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Milf K f J Kama! zu. Ja,a,.4,,f fx fix Jfvwidfy SN X faffgt, C44 -'SP rx J My f-AX , w wx 132-55 ff? qf- 6' XV af? 7 H I f Y if '25 "W 4 ,sg 26 Q cf DSXYX Q92 -if 'N X Q. ff? -E' 2 S' 5 xbfl, fzfflfl ip ,Kp mf-Q N rw Q MLRC: N5 jf- X xt, E 757 Ngxh if X., X Cjf 'K i WWQVN 54 QR S N'-"7 7 f fv'v67m K P N '7 Q-X JAMMW www? P515 wzfffwmj if mv fwwyvjyff wwf K . PM N? NW hm F!! 7215170 If Q59 3 3 0 JV fffff A ,X ,L QW GMM ff Pl ff' 'CTW LM Q5 GR if-mm 59 ,JWJWW ff-R Q X WU WW xl w L ff?'f-44"-'f :J , 5 x ,XX SAX f I ' XXX5 667 F I fc ,Ll A , Q W- ,O ,fy ,xg ' gc N 'Z D ,fx . lx I, JFK X526 QE jx Q, V 7,4 22 Aw? f N9 , 45 ff X. cg 7? M ,Y ig, 5 1. if 4 ,F W GM fq f "4 QQ? 6 k , L ww ff, 1, I nv KC gf? ' H If 1 XI!! W W Aw ,. Q i JI . if K4 x fx W. :KT , xiii X , X41 V, ,vb N Q Xxyhzv. my , x N it A A A xx lt I 'N I : I QQ, N my fy N '1 fx 'vfxal ' A ' .-:A ,ffm va ,QQ I A ' P, 4 f X, , Q W ' ' U , . s E 7 ya? MQW K ay , pffw 19 67 yi J V J Ayr zff 021210 fly! ! Vi! Ji. 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' Ao A U' ' N 1 ii 41 R 51 AL , IV Q X A .1 If A 5 FX K W5 3 M .3 ' ff A K Q' A I 1 6 f R f 'W 1 7 V 0? 17 KX X 5 5 SW 5 Q XF Al fs E , :ga f by ff A A V ,, .A '47 I V fr' J K' J! v ,K ,-X5 gf! TX' 'OW Q1 Z Y 1' ' ' ff . .Q Q , 5 4 V7 4, AN L 1 ff AX M f X ' xg: f XV F V 'WI '23 fm!! ' A ff ,XX MA A I xxx . V1 VU lf! N L41 ' TX 4:5 Pqgac J! YU? I 1 ,f,7!fjJ ' ' ' Vfl ' 'f7!M,?1j ' J W' Q Q J X . If L 5,7 ff. , ,A I, ' Q! by ' if Qfx, fl ,Fix Air, , jf' x L -A A ' . ' QILV-9 -f A ,CQ aging!! x4 i-x:?I A . . ,if YE I, FLA rf, x iw I X XA f7f1f"'d'0 oc? Nix fa I5 .4 NJVDE by 'rhe ASSOCl6+ed Sfudenfs of Anlelope Valley Jolnl' Umon Hugh School Lancasfer Clahfornna June l95I FF Published ' ,S Page 2 fi1!"',,,1". , E M :Irv rw" N. .J- 'E E Nw .- I,ZlfQ -wg -N -.,,,., -me Nuov- lute 331 GUU4 V41 may ,w N 'sn-S , f C' '71 4. 4,1 If's news when snow blankets fhe Cenhal Building. . ,gf ,if :sg . ,,,,,-f ' ,,.,1 ,MF H SLN f s f 3 W Wd. 754 life Zdmaotez The slaff of 'lhe l95l Yucca, wilh lhe reader's permission, is going fo para- phrase lhe old hill billy ballad "Mama Don'1' Allow." "Mama don't allow no personal pronouns in here, Mama don't allow no personal pronouns in here, We don't care what mama don'f allow, We're going to use a personal pronoun anyhow." Journalism boolcs warn againsl lhe unidenlified edilorial "we." The "we" used in lhis inlroduclion can be fhe Yucca slaff masquerading as lhe enquiring aulhor bouncing brighlly from one spol drawing lo lhe nexl or il' can be you and I who have lived a year inside A.V. Hi. "We" leave il +o you, lhe reader, lo malre lhe choice. We are lourisls inside A.V. Hi 'rhis year. ln planning our four we have included lrips lhrough lhe domains of lhose who rule, and info lhe classrooms where sludenls and 'leachers worlc. lnlo 'rhe gyms and clubrooms we'll go lo walch lhe fun and lhe work wilh ofhers, lhe growing physically and menlally. Since if is fhe people in 'the school who aclually malce 'rhe school, we're going fo journey, in 'lhe following pages, inlo 'lhis deserl school and meel Hs people bolh big and lilfle. On alhlelic leams, in music groups, on +he campus, or in sludy halls we'll find lhe people who really are A.V. Hi. We'll go +o 'lhese places lo record some of 'lhe memorable evenls of +his year of life in high school. owl' Qfcmpaed. 7a4oo I95I saw flue complefion of +he new science building Anxious subs wafch baskefball for+unes ebb and flow 7A Wa. Before we proceed, however if mighf be falren of nofe a few facfs abouf fhe school. A.V. Hi has grown and progressed greafly in fhe +hir+y-eighf years since if was builf in l9l3. There were 'I'hen 'Three buildings, eighfy-one sfudenfs, and fwo feachers. Af fhaf fime sfudenfs from ouf-lying disfricfs lived in dormifories. Today sixfeen buildings plus fhree afhlefic fields cover nearly fen of fhe school's sixfy acres. The fofal school populafion including sfudenfs, feachers, office worlrers, mainfenance men, and bus drivers is II63. Alfhough ifs hisfory and organizafion may be slighfly differenf 'From ofher schools, A.V. Hi, in ifs overall purpose and plan, is fhe same as any school. lfs purpose is fo prepare young people 'ro enjoy life more fully fhrough knowledge, 'ro 'leach fhem fo fhinlc clearly and be able fo exercise good iudgmenf in 'lheir fufure dufies as cifizensg and fo aid fhem in fhe earning of a living when fhey have finished school. We'll sfarf our frip now, affer fhis brief sfopover, wifh, a glimpse of fhose fo whom fhis bool: is dedicafed, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson. Sfudenfs presenf Gilberf and Sullivan opereffa "Campus Highlighfsn on fhe ai Time for anofher "Hi-ChaHer" publicafion. Page 5 li Thelma Johnson DEDICATION Serving as secre+ary +o Mr. Dingus, Thelma John- son also +akes dicfafion from Mrs. Adams, Mr. MaryoH and Mr. Churchill. She has had many jobs from 'ihe +ime she began her career inside A. V. Hi as general office girl. She was once Mr. Knapp's only assisfanl' in ihe business office where she was pay clerk, warranl' clerk, bookkeeper, supply clerk and secreiary +o Mr. Knapp. Working inside A. V. Hi as +he Superin+enden+ of Main+enance and Operaiion of lhe School, Os- car Johnson has proven his abilifies many +imes, whenever fhey were needed, as carpenfer, elec+ric- ian or plumber. He is busy 'lhe year around, wi+h len men assisfing him seeing +ha+ 'rhe school build- ings and grounds are kepf in good condifion. Nor only in fheir iobs have fhe Johnsons proven fhemselves +ireless and conscienfious workers, bu+ in fheir home and communily ihey have earned fhe respecf and confidence of all who know +hem. In apprecia+ion for fhe consfani' eFfor+s of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson +o help make +his a beHer school for us +o a'Hend, we, +he Yucca Sfaff, dedi- ca+e +he I95I Yucca. Page 6 and feadeaa N Vvmmuym ,dayec I-13 15.a5,,g0t44 654410000 ww '4 2' Sw-WM? W Zhpalazww ,4945422 47 9 ' X 'Q in qwwwawnwgfp ,WWW ,4 11 0 5 Spwztcmen 9 sf Jhs+hPggys+IJ 5+ B ,caged 78 101 WM 21 ny v d w w Pge7 X , 1 f . f A S. 1 I O I . F ' 'iq 4 , w '51 Pd' - tht 12" 9 , 12 W lo Phyll' M f, Ed'+ ' All R'H , A. '+ + Ed'f ,g B' 5 C bl , E ' M g 3 Tom Duncan Asslslanf Bu' Manager. L A lc ,B'll Alb'gh+, J ph' B lc N' F ,S+ II H lf F nces Kalpalcoff, Marfha Richmond, Elaine Schneide J lc' ' , ' Id G ' V B' , Dolores Wal rip, John illiamson, Jay urzburg . B E. W. Mar+in Gus P. Eliopulos W. E. Moore George F. McNamee Wallace Ward f : Page 8 746700 Wigan .7716 PRINCIPAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES The laslc of converling fax revenue in'lo educalional worfh falls under lhe direclion of a 'five man Board of Truslees. Members of 'this board are: presiden+, Wallace Ward, prominenl Lancasfer businessman: clerlc, E. W. Marlin, Lil'- lleroclc Fruifgrowerg and associale members, W. E. Moore, Easfside rancher: Gus P. Eliopulos, Weslsicle rancher: and George F. McNamee, Rosamond, manager of fhe Bur+on Brofhers Mines. The ever increasing siudenf enrollmenf, fhe spiraling cosls and 'rhe long needed building program caused lhese men 'lo work many hours wi'rhou'I' pay in +he difficulf faslc of successfully direc+ing public educa+ion inside A.V. Hi. ROY A. KNAPP Roy A. Knapp, Disfricf Superinfendenf, acfs as chief execufive officer under fhe Trusfees of fhe high school disfricf. He is responsible for carrying ouf fhe policies of fhe Trusfees fhrough fhe school Principals, Walfer Dingus of Lancasfer, O. L. Jones of Randsburg, and A. H. Yager of fhe California Vocafional lnsfifufion. He direcfs fhe educafional program of 'rhe disfricf. He analyzes personnel re- quiremenfs, supervises school finance, and recom- mends necessary building repairs and expansion. Mr. Knapp faughf physics af A. V. one semesfer becoming Principal in I934. For I3 years he served in fhe fhreefold capacify of Superinfendenf, Prin- cipal and Business Manager of fhe high school dis- fricf. Since I947 he has devofed full-fime fo fhe posifion of Disfricf Superinfendenf. During World War l, Mr. Knapp served in fhe U. S. Navy, including one year in European wafers. During recenf years he has faluen many frips fo Sac- ramenfo fo promofe special legislafion for improv- ing school finance in rural areas. There are four in 'rhe Knapp family, Mr. and Mrs. Knapp and fheir fwo sons, Ronald, an aeronaufical engineer now af Muroc, and Richard, a senior af A V Mr. Knapp's hobbies, when fime permifs, are color phofography, fishing, and mounfain hilcing. Walfer Dingus Roy A. Knapp WALTER DINGUS Walfer Dingus, high school principal and direcfor of fhe junior college, is responsible for fhe curriculum, sfudenf affairs, and fhe faculfy. Mr. Dingus spenf seven years feaching social science and coaching foofball and frack af Forf Scoff Kansas Junior College. The lasf semesfer of I946 he served as principal and direcfor of fhe college, and came fo A. V. in fhe fall of I946. His firsf year af A. V. was spenf as direcfor of fhe Junior Colleqe. This spring will mark fhe end of his fiffh year af A. V. While a sfudenf in college, Mr. Dingus was a four-year lefferman winning leffers in foofball, baslcefball, and fraclr. He was in fhe Navy durinq World War ll and served overseas in fhe Philippine and Oki- nawa areas. There are fhree in fhe Dingus family, Mr. and Mrs. Dingus and fheir small son Larry. Page 9 ALBERT LO BUONO Arriving a+ A. V. fhe day af+er Pearl Harbor, De- cember 8, l94I, Alberf Lo Buono faughl classes in fyping, business English and sales adverlising lor +wo years. He lefl' fo work wi+h fhe Red Cross in I943 and afler +hree years of fhal work, 'Iwo of which were spenf overseas, he reiurned lo A. V. Since lhen, Mr. Lo Buono has been working in fhe business oFFice 'faking charge of ac+ivi+ies +here, purchasing supplies for +he school and s+uden'r body and keeping accounls for +he sfudenf body organi- Zafions. Billye Adams Jack Landrum Alberi Lo Buono Billye Adams, who is Dean of Girls, helps solve girls' prob- lems and supervises all fheir school acfiviiies. Mrs Adams has been inside A V for fwelve ears The 4? . . . y . firsf eigh+ years she +augh+ many differenf subiecfs. For sev- eral years preceding +he lime she was Dean of Girls, she was Freshman Guidance Counselor. During 'I'his +ime she was given +he Delia Kappa Gamma award for oufsfanding work in +eaching. Because she is an ac+ive member in s+a+e and local pro- fessional associalions, one of her hobbies is reading and keeping up on currenf even+s. Also, she enjoys lake fishing wi+h her daughler, Nancy, a s+uden+ in A. V. Hi. JACK LANDRUM Jack Landrum is counselor and adviser for +he boys. He is somefimes given lhe name of "disciplinarian" because he correcfs fhe wrong-doings of sfudenfs. He came here five years ago as a full lime gym coach. His fhird year here, he became senior social problems +each- er and coach for 'lhe gym +eam. Jack Landrum, as a college sfudenl, was a member of 'rhe gym feam a+ fhe Universify of Colorado. During +he war he was an Army aviafion pilo+ and insfrucfor. The Landrums live in Lancasfer. Alfhough his +hree-year- old daughrer, Ca'I'hy, keeps him pre'Hy busy, along wifh his iob he finds 'lime +o do some modeling and sculpfuring wi+h clay. On Tuesday nigh+s he sponsors and coaches ihe gym leam. GUIDANCE COUNSELORS ROY R. MARYOTT Roy Maryofl, Vice-Principal of A. V., is in charge of all sfudenf acfivifiesg fhis includes being sponsor of fhe Board of Confrol, Sfudenf Courf, and one of fhe sponsors of fhe lnfer-School Council. This was Mr. Maryoff's ninfh year inside A. V. Hi. During his firsf fwo years he faughf a greaf variefy of subiecfs. His fhird year he worked parf fime in fhe office, and for fhe nexf five years was Dean of Boys. Af Pomona Junior College, he was class salufa- forian, and af La Verne College he played foofball and graduafed Cum Laude. One of his hobbies is faking color slides of his wife, Dorofhy, and fwo young daughfers Paffy, and Sharyl. Anofher of his hobbies is raising homing or racing pigeons. ,-4 Wood 544425 Um Guidance includes fhose services designed fo assisf fhe sfudenf in solving his problems, adiusfing fo his environmenf and mafuring," according fo freshman counselor, Bruce Granf. Sfriving foward fulfilling fhis aim, counselors Billye Adams, James Churchill, Josephine Da rf, Bruce Granf, Eugene Hamilfon and Jaclx Landrum had a busy year. Mrs. Adams, Dean of Girls, and Mr. Landrum, Dean of Boys, had fhe iobs of sfudenf discipline, vocfional guidance and program planning. Tesfs fo defermfne mafhemafical and reading abilifies, vocafional apfifudes and personalify fraifs were given fo fhe freshmen. Freshman counselor, Mr. Granf, conducfed fhese fesfs. Miss Darf lcepf fhe college prep sfudenfs posfed on necessary informafion concerning colleges, cred- ifs, and choice of subiecfs. Mr. Hamilfon, vocaiional counselor and senior social problems feacher, helped fhe seniors decide fheir life vocafion by giving inferesf fesfs. By recognizing problems fhaf mighf develop affer graduafion, he helped fhe sfudenfs prepare fo meef any such difficulfy. Mr. Churchill, fruanf officer, did much in finding fhe reasons for fruancy and fried fo help correcf fhem. .Q-.-.--. Leff fo righf: E. Roy Maryoff 'Ld Hamilfon, B. Granf, J. Churchill, J. Landrum, J. Darf, B. Adams S Page I2 Uffice and 4 gamadaze dm Lorein RiH'er and her assis+an'r, Eleanor Sufherland, opera+ed 'lhe a++endance office 'rhis year wifh efficiency. Wi+hdrawal cards were is- sued, absences were recorded, and +ardy sfudenfs were 'raken care of. Training was given +o girls in+eres+ed in learning oFFice work. Lillian S+ewar+ operaled 'lhe swi+chboard, Louise Su+herland 'Fin- ished anolher year as credi+ clerk, and Thelma Johnson served as secrefary +o Billye Adams, Wal+er Dingus, Roberl' MaryoH, and Jack Landrum. S+uden+s and 'leachers could purchase 'rheir school supplies from lrene Munz, who was in charge of +he supply office. Alberl' Lo Buono supervised +he worlc done in rhe business oFFice. Nellie Simpson, sec- refary +o Roy Knapp: Jo Anne Parsons, boolclceeperg and Evalin Davis, general secrefary for +he business office, compleled +he sfaff. Jo Anne Parsons Nellie Simpson lrene Munz oz' Evalin Davis Kennefh Sadler, William Bevins and 'fhe bus drivers kepi 'em rolling. TRANSPORTATION William "Bevy" Bevins, superiniendenf of iransporfa- fion, handled one of fhe mosi' esseniial iobs in fhe opera- fion of fhe school. The iob of fransporiafion was imporfanf because eigh+y per-cen+ of ihe s+uden+s ride buses. Mr. Bevins also supervised driving, discipline, and safely. Helping wifh +he fransporfafion was Kenne+h Sadler, who was in charge of +he servicing and repairing of fhe buses. CAFETERIA One of fhe busiesr places on 'the campus ai' noon was fhe cafe- +eria. Meals were good despife fhe ever-increasing price of whole- sale fo o d s. These well-cooked, balanced meals were prepared by Barbara Winlcle, supervisor: Kale W a d e, Margare+ Pendley, and The cafe s+aFf had a rough assignmenl Page I3 .faaggng Smhmuu EXPEQQE A XUQQQQE 7aZa de 614 .5' 001115 A+ fhe beginning of our iauni 'rhrough 'rhe halls of A.V. we'll meei' 'rhe faculfy. During fhe pas? year fhey have proved fhemselves many +imes +o be surprisingly good friends and sympaihizers as weH asfeachem. This year, we have done some+hing new in pic'I'uring ihe faculry members. To make ii' easier for fhem +o be associa+ed wi+h fhe real people who suffered wifh every s+uden+ in his s+ruggle 'ro re- cewe an educaHon, we have cornered +hen1in fhen fanihar haun+s +o fake +heir picfures. "Who, me?" says Wilson Ferrell during Faculfy-hi school game. Tea lime ai a faculfy meefing. Page I5 - s m"'l Gordon Ackerman Charles Adams William Ballard Rober+ Bowman Thomas Buffum Frank Chamberlin Madeline Chapman James Churchill FACU LTY Lesson plans, papers and grades kep+ 'I'he facully busy from fall +o spring. Neverfheless +hey found lime 'ro aid s+uden+s in individual proiecls and de- vofe +ime +o many an ou+side s+uden+ body ac+ivi'ry. ln addi+ion lhey conducfed a feacher sponsored associa+ion program and found +ime for occasional group recreafional aclivifies. Wal+er Dingus direc+ed +he ac+ivi+ies of a facully numbering fif+y. Organized on a deparfmenfal basis 'rhe facul+y was kep+ unifed fhrough weekly lacully mee+ings, New comers on +he facully +his year in- cluded Gordon Ackerman, malhemaficsg Charles Adams, agricul+ureg Eugene Hamillon, senior prob- lemsg James McCu+cheon, physical educa+iong Charles Parker, his+oryg Milo Randolph, agriculfureg Helyn Tees, 'rypingg Ernesl Tosi, mechanical drawing, and Efhel Wa++s, Spanish. Page I6 6 adage?-wee, Iawfiema Sandpaper edi+ors gel a briefing. Josephine Dari Tad Davis Evelyn Ericson P-bzagzeea 1'- Wilson Farrell Frank Fleming Mary Floyd Evelyn Foley Marion Fraser Martha Froelich dof' if f uf 4 1 I I ff ' av 1 .. c 1 gf.. Q, sf" X 1 6 f, ., A- 4 f I . A ff' ' " I I John Gary Zelma Goben Bruce Grani' Paul Greenlee Rober+ Hahn Eugene Hamilion 5 ,I ., ff Y x N. 's Vinceni Harris make' ASEE-33 Fifth period fyping class do fheir budgeh. Gym classes dancing iundamenials Page I8 Amy Heydorn Darlene Hosluns 4 QW A. V. Teachers' Associafion was formed +hree years ago in order lo idenfify ifself wi+h sfafe and nafional groups: 'io improve +he 'leaching program: and +o creafe sociabilify among Hs member:. For 'rhese fhree years if has main+ained a scholarship fund 'ro help some worlhy sfudenl' go +o col- lege. The money for 1'his fund was raised fhis year fhrough a play, "Ten Li++le lndians." The facul'I'y men helped swell lhe junior college afhlefic fund by soundly drubbing a bas- lcefball leam composed of high school and iunior college players. Virginia lves Paul McCalib Roberf McCu+heon Donald McDonald Roberf Moslz Elizabeih Lorbeer Floyd Lorbeer Helyn Tees ,NN-sn Geneva Mungovan Warren Nunn Charles Parker - Milo Randolph Reva Rowley Dorofhy Schmieclf Tiana defda gal' 2 4 Ernesf Tosi George TurcoH' Hermione Vaughn Burfon Wadsworfh -f ' Harold Pearson Marian Pollock Hamp+on Proe++ Jack Sealon H. A. Sfro I erg Weal+ha Suyclam ,44gQ7,.,,,z,s Commiffees of 'rhe Teacher Associa+ion worlced eFFicien'rly io carry ouf +heir assignmenfs. Commiifees Chairmen were Floy d Lorbeer, California Teachers' Associariong Jack Landrum, s+uden+-facully rela+ionsg Evelyn Eric- son, scholarshipg Darlene Hoskins, hospi+ali'ryg Evelyn Foley, educa+iong Frank Fleming, bowling, Reva Rowley, public relafionsg performed fheir appofnied +aslrs as members of +he associafion. Direc+ing all associa+ion func+ions for +he pasi' year were: Roberr Hahn, presidenfg Hampron Proe+'1', vice-presidenfg Mary Floyd, secre+aryg Dorofhy Schmiedf, freasurer. The major group recreaiional acfivify cen+ered aboui a bowling league. A commi'Hee under Marfha Froelich successfully s+aged a series of par+ies fhaf included a fall gef-+o-ge+her, a Halloween maske, a play cas+e super, a Chris+mas dinner and a spring 'rime dinner dance. 'S " 'B V735 Vida Williams Efhel WaH' Donald Worden Henry Wells J Page 22 ccwegdag 'gf Blind enferfainers ge? a sponfaneous applause during an assembly. 010111.47 0 Our second sfop brings us a view of +he popula+ion. The seniors, wi+h fheir elecfric blue swea+ers and four years' experience in high school, will be piclured firs+. The juniors who have one more lap lo run in fhe race 'fo gradualion, smile a+ us from fhe nexl' few pages. Then come 'lhe sophomores, lhe husfling "live wires" of +he school. Freshmen, eager and enlhusiasric newcomers 'ro A.V. Hi, will be seen ai' fhe las+ of 'this seclion. Sfudenis look dreamy-eyed al Chrisfmas Ball. AV band show fheir sfufi af Poullry Day Parade. Page 23 SENIOR CABINET LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Whiie, S. Hanawalf, J.. BIondin, E. Liffon, J. Murray, D Waldnp J. Bennefi, B. Bossick, D. Palmer. BIII AIbrigh+ Lake Hughes EIIen Boofh Moiave Barbara Baker Muroc Berry Bossick Lancas'rer fxffif I ...faq in M" , an 5' ' iw., if 'fb "L 1 I EIizabe+h Ball Lancasfer Eva Boulware Lancasrer Conce'I"I'ina Barfoli ie mia Joseph Barfoli 47 Sianley BeIIa'HI Lancasfer Lancas+er Moiave Kendall Bowlin Mike Bradford Richard Brand Mojave Wesrside Wesfside ,. ,,.A ? k 0 ..'. F ' V ,xx I I xx ' ' V,Y,Q7," I 'I 'zo me ' ,., I M Q :ass gig gg -05 ,af X 1 In . ea .re 1 , W ' A54,3V ' me f .A . , Ib ff Wwe 4m Faq Dorofhy Abercrombie Loren Aclrer Ben Acqulsfapace Lancasfer Lancasfer Gorman SENIOR CLASS Inside A. V. Hi, +he seniors have complefed fheir journey and are ready 'lo accepf fhe responsibilifies of +oday's world. Because fhe seniors were fhe oldesf and mosf experienced sludenfs, fhe res? of fhe classes loolred fo fhem for leadership in school spirif and s+uden+ government Commencing acfivifies for fhe class was an assembly af which fhe seniors appeared wearing swearers of eleclric blue. Nexl' came sponsorship of a dance, called fhe "Foofball Hop". The lasf foofball game wifh Venfura her- alded 'lhe arrival of Alumni Day and fhe refurn of all fhe seniors of yesferday. In December fhe "Senior Banque+" was held, +o esfablish a new fradifion. Blue boolcs, invifafions, class pins, and mosf impor+an+, graduaiion, kepi' fhe class of '5I in a coniinual buzz. Kid Day and Difch Day were fhe oufsfand- ing evenfs of +he second semesier. Firs+ semesfer presidenf was Dolores Waldrip. She handed fhe gavel fo John Murray For fhe second semesfer. They were assisfed by Eugene Hamil- ron, Mar+ha Froelich, Evelyn Ericson, and George TurcoH', who were fhe class sponsors. Joan Bifiiclz Jeanne Blondin George Blum Easfside Lancasfer Palmdale Dolores Brigh+ Ray Brighf bharline Dufcher Bob Cable Lancasfer Lancasfer Liifleroclc Q' V ...ii-K Al ,bug Cl-'47 5 1 I JR 63' Q.. Page 26 Fred Campbell Lancasfer Mary Cline Lifflerock Pa+ricia Craig Lancasfer Roberfa Craig Lancasler Coreen Collier Pearblossom Donn Cralon Easfside Harr Curle Y Y Muroc Charles Davis Lancasler Bonnie Dixon LiH'leroclr Gerald Edwards Moiave Jerry Efchison Lancasfer Jo Ann Elherfon Easrside Rexine Fain Lancasfer Carolyn Farley Lancasier Clyde Fisher Lancasfer Shirley Fisher Lancasler Bill For? Moiave Barbara Fosier Palmdale fir' Jacqueline Fosfer Quarfz Hill Donna Francis Mojave Lorine Frazier Lancasfer Nira Freeman Lancasfer Pal' Gillespie Lancasfer Don Grey Easfside Warren Grindsfaff Boron Kenne+l1 Gunn Boron Pai' Hampfon Wesfside Sfella Hanawall' Min+ Canyon Marqueri+e Hanson Gorman Dale Harrel Boron LeRoy Harringfon Lifileroclr Joan Hedgecoclc Lancasfer William Hoapili Boron Norma Hodgson Palmdale Jerry Hoffman Lancasfer Be'Hy Hoodman Easfsicle Dawn Hunfer Lancasfer Dale Jones Palmdale Mae Jones Lancasfer Frances Kalpalroff Lancasler Richard Knapp Lancasfer Harvey Knoernschild Lancasfer Fl 4 Wig 'T j V, X. uh m,V,'i 'S , . , .y , . V ' ,. 55,0 mi 'S' 38.3. tg- Judi+h Krainoclc Lancasfer lsla Kremer Lancasier Blake Kuhns Palmdale Hazel Lake Easfside Evelyn Li++on Eas+side Tom Lovela dy LiH'lerock Kern Maiors Lancasfer Jeane++e Malyszlca Mojave Bonnie Marvin Wesfside General Mason Lancasfer Fred Mauldin Lancasfer Charles Maxwell Quarfz Hill Floyd Maxwell Quarrz Hill Leland McBride Palmdale Lamar McQuerry LiHlerock Warrene McReynolds Lancasfer Glen Mead Palmdale Phyllis Mer+z Easfside Bernice Milander Gorman Don Miller Lancasfer Ted Mollinel' Gorman Don Moore Mojave Harold Moss Eas'I'side John Murray Quarfz Hill Geraldine Mushchlnslre Green Valley Jocelyn Olderich Lancasfer Jack Pe+erson Li+'I'leroclc Lynn Reifnouer Palmdale Elaine Schneider Weslside if EvereH' Olin Rosamond Anifa Poindexfer Lancasfer Jane+ Reynolds Mojave Shirley Scofl' Easfside l Q.. 'mfs- Beverly Pace Palmdale Bob Por+er Lancasfer Marlha Richmond Liffleroclc Barbara Seagers Lancasfer '-472 E"""'f7 Darlene Palmer Moieve LynneHe Quigley Boron EllioH' Rumble Palmdale Jacquelyn Seafon Lancasler Dolores Parlon Acfon Luanna Quinn Lancasfer Forresl' Sadler Palmdale Geraldine Seminario Wesfside . QP' ,r :ref 4' 'cz-A, 597' Sd' QQQSI' ' 'mx Q-f ""'1'- '57 is f' l x N Ricky Pauls Palmdale Gary Rader Palmdale Vic Sanfino Wesfside Joy Sexfon Lalre Hughes 3 f 1 f x ry 9 ,- 11' 4 WY, 'RV li 'Sf VU? Q em av , ,ei ,,.""'. Rf 'Q ff, A f " 'Z V if 2:f?fzL,i-7 1,. l M91 'AJ. A 1 q".2..2,x "wwf ' Page 30 Ann Sharp Boron Sofia Sherri Wesfside Marian Simos Palmdale John Smiih Lancasier Marilyn Smifh Lancagfer Roberia Sfephenson Li'I'+lerocK Joan Siivers La ncasfer Bill Sloul' Lancasfer Dani S'I'roclc Quarfz Hill Lee Sfuari Lancasler Bill Sfyles Palmdale Dorofhv Summers Palmdale Kyle Sweei Easiside Aridis Temple Lancasler Ann Turner Lancasfer Marie Twomey Moiave Tomosa Valadez Moiave Roy Walramiya Lancasier - Dolores Waldrip Lancasier Brien Walfers Lancas+er Howard Walfner Lancasler Edward Wells Lancasler Laurence Wesl Palmdale Doyle While Lancasfer Richard While Rosamond Della Whifeside Palmdale John Williamson Quarfz Hill Peggy Wilson Moiave Jay Wurzburger Llano Yr-wr' pw, Don Abboff BeHy Adams Roberi' Anderson Virginia Apalafea Carol Apperson Louis Arnold lvan Avila Dick Backus Don Baker Joel Balzer 340 X D r 0, JUNIOR CABINET, top row: D. Schmiedl, M. Floyd, E. Tosi, T. Bufium. Middle row: R. Swifi, A. Rifier, T. Duncan, B. Wal+ers, P. Sfeller. BOHOIII row! S. Taylor, J. Piani, B. Piani, C. Pope. QSM Wm: Timmie Barnes Josephine Bock Be++y Burgess Jim Collins . V is 5 Q N. X Q 3 4 M 1 .SE 2 X gif is Ye 7vz.f6ae- 56? JUNIOR CLASS Big even+s which increased 'lhe fhrill of finally becoming upperclassmen for lhe Juniors were lhe ordering and receiving of lhe shiny new rings and parficipalion in lhe Junior-Senior play. J u n io r sponsored ac+ivi+ies were a foofball dance and a "Tru'l'h or Consequences" assembly. The J u n i o r s worked hard fo finance, plan and decorale for lhe Junior-Senior Prom, big social evenl of lhe spring. Firsf and second semesler presidenls were Rich- ard Swifl' and Allen Ri'Her. Dorolhy Schmeidl, Mary Floyd, Ernesl Tosi, and Thomas Bulifum served as sponsors. arold Bar+osh Gail Bay Jim Berlrand Floyd Berryhill Palsy Bilderback Pal' Blackburn Mary Blanco Barbara Bloom al' Bones John Boslon Bob Brewer Arlhur Brisco Donna Brown Roberl' Brown Wilma Brown Belly Bryanl lenna Burks Mary Burlon Alberla Cable Norma Cappello Janice Carmean Ronald Chiles Barbara Clark Margarel' Cochran loria Combs Marvin Combs Jane Cooper Shirley Crawford Gary Cralon Bill Cuslodio Waller Darr Richard Deal if .. Sf , fl M.- W t. g 4 nv H ,. in 1, by nf -fizflifriiz W- 9 -ii Q. lip- ,,,V ,ji 'ggi ,A lg A W1 457' in--My-il' ' , f 635 H9159 'WSJ' es , 1553 f 9, Anna De Fazio Beverly Dielrich Esler De Long Joanne Edwards Viriean Englund Tom Erbes Peggy Fredeen Ramona Gaslcins Bealrice Gillespie Juanila Hoclcaday Marjorie Hall Jack Hamillon James Hendrix Clydene Hendrick Shirley Henney Page 34 Paula Dexler Theola Erickson John Gipe Ted Hardy Belly Herring Carolyn Dodd Annelle Finnerly Ross Glascoclr Joan Harrel Jack Hill Jim Doerman Gene Fisher Alan Gorsline Barb ,ra Harler Diane Hollis Belly Does Mary Flores Pal Green Belly Halcher Carl Horlon Tom Duncan Tom Forbes Phillip Bobbie l- Roberl l- Jerry Ikeler Clyde lrving Allen Ives Ellen Jacobson David Johnson Donna Johnson Euralary Jones Clinfon Jones Sharla Jones Dick Kelsey George Kelfner Milfon Kennedy Reba Kennedy Kennefh Kimbrough Kennefh King John Kirk Joyce Kifer sm Lally Make Lally Donald Lee Donna Lee Geraldine Lemen Jimmy Lillie Lewis Lime Mary Lindamood James Logan Frank Lori Richard Love Wandene Lovins Allen Lowe Jack MalicoH Beverly Mark Bill Marsh Lani McCauley Dale McClengahen Richard McElroy Jean McGarraghy Ronald McKibbon Dion Mills Adrian Milander Lila Miller Harry Mifchell 'za-ri 'I A if -.N is '51 .fvx Ss..- Q 'F as s QP...-y ii Y' ,L as by Q, 'if as A 4 X A W if f ni x, A s.. L. fr -Q T 'rv 5 fi? Klee? ,sa L , fp ,H Q7 S' A if by . ' 46- 4-1' R4 , A .bi ,ww 1 'iw 9 4552 fe. E! of S Yr A74 ' f . - L Z '32 ' V I in M.. ,yi fi? -. K .., 'ffmfifi - , ,Z ,WW ,Za E :Q sn. I W4 5'i 5 ir- is gf l 1.4 ,,., ,Q :kj 44 fi 4 x 'nh fa., Q- GN I .C . ju AU ffhl-., is 's .,.. f 319' jp, ' v 55s l 4' 2' .r- -. Q vu ? v '?' elf: W 's g X , 'TR 45 YT .VR ,. View A if X :xl 'x inf' 'Q' K7- 'hype WG as f 11' ,W ry S-, I I jf ey F ily, 2 1,115 ' f ' gb' Q, J ,Q ' 7 . ' PQ, A VZ Zewg ,Ziff A ffl V Ilv Q, I H A A law, 4 C? fs X ...h Don Mogensen Richard Monia Ronald Morgan Viclor Myers Jean Nash Freeman Nugen+ Tom Olcimofo Dick Osenga Tom Osenga Nancy Pace Rufh Pair Edi+h Paris Bob Parlchurs+ Carolyn Parsons Gilberl' Pavich Phinis Payne Mary Pair Gerlrude Pee+z Gilberl' Pendley Lois Perdue Diclc Peferson Duane Peferson Claire Pope Roland Porler Jean Powers Roberl Prefer Richard Rader Gloria Ramirez Billy Ramos Beverly Riley Allen Ri++er Donna Rober+s Thelma Rohllc Doraine Rubees Roberl Rychebosch David Sadler Bill San+ino Frank Smefalc Evelyn Smilh Marjorie Sfurm Richard Sweef Janei' Thompson Pal Trombalore Bill Wallace Charles Walls Anona Williams Roland Wisehari' Q--v 3 Wu, 'z C3 A 4- Geneva Saunders Gilberl' Smilh Dick Swif+ Richard Turner Bob Walfers Gloria Woodlee 'FX -'-an Mary Schmidl' Henry Smifh Bruce Sylvies Michi Uyeda Viva Welch Barbara Wirhers Arlhur Seymour Elva Sfallard Elizabelh Taylor Be'r+y Valdez Sherman Whi+son Eugene Ya+es Bill Schmidf Peggy S+eller Moyne Temple Lawrence Valdivia John Siemens Howard Sfovall Edwin Thompson Ar+hur Vorpohl Odessa Whiffenburg Claudene Wiley Don Yorlr 7 M . g...,' Henry Young nm- f..1.'-f-74? Q, '22,- AQ? 2.14 5-1-uv' ig, 3 Y"'7 A SOPHOMORE CABINET top row T Smalley K Kelley J Shellon W Ferrell E Klofz SOPHOMORE CLASS Bofh an Iearmng and earmng 'rhe sophomores spenf a very profifable year nnslde A V Hu Wm ners un fhe magaznne sale confesf 'lhey raised S460 for 'rhenr class 'lreasury besudes gnvmg +he same amouni' +o fhe sfudenf body fund Thus wu+h fhe proceeds from candy sales made fhelrs fhe rlchesi' class on fhe campus During +he firsl semesfer +he mam evenfs were a hayrlde and a movne par+y Kennelh Kelly was pres: den+ af 'lhns 'fume Under second semesfer presndenl Tom Smalley +he sophomores presenfed 'lhe annual sophomore banquei' Advusmg and helpmg an all fhese progecfs were Vlnlson Ferrel Helyn Tees and Gordon Ackerman , . , . . ' Boflom row D Allen P Sexfon U Perl: ns B Kirby P McGovern, A. Nielson, A. Fenner. de BACK ROW! R. V. Berryhill, R. Billef, J. Durling, V. Bradshaw, A Burgess, R. Breeding, J. T. Brewfon, J. Brown D. Bunker, R. Byrne, J. Carier, A. Cable, P. Cahill, W. Carfer, C. Chris+enson, B. Comsfoclc, J. Clippinger, F Cheshire, A. Clark. MIDDLE ROW: N. Adams, B. Algiers, D. Allen, A. Affeldl, M. Arfhur, M. Aznarez, D. Anderson, D. Albert E Burgess, L. Berry, D. Brighf, P. Brewsfer, J. Blair, D. Bronson, S. Bowlin, E. Blum, S. Cochran, S. Colz, M. Coiner C. Coleman. FRONT ROW: G. Affeldi, C. Barneff, D. Basshom, D. Bishop, C. Bar+holornew, T. Bridges, B. Buchanan, J oyd, A. Brownwood, J. Bass, D. Bullingion, C. Benf, B. Coars, R. Carlson, R. Chrisfensen, R. Card. fa gmckez'-tie a fl FRONT ROW: C. Dillcs, B. Deaver, B. Harwell, R. Green, M. Gales, T. Gillserf, M. Geile, J Green, P. Han- lcins, M. Harler, L. Eiherlon, M. Clarlr, A. Fenner, R. Hanlxins, D. Hanna. M. Flores, P. Guerra, B. Goodner. MIDDLE ROW: G. Erwin, D. Ernbry, B. Ellioi, B. Farmer, B. Francisco. C. Forman, J. Firs+, F, Fosler, D. Davis M. Danel, W. Dunn, G. Cook, D. Firsiclc, S. Fisk, J. Fleming, T. Fox, N. Fihgerald, V. Griffin, M. Cosper, J Diffy. FRONT ROW: G. Doerman, R. Esies, L. Groves, J. Conway, J. Dale, C Dornbush, J. Finnin, W. Bridley, R Graves, 6. Denning, F. Dreelze, S. Hall, B. Hagen, A. Gallion, J. Cusfer, J. Fcsfer, D. Fosfer, C. Fowler. ii W1 WM BACK ROW: D. Lime, R. Kline. P. McGovern, R. Jones, J. Humphreys, J. Hulifman, F. Miller, J. Maffarocci, N. Hendricks, C. Marlin, T. Moise, F. May, C. Jenkinson, J. Jordahl, J. McCaslin, J. Lemen, M. Mayes, J. Marsh, M. McLaren, D. Meier. MIDDLE ROW: D. Mansperger, B. Kirby, D. McLarin, S. Kuhns, N. Jones, W. Housfon, E. Miller, P. Herschlag, S. Heaberlin, F. Howard, B. Hoag, M. Hornbrook, J, Harvell, S. Hirshfield, P. Harned, B. Harris, J. Honor, W. Hensley, D. Henson, M. Judd, W. Johnson. FRONT ROW: E. Lane, C. Losey, K. Kelly, N. Konoloff, J. Lafham, J. Lorgan, E. Klofz, D. Lin+emoo+, R, LiHle, V. Lewis, R. McBryan+, D. McDonald, B. Johnson, R. Jackson, H. Hammack, W. Henderson. BACK ROW: L. Payne, T. Pelizer, J. Pengilley, D. Powers, L. Perkins, R. Pelfon, B. Polls, S. Pulos, D, Priesfley, G. Pierce, P. Quinn, B. Quirin. MIDDLE ROW: S. Mifchell, J. Milchell, D. Mauldin, T. Miller, M. Minga, A. Nielson, B. Overlade, M. Neu- harfh, E. Pace, W. Pendley, F. Pengilley, J. Planchon, J. Pedroza. FRONT ROW: M. Mailes, J. Mason, C. McElroy, W. McKee, R. Mailes, J. Merdler, J. Masse'f+, D. McBroom, D. Noble, D. Newell, E. Padias, B. Papenberg, R. Nybakken, D. Nygaard. 1 mqpvvlv-. ...., . W.-L, .WW ,.,,,,w W v ,WW W f ,,,.f.....-, ...,...4,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ... F: 1. f--. 11: , ,,., ,.,. , , ..,, - , ,.W.e1 ,,,, .., . .,,. .. ,,,,, , W., ,.,,,,,,, ,, .. ,, ,, M-, , , 4 if BACK ROW: J. Seavy, B. Rifchey, J. Ralphs, D. Rupp, J. Schenberger, L. Smifh, B. Small, G. Shalford, R Ramey, D. Sanford, R. Rischar, E. Ross, J. Seiler. MIDDLE ROW: C. Richards, J. Riddle, M. Robinson, M. Reagan, D. Rubees, C. Rolh, B. Riseclc, P. Sexlon, W Sauer. G. Salcaguchi, M. Richey, M. Sequins, B. Schwarz. FRONT ROW: G. Saullz, J. Shelfon, B. Roberlson, D. Rumble, D. Royce, J. S+erlx, H. Sfollenwerlr, P. Siemens H. Smyfh, B. Sedgwick, H. Snider, W. Shullz. BACK ROW: D. Wolfer, J. Winham, S. Williams, J. Williams, N. Wifhers, B, Zarzana, D. Wrighf, J. Thompson G. Thompson, T. Williams, W. Thomas, V. Valdez. MIDDLE ROW: M. Wilson, J. Wilson, B. Wilson, R. Uyeda, M. Wescoff, L. Weslberg, R. Wallin, K. Thor, J. Thompson, J. Thomas, V. Sfrong. FRONT ROW: J. Wafson, R. Wallslon. G, Waldoch, N. Tyree, J. Tyler, L. Turner, M. Tinder, W, Taylor, B. Tay- lor, K. Swords, C. Slraififf, G. Sfoul, G. Sfoore. FRESHMEN CABINET top r0W B Gran? P Whlfson G Cockburn D Sfromberg E Kono M Nux BOND!!! row J Douglas P Benson N Wnlson S Sfuvers J Peferson S Mead Page 42 FRESHMAN CLASS Af Munfz Lalre fhe Frosh Go Wesfern parfy was held which gave fhe newcomers a real opporfumfy fhe many achvufles for fhe freshmen class The freshmen confrnbufed falenf fo fhe sfudenf body assemblies However gradually fhey began planmng assembhes of fheur own The buggesf evenf of fhe year held on a Safur day was a beach parfy In fhe sprung Thenr own board of confrol was formed headed by class presndenf Sally Mead Thus body paf ferned affer 'the sfudenf body board dlrecfed ac hvrhes for fhe freshmen class For class dlsclplme fhere was a Freshman Courf Those who served had fhe opporfunlfy fo gain experience an organ: zahon and responsubnlnfy for a class group Sponsors were Bruce Granf Amy Heydorn and Hampfon Proeff 0660? 1 I I J fo def acquainfed wifh each ofher. This opened ...W4 ,Q A4 rv' . if 31? Xl wgpvpnu llgpunlm.-mmm J BACK ROW: E, Kono, P. Kelly, S. LaRue, J. Kelley, M. King, W. LaBaw, D. LaRue, C. Lisfer, P. Layne, P. Lirllo B. Jordahl, M. Johnson, N. Kiene, D. Kiel, B. Jamison. MIDDLE ROW: H. Heyer, M. Harlowe, R. Hielm, J. Holcolmbe, M. Hunfer, F'. Hudson, C, Haley, B. Harrel, M. Hodgson, M. Hiaff, K. Howell, J. Hil+on, D. Johnson, B. Jones, E. Jensen. FRONT ROW: E. Killingswodh, L. Hawks, J. Hammonds, B. Hall, C. Hedgecoclc, S. Hamill, H. Hix, J. Huck- aby, J. Hill, G. Hooks, V. Hieberl, R. Hodge, B. Isaman, W. les+, H. Ivey. BACK ROW: J. Minga, M. Moore, M. Nix, F. Maison, D. Morrison, C. Marvis, H. Mifchell, J. Meily, J.McKin- ney, J. Maule, T. Marshall, N. Miller, S. Mead, G. Miller. MIDDLE ROW: M. Lee, A. Lilfle, L. Ledbeller, M. Lesh, A. Lara, N, Large, D. Lacy, C. Mashelr, M. Mcclenag- han, A. McKeel1an, R. Moore, D. Marsh, C. Melcherl, B. Mifchell, R. Mefcalfe, J. Cormacli. FRONT ROW: B. Mason, B. Malay, R. Moss, J. McGraw, D. Marlin, J. Miller, D. Moul+on, J. Lane, F. Logan, K. Losey, D. Oller, R Morgan, P. Mclver, R. Nash, M. Miller, M. Masse++, C. Mohling, B. Hogan. Page 44 la BACK ROW: L. Overlade, . Ralhbone, J. Powers, E. Piclcus, J. Perez, H, Pomfier, G. Peek, R. Pelfon, R. San fino, R. Sadler, L. Osborne, S. Seymour, P. Sfrand, D. Pipkin. MIDDLE ROW: R. Owings, V. Ogburn, P. Osborne, J. Pelerson, J. Peferson, A. Piani, B. Rofh, R. Phelps, B Perdue, J. Pair, S. Ridgeway, K. Richardson, J. Riddle, D. Selvy, M. Schwandf, C. Smifh. FRONT ROW: J. Provenzano, C, Poiier, J. Paesano, D. Sfandley, O. Smilh, D, Sfromberg, F. Sfalla rd, R Seguine, M. Simon, T. Smilh, D. Swinford, B. Qualls, P. Reyes, 6. Cockburn, J. Spain. BACK ROW: M. Thompson, F. Thompson, G. Tunnell, W. Turley, D. Templeion, N Wilson, L. Young, S. Wehr B. Wilbur, M. Terrell, T. Turner, G. Torrey, T. Valadez, B. Thompson. MIDDLE ROW: B. Small, S. Siivers, A. Taylor, D. Siebenfhal, J. Swifi, P. Truesdale, P. Towner, E. Tomlin, T Twills, V. Turner, A. Woodlee, B. Wallin, FRONT ROW: T. Tissue, P. Whifson, E. Wal+on, C. Williams, V. Wright G. Wilson, B. Yafes, T. Vlief, H. UI rich, G. Van Ness, R. Turner. ,Q WW ch WW 5 5 Page 48 V' Time ou? for re axaiion on AV's campus he ie 0 6.41Vl?4770lV.5' Al' +his poinl' in our 'lravels lhrough A.V. Hi we will observe 'lhaf high school sfudenfs do much more 'rhan affencl classes. Sfudenf self governmem' and exfra-curricular aclivifies play a large parl' in 1'he lives of A.V. Hi school kids. Acfivilies for all varying inferesls are represenrecl - assemblies and clubs, band and orchesfra evenls, plays and dances, queens and oulsfanding sfuclenls. Freshmen lalenl on slage. Kennefh Clark looking al his F. F. A. proiecl. X E Pa ge 49 LE ROY HARRINGTON For +he firs+ +ime in over +en years +he same presidenf presided over fhe associafed s+uden+ body for +wo consecu+ive ferms. As presidenf, LeRoy Harringion was responsible for all sfudenf body affairs and organizalions. lf was his du+y fo carry ouf fhe school cons+ifu'l'ion and preside af all sfudenf body meelings. LeRoy had fhe privilege of a'Hending all in+er-school counsel and planning commifiee meeiings. Prexy LeRoy enioyed dances, parfies and o+her school acfivifies. He devofed m osf of his spare fime +o horseback riding and in school was co-cap- 'I'ain of fhe foofball feam. He also parficipafed in wresiling and baseball. Hoping +o aH'end A.V.J.C. nexf fall, LeRoy ma- iored in a combinafion of archifecfural and agri- culfural courses. .1715 SOCIAL COMMITTEE Consis+ing of +wo s+uden+ represen+a+ives from each class and headed by +he s+uden+ body vice- president fhe Social Commiffee planned acfivi+ies for sfudenfs inside A.V. Hi. Firsf semesfer vice- presidenf, Carolyn Farley, led her group in 'I'he imporfani' jobs of planning Chrisfmas clofhing and baslcei drive and a Soclr Dance. A Good Luck Carnival held on Friday, April I3, and free movies shown during +he lunch hour were sponsored by 'rhe spring semesier Social Commif- 'fee led by Frances Kalpalcoff, second semesfer vice- president Social Cornmi'Hee kepi busy fhroughouf fhe year planning evenis. 4? LeRoy Harringlon, Sfuden? Body President if' Page 5I Merif Board members recording sfudenfs' merifs and demerifs, MERIT BOARD Keeping all sfudenfs' merifs recorded fhroughouf fhe year, send- ing ouf loss of creclif cards, and giving cifizenship grades af fhe end of fhe semesfer was fhe iob of fhe Merif Board. Warrene McReynolds firsf semesfer residenf chose from sfud aewmwt quam. I All 3 hall fhe following girls fo be on fhe MerifpBoard: Joan Bifficlc, Jo Anii Efherfon, Marian Parlchursf, Nancy Fifzgerald, Nell Jones, Alma Niel- son, and Sfella Hanawalf. Elecfed by fhe sfudenf body as second semesfer presidenf was Jo Ann Efherfon, who lcepf fhe same members fo help her. STUDENT COURT Defermining fhe acfualify and fhe magnifude of fhe offense or infracfion of school laws was fhe dufy of fhe sfudenf courf, which was presided over by Richard Brand, Chief Jusfice. He was elecfed by fhe sfudenf body, fhen he chose, wifh fhe approval of fhe board of confrol, his class represenfafives, who had fhe vofing power, and depufies who assisf- ed fhe represenfafives. There were fwo represenfa- fives from fhe senior and junior classes. An equal number of depufies were chosen from fhe sopho- more, junior, and senior classes. The freshmen had no represenfafion as all frosh cases were handled by fhe Freshman Courf. Hall monifors also were chosen from each sfudy hall fo pafrol fhe halls and campus. A courf member could wrife arresf slips for a misdemeanor offense on fhe campus. Dropping frash, cuffing class, and rowdy conducf were buf a few of fhe offenses commiffed which fhe sfudenf courf handled. Sfudenf offenders were punished ac- cordingly if guilfy, by demerifs, warnings, an as- signed cifizenship class or referred fo Jack Land- rum or Roy Maryoff. Page 52 lllililxl Sfudenf Courf assembled for session. MZZMZQ BOYS' LEAGUE Sfimulafion of fellowship among 'I'he boys of A. V. was fhe main purpose of +he Boys' League. This was emphasized in fhe Fresh- man Recep+ion where +he boys were in+ro- duced +o 'their school and leachers, and were shown lhe afhlelic facilifies. A lug- of-war was held wi+h +he iuniors winning. The Boys' League gave a successful foo+- ball dance and 'lhen worked wilh fhe Girls' League in sponsoring fhe Chrislmas Ball. ln fhe fall, an assembly was given for fhe boys. An au+hori+y on +een-age problems falked on dafing and manners. Ofher even+s fha+ lhe boys parficipafed in were Luggage Day, a sock dance, wres+ling and boxing malches. Presiding over +he club for a yearly ferm was Kendall Bowlin. All boys en+ering A. V. au+oma+icalIy become members of +he Boys' League upon paymeni' of Sludenf Body dues. Sponsors were Harold Pearson, T. E. Buffum, and Bill Mosk. GIRLS' LEAGUE Welcoming ihe freshmen and new girls fo A. V. was fhe firs+ aciivify +ha+ s+ar+ed for Girls' League an eveniful year. Following fhe Freshman Recepfion came Fall Luggage Day and Friendship Day. To keep fhe ball rolling, fhe Cabine+ sponsored a fool'- ball dance and la+er an April Fool's dance. The only formal dance of +he year open fo fhe en+ire s+uden+ body was lhe Chris+mas Ball. This Ball was given in mid-December by 'rhe Girls' and Boys' league. The lasl evenl' arranged by fhe Cabi- ne+ was 'I'he Mofhers' Tea, given annually by +he girls for +he moihers. All girls in school au+oma+ically become members of +he Girls' League. The purpose was fo make in- feresfing acfivifies for fhe school and uphold a high s+andard for +he girls. The League was led by Bon- nie Marvin, presidenf, and sponsors, Mariam Pol- lock, Mary Floyd and Billye Adams. Girl's and Boy's League officers planning aclivilies. affdaatdam eww! tie Zcufc YUCCA STAFF A nighfmare disguised as a deadline soon became chronic wi+h con- scienlious Yucca sfaff members. Planning and layou'rs, 'rhemes and siyles, body copy and capfions, piciures and promofion flashed 'rhrough 'rheir +ired heads. However, afier endless days of worlc, fhe confusion gave way +o order and when +he galley and piciure proofs refurned from being processed, fhe 'rwenfy members of fhe sfaff agreed ihai fhey had done a year's work. ln December were 'rhe bool: and ad sales. During a iwo weelx campaign fhroughouf fhe school, Yucca ficlre+s were sold. Members of fhe sfaff combed Lancasfer and ouflying iowns, fo sell ads 'ro fhe merchanfs. Bob Cable and John Smifh, pholographers, 'roolr and processed mos+ of 1'he picfures, campus piclures, and sporf sho+s. Confronfed by many quesrions and mosl' of fhe de+ail Yucca worlc, Paul Greenlee, sponsor, devoied many nighfs helping prepare ihe annual. Phyllis Mer+z, ediior, and Allen RiHer, assisfanf ediior, had over-all supervision especially +ha+ of planning 'fhe book and wrifing +he copy. Busi- ness manager, Bob Cable, proceeded by Gwen Van Biene, was in charge of selling ads fo 'rhe merchanis, and assisiarrl business manager, Tom Dun- can, handled +he boolc selling campaign. Boys in Yucca class discuss phoiography Sfaff members aH'emp9 fo sell Mr. Sfub- bings a yearbook. Keeping careful file of Yucca s+ubs. Ticlrel falcers af Yucca movie. Zena The siaff busily reading over a new ediiion of fhe Sandpaper. SANDPAPER Pursuing and wrifing siories lrepf +he members of fhe Sandpaper s+aFF busy 'rhroughour ihe year. Besides wrifing, rewriring, and +yping fhe sfories, headlines had fo be wri++en and picrures laken. When rhis was complere, +he maierial was senf fo +he prin+ers where galley proofs were made. The galley proofs were organized and pasfed on a dummy Sandpaper, and fhen sen+ baclr fo ihe press fo be prinfed. Adding life fo +he usual worlr and confusion of fhe Sandpaper office was fhe scou+ing for srories and wri+ing humorous ar+icles and special fea+ures. Besides edi+ing fhe Sandpaper, The class learned 'rhe fundamenrals of iournalism. This class is under fhe guidance of Paul McCalib, sponsor, and Jaclr Hill, edifor-in-chief. Reporfers on +he s+aFF were given srories of fheir own choice +o wriie, under news edi+or, Connie Serna: ediforial edi+or, Jack Hill: social edifor, Delores Waldripg or sporfs edifors, Marilyn Smi'I'h, Diclr Casile, and Bill Gary. ,Qolxii - -'Ji fr ss 44 I Page 55 Fa Looking down on our campus leffermen. FRESHMAN VODVIL Following fhe paffern of fhe Drama and Talenf Clubs, fhe Freshman Vodvil Club helped fo discover and develop freshman falenf. Several programs, one for fhe freshman class and anofher for fhe sfudenf body, were wriffen, planned, and produced by club members. Sponsored by Amy Heydorn, fhe meef- ings were presided over by Carolyn Holey, presidenfg assisfed by Joan Swiff, vice- presidenfg Joyce Douglas, secrefaryg and reporfer, Barbara Rofh. FRESHMAN STUDENT COU RT Funcfioning in fhe same manner as fhe sfudenf body sfudenf courf, fhe freshman fried fheir own sfudenf cases. This gave fhe freshman fhe opporfunify fo gain ex- perience helpful for fheir following years in high school. The chief iusfice, and fhe iusfices were elecfed, and fhe depufies appoinfed af fhc beginning of fhe school year. This year: chief iusfice was Paul Whifson, and The advisor was Bruce Granf. ge 56 ?ea,aie LETTERMEN Composed of Varsify award w i n n e r s membership in fhe Leffermen's Club was one of fhe goals of every sporfs minded A.V, boy. The fhirfy five members helped fo sef up rules and regulafions regarding leffers in fhe various sporfs. One of fhe special acfivifies of fhe Lef- fermen's Club was fhe annual elemenfary school baslcefball fournamenf held in fhe boys gym. Presidenf wa s Ellioff Rumble, vice-presidenf Gary Rader, and secrefary Dale Jones. Bill Moslc served as sponsor. Freshmen demonsfrafed pep and enfhusiasm in Vodil Club and Sfudenf Courf E Rena " OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Popularify polls are conducfed every year during Yucca sales 'rime for 'rhe ouisianding boy and girl of each class. Yucca buyers are given 'flue privi- lege of vofing for fhe sfudeni Wl1O fhey fhinlc has done 'flue mosl for +l'1e welfare of his class. Jack Peferson Dolores Waldrip Peggy Sfeller Allen Rilfer Beverly Kirby Andy Brownwood f Paul Wilson Marsha Nix f Page 57 Proieclionisl served fhe school wiih audio-visual aid. PROJECTIONIST CLUB , Eighfy members of 'rhe Proieciionisl Club look pari in operaling +he audio-visual equipmenf an aver- age of fwenfy hours a week. Since +his work 'look fhe boys ou? of class a greai' deal, qualificaiion for membership required good cifizenship and passing grades in all classes. Sponsored by Hampfon ProeH, fhe Proiecfionisf Club was very acfive +his year showing films in classrooms and assemblies. Page 58 W S44 a Snow fall cafches AVi1es unprepared. High sieppers af Oxnard send off rally. Aler'r looking AV members of 'the Civil Air Palrol. Fans losf in coniemplafion of 'lhe Hari game. Please sign on lhe doH'ed line, Alumni. Alumni meef once more. Yucca members offend Yearbook Day ai' Redlands. Foolball lineup infroducfions af Burroughs rally. Gene Leis and Gea Saunders enferfain Alumni and iheir queen Bobbie Baker and Doyle While experimenf on formula xy2. me and iefze Anand ide Zczmfacw X EPP B Page 60 Peppereifes creafed spirif in ihe rooiing secfion. PEPPERETTES Opening i+s membership +o every girl in school who wished fo ioin, +he PeppereH'e Club hoped +o crea+e more spiri'I' and have a colorful roo'I'ing secfion ai' +he games and rallies. Choosing song leaders, ordering pins, receiving membership cards and paying annual clues 'roolc place 'l'he firsf semesfer. Wi+h fheir sponsor, Marian Fraser, 'rhe members elecied Joan Hedgecoclc, presidenlg Dollie Allen, vice- presidenig and Grace Salraguchi, secrefary-+reasurer for +he firs+ semesfer. Serving as officers during +he second semes+er was presidenl, Paula Truesdaleg vice-president Dolores Parfong and secrefary-freasurer, Grace Salcaguchi. Song leaders, who had fo be members of +he Peppere'H'es, were elecfed by fhe club members. These song leaders were, Dolores Parfon, Ann Taylor, Barbara Ro+h, Be++y Valdez and Barbara Fosfer. WWW USHERETTE CLUB Highlighiing ihe year wiih a "kid" inifiafion in 'lhe fall, a din- ner and dance af ihe Dude Ranch in January, and 'rhe annual pariy in May, +he Ushereiie Club com- bined pleasure wifh worlc under hie leadersnip of Ann Turner, presi- denr, and Evelyn Ericson, sponsor. The club was limifed +o +wen+y junior and senior girls chosen on fhe basis of cifizenship and schol- arship. Inside A. Hi, fhe ushereiies made 'lheir club one of fhe leading service organizafions in giving 'rheir service 'ro The school and communi+y by ushering al' foo+ball games, plays and conceris. maine Ushereiles in fheir suifs ready +o usher 'For a play. YELL LEADERS Frances Kalpalroff and her ihree assis+an+s, Joan Hedgecoclc, Pai Craig and Bobby Craig, worked 'rogefher during fhe firsf semesler crealing beiier school spirif. ln fheir enfhusiasm +o pu'r more pep info our rallies and games, ihey originafed yells and revised old ones. Marsha Nix was elecfed head yell leader for 'I'he second semesfer, and her assis+an+s, Aniia Poindex+er, Bobbie Zarzana, and Beverly Kirby, helped her carry on fhe dufies +hrough fhe remainder of fhe year. Wi+h 'rhe aid of her assisianfs, fhe head yell leader was responsible for +he organizalion of all pep rallies. The pep rallies usually included several band numbers, original slci+s pui' on by +he sfudenfs, and school yells. Yell leaders were elecfed by +he s+uden+ body and 'I'hey in +urn chose fheir assisianfs, who were approved by +he board of confrol. Page 6I -y Q5 Page 62 ., 3 Senior Band al fhe conclusion of lhe successful spring concerf. 77Zmc' ccaae44-- 6a gmac! 1 K 1 K WS' To provide an opporfunify for sludy of and advancemenf on a musical insfrumenfg fo give fhe sfudenf an undersfanding and appreciafion of good music: fo enioy fhe experience of playing in a group and parficipafing in fhe acfivifies of fhe group are fhe goals of fhe Senior Band, inside A. V. Hi. To be eligible for Senior Band sfudenfs had fo pass musical requiremenfs which William Ballard, band direcfor, chose for fhem fo perform. Sfudenfs were promofed from lnfermediafe Band when fhey were needed fo fill fhe differenf insfrumenfal secfions. Four sub-unifs fo fhe band were fhe brass choir, pep band, swing band, and small ensembles such as quarfefs, frios, and duels. Two members of fhe band Brien Walfers a frumpefer and Doyle Whife a 'lroinbonlsf received recogmfnon which resulfed in fhelr becoming members of fhe All Soufhern California Band af U S C Evenfs fhaf were parfucipafed in by fhe band of A V Hi were foofball games and rallies fair and pef parades Oxnard Elks parade Molave Gold Rush Deserf Bowl game af Muroc Governor Earl Warren s recepflon Poul fry Day parade Gymlxhana Chrlsfmas program Almond Fesfuval Annual Band Concerf Dusfricf Fesfival af Redlands Sfafe Feshval af Fullerfon and e Band dinner given by fhe Lancasfer Chamber of Commerce Band officers were Doyle Whife presidenf Brien Walfers vice pres: denf Sofia Sherri secrefary and Machu Uyeda freasurer Maioreffes and banner bearers dressed for acfion. MAJORETTES Two mos+ memorable even+s parlicipafed in by fhe maiore'H'es were Alumni Day, in which fhey used lighled barons, and fhe Elks parade a+ Oxnard in fhe fall. The members maneuvered in fron? of fhe band, on Mays Field, during half lime a+ +he foofball games. They were also seen s+ruf+ing and fwirling barons ai' pep rallies, local parades, and baske+ball games. Facul+y sponsors and band oFFicers chose fhe new members near fhe beginning of fhe school year fo parlicipafe all year long. Leading fhis ac+ive group was Phyllis Merh, president Marilyn Smifh, vice- president and Bernice Milander, secrefary-lreasurer. A. V.'s Pep Band direcfed by Doyle While. Page 63 QM A M M qw 1 ff PM f , G ,, ,f ,f w ., f, A . ,vi WV' E ' " f L 5 1 , f hzg ii 535 f W , "" -. , g' 1, Z M, ,, ,., , J , ,,.,, , ,, ,,,, , , ,,., , ,. , , .,,. A , . , , , , q 2 :W qw ,if uf -fvv A 5 V 4 f ,f V f 4, 7 fy' ff mf, 14, . fy fy. wc, 4 w vw- :W "" uf V .,-14. fa iff ZH Z Q , , .. - . fit 'f M . - U ' 7 6 gy 2 fa f I 4' A fi W gi lu 2 W ,, ag f 72 'K , . 3 Z4 gt 4 5 Q , ' f, ' ? ' fi fi' 1 fi 'Q "" 5 f f -V fi if , ,ff T7 hw 1, V' M 'I W. ' H111 4 , . f f ' f ir 2 if , , if ' ' f , 2' f -V ,,V Q ,i .' f , I ,, t , : M ,MW ,f 1' 7 f "' ' ,, ' Z ' ' H' f mm, , 3 g , , ' -' -'-- I 4 ., .Ly Ma V ,, fv , fa if 1 V W f V M, 5.1, Q gif' , " ' J -z ff 25252 ' f ,. ' W 1 W 5 M, W 1 ,f M J f, ,, ,W 1 f 'M ig? K, ,, ww M i I A , . I ' M WA A . 4, ' 4 N .. V, 2, 'V in X ' My Wy I, if M u A -4' f -J Y ' 4 QW "' 'M' ,, xypf 3 Yf ' M. I 7 yrs: ? ' f 5 'FP M in as ff X 7 ' M P? u f 1 - W, mx, , ' f' ,, J . ,,., ,A ,, ? ' f W W 5 A ' M32 --'- - -1 41,7 " " ' I 2422? - -ff ' , f Q 4 iv 1 Q Q If 1 , 5 'K , I 7 Q ,f y H W ,, 5 I ef Z , G AQ bf H f 'I , If H Z Wulf ' .Q J , 9 'i in ' ' W Q M9537 4, A 4 ,N-'ff ,V X X V, 57' Jam, 5' f 34? A 1, .cv him 771 f ir, 0 ,fx X f ff v f, ,WI ffl J , f Wav, " V, ,V g f , 1 f A , au' ' 4 2 , f z ' 1 ww fi '?AwNxZ 1 :xnxx +NNAlk Nxwlvldigam X f mail ' ,.,5:f'?' . , 1 is ' sb Q 'H Mg A .Q Q 3 ' Q +jl"v! Q54 K , "Ax Q1 ,M , - 1 ix NJ " X 1' , 4 12 'W if V v in 5' gk , , Q u I I 5' 1 x-1 X K 0 A I x 1 gk J . , X Aff If 16 .S X irq 1 ,. is 7462 BOYS AND GIRLS CHORUS During 'lhe year fhe sixfy-one members of fhe mixed chorus praciice four-par+ harmony. Half of +he chorus +ook parl in +he opere++a which was given in December. ln 'lhe early par? of April, lhe mixed chorus presenfed fheir annual spring concerl. They sang lwo numbers wi+h fhe large chorus. Florence and Lo'r+ie Anloine sang a duel, "Were You There?". "Piral'es oil Penzance", a lighil opereHa by Gilberi' and Sullivan, was pre- senfecl in +he early par+ of December. Performances were given in The aller- noon for The sludenf body, and for fhe public in 'lhe evening. Hermione Vaughn, direclox' of vocal music, piclced sfudenis from +he classes oi Chorus A, A Cappella Choir, and Glee Club. The main characlers were David Johnson, Jerry Hoffman, and Virginia Englund. Medley of Singers-Boys' and Girls' Chorus ' da... 'Gr 5 f W A X " 'I ,X W? X i , f NJ :KM 9. Z' ',,"v.'1Q' uf' ,,f. s.,., .. K5 fl'f,a'ms.,i1 K 'N' I D 13. QJfiZ:ff'5 ' f fa HW .. 5. .A , Z . 7 Q an if M ff'-N X X X x iff N X EW A 5 1 'mxm x W!! QQWU M5 pkzgfz tie 4' OUR TOWN Firsf nighiers a+ fhe junior-senior play, "Our Town", viewed siudeni fhespiansg Dani S+rock, Jack Peierson, Donna Lee, Bob Cable, Joy Sexion, Kern Maiors, Jo Piani, Mike Bradford and Blake Kuhns. "Our Town", a Thorlon Wilder play, was aboul fhe average small fown life. I+ was narra+ed by Bob Cable, and each scene was relived by players who acied fheir paris in panfomime wi+hou+ ihe use of scenery. The casf consisied of +wen+y-five players under +he direcfion of Roberi Hahn. Four performances were given in 'lhe A.V. Aucliforium in No- vember. La'rer fhar mon+h +he group 'lraveled io Mojave fo reper- form fhe play. I-Final curfains wirh Jeannie McGarraghy and Kern Maiors. 2-The mood is sei by Bill Sanfino's off-srage organ playing. 3-Emily lDani Sfrockl fries fo console George's lJack Pefersonl grief. 4-Emily fries fo reach Yhe oufer world. 5-Love blooms over strawberry phosphafes. 6-Neighborhood gossips pass windows of Emily and George. 7-Grief for the living: bewildermenf for fhe dead. 8-The men behind ihe scenesy Derald Efherfon and Dennis Wolfer. 9-There is somefhing sacred abou? every marriage. I0-Fafher and daughler scene againsf a background of neighborhood gossip. ll-Tradiiional kiss affer "l do" vows have been spoken. Page 67 DQNIA MOUNTED CLUB Organized lasT year by sTudenTs inTeresT- ed in horsemanship, wiTh The help oT Tad Davis and Wilson Ferrell, The MounTed Club became from Tall To spring one of The more acTive clubs inside A. V. Hi. WiTh Don Mills as presidenT of The group iT sponsored, laTe in OcTober, The Junior Horse Show and Gymlxhana and Rodeo. A girls' drill Team and a parade uniT were Tormed ThaT parTicipaTed in all valley-wide parades. ln April a hayride and barbecue was held aT The fair grounds. A selecTed rodeo Team was senT To Clovis in May To parTicipaTe in The California STaTe High School Junior Rodeo. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA To promoTe a growing appreciaTion of The ioys and saTisTacTions of homemalcing and To encourage democracy in home and communiTy liTe was The purpose oT The FuTure Homemakers AssociaTion This year The sTudenT members won TirsT prize aT The spring Gymkhana parade Tor The besT T'loaT and a Tirsl' prize in The TeaTure exhibiT aT The Tair. They placed an exhibiT in The school's Trophy case during F. H. A. weelc, which showed The diTTerenT phases of homemalcing. The club was composed oT Two diTTerenT groups There were 32 in The senior group and 32 in The lower group BoTh groups were under The leadership oT presidenT Barbara Clarlc and sponsors Dorofhy Schmied and Zelrna Goben Club members prepared and served meals Tor several banqueTs The largesT being The parenT and son banqueT oT The FuTure Farmers of America During some of The club meeTlngs The girls viewed demonsTraTuons presenTed by homemalung special 1sTs To increase club Tunds members sold candy and ChrusTmas cards The FuTure Home Makers began preparing Tor a beTTer home They learned Tundamenals of horsemanship. T "f0r rerr 4 . . , ,TTT sz, - -.-T T T 4 Page 68 I-Dean Rupp and his F. F. A. projecf. 2-George Blum, John Bosfon, Alan Gorsline, win F. F. A. frophies. 3-Taking firsf place af Quarfz Hill Amond Fesfival, fhe Ridereffes were lead by Dolly Davis. 4-A new and differenf F. F. A. proiecf was Fred Max- qfame 77146024 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Boys who live in rural communifies where farming is fhe main source of income, make up The Fufure Farmers Club. This chapfer in Anfelope Valley is able fo have a wide variafion of proiecfs because fhere are so many differ- enf kinds of farms. The main proiecfs were cenfered around chickens, livesfock, dairy, alfalfa, grain and fruif inferesfs. Many iudging frips were faken fhroughouf fhe year. Members wenf fo Davis College and Cal Poly for fhe sfafe judging finals. Two weeks were spenf planfing 300 frees and a monfh building hog pan- els af fhe fair. Aggies sold pop af fhe fair and af foofball games, +o swell fheir freasury. Affer fhe games fhe boys helped clean up fhe foofball field and grounds. In class, public speaking is one of fhe main poinfs sfressed. To acquire an undersfanding of agriculfure, develop leadership, co- operafion, and cifizenship was fhe purpose of fhe club. Sponsors, Charlie Adams, Milo Randolf, Paf Gary and Don Worden helped guide fhem fo bef- fer farming fhrough proven mefhods. A. members sfrove fo build beffer agriculfural sfafus in America. ewdce Kink onlzdfccte to ohm! World Friendship working foward American democracy. KNIGHTS Acfing as honorary members of fhe S+u- denf Cour+, fhe Knighls helped fo keep law and order around our campus fhis year. They sa+ in assemblies and gave ar- resi slips +o 'rhe rowdy or noisy s+uden+s. A "C" average, a p proval of every +eacher in +he school, and compleiion of 'rwo seasons of varsify sporfs were among fhe membership requiremenis. Under fhe guidance of Warren Nunn and 'rh eir officers, presidenr, Lawrence Wesfg vice-president Jack Hillg secreiary- freasurer, Bob Walfers, fhey sponsored a mid-ferm dance. Page 70 WORLD FRIENDSHIP Through a variefy of ac+ivi+ies, fhe World Friend- ship Club has gained a be++er viewpoinr of fhe world +oday and a beHer idea of American democ- racy. Presiden+s Marie Twomey and Harvey Knoern- schild, and program chairman Don Moore, wifh The help of Floyd Lorbeer, arranged for speakers fo fell of +heir fravel experiences and cusfoms 'rhey ob- served in fhe differenf counrries of fhe world. The proceeds from fhe big drive af +he end of fhe year was used 'ro help fhe needy families of +he world +hrough fhe infernarional organizafion, CARE. Knighfs and Girls Service Club frying +o a++ain a beffer school Q, ""N Q Commercial Club learning busines and office rou+ine. COMMERCIAL CLUB Helping Io furiher s+udenIs' inI'eres'I and knowl- edge in business and oFFice roulines was +he aim of fhe Commercial Club. Local businessmen, secre- faries, and o+her oFI'ice workers came inside A. V. Hi 'Io 'ralk +o fhe members on commercial work. The members also received prac+icaI +raining and in do- ing so, gave 'rheir service +o 'Ihe school and com- munify, by making programs for plays, song sheef, and yell sheels. During Ihe second semesier Ihe group ordered 'Iheir pins and had ini+iaIion for 'rhe new members. S+uden+s having had a+ Ieasi one semesfer of commercial work were eligible for +his club. The approximaiely fiffy members were led by presiclenf Joan Benneff wifh Mary Floyd and Helyn Tees as sponsors. GIRLS SERVICE CLUB Organized for service a+ school, fhe Girls' Service Club followed fhe paf+ern of Ihe Knighis. Girls inferesied in being of ser- vice Io A. V. Hi ioined fhe club. Alfhough newly organized, Ihe club parficipafed in several ac+ivi- +ies. Heading Ihe Iisf was Ihe col- Ieciion of funds for 'the Nalional Transcribers Sociefy for fhe Blind. Under Hialmar Siromberg, spon- sor, and Margarei Judd, presidenf, 'rhe club planned +he year's service acIivi+ies. Page 7I O! FRESHMAN BOARD OF CONTROL To acquainf fhe freshmen wifh fhe op- erafion of sfudenf governmenf was fhe pur- pose of fhis board. lf was pafferned affer fhe sfudenf body Board of Confrol. The Freshman Board of Confrol planned and approved all class acfivifies. lf held discus- sions and appoinfed sfudenfs for commif- fees fo plan parfies. The main evenf plan- ned was fhe early freshman gef-acquainfed parfy which was called "The Frosh Go Wesfern". The parfy was given af fhe be- ginning of fhe year af Munz Lakes. This board consisfed of fwenfy members who were under fhe confrol of fheir class presidenf, Sally Mead and board sponsors. The sfudenfs serving on fhe board ofher fhan fhe class officers were chosen by fheir orienfafion classes. 7nz'ezeaz!a Freshmen Board of Confrol leads fhe Scrub acfivifies HONOR SOCIETY The Hono: Sociefy, sponsored by Josephine Darf, was a club fo encour- age high scholarship and service fo fhe school. In order fo belong, a sfudenf had fo file a formal applicafion blank sfafing fha? he had mef fhe require- menf of holding fen scholarship poinfs. These poinfs are derived by counfing an A fhree poinfs, a B one poinf and a membership in a club one-half a poinf. Discussions af meefings ranged from fhe explanafion of fhe Sfafe Con- sfifufion of California Scholarship Federafion and local bylaws 'ro planning for inifiafion. During fhe year many proiecfs were accomplished. A few of fhe mosf popular were fhe wiener bake, frips fo differenf colleges on "Campus Day," and fhe annual Soufhern California Convenfion. Kern Maiors, wifh fhe help of fhe ofher officers, planned acfivifies for fhe firsf semesfer while Gerfrude Peefz guided fhe second semesfer Honor Sociefy. Honor Sociefy -- Infellecfual elife of AV Hi. T? v, Kim WL sip- J ex , 'HU '25 113. ., .,.., , . , i a Q J uf, ,, 1' S fl 7 :Zz I 3 , ,ja -14 ,,,,' . 'ji' fl., Mr! V , f Nos., f V U I , Af, 4 ' " 5 M, R Ag f 4 f 2, 1 as I K V xx 'S' I 1 A .W 1 5 I Q V 2 3 5 as ' E U Q4 3' A iv ww 1 2 Z A v 1, ya? ,ai yi ' 'r Z 6 . gf 20 5 ix if 4 z 1 7 my 437: 4 M V an , YK f-+V if ,Ulf anvil fy iff Mo, f f vf Saddam an 144:00 F Um Zcceena arf' WX 4981 I- if bv"" fl 1 ' ZW, . -n 2 E 1 W1 191: 3??' ?..0gg -'1. gif" -'iff - f D-V Q M ig? fist w':g,Qwgx',b 3 I ' v ' J' ' ,if V 'K M 4 in 'x'..x Olaefwmq X :jn- Page 78 J In flue gyms and on th e fields A. V. kid I s p ay 'Y oui. E.-, 42 14,1 .5770 JW 1V Our nexi' sfop inside A.V. Hi was for a glimpse oi +l'1e Physical Educafion scene. Here foorball and lraclc, baseball and baslcefball, fumbling and +ennis, plus a busy gym schedule are recorded in word and piclure. ln fhe girls gym our camera snapped a record of compelifion in volleyball and speeclball, hockey and baslcelball, dancing and soffball, as well as many individual sporfs. On llwe following pages we will observe 'rlwe A.V. sporlsmen in acfion. The winning volleyball feam shows i+s slcill. Firsf down, Yhree io go af Oxnard game. Page 79 V 'at 5 i L K Zawya ? .54 L. fo R. Warren Nunn, Gordon Ackerman, Bill Mosk, Bob McCu1'cheon, Don McDonald, Wilson Ferrell, Bob Bowman.. Kendall Bowlln George B um BOY' COACHES Coach assignmenfs and gym class insfruciions kepf +he boys physical educalion deparfmenr busy around 'Phe calendar. Bill Mosk achng depar1'men+ head nn The absence of Ward Myers kepl' ad munlsfrahve assngnmenrs under confrol and also found 'hme fo coach fhe frackmen Ofher full hme physncal educahon lnsfrucfors Included Bob Bowman foofball and wresfllng coach Bob McCu+cheon baske+ball and fumbling coach and Don McDonald Bee baskefball coach Helpmg ouf parr hme were Warren Nunn rennls and Gordon Ackerman who helped wnfh foofball and irack For fhose who dldnf play nn malor or mlnor lnferscholashc sporfs 'there was a planned gym schedule Thus schedule was dlvuded mio 'len 'lhree week periods +ha+ covered skulls un swlmmmg iouch foofball dancmg soccer frack baseball sof+ball fumbling wresl lung and boxing Bull Siyles Dale Jones Leroy Harrlngfon Mike Bradford hagglwmdi ' i ,,' Mead Varsify 'fooiball men lake fime ou? for +he camerman. VARSITY FOOTBALL Coming up againsi' some of 'lhe besf feams pro- duced in fhe Venfura league for several years, fhe Anfelopes Varsify squad, coached by Bob Bowman, finished fhe season wifh fwo wins, five losses and one fie. The Anfelopes defeafed Har+ and Harvard and held fhe favored Venfura Preps 'fo a scoreless fie. v- '42 W 'f Q' kr 117 ,I ' fl' I sv Page 8I ez ' 60554 VARSITY FOOTBALL A. V. I3 Leuzinger I9 A. V. dropped a hard-foughl opening game fo fhe Leuzinger on fhe winner's field. In +he second period Laurence Wesl' scored, giv- ing 'l'he Anlelopes a six-poinl' lead. ln 'I'he following minufes Vic Sanfino raclced up anofher fally for A. V. and Wesf converfed. The Olympians, however, came back with a de- fermined eFFor+ as Ihey dominaled +he resf of Ihe game by scoring fhree quick Iouchdowns fo win I9 +o I3. A. V. 0 Burroughs 6 Moving filly yards Io a 'Iouchdown and 'Ihen re- nelling repea+ed An'l'elope drives +he Burroughs feam of Inyo Kern won a surprising 6 'ro 0 viclory from a cold A. V. +eam. A. V. 0 Fillmore I3 The Anfelopes losf fheir firsl league game fo +he Fillmore Flashes. Alfhough driving deep in+o Fillmore 'Ierrifory sev- eral limes, 'fhe Anfelopes were unable +o close on +he +wo 'touchdown lead fhe Flashes esfablished early in fhe game. Page 82 Roland Porfer EIIioH Rumble Louis Arnold Laurence Wesl Marion Cooper Bob Brev doro A!! Page 84 Yugo I. Acquislapace alfer a live ball. 2. Harrington aiming low on a Harvard bal carrier. 3, Wes? driving around righl end for a firsl and len. 4. Andy Brownwood flashing up lhe sidelines for a lilleen yard gain. A. V. 0 Sanfa Paula 26 The rough and ready Cardinals of Sanla Paula, league champions, proved +o be rude guesfs when 'rhey visi+ed A. V. lo faire an easy 26 lo 0 win from +he Anlelopes. Scoring a louchdown in each of lhe firsl and sec- ond quarlers and lwo in fhe fhird, lhe powerful Cardinals handed fhe Anlelopes a bruising defeal. A. V. 0 Ven'l'ura 0 ln a sizzling finish lo 'the l950 foolball season lhe underraled Anfelopes lrealed lhe homecoming A. V. Alumni lo a lhrilling game when lhey held The favored Venlura Preps lo a 0 lo 0 lie. Though 'rhrearening 'ro score only once, 'rhe An- lelopes played a grea+ defensive game by sfopping 'rhe Preps lwice wilhin A. V's. own I0-yard line. Wifh a minule lo go 'the Preps loughl lo lhe A. V. 'rwo-yard line buf fhere The delermined Anle- lopes held +ill 'rime ran ou+. Ed Wells Coach Moslx wlfh his green buf willing Junior Varsify squad. 764 hczlegq an Zife Qziclrbaa JUNIOR VARSITY The Anlelope Junior Varsify foofball squad, coached by Bill Moslc, finished rhe season wi+h a fofal of fhree wins and four losses. The +eam defeafed l-lar+, Bar- sfow and Fillmore, and losl fo Lone Pine, Big Bear, Oxnard and Sanla Paula. Alfhough 'rhe Baby Anlelopes losf four ouf of seven games, 'I'hey showed +ha+ some ourslanding +al- enl' will be added +o 'lhe Varsify rosfer nexl year. Baylles Clark Harold Moss b Walfers Vnclor Sanlino Lawrence Valdivra Ben Acqulsfapace Gary Rader Louis Arnold Ray Brighf Kennelh Kelley Duck Cas'IIe Page 86 z4.fao6az'0azZ VARSITY BASKETBALL Winning eighl' of Ihe firsf nine games marked a high poinf for Ihe A. V. Varsify under Ihe coaching of Bob McCuIcheon. Complefing 'rhe season wifh a Iofal of I3 wins and I2 losses, A. V. averaged 49.6 poinfs per game. The Anfelopes were handed Iheir firs'I' defeaf of Ihe season by Ihe Col- 'Ion Colfs in a hof ba'H'Ie which saw A. V. rake second place in Ihe A. V. Iournamenf. Prior 'Io league play, A. V. won Ihe Lone Pine Iournamenf by defeafing mos'I' of Ihe deseri' league Ieams including Burroughs, Lone Pine and Owens Valley. The An+eIopes ended 'their season in a fourlh place Ieague s+anding. High score record for feam play was brolcen when 'Ihe Anfelopes neI"Ied 68 poinfs in a game wifh Oxnard. Forward Jerry Efchison sei' Iwo An'IeIope scoring records by neHing 4I poin'rs in one game againsr Trona and also ser- ing ouI' +he Varsi'I'y quin+eI' were forward Brien WaI'I'ers, a leading scorer: cen- ing ouf 'rhe Varsi'I'y quin+e+ were forward Brien WaI+ers, a leading scorer: cen- Ier, Ray Brighfg guards Kennefh Kelly and Louis Arnold. Dick Casfle played sfeady baslcefball as forward. BoI'h E'I'cI1ison and WaI+ers made I'he firsi sfring Veniura AII-League for- ward posi+ion. z ' T X ,J 3 - s 2 29 R x vig. ' Ygn ' W.. ' 4 gg x , f S if 'fi ' Jerry Efchison Brien Weliers Z dgeid XGBWD f '33 1 c Q Y pp NN KK U Jerry Efchinson Ronnie Mclliibbon Ray Brighi geiing sei Har? fakes Hue in for a lay-up coming in for a quick shot for a rebound. febound +o score The varsify team Oakes fime ouf. Wazhdzfq, ee ofa ee. tie 649054 79 Wad Burroughs Bishop Barsfow Trona Lone Pine Colfon Owens Valley Lone Pine Burroughs Tehachapi Fillmore Barsfow Sanfa Paula Bakersfield Venfura Burroughs Oxnard Harf Bakersfield Fillmore Sanfa Paula Venfura Oxnard Hari' Spanish-American Page 88 OPPONENTS ANTELOPE VALLEY 28 33 50 53 55 62 4l 60 40 45 67 50 43 60 50 58 46 49 53 45 49 37 53 45 46 39 59 48 64 58 5 I 38 56 68 54 40 60 44 4I 43 54 56 55 53 49 6l 59 48 25 47 I, Harf's Blankenship fakes a long shof 2, Walfers and Casfle move down on offense The Cees learned fhe fundamenfals. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Seemingly overpowered Ihroughouf fhe season, fhe Junior Varsify Baslrefball squad ended fhe l950-5I season by winning 4 ouf of a 20 game schedule. Coach Don McDonald Iead Ihe Bee's +o vicfory over Oxnard, Owens Valley, and +wice over Barsfow. Jack Bass was chosen on +he aII-sfar +eam in I'he Lone Pine Invi- +aI'ionaI Tournament Oufsfanding players on 'I'he Bee squad were Ray BiIIe'I', Marion Cooper, Dick Peferson, Dick Swif'I', Jack Bass, and Delmer Weisf. es +he up and coming Ieam of the fufure. 7. Wesf in posifion for a pin. 8. Bob Hieberf warms up on fhe high bar. 9. A demonsfrafion of precision balance and sfrengfh. IO. Paul Siemens and Derald Efherfon in a pracfice mafch. ll. Good wresfling form is shown by John Siemens. l2. Clyde Irving performing a beaufiful handsfand. I3. Brien Walfers and Ray Brighf in a pracfice mafch wifh Coach Nunn. I4. Perfecf back-flips Page 90 T WRESTLING ln ifs four year hisfory, fhe A.V. Wresfling feam, under fhe coaching of Bob Bowman, had ifs mosf successful year. A.V. was fhe only school in fhe Venfura league fhaf had a wresfling feamg fhere- fore was limifed fo six meefs. Two wifh Whiffier, and Redlands, followed by fhe C.l.F. secfional, and fhe sfafe finals. Divided info fwelve weighf classes, fhe fea m ranged from fhe ninfy-five pound class fo 'rhe heavy weighfs of over one hundred sevenfy-five pounds. The feam fool: fhird place in fhe secfional final af Chino wifh Paul Siemens, Derald Efherfon, Lau- rence Wesf, John Siemens, and Judd Logan quali- fying fo go fo fhe sfafe finals af San Diego in March. Bofh Paul Siemens and Logan fool: fourfh place in 'I'he finals. I TENNIS Wiih six refurning leHermen, coach Warren Nunn's fennis ieam seemed headed for an excep- Honally good season. Led by such s+alwar+s as Brien Walfers, Ray Brighf, Jack Peferson, Loren Aclcer, and Harvey Knoernschild +he racquel men won all of +heir early season mee+s before sfariing league play. TUMBLING This year +he 'rumbling leam sl'ar+ed wifh an en- +irely new group. Alfhough g re e n, 'lhe boys im- proved wi+h every meef, under coach Bob McCu+- cheon's supervision. When fhe Yucca wenf +o press, four ou+ of lheir five mee+s had been complered. The high poinf man af +his 'lime was Bob Hieber+, wifh 47 poin'rs. Runners ups were Dick Sanford wi+h 26 poinfs, Gen- eral Mason and Clyde lrving wifh 2I poinfs, Jesse La+ham had I9, and Kyle Sweel' had I4 poinfs. Gymnaslic meeis were wi'I'h San Fernando, Long Beach Poly, +wo wifh Sanla Paula, Pasadena and C.l.F. mee+. Tennis players-lhe men in +he liffle while suifs. Brawny muscle-men known as wresllers. Agile performers were fhe members of AV's gym feam. Page 9l 4 Page 92 Raul Tapia, Dale Harrel, iumping: Paul Owens, Andy Brownwood, Dale McClengahen, 2 Y 1 P 'Inm- ll me-f Mb llf Ellio+ Rumble. eq faced 7066 TRACK GeHing off 'lo a good s+ar+ 'rhe fraclr +eam placed second in +he Venfura 20-30 relay mee+, and bea+ +he Oxnard Bee's and Cee's under 'l'he coaching of Bill Moslr. A+ 'lhe 'lime ihe Yucca wenf +o press fhe A's were lacking in depih, bu+ sfrong in fhe Bee's and Cee's. Dale Harrel was +he only refurning A lefferman, buf Gary Rader, Andy Brownwood and Elliof Rumble came up from fhe Bee's. The Bee's had fwo refurning leffermen wiih 'Five Cee leHer- men sfepping up. The Cee's had an unusual number of re+urning leH'ermen wifh six refurning. Varsify feam, winners of Lancasfer Junior Chamber of Commerce lnvie fafional Meet The Bees braved fhe wind. Me Wind Cees rnimiced fheir big brofhers and grabbed firsf in fhe Invi+a+ionais. 5----I Nbr' 1 If .Q 1 9 if 5, U P er? Page 93 Page 94 Coaches McDonald and Ferrell display fheir baseball players. gmac. gala and 5460. BASEBALL Geffing off wifh an excepfionally good sfarf by scoring an impressive 8 fo 5 vicfory over Venfura for fhe firsf 'rime in several years, Coach Don McDonald seemed fo be heading fhe Anfelopes for a very successful season af fhe fime fhe Yucca wenf fo press. The Anfelope baseball squad also fool: fwo successive wins from Barsfow before season play sfarfed. Refurning le'H'ermen were: Jerry Efchison and Don McBroom A.V.'s lop pifchers, Lawrence Wesf shorf sfop, Don Crafon fhird base and Lewis Arnold righf field. Filling in fhe resf of fhe feam were Bob Brevidoro firsf base, Jerry Saulfs second base, Delmer Weisf cafcher, Kennefh Kelly leff field and Gary Rader cenfer field. Jerry Efchison wound up for a solid hif. GeH'ing se? for a sacrifice bunf. A sure ouf, af home plafe. Bob Brevidoro ready for a squeeze play. Don Crafon wailing for fhe ball on a close play ai fhird. Laurence Wes? really lays info fha? ball. si. nb if W, -vw Q. I --.'fs.ffwSv!"L. J l G. A A CABINET Under The sponsorship oT Darlene Hoskins, The Girls' Afhlehg AssociaTion CabineT did a Thorough iob in planning The iniTiaTion, Play Day, G. A. A. Spread, and selling concessions aT The baslceTball games. The iniTiaTion was held laTe in February wi+h The inifiaileg wearing un-maTched cIoThes and funny hair-do's during The day. ReTreshmenTs and enTer- TainmenT Tollowed in The evening. WiTh The money The club earned Trom selling pop and candy aT The baslceTball games, The G. A. A. boughi' and award- ed leTTers Tor The girls earning Them. Serving The club Tor The whole year were presi- deni, Darlene Palmerg vice-presidenT, ElizabeTh Taylor, secreTary, Beverly DieTrichg Treasurer, Bobby Craig and Tour class represenTaTives. Girls' P. E. Teachers smile Tor The phoTographer. Those who led G.A.A. DARLENE HOSKINS Hailing Trom The sTaTe oT lowa, Darlene Hoskins acquired her educaTion aT Parsons College where she maiored in Home Economics and minored in Physical EducaTion. ATTer securing her credenTials she TaughT Tor Two years aT Amana Colonies. During World War ll she joined The Wasps and became a squad- ron commander. AT The Time of graduaTion she received special achievemenTs and was awarded a waTch. AT presenT Miss Hoskins, who is head oT The P. E. DeparTmenT, in- sTrucTs High School and J. C. gym, and J. C. Personal Hygiene. When she isn'T c.levoTing her Time To The planning of a beTTer P. E. program, she indulges in her hobbies, which are Tlying and dancing. MARIAN FRASER Born and reared in Hawaii, Marian Fraser came To The STaTes To acquire an educaTion in The field oT secondary Teaching. She TirsT aTTended The UniversiTy of Kansas. ATTer a Tew years she came To California and enrolled in The College of Pacific Tor her graduaTe courses. ln I949 she secured her TirsT Teaching iob, which was inside A. V. Hi. She now assisTs Darlene Hoslrins in The P. E. DeparTmenT. During summer vacaTions Miss Fraser spends her Time aT Camp Paivilxa which sponsored by The Crippled Children's SocieTy of Los Angeles CounTy. LasT summer she worlred as a uniT leader. Her hob- bies are Tennis, swimming, and dancing. mqfcgd on Pal' Craig scrambles for flue ball. Anna DeFa1io frying lo iniercep+ Hee hockey ball. Michi Uyeda and Pai Hankins siruggling for fhe speed ball. Girls calling our Qheir numbers fo Mrs. Speci for 'their fowels. Dani Shock showing her kicking iechnique in speeclball. vp- X 15.5334 'Q' , , , . mv Girls Afhlefic Associaiion in focus. ,4?ew Promo+ion of beffer sporfsmanship, sporls inferesf, and playing abilify, has been fhe purpose of 'lhe Girls A+hle'l'ic Associafion for many years. GAA Sfarfing fhe years even+s was fhe insfallafion of officers and 'the an- nual G.A.A. Spread. Following in Ocfober was fhe firsf Play Day held ai' A.V. Hi in five years. Affer fhe second semesier came fhe inifiafion of 'lhe new members, and closing +he year an award assembly was held. Every member of fhe G.A.A. is required +o have one season, which could be obfained in several ways. H could be secured by hard worlc in achieving marked proficiency in a given sporf. Ofher means of earning sea- sons infailed selling concessions af infer-school games or by falling pari' in afier school dancing for fhe Mofher's Tea program. Page 98 ffl Miss Hoskins giving ihe Big A girls insfrucfions. Carolyn Farley helping Dolores Waldrip spilce flue ball. Befy Valdez finds lhe volleyball payoff a liHle rough. Bobbie Craig affempls a baslcei in flee Big A game. Girls doing fhe swan, one of+l'1e many exercises fauglui' in Page loo Proud owners of Big A sweafers line up 'for review me 1441! lack 7n4wle 14 7 We BIG A To become a member of fhe Big "A" was lhe goal sfrived for by many girls bul accomplished by few. lf was a privilege fo belong lo fhis club be- cause ii' fakes several years of hard work in physi- cal eclucafion lo meel' +he requiremenl' of len sea- sons. The main acfivifies of fhe club were: serving for +he 'foolball banquef, helping wifh lhe clolhing drive, and compefing in 'lhe annual Big "A"-J. C. baslcefball game. Planning fhese differenl' evenls under fhe spon- sorship of Darlene Hoskins were presidenf Bobby Craig, vice-presidenl' Pa+ Craig, secrefary Barbara Fosfer, freasurer Joan Benneh' and publicify edilor Carolyn Farley. I. Home economics girls prepare re- freshmenfs for parficipanis of fhe play day. 2. Toss up geHs anofher session of speedball underway. 3. Volleyball winners give a yell for fhe losers. 4. Adrienne PIM' serving oranges fo fhe playday feams. 5. Wifches and goblins praclice for ihe Halloween dance. 6. Speedball players work ou'f a sfrafegic play. GIRLS' PLAY DAY A. V. played hosf a+ a Tri-Counly League Play Day, for fhe firsf lime in over fwenly years, on a Safurday lare in Ocfober. ln fhe boys' gym and on 'lhe baseball field, volleyball and speedball were played. An innova+ion was +he feaching of +he fundamenfals of modern dance. Girls from A. V. sfayed affer school and during lunch lime for over fwo weeks 'lo pracfice a dance called "Screams in 'rhe Nigh'r". The purpose of +he dance program was 'lo 'reach beH'er rhy+hm and coordinalion. Oxnard, Sanla Paula, Har+, Fillmore, Moorparlc, Nordhoff and A. V. were awarded plaques made by Joan Benneff. 55,735 SPUTS 'il ,, aw J 'X LR WKBER, " fl Page I02 wmgwwi For body and fender worlc painhng wheel align menf frame siraighfemng and 'lhose smoo'rh run ning Chevrolefs be sure +o see STARKSEN CHEV ROLET AGENCY ls il lumber sash and doors painf or o+her build- ing marerials you need? The place for +hese, af a reasonable price is AL RAY LUMBER CO. Chuck Pufman A V graduaie of 'rhe class of 44 delivers fhe same rich GOLDEN STATE milk pro duc'I's lhaf are sold af AV Hi and communrly founfains and s+ores Whelher if s plumbing for 'I'he new science build- ing or washers for +ha+ lci+chen faucef, A V PLUMB- lNG offers qualify maferials and guaranleed worlc- manship. ' z'4e5 50057555 Lasfly we come lo "Our Town". Through lhe co-operalion and friendly a'H'i+ude of fhe merchanls of Lancasler, Palmdale, Moiave, and ourlying dis+ric+s, 'rhe publicafion of fhis book was made pos- sible. Merchanls, displaying "Yucca Boos+ers", cheerfully boughf space during 'lhe pasl' school year, and fhe money from fhese ads paid one-'rhird of lhe lolal expense of lhis book. ' ln fhe following seclion are nearly one hundred merchanfs 'rhal' display 'lhe "Yucca Boos+er" emblem. When paironizing a boosler you are buying from a concern who has al hearf, The inferesf of fhe A.V. Hi Sfudenl' Body. Double fakes are noi in order when paironizing Profecf whal' you have. Accidenls give no warn- Frank Sfubbins of STUBBINS STUDIO, Yucca pho- ing. See STEVE MARVIN owner of RUTLEDGE IN- lographer. SURANCE for insurance or real esfafe needs. l Page l03 Page IO4 Convenienr parking one-half block from Ten+h in fhe cenfer of +own, can be found ai' MlCKEY'S PARKING LOT on Beech. Sfop in af FRONTIER PAINT 81 SUPPLY CO. and le+ fheir courreous owners help redeco- ra+e your home wilh wallpaper, venefian blinds or beau+iful painls. See a wide variefy of merch- andise a+ GlLBERT'S 5 8: I0 INC., where Mr. Nafe Buchan- an, manager, is always ready 'fo help wifh a seledion. Quick service and good food are fea'I'ured al MARTIN'S CAFE, loca+ed on Sierra Hwy., in Lancasfer. Good performance is assured in farm equipmen+ sfoclred for Valley farmers by WESTSIDE FARMERS SUPPLY STORE. Good levis, shir+s, iaclcefs and children's wear, plus ofher ser- viceable merchandise can be purchased af fhe PEOPLE'S DE- PARTMENT STORE. For affer-school sodas, Shir- ley, Beafrice and Janice agree WESTCOTT 81 PLUMMER Drug Sfore is a favorife meefing place for +he high school crowd. Excellen+ radios, felevision se+s, and ofher elecfrical appli- ances are for sale a+ C. 8: H. RADIO STORE. BeHy Small is convinced fhe "5I" Buick af FISHER BUICK is a smoo+h-running, good-loolv ing car anyone would be proud fo own. All 'lypes of eleclrical wiring and repairing service is avail- able af E. G. GLASCOCK'S, locafed on Sierra Hwy., iusl Soulh of Ave. l. RONTIER mm e sgvvnrnsp, 'Q Fuusour hw Rum - Supplying hardware and au'Io- mobile accessories 'ro fhe Palm- dale area is fhe well-Icnown DOUG GILMAN, dealer for WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO. GUTHRIE COLLINS, in Lan- casfer, serves ranchers Ihrough- ou'f An+eIope Valley wifh fine pouI+ry and Iivesfoclc feeds. Wallace Ward, invi+es you 'ro see his fine display of Ioys, household appliances, and clofh- ing, af his WARD'S STORES, in Lancas+er. John Smifh inspecis fhe sfoclc of fine elecfrical appliances a+ BISHOP 8: LUSHER, in Lancas- Ier. Follow Ihis young man's ex- ample and visi+ fhe FASHION TAILORS, +o seIec+ fhe besl' in men's cloihing. Sfop ai' +he RUBY ANN DRESS SHOP, in Moiave fo find smarf sfyles in good quaIi+y clofhes for women. Feed for animals and farm supplies are made available by Ihe friendly Purina dealer a+ LANCASTER FEED 81 SUPPLY s+ore. The home-'Iown newspaper, fhe LEDGER GAZETTE, has complele news coverage of An- 'lelope Valley's 'lrading area. ls fhere a doub+ in your mind where lo buy fhe giH for every occasion? There shouldn'+ be. H"s LOUISE'S for +he finesl in gif+s, a+ reasonable prices. When medical care is need- ed, fhe LANCASTER COM- MUNITY HOSPITAL s + a n d s ready. Doc+ors are on call a+ all times. Page IO6 Whe+her i+'s for overnighl or for a monfh, 'I'he spacious rooms and quiel' surroundings of 'Ihe ELITE HOTEL, in Moiave, makes for easy living. For quick service and good meals, lake 'rhe advice of fhese kids, and palronize LEE'S CAFE. "There's a Ford in your fu- 'Iure", a well known phrase and a Fine car behind ii' al' your local dealer, LANCASTER FO R D CO. Prices are low and fhe quaIi+y high a+ HAYWARD LUMBER 8: INVESTMENT CO. A friendly dealer helps solve all building needs. Whelher building a coHage, a corral, or a clolhesline pole, +I1e place fo go for building ma- Ierials is fhe FOREST LUMBER COMPANY. Aufo par+s for everyfhing from new cars +o iallopies, are sfocked by Chel' Sinn of L. F. CLARK AUTO PARTS. wniij, F1 wifi: Bill Albrighf learns from Kerns Vaughn af fhe TOM FOLEY AGENCY how fo buy insurance. He knows fha? fhis is where he will find friendly ser- vice. ln fime of need MUMAW FUNERAL HOME offers friend- ly and courfeous affenfion. Am- bulance service is also available. n--J ' GEORGE'S CLEANERS for fhe new look in clofhes! Nof a wrinkle or a spof overlooked. A+ WALT WALDRlP'S De- Sofo-Plymoufh agency, can be found beaufiful and good per- forming cars. Sfop in, fo see fhem. For beaufiful corsages, bou- quefs, and flowers for every oc- casion, pafronize fhe ANTE- LOPE VALLEY FLORIST. Take Coach McDonald's ad- vice and come fo HOLMES' STATIONERY, when you wanf fo purchase candy and sfafion- ery supplies. ' For lubricafion, wash iob, or any ofher car service, remember in Lancasfer if's FOSSATVS, fhe friendly UNION OIL dealer. These girls know where fhe lafesf in new sfyles are sold. Such fashionable clofhes are found af fhe SMART SHOP. Tarzie Turley seems fo be in- feresfed in buying fhaf wafch which is being displayed af TlNDALL'S JEWELRY Painfs, linoleum, elecfrical ap- pliances and kifchen gadgefs of all kinds are displayed af ENG- LUND'S. Courfeous service and a wide selecfion of excellenf meafs are frademarks af fhe ANTELOPE VALLEY MEAT MARKET. Boys! Follow Lawrence's ad- vice and gef your nexf haircuf af ROSAS BARBER SHOP. Lawrence's smile shows his saf- isfacfion. Page I07 JAQUA 81 SONS furnish building maferials and supplies of good qualify. Talk wifh fhem concerning masonry needs. Jean Harvell enioys shopping al' RElLLY'S MARKET. For your convenience fhey offer free de- livery service. Page I08 Mr. S'I'raud McBride an d Ricky Pauls examine fhe merifs of a new refrigerafor af Mc- BRIDE 81 SONS HARDWARE in Palmdale. Buy healfhy planfs and seeds al' PALMDALE NURSERY 'l'o beaufify bofh home and gar- den. The VALLEY ROOFING CO. will help selecl' a good new roof or safisfacforily repair an old one. Jerry Eichison, Lynn Reil- nouer, and Jerry Edwards find good service af PERKINS' BAR- BER SHOP. If i'r's smar+ looking clofhes you're shopping For, check wifh Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wallace a+ THE TOGGERY, in Palmdale Careful service is given fo every car af BUD 81 CARP'S - CHEVRON STATION Palm dale. Drive in 'ro enioy fhis ser vice ofien. Slop +o see ihe variefy of merchandise al' MILTON'S 5-I0 25c STORE. They carry Ihe besl from candy +o calico For good qualiiy BOB WARD'S MEATS win. Ricky Pauls and friend are happy wilh +he service 'rhey received. As +hese girls have found VEVA MARIE'S SPORTOGS have wonderful spring coHons and sporis cloihes of originalily. This shining display of kifch- enware which Bill Albrighl' ad- mires is al fhe WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO., on Sierra Highway in Lancasler. Besides selling and servicing radios LANCASTER RADIO carries good lines of refrigerai ors washing machines and smaller eIec+ricaI arhcles These siudenfs enloy Insfenmg fo records Ihey wan+ 'ro buy ai fhe MUSIC BOX Shee+ music and phonograph needles ar also available S+ar+ fhe hunfmg season off righl See +he 'Fine dl play of hunhng equipmeni and hard ware al GRIFFIN 8: SONS HARDWARE HUNTER S DODGE 8: PLYM- OUTH d aler h a I' I smarfly siyled new cars' cars of dependabilify and economy. FASHION CLEANERS are eflicienl' cleaners. A courfeous represen+a'rive will pick up and deliver cloihes al' your home. Are your shoes in need of re- pair? Take Them 'lo BOYER'S SHOE REPAIR 'ro gel' 'thai new shoe a pearance, bul old shoe P comior+. Page I09 Looking around for lockers 'ro slore your meal, a place lo pro- cess your meal, a place 'fo buy meal' al wholesale prices? Go 'fo the DESERT FOOD LOCKERS. AFRICA'S PRINTERS, pub- lishers of lhe Green Lighl, are available for any lype of prinl- ed adverlising. Fealuring qualily Alb e r's Feed and a fine seleclion of hardware for lhe Valley ranch- ers is NEWELL 8: CO., in Lan- casler. PENNEY'S has lhe righl kind of clolhes and a large variely of merchandise, well displayed in lheir big slore in Lancasler. For sand and cemenl pro- ducls or 'rrucking and building malerials be sure 'Io see FRANK LANE, on Wesl Ave. I. John and Bill visi+ fhe FER- NANDO MILL, big Lancasler processors of An+elope Valley alfalfa. Page I IO If i+'s Oliver Traclors or c equipmenl' you're a'F'Ier, go lo ROBERTSON IMPLEMENT CO. for your needs. Complele household a ances and wiring malerials be found al STOORE 81 NI Lancasler General Eleclric c ers. For lhe besl' feed fhalr keep 'rhose animals hea come in 'ro GUTHRIE COLI FEED STORE, in Palmdale. Concrefe irrigalion p dilch digging and laying c ir rigalion pipes are speciallies McGOWAN 81 SWAN. Glass and mirrors cul lo lhe desired measuremenls always handled skillfully al LANCASTER GLASS CO. DESERT EXPRESS offers economical frucklng. Their casler olTice is Iocaled wesl' Sierra I-lwy. on Ave. I. For farm-fresh wholesale frui+ and produce, see CALLAS PRODUCE COMPANY, loca+- ed on Yucca Ave. Oualil' is a aren+ in +he fine Y PP merchandise displayed a+ 'I'he MOJAVE HARDWARE STORE. Sfop in for 'rhal' snaclc or meal al' lhe HORN INN. Courleous and prompf service 24 hours a day. For fine qualify dairy pro- ducls delivered +o your home a+ reasonable rafes, nofify fhe GOLDEN PIONEER DAIRY in Lancasfer. Aulo parfs and welding sup- plies are specialized al' H. M. PARKER 8: SON in Lancasfer A good job in dry cleaning or laundering of clofhes is a habif ai' fhe ANTELOPE VAL- LEY LAUNDRY. MARTIN PONTIAC is +he service cenfer for painfing and body worlr. Johnson Oufboarcl Mo+ors and frailers can also be obfained from fhe Ponfiac deal- er. When in need of a new frac- +or, be sure 'lo visif GEORGE D. PADGETT, your local Allis- Chalmers dealer. CARL'S DRUG, +he Rexall Sfore is lhe place +o gel pre- scriplions filled. Courfeous foun- 'rain service is also available. W. J. McADAM REAL ES- TATE AGENCY has choice sifes for new homes in Anfelope Val- ley. .:"..'.swAuTo S - ':l7lllr Fine diamonds, wafches, sil- verware and ofher fypes of good jewelry or silver are sfoclxed af fhe HAMILTON DIAMOND COMPANY. Marlcefing service for valley egg producers is fhe funcfion of fhe ANTELOPE VALLEY EGG ASSOCIATION. For fhaf beaufiful new Sfude- baker or any aufomobile re- pairing sfop af MILL MOTORS in Lancasfer. General household and farm hardware ifems as well as Min- neapolis-Moline fa rm equip- menf are handled by JOHN- SON 8: SCHAFFERT. For complefe insurance serv- ice see Herb C. Baker, A.V. Hi, Class of '42, af his FARMERS INSURANCE office in Lancas- fer. Page lI2 a-V Firsf r u n picfures sfraighf from fhe sfudios are always seen af fhe ANTELOPE THEATER. When inferesfed in buying a refrigerafor or ofher imporfanf home appliances af reasonable prices shop af STILL ELECTRIC 'n Moiave. L Refrigerafors, washing ma- chines, dish washers, and many ofher Izifchen or household ap- .pliances are feafured af McCOROUODALE'S, on Yuc- ca, in Lancasfer. AV E N FURNITURE COM- PANY offers furnifure of sfyle and qualify fo homemalcers of I'he Anfelope Valley. ,2, -f--'f Fine ice cream and fresh fro- zen foods are offered pafrons of fhe ROGER WILLIAM dis- S fribufors in Palmdale. 3 if-H X K A Tfvui, fwawgiig M KW iffy! rv 1 WU wa JW, MM!! R bf W ,Q R X C W M vw My YL, 3 ,Q yw X Cf-ff pb A 3 y Q5 6325 X RJ vwbkbkkq 04. C, Exiiwfjizn my Umfl W U , Rig KW f pf Sw :HC 3 YQ MQ fmc M N P 3 GQ Mwmjwwyxg Ma 2 Www? gig A XX MW AQXM 7 f vzlfmfy 72' PM M WWW 46 ix 65-PM WW Y wi? E002 ELQYEEE WWI? ff Q0 B5 FO EA gi Wrlvdicffmwvwff J if ffl Hai f,4,,,W W mggwjpfwmfb QQQAVQCQQ HCWQA 12.7, 5,9 jMWWWMWS5 jizz mf KQYJJDMA M .QQ Q SC-A N622 fb K, i C? TA 'J , www awyvf 1 AQ ,X 1 Ali 52:5 H ff 1 G! f X X re' Th -- ?W gg f 'ff-,K J v Om ,W 5 'J gi! K2-?r gif!! X I Km ffhsixs ,gif X yy C514 ix . -i x .X -5 I me M: or,g I U JE , L QF hx lf If V! Y X Qlflqrquxx U , J! ffnq! A MMD-XIAWIV QQLW X it K Ur - W ,fd fxl M A U M-A dc 12? J If qnw f F w a fx f QR W wi, 1 rw ff' S5 MQ J Q53 45 JW , ,QE it ff? ,fn 145 F , Q? W fy M tfff is V vw A W7 Ni bf 2 L w Ks , f J iw an 4 f xx Xi 1 as x 3 N A A J 5,3 :YQK fix K 8' X' p 5? A S Qs 6 - bbs EXP' B? AK SW. A Ji 55 ffffw SD 691 64 sg fi, nw ,X Q61 V W ' fps V 0 J Q52 1 5, v jg? Q? xp N Yagi Lgqg-Z N SX fwpjwxix 55 gk Q CSX 5 N X V -XX-X N ' X. 1 ,JJ W-x fx V135 ff xxx ,Q EX it Ii cwgteh wifiricbg w Q6 4 L gf J Y X f f 25 iw X W 5' -Z' YS 'gh 32 YQ 'Zip 32 N? Q35 Q Ni 49 wg wi?" F ' gk W S f- Q :lb kk gb 9 X K V Q SQ it 'HS gg A L N , . - .-, , X 1 N arg? ' nfl, X -N fn V, 4 E N95 Q 35 sl K ,QQ CD bf- " W W 'L , ff! .Xi ' 2? Q cy ' I A A' xx: I NIJ QQ E, W X- Wm U :Dj 2 011 X , 0 nl A Q Q C7 'ff V I I is Q, Q12 QQ OJ k, N H, N5 E E QM 63 W , - W , Y X Em di 5 -Ex . E Qi ,E ' ' 53 Q51 gxx E QQQQZZAQ ' A 2-34 Q W5 X XXX Y, 3 nj If A 'fin' QV S EAS X bg XE 71 'M' g an 58? WJ 6 ,X Q m 'I I -I ig S. W VX R s ffyifv IF W ix Q X P X5 ff " 7 A x Tm N X Q if ,,,ff 2 2 ff WM Q nr' . ' , go Q Be Q CSS wwf Ei fm , 3755 X 5 I 1?-if

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