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 - Class of 1957

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Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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' ' AJ ' If: ' J f f . I Q Q3 7 L X Q 1 f f ' , X , ,- , ,- 3 5 K. . ,V z 1 ' f I fa., pr 1' I 1' I Y' ' f X 13:5- V fx Nl 'I ' V11 If 'v Y , , s in X - , , A , . X . .Vi In Y L1 NV I' xx X W X 'I X - f QU- , X , A 1 if l h Qv 'U N ' K , , ' f , . . . ., V . 'Fx U ' K ,A V ' ' w N , X . ii .NAV x X x x rv ' ' , ,x , H T? .,.-,, xx , n . , . If , N X, X xx , , - h 1 , K ' . , ,f A K. , X xl ' jf! .. , vs "L - -k ,fi - Y 4 ' 4 1- . ' x , J I i Aff ' 'C f ff X I A KJVF ' ,Wx if - I 'J' xi! 1 1, l . , K... 1, Qfi . ? Q' ff 'c , L, 1 :Lf 'uf J- I 'P ff ' . . 'L , f' K ' X. Q - YA, 4 1 Y ' f' ..' v L , A' i , V- N i i k ,N - tl 6 . . N, , I fx f' I " X ' c ' , , V fr ,. I , f 1 ' fx Q :'C'. ', Y 1 A. ' . l' .,, X Q ., fr ,J l A W 'f :vi I .Xf ' ,f K! A' r , , J I C ' f rf 1 1 ' X' I 1 , , L 4 w ' , Q Vf, X' A . - l . A , , I NX J I J I I f ff 1 X Y ' f- X Y X I I , 1. X wf n' " ,x 'x -X x - ix. xx .XX I ' ww . X H A w fins? ,fats 'L -- . Y. 'X QX H N91 .ix 1' J ' V -'j ' ' 'f ,. ,Www ' Wxmgxw ' Q - : X ,,, Q.. ' 0 - 'f ' '-KKK XM "V ' " 'T' f' Ejggx . K -f yf, A Q 5, AQ Q, W A N .,. wazg- X 0 1 f . g,,g,,mL-,.5v's H ' - 5 ,gt fini gf S if 7 ' as 'W - i ' vi: fy , U K VY , S., 'I ' "Q"-egg-Q3 , A 35' x ' X L . u at 4, ,Q M, . Q9 . fi bw ' f nf' F ,', .1 1, ' -M ffff 4' 10 A I 5.5 Wim-.1 41 ' ,, . lv' f "www V ci A c ft A JIJ4 .fi fy -A My-6,-,I fm I' ' my " ' if V v' x 1 1, " I 9 - vs-1' ,f" 'W 'JL WJ lf' vb ' xfl 1. f W' V7 '1 ' 'M ' Vx N' kv 1 7 X. 'A , 4. x -, . ' , 1 -.N - N fhrw. if X 1 L fx .r MU A 'M I y,,- .f .I ,bv fb' 9 ,W ni' ff f ILIIIIGNLII fn! Ugg !f,SfSf'rar4,H! 5-'yulluff fiflll ff uftpfflu' NZH441 L WUI! Ifvfiffil lffifflp f Sf fy!! flzurnxfawf Affiffvw U if i0 0 ff ,,flf0iijQ1f f A VZAV4 k iffy A111 X will b Will cfwwia adm i will gijwagwqypbybab yu 1 , iglfygm Jack Wiley, building inspector, is looking over plans to see if they check with the specifica- tions of our new gymnasium. This new structure has cost AV over S500,000. It is large enough to hold three basket- ball courts and will seat ov 2000 spectators. 1 1 ,I S Q' A NP X-X fx A , Q X. X .Y t . it l F' X3 1 E' i X it i x ,f Y Q l Xl V hh X S the X ,X i l ., 7-se., ' - ' 5 . gs A welcome treat came this year to our AV campus. Snow fell heavily over the grounds of our fair school. Our every day campus was transformed into a maiestic snowland which brought beauty to the eyes of all who saw our campus. le e X j Q A E ry K ' K2-rx '33 r X 5 N QQ Fi 'B f Xl ' rx ,fr x we . -. 2, if K Wm WWA! l ,V M, MWL D ' a'.', . AMA!!-f On a cold, gray day in January, snow fell on AV campus and turned it into a winter wonderland. Covered with snow is the Cafeteria, old Science and the many trees sur- rounding thern. These buildings have stood many years on our campus and this year is to be their last. Next year new buildings will be raised in their place. ef 1 it s Hrs v we ' " M if Q1 fe + V: ' W K -s 13, 9-17. In uf 1 , ',' ,Q - ' f' 1 -'-- -u ...L ,zu ,, f . . . . .in f ..-if' fv f,9- 1- . ' " - s 1 , V Q... ,. L I ffl' ,Qi I ' n ' ' 'W Y' . I- 55" "- - . -4 7 1. 5. . ,. . , QA? 3 f-O.. "N-. . -I I H 5.5 , s x 3 5: f JV' Xxx 7 X 5 t .. . 4 .4 i Pictured in a frame of snow is part of AV's modern new campus. English row and the new Science buildings are cov- ered with almost a foot of snow. This busy part of our campus is still and quiet while the students are enjoying a week of vacation. I3 ,J A 2225 iii ig? Ymftn' Hoyd Bobler Head Custodian Roy Stephenson 41 X'-1 Bernard Minkler D G Hof' Jeff Reed A . E , Mr, zv P. Booth V ,X il' X WL Thus year the Yucca staff wushe s to deducate the 1957 Yucca to the custoduans These are the men who kee P our campus lookung nuce the way we want ut to oo Thus book us deducated to Floyd S Babler Zacharuah P B ooth D G Hart Bernard Munkler Jeff Reed who were under the supervusuon of Head Custoduan Roy Stephenson All of these men can boast of a 'ob well done The theme of our book Out of T hus World descrubes perfectly the unlumuted servuce of the men who work here wuthout recognutuon through the whole year and now we would luke to pay trubute to them and guve them the many thanks from the enture Assocuated Student Body of A V H S wuth the deducatuon of the 1957 Yucca VV77 f15V7-uAf3pff1f7c4f'VV"Afl FV fvmfy oy-ef gm sfwmiffw UQ Team-w'w W WT be thus one F campus clean One of the famuluar sughts around campus seems to SW Pe0Ple ealuze the work 'hill goes unto thus prolect of keepung our ' ' , ' I k. ' " , f A ' X2 J 7 l f nv 1 If ,rf I s 1 I ' 5 X' Y A r, ' V5 Awmmmn rm ...... ........ f lf! QQQMQ, .......... Q6 QQGLQASQDJ ...-.-.-.-.-- ffj Qpmii ........ M8 .4 ...I iii Ill! I 'I 35511 . ,i S XA iz 1-. A -n.A, .Ku .Q P L C f Z X f i f'f. 1.i' X' D 9 1 s iii I I A if gif is sg-"9 QQ .. x . L , Q, , 1 S550 ..' . o M. , , .55 if ' J-' ' 1: was A rf A G J, .U.,.:-. 1 W .41 L X 'P 5"f.'Q1 L ss 5' 5 X Q' ., 3+ if . .4 , , ,. 0 -L3 5 3 ' I is I Dr. Roy A. Knapp, District Superintendent, provides for and directs the improvement of our school dis- trict. He is also Chief Executive and Secretary of the Board and is our "Authorized Agent." Mr. A. L. Lo Buono, is Assistant Superintendent and works in Business Educational Services, directs and coordinates the various fields of educational serv- ices, and also assists the superintendent in areas of recruitment, selection, and employment of personnel and educational policiesr Mr. Charles Parker, who is Assistant Superintendent and is in Educational Services, directs and coordin- ates the various fields of educational services, and also assists the superintendent in areas of recruit- ment, selection and employment of personnel and educational policies. Mr. Norton Nichols, Administrative Assistant, assists with administrative duties, and handles detailed work in the state-aided building program. Members of the Board of Trustees-Bus P. Eliopulos, President, G. F. McNamee, Wallace Ward, W. J. Sin- clair, and J. H. Wilson, Clerk-authorized the allow- ances made for buildings. Supervisor Mr. Knapp Mr. Nichols X N J i Q32 .is f -, . Board of Trustees ..- -f ' left to right: Mr. Gardner ii, V. v' Dr. Knapp Y ' Mr. Sinclair Mr. Eliapulos Mr. McNamee Mr. Lo Buono Mr. Parker Mr. Wilson J- Li Ulf 1 funds, set up school bonds, and attend to other impor- tant functions ofthe school. Mr. John Landrum, our Principal, develops and coordi- nates the curriculum standards, supervises instructional methods and all other activities directly concerned with pupils, teachers, and other personnel. As Assistant Principal and a worker in the Pupil Services, Mr. Abe Loewen directs and coordinates all school social affairs. Assistant Principal and curriculum work are the iobs of Mrs. Billye Adams who assists the principal in duties from time to time, plans, and supervises various proe grams, departmental and faculty meetings. Mr. Earl Rittenhoutse directs Student Business Activities and during his iob he encounters such duties as assisting in all student government activities, directing student body fund accounting, and other student business ac- tivities. Mr. James Churchill, Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance, works in different areas of Antelope Valley assuring and maintaining the welfare and proper at- tendance of all students. Mr. Ernest Tosi, Director of Auxiliary Services, directs and coordinates the program of counseling and guidance, health, pupil discilpline, psychological services, and many other important programs for the school. Mr. Ernest Tosi Auxiliary Services if Mr, Abe Loewen Asst. Principal Mr, Earl Rittenhouse Mrs. Billye Adams Director of Activities Asst. Principal K u t 'tts 1. rfii 12" Mr. John W. Landrum School Principal MH Sid Harrington Supt, of Fairgrounds ll' CAFETERIA STAFF: Left to right: Lela Crall, Lu Puckett, Avis Chaney, Lena Fraze, Pearl Dowdy, Irma Hicks. :Ak ln wr- -i Y. jo.. 'V I vi HM X - Q ATTENDANCE OFFICE STAFF: Left to right: Bea Riley, Lorein Denny, and Mildred J Jolin kept all absences in perfect order throughout the yea r. M BUSINESS OFFICE STAFF: Left to right: Doris Iverson, Flora Van Ness, Nana- lee Kingsbury, Pat Autrey, Sybil Purcell, Thelma Johnson, Marie McMains. Q37 , i I ,J C7 SECRETARIAL STAFF: Left to right: Virginia Zarzaria, Mildred Seaton, A A Nancy Barton, Mona Albright, Judy Snyder, Helen Gant, Fern Stiers, Bonnie Gary. '-Y "-Q -Q Q A S ill D 1 S X 1 Q, 5. ' ' Nl Q- "'sL... Trying Their best to educate the stu- dents ot our high school are the 91 teachers who make up our faculty. It anything is to be planned or im- proved it is called to attention and discussed at the numerous meetings our teachers attend. President of the Organization is Mr. Warren Nunn, and Vice President is Mrs. Evelyn Kohr. Mrs. Marian Pol- lock holds the office of Secretary while Miss Janet McGinnis is trea- surer. Our teachers did a wonderful job of heading the sixteen different de- partments. gwfi They were Mr. John Pat Gary, Agri- culture, Mrs. Mary Floyd, Business and Commercial, Mr. Wilson Ferrell, Drivers Education, Miss Josephine Dart, English, Speech, Drama, and Journalism, Mr. W il l ia m Ballard, Fine Arts, Mrs. Amy Heydorn, Art, Mr. James Daley, Foreign Language, Mrs. Zelma Goben, Home Economics, Mrs. Elizabeth Lorbeer, Library, Mr. H I a I me r Stromberg, Mathematics, Mr. Lloyd Helgeson, Boys' P.E., Mrs. Evelyn Kohr, Girls' P.E., Mr. Hamp- ton Proett, Science, Mr. Jack Seaton, Vocational, Miss Geneva Mungov- ern, School Nurse and Dr. Frieda Sherburn, School Doctor. We wish to thank all ofthe teachers ot AV for their wonderful help and splendid work this past year. Miss Josephine Dart English Mrs. Stephanie Dashift English Miss Janece Doggett Girls' P.E, Miss Evelyn Ericson English Miss Margaret Fairchild Photography tri Mr. James Daley Spanish Mr. Louis Da Sar Metal Shop Mr. Wylie Day Ag. Science Mr. Sam Dolber Ag. Shop Mr. Bennett Freeny Ag, Science Mr. W. G. Fellers Typing A Mr Paul Francnl omvmouwlun Mr ROf1dOllFfGf1k Socral Studles Algebra l Mr Bob Ferber General Scnence T Mlss Beatrice Fuller Lnbrarlan Mr Stanley Glass Gen Math Mr Wilson Ferrell Drnvers Education Mrs Mary Floyd Commercual Mrs Zelrna Goben Home Ec Mr Ted Bochman Boys P E i Mr John Gary Agriculture HITEL ,, Mr Orsen Hlcken Drivers Education 7 "AI.l.1:r l ,,, Houghton Agrnculture Mr Louns Hart Mr Lloyd Helgeson Mechanucal Drawlng Boys PE ?D EDUCATION Mrs Amy Heydorn Miss Gloria Kefferingham Mrs Mary Kitfrell Grs PE Business 81 Commercial Mr Jack Kaiser Boys PE Mrs Josephine Kunfz Bookkeeping DNN Mr Donald Kellogg Boys PE Mrs Marlorie Kloster M J P Kuzif Homemaking Mathematics fd .Jah ww 12 jlkfaf-Cf 0m gd WM Mrs. Lorraine Ladley Typing Mrs. Elizabeth Lorbeer Library Mr Gerald Ladley American History Miss Claudia Maede Homemalcing Mr Bernard Kelly Civics Mrs Evelyn Kohr G s PE Mr. Carl Sitzman Mr. Gwynne Line English English ,gJ.1. yi- sv' Miss Muriel McDaniel English 84 Drama Mr. Jerry Murnane Boys' P.E. ' x 1- fMr. ' Ro6erffOwens Driver Education ' .1 - ' ,I l- Mr. Howard Most Art an 13 Mrs. Janet fi Miss Geneva M School QW f turf. ' V , .. I! '4 Mr. Henry Miller Boys' P.E. gjy.Li'f -A My w Mr. Ralph Nybakken Journalism Mr. Hampton Proett Mr. George Nelrnork Boys' P.E. Mr. John O'Connor Civics Mr. Harold Richard: maven enucmmn Mr. William Nichols Driver Education Physics American History ' 1 . H -A " UD' .u i. 'i' ' pf slr il Mrs. Kathryn Pickus Algebra Mrs. Marion Pollock English Mr. Jack Seaton ff Dr. Frieda Sherburn Miss Helen Richardson Girls' P.E. -,.. ffxgggzg N ll- A Mr. Lewis Shoemaker Boys' P.E. Mr. Jerome Sfumps Health and Science li! 4 Radio-Tronics School Physician k vb Mr. Donald Stevens Social Studies Miss Mary Tarlian Spanish I Mrs. Dolores Ross English and Speech Mr. Daniel Slocum Algebra .12 'vs -. fs f Mr. Emil Such Health P Q I Mr. Hjalmar Algebra Mr. Samuel Thoman, Jr. Social Studies 4? Mrs. Margaret Sanders Commercial QF' Mr. Held English Miss Wealfha Suydam English III .J , 1 - I 9 Q Miss Jan DoggeTT Mr. RiTTenhoUse and Mr. Richards Mr. Daley Fly WND l 1:1 Q QM 52 F ll lynn Mr. Thomas Mr. ThursTon gem During The pasf year, Mrs. Kohr, chairman of The FaculTy Social ComrniTTee, displayed her ThoughTTulness for The TacUITy by organ- izing diTTerenT social acTiviTies Throughom The year. FirsT This year on The lisT of TaculTy acTiviTies was a pofluclc aT The lunch area on SepTem- ber l8Th, Following The poTlucl4, in Novernf ber, The P.T.A. held an Open l-louse, during which parenTs and Teachers became beTTer acquainTed. Mr. TurcoTT 3 1 Mr. iorner Mrs. Hermione Vaughn Mrs. Mary Wegj UULLVU qw AT The scene of The ChrisTmas ParTy, given on December l2Th and held aT The Ranch House, Mr. Sitzman was viewed playing The parT of SanTa Claus. Also Taking parT in enTerTainmenT, Mrs. Pickus lead The gay and spiriTed group in Christmas carols. Having already experienced fun and Tancy during The year Through The help of The FaculTy Social CommiTTee, The Teachers are winding up The school year vviTh a farewell breakTasT on Their lasT day, June l5Th. Miss Margaref Fairchild Miss Vida Williams Mr Homer .QQ X Mr. Carl SiTzman Miss Evelyn Ericson I Mr. Louie HarT Mrs Lorraine Ladley Miss Josephine Kunfz f 4 Wrighf i Mr. Ralph Nybakken 7 Q 6- in I gi? -vi .,-' WI Q 0 x N o s ffl- . K' Q fn' L' 'f 1 "- x X is Furs? semester the Sensor Class was headed by Frank Plan: Presldenf Dante Sxmn Vice Presudent Amta Barton Secretary Gary Goodson Treasurer and Jud: Turner Repor1er Jud: ns not shown 35 Y 1 57' Vt. l H f A! 4 3, ,4o'ifL L fn up 1 -' wi' A memory us left fo each and every grad of Anfelope Valley Hugh As we remlnusce The years gone by we know our fondest memorles wull always lunger There Some fnends we made may never parT from us, whsle others wnll be thought of as we recall our happy teen age memornes -L i N0 -v-4 Dolores Aguilar Gary Alvns Jeannue Amuck Gary Amo Carolyn Arnold df X Ii" 'Nou ' V Th", Ron Avery Carol Ayers Paul Bacon Carolyn Azbnll NOYITVOD 5Gkm0f1f1 . V X7 y fn ' IQ x .J r 4' WA 9 F I. Q -, . S.. y I E "' vs R , NA A X - .1 g S V my Q . , q ? 4 . . X ll .' 5 , ' Q V - J r, x La-4 'Y QJQWM 2nd Semester sen or class off cers were An ra Barron Judy Turner John Bennett Jane Lockhefl Gnd Mar Iyn McLaur n We luked our teachers and they became our frlends when they treated as adults and confessed that they were once young too As we pass Through the halls of A V Hugh forthe lasttume as students we Take with us always a part of our school unto the challengmg world Qin. f 'L Jan Azbull Elusbeth Ballard Joseph Baldus Theo Barker Clyde Baldwrn Q, 'fam X Joyce Barker Eddue Barth Annta Barton Bob Barth N W? Dora Beale .. i i N in Q .' . i , , ,, I Q ,L ,.,, , A ,Ln-, ,.,p,, . 3 ,j , 21: Q A , I r., .. 1-jf. g' , A lr f-J B ' ' ' ' 1 1 7 . ' -QAM ' 6 I ' 0 . ' Q u 4 . 2 I, J . US . . . l . , f ' . ' J , N N -- A 3- . 4 ' ' 'Q Sandra Bennett Qenton Basktns 1- Joebob Beebe Eleanor Blake John Bennett Pegg: Betts Frederlck Bates Carolyn Brlllngton Joanne Blondln Chuck Bergstrom Carol Bones Lance Bard T- 'Qs Ecl Boswell Pearl BFSWTOVI Douglas Blthell Lots Brunberg Sylvna Boggs William Boughcn Ethel Budd Charles Brmk Johnny Bowen Lucy Bunker Richard Boyer Margaret Burleson 3' in Georgra Burns Dean Brower Merle Calvert James Bulawsky 17 ii Marlorse Carlson Ray Burrow Frances Carter Kenneth Busknrk Darlene Carter George Buss Jeanne Case Lee Butler GH, Jw' In 1 :V V. . ,V r 'Q , l . l ' J I . 5 J C relr 1 J Q, l , x he . - J . X -,, , iff 'Y m X N -., 1 B Q. -x J th : A' -,I X X E7 I , 15373 if Amelia Cobarga Gerald Butler Keith Cable Bobbie Clark 30 Gloria Chavez Gloria Clark Edward Campbell 71 13 James Calvert Boyd Cissell Linda Clubb eplmbefvfwj N-v if No- 1 'X fs... Carolyn Coffon John Chandley Charles Chandler Marguarare Cole Noel Chrisrnan Beverly Cook Lorraine Coyle Dawn Cook Andy Chapkis Ronald Christensen wb-1-.- cciyiliwl 654903 Brenda Crawford Lewus Clement Ena Darrlgan Mlchael Cochran Marylin Davis Rlchard Cole Sharon J Davns Rex Cooper Guy Cosey Judy Davvs 7"""""DW Sharon Davis Duane Crandall Louise Deafon Ronald Cutler what Genre Dekom Vp' aw- Dnck Dalrymple Loss Del Grosso David Davus Gaul Denny 5 Qt? 'Y 'v Ronald DeMarcus Dena Diamant Wnlllam Denny Pafsy Drake Robert Downs Loretta Dunfsman Clarence Duffleld Thelma Dunn fi 1. uene Duncan sa , I 5-DJ YI- tv HBMMIMM James Fix Juanna Eastham -"' Janice Epley Graham Duprau James Falxington f" ,ff F . W 'ii iw.. .4 . ' , A f' f . J lx g 'I X 'llklvp lllfllxr J ffm PC? ,M l 'L' 1 xxl , 'll gi J l'li if rg X Q ff V xxx. ' QJ ,f Sharon EbY 5 l W' Judith Epley 'ww x X X all ' dig. Michael Edel Nv- 1" H Daniel Foster Pi gb Shirley Edwards N- K S Bob Fairfield Sharon Ellsworth farm, Mr Nancy Eslick Roycil Freclgren Pcifricio Farrell Tony Goble Gory Goodson Shirley Ferris William Greenslode Judy Forsyth Bonnie Ford Phillip Goble ,M I, 1 ,, i i , i A Q 'O C.. '4"'Y' Ez, - -vw 'N--1 Nh-4 V-s...,b Q Julio Froze J 'f James Greenslode I 'uf f ..' lvivv' qpvway 'U' N06 ' Patricia Frazier Donald Goslme Carolyn Glbson Ronald Hassard "UG if if fv- 51 'T ?"""'t-. '9- "Wh- John Grldler Judith Garrison Lloyd Hamlun Opal Gray 'is- .pw-' 1 Karolynn Frey Jon Hadlock Shirley Gllbert Ben Hayes Ill 'Yi 'Nh- Earl Griffin Donna Gentry James Harper Carole Gruffm -ff, if Y' Mary Gardner Fred Harnnlfon Loueen Gordon Gary Hayes Q 'T Y:-'Jr fb Donna Grrtfnn Wlllram Hacks Mary Hawes Jerry Hosuer w-,Qs Cllfrtm 2 C7 Af ,2 Carrol Healy Charlotte Haney Robun Hull Shirley Hewitt Yu. 564' Twin Betty Hayes William Hler Dnana Hefferon Robert Hotton -rf' F 'fi if X Nd Vie rf' X! f-f fi is Steve Hendrux Patrucna Harrns Wnlluam Hoopes Katherine Hlebert Qi 1-P' Nl 'H-1 Nancy Haley Gary Hrggs Carlene Hensley Stephen Howard fxp-5 49155 'A-1: ' . i , v in wr 1' ' 7 L, . 'sf' C ' . '., fl f I 1 SAM' 'V' I ll l -1 ' Ai ' 3 ltfl , 'wg'- ' Q., 'Z V Ll.-V -ey y ,X F i V i J -1 ,xvvqu , 'lu V L' Z " y fl - , -v 1. ' . ' ' .LJ A , ' X, . A ? i , B . v-. A A T- ' l 'Vl' A ' - 4 ,A f , N..." .X ', l R ' vw K X i H I 'I . A .1 L r 1 r - Barbara Hibbard Richard Jennings Bonnie Ideal Gerald John CMU Jean Felix Vernon Hunt Joan Felix Richard Huntley Myrtle Henley George Huntley Ann Howell Ronald Jackson Shirley Hill John James Katherine Holden Stanley Jenkins ' Z f f 1 1 m ,,-1 ,- I cf g J gf 49 ., so Pu YV' 'Q' Q r lX. p- 5 ' 49- 3' 6 Vu... NJ N Noi Mmm Kay Jay Bobby Johnson Heather Jones Terry Kaiser 4 'givii ."f r Rita Johnson Michael Judge Patricia Johnson Edgar Jordan Bula Jensen Bobby Jordan Coralee Jennings Curtis Jones , J . W ' ,.. e V,-rg, - 1 am Peggy Jarry Ronald Johnson Amanda Kasperson James Johnson Qu. vb Vi S 'N K! Qlwwwllflw Karen Kasson Richard Kelly Deborah Katz Charles Keortge . 1---9, Shirley Kelly Greggie Kennedy Troy Kurth Jayne Kelder 'wmv Walter Kern ,462 Y Tam 'J' I 'FO 'tw' 7 Janet Kelly Robert King Nd S-r 'Nz 'M-5..,,, YQ .f "'s 'gf ,V XT!! 'wr P. is ,f Y, uv' K Ronald Large Judith Kimbrel Donald Lowcler Elsa Knight William Laws Mary Koyle Q, 'S '47-213' wwlrlbmg gwflw . A '1' A Charles Lesley l A Melissa Kraber l'fi'i+.w W Q Edward Lizarraras A K -if-. iw' ' Frances Lane Q. 41 'G 5 f rt V' K Gary Lile Suzanne Larson David Lyles Linda Lower Jack MacGibbon 'T Pearl Leafh Robert MacGregor -0-4' ? in. L63 C vu, 7- X57 1 Janet Leavelle Clark McBride Shawnie Leonard Homer McDonald I-.ln ,C 1 Charlene Levell Groves MCKGY 44.- 'Z"""7 Marulyn Lmdskog Jay Maag 51-1 Sf Ronald Mamn Barbara MacDonald cgmsliml ,lewd CL wma Davud McPherson Ora Longley JU' 'Lf ro wwf Dovue Love Gllberf Moss .S Sally Longley Y' 'Q Jane Lockhart George Marshall Vernon McPherson Racheal Lord 1"" Z. if Donald Montgomery James Muller Charlene Lyons Judy Llewellyn Dflvld Mudd YT S Th fr 127 QA, C-D Sharon McKee Lawyer Newton .1 Frank Ogle Jr. Linda Meeks , . 5, NJ v Hershel Murphy Marnlyn McLaunn Rrchard Murray Jane Markworth Charles NeeDels Jr Elynor Mason 'N "5 Carol Mathewson Q, ' Scott Olderich Linda Mead John Osrigny Ruth Mieger Ernest Paxton ' 2 'Q' Jane Merriman 1 ii 15 13-M1 ff I X ,i vb? , N -ll A ISM 'T"'3'r ,Qs 'vu' if , Q Richard Pengilley Barbara Metz Charles Peterson Peggy Miller Frank Petrillo Mary Morris Edward Phelps Lovetfa Neely Q.,-- x is NJ Gil McElroy Patricia Norris 1 -gf Frederick Morton , Q- V, ,. . Greta Painter 2:3 N Nl-4 ZLUL 1" I P :ll '--L Daniel Parker Jo Ann Pellizzer Frank Piani Nancy Neumann Kun Pickus Corleen Penclergroff Donald Pomerenke 5 can K 6 5 Corolifcx Perkins 'R S Michael Price q"""""""v-' Beryl Plummer I 5 -- Ffedfl Pigg Q 14 '17 l 3 Duane Price Kenneth Pursley .L .1 ' , 'Dx A x T Qi x Q '17 A v ie! 1 47:7 pl 05 90 fy Donno Pompey Terry Pyle Potrlcno Profhro Leslie Radfke Karen Pond John Ramsey Lawrence Rheoume Betty Profhro Robert Reader Ivy Ronde! Clnfford Reich in ""DI-K is' V' 1 am Nov .- Lnndo Ross 'X vu-9 Wnlluam Robnnson -e Roberta Rudeslll Yvonne Scott Tommy Shields Martin Rodriguez sv, Santa Marrone Frank Ross Bonme Scott E: Dante Sum: bu- 'Ds Charlotte Seger 'S Donald Sampson Sv? Y vs, Betty Sanders Robert Rudesnll Gaul Sexton Wesley Sloan inf 58.4 153' ii Alyce Schrlever Wesley Serfoss Dons Shannon Paul Smnh 'Z TS? 'v Renee Rumble Chuck Story Cilfwladflwt j 'Q-ff '14 '5 John Ratliff Frances Shropshire Verla Simpson Donald Rodriguez WV 'Vs wg Yr Lila Smelser N-.Q Robert Smolclt David Solomon Alberta Smith arfqk 'N 'NK Q X4 Shirley Smith Corne Snow Roy Sylvies William Starkel Gloria Sterling Marvin Terry Sharon Stockton Rena Smith he William Stoner fd Nd WWW 5 Xu-Q. Wayne Thomas Nancy Stafford J M Thomas 1- Ollue Thompson if 7-. Glenda Taylor Debbie Sutton x,,,f Stanley Tolllver ' 5 Ca rol Stewa rt Robert Tomllowutz 'Mb Susa n Thomas Yi, Nr' YT! Ba rba ra Sza banowskn .l 'L- Y Bob Tommy Ted Uyeda Dnxne Townsend Mntchel Upshaw Naomi Stlers Davnd Todd i 'Na 'D' Joan Tomlclch Loretta Trultt YKGK 49 Qzlasiqgiw Ronald Vogel Judi Turner Ray Walker .7- 5-M 'l Linda Turton 'fe F471 Howard Welt Annette VanDusen Ronald Wheeler Judith Vaughn Bill Wilder Carol Vesper Gordon Wilkinson rr v 'YD ,Vg 'U' , gi Dorothy Wadsworth Raymond Willis Lindo Walks' Dave Wininger Sonia Wallis John Wilson Inger Jo Wanserske Es Donald Wayman MGYY Wehf Joseph Windsor , .5 , ,J -4 J .hiv WMM Jolene Wilburn Todd Wolte Judith Westover 9--' 'ff Russell Wolfe Sharon White Art Woodard Anna Dell White 3 .6- Qs.- . Q re X Larry Yingling K" Luetfa Wheeler J fu- F Johnny Yslas 8' f -A Ruth Willis h J Kenneth Zehosky Marcia Wilson Larry White Patricia Windloigler . Annette Van Dusen V A Erlene Wright Y bf , Jacqueline Zalk Carol Zutelt Charles Story Betty Hayes 'Y Sf Q 1""" K f' liz? ,GMX 1 .49- :elf ,I Q l 'K N-I -E All 1 a S 1 x ,I 12--1 'N if 1 mswwz, ', 4, at 0 sf ,our-mg ,.., ' ,, , V " A T 4' 1 2 Q we ,"YQf3,gj5gg5-:ga in 4, ,,:-f1i1ELQxi ' 1': at l , - .W "fi 7 f ig, Ui' ik. -' .. . foifffff, ' ai-as ffff' I-QT, - ,V if... LL., 5 , "5z' Mg! N "-'----,,Nm- ' Q Vail? Ls,-Q W,,,Lg xr M Wg.,,f VNC' Q ,V VL, ilk 3 , H Vi: ,229 mr T , .fhxf 3 sl I -- . X, , . ,, . , , 3-., I U M3 .. 11 s WVU- ' my -5' . 3Q.L-g 'faq f Q wg-V 1 wmv-wg v, 1 Q. ff 33 N' if N .Q..n.4 ff 1. 1'- Q SY f 1 2 aff 5 vow- JI' E ? , . i I' K lx V! 4 .ff ,N f""" W E Lundc Beynon Lorrcune Coyle Hun 5 Robert Benneff James Eorley Befh Dcrr Mor1orle Former 4,4 's Anno Forde Gene Flue Gory Echols Mornlyn Hanna Bob Jackson Doug Hcurgrove 1 5-of 1 1-f" and Joan Howef Susan McNevnn 'QT' S Don Kenthley Ronald McKlm Elalne Rutter Marilyn Robnnson Ellen Sclwllz Ronnie Puckett Earl Penny Sheryl Sieverg Kenneth Pugh 'Y 5' is 1 1 4 5 ,, T X - x Left To right: Stan Anderson, Sonnie Potthoff, Judy Brown and Jackie Criffield. Linda Abel Charles Adams Leo Albrigo Myrna Ackerman Annetle Adams Bruce Archer Raymond Atkinson Sandy Anderson 9 The big evenT which increased The Thrill of finally be- " I A.- Stan Anderson Chris 'Adams Leroy Avila ,"X coming upper classmen for The iuniors was The ordering and receiving of Their shiny new rings. Everyone was well pleased wiTh Their sTriking rnodern design. Junior day planned by The Junior senaTe and board of conTrol vwas held November 21. Junior pennanTs were Sold and a "HarvesT Moon Ball" Topped off The day. g , i , i I X J I I 'r 1 Y I N l I ' i , y T Raymond A-tkinson 'y J Sandy Ankrum ,J ' , -J If T I Richard Babler NOVWAY A'9U5?'-'35 O 9'Q D OS," ,Q hit Bob Hayes, President, Ron Worden, Vice President? Carolyn Miller, Secretary: Madeline Furry, Reporter, and Pat Tullos, Treasurer. Of course we can't forget the biggest event of all - the Junior-Senior Prom. The juniors produced a beau- tiful setting and the whole evening was a big suc- cess with the lovely junior queen reigning. Heading this year's activites for the first semester was president Stan Andersong and for the second semester President was Bob Hayes. Yes, it can be said that eagerness and spirit were the contributions of this year's Junior class. Betty Baker ,Jimmy Berberich Dqvid Bishop Darla Bickmore PL Sharon Arthur Stephan Bates Toni Benson X w Karen Armstrong Bob Baker Dennis Banto Frances Baines Charlene Baker David Beardsley John Behnke Roberta Banks if Jr 3 T .fl gif! Bev Bielenberg ' Wesley Boss Pat Braun Dave Blackburn Judy Brown Harry Bumgardner Jule Bishop Edward Bradfield Linda Brooks Sf 1 Gerald Blackburn Janice Marie Brown Eddie Bunce Karole Bradley Thomas Buck Chris Brumbach uf S.. 'L N' Charles Bonner Diane Browning Clark Campbell 'X 'T-7 XV. Bd ,Nl 3 X'-T.: ,.. if 'TY' Q I3 E' 'E Ronnie Campbell Karen Buckles Ronnie COPD Brenda Buedel Alden Carder Diane Butzke Q' i 12 urn' fi v- , ,NA 51 I new wx. Richard Clements Donna Cord Ronnie Cloudy J v QM? Borboro Chesser Rollond Clutter Berry Chronusfer Tommy C0015 PG, Bofdmf Gow Covert bfy V' NYJ Q.,-4 Lax S- 10-V Sr it 2,7 Jnm Curtls Helen Coffman Rebeca Beclcwnh Gene Dallachle Terry Beaver Dan Davus Pal' Cunningham .I Charles Crow Shlrley Clark Floyd Davus Ann Dahlnz Joyce Beasely Junlor rmgs were fhe center of aftenhon for Bull Davls fhe gurls at the beglnnlng of the year Pat Connell Charles DeJaynes Clara Davns Penny Davss Glona DeBoIr Claudio Dlclfmson N9'l Dane' Bull Dobbs Davud Dodge Qan- G3 'vb'I 1' Q' r"v s.. 1 "'Y 1'-"' r' Judy Dlckrnon Dovrd Doudge ww x Q Y 'iv' N"'nv Borboro Drpre Connve Drummond 3 kN-r Lynn Donoldson Goll Doney Bobby Dye! ix 11 -1 ,....-6' ,Ch 177 Pot Duscepolo Don Dooley The Junior boys drsployed therr rnngs proudly throughout the year ond probobly wnll con nnue to do so even uf o grrl happens to be weorlng It Roger Engemonn Don Ferrell Dorothy Droper L Nrlo Drosfe Chris Donoghue Dennis Eklmoro Jnm Fessenden Bob Donlcm Vnckey D siler Lorry Edens Judy Downey Dowd Emry Po' Duncon 'wav 5 v-, Q 'C' I, x, Russell Fineman Janice Ellis Gary Fischer Hanna Erskine John Franklin Sandy Faughf Don Frazier Linda Faulkner Nelson French Pat Flick Jose Garcia Marilyn Frey Don Gentert Madeline Furry Gerald Gibbs T ' sf mfg E522 Q- X g. . L5- f,l vf 'Ihr ., i Janet Dwyer James Fe1ridge Linda Dyer Ward Finch Rawnie Edwards Nr' . 'Q 'Q 'ff 'eff .-5 'C7 1?- n K 'D- Margaret Furry Bob Graves Gussie Gates Bill Green Joyce Godde xA Gary Green Judy Goodrich Russell Grove Phyllis Gordon Jack Guenther Vi. f, Ex i' Msn 1 Mike Hefferon Barbara Harris Fred Heydorn Janet Harsh Roddy Hines Mary Ann Granicy Kenneth Hancock Lula Gray Ronnie Hankins Judy Greenway Rex Hair Beverly Griffin William Hart Sharon Hager Bob Hayes Sylvia Hargrave Norman Hayes Ann Hargrove James Hawkins Ann Harper Lf T Roger Holmes Le Rose Hicks Dennis Hughes U 'cs' , Betty Hart Hank Hinton Lillian Hermans Dean Hodges Eudean Herring ni 'Ii X 1 The Blackouts entertain during a Junior assembly. Betty Hock Bruce Johnson Juanita Holloway Dan Jones Marie Holi Sharlen Hillman James Jackson Sharon Hilton Fred Johnson Betty Heins Ronald Jahn Alice Hill Barbara Hagemeir Mary Hartley Bruce Jackson 4- ' of C, YL? v' fs' ' 5 K X? -I 3. Harry Jones Murwon Hulswzer H Idred Jones Jean Hunsmker S'eve Jones T"'Y . Eddie Kennepole T' 17 iv Charles Read Chuck Spencer Wayne Homvlton and Ueofge Mwrchel sung for .lumors 1 V X s .X. -N,x - 's a .. 5, " x ., ,xxx john Kubr- Mmy Joy Paul Lackey Marv Lou Jenkins Berry Lo Frenoye R .l ,I Two iuniors, Jon Krainock and Nancy Perkins study chemistry together on the central building front steps, 5? .V .v 2 Cl rim Marlene Luczak Ralph McCrachen Ellen Maag Gerald McGaugathy Florence Markworth Diane Marston Bob McNevin Mary Martin Marshal Metcger Lois Mafhewson Jim Meyer Sharon McBride 4 Cath abe ce Miles T if-7 i 9 ' 4 1 ' n , f 4 y X P- l QTL 0 ' ' I . Veron Mitchell 4 3 QSM Nancy McConnell ,sf -f , MJ, i by M all , OM! Tarnrnye McDougal A N ,il l ntl-,ony Molacek Walter MOOYS Cl1GflOlT6 MCGill Dennis Moses Claire McKenna Norman Myers Jeanne McMillan lofmlne M305 Alam NCEUVOVW Nancy Mead Torn Nalarian Carolyn Miller Kenny Nash 3 ' 424 hzlinf z ir f Q' D Gy ti fwj Q' SJ 68 Janet Nelson Marceil O Brien Bob Paris Flora Niven Steve Ponfis Maureen Nukula n Jan Miller Kay Nicholson Gene Pearson Alice Nicholson Dave Randel 1 Larry Norton Rose Marie Miller Gil Queipo Francis Oshel Nancy Miller Richard Nygaard Dwayne Oliver Alleen Mulder Linda Mullett Gary Olson Sam Ponton Scottie Ogle Donna Opdyke Dale Rae Roland Reseck Colleen O'Sullivan 2 Jerry Reurter Beverly Penick .hm Rychebosch Margaret Prues N6 1 fl' of f if s"'u-uf Lynn Rolfe Ronald Stoner Henry Strawberry anet Rehrnann Mary Lou Ross Jer Str nger gr- LL 3 ""'? Carol Purdy Steve Schaffer Linda Raplee Steve Schroller Diane Randel Gary Shelden Evelyn Reagan Charles Sherwood Pat Rice Bill Skinner Rita Rice Bruce Skov Penny Rich Robert Smith Susie Ritter Frank Soloman Betty Rogers Snerman Sterling Pat Reed Buzz Stewart Penny Rich Junior plays an accompaniment for one ofthe many Junior assemblies Kalhy Roth Karl Surber i Y E V? Tom Surber Peggy Rowe sf The Blackouts o Junior combo play for one of the Junior as semblues The group was headed by Frank Zappa Zoroh Ryan Anthony Szabanowskn Joan Sagray Ronnie Talsma Lrnda Sanford Alan Thomas Bonnne Schroeder Fred Thomas Duane Schultz Gordon Thompson Joyce Schwoke Torn Thornhill Barbara Scott Carl Todd Bonnle Selyvdge Ken Tornolf rg Joe Ta Sh ble Doyle Trax B-arbara Sh ble, Bob Troncale Nl v-T iq bv Berry Lou Rucklnger La Wayne Sufferfueld A T37 if T If sl W-Nt 'T fav uv T jf' 'J Y' f - x r S6 '17 41 Earlene Span David Walters Ginger Stewart Cecil Wheeler Janice Stickles Frank Whempner 1 Ted Vallacher Juanita Smith George VanAls1yne Sally Sfandley Larry Webb Eula Stewart Linda Sieck Larry Turner Barbara Skinner Mike Uribe Jim Watson ,r'1 Watha Siumbaugh Ralph Wilburn Judy Stout ji. Carol Tagge Leonard Willey Jo Tanner Dennis Williqms Larilyn Tate Dual Wolfe Anna Teiflce Larry Wilfley lv. X 0-f 'T X 4 fo Par Underwood Juonice Waits Ron Worden Evelyn Tensfeld Don Wyant 'Q Q--V Jo Ann Terrell Barbara Thompson Paula Tom Pam Van Woean Bonnie Vranush Barbara Walls r-5 ik idx X? Nellie Wilson Pa' Summer Ken Wilkins Sharon Wilson Heyde Yedid Diane Williams Harrier Wilson Ida Wilson May Tucker Par Tullos Jan Wallis Laurie Watson Anna Watts Virginia Wilbur 'xx' Karol Zinler Arlene Ziro Helen Zufelr ii 5 -J! 5 r"' 'SSA '52 i 95 'NAM fx Yrx gf" 155 Nfx ,nv 1, 4 YI 1 A gh.. .pf ..,,5 4- :aim Q f .r K A ' '77 - 'nr ... ..- . A l: 1- -M A g .4..,..,, sf Nh., l N XX KZ Am :"1w.., -3 L, K U "R-.. Q X-.. ,xiilh Q . , .. 71 1 S 1 I J iii I 1 'N heb? WK. Y 2? , 'H ' L?'1iwQ,+ , 1 fm' mb VJ .tg AN' "K Q. Ain., -Q .Q P ' Q Qu A . V- ..' .- a g...ii4 Jim Blanchard N71 ,li Jackie Criffield Kit Carson Mary Morris and Joetta Shibley show aeep interest in American History, a subiect all iuniors are required to take. i fc? K r r- Diane Fondren David Goodell Sharon Grumbl SS Harold George "Bid: 'I' LY. Will Fulbright A Mike Kammerer Ruth Livermore Linda Matza Two iournalism students, Karole Bradley and Carol Mcrrs are shown checking over their copy. T Lloyd Lowen Caroline Weist Buryl Patterson Judy Mahony Ronald Long Dora Preter Pct Wall Carol Stewart W Jack Sanders ,Viv Mickey Warner ,O Terry Wood Q1 f I A 14 First Semes'er Sophomore Class officers are from left to right: Marcia Kloster, Nadine Reyes, Perry Pulos, Barbara Bal- Q I lard, and Mary Donlin. 193' The Sophomore class led a very active schedule during The day's agenda included an assembly held sixth and this last year. One of the first programs sponsored by seventh periods featuring the "Blackouts." Also included the Sophomores was one of the many Football Dances in the program were comedy acts which featured twenty which turned out a success. of our A.V. boys dressed up as girls, daintly throwing This ambitious class of '59 participated in the promotion daisies. of the annual swimming party, this party being held at During the exciting Sophomore Day, the "Blaclcouts" set the swimming pool of A.V.J.U.H.S. and the music com- up their band in the girls' gym for the Sophomore dance. ing from none other than the ever-present luke-box, The finale of this wonderful day was the big dance that The high-light of these Sophomore sponsored activities night at the Parkview Elementary School. was the Sophomore Day which was held January 18th. - .C O 901' 5 Og' ls. xx, K l ai-,L First row, left to right: Timothy Acker, Rihcard Adams, Richard Agor, Don Alderman, Pat Allen, Gina Amos, Allen Andrews, James Anderson, Ann Anderson MQW Anderson. 2nd row: Joanne Archer, Armstrong, Josephine Arrachea, Mary Aspey, Larry Austin, Barbara Azbill, Jack Babshaw, Clayton Boggett, Linda Baker, Nancy Baker. 3rd row: Neti Benson, Barbara Ballard, Don Ball, Ronald Ballew, Mike Borden, Linda Bartlett, Carol Bash, George Beale, Thalya Beaver, Cindy Bechner. 4th row: Bill Bekgaard, Lynn Beshon, Margaret Bell, David Belbill. Sth row: Pam Belvill, Dan Berg, Thomas Bennyman, Carolyn Berthe- lo' Dorothy Bird, Sharon Bitterman. Second Semester Officers, left to right are: Reporter Jerilyn Percell, President Tom President Wayne Kime, and Secretary Lyle Treasurer Joyce Donaldson, Vice .loan Gutierrez. X I 0 .2 As any Sophomore can tell you, this day was truly worth every bit of effort put forth to bring about this program. As the first Sophomore Day of this year was a success, plans were put forth to schedule the second Sophomore Day of the year. Never-ending credit and many thanks go to Mr. Ferrell, the class advisor, and his staff. Throughout the year they sponsored and helped in the planning of the va- rious activities, acted as chaperones, kept order during the assemblies and rallies. The Sophomore class also gives thanks to Mr. Stevens, X ld re Q , lx i 3 hp. who donated the use of the back of his radio room for meetings of the class officers. Class officers for the first semester were: Perry Pulos, President, Nadine Reyes, Vice-President, Marcey Kloster, N Secretary, Barbara Ballard, Treasurer, and Mary Donlan, Reporter, The second semester officers were: We know that this class will do equally as well next year in their Junior Year. fiqtg 7... RA First VOW, left YO VlQlWT1 Pearl Buckman, Cathy Bethell, Monene Bloemendaul, Pat Bodwitz, Hazel Bonner, Margaret Boone, Mary Boos, Sharon Borders, Pat Boat man, Judy Wood. 2nd row: Sheila Bowers, Terry Bowers, John Bosonike, Ton Boswell, John Bowker, Larry Boyde, Mary Bradley, Vincent Bri ante, Diane Bristol 9 3rd row: Nelda Brogan, Judy Brown, Kurt Bfock, Don Brown, Ray Brown, Wayne Bonell, Mira Buck, Leland Buck, Joan Buchberger, Annette Budd. 4th row Barbara Burdick, Charlotte Burks, Darrel Burns, Milton Buss, Bill Beyers, Beth Campell, Eugene Canacly, Daniel Cates, Vicky Clenebts. . K fLfW0,4 T 5 V fx i Left to Right-Row lf Curtis Clifton, Martin Chenore, Gerry Cochrane, Maria Cockrum, Bob Cole, James Cole, Maggie Cole, Sandi Cole, Ralph Collinsw Vernae Collins. Row 2: Jean Colescott, Boyd Cossey, Lcyl Cossey, Gary Combs, Milly Comini, Karrie Conklin, Barbara Cox, Ginger Cox, Joann Cox, - . , l 2- Marilyn Cox. Row 3: Pat Crofton, Glen Cranpton, Linda Crane, Jerry Crawford, Mickey Creegan, Roy Cundiff, Phillip Cunningham, Roy Curtin, Mile 'L UV' Davis, Anna Dapas, Roselle Dapas, Glen Dame, Marshall Darling, Richard Dan, Charles Davis, Frences Defreest, Barbara DeJaynes, Joanne DeJesu, Linda Delevett, Mike Delgrosso, Marion Delight, , ll-fx -' 93, ,,, . si- 4 ' Eau: ,Ck y L ..:, ., "V i .J V I sa V, I ' U Fr-, ,,., y 'u ,N W . I ' . . . 'f , 1 wi. sz W A Q , Q 'Hts-. ' Begg.. .- F I Bllllli V L in it Left to Right-Row if Lorraine Demarse, Clark DeMarcus Diane Demers, Yvonne Dendinger, Sherry Dickey, Clyde Dickinson, Lester Dietz, Suzie Dinsmore, Joyce Donaldson, Mary Donlan. Row 21 Bradtore Donoran, Bill Downs, Gaelon Drown, Bob Drudge, Toni Duce, LaJeanne DuFrene, Sharron Dunham, Doris Duty, Linda Dykman, ouie Edmondson. Pow 31 Chuck Elmer, Conrad Engelharctt, Nancy Erstad, Carol Franci, Ray Estrella, arry Estes, Eddie Evans, Betsy Elgart, Sharon Edwards, Don Fanquhar. Row 42 Steve Fate, Nancy Fisher, Molly Fitzpatrick, Carol Flanherty, Bethel Fleming, Phil Flick, Paul Foltz, Diane Fondren, Ted Fowler, arry Fulp. Left to Right-Row 1: Rosemary Gallardo, Joyce Gam, Art Garcia, Arlin Gardner, Becky Gardner, Mary Gilbreath, Gloria Gilbert, Marie Gilbert, Henry Giraud, Barb Giseburt, Row 2: Marion Glines, Pat Gloczeske, Linda Goad, Maryanne Good, Kathy Greggs, Richard Gray, Carlo Grosi, Karen Gulbranson, Joan Gutierrez, Manuel Guerra, Row 3: Jim Guymon, Gary Gallion, Mary Haddock, Carl Hair, Karen Hair, Ronald Hamilton, Blaine Handell, Suzanne Hanna, Raelene Harris, Patricia Harrison. Row 4: Priscilla Hargrove, Larry Hart, Dave Harvey, Lorna Harvell, Jeanne Haugen, Steve Hazen, Don Hern, Barbara Herrin. ,- ','lxNUYLQfl lil.. DU W XV V' Au NJ' , X ,. i .. t, I , 82 x RQ! ? H ws I f. .- X X. Left to Right-Row li Dorothy Henderson, Marilyn Hiebert, Patricia Higbee, Wayne Hill, Michael Hoffman, Carolyn Holbert Margaret Holland, Dianna Holliday, Dorothy Hosler, Jimmy Hoopes. Row 2: Andy Hoopes, Don Holton, Bob Howell Charles Howell, Lillian Hubkey Virginia Huckabee, Joe Huckaby Allene Huddleston, Don Humphreys, Vance Humble. Row 3: Bob Humes Dorothy Hunter, James ldleman, Rex Jakobosky Beverly James, Florence Jenkins Joyce Jenne, Sharon Jones, Douglas Jetter, Floyd Johnson. Row 4: Jim Johnson, Pat Jones Joe Jordan Jim Jones Don Jones James Johnson Dave Jones, Robert Johnson Dick Johnson Ed Johnston -Q-1, -- F9 - Left to Right- Row iz Jeanie Johnson, Judy Jones, Sue Jordan, Bertha Jigglebob, Janice Jordan, Bette Junus, Otto Kaiser, Joe Kosamis, Adrienne KGYI, Alice Keathley. Row 2: Roger Kelly, Gene Kenison, Ethel Kephart, Wayne Kime, Bill King, John Kliewer, Kathie Klingerman, Marcia Kloster, George Knipping, Virginia Kopaska. Row 3: Nancy Kounce, Kraber Dick, Bettie Kuykendall, Carolynn Kyle, Genel Kyle, Darrell Lafferty, Donna La Fond, Marvin Lanker, Allen Lamb, Carol Lamy. Row 41 Audrey Lave, Jonas Lamb, Peggy Liggett, Carol Liebert, Tom Lile, Pat Lines. Lett to Right-Row I1 Dennis Ling, Leldon Little, Donna Lindborg, Claudia Lirussi, Nada Lopossa, Jasfce Lumley, Sandy Lutz, Mdtie MacGibbon, Linda Maddox, Kathy Maiors. Row 2. Carol Marsh, Carl Markov, Jim Martin, Steve Marvin, Collefye Mggk, Mary Musk, Frqnlf Magseyf Robert Mast, Kathy Masucci, Karen Maudlin. Row 3: Larry Masucci, Doug McCaled, Ray McCormick, Jim McGechie, Bob MCMullens, J. C. Lamb, Barbura Melhorn, Margaret McGowan, Susan Meline, Daniel Meeker. Row 41 Loretta Merrill, Janice Middleton, Perry Miller, Gary McBride, Fred Miller, Jerry Miller, Dean Mullican, Ronnie Monroe, Bonnie Modrell, S. MOOV. if ' ' iii-wifi. . 'Z ., ,, ,,"br 5 , . ,pi Left to Right Row l Lily Mollinet Carol Morsefield Pat Morton Mickie Mulligan Mary Murray Gini Murren Don Miriam Robert Navarret Richard Neal Pahl Nelli Row 2 Sharon Nicklos Mary Norder Jimmy OBrien Carol OConnor Oliver Oliver Gene Olson Violet Orlando Pat Osborn David Orser Richard Ostergard Row 3 Dennis Oster Joyce Paesano Steve Paine Jack Partain Bobs Payne Edward Payne Roger Pearson Jackie Pechumer Bob Pengilley John Penrod Row 4 Randall Pennington Don Perdew Andrew Pilmanis Richard Plomowski Janice Porter J Potter Rosalie Preveclello David Proctor Perry Pulos ,xx X- D Q3 Left to Right-Row l: Jerilyn Purcell Mollie Puterbaugh, Karen Ragsdill Carol Rake Linda Rawlings Evelyn Read Wanda Reed, Norman Reed Bernice Reiter, Jim Reseck. Row 2: Nadine Reyes Jo Rhoads, Barbara Richards Terry Richardson Dave Richie Roger Riott Judith Roach Betty Roberts Bobby Robinson Maria Romero. Row 3: Martha Ruffoni, Steve Rumpf Karen Rupp Sandy Russell Karen Russo Lynda Russel, Sandy Ruskin Shirley Sain, Sharon Schedler Johnny Sakaguchi. Row 4: Freddie Salazar Michael Santino Jerry Shannon, Q-x Shibley Lloyd Siats, Carlyn Sievers, Darryl Simpson, Annette Sims, Helen Singletary Robert Suolund. Left to Right-Row lf Sandra Schwanekomp, Dean Shaw, Beverly Shaw Kathie Shapple, David Smeiser, Cynthia Smith, Elaine Smith, Jim Smith Roberta Smith, Robert A. Smith. Row 2: Alex Snouffer, Bob Spalding Carolyn Sparks Margaret Speaks, Earl Specht Leon Stone, Jim Steinert Kay Stephens, Earl Stevens, John Stewart. Row 3: Robert Stewart, Ann Stivers David Stiers Ronald Stout, Doug Sutton Randall Swenson, John Sylvies, Joe Talkington, Thomas Taylor Nancy Teters. Row 4: Kenneth Terry, Roy Terry, Milton Thomas, Betty Thomsen, Tom Tillotson Gloria Tucker, Pat Turner Georgetta Tyree, Lenore Unger, Kerry Upshaw. . fo Q sf gif :ls 1 lf' Left to right- Row l- Don Vau hn D l . . g , a e Verner, Bernard Vosburgh, Beverly Wade, Nick Wagner, James Wagnon, Barrie Wall, James Walker, Jack Walker Linda Ward, Row 2: Jim Watts, Richard Watson, Henry Wayman, Jerry We'9b, Suzy Weir, Patsy Wemple, Lory Went, Betty West, Ralph Wetherington, Willie Wamp. Rovv 31 Lucille Whitehead, Mike Wible, Joyce Wilfley, Jeanette Willey, Jerry Willey, Judy Wirt, Diane Wisken, Jody Whitler, Jessie Whalover, larry Whesfner, Carolyn Williams Barhnra Williams. Row 41 Terry Wimberley, Frank Williams, Jim Wilson, Mike Wilson, Linda Wilson, Mary Wilson, Margie Zehosky, Richard Wilson, Ray Wood, Sam Wolfe, Sam Wolfe, Bud Farnham. l -9 V rf J ,---. 3: lst Semester Board of Control left , to right: Row l: Margaret Zehosky, Madine Reyes, Perry Pulos, Mary Donlan, Barbara Ballard. Row 2: Richard Kraber, Marshia Kloster, John Sakaguchi, Steven Marvin. 2nd Semester Board of Control, left to right: Rovv li Thalya Beaver, Jerilyn Percell, Torn Lyle, Joyce Donaldson, Cathy Bithel, Carol Rakes, Karon Ragesdall, Joan Gutirrez. Row 2: John Bosonike, Steve Marvin, Wayne Kime, Perry Pulos, Rchard Kraber, Jessie Wholover, Sue Dinsmore. AV's freshmen have completed their first and prob- ably their most confusing year of high school. During this them to be as possible one of the past year at AV, the freshmen, 658 of exact, have adjusted themselves as well to high school, developing on their way most important things of any organiza- Looking over events of the year, we find more activi- ties for the freshmen and some dances after the foot- ball games sponsored by them. Freshmen counselors this year were Mr. Wrathall and Mrs. Baldwin. They are always there when the freshmen are in need of help, whether it is about tion, spirit. Learning early, our freshmen have overtaken two of their most important steps, team work and school spirit. their programs or personal reasons. The frosh officers this year were Rudy O'Toole as President- Judy Tucker as Vice President- Chris Borden as Secretary' Judy Hassard as Treasurer- and The Freshmen Welcome helped greatly in getting Hugh Dickle as Reporter the freshmen acquainted at the first of the year Left to Right Row 1 Don Abrums Bill Achatz Sandra Ambert Ann Anderson Diana Anderson Kenneth Anderson Louis Anderson Gary Ankrum Jerry Apperson Loren Archer Row 2 Sandra Arnold Ronnie Ary Russell Athts John Aston Janice Atkenson Bob Atler Dick Avril Ron Ayres S H Babcock Pat Baines Row 3 Mike Baldus Shirley Baldwin Vickie Baldwin Chris Borden Chuck Barnes Peggy Barrett Beverly Barton John Butler Linda Baxter Diane Baze Row 4 Bob Beard Vicki Benedict Robert Bennett Gary Berger Nettie Bergman Hugh Bikle Richard Bishop Virginia Blanchard Sue Blanchard Judy Blondm v-kd il 3. Left to Right Row l Carol Bobich Shelta Boggess Shirley Bones Jerry Boone Hal Berg Peggy Bowers Marilyn Box Larry Brqndt-ter Jgnme Bran Carol Bressman Row 2 Cora Brewton Ron Brigante Elmer Bricker BruceBnlhart Linda Bristol Richard Brodie Jerry Brooks Dtqng Brombly Hunk Bronstein Walter Brothers Row 3 Alb J erta Brown omie Brown Jucy Brown Buckner Gary Suzie Bunwell Pam Bunyard Penny Bunyard Don Burdick James Burkey George Burnett Row 4 Lee Bushard Dave Bryant Donna C II Shar C d J d a is on ar u y Clemens Mary Camp James Campbell Carolyn Cannon Nancy Carder Dennis Carnogey I I I I rf I1 .s Q ,11 , - .- 1 ', . .1 I. ix , x f s 4 . 1 , , ' ll ' J l ' I p x b I 0 Q D , 5 V- 3 l , g x . -I ' 1 : 1 l 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I t 1 I ' I I I I I I I ' ' , ' . 1 I 1 ' ' 1 I ' 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , ' ' . : , ' ' ' , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - f , 1 1 -, - A' ' x N - 1 B 4 N K L s e J ,, 1 5 , x. A 7 ss ' 5 - , I x Y , ,L ' 1 I S - Q V ' l :.. ,K x ' ' if-, gt-1 3 x 1- - s T r s . -.K l 1 it ' 4 . ' i l B l 'i l 'lt Q - 1 1 l , il - 1 1 , J , A . 1 X . , - H x . -- . f ' 4 1--- A Y .,.. , ' I 2 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 , 1 , ' 1 , ' , ' : I I I A I I . I I I I 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 , ' , ' ' : I I I I I , I I 1 1 . , l. ,r 5 - Row l Pete Carton Clara Casey Robert Casstngham Jrm Cartmtll Susan Chadwtck Lee Chamberlatn Dennts Cheever Pat Chesser Cassandra Ctssell Dwtght Clark Jr Row 2 Leland Clark Ltnda Clark Batley Clayton Robert Clear Barbara Clements Marvtn Clements Martha Clutter Clyde Cochram eslte Cochram Judtth Coreber Row 3 Peggy Cole Janet Colltns Ron Coker Paul Colltns Malcolm Compton Carl Conkltn Nancy Conner Clatre Cook Boyd Cooper Ronnte Cox Row 4 Glorra Crrttenden Mary Cunntngham Ketth Curtts Ron Dallachte Mary Dalton Conrad Damann Dandrudge Dorothy Darr Dennts Darow Martha 5 o -5 -5.4 Q '-fr ll' Row l Sharon Davts Margaret Degurse Robert Del Gr osso Chrrsttne Demers Rtchard Demmelmater Alma Dempsey Rose Dendrnger Barbara Denham Don DeShon Olin Derrrck Row 2 Don Davts Betty Emry arry Dickenson Davtd Dietz Cathy Dobbs Duane Dorey Joan Doster Orval Dowdy Drane Draper Max Dreeke Row 3 Pat Drumm Joan Drummond Rtchard Dubtn Davtd Du Botse Rtchard Duhart George Duty Stdney Earley Mrchael Earls Alfred Ellrott Claudta Ellis Row 4 Eleanor Elman Rtcharcl Engemann Dolores Estrella Vero E Carol Ftnch David Ftneman n vans Bull Fadke Jesse Farmer Altce Ferns Alrce Fetrrdge 'll Ill Raw l Barbara Frschel Alytn Ftscher Carolyn Ftscher Karen Flemtng Nancy Fallendore eman eonard Frye Tommy Gale Charlotte Gandy Row 2 Gertrude Geter Dave Getslalf Barbara Getser Barbara Grbson Jackte Grbson Norma Gtbson Don Gunn Vtrgte Goodman Janet Gordon Ronald GfGl'tGm Row 3 Roger Green Carolyne Gregorchuk Vu Gregorchuk Mary Gresham auretta Grtfftn Carolyn Grtfftn Make Gnmes James Gulbranson Tom Gums Nancy Guthrte Row 4 Lando Hack Charles Haddock Harold Hagemeter Donn Hall Laurence Hall Roberta Hamtlton Haney Stephen Harper Chuck Hgrper James Harrtg Darlene Fox Jerry Fre James V fr x I ,l I 'yi' - N 'l . C b 1 y J - - 'P -n 5 r J . C ' f fs.: f- , ' ' Q xl l' Q ' ' ' l .. i , 5 'J ,' ' l I ' l' 1 E , x 7 V ' x X A L E ' J-l x A .' - ' s ' Z T Z l A- , L , L . , t ba ' , ' . j E -1 D A x 5 ' ' P 1 e 4 'T U A 'T' Xin rl . 1 . - A is D is M x .I J -:tl . N 1 J 2 :J ' J . ' .l-. A 1 4- J I 1 ,, fi . -re -.J J tl , J . as - xx fl F L ll 5 - si- xl ,, dj- , - D X X R . 5 A u- r ,. . ' ' - V ' 6 X , Q., ' 5 ' " J L! : l - G J ' . K F l -U D . , J '- . x ' is , - F "" 1:1 ' t . . 'w . ' ttlseflwmlla ' 3-ul i Left to Rrght Row 1 Barbara Handell Lando Horns Morlorle Horns Dalton Harvell Butch Hasty Pot Hawkms Sherry Hawlons Chtarles Hecker Bruce Hegwood Pat Helke Row 2 Jerry Hendrlcks Vurgmla Hemme Edward Hess Karan Hesse Sharon Hewitt Sharon Hnggms Roger Hugh Raymond Hlgh Cathy Hull Joyce Hutchcock Row 3 Marlorle Hrtte Arlene Hoffman Sharon Hollls Ted Holloway Sharon Holmes Bull Holmes Jum Hooper Pat Hooper Kenneth Hatton Lamar Hubbard Row 4 Harry Huber Vuctory Huckabee Jeane Hudson Albert Hutford Don Humphreys Hunter Sue Jane Huntmgton Bud Huntley Rlchard Hurst Robert Hurst ..- L. kb Left to Rlght Row l Jamce Hutchinson Shirley ldleman Gall Jackson Hershel Jackson Mor J k R b y ac son o erta Jackson John Jenklns Rose Marne Jessee Burton John Lmda Johnson Row 2 Sammy Johnson Jackre Jones Mary ones Glono Junell Joyce Kane Bull Keener Jerry Kung Roy Kung Jack Klrkpotrlck Robert Klem Row 3 Betty Klouda Sharlene Knxckerbocker Valentine Knox Pat Kopaska Jerry Krannock Joan Kugler Pam Kurth Robert Kurtz John Lucy Ken Landlow Row 4 Jerry Lamoureax Debbie Lampshlre Kenny Lane Stephanle Lane George Langley Steve Latimer Carolyn Lawrence Lmda Lawrue Lmda Layfleld Barbara Lam G Left to Rn eonar arene Letourneau Rnchard Lewns Robert Lnpkm Jerry Luvungston Sally Luzorraros Lmda La Buono Row 2 Pam Loeb Dnxre Logan Sam Logan Tom Logrecco Joe London Danna Long Janet Lone Mary Long Denms Lotspeuch Carol Lovelace Row 3 Bonnue Lough Leroy Lukowskl Jnmmy Lutz Rany Lutz Lmda Moog John Macforlone Charlotte MacGubbon Melba Maduson Gnnger Mahon Arthur Molors Row 4 Judy Markussen Terr M I K y ornott erry Marnott Bob Marshall Marlon Marshall Jo Ann Pamela Martrn Larry Mqrtm Wtlma Martnn Don Marsh , I 1 A V . Y ' V x L l N V . . S , ' a 6 Y X I 6 ' . J . F vf ' ' ' ' Y If r f - Q. . , J' . . 5 , -I -h .X X ' 2 ' 5 h X' ' L t 4 Q . ' ' X X A J f L X A V 5 c V X - A - 5 :T- Q 9 I ' i 1 . 'Q JI - t 7 I 1 J, 1' 5 ' , , ' 'A 5 If l 1 V .4 1 ' ' -ti 7 l A Q M545 h ' ' Q- A? 1 , ts' ' it I - I ,A , QL. , ,X , - I I. , ge A . Q H-,Wiz 'Q ' I IX A l l xx if af, l f A L I s V J Z 1 . ,QL , I it 2' - .. -X! 'X 1 . V -Q 2 1 K V ' ' . ' , ., if ' . x 5 'l A lv ' 1 '. J if K " ' ' . ' ,J I 'ght-Row I: Jess Lazenby, Larry Leavelle, Alfred Le Doux, Dave L d, Ch l , ' ' , ' ' I ' ' , I ' . I I I I I I . 1 I I 4 . I 1 I I CgjLQl3Z.4't'lQlL Y 1 lf l 1 'A Of' 51. Lef to Rnght Rowl Jrm Mason Sue Mason Duane Mashek Ray Mauldln Ro Mauldm K IM d y or a dox Darrell Mclntrre Larry McKubban Pat McKrbbnn Douglas McKnm Row 2 Bruce McLaren Janet McKlnney 9 9 9 McLanen Barbara McNarr Loreen Mead Kathy Meeker Ron Merednth Charles Mayer Mlchael Mules Phrllp Mll Row 3 Russell Mulles Don Mitchell Margaret Moffatt Sandy Morne Georgrana Molseve Karen Mohlung Karen Molucek Douglas Monroe Barbara Mooneyham Martha Ann Moore Row 4 Nancy Moore Rob tM er oore Make Morns Mrke Morton Jnm Mortter John Mullugao Ruby Murphy Rebecca Myhan Jean Nash Margaret Nentzel Left to Rught me sen ara Nygaard Robert Oden Douglas Oluver Eugene Olson Carol OMcIley Denny Ormerod Jerry Ortega Row 2 Rudy OToole Clifford Owens Clifton Owens Judy Owungs Erskune Pannter Velma Panr Jeannne Parks Mnlton Parker Hazel Posh Rnchard Patterson Row 3 Ruta Patterson Dan Payne Joellen Peak Danny Pearson Jan Pedrow Sandro Pandley Ruchard Penrod Wlllram Perkuns Pat Pennell Carl Peters Row 4 M l P ar: yn eterson Kurby Plckus Paulune Prerce Russ Punchlng Ralph Pnpkm Kathy Polf Dlxle Portlock Marmus Post Gary Potter Raw l Mary Nelson Raelean Newell Dave N l C l l ini Left to Rught Row I S enny Prrce Shrrley Pnestley Quuntm Prochaska Barbara Elaune Palos Edward Quatre Row 2 Eddie Quattlebaum Roy Rames Denms Rannwater Shlrley Rake Fred Ramos Dons Rathbun John Rayk Reader Louellyn PGY Ben Reed Row 3 l-Irtdfl Reedy James Redrser Davld Rehmonn John Remhardt 9 Pxx Reese Larry Replogle Chuck Rhodes Betty Race Dennrs Rtce Julian Race Row 4 Joyce Rutchue Vrckue Ricks Stanl R d ey IU e Bonnie Roberts Marsha Robertson Nathan Robeson Walt Rocford Kenny Roe Robert Roe Franklrn Rogers andro Potts Morgue Powell Sharon Press Coruna Prevedello P Proctor o Joan 1 Inf 89 . V, s R-I gy A ' y I L D ' X x xt V ' J ' f . -xt. J t r - - Q 'V l , -. l T 'T ti f . ' ' , e'K 1 G- V "2 , 5 tl .1 ,ijv 17 4 lil' Q R if 1' .4-I it x V 4l2:'l -1 ,r . I 4 - - V n Q . ' - -- l ' lf il , or J 1 f ,h I 1 Y' A' J -3 ' - y C 9 v R Q 1 'Wi -5 T4 8 ' lx xt V . . 'XX -. l ...fa l, l .ll 'l'R R N ' . f M' ' - ll. r - ' I, A O I 75 Q: - JJ Q f fr - ' 2 : f -as - " ' 'P I . I , q l 5 D x 1 i l E 'Y' .I T J -' 3 - - - Qs' t X V , . . 'I N V E ' f' , ll! 'll A - ' 1 4 I A . - tmswmtufatjm PV' X fe: A Left to Rrght Row I Lorena Rogers Roger Rogers Euleen Rogovm Larry Rhoads Kurk Romag Elaune Romrto Joanne Rommel Carol Roper Sharon Rudesnll Dave Rumpf Row 2 Walter Rush Bob Russell Muchael Russell Kathy Russey Rxta Ryburn Walter Salazar Jeannre Sanders Jerry Sasse Mary Sauer Roger Scharf Row 3 Kathy Schaumann Don Scherrer Elsue Schubert Harold Scott Reg Schmudt Jan Schumacher Fred Scrubner Lloyd Sellers Morgue Sexton Dennns Shaffer Row 4 Fran Shannon Dnana Sharp Marulyn Sherlock Jean Sherwood Duxre Shnbley Ruth Shlelds Clark Shrpp Eddle Shupley Carolune Shlpley Doreen Shrpley 513 Left to Rrght Row l Glenda Snmpson Jorene Suenger Charles Skunner Elna Shov Karen Sanders Judy Sloan Jean Slater Pat Slaton Bob Slocum Bob Smalley Row 2 Bob Spelr Gary Srntth Glenda Smlth Larry Smith Vlvlon Smrth Don Smuth Elmer Smoogen Margarrta Satele Nancy Southworth Marla Spendel Row 3 Sandra Spratt Judy Spruell Carol Staley Tum Staley Ronme Steel Dora Stephens Cathy Stewart Pamela Stewart Patty Stoner Larry Stnckland Row 4 Ronme Stefancuch Walt Stopsku Kenny Sutton Lucvlle Sweesy Bull Swmey Brenda Sylvna Larry Taylor Veron Taylor Davud Thatcher Carolyn Thompson all I 'ilu L 'N Left to Rlght ROW 1 Joyce Thorpe Coy Thomas Robert Thompson Delores Thompson Judy Tmdall Lev: Tnrnm0r1S DGVId Tate Jack Trttman Vrckr Tomosada Judy Trayer Row 2 Bull Trotter Judy Tucker Ronald Tucker Wayne Tucker Larry Tuton Sgon Tuttle Bnll Van Doren Terr Van Horne Ann Vanlandlngham Donna Vaughn Row 3 Johnny Venteenne Ernest Vogt Lnnda Waldrum Dennrs Walley Edwin Waller Andy Wamgley Sandra Wamsley Kelly Wrlkerson Bob Watkms Judy Watkms Row 4 Jesse Watters Grant Wense Susan Weldon Sharon Wendler Rnchard West Potty Whute Wanda Whute Molly Whltener Janet Wtenee Carol Wilhelm L ix 'A 5 I I, .L t ' :- , 4 " . T U - - y i- - T f I v ' 1' 1 L, lsr.. ' Q .s 1 --Y l" A, . 5,-cf A "' Q- - ' A , ' : q 1 -' 1 'W' 1, ni - kletogz I-'vu - n Q L 5 B4 ,111 N .' . ' 4- - J ' 5+ . 1, T S ' 5544 ' f A fx" . l -Q I N' . , If ', - 1 , , ' 1 , ' , , ' , , I ' Z I ' I A I I V I I I I I gf ' 'Q x , ' V. , lj . A : - , . ff! . -. . 7' 5 '- s l S . . . A , ' X , I , . -Q, 1 4 xv or :U l , , x i L -. l ' . I' fy 2 ' Z AI I I I I I I . l I I E V I ' I I . 'la' I ' 'x ' - A 1 If I: Q . K s '. 3 f'. X 1 X " - l Q ' . ' I ' 5 .'- r ' tr f '.S ',' ' , 0 .lr-' 'Q s ' 1 - 4 'T ,I .- - ' 'I - ' A x I Q X ' 9 I .K A-f f ,I -K .N K ,E 1 ... sl, Q , S h X- ' x -: 1 A Y ' ala T , l " " sv v ll? 'I I. , t , ll' ' I l E, . ' lf-, . A It ' x 1 , - .. Wir - X . .. - A - ' 4 1 . . , 1 I , ' ' 1 ' ', ' , ' ' I ' : I I I I I I 1 . 1 1 I ' I V I I ' : I A I I I A , 4 I he RM AMW ll T in 'La' 1' Row l Larry Wall Carolyn Wslllams Charles Wulluam Ch s ern WIllIGmS Conme Wnlllams Helyn Wrrch Pa1Wxlllamson James Wilson Sharon Wilson Gary Wllson Row 2 Bob Winchester Wanda Wmger Bondn Wnnters Bully Wnrch Wayne Wnlllams Eno Wlttlake Don Wolf Muchael Wolleson WIllIOm Wood Fred Worlhey Row 3 Don Worden Rex Woolweber Darl Wrlght Frank Wrlghr Kathy Wyanf Chuck Wlnne Ronnie Yates Victor Yedld Rnchard Yoder Donald Young Row 4 Jerrn Youngblood Lonnie Younghanz Barry Zalk xiii FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Left to nghf Rudy OTooIe Judy Tucker 16" i Chrls Barton Judy Hassard Hugh Blkle 8 '5 4 9 11 P 'S I X! Q fx tl 4 f C SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Left to rnghf Hugh Bnkle Dram D J e roper 0 Ann MGfHn Sharon Rudesull Pam Loeb ,J 91 icy in 3 My 0' wb jmeyc- wwf - MV' NM QF!! ' QQ Lf W N MS P T gf!! ,CQ .rmd 'MN I f yy dw M1210 W f I ff, , 1 A t XY , i gy!!jQX!7'Vs Lp S9 by 5 X ML f B U Rx fjjoff 35 M 5 W5 gy X V5 X5 Y X N? Y . X ' E XJXXW Q ' , Y XP b , X X3 x -X X Y , 3 X ,i , X Y yk X ,f . N X' G gx xi X w A L 'XR I t 2 x V X 1 ,. K XX ,M vs W W MZ W 0 V r IFJ X 3 My ,M ff lx JXXQMA Amcpwwgvpgwbigcy Xigcysd WW WM? , f Ml ZLQW ff? sk QV 59 vybffy wy My Q 5 QQQBJE WW- fipxwfjfg 99,5 . N W v. .1 N w dw ,E i X5 N ff bww W W Pyp, pf fd fy pVifUqNNifwg?1wiKyU5f63g W X . V w X. X . 1 .. , I u I 5 X- . K VT.. M i xl . 5-,if 2 v ffm ' .4 'X I lj.: . ' I, , ' 1 ,f x F' dy R HNF v T' Q Q , it Q9 iw Eilngeiirtst able lea e' shi our two Student fs K B y idents, AV de have enjoyed a T st, X nder l year. fpon ith , captain of our - J un ated footba so , the first semester ' U I N T ysidedq, and by no l r, te in the spring anlq ianigqok over. e for the fine iob X co ishe goes also to the hard working JT .u 'o ers helping our presidents. First sem rio icers were: Vice President, Ron Puckelttg Secr tary, Ann Anderson, and Treasurer, Janet Dwyer. During the spring, officers were: Vice President, Kurt Pickus, Secretary, Janet Dwyer, and Treasurer, Russell Wolfe. Don Keithley lst Semester President The Board of Control, under the sponsorship of Mr. Abe Loewen, had the responsibility of ap- proving assemblies and activities for the Student Body, They considered many suggestions offered by the faculty and students to plan an enioyable year at AV. One of the rnost important boards at AV was the Merit Board. Headed by Jeanine Amick and Shawnie Leonard, first and second semester presidents, respectively, the girls kept track of tardiness, unexcused absences, merit grades, and citizenship grades. I wx u NN ..:: ' 4' :nw-'f WM JIYFW il v? 9'-an . gn w -' '-.uhhgl K0 " 0 l 0 . .. .G Q, T. u N ' i tina 2.11 1- -- n Q, 4- uuu x, .. u ' 1 .1 u W' 5333 504555 I f ,X - , s g 3 f ,lx 4: I Q Z' 4 'Ill lfy ffl Qfgfdx ' QW A Q C! 44,0 fda'-cgfsf-44' QAM0 ,MJ ive! riziilfz, QZLOI, A-4? 4,661 Composed of o student representative from every Presided over by Chief Justice B by Smith and first period class, the Student Senate provided a link between the Student Body and the Board of Control and Administration. The Senate worked on the campus cleanup problem as well as other problems brought up by the Administration and the Student Body. The meetings were presided over by Ben Hayes. The Leadership Class, advised by Miss Ericson, consisted of Student Body officers. In this class they learned parliamentary procedure and they also had time to hold meetings and perform .their duties. This class enabled AV to have very capable officers. Ben Hayes, first and second semesters respec- tively, the Student Court dealt with the school law violators. ' The Social Committee planned all of the main activities of the year. Ron Puckett was head of this committee. The combined efforts of the Girls' and Boys' Leagues brought days of fun to AV. They spon- sored Luggage Day, Yo Yo Day, and Mum Day. Behind the scenes of all assemblies worked the Assembly Committee who planned and sched- uled everything. Frank Piani 2nd Semester President fe x Wejif 10 'Ti p-X aw it Q Y., me xv .f- 4? V It K u v 1 3 K " .lf Q ,Q Jef' 1 lst Semester Board of Control, lst row, left to right: Robert Smith, Ann Anderson, Dawn Cook, Janet Dwyer, Jean Amick. 2nd row, left to right: Don Keithley, Ronald Puckett, Dick Murray. Treasurer Janet Dwyer, President, Don Keithley, Vice President Ronnie Puckett, and Secretary Ann Anderson of the lst Semester Student Body. Lett to right seated: Aram Naiarrian, Tom Lyle, Carol Miller, Pat Cunningham, Marilyn Robinson, Dawn Cook, Qobert Hayes, Barbara Cox. Standing lett to right: Jessie Wolover, Doug Sutton' Tom Naiarriari, SECOND SEMESTER BOARD OF CONTROL: Left to right, Row I, Shawnie Leonard, Frank Piani Anita Barton. Row ll, Russell Wolfe, Ann Dahlitz Jule Bishop, Janet Dwyer, Sue Ray, Dick Huntley Torn Naiorian. Row Il: Kurt Pickus, Doug Hairgrove Bill Hicks, Ben Hayes, Mr. Abe Loewen. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Janet Dwyer kept the minutes of the meetings very ably for the second semester, Russell Wolfe, treas- urer, kept the books straight and the budget bal- anced, Frank Piani, President, led the Board of Con- trol and the Student Body through a terrific second semester, and Kurt Pickus, Vice-President, headed the Social Committee and the Student Senate with great success. Ann Dahlitz, Ben Hayes, Bill Hicks, Shawnie Leon- ard, and Tom Nalarian do some of their studying during the Leadership class, which is for the help of the elected Student Body officers. I 9 WSL cv ,H 5 STUDENT SENATE Left to y n erson Amta Barton Ethel Budd Sue R y J an Tomucr h Row Il Russell Wolfe Donna Vaughn lrsbeth Ballard Jan Photon Dorothy Draper Janet Dwyer Judy Brown Shawnxe Leonard Row Ill Tom Nagaruan Carrol Healy Duck Huntley Jo n Dennett John Bulawsky Row IV Rudy OToole Doug Harrgrove Ben Hayes Ill Frank Plan: Steve Hendrux Drck Murray rlght ow Joan Gutrerrey Sand A d STUDENT SENATE Left to rrght Row Jule Blshop Ann Harper Sally Sfandley Donna Opdyke Joell n Peak Karen Garnegan Judy Tucker Jessre Wholaver Pat Hawkrns Rcy Lo ellyn Marlon Carlson Lesle Carlson Row ll Larnlyn Tate Lorene Patcken Marllyn Robinson Ann Dahlltz, Dwan Cook, Karln Hesse Sandy Lutz Ruchard Demrnelrnarer Glenda Smlth. Row Ill, Robert Roe, Ch I ' n Bill Hicks Joebob Beebe, Jrrn Earle , T B 3 , V Alan Thomas, Don ares Crow, Hugh Buckle, Doug y orn oswell, Terry Hee, Row lV, Kurt Pickus, Gary Fischer, Dante Slmi, Gary arquhar Cary Porter OY1 !'. 1' 7 'J x 5 I L 1 4 W -..-U L ' I , .' ,:-ref' , Y 'ff WY' ..-s .5 Yr MX, n STUDENT SENATE OFFIQERS Eptv a ,- r it pl N14 J 'N' A-,Q-N s..JN 5-5 -Q .4 ,4- ..,o" 41 w J r rhly Ted tn thetr octtvttres by Ron Puckett Prestdertt Kurt Ptckus 2nd Semester Prestdent Dante Strm 9 I rw J b b B T Q oe c eeoe reosurer :md Jontce Photon Secretory irwwrt S ww e nt Semester Prestdent Beth Dorf Thelma Dunn Borboro Cox Heather Jones Morlerte Loczok Jeonme Amtck lst Semester HT rf P Cf f T e e 1 erclrrw fmri Storon J Dovts U 6 I r, 1. 4 '2' ,I U OO SX!-,SC-.f-'X ,Q-, 5x14-4-f"-J-Jr",-f X g- Y 'S "x 'L-J x-n ,.f 'Q-Q 'Hex r-g.q,,- -.-n- evl' .36 ,Q 4x4 .nn W Nl Jo fi il f ,K ,-s Guy XOCNAL COMMITTEE P kus Ron Puckett Corolyn Bnlllngton ohn tn Row Sue Roy Jule Btshop Joebob Beebe Row II Kurt nc lwn Rott Doug Sutton Lorry Whute Eorl Graffun ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE, 'dt to rnght: Row I, Down Cook, e I D bb'e Katz, Tom 1' V..- Ncuiorion. Row II, Beryl Potterso Bennet Down Cook n John Rotliff, Ron Puckett, Doug Sutton hs. ft I 1g',,b,',?x fb it C7 U A elcfv Dome Sum: Larry of y Lessmg ui' ill' 2:36 1 1' i 'r like 0 l Q Doug Hairgrove CEYZQMQML "Double, double, toil and trouble." This line from Mac- beth could well be the byword for the Sandpaper Staff. The paper came out periodically with the combined et- torts of its able Staff. Endless time was put forth, but its appreciation bythe students made it all worth while. 4 4 f Jf rf W, FF' A "'-Q v . -1 y . ,I V! AQSD 'Q - 1 x iv, .-nil? 1-ni ,ALJ if' Q if QR Marie Holt I I Mr . Ralph D, Nybakken ,- I E SAND PAPER STAFF: Left TO fight: Row I, Barbara Haaerneier, Bonnie Selvidge, Carole Ayers Judie Lacey. Row 2, Diane Fcnaren Charlotte Seger, Virginia Welbuf. D Pow 3, Alice Schriever, Terr-,f Hee Sheryl Seivers. . 1 PGP Credit is due to the editor Doug I-lairgrove for his inter- est in the management of the paper. Marie Holt acted as assistant Editor. The Staff succeeded in various iour- nalistic endeavors. The paper reported all events of past, present, and future interests keeping the students of AV well informed. A Q at 'f , gl Q7 T . Q N. Business Manager Sharon Arthur M Together, the staff worked continuously to meet their deadlines and at the same time to bring forth more in- teresting and exclusive editions. Few of Us realize just how much work is involved in publishing Q newspaper. With just a little over a week before each publication to arrange interviews, write the news articles, and meet the deadline, the staff is constantly at work. Aix E Putting forth their precious Time and hard work, teaming toget- her as one big family, our Yucca staff otters to you the beauti- ful 1957 Yucca. Guiding them along the way was the Yucca advisor, Mr. Ralph Nybakken, and Editor-in-Chief, Jule Bishop. Yucca Statters had a big iob and many necessary deadlines to meet. Time and efficiency were their most treasured objects. The Staff has known hours and hours ot work, innumerable headaches, and many hearty laughs. A visit to the Yearbook House in Monrovia was made by Staff members to further their knowledge onthe procedure ot yearbook publishing. They learned how to put what you wanted into yearbook form. The photography was done by King's Photography with the help of Student Photogrphers, Bob Fairfield and Mike Price. The Pic- tures have been somewhat enlarged over last year. g- 1 o I 8 ,iQ ' 1 if , YLJCCA STAFF Lett to right Row l Judy Westover Judy Turner, Bonnie Selvidge, Barbara MacDonald, Madeline Furry, Ronald Hassard. Row II Bob Tom lowitz K tty Pr ce Earlene III an Marilyn Rob nson Jane Merriman, Milly Cobargo, and Dick Dalrymple. Carol Ayers Bob Fairfield Loyono Twin Business Manager Photographer Cgpy Editor 2 r f- Cv Q "' 5 ' a N fy.. Publishing, as in The pasT, was done by The sTafT of The Yearbook House, Monrovia, California. The Yucca STaTf has had The inconvenience of working in very limifed quarters This year Tor rnany long hours, but Through The combined eTlorTs of The editors: Carol Ayers, Business Manager, Pat Cunningham, Art Editor, Keith Cable, Sports EdiTor, Bob Fairfield, PhoTographer, Lori TruiTT, Copy Editor, Marilyn Hanna, Captions Editor, and Mike Price, AssisTanT Editor and Photog- rapher, They finally sent The book To The publisher. As The lasT picture and The last piece of copy was sent, a gasp and a cheer could be heard from The Yucca Roorn. We give you The Nineteen-hundred TifTy-seven Yucca! 3-si' n 3 'fx ,f . ' 1-X Zflf ? X ff? N Mike Price Assistant Editor ww, 951. . Al Q v-A-it ,..---""" def" 4-W' ,M 4,17- it S fs i Keith Cable, Sports Editor, works diligently to finish copy Tor the Sports Section. The setting of the Sports Qcorn provides a perfect atmosofe e o work, Marilyn Hanna Mr, Ralph Nybakken pol CUPPTDQHTW Caption Editor Adv sor Art Editor '13 C? 'Y' E3 O6 Yi 1 . 'W' If vo 'I 46 "T Q6 7 J' 1 -0 Q5 HONOR SOCIETY lr fa rglt Row ' Joyce Schwalce Ann SYIVCVS Pearl Brew on Aluce Ca srngharn Dorothy Draper Roberta Smlfh Jule B lvop Pow ll Lrnda Raplee Harriett Wilson Pat Reed Pat Cunningham Larllyn Tate Barbara Shipley Kathy Malors Row lll Barbara Duper, Lynda Mullen Joyce Goode Row IV Jerry Shannon Bull Dow D ns :ck Kraber Johnny Sakaguchr Conrad Engelhardr Dennrs Hughes 'Q W7 XY WONOP SCJ IETY to r Pow l Dorothy l-losler Gall Denny Becky Gardner Nancy Meaa Coralee .lennlngs ,loan Tornuclch Sally Qnnrlley Mary Frances Aspey Row ll Barbara Cox Carolyn Bervhelof Barbara Burdrck Barbara Chesser Brenda Buedel o re reenlee Mary Norder Pat Morton Pow Ill Mel ssa Kraber G l l P eve Abrao Fred Welch Tom Nonanan Charles nrn N1 Q0 S Lore c Trust' 6' 1 N . ' 5, ' , 1 l I f is .L+ lJ1uJl,2 B- . 1: lk . A Q K ' 'ni A li' V' ,V , C - A ag if fs: ' . Q-all' P ' ,,", - K , , C ,J - ' -, .f"'?'e 3 ii, 5 3 -J -1 c 'f' v in " " 2 ,. 1. ' f, U A , Rf " t' 1 1 , KC Fr 1 ' . " A 5. W 5 4 Y ... 1 il F , Z ryfk y L! 'V ' , fs 1 , If hi in x , . A N f r I I hx C JI I ,rt Q3 1. 1 . 2 , 4 r -O A , J , 1 J Le l w 1 ' ., , , r , .' s ' , . ' , '-, Fil, 'H'f,AT- 5w7,!. y ' I n . j Y Q A Ernst ,z f V .Lx l , Fly' 1 4 'av Ns' ' A 2 . 15' J " J ..,, A - 4 Y 5 C .I - 6 , J 5 f I I A r Q O , ff? F ro, 5. , an . S , x 1 ' X 3 C ls' Q , gj , . -,g L . - If f C V J Q J f yy Jr I '. ldv Q lgnm C , , , , , , ' , J , ,.,, 4 , , V 'fnyy' f.r f-frrlfln HPV? mllh, , ,N ' A HONOR SOCI TY Left ro rlglwr Row I Vrrglnra Kopaska Judnh K Epley Susue Drnsmore Margaret Bell Lnllran Hubkey Susan Melune Row ll Jeesue Wlwolaver Marcra Kloster Claudra Lrrussu Jo Rlfmoads Charlene Baker Lunda Tranfharn Myrna Ackerman Joan Sagray Row Ill Roy Curnn Charles Crow Wulluam Byers Ronnre Levrs Dante Sum: Davud Krehbrel Tom Boswell Chuck Brrnk Baby Srnrfh HONOR COCIETY :mf Row I Snawne Leonard Rwh Wllls Nancy Esllcx Carol Ann Morse eld Row ll Lows Brunberg Barbara llard Maroflfe MCGOwcn Snaron Nlcklos Bonne ldefll Sue Ray Anna Barfor OW III Beth Campbell Tony Doce nne cl' Da e Jsken rsberh Rallard f- ce Qclwrlever Anna bell Whl S raw IV Gary Echcls Kurt Prckus Denrne r rnoro Noel CVVSWGVT lolwn Ratllff Rlclrard R de Lon Aclfelggn Wayne Krrne Qs 'X -wi , . . , , . . R lefr 'O rl' - , L , . ' 1 "V 9 A I ' , F1 , , v K ' , , l , I ' . 3 I I ' I FG -'J 1 fl f' L' - , l' - A 'Y - ' . . , ' , ' Tw Y , , ' ' , ln , K ' y ' , Esfwtt To gain Honor Society membership you must have IO points. Eight in which you earned from passing subiects with an A or B average. This entitles you to an Honor Society pin, all its privileges. and to have unsupervised studying. If you maintain membership for six semesters, two in which are in your senior year, you become a life member and receive the lamp of life membership pen and the California Scholarship Federation seal on your diploma Quill and Scroll is a chapter of the National Quill and Scroll organization composed of Scholastic hugh school Journalists Sandpaper Staff members are qualified for membership after obtaining 50 inches of copy in any newspaper It is a great honor to be recommended for this organization. It requires outstanding Literary achievements. With the guidance of Mr. Ralph Nybakken, they have worked on different Literary proiects, with the assistance of Doug Hairgrove, president of Quill and Scroll. ' This year the radio production group put on a variety of programs, alternating during the week with: "Meet the Faculty," "Disiockey Program," "Fashions," and "Inter- viewing the Class Rooms They spent the first semester getting ready for the broadcasts while the boys gym was being built After Christmas they started broadcast ing from the new boys gym They put on a lot of inter esting half hour programs every day this year under the guidance of Mr A Stevenson IN as 39 50' nv RADIO PRODUCTION Left to right Clifton Richards Lee Buck Betty Ruckmger Donna Cord Peggy Summers Keith Cable Left corner to right Pat Cunningham Madeline Furry Chuck Koertge Jule Bishop Marilyn Hanna Bonnie Selvldge Jon Krainock Diane Fondren Mike Price Alice Pappas Judy Lacy Sheryl Sievers Virginia Wilbur Linda Turton Marie Holt Charlot Seger Doug Hairgrove Alice Schriever Bill Wtlder I 1 . ' ' I I at 116 , ' qt: . ' Iii 4 I 1 HT -3 , A I A 1 ' ' , is 2 - I I. l If I rw , K . , 6 'C to I " - Ltr-y E 53 WQAG ' ,lan ' .5 'vigf ' sr Q 'Qs , . QUILL AND SCROLL MM. . ,key 'I , ' ' , A . y ' 5 I J 1, - . . . .w1,aF" 7 'C I I ' 4 A 4 ' 1 I f '-3!Q"?,i-fit" 1 ' , ' , , ' , ,gift-it 'f , D 1 - - . . , . . A , , ' Il lv - ' ' F I r q ,7 - Q. , ,V fl . I .V i , tl Again this year our well-known Cailfornia Cadet Corps has achieved high honor among the va- rious organizations here at A.V. Under the very capable direction and sponsorship of Mr. Thomas and the fine leadership ofthe officers, the Cadet Corps helped build strong moral character in their men. The officers were, from left to right-Row l, lst Lt. Russell Wolfe, lst Lt. Bob Forbes. Row 2, Capt. Kenneth Tompkins, lst Lt. Walter Kern, Lt. Col. Gary Amo, Maior Charles Berg- strom, lst Lt. Don Lancaster, and Sgt. Lynn Clifton, Left to right-Row l, Sgt. Gardner, Cpl. Otto Kaiser, Cadet lst class Carl Markov, Sec. Lt. Marshall Darling, Sec. Lt. David Fineman, Cpl. Lester Dietz, lst Sgt. Ray Lampe, Cadet Mike Hoffman, Cpl. Ronnie Levis, Cadet Mike Russell. Row 2, standing, Leonard Frye, Cpl. Ray Brown, Cadet lst class Jimmy Hoopes, Cpl. Marshall Metzgar, Cadet Clyde Cochran, Cadet Julian Rice, Cadet Lee Bushard, Cadet Bud Smalley, Cadet Tom Wilson, Cadet Ran Yates, Cadet Ronnie Yates, Cpl. Gene Dallachie. Row 3, Cadet lst class Jerry Moore, Cpl, Robert Fredlund, Cpl. Andy Hoopes, Cadet Roy Mosley, Cpl. David Todd, Cadet lst class Mathew Spot, Cadet lst class Milton Buss, Cadet Donald Simpson, Cadet Jimmy Turner. A l ,-'E 1 sl 'lt 'et' Left to right-Raw l, Cadet Nathan Robeson, Cadet James Gulbranson, Cadet Kent Cook, Cadet Kit Carson, Sgt. Gerald Gibbs. 2nd Lt. Bill Green, Sgt. Michael Santino, Cadet Mike Huttord, Cadet John Reinheardt, Cadet B. McPhatl, Cadet David Dietz, Cadet Victor Yedid, Cadet Dennis Darrow, Row 2, 510,-tdtng, Jack Kirkpatmk, Sgt, Arthur Mansfield, Cadet David Fineman, Cadet Tom Barryman, Cadet David Du Boise, Cadet Larry Smith, Cadet Ray Mooley, Cadet Don Abrams, Cadet Melvin Preter, Cadet Robert Stevens, Cadet Mike Grimes, Cadet Dave Thacher, Cpl. Richard Agar, Cadet COVWG43 Dflftton Row 3, Cadet Tom Mulligan, Cadet Ronald Dallachie, Cadet Marvin Clements, Cadet Eddie Quattlebaum we ' ' Il " . LM gaflwism This yeor the Lettermen were obly led by Don Keith- ley, Vice-President, John Bennett, Secretory, Ted Uyedo, President, Donte Simi, Treosurer, ond Ron Worden, Sergeont-ot-Arms, This lost yeor The Letter- rnen sponsored The "Cor Check", took core of The concessions ot the Footboll Gomes, sponsored The Twins Boll on Jonuory loth, ond one of The most importont octivities wos the Grornrnor School Bose ketboll Tournornent on Februory 22nd ond 23rd. They hove done o Terrific iob ond oll of us here ot AV hope They keep up The good work. in il-D4 '-.1 Q Q right, Row 1, John Riley, Carroll Heoley, Ron Worden, Bob Tommey, Dick Murroy, Fronk Pioni, John Bennett, Mitch Dick Huntley, Wes Serfoss. Row ll, Jim Riley, Dennis Ekimoto, Bill Rime, Grohom Duprou, Bob Moog, Donte Simi, Gil Moss, Gil McElroy, Gil Quiepo, Jim Miller, Ed Boswell, Dove Wininger. Row Ill, Jock See, Lorry White, Ecirl Griffin, Bob Borth, Chuck Story, Arom Noiorion, Cliff Jordon, Fred Morton, Mike Goecter, Bob Smith, Bob Donlcn, Lorry Yingling, Don Keithley. Row lV, Tom Lil, Deon Hoges, LETTERMEN: Left to Upshow, Bill Hicks, Gory Goodsen, Ben Hoyes, Chorles Chaney, Jim Eorley, Chorlie Spencer, Fred Thomos, Ron Puckett. Ll 'V ...- dh 1 C LETTERMEN: Left to right: Pow I, Pot Lines, Ron Jackson, Bob Rudesill, Bob Tomilowitz, Tom Noriorion, Dick Huntley, Dove Wininger, Gory Fscher, John Toylor, Row Il, Dick Vensel Corlo Grossi, Bob Jordon, Lorry Estes, Donte Simi, John Rotliff, lorry White, Gil Moss, Gary MC- Bride, Brent Corder, Row III, Doug Sutton, Fred Miller, Bob Howell, Jock See, Don Davis, Perry Pulos, Romney Long, Fred Morton, Mike Goecter, Bill Hicks, Ed Boswell, Ron Puckett. 'ic 'U 1 K Apofili and USHERETTES: Left to right, Row I, Mrs, Janet Sturtevant, Naomi Stiers, Pat Cunningham, Madeline Furry, Gail Denny, Myrna Acker- man, LeRose Hicks, Nancy Eslick. Row Il, Miss Evelyn Ericson, Judy Davis, Jane Lockhart, Barbara MacDonald, Helen Colfman, Coralee Jennings, Bonnie Ideal, Barbara Griffin, and Jan Rhoton. .T 1-' J 1 1 f -"1 KNIGHTS: Left to right: Bob Smith, Jim Riley, Don Keithley, Carrol Healy, Ben Hayes, Wes Serfoss, Dick Murray, Gary Goodson, Ron Worden, Chuck Story, Bob Donlan, Frank Piani, John Riley, Gil Queipo. The Knights are one of the wonderful service clubs on the AV campus. PROJECTIONISTS: Left to right, Tom Surber, James Miller, Jerry Moore, Andy Hoops, Sharon Dunham, John Mulligan, Mr. David Brunberg, Clyde Cochran, Bruce Johnson, Dennis Darrow, Chuck Brink. wi Do you know them? Don"r admit it! Our gay Barber Shop Quartet was part of the "Portraits in Make-Up" assembly. Sfudenfs enioy a Pep Rally on the from lawn led by cheerleaders Bev Wade and Cathy Lessing. These seven Senior bavhing beauties seem to be enjoying ihemselves af The Senior Playday, Dave Wininger, Gary Goodson, and Ron Pucker! seem to be enjoying their "pro- Gessor friend and pfeabwwts PARTIES AND PLEASURES Alumni Day started out with the Student Welcome to all the Alumni, also with the selling of pennants and pom poms. During the day the students put on an assembly, and that night their was a Football game and later on that evening an Alumni Dance with all alumni and students invited. The Seniors had an assembly to receive their Senior iackets and sweaters, and were given both lunch periods for a dance. That evening at the football game the Antelope Valley Band performed during half-time for the Seniors. After the game the Seniors sponsored a dance which was enioyed by all. The Christmas Ball was an exciting event for every- one under the theme of "Winter Paradise." The music was supplied by Bob Teeters and his band. The Twins Ball was sponsored by the Lettermen's Club. All the students went dressed alike, such as little boy and girl outfits, etc. Next was the Backward Boot Ball sponsored by the Maiorettes. The dress was school clothes and every- one had a real nice time. The music was supplied by Earl Williams and his band. The Junior-Senior Prom was a glorious event, put on by the Juniors for the Seniors, which was held in May. Furnishing spirit for the football and basketball games at home and away were the cheerleaders Renee Rumble, Cathy Lessing, Ann Dahlitz, Carolyn Arnold, and Bev Wade. The Songleaders practice for one of the many bGSkStbCll games at which they performed. Working-out their rou' rines for the football games,roo,were:Armitta Lewis, Diane Williams, Eudean Herring, Carol Rake, and Pat Tullos. Usherettes, a service club, has become an outstand- ing organization around A.V.'s campus. The twenty girls who make up the membership are seen at Football games showing people to their seats in the grandstands, directing parents at Open House, and dressed in flowing formals ushering people to their seats at Community Concerts. The Honor Society membership consists of students who have a high scholastic rating. To become a M Here Honor Society initiates dress as little girls and boys. Playing in the mud was one of the many things that these cute children were found doing throughout the day of the initiation. The games they played were many and l'm sure some quite embarrassing moments occurred. But all was in fun and now they are full fledged members of the Honor Society. 5 . member they have to meet the requirements as well as have the faculty's approval. The maiorettes' initiation included a slumber party. the initiates having to sleep on the floor. Friday morning the initiates came to school dressed as babies and were covered with limburger cheese. They also had to eat garlic and at the end of the week had to take the rest of the girls out to dinner. tion a relaxing treat. if T' 'f st! : FH' 'Q' - -v- ' , if .f V rs sweet little girl she is. These lovely A.V. girls are showing their finery to the Yucca photographer. Ap parently the Usherette initiation isnt taking up too much of their time be cause broom flying lessons are being given in the foreground. After their aeronautics lessons, I'll bet they will find the bar-b-que following the initia "Mama I want my bottle," was a very popular saying during the Maiorettes initiation. Dorothy Draper takes her bot tle like a good girl, and Marilyn McLau ren comments on her wonderful be havior. Marilyn Robinson patiently awaits her turn and hopes that there will be enough left. Shy and very red faced is Judy Stout, looking like the iii- lim The A.V. Big A held their annual initiation January 25. lt was a formal initiation with special events taking place during the day for the girls. Require- ments for Big A members are 250 sports points and 50 service points. The Girls' Athletic Association held their annual for- mal initiation again early this year. As usual, there was the customary signing of the scrapbook. A.V.'s Future Farmers of America held their annual intiation on October 5 with Mr. Bill Galliher acting as advisor. The 80 greenhands, which were initiat- ed, came to school dressed as farmers' daughters, wearing field boots, make-up, and other items. A formal initiation was held the same night in the high school auditorium. A formal initiation was held by the Big A this year. Among those to become members were Barbara MacDonald, Mary Morris, Diana Hefferon, Toni Ben- son, Annett Van Dusen, Betty Baker, Roberta Rudesill, Debbie Kayz, Dawn Cook, Amelia Carbarga, Frances Shrop- shire, Pat Reed, Carolyn Arnold, Anita Barton, Jean Hunsicker, Anna Watts. .9 - I Signing the GAA scrapbook is Elane Ritter. Waiting patiently for their turn are Nancy Pettit and Nancy Stafford. Looking on are GAA Cabinet members Anna Watts, Anita Barton, Toni Benson and Diana Hefferon. This scene is taken from part of the formal initiation that was held by the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion. ii Here FFA President Joebob Beebe pre- sides over the meeting in which new members rceived their formal initiation. During the informal initiation the initi- ates had to dress as girls and polish the shoes ofthe old members, and do what- ever they were commanded by their su- periors. ,,.,.a-a----f-A J-,,.,......-.., - X if Evelyn Tensfeld F.H.A. President F.H.A. OFFICERS: Left to right, Row I1 Nancy Teefers, Jessie Wholaver, Marlene Luczak, Evelyn Tensfeld, Thalya Beaver, Glenda Simpson, A n n e t t e Simms. Row ll: Lila Smelser, Colleen O'Sullivan, Harriett Wilson, Linda Sieck, Shirley Hill, Mickey Mulligan. gm C556 Capable and efficient are the key words of all officers. Executive officers are Dovie Love, Melissa Kraber, Shirley Hill. The senior officers are, Evelyn Tensfeld, Lila Smelser, Harriet Wilson, Marlene Luzcak, Crisceda Brumbach, Na ncy Teters, Thalyci Beaver, and Colleen O'Sullivan. The Junior officers are, Judy Markuesen, Jessie Wholaver, Annette Sims, Glenda Simpson, Margaret Degur- see, Marie Mulligan, Joyce Worley, and Linda Sieck. W -vw 4 1 cr X! AlviElfi?.iCA f WT F.H,A. girls work on sewing protects in their Hornemoking class. QTJIML fgcwimwiis To start off this year the officers of the Future Farmers of America are: Presi- dent, Joebob Beebe, Vice President, Lewis Clement, Secretary, Terry Pyle, Treasurer, Bob Reeder, Reporter, Troy Kirth, and Senate, Guy Cosey. Their leaders of Agriculture classes and the Future Farmers of America Chapter are Mr. John Pat Gary head of Agricul- ture and Mr. Wylie Day, Mr. Warren Houghton, Mr. Sam M. Dolber, and Mr. Bennett Freey who is new this year. ad" letlfli FFA. President was Joebob Beebe. FFA. students watch as Bill Dobbs slaughters one of his s'eers af'er soending about a year raising lf. FFA. officers of the year were Troy Kirth, Bob Reeder, Joebob Beebe, Lewis Clement, and Guy Casey. erm G6 The FHA and Home Economucs leaders for 1956 57 are Mrs Zelma Goben head ot the Homemakung department and Mrs Maruorue Kloster and Muss Claudua Maede Thus year s new offucers and theur enthusuastuc group of F H A ers started the year off wuth an enormous amount of support for theur Chrustmas card sale November 15 was one ofthe hugh lughts ofthe year On thus nught the oftucers ot 1956 57 saud theur vows and were unstalled Pot luck was served before un stallatuon Thus event took place un the Home Eco nomucs buuldung The FH A us also tryung to elect a Queen tor the FH A and FFA dance that wull be held later un the year PQ al A I an One of the many actuvutues of the F H A gurls us makung clothung for the Antelope Valley Four Here you see cloth ung and food they entered Many of the gurls made formals thus year for the dufferent events that came up ff' N'--N..., The FH A Queen was Lunda Sueck rs 1 "N4'1'4 wllwllt Actuvxtues of the FFA boys through the year are fund good animals that wxll make good show stock The Antelope Valley Fanr three ludgtng traps the IH the Farr to come In September They all work Great Western Livestock show an Los Angeles Kel hard to get the animals In good show shape and logg s and State funals the rrght welght Every year the boys go around the valley trying to The F F A Kung of the year and annual dance was Lawayne Sutterfueld i 'Qi 5-4 13 Sy One of the prolects of the Future Farmers IS making bulldlngs Here they are rebulldlng thenr anlmal stalls at the fatr grounds Here are many Future Farmer Boys showing their calves at the An elope Valley Far These calves are one of , many th ngs they false throughout the year 4 al' Q, I 'rf' 'J' fb Q O 4. A 4 5 A O ye ll ,yt H f Mltllltflfl u es fly fy The ret es were orgonuzed un 1953 under the leodershrp of Mr John Pot 120 The or erettes ore cu Vocotloncxl Agruculture class conslstung of only gurls xl There are two classes advance ond beginners ond there rs Cl membership of 50 gurls CI'l'fl'1ISTIl'T'18 One of The morn attractions forthe group us the Antelope Volley Four ond the trup to the Great Western Lnvestock show an Los Angeles X CQJAQ XT 1 7+ lv L00 106 Ae Formerette of cers thus year were Betty Hock Presndent Vuc ents Vnce Presude Jonet Secretory Noncy Perknns re surer Jeanne Lowson Reporter ond Col lette Mask Watch Dog The Formerettes were proud of thevr sweaters thus year s Bette Hock ond Vncky Clements can tell you One of the Formerettes protects of the yeor ts growung thungs out an the fneld They do rt as cz class and ot home they have ommol protects Qt ff jig, w 1 A 1 u 0 it ' pf Y ' I . 'I . . T fy Lf!!! 941 5 T l L V A X , h . '17 " ' ' , ', i y ,sg ' - Q 4 . y ' ll we T fl Q fl T n J' T 4 F T t 55. t 4 ' . N, -N A A -- gm midi?-MLM, This year proved to be a colorful one around campus with such colors as coral, aqua, and mint green dominating. One of the most casual styles for girls was the matching skirts and sweaters in both slim and flared skirt styles. For the boys the ever popular V neck sweaters and plaid sport shirts with peggers and cords came into view. This was definitely a fashionable year for AV Jon Krainock and Floss Ken Berglund and Ann Dahlitz Sally Stanley and Bill Dov s Ma rkworth ff ws if!- 'Ajax'-l ,J 'T Po t Cunningham and Dick M urrey MQSLQLH, GIRLS GLEF CLUB lst Row left to rnghf W Wneger B Amos E Wlmfehecd P Orsborn M Boon J Atkinson G Amos M Former R Anderson R Ryburn R Prevedello C Prevedello B Kosperson 2nd Row leftto right Gorrlson M Hcckworth E Smxth J C ll s G Ty ee J K gl M B lc L Wilson L Leoth E Jensen Mead Row 3 Ieffto rnght V Huckobee M Glnnes B Show M Ross P Gloszesku K Mohlung E Recd P Farrell M Howes J Tonner D Anderson P Frazier M Muller eq 'C -nl -yah A 'it 5 taint Q 445-dit-va wflggm-ani-an.,-wvxqp 'ln 17215 n s.-5 asf, Y. uan WW -gg-ss" if 411. S BOYS GLEE CLUB lsr Row Iefrrorlglvf R Cloudy S Ponfon H Bourngcurdner T Fowler W Lulls L Avila A lor w 2 refer rw ermon eed G Ven r IG O Sfrm Row nne' A lveclon D rcmdoll W :me L or on B s K C rs Row 4 C Bonner D Nyguqr D Todd L Ausfvn T Thornhnll C Spenser K Jornes 122 J. ,.',.oin,,r,,uer,.uc,.',. ,. ,L. w.,,5 4, H 'Af - xv. . ,,.,, xx 1 sf CZ. 'B' B--f-L+-A-7.C .::l.:3 at -xi ,,,, X AYIWA 'Lv V K ,- Y 2 . J.,-., ' l . i A U - v i p. ' "1 -W. . Q Tw' E L el l vw, A,,, ,.,. , 1 ' ' , , SV C 1 f ' Ell' , Ro 1 M. C , R. Kl' g , C. R ,C, C l , J, Fanlflln, B. Rel y, , 'gen 3. N. Be f-1-Sl ,.C ,.K','.Jd,,M,le.C:or1. :h ,. d, This year under the direction of Mrs. Hermione Vaughan, the A Cappella and Girls' Glee Clubs did their first appearance for the P.T.A. as a Christmas program. The Girls' Glee sang "No Candle Was There and No Fire," the A Cappella sang an old coventry carol called "Lullay Than Little Tiny Child," and "God Be With You." In the Spring Concert there were T70 singers that included the A Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee, Boys' Glee andthe Cirls' Chorus. This year the A Cappella Choir and Boys' Glee went down to the University of Southern Califor- nia for a Music Festival to represent AV. About l8,000 students of the University of Southern California participated in festivals of this type Festival at Holywood High in May. The new uni- form for the Girls' Glee was a cornflower blue sweater with a slim black skirt. They wore them for the first time last year at the same Music Festival. The A Cappella Choir looks forward to the Music Festivals and trips Mrs. Vaughan plans for them throughout the year. Their robes that they wear on their trips are maroon with white trim. The Boys' Glee dress is dark blue ia'ckets with light color slacks. When the boys are in their group singing, they look terrific and they sound the same. We are proud to say that these vocal groups represent our school with pride The Girls Glee also represented AV in the Music ..----l:---- Rowl left to right Mable Macgibbon Joyce Lumbey Ann Howell Charles Bonner Russ Klrngerman Bruce Miles Cal Calvert James McGee Judy Brown Margie Fvfmef Mow Joy Thelmc D-mn BH' Hvggeft Row ii ief to fight Diane shuts oenei Kyle Pat orsbom Evelyn Biscayart Sam Ponton Charles Reid Alfred Elliott John Franklin Leroy Ayrlo Wayne Lyles Hasel Bonner Nancy Erstcid Amanda Kasperson Beverly Kasperson Row Ill left to right Theo Barker Diane Marston Beverly Shaw Barbgfg Payne Marie Mulligan Harry Bumgardner Charles Spencer Jonas Lamb Wayne Kime Bill Reilly Pat Diutsman Kgfhy GrEgQS Carolyn Thompson Pow IV left to right Nada Lapossa Georgin Dekom Myrna Ackerman Kathleen Klingermcn Jane Lockhard Don Gasline David Todd Cliffard Jordan Richard Nygaard Rudy Otoole Penelope Rich Brenda Buedil Dora Beale Donna Grlffrn 1 2 , ' , 1 , , , . , , . , , . I : l I I I 1 , , . , , , , , . , , , I , Sweet strains of sott music, gay re- trains ot lively music, and somber tones of dramatic music float across the morning air. All of this is being produced by the AV orchestra and its most important part, Mr. William H. Ballard, the director. The orchestra made themselves known around school this past year by putting on halt ot the Spring Mu- sic Department Festival and playing the overture from the musical 'iOkla- LLMGUL homo." On March 23rd, the orchestra came out with a Superior rating at the Dis- trict Music Festival here at AV. The approximate titty members then traveled to the Regional Festival at San Diego, where they played very well, as per usual. We are very proud ot the orchestra, and we know they will do as well next year as they have done in the pasf. Myth This year the AV Pep Band was under the direc- tion of Mr. Warren Turner. The students in Pep Band furnished a real feeling of spirit for the Pep Rallies and the basketball games. One of the windiest, most exciting events for the Pep Band was the day they furnished the music for the assembly at which the Rev. Bob Richards spoke The Pep Band consists of members of the Senior Band that wish to play for the assemblies pep rallies and basketball games when the Senior L-1 14. l F Ji Band doesn't play. Formed also from the Senior Band is the Brass Choir which has trombones, horns, comets, sousa- phones., and all other brass instruments. Another group is the Woodwind Choir, made up of reed instruments such as clarinets, flutes, oboes, and other instruments of the same type. These groups performed at the Music Festival here at AV and they did an excellent lob Our congratulations go to these terrific music groups for the splendid performance throughout the year PEP BAND left to right Row I Carolyn Griffin Roberta Smith Toni Roy CUnd,ff Phtl Flick Johnny Elgmofo Clyde Dtgkmson Mme Cochran Duce Balatne Handel Gary Echols Eddie Barth Bill Downs Bob Hughes Row lll Robert A Smith Barry Wqll Paul Wolfe Alyce Schrtevef Paul Ernest Thomas Richard Lindsay .lim Berberich Dick Kraber Row ll Scarf Bob Downs Mr Warren Turner Steve Marv n Bonnie Wolfe Davd Randel Norman Hayes Jon Krainock I i T, ' A . I " lj' ilmwlsrf "1 - -- - ilu AE' i I , Q ' In A l T Q- 1" s---is -,A L r-'Half .f we 1 4 J X -q, L,-310 v' 5" ng, N7 - ".-N., The Sr. Concert Band, under the direction and supervision of Mr. William H. Ballard, sponsored the District Music Festival here on March 23rd, which was a big success for them. They put on their annual Spring Concert, which was enjoyable for the many people who attended. This year, as last yeor, Lizbeth Ballard led the AV Senior Marching Band through the football season with greot success. In November the Band went to All-Western Band Review at Long Beach and tied for 3rd place with the Arcadia Indians in Class A. Our congratulc tions to the Band for presenting a wonderful year. i K 'Nw 'Qi' 'L' 'Q . 6 p,,,.".5?., its-it su .rf fig J'-it " cl," ii , X -0' vi AJ- -no "" Y 4- I .ap 7 .Q+.:'- -A. e ., . 5 .-, on .K --ui. is 'H' X. ,,'n qi gf 4"51',N 'uri -gtsq-wj.fQf,' gy . 'Wt Q.. Left to right Bobbi Metz Kathy Herbert Robert Smith David Doich Chan Chandler Earl Griffin Larry Turner Barry Wall Margaret Speaks Marco Kloster Lynn Rolfe Sandra Richards The AV High School Senior Band under the direction of Mr. William H. Ballard, was a success again this year. Every student of AV has reason to be proud of this Band Working two periods a day, the Band put on excellent as we all are. Through great respect for Mr. Ballard, the Band works hard to put on a good performance and makes a gOOd impression on everyone, no matter where they may be. Working two periods a day, the Band put on exclelent half-time activities for the football games, For some time before the All-Western Band Review, they marched up and down Lancaster Blvd. trying to perfect their ranks, files, and diagonals, while playing "Burst of Trumpets." They were rewarded when they went to Long Beach for the Band Review and received 3rd place in Division A, tying with Arcadia High School. The climax for the first semester marching season came and when the Band put on the half-time for The CIF Semi- final game against Downey here on the AV playing field. The next night was the Annual Christmas Parade with Santa Claus and all. To begin the second semester they practiced concert music vigorously for the District Music Festival, which was held here at AV for the first time on March 23rd. This made all the band members proud to represent Our school. Next they presented their very successful Annual Spring Concert, playing such numbers as "Emblem of Unity," "High Tor," "ElSO'S PfOCession to the Cathedral," "Aller- seelen," and many others. Chosen Houtstanding Senior Girl ancl Boy in Senior Band" were Lisbeth Ballard and Earl Griffin. Our congratula- tions to Mr. Ballard, Mr. Turner, and the AV Seniors for another excellent performance this past year. BRASS Left to Rtght Rowl Walter Moore Dave Grtco Ray Cundtff Drck Kraber Jam Berberrch Phtl Fltck Ruch Ltndsay Roddy Hnnes Ernest Thomas Bob Hughes Row ll Paul Wolfe Kurt Prckus Norman Hayes Darryl Sampson Jack Babshaw Dave Randel Jon Kratnock Ruth Mteger lyy Randel Roger Sharf Alyce Schrtever Ed Kennepohl Row Ill Johnny Eklmoto Make Cochran Richard Rnnde Clyde Dtcktnson Don Mtratnu Bob Downs ,,..4wr ,gf d,f-57" if A,,,f ti ""' .1 ,Hi W WOODWINDS Let to rtght Rowl Dave Beardsley Ruth Wtllts Joyce Schwake Barbara Ballard udy Brown Leslte Cochran Bll Downs Roger Engemann Lynda Mullet Bortnte Wolfe Dotty Draper Row Il Charlotte Seger Anna Dell Whtte Ed Barth Frances Schropsmre Bobbt Metz Carolyn Grtffn Beth Campbell Sharon Nlchols Karen Russ Roberta Smtth Joyce Godde Joanne Ktdd Martorte H R arrts ow lll Gary Echols Noel Clrsrhan Dwayne Prrce Dante Strnt Bla ne Handel Danny Pearsor' Tont Duce Earlene Spann Barbara Depfe R0bert Smtth Jertlyn Purcell Pat Fl ck Row IV Charles Lyons Steve Marytn Eula Stewart James Flaxtngton Ltbby Ballard Steve Wolfe Janet Dwyer Judy Stout M '77 L4 4-4 ,+- Q , , 4' L "' "T . . - .4 n , I , 'T up CP, ' ' y , :-.," ' ,sr ' ' .xi-. , -t rn' If J -A ' . --QA ' - V ' sf- . ' RA-. 4 - I I r - 1 ' I 4 r - 1 4 l 1 4 l r -, or ,,' . C M .. ., 4 - - , . ' ' ..- F . X.: . A Q " L 1 ,. . v B WI' 1.1-4 K D- . ' V I. , " J All V k , H, , I . V4 . , ' s. . '. ,lt A 4 A , . 1 .- K f' 1 ,ff .-. , - A . x . -f , '- 1 '- A w f ' -. V - 'i , w- - ,- 1, ,ev ' J 1 r .1 V A , . ' I , - I . , , . - ' - , t , V , J , , I - t , tt t , , , ' t t , 1 Qlwrwl The maiorettes of AV are being reviewed during practice by Drum Maiorette, Lis- beth Ballard. Left to right: Marilyn McLaurin, Diane Demers, Judy Stout, Janet Dwyer, Nancy Haley, Marilyn Rob- inson, Sue Jordan, Pictured are the many trophies won by AVs band Among hundreds of bands in the All Western Band Review, AV placed tl-ird, , .""-54l!::::. vw nvfl Drum Malorette, Lisbeth Ballard, stands at attention before the Senior Band. Mr Turner practuced hus freshman bond group thus year prepormg them for further performances The group wall succeed the Sensor band so ut vs um portant that they practuce a lot Keep up the good work Mr Turner future bands at A V are sure to wm more awards for us Natuonal School Assemblues has brought us Avltes many aood assemblues thus year Here Mr Roy Duxon makeup artust shows the audnence what can happen to a teacher Mr Most when makeup applned Dtck Murray Dave Wunlnger Gary Good son and Ronnie Puckett look on at the transfor matlon war O fllhv'-'Q-vu Portrauts IH makeup was one of the ossemblses thus year Demonstrated was how to make up a profes sor and o barber shop quartet Shown nn the barber shop quartet are Duck Murray Dave Wmmger Ronnie Puckett and Gary Goodson Improvement or not the makeup artust dud an excellent rob on has cartcotures A Q5GfLL90a We are very proud of our song and yell leaders thus year as they have done very well They helped pull us through our Football and Basketball season Thus year the Student Body elected the song and yell leaders for the whole year Instead of by semester as we have done nn the past The song leaders had new unnforms thus year that were canes They also have therr white unrforms wrth pom poms and canes The yell leaders had red and whrte sknrts with red V neck sweaters The song leaders dud several new routunes thus year that were really terrutuc They dnd Take Me Out To The Ball Game that came out big with the students The yell leaders came out with quute a few new cheers the varuous classes and proved to be very successful Left startlng down Armutta Lewrs Duane Wrllrams Eudean Herring Carol Rake Pot Tullos Bev Wade Cathy Lessmg Carol Arnold Renee Rumble and Ann Dahlutz very becoming. They wore top hats and tails, and carried this year. Many of these new yells were worked with . I y l 45" ff ? f".., A ray of happuness on a cold crusp nught provlded the settmg for Maralyn McLaurun as she rengned over the Home comnng actuvutues Princesses Lucy Bunker and Nancy Haley captured the mood of the occasuon wrth grace and charm At the beglnnung of the game Don Kelthly captann of the football squad presented the queen wlth her royalty and then they were escorted by members of the Cadet Corps to thelr seats In the grandstand where they vnewed the football game with Santa Paula After the game followed a wonderful evennng of danc mg and refreshments The soft llghts set off the musnc of Ralph Rosa s band An excltung moment came before the Homecoming game when Marilyn McLauren was crowned Homecommg queen and klssecl by Don Kuethley Princess Lucy Bunker football team capta n The radiant Homecoming princesses Lucy Bunker and Nancy Haley certatnly added to thus lovely scene on Mays Fleld Pruncess Nancy Haley 1' A x . ll . t t lfftefl . A S M 5 5 lg l . A 4 '4- xx as -Cp ww Reds Blue white and srlver helped brlng In the musty mood of Wlnter Paradise at the 1956 annual Chrustmas Ball Approximately four hundred people attended thus event The Melody Men brought forth an evening of beautlful soft muslc and the swurl of full formals kept everyone un a dreamy mood all through the nnght As the evenrng progressed a llne was formed and the Kung Queen and the attendants proudly walked down the aisle to receive their crowns Leadlng the procession were the attendants Jo Ann Pellnzer and JoBob Beebe then came Amta Barton and Steve Hendrux and follow mg them were the Kung and Queen Frank Plan: and Renee Rumble Wearlng thevr crowns very proudly and wath sparkling eyes they were honored with a dance of therr own There was a warm atmosphere Through out the whole evenmg Everyone who attended the 1956 Christmas Ball had a fabulous and unforgetable tlme Her Malesty Renee Rumble ns crowned by Kung Frank Pram nn o whurl of hoppmess Pnncess Anna Barton 3 75 9-K wc ss oA Pe ze UL GJ U5 , qw I2 f ,I?s :A 3 l ' ' P e J nn Ill r IT Q' ,Q ,QA 4. ,gf-in Q . , . wg. "til -..4 'r - 4 . .N1.T.y l Q n, -VH' ws..5- ,- . I U9 A '1 f ' apnpi' t 0 I fi '51 U 'W J fo 1 Pnncess Margaret Fury r On The evenlng of May 18 1957 The beauTrTul queen of The Junlor Senlor Prom Carol STewarT was crowned ID a lovely oruenTaI paradise Prlncesses MargareT Furry Judy STouT Jackue Crlffleld and Ann DahluTz wuTh The Queen reigned regally ThroughouT The dance AfTer The crowning The Queen and her daTe were honored by a dance of Therr own The resT of The couples soon lonned Them From erghT To Twelve mrdnrghf The Juniors and Sensors danced To The musrc of one of The flnesf bands avaxlable and enloyed aTTendrng The flrsT formal dance held In The new boys clym In a swarl of formals and sofT lughfs The couples enloyed The lasT bug dance of The year The Theme of The Junior Sensor Prom was Sayonara whuch means farewell In Japanese IT was a lovely farewell To The Seniors and one They ll never forgeT .67 LefT Princess Jack e Cnffneld R ghf Pnncess Ann DahllTz Prrncess Judy STouT KL' X.: ' l- . 137 Q a If I at A UIQ. -'QI A! , ,,.- . .. .A s sth-:E . , . 'VU O 0 '9 'R U. 9 . mga QM I of--' 9 , f . .. 'i 4 .. D D W P ,Xp M, gg'-gn Pwmrvss fi AO C Thus year somethrng new has been added to the Yucca and we hope rt meets with your approval The selectnon of the students on thas page was done by students teachers and counselors The selection was done on the basrs of grade aver age and ment grade thenr personallty and also servnce to the school and theur class ln our opunuon these students are very deservlng ot thus honor and we hope you agree wlth us On the next two poges we have another added attractlon called Bug Wheels trom the Senuor Class The chouce of the Bug Wheels was done an the some way that the Outstandung Students were chosen We hope that these two pages wrll partly take the place of the Senior Blue Book We hope to contrnue thus nn the years to come and We thunk ut vvmll be somethnng for every student IH all the classes to work toward OUTSTANDING SENIORS Anxta Barton and Don Keithley have both worked hard durnng the-nr four years at AV and have been an about all of the Student Actuvltles Thelrs IS a 'ob well done ng 'YY' f"77 Speer vv"' OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORES Mary Donlan and Tom Lyle have shown outstandrng servrce to thenr Sophomore class Mary has done a lot an the Grrls League Cobmet dld a wonderful 'ob as 2nd Semester Presrdent and Tom i av- ? ' 'Us P'-r Z ' OUTSTANDING JUNIORS Janet Dwyer and Bob Hayes well earned thus honor Janet was Ist Semester Student Body Treasurer and 2nd Semester Secretary Bob was a great servlce to the Jumor lass as 2nd Semester President noel "'i"iY C pw OUTSTANDING FRESHMEN: Dlane Draper and Steve Harper were c' osen for this honor, Diane held Freshmen class offices, and was a great service to her class, Steve helped pull the Frosh-Sgph Football Team through a terrific season. A 41- 125 53 ,WW 41.--.-7 1' an X ,X .pf ' ,sm x L X awww Q xv' . L 53" 'BEST PERSONALITYH Mary Morris John Bennett X x lf' -sknui lgs. K U -, vlf'.x - 1 A" s fn I, J ., I . fax Y ! X1 1 , f 9 's 2 I ' ' ' , C X 'x XX- 1, ,X jx XL X f xxx X ,xxxx X A X '-"' n xx I v W 'f V., ..RL4mKf' - jx!-' J ,. . D X . K 55,5 ' 7 g x,Nf--ff -,f-- v..f 5 A xAf . . F All 14 4 KJ HJUST BEST' 142 Diono Hefferon Ron Pucke-TT xl +. 1 8 I ,,QjFl WMA gt x Y- ,TP -'W 'Sf' HBEST LOOKING" Jo Pellizer Frank Pian dl: IA ef jf' Q .um U-sus "MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEEDL' 2 YI ""4 Libby Ballard J Carole Healy I yr' , 1 '1 1, 4 s ' Wh Y?" f rf I -L ,, BN 1 'J -W .af Sl' Mf, ?' 5 Qgpcwill --. f 4' I I r g ea Ar, 1 5. 4-I V , ' " .. ' '2 ' 0 0 ' if - ' .. ' . . 'Si ' vit 'Y-if ' 4 Q, 1 V I 4 , s, M XY . v A+ - .. til' M .xx I 1 r A ' Q k f , -W A 4 d 3 A ' f . . - A -I "-' X 'V L ' " WA fy, L ' 'uk . ' qi: Ei w YF ' I 4 - ' 1 J ,, I 3' V ,fl g: ,f 4 , " -4... , , 4 . 4. , 1-1 4 h . ' o -- - MP I Tw, I. D J, M 'W -522-4 ' ' 'W mmf f W QQ- wil" Lb. 1 - if Q 4: I K ' l I 6. - , 4 5 5 x 1 I , QA 1 ' 'A ' fy E ff .fa 5, 9 Q 4 Q ' ' . " . f 5 - I 4' n ' f Zi-A f, ' , ' A in i ' . ,'-" ' gr ' 551 1 1 'i 'T .- A I ' gpg V . if 1 vb v ' , A M . .I If V V x' u N "aw, .. , Q 'ri Of x . ' - , .lg P , S- , ,. I il! It ' . 5 :L NI ' ' K, il 2 ' A V gi , ' ,,-5N, fx' . . A - X ' A? 3 Q ' 4 A 'sry 'P nh v Q qs A ff .- - L1 L' - 7 V . o' .'! ' ,. , ag. "" J ' l ' r'A.s3,..'f -t' -... , "' - ' 2,9 m "'v-""Mf'qqm-e-, , W5 fc 5?iw.?f nr! If 4 1 '30 Q ,:"l g, 'O' 41 H FN' X '53 ' J- ' f '. fff., Q ,AM - ',' A 4 "XR 'G ', egg 3, M 4- - - :Q , V 1 '- if if-6 " , if 02 , ...V V V44 ' Y Q lx My , f 1-44 'F ' ff' I e i 1, f 'Q ' -S4 1 - mfg' Nix 1 r'-s. . . .A ' A x' 'vans Coach Lou Shoema ker 1- I' Coach George Nelmark f" l Mr Helgeson IH has Three years aT AV has coached a champuonshup foofball Team and has seT a good example for AV coaches ID The fu ture Coach Lou Shoemaker IS fun ushlng Two very successful years aT AV As assrsfant fooTball coach of The VarslTy Team he did an excel lenT 'ob of coachlng The Anfelopes ln hls flrsT year af AV Coach Kel logg has esTablnshed a fine record for The Varslfy baskeTball Team wlTh hrs excepTlonal coachxng experience Coach Donald Kellogg hsffzfl P Coach Henry Muller ' Lrr va, 4 , Durang has two years at AV Henry Muller has made an all out effort encouraging s u dents to partlclpate nn Scholastlc as we as Intramural sports For two years Jack Kalser has coached at AV Hrs fnrst year at AV saw htm coaching a track team t at wull long be remembered In has long stay at AV Coach George Nelmark has put out every effort un helpnng the school mcuntarn the henght rn athletics that It has reached today Coach Bockman has done an excel lent 'ob of coaching on the AV playung fnelds and hrs encouragement has been In splrmg to all Lloyd Helgeson Athletlc Director 1:40 'YV ,--s htm' Coach Jack Kaiser Coach Jerry Murnane AV T2 Ron A ery T Clayton Boggett Mgr Bob Barth E FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Cathedral San Bernarduno Jefferson Westchester Ventura El Rancho Lcus Vegasl Oxnard lLeague Funalsl Burbank lQuarter Funals Prelumunaruesl Mt Carmel lClF Quarter Funalsl Downey lClF Semu Funalsl Total pounts scored AV 209 Opponents ll-4 52 Qluubmu 66125011 The T956 Antelopes frnushed theur season wuth one of the best records un Scholastuc football un South ern Calufornua Theur superb playung wull long be remembered by the students and alumnu of the hugh school In theur furst game wuth Cathedral the Antelopes almost ended up on the short side when they fought the Phantoms to a I3 l3 tue Charlue Spencer tallied both TD s for the Antelopes on smashung off tackle plays The followung week the grud squad traveled to San Bernarduno to gaun theur furst wun over the Cardunals by a score of 7 O The Antelopes were held to only one score because of numerous penaltues ln theur next game wuth Jefferson Hugh School of Los Angeles they waxed the Democrats wuth a score of 28 T9 AV clomunated the yardage on ground throughout the enture game Wuth spurtts hugh and a wull to wun the Antelopes trounced theur next vuctum Westchester wuth a lop suded score of 39 7 Charlue Spencer a three tume All Ventura Leaguer talued half of AVs pounts ln the furst league game the Antelopes chased Ven tura home wuth a score of l37 QB Frank Puanl sneaked over from the two yard lune to cunch the game Kenh Cgble FB Charles Chaney T Lewus Clements G 1 v BN 14 Vx xt X. l AV T3 ....,............ T3 H Q H' ' U I ' - AV 7 ................. ' o - y AV 28 ................. lf? . AV 39 .......,......... 7 - -' I - I AV T3 ................. 7 ' , AV 27 ................. 6 ' - '. ' . ' AV 32 .....,........... I2 ' AV 25 ...........,..... Santa Paula O ' l , AV 26 ................. 2l .l AV T4 ..........,....,. . 13 ' ' ' 0 46 " .A ' ' ' If 5 , xx. ka VA in x sr . fv- 4'-"" A 9? Bob Donlon E lm EC'flY G Denns Eknmoto FB The squad contlnued theur wnn streak by downlng the El Rancho Rams of Las Vegas 27 7 The Ante lopes defense proved to be too much for the Rams who were prevnously undefeated The Antelopes traveled to Oxnard nn a crucnal grad duel that would declde the League Champlonshnp Oxnard s supposedly strong team wasnt strong enough as the Antelopes swamped them 33 T2 After the fmal gun ended the next game wlth Santa Paula the Antelopes became the fnrst Ventura The Varsity rolled over the Cardinals 25 O The next game saw the Antelopes golng unto CIF playing agamst the Burbank Bulldogs Burbanks famed passlng offense almost proved to be the undoing of the Antelopes The locals rallred In the fnnal perlod endnng the game wuth a score of 27 21 Determuned to make the Sem: funals the team scored a smashing upset victory over the previously undefeated Catholrc League Champs the Mt Carmel Crusaders The Antelopes playnng agaunst the bug gest lxne nn Calufornna domnnated the game from beglnnlng to end The Antelopes fell before the onslaught of Downey Hugh School alnas Randy Meadows and Company AV s only two tallles came In the fmal quarter when Charlie Spencer went over from the 3 yard llne and Plan: connected wuth Donlon on a 55 yard pass play m Fessenden C Gary Goodson C Ben Hayes E C J f . ff -f League champions from Antelope Valley in I9 years. .ll , , A Steve Howard Don Keithley Capt Gul McElroy Fred Morton "- lf' auf' I' DICk MUFVGY Duck Pengrlley Frank Prom Ron Puckett Gal Que-:po John Rorlnff I Rr l Bob Rudesull gf 'v' 1 Dome Srrm Dove Solomon Bull Stoner Chuck Svory Bob Tommy Ted Uyedc Ronme Wneeler Dove Wlmnger AV Wesrcrresrer grld wossle The Anfelopes scored c smoshmg vrcrory l0'fY YlVlQl'nQ by commg our on top 39 6 Cl'lOVl'9 SDGVWCCV Jrm Eorley prepares ro lower the boom on fl Comer player durrrmg "G LUL fe ,pi-22' nr, " ,www aw , x nf' T J- "" RMT X up -JN, R v-,Jai AVS Chorlre Spencer breaks away for a Touchdown durrng Ron Pogkeff ond Chuck Story lower the boom on o Wesf the Downey grrd meer The Antelopes suffered therr frrst Qhesrer player whrle Duck Murray ond Ted Uyedo close defeat of the season rn the CIF Serno Fsnal Game to offer rherr elp Ron Puckett prepares Yo throw o low lorrrn rockle on Jefferson HaYfback Joe Boron Thus was The only one of the many games rn whrcn The Anfelopes showed Tinerr superromy on defense as well os offens The squad frnrsmshed Ilne season H1 a 9 1 I reco d 2.5" I, 'gg 1 W, y ' Q .- if 4 4 1 V0 65 . W s . Q0 s 1 'l' . ,W . -ini: ', .:,:,.' fe, . - -.- - -. . .,,. l"k"T"4 - -'xt' ' ,fl ' .v Q , r . ' . A pf' - " N 4, . ' If . at Q ..- '.',, 5 pu ,J , , - t A , I+.- . M wsu T T- T T -,, 1 .. N 1, W. , T , s rf L 5 N , . Q , T T - A - ' 4 ru ay. A K -,,L T , V '- Q T , A , 2, A W A sf 5 W. . , ,sax y A.. T T T - T T ,Q-sf f+fQ-- s.,gT n - T . . .V ' .. , V - I -5' V-2 lvr ssf,-' T X J.. -K .4 . , Mx' ,-5? 3 'TY' , 4 CAL .1 , U A 1. 5.3 ,stftf iff, T , Ng? 9,15 T f. VF' "'1- . .s , - , , , , in ' ' ' e. , ' wi - - r. l X gi Don Kelrlvley eludes Q Vrkmg Ployer ln the ClF Sem Farm' game on Mays Fleld Downey frnpped the Amelopes for 4612 ' ,V 5..k .aI .Q f.-' YLLQM r ,,o. x f ' 'QFQ , nn ""' fhgxa , so LL1 A elooe Valley rrlomplws gum' Team Copfom Con Kellvley l mr wecge ploy durmg the Jefferson :mme from wl P lr nrelopes emerge! vm orxously 28 lf? Tlws was 'he An elope mrm srolgr rw wc encer vvms l ln 1 r qu Antelope Valleys devos crng forward W II nn och n Antelope lme ployed brlllxonr defensive ball rhrougkcm the grld season 5'3" -J Y 5 ' H, .. K , 5 .-5 ' LZ' ' '- ' 1 in' 'Z'-" all nigga'-Qr'!tJ's' A 'F '-"K -Y nw f .CWQZQIJSQQQ fl W Nl! y ly , Qff'1'Q't ' , Q Q ,aid N, 1s'i4 71s N JV FOOTBALL: Row l, left to right: Fetridge, King, Idleman, Siegrum, Naiarian, McGaughney, Molacek, Gaechter, Olsen, Davis, Estes, Gerard, McBride. Row 2: Kammerer, Blanchard, Carder, Engemann, Marvin, Solomon, Long, Naiarian, Beeson, Van Alstyne, Matthewson. Row 3: Dooley, Stienhart, Farquhe, Walker, Hayes, Fischer, See, LaFerage, Pulos, Jones. Wi-10's go, the boil? Even ,he ,eferee Seems mystified during Gary Olsen goes down fighting under the onrush ofa Fillmore a recent JV grid fest on the local field. The Junior 'Lopes P'GYe' in C' League grld Comes' on MGYJS Field' The 'lvis managed To pull out of mei, bog of ,Vicks on almost Un- lost their last grid meet with San Bernardino by a small defeated season. margin of points. ,Z gmrsdwriimawm The Frosh-Soph team is made up of many boys who hope to eventually work up to the Varsity team in the next couple of years. The boys learned a lot of grid tactics from Coach Jerry Murnane, who was the lightest varsity football Miller. -Give a big hand to these boys who will be the varsity team in the next few years. player throughout 1951-52, and Coach Henry J JL.. .tg H - . 1 1. A ' "k - A . l Q Og xxx' XX , V- 'rx 1 A . - Q... .4 Ns.. -. - Front row: Kenison, Cole, Hess, Sharp, Dun, Chavey, Mason, McPhail, Davis, Fate, Thompson, Moore, Wynn. Second Row: Coach Murnane, Avrill, Humes, Andrew Anchrum, Olsen, Butcher, Sakoguchi, Barns, Jones, O'Brien. Third row: Vosburgh, Darr, Bronstein, McKibbon, Harper, Willie, Taylor, Miller, Holton, Pinching, Coach Miller. Fourth row: Clark, Howell, Barker, Titman, Pilmanis, Kime, Beard, Cunningham, O'Toole. How to break away from the opposition is one of the many tactics learned by the boys. Conditioning for hard tackles like this is very important. 'fi A L ,,. L X Y' ---es -471' M' l l .M L.- 'ny P R. 0-- 9 in N Dome Simi Earl Grlffm James Brown Duck Huntley fc Gil Mcglfoy Ffonk Picni N g3a2sZEI1mQQ Bob Donlon Bob Barth Ron Puckett B Il Hu ks D ck Murray Lorrol Healy 3'1" Cccdson -X g , Y K X, - M- 4-x N.- ,CT I tl Left to right: Coach Lou Shoemaker, Arthur Maiors, Steve Marvin, Ekimoto, Ed Page, Bob Hayes. azskbllfmw f Rudy O'Toole, Dave Greco, Perry Pulos, Bill Burgess, Mike Kammer, Dennis Dennis Ekimoto, Outstanding JV Basketball Player. AV Junior Varsity wins over the Hart Indians on the opponents' court in a crucial league contest. Bob Hayes, Outstanding JV Basketball Player, , d J ldl Ronn Stifonancia, Art Ramos, Halgar Borgs. Standing, left BEE BASKETBALL: Front Row, left to right: Paul Clork, John Penro , im eman, y to right: Jock See, John Bowker, Bob Holton, George Barker, Doug Mcxcoleb, Tom Lile, Mr. Miller. Absent are Mike Mills ond Doug Sutton. lil li 7 I 2.. 2 ICQ 1 N Y FUTURE VARSITY STARS Kneeling John Bowker Front Row Jack See Second Row Jnm ldleman John Penrod Doug Macaleb Back Row Bob Holton George Barker Coach Mr Henry Muller Outstandung player Jock See ' A- f' X nh I 41 , ' X z lf ' ' . M- , I -nv X .X A . 'I -f , fi . J , ', 1 I I Sv ill FEW Qlplf Z lu' a l l 1 l '5 ll .ILT J nga' t QQYLOGZ :Ag ,. Pla A 11 gh ug, YT? Emir . "' T ' . sw-": ,, , h ig., A ' 5 7' -B VARSITY TRACK TEAM: Row 1, left to right: Riley, Ekimoto, Reid, Riley, Hotton, Jones. Row 2, left to right: Boucher, Huntley, Hendrix, Howard, Barth, Story, Nariarian. Row 3, left to right: Engerman, Burgess, Healey, Boswell, Soloman, Simi, Tommy, Greene, Wininger, Atkinson, Milton, Dooley, Stinert, and Jack Kaiser lcoachl. Row 5, left to right: Pickus, Hayes, Griffen, Avery, Thomas, Sylvies, Jennings. 'B" TRACK: Row l, lett to right: Olson, Gaeckter, Barett, Jackson. Row 2, left to ight: Kurth, Terry Vashbourgh, Howell, -Sylvis, Dorr, Quiepo, Cable, Russell, Row 3, left to right: Gerard, Vensel, Stefon cich, Wilson, Louis, Radke, Fisher, Wadkins, Molocek French, Hayes, Troncale, Long, Rudisell, Howell Smith, Jones. -.,.,. H I "4' X C TRACK: Row I, left to right: Kessingham, Jetter Olson, Burger, Sharp, Rychebosh, Hayes, B. Stewart Row 2, left to right: Bob Stewart, Laferty, Stout Oden, Van Doren, Hill, Kennison, Elliot, Pickett Clark, Miller, Bggwelll am in, ggnmaidiei, Left to Right, Row I, L. Romero, K. Metcolf, Steel, Richards, Mills, Stoner, K. Upsh-Jw, D. Bcinto. Row 2, Coach Murrione, Curton, Welch, Tomilovvitz, Fairfield, Butler, M Upstiow, Bennett, Hodges, Buckner, Mcrsholl, Dowdy, Maddox. Left-Ken Metcolf does 'fly owoy dismount' from rings in meet with Sun Gabriel. Right-Bob Fairfield competes on Side Horse. ni- lef'-Joiwn Bennet' shows excellgm form on lon 'Ofse voultng 5" 'Ecu ':f"lcvv'z i ' f new s:'ooi re rd tape cl nfb, ? t Q t S VN M9 F N Z 5. Q Brent Ccrder Donny Dovis Bob Donlon Mike Edele Jim Early Billy Hicks Jim Johnson Clifford Jordon f 1 i 5 . ,f ,x ...-.+-11 91:11, 5 4 "" ' x ff r f: A f xf4'l, 1 . If M4 V H X f 1 I f , Q 5 l I ,- E .f Y i Don Keithley v n ' 4 ,iii . Q EJ? i X. Je"Y MCGUUQVW Tom NGiOTiGl'1 Lawyer Newton Bill Rhrme Don Robinson Bobby Smith Henry Strawberry ri! if ' v LQQIQQQQ With spirits high and a will to win, the Antelopes fin- ished their 1957 season with an excellent record. Each player contributed their utmost for the good of the team on the playing field as well as off. While participating in the game, they showed sports- manship which cannot be equalled by many schools and which our student body can be proud of. The Antelopes have set an example for teams in the years to come. If future teams can live up to the standards set by our 1957 squad, they will certainly go a long way. l 5 ""'Z l l I . I ' y N x ' 05. ' l sf Manager Jerry Hoosier Fred Thomas Terry Wood Lefv Larry Ylnglrng, Rign' Ron Wor en ,- All T5-Zo . ffllrr 1 A W1 Coach Lou Shoemaker milf Bill Hicks received a 24 inch trophy for the "Most Outstanding Basketball Player of l957." He was a great help to the team all through basketball sea- son. He should be very proud of this wonderful achievement. During one of their many basketball games we see Carroll Healy trying to raise the score, while Dick Murray and the opponents vie for rebound. uv-a-. hs-:- .411 I A near photo finish between Olson and Barrett during a recent track meet which pitted the Antelope speedsters against the Fillmore Flashes and the Hart Indians The local cm dermen came out on top by a wide margin in all three classes Up and over' Pictured is Jim Blanchard sailing over 5 6 during a practice session on May's Field The field event men turned out to be one of the main powers of the track team this year Jim stop height is 5'lO' this year ani! L I I 1 I I I I Safe! Team captain Don Keithley slides in to score during practice drills on the Baseball diamond, sixth and seventh periods. Up to the time the Yucca went to press, the diamond men had won four and lost one. -vogvf 9 'SX Head of P.E. Depf. Mrs. Kohr Gym Teacher Miss Baird Gym Teacher Miss Keffcringham Gym Teacher Miss Doggeff Gym Teacher Miss Richardson glib awp The school year began with a great variety of sports offered to the classes. The Seniors began the year with tennis while the other three classes participated in swim- ming and football. During the year volleyball, speedball, hockey, badminton, archery, folk dancing and modern dancing are part of the program. ln the spring the Juniors and Seniors put on a modern dance program for their mothers. Planning this year's activities was Mrs. Evelyn Kohr, head of the girls' P.E. department, with the able assist- ance of Miss Gladys Baird, Miss Gloria Ketteringham, and two new teachers, Miss Janice Doggett and Miss Helen Richardson. Every girl earns points towards GAA during the year by being on winning teams, all-star teams, and team captains. lt is necessary to earn 70 points to be in GAA. Pickle sales, bake sales, playdays, selling at games, and working on committees are ways of earning extra points. To be eligible for membership in Big A, 300 points must be earned. This year's Big A president is Bobbie Metz. Anita Barton is GAA president. First row, left to right: Toni Benson, Pat Reed, Anna Watts, Cathy Lessing, Joan Tomicich, Gloria Clark. Back row: Sandra Richards, Anna Dell White, Nadine Reyes, Susie Weir, Lenora Simmons, Joyce Godde, Mary Morris, Diane Hefferon, and Anita Barton, standing. u"'g. Y 'Q If Girls' Physical Education teachers, M155 Doggett, Mrs. Kohr, Miss Ketteringham, and Miss Richardson plan a day's activity for their P.E. classes l-Q, Q,K'. l7l BIG A MEMBERS: Row l: Bobbi Metz, Gail Sexton, Drana Hefferon, Anno Watts, Roberta Rudesill, Dawn Cook. Row Q: Annette VanDusen, Glona Clark, Mtllte Cabarga, vc.,n f-vnolfl F' trttvs Sstvopsl ve, Nlts Evelyn Kohl' Lictrlvrxrft Mrxiffonftltl. Pow 3: An tr: Burton tr, Movrts Delwlw Q Kfttz M es Jctner-t Dorgaeft w Benson, Jean Hanstclfrzr, Be"y Balfm A I Row, left to rtghtg J. Amlclc, E. Blake, J. Blondtn, S. Hewltt, M. Robinson, L. Truitt, F. Lane, H. Jones, D. Lovie, C. Bellrngton, C. Ayers, C. Arnold, J. Kelly, N, Holey, M. McLaurnn, L. Turton, R, Johnson, J. Turner, C. Stewart Row 2, left to right: S. White, J. Lockhart, S Rtcharcl, L. Bunker, E, Darrigan, E. Rttter, J. Welburn, S. Bennett, P. Johnson, R. Rumble, J, Westover, L. Walker, J. Vaughn, W. Kassen, Mlss Rchardson, Sponsor, Keftertngham, Adytsor, Pow 3 left to rtght. L. Deaton, E. Wright, C. Jen- nngs, J. Mer rnan, P. Horrls, D. Carter, B. Ideal, L Lawer, C Honey, G. Chavez, P, Brewton, S. Leonard. Pow A, left to rtght: M. Farmer, G. Denny, S. Thomas, J, l?no'on. S Smith, M. Morris, L. Neely, K l-lteber'. L Ballard, R Vlvllts Pow 5, let' tc rgf' C Pendergral' D. Katz B MacDonald, P. l-Udeg 'l L Si' efer F. Shrcos' re A, White J Erie, J Eslef 'f Grffn, Pow 6 lef' to nah" C7 't W rn D Beale A Vf1nDos-an 'T Clarl B Me'z C 'col V' fflle' C' Seron D Hetferon S Kelley, f .cwtlt-, D '12SNor'h C YUH-l+ Row 1, left to right. Tullos, Stanclley, Miller Shipley, Cpdycke, Davis, Connell, Sieck, Hun- sclfer, Cassingnarn, Dwyer, Dalrl'z, Lessing Stout, Pcli, McConnell. Row 21 PriUay,JL1Cl4SOr't, Cvoodricli, Lrguedas, Teillre, Sanford, Perkins Rotli, Tenslelcl, Tanner, Boedel, Buvzlne, Mead, Miller, Harsh Row 3. Nicholson, Stumbaugli, Bickrnore, Gsebort, Morder, Draper, Kidd, Tate, Raplee, Niven, Benson, lweux. Pow -4: Scnwake, Baker, Jenks, Cunning Carnes Reed, Stickles, 5 Skinner, Thompson man, Sfigray, Acluum, Mead, Nelson, Pow 6 Zofelt, lm-e Matlrews B Watts Povlioff, Dan- Herring, Dipre, Lewis, lwam, Pie'te, Coffman, Powell, Masters, Row Williams, Holt, Aclrerr Wallis, Ogle, Godde, Wilson, Mullet Harper on, Droste, Gordon. G A - :A N, 4: Row l, left to ignt: Niven, Bee, Boker Delewth, Rake, Purcell, Modrell, Lumley Jones, Hostler, Gulbranson, Morsefield Cox, Brown, Donlan, Wade, Bitliell, Buck- ner- ROW 21 Bertneloi, Morris, Cole Aspey, Baker, Klingerrnon, Wlwolaver Nmholos, Mcgowgn, Rupp, Ballard, Wolf Jordon, Weer, Ragsdall. Row 3: Greenlee Wisken Junus, Bitterrnann Morton, Coclw rane, Mulligan, Hair, Rlfoads, McCleary Doee, Donaldson, Cox, Row 4' Demers Wnger, Gotierrz, Jenne, Ward, De Freest, Beyer, Lu'z, Zenasky, Benson, Brd, An derson, Budd. Pow 5: Ratz Prevedello. Joyce Goode, Susie Weir, Anna Watts Miss Richardson, Anita Barton, Miss Ket teringliam, Diane Hefferon Mary Morrrs Toni Benson. 0 U One of the many various and popular sports in which the girls of the Physical Education Department participate is Tennis. Tennis, being the favorite sport of many, keeps the players on their toes every minute and constitutes fine exercise and sportsmanship. Golf, as we know, is a Nationwide favorite sport of thou- sands. Here we see some of the girls of the P.E. Department practicing the techniques of golf. Many girls at A.V. find golf to be a very interesting sport. -L ,s. '..' Q-1, 4. .. T ,4--"4 Anyone who cares for a fast sport will like -hockey. Field Hockey is a popular sport here at A.V. Although Field Hockey is played on foot, it provides much excitement. Here we see iust a few of the enthusiasts of this favorite sport of many. T., I These Freshmen girls find Basketball to be a very fine game. EGCl1 Class period held a tournament in which approximately six teams in each period class competed. Every girl partici- pated in helping keep up the fine sportsmanship and good teamwork. -1- Yriese four g rls rave 3 common interest i Arcnery. Ntr trteir equipment ready tney are about to present their best in 'arget sltooting Arcltery s 'us' one of 'ne many fine sports presented at A Viara N'-ef at as oertecvon, requires muzl' sk ll, l l I Y X ff -7, i, rm., , , The girls pay close attentron to Miss Doggett as she explains the techniques of a new movement wnicn will be used later on in darifes. In order to have balance and smoo'lt coordina- tion the girls in Modern Dance must do various types ot difficult exercises. , . f i . W i ybfufnff . f-L my Here in Modern Dance we see tlte last minute brush-up of ci dance about to be presented by a group of Junior and Senior girls Tn s dance is iust one of the many dances that tlte girls make up themselves from their moods. yy y li ' R' X . VL ytlf 7 i i ' i UC' i ri .Af lxfxx ' - 3 3- I ,I Z1 iriig rsyurn ball goes " gr o,er tlte net as tltese g rls keep tire ' DO mtg roll 'xg UD 'e glwer and r- grer 'or 'Hell' OWU teiifn. inere . -,rg mgn, Vale, Ball games neld cu' on 'ne cOur's trrougnou' 7, '-we yea'--and tfe, are full cf excfemen' lt ., . .K I S 5 I i " I 3 u .. up - So' '-a 6 The Girls' Athletic Association, lGAAl is an organization that provides all the girls of Antelope Valley High School with fun and enioyment throughout the year. Here, President Anita Barton talks over the arrangements for the coming events. When a Play Day is scheduled at another school the girls are transported by bus, On their arrival, there begins a day of enioyable sports and of meeting new triends. 5 GIRLS A-mm: Here are some of the freshmen and sophomore girls apparently enioying the folk dancing taught in their physical education classes during the second term this year. The folk dances are mostly American but they have learned some of the foreign ones There are approximately sixty freshmen and sophomores in each gym class, so the instructors probably had their hands full, but most of the girls learned the dances well, gmlm Speed-away was one of the many popular games that the freshmen and sophomore girls enjoyed learning and playing this year. Here we see a few of the girls who seem to like being under the in- struction of Miss Baird and Miss Ketteringham and learning new parts of play and sportsmanship. g kmanin COMING events n .-451 Miss Jan Doggett, girls' physical education in- structor, is calling roll in one of her PE classes. After roll is called the class will go into their daily routine of activities, like baseball and many other sports. The daily uniform is blue shorts, ired shorts for GAAI white blouse, socks and tennis shoes. Every year the Juniors and Seniors take a se- mester of modern dance. During the month of May, the better dancers have the opportunity of performing in the Mothers Tea program. These girls are picked by the dance instructors for their gracefulness and their ability to per- form various dances. This year, for the first time, the girls were able to purchase Leotards of black iersey knit. if' 717 WWW W vvvvvtvvvvvv vvvvv ERN on -' +0 is X ,.., 7 - 1 4 I i ..1,.,,...,, f", I x, ,f L V .-.h . ,iv Among the sports the Juniors participated in this year, was Badminton. lnterclass competi- tion was governed by the "ladder" method. Each girl drew a number, which she and her partner started from on the ladder. They were able to go higher or lower on the ladder, ac- cording to how many games they wor' or lost. The highest couple on the ladder won the championship in the class. T77 Uris A very important factor in publishing a yearbook is that part of the book in which the Ads are featured. The support of these many different merchants here in Antelope Valley determine the size and quality of our yearbook. Early in the school year, members of the Yucca staff went to many different businessmen in the towns of Lancaster and Palmdale and obtained ads. Later on, during the month of March, the entire staff and other students of A.V. boarded one of our own school buses and proceeded again to these two towns. This time it was to take pictures. Jim Trehearne of King Photography worked side by side with the students of A.V. and the Yucca advisor, Mr. Ralph D. Nybakken in capturing the true perspective of each business establishment. The friendly cooperation of these merchants concerned helped tremendously on this large iob and indeed reflects the fine ethics of these people. We extend our thanks to each and every one of those merchants who helped support the Yucca. "The Yucca Staff" Are you wondering where to buy your next rug, floor tile, or linoleum? If you want fine quality, durable, and beautiful floor covering, get your floor covering from AVENS FLOOR COVERING at 45151 N. Sierra Hwy, Anita Forde knows that AVENS fine quality and reasonably priced merchandise has satisfied thousands of customers, Admiring some of the apparel in MILDREDS TINY TOT SHOP, located in Lancaster a 626 W. Lancaster Blvd., are Loretta Truitt and Anita Barton, MILDREDS carries the finest merchandise for every small childs 'Cs X Earlene Illian and Barbara MacDon- ald will verify the fact that TOPPS SHOE STORE, 649 W. Lancaster Blvd., has many different styles of shoes, slippers, and boots - and they specialize in childrens shoes. Low prices for their fine quality, high fashion foot apparel makes it easy to shop at TOPPS. needs, and they re priced right. JOHN W. BUTLER, distributor of SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATIONS AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS, guaran- tees the finest in all fields of agri, cultural products. Steve Hendrix and Dick Murray know that when in need of any product in this line the first place to go is to JOHN W. BUTLER. Keith Cable gets an eye view into the inside of this Eye Trainer. DR. ROBERT E. FLEMING, OPTOMETRIST, located at 664 W. Lancaster Blvd, does fine work in his specialized field of training as an eye cloctor and his fees are reasonable. 'Y-.. 5 DBC YQ F P N Z MP As editor ofthe Yucca, I would like to extend my thanks to those of the Yucca staff. With- out our sponsors, this book could never have been printed. We can't thank all ot you rl 11,9 9 JM D l tail it JB'S DESERT PHARMACY, located at 124 Avenue J in the Desert Fair shopping center, is the place to go for quality drugs, cosmetics and other supplies. Carolyn Arnold en- ioys the friendly service given at this drugstore. i ' Y Dick Dalrymple store supplies enough for helping us with the publishing of this, our 1957 Yucca. knows that the best in drug- can be found at CARL S DRUGS 516 W. Lancaster Blvd. Take Dick's advice and stop here the next time you are Higgwftg. ,- downtown. For friendly service, good quality gasoline and other auto supplies, Ann Dahlitz will always recommend FRANK LUDICKES CHEVRON station at 45105 Sierra Highway. Drive in lst' if you want the best for your carl Are you looking tor the greatest place in Lancaster to take your date to dinner? Millie Carbarga and Linda Turton will always advise you to goto ALECKS, 44715 Sierra High- way, for the best in food and service. Jule Bishop Yucca Editor Are you in need ot pipe or other plumbing supplies? Renee Rumble and Charlotte Haney know the best in quality equipment will be found at A.V. PLUMBING SUPPLY, 45358 Sierra Highway in Lancaster. .,, A Pty. a ,Z .-I ,Y-'D , - oo ,- We -M 47174 wwf. Q57 v Au a-K, rv Q J Here Marilyn Robinson tries on a pair of glasses to best suit her de- sires and needs. For the finest in glasses and courteous service be sure you go to DR. PETER H. POLLAK, 44918 N. 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For your next car go to MILL MOTORS, 44809 Sierra Highway, Lancaster, where you can get a 1957 Studebaker. Mike Price and Bob Fairfield are looking over their latest styles in Studebakers. ,af Have you always wanted to own and play an accordion, piano, or organ? WILLIAM SKEEN, located at 44927 N. Date, will teach you to play and he also carries a fine stock of these instruments for sale purposes, as Barbara MacDon- ald and Bob Fairfield can tell you. .4-4 Marilyn Robinson and Pat Cunningham are examining the beautiful glassware and china at ENGLUND'S electrical ap- pliances and furniture store. Located at 44928 N. Beech, Englunds offers you quality furnishings for your home. l A Lxcxxybjx, ll? MAN 1 t will i ol All Y ill f is vqjl .rl , . ,K . l J L W - 1-1 . W , W , r ' 1 . 'EU i. , - i I E -W 1 . l ,fi l Q 1. r I ' .N , 3 , N Nl 7 x x r ,XP r V li X-Xl T ffzlky will C Q27 Qc XF' , at ln A V U K lmd lx C- X ls your car running as good as it should? Bob Fairfield will always recommend LEE'S TUNEUP, 3ll W. Nugent Ave., to make your car run as good as new. Be sure and bring it in! . ll 50 il JA k LV as A .f V XJ lhxmyy J' X . AX I l -X A ' ll 'L W A fl R Are you looking for a fine place to take KINGSLEY GLASS, located at 44614 N. Are you just dying for a good malt, sun- your family to dinner? We recommend Sierra Hwy., supplies Lancaster with dae or maybe an ice cream? OWEN'S the FRENCH CAFE, located at 44833 N. glass for every purpose. Here they are CAFE, 44849 N. Sierra is the place to go Sierra Hwy. They always offer fine food doing a fine iob installing glass in a for good food and drinks. and service. 6 5' fx- -ff building downtown. i l l l l For your best buys in shoes go to KARL'S SHOE STORE, 628 Lancaster Blvd. Ethel Budd is shown trying on a pair of shoes with Ronnie Hassard looking on. K . X i I I X fl Xl fit P V -iff Qy ilivyfygill vgpjfw f X. flriiligfi Are you planning on a garden this year, or do you have poultry and live- stock to feed? For all your supplies Bob Fairfield and Barbara MacDonald say to go to DICK BOND'S FEED 84 SUPPLY, 44957 N. Yucca Ave. RAL SHEE You'll always find friendly and cour- teous service at A.V. HEATING 8. AIR CONDITIONING, 38476 6th St,, Palm- dale. Just ask Mike Price and Bob Tom- iloweitz. Madeline Furry tries on a cute pair of capri's and striped iacket at VEVA MARlE'S, 507 W. Lancaster Blvd. For all your clothing needs you can depend on this store. I 'vp rifles Q agi- There is no longer need to drive all the way to Lancaster just to fill a prescription. Quartz Hill now has a new drug store. It's WILLIAMS DRUG STORE, on the corner of Ave. M and 50th St. If your car isn't running, no need to go see Pete Moore at the QUARTZ HILL SERVE YOURSELF, located in Quartz Hill at 44025 50th Street. wi M fl elif Ola If-f f I ff"M'f3wlW,9 fl! n LIILWMQWLV f I If M77 J ' my fi I U fffjjij wfjgrlf I ,L Mini 34 , if ,Sl Q A ,f M iiii U ia ,.IfL4Lfli jffbllz fgafvwmffwv aMlf'f'Lff4ffltf I ff CWM into A U M ft mv J I wiillp 4 I ' r I fl A, , , , W flak I J Jie-jak MLJLQ ,Mk ,www Zflffwaluj IZ 5' ll-fy, fzwof youu llx fi? gf l LXR ,wig glitz, X g ,gr-A gx V' ' -Li I , ,., Y ,Z - X ff f K ,,f ?J fy 'ff f f fave 4. 27 XH+J1fof ff ,f ff C Cfffb 2 Z , , f V 1 fjaf Q 7 Q -"L of X10 1 'X , , 7 ff "I ' nl V , ,122 - C, 'P' ,L L ' Helping mdoleg progress 5025415 been Jo Morrone X' .1 f 7 with 's Reol Es co C QHf jenny vfgfcfug, AK Qc M, 4945212 . For ofxivi se ection of Homes, Ronches, Acreoge ond lots K!! A7 mAmeil?evfYO,Zg,gU i"k2i2?FMind,1be beSf0FzdlH11eS9sN9+-if - 'TTKJ , of 7 Ojai-' T . r. McLFZne's'folooohfer Sonfo Q - . ' K ' N ' fcfd ffff M r ne con Tell you of the mon I ol b y on -Q orgolns ovonloble. here off? i in The Volle . For beffer h in buildin co' ul The Y ne A X "f h h -A wj 7 Y 'ff 5 Q5 ,f As ZXQTUQO o p ond"Tn"fehooghg the best of propegg ond finest ,f consfrucfi eeCJomegXMo vs v- y F . Q-,NIJ x R s P9 x ,- n Ji i . '0 ff' f fx ,f 1 5,?f1-ae-J AQ X if J it JC Q16 Wm ale? fi? 6 ,QAL fLu-49 6,2-'K ACREAGE fel! "9 L0 4 AL X514 A550 QR P elf H 385 .a.'1'..!Is X4 L ,w"""' Mania si- 1' AJP' Av xvif My I A T E 1 80501555 A ' H INCOME ff!! ffl i'1T'Tl'3'l ,Lui A i""""', hi,-,,,,,u m J A-,J its 'Ja' S5'AqJ n - 5. .- 'V' 1 3 .ff f ! H , X 5 I J - -f - 5 5 I . ' M, N f ,. 5 . - Qs. . 1 67? 'L . " ' -V I ,W . I Q A k . - ,- , - V , V In 1 " E 1. Y 1 ,- - f s 4, e- y . . vb in ' V 1 , ,s . A, , , , ,,W, .4 my Q I I ., - 1 ' 1 V .w- Q . 5 L 'I , va ,-M.. ' ,F Q 1,7 ' 2 f , - b S- ' 'sho it ff f L. X I I l - Z1 ,. 4 , Q s ' ? ...Z , W 4- 1 , .Z . , K if , it gr 1-s . f , ' f P KX - A l X, I7 hh A , 1 . ff' , f , , .' A - rr, f "" Y xi' . A ' M! f fx' N V 'nun -' Alf . ,..,......,, ,-A, . 4 ,. , , M b - -v -,,..... " , .. A .z , , ' , S. "' ,f Y ' ' Lv fgf' ' , "'! 'i A, X f I ' 1 W Y Y 2- V. ' 1 ,ff " 2 'M ' . . .. . f , , . - X 1 , ' A , rf, W ' , -. '-0 Q , V H. Q K J "" v li Q l A V - - if F . f , '5 . ' X A. . 43 - , - .-. N' I E I , ,. ., MTW.. V F Y ,Q X Q ' A K . ' .per , W is f- f N - - - L 2 ,T , V L ' A A I A V I., ,l AQ., ft, tif V' 4 1 ,,. A . 1 4 , , , 4 , 1 -, s ' . , f - ' I W, ', , ,, - P ' 4 , ' , r 41 M SY M 5 1 nw- MNA .mn , 3 6 l ' ' . V3 -'V' V 0-0 ' " J' ' Q ' 5 , I' 0 ,s , ,. In 'AFM W- LA. K . W I Jw . t ' ,,. J' I ., Ali- l , h , . " 'f' ,:"'1" f' I Q , 4 f 4' A - Q - , AL-5 1 Q . A 7,1 I .Q i ' ' . D .A , ..a1' Q ,WA ' 1' d '- ' .fili 0 " - , 1 H . . , 9 'L s 5' 'f '- Q" 'Ms V A .. v- T gj 'h 4' n 1:4 -e ' . 'n , .. ' F + e - - - h .' ' '. .' ',,: 'J '., - 4 .V h' v'. Q Q ' Q - 4 :, ' r f 4 1 . ry fl 'I Y Y 'fl' -Q it -'-gi" 'll VC: 'givin'-Agt,'t-oil , ' ..'A. 4x A F 5 T. , - .U u l h I ,A L , I jp, A ny. ,M 4 .il 'f t T , A , .f A in ,5 -7 M K... F- M V - -- , - e .me s so A - e .Q ,4 hs 1-.-x . e - - s- - F " . ,. if f , 'L ' -J . O ' - . . td Q ws Q v V -- 'W ' . f . . v- f f ' .. ,. ' . 5 V ' - ' ' 5 . 9 V - ,-v. . "' fb' ' . ' A, y , . -L .A -- 6 , - . .f Q ,' 'NX , ,,?- M , v .n. . ,, ,, .aw 1, -V' 1. H ,, ,, E -'v - - ,.,',B"' FT., , 'Q ., .- ' , . , , 'W f' , ' 1" ' ' 'af o an of if 'f 4' .f r psig, .Q.s4,- two . hr, f A - 'Q' If ' I ' ,Uses ss? be h 1,3 gg r . KA Mvkg Jtvkfxf v 'QliA A' J gggxg- C.NIsJ-fx., Cidrn 8,3 'Ag i A -B x""N' XA 5-Q ' 'sg .205-Q -.1 XJ 4,-'1 Casz,'i?.'5 X M f 'X 3 if 4, 5 ,, r Q 1, 1 'f ' . . y wwf ,WT ,. a C inn 7001292 ' V ww., ' - s A Qs:- mffffif Q- , W K I v .hh ,K ff-,,, g1T Q h ar, 5, + 4 "5 -. -L K 'K tdwesj XfJ p w if 5 "'h'?','WT1 , ?T'-.Alias Mia' 1 ,Zz 4 f f pi X I VX-,Z ..-. by , M. Nfzw :fs-. - I 1 r . . ,' l- :X M' 7 -QQ K jig ' 4 1 5 X dl X. . 44 ve-f 4 ff' fi Z. . , Lfdzff -X What ore They lookmg of? They ore fusf look' g at one o,th , f buloug QQQSK RANV' or cmy A 7 eol, lgrimkfosf, I ch, djrjne r f jus? Q Snack, e Deser Inn -7 L is th 'f' QST Lnfhfgimsief' out of Lo V 4 ,I K Sfrpginwy. Not on! is - 'beautifully decoy-fgd inzlde 'nd out, x XB? if os The W ' ber Room", for quefs ond", 04' 'X pcoc oils. Seen above ore: Dick Murray, Cor Ayers, Steve K He, ' ri , oncy Holey. LQ ,sm 7 - LL, L4 e 5 C QW 1' f ff Af urff A ff, Pat Cunningham and Madeline Furry are having a hard time Trying to decide on a record. LlNGS MUSIC BOX carries a large selection of records from rhythm and blues to classical. With Their new location at 44821 N. Beech. A 'P ' V31 Are you tired of all the noise and discomfort that comes from an uncarpeted Floor? Then do as Janet Kelly and Linda Walker are doing, see SHANNON RUG SALES, 454ll Sierra Hwy. The newest self service drive inn in Lancaster is LEE'S DRIVE INN on the Sierra Hwy. You'll be right with Ann Dahlitz and Cathy Lessing when you enloy their d e l i c i o u s hamburgers malts, or just a coke. 4 For the best in anything tor the ottice such as adding machines, typewriters, cash registers, etc., visit DESERT OFFICE EQUIPMENT, 653 West Ave. l. Carolyn Arnold is trying to decide on one of their new '57 streamlined type- writers. WM: III Either you like it or you don't! and Linda Welch and Marilyn Hanna seem to like this darling matching out fit offered by WINSORS SPORTS SHOP, locat- ed at 615 Lancaster Blvd. They carry everything from sports clothes to a very dressy dress. u, A I Have you seen the new '57 Lin- coln or Mercury? If not, do as Johnny Rattliff and Dick Huntley are doing and go to GETTIES LINCOLN MERCURY, 451 I7 Sier- ra Hwy. fx "Nw ' 'S'-fl' As you see, PAXTON'S DRIVE INN seems to be the favorite spot for the school snack or lust a coke or ice cream. They are located at 45003 Sierra Hwy. X 'i' Whats the first thing a person looks at? Your feet of course! So for the finest in any kind of shoes see the SYSTEM SHOE OUTLET, 7OI Lancaster Blvd, They also Carry a large stock of men's shoes. Lu ST S BANK OF AMERICA is the bank for your savings. You'l be sur- prised how your money grows. Just ask Mike Price and Keith Cable, they know. Ii See C. VV. FISCHER BUICK, 44933 N. Sierra Hwy., Lancaster, to get that new Buick you've been wanting. Carol Ayers and Nancy Haley sit comfortably in a new '57 Buick while Steve Hendrix and Dick Murray talk to Mr. Fischer. For merchandise that is high in quality and low in price do as Marilyn Robinson and Bonnie Selvidge did and go to PEN- NEYS, 627 Lancaster Blvd. for all your shopping. Friendly service is just another courtesy extended to the customer. """"i ' ZQQI L ' rf L l. L L L L L L L L L If L L L I I ln i I I I .in - -ska.. . i...n 5"""""lUl-g.,,.. Whether you're planning to move "across the street or across the nation" you should see GOLDEN STATE MOVING AND STORAGE CO., INC., T32 East Ave. I. Nancy Haley and Carol Ayers can tell you this. 04' wg, 5 5 ffl Looking for cz house or property to buy? Then do os Rito Johnson ond Cothy Lessing do ond go to RANKINS REALTY AND INVEST- MENT CO., 44725 Sierro Hwy. Msmef!-R For the lotest styles in rnens weor do os Dick Murroy one Steve Hendrix ore doing ond shop c1tBRITTAIN'S, 114 Ave. J. Youll olwciys find friendly serv- ice and quality merchandise ot BRITTAIN'S. Keep up with the lotest news with the LEDGER GAZETTE. Ron- nie Hossord ond Bob Foirfield know where to get their sub- scriptions. Just go to the LEDGER GAZETTES efficient office ot 656 Loncoster Blvd. - l 44725 1-. H. W. HUNTER, your Dodge- Plymouth deoler, 44732 N. Sier- ro Hwy., is the ploce to go for your Dodge Hiob-roted' trucks. Billy Hicks, Johnny Rotliff, Chor- lotte Honey ond Ccirol Stewort odnnire the striking, new '57 Dodge. fl Don Keithley knows where to get the best service for his car, it is at BERT'S SERVICE STATION, 44459 Sierra Hwy., Lancaster. Vicky Clements and Janet Willey are looking over some of the merchandise at TED HARDINGS SPORTING GOODS STORE, 38509 N. Sierra Hwy., Palmdale, where you find almost anything you need in the way of sporting goods. Take all your cleaning to GEORGES CLEANERS, 44759 N. Beech Ave., Lancaster, as Linda Welch and Marilyn Hanna do. They give fine service to all. E olllff Jane Merriman and Judy Llew- ellyn are having their hair fixed at ARNOLD'S BEAUTY SHOP, 44905 N. Cedar Ave., Lancaster. Your hair will always turn out to be beautiful there. 2 Looking for a camera? . . . Or do you iust want your picture taken? . . . Well whatever it is, see KINGS PHOTOGRAPHY, 508 Lancaster Blvd. Barbara Mac- Donald and Bob Fairfield are talking things over. 'ir' 'fi 'U K as 6 :Wm A new variety store is seen in Palmdale these days. lt's SPROUSE-REITZ VARIETY STORE, located in Palmdale at 902 Q-6. Loretta Wheeler has an idea! S Y .,: 1 Y Building a house or fixing your yard, JAQUA 84 SONS carry any kind of building supplies. Judy Westover and Mike Price seem to be interested. They are lo- cated at 45101 Yucca Ave. Has your car broken down or do you just need some small part, Well, whatever it is see PALM- DALE AUTO PARTS, 38711 Sierra Hwy, as Bob Fairfield is doing, Real Estate Brokers Suunivismii mwfniv MTBE 21944 Hot dogs, hamburgers, trench tries, and cakes! Whatever you want to satisfy those hunger pangs, you'll discover it at BURGER HAVEN on the corner of Ave. J and Sierra Hwy. Margaret Furry and Betty Ruckinger can tell you this. Q- mil Pat Cunningham and Madeline Furry know where to go tor Maytag appli- ances. That's C 84 H FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES, 38619 N. 6th St. East in Palmdale. You'll always tind friendly service there. X ' A Betty Ruckinger and Margaret Furry know that for your most complete real estate service, you should go to M. C. WHITEHEAD REAL ESTATE, 8l7 East Ave. Q-9, Palmdale, serving the entire Ante- lope Valley. fi i, I ,i if -SERVICE E- , sur -y A yy nniv ll il 'HPF ' i' Interested in buying property? Then see J. O. HOOVER and CARL BRANDENBURG REAL ESTATE BROKERS at 902l East Ave, J. Barbara MacDonald and Madeline Furry are being shown rnaps by Mr. Brandenburg. l , F F ' tiwf P , is f The most up to date auto paint- ing facilities in Antelope Valley can be found at LEO BRASHEARS AUTO BODY SHOP. Just ask Bob Fairfield and Ronnie Has- sard. i.. ,fl- Ll. For very tasty food go to THE HAT, 3866 Sierra Hwy., Palm- dale. Just ask Earlen Illian and Loretta Wheeler. -qu, .W -ll' a A '1 I Looking at one of the many beautiful sweaters that can be found at CROWELL'S, we find Ethel Budd, Judy Westover and Barbara MacDonald. Crowell's are located at 506 Lancaster Blvd. O mai rw Malts N A Qrovuf 1 t T Fglgiifsnslg 'F I.- fP45murf. E .DlPS35+j- . - A' .Q . g- - iz.,- df ' ' i T '4.,4vf., ',:' r t Q21 ' GJ? 5 7 'i . , ' x Ronnie Hassard knows where to go for the best real estate buys and insurance, That's STEPHEN B. MARVIN REAL ESTATE, locat- ed at 439 Lancaster Blvd. For the friendliest service ond best food, go to TED'S DRIVE IN, 10th St. West ond Loncoster Blvd., Lancaster. -9? , For your best furniture buys, go to AVEN'S DOWNTOWN furni- ture store, 44805 N. lOth St. West, Loncoster. Ethel Budd and Millie Coborgci ogree with this. iii Y- 'FP ii' gil! IL More people drive Chevrolets than any other car! More value . . . that's why! Where to buy it? STARKSEN CHEVROLET AGENCY, 44617 N. Sierra Hwy. Frank Piani, Graham Du Prau, Dante Simi and Dick Huntley are shown admiring the new Corvette. T .,. cc.-ur"-, 5 A - .. Nancy Haley, Carol Ayers, Marilyn Mc- Laurin look on as the announcer broad- casts from KBVM RADIO STATION, H2 E. Ave. J, Lancaster. KBVM is Antelope Valley's big voice of music and fun cov- erage. T380 on the dial. , 49613 1 Q ' i Sf i l l l I 1 . 5 4 f 1 4 'N' - , S lu, ' '54, j 1 9 , 3 , 2 -... -v-vu-4n......,,. f. 'Q E , if .f 1, ., .,, ,E i ' ,1 9. J 5, 'gf F? f -H, " ., 5? , ..,-AQ A I 1 ie .xr , pl, . s.. -.12 6 Sa. 3? 'JL 1754 I I. ,, . 5 'A .CS -.A , ,,.-.n.,... ......,-,,- . A , - 5 , U 4if1'w?-YY ,, 57 If a F' Q , Ep 3 1 2. T, 31 ' E5 ei 3, Z1 'X Q. 3 4 I I J ' ,T , ' Q ,,'g-I-'gi ' 34 2245" 1 .kgs-Q'1.-fv K-,-2.".f' . . 4 Y. ., I -fuk, .,g5, ,F . K. Ln an kim iv Ju, Y. .1 'z "He .4 ww lk rf, 1? I B Q-gi-fi' gilgf' 4 C 1 f .Q I . '1,T.:, I Z ? 3 A .x -X KN! .ff ' I 'KX .' i 'K' I "fb ' N' " if J? A 'Q 1 V Q yn 1 4 - li x 'NAS 1 0 X x l N 5 .9-' B x . , 1- , " fx'x N IN - X X . i X Q I xxx KQSQ. - .Y ' ' A' "' f:-Jfflx - s . N 1 'W 5- XL X 'I I X a':. N 2,4 fn.-31211 f' RX -3 N -, "V ,.' 1' ' X 1 '- ' ',v' ---12 - I "sl A . . -. ,f .,w, X -. ", H- fykvh 4.-,, IAXKNXXN-N19 '-- l," '.. . f 'Q wx' "' f I -5 '-: :W xr' X1 X 1 Q- .' ,x "5 a ." X. x 3' WL?" W, -j ' x. . , yi N x Y' ' s Q- ' 7- X 1- ' r ' . V I, -t 'K' in , 4 ' ' ' 5 , .-,' , rl' I A -'N , Iii, X I ,Z .X x S -4, ff, - 5 0 'I Ii, fqf 1 , 1 . O l Z' " 'f --41 -' 'M ' - "- N- f Wi "' W 1 ' - " ,' N- ' 'xx , . N rx '- . ' V ' xx-I un' Y xlarv 1 il., dis! 4. 'x 1. -.Q-5 'y.-' ' "-"Ox sn ,VM . ...W 'RV ' ? 47" ' -A .An 'f a ing '21 . ' ' 9 .Q v4 Q L . , . , A. . , Y I r 5 ,v 4, ,-1 163 s 4 .. f fi in A Q V n . X fx k ' I A . 'shin' . u I ol , L . Ujllllifllif .1 I.. vi7,v wb' X I . if Q Q Q 11 'T ,. "l J' ' -'r ' ' 1 , lv- 6 v ig EY Ur, tblilxh Q 3' V4 ri 5 . Q -9. ' M ' ? w 'M WV' 'lf' K M V , - X 1 .N 3' Q , .,, r - ... e.. ,,. ,W f-Q Y r' ff-5 . f' 9 if Q k I 'Qs' S ..:fvsgTGfV 'IQ vs 2 fi 5 -5 nn- f' M Q ...hi I . X. wi: if N - ,v .am l l lf,- 135' fynwfmyarf ' " ,-1 ' PPP' .W ff? af" 'Um N Vffiyv - 'P L l , l w' . li ing The Ia' ji! " 1r:"-"- fn - H 3,,,-52.2,-lisyv' uf ' Y-fr b' a ' "'- vfvkf- - Y 1 1 f . . ,- A . " 4 "'?'. you :my .Thai wus?" Yas'PE',5g15t3qr3r.gzgar1 is Irrmpogglbla. When l bVSl:1,'lQlSl 'ihsri l was 'Po wrlia :J . -' Hiifff.. A, l ' 'ms' "Swan Song", l l llwouglr? li would ba lrriarwilng, but I have only one sluaailon, 'SMG' s is :J Svwan Song?" The sllcilonsmy sie-Flnrrlon ls: "-iha 'fabled death of 'fir "P'ry,hanc,a, -J-ha'War" vi-'ff--5' ad 'jus-2 befor- f-9 f On 1 6019, A Thigh., drll-up-llfm 1 l - l .-,-,nl 'fo ma, -39-dia. Shall l say, N .viaplialfm and qulgi mu srriaa, .ufrlar I' P1919 was Wdfd tha uuw f ' .. X -'-' We Vullay -anal W.-a garxrlrpug , Q iv' , .. Y. -.... K Rf? 'N Y af kg. b ' Ns Ma . ..,J n . .. ' "' 13? l. 'C ,Q R w Q 'w L-,k."v ,vu Q 'li f . , 5,1 .nl WI: Q Q' wb S N X RU f .J i xv fig' rr df! F gf ff v 5? KJ fx 87' gg gc-jf' ? x JQJNC XLF- fg?C-gi! fy V! bf M Q1- iv W f HQ NU WIS XP P' C- NC NQJJKJ E 5 rfb .ffl-I ,W D35 vxJ A, VN Jw r K CC-ff W' VL My X7 5 XZ cc fy 5-ag J 1. Z nf L' ,N Zfff. -K4-ww-ffjfgf 1 A ff iffpf jf Aff-flffvf B, fwf J Vywffd' ff L 2 W H , Q? 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Suggestions in the Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) collection:

Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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