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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1948 volume:

 e Uc zti M, To remember our voyage upon the sea of learning and for those of the future to view the harbors and ports of call that we have visited, we have kept this log. To Mrs. Miller, the Chief Yeo- man, who guided us and sailed with us o'er these seas — we humbly dedicate this volume. 2 7oneuwicL Antnony High School Our symbolic ship on which we buccaneers sail to the realms of Past, Present, and Future. To preserve, forever, th« treasures of our voyaqe is tht pu . }S€ of this — —The 1948— ''Jolly R o a e 3THE CAPTAIN SPEAKS: "Congratulations to you members of the Student Body who comprise the Year Book Committee. Now that your highly successful work has been completed you may relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor." "To you who have held high the torch, we again tender our sincere congratulations for a task well done. May the pleasure your work will give others be as great as the energy, time, talent, and toil you have ex- pended.” CONGRATULATIONS! Wilmot D. Carr 4Miib Claudine Chamberlain Business Arithmetic Bookkeeping Shorthand Y-Teen Sponsor Senior Sponsor Miss Helen McCoy Girls' Physical Education Pep Club Sponsor Freshman Sponsor Mr. Carle Dlx English I, II Journalism Baskotball Coach Assistant Football Coach Boys' Physical Education Junior Sponsor Miss Natalie Chavey General Science Biology Chemistry Sophomore Sponsor Mr. Ralph Johnston Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing Hi-Y Sponsor Freshman Sponsor Mrs. Lloyd Miller English IIMV English V-VI Speech 5Mr. Sanford Ntwion American History World History Football Coach Ass t Basketball Coach Senior Sponsor Miss Emma Jass Office Secretary Mr. James Price Custodian Mrs. Walker School Nurse 6Senior Jack Metzker Student Council 1, 3, Pres. 4; Class Pres. 1. 4; Vice Pres. 2; H -Y 1, 2. 3. 4; Hi-Y Cabinet 1. Cabinet Vice Pres. 4; Football 4; Basketball 1, 4; Track 1; Intramural 1. 2, 3; All School Play 3; Junior Play 3; Thespian 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Booster Editor 4; Jolly Roger Editor 4; Speech Arts 3, 4; Scholarship Award 3; Private Pilot—Commercial Pilot student. rv v- Following our banner "Tho Jolly Roger" we, the Seniors of '48 began our voyage upon the sea of learning on September the 2nd, 1936. Although on many occasions our crew was faced with seemingly unsurpassable obstacles our course was charted with care and our won- derful instructors helped us to navigate along our way. To those that have taken their turn at the helm and have shown us how to rig our craft and trim the 3ails a little neater to prepare for our Journey through life we humbly dedicate this entry in our log. v 7Gene Hoath Cammack Class Cheer Leader 2; Hi-Y 1, 2. 3; Foot ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 1. 2. 3. A; Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3; Band 3, 4; Orch. 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Piano 1. 2, 3. 4. Acc. 1; Booster 4; Scholarship Award 3. Dwight Hoopea Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4. Pres. 4: Cabinet 3. 4; Football 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4; Trade 1. 2, 3. 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Jun- ior Play 3. e y. ‘i. Gladys Johnson Y-Teen 1, 2, 3. 4. Cabinet, Publicity Chairman 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Junior Play 3; Pep Club 1, 4 Virginia Hastens Student Council 1, 2, 3; Home Room Pres. 1; Band 3, 4; Booster 4; Pep Club 1. aO 2 . , ',V). 1. . Dorothy Ana Meyer Class Sec.-Treas. 1, Cheer Leader 2. 3; In- tramurals 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Thespian 3,- 4; Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Drum Major 4; Orch. 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; School Cheer Leader 3; Pep Club 1; Scholarship Award 3; Girls Trio 1, 2, 3, 4. 9Donald Osborn Hl-Y 2, 3, 4, Cabinet Local Chairman 4; Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4; All School Play 3; Junior Play 3; Thespian 4; Glee Club 3. 4; Scholarship Award 3. Pat Price Student Council 4; Y-Teen 2, 3. 4: Junior Play 3; Glee Club 2. 3. 4; Booster 4; Jolly Roger 3. 4; Pep Club 3, 4, Pres. 4. 4. °° V' •Tee ' ?' 0 c • o 'ero'3 v. X, I- t '0 Kathleen Rump Y-Teen 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Orch. 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4. lO '3- ' s Jv. SJ vtv®V k- tfsf ' Jack Templin Student Council 1, 4: Class Cheer Leader 1; H-Y 1. 2, 3; Football 1. 2, 3. 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Trade 1, 2, 3, 4: Intramur- al 1; Junior Play 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Booster 4; Jolly Roger 4; Scholarship Award 3. • V'V ? «rf e 4 Joyce Clas Elaine Walker lass Sec. 2. 3; Y-Teen 1. 2. 3. 4. Public- ity Chairman 4; Intramurals 4; Pep Club 1. Vernon W. Whlnery JJl-Y 3« •’ Track 1; Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 840(1 • 2- 3.' Booster Scholarship Award 3. 11Harry Halbowor Swiss steak 4- ai: planes — motor scooter wrecks X a trumpet -f- executive ability = "Herk" Nancy Truby Pancakes -f- horseback rid- ing — eavesdroppers on privato conversations X Junior class vie© president -i- dad trouble — "Nan" The Junior crew of the 1948 Jolly Roger set her sails toward the seas of higher learning in tho year of 1945. Since then many of our crew have aban- doned her for other ships, but othors have Joined our crew to help us sail toward our much sought for treasure, more knowledge. Since beginning our eventful voyage, we have Invaded the realms of athletics, music, Hl-Y, Y-teens, and most important of all, wo havo touched upon the golden shore of tho Land of Knowledge. Dona Albert Meat + hair dressing — tattletale brothers X skat- ing -5- blondo hair =: "Doughnut" William Behrmann Food + more food — school X stamps -4- music = "Will" Virginia Chism Porfumo bottles 4- baked hams — people who tease X violin -4- pretty smile = "Jitter" Sue Coon A talent for talking 4- miniature animals — tardy people X slacks — an- nol f w ralro — "Rttrr” Dale Cordwell Fruit salad 4- football — holes in football fields X dogs -4- a gas truck = "Curly" Kieth Williams All kinds of talent 4- fish — women X football + Junior class secretary = "Willie" Mary Ann Dllts Horses 4- piano — typing X cherry pie -4- water- melons = "Malsie" Jack Crittenden Cake -f horseraces — Melvin Smith X fighting -4- horseback riding = "Shorty" Neva Davis Basketball 4- blonde hair — Home Economics X giggles -4- fried chicken = "Skeeter" 12Charlene Downing Baseball 4- pumpkin pie — talkative people in shows X square dancing 4- pretty blue eyes = "Charlie" Robert Freed Rebecca Garrin Basketball 4- pencils — Pecan ice cream + « school X ducks 4- cookies squaklng clarinet — a = "Bob" party line X corny jokes 4- volley ball = "Clemen- Virginia Galloway Rum waiers + archery — explaining X telling tall tales 4- college boys = "Diddy" Bob Graves Football 4- chocolate cake — tattletales X ski sweat- ers -j- studying — "Bob" Jim Griswold Airplanes 4- fried chicken — cranky teachers X bas- ketball 4- nice complexion = "John" Frank Hanely Motor scooter -f basket- ball — bubble gum X fried chicken 4- flirting = "Bud" Dick Hamilton Fried chicken + campaign buttons — peroxide blondos X football 4- drawing = "Baldy" Beverly Harrison Frosted cokes -f perfume — Jacky Lear X tennis 4- belloons = "Harry" Jo Deen Howe Pitching horse shoes + milk — tardy people X records 4- Y-teen cabinet = "Jo" Jim Hester Spaghetti 4- tennis — in- quisitive parents X Hi-Y cabinet 4- tennis = "Hes- ter" Patty Kiser Interesting books 4- skat- ing — school lessons X blue eyes 4- fried chicken = "Pat" Jacky Lear Football 4- kodak pictures — Beverly Harrison X talking in class 4- records = "Jack" 13Frankie McBride Sandwlchos + poetry — restaurants X basketball 4- work = "Tankio." Johnny McKee Hot dogs + Bernadino Prouse — giggling girls X beautllul womon 4- baskotball = "John." Marian Miller Swimming + angel food cake — slow driving X Y-teen cabinet 4- ability to get home on time = "Red." Ralph Meyer Quail -f western novels — loud talkors X boxing 4- curly hair = "Owen." Jim Moore Steak + football — abil- ity to get the milk to town on time X typing 4- Glee Club = "Jim." Bob Ogle French frlos + basketball — wrecks X motor scoot- ers -5- eating = "Bob." Phyllis Perry Library books + cherry Ke — brothors X small mps 4- sewing = "Phil." Betty Rae Patterson Cherry pie a-la-mode + stamp collecting — people who talk too much X swimming 4- piano = "B. R." Clarice Podschun Salt and pepper shakers + talking during library periods — people who read hor letters X intra- murals 4- shrill screaming = "Pot." Lyle Rousseau Angol food cake -f- arch- ery — Betty Ruth's bab- bling in English class X teasing girls 4- sharpen- ing pencils = "Sarah." Melvin Smith Carrots -f- singing — Jor- sey cows X hunting 4- swlmmlng = "Smitty." Teresa Smithhisler Fried chicken + basket- ball — talkative people in show X cheerleading 4- undiscovefed talent = "Teros." Veldora Podschun Skating + brown hair — Jaywalking X fried chicken 4- lessons = "Dodo." 14Bill Starks Roast duck + billiards — ompty gas tanks X hunt- ing + Ford cars = "Bill" Leroy Starks Softball + odd pipes — candy wrappers in the theaters X baked chicken -4- piano = "Lonnie" Bob Swafford Hunting + shows — work X black hair + fried chicken =: "Swafford" Colleen Stouffer Saxophone 4- horses — English X fried chicken -i- pretty teeth = "Colee" Jean Thomas Horses 4- sleeping in class — Home Economics X skunk hunting -j- cherry pie = "Windy" Mary Turner Ice cream + skating — working — writing letters -r- driving a car = 'Terry" Betty Ruth Velasquez Foreign money 4- ability to hit a baseball — people who call me Rufus X in- tramurals + horseback rid- ing = "Character" Walter Underwood Hi-Y cabinet 4- pineapple — milking cows X foot- ball -4- teasing girls = "Lefty" Jennie Waldschmldt Foreign coins 4- pineapple — working X volley ball -j- a merry laugh = "Flossie" Ray Warren Swimming 4- Virginia Has- tens — studying X sleep- ing in Constitution -4- abil- ity to get to school on time = "Ray" Billy Warnock Joe Young's steaks 4- teaching nls dog tricks — '38 Chewy X student council -j- basketball = "Bill" Herbert Wilcox Livestock 4- motor scooter —Travis Durr X quiet personality -i- black halr = "Herbie" Betty Whitney Ice cream 4- earrings — work X swimming -5- fast typing — "Bubbles" 15 First row. I. to r.—Bonnie Frank, Arlene Bettis. Shirlee Gaither. Boo Beo Hedrick, Francos Downing. Betty Cooper. Kaye Coon, Joyce Doctor. Second row—Freida Hudgens. Marilyn Button, Janet Coglizer, Patricia Fox, Pat Howard, Kathorine Hern, Shirley Crooker, Inez Coady. Third row—Joan Denton. Georgia Hamilton, Francis Hoopes. Danny Donica, Bonny Croft. Frank Flory. Vernon Angle, Lloyd Cordwell. Fourth row—Walter Brockenridgo. Victor Hager, Bill Grabham, Travis Durr, Athol Green, Bob Bur- due. Jim Hilts, Jim Fox. Pres. Athol Vice-Pres. Mary Jo Warren; Sec.-Tre5 Thelma Bailey. Chr. Ldrs. Travis Durr. Joyce Doctor. Intra. Mural Drs. Jean Johnson. Lloyd Cordwell. 16Sofc Mtorie4, The Sophomore Scalawags weighed anchor and with sails furled set out for another voyage on the sea of knowledge. Unleashing their sabers and with the vigor and enthusiasm of true pi- rates, they raised a flag of victory over their accomplishments. Outstanding sportsmen in Football, Basketball, and Track as well as leaders in scholastic hon- ors, music, dramatics, and two of the school cheerleaders were members of our crew. The ship was kept on a steady course by our three able commanders, Athol Green, Mary Jo Warren, and Thelma Bailey, and our sponsors, Natalie Chavey and Roland Snair. At the end of these voyages, we hope to gain honor and so prepare to set sail again for anoth- er year. First row. 1. to r.—Mary Jo Stowart. Lorine Walker. Mary Jo Warren. Phyllis Walker. Wanda Ricker. Mary Jane Jones. Marilyn Jo Meyer. Shirley Woghemuth. Second row—Shirley LaPlant, Patsy Price. Joyce Montague, Jo Jean LaPlant, Carole Stout. Martha Montague. Betty W'alker. Third row—Jean Johnson, Ann Lytle. Ruth McCanse. Del Randels. Charles Lear, Charles McMichael, Norman Whealoy. Fourth row—Duane Pulliam. Eddie Mastors. Dean Stackfleth, Jim Murrey. Wayne Whitney, John Reber, Don Powell. Not in picture—Thelma Bailey, Monte Gass. Viola Hager. 17Firmi row. I. to r.—Pat Hodson. Nina Crittenden, Joyce Joynor. Virginia Goddard, Judy Eakins. Alma Chism, Pat Jones. Joyce Hoopes. Second row—Peggy Jones, Valeria Bevington, Betty Denton, Gerald Barnard, Jim Kastens, Phil DonJca, Marsh Doctor. Third row — Dick Downing, Dick Jones. Jack Franklin. Don Gering, Frank Hodson. Phil Elliot, Jack Denny. Don Albert. Last row—L. D. Allen. Hal Gates. Bill Galloway, Jim Bassford. Frank Goddard. Gene Byrd. Don Halbower. Parkor Harrison. 16Class Cheerleaders—Phil Donica. Nancy Staples; Intramural Drs.. Nina Crittenden. Glenn Tague. In the fall of '47 the decks of A. H. S. were ladened with the addition of 67 able bodied sea- men. The junior Pirates were assembled one evening in the halls of the Municipal Audito- rium and were presented with the sword and sash of the full-fledged buccaneer. Under the guidance of Midshipman Judy Eakins, and steered by Miss Helen McCoy and Mr. Ralph Johnston, the Freshie crew showed prom- ise in Pirate sports and events, boasting a Car- nival Queen, and a School Cheerleader. With their eyes upon the treasure of tomorrow, the Freshman class of '47, prepares for their four year journey in the quest of Education. First row. 1. to r. — Sue Montague. Joyce Ricker. Peggy Meador. Genevieve Patterson, Rita Jo Lovelady. Second row—Zora Lewis. Gaye Mortimer. Norma Jean Lytle. Alberta McCanse. Evelyn Long. Dar- lene Scheel. Nancy Staples. Mary Helen Velasquez. Third row—Ernie Schmidt. Jack Walker. Bessie Miller, Mary Alice Wilson. Melvin Phillips. Verlan Noal. Jerry Miller, Glenn Tague. Fourth row—Clydo Moring, Joe Jim Swafford. Durland Miller. Bob Perry. Harold Ryan. Wallace Martin. Glen Wilson. Last row—Wayne Long. Larry Maley. Johnny Moore. Bob Templin, Jack Lynam. 19Studeat @ouaciC While sailing the usually calm. Sea of Know- threat of brewing storm —it is then that the First ledge, sometimes the air around the good ship Mates are called together to map a course to "A. H. S." becomes dark with the ominous avoid the oncoming storm. 'petated Deu In our search for the coveted pieces of eight our ship oft encounters rival ships. After a hard fought battle by our pi- rate teams, everyone goes aft to the Pirates Den to relax at dancing, cards, checkers, ping-pong, billiards, eating or just plain sitting and talking. Navigated by the parents of our crew, the "Den” provides recreation f o r the youthful crew of A. H. S.When the Sea of Knowledge is calm and there is no battle with a rival ship the male members of our pirate crew become rest- less and something is needed to change their thoughts from those of emulation to those of doing good. The H i - Y organization ably performs this job for our male crew to co-operate or navi- gate our ship on a more calm and peaceful course. The long voyage to the Land of Know oft becomes monotonous for the lady members of our pi- rate crew, so the Y-Teens were organized to turn their thoughts of mutiny toward friendship, broadening their knowledge of other ships and crews, and teaching more co-operation with other crews to help make our voyage a more peaceful and fruitful one. 21First row—Dorothy Ann Moyer. Jo Deen Howe. Jean Johnson. Dorothy Joan Halbowor, Shirloy La Plant, Nancy Staples, Virginia Galloway. Shirley Crooker. Gene Cammack, Virginia Chism. Inez Coady, Genevieve Patterson. Cecil Crawford, (Director). Second row—Jack Walker. Sue Montague, Betty Rae Patterson. La Duska Whinery. Joyce Hoopes, Marilyn Button. Vera McCanse. Third row —Phil Donica, "fcita Jo Lovelady, Pat Howard, Mary Jo Stewart. Janet Coglizer, Rebecca Garvin. Martha Montague. Georgia Hamilton, Glenn Tague. Fourth row—Parker Harrison, Peggy Meador, Bill Grabham. Ruth McCanse. Don Powell. Glenn Wilson. Don Gering, Del Randels, William Behr- mann. Jim Hilts. Fifth row—Alma Chism. Virginia Goddard. Vera Morgan, Evelyn Long, Zora Lewis, Joyce Doctor, Arlene Bettis. Mary Jo WarTen. Sixth row — Colleen Stouffer. Mary Jones, Bonnie Frank. Betty Whitney, Bernadine Prouse. Mary Jo Ransom. Seventh row—Danny Donica. Doan Stackfleth, Mary Velasquez. Donald Halbower, L. D. Allen. Eighth row—Peggy Jones, Jack Denny. Wallace Martin, Harold Ryan. 2223OtcAe foa, » f 24SfrectaC Girls' Trio Mary Jo Ransom, Dorothy Jean Halbower, and Dorothy Ann Mayor. Clarinet Quartet Pat Howard, Betty Rae Patterson, Mary Jo Stewart, and Janet Cogllzer. Trumpet Trio 25 Glenn Tague, WUliam Bohrmann. and Jim Hilts.'Dwwtaticb Above are pictured the cast and stage crew of the Senior Class Play "When Witches Ride." They are left to right, standing: Bill Timmons, Bill Kastens, Don Collins, Miss Chamberlain, ass't director, Joyce Walker, Claribel Cather, Mary Jo Ransom, Gene Cammack, Gladys Johnson, Jack Templin, Jo Ellen Stark, Sandy Newson, Jack Metzker, John Galloway, Pat Price, Mrs. Miller, director. Seated are, left to right: Margaret Wimmer, Lloyd Hopkins, Donald Osborn, Dor- othy Jean Halbower, Dorothy Ann Meyer, Bob Couch. Above are pictured the cast and stage crew of the Junior Class Play "Tattletale." Standing, left to right: Miss Patterson, ass't director, Sue Coon, Clarice Podschun, Ralph Meyer, Marian Miller, Jack Lear, Jo Deen Howe, Beverly Harrison, Harry Halbower, Pat Kastens, Rebecca Garvin, Colleen Stouffer, Bob Ogle, Virginia Galloway, William Behrman, Betty Rae Patterson, La Duska Whinery, Virginia Chism, Mrs. Miller, director. Seated, left to right: Bill Starks, Ray Warren, Bill Warnock, Bill Standrich, Jim Hester, Bob Graves. 26 Thespians this year are Bob Couch, President (Not pictured) Front row — Virginia Galloway, Jo Doon How©, Gladys Harry Halbower, Dorothy Joan Halbowor, Jack Motzkor, Bill Johnson, Jo Dion Stark, Dorothy Meyer, Marian Miller, and Kastens, Donald Osborn, Bob Oglo, Bill Timmons, Ralph Joyce Doctor. Meyer, Claribel Cather, Rebecca Garvin, and Don Collins. SfieecA rfnfo These represented AHS In SKL Festival, and also District tor, Patty Fox, Marilyn Button, Bob Couch, Carole Stout, Festival at Wichita. They are from left to right, Joyce Doc- Nancy Staples, and Alma Chism. 27'tyean Md:, Sta The yeomen of the crew gather to make entries in the log. The scribe, Jo Ellen Stark, takes notes from The Mate, Jack Metzker, as second mates Timmons and Couch review previous entries. "The Midnight Ghost" entertained fellow crew members as villains were discovered among our midst. "Derby" Parkerson later applied for the position as ship's detective. He knew everything — except how to keep his moustache from tickling his nose. Speech 'Plat} 28ItheboosterL Anlhony, Kansu Novimbtr 24, 1947 RATES DEFEND LEA RICAN jC Of r HOS EEK I FOOTBALL sv» w1 - tf«tS ' »i e ;;r c«c on «" £ S90t'-a epoiet 29 £ Sanford H. Newsom Coach—Football. Track Ass't Coach—Basketball Carle Dix Coach—Basketball Ass't Coach—Football, Track Football Schedule Basketball Schedule Opponents Anthony Opponents Anthony Attica 0 Kingman 20 23 Pratt 0 Oxford 34 35 Oxford 0 Medicine Lodge 32 18 Medicine Lodge 14 •Pratt 37 36 Caldwell 6 Kiowa 28 36 Kiowa 30 •Planeview 53 Winfield 6 6 27 52 Kingman 13 Attica 24 72 32 6 38 36 Harper 20 •Oxford 47 32 Medicine Lodge 52 41 Kiowa 36 46 Caldwell 49 51 •Pratt 26 37 Attica 63 Harper 53 •Planeriew 36 64 Caldwell 38 Non-League Games Regional Tournament Anthony 32 Andale 37 Oscar Schaaf Coach—Tennis Ass't Coach—Football, Basketball 30S. K. A. Flr t row—Ray Thomas, Bill Kastens. Captain Bill Timmons, Jack Templin. and Dean Schmidt. Second row—Jim Hester, Dale Parkorson, Travis Durr, Bob Couch, Howard Kastens. and Jim Hilts. Third row—Keith Williams, Vernon Angle, Gene Cammack. Jim Fox. Melvin Smith, and Jack Lear. Fourth row—Donald Osborn, Jim Moore, Dwight Hoopes, Danny Donica, Athol Green, and Jack Metzker. Filth row—Walter Underwood. Victor Hagor, and Dale Cordwell. 31 7fold Squad Fir»t row—Donald Halbower, Dick Hamilton. Del Randols, Harry Halbowor, Jack Franklin, and Jim Bassford. Second row—Dick Downing, Bob Templin. Francis Hoopes, Bob Graves, Duane Pulliam. Frank Goddard and Parker Harrison. Third row—Coach Oscar Schaaf, Clyde Moring, Frank Hodson, Jerry Miller, Johnny Moore, Ernie Schmidt, Jim Kastens, Larry Maloy, and Glen Wilson. Pirates sewing up TURKEY DAY GAME on local gridiron. 32Front row—Walter Underwood, Jim Hilts, Jack Templin, Keith Williams, Ray Thomas. Duano Pulliam. Second row — Jim Hester, Dean-Schmidt, Dwight Hoopes, Ray Warren, Howard Kastens, Athol Green, Ass't Coach "Sandy" Newsom, and Coach Carle Dix. Back row—Ass't Coach Oscar Schaaf, Bob Ogle. Harry Halbower, Hal Gene Gates, Bill Galloway. Francis Hoopes, Danny Donica, and Bob Burduo. Second Team Tournament Winners receive the coveted prize from Supt. Carr after the contest.- Incidentally is Dwight Hoopes blushing again? 33K. WUllam»—C J. Hilt —F D. Pulliam—G R. Warnn—F J. Tsmplln—O D. Parksrson—G R. Thomas—F W. Undsrwood—G 34 Back row, left to right — Coach Sandy Newsom, Walter Breckenridge, Athol Green, Gone Cammack, Keith Williams, Jack Templin, Bill Timmons, and Coach Carle Dix. Middle row—Dick Hamilton, Lyle Rousseau, Dalo Parkorson, Don Osborn, Walter Underwood, Howard Kastens, Jim Kas- tens, Frank Goddard, and Dick Downing. Front row—Dean Schmidt. Dwight Hoopes, Dale Cordwell, Jack Lynam, Danny Donica, Ray Warron, Bob Templin, Johnny Moore, and Travis Durr. Trophies shown here represent wins at Hutchinson, Anthony Re- lays, Sterling, Kiowa SKL, and Plaques from Hutchinson Relays.Anthony's half-mile relay team alter winning that event in the Anthony Relays. Left to right: W. Underwood. J. Templin, T. Durr, and D. Hoopes.Here are the four queen candidates and their attendants from each class. On the top row, left to right, are the attendants. Colleen Stouffer, Junior — Pat Fox, Sophomore — Judy Eakins, Freshman— Dorothy Meyer, Senior. On the bottom row, left to right, are the Queen candi- dates for each class. Virginia Kastens, Junior- Jo Ellen Stark. Sophomore—Jean Bailey, Fresh- man—Bernadlne Prouse, Senior. Our relay Queen for 1948 was Jo Ellen Stark. She is shown here with her attendants and the Sophomore class president, whose class won the ticket sale. Left to right are: Virginia Kas- tens, Bemadine Prouse, Jean Bailey, Pat Fox, the Sophomore Maid of Honor, Jo Ellen Stark, Queen, and Athol Green, President of the Soph- omore class. ‘Royalty 37 Boy ' Tenni Squad, left to right: Glenn Tague, Francl Instructor. Don Halbower. Phil Donlca, Jim Hilt . Dean Stack- Hoopes, Jim Griswold, Duano Pulliam, Bob Ogle. Mr. Schaaf, fleth, and Bob Burdue. Girl ' Tennis Squad, left to right: Vera McCanse, Marian Coon, Beverly Harrison, and Clarice Podschun. Miller, Judy Eakins, Mary Jo Warren, Teresa Smithhisler. Sue 38(fyeenleact u Front row, loft to right: Morton, Hager. Fox, P. L. Price, Hodson, V. Stark, P. Jones, Brown, Hockett: Second row: Crittenden. School, Wilson, T. Bailey, K. Coon, Davis, Wimmer, M. Miller. Hem, War- ren, J. Bailey. Third row: Eakins, Sec.-Treasurer. P. Price. Pros.. McCoy, Sponsor. Stout, B. Walker. Hudgens. Mortimer, B. Denton, Bevington, Truby, Harrison, Waldschmidt, J. Denton. Fourth row: A. McCanse. J. Lytle, B. Miller. W. Ricker, G. Johnson, J. Ricker. Staples. Smithhisler. Doctor, S. Coon. C. Podschun. 39fir. - Sr. Jungle Land, May I, 1948 40Senior Bus Trip!That Pepsodent a mile!194% Society Bill Kastens, Claribel Cath- er, Joyce Walker. Jo Ellen Stark, Dorothy Ann Meyer, Gladys Johnson.1. Maori Chorus Girls —— Hm-m-mm!! 2. Hi-Y Bus Boys for Mother-Daughter Banquet. 3. Bride and Groom at Y-teen Kodak Party. 4. Civilization? I'll stay right here. 5. Saturday Night In Central Park. 6. Dancing in the Dark. 7. A glimpse of the Y-teens and their moth- ers. 44 1. And wo did! 2. Christ- mas Party. (A (tor.) 3. Froshies try 'om lor size. 4. Coaches Coquetries with McCoy calling the signals. 5. Places of honor at Y- teen Banquet. 6. Queon of the Carnival, pretty Virgin- ia G. 7. Monte Gass, the big game hunter. (Not Bad!) 8. Digger puts Rita Io, Freshie. through the paces. 461. As others see you. 2. Glamour Boy Pulliam. 3. Kiddles Day with !o Ellen 3. and Claribel C. 4. Spring Courtship. 5. To be or not to be. 6. Getting no- where fast. 7. Made for each other. 8. Spring's gift to AHS. 9. Steadies Shir- ley C. and Ilm H. 10. Urn- m-m-m. Um-m-m-m! 11. Minnie Pearl, alias lo Deen H. 12. Winter Fun at the lake. 47

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