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QKXQWC LIBBI X iz-F7.,3"f"X -"J"'J-"" Ammaamfwg. 0 Ill n on Pu lm U00 Thu' B h th h ' Sh Anthon , Iowa Yllrfdinn To you, Nr Mlller, we dedlcate thls annual ln apprec1at1on of the long hours you have glven to the outstand1ng work you have done You have been a credlt to Anthon and to Anthon Hlgh School With thls dedlcatlon, we w1sh to express our slncere ap preclatlon wards our athletic department and school, and for Board of Education Mrs Clara Rohr, F E Groat, Mrs Myrtle Hart, Secretary3 Charles Lyon, President, Everett Gothier, Homer Boyd, Treasurer, M G Dicks, not pictured C. W. Richards, Superintendent ,fn iw' i1iIIIlIIlIi'1iI'flfilJIl C W R1cha.rdsCB A Anthon, Iowa Superlntendent Mathematlcs Wayne State Teacher's College Unlverslty of Colorado, Greeley Hay this annual be, forever, a book from whlch to recall the pleasant memories and experlences of your school days A tlne goes by, you will flnd great comfort 1n re 11V1Hg the past w1th the ald of your annual Look upon lt as a tre ure whose value increases immeasurably w1th age M' FrankM1l1er CB AJ Prlrcnpal Coach Soclal Studles Buena Vista College . . ' .AJ CM. .J A l 3 . ' . E ' ' . ' " as Anthon, Iowa ' , lk ' " ww' 5' 4 Ruth Nilsen CB S D Sac City, Iowa Hone Economics General Science bornlngside College Mrs Mary Newton CA Omaha, Nebraska Social Studies English Wayne State Teachers College Myron Plantz CB A Columbus, Nebraska Industrial Arts Social Studies Wa ne State Teachers College John Eitzen CB M J Mountain Lake, Minnesota Dusic St Olaf College Dolores Andersen CB. Cmmnercial Studies Augustana Coll? Viborg, South Dakota M535 Sioux lty, Iowa Joygigggiy English Morningside College G R A D E S C H O O L F A C U L T Y Gertrude Maddison Anthon, Iowa Kindergarten Morningside College Dorothy Schumacher Correctionville, Iowa First Grade College Mrs Fqye Hinkhouse Correctlonville, Iowa Second Grade Wayne State Teachers College Joan Hamann Moorhead, Iowa Third Grade Wayne State Teachers College Mrs Helen Petersen Anthon, Iowa Fourth Grade Buena Vista College Hrs Anne Claas Anthon, Iowa Fifth Grade Graceland College gsm- Mildred Thom son Anthon, Iowa Sixth, Seventh Grades Morningside College Iowa State Teachers X w ' -T no M M C wxgfyfgiygffj CLASS PTXRH R ed jo e CLASS MOTTO Not finlshed, Just begun Superlntendent C W Richards Senior Class Sponsor X. x I 1 I . G Cf CLASS COLORS: Navy Blue and Silver i Class Illstorv In the fall of 19141, twenty members of a future "class of l95h enrolled in the lclndergarten of Anthon Public School Eight out of that class still remasn a part of this senior class They are Reba Brigman, Margie Livermore, Jerane Rossow, Towers, Steve Gilman, Larry Huffman, Larry Madsen, and John Stender Our superintendent was H P Shedd In the fourth grade year a new superintendent, C H Bones came to Anthon, and Beth Bones became a member of our class Donnle Davis also jolned us that year New members in the sixth grade were David Madison and James Mullicane Jean Ashley spent her first year in this school in the elghth grade On September 3, 1950, twenty elght freshmem were enrolled in bn thon High School Besides those mentloned above, there were the fol lowing new members , Jay Coyne, Junior Dicus, Richard F1emm:Lng, Ronnie Hayworth, Wqme Keitges, Dennls Kvidera, Betty Lou Fisher, Vera Mar tens, Francis Meyer, Harlan Munsen, Marie Patterson, LeRoy Pedersen, Howard Petersen, Lyle Schram, and LaVonne Yates Delbert Saxen moved to Anthon from Qulmby and enrolled as a soph omore In March of our sophomore year Betty Lou Fisher moved to Mo and during our Junior year, Vera. Martens, LaVonne Yates and Jim Mull left us Beth Bones moved to Hudson, Iowa, last summer and our "Class of '5h" now numbers twenty three Looking back to some of the special things our class has done to gether, the first outstanding memory is that of initiatlon on October 29 Dur1ng the day we went through our paces for the seniors and that evening there was a party in the gm Our flrst class party was :Ln September, a scavenger hunt During practice sessions of our Junior class play, we waged bit ter campaigns over the telephone about who would win the election, Ike or Adalai We put on our play, "The Perfect Idiot" on the night of November 7th, 1952, and of course it was a howling success We were not so sure after dress rehearsal 3 Afterwards we sat around on the set of the "living room of the Tennison home," and had a make believe boring match but the fighters kept going out for popcorn Also, we were admiring our class rings which we had just gotten Some of the most fun we had, was an evenlng we spent learning to dance in Steve's haymow Learnsmg to dance, so we could all shine at our Jr Sr Benquet, where we danced to the music of Tommy Thomas The week before May 7, which was the b1g evening, was spent in trans forming the gm into a "Showboat" complete with stage and all On August 31, 1953, we were enrolled as mighty seniors Our turn to initiate the freshmen came on October 15 That evening we had a sock hop in the gym On October 26, we journeyed to Genelli Studios to have our pic tures taken That evenlng we all had dinner at Green Gables and saw the show, "From Here to Eternity " By the time thls is read we will have had our Senior play, skip day, perhaps even Commencement We leave Anthon High with fondest memories of a wonderful place and some wonderful times, and like all preceding classes, hope we may be missed just a little o Q, ll X ville.and that summer Junior Dicus moved to Sioux City. Also before .hh ss' A -f 4 JAY COYNE UHe proves you don't have to be noisy to be a swell fellow.U Baseball l,2,3,l13 Basket- ball 1,2,3,bg Track 2,33 Glee Club l,2,3,h- Mixed Chorous l, 2, 3, L3 Boys -Quartet 2, 3, 113 Trumpet Trio 2,3,243 First Band l, 2,3, 143 Pep Band 2, 3, L33' Student Council l, 3, L13 Class Officer 2 3 Band President 23 HAH Club 1, Newspaper E d i t 3 r 113 Annual Staff 3, hi Home- coming Attendant l. STEVE GIIMAN Hwhat he wants to get out of school most is him- self.H Neirspaper Staff 11. t REBA BRIGMAN HAn innocent face, but you never can tell.U Glas Club 1,2,3,l,3 Mixed Chorus 3, hg Triple Trib 1,23 Basketball 2,3,h3 A- Club 3,143 Class Secretary 33 Class President L13 First Band l,2,3,u3 Pep Bands Sax Quartet l,2,3,h3 ' Annual Staff 113 Newspaper Staff L13 Junior Class Plays Operetta 2, 33 Accompanist 2,3,lL3 Senior Class Play la. .XM gt , rf J W . .3 , JEAN ASHLEY X3 A 3 x 1 nThe more I see of men, i the better I like my dog' ' ,I Q 3 Y 1-:msd Chorus l, 2, 3, 433 , ., - ' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, ug ' '1 Sextette 2, 3, 113 Mixed 1 3 , To " Quartet hs Octet 23 First . .1 .. J Band l,2,3,h3 Basketball ' 1 5 1, 2: 3: 143 "A" Club 3,113 -J I -' 2 Student Council 2, J-if 3 3 1 Class Officer 1,33 Home-'S f, coming Attendant lg Band 3 J '- ' Officer 3,h3 Junior Class he . 1 Play 33 Operetta 2, 33 ' ' 5-0 Newspaper Staff L13 Annual 3' " , Staff 3,h3 Triple Trio 1. V 'J 1 E' it C .3 DONALD DAVIS 'fi 3 w 1 is Q 3 "bien of few words are the N ' X best men." X ' Basketball 2, 3, hy Base- K 4 ball 2, 3, bg Track 3, Us Newspaper Staff M3 A-Club 3, ll. RICHARD FLEM ING nHe may not be a Ford, but he sure can rattle on." Band 2, 3, LL, 'rr-ask 2,113 Baseball 33 Boys Glee Club 2,3,h3 Class Presi- dent 33 A-Club 2, 3, D3 Second Band 23 Operetta 2 Junior Class Play 33 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, L33 Annual Staff 2.13 Pep Club 33 Senior Class Play 11. .Z ' a HHe could be moved to W WAYNE KEITGES smile at anything.n Baseball 2, 3, bs Basket- ball 3, ug Track 2, 3, Ll, First Band 2,3,h3 Second Band 23 Boys Glee Club 2, 3, bg Mixed Chorus 3, hs Newspaper Staff hg Junior Class Play 33 Pep Club 3. DAVID MADISON Ulf it weren't for les- sons, I'd like sohool.N Newspaper Staff h. LARRY HUFFMAN Ulf there isn't anything to do, let me do it.u Bmw l,2,3,h3 Mbwd Chorus 2,3,h3 Glee Club 1,2,3,b3 Pep Club 2, 33 tet ,2,3. RONNIE HAYWOHTH HFarming's my line, but I have another one.U Band l,2,3,h' Mixed Chor- us 1, 2. 3. L3 Boys Glee Club l,2,3,b3 Baseball l, 3,113 Basketbanl 2,33 Stu- dent Council 3, hi Home- coming 23 A-Club 3, hs Student Manager 23 Pep Band 1,2,hj Boys Quartet hs Brass Sextet 23 Second Band 13 Operetta 2, 33 Class Play 33 Newspaper Staff M3 Pep Club 33 Sen- ior Class Pla by Band Officer hs Homecoming he DENNIS KVIDERA nkhy take life seriously- we'll never get out a- Baseball l,2,3,h3 Basket- ball 1,2,3,u, Track 2,3, hg Class Officer 23 V live.' 1M 'J MARGIE LIVERMORE nLead me not into tempta- tion but show me where I it is.n Mixed Chorus 3, D3 Glee Club 2, 3, 11, Band 2,3,h3 Cheerleader 33 Basketball 3,h3 Homecoming Attendant 33 Operetta 2,3,hj News- paper Staff bg Annual Staff 3,113 Junior Class Pla 33 Senior Class Play L33 A-Club 3,143 Class of- ficer 2. Newspaper Staff hs WAN Club l,2,3,h. 4lb 7 W'llbl' 'its' bv 2 W l A. X 5 . HARLAN MUNSEN "If wit were xmxsic, he'd be a whole concert." Baseball l,2,3,h5 Basket- ball'2,35,Track 2,35 Glee Club l,2,3,h5 Mixed chor- us l,2,3,h5 Boys Quartet 1,2,3ghS Mixed Quartet L15 Trumpet Trio 1, 2, 3, 11, First Band 1,2,3,h5 Pep Band 2,3,b5 Brass Sextet 15 Student Council Alt. 3,h5 Class President l5 B a n d President 35 "A" Club Officer hy HAH Club 2, 3, h5 Operetta 2, 35 Class Play 3,h5 Pep Club 35 Newspaper Staff Ugan- nual Staff 3,h5 Homecom- ing Attendant 3 . N1 if snore in 1,1 FRANCIS MEYER "When there is mischief P brewing, he is doing the I stirring." ,f 1. Hewspaper Staff h. I vi,--' k,' J' A 1,7 I 'L , u V. 'n' KYIAYIKFX 'D uf. V V 5 if, 'J Y 1 LIE ROY PEDERSEN "He seems quiet,but don't let him fool you." Track 35 Newspaper Staff h. S .I lc." HOWARD PETERSEN "I':n a smart guy, but I have a hard time convinc- ing anyone." Band 2, 3 bg Boys Glee Club 2,3115 Mixed Chorus 3,h5 Basketball student Manager 3,745 Operetta 2,3 Junior Class Play 35 Sen.. ior Class Play 145 Newspa- Ser Staff hg Annual staff 5 Second Band 25 A-Club 3,h5 Pep Club 3. LARRY MADSEN "A quiet man--he doesn't class." Newspaper Staff M. MARIE PATTERSON "I like work--it fascin- ates me---I can sit and look at it for hours." Girls Glee Club l,2,3,3-L5 Operetta 25 Triple Trio 25 Mixed Chorus 3, hg Junior Play 35 A-Bomb staff 35 Pep club 35 Annual Staff hg Senior Class Play ls. DELBERT SAXEN 3 JERANE ROSSOW i'Dreams are a dime a doz- en--here's my dime.H Basketball 1,2,3,h3 "A" Club 2, 35 "A" Club Officer 3,h3 Glee Club 1, 2,3,b3 Mixed Chorus 3,143 First Band l,2,3,h3 Flute Trio 2,35 Operetta 2,35 Class Play 3, Class officer 2, hg Student Council 1,35 Homecoming Attendant 23 Pep Band 13 Newspa er Staff 1, 2, hs Annual Staff bg Band Officer Bghf Senior Class Play hgHomecoming Queenh. pw if LYLE SCHRAM "They say greater men than I have lived, but I doubt it." Basketball 2, 3, hg HAH Club 3,h3 Baseball 2,3,h3 Boys Glee Club 33 Junior Clais Plqf 33 Newspaper 3, - "When pleasure interferes with study he follows pleasure." Newspaper Staff lm. S i d e-1-Q in Q R W 3 ' 1226 FA' j555E5E25i5' 2-Q TUG XX W ffm QJCIWQQ DIANE TOWERS "I'm a man hater but the Bible says 'Love thine Qs XX 1 X I. 'il JOHN STENDER just sit." "Sometimes I just sit and think, and sometimes I enemies . " Girls Glee Club 2,3,hj Mixed chorus bg Basket- ball l,2,3,u,A-club 2,3, L13 Junior Class Plq' 33 Senior Class Play bg An- nual Staff bg Newspaper Staff hs Baton Twirler 2, 3,h3 Operetta 2. Basketball 2,3,3,h, Base ball 2,3,h3 Baseball Stu- dent Manager ls A-Club 1, 2,3,h3 Track Bphf Class OffiCeT,hj A-Club Presi- dentlq Student Council23 Boys Glee Club 2, 3, hs Team Captain-Curtis Sales 113 Newspaper Sta.ff-Assis- tant Editor hg Annual Staff ll. How We Looked Then Denni 3 Steve J crane Di 8118 2 Howard Wg-ng Jean John Lyle Ronnie Harlan Reba Francis Donnie gy Margle Larry H Lekcy Sponsored by HOME OIL CGIPANI, Erwin Nielson, Prop., Anthon, lowa The Class Prophecy Hi there folks! Well I just got back from a long trip. Went to see all my relatives. Sure got a lot of them. There's my Aunt Susie and Uncle Jeb Bhd HEY cousin Jean. Say that Jean grew up to be quite a gal. She's out there in Australia boxing with the kangaroos. She says she is goin' to manage the world's champion kangaroo. Well, Jean always was one jump ahead of everybody else Whale I was out in Australia I felt a little sick so I went to the first aid station there in Sydney And who should I run into but my old pal Reba After I picked her up, she told me that she was a X ray specialist She always was the curious lclnd Well, I loafed around Australia for awhile and I thought I might sail for England for a little visit While I was on the ship I de cided that I would go see the captain and who should it be but Del bert He said when he first started to pilot a ship he had felt-'a lfttle seasick Can't understand that though It never seemed to bother him when he was driving around Anthon I figured I might as well visit with some of these passengers so I went and set down next to a right pert little girl Thought her face looked familiar and when she told me her name I re ognized her Name was Marie She said she was running a day nursery now She figured after all the experience she has had she might as well put it to use She said it was pretty easy but she had one little stinker of a lcld though His name was Donnie Jr Guess he's just like his father Never could settle down to nothin' serious Marie said Donnie is playing a sax in a band now Guess he must have learned it cond hand Say, I just heard some pretty bad news! I hear Diane and Marge are doing time for beating up on a man with their batons They say it was accidental but I'm not so sure They always were pretty tough characters While I visited :ln England I happened to drop in on a Quiz nro gram This one is a l.1ttle different though The name of it is "You Ask Me" and instead of the master of ceremonies aslcing the contestants questions the contestants asked the Master of Ceremonies questions It's pretty hard to win a prize on that program Howard was M C and he alwqrs did lmowall the answers After I left England I journeyed to the new country of Siberia Seems Ronnie and Jerane decided to make a nice cool country out of it One night I decided to go to a wrestling match It was starring two of my favorite wrestlers, Le-aging Lerg and Grizzly Gilman But, the match finally ended in a draw ecause e referee , who was L-gg Madsen, just couldn't tell which one had won David "Fl" Madison is now modeling for Ipana tooth paste ads on te ewnlsion The program he models for is called Martin, Lewis and Sgkgam Remember that old twcsome Martin and Lewis, well now it' Martin, Lewis and Schram Happened to see their show on T V the other night Lyle nearly Stole the show with his rabbit act, Happened to pass through a little town named 011680 the other day Guess I was speeding a little cause pretty soon I heard a siren Well, I pulled over to the curb and a big, burley policeman calledl-Iufx, eeid, "All right, Bub, where' the fire?" Well, just then a cute little blond went by so Huff said, "Aw let it go I got to meet some body " But Just then I happened to think of ny old pal J He had always said he wanted to be mayor of Owego Sure emi when I walked in the town hall, there sat J ay Said the world's been treat- ing him pretty well In addition to his duties as mqor he gives a Sponsored by WHI'lIE'S SERVICE STATION, Sinclair Products, Anthon Iowa l O O - U O . I - O O I O I C o O I C O 0 I . I O se . , . t... O O O . 0 . l . I O O O U D Ronnie and Uerane are reigning as King and Queen. . . . . C O as I . , . 0 S I l O - L . . . Q I O O s ' . , - I . I I O I O Prophecy concert every TL16Sd8.y night. Last I heard of Jay he was practicing on his old trumpet. Seems that the movie star Marilyn Monroe has been pretty busy lately posing for the great Richard in gay Paree. Guess he turned aritst after he saw her last picture. After visiting in Paris I decided to look in on the Air Force in Podunk, Persia. Happened to see an old buddy, 'Ha-11211, there. He was just ready to go out on a mission. The captain told me that Harlan just received an award from the government for economy. Seems he doesn't use any bombs, he just blows his trumpet and scares the enemy to death. Saw another old pal there too, John Stender. Says he's still receiving "Dear John" letters. On my way home I passed through Sioux City. Met Dennis speeding through a red light. Guess he's still making his weekly trips. Has- n't convinced her yet. When I got back to Anthon I went up to the School house to look the place over. Went down to the gym to see the new coach. Francis was quite busy He was lecturing to the boys about the bad h8.D1ES of smolnng and drinking Just got relaxed in ny easy chair and I heard a knock, knock! It was Hayle He' got a new Job now selling Rubber er Baby ggies I told him I Just couldn't use 'em, but I mEhed Aunt Ann Ual Sponsored by SCHINDLEPJS, 322 Fourth Street, Sioux City, Iowa IW SOUPT KANSAS CHEMICAL COMPANY, Kansas City, Missouri Class I III The members of the senlor class wall the followlng honors and ac compllshments to the fortunate underclassmen named Jean Ashley, will my helghth to Carol Shever Reba Br1gman, w1ll my qulet vo1ce to Marv1n Godbersen Jay Coyne, w1ll my posltlon as honorary'mayor of Owego to Don L1l l e Donnle Davis, w1ll my position at second base to Brlan Ashley Rlchard Flemmlng, w1ll my bashful ways to Eleanor Ashley Steve Gllman, w11l my blonde friend to C'v1118 Ronald Hayworth, will my P T basketball team to Bob Feddersen Larry Huffman, w1ll my qulet evenlngs at home to Norma Hansen Wayne KG1tg6S, w1ll my Ford to anyone w1th a lot of patience Dennls Kvidera, w1ll my red top basketball socks to the boy who takes my pos1t1on on the team Margie Livermore, will my magorette picture taken by Earl D1cks back to Earl Dicks Dav1d Madison, w1ll my ab1l1ty to get good grades to Lucllle Grant Mulllcane Francls Myers, w1ll my abllity to hit the waste paperbasket w1th paperwads to Delores Bierworth Harlan Munsen, w1ll my qulet ways to Ph1l11p Yockey Marie Patterson, wlll my UpTO3T10uS act1on in class to Ed Flammang LeRoy Pedersen, w1ll my wavy hair to Larry H8TT1DgtOH Howard Petersen, will my abllity to rebound from the middle of the floor to J1m Flnzen Jerane Rossow, will my bookkeep1ng Job at Rohrs to Hans Ketelsen Delbert Saxen, w1ll my motorcycle to an one who can drive lt as well as I can? Lyle Schram, w1ll my watergun to Anthon High School to be placed 1n the trophy case John Stender, wlll the gravel roads west of Anthon to the NLower S1obbov1ansW D1ane Toners, will my bottle of vltamln pllls to Donnabelle Hesse To the Juniors, we will our seats in the assembly, wlth the easy ac cess to the lunch 11ne To the Sophomores, we w1ll anythlng that remalns after the rest of our pOSS8SS1OHS have been disposed of To the Freshmen, we w1ll the fort1tude to f1n1sh the remalning three years of their sentence Being of sound mlnd and body, we do declare thls document, con SiSt1hg of one page, to be our last will and testament Sponsored by DRAPER IMPLEMENT COMPnNY. Anthon. Iowa 0 I, ' . I, . . . . . . I, 1 . . . . - i . I3 . . . 0 I, . . . . I, . . . . I, . . . I, . . . . I, . . . 0 I, . . I, . . I, . . . . . . I, Larry Madsen, will my ability to talk in the study hall to Jerry I, . . . - . I, . . . . . I, . . . . I, ' ' . I, ' ' I, ' ' . I, . y . I, . . I, ' I, . Y . . . . IN 'f'!L 311,142 4 XMI sponsored by SOKOLOWSK1 I1'PI.E."EIwT CGMPANY Anthon, Iowa P14 '25 6 N . , N. Q32 , a 2 -Q lIIIIUI'5 Sally Bee gon Marjo ie Dor hy Myers President -'J D1ane Brown T' James Fiwzen J Julie qhlrlevy Coyne Madison V3-Ce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Helen Francis Butcher E1 ckholt N0I'ma James Hansen ahn ponsored by SHAIIROCK CAFE, Faye Elckhorn Prop , Anthon, Iowa 3 Ego NOD 'D A .D 7 C P 4 it xi' Vxii ,fs w '56 L ff 'X 6 Gw- O- J C. f 0 . , . C QQ Sf 'C I Q ' 6251 ' D fo 0. ot L ' e 1 'wwf Q " 4 ,' V K a - -f Q-: ,. ggfg? by f I fr A e K' I 2' Fey A J 5 ' , ' . . an ' Barbara Lewis Donald Lillie Betty eI'I'.Y McDermott MU-llicane 0811 Paulsen Paulsen peter-sen Petersen Mary Dale Peterson Reynolds Tomklns Uttp Cl' + OI'I'8J..'l9 Phlllp Nalllflil Yockey Ur 0 ea by PETERSEN SERVICE STATICIN, Antbon, Iowa nfhumurfs gage? Farllyn wllllam ary Dorls Dlamond Ashley peter Son G11ma.n President V1ce Presloent Secretary Treasurer I Margaret Waneta Catherine 7 Ashley Beers B0'GCh9I' SIT James Marlys Gladys JO ADI! Carr Cro s Doummf' Eastlund sl las!! 'O 1 .4 0 ' ' l J' I 1 , 5 l gf. prnsorea try ul1OA'l' DAPLEFENT COMPANY , Antbon, Iowa 5 I' 1' 6 'X KW 1 , ou Q l. 1 -1:. , N A Au . ' . G 1 . f .t v M V 'Aww in - , 'f , N K T 14 A F W e , C , f 1 1 31,1 ' S 1 . Q , X . . , Karen Etler Lawerence Harrington wr Kvidera Darw1n Schmidt "' 1 'r Bobby Marvin Genevieve Feddersen Godbersen Grant i Georgean John Michael Ketelsen Harrlngton Ashmore Michael Patsy mm' O'Conne1l Parker 4 adison Janlce arlene gohgmw Sonksen walrod oc ey P Sponsored by BOB'S D-X STATION, Anthon, Iowa , Ui' p 4' a V 3 A , 4 . Q ' L ,J K K X I 1 1 - f Q23 4 , 2 ' Q,:,g nga! ,Q 'iggii 1 V j . ,V o , , , .fi yu in . xqpyygimeggsgg I , -x . Aggf. nine' .ypn-fn Ann I ' 3 . , X wg-,A Q 'M . X N' at . x X ,K 43, , K H tfshmfn Ill? Eleanor Agnes ASW-93' DJJ-:on Pfesldent Vice Pre sldent Helen Dlxon oecre ary GV! if .zil- BI'-van Delores Lola AShlPY Blerwzu-th Clgud Allce Geraldlne yarlene Elckholt Eyer Feddersen Sponsoreg by bIKL'o , Fine Foods, Anlron, Iowa Clara Charrlwn Treasurer ll L4 time Kathleen Coyne Patricia Fltzpatrick 4 ., WJ I ...', 1 w- fl . A ' ..,, ..::"?'y,' fllfxr X , I If I ,. ' - - X R I v . me f e , 1 ,f 0 O ah A , . . WNL tg . i ' ' 11EU,LT " J. 1 N sal Donnabelle Hesse Cece a Porch Edwln Flammanv Lawrance Lillle Jeanetta Lillle Myra f 'N Huffman If-IV Dorothy Vester bcUermott McDermott Dwayne Hesse Robert Maddlson Roger Tyrone Pierce Schwartz , 1' Carol Raymond Shever he Gary Uttecht Sponsoref j WOLEE LUMBER COMPANY, Anthon, Iowa ary Larry H1 cox W1lSOn .A o if 1 5 1 Q Q - . .S I ' ki ff '4, irv J! if Qlrx ly ' ' kr ' Q JJ , I . vin, b"v,1.' iw, . l u 1 ' 'L if' N . 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" 1 3 u 9 la' if Xavi First Row Laura Ashley, Shlrley Brant, Mlchael Bowers, Ron ld Butcher, D1ck Cunnlngham, Steve Cunrungham, Sharon Flammang, Second Row Roger Forcn, Javld Hands, Marsha Jan en, Fred Koster, Henry Koster Thlrd Row Gary Ifunsen Poser Nelson, Carol Peterse Sharon Petersen, Vary Saw1n, Grant, Dav1d Guthridge, Janice Darrell Schnnat, Earl Schultz C arol Joan Thompson Yockay Sponsored by QUAKER OATS COMPANY, Sam Reynolds, Prop , Anthon, Iowa I1 2 A M ,. f A V of H- ' s A., -4- " , ,fl L ' ' " Q .:.,: fb. 5' g g V V' I ' . 2 . . . . 4 w .,. ' P . i S j P- ve. P at " " Q ' 'auf A ., '., 5:5 J ,: r , ,lm ,Jr , , 2. hr ' if- .242 Sei' 1 f P -I P I 6 "Li 3"-1? ' if .- 2- QPR lg, I A -I -1,5-, S ' wt ,. .W f , . .Eu 50,1 V K I 'KHLI' S U 4 , , I y 4 ' v 's v ' x 4 r ll fx' Q 4 4 2 . ' 3 . K at 1 ' - .I . - kv - : I , , T . A A Y , P 2 - 4 , L U 42 V D40 I-1 .Z 's,.f" ygrml A1 44' Fen! First Row' Monty Bainbridge, Fredrick Burow, James Diamond, D1ana Downey, John Draper Rodger Flammang, Wayne Goodman Second Row Mervnn Grant, Paulette Kobs, Ronnie Lilll, Garnet Maddison, Leroy Mlller, Ronlca Myers, Roger Oertel, Third How Lhonas Petersen, Sharon Richards, KQ' Walrod, Harold White, Dennls Yockey 5 who 'U' mst Row: Judy Bowers, Karen Bowers, Jerry Diamond , Terry Dicks, Douglas Groat, Bryan Hamann, Barbara Hansen Second Row: Larry Jansen, John Mayf1e1d, Brlan Nielson, Johnny Osborne, Ferre Parkhlll Jerry Peddersen, Kathleen Sawln Sponsored by ANTHON GATEWAY MARKET, Vera Lorenzen 8: Frank Carr, Prop., Anthon, Iowa 3 . V 'nw V 1 ks I M fijljx ,J H 4 I ' ' ',,, , 1 4- P S'-is A , fr 5 - 4 R ag a t 3 Qnk, y V 'P ' 7 ' c ', f ' G9 h M - , If ,, .P , J - it U ly J or J ' V f ' ,, : - 42 ' 2' ' N . 0 , . 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TRO!-'BON13' Charles A-rle, Mickey Lsliq, ' Douglas Gothier Bill Fey PERCUSSION Dennna Buettner Lar y Charrlin Paul Goo "nan Ernene Stegenan 13XIZIT1lNIE SAXOPLICA Judy Hansen Sponsored by COLE'S STCFI, Anthon, Iowa i I Q Red Wing Shoes, Expert Shoe S: 'XOHITL I-.achine Repair Concert Band FLUTES Q PICCOLO Jerane Rossow Ann Kv1dera CLARINETS Julie Coyne David Peterson Eleanor Ashley JoAnn Eastlund Lucille Grant Clara Charrlin Gerald1ne Eyer Joyce Ashley Luv ot a Osborne narbaret Carr Janlce Munsen BASS CLARINET Kathy Coyne ALTU SAXOPHONES Iargorie Fey Margaret Ashley Sharon duffrzn Marlene Walrod TENOR SAXOPHONES Larry Huffman Richard Flem ing BARITONE SAXOPHONE Reba Br1gman CORNETS G TRUMPETS Harlan Munsen Jay Coyne Joan Petersen Marllyn Dla Wayne K61tg9S 1 ys Downing Br1an Ashley I R E C T O R JOHN EITZEN HORNS Marlys Cross Donna Hesse BWIMW onn c w h Gary Peterson TROMBONBS Sally Beeson Bobby Maddison Charles Ashley SOUSAPHONES Mary Tomklns PERCUSSION Jean Ashley B111 Ashley Helen Butcher TWIRLERS JoAnn Eastlund Margle Livermore Dorothy Myers Dlane Toners Brass En vmblv Gladys Downing har lyn D18mOHl harlys Cross Larry Wilson Gary Peterson Bobby M8dd1SOU Sponsored by N H NEILSEN, Anthon, Iowa Insurance, Peal mstate, Farm Loans i V1 y, . . .sa ' H i Hag nrt Q ' ' fond . . 4 Glad , ' ' ,rs i Howard Petersen Larry Wilson v C7 ' . N D A : vi ' J , 4 . ' 4. I 0 5 F . Girls Glee Cluh lst SOPRANO Jean Ashley Jul1 Coyne Kathy Coyne Gladys Down1nv JoAnn Eastlund Geraldine Eyer Vargorle Fey Cecella Forch Dor1s Gllman on sse Ann Kvadera Marlene Walrod l 2nd SOPPPNF Eleanor Ashley bargaret Ashley Sally Beeson Delores B1erw1rth Reba Brlgman Helen Butcher larllyn Dlamond Helen Dixon Betty McDermott Marle Patterson Joan Petersew Lorralne Wall nr ALTO Dlane Brown Clara Charrlln Narlys C o Karen Et e Darlene Feooersen Lucllle Grant Yay Llllie Iargle L1VETNOTE ehlrlsd Iadison Iary TOmk1HS D1 ane Tower ll uma Bet y Dcuermrtt Joan Petersen Larlorle Fey palpts Q ,al1pQpgrs, Feeds, Seeds, Sprags, Floneer Seeo Corn, Far1er unu 4 I I K A ' e V I --Q 1 , v A ll l . '1 ' ' . X . D vaiie ' . -11 C A' Dorothy McDermott Jerane Hossoy Georgean Jerman . ' , -5 6 G 1' I I I I5 1 I por creo kg IJDDISON FLHTIllZbF SALES, Anthon, Iowa ' I 11 T - w , . f - ' ' ' Z1 s r Mixed Choru Jean Ashley Julie Coyne Glanys Downlng JoAnn Eastluno l3IJOTlP Fey Marlene Walrod Reba Brlgman Helen Butcher Betty McDermott Iarle Patterson Joan Petersen Jerane Possow SOPRANO AL1L Larry Hulfman Diane Brown wayne Feltges Marlys Cross Larry Wllson Lucllle Grant 3AQS Marg1e Llvermore Sh1rley Paul on ary Tonklns Dlane Towers TENOP B1Jl Ashley Brlan Ashley Jay Coyne Frank L1CkhO1t day Coyne, Lucllle Grant, Jean Ashley, Harlan Nunsen UCur work bust Satlsfyu VOHDl6 Hayworth Hars Ketelson Bobby Paddlson Harlan bunsen Foward Petersen Davld Peterson Gary Peterson John Stender llill' P I 1 1 in -J If .1 - I. ll Sponsorea by PERSELL'S CLEANERS, Cleaning, Men's Wear, Battle Creek, Iowa Maile Choru 9 U W , QQ Back Pow Mlke O'Connel1, John Paulson, Harlan Munsen, Ronnle Hayworth John Stender, Larry Huffman, Wayne Keltges, Frank Elckholt, Mr Eitzen Second Row Howard Petersen, Hans Ketelsen, Ed Flammang, Bill Ashley, Bobby Maddison, Jay Coyne, Darwin Schmldt, Phillp Yockey Front Row Gary Peterson, Dav1d Peterson, Lawrence Lill1e, Bob Fedders Larrv Wllson, Br1 Not Plctured R1Ch Flemm1ng Hoy Quartvt an Ashley, Mike Harrlnpton Harlan Munsen, Fonnie Hayworth, Bill Ashley, Jay Coyne sponsored by BOSTON STORE, Sa Kossove, Prop , Anthon, Iowa P neral Ierchandise en Majorette 7 Jo Ann Eastlund, Dorothy 57911: Margie Livern ore, Diane Towers Girl Sextet Lucille Grant, Hsry Tomkins, Joan Petersen, Betty McDermott, Jean Ashley, l4sr1orie Fey Sponsored by SHACKEIHUS, h-oxen Food Lockers, Anthon, Ion L. .U I7 'D In U 63 AQ. I1Tfi11f:'f 1 1 Ba shall Team Flrst row Mike O'Connell, Student Manager, Lyle Schram, Jun Flnzen, Wayne Keitges, John Stender, Denms Kvidera, Ronme Hqworth, Harlan Munsen, Coach Miller Second row Mlke Harrington, David Petersen, Jim Carr, Donnie Davis, Bill Ashley, Jay Coyne, Larry Harnngton, Jerry Mullicane Anthon Antnon Anthon SEASON RECORD Cushlng SECTIONAL 1 Castana Anthon 13 Qusunby 3 Sloan Anthon lb Pierson O Battle Creek 2 Anthon 10 Cushl ng O DISTRICT Anthon lh Sloan Anthon 10 Pi sgah SUB-STATE Anthon O Remsen oronsored by SANITARY BARBER SHOP, Eulis Lew1s, Prop , Anthon, Iowa O Oo .U O ' . P9 C' 'U 'ls 9 lO ' 0 firsx Anthon O ' X f -- - 16 3 ,fd f H . ' ' 9 ,. o X A M, .. 2 v . ' v 4 ,A ,Eff , f , " , M by , , - Outfield: Lyle Schram, Wayne Keitges iv ,.'i'X Harlan Munsen, JerqyMullicane If 5, af Ronnie Hayworth Batting Average: .522 ' -f -it-41 Kt""'11,:, , C yr. -' Bri-me Q 5 m13"Xf:... A P " - J" C Infield: John Stender, Dennis Kvidera, Donnie Davis, Ronnie Hayworth Sponsored by SPORTSMAN'S, INC., hl3 Nebraska Street, Sioux City, Iowa X v Jim Finzen, Pitcher 1 ' '-,..V,, ' '1-fa-. - 1- , . 4' . .'-6 ., -Qf-X1 -.15 ,. 'SEQ-'5' M' 1' 0' A 'zzitg -1.5 vi- " Jay Coyne, Catcher THE CHESTERMAN BOTTLING COMPANY, 305-311 Bluff Street, Sioux City, Iowa We Girl. lla kvllmll Jean Ashley, Joan Peterson, Marlene Walrod, Margaret Ashley, Dorothy Pyers, Feba Brlgman, Diane Towers, Fargle Livermore, Sally Beeson, Susan Reynolds, Jerane Rossow, Gladys Down ng Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Anthon Antnon Anthon Anthon Anthon GIRL'S Anthon Anthon Anthon SEASON RLLORD Sergeant Bluff Blencoe Battle Creek Holsteln Ida Grove 0 o K1ngsley Pierson Mov1l1e Sloan Lawton Uoodblme C'V11le Cushlng Cllmblng H111 SECTIONAL Cat Klngsleyl 37 0 39 Cllmblng H111 37 38 TOV1116 Julle Coyne, N158 W1LSOn, Runners up Trophy Glrl' Sectlonal Tournament at K1pgS1qy,Iowa Sponsored by ANTHON CAFh, Don Hansen, Prop , Antkon, Iowa HAlwaWs at your servlce wlth a Sm1'8 U Y 71 26 hh no 77 bl U 37 ' 55 bl 57 CBD 38 CBD 23 55 t 13 So ' 36 72 28 37 ' 36 63 30 Anthon 60 Sanborn SS CBD 27 CBD 25 65 21 ' S7 ' 23 39 ' 35 65 ' S2 L19 n o u bil Ot 16 . . . .1 .. ,u, . - , . 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Jay ,V -44:2 X h C' A ' . L1 A 44 L .1 - ,. , --R, f .L FL 41 ' LA Ba kethall W Bac? mow Dlchael H81T1HgtOH, Jerry Pulllcane, J1m Carr, Lawrence L1ll1e, J1m Jann, John Yocley, Ed Flammang, Dayld Peterson Front Row Jay Coyne, Donnle Dav1s, Dennls Kv1dera, B111 Ashley, John Stender, Wa ne Keltges, J1m Flnzen, Lyle Schram, Lawrence Harrlngton, Coach Illler Fneellng Howard Petersen, Student Panager Back Pow Susan Peynolds, Dlane Brown, Lorralne walllng, barg Tonklns, Eleanor Ashley, Front Row Gladys Downlng, Sally Beeson, Dorothy Dgers, Pargaret Ashley, Parlene halrod, Jean Ashley, Joan Peterson, Reba Br1gman,D1ane lowers, Iargle Llvermore, Jerane Posson Yneellng Julle foyne, Student banager, Coach D1ll6T, Ilss Wl1S0n, Sponsor Sponsored D5 L. B TCJEPS, Standard O11 rank Wagon Serv1ce, Anthon, Iowa Jo Ann Eastlund, Kathy Coyne, Helen Dixon, Helen Butcher, Geraldine Eyer. Track Standing Wayne Keitges, John Stender, Jim Flnzen Kneel ng Donnle Davis, Dennls Kvldera, Jay Coyne, Harlan Munsen, LePoy Pedersen A Ulu Baci Pow horrra hanson, Betty I'cDermott, Dlane Lowers, Dorothy Byers, Jean ASN ew, Joan Petersor, Reba Brlgnan, Pargle Llvermore, SalWy Beeson, Jerane Rossow Front Row Jerry N'L1ll1CElX16, Tay Coyne, Donnle Dams, Ponnle Hayworth, Dennis Ifvmiera, John Ste-nder, Jlm Finzen, harlan bunsen, Tyle Schram, Howard Peterser, Coach I lller SPOUSOTEC1 by RUHWC PRODUCE, Poultry, Egbs, Crearr, Feeos, Antbon, Iowa . . ' D Q . - . . . . . . , J I . v r 1 - fn Y 1 .. 2 A . U r L. U A . . - 'Q 2 L. u . - . . , . . .U . 'L l . V A , 1 A L Uhver Loader VX f N XXW Patsy Parker Betty McDermott Dorothy McDermott FIGHT xzvys A Sponsored by GABRISON'S, Dry Goods and Shoes, Anthon, Iowa J J yy f"'.:, f, " ' if W . N, QA e e 13, Xyll, Vw, ----ff "fail UH' ?, vw", yr A,.1, rf' 11' XL-1' -A . 1-'Lf X . I 'E -,J 'V J.f-. -,:1J. 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Suggestions in the Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) collection:

Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 25

1954, pg 25

Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 18

1954, pg 18

Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 6

1954, pg 6

Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 60

1954, pg 60

Anthon High School - Bomb Yearbook (Anthon, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 41

1954, pg 41

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