 BILL CLAYTON STEVE DOWNING Football 1, 3g Basketball 1-33 Track 1-3. LINDA DURAN Band 1-43 Clarinet Quintet 2g Mixed Chorus 1-43 Girls' Glee Club 1-43 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 1-43 Mixed Ensemble 43 F.H.A. 1-43 Thespians 1-33 Pep Club 1-43 Senior Play3 Junior Play3 Junior Play Stage Crew3 Carnival Queen 43 Tennis 1, 2, 4. LYDIA DURAN Band 1-43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Girls' Glee Club 1-43 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 1-43 Sextet 3, 4-3 F.H.A. 1-43 Pep Club 1-4-3 Senior Play3 Junior Play Stage CICWQ Senior Play Stage Crew3 Basketball Queen Att. 4. GEORGIA DURANT Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 1, '2, 33 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 2, 43 Mixed Ensemble 43 F.H.A. 1-43 Thespians 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Junior Play3 Tennis 1-43 Librarian 43 Track 4. eniors GLENDA DURANT Mixed ,Chorus 1-43 Girls' Glee Club 1-43 Girls' Vocal En- semble 1, 2, 33 F.H.A. 1-43 Thespians 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 .Junior Play Stage CICWQ Tennis 1-43 Librarian 43 Track 4. CLAIR DUWE Band 1, 2, 33 Brass Quintet 23 Mixed Chorus lg Boys' Octet 13 Boys' Glee Club 13 Hi-Y 1-4. BILL ECKER Hi-Y 1-43 Senior Play 43 Junior Play3 Senior Play Stage Crew3 Junior Play Stage CTCWQ Football 13 Basketball 13 Tennis 13 Track. BARBARA GEORGE Band 4g F.H.A. 3g Y-Teens 43 Junior Play? Junior Play Stage Crew. I5 R. C. GHORMLEY Band 1-4, Woodwind Quintet 3, 4, Woodwind Octet 2, Brass Sextet 1, 2, Brass Quintet 3, Band Drum Major 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Boys' Octet 1, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 1-4, Hi-Y 1, 2, Student Council 4, Student Council President 4, Senior Play Stage Crew, Senior Play, Football 1, 4, Track 2-4, A-Club 4, Mixed Wind Ensemble 4. RONNIE COULD Mixed Chorus 2-4, Boys' Glee Club 2-4, Thespians 1-3, Thespian President 4, One Act Play 2, Junior Play, Tennis 1, 3, Track 2, Yearbook Staff 4. DAVID CRAVES Band 1-4, Brass 15, 1-4, Brass Quintet 2, 4, Tennis 3, 4. RICHARD HALL Band 1-4, Brass 9, 1, Mixed Chorus 2-4, Boys' Clee- Club 2-4, Hi-Y 1-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 3, 4, Thespians 1-4, Student Colmcil 3, Speech Arts 2, Senior Play, Senior Play Stage Crew, Junior Play, Junior Play Stage Crew, Booster Staff 4. eniors CHARLOTTE HAMILTON Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 4, F.H.A. 1-4, Thespians 1-4, Class Secretary-Treas. 2, Class Cheerleader 1, Cheerleader 3, 4, Pep Club 1-4, Student Cotmcilg Senior Play, Junior Play, Basketball Queen Att. 1, 3, Carnival Queen 3, Tennis 4. TOM HARMON Hi-Y 1, 2, Class Vice-President 4, Senior Play Stage Crew, Junior Play Stage Crew, Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Intra- murals Track 1-3. SHERRY HARRIS Band 1-4, Sax Quartet 2, Mixed Chorus I, 3, 4, Girls' Clee Club 1-4, F.H.A. I-4, F.H.A. President 4, Y-Teens 1-4, Thespians 1-4, Class Secretary-Treas. 1, Class Cheerleader 2, Cheerleader 4, Pep Club 1-4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Basketball Queen 4. STAN HAYTER Band I-4, Clarinet Octet 2, Woodwind Trio 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4, Boys' Clee Club 2, 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Hi-Y 1-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 3, Class President 1, 3, Class Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council 3, 4, Senior Play, Football 1, Basket- ball 1-4, Tennis 1, 3. WENDY HODGES Band 1-45 Woodwind Octet 25 Woodwind' Trio 1-35 Woodwind Quintet 3, 45 Woodwind Ensemble 45 Mixed Chorus 1-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-45 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 1-45 Mixed Ensemble 45 F.H.A. 1-45 Y-Teens 1-45 Thespians 1-45 Pep Club 1-45 Student Council 1-45 Speech Arts 15 Senior Play5 Junior Play Stage Crewg Carnival Queen 25 Tennis 45 Intramurals 25 Booster Staff 4. DONNA HOOPES Mixed Chorus 1-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-45 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 3, 45 F.H.A. 1-45 Y-Teens 1-45 Thespians 1-45 Pep Club 1-45 Senior Play5 Tennis 3, 45 Booster Staff 4. LYNNE HUNTER Girls' Glee Club 35 F.H.A. 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Thespians 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Senior Play: Junior Play5 Yearbook Staff 4. EDWARD JONES Band 1, 25 Brass Quintet 2, 35 Hi-Y 1-45 Class President 45 Class Cheerleader 15 Senior Playg Senior Play Stage Crewg Junior Play Stage Crew5 Football 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Track 1-45 A-Club 45 Booster Staff 4. Seniors KAREN KNORP Band 1-45 Sax Quartet 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 1-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-45 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 1-45 Mixed Ensemble 3, 45 F.H.A. 1-45 Y-Teens 1-45 Thespians 1-45 Pep Club 1-45 Senior Playg Senior Play Stage Crewg Junior Play Stage Crewg Tennis 1-45 Intramurals 1, 2. CHARLES LAING Boys' Glee Club 15 Speech Arts 35 Junior Play Stage Crew 25 Football 1-35 Basketball 1, 25 Track 1, 2. STAN LEAR Hi-Y 1-45 Class Vice-President 35 Class Cheerleader 25 Senior Playg Football 1, 25 Basketball 1-35 Tennis 25 Track 3. LYLE MANINGER Mixed Chorus 1-45 Boys' Octet 1-45 Boys' Quartet 15 Boys' Glee Club 1-45 Hi-Y 1-45 Class President 25 Junior Play5 Junior Play Stage Crew5 Football 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Track 1-45 A-Club 3, 45 A-Club President 4. SHERRY MEAD Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 45 F.H.A. 1-45 Y-Teens I-45 Pep Club 2-45 Senior Play5 Senior Play Stage Crew5 Junior Play Stage Crew5 Librariang Booster Staff 4. PHIL MILLER Band 1-45 Brass 9, 2, 35 Brass Quintet 45 Hi-Y 1-35 Student Council 35 Senior Play: Junior Play Stage Crew5 Football 1-35 Basketball 1 25 Tennis 1, 25 Track 35 Intramurals 3. DORIS MORRIS Band I, 25 Woodwind 15, 25 Mixed Chorus I-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-45 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 2-45 Mixed Ensemble 3, 45 F.H.A. I-45 Y-Teens I-45 Y-Teens Cabinet 45 Thespians 15 Pep Club I-45 Senior Play5 Plcfure Senior Play Stage Crew5 Junior Play Stage Crew5 Yearbook Staff 45 Booster Staff 45 Booster Editor 4. Not , EDDIE NEWLIN Avaliable Boys' Glee Club 15 Hi-Y 1-45 Class Cheerleader 35 Student Council 25 Football I-35 Basketball I-45 Track 1-35 Booster Staff 4. eniors KAREN NICHOLS Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 F.H.A. I-45 Y-Teens I-45 Junior Play Stage Crew 35 Booster Staff 4. CAROLYN HAGER OGDEN Band 1-45 Brass 12, 2, 45 Brass Quintet 15 Mixed Chorus 2-45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 2-45 F.H.A. 1-45 Y-Teens 1-45 Pep Club 1-4-5 Junior Play5 Booster Staff 4. CAROLYN PATTERSON Girls' Glee Club 1, 25 F.H.A. I-45 Y-Teens 1-45 Junior Play Stage Crew5 Booster Staff 4. DENIESE PATTERSON Band I-45 Clarinet Choir 1-45 Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Glee Club 1, 35 F.H.A. 1-45 Y-Teens I-45 Thespians 15 Pep Club 1-45 Junior Play- Stage Crew5 Tennis 35 Librarian 3, 45 Booster Staff 4. MARY PAYNE Mixed Chorus 2-4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Girls' Vocal Ensemble 2-4, Mixed Ensemble 3, 4, F.H.A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-3, Y-Teens Cabinet 2, 3, Thespians 3, 4, Pep Club 1-3, Student Council 3, Senior Play, Junior Play, Yearbook Staff 4. RANDY PERRY Hi-Y 1-4, Junior Play Stage Crew, Football 1-4, Basketball 1, A-Club 4, Carnival King 4, Booster Staff 4. CHUCK PGHLENZ Band 1-3, Brass 9, 1, 2, Hi-Y 1-3, Speech Arts 4, Senior Play Stage Crew, Junior Play Stage Crew. GARY PULS Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, Hi-Y President 4, Student Council 4, Senior Play, Foot- ball 1-4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Track 1-4, A-Club 2-4, A-Club Officer 4, Booster Staff 4. MARILYN RITTER W A Pep Club 4. J UAN ITA SALSER Band 1, 2, F.H.A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Pep Club 1-4, Junior Play Stage Crew, Tennis 3, Intramurals I, 2, Librarian 4, Yearbook Staff 2-4, Booster Staff 4, Booster Edi- tor 4. DEAN SHAW Hi-Y 1-4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Senior Play Stage Crew, Junior Play Stage Crew, Track 1, 2, Intramurals 3, 4. MARY KAY SHERAR Mixed Chorus 1-4, Girls' Glee Club 1-4, Girls' Vocal En- semble 2-4, Mixed Ensemble 4, F.H.A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Pep Club 1-4, Tennis 2, Librarian 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Booster Staff 4. BILL SMITH Hi-Y 1, 2, Junior Play Stage Crew, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, A-Club 4, Booster Staff 4. I9 Seniors LARRY WELCH Football 13 Basketball I, 33 Booster Staff 4. HELEN WILSON Band 23 Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 1-43 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 2-43 Mixed Ensemble 43 F.H.A. 1-43 Y-Teens 1-43 Thespians 1-43 Pep Club 1-43 Senior Play. PAM WISEGARVER Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Glee Club 2-43 Girls' Vocal En- semble 3, 43 F.H.A. 3, 43 Y-Teens 2-43 Y-Teens President 43 Y-Teens Cabinet 33 Class Secretary-Treas. 43 Class Cheerleader 33 Pep Club 2-43 Senior Play3 Senior Play Stage Crew3 Junior Play Stage Crewg Football Queen Att. 43 Basketball Queen Att. 23 Tennis 3, 43 Intramurals 23 Librarian 3, 4. JOHNNY YEARY Hi-Y 1-33 Football 1-43 Basketball 1, 43 Track 1-43 A-Club 3, 4. 20 SANDRA Band I-43 Woodwind Quintet 3, 43 semble 43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Girls' semble 4g F.H.A. 1-43 Y-Teens 1-43 President 13 Class Secretary-Treas. SMITH Flute Quintet 33 Woodwind En- Glee Club 2-43 Girls' Vocal En- Y-Teens Cabinet 2-43 Class Vice- 33 Pep Club 1-43 Junior Playg Senior Pla Sta e Crew Football ueen 43 Intramurals 2g Librarian ' Y tx 4 Q 43 Yearbook Staff 4. HOWARD STAMM STANLEY STARK Hi-Y 1-43 Football 1, 33 Basketball 13 Track 1. PAT STUCKY Band 1-43 Woodwind Trio 33 Woodwind Quintet 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1-43 Boys' Octet 1-33 Boys' Quintet 13 Boys' Glee Club 1-43 Mixed Ensemble 2-43 Hi-Y 1, 23 Thespians 1-43 Student Coun- cil 1-33 Debate 23 Speech Arts 1-43 Senior Play3 Junior Play3 Junior Play Stage Crew3 Football l-43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1-43 Yearbook Staff 2-43 Yearbook Edi- tor 43 Booster Staff 43 A-Club 2, 33 Boys' 13, 43 Woodwind 13, 4. JOLEEN TURNER Band 1-43 Flute Quintet 33 Mixed Chorus 1-33 Girls' Glee Club 1-33 Girls' Vocal Ensemble 33 F.H.A. 1-43 Y-Teens 1-43 Pep Club 1-3. QW.. . XV r X xc w, s.. Wil lim l li! . if ina ,, V f . A g h e , t 5 ,:' " 5 ' J H t p pp ? y . ill -xxx l at pig p h. t . 1' ag,tr f Misfif? National Honor Society The National Honor Society was designed to give recognition to those pupils who choose to do outstanding scholastic work. It is national in scope. The award fNational Honor Society Pinj is the same regardless of which school grants the award. This award is open to all Seniors who have been in Anthony High School their entire Junior and Senior years. The first requisite of this award is that the student rank in the upper one-third of the graduating class scholastically. The three other factors are Service, Leadership, and Character. These are considered on the basis of observation during the entire four years of high school. 1962 Members Were: Sandra Smith Wendy Hodges Mary Payne Pat Stucky Pam Wisegarver R. C. Ghormley 1962 Valedictorian Mary Payne Salutatorian Sandra Smith Junior-Senior """lf'0-0 R an N 1 x R sax 5. Baliqllfbt Hawaiian Luau P JL f a ala A' av- flu 2. ,Q in if L . I .' W Q ' 1 . a a ' aaaa ' aaaaaa i S .1,:, V , . - Apgar , , L, V M A . V .- M, A., , 45,1 A-e .K. , - - a E W A Q a M X.. + y 'Hi I Ewa -win, Q N fy Q A . P' . 1 PIOII1 Follow the Sun ii Juniors "Where liberty dwells, there is my country." Benjamin Franklin K- 5 f f , ,v gyda f , ,nf 7. , 1 w , 1 H f .V ,W V- fi- ' . f ' - . ,I AJ: V I A if, 1, my ' -7 CLASS OFFICERS: Chuck Knorp, Vice-Presidentg Mick Weiberg, Presidentg Janet Laing, Secretary-Treasurer. Mary Baker Ernie Adkisson Carol Appling Mary Besore Harold Bohnert Virginia Byas Howard Carr Rita Carroll Norris Steve Clutter Carolyn Coon Alta Duwe Donald Cooper Judy Dickey Mary Ronda Eaton Janet Duncan Chris Elliott Class-Sponsors: Mary Smith, Bucilla Blair, and L. Wayne Bittle. R. C. Francis Bill Gates Raymond George Terry Goucher Tana Grubb Jenna Jo Hamilton Jimmie Harrison Kathleen Heiser Trudy Hoopes John Gates Everett Martens Jimmy Hudgens Wanda Kauffman Chuck Knorp Janet Laing Judy Laing Cathy Long Sherxl M128 Marlanne Morrow Patty Norman John Nye Vlctor Osborn Julia Pollard Ronnie Price Linda Robinson Rodney Roundy Nyna Sechler Ronnie Sharp Jean Shellhammer Nancy Stover iw., Nancy Jo Stuchal Kathy Sturns Linda Swafford Johnie Walker Stan Wethlngton Judy Warden MlCk Welberg 5 E Barbara Wllealy Robert Welch Kent Wilson Junior Pla 2 w :JK 13:0 Out of the Frying Pan George Bodell ,w,,,, ........ E verett Martens Norman Reese .,... ..4...... R Onnie Price I Mrs. Garnet ,....,. ..,7,. N SIICY Jo Sil1Ch8l Tony Dennison ,,,,.,., e,.,... T erry Goucher Muriel F oszer ...,... .. ...... Mary Baker Kale Ault ,,,,,, ....... T ana Grubb Marge Benson f--ff Judy Laing Dottie Coburn .. .,... Kathy Sturns Mr, Coburn ,,,,,, eeeeee.... S teve Clutter Mr, Kenny --,,,,,e ..,,.,,, S tan Wethington First Cop ,,,,,,, ,r.,...... J ohn Gates Second Cop ....... fff.. J Ohll Nye 15 -253,55 ' Skit 'R ' hi fs. 29 Secretary-Treasurer: Janie Coon Vice-President: Pat Roach President: Cathy Payne Mary Aleshiro Sherry Armstrong opho 30 Jack Brown Linda Butz Connie Carr Janie Coon Ronnie Couch Marcia Cozart Jerry Croft Richard Davis Dana Dial Darryl Dodgen Lois Downing Bob Drosselmeyer IHOYCS Janet Duffy Lola Duran Laura Dyke Myrna Frank James Gates Jim Hatfield Dennis Hendershot Lynda Hess Larry Huddleston Mary Ruth Hudgens Sherri Hughes Virginia Kauffman Linda Keller LHWHHDB Lear "This nation was conceived in liberty honest men may honestly disagree . . ." Tom Mangen Don Maninger Junea McKee David Miller Linda Moses Richard Osborn Cathy Payne Charles Potts Jim Prouse Bill Puls Louise Reneau Steve Reynolds Charles Ritter and dedicated to the proposition that Elmer Davis Pat Roach Susan Salser Grant Sechler Gary Sherman Kirk Snyder I C 17 ' Mary Stamm Larry Stark Mildred Stith Doug Stucky Linda Watkins Charles Wells Connie Wharton Barbara Wimmer ophomores Class Sponsors: Clyde Strimple and Lyle Wall Jerry Yeary Eldon Younce Mary Jane Zuber FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Cary Osborn, Vice- Presidentg Bob Cook, Presidentg and Jane Foster, Secre- tary-Treasurer, pose before the fish pond at the camival. Stanley Adams Rodney Angle Joe Aleshire L. C. Appling Freshmen "Democracy is . . . the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time . . . an idea which hasn't been disproved yet . . J" E. B. White Sharon Kay Base Sheryl Ann Base Carol Bean Darla Benford Clifton Berry Gary Borders Kenneth Br0tt0I1 Carrie Anne Bruner Ira Campbell Larry Campbell 1 D C 'vu Kathy UhfiStY Marie Coats Dick Croft Kenneth Crouse Bob Cook Lois Cook Larry Duvall Larry Elmore Freshmen Class Sponsors: Ralph Johnston and J. W. Shurley. ,lane Foster Ray Frank Roy George Mike Ghormley Inola Fultz Jim Graves PNK f-tx K fb' "ug hifi . Steven Gannon .lack Cates Marsha Graves Dale Grubb uf? DiAnna Halsey Cheryl Haltom Larry Hess Doug Hite Ronnie Hartman Christine Heiser David Holmes Sarah Hudgens Paul Hulett Eddie Laing Don Kaufman Lana Laing Reva Keller Joyce Kennedy Eddie Ketterman Georgie Lawson Mike McKee Johnnie Marshall Jeannie Meador Stanley lVleSSIlCr Russell Moris Dianna Moses Darlene Mingle James Moler Gary Osborn Kent Patterson Freshmen Steve Patterson Fred Payng Roger Perry Verna Pohlenz Diane Porter Glendale Ritter Gene Rorabaugh Jim Smith Mary Smithhisler Diana Snyder Mike Sproll Marilyn Stark Stanley Tague Evalyn Tower Sharon Stark Mamie Stith Bill Tufts Leslie Vlcelc Freshmen Betty Walker Sharee Williams Vickie Warner Dena Weckworth Deanna Weckworth Charlene Wolff Mike Wyatt Gayle York Terry Welch if-Q I T Kai Q . f'7'Q1'a.'lii S'-lgx-r . ' Q all-f lv . f J.. I A W '31 ?'g A14 tv . aa ,A , 14-rw B, I. Q' A- Q, , . V, 5, L . US . K.. 1-lfvgg , N . v "dv ' v 1. '- . 7 u' . . A, 'Et' . . - ,x . ., . "-"7 r f ., ..,' A f h' . v '- ,H . ffm , y :W .gg ,' ,af-, L - jf- V . , Q er -dl? 4' ...J . ty no-,Tig 'X 4 ,s v'- Q' K , ' I I., - 1 -A y fvlj . Yn'v l. 5' VV, ,, 1.1- 'QfM'EQv Y V '5:w , -Rei. A ' WX ' '14, , -1 W ,41'j4vK' I ,., , if a ,rs X A I 7 ' 'zgrfffffwi 144 ' X yt. r. yiwgg, V: + I X 1, Umggxflpiifiii' 'hffi H' ' ' 1' ' ,' vissmf , w i"c"h'f 5155 s Hgawwz ,M 11,,- 3-my Ai 3 i fy 3-f...m."" lx, f, , ...4 . .. ' .4-1 , L' Q 2 5 1,fSwgi,g?,M 1, if vw ,few it 4 sfitfs i ' A. ,ik K Ed Ex K x 1 . K . P I W", ' A A x "I -v ,Al L 'I 1 -IQ,"-ur 4. Hp. . , 1 4 1 A WWATTDNV , Y Qt K! I 'ou .A 7' q,'., K, , L ,ifw tx ,','5, g SF, L filiffqz K - ,lfwff ' '.,-. 1--fs, , I V1 A ., f 2 ' 5 eeiw. mtg ,W-W ,,f., 'luv-. 5 , 4 f '48 1 171 ji? 3 M lv' tudent Council COUNCIL OFFICERS: R. C. Ghormley, President, Chuck Knorp, Vice-President, Wendy Hodges, Secretary-Treasurerg Mr. Winters, Sponsor. Pirate and Pirette Randy Perry Linda Duran COUNCIL MEMBERS-FRONT ROW: Kathy Sturns, Vickie Wamer, Jean Shellhammer, Wendy Hodges, Charlotte Hamilton, Connie Coon. BACK ROW: Janet Duffy, Marcia Cozart, Stan Hayter, R. C. Ghormley, Chuck Knorp, Gary Puls, Victor Osborn, .Iohn Nye, Bob Drosselmeyer, Eddie Laing. The Student Council's primary project was to buy insurance for the student body. They also con- ducted the magazine sale, were in charge of the concessions at school events, and sponsored the Carnival. 42 FIRST ROW ffrom leftJ: Donna Hoopes, Helen Wilson, Carolyn Hager Ogden, Mary Kay Sherar, Sherry Meade, Doris Morris, Sandra Smith, Di Anna Halsey, Barbara Whealy, Tana Grubb, Linda Robinson, Linda Watkins, Janet Duffy, LaWanna Lear, Linda Swafford. SECOND ROW: Wanda Kauffman, Julia Pollard, Virginia Kauffman, Mamie Stith, Mary Jane Zuber, Lois Cook, Diana Snyder, Jean Meador, Sherri Hughes, Cathy Payne, Marcia Cozart, Mary Aleshire, Pam Wisegarver, Kathy Sturns, Janet Duncan, Karen Nichols. THIRD ROW: Mary Payne, Karen Knorp, Sherry Harris, Rita Carroll, Diane Porter, Charlene Wolff, Christine Heiser, Jane Foster, Nyna Sechler, Virginia Byas, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Sarah Hudgens, Cheryl Haltom, Junea McKee, Carolyn Patterson, Vickie Warner. FOURTH ROW: Mary Ronda Eaton, Trudy Hoopcs, Sherry Armstrong, Mary Hudgens, Mildred Stith, Sheril Mize, Jean Shellhammcr, Janet Laing, Marianne Morrow, Evalyn Tower, Sharon Stark, Marilyn Stark, Joyce Kennedy, Deniese Patterson, Juanita Salser, Pat Cooper, Marsha Bradley. FIFTH ROW: Laura Dyke, Joleen Turner, Susan Salser, Mary Besore, Myrna Frank, Janie Coon, Judy Laing, Connie Coon, Alta Duwe, Lola Duran, Connie Carr, Connie Wharton, Pat Roach, Dana Dial, Patty Norman. SIXTH ROW: Dianna Weckworth, Georgia Lawson, Mary Smithhisler, Georgia Durant, Glenda Durant, Linda Duran, Lydia Duran, Charlotte Hamilton, Kathy Christy, Dena Weckworth, F.H.A. dentg Cathy Payne, Treasurer. STANDING: Charlotte Hamilton, Student Council Repre- sentativeg Marianne Morrow, Second Vice-President. SEATED: Dana Dial, Pianist, Karen Nichols, Historian: Carolyn Patterson, Corresponding Secretaryg Mary Payne, Song Leader. F.H.A. girls who went to Topeka. Janet Duncan, District Treasurerg Karen Knorp, District Song Leader. Connie Carr, Secretaryg Sherry Harris, President, Mrs. Esther Johnson, Club Sponsorg Kathy Sturns, Vice-Presi- FIRST ROW: Sharon Stark, Janet Laing, Marsha Bradley, Janet Duncan, Judy Laing, Sheril Mize, Tana Grubb, Linda Robinson, Kathy Sturns, Mary Payne. SECOND ROW: Ernie Adkisson, Ronnie Gould, Pat Stucky, R. C. Ghorrnley, Johnnie Marshall, Richard Hall, John Nye, Ronnie Sharp, Bill Gates, Tom Mangen. THIRD ROW: John Gates, Steve Clutter, Trudy Hoopes, Glenda Durant, Nancy Stuchal, Helen Wilson, Donna Hoopes, Georgia Durant, Karen Knorp. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Harris, Charlotte Hamilton, Marilyn Stark, Charlene Wolff, Sherri Hughes, Marcia Cozart, Linda Watkins, Pat Roach, Dana Dial, Jim Hatfield, Darryl Dodgcn. Thespians and Speech Arts The officers of Thespians this year were: Ronnie Gould, Janet Duncan, Nancy Stuchal, Sheril Mize, and Kathy Sturns. Miss Uhles was the sponsor. FIRST ROW: Marcia Cozart, Marsha Bradley, Tana Grubb, Pat Cooper, Miss Uhles. SECOND ROW: Janet Laing, Mrs. Cozart, Pat Stucky, Janet Duncan, Jack Coffman. ' , -il QQ I, 2 -Q! l OFFICERS: Jack Coffman, Secretary Treasurer Gary Puls Stu 'lhe semor basketball boys defeated the faculty 74 72 1n the dent Council Reprcsentativeg Johnny Ycary V1cePrcs1dent Lyle second annual scmor faculty game whlch 1S sponsored by the Maninger, Presidentg and R. C. Cvhormlcy Sergeant at Arms Mr A Club Strimple, Sponsor. A CLUB-FIRST -ROW: Cary Puls Johnny Yefnry Eddle Neulrn R C Chormley qteve Clutter B111 Snuth and Vrctor Osborn SECOND ROW: .lack Coffman Maninger. PEP CLUB-FIRST ROW: Sherry Harris, Sheril Mize, Sherry Meade, Lydia Duran, Karen Knorp, Mary Kay Sherar, Doris Morris, Sandra Smith, DiAnna Halsey, Carol Bean, Kathy Christy, Barbara Whealy, Tana Grubb, Linda Robinson, Georgia Durant, Carolyn Hager Ogden. SECOND ROW: Connie Carr, Charlotte Hamilton, Janet Duffy, Mary Jane Zuber, Marsha Graves, Carrie Ann Bruner, Lois Cook, Dianna Snyder, Inola Fultz, Sherri Hughes, Cathy Payne, Marcia Cozart, Mary Aleshire, Pam Wisegarver, Kathy Sturns, Janet Duncan, Linda Duran. THIRD ROW: Charlene Wolff, Vickie Warner, Christine Heiser, Jane Foster, Sharee Williams, Lana Laing, Jeannie Meador, Nyna Sechler, Virginia Byas, Mary Smithhislcr, Glenda Durant, Sarah Hudgens, Cheryl Haltom, Junea McKee, Linda Keller, Linda Watkins. FOURTH ROW: Sherry Armstrong, Mary Hudgens, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Nancy Stover, Jean Shellhammer, Janet Laing, Marianne Morrow, Evalyn Tower, Helen Wilson, Marilyn Stark, Joyce Kennedy, Deniese Patterson, Juanita Salser, Pat Cooper, Marsha Bradley. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Wirnmer, Mary Besore, Jenna Jo Hamilton, Cathy Long, Carol Appling, Lynda Hess, Donna Hoopes, Alta Duwe, Connie Coon, Sharon Stark, Verna Pohlenz, Susan Salser. SIXTH ROW: Connie Wharton, Laura Dyke, Reva Keller, Dianna Moses, Darlene Mingle, Kathleen Heiser, Myrna Frank, Janie Coon, Lola Duran, Dana Dial, Pat Roach, LaWanna Lear. Pep lub CHEERLEADERS: Charlotte Hamilton, Connie Carr, Sheril Mize, OFFICERS: Marsha Bradley, President, Karen Knorp, Program and Sherry Harris. Chairmang Miss Wiens, Sponsor, Linda Robinson, Secretary- Treasurerg Lydia Duran, Vice-President, and Janet Duffy, Stu- dent Council Representative. HI-Y-FIRST ROW: Jack Gates, Stan Messner, Paul Hulett, Russel Morris, Doug Hite, Don Maninger, Eldon Younce, Kirk Snider, Randy Perry, Jim Hatfirld. SECOND ROW: Bill Puls, Jack Brown, Cary Puls, Bill Ecker, Steve Clutter, Bob Drosselmeyer, Bob Cook, Johnny Marshall, Jimmy Hudgens, Jim Graves. THIRD ROW: Doug Stucky, Ronnie Sharp, Charles Wells, Grant Sechler, John Nye, Rich Hall, Stan Wethington, "R, C." Francis, Lyle Maninger, Don Kaufman. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Bayless, Kent Wilson, Stanly Stark, John Gates, Claire Duwe, Larry Huddleston, Eddie Newlin, "Chuck" Knorp, Edward Jones. Hi-Y CABINET-BACK ROW:. James E. Williams, SPOIISOIZ Stifll Wethington, Program Chaifmalli John Nye, Student Council Representative, Mick Weiberg, Vrce-President, John Gates, Devotions Chairman. FRONT ROW: Richard Hall, Treasurerg Steve Cllliter, Secretary, Gary Puls, Presi- 46 dent, and J. W. Bayless, Sponsor. 361:91 1 so ryrrgr 435 3, 6 Y-Teens Roach, Marcia Cozart, Janet Laing, and Patty Norman. Y-TEENS OFFICERS-STANDING: Pam Wisegar- ver, President, Jean Shellhammer, Treasurerg Mrs. Bucilla Blair, Sponsor, Pat Roach, Secretary, Marcia Cozart, Student Council Representative, and Janet Laing, Vice-President. During the year the Y-Teens have had many projects, here are some of them, The Mother-Daughter Banquet, Father- Daughter Fun Fest, World Week of Prayer, Clothing Drive, and the Easter Program. They also completed all of the require- ments and received the Gold Seal. vom. FIRST ROW: Diane Porter, Helen Wilson, Carolyn Hager Ogden, Mary K. Sherar, Sherry Meade, Doris Morris, Sandra Smith, DiAnna Halsey, Carol Bean, Barbara Whealy, Tana Grubb, Linda Robinson, Linda Watkins, Janet Duffy, LaWanna Lear. SECOND ROW: Virginia Kauffman, Mamie Stith, Mary Jane Zuher, Marsha Graves, Carrie Bruner, Lois Cook, Diana Snyder, Inola Fultz, Sherri Hughes, Cathy Payne, Marcia Cozart, Mary Aleshire, Pam Wisegarver, Kathy Sturns, Janet Duncan, Linda Swafford. THIRD ROW: Rita Carroll Norris, Donna Hoopes, Charlene Wolff, Christine Heiser, Jane Foster, Sharee Williams, Lana Laing, Jean Meador, Nyna Sechler, Virginia Byas, Na.ncy Jo Stuchal, Sarah Hudgens, Cheryl Haltom, Junea McKee, Linda Keller, Carolyn Patterson, Karen Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Julia Pollard, Trudy Hoopes, Sherry Armstrong, Mary Hudgens, Mildred Stith, Nancy Stover, Jean Shellhammer, Janet Laing, Marianne Morrow, Evalyn Tower, Sharon Stark, Marilyn Stark, Joyce Kennedy, Deniese Patterson, Juanita Salser, Pat Cooper, Marsha Bradley. FIFTH ROW: Wanda Kauffman, Sheril Mize, Barbara Wimmer, Mary Besore, Jenna Jo Hamilton, Cathy Long, Carol Appling, Lynda Hess, Connie Coon, Alta Duwe, Kathleen Heiser, Connie Wharton, Pat Roach, Dana Dial, Patty Norman. SIXTH ROW: Judy Laing, Linda Butz, Joleen Turner, Susan Salser, Laura Dyke, Reva Igeller, Dianna Moses, Darlene Mingle, Linda Moses, Myrna Frank, Janie Coon, Sherry Harris, Karen Knorp, Connie Carr, Barbara eorge. Y-TEEN CABINET-BACK ROW: Sandra Smith, Pam Wisegarver Janet Duncan, Doris Morris, Marianne Morrow, Sheril Mize, Kathy Sturns. FRONT ROW: Jean Shellhammer, Mrs. Bucilla Blair, Pat Sherry Meade, Mary K. Sherar, Donna Hoopes, Carolyn Ogden, Eddie Newlin, Larry Welch, Dan Davis, Tony Anderson, Doris Morris. FIRST SEMESTER STAFF Editor .,...,......,,.....,...........,.,....,.,,,.. , Doris Morris Managing Editor ..,..... .,..... T ony Anderson Sports Editor ....,,. ...... Class Editor ....,,,, .,.,. Eddie Newlin Sherry Meade Photographer ,.,,... ........,.. D an Davis Reporter ,...,,,,.,., 4........ Page Editors Donna Hoopes First Page ....,,t, ,.,,. S herry Meade Second Page Carolyn Ogden Third Page ..rr,, ,,,,,,,........ L arry Welch Fourth Page ........ .....,,,r M ary K. Sherar The Booster SECOND SEMESTER STAFF Editor ,,,,........,,,.,.......YYVYY... ,--4 Managing Editor Sports Editors ......V-........ Class Editor ..... Photographer ...,... ...--..... Editorial Editor Feature Editor . Page Editors Juanita Salser Bill Smith Ed Jones, Gary Puls Karen Nichols Pat Stucky Carolyn Ogden Wendy Hodges First Page ........ C arolyn Ogden Second Page ..,,..... ........ W Clldy H0dgCS Third Page .,..... .....V.V.7.. R andy Peru' Fourth Page ,,,,YY,Y ,,,,,,,,.,.. K aren NiCl'l0lS Typiggs ,AwA,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-., Carolyn Patterson, Deniese Patterson and Rich Hall Reporters -,,,,v,,..,. Bill Ecker and Bill C-layibll 48 STANDING: Bill Smith, Bill Clayton, Bill Ecker, Ed Jones, Gary Puls, and Carolyn Patterson. SEATED: Karen Nichols, Wendy Hodges, Carolyn Ogden, Deniese Patter son, Juanita Salser, Rich Hall, Randy Perry. With Camera: Pat Stucky. THE Editor ..........,,....A,,,.,,,....,,,.,,,.....,,,,,,,. Associate Editor .,,,.,. Business Manager ,,,,.. Senior Editor ..,.,,, Junior Editor ,,....... Sophomore Editor ....... A....,A...,A,, Freshman Editor ....,, Photographer ,.,..... Page Editors Lynne Hunter Sheril Mize Mary Payne Doris Morris Mike Ghormley Sandra Smith Marianne Morrow Mary Kay Sherar . , sg STAFF Pat Stucky Janet Laing Ronnie Gould Juanita Salser Jean Shellhammer Cathy Payne Carol Bean Marcia Cozart Business Manager, Ronnie Gould, and Associate Editor, Janet Laing, write receipts while Editor, Pat Stucky, counts the money. The 1011 Ro er W-is , -W-wwe, Nui' :Fl aaa , 1 li 1' li. if 5 'ff 7: s gi V gl, 4 lg 1 ,yf W 5'1" M 'ffl l A 4 3 ,w " l l W ,Q gg W l ., it Y gs? V l ,f 4 ' 1 X A ig!" L. It ,if gif . ,gf if 4. W' 1 A 71 le , nb, ,lbw nail. X I Ig, 4. My 7 ig , I Q XA , A1 . mf, gil' ' K V L' 5 ,f 5' -A M-'X "Qs: ,lf gg ' ,, 1 K I V ' ' ' rl Q 'TL A- V, s H if 7 ,, Q, 1 A A K , 13955: gin J ,,, , .,. K if 1 K t . ' . H M XX 1. my 46 as The United States themselves are essentially the gfeatest poem . . V ' Walt Whitman la i 1 vf 42 P8 ff 5' ,W . THE ANTHONY PIRATE BAND The Pirate band made its usual good showing this year both on the field and in concert band. The band received two first division ratings at the Wichita University band day contest. Under the di- rection of Mr. Wendell Hodges, the band received three first division ratings at both league and district contests. Of the departments eight ensembles, six, woodwind thirteen, woodwind five, woodwind trio, clarinet choir brass five and the flute five, performed at state. The brass five was given a second division rating and the rest received I's. Soloists who went to state were: Bob Cook, Bob Drosselmeyer, Janet Duffy, R. C. Ghormley, Doug Hite and Kirk Snyder. R. C. Ghormley and Bob Drosselmeyer were rated first division. The band was also invited to play at the Kansas Music Educators Convention held this year at Wichita University. Mary Aleshire PIRATE BAND Wendell Hodges, Director Janet Duffy L- C- APPHHQ Linda Duran Mary Margaret Baker Lydia Duran Sheryl Base Carol Bean Gary Borders Kenneth Brotton Jack Brown Carrie Bruner Kathy Christy Bob Cook Lois Cook Janie Coon Ronnie Couch Richard Davis Dana Dial Darryl Dodgen Bob Drosselmeyer Mary Eaton Chris Elliot .lane Foster lnola Fulta Barbara George Mike Ghormley David Graves R. C. Ghormley .lim Graves Marsha Graves Tana Grubb Richard Hall DiAnna Halsey Cheryl Haltom Sherry Harris Stan Hayter Dennis Hendershot Lynda Hess Doug Hite Wendy Hodges Sherri Hughes Charles Knorp Karen Knorp Lana Laing Junea McKee Tom Mangen John Marshall Jeannie Meador Stanley Messner Phil Miller Sheril Mize Russel Morris Deniese Patterso Il Verna Pohlenz Jim Prouse Pat Roach Linda Robinson .lean Shellhammer Sandra Smith Diana Snyder Kirk Snyder Pat Stucky Kathy Sturns .loleen Turner Leslie Vlcek Barbara Whealy Sharee Williams Mike Wyatt Gayle York Eldon Younce Mary Jane Zuber Pirettcs Janet Duffy, Mary Baker, Lynda Hess Sharee Williams and drum major R. C. Ghormley SOLOISTS: Doug Hite, Bob Cook, R. C. Cllormley, Bob Drosselmeyer, Kirk Snyder, Connie Carr, Jean Shellhammer, Wendy Hodges, Janet Duffy. NVOODWIND TRIO: Carol Bean, Jim Graves, Diana Snyder. 52 WOODWIND CHOIR-BACK ROW: Connie Carr, John Marshall, R. C. Ghormley, Pat Stucky, Bob Drossclmeyer, David Graves. FRONT ROW: Stan Hayter, Kirk Snyder, Jim Graves, Wendy Hodges, Sandra Smith, Janet Duffy. CLARINET CHOIR--BACK ROW: Jane Foster, Jean Shellhammer, Junea McKee, Marsha Graves, Dennis Hendershot, Bob Drosselmeyer, Deniese Patterson, Kathy Christy. FRONT ROW: Lois Cook, DiAnna Halsey, Jeannie Meador, Sharee Williams, Diana Snyder, Kirk Snyder, Barbara Whealy. f 'f i , 's . g . CLARINET QUARTET: Jane Foster, DiAnna Halsey, Jeannie Meador, Diana Snyder. BRASS CHOIR-BACK ROW: Lynda Hess, Pat Roach, Ronnie Couch, Mike Ghomiley, Chris Elliot, Mike Wyatt, Chuck Knorp, Carolyn Ogden. FRONT ROW: John Marshall, Stan Messner, Bob Cook, Richard Davis, Darryl Dodgen, Kathy Stums, Phil Miller. BRASS QUINTET: Kathy Sturns, Phil Miller David Graves, Chuck Knorp, Connie Carr. FLUTE QUINTET: Vickie Wamer, Mary Aleshire, Carol Bean, WOODWIND QUINTET2 Sandra Smith, Wendy Hodges Pat Janet Duffy. Not Pictured: Carrie Anne Bruner. Stucky, R. C. Chormley, Stan Hayter. ' BOYS' GLEE CLUB , i MIXED ENSEMBLE-BACK ROW: Mary Kay Sherar, Stan Hayter, Linda Duran, Doris Morris, Steve Clutter, Georgia Durant, Pat Stucky, Sheril Mize. FRONT ROW: Mary Payne, John Marshall, Janie Coon, Helen Wilson, Wendy Hodges, Jim Graves, Karen Knorp. SOLOISTS: Sharon Stark, Kathy Sturns, Sheril Mize, Pat Cooper, Steve Clutter, Pat Stucky, Carol Appling, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Mary Payne. Vocal BOYS' ENSEMBLE-BACK ROW: Pat Stucky, Mick Weiherg, Steve Patter- son, R. C. Chormley, Steve Clutter, John Marshall, Doug Stucky. FRONT ROW: James Gates, John Cates, Lyle Gates, Jim Graves, Russel Morris, 54 Richard Davis. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Music SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-BACK ROW: Mary Kay Sherar, Pam Wisegarver, Pat Cooper, Doris Morris, Carolyn Ogden, Linda Duran, Georgia Durant. FRONT ROW: Mary Payne, Karen Knorp, Donna Hoopes, Lydia Duran, Sandra Smith, Wendy Hodges, Helen Wilson. JUNIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-BACK ROW: Judy Laing, Carol Appling, Barbara Whealy, Janet Duncan, Nina Sechler, Sheril Mize. FRONT ROW: Trudy Hoopes, Linda Robinson, Kathy Sturns, Cathy Payne, Nancy Stuchal. FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-BACK ROW: DiAnna Halsey, Diana Snyder, Carrie Anne Bruner, Christine Heiser, Mary Aleshire, Lois Cook, Janie Coon, Lola Duran. FRONT ROW: Sharon Stark, Sherri Hughes, Pat Roach, Connie Carr, Dana Dial, Jane Foster, Linda Watkins. 55 Mary Aleshire Walter Anderson Carol Appling Sharon Base Carol Bean Ronald Bonham Gary Borders Kenneth Brotton Carrie Anne Bruner Linda Butz Connie Carr Kathy Christy Steve Clutter Lois Cook Janie Coon Pat Cooper Marcia Cozart Dana Dial Janet Duncan Linda Duran Lola Duran THE ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS Georgia Durant Glenda Durant Jane Foster R. C. Francis lnola F ultz Jackie Gates James Gates John Cates Ronnie Gould Jim Graves Marsha Graves DiAnna Halsey Charlotte Hamilton Sherry Harris Stan Hayter Christine Heiser Kathleen Heiser Doug Hite Wendy Hodges David Holmes Donna Hoopes Trudy Hoopes Sherri Hughes Joyce Kennedy Karen Knorp Judy Laing Lana Laing Don Maninger John Marshall Sherry Meade Jeannie Meador Stanley Messner Sheril Mize Doris Morris Russel Morris John Nye Richie Osborn Steve Patterson Cathy Payne Fred Payne Mary Payne Verna Pohlenz Pat Roach Linda Robinson Nyna Sechler Mary Kay Sherar Sandra Smith Diana Snyder Larry Stark Sharon Stark Nancy Jo Stuchal Doug Stucky Pat Stucky Kathy Sturns Stanley Tague Bill Tufts Vickie Warner Linda Watkins Mick Weiberg Connie Wharton Barbara Whealy Helen Wilson Pam Wisegarver Lydia Duran The vocal music department has made numerous achievements during the 1961-62 school term. Under the direction of Vincent Edmonds, the choir, one of the finest in a series of excellent choirs, presented four vocal concerts, either at home or on tour. The choir was highly commended by both music professors and students for their singing at both Derby High School and Wichita University as being "one of the best in the state." ln this year's competative appearances the mixed chorus received first division ratings at both the league and district contests. The girls' glee club duplicated this fine record at these two contests. Five of the department's six ensembles earned the right to appear at state contest. They were, mixed ensemble, senior girls' ensemble, junior girls' ensemble and boys' ensemble. The boys' ensemble received a first division rating. Nancy Jo Stuchal, Sheril Mize and Pat Stucky were the soloists at state. Sheril and Pat were awarded I's. Track COACHES-CLYDE STRIMPLE and JIM WILLIAMS FIRST ROW: Kenneth Crouse, Fred Payne, Eddie Laing, Kent Patterson, David Holmes, Paul Hulett. SECOND ROW: Larry Stark, Doug Stucky, Gary Osborn, Bob Cook, Bill Puls, Charles Wells. THIRD ROW: Gary Puls, Jack Coffman, Mike Wyatt, John Nye, Bill Gates, R. C. Francis. FOURTH ROW: Pat Stucky, Steve Clutter, R. C. Ghormley, Stan Wethington, John Yeary. A new record was set for the medley relay with a time of 3 minutes 4-9.9 seconds. The team con- sisted of Gary Osborn, John Nye, Pat Stucky and Jack Coffman. g . Fi AJ :,, , .aa- " .. H . , ,K , x - , ' ' ..,, ,.,..,ff.,+, I , - M. View ig, v 'iw J,,-,Qggglifyfgv--V f?".?'T?'gI5,LfZ9fizZm 5 'WW -V5 "Qi, 'A ,f,ig,Q,'f.,,- t 5. ,NVQ r., k,,5V'f, - - awww , .. A f , ,mg i .A .gm gfeff, 7-sf. in J, of nw, ,, ,,wfy..:,1.... 5 ,L K fs n 7 . :saw ff rgig?.,cr1.?.g?f523,fg slew? affls?wariNPfQffe??rFStif?lf1:Q11sismffftwif. m,'s,3sfvg:ggfft' 4' P4532 H Qleiefiaieki Above: R. C. Ghormley broke the record for the 440 yard dash with a time of 50.1 seconds, winning first in State. Left: John Yeary vaulted 12 feet 415i inches to break the record. He won fourth in State. 57 M3 um' W ui, f, .1 if-f .Q 5 ,H-IQ!-ff' ' A-TEAM-BACK ROW: Lyle Muniger, Tom Harmon, Stan Wethin gton, Pat Stucky, Mick Weiberg, Steve Clutter, John Yeary. FRONT ROW: F. R. Francis, Cary Puls, Chuck Knorp, Ronald Bonham, John Nyc, Eddie Newlin. Football sink 58 "CIF" Came Scores September 15 Anthony-Valley Center ......,.. ........ 1 3-- 6 September 22 Anthony-Medicine Lodge ....... ..... 0- 14- September 29 Anthony-Kinsley ..............,, ........ 2 1- 0 October 6 Anthony-Mulvane ..... ........ 1 3-27 October 13 Anthony-Caldwell ..... ..... 7 -26 October 20 Anthony-Kiowa ..... ........ 3 4-13 October 27 Anthony-Attica ..... ..,..... 2 7- 7 November 3 Anthony-Harper ....... ------.34f-13 November 10 Anthony-Kingman ...... ........ 3 4'-13 STANDING: T. Harmon, R. George, E. Jones, L. Maniger, M. Wieberg, R. C. Francis, S. Wethington, C. Knorp, P. Stucky, S. Clutter, P. Miller, R. Bonham, V. Osborn, E. Newlin, S. Stark, R. Price, J. Nye, T. Goucher, J. Yeary, G. Puls, R. C. Ghormley KNEELING: K. Snyder, C. Potts, B. Drosselmeyer, S. Reynolds, L. Huddleston, D. Dodgen, I. Yeary, D. Stucky, B. Puls, G Sechler C Wells L Stark C Ritter K Wilson SITTING F Payne D Holmes L C Appling J Aneshire M McKee B Cook M Wyatt L Duvall G Rltter G Osborn E Lamg L Vlcek S Tague S Adams R Frank D Croft C Berry D. Grubb K. Patter son COACHES CLYDE STRIMPLE-Head Coach JIM WILLIAMS-Assistant Coach LYLE WALL-Freshman Coach ec 9 eraser WPPQP se i 'vile' flew? Q a' Jf'cltf'1llF WN! H ff 5 Q Si .. Y k i V-I T is aa E4 IU l 30 A-TEAM-FIRST ROW, L-R: Cary Puls, Mick Wfrilmerg, Chuck Knorp, Eddie Newlin, Stan Hayter. BACK ROW, L-R: Lyle Man- ager, John Nye, Torn Harmon, Tony Anderson, Johnie Yeary, Vic Osborn. COACH: J. W. SHURLEY Basketball The Anthony Pirate Basketball Team for 1961-1962 was led to a successful year by seven Seniors and four Juniors. They played with good team play and excellent spirit, never once did the team give up, even though many opponents towered over them. They truly proved that they were the 4'Pirates." PIRATES SCORES 44 Anthony-Kingman 46 33 Anthony-Valley Center 45 44 Anthony-Caldwell 45 39 Anthony-Goddard 49 55 Anthony-Medicine Lodge 54 56 Anthony-Harper 64 49 Anthony-Wichita Heights 68 47 Anthony-Kiowa 45 .J DERBY TOURNAMENT 43 Anthony-Wichita Heights 50 67 Anthony-Andover 60 48 Anthony-Kingman 40 fQueen's Nightj 53 Anthony-Attica 62 46 Anthony-Caldwell 61 44 Anthony-Medicine Lodge 39 49 Anthony-Harper 48 . A . . 36 Anthony-Valley Center 47 .kdmmy Hugens, Jig? HatfEld,UCgantkSechler, Kirk Snyder, 1 us. . anager, onn1e arp, oub tuc y, John Nye, Chuck 45 Anthony-Kiowa 51 Knorp, R. C. Francis. COACH: BILL BAYLESS. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 42 Anthony-Caldwell 53 FRESHMAN TEAM: Dick Croft, Mike McKee, Russel Morris, Glendale Ritter, Stanley Tague, Freddy Payne, Stan Messner, Kenneth Crouse, Roy Gorge, Paul Hulet, ,lohnie Marshall, Jimmie Smith, L. C. Appling, Bob Cook, Mike Wyatt, Cary Osborn, .loe Alshire, Eddie Laing, David Homes, Bill Tuffs, Kent Patterson, Stanley Adams. COACH: LYLE WALL. Tennis Mick Weihurg, Ronnie Price, Jim Hatfield, Grant Sechler, Kirk Snyder, James Gates, Joe Aleshire, Mike McKee, Stanly Tague. Edward Jones won the right to enter the State Tennis Tournament. Grant Sechler and Mick Weiburg won second at State in the doubles. Nyna Sechler, Mary Smithhisler, Lola Duran, Connie Carr, Barbara Whealy 62 Mr. and Miss Jolly Roger l Johnny 'al ,,.f yu-nun'-+5 Football ueen ,eff Q, , ,AHA Wx 5 if i i i? fb ' A f , Qi of ffn.,,,p5 ggi . '- 1' 3 . f af -fc Q I ,,,, 5, A A NY, Lf X Sandra Smith Pat Roach Carol Appling Pam Wisegarver 9' ,KL f- ,M Q? A 1 r 1 s Basketball Queen Anthony Relay ueen W, H 29-6 v 5 ,.+"" Linda Duran 4 23 4 ' i i NORMA'S DRESS SHOP High School Fashions Easi' Main Sfreei' Anihony Phone VI 2-3l70 Linda Robinson is seen looking af 'rhe la+es'r in The new swimming suiis. M. www- ln. Karen Nichols. Ronnie Price. Caro- lyn Pallerson, Charlene Wolff, and Juanifa Salser are seen enioying a Pepsi af Olms+ead's Drug Sfore. Mr. Denny seems +o be en- joying culling off Terry Goucl1er's curly locks In Den- ny's Barber Shop. 91" Janie Coon, Mary Aleshire. and La- Wanna Lear are Dry Cleaning Their cloihes al' Coon's self Dry Cleaners. . fir -V ie fu V W, M4 W4 rg. ,V r f W .Z qv, Four Farm boys, John Yeary, R. C. Francis, Ronald Bonham, and Sian Welrhingion seem 'ro like +he John Deere 'iracior ai' S+urns lmplemen'l'. " I . r :wie 5 xii li i""Qif C agen-ii Lynne l'lunTer and Carol Bean loolc over some home ap- pliances in The Mar- dis ElecTric STore, The G.E. Dealers. l c 1 'Z Mrs. Williams loolcs on as Cheryl l-lalTom Don KauTman, Doug l-liTe and Diana Snyder inspecT The Drivers EclucaTlon Car loaned To The school by Roach ChevroleT Mr. Howard and Jim l'ludgens are prepared To seT one oT Mr. Howarcl's Real EsTaTe Signs. R SALE HHWADH C if ew l v Marianne Morrow and Sherry Armsrrong look over Wood's Mus- ic and Jewelry S+ore. 'iiunvnu R. C. Glriormley and Bob Drosselmeyer bo+l'1 receive I's a1's'ra're music conlesi and played music supplied by Calavan. Mary Kay Shear is seen modeling a dress ilnal is one of Jrlwe many new slyles a+ Jeans Casuals. nf' GI1iVll'l'k5f7l,Q1'V4LQIAl.5llHQ,Uk'7' AQ1fN0Ull'V .lAU V95 f nous v :Anus - an S A S gunna. 5 gn.. nn U This is ihe Archi+ecJr's concepfion of whar our new Cifizens Nafional Bank will look like when if is complefed. An aerial view of The Anfhony Co-op Elevaiors is seen in lhe piclure above. The Farmers Choice Karen and Chuck Knorp look over some of Jrheir fa- 'lher's mechanclise in his Oklahoma Tire and Supply Sfore. Sian Hayler and his Aunt Mrs. Dwighl' l-layier have a cha? in Jrhe office of lhe Hay- 1'er Land Company. fs if: ,fwss-, f lkixmxwi me . . f,,15fsz5iq?ia5g i,, v, dWi ,ggM,iikggisiyiiigggggygz,gm?-, 1 ifgifw , ,gi - . . ,,,: A. ,,, , f ,f F ILCU Mr. Phil Haifield looks on as Jim Hal- field, Kirk Snyder and Jerry Yeary work over his pickup al' 'rhe Thriff Service S+a+ion. Janef Duncan, Sha- ree Williams, and Vic Osborn are served by Carol Appling in lhe Irwin-PoH'er D r u g Sfore. David Holmes anol Mrs. Briclgess loolc over his Trophy in The Bush Plumb- ing STore. He won TirsT place aT The Hayes lnolusTrial ArTs Show. W'7"TZ7 fS2"59H1,x Linda and Reva Keller, Mr. Keller, and BuTch MarTens sTancl in TronT ol: Mr. Kell- er's piclcup. This picTure shows The Loloby of The AnThony Floral Shop owned by Mr. Jim Chism on EasT Main STreeT. Janie FosTer ancl her TaTher, KenneTh l:osTer, sTand in TronT of Mr. FosTer's es- TablishmenT, The An- Thony Laundry and Dry Cleaners. Marilyn STarlc ancl CaThy ChrisTy look over some maTerials ancl paTTerns Tor Their cloThing class in The JeH' Mercer STore on WesT Main. Sandra SmiTh looks over The Weiser Door Locks aT The Rock Island Lumber Company oT which her TaTher is The manager. For The besT of everyThing in building supplies, see Rock lslancl. 75 I A M. V... K, A : Ronnie Gould is looking over some Horpoinr Ap- pliances in Hodson Elec- +ric. vw" lf! cviiwf .,. .13 :mil S1235 Q fum Daryl Ryan. lvlilce McKee, Jolwn Williams, R. C. Glwormley. and Gary Puls loolc over some new sporis cloihes in Mueller Brofhers. m'Q1 - -sez, ' T - 1iL,,Af ' . Wvirffie This picTure oT Senior Class Presi- denT, Edward Jones. wearing a BalTour Class Ring, is spon- sored by The Balfour Company. This picTure oT The W.K.Y. Teen I-lop is spon- sored by The Frazier Seed Company, locaTed on WesT Main. Mr. K. A. Piper. Edward Jones. John Nye, and Mick Weiberg look over Hue Wilson Sporfing goods carried by Piper's Fires+one Sfore. ,. .- , E, do Z E w FOX GROCERY MARKET II9 Easf Main Phone VI 2-5907 Members of fhe Family Living class, Charloiie Hamilion, Linda Swafiord. Nyna Sechler. and Wendy Hodges are shown picking up Their supplies. Here we see Dan Davis and Joe Baldwin going over Dan's car air Jrhe Phillips 66 S+a'Hon on We-s'I' Main. Grani' Sechler inspecls +he iruclc of C815 Welding of which his Fafher is a Pariner. Janel Laing, Jean Shellhammer, Vic Osborn, and Chris Elliol loolc al some new albums in 'rhe Record Shop owned by Mayford Graves. Mr. Johnslon and Mr. Webb admire lhe seven frophies won by Jrhe Induslrial Arfs Deparfrnenl a+ +he We-slern Kansas lncluslrial Arls Fair. The large Trophy in lhe cenler is lhe sweepslrakes lrophy 'For class "A" exhibils. .. .f - .,..- W .um . , . W -K 1 f :Ja F' ..:L'.'Vix 1, ,ff ,,:,333-1Lf-115-Zsj.i'QfZ-'f-,Sli 4511" X1'ffygAfA-f' "'f',-".f' " 'T-1716, A ,, 4. N, .Af ,1- f f?.:L.'5"'4Ti ' ,ff!,gq:,.g L 4:-Sig, if .Ea -14 'f '-1 1" , mp- ,135- I 3,151 1- A, v ?:. ,,. .jf L-ag-1: f miss - -2- ,Fi -,z . , 53. -4 , EE ,ff " -1" niifm- I BT., A:- -' :ff ' .,,a,.1'-' .f'? .:' N ... W -.ix-. i . L , , .:.Az3,-We - : , fa- -:L14 'P+ .R A . ,,... .'.'-ex . 2 .r-- .: 1.1.4, ,ffwy Af. Q .nv ' 1, :5Q!l'.'., : Q55-.':1 , " f1?f4f' Tk-l. -+ - 15 YT: ka:-'E' Livnkliff- Q w' .ft zfdiif? ,,-F195 1' V567 .Fl '4.j:1.g.- 132255,-' pre: r 'fl-ffbkf' x. -1- My -155 39 2515?-, 3 .Q is iq!

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