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,iw Q. , ,,. ., 5' V I . f ' ni., T . a'."si, fs 2,4 ? 25. HT: J' -'ba 'NIH ..V . , , -4 ...Q- Sf erm H -N1 3" 'V IFS' f Sb f:"'1f.' ,LN . ,,r,-.N ,wht 5 f, ws' km 'IWQS ..4". '..-:. Q U h .1 ' 5 U 5 -1+ ' fs4?5'lf ' .,.g-fs , ' Y ggzflfwff t .4 , N.. 'HQ' ' fi.. E- A -Qian ,, N wi.. 'gf gf.- li af ...3-Buff" -'J A r-f--'-- 'A' A 1"'A'V,,.3' - "" ' Ll. Q'-J2.!,...'f: lf. f, , -s. 11' L, 15- if . These gurls won wn fvom of Fme Ana for me beli to rmg so they con remrn to class offer o fue dn!! u'l 3 U f 1 5 RX' 4 L-'- S 9. ! "",iM': if 421 On vm- qnmpus an fcnrnlmf s1g"' 5 'Ve fem Buwivnq, .fvfwdw ww!! my 'wmv sVr"wr1:r1g mu vfll my 1' Changing closses, or lust locfmg is o crows of AV students In vhe oreo behmd the Cenvrol Bufldung, -fa :vu r . iff- 4 'U' ff I To Mr. Robert Thomas, who has given many long working hours to the Student Body of AV, we dedicate the T956 "Yucca" Mr. Thomas could be seen on any day of the week organ- izing and directing activities for the students. He was a willing advisor, and he proved his skill by arranging pro- gram schedules and helping seniors with their plans for the future. Mr. Thomas was responsible for many activities of the year. Some of the things he helped to make possible were Ditch Day and the Senior Christmas Party. One of Mr. Thomas' main activities was the California Cadet Corps. He was Lieutenant Colonel, commanding officer of 'N' Robert Thomas rm Q life this chapter. He has had T3 years active duty in the service and I2 years active reserve, he was four years with the Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Arizona. For three summers he was Athletic Director of the California Military Training College, and four years were dedicated to the personnel and management of the U.S. Army. Mr. Thomas received his Bachelor of Arts degree at the Uni- versity of Arizona, and has had graduate training at Stan- ford University and the University of Southern California. He has been at AV only two years, and during that time he has earned the respect and affection of many students. We are proud to dedicate the Yucca to such a deserving man. Like the senior class, Mr, Rober' Thomas freir adv ser, sw hgs nto avian w tr M ss Jane' Mc- Cfirns zz' 're fill da, se'cr pany l f Cadet Lt Col. Bob Thomas instructs his cadet of- ficers, lst Lt. Gary Amo, 2nd Lt. Kenneth McGowan, Capt, Bob Spencer, and Lt. Col. John Jackson, r 3 Q ' , ffff Q, rg we 'eapcfa r: W ', 3' se' - .H 'J' Varna ETUL 8 rors B I Se os fl mon: Lew 5 en oy me omus In or T cwss WJS Iwoys I er J P P mecca-1 odwce NX 4 Oo as 'T' ,Mr The magestrc loshua stands guard over a barren desert scene as fleecy clouds encompass the sky in if M75 Wand blown blossoms allghtnng upon the desert decked thus and land In sprung clothes of galety and splendor Typncal of the desert us the twisted Joshua as It breaks the regularity of the desert skylune d spraye In blooms of fluffy white Not only have we a desert IH bloom but a sunrise and a sunset that would put the glornous blossoms of spring to shame before th True to the great blue dome of our sky are the graceful veils of alry clouds Beneath thus celllng e malestrc arora se I The Jcshu: 'ree in bloom holds its a'mS 'O We Sun as tl-e creamy Whlte blossoms OPEN 'W '0f5PC"' beau'y A young almond tree stands straiQllT Gnd loll on G fertlle hnllslde overlooklng the vall6Y semi of clouds the desert sprawls nn sts patchwork quilt luke topography of farms and ranches wrth thenr crops and meadows In abundance Bowung theur heads IH gratltude the trees ocean luke fuelds and flowers greet the cooling west wunds that kiss the valley throughout the year Varied and colorful flowers dot the earth to bring pleas ure to theur beholders and splashes of rare color to thus land of sand and sagebrush Photos courtesy of Kung Photography W Fleegy blossoms shower the hulls wnth soft beauty as they mmgle wrth the vonous greens ond browns of the desert terrace 5 x 9 Nz 'X 5. -f-il? STB f fmhc .sF',,NX 5 Q. ADMINISTRATION pages .. . I2-I7 'JIM J x vo FACULTY pages .. . I8-27 gonfarzfi CLASSES pages. .. 28-83 .-.fglil I ACTIVITIES pages .. . 84-I29 SPORTS pages .. . 130-I57 'ir' -,gk , T Fred Ha milton, Allene Harris and Bobbi Perry help Mr. Most in running his arts and crafts class. jlvfomomecf Qozf Students of AV blossomed forth Into a welter of ac The Christmas assembly presented by the Thesptans, tnvntues such as Teen Town, the operetta put on by the dlsplayed an array ofA V talent muslc classes the noon dances sponsored by Mr Peter Not to be forgotten were the excstung football basket Leyh and the broadcastlng panel over KAVL by the rad: games whrch hrghlnghted the years o ball and baseball productuon classes actlvltles Fracttce makes perfect' Practlcung for a bl 9 game are our peppy malorettes Marulyn McLaurnn Pat Nlxon Janet Dwyer C l aro Akrovd Duane Demers and Judy Evers 1, 1 r ,f A 3351? H Willy C4 qv .X fi.. -1. -34, N, ,H ' 3 J 1-N -ix 54,14 x 'P 'UQ -fee ff' is-' A , dr. "B+ 'Pf F.. ' 6 "1 ri A M.-,, q N T -4n,,jf ' ,msg 4.2 0 4 'S' I - I ' . . . . . V 1 , 1 f -9 I ' s Q J . . .1 , A 1 ... . . 1 ul' .s rl -+2 A A L ..,, E, "t'j,,3va .L Lf' ' " A r ,I ' . 1 . Z' ' - - . 1' - - ' ..: . .'- 1 -ws?-'f fr' -T - . . -- 2- A f .4 'f . .- I 'X' r. . ' , , ' ' - I -' ' 5 . ,, . - X rs- ' ' - - V . " 'T' Y ' ' g, , 1 b ' D , -.I sb ,Q . , "' "' , . of f '- .e-if . T- 'Y' -. V ' ' " '. "--- ' KT' ' xl r . f "'- A . 4. --A , "f ' f"f,1-" + - -S 1 rr . " 42- -- y ' ,. ef' W 4 ' ' ' ' , ,' . ' 'W "' "' e ' .r - 1' -f"" . ' -,J -. , 1 1 '5'- :'- A , . '-,. ',,.f. -r 1 -1. ' 'EV , It ,,f,s.:..' "3-v::fy ,M.f ' 'L- , . - 'ua' .-5 'o 'In I 49,1 , " . , ' ' 4 .lv-v '. , .y-. -, . , , -l ...N ., -f-'-- ' , - -.- . , - , . b -14,7 4 .1 7: 9 - 1, -. ,,,, . .. L , W 1 A 'A ' 5' '."v2.11-'54 ' 'L -' -ll' - 1 ' " " 'aT .w6.A ' ,dns ,,l '. Q,-9 4- if eq -r ,. J ' ,,I,f,.",". . L'1'7,,,kA ...I f- P .3 . I 4, Q ... , -y 4' f. f .. - - 5 .4- -, . -s,t,,'. 1 ,fig .wjf .,f" f - . 4, ' - H A 4 4 -0- Q,-.Q . - . A D -' 'fqff-.. .. 4 7 'Jr-.A'-1 gf- 4 ., - ma ,e .s',m',, 5 '. -- 'Ap '- -r -, - , nr,-,3 , 'f ,-.P r " f s- Y AT -YJ -v,-v, g'-'!, "1 if-2,2 '- r ' h , 1 3: I 3. , ,L , . A .,s .- . ' ""l. ' 1. T f,'w ' -if 'e 1 V 's ' fvfe A 1 1- - fs' ,J " w -- -1 '. h , , Q ' , W T . . 1 1 . , 1 . A L ,..,,,,,f'V , , r --s,fg,a .f,,,"..- 'fa f O A ... . V 4,-' . f ,,,,. a- ,-r, dig., 1, .,,., ,, , - Enjoying one of those before school gab sessions are Sonia Mark, Paul Tuttle, Bill Watson, Pot Nixon and Ada Scott. Discovering 'he tecrrxques of mem! work 55 Harry Randall, 5?o '+ v' 'i "" Q 'fC?"'l": , . i, . ..,, . Q15 ,ff-fjgfrg " 1 lllggath , , , 1 I ,. No one's an expert yet, but iust wait-practice makes perfect. A X 1 l .a Q X 4 .1 Q l A deserted hall-only temporarily, When the dawn announces a new day this building will again be buzzing with activity. I N .SN 4 v ' . gf 5. Q I S -r ' - X in n . ""1.hi:!a.4 5 V 6 ax if ,H f fl an' I 9 5.2 lk ff ' ' f"'r ix: l' L ai, l . 1, qu I ' I l 4 ' 1 I I L n Mr. Jack Landrum Principal 67555 ncowza ac! giowfg ' Q s -Q .A -- -, f. A E F. C I 4 Q. , S x F Dr. Roy A. Knapp Superintendent of Schools ' 4.1-A--4 1? 46, ,f-1 Mr Albert LoBuono Assustant Super mtendent ln Charge of Flnances TV!! Q I E! 4? , - 1 K .J Mr A e loewen D r Q' Boys na r fs ne De df N Mr Norton Ntchols Dnrector of Student Acttvutles BOARD OF TRUSTEES-Slttnng left to rlght Mr Gus P Elvopulos Mr Wallace Ward Dr Roy A Knapp dnstnct superintendent Standmg Mr James Wllson M Wtlltam J Slncla Absent when pucture was taken was Mr George F McNamee fb? M Charles Parker Admnmstratrve Assastant to the Supermtendent 1 1 ,A v I S CLASS COUNSELORS Mr Jonn OConnor r Irwrn Cohen Mrss Evelyn Ericson Mrs Greta Baldwrn Mr Roy Clrfgard Miss Josephrne Dart Mrs Lola Ballenflne i 'Pviu BUSlNESS OFFICE Mrs Thelma Johnson Mrs Nancy arron Mrs Jean Calvert Mrs Dons Iverson Mrs Marguerrfe Jenlcrnson Ms Sybnl Purcell Mrs Nan rngsbury ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs Beafruce Rrley Bonnie Gary Mrs Ea th Worden Mrs Mrldrea Jolrn Mrs Lorern Denney Mrs Vrrgrnna Zarzana s '-5 1" . fl i af-, . rp- , , X C : O :Nl Q 5 l ,n - .., xx lx , f f 41 . X- X9 - 4 I I , B , , , . , , K' . ' ll ' l' .c- ply - ' a 7 2 , A , Mrs. . A f f E J r - ' J .-- -,ul 1 - A 1 - 4 I 4 f -.AQ Mr Jock Wiley Mr Grosvenor Fitch Building Superintendent Superintendent of Buses I,-A tr' 413 COLLE E f wuz efzefzoui acc.: .-I Since AV kept growing the school demanded efficient workers for the staff The Business Office rendered service in innumerable ways for AV where this rapid growth meant the expenditure of many dollars The busy Attendance Office worked constantly on programs credits transfers AVutes in every possible way when problems arose Thanks for our smooth running of the 22 bus lines goes to Mr Grosvenor Fitch supervisor of transportation Our buses traveled nearly l3OO miles a day totaling 300374 miles C1 year excluding school activity trips He also had the lab of hiring our responsible bus drivers who did very well Mr Jack Wiley played the important part for construction sure the buildings were safe for the student body BUS DRIVERS First row left to nght Crapo Pe ez Blanco Alsberg Sadler Back row Johnson Rtche nsey Ga ett B t Compton Scores Gem a s Wheeler Buchanan F tc W ll ams Se well D Hat Huston Glmore ...L . I l ' 1' A if I y 6 ' ' . I .4-0- 'sf' I I f - jg .. ' I . . , . per-enrollment, and absence reports. Our counsellors aided of our new buildings. As inspector and supervisor he made f ' , ' 2 , f , , , . : , i i , Ki I rr , - Har, , , ill, F ll, , , Mr, r h, . a , i , . V, , I . W Q R .I 1 N5 u ' X - ,N A .I CX lx 4 ' 1 I t , I A ' 1 3 ' ' A 'x .- , v ' . 0 ..' -0 G5 .l pl 1 T W dxyyggf .JS - x x I X I , . xf' SZ r Wylie Day XX-2 fs-llwsgida ' Wilson Fe 7 K , C ucuflolz The third Thursday in every month found ninety-five teachers who were members of the Teachers Association, gathered together for a meeting to discuss their plans and problems. Mr. Kermit Irby was president of the association, vice president was Mr. Bernard Kelly, and secretary was Mrs. Madeline Chapman. Miss Ann Urbanowski was treas- urer, while Mr. Robert Thomas was the representative to the California Teachers Association. One ot the annual activities of the faculty is giving a scholarship to two graduating seniors for 550, and one to a graduating Junior College student tor the same amount. ix 5 C7 L C29 Margaret Dewhirst Dorothea Dunlop Evel icson Mary Floyd Arthur Clark John Gary Zelma Goben Tommie Goodwin Lloyd Helgeson Amy Heydorn Paul Greenlee Sidney Harrington Hr Mabel Hart l 1 Ui Tag E! C tb -, , 3' Gwynne Lune Elizabeth Lorbeer Jonef McGinnis Howord Most John O'Conn Grcce Lockey riel McDaniel Home Erskwne, Mr. Svzrron, orc Mr. Such ore seen Olive Mcrse 'QW ng 'oge'rer uurlrg o few momenfs before hw. W rg C" 'c 'ref rex' dosses Rglph Nybgkken um! 0401201 Geneva Mungovon Henry Miller George Nelmork C. Xa N n X N .,4 X Us W Claudio Moede Joe Milrool Andrew Lone fi 'R J uf X . ,- fl' q-5 'Nm Q Jerome Sfumps Robert Thomas Ann Urbonowski Mory West Er- oy ng themselves part t Our faculty axe tme out or luncn Members of our faculty Mr Sampson Coach Rand and Mr Slocum get together on the front lawn fo a gab sesston LU2 LUZL! DTOILC Mr Kelly chaurrnan ot the Faculty Social Comrnuttee proved has abrluty by stagung several original partues In October the Faculty had a plcnuc at Munz Lake where Mr DeCruz displayed his talent an playing baseball The P T A held an Open House at a November meetnng Y S and the teachers engoyed an evenmg gettung acauaunted wnth the parents In December a Christmas party was held at the Ranch House duroung which Mr Rand played the part ot Santa it Mr Kelly cuts a rug wtth Mtss Ingles at the Sensor A Chrlstmas Party i--ik iv- G 64 f 1 own Claus and Mrs. Pickus led The spurned group an srngrng Mr Leyh displayed hrs Talent by being Lxberace for the evening A Sf Patruck s Day In March where Mr Kelly showed has True lrush character Trl In The sprung the rnen Teachers planned a fnshlng p rherne was headlined af a ParTy held lnfo the blue Pacnfuc Dunng The pasf year The acu y a f lf h d fun and froluc after hours r rr n e en or Mr. Daley and Mr, Mlller bewveen classes. H .i x' h iq xx X ' H XX ' x y ' ' . U -N ,W X A 'L 'f T K 5 X 'Ai' 1 3 . L ' ' , , . y A ' , 1 I ' 1 , -.5 af, 5 1 , ,- z - - . X ff. X.. x5"'-,lQjff'?f1 . , ' ,1 JIYJ' Q x X 1, ,. 'XQ I 1 4-ll 31 -g s 2' ' X Q . fx QV V. ." I . ,ax f, sf 0x+x , fl up If Y' 0 N K n . x 5 .. Q r QA 'O ,ol - . u pf 1 .ix ,Iv gb 'sf .0 'Ibr- fi 'fl M.1 N , 1 S. N ..J 4, I N J Q x 1 'JI H . Q S- ' ,me , f 4' if ,,4 , 's k' 5? YW sr.. L pi -:J , 41' I, . , I "K . 0. 1. -mb' ' ' 'f ' -.K . P "k."! - . Q f'.z' T r v Q 10 Y' " 1 XJ' 5 U. 'I -4 -1, ,Ju u' I fvf- rn 1 , A 1 I' ,V Q., .fig Af. ' 'Q 1 . " - .',.!' .255 ll' 1' y w ,V Hx' my 1 -ff." f ..l',ffji'9j2g,:,i .ex ' , Wwx .. ff' ff-' 4, , A - . eng, .. QSL- -.V . 'fx PI D. .' ' " P' A .01 A , -x ' ' is .x Fx i -ff.. !i -Q., Q .1.'. 'K ai, i . sh E' Asvs '19 ' Eff! Q nf K ' .i A 9 3 ' 0.11555 'J' ll lux C ,, .M 'Y vii I 'WX mx ' ?,..I' .- ' . J 4 - . gh sf 1. 41551- ...i l'.' Jr UE Well sensors you had a wonderful year drdnt you9 Full of fun excrtement and many many surpnses You cheered your f aseloall and track teams on to victory You wntnessed the first Alfalfa Bowl game played on May s Fseld You felt happy when your team won and sad when they lost Summing the year up though you dud very well on sports You followed the traditions set down by the preceding classes such as Alumnu Day where Pat Nrxon was chosen WSH-Q. SENIOR OFFICERS seated Fran R rn: Connle Ayers Susre Pepper Standing Harvey Casey Judy Evers Dean Swab Jon Wh: 5 5, widen C1 Q ff queen at the game wnth Oxnard You sponsored the Alumnu Assembly whlch consisted of senior talent Sen lor Dutch Day was another wonderful tradltron at that tnme all of the sensors met and boarded the busses bound for a good time lt was a wonderful day wasnt at You wore your Sensor Sweaters wnth prrcle They were powder blue bearmg your msrgnla and a new Idea a class name the Oasrans goo f Q ie- Y f X F ' r A 1 l V .E l' . , l' ' . ' H X KJ- A A t , . X X Q 7 5 S U, ootball, basketball, b , ' ' " 7 Q s .. ' ms '1 ,Ml A - X S V X ,nr ' 'Sur C7 Rose Abercrombre 2 George Adosr 2' Woodne Anderson 6? ...- OOHZ Corol Ackroyd Roberf Amodon Connie Ayers fu Q 4 S 4-Q5 Steve Acker Y 0 95 s one of I Beyer y Avery n1oIlf n Tree os some wo k foo Dennus Anderson Shuriey Bryon? fb- Y" Mory Anderson Boss Anderson Peggy Burns Jock Anthony Morseno Brown 5- 4.. X ,,. ws- QP ts Sr ,, S. 4: Q 'R L,- QV - tax :Q ' I 'F I J 4. Q K. f gf . , Us I v s, .ff Ahh U thrs past year wo ocmff es, I 4 L WGS u 1 r W r . . Y X . 4 xr O I A Z ,J 5' 1 Thinkin over the roblems of bein 9 p g Gerald Butler seniors ore these senior students goth- . Jo Ann Bloom ered for o closs meeting in the oudl- Jurgen Broesel Joni Bird Ronnie Bright Milton Arnold Jr. ,iff N Borboro Brigonte Bob Austin Corol Bowen aiming M mance Poul Burkey Jr. .iff J, Marlene Carpenter Jomes Blohm 9 Mor 4' Q1 :-- I 'Sl qsbx CN '27 s-.lf'.,,N Clayton Cole Rodney Crandall Pat Coffom Gary Craig f Cx is F' Loyce Dann y 1 wr-' Stewa rt Coch ran Lenora Darnold Barbara Cooper Davud Clark Carol Darr Ralph Davls Judy Evers Ray Debs Bob Daniels Sandra Edmondson Glen DeMarcUs Bull Daley Kay Dnckson Krrk Dawson Dorothy Fal s Norman Crews Suzanne Demers Harrison Davus Glona Ernenweun James Dux Q. Q5 X yn Q 57 J in Inn' T' -r"'T",' 0,1 3 YQ! - , Q ., s. 9- 1 LAX , K- x ' T5 "' I- - V . 5 5 as-I y 'I c f 'D D I . lilsr 1-" .ff X , ' 'Z sz 'K l s- . fl if s r 3. 7 ., J 2 x . Ki", ' sf i . ft- D s.-.A f 5, , sr I yi, 'C' HZ 'V V 4' . y y kg N y uv y I - 1' f 'S 'A .,, 3- , 4 lg .1 of 5' ' s ' In ,fx . Alex Ednnaisfon Gail Gains Edwin Emery Caryl Godde Eddie Gan? Gigs. IX' -6 +R , iv' i tw., , 5 , Ex X QN I Leland Elyerf BeTfy Gardner Gary Fislwer Marcia Gwin rl!" Ji, Wx 'N ,4 F 3 I Sharon - ,Z Fasnaclif Betty Harvey Esles Pal Griffith David Gardner fl T if Y'-7 YD 'Q ,7 Al Dunn Fulkerson Michael Funk Pat l-larnilfon Y G' N if aux ' 'C7' iQ J ER-x f 27 Deanna Friend Gary Elay Garry Erwin sv Daniel Dyer Sandra Gallion Corine Gilberl Glen Farmer Rodger George 'ES' SX if Gerald Gnlmore Allene Harris Lee Gosline Arlene Hrlgendorl George Haensnell -'K 1- Drane Hansclwrnuclf Robin Gorton Nettie Hawkins Wayne Green Sonia Hooper 'sg 3 Keeping clfoflai ' Nanetre Harvey Oils Gray Kathy Holcombe Wrllram Hall -axfx ra' if Q' Arlene Hecker Jrrn Guflwrne Judy Hosler iv' 'iv s-..., if Jean Holmes Fred Hann -2' E Q7 V' I nc! clfsazfi fi fzlf Doug Harvell Gladys Jollv if I Q--un R B l auf Glorra Johnson Joan Hoare 3 fi Richard Hardf Kelly Jenkinson Lyres Hayes Barbara Jones by Ted Hanson Carol Isgrig James Hart Marjorie Johnson Darryl Hodges fx Wh' E Judy Hudson Ralph Harriman Sandy Jewell Randy Hixon Grace Kirk YV' -Lf VT' mf? 4' 'Xu RQ -7 Q? !"':r 37 Robert Howell Lesfo Lcmmer Herbert Hulsrze Romono Lewrs John Jockson Kathy Livermore A, 5- K 1 J AQ ,V I .L L E' ,4 1? 5 6Qvv-'N' Q ax Ted Knox Rnoanne Mason Marllyn Mead Roger Kepner wg 7-N 2 X, I -jf' I Lewis Jensen , V' Corpus Malle Herberf Jolin CTX Fiorence Marshal! Sonya Mark Danny Keliy Nancy Marks James Kertzman Eleanor McCaleb Jem Krdd 3x C5 T 7. qv Myrtie McCulloch Chuck Kousfra Nancy Mclnfyre John Klem ,V ,f 5. C' EA, I 7 :J Y Q: , 6 Sharon Mnlbourne Johnny lfoy e NA c I Donna Mchaa Alvln Krug Barbara Meaaor R I. k Gill iii? U51 Hi UZU2 Paul Lasagna Elizabeth Morel 40 1 Faye Mask Odns McCormnck Karen NeeDeIs Clyde MCEfee Barbara Newman Corbrn Marrnofi Joan Myhan 'E Ronald Mathews Renee Navarre? Donald Mauldun Q Ng.- PaTrlck Marer 'in "'1' il? of 1"'5"" g-X f 'SJ L5 vs so 'Sl Here we see Sonya Ma ks Paul Tuttle B Il Watson Pat N on and Ada Scott d scussnng some problems before go ng to class Mr Landrum completed hls fnrst year of remarkable work and servnce as prnncnpal wnth June here He was a fruend to all and was always wnllnng to help the stu dents who needed hum Dr Knapp superuntendent of schools snnce l946 worked hard to unsure the smooth operatuon of the school He capably Iudged every polncy that came up It was a hard gob well done Mr Albert LoBuono Assustant Superuntendent of Funances kept the school In the black wnth valuable and from the busuness offuce Dlrector of Actnvmes Mr Nnchols arranged recreatnons fneld trnps dances and club meetnngs He has done a glzeiznf Career Day was another bug event Many choices were put up to you to help you decide your vocatlon You trav eled to many Industrial plants and businesses here In your valley Then at last the tlme fmally came that you had been wantmg four years for Graduation' There were many thnngs to do and to thunk of You had your plctures taken our nnvltatuons Your Baccalaureate was beautiful At Class Night you received your yearbook before the Underclassmen You had a Senior Breakfast wlth your final farewell at the Sensor Party follownng graduation ceremonies Yes It was a wonderful last year to end your hugh school studnes SENIORS YGU HAVE REASON TO BE PROUD' ll and ordered y Ken McMullen Carol Overlade George Mead Bob Morrus Pat Patterson Jerry Myers Suzanne Pepper hr '27 fnne lab wlth the busnest schedule nn the school Dean of Girls Mrs Bullye Adams was kept busy coun selnng nssulng work permuts and carrynng out regular Gnrls Vrce Prmclpal dutues Mr Lowen Dean of Boys gave the boys counsel and guldance Constant efforts helped bulld a better campus and en ouraged more student actuvntues Admnnustratuve Assistant Mr Parker kept busy wlth our constant problems Has full tume energues were used for students and student actnvntnes The Board of Trustees controlled student actrvutles funan cnal matters personal dlrectuon and school buxldlngs agaln thus year Thear 'ob was hard and very well done Ken McGowan -n4"'v' fy. E' "sl" Melvnn McLane Pat Nuxon 'JC qs l L.. Q... 73 5 fic' Lr- 5-wx K 1'- Qi My so OIZLIZ f Elva Rexroat Duane Naclwbar L-v Edward Nulcula Kathleen Rhea James Olmver 3' qs. ni" " 'C' if st'-f .qi -vs E' Z9 is Q igoufg Barbara Rlclwardson Dems Orser Mamne Rlclmardson Krrk Oswell Larry Parks Fran Run: Joe Paradnso Carol Rohllc Francrs Rowman George Phelps .lo Ann Russell Lee Plwllups HZEJZLGCL John Provenzono Corolyn Sclwwonclt Ecxrl Pyron Towno Sclfwweulcert Erlesfo Scrrbner Roy Rowlungs Ado Scon John Relwmonn Bull Reynolds Koy Seger Mortun Run: Jonuece Seclwrnsf Dee Potter Dons Sokoguclm Torn Powell T v 1-9' Ronold Pond Morcuo Pussell N-no Wai George P lnnon s 115 l WK If 33 ? K! ft! Ci it 5 -uni" John Rough Teresa Stollenvverk Chuck Sayre Dolly Venfurunu if T' ,ff .1 ami? QF v- Bll uff Prnsculla Tucker George Scrnbner Q.: 5+ af' 2 rd K- L 'tw-v T, Jackne Snuder Vw Davud Roth .lanef Splcer O0l,TCl'Z .,.., Vurgunra Stafford Pross Roberts Marylvn Sherer Oran Robnetf Deanna Sueck QD CUZIZUZ ' chuck sclmdf Belly Wallace ,, v i B--v TN Bfll Sebastlan 1- la 4054, ?'7 Larry Ruggles -,,-- Beffy Thomson Nw Joyce Swans Gary Schuman Barbara Van Alstyne 2' r , I . T -hz' 'T ,, ,K :. 6. ' 53. '+- , -X y, . . 1 1 I , -v' KS 5' '-Lx F. T :T 'S' a R ' ,sf -1- ..u, A - 51- ' X I ' S a 7 T 'S ,. +-.T Hy gg , X 4 -eg - 5 ' 1 M . I 4? T .a ,, T R 'N' K. T' , t- I., l pi A A i . fs- , Y' ' to 4 517 . Bruce Seymour Judy Wolloce I Doug Snonnon Coroi Word 1- Qs Ernest Snelden Belvno Wotterg Rudy Snufeldt i Q-5. og C' 'QI Ann Welch Baffafz omomow f Af go 'nn af 3' 4331 Poul Skov Joy Weover Walter Stcrkel LoVuno Wolters Duck Slater Jornes Slock Anno Wulson G- Anno Wenzel Robert Stnvers Q an QF' Penny Went Corroll Stewart Ruth Wilson T' Pot Wrlbur Bob Spencer r' 1 Bob Stringer Margore Wolfe Tom Talberf Lmda Young Duane Varley Phyllis Winn Dean Swab Maman Wood Roger Tomfohr Conrad Walker 'X on-w 41 ?"' 7... fall-G' if SlWEIlO Word Bull Tensfeld James Tommy Bull Wanamaker ,-I ff- ui in 0, ffzolz 51 0 cz Sandra Wynn Dennus Trogan Jerry Ward fi 5- 'QQ' Q-v ig, Vx 11' ?"T Jurn Turner Edmond Wafson 5+ Sf ,Y i XIQ a- Y'-,,, Qf 'x ir' I 1 Jon Wlfwitecl Vernon Wrignf Darryl Denning Carol Jordan A 1 A 5' rx William Wilbur Vicki Adams Judy Dubin Cameron Hawe Connie Stone Jon Whred and Berry Fullferson talk Thin s over between 9 classes on the front lawn. 'rf f 3 '!""' 4 "" 6' is Gary Williams John Cooper Gary Fisher Penny Mouser Jay Koch 47 - X El N kala Bob Jackson ar'J Ed adEmyryro'rdtle1oube CAMERA SHY SENIORS Roberf Bowne Paul Card Melvnn Clark .lerry Crusmore Joan cle Monfrnorency Glenda Esrell Vera Gates Vera Haynes Sharon Hugh Charles Johnson Don Monfgornery Stanley Paylon Cal Pearson Margerure Prerer Don Waldrlp ss- i Terry Murren Duane Weir Pal Wells Paul Prefer Paul Tuffle Sell ng flowe s :J le Horneco mlng ga e s Barbara Jones 'ilk- to J,-r . : ? Wg 5 . 4 ' I 4-Q , Dnsployung the roy of groduatron are Frank Camp bell Corbrn Mormon Carol Rohlk and Barbara Jones 'za uafsa A fyprcal sensor locker The happy owner of thus one rs Elrzaberh Morel Z' M The sensors are begrnnrng preparation for that great day by ordering announcements f Q Q -V , I ,V ' XX 1 r 1' 1 "' ' . nb 4 ' . -P Es ' . ,,. . V I A I I tix, , K 'lt 7 N 1 , Ab 5, -U 1 - L ! t. L 'A 8 ,n .0 -A n Q 1 K! Carolyn Azbill Diane Arthen Dolores Aguilar Edward Barth John Bennett I.. K N9 u JUNIOR OFFICERS, First row, left to right: J. Rhoton, G, Goodson, D. Simi, J. Turner. C. Calvert. Second row: S. HOWGYCL D- Murray, D. Kiethley. X1 7 4 Jan Azbill Carolyn Arnold Noble Baker Anita Barton Sandra Bennett 3 Q- 1-fr 4. s 15 .EF if bfx v-Q J F - ll 'NN Alb NE .Q-N 5...-1 41 3-T'-fl I. Fx il 7 Q. T' I ,Q 1 -v 1? Ronald Avery Jeanine Amick Norman Bakman Quenton Baskins Eric Bergman 1-.f -., R' .1 ST y 1- xfm 5 as , X N Q- ' 424 Qr 1-v - 'K i L ' Y - 'uf-L if Z.. Y" J N fi H 1 . - - ---.tx LIS.. :Z 3. me 1 Q-1 gf ,. Gary Alvis Clyde Baldwin Dora Beale Linda Beynon ,.. ff' C . I 1 unio 'za One of the most unforgettable moments of the year was when you received your iunior rings. Of course, the most important event was the Junior-Senior Prom, which was the main event of the spring semester. Hur- ried trips for last minute extras, the Juniors discovered that sponsoring and decorating for a dance is quite an experience, but worth the energy after an enioyable evening. The honorees, the Senior Class, will never Raylene Allen Lisbeth Ballard Joebob Beebe Pat Bielenberg Q ii x a K. 5' Q 5. f C" 1 ,I-in Uv .9 as A s- Y- S-1 K Lorie Ahrens Theo Barker Shelby Bell Carolyn Billington H' gl? Hp! rs fx it-' AQ N. f , XT p ,ve v- B. 4 Q-.. X xii C V. T' '+I' si 1-.nn BMD 4 S: .Q ' ,TL , , G, 1 -Q .1 ...- .f P X Q I X Pahala Blrcf. 'arce Ba Q owezecf 90166 forget that nught due to the work and planntng of the Junlor Class You have been preparlng anxuously yet somewhat re luctantly to tall the shoes ot the hngh and mughty Sensors Headung the actuvutnes for the tnrst semester was pres: dent Steve Howard and tor the second semester Dante Sums A Lots Brunberg Lee Butler Frances Carter Boyd Cussell Ethel Budd Arnelna Cabarga Chan Chandler Lewms Clement C EK .01 Q' 's l T Douglas Bt'l'16Il Lucy Bunker Keith Cable John Chandley Linda Clubb s 35' 5- sf T7 4 f Y Nry . fn 1 ,tx . :we , HM S P Q -fs 6 r li Eleanor Blaine Eddie Boswell Pearl Brewton Georgua Burns quetne olllngs Noel Clnnsman Dawn Coolf i I Joanne Blondin Bllly Bouhan Mere Bntt Bull Busby Aartore C ls n Ponald Chrus ensen Pex Cooper 6 ilu ' if i . X S,Ivia Boggs Johnny Bowen James Brown Ken Buskurk Darlene Carter Glorna Clark Muke Cochran I' 7 Oh wx '-1 YZ QS 'Xqw X...-I v 'C7 lib 5-sq "-r wa-v L ...f ,BN N1 'S' I Ja: I C ' ' t ar o A . . L, A ' , - tie , , 1 4 H , .Q ' J I A , , . 'K Q' , gg, L . J -sf, " J , l Y 414, lk l 'W f srl is :'l -f . ,--, 13 J . gy 'Q I '-5 lv' l A lu. . -R - J ' D .E - 2 5- D Wt' xy.- , - , .I J I X ,il L , 1 , s J 7 -' 4' B :fi Lt' l 1 A , l 'Q ,' 1. sr, , L- S X ll x N X ' A .D ' B' . 1' " , -1 V , - l "' , , y , , ik V' y ,lg y ,mg-44 A E I L ,E J emi he its , J Q-v T49 L 1. w ' J .EL c... . Q,-,I U ,mi 1112121 X .,,...1:1 .... t XA., .AX - :::2gg:11H2::- rig. ,L 1 1 . 1 G A w '6- L e -:Q Yip- S- YS' -'K few Marguarure Cole Ronald CuTler David Davns SharonJ Davrs Loss Delgrosso Dnanne Doolun Rnchard Cole Duck Dalrymple Judy Davls Sharon K Davus Gaul Denny X Carolyn Cotton Beth Darr Lester Davis Loulse Deafon Duane Crandall Ena Darrugan Marylln Davns Carolyn Crane Lnllne Davidson 1 'S- .J Brenda Crawford CUUZUZ Lovely Morgue Farmer accompanned by Mr Leyh sang for the Chrnsfmas Assembly and encouraged the Christ mas Spuruf 11" A fam I o scene campus befo e s hool Lczfofz Nancy Eslick 5. Gary Echols Roberf Falrfueld wr- cs' k. 0- ,E- x ,Wh , if 'ry r , , Q . W , .' 'Sf K , , .e ,- a fu :Ax "rn J Thelma Dunn Michael Edel Margle Farmer I 1-7 Buddy Duffueld Graham Duprau Shvrley Edwards Jean Felix Patsy Drake Gene Duncan Juanna Eastham Janlce Epley Joan Felnx , Q7 5- 'E X .1 :gr ' . I i. 'fx .- U Bob Downs Margaret Dronen Bonnie Dunn Sharon Eby Judy Epley Betty Ferguson 17 av-4 Q 'Q .S-on ,,-CTT, . iv, U X 1 Q R :sy lfhfyf TTT' ' fl it I f if Nl- Lt 212 Slfiirley Ferris J.m Fix James Flaxingion Eugene Flue Bonnie Ford Anifa Forde Francisco Gimenez Jalia Fraze Karrie Frey Toni Gallegos Mary Gardner Sue Gordoi. Donna Gentry Diane Giloson Shirley Gilbert Zane Gilmore Anna Ginn Judy Girard James Goodman Gary Goodson Janet Granger Bill Greenslade Jolwn Gricller Carole Griffin Donna Griffin Earl Griffin David Gulleff Jon Hadlock Nancy Haley Fred Hamilton . Bl Clwarloffe Haney F Jerry l-losier Bob Hoffon Betty Hayes Gary Hayes Carrol Healy Diana Hefferon Sieve Hendrix Myrtle Henley Carlene Hensley -Sp K '57 ll I Bill Hier Stanley Jenkins Coralee Jennings S'reve Howard Bonnie Ideal Jerry James Ronald Johnson Pat Johnson A 4 QPR Heather Jone Richard Kelly Greggue Kennedy Mellssa Kraber La Donna Lapossa Charles Lesley Charles Keorfge Troy Kurfh Wayne Loufon James Lewus ,np N 3 Ybqvy G+' Bob Jordan Amanda Kasperson Frances Lane Janet Leavelle Marilyn Lendskog Sv NK 345: 4.2 'sv T? f' Edgar Jordan Karen Kasson Jayne Kelder Shawnue Leonard Jane Lockhart 5 Z- Mlchael Judge Deborah Katz Shrrley Kelly -94' YQ' JY Bull Kahler Don Kerfhley Janef Kelly Larry Kemplon Elsa Knrght Roger Loewer Sglly Longley xX I B L I by 1 -1 " lx -I x N - ? Y 5' X .f 5' , J 1 1 .D ' 5 , N 4 W ,r 6 Q lr., J J .fly A . 55: 9. f .A . . 351566, . L V QP-" X , 41+ ,- ' J T ity, 1 I, Q- ,Q J 4. '65 SA - .F 'M xp' ' O L ,- as 4. , ' - , l xp A i . L... A ' L LN X g-S l r C- .7 LY' tv ,J . rrr, ' ,iff f X . ,N fa "t-' xl Qr 51X 2 Tv' nil QKQ W8 M Charlene Lyons Santa Marrone Gul McElroy Bob MacGregor Dovue Love Beverly Machurek Dons Mawson Jack MaCGlhhon Floyd Mcliunley Jarnes Mlller ,N an 45 Jay Maag Carol Mafhevvson Don Lowder George Marshall Darlene McFarland Marilyn McLaarun Sandy Meagher Leonard Morn QQ 5+ Lunda Mead Barbara Mohler ? Funnre Muller sr ,nk Barbara MaCDonal 1 Jerry McGuire Davnd McPherson Jane Merriman Mqry Morris !"' Jlmmre McGee Ponnle McKur'w Vernon McPherson Bobble Metz Dorothy Morrow 1 5 A A is 7 1 Us -- , 'X ,W L ,, xi I, - '..,.,.- . ", ' l L X 3 N 1 . xx cv' Li y ,A E7 x 1 1 iz sf, as v-4 5. L x f WHL I Y L I is ,F '. r ' an M . - . L, xx qw X I.v. 'f . '1 'X 4 xl , fo ,-M 5 -.. , T I I ,gi .7 'M' Y A Ly gr fri " -S .'-'LX l 'Lg'-' f l - B e sv' ls , . l. f A 4? K l Sf x :T L 47" . . . r . , in , 1 s K 1 rg sz cr I " Z Q- ' 5-W Av B f" fe? K 1 "' " we bf Q. 'P 5- L ' si? V -" th 'f' X lr fl f rv -K I. ' ? u SQ, K J 5 ks KP fs? xdx eff P Awful ik .oi fi? 52- 'igj ' Z sl ji Michciel Price Pon Puckeir Kenneih Pugh czirzihz 4- ka, 353 Fronk Pioni Kurt Pickus Fredo Pigg Beryl Plummer Don Pomerenke Koren Poncl Porricio Porter Duone Price OUJZLL 4: Gilbert Moss Fred Morton Leo Roy Noel Chorles NeeDels Lorelro Nefzel Dick Nuckolls Korl Nukolo Fronk Ogle Borboro Orr Mortho Ortega Jirn Osfergorcl Elden Poling Don Porker Ernie Poxron Jo Ann Pellizzer Dick Pengilley Eorl Penny Borboro Perkins Chuck Peterson Ed Phelps f"'N cuz ffzen ffl Ken Pursley Terry Pyle Lee Radtlce Jack Ramey lvy Randel Johnny Ratlift Sue Ray Lynda Raymond Darlene Read Larry Rheoume John Rhodes Janice Rhoton Roger Rice Sandra Richard Elaine Ritter Lorene Robinson Marilyn Robinson Arlene Rodriguez Don Rodrighez Martin Rodriguez J - 9.5, IIA 177 5 lglxj Yr' s W 'S 4 y f I 'Us . 4 . gx V vvve L , i , :QUVV x'A5'Q4 gQQVVVx4ttyi, suiiVVV Ubin. Sr Y! Pat Rogers Bob Rudesill Roberta Rudesill Renee Rumble Kathy Sawyer Bob Schofield William Schofield Alice Schriever '5- x I - .0 ITN L 'F Ellen Schultz Gary Schumacher' Bill Scott ti fan. 4 Qi 'X rf- wa 1,2 . AVX g X. Q' . M.: ,, 1.5- M 'Vp 6 430 f if TT S Y 97-.A S' 4 . Q19 C' ,if ,4 zu vu lr X , YW' 4s- 35 uh. . -. 45' :,....v V X. to ,ya mi i! - Q .i,, ii 5, .Y W , Y av' 'sf E' 14 D Y, Q., if by V 5 ,L,,, wig. X x ,,,,, x X ' ' Q. , X 5 -4 'X ff gif L' Qt TN hr 1"? 4 'nxt Qi is Z5 5 V Q ska? ' ' 1 2 ' L. X x 1 - S x 'rg'-rl 1 x -. r 'X 'A I Sk' X 2 bt' Shirley smrfh x r wx.. Nl 9' . 1. x vm -Y . ao bf 'Le' -5 l Q i '6- Frances Shropshire T gy- 'QL IES TZ L im ra Nancy Stafford William Sfarkel Jack Starr Tom STevens Naomi Stiers Bull Stoner Charles Sfory Deborah Sufton Roy Sylvies Sandra Taylor Sue Thomas Wayne Thomas C' Y' E Ss iv 1 - V .J 'T I X S4 bi. -q Bob Tomilowitz Joan Tomicich Bob Tommy Angela Tonoian Dixie Townsend Gary Travers ? -Oil Loretta Truitt Judi Turner Linda Turton Dorothy Underwood Mitch Upshaw Ted Uyeda cyan s Q... Annette Van Dusen Judy Vaughn Paula Vaughn Carole Vesper Ronnie Vogel Dorothy Wadsworth Jeanette Wallin 3 S 5 "-, wx ---4 7-v -.' ,, ,Q V Q ff - , X L 3 'Y ti sl f Q -f ' I v. 5 X XR ' 'iii 'mg , '53 A , gs s. -. 4 " ' c., ,D I I X X M mi N? X Love blooms not only in the spring, as is displayed by Juniors Lori Ahrens and Eddy Blackburn. Sonia Wallis Jo Wanserske Jeanine Warren Don Wayman Linda Wehr Howard Welt Judy Westover Luetta Wheeler Anna Dell White Sharon White Bill Wilder Gi Qs' 6 . ,,, 4:9 if' y X .. Iv- l. -- L Q17 , ff I X, .. , ' if .f "1 S 'xl' Ai 5 Y Q s .4-Q v-4 i ,, 2. 6, 29 5 .S is Tu 5- .M ,,' ,.. if-1' f in ,s qv ' V1 'N Q Phillip Wildhagen 62 4 . xx, r G' N! 5+ Y' fy ' A " 'hifi iw ,. gf Ruth wines Ray Willis Marcia Wilson LA . . , - wi. " Tj, 5- V , 5 l t R 41 T1 ,X sq I C Y 41 .' X . Todd Wolfe Larry Yingling Lee Willard Robert Coles l W -:rf r .lx-Q, flgtflillf. Az. 'f".L ,252 'I'. -" '24 .., .. xv 3 if fllf?i1"i'f2ll2 -. S- X ' f Pat Windbigler Joe Windsor 1-y X lX'4 David Wininger scvzin E55 Eze! lbx 'EY .fK, ' ,cw , ' 9 YI 1 N U7 if , 4- sl . C Johnny Yslas Cliff Zarley Carol Ayers Sharon Davis in ,:-,fr I x - vf Jackie Zalk Sandra Benton Cal Calvert Barbara Clark Jackie Zook Judy Forsyth Barbara Goodman Charlotte Haney John Bennett Dena Diarnent If arf Po? Harris Sl-Irley Kelly Judnh Llewellyn of jgaifz owuza l 4- Sy- -rx ,E ff, ka Betty Prolhro Pat Prothro Candy Reese Paul Smith Carol Srewart Judy Swanson , l I Y Sr if li :ii x X..-fx Sandy Meagher Pauline Perteel Ed Rosser Kay Thompson ,jf , f 'UQ -5 We last of the lunicrs-Ccrlene Wright 4 I ll mul. Jumors ore oughv leovmg Yhe loss assembly Pot Bwchwbrm ro! Sfeworr and 64 lg g ' I Ong , 5 44I'4 V ' ' ,,,.. Ponold John cmd Harry Bumgordner enloy o coke of noon C.. 7 LQCOUPJZ Q2 .J FLCU -J Od Li : , s. , ' - X JJ-7. x 7 I Zi ' f . v . I , Sue Paz, i1Z1"'74'E 'fe r class rsngs. T , ' A . . . sb X .2 - ' - - 4 lf 4 I 'QQ D A new pc r of sroes 'Q' g,r',? JJ ere s rese boys f,nd i' inferesrmg. ll 1 Q ' I V i N if , I. , J l a s . g 3 S I , ' 9 b I. O ' 1 V' r Y -,B . C . , f' Os 1 I , 5- ' 'I .' f' g, Yes, being o iunior olso involves problems. Thor is vhe trend of this discussion. Learning the skulls of woodwork- ing ore several AV svudenvs. 'W' . 50 gOl72O'ZSi The Second semester Sophomore Class officers, left to right: M. Ackerman J. Dwyer S, Ankrum, P. Ramos, J. Stout and J. Godde take time out for class business. B oifzonzscf Dui The Sophomores started off a wonderful year by spon sorung one of the dances nn October Autumn Leaves where couples enloyed a magic mood under hues of old brown and red splashes of color 9 Mass Urbanokskn and Mr Cohen did a wonderful lob of sponsorrng the Sophomores thus last year The frrst se d mester offncers were Stan Anderson President Ju y Stout Vnce Presxdent Sandra Ankrum Secretary Tom Nalarlan Treasurer and Pat Calvert Reporter The sec mos President Janet ond semester officers were Pete Ra nt Sandra Ankrum Secretary Judy Dwyer Vlce Preslde Stout Treasurer Myrna Ackerman Reporter One of the biggest events of the year was the Sopho more Day on January T2 when they held the Sophomore Assembly That was the day that all the Sophomores 9 wore thenr Mnghty Sophs puns Remember lt was a wonderful year for the Sophomores and It wrll be even better next year Sophomore Agrrculture students observe wh le p ckmg of cute chuck contunues SOPHOMORE, First row, left lo right: Correr, Second: Corley, Gordon, Gronrcy, Goodrrch, Cloudy, Connell, Dexter, Dovrs, Cordgr Coornes, Corrrgon, Combs, Chesser, Coggeshall, Ellrs, Griffin, Ezelle, Frey, Gory. Third: Do' Back row: Cormrll, Cox, Cummins, Duggins Drckrnson, Donhreux, Cunnrnghom, Coffman. vrdson, Benn Doolrn, Dollochre, Compbell, Donlen, Clark, Clorr, Chorley, Coler. use-1 Lui Mr. Hicken, Driver's Education instructor, lectures his Sophomore closs on the helps ond hozords of driving, SOPHOMORE, Flrsl row, lefr fo right Kosteclcy, Freeman, Fcrulter, Hager, Ellrson, Groy, Flrclr, DeJcrynes Buck row: Emery, Dyer Dovrs, Hicks, Hines, Goddrs, Horr, Harper, Hulsrzer, Fox, V, Hunt. Third: Dcwnold, Corus, Chrles, Crrgolyrr, Grbbs, Erwrrr Goorlrn, Fl-rmoro, Horrley, Hrlrorr, Hrll. Second: Cores, Fowler, Coyerf, Crow, Frrerrrr, Frscrrer, Creech, Doyrs, Cooclell, Fodky. K. 1' - aim U2 .Ji QQUTQYZCE :- Skillful hands run through daily assignments in a Sophomore typing class. .rs ,,ww-4, ,, 1- 'GYM SOPHOMORE, First row, left lo right: M. McKinley, Kosperson, Linney, Lina, Morris, Mulder, Mason, Klaer, Martin, Patchin. Second: Newton, Paris, Matza, McDougal, Lea, Mast, McCabe, Milligan, Mathewson, Pontis, Third: Price, Thomas, Kirk, Knowles, McGehee, Ponton, Oliver, Loewen, Long, Kammarer. Back row: T. Judge, Mauldin, Kirk, Nash, Morgan, D. Mouldin, M, Mauldin, King, Miller, B. Miller. SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: Tensfield, Weiss, Wayne, Ashley, Tompkins, Jones, Rychebosh, Taylor, D. Hodges, Welch. Second: Warner, B. Smith P. Ramos, T. Smith, Zilinski, VanAlstyne, Russell, Thomas, Word, Warden. Back row: Slater, Wheeler, Troncole, Wilder, Willis, Thomas, Wilfy, Robinson Todd, Vensel. 5 U 'v' JN.. SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: Ladd, Miller, J. Miller, Muller, McHale, Marrs, Luczak Livermore, Maxwell, Mooney, McGill, Second Klingerman, Merritt, Lessing, Lane, Moore UE 'ZOLL SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: Nelson, Nicholson, Pridoy, Nagel, Preter, Opdycke, Paros, Piette, Phillips, Pinclwinr-i, Second, Niven, McConnell, Martin, Lewis, Lowrey, Myhan, N Miller Third: Mead, Kuhn, Martin, Losey Meyer, Lackey, Loghry, Miles, Lafrenage, Maag Bock row: Long, Kraninock, Stewart, Moore 6 Ulla 1, OSuIbiron, O'Brien, Potthoff, Priest, Powell, Phillips, Kerbow, L. Mead, Third: Ladd, Popioy, Pickette, Queipo, Page, Pick, Parr, SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: Rich, J Sloblev,SturYtbf1agtw, Paplee, Peagan,Sel- ficige Self Shale, Skinner, POW Second: M V V ..,,, . .,., f...,.,-- ,L ' " , " .12"'ahi". . -:ER sa.: , . K. ' 4 I 'Q ' 9' , 3 . s, ss -we-f 53-:.+ Q I , - 'Jvsif Q 'sniff ,Ein -L. Q, e A s , A s - ,. -f ' 1 ' S Q ' l 1 Q , L 4 , mg' ' k 5 a N ' nj Thompson, Stewart, Stephens, Rinde, Rehmann, Shibley, Nelson, Schultz, Ritter, Perkins. Third: Stoner, Smith, Nelson, Pearson, Pond, Page, 5 "fi , SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: St. Pnerre, Sanford, Fussell, J, Smnlw, Roblson, R. Qce, P Rend Strawberry Cook B Nortor' Bank row Rlclwords, Srmmonds, Swckles, Rumbougl1,Sieck, Rlce, Norton, Pr ce, Peterson, Penick, Third Solomon Molyszko Sterlung Copp Wolters Scott, Reed, Sfempfley, Rondel, Second: Penn, Pl'y,SGr1Cl6rS, l?omero,S1rmger, Rhodes Regeck Whenphr Hurt Urrbe 7 g Luz, LUZCI fbclfii CL HOU SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: Tote, Underwood, Wollrs, Taylor, Woll, Wilbur, Wal son, Terfke, Tucker, Zito. Second: H, Wllson Q' S Wllllcms, Teellos, Zvndler, Thomos, Turley Togge, Watts, Yedud, S. Wilson. Third: Erwnn Sheors, Sklnner, J. Rlley, J, Ruley, Slmkord -I 'Y , Q SOPHOMORE, First row, left to right: Marston, Honno, McMullen, Howk, Holt, Justlce, lllnon Hqllgwonh HU,-ner Johnson B Jones sock McPherson, Helegenrnor, Lnle, Jorett, Hunsucker, Horrlng, Howard, Mead. Third: Loswell row Kglly M.llef Lomegd Kllewer McCfgCken Jocksor-, Johnson, Jenks, Joy Second: Holl, Monsfrelci, Hughes, John, Hancock, Knowles Kfehblel M0595 Mgyyewson nv-'ff--'- L- S J Gqmf 9026102 L1 5 aw A daily check is made by each sophomore driver educaiion student before he leaves campus. um ., E -P L ' gg-u-" -kt X 4 l I . ' " ff .,, 'f - ' . X If -A 1 .. 4.4 ,Jrlfff ' 5 4 i"' 4 if . X ' ff 1 4 . N 7 I V.: ,If H I .....l-5,15 42, " v A - , . if 'mr 'xr 5 , if .T 1 B X . X vf 'N' I 0, af ' 'ar -D '51 l 4 i Vx W '. 'S ell ii' ' .v J . ,, , x 5 . .1 -A .y"' l 5 9 . l I 8 sa gf I 5 L 4 V Y x Q I 1: ' , L. A 5 . -. 'ii""l-.jf i 3' " . .K , 5 5- - f' , i r A y 1 1' - b ' '?1s:fW5?i1f'wf,.7iT - Q ' Q X , -A ' ' S -tg? .lA,n.'f-1219? ' v Y -1 ' . 5-1 , x , . Q , nk,g:1,.g:k in f 2 , ' ' .3,.,-.firm 'f fx . ' .-'NV QV-' - N , YQ-14? Www' x, , x - V ,, -' X ,,!- 5 I K ,,f5.:l,v ,ru Q Lg? lj' .X ' -, 1 -'f ,X " ' . - 1 . l A A group of sophomore girls enjoy lhenr lunch on one of the new lawns, iv- 4 , v, J SOPHOMORE BOARD OF CONTROL, First row, left lo righl: EA Howard, P. Calvert, C. Lessing S. Potrhoff, M. I-ckerrnor. Bock row: S. Ancier son, P. Ramos, T. Ncior cn, S, Ankrom J Sour, F. Welch, A Noonor.. My I i X ,X ,t 2 'IL-, 3 ', I 1 1. W J Duffoog on life 'v 1 1 I J S 42 l. fm . ,wx 1 , Tl , ' Cc i l'.'. , 1 , 1 x Q 'fi iff-'W I 1 Q: I rbi O Working their fingers to the bone ore c group of sophomores in one of the mony primory secretoriol typing classes. Bobby Cole, o sophomore studeni, is picking our ond poying for his lunch in the school cofeyerici A typicol locker shown be fore loci-er inspection day, -han: '-"""-I W... ' ,581 1 s f....p-. , ij, I' FRESHMAN OFFICERS, Standing, left to right: Joan Gutierrez, Doug Sutton, Suzy Weir, Sitting, left to right: Barbara Ballard and Vicky Clement, A 1515, HZSIZ 5gOMIS Early in September, the Freshmen started their first year by the students were Doug Sutton as President, Suzy at A.V., one they will long remember. The first big Weir, Vice-President, Joan Gutierrez, Secretary, Vickey event of the year was the Freshman Welcome, when the Clement, Treasurer, and Barbara Ballard as Reporter. boys met on Mays' Field and the girls met in the Audi- The Freshmen sponsored the dance after the basketball torium. The main idea was to get the students ac- game on January 27, but the last really big event ot the quainted with each other and it was a big success. year was the Freshman Dance for Freshmen and their The Freshman Class was sponsored by Mrs. Baldwin, dates. Mrs. Ballentine, and Mr. Wrathall. The officers elected FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: A. Anderson, B. Azbill, P. Allen, C. Baughman, B. Cassandra, C. Berthelot, M. Bell, A, Budd, C. Bechner, B, Burdick, Second: S Appleton, S. Aclfelson, J, Bondreau, P. Belvill, S. Blecha, L. Atwater, N- BOPGV. L- Bflkef, K- Allen, D- Akin- Thiff-'12 R- BYYGN, T. Boswell, A- AYVJYEWS, D, B ebe, J, Anderggny M, Bgrden- Bock row: R. Brown, W. Anderson, C. Berthelot, L, Austin, R. Ballew, R. Adams, C. Brzggett, J. Bosanet., F. Burford, R, Agar, e C. Ames, D. Arrowsmith, A. Arthur, D. Alderman, J, Alesander. Q, "W"-1s rs'-f4"N4+iid's9,wt..,s,.i"f" ' ' " E X . K .8 -- .- i- Q.: 3 '.,,.v -J. A f..7x-'- ' A V it ""'A i- I-P, '.. n 5' .W , get 4 Q V 'P lg L 1 FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: Brothers, Aspey, Brororn, Benson, Brown, Bollord, Beorer, Boovran, Bloernenoool, Bevrermonn. Second: Buckner, Boos, Brrnell, Bonner, Broley, Boker, Bennett, Buck, Belvlll, Bock row: Berg, Bowers, Bu'e, Brofles, Bird, Bognowslml. Third: Bunoer, Buss, Boehm, Bobsnow, Burns, Bloorn, Bervor, Bfers, Burns, Bunnell, Brlgonte, Brown, Barker, Burlfs, B Julia ipzorrziia FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: Cooper, frowiom 'iOCT'V'S fle'nen', Cfnrnron, Cnble "1rfww1y,'fm'wel' 'fill rs, ffIWllJl'3Ell Second: HIESHMEN, First row, left to right: Us-lrqlnr, Delevevv, De.l::ynes, Deireesr, Dey, Drlfcy, Fav-d, Dailey, Dernvrs, Dennis Second: Dnms, Dorling, Dickinson, Dnrr, Dernoruelle, Don' I J, 513' an I 1 4 K . 'x f l rl l'l.t v .Ok .' . Q I S ' zf. - 4 Cole Conley, Collins, Conklin, Cole, Collrnon Cocrrfmne, B Cox, J, Cox, G Cox. Third: Colby flll'Cn Kola Borlrngrxme, Bemis, Crurvpfon, lweox, Drinlovl, Denton, Dzlfey, Cline Third Cfose, Colle, Corggesrltzll, Crlwterton Con non, Colverf, Cowngvon, Colfer, Cur'ln, De Mornus. Back Row: Cundlfl, Carver, Cossey Curry, g-1. Ct, Crone, Crofton, Back row: Brown, Aclcer Belfgofmrrl, Broclc, Bennett, Boll, Collins, Con f1rly,G Wes, Clrenore Cossey, Combs, Cole, Crawford, Covert, Corbo Comm ,ww f-A 4 - 4- I v Q . f- Q 'F 1 r l - . n lv - . K' 1 , 1 , Y' 1 1 ., K Q 4 . Ao' FRESHMEN, First row, left lo right: Devin" S I,f'1"r J. Donwzrr Doze Denfzfger Conv Zriurfou- Dorvilrzsor' Donlnr' Dowrnfg Second:F1el Fyfnfl Ffivvnrlls, Ffwll-ner, F ver, C s I l " Q , 4 -, fi O fs I FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: L, Gord- ner B Gardner Gwrerrez, Frrend, Grant, Grlmore, G lberf, Good, Gooo Ezelle Second: FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: Hfirrey, A Hnes, M, Hines, l'-lrgle, l-lreber', Hfxrr-'eq He' :er 'l ff" ser, He-r' ie'5l C' "lf" 'fe'Si" Second: Helen, H mrr 5 Hfmgen H1 r Hum"- M. 1, if " I he J, - lb' v. Fenirer, Fergeascr' Fesserder Fovney, File. Third: Lzxyrs, Dei Berne Seiixrro, Dcnlorci, Dwnrv-ls, Downs, Esuello, Frgel' wrfir, Frirnlworn. Back vow: Cole, Crow, Dorowm, Clmnrnglrrim, 0 5 I is Gray, Flulwerry, Fleming, Greenlee, Ford, Flir- lon, Grseborr, Gerber, Frslier, Fincher, Third Grcy, Guerra, Gollron, Grroud, Gorcro, Flick, Gulbrcmrson, Horvell, Guwell, Guy, Gowen Third: Hoffrnwn Howell, Hoppes, Humphreys 'lzgogr' H:lle.rvg"r HL 1'-'rwn Henderson, Huw,-, Hirr.s. Bock row: Junwes, Hrzgen, 1 ' v af, 1. 5 L , Def-'ossC, 211.5 Ffefilenff F':'e I L Eyes ,,,,..,....-0 !""""" Grreco, Fix, Fowler, Pulp Bark row: GW n Fryer, Ellrolr, Grimes, Godde, Gorcro, Grpson Groy, Gutzwrller, Granger, Howell, Harvey, Hnrr Hale, Hcfxgson Han Hell l'l'1norll,GuyrYrOn,GrOSSr 0 s f-r unusually b.1sy Fresrrnan :lass listens to Mr. Wrathall tell them about the day's assignment in Social Studies. In d 3 .- vi.-4 in aan if G 1 I - ' ali? li-1' , zum ., chu.: -ecrznrn Y ""Y"1w-as Awww 'mm 4-Kg ,wrt .., ls""qdo """-wh 0 'E First row, left Io right: B. Hunter, Gufford, Jnsen, F. Jenkins, J. Jenne, L. Jayne, A. Jacobson, A. Huddleston, V. Huckabee, L, Hubkey, E. Howard, B. Holland, B. Howard, D. Hosler, C, Holbert. Second: S, Ingles, D, Irving, H. Jackson, D. Hunter, I. Hunter. Third: J. Huckaby, D. Humphreys, B. Harris, J. Hare, Hunt, . Hart, D. ohnson, M. Henderson, W. Harris, B. Hardin. Back row: B. Humes, T. Hee, D. Heffron, J. Irving, S. Ihlanfeldt, V. Humble, R. Jakabosky, D. r, K. Jarrett, T. Haskins. Talking over the happenings of an eventful day, these freshmen all seem to like life at A.V. o ccfuizin f ocia 'x Ergrossed in wer clcsswoii, TFSSG F'6S""f'9VW disprove 'Fe flweory lla? Engllsn is boring. "H"-v-1 FRESHMEN, First row, Iefl to right: S. Jordon, B, Junus, J. Jones, L Katz, A. Keorlwley, C. Jones, K. Johnston, l. Klein, C. Kimbrough, L. Jolmnnesmeyer, Second: A Levinson B Kuylendnll M Klosfer, G Kyle, D, Krcber, B. Kcill "S, D. Lulord, Klingermon, J. Lawson, G, Kyle. Third: K. Lowson,J Kliewer, E. Kenison, J. Lcrnb, K Kleppe, J Jonnvon, O. Kaiser, S. Jones, A. Lewis, J. Lewis, Bock row: J. Klernonn, R. Kelly, W. Klme, R. Krober, S. Jones, D. Jones, F. Johnson, D. Johnson, P Jorrecr, L Kdder, FRESHMEN, First row, left Oo right: D Mf1cf7ibbon, L Moll ref, K li":'c's, S Lu'Z, S Lopcssn C. Lnnny, S. Logon L. Mfvlflox, C, Livussi, J Lonmloy. Sezond: J, N ller, I '."f"." . '.',viL-r M MqGow'in,J Aflcfirxogle-,,J Mgfo "'h Q- EMM-Us, C M:5l,fJl,Mv1sl-,D Moodl n Third T Lucfis E Lcll S Luffy mv L Lowell, T1 . '3 rw ,111 ,'.'. ,'.mvrL:x, D, Lcifferry, P. Lefs F f.'-::sL-, Buck row: D. Koyle, R Kovvnlski, A Hooper, P. Lines, D. Nllnqim, K Lewis, J Lopez, E3 Lojlzri, S. ' . 'X L .'.'3 L, s O 9 A FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: J. Morris, P. McGuier, M. Menard, C, Mahan, M. Mullrgen, C. Morsefreld, C. Morre, B. Modrell, M. McCleary, P. Morton Secnod: T. Lrie, J. Nunn, M, Niven, S. Nrcklos, D. McNeeDels, C. Nagel, T. Noetzol, P. Mangan, S. Mingus, S. Moor. Third: R. Mauch, D. McKinley, A. Mitchell, K Mathews, Cv. McBride, F. Miller, A, Lamb, R. McCormick, E. McLane. Back row: J. McGechre, D. Maxwell, J. Miller, T. Moore, K, Metcalf, D. Massey, F, Mallock G. MfConneII, H. Melrzer, R. Melton. 'ZLLCEQ " 7 Eager Freshmen are being served refreshments at the annual Freshman Tea. FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: P. Perrotta, J. Paradiso, D. Peck, R. Pfenning, R. Prevedello, V. Orlando, C. O'Connor, D. Ortega, B. Payne, M, Puterbaugh. Second: L. Messenger, C. Markov, J, Moody, F. Pohl, A. Pickett, L. Pridgen, G. Parker, L, Peiec, J. Paesono, J. Purcell. Third: C. McDaniel, K. Moore, K. Marsh, W. Oliver, J. Nicol, R. Needham, F. Nayarrere, E. Naranlo, R. Navarret, A. Normandy. Back row: B. McMullen, T. Newbon, R. Neal, B. Navarrer, B, O'Brien, D, McCaleb, C. Martin, C. Owens, G. Meeks, J. Mahaffey. J '53 !.' is NIO lf! .gl -.. Q FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: Rogers, Russo, Ross, Reyes, Roberts, Radavuch, Reiter, Pers nger, Rolfe, Reynolds. Second: Reaa, Ploods, Reed, Rupp, Rowlrngs, Robertson, Retersor' Rengtlley, Q , ' x ng , 'fx ,Q-' Q 'K Y Q mx 1' K ,. ' s 1. C P J Q 1 l A Q f S' Q 5. W ' x 'L' 1 3 x 'if' I x' S' PS4 l I I Sot'o", Snoteldt, Sims, Romero. Third: Oster- Qara, O'ser, Oster, Rxztne, Pearson, Rerdew, Pennington, Phillips Back row: Polos, Ptlrncmnts O Brien, Plamowski, l2iLL'ZLl2 012 L U ' foils FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: Salestrom, Schraever, Sharp, Sager, Smith, Schedler, rvers, M, Schwetch, J. Solusbury. Second: Sawyer, Sears, Shelton, Sparks, Summers, Short, Stacy, Stratton, Shaw, Sweet. Third: Ramsey, Reseck, Sharp, Rosh, Rake, Richie, Q FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: Schwo bacher, Sanooz, Thomsen, Thomas, Tyree, Teters, Unger, Wtlson, Carmon, Schubert. Second: Wrighfsnnan, Wenple, Vtlrtgiwtsrnan Nelch, Wiiley, Wtslnen, Wtltrey, Ward, Wade, Nev, Third: Shannon, Srroky, D, Smith, W. Srr'h, Stewart, Srnelser, Sawyer, Schcster, Razrrnan. Back row: Stetnert, Sylvtes, Spott, JPe Q L nrod, Reeves, Preter, Perrctto, Patterson, Pa 'on .y 7205 Piotr, Rumpf, Persinger, Scott, Bock row: Sharp, Stiers, Sauerwine, Sorenana, See, B. Robinson, Roof, Sontino, Siots, L. Robinson. s X D X . Strnpson, Specht, Spoldrg Stoat, Storm Snootter, Watts. U4 I Q, E. 'ilifay 1 . FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: .U Unuerwocc: D, Verner, ..,,k lFi'3' www - T, ,- gkifixi' -' T' 7 X ffm-.J .,,' .g.A.+"r A861125 , Au- - "".f" A' l"v n W, . ,, . .. 'Y vm . ssh Second: C Tramp- .' .,,v.,,,f- ' 5 T Tlifrsof D Voogrn ..," A. V :ms Bock row: P. Wo" ' ff Yves C YC?-W' - A n ll l ' Fjr' Af. N, Uflfzou 'mf:.,..,, . i ,. - :' ""-+-" -,s-'J-u. ,A .' yn . Q 'Y . Aims? l1zyiN:"'1's' 5. FRESHMEN, First row, left to right: D, Wil- liomson, J. Wholover, N. Waters, A. Williams, P, White, C, Wing, B. Vollone, G. Zuter, S. Young, O. Wilson. Second: J. Webb, H, Woy- mon, B, Wall, P. Wilson, L. Wilson, L. Wendell, C. Willioms, D, Woifer, L. Wilson, M, Wilson. Third: F, Williams, R, Terry, G. Williams, J. Wolfe, B. Westmoreland, R. Young, K. Terry, J. T. Smith, J. Smith, R. Swenson. Back row: J. Toylor, D. Sutton, B. Vosbur, J. Walker, R, Wood, J. Wilson, R. Wilson, R. Waskokie, J. Willey, R, Young. A- -'f 5 9 'W 5 Gqcfiuif 116312.05 i . . I T "1'3'1'Um Q f L Freshmen boys eoring their cafeteria style lunch "ar -. .. f -1 ii 4 if X Q clfegzing A This was truly a great year for the Freshmen with all their activities. One of the main events was the Freshman Vodville Club, which was used to further the Freshman talent here at A.V. It was the only club organized during the year entirely for the Freshmen. The Freshman Board of Control along with the class officers did a wonderful iob of organizing the class' activities and events. The Freshmen sponsored some of the dances after the football and basketball games. The biggest Freshman sponsored activity was the dance after the game on January 27. Many I Three Freshman cuties pose for Yucca camera. fo 5- w ,af Q . i. I 5 .f aaa kgs couples danced into a magic spell cast by the strains of music by Gene Leis' Moonlighters. Many Freshmen couples enioyed the new found thrill of attending some of the big dances for the first time here at A.V. These dances contrib- uted greatly in paving the way for The Freshmen of now and of future classes. The Freshman party and the Freshman Tea were also some of the wonderful events enioyed dur- ing the year. All of these and many other ac- tivities helped the Freshmen have a truly won- derful year that will never be forgotten in the years to come. 7. ' T The Ci ristmas Boll had a big turnout, among the people ermoying it are Nancy Boker and Richard Davr Ann Anderson and Susie Wehr ioin together for a hamburger and coke at lunch time in a local cafe . f , L - - ,. :,,,,.,.l UD. .fn . , ,,..f . i,,., up , "rue L1 pf' -'W ? ,...OlZ X OCL , - 'fyi ,A ' -"1-. -- b a . . l . .p - 1. V4 on N ng ,"-, - , ,Q , r .. '5"tJ s s W vf..2.,'1 - , lu. , sw".-..fl V ' ' - -O1 maj . , ' - 1- -- U ,, ,ly . ,- , .36 Q' ef- 'Vp 4, fig 4 4? -qw 1 dl. .Pa , 1 5 'Qu' s , s -s. 1 -. .U I. , I", I -w iv gg. 5, 'sm 5 4. XQJ FA I Wl-ol could be more relaxing or lunch Mme ,gb ,, 1414 'T- 195'-M' H-,ln svflng around ln o group lllfe YlTlS Worlflng on clorhlng rs only one of the many vhngs these Freshmen girls learn vo do in Home EC. gX iv. Q-7 41. Jul 1 ' an Q 'S 4 Q f -Db-5 -x.,,- 'vw , ... --m': if-sn.. '.-N, 4' ' U ,-- I4 Q.. y- ,gf ' .F N A . i ,Eh V 59' '."' 0-- First Semester Student Body President Jon Whited X cgfucferzf Bod if Second Semester Student Body President Boss Anderson 4 YT' 4 . ' Fnrst ond second semester presidents, Jon Whited ond Boss Anderson get together on compos to dus- cuss student offcirs. Thus year s Board of Control under the able sponsorshlp of Mr Norton Nnchols accomplnshed much for the good of AV Jon Whnted furst semester presndent and Boss Anderson who took over un the spnng led the hard workung group very capably an solvlng the many problems whtch arose When clubs and organrzatnons submutted Ideas for stu dent actnvutres nt was theur 'ob to consnder and approve the rdeas for use In our actnvutnes program Among theur many other functlons the board represented AV ln the Santa Barbara Ventura Inter School Councnl meetnngs at the regular sesslons held at various schools Left to rught B Anderson C Stone M Cochran R Pucken F P, n, D Coddmgton D Sakaguchu D Cook D Sutton A Welch F Rn' 'Ti Board of Control Advisor Mr Norton Nichols ,Q-1-is I I Flfwiaefi Ln ohon ,3'l--2,132 . , I - Q I' I - , h- . - 1 . , . 'a ', J. Betts, S. Demers, D. Simi 4 t - 1 - I - - . , , i '. l v :' 'V al? l g . qu' . STUDENT SENATE, First row, left to right: D, Kelthly, S. Howard, F. Pigg, C. Sckwariv, L, Trot", J. Tornrcich, S, Pepper, S. Roy, D. Venturlnl F r , o Goaae, J. Pellrzzer, B. Ferguson J. Dowd, C. Stone, G Jolly, J. Brrd, K. Dckson, S Wynn. Second: B, Wtlder, G. Abrrgo, C, Calvert, G. Ptlrnanis, D. Cook, J. Weaver, J Hendrrx, S. Hewrtt, D. Demers, J. Wcter' K, Dora. A. Wlscn, D, Sokagocht, N. Mclntyre, K. Lessing, A. Da"'z A WSWS. Third: R. Hard, G. Gooosort, A. Wkrte, S, Demers, J. DoRrau, D. Marray, R. Worden, D. Srmu, A. Whrte, G, McElroy, P. Rcrfos, S, Anderson, R. Mead, J, Boker, D. Sutton, F, Welch, R. Lewan. Fourth: F. Fm, H, Casey, C, Ayres, A. Donn, R. Puckett, D. Swob, T. Na arraf, T. Hanson, W. Anderson B. Anderson, D. Slater, J. Wallace. MERIT BOARD, Right, top: Marseno Brown, Dawn Cook, Elaine Rrtter, Barbara Jones, Coryl Godde, Jane Kelder, Martlyn Frey, and Gladys Jolly. Below, Leadership Class in action, left to right: Susre Derners Al Dorr, Start Anderson, Pete Ramos, Caryl Goode. Ronnte Puckett. N17 ffl ,mr ,, wr' wx Q . Q p - Q I r-- A.- I 1 6 I I OU OC' oo ooo ooo oss, asv ooo. scar use Quai .4 .. , . I onznziffee owzaifs ous in ' Representatives from every second period class made up the Student Senate, which was responsible for cam- paigns such as cleaning up the campus. The adminis- tration referred the problems of the school to the Senate who tried to iron them out with the help of the Student Body. Al Dunn presided over these meetings. The Leadership class was newly formed this year to give the Student Body Officers more time to perform their duties and a chance to learn parliamentary procedure. The class also enabled the Board of Control meetings to be held without having to have students excused from class, Miss Ericson was their advisor. Student Court was headed by chief iustice Frank Piani first semester and chief iustice Diane Weir, second se- mester. The merit board kept track of the merits of all the stu- dents in the school. Dawn Cook was merit board presi- dent first semester and Caryl Godde took over for the spring term. I 5 i is .al . t XV i STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS, left to right: Anne Welch, Al Dunn, Doris Sakaguchi. STUDENT COURT, First row, left to right: W .Serfoss, S, Cochrane, C. Sayre, R. Smith. Second: A. Dahlitz, C. Rohlk, J. Kelly, K. Frey, D. Weir, M. Gwin. .915 OCLCL! 1534875 can 125, L'ZLLLIfLOlZ The maun acTuvuTues of The year were planned by The Socual Commufrees They planned The Alumnu Dance whuch was only one of The acTuvuTues They seT up for us much Tun fulled Tume was The resulT of Theur work Many of our sumple dauly enuoymenTs came from The Gurls and Boys League They sponsored such acTuvuTues as The Luggage Days There was The Boys Luggage Day for The boys To buy TuckeTs and have The gurl of Theur chouce carry Theur books some boys really puled on The books On Gurls Luggage Day The gurls had Theur chance To geT even Revenge was sweeT' The Leagues also wenT all ouT for Mum Day Thus works on The some udea as Luggage Day There us Mum Day for The gurls and Then for The boys If uT us Boys Mum Day and The boy Talks To a gurl he has To guve her a Tuckef The gurl wuTh The most Tuckefs aT The end of The day wuns lfs hularuous once uT geTs under way Yo yo day came un The sprung and befuddled us wuTh a puece of wood on a sumple strung The Assembly CommuTTee planned and scheduled our as semblues The AVuTes of The year were guven The enuoymenT of affendung These assemblues Maybe one of The favorutes of The year was The Mussussuppuans SOCIAL COMMITTEE Top row lefi To rughf D B ustoll J Dwyer D Venturun D Carter G Carter A Welch J Bloom B Cooper Bock row S An d rson D BThell F Welch E Pyron J Whu ed 00 'C iv-7 1' -if xbll I E I I r' , . , . 'i, , , . , e , . i , . , , , , "T , J, Sokaguchi, B. Gleenslade. ,- . '44 I .I 'sf' 0 f H ,.' 4 Q' Q -' 'S F s ' n ' 1 Q ., 1' D - .r' - IL ""' .815 W f -f A - , an 4' -v , . Q Z E L l A x I N- D ' T B- A1 , ,, a .ull I I ' ' s . U u l Fw W' wr 'E A "'9 an a nv '--'t"--" -' ' ' I das' -.5 X GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET, Top row, left to right: F Losey, D. Venturini, E. Howard, President D. Saka gachn, J, Dwyer, A, Barton. Bottom row: C, Ayres, A. Whrte, K. Frey, S. Ray, A. Dahlitz, P. Bielenberg, 1.1 so uf BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET, left to right: G. Pulmanis J, Ward, Presrdent D. Dennung, E Pyron, R. Hardy ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE, Top row, left to right: M. Warner, G. Queipo, Assembly Manager S. Anderson, D. Slater, R. Mead, S, Howard. Bottom row: J, Sanders, D. Sutton, R, Alan- za, B. Anderson, D. Blackburn, F. Thomas. cmc! gnafzam :Staff Qugfiigad The Sandpaper, well known to every A.V. student, was distributed periodically throughout the year, with Joy 'Weaver doing a great job as Editor-in-chief and ably assisted by Douglas Hairgrove, Assistant Editor, Aileen Benson, Honorary Assistant Editor, Penny Wehr, Feature Editor, Loyce Dahl and Bill Wilder, Sports Editors, and A --.. Pat Mater and Bill Wilder, Staff Photographers. 'K ' ' Loads of hard work tell to the lot of all members ofthe Staff as they were seen working many nights after all - .A other students had long gone. The paper was livened by up Joy Weaver's spirited editorials and some feature articles. 9. aff? This year as in many previous years, the paper was P" '-r- 1 ?,3,,3qj:3-'T1Qi.13x printed locally by Africa's Printers. ,- Ot course no school paper could do without a good 5 advisor, and Mr. Joe Milrod was lust the man to till r this trying iob, as is evidenced by the fine work which went into the making up of the Sandpaper under his direction. Q- 'ss ,NN Above Ieh: Mr. Milrod, Sandpaper advisor, sets up 't e schedule tor today. Films' Or rl9l ull' Above: Serving as editors are Bill Wanomaker, 'g0,. I Loyce Daiil, Bob Jackson, Joy Weaver, Penny Wehr, Darlere McForlana Right: SANDPAPER STAFF, sitting: Sue Ray, Judy Turner Chuck Koertge. Standing: Dougleas Hair- giove, Aileen Benson, Diane Arthur. J 'zoucffy SANDPAPER STAFF, siiting: Nancy Miller, Darlene McFarland, and Bonnie Selvidge. Standing: Vir- ginia Wilbur, Barbara Hagamier, Marie Holt, Char- lene Baker, Linda Sanford. Douglas Hanrgrove, Assistant Editor 'Y' Z' f 7 11' 1 r 1' ffl' Joy Weaver, Sandpaper Editor I Si".-if""" lg fd 16,9 .1-J . ...X-I . Art Edifo Nono Lomb Coption Editor :Siffuz Deonno Coddington 9 Editor-in-Chief YUCCA STAFF, First row, left to right: G. Jolly, D. Weir, J. Evers, A, Hilgendorf, C. Rohlk, K. Liver- more, A. Scott, J. Blouch, J, Dubin. Second: R. Stollenwerk, C. Marriott, L, Truift, T. Stevens. Back row: B. Jones, J. Reutter, J. Bishop. JPY, ,.. Penny W Frank Campbell Photography Editor Connue Stone Busnness Manager Z- 5 O Mnke Prnce Yucca staffers toiled away all year tryung to meet their deadlnnes on time Thelr work was directed by Yucca ad vrsor Mr Ralph Nybakken and edltor In chief Deanna Coddlngton Working Saturday and after school the staff members were one happy family The Staff attended varnous Yearbook Workshops and Press Conferences durnng the year where they learned the proper procedure of puttung out a Yearbook Though the staff had many of the natural trlals and trlbu Iatnons that come with producing a yearbook they are proud to present the 56 Yucca The photography was done by Frank Stubbungs Harold Hummel Claude Wrlluams and staff photographers The Yearbook House IH Monrovia was responsible for publishing the Yucca Staff Photographer Mr Ralph Nybakken Advisor 96 "vi RADIO PRODUCTION, First row, left to right: P. Norris, G. Kennedy, S. Edmondson, K. Reed, D. Krehbiel. Standing: L. Ropley, L, Wehr, D. Olderich, K, McMiIlin, A. Smithurst, M, Johnson, L. Buck. QUILL AND SCROLL, Sitting, left to right: D. Coddington, B. Wilder, C. Keortge. Standing: J. Dubin, M, Price, N, Lamb, C. Livermore, D. Arthur, P. Morer, D. Hairgrove. 1 i Quill and Scroll is the society for high school journalists. Students are recommended for membership for outstand- ing literary achievements throughout the year. lt is a great honor to be selected for membership in this or- ganization. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Milrod, the group worked on literary proiects directed by Deanna Coddington and her able officers. Under the direction of Mr. Stevens, the members of the radio production class put on ci variety of weekly pro- grams throughout the year. Radio production taught the students a great deal about radio stations, correct use ot the microphone, and many other things pertaining to radio work. To gain Honor Society membership you have to earn ten points, these points were awarded for good grades and certain activities. All members receive a special pass which entitles them to the privilege of unsupervised study. Some of the activities sponsored by Miss Dart were a Snow Party at Big Pines and a banquet. l, " 5 X Guiana 'Z1 -,..f 50. 87,12 07172 HONOR SOCIETY, Top, Furs! row Ieff to rrgh! Boxwell Shan rnpson Crow Srnrtf, Downs, I rs, Hubke e Peea, Cassrng, arn, Marston Boeael Menard Perro"a, Bruley Dovra. Second: Dobrn, Wehr, Chesser, Scnreyer Sager trot Good, Baker, Dwyer, Wltolaver, Azbell D krnson, Alder vor, Lewrs, Mead L wson Mtlbourne, Ballard, Morel IC s Marer Funk Handell Denny, o , man, Hughes, Bryant. Third: Lewr , , Van Alstyne, Kloster, Ballara, I-losler, Brown, Bshop,ScI1wake ' C , Baker, Brewfon, Dtpre, o I Ben on odds, one, Jrnks Morton, Cole, Fryer, Tay or t Leonard Ha es I-Q errnan, P. , , Pa ee, Dronens Fourth: N aran, Har, , Strvers, Mallet, Wtlson, Schwandt, Draper, Akroyd, Ayers N xon, Sfhrteyer, Wtlson, Fulkerson, Wlmted, Ptnde Back row Nagnran, Engern 'nn Dennnng, Prckas, Barth, Patlrfl, Howard Flax ng on, Downs, Cochran Anderson Turner, Stevens Ressell, Moore W nebrenner hon HONOR SOCIETY Below Furs! row left lo ugh! Ideal NeeDeIs Trurtt Sollenwerk Wetr Godde Daklnz Arnold Cocrran Jensen Seger SLfOP5lII'e M911 Dug: HII Mrs Pollock Mass Dart Locknart Rroton Aroerson Hasler Thurd Shannon Plmanrs Kme Chaney Lewrs Whlte Akroyd Engernonn Br: d er Wnlson Morel Lumley 9h arm ahora Motors Lesslng Second Richard Draber nk Bnrd Haugen Leonard I Greenlee Gar n II zer Seger Four nta Saka Jennrngs Schwetclt Barton Ferguson Pe nz ks Tomncrch Sebasttan Brock S0 W Ich Lnru Perklns Spann Hrs gucnr Dnsmore Kraber Smrth Molfler e son Wlmte Branberg Warren Bock row Sakaguc h Nalarran Wrlder Gullett Co Flue Elf moto Welc ssl Daw hr Dovrs les Vi 'Q 'an ' ....ejw.' bfi' sr 4, , fs 1 ' m',Z,n""1' Top: Z sos, cg 'Veir bes', 'fe bafa mvae se.era3 cu' of 'own appearahces Above right: 'J' ..,c.,.. V' ef' L. 'TT K C C E fig. -ta ff umm 5. 54651 All enioyed the field trips this past fun-loving year. Re- member the riots on the buses? Remember the bus drivers as theyd turn all colors in an effort to quiet us down? Yes, old buses were made of new ones The times the buses really rocked and rolled were on the way home from Varsity football games. Everyone was excited with that old school spirit as our team triumphed. l-low much did the Future Teachers Association work at UCLA on their field trip? Did they work at all? On the field trip of the agricultural classes, how much land did they leave undemolished? Theres nothing to worry about though, the demolished land can probably still grow things. Possibly the stronger weeds can survive At the UCLA Band Day, the band had a rip-roaring time. They also lived it up in Long Beach at the All'Western Band Review. The songs wern't sad -- they cried over the musicians. Arts and Crafts went on an educational field trip to the Indian Museum. Later they broke loose and scaled the buttes. lf you went on any of these trips you found out how nv' -Q. 'tk much fun oridnary things could be. Qemernber 'ha' game? That was one of the times you took a spectator bus and didn t get home until 3:00 AM. Ill -'!5'f.,, IH5'Hii:: '1ll"ul ' l'::1 .Z C.,.lf-rf Top nght Journolnsrn Duy as engoyed by the Yucco Staff Below rlght Through on unvrtotuon to cz GAA Play Dcy these gurls had o thoroughly enloycble tame been the one Mr de Cruz s class took to Fort Teton :gl-I-5 Q . ll 15' I lv I 1 Below: I wonder which trap this was? Could it have I XX E -..- mm' . , J - . ' 4 ' 1 7' if . K l hy CADET CORPS, Top, First row, left to right: K. Tompluns, K. McGokan, H. Welt, Second son, L. Burgin, J. Hoapes, D. Lancaster, Third M. Moss, L. Dtetz, F. Adams, L. Corum, P. Wil J. Tommy, J. Turner, R. Hallswortlw, L. Fulp L. Radtke, B. Haopes, R, Levis, R. Fredlund, J Falcone, L. Clifton, R. Navorrete, J. Irving, E Jackson, W. Harris, Buck row: A. Mansfield, D. Genlert, L, Norton, D, Brown, D. Perdew, F, Novarrete, R. Roberts. CADET OFFICERS, First row: John Jcnlfson and Bob Spencer, Second: Robert Forbes, Howard Welt, Ken McGowan, Ken Tornpl ns. Back row: Gary Arno, Btll Wa'scn Don Fallenbuclfel. J,,:u CADET CORPS, Below, First row, left to right: R. Hunk, R, Forbes, R, Chamberlain. Second: J. Huckaby, A, Mitchell, D. Goodwin, V, Mc- Pherson, G. Gibbs, R. Agor, E. Sylvester, D, Oster, C, Engelhardt, T. Riscltar. Third: S. Smith J, Newton, D. Rudman, R. Brown, F. Massey, C. Russell, M. Sontuno. Buck row: G. Dame, B, Green, O. Katser, M, Spot, G. Dallachir, J. Cole, L. Russell, . Wayne, L, Little, -45- s if l Q hi 's..,,i. 'ff ABL r r.....-, offs sad in 4372015 cuz :Rane One of the great service clubs here this last year was the well-known California Cadet Corps, which has been organ- ized at AV for six years. Mr. Thomas, the sponsor of the Cadet Corps, did a wonder- ful job directing the boys throughout the year. This was naturally a big iob, but he did very well with the able as- sistance of the Cadet officers, Lt. Col. John Jackson, Capt. Bill Watson, Capt. Robert Spencer, lst Lt. Garry Amo, and 2nd Lt. Jack Anthony. The Cadets were guides for the many confused parents on campus on the night of open house. They were helpful at the football games and ably represented A.V. at the rifle competitions throughout the state. The Cadets uniforms,- which always looked neat and crisp, gave the boys a reason to be proud ot be known as members of the California Cadet Corps. The Lettermen's Club consists of AV's top athletes. The Lettermen officers were Don Keithley, President, Dean Swab, Vice-President, AI Dunn, Secretary-Treasurer, and Ted Han- son, Sergeant at Arms. The club was sponsored by Coach Bockman and was used to further athletics here at AV. At the beginning of the year, the Lettermen had the traditional black sweaters with the Varsity Letter on them, but later they got their jackets which they wore with pride. As a service club, they sponsored the grammar school bas- ketball tournaments in March and also ran the concessions at the football games in the fall. The Lettermen's Club is a worthwhile organization that we are very happy to have here at AV. Our congratulations to the Cadet Corps and the Lettermen's Club for their wonderful assistance in school activities and other functions which are of service to everyone. LETTERMEN, First row, left to right: C. Slater, E. Pyron, K. Pugh, G. Goodson, R. Puckett, D. Sirni, J. Provenzano, J, Whited, B. Hicks, S. Howard, F. Thomas. Second: M. Warner, B. Jordan, D. Cable, G. McElroy, W. Serfoss, J. Ratliff, H. Casey, B Barth, D. Wintnger, B. Rime, C. Calvert. Third: G. McBride, L. Estes, J. Sanders, D. Venssel, T Naiartan, B. Daley, R. Engemann, C. Healy, D Huntley, R. Long, M. Upshaw, R. Mead, D. Ashley B. Smith, J. Brossel, D. Davis. Fourth: B. Tingle S, Anderson, G. Fischer, J. Blanchard, E. Boswell C. Chaney, T. Molacek, G. Hayes, B. Maag, B Donlan, L. Yingling, T. Powell, B. Carter. Fifth J. Guthrie, C. Sayre, D. Slater, C. Story, F. Morton J. Ward, J. Miller, J. See, P. Lines, C. Reid, C Spencer. Back row: G. Dupreau, R. George, H. Davis R. Worden, L. Phillips, B. Wilbur, V. Wright, S Marvin, D. Greco, H. Strawberry. 1l'..:'f J 'KRW' A - . 1. ' 51-Qs . mb eg,- . 1 5 ffl:-fxlrfq' During the year Ted Hanson, Don Keithley, and Dick Murray led the Lettermen in 'heir activities, .-0' O A S nfii f-fe C T Showing flms? This was fine job of the Prolechon tt,- ISfS as dernonsrrofed by Chuck Brink. g"'V'-' 5105051 '44-g., 'A-x., pR05RAm Q 7.5- ,gulf 'LOH2 J CUZ 1 Three groups un AV exusted volunteerung theur own tume and effort to make a better school You could fund the Knughts keepung order un the assem blues and un the halls and helpung out un whatever serv uce they could fund Keepung order and servung refreshments the Usherettes worked at socual gatherungs plays and PTA meetungs Another group was the prouectuonusts wuthout whom we could not have had movues record players or tape re These three groups though small were a very umportant factor un the backbone of AV hugh Duscussung the problems of Usherettes are Sandra Edmondson Suzanne Demers and Barbara Mohler A typucal Usherette club meetung presuded over by Sandra Edmondson I I , . - I I ' cordings. I I l X . n A 4 A.. wtf' 009: FD ,f faaiwzai wu Encoumgtng frrendshrps wtth letters ore Dorothy rope Ann Sttvers Cloudro Dtckrnson Peorl Brew cn Pot Wrlbur Joetto Slmbley Potrlck er smger ond Mrs Lorbeer members of the Pen Pos ull' N s Q PE C V95 GV r rv Hfopes Mr CUC M e ee eSorrp Leorm tg to et ol rt h ore V orles Crow Ro Id ond flcudro Llrusse of the lnternctt Club ,Ju g o g wlt people of other notlons no John Sharon Scltodler onol Relatrons ' 'i D ft ' , ' , f , , , P - . , I . ,- , .vw rf " K z - Q 1 1 - . Cx," .x ' 'fl r' ' ' W E H"-vw Q I -?" Vw 1 Y, - .. i ff . - , xl, . , Y. ,' ' . ' I ': ' f 't J, .C . .R t, In v , Y . . ob.. .., l 1 T r 15 r 1 I' U, .-1, 'l 'A Y OW rs rn: are ' 'es'ez: tri ' 'e QV icon' e 'f 'f,v"' 1 Sm 'L Qc' mc: Vzrfcos- , - 'K ., ' Swv' 5 Moses, f1'be"z Dcsher swf: Mr : Bczixmz r 13' 5 r-'rg " ' r Chl: 53.5121 and glzzfres d more every day In the Clubs thus year helped more an broademng of our apprecIatIon of the cultures of other lands b sented to us a frIendlIer VIEW The SponIsh clu pre towards our SpanIsh Amerucan frnends We learned to t lc an Interest Inthem whIch promoted better assocIa a e tnons later CredIt for thIs well done Iob goes to Mr Daley and Mr AvIk L dl The lnternatIonal Relatuons club sponsored by Mr a ey bl ms of VIEWS and knowledge on the pro e wIdened our the world and theIr effects on us Pen Pals make frIends of those lIvIng In other countrIes whose problems were dnscussed Mrs Lorbeer helped an Interest In theIr problems us to share and take ShowIng Interest IH Spamsh customs are Mr Jose lb onsors AvIke and Mr James Daley Spamsh cu sp along Wllh Ann Welch and Ted Hanson ErIIoyIng a mural drawn by John Hoare are Carol b Mllre Bowen Alleen Benson Sharon MII ourne Gullett and Bob Sallceld -I 1 pq...-.L vvxar-A-a......, ,A-1.-.41-.,,,g, '-"""'-v1-s..-- sAAAA4v-4'-4 ...ov- -vw-'44---44-'V .4-vid? ,,1,4r1-f ,.AAfvv"" '25- -,A-I .f'3 'e 'CI r I I V ' j12LfLafLOl25 o nonsensical pyramid these Farmerettes 'av rg a gay time. fi 2 O6 X ,p fx lc 'z 'i 3 .fi 9, J 'ZOLLILE :Spud A wild array of costumes, a mixture of hats, shoes, skirts and other clothing marked some ot the club initiations on campus. Their wild antics on the front lawn during noon hours Caused quite a comotion. The initiates were forced by club members to sing nursery songs, play games, polish shoes, and crawl up stairs and down halls. However, after it was all over they telt very happy to be mem- bers and belong to the group. rigorous day of laughter. These pirafical Usherettes are resting after G Top right: Having fun? A few of the Big A ini- 'a'es aisplay their talent, Right: Whether they're bowing down or polishing shoes these FFA initiates are at the mercy of superior members. Yu ana! gzaafa Unfazaif Conscientiously cleaning the sidewalk with their toothbrushes the Honor Society initiates find it a long, rard scrub. Eg..- imitating a typical farm gab session the Farmer- e'tes are enioytng their day of initiation. v 1 u x Walk 'ke plank me hearties' was a common ptarase heard on tne day of Uslnerette initiation. R... ' -rl.: lv- Life lead in in aifiion unc! HOME "Beacon's Toward Success" started the Future Home- makers of Americas State Convention off with a bang on October 28 through October 30. The affair, held annually at the Asilomar Hotel and con- ference grounds, on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula in Northern California, was attended by three delegates and one advisor from the Antelope Valley Chapter. One of the hard-working Farmerettes, Vicki Clements, proudly displays her proiect. Tackling those Home Ec projects are Nancy Boker, Lorraine Demarse, and Ethel Kephart, 'NJ wg,-,.Q'1"'?' S llynp-q-L vt. -nt' 1 x 15- 5 -QA Chrrsvmos slrrr for the enioymenr of vherr porems ' 1 L.-..n fx FHA OFFICERS, Sitiing, Left to right: M. Krober, S, Hull, P. Potter, C. Broyles, L. Smelser, H. WIISOH- Sfanding: M. Carpenter, M. Johnson, B. Hoyes, C. OSuIlivon, E. Tensfreld, T. Beaver, C. Akroyd, P. Perteet. Dufng 're FHA Vnsvolio on Bull Tensfelo pres der' of FFA, preserved We rrodmonol govel vo hrs srs er Evelyn, srgmfyrng her presrdemnol posmon FHA ers, SP- rley Hrll Dovre Love Angelo Tononon Morgue Johnson and Melrsso Krcber presented o ff cvzm life jnfszeaf ana! Uafanf One of the various things learned by the Farmer- ettes was tree-pruning, Here it is being demon- strated by Mr. John Gary. 4 I ' , ! F I ,' Under the guidance of Mr. John Gary the Farmerettes were active this year in their proiects and activities. They wore light blue sweaters which could be identified any- where on campus. Another organization, probably one of the largest at school, was the Future Farmers of America. They carried projects and learned many things to help them with their work at home on the farm. Their traditonal assembly was held in February, this annual affair was composed of participants from all the FFA classes and was de- clared a riot by the student body. .!l, I FARMERETTE OFFICERS, Seated: B. Coggeshall and B. Payne. Standing: J, Willey, A. Ramos, C. Ward, J. Holmes, V. Clemet, J. Wanserke, B. Hock. 'Fx ,W FFA OFFICERS, lefi Oo right: G. Moss, D. Pervgilly, J, Beebe, B, Tensfeld, F. Ogle, L. Clemets, I Q.: x A. I 5 V I jf' ,Wf tu? Practicing before a hay-loading comes? are some of the Future Farmers. A scene from the annual FFA assembly. - .fir ,. ...As .- . A 27? c LM FADS AND FASHIONS Modelnng the old standby of sweater and skurt as Kay Duckson Accenteng her outfnt rs matchmg bag and shoes and a stnped dnckue Casual wear on Campus Carbon Marmot Duane Wenr and Chuck Schmudt are seen on campus wnh vheur peggers loud cotton sharts ana boat neck lersey :Sify 5 iz wuz Our campus was exceptionally colorful thus year wasnt nt? Reds greens and greys dommated wnth varuous hues of pastels followmg rn the Sprung The boys galned rec ognutuon In thenr new style shurts the latest concentratung mostly on new neck lines The most unnque were the mandarin shurts There were many colorful and abstract desugns carrylng a Chinese theme Another neck style was the Italaan shurt These came un bold stripes and solud colors Peggers were stnll un style thus Year but even more radncal olors were worn such as turquoise yellow and chartreuse Whlte peggers made a long splash wnth the guys thus year being so versatule they could be worn wnth any color shurt The guys and gals were In agreement wuth sweaters They wore many beautrful colors and the steadles wore them to match The matching outfits were called twln outflts and to top It off the boys class rung was very b The boys didnt have all the styles though The gurls not to be outdone bloomed In the ever popular flannel pencnl skurts A very cute and pert style was full sklrts wnth multn colored sllps the more the better Sweaters and skarts IH matchung colors became very popular Col lars ducknes and colored scarves added the proper touch to the sweaters wnth flowers taklng over In the early sprung For casual wear capru pants and whrte bucks were the trend Many new colors ln suede shoes made an excntung addutlon to campus color combunes The trend was toward casual but attractlve dress and all In all ut was a very successful colorful and style conscious year 'S--7 ' E I I MFL 4.1344 ,--.92 .tif-Z? 50.03. . . I . lv 7.3.6.-5 r . l I . . . x ' I I ' : , : ' , ll ' ' ' l B ' . I. I . l . .h V . ecomlng hangnng on a chaln around the gurl s neck. l ' ' . ' , li I n -W -- I t . . U . , , r -1 1- I 'D ' ' , I 1 x if ' , T . Q - - X . Q - . I . . J f , , . .XS V l x , , l 1- if . . I Q r l 5 . ., W x . N lit' . ii' 4 S- , . YA . ' 'zocuzcf ills am us V-neck sweaters, ever popular, were worn by many boys, And, no exception is Jess Baker, Displaying a pretty smile and cute pantaloons is Kathy Holcombe. Kathy is also wearing a provincial print skirt and suspenders, a man tailored shirt and bow tie. All come bined, it makes a very effective outfit. Kirk Oswell, Mary Leech, Dean Swab, Arlene Hilgendorf, and George Mead, a group with differ- ent styles, are caught on campus. Georges mandarin collar is the lat- est thing and Kirk shows off his Italian style shirt, fit K ff? A . .-I 9. 1, rx I :PSU GL? ,. 'img 4 A CAPPELLA, Below, First row, left io righl: G Kennedy, A. Howell, S. Hrlton, T. Barker, D. Crondoll. D. Thompson, T. Dunn, C Hensley, J. Zoclf. Second: A, Gallegos, D. Marston, J. Russell, L. Avrlo, J. Drlder, S. Porxvon, J Slworr, R. Wrllrs, R Mrller, N Haley, M. McCulloch. Third: L. Pcvchen, S. Sr. Prerre, D. Coddrrrgfon, J, Weyover P, Conn nglworn, D. Gcslrne, P. Tedesco, J. Myers, S. Cochran, B. f Joy, T. Tforrrrmll, M Joy, B. Buedel, J. Q rom Buck row: V. Skzlforc J. Loflmlrort, S. Smrflw, P. Power C. Bonner, P. Prerer, J. Nelson, B. Mules, M Funk, G Pebley, C. Jordon, P. Rrclw, D. Beale, C. Arnold. :YS BOYS' GLEE, First row, left to right: K. Kaastad, A. Andrews, J. Short, T. Fowler, F. Huntley, R. Willis, J, Wilder, D. Crandall. Second: H. Bumgardner, R. Claudy, R. Tedesco, S. Ponton, M. Funk, R. Salkeld, D. Rolland, R. Crandall. Third: A. Shelden, W. Rime, D. Gosline, B. Miles, C. Treat, P. Preter, S. Cochran, B. Jay. Bock Row: L. Avila, L. Austin, J. Myers, C. Jordan, G. Pebley, T. Thornhill, J. Nelson, F. Malloch, C. Bonner. GIRLS' GLEE, First row, left to right: M. Bloemendaal, R. Preve- dello, V. Murren, J. Wilfley, L, Mason. Second: G. Fortney, M. Leech, P. Rich, L. Tate, S. Benton, K. Carter, P. Abercrom- bie, M. Klaer, N. Dowling, A. Comini. Third: P, Wilson, M. Harvey, J. Barker, J. Girard, E. Ellison, A. Howell, H. Bonner, L. Mohan, J. Miller, R. Rice, M, MacGiblan4, B. Roberts, A. Richards, D. Dennis. Fourth: L. Mahan, B. Buedel, B. Moudy P. Batdorf, A. Gallagos, D. Coddington, S. Moor, T. Barrie, B, Kasperson, M. Biazevich, A. Denton, S. Hilton. Fifth: S. Smith, H. Burgin, C. Overlade, E. Wallis, E, lllian, M. Over land, F. Isull, L. Leath, C. Arnold, N. Fisher. Back row: A. Ryan, M. Well, D, Nugent, P. Wall, M. Jay, A. Hill, M Mulligan, B. Chronister, M. McCulloch, R. Mason. asia Qiffi ffig Z The Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club, and A Cappella Choir under the able direction of Mrs. Hermoine Vaughn prospered during a year of active service. The main proiect of the year was the operetta, "Pirates of Penzance," which was a smashing success. The lovely lyrics and music produced by the A Cappella Choir moved audiences with close harmonies and varied tempos. Mr. William Ballard competently led the orchestra through an- other year which insured musical entertainment. The combination of percussion, brass, Woodwinds and strings together produced an enioyable and active musical group. Being an important part of the operetta, the orchestra set the mood for the excite- ment of the story. l The music departments enioyed festivals and trips throughout the year in which they participated and also heard music groups from all over the country. ORCHESTRA, First row, left to right: N. Harvey, A. Rodriguez, R. Debs, K. Brock, P. Tuttle, Second: L. Ballard, B. Ideal, M. Good, A, Katz, A. Hilgendorf, T Macauley, P. Cottom, R. Willis, C. Ayers, D. Denning, J. Hosler. Third: F. Baines, S, Hilton, R. Livermore, J. Williams, L. Brunberg, D. Randel, D. Simpson D Aubol, C. Dickenson, V. Wright, R. Bright, P. Burkey, C. Kyle, B. Ballard, E. Wright, G. Pearson. -an-u1.l DN-9 WT 'UI .af v 6 ...B-I L, 'E .-.,, WOODWINDS, First row, left to right: J. Sdrwcke, L, Muller, B. Barium, R, Wrllrs, C Ayers, K Jenkrnson, C. Jordon, E. McreN, J Hcsler, R. Erwgemsn, G. Ecrrcls, N. Chrusmczn, L. Bi:lJ:ri1, J Dwyer, J. Kdo, S. Morvr' Second: D, Srmr, P. Cc"cr', 5 Me'z, E, Bovrr, H Weir, D Draper, S. Ankwrrw, J. S'c.', B, Drpre, L Srve1ser, P Tow, J. Gcdize, V. Hum Bock row: P Smfrw, D Prrce, B Seymow, 3 S'vers, L. Lcvrrer, L J-4 'gefiicrf J, Kms, F Snopsmre E. Spzzrrv D. Wozzswcrsrw, FA Qt:bC1'g:1,T, Muci:,,1e,,J. Flvx r'g'c'e 9 i .- " in , , hw L. ig... BRASS, First row, lefi lo right: M, Cochran, K. Wunebrenner Q. Rmde, J Olrver, V. Wrrght, J. See, K, Lawson, R. Hcrrrmnn T. S'eferws, B Dcwrfs, D. Srrvpscry J, Krczmoqif, VN Hayes Second: D Ls", D Denrrmg, R. Er gr-', R. Hrnes, C. Sdwcndr S Eb, J Berberck M Mczrscr' D Krfzber, S Sdioffer, P w'Jc1'e, W h'co'e, B CrsseH, J Turner K, Prrbbg, B 3501. P Lrrwgrsruy, P Cole, Back row: V KeHy, S Hgwqrgy ,A SC' rrefer K pug? .AK AWNGD dui! PERCUSSION Flrst row left to nght C Lyons C C andle P B rkey L Wh te J Wlloms E G f fn D Dodge M Kloster i,l.0P ELOp 'C 5 f bzcwza O cvznzon f L55 LUZC! Q The Sensor Band which conslsts of approxnmately 95 members had an eventful year Early In September they started off the round of events by marching In the Farr Parade ln November came the Annual All Western Band Revuew where the Band lourneyed to Long Beach After that there was the Chrrstmas Parade Durrng the fall the Band partucupated an all the home football games and put on fascrnatung half tnmes ln January they started practucnng for the all rmportant Annual Sprung Concert whrch was held rn May The musrc was wonderful and everyone enloyed It Band members who chose to partrcnpated either as soloists or In an ensemble group at the Music Festival where they all dad very well All of those and many other actnvrtles went together to make a wonderful year and also gave each and every Band member a reason to be proud to wear the uniform of the Antelope Valley High School Band. Cyl , rr' - Ol Q .L U1 ug., x -1 'l' NX x Xxil N X . X XX ,, 741+ -.l' 5 fi in . I I I I f ' I , di ' ' 4 vc .1 'W' ' ' T ' I ' n I ' l . . , ...- ggygyfgnz ggufei Stepping high is the senior band as they practice marching on the front lawn. The newly organized dance band, sponsored by and under the direction ot Mr. Dean Russell, displayed their musical talents by playing for assemblies, dances, and other social activities. Presided over by Tom Macauley, the dance band made its first appearance of the year in the alumni assembly playing a variety of dance hits and accompanying vocalists. Other outstanding performers ot the year were our ma- iorettes and our senior band. Combining their skills with those ot the band the maiorettes led the band in parades at Quartz Hill, Lancaster, Long Beach, and other such places. Kappa Legga Bootz, the maiorette club, sponsored the annual Backward Boot Ball with a girl ask boy theme, Judy Evers was the president ofthe club. Us . 1. . N .1 ' 'X 0"'."0fA 3' 4479! adv ,N fl- fha . 'v-'QW , ,ttf ' Q .- 1: Suu A A 1, E Ugum Zami H25 sem S : 1 xi- f X 'NS X XE g- i, Qi .7 J' 7 A f 2 ig, -gi Q- x . i 5 MAJORETTES, Kneeling: N. Haley, B, Fulkerson, F Rini. Standing: M. MacLaurin, P, Nixon, J. Dwyer L. Ballard, C. Akroyd, J. Evers. DANCE BAND, First row, lef? io righf: J, Kidd, T. Macauley, J. Flaxingron, V. Hunt. Second: K. Wine- brenner, M. Cochran, R. Rinde. Third: B, Cissell, D, Lundsay, P, Burkey, D, Lish, E. Thomas, M, Maison, J, WiII'ams. Back row: G. Pearson, J, Reutter, . -. I nl 6 120 Goa 0 a 5 r QUNT Of! ,J Tom Pucker! as The pura1e kung and Sandra Benton as one of the sns1ers try To comprehend the sutuafron In The opererta Pnrates of Penzance Drama class students rehearse one of Yhe scenes from the sprung play Curtain Gomg Up Chrrsvnne Adams Ken McMlIlnn and Dee Potter hom rf up durwng The sp :ng play assembly 149' 5 , r' A f X . Y' f? - gf, s 'A , J. 1 ,- . . .s ' r V P45 x f, F I IQ lv. The chorus girls look on as Frederic, Mark Hall, serenades Mabel played by Virginia Stafford. wzfains iss on 'zumafw f- fu: flea Every other year, Mrs. Vaughn presents an operetta. This year it was Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Pen- zance." It is the story of a young man who had been apprenticed to a pirate king by his nurse maid. The en- suing results were hilarious, and the performance was enioyed by everyone who saw it. Enjoying the leads in this year's Spring Play were Joni Bird, Chris Adams, Connie Stone, Dee Potter, and Ken McMillin. The play was "Curtain Going Up," a story of a young drama teacher, Joni Bird, putting on her first production in a high school. Chris Adams was a young iournalism student, and Dee Potter was her boy friend. The role of the sophisticated, bratty, bank president's daughter, used to getting what she wants was played by Connie Stone. Her suave, smooth and conceited boy friend was Ken McMillin. , 1 ' 0 o v Q0 PEP RALLY COMMITTEE Furs! row left to right T Hansor' Haley B Furgeson C Haney T Schwel-en F? Rum e Murray G Jolly R Lews A Dahlfz Sezond C Cav R Hardy R Worden H Casey Back row C Srory 52 Puckei? Walker er en urmw Bar wel C yre ew ward w C Ra avert Thurd W Serfoss C S'ewarv J K S Port 0' Gwm F R+ 1 D Smu G Caoasarw F We f Uuf I r arf' gil of' A-"',4? H gLs.. 'I FIRST SEMESTER CHEERLEADERS cbove N P SECOND SEMESTER CHEERLEADERS nght J 1 ni A .. by 9 x , ' V ' g ., N, , , , , , J I bl, D. ,, x,. w :.. LEFT, . ,. ,. . : ,. , L, , J. Dwy , D. V Y ' ', F Losey, A ton, P. S Je , . Sa , D W , S. Ho , F Pam, Huff, C I . ' z . , elly, H ,f M, , . rf, . I ', , W ' , , ICF. 0,5 ' f I . 'LQ IA A - 'Z , PA 1' 3 ' , z f -R fr 0. ,- , ,x . -H 947' K' 'N V J fl J , . . 0 . J Q J 1 x A-2 QL- 1 C , v . x ' , A -' ' . Z L gf 5 J., 0 , ' I . ' . gp ' f ' Q - 4- 1 4 g V 4' QQ 4 ' "fx Q 13... nf hr- V . 4 ' M4- , : E':":f L v'-f"1JLr' ' D . ' D X.'64'1'Crr E Lise, , '-' " F if D Je-naw " ' ' . ' -I X r I ' ,. . -'X g - ., -7 f' VL I K -D li 4 Q , 122 IH. 1 -fi . . . I 'LQ ,- 5 so 1 . . f' x"'S 'V 1 vu J'-'Y 1:-5. . 'L clnrcn Back r C Dnckunson K Wunebrenner M Co h dler J B15 o lfe S t S Scho e Wcll P Burkey C Con Moore P o ArJHosr wB PEP BAND Firsl row left to nghi. C Lyons J Floxington D. Dennung, N. Chrlsmon G. Ech ls B r erich, K. P lcus, FZ. Hune C ye S ns R. Horrirncn L, Bollord Third D Randall D. Simpson, N. Hoyes A Schrlever E. Borrh. Second: B. Downs, T. reve The P p Pol y Cornw u ly well tl 5 pos! Q W of AN s home g :Tas Sono ooifau - J ew per ormed fhsllr doves sxrepflon b osted Trey scheduled pep ml- es o lov cl Cl ol he ynll le vv els Sw yell leqlers wogh nv 'h overs Tl ef Pop Bond played e ro T r rnogln fntervcnnel Us ond ro OO mf Tpfxfvw SD :nv sncond serv rr Jgllt lnferes' m Pxcnng nn 4 116 excl! d Ole S v Gomes lou wo CO Of O n few SONG LEADERS I H I nghf L Sled: G Jolly A D hll F? Lewl n'0rs ing NOW fix, ADV-3 5553, Wm -. 1 -nf-'T I - . 1. 'L P- . - ,,. M -N l U I n - P , . . L v V . px. f f X1 P N T 9 , , , ,. W. ,.W,B.co1,. ff,J. ,. .. , , o, eb lc 's,. s,. le, roz. ,. ,. ,.'l'TP. T Q I T" , l , T1 2 I ll ye' ., .. 'T , sq" f l , rdwvhf , T 1, le-:1',rs The hrs? c lt . , P 1, ff ' 7 , y l Ffh ,o fo. u, . ' .J , 4 2 f p f vu-Lil: . T bucigfoo f' O lw 'e 'O rr The J Lvrvlnrs qvlfieyl scvl fznfl l V Th, H All 'new gwfe Us fe Toyo-+fr 'lzrzoqh the r hrwi vez' S, l t 'S ,eo':.c1fz, s, 5 x x 4 . I-' I Z N I. J 4 ix X Onzaconzin usaiz A cold, crisp nighT provided The seTTing Tor lovely PoT Nixon os she reigned over The Horne-coming ocTiviTies wiTh her princesses Deonno CoddingTon ond Judy Wdlloce. Before The gome, The queen ond her oTTendonTs rode onto The Tield in o yellow converTible surrounded by clouds of pc1sTel colored Torrnols. AfTer CopToin Ted Honson crowned Pot queen, The roy- Uofzf. M5 dauiofz olTy wos escorTed by members oT The CodeT Corps To Their seoTs in The grondsTond where They viewed o sTiTT boTTle beTween The VdrsiTy AnTelopes ond The Oxnard Yellow- jc1ckeTs. AfTer The gome, They enioyed o wonderful evening of dcincing under soTT lighTs To The rnusic of Gene Leis' MoonlighTers. Wgxlgv ,Q Y' if-'wg' 1 If 1 A r 3'5"+5av,F , X . . ... Q .Q ' f 4 D Ch' S"'ds Ball ?" ! x Sonrme Pothoff, Pot Calvert and Carolp Arnold Stow off part of 'be fewest fad seer around AP'e'cpe Valley at tre annaal r' 'cess Juay Nallace U1 Q2 eauf :Rei ns in Ugfzisfnms ruzfai Approximately two hundred forty couples danced under soft shadows of pink, white, red and blue. Stars and snowflakes filled the air as they swayed to the strains of the Hazy Williams Orchestra at the "Christmas Fan- tasy Ball." The long awaited moment arrived as the couples formed an aisle for the King and Queen. Attendants Judy Wol- loce and Boss Anderson, Ann Welch and Jon Whifed l were followed by the lovely Queen Dolly Venturini and Captain of the football team, King Ted Hanson. They moved through the crowd and onto the stage for the crowning ceremonies. The magic mood of the evening was carried over into the wee hours as a night of happiness and newfound dreams melted into memories of the past. I ...LA-' , ui Six happy and radiant couples pose for the photographer in tte gaily decorated Jane Reynolds Park Building. 1 '53 Princess Anr' Welch Connie Ayers articulates some meticulous dance steps during intermission. .t ll 'W. --'WP' , -1 ' A M,2f www +1'xf f1 A 1 4 ff .- R. in ' Km x Wi' Av g tot. 1 bf' . P 4 jx KL! 115-. .9 it N Nr., S: C V H, ,it , A I l . - , Q , . .. Rift ff ...:. Q M x- x x5 I i Q ,QJN U A il. skill V. 16 ,qi X x 'v qv 4 v, 15.7 - f' R- s I .Hr ' , I f x -5 I K f.w. Q Q1 w'Mx lg,- 15bf, xx . .. 1 u I Y F5-X th. Yrs -1 . :' ', 8-'J ' " If ' 'M gp ' Y . ' N ,' ' X. f j' J xtx Y i 1 xbgwt -Z I' lb 5 U Q 14 4 5 Y ff , ff H E,--. V 'X D .1 x 2. X ,iq QQ-41' f , ' Q Q fs. I 54' IX fl Q- 1 1-Q 'ra 152. Q W --'Y-.'.UM' x A' X4 ' X' ali." ' ' 4 '91s 2 'W' ww 1- 1 A 2. M . Q' 911-'V 'fins K kljgx Xu ,X X . ' ,ix D .XXV n .'- . Qc X yn TN f L 13'-gi 4' ' 5 vJxv WJ ' -x g, -lever H ,, u',,',.:4 , ,so fifv Q- v. QU , , ,yg M , . I ,A ' 5-1-- A . A V ,D J U fm Y g V 34' I fa 0 ,L 4-.- 'SK X---' m A ,' I.. .'- YR s' 5. .fu JD Luzioz .xuaefz -J 'mags if mom 5 Q .ui -, Ji.. Clouds of color blended with sott music ond misty moods loveliest Junior-Senior proms ever. cis Jcinet Kelly ruled in mciiestic splendor with her lovely Couples mingled hoppily throughout the night ond soft princesses, Jonice Rhoton ond Anitd Borton. lights dimmed os the deepness of night blended into the The Juniors produced o bedutitul setting for one of the quiet stillness of doy. Pictured obove ore the lovely corciidotes tor Queen ot the 1956 Junior-Senior Prom. 4 1 Qi Q Jonice Phare Anno Barton vll f .gh ' UE' Q 0161 T g,,-, . Dck Huntley tenses ready for ccfo Coach Bockrnon Coach Koiser OL175, fgflofzfi ,Calif 'lp Coach Shoemaker E Y. ' If Coach Miller Right: Coach Peterson N E6 Right: Couch Rand - Q .Q leff: Coach Nelmork .5 .yy 'QQ'-1-'Jenin fflillu TEM The Coaches outdid thennselves in all respects tnis year. Under the direction ot lloyd l-lelgeson we had very favorable score averages. Coach Helgeson, vvith the able ass stance ot Coach Shoe- rnaker, gave us a channp on football tearn. Coach Shoemaker did an excellent iob with our JV Bas- ketball sauad and Varsity Baseball vvas nis rnost prized specialty. Coach lslevvnwark brought the Varsity Basketball to the calibre of true winners. He also did a great iob with the intrarnural teams. Our track leader vvas Coach Kaiser. The spectacular iob he did will be renfiernbered for rnany years. Coach Miller had JV Football and B Basketball who proved themselves worthy ot praise. Coach Pond ably led B Baseball and Soph-Frosh Football. Coach Peterson had his gyrn classes in line and worked with the JC. . ,- , - .gdb--. os- ' V ' , "' of ,car rrawl ec' se'l Go! mater, S,'v es ah "' A ' C Q,-. 1 Eoswei ge' se c cfcvge aowr' 'le lelo G Rf' 9 Co ct' Sroensaver swings 'ara to s N how i's ache or 'he baseball d.arncr'a. i 1 7 1 K QI? X Vi. N 1 X . 1 Lloyd l-lelgeson Director ot Athletics Y' if yfzshwr Q.-1" I ' ' V f4qxo,i'i- 11511, .A ,xq of-4 fa Clitf Jordan Iunges high to s'op an Oxnard player as Bob Barth closes in. l34 I 0 I pb f Q it 1x1 g N ,' Jurgeon Broesel, guard i N' ' Q1 I 5 X 5 I, .loebob Beebe, end . Bill Daley, end 1 5 w v r ' - f:cflUZ ru il Ron Avery, tackle Cal Calvert, back AI Dunn, guard Jim Fessenden center f Bob Barth, end Harvey Casey, back Harrison Davis, center P my Under the able direction of Coach Lloyd Helgeson the Varsity squad changed from Single-Wing to Split-T formation for a battling action' packed '55 football season. The opener with China Lake got the Antelopes rolling with a rousing 38-6 win, TD men were Serfoss, Hanson, Spencer, and Walker with Dunn kicking the extra points. Captain Ted Hanson scored two TD s in the tussel against the San Ber- nardino Cardinals for another win of T3-6 on record. An aerial attack from the El Rancho Dons foiled to curb the hard hitting Antelopes as Spencer, Serfoss, and Hanson ploughed through the line in 35 running plays for a total of 267 yards and two TD s, An interception by C. G. Walker netted the third TD. A Sl-7 victory over Baldwin Park marked another grid match, A driving 71 yard run by Charley Spencer gained his second TD of the evening and TD men Hanson, Kiethley, Swab, and Walker netted the remaining AV victories. The Fillmore Flashes failed to upset the Antelopes as they went under 36-6 in the Ventura League opener for each team. Charley Spencer charged down the sideline to paydirt and Ted Hanson outraced the Flashes to make it l2-O. Steve Hendrix went over for an l8eO lead followed by Dean Swab for the fourth TD An interception by C, G The Hart lnaians cisarge "rough 're line stcp Dean Swab as he breaks through tor a TD as Charley Spencer and Chuck Sayre block. f Tao 'cas Walker gained possession and Ted Hanson went over. Dean Swab made a smashing 55 yard run for his second score and a triumphant ending. Swab and Spencer led the way against Newhall gaining 42 yards in six plays. Hanson, Swab and Spencer carried the oval for the TD's with a 28-O victory. The homecoming thriller with the Oxnard Yellowjackets marked the end of a sensational win streak by the Antelopes with a smashing 747 tie. A snap handoff from Piani to Spencer got things rolling as Spencer scored. The Santa Paula Cardinals crushed AV grid hopes as they edged the Antelopes T3-7. Bob Barth blocked a Cardinal punt and fell on it in the end zone for the TD. A tight battle with the Ventura Cougars eried in 5: loss of 25-26 for tre Antelopeg Don Krrylfey went mer for the first TD. Al Dunn recovered a punt and Captain Ted Hanson went all the way. An end run by Spencer hit paydirt and a T9 yard ground gain by Swab, Kiethley and Hanson brought the pigskin to the one where Swab carried for the final TD. Thus ended a terrific season for the Varsity ff-ntelopes, their best since 1941. Ted Hanson, back Gil McElroy, back Gary Goodson, center Steve Hendrix, back Dick Murray, tackle 1,7 Rodger George, center Jim Guthrie, tackle Clifford Jordan, guard Charles NeeDels, tackle 5 x Y ff? gn? Don Kiethley, back li os. . 'f a xl XX r- ,ur 9 ,1 1 D Fife r X-, ,x K A I I X Frank Piani back Dee Porter tackle Tom Powell back Ronnie Packet? Tackle 'G 3. - 1 1 R e k X Chuck Sayre guard Wes Serfoss back Dame Sunni end Dick SlaTer end sf MTW Earl Pyron back Jack Ramey Tackle John Rarliff guard Oran Robneff Tackle fl G-4 A rurfyvearing run by Tea Hansen gains yardage for :1 TD as Tea Uyeaa, Charlie Spencer, Cl if Jorarzn and John Ratliff smash interference. , I i , 5 0125 Lrz wc 'ucmzfz 1 The annual Varsity Football Banquet, held at the fair- grounds, highlighted the end of an outstanding season for the T955 Varsity football team. Fathers and sons enjoyed a delicious dinner, a fine talk by guest speaker Nick Pappas, assistant coach to .less Hill at U.S.C,, and the presentation of awards. Coach Lloyd Helgeson, master of ceremonies, awarded letters to lettermen Frank Piani, Don Keithley, Dick Mur- ray, Dante Simi, Chuck Sayre, Jahn Ratliff, Bill Wilbur, Chuck Story, Cliff Jordan, Ron Worden, Rodger George, Gary Goodson, Bob Barth, Al Dunn, Wes Serfoss, Conrad Walker, Harrison Davis, Ronnie Puckett, Ted Hanson, Dean Swab, Ron Avery, Charley Spencer, Jack Ramey, The main event of the evening was the presentation of special awards. The T955 Captain, Ted Hanson, was awarded the Carter-Tindall trophy as the best team player and A. V. Businessmen's award as the best back. Al Dunn received the Wallace Ward trophy for the out- standing blocker and A. V. Businessmen's award for the best lineman. The Richard M. Rowell Memorial Award was given to Charles Spencer as the outstanding player. Dean Swab received the trophy for the most improved player. The team captain selected for 1956 was Don Keithley. All-Ventura trophies were presented to Al Dunn, Ronnie Puckett, and Charley Spencer. The best bluffer award Gil McElroy, Jurgen Broesel, Harvey Casey, Jim Guthrie, - a miniature plastic bed - was presented to Jack Cal Calvert, and managers Keith Cable and Dick Ramey. Clements. Charley Spencer Jack Starr Chuck Story Deon gwgb back back end back 5 lj Vi' ft -- , Uycdrl 9' 5 'cum '15 JOMU PHYIV 'H jofdfm up 'O ,nwmvpf vm- bu!! ffxfv H Zap xv fl. , -,KM OPPQNENT5 3 V CN rwfn LUN' 6 WJ D IV F Q-v' I Q E Urn 3 H , f1. A . f f A , ,.- r Jerry Vl!ord center C G. Wollcer bock Pon Worden end iq 5 Bill Wilbur guard Tum Hnnson goes op fxffl owr rn fx srnrxs'-ng lunge lor ywrflrzgf? Vernon Wrnglwt GD Sveve Henan: charges over U Frllrnore blocker os Deon Swob runs unverference. .gn I' X 4 'can B Beeson, J. Fessenoen, R Sorders J Moog B Donlef Cheerleaders ond Tons wofch exciredly during o Tense momenT of ploy. 5: J f Q l Q ull C' e 1 Q 'ig greek: "e 1 f-v JV FOOTBALL, First row, left To right: Q me, D Peng l'ey, R, Jccvscr o -cres, B. Puoesil, M Maison, E. Moog, 5 5'oner Back row: G cg 1: , G Queipo E'TQEl'T'C1V'r",C Crirse, R. Kel, L2 Second row: R Verse' Q, Wheeler P.':i'lewsor Q cmmy, Coocl' Mrier icrion, T Pyle, F, MorTon, ES. 5 J aims r The Junior VorsiTyTooTbc1ll squod plowed Through d Turf- Teoring sedson. They goined ossuronce ond proved Themselves worThy moTeriol for The 56-57 Vorsity grid Teom Cheered ond inspired by The cheering specToTors They rounded ouT on ocTion pocked season. The Frosh-Soph Toofboll Teom ledrned TooTboll Tundo- menTols ond Teom ToCTiCs The Tirsr yeor Tor mosT of Them was Tilled vviTh ocfion. They mdsTered The skills of TooTboll ond goT inTo condiTion Tor The 56-57 Jr. VorsiTy ond Tor Those who worked hordesT ond longesT 0 chonce To be on The VdrsiTy. This vvos dn ocTion-pocked yeor Tilled with yells from O Q.. -K x Q Charlie Spercer, Ron Avery, Jim Eorly, ono Oron Robnett walk off the field ofter cz herd gome os excited friends ond relatives offer congrcrulottons, QQLLTCLIZCE excited spectotors ond spirit ond teom work from the ployers. Encouroged by the spirited music from the bond ond cheered on by the crowds the teorns ployed long ond hord to produce o successful seoson. FROSH-SOPH FOOTBALL TEAM, First row, left to right: Wood, Fate, A. Andrews, DeCornp, McBrrdel, Bobcheck, Cordar, M, Goechter, P. Clork, J, Blvnchord, D. Ashley, D, Peogilley, H. Lodd. Second: L. Loewen, J. Sdlmoguchu, D. Moses, T, McGoughy, D, Dovis, G, Olsen, F. Miller, B, Humes, D. Grico, Vosburg, J. Willy, J, Sonderd, J. See, Coach Bockmor-. Back row: P. Lyons, B. Smith, P, Cunningham, W, Rime, D. Lindstrom, J. Wolrer, D. Sutton, P. Pulos, S, Morvin, G, Fischer, B. Tingle, M. Kommerer. " 'Rf .' Roddy Hines, Dick Krober, ond Jim Burberich ore at strict ottention while Dorryl Denning is chosen outstanding Senior boy an Bond during the trodi- tionol clotting of the A.V. W Q. M1 J . uf ,A - 441. 'Q-g' V. 1 l 'L AS' . e43qgllAl,1'h Z1 1 ' 4 n u r 1 ... A J ' wg--.1 .5 ' - 51.1 A- ,,' - , v' v 1 I . 1 . ' . ' ' ' -,x - +?mm,.-.f- f -1 'ev 4 HM, e rmsey -..V ,. i, .,, - y C.. Bob Bartlc Kirk Oswell Guard Cenfer -5-eva., Carroll Healy Forward Dick Huntley Guard Gil MCElrOy Guard 0407 Captain Harvey Casey headed the Varsity Basketball squad as they pounded through a tough 55-56 season. A 36-50 loss to Colton opened the first pre-league game followed by triumphant victories over Barstow 68-39 and Colton 6O-40. A bouncing 50-4O win over Fillmore and a tight 66-60 victory against Santa Paula were followed by two rugged losses to Pacific 49-51 and Morning Side 52-54. A rousing burst of energy put the Antelopes on top for two smashing victories against Leuzinger 7l -60 and Santa Ana 48-43. Four straight losses to Torrance 47-67, Santa Paula 48-6l, Ventura 56-77, and Oxnard 38-46, curbed high spirits, but the fighting Antelopes raged back to victory s ng p myers close in F? C Fu:-ef' lumps l gh 'cr e rc-bou. r"l OS pg Frank Piani, guard Ronnie Puckett, center D'Ch MUVVGYI Cemef Chl-ffk SPENCER 9U0Yd 33 oopsfeu if CTLYZLUZC! as they stomped Barstow 66-48. The Antelopes went under for a heavy three loss run to Hart 48-51, Taft 44-50, and Arcadia 52-59. The Varsity recovered with rousing victories over Fillmore 56-45 and Santa Barbara 59-53. Waging a stiff battle with Fillmore the hard-hitting An- telopes rose to a triumphant 48-46 win. The season ended with a close, hard-hitting loss to Hart 56-58. High point rnan for the Antelopes was Dick Huntley with a 281 point score tor the season and a 10.8 per game average. Dick was voted tearn captain by his teammates for the 56-57 season as fitting recognition for a job well done. Billy Hicks, forward The crowd looks on as the Coach Nelmark is caught Excited spectators tense as ball sails high for the by the camera while the goal is tried. basket. mapping a play Rf VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Opponents ..,...Colton 50 . . . . . .Barstow 39 ......Colton 40 ......San Bernardino 64 ..,...Oxnard 85 ......FillmQre 40 ..,...Santa Paula 60 ......Pact?ic 51 ....,,Morning Side 54 .....,Leuzinger 60 ..,...Santa Ana 43 . . . . . ,Torrance 67 ...,..Santa Paula 61 . .. ...Ventura 77 ......Oxnard 46 . . . . . .Barstow 48 . . . ...Hart 51 ......Tofr 50 ......Arcadia 59 ...,..Fillrnore 45 , ,. ...Santa Barbara 53 .....,Santa Paula 52 . .. ...Ventura 49 . . . . .Oxnard 66 .. ...Fillmore 46 .....Hart 58 of A jump ball is taken by Gary Pebley as Joebob Beebe and Jim Early get set for action. , JV BASKETBALL, First row, left to right: D. Keithley, K' L. Ylr-glirg, J. Early, G. Pebley, D. Simi, C. Story. DSE Second: D. Sontchi, R. Avery, G. Gooclson, T. Uyedc, CL'Zf2igOOf5'Zi LCSWEZ' B BASKETBALL, First row, left to right: P. Clark, G. Barker, D. Ekimoto, D. Robinson, J. Sel, B. Smith, F. Thomas. Second: D. Vensel, D. Sutton, J. Brown, S. Marvin, B. Donlan, T. Lile, H. Strawberry, Coach Miller. Barker tries for the goal as Robinson, Lile, and Donlon stand by. If If ff S 1 L B S SCOREBOARD Opponents Colton 46 Borsfow 38 Colton 52 Son Bernardino 47 Pacific 59 .Sonic Paulo 47 .Venfuro 62 gif fi Oxnord 6l Borsfow 32 Hart 46 Arcodio 47 Fillmore 36 Son Bernordino 58 Santo Poulo 28 VenTUrci 41 Oxnord 60 Fillmore 57 Hort 46 Bo ke bottles for rhe field gool. luQl ln 1' M First row, left to right: Ecol Clerk, George Berber, Der-ns Ekimoro, Don Rob nscn Jock See Bobby Srn in F ec, Tlworvos Back row: Dc' Versel, Doug Suffer, Jrf Brown, S'eve Mow n, Poberf Donlen om L e n Co cn Hon M e 59 VARSITY BASEBALL Fm' row leff go nghg G row Coach Shoemaker C Story B Hicks J Early Pebley D Klethley P La Sagnc J Koch B Reimal A DUNN J Johnson G Mead T Y'n9l""9 R G McElroy C Cole B Smlth D Robinson Back Wofden J G'lm0fe MQ' A N0l0"0n 0.12512 OCL E O'Z Each year our new baseball diamond grows Thus year it was bugger and better than ever AV boasted a powerful team In 56 with plenty of the vigor and hope that makes champions On number one sack we found Hlx and Pebley a pair of boys that were always on their toes On second was Lasagna and Smith These two boys got a lot of atten tion in this posutnon In the position of short stop were Rnrne and Story Three fast boys on the pitcher s mound were Dunn Cole LL CCIQOIZ and Thomas The men behind the batter In catchers positron were Worden and Johnson Not to be forgotten way out ln left field were Knethly and Run: Mead and Johnson in center fseld and a crowded right field with Early Robinson Ylngllng and Avery We had a little bad luck In our first game with a 2 O loss to Pacific but came back from Barstow with a T2 3 wan The season whlch ended up with a bug bang gave us reason to be proud of our team Safe! Billy Hicks stretches for the ball as Don Kiethley slides in. ' ' ' "'1'1?T"",5ti'-.,.' 'T ' ' 'lm 4 - 9 A s - -Q 4 ' "':."".:z:.:!'g':,3f44' rg?-?.'-f-9--eg-4-3 I - "' 5- V A' K3 ..-f,,.,, .'. V51 -5- ..,,-. , - " "' --- -1-:x.,.-r.. , " --1'-, JJ, , 1 .., -J fd Lg gg, y-. Q Q ,Egg I f f ,,,,, O "- 1 if-' . J ..L' L1 ' . . ,W V, 5 , 139' , N wg, -gf sg ig , . 'J ' -A We ' '.- r fs'-.A M ,- r wigs.- H- 'QA sw! 'A Q , . -'H gf -an s . .ne A Q Q, r .Q ' ' , -A V, - . - . ' . . ' 'DTQTN A :ttf T , A run to hrs? stars th n gs up on the duomono 'U' .l- f-r' GY empred s o er' Dose c ii- Jses exc vemem b t fo rd GPO F 6 WGSU OITWE ofcher Jfm Johnson sw ngs n oth gl Sir me one os Cooch hoe maker worrs f I S. fo ochon c o hor one from rhe pnchers box In if 1 'hi' QV' UU! 4-li Q, gs .J Joy Koch cmd Chuck S rory charge dow plofe n ro home or ru good pnch H . 0 Ju-1 1.1 I air, .L -I , . ? I A K 'I -'A ' Li 1 f ' KQ- I f 1 1 f-Y 2 I '1- S P i i ' ? W- W' ' Y-, 1 To .o f ' ' f . Q o. r r T ' I f4 V M lf 4 'iq Mfr HL- Q 5-i ' xx ' - 'i ' gh 1 L, A 1 - x 7 A, 4. tl It - - 151 ' tl., ,fav t 1 I p , f, . r 3 I C I 4 I YO C 1 , fl ,Y I - I r v nx., - - . .. F- A' -1 . lfv - l V. A Ji? ' . 9 . x gl ' -, I X44 I ix - 7' ' s. .. ' I I' A , , rg 'Q W, V 'W 'Nl' ' N Fw ' r r . Ari, U F 1 Q 1 V- 1. 7 ' - -' ' Q- Q , 'L 147 ' '. , Q 9 19N A lrgh , lg? L, Ted Hanson moves into action in The shof put. ., "C" TRACK TEAM, First row, left lo righl: G, Pickett, J Blanchard, T. Kurrh, E. Kem son, D. Cable, G. Sanders, G Olson Buck row: J. Sylvies "B" TRACK TEAM, First row, left to right: B Bw' gess 9 'Jensel G Lczzv, J, MULG Oban, H. Svcvs- berfy. S. Ancerscr' Ser- ond: P Polos, K Pugh D. Wlnmger T. Llle, C. Jones, D Healey, S. Howard, T. Powell, J. R.ley, G. Quelpo, D, Pen- gllly, Back row: J. Son- ders, J Wllson, E, Bos- well, B Robrnson, R. Jack- son, P. Sylvnes, D. Hunt- ley, F. Morlon, C. Slater, M, Warner, A. Thomas, D. Goodell, B Mlles, J. Sfelher. B. Vosburgh, P. Clark, M. Gaechter, K. Pursley, F. Hunt- ley, B. Horton, C. Reid. A- Molocek, M. Maison. H... 3' l I n Dave Winmger goes IL. , ' 0 , " , up and over in a ... 'vm 'lzig n breath-faking pole ' A " .ian W ' vault. . T + 4,..-I-se A . ... s Y ,.wf3.,,m y.-9-..f.1 A . -: . a, X' ul . s X, . I gg, L f' I 4 X xx. GYMNASTICS TEAM, First row, left to right: B. Fairfield, K. Metcalf, K. Up- shaw, E, Blackburn, M. Upshaw, R. Babe- chak, L. Romero. Bock row: Coach Bock- man, B, Ruff, F, Ogawa, F. Todd, B. Tornilowitz, J. Bennet, J. Muller. + N 9. l Q Q 1 N xl 1 - , ' T ,ll c , , s U 1 l X 0 I s 'Tia 1 ir 4 ' X , PQ , l ' - ' wi u ' X. l' l l T' A A B r' r f H9 Q f :Sei fgi Space A hardhuttung track season scored hugh for 56 On the Varsuty team outstandung track men were Kurk Oswell un the 100 yard dash broad lump shot put and relay Ed Gant wuth the hugh and low hurdles and relay Ted Hanson and Dean Swab shovung the shot put and Tom Powell runnung the 180 broad lump and relay It took much tume and hard work to develop the necessary co ordunatuon of muscles to do these fueld events Dave Wununger shattered the school pole vault record wuth a 12 toot 6 unch vault On the Junuor Varsuty team we saw Gulbert Queupo un the 100 yard dash 220 and relay The two Ruley boys John and Jum partucupated un the 660 relay and broad lump Lule specualuzed un the 1320 Boswell sauled over the hugh hurdles wuth ease The C team marked good results too Partucupatung un the 100 yard dash pole vault and relay was Gary Olson Jack Sanders ran the 180 and relay We found Fred Thomas runnung relay and broad uumpung Charlue Reud lumped both hugh and wude Jum Blanchard ran low hurdles wuth Muke Gechter and Bob Hotton on the pole vault Hard work and hugh spuruts combuned to produce our track wunners VARSITY TRACK Furst row left to right S Hendrux nson G Wh red E Pyron F P nu Second row Coach M ller 7 K Oswell Rley D Slater a umu Barth Mgr Nauaruan oom B Danuels encer Knox Kelly "W"-ur Q 5811 via S0-ll' 149 I L 55 T 1 1 1 f I . . I D - 1 1 - I 6 I 5 . . . . .56 E u 'u ' u--' 1 . 1 v I 7 u 0 u 1 Qu T Q, T. Ha , E. ant, J. ' A H, ' 'B f i , . , . ia '. 1 I I I y : u f ' - . 1. N 1 ui.. Gif' I P 1 A fnggvasa . , , . , , ' .Sis 7 u, ua nitf, D. s' ', ua. , ls q ' f X ,g I -1- I V . . ' - J . ' R.. 'ami' , Bock row: L. Bird, J. 0 'J Q n ,Lf Bl I I . I A F :-f"'w -1. '4 . , - ' 1 gf. Q, 1 54 Sp , T. , D. - Q " .N 'f . 1 -'yi - . gvygkl . -. h if 7 M ,.n-T .4 F, X l ' ':','5TCQ2 ' 'Lu 'll fig- ' K X 4 k jg... - 74.4 "ny E1'.'...t .. , ' 1 A . - T312 'T :-z,vv...y5'.f4'f',' ' 5 Q.. 1 . -' Z- - . ug, ,. ' "' F x .. ' j' f ,. l 7- . J D Q ' .A B. I '. A l ' , "'J- ' .V ' 4 Vern! ' 5.- ,la "T . , -if ii-."'. ,' -,fi t.:. -- 1., --..L. AQ ""' si ,nn s Our cheerleaders, Fred Welch Marcia Gwin, Fran Rin and Dolly Venvurini inspired the crowds and cheered the boys to victory, egg - """' V I Ed Gam leaps over the hurdles W in o plunge for victory. A-so, 'L , ,K - Q ' e V 'Z ljgegly min A variety of sports mingled throughout the year and the boys' gym resounded with yells and laughter. Enthusi- asm and spirit for all sports could be seen on the results ot scoreboards and the proven interest of the boys. Major sports, football, basketball, track, and baseball, vane . .nf . " QL". r 'L 51 in '.. . info Gqcfion led the way with team sports gaining popularity all year. A tine coaching staff and a varied program gave the boys ample reason tor widely displayed interest and pride. 'he t co'ball fielzu, . c was G con-wort sgt' on Carroll Heoly Duck Huntley and Duck Murroy mane sprruf before o gome. 4 B715 nf I 4' I M ss Gladys Baird Miss Mable Hart Miss Jackie Rose Miss Grace Lockey J J Miss Gloria Ketteringham f Uufi Ln Qfvzi f oifi lf you were ever walking on campus ten or fifteen min- utes after the tardy bell rang you probably saw some of the girls dressed in their gym shorts and white blouses running out to the play field or to the basket- ball tennis or volleyball courts. These are the girls' gym classes. The girls participated in many activities working for GAA credit- then on to Big A. To obtain points the girls must have been on the winning or all-star team-s or captains. Playdoys pickle sales bake sales working on committees and selling at games were other point earn- ing activities. When 3OO points were earned the girls were eligible for membership in Big A. Miss Evelyn Ingles, head of the girls PE deparfmehl. P5 at at l 51" lll 1 Big A-First row, lefi to right: J. Evers, B. Cooper, B, Jones. Second row: B. Metz, J. Wallace, B, New' man, J. Betts, D. Venturini, F. Losey, Miss Ingles Third row: L. Dahl, J. Bloom, B. Fulkerson, C. Godde, F. Rini, G, Kirk, A. Welch. Back row: D. Sakaguchi, B. Brogan, G. Sexfon, J. Conrad, M. Gwin, C, Rohlk, E. Rexroaf, R. Lewis, D. Weir. X' Ml ? 3 Q ., vi' , S Ev - I 'Ns ' e um 1-' l,, GAA Cabinet-First row, left to right: D. Venturini, J. Bells, Fran Rini, J, Conrad, A, Welch, Miss Hart. 'Q H'- A b glqef or nor? Enher woy these glrls enyoyed g game K-..4 "" Procflcmg the proper Moson ond Morrlyn golf was tough! ond ones fo engoy the pr: fechmques of golf ore Rhoone erer Thus th frrs er the sensors gurls were vhe only vrlege Ns Furs? ploce wlnners of the Sensor volleyboll fourno menf ore left to rught Drone Honshmrdt Carol Rohlk Judy Evers Cathy Llvermore Pot Nixon Borboro Cooper ond Sheulo Word I refs Q X 3 'bi f-4 Carolyn Schwcndt and Grace Kirk get ready for o tennis match. i .ii K. 'I' 'F Carol Overlade, Gloria Sterling, and Margaret Dronen lead girls in from playing field after hour's exercise. Miss Ingles gives senior girls a few tips on modern dance. .15 Junior girls get instruction on hockey techniques 'i 5 l I-'na Wilson and Jean Amick are asking Miss cl ' about some coming actvmes I 1 i A .A l'T4'Jg ,f ff' ' 'X '51 ' XL! Archery Nancy Arguedas and Judy Jones are preparing to compete with each other on the archery range i .eazizifz Senior girls are having a discussion period during gym with Miss Ingles. The girls started the year oft with a variety at sports. Tennis, softball, and swimming were enioyed by all The seniors played volleyball, the juniors played basket ball, and the sophomores and tresnmen ioik aaiiced. Their folk dancing continued for nine weeks. Golf, this year, was a new sport at which seniors had the privilege and lots of fun playing. The iuniors had a good time with hockey, The golf and hockey players finally neared the end of the year with archery and later put on modern dancing for the Mothers' Tea. The fresh- men and sophomores ended their year playing basket- ball, and all participated in swimming. The students take over the gym class during one of those free-for-all days. f 'QE,eb 315' x24 r An f ,v' 4 5 51' 4 , n ,n' X 1 1 n , X vi ' ' 1 .Wiki A familiar scene in the girls gym is Miss Ingles Brushing up on familiar folk dances Miss Lockey along with Joyce Beasley Alce Hill Hannah Erskine Juanita Smith demonstrate before the classes faking senior roll call. ll0IlllllIlllIlll" "' ,A-'ff H . W S T 'fxm QQQ, - ' -i-+ 5 s' -4 A Jerry Nybakken, though only a sophomore when he left us, had gained many friends. His fun-loving per- sonality always reflected a cheerful outlook on life, though the time he spent here was comparably short. Future Farmers of America is one of the organizations with which Jerry will be remembered. Another of his main interests was sports which he participated in with enthusiasm. Jerry's memory will linger long in the halls of A.V. ,IF ffll. 't.' lflllh 1 I 2.2 A HE Ial Calvert uses all those great Union Oil products in his car. 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"See the difference Purina makes." Gary Goodson discovered the difference when he fed his poultry and livestock feed from CLARK FEED AND SUPPLY, 44842 Sierra Hwy., Lancaster. Need anything from thread to goldfish? At GILBERTS 5 81 IO, 545 Lancaster Blvd., you see whatever you need. Sandy Jewell iust wants a pack of folder paper. What about you? "For clothes with dis- tinction, the SMART SHOPPE, 525 Lancaster Blvd., is the place to buy,I' says Joni Bird. Al- ways a friendly shop- ping center, they feature ready to wear acces- sories for every occasion along with a wide va- riety of fine wearing apparel. Investigating the "whys'I and 'where- fores' of welding is Chuck Story. Maybe he doesn't know much about it, but he does know CLYDE THOMAS WELDING, 38707 Sierra Hwy., Palmdale, con- siders no iob too large or small. Local or long distance moving, under the per- sonal management of Fred Bakman, also stor- age, packing and crat- ing is what you get from BAKMAN VAN AND STORAGE, 38707 Sierra Hwy. Just ask Norman Bakman. Missing an auto part? lf you ioin Tom Stevens and goto NOBBY AUTO PART, 38316 - 6th St. East, Palmdale, you'll be able to find o large as- sortment of auto parts to replace the one that you need. Are you looking for the authorized Westing- house service? Then loolc no further, for its PALMDALE APPLIANCE AND TV, 38208 - oth St. E., says Ken Mclvlillin. For major household ap- pliances, parts and serv- icing, be sure to see VALLEY APPLIANCE, 813 Lancaster Blvd. Karrie Frey has found a port- able radio she seems to like. Tools, hardware, house- hold supplies, tires and batteries are only a few of the things found at WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY, 115l4O Sierra Hwy., Lan- caster. Pross Roberts is buying a flashlight. Are you lOOl4ing fOr C1 new typewriter? Then Conte in and try one out at DESERT STATlONERS, -111920 Beech Ave, Lan- caster as Janet Kelly is 'in 'vi C, , 'Let us advise you in your decorating prob- lemsl' LANCASTER PAINT AND WALLPA- PER, 114919 Beech Ave' nue, is doing lust that for Jerry Reutter, TEX MAPTINS TEXACO STATOON, 44lO4 Sierra Hwy., Lancaster, is the place for gas, oil, auto parts, and all those wonderful Texaco prod- ucts. Gary Goodson says they honor credit cards. Compare our ratesl This is the slogan of DESERT EXPRESS, 709 W. Ave. I, and Norrnan Crews is doing gust that. Their services include inowng, pacwng, ship- n ng any stO'age -I X X r N I -mini w- tm X rim ui 1.11 xxx ss i Q , .gpg I Did The kids get into The Tool box and lose a few of Them? Replace the lost ones, as Mike Price is, from PALMDALE AUTO PARTS, 38711 Si- erra Hwy., before dad discovers the loss. Extra! Extra! Read all about the latest hap- penings in the valley from the most complete newspaper, the LAN- CASTER LIGI-IT, 44816 Sierra Hwy. Dennis Tro- ian is reading about The increase in the popu- lation. Looks rather confusing, doesn'T iT, Nancy Haley? But The men at BlLL'S RICHEIELD, 44956 Sierra Hwy., know what it's all about. Riding on The strings of your tires? BABCOCK AND SON, 631 W. Ave. I, will retread and make your Tires like new. Frank Piani is There be- cause he knows he can trust Their work. If you're needing feed and seed supplies, LIVE- STOCK CENTER, 1448 W. Ave. I, presents you with The best line. Frank Piarii has just lifted a bag of hog feed onto his shoulder. Loretta Truitt is being shown some of The beautiful furnishings at The ANTELOPE FURNI- TURE COMPANY, 601 Lancaster Blvd. For any of your furniture needs, don't hesitate to stop in. Although they don'T sell glass slippers, GALLEN- KAMP'S, 609 Lancaster Blvd., have that high fashion look that would please even Cinderella, says Santa Marrone. And, they're priced right. Sporting one of The many cute outfits at ANlTA'S, 617 Lancaster Blvd., is Woody Ander- son. Woody knows their clothes are smart, stylish and priced reasonably. f f Z Y xx vi ' 'rut T 0 "'2 !lv "nf 3 This is Bill Reynolds. He says your -wallet doesnt have to be well padded to ciflornl those sharp lacking si-ins, suits and iackets, llfe this one, from N EL S MEN S SHOP, 38511l Sierra Hwy, in Palmdale. Did you know that TIN- DALLS JEVVELERS, 507 Lancaster Blvd., Otters a wide and excellent choice ot jewelry, in- cluding everything from rings to silver service? Carol Rohlk has just dis- covered the pertect wedding band! In Palmdale the place to go for expert hair cut- ting, tinting, manicures and permanents is the DOLL HOUSE BEAUTY SALON, 38529 Sierra Hwy. Judy Blouch is about to have her hair trimmed. Tired of abusing your taste buds? Then try the toad at WELCH S for the tnest in Palmdale. Shop in at 38563 Sierra HWY., anfl ioin Arlene Hilgen- clorf and Jerry Reutter for a taste treat. "Big store, big stockli Barbara Hybbard has found tools, paint, poultry supplies, plumb- ing and electrical sup- plies and a complete toy center at SID OSHEIM HARDWARE, A4764 Sierra Hwy. No longer is it necessary to do a rain dance so the crops won't tail. All you have to do is install the rain birds like Ellen Howard is holding, from D E S E RT IRRIGATION, T T28 W. Ave. I. For every real estate need, follow the exam- ple set by Bill Reynolds, and go to LANE-MILLER REALTORS, IOIO Lancas- ter Blvd. You will al- ways find tirendly, cour- teous service. Among the many who know ot the line values at ORR S RED TOP MAR- KET, 5l9 Lancaster Blvd., is Corbin Marriot, 2- GRIFFIN A N D SONS HARDWARE carries every item imaginable, also, beautiful crystal and china. It you're smart, youll follow Janet Dwyer to 523 Lan- caster Blvd. For all those little odds and ends so necessary to lite, go with Judy Wallace to MlLTON'S 5 81 IO at 549 Lancaster Blvd. "The clothes make the man!" Especially it those clothes come from the wide variety of shirts, DU BOIS AND SONS, slacks and iackets at oil Lancaster Blvd. Pat Calvert knows that clothes from DU BOIS can't be beat. "Look sharp, feel sharp, be sharp!" Theres noth- ing like a shave and a haircut from HOLMES BARBER SHOP, 527 Lan- caster Blvd., to relax a guy, says Roger Stollen- werk. Looking at the beauti- ful watches at SANDERS' JEWELERS, 541 Lancaster Blvd., is Sandv Jewell. She says they have one ot the finest SSIGCIIODS of rings and watches in the valley. 'Flowers say a thou- sand words." And, it you have something nice to say, do it with flowers from EVELYN'S FLOWERS, 44923 Beech Avenue. Maybe, some- one nice would like an orchid like Ethel Budd is holding. Your lite is worth mo- ney, so why not insure it? Mike Price advises you to go to BACON 81 KNIGHT iNSURANCE, 657 Lancaster Blvd., for insurance policies of all kinds. For the most dee pendable and accurate escrow service, follow Eddie Gant to SIPHERD SERVICE ESCROW, 745 Lancaster Blvd. l ...ll lf'-"' ,fl- U i l , S' P 5 L ...L inure' 'QU fl Aff ?l So ETheI Budd and PaT CaIverT are looking for some real esTaTe1 Well, STEVE MARVIN, 439 LancasTer Blvd., is The place To go. You geT whar you wanT and The size you wanT. Loans, Too! Read all abouT iT! Among The many readers of The LEDGER-GAZETTE is Jo Pellizer, who is shown subscribing To iT aT The efficienT office aT 656 LancasTer Blvd. 3' I , r Denfs in your car? ScraTches on The fender? LEO BRASI-IEAR BODY SHOP, 202 W. Ave. I, Takes core of iT all. Wonder if Chuck STory and Eddie Gant undersTand? ' '... and we'II meet you afTerwards aT PAXTON'S." This is a very familiar phrase around school and Town, and no wonder, as The food aT PAXTON'S DRIVE IN, 45003 Sierra Hwy., is The mosT. Need money tor that nevv washing machine? INVESTMENT FINANCE, 744 Lancaster Blvd., can help you with a loan. Joni Bird is trying the dependable way to get the loan she needs, Before an extra special date or dance, don't forget MYDAS BEAUTY SALON in the Ar- cade. Youll need a special hairdo to please 'nat special guy, Also, why not take Charlotte l-laney s advice on one of Mydas fnanicures While Waiting. Tired ot all that excessive noise that comes from the patter ot little teet an uncarpeted Floors? Then do as Barbara l-libbard is, and arrange to have your house carpeted by SHANNON RUG COMPANY, 454ll Sierra l-lvvy. So - - streamlinedl Thats the new look in the '56 Dodges and Plymouths. Ken McMillin realizes that H, VV. HUNTER, 44733 Sierra I-lvvy., alters these fine cars at low prices. Z I 11" Studeboker tor style ond beoutyl Steve Howord is visiting MILLS MO- TORS, 44809 Sierra Hwy., where they moin- toin o fully equipped service deportment. Did you know GLAS- COCK ELECTRIC COM- PANY, 44809 Sierro Hwy, is the ploce tor you to replcice your old wiring ond such. Let them solve your electric- ol problem. They solved Glen Formers lighting problems. Did you run out of su- gor? Or maybe eggs? No need to run next door to borrow, when you con get go to JOHNSONS STORE, 7344 W. Ave. I. Dee Potter knows they hove o complete stock ot meot ond groceries. BILLS HOUSE OF FLOW- ERS, 44759 Sierro Hwy., hos corsoges, funerol designs, bouquets, ond complete wedding or- rongements with deliv- ery tree. He telegrophs flowers anywhere. Won- der it Morilyn McLourin wouIdn't like to hove all BilI's flowers? Morgie Johnson is hun- gry ogoin. She shops well becouse she potro- nizes the ANTELOPE ACRES STORE, 48011 9th St. W., where she con get the tood every- body likes. Serving oll ot the Ante- lope Volley oreo is RIS REALTORS, 44851 MARTIN, SMITH 81 HAR- Sierro Hwy. Don Keith- ley hos his choice ot finding out obout ronch- es, homes, lots or subdi- visions. LANCASTER GLASS COMPANY, 45145 Yuc- co Avenue supplies Lczncoster with gloss tor every purpose, p I o t e gloss, outo gloss mirrors ond even gloss tor pic- ture troming. Pot Bielen- berg hos broken gloss in remembrance. Wow! We're oll with Mo ri I yn McLourin in wonting one ot those fabulous '56 Buicks from C. W. FISCHER BUICK, 44933 Sierro Hwy. Buicks ore well known tor o dependoble ond scite pertormonce. X ll P W-. CJ! LJ f, 4 , lr -i- HQ ..g x -, - ,4 ' , ggi . Y . f '15, 1' ' Z S- "' 'S F - ff .r .pw 'R V aw- Gems and Minerals Magazine Knit 'n Stitch Dr. Ward, Optometrist Valley Bike Shop Lancaster Tire Co. Yours Truly Stationary and Gifts Mochel Realty Make your money work tor you, contend Frank Campbell and Bill Reynolds, who know that tor dependability and reliable service, the BANK OF AMERICA, 531 Lancaster Blvd., is the right place to bank your money. Anuniring some ot' the beautilul fabrics in KLEINER S, 543 Lancas- ter Blvd., is Arlene Hil- gendorf. She makes many ol her clothes and finds Kleiners her com- plete sewing headquar- ters. .. .v- "' l l f E l WALT WALDPIP, ASTT6 Sierra l-lwy,, has the tull line ot the new '56 De Sotos and Plymouths. Comfortable, arent they, Jay Maag? Try one out and you'll see how to ride in comfort, too! Wouldnt you like to lose those excess pounds? Or, perhaps just rearrange the ones you have. Whatever your wishes, Kay Dick- son has discovered the STAUFFER SYSTEM the smart way to keep trim. All women know, as does Judy Blouch, that tor smart clothing all year around, WIND- SORS SPORT Sl-lOP is the place. Located at 6l5 Lancaster Blvd., they specialize in the latest styles tor reason- M1 gl 1 able prices. IL at 1' 1 T X -'N 05 Y' I 5 Abercrombue Rose 31 115 Acker Steve 31 Adanr George 31 148 Adams VICKI 27 47 48 Ackroyd Carol 10 31 97 109 119 Amadow Robert 31 Anderson Boss 31 86 87 9 7 Anderson Dennls 31 Anderson Mary 31 Anderson Woodve 31 164 Anthony Jack 31 Arnold M1lton 32 Austln Robert 32 Avery Beverly 31 Ayers Connle 30 31 88 91 16 Baker Jess 33 Ballew Donald 3 Bayles W1ll1am Benson Alleen 32 92 105 Betts Joan 32 87 153 B1rd Joan 32 88 171 77 Blecksmlth James 33 Blohm James 33 Bloom Joanne 32 90 153 Blouch Judy 32 94 174 182 Bomhard Dons 32 Bowen Carol 32 105 Braham Larry 32 Brewer Gene 32 Brlgante Barbara 32 B t Ronnle 1 5 Brogan Barbara 153 Broesel Jurgen 32 101 134 Brown Marsena 31 Brown Stephen 32 Bryant Shvrley 31 ey Paul 32 115 117 Campbell Frank 33 49 95 99 169 182 Camron V1ncent 33 Carpenter Marlene 33 98 109 Casey Harvey 30 33 88 101 122 134 42 Chereshkoff Lee-33 Clark Davld 34 Cockran Mary 33 87 97 Cochran Stewart 34 89 115 Codd1ngton Deanna 27 33 48 8 949699114115 5 Cole Clayton 34 146 Cole Delores 33 97 Conrad Janet 33 153 Cooper Barbara 34 90 153 154 Cotom Pat 34115116 EIZLO7, Cra1g Gary 34 Crandall Rodney 34 Crews Norman 34 168 172 Dahl Loyce 34 92 93 153 Da ey Blll 34 34 Danlels Bob 34 149 Darnold Lenora 34 Davrs Harr1son 34 101 134 Davus Ralph 34 Dawson Knrk 34 Debs Raymond 34 Demarcus Glen 23 34 Demers Suzanne-34 87 88 102 Dennnng Darryl 47 91 115 6 123 Dnckson Kay 34 88 112 163 181 D1x James 34 Dubm Judy 47 94 96 97 Dunn Al 35 88 89 135 Dyer Danlel 35 Eby Gary 35 Edmalston Alex 35 Edmondson Sandra 34 96 102 Elvert Leland 35 Emry Ed 35 48 Ernenweln Gloria 34 Erw1n Garry-35 Estes Harvey-35 99 119 153 154 164 165 Falls Dorothy 34 Farmer Glenn 35 179 Fasnacht Sharon 35 Fusher Gary-47 Fulkerson Betty 35 47 97 119 153 Fun Make 35 97 114 115 Games Gaul-35 Galluon Sandra 35 Gant Ed 35 140 163 175 176 Garduner Davnd 35 George Rod 35 101 135 Gnlbert Conne 35 Gnlmore Jerry 36 141 Godde Caryl 35 88 97 153 Gorton Bob 36 Gosl1ne Lee 36 Green Wayne 36 Guthrne James 36 101 135 Gwln Marcla 35 89 122 153 Hann Fred 36 Hanschm1dt D1ane 36 154 Hanson Ted 37 88 105 122 127 135 137 139 148 9 Hardy Rvchard 37 88 91 122 Harrrman Ralph 37 116 122 Harrns Allene 10 36 H rt Bll 7 Hart James 37 Harvell Doug 37 Harvey Nanette 36 Howe Cameron 47 Hawkuns Nettle 36 Hayes Lyers 37 97 Hecker Arlene 27 36 Huxson Rondy 37 159 Hrlgendort Arlene 36 94 9 1 3 116 167 174 Hoare John 37 105 Hoenshell George-36 Holcombe Kathy 36 113 Holmes Jean 36 Holstln Bobby 38 Hooper Soma 36 Hosler Judy 36 97 115 1 Howell Jerry 38 Howell Bob-38 Hulslzer Herb-38 Hurst Frank 38 Iden Alan 38 Jackson John 38 Jay Bob-38 Jenkmson Kelly 37 116 Jenson Joe-38 Jenson Lewns 39 Jewell Sandy 37 122 164 167 Johnson Glorla 37 Johnson Margle 37 96 99 109 Jolrn Herb-39 Jolly Gladys 37 88 94 99 122 12 140 61 Jones Barbara 31 37 48 49 94 99 153 Jordan Carol 47 116 Kelly Dan 39 149 Kepner Roger 39 Kertzman James 39 J1m 39 1 6 K1rk Grace 37 153 155 Klstner Gerry 38 Klem John 39 Knox Ted 39 149 Koch Jay 47 146 Kolstra Chuck 39 Koyle John 23 40 Krug Alv1n-40 Lackey Roy 40 Lamb Nona 38 94 96 99 160 Lasagna Paul 40 146 Latlmer Lesta 38 116 Lawson Jannce 38 97 Leech Mary 27 38 48 113 115 I2 EPC ' U ' I .. I ' I - a , 1-3 -I - I I - I I I - I . L- I I I Q I I I I - I - I I I I l , '- ,1 1 - 1 T I I i I I ' I 1 I - , , ,88, , - 1 - 1 1,12 '1 ' - 1 , 1 '- 1 1 li 1 ' L V ' 1 ' I - I ' - ' , - , , 9, 1 I -1 I I173 I - 115 ,,,, 182 I - , - I 1 ' 1 I V 17- ' I I I I ' I l 1 I 1 I I I 1 '- 1 I .. 11 , ,140 1 - , '- ,,,, 97, ' 1 - , , , , 1 I - 115,1 , 123 1661 1182 I - I 1 I88 'I .... , - , , , 16,123 , - 3 '1 - ,,,, 169 I - , " -33 1 - 1 1 1 I I I T I I I I - 1 I - I I I - I ... . I - I I I1 - I - I - . I II- I I- I I I .... I T ' 1- I. 1 i 1 I I I i I ' T ' I - I I I .I . - I I I .- - I I - I .. I I 1 1 1 1 1 Bowser, John-33 Evers, Judy-10, 30,31,34, 94, 1711 175 I I - I I I I I I - I - I - , '- , , , ,181 ' I ..... I l I I righ, '-32, 1 ,116 , - I - 'f" I I - ' I 3, ,1 I 1 I , , i , , , , ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' k' 1 in I I I I I - . I . I - I I U i l ' l 1 i I Burk , - , , ,119,122 , - , , , I I " 1 1 Illl 1 I 1 1' ' T - Kidd, ' - , 1 , 119 ' ' ' ' . I . T ' . 7 ' I I 1 T I I I I 1 I I T I .1 I I I I I - I I I 1 T 1 11 1 - ' - ' 1 1 I 7- I I t I I .- I - I - 1 T I I 1 I 1 I I ' I1 ' 1 T I I 1 ' 1 - I I I ' , I I- I I I I - I .- 7 III, , ,12 ' , ' - , I - I I I I 1 T I ' 7 ' "" , I T I I - I ,,,, 14 1 I- I I 1- I I ' I I I I i I I , I 1 . I l , , I I I I I T , - 1 1 41 1 1 1 Lewls Romona 38 97 122 123 140 153 I D n Lrvermore Cathy 38 94 96 99 154 Long Vera 38 Losey Flona 38 91 122 153 Macauley Tom 115 116 119 Malle Corpus 39 Marer Pat 40 Mark Sonya 11 Marks Nancy 39 Marrnott Corbun 31 40 94 99 216 17 180 Marshall Florence 39 Mask Fay 40 Mason Rhoanne 39 154 Mathews Ronald 40 Mauldnn Don 40 McCaleb Eleanor 39 McCulloch Myrtle 39 114 1 McEfee Clyde 40 McGowan Ken 41 125 Mclntyre Nancy 39 88 McLane Melvnn 41 McMulIun Ken 41 96 120 164 181 McNaur Donna 40 Mead George-41 112 146 Mead Marulyn 39 Meadors Barbara 40 Mnlbourne Sharon 40 97 105 Morel Luz 40 49 116 Morris Bob-41 Myers Jerry 41 Myhan Joan 40 Murren Terry 48 Nachbar Duane 42 Navaret Renee 40 NeeDels Karen 40 N U Bull 2 Newman Barbara 40 153 axon Pat 10 1 41 125 Nukala Ed 42 48 Oluver James 42 116 Orser Dennis 42 Owell Kuk 42113142 9 Overlade Carol 41 155 Paradise Joe 42 Parker Larry 42 Patterson Patsy 41 Pepper Sue 30 41 88 102 Phelps George 42 aps Lee 42 Pllmanls George 43 88 91 97 Pond Ronald 43 Po er Dee 43 120 136 181 4 Powell Tom 43 136 148 Preer Paul 114 Provenzano John 43 101 Py on Earl 43 90 91 101 Rawlmgs Roy 43 Reed Ken 96 Rehmann John 43 Rexroat Elva 42 153 Reynolds Bull 43 170 174 182 Rhea Kathy 42 Richardson Barbara 42 Rlchardson Mamne 42 Rum Fran 30 42 87 88 122 53 Run: Martnn 43 Roberts Pross 44 163 171 172 Robnett Oran 44 136 141 Rohlk Carol 31 42 49 89 94 99 154 162 165 174 180 Roth Davnd 44 Rottman Francls 42 Rough John 44 R Bull 4 Ruggles Larry 44 Russell JoAnn 42 Russell Marcna 43 Sakaguchu Doris 43 87 88 89 9 97 3 136 166167 170 171 Schmndt Chuck 44 170 178 Schuman Gary 44 Schwandt Carolyn 43 88 97 116 Schwelkert Tawna 43 122 Scott Ada 11 43 94 160 168 Scrlbner Erlesta 43 Scrrbner George 44 Sebastuan Bull 44 97 Sechrust Januce 43 Seger Katherme 43 Seymour Bruce 6 Shannon Doug Sheldon Ernest Sherer Marnlyn 54 Shufeldt Rudy Skov Paul 45 Slack James 45 er Duck 45 88 91 0 149 136 Smethurst Alan 45 96 Snnder Jackze 44 Spencer Bob 45 Spacer Janet 44 Sta ord Vtrgunna 44 121 144 Starkel Walt 45 Stewart Carroll 45 Stlvers Bob-45 97 116 Stollenwerk Teresa 44 Stone Connre-47 87 88 95 160 170 78 Strnnger Bob-46 Swab Dean 30 46 88 113 134 137 9 Swarts Joyce 44 Talbert Tom 46 Tensfeld Bull 46 109 Thomson Betty 44 Tommy James 46 Trolan Dennis 46 48 165 166 Tucker Prlscnlla-44 Turner Jlm 46 116 e P ul 11 Van Alstyne Barbara 44 97 Venturmr Dolly 44 88 90 91 122 127 3 Walker C G 46 139 Wallace Betty--44 Wallace Judy 45 88 125 127 153 75 Watson Bull 125 Walters Lavma-45 Wanamaker Bull 46 92 Ward Jerry-46 91 101 Ward Carol 45 110 Weaver Joy 45 88 92 93 Wehr Penny 45 92 93 94 97 99 Weur Duane 48 89 94 97 99 112 153 164 Wensner Wendell-47 Welch Anne-23 45 87 90 97105127153 We s Pat 48 Wenzel Anna 45 Whitaker Bull 7 Whnted Jon 30 47 86 87 90 97 101 127 49 ur Bxll 47 101 Wilbur Pat 45 104 Wnllaams Gary 47 I lams Jack 115 117 Wilson Anna 45 88 156 Wnlson Ruth 45 Wvnn George 47 Wnrta John 47 Wolfe Margue 46 155 Word Sheula 46 154 Wright Vernon 47 101 1 Wynn Sandra 46 88 Young Lnnda 46 1 1' , - I i L'sh, a-116,119 I - I , ' , , , , ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 r , - , , , , 136,149 1 ,1 . - , , ' , - 1 ,13 I - I .. , '- , ,111 112,16 , 5, 4, ,181 "I - , , , ,119, ' 1 '- , , , ,17 , - ,1 1 ' ' 'I -I ' I - I I I rUm,Q- ,115 , - 153, , , , , ,181 1 115 I - , , 15 I '.. , . .- , , - , uff, '-4 ,1 I I I 'I 1 i I I I I I I I I , 1 i 1, , I I "' I , - Sayre, Chuck-44, 89, 101, 122, 134, WGTSOH1 Ed-11, 46 , - 155 ' , , - ' , - , , , , ,89, I1 v- I 1 I 111 1 I HI' Ii I I e, '-4 ' 1 '- , 8 ' 1 '-4 , - , ,155 ' , ' - ' , - , , , , N' , - , 1, ,971 , ' - 1 1 , 11 119, ,154 I -45, 11 Wilb 1 '- , ,139 , - , , -45,97 ' 1 - , A 1 i I 1 1 A I T I '- I ' -44I1 W'lI' , - , ,119 S 1 lr 'T' I I I , --45 1 I T I I , - Slat , A - , , ,1 1, I ' 1 - 1 1' , " 1 I 1' I I 151 Phill' , - ,101 A I .. 139 Tl I i I I I I L' C X HH' 100 0 x 1 mm 111 a Lfmnm llrffflm X7-f. frfwflywl .....,.... P e, -'vu - qw eftxs :og -vlb Q v: .4 -.Ar Jxfr' ! X jf ll -llff UV'

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