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Q7 '11 ov 4 Ng ,I 1'-----.-,,,, ' ...F-I :Lvl ' ' ,. W ,f fm? QQ X RSE V3 if Kg Z! if WW 92 Wff 1252 Af L .V " 'LN' ' x Y, 1 V N J I L-I N X ' ' L x ' v U! J X ' . 9 fx g F , I Mk . , r Xu , X f L 1, ,X Xu ,WW 329 , X Ku ' if ,, ,J bf XX' . J A Qi W0 1 wi pw JR I h , If if !h , , S5 N RQ K V .717 IIA A S n Q X 1 R HL V7 . , kk Q C Sig - L L - . , 1 gg ' , X 0 K rfd1?9'1 K K if ' QC, ,., x ' ,iff I pxf A A ff' 'F ll cf' is XY. X--jjvb Cgglvx or-:J My-,P , , . Qt ' D 1,9-xii 45 :A '11 3 4f'M" .. X sf nw f H :Q 3- -. 45, f fy ., 9 X, ,s".Ci' E V ' ' X? f 3' Wmgm 17.3 AUS' 5. ,531 , PJ- -5? ', 'S F V .f f ' W ' ll' if 1 if ' ,- .. A -. I l IN' I V Y v X 1- 1' ,, , . 1 1'f.'5'5.! A .J . - 1 If l . ,rw W , -' A ' 1 L51LupL6ge',lQu'Idna.PyQQQ1ffgiib1fIS r- , ' . A ' ' " 7? U 4 wr ,' kflf 1 V N Q13-If Sud 1 gg ' Ig 'l , . ' 1 J ' T , ,. ' 4-J-Ll-'f' 4 -11LCt.'lL!es wluch. we -1-ilk.-li" '-Nw 135311-jgmflnlnays-Guszri'-' 'mf -' - lx ' - A- ,. - ,,.,'-11"-Y '. .w .,- I- N -IU ,fLfmf9'f7--Lj"lJ school hte. Mgy Lasumg meummes lhgeaikvzayg V , .- .3 jijf',.x,.1jf in gy,l11".g11g5 Qthl"I'1fQ l'1nnl', t ' , . ' J ' "gf" I' ' Q " , - , ii rem ' """""'v1. .. ff . , "Ti-' 3 s'-'H' O Zfffxayi , 1 - I' ,, .J , I . - , U, f .1 U! I -'ii Uday f,f.,f f Om rv , - g .f,. . I . , I . j 1 I I K- - ll V t .6 V ' ' 's , 7 1 f ff ' ,- ' ' . . .4U4aQ.2.f5a X.A51.-LJOZZVICI. ' ' Z ' A Q -' '7' " I 1 --iv 1 -,3 I .4 1 ,, ., 'f , 4. , 4X f. .,-. . - ',,.- I -I Hi-' . - 5 . ' A I ' ' ' 5 . Q u A b ' - 0 5 V f .. 1, 7 L t , l, I f lg . , ge - f 1. 'P X l l ll5llAllY STEPS llaye you ever seen the library steps look e this? Stop if you have time and count them. 1 CUZCJHZCUZ 1 O12 5lilIltllIlg out lroni the lesser alt-tails ol a 4-ampus, lantl- niarlxs gin- it eolor anfl personality. We have our share ol' eannpus lanrlmarlys. ltltlwl of the-ni staniling lor many tleezules. usetl through the years ln' eountless lllousiltltls ol stutlents. Nlost ol them will soon tlisappear from the eanipus seene. to he replaeecl hy newer. morlernistie huiltlings. Here on these two pages we give you. mayhe for the liirl time in THE Yl CCA. a view of the familiar lancl- inarlxs anml huildings. The huiltlings taking their plates will in turn soon he lantlmarlxs to sonieone else. To he finished and ready for elasses this year are the new llonie Economies lluiltling anil the new Arts antl Crafts lluilcling. Now untler eonstruetion is a new Seienee lluiltling next to the Fine .-Xrts lluililing anti also a new elassroom lnuiltling hetween the eal'eteriu antl the Girls' Cym. Also plannetl in the huiltling progzrzun isa new hus garage. The year 1931-53 was a liusy year lor eonstruetion erews on the AY eampus. Curious stutlents 4-aught a glimpse hetween elasses of the feverish aetiyity. lilxlf ARTS lll'll,lJlNC fflraeiously the l"ine .-Xrts lluiltlingl stainrls. lvut it will he replaeetl hy newer lruiltlinggs which may laielx her uraee. 4 fda fcmcfaca 5 i. 'v . '81 "z tiff 's GIRLS' GYM Sc:-n in tht- lmvkgrotirul is thv Girl! vt' af fb- ' I' . , f ' 4-ff Q in ."'1 -1 ' 5'-' 'Vi' , 5 ity'-if 5'9" r ii' ,Mi AMW' 1.3 . ' , f . l V - .4 - I fix I . A ' t ,. - as X lltlillli HjtDNtJNlItlS l5l'll,lJlNG You are- a isitnt-NF. alrmtz of our of tht- svhooll futurt- landmarks. tht- Home EC'Ull0IHlf'r liuiltling. untlt-r 1-onftru:-tion at tht- tirnt- this picture was luke-n. SCIENCE l3L'll.lJlNG FNTH.-XNCHfTlie door lwrkons to tht- huilding whirh housvd tht- uttvnd- ance olhcc-. avtivitit-S ollire. auditorium and mam' Planes. Gym. surrounded hy ftudc-nts hetwc-on clusst-s. rush- ing to their r'luSSc-s lwfort- tht- nt-Xt lmll. Slx lil XI A ift of 1 fdtllldllllf' 54-nior tllaff. tht- Suu Dial Stands and is Sure to stand for quite' . A fr LU' 1 ' ' ' P' F' I' Xonix- time-. .,. 1 I N' 1........14 J le 1. .t X X ,g XJ '-. x s.. MR. WILLIAM BALLARD AT INTERMISSION during one of the many pub- lic performances of his band, Mr. Ballard enjoys a light-hearted quip with Clydette McEfTee, drum majorette, and Carol Ackroyd, majorette. fi cgylrzpgorz THE YUCCA wishes to give recognition to two people who have truly made their lives a "symphony of servicef' The knowledge, counsel and time they have given through the years to their students has been beyond their normal duties. It is for these reasons that THE 1955 YUCCA is dedicated to you-Mr. William Ballard and Mrs. Hermione Vaughn Banks, our instrumental and vocal music teachers. Witli a quiet hand and a happy manner, Mr. Ballard has made the AV Band one of the finest in the state. He is not only a teacher but he is also a friend to students. He works long hours after school is dismissed, planning events and thinking of ways to improve his music groups. Mr. Ballard went to Utah State College and New York University and taught in Idaho and Utah before coming to California. He was also employed in Mojave before coming to AV. The father of a lovely family, he has a charming wife and three children - Lisbeth, Barbara and Maurine. He has been at AV for nine years, and during that time has fashioned a prize-winning band and an excellent orchestra. During the year he was honored at a banquet. Four hundred people came to pay tribute to him and his music groups. At the banquet he was given a high Hdelity, three- speed record player from the band members in admira- tion and respect for his untiring and devoted efforts. When the people of Antelope Valley see the band at the Fair. the Quartz Hill Almond Festival or the Lan- castr Christmas Parade - stepping high and playing well - they know the man responsible is William Ballard. BEFORE A PERFORMANCE Mr. Ballard directs a puzzled but bemedaled band member to take care of one of many last-minute details. ' 1 O f' .surics Mrs. Hermione Vaughn Banks is well liked by her students. She spends long hours in planning musical events and finding new and different music. Wlhen stu- dents are asked what they think of Mrs. Banks, they answer: "She,s wonderful." She is the sponsor of the Talent Club and teaches A Cappella. Girls' and Boys' Clee and Mixed Chorus. Last year she took the A Cappella on an overnight trip to Long Beach for a Music Festival. This year the A Cap- pella attended the Berkeley Music Festival at the Liniv- ersity of California during Easter vacation. A group of twenty students from the A Cappella Choir spent five days on the UC campus. Our vocal music teacher received her Bachelor of Music Education degree at USC and she also has a Master of Arts degree. She taught school six years in Hollywood and l7 years in Texas before coming to AV. Because of her capable direction of the school oper- ettas each year, Avs student body looks forward to this event as a high point in the school year. Successful pro- duction of the operettas means many long hours of hard work for students participating. The most gratifying approval to them is the happy smile from their friend and instructor that says theirs was a job well done. Her contributions to the AV vocal music world will be fondly remembered by her students and audiences. BEFORE HFHEARSALS for the Spring Yocal Concert. the yearbook photographer arrived. Here Hrs. Banks is shown arranging her vocalists for the picture. :us ,vm 27" MRS. HERMIONE VAUCHN BANKS DONNING CHORAL UNIFORMS before curtain time are three of Mrs. Banks' male vocalistsf Phil Hamilton, tenorg Larry Acker, baritone, and Rick Hudson, baritone. .lf ,ft ,y . 1 I i a l ' r ' v ln w E li: t Qwwz Cyomfucfou 5.ljLl.c.fi1 60- CWQ gclgfi of 611,112 670171 2015 'Zi Lwwz 901195 QS - CYD! IZZTOLS Uofzfanzfa Lowa Qfcvziafioni lpcufai '10-103 'LUZ Dm fpafzozzi lfjuyai 130-144 Q if -QXE if C2172 O15 Sli :ali iffy' ff fi R X , 1 .W -I E U55 mfs 6129 iymfz ony Llsgina. . . Q 113 Antelope Valley-the nation's fastest growing area- has become the main desert home of a poultry industry that now produces one fourth of the stateis fryers, an agricultural industry that pushed output to 38 million dollars in 1954. a jet aircraft industry that is building Ur. Roy A. Knapp District Superintendent alt-mal. 1 1 vs-ff' BOARD UF TRUSTI-lESf--Sitting. It-ft to rgilit: Mr. Gus P. lfliopulos. Mr. Wallace Ward. llr. Hoy A Knapp. district 1. Sinclair. Absent when nicturl- was taken was Nlr. George l". McNaniee-. wz Qibzttaftuzs 31 million dollars worth of factories to assemble jet planes, a real estate industry that has festooned the Mojave Desert's highways with bright pennants adver- tising vast new housing developments. Charged with responsibility for the smooth opera- tion of the Antelope Valley Joint Union High School and Junior College-which lies at the southeastern edge of the Mojave-is Dr. Roy A. Knapp, district superin- tendent. During his tenurwhrst as teacher, then prin- cipal, then superintendent-the district has grown to keep pace with the post-war boom in population. Having spent more than two decades at AV, Dr. Knapp has acquired a wide background for coping with the many problems associated with his office. These include the presentation of school problems at board meetings, preparing the school budget, recommending policy on personnel, supervising the transportation sys- tem and the construction of new and maintenance of existing buildings. He received his BA at Huron College in South Dakota. his MA at Claremont and last year he was awarded an honorary doctor's degree from his alma mater in colorful ceremonies. The Board of Trustees met twice a month to deal with their biggest problems of the 1954-55 school year -the ever-increasing enrollment and the need for new school buildings. Presiding over the board was Mr. Wallace Ward, Lancaster businessman. Other members were Gus Eliopulos, Westside rancher, George Mc- Namee, president of the Tropico Powder Company, Rosamondg James Wilson, Eastside rancher, and Wil- liam J. Sinclair, owner of the Littlerock Beverage Com- pany. The man immediately responsible for taking care of AV's growing financial problems is Mr. Albert Lo- Buono, assistant superintendent in charge of finance. Mr. LoBuono has been an administrative assistant to Dr. Knapp since 1946, and prior to that, was a commer- cial teacher on AV's faculty. starting in 1941. Nlr. Albert Lolluono. In tihnrgn- of lfinancc- QT? - ..... M 55:31:-"--"" CN r .1 1' 1"'i , ., 1 - If . ff gs- superintvndvnt. Standing: Mr. Jann-s Wilson. Mr. William ' ,W I Assistant bupermte-ndcnt fo 'C cvzmon Spending his third year at AY as principal is Ur. Robert I.. Dougherty, past superintendent of schools in Ramona. Among his many duties are the selection of Avis faculty members. the planning and directing of the curriculum program. counseling of students and working with all of the student organizations. Avs principal attended LWSC. LWCLA, Redlands and Chapman College where he received his doctorate. Dr. Dougherty has published two books on the life of Christ. the last of which is entitled fesus The Pioneer. Among Dr. Doughertyis other interests are trout fishing and keeping up with current affairs in the Army Reserves. He holds the rank of colonel in the Reserves. After school, Dr. Dougherty can be found at home with his family. He has three boys, Robert jr., a student at USC Medical School, Richard, a student at Redlands University and lim, who was graduated from AV in l954. Students at AY believe that this is their school and thus they take pride in making it what it is today-a school whose student body is among the best in the state, according to Dr. Dougherty. AV,s wags have been known to describe Mr. Charles Parker as 'Sadministrative assistant in charge of et eeteraf, Mr. Parker. a wag himself, doesn't seem to mind. His official title-administrative assistant to the superintendent-describes a job which is varied and requires versatile talents. He takes care of problems which involve the district as a whole. Another busy man around AV is Mr. Norton Nich- ols, director of student activities. His office is the clear- ing house for all school dances, club meetings, an- nouncements and class held trips. lfnder his supervision the school calendar is prepared. This is Mr. Nichols' first year as director. Last year Mr. Nichols was a social studies teacher at AV. Nlr Charlfs Tarkcr 'Nlr Norton Nichol .QM :sera r g- -',s.gaf M in Dr. Robert L. Dougherty Principal A kind word and a helping hand is what AV,s stu- dents receive from Mr. James Churchill, supervisor of welfare and attendance. As a counselor on attendance problems, Mr. Churchill serves six schools in Kern and Los Angeles Counties and is at AV on Tuesdays, Thurs- days and Fridays. One of the biggest distinctions that Antelope Valley High has is its smooth-functioning, efhcient transporta- tion system-and this is true despite the fact that AV is one of the schools in the country that has the longest bus routes-one over 60 miles one way. Modern buses and drivers known lor their safety record provide all this. The man responsible is Mr. Grosvenor Fitch, dir- ector of transportation. Xlr Jamcs Churchill Mr Cvro ifnor l'1tch -Xdmmistratiu Assistant Director of Student Activities Supervisor of Welfare and Director of Transportation to the Superintendent Attendance YVPV yi tQUUNSFil,0llS---Shown at the left are the Freshman and Sophomore coun- selors. Tlu-y are. sitting: Mrs. Lola Bal- lentine and 'Xliss Cladvs Baird. Stand- Nlr. Frank 0'Connor. Shown below st-lors. Sitting are Nliss Josephine Dart. college prep counselor: ixlrs. Mary Floyd. Xliss Ann brbanouski. Stand- ing Mr. lfrne-st Tosi and Nlr. Robert 7655 Uidgiifidfid ff: Nlr. Bruce Grant. Mr. lrwin Cohen are tln- Senior and Junior Coun- No school could operate efficiently without its eounseling staff. eus- todians, bus drivers, ofhee and Cafe- teria stalls. These are the people who. in the true sense of the word. Compose the "melody" Inereased student population re- sulted this year in the addition ol' a new serviee for students-class 4-ounselors. These teachers were given the task of assisting the main eounselors at AV-Mr. Abe Loew- en. Dean of Boys and Vice Princi- pal, and Mrs. Billye Adams. Dean of Girls. Heading a Crew of custodians whose job it was to keep the school and the eampus looking pleasant despite all of the building activity was Mr. Oscar Johnson. Mr. Jaek Wiley'. building superintendent. MAINTENANCE CREW' - AVE eustodians are hard men to find for a yearbook picture. Most work different shifts. Some of AYP r-ustodians are sliou n bn-low. They are: Charles lliehards, Bill Hart. Jasper Haskins and Oscar Johnson. ln. Y is Hr. ,lack Wilefy ilflingi Sl1lPl'TlIllf'llil1'Ill gfzlgzztgt, lnul tht- jolt of 1-omturit infpwtion unfl slipmwifimi ul' AVN furiotn ronstrnctimi avtivity. Sz-rving mlvlivions tI1tAill4 to tht- 5llHlf'HlS. wav the wife-lf-rin Orc-xx' nntlf-r the supervision of Mrs. Bar- lmru XXYlIllilf'. Wilwtlwr it was tarfli- ness. ulnsmn-ff or gramles an uc,-ciimtcf ref-mul was kept lay the 3llf'Ilfl3l1I'C OLLEG F BLS DlilYlfli5w-Back row. lf-ft to right: Walter Scale-5. Tom Garrett. Carl Gilmore. Dave Huston. Alex Cimmc-ll. liill Hart. llicliarfl Sweet. Haney Stolle-mae-rk. Wilson Ferre-ll. Jean lluntle-y. Laure-nco Wvhf'Pl6f. Firft row: Kenneth Sadler. Holanfl Blanco. Paul Wiilliamf. Hill liUCll3H3Il. William Caitlir-r. Earl Fishf-r. David Austin. Ronald 'li""'i"- UO" "0"'f'S an" Dm" NHPF" 1.Arrg'l'ulm fgniixwx iaafmfa xmn.-. Lou vm-lt. vit. -Mla Aclwr. llorotliy Flemming. Lela flrall and llurlvuru Nix. 5 gl! Xixi f umm- unflf-r Nlrs. l.nrPin Derinfrv. f f ff Mfr X'l'TlfNlJXXCF OFFICE ST.-XFF IELSIXESS OFFICE STAFF Nlilclrc-cl Sutton. Fmlitli XXi0I'flf'II. Nan KlI1g1,4llllFf'. je-an Buf- .' Xliltlrefl jolin. Yirginia Zurzana. fulo. The-Ima Johnson. Klar- Y ' Q- nan. Lore-in ll:-nnfx gnvrito If-nleinson and Dorif incl Katlirynf- lil-tt-, lwrson. I3 Imfgyiii 4 NJ' 'Q- 5 xx K H umanf an s. 4? -, r-4 - 'E' "' :Sera Q . . . .X T x Ugg nz fziacfa of inifz 5 98 info 65551 fagoz . . . is tx N5 , , , 5 -ff. -I A D 0 sh- .r3 Z-1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. first mu-. lvfl lo Stoker. Laura Gilbert. Pat Bittle. Joyce Hankins. Ryckebosch. Don Gilmore. Nor slzoivn: Barbara Dorothy Nlofldett. Larry Acker Nlarvin Asbury Roger Baker Baryl Ballas .41 .fan .,s.f..j -C7 ' x X 9 1 lo Lewis Adams Joyce Aubrey Robert Bakman Joda Baskins righl .' Gloria Second: David Shumaker and Nl:-rvin Akin Jollie Avila Alan Baldwin Jerry Beck i lx S. ...- 'flux AE 'Ln 'eff L. I A H U feigrzin 55 So you are a Senior! After three long years of struggle you at last reached the honored position. Every one of the four years here you made things happen. You chose London blue for your sweaters and Kathy Kelly as Alumni Queen. A few of you even helped with the Blue Book. As the days flew by your heads were filled with dreams of the Junior-Senior Prom. which was the last formal for Seniors. Baccalureate. Class Night, Senior Breakfast, and of course. Graduation. the big day. And what does the future hold? For some will come college and for others a job. a home and family. All the past seems to vanish from your thoughts as you dream of the future that lies ahead. So stop and remember: You helped make AV what it was, what it is. LARRY ACKER, V. Pres., Student Body 4g Letterman I-4g A Cappella Choir 3-4, Pres. 4g Lancaster. LEWIS ADAMS-Trackg FFA I-4g B. Leagueg Littlerock. MERVIN AKIN-Honor Society 25 Key Club 4g B. Leagueg Palmdale. MARVIN ASBURY-A Cappella Choir 2-4g Talent club 3-4g International Relations club 4g Lancaster. JOYCE AUBREY--transferred to El Centro high school. JOLLIE AVILA-Letterman I-43 B. basketball team 2-3g Varsity basketball 4g Westside. ROGER BAKER-Senior Bandg Pep Bandg. B. Leagueg Lancaster. ROBERT BAKMAN-FFA I-4, Chapter Sec. 4g South Regional Sentinel FFA 3g Gor- man. ALAN BALDWIN-FTA lg B. Leagueg Lan- caster. BERYL BALLAS-Usherettes 4g GAA 3-4g Student Senate 3g Lancaster. JODA BASKINS-FFA I-4g B. Leagueg Lancaster. JERRY BECK-Electronics clubg B. Leagueg Lancaster. DONALD BEARDSLEY--Senior Band I-4g V. Pres. 4g B. League 4g Valyermo. LESLIE BEEBE-FFA 4g B. Leagueg Rosamond. LAURA BEISSEL-FHAg G. Leagueg Palmdale. CAROL BERRETT-Student Senate 4g G. Leagueg Lancaster. JACK BERTHELOT-Radio club 4g B. Leagueg Quartz Hill. DONALD BIRD-International Relations club 4g B. Leagueg Lancaster. ROBERT BITHELL-B. Leagueg Lancaster. PAT BITTLE-Usherettes 4g Jr. Class re- porter 3g A. Cappella Choir 3-4, Sec. 4g Palmdale. endow cgfzomfecf cgweczfeu of Blitz VIRGINIA BLAKE-FHA 3-43 GAA 3-43 Typing club 43 Littlerock. PAT BLAKELY-Csberettes 3-43 Christmas Play 43 Drama 3--13 Quartz Hill. FRIEDA BLANCHARD- CAA l--13 Lslierettes -1: Yucca stall' 3-43 Lancaster. LEONA BRASHEAR-A Cappella Choir 2-113 Talent club 3-13 GAA3 Lancaster. JEAN BRAY-GAA 3--I3 Knitting club 113 C. I.62igllCQ Lancaster. NATALIE BREWSTER 7 C. I,C21glICQ Lancaster. JIM BRIDCEIVIANM-transferred to Edwards. ROLAND BRlNl,EY4C. basketball 23 B. basket- ball 33 Varsity ICYIIIISQ Lancaster. JOHNNY BROCKIQS -Letterman 2-43 Varsity track 2-43 Varsity football 3-43 Juniper Hills. MARILYN BROWN-CAA 1-fflfg Song Leader 43 Quartz Hill. MIKE BROWN-Chief justice lg B. Leagueg Lancaster. LILA BKLLARD-Talent club 4g GAA3 G. Leagueg Littlerock. CAROL BIQRFORD-Pepperettes 2g World Friendship club 3--13 G. Leagueg Lancaster. ROBERT BURNS-B. l..63gllCQ Quartz Hill. JAMES BUTZKE-Pen Palsg Littlerock. CATHY CABARCA-Jr. Class sec. 33 Commercial club 3, Pres. 3g Usherettes 43 Eastside. Donald Beardsley IA-Slip liegglw Laura Hg-igsel Carol Berrett ,lack Bertbelot Robert Bithell Pal Bittle Virginia Blake Pat Blakely Frieda Blanchard lvilll Brut' Natalie Brewster lim Bridgeman Roland Brinley johnny Brockus Nlike BTUWH Lila Bullard Carol Burford Robert Burns james Bntzke -1 ,P if 5 A 1 .4-n 7 Q l . i' ' v--D sq, -1, l Q. 'CTA AY Y 4'-, C' alll- , 3398 -ft - Donald Bird Leona Brasbear Marilyn Brown Catherine Cabargza G3 L 'N- 5 Q 1 t 'T' fl 'T 46-Q 6' i 1--v I T..-r 1' :sr 1 N 60' '01 'I' Q! 7-.45 U55 Cam ui ogfsf. M ...wa T-jj MIKE CAFIFREY - FFAg B. Leagueg Lancaster. ALLEN CARR-Sr. Board of Control: B. League: Lan- casterg GLADIOLA CARRLITHERS-Drill team lg GAA 3-4g Pepperettes Ig Lancaster. RICHARD CHAM- BERLIN -B. League: Palmdale. ROSE MARIE CHANEY-Honor Society I-4: CAA l-4: Jr. and Sr. Play 3g Lancaster. MARLA CHRISTENSON-CAA 2-43 Usherettes 4: Yucca staff 3-4g Lancaster. BEVERLY CLAUDE-G. Leagueg Lancaster. ERIC COLBY-Letterman 3-4: Cheerleader 45 Pres., Soph. Classg Palmdale. MAR- ,IORIE COLE-Honor Society 2-43 C. Leagueg Palm- dale. PAT COLLINS-CAA 2-4-:Talent cluli 2-43 Typing club 4g Lancaster. PAT COLO-Senior Band I-4, Treas., 4g G. League Cabinet Treas., 4g CAA I-43 Lan- caster. FLORENCE COOK-Typing club 3-4: G. Leagueg Lancaster. ,IOANN COOK-GAA: Pepper- ettcs 33 Knitting cluh 43 Lancaster. RICHARD CRAIG-School play 3-4g Art eluli 2-3: B. League: Lancaster. DOROTHY DANHIEUX-Song Leader 4g GAA 4g Big A 4g Palmdale. MARILYN DAVIS-Merit Board 4g Commercial club 3g C. League Pearblossom. JOHN DEBS-Knights 3-4g Letterman I-4: Class Board of Control I-4g Pearhlossom. ROBERT DCFOOR -Letterman 43 B. League: Quartz Hill. DON DES- TRIAL-BY-CAMERA-The group of gaily laugh- ing seniors who await their trial-by-camera as they stand in line to have their senior pictures taken are. left to right: Kathryn Kelly, Clydette Mr-Efee. Cathy Siemens. Cathy Mahneke. Bar- liara Shumalier. David Shultz, DelRno Saenz and Larry Hall. with a how tie yetl In the fore- ground is Lulra Kalpalxofl. 0 , Inaba' 6- I 'R i. '53 K-. if -.-'T-' 5-P ' 1 ,gli 1 if Vo .? F" 'mx V221 6. Q cr" s., 4 A-, I Nllltc Lallrex Xllcn I art I I I I QAM-I-IIIIW Ricliaral Cliauilwrlin linac' 'Nlarie Illiaucv Nia: la l'Iiri I II1'Xl'l'IYlll1llllll' I' I I llx XI I ll Colt- llkll Illrlllll- I I I I llorem'4- Con ,IUMIHI Cool. lli1li.Hwl Craig II III IIHHI xl.ll'Il Ilan- .lolui II:-Ins Ii I I lb I XII 4" N PIISUI Ilt'llX oral' uv fff ,,f i' i" 'r SH 1., :A V.: if 1'-'Y ' vgfl Don De-mond D'1lf Drey i Bud Dyer Floyd Ethcrton Nlaurezn Fix Frank Gibbs AL' i. -.-1 1' Robert D y Barl ara Duniyan Raymond I-flu rt Mary Farmer Geor e Foiter Beverly Gibson 3 France: Ditty Eddie Dryer Ronald Eslick Arthur Fir,ick Phillip French Laura Gilbert , ' ' 4 I f znews cm .vqcftuz I b 5. C x, A bi: A A 1 1 in - 'T " . I - 1 " - : . 1 - Q-L 'C I' I' ' W y' - 3 I. ref.. 1 .I cg MT.: gk .z ,Sl 6 Q . I gg .- .K Lg ' 35 c , , ' - ' a - . 4: " ..,- I 4' Kn' sf--, es., -3 iz s' z .-Ag , :aut . ,, 'b 'Ty I jf. ,. ,Q . 'A t . I VERT4-FFAg B. Leagueg Lancaster. I..." gi., .git . K E. I I 3 I I, 7 sy H ' I gg K lg I, nh , 'L K Q V QQ 'X " I 'Lf 'I ' - 'll. , gall Q i- . Q gi . .Q B' 'L' c , L c New ,,,, ,,.- .v-'A' ' z, l j l A X- Xl K5 Rf A ' I I X' Q Q . eer N f L ' y- 1 5 ' I Q , 3 N X 50,1 WIOND Art club 4 Typlng club 4 B League Lan Ca ter RO SERT DEX EH T ping club 4 N P s 1 International Relations tlub 4 Sec 4 Tlaffif' Court Prlmdale FR ANCE9 DITTY Layout editor THE YLCCA 4 Big A 4 Quill ind Scroll 4 Leberette 4 uartz Hill D-XLE DREWS B League Palmdale BARBARA DLNIXAN Honor Society GAA 14 FHA Palmdale FDDIF DWYER Senior B nd I4 Pre ight 3 4 Pi 4 Y lr lty ba eb all '3 4 Iam is er BLD DYPR B League Lancatfr RAYVIOIND EL RONAID ESI IK Elertronlcs B Leigue Lan taster FIOYD ETHFRTON Kmghte 4 Letterman 2 4 Senior Band 2 4 Lancaster IVIARY PARVIER G league Ianeaster ARTHUR FIRSICK Electron ICS club B League Lincaster MALREEN FIX GAA24 G League Llttlerock GEORFE FOSTER FFA I 3 Student Senate 4 B League Gorman PHILLIP FRENCH A Cappella Choir 4 Student Trafhc Court 4 Gy mnaetlce 4 uartz H1 FRANK GIBBS Track 24 Gymnastic 4 Basket ball 4 Ianeaster BEN ERIY GIBSON Xarslty Yell Lx uler 2 Knitting tlub 3 FAA Pllmdlle LAURA CII BERT ,lr Clase Treas Lsherettes 4 Sr Claes Treas' Palmdale. I it D011 Gilmor Nlary Goxsdx Betts Grant Paula Gurfein Iarrx Hall Y Q'-ff San Ira G KIKI Paul Graff Richard Gras Robert Hair Joan Hamburg r tharle Good on Rol trt Gramcx Jsrrx Grtdlex Donald Hall Phil Hamllton 95 5 Uuff., cm DO GILNIORIL N1 Clie Ire Xai ity football 51 S1 Band Ilttluotlt 5-YNDRA GODDE Office 1 At lb Spun I1 Llub Quartz Hill CHARLES CO0DbOA Electiomt tlub 4 bet 1 B League I tlllltl e 'NIA U COWDX I' 1 Ial 4 All tlub 1 Office 1 lldlI7 Hill I XLI GR XPP B League Lama tel ROBERT GRANIIY B Lmgue Lnicaeter BETTY GRANT Diami tlub 1 Yuma staff 1 HOIIIC Ee 1 I mea ten RICH ARD GRAY 51 Band '3 1 Track 3 B league Ianta ter JERRY GRIDI EY B Lt lgue Lineaeter PAULA CLRFILIN FHA 1 Ixnitting, club 4 G League la11 mter ROISIRT HAIR Nlub Drawing 5 B Ielgue anti ltr DONAI D HAII S B 1114 I 4 Iep QI A L 11111111 51 Ratio 1 3 'I Ixmgb 1 Inuas er JOAN HAVIBURGER Typing elub 1 G League Lancaeter PHIL HAMILTON CIF CI1a1T1p1on 3 Tal ...fa 5 'C7' If wee -'fr ,Sig va' 'Q7 If I Q ' is If SCHIVIIDT GAA I 1 Typing club Reporter 4 Knit ting elub 4 Westside VILLDA HARRIS G League Rosamond PAYE HARVELL GAA I 1 Honor Society 14 FHA I2 Roeamond CONNIIL HAUGEN IVIarjo1ette 'I 4 Yell Leader 3 4 Band 2 Lancaster BETH HEA BERLIN A Cappella 4 Wt1rId Friendship 4 Typing club Lanea ter ROLE HEINRICH FF I4 B League Llttleroelt DONNA HELM GAA Office staff G League Palmdale. JO HENLEY-AGAA I-4' Copy editor THE YIICI A. 4' gee. audio-visual department 3-4' See. orientation I: Littlerotk. NORMAN HIGH-Football Z' ri A 4' Letterman 3-1' Westside. JERRY HILDRETH-Projectioinst club 3-4' Stage Craft 4' Lancaster. DAVID HIINES-Senior Band I-4' Pep Biillll I-4' Asqembly eon1mittet1 I-2' B. League Cabinet 4' Laiieaster. GENE HII L-B. League' Lan- 4--1.'ter. IAIJIA HIYREI -I llLe'ulz1'l-2'CA 1 C. League' I'111e'1ste1'. DAIIL HONOR-A Cappell-1 I oiral-1' ' . tu l-4' am- t '1 t.. i Ii HLDQON-'I altnt Club -1- I 4' A 'an- a LIIOII' -1' nern' ion' Rea' J -1' Littlerot '. '. ' IIIfN1IHRI"Y4-A I-Htlla tl " 3-11 Ie. 7. ,. 1' ' f " G' -11:GAA5--1' uartz i . . Rlfll ILL : N-Hono' Qoeitty 'S-11' GAA Z- -' . . 'iguc ' I '1l111c ' . . 'NIOND IODI"Ix-L IItl'IIl'lIl ..- ' I' Q' '. 1' I 3 I -: Il'ilI'I It est 111. KAREN JACOBS-S1 .I ."I.f-.Io 'feiev --3 'z Q -'o I I -1 1 .an 'aft -r. JANE JANIES-G. League: an- ew 11 I It ITNINGS-Le " 2 I-1gI1'oje4-' - 'ss -1: . na 1: Piillllll '. S ILEY JENSEN--I epperettes: W 11' tl I"l'If'lltI- sbip 3-11 A Cappella Clioir -I: Rosan1o11tl. CAROL JOHNSON--I"a1'111e1'ettes Ii-I: Internatioiial Relations t'IllIl -1: I1ilIll'il5IK'l'. DANIICI. JOHNSON4Gy11111asties 3-113 B. League: Iyilllllllilllk GARLAND JOHNSON- 7 L mm 5 , flflfffzi I I 2 5 L E I r Q N ' I I-Q '. ' 1 'e ' s.g ' 's' ' ' 1 -g Q 1' 1' u g Q 1 's ' I gl ' ' . 'a al . I I I H I I ,I , Q I Q , Q Q 1 I ' It I 3- ei ' 5 g . ' 1 -' 5 1. t . 1 f 1 , . te Qs Q Q Q Q Q Q . Q ,QQ . J QQ . .Qi Q Q Q QQ S QQ . ' ' Q' 11 Q' 1 N - 1 -1 Q Q Q QQ Q 1 Q ' I , , ,1 -1 -. 1 I -.if I.-13 f I ' I . I ,- g .1 r' 5 1 . . I 1 ' I," 1 . . 1-fr. z I - Ig I' ,Band . I A' 1 :1h1amaaf.L1un'HAu,- abil :aa .1 QQ - Q 'Q elul Q, I'res.,I : I ' tsl g ,Q ' gt . 1 , ., ..l. A N L '-Q-0 '.QL'f ,.Qf A A T I A A pg ,fllgimi ent club 4, reporter 43 Pearblossom. DOROTHY HAN- D' ffl' I- 'J 4' 5-1'1" is A I f' A - 4 ' ' 9 ' Q , Q : g Q' - A - 3 . 9 an , A I I K I I . I I I I 3 , U' C 1 I 1 I s ' A s 1- . N Q , N 1 v Q L x I I 7 1 rf' 4 ' ., 1 I 1. Q CI1 . 1. Cadet Cotp- I 1 B Glee Il b , I' I Q IL I ' , I IC . 1 ' - ' , 'lex , , C I f-7, f pdl 3 , Iv at n lump , 1 RAY ' 1.1111 311111 . 51 3 5 Q 4 - Q Q 1 1 - ' X Pres . I. Honoi bUtl6IX .5 I - . Q H Il DAR It 1. 1 1 .' '4.G I et '. '. late RAI , ' e 1 . '7 I, Xatxitx I1.1NeIall 5 I'I' A .5 I 1 1 1 1 AND I'II IR 3 I I' l1to1 I IIUIIUI Ho t I 1 Quill intl B' 1 Stl I 5 I I 1 Q L 7 4 1 tri I7 iI'D JI' N Iltlllllll 5 ' IIOII Y 1 t I I B It gut l1Ic 5-Q 2 HH 1 tl fc! cf X f-OA W2 Lab of ELT cuzcfa X df ltx Hank 2 4 Lettelman 'S 4 B hd lxethal12 Vi e I 1de PETRFNA ,IOHNQON tldnkfexled to high Qnhoo SANDRA ,IUNFN 91 Band I 4 Su 4 C'-X-X l 1 Sm 4 Hono1Soc1etvl4 Pilmddle ionnu H411 cn jerrx Hlldn th lxax Humphrex Shirley Jon cn Huh Hcnlhcrhn Rolf Htlllfldl Dorothx Han chmldt Donna Helm Qarma Hnkel Karen Jacob Garland John on 'i N elda Harrw Jo Henlex Dale Honor Jane Iamew Pelrena John on Fawe Harull 'Norman Hlgh Rick Hurl on Fred Jennmgz Sandra lone it lj' Hand HIIHQ Gsm H111 Darrell Ilhan Rm mond Iodu Karol john on Daniel John on 3 I1 1 Y T' if af N. li if 1,.. E cur Q 5'-Y Y-7 N6 5 ad 1 Y' s 3 egg Sn '15 dx K kgs oz LL 5 A k J in U ' l ,. . we , 4 Q v S Q S ' ,Q 4 , ,. 4 ' T I M K to Q, N 4 3. ' :if or if f ' ' j 4 - ' ,rw 5 .J , 1 1 . T 13 ' lv 'sf s ' , A 4 ..,. Cf, fy 7 .qlx -" ' I xhgv, , K ' E I b I 1 1' Pat ,lunus Darryll Keene Judy Kraber Steve Layne Loretta Lewan Florence Lynch 43' F v A 1 1,23 Rochelle Kahler Kathryn Kelly Ray Kraber Larry Levell Basil Livermore Anita Lyle '43 1, px 3 li x-Y i il f 'X Q:-11 Luba Kalpakoff Gladys Kistler Steve Kwitowslci Mary Levingston Ernie Lowder John MacGregor Ann Kalsbeek Tabo Kono Betty La Fleur Ted Levis Judy Lundstrom Dd MacLachlan 3 ti." Us S7 V t i Sf 11 A' f af? -mf t 'I 7' 5 . E' ' V . LA i YV l . S 5 ljgsy Qpzn U55 Gael PAT ,ILNUS--Knitting cluli -1: GAA 1-4g C. Leagueg Lancaster. ROCHELLE KAHLER - Drama club 11. Talent club 4g G. Leagueg Lancaster. LLTBA KALPAKOFF-- Majorettes 3--lg Big A 4g Class V. Pres. lg Westsitle. ANN KALS- BEEK-Honor Society 2-34 World Friendship 2-4: Knitting cluh 4: Palmdale. DARYLI. KEENE-Honor So- ciety ll, Treas.. 43 Spanish National Honor Society 3, See., 3g Pep band. Sr. Band 2-tl-: Lancaster. KATH- RYN KELLY - Treas. Student Body 2g Big A 4g Alumni Queen -13 Wlestside. GLADYS KlS'l'LEli-- GAA 2--tg Sec. for Mr. Ballard 3--1: Gym Office 43 Palmdale. TABO KON0-Letterman 3-4g Varsity football 4g Varsity baseball 4g Palmdale. JUDY KRABER- Pepperettes 33 Knitting cluli -1-1 Lancaster. RAY KRABER-B. Clec cluli 3-4g FFAg A Cappella Choir 114: Lancaster. STEVE KWIT- OVVSKIH-Knights 4: B. League: Lancaster. 'ZBETTY LA FLELTR-Honor Society l-43 Big A 3-43 G. League officer 2-4g Lancaster. STEVE LAYNE-Sr. Band l-4g Honor Society 3-4: SANDPAPER 3: Edit- or 3g Lancaster. LARRY LEVELL -Spanish cluli -'l-1 Christmas Play -lg B. League: Palmdale. MARY LEVlNCSTUNflJran1a -11 Talent cluli -1: FHA '1-1 Lancaster. TED LEVIS--B. League: Lan- caster. LORETT.-X LICWAN-GAA 3--1: Farmerettes 3-1. V. Pres. tl: Spanish clulm 2-33 Quartz Hill. BASIL l.lVEllfNlUllE 1 Square Dancing cluli 3-lg B. League: Cor- man. EliYlE Ltlwlllflif-lfootliaill l-l-: l.ettcrinan .2--1: Knight- .3-1: Lanca-ter. ,IIEDY l.lfNDSTllliNl- C. League: Palmdale. FLOREXCE LYNCH - Honor Society 3-4-1 Yucca Staff fl: Knit- ting cluli Sec. -1. Knitting cluli .3-1: Quartz Hill. ANITA LYTE--C. League: Lancaster. JOHN MAC- Clillfflflll --FF.-'l 3-l: B. l.caguc caliinet -lg Sr. Band -l: Valycrmo, llll Nl.-Ui l,Afllll.ANe- -llcppcr cttcs 3. llrcs.. 3: CAA l-'l-1 Yin-ca Ulla Om Uf life staH 1: Palmdale. BUD MACLIEN- NAN-Dust ,lockies 2g B. League: Mint Canyon. CATHY MAHNEKE -Student court 3: Lsherettes 3-1: C. League cahinet 13 Lancaster. JAMES MAHOLLAN-Radio -13 Wood Shop 43 B. League3 Lan- caster. MARY MARSHALL-How or Society l-23 Art club I-4: Talent clulx 43 Lake Hughes. IRNIA MAR- TIN-Arts 81 Crafts: CAA 43 Typ- ing cluh 43 Vlfestside. ROSEMARY MARTIN-Merit Board 33 A Cap- pella Choir 2: Drama clulr fl-3 Lan- caster. HENRY MARYlN+Lettern1an 2-43 Knights 43 Social committee 3- 43 Lancaster. ANNA MASSARIe Majorettes 4: GAA 1--1. Pres., 3-4: Class Pres., 23 Palmdale. RUBY MAULDIN-Usherettes 3-3 Typing cluh 4. Pres.. 43 CAA I-43 Lancast- er. JACK MAYFIELD-Sr. Band I-43 Honor Society I-43 Student Body Pres., 43 Lancaster. TOM Mc- CABE-B. Leagucg Lancaster. JAMES MCCLARY - Track Letterman C 2: Track Letterman B 33 Letterman 2-43 Wt-stsirlff. FLOR- ENCE McCI.ENGHAN+Class Re- porter 2: CAA. I-4: C. League: Lancaster. KIM McCORKINDALE-Typ- ing club 4. Pres., 43 B. League: Lancaster. PAT McDANIELmCAA 1-43 Student Senate 43 Sq. Dance cluh 43 Rosamond. CLYDETTE McEl7EE - Majorette 3-4: Drum Majorette 43 CAA I-43 Palmdale. PAT MCKEOUCH-CAA 3-4: Knitting cluh 43 Lancaster. PHII. McNAMEE-FFA I-4, Pres., 4: Knights 3-4: Letterman 3-43 Rosa- mond. BEVERLY MILLER-Campus Christian club 2-43 CAA: Student Senate 23 Lancaster. GERRY MIL- LICAN-C. League: GAA: Lan- caster. DOROTHY MOFFETT+. Sr. Class Sec.: Majorette 43 FHA I- -43 Leona Valley. MARILYN MOH- LINC-Honor Society I-2, GAA C. League: Lancaster. KIRSTEN MOLLINET-GAA 2-43 Pepperettes 2g Knitting club 4: Gorman. VALARO MORRIS E Radio club: B. League: Lancaster. N Y O Bud Marlenna Irma Nlartin Ruby Nlaulclin Florence Mcfilcr Pat Mclieough llorothv Moffett its rr .,. fv- Y' .I-,N 3 Cathy Nlalnn-kc james Nlahollan Rosemary Martin Henry Marvin ,lack Mayhclrl Tom Mr-Calle ighan Kim NlcCorkindale Pat McDaniel Phil Mcxamee Beverly Miller Marilyn Mohling Kirsten Nlollinf-I Mary Marshall Anna Nlassari James NIcClary Clydctte Nlclffe Gerry Milligan Yalaro Morris XV l A 4 I - . . 1 . ,sv 15-7 if , ' ,-4, .Qrj 'X 'V' 3 J Q Q-7 0'- fS'N 5' r""' . il' g ,Q S I C -2- 2 fl I if K? J ' 4 -5 4, 4. 4-'V A.- 4 , 6' I Avx 'sv 'C' 4 I Q7 Ny, +651 Q-'1' .J c' 'C , f in-I 1 'N 1 IIS ll 1-A cmcf cg 115 'A v fga 1:7 5 I r 1 'X wif, if T7 40 -"Y UH I I' rII1 1 I 1 U H15 UZU2 L A NILHI H1 b League N 'XII RRA1 I R111I1111Ix BFTTX 'NASH I Iltl I 1 ll I DILIx Ix x IXIIIQZIIS Lick It 1111 IIITI I'RI I NFW THON Spilll I1 IIIIIJ I DONNA NIIISON A oclalc fl 1111111 11111 I Pr 1111 I e Il II IIRI NAI AXRD R1 B 111 I lIIllIIlIt II ANNI' NICAARD R Le1g 111 1 tel DEE OBEIL Football I 1 Letlmmm I 4 T1 wk I 4 II ll ond PAT PARKER SAIND PAI ER 4 SPOII FIIIIIJI I B League P1I1111I1Ie A XD AH PATTFRQON Se-mor Band 2 1 I AA 31 KIIII I I I 1ImcIaIe C PI' ILT7 A e111I1Ix Man 1gP1 4 IIIIf.1111111P1e 1 Simon Marnger 3 Ie11I1Io Com DON PENCIL LEX NIGLII DfdXIlllgCIl1D3 Ia11 td IPI BOBBIE PIERSONI Art II1 I A GIIIIJIY 101111111 ee 1111021 Idff I P'1ImdaIe 'VIARI PITT QIIIII and SIroII SI SAND PAI FR 3 I Clws 'Sf-I I I1111 1 II1 NI IRTHA POW FRS I DFI URI5 I RFDIGFR 111111411116 Ixmttmg CIIIJ FAA 'S I Lanm 161 TOM PICK I Glmlll 71 A II 111 71 W II111g 11111 'Ill 11 In SH ARON Pl RCELI., H011 N111 lf I1 hme ec 1 IxCI' I 1 I L1 'II IAC IxI1TI R 1f1r1I I I Stun 11 or 1 ec cond A 1 FII ANR R ANIO9 51111111 B111II 7 I I 1 If-1 I II 90111111 II I 1rI 1 R I 1 I7 I 111 1I01 R XIIBARI R H I F 111111 R 11111 14 Icp .1 . n1,, , P I UR. , I ' 7 H- '. ': A - hx .1 JUIA. A . I . F- 1'1111sfe1'1'eII to - 11, If - -111, 3-II: Big ,I :1-.1-1 111-111 3-1. 4 1 1 M I'IIIII41l' .11 111111111 11. I ' ' NEL- I A- sox- '1-5 I'IIlIl rs.: ' Q1 1- 41 TI" " 'a 2-'IL Pa IIz1IC. BEN - A . Y . A - 1 'T 2 I F ' ,QI 2-QI: ISII'I'f'I.ICS I: IHA .S-'Ig Lun- . I'i1SIPI'. "1 Q . 1115111-v. F1' ,sI 1 C 'I 1 I , A I'1'i11I-I-ff 3: CIz1fs Y. Pros. f 3 Luk Y V gl xs. .. ,fi 1 fo g A I' A .3--I: C. btuu- .51 br. il I 2--1-: 1, , , ' ', ' ' ' ' 1 A, L, Carle-I Corps I-AI: . 1 neg Li - Ca S '. 7 7-- -' I . Q- - V9 SN. , 6 I 1 . ' fn . b .. . ' 2- 1 L ' . ' ,yy 7, 5 1 X .1 . . A N . 5 , . -. , 1 5 ting 'IIIIJ 1' L 'Q ' . ,AHL A x . .-, ss , 1 W 3 9 ,X " 1 's.113.z 'z, 1- 1 - . 1 . . Q - ' , S' 4:5 .5 1' ll - 1 1 ss J' 1 It 41: O 'nv fyn . f 1 N I . I 1 ' 111+ I 4 I H ' ' g 1. wi"- .1 1 I. .' "3 1, ' +Se11i41r R1111II: C. Lezigueg Lan- I-us I-r. . , I 7 , . f-A f ' W ' Fi' '1 s -'IL 7 ' ' I 4: A 'Hn A I., G-.1 Q, J 1, . 1 -' -2 '1 s A. v ' . , - .. 'T' 1 ETT- .vit ' 1 L-- 1 1 's -' foot- . .I IJHII I.- : 'res ' s 1 d 2-'Ig L1 - or Q' -' 1 j I-11: Ik 'Itos S I ru AI111'11I1y j11a111 Alurmy RMI' .IRISII IIIVIK IXPIFUII Il I12UN'ifIf'Y'- I 11-1'Iy N1'x1If1111 IIIDIIIIII NII'IrIPIl Jvr' XAQIIILITII Avi, I' Nygzz 11 II Chu I J I I-'Il I1 - 0111-v I':1I I,ilI'IU'l' YLIIIZIII I'11lI1-rs1111 Carl 'IIN' I'mtm'nIun' P0 'll all 1-7 I imiastmh' I1 ll PI-11giIII-1' II11I1I1I1- I'Iv1'f1111 AIA PIII XIII Il I'I1x11-rf I J I 1 H v- I. 0 DcI11rI-5 I,I'I'IIIQI'l' T11111 II11f'Iu'Il SIN '1111 I,lIl'I'I'II Cvurgv I"'Iv CUIIIVUI L31 LFIIUITIICF A 1 7 I'I 1 IIZIf"l'II I'7I'iiIIIi R1111111- IIIPII IIZIIIIILIII IIill'Ilill'H IZIIIIPIIII B 5 '- 'Il If ' TiIIf3Y- Ig Cro-f CI IIIIIIA' bl: T1'a1f'k AI: I,1lIl- '1 s '. BC R RANDA . 1 E Q ' ' Rm I: 'cp Rm 1 Ya sity a1s1Ia1II -1.1 .2 Us '. 5 I 1 f 4 BL'INv. 0 ' ' 1 -A-1 1' B'11cI 561 ,, . in-ni 1 4111115195 A 1 11 eat LXRULXN HE-XGAN f AX 7 1 Pepperettf 3 Txpmg LIUIJ 2 t NANC1 RIGGEN Le1g11e I11111 1 BAXRI3 VX Ii0I3I'HTS FH-X 3 1 'I'xp111geIuI1 F league PaI1111I1Ie RURFRTS Rlg X 31 G League 1 1I11111t 2 I Out lllldlllg F1e I1n an La111 a tel CL ARLNC If HOTT N I3 CIQZIIL L1111 la 1 JANIIS RUSSFLI lfdll fe 111I t11 Ia en Illgll 1I1o1I 3 SFII Q IIAS Ill 111 1 SAND I AI Hi 31 I 1I1111I I1 DAX ID R11 KEBOSLH I etter mm 2 1 H1111111 Soclety 2 1 Pre 'I 1 1 e IJILFINIU HAFN7 ICIIPIITIEIII 13 1 Xar ltw football 31 C1pta111 1 Kew 1I11I1 3 1 W1II1111 Sprmgs RICHARD QAFN7 I11otI1aII 34 Let PIITIHII 31 FFA W1 on 9 rm PDDIE SAWWFR Ridlo LARULIINF SC IIAIIEI1 Sen 111141 I fl Ieagm C111 1 lt 1111111 I 111111 t11 IJ SCHI1 NBERFEH EIe1t1o1111Q eIuI1 7 F1e I1m'111 Court cleputw TrafI11 1 JI 111 1 1 DAX ID QCHLLT7 I3 league Lama ter MEI X IN QFHVI AKF I3 Ie1g11e La ll 1 tel QHIEI A QFDCEWICK L I1 I1 CA I 1 f' Lei L1ttIe111cI1 I AT QENIIN ARIO Yell leader 3 1 GAA I 1 Boird I F1111t1oI '31 WPQtSllIC R FLEHITE QH KDE C Le 1gue IHHCI ter KA1 SHRYOCK Hon o qouety I1 GAA 34 Dr m te I 1 uartz Hlll F3QI1Y'N9f'HlLTerFIK I3AI31RX RHI 'NIARER C41 1 Cla Tlea 3 Qla Reporter 1 R0 a1110111I FATHY SIFNIENQ N111111e1te 2 1 I-Io11or Qouetv I 4 I3 g A 31 We t 11Ie JEANNIE Q C IFIQIIC Lanel t11 DON SNIAI LEX 5611101 B1111I I 11 OTFIICCIIH I 4 Lanea te1 IVIILO QMITH I3 League Palmdale 1? 'vc' ,431 an Q5 sa 3 hr 1 wr-f' A 1134- fig 'is'X up-N ,- qu-1 rolxn I1 a llare11e1 Rottman IJ1IH11o S IEIIZ IJILI1 gl I11 nI er Fl Pat Semmarlo fathx S1 me11 :ff anex R1 Iamc R e I1lf'Il2iI'CI Saenz Iiaud Q11111111 'War uerlte Shade 10111111 9111 .UQ 1 19' l I3ar 1r1 RoI1r! 1 Ru 1 F1I1I1e Qanner 'XI1I1111 91I11 aI1e Ixax Shryock D011 Smallex 1 in hx 157 '01 Sue Roberta Dawd Ryckebosch Carollnc Schaffer Shlela Sed vnck Barbara Shumaker 'VI1Io Smlth 1 -r "J - - A55 r Q 1 I k 1 2-11: GA.-X I- 1 M " side. 'A A A A A L QA A A k L- 3 . 35 5 1 j - ' 1 1 I,L1Ill'ilF er. . 31 .' Q I ' ' 1 +C. ' ' N' 1 : .1 'z ste '. 1 AI - " I I Q! . 3-- L I' l A Y K A 1: 1. Q 1 ' 2 ,. SL F ' -1 ' - '- -L sa ' ' 1' g V . .1 S .l A RA I l 3. NIA. '- . I, 1 FQ 1 '1 :tex 1 . 3.3 .3 I 1 1 ' 5' L0 sl' ' 1' r'3 ,' FF 1 Sf I . I 1 T7 F RIfS.' , 1 ,f ui " .'1:r11 -Ag Ra1I- .3 3 'I I-1331 112 rv 1 1 -- 1 ' Q' f' ' -- . S. 'A I I 11g Cl. I311a1'1I 11I'CoI1ll'1I 13- 1: East- S d . w V 1 1 1 1 11 ,- 1 ' r. 4' Q 1 ., : 'A S- J, : -1 Z , - 7 Q' 8. in 4 o . 1 , - .-1 1 I K - v -A-A , ' I . ' Ig V 1 - I--tg Q 'll - 1 A 'ff' .11. 'fix lj . p gs. 1 - 1 1 . 1 T c 4, we 1'IllIl 2-.31 I3. I1P2lglIt'Q I3ez11'I1Iosso111. I Q . . . . - . V, 1 Q . , 1 1 -. - 1, ior I 1 -11-g 1. . 1' ' ,1 I '11et: as T1'zII ' I ' -1-3 ,z " s ' '. ICK , .3 IL ' 1 - ' ' ' I, 5K4 X 1.3 ' S 1 1 ' 'L ' rl Q ,I C1111't 1: C1' 21. I - T 'J 'fn . I ,- . , 1 "S 1 . 1 1 I 1' . . 7. ,- . . ,z : 1 -1 s '. . 1 1 1 1 , - Is - I ere! ls 3--13 1 A -1 g 1. ,zguez - "" Q ' , , I ' 1 5 Y . .1 1 1 1 1 - gm , V I S Q ,N . 1 . -1 g A -1 g 1 - ""' , o 1 ' .-1-1 ,. , MA - 'X l ' 1 - 1 - - 2 1 4.4 r I I 1 as 1 . . - - F. 1 " 1' -A Q . f- 3 il - lla .' '1- 5:2111 X 1' 'gg-11 ' I11 1 1- s . 4 L El 1.8 -- 1 Q . I ' -s uss ll IO" ss-II 1' 1, A L A 1 ' .IL . ,I . ., ' 3 ' A A -1 x 4 ' L A I ' .. kr . , , g - , ,' M , , A , .' L' . V ,V . L. g '. Q -ss ' s.,f: ' ss ' -1-3 ' ' A g ' 1 ' 1' 1 1' ' S . .Q I 1. 11. - I' -' .NP S 1 '1' S -I " A ' ' 1 z ' 'I 1 1 " - 3 i . -- -3 I s s' , A AI SILIA - , , 1 g ig V, .1 , , . 1 1 - 1 1 L 1 . Z 1 M ' ' S ' ' '. Q 1 , Q . 5- uacaiiei cuzcf Qaiftvzaa Glenn Snow Dave Spriggs Cathy Steiner Larry Stranske Rarbara Teasle Carmen Tilbur Audrey Speclit Anne Staff Jo Stevenson Jeanette Strassburg Danny Tbempson Bill Tomkinson L. C. Spcncer Rarbara Starr Robert Stinson Rav Tabita Shirley Thompson Marilyn Townsend Yr" x N 'SJ- Q11 l ,WX 1'F"'7 2 L.: 'L 'Q Sfx lah X 4, . 'T" X V4.3 N, as a K. . V .V X Vu 5- . trfff Oyx lr. x llianc Spicer Florence Steagzall Gloria Stoker Janet Taylor Suzanne Thompson Carol Train all Yi ca G if A 1 . x . af" 'i 'la' 'gx 1:-' K - GLENN SNOW-Letterman -'lg Var- sity football 4g Varsity baseball 4g Lancaster. AUDREY SPECHT-How or Societyg GAA: Commercial clubg Lancaster. L. C. SPENCER-Football 2-4g Raskctballg Letterman 3-45 Mint Canyon. DIANE SPICE!!-GAA 3-4g Knitting club 4g Princess of lnvitation- al Track Meet fig Palmdale DAVE SPRICCS-A Cappella Choir 4g R. Quartet 4g R. Leagueg Lancaster. ANNE STAFF-Rig A 4g CAA 4: SQ. Dance 43 Littlerocli. RARRARA STARR -College Prep club l-4g FTA 4g Honor Society lg Westside. FLORENCE STEAGALI.-GAA 3-4g C. Leagueg Palmdale. CATHY STEINER-CAA 3-4-g Knitting club 43 G. Leagueg Palmdale. JO STEVENSON-Office club 43 C. Leagueg Lancaster. ROBERT STINSUN-R. Leagneg Palmdale. GLORIA STOKER-CAA l-4g A Cappella 43 C. Clee club 3-43 Palm- dale. LARRY STRANSKEgSenior Rand 1-43 Traffic Court 43 Honor So- ciety 3-4g Lancaster. JEANNETTE STRASSBURC- FHAg Knitting club 4g C. Leagueg Lancaster. RAY TARITA-Art club l: Gymnastics club 44 R. League: Lancaster. JANET TAYLOR+Honor Society 3-4: llslierettes 4g CAA I-4: Yalyermo. RARRARA TEASLRY- Knitting club 4: World Friendship club 1: C. League: Lancaster. DANNY THUN4l'SUN-Track 3- lz Senior Rand -l: Raslxetball 2: Lan- caster. SHIRLEY Tll0Nll'SON--Rig A -lg Roard of Control l: Commer- cial club 35 Lancaster. SLZANNE Tll0Ml'SON- FHA: Art club: C. League: Eastside. tl.-XRNIFN TIL- liI'IiYiC.-XA 2-l-1 Yucca l: Art club 2--1: Lancaster. RILL TONIKINSON flflectronics club 2-3: Gymnastics 3: R. League: Rosamontl. NlARlLYN TOWNSICND -- C.-XA l-ll FHA 3-4: C. League: Littlerock: ti.-KROI. TH AlN- Saud Paper stafT 4-1 r' r....-.... r . sau, cgmifaa, anal Ezsczmi - - - DON TROMBATORE-Knights 4, Letterman 3-4, Football 1-4, Lancaster, HENRY THUESDELLA Gymnastics Team 3-4, Captain 3-4, Yell leader 4, Board of Control , Lancaster. PEGGY TURMANW Varsity Yell Leader 2, Merit Board 3, Pres., 4, Board of Control 4, Lancaster. GEORGE YALARDI-Trafiic Court 4, Chief Jus- tice 4, Football, Band, Lancaster. DONALD VAUGHN -B. League, Lancaster. JIM VALCHAN-FFA, Basketball, B. League, Lancaster. KRISTINE VON KLARGAARD-Pepperettes 3, Sq. Dance, G. League: Lancaster. PHYLLIS WALL-Lsherettes 3-4, V. Pres., 4, Knitting cluli 4, V. Pres., 4, Honor Society 3-4, Lan- caster. PETE WANSERKE-B. League, Lancaster. LARRY VVARRENBLIRG- B. League, Lancaster. GLENDELL WAT'I'ERSiFFA I-4, Orchestra I-2, B. Donald Vaughn Glendcll Watters Rochelle Williams sr, Jim Yauglian Alice Wvhitson Nancy Wilson 1 -R X- ,SX ,--9 Don Tromluatore Hvllfy' TrlISd6Il Kristine Von Klargaard PIIYIIIS Vliilll 'rr ' Yvhiteheat Bolt Vlvright QL df 35, " ' i l 1 ,A .E Larry Wilhurn Sue Young League, Eastside. ALICE WHITSON- Spanish cluh 3-4, FHA 4, G. League, Palmdale. JERRY WHITE- HEAD-B. League, Lancaster. LARRY WILBL'RN- Letterman, Football 2-4, Eastside. BARBARA WIL- LIAMS-G. League, Lancaster. PHYRNE WILLIAMS-Typing club 2-4, GAA, G. League, Lancaster. ROCHELLE WILLIAMS- Prom committee 3, Knitting cluh 3-4, Commercial club 3, Palmdale. NANCY WILSON-Big A 3-4, Honor Society I-4, Yucca staff 3-4, Business Manager 4: Palmdale. BOB VVRIGHT-Dust Jockies I, FFA 2, B. League: Palmdale. SEE YOUNG-G. League, Lancaster. HELEN YSLAS-Honor Society 3-4, Spanish cluli 4, Pres.. 4, GAA I-4, Lancaster. JEAN ZARLEY-- GAA 3-4, G. League, Lancaster. Peggy Turman George Yalardi Pete Wanserkc Larry Warrenburg Barbara Williams Phyrne Wvilliams Helen Yslas Jean Zarley .I J 6 -f .2. i-f'-za 1 D . ' .9 5 7-J S X Q!-1 L: 1: :z 1 1 li .1 NX ff? 'rf' a1"f -.J ,l'N .ns fu-"" uw L? N4 41 'nv Q7 'if-, C17 'wr-'Y Z1 in 1-.1 W - ""' ELT BRUCE BALLEW Arts and Crafts4 Pres 4 Varsity haseball4 B League Lancaster CHARLES BLECK SMITH B League Palmdale EDWIN FULLER Gymnastics Team 4 Tennis club 4 Sr Band 4 Lan caster CRACIE IXLIEWER Sr Band 2 4 Honor Society 4 GAA 24 Lancaster RUSSELL OLIVER League Lancaster JIM ROBERTSON ACappella4 Talent Club 4 Cymnastlcs club 4 Rosamond PAULINE ROSTAD Arts club 4 G League Palmdale DARLEEN SCHIERMEISTER A Cappella 4 Sr Band4 Sq Dance club4 QuartzH1ll MARCIE SPINDLER A Cappella 24 GAA 24 Talent club 24 Lancaster DAYLE WHITE Sr Band 34 CAA 14 B1gA 4 Lancaster CONRAD WALKER Cym nast1csTeam4 Letterman club4 B League Lancaster C71 wp' Tv Sf' Bruce Ballew Gracie Kleiwer Pauline Rostad Dayle White so -g T27 ,lim Bleckcmith Russell Oliver Darleen Schierm Conrad Walker Edwmn Fuller ,lim Robertson Mar ic Spmdler Comparing quality and knit of their new Senior sweaters are Kay Humphreys. Jerry Heldrcth, and Donna Nielsen. ' 'lma- , f' ff, ' f' CAMERA SHY SENIORS .lesse Adams Norman Allen Deanne Boggs Margie Burson Tomrry Caler Derrick Cummins Jerry Dendinger ,lanet Ernenwein Marvin Foster Charles Gwinn Adele Hellberg Jerry Hutchins Critrson Hamilton Larry Kin Iarnell Knovles Cc rda Kutschke Benny Large Curtis Lackle Mike Loewen Bill Lowe Charles Martin Nelson Majors Kenny Miller Charles Miller Gordon Moore Jackie Newton Carl Potter Harry Potter Robert Ryles Don Summers Robert Senkbeil Barbara Thomas Peggy Walker askin , .,.- ' ,,...- I x X 'N A-Xlaovc: Second semester Senior class presimlcnt Laura Gillwrt and Dr, Dough- erty. principal. discuss details of grad- uation. Below: Seniors enjoy the privilcgc of hearing speakers from all walks of life tlirougli their Senior Social Prolvlerns classes. low ientff qeniors ac 'Nlaw liclcl and Sandra Jonas were ciosrn as tif Ulllglfillfltlf gffllfl' x and 'lr 0 tu -XX lviml am were tlicrffore nen thr tradl tmnil ioior of rlottmff tic formation Above: Joyce Hankins. Pat llittle, anrl Gloria Stoker sit in at u met-ting of the Scnior 1-hiss olkct-rs with Ur. Dougherty. W 2" g 1' -Q-f' fxcx ,ii Ns' 24 ,,. 'T' 'QI ,- Z QL Ho 1 Alma Abercrombu SILXL Acl1er F 011 if Q'-'Y Q' af" 3 r- S if Z .t" 1' gugifzuzf tmiofzf. They re here' 'lheee 11e1e the words Oll the llps of the 111111015 db th1y I'LlllNCfl llltll rmgx o11 the but day of s1hool Tl1e r111gQ 111re 111 .1 111d1 XHFICIQ of Ntones Ill Lludmg ruby blue epmel or pearl Qettlngs or plam gold The blue Splnel ettlng 11.15 the mokt popular A busy tempo of HCIIYIIIF kept the Cla s of 06 llllmllllllg They Qponsored after game dances held a Semor Sweater Assembly 111 Aprll enjoyed p11t1eS and hayrldes md Stagul the be1uty 111 IllVlllm of the Jllllllll' 8811101 I 111111 A m111gl111gof1olor lllfl lo1el111es f1ll11l 111111111 dllll ge-111111 l1e1rts Mllll happme-5 and a toueh of ndness 1t thoughts of Qoon partmg TFICINTS llltl the ye lrs of happy h1r111o11y 11h1eh Vtlllllfl 01111 101119 to a 1loQe Cars C601 1 Adam V1Ckl A1111 Adams I arol Akroyd B055 A11d1 rson 'Nl11r1111 A111ler Oll Nlary A111l1r Oll Jack Anthony xTlll0II Xrnold 6' l1o11rt Xu llll gg, J B1 Xl rl1 A1 er1 10111111 Axer Can lia 1 l 1 Ll Joan llartell ll11l1ard IJ l3artl1tt j.11l111 liau lllfldll l I HU I C l3arb.11.1 l511l11 111 ct ll 1 lJo11 l51r1l all 11111 lil11l1 111 h liarbara llllllllll 111111 l l 11 1 1 lllllt I11111111 8, 111 li 11 1 lar11 liranan G 111 l31111Lr I ill 1 Illlll liar 111.1 lil 111l1 1 r li ea QOKKOCUEC :Aff The ,Iuniors looked ahead with a multitude of mixed feelings, including a desire to H11 the honored fourth year capahly. a delight at reaching their destination. and a deep satisliacli n at having attained their present status. Holding doxsn the podium during the first seine tu was Ted Hanson as president. Ahly assisting hir Dolly Yenturini as vice-president. Safely conducting them mer tht- second semester was Harvey Casey. with the aid of Ted Hanson. prexy the Hrst semester. H XS il A total of 12-1 students were enrolled in the Junior class, H18 more than tht H6 ol last year. Sam Cannon Marlene Carpenter Harvey Casey Eddie Chereshkoff David Clark Niary Louise Cochran Stewart Cochran Deanna Coddington Clayton Cole Delores Cole Barhara Cooper Michael Corcoran Pat Cottom Gary Craig Lillie Mae Creech Norman Crews Jackie LaVelle Crosby Irene Cross Loyce Dahl Robert Daniels Lenora Darnold Carol Darr Ellen Davis Ralph Davis Kirk Dawson Raymond Debs Suzanne Demers ,Ioan DeMontmorency Bill Bulloch Vic lurnett Peggy Burns Carolyn Caler Frankie Campbell 47" g. s, i Q' -nf N"'g first tt? 1 T' Q1-me ga S Y i "Att Y Q1 's it ,llixlflli CLASS fJFl'1lClfllS. firm! roup lefl fo rizfzl: ,Indy livers. flarol -Xltroytl. loan lit-tts. S1'f'llIIll.' Harvey tfasvy. 'lied Hanson. No! .KlllIll'll.' Connie Xyers. Dolly Yenturini and Dorothy hulls, Marsena Brown 'U 5, Nancy Brown Judy Buchanan ,ls, N x A 3'-'H' . .3 - f"' . L' Q. 1-'F' C., N t ,.,,, x t f Q 5 ., .. 8 w hs' t I 5- N if x --9 ..r. -ff' -2: if :Rs 2 Q :wi i 'C' 'K 1,1 9 M gmc! 'S f 1 2? T: 'S' ' " ' 2' it 4' X C' L. .tj 5, ""' ti, C1 In 1' V - I 1 N N - , . . -Pi' , w c' X- 1 iff. Q l. l ' at Y Q . C 7 gr 'P P Q"7 K 1 I 'T 7 4 2 6. Q as 95, .s- k if 'O' if ' fu ,... " , 1--v Q-v ' 'f y a :VH Q AN.. ,asv A -3' 33 K' 'X ,.. 1 Nl I if .41 9"" Qr.-v Z --X il :YI x ' s ' x 1' . , 1 3 4 "' rn- ' fs, W "' 3 , jg 1', A ' 6' 1 7 1 .1 X 1 I rt-, 6 L' . . A, 4 1 ' Q, 4 4. 'v 1 7. ,. 1 -- VV .1 I ,I I A f - Ah Qzoflc llurryl Denning lxzlv lliclxsrm -Xllr1:1'l Illlllll Ihmny Dyer l,uuif1' EUSIHII llslrj' lfluy -Xlvc lfmlrnaialun Sumlm Ifclmondsuu l.1-luml lilwrl l.ilXOHlll' lzly lffl lim ry fflaula- lzngxluml llluria lfrrwimvirl Glen list:-5 Glvnda Eslill Judy lfve-rs lluster Falwr Dorothy lfallf Donna Farmvr Ch-nn l'i21l'Illl'l' Slmrou l"asn11r'llK Cary l'1iSlll'I' ,Io .Mm l7msl4-1' llvtlx' lfullu-rfon xlll'l-lL1t'l lfunlx Czlil GillIll'r 5illltll'il Cullum lfmlmlic Cant liavc Gzmlim-r limlue-1' George' l,0l'lll1' Glllwrl ll-rrv Cilnmrf' lrllbllllllf Gm ll , llulr Curlull Ill-wulu Cray Wuyrn- Glu-mu l'all Crillltll ,Iunws Cullme' Nlgxrviu Cu in Xlwlvlv llalmill lin-lm llaunillfm l'a1l lllllllllllbll l'ql't'Kl llzum lllilllt' llilll4I'lIllll4ll liivluml llurmly llufwll llilflblxl ll-:lull ll:ll'v-llnnn Qi -Xllene Harris Charles Harris Bill Hart James Hart Jackie Harvey Cameron Have Lyres Hayes Di-ll Haynea Shelley Headman Barbara Heidemann Beverly Hildreth -Xrlf-ne Hilfzendorf Charlene Hill Palriek Hinda John Hoare' N Daryll Hodgew rine Anne Holcombe Bob Holistin lean Holm:-5 Sue Houghton Jerry Howell Bobert Howell liwlyn Humphreys Frank Hurst -Klan lden lfarol lsgrig John Jackson Kelly Jenliinson Jerry Jennings Joi- Jensen L1-isis Jensen Charles Johnson Gloria Johnson Xlarjorie Johnsm 1 ' ' er J 0 lll Gladys Jolly Barbara Jones Beverly Jones Boh Jones Pat Jones Tom Jones Carol Jordan Phyllis Kalsheeli James Kertzman Jim Kidd Nancy King Gracie Kirk ' ' x L ' 1, Vjfisiz gbaafinzs y. !'. 0: N25-3 x U if 1:-s r' s- Q-r 15:3 Q,-r 'H x l f I K7 ,J S 3? Gerry Kislnvr ,lim Knight Tl-cl Knox ,lay Koch johnny Koylv Alvin Krug Nona l.a1ml, Paul Lasagna: l.esta l,atimc-r Janice Lawson Diana Leer-li Ramona l.4-wis William Linnc-y llan l,isl1 llalliy Liveiiorm- V4-ru Long: lflona Maw Loscy l,inrlu l,0ud4-n Roy l.yfla1 'l'om Mavallle-3 Corpus Nlullv lfmiliu Malle- lim Nlarlmlz- Sonju Nlurk Nanry Nlurkf Ilorliin N arriol l'ilorc-nm' alrsliall llllounnv Nluson l'al lxlLlSlf'T5 Suv Mash-rf lionalfl Mulln-us llonulcl Nlaulclin lflcunor Nlcilalelv llclis lVlc'fforimir'li .J Z L x gf' E. r gf - .1-1 5 Q17 5' x,,. Y I A ' an .. 41 1' ...f- P f 5 . if N Y' 4? Li .wil si' 1:55 ur ..'4 ,Q 11' fi Q -Er' Q Q. Q' ,.,.-. ,4 No 2? ' fi fi l 1 u V va he V 5 - X' JR.. i ' Q ' .: .,,.q 1-1 .- ,fy V 4 ' .J-. N Q A X VF 4. Q"-v s. P sob arf' 3 ,.4 ,-I .f 5-1. x L g- "4 ff ,J B x sr ff' G -1. fi' Q-4' Q' -Q I, Ugiicf WECUZ Gifts 'za Unto Ulla 0415.51 Uf IJHZE - - - Lv "' 5- x X' if N ! g J' 1'7 2 I' T fax , . l ...vs -s' 8 1 V' f .4' ' 7, V ls 11, I 1 . I , .g?'Jf. -r-1 up 0 f"7 l Q 5 ,fl I' l, . 1' , . K Q' .y . N , 4 ,.. 43 -' 'TL' T? K x 7:7 A x I 'C Z-1. ' e fl Nlyrtle fVlcCulloch Kenneth McGowan Pam McLennan Ken MclVlillin Donna McNair George Mead Nlarilyn Mead Sharon Millmourm ' ' ler ' izabeth More Terry urren Jerry Myers joan Myhan llenee Navarre! Karen Neellels liarhara Newman llilly Nell Judy Nicholson lfdward Nukala James Oliver llennis Urser lluslie Osborn Carol Overlade Larry Parker Pal Patterson Stanley Payton falw' Pearson e'L.Vl, Q U f ,os ws ...ff 1 A George Phelps Lee Phillips George Pilmanis Patrick Polizine Ronnie Pond Tom Powell Nlarguerile Preter i 1 .51 -4-1 Qr' 0-4' f'1'i ilk' Jb- 1 I hgf, 'fri' Ks xv- as-5 'Zi' 1 44 T7 3g r' l - ,- T' O 9 - ,Q 4-' gp x 4-' .4 ,. 1...- 5' -.-r 1,. I br , '-P 55.5143 ' ' PU i QQ 2 VG' -.-v Q, if 11" pf 'L vanvm- llrothrti l john llinvciizaim Rfllllllf' Pszyk llflllllll l,lll'Slt'f liairl l'yron lim' Kats lingx Juliii llt'llIlldllIl lflxa lla-xrout Kathy lilwu llzirlnura llivliarflwit Xlamie l'ilClli1l'flr0lI Urun lloluiett fiurol llolillx lttixitl liullt I'uti-it-ia liutlim-Il llill llull' In :Min llussvll Nlurvia llusst-ll llorif Sukaguclii ffliuvk Sayre- Lliiivk Sc-limitlt Wultt-r Sclirot-cle-r Cary Svliumaii ffurolyn Sr-lmanflt -Xcla Scott lfrlcsta Scrilmvr llill Sf-lrustimi Gym! fgs iggsif Wsafc 3 ' 2 4 ,.. Q s, s- - ,.., x - - .:. - Lf, S , x K 1 Tr N, f , pf Q.. f 0 H f f 1 I X E 1 L Q H an 5 5 ,G-3' ' s.- .- A " X 'L' 6 a- 4--. T 1 Q--vw 'X A-- ,Q-0 2 ,Qvx Q' T77 fx.. Jw, 42 K N us', af" XZ! x S . ! uv- ' Ex YT f lunicl- Svvlirist llill Sf-ilvr llrum- Se-ylnotir llougluf Sliannmi jc-rrp Slwltlen Xlzirilyn Slwrvi' llt-ziniia Sit-1-k l,llIll1'llil bixilf llillll Slim llivk Slutvr W illiam Sim-tliurft l.ui'i'y Slllilll llulv Slll'llf'Pl' lftirul Fprigg- XX altvi' Starlwl lluxitl Ftt-xt-in liolu-rl Stixvrs Tort-sa SlUlll'llXKt'l'lx lfonnia- Stom- llnlv Stringer l.iml:i Sllllllllilllgll ,luyvv Sharif Tom Tallu-rl Sliarmi Taylm William Te-nslif-lml l.lyflv l lioma- lie-tty xllll 'lilionifun li4r!f'Ix Vliulliliwlli ilaiiir-N ll wiiiriix lark Flbxxiixf-ml llvlllllx frfviaii lim 'I'i1i'iif-1 'lirvm 'liiirm-I llillll iliilltlr lliizim- Yailr-x IP-wily X1'IllllI'lIlI limi XXvE1l4lI'lIv livtly Wiallaw Alurly Wvallarw la Yiiia Walls-is llill Wanarnakvi farfil W aifl V ., i II W at-mi Iii-lxia Watt:-rx X 1-rlf-iw w'4'illlli'I'f0l'fl lm' W' xaxr-i' 'X nv Wiwlir Dianne We-ii' -Xmiv Wvfflvli at Gary Williamx Jack Williamx -Mina Wilfmi liutli Wilson Sharon Wilfon John Wiirta Flora Woolf Nlargzie Wolfe Slivila Word Nlarian Wbofl Kay xivfirfllll Ycrnon Vliriglil Sandra Gayle- Winn l.imla YOIIHO Z 47 B'- ,rn i -xl if Qi' 5 1 sf, B ri -- - Q, 74 Z .Q sgx YI'- ,:-"- ,. -. -'9' 7 cmzifa - fum jar-k We-lvl: lluam- Wcmpli- 'Xnnu XX,4'IlZt'l Hill XvllllZ1l'iPl' l'at Williui William Willmi' .I 51' v-1 m- X ,..,v K L, Y N1 T- , 5571" .4 4 5,3 g-Q Cf bi ,A ' . i U - . in ,v " 5.-l 'A J ,ff v' V- 1 i '1 .kai I - -c ' " f L. I Q , , gd' S.: ha i 625, T ' Q? gr" 5 x 'T'? T' f ' - Q it 1'- ,A .Jn sl N 0 ,' , 4 X If W if -11 sf 3:- QF' N 1 5 11 4. .,-- I A SENIURS l:lRSTffAn AV Senior tra- ditionfthe privilege of leaving an as- sembly hrst is continued by Marvin Asbury. Rob llurns, and Cathy Cabarga. IMPATIENT SENIORS - F r i e d a Blanchard and Marla Christenson dis- tribute Yurcas to John Dt-bs. Rocky Kahler and Wayne Nygaard as the Sen- iors rcceivcd their Yuccas first this year. union ana! .fgianiou annie! cglflecia Bright sweaters of royal blue were worn by privileged Seniors during ,54 and ,55, while lucky Juniors wore class rings to signify their class status. The Senior lawn was another privilege given to the Seniors after a meeting of the Board of Control, where it was decided that a Senior lawn should become a tra- dition. HER MAJESTYfAttendants Pat Seminario, Eddie Dwyer, Joyce Hankins and Larry Acker watch closely as King Don Gilmore crowns Connie Haugen as Queen of the Christmas Ball. SENIOR LAWY "For the first time at AY the Seniors had the privilege of eating on the front lawn while the under- classmen ate on the back lawn. Enjoying this privilege are Carmen Tilbury. Clydette Mclffee and I-Iddiv Dwyer. ' i"m-.-.1 ,, ...,,. X .fm ff-L'f" : 1 .- .-if---to-va 5.42. .. , .Eff Qfw- - ' A . ' AQ' s Q-'.'w!'4 Gqczfivifisi an gbfziui 5 55, SENIOR ROW! Wayne Nygaarfl and Darryl Stinson make- a quick pause at their locker. JUNIOR POIITIIAITS- -The Juniors anxiously wait to have their inclivirlual pirtures taken' a privilege few Juniors in other schools enjoy. 'vi 3' ADB JOB OPPORUNITIES - Joh-seeking Seniors listen to a lecture on the advantage of a business Career given by Mr. E. L. Johnson. JUNIOR RINGS - Harrison Davis and Betty Wallace casu- ally compare styles of their new Junior rings. s. :S imzim ff econ 1 ffl SLNDIAL BULL SESSION Gathorcd around the sundial are a group of students enjoying a gall session with Mr. Alle Locwen. vice principal. CARNIVAL CROWWD - V Students sought fun and fortunc at the art hooth at AVE fall carnival. A FAMILIAR SCENE-Barked in the rush of thc noon hour arc familiar phrascs such as "one hot- dogf' "two donutsf, at thc lunch stand. "- 9 Q35 Q Z tLllNS'I'lil't 'I'lt DN M.'l'IYl'l'lI-5 Worlxin: fcxcri-lily to providi- lln with nn-is lllllllllllgi and addi' tional 1'l1lNrl'H1lIll4 :irc ai lcv' of tha- un-vn wcn irouud -XY. Ii l'USlXfif rXIni4 their pictures. Q x l-t a num- of coil , fufion 'lilllf Ylitfd rift' I lx N I. 9:- E' -,ff ,. N lil ,CAQOLLHLZ ffia lam Qui A HL'NGliYf+Xlrl1ough llivsc stu- - dents wc-re nvarly famisliml Ili:-y , .,f INITIATION -A l'artic'iputing1 in :till founrl time to talk. the annual FFA initiation are X. gf Larry Yingling ancl Cf-nc Allvrigo Aki DISPLAYING THEIR TALEXTS -Bopping for an audience of fellow students are Margo Sliaxlc- ancl Dave Love-. CHANGING CLASSES - One T, more- pc-riocl markml off for the 706 , 9 day. so on to the next. RIC, 3-it .X f'-' cczmzifz ALKNINI lil'iClS'l'li.-XTIUN H' A tradi- tion of Akus is the Homecoming. Shown helping register are llon High. Joyce Hankins. liiek lindert. lliek Nelson and J liay Kraber. LL PLEA REGIS .'.'x CADI-ITS W'AlT+Rven the hard working Cadets like to eat. Waiting impatiently are Wfayne Nygaard. John Jackson, Art Knowles, llonnie Nybaaken at their banquet. BELOYY: Laura Gilbert, Gloria Stoker. Pat Bittle and Darryll 757011. 5 Qui School is not all work and no playl That is also true at AV. This year students had their elioiee of two eluli groups. The elulms alternated their meetings every hrst and third, and second and fourth Fridays of the month. The students' choices consisted of three athletic clubs. three agriculture eluhs, two drama elulis, seven holihy elulis, one scholarship group, six service groups, four world relations groups, three singing groups, four skill groups, and five pep and spirit organizations. Many of the extra- curricular activities involved nine student government organizations. Keene give a hopped-up version of Sh-lioom for the Talent Assembly. RIGHT: Anne Welch enjoys decorating CAA liootli for the Fall Carnival. 5 -. 1 r 4 L'-I ' a ., , . , ...Nu- . , ,N A , 4 ' " 'S 'msg' " 5 1- X ,. lp A A I f fs a r - Q. cqafiuifisi af 6452! Aja!!- ,Q Y T l THIINK HARD-Energetic Sophomores trying hard to think of a brainstorm to publicize a class activity are ,ludy Davis, Boyd Cissell and Bill Hunter. XVORK IS FUNfPrettying up a booth for the Carnival is Gloria Sterling. I- 39 LA "HAVE l"UN"fThose are thc words Cathy Mahnelw, presi- dent, leaves with the new initiates of the Usherettcs-one of AV,s service clubs. f J Y Q SHIWIHXTURF CIASS UI"l'lfIIfliS. lwjf ' 1 , In r1',Lgf1l.' lull RllOl0Il. Dante Simi. Pill l - 1 U lglQ'lf'lllPf'fgI. Marilyn :xlf'l.illll'l!l. Sl'-xv ' v I - Al llmsurfl. .lot Sflflllllf Jam-t Kelly. Ifurwl 4 7' "' X ' 8 :Xyrfrs 2 fx 4. ' Q 62 -'i -Q cgofzfionzoisz, A fjwza am! This ye-air thc- wall tlfgillllifxll Sfqmllrniimvx gut f.fT In ll Mr. Nligur-l Dv Crux. tllc 1-lafs mn lIlll'll'illf'ly Ufgilll- rousing 'start lry llilYlIlg 21 NHYf'llllN'I' ililIll'!'. 'Nlugif' lZi'illIl1'UllllI1llll'l'S. Hum:-rits" wif llw 1-ulvliy tlwlnf-11ml Nlmle-nh 4-rljuyf-fl ai 'I'lu-wifi'-1-nw mvl 211 li-ax! IXsic'f'1i xwn-lx in urclm' to plan mysir' nmml llIHl1'I' lmlmy lrlln- zmcl pinlx lllIl'N. -Xlmiyx ill lim' all 1u'lix'ili1-N zmll mln Q'H'Illr. 'ltlw llllbsl vxvilingr Hrsl plan-av XYllll SHIIlf'llllIlg,f m-xx. ilu- Nun- Suplluniqm-s pm-im-I uns lln' lllillllllllg ul' am 2lFF1'IIIlllf XNlIll'll was In wmv up with il vnttun 1-umly lllblblll lm' thi- amrmul l'l'illlll'1'lllll'4HllI1'llHlISlil' lllPllI'1'fl1l1'Ill.lillQ'Ill.iiIHlUllllll' 1-girnivgql 111 AV, iilvzis 11-nn-rf-fl zlrullml amfl Cfbllrlfllllgl' ol' Sillilllilllhfl' llmle-r llm vxm-llc-lit fpumm-fliip :mil l'HlIllf1'llllg nf inilialliw amcl ulnilily. Sllllllfyllollli. Cllfllfll l. fm! 10141 lwff lu fl-:Qllff lillllllllll. ll. llmlml. lll'l'Ul'Pll. Mxif. llir'lvr1ln'1'g, llvmis. lluggx llllllt'l' Blukv. llillinglon. J. llurlwr. llm-ymm. -Xflrill. ll. Xrzwlml. .-X51-iw. llurm. lllil4'lxlDlII'Il. lfurlf rnzr: Ilofm-ll. llrmsn. llirll. lim-lw fxlllllfli. li. Arnold. Sl'l'UIIl!.' lliiile-5. 'l'. llurlwr. llrill. llalalxsin. Allison. ll. llllflll. lf. liarlli. llL1lilllLlIl.lgLl1'0!I. li0Sll'0IIl. lialwr. li. Budd, Ballard, Bi-ale. Barton, Um,-ll. Tlzirflc Basking, , x S0l'llUNlUlllf. Gllfllvl' ll. first fHll'. lwfl In rfglzl: ll, Coop:-r. fillillltllvy. lllvnn-nt. lfrauforil. lluxkirla. llrinlx. flqnrl-rm, IJ llrzinv. Xl. llguis. lllllflll. 5. lhlxix. ff. lhixis. fl. llfmlx. liilllillkglil. lluok. lfzirsmu. lfgifv. li4N'lllxillI. liurl: rn14': Xl. Lulv. ,l. llalvis llairr. llllfllillll, lmnrn-5, .gl't'l7IIIl.' lllmmllm-r, UN-x, lianlxvrl. Nl. lfiwm-Il, lfri-umi'1-. llriflrmin. lflmmlxsn-ll. lllmum. lfullinus. li Clark, Lurlvr. li1'fflIllilll, llirrll. llillu-ll. lluflvy. limwu, Yifzjnf: Cole. cgifzova Ugzou 1:55 .scorzcf We-:cvz SOPHOMORE, GROUP IX. first row, lvft lo rfglzl: Shropshire. Tonoian, Thomas. Taylor, J. Snow. M. Smith. Sharp. Stewart, Strourl. Stallorrl. Swcrllzd: Thomson. A. Smith. K. Thompson, S. Smith, Turton, S. Taylor, C. Snow, Towns:-nfl, SOPHOMORE, GROUP X. firsl r0u'. lvfl In right: W'ainsr'ott. I.. Wheeler, Willis. Wenzel. E. Yvrigzhl. Whitaker, We-aver, Wlimlhigler. Vunlluscn. l'. Vaughn. J. Vaughn. Sf-r'mul: W. Thomas, Wehr, White, A. White, Zalk, Wallis, Wallin. C Turner, Tanner. Tlzirrl: Tomilowitz, Travers, Stevens. U Thompson, Solomon. li. Sylvies. C. Thomas, Schwandt, li Rude-sill, llhvaume. Back row: Serfoss. Spencer, liumey, Kat lift, licader, Simi, Starr, Koss, Trevor, Tommy, Rhanor. Lx"'-6' Wlaclsworlh. Wanserslur. Underwood. Third: Stoner, Spangler Shufelfll, Windsor, Scllolmeilvr. Sehumueher. Upshaw, Vogel Slroup. Bark row: Xfolfv. Winingc-r. W. Wilson, Willard Starkcl, llayman, R. Wheeler, Shelton, Shields, lfyeda. QI CRAZY ANTICS were rlisplayerl lvy llarlvy Ellis and Bob Spindlffr on the '51 Alumni Day. READY' -Clvfleltv Mrlife-1-. P0111-IIOTYI girls. and Ilia' lvzlml anxiously' await Ilif- siuniil for llillli-lllllf' aQtixitivS ill il foot' lvull gamv. If lx Cuffin Cyan Claflsu Tllf-rv wa- alwavf frnm-tliing lizmpf-ning: on pusl lfillwr lllfl wwf-lily funtlmll ur lm-lm ri 5: itul rn in llllllilllbll mn wvm living: plunnfwl imrl ziwu' 1 ' Q f-Prt. or party Wai in prim-sf. For out-imlv PIlAlflVH1f'Ill uf- liufl nw 0 tim ivf--Qliating rink. E1 mllvi' rink. ai limsling rimie ollwl' ufun fimtxi' lint si-lmul urtlxltlv Il liiglivft llC'I'LllISP uf tlif- grmil clislziiiws fmm 1 IN f4f'l'l0Hl. l,il1lf- lI'f'illS. :incl zilw ITNIIIPV-lll2llif'l' tliil ilu -lu flvnts lmrl ilu' mivilvgv of 1-niuving elm tivwfw of tlw Q"ll'iol tvrm. iw-rv llw szllf-Q nf x 1 me pirlilfw. Panrlv VQIIIPF Slll'lif'l'S. ziml lT1Zlg'l7lHP f f Sffrvezl as lnrewlqs in Iliff sumciilnf-s grimlm hours ri Stmly and sf-hool work. A T0l'CllDflW'Nf IA-fl lay lla! Sm-rviiizirin. 1-xritmcl tue r'l1r-1-rwl NVE foollvall If-rims. 0 W 'N L, iff! , x ,R f, ill X K NEW' GIRLS-The number of girls at AY inereaeed when the FFA donned female attire at its unladylilu- initiation. if TWO BITS. FOLTR BITS-fljrodfled on hy AVS eartwheeling clieerlt-aders. the fans go wild with delight. U dd-Z, , we fx iff 4 READY. PLAY-Under the leadership of Mr. Ballard the Pep Band prepares to play at one of the games. GAME PRACTICE f Clyde-tte Nlcfflee goes over the routine with the Nlajor- cttes once more before a night football game. 'XfX PX FRESHMAN COURT, first row, left lo right: John Carpenter, Neil Dexter. Dave Beardsley. ,lim Curtis. Second: Charles Russell. Michael Hefferon. Nor- man Hayes. Charles Lyons. Betty Baker. Back row: Ralph Kane, Jay Nelson. Ray Penn. Ken Wvilkins. , 1 FRESHMAN BOARD OF CONTROL. first row, left to right: Susie St. Pierre. Cathy McCabe. Vida Strong, Ann Dah- litz, Janet Dwyer, Dorothy Draper. San- dra Ankrum, Ellen Howard. Second: Linda Sanford. Anna Watts, Richard Lindsay. John Carpenter. Neil Dexter. Roddy Hines, Charles Lyons. Back row: Ralph Kane, Norman Hayes, Bill Davis. Bobby Smith. Aram Najarian. Roger Garrett. Roger Bailey. FRESHMEN, GROUP l. first row, left to right: Adams. Arguedas. Ackerman. Ankrum. Aldridge. Armstrong. Aher- crombie. L. Allen Brady, Brown. Second: Burwell. Buedel. Bishop. Benson. Brandt. Brand. Birkhead. J. Brisco. Browning. B. Baker. Third: D. Blackburn. Alhrigo. Ashleigh. Beeson. B. Allen. Anderson. Banto, Allison. D. Brisco. Hack roux' Bradfield. Bonner. Adair. Brandenhurh. Atkinson. Arasmith. R. Baker. Blanchard. Avila. Bailey. Beardsley. U65 'ZSQZHZSIZ nfsfzs - - Early in September over 550 Freshmen hegan their first year of high school at AY. One of their first events of the year was the Girls' and Boys' League Spread with entertainment and refreshments. The purpose of this event was to get the Freshmen acquainted with the other students. They held their hrst election early. Bill Benson was elected president for the first semester. The elass was sponsored hy Nlr. Bruce Grant. Mr. Everett Thurston. Nlrs. l.ola Ballentinc, Miss Muriel lVleDaniel. Mr. Carl Sitzman and Mr. lrwin Cohen. After the Hart-AY foothall game. a dance was sponsored hy the Freshmen Class. The Oetoher theme was "Autumn Leaves." Later they sponsored the annual Curtis magazine drive. April 29 was the last oflicial get-together of the Freshman as they held their annual Freshman Dance. eff' FHFSIINIFN. GROIQP ll. first rozr. left In right: Biele-nherg. Drown. ffornlts. P. Connell. Caffingliani. Chesser. Coffman. Card. Crilht-ld. Calyert. Swcurzd: Baines. liutzke. Barnett. Bick- more. Coggesliall. Duns. Dipre. Daxenport. Doney. Dunn. Third: B. Benson. Behnke. Bartlett. C. Dlackhurn. Cascio. Card er. Cottom. Clements. Carpenter. Curtis. Back row: Buck. Bum gardner. Bahler. Blackman. Chaney. Dexter. Cannon. P. Clark Case. Donaldson. it-Wu. ua l"lil'iSllNlFN. Clifllil' lll alum e. frm! mu-, lefl In fllglllf Duf. fron. C. Davis. Dye. Duty. Danhivux. Dickinson. Dwyer. I.. Dyer. Crt-ns. Cossey. .Swmr11I.' Dalililz. Drofte. Draper. Dono- ghue. Chiles. D. Connell. lfaler. Clutter. Clegg. Tliird: Cox. . , . . . . . . . Lrms. li. Du-r. i.ililIl'lN'l'lilllI. Urals. Carlcr. f.lautly. l'. Dans. 'lf Clark. llolvlif. Buell' mir: Illauson. Duharl. Dugginf. Creech. li. Dayif. Donlan. Doitlge. Doom- Doolin. Campbell. FHFSHNIFN. GROUP IY helow. firsl mug left to riglzl: Fr Skine. Fckenwiler. Fcortl. Fhresman. Ellison. Ellis. J. Fletcher Cates. Greenleaf. Gordon. Second: Faulkner. NI. Freeman Fowler. Fahling. Fulp. Foy. Fowler. Crimmer. Holt. Hill, TIIIDHI C. Freeman. Ftlwartls. lfrxsin. Fngermann. lfkimoto. Fmry Fly. D. Frazier. Farrington. Flick. Hack rozr: Finch. Forlws Fulkerson. Franklin. Ft-ssentlen. Fischer. Ferrell. D. Frazier Griflie. G. Fletcher. 1 I I A-' 171 Qf r .44 4J-11. PHI'SH'Nll"N GRULI X alvoxt I mu If I Io flxgllf r1f QITIII loxsard C1 11 Goodman Hall Heap 11nt Hult Honm well Sllljlld COOIJTICJI Gramm Harrl Ha er odds oodm Ilfl vc Har ll Ge n rx u1t f' 1C1a 1111 C cc 1te1 H 111 Hefleron Hazlt rou ll 111 lllltbll oo f rue H ex Glllldlll Ctntcrt Garrett Gatexs ood l'I SHNIPN lvfl 1 Flttlll Xl Irs! rn lf lm right Ham m1c Harllu 1r tr 1 uk Hoclx HIJIOII Hanna nr ll 111 4 one at OII Hmm Jarrett rt J ZlXNlxlll an I3 John on Ju tlce uf za flnrzl H111d worn l Jone Holme Haxslxln H 1ull Homlun 111111111 Harm Hancock 1311611 rou 1111 Hmlllfllt Hanlxm 1 1 J Jack on Jack on Jordan Halr H111 gi FRESHNIEN. GROUP YH. jqrsl row. left to right: Ka:per-on, Maac. Kammarer. Lovwen. YV. King. Kane. Lewan. Lanca-ter Levi-. Lucas Lcssley Ladd. Lum. Kostecky. R. Lindsay Ixlin erman. Kenm pol1l. H. Kin . Back row: R. Lon . Kliewer Linnty. Livermore. Second: Kidd. Y. lxirk. Leinber er, Jud 1, Lodgt. lxarr. Lar.on. Lo:ey. Lin-trom. Lampe, J. K' lx Johniton. Lockhart. Kipp. C. Lon . R. Lindfay. Lyon-. Third: Krehbiel. jnfo cz. ua Klflfozfcf an - - jd? .ff rl fd fifvold Cfj 'Q-ix UK E X! X H 5 X, FllESllXll'iY. Cllolfl' Vlll. lll'lUll'. fm! mir. lvfl In rfghl: Mcflahc. Milligan. Mason. Nlast. Nlcllougul, Murrs. Nlartinvz. Multlm-r, Mooney. McGill. SI'f'0I1Il.' ll. Miller, Morton. l.. Xlvacl. Mcllillin. McKinley. Marston. Nlcffoy. C. Mills-r. Mullet. Klas- ters. Tliirrl: Mathewson. li. Nleurl. J. Nloorc. Maison. W. Moor:-. C. Mille-r. Molacek. Nlulyszka. NlcGehee. D. Nluuldin. Hack row: Metzger. McCaughey, Nlahollan, D. Miller. Moran. McCor- mick, Meyers, M. Mauldin. l"lll'iSlllVll'iN, Cltfllfl' lx. hottom picturv, filsl row, lzffl lo riglzl: Merritt, Marshall. l.. Nlatlwxsson, fllummvrt. N. Nic- Conncll, Norton. Nelson. X. Head. N. Milli-r, fllyhan. Sl'C0lld. C. Nagel. l.. Nagel. J. Nicholson, A. Nicholson. -X. Nujarian Nash, Nyhaklwn. l.. NlcrConm-ll, Nleikis, Mm-is. 7'l11'rrl: Osborn Price, Martin. Xlesser. T. Najarian. Nlacauley, Owen. Nygaarrl I.. Norton, New ton. Back row: J. Nelson, l.. llvck, Meyer, Paris Penn, Pontis, Ponton, Polzine, C. Pearson, Phy. ci aw Duffoog on life QE' I bv iii f S Ar. ...A X1-..A'lH'1.'AJ A? FRESHIVIEN, GROUP XIII, first row, left Io right: Simmonds. P. Thomas, Turley, Tagge, Tullos, B. Thompson, Tucker. Teifke, Tate, Tensfeld. Second: P. Winslow, I. Wilson, P Underwood, H. Wilson, I. Wilson, Weapu, S. Wilson, D. Williams, Watts, Wall. Third: Whemper, A. Thomas, Wheeler. H. Thompson, ,I. Todd, Wallinder, Tunnell, B. Winslow, Wilder. P. Williams. Back row: Welch, Vensel, Strawberry, F. Thomas. Surber, Treat. Weber, Troncale, Wismer, Wayne. x .I il. FRESHMEN, GROUP XIV, first row, left to right: Weis! Wing, Weaver, Zindler, Wilbur. Second: Zilinski, Zita, W'oolf Young, Wood. Third: Winebrenner, Wolfe, Willey, Willis Warner. Back row: Wilkins, Willley, Webb, Worden. onducfo 15, 1, 'WEEE F Q Lf Ill!! I if Q 1, ff' Hifi!!! T' P M Q ff' 5 Emi ia cwcfcia in man 5 1. . . 6 1 1:1 41' 'lax .11 '34 49 ,por C7 K fm ff' ,..f 59 'J Q11 E X XX!! X X. X Jura' .Xkikr 1 ' 1 l'1urf111'1l l'1411llu11d hh dw Ii-1rd ' x X1ll1a1111 li41lIa11'1i Lula Hz1Ilc11li111- He-r111oi11c X-Zlllflhiill Hunk Xl:1rg111e'1'it1' liarxut x ff . 'll-11 Hur-k111a111 'I'l111111af li11H'u111 l"r1111k 1Illi1IIllK'I'Illl 131111111-s tlllf'Il'llCll f,u1'1lo11 f.llfg1lll'lI X U I ll! I ,XWJA ' Z. ,Q 'M r- -l,r. .,- ivy, XX1lN1111 fe-1'11-Il I-1.111191-1-1 ' 1311 11111 Xl.ll'X 111111 X A fx' 5 1 f, !! f Ugg? gfimufafa jnfezaif 4'Buenos dias,,' was the familiar greeting MR. JOSE AYIKE gave his Spanish class. A University of Rome graduate, he speaks I1 languages. A student favorite is MR. RARFORD BADLAND, life math and wood- shop teacher and Stamp Club sponsor. Watch it, he likes judol Hailing from Downers Grove, Illinois is MISS GLADYS BAIRD, girls, PE coach. Sponsor of the Women's Athletic Association, she likes music and sports. c'Wonderful" is the word used by students to des- cribe MR. WYILLIAM BALLARD. A perfectionist, he's a master at getting beautiful music out of per- fectly normal students. HI like to help people express their creative abilityfl says MRS. LOLA BALLEN- TINE, orientation teacher and counselor. She studied sociology in Tallahassee, Florida and Nashvillc. Tennessee. A friend to everyone is helpful, under- standing MRS. HERMIONE YAUCHAN BANKS, capable teacher of vocal music. Experiences preceding MISS MARGUERITE RARSOTIS position as French and study hall teacher at AV include: studied in France, taught in the Phil- ippines and traveled in China and Japan. Busy is the word for tall, bronze MR. TED BOCKMAN. He got his lovely tan as a swimming instructor during the summer. He teaches PE. Teaching at AV since 1944 was MR. THOMAS BUFFUM, US history teacher. His interests are scouting, aviation and athletics. A busy man around campus is likeable MR. FRANK CHAMBERLIN. Teaching bookkeeping and accounting, commanding Cadet Corps, coaching ten- nis and rifle team are some of his assignments. MISS DOLORES CHELEDEN directed the play 'LA Christ- mas Caroll' which was presented in December. She taught drama and speech. Traveling and theatre are her interests. MR. GORDON CLIFGARD'S students soon learned that he had quite a sense of humor and also was a good biology and general science teacher. Cultural interests mark MR. IRWIN COHEN, who likes literature, classical music, teaches English, ori- entation and is a freshman counselor. Snanish and YUCCA advisor were MR. JAMES DALEY,S assign- ments. Ruling with a light heart over her English classes was MISS ,IOSEPHINE DART, sponsor of CSF and College Prep club. She is a quiet and respected vet- eran faculty member. Snonsoring FFA and teaching ag science was MR. WYIJE DAY. He finds the local naval reserve unit, and fishing and camping his fav- orite pastimes. A paratrooperl Thatls what indus- trious. Dopular MR. MIGUEL DE CRUZ was during World War II. He taught six American history class- es, sponsored World Friendship club, Future Teach- ers club and the Sophomore class. All boys? Thatls what MRS. DOROTHEA DUN- LOP has. Six freshman English classes of boys only! She likes music, drama and is co-snonsor of a fresh- man Dance club. Salt Lake City, Utah is the town of MRS RFVERLY FTNCFTTKE athletic and well-liked girls' PE teacher and Rig A sponsor. The quiet ef- ficient sponsor of Usherettcs and teacher of freshman and senior English was MISS EVELYN ERICSON. ,lunior class sponsor and driver ed teacher- thatls MR. WILSON FERRELI.. He,s tops with stu- dents and sponsor of the Square Dance club. Well- Iiked by all is attractive MRS. MARY FLOYD, shorthand teacher and Commercial club sponsor. Shels quiet and efficient and gets good work out of her students. Hard-working MRS. FRANCESCA FRYER taught English and health. Gifted with a sharp sense of humor and a ready reply, she is well-liked and lists '4Little Frversv as her main interest. MR. PAT GARY leads FFA, Farmerettes, and young farmers and teaches vocational agriculture, with a cheery smile. MRS. ZELMA GOBEN was a friend to all her students. She kept busy directing the-home eco- nomics department and co-sponsoring FHA. MR. BRUCE GRANT'S able guidance helped many freshmen while he also taught orientation and sponsored the Freshmen Roard of Control and Fresh- man Court. His wife is MRS. DOROTHY GRANT, who taught home economics and co-sponsored FHA. MR. PAUL GREENLEE, art, photography, and mech- anical drawing teacher. carries the same line of in- terest into one of his hobbies-model building. A native Californian is MR. SID HARRINGTON. voca- tional ag teacher. He is a prime mover in FFA and deep sea fishing is one of his many hobbies. Zelma Goben Bruce Grant Dorothy Grant Paul Greenlee Sid Harrington f 6 g9 U . LIU 5 Nqr Ll 5- Luo' 1. J i ,flaw lg '- A s " ,W :sw I 4 --Miss V ' W 'fl C-'I' -6'-s XI C7 1.2 Nlaric- Hart lllflyll HQ-lg:-son A-xnjy H5-ydrm, flrson Hivke-n Lorruiru- Hunt l'iYPlYIl Irl5!l9S kvfmil lfltt' ,lm-k Kaisz-r lie-rnurtl Kelly Gloria Kc-ttt-ringlunn ll'-nry Lzlgvr V1-te-r Lf-yli. Jr. Flimlu-tli Lorlu-1-r Xlnrir-l 'Xlf-llzinic-l Jann-t Nlr'Cinni' ncowza .5 jnifiufiua MISS MARIE HART. likeable young l'au'ulty meni- lu-r. tziuglit PE and sponsors-fl tlu- GAA. was at close frimul ol till tlu- girls slie lilllglll and always wore a guy sllllltf. A new zuldition to tlie PI-I cle-ptirtnient tliis ye-nr is as 1-upalmle MR. LLOYD HICLCICSOX. flirt-1-tor of aitlilf-tivs. Une of our art tc-au'lu-rs was likcalrlc- URS. AMY HEYDORN ulio llzls lu-on ul AY for l0 yr-airs. Slu- was also tlu- Art vlulv sponsor. Originally from lituli mul a grtulnutf- of lirigluirn Young was Nlli. UHSUN Hlfllilfx. clrirf-r 1-tl tc-au'lu-r. llis intvr- Q-sts ure- sports. l'SIN'l'llllly liowlingz. :K slit4'Ltll0 1-lit-k of type-uritn-r lwys uns tlu- sm-tling lor tlu- work of vupzilile-. ple-usunt 'NllSS liUltlt.'XINH lll'N'l'. tio-sponsor ol' tlu- lvping 1-lnli znul Girls' l.t-gigztu-. slu- rutm-s skiing inul square- 1lilIll'Illg1 lll'-l in inte-re-sl. llf-tul ol' tlu- girls' l'l'i llc-purtnu-nt uns NllSS lfYl'il.YN INCLICS. ln tultlition to lu-r l,l'i1'lilsSl's slu- ugis gi sponsor ol Big K, f,gXyX mul tlu- blnnlor vlils-. Slu- lilo-s lumling qnul Iruwlirigx. llann raulio, nu-rli- unit-s znul liztrniingx ure- tlu- lioliliie-s ul' Xlll. lilillxlll llllit. ug: sliop tt'au'lu-r. , . Y Q . , Nlll. ,lr-U.lx lxftl, lilx lllllgllll alrixt-r mllu-gttion. lle- fnuls plvaasim- in all sp:-1't.1torsports. -Nltllllllllfl. llnll- ing: mul grill.. lu- slmting. sxsinnning. lootlmll. lisliing and liis liunlily arc tlu- nuiin interests ol' MK. lilfli- NAND KELLY. vivivs tc-avlu-r. His jolly pf-rsonulity made liis 1-lussc-s cnjoyalilc. Swimming anul squurc diilllflllg sc-e-in to lu- two favorite pastimes of MISS GLORIA KI'i'l"l'lflilNCllAfNI. who taught girls' PI-I aiul vo-sponsors-cl CAA aiul tlie soplioniorffs. MR. HENRY LACICITS lu-lpliul fris-iully pf-rsonality Pn- clmm-tl liini to lns irif-vliairiit-ul tlrauing tnul arts anul crailits vlasst-s. Kill. l'l'i'l'l'ili l.l'iYll Jli. prow-cl liis 4-njoynu-nt ol' ninsu'lmyplaying1-vt-l'ytlilliglroni Uixu-lznul to t'lL1SSl- mtl. llis se-nsv ol lunnor slumr-ml in llls l'.llgIllSll vluss- f'SLlIlllXHxlI1'ill'lllllillllt'lSLlJll4lU1'XIlPl'l.Allis. HAI!- fXlilI'I'Il lilllllllflfll. ulio onm- tuuglit at llosliislui lIllYl'I'Sll'f' in lxyoto. japan. tungrlit llltliillty st-u-tu-v tnul 1-utulogunig. llt-r llll1'l'l'Sl In lrxiw-l lu-lpt-al lu-r us . , , . . sponsor ol tlu- lvn luls vlnlr. Sponsor ol tlu- ltanuw- 4-lnlr znul llu- lin-slinu-n NAIS orit-nttition te-zu-lu-r NllSS Nll llllril. Xl1'llXNll'fl.S. Slu- e-njoys slxiingz. 1lr.inut. ninsit- inul liorst-luu-ls ruling. tio-sponsor ul- lslu-is vtlvs uns NIISS J Nl1'lilNXl5. lftlglllsll lt'it1'll4'l'. 'liliis tinv. x ix.u'ions l,t'IlllSYlXlHllilll spf-nt one- snrnnu-r in PLIIAIS. Cf-ncxa Mungoxan fit-orgc Ns-lmark ,fl ',, --Z 4 fx 1151 am! AJIQLUZ ,J mfiifiorz With a soft Texas drawl MR. JOE MILLER instruct- ed his English classes. His interest in current affairs made him particularly well htted to advise the Inter- national Relations club. Presiding amiably over his radio productions, speech and journalism classes was MR. JOI-I NIILROD, advisor ol' the S.-XNDPAPER. He puts plenty ol' learning into his pleasant t'liisSt's. Offering advice and aid to any student who be- comes ill at school was MISS GENEVA MIQNCO- YAN. She is well prepared for both. having studied nursing and sociology in Iowa and California. MR. GEORGE NELMAHICS interest in sports makes him popular with his PE classes. He coached Varsity basketball and JY football. Finding pleasure in col- lecting insects and plants is NIR. GAII. NEVIIKIRK. high school biology teacher who calls Billings. Mon- tana his home previous to AY. If it is true that nature is a study of geometric designs. then that's probably why NIR. WARREN NLINN. a trigonometry teacher. enjoys outdoor rec- reation. Wlood carving and tennis arc two hobbies of MR. JOHN O'CONNOR. general math teacher. His home town before AY was Vtlest Covina, California. Oail Ncwkirk W arrcn Nt Onida Powers Hampton Proctt Richard Rand al' Knitting and choir directing are among the hobbies of talented MRS. KATHRYN PICKIQS. She leads her geometry and algebra classes with a firm but friendly hand and sponsors a Knitting club. Rlond and handsomel That's MR. OTTO PLL'M, pop- ular PH teacher, l.ettern1an's club sponsor and Yar- sity football line coach. His hobbies? Sports! Hail- ing from Denver. Colorado was capable MISS OLIIIJA POVVERS, instructor of general business and business law classes. She likes photography and reading. Energetic is the best adjective for MR. HAMPTON PROETT. physics teacher and visual education dir- ector and sponsor of the Projectionists club. Roys, PE teacher. R basketball coach and Boys' League sponsor-those were the duties of popular and hard-working MR. RICHARD RAND. The mountains and fishing call NIR. JOSEPH REIN- HARDT. sophomore health teacher, after school. Photography and music are two other interests. Yer- satile MR. HAROLD RICHARD. a teacher of math. history. government and English. is one of our soph- omor class sponsors. Kathryn Pickus Otto Plum Joseph Reinhardt Harold Riehard 3.-, 3 I 1 jnduifi MH. LEONARD RUDGES teaches driver education and vocational and industrial arts. Hels the sponsor of Stage Craft club and his many activities lead him all over the campus. If music hath charms, then MR. DEAN RUSSELL is a charmer. Not only does he teach high school and JC music and theory of elemen- tary school music, but also is the leader of the brass choir. MR. MANFORD SAMPSON, teacher of shop nine, spends much time in his home workshop. He also enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, going to school. aviation and traveling. He attended universities in California and Missouri. MR. HAROLD SEATON. who taught in several schools in the United States and toured in Europe, is now teacher of electronics and radio for the high school, junior college and adult education. He is actively interested in geology and minerology. Doctoring the school's aches and pains is MRS. FRIEDA KRUSE SHERBURN, M.D. She received her medical training at the University of California Medical School. Her favorite hobby is music. Gen- eral science teacher MR. CARL SITZMAN is well Leonard ltudges Li . -1 Dean Russell ana! Effort fitted to fill this position. having graduated from Southwestern Institute of Technology and Humboldt State College. His interests center around recreation and athletics. Attractive MISS PAT SLOAN taught high school homemaking one and three and JC foods and nutrition one and two. She is a sponsor of FHA and chooses music and sports as her hobbies. She attended college in Seattle and had one year gradu- ate work at UCLA. Thoughtful MR. HJALMAR STROMBERC has. believe it or not, taught at AV for the last 22 years. He once served with the US Calvary and his main interest is lapidary-cutting and setting precious stones. Able coach of Varsity football, cross country and track teams is MR. EMIL SUCH who was edu- cated for this position at the University of Delaware and USC. He enjoys collecting stamps, swimming and color photography. The owner of a southern accent on our faculty is MISS WEALTHA SUYDAM, quiet, helpful English II and III teacher. Watching athletic contests, and working with Boys' clubs are the hobbies of MR. ROBERT THOMAS. A track star in his school days he is a neat, pleasant civics and senior problems teacher, sponsor of the Knights and senior boys' counselor. MR. EVERETT THURSTON, science and math- matics teacher, attended universities in South Dakota, Minnesota, Washingtorl and California. He was prin- cipal and later superintendent of small school sys- tems in South Dakota, enjoys athletics as a spectator fit: 41" 'T fix. .rf' Nlanford Sampson Harold Seaton Z., l' ricda Kruse She-rburn ,vp llarl Silzman 1 l'al Sloan 'K lfrnil Such 1 Ugeifz :Sails acfiofz and chooses hunting ancl fishing lor exercise. A fav- orite teacher of the boys at AY is NIR. ERNEST TOSI. mlrafting teacher. He was very busy sponsoring the Boys' League and the senior class :luring the year. but still hail a little time for his favorite hobby. golf. NIH. Clfllllfllf TL'liCO'I'T. who teaches high school chemistry antl ,IC chemistry antl geology. taught 22 years in Nlontana. lclaho anml Nevada. He enjoys geological helcl trips. travel in the lfnitecl States antl reacling. Sweet. lovable. antl atlorable coulfl tlescribe only one person. Wle welcome back MISS ANN l'ItliANtJVi'SliI after a one-year absence from AY. Directing general science classes, sponsor- ing Girls' League anal assisting with the Square Dance club are among her many contributions to lile at AY. Nlll. l5l'llTON WADSWORTH. teacher of high school metal shop anal JC metal antl wootl shops. also sponsors one ,IC club. His former home was Fresno where he attended Fresno State College earning his All antl Nl.-X degrees. Another teacher who sports a southern accent is MISS I,0I.A WYHITLEY. short- hanml antl typing teacher. She is also the sponsor of the Typing club ancl was eclucatetl in Texas. Travel- ing is the main interest of likeable, quiet MISS VIDA Wll.l.l.-XNIS. French and Latin teacher. She's been to Europe and attended the Llniversity of Paris for six weeks. :X valued seven-year veteran of the faculty. popular ag teacher ancl FFA sponsor is MR. DON- ALD WURIJFN. He enjoys travel, swimming and hshing. Capable, pleasant MH. HOMER W7RIGHT hearls his woodwork classes at AY with Calm assur- ance. He is a proucl owner of a thriving flower garfl- en. Well. there they areiAV's 79 faculty members. We' ia Suytlam bert Thom' ' Fvcrett Thurston hrncst fosi George Turcott inn libanowski llurton Wadsworth '-l Lola Whitley Vida Williams Donald Worden Homer Vlvright A ,,. 'W .-f Q-0 cs-'f vs. 1 ,TS QSWV Qczcuff df A group of almost l00 teachers led AV's high school and JC students competently through a year of study, enjoyment and education. The biggest event came vvhen AVF chapter of the California Teachers' Association received its oflicial charter in January. Heading the ofhcers of the chapter were Frank Chamberlin. president: Kermit lrby. vice presidentg Mary Floyd. secretary and Marguerite Barsot, treasurer. PTA receptions. pot luck suppers and a February hanquet were among the pleasurable activities enjoyed. Chaperoning at school functions and helping with stu- dent activities were among their greatly appreciated contributions beyond the call of duty. 1. -ll ,41I0'L'C.' Mr. Dean Russell. assistant music instructor, notes last minute de- tails as hand members prepare for a concert Right: Dr. Roy A. Knapp. district superintendent. presents the CTA char- ter to Mr. Frank Chamberlin. president. X0 Left: Coach George Nelmark watches cntranced at his basket- ball players in action. . X in F u v x 'A 5. I Y .4 lielozc: Mr. Abe l.oewcu. vice principal. Mr. Lloyd Hclgeson and llr. Robert Dougherty. principal. talk things over before a faculty meeting. 'it-.W iz roi unc! liaiiwza 'Wu F f is-V 451, MJ Abore: Mr. and Mrs. liirliurfl Hand arrive to chaperone at ilu- Cliristmas Ball. Left: Coach Emil Such reaches ii for a refreshment being stuflierl by Miss Delores Chr-led:-n. drama. flliss Evelyn Ingles. PE. and Nlrs. Amy H1-yclorn, art. of X fl :A :V '-4 Lvfl: Mr. lfrnm-sl Toni aml Nlrs. Lou Kelly 4-njoy Ilicrnsvlvcs :luring fllirislh mas Hall actixilif-s. Hwloux' Mr. liurlon Wvaflsworth. nwnilu-rsliip r-liairman of tlu- CTA. collvcls clues. -,X Below: Mrs. Lola Hallvntine sings 1 merry melody at the piano after a teachers' mec-ting. S ,JL .f-141' -' 4 ua--.-F3 '11 f AMERICAN HISTORY-Peering over Mr. Miguel de Cruz to catch a glimpse of an item of historical interest found in the Valley are George Mead. Flona Losey and Suzie Demers. above. WYOODSHOP-Equally attentive. Glade Englund and Gary Eby are hard at work on their projects in Mr. Homer Wrightis classes. ixecf wzfzicu um Despite a big increase in student population. AV's l954- 55 curriculum offered a lvroad variety of academic, vo- cational and industrial arts courses. Student population increased as follows: Alas total students increased hy 33l students-from 1400 last year to l73l this year. The usual day started at 3:25 a.m. and continued until 3:19 p.m. There were six class periods and two lunch periods. On assemlrly days the fifth period was omitted while the sixth was doulsled to make it possilmle to hold two assemhlies during this time. There were four-year programs offered in live major fields: college preparatory. industrial arts, commercial, vocational agriculture. and homemaliing. At any one period during the day there were 80 classes in session ranging from English to arts and crafts. The increase in student population hy classes was as follows: the numlier of Seniors increased from 237 to 242: Juniors from 306 to 4l5: sophomores from 4l0 to 496, and Freshmen from 447 to 578. -flfs-437 Q KZ W 8 2 yy My LIES. SPANISH--Conjugzating those troulmlesorre verlvs with Mr. Jose Avil4e's assistance are l.ametta Sivils and Bill Wana- maker. for lf y A .. Q Q, 9.5 , ,WAR- 3 ui 5flCl'ZgSC! ffie sem HOMENIAKING-Cleaning up after one of those hard days in the home- maker's department at AV is Marceil 0,Brien. f 1 X N .5-2, Qi!! CHEMISTRY - M a k i n g mental note of an experi- ment in chemistry are Con- nie Haugen, Carl Peetz and Mr. Turcott, above. TYPINC -- Improving their skills in one of AV's many typing classes right, are Teresa Stollenwerk, Barbara Newman and Frances Shrop- shire. i' ff- t .e if f 5 , I ' 1. L8 ' 'eil it rf rim, 4 msaeisf 6' ART-Displaying the results of their art talents are Ed Las- well, Ann Aldridge and Judy Dickman, above. METAL SHOP-Learning the use of welding equipment in one of the many dillierent ag shops are students in one of Mr. Kermit Irby's classes. , ' J , y V""fy-H W - , iff 5' ' " 'Ts l vfy KJTX, i TRIO OF FASHIONS-Seen around campus in many bright colors was the princess style jumper modeled by Barbara Shumaker above. Also adding to the fashions are Don Gilmore, sporting the flat top. and Dorothy Moffett with the popular ballerina shoes and the class ring worn around the neck. WINTER TOPS-Dreaming oil' into the 'Ewild blue yonder" below right. is Carol Ackroyd and Judy Evers showing the fashions that were popular during winter-matching collar and skirt, flower sprays, and cardigan sweaters. rr 4 rg 1 4.25 at .... Qlut gurls um! Quncisi 556154 . . . CSQJJZ2 56051 Styles underwent a swift and colorful change this year. Fads and fashions came and went. Girls knitted argyles and cargyles. These were in diamond or cheek designs of various colors and frosted with angora. The boys were viewed most of the year in black pegged pants and shirts of pink, orange and other bright colors. Along a dressier vein. light or dark flannel trousers complimented V-necked sweaters. For foot- wear boys donned saddle oxfords and suedes of novel styles and shades. The ucooliew shirts were a rage. These shirts are a boxy type with three-quarter length sleeves. Tuxedos and flannel suits were still preferred for formal attire. Full petticoats, rope beads fa reminder of Happer v,A v vapsqr .Q fi" . ,5 s 5, 2 N 93599575 . . cgigsffi . .sczcfi . . . Mia daysj, shell Shoes, matching handbags-all these com- hined to make the well-dressed AV girl. Party dresses were made on the popular princess style. which empha- sized the waist and flared out to form a perky. houffant skirt. Net and talfeta remained in the favored circle for formal dresses. The color wheel was accented hy olive green. "w 9 td fl-jvxl BEADS. BEADS. AND MORE BEADS ' -Another familiar girls' fad around AV was a string of gaily-colored heads carefully draped around the neck, then c.Y3'D knotted. The proud owner of this string is Judy Snow. LKY LT SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT- Seen around AV were the Scotch Kills worn by .ludy Kraber and Carolyn Arnold. This cute novelty perked up our campus styles. CASUAL AND COMFORTABLE-The girls' Short hair cuts and the boys' pullover sweaters really came into their own this year. Here Janet Kelly and Dante Simi show us these new styles. 1: IX l , . 6 B .M 0 I ".1giS.?'f -Z' A2 'S 5 , . cL'zLafLO121 W ff' u! IW ' if ,gA9V' E- U Lic! C! 5s E xXx, Ns xy A 1' z', Lg-J' f E-.1 . gay an an away fo ffie famfzo I-X unc! Me aaf. .. X'-at 'lem 5 YW we k if 'N' 'YALL n3,,y-'-it Cs-gg -:gd "'i"33"l' ag' 'GX rx. Muni' 'i J r yhvx I' lb wg, as awe'-f Y 1111.1 FIRST SENIESTFR PREXS Out tandln leadershlp an scholar hrp for the pat four year l s 1 l story of Jack 'llavfleld our hrst erm ter Student Body pre ldent Jack hobby 19 musrc and he plans to attend Cal Tech and become a Cl16m1Sl 76 ffaelw U2 bTUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS Under the capable Cl1lCCl10!l of our two Student Body presldents AV was a yery enyoyahle place Jack 'Way field an Olllqliilldlllg scholar led the students for the first semester and when electron results for the second semester were tabulated Larry Aclxer tepped ln for a how Both presldents had an equll share of worrles and problems yet they seemed to therlsh etch moment of thelr jobs Jack and Larry were seen all through the year worlung and solymg the m my plohlems th it tame to thelr attentlon They were IIPLIXI ed hy Mr lN0llOll Nlchols dlrector of actlvltles Many students knew them only as the guys who led the flag salute ln the lssemhlres But lllffll' worlx was thelr reward We the students of AV owe to these stu dents a very grateful thank you BOARD OF CONTROL flrsl rou Ie! to rzglzt .lack May field Shelley Headman Cathy Cahar a Laura Cllbert Conme Haugen Marcra Gwm PatSemmar1o Bttty Nash Henry Truesdell Larry Acker Second Ttd Lyeda Darryll Keene Nancy Vlxl on Phrl Hamilton Ertc Colby Betty Hackett Anne Welch Pat Johnson Steye Howard Buell rou Blll Seller Eddxe Dwyer Don Gnlmore Glenn Snow Ted Han on Carl Peetz Dantl Slml Harycy Casey 45:53 versus: 48. P' I . I ' . Q . 5 . - h Q S - ye V , , ' ' " . ' ' i 1 '- l , . , . .r 4 s O ig T ' .C . , ' 1 Y . y . . . .. , T V' n , , - at Y .. l ' f , r . v 2 ' ' . 2 H . . . , , . w, S "' S , . ' ' l . . . . . , L. ' as 'A L f .1 ' i- L ' kfgyyvwigiupg nW.ui 4.37 ' ctc, .. . Lg 4' - P, '-- , . v - f.?,,xviQ,,:k .14 avr , . L ., ., W., 6 . y y bb.- y x: 1 Q- ,f . L4v,'s.:f:9S,,h'44 N r 'Q' 6 ch hr , M ' k r.w.h.,- .lf N ,164 . . is ,, , - u M' ' , .K V',n'4."a,a la-"5-2'.' e 7 T ff? , A -. .' ' .I f f'2."Ggg,-f'. - If - . - , . 1 .w'y ,Qu .. U . . a ' 1 1.1 7 Y A 4 "Q" J 'nr ,FA ski' A V, - 4 2 Z' ' v I'.'1"'1"a f. ' ' " ' ' 2 ' . ' ' ,W 5 '. YK: ' Q' a ' ' - ' ' ' - ' - rr, I - '. -,, T lf: ' VNS. 4.1 Q, ,. . ' A ' , ,' 5 2' . 1' . V v . . "5 I . ' , A '. ' ' . , -1 Q 0' V ' ' - 4 A 'f r - . . d s' ts ' S'lli'.SllC ' 'y ' ' ' ' - . " . '. S . .Y , A . 7 " S is ' V . l. . I . Q . . . ' , "' '. S . 'S . ., f ' - - 4 5' ' 4' 4 I ' ' X I Q' " ' n , K , ' I 4 ,Wt M' L . ' Y . I K r- ' X lv - Q x W 1 1 N Q , 9 sy! N H 1 ' l'-V -1 t -1 1 l l Sfyifsm BOARD OF CONTROL Wlth the ald of ,laclt and Larry the Board of Control proved to he as alway xery re ourceful Lnder the Qponsorahlp of 'Nlr Nlchole the elected ofhcers of the Student Body handled the prohlemQ of AX s mushroom mg student pOplll3ll0Il capahly Meetmg twrce a month they conudered and approx ed many QllggCQl10YlQ offered ln cluh llldltldllil teachers and adm1n1Qtrators Mr NlCllOlS Stated th tt he found the Board yery hard worklng and he thought they desert ed a treat So the Board planned '1 party ln the late Spring STUDENT SENATE Compofsed of one Qtudent from each fifth pertod cletsa and the Board of Control was the Student Senate Under the leaderahlp of Glenn Snow the Senate dealt Ytllll many prolmleme The Senate worked as 1 llalson group between the Bolrd of Control and the Qtudenta It al o served as an advlsory commlttee to the Board of Control STUDENT SEN ATE first rou left to flygllf Suzanne Thomp son Chrratmc Adam Don Salter ucln Jo Henley Nlarcra Cwln 'Nancy Wll on Pat SCHIIIVIFIO Bftty lNa h Donna lxlll en Cathy SIPIYHIIQ Betty lxulxett Nuond farol Barrett Carol Altroyd farol llohllt Slnrlu Hxll lNancyltrlx1n lutttt Wheeler Dlane Ctbeon len Nyraard Ro e Mane Chaney Pat Brelenlwer Back rou Anne Welch Comne Stone John Nlac Gre or Raymond loder Don ltard ley Carrol Healy Glenn Snow John Debs Eddtc Dwyer 33s. SECOND SEMESTER PRLXX At cmt ters end Larry -Xcker Qtepped 1nto the a emhly potllght a pre tdent Ba ltetball 1 larry Q fayorrte port and he llkes to hunt and hsh To he a lawyer and attend Fresno State 1 hrs amlntlon v ' ' , , . .4 C , I ' . ' s ' 5 . T ff--I . ,f C .' 1 . ., , . V1 ya ., A . - x f . . , . , , . 1 i . c . , t' ' S. ' 1 5, ' -' ., .V'. . - .' i A r . 1 ' ' A ' c . , c 1 ' . I -'V WY I . . . .4 . v V I w. . I, ttyl, V .,. , l . c f ' 1 4 . .. S u A-' , M? f , 4 . v .YA in in 'A .1 -' '4 ' 9 , 'Q 1 , s 'Q " 10 ' ' - ' . ' . :M ' s -I C " 7 K ' . . j S . 1 . ' . X ' 'S . A x 1 , A - V N. - V ' . - ' l. . J ,' . . A ., J . K . ' 5. A ' 4 . . 1 - , . , , , y . . . 1 YU Q . t L ' A i 5 15 . . . . . 5 '. - O , ,, - - '- ' . .. ss S S c' ' - - A ' Q. . . . U , 1 ,U Q , 1 I 7 X 5 . 5' 5 yu, ' s 5 s - D M v ' - . ' l ' T ' '1 ' V 7 7 ' . 1 a v S . 3 7 . 6 1 3 1 .1 A O r 1 X . ., l' s - , x - L ut.. 1 Q .. 4 'x 'V' t ' I , 4 3 , C 0 N at 2 l f' 1 A il'o- ff SOCIAL COMMITTEE, first row, lefz lo right: Acker, li. Hunter, Siemens, Hager. .l. Snow, Venturini, J. Dwyer. E. Howard, .l. Weaver. Second: Ryckebosch. Piani. D. Gilmore. G. Snow, Hanson, H. Marvin. F. Welch. STUDENT COURT, first row, left lo right: Janet Kelly. Donna Nielsen, Fred Hann. Betty Hackett. Marcia Gwin. Second: Frank Piani, Don Gilmore, Glenn Snow, Ted Hanson, John Debs. I A 4 ,S WWE Ommiffasi With Larry Acker heading the Social Committee the first semester and Don Gilmore the second, the school year was filled with many pleasant and enjoyable activities. The behind-the-scenes job at all assemblies was handled hy the Assembly Committee. Serving as Assem- bly Manager and head of this committee was Carl Peetz, Xxx iw ff ff!! 1 ct otuzcfabion first semester, and Phil Hamilton, second. A sometimes not so well liked board but one of the most important at AV was the Merit Board. Headed by Peggy Turman and Shelley Headman, first and second semester presidents, respectively, the girls kept track of tardiness, unexcused absences, merit grades and citizen- ship grades. Dealing with school law violators was an important job of the Student Council, presided over by Chief Justice Marsha Gwin and Glen Snow. Qx a ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE, Hrs! row, left lo right: Stoker, Bittle, P. Hamilton, Peetz, Pierson, Clements. Second: Swab, L. Gilbert, Keene, C. Cabarga. D. Nelson, Hibbard. Back row: B. Bakman, C. Mead, Vilardi, Cummins, Sebastian, Kennedy, R. Lindsay. MERIT BOARD, first row, left lo right: Shelley Headman, Pat Colo, Peg Turman, Cathy Cabarga, Rosemary Martin. Second: Bobbie Pierson, Barbara Newman, Sandra Taylor, Marilyn Robinson, Dawn Cook. C? INK 25 75 K F GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET, Hrs! row, left to right: Mary Cochran, Doris Sakaguchi, Sue Roberts, Pat Colo, Dolly Ven- turini, Marilyn McLaurin, Janet Dwyer. Second: Joy Weaver. Darryll Keene, Cathy Cabarga, Pat Bielenbcrg, Ellen Howard, ' Janet Kelly, Marcia Gwin. Back row: Betty LaFleur, Peg E1 Turman, Flona Losey. Perhaps the most remembered record that we will spin in our dreams is the one in which AV's annual Christmas Dance is recreated. Let,s look through that frosted pane . . . It's a dance in which every girl,s beauty, great or small, is magnified two-fold and each boy is king of his domain. Here is where tulle as fleecy as a summer cloud and organdy as soft as a tiny lamb, cling and sway and sing with movement. It is enchanting to see the tracery of shadow painting on the walls as the dancing couples How by. A Christmas tree whose fingers seem to reach to heaven is dressed with lights of happiness and is caressed with man-made winter lace. The time? December 19, 1954. The spon- il PRINCIP.-Xl-'S CABINET. scaled, left fu right: fllary Cochran. Dr. Robert L. Dougherty. l'ut liit-li-nbt-rg. Sue Hager. Sllllldlillgi Douglas Shannon, Jack Klaylit-ld. Not shown: Nancy Wilson. 1 IX f.' 41 Seff Q0 Uszlzmanf sor? The Girls' and Boys' Leagues. It was their major event of the year. Besides the '4Snowflakes in the Moonlight" dance, the combined leagues welcomed the Freshmen in September, sponsored alternate Luggage Days in which students re- ceived the privilege of having their books carried to class by the person of their choice. They also sponsored "Mum" Days and a "Yo-Yon Day in the Spring. Mr. and Miss Spring Fever were chosen to reign over the sock-hop held in the Boys' Gym. Twice a month the Principal's Cabinet met with Dr. Robert Dougherty to advise him of student views on assemblies, school regulations and other student activities. 5 C2 '19 1 BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET, first row, left lo right: John Wirta, Henry Marvin, Bill Hunter, Ronnie Bright, Eric Colby, Richard Hardy. Second: Darryl Denning, John MacGregor. Don Bcardsley, Raymond loder, David Hines, David Rycke- bosch. fry IH it F, '1 i L - i , as X 77 S T .41 SANDPAPER EDITORS, left to right: Karen Jacobs, editor, Mr. Joe Milrod. advisor, Joy Vl'eaver, assistant editor: Pat Parker, sports editor. J' SANDPAPI-IR STAFF. left to right: Karen Jacobs, editorg Bill Wildszr, Joy Weav'er. assistant editor. r r mi UZLQUZIQ Under the pleasant direction of Editor Karen Jacobs. nearly every Friday of the school year two thousand issues of THE SANDPAPER were distributed. The five- column publication consisted of all student work, in- cluding photography. A lot of hardwork went into the writing and make-up of the weekly publication. Assignments were given on Monday to be turned in Tuesday while late stories had a final deadline Weclnesflay. After school on Wednesclay the editor and some other students worked mathematical wonders placing the stories and pictures in attractive page make-up. THE SANDPAPER was printed by Africa,s Printers in Lancaster. Advisor this year again was capable Mr. Joe Milrod. When students opened the paper Fridays they noticed such readable features as 4'This is Your Lifen by Joy Weaver. HWax Faxi, by Mary Pitt, "Heap SANDPAPEH STAFF, first row, left lo right: Karen Jacobs. Joy Weaver, Helen Blanchard. Second: Jan Hhoton, Cary Echols, Tom Stevens, Bill Wilder. Sue Hay, Penny Wehr, Joy Russell. Back row: Frances Shropshire, Alvin Krug, Marjorie Johnson, Pat liielenberg, Darryl Stinson, Pat Par- ker, Joanne Bloom fpartially hiddenj. Ex 931511 of the Yveekn by Carol Darr and informa- tive editorials by Karen Jacobs. Prodded on hy James Daley. advisor. and Betty Nash. editor. the YCCC.-X staff kept busy with layouts, body copy, cap- tions and pictures in order to bring you .-Xvs '55 yearbook. This year a new publisher was selected - The Year- book House of Monrovia. California. As in the past, photography credits go to Mr. Frank Stubbings of Stubbings Studio in Lancaster. Key people on the staff were Frances Ditty, layout editor, Deanna Coddington. faculty and sports, Jo Hen- ley, organizations, Nona Lamb, captions, l'enny Wclhr, art, Nancy Wilscin, business manager, Frieda Blanch- ard, circulation manager, and Bob Spencer, staff pho- tographer. YUCCA STAFF, below lcjt, sealed: Carol Hohlk. Standing, left to right: Frieda Blanchard, circulation manager, Rosc- mary Martin, Marla Christenson. circulation manageris assistant, Clydette Mcliffee. YUCCA STAFF, below right, seated: Joy Russell. Standing. J , - X N irq. fsv YLJCCA HJITORS, first row, left lo right: Nona Lamb. cap lion editor, Nancy Wilson, business manager, Betty Nash editor. Seeonrl: Ut-anna Codrlingzton. sports and faculty editor Jo Henley, organizations editor, Penny Wehr, art editor, Fran ces Ditty. layout editor. YUCCA STAl"l". sealezl: Pat Hittle, senior copy editor. Stand ing, left to right: Betty Grant, assistant caption editor, Mr James N. Daley, advisor, Tom Talbert, Bobby Pierson. left to right: Carmen Tilbury, art editoris assistant, Pat O C xxs " .0 .0 ' Patterson, Florence Lynch, Barbara Jones, Connie Stone, business manager's assistant, Bob Spencer, photographer. 'vu-0, Obi ai auf cz ui :Hg tim Quill anfl Seroll is the International grams. which were very sneeessful. Honor Society for high sehool jour- The lllne Book. ishieh is a Sen- nalists. Membership is eovctecl as ior memory book, was one of the the requirements are strict. most novel AY has ever seen. lfnmler Having fun anrl learning. sounrls erlitor. Nlarla Christensen, a talent- lilie an impossibility. but llarlio eil stall started work in Marr-h on Proflnetion is just that. The staff this history of the class of '55. also launeherl several new pro- ' . I'UZZl.lfD -Y Discussing the problems of publishing AV,s hrsl literary magazine. The Anlelope. are Quill anfl Scroll mem- bers Mary Pitt and Nancy Wilson with aflvisor Joe Milrorl. above. QUILI, AND SCHULI. members below are Stinson. Dahl. Darr. Pitt, Jacobs. lliny. ltussell. Benson and Lamb. 44 I P a xv RADIO l'llDlJl,ffiTlUN Cl,-XSS above. firsl row: Kennedy Russell. Hibbarii. Tuttle. Seeorzd: Bird. lfclmondson. Krug Mr. Milrod. lll,l.'lillUOK STAFI-' beloxs. 'Hrsl rout llilhell. Stoker. Cnrfein l.a Fleur. Schaffer. Kisller. Siemens. Yslas. lilanc-hard. Keene Seeoml: Dlalxely. Chaney. lihrislenson. Gilbert. llanlxins. l'nr cell. liiltle. Humphreys, Taylor. Nlcrifee. Hudson. QW!! Bangla fake QMS. AV's band proved to be its usual spectacular self this year as it marched through the football season and went into the concert season with state-wide fame and recog- nition. The AV band played and marched at all of the home football games and some JC games with more pep and vim than ever before. At the Pasadena football game the officials from the Pasadena Tournament of Roses came to AV and watched the band perform during half-time. The officials were very impressed by the band and, as a result, AV received an invitation to the Tournament of Roses Parade. Although it rained, the band displayed its usual snap and Hash in the parade. Plans were made for the band to move from the auditorium to the old Home Ec Building this year. The building will be sound-proofed and will provide a good band room. X 1 C ji 9 3532 Q Pirfgia W sg Q? 32? it .N Aiufzezioz fagigocunzani ifz am Each year the band attends a regional festival and a state festival. This year the regional festival was held at Redlands and the state festival was at Long Beach. At these events the band was judged for sight reading, concert and solo selections. Competition is keen each year for membership in the marching band. Most students must be members of the VifOODW'lNDS. frst row. left I0 right: C. Ayres. Schwake. Ienkinson. Jordan. Seymour. Simi. Y. Patterson. Stivers. R. Baker, Morel. Viiillis. Mullet. Hostler. Second: C. Lyons. M. Cabarga, Latimer. Hilgendorf. G. Klievser. Miles. Nlavfield. E. Campbell, C. Schaffer, Hellberg, J. Nygaard. T. McCauley. intermediate hand before they are given the honor of Senior band membership. At the annual All Western Band Review the band was rated first in their division. The Fair parade and the Bishop Rodeo were also events the band participated in. Aids students should be proud of its band g for it is one of the best in the state. Tfzird: Strong. P. Cottom. .-X. White. Wainscott. Shropshire Wadsworth. Smelser. C. Caler. E. Barth, Welt. Back row Ballard. llathbun. Grillin. Surnmt-rs. Yilardi. ll. Gray. Keene Chrisman, G. Echols. C JCCC. SIZES PERCUSSION SECTIONfShown left to right above, are Chandler, J. Wil- MARCHING RFHF-XRS-Xl before the bandls mans' mararlc' liams F Dwver drummer" l Vlihilc- ., , ii s s.,. . lakes place on Lancaster llonle-vard with thi- familiar figure of brass drumg ll. Whit:-, cymbals: Wiood. Mr. llallard always quietly dire-cling on the sidelines. timpani: Bishop, B. Metz. G. Kliewer. C. Lyons, bells. GAB SESSION before a performance is recorded of mem- bers Odis McCormick, Frank Ramos, Jim Turner and Larry Stranske. INTERMISSION BREAK finds Mr. Ballard discussing the per- formance with leri Nygaard and Charles Lyons. saxophone players. Q1-2.311793 ORCHESTRA jirst row let zo right readmg clockwzse lN 6 ll cgoff gglffzin 1 - - Under the dlrectlon of Mr Wllllam Ballard AV s orchestra experlenced an mterestmg and eventful year The sounds of scales and melodlous stralns could be heard each mormng first perlod through the doors of the audltorlum The repertoire ranged from classlcs to popular favorites Wlthln a framework of floral decoratlons and as a result of careful plannmg the orchestra s annual Sprmg concert exhlblted the rlpest fruit of the years labor The forty membels armg fleecy formals and dress sults presented a beautlful p gram of classxcal selec tlons In addltlon to the muslcal concert the group planned a trlp to a muslc festlval In the late Sprlng They also antlclpated playmg for the Easter Play In order to become a member of the orchestra a student must be able to read II1llSlC and play an orches tral lnstrument In preparatlon for thls class a student can study a woodwlnd brass strlng or percussion lnstrument Harvey R Kn0wleS M0hler CaSC1a Rathbun E Wright C Ayers Back row Ballard R Llvermore Metzger Ruvalo Holcombe Second Dames R Debs Prlest Smalley R Brxght Hrlton M Powers Wemple D Cummlns S Rlchard M H Randall D Kelly I Ely G Kllewer P Cordon Mayfield Ballard Anthony - Wafvsf cgfzaini A C.-XPPELLA Harmony of song and spirit in the A Cappella Choir produced the lovely music heard throughout the year. Led by capable Mrs. Hermione Vaughn Banks, the choir was very busy providing assemblies, giving con- certs, and supplying entertainment for various activi- ties. The choir increased its size to sixty members - the largest it has even been. President for the first semester was Larry Acker, and Kay Humphreys for the second. The highlight of the year was a trip to Berkeley, California, for a spectacular Music Festival attended by vocal groups from all over the United States. As only twenty were allowed to go, an exciting tension Hlled the atmosphere as members competed for the honor. The winners were gone four days during Easter vaca- tion, stayed in private homes, practiced sometimes six and seven hours a day with approximately 2,000 others and enjoyed many social activities. GIRLS' TRIOS-'Shown above are Pat Bittle, Kay Humphreys, Lavonne Ely, Leona Brashear, Deanna Coddington, and Jule Bishop. BOYS' QUARTET-Shown at the left are Marvin Asbury, Dale Honor, Mrs. Banks. Phil Hamilton and Jim McGee. A CAPPELLA. first row. left to right: Haeberlin, Brashear. J. Russell, G. Cook, T. Barker. P. Hamilton, Asbury, Hudson. Tuttle. J. Epley, J. Snow, K. Humphreys, L. Ely. J. Epley. Second: Mrs. Banks, D. Boggs. J. Lawson. V. Adams, M. Mar- vin, Stoker. Honor. J. Robertson. Foster. Provenzano, K. Kelly. S. Smith, K. Tompson. Bittle, C. Arnold. Tlu'ra': N. King. Patchen, Gallegos. Coddington. Gosline, B. Miles. Swab. B. Kraber, M. Farmer, Windbigler. J. Brown, Jenson, J. Davis. Back row: Carlson, S. Smith. B. Wallace, Stafford, Lockhart. Collins, D. Johnson. McGee, P. Preter, L. Acker, J. Bishop. Amick, M. Morris, Beale, McCulloch. occzf gfzoufza 515 oof Ln GIRLS CLEE CLUB abate frst row T Barker 'NI 'Nlarvm ,l Snow I Brown Brashear ,l Russell 'Nlr Smith Bittle K Humphreys Estill E Budd M Farmer B Thomp on Stcond C Cook Hilton ,l Epley S Gordon Stroud K Tompson Carlson Galle os I Law on Staff T Dunn I Epley Matza L Ely Justice Thzrd P Weaver S Bo s Dronen D Borg Lovret McCabe M Preter V Stafford J Bishop R 'Nlartmez Back row Patchen S Smith IN King Collins Lockhart Bar ton Stewart N Stafford S Thomas B Baker Holt P Foster E Smith Beale C Dickson 'XI Nlorris Vlmdbigler A Smith BOYS GLFE CLUB belou first row left to rzghl Provenzano P Hamilton I Robertson McGee I Koyle Honor Jordan I Hart Tuttle R Iahn Second Asbury I Wllder Hudson B Miles B Foster Swab R Kraber Clancy Welt F Huntley Back rou, Bradfield Goslxne Cri more D Johnson D Lar en P Preter L Acker I Lewis Ponton B Harxell As usual AV s more cultlvated voices have been get ting sharpened up and shaped in two groups the Boys and Glrls Clee clubs These vocal students stron to obtain a place in the A Cappella Choir AV s select vocal group A big event which I'CqlllI'6d intricate planning and constant rehearsal was the annual Spring Concert pre In a serious mood the first half of the concert con slsted of songs by the vocal groups and soloists Follow ing thls was a group of lwht musical numbers accented with some very talented comedy sklts . ' V ' N ph A W " 4 T' I 4 X - J - , Q Q r 5 , I , ' ' . 'V . ' - J' I - u 1 A , 'V ' l .v - Q, 1 5 1 ,S ad! C v. l Q , ,fi ' 4 . l , r l N 1... S.. f . L. Q I , Q U . , . . . , . . , L . . . , , I 1 r . . , . ' , L , . .,- . . S. . , - c ' , ' ' 3 - - , J , 9 - v , , . , . , . S . tc - nl M ' L 7 i , V . . . , N . , . . , . . , . . , , g , . s , , . , . . . , . . U v Q UU U Q . Y . . . . . . , . . . , . CCC. . . g Kennedy, Amick, B. Gardner, J. Davis, St. Pierre, L. Robinson. sented by the choral groups on February 17. : . . ' . . ' . ' . , - , - 1 1 ' 2 - 1 - Q 1 - 1 L. Y' . . . - , . . . L. . . . ' D , 1 Y . pl v- . 7 7 ' ' f n ' . ' ' T 9 7 ' V 7 7 f . , , . . : ', . ' , . . . ... . ., Y , . , A '. , . ll. . ' , A 's . . , . - s , . , . , . " . , . ' . A ,A ' r. g .' as 1 ' ' 1 , ' ' , .F I , T 1 Q l l l 4 . I t 3 I . - ' ."i l --' -- .'- - -' -W .. .rv-ons.:-.. A . ' .- Y , ' 'Q SONGLEADERS shown above are Gladys lollie. Dorothy Danhieux. Marilyn Brown and Anne Welch. A eq?-8 -""'f1 ,agvf J E 91011 Q 515 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS for the second Sem- ester above are: Darryl Keene, Cathy Cabarga. Qgfzifzif ooafeu ft -9 W5 Henry Truesdell, Rick Hudson. Never let it be said that AY isn't jumping with spiritl Our athletes received very noisy backing this year from the student body, lashed into cheering fury by the Cheerleaders, who ornamented the games in bright new uniformsg the Songleaders, who were newly organized this year. and the Pep Rally Committee, which worked with the above groups in planning all of our spirited but orderly pep rallies. VARSITY CHHHICI.lfAlJEliS for the first semester. left: Pal Seminario. lfrif: Colby, Connie Haugen and Henry Truesdell. PEP llAl.l.Y CONINIITTEE. below, firsl row, left to right: Ayers, Haley. Truesdell. Haugen. Serninario. Colby. Nl. Brown. Danhieux. Svrmirl: Seiler, ll. Navarrvt. Headman. Nielson. Keene, C. Cabarga. Hardy. Buell' rout byeda. Hudson. Heard- nt Kar sley. loder. Hines. Nlaccregor. LLIZECJ U12 O7 Cl 936170, E Htflllllllllg to MXN 1111111 1 lep B1111l The e t IQ 1 t11 f1 1111 Q 111111 1 11l e 1e11 11 ne plax at AX pOll uent They lent pep to the g11111 dllll plued 11pp marehee allll 1atchy tune to help get our rooter ln the rlght mood Also promotlng plfll 1se1e the Ha hx graceful llltl 11l Xl1j1111tt1 IS 1m11 1 1 111 l gr. 111 11t11l of 1111e p gr o 1 g11111 IJKITUTIN 1111e or Sp o e NI1J1+11111 x1re 111111 ll f1111 1 mud Dllflllg 11111111t Pl 1111 thex h11l c11111pet1t1o11 tmrlmg mth g1rlQ from othex 1hool QU PEP BAND fire! 1011 lfjl 111 flgllf R llard Sel1.1fl'er Keem D Vlhne J Wllllim fha111ll1r NI W ood l Vlhlte fl Lsonk cond H sl1 r l to om 1 lx 11111 r llathllun 1 P1111 orf xI21Nflf'lCl flfl 111.111 hhol l l1al1er Birth 'WGN s Campbell Tlllfll S l111.1111lt T qt1xe11Q S Fhy l1 lx X ll 1 T 1 es llllllll lirl l1t l'1111 1 Scmman Lune IJ 11rd lu ll lx ll 5 lloxsard xiifllllli Cochran Harrlman 'XI XJURFTH9 lneelm Iuha 1 111l111llN llorothx 'Xlol 1tt 5111111 Ma '1r1 SIIIIIKIIIIL Uanlxn N11 'lllflll .1 IX N11 1111 Il 111 rosd Judx fxer 1111 1111 111 flsddte 'Nl1PfT1e C0 A l , A -S9 " 'l mill' illll flllfll V35 Ill? skillf . 1' " xs. Th fcr 'l z Vlllll 1'zlled the AV 'H z . -5 f llflt'llIN wee sf-l -1' ll '1 the "Kay ll .e H11 ll nz" 1sl1i1-h 1'11l - '1, eppy .'1'l lar 1111 th lmsif of 111 '-ft and 'illing ss to girls 1,11-in, 11, P111 H 2 I 1- 1 - f g 1-1-13- ,' SF S. trs. Th 1sx'1,1l'J'5o11t'1 wt 1fthe , X1 -s ' add 512 y 1- , ' S " ' V S '. 1 l T A Y -- fgjf. ' 3 1 ' . 1 ' ' fgYj:,A,, 1-P bl' 1 V. V Till?-"' - "" A 31' 1 'fl' -f ' 5.4,-f rl, f . ,, . 1 1 -,,v. ' 51. A'-gil L., T, 3 -""7 .' ,f ' A ' I Y f- gf! 1- " , 9 A 111 LQ? l 1 4,1 Q' A . 7 ' -- a 1 03,0 1 . . ', V " J 3 . ' . '- . ,. ' : 1' " . .. 1' , '. yous. . ' ' ,. . l' I s. 'I . 4 . .. " . 1. 4' ard'. . xlil'i1lll llw 'gn ll. llines. ll. 'g . ' rll: Sc : og -. l. ftl .ll'llh1-rg. 'IV -. . l'l'l- l . ad' . le' . T1' y. Q. " . 7 -. 11-I .'l1's'.:' s,l.,"1 1 .B. . ' . 111111. 11.11 1 I.. '. Htl" -"- -S. ffzrl Ak 1' . I' 1 s.lQ 11111 ll' - gf. - ,i -. Harkin! awzu' from the lashing lflflflllf' of lrivlf' 5f'I'0Of1f7 lllrm Kvllyv is llwh ffratr-lu-tl ills-rrivlt Cumminsb while his jovial nvph- cw. Fred. tllarry Hitch listc-ns in. 1' 5 .cgifzofg 5556! Wllhe Christmas Carolf' at play from the story by Charles Dir-kffns. was presented Um-f-mlmfrr l6 and l7 hv am all-stmtf-nt mist. llimfa-trtrl hy Nliss Dolores Clielvrlvn. flrumzitivs instructor, thc Christmas play was pI't'Hf'IllPll fri-tr of 4-llwgc ul u IIl21llIll'C during svllool hours. ulfuinily llortraitll was Slilgf'fl thc: mick hcforv Eustm' YilI'iill0ll. This play hacl El vomliimxl Junior Collvgc zmcl High School Cast aml was clirectecl hy aafau Of Mr. Rohert Hahn and Miss Delores Cheleden, JC and High St-houl drama tcaclicrs. This was the first year. attvortling to recforcls, that Z1 joint pmtlmrtioli was fga 45150, 5 smgt-rl hy JC zmrl High S4-limit stutlcnts. The lfustf-r plot was pnrtruyctl in svcrufs set around the time of The Cruvilixion. Convcrsing with lxl0I'flt'f'l1l tllivhurrl Craigl Wing tht- Clmgt Of Christmas Past fljal and Josvph llfrunk lhllfilllllffyl. is il Roman Mary tloni llirrlr happily grvvts osr-ns Blalielvt. l.'m'lc- Svroogv trvmhles with fear. soltlic-r. ll'a11l liolvinsonl. hrothcr tlfrank NlCfiZ1lllCyl on arrival I NX 'ZX' mi- rf Za' Cllfllvll I, ulmlf' lrfl. fm! 711141 lwfl In rfgflli XX. -Xml:-rsmi. l.. lflv. .l. lfpln-3, fhillt-un, Xl. I"arnn'r. X. Smith. llnale-. lx. 'liliornpsmn Al. llnsst-II. titul- lin-, lamstm Nfwrnl: 511.1111-. lf, llmnplnrm-. ll. l,inrl- szxy. Nlvkrillfnll. l.:1n::-r. llnulin. ,l. Iinlwr. li. llnrri-, .l. Iilvlm. T. ll.ukt-r, lifzrlg milk' XX. lfoslm-r. l'imvr11.1i111. Il, Spriuu-. Xslinry. Small. l'. Iltlllllllltll. l'ft'Il4'll. F. Paxton. l'. l'r1-ter. ,. ..,. ., , I-Xl.l'.'NI Il,l ll, fyliflll Il. ulmzw. flu! run. lf!! lu rigfll: X. ITRIIHHN. ll. lhinus. PXVIIIIHWIK. li4'IVlll'lII. Tl, xllllollilll, IN. IIIIIIIVIIIKWN, l-llllv. lf. XIJKIIIIIVIX, Nl. Ixrznl-1-r. I.mklu.niI. lx,"-mills Ilfnslt-x. ll. lmnmltvs, ,. ,. lulllv. lvvllnp, I. Nlixnilu-, Llliiltlwis. Nlfllllllall. l,llll'lll'll, X. Nlillvr, Igllfk funk' N. Wil-un. llrzislla-ur N. lxinu. Illlllsllll. li. lxmlni, ll. llallwl. llnxis I..Hl-IIIIA I ul vlx. IPIIXXIX tllli, UIIUI I' I. fllllf. hrs! nm, lffl In fl I1 lllll II lt II l I' xlillr llill vi llial i 3,1 rv, , in gt-, rl . 4 rl, .n'. llnxm--. Il. Llfvruvs. lx l'ulnI, lltlrurll. Xlflilll. .N Iflf wl. I1 Ilmnl, NI!-ing. 4, llxmn. lllnrlvl. I Iliirnrnvi. II Xlwrlin. llltlt-ini. .l. lllr-I. l. Xlntln xv- son. lim 1. 'fin' III-It. l'vnw. lwlirwii-ls-ilu, Nnllw-vi. lim in, Kwan-le-.Xl1X.ili.liI.1lu-IN, IIHXXIX 1IlI.,1,IlHll' II, lwfwf-1 tz'v' rffu.lfH lf' 1.41.1 XIw.vni.tIwl. Nliix---It. INN-I-r. lhmvll, lx, Xa-Ii. l'xf-.III 'Niall lu-lil. X xxllI'IlI Nfwrztf. I In---1. X li-urs. I mmlt. lil-li, lliirisi-lm-I. 5. llwlill-suis. IM-llfx. Nl-'Ili-. .I X.tliL'll.llI. lhrilv linl. l"1t ll.1iluv--xr II l'1nIx-II. lx Ikix s, lx-ln. I Tllll mlrsr ll Ilxl- lllmlxltrilin in-A I. -.V-' , 'w Init- -4-+ , ,ws oaa is 0 Pr-rforrning at least twice a year was the Talent Club sponsored by Mrs. Her- mione Banks. Huck Hudson led the club through the first semester. Making the club thrive on variety were the vocal, in- strumental, acting and dancing groups. Miss Dolores Cheleden and her Drama Club presented the play HA Christmas Carolf, The group of 75 members and President Ronnie Puckett planned a trip to the Pasadena Playhouse and a TV tour. Operating a very nice carnival booth was the Art Club with Harry Hite as presi- dent. The club was limited to Juniors, ,of 5 L4 lv .. ljafsnfz F ' Seniors, Sophomores and Freshmen Sue Roberts headed the Commercial . 9 .. an X f 5, , if - f 1 1 l Club which planned to start a job bu- kb f reau. The club was sponsored by Mrs. .. Mary Floyd. Mr. Miguel De Cruz started some of the students in a vocation in his Fu- ture Teachers of America. Barbara Starr was elected president. The club went to a conference at USC. The club activities would not be complete without the Honor Society. David Ryckebosch served as president. Early in the year they held a party to welcome new members. 'KRT lQl,I'IZ. lop righl, ful mug lr-fl In right: lf, Sfril-ner. l'. Johnson. Xlvfinli-lv. ll. llitv-. llllllllllllx Tilburx. I, N-ffililffl. Nlohlinu. xl, Xlarshnll. Tfll'll1l. ,Nrf'nllfl.' fn fnopar. 5. f,muli'. Wallis. lymulx. F. lllolnpson. ll4'I son. Kasson. l.. Young, Dillon. Nl. llcnlcy. ll. Xlvt7, james. U. Thompson. Buell mtl: ll. jollnson. Dr'-montl. ff. Qlollnson. XV-i-nv-r. lloglrr-. l'-lllf', ll. Hamilton. lmlufg ll. ffoopf-r, COXllllFRf.l-Xl. fil.L'l5. second from top. 16731 mu: left lo right: ,l. l'lcnley. Hefle-ron. lit-uitt. llolverts. Taylor. Xl. Smith. Swwnd: ll. llarr. lllonrh. l'. Ma-ters. fl. Sc-lniffcr. S, Taylor. Carrlnifr. Tliird: l'. l'rolhro. li. Williams."li-ur. Hs-lm. Train. Turion. liurlf mir: xlllfllflllillll. C. Johnson. Ki-ortgg ll, luvlmson. W ininger. Xl. llohinson. Fl'Tl llh 'llli'Vflll'lll5 Ulf -Xxllflllfi X, fmllnm rfufll. firtl rnzr. lrfl In Vlrglllf Starr. l.yIc. ll, Xl il-on. Lawson. J. I':IPl1'f'.Sl'1'IIIlfl.' f.lilllIlC. ll. Schultz. l.ox ret. K. Johnson. Ft-xton. Igllfk mzf: T. lit-n-on, fi'-an-. J. Yauuhan. Sixils, :Xl Baldwin. HUYUR SUCIISTYA lwlw11'. fin! mu. lf'-fl lo riufrl: llholon. S. ffollings. l.IlFll'llf. Fivnivns. 5. llulvvrts. fl, faillnlruai. lx--rn--, llillll-, K. lllllnpllrvx-. Nlilltnnrnn-, l'. llie-l4'nlu-rg. "K, XX liilr-. Nl. Xlnrxin. ll.irton.5r'r'um1: ll, Wnllnu-. ldulls. lifllllllllfltlll. lglxxson. Nl. Col:-, llrmz-n. llo-llvr. llnnlxins. l'iu'r-. li. -Mer-. .l. Nlflllllfll. llzithlfun. -X. Ylvlvli. Slllullllflll. Html: l'. llziru-ll. li. 1 7 Xletl. Kc-Ili-y. ll. linoulvs. Flirnpshirr-, K, Nm-lla-l-. N-ulson. l urcvll. linllairrl. ll. Willis. D. llliain. 5. lon:-s. llnnimn. l,XI"lI. fitfllffllf J. Taylor, llilty. Stone. J. Weziver. Nl. Broun. Shannon. Tornir'i1'l1. J, ,lr'r1ser1. Nl. ffovhrzin. Stivm-rs. Pif-kus. lf. llzirlh. I'llllI'. l., jorclmi. lfriwk Vlllll' .-Xkroyrl. Hffillllllilll. Sr-ott, IQ. Cotldr-. llahl. l.ux'r1e. Nlavficld. llYt'lu'l+os4l1. Shrvock. Wood. Str-vi-rr son. Chaney. N. XX ilson, ll. Wehr. 1 V n S Ku u"' 'Nav f N K with an A grade average. 1 , .8 I iii 4 3 ' Q . "F""'n'T 'JT7 ff-ef, .a -+ -' - 1.-'- '-'-"'f - - ' ii...--.. FHA, GROUP I, above, first row, left to right: Dye, Pyeatt, Tate, J. Rehmann, E. Tensfeld, L. Gray, Herring, Goodrich, Spann, H. Wilson, Mullett. Second: Van Dusen, Flick, Hoff, M. Harper, K. Roth, Illian, Eslick, P. Underwood, M. Kraber, R. Johnson. Third: Durham, McGuagh, C. Mathewson, Warren, C. Stewart, Stafford, Deaton, M. Rembold, L. Hicks, Lessely. Back row: P. Rogers, I. Turner, P. Thomas. I. Mclylillin, D. Vlloolf, McKinley, D. Read. M. Johnson, P. Burns, I. Randel. FHA, GROUP H. right, first row, left Io right: Grifhn. S. Shibley. Whitson. Gal- lion. Marrs. Perteet. Tomicich. Pellizzer. Venturini. Kistner. Second: S. Gilbert, N. Wlilson. Dunivan. Riggen. Teifke. R. Rob- erts, Phillips, Doolin. G. Chavez. B. Ford. Third: J. Russell. E. Maile. ill. O'Rrien. J. Smith. Smelser. C. Maile. Townsend, Blake. Nloflett. Levingston. Back row: R. Smith. C. Darr, Merritt. L. Mead. B. Godde. McDougal. E. Reagan, P. Weaver. M. Russell. Overlade. FHA GR0l'P Ill lzoltom ri hr first rou left to riglzl: Norton. P. Rici, C. Jordan, Neellels. Gallegos. S. Hill. Tonoian. Coll- man. I. Ellis. S. Kelley. Love. Sakaguchi. Seeond: U'Sullivan. Y. Hunt. L. Nagel. C. Ayers. Evers. Dahl. L. Jones. llarnett. E. Yvright. R. Arnold. Lt-avelle. Tliird: D. llnderwoorl. lleissell. Carpenter. ll. Wil- son. Gentry. Kostevky. Potthofln. Donoghue. Card. J. llrisco. Burl: rout N. Wilson. Jen- kins. l.uvrak. llloom. Akroyd. Headinan. T. Blanchard. D. Hodges, J. Granger. D. Sutton. Om. ec, 049 ETS One of the newer clubs at AV is the Farmerettes, a sight to behold in their light blue sweaters with the white emblems. The girls who started their organization last year have regular girlis Ag classes. They do gardening, farming, and care for their farm projects. "The wheel of homemakiug turns toward a better worldl' was the theme chosen for the Future Home- makers of Ameriea's State Conven- tion, November 5, 6, and 7th, which six hundred and forty girls from California attended. l"AliMERET'I'PIS, top It-ft, fmt row, Ivfz to right: Wenzel, llaughman, Ward. Lewan, lsgrig, Lowden. Marrone, C. Johnson, Broitzman. Sceoml: Gaines. N. King, L. Allen, J. Jackson, ll. Hibbard, P. Vaughn, Coggeshall, Mr. Gary. Buck r0w.' B. Prothro, R. Martinez, Ramos. Prediger, Wanserske, Weapu. - ,--v- 1 ,'..A4' " ':::""'..lrul-' i 'n..'. "imap: .- i I , .1 ,-fn T ' x X 55.4-'. if.. .. , 'ISM :J-S T'l'i'---- QS 1--1 Q. ,, 125515115 AN 5 feminine population was increased early in the fall when the Antelope Yalley Chapter of the Future Farmers of America held their green hand 1n1t1at1on when the boys dressed as girls They par ticlpated in many ewents and were a great credlt to AV They attended the Great West ern Livestock Show in Los Angeles where they won the Swift and Com pany award for the second con secutlye year They also made a trip to Los Angeles to buy stoek to exhlblt in the fair thls fall A FFA GROUP I abone right first row let to right Buck ,lennln s J Hart Gant Campbell Trojan Tensfeld Gos l1ne Bowen Kertzman Second f Wheeler Losey Sutterfield R Colf Vi Arnold Elvert Kang Rehmann Wayne B Stringer Reade B Dyer Third Phelps Wilder Chamberlain Starlcel Trlne Sawyer I Kirk Webb F Solo mon 'Nlr HHTIIIIFIOH Back row lden J Welch Gardiner Pond Schmidt Roth Crismore Hankms Kllewer Du gms FFA, GROUP ll, second rom lop. irsl mux If l lo fI'f,llf.' W7ilburn H' h. Flvert liani. Ramey. J. Bea be, R. Saenz Majors, Hi ,h. Caler. qlC0fld.' G. Po.-ter. Kurth, Tomfohr Trombatore. L. Bembe L. Adams, lllooi r. lyle. lllaCGre or Welsh. Mr. Day. fllird: Moss. R'indall. All ri 0, Clcment, Pyle Parker. Wvolfe. Solomon. Bapkini. Span lr r. liurlf roux' Allison Pengilley. Healy. lirilliley. Cosey, Doolin . Fi.-her. G. Water: Lee. Reynolds. FFA GROLP III. micldla, right. 'J 1'. If l to righf: R Wiheeler. Yarlcy. Bakrnan. WlCN21IIltC. Sayrf. l.. Smith, fllar riott, Reader. S4r'nr1d: IIlllilIIl"lIl. NI eaulc y. IJ li,l t. C. Nlill . e:ser. Owl n. T. lordahl. NI . Worden. Tlzird: Willis. ll' " an Gflrdmr. Romero. Fulkcrxon. Si 'in lv . Buck mu' nagby. H nncy. O. Strin,er. D. Frazirr. lortrr, Lewan, D. Frazier. V l FFA, GROUP IV, bottom right. rst A r w, I t to right: Lewis, Buskirk. Phelps. Yslas. Ekimoto, J. Vaughan, G. Hamilton. D. Foster, Granicy, Wan serske. Second: C. Todd. B. Senseman A B. Skinner. Heinrich, R. Wvilbur, Bal ler, Baskins. J. Blohm, Troncale. Alli son. Third: Dobbs. lond, Duncan. W' Wilson. Rhodes. Starkel, Fix, Bliss Yingling, Mr. lrby. Back r0u'.' Fly Martin, Doolin. Parr, Mybakken, Kipp Heydorn, Gentert. F. Johnson, F. Miller OFFICE GIRLS, first row, left to right: Dr. Robert L. Dougherty, Mrs. Betts, Mrs. Klingerman, Stevenson, .1 Brewster, Kalpal-coli, Semin- ario, K. Kelly, Gwin, D. Pur sley, C. Ayers, Haley, ,I 1 Henley. Second: I. Martin. I. Ta ylor, Danhieux, C .J Cabarga, Shumaker, Vl'all Colo, Mahnt-ke. B. Gibson B. Thomas. I.. Young, Mea dors, A. Cabarga, Heaber lin. Third: Burford. Rohlk B. Jones. Kistler, I.. Gilbert Losey, Venturini, McNair, Merriman, Turner, Navar ret, Brigante. Back rou' Chaney, Dahl, Steiner, Le- wan, Predigcr, Wvord, V. Patterson, K a t z , Gurfein, Pitt, Hibbard. KNITTING CI,I.'B. first row, left lo right: Turman, Macl.achlan, Dunivan, I. Wal- lace, Lynch, Mahneke, R. Williams, C. Cabarga. I. Weaver, Nielsen. Rackett. Second: McNair, Dickson, D. Brown, I.. Lewan, Prefliger, Gurfcin. lliggen, I. Dwyer, J. Snow, Vlvall. Buck row: Shade, P. Hamilton. Tilbury. Dickinson, B. Hart, D. Vlcnzel, C. Davis, I. Blondin. Matinez, .l. Kelly, Libbey. cqliifily The Cadet Corps, organized at AV for five years, performed many serv- ices for the school. They worked dur- ing football games, led the flag salute at PTA meetings and represented AV at rifle matches, drill competitions and at summer camp. Running oflice errands, recording absences, collecting absence slips and filing -- these were some of the tasks of the ofhce girls. The Knitting club period was quiet-members helped each other with new stitches, knitted socks and sweaters. For the first time at AV, an Arts and Crafts club was organized under the sponsorship of a new teacher, Mr. Henry Lager. Members made leather articles, plastics and metal handi- crafts. 4: 0 9 QP FB A . X 1' A ' 00 . - O ' 'fl Lf , I i l Q D 1 Q . ,, Jill l , . .."'7 , fy uve Ya ,. '..4 s 5 ki' ARTS AND CRAFTS, GROUP I, above, first row, left to right: Latimer, Newman, E. Scribner. Combs, Greenleaf, Illian. Second: Gibbs. D. Ballew, B. Ballcw, I.. Bird, Garcia. Rawlings, Pair. Back row: Schouweiler, Hunt- ley, G. Powell, Bowser, G. Johnson, Hop- kings. Hurst. ARTS AND CRAFTS, GROUP II, left, first row. left to right: Underwood, Morel, Martin, Sieck. Woolf. Illian. Buck row: Newman. Er- win, Drake, Ruff, Gilmore, Stoner, Blanchard. 71 7. hifi? -.LLM .f 'miie ai Extended PROJECTIONISTS, first row, left to right: Truesdell, J. Epley, Rhoton, I. Henley, F. Jennings. Second: Pugh, W. Wilbur, E. Nukala, P. Preter, Hairgrove. Back row: l. Gilmore, Bostrom, K. Nukala. Uyeda, Healy. W70RLD FRIENDSHIP CLUB. first row, left to right: H. Mason, P. Vaughn. Madera. B. Wallace. R. Wilson, Hea- berlin, Teasley. Second: M. Powers, N. Vaughn. F. Harrell. Burford, S. Jensen. Sturm. Back row: Curtis. C. Johnson. Graff, F. Jennings. Whitaker. 'ltr Helping the students with their subjects by Audio Visual methods was the Projectionists club, sponsored by Mr. Hampton D. Proett. The club was not considered at group club because they did not hold regular meetings. The members were registered in a study hall and were given passes to assignments when needed. Jo Henley, Jan Hhoton and Ed Nukala kept the equipment in use for lVlr. Proett during the times when his classes were in session. Taking a serious view of friendliness was the Worlcl Friendship club, directed hy Mr. Miguel de Cruz. Learning the problems of courtesy was one of their projects, as was their very successful booth at the USHERETTES. first row, left lo right: Purcell, Mahneke. Miss Ericson. Wall. Second: Ballas. Christenson, C. Cabarga. Bittle, B. Mauldin. F. Blanchard. Third: I. Taylor, B. Nash. Newtson, Bohlk, C. Kirk. B. Jones. Buck roux' Wynn, Uemcrs. D. Pursley, Hackett. P. Blakely. Ditty. KNIGHTS, first row, left to right: Glenn Snow, Al Dunn, Mr. Robert Thomas, Eddie Dwyer, John Debs, Ted Hanson. Second: Eric Colby, Phil Mcxamee, Richard Nel- son, Ernie Lowder, Floyd Etherton, Henry Truesdell. Back row: Don Gilmore, Don Trombatore, Larry Hall, Henry Marvin Harvey Casey, Larry Acker. 0 fgs Ciflfsiaonzecf 5E'ZUiC5 dfugi carnival. The club was once called the Campus Christian club. Maintaning their name as a service club were the popular Knights. Aided by Mr. Robert Thomas, they helped AV with many of its problems. With Eddie Dwyer as president the club held a rummage sale. Dur- ing the early Spring the Knights with the help of the X' lr Senior class staged a Clean Up Day. The project was launched as a reminder to campus alitterbugsf' Identified by a flashlight beam at school events were the smiling and helpful girls in the Usherettes. They carried out their jobs and projects with great skill. Miss Ericson led the club as advisor, and Cathy Mahn- eke presided as president. STAGE CRAFTS, first row, left to righz: Mr. Rudges, Clements, Brand Beckett, Marks, N. Brown, B. Winslow. Second: R. Rice, J. Miller, Tommy, R. Debs, D. Davis, G. Farmer. Back row: I. Baker, Brink. Corcoran, McGowan Reed. 9 1 97 I lip., t lei! 'VS ft PEN PALS, GROUP ll. abore, first r0u'. left to right: F. W'oolf. D. Sieck, S. Col lings. Justice. Mast, A. Nicholson. J. Nich olson. Bickmore, P. Wilbur. Second: J Myhan, Sterling. Davenport. Phillips. Y Wiilhur, P. Harris, Beynon. Back row: S. Master. V. Kirk. J. Myhan. P. Kalsheek. Bayles. J. Butzke. V. Staflaord. Rischer. S. Schaffer. KEY Clulfli. right. first r0u'. left In right: D. Nelson. Pyron. J. Delis. R. Sacnz. Krug. fllayhvld. .Svwnndr Bright. B. Hun- ter. Wirta. fllcfflary. S. Howard. D. Sac-nz. l.ayne. Akin. Hack row: Watson. Daniels. l.. Hall. Pr-etz. Uhr-e. Simi. Aclter. Casey. STAMP Clllll. jirs! row. left In right: D. Preter. C. Olde- rich. Windsor. Kcnnepolil. Slater. l.ockl1art. tlarder. A. Thomas. Larson. Svrond: Nlr. Badland. G. Williams. Dix. YY. Thomas. J. Gilmore. lialf. D. Moore. imxis. Brick rout l.of-wen. D. Plmry. Metzger. A. Smethurst. C. Powell. Fl. Darth. Drake. 911 'rl tl it' 'n gl-N 4- I l PEN PALS, GROUP l, fm! roup Iwfz to right: Hensley. Edwards. E. Howard. Draper. llaines. Nlcliee. Stroud. P. Watson. Nlrs. l.or- liecr. Swmuzfl: Hale. tl. Daxis. Kirkland. Aguilar. Eastham. Yoder. W. Slllllllilllllflll. Nl. Davis. Hllflt' muy' AHl'il'lltll. Slirnpsliire. l- Sllilvlc-y. D. lfole-. l,4-inlwrger. lin-uton. San- ford. Stout. 6 incfi fgaf org AVls vendors of good will to the world were the Pen Pals. With Miss Elizabeth Lorbeer as leader, they met in the li- hrary as a Group I club. The Key club, a junior division of the Kiwanis club, was very active this year under the sponsorship of Mr. Seaton. Gathering momentos of foreign coun- tries in the form of stamps was the Stamp club, directed by Mr. Badland. 'PN Qi? -. f S Psi tw avlnilef at ' q iq, ,-' 1315... ct fm Glylalig cms ulef Another club in which the members had individual projects was the Elec- I1-' ' .- .... ELECTRONICS, first row, left to right: W. Thomas. Pearson, Windsor. Fairheltl. Schuman. Daley. L. Hall, .l. Xlahollan. Bayles. Second: Chandley, L. Hayes, Dix. Smethurst. C. Williams, D. Gray, R. Eslick. Berthelot. Buskirk. Back row: Bergman. Wayman. Gibbs. Polizine, Neu. McKim. B. Stoner. L. Jensen. XlcMillin. Lt tw'-'X tronics club. The members prepared projects of their own under the direction of Mr. Seaton. Interest in world problems was the only requirement for entrance into the International Relations club. The dis- cussion was led at each meeting by George Pilmanis, president. Promoting interest in Spanish-speak- ing countries, the Spanish club was directed by Mr. James Daley. Several of its members visited Padua Hills to enjoy a Mexican Christmas pageant partially in Spanish. President was Sue Masters. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, first row, left to right: Strong, Schwake, Rhoton, Dever. Pilmanis. L. Hardy, Meagher. Forbes. Second: B. Baker, Asbury. Falls. F. Marshall, Anthony. Funk, Provenzano, lwason. Back row: R. Smith, Wirta, E. Nukala, D. Schultz. B. Anderson. Hudson. French, Englund, Hixon. SPANISH CLUB, first row, left to right: Milbourne. A. Benson, S. Cor- don, N. Harvey. Mohler. J. Cook, D. Hodges. D. Hanschmidt, Jordan, R. Willis. B. Bielenberg. Second: S. Mas- ters, L. Wchr, Katz. Newtson, P. Gor- don, P. Johnson, Heflieron, Perkins. Whitson, Pigg. Rudesill. Vlvindbigler. M. Levell. Senkbiel, ray. F. Morton. Daley. Back row' Hicks. Goodson, Brown, Martinez. Third: Schumacher. B. Hunter, D. Mur- Oliver, Gallion, Mr. Nl. Schwake, Cissell. Simi. Uyeda, Bos- well, R. Barth. Flaxington. Downs, B. 99 nr- - nuevo. tu. - cflfls 'ul U2 f fztfzai I , , "Being in Dig A is one of the highest achieye- ments in the sports life of every AY girl." states President Betty La Fleur. To belong to Dig A ten seasons in sports participation have to he earned. The CAA. or Girls' Athletic Association. is an organization that hoasts the membership of any girl with at least one season in sports. The Lettermenls Club. sponsored hy Mr. Otto Plum and presided over by Carl Peetz. consists of AY's outstanding athletes. BIG A. top left, first row, left to right: Sue Roberts. Cathy Siemens. Betty LaFleur. Shir- ley Thompson. Kathryn Kelly. Donna Nielson. Betty Nash. Second: Mrs. Engelke. Miss Ingles. Luha Kalpakoff, Anna Massari. ,leri Nygaard. Frances Ditty. Anne StalT. Nancy Wilson. GAA CABINET, middle left. first row. left to LETTEHMEN'S CLUB. GROLP II. right. first r0u'. left I0 riglit: Dunn. D. Saenz. lliani. R. Saenz. J. Dehs. liono. L. Acker. H. Nlarxin. Second: Brockus. Hanson. Tromhatore. S. Howard. C. Johnson. Hutchens. Hicks. C. Adams. Bock rozc: C. Pyle. N. High. liamey. R. Barth. ll. Avery. Daniels. J. Adams. l.. Spencer. T. Puckett. ltlll 4 W,:'. right: Amelia Cabarga. Judy Wallace. Joyce Hanl-zins, Anne Welch. Second: Judy Evers. Anna Massari. Miss Ketteringham. Miss Hart. LETTERMENS CLUB. GROUP I, left, first row, left to right: Y. Wright. D. Hodges. D. Gilmore, Peetz. Broesel. Colby. C. Spencer. C. Mead. Second: Swah, DeFoor. Casey. Obee. Truesdell. D. Nelson. E. Lowder, H. Puckett. Uyeda. Third: Vlvemple. Lasagna. Stroup. Hendrix. Talhert. McClary. C. Jones. J. Wil- liams. Buck row: G. Snow. M. Anderson L. Wilburn. B. Wilbur, Simi. Serfoss. McCor- mack. C. Cole. qui . . Encganfmanf 1 1 Z j in Oinza 1 Enchantment in furmals - these worlls heft express the exhilaratefl and dreamy spirits uf the Studente at the formal and Semi-formal clunrei of the year. As tradition has set up. the Alumni Dance, Christ- mas liull, zincl Junior-Senior Prom have remainerl the three most an- ti:-iputecl highlights on the f-alenrlar. Thefe were the moments of guif-ty unrl tenrler niuufls that are remem- lsereil hy every stuclent long after the vanrlle of youth has liurnerl low. lmfl: lieaming heside the trr-1-. jerry Meyers and Pat Tullos, Freshmen. ser-m Very IllCZ1F6fl with their first Christmas Bull. Top riglzl: Starry-eyeml are Mike l.ot-ut-ri and Adele Ilelllmergz. 5 it I 11 3 X fi IQ fb ' i lv!! Looking wit happy and in 1 moorl .nn Drum Hine. .lnrl Umnc llellierun. jlflfllill' Mltlinf' a little Shov- lc-fs xnrzety to the bull are Lonnie Hang n anfl lat SLIUIHBIIO. Rzglif. Lf-zuina after ai gala 4-u-nina urn- Jar-kim' Lrillielml. tiurulyu N-lmumlt. Inn Holler ,l .intl lion Hall. Hollunz right. Hur tuo tirt-tl hut happy guests are Boh De FUOI' und lfarol Cooper. gf 'iq-A.. . ,- My ,WA ' V Larol Acltroxd Jumor Prom ueen 5 , W 1 9, f fl X V7 JUNIOR PROM QUEILN AND HER COURT Judy Exers Anne Welch Carol Ackroyd Marcla Gwm and Dolly Venturlm Through d lav of h lpplnesc and lurl of fmtaw relgnfd the year s gl0XNlItg queens P if lx gul lll he r oxxn redlm mapturul tht mood of the ocedwon xxlth Kathlvn Kcllv xml hu pr1nceweQ Cathy qumene and Hettx llrwlxett mounted tht tluone IS Alumm rox lltxf Croxulul stuul incl ulull cxen tg, proxulul tht lrwlxgrouml Thr court cnterul the field it hdlf tune m 1 lxlur l0llXC'I'llllll mtl I11llll12lV pow d m clouclQ of lnlue formals Delhno 911111 mroxxnecl tht queen mtl hm rourt 4 Chu tm is Ball xx is ta cm tmn tmsc intl hotlx To the thcmf noxxfltlxc ln tu 'N oon lglll xtxfu ouc fonntc Haugen her monow lllfilltllll hv Pit QKIHIIIIIIO oxce Hanlxlne mtl qdtltlll ones qhe xx as croxxned luv Klllg Don Gilmore Wltll 4 flnxl note the Jun UI Flux: lpncl our perldl momfnt xxlth the JIIIIIOI gen or Prom qplmg luxmg taken Hel lnoxx Prunul lnv Ill allxor of can ullnzz floxxers plettx Cuol Aclxrovml reigned 'ns quec n mtl xxds ittenclul hy Judx Excl Anne Vlfelth Munn Cxxm and Dolly Xfltlltllllll if ' 1 vt, . y V ax ,. , At lr- . V -to N s K lx , , Q A , 'x 1 . xx l 'L ,gy + I ' x ex- 1 .x or . . X Q ',Vlt f :iii 4 11 J ' rx ' Viz' .,,,-3 :Ji . 't IT. ,.. 9 ,. - t A 2 -.M , ,J otu D W .if . , v W: A -' X Y' l I , A L. ,. 1 ' ' , , . - . ' - , , . ' , ,v -' I ,Ln L L L - , . ' 1: I -' ' I ' 1 ll 1 I I I 'l '- grace and charm. , - ' as 'a ., '1 sz sz 1' 1' uv 'I x Q 1 ' ' x - 1 x 1 1 1 2 1 - ' 1 ' 1 x ' ','11 S" 7 . , . .ati Thx . 's at 1 'ass gflz l Plz '. . x 'of 4, Q , H . . ,, . . . I H S Q xs lf .l l . f ' 'E . , P . lt l . x 1 ' z .' 1' " '.'.z .' 'aj . 'ap ' ' z . , i ' 'z if 'S ? s " - '.'2 l ',.l. ., ' uf' 1' . x Lf xl Nfl 1 l - 1 vu 7 n u .1 ' I' 5, f ' , 1 'L ' , . ' G X u UG- 51 , -., ,mir in E' N .f . Q. .1 'S--' ' L?-If w p. . w 1 ' . -H 5 492 A qfgg' 1. 22 ,QU ws. ..,, . , t A . 5,34 .., ',,,.'g,. 4175- Q. , ts Q::,F.,4'.V , . R7 r L I f mllfrl' Mill! , - Zalslaff' . ' . I xx Q, : :Q . - ' 1 f x .,,4.,,,t. f L .4 N Connie Haugen-Snow Queen .'- K ' 1 ' I Q 1 8 ' ' '7 2 yy' J ' E -dj fu Y!! E. ' - 'L- CHRISTNIAS BALL QUEEN AND HER COURT-Joyce Hankins, Connie Haugen. Pat Seminario and Sandra Jones xx va- 6. '53 f " .J Y- Kqghryn Kelly-Homecoming Queen 1 J: .-.. f Ll 1 HONIECOMINC QUEEN AND HER COURT-Betty Hackett Kathryn Kelly and Cathy Siemens. wut .L wumf kgs Cam ua D NTING ll .i11111 5 1 Prtlh 1t11 Q '-3111.L'1113 - - .E v 11. ."C f Y' "1 ic 1111111 A 1-1rd ffllllllfll IIIPQ ' ,. I MF-f ' 111S ' -' ' 11111, V w' CIC' 5111 xILi.'It'l', ' 1 . i -111 ' . J e ware t' cor Q ' 1ii 1' ll 011 '1tI1 "lIkIli " . tARNlX -Xl Bkfxlxfh li 1 1111111 1l0v11s 111 tht dark lmoo 1 Ol e F113 1 ITIX 1 man mrrx 111 11 1rl Y 4.4 L4 fwlffi Q .cgxatfaz Q fi 5- ik Y"" ' V I ' 7 J .J f , . D l 5 1' f If t 1' 1 rg. X' of A, JL rl G.-Xhlld Tlflllf--llif'l1artl llardy and Clytlt- Xlt'l'illt-t- dvcorah- the goal posts lu-fort' a footliall game. PN vw- INTEHKIISSIUX WORK-llaylv White does her knit- ting as hand members Elizabeth Nlorel and Marion Wood watch. CONIPAHING NOTES- Klart-nvv Stratifl and Sandy Pidniomlson. IIlCIlllil'l'S of .NYE radio produrtion r'las+. go over tht-ir Cut-S hcforv a radio program in tlw auditorium. SPIT AND I'0LlSHf -Fl":X nam-ntlvc-rs all got a free shim- hy initiatt-s who wt-rc arrayed in old dresses and carried shoe polish and dish rags, 5 Cvmgoi X l,"L'7l77NX r' F5 E ,455 F fl nil' 4? cf fi 454 ffcl 54 - Q 7 , 7 7' I . f 1 l , L - 1, FF V U55 infafzfu 5 gsafi, 116 51 an oem 5. in ii za.: om A hard shove hy Dee Obee sends the shot high in the air. 5 A museular exhilvition on thr- parallel liars is gixen lay Hay Taliita for half time enter- Coaeh Nc-lmark gives in struetions to the varsity has- lxetlvall lineup during time Gqffifefica QSZZQZQEC! A capable corps of coaches led the '54-'55 athletes through a season of victory and excitement. Director of athletics was Lloyd Helgeson, Coach of frosh football and JY haskethall. His encouragement and respected firmness lend a lot toward the fine teams and team spirit he produced. s - Richard Hardy and Wayne Green seem to have Hrm holds on their opponents. Lonnie Hardy and jim Roh- ertson show their skill in rope climbing. 5 saionecf Six Coach of Varsity foothall, cross country and track teams was Emil Such. His enthusiastic and meaningful pep talks kept the teams on their toes and ready for battle. Athletic Richard Rand was the popular B haskethall coach and used his energy toward making a fine team and keeping morale high. Hard-working wrestling coach and popular gym teacher was Otto Plum. An active interest in hoys' sports and a will to win insured close relationships with his athletes. Assured Varsity and C hasketliall and JY foothall coach George Nclmark turned out a hue team and evoked superb spirit. He had four years of coaching at AV. Richard Rand Otto Plum ' 4' N, Lloyd Helgeson Coach of gymnastics was Ted Bockman. Turning out a sharp gymnastics team was one of his many ac- complishments. His boys furnished excellent half-time entertainment for a number of the Varsity hasketlvall games. f""x .JJ "' Ahove: lfmil Such Right: George Nelmark Ted Bockman 0,5 Ik CJ' A A v. ys 'Q K., cu xl 151' 34: X- J' y .ji Cary Mlaiuf. uuarl , X U55 Julm Brmflxus. mul Al llunn. guarrl Terl llanfou. lfac-lx George Mr-aml. guard Q S1 , K All-Nw Mlrrrux. tgrwlxl 1 X llfrlv llLiI'lll.l'Il1l 'mga kgs Dune! Bafzziaz Jr rm-ri lime-fc-l, guarfl llarw-y ffm:-y. curl mlgvr Cc-urgm-. gualwl llrm Cilmm---. lvarlx me llvmlrix. lravk 'llalm Kona. lrarlx Dec Ulm-. curl Carl P01-lx. 1-ml K , '3-41' ' ,up .41 ' 11 E' as i 'Z A 1-X l 2: ' L ,-. x,n X 11 James Gutliric. tackle Erniv liowcler. guard Leroy Phillips. back . ff' V' .es gr. , . K4 l 'f1 pn if .. A-q, r 4 Gil Nlrflroy. writer i Frank l'iaui. lvacli .CFI CHN '28, ., ,A -Q 1, ,-vQ 3 llwualrl Xu-rxr 1'1'IIl4I aptain Delhno Saenz, hack Ronnie Puckett. tackle Tom Puckctt. tacklc George Pyle. tackle Earl l'yron. hack 1'D Q. .lack Ramey. tacklc ."" John liatliff. hack Uran liolvnctt. tacklc J Klfldffi cz flflfgiiffin .f 6 15512 The 1954 season got off to a smashing start when the Antelopes smeared the China Lake Burros 35-7. A Burros fumlile was recovered by the Antelopes in the first quarter and L. C. Spencer went over for a TD. In the second. Chuck Spencer raced into the end zone on a sensational 66-yard run, and later Ted Hanson crossed the goal from the 2-yard line. ln the fourth, Chuck Spencer took it over followed by Don Gilmore a few plays later. The AV pigskinners were slowed considerably when the Orange High Panthers held them to a 0-0 tie. The Antelopes were halted the following Friday when the Culver City Centaurs smashed through AV,s defense for a 28-6 tally. Don Cilmore took a pass from L. C. Spencer and scampered for the AV TD. Spirits were further dampened when the Pasadena Bulldogs powered their way to a 33-13 victory over the Antelopes. Chuck Spencer took a kick from the Bull- dogs and drove hack to the 11-yard line for a sixty-yard run. John Brockus and Don Gilmore were the TD men. But the morale and drive of the Varsity squad didnit waver and the following week they pranced off the field with a 14-8 victory over the Hart High Indians. With three first string AV players out of play with injuries, the Oxnard Yellowjackets downed the Ante- lopes with a stinging 26-6 win. A determined team on November 12, nipped the Santa Paula Cardinals 12-6. Ted Uyeda led a strong defense, and Chuck Spencer led the offense. But again the tide turned and the Varsity lost a painful battle to the Ventura Cougars 19-14. A pass play from Don Gilmore to Ted Hanson netted 60 yards and six points for the Antelopes and A1 Dunn came through on conversions. In the last game of the season the Antelopes slammed the Fillmore Flashes to the turf 41-26, in what was probably the most exciting game of the season. The Antelopes came out third place in league play and had four men named to the All-Ventura Squad. The honored four were Tom Puckett, L. C. Spencer, Don Gilmore. and Al Dunn. Another honoree was Ted Cyeda. AV end. A Varsity standout. Ted was chosen to first string All-Nisei, All American team-an honor extended to only the best. Richard Saenz. guard Vl'esley Serfoss. tackle Glenn Snow. center Dick Slater. guard Charles Spencer mack is Speneer goes over the top. Gqnfafofzaz The annual Yareitv Footlmall Banquet was lieltl Nlontlay. Deeemlmer I3 at the Xxltltlliltl-S Clnli. lfnjoving hne food and a very pleasant evening: were players. harents ancl friends. After dinner footliall awards and honors were given. Receiving the Most Outstanding Player award was Don Cilmoreg John Broelvus was awarflecl Most lm- provetl Player. The Best Team Player was Captain Delfino Saenzg the Beet Batik was Charles Speneer: and the Best l.ineman award went to Tom l'nc'laett. Highlight of the evening: was the announeement of the captain for next season. Popular 'l'erl Hanson was eleeterl. A great honor was awartleml to Don Gilmore. liaeli. Charles Speneer. liaelv. ancl Tom Ptxelxett. tavlvle. who were namecl hrst team All-Ventura l.eague: John Broekns at end. matle seeonfl team. antl Al Dunn at guartl, reeeiverl honorable mention. l.. C. Spencer. lnaek Us-an Sw ali, guard t .v-f if' Don Tromlwatore. taekle George Yilarrli. tackle liill Wiillanr. tarlvle Yernon Wright. bark Nts. 3 ,pv- ,Ku ..4 .-1 I 0' ffy I NED 2 64 I' +5 A ! so U1 sb I-11. 'ff . 09 1- ifvkf 'fl' x 4 v 0 4 . X n . am ' A 5 n Don Gilmorff. AV hack. raCOS to the resrne of Char- ley Spcnrcr as Ernie- Lowrler lends a hvlping Shoulder in the China Lake Curtain raiser. The' fighting Xiitvlopn-5 pile- on tht' Lhina l.41lu- llnrrof in 11 rowing tnwlv for prwsw- Sion of thc- hull in tlw foot- llull opt-ner xshivll -XY non 35-7. gil! gfzicfcfau Every clay during sixth period and after school. the turf-tearing lluhy Antvlopcs could he Seen przlvticiiig thvir kivlxing. pzwsing. running. ilfltl lmlocking l2l4'lll'S. The ,IVE spirits were rlainporwcl vurly wht-n tlwy Snflvroml at lnmvy loss lo l'i4lwarmls in their hrst gznnv of the svason. 45-I1. lint the-y prowcl tlic-liisf-lws in ilu- following gains hy l1llxlIlg'Illlf?Hi1l'l JVS flown il IJCQ. 6-2. The liuhy Yellouiaivlu-ls from Uxnarcl got through the ,IVE with a 20-I2 vivtory. Thr-n the JVS took a S0 Qgifziowacf glzomiaa 26-7 loss against the Cardinals from Santa Paula fol- lowed by a 40-0 humiliation by Ventura. But the Baby Antelopes were ready and waiting in their last game as they walloped the Fillmore JY's 26-li for a season rf-ford of two wins and four losses. Thv Frosh football tvam worked hard on the green learning fundamental football tevhniques and getting into condition for nt-xt yearis JY football squad. Most of their games were inter-squad contests with an ocea- sional scrimmage against the JV,S. FRESHMEN SQUAD. first row, left to right: Carder Maison. ll. Rhodes. Harms. R. Bakr-r. R. Mead. J. Todd. T. Smith. Clements. Sm-ond.' llc-eson. Kim-ssf-r. Kliewer. Willis. l.. Peck, Locwt-n. lfinch. ll. King. li. Smith. Tlzirrl: Sanders. J. lllanrhard. Nlolam-la. T. Najarian. l". Thomas. Vlv. llamilton. lfislier. ll. l'at' terson. A. Najarian. I"r1urtfz: Cable. ll. Hodge-s. Paris. Donlon. NlcCaughey. Kane. li. Smith. K. Javkson. Slater. Warner. Back row: Coach Such. Hinton. Reutter. A. Thomas, Wilfley, Halsey. T. Osborn, Graves. Coach Plum. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD. frsl row. lvfl to right: ll. Card ner. Howard. R. Jackson. ll. Jolin. J. Beelw. H. Allm-n. Nloren L. Clement. Pe-ngilley. D. Miller. Winingc-r. Foster. Svmnd Rudesill. Keithley. Perry. Haag. Phelps. Horton. Fvssenden Vogel. Stroup. Kr-ortgv. Wheeler. Pugh. lfdel. Starr. Third Holton. llarlwrt. Avila. Que-ipo. Good!-ll. Ht'ndriX. llylv. l"air field. Yingling. T. Wolfe. llassard. K. Pursley. lfoavh Xvlmark Burl: rnux' J. Nvlson. Vl'ordm-n. Coodson. Murray. Simi. Jordan K. Hamilton. R. Kelly. Chaney. Boswell. ll. Him-ks. Crifhn. D Davis. Tom Turner grabs for the hall as Larry Acker, Jerry Hutchins and Clarence Bottman wait for a rebound. H6 ..! Ed Dwyer Russ Harper U55 Larry Acker Ronald Avery Bob Barth Harvey Casey G4 W Baigafasu Varsity basketball, headed by Captain Jerry Hutchins, plowed through the '54-'55 season with rousing bursts of tireless energy. They placed fifth in the Ventura League finals with a scoreboard tally of six wins and 13 losses. The Antelopes lost their first three pre-league games to Colton 55-47, Lone Pine 65-58, and Burroughs of China Lake 57-47, after waging hard but thankless battles. They bounced back into the limelight with two straight wins for a snappy 63-42 victory over Burroughs of China Lake and a smashing walk-away against Bar- stow 60-30. Falling under 64-37 for a heavy loss to Ventura, they stayed under and took a 52-40 beating from Burroughs of Burbank. Wagilig a stiff battle against Santa Paula, the vic- torious Antelopes emerged triumphant with a 56-54 win on the records. Four straight losses to Ventura 83-66. Barstow 4l- 36, Hart 75-32, and Fillmore 50-44 dampened spirits Captain Jerry Hutchins Curtis Lackie Henry Marvin Jerry Meyers Ronnie Puckett .f Luofscf fam 930025 and weighed heavily on the team but they again showed that rousing energy and waged an exciting tussle with Lone Pine that put them on top with a 65-48 victory. Quickly recovering from their loss to Oxnard 52-47, the Antelopes stomped Santa Paula in their second battle with a scoring record of 92-49. The Varsity received four hard heatings in their next games with Ventura 73-59, Santa Barbara 75-38, Oxnard 60-35 and Hart 53-44. Battling Fillmore in the last game of the season gave the Antelopes their chance and they triumphed with a rousing 65-55 victory. High point man was Captain Jerry Hutchins with a 368 point total and an 18.4 point per game average. Most improved players were Clarence Rottman and Jerry Meyer. Captain for next year will he Harvey Casey who will have eight Varsity players hack with him for the '55-'56 season. Tom Turner 4 . X l A .44 Clarence Rottman Wesley Serfoss Henry Marvin holds a pre-game confab with Coach Nelmark as the Antelopcs prepare themselves for battle. ZS I3 WY A tough tussle is shown hy the B's as Billy Hicks and Frank Piani stay in ac- tion whilv Paul I.aSagna waits for re- hound. A innqf hall is Like-n iw Cary Hayes: 11,- Boh Donlcn stands hy during a ronuh lvattlc with Hartis C team. I U55 'ZO L75 ff so Coach Rand gives instructions to the I3's during time-out in a fast game. HVYIUR YNHSITY U-XFixifTi3-XII Hr I rrfu ffl! lr ri fl! ho ti 'itmiinln . x . . . . -. Simi. Htlis Nitfioriiii'-lx. N-iwni: K tilwie Nlclffcc. lfoavh iii-lui-soil. Niikalii, TMI lyt-lla. Larry Hnuah BASKETBALL B TEAM. Hrs! row. Iefl to right: Don Keithley. Carroll Healy. Dan Perry. Jay Haag. Robert Morris. Paul LaSagna. Gil McElroy. Second: Norman Bakman. Maurice Lodge. Frank Piani. Earl Crillin. Billy Hicks. Jack Williams. Coach Rand. VUHJEZ ffis oofz This year AV had its first JV basketball team on record. Requirements were set for frosh, sophs and juniors who had a weight average in between Varsity and B basketball players. The .lV's started the season with a loss to Desert High followed by a smashing victory against Mojave. Up against Desert for the second time, the ,IV,s pounded down the court to a triumphant win. They ended the season with three straight losses to Fillmore, Harvard and once again to Fillmore. A hard-won victory over Lone Pine 38-32 got the B's on the win road, but they detoured with three losses to Burroughs 51-31, Burroughs 35-23, and Barstow 35-34. Tromping Desert High with a 62-21 win, they went under to Santa Paula in the next game 58-55. Bouncing back to take Mojave 60-31, the B's went down for four counts to Ventura 56-33, Hart 46-32, Barstow 39-32 and Fillmore 51-49. Playing a terrific game they took Lone Pine 61-45, and then bowed to Oxnard with a 54-38 loss. A tight game with Santa Paula brought them out on top with a 36 fl SJ 8 v'ln 13 Q -4" score of 47-44. After going down to Ventura 48-26, Santa Barbara 63-35, Oxnard 65-54, and Hart 49-36, they ended the season with a rousing triumph over Fill- more 62-53 and a scoreboard total of 6 wins and 14 losses. High point man was Russell Starr with a 237 point total and ll.8 game average. AV's.C basketball team went under in their first game against Barstow 43-29. Bouncing back, they over- ran Edwards with a 38-21 win and a 44-28 victory over Santa Paula. A rugged tussle with Mojave brought the C's out on top with a 37-26 tally. They went under in their next game to Hart 44-27. Their second game with Barstow fell short 40-38. continuing with losses to Fillmore 34-30, and Oxnard 33-26. They overran Santa Paula in the next game 34- 23 and then gave way to Oxnard 32-29. A stiff battle with Hart ended in a 30-25 win. The last game of the season with Fillmore showed a loss of 28-20 and com- pleted a record of five wins and seven losses. Bob Donlen proved to he the sharpest C hoopster with a 10.8 points per game average. ' BASKETBALL C TEAM. frst row, left lo right: Loyd Loewen. Cary Hayes. Tommy Smith. Bobbv Smith. Ronald Long. Fred Thomas. Second: Don Rob- inson. James Brown. Hank Henton. David Losey, Henry Strawberry, Coach Nelmark. 119 . Q VARSITY l3ASEliAl.l.. frst row. left lo rigfzl: Larry Yingling. Taho Kono. Bill Stroup. Bill Rimc. liay loder. Bruce Ballew. llelfino Sai-nz. John Hatliff. Secorzzl: John Provenzano, Vernon Vlright. Jay Koch. llill Hicks. Dick Murray. Fld Nukala. Clyde Nlcllfce. Russ Harper. Paul Lasagna, Karl Nukala. Huck row: Jim Marble. Clayton Cole, Al Dunn. Jerry Myers. Dee Potter, Harvey Casey. Glenn Snow, George Mead, Don Keithley. Coach Rand. audi aasfiaffi AV's hasehallers started early practice on the new dia- mond hehind Mays Field. Under the ahle direction of Coach Dick Rand, the Varsity squad got down to husi- ness early. At pitcher's position were Don Kiethly. Glenn Snow and Larry Yingling. Behind the plate George Mead and Al Dunn stayed in action. At first hase was Hill Hicks and Bruce Ballew. Second was competently manned hy Taho Kono and Paul LaSagna. ln third position was Harvey Casey and Ray loder. Short stop stars were Bill Hime and Delfino Saenz. Bill Stroup. Russ Harper and Clayton Cole held down field posi- tions. The opening game with Lone Pine ended in a smash- ing 19-0 victory and started a promising season. The Junior Varsity squad journeyed to Ventura for their first game which ended with a rousing 7.2 win to put basehall on an early victory trail. A hard fly out to rifzht Gold is hit hy 1 V lr K l ser-ond hascman Talvo . V . ' ' Lsliyf' .510 35 ,Z A l l we , ,,,, .f '- Kono. - A -- f 11 , "'rf'I2-I-',f N' ' ' up A , Q, A ,, l,s.e-1271 PM - - :-- ' 1 .. . . u ' mjfj, j-.31 1 -p, U "ia: 992:-'Q . 257' ,gf LN, :.-- ju" . f'3 1'-1' 'E t i ' 1 x 1 I 1 - D X 1 n -' . !' - tx E V 2o - Q W b 'Q 6: ., , .,. 1 ., -a-.A . - ' . n . '-fp ' '.". 5 ,M . 1 V A EK' 1 . l -Q . - A 1 V, px e Q. X v J, ff fi! A hard grounfler brings Harvey Casey Tabo Kono slides home as George Mead around the bases. makes the out. oafzscf --.X I , .Tk 7 Q -f N, A14 Q W 2, -V ..K2i'v..,,:z:-5:f,1v' 4. ' 'v i ' 6 -M io' Geal" , 4 ' , X ' T f' . H - . .f . Q 09' V e -h f - -" " 'K 1 ' -J , - ""f' 5 - ' - .... ... .--V -f-'-- 1 -'L I 5-. b 5 A t Q-43,1-.?a,,f - ,W ' '- ' V :-i'W"'i3ff . .1-.2410-4. r' 4' Q ., Ziff' - 'i . ' ' 1 ' fe is-f,,,y.1f ,,,. ,, -Anti' 1' ' .A , N Wynn. .1 V-. if ' 'ff' -, A ' f C f Q 1 ,A-vii, .,y,,:',1vf-Q.. 4' ' , Z 'Vg va'-V - .th N4y.w-"?,A. we ' . Coach Rand talks things over with the Bill Hime liI10CkS a high fly Out I0 Center Varsity baseball team bt-fore a game. Held. n- e Alt K 391 Jl'Nl0R YAllSlTY ll.-XSFl3rXl.l,. firsl row. Ivfl In riglil: Tom Najarian. liiolr llonlan. Pc-tic llamos. llobby Smith. Jimmie Blancliarcl. llean llmlgt-s. .gl'Cl1IlflfG3Ty'Sf'l1IlPlflCT. .-Xrarn Najarian. james llrmsn. jim l"m-ssemli-ii. Nlicliacl Edel. Buck muy' Coach Plum. Dave Blackburn. llan Perry. Gcralfl NlcCaugzl1vy. llonalrl Vliorclen. Bill Newton. John Yslas. I f lt t in-11-1 if-it ' YZF' - 1 t Z ii , Ed Fuller geta set to scrvc with a wicked ouirhand. 75537 936114 fittfs Six lettermen in cross country were Wayne Hamilton, who held the B record, Steve Howard, Ken Pugh, Tom Powell, Bill Foster, and Larry Hall. There were thirty men on the squad. The tennis team had a well-rounded Schedule to work at coached by capable Vlfarren Nunn. Larry Ackci' and Henry Marvin led the AV racketeers in their fight for victory. Our gymnasts led by Captain Henry Truesdell came through in good form producing the best team in .four years. Harry Truesdell was an all-around player plac- ing high in free exercise, parallel bars, side horse, CROSS C0l'NTRY TF-XM. frsl rmr. Ivff I0 rigfil: Wayne Hamilton. Dave Wiinninger. Tom Powel. Dick Nelson. Ken Pugh. Stew Howard. Bill Foster. Jim llCClary. Frank Ramos. Sfrorzd: Hon Wheeler. l.ancc Bird. Ken Hamil- ton. Ed Boswell. larry Hall. David Ryckehosch. Richard Kelly. Holi Haag. Curtis Jones. Coach Such. P ld t J TFYNIQ TFANI flrvf nm' lvfl In fI."IIf.' ?ePs5ee.t.f A' txt . . -. lk lludfun. amea llrx. fail f.alx'crt. Cillwcrt Nic'- . ' e ini Stoll'-nm-rk. Vanin- rlihoni- 4 it , ry Williams. Torn I.iIli11. llmmx Harkin. This crazy mixed-up jumhle of feet. legs. arms. heads and bodies is the wrestling team in action. Richard Hardy. Junior. is only wrestler identified. cl-faec! fo 43717512 5051 tumbling, and rope climbing, where he took a first. Eric Colby maintained a high average in tumbling. long horse, and rings. Ernie Lowder was a point getter in tumbling and free exercise. Hay Tahita came through with some Hrsts on rings, high har, parallel liars and long horse. A Eve- second rope climh for Hrst place against Pasadena was GYNIN,-XSTICS TEAM. frs! rozc. lefl lo riglil: Mitch Lipshaw. lfddie Kenne- polil. Lynn Donaldson, Floyd Davis. Eddy Blackburn. Second: Lee Butler, Lonnie Hardy, Eric Colby. Lee Chere- slikofl. Jim Robertson. Hay Tabita. Coach liockman. Hack row: Daniel johnson. James Xliller. ,loan Hoare. lfrnic Lowder. Bill Iiufl. Conrad Walker. -6 made hy ,lim Robertson. Daniel Johnson gave some nice performances on the rings. and C. G. Walker made with honors on the long horse. The wrestling group took a trip to Redlands for a meet and attended the CIF sectional at Whittier. Vernon VC'rigzht took the honors with a fourth in his weight group. y ,A , f ' I NM 3 ' , Y l 4 l l . Q s Q ,i - , I 'O . si! J 1 if 4-' A f l J N' T' R' F x K 1 2 A "5 f .J M. ' ' ev! J f' WllL:STl.lNC TE.-XM. frsl rmc. left I0 riglzl: Gilhert Moss, Lewis Clement. Dick llengilley, Chuck Sayre. Richard Hardy. Lee Philips. John Delws. Second: Dave Daxis. Denis Urser. Bill Tensfeld, Larry Warrenlnirg. James Guthrie. Wil- liam Willwur. Bob Fairfield, Wayne Green. Coach Plum. 1 ,S 1 3 S xx X Ufisy Eizcfscf M5 1 Tv VARSITY TRACK. frsl rozr. lf-fl N7 riglll: llick Nt'lS0ll. jon White-d. Tf-d Hanson. Steve Hendrix. lloh Daniels. Harrison llavis. Harry Budd, Earl Pvron. Sl'Cl7Ill1.' Garland johnson. Dante Simi. David livckehosch. Wes Serfoss. Larry Hall. Udis McCormack. Don Gil- more. Kenneth Hamilton. Terry Gillrert. Back rout Curtis Lackie. Cary Good- son. Thomas Turner. Clarence Rottman. Ronald Puckett. Dec Ohee. Carl Peetz. Coach Such. acvz Ufifg AVS track men gave a good showing despite a rough schedule of events. Honors were made on the dash by Garland Johnson, Ted Hanson, Dante Simi, and Wesley Serfoss. Larry Hall tied last year's reeord with an unolllcial 52.8 in the 440. Ken Hamilton and Dean Swah made good in the 880. ,lon Whited ran the mile and Carl Peetz and Don Gilmore vied for honors in the hurdles. In shotput position was Ted Hanson and Dee Ohee who held the present shotput record with 47.6. Pole vault was manned by Curtis Lackey and John Brockus. High jump places were Hlled hy Tom Turner who took fifth in the CIF high jump while relays were run hy Don Gilmore, Carl Peetz, Larry Hall and Garland Johnson. Flying through the air and over tht- trt-es with the greatest of ease. is Curtis Lackey. gravy- 1 Away they gol Don Gilmore. Garland Johnson and Larry Hall shoot down the track in the dash. Qpponanfg R TRACK. first row. left to right: Rich- ard Gray. Roy Lackev. lim .xlcl.Iar5'. Ralph Kane. David Wvininger. Ceorgc Phelps. l-lerhert Hulsizer. Richard Cart- wright. Svenrzd: Jess Baker. C1-ne Sand- crs. Ron Jackson. Lee Jordan. Slew Howard. Glen Dehlarcus. Terry Pyle. Fred Morton. Prank Ramos. Terry Gil- hert. Tliirrl: Tom Powell. ,lay Haag. Kennv Pugh. Prank Piani. Curtis Jones Ronnie Hassard. Roh Maag. Dill Foster. Rack row: lance- Rird. Carrol llc-aly. Richard Kelly. Fd Roswell. Kurt Pickus. Earl Criflin. Charlie Keortge. Yohle Raker. lloyd Cissell. Ted Knox. Coach Such. C TK XCK. 'Hrsf rout Irffl fn riglif: Cary Pickett. Xlike Gaechter. Roller! Raker. Cilhert Queipo. lion Ashleigh. Nlarc liaison. Paul Clark. Seemzfl: Dir-k Yen- sel. Gary Hayes. Lloyd Low-n. Jack Sanders. Ken Purslev. Larrv Turner. Ronald Long. Rodger King. Keith Callie. Rael: rout less Raker. llave Coodell. Roh Holton. Rruce Jones. Hickey War- ner. Rohert Smith. Leland lflvert. An- thony Molacek. Coach Such. 3 f Carl Peetz goes over the top of the hurdle with studied 0380. akin kgs asf X A . .4 .. , 4 - .,A.v ZR? .A ,HJ I - -... - 1' - ,.f " ' - . . ' J K I,,'.4.:'1. . - - V ., -1 V, '., ,tj -" ,A . , - '.','1" -Q H . -. 'N , . . ' . . 'JI 1 .ill .QV - 126 Miss Evelyn Ingles Miss Mable Hart Miss Gloria Ketteringham Miss Gladys Baird Mrs. Beverly Engle e git!! .f 5 Cfam - fgkzyfgmic .f sf: Dressed in blue shorts, white blouses, white socks and tennis shoes, the girls of AV attended varied gym activities. The activities were planned for the girls by Miss Ingles, head of the girls PE department, with the able assistance of Miss Marie Hart, Mrs. Beverly Engleke, Miss Gladys Baird and Miss Gloria Ketter- ingham. Starting off the year, the Freshmen and Sopho- mores swam and played softball, while the Juniors and my it-1 PRACTICE-Dolly Venturini. Diane Weir. Barbara Cooper. Geraldine Kist- ncr. and Fiona Losey rehearse a dance dents jump for a toss-up. for the annual Mother's Tea. .sanzwo 'Z Seniors played volleyball. Next came a fast action game called speedball for Freshmen and Sophomores with hockey for Juniors and badminton for Seniors. To round out a full year of enjoyable sports the Freshmen and Sophomores had their choice of either volleyball or swimming, while the Juniors and Seniors had the choice of tennis, archery, dancing or swim- ming. REACHING HIGH-Miss Baird looks on with excitement, as two of her stu- BATTER UP-Dolly Venturlm takes her place in the batter's box as Diane Weir looks for a si nal from her team's captain. -440 B' ,,.Y QE -Ji -3-1...- THINKINC HARD-Deep in concen- tration, Miss Ingles is seen conversing with Coach Hand and Coach Plum ahout the athletic program. liams anxiou ly looks on ff 8 be 4, X' 5- .P in ,,. .H ' jumpm ln h trun to Qpilxe thc all .T lim? . li H ,fi '-If a ' X 9 ug . .4 1 P ' 4 11'-4 . -ll ' 41 11 CLF AR THE FIEI D Running clown the Held mth the hockey ball is Gladys Jugs, Iollx forxsarcl with teammates in hot een? 10111 El2LO 'Z -XC Qr Larrx 16 2 5 r I 1 an' 101 1 11 Ji ll Nhrun rx Jmm X18 101111 A burx Xlarxm 91 19 er 111 mr Ba man lol 16 9 J cum Xlan O B a Bm rx1 10 '6 B lll .llltld 16 1 161 Jnrrx 10 21 Q15 lfllfl ard lu 1,111 H11 l l rrLll fdl'0l 7 BCTIIQIOI jack 17 Iilrc Doumlfl 17 1 nur! e 1 19 1 1 11 111 1.11 .1111 11.1 H1 1 ru 11.1 91 96 1 a nur If .1 86 90 Blfftlx m1tl1 flmrlf 0 anne 1 Bras Jean 17 Breec1111 Nllllle Bren ur Nalxllc 17 93 Bri mman 11111 Br1111ex 110141111 Bmclxu Jfllllllly .1141 1 1.1 Burforrl fdrol Burn 110111 rl B r on N11r ll Bl1l71x9 1.11111 Lalxar a fdlln 7 01 1 J rr X Nlllxi 17 J 1193 1 Z falmr Tommx Z 93 rrutln r FI 1111011 rr 411111 lA111ml1c'r1111 111r1x 1 C11 11111 110 lx1df1C 91 97 fl ten 011 N1.1r1a 1 9196 fxaude Husrles 1 IZE Ellzerlon Floxd 19 91 Pdrnur x1dl'X 19 1111 -Krlhur 1 11x XIJUTCIII 9 0 mr Lor 1 19 1 lllfll 1 1 ' mr 1 xx n 1 1 rank J C1 011 Bexerlx 19 Clllmzrt Laura If 11 Cllmore Don 21 97 J C-ooclc bandra 241 om on fharlf on m1 16 x 1 9 ox rlx N1 rx Graff Paul 20 ramrx iolmrt ant 1 em if G11 111fl1arf1 20 2 C11 lu Jcrrs 2 urun Illllld 2 lr 1 1 1 1 4 12 ml ur cr 10111 m11lo11 f 9 1 1ldI1111l.lIIl Grur 011 1'1.u11x111 Jowo 1F H111 Lllmldl Dorolln 1 91 93 rrx Ynlcla nel ll ll1Y'lC1l 11 If P l I H 1n1 Donna Z1 nu 1 19 J Of 1 N rmin 21 1reI11 .11rrx 111 NH 1 C0111 1m10r 111110 21 111111 011 Rwk 27 911 90 mphru km 21 0 6 90 rlxm 1 x 1m 1 Cor X1ar1r1r1m 1 111 I t' 00 110HI1I1 0 0 11! 1 U loo Joinn 1 ral 1 urs Cummm Dcrrlck zo 90 91 anumux Uoroths 1 Nl X1ar11x11 1 01111 9 1111 arrc-11 7 1 er Imaxmoml I 7 11 .100 1 lxarc ll 1 16- .1 ll 11111 1 ll1 0111 0111 o 111 one um1 1x11 1 ll 2 1 Nurl 1 111114 0 Car1am1 21 121 Pmtr on Carol 7191 6 Q nc ra 21 91 P 2 1r lyovln 77 1 e17nor 11011411 1 D IHOIIF1 11011 19 fur B01 10 9 s FI"lI1f'4Q 19 U11 Dreu D 10 9 Dumxan Barbara 19 91 Duxer 17111116 19 72 13 03 97 Dxer Burl 19 Ewrt 1hx110m1 19 Ellck Ronald 19 lxalpmkoff 1111 a 1 14 U Kd mek A1111 2 1xC0m l1arrx11 2 6 he x lxathrxn 1 2 f 1 lmr Clark Z2 97 mum Grumc Z 7 0 0 K no T110 22 100 110 lur 1111 2 6 lxralmer Judy 22 Kmlon R1 Stuc 22 c IC luring IU La1'leur Balls 22 16 91 1 Laxne Stexe 22 2 Lesell Larrx 22 99 1..eun Kon Nlars 72 92 Leu Ted 22 9 Leuan Loretta 22 92 93 Lnernqore Burl 22 Loexsen 11l1xI 101 1.01 der Lrnu 22 91 100 Lund tmm Judx 22 Lwnch Hormnu 22 19 91 9.3 153 Lxte -Xmta 22 91 133 NIacGre or john 22 13 NIacLachlan Dd 22 9:1 XIHCLCIIHHH Bud 22 Xlameke latln 1 21 90 X1al1011ar1 lame 251 1 or N11 on M N r l1al1 Nlarx 25 90 91 Uartm Irma 25 Xldfllll Ro cmary 25 1 U 1141 Nlarun H nry 25 71 77 97 100 X121 an Xnna N1au1d1n 1111115 91 9F 1111150111 Jark 7 rf dl U x1Cc,111lL 110m 25 c an ,hm 25 9 UU Nlcforklmlalc Klm 25 137 N1cC1en han Florence 25 XIcDan1el P 25 Nlclzfee Clydcm 4 10 2 10 49 79 0 .J Nlclxeou h Pat 25 XIcXamem P1111 21 93 97 Nllller Beverly 25 1 18.11 Gerry 21 88 92 Nloorc Gordon 9 NI ln N1ar11x11 Z5 91 N10 met 1x1r 1111 ZS Horn Ya1uro 21 Nlurrx Joan 21 1 Belly 21 72 7 96 100 on Dlck 21 97 7 N mon Bcwrlx Z1 91 10 on D0nn1 21 2 21 9.9 1 aarc1 J Tl 7 0 83 91 00 'Nx a:1rf1 Waxne' 21- 91 wee D00 21 9' 100 3 ner Rui c11 20 ar er Put I a er on Yadah 21 er farl 21 2 7 Pen 111ex D n 21 Pler on Bolvlm- 21 19 91 P11 Wars 21 93 ouer 111rt111 21 95 Pre 1 er Dolormi 21 92 1116 vlt Tom 21 100111 Purrvll 911 iron Z1 91 6 Px f- Ceorm 21 93 100 c on B tn 21 2 11 93 96 Ramo Frank 71 03 122 Ralhlwun 11'1r111ra 21 0 S 3 91 12111111111 B011 21 Rei 111 Farolxn 27 1Nanu Robert: Barbara 20 Roberta Sur- 23 16 91 1 J 11011crI0n ,11m 7 10? 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IfiIIwr kiml 4mI'f'41o4I may Iw found all "'I'Ilif i- lI14- I14'Ql plum- lu gvl 4'4mr14xli4'f."xuysffz ol ' IlIIx TIII: IINT, f'fi"fl Siv 4 Ilighx ay. 'z lIl1It'. ' I '- 541. la1Iu'Il4'r: ' - 'IQ' Q . .' LLIIII g4-rs. puslrarmj dips. and I nl fulp- s I' - ,J Xllil' ul Sill W-st I,L,llli'il,'I'I' IIIXII.. for pres-rig ' Q lhv' I ' ' s f S. us m-II as frm' ' 0- 'WIm-.'- f'UNIIIf'IIl'S. aml III- sxw-l-sl S -ll' , "f "gs.J41I I . 4 , II ' IIIIHI IX if ' 4 XY! I I x 'ii N I ,. 4' L J I 71 , "'I'Iu4'y'lw Iln- Ir4--I14'Nl." wiv ISUI. Nlwrix. ,XII of lI14- Xu- 44111 I.ll'I'xlIliI in .my HI llww "114-4-4-viii-UA 1lI'Ul1ll1I 41I'I-4-ti in: Izuilx, rmullx iill1I x4':4't.4I-I4-N IHIIIHI III III.. Iulll' Iltrlllrbf IIIIIUII m41I44' XI VXIIIJS, 321 XM-ft I.LIllf'ilSIQ'l' fm.,,,1l4 Xlfbllflf NI-XIIIxIf'II. ,LJIIIH Sim-rm Iliglmzly. IIlx4I,. ywur xlwlvlvilug f'1'IIII'I' Im t'Xt'l'fIIlIll! I'1'4m1 t4 IIN I'.4Im4IalI4z.114-:u.114u1l4-4-4II44'NI1.m4ll41-lx. I4: N4-x in: 1r'.1l4-ri41If :ix IX IIIIQIIII IM-I4-1' un4I K4-'II I.uI-Ie' 4I4yA .,2 9,3 I lx 1 1 C 1 1 ll di L1lI.1I llt 111.1111 11r 11flI1f I 111 Ixd '11m1r1 I1 1 I GRIP ITI- IrefI.1 I 11111 IIUII1 W 1II1 NN 111 X1 1 v 111 1 llc-m of J 1 1111 1111111 an If 111tI1 ga 1 Ixoru one 0 lf S 11eIl I11 I YIIQIII 1 1 1 1 116 tra11111I IJIT at our xallu Q 1fI111111t IIKX paper 0 ff ca ter I3l11I Iorated at 666 W EST L-XNFASTIII III Y D 'MS .f III ' 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 1 1111 mI1c-r II11 P11101 dn QXQ 11111 11111I r S S L X0111111111 Ixarvn OIIII and 1r1 0111 11II nexer ll an r 211111 W I I NNI XNTII R IX 11111 11111 JLCOIIII 1 It 11 a rom li" 11'-:"g f X' 1 ,X 1 A P xou 4 1 It NI NIIJ Nmom fr tcnm ' Or mould xou preftr arCIwrx What ALTO IJAIITQ I0f'i1IllII,lII 7lI NOII I'II SIIIIIIX HICII N Q 4 I frm xolrm ure 0 IS 1 4 fund th lllIdIlIP fqlllIJII14 nt it I AI NIIJAIP SPORTING your ner d 4 I'om rdIIlifIIxllOMS GOODS I 104 SIIIJIPX HICIIW RY open 0 n d .1 mu It for xour fomanlencf' in ai f 1 Ill r x Q I I III lvl IK 4 1 ' Did J' part with ' tart? O0n't orry. II: ., ,-II,If , 1' f rr 1 U' - ff I - . I . . . - CH ' I .- - 1-xl-r IIN- sport may Irv, It-tt-' 1 L t. -' L' - s t WAY. sure' to Ilan- vw-ry kind cf auto part tm suit ' 1- s " A ' ' . '. ,A . ,I f f ' - sys' , " f ' fiif I f I' . W. S W uyS ur Q I my " .., . Q- 'G I .ff In ' 4 113 + 1 5. 1 r L -X I Ii:-vp it wmlf Ifnr tht- Iilwft in l'I'I.l'IUl'I'lIIIlIII LIIIIIIILIIIVVN Ifwr tlmt 1'Xll'il ga-t up and SIU aulxiwf IILII I,LlI'IRt'l'. YI- QUHI NuInlnIin-- nmnj' 'lax IIU lI1t-Il' Nlmlnlning git XIIN If the- IILIH' III-.I"lIIGI'ltXTIHN. 5 1I23ui:SIIiIIlIVX IIIIQIIII XI. I'.-XI.NI- ln gn. lm-411.-tial ISILSIULZ NI .'lIiltlI'X IIICIIII -XY. l'-XI,X1- ll-XIII. NIl'l41' Irie-r1IIy Fl'I'XIf't' amd III-In-r11I4iI1iIily' van ul- IJVXII. Ill:-I uII'm-1' that NIIQTILII l'llNI pmol' I-IIIII gaiwlim- xsgi'NI'e-I'4r11l14I. llnul ukvf Mvur mx' uw I.lifIIll'IA. Izlftf-x'. lflorence Lynch lxnoyss that TlNIJALI.'Si JljWlQI-Hli5. SHT Xi HST IANtjA5TlfR ISLYIJ.. olllcrs a yyitle ancl cxccllcnt clioict- of jr-yu-lt'y'. inclurling 4-yerytlnng from rings to SllXt'l' sf IW IVF. Hmong the many ysho ltnoyy of tht- fine values to lic fountl at the lilill 'lifil' NlNllKl'i'l' is Nl:-lissa Kralver, She lxnoyys sh:- run always tlepcntl on lilfll-5 for frcsli mt-uts unrl yt-gt-lulrlcs in l,llIlf'i1rlt'T. Lal Lalw-rt ancl Pat Johnson arc trying to decide ht-tween some of the many' different types of recorfls ranging from Blues and Rhythm for hop fans to concertos for classical music lovers. availahlc at I,INC'S NHSIC BOX. -1-I-OU3 North U-tlar. Lancaster. -Xlthough Sue Hay' may' he too oltl to play with clolls. noncthe- I--ss she still like-s tht- toys shoitn to her at HPiLEN'S TUX' SHUP, Ho! IANIQ.-XSTKH HIXD. Lmmni nice. Pat Braun acl- mires some of tht- many per- fumes and cosmetics at Lancast- eris popular pharmacy. CARl,'S IJHl'C STONE. locate-cl at 510 IANCXSTPQR HLYIJ. 'xflltlifllljl one of the many lveautiful rt-cord players at IAXtAS'I'lflt RADIO. 530 W. I.-XNIL.-XS'I'liIt l5l.YlJ.. are Lor- na Dillon antl Harry' Hite. For outstanding yalucs in homc ap- plianccs make lANtiAS'l'l'ill RADIO your shopping center. Lce jordan and Pat Windbigler are shoysn some of the attract- ivc furnishings at ANTELOPPI Y,-Xl,LI'iY I-'LIRNITURE COM- PANY. oltl WEST LANCAST- lihvll.. lay' Jim Wvissman, For any of your furniture nee-ds If-t lim ht-lp you. Zane Gilmore is shopping for rings at HEIJNI.-KN JEWELERS. 621 IANCASTHR BLVD.. and who's to hlamc her. for their selection is large and one of the hest in the valley. -5 l r U l J Drllw- JEWELELRYM H , i ' C. . Babyface! Babyface, or not, KING,S PHOTOGRAPHY, located in the Arcade, photo- graphs you to your best ad- vantage. They specialize in in- dividual and in wedding por- traits, as well as scenic shots. For the ultimate in photogra- phy join Rocky Kahler and Rosemary Martin and be sure to see KINGS. Jim Flaxington knows that for the ultimate in accommoda- tion, you should stay at the modern THOPIC MOTEL. where you can swim as you rest. The TROPIC is owned by the popular AV substitute teacher, Don Stoutenborough. Need a ring? asks Carmen Til- bury. For any jewelry and gift needs. be sure you stop and shop at BRADY IEWELERS, 38641 NORTH SIERRA HIGHWAY, in PALMDALE, and you,re sure to be satisfied. Tired of abusing your taste buds? Then try the food at w'l'iI.CH'S for the hnest in Palmdale. Stop in at 38563 NORTH SIERRA HIGHWAY and join Barbara Jones for a treat. For every real estate need fol- low the example set by Karen Pond and go to LANE-MILLER REALTORS, I 0 1 0 W EST LANCASTER BLVD., where she is discussing a business transaction with Emily La- gasse, one of their efficient staff. Whatever y 0 u r construction needs be, in brick, block, or stone, make your one and only stop with Doug Shannon at the PALMDALE BLOCK COM- PANY, 38731 NORTH SIERRA HIGHWAY. For those bare floors and win- dows go to AV LINOLEUM AND SHADE CO. for that cover up job. See us at 38639 NORTH SIERRA HIGHWAY. in Palmdale. Watch the birdie! . . . a fam- iliar phrase to those around STURBINGS STUDIO. Once again we selected Frank Stub- bings as the olheial school and YLCCA photographer for '55. AV High - V the town - every- one likes the fine quality of Stulihingis portraits. -ew . fall' LINULEU asimoeca s S A-T .fl iv' -- QJ if This is Xlarla Christenson. She says your wallet doesnt have to he well-padded for you to lie alvle to afford those sharp-loolv ing shirts. jaekets. and suits at NIEHS NIIQYS SHOP. 1111511 SIERRA HIGHWAY in Palm- dale. No matter what you need for your home. it r-an he found from the xaried stock at WICST- ERN .ALTO SUPPLY. 38-175 SIERRA HIGHWAY. in Palm- dale. Rc-tty Grant does all her shopping: here and knows of the many values that are offered, For any of your drug or eo metic needs. follow' the aflyice of Retty I'rothro and stop at R li R N ' S PRFSIQRIPTIUY PIIANNIAIIY. located at 5360 WI-IST IANIQASTICR RI,YIJ. You'll enjoy shopping in this pleasant new store, "The In-sl at ISYRANIA And you eau he sure as joy Russell ls. that youll get the lrest ln watrflier-. diamonds. silyerwarc and wateh repair if you patron- ize RYRANIS JI-1WIfI,IIltS. 33316 SIIIRRA HIGHWAY. I'AI.NIlI.AI.I'l. lf your home is drab and color- less. liyen it up with those lvright and durable paints and wallpapers. as Kim Nlcflorkin- dale is planning to do with sup- plies from KIINNEIJY-DISCIIII PAINT CO.. 553631 SIERRA HIGHWAY in Palmdale. There are all kinds of houses and even more places to Iruild them. Init to find exactly the one that you're looking for join Glenn Snow and check with EDDIE IJIIRS REALTORS. lo- cated at 33161 SIERRA HIGH- WAY. l'.AI,NID.AI,E. Isn't it pretty? A wide selection of ladies' and menis ready-to wear are featured at the TUG- GERY. 315121 SIERRA HIGH- WAY. I'AI.NID.ALE. Connie Stone lynows from experienee that they offer the hest in quali- ty and courteous seryice. lu the notion for a potion? ll ytlllrt' AVZIFIIIIIQI IlOI' il Illiiglll' lneauly potion. the Closest youll Come says Ifarol Rohlk. is with the cosmetics at Don I'lertel's I'AI.XIIJAl.Ii I' H A R NI A C Y. Here yon'll also find speedy prescription and fountain sere yiee. rf' " 3 ,.,-- lr -aflzt E mf l 454-li: :sa Eb -f :5a::s.5 .ef i"' 'lr 'gl Z , ., Eixr I . P- .S E I 4. if E V Q? V4' W-Luke Missing an auto part? If you join Alike Cochran and fzo to NURRY .ALTO PARTS. 38528 SIERRA HIGHWAY. PALM- DALF. youill he ahle to find a large assortment of auto parts to replace the one that you need. Repair work necessary on your shoes? Doug: Shannon patron- izes GENES SHOE REPAIR. hecause he knows Gene offers lop quality repair work. shoes. and shoe polish of every kind. Listen to that musicl There's plenty of music in the form of records and sheet music at RADIO PALMDALE. 823 PALMDALE BLVD. They also feature the hest in phonographs. and other home appliances. as Jo Henley knows. Are you interested in getting interest as liranees Ditty is? Saye money at the llAl.NIDAl.l'i RANK UI" A'XIlilllffA on the eorner of l'Al.NlDAl,I'i RIAVII. and 'ITII F'llRIiIi'l' where Ili.- interes! is 2 percent a year Penny We-hr looks cute and no wonderl Sheis dressed in the hest from the ROCHFLLIQ SHUPPE. 38310 SIE R R A HIGHWAY. P A L M D A L E. where it's a pleasure to shop for all your wearing apparel. Your life is worth money. so why not insure it? Deanna Cod' dington advises you to go to W. J. MCADAM AGENCY lo- cated at ROI EAST PALNIDALII BLVD. for insurance policies of all kinds. Although they donil sell glass slippers. RAYlNIOND'S SHOES. on Palmdale Blvd.. have than high-fashion look that would please even Cinderella. says Nona Lamh. And look at those pursesl Do you. like Larry Stranske. need some gems for your col- lection. or maylve a gem Cutter. or polisher? For information alvout all of these. read the monthly magazine GEMS AND NIlNlfRAl.S. puhlished at 31121 I If. Sixth Street. Palmdale. Sulvseription rate for one year 'S' 46" ' f . by W fy i 'J 'L' I N Y ldlll ld no or r If u for an supplu from jAUl X -VNU SONS 1510! Yllf X NYE, LANCASTER lurk Dau on buys all hl cem4 nl lvloclw here and inou that top qualltx 1 uaranleerl ,............. ixmmmx LLXA.LXLAL..L...L.L ld 4 s om urn 1 roll Nr 1 dll! your hou s will keep cool lf sou ll uc an alr COIlIllll0lIlIl unll ln lallfd bv ADRIAN HYXIPN 661 WFST ANP I sl 1 I R KKK A LKNE mums a MATERIALS WEST AVE I PHOII 212 LANCASTER CALIF 1 Cdrtful Q lg If xou do Mm Heal solld' Thaw FRANK IANI- 5 rcady ITIIX concrete wour mr you mednl uorrx lf sour haw lt cmerul lx mul' at 72 WPST 'xxh I I ANC ASTILR IN COINIIICCJ Hlrmg B xkER AGPNLX 11,922 NORTH BEIM H LAN that Hx XNlx LANI: ofTer the bel of concrmtf 'md df IRSTLR Thes offer publlc halnllts collmon hrc and Pendahlf WUC? tluft and Inf? m uranrf- POIIFIP 1 ., , N' V' f --J x ' t ,,, x ---L-u-1 ' 9 rv: . ' ' Y' ' an . , . If X .A, 2 x x ' - ' u ,K . , . ,, ,F ,Q . " f' U Ng ' - x X" I ' V 0 15 ' I -,. ..,. , ..., ,I X, Vu f "' Sly, Hu'I ' g a yt' Ha -li-Q? Cc-t yr-1 ITl'Hl'll ll 'ks IIE Ihr- 1-url-sl. sy: 'I' 51" s. Ani I I I Jl ' I 'dx '-S .K . ,I Q . "lQQ. ' Sf " 1" l N '51 '. 1 ' 's 'S gg . LAXC.-XSTER. gg f . 0 '- L V , A Y . ,' i g r xg,gieg , 3 0 - 5' PM . ' Q . . -if - ' ri f " b, ft- L7':2 r P ' 's , ' f Y - .4 . 3' t f , f NB- ' - Y" Suvs jun Rho!-n. ut ' ' 1' law' ' 7 Q ' 1 i A - V 1 A- :U ' ' ' ' ' ' F p - 4 1 w v ' ', .-.- ' ' , - , f ' 1 ' f E ' . A . ,L . ' f.. . .r.. . - " ' A 5 ' S ' ' 1 " AA s , v X - V 1 1 1 v :Ap w , ls .. . X - . . S . . S' 139 I .I .. ',"'1E ,-'-""' ' 7' . ,-f' W 5 . ' .l - .9031 B HP DISTRIBUTORS 73111 '1 Iggjifwwf LANCASTER I 0023! -I I1I1L some good 101 cream? B AND P DISTRIBUTUIIS OIIIPI' II11 I11 l 1n 1ce 1re1m and othvr da1ry produds They re III I.,1nca ter I'r1 om1 of thelr Challenne 101- cr1am and Q10 lf you dont I1I1e lti creamy r1chness A Sport m.111 1n II11 cr0111I9 II hy not drop 111 at ARVIN Q QPUIYI INC FOODS 15155 SIILRRA HIGHVI AY IANC ASTIII to 11 the equ1pm111l for that I1u11l1n I.I'lll9 I'I11y oII'1r JII Iunds of um from p1SloIs to Iarg1 hunllnb TIIIIS as I ar0I Darr I1aQd1Qco1Gred WFT 'Wi J QI? ui, IPB I 1 A 1 I11 1ouII 111.11 G? L..L. 1'- ll 111 110 I II IIO t1m1' I1Ix1 IIIL pr? 1nt oooo tr1.1111I1111 I 11 or 111 Q0 Imp 111 xour 1 IX I LII r1111 1 1 1 1 I 1 I1 IIIGII U .1111 1 11111 um II 1 In 1,1r .1tI111s 1 1. ' . , I ' . if - F I I 3 ' - I Y I ,- a a . I v I 1 7 ' 'S ' 1 , ' - 1 1 - I A - - Jiva - A' S l v 1' S 3 . U . X I 4: , gh , . 3 . g P' 4' " ' 1 I I I 34. I 'I 1 - , 1 . K . 1 . ' A V, -22 u -'E' I 1 I 1-If IL?" , f Q 1 9, .1 1 pg, X! I ff - la U 5 A K 7 A 1 x i,. 4 SI . , M x, 9 1 PI' , , Q 1 I I1 , I nlibfl 'T ' , f f , f II1-I -IIII 1111 r1'p1" rk? "I 'FPIS ' 1 5- . S S " ' '1 I VFIILIIIS the 111- Iook in II11' '55 sub I111lI11 I.1-ssing. I gvll' g il 1Io111'. . . ' 1' Ilodgvf :1111I I'Iy11111 lIIlb. X1-' ,-I v stud' l -1I"1-S IIIII Imrtf P11-I1-Ill ilIIlI Q11 to II111 I"UI'I'15'I' I.Lf IISEI' CII. in II. II. IIl'N'I'IfII. IITPIII FIIAIII '.-X I wr '. IAX- 1'iII11-r I.g1111'41fl1-r or I'-I 1IuI- for all lhv I 'IIi11g 5 1- If-IS" 'IC " s' IriC1-s. 1'-s ' H I. YY I X Q-. Q Q . fx Q -,Q I 4,4 mu I 1 In I Ii I lI'1ll and .1 IIN HUIIX 'XXUN IIIF I U I III SIIIxIn-X IIICIIW XI lr I I I Jn x f I1 IU 4 If 0 dllll uI ru ere xuurf mf I 1nfI Ilotfoffu irc faxorlte ll Ioolun or J C' I0 nl Ill I 1 ml we If I mum L1 1 In I VOUIII IIIN' I0 ll IPI I I ma I 1 m I IIN IIINIIIT INN XII aI I4 I IOIlIllIlllI0l I In Ildll IIZIQ SIhIxIxX HIGIIIK XX Ifmcd tnr complmte XSIIII 1 Car for 'IX IIVIW' Fflufa 'fm P10 WIN euxlxfu mmmm pool 1mI rf- Iaur-mt HI 535 sf 7 , ' ffl, I ' I " 41" .SL 5 f ' ' I I js, ?' , x ' K , ' . 1' ' x X I r f 1 , , 1 . - fu' ff . I k I ' ' r r X . lv I a 6, - .-0 F I - ' L52 I F' 1 T . 5,42 . K V , I I 'J 1 X Y K , X 2 X X I I . . '- '." 1 I ' I - 1 - I -- ' 'I "-.g R V - I I, J . I f I I F . , . I , I I I lf yf 'r- Illllljlff uftf-' il IIIIIQ-. IIN-rl mum- Imfl juin NIIIII l,4mk' g Im- IIIIII xp:-vial rug? 'I'I1e-n drop Ivy 7 -XNIx Cu -I I ' IIN- rf-sl of IIIQ kids ' I - .V INN. 5II-X.. .I 1 f .. - 5 .v Q' ', 1 V. LYN- 152I9 SIIIIIII.-X IIICIIW.-XY. I.-XXII.-XS'I'IfII. Try funn- of IQ.-XS'I'IfIi and sec- with I'ul I,i1IIf'l'b0Il III:-ir wide- self-f-tion IIN-' II -lic-i Jus IJOII. amf g Ihi-I1 Ieir I m-mu I- pie- I In-' 'f ga Isla - n ' - surf- In I I just I 11- onw- z - --z - ' ' ' -f. you'-c " gf . vi, ,V Q- Y I ' A I 3 9.1 1,9- '- ' , : I . I I.ik sf-I-II1v lf.5..-X. in u Illn-I mlm-I? N0 4 I.I II: Iink- W4 lhv Inc-sl in nu I -I 4 " I- I'rms'f 'I'In-u gm mn- SIIQ "' 'al ' in IIN- pol lIIllI' '55 IQIII-vrf I1-I z1xa1iI- of I,a ' rl -rl fin -FI UIQ- 5. - If I , ITIII.. r- a . ' " 'F 0 I - "King ' QQ I' 'I H Y. .. -'s -, - " I S S I I A - ' In ' Q' . In -1 ' I s ' ' g . s . , 521 xxx "Look sharp. feel sharp. lu- sharpl" Thereis nothing to ref fresh a any like a haircut and a shave from TOYYS ll-Xlill lfli 5llOl' located at fllfllf .-XYl'i O-0. lf-Xl,NlllAl,I'i. Tony and his men reallv do a smooth jolt. "The clothes make the man!" lfspeciallv if those clothes come from the wide variety of vxell' tailored shirts. slacks. and jack- ets. sold at DLI BOIS AND SON. fill WEST l,ANtQAS'I'l'ilt BLVD. Dick Nelson knoxss that clothes from DU ISOIS can't he heat. Dave ltvkehosch uses all those great Chevron products to keep life in his little auto. So why not follow his example and pat- ronize ll PI It M NIOHLIYC CHEVRON STATION. lttttl WEST AVE. I. ls your olhee lacking in mod' ern equipment? If so. you should see some of the latest in desks. liles and lvusiness ma- chines at IJICSICIVI' OI-'I-'ltltl EQl'lI'NIl-QX'I' town-tl on 053 WPQYI' NYE. l. as l.oyee Dahl is doing. lfeed or seed? No matter which NlfWl'il,l. IANIJ CO.. lor-ated at llfilit Ylffff.-X. l.fXXff.-XST- I-Ilt is the place that fills the lvill. Nl'fWI'il.l,'5 are xvell-knoxsn for their line qualitv products. lfor those dilticult and hack- hreaking tasks. lighten your load with equipment from JOHNSON AND SCHAl"l7l'fltT 1028 WEST AVE. l. LAN- CASTER. Dick Murray knows that they sell a dependahle line of equipment. If you. like Lance Bird. are tired of doing things hy hand power instead of horse power. visit M.-XGNEY fil,EC'l'lilC MOTORS. 663 West Ave. l. LANCASTER. and see their wide variety of electric motors. Tires nearing doxvn? Ifd llos- xvell knovvs that ll.-Xlititltili :KNO soX's. ofll WTIST AYP. l. lfkxlf.-X5Tfilt. altiords you a complete line of tires and helps X lvul services to ilt'tOHlIlltttllllt' ' xour ev iv need. X -41 f5Q",a an IN' QU -M Need more room? After look- ing around the store. Roh Niac- Gregor realizes that FRQN- TIER BUILDERS SUPPLY CU. located at 374 WEST AYIQ. I. LANCASTER. has an exten- sive supply of huilding equip- ment to serve every purpose. Whether your furniture needs he large or small. follow Rose- mary Martin to I'iURI'iST I"L'RNITL'RE. 515335 SIERRA HIGHWAY. L A N C A S T Ii R. for outstanding values. There. youill lind everything from the smallest lamps to living room sllites. Want compliments on your flooring? Then cover your lloors vvith attractive tiling and rugs from .AYIINS FLOOR CUYIIRINGS. ING. l5l5l NO. SIERRA HIGHWAY. LAN- CASTER. as Jackie Harvey does. AYEYS also carry many kinds of window shades and lblllllli Wovsf Wie-'re all with Anne Welch in wanting one of those falvulous new Buicks from G. W. FISCHFR BUICK. 11933 SIERRA HIGHWAY. LAN- GAS'liIfIl. Ruicks are nell- knoxvn for dependahle. safe tlriyinff Have old-fashioned plowing methods got you down? Stop in at ARNOLD TRACTOR PfQl'II'NIENT UI.. and let Jack Arnold show you their line of smooth performing tractors and other farm implements. "Fill -cr uplu Tex Martinis TEXAIQU STATION, H101 NORTH SIERRA HIGHWAY. I.ANIiASTI'iR. is the place for gas. oil. auto parts. and all those wonderful Texaco prod- ucts. Next time your gas tank is low. stop in. They honor credit cards. Rreak a xsintlow? Rroken glass in either your home or car can quickly he repaired hy the com- petent serviceman of LANCAS- TI'iR CLASS fill. Thev fea- ture in their store. at 15145 WEST YLCGA. attractive mir- rors of all sizes. Harvey Casey krioxvsl Check that shirtl The lvest clothes come fron' RIYIJSUNS. 111-317 SIERRA HIGHWAY. LAYIIAFTIIR. xvhere good- looking suits. shirts. and also slacks. as well as xvork clothes are always sold :it low prices. 11' : W6- Er" I' I 1-If For all your hardware need Iectrlcal uplln cookm uten 1 . ouin ir rem ra. 0 to SID OSHEIKIR HARD- WARE. -1-1761 NORTH SIIQR- RA HIGHWAY. LANCASTER. They have a wide selection of products at low prices. If any of you AV hot rodders are in need of auto parts. re- member H. NI. PARKER AND SONS. -I-17-I9 NORTH SIER- RA HIGHWAY. 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I LWMM1 fd OW, 4, M - ' , fgfffij, V L-efu ' 3 I, h E720 Lv .E J 7416 J 4 P , C eb N ww ' v I MP0 ' , ' r fyxif ' 4 My , ' A '7 JMU' ' ' 5- . L r I 2 4 O , A ' A -pil-ff' f V 'J '- ' 1 Z LW J .U 'X LJ A, i gjlff jg

Suggestions in the Antelope Valley High School - Yucca Yearbook (Lancaster, CA) collection:

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