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1 'S F.. S5 sw, xxx X ,Q 7' , I 1 5 ff' 'Z 1 4 , ff 'ff X fl: ff ff X x x 1 x x 2552-f 5 ,.-X215 Qj..x,." br? xx ' -nxsggfxx ,fx A 1- . E , N .Zi fi I I f , 3? 7? FZ ff vfyfnglfv Qafivfi 'Z-nm' U23 'fr' g 5l7j,2'f, iyffffp Jiiigli -,hlgkw IV' Q:E as-1111 QINH-Q IN?" CQSQHQQ xnxx fabxhxx Nw? Hmm 37915 xzifni Yflhf. xi NX 2 :,,. , ,nj xn 5' X' 'U 5,9 WX FAX . 'M LP K I Q -X XVI x :-l -' an -cies' 5 ik Published by +he Associafecl Sfuclenfs of Anfelope Valley Joinf Union High School Lancasfer, California 706ZZ6e Zfeaa 7aL'a 7aem .mn SL .5 W4 gl SH? if l I "--""' iii 'XJ Page 3 FACULTY, PAGE 8 CLASSES PAGE 26 Willie seemed fo be everywhere and cerfainly was a creafure of a hundred moods. Af fimes he cooled fhe hof faces of sfudenfs and faculfy. On ofher occasions he roar- ed recklessly fhrough fhe hallways banging classroom doors or spenf fhe day piling sand in fhe corners of eyes and classrooms. Docile as a newcomer in Sepfember Willie increased his fempo as fhe school year picked up momenfum and by midferm had driven afhlefes from fhe fields and swepf sfudenf life from fhe campus lawn. By midwinfer Willie would have been classified as a problem child. Day affer day he swooped and whirled, moaned and howled, never missing a chance fo malce himself lcnown. Guidance coun- selor Jack Landrum expressed fhe belief fhaf Willie was nof chronically maladiusfed buf fhaf he simply was "going fhrough a phase". Sure enough. Wifh fhe lafe spring Willie quiefed down, fhe sfudenfs refurned fo fhe lawns, and campus life refurned fo ifs earlier franguil sfage. Page 4 ,4QZcmce at,-4, W Qfdcmdu, The wrilers ol Ihis The I953 Yucca have chosen ever- presenr Willie as a symbol +o guide Ihe reader Jrhrough lhe pages of our book. Wilh Willie, if is our hope +ha+ you, genlle reader, will enioy This briel review of school life al Anlelope Valley Joinl Union I-ligh School. Now wilh Willie lel's loolc al aclivilies lhal range from lhe quiel earneslness of our classrooms lo The conlagious excilemenl of our alhlelic conlesls. ACTIVITIES, PAGE 60 ATHLETICS, PAGE 86 fi ADS., PAGE IIO Page 5 Page 6 if 1 CHARLES PARKER JACK LANDRUM DEDICATION Come on, and iusl follow Willie as we sfarl our 'four ol A. V. by meeiing lhe Two men io whom our l953 Yucca is dedicaled -Jack Landrum, boys' dean and Charles Parker, direcior of siudenl' acliviiies. Consfanl acrivilies conducfed for lhe sludenis keep fhese 'rwo conlinuously busy. l-landling 'rheir duries wilh good grace and cheerful smiles, lhey conlribule much spiril ro our school. Why, +here's The afiendance office where lhey hold iorlh. Lel"s iusl rake a look in lo gel a irue piciure of whai goes on in ihe busy day oi an A. V. adrninislralor. Jusi look ai lhal line of siudenis wailing io see Jack Landrum. Among his many dulies is inierviewing and counseling new siudenls. Undersianding boys and lrheir problems is his forle. l-lis help has enabled many ro live a belier adiusled life. ln pasl' years al A. V. he has also been an a'rhle'ric coach. Whiz . . . Why i+'s Charles Parker. You'll find him whizzing around school all doy long. l-le's responsible for a good deal of school spiril. l-lis good humor and lighl-hearied friendly manner seems +o be coniagious among lhe sludenls and iaculiy. Aclivily planning invariably leads lo rhe exclama- lion, "l.e'r's check wi+h Mr. Parker." Now we'll leave lhese 'rwo oulsianding men 'ro iourney lurlher on in our book. This will be 'rhe lasl of lhem you'll see recorded. buf many ol our following ac+ivi+ies are due lo lheir planning and hard work. 'fam Gate alawaw Sfudenfs were always assured a frnendly counsel Page I I I I I Page 8 -'S ,rs .1-' -Naam 1wX..f3"' .F x XX f Wx W ff K ,M gKl'ffffSM f 7 pf! xvr fp ff f fwfsfffk ma' R- sxxikmjagf I 1. xfirixk 'Nb-.., fiat 'Hwy ahwp, lilly wmwmwf Qadenzfiq fade . CJ- :V A I.-N. C N ' F 1 - - 3 ff if w"f"'Av,ir A nf K J if S ge' fQ M . Lux .-'K A""' "HI --'fu H . ff I tux if I, , I 5 2 A 1 I A '-9am-PW' sf 5 5 N li Y 'w'i+f':,v " , IA 3 I v A, 5.f,,,,,,. .N QQ. ' iffy- . Q'MWV k'FPx pig X ax +..,,,'-ZW Wm. gr L? ,PMww'Mhq5qQa, - K x , : XR., Epi Mig. gi-i.xX144-Ay, ' nf FAME 5X3.Nf'w-f' Q ply wx, it . X 1 ' ! Q iM,f f XX -'xx .nf , l.Tf,f , ' ' , ""f,,J1'5 , Ng,,.,.. Nr- A .wMA?Ai 4:45-,,n,. Fifi f' ,f A . if ."Vzx..-W-' QS ' "-,ax :xifw.f.,, - iv' "xQ-1jx' 71 :karl ,VH I 2' "'N1ff xsfxf , f :.,.zg5-..i" f '4f'+"N"f+1 fl spbfffi ,.:f' - F fa. A m"""' " A ' 4' 'vw-N. ' wg ' . ' 'lr J ,.- 1 1 .SNW 9' iw., .-4 4. k A. H.. 14" "', 1 my 0 'Will Q T jf, r' A K Page I0 dlaemted BOARD OF TRUSTEES Who goes There7 Willie ole boy you re caughT Tor sure And by all people The BOARD OF TRUSTEES and ROY A KNAPP disTricT superinTendenT l.eTs lisTen a minuTe and see whaTs being discussed This year heavy enrollmenT con sTrucTion of new school rooms sTudenT acTiviTies and per sonnel These men really have a lob on Their hands PresenTing The plans To The board is ROY A KNAPP This indeed is a lob In iTselT l-le is very acTive in school acTivi Tes Tollowing Them Trom The board where They originaTed on To The Tinal sTages Now To look aT The board' Say I recognize men Trom all over The valley. There s PresidenT Wallace Ward who is a LancasTer businessman. I-ie s always ready wiTh a wiTTy sTory so all can work wiTh a biT oT Tun. Clerk of The board is Gus Eliopulos a WesTside Tarmer. Being an A.V. TooTball enThusiasT he never misses a game There are Three associaTe members on The board. George McNamee BurTon BroThers mine rnan- ager in Rosamond spends much oT his Time in youTh work. James Wilson EasTside rancher a Tormer sTudenT body pres- idenT oT A V. and William J. Sinclair owner of The LiTTle- rock Beverage Co. who enioys spending his Tree Time hunT- ing, compleTe The group. BOARD OF TRUSTEES: James H. Wilson W. J. Sinclair Gus P Eliopulos Disfricf Superin+enden+: Roy A. Knapp, Wallace Ward, Geoige F. M-cNamee. V STAFF HEADS "Purchase order please", +ha+'s whai AL- BERT LO BUONO, assis+an'r superiniendenl in charge of finance, hears all Through The year. This is buf a parr of his iob of keep- inq reqular records and reporis of The dis- 'rricis financial slandings. How could school go on wilhoui a pus sysrem? Tha+'s one quesrion To aslc GROUS- ENOR EITCH, superiniendenr of lransporra- lion. Need a window fixed, or a pipe line re- paired? Who +o see i+'s done? Why, of course, OSCAR JOHNSON, mainlenance supervisor. Remember The lime your school bus didn'r show up? Well, 'rhanlcs To such bus mechanics as KENNETH SADLER, chiel mechanic, luclc lilce Thar won? come your way very olren. "Wha+ are we having Tor lunch Today?" is a quesrion oilen heard and answered by MRS. BARBARA WlNKLE, manaqer of The eiliicienrly run school caieieria. cqbezdaieademf and fuwfeea , . . Alberf Lo Buono Grover Fifch Oscar Johnson B b W ii 'WY -sr Roberf Dougherfy ,4vmf 01550: 7-fdlvuiaiatzataw . . . ROBERT DOUGHERTY AND BILLYE ADAMS "Educafion should be fun". Why Willie, where'd you ever hear a fhing like fhaf? From my friend ROBERT DOUGHERTY, fhaf's where. You know, he's fhe Sfudenf Body's new principal and pasf superinfendenf of fhe Ramona schools. Being new, he's faced wifh a double dufy. Nof only fhaf of guidance, buf fo become acguainfed wifh fhe sfudenfs, faculfy, and all valleyifes. Because of filfzjess when he firsf arrived. if was some fime before we gof our firsf glimpse of Mr. Dougherfy. By now his friendly smile is much a parf of A. V. Speaking of guidance, would you ever wanf fhe iob BILLYE ADAMS holds as Dean of Girls? Thaf's nof for me, imagine frying fo undersfand all fhese females. She's been af if for some fime and can figure ouf girls preffy well by now, buf you can'f puf some green horn like me in fhaf posifion. Mrs. Adams has guife a handful helping wifh personal problems besides keeping academic records in order. Page I2 Billye Adams 'fa j , 3 , J 6' 5' ir inia a LEFT TO RIGHT: Nan Kingsbury, Jean Buffalo, Doris Iverson, Thelma Johnson, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mildred Seafon, Lorein Denny, V g Z F19 Unl. I M zana, Bonnie Gary. BUSINESS AND ATTENDANCE OFFICE Absence and clearance cards. Tardy slips. passes and excuses are all parT oT The every- day rouTine ThaT wenT To make up The aTTen- dance oTTice. MADELINE CHAPMAN and her crew oT oTTice help had The never-ending iob oT keeping absences and Tardies in or- der. When absences became Too TrequenT JAMES CHURCHILL Took over To clear The legaliTy oT Them Through parenTs or guar- dians. Across The campus The business oTTice, un- der The direcTion oT ALBERT LO BUONO, assisTanT superinTendenT in charge oT Tinance, could be Tound. This was a busy place pro- cessing a sTeady Tlow oT business record- ings. . Also caughT up in This whirl oT acTiviTy was GROVER FITCH, direcTor oT A. V.'s ex- Tensive bus TleeT. James Churchill Madeline Chapman v-2 C55 Page I3 Kenneth Kelly F,-ed Taylor STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS "Two ol 'rlwe rnoslr familiar siglils around 'llwe cam- pus, 'rlmis year," breezed Willie Whirlwind "were sludenl-body presidenls, Ken Kelly and Fred Tay- or. Vlfill said, "While l was blowing around, l oflen saw lliem planning and presiding over board ol con- Jrrol meelrings, olllicially opening and adiourning assemblies. l lweard lliem lislening lo slrudenl sug- gesfions, and gefling llweir ideas inlo aclion, and conferring willi flue lacully aboul The sludenl body aclivilies. Firsl semesler prexy, Ken Kelly, was iunior class presidenl, andl caplain of Hue varsily baslcefball Jrearn. Presidenl for +l1e second sernesler, Fred Taylor, played varsiry loofball and baseball. Page I4 Student' S aamameaz' , .. BOARD OF CONTROL AbouT once a week while breezing around Willie would sTumble upon The BOARD OF CONTROL aT a rneeTing. This group was composed oT class presidenTs and The elecT- ed sTudenT body oTTicers. The Two Top lead- ers Tor The year were Ken Kelly TirsT semesTer presidenT, wiTh Fred Taylor Taking over The gavel second sernesTer. Willie qoT TirsT hand al' 'mf' K 'aw I ,-QE? SOCIAL COMMITTEE BACK ROW T. Fuler, J. Perry, B. Thomas SECOND ROW C. Parker, K. Thor, M. l'lunTer, L Acker FRONT ROW M. Coclcran inTormaTion on rnany oT Their acTiviTies, one oT which resulTed in The insTallaTion of a phone booTh oulside The aTTendance oTTice and a sTamp machine in The business oTTice. Trying To seTTle school problems can sorne- Tirnes prove quiTe diTTiculT wiThouT ouTside help. This was solved by various Trips To The SanTa Barbara-VenTura lnTerschool Council rneeTings where one school can loolc To an- oTher Tor help and inTormaTion. fix BOARD OF CONTROL Compion, Mr. Parker. To BACK ROW: T. PETTIET, M. Hall, T. Coddinglon, E. Colby, P. Whilson, J. Mayfield, R. McBryan+, K. Kelly, F. Taylor, T. Fuller, M. Brown, B. FRONT ROW: C. Richards, P. McGovern, L. V. ETherTon, M. HunTer, C. Davis, P. Towner, ' T. Mclrer, P. Hankins, A. Massari, M. Lee. Page I5 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE . ayfueld, J. Peferson, P. Hudson, D H J M G.Miler, . ines. SOCIAL COMMITTEE BACK ROW: B. Thomas, F. Eflher Whilson, T. Fuller. FRONT ROW: M. Anderson, P. Colo. P. Benson, J. Holcombe. Page I6 STUDENT COURT AND MERIT BOARD Woe lo you who dilcned, srnolced on campus, were lardy, or gave ine leaclier a lfieadacliel Willie had ways and means ol buzzing io STUDENT COURT or lime MERIT BOARD willi news ol your anlics. li an arresl slip were Tiled aqainsl you by a fellow sludeni or leaclwer, Cl'1iefJus+ice lvlilce Brown and llie Sludenl Courl plolied your punish- rnen+. The 'raslc unravelled by flie lvleril Board revolved around Torni Mclver and Pal l-lanlcins, presidenis Tor lirsf and second sernesler respeclively. 20,6 mime Student Qaaewmenz' eaalew ASSEMBLY AND SOCIAL COMMITTEE Worlcing for enioymenf, as well as for beller s+uden+ discipline were Ilie ASSEMBLY COMMIT- TEE and SOCIAL COMMITTEE. Assembly Managers Jaclc May- field and Celia Richards provided s o m e enferfaining assemblies. Among Hue bes+ were an ex- change assembly wi+Ii I-Iarr, Tran- scribers Ior II'1e Blind, and flue Moller Brollwers. Tlwe Social Commiliee, beaded by Paul Wlwirson Iirsi assembly and Tom Euller Ilie second, lcepi A. V. in a social wlwirl willn a car- nival, a Iree dance and movie eaclw semesier. STU DENT COURT BACK ROW Mr. Charles Parker L K Ip Ir Ff P Hankins, J. Smifh, B LH D N I sen SITTING B. Coais, M. Brow J H MERIT BOARD BACK ROW: V. Har M S arfin . M . FRONT ROW: J. A. S I1 g Mclver P Hanlcins FACULTY CAPTIONS I. P. T. A embers greefed by Principal Roberf L Doug 2. Mrs. FIoyd's prospechve secreiarles hard ai work 3. FooI'baIIer, Page I8 Andy Brownwood, displays ofher ialenfs eaciew and Saddam , , , CI-IARLES ADAMS BARFORD BADLAND WILLIAM BALLARD AgricuIIure Shop Insfrumenfal Music DAVID BLOUNT FACULTY "Well, Willie, so you wanf fo gef educaf- ed!" Before you make any decisions as fo whaf fo fake lef's see whaf is offered and whaf is required. ln order 'ro graduafe you musf have four years of gym. 'rhree years of English, one year of American l-lisfory plus one semesfer each of driver educafion and civics. Boys planning fo be farmers fake four years of agriculfure. fwo years of Ag. shop and a year of life mafh. These subiecfs are required for a vocafional agriculfure course. Blueprinfs and Tee squares are familiar parfs of The indusfrial arf sfudenfs course. Three years of indusfrial arfs, fwo years of mechanical drawing and one year of bofh arf craffs and life mafh are requisifes. M'mml Smells good! l-lof biscuifs and apple pie prepared and served by homemak- ing pupils are on fhe menu for a local ban- quef. Four years of home economics. fwo years of eifher arf, music or speech and a year of fyping and life mafhemafics com- prise fhe home economics course. Boys' General Science THOMAS BUFFUM FRANCIS Cl-lAMBERl.lN MARGUEMTE BARSOT General Mafhemafics LEONARD BUEEL Civics Bookkeeping Sfudy l-lall Boys' Physical Educafion Driver Educafion American l-lisfory Cadef Corps vwtsesvgqk, X If LAURA COOPER JOSEPI-IINE DART RALPH DAVIS EVELYN ERICSON WlLSON EERRELL Commercial English Agricullure English Driver Eclucalion English l-lislory Page 20 Boolcs and display malerial aid sludenls in learning. 7a 'Me I A, MARY FLOYD JOl-lN GARY ZELMA GOBEN BRUCE GRANT DOROTHY GRANT Commercial Agriculrure l-lome Economics Orienlalion l-lome Economics cdaaf wdddfbddfftd , Clickely clackl clickely clack wenl busy lingers over fypewriler keys praclicing one of lhe skills necessary 'ro +he business world. Reguiremenls for a commercial course are +wo years lyping, lwo years of slenography, fwo years of bookkeeping and a year each of iunior business fraining, business mafhe- malics, office praclice and lranscriplion. l-ligher educaiion is lhe goal of college preparalory sludenls. Necessary courses are algebra, geomelry, 'rwo years of French Lalin or Spanish, laboralory biology, chem- islry or physics and an addilional course in malh, science, language or English. Now you have a general idea of whal subiecls are offered so le+'s meel lhe people who 'reach Readin' Ri+'n and 'Rilhmelic plus a mullilude of olher subieclsl Filly-eighl' slrong, under lhe able guidance of Principal Roberl L. Dougherly, 'rhey worked logelher lo give A. V. sludenls an educalional back- ground suiled 'ro 'rheir evenlual enlrance info lhe "big, wide, world." batem7aZa.Zedf4ZZ 7' 4... The lacully organizalion was headed by Ernes'r Tosi. Olher officers were Mrs. Amy l-leydorn, vice-presidenfq Mrs. Marion Pol- loclc, secrelary: and Norlon Nichols, Treas- urer. In charge of commillees were Mrs. Amy l-leydorn, programs, Miss Evelyn Ericson, scholarships: Jack Landrum, sfudenl-Tacully relalionsg Leonard Buell, California Teachers' Associalionq Charles Parlcer, publicilyg Miss Ann Urbanowslci, hospilalilyy Mrs. Madeline Chapman, professional growlh, and Franlc Fleming, parliamenlarian. A l-lill-Billy slrilr was one ol The iealures of a gel-acguainled parly lor The new leach- ers al The beginning ol +he school year. ll' was held in The Park View caiilorium. New- comers +o 'rhe leaching sfafl 'rhis year in- cluded Miss Marguerile Barsol, sludy hall, Mrs. Dorolhy Granl, home economics, Miss Lorraine l-lunl, business malh, Typing, alge- bra and American hisloryg Miss Laura Coop- er, English, hisfory and lypingp Mrs. Florence Maher, mafhemalics, drama and speech: Miss Joan Murphy, physical educalionz Mrs. Lorraine Parlcer, Spanishg Miss Rulh Schwim- mer, arlg Barford Badland, mechanical draw- ing: Ralph Davis, agricullureq Braxlon l-len- derson, lypingy Abe Lowen, senior social problems: Emil Such, physical educalion and, relurning aller a year's absence, l-lenry Wells, social science. PAUL GREENLEE ROBERT l-lAl-lN DUSTE l-llLTGEN BRAXTON HENDERSON AMY l-IEYDORN Ar Speech Girls' Physical Educalrion Commercial Orienlahon FLORENCE MAl-lER JAMES McCUTCl-lEON JOE MILROD GEORGlNA MIMMACK GENEVA MUNGOVAN Drama Boys' Physical Educalion Sand a er Girls' Ph sical Educajrion School Nurse L i ep D V Malhemafics Radio Produclion X 3 HAROLD PEARSON OTTO PLUM MARIAM POLLOCK HAMPTON PROETT RUTH SCHWIMMER Biology Boys' Physical Educalion English Boys' General Science Ari' Physics Audio Visual l-lomemalners rebuild if 'r e mm Zgefm ta A year-long proiecl of lhe lacully was an exhauslive survey of all phases of A. V.'s school life. "When complefed, lhis self-eval ualion ol lhe curriculum and sludenl acfiv- ifies will help us recommend innprovemen+s" predicfed Jack Landrum, head of Jrhe sleer- ing commirree. Also helping on Jrhis analysis were Roberl Dougherly, Mrs. Billie Adams, Norlon Nichols, Burfon Wadsworlh and Don Worden. Baslcelball games wilh fhe high school and iunior college leams served +o replenish Jrhe lacully scholarship fund. Several S50.00 awards were given ro oulsfanding high school and J. C. sfudenfs. JACK SEATON Shop I-I. A. STROMBERG Malhernalics EMIL SUCI-I Boys' Physical Educalion WEALTI-IA SUYDAM English ERN EST 'IOSI Mechanical Drawing GEORGE 'IURCOTT Chemislry LEONE ANN URBANOWSKI Girls' General Science Biology I-IERMOINE VAUGI-IAN Vocal Music BURTON WADSWOIQTI-I Shop VIDA WILLIAMS English DONALD WORDEN Agricullure I-IOMER WRIGI-IT Shop l an 9 1 fk 1 ,R gill X fxsgf w..,h,!iaQ M5656 fi? My IU! W-ma:mw,.mWmf QA if --.J I riff , A nk . F. A-xx Q9 . - .,f, 50 5 7 ' QW J .1 my ,en I .wax "i,ZN"N'NN..,,ii: 70 . N- , Q ff " .kfwu-1-" , f . -, ..,, "" Tf i ' -Q. Q M 551251 'X 5' G M -W 5 f A -- -MDW' ..,.fy,.m.Mffv.g? may M 5 3 +mmQvQrra4wf:m www, ,,-4w,4mQf 4,-ff Q fm -lv I P 26 Zeadlced fam Ill ini-5" tie 7 ' aqfggfgz Wm ATM K5 ' 21-wgm QQ M . , Page 27 Page 28 dike FRESHMEN BOARD OF CONTROL TOP D. Clark, R. Brighf, M. Gwin, N. Brown, J. Wallace, K. Wrighf, J. Hosler, J. Buchanan, M. Cochran, D. Sakaguchi, D. Coddingfon, J. Weaver, C. Gamage, P. Hamilfon, C. Ayres, B. Wafson, T. Hansen BOTTOM J. Turner, D. Waldrip, N. Scarboro, C. S+uar+, D. Denning, T. Talberf, M. Hall, W. Schroeder, G. Siler, J. Tilamen, B. Sabasfian FRESHMEN COURT TOP M. Wolf, A. Wilson, D. Hilgendorf, J. Weaver, J. Hosler, C. Gamage, M. Cochran, D. Weir, J. Wrighf, J. Dix, D. Alexander, J. Turner, G. Siler, G. Ebee, T. Hansen FRESHMEN Group I BACK ROW: J. Baker, R. Aus+in, G. Adair, R Alexander, M. Anderson, N. Abercrombie, D Budsall, M. Barker. CENTER ROW: E. Arranfs, J. Anfhony, l. Bloom D. Bomlard, B. Briganl. A. Barker, J. Blaclrloclc D. Bayless. FRONT ROW: B. Beckelf, P. Berc, -l. Baughman M. Baker, C. Ayres, C. Akroyd, V. Adams, B Avery, M. Anderson. ummm 71444 an wad... FRESHMEN Well, whaT have we here! Whaf does Thar innocenT, wondering look Tell you? You're righT, Treshmen. YeT, we have To give our liTTle Treshmen crediT. This year They displayed a lciT on The ball whaT wiTh sponsoring a dance, a Treshman assembly, and recreaTion pro- gram. Freshmen showed The way in The mag- azine drive and also led in parenTs ioining The ParenT-Teachers AssociaTion. PresidenT Tor The year was Merle l-lall, receiving plenTy oT help Trom his board oT conTrol which consisTed oT vice-presidenT, Marcia Swing secreTary, Judy Wallace: FRESHMEN Group II BACK ROW: F. Campbell, C. Cole, N. Crews, M. Clark, D. Clark, V. BurneTT, J. Broesel, S. Brown. CENTER ROW: B. Burling, R. BrighT, G. Craig. P. Card, J. Blohm, J. Bowser, G. Breeding. FRONT ROW: G. Brown, D. Brown, B. Blohm, J. BeTTs, N. Bosfon, S. Bufler, C. Caler, J. Bu- chanan. Group III Treasurer, Daryll Denning: chieT iusTice, Judy l-losler: reporTer, Deanna CoddingTong and yell leader, Judy Buchanon. Say now, The Treshman class is holding one oT iTs sTudenT courT meeTings righT now. LeT's lisTen in Tor a minuTe or Two. Oh, There goes a sad looking boy, he musT have iusT received a demeriT Tor misbehaving. And you can be sure These kids know how To keep Their class in hand. Sponsors Bruce Grant Amy l-leydorn, Lois JohnsTon, and l-lampTon ProeTT, can be proud oT Their Treshman class, and in Turn The class showed plenTy oT Thanks Tor Their backing. FRESHMEN BACK ROW: K. Dawson, R. Davis, E. DeMario, D. Denning, H. Davis, R. Debs. R .Daniels, A. Dunn, K. Dawson. CENTER ROW: J. Dix, S. Cannon, E. Davis, J. deMonTmorency, S. Demers, L. Dahl, K. Daney, L. Darnald. FRONT ROW: C. Darr, B. Cooper, D. Cale, L. Creech, L. Chavez, D. CoddingTon, M. Cochran, V. Carson , R. Davis. FRESHMEN Group IV BACK ROW: W. Green, J. Gilmore, T. Gering R. George, G. Fileman, J. Fox, G. Eby, E. Emry G. Englund. CENTER ROW: D. Gardiner, G. Fisher, R. Fox B. Ford, B. Ellis, J. Edwards, D. Dyer, A. Elser. FRONT ROW: G. Ernenwein, J. Evers, P. Ed- wards, B. EndicoH, J. Fowler, C. Gamage, B Gardner, S. Gallion, S. Fasnachf. FRESHMEN Group V BACK ROW: J. Hari, F. Hann, R. Harriman M. Hall, E. Gosline, J. Gordon, J. Gufhrie, D Gray, E. Gan+. CENTER ROW: C. Hall, F. Holliday, I. Gordon E. Hamilfon, A. Harris, M. Haynes, D. Han- schmidr, P. Hamilfon. FRONT ROW: J. Holmes, W. Hines, K. Hol- combe, A. Hamill, J. Hosler, R. Guerra, M Gwinn, C. Godde, C. Gilbert FRESHMEN Group VI BACK ROW: H. Jolin, L. Jensen, A. lden, R Hirih, L. Huffman, T. Hanson, B. Hall, D. Hollo- way, R. Hixson. CENTER ROW: T. Jordahl, J. Jackson, D Hodges, R. Hardy, L. Hillenbrand, L. Hayes, H Hulsizer, F. Hawe. FRONT ROW: J. Krizan, G. Johnson, P. Jones B. Jones, K. Jenkinson, A. Hilgendorf, E. Humph' erys, B. Hildre'l'l'1, S. Houslon. Fam Page 30 I FRESHMEN Group VII BACK ROW: B. Marshall, C. Marriolf, D. Lish D. Link, P. Lasagna, J. Kerfzman, R. Kepner, P Johnson, J. Jackson. CENTER ROW: J. Llafel, J. Koch, A. Krug, R Jones, R. Jeffs, C. Johnson, F. Jennings, L. Low- den. FRONT ROW: J. Lawson, C. Lewis, S. Landers B. Knorr, P. Kalsbeck, F. Losey, G. Kislner, G Kirk, B. Laiham. FRESHMEN Group VIII BACK ROW: B. Neu, G. Milchell, M. McLane T. Macauley, C. McE'Fee, O. McCormack, J. Mc- Roberl, M. McNully, K. Maxwell. CENTER ROW: M. Mueller, K. McGowan, B Mauldin, E. McCaleb, R. Navarrel, B. Newman G. Murphy, F. Marshall. FRONT ROW: C. Morgan, E. Morel, G. Miller S. Milbourne, W. Mason, N. Marks, S. Mark, R Mason, S. Malin. FRESHMEN Group IX BACK ROW: P. Roberls, D. Qualls, B. Phipps P. Prefer, E. Pyron, R. Pond, R. Pszylc, G. Olson J. Oliver. CENTER ROW: D. Rolh, G. Phelps, J. Proven- zano, C. Pearson, J. Perry, R. Piefle, G. Kirlr E. Nukala. FRONT ROW: C. Overlade, M. Preler, N Ramos, M. Richardson, D. Pursley, S. Pepper, E Rexroaf, J. Prolho, M. Pearce. Page 3l Page 32 ?za44 odor! FRESHMEN Group X BACK ROW W Sfarlrel L Sfevenson W Slayer J Seavey J Sheldon A Smelhursl B Seller W Sebashan N Scarboro C Sayre CENTER ROW C Slewarl' W Schroeder J Savagluo D Shannon K Roberis B Ruff H Ra mire: R Rawlings R Sanders B Reade FRONT ROW J Swaris E Scribner A Scoff C Schwandf D Salcaguchl B Russell M Rus sell F RoHman K Rhea C Rohllz FRESHMEN Group XI BACK ROW B Waison D Trolan B Tensfield C Thomas T Turner J Turner B Seymour G Schuman C Schmidf L Smilh L S+ Sauver CENTER ROW: C. Ward B. Tedrow R. Tom- fohr T. Talberf H. Tapia B. Thomas G. Smifh L. Sfanlcy J. Weaver l. Wasner. FRONT ROW: R. Tunnell J. Spicer N. Speier V. Sfafford L. Snyder C. Seiberf L. Slumbaugh B. Spencer T. Sfollenwerlc D. Sieclc. FRESHMEN Group XII BACK ROW: G. Williams, B. Whifalcer, R. Wil- burn, R. Warren, W. Wilbur, W. Weisner, S Young, D. Winward, J. Welch, D. Wemple, J Williams, J. Valpey. CENTER ROW: D. Waldrip, S. Young, L. Wil liams, J. Winham, J. Wrighf, D. Weir, M. Wolfe P. Wilbur, C. Winscher, F. Wehr, A. Wilson. FRONT ROW: K. Wrighl, P. Wehr, A. Welch, J Wallace, S. Wynn, P. Zindler, B. Wallace, M Winfrey, A. Wenzel, l. Cross, B. WaHers. dike Syed tie Szfadiaae S , . . "Wha+'s +he ma++er Willie?" You look as black as a 'rhundercloudl Oh, lhe annual Sophomore hayride was called off because of rain! Well don'+ worry Willie, 'rhere will probably be anofher parfy. And lhere was . . . an informal parly and soclc dance held in +he girls' gym, organized by firsl semesler execulivesg President Anna lvlassari, and Vice-presidenl, Nancy A. Wilson. Driving in a dual conlrol car, learning Traffic laws, and lhe mechanics of a car in Driver Educa- 'rion was a required semesler course for Sophomores. Second semesler heads announced al 'rhe Sophomore parly were Presidenl, Eric Colbyg and h "Ed Jr d Scrubs" were Mrs. Mary Floyd, Mr. Leon- Vice-presidenl, Larry Acker. Sponsoring l e uca e ard Buell, and Mr. l-l. A. Slromberg. G' SOPHOMORE OFFlCERS BACK ROW A. Massari, A. Carry, L. Acker, B. Nash, D. Moffef, F. Turner, E. Colby FRONT ROW N. Wilson, S. Jones, C. Blair, C Page 33 Page 34 SOPHOMORES Group I BACK ROW: A. Baldwin, M. Brown M. Asbury, R. Baker, B. Blair, T. Afkin son, L. Acker, J. Avila, R. Bryani. CENTER ROW: J. Baskins, R. Brinley, L. Adams, R. Bakman, L. Beebe, D Beardsley, J. Beck, M. Alley. FRONT ROW: C. Blair, P. Blakley, F. Blanchard, L. Brashear, L. AFFeld'r, J Brown, N. Brewsfer, B. Belles, J. Bur noff. SOPHOMORES Group II BACK ROW: T. Caler, A. Carr, B Clark, J. Cheney, A. Conley, R. Craig J. Brockus, B. Beard, T. Barker. CENTER ROW: G. Carruflwers, N. Cnr son, S. Carper, D. Coburn, E. Colby, D. Cummins, J. Bu+zke, J. Burch. FRONT ROW: B. Card, C. Cabarga L. Bullard, M. Bergman, C. Burford, M Brooding, D. Boggs, J. Bray, P. Biffle. I pdltd leaded Ufficew . . . SOPHOMORES Group III BACK ROW: R. Gray, T. Gardner, G. Fosier, R. Granger, J. Debs, R. Enderf, D. Gilmore, E. Dwyer, R. DeFoor. CENTER ROW: J. Gridley, F. Efherlon, M. Fos- fer, M. Fix, C. Farmer, S. Edwards, J. Ernenwein, E. DeBean. FRONT ROW: F. Dilly, B. Dunivan, M. Davis, F. Cook, P. Collins, M. Cole, P. Colo, M. Chrislen- son, R. M. Chaney. SOPHOMORES Group IV BACK ROW: R. Henrich, H. Heaberlin, R. Hair, D. High, P. Hamillon, R. Hamilfon, G. Hill, L. Hall, J. Houze. CENTER ROW: J. Harris, D. Hines, R. Granicy, J. Hawkins, D. Hanschmidf, J. Henley, P. Hardy, A. Hellberg. FRONT ROW: J. Hanlcins, E. Healaerlin, F. Har- well, N. Hodqes, J. Heigis, C. Granger, P. Gor- don, S. Godde, B. Gibson. SOPHOMORES Grouo V BACK ROW: D. Johnson, G. Johnson, H. Leven- son, R. Remericlc, D. Honor, L. Hollingsworih, J. Hildrefh, J. Hulchins, N. High. CENTER ROW: G. Johnson, M. Johnson, D. Jen- sen, F. Jennings, R. loder, G. Hamillon, A. Kals- beclc. P. Kennamer. FRONT ROW: K. Kelly, L. Kalpaltoff, R. Kahler. C. Johnson, S. Jones, C. James, K. Jacobs, R. Jones, S. Jeffress. Page 35 sf Page 36 140:05 5405 7m SOPHOMORES Group VI BACK ROW: J. Mclnlurff, K. McCorlcindale, T Lewis, C. Lennon, S. Kwifowslri, C. Lackie, C Lehman, J. Kinkade, W. Keene. CENTER ROW: N. Maiors, P. McNamee, B. Ma chreielr, M. Loewen, S. Layne, T. Kono, E. Low- der, C. Kisfler. FRONT ROW: T. Leman, B. Lilian, F. Lynch, E Marsh, L. Lewan, J. Lunslrom, B. La Fleur, G Kciewer, G. Kisfler. SOPHOMORES Group VII BACK ROW: G. Moore, V. Morris, D. Morris, K Miller, J. Mayfield, C. McGuire, D. Mungle, C Miller, L. Mason. CENTER ROW: B. MacLennan, H. Marvin, J McClary, J. Mahallan, M. Marshall, M. Mohling D. Moffeff, T. Mclver. FRONT ROW: C. Mahneke, K. Mollinei, D. Mac- Lachlan, J. Mumaw, M. Milchell, G. Milligan R. Mauldin, D. Munday, A. Massari. SOPHOMORES Group VIII BACK ROW: H. Poller, B. Paris, N. Poindexfer R. Oliver, G. Pyle, W. Owen, D. Obee, C. Peefz T. Pucke++. CENTER ROW: D. Pengilley, M. Morgan, B Nicholson, B. Nelson, B. Nash, D. Nielsen, F Noble, J. Nygaard. FRONT ROW: D. Nelson, S. Purcell, V. PaHer- son, J. Manhari, B. Osborn, L. Ridgway, C. Rea- gan, R. Mar+in, B. Rafhbun. GGJZZG SOPHOMORES Group IX BACK ROW: L. Spencer, L. Schmidf, J. Sime, D Schenberger, D. Smalley, R. Ruvalo, B. Rafcliff C. Rofiman, D. Rohrer. CENTER ROW: R. Senlcbeil, D. Saenz, J. Russell R. Rake, L. Sfranske, R. Ramos, D. Ryckebosch D. Richards. FRONT ROW: S. Sedgwick, E. Swedlund, G Sfolrer, C. Schaeffer, K. Shyroclc, P. Seminario, B Racketf, S. Roberis, C. Siemens. SOPHOMORES Group X BACK ROW: B. Vaughan, B. Tomlcinson, D Thompson, E. Turley, H. Truesdell, D. Tromba- lore, E. Turner, M. Schwalze, R. Saenz. CENTER ROW: E. Sfrand, S. Scheppler, M Townsend, F. Turner, J. Taylor, P. Turman, C. Til- bury, J. Taylor, S. Thompson. FRONT ROW: B. Shumaker, M. Vermeulen, F Spencer, M. Spindler, G. Sfansberry, B. Slarr, J Snodgrass, D. Spicer, A. Spechf. SOPHOMORES Group XI BACK ROW: L. Zilinslri, R. Websler, G. WaH'ers L. Warrenburg, P. Wanserslce, L. Wilburn, G Vilardi, G. Whifehead, K. Williams. ENTER ROW R Clark F Yoalcum E Brawley C : . , . , . R. Wrighf, W. Williams, N. A. Wilson, B. Wind- sor, K. Von Klargaard, R. Williams. FRONT ROW: P. Williams, B. Williams, B. Wil- liams, B Weir, L. Websier, S. Young, D. While H. Yslas, P. Wall. 553-use, if F E 11 ' Nm www is , . ,4 g f Y, f . ,A ...ff v .0 vi' as gf 0 0 f, 14666 'idea an ,4 ww., .1 . Y w 7?-2? 'TJYV . 1 , f Rx . X , 3 'ig X . - -'tr S ,, , K w 1 5 f. M A 1 6. 1 9 Q. V M , ,1'g3'x.5..fl-'Er-xv .S...,..,, fic 9 gay ff- , nf Fgfrnf -w 'mir 7 magical! tie Zen Preparing for Freshman Vodvii assembiy. Banner bearers smile Dig ar homecoming. Take OUR picrures. Enfnusiasiic fans a+ iooiball game. Talen+ Club in acfion. Auiumn ai A. V. Campus life. Excused or unexcused. Gab session. Don? ge? oui of line. The line up for King and Queen for ine Freshmen iine up for Yucca piciures. Page 39 NO' Diclc Abboll Mary Bay im Baumgardner Marlene Caler Sylvia Conarly in wr-"Y X -s w..M4 ., 6, T' I if. Wilfred Abloofl Dave Beine 9' 8 'x I+ .i"""i' X. E yy! Susan Adams Frances Belding vis nr 'PS' up' av 31 R . Eddie Arquedas Joy Arnold John Balcer Jo Barker Palsy Barnell Duane Barlell Pal Benson Karl Bonhomme Charles Bowen Ida May Bowser Donald Byrne Jack Bunker endow ?6a6a4ed filaaldez Zipwczul Step Jody Burford Georgia Carsey Sally Conway Q! srl" Marilyn Burnelf Erma Carfer Doreen Curley Q me " f x 4 ' N"iA B V: .A 19 'sf' a 5 W ,un Gloria Buller Virginia Chandler Joe Cuslodio I ,Nw E . it l li . .-.sri 'fig Joannie Buffers Failh Chiles Connie Davis ,gh ,. l .. .54 'G ,QW A '. i S ti' ws., 432' Bridgel' Byers Shirley Clarlc Shirley Deyarmin Y rr, -1 4-'33 's ft , I I Q John Cain Palricia Coalcly Harold Dix 'u in W. 1 in G Bruce Carfer Terry Coddinglon Arlene Dixon Calvin Calloway Bill Complon Wayne Dollar T . 3 wtf Q' 'TT JUNIORS Luclcy STar' Sounds like a course In asTronomy N h run s one oT no Willie ThaT was The sTyle oT T e lunlor g h T r eTTable momenTs oT The year lv1osT umporTanT T e un o g oT course was The Junior Senuor Prom which was The mann d T s u Town Tor evenT oT The sprung semesTer T-lurrue rap p I T nnuTe exTras The Juniors discovered ThaT sponsoring as m and decoraTlng Tor a dance IS qulTe an experience buT bl an The Sensor worTh The energy aTTer an enyoya e even g Class will never TorgeT Thaf nrghT due To The worlc and planning oT The Junior Class LlsTed among Their various acTlvlTles were a dance Tollownng a TooTball game and an assembly glven To The l vncToruous Semors aTTer a close race In Yucca sa es They have been preparing anxiously yeT somewhaT I T FII The shoes oT hugh and mnghTy Sensors relucTanTy, o I l-leading The acTuvlTles Tor The TursT semesTer was presldenT d T The Paul Mc Iver, vnce presadenT, Judy PeTerson, an or second semesTer were presndenT, Bull CompTon, vuce pres: dcnT, Bull Thomas 'lv-u,,,I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BACK ROW dyP Jo Bakr Caoyn dy S Th o m M Nnc SITTING Bll C pon u c er I Th Page 4I ' 5 '43 I - T 5 ,, ,- I I R f V 1 4 Q. I-' ' ' f J ' ' l .K 3 tj- .QT E F ' ,s 1 s , -, lx rx 7 K L .ds 4 . ' 4 Q 3 ' I l I 1 I Y R A I 1 if Y Q l I ' 2 I I , I xc ., A .Q Yi' 5 V T Ju eferson, r e, r I Smifh, PaT Kelly, Ju mi , R b- , , erTa Hiel , r Norfon ' hol . - O. , "g " '- a 0m+,PalMlv,a'll , ' omas ,N y,. an -Q-, gf S4 fs-9 0 ASN e.,.4 70416 ' the Zecwew fy' 9 I 42" .. X if 1: . IX 2 QF sf Q-f-f if as . i - ii if X ii' F Q ff um .nf K ,gpm , 9- -11. sry 1-9 9' xg Q, Q-I QC Jim Dougherfy Nellie Doul Chicquifa Drew .lo Ann Dux Don Ebe Dick Edwards Gary Eisenbraun Donald Eisenbraun Marvin Ellis Ann Erksine Sharon Farley Susie Fasnachi Ed Ferguson Gloria Ferguson Wilma Ferrell Marilyn Fink Don Fisher Pai Fisher Richard Fisher Mildred Forbes Pa? Forbes Geraldine Fosfer Robbie Fowler Roberi Frazier Richard Frazier Bob Fredholm Juanifa Gammon Buddy Garbeii Ralph Gardiner Bob Gibson Leroy Gillberi Barbara Gordon Queniin Gowdy Joan Green Kenneih Gray Wanda Groves Carolyn Haley Bruce Hall Jim Hammonds Marjorie Hann Rodger Hardgrave Velma Harris Norma Hawks Jack Hawkins Dolores Henson Jackie Hewiff John Hill Judy Hilfon Roberfa Hielm Bob Hoapili Ray Hodge Marsha Hodgeson Jerry Holcombe Kafhy Howell Pal Hudson Marilynn Hunler Dixie James Beverly Johnson Barbara Jamison Doris Johnson Mike Johnson Cherie Jolin Belly Jones Pal Kelly Shirley Kaberline Doris Kisf Myron King Arlhur Knowles Emiko Kono Dennis Kuli Q. al-f 1 -M P- 'Q iv A Q- S. Q. f' 5 si-SEB . I K If I 4 x C -5 -cz, li. ,. ,wa Vs. b A 'Mr sq of xal L uv- ix -mf' -C' 7a cz Wane 3.1 , , i E" 'I 2: 1- :I i' - 1 . - 5 Ni Nd mx is K g g x Q' Q QQ . . 'C' if' Q -ff' sy w.- . i" ' ,... , fc f ,i -:I D.. f s .1 .L ,sm in' ' ua- sf if ng, ie fs JE .ff W' Q4-"iv ,Q . xxikk Y .4-H' as ,O 43+ av ww' 1' Woody La Baw Dolores Lacy Nora Lane Ameila Lara Darrell La Rue Shirley La Rue Ray Lalliem David Laudenaf Pele Layne Mary Lee Lydia Leclbelfer Mary Leslw Anila Liffle Kennefh Losey Gail Lucero Norma Lyfle Charley Marrs Tom Marshall Corky Mariin Claudia Mashek Bob Mason Monle Masself Bob Malay Barbara Maxwell Marilyn McClenagl1an Paul Mclver Alice McKeel'1an Jack McKinney Sally Mead Carol Melcherf Carol Merriman Rilda Mefcalfe Nola Miller Valerie Mix Charles Mohling .tg . Marilyn Mohn Jerry Monfmorency Mary Moore Ruby Moore Richard Morgan Don Morrison George Mosier Richard Moss Dean Moulion Dick Nash JoAnn Nicklos Marsha Mix Pai O'Connor Lois Overlade Joe Pasesano Linda Pappas Richard Pearson Bob Pelfon Beverly Perdue Johnny Perez Joa n Peierson Judy Peierson Franklin Perfeef Ed Pickus Angeline Piani Darla Pipkin Howard Pomiier Darlene Posi Jim Provenzano Yvonne Provosf Bill Qualls Dick Ramos Troy Raper Mary Replogle Philip Reyes ' ,ps so sf !"" 5. Q-'Y .-K in.- ,wg ,v 'Q -. 11' 4- Gi 'N' 'Q' iw S' is . Q, 3 ,Q if he Jw 6- 2 iv. , info Q eff? YA' Joan Riddle ie Schwand1Delayne Selvy James Sirembler Dick Siromberg Page 46 .aryl f ..- if 'I' W, up an 5955 ? 2,2--if-31 5 fig fl NN M4 ...sp -Q, Don Roberfs Corky Rose Barbara Rolh Randall Sadler Richard Sanfino Marilyn Schroeder Andy Schullz Shirley Seymour Donna Siebenlhal Malhew Simon Carolyn Smifh Judy Smifh Bob Spindler Mike SproH Don Tandy Ann Taylor Dick Templeion Bill Thomas Frankie Thomas Jack Thomson Marland Th ie Zane, canada, fifaaem iv and Pzam Tom Tisue Glen Torrey Pai Towner Paula Trissdell Tecl Turner Virginia Turner Twila Tyree Sam Vucanovich Gary Van Ness Beffy Wallin Emmeri Walfon Louie Wemple Paul Whiison Luflwer Wigginfon Nancy E. Wilson Beverly Wooden Kenny Woods Paul Yarbrough Laura Young Bill Zook if d 9.21, lcv' I Kf- uv "L" 1' Page 47 4 Page 48 fel SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BACK ROW Ruby Uyecia, Janeiie Wilson, Pai Sexfon, Sandra Kerr, Rufh Hanlcins, Florenfine Cruz, Mr Abe Loewan SITTING Tom Pelfzer, Don Royce, Monfe Liffle Meme Udwwed tie Swami Seniors are much lilce Willie . . . They've been blowing around Tora number oT years We could find Them in a loT oT places. Some- Times acTing as leisurely as a soTT evening breeze and someTimes as vivacious as sTrong March winds. This was The year long awaiTed Tor . . . There was The lively Time in geTTing ready Tor Alumni Day and The day when The Card- inal Red Senior sweaTers were TirsT worn . . . The Tun To be had aT The Prom . . . The laughTer provolced aT seeing Tellow class- maTes in The Junior-Senior play. Leading These whirling evenTs were Tom PelTzer, TirsT semesTer class presidenT, and Dollie Allen, second semesTer presidenT. l.aTer came The senior parTies . . . laugh- ing aT Their secreT desires in The Senior Blue Boolc . . . signing oT The Yucca . . .The whirl- ing Tun oT DiTch Day . . . Senior BrealcTasT . . . Then The mosT exciTing Time oT all Their school days, GRADUATION. when hopes and dreams are TulTilled . . . wiTh good-byes and good wishes Seniors ended Their high school days wiTh The Farewell Dance. Well Willie, This is as Tar as you can Tollow your many Triends in The Senior class. There'll be many diTTerenT roads Tollowed, buT wiTh each, Willie sends his hopes for success in The TuTure. NANCY ADAMS MARY ARTHUR ELIZABETH BLUM JIM BROWN BOB BYRNE ANNA AEPELDT GEORGE AEEELDT MABEL AZNAREZ SHEILA RAE BELL SHARLEE BOWLIN JOHN BOYD ANDY BROWNWOOD BILL BUCHANAN AUDREY CABLE PHILLIS CAHILL 59' RY in 5 all" if ,V if ' 9-M-1 4 3 I if 'F I Q0 3' uw 4"'f'2'7' :EK . . l'0.' fi X IX. Kr' X '1"?"' 5' Q1--'rf A ROY AGEE RAY BILLET JACK BRAUN KAY BURDICK DALE CANADY 'U tt." -. 5 Y ,f 4, ROLLIE ALLEN DON BISHOP J. F. BREWTON ALAN BURGESS PAT CARPENTER 'B' 'ff' 'Nr' if if Q! , i T 1::"' A TB WARREN ALLEY JUNE BLAIR DONNA JO BRIGHT DAVI L BU RGESS JIM CARTER 4, if 1 TIJI 'ssl' an-4 - NY I if " 1" V, 5 an ff I 9 2, -'Bit ,jfffyaw 'f I I qiaigzg, iw was 'V' A TTT fi AA'Ag,,,. I .. I -"' ' 2 I f I LLLL ff L I 5 I ekctd emlafz caemfew JOY CARTER NVANDA CARTER CLYDE CHANTRY ELORENCE CHESHIRE CAROL CHRISTENSEN ALICE CLARK BENNY COATS SIDNEY COCHRAN MARGIE COLE BONNIE COMSTOCK SERALDINE COOK SHIRLEY COTY ELORENTINA CRUZ OALEN DENNIN6 CHUCK DORNBUSH WANDA DUNN MARTIN EARLY ARTHUR ELSER LA VON ETHERTON MARY LOU ETZEI. ANNSHIRLEY EENNER DONNA EIRSICK JO ANN FIRST BETTY FISHER SHIRLEY EISK MARGARET ELORES DALE FOSTER JOHN FOSTER TOMASENE FOSTER THELMA FOX BETTY FRANCISCO TOM EULLER ARTHUR GALLION MARY GATES MILDRED EEILE ROLE OROVES JOANNEGRAY WALTER ORIDLEY PAT HANKINS RUTH HANKINS DORIS HANNA PAT HARNERD BOB HEEERON DOLORES HENSON PAT HERSCHLAC5 MART HINOJOSA BARBARA HOAG PAYE HOWARD JAMES HUEEMAN CHARLES HULSIZER JAMES HUMPHREYS LEILANE HUNT ROBERT JACKSON CAROLEJENKINSON PAT JOHNSON WAYNE JOHNSON PAT JONES NELL JONES SHIRLEY JONES MARGARET JUDD KENNETH KELLY SANDRA KERR GEORGE LEIBY JACKIE LEMEN DAN LINTEMOOT RICHARD LITTLE BONNIE LONGLEY MARTEN MAILES DOROTHY MANSPERGER SHARON MARTIN DON MASNER JOE MASON JAMES MATTEROCCI FRED MAXWELL WILLIAM MQBRYANT VALERIE MCCORMICK DON MCDONALD WARD MCDONALD JO RUTH MCEEEEE DICK MCGINN PAT MCGOVERN DOLORES MEIER JOE MERDLER LAYOL MICI-IKOWSKI ELAINE MILLER VARDEN MILLER SI-IIRLEY MITCHELL TONY MOISE LYLE MORTON MAVIS NEUI-IARTI-I ALMA NIELSON RONALD NYBAKKEN DON NYGAARD BARBARA OVERLADE NORMA OWENS ELDORA PACE EDDIE PADIAS BOB PAPENC-ERC JEAN PARKER GALE PAXTON lg 2 is-X, Ji'-'v W Cf 'If 1 f fsfff'-C JEAN PEDROZA DON POWERS CAROL ROTH JACK SEILER CLARENCE STRAITIEE 'W' 'Q Q-.. ' N. ff? ' 'iff -ax BEVERLY PITTS JOYCE BLANCI-ION RAY POMPEY WILLIAM POPJOY DIANE PORTER ROSALIE RAMIREZ JOI-IN RANDALL MODENA REAGAN GILBERT REEVES CELIA RICHARDS JEAN RIDDLE O ANN SCI-IENBERGER RONALD SCI-ILEY GWENYTI-I SEASE JAMES SEAVEY BENNY SEDOWICK MARILYN SEOLIINE SUE SMITI-I I-IERB SMYTI-I KAY TI-IOR MARVIN TINDER 'H- Q9 as iff T , 52 V Q.. fr I f A I-IASKELL SNIDER JERRY STERK I-IARVEY STOLLENWERK GENE STOUT BONNIE TINGLEY EUGENE TREMAINE JIM TYLER BOB UPSI-IAW T v ki V' I , . It L' ' lx If 1 My -gf' 'av' S -:5" f xv. Y QQ' "bv I QF haf RUBY UYEDA VERNON VALDEZ BILL VERMEULEN RLISSEL WALLSTON BILL WAMSLEY JIM WATSON LOIS WEMPLE MATWLYN WESTCOTT DICK WILSON JANETTE WILSOIX. MARY DEANE WILSON NOQMA WITI-IEQS DENNIS WOLFEQ CONNIEYSLAS ZSOBBYEZARZANA ad an 'fifzaagi Qfwzdaalfioa CARL BARNETT DAN BASSI-IEM BILL BEALMER NORMA BUMGARDNER BONNIE COMSTOCK JOI-IN CUSTER SUE DAVIS BILL DEAVER DON EMBREY JAMES EINNIN DORIS FORD CAROL EOREMAN PAT EREDERICKS DONNA GILLETTE JOANNEGREEN PORFORIO GUERRA ALFRED GRIESI-IABER SARA I-IIRSI-IEIELD BONNIE LONC-LEY ROBERTA PELTON UNA LEE PERKINS BUB ULRICI-I SHIRLEY WALLACE 77Zefrz6mewz' 7944 ?cwmcl 7a-dome TOP ROW: I. Pen Pals senI' a goal io Korea. 2. fBus 'uniors decorare for a dance Io boosf class Y I funds. 3. Sfudenfs assisf in Fair Parade management 4. Merrimenf aI Ilwe school carnival. MIDDLE ROW: 2 0 I. 3. 4. Drama Club Members secure Iickefs fo flue Pesa- dena Playhouse. "My Hero!" SIudenIs learn dancing fundamenfals. Cade? Corp members enjoyed Ihe annual banquef. BOTTOM ROW: I. 2. Ag. boys display pdoiecfs on Ilmeir Fair float Fu+ure Farmers made money af ine refreslumenf sland. 3. A. V. girls braved Ihe sun Io assisi Fair Specfafors. 4. Sharlee Bowlin helps beaufify Marioriie lnifiahs. 66 65 il Page 59 Page 60 df! f' N-.zz R.--Q5 f fam if E I Eli? EW? -V ?iE""'l Y SZ? -an-9--+-.,,,,,,,,mNN 'gl R nk' . I ' . .Q P f Q . E 15 ' L' ff 'V Q ff' x. A '1 nw . Alf ' , 3 S ME HM: "5 ff? E ,Tl ff I :W-fgLg,l4 - -3, .,--f X , Q Mg' J ,.,.. X -.. I, 5 ,JMJAI I- ' "' f - -h """M"'Wm-'f M, L,... 0 O O O ro? 0 ' Q 'fxvvgxii , bfff...? W1 vows fora E IK Wiaddcam of Wolf ,461 4 CD --I rn USHERETTES Miss Evelyn Erickson, sponsor ROW I: P. Sexion, M. Hodgson, F. Fas- .,,.nachi, S. Smrlhf. ROW II: E. Miller, J. Blair, D. Lacey, M. Arnarez. ROW III: P. Herschlag, E. Kono, D. Siebenfhal, J. Green, C. Richards. ROW IV: J. A. Green, D. Pipkin, Harris, K. Burdick. KNIGHTS STANDING: W. MacDonald, W. Nunr B. Compfon. SITTING: B. Jackson, D. Rumble, R. McBryan+, T. Tissue. Page 62 dike aefzemw I 14. 7.4 USHERETTES Willie weaved lhrough The darlc audilorium seeking a place 'ro sil, when helpful ushereifes encircled him and showed him Io a seal. I+ was 'rheir iob 'ro 'lake Iiclcefs, sell pro- grams Tor which +his service was needed. Usherelies are iunior and senior girls selecled on fhe basis of scholar- ship and good school cilizenship. Miss Evelyn Ericson sponsored Jrhe club. The officers were Pal' Hersch- lag, presidenig Elaine Miller, vice- president Pal Sexlon, secrelary. KNIGHTS Oh no! Whal is Willie inlo now? There goes several Knighls aiier him. The Knighls lcepl order during fhe assemblies and around The campus. Their requiremenls were a C grade average and an o. lc. by lhe Tacully. and 'rhey musl have pariicipaled on one year of sporls. There were nine members and Mr. Nunn sponsored rhem. e6p6 Whvwle BOYS' and GIRLS' LEAGUES FUN! LAUGI-IS! EXCITEMENT! Came wilh The evenrs sponsored by Ihe Boys' and Girls' Leagues. Such evenrs were The Freshman Receplion, as Ihe girls well remember 'rhe cools- ies and punch .... Luggage Days, when Ihe girls and boys exchange carrying books .... Dreams came Irue wifh Ihe Chrisrmas Ball, when rhe girls were in Iheir formals and . Yo Yo Day, boys in Their Iuxs. . . when Ihe 'reachers were even seen playing wilh yo yos, and wearing loud colored shirrs and slcirrs .... Then Ihe las+ big evenl' of Ihe year, The Molhers' Tea, wifh refreshmen+s and a modern dance program resenred I9 by The Physical Educarion deparI- menl. One very special evenf Ihis year, for Ihe Girls' League, was being co- hosresses wirh Sanra Paula I-Iigh for Ihe Regional Convenrion. This neces- sifaled plenry of planning and hard worlc, which in Iurn resulled in a suc- cessful day for all. Every boy and girl in school is a member of 'rhe leagues, which play a very imporIan'r parr of our school government Everyone has Ihe oppor- Iuni'ry 'ro be parr of a large organiza- lion 'rhar serves 'rhe school. Leading Ihe acrivifies were League Presidenf Dollie Allen, and Paul Sie- mens. Sponsors were Ann Urbanow- ski, Ernesr Tosi, and Thomas Buffum. Q BOYS" LEAGUE CABINET GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET BACK ROW: D. Byrne, P. Siemens, S. BACK ROW: K. Kelly, J. Green, J Layne, D. Kuli, J. Merdler, T. Kono. Blair, B. Johnson. . CENTER ROW: L. Efherfon, J. Dux, A gR?L'Ik3o2Wa Mhez':1"e?'J Bfiltzmai' Piani, G. Kirk, C. Gamage, A. Fenner. i,icsfy..n+. ' ' ' ' ' ' FRONT ROW: Miss A. ufbanowsk: sponsorg C. Blair, C. Siemens, E. Kono : . Kelly, G. Sakaguchi, D. Allen. M. Aznaroz Page 63 ui HONOR SOCIETY BACK ROW R Walls+on T CocldingTon G Leiby M Mailes B Wamsley D Allen THIRD ROW B La Fleur S Jones R Chaney N A Wi son B Nas J McEfee K Jacobs N E Wilson T Leman J Hankins S Purcell S Mead C Mashelc SECOND ROW F Harvell H Yslas B Dunivan A Massari P Ke y C Siemens M Richey C Richards S Bowlin A PITT M Mohling S Fasnachi D Klef K Shyroclx M NeuharTh S Coclcran R Hlelm M Hunfer A Pianl J Smifh C Smlfh G SGKBQUCHI E Blum Miss Josephine DarT M Moore FRONT ROW P Guerra J Cusfer D Schenberger J Mayfield E CoTTen J Merdler J Hammonds C Callaway P Reyes A Schuliz D Byrne D Kuli P Siemens W MacDonald A Fenner P Truesdell menu aj Sciafczatcc . HONOR SOCIETY l-lorn-rimmed glasses and a heavy pile oT boolcs are noT reguisiTe To b ea brain around A. V. Being a member oT The l-lonor SocieTy gualiTies Though. Encouraging scholarship and good grades, special incenTive is oTTered by an honorary semesTer pass. NighT gowns, millc boTTles, and baby Tallc were required Tor The iniTiaTes Tor a day. This was Tol- lowed by a Tormal iniTiaTion barbeque and swim- ming parTy. The l-lonor SocieTy also had a booTh aT The carnival where They sold pie and candy. Page 64 Club sponsor is Josephine DarT. The TirsT sem- esTer oTTicers were: presidenT Celia Richards' secre- Tary Sharlee Bowlin' Treasurer Johnny CusTer. The second semesTer oTTicers were: presidenT, Grace Salcaguchig vice-oresidenT. Ruby Uyeda: se-creTary, Doris Sakaguchiq Treasurer, Darryl Denning. To ioin, membership requiremenTs are Ten poinTs, A's counT 3 poinTs, A in gym-I poinT, B's counT I poinT, and V2 poinT Tor clubs. These poinTs lasT Tor one semesTerg Then anoTher applicaTion musT be secured Tor The Tollowing semesTer. LIBRARY SCIENCE Willie blew info llue library lasl lall willu llie inlenlion ol borrowing a good science liclion boolc. Bul was lue losll I I I I so many boolcsl Cluaos and confusion reigned and 'rluere was one losl Willie unlil a library science girl came lo luis rescue. Mrs. Eliza- bellu Lorbeer supervised 'rlue 'rraining ol nearly 20 girls. Tlue girls luelped sludenls lind boolcs willu llue card calalog. answered gueslions, rebound books, and did olluer suclu Iuelplul laslcs necessary Io 'flue smoollu cperalion ol Hue library. LIBRARY SCIENCE BACK ROW: Mrs. E. Lorbeer, J Burfovd, M. Leslu, S. Edwards, K Klargaard, R Ramirez, J Riddl Kalsbeck, N. L. Hodges, N. Lan CENTER ROW: M. Fix, L. Ridg S. Slueppler, P. Hall, J. Leme Hoag J Carfer W Sauer P K ndmef. FRONT ROW: A. Speclul, P. Sclu P Williams, D. Porler, P. Jolunso J Bray. Girls' Girls' Wlual dc you lrnow? l've iusl received an answer lo my leller lo I-Iolf land." Tliese were Ilue sluouls Willie lueard as lue passed llue library on club day. Tell us, Willie, wlual luas been llue Iopic if dis- cussion as you look in on Ilue PEN PALS CLUB? Well-as a Iluanlcsgiving proiecl, money was donaled generously by AVi'res lc buy a millc goal lo send lo needy cluil- dren in Korea. Also, as a lluouglullul geslrure 'ro arouse llue luoliday spiril in Japan, club members decided lo send Clurislmas cards. Tluese sludenls are in conlacl willu approx- imalely sixly people living in many piclur- esgue counlries. Pen Pals aclivilies luave re- sulled in Iriendly conlacl willu young per- sons in various parls ol llue world. AcTors 'n "W 'T' f i ai ing or LefTy" don'T seem To inTeresT sTage hands, Dennis Wolfer and John l:osTer. ie pefgbetfzazfdoaa of like ' aa ie s -Q xg ' - T ,, .n. .. 1 if X if .eff m:" , if NN, df' v!huw-App' mfffw J QS?-'FV "" wg WM? Hi nf' i-tnginuwn,1?sov'1i..-,ga5sn1f' . -.M i:,mmgf.ww F:wamgmm, in an -wmmmwkx ,.-.m.......,.....,- luuuauwwva-wlusvneuo an an d. A an ,fl-f::,,,..Qs1:...w-Narg.-.iaofei-emozafaeffz-rv-e-annum Page 66 MidnighT oil and grease painT mingled wiTh calls for acTors and The crash of falling props all wenT inTo This year's Junior-Senior producTion, "The Imporfance of Being Ern- esT", by Oscar Wilde. Our "heroes"' for This year were Don Bishop. Calvin Callaway, ArT Knowles, Jim Seavey, and Don Masner. Adding a Touch of beaufy we found Celia Richards, Mavis NeuharTh. JuaniTa Gammon, Cherie Joilin, Beverly Johnson. and Sydney Cochran. All Tried exTra hard To drive Their direcTor. Mrs. Florence Mayer, irrafional. Affer breezing Through a few million re- hearsals, while Trying To avoid sfepping on members of The sTage crew making lasT sec- ond changes, The sTarleTs placed Their Tin- ished producT before The public. WiTh The able assisTance of Mr. Tom Buf- fum and The sTage crew, plus a pair of bor- rowed arTisTs, all props and furnishings found Their proper places on sTage in Time for The firsT curTain. Nw-J an 1:- II -1 ll I 'I 'I 'I 'I lx I 1 I. v' I. -A. if 1, JUNIOR-SENIOR PLAY TOP ROW I. vDirecIor, Chuck Dornbush and sfars, Celia Richards and Mavis Neu- barflw. 2. Don Bishop fries Io win Cherie Jolin's, Jauniia Gammon's and Celia Ricl1ard's affeclion. BOTTOM ROW I. Everyone being conlenf, Ilwe play comes Io a close. 2. Le+'s no? Ialk behind ErnesI's back girls! Page 67 me-"e'e A CAPFELLA BACK ROW: N. Owens, S. Pulos, J. Hawkins, V. Brenne- man, L. Fleming, C. McGuire, L. Perkins, L. Schmidf, C. Vernon, M. Spindler, V. Chandler, L. Ledbeifer, B. Perdue. FOURTH ROW: J. Barker, D. Garrelf, L. Acker, C. Lehman, D. Ellis, R. Hoapili, K. Kelly, W. Carler, R Marlin. THIRD ROW: D. Meier, M. Moore, B. Thomas, R. Bak- man, D. Cissell, P. Wall, F. Blanchard, F. Chiles. SECOND ROW: P. Frederick, D. Lacy, M. Asbery, D. Bishop, T. Fuller, B. Spindler, B. Hall, B. Tingley, J. Parker, M. Bay. FIRST ROW: C. Mashek, B. Jamison, M. Nix, P. Hamil- ion, M. Tinder, L. Whipple, L. Overlade, M. Lee, M Hodgson. Page 68 2. The Anlelope Valley Ambassadors, Don Bishop, Marvin Asbury, Tom Fuller, and Bruce Hall, sing lheir way fo populariiy. Pal Fredericks and Marvin Tinder display fheir anlics before a s+uclenf asembly. Q. aaga da I BOYS' CHORUS BACK ROW: G. Englund, J. AnThony. C. Lehman, W. Wafson. SECOND ROW: J. Dix, J. Llafei, J. Jennings, M. Tinder, J. Provenzano, R. Jones, H. Jopia, L. Whipple, R. Hardy, T. Gering. FIRST ROW: V. Brenneman, B. Thomas, D. Bishop, M. Asbury, T. Fuller, B. Hall, dl P H ilfon, C. Vernon, L. B. Spin er, . am Perkins. VOCAL MUSIC Scored again! Who? Why, The A Cappella Choir-who else? This Time in Tucson, Arizona. Anyway, ThaT's whaT is heard Trom Willie-The liTTle know--iT-all. The Trip lasTed Tive day during The group's beloved EasTer vacaTion. OT course iT was worTh iT, especially since only selecTed sTu- denTs were allowed To make The journey. .The TwenTy members who aTTended and parTicipaTed in The NaTional EducaTors' ConTerence were chosen by Their sTanding in The group. They parTicipaTed by singing in a concerT given by Tour hundred singers represenTing schools in Tive wes- Tern sTaTes. OTher acTiviTies in which These music makers Took parT included an assembly Tor The school, The Spring ConcerT and singing Tor civic organizaTions. Eye appeal was Tur- nished by girl singers cloThed in sTriking Tormals. IT was given Tor residenTs oT The valley and The enTire casT Took parT in making iT a success. A new idea which Mrs. Hermione Vaughn, who plans and direcTs all classes oT vocal music, has decided upon, is To have The Spring ConcerT and OpereTTa alTernaTely. The main obiecTive oT The boys and girls chorus is To Train Tor enTrance inTo A Cappella. Page 69 SENIOR BAND BACK ROW: A. Ives, S .HamiII, D. Gilmore, M. Abbot? R. Pelfon, V. Clem, C. Barnel"l', Mr. William Ballard. SIXTH ROW: S. Mead, P. Benson, C. Hauger, R. Revile A. Knowles, B. Malay, B. Garb-e++, D. Sanford, B. Comp lon, G. Kliewer, S. MiTchell, B. Overlade, T. Marshall, E Colby, M. Mailes. FIFTH ROW: C. Marrs, A. Seymour, M. Simon, D. Smal- ley, R. McBryanT, F. Maxwell, D. Hines, T. Lemon, D Wemple, D. Powers, D. Beardsley, S. Layne, T. Turner, D Bishop, G. Denning. FOURTH ROW: D. Wilson, T. Smalley, C. Chanfry, B Zook, L. Snyder, F. Logan, L. Slranske, D. Beine, D. Byrne D. Denning, R. Pelion, J. Snodgrass, J. Winkley, D Rumble. THIRD ROW: D. Richards, C. Jolin, B. Flock, J. Kidd M. Thompson, J. Nygaard, V. Turner, C. Smith, G. Vilardi C. Barfholomew, F. E'!herTon, R. Sanfino, B. Comsfoclr, B Byers. SECOND ROW: J. Smilh, J. Arnold, C. Rofh, D. Curley, C. Jenlcinson, S. Jones, S. Cockran, B. Jackson, D. Sirom berg, P. Seimens, J. Finnin, A. Hellberg, S. Farley. FRONT ROW: S. Seymour, M. Hann, M. Reagan, R. Han- lcins, P. Colo, M. NeuharTh, D. Ellis, J. Gray, M. HunTer D. Mansperger, D. Gilleiie, N. Adams, R. Uyeda, J. May- field. Page 70 SENIOR BAND Willie, wasn'T ThaT All WesTern Band Re view someThing To remember? The wind was blowing and rain was coming down in TorrenTs, buT A. V. came Through To Tie Tor TirsT place aTTer compeTing againsT sevenTy Tive oTher bands. ThaT wasn'T The only Trophy They added To Their collecTion. They also received The "MOST OuTsTanding Band" Trophy aT Bar sTow. This cinched Their chances To Travel To The FullerTon FesTival Tor The sTaTe Tinals OTher evenTs in which They parTicipaTed were The AnTelope Valley Fair Parade. The Junior Chamber oT Commerce PeT Parade SanTa Claus Lane Parade, DeserT Bowl Game aT Edwards Air Force Base, Almond FesTival as well as all TooTball games and The annual spring concerT. ExciTemenT and secrecy spiraled To one oT The main evenTs oT The year, The honoring DirecTor William Ballard aT The Alumni game ATTer oTher halT-Time acTiviTies, The band Tormed The leTTers W. B. and played The march, "Our DirecTor." DoTTing The annual A. V. aT The homecom- ing game for The mosT ouTsTanding band . members were Galen Denning, band presi- denT, and Ruby Uyeda. ORCHESTRA Soil ligluls, swee'f music and lorly members ol llu eorclueslra ge'fling eye-slrain 'frying lo read slueel' music. Under 'flue direclion ol William Ballard, 'flue or- clues'fra performed al social lunc'fions, P. T. A. rneel- ings and presenled llue Spring Concer'f. As Willie was snooping around baclcslage lue bumped inlo Marlin Mailes, presidenl, and Cluerie Jolin, vice-presiden'f, discussing llue evening's enler- lainmenl. Jus1"fluen Sluirley, secre'fary, came in 'fo repor'f 'flua'f 'flue liclcel sales gave luinl our a large audience. Willu llue scluool year ended 'flue orclueslra mem- bers were lell wi'flu 'flue memories ol many pleasanl aclivilies. ORCHESTRA STANDING: D. Sanford, Mr. Ballard B. Zook, K. Burdick, D. Burgess. BACK ROW: J. Holcombe, S. Tluomp son, G. Waffers, G. Kliewer, R. Ruvalo T. Smalley, D. Smalley, J. Winkley, P Wluifson, M. Mailes, G. Denning, U Perkins, B. Jamison. CENTER ROW: P. Forbes, R. Hard- grove, C. Malmeke, D. Radice, M Neuluarfh, B. Jackson, D. Ellis, J. Fin- nin, W. Henderson, F. Logan, D. Beine K. Holcombe, P. Frederick. FRONT ROW: C. Jolin, S. Clark, V Clem, P. Fisluer, S. Deyarmin. 9 da lie PEP BAND AND YELL LEADERS OH wifh a loursf of brass, fhe PEP BAND sef fuel fo fhe feams burning desire fo win. lvlarfin Mailes sfu- denf direcfor, led fhe band af pep rallies and games. "Svypz. ioolderr pgnmxfezgslul Whaf's fhis7 None ofher fhan fhe cheering secfion of Sniclclefrifz High School. Buf A. V. was luclcy in hav- ing Connie Davis and Ray lvlcBryanf as YELL LEADERS fo lead ifs yells in coordinafion. Connie and her assisfanfs led fhe A. V. cheering secfion fhrough fhe cold and rain af foofball games. Af fhe furn of The semesfer Ray and his loeef frusf finished ouf fhe baslcefball season. MAJORETTES aren'f always glam- ourous! Why Willie, whaf do you mean? Well, you should have seen fhem marching af Long Beach. Their hair was sfraighf and fheir uniforms were dripping. buf fhey fwirled and sfruffed fo fhe end. Some ofher hiohlicahfs of fhe year were fhe infia- fion parfv and half-fime maneuvers af foofball games. Hold fhe line. boys! No, if isn'f fishing fime. Those shoufs came from fhe PEPPERETTES. Loolcinq snaDDV in fheir blaclc and whife uni- forms, and wifh fheir red and blaclc pomooms, 'rhey cheered bravely whefher in vicfory or defeaf. Page 72 I my PEP BAND BACK ROW: M. Mailes, D. Bishop, C. Barnefl, T. Turner, B. Comsfock B Byers, T. Marshall, E. Colby. THIRD ROW: G. Denning, D. Richards, L. Sfranslre, D. Beine, D. Byrne, S. CHEER LEADERS Layne' P. Furman, SECOND ROW: C. Chanfry, B. Zoolc, Qibso T. Lehman, D. Smalley, D. Denning D R M ines. Fl. C. Davis, K. Burdick, B. cBryan+, W. MacDona,d R. Hodge, i-i FRONT ROW: R. Ruvolo, B. compio-., and B' Jackson' D. Sanford, B. Garbeff. urn' F's's'-v --,N 1? r PEPPERETTES BACK ROW: B. Blohm, V. Adams, J. Beiis, A. Wilson, K. Mollinei, C. Harris, B. Wallin, I. Bowser, J. Arnold, B. Hildreih, B. Windsor, K. von Klargaard, F. Holliday, M. Haynes, B. Jones, C. RoI1Ik. THIRD ROW: A. Piani, D. D. MacLackIan, F. Cruz, I. Cross D. Brown, J. Fowler, C. Scliwandi, T. Barker, F. Speneer, L. Lowden, D. Sieck, J. Evers, G. Kirk, B. Laiham SECOND ROW: J. Mumaw, J. Bloom, N. Hawkins, P Wehr, P. Edwards, K. Howell, G. Sakaguchi, B. Briganfe R. Navarref, C. A. Godde, T. Slollenwerk, B. Williams B. Williams, J. Profho. FRONT ROW: M. Riplogle, S. Adams, M. Hann, G. Milli- gan, P. Towner, M. Schwandf, D. Sakaguchi, J. Wriglwi, D. While, G. Carsey, C. Ward, E. Harnillon, S. Malin, D. Coddingion. SONG LEADERS: D. Allen, J. Pelerson. STANDING: D. McLaurin, K. Siemens, M. Nix, C. MAJORETTES Mc Efee, L. Bowlin, J. McEfee, A. Pi++, J. Barker, L. Ellwerlon KNEELING: D. CisseII, P. Fredericks, B. PoHs, P. Hud son, R. Perkins. F. F. A. BACK ROW: J. Welch, W. Schroeder, C. Sayre, M. Kelley, B Tensfield, L. Smifh, B. Bakman, P. Wanserslce, G. Fosler, B. Eise- braun, M. Thompson, C. Bowen, R. Lalham, J. Eisebraun, J. Mon?- morency, P. Yarbrough, J. Bunker, R. Sider, B. Frazier. FIFTH ROW: O. Gray, N. Mead, R. loder, E. Arranfs, J. While head, R. Saens, D. Trombalore, G. Pyle, N. High, R. Granilly, E. Arguedos, G. Fisher, B. Qualls, M. Sprow, P. Johnson, M. King, B. Reade, M. McLane, B. Ralcliff, J. Gordon. FOURTH ROW: R. Schley, D. Kelley, F. Campbell, G. Hamillon, P. McNamee, L. Beebe, S. Williams, M. Hinoiosa, J. Brown, J. Ralphs, J. Slerlc, F. Maxwell, T. Fuller, E. Firsick, M. Asbury, W. Slarlrel A. lden. THIRD ROW: R. Wilburn, R. Clark, S. Vulcanovich, J. Provenzano R. Moss, K. Bonhomme, D. Abbofl, P. Mclver, F. Gilberl, R. Fraxier D. Fisher, L. Adams, T. Turner, D. Cummins, G. Smilh, E. Garrel B. Marshall. SECONR ROW: H. Tapia, D. Ryclcebosch, T. Barlxer, R. Websfer J. Kinlrade, J. Paesano, N. Maiors, W. Dollar, F. Hamon, J. Cheney M. Masself, D. McDonald, C. Marrioll, C. Schmidl, C. McGee J. Blohm, L. Gorsline, D. Rolh, D. Dyer. FIRST ROW: H. Smifh, D. Rupp, R. Billell, B. Buchanan, J. Huff- man, B. Heffron, B. Sedgwick, R. Hodge, D. Canady, A. Grieshaber R. Tomfohr, D. Troian, J. Jennings, J. Hari, B. Neu, G. Mifchell N. Crews, C. Adams. 44476 F. F. A. Slarlinq school wilh a walermelon leed and ending wilh lheir annual Parenl Banquet 'rhe Fulure Farmers ol America lcepl busy during lhe year. To qualify for membership, F. F. A. boys live on farms, have home pro- iecls, and lake lhe vocalional aqricullure course. Aller qradualion from A, V. a fre- quenl pallern is aliendance al' an agricul- 'rural college or lhe siarl ol a career in farm- ing. The mosl eillicienl and up-lo-dale larm and livesloclc care lechniques were learned on lrips lo local ranches. Davis, Cal Poly, The Greal Weslern Livesloclc Show, and lhe Page 74 San Francisco Cow Palace were lhe deslina- lions of lheir longesl lrips. There lhey iudged and appraised liveslock, displayed lheir own proiecls, had ihem appraised, heard leclures, and saw many exhibils. Beef, swine and sheep are lhe usual proiecls. Olhers included bees, crops, orchard and a fish haichery. Slcils, awards and lallcs were lealured in lhe yearly F. F. A. assembly which was one ol lhe many aclivilies planned by Bob Hel- lron. presidenlg Diclc Abboll, vice-president Jim Huffman, secrelaryg Jerry Slerlc, lreas- urerz Paul Mclver, reporlerg and sponsors, Don Worden, Pal Gary, Ralph Davis and Chai-les Adams. F. H. A. BACK ROW: B. Rackeff, J. Evers, G. Kisfner, W. Carfer, P. Harned, R. Guerra, B. Williams, G. Sease, G. Cook, D. Nielsen, K. Kelly. D. Curley, N. Boull, F. Harvell, J. Godde, A. Kalsbeek. FOURTH ROW: J. Green, C. Haley, P. Hudson, M. Leo, B. Williams, G. Carsey, J. A. Dux, S. K. Mark, P. Williams, L. Dahl. THIRD ROW: D. Siebenfhal, M. Bay, L. Kalpakoff, B. Dunivan, B. Shumaker, B. Newman, P. Towner, B. Cooper, B. Russell, M. Russell. SECOND ROW: C. Akroycl, L. Chavez, D. Sakaguchi, C. Morgan, S. Milbourne, G. Sakaguchi, K. Rhea, B. Max- well, M. Schwandf, P. Wilbur, S. La Rue, S. Thompson, J. Parker. FIRST ROW: N. Marks, A. Piani, M. Cockran. FHA Over 500 FuTure l-lomemalcers ol Amernca were guesTs oT A V gurls when The Orange and Los Angeles CounTy secTIonal convenTIon meT aT A V In February Meelung To share Ideas on Theur muTual proIecTs The homemakers were preslded over by secTIon prexy Grace Salcaguchn Food and cloThIng exhIbIT booThs were dlsplayed aT The A V Faur To encourage The magor F l-l A goal oT promol' Ing InTernaTIonal good wnll The proIecT was carrzed ouT by sending gIfTs To chnldren overseas ATTendIng The San Franclsco STaTe Convenhon Grace Salcaguchl Angelsne PIanI PaTsy BarneTT Mrs Zelma Go ben and Mrs BIllIG Adams learned more abouT whaT The oTher California F l-l A chapTers are doing Durung Na Tuonal F l-l A Week The delegaTes Told abouT Theur Trip over KALV Gnrls who have aT leasT a semesTer ol home economucs are elnguble Tor membership Under The dIrecTIon oT The DoroThy GranT The oTlIcers were Angeline Plan: presIdenT PaTsy BarneTT vlce presIdenT BeTTy RaclceTT secreTary Donna Neulson Treasurer Jimmie BurneTT reporTer Mary GaTes parlIamenTarnan and Marsha Nix and Nancy Marks song leaders Page 75 l Y ni... -1 ' '. I I 0 . n n I u home economics Teachers, Mrs. Zelma Goben and Mrs. ' I . ' . Q I l I ' I I - ' ' SANDPAPER As carefully prepared as a minialure mel- ropoliian daily, lhe Sandpaper relafed lhe lalesf news, gossip, and sporls lo A.V. slu- denls. The sialf was so large +ha+ if divided info Two groups. While one learned The rudimenls of News English, Jrhe olher group galhered Jrhe news and pu+ if in lhe lorrn of your Sandpaper. Always al hand was l'he iournalisl genius, Terry Coddinglon as edilor. Sleve Layne, assislranl edilor, conlribuied wil and humor, while Ann Varley Told of +he lalesl fads ol olher schools. A lwo weeks cycle of copy- ing, proof-reading and prinling by Africa Prinlers, The sfaff and Joe Milrod, lhe spon- Mldadaw ecafwlwg sor, dislribuled 'rhe Sandpaper lo Phe sec- and period classes. Nina RW Sand Paper Iden+iHcafion The Sand Paper, AV's bi ekly pbl f b g H d news u ica ion, ein wri edifed by fhe Sand Paper sfaff dh ers in the news room llowerl and s+uden+s in fhe adioining News English class room lupperl learning iournalism fheory. ZZ ' YUCCA "I could have done beifer wiih my Brownie!" "I-IurI me 'rhe synonym book!" 'Who swiped 'rhe receipf book?" "Sei some pep in+o 'rhaf copy!" "Cui 'rhose pic- Iures STRAIGHT!! . . ." If you had passed Yucca class, Tif+h period, These exclamafions mighi have whizzed in your ear. Wi+hin, Ed- iror LaVon Erherron was diIigen'rIy 'frying 'ro make fhe siaff work. PauI Greenlee, sponsor. was ever reminding fhem 'rha'r Time was run- ning ou'r. A guesfion which had 'rhe business managers Iwisfing 'rheir fingers was, "Will we have enough money Io pay 'rhe engraving bill Io 'rhe L. A. Engraving Company?" SaIIey Mead sei sail ro sell IOOO books Io Ihe s'ru- denis and Pai McGovern convinced Ihe merchanis Ihar ads in 'rhe Yucca do pay. The sjrudenis, wiih 'rhe aid of Ihe sI'aII, have recorded in 'rhis Yucca Ihe vicfories. defears and rhe ordinary rhings Ihai make A.V. spin. YUCCA STAFF TOP ROW: Joan Ann Schenberge Ja e e son, Bill Thomas, Jimmy Humphreys a SECOND ROW: Pai' McGovern, La V Ei o Darla Pipkin, Terry Coddingfon. THIRD ROW: Harvey Sfollenwek An sh Iy F ne en r, Judy Smi+h, Pa? Hudson. FOURTH ROW: Sally Mead, Joan y W Gridley. PROJECTIONISTS CLUB IT happened again! AnoTher Tilm was broken! Broken by The boys oT The Proiec- TionisTs Club. Seriously speaking, Those boys volunTeered To donaTe Their Time and Torego Their sTudies several Times a week To provide The service oT operaTing The movie projec- Tors Tor The school. PerTaining To iTs audio-visual makeup and reeling apparaTus and under The supervision oT l-lampTon ProeTT, The club was whirling franTically To provide The various classes wiTh sTudenTs oT a high grade sTandard To operaTe The movie proiecTors which were run approximaTely IOOO hours a year. 14 Wmdetef of HEALTH OFFICE "Take This boy's TemperaTure-answer The phone--keep Those records sTraighT." These phrases. along wiTh mingled laughs of en- ioymenT, could be heard Trom school nurse Geneva lvlungovan and her I-Iealfh Office as- sisTanTs. The work done by The helpers in- cluded carinq for The oTTice while The nurse was away, seeing ThaT sTudenT logs were cared Tor, keeping supplies in order, caring Tor minor emergencies, and checking weighTs and heighTs. As in pasT years, The l-lealTh OTTice pre- senTed a vaccinaTion program Tor smallpox preceded by a Tilm and insTrucTion. CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Chamberlain, Q Gourdy, J. Sirembler, J. Russell, J Jennings, C. Walker, R. BarneTT, D DeMiTro, G. Millizer, W. Griclley, J Gordon, R. Nybakken, K. McGowan J. Jennings, A. Knowles, J. Seavy, O Gray, J. Jackson, J. Maudlin, T. Levis, J. Fosfer, W. Sfayer, C. Walker, C. Dufy, J. Seavey. 7fa!e-:eau . ., CALIFORNIA CADET CORPS Knowledge of whaT To expecT in miliTary service, Willie found, Tollows The Training in leadership, drill, hygiene and TirsT aid offered by The CADET CORPS. The riTle Team pracTiced approximaTely one hour every Thursday under The command oT Frank Chamberlin. The group presenTed a lv1oTher and FaTher banqueT including all service heads from The valley. OTher curricular acTiviTies consisTed oT raising The Tlag aT all TooTball games, enTering in The dis- TricT riTle maTches and Tiring on The Marine base. Numer- ous awards were given ThroughouT The year-The mosT imporTanT being The American Legion Award given To The Three ouTsTanding CadeT oTTicers. As a volunTary proiecT. The boys had The opporTuniTy To go To summer camp aT San Luis Obispo where They conTinued pracTicing drill and leadership. PROJECTIONISTS BACK ROW: R. Heinrick, L. Schmidt F. Jennings, P. PreTer, E. Nukala, R. Granger, O. Sfrembler, Mr. Hampfon ProefT, R. Senkbeil. FRONT ROW: G. Schuman, M. Mas- seTT, K Roberis, R. Debs. HEALTH OFFICE GIRLS B. Jones, M. Gafes, W. Dunn, M. Arfhur, Miss Geneva Mungovan, school nurse. FUTURE TEACHERS BACK ROW Sponsor, N. Nlch I H Smiih. N. E. Wils L Aff ldT W McDonald FRONT ROW C .Richarcls, D. K f R HI lm P Kelly, P. Truesdell FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA WiThouT a counTerparT in neigh- boring high schools The FuTure Teach- ers of America ne-verTheless main- Tains an acTive and consTrucTive pro- gram. The TwenTy Teachers-To-be heard Talks by a number oT educaTional specialisTs and TurTher familiarized Themselves wiTh The sTeps leading To a proTessional career by visiTing Po- mona College, The UniversiTy OT SouThern CaliTornia and The Univer- siTy oT California aT Los Angeles. PaT Kelly served as presidenT. She was assisTed by Paula Truesdale, vice- presidenT: Carolyn SmiTh, secreTary- Treasurerg and NorTon Nichols, spon- sor. 706Z66e 'a Smeetdecwlfc 'K 51 is S1294 1: 1, X' Q . V.. fm" , 1 I I , ,AE ff' ,,. I M ' 'Q' 5-IN' sy A,-A" U4 1' I W - A QM f.fL eq' f -3, A gi S, 42 ,,K3-,Wi T- fi' Q5Uc:f . " ' . ' Q' ' f 1 Lfiu X , 5"",.--'L ' .f X ,L Q fq bf wg!! CcQq:1fZWE'lX,f 'Y 7 N, KX ff1Ewc?'.fE' X YFQ jf' QE? f QTf v:gi ' .fSf,i9Yif- -ar-. T, . E 5 x -I Y, ,ilu .3 'QL ":fx', 4? sg , Fwy, "jf x " 5 ,',.Y:?If Q tv., 1' if Aff: x 'Qt 1 x fn f V .U v fkfff . V Lg.,g,,,!' ' s Page 82 RADIO PRODUCTION Bouguels lo lhe Radio Produclion class for having made if possible for people of lhe enlire Anlelope Valley To know whal look place in our high school, aboul our sporls, clubs, classes and olher aclivilies. The broadcasls circled lhrough lhe valley lhrough radio slalion KAVL. The aclual purpose of The group was lo provide opporlunily for sludenls 'ro develop professional skills. Members improved lheir speaking abilily and received good 'rraining for possible fulure careers. Especially good lraining was offered class members for car- rying oul responsibililies assigned To lhem by lhe leacher and advisor, Joe Milrod. "A, V. Classroom", produced by Russell Wallslon, was one educafional program which consisled of lape recordings of classes ol lhe school while 'rhey were in ses- l i vi RADIO PRODUCTION-Page 82 I. Members of fha Radio Produchon S+aIT BACK ROW B. Bealmer, B. Thomas, H. Siollen- werk, C. S+rai+iFI, B. Spindler, D. Burgess, Advisor, Joe Milrod FRONT ROW J. Mason, A. Welch, D. Ford, C. Duly 2. Sfudenfs of fhe Radio Produciion Class presenf an original radio scripf commemorafing Bill of Righfs Week 3. Anne Welch presenfs a winning Voice of Democracy speech sion. This enabled everyone who was infer- esled 'ro become informed aboul diiclerenl' class procedures. Olher programs were whipped 'rogelher by Anne Welch wilh "Teen Scene", by Dave Burgess presenling "Counlry Cornfab", by Bob Splinder giving us "Vocal Varie+ies", and by Failh Chiles wilh "Campus Clubs". The programs rolal- ed around announcers Marvin Tinder, l-lar- vey Slollenwerk, Russell Wallslon, and Bill Bealner. lmporfanl iobs were execufed by Harvey Slollenwerk, slalion manager, and Joe Ma- son, chief engineer. The slalion manager's dizzing dulies consisled of planning pro- grams and seeing l'ha+ all plans were carried oul. Chief engineer, Joe Mason had charge of lhe con'rrol boolh. I-lis slaff of engineers were Clarence Slraliff, Bill Bealner. and Charles Duly. mm cmd Kinetic... FROSH VODVIL CLUB Lighfsl Camera! Acfion! If was 'rhe Frosh Vodvil Assembly! The plof for fhe sfage producfion fhis year fool: place on a fake movie lof. Performers prefended fhey were frying ouf for parfs in ,fhe movies. Worlc and efforf of Gail Miller, presidenf: Mary Coclcran, vice-presidenfg Judy Wal- lace. secrefaryy Marcia G-win, 'rreasurerg Mrs. Amy l-leydorn, sponsor, and members of fhe club and class made fheir show a whiz. The assembly was presenfed fo fhe freshman class, and lafer fo fhe enfire sfu- denf body. A parfy fo honor assembly parficipanfs climaxed fhe club's acfivifies. If was in full swing, 'mid fhe confusion of dispensing wifh make-up and cosfumes, direcfly following fhe assembly. A new pracfice of fhe club was a noon meefing for fhe officers every Wednesday. The mefhod of discovering falenf was dif- ferenf 'rhis year. In Mrs. l-leydorn's orien- 'rafion classes each Thursday a differenf acf was reviewed by fhe sfudenfs, and from fhese were chosen fhe acfs for fhe assembly. I1 N...- Q01 FRESHMEN VODVILLE TOP ROW: D. Denning, J. Kidd, B. Cooper, J. Weaver, J. Fileman S. Gallion, D. Persley, P. Hamilfon, B. Avery, B. Endi coff, M. Gwinn, G. Miller, Mrs. Haydorn, M. Cochran J. Wallace, K. Holcombe, S. Milbourne, D. Handschmid J. Blacklock, N. Spears, M. Prefer, B. Russells, N. Brown B. Newman. BOTTOM ROW: J. Klem, B. Cambus, A. Hilgendorf, A. Welch, D Bayless, C. Darr, J. Swarfs, E. Humphreys, A. Scoif M. Anderson, S. Marks, L. Dahl, K. Jenlcenson, J. Buch- annan, J. Hosler. Page 83 is ffffif' If 'I X. 1,- '-'sw ,rg 'N ,X fb' AS . v N , X-.fa r FXS X im 740144 ' df . . ACTIVITY SHOTS ROW I: I. Charles Parker displays a lypical amused grin. 2. Ken Kelley, King of he Chrisfmas Ball, crowns Queen, Pai Sexfon. 3. Joannie Buifers and Ivan Avila enioy dancing af Teen Town. 4. Coach George Nelmarli flashes his vicfory smile. ROW II: 5. Cokes and companionship were feaiures of Teen Town. 6. Keifh Maxwell and pals really worlzed hard af fheir game of checkers. 7. The Iafesf in 'fashion modeled by La Von Efherlon. ROW III: 8. Pai Hamilfon and Sandra Kerr fry some on for size. 9. Pai McGovern checks fhe Yucca dummy. I0. Elaine Miller af ihe swifchboard displays a warm and friendly smile. II. Dave Burgess and Galen Denning, A. V. musicians, ou? af a school assembly. I2. Carolyn Smifh emofes for Yucca picfure. Page 85 f 1355? 13 M Xx XXNEJ5 X my ww E, ggi' 'S ,mx 5 fi'- is. F f 'MM fy Qigng M XHSHG Aww wm 602 Page 86 dmea we ' ng, f I if - -wk AW 'il .. K .-w ..-' -fb- ., . , ff" ggi Q ,I ,I , fx. J K ff ,f.. , , If . 1 ,' ' 1-' : ' 1 M k,,g 5 ,'f g :sEf X g , ,,5P'51sQi,23i1' " fi' ' ju' 3 ff-"' ,, fl'-" 1' 122121. V' '5 E k X gr? ' vi 124 Wf inzfr ' X::g::1+'f',-f' glmfx ., 2-A, ,lh -.2:,- 1 1 5' 5 3 ASQ, WY. -. .. www 2 f X Q 'W W am .,AK1Mwx v,- 5 ,M , w.,.,, . ,fu inf X, , 1. M"'- ai' -1 JP' . , 5 gk. N X- -1 V , 'W I, M 'L 2 My 155 -fl, - . Q I 54 ,ESX x, tw -1 + .,,,, xj '-Q . IN, ff. ,Q ,AS V, ,, 1 gf? vs' W 1 . -- -f . 1 I 3 HSM f E' : ' . Z fQQ,f , V av 'fi?fW'mk M f ' W., '-swf" -a E ,,,..X..-.-M.,,A Q .X xr ,sy D "':::a'-Q, up i A, , -.uf-g H., X X' 5, A NND ,AMW MW 'N' 'xr'-4 ' '- 7 , ,V ' i""'?'f..-MN ,E63wf,5Ln, W "ff 7' k 5 x. P WMC 1,4 F , 4 z fs- 1-5, 1, L -""fv-Q 1 s S I y o 'VM wg-Q wa' 'W mix- Q JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW: D. Abbolf, R. Hodge, K. Bonhomme, R. Moss, W. Taylor, E. Ross, B. Hefilron, B. Buchanan, B. Qualls, D. Gilmore D. Rumble, B. Compfon, W. McDonald, J. Hulchins, T. Puclcef, F. Taylor, B. Thomas, D. Obee, B. Paris, D. Moulfon, E. Colby B. Malay, D. Lehman, Coach O. Plum. ROW 3: J. Paesano, R. Morgan, H. Pomlier, V. Valdez, R. Billef, G. Affelclf, P. Siemens S. Simpson, D. Morrison, K. Gray, A. Elser, E. Paclias T Tissue T Hanson T Turner D Gardner ROW 2- R Sk II D , . , . , . , . . . . e y, Templefon, B. Mason, B. Upshaw, R. Saenz, D. Saenz, E. Spencer, J. Debbs, P. Hamilton, D. La Rue B Gibson J Brockus N .High, J. Mayfield, L. Zilinslri. ROW I: P. Whifson, C. Chanlry, K. Swords, E. Dwyer, D. SdU'II1,. J. Mason,'J. Perry: D. High, T. Kono, J. Perez, F. Thomas, L. Acker, G. Pyle, L. Wil burn, A. Dunn, J. Williams. LETTERMENS' CLUB As Willie made his way around fhe cam- pus he furned easfward, and before he lcnew if found himself siffing on fhe bleachers in fhe gym wafching fhe Annual Grammar School Baslcefball Tournamenf sponsored each year by fhe Leffermens' Club. 4... X.. i 5 dike Zfzeeged Composed of all leffermen fhe club ran fhrough an acfiye year. In addifion fo sponsorship of fhe fwelve-feam, fwo-day fournamenf fhe boys promofed a success- ful all-school dance and were baclcers of Mum Day. A swim parfy in May resfricfed fo members and fheir dafes concluded fhe year's acfiyifies. Tom Tissue served as club prexy. Assisf- ing him were Dick Templefon, Bob Mason and Paul Whifson. Coach Offo Plum acl'- ed as advisor. Page 88 "QQ-KC.- wo VARSITY FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Coach E. Such, Manager R. Mc- Bryanf, W. Taylor, B. Thomas, M. Early, R. Hodge, T. Pelfzer, T. Puclneff, D. McDonald, W. McDonald, J. Hufman, T. Moise, AssisTanT Coach O. Plum. THIRD ROW: V. Brenneman, E. Dwyer, F. Tay- lor, D. Templefon, A. Brownwood, B. Jackson, T. Tissue, R. Moss, D. Bassham, D. AbboH. SECOND ROW- B. GarbeTT, D. Gilmore, E. Padias, K. Bonhomme, D. Rupp, B. Popioy, D. Balcrnan, V. Valdez, D. Nash, B. Mason, E. Ross. FRONT ROW: P. Whifson, M. Hinoiosa, J. Carfer, B. Heffron, V. Clem, J. Paesano, D. Canady, J. Perez, B. Gibson, D. LaRue. aalfczff . . , The Cenfaurs down Brownwood Billy J. Smifh, Cougar sfar, Through The cenTer Band RepresenTaTive, Sharlee Bowlin, presenTs DirecTor Bill Bal- lard, wiTh Honor Scroll A. V. Gridders awaif The call To acTion SiTTing along The sidelines Willie saw An- dy Brownwood score all I8 poinTs in The TirsT league game wiTh SanTa Paula in which we were defeaTed 26 To IB. VisiTors Trom VenTura ouTlasTed The AnTelopes To score a 'ZO To 6 win in The second halT, wiTh a dis- pla yoT reserve sTrengTh. ThaT nighT was Dads nighT, and The band spelled ouT "Hi, Pop," and played "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". Fillmore Toolc a close conTesT Trom The AnTelopes I3 To 6. Brownwood scored Tw oTouchdowns, buT one was called baclq because oT an oTT side penalTy. Along wiTh wiTches and goblins came The Alumni game wiTh l-larT. Reigning over The 'Vo TesTiviTies were Queen Kay Burdiclc and aT- TendanTs, Sharlee Bowlin, Una Lea Perlcins, and Darlene McLaurin. Wallcing a paTh hewed by brawn and shoulder pads The Queen was crowned by CapTain Andy Brownwood. ATTer This Tling wiTh beauTy The Team ab- sorbed anoTher beaTing when The HarT ln- dians ouTplaved The AnTelopes To score a 28 To I2 win. OTTen beaTen buT noT ready To guiT The lighTly regarded AnTelopes pulled The prize upseT oT The season when They re- Turned Trom Oxnard wi+h a well deserved 20 To I8 win. Page 9l SE.: A. V. slops Culver Cify Dad's Day Anxiely Burros oul' in fhe open Venfura making a drive A believer in rigid Training and in drill in lundamenlals, Coach Emil Such, newly arrived from Lompoc, had lhe boys on lhe field, pulling lhem lhrough Jrheir paces dur- ing school and al nighl-a syslem lhal will ullimalely pay oil. Coach Such has made many new friends lhis year lhrough his worlc in adminislering lhe boys physical educa- Tion program wilrh ils eilorl lo achieve a higher parlicioalion in class sporls. Assislanl Coach Ollo Plum shared The honor of coaching Jrhe varsily leam Jrhrough a season Jrhal culminaled in a win over Ox- nard and awarding of 'rhe Sporlsmanship Trophy in lhe Venlura League. Coach Plum has finished his second year al A. V. Page 92 v- QQJ im 766135 Me BACK ROW: G. Pyle, B. Paris, D. Trombalore, J. Gufhrie, W Wilber, D. Olaee, P. Wanserske, J. Huichins, L. Mason. H Levenson, L. Wilburn, C. Lehmen, Coach Nelmarlr. SECOND ROW: E. Colby, Manager, J. Hildreflw, N. High, E. Lauder Valarcli, J. Mayfield, L. Aclter, L. Hansen, J. Broclcus, J Debs, D. Jensen, L. C. Spencer, B. Burch, L. Zilinslri. FRONT ROW: L .Smilh, H. Davis, R. Brighf, L. Garreh, F. Efherlon T. Kono, L. Adams, R. Saenz, J. Provenzano, W. Birch, D. High S. Marvin. JUNIOR VARSITY Junior varsilry gridders proved fha? The long pracfice sessions andpalienl inslruclion ol Coaches George Nelmarlc and Dave Blounl were noi' in vain. Aifer several drubbings from Deserl League varsily squads The lighlweighls bounded baclc fo regisfer convincing wins over Fillmore and l-larl. Experience gained will enable such willing players as Ted l-lansen, Jerry l-lulchins, George Pyle, Larry Ac- res, Lauie Zilinslce, Charles Leh- aman, Dee Dobbee, Larry Wil- burn, and Jaclc Mayfield, To Fill assignrnenis on nexl year's var- Sify. I I I Tom Pellzer Eddie Ross Bill Thomas John Perez Torn Puclceli Fred Taylor Diclc Tempellon Vernon Valdez Paul Whilson ANTELOPFS OPPONENTS 50 Bishop 32 39 Burroughs 38 Monrovia 35 BarsTow 4I Lone Pine 60 Burroughs 45 ":5anTa Barbara 5I a'c5anTa Paula 45 """Trona 47 ""'TBishop 46 Oxnard 4I 5anTa Barbara 4I I-IarT 64 Tehachapi 45 Fillmore 49 Lone Pine 46 VenTura 48 SanTa Paula 57 Tehachapi 42 Oxnard 63 I-IarT 42 Fillmore 47 SanTa Paula 32 VenTura I I55 "'FiIImore TournamenT """Lone Pine TournamenT I. Ken Kelly waiTs Tor rebound. 2. Bruce CarTer sTeaIs The ball. VARSITY BASKETBALL The AnTeIopes scored a repeaT perTormance over The Warriors oT Tehachapi on The away courT. AV was mauled Thoroughly by Oxnard's YeIIowiacIceTs, buT reTurned To Their home Tloor To crush I-IarT I-Ii and challc up Their TourTh consecuTive home vicTory. Fillmore sTopped The home courT win sTreaIc Febru- ary 20 and The Cardinal basIceTeers oT 5anTa Paula avenged Their earlier deTeaT by Trouncing The AnTe- Iopes on The away courT. The season Tinals ended in a rouT oT The AV Tive as The VenTura Cougar quinTeT sIaughTered The AnTeIopes in The AV gym. The VenTurans wenT undeTeaTed in league play To Take The I953 league crown. CapTain Ken Kelly headed The AnTeIopes' scoring column wiTh 328 poinTs Tor a I3.I average per game. Ray BiIIeT piled up 23l digiTs Tor a 9.2 aver- age. The AnTeIopes' ToTal Tor '53 was I I55 poinTs, an average of 46.I per game. OpponenTs Tallied I26I poinTs againsT AV Tor 50.4 average. Coach George Nelmarlc will lose all his sTarTers via graduaTion excepT Bill CompTon. Baclc nexT year To Till Their posiTions will be mosT oT This year's subs plus scme promising maTeriaI Trom Coach BIounT's second-place Bees. 74464 70014 ie Zeea cmd Eeee BEE BASKETBALL AV's ball-bouncing Bees lriumphed over Oxnard and Fillmore, noi 'lo menlion many olhers To lake second place in Ihe Venlura League. A few of fhe oulslanding players 'rhal are looking for- ward +o playing varsily ball nexl year are Larry Aclcer, Jim Dougherly, Eranlcie Thorn- as, and Johnny Perez. Ken Kelly lips +o Jim Mallarocci. CEE BASKETBALL STANDING Coach George Nelmarlr R Rocha J Fox T Turner C McEffe A Dunn K Oswell SITTING R Tomphor G Smufh W Vaughn P NIcNamee P La Saqua G Ham nfon BEE BASKETBALL STANDING Coach Dave Blouni C Hedgecoclr J. Dougherfy, S. Vukanovuch E. Nulc ola, J. Hulchins, P. Mclver, SITTING Mgr. E. Colby, J. Avila, J. Perez F. Thomas, E. Arquedas, L. C. Span cer Page 97 R I il TOP: Principal Dougherly awards A and B. baslcelball lrophies. Which of lhe wresllers will make lelevision? I A. V. harriers show lheir heels lo Barslow. a e 6 Inlramural linalisls ballle il oul. BOTTOM: Tumbling was well supporled. Vernon Valdez receives lhe oulslanding blocker award. The big splash! Page 98 INTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES Twelve leams made up ol sludenl enlhus- iasls compeled lor gold medals and lhe lille ol Champions ol Inlramural Baslcelball. The No Name Jives ol lhe Mounlain League bowed lo lhe Deserl League's Dead End Gang in a lhree game playoll. "Beal lhe olher classes" and "bring in lhose poinlsw were lhe cries heard mosl al lhe inler-class lracls meel sponsored by lhe Boy's P. E. program, Copping lirsl place were lhe almighly seniors: linishing second were lhe sopho- mores: lhird were lhe lreshmen: and bringing up lhe rear were lhe iuniors. This year nine leams enlered baseball compelilion. A schedule ol eighl games per leam was arranged and a playing season ol seven weelcs delermined. I VNJSS-COUNTRY AV's cross-counfry sexfef soed fhrouoh an excellenf season on fhe l.8-mile frails. The Anfelope Exoress engineered bv Coach Emil Such roared fo six vicfories while suf- fering only fwo narrow defeafs. The Anfelooes beoan wifh Barsfow and beaf fhe Ruffians 24-33. Fillmore and Ven- fura were nexf. AV regisfered a pair of per- fecf I5-45 wins. Sanfa Paula offered a liffle more compefifion buf bowed fo AV 20-36. lvleefinq fhe Barsfow runners on foreicgn soil, fhe Anfelooes suffered fheir firsf de- feaf. However, fhis was a non-league meef and didn'f affecf AV's cleanslafe in fhe con- ference. To prove if wasn'f an accidenf, fhe super-sonic six blasfed Fillmore and Ven- fura a second fime, reoeafino in each neef wifh a sweeb of fhe firsf six Dlaces. ln their final meef fhe Anfelooes' oerfecf lEf-HQUG record was shaffred bv Sanfa Paula. AV wenf down fo a 26-29 defeaf fo fie wifh Sanfa Paula for firsf in leaque sfandinfis Page 99 BASEBALL lVarsi+yl STANDING J. Pengilley, F. Taylor, W. Taylor, L. Spencer, B. Garbelf, T. Tissue, R. Eisebraun, D. Blounf KNEELING R. Slcelly, C. Conn, J. Saulfz, V. Valdez, D. Kuli, J. Carler Zh 7 Q4 4 2K0 14444 J. V. 'Leff fo righi: sfanding: L. Wilburn, G. Pyle, J. Brosel, A. Dumm, R. Ioder, B. Zoolc, R. Ham- lllon J Baumgardner L Aclcer E Nulrala T Hanson J Huiclnns B urch J Provanzano T Kono neellng D aenz H Mayfield T Germg B Randal Wulluams D Wemple G Burdeii 'A' T ' 'QPQSJ' TOP: Bud OarbeTT Trys Tor a homer. A Trio oT sTrong ouT-Tielders. PiTchers Talk iT over. BOTTOM: Coach Dave BlounT explains a proper slide. A. V. "BaTTing Power." an the 'gaaefali Ddamavmf . , , PracTice sessions aT Jane Reynolds Park and horsehide duels on The Palmdale Baseball Diamond, This year, divided The AnTelopes' Training and Their home baTTling wiTh afher schools. This spliT arrange- menT was eTTecTed when new classrooms oT The school's expansion program were erecTed on The old Tield. A pre-season glimpse aT A. V.'s schedule showed ThaT ThirTeen games were lined up. Coach Dave BlounT Took The Team on The Road six Times To play, Tive oT The Ten league games and To parTicipaTe in a TournamenT aT Pomona. Welcomed back To The VarsiTy squad were Three "A" leTTermen. Refilling lasT year's posiTions were Tom Tissue caTching Buddy GarbeTT's sTrilce ouT piTches, and Bob Upshaw again playing inTield. ExpecTed To show greaT promise on This year's Team were: Fred Taylor, caTcher: Vernon Valdez, second base: Jerry SaulTz, Third base: Ray Slcelly, shorT sTop3 Joe Pengilley and Dennis Kuli, ouTTield. Page Page I02 ffzamd lie 'mai and Jeld . . . A TRACK lsfandingl: R. Pompey, P. Vlhifson, K. Bonllomme, J. Gufhrie, J. Huffman, D. McDonald, D. Templefon, A. Brownwood, R. Moss, B. Malay, D. Morrison, T. Puclcef, H. Levingsfon. lkneelingl: K. Fairking, B. Vermulen, B. Buchanan, D. Canady, T. Fuller, B. Thomas, R. Hodge, D. Obee, E. Ross, S. Simpson. B TRACK lsfanclingl: D. Rumble, B. Hall, J. Brolrus, C. Thomas, T. Turner, C. Lehman, G. Johnson, R. Boyd, B. HsFfron, J. Perl. llcneelingl: B. Slringer, O. Morrison A. Elser, K. Gray, D. Gilmore, J. Paes- ano, D. LaRue, E. Louder, J. Highes, P. Jenning, E. Colby C TRACK lsfandingl: D. Hale, B. Clark, H. Ramirez, J. Provenzano, B. Fraizer, B. Spindler, E. Pyron, K. Os- wel,, D. Nellson, G. Fieman, D. Lish, J. Sclnenbarger, J. McClary, D. Schen- berger, H. Hulsizer. lkneelingl: E. Ganfz, P. Hamilfon, J. Provenenzano, D. Rechebosh. Mead, L. Adams, F. Hann, M. Hall, Cofion, Tapia, R. Saenz TTWVD-... Andy Brownwood Ken Gray Tom Fuller Bill Buchanan Phil Hamillon Bob l'-lelleron Bob Malay Don McDonald Dee Obee John Perez Eddie Ross Darrel Rumble Bill Thomas Wilh 32 men on lhe cinder palhs and sand pils, AV's lraclc leam showed promising qualilies as lhe '53 campaign gol under way. Wealc in lhe shol pul and pole vaull. lhe Anle- lope lhinclads proved lhemselves in lhe middle- dislance and long dislance runs as well as a respec- lable showing in league compelilion in lhe dashes. Their slrongesl poinl was lheir 880-yard relay quar- lel wilh Willie Johnson, Andy Brownwood, Eddie Ross, and Tom Fuller in lhe leading roles. This bun- dle ol speed besled relay squads lrom Barslow, Oxnard and l-larl in lheir lirsl lwo meels. The Anlelopes' lirsl big viclory belore lhe Yucca hil lhe presses was lheir decisive lriumph over Ven- lura and Sanla Paula in a lriangular allair on a muddy Venlura lield. AV loolc lhis one wilh 69-I-2 poinls lo Venlura's 45 I-2 and Sanla Paula's I I. Winning lop spol in lhe l00 was Andy Brown wood wilh a lime ol I0.5 seconds. Willie Johnson AV's lransler lrom Jefferson High, look lhe I80 in 20 llal. Bill Buchanan wrapped up lhe 440 al 55.8 seconds and Warren Simpson lurned in a 2:l7.5 880 lor lirsl prize. Bill Vermeulen, AV's cross counlry ace, paced lhe milers al 5:l l.2. Don McDonald came lhrough wilh a double win by doing lhe high hurdles in I6.8 and lhe lows in I4.9. The relay squad scored lheir lhird viclory of lhe season wilh a lime ol l:4l.6. Bill Thomas ran in Tom Fuller's spol. Thomas leaped lo an l8'4" viclory in lhe broad jump. AV wound up wilh nine oul ol lwelve lirsls and 2l oul ol 45 places. The Anlelopes appeared lo be headed lor lhe lop hall ol Venlura League slandings. fi' axbvmlllv--. Page IO4 em TEACHERS sr NDING ug y gg -Q Ran Yuma sins' -A if nf f' GIRLS SDORTS Girls had loads of lun in Jrhe gym on lhe cour" and on Jrhe diamond. Shouls of ioy mfngled wirh sighs of disappoinrmenl could b- heard from The volleyball baslcelball and lennis courls sollball and speedball fields as inrerclass compelilion was held. All girls were required ro parlicipale in 'rhese P. E. classes. Each girl was given a number by which she was known. No 'fhis was nor a prison Jrhis was iusl her idenlili- carion as she answered lo roll call checlced in and our l'er Towels and Jroolc showers. P. E. sludenis were 'raughl nor only To perform slcllfully in sporrs buf also lo be a sporr. ' 566 aww! in like 66154 i Q I F11 U-li l i U F' ii in , if f , W 1 '-..,. X if A -D. Hi en, J. Murph SITTING-G. Mimmaclc I, 441-tk ' I C 3' Sir ,Ji S I, I 1 . xt!! ,rw 5 L N Xi' ' if ff V 1 ' X 5 s I2 ! I 1 l X N xv! N D, if I M, ,,f' X sc... , fr, I 5554- lib- ' 5 I H Q I Q I I 15.4 I puma? GIRLS GYM HELPERS BACK POW' Mrs 6 Duntle P . X . . . y, Herschlag, J. A. Schenberger, F. How ard-Breciing, P. Hudson, P. Rousehey FRONT ROW: A. Fenner, B. Wooden P. Kel!y, P. Scx+on, E. Miller. X cmd Zum 6156 ian TOP: Shirley Deyarmin and Bev Johnson aim 'for Hue lar- ge? Mary Moore rerurns a shoi. Learning fo shelch is parf of Playing volleyball. CENTER: Which way is rhe ball going? BOTTOM: Baclminlon pros. Freshmen al afrenfion. . W Q A ' M i 225 ' 1 fnlifli if ' S l c rg O .L ' ggi"- ,4 1 ,I aww M nw ,vid ' Q 51316 5 'iw dywzfizkigur r It i I Qi V 1 af" wi s 5 s H Y 9 f ' W1 I I' Q .wt U 5 K., 4 Qi' 6' if' U' E A " will 1 1 , 4 .1 W' QQ our '-'P' W M it 5' W ,. Qs.. if G. A. A. Junior - Senior BACK ROW: S. Farley, B. Byers, K. Burdick, E. Miller, P. Sexion, P. Herschlag, D. Siebenihal, J. Green, M. Bay, A. Cable, D. Allen, A. Fenner, V. Mix, E. Blum, J. Blair, M. Aznarez, J. Green, S. Kerr J. Buffers, M. Geile, S. Marlin, C. Nielson, G. Lucero, M. Wilson P. Cahill, J. Riddle, S. Pulos. FOURTH ROW: K. Howell, C. Harris, l. C. Bowser, J. Lemen, M Caler, M. Wescoif, T. Fox, C. Roih, D. McLaurin, B. Polls, L. Vi Efherion, A. Pill, P. Frederick, S. Bowlin, D. Cissell, U. L. Perkins J. McEiee, C. Forman, D. Hanna, F. Howard, R. Tapia, J. Barker R. Uyeda, B. Comsiock, R. Pelion, R. Hankins, J. Riddle, J. Peierl son, F. Cruz. THIRD ROW: M. Schroeder, M. L. Eizel, S. Bell, C. Yslas, D. Selvy C. Haley, M. Hodgson, A. Taylor, F. Belding, E. Kono, A. McKee: han, G. Ferguson, R. Fowler, P. Hankins, M. McClenaghan, D. Kiel J. Pedroza, K. Thor, M. Richey, J. Sequine, B. Overlade, M. MH- chell, M. Pra'f+, C. Price, C. Garreii. SECOND ROW: J. Gray, G. Sakaguchi, M. Arfhur, S. Cochran M. Neuharfh, L. Huni, B. Francisco, C. Chrisfenson, J. Peferson, B Roih, S. Clark, J. Holcombe, P. Forbes, P. Hudson, P. Kelly, P Truesdell, M. Nix, M. Moore, L. Ledbeiier, A. Dixon, M. Reagan B. Perdue, S. Fasnachf, C. Smiih, S. Seymour, M. Schwandi. FIRST ROW: P. McGovern, A. Piani, M. Forbes, R. Moore, M Judd, D. Henson, N. Doull, L. Pappas, G. Fosier, P. Turman, C Davis, J. Carfer, B. Hoag, P. Roushey, L. Overlade, V. Turner, J. Hilion L Wemple M Fink B Johnson J A Dux D Pi kin P , . , . , . , . . , . p , . Towner, C. Merriman, P. Harned, W. Carier, E. Carier, M. Loo, C. Mashek, D. Lacy, K. Richardson, V. Chandler. 4.1! G. A. A. Freshmen - Sophomore BACK ROW: K. Holcombe D. D. Machlachlan D. While Chavez, C. Akroyd, L. Affeldf, A. Welch, M. Richardson A. Hilgen dorf, J. Buchanan, J. Holser, J. Wrighi, S. Fasnachf M. Mead L Dahl, C. Gamage, K. Wrighi, F. Losey, A. Wilson V. Adams M Wood, P. Edwards, J. Evers C. Schwandf. FOURTH ROW: M. Cole F. Harvell N. Hodges, C. James C Blair, P. Hamilfon, D. Pursley, G. Miller, H. Yslas, P. Wall, D. Niel son, C. Siemens, D. Weir, C. Cabarga, C. Schaffer, P. Billie Owens, G. Kisfler, J. A. Henley, J. Siallard. THIRD ROW: B. Cambis, A. Carey, A. Massari, M. Gwin, J. Wal lace, N. A. Wilson, J. Godde, J. Bloom, D. B ss, C. Darr Newman, G. Kirk, B. Laiham, B. Jones, J. Proiho, B. Cooper, D Hanschmidf, G. Dozier, R. M. Chaney, S. Scheppler. SECOND ROW: A. Spschf, K. Rhea, G. Kliewer, S. Purcell, S Sedgwick, M. Townsend, C. McE'Fee, J. Hankins, J. Lundsirom, M Spindler, P. Collins, R. Mauldin, F. Blanchard, L. Brashear, L. Low- den, P. Wehr, D. Sakaguchi, G. Milligan, F. Dilfy, J. Manharf. FRONT ROW: B. Dunivan, J. Nygaard, B. Williams, C. Granger, S. Jones, P. Colo, B. Gibson, D. Munday, P. Seminario, L. Kalpakoiif, K. Kelly, B. Nash, B. La Fleur, D. Mofnfeii, T. Mclver, J. Burneii, . Mumaw, E. Swedlund, F. Turner, S. Young, E. Humphreys, J. Swarfs. Page I07 lnexperianced 'Freshmen Take To The game of speeclball. Serving wildly is Alice Carey. Page I08 G. A. A. For acTion and loTs oT exciTemenT, Girls' AThleTic AssociaTion proved To be Tops. lniTiaTionsl Playdays! Selling aT baslceTball games! Award Assembly! All These Things are only a parT oT The Tun oT being in G. A. A. Girls sTrive To earn Their TirsT season so They are eligible for membership in This organizaTion. In The evenT ThaT agirl is voTed ona Team, is scholasTically eligible. and compleTes a TournamenT, she has earned a season. One oT The mosT imporTanT Things oT The organiz-aTion is To creaTe inTeresTing sporTs oT all kinds. Individual year round sporTs Tor I953 has helped To creaTe even greaTer in- TeresT. All These ac:TiviTies are enioyed because oT The leadership oT PresidenT Faye Breeding and Sponsor DusTe l-lilTgen. IIAII JusT Think, nine seasons compleTed and only one To go 'Till l'm in "Big A", ThaT's whaT Willie heard Trom some oT The girls in The P. E. classes. Girls eagerly anTicipaTe when They earn enough seasons To meriT The honor oT wearing a whiTe sweaTer wiTh an inTerloclcing A. V. on iT and Two or Three red sTripes on The leTT sleeve. One oT The mosT-looked-Torward-To evenTs oT The year was The big annual baslceTball game againsT The J. C. girls. Also impaTienT- ly awaiTed by all, excepT The iniTiaTes, was The merry iniTiaTion. The Big A sTrove To promoTe The Tradi- Tion oT Triendship and sporTsmanship. l-lelp- ing To upkeep The ideals were PresidenT La Von ETherTon and Sponsor Georgiana Mim- mack. gffdfaz' zecagndtdm BIG A Efhedon, R. Pelfon, C. Nielson, Polls, D. Allen, J. Peferson. FRONT ROW: P. Truesdell, S. Kerr, B. Comsioclc, D. Lacy, A. PIN, P. McGov- ern, M. Judd, E. Kono, P. Kelly. Page IO9 BACK ROW: E. Miller, P. Hersclllag, R, Uyecla, F. Breeding, R. Hanlrins, L. B. Page I ,psf-'Y gnu- L02 was .1 ,,Lfls7K,?"rGN Q f' 'X fl, .r--X wif R523 Q5 M I M -ff, N WMM 14... ww x 4 ,elif F .1 .M-M1 ...N-'-"" Mmwwynm Q.. f N m,,,,,,,,,,,.,. W Ir? , ggi- V IRQ? f-ww Af' Ewa .,,,,.f"""'m'M -vvMYMwA'N , XI ' X, M-N N 1 Y.. X -A xl sf' f" 34 Q X1 5 A W ,W 1 'A , 2 ,N wf""N'-ff' xx --fn. g' A NM. .-S 'N W' ' X' k J . ,mf 3 f ,f 5321- " ' x , , -,, x 1 2 X X xx Q f Q x -, Q L ' - 'Nl xl ' . . KA 1 X, . , 3 x. 1 Y 1 1 - 1 s -I ,S 2 I. .-KKK s 4' Vim ,. fin, 3? X -.aLf,-f "" "' " pi . A C .K -1 5: .-xl K x-le S 4 Y Q 3 Q ' ' 5 'S 9 -' A' 9 " Q, E . 5, LX x - ' 1 'xurf-ww. l..,vf if f , y 9, 1 .,,. . ' A. wif 44 f 'xx W ,M XM., lk .V 'iw J. H af X' at R , ff' ,f X , b. f -f-W V M, ,Mfg 3 3-K f ' '- A M g , 5 '-. 'I T563 X X YR Ax , a w-. -w 1 f , F .1 235- I , x ' , r- I T .b ' 1. , -N -KAL, 5 :',X..i 2. 1 l 1, ...:'1,fj I Agfg? if ,Q -, Jw-dd 'f " ' mil-'6---...-.-,,...N...-,.M -N , -k....M.....-wv...,,,,,, 5' ' , ' .--my -M., ,, --lqgjfl,-lf ' 1 gil all , P f K I.fjg'---.,b""-I .Q Q' ' W,1'T' ,ff .9 141' ' Q ..--' .-f V. ,Q-fu W if 0 J, W K WMM I I I 420664 ,YW My Rpm' ...wi , W ,.,,.,W.,, ZSUl.Q LM ,Q Page Ill A By5IgI!,IiTFICI.IN 1 ff fwT"ILkf ff! I1 'IISHTRIIALRING fiiusfff if' l IND ' Q g.f,.fs.a T Q S I M" BISHOP AND LUSHER is The place To go For The ride oT a liTeTime see The new whenever you have any elecTrical worlq To ChevroleT aT STARKSEN The company who be done. Turnishes The car Tor driver s educaTion Carolyn Granger Imows ThaT you can geT all The school supplies necessary aT DESERT STATIONERS. SCOTTS YARDS AND YARDAGE is The place To buy Those aTTracTive maTer- ials Tor all your preTTy dresses. 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For a compleie Iine of kiichen uiensils and equip- meni, Joanne Gray Icnows GRIFFIN AND SONS is Ihe place +o go. WALT WALDRIP is aI- ways willing To show you The advanfages of buying a new De Soio or PIymou+h. Beiiy Lou LaFIeur is con- sidering buying eggs ai ANTELOPE VALLEY EGG Xr POULTRY. Roy Icnows he can gei cIeaning done experily and nea+Iy af GEORGE'S CLEANERS. lmporlanl cog in lhe ol A V anrcrall in is VOLITAN AIR These girls are loolcing over one ol lhe many lines ol lcilchen appliances lea lured al McBRIDE AND SONS HARDWARE Do you need a special sized cablnel lo lil in lhal corner ol your room7 Then conlacl FRANK HOW ARD S CABINET SHOP For quiclc and easy shop- ping il s MORSE MARKET 'n Palmdale. Lel EDDIE DEBS REAL ESTATE show you lhe besl values in homes and home- siles, or acreage. Wanl lo prelly up your house? Wilh painl and wall- paper, lhal is. All lhis is wailing lor you al KENNE- DY SIMPKINS painl sup- plies. Janelle Wilson and gang slop al BUD AND CARPY S lo gas up lor lhe lrup lo school For beaulilul green shrubery and llowers need ed in landscaping your yard slop in al lhe PALM DALE NURSERY Building a new house'7 Lel BECKWITH LUMBER supply you wulh lhe neces sary malernals Shoes need re solmg'7 Roy Rawlings Icnows he can gel lasl and dependable service al GENES SHOE REPAIR For lhal shower gill or lillle sisler s birlhday pres- enl, CHUCK 8: CATHY'S YOUTH SHOP has a wide assorlmenl. Judy. Beverly. and Bar- bara are enjoying a cool drink while shopping al LORI'S MARKET where an assorlmenl ol various gro- ceries are lound. For all of your prinfing and adverlising, AFRICA PRINTERS is flne place +o go. They do a fine job of prinling llwe sandpaper. Kind and courfeous service, in your lime of sorrow, will be found a+ MUMAW'S FUN- ERAL HOME. Elirninaling 'rlwose bugs fhal are desfroy- ing your crops. Lef A. V. PEST CONTROL spray flwem dead. Ready-mixed concrefe is on ils way lo you by jusl nofifying FRANK LANE. l-le also has a complere line of building rnalerials. .3 -.-:f f 'Y S QQ.-J R ix I r:'Q' TRW! P Visilr HUNTER'S DODGE AND PLY- For a ouick and easy loanr ASSOCIATED MOUTH To see and drive The ali new Power FINANCE COMPANY, cn 'rhe corner of Paclfed Ram V8 Dodge and The sharp new Sierra P-hqhway and Lancasfer Boulevard is PTymou+h. fne pTaQe To qo. 'Q Plannmnq on puuldung7 FORREST LUM Whefh r you hke your moyees Indoors or BER CO Headquarfers for Homes han ur Jrhere TS a creen To sufr you ANTE dles ah The buuidmng supplies you need no LOPE AND JET THEATERS wekorne your ma++er whaf Jrhey may be oafronago A big qarne coming up and Hwere you sif For re iaoe service in fiIIing aII prescrip- wirn a dead T. V. and no radiof Beoer caii Iionsr cosnnefics ano soeciaI occasion qiffs, C 8: H RADIO Ior quick and depenoahha sI1oofirsIa+WESTCOTT AND PLUMMER service. The Corner Drugj E I I ul .Au I Lwswiml W,,,,,,,,.,,mi -la P? lzlslfluuz Iilililuli gk 'nf SA'-E5 ' SERVICE I' ,JS I Q I For 'rne besf in reicrigerafioni be if saies Richard Morgan knows wnere Io obfain or service, ADRIAN HYMEN can IwandIe aI2 Ire oesf ior Iess in oainfing suppIies7 Iwe goes of your Iworne or business reirigerarion needs. fo FRONTIER PAINT 8: SUPPLY CO. Counlry Iolk know rhe place lo go is HARRIS' STORE lor gasoline, groc- eries and a quick snack. For shopping any hour of fhe day. any day of lhe week, i+'s BILL'S BREAD BASKET. Beauliiy your backyard wilh a Bar-B-Q buill wilh bricks and malerial from JAQUA AND SONS. For fashionable, high qualify men's wear al rea- sonable prices. palronize DUBOIS 81 SONS. Benny Coals is learning how 'ro make his firsl mil- lion by following lhe ad- vise ol MOCHEL REALTY. Slella and Marcia found farm fresh lruils and vege- fables al lhe SPOT MAR- KET. When you say HAMILTON DIAMOND l-Iave any shipping or lreighl problems'7 if doesn'+ only mean jewelry, buf also a Lel DESERT EXPRESS assure you ol lasl' and large variely ol slerling lor lhal home. sale handling ol goods. 34" -r"'f""""' Whefher if's a new one you wanf or an old one fo be fixed, if's DIXON RE- FRIGERATOR SALES 8: SERVICE fo help you. Perfume, film, drugs, a cool refresher, or no maf- fer whaf. You'll find fhem all af PALMDALE PHAR- MACY. Mary Puff is sure of geffing high qualify When buying a felevi- sion af CRAIG T. V., you are sure of having enioy- able evenings ahead. Craig T. V. is locafed on Sierra Highway in Palmdale. If your problem is frying fo find all fhose oddifies and liffle niclc, naclcs, visif fhe VARIETY STORE in Palmdale. Ward's 5 8: I0 For superior qualify mer- chandise in every line, shop af HALL'S VARIETY in Palmdale. ROCHELLE SHOP has smarf clofhes and accessor- ies of fhe lafesf sfyle for high school girls. meaf cheese fish and poulfry af ANTE- Everyfhing from soup fo nufs and even LOPE VALLEY MEAT MARKET. more can be found af WARD'S 5 8: IO. Pal' Towner seems +o be enioying lhe flowers, and so will you when you pur- chase bouque+s from A. V. FLORIST. Beverly Gibson lcnows insurance lo cover all your needs can be obiained al FARMERS' INSURANCE on Beech Avenue in Lan- casler. Terry Coddinglon is im- pressed wilh The perform- ance of one of lhe +rac'rors +ha+ can be seen al FRED ALLEY'S, aulrhorized dealer of New l-lolland Farm Machinery. Sfoooinq in al l'he TAS- TY SHOP, you see Pal Schusler and Lorraine Tho- mas enioying an aller- school snack. Aflrer fhe ball game or afler fhe show-if i+'s good food you wan'r-'ro MAR- TIN'S you'll go! lf seems Sharon is plan- ning for 'rhe fulure, and she's come 'ro Jrhe righl' place for eleclrical appli- ances, LANCASTER ELEC- TRIC. Feed, grain, and hay, a complele diel for all your slock, can be Iound al A. V. HAY GROWERS AS- SOCIATION. MILTON'S 5 81 IOc slore carries a complele line of nolions. as well as Ihe besl popcorn in Iown. Househould appliances, varialions ol Jrexlile painls and friendly service, are a combinalion ol Ihings found al EN6LUND'S AP- PLIANCES. For Ihe Ialesl slyles on 'roday's hair-dos-come in- Io MOCHEL'S BEAUTY SALON and Iel' Ivlochel slyle your hair for you. A quick and dependable grease iob is bul one of Ihe many services you gel when you drive in'ro FOS- SATI'S UNION OIL. Bob Malay seems well saislied wilh Ihe Iurnilrure bargains offered by AN- TELOPE FURNITURE COMPANY. Lighls ou'rf7 Call VAL- LEY ELECTRIC lor service and also appliances. DESERT FOOD LOCK- ERS will bulcher, cul up, and quick freeze your Iive- slock. For Iufure use, pul Ihal meal' in a deep-freeze which may be obrained Ihere. For Ihal shave and hair- cul Jrhal looks exlra special, ls-I Ralph Rosas ol ROSAS BARBER SHOP do Ihe job. For Ihal noon-day snack, drop in al Jrhe COTTAGE KITCHEN-Iocaled in 'rhe hearl' of Palmdale. When soiling y o u r clolhes Think nolhing ol il, because if wanling depen- dable and economical cleaning, palronize FASH- ION CLEANERS. You say you need new kilchen appliances and would like a new radio and olher household need? Q0 Io LANcAsTER RA- Dio. K, -1 Need hardware for home, farm, or garden? Slop and shop al SID OS- HEIM HARDWARE in Lan- casler. For lhe lalesl in men's fashions. i+'s RUDSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE on Sierra Highway in Lancas- fer. Sfop in al' FRANK'S' T. V. and ialce a loolc al lhe new Raylheon Television wi+h The single-dial luning. For friendly aufomorive service, Richard Turner lcnows BERT'S SERVICE is fhe place fo go. Join Jrhe crowd of salis- fied Ford owners. Drive in- fo LANCASTER FORD on Sierra Highway and drive oul wilh a sleek, new '53 Ford. ROBERTSON IMPLE- MENT has lhe lalesl in farm equipmenlz Every- lhinci a modern farmer needs in 'rhe Oliver and Fer- guson lines. FOLEY INSURANCE TOM FOLEY AGENCY has been serving The Valley wilh proleclion for life and limb lor lwenly years. Phone Lancasler IZOO or call al 747 Lencasler Blvd. for all Jrypes of in SUFGVICS. MNA 'N if iff?-I THE SKIES AHEAD .... 1953 is the Golden Anniversary of Aviation. It was just half .1 century ago that the W'right Brothers' powered box-kite, rising from the sandy dunes at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, made man's first successful powered flight. Today- S0 years later -we are crossing only the threshold of the Air Age. We can see the challenge it presents, the incentive to guide the science of flight constructively forwardf toward even greater airliners, planes for everyone to own and fly, aircraft using new and even stronger sources of power and surer guidance. and the miracle of interplanetary space flight. All these things we know we can do now or rather soon. But they are only the beginning. As we solve each of these problems, the tempting finger of science beckons us forward to show us new Helds. The solution of one leads us to challenge and solve another. With Ll whole new world waiting for us in the mysteries of the air, there is an opportunity for all of us as individuals. There is a new way of life within and beyond this immensity of air and space, and we can be rewarded with her fruits and powers. LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT CORPORATION CALIFORNIA DIVISION-Burbank, Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, Palmdale, Van Nuys. GEORGIA DIVISION-Marieffa, Georgia. Launder your clofhes fhe quick and easy way by sfopping af fhe HALF- HOUR LAUNDRY on Beech Sfreef in Lancasfer. Does your car need new fires as La Von Efherfon's does? BABCOCK AND SONS of Lancasfer have a supply of fhe finest fires, including excellenf recaps and refreads. Suifs for all occasions- forrnal or sporfs-af iusf fhe righf price are display- ed af FASHION TAILOR. Mr. Fischer, Anfelope Valley Buick dealer, shows Paf l-ludson whaf a roaring ride you gef in the I953 rnodel. See if af FISCHER BUICK! Dave is enjoying a re- freshing rnug of roof beer af MEL'S ROOT BEER on Sierra Highway in Lancas- fer. Darlene lvlcLaurin in- specfs one of fhe many fine fypes of mirrors af LAN- CASTER GLASS. Aufo glass and plexolife for paf- ios af 44957 N Yucca Ave- nue. Do you have a savings accounl? BANK The new American car with The European OF AMERICA'S friendly service and cour look is lhe 53 Sludebaker sold al MILL 'reous slaff is always ready To help you. MOTORS Roland Brindley looks af a display of smarl iew- elry-lypical of SANDERS JEWELERS. Plan lo buy lhe lalesl in home appliances al The modern, new, KENNE- POHL LANCASTER GAS CO. Looking for a new home? Before you buy check wilh McADAM AGENCY in Palmdale. To look sharp, +o feel sharp, 'ro be sharp, fry The HOLMES BARBER SHOP Lalesl lurnilure slyles al reasonable prices are found af MARTIN'S DRIVE IN FURNITURE CO. Favorile shopping sile of valleyiles, is J. C. PENNY'S for clolhing, shoes, maler- ials, and nolions. r"'Zi sig For Jrhe besl feed your live sfoclc can eel, buy a+ Ihe FERNANDO MILLING CO. While leaving your car a+ The WILDA AND GRIFFITH for Jrlue besl of service, slop ruexl door al Jrhe HORN INN for a meal or pause flue refreshes. Irs smarl farming Io pafroruize your LAN- CASTER FEED 8f SUPPLY CO. Purina feed dealer, Ihe sfore wirh fhe Checkerboard sign. Need quick dependable, and experl' car repair? Talce your aufo 'ro HII.L'S AUTO- MOTIVE SERVICE in Palmdale, open 'fill lO:OG. ll' IERN commune f, suwuzs Ulm A iaucef washer or compleie plumbing bid for your new home? Eilrher can be ob- 'rained af WESTERN PLUMBING CO., Palmdale. If you find yourself in need of building maierials loolc +o STANDARD BUILDING WRECKING COMPANY. . . They have ihe answer +o economical building and repair problems wifh used briclc and plumbing and lumber supplies. For a complele plumbing rob all sheel Purchase your sporhng eguipmenl l melal producls or healing eguipmenl call TED HARDY S SPORTING GOODS where A V PLUMBING for lhe besl of service a plenliiul supply of rifles and fishing laclcle awail you. Fresh dairy producls are The specially al lhe A. V. DAIRY where you can ob- lain all your dairy needs. Loolaing lor lhe lop hil records? Can? find lhem anywhere? Your problem will be solved when you lind lhern al The MUSIC BOX. ll you are living in lhe Roosevell area or nearby. lei The ROOSEVELT STORE supply you wilh your needed lasl-minule groceries. -,,-41 . ,3. .. T iii: x v 1 - 1 . m: ., J Lying . 74233 ,kfiffv ,inn f: 1. . - gf -"Lili 'Irv . 1, lf , ,M f SA -Q u 'FR - JSA. - R MS SNK. SY' x isbn GS ENS .x'yF:j1 W sf if' fz1:S.fA gagiw, Y-N513 5599511 FXR ' XO. :Q puff. f4J"i' .,1 W, affifff! ?f1',j'!l .vw V' ful' I efissw V, 1 J! .I Mk YM wr," 57355 5 .'f' 'j 'y:,Lj, Eff! 'f MENU Q 'J 5+ L ytf.'-41 inf: -1 VW!! -fy-If .lining IIN! 1, , . JL , 1 , , lr I' f M

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