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 - Class of 1950

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Anthony High School - Jolly Roger Yearbook (Anthony, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1950 volume:

9 A!V7'H01VV H16 JCWOOL K ANTHONY MARY I0 -A5 MAR!! 59 W me lCafL0l'l IST ERT MASON, MRS STAN RANDEL MRS GODDARD MRS WALLACE HowAR 2ND ROW ROW MRS GILB RAY Fox, MRS FLOYD D, MRS HOWARD MORTON, MRS V1cToR TRUBY MRS JACK STAPLES, MRS Bos HUDGENS MRS DAN CRANDALL, MRS WALTER WALDSCHMIDT MRS RALPH MCCLELLAN, MRS WALTER NOR LLOYD JONES MRS CHESTER HARRISON T s Den Mothers who have so falthfully ma1nta1ned our youth center, the students of Anthony I-hgh School 1n then' appreczatlon for the Den dedzcate th s 1ssue of the .Tolly Rodger o the Plrate DGREN, MRS Z lll9el'lll fell elif 5 edffage XS Congratulatlons to you members of the student body who are glvlng of your time and energy Ln order that all may have a yearbook. In future years as you look back over your hxgh school days, may thxs book remmd you of all the carefree, happy hours you spent as students here. Good luck and best wlshes ln your endeavor. Wllmot D. Car I' 3 4 'V 5 L Vw-gi. it MW or -. 4 M ,V f HL i GLUE? I MR. HAROLD H. WILLIAMS MISS EMMA JESS PRINCIPAL, CONSTITUTION, INTER- OFFICE SECRETARY NATIONAL RELATIONS, LIFE ADJUST- MENT. '3 MR NORVAL ADAMS MISS CLAUDINE CHAMBERLAIN MISS NATALIE CHAVEY TYPING, SOCIOLOGY ECONOMICS, BOOKKEEPING, SHORTHAND, TYPING, GENERAL SCIENCE BIOLOGY CHEMIS SOPHOMORE SPONSOR YEARBOOK SPON SOR, STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSOR MR CARLE DIX JOURNALISM ENGLISH, BOYS PHYSI CAL EDUCATION BASKETBALL COACH ASS'T FOOTBALL COACH, ASS'T TRACK COACH, SENIOR SPONSOR SENIOR SPONSOR, Y TEEN SPONSOR TRY, SOPHOMORE SPONSOR MISS RUTH DURHAM MRS ESTHER JOHNSON LIBRARIAN, STUDY HALL, ACTIVITY COOKING SEWING, HOME MAKING TREASURER JUNIOR SPONSOR, F H A SPONSOR I ' .v 1 n " n ' ' - ' ' , f . . . , ,Y . 5. va G Im- ' 'I S' A 4' ff RJ ..?.!.lQ,-, T MR. RALPH O. JOHNSTON' MR- LAWRENCE KING MR. DAVID C. MCGUIRE INDUSTRIAL ARTS, MECHANICAL DRAw- ENGLISH, SPEECH, JUNIOR SPONSOR, BAND INOS, FRESHMAN SPONSOR DRAMAWC5 SPONSOR MR SANFORD NEWSOM MISS BONNIE PAISLEY MR DANHEL SHORTER AMERICAN HISTORY, WORLD HISTORY VOCAL MUSIC MATHEMATICS, BOYS PHYSICAL EDU FOOTBALL COACH, TRACK COACH CATION ASS'T FOOTBALL COACH ASSIT BASKETBALL COACH BOYS AsS'T BASKETBALL COACH TENNIS PHYSICAL EDUCATION JUNIOR SPON COACH, FRESHMAN SPONSOR. H' Y SOR SPONSOR MISS BETTY JO UERKVITZ GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION, SENIOR MRS GRACE GATES MR JAMES PRICE SPONSOR SCHOOL NURSE CUSTODIAN 5 Q R ,fl f, X n , ' - I 3 ' ' . , ' I , - - . I Ii' FRANCIS HOOPES CLASS VICE PRESIDENT M3 GLEE CLUB 2,3,M3 MIXED CHORUS 3,hg HI-Y l,23 CABINET 3,N3 STUDENT COUNCIL U3 FUOTBALL l,2,3,Ug BASKETBALL I,2,33 TENNIS 2,33 HI-Y PRES. U. JIM HILTS CLASS PRESIDENT M3 BAND I,2,3,U3 QRCHESTRA I,23 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,H3 MIXED CHORUS 3,M3 VOCAL ENSEMBLES 2,3,Dg INSTRUMENTAL ENSENBLES 2,3,hj HI-Y I, CABINET 2,3,uj CLASS VICE PRESIDENT 33 STUDENT CDUNCIL 2,3,hj FCOTBALL I,2,3,M3 BASKETBALL l,2,3,N3 TENNIS 2,3,53 BAND PRESIDENT 2,3. FREIDA HUDGENS CLASS SECRETARY I,3,Mj MIXED CHCRUS 3,N3 Y-TEEN I,23 CABINET 33 PRESIDENT H3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,M3 STU- DENT CCUNCIL SECRETARY M3 PER CLUB I,2,39 INTRAMURALS l,2,3,A. NORMA ALBRIGHT TRANSFER FRJM JEFFERSDN, OKLA. M3 BQOSTER STAFF My Y-TEEN H3 INTRANURALS H3 THESPIAN U. VERNON ANGLE GLEE CLUB I,2,3,uj MIXED CHORUS 3,Mj BOOSTER STAFF M3 HI-Y I,23 CABINET 33 INTRAMURALS 2,33 FOOT- BALL 2,3,M. PAT ARMSTRONG TRANSFER FROM SPRING TOWNSHIP 33 Y-TEEN 3,H3 PEP CLUB 33 INTRAMURALS 3. ARLENE BETTIS JUNICR PLAY 33 BAND 2,3,Mg GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Hg MIXED CHGRU5 3,Mj INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES 3,33 VOCAL ENSEMBLES 3,U3 Y-TEEN I,2,3,Mj INTRANURAL DIRECTOR I5 STUDENT CYUNCIL 2,33 QUEEN ATTENDANT 33 INTRANURALS I,2,3,M. III 1 U 4 I L MAUREEN BONHAM TRANSFER FROM SPRING TOWNSHIP 3: Y-TEEN 3,ug PEP CLUB 33 INTRAMURALS 3. BOB BURDUE JUNIOR PLAY 35 ALL SCHOOL PLAY I5 GLEE CLUB I9 HI-Y I,2,33 FOOTBALL I,33 BASKETBALL I,2,3,h: TENNIS I,29 THESPIAN U3 CLASS CHEERLEADER U. MARILYN BUTTON JUNIOR PLAY 3g SPEECH ARTS 2,35 BAND I,2,3,Ug ORCHESTRA I,23 GLEE CLUB I: BOOSTER STAFF H3 Y- TEEN I3 CABINET 2,3,hp STUDENT COUNCIL My INTRA- HURALS Ng YEARBOOK STAFF 2,3,U5 THESPIAN 3,M. ED BYRD BOOSTER STAFF 33 INTRAMURAL DIRECTOR 33 INTRA- HURALS 3,U. INEZ COADY BAND l,2,3,hQ GLEE CLUB l,23 Y-TEEN I,2,3,hj INTRAMURALS l,2. KAYE COON GLEE CLUB I,2,3,N5 MIXED CHORUS 3,U9 Y-TEEN I, 2,3,Ug PEP CLUB I,2,33 INTRAMURALS I,2. BETTE COOPER GLEE CLUB I,2,3,h: MIXED CHORUS 3,35 Y-TEEN I,2,3,Ng PEP CLUB I,2,3. INOT PICTUREDI LLOYD CORDWELL GLEE CLUB I,23 BOOSTER STAFF My HI-Y I,2,3,Ng INTRAMURAL DIRECTOR 23 INTRAHURALS I,2,3,Ug FOOTBALL I,2: BASKETBALL l,23 TRACK I. BENNY CROFT HI-Y 33 INTRAHURALS I,2,3,U. SHIRLEY CROOKER ALL SCHOOL PLAY I3 JUNIOR PLAY 33 SPEECH ARTS l,3g BAND I,2,3,U: ORCHESTRA I: GLEE CLUB 2,3,hS MIXED CHORUS ,Up Y-TEEN I,3,N9 CABINET 2: INTRAMURALS I,2, 5 THESPIAN 3,h: YEARBOOK ' STAFF 3,U3 THESPIAN PRESIDENT H. JOAN DENTON GLEE CLUB I,2,3,u2 MIXED CHORUS 3,U: Y-TEEN l,2,3,Ug PEP CLUB I,2,3: INTRAMURALS I,2,3. JOYCE DOCTOR ALL SCHOOL PLAY I5 JUNIOR PLAY 35 SPEECH ARTS I,2,3: BAND l,2,3,U9 ORCHESTRA I,2g INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES 33 BOOSTER STAFF hp CHEERLEADER I,2, 3,Mg PEP CLUB I,2,33 CLASS CHEERLEADER 25 YEAR- BOOK STAFF I,2,3,U5 THESPIAN I,2,3,N. DANNY DONICA BAND l,2,3: ORCHESTRA I,2p MIXED CHORUS 3,Up GLEE CLUB I,2,3,M5 VOCAL ENSEMBLE 2,3,N9 HI-Y I,2,3,h3 INTRAMURALS I: FOOTBALL I,2,3: BASRET- BALL I,2,3,Mg TRACK 2,3. FRANCES DOWNING GLEE CLUB I,25 Y-TEEN I,2,3,U5 PEP CLUB I: INTRAMURALS I. TRAVIS DURR GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Up MIXED CHORUS 3: HI-Y Ig CABINET 2,35 STUDENT COUNCIL 2,35 CLASS CHEER- LEADER 2g INTRAMURALS 2,3,Ug FOOTBALL I,2,3,Hp TRACK l,2,3, i ,L .T llih V--QP NOT PICTURED 'ills 1 avr -5 ,L- PAT FOX ALL SCHOOL PLAY I3 JUNIOR PLAY 33 SPEECH ARTS 2,33 MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,M3 BOOSTER STAFF M3 Y-TEEN I,23 CABINET 3,M3 PEP CLUB I,2,33 QUEEN AT- TENDANT 23 INTRAMURALS I,2,3,U3 THESFIAN M. BONNIE FRANK BAND 2,3,M3 GLEE CLUB I3 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE 33 Y-TEEN l,2,3,u3 STUDENT COUNCIL U3 PEP CLUB I3 INTRA- MURALS I. SHIRLEE GAITHER JUNIOR PLAY 33 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Mj MIXED CHORUS 3,M3 BOOSTER STAFF H3 VOCAL ENSEMBLES 3,43 Y-TEEN I,2,33 CABINET U3 CLASS PRESIDENT I: STUDENT COUNCIL I,23 PEP CLUB I,2,33 INTRAMURALS I3 YEARBOOK 3,U. MONTE GASS ALL SCHOOL PLAY I3 JUNIOR PLAY 33 GLEE CLUB I,2,Mg MIXED CHORUS U3 HI-Y CABINET I,2,3,U3 INTRAMURALS 2,3,M3 THESPIAN 3,U. HAL GATES GLEE CLUB I3 INTRAMURALS 23 FOOTBALL 2,33 BASKET- BALL 2,3. BILL GRABHAM BAND I,2,33 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,uj MIXED CHORUS 3,M3 BOOSTER STAFF kj HI-Y I,2,3,U3 FOOTBALL 2. ATHOL GREEN JUNIOR PLAY 33 GLEE CLUB I3 HI-Y I,3,hQ CABINET 23 PRESIDENT OF CLASS 2,33 VICE PRESIDENT OF CLASS I: STUDENT COUNCIL I,2,3,M3 FOOTBALL I,2,3 M3 BASKET- BALL I.2,3,Ug TRACK I,23 THESPIAN CLUB N. VICTOR HAGER TRANSFER FROM HEMET, CAL. 23 BAND 23 GLEE CLUB 2,3,uj MIXED CHORUS 3,N3 INTRAMURALS 2,33 FOOTBALL 2,3,U. VIOLA HAGER TRANSFER FROM HEMET, CAL. 23 GLEE CLUB 2,3,Us MIXED CHORUS 3,33 Y-TEEN 2,3,hS PEP CLU5 2,3- GEORGIA HAMILTON BAND I,2,3,Ns Y-TEEN I,2.3.U: INTRAMURAL5 l,2. KATHERINE HERN GLEE CLUB 2,3,N3 MIXED CHORUS 3,U7 PEP CLUB 2,33 INTRAMURALS 2,3,U. PAT HOWARD JUNIOR PLAY 3g ALL SCHOOL PLAY I3 BAND I,2, 3,N3 ORCHESTRA I,23 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,N2 MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES I,2,3,U3 BOOSTER STAFF M3 Y-TEEN I,2,3,U: INTRAMURALS I,2,3,hQ THESPIAN CLUB 3,U. JEANNE JOHNSON BAND I,2,3,hQ ORCHESTRA I2 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,uQ MIXED CHORUS 3,N3 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES 3,U3 Y-TEEN l,2,U3 CABINET 33 INTRAMURALS I,2,3,U3 THESPIAN M: INTRAMURAL DIRECTOR 2. MARY JANE JONES BAND 2,3,U3 ORCHESTRA 23 GLEE CLUB I.2,u9 :hurry Q' MIXED CHORUS N3 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES 3,Hg BOOSTER STAFF U3 Y-TEEN I,2,3,N3 PEP CLUB I3 INTRAMURALS l,N. SHIRLEY LAPLANT BAND 2,3,uS GLEE CLUB I,2,3,ui MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 INTRAMURAL DIRECTOR 33 CLASS CHEERLEADER U3 PEP CLUB I,23 INTRAMURALS I,2,3,U. CHARLES LEAR GLEE CLUB I,23 HI-Y I,2,33 INTRAMURALS I,2,uQ FOOT- BALL 39 BASKETBALL I. ANN LYTLE TRANSFER FROM COFFEEVILLE, KS. I3 GLEE CLUB 2,3,uj MIXED CHORUS 3,A3 Y-TEEN I,2,3,RQ INTRAMURALS I,2, 3.U. RUTH MCCANSE BAND I,2,33 ORCHESTRA I,23 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,uQ MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 Y-TEEN I,2,3,N3 PEP CLUB I,23 INTRAMURALS I.2.3,U. CHARLES MCMICHEAL HI-Y I,2,3,h. MARILYN MEYER GLEE CLUB li INTRAMURALS 2,N. JOYCE MONTAGUE GLEE CLUB I-23 Y-TEEN I,2,3,ui PEP CLUB I, MARTHA MONTAGUE GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Rl BOOSTER STAFF Us Y-TEEN l,2, 3,U: INTRAMURALS Ii MIxEO CHORUS 3,U. BOB MOWRY TRANSFER FROM DICKINSON, TEXAS 23 BAND 2,3I HI-Y 3,33 INTRAMURALS 2,3,U. JIM MURREY BOOSTER STAFF hi HI-Y I,2,3,U. DON POWELL BAND I,2,3,u3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,hj MIXED CHORUS 3,53 VOCAL ENSEMBLES 2,3,M3 HI-Y I,2,3,N3 INTRA- MURALS 2,32 FOOTBALL I,3: BASKETBALL I. DUANE PULLIAM BAND I,2,3.MS ORCHESTRA I: MIXED CHORUS 3,h3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,U3 HI-Y 1,23 CABINET 3,U3 STUDENT COUNCIL 3,U3 FOOTBALL I,2,3,uj BASKETBALL l,2, 3,k3 TENNIS l,2,3. DELMAR RANDELS JUNIOR PLAY 33 ALL SCHOOL PLAY I3 BAND l,2, 3,Ui ORCHESTRA l,23 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,h1 MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES M3 HI-Y I, 2,33 CABINET M3 BAND PRES. Us STUDENT COUNCIL hi PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL N3 FOOTBALL I, 2,3,uQ YEARBOOK STAFF 2,31 THESPIAN CLUB 3,U. JOHN REBER TRANSFER FROM HESSTON, KS. 23 GLEE CLUB 23 HI-Y 3,53 INTRAMURALS 2,3,U. 'UF QU! WANDA RICKER Y-TEEN I,2,3,Mg PEP CLUB l,2,3g INTRAMURALS l,2. BOB SHARP TRANSFER FROM SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE 33 BOOSTER STAFF 3g FOOTBALL My BASKETBALL 33 TRACK 3. DEAN STACKFLETH JUNIOR PLAY 35 BAND l,2,3,u3 ORCHESTRA I: GLEE CLUB I,23 HI-Y l,3g CABINET 2,39 INTRAMURALS I,2,Hg BASKETBALL 2,33 TENNIS 2,3g YEARBOOK N. MARY JO STEWART JUNIOR PLAY 33 BAND I,2,3,Ng ORCHESTRA l,23 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,U9 MIXED CHORUS 3,U: VOCAL ENSEMBLES 3,33 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES I,2,3,Ug BOOSTER STAFF Ng Y- TEEN Ig CABINET 2,3,Ug STUDENT COUNCIL 35 VICE PRESI- DENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL 33 INTRAMURALS l,2,3,N. CAROLE STOUT SPEECH ARTS 2,35 BAND lg GLEE CLUB 2,35 BOOSTER STAFF H: Y-TEEN I,2p CABINET 3,U3 PEP CLUB 2,3. BETTY WALKER GLEE CLUB I,2,3,U3 MIXED CHORUS 3,U3 Y-TEEN I, 2,3,U5 PEP CLUB I,2,33 INTRAMURALS 2. LORINE WALKER Y-TEEN I,2g PEP CLUB 3g INTRAMURAL5 l,2. PHYLLIS WALKER BAND I,2,3,Ug ORCHESTRA l,23 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,hg MIXED CHORUS 3,Ug VOCAL ENSEMBLES 3,Ug BOOSTER STAFF U9 Y-TEEN l,2,3,U3 PEP CLUB 35 INTRAMURALS 3,U. MARY JO WARREN BAND I,2,3,Ng ORCHESTRA I,23 GLEE CLUB Mg MIXED CHORUS Ng INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES 3,Ng CHEERLEADER l,2,3,M: Y-TEEN I,2,3g CABINET Up VICE PRESIDENT OF CLASS 23 CLASS CHEERLEADER I,33 STUDENT COUNCIL 33 PEP CLUB l,2,3: INTRA- MURALS I,2,3,Ug YEARBOOK STAFF I,2,3,Ug YEARBOOK EDITOR U. NORMAN WHEALY GLEE CLUB I3 INTRAMURALS I,2,3,hg FOOTBALL I: TRACK 3. WAYNE WHITNEY GLEE CLUB I,2: HI-Y I,2,3,h5 INTRAMURAL DI- RECTOR U3 INTRAMURALS I,2,3,hj FOOTBALL I3 BAS- KETBALL Ii TRACK I. SHIRLEY WOHLGEMUTH GLEE CLUB Ir2,3,uj MIXED CHORUS 3,Ng VOCAL ENSEMBLE 3,Ug Y-TEEN I,2,3,U: INTRAMURALS l,2. CHARLES WOOD TRANSFER FROM BLUFF CITY 33 HI-Y 3,Mg INTRA- MURALS 3,H. JANET COGLIZER WOODY JUNIOR PLAY 34 BAND I,2,33 ORCHESTRA I3 GLEE CLUB l,2,3g MIXED CHORUS 39 INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLE l,2,35 BOOSTER STAFF U5 Y-TEEN lg CABINET 2,3g INTRAMURALS l. uniom -xv PHIL DONICA: President: a man he was, to all the class dear. GERALD CULLOP: Vice-President: What a timeg what a civilization! GLENN TAGUE: Secretary-Treasurerg I will sit down now,but the time will come when you will hear me. DONNIE ALBERT: The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. GERALD BARNARD: Now or never was the time. .TIM BASSFORD: He doth nothing but talk of his horse. VALERIA BEVINGTON: Ask me no ques- tions, I'll tell you no lies. ALMA CHISM: I'll be with you in the squeezing of a lemon. NINA CRITTENDEN: Never look for birds of this year in the nests of last. NORMA JEAN DAVIS: The very flower of youth. .TACK DENNY: The windy satisfaction of the tongue. BETTY DENTON: What now if the sky were to fall. MARSH DOCTOR: The world, the flesh, and the devil. DICK DOWNING: I've had my day and my philosophy. PHILLIP ELLIOTT: Silence gives consent. BILLY GALLOWAY: I love everything that's old--old friends, old times, old books and old wine. DON GERING: While we stop to think we often lose our opportunity. FRANK GODDARD: It is not every question that deserves an answer. VIRGINIA GODDARD: Let thy words be few. DON HALBOWER: Few men make them- selves master of what they speak and write. KWH' 9 . 7? he D Yin? F' if' PARKER HARRISON: The greater man, the greater courtesy. DEE HATFIELD: I was not always aman of woe. FRANK HODSON: Preserve me from un- seasonable and immoderate sleep. PAT HODSON: Though I'm always in haste, I'm never in a hurry. JOYCE HOOPES: Life is a jest and all things show it: I thought so once and now I know it. PAT JONES: He seems so near and yet so far. PEGGY JONES: Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. JOYCE JOYNER: Laugh and be fat. JIIVI KASTENS: To blow and swallow at the same moment is not easy. ZORA LEWIS: This day I've lived! EVELYN LONG: If Icould believe it, I could believe anything. RITA JO LOVELADY LEAR:Everywoman should marry--but no man. JACK LYNAM: I did not care one straw. NORMA JEAN LYTLE: Living from hand to mouth. ALBERTA MCCANSE: Far too much rest itself becomes a pain. DAR YL MCCOY: Curse the pedestrians, full speed ahead! PEGGY MEADOR: Far from gay cities and the ways of men. JERRY MILLER: The enduring elegance of female friendship. 12 SUE MONTAGUE: Better late than never. if JOHNNY MOORE: Ilove fool's experiments. GAYE MORTIMER: Let the world slide. FREDDIE MORTON: I'l1 not budge an inch. VERLAN NEAL: It is easier to be brave from a safe distance. GENEVIEVE PATTERSON: My name's as true as steel. MELVIN PHILLIPS: Much may be said on both sides. JOYCE RICKER: A horse! A horse!My king- dom for a horse! HAROLD RYAN: Be wisely worldly, be not worldly wise. DARLENE SCHEEL: There's a time for all things. ERNIE SCHMIDT: In the life of a young man, the most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship. NANCY STAPLES: I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing. VIRGINIA STARK: My appetite comes to me while eating, CAROL SUNDERLAND: A rolling stone gathers no moss. BOB TEMPLIN: Love me, love my dog. DULCENIA TOWER: Tush! Tush! Fear boys with bugs! MARY VELASQUEZ: No one knows what he can do till he tries. JACK WALKER: There is no wisdom like frankness. MARY ALICE WILSON: Oh! You bug you! 1-A, IDU! 'C 'i""'ff I a 5 4 .,.J -3 ' I ' - -1' 43.47 'V A . ' , ana A.. ' fr 'm Qf '9 ig ff? 3 A "- , fqfg- dv 'iw n '31 J, 'sa' -1505 .ty ""' I2 nh, l f 1 ,N , -as Q 'ft '09 'asf 5 0,9 0l'l'l0I'25 Lilburn Durr VICE PRES. Glenn Hoopes PRESIDENT Bill Swinson SEC'Y.-TREAS. LeVona Allen Eula Armstrong Shirley Armstrong Walter Asper Peggy Babcock .Tack Bevington .Toyce Bonham Clarice Bowersock Phyllis Browning Gene Byrd Christine Christiansen Susie Fox .Tack Franklin .Tean Gaither Marvin Grandstaff Lois Hamilton Dwight Hatfield Connie Hayter Gary Henderson Wanda Holt .Toe Hopkins Roberta Hudgens Frances .Tones .Terry Laird NOT PICTUR ED: .Tewell Duvall Benida Lear Bill Lear Marllyn Longland Albert McCanse Vada McClellan Earl Meeks Patty Mitchell Paul Montague Dick Moore Eleanor Morgan Patsy Moyer Sammie Otis Don Parkerson Larry Patterson Robert Patterson Philip Price Myrtle Raberding Proc Randels Don R ansom Gerald Rousseau Neal Scott .Tack Sechler Sue Seth Richard Standrich Max Truby .Toyce Turrentine Pnn Walker Sue Walker Martha Wallace Bob Whealy Billy Wilson Dean Wohlgemuth Linda Woody NOT PICTURED: Floyd Mardis Wanda Turner 1 Y 'fbi 4 'Q fs Q: n f S 0 4 . .- l Q. , , I A I - 1" li. 6, ,, ,, ,x L 4 ' -H f v 'P 1 an . Y W ' r N , l 'IAA' nl . A ,4 l ' L Y " ii W 5 fl .5 'ttf l ' 3 ' P L o P X 1. v A gig ff -- 'i W Q fa ,rg Y K , in ' .A .24 """ , if x H, f ' Lf I . lfl A ,..r 1:1 ,, g rg- ' ., 4 kt ov- it -A X IA! X 1 -A I Fda c - f-3 ,6 .Q .fm Ia iz 14 P f, -.5 1 " "' l 'L' 1 I . , 9 X If 1 ve? a I f Ri Aifixxlllf' L, fn , J- lm 1 1' f 1.1 an F 1' I ,Q I3 ,!" ..- an-v , -51 IU AHHQKQJ ' 5 .,,, M Hp? 'ffl qv -A: .4-tv I IX A9 X 1 J ,J-' f . 3 ff ,f w .rg .,, .f 'ml jf Q3 Q 439' ,N V rv 1 z 43-"J I fs: .1 ,, Aj,- ' wwf 75 Q --f - Q .,,.,,,,,R .av 1 -,.4. ws Qu" ." 553' 0 ' 5' ff ..lf-.- Za 5 YV 4M X7 Qtr- j?l"215AI'l'lel'l Martha Meyer VICE PRES. Jim Donica PRESIDENT Wynona Bettis SEC'Y.-TREAS. Bob Alley Cordon Angle Beverly Bailey Donelda Christiansen J. E. Coady Roberta Cordwell Glenn Crow Richard Dickey Bill Dipert Joyce Downing Jerry Duncan Charles Elliot Lewanna Fox Wesley Caddy Patsy Grasser Sam Harlan Darrel Hawley Jack Helms Margaret Hunter Velma Jones .Tim Lear Virginia Lewis Lina Long Milford Lynarn Richard McKnight Gilbert Mason Cleta Mayo Roland Mitchell Patty Pooler Charlene Reneau Donna Rife Charles Seiple Billie Simon Shirley Starks Miles Tade Bob Truby Don Truby Shirley Turner Sue Underwood Earl VanRankin .Tim Walker Joyce Warnock Lee Whitaker Clarice Wilson Dean Goddard CLASS CHEERLEADER Norma Thoma s C LASS C HEER LEADER NOT PIC TUR ED: Tom Kastens A V3 5 'L rw gi -+3 1 'If . I I .lzi 1 " fs: , .., .Q , if 'YI' I 4. LA. 4, ' I r, ,, ' 'n Su 'NY ,dl ... I 2 35 7, , '75 4:5 . '79 , ir? , ...sw XJ f J X fl I' l fun 1' " 1- I? lf',5 an ,- ' - A. ' u M l i is f ix FS! S-S-S-Seniors, wonderful Seniors You're the only C-C-c-class That we adore. Oh we Freshmen, lowly Freshmen We'11 be kneeling at your feet For ever more. mi P05 lH'lClIfl n Illia Hon Don Halbower Music Chairman Jim Murrey Duane Pulliam Devotional Chairman Vice President .Tim Hilts Secretary Harold R yan Program Chairman Jerry Laird World Friendship Chairman Glenn Hoopes Membership Chairman Jaw Soup's On!!! This was a part of the Hi-Y Social held in the school gym. Incidentally, those good looking girls are a few of the Y - Teen guests. Glenn Tague Service Chairman Daniel A. Shorter Sponsor -IL Am Monte Gas s Social Chairman Dean Stackfleth Publicity Chairman Larry Patterson Treasurer Francis Hoopes President ,431- The purpose of our Hi-Y Club is to create, main- tain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the school and community. 'S 22115 if 1-1 R' FAT Fox, Y-TEEN CABINET - SEATED, LEFT TO RTGRT: Sv-HRLEE GATTHER, Sores LEADE , TREASURER: CONNIE HAYTER, SECRETARYQ FREIDA HUDGENS, PRESIDENTQ ALMA CHISM, VICE-PRESIDENTQ MARY Jo WARREN, WORST-UP CHAIRMAN. STANDING: MARY Jo STEWART, PIANISTQ BETTY OENTOR, Musuc CHAIRMANQ M155 CHAMBERLMN, SPONSORQ VTRGINTA GODDARD, PUBLICITY CHAIRMANQ JEAN GMT:-TER, SOCIAL CHAIRMANQ JoYcz HOOPES, WORLD FRTE NDSRTP CHANRMAN. T PURPQSEZ .-To a f ell - Devoted to the tZ:ihiP of women and girls gi realizing in our com 056 ideals of TUOII life . pe go which we are cijsrlot and social Hving I Y Oilr faith as Christi I. ted V? this endeavor ans. 9 Seek t T0 share Zigricoerstand Jesus And to grow ve for all people nowledge and love of Godu ffsnvm or nmmns mornin-nnusnrfn BHHUUEI zo -Num "'- W , ., In KJ LL.. ya,.4.,,,4 LSL! THE MEMBERS OF THE STAFF OF THE 1950 JOLLY ROGER HAVE PREPARED THIS ANNUAL WITH THE HOPE THAT IN THE FUTURE YEARS IT WILL HELP You TO REcALL THE DAYS AT A.H.S. AND BRING BACK POND MEMORIES. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: SHIRLEY CROOKER, PHIL DONICA fSECRETARYI, JOYCE DOCTOR fBUSlNESS MANAGERI, MARY Jo WARREN fEDITOR2, NANCY STAPLES, SHIRLEY GAI- THER, VANDA HDLT. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: MARVIN GRANDSTAFF, JIM DoNIcA, GLENN HOOPES, DEAN STACKFLETH, MR. NORVAL ADAMS fSPONSORJ, JIM BASSEORD, JOYCE WARNOCK, MARTHA MEYER, LEVONA ALLEN. NOT PICTURED: MARILYN BUTTON fASSlSTANT EDITORJ. .S?uc!enf Counci D DEL DR. AN 3poN5 HOOL. S: D SC L ADAM VERNE A NORVA ENT GO F-REID ON OF A STUD ADAMS: IRECTI A H.S- ORVA7- TURNER' PERT D AKING ' . MR- N WANDA THE EX B IN M RIGHT' Nook, DUANE UNDER INE JO FT To YCE WAR HILTS' ,NCILv E A F w LE D JO JIM E STUDENT COLNT, HAVE DON UD FRONT QORGINIA GODDAR A-THOL GREENIJIM DOWCA' TH SID PRO ' ' OP ANDELS, PRE AN BE VERY NORMAUDAVIS. GERALD CULL CENN HOOPEST R THIS' VE C SUNDERI-AND' TO R'GHT: L DON'CA' G or LE EFT PHI HUDGEN5v C123 BACK ROwERkNcIS HOOPES' E FRA . DEL5n BQNNI RAN DEL Mn PULLIA 21 It 'QE C QQPACIJQPJ THE FOUR GIRLS YOU HONORED TO BE YOUR CHEERLEADERS FOR 'U9 '50 ARE, BACK ROW ROBERT HUOGENS, SOPHOMORE, CAROL SUNDER LAND, JUNIOR FRONT ROW MARY JO WARREN, SENIOR, J YCE DOCTOR, SENIOR TI-IE FOUR OF' US WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION TO YOU FOR YOUR CO OPERATION H N CREATE A BETTER SCHOOL SPIRIT WE HAVE EVERY REASON TO BE PROUD F' OUR SCHOOL, OUR TEAM, AND OUR SPORTS MANSHIP GUARD IT WELL AND ALWAYS AIM FOR A HIGHER GOAL ESPECIALLY ON BEHALF OF THE TWO SENIOR HEERLEAOERS, wE' L K S Y, 'THIS WAS A WONDERFUL YEAR ONE WE SHALL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA IS THE NEWEST ORGANIZATION IN A.H.S. THIS SPRING THEY TOOK A TRIP TO TOPEKA. BETTY DENTON WAS INSTALLED AS VICE-PRESI- DENT OF THE STATE F.H.A. BACK ROW: BRONNING, CORDWELL, THOMAS, STARKS, Fox, RIFE, LEAR. FOURTH ROW: TURNER, LEWIS, DAVIS, BEVINGTON HERN C. CHRISTEN- SEN, BONHAM. THIRD ROW: D. CHRISTENSEN, F. JONES, NARNOCK, ALLEN, SUNDERLAND I CRITTENDEN, DENTONa STAPLES, SCHEEL. SECOND ROW: LONG, MEYER, PATTERSON, V. JONES, RENEAU, WILSON, MCCANSE, STARR, WALKER. FIRST ROW: MRS. JOHNSON, SPON- SOR, BAILY, HUNTER, ARMSTRONG BETTIS, DONNING, MAYO, UNDERWOOD, HOOPES. E TI-I EJ BOOSTER Volume 30 Anthony Hxgh School. Jarluuy 17 1950 Number 7 Indians Wm Over W"""f Rules Agam K'Wi'1'S Cl1bH0f10fS Pirate Hoo sters Plrales Friday 47 43 2:23.53 S:f::fxi'asE2LL.?23 "me 1116011 Hoopslm Foul fought tween thony dxans The se game though a two perxod. Thls any o 1n tha 6 foot made for 34 ters o had a lead o sharps forwal Bott 18 fxel Pxrate thougl throw average vumpa dxans 44 per cent they 1 7 of them and Medxcme 11 Except for first qua cme Lodge was ahead of each perlod score 1 29 31 and 4 The Fr1day mght 7 15 I league standmg ln U 9 Medlcme Lodge I Ne man Ca1dwyellK1o F W Attxca eafur Anthony play D01-gs rlday nlght at Hugl, Wxlbur Faces Facts tomorrow P I p lo Tourna I ne of Play Jodge ment .fodge Je ln most awmg teams Every com on to e sec have Y! C 1 state X TW date Wm lst Semester Staff Med! st L ULITLA to complete the etltxon such as thls al squad good ex lst tough ball clubs :lay mg several games T wln e Anthony would have e games on consecu 0 5.0 are numbt rs am ented to Sunderland The tale wlll be el no 41' 1, ld danc Vernon mdeman so' E 1 ham ani OPS chosenb pea dent boc' Ufes Jan 01 Ae Jones because of thexr league Joyce Ibnght Kxngman next Tuesday uw IIU5 ral dances Hrole Struggle of vu l c Judges ew pat ufion mon Scare S ,ess 'Hee G Fox Jth Amerxcan p0nSor Mgr PEI? H a'fh,, 1 The Sw an Mar 2.111113 WW0ody at least two games as s Thc Busmess a alk 1 t b kat gram Inna ary Mont 6, a consoa lon rac Hun Make U gefs Ve JO Ste agile oys expected to make the F5011 weft J Bassford B Burdue Allc Adws oyd An I Ow loulluw JlC2rM"'r:.rd graduate ofthe P14110 'owfor Ca Cord ge 'OP D Domca A Green J The rn nt s wxth mf' The pott d ord of man le u o ar second Qwa os team h owa The ony at son CU day 4-Kiowa 5 Harper 6--Caldwell ro! Swell X Carle DOIN lk Ie DI urther ns and xn he Thuls 1n ob rxte to of he who IS xr High on Frl mary 20 ol ngman 'Iefllcme am Ar Znd Semester Staff hat are 5 ' "' -16611 CX tcnded from one to two days at the request of many of the coach oxer the country are muted to Compamst attend It as a good opportumty to learn new methods of dxrect 830 Monday ln as well as coordmatlng prac gram was a Success and also Remarks slgmfy that the pro U I ' ' ' u u I ' . .U ' nh D 4, Y - , -, 1 ' 1 ev-4 nm... nm va..--..sf - ti 7 l L ' " ' - 5 1 , A A ' t 1 ' 5 r. 1 1 th I fx, r . 7 5 5 v .ff i l l t' ' : B u , Ulf -... -.. W , , , , . ' y 2 0 0 . . 5 t S rs . . , . X , , .. l . 2 , In ,., - - 1 ., " - I is , y J llg " ' , 4 0 ' 17-2 , . - , - 1 6 ' - dt K 5 I 0 ' th . s 1-' . ' ' , df P. " X t "'e'Mf2ry - -A 3 . C e . '11 Iv S 111. 7713 E ,' ' ' ,1 , ' , ' - S e -V ' Iarllyn Bstout 1 Dream," derlan Sport P Janet Dffcfol, ,ich team is assured of 5 '- ., ,--- ' -..,g V yn u - I " . U d ' . .' . . 5 'H e t ' ' Y N l, D. , V t . an ., t I 1 '11, to . f 1 l t ' A A '- X 3 ' ' x S, An- . X ,J" 6 . .iv ,. a A 2 e, 1 t ,Q 1. 3-M 'UMC HW 1-t 1 J'---H -- ---- , M... .-hs. ...e-.mne was a - H., .,,....,,,...,,., .,,,,, . ' ' ' g . ' 1 1 I I Zi h F 1- . ' nc, n , ' the ro ram ave eo e 7 JS ggjlme gaby Site? C6 l"CLI'l6!Cl6! 39,95 Obit v 77 so ' 3.6 1 v'hu .. ABOVE DARYL MARY RYAN, ALMA MARSH GLENN PAT H AT THE LEFT IS THE CAST OF THE SEN- IOR CLASS PLAY WHICH PERFORMEO BE- FORE A RECORD BREAKING AUDIENCE OF ALL CLASS PLAYS. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: MONTE GASS, LAWRENCE KING QOIRECTORI, PAT HOWARD, INEZ COADY, MARY JO STEWART, CHARLES MCMICHAEL, TRAVIS DORR. STA DIN3, LEFT TO RIGHT: JOYCE DOCTOR, DEL RANOELS, SHIRLEY CROOKER, SHIRLEY LAPLANT, KATHRINE HERN, PAT Fox, CAROLE STDUT, BOB MOWRY. MEMBERS OF THE STAGE CREW KNOT PICTURED, ARE PHYLLIS WALKER, DEAN STACKFLETH, WAYNE WHITNEY, BENNY CROFT, LLOYD CORONELL, DAN DONICA, ATHOL GREEN, VERNON ANGLE, VIC HAGER, SHIRLEY GAITHER, NORMA AL- BRIGHT, ANN LYTLE, PAT Fox, JOYCE DOCTOR, FRIEDA HUDGENS, BILL GRAB- HAM, NORMAN WHEALY, MARY JC WARREN, DON POWELL. f IS THE CAST AND THE STAGE CREw OF THE JUNIOR CLASS PLAY- LEFT T0 RIGHT '51 MQCOY, NANCY STAPLES, ERNIE SCHMIDT, NCRMA LYTLE, PEGGY JONES, EVELYN LONG, ALICE WILSON, ZCRA LEWIS, LAWRENCE KING QBIRECTGR7, MARY VELASQUEZI HAROLD DON HALBUWER, DARLENE SCHEEL, FRANK GLDDARD, FREOOIE MORTON, VIRGINIA GODOARD, CHISM, PEGGY MEADOR, JERRY MILLER, DOLCENIA.TOwER, JOYCE HOOPES, PHIL DONICA, DOCTOR. STAGE CREw MEMBERS KNOT PICTUREDJ ARE GAYE MORTIMER, N'NA CRITTENUENI TAGOE, GENEVIEVE PATTERSON, CAROL SUNDERLAND, VERLAN NEAL, GERALD BARNARD, ODSON, ALBERTA MCCANSE, VIRGINIA STARR. 24 YQ iw? 'f :My 2.7 ramaficd .- SPEECH ARTS: PICTURED ABOVE ARE THE THIRTEEN CONTESTANTS WHO PARTICIPATEO IN SPEECH FESTIVALS THIS SPRING, FIVE IN THE S.K.L. SPEECH FESTIVAL, TWELVE AT THE DISTRICT FESTIVAL AT WICHITA, AND FOUR AT THE STATE SPEECH FESTIVAL AT LAWRENCE. CN THE BACK ROW ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT: NORHA THOMAS! LAWRENCE KING, SPONSORS MONTE GASSQ PH L DONICAQ JEANNE JOHNSON. MIDDLE ROW: PATSY MOYERL PATRICIA Fcxg PATR:CIA HOWARD: NANC' STAPLESL SHIRLEY GAITHERQ JOYCE DOCTOR. FRONT ROW: MARVIN GRANOSTAEF: JIM DONICAS M LES TADE. SPONSOR, MISS MARGUERITE GRISWOLD, NOT PICTURED. fl ' C7 6 edldtafl ll 'Y Q 1' I 1 I IT C , fqf.g' MEMBERS ,F THE ANTHONY HIGH SCHLOL THESPIAN CLUB ARE, BACK ROW, LEFT TU RIGHT: MARSH DOCTfR: LAWRENCE KING, SPONS'RQ DON PCWELLL LILBURN DURRQ DARTL MCCOY5 DELNAR RANOELS: D:N HALBOWER2 MONTE GASS: ATHSL GREENQ PHIL D:NICAg JIM DCNICA. MIDDLE ROW: PAT HONARDQ PAT Fcxg PHYLLIS NALKERQ MARY ALICE WILSONQ DULCENIA TONERQ NCRMA JOHNSONQ NANCY STAPLESQ INEZ COADY. JOYCE HCOPES: ALMA CHISHp SHIRLEY CRQOKERQ ALBRIGHT. FRONT RON: JZYCE DZCTORS JEANNE Z5 X My .l ,BQ f 'Q HAND PERSONNEL RQAN, M :R ELEAN GRANDSTAFF, MARVIN E SCHEEL DARLE NEAL SCJTT DEL5 RA W 2 Q Z Z O Z E S x 'X T w J Db A 2 N BASSOON FERT. D LL Y AKLR, B1 1 wr LLE RYAN, LD AR SON ARR PARKER DENNY JAQK TUBAS A RG L G AM LL P DUANE LA N L D P WARD AT WAR MAQY J NET? CLAR 1 E Q P 4 Q 2 4 2 z 4 C 5 Gi 2 b A F w 1 ITLHLLL M TY , PAT nADY C INEZ STAPLES, NANCY N PATTER5 EVE ENEV G RLERS TW A L NDA W ODY A S ARK, V RG N JDNES JANE MARY MARTHA WALLAQE P Y N J AN J SAXOP ONE, N Nf J ANNF DRUM NAJOR M RK Mcuu UAV D L D RECTOQ L w RA Z BDARO A G V Ru N WARREN J , MARY L N ARL ORN1 FRENC 4, . ig Z . N U f z Q 4 2 U L w C 3 3 - 4 4 4 P . 4 g 4 H14 U J P 5 I 4 l ' - 4 y 4 Z 2 L'Y.J'N7'L.P- 11 4 - M J W Q I J b 4 1 - 51 Z y r w 2 A ' x 5 ' Z Z 1 .v, 2 E Qi-6 Z . 4 M 4 T 4 .J Z E - m J Z g ' Q sg 5 . f 2 . 5 3 , ..,. QD 4 I 4 3 1 TT C Q 24 Bcw z'fH .AE wif ' ES M 3 - 4 3 P U J J A 3 - ' ' R Q , D 4 - J Q ' U ' J I y 4 Z - - A , - I z z 1 Q z L 3 4 4 - P A - f 1 A 3 A 5 U U' - 3 Z Z - A ' 4 Z Q .. ' -- L - x m m 1 L w E ' 1 Z M 4 ' v E L 3 O U 0 f 3 A f , ,E :n , 2 :,., - R T 2 - U 4 A . 2 Q O m m 3 - 1 X 3 - P U 4 - - 4 4 U P w Q 4 D W A A r. .J - w n Q X - Q A E . J F V J M J LJ H r 3 Q Z C J L 4 m . Y . N Z , j 1 5 : L - m - Q z z - '3 R w ' Y if 5-S z w - A 3 - H Z T m E fl -'L S . P I 4 Q m A - ' z f - 1 , Z - J ' 1 ' Q J , 1 - - U y - Q 2 m . 5 L F 'P 5 - Z 4 U . , - - Y -4 it B Z L P 3 : 3, 4 J T 9 4 Z P 1 . - - 4 - 4 Z P g Z , 2 , J Z 2 22 2 E 3, 3 Z Z o , , 4 ' 4 f 0 Z z i 4 Q 4 - - - 4 T I 2 ' I T 4 - - 1 A 4 1 Z A g 5 1 Q 1 Q Q - 4 - Z J ' 9 . H Q z - 4 L K 4 1 4 F I 1 -I Z I - - Q 2 f - 1 1 4 i - - f - is-3 1 i:'-'i1 1 4 Q - E I - I - Z 5 H . H W Z - r 1 z 4 - Q Z 2 U ' - 1 R 2 A I . , E - 1 7 - 4 , - A ' 3 1 2 I - g 2 4 I Q 4 . Y, E 4 Q - - 3 - ..' - Z 1 Q - - A Z A - ' Z - ' X : P 4 ' - H Q L 1 f : ' - m - 4 A 5 4 0 1 i J Z Q H - W f - J C L H ' : ' E 5 T 7 Q H ' 5 Z 2 m - - V H 1 H ? J Z r - Q 9 - w H L 2 U O I - I P m 0 - A : H 1 - m P M , - 4 9 ' - 4 Z D O K I - W M P V Z J 2 4 1 4 4 - i O g I Z Z D Y W 1 U l'l5fl"l1lfl'lQlfl fd H5801 Q5 BRASS SEXTETTE DEL RANDELS, DON GERING ARLENE BETTTS MARY J WARREI JACK DENNY, DON HALBOWER TRUMPET TRIO J M HIL S, DARYL MCC Y, GLLNN TAGUE ,QPQEQD 9 v CLARINET QUARTET MARY JO STEWART PAT HowARD PHIL DONICA SUE SETH SAX QUARTET JOYCE HOOPES, JEANNE JOHNSON MARY JANE JONES BONNY FRANK Z8 R gf 54,4 'V The Bo s and Glrls Glee Clubs and the Mlxed Chorus under the dlrectlon of Mlss Bonnle Parsley have made a flne showlng thls year At the S K L and the Dxstrxct Musxc Festlvals the boys recelved a ratxng of 2 the glrls a ratlng of 1 and the Mlxed Chorus recelved a 1 Thls IS a record of whxch we can all be proud F Aff kj wr""' N. 29 ffggggx X - J W x I I Wg! 7 X 0 ff' if OCC!! LIHJQHIAAJ GIRLS' SEXTETTE I .3 ov' lo ,. as Mi 47 we Q 0 'wx' fd G5 Q2- O0' GK: Q' ,L- Q 9 'Y 'Z A? 4' 0 -xx 6 1 Z' N0 Qi' " Gif, fb 'bf '20 Q Q3 .lf 1- ew iff 5 V O6 Qv ! 'RX 5 X XX I f I, Rf? fmf X BOYS' QUARTET '5 5 5 QQ X Wt' Danny Donica, Don Halbower, Don Powell, .Tim Hilts. GIRLS' TRIO Joyce Hoopes, Nancy Staples, Mary Alice Wilson. L 'sbs ' iano .giuclenfd 43 . 'I .- : 1 ia I w LEFT TO RIGHT: LINA LONG, RO- BERTA CORONELL, NANCY STAPLES AND MRS. WOOOOELL. Another dlvlslon of the A H S muslc department IS made up of the ptano students of Mrs Wooddell and Professor Snyder Several recltals were glven LH the past school year by these two groups whxch were enjoyed by all who attended LEFT TO RIGHT PEGGY MEADER, EULA ARMSTRONG SHIRLEY TURNER SHIRLEY WOHLGE MUTH CLARICE BOwERsocK AND PROFESSOR SNYOER JO' 31 5 : I" 'iffy' 'fl I ,J 'Ar Q l Wlnners ofthe Glrls Tennis Doubles glve a hearty hand shake followmg the Lntra mural champxonshlp match at whlch Pat Howard and Mary .To Warren won fxrst wlth Lols Hamxlton and Susxe Fox placlng second In case you re wonderxng thats Pat Fox there Lnstead of Susxe who was not avallable f r plcture at the tune you re out"" :NF gil U' 6 yJlCa 6 l4CCltlOI'l Mlss Betty Uerkv1tz Gnrls Physlcal Educatxon Instructor -'h'..jrr"- ' 5 rrsfHU"3 Q ,itil lm! wsu . 3 im "L -tfv Bat er up" "thu:-1 -rug '-lbxmscry, 9064 "4" 'W Nlna Crlttenden and Genevleve Volley Ball our favorxte mdoor game 32 Patterson at the Shuffle Board As to the ldentlflcatxon of the two at the far end of the floor YOUI' gl.1eSS LS EIS good as Ol11'S F Q ' , J f ', ' JT A . e A S A A X X fbw Q , 2 .M , fy., t L 4 a 5 fl'v 1. A i . v'f ,-- M N . ' , .. JJ' fl 'iff Q L . . , . ' h . - 4 V V, I ' ' if ax y,ys ' I v V X ,jf K y , ' 3' 1 1 ' ' ' ' K ' 'ff , ' e-1. , t , I ' I ,V K 'y I : ' Wi' 1 ' Q 4 . O a 4 I A N g I ' ' M A vt A t fi, Strike three and fr 'N -. rf 5, "1 Z ' .. . ,aw X 1--V A . ' .. .ffii . . ' G H - L, .elim 4. AA Q...,M,j.:3lSx'.s.i,-,.. .44-' fe 'M f' ' '1 ' ' A .u., ,gg . Q -- A 1 '--f 1 , ' . . . . If P 'x ' .- A , , Ogrf fm. .Qnframura A g y we Mr Ralph Johnston Boys Intramural Du-ecgor Some fast actxon m the champlonshxp basketball game between the .Tunxors and Senlor A Incldental ly the .Tunxors won The Freshman and Sophomore scooter football teams played an exhlbltlon game between the halves of the Caldwell Anthony basket ball game The result was a hard fought O O tle '5- 33 5 my . I , - , . I 1 . I N3 . 1 , 9 g . I gy I r y yy n 3 N is V , , raw -, . ai V! W nee' Oa' 96, DQ Coe Q G gf- Oro S 12 Gait W5 14 fALfLC:i Owe een Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony joofgaf SEASON SCHEDULE W1nf1e1d'5 Planevlewif Oxfordi Med Lodge Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Ewlfefga ff SEASON SCHEDULE Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony 11'Non-League Game s Caldwell Pratt 5' Kxowa Attlca Harper Med Lodge PIBHSVICWE Kingman Kxowa Attica Harper Pratt? Med. Lodge Caldwell Planevxewft Kingman overtxme DODGE Anthony 35 Anthony 37 Anthony 3 7 Klowa Klngman Attlca Harper CITY TOURNAMENT Almena Dodge Clty Jetmore R EGIONAL TOUR NAMENT Anthony 46 Anthony 3 6 Anthony 3 2 Caldwell Med. Lodge Kingman League Record: Txe for thlrd with? C . a 69 o 12 A ox! ip V 5 7 44 q t 4 1 ' ,' 6 I i V 2 7 ' ' 1 13 6 ' 13 6 ' 12 0 ' 19 43 2 0 6 ' 18 26 . 7 7 34 Anthony O Caldwell 12 4'Non League games 54 46 27 ' 34 48 ' 41 45 32 P 34 42 24 ' 49 . 47 46 37 ' - 39 22 ' 27 35 37 37 52 36 51 42 40 26 32 46 43 57 . . 45 48 . 54 ' 50 38 36 C ' J 34 ' wms and 5 losses. joofgaf MEMBERS OF A.H.S.'S FOOTBALL SQUAD ARE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! FRANCIS HOOPES, EARL VAN RANKIN, RICHARD DICKEY, BILL SWINSSN, Tim KASTENS, JIM LEAR, EQOIRIAENT MANAGER JOHNN-A MOORE. SECOND ROW: ATHCL GREEN, GERALD CULLOP, BOE TENPLIN, LILBURN DURR, DEL RANDELS, FRANK GOOOARO, JIM HILTS. THIRD ROW: ASSISTANT COACH CARLE DIX, VERNLN ANGLE, B.LL LEAR, VICTOR HAGER, PROC RANDELS, LARRY PATTERSLN, COACH SANDY NEWSOM. FOURTH ROW: D CK DONNING, PHILLIP PRICE, RGBERT PATTERSON, PARKER HARRISON, PAUL MCNTAGUE, JERRY DONQAN, GLENN HOOPES, WALTER ASPER. FIFTH ROW: HAL GATES, DOANE PULLIAM, JACK SECHLER, EOE SHARP,,J M KASTENS, TRAVIS DORR, BILL GALLOWAY, BOB ALLEY. PIHHIES HI PRHCIIIIE 7 , xZLf"TM 9 1,2 f I 'x ,, 4' Ng' .gf J" x M.-vw YH.-fe 'S "ir I N 3, S. I kv? xxx Q 36 nil 'T' IE? 2 ' II I yy 4 A 0 + fi. MEM5 MENT AT ' ' - S FI KING RST SQ PULLIAM MAN, ARE FIRS UAD, MUCH WO CARL I MAX TROBY G T ROW, LEFT N THIRD PLACE E DIX A ' ERALO C TO RIGHT. 'N THE 'JERR 1 SMSTANT C ULLOP, JIM ' DARYL MCCO REGWNAL TOU ERS gp A H S I Y LAIRD, EIL OACI-I SANDY NE HIL1-S, DANNY Y, AWOL GRE RNA- L SwINSO WSOM P DON EN N RO ICA, A DOA I SUIT MANAGFSR ERE RANDELS, JW BAS SECOND ROW. COASE 'E SCHMID SFGRD D ' T. " ON ALBERT I gufefgaf MEMBERS OF A.H.S.'S SECOND SQUAD, WHICH WON SECOND PLACE AT THE SECOND TEAM TOURNAMENT AT ATTICA ARF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: GLENN TAGUE, DON PARKERSON, BILL SwINsoN, PROC RANDELS, BILL GALLOWAY, BOB WHEALEY. SECOND ROW: GLENN HOOPES, NEIL SCOTT, JERRY LAIRO, DON ALBERT, JIM BASSFORD, ROBERT PATTERSON, DON TRUBY. Ill 37 Daryl McCoy Broad Jumper I ! 4" gx 4 in gs Travis Durr . Pole Vaulter ll .Q ' ,i, 4 ION .,- I, 4 ' ,ii - . W Q I A H RX Q f, X. -Q., ' flag .,g J! 'mai B 0b Sharp Shot Puter I .4 Is..L 'J 4. TRACK SQUAD. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! CARLE DIx, ASSISTANT COACH1 JOHN REBER JOHNNY MOOREQ TRAVIS DURR5 GERALD CULLOPJ BOB SHARPQ JACK SECHLERL PHILLIP ELLIOT SANFORD NEWSOM, COACH. FRONT ROW: PAUL MONTAGUEQ JIM WALKERQ WALTER ASPERg FRANK GODDARDS Boa TEMPLINZ DARYL MCCOYQ LARRY PATTERSON. STAR RUNNERS, TRAVIS DURR, GERALD CULLOP, AND FRANK GODDARD GETTING READY TO TAKE orr. THE FRESHMAN CLASS WON THE TICKET SALES FOR THE ANTHONY RELAYS MAKING THEIR CANDIDATE, SHIRLEY CROOKER, QUEEN LEFT TO RIGHT THE THREE ATTENDANTS, JOYCE DocToR, WANDA RICKER ARLENE BETTIS MARTHA MEYER, MAID OF HONOR, JIM DDNICA, PRESIDENT OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS SHIRLEY CRQOKER, QUEEN MEDLY RELAY LEFT TO RIGHT TRAVIS DURR, ARLENE BETTIS, ATTENDANT, GERALD CULLOP WALTER ASPER FRANK GODDARD .Arif Oil ma 5 HALF MILE RELAY TEAM, LEFT TO RIGHT GERALD CULLOP, WALTER ASPER, FRANK GODDARD, LILBURN DURR ,ff i If -L h Q 7 l : I I ! 'A 4 40 4 LEFT TO RIGHT CHARLES ELLIOT GLENN TAGUE BOB ALLEY GLENN HOOPES DEAN STACKFLETH, FRANCIS HOOPES, NEAL SCOTT, DUAN PULLIAM, IL PRI HAROLD RYAN JIM HILTS, DON HALBONER, COACH SHORT ER NOT PICTURED PHIL DONICA -nazi Tague goes Into actlon 917,11 L5 Pxctured above are Coach Shorter and the exght 49 50 lettermen 41 O I , ! l I PH CE, , . 1 I L, . f A I x WW 'R , 4,58 o Eu yi' After 8. ha rd fou at The ght b attle R Glgsgatx-on Sprxng Formal Pxamds Dm C,omM11zz TOP RON BP-XLE xfkwwea inns Bums SECOND RO Demon x-Koons CA Wu FXRST R001 ALLU Rua I1 Ac Dom VNOWRY S c ln t zvlt le at the D e C, Y D bln 8 Mc 6' 42 O1- '27 al 'Ln 5" Hof 2'-'T orPoT amen c 'L X MRS! HF N M :UW Km 3 and quee U c and dates and 9 'P 9 Gass UMBL? CH Q Yes We h BVS no bananas 9 ha, O ISSS dl Semor President I-hlts wlth Kxng Hoopes and Queen Walker 43 LLIILZTI' 6V1l!7l' CllliZll1?! The April Showers didn t drive the Juniors seniors or teachers away from the annual banquet held April ZZ After being thoroughly saturated with food and a Jolly time all adjourned to Dancing in the Dark presented by the Junior mothers RIGHT After April Showers Dancing in the Dark was fun' QQLIL 11 L1 gal IIUV1 1-il 1 """""!"""""g Aj j it ABOVE Oh for another piece f strawberry short cake RIGHT: Even the "Stormy Weather," had a silver lining when presented by these guys and gals. 44 ABOVE When not dancing it was fu.n to sit in the beauti f1l garden ABOVE: Sunshine a nd is g i r driving away those April Showers. 0l'll0I" l I aln t got nobody Z Wlde awake on the last mlle home 3 You name lt I thlnk xt s Randels 4 And so we left the ranch 5 You ll never see another football team lxke thms one' 6 Three chefs and company 7 POOED' 8 Nuff shown 9 Her name IS Kaye Coon 10 mmmmmmmmmm 11 Lets eat' IZ Curly ha1red superman 13 Rock a bye Frances z Ulxl N-I +5- dzi QQ., ADIESX f' 1 w-Bw sl vi I 2 I l ' 5 ri u P , llgiiylf ,, 2. 2 A 4 G ff .X f 15. .M l tlo - " -'Y to 27, , fx ' t -sf ' f f 9 'l i K r Q at Q K1 Y K yx 2 ' X it' M 4 gl jg? ,.., rx l . x' V r L V,B.vi1l4' rw W' ft ff- l Q iff' ' s ' - if r ef? 'IEP i f ' h , L 1 I r I W 5 H ..., l l '45 f 8 ,W f av s ., . f as 1 s ffm' L, s ' W 66444 o 5 Honor students are, valedictorian - Shirley Kaye Crooker. There was a tie for second place giving us two salutatorians - Pat Howard and Mary .To Stewart. NATIONAL HONOR STUDENTS FROM THE CLASS or '50 ARE, LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: CARCLE STOUT, MART Jo WARREN, MONTE GASS, FREIDA HUDGENS, PAT Fox. FRONT ROW: MARY Jo STEWART, SHIRLEY CROOKER, SHIRLEY GAITHER, ARLENE BETTIS. QWJ: -1 4. g, S x ,2ag.. I. THAT COULDNIT BE SANDY'S CLASS, COULD IT? 2. THE WRONG PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME OR VISA VERSA. 3. UP AND OVER UI. FILL 'EM UP, GEORGE. 5. MIGHTY PURTY! 6. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN wOROS. Y. THE URGE TO LEARN. 8. WHICH ONE IS CLARIcE??? 9. NOTE THE BEAUTIFUL SCENERY! IO. LOvE THOSE MOHAWKSE ll. THIS MEANS YOU! 12. UALRIGHT, FOLKS, LETIS STOP OUR TALKlNG.n I3. A LONG EHBRACE. IU. NOT A BURP IN THE BARREL. 0 1 ,, 1 W 'Z 4' la' We Some practlce huh .Txm D 'P That Pepsodent smlle A foast to thee! Hobo Grlswold A slumber party? Not everyone can stand hke that thank goodness' Grandma Newsom cuttmg her toe na11S I don t beheve a word of lt 48 us B 115167, LTZYP XRBOGKS MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS I :fif- , V7 x W 1 , 1 4 - 41, 0.9 0,:O HH lWXCfV"xkfRS SF QIHIIH u,9Q I . . ,

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