Anthony High School - Jolly Roger Yearbook (Anthony, KS)

 - Class of 1961

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Anthony High School - Jolly Roger Yearbook (Anthony, KS) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1961 volume:

mv ' 1' 1,7 1 . 'ff ' ' '15 1 4u41'2rgfif1" 212 ' , L ,Q A I H J., A 4 .. . . ,,g,,,Lw ,,.1 ww:-: 'H"2'ff?'f' ' ' A 5 N l " HQ K :awww V 4 W rua A +4 'iiiiliwr Miss RUTH DURHAM In service To our school she has excelledf An imporianf, sfabilizing office she h M n candidafe has looked To her for advice And advice was always given. Organizafions have called on her for requisifions, And Their requesfs were fulfilled. p cify of Records Clerk her iobs are numerous: From recording grades To absences. For her faithful In her ca a iv' ZH-L Vg. .sg .H e .fzirilfih - QT A - K ,,frif' A . as held. 1 ,- 1 milf any a quee , . Q 7 ., . 25452.25 V if ., I Zfllilifm -mi" . k . ii ii. xngg ' A W 'Q - Q 5 H' + . 1 f rl ,,, ,I-in . service There can be no s b ' Miss Durham ' -4.-'X' -"ffAf,w u sfifufeg , receive our salufe. I 1 :'Qjjf -1 ' ' QR if . 'V M . V 4 , A ,,.,e, .. 4 , s g. " ""'-1 Here we see Mr. Mose Stucky, Superintendent, and Mr. Jackson Winters, Vice Principal, ful- filling part of their busy iob. Our school board this year includes Richard R. Bird, director, Clyde Downing, clerk Beryl Roach, Treasurer, Lloyd Miller and Victor Elliott. Mr. Beadles and Mr. Wilt of the Science rtment check over the new balance Depa machine. her of History, Constitu- Mr. Shurley teac tion, Sociology, and lnternational Re- lations and Mr. Strimple, instructor of ' look over the Mathematics Department an athletic letter as they discuss coach- ing pointers. Webb both are teachers in the In- Mr, Johnston and Mr. dustrial Art Department. Here we see them checking over tals room. equipment in the me b in Girls' Physical Education are Mr O serv g ' l Education instructor and Mr Pearson, Physica Williams, Drivers Education teacher. Mr. Hodges, head of instrumental music, and Mr. Edmonds, head of vocal music, discuss some new numbers. Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Cozart, both of the English Department, look over the new paper- bound books for the library. Mrs. Johnson of the Home Economics Depart- ment and Mrs. Smith study hall and Spanish teacher take a short but well-deserving rest in the teacher's lounge which was recently redecorated by the F.H.A. girls. Mrs. Gering instructor of the Business D e. partment shows Mr. Coon, our school counselor, the arts of working the printing calculator. 7 Everyone . iller, our school nurse ' with a warm and helpful smile. is met by Mrs M Miss Durham d an Miss Jess run the busy office smooihly and in a manner most capable. M r. Hager and Mr . Price are our t school custod' wo very efficien sans. 1 Top picture-SENIOR OFFICERS: Ricky Eichor, presi- dent, Craig Smith, vice-president, Sharyl Redfern, secretary-treasurer. Bottom picture-Front row: Lynda Lane, student council, Louann Couch, pirate's den, Jack Hadsall, cheerleader. Second row: Vickie McKee, intramural director, Suzanne Messner, cheerleader, Les Hat- field, student council. Back row: John Carothers, intramural director, and Curtis Harris, pirate's den. At right: A representative picture of a group of hard working seniors. I0 Sponsored by HADSALL and ANDREWS and ANTHONY LIVESTOCK COMPANY SENIOR PLAY Katrin -. ...,.- - Mama ,,,,,,,-,,,, Uncle Chris ....., Papa ,.....,, A.,A,, Nels .. .,..,.A . Christine ..... Dagmar .... , ,A.... Aunt Jenny .,..e ., Aunt Sigrid ..,e... Aunt Trina ,,.... Arne ....,, .C .... - CAST Lynne Albright Lynda Lane Steve Kaufman Doug Dusenbury John Carothers Dea Ingram Marilee Carr Vickie McKee Marilyn Tague Ann Wilson Craig Smith Mr. Hyde ..,............. - ..., Jerry Adkisson Mr. Thorkleson ,,...,...,.,.., A a....... Les Hatfield Miss F. D. Moorehead ,... DeAnn Olmstead Dr. Johnson ............,a...,......,. Curtis Harris Dorothy ....... ..A... S haron Johnston Madeline ...,. ....., M aryLou Frazier N u rses ........ Charwoman .........,,.. - Carolyn Jacobsen Carolyn Joyner Valorie Mills Bill Newlin Soda Jerk ................................ A Woman Uessiei Suzanne Messner Bell Boy ..,....,...,..,....,.. Maurice Armstrong Director .................... v.,........,. J ean Jensen Assistant Director ....... ,,,a,...... B ill Newlin Stage Manager ...,.,.. ..... D eAnn Olmsierad Costumes ........,,... ........,. L ynda Lane Lynne Albright Properties .... ..,.. D eAnn Olmstead Louainn Couch Lighting ,----- -,,,.,..w. l. SS Hatfield Dick Headberg Scenery ,---,-- ,.,,, J Ol'1r1 CBl'Oil"lSl'S Savilla Hadsall Publicity -,M-- ,.-- , u Carolyn Jacobsen Make-up ,.... Maril n Tague Y Sharyl Redfern Sharon Johnston l REMEMBER MAMA 5 Sponsored by MARDIS ELECTRIC and STURNS IMPLEMENT CAROL l"lENNARlCHS F.H.A. 27 Y-Teens 2, 33 Senior Play Stage Crew7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Booster Staff 4. l.ESl.lE HATFIELD Mixed Chorus 2, 47 Boys Glee Club 2, 47 Hi-Y 1-47 Hi-Y Cabinet 3, 47 Class President 37 Class Cheerleader 'I7 Student Council 47 Speech Arts 3-47 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Senior and Junior Play Stage Crew7 Football l-47 Basketball 1-47 Track 1-47 A-Club 3, 47 A-Club President 47 A-Club Cabinet 3, 4. JERRY ADKISSON Band l-47 Brass I5 2-47 Mixed Chorus l, 3, 47 Boys Octet 3, 47 Boys Glee Club l-4 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Foot- ball 'l-47 Basketball l7 Tennis 47 Track l7 Intramurals 37 A-Club 4. MAURlCE ARMSTRONG Hi-Y l-47 Student Council 47 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Sen- ior Ploy Stage Crew7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Football l-37 Basketball l, 27 Track 'l-47 Yearbook Staff 3, 47 Booster Staff 3, 47 A-Club 3, 47 A- Club Cabinet 4. Kathy argues while Opal, Nancy Jo, and Carol look bored and Sharon listens attentively. I2 LYNNE ALBRIGHT Band 'I-47 Mixed Chorus l-4: Girls Glee Club l, 27 Girls Vocal Ensemble l, 3, 47 Mixed Ensemble 3, 47 Y-Teens 'I-47 Y-Teen Cabinet 47 Thespians 2-47 Pep Club 'l-47 Student Council 47 Debate 47 Speech Arts l-47 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Senior Play Stage Crew7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 In- tramurals 'l, 27 Yearbook Staff 3, 47 Yearbook Editor 47 Science Club 2-4. T555 '55 5 Hi! ?":i-::. :ME 759577757 7777. .77 yea - 7 - wfss?ir.-f . ,..7,y,7- e i . iigiaiiiifi iflfi-7' Wiviis 527 .iwlfie ' a':: ."..fErE:w .,,- W S ff--7 Mitre ,..,,.e.. . , .f.e75y 7..,.....s1,2-122125 f 7- '..-- -,,-57,7775 st4?f7?fffsii mf H - .fieyg s T P-1"iE:t"':: -" 5575 i m i?'.:"' eigi .t fszfn f "inf .. 77.7.5 7 ii. 'I H -:E-s:s2.'-i . 1 f 1 - 5: ': 31 f' - . , r.,'Q,s35gq57s7 Y- , ... 7...7.i.7..i7.f 7 ,..7,.77 i7-5i77f.7rf.fgQ2Sg?iii 12-212.27 -' Z 7 ' 7 177f,rf.f2.s22,2Sf:47f.ii7fo 5- K7 .5 gb ,. .., iieirm ,i,.. we 7, .. , ., .. 0 5 ,,..- .. ,,,,,,,, .. , -. ,-f,,:-, ,,: ,,.: 7 7.i7fiu,.f ' ' 7- - .M :,. fi-fi--ff-1iiszsefssgssisesi ...f..- . ..-f: e,'s- 7wfifffisvssfz-2'2,7Si'.f . ,Ji -3ee7esh5t:5 5 1. 5. f75'E57E:EfE:3z .1 ' - -2t5es'eQs as - 'fifti-E,-Q1:7ier.s2-.K 5-117.57757 , ,. . QQ5.ss55e1ggA . -ffif.z"ffv.e-.2f.,.' f f nf... get -1g,,gggqi.5. 5vvieisa.i.Q2.e7ge.Q '..."::..f'3....-11.1s1.1fi . ,..,Y.,....,e.,,m.,..,... . . ... -.7 .-,. . S PHYLLIS BIRCHENOUGH Mixed Chorus 2, 37 Girls Glee Club l, 27 Girls Vocal En- semble 27 F. H. A. 3, 47 Y- Teens l-47 Thespians 3, 47 Pep Club 3, 47 Speech Arts 47 ln- tramurals 27 Librarian 3. RONNA BYERS F. H. A. 'I-37 Y-Teens l-47 Pep Club 2, 37 Intramurals l, 27 Booster Staff. LARRY ALLEN Mixed Chorus 'l-47 Boys Glee Club l-47 Hi-Y l-47 Football 'l-47 Basketball 'l-47 Tennis 3, 47 Track l, 27 A-Club 3, 4. CAROL BURKE F., H. A. 'l-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Thespians 37 Pep Club l-47 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Boost- er Staff 4. JOHN CAROTHERS Mixed Chorus l-37 Boys Glee Club 2, 37 Hi-Y 2, 37 Thespians 3, 47 Class Vice-President Stu- dent Council7 Senior Play7 Jun- ior Play7 Football l-47 Basket- ball l-47 Track 'l-47 Booster Sldflj A-Club 3, 4. ?"' .I RICKY EICHOR Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 Class President 47 Football 1-47 Basketball 17 Ten- nis 47 Track 1-47 A-Club 47 A-Club Cabinet 4. CORENE FULTZ Mixed Chorus 1, 27 Girls Glee Club 1-47 F. H. A, 1, 27 Y- Teens 47 Pep Club 1-47 One Act Play 2. KATHLEEN HALL Band 1-37 Sax Quartet l-37 Girls Glee Club 17 F. H. A. 1-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Thespians 1-47 Pep Club 1-47 Pep Club Presi- dent 47 Student Council 27 Ten- nis 47 lntramurals 27 Librarian 37 Booster Staff 47 Yearbook Staff 4., TOM FANKHAUSER Band 1-47 Brass Choir 2-47 Mixed Chorus 1-37 Boys Glee Club 2, 37 Hi-Y 1-37 Thespians 2-47 Student Council 37 Foot- ball 1-47 Basketball 17 Tennis 47 Track l-47 A-Club 3, 4. GLENDA GEORGE Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Girls Vocal Ensemble 3, 47 Sextet 37 F. H. A. 27 Y-Teens 47 Pep Club 1-37 Junior Play7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Basketball 27 Track 17 Booster Stott 3. JACK HADSALL Band 1-47 Brass Choir 1-47 Mixed Chorus 37 Boys Glee Club 37 Hi-Y 1, 3, 4, Hi-Y President 47 Hi-Y Cabinet 47 Class Cheerleader 47 Football 1-47 Basketball 17 Track 1-47 A-Club 3, 47 Tennis 4. MARY LOU FRAZIER Band l, 3, 47 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Girls Glee Club 1, 3, 47 Girls Vocal Ensemble7 F. H. A. 1, 3, 47 Thespians 1, 3, 47 Class Secretary-Treasurer 17 Pep Club 1-47 Senior Play7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Football Queen 3. SHARON GRUBB Girls Glee Club 27 F. H. A. 47 Y-Teens 2, 47 Pep Club 2, 47 lntramurals 2. SAVlLLA HADSALL Band 1-47 Woodwind Trio 1, 27 Girls Glee Club 1, 27 F. H. A. l, 27 Y-Teens l, 27 Thespians 27 Senior P l a y Stage Crew7 Tennis 1-4. I3 MARILEE CARR Band 1-47 Brass 9 1-47 Quintet 1, 2, 47 Woodwind Ensemble 37 Mixed Chorus l-47 Girls Glee Club 1-47 Girls Vocal En- semble 1-47 Mixed Ensemble 1, 3, 47 F. H. A. 1-47 F. H. A. President 47 Y-Teens 1-47 Y- Teen Cabinet 27 Thespians 1-47 Class Cheerleader 17 Cheerlead- er 1-47 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Basketball Queen 17 Tennis 1-47 Intramurals 1-3. TOM DICKEY Hi-Y 1-37 Class Cheerleader 37 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Foot- ball 1, 47 Basketball 1, 37 Track 1, 2. DOUG DUSENBURY Band 1-47 Brass 15 1-47 Brass Quintet 1-47 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Hi-Y 1-47 Hi-Y Cabinet 2, 37 Thespians 2-47 Student Coun- cil 2, 37 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Football 1-47 Basketball 1-47 Tennis 1-47 Track 1-47 State Tennis Champion 37 A- Club 47 A-Club Cabinet 4. I4 LOUANN COUCH Band 1-47 Clarinet Quartet 1-47 Woodwind Ensemble 1-47 Mixed Chorus 1-47 Girls Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-47 Mixed Ensemble 47 F. H. A. 1-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Y-Teen Cqbi. net 47 Class Secretory-Treas- urer 37 Pep Club 1-4. DAVID DILLON Mixed Chorus 2, 37 Boys Octet 27 Boys Glee Club 2, 37 Hi-Y 1, 3, 47 Debate 37 Speech Arts 37 Office Assistant 47 Booster Staff 4. PAT DIAL Band 1-47 Brass Choir 27 Mixed Chorus 2, 37 Boys Glee Club 1, 37 Hi-Y 1-47 Football 1-47- Basketball 17 Tennis 3, 47 Track 1-3. LORETTA DOOLlN Girls Glee Club 17 F. H. A. 2, 37 Y-Teens 1-47 Pep Club 27 Librarian 47 Booster Staff 4. OPAL ECKER ALLEN HUDGENS Girls Glee Club li F- H- A- Boys Glee Club 17 Hi-Y 17 Foot- l-4: Y-Teens 1-4: PCP Clvb l-4: ball 17 Basketball 1, 27 Track Tennis 27 Office Assistant 47 1, 2, 47 Booster Staff 4, Booster Staff 4. Sponsored by SOUTHERN KANSAS PRODUCE CAROLYN HATFIELD Girls Glee Club 17 F. H. A. 1-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Pep Club 1-47 Senior Play Stage CIEWQ Tennis 47 Booster Staff 4. CURTIS HARRIS Band 1-47 Sax Quartet 1-47 Mixed Chorus 17 Hi-Y 1-47 Thespians 1-47 Class Cheerleader 17 Senior Play7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Basketball 1-47 Tennis 1-47 Yearbook Staff 47 Science Club 2-4. DEA INGRAM Band l-4, Woodwind Choir 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Girls Glee Club 1-4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Stu- dent Council 2, Senior Play, Basketball Queen 4, lntramurals 1, 2. CAROLYN JACOBSEN Band 1-3, Woodwind Choir 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2-4, Girls Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Girls Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 4, F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Thespians 1-4, Class Cheerlead- er 3, Cheerleader 2-4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Senior Play Stage Crew, Junior Play Stage Crew, Football Queen 4, Ten- nis 1-4, Intramurals 1-3. STEVE KAUFMAN Band 1-4, Brass Choir 1-4, Brass 6 2-4, Mixed Chorus l-4, Boys Octet 3, 4, Boys Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Mixed Ensemble 3, 4, Hi-Y 1-4, Hi-Y Cabinet 2, 3, Thespians 1-4, Thespians President 4, Class Vice-Presi- dent 2, Speech Arts 1-3, One Act Play 3, Senior Play, Jun- ior Play, Football 1-4, Basket- ball 1-4, Track 1-4. DICK HEADBERG Hi-Y 1-3, Senior Play Stage Crew, Tennis 1, 2, 4, Track 3, 4, Booster Staif 4. SHARON JOHNSTON Band 1-4, Clarinet Quartet 1-4, Woodwind Choir 2-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Girls Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Girls Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Thespians 3, 4, Pep Club 1-4, Senior Play, Junior Play, Junior Play Stage Crew. NANCY JO l.AlNG F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Y- Teen Cabinet 3, 4, Thespians 1- 4, Pep Club 1-4, Student Council 3, Debate 3, 4, Speech Arts 2-4, Librarian 3, Year- book Staff 4, Booster Staff 4. VICKIE McKEE Band 2-4, Mixed Chorus 2-4, Girls Glee Club 1-4, Girls Vocal Ensemble 3, 4, F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Thespians 1-4, Pep Club 1-4, Senior Play, Sen- ior Play Stage Crew, Intra- murals 2. CAROLYN JOYNER Bond 1-4, Sax Quartet 1, 4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Girls Glee Club 1-4, Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-4, Mixed Ensemble 2-4, F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Thespians 1-4, Cheerleader 2, 3: PSP Club 1-4: Senior Play, Junior Play, Football Queen Attendant l, Tennis 1-3, Li- brarian 2. LYNDA LANE Band l-4, Clarinet Quartet 1-4, Woodwind Ensemble 1-4, Mixed Ensemble 1-3, Girls Glee Club 2, 3: F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens 1-4, Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club 1-4, Student Council 4: Senior Play, Junior Play, Intramurals 1, Yearbook Staff 3, 4. SUZANNE MESSNER Band 3, 4, -Mixed Chorus 1-4, Girls Glee Club 1-4, Girls Vo- cal Ensemble l-4, Mixed En- semble 3, 4, F. H. A. 1-4, Y-Teens l-4, Pep Club 1-4, Sen- ior Play. I5 l RONNIE MEYER Hi-Y 1-47 Student Council 3, 47 Student Council President 47 Football 1-47 Basketball 1-47 Tennis 47 Track 1-47 Booster Stott 47 A-Club 3, 4. Bll.l. NEWl.lN Mixed Chorus 1-47 Boys Ensem- ble 47 Boys Glee Club 1-47 Mixed Ensemble 47 Hi-Y 1-37 Hi-Y President 37 Class Presi- dent 17 Class Cheerleader 37 Senior Play7 Senior Play Stage Crewp Football 2-47 Basketball 1-47 Track 1-47 Booster Staft7 A-Club 3, 4. DE ANN OLAMSTEAD Band 1-47 Clarinet Quartet 1-47 Clarinet 15 1-37 Mixed Chorus 1-47 Girls Glee Club 1-47 Girls Vocal Ensemble 1-47 F. H. A. l-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Thespians 1-47 Cheerleader 2, 47 Pep Club 1-4: Speech Arts 47 Senior Play7 Junior Play7 Basketball Queen 37 Tennis 1-47 Senior Play Stage Crew7 Junior Play Stage Crew7 Intramurals l-3. I6 VALORIE NllLLS Bond 1-47 Brass Choir 2, 47 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Girls Glee Club 1-47 F. H. A. 1-47 Y- Teens 1-47 Pep Club 1-47 Senior Play7 Senior Play Stage Crew7 Basketball Queen 2. : ,- - f - 31" 7 1 QA' , 7 ,. 7- - -. . . , 1 , , i -iiii,-lfitfxl - 'f ,"Z"'i+:- 2 f"- '.'fif,5E 5, 52 fr, 11:5 'tft k tiff -:'Q2.:',EE' 5- -r,'f'9'??Fz,1 . 153 -- . szy ffsrqi . 5' - 5-sa..-7: F 7 7 , ,,,, i s . . s A s ' N ,, 2 P- get all 'W f. 7,5-' " .1-ffm, MMT K7 '5.ViTi131'P 2 gg, LONNIE NICHOLS Football 1-47 Basketball 17 Track 1-3. ' SHARYL REDFERN Band 1-47 Sax Quartet 37 F. H. A. 1-4, Pep Club 1-47 Mixed Chorus 2-47 Girls Glee Club 1-47 Class Secretary-Treas- urer 47 Intramurals 1-3. BETTE NlORRlS F. H. A. 17 Y-Teens 1-47 O Assistant 47 Booster Staff Booster Staff Editor 4. PRlSClLLA NORMAN Band 37 F. H. A. 1-47 Y- Teens 1-47 Booster Staff 4. Boys State DOUG DUSENBURY and STEVE KAUFMAN l I Girls State MARILEE CARR and LOUANN COUCH DONNA SCOTT Band 1-47 Mixed Chorus7 Girls Glee Club 1-47 Girls Vocal En- semble l-47 F. H. A. 1-47 Y- Teens 1-47 Pep Club 1-47 Speech Arts 4. MARILYN TAGUE Band 1-47 Woodwind Choir 2-47 Mixed Chorus 1-47 Girls Glee Club 1-47 Girls Vocal Ensemble 3, 47 F. H. A. 1-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Class Secretary-Treasurer 27 Pep Club 1-47 Senior Play7 Football Queen 2. ANN WILSON Band 1-37 Mixed Chorus 1-47 Girls Glee Club 3, 47 Girls Vocal Ensemble 3, 47 F. H. A. l-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Pep Club 1-47 Senior Play7 Basketball 47 Queen Attendant 47 Booster Staff7 Yearbook Staff7 Class Cheerleader 2. CRAIG SMITH Band 1-47 Mixed Chorus 1-47 Boys Glee Club 1-47 Hi-Y 1-47 Hi-Y Cabinet 47 Thespians 17 Class President 27 Class Vice- President 47 Student Council 17 Senior Play7 Football 1-47 Bas- ketball 17 Tennis 3, 47 Track 1, 2. RONNIE UNDERWOOD Class President 17 Basketball 17 Booster Staff 4. AVERY WILSON Hi-Y 1, 27 Football 1-47 Basket- ball 1-47 Track 1-47 Booster Statf7 A-Club 3, 47 A-Club Cabinet 4. iEi??55Efl575 1:5 1: V"if5?1'Q 7-"' .. . . NLS.. -7. .7 l . ri ff. . 3.155 ,. . .. ..,.,,., .,..,.,.,m.. ,, .L .. 3 5 g V7 img 5 ts::ff-.Qssl::f5:e.ex.r--.371.75 .7372 . .. Q- 15-,,',,57,'evg5 ,77157g1f f,7,g77.gt5?q 7 . I . sux-.. H775-sl 52...-.5-,f7.5 .,-:, ' 2 I I Sm K K .,,,., . ,. E X rx S 7 .V .. .. ,,.,.,, ..,X, E,. .. .1 . 17 ll., .,,. 7 .17 -1.7 1.7, sig? Q' 8 l i S wi f' - :--' - 3.-:fi ref? 7 ' . s S 7 fi -- . ....,....,,,. .,.. xg. ..,..,:75:fgg- 3 rr.. .rr gs - ,szgsfggsfae , , ..,,..,., ,... , ,7 , I Q ,.,., r -L, . ,. ,iw .,.. .,.., . . ...H slieg g 7 7- 7- r rt xr J, .Q 7. Eg icaxxmmx H 4 2 'S ,Xb X M73 x as , me at fs 'L ff-1f's?1., L, ".5sx.iz. - - -f--f- t'--f--f-- 1 .7-1.77.7 5, -wg .. .,. . .,.., .... , ,. fl af 1 2 M 8 'S 3 fa' 2' 5 :,. se el eggssgsgl 8 g,. 5'f51ger9717fi at ss B .7 Y., 1152752215 an if 7 me 5 f5EiE'5xEi5"Vt' 52192-5 , . , f. . . 5321517555 X lf.l1?5if37L5 41?i7i.5SiL?i7 715235111 XW5? ,,,7 gf,.....s,, ..g5,,w7.g7se5eo7.g7,.5W, 97.-Sgr -5 s mut -7 - Pix. S?5.5i85?G1'l:.5.5zg5'f-ft' 4' KAREN SWAFFORD Band 17 F. H. A. 1-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Pep Club 1-47 Librarian 1, 2. yt -, . . , -Q. ii Y fs,,,g--. rf., 7 t, Y it ii r Q' -I4 W fmt nf M 'Nw Q l ' ' r. rt ,LW m rf . t -,377 5 1 - 7 7 . , , . .f 7, 'J em-, -. ., my ' f Q-gm!'Y:PMS?i ' 1' ' . . . . ,+a?.sf,,7,7g7- , ' .- 57, ..,:,- ti3zEQ:E'f3?'i?J5' 25- il ,, .1"" ig" " '75 V 15?wf1f1.,nP1. . V..-I 5' ' ' We vm 7, 7-73'-11'-Qf'ff'f., . 5 mes SW 1, -7 ' -' Z Q, 7 ,. 7 ..., . ,- ,,:7S.,af3.-s+w- 3. , .1 , sf' ' 1 5 , wf K .. Writ? . .714 - if ia, , K., . 4 ROSIE WALKER Y-Teens 47 Pep Club Staff 4. PAULA WILSON Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 55 . ' ig 47 Booster 47 Girls Glee Club l-47 F. H. A. 1-47 Y-Teens 1-47 Y-Teen Cabinet 3, 47 Y-Teen President 47 Pep Club 1-47 Booster Staff. I7 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front row: Lynne Albright, Marilee Carr, DeAnn Olmstead, Marilyn Tague. Back row: Lynda Lane, Louann Couch, Curtis Harris, Doug Dusenbury, Carolyn Joyner. Salutaforianz Valediciorian: De Ann Olmsfead Doug Dusenbury Sponsored by SUPREME MARKET N 0 PROM Northern Lights BANQUET Les Chez De Jeunes Sponsored I9 JUNIOR xx PLAY e if MRS. McTHlNG PLAY CAST: Sandra Smith R. C. Ghormley Ruth Mathews Dean Shaw Barbara George Ronnie Gould Sherry Harris Georgia Durant Lynne Hunter Mary Payne Marsha Bradley Lyle Maninger Charlotte Hamilton Eugene Noah Pat Study Carolyn Hager Richard Hall Pat Cooper Sponsored by MCCLELLAN "66" SERVICE and ALLENSWORTH LUMBER COMPANY f".:,JLl'NlOR s dee D -5 ii -Q Ev CLASS OF I 962 THE CLASS OFFICERS WERE: Star Lear-Vice-Presidenty Sandra Smith-Secretary-Treasurer: Stan Hayter- President. Mary Payne and Phil Miller-Student Council Pam Wisegarver and Eddie Newlin-Class Cheer- Representatives. Ieadersy Charlotte Hamilton and Lyle Maninger -Den Committee Representatives. Sponsored by MEADOR'S CLOTHING and CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK L V mass- aa., .M ,raamaagm ia -X ri aa-mfgiaanaa, -is M7 fa away an aLam.a,..w may aimaagmmf ,mai-aka aa aw a S 7 -Wm7mi.a--aka, iam a7-a7-a7- ggi-fsasig eggs!-an - , an QMWLQLW- -ss--swag E3E3i5ZEafQs,a33552Q5ffigishgiiwsfkfgmg-S?ai3S-Efwf ami 7' ,if -A am3?5 is-maya,-zsfqgv R1 'QQNQSQEEQE7-aiiaaiiis Efihgvgkfkgas 1a7,3aagzs2?Eiiaafsi4sivi5ai4 ia ikzuasaaffvfrevrgifesf -1 'ffwn 7-my 4,7sQ--7a?a7-a7- 72917 72577- 5, ,W ,, ww aw -+g3ii75gQmasaa rggaag-fa5vg fgiQa,iaf5i L sxsageagkge -3357725735 7 f 5 --E -S, P -ggi.. 5 9 553- 4 mapa-2,-7 ....,.. 7 7 7- 75,-aa .227-. 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V Mp, fgffa-z., 1 Connie Coon Linda Duran L S 7 ,,., A iff? l"iQI.?I!i1g. - , Vl, I ,CW , ., , L 7 , J :S 4 ,- Vg 5 f 1 ay W fp, J S 5 as 5 tl f q SL' 4 iff' my . a L W Q ,fr ,Y if f , . . L 4 , Again, ss gk spas-7-'-g---g,, - ,kg. , .g Z77. L 7.., . ,.M:,,- Pat Cooper Lydia Duran ' 7 ,,E1w-,mf-:--' :',sz.Sza-i f L , -' . 1 ' , ' - - i w:y7r1,'sma,fef5'ia5 k - -- 1 'K f- Q -I - :- A .va-'7i-igsm.-7,gf:, '-an . -r , 1 , 7f?f-7,5-7f1igf'w's ' ' . - - - r ' x - , .qs-7 , . V V . - . . ' - - :ri X 7-' li'--if -Z -- f '-7' ' - ---7---73'sP177f -- H i fss7w7:fga:f-me- 127: 7-.,,,. . .- - Dan Davis Georgia Durant 22 Sponsored by ELLIOTT MORTUARY and WOOD'S MUSIC 81 JEWELRY li Barbara George Richard Hall Glenda Durant R. C. Ghormley Charlotte Hamilton Clair Duwe Ronnie Gould Tom Harmon Bill Ecker David Graves Sherry Harris Beverly Garlow Carolyn Hager Stan Hayier ff , Em 'Shi ...M-4 707' 'gf '45 tg Q S4 5 "' -C .X JUNIORS X ww 4 L P a mf 2 xx 24' Lb 1 , M z "'w.:,,:if:w 'Y -, 1' 1 WGIQ-FZLJ.-Q-Qv+'fz'5FfiQ - H -.:,'5'f5?'55:L5'I,' .Lf mafaflf-wf,,,-,-',wg 4 -, ii :V A - aa ww W-fafvnfa if ffl: :sw-, f f1r'4,'frw:.v:'f:w. -. we 1 -.iw f ': 1: '- Q . ,- I I - - X f kjjf 135' ' 25:3-V:-f, ,S ' - ' 2 K .f ,I ,, 1,-fi, , 5: . - 7- - I My K K - 1 K ,if 1 v .- Karen Knorp Charles Laing Sherry Meade Wendy Hodges Sianley Lear Phil Miller Donna Hoopes Edward Jones Lyle Maninger Doris Morris Ruth Mathews Eddie Newiin l JUNIORS ' Carolyn Patterson a Picture , i ' Not . i Available Ronnie Hess Demese Patterson V , jilix' " so :ai ' , -:,- L My V , K z. , " 5fz , , ' . Y' ' 'I , ., 1 - V.. ::' , V. ' ,- " -' I Lynn Hunter Marv PBYVTS 1212 E341 H wg M i P 3 K s 3 X N Wi 'single I , , Lay, . W Wm I K vi ff ft ia 1 Pa H fl gf gt Q if 5 yr A RU xg SX 25 W X if K 3 at PP ii Gary Puls 4 .l - 'g.. ' we-2-,za 3 . 525231 i ' - ' i1ii's 77L.felS.-Qi ,, Q Y f Q' Q 5 X 1- X E8 W J 4 N H it A tx X i . - 3.5 fair-' glhimi 3 l W 3 . f ,M gtg, l , ,i A Q Q K if Marilyn Ritter Juanita Salser Karen Nichols Randy Perry Eugene Noah Charles Pohlenz Dean Shaw 25 JUNIORS Stanley Stark Mary Kay Sherar Pat Stucky Joy Whrtaker Bull Smlth Joleen Turner Helen Wllson Pam Wisegarver Sandra Smith Bobby Wahl Johnny Yeary Howard Stamm 26 Larry Welch Sponsored by THRIFT OIL COMPANY and MUELLER BROS. STUDENT COUNCIL Chuck Knorp Jean Sheilhammer Sec.-Treas, Janet Laing President, Mickey Weiberg Vice-Pres., Linda Ryan SOPHOM ORES PIRATES DEN COMM. MEMBERS Mary Eaton-Victory Osborn INTRAMURAL DIRECTORS Kathy Sturns Stan Wethington Sponsored by CLEVELAND CLEANERS and ANTHONY PLUMBING CLASS CHEERLEADERS Sheril Mize Kent Wilson I graduate fo bubbles next. The calm before the storm. I wish I may, I wish I might. Judy Dickey JaneT Duncan Alta Duwe Ernest Adkisson Carol Appling Mary Besore Virginia Byas Howard Carr Rita Carroll Stephen Clutfer Carolyn Coon Donald Cooper SCJPHO M., .ma ,WM .NWWW,w,..www,wm.w.eW..w wfmxfwmmemwnflrzwfwwevmmany MCRES Mary Eaton R. C. Francis Bill Gates John Gates Terry Goucher Tana Grubb Jenna Jo Hamilton Jimmie Harrison Kathleen Heiser Trudy Hoopes Jimmy Hudgens Charles Knorp Janet Laing Judy Laing Myrtle Lawson Barbara Lewis Cathy Long Everett Martens John Nye Victor Osborn Julia Pollard Linda Robinson Rodney Roundy Linda Ryan Nyna Sechler Ronnie Sharp Jean Shellhammer Sheril Mize Donna Moler Patsy Moler Marianne Morrow Marvin Noah Patricia Norman Jean says "My baby and me." Look at those legs. A star is born. SOPHO Nancy Siover Nancy Jo Stuchal Kathy Sturns Linda Swafford Johnie Walker Judy Warden Mickey Weiberg Robert Welch Stanley Wethington CLASS OFFICERS: Cathy Payne, presi- denfg Connie Carr, vice-presidentf and Pat Roach, secrefaryp visit in the home economics room. FRESHMEN CLASS CHEERLEADERS - Dana Dial and Jim Hatfield. 32 PIRATES DEN COMMITTEE MEMBERS- Sherry Hughes and Grant Sechler. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES-Marcia Cozart and Bill Puls. Sponsored by ROACH CHEVROLET CO. and COON'S James Adams Mary Aieshire Sherry Armstrong Jack Brown Diane Buck Linda Butz Connie Carr Janie Coon Rom-,ie Couch Marcia Cozart Jerry Croft Richard Davis Dana Dial Darryl Dodgen Lois Downing Robert Drosseimeyer 33 Janet Duffy Lola Duran Laura Dyke Myrna Frank James Gates Jim Hatfield Dennis Hendershot Lynda Hess FRES Larry Huddleston Mary Hudgens Sherri Hughes C6I'Ol Jo lrvin Linda Keller Kay Magby Tom Mangen Don Maniger Junea McKee David Miller Sponsored by FRAZlER'S SEED and DUCKWALL'S Mrs. Caton's and Mrs. Davis' Third Grade room HMEN Linda Moses Tom Munn Marlin Norman Cathy Payne Charles Potts Jim Prouse Bill Puls Louise Reneau Steve Reynolds Charles Ritter Pat Roach Susan Salser Grant Sechler Gary Sherman Debra Small Kirk Snyder Mary Stamm Larry Stark Mildred Smith Doug Sfucky Linda Watkins Charles Wells Connie Wharton Jerry Yeary Eldon Younce Mary Jane Zuber Front row: D. Ingram, C. Joyner, M. Tague, L. Couch, L. Lane, G. George, S. Johnston, V. Wills, D. Scott, K. Hall, D. Olmstead, S Redfern, M. Carr, L. Albright, A. Wilson, P. Cooper. Second row: C. Coon, M. Zuber, L. Downing, K Nichols, C. Patterson, D. Patterson J. Salser, D. Hoopes, M. Sherar, R. Mathews, K. Heiser, J. Hamilton, C. Long, N. Stuchal, M. Besore,-C. Roundy, J. Warden. Third row: K Swafford, K. Ma b , C. H P. B' h h ' g y ager, irc enoug , P. Norman, H. Wilson, J. Turner, P. Norman, M. Morrow, M. Hudgens, S. Armstrong, T Hoopes, J. Laing, L. Butz, C. Payne, S. Salser, M. Stiih- Fourth row: P. Wisegarver. L- Hunter. W- Hodges, K- Knorp. N- Laing. M- Aleshire P. Roach, K. Sturns, C. Coon, M. Bradley, A. Duwe, J. Dickey, J, Shellharnmer, B. Whealy, L. Robinson, R. Carroll, T. Grubb. Fifth row N. Stover, V. M K S. M ' ' ' c ee, essner, S. Meade, D. Morris, J. Duncan, J. Laing, L. Ryan, M. Frank, C. Wharton, L. Watkins, L. Swafford, C Hatfield, P. Wilson. Sixth row: N. Sechler, V. Byos, R. Byers, B. MoI'fiS, R- Walker, B- G5fl0W, 3- l'l6l'TlSf Nl- COZBVTI J- DUffYf D- Dial J. Coon, S. Smith, M. Payne, S. Hughes, L. Dyke, C. Burke, C. Fultz, S. Grubb, Unknown, C. Carr, C. Appling. row: Lynne Albright, student council, Pam Wisegarver, treasurer, Kathy Sturns secretary, Mrs. Gering, sponsor. OFFICERS-Front row: Paula Wilson, president, Mary Payne, vice-president. B COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN-Front row: Mary Payne, member- ship, Sandra Smith, music, De Ann Olmstead, social, Linda Ryan, pianist. Back row: Ann Wilson, worship, Nancy Jo Laing, program, Lynda Lane, publicity, Louann Couch, world fellowship. From the book sale in August to the Joint installation in May, the Y-Teen calendar is full of events. Highlights include the Mother- Daughter Banquet, Father- Daughter Fun Fest, and Big-Little Heart Sisters. Committees completed many worthwhile projects for Christmas delivery. Y-Teen girls did baby- sitting for P.T.A. throughout the year, and adopted a Greek girl as a special proiect. Sponsored by SAM P. WALLINGFORD GRAIN CO. and OKLAHOMA TIRE 8- SUPPLY CO. 38 1 OFFICERS-Front row: Craig Smith, secretary, Eugene Noah, vice- president, Mickey Weiberg, treasurer. Back row: Jack Hadsall, presi- dent, Mr. Coon and Mr. Wilt, sponsors. OFFICERS: Richard Hall, student council, Steve Clutter, devo tion chairman, Leslie Hatfield, program chairman. Hl-Y Twenty-five bundles of clothing were collected through the joint efforts of the Hi-Y, Y-Teens, for the Save the Children Federation. A membership pic- nic, the Thankgiving Assembly, and participation in the World Week of Prayer and World Fellowship were other activities of the Hi-Y. Front row: J. Gates, G. Sechler, J. Hatfield, J. Hadsall, L. Hatfield, L. Allen, P. Dial, C. Duwe, S. Lear. Second row: E. Younce, 'll C S 'th B Ecker R Hall Third row S Wethington E Newlin R Francis, J. Nye, J. Hudgens, J. Walker, R. Sharp, D. D1 on, . mi , . , . . : . , . , . J. Gates, M. Noah, L. Huddleston, R. Perry. Fourth row: S. Stark, S. Clutter, C. Wells, D. Maninger, C. Pohlenz, M. Armstrong J. Adkisson, D. Hendershot. Fifth row: C. Harris, R. Meyer, R. Eichor, S. Hayter, E. Noah, M. Weiberg, E. Adkisson, B. Drossel meyer. r 41 Sponsored by ANTHONY FLORAL and MEADORS DRIVE-lN MARKET 39 Front row: N. Sechler, K. Swafford, C. Joyner, D. Ingram, M. Tague, L. Couch, S. Johnson, P. Birchenough, V. Mills, K. Hall, K. Knorp W. Hodges, G. Durant, L. Duran, M. Aleshlre, L. Duran. Second row: J. Duncan, D. Morris, S. Meade, S. Smith, C. Hager, D. Patterson, J. Salser, D. Hoopes, H. Wilson, M. Bradley, C. Wharton, L. Watkins, M. Frank, N. Stuchal, M. Cozart, S. Hughes, J. McKee. Third row. J. Coon, J. Duffy, D. Dial, L. Duran, S. Harris, L. Hess, N. Stover, M. Morrow, V. Byas, J. Shellhammer, J. Laing, T. Grubb, L. Robinson, B. Whealy, C. Roundy, P. Wilson, P. Roach, P. Wisegarver. Fourth row: S. Redtern, M. Ritter, R. Walker, L. Hunter, N. Laing, S. Grubb, V. McKee, K. Heiser, C. Carr, C. Coon, A. Duwe, J. Dicky, L. Swafford, C. Burke, R. Carroll, C. Payne, C. Long. Fifth row: L Lane C. Coon, M. Sherar, R. Mathews, S. Armstrong, M. Zuber, R. Ryder, J. Laing, L. Ryan, K- STUFHSI C- FUlTZ, C- Appling, J. Warden, Hatfield Last row: M. Fraizer, S. Messner, C. Jacobsen, M. Carr, D. Olmstead, C- Hamilton, D- SCOTT, -l- Turner, Nl- BBSOFS, P- Cooper, A- WllS0n L. Albright, M. Payne, B. Lewis, S. Salser. PEP CLUB Pep Club bought a banner having a purple Pirate and trimming with a gold background. This was on display at every home basketball game. The four cheer- leaders holding the banner are Carolyn Jacobsen, Charlotte Hamilton, De Ann Olmstead, and Marilee Carr. Sponsored by NORMA'S and JETT'S Front row: J. Coffman, S. Kaufman, L. Hatfield, P. Stucky, G. Puls, T. Harmon. Second row: R. Francis, J. Hadsall, T. Fankhauser, L. Allen, R. Eichor, C. Knorp. Third row: Sponsor, Strimple, S. Wethington, J. Nye, A. Wilson, R. Meyer, M. Armstrong, J. Adkisson. Last row: V. Osborn, S. Clutter, L. Maninger, E. Noah, J. Carothers, D. Dusenbury, Sponsor, Shurley. - CLUB The ringing of the bell after each touchdown became a new tradition this year, when the A-Club presented a gold bell with purple lettering to the student body. The club officers are Eugene Noah, Leslie Hatfield, Avery Wilson, Doug Dus- enbury, Ricky Eichor, Lyle Maninger, and Maurice Armstrong. Sponsored by PIPER'S and SAFEWAY 4l Sponsored by DR. POHLENZ 42 Front row: Paula Wilson, Lynne Albright, Janet Laing, Nancy Laing, Ann Wilson, Kathy Hall, Lynda Lane, Sheril Mize. Back row: Curtis Harris, Jean Shellhammer, Mary Kay Sherar, Marcia Cozart, Juanita Salser, Ruth Mathews, Diane Buck, Maurice Armstrong, Pat Stucky. THE JOLLY ROGER YEARBOOK STAFF Lynne Albright, Editor Pat Stucky, Assistant Editor Maurice Armstrong, Managing Editor Lynda Lane, Art Editor Curtis Harris, Photographer Kathy Hall, Senior Editor Juanita Salser, Junior Editor Sheril Mize, Sophomore Editor Marcia Cozart, Freshman Editor Diane Buck Mary Kay Sherar Ruth Mathews Paula Wilson Janet Laing Nancy Jo Laing Ann Wilson Jean Shellhammer Mrs. Cozart, Sponsor DENNY'S BARBER SHOP BOOSTER STAFF-Front row: Allen Hudgens, Dick Headberg, Maurice Armstrong, Ronnie Meyer, David Dillon, Bill Newlin, Avery Wilson. Second row: Opal Ecker, Paula Wilson, Nancy Laing, Ann Wilson, Kathy Ha-ll, Rosie Walker, Back row: Loretta Doolin, Carol Burke, John Carothers, Carolyn Hatfield, Ronna Byers, Sharon Grubb, Ronnie Underwood, Bette Morris, Priscilla Norman. Not pictured: Corene' Fultz and THE BOOSTER FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Carol Hennarichs. Nancy Laing E ,,,EE........o.EEE,, Editor Bette Morris ,o,. ,,................ E ditor Ann Wilson EE,E ,,E, C irculation Editor David Dillon .EE,. Circulation Editor Ronnie Meyer ......... ,... M an-aging Editor Ronnie Meyer ,....,E. ..... M anaging Editor Maurice Armstrong ...... Sports Editor Bill Newlin .............. ....... S ports Editor Ronnie Underwood --- E-, Photographer Ronnie Underwood --- .... Photographer Mrs. Coza rt, Sponsor ,Z , S MEMBERS-Front row: Vickie McKee, Sharon Johnston, Ann Wilson, Karen Knorp, Mary Lou Frazier, Marilyn Tague, DeAnn Olmstead, Carolyn Joyner. Second row: Wendy Hodges, Kathy Sturns, Charlotte Hamilton, Sherry Harris, Janet Laing, Tana Grubb, Judy Laing, Donna Hoopes, Helen Wilson, Glenda Durant. Third row: Janet Duncan, Lynne Albright, Phyllis Birchenough, Nancy Jo Laing, Nancy Stuchal, Carol Appling, Marilee Carr, Carolyn Jacobsen. Back row: Pat Stucky, Steve Kaufman, John Carothers, Curtis Harris, Doug Dusenbury, Ron- nie Gould. THESPIANS Eleven Thespians received rnemloership in Na- tional Thespians this year. They were: Ronnie Gould, Karen Knorp, Wendy Hodges, Charlotte Hamilton, Sherry Harris, Pat Stucky, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Janet Duncan, Sheril Mize, Richard Hall and Kathy Sturns. Best Thespian awards went to Mary Lou Frazier and De Ann Olmstead. Best Actor was Pat Stucky and Best Actress was Lynne Albright. Ratings in Speech Arts included: S.K.L., five l's, tour Il's and one IV. District, four l's, three Il's and one lll. State, one l, two Il's, and one lll. PLEDGES-Front row: Sherry Hughes, Pat Roach, Marcia Cozart, Diane Buck, Marsha Bradley, Dana Dial. Back row: Karen Knorp, Linda Watkins, R. C. Ghormley, Mary Payne, Mrs. Jensen, sponsor. SPEECH ARTS DEBATE-Front row: Diane Buck, Lynne Albright, Nancy Jo Laing. Back row: Mrs. Cozart, sponsor, Mary Lou Frazier, Marcia Dozart. SPEECH- Front row: Lynne Albright, Nancy Jo Laing, Sheril Mize, DeAnn Olmstead, Lynda Lane. Back row: Marcia Cozart, Phyllis Birchenough, Marsha Bradley, Pat Stucky, ,Leslie Hatfield, Mrs. Jen- sen, sponsor. Sponsored by COUCH'S and FANKHAUSER'S 44 lll , I ll lla. ' an Front row: Dea Ingram, Carolyn Joyner, Carolyn Jacobsen, Marilyn Tague, Louann Couch, Lynda Lane, Lynda Hess, Connie Carr, Janie C D Dil Janet Duff , Sherri Hughes, Marcia Cozart, Ann Wilson, Pat Cooper. Second row: Connie Coon, Mary Jane Zuber, Lois oon, ana a, y Downing, Karen Nichols, Carolyn Patterson, Deniese Patterson, Juanita Salser, Donna Hoopes, Mary K. Sherar, Georgia Durant, Lola Duran, ' - ' ' b G C ln Kathleen Heiser, Cathy Long, Nancy Jo Stuchal, Carolyn Roundy, Judy Warden. Third row. Priscilla Norman, Bar ara eorge, aroy H r Helen Wilson, Joleen Turner, Patty Norman, Marianne Morrow, Mary Hudgens, Ronnie Ryder, Sherry Armstrong, Trudy Hoopes, age , Janet Laing, Linda Butz, Cathy Payne, Susan Salser, Mildred Stith. Fourth row: Donna Scott, Wendy Hodges, Karen Knorp, Charlotte ' ' ' Sh ll- Hamilton, Lydia Duran, Mary Aleshlre, Pat Roach, Kathy Sturns, Carolyn Coon, Marsha Bradley, Alta Duwe, Judy Dickey, Jean e h r Barbara Wheal Linda Robinson, Rita Carroll, Tana Grubb. Fifth row: Vickie McKee, Sharon Johnston, Suzanne Messner, Linda amme , y, Duran, Sherry Meade, Doris Morris, Janet Duncan, Judy Laing, Linda Ryan, Myrna Frank, Connie Wharton, Linda Watkins, Linda Swattorcl, Carolyn Hatfield, Paula Wilson. Sixth row: Valorie Mills, Phyllis Birchenough, Sharyl Redfern, Nancy J. Laing, DeAnn Olmstead, Marilee Carr, Karen Swafford, Sherry Harris, Sandra Smith, Mary Payne, Carol Burke, Mary Lou Frazier, Kathy Hall, Sharon Grubb. Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Couch, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Tague, our FHA mothers. .Mm Imam-+ Jawa M Jymaqaggi, S w i rsetst stl T . -::- ' ,Z '.-. i V, H Vki . krLK-.-VL,, 1 5- i"' it - ' .- s,., l Mrs. Johnson, Sponsor Front row: Marilee Carr, President, Charlotte Hamilton, Vice-President, Kathy Hall, Second Vice'President, Mary Kay Sherar, Treasurer. Second row: Mrs. John- son, Sponsor, Sharon Johnston, Student Council Representative, Janet Laing, Secretary. ' 45 Mr. Pearson, Sponsor Five boys work out on The parallel bars. GYMNASTICS Bottom row: Rodney Roundy, Paf Sfucky, Bob Wahl, Jack Hadsall, Terry Goucher. Second row: Charles Laing, Harold Bohnerf, Les Hatfield, Jack Coffman. Third row: Craig Smith, Allen Hudgens. Top: Jim Haffield. Les fakes a turnover on The tramp. Sponsored by JOE BALDWIN GAS CO. and IRWIN-POTTER i JkY5i:i55!iEEafi?'Zei OFFICERS: Ronnie Meyer, President, Stan Hayter, Vice-Presidenti Wendy Hodges, Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Winters, Sponsor. COUNCIL STUDENT CARNIVAL PIRATE AND PIRETTE Tom Harmon and Charlotte Hamilton MEMBERS-First row: Mary Payne, Wendy Hodges, Ann Wilson, Lynne Albright. Second row: Sharon Johnston, Marcia Cozart, Lynda Lane, Jean Shellhammer, Mr. Winters. Third row: Bill Puls, Les Hatfield, Maurice Armstrong, Pat Stucky. Fourth row: Ronnie Meyer, Chuck Knorp, Richie Hall, Phil Miller, Stan Hayter. 47 ffl' P 1 5 if an l,. Tu I 1, I .J--11 IT il. v WL, EY ,W f , .., a qgi, f Ng 6 'ig ' , 4 NZQEMP 9 :2.5w,ig. mg, wi f ' k if .. , I xx SX' ' 'mf ygwa H KW' fc1k,W5,f 3643 VVS' , Kf. iv. , Q C f..,, PIRATE BA ND D X 51 vi BAND ROSTER FLUTES: Lynne Albright, Sandra Smith, Savilla Haclsall, Janet Duffy, Mary Lou Frazier, Joleen Turner, Sheril Mize, Mary Aleshire, Marcia Cozart, Lola Duran, Roy Magby, Tom Mangen. OBOE: Wendy Hodges. BAS- SON: Pat Stucky. E CLARINET: De Ann Olmstead. B CLARINET: Louann Couch, Lynda Lane, Stan Hayter, Barbara Whealy, Kirk Snyder, Mary Eaton, Lydia Duran, Lynda Duran, Dennis Hendershof, Dea Ingram, Vickie McKee, Suzanne Messner, Sherri Hughes, Eldon Younce, Junea McKee, Mary Jane Zuber. BASS CLARINET: Sharon Johnston, Deniese Patterson. ALTO CLARINET: Marilyn Tague, Jean Shellhammer. CONTRA- BASS CLARINET: Robert Drosselmeyer. ALTO SAX: Curtis Harris, Carolyn Joyner, Karen Knorp, Sherry Harris, Jim Prouse, Dana Dial. TENOR SAX: Sharyl Redfern, Linda Ryan. FRENCH HORNS: R. C. Ghormley, Marilee Carr, Connie Carr. CORNET-TRUMPET: Doug Dusenbury, Steve Kaufman, Phil Miller, Kathy Sturns, Valorie Mills, Pat Dial, Howard Carr, Daryl Dodgen, Richard Davis, Jack Brown. TROMBONE: Jack Hadsall, Tom Fankhauser, Carolyn Hager, Charles Knorp, Pat Roach, Lynda Hess. BARITONE: Charles Pohlenz, Dan Davis, Jerry Adkisson. BASS: David Graves, Ronald Couch, Richard Hall. PERCUSSION: Craig Smith, Donna Scott.. SOLOISTS: Janet Duffy, Pat Roach, Connie Carr, Kirk Snyder, Bob Drosselmeyer, Stan Hayter, R, C. Ghormley, Phil Miller, Wendy Hodges, Lynne Albright, Steve Kaufman. X Monna Scott, Dea Ingram, Carolyn Joyner, R. C. Ghorm Iey, Sharon Johnston, Val Mills, Janet Duffy. 49 CLARINET QUARTET: Linda lane, Sharon John- WOODWIND TRIO: Pat Stucliy, ston, Louann Couch, De Ann Olmstead. Wel1ClY Hodges, Stan HBYTGY- BRASS FIVE: Doug Dusenbury, Steve Kaufman, Jerry Ad- kisson, Marilee Carr, R. C. Ghorrnley. WOODWIND FIVE: Sandra Smith, Wendy Hodges, Pat Stucky, R. C. Ghormley, Stan Hayter. THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT The vocal and instrumental music departments made a fine showing This year. ln addition to giving con- certs in The Tall and spring, The mixed chorus also gave concerts aT Friends University and Wichita Uni- versity. Ratings at The festivals included nine l's and Twelve lI's aT S.K.L., Twenty l's, one II, and Two lII's at District, and nine l's and nine lI's at The State Tor instrumental music. Vocal music also claimed many honors for The most successful year. AT S.K.L. Festival nine l's, and five II's were gained, while at District Ten l's, Tour II's and one III were received. State Festival winnings included five l's and Two II's. Sponsored by WILLIAMS MOTOR and A. W. HOWARD 8. SONS CLARINET CHOIR-Front row: Barbara Whealy, Sharon John- sfon, Louann Couch, Lynda Lane, De Ann Olmsfead, Back row: Kirk Snyder, Bob Drosselmeyer, Deniece Patter- son, Marilyn Tague, Jean Shellhammer. SAXOPHONE 4: Jim Prouse, Karen Knorp, Caro- BRASS 14: Doug Dusenbury, Kathy Sturns, Steve Kaufman, Val Mills, Connie Carr, Marilee Carr, Ronnie Couch, David Graves, Charles Pohlenz, Jerry Adkisson, Darryl Dodgen, Phil Miller, Tom Fankhauser, Jack Hadsall. 2 FLUTE 5: Savila Hadsall, Joleen Turner, Sandra Smith, Jane? Duffy, Lynne Albright. lyn Joyner, Curtis Harris. Sponsored by BUSH PLUMBING CO. and DlAL'S . Y 1,........w Y V f -5 W'-:rf .f ,iw---' rw ini twin- 'E""""""' JUNI Caro OR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE-Left to right: Donna Hoopes, Mary Kay Sherar, Mary Payne, Pat Cooper, Karen Knorp, lyn Hager, Wendy Hodges, Doris Morris, Rurh Mathews, Glenda Duranf, Joleen Turner, Pam Wisegarver, Helen Wilson, Lydia Duran. A R 6 VCCAI. MUSIC X X SOLOISTS: Mary Payne, Karen Knorp, Connie Carr, Carolyn Joyner, Bill Newlin, Suzanne Messner, Sheril Mize, Trudy Hoopes, Marilee Carr. SENIOR GIRLS' ENSEMBLE: Carolyn Joyner, Marilyn Tague, Paula Wilson, Lynda Lane, Carolyn Jacobsen, Mary Lou Frazier, Sharyl Redfern, Louann Couch, Ann Wilson, Sharon Johnston, Lynne Albright, Vickie McKee, Marllee Carr, Suzanne Messner, DeAnn Olmsiead. FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE ENSEMBLE-Left -to right: Connie Carr, Sherry Hughes, Sheril Mize, Linda Watkins, Judy Laing, Nancy Stuchal, Janet Duncan, Pat Roach, Mary Aleshire, Linda Robinson, Barbara Whealy, Trudy Hoopes, Cathy Payne, Kathy Sturns, Lola Duran. 1 , H MIXED ENSEMBLE-Left to Stucky, Carolyn Joyner, R. Suzanne Messner, Marilee Q5 grim. right: Mary Payne, Louann Couch, Karen Knorp, Jerry Adkisson, De Ann Olmstead, Pat C. Ghormley, Lynne Albright, Bill Newlin, Ann Wilson, Steve Kaufman, Carolyn Jacobsen, Carr. BOYS' ENSEMBLE-Left to right: Lyle Maninger, Jerry Adkisson, Pat Stucky, Bill Newlin, R. C. Ghormley, Steve Kaufman, Craig Smith, Richard Davis. MIXED CHORUS-Front row: T. Anderson, D. Dusenbury, S. Kaufman, P. Stuclcy, L. Allen, S. Clutter, R. Hall, S. Messner, L. Couch, L. Albright, J. Duffy, J. Coon, H Wilson, L. Duran. Second row. R. Ghormley, L. Maninger, L. Watkins, P. Roach, J. Laing, D. Hoopes, M. Carr, C. Jacobsen, M. Frazier, C. Payne, D. Dial J Shellhammer, K. Sturns. Third row: P. Wilson, A. Wilson, G. George, M. Bradley, P. Cooper, K. Knorp, L. Duran, S. Harris, C. Hamilton, W. Hodges, L. Duran D, Morris. Fourth row: M. Tague, C. Joyner, C. Hager, D. Patterson, M. Aleshire, S. Hughes, B. Whealy, L. Ryan, N. Stuchal, S. Smith, P. Wisegaryer, V. Mills L. Robinson. Fifth row: M. Sherar, R. Mathews, T. Hoopes, D. Scott, M. Payne, J. Duncan, D. Olmstead, S. Redfern, J. Turner, C. Carr, V. McKee, S. Johnston, D. Ingram. Back row: E. Martens, C. Smith, S. Hayter, M. Noah, R. Francis, R. Gould, M. Weiberg, J. Adkisson, L. Hatlield, D. Stucky, D. Maninger, T. Mangen Accompanists linsertsl Leif: Janet Duncan. Right: Trudy Hoopes. r r GIRLS GLEE CLUB-Frant row: M. Cozart, M. Huolgens, L. Butz, M. Stith, S. Armstrong, L. Dyke, C. Fultz, S. Messner, L. Couch, J. Duffy J. Coon, H. Wilson, L. Duran, T. Grubb. Second row: C. Wharton, M. Frank, L. Watkins, P. Roach, J. Laing, D. Hoopes, M. Carr, C Jacobsen, M. Frazier, C. Payne, D. Dial, J. Shellhammer, K. Sturns, N. Sechler. Third row: L. Hunter, P. Wilson, A. Wilson, G. George, M Bradley, P. Cooper, K. Knorp, L. Duran, S. Harris, C. Hamilton, W. Hodges, L. Duran, D. Morris, R. Ryder. Fourth row: K. Heiser, M. Tague C. Joyner, C. Hager, D. Patterson, M. Aleshire, S. Hughes, B. Whealy, L. Ryah, N. Stuchal, S. Smith, P. Wisegarver, V. Mills, L. Robinson M. Zuber. Back row: M. Sherar, R. Mathews, T. Hoopes, D. Scott, M. Payne, J. Duncan, D. Olmsteaol, S. Redlern, J. Turner, C. Carr, V. McKee S. Johnston, D. Ingram, Accompanists linsertsl Top: Jean Shellhammer, Middle: Pat Roach, Bottom: Connie Carr. BOYS GLEE CLUB-Front row: J. Gates, T. Mangen, D. Stucky, D. Hendershot, E. Adkisson, J. Gates, R. Francis, M, Noah, C. Knorp, S. Reynolds, R. Davis. Second row: C. Ritter, D. Dodgen, L. Allen, D. Maninger, R. Gould, R. Hall, J. Nye, C. Smith, L. Maninger, E.'Martins. Third row. L. Stark, M. Weiberg, P. Stucky, S. Clutter, R. Ghormley, L. Hatfield, J. Adkisson, T. Anderson, S. Kaufman, B. Wahl. Bottom row: Steve Reynolds, Kirk Snyder, Jack Brown, Doug Stucky, Bill Puls, Larry Huddleston, Darryl Dodgen, Jerry Yeary, Bob Drosselmeyer, Charlie Wells. Second row: Bill Gates, Eddie Newlin, Charles Potts, Maurice Armstrong, Marvin Noah, Gary Puls, Tom Harmon, Johnny Yeary, R. C. Francis, Steve Downing, Charles Knorp, Pat Stucky, Stanley Lear. Third row: Avery Wilson, Lyle Maninger, Jack Coffman, Les Hatfield, Doug Dusenbury, Stan Wethington, Eugene Noah, R. C. Ghormley, Bill Newlin, Steve Kaufman, Victory Osborn, Steve Clutter, John Nye, Ronnie Meyer. TRACK The Anthony thinclads, under the direction of Clyde Strimple and Jim Williams, established themselves as a leading track team in the S. K. L. Dusenbury, Wilson, Yeary, Ghormley, Stucky, B. Newlin, Hatfield, Maninger, Armstrong, Coff- man, Kaufman, Clutter, Meyer, and Lear qualified for regionals and Dusenbury, Yeary, Ghormley, Stucky, B. Newlin, Kaufman and Lear entered the state meet. Avery Wilson set a new S.K.L. record of l2'3" in pole vault. Wes Santee starts R. C. Ghorm- ley at the 39th Annual An- thony Relays, which are the oldest and largest in Kansas. Sponsored by HODSON ELECTRIC and FANNING STUDIO 55 l ,, El' f , , , '?!"'i'WQ Back row: M. Weiberg, E. Martens, S. Clutter, J. Carothers, S. Stark, P. Miller, B. Newlin, E. Noah, T. Harmon, R. Perry, B. Gates, S. Wethington, D. Dusenbury. Middle row: L. Maninger, P. Stucky, R. C. Francis, J. Haclsall, J. Adkisson, J. Nye, L. Hatfield, L. Nichols, E. Newlin, G. Puls, S. Kaufman. Front row: A. Wilson, C. Knorp, M. Noah, K, Wilson, L. Allen, R. Bonham, T. Fankhauser, R. Eichor, S. Downing, J. Yeary, R. Meyer. Doug fights for yardage. FOOTB The Anthony Pirates, under the direc- tion of Coach Strimple, fought hard and captured second in SKL. The Pirates attack the enemy. Whaf'll l do WOW? . .. .... .. ........ . W..- V .. , , .. . V - -. W V. .. Mud cloesn't keep the Pirates from winning against Kinsley. "OK, Coach, Wl'IGf'S l'IlS number?" Anthony ,,, , -----2l Valley Center ,,e,, ,,,,, 2 O Anthony ,,,,, ., ,,,,,,, ,.... l 2 Medicine Lodge O Anthony ee,,7,e,,e fffe . 20 Kinsley -, ffe-, 7 A Anthony W ffff- 7 Mulvane -- e-ffe 20 Anthony W, A---fl 3 Caldwell W -fe-- 26 Anthony ,- efffe Lil Kiowa ,,e.77 7 Anthony ,.,e -fffa f 55 Attica -. e,.. ""-' l 3 Anthony .e,, aff-fa 2 5 Harper e,,. 7 Anthony ,e., "-o" ? 3 Kingman a,., "-a'M Back row: C. Potts, C. Wells, Drosselmeyer, J. Hatfield, D. Maninger, L. Starks. Middle row: J. Brown, R. Couch, L. Huoldleston, J Yeary, G. Sechler, D. Stucky. Front row: C. Ritter, K, Snyder, B. Puls, D. Dodgen, T. Nlangen, D. Hendershot, G. Sherman. Ronnie makes Two more points for lhe Pirates The viciorious Anthony Pirate cagers are: Ronnie Meyer, Les Hatfield, Mick Weiberg, John Carofhers, Curhs Harris, Bill Newlin, Doug Dusenbury, Edward Jones, Avery Wilson, and Cnc? picfuredj Steve Kaufman. Members of the hard-hitting second team are: C. Knorp, G. Puls, R. C. Francis, E. Newlin, T. Harmon, J. Nye, S. Wethington, V. Osborn, W. Anderson, S. Hayter, L. Maninger, and J. Gates. Anthony ....., ..,,.-53 Kingman ,...,, ,,,... 4 7 Anthony ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 8 5 Attica ,.,...... ,...,, 5 3 Anthony .,,-,.48 Caldwell .,,,..,,,,,, ,,,,,. 3 3 Anthony .. ..........,,.. ,...,, 4 6 Medicine Lodge ......, ...47 Anthony .........., ,...., 5 9 Harper ..,. ..,.. H40 Anthony ..... ....... 5 7 Goddard ......., . ...... .62 Anthony ...,.... .... ...46 Valley Center ................ 58 CALDWELL INVITATIONAL Anthony ............ .. .......,... 69 Caldwell Anthony Peabody Anthony Kiowa .,,,. ......,, Anthony Kingman Anthony Attica ..... Anthony Caldwell Anthony Valley Center .,.,. ........ Anthony Medicine Lodge Anthony Cunningham ..... H65 54 44 61 60 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Anthony ..... ....... Kiowa ...... ....... Anthony ..... ....... Harper ......................... . Anthony ..............,......,.. 59 Harper ...... -48 Anthony ..... ....... 6 7 Mulvane ........................ 66 REGIONAL TOU RNANIENT Anthony .,...................... 67 Kinsley .... ....... 5 3 Anthony ..... ....... 5 I Mulvane ..... D54 Assisted by Bill and Ronnie, Mick makes another basket. Doug iumps high and scores. Sponsored by ANTHONY CO-OP TENNIS S. K. L. CHAMPS The Anthony Tennis squad, coached by J. W. Shurley, had a very good season. By meeting stiff doulole "A" competition, the squad gained much valuable experience. This experience helped send both Mick Weiloerg, a sophomore, and Doug Dusenbury, a Senior, to the state tournament. Doug Dusenbury state tennis champ '59-'6Oy '60-'61, Grant Sechler, Jim Hatfield, Curtis Harris, Mick Weiberg, Edward Jones, Avery Wilson. GRANT SECHLER JIM HATFIELD CURTIS HARRIS AVERY WILSON EDWARD JONES MICK WEIBERG PIRATES GOLD 5 'F ' MR. AND MISS JOLLY ROGER DOUG PAM, DUSENBURY WISEGARVER 6I W 1 x . E 9 1 , W Ns " F571'-' A -.,.,.,xNN- ,-gg 1..x- , ff f 3' -' , f .fe?f.." 'f- " ,ff I. t .ff fwavikf' fw- f74'.f"2fw435' ' M' .114-if , 1..1. " " 4".f'.- 12" ! - ' 1-M Vfgegllhfff A4

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