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 - Class of 1939

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1.+,f the IQ39 Llucca published by the students of antelope valley Jomt umon hugh school n NA MQW af Nj- . WW? VW bw X sp My pg sffgfi wk ,-4, "A A 3 . , 1,4 . VV. 249, 'si 2 Y C4337 99: 4 921: I 433 325' ft ,bf -rx 'I ,I .W 5. 3 fs' xg'- N '51 ff, A ,il Nu. 'am ,j,,g 'I'- f . 3 .a 2 5 2 'u, -rf Z1-:?91?if:i1557'1Z. ' -' vig, .f . 'qc ' , r' 11'-Qyyfiv' :Cru 2 ani s' :4.' 2+ -99' pw., ' 533. -4 . 1 ,L NJ. .Z h- - - .,.... rg- -. J V M .1 ,,.x.f,. 25? , EQ ff Ell- 1 1.2" K ,g, 1 v IAQ' f ,- f,.5-M f A, .1 ., ,. r 7 ,, ,Z ,-3.22.5 . x' ,H , 'ff,'.'1, f. '14 'r v .AN , ,.,-, 25 1 vi Kfizii ,1,U.g H. . . .e u ,. v fi. -Z' 235 if M muff FCDRELUCDRD The broad expanse of lhe elernal deserl lyplhes +o every sluclenl' of Anlelope Valley Jomf Umon Hugh School 'rhe splrul of daunflessness which looks oul on an ever wudemng hornzon The IQ39 YUCCA rs an allempl' +o embody lhns splrnl nn a pucfornal and lrlerary accounf of lhe year's aclnvllles DGDICHTICDVW For her gemal smile, lwer sympallmellc underslanclung, and her wlllmgness fo help ollwers, Jrlms l939 YUCCA as alzlecllonalely dedlcaled 'ro Mrss Blllle Cllllon, Girls' Vice Prmcupal -.W ID TI-IIS T939 YUCC9 YOU IUILL FIND EACULTY ADMINISTRATION Page STUDENT ADMINISTRATION Page A V PRIDES Page CLASSES Page ACTIVITIES Page ATHLETICS Page GIRLS SPORTS Page JUNIOR COLLEGE Page SPONSORS Page .4-A 1-" IN MEMORIAM H V Marhn Juamfa Blasdell 4I Huberi' Evans 39 Buddy Sears 42 adminmtratmn faculty . T an f1"ff7, a T' T ' T , lu, ,nf T- ROY A KNAPP c+S c Anfelope Valley Jomf Union Hugh School La casle Ra dsbu q BOARD OF TRUSTEES ff' XZ f f? S' Gran? Shoclcley J W Mays Evereffe Marlin W T Graham J O Maxwell Presudenl Clerk 1 Dislri uo rinlendenl rw r n r , A ' 'V x, ff' I 1 TTT TT T TVYVYYY R: --"T T T f 'Xl' ,V 5 'X b l , H it. ! Q l A G ' t 4 8 I If 'T if l T li , ' 'sl DAVID J. ROACH Dean, Anfelope Valley Junior College l-l A STROMBERG Prnnclpal Randsburq Branch Dorolhy Jones Thelma Galloway Esfelle Sclnwarlz eleven Bll.l.lE CUFTON G-urls Vsce Prmclpal Dorolhy Adams Jeanelfe Borwnclc Ellen Anne Cabell fl Z 22,1 lnez G Aprea Kafherme G Campbell Mrs Vlolel Cobden George W. Bishop Mrs. Edna M. Coclcrell Ray M. Cunningham Fredric John Booker Mrs. Dorolhy C. Dallas Allan K. Dallas Jxjseplwme Ellse Darl Anne B Elllson Lorraine Klfflwn Ars Sl1nrleyB Eyler Norberl K Farrell A elalde Kmnamon .lame-SA Finley l:rankJ Fleming R E Lolmcn clplml l-la man Lucille lsenlwarf Elrzabelh UH Lorbeer I 'I .,. J 5 Y. 's- fgg, 'J .we 0 +G' all Y- , k I ' , . ,, s ' . . ' 1 'X I A, X , Q.- .f .. l . ' . ' d . . hi ' " '3 Elf' 'yu-. , V 551,-' :y'ffQ?'l am, ., ., 4,4 . ,,-3 an -v in-i ,4 -'.- glwm V ,pr . ,. 1. q, .fxv-,',,Tf V, '.v,g,3, r?f-- n ' . ' 1.31 A'. .' 'fuk Q.,""gi. P it AQ.. , ,' 1'3" , ' . . YL, gl I ,' . 'M X l w f . D , gt- 1 . , jQVg.i,s ' ' Sri' V . 'xv' Y il' ! N .9 xi xx, 51' .'. - RT' . -f .fi Y - . Floyd l Lorbeer Kerns W Vaughan Leon C Grove Rose Lusebrunlc Theron Whale Lflllan R Schlagel Mary lvleasor Rand bu q Richard C Woolon Rol3erlJ lvlummery Agnes lvl Rowell John A Wren Randslsurq lvlargarel Anne l-loelner Randsburq 4 S V I V , Q d . V fe' 4 1 l l lv-' 1 HY fourfeen administration 6575 I WI h Io IaITe Ihls opporfunnfy 'Ip ec press my sunceresf approcrafuon for The exceIIenf supporf and co operaf on whncn I received from 'the office fhe faculfy and the sfudenf body I+ has been a hugh Druyrleqe To be presTden+ of such a fne sfudenf body ROY STOUDT STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Se ond Serresier Seven-Tee In reylewnnq Ihe evenfs of Ihe pasf year I wash 'ro express once aqann my Ieelunq of deep qrahiude To The s+udenIs and faculfy for Iheur Ianih IH me and their supporf durnnq my Ierm of oII'Tce as pres: den? The honor of bennq The leader of The sfudenf body S somefhnnq I shaII always remember T The class of 39 I wlsh Io express my srncere hop for Ih happmess and success of all DICK ROE STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Fnrsf Se-mesIer ofq l RICHARD OLSON MARY Amos PWERCE Vice Presidemf Secrefary " f ' 55 ' 1' YV ,. , ' . R T. VJALKER FERN MMS Treasurer f',3.grRi:!y Memaee FIRST SEYTWESTER CDFFICERS ff? HQNARQ CARTER JAMES Nounss PM MURPHY Pres, Meri? Board ArlwYeHc Manager Ye!! Leader e QW en SECCDVWD SEVTWESTER GFFICERS ,Q Hntelope Volley Joint Union l"liglw Sclwool 6 .wffrzzb -f.-. A fzpiyi un' , 2.-f. 'HL ., l,....4 .-- ,-, ,,, l ..,-,-..v V W, rf,-,.,.M ., . .,,,.- A., ,J , 'fn-gh, I ,gl STU DENT COU RT S Jaqua R S+oud+ E Rogers E Slwem D Lens ord Mr Roach MERIT BOARD D S+ambook M Plerce K Klnne B Faefh UNIFORM BO B Webb A Dunham M Norfon fweniy H Carfer R Bleckensfaff A Elnopulus Mass Clnffon ARD D Muller Mass Clnffon M Bafes BU DOET COMMITTEE A Gusmve B Ross T WaII1er V Taylor C ScI'1anz R Kemper ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE MISS Kmnamon C Benr1e1I Mr HaIIman J McKIbben I Semmaruo SOCIAL COMMITTEE D Brown S MerrIII E Kruqer Olsrn M SS CI IICH L Pagmso E Sou Hard NN L I-Iawc E mm 'vnu-.....,,.,, e A ! Sli' ' .., . X. f l MW, . I I I , I 5 ' , Mm W, . I , ,.f..m,. . , A V ' up-Iv. ' 'I ' . I ' I , . I , , . , R. J 9 . I 1 - f 6. PBIO ski ,. N mf-cf. SAFETY LEAGUE P Wheeler J Cooper B Faeflw H Kelsey B Cufblrfln B Dayns STU DENT PATROL Clemenfs Young Penfleld Hawke H Kelsey W Nremela T Kyle T Welker M Hall C Anderson B Colfzau T Monfoya L Blfhck E Jolnnson S Krubsaclc E O Boyle H Sylva R Easferwood T. . T. . E. ' . J. . ' ' E. Ramey L. Bussard .. my two H V. PRIDES LasT year Theron WhiTe arrived aT A. V. To Talce over The iob OT building a band. BeTore ThaT we had none. From The mornenT when he TirsT walked Through The TronT gaTe, Things began To hum and beTore The TooTbalI season was half over we were singing our Tighfing songs in Time wiTh his music makers. By mid-year we had a band anyone rnighT be proud OT. When They Traveled To SanTa Barbara Tor The annual high school band TesTiyal and pracTically sTole The show, we knew our young rnaesTro had plenTy on The ball. PaT Murphy Charlie Dungan TwenTy-four WW., ,' , , W. J '- l fil-WM' - 'G Q' ' Then This year carve alonq bu? did our own "Wlwizzer" Wliile slow down? No? even lo lalce a long breaflil Ho nel' om. pradically doubled ire size of l"'s erqan zalion, lne and lnis nnelody rralfers Clos sornecl ou? in soanlbng new class-alas rea and blazlc uniiornns lna+ liao eye' 're noosf blase ol our rrcre sconisr':a'ed ci"- zens eornolelely agczg. Tren 'hey went fc Sanla Barbara again wlnere fre Ke, to 're cify and rho acclaim of ree poouaie was handed lo rlienn cn a silver plal'e'.Rif1ln'f Tully time A, V, Band reads fne Vs? ei ou Prides. ', QQ Sb ?we",ff've 2 4 . .- BAND MEMBERS PICCOLO, Marqarel Darr. S FLUTE Nacho Darr, Carol Perfielcx, Bernice .. ,W CLARINET Henry Snu'na1e,He'bertMoise, Shar-1 Burson, Jonn Kcsfzpolas, Gordon Becrwivn Ra, HJ" ", David Bafz, Floyd Burnrarn, Franx Ixeer, Carol Arfzefszn Lwr-Va Varrer, Lmille Sresle, Dorna Lans- '1': ,ner Ceooe' Mary Eliol. ALTO SAXORHONE Wall, Keane, Vaslike HV'-Q RJ, Harbison Kenrefn Kenna-perl, Gilmer' Crit' Ciarfncrz C209 Bob Brignf, Reuoin Madir, C.:' P: lair D',r':'rw Srviirn, Ef,lwar1NV'i'e Tito Gor- " :, To" Flfrnrv"rwq. DRUMS, Tor' Clf:"ien's, Bob Wood, Jazk Mariof, Ben Free Snerifiar Lcqar, Elearc' Dictricn, Roberr S:e:" Donaiu Beeson Darrell Sreooins, Vere Clare, N'a'.'in lryinq. - C. SAAORHONE, Marion Arderscn, Bill Rim- .Tie TENOR SAXOFHONE, Amelia Ball, Verne Free' " 2' Ross Litvle. BARTIONE SAXOPHONE, Kcrnffli Craig, TRUMPET, Elbridqe Penfield, Torn Young, Roberl Vy'u:f- Arvnar We-Jver, Enirnor Little, Buo Cratori, Dean Svoiwiris, Danny Curlis, Dorovny Anderson, Warda Ray, Buddy Cleveland, George Malsubara, Kay Marvin, Jenn Camnbeil. MELOPHONE, Mirle Buckley, Plillio Sfoudf, Vvafe Earrner, PaLl Carnpbell, A. C. Cobb, John f'."f, fri. BARlTONE, Richard Harnilion, Ben Burson, Bill C5 ass TROMBONE, Irma Slory, La Verne Hooper, Bob Romll, Lawrerce De Beiar, Otis Faircnild, Orviile Hol- irgsfyervn Williarn Prifchard, Jack Panqbern, Bob C.w J7'i- Clare. BASS, Anlnony Tliornas, Paul Wheeler. MAJORETTES Befve Hawkins, Elbsrla Taylor, Margaret Beyers, Carrnen Olaiz, Ercell Rogers, Ty Hernperiy, Peggy Sfoudf. .11-9-57' Tops wufh af Ieasf half fhe school un popularlfy and second only fo fhe A V Band wlh everyone else IS fhaf musical organrzafuon bearung flue popular fufle of l-lenrf Shumalce Ancl All Tlue Lads and fhe offucual cognomen of fhe Swung Band luke fhe Band ns flue creafuon of e Young Maesfro Theron Whufe If like The Band falces every auduence by sform Masfers of melody and rhyfhm flue swung s ers are In flue groove every fume Tluey bear down wlfh plenfy of umplu ancl fhe Cafs and Safes sfand around wufll fheur moufhs open and flueur feefh flappunq n fhe breeze These guys and gal have wluaf If falces Thenr pucfure by flue way s abouf an unch and a half wesf of here and flu s us a lnsf of who fluey are l-lenrv Shumalce Tommy Clemenfs Merle Buck Young Bob Rowell Norma Waggoner l-lenry Mouse Muclcy Freeman Elbrudge Penfueld D Muller and Jael: Smufh Marne laclcey flue ferpsuchorean and Barbara Barreff and Beffy Faurchuld are e vocalusfs NB fwenfy sux .1 . 2 ' lf, A l , ' ' fl'uA ' A I I V. . . i ' ' : f r Icy, Laverne l-looper, Paul Wheeler, Torn , 1 , I I HW GBC!-IESTBH A ' 1 A Thcvas W C S C Pr W Bfnwf RVW VN D Q Whrs ofC worhM 4efH Q V 'W 'w Y G'Bl.S GLEE CLUB BUYS GLEE CLUB UK F N f"" .23 ae" I, vwff' 57' G3 H: . 2'f:"i. ,'."6' . 3.:"' J. 3' :52":'.' J, 5: 'E . 'LZ , -en ' New - -VJ P. '2.' Z'. "-' ":"'. H V- CDU LUI-IEELS GILBERT A. BROOKS Direclor of Transporlafion BUS DRIVERS H. Bell, ll, Bowser, H, Ulrich, VV Sgafes, NV. Aus,in, L. Wright, W. Bevins J. Piglce lwoimcr, K. Sadler. B Prilclward, P Semerenlco, F, Hoclccff, D. H ller, B. Wil Iiamson, G. A. Brooks. ,'ulumqmnn1l ll If I fl Twenfy-eighf 4' fi, DESERT RAMBLERS Eleven hundred seventy-sir miles pe' day roll fhe wheels of A. Vfs seyenioen busse: +0 cover 'he worlds largesl high schogl dislrigl. As early as six-forly-live and as lale as eighi, smdenls board -lhe busses is lrayel many miles lo school. Al three-lwirly, eighi hundred sfudenls clarif- lzer into These behernofhs of lhe boule- .ards, some lc lrafel as much as sixly miles, over concrete highways, dusfy des- erf roads and winding mouriiain passes io all corners or Arifelcoe Valley, The busses are hop? in cortdilicri by some gf the criwzrs Er- the shop ahd arc- refueied and wade ready each def ic' fhe hex? Trip, Ari e-Ara bbs is leaf if Crue' 'ha' crgarizafichs and classes may 'ale e-ducavicr-al Mos rc farious cerfs 6? Sclrnefrx Califgrr' a, Ou bus sfsrem is are of the moe? ':::'3C'llf3 ard eciicierwr is be fauna an, where. Urczer 'he caoahle drecfizrw 0? Gilmer' A, Bfcolcs the ffamporrefzri of A, V, farlrs eeccfd rc rc Uher school bus 5.90" iv ve wzrlu. favfrf,-rx'2 No descrlpTlon oT The acTIvuTues oT A V oT whnch every sTudenT nn school IS parhcularly proud could possibly be cornpleTe wlThouT men Tnon oT The work oT The Library and The ArT De parTr'nenT BoTh are doing an excellenT 'ob and every sTudenT IH school proTnTs by Their eTTorTs VusuTors To The caTeTerla have been known To sTand Tor mlnuTes aT a Tlme admlrlng The panels whvch adorn The walls These pxeces The work of several advanced arT sTudenTs may well be called masflerpleces PosTers srgns and sTaqe decorahons are only a Tew of The many acTnvlTles oT This deparTrnenT which add TurTher To The conTr1buTlons which The school enqoys The quid lnq hand oT Mrs Shirley B Eyler dlrecTs The acTnvlTles The Llbrary Science Class under The dl ecTuon of The school librarian Mrs Lorbeer oTTers To nndxvndual sTudenTs speclal Traununq an The rnanaqemenT and rnaunTenance oT a library and serves The sTudenT body as a whole Through lncreaswng The eTTrclency wlTh which The library serves The school STudenT llbrarlans are guven an opporTumTy To sTudy book bundmq display making caTaloqunnq and card Tllnnq as well as The very valuable experuence oT deahng wnTh The book borrowxng public Th1rTy F, , I la r1Ia5s-3.95 MAxlNe BATES Presidenl Realizing lhal senior classes of years gone by had sel a pace lhal would be hard 'ro beal, The seniors began lhe year wifh some lrepidalion, They soon Tools heart however. and wilh The help ol The Dunganiles, laid lhe groundwork lor a record lhal will probably sland unlil The end ol lime. They were lhe mosl argu- menlalive class in The hislory ol lhe schoo' and experfs have been heard fo say lhal fo brealc lheir record for long-winded dis' course is beyond he realm of human abilify. They finally did gel' around lc deciding wha? lcind of swealers fo buy, however, and They were so beaufilul lhal lhe school decided lhal The millions of words lhal were used up in deciding were well spenl aller all. By fha? lime il was lale in November and lime for 'fry-ours for The Senior play, "A Murder l-las Been Arranged." a spoolcy ghosl slory, lhal allernafely 'lhrilled and chilled lwo full houses on December I5lh and Iblh. Pal Murphy as The deep-dyed yillian, Charlie Dungan as murderee. and Dicli Roe and Thelma Plummer as The hearl inleresl Togelher wilh an excellenl supporling casf, produced a play which, dramalically, was one of The besl in years. Then lhe lirsl semesler ended. CLFTSS QF 1939 FIRST SETTTESTER OFFICERS X .4 l CARMEN OLIAZ JACK Moms GLORIA VAN SICKLE Secrelary Treasurer Yell Leader lhirly-lwo Z2 M- Q , S. C-luis Dumsfw Arwrs Cwvuxo Sefrerarv Treasurer BARQMA Bmznirr Yew Leader w 1 SECQUD SGVTWESTER GFFICERS 1 3 an ,. QQ 'fa nw" :Word e"'f3'-for fi ar',on'2S iff-"' ,Cnr ig flnf- rofffeo-d'inMnq, worvf N1 'Hi-wrrg Und rm-Hfnq seweafer 55 'r' Q fro ram:'f1s'f:dfrroJ'gn'r'e crdf-ai ia' fun", Un'?"'aTTirr1c everytre wro 's f' wreld We 'o be Somecfne never, rrzwrv, newer lc-fu H5 sclnod work Inrerferc wT"r V edufnrfr, Then Mar very Was? sf-"M rrf?s fvcwd and ine scurd of col :Ura mpc-ned becorres deafening, SL13Tl'3Fdy the gr-nrors wake up fo We fad 'ref from ausfere looking fornes fney "f..'e roen luqdnq around for 'rne Was? 'Mr-ff lard a rdf ,ears aCfuaUy have woros or"'f-1 In rfrfrr. Vlords ther fhey snouid rw learned many rnoons ago. Then rr'-, 'Marr To bf-ar down and The picfurc or S' 'ruin rnrfrhi ndrvrfy YS 5 siqlnr fo rfrr' 1, This years dass, lnavrnq se? ore 'i' f"'1 Fad WW- rmerqy lef? fo rnake 5 fr, for anorner, They were rusf abou? afrfffmcx in scnclarsrlp and rnosf of fherr 4""--'1 're year wlfn The usuai piece of e5"':' onzased frgeoskln, ro? greed, fne Wyse Ir' fne row years' weer. Wn Tre 'romr"'e, They did find a few spare "M"-'fs rf en5P,' He, :earning The peak r 1' carricdlar drrovion wlfh ine ' S-'-ff' PMN, Ccrrrffgncerrenr cn .ff-V 'rs' DVC'U'1"ff1TCdVfO even the rnosr 'wx'3ff"'rd Senrfrr u eye and they dNWISI'1Qd 'rry wwe Corrnrq had ned year. D CK Sr,-'ut 1 P'es'den+ 4 4 4 Clara Meyer fAxrf3lC EllOOUl'v1 BCl'f: l-lowlclrvS Mar, Allie Plfrrr Mable Kelsey Burrm U Aarup Pl'v,IliQ l-lumbord Marllwa Lulns lvlfulrw Alley Dcrollwy Nielson Mariarlce McDonald Om Luo Slclcrwe' Cavrfen Qlalz .lurweWIll1elr+r 7 7 semom lela Plumlee Scpl1ieEliopulos Ber?l1aMcV'clrer Maxfne Bafes MerQcrleAlle,' Tlwel'r'a Plummer Ka?l1leenS?lrwscn llwlrfy-four Glirla Var1Slclfr2 Jack Hawke James Clark Otis Fairchild Frank Norlon Curl' Schanz l939 Pal Murphv Charles Dungarv Gordon Johnson Robe-rl l-lamillon Rance Castle Elbrldqe Penlield Barney Baley Bill Newell Roy Slouclf Morris Phipps 'je Manifw .laclcEfrerlclc LeufehceSal'snu'y Ton,'Ac"s Clyde Befrefr l-lafcld Befsc' Rocefllle fhiv, -flve BmEf1'aBarfe Gf fx -Pfwifz ssfa- R""rf Annie Cappdlo Mlvmrf E fwnfmnu Emi-U RA if-rl Rosemary Kernpfr Goorqh Lynn H'?!GD C:c3KTDCMfl Mildred Tener Barbara Lynch Paunne Wfafsn Juanifa Parfdn Marqavcf pC5CVSCfI'1' Juno Mfmg 'fndkafes Randsburq Smdcnf SEUIORS Al' 7-T if V' Ann Hnifnr Juan Cffxpe' FEMES Paincn Eafbara H ru WT "1 Fc 'gmc Rm? Ed5fC'WOOd Hafnc Oakes vnirfy-six Jaf.kSmiH1 Nick Kappas Gene Truman Louis Krubsark George Faina i f '-4 PQ ZZ-F4 K C f Sger Eurice Sparks Daphne Miller Lyraime Spencer Beffy Wurm Emiiy Gray SENIGRS Haroldwacker CurfwsPeavNer LelamdSears LcrneBiasdeI Ch rles Racer Nbe Llarera RoberfMcConneH Ailncf Mr,Calf:l5 Riahmd Roz- Alberl D7chl Richard Slamboolc Georqe Barnet? Ralph Aldrich Irwin Flnclc James Nourse Franlc Ballw James Brandenbuvq Tom Young Gordon Campbell Cheldon Jaoua Jcclclv1orr s Wayn Ahern Ind :ales Randsburq S udenl' 1939 1 ' I ' l H S I K7- , an Ee' M' Q' Tncnfez Cle"er's Gene S'lrE"S E"":' Lfvle Park Wefierlzenner' Harald Kelsey l i P? DONALD JAQUA Presidenl As lime sfumbled on info lhe fall of I938, lhe Juniors 'rook a firm hold and hung ony Their mainstay being lhaf they had Finally become upper-classmen, Lead- ing This group in lheir anlics was "Lillie Jake," Junior presidenl lor The 'iirsl sernesler. Soon faking a lead in school funclions, fhe class sponsored a pay as- sembly wilh Dr. Lulher Gable speaking on radium, The assembly proved quile inferesling and improved lhe Junior bank accounl. A few of lhe high and rnighlies in sfudenl body aliairs were: Fern Mills who sullered bravely as Assembly Manager, T. Walker who kepf a Firm hold on The sfudenf body purse slrings, Peg Sloudl, lhe liflle gal who held down Big "A" presidency and G.A.A. vice-presidency al lhe same lime, Dori Lanslord and Sadie Krubsack who worked like lroupers on lhe Girls' League Cabinet and Bob Ross who go? himself elecled caplairi of lhe IQ39 grid squad. This paragraph could really grow up and use a lol of space, buf well end il here. Jewelry always draws allenlion and fhe Junior rings go'r double lheirs. ll was noied lhal Juniors werenll lhe only ones p'oud lo wear fhem. With u sigh ol reliel reverberaling lhrough lhe halls, the Class of '40 barged inlo lhe second semesler shoving oppo- silion in all direclions. CLFHSS CDF 1940 FIRST Joewie McKiaasN Vize Presidenl JEANETTE Swm Eusics ADAMS PEGGY STOUDT Secrelary Treasurer Yell Leader forly SEFUESTER OFFICERS Douornr Liwsrorao Eunice Animas Prom Sroiior Secrelary Treasurer Yen Leader , . SECQIWD SEIUESTER OFFICERS 4:1 S' .a f ,.p,Q1- forty-one 'xxx l'lo.inJ alyssa-ed 'he way during The hrs? serresrer, ine Class of 40 began 1h: second oar? ol 'heir Career as Juniors. 'Play lry cars are Tuesday niqhllm, eghoed andre 1-f hood over the Lampus as the class beqan Qfeparafions lor lhe ana nual Jurior play. Big Hearled Herbert" a side-solilfing cornedy, was chosen and. as usual a noisy, conglomerate crowd ol would-be lhespians appeared before Mr. Farrell, the direzfor, lo show their lalenls. Kenny Johnson and Marie Lackey proved lheir aelinq abiliry by Takinq lhe leads, al- lhouqh Marie was only a shorl gasp ahead ol Elizabelh Anr Groyen in lhe linal selec- rion. B'IICutbirth, MarqareTLar1qe, Horner Graharr, Bob Herbert, Elizabefh Groyen, Mon? Hall, Gordon Beckwilh, Fern Mills, Edsel Sherri, Mary Jane Holbauer. and Elsie Johnson also came into posses- sion ol play books. Al The end of each per- lorrr,anr,e on Mareh 30 and ll lhe cas? walked oil wilh we audience in a nearly fied package. Wilh many uoices raised and eccile- rnenr predorninarinq, plans were cussed and discussed lor The Junior-Senior Prom. The gals showed Lp in lormals and zhe fel' lows looked their oesl. "Ye Olde Gymmew was unrecoqnizabie. Wilh "Midniqhl ln Manhattan' as 're decoralinq lherne, la'l buildings, shrubbery and a romanlic moon lurnished a period selling lor The biqqesi shindiq ol lhe year. Bafh Seniors and Jun- iors lell lhe danie walkinq on air. With a sigh a shruq, and Then a grin, lhe Class ol '40 decided fha' being Seniors wouldn'+ be hall bad, B .L Cie arf-4 President Lillian Aarup Alma Dunnarn Marie Geile Minnie Lou Hyde l-lelen Eliopulcs Virginia Jacobson Marqarel Lanqe Arrnirla Jolvnson Eleanor Young Frances l-lalncoclc Elsie Schneider Georqiana Slicrbaiia Elizabefln Groyen Yvonne Lane Lily Mae Rice Clwarlsie Mailey Irene Yriqollen Teresa Monfoya Dorollny McConnell Ma que Godde Peqqy Casfor Gloria Diaz Leona Friedman Fern Mills Virqinia Taylor June Delvlulln Dorollny Lanslord Belly Bouqher Marqaruile Zinlf A nelie Kell, Josepliinefxilen Loislirliclc Alberfa Guslaye Zelda Greer for? fwo Pauline l-lunfer Jeanelle Swfillri Merle Buclrley Henry Schumalre Carl Jaclrson Richard l-lamilfon Edward Whi+e John Mcliibben Merle Curfis Harold Bouqher Ray Harbnson Howard Beard Edsel Sherrn Lowell Guyman Roy Freeman Donald Jaqua Rober+ Krregh George Semerenlco Kennelh Cralq Horner Graham Randall Trueblood Reber? Wade Wulluam Barnes Gordon Taylor Charles Chaney Conrad Evans Jaclr Wallcer Roy Har-nlln Slanley Wrlqhf Arlhur Levme Mon? Hall Clarence Cool: Roberr Tralas George Mafsuloara W C Bafey Ray Harmlfon forty three Kermif Kinne Jim Srernmons Cora Belle Snnlflw Frances Porler Elsle Johnson Roberla Bliclcenslall Tess S rpp lx Margery Aulry Frances Wrrqlnl Naoml Elllol Mary Brown Beverly Loomis Mary lx nclnolson Julle SUQIfT'lOlO Callweryn Darr Kafhleen Lalr Mary Jane Hofbauer Marne Gall Helen Kelly Merle Lackey Zanrfa Shark Clwarlsre Manley Wanda Kelsey Claudna Elsey Dororny Welss Frances LeFever Eunlce Adams Fern Gardne Paulnne Olryer EluzalJell1Carr1obell Lucrnda Bussard Jeanelle Spurlrno Indrcales Randsburo Sludenf for'y four f' lc J. ,L . . - x Myra Niemeyer' Millicenl' Mendenhall ' ' r . . , . , . T Walker John Bohn Gordon Beckwrrh Bruce Beckwrth Bull Rrmrnqfon Gaul Gerblnck Don Van Valkenberq Jlm Wrlson Dale Evans Clarence Perkrns Jack Shvers Frank Hadley Berf Kurs? Ralph DuBors Anfhony Thomas Earl Johnson James Rober+s Wesley Sngler Ray Holmes Bull Cufbnrfh Arnold Munz C r H ll Burde+'re Fox Ruben Salazar La Verne Hooper Richard Cheney Thurman Peferson Paul Bangle Davnd Wells Vernon Louis 'Ind cafes Randsburq Sfudenf forfy fnve Bill Bafey Herberf Spencer a l i Y X Fred Soulha rd Eli Whifney Roland Michael Roberf Herberl Manuel Lopez Jean Bellar Ca+herme Anderson Wumfred Crang Marquereffe Scoff Elfraeda Brneholz Gerfrude Pawlowslru June Samplay Peggy Sfoudl Flossue Flnclc Sadie Krubsaclr Helen Goolruns Mary Pulos Belly Randleman Dorofhy Varner Vlola Waslnrnuflw Mnldred Mrlls Agnes Madson Delores Van Slclrle Mlldred Maupun Loulse Degan Barbara Faelh Mary Kalmler Juanula Dulwarl Audrey Ferguson Marflwa Mcplwerrun Wlnn Duhar? Carolyn Sverson Alex Ellopulos Lula Mae Fowles lnclucafes Randsburg Sluclenl for'Iy six . . ,, - 1 - - 1 , . v 1 lv i SGP!-lCDfTlCDRES fm!! ... ffl T SEVUESTER OFFICERS s Bow ZINK Presldenf Under llwe leaderslwup of Boyd Zlnlc and Tubby Sloudf llwe Class of 4I lnas gone a long way xn rnalunq a name for llself The afhlehc abllnly of Don Nourse who made varslfy foolball and Bob Brlqlul who made yarslly baslcelball has conlrnbuled lo flwe esleem In wlucln The class us lweld by follow sludcnfs af A V PRESTON E ANS ELMNE VIDEAN Pump Sroum Vlce Presldenf Sefrf-lary Treasurer Yell Leader for-ly exglll L.-. A sl'1ow sponsored by llne Sooluorrores was lneld +o reuse money for a Parque? wnr Flook place lnslead ol a lrlp lnclependenl of any s udenl body he D ne banquel was pw on l-leld ln lne cafelerla ul was a nuqe success G o ge Fxllpe No erm a rece-nf arrlval from Spain who lnas enrolled as e Soplworrore was 'lwe ouesl of honor Slwowrnq areal a 'lvl le rn a sc co a elrs he Cass o rs o Inq orward wxlh real anl lpalron lo nnxl year when llwey wlll be uooer lassrnen PAUL Ross Isuzu Swswmlo PAULWHEELER Elsnaon OIBLYLE Vlce Presldenf Secrelary Yell Leader Yell Leader forfysnlne SECOND SEWIESTER OFFICERS FBESI-IVUEVW T SEIUESTER CDFFICERS BILL GENE Presudenl Because 'rhe members of fhe Freshman Class fund lhernselves rn a slrange place al he loeqlnnlnq of lhe year nl lS only nafural lhal uf should ake Jrhem several weeks 'ro become acqualnled and 'ro make lhelr pres nce known ro fhe res? of lhe sludenr body They enler hugh school from fhrrly wzdely separaled grammar schools and meef many new people 'rhey had never seen before Their school acllvllres are en ALBERT CAPPELLO BETTY BENSON FLOYD Bunm-MM Vrce Presrdenf Secrefary Yell Leader fl Yy hrely d hfcrnl from arvylhlnq lhey have experrenced prevlously and They rnusr mance near, new adlus rnenrs Thus years class qol under way In rece d fume hcwefer and began ro show prorr' se of being well qualn hed 'ro upheld lhe lradmons of A V B ll Gexle class presldenf for bolh sernesfers proved To be a real leader As Sophomores 'rhey ln lend fo ser lhe world alare K. SECOND SEVUESTER OFFICERS FLOYD BURNHAM STELLA Acns JAM Coors: Yell Leader Seerefary Vnce Presndenf fifiy one BILL GEILE President RECHLLITTG RHTTDSBURG ,-'fl On The rnornlng oT SepTernber 6 s venTy sux people rn The vlcxn1Ty of Randsburg awoke sleeplly and aTTer considerable eTTorT managed To arrive a school To greeT Mr STromberg wnTh Taces which were reasonably brnghT and shlnrng From ThaT day unTll The end oT The year Thlngs happened Thlclc and TasT and There wasn T even The TarnTesT excuse Tor anyone s being bored By SepTember 25 The poluhcal bug which had been hoverxng around Tnnally declded To land and when The dusT cleared Frank Kahe Laura and Laurence Tound Themselves elecTed as The new prexmes On OcTober 26 wnTh vaccnnahons and The Junior Senxor Halloween parTy all on The same day everyone had a good excuse Tor nOl'dOlr1g school worlc The sophs came r1ghT back aT The upper classmen on The 28Th however waTh a parTy TeaTurlng cake and soda pop The Freshmen noT To be denled Tossed a shlndlg oT Thelr own on Tne 3IsT On The same day The TnrsT eduhon oT The Sage Brush came oTT The press The buzz of scandal was Terrnhc and The red Taces werenT all Trorn sunburn WrTh ChrusTrnas pusT around The corner The school celebraTed on December I5 and Io wlTh a play Peace Be UnTo You sTarrlng Hadley and Diehl and a parTy wuTh plenTy oT candy and Toys Coming baclr aTTer vaca Ton The Junuors and Senlors dazzled everyone wuTh Thelr new rmgs which was Tollowed soon aTTer by a Valenhne ParTy on February IO Thesplans dns played Their wares on March 29 and 30 when The school play Gro Slow Mary delrghTed audnences aT Randsburg and Trona The lasT week of school Trnally came The Sensors bud everyone adueu and everyone else loolced Torward To nexT year wlTh much anTlclpaTlon Qfailfv Gaily WEN TrTTy Two A P , U E V I . A ' 1 - A I - T X T T T V as 3'i.ff,i' T9 :utr 6 T . m is sf ' gy ' , ,s,, :M - n 1, , 1' , '.nf 'TT I Q . 5 sv' a 'A 'f T' A 4 ' 5 figkggg y T' S+! - I ,',., T- C vw 1 'f 'I' I ' ..x-'n Y M gig! H+ Wai Z 4 ,ik , 1 - I fgn., gpgf Q 11. g if f 1 , il 1 1 -ff v , my ,rf ff - g Q4 ll ll 9 murder HCS REED QH'ODQ6Cl "' W5 presented by The emo S LM Cow A L umar L Vx W F 44 G L. Hiw ll ll Big l-leorled l'lerber'r Presented by The Juniors March 30 and 3l Enemy Based on The idea rhaf nofhing is quile as funny lo an audience as an American larnily af home, "Big l-learled Her- bert" lhe Junior Class play. presenfed on March 30 and 3l, proved fha? fhe aufhors were correcf in fha? assumption. B'Il Culbirfh in The 'rifle role of Big Hearled l-lerberl Kalness and Margaref Lange as Elizaberh, his long-suhfering wife, gave per- formances which would have done credir lo any professional. l-lorner Graham and Bob l-lerberl, lhe lwo Kaln-ess sons, were excellenl. Bob as fhe adoloscenf and l-lorner as fhe gangling high school senior were perlecfly casr. Marie Laclfey and Kenny Johnson, lhe rornanlic leads, lell nolhinq 'ro be desired in 'lheir performances. The worlr ol Mary Jane l-lolrbauer, Eli7abelh Ann Groven, Monl Hall, Gordon Beclcwilh, Fern Mills, Edsel Sherri and Elsie Johnson in lhoir supporling roles was loo-'rfighh nf-:sr tn... if is 1 , rf, i V pw Q Q ' -11 'V-1351. s N. 'ji My V 4? N M 1-1 - ..,4!5X fifty-six THE CAST l-lerberl Kalness 4.... Elizabelh Kalness .... l'-lerberf Kalness, Jr.. Rober+ Kalness.. ... Alice Kalness ...... Andrew Goodrich .. Amy Lawrence ,... Jim Lawrence .. Mr. Goodrich .. Mrs. Goodrich.. . Mr. Havens ,... Mrs. Havens. .. Marfha. .. . THE Direcfor ,. . . Business Manager. . Advertising Manager. Properly Manager .. Slaqe Manager . .. Lighting Director .,.. Business Adviser ..,.. Malce-uo Lawrence DeBeIar Ralph DuBos Kathleen Sfinson Thelma Plummer Charle Dunqan. Sfaqe Crew .... J. Picozz Emericlr J ir M. Curfis, K. Ullman G Truman O Fair child. J. Brandenburg L K ng fairy seven MARJORIEALLEY GENE STIVERS Edifor Business Manager THE 1939 YUCCH We are nol arfisfs. buf we have fried lo painl a pholographic and lilerary panorama of fhe year's aclivi- lies. Because we are of lhe deserl, we have aflempled lo pul info +his book some ol +he maiesly of ifs dislances and some of lhe color of ils everchanging beauly. Lack of space prevenls us from recording lhe fhousand and one liny incidenfs which make life a+ A. V. so pleasant We hope fhaf fhe memory ol: The more imporlanl Things will call fo mind all The ofher experiences. If lhey do we may leel lhal we have +ruly given you a complele record of all fhal has happened during the year. We wish lo express our sincere apprecialion lo Gordon Fuller of Lancasler for lhe use of fhe deserl pholographs which appear on lhe cover and in The open- ing secfion of 'rhe book. We also wish +o fhank you 'lor lefling us use our poor 'ralenf in making your book. MARJORIE ALLEY, Edilor. Tl-IE STAFF Marjorie Alley, who ran fhe show .....,,...,.... Edifor Gene Slivers, who kepl fhe books ..,,. Business Manager Dorolhy Lansford, who will sfep info Mariorie's shoes ,..........,.,......... Assislanl Edifor Bill Cufbirlh, who will 'rake Gene's job ..,...,...., Assislanf Business Manager Alberfa Gusfave, who was Doro+hy's pal and buddy .,.....,..,........,.. Associale Edilor Rulh Easlerwood, who did every bi? ol lhe arl work .............,...........,.., Arl Edilor Dick Roe and Charlie Dungan, who handled sporls ....,....,...........,,. Sporfs Edifors Dick Olson, Bill Shaffer, Gordon Pyle, Jean Rufledge, Kafhleen Sfinson, Edna Freeman, Mary Alice Pierce, Marie Lackey, Ed. Gagon and Jim Wilson, who helped fo build 'rhe book. fiffy-eighf 'A-N NOREFQT K. FARRELL FaCuWfy Advfscr ff H ,I .Q 7 C " " F "MAG f'f- I P '- Ex-"Inf N DW A F RD F A ' Ei' A Y Edl V AisIs'5M Ed ,-1--. Tl-IE SHVTDPFTPER When The depressnon h4T AnTelope Valley ID I932 TT also huT The Sandpaper squarely beTween The eyes The papers very e rsTence was ThreaTencd l3uT The school came To :Ts rescue and publucafron conhnued alThouqh rTs budge was cuT To The mrnrrnurn Durnnq Those bleak years A VlTes had To be sahshed wTh a small mumeoqraphed sheeT Lasf year however The Sandpaper came back rnTo uTs own wrTh a prrnTed ednTlon once each monTh Conhnu ng :Ts upward bounce Thus year The paper wenT rnTo a Twrce monThly schedule of publrcahon Under The drrechon oT l-lorner Graham who Took over The edlTorshup early rn The TrrsT semesTer when l-lelen Breese wrThdrew from school The paper made excellenT progress and each ednhon was an rmprovernenT over lTs predecessor Ably assrshnq Homer ln hrs work Jean Cooper served as AssoclaTe EcluTor durrng The enhre year OThers on The sTaT:l who were nmporTanT T'acTors In The success oT The paper w r CI6UdIG Elsey Elarne Oakes CurT Schanz and Carl T-lorTon like ' w. 4 Jim an N L33 ,,g"f51'5v HOMER GRAHAM EdrTor sixty su Proivf YOUR ER www PAP T H E S AEHQQON HIGH mimi X All-E 39 ,Om YOUR Tmprm V y 13 19 4, mcets Saunas AN 4: ter Cam Februar NeW 0 Lancas d Students ,, Adde , Take I txcs ClaSS in J0lWnahSIX Assembxy ma wxde 111 ff- , ra medy ClaSSD ,.f ,- ts for ves oGr3Hdma me Now 09 K Lea :ed you X Y Whoa' ff' lrmbuwuonff ,, or Not Self, a P a Used xarse mere we bw or H Yfocgegsx Book ecausetain her Fa:-x1:X3NsasN:om Insgahauon Jgxiyv n o w Slug F ' arm Dfrzrzz ces: :ILO wednrsiszwn 33: ef 0 ,Z t is Agam wenhigi three is gow e it yea to gxxdri the mzfrgggzjr now Zchgfsxallxnght lcon s Herber I ues Cxaszew ma' m the hgh Parts me c1a9S1asl B,-epafmg thi ce!! for tear Bob SS mianage U05 n ard' mn me Pfoceeiz were 'the du Y of bhca xon Tgy the schwx Y . A e ven 0 num 5 1-ms P18 have far Pu Mr FBT' gr A usln BRS 5 1 audxw Y cca 1 giv 5 apef Q d DY ow'- B glnxof Em-ixx be Sc 8020 E0 tggslzg From angxgl HD iiaeg dass gxifdgmenwxs of X for mc 0ul5 W fx B few 41 mahcs b ev ares we Timed Hfbiigaav andawF being eguby 1 e xgxgnxy en10Yed 5" Hfegefkled Tha 31 are Txogniled Xu Shgllxd be tzlittendlng P arch so B",wmbe an ew sguden hex vefrsxggl? imrcnxav concerns A mah? nm' of THE STAFF He en Breese Ed for early par? of Carl Horfon Sporfs Ednfor second se fwrsf S6fY'0S?9f mesfer Busnness Manager frrsf se Homer Graham Ednior frrsf and sec mesfer ond semesfus Norberf K Farrell Faculfy Advrser Jean Cooper Assocnafe Ednfor frrs Reporforual Sfaff B Barre-+1 M Bafes and second semesh:-rs Elaxne Oakes Assnsfanf Ednfor fursf semesfer Claudia EI ey Asswsfanf Edufor sec: ond semcsfer CUFfSCI'1:3f1Z Spor+s Edzfor fnrsi semes fer Busrness Manager second se mes+er Benson J Brandenburg Casfle A Ellopufos C Farmer I Fnc B Glouser B Hawlcms A Kappas A Llarena M McPlnerrlr' F Norfon C Rader L Salwsbury D Shrbley G Sparks 1 Curr SQHANZ SD HS Edlfrr Errs' Sempsier Bu uns 5 Managfr Se cnd Se Csfer srxfy onc CAR Hon Sp rfs Ed Second SPWCSTGF Busmess Manager Furs? Sem sfer JEA S sa? EG TGV Co :sa E Awe Ones C Auom E se Assnsfanf Edufor Assrsfanf Edu? r Frrsf Semesfer Se ond Serv- s' r . l l 0 ' ' . . . c l .0 BAS S . . I Z 0 ' . L. N C o ' , 'J a ' ' S o I," s qgfffi! o 1fff", , " 1 ir., Q 1 ff A , 7,-ff' . 0 ' . . T1-7 'Y 'SESS Yfffgg? , s i ,K illgfff 57' XD ,, . . G1 ' C5 0 ' - ' ml . d ,. B WM, -X . 3 B o . 1 - - y - , 1 d 9 E ,. X I ' d ' . - . - b y ' 5 ' a TV X - M cf l UT, . M. I .6 E Y 1 9 ,- , Ik N W .- .- .A . - ' ' -' 4 v h d' H ' 'xc v. H' . ' ' d- - V Y ' 4 e h ' Y M . d. ' Q -----, A I h . V HV . . 'Ri ! 'Q A , 7 , 5 ,ix V S. - if GRLS' L EHGLIE GIRL S LEAGUE OFFICERS CASIO r cr. P F Larsro Soucfir IL K ucsa Treasu E Drs I'Y'dIy K mpe BGYS LEHGUE BOf S LEAGUE OFFICERS T Pre on D IcS'c'rw ook rom v me ure Rey Sfoudf SE own SEMESTER Presndenf Geo qc Fame Jwce Preswdenf Reno Achs S Er tary Treasurer Roy Sioudf s My Iwo . Q 1 , , . 4 If 3 P' . ' 'er' ,.... ., . . EfccII Rcqes FFS SWFSTW VI 1 'nerr . , ,.., Doc' If . I rc Pros-IdenI .... .. .... I-Icwafa Carfcr . I ,. , , Sud- ' ck Vicar dd I .. . . ,. . IQ I b I4 , .. I L3 ' C, r SQ: 'r,f'I?e '.. 5 , SENIOR OIRLS' VOCHTIOIWHL N., GLIIDRIICE ix I N' S SENIOR ROYS VOCHTIOIWHL OLIIDHIWCE Sensor G rI S Vocahonel Guudanfe Sensor Boy s Vocaffonal Sundance eve F 'S LI a a sow If 5 r Ba 1' rr' N C ' B Peve so VD! ecca I T acrer r' EV' D 5, r S A I- 5 v New Q 5591 ce c N N c Sal f 1 M Co e I an f en M 5 r FIJI mer R rich Hy L W su 'fr 1- ark M r a I If I w 4 .ft 9 Ki-Wse' 5. ?:':'i' G. N i'i'e M. Rf-'ge F H. C f, J. Bra dnb 'Q J. H are L. S 'I' y, 'a- L. F"'f-' 9 '-'z"s If tD3"e' B U' O. F I :Wa A. S"'aI L. De Bed' G. iq ev' G. -' L SSH:-2' B fn" P Eeswmzzd H, Vi- Ba e R. as Ie F. Nc"c'I J. E""efI:w , f ' J: If. Kr- se, I. RQQ .g' C PI." fe .1.C 'e I H. II F, Baby! R. Baw. B. H:Nf"s E S""' A. r-1:':' B. Haw-S E G, J2P"'sc'I, T, Ycxq, E. LI"Ie J. Bu' eh R. Wg' L. H:Iw:"' E. O3-S P I-+,":Q'1 S EI' D..He'f. B. B sod B. Ra e H. KeI:qg T. A:f's S. :s A. Cizze 1 M Ive' J. ffwefs T. WV'-e's. J ma, L. Kmcsac' L. eafs G. Men" R. A':e's:'. V Eire", If if O. S:-'-.' E Qzgew C B. Haw R. Les-" 6, C 'one' N. Kansas B. 3 L '!tA:3" If Saws B. B2"f"' D. N e' W EI, K. UI 'fa' .Tf."'a' E. MI -2' D. S' " Q ' ye A. E QL, :s 3. Lrz' C Ifae' V Be J A. L"' 'a, R. SY uc' I , 'emea H. CI'e'a' , C. :es ch ff. M. I :If',ff3, I-I. S, a G. VJ' S Z-'e K, S'I'sz' R. 5 f' II, G, MeI'Ie C. R e , C. C. B re'Y ,""Q' J, Pane" . T .Ir M. Deg'-J B A. I , .Ald ' I, P. Mun ,J. PIccozzI, .Blas- Q J. IPQIM. deII, J. Le-, J. CI ,l. FIfvcif, D. Rae, J. 0 ris. 'v,f.v CQ G A A OFFICERS LAURA MAE MCADAM Prcsnderd PEGGY Sroum Vice Presldenf DLA MAE FowLEs Secrefary and Treasurer KNIGHTS e e A Ross Q vers R c H ar ace swdy four -4 ' 4 1, x .' ' 4 ' A , 7 . ,. X v 5 ,. . . Q. K -. . . . gy ,xrk I Y. .X I j I ff 6. 'Q "V 1 . 7 If . ff l A , , QVK' L 6 A ' N. . xi ' . ' B. B'3TS'2", J. C :aye QF, G. F fha. D. Jac.: S. J5:,a L K b sack. .Ua'Gfa, E. M3 Ner, R. C sc", B, ,D. S'e'vk:c:k 'x ,. SN , .Sfcqdj R. R 5, ' . C fef, H. Smma' , I. Firck 1 -Q Q ...IN HONCR SCDCIETY .1"' 'f.,:."- V -Sf ,f,'., A. Na, 2' 'Sm b -af' PARLAWSO or Mom o a A Q1 C EH E Vide mn McComrveN A Lan rd J, 1' "T , 'TY24"f1 N W ', , . M,Ml Q , . e X w fx . W: U . Kruger, R cyl . rc m, T. Hroi , '.L Q ig . E -, L. G-W , . . D Bef . , 1, .H ,G. Faina H. 31' ' . 'r , , D. ,, .Hx . O 5 D. am zzz- ' J , Sfou , ."1 H- X, M1 " . " ' C J 31 , r , 3' LATIN CLUB C Meyer L Chaney G MC Kenna E PcnfxeNd E Edwards Mxss Borwwck P Hunfcr J Blas M Pre 6 VTVGI' FRENCH CLUB Lanqe P on Q r R TruebNcc:: F Soar ard cncn G 1 C Darr w M153 3 M n B u A rup P Pafcnen B Wu rn E Br oholz M A cv Harms N F Pver D arncr Haworih SPANISH CLUB E OBOVIS R Bllckensiah Smnth F G-ardrer Hx B r e K nre H Kc y LGVSICVJ Randleman J QI ss Mens Lrq J MCMM 'V rz H F McVurx B Barnes C nor fn Cusrodm P11 MA J or snxfx sux LETTERMEN J 45 N-.,-siixssb 'Ns BIG A Q19 ' E 3 C OIJZ ave J D M Hffua DV rv M M Am rrfff 3 C no P G ' Q rg Hrfws fx U 'WSU A A ,nf RADIO CLUB pechl A Fu mer Poffer R Trueblood F Barley G Taylor R Holmes W Ser ard Mr Grove N A .qlpm as CAMERA CLUB D lw l D B J We er P rv Ca G Nlchols M Sco ohnson C' r M9 le H Chenar R Horbvson Ab fy y J DQ Mmh P Pafclvew B Wum slxly elglwf Y' FW' FUTURE NURSES Duaz R Blncxers errnll D Lu Troffe rs 1 L Hawo er E fee 5 E Gra Beckm F sz B McCorne ure D Va r V Jones Q FUTURE FARMERS M SES "v a B C G Hg rc G M F v p W sl' C gsw H Mr .1 Ma SWIQ rs R acs 3 GOV.: W hav' ov O Mu 3 f ma Hirrus :ss Carfpc N B Rn er HIRPLHUE CLUB Barnes B Beckwnllw R Burns D Evan R Freeman Roy Harnullon Ray Hamlllon K Kennepohl A Maqowan G Malsubara K 'er B hard Z S l H Varlv S Wrlqhl C Younqberq One of lhe mos? aeluve clubs on The campus flue Alrplane Club under llne quudance of Mr Cunnunqham as offermq many sludenls real prachcal experlence In avuaflon Whale lhe orqannzahon works elmefly wllh model planes nfs members are given every opporlunuly lo sludy flue con slruchon and operahon of planes of all sizes and descrupllons Vlsuls lo airplane faelorles In Glendale and Burbank model plane meels al Rosamond Dry Lake and many sessnons worknng wnh plansand aero naullcal problems lake up The fume of 'the club members aff ,iff AZ, 2 00 fl' sevenly atI'uIetic5 VHRSITV FGGTBFHLI. ,0"' COACH F J BOOKER aah ng h hrs? I5 srry foo a squad rms year Coach Booker ran mio a o of foubc ecause of h lac mafcr al wlih which he had fo work Ai Yhouqh the season s scores were far frorr' soflsfacfcry Coach Bock r moulded effucuenf 'ream which gave every oppoherv a run for nfs money CAPTAIN GEORGE FAINA A barrier every mmufe George was a real rnspurahcn fo hrs feam Regardless of how greaf 'rhe odds In weigh? and experr ence Capfaxn Fauna never We? down B ihe force of hrs enfhusuasm he kepr has feam maies on iherr Toes Throughouf the season wh is seventy-two BOB ROSS Capt Elect THE SQUAD cd C kson te Slve R Batz L Kruos rc I H C :vans C Peng ey H Shurrake R Cxsoh D Nourse H Carer arna S Doo R Stoudt M Curls THE SEASON Hancncapped by a small squad wlth tew replacements The Antelope varslty d v lantly out went down tc deteat rn each Ventura County League engage r Th tearn wa dogged by rnturues du :ng the entrre season and went unto each W tlr several regulars rnlssrng tro'n th lane up Captarn Fauna sustained a bad mee e openung game ot the season and spent a large share ot the season on he fh A rurnoer ot rnrurnes o Curred at Ventura ellrrwnatrng several stars trorn h E ttle ot the year wrth Frllrnore Howard Carter speedy left end Don Nourse gEt halt Al Llarena lett halt and Merle Curtrs tlghtrnq guard all had to watch the ruggle trorn the srde llnes Blll Shat'er deserves a brq hand tor has outstandnng worlc He was selected Cf the squad as the most valuable player. Seferlyfrh ff THE VHRSITY Howa rd Carfer Merle Curlis Conrad Evans lrwin Finclc Sheldon Jaqua Louis Krubsack AI Llarena Jack Morris Richard Olson Don Nours Bill Shaffer Gene Sfivers Diclc Sfamboolr Roy Sfoudf sevenfy four Kurl Ullman LEHGUE BATTLES lygi OXNARD ANTELOPES 7 YELLOWJACKETS I9 Played a'rOxnard Oc:Tober8 A pass from Jaqua fo Ross brolce Bob fhrouglw for an englwfy yard run for A V s lone score VENTURA ANTELOPES O PIRATES I9 Played a+ Venfura Oclober 21 A louglw baffle feafured by several In IUFISS 'ro Anlelope qrldders SANTA PAULA ANTELOPES 6 CARDINALS I2 Played af Sanla Paula Ocfober I4 Howard Carfer snagged a Cardmal pass and qalloped suxly yards fo pay duff FILLMORE ANTELOPES I3 FLASHES 30 Played af Fillmore Ocfober 29 A fasf movnng fhrlller which Sloudf cl maxed wlflw a snxfy fnye yard refurn of a Fnllmore punl' 'ro score for fhe Red and Baal: seventy fnve U' Y h S lux, as fi Q A x 5. ,Q-'.1.,. . . . L ' ' ' ' , I . 9 -s .f , W1 :Q 1: 1 ' , K . JUITICDR X1 HRSITV GRIDDERS W Sergler H Spencer P Ross C Mnegneaulf Har? a e M Freem n eeler R euschner F rhn Wllnam Pendley era 1 n B Smnth B Brnghr P Campbell Klbben B M I I ahan B Davns P Sfoudf R ACllS Cappello L Massarr J Sfnvers R New1on Tl-IE SEASON Our Baby Anlelopes worlred under dllhculhes Thus year because of The lac? 'lhai lhey had no regu'arly scheduled games They had 'ro fake what lhey could gel IH fhe way of fhe varsuly squads ol 'lhe smaller schools an lhxs case Lone Pune and Bnshop However because of laclc of varsxfy subs due fo IHIUVIGS several hrs? slrrng lnghlwenghls were able fo gel nn a lnHle varsufy 'nme ln spule of The few games lhe smaller Anfelopes prachced dllngenlly every morning and some 'fumes nn lhe eyenung lo acquire the slull and experlence necessary To hold down a varsufy poslhon nexf year Reno Aclls was elecled caplaln al lhe posl season banquel and a more deserving player could nol be found' ln spnfe of leg and shoulder rnlurmes Reno was In a SUIl'6Ud'l-lQl1l'If1gIf1 nearly every scrum mage As well as benng capfarn Reno was unquesfuonably slar player If us cerlalnly a plly fha? a 'fellow wufh lhe abslufy and unleshnal lorhfude of Reno laclcs lhe snze of a varslly player Nexf year fhere will be no Junuor Varsuly There wrll be Two varslly clubs lhe Varsuly and 'rhe Re serves The reserves wlll play The schools formerly played by lhe Junlor Varslly buf They will pracluce wllh lhe Varsufy each Reserve player having a good chance fo play on lhe Varsnly Team 1: scvenly sux RENO ACTIS BUD DAVIS Capfain Star - Lcuus Massar, 'X Gere MQ"Ncr Low Bass Bc B wi: V p F3 am: Rfle a Prvsfon Evaws Don Jaqua .D 7 George S erevk "--. 'N' ":'fwQ,,"'.33d W... 'X' Y If augm- Sglk .Agn 7' t"x.J VHRSITY BHS!-IETBFTLI. 498 ,ans COACH F J BOOKER FILLMORE ANTELCPES 24 FILLMORE 33 Played al Fvllmore Januaryb OXNARD ANTELOPES 36 OXNARD Played aIOxr1ard January I3 VENTURA ANTELOPES 2I VENTURA 3C Playecz al A V Ja uary 20 SANTA PAU LA ANTELOPES 25 SANTA PAULA I7 Played a+A V January 27 TI-IE SEASON Endmg The Venlura Counly League season wnlh a Iwye hundred pe ccmaqe The yarslly members cave a very czccd account of Themselves IU every qarr Playmg al' a dslmcf dsadyanlaae because of The shorlness of each member of the squao +Iwe Team baf led val anfly To overcome Thus Iwandlcao TI-IE VARSITY SQUAD scvenly elglwf VHRSITY LETTERVUEU Caofum Roy Sfoudf mrqo Bvn H SFeld r1JaqL.i Bob BHQM Gord rv Campb ark' Ran CasHe B C T of Sevenfy nm George Fauna B BHSHETGERS 'II-IE SEASQN Rufvw r 0 f nd wcrc r uc JIM CALLAI-IAN Cepfaun FILLMORE ANIELOPES I4 FILLIVIORE Ia PIayeda1FIIIm0rf Januaryb OXNARD ANTELOPES I7 OXNARD Waxed af Oxnard ,Ia Jary I3 VENTURA ANTELOPES IO VENIURA avedaIV0nIIn Imuarx, SANTA PAU LA ANTELOPES Io SANTA PAULA 3' f I our' n If IS Io 11 J cz. wr uc Nrn I PIayCdaI Scmfa PQUIG Jmuary27 F J Coach ww ll ll .7 ,Q .mf I A, 5 Ice cf eawff f,-- MI-2-' W B Z' 'quf 6' GUI' as iuiif' SMI Iv wws ml-'r1f,mIy are lI.'I'gC-VICU'V':"LMf1Cf9HTI, I' :uw m f Mfrs. Wf"' TW? Cfff'l'JI-'Q' QI TW- SJ In I3 1 , fu " 1ff5I ' N all QI tml 'za "-' 1. wwf: uffrf-'YI-'. f f w. A11f17"I PI X , 'wo ' H11,Iw,' f:Jef'I61 'ra wg-rf o-Li' cnII1f:rfu'1fi-f,I'L Ir - Y sc: SII'IOU1I'fL.T'IWTCTFIIIIJ 111'Yf3v.'III1IIwr:5f,,wail I ' I T074-ncf:wa1 I '1 Iga I and ICUVII :gmt rf: IIIf'1vw11e:f'r1 . unI'I IIwIInfxI':ur1, 1 f ., ' .Q 1" M' Iii? I3 " I I er 3 I5 PI I E1.' ' YO A Si' N LETTER LUHWUERS F .' ff '. '43 NQ Vo Q Q, RW 'Y'-.-T V" Kj, f ':., L. 3 ' ' A 'q.z,' , n ?' A v JV: lB0lin Dc'Qe: f rr . ' DiflrC"-- 2 f , 7 N 1 X -di 'Tf'BHSHETBHLL 'lah - 4' ' 0 1 at Dx Z' V, Q, THESQUAD SToudT Don Jagua Paul Wheeler Louns SlaTTery o NewToh THE SEASON Because oT The laclr oT Class C Teams an The Ven Tura CounTy League The Baby AnTelopes were able To parT1cxpaTe rn only one league game Played on January 20 The Red and Blaclc babes nosed ouT Venlura rn a Tasf moving game by a score oT I7 I5 The game was a Thrlll er from sTarT To Tnrsh wrTh every member of The Team having a hand IH The vlcTory Mlclcey Freeman CapTaln of The squad was The sTar of The day copplnq hugh pcm honors yi ,NN-A ,,f ..-me A iii? Wim Paul Wheeler Don Jaque Phll SToudT Ray NewTen Louls S aTTery elgnly Two ab . , :L ' . , C -I P TTT' we ,fm Phil , , , ' , R y Ib' MICKEY FREEMAN ,Z .:1Vf7lZi f w i f: file E f A lg s ff 3 1 Q 5 5 V7 Q n X , lf e -,J 1 ' 1' ., 1 14 was ,fry yy i , 4 A .ig ei ' ' ,f , ,I Tl-lE SEASON The Yucca goes To press unTorTun aTely lusT as Tennls season TS geTTmg under way ConsequenTlf :T rs possuble To re porf only The opemng meeT of The season wrTh Frllmare l-loweve rudgung by The resulTs of ThaT encounTer whuch was won by The AnTelopes Tnve rnaTches To one Coach Kerns Vaughan wall have a Team Thal should be Top ranlrrng In The VenTura CounTy League The T'rrsT encounTer whrch was played on The A V courTs on March Bl was a dlsplay oT hrgn class Tennls Lead by George BarneTT who played TrrsT sm gles The squad wsa able To sTop anyThrng Frllmore had To oTTer wnTh The lone excep Tron oT The TourTh sungles maTch whlch Bruce l3eclcwlTh playrng wnTh an lnlured anlcle dropped by a very close margrn ln addrhon To The Frllrnore engage menT The AnTelopes wall Talre on SanTa Paula on Aprul I5 and VenTura on Aprrl 22 BoTh oT These Tourneys are scheduled Tor The opposlhon courTs and wll oTTer The squad plenTy of compeTrTron On April 29 A V wrll close The season on The home courTs by Tanglnng wrTh Oxnard Coachung hrs Trsf neT squad Kerns Vaughan appears To have produced a 'hrsT raTe well rounded Team WlTh George BarneTT and Bull Newell as TlrsT and second srngles and Ralph DuBors and Clyde Ben neTT as TnrsT doubles The Team grves prom use of going Tar l3aTTlrng IT ouT Tor oTher b4rThs on The varsrTy are Roy T-lurnberd Bruce l3eclcwuTh Jaclr l-lawlre Tommy ClemenTs Kenny Johnson and several oThers Many oT These wnll Torrn an excel lenT nucleus Tor nexT year s Team i Jack Hawke Coach Vaughan Tom Clernens A C Coho Roy T-lumberd Clyde BenneTT -4 S RHCQUET LUIELDERS Mix? 90 '-sq, fs, Tl-TE TEAM Ralph DuBois Clyde BenneTT Elbrrdge Perfneld 'S 4? Xf"S Bull Newell Ke nyJonns n Second S ngles Thlrd Srngles X CIgl'1'x Tnre Tommy ClernenTs FrrsT Doubles Er sT S rgles a r-lawe ErsDu GEORGE BARNETT CapTann A I . , T if A ' ' A ' 1 N I fl" rv ,. 'x,, , ' T H , ' -3. M S . A ll. yt . T T s - Q - :- T ', 4 V J I X I Av - Q, Qld-A 1 V' A -Vu ,- e Q Q ' JH ' ' ' ' A l o J clr' ' lr . E ' A 'rf o bles ' lrwin llinclc Sprinls Milfon l-ligh Sprinls Tl-IE CIUDERPHTH ', : wg 'T-Us l-loward Carier Sprinls, Broadiumps Reno Aciis Tl-IE SEASON As lhe presses begin lo roll on The l'?39 Yucca, lraclc season is barely under way and if is impossible 'lo include any leam scores. We do have, however, incomplele re- sulfs showing performances of individuals in lhe Russell Cup Meei held ai Carpenleria, April I. In 'rhal meel, in which Carpenleria l-ligh School plays hos? lo a large number of Souihern and Cenlral California high schools Anfelope spilcemen performed credilably in every evenl which lhey enlered. Ol fhe Venlura Counly League Schools, Fillmore scored slighlly more lhan did A. V. and, af This writing, according lo Coach Booker appear lo have a slighl edge over ihe res? ol fhe schools in lhe league. A big meer of Thar sorl is usually a parade ol slars wilh poinls being divided among a large number of schools. l-loward Car+er's leaf ol lalcino firsl in bolh Sprinrs 'rhe cenlury and lhe lurlong was oulslanding. Six more meels remain on The A. V4 schedule. A iriangle wilh Sanfa Paula and Oxnard al Oxnard on April I5 and lwo dual encounlers al Venlura on April 22 and af Fillmore on April 29 will complele lhe inlra-league schedule, The Counly mee-+ al Oxnard, May 6 and lhe Divisional meel on lhe same oval a week laler will deler- mine lhe enfranls in lhe Soulhern California and Slale meels al fhe Los Angeles Coliseum, May 2l and 27, re speclively. Bill Benson Mile l in-7 " , ' i Y Q' Wayne Farmer 4,- ff' iw Q Mm" A Sprinls vdH"-WTW, age- A .4 "dw eighty-four THE SQUAD Lead by Howard CarTer, The AnTelope's sTellar all round aThleTe, The Team shows premise of being one oT Tke rnosT powerTul in The league This year. AlThough The Team is sor'newriaT lopvsided, wiTh unusual sTrengTh in nearly every Track evenT, and Tew good men in The Tield, The Tinal poirT TeTal of rneeT scores should see A. V. on Top in The r'naio'iTy oT Their en:ounTers. CarTer's Tirre oT 9.9 in The hundred which he made lasT year mighT be re- duced sliqhTly This year. He won easily aT Ten TlaT in The Russell rneeT and appeared To have plenTy of excess sTeam had iT been needed. In The Turlong, Coach Booker is anTicipaTfng ThaT he will be able To knock aT leasT .2 seconds oTT his 2I.8 oT lasT year. He appears To be much sTronger and runs wiTh greaTer ease, Irwin Finck in The cenTury looks To be a sure beT Tor second in The CounTy rrieeT. John Kosmpoulas and Joe MarTinez boTh look good in The high iurnp. George Faina, according To Coach Booker, is pracTically a cinch Tor second in The shoT-puT in The League rrieeT, while Jack Morris should cop aT leasT second in The mile. MilTon High, who was a close TiTTh in The Russell affair, is slaTed Tor Third in The 440. Reno AcTis and Al Llarena should come in Tor Their share oT The honors in The cenfury dash in Class B corn- peTiTion. In The relay, boTh A and B Teams Top anyThinq The league has To oTTer and should win hands clown. ' 'MQOFQXS' Sheldon Jaqua Low Hurdles Al Llarena SprinTs, Broadiump Joe Marfinez High Jump Jack Morris Mile aff 9' 4. qi 1.11, V eigiwy-five H, J. BOOKER Coach . HORSEHIDERS THE SEASON As is The case wiTh Traclc and Tennis. so iT is with baseball. The Yucca goes To press Too soon To record The compleTe horse- hide season. AT This wriTing The AnTelopes have played Three pracfice games and one league encounTer. Three more league baTTles and The Pomona lnviTaTional remain on The schedule. Opening The season on March 4, A. V. sluggers dropped a close one To TaTT on The laTTer's diamond by a score oT 5-4. A reTurn engagemenT aT A. V. on March I8 saw The score lcnoTTed aT The end oT The ninTh aT Tour all. A bingle in The TenTh broughT in The winning run Tor TaTT. WiTh several TirsT sTringers ab- senT. The luclcless AnTelopes journeyed To Delano on March 24 and dropped Their Third enagemenT 8-2. Several cosTly baubles spoiled whaT mighT oTherwise have been a close game. Ending Their losing sTrealc on March 3l, A. V., spurred by Cap- Tain Johnie Ceccarellis Tour bagger ThaT broughT in Two oTher runners, Took Fillmore inTo camp 7-6. The sTeady chuclcing of Harold Thaclcer held The Fillmore ouTTiT To Two runs unTil The ninTh inning. This game opened The VenTura CounTy League season. Three more league games remain To be played wiTh SanTa Paula on April IS, VenTura on April 22, and Oxnard on April 29. on Their respecTive diamonds. April 6, 7 and 8 have been seT Tor The annual High School lnviTaTional Baseball MeeT aT Pomona. ln The drawing Tor opening opponenTs. A, V. drew Hoover High School oT San Diego. -C f 1, X- COACH GEORGE BISHOP MenTor oT AnTelope aThleTic Teams Tor The pasT several years. George Bishop has an enviable record OT championship Teams. Because his services have been needed as consulTanT on The consTrucTion of The new Boy's Gym, Coach Bishop has limiTed his coaching acTiviTies This year To baseball and J. C. baslreTball. E FooTe H Smifh T Sm'h E. Coach Bishop. . , . , . TT, Mil3er, P. Pulo. K. Ullman, H. Burson, D, STambook Bur s V. Lewis, B. Kreigh, J. Lee, E. SmiTh, B. BrighT, J. neTT. B. BaTv, R. SToudT. S. Jaqua, R, Oison, W. C, BaTy, CapT. J. Ceccarelli, H. Thacker, C. Pendley, B. PeTer- , - son, B. Traver, A. Llarena. J. Dluzak, C. Evans, R. l Leischner. D. Jacque. P. SToudT. B. Geile, G, Faina, L, Krubsack. G. MaTsubara, A, Cappello. 1 eighfy-six 3 JOHN CECCARELLI CapTain Tl-IE SQUAD Lead by CapTain Johnnie Ceccarelli, who holds down The TirsT sack like an American League veTeran, The I939 squad of horsehiders have plenTy on The ball, Al- Though They were dogged by a series OT Tough breaks in The early parT of The soa- son, They broke Their Three game losing sTreak wiTh The Fillmore conTesT and bid fair To be able To hold Their own againsT all comers. During The second game wiTh TaTT, a Team which beaT Them 9-2 lasT year, The TaTT TirsT sacker was heard To remark on The Tremendous improvemenT which had occurred in The A. V. club. All games To dafe excepT The Delano encounTer have been close and The playing of The Team has been marred only occasionally by errors. l-leads-up ball and near air-TighT piTching by Thacker indicaTe considerable success in league compeTiTion. Several veTerans have won perrnanenT berThs on The varsiTy, George Faina aT Third, Roy SToudT aT second, and Sheldon .lagua aT shorT sTop make up a TasT infield which is hard To beaT. In The ouTTield, W. C. BaTy and Dick Olson are apparenTly There To sTay, wiTh a large number of oThers baTTling Tor The remaining fielding iob. Bafy, by The way, is well equipped To relieve Thacker on The mound if ne- cessary. Behind The plaTe, George MaTsu- bara is number one man wiTh Bob Traver and Edsel Sherri Tcllowing in ThaT order. eighty-seven Warren BaTy George Faina Sheldon Jaqua Louis Krubsack Al Llarena George MaTsubara Roy SToudT Harold Thacker Bob Traver Larry De Spain rpms P .1 SLUITTITTIITTG AlThough A, V, is well equipped wiTh a Tull-size ouTdoor plunge, disTance Trom possible compeTiTors has resulTed in lceep- ing swimming largely an inTramural sporT. There has been, however, no laclc oT inTer- esT on The parT oT sTudenTs and many ex- cellenT swimmers and divers have been Turned ouT by Coach George Bishop, Among ouTsTanding aquaTic sTars, Rance CasTle is well ouT in TronT. l-le holds nearly every pool record Tor speed swimming and is an excellenT diver as well. Diclc Cheney and Wally Niemela as well as a hosT oT oThers have shown excellenT prom- ise-and may well develop inTo TuTure swim- ming greaTs. The pool, which is The cenTer oT The summer recreaTion acTEviTy oT Lancasier, is lcepT open unTil laTe in OcTober and is reopened again as soon as The weaTher permiTs in April. lT is crowded every day during The summer monThs and ouT-sTrips every oTher school acTiviTy in inTeresT while iT is open during The school year. This year Tor The TirsT Time A, V. enTered inTer- school compeTiTion when The school played hosf To swim Teams Trom The various DeserT and VenTura CounTy Leagues on May2O, eiqhry-eiqhT 'W' L GIRLS SPCDRTS nu mx mx GIRLS' SPORTS COACH LORRAINE KITCHEN ' S' I V AIGXIX, BASKETBALL IndividucuI Sports SPEEDBALL TETI-IERBALL ARCHERY X Except tor the 6, A. A. playdays which are held only once each year, A, V. girls are unable to participate in inter-school competition. As a result various class and gyrn period teams are organized to compete against each other within the school and a very intense rivalry grows during each season ot sport between these various teams. lnterrclass tournaments are held at the end of each season to determine the winner. Every girl who partici- pates is expected to tollow the rigid training rules set up by the N. A. A. F. Although they have no opportunity to compete with other schools, there is little doubt in the minds ot those who watch the intra-rnural games that A. V, girls could give a good account ot' themselves against any competition. COACH INEZ APREA HOCKEY 4 mf'-A X i ff' -r 4, Individual Sports TENNlS BASEBALL HOCKEY j . W 'G 'Z ninety-one gan... ' , . Individual ports SPEEDBALL BASEBALL TETHERBALL BASKETBALL 5 BASEBALL .ff n inefy-fwo Q99 Wish e plurwoe w? le r-43+ Q Te as po wlfh he q s s ns 'na or Ccmfcr of asfradxcrw un We q rls afb Wcflc proqram Swxmmrnq as a parf of We q rls pP-ysucal edufahon procravw IS an rw wvxouaN acjfw fy N0 :Mer dass or un nod ordesfs ar F buf ur-oe T c vis SLUIITNUIVWG ix si durechon of Muss Inez Aorea rramy exp r' swimmers and divers are d ve oped ea P' year S nce slwe S a qualzfed Red Cross Lwfe Sawnq exammer many smdemfs cc +0 her fo fake The necessary +es's+ qua' fy as I fe guards Swwmfv-wg af A V s C educahonal so Hwe poou serves as a soma! as well as a recreafuonal cenfer --Q I '91 xx, .lv ,ne Y, LQ! llevv Boys' Gym , 1 I For many years The need Tor a new gymnasium has been keenly 'lelT and ways and means oT provrdrnq adequaTe new equrpmenT has been a Topic oT drscussron aT many s hool board meehnq as wel as aT sTudenT and Ta ulTy gaTherunqs Laclc or suThcuenT Tun-ds To carry Through The proqecT Torced :Ts posTponemenT Tor seve al yea s Thus year how er because of The careTul and successful managemenT oT ou DrsTrrcT SupermTendenT Mr Knapp we are seeing The realuzahon oT a dream of many years The new sTrucTure scheduled Tor complehon before The end oT The year s rlsnnO ravudly as Thus as being wrrTTen durecTly behind The Ag Bulldlnq IU The space befween The T nnrs courTs and The swrmmmg pool CompleTeIy equrpped wrTh every modern devuce ThaT rs needed Tor an adequaTe physical educahon proqram The burld no w ll conTaln a Tull s ze baslceTball courT wlTh bleachers alono one srde larqe cnourqh 'o scaT Tour hundred people Under The bleachers dressing rooms showers Trarnmq quarTers and a roomy olhce To house The Physrcal Educahon DeparTmenT have b en burlT The bunldmg because oT lTs nearness To The TooTball held wrll add To The convenlence of vrsrhnq T ams and coaches 1 nineTy-Tour junior college 5 FHCULTY HDITIIIIISTRHTIOIW 4' SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE C Woolen J A Fmley Davn Roaclm Clwanrman Inez Aprea George Buslmoo Bu lle Cllllon Allan K. Dallas Dorollwy Dallas Ralph I-lallman Mary Measor Agnes lvl. Rowell f fy- ' STLIDETIT HDTTIIIWISTRFHTIOIW E uso W s os P es do I ees WW First Semesier QIIiCers DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE P R M CIK3 :zI1y M Woe econd Semester 0IIIcers S M If Lssr R Pfxeu I Eswsa IL ow R 5 RTA FULLMER r I n VIQQ Prcsidenr Secrefa I'-Tr urer . ' ' M 9 W ,L ,, 7 XX 'I A I T Q J 5 : I I V s X l 1 ,I E ,Q V 4- T 1 ' L. aqIIuSo R. EuIIrwer . C UM r I. Moore r, +on I I - -eras PAz,I,s: Dfw CDOMALC Mwzs VJ .594 Deaver Ppwxerz ?'es"iQf' Vie Preidenf Sezfefary-Treesu'9' S:c'aI Crirrrfan SCDPHGVUCDRE CLHSS K7 1-nr vu. '? wo PRES!-IMEN 1 'vifer Faqmsc Belly Fairchild Mavic Wilson Fern Slwlplrvy Vila Wcolo: David Brown V1 glma Lesh Dorollwy Parlccr R lvl Clauglwr ,M fl Pwr rrrf Eleanor Thompson Rvcnrfa Fulme Naorm Darr J wel Sparlcs X ..a. CM s Wll M 5 V 4 O V r M Wu O D51 rr: 1 M C1 wmv K owe- l W r r ' ghl 'W'-4 THE'HMUBLEMEED B McCa gkry S VVennqarfen N' W1 Son Ev H Hanqmq from rm mlmeocrapk d OVYHWXY 'va azme form ww fh has een f F ww D s wr orfxcn um ew 5 yea ew fl ed We new a orwffo r wsoapelr DUCxSfP"1 'w ce fr HHN Uv er P adcrsh p of Saul We ar Pr uor Ps' 5 e apepprw 1 Hma euow quad alffwafxfiaclce ln NZD HHCEUD9 2 fcff"'1 fe' env". mu' ry , .J ..'. -2 V 5 " ' 'Iii' .. 2. :JST 3 1" 'f:E"" il' .VJ 'T CAMERA CLUB y Bones Wemgarfen W Prwmmer ees S e B McCIau r Burson Schwarfz J Gouser D Herbert eeIer W Wood M Sfark D Brown erkms R Fran sy, :bf 'Sn f Iffv.-wie Im V 3? f K!!! -nj,-11. fps,-mf " .A ai WIS AND BEARD Brown A Perkws L Paglwso L Favero anklm EI .5 a r I r r r B Se e xc ersc I Dxer MISS Cace M Pam on fu!-"' -v L.,- Q K, 4, 3 it 9 ggi mf A' FORUM V Woofon A Farr S Bu son O I-Iaworfh y Dyer V I-Iroms A I-Iarblson R Lewxs A Perkrns B Falrc Wnisofm V Lesh G H rs F Da ne hundred . ' Qvfyl. I 6 'Q' I x ' " RX I EI. swf, L. Pofter, E. MOSS, P. , s. Y V' ' N. D I, effl ,. . gh y, S. R M. , . I , , , L. . A Wh . A. P ' , . km. 5 I. A . .K I. Sforr , I. L,A. I .BSIZA I ' 'R. ',.'II3Id, I . E. ' I,. , . ari,. VIS. f I, ' I I I , xt, " . I ,P A m Anlf' .SA In ' ,' L. 'f I . . WV Qf.1ZA use ' ,Nfl W A2 Y. . 2 , Ffwnvw nw 'Til iw. i U.. ' ' 'T ffva 5 ITF' 'K 1'.:g,-3'5-fy "1 I J, I fi, E.: -'.w,,g, .Mx 1.-" . ..',, . '.-..v , wlnf' "' "H g 'J I .5 3 ,T -K ' ' A ' ' 5' "tF"T,4"FL5NF"' 5 I VQQJQ- "J -A 54 ,A IL:--FY' x w - as M , ' v R- 1 o I E . f 'I I f D- n , . I , . ' , . , . 5 - R. Fr ,J. Baqbv, R. 'om I A.Ff,M.sak,o.Pake,. HI B.Dk W, I, ' 'II, . ASI IQ, Q 1 X XX LITERARY CLUB a L DUBQS V Woo on Wm I. Fawrcw if V' E15 If W I W I-Ir rbwi mr yr ff ' I 1' d A CAPELLA CI-IOIR DM r I W Prim m r M we Z 0 Barn rbcr' J W1 J Gwouse Lewis Jo rsor S Burson O ary D ac- W Har? ev r G Everew N ar WI sow A Mc B Anderson Mr Whwie Harw Faurc II M Rawson V WIIS r rn M MaH I-Iron s B Dwcke s ALPI-IA GAMMA SIGMA S I V J WHROOD UWHRHUDERQ CQ Bs 'il M 'WY 5- DON MCDONALD Caplaun uf! fe I W, I it i 4, Av g LH Q V L fl, ,jr 5 D ky ' Q, '4-n , -. in . L - D f L D D - ei all '12, W K: are J I D U' , W. Wood, M.'SchwarTz, J. Reuschel, R. Lewis, L. Pagliuso, D. X , . , . . Y , , fl ll 1' 'bpl J 'lx j M ,Q L W , k 3 ff' A 'P r ' ,. ':-, 'Z' wf" 4?' f 1 - McDonald R Franklnn R Rowe ff Wlnners of 'lhe De-ser? League which consusfs of 'leams from varrous deserl Towns lhe Maroon Marauders proved fo be an oulslandlng aqqregahon of casaba lossers Because of fhe dlslance from olher lunror colleges lhe Maroons were unable fo rneef many colleglale learns They dad however lake on 'lhe U C L A l45 pound leam nn a home and home serres Losxng The fnrsl of The lwo encounlers lhe lvlarauders came loads 'fo Talce fhe second rn a lhrnllanq game 3 f fx! fp X!! If ,W M Rrchard Rowe R C Franlclm qw. 10" 5' I Jack Reuschel Les Paqlruso Mlllon Schwarlz Warren Wood Reber? Lewls one hundred lwo UJGVTIEVTS HTHLETICS QQ ?" y -ff ",. -ag -' f, mm .ipdfl W, , wr r ' fi tix' xl 1 f ' ,529-vf f. ff ,O , W' ,df , ,fyj 521 ti ." v .M , ' .- ef' fad' 4 5 f' , ' ff' 1 , . gf' ,,,,f,,i A - ff' 1 . ,rx ., ff' 1,1 f 9 , 4' f 1 54 . K w 1 COACH INEZ APREA 1414 in A:-Q'l'5l-' 'Q 'N 'fF'7'-ca' X A, 'Lu an -.av W, YQ!- one hundred fhree ,aa Bfffivlf Jumor college women are faced wlfh fhe same obsfacle as are ihe hugh school gurls m Their afhlehc program Dlsfance malces I+ Impossible 'ro enfer mfercollegnafe compehhon +0 any greaf exfenf Consequen+ly mlra mural sporfs achvxfy l6k8S up 'rhe malor par? of 'lhenr hme A V J C however had +he prlvllege 'rhls year of enferfaxn mg 'rhe Easfern Duvusuon of fhe Jumor College Conference In nfs annual play day The accom panymg pucfures were faken of hockey games played by lhe A V sfars during fhe play day -us 'ilu if 0-931' .PN 44. " Q: ,Mei i- I . 5 A V 'A , ' ' . ' 'P 777712131 l .f f ' ' . , ' I ' mf' . . ' I if l L aygil, . . ' . Y , . I I - ,C K V- s My x . If ,- ' 'e. ij 'ff'-M 1 , ,, . ' , at . F.. - I we- - Q 4 f I 0 , " o' -' A . - V W , . 4. - +L' 5, 4 , in - ' ' g. f"' -- A-' V ff ' eff , V 7 ' , . 5 ,, ,Q -v' . . ' "" ' ' ,9 9 14- 4 V- v 7,3-. , A A: , 4 - 1 -G-,-,,,,L ' :W-A,-', www h ' I . K . , , K 1L g.wZ' - I". ' A ' 4. , '- .1 rf- New ' ' " -, ' I " - - TL' 2 - , - ,," A '. Z, i 'P' ' ,- ' , ,Af-"' . - 5 i -Y N 3 xxx., . uw, . J -,.A2i AN,-I .,, .. 0 ,4-T , '-'- f -'Xia ,. ,. r - . - 1... ' -, . - ffff-eff' e A . f- 1 , 2 ' . . V f' 'twig . 'Q' 'X 'ki 'Q 6 SPCDVWSQRS SAFEWAY Dc lh nqs ne smart way and lrade af SAFE WAY You an qer qualzly T od al reasonable 'CSGPCJ UW G G lyso nalyoucanreu C OUT' GH have l'lO O undage QGWT Fq WC USS FRED A ALLEY The F ED A ALLEY CO of L r es er and Palmdale says Thal ul ls a FORD produ Mr ca be beafen For speed slam ra se-rvlc and sol o com orf lhee ns nofh no lllce a FORD M R CURY 0 LlNCOLN For cody lender o mechanucal worlc rry he FORD GARAGE O 2 vb' pdf, M CHARLES F. SIEBENTHAL ll: you need exercise, don? go lo CHARLES F. SlEBENTl"lAL, because his lawn rrowers and qar- den Tools practically run Themselves. He can Tk you up wlrh everylhinq and anylhlnq eleclflcal O mechanical, even supply you wllh parls for your car, because he ls lhe aufhorlzecl WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO. DEALER, lor Lancasler. LANCASTER COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Il you are one of lhose people who leaf lhe slghl ol a doclofs oliflce, fear no more. Whether lf is the rnosl dellcale surgical operalion, or merely having a Charley horse llxed, all lhe A. V. athleles and sludenfs know they will re- ceive lhe maximum ol service and lhe mlnlmum ol pain and cosl al The LANCASTER COM- MUNITY HOSPlTAL. one hundred six XS, I ATTer school show and espeoally aT noon everybody qaThers aT WESTCOTT and PLUM MER S in LancasTer where The malTs are Thlcker The candy sweeTer and The sodas more luscious 2 The grader In The baclcqround IS The symbol oT' The qreaTer value you rece-uve Trom ASSO CIATED producTs purchased Trorn The smlllnq aTTendanT aT The ASSOCIATED VALLEY SERV ICE STATION ID Lancasfer 3 Everyone llres a barqaun ThaTs why every one lulces WARDS 5 81 IO CENT STORE In LancasTer where pruce and qual Ty meeT Dollar sTreTchwng as Thelr speclalTy 4 The FANCY BAKERY n LaneasTer as The headquarTers Tor qualuTy pasfry Thus ss where many oT Those delcdable sweeT Thlnqs The A V sTudenTs Talce rn Thelr lunches come Trorn Need rrore be saud7 For sauce ples bug app es lnTTle app es r anyThnng else They are The qusnTessence oT salubrlousness T They are purchased aT The VALLEY FOOD MARKET an LancasTer 6 Thelma seems To be worrned abouT a hole n ner sweaTer buf her worrres are over when she Takes IT To The DESERT CLEANERS and DYERS ln LancasTer They can Tlx anyThxnq Trorn a Tne sullc dress To a clrcus enT X TEXACO WheTher TTS a Dusenberq Cud llac Eord o ys needs The besT lubrscanTs Thaf rnoney can buy and when you buy Trom TAYLOR and REDMAN LancasTer TEXACO dealers you are assured oT boTn The hugh qualwTy OT TEXACO PRODUCTS and TasT eTTaclenT courTeous servlee In '-. one hundred seven VANS MARKET W efher :Ts T a can opener experT or Puerre hrmself money cannoT buy Tresher TrunTs and yeqelables Than MR LA POINTS me meafs Than STEGES or beTTer qrocenes Than DON MORGAN S Thus: one sTore where each oeparTmenT us specualnzeo so you donT have To gl f' T 4 7'x'?f sg- fi y Q: I 6 V 4 A Z A .vnf '22 1,. I ian I I ' , I , f I 'T I " ","" 'f - . . I f . ,T vs , .. A 2 counT your calories if you Trade aT VANS QI- "La U ' ,541 A ' . . . yuh M 1. V , f -"" 'T QM gil! L. ,za-. ' I . . . . . . 1 1 A ,J I I I H ' ' o ' , I I T: I I Q PM 6 If a s Id 'I , ' ' ' nd , y I MARKET IU Morave will 21' 5 Charlne seems happy abouT sorneTh:nq he us buyunq aT VAILS VARIETY sTore In Molave whlch IS InTTle wonder because VAILS can T you up wuTh The besT oT anyThvnq Trom a QITT To a pencul or IvqhT bulb 2 Charlie and Harold are plclclnq ouT sporT cloThes and IITTle wonder because CAROLS DEPARTMENT sTore n Molaye ns The head quarTers T quaInTy sporT cloThes shoes and haTs aT The rnqhT prlces 3 Charlue and Thelma are Tarnous Tor Thenr wemer roasTs and parTles and CLARK S MARKET rn Mo ave ns always ready To Tux Them up wnTh any Type oT reTreshmenT necessary To make a good Time lusT a InTTIe IoeTTer They carry every Thnnq Trom and Including soup To nuTs 4 Vnc SrnyThe s soda gerlcung us The acrne of per Techon which us only one oT The many reason I-IUGI-IES FOUNTAIN SERVICE IH Molave The candy magazine and :ce cream headquar Ters of The Molave sTudenTs any aTTernoon o EVSFIIHQ 5 On any occasnon wheTher rTs a Prom or IUST To The TheaTer The IDA MAE BEAUTY SALON In Moyave ns always ready wlllnnq and able To qlve you ThaT cerTaun ravnshunq look For any daTe any day Theres no beTTer shop Than IDA MAE c r cou smle KaTues Ponhac a Harold s Chevy would be qrnnnnnq Trom ear To ear because wITh The Super Shell Gasollne and TasT Tlowsnq Golden Shell moTor oll purchased aT The SHELL SERVICE STATION In Molave They wIII have a new lease on InTe ! 5 6 BEAM SALON one hundred elghT ZX w""' ,S .4-4 rms -,fi fa ff awmvvfefr' W ' W viii' -f l ar- Awww f 3357 Wig, sgff.-'MQW Q I Dorolhy and Bob seems +o be argulng aboul melhnng bul If rs a cnch ul rs nor abou? qualify and quanhly of lhe deleclable concoc fuons sold af HUGHES DRUG CO IH Lancasfer 2 SlMlS SMART SHOPPE rs The mecca l V s beller dressed q ls Jus look al e wlndow display and you wlll see allracluye es lhal no gal can reslsl' IS srnarlesl Shoppe nn fown Go lhere al oncel '3 When IH Palmdale lhe way fo acquire lhal vllal energy rs lo go 'ro Wll.KlN S PHARMACY and inhale a soda or sundae made wllh genuine Sunfreze :ce cream 4 If you havenl gof much hair youd be fer loolc alter :T as fhns fellow no doubl lcnows s he goes lo HOLMES BARBER SHOP an Palm dale whe e he lcnows If wlll be safe 5 We donl lhrnlc fhal Margie and Gene are planning lo a house lusl' yel buf If l ey were lhey would be showlnq excellenl ludqmenl' by qomq fo lhe VVHEELOCK LUMBER COM PANY ln Palmdale Safely frsf s Gene Sruyers moffo so heads for lhe olhce of W J MCADAM INSUR ANCE COUNSELOR el Palmdale lo be on e a e s YV' ADAM one hundred nano Wig? We My WW? Q F rim -if WHITES WHITES ullra modern cafe service sfaluon and mofel :nn an Mogave IS equipped io deluver lhe goods In lubrvcalon lor hugh speed drwlnq conduhons Whe her you ve had a chlclren dun ner a nrghl ID one of fheur 'lealher beds or a fanlr of H Oclane ROGER WHITE and crew w ll send you away smnlung 7 PALHDAL5 s , , Y , . . ' ' 1 , ' ' " , . r i- , F A ' . - r " AY14' 'H 1- f eef a frrf- er X " :si """'., ' ma. -wi-inf' ,w e W . +- Qpiilw-w: e?f,?rfwV'iw vf",g,,gf.i.Mf-f " f' 'J . V ,- 3".g,,., . -" r ' Aw . , , ,V my "1-w4ifF,mgygM jf - ' V , A, PM " 'F' ir ,Ziff j . , ?tf5rf.'Qll'vf " 34-P' nm '..-- fi" 'ffl rip TM" ff' M V 4'7w'i':1""'M' , I vii, ,M-' -wimwf., wwf' ,M 'Hr ,gays - ,T-frgfg ., A , ww' , .gn - 'ae ,Q -V ' ef "f V- f V , ,Uv .f lb M 1 ww' . - - ,-sl ' -fe" , 7 v ,., I - , s. ww:-as 7 We ,, fl: .aff-eww f 'W +1 F3 5g.:i55,yH -mir " ff' 441-"'f' Y fe 2, 'f " jf? 3 - ' ' L 'vj igxilfs , 4. L.1f5.Q,f'f A Q so ' ' ' l ' ' lhe , , O A, .' a . 1 1h clofh ' . SlMl'S ' The ' , ' . o A V . . 1-A F ' S . . . . 3 ' build , h . 5' I 6 ' Q I r' ' I he . th ' 5 l , ide. i 1 , 5, 1 ,A ,rv A. V. HAY GROWERS ASSN. When you Thinlc oT The ANTELOPE VALLEY HAY GROWERS ASSN., LTD., you can'T help Thinlring oT The house ThaT Jaclc builT. This is The company ThaT buys The hay ThaT builds The HAYGRO ASS'U- A homes ThaT house The sTudenTs who come To The school ThaT was builT by The people who sell Their hay Through The ANTELOPE VALLEY HAY GROWERS ASSN., LTD. I WheTher iT's sTrawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon, or lime, iT is only one of The hundreds of delicious Tlavors KaTie, Margie, and .lean can buy aT JACOBSONS GROCERY in Palmdale. 2 THE PALMDALE PIONEER LUMBER COM- PANY oT Palmdale, are pioneers who are puT- Ting popular prices on parTicular pieces oT paraphernalia prescribed Tor The producTion of palaTial palaces. Why noT loolc inTo The maTTer? 3 The CHESTER E. SMITH CO., Dodge and PlyrnouTh dealers oT LancasTer are rivaled only by ArTie Shaw and his band in Their abiliTy To "give ouT." If you wanT a new Dodge or Ply- rnouTh, or a reliable used car. see MR. SMITH. 4 Mr. Farrell need noT hesiTaTe when he buys a Tennis raclceT or anyThing else Tor ThaT maTTer Trom GRIFFIN AND SONS in LancasTer, be- cause Their merchandise is always good qualiTy aT nominal prices. ff!! 5 A. V.'s "Men oT Iron," need noT be afraid Yu . Fa 5 Y, C195 I GHESTELTOWMEEZR 5252-E W' D oT The razor in The TuTure, when They can have Their noToriously Tough beards shaved oTT aT CARL'S BARBER SHOP in LancasTer, wiTh no wear and Tear on Their razors, and whaT is more irnporTanT, no ears sliced OTT. 6 The BECKWITH LUMBER CO. makes iT pos- sible Tor builders In AnTelope Valley To have The very besT in building rnaTerial Tor less money. For high-grade maTerials and service To equal, iT's BECKWITH LUMBER CO. -E54 one hundred Ten l'l. llzl' I 'QI' 1 I , 11 Ill' ' 9,41 . V .Ay 77: 'f I 71,44 , .yvw b . I A f 0 , ,N VALLEY TH EATER PHP- an Jenin are cL'1owwrvqfLnfflv qfvu T Y LV qolrvq fo We VALLEY THEATER vm Larvasfv w ere al! We Lafesf pvfurffs are always sbrwm an af opuLer DVNCFS one 0 fee an e 5 Ay r so md f rx fn suvwff X nlmqs 1 f1i4N"v Lays wr: at We J. C. P ' C. PENNEY CQ. f'. w1"w fa Orca' N fusf Su "fs" 'W 1 PVJVEPQX sdcfives 'ave wha? ' aLlTy are if p":e. They a Gmc: a'd lcck, "-3175 why mme, S+C'9 m ph W 3 fcf for Tn? 5 Fi FK SOREnf-r 'fus Q a nf- EDWARDS ANTELOPE VALLEY CLEANERS EN pressInq and QIeanIng of the IniqI1esI m:aIify, for Iop-IIIGIWI +aIIr3r-'ride SUIYS ANTE- IOPE VALLEY CLEANERS :an A be beef, A. V. SILACIVHVTIS Irnow Ibis, Tney aI5o Icnsw II1aI' Uwe ANTELOPE VALLEY LAUNDRY :JQWGIOCI in 'fnlxndion wIIIw Uwe fIoanIn'1 oIanI dvds 'Ive Pon' wmIc In the vaIIoy. TI-IE SCI-IQOL EQUIPMENT CO. ConIrIbuIInq wuz? 'Q 'ne Iiiauf, and QIII Nancy as weII as We Iona We CI We news Boys Gym, is ?I1f: equiprfi-nf wIwIQIn Ines been InsfaIIQd by the SCI-IOOL EQUIPMENT CQMPANY mf' Los AnqoIes. Lgeiause 'EI +In0 qualivy mf Inceir 'norcI'wandIso. A. V, afimInIs1raIors newer Iwfrsi IMC' IO buy Irfvn TI-IE SCI-IOOL EQUIPMENT COMPANY. Q-ld A 5' I 5 1 ' My A ,W -347-n--p mfifik - LANCASTER RADIG AND MUSIC STORE LA QCASTER RADIO AND MJSIC STCRE VALLEY BUILDERS SUPPLY 'Ar' 'anew or 2 ,surf 'ne' lb-:Y J + if I -L:Y T M5151 T1 '-', ', Q,a"I C ' 6" "CC'l'i"'.l'S: f A' "Q " I mf, aI- 'mi " f ff L, gl '1 ., X D' .B lx hyjufjji jf !N vjxyl v ,fl v D v a , P V e mi , A I . by KJ V If ,f ' 1 V v -' -f X " n 'f r , I 1 rv 1 1 ,ff j V!! Pl i I .1 4 ' W I V Y x 5 1 f ll

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