Ansonia High School - Oracle Yearbook (Ansonia, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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Ansonia High School - Oracle Yearbook (Ansonia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1958 volume:

,. .11 . f 1 Q. , , .M A , W . X ,,,z -vnTA3+,, -.M m L v--3- I , --4+-x Q54 f" -X YI- , A 5 tx.. ' "" 'nl' '-'BM - - In 5 1 1 . 5 5 Q S S S S X a 55 Ei if sh 5, 1' F an 5 :IE H5 3 122. er, fi? ,, A :fg 5, 6 r .fl uf A L - - f- V ,Q . Z - 'X ' 51,-ff f ' ' 4 . , , ' " ,. - - 4-if Y- ., 4 K i f, V Y Q Q T? I V R L 4-'Lx 'swbsfgysx A xi grglxv x , MT Qi xi, - Tig 'HWY 'ifk x?f'fW?YW?i'7' Q , , .. ,, 3 Q ' L ag K , Q? yi' V 5, 5, shi ,r L . aaa 2912, iz 224. w v'j 5 vin .- E. ,Q , 1 rg. , gs. E. ,Y f qi 2 is? 1 '32 1 as ,, ig.-3 f fig 1 ear f W. V 'Q -1. hz: .W is 3' tr 2 4, I ,Q 151132 inf' 5? A 5: ,r- -l hw 958 '?f1:.f ,f-5:. X ,B .... J ! nl! x g-gy 5312, W '- my W t ' S ,. .,... .. ..,. ff A Q , 'T Z QFN ' ' 'M t g kidx X mg K :sierie 1:51631 2553 igffff Fi:-zi: ::'.'qi'g , 5535 -:-zz-: .5-:-a-. 3335.-: -::-11: -'.'.'.2 ...-'zz '- --:::'- -..,:., .:..:- ' ' :3't:' ,.E:f 3322 023.1-:I 113:-,:.1' :E2:5' .gig 453. 4.322 MQ' .gzzgf 4 :Q-:Sz-2 iid? ,:.g.g. .-P -I-Plz' --r'I:I 'n WW URAQLE ULUME 517 Editor, JUDY BURNETTE Assistant Editor, SUZANNE SMITH Advisor, MARIORIE KEMP fi -wr Wi it Xx QQQ We, the Annual Staff, are proud to present to you our 1958 Oracle. This book has caught glimpses here and theme, so that in years to come the activities of this school year at Ansonia will not be dimmed and will not fade away from memory, In later years, while turning the pages, if you should recall the many smiles, sorrows, and dreams of '58, we shall be con- tent, knowing that we have done the thing we were called upon to do. Oracle Staff .fm Judy Burnette , Editor Q Q Q . ,Q .,, Q . Q, Q QQ Q, ,Qi , Q, Q , Q Q, 3-,Q Q , Q Q Q ,Q 'Q 'Q QQ: Q s QQQ Q .,, Q,Q, Q , Q Q QQ ,QQ Q Q , g Q X Q ' ' 'ff' Q4 50' Q Q'Q Qs' N Q Q -Q "Q, '1 S' 'es QQQ ,QQ 1 Q 0 Q' , Q .v .. ,, Q, Q . .QQQ6 -,br Q, . .5 s .LQK Q. x i lv on 5 QQQ' , Q ,','Qx Q Q ' Q' Q ' Q Qi A 'Q 1 'H' 'H Q" '06 'Q' " Q if' " 'Z' 1'Q"'Q': X 1" J 01. Q Q . , J., Q, 0, A ,Q 5 Q. ,V . Q ,' Z faves 5 Q'Q'Q 'QQ w X 'P 9 uf'- Q Q QQ" Q'Q' " QS S5339 2 'Q -, ' ,, QQ Q". 5' Q Q', Q Q, Q Q ,Q Q 5.-Q. . .'.'. ..Q. QI.. Q ,Q - 'Q QQQQQ' - ,,"as,' 4-',Q N-4, .- ..S ,QQ sv Q':,Q. 53,3 .g', EA, my S, ' s Q 'Q'Q fa. 'I'Q',.' 'Q "Q" s " 4. , vs s Q9 "Q' Q QQ Q . Q ,Q Q . ...Q . Q Q Qs, Q Q' Q' , Q .- 1 4. .7-..'.,.g.g:g o if.-.S '2'l:7:1:?F:.3:f'5:9rT'1 '-1 Q Q If-3.3.5 gg!-'f..3.Q-Qflgfj.,Q.-1. 3.3-- GQ : TQ'Q'.-1. -. .Q. -,Q ...,Q QQ ....Q , 1 ' .-.-1:-xp: :-: .-:In Q 1',Q,',,'QWxQ Q -Q'-9' Qx,','v 'v.,Q X , . ' .Q 5 " 5 I N ,, , QQ Q Q.,Q QQ ' 'Q QQ.: 3. Q,.QS ,v ' 0 ' ' v ' "'- Q51 Q Q ' 'Q If Q ' Q- '-'Q ' Q' Q f 'QQ ' 'Q Q" - 'Q'- v,'Q.rQ S ' , ,Q QQ O., ,va 0, Qs , ,Q ,',Q,. 6, " - ' ':-.' ' -' P-Q-. Q Q0 31.0. , ,Q ' Q Q Qin' ' Q ' 'Q QQ -. - .Q Q, Q Q :vga Q Q " 'Q x . NPQ'4.h'f-. , , H. Q Q " Q'Q, . Q av 'Q' '. Q- 'O ' , .v,Q" 'Q Q 9.5 Q 'Q Q' Q Q . Q Q' Q s -Q , Q 6 QQ, - as, Q, v - .Q ,-., Qs ', 5. sq Q a , 515. Q ' .5 .Q,Q , ,Q Q, .Q s,Q--,, .,QQQ . .Q Q8 'Q 0' ' Q , 'Q g1,0",:Q,Q, 34 QQ . Q Q s . Q- -2 .F , ,Q f.,.g., .- ' 'np . S ' :xc EQ Q Q'Q,. 5, ,.'4Q'Q Q Q Q 'YQ' 7'2'.,.-'- , Qa. , 1. ' ' ." s, .-,Q ,' ' ' ' ' Q Q ' -.4'xQ' 'lf' 'RQ' ,M 'Q' .Q Qs Q ' Q Q 0... Q - f ,,.,.,.. Q, Q V ,.-,...,.Q,.. ... 0. 'Q ' Q' Q' GQ' ,Q 68 'QQQ' '.-'Q-T 1.3. -3 .gf-'I-"Q5,g:q..-g-Q4,.gtg:-g-,Q'- 'Q'.'Q . .-2?'47:i 153425555225 Zi" ffl: ... .-.Q,L,...- Q ,.H.,,. -' l'Q'Z-if'I'109.-'Q'f1-C-1 '.g.:.j. 9 -, ,.g.g.,. . -.-.4 es ..Qj.g.3.3.g.-.I Q Q. -,-.'- Q'.-Z-I-:Q '-'26-l'l' Q, .34 -g-.-.'.g.' - 'fjQf, 'Ig -1.-24:2:1E11rf:f:2' . 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Q,., , Q , ,:.,.-.....,.,' .Q .1 .,gx...,Q,. .5.:,Q,.,.,. 4.-,:,.,...,. -, .,..,Q,-QQ,-,-, Q, Q.. 5.3.-.:. , .',-Q -.. .,:., fx... .-5.g.3.3.:,:,Q,. .. .g, I.-, ,-A .'a::j.t.,j.j2.:Q'.'o ,.g..m:Q'-j.g-.Q.Qff,:,-.j.,-Q-1-1Qg.j.:,:.:.L.Q,.j.jQ',- Qf .:.-:... D .,,'.gQ 'Q'.QQ:..Q'-1Q:.f.?f:.g,.1,Q:.,:'!,:...L.q:...:QQ.f Q..-55.-.:.1,Q'.y 4:.:A.g.g.j.g.L.-, qw, ,Q1.'.:.l. .'2Q,-.,.:.:.g.-.-,521 , 54,.1.,'-.fy-QQ3.:.gQ, -.:.:.g.:Qg.1.g.g.3.g.'QgQ-.-iq.-5 .g.5 v- Q1.g.g.:.g.g-,-'-gg' ,Qfn n .3 QQQQ-.-.-L -, "' -5.3 ag., Q Q.. 3-gr AQ ,- .5.g.'.'71.-gQ..-. 'Q 4.-.-1-1Q'Q-1 I-'5Z'.-. -,- Qf.5.gQ,.g.g.:.-13. .1 ' -.vQg.:-,.-,s,'.-.g.g.:.5.'.-.'.'Q'Qg.Q-.-.-I',-3.1.-,Q,.f.:-J' ','.g.-.5.gQgQ" Vg.-,Q '-71 A.w,-'J-1.-Q-.4'.'-1-gQg.g.:-, ,'-Q-,.Q'.. 'sgfj-FL-2-'. 1.',Qr.1:- Q1-5 - v -, -5-,-1.1.3,-,o, ' Q,-,-,Q,.,Q Qg.-,fn-... ,Q-,Qg,-,Q4.,.,-,-,-31.-.f.g,f,iq.-.-,Q,. Q,.g.-.-.. -,Qg ,,- ,-,.g.,-Q-.-. , ,Q Q-.21-,:Q:-.-.-.g.'.-.5.. -...N ---.. .3.g.-.qu-.i-. .fa ,qgQj.-. 3.-.-,-.-..,. 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Q1....Q::..,,...::, .,, Q,,:,:,...QLQQz..:,o,.,,,..1. ..1Q,..,:Q.:'Q.t:.. .f:Q,A Q.,.,.,,,, ,:. ,:.i .,,,Q:.., ,Q5,.: .:, .- ' 'Q1-7.31-'...-4.3.3.-2-3 5.53:-I-3-1.f,325-111231-'-Q3.5.3.4:g:,'-:3:5.f,-:Qg-Qg-g-:.g!g25:-.5.5:--3.53.-75.-.Q,g.5:5g,'Q3t-:-:-:Qg.3.9134-7-: ,:.g':.g3:::Q.-.-g5.gQ',f:5tg1'QQ3.g,gQg-1.1.3.Q, Qg. ,-7.32-1-3.-g.g.j-:QQ-g 3,-,-.g.gQ3.g: ' ' Q "':1ff7,-?t2-1-tfgiglfgi-5:52-I-I-1-S45'T:f:2:Y-9261:':-.'-.g:j:5:':?v'5tY:1gf'Z-:ii,.E1:!'7.4'L-1-T :-.-:-Q-.--I-.,.'ilg'11, ' '.5Q5gSt-:Ii-t-:J-II.i'1.':'-.:Z5:f:!'2f-'24:?4'f3:-. :Li2-'-"-'-:Z-T-1-21.1553:12-.2-1"'2-.-t-I - , .'. . . . ' 1'-in -.'J-:gs-1-:-5-3-I-.-:q:g.'-g.r2f:-I-:':Q.g'f..vga-'-259'-',.-:-''-: .-311..fzdglyt-I-Ig:g.y2,.1:-:Q-Q ' '.v.g:5-1.9:-1Qg' 1-:-1-tg-:-2.3. '. 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'.' v,'.g.g.g.:.g Q . ..-. -5.3.-'Q Qj.g.g.j.3.p - - Q.. Q "QQ .9 Q c Q . . ' Q ' . '1-Q-1f'.'Q:-:-fwfe, :-IQ. . 0-2' 0 .'Q'.'.' I fo .,:.,I 3.9. ,,,. . ,..'.. '-- Q-.-..Q, . Q. ...., , v,- .'. -, o'Q ,H .'.'.'. ' Q . . 1 . . .'.'.'Q 'Q ' ' .-:.fQ'-g-,5.,.- gQ,.- Q,' ..-.3. -.w. ...-. .-,-..,.. Q . .nf . a,'.- '-.-L -'-.Az-:-: L'il'.'6 '-:1.'-:1:4: :'1I..:-:-:-g.g.y5. ".'Q ".'I'f'. ' Q'2'l-f-'Q'. 1-1 -.-.'., ,-Q.-. . a ,Q.. -,Q,'., -,:,Q ... ,..Q ,. Q Q Q . 'O 0 0 '.fo'A ,'OQ Q s U 'Q ,QQQ ,. . 00. . 4 'Q'Q','Q'. Qs 'Q Q ,Q QQ. Q Q ' . Q .Q so ,QQ , Q 'R ' " ..- Q'.f' Q24 - Q,'QgQ X., 1.' Q ,Q,'.- M., . ,... 1, Q . Q '."- if '1- - Q. QQ ' ,Sw 1, ,, iQ, ,Qc Q Q., 0.3 S. S. 05 S. ' I ' O' on -..: .'..Q ' Q.Q , . Q. QQ QQ , Q . 903 3, QQQQ Q,s 'Q Q Q Q , Q , Q QQ., , , .,Q, ,- V . .UQ-Q... ,. ,Q, Q,1. .. 'a,... Q.Q..r ..' Q . Q Q Q Q,o,' QQ, Q . ..- '., . ,-,Q --.-,- --,-3.3 -.-qw-.H .lv - 'lx .-'- --.Q-.e.-.-.'." ,Q 1-.,-so-Q-.vx " . Q' .',-, . -Q... . ' QQ, Q . . 0- QQ .Q ,.' . Q'Q 9 . Q , Q, uf . ..--3 .'Q,3.g.-. 33,1 Q, ., wg-Q,.A,'., , ..Q,., 915, .,.'.-... ,a,o,:.-'f,:.'.,..-, ,,.,.,-t,,.,.3.,-.,.3.fZ 7.,'.,..:,f.,Q,,.,.- Q, 3,:g.f,,5::S,,.,..,.,.,:,-4,.4,:3Q::1,5 Q-,QQ .. ' ' ' ' "'W"' '- f""' " 55" 'M'-'-'-.ft v.:-:fzf-'12-.' ?'.-.:1:'ib:'I:-:2:':':''ba-va.:-:-!:"':I.1-f-:fa-+361fQ'Q-214+"-z.: 2-''-'Q'-411-2-::f.':2:2Q:S--:J-2'1-1-.-"K ....... Q....,.... ,... . .. .. ,.-Q Q . . . 1-, 1.--,-.-Q' '.g.-..-.-...-3.--.-- '-'.-. .-.' .-. -g-.-:- v. .Q,-g-'Qx.'Q .-S--. -g,.,., ,. .Q' .v. . . Q.:-Q.. Q , .1 , , 1" , .' .. ' Q Q . f v Q Q Q .' A ' " ' ' "' "' "" x"-""' '-V'-" "9 '- 'f'b'P'P"'T'Q'-'-"FY'-"" -It-'-:f'-Q-"7-. ' 2 4'-.'-. . '-1-L'-n'-2" ..-1?"6"'Q'1-. '-'E-Q.'.'ift7 531-TL -.112-:QQ-.QI:'f'I'Q'?f.T ,Q,a'.'.-.H,'.4, .-.', .. .-.-,-.,Q. , ,Q.- , . Qy.,- , .. .... . . , . ,. . . .. . .., ,, . ' - H'-N Q"-.f'- 14" - "eff Q .-Af." " -.-'-+Qt-" 0-:Q-: Q13-:55:33,5fgg::,,g.'-:kg-.,1.a' agar'-g,:.Qg.3,f:3.V.4 ge.,-I: 5.-3 55.1. 33:55-5.3.5.-Q-..-. y,,.:.g.:5 QQ'Q ' .. . Q. MQ-.Q Q dministration To the Seniors One thing will always hold true in everything you do - Remember! - 'THERE IS N0 SUBSTITUTE FOR WORK, " Dwight S. Salzman To the Seniors of 1958 I want to wish you well. No two of you are alike. In a thousand ways you differg but, in one, at least, you are identitied one with another. You are all of the Class of '58, In that you will always be the same to me. No matter who you are or where you go, you will ever remain in my memory as a member of a fine group of young people who finished high school in the spring of 1958, one glorious milestone on your pathway of dreams. I hope that I have helped you some. Willis V. Pond 14754494 Midg- Superintendent Principal BOARD OE EDUCATJIUN S' ' g- Charles Stemle Presidentg G d b y uhn, Vice Pr d D dd Standing: Byron 1 k 1 d perintendentg g . Xixf-Ci! ELEMENTARY RRIINCIIPAL WELCOME RURNS SECRETARY MRS MARGARET RESTER ANNUAL STAFF Advisor ----------------------- Editor ------ Assistant Editor - - Business Manager - - - Assistant Business Manager Advertising Sales - - - - Literary Editor - - Typists - - Class Pictures - - - Activities Pictures - - Sports Editors - - - Snapshots - - - - - - MARIORIE K. KEMP ' ' 'JUDY BURNETTE - - SUZANNE SMITH - TOM WILLIAMS - - CAROL HAMILTON ' ' JIM WHITTINGTON DON BLUME .TERRY BARGA AL BARGA IUDY DERR - - EVELYN BAIRD - - JOYCE MCCULLOUGH IEANNETTE FULLENKAMP JUDY BREWER - - - VIOLET HALL WAYNE GILBERT ' " 'HM SNYDER SHARON ERWIN - -DEAN POND WANDA ELEY - - - MARTHA HAIR TOM GIBBONS acuity JAMES R, BECKLEY Vocational Agriculture W. Virginia University B, S, JAMES A, BEISNER Mathematics Public Speaking Driver Training Miami University B, S, 5 - X x N - FACULTY WARREN F. COLLINS Latin - English Canterbury Indiana University B.5.. A.B.. M.A- s 5046 lll4 .sig .QQ ,Rik lifmulf-I l.,r,,l "-M '11 m.,.,, mar. n,,,4,t,d 'fs Jussi.,-4 nm: n..4,,d., ml fioflucq, fill' PAUL C. BURKETT Mathematics Physical Science Manchester College A,B, JAMES W. HUTCHENS Band Ball State B. S. JFAQULTY MARJORIE K, KEMP Commercial Miami University B. S. I WILLIAM R. HILE English American History Bookkeeping Law Miami University B. S. DUANE L, JESSUP Government Junior High Coach Physical Education Wilmington College B. S. N A Q U LT Y ALICE R. KUESTER Vocational Home Economics Miami University B,S, DONALD L. STOCKSDALE Algebra Biology Spanish Manche A. B. ster College DAVE L. LARIMER History Senior High Coach Fairmont College Fairmont, West Virginia A,B, WILLIS V. POND DWIGHT S, SALZMAN Superintendent of Schools General Science Wittenberg Bluffton Ohio State Ohio State A.B., M.A. A,B,, M,A, agen- RALPH BATEMAN Sixth Grade Ohio Northern University W. O. BURNS Seventh Grade Ohio Northern University, B, S. ELIZABETH BECKLEY Seventh Grade West Virginia University, B. S. I-IESTER BIRT Fourth Grade Miami University B. S. ERNEST GIBSON Sixth Grade Cedarville RUBY BURNS Fifth Grade Ohio Northern JUANITA HARRIS Third Grade University of Utah Miami University IESSIE CORLE First Grade Ohio Northern University RUTH MARTIN Second Grade Miami University B. S. ENID PUTERBAUGH Second Grade Manchester College MARY HALLADAY First Grade Miami University ALICE SCHAFER Third Grade Miami University SUE WALTERS GENEVIEVE WEISENBORN VIRGINIA WOODBURY CARL YOUNG Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Eighth Grade Miami University Miami University Manchester College Ohio Northern sg: 1 . is -is re University, B. S. eniors SENHUR CLASS 5 N . N 1 QMS! fi., " X 1 h L LYS ii ? 5 f : -rf K - '!: ,I . FIIUERS T T asurer Reporter President Vice Preiident secregary re TOM WILLIAMS HM WHITTINGTON L SUZANIQE SMITH ROBERTA RIEGLE VIOLET HALL SENIIURS IWELYN ELAINE BAIRD LARRY EUGENE BAKER ALFRED BARGA JERRY BARGA LINDA KAY BIRT DON BLUME JUDY BREWER CAROLYN K. BRUMBAUGH IUDITH H. BURNETTE VIOLET COLLINS CAROL DELK K 2- -, U . , . g , -gf - . . - . A 'wffi+1ffm.1z5fiff i X as .ff f' Y .ialzxp 4. Q :ga g QQ 'LgL Y. 1 K ggxtpfkgzffi K K - A W 7 Rl .5533 in 1 ff f if Q , 15, - i . ,. J , nf f yr-sfiiifi Ui i -fit. Q1li.i?fT'flig 1573" A eifx ' xii-?:vagv'f v .Q gs, 3.5 . .-. Qs , .X.Q,-W,-.iff-.fgxx JF 3 Q if K f x mf.-.I K- Rfvgxs f t .ELEM s N X Ni-Q 5+ W F S k SK N Y g...w,g3X.. K 5 kk NX i M 1, Ei SQ Q 5 E X659 X' 1. rg X I-r -Q X XX. . . N. W . V? i Si- 'lffsfx S - .. . ' 5 . .,..A.l3f. W .ggi ' i xxw- . : . ... Q AX... Nw , . -Q .4 3. X y N x W s. A A X A Q 5 N X S .N Qi , A Rf X W SQFQK ' 'WR .1 N X . Q X fig? 1 W if 1 X N X 'f -..,7 , . ..,-. .-.-. , fig? SE KORS N95 .WN TOM GIBBONS WAYNE ALDEN GILBERT MARTHA LOUISE HAIR VIOLET HALL CAROL ANN HAMILTON LEA IRENE HERRON CAROL ANN HOPPER GLENNA HOWARD GERALD KENWORTHY JOYCE MCCULLOUGH MARY MENDENHA'-L K . ff A f ,- , 4.. . X E1 58 gcgfaggivfi. X is ii? E 5 . 5 5 krifiii' gl 1,63 ffjf 5 T' .W 1 : if . if 5 19 1 psi' L ! I: E23 f Yr ,- 55, .gk if 5 fi 1 M fi 5 5531 K YE?-if S ' Qs VM A , V4 as , V X ,, fx if .LT A - T ' :f i H? aw Q 3 1? NORMA JEAN PITSENBARGER DEAN POND ROBERTA IO RIEGLE CAROLYN RISMILLER JOYCE ROBISON BETTY ROWAND -'EN 1 9' Wt :,,., A ixggiig. I- .. . .ek 5, ,,f Ir. ,-::'::..:::-::"' "' E nz' .L A - A ' . sQi9Xi:?5fS?E: , , ,sW NANCY RUNNER DIANA SHAW JEANNETTE SHEFFER MARY SHEETS SUZANNE SMITH JAMES M, SNYDER YVONNE SNYDER CONNIE SODDERS RUTH STAMMEN JAMES LEE SULLENBARGER HELEN TRITTSCHUH HM WHITTINGTON TOM MR. WILLIAMS IESSUP Class President C1285 SPOUSOI SCHULARSHUIP TEAM First row: Evelyn Baird, Judy Burnette. Second row: Mr. Pond, Wayne Gilbert, Dean Pond, Tom Gibbons, Orville Niekamp. Absent: Jim Snyder. VALEDTCCTURTAN SALUTATURTAN Evelyn Baird is the Valedictorian of the 1958 graduating class and Wayne Gilbert is the Saluta- torian. They eamed the scholastic honors on the basis of their grades in academic subjects for the four years of high school. REPRESENTATTVES TO EUQKEYE GTRLSV AND EOYSY STATE During the past summer Judy Brewer attended the week's session of Buckeye Girls' State at Capitol University, Columbus, Ohio. Wayne Gilbert attended the week's session of Buckeye Boys' State at Camp Perry, Ohio. Iudy's trip was sponsored by the Ansonia American Legion Auxiliary and Wayne's was sponsored by the Ansonia American Legion. They were selected on the basis of scholastic ability, leadership, attitude, integrity and other qualities which make a good cit- izen. CAN YUU JIMAGJINE? Evelyn Baird getting "F" in Home Economics? Wayne Gilbert playing Old Maid in the book room? Jerry Barga singing on Hit Parade, instead of Eldora? Jerry Batten with a Yul lkynner haircut? Linda Birt driving a straight-shift Plymouth? Alfred Barga picking corn without Judy on the tractor? Carolyn Brumbaugh doing a waltz? Judy Burnette not showing new dance steps? Sharon Erwin operating a filling station? Tom Gibbons singing mezzo soprano in chorus? Jeannette Fullenkamp dancing with a boy 5 feet tall? Dean Pond raiding garbage cans? Martha Hair not being conservative? Eugene Dohme as a head Drum Major? Betty Rowand without Joyce? Lisa Norris not getting moved in English Class? Suzanne Smith with a "Sputnik" haircut? Carol Delk leading an orchestra? Jim Boyd in a monkey's cage? Yvonne Snyder not getting tips? Diana Shaw in pigtails? Judy Derr behaving at cheerleading practice? Shelba Edwards jitterbugging with Mr. Hutchens? Harold Pearson with a mustache? Mary Miller wearing a size "12" shoe? Norma Pitsenbarger not chewing gum? Helen Trlttschuh with a "59" waistline? Carol Hamilton without superstitious? Tom Williams with "Elvis Presley' sideburns? Wanda Eley swimming all the way to Germany? Jim Snyder getting home by 12:00 on weekends? David Ganger being a cheerleader? Judy Brewer driving a poultry truck? Don Blume in a grass skirt? Ruth Stammen not getting called down in bookkeep ing class? Jeannette Sheffer going steady? Violet Collins driving slow? Orville Neikamp dancing rock 'n roll? Jim Whittington dropping more paper toweling out second story windows? Joyce McCullough not blushing? Roger Miller worried about his grades? Mary Sheets eating in the school cafeteria? Joyce Robison without Betty? Lea Herron without her boyfriends? Roberta Riegle spending the class' money on John? Violet Hall telling off a teacher? Jim Sullenbarger not getting the Democracy quiz answers? Nancy Runner doing the Charleston? Carol Hopper sitting still? Connie Sodders coming to fourth period study hall? Glenna Howard being noisy? Gerald Kenworthy on a flying trapeze? Mary Mendenhall as a professional ice skater? Carolyn Rismiller being a sword swallower? Larry Baker in a chorus line? Mr. Salzman sitting down in pep assemblies? Mr. Jessup with thick hair? Mr. Collins D01 calling us "Babies?" The junior class knowing everything they think they know? The sophomore class being quiet? The freshman class not being green? UMR SENHUR CLASS PLAY l9 'ff-9 57 THE MAGHC TOUCH Bobbette Braddock is a "dyed-in-the-woo1" tomboy who sometimes plays football with the ..D. .. my Dozen team. Mother, who wants her to be a young lady, arranges to have the Fashion Show held at the Braddock home Bobbette f . , o course, is to model a very feminine gown. This seems to be the end of the world for Bobby, so she runs away and keeps the police and her friends running in circles. Findin Bobbette and th li ' ' ' ' g e c max of the Fashion Show proved very intriguing. The members of the cast included: Jim Whittington, Evelyn Baird, Judy Burnette Wanda 1 E ey, Sharon Erwin, Dean Pond, Don Blume, Tom Williams, Connie Sodders, Tom Gibbons, Lea Herron, Violet Hall, Carol Delk, Carol Hamilton, and Al Barga. The models were Jeann- ette Sheffer, Suzanne Smith, Carol Hopper, Judy Derr, Diana Shaw, and Jeannette Fullenkamp. OUR JVKUNHKCPR CLASS PLAY 19 Q40-f 57 THE CANNIUBAL QUEEN Lies and false pretenses are bound to be exposed sooner or laterl This is the lesson learned by Bruce Clyde and Allen Kent when they put their heads together and conspired to bring a cannibal queen to the United States. When the genuine queen doesn't make an appearance, Bruce's fian- cee, Brenda Day, masquerades as JU-JU, Mr. Beisner directed the play consisting of the following cast: Evelyn Baird, Judy Brewer, Jim Snyder, Dean Pond, Carol Hamilton, Judy Burnette, Suzanne Smith, Tom Williams, Roberta Riegle, Jim Sullenbarger, Jeannette Sheffer, Jim Whittington, and Car01Muel1er, QQ? Ol on on , F 5 . Ng' 3 R ws is- vrhr xg? . xA, X .Z Wi x 1,5 V .......... , X X :sa mx Qui ' - N, gg I 3 ff' 'uf -fat? ik Ks' . Q .kqx x QM '15 'K .wtf - K f 'N Q, if k xx. X. Q ' f A -fn M 42, 1 fe , N, , . A f fnff AM V K. Qrtff N -, , 39 1"' Q Wi a i Q. 5, . A, M fx. ,X 1, Eg .B 'VWQ5 1 . X Y, .11 w X ff!! .1 Q ? N 5 NAME Evelyn Baird Larry Baker Jerry Batten Alfred Barga Jerry Barga Linda Birt Don Blume Judy Brewer Carolyn Brumbaugh Judy Burnette Violet Collins Carol Delk Judy Derr Eugene Dohme Shelba Edwards Wanda Eley Sharon Erwin Jeannette Fullenkamp David Ganger Tom Gibbons Wayne Gilbert Martha Hair Violet Hall Carol Hamilton Lea Herron Carol Hopper Glenna Howard NICKNAME ' Evle' " F ats' ' Enis' . Al.. 'Jerod" " Bertie' " Donnie' 'Judit' 'Brumie" ll llviti " Squirt' 'Judy' "Cherokee" 'Shelb" "Windy Lou' Sherrie' " Je annie' ' Dude" " G ibby' ' Chong' ' Marty' .. V i.. " Kelty' " Snooks" "T uf fy" ' Blondie" FACTS FAVORITE SAYING "Oh, my landsl' 'Lookie there' 'Oh, yeah?' 'You don't know, do you?' ll I Ol "You know' 'Hey there I' 'Huh?' "Oh, yeah?' "Don't get shook!" 'Oh, for Pete Sakesl' 'Holy Cowl" 'Honestly I " " None' " S'pose, reckon, dun'n "Sorry, the 1ine's busy!" 'Y'u don't say now" 'Honestly I " 'Oh, n'o I " "Same difference" "You're renegin'l " "Oh, gosh!" "Oh, reallyl' "Don't work too hard, just work" 'Wel1, I'll be a monkey's unc1el" 'That's tough" 'Aw, yeah?" on FAVORITE HANGOUT Cow Palaces Toby's Drive-in Ansonia Restaurant Henderson's House Rossburg West of Woodington Toby's Drive-in 323 West Canal St, Eldora Eldora Fricsh's Big Boy Wayne Theatre Whittington's house None Eldora Kitchen You'll Never Know Eldora Tumer's Service Station Norb's Place Gym Toby's Shady Rest School Sweetshop at Union City Guess where? A certain college AMBITION Home Economist Mechanic Barber Agricultural Speculator Rossburg Marshal Secretary Farmer Typist Dancing Airline Stewardess Interior Decorator To get married Secretary Helldriver Homemaker Homemaker Bookkeeper and File Clerk Beauty Operator Farmer Farmer Fisherman Home Economics Teacher Housewife To have lots of clothes To catch that man Secretary Clerk or bank teller Mechanic FACTS PET PEEVE Stop signs My Democracy teacher School Underclassmen Democracy Bleached hair Women drivers Intermission lights at drive-ins People who get all shook Squares Pokey drivers Too much homework School Slow drivers Snobby girls Catsup Female fag fiends Short boys Flies in and on my car Democracy Trig Radio commercials Flirty girls Morbid jokes People who crack gum Hillbilly music School Pony tails WEAKNESS Clothes Big boys Work Judy Big boys A certain Jim Hamburgers "Mick" Two girls from Eldorado Certain college men Convertibles Food French fries Candy Danny Candy Guessl'I Tall, tall boys Girls Strawberries Fishing " '7-up F1oats" Clothes Real tall boys 46 Ford Coupes Guess who! Money Drinking pop HOBBY Sewing Hot rods C ars Judy Talking Eating before I go to bed Girls Miniature golf I I Playing the guitar Dancing Listening to records Listening to Rock 'n Roll Rossburg Boys Cars Dancing Writing letters to Dick Griping Dancing, being lazy Going to movies Rabbits Reading Baking Working at Shady Rest Ansonaires and reading Sewing Collecting stamps Collecting old lipstick: and perfume bottles Hunting NAME Joyce McCullough Mary Mendenhall Mary Miller Roger Miller Carol Mueller Orville Niekamp Lisa Norris Harold Pearson Norma Pitsenbarger Dean Pond Roberta Riegle Carolyn Rismiller Joyce Robinson Betty Rowand Nancy Runner Diana Shaw Jeannette Sheffer Mary Sheets Suzanne Smith Jim Snyder Yvonne Snyder Connie Sodders Ruth Stammen James Sullenbarger Helen Trittschuh Jim Whittington Tom Williams Jim Boyd NICKNAME Joyce Ann' Shortie" Tweety" Bush" Fl1ZZ" Qrvll J anie" Ernie' Punk" Willis" Bobbie Jo" Honey Bee' Joy' Betts" N an" Shawsy" J an" Hey, you" Suzie" Stud" Red" Mom' Pickles' Jim' Sportie' Doby" Willie' Pee Wee" FACTS FAVORITE SAYING "Gee Whiz" "Sharp" "By George I " " Ain't got" " Geesuim I " "Go blow!" "Shot" "You know" "Ah, shud-up!" "Eat 'em up" "Oh, my gosh!" "For Pete sakesl" "That'l1 be the day' 'You ain't nothin' but a hound dog." "Oh, no I " "What do you mean, je " You slob" "Oh, I say now!" "Mean, ain't they?" "Heck" 'Heaven sakes I " "I hate to say anything!" "Oh, lawdy l " " Beats me l" "Oh, yeah?" "Looky there!" "Ah, fiddle!" None FAVORITE HANGOUT In front of TV set Drive -In Woodington Store None Eldora Blue and White Tavern Theatre Toby's Drive-In Dayton Mom 's Kitchen West of Rossburg None State Theatre Drive-In None S chool Greenville after football games Greenville On the phone Huston's Hideaway Ansonia Restaurant Dairy Twin Eldora Birt's place Eldora Park Riffle Ave. Bear's Mill Road Turner's Pool Room AMBITION Typist Housewife Typist Farmer Housewife Sports writer Nurse in foreign country Farmer Bookkeeper or clerk Baseball player Secretary Travel Homem aker Homemaker Beauty operator Typist Beauty operator Nurse College Mechanic Homemaker To have real long hair Dancing To be a good farmer Housewife Cartoon character Mechanic Navy gunner PET PEEVE Bragging people School FAC People who think they know it all Democracy Girls who flirt with steadies Show-off drivers Chickens Democracy Baggy overalls Rach's habits Peroxided hair Talkative people Show-offs Classical music Boys with long sidebums Cleaning eggs People that do not co-operate Sideburns Girls who drive trucks without brakes! Shot rod cars Nosy people Boys with plain haircuts J ittery people Girls with short fingernails Girls who flirt with steadies Dad's Ford Buying strawberry pie Democracy T WEAKNESS A certain boy's wavy hair Donnie Clothes Studying Bob Democracy Jokes Hamburgers with pickles Boys Gloria A certain 6'2" Jackson guy Boys Cadillac convertibles Certain Rock 'n Roll singers John Certain boys Up-to-date shiny black cars Motorcycles Hot rods Kay Boys Jim Two girls from Eldorado A certain girl named Linda Food Food Bevie Girls HOBBY Sewing Painting photos Collecting salt and pepper shakers Talking Dancing Playing cards Sewing Girls Walking and dancing Playing in dance bands Ansonaires and cheerleading Reading and music Rock 'n Roll Listening to Elvis Presley records Painting Playing the piano Ansonaires Reading Ansonaires and twirling Sleeping Painting Eating Driving Dad's Ford Staying out late Driving a certain Ford Eating Eating strawberry pie Bowling uniors 'QEBESZYTS' 'wiv W lv f 1 f fill? If 3 arf' ' Y Y V Qi' a -x A W' W dr Y ..w u,ASs ff111mF1lG1E,RS Vice - JIM HERRON - - - - PHYLLIS BANKSON Y ----- GARY YOUNG - - - G - - - JERILYN YOUNG - - - MARLENE RHoADEs Front row, left to right: Phyllis Robison, Rochelle Leichty, Sharon Goffena, Patsy Mayo, Marilyn Schlimmer, Marlene Rhoades, Phyllis Bankson, Mr. Beisner. Second row: Gary Young, Herb Brewer, John Burkett, Richard Lear, Melvin Brown, Jim Herron, Jerry Batten, Third row: Tyrone Walters, Tom McGee, Jim Miller, Rocky Warrick, Benton Oliver, Gary Hemmerich, Roger Curtis, John Campbell, Jim Baker, Front row, left to right: Julie Campbell, Violet Snyder, Jean Waggoner, Jerilyn Young Joyce Beemer, Katy Baker, Linda Coppess. Second row: Nelson Weaver, Leon Howard Steve Shepherd, Tom McEldowney, Tom Shepherd, Gale York, Paul Young. Third row Ralph Boyd, Eldon Bruner, George Shade, Jlm Meade, Stanley Stammen, Ronnie Barga Wayne Bryson. Absent: Don Beam, Larry Walters, Ed Widener, ophomores SQWHUMQQNE Q CWS M President :N - - - TI-:D TRITTSCHUH SGCICISIEL --------- N- RHONDA WARRICK Vice President - - - - ANDY BARGmiaeeEiMPreasurer ---- ---- L asus BRANDON Front row, left to right: Sue Baker, Ronda Warrick, Sue Widener, Janet Leis, Rita Gigandet, Rosemary Mclildowney, Mr. Burkett. Second row: Brenda Taylor, Anne Beemer, Martha Billenstein, Phyllis Fullroth, Barbara Detling, Nancy Marker, Joan Whittington. Third row: Jack Jones, Glen Turner, Gary Boolman, Dick Rowland, Andy Barga, David Runner, Ted Trittschuh, Richard I-Iect, Jack Smith, Dick Stump, Gary Burns, Jerry McGlinch, Jim Erwin. 53x MQ w, Front row, left to right: Patty Richards, Martha Detling, Shirley Monnin, Georgia Baughman, Barbara Weyant, Marjorie Byrum, Bea Johns, Second row: Joan Delk, Kay Coppess, Shirley Robison, Beth Sodders, Janet Hupe, Nancy Steed, Sandy Lambert, Mary Alice Poling. Third row: Jack Riegle, Jim Chrisman, Paul Trittschuh, Elven Stump, Gary Baker, Tom Harmon, Bob Voigt, Larry Peters, Fourth row: Bob Brandt, Jerry Hesson, Mike Wright, Franklin Prasuhn, Leslie Brandon. Absent: LeRoy Billenstein, Johnny Moore. reshmen Ex XN'x4!Nie'k HHIU vs E .J N , Nik? - FRESHMAN CLASS U F TFHCERS President Vice President ' Treasurer Secretary Reporter. ROBIN AULT JUDY CHRISMAN BOB CURTIS SHARON SUBLER JUDY BIRT 'O-X gig l F ESFIMEN Front row, left to right: Lawrence Stover, Tom Niswonger, Scott Sheffer, Keith Schlechty, Don Neubauer, Darrel Trittschuh, Ronnie Turner, Jerry Gilliland, Mr. Larimer. Second row: Joe Young, Linda Garbig, Carol Barga, Marcia Williams, Marilyn Baird, Judy Henderson, Elizabeth Cain. COHIHC B1aCkb111'r1. Phyllis Hartzell, Kenny Partin. Third row: Barbara Wright, Ruth Oster- loh, Phyllis Weyant, Diane Snyder, Jane Gigandet, Janet Gigandet, Wanda Birt, Carol Gilbert. Front row, left to right: Gertie Osterloh, Barbara Wilson, Judy Chrisman, Connie Edwards, Judy Birt, Connie Brumbaugh. Second row: Barbara Boone, Arlene Carter, Jane Baughman, Sharon Subler, Ann Barga, Phyllis Eley, Rowena Sheffer, Thelma Phrasuhn. Third row: Arthur Besecker, Lester Clawson, Bob Curtis, Carl Baker, Mark Slyder, Larry Miller, Charles McG1inch, Joe Mar- tin. Fourth row: Virgil Rismiller, Junior Fullrod, Dan Sullenbarger, Leon Bey, Robin Ault, Kent Shade, Lloyd Brown, Bob Stover, Larry Alexander, Carl Robison. unior hi EHGHTH GRADE Front row, left to right: Ethel Taylor, Kay Beemer, Jean Gilliland, Edna Metzcar, X Marilyn Hartzell, Sherry Jenkinson, Irene Stammen, Mr, Young. Second row: -6 U' Ronnie Paris, Linda Riffle, Sharon Barga, Martina Macias, Sharon Brewer, E Ego LA Mary Homan, Joyce Deubner, Tom Lewis, Third row: Dick Sodders, Bob Sink, X X' John Huddle, Dan Parltin, Ronnie Christian, Ivan Christian, John Rismiller, , Fourth row: Gary Delk, John Middleton, Bob Peters, Dan Sheets, Don Mueller, ,X A '7 Vinnie Emrick, Bob Herron, 59 Front row, left to right: Sue Follrod, Karen Walters, Nihla Black, Barbara Campbell, Carolyn Birt, Patty Liette, Mr. Young. Second row: Mary Ann Brandt, Joan Hoening, Irene Stammen, Janet Mendenhall, Judy Barga, Judy Liette, Keith Howard, Third row: Kenny Erwin, Roger Oliver, Jim Burns, Dean Marshall, Donn Thornhill, Gary Voke. Fourth row: John Edwards, Viro Rosenbeck, Ray Mullen, Jimmy Partin, Bob Woodbury, Earl Goewert, Ronnie Twaits, Carl McEldowney, Dick Campbell. S EV ENTH 1Q?fRfMlDD lil Front row, left to right: Marilyn Birt, Barbara Rhodes, Jackie Bigham, Carol Billenstein, Shirley Schlimmer, Marilyn Lyons, Janet Young, Karen Snyder, W WW, Judy Hall, Joanna Rosenbeck, Doris Skillman, Sharon Widener, Second row: Susan Barga, Kay Fletcher, Beverly Rose, Donna Rhynard, Dottie Baker, Karen H Stump, Jeanie Shook, Bob Goins, Marvin Wiley, Wayne Bonifield. Third row: Jerry Johns, Roger Stewart, Charles Sheppy, David Prasuhn, Keenan Leichty, '-'- is Ronnie Smith, Bob Fullenkamp, Dale Michael, Jim Alexander, Mr, Burns, Front row, left to right: Marilou Weyant, Darla Riegle, Paulette VanDePitte, Janet Pearson, Connie Sheets, Delores Partin, Judy Rismiller, Beverly Monnin. Second row: Ronnie Borger, Ralph Boone, Sharon Shiverdecker, Barbara Keaser, Kay Holsapple, Charlene Sheffer, Phyllis Derr, Lennie Boyd, Danny Liette, Third row: Larry Carter, Bill Hamilton, Marion Price, John Batten, Betty Wilson, Jim Wick, Lester Trittschuh, Gary Brumbaugh, Mrs, Beckley. Absent: Charles Hall, Barbara Husted. it Q O lementaru Sllbxiillllldl G R DE Front row, left to right: Jo Emrich, Diane Twaits, Alice Bain, Elena Partin, Susan Burnette, Judy Baker, Pam Bell, Susan Barga, Carolyn Martin, Nancy Hunt. Second row: Wayne Harbison, Ronnie Duncan, Janice Bryson, Louise Bailey, Barbara Gasper, Judy Thomas, Shirley Cheek, Karen Williams, Norman Weaver, Chris Sanches, Terry Pepple, Ronnie Widener, Mr. Gibson. Third row: Keith Fullrod, Steve Schlechty, Donna Shade, Sharon Honmaker, Patricia Johns, Larry Byrum, Jerry Derr, John Herron, Jerry l-lenkaline, Paul Rhynard, Gary Broering. Front row, left to right: Marilyn Hall, Karen Baughman, Nancy Miller, Susie Michael, Patty Weyant, Jean Stoltz, Mary J. Shockney, Sharon McCullough, Carolyn Trittschuh, Diane Turner, Judy Campbell, Second row: Emelia Macias, Pearl Wagner, Kay Michael Pam Sink, Mary Gibson, Peggy Bey, Barbara Sheets, Cynthia Neff, Sharon Mayo, Beverly Goewert, Cheryl Campbell, Mr. Bateman. Third row: Charles Baughman, Stanley Duncan, Mike Whittington, Roger Grubb, Kenny Blackburn, Kent Sanders, Bobby Anderson, Jimmy Poling, Rickey Delk, Marvin Peters, Walter Stewart, David Staver, Eddie Besecker, Dick Birt. FJIFTH GRADE Front row, left to right: Diane Moorman, Margaret Neff, Judy Rhoades, Donna Peters, Becky Shiverdecker, Diane Dynes, Christine Thomas, Carolyn Baker, Jean Snyder, Joan Homan, Sherry Bigham, Janet Bryson, Second row: Scott Bingham, Maurice Bain, Tim Barga, John Widener, Harold Metzcar, Kenny Alexander, Allen Sanders, Dick Holdeman, Walter Young, Marvin Howard, Jimmy Shumaker, Bud Wilson. Third row: David Muhlenkamp, Eddie Ault, Jerry Singer, Tommy Brewer, Freddy McEldowney, Carson Cheek, Marie Woodman, Diane Harman, Kay Taylor, George Baughman, Alan Deubner, John Klipstine, Roger Osterloh, Douglas Dickey, Mrs. Burns. Absent: David Paris, Front row, left to right: Sharon Brown, Eddie Robison, John Billenstein, Nelson Rismiller, John Schlimmer, Elden Hartzell, George Stammen, Dale Baird, Don Hoschouer, Bobby Birt, Dick Nisonger. Second row: Mrs, Weisenborn, Carolyn McGlinch, Janet Birt, Lana Hittle, Betty Lou Price, June Snyder, Sharon Bickel, Janet Smith, Marie Thwaits, Sue Hatfield, Irene Sanders, Barbara Carter, Third row: Roger Schlecty, Ricky Jones, Michael. Brandt, David Boerger, John Kissinger, K CW? if Z2 'V A ., - ameri , CQLV 2-ag, . 414' .2 g ' ,Q In Billy Gibson, Charlene Steed, Diane Delk, Larry Rhoades, Larry Bingham, Scott Jones, Dennis Gibson, Dale Goins, David Thornhill, Greg Whittington, Absent: Jimmie Husted. FOURTFHI GRADV' Front row, left to right: Carol Henderson, Dolores Peters, Judy Striegel, Ruby Trittschuh Barbara Billenstein, Jacqueline Warren, Linda Doyle, Edna May Stover, Carol Kissinger, Judith Bryson, Second row: Linda Moody, Gary Jenkinson, Jack Bingham, Terry Birt, Albert Duncan, Eugene Midlam, Thomas Liette, Keith Cottrell, Mary Jane Borger, Mrs. Birt, Third row: Dennis Poffenbarger, Larry Mendenhall, Jack Sanders, Steven Peters, Ronald Johns, Fred Gowert, Charles Broering, Donald Mootman, Jack Brumbaugh, Herbert Hoening. Absent: Gene Rieman. Front row, left to right: Gail McKnight, Larry Twaits, John Sink, Leuis Macias, -, Pat Barga, Philip Replogle, Carol Heiser, George Garbig. Second row: Sara i Miller, Susan Walls, Ona Maxwell, Gayle Schlecty, Paula Muhlenkamp, Gloria Kgs: Carter, Starr Baltes, Ruth Hall, Jane Pepple, Diane Boerger, Mrs, Walters, U ,Y Third row: Gary Wills, Doyle Woodman, Ronnie Thompson, Larry Singer, k .Whig Norman Dickey, Jerome Rosenbeck, Don Byrum, Gary Bonifield, Sam Wilker. J Absent: Bob Baker lFU7URTHa GRAD' First row, left to right: Carrie Mae Stover, Diana Dickey, Karen Miller, Terry Hall, Ronnie Moody, John Stover, john Peters, Janey Hatfield, Edwina Lambert, Carol Bowman, Cheryl Snyder. Second row: Dwaine Birt, Philip Peck, Sondra Shiverdecker, Margery Barga, Pat Nunley, Inez Brown, Patty Rhynargl, Jimmy Hunt, Jimmy Lewis, Rickie Partin. Third row: Mitchell Wiley, Steve Shaw, Jack Henkaline, Park Sabroff, Donnie Brandt, Steve Miller, Mike Shade, Nick Cox, Otis Stewart, Mrs. Woodbury. Absent: Pauline Elorger. li1llAEFMllE',NTARY EVENTS Halloween Parade Mr. Gibson's Class agua, 'Q-3 ' s Third Grade Goblins - I THHRD GRAD , Front row, left to right: Sharon Staver, Shirley Ditty, Elaine Hartzell, Drema Robison, Susan Esser, Linda Goewert, Wanda Duncan, Beverly Moody, Sandra Rowland, Carlyn Van De Pitte, Second row: Kenneth Stoltz, Ronald Emrich, John Marshall, David Lies, James Bain, Garold Rismiller, Harold Rismiller, Wayne Adams, Larry Bryson, Third row: Michael Doyle, Ronnie Bickel, Kenneth Henkaline, Charles Hines, Rickie Bickel, Edward Weyant, Charles Wilson, Samuel Stiles, Richard Hufford. Absent: Jerry Rieman, Carol Drake. Front row, left to right: Jack Edwards, Bobby Campbell, Tim Holderman, Randy Wagner Bobby Joe Wilker, Thurman Grubb, Stanley Richard, Kenneth Borger, Second row: Dixie Barga, Becky Blackburn, Darlene Drake, Carol Neff, Sandra Partin, Patty Metzgar, Bonnie: Kelch, Mary Jane Rosenbeck, Becky Gibson, David Morrow, Mrs. Schafer, Third row: Chris Bennett, Grable Cheek, Mike Sanders, Dick Liette, Lester Linebaugh, Galen Pearson, Bobble Brumbaugh, Ed Brown, Dane Whittington, Dennis Barga, Steve Richards, SECUN GRADE Front row, left to right: Barbara Young, Sue Bingham, Iaunita Paris, Mary Ann fm W W Weaver, Linda Carter, Cinda Gibson, Loi.s Boone, Doris Birt, Christine Shaw, ,Wf 4 Lynn Shiverdecker Debbie Bryson. Second row: Shelia Moorman, Gwendolyn 1 W - ,.',,W f Jack Laux, Joseph Subler, John Coppess, Reynaldo Macias. Third row: William , , Brown, Michael Follrod, Douglas King, Joseph Turner, Mark Miller, Arthur Price, Stephen Fletcher, Steven Hall, John Baker, Terry Baltes, Mrs. Martin. 4 pw Absent: Gary Shiverdecker, Mary Kissinger, I , r Warren, Loretta Carter, Sandra Sanders, Timothy Thompson, Charles Lambert, A IW? f ff Front row, left to right: Christina Chancey, Joy Chrisman, Christine Van De Pitte, Leta Hines, Karen Waymire, Glenda Hodge, Jane Coppess, Kathy Hoening, Shirley Howe, Susan Nisonger, Vicky Turner, Second row: Vickie Hesson, Sandra Peck, Nicky Lee, David Ditty, Johnny Stammen, Ricky Wagner, Johnny Bain, Jimmy Hollo- peter, Steve Barga, Douglas Thomas. Third row: Tony Baker, Ronnie Reier, Clark Dynes, Larry Stump, Robert Kinnison, Larry Hall, Jimmy Brandon, Robert Metzcar, Joe Bertke, Herbert Maxwell, Walter Johns, Mrs. Puterbaugh. WRST GRADE swf . . 5, if al . ' Front row, left to right: Lana Sue Coppess, Suzanne Bey, Alice Mae Borger, Judy Staver, Pamela Heft, Katie Waymire, Jane Barga, Cinda Birt, Linda Howe, ,E Jean Ditty, Suzan Hoschouer, Second row: Barbara Bingham, Rose Marie Twaits, is- Linda Singleman, Rickie Lewis, David Bain, Ricky Campbell, John Rosenbeck, Jerry Hittle, Jimmy Weyant, Barbara Acker, Deborah Mayo, Sue Mendenhall. ,Q K ,, Third row: Stevie Blackburn, Steven Waymire, Tommy Billenstein, Rickie Gibson, Norbert Schlecty, Dennis Dickey. Michael Nunley, Ricky Henderson, Warren Johns, Steven Warren, Mrs. Halladay, Absent: Andy Brown, Gloria Harpest, Larry Duncan. 'A gs rx-,jr iri t Front row, left to right: Sharon Hesson, Barbara Metzcar, Joanne Christian, Jane Subler, Monica Shaw, Joyce Sanders, Janice Broering, Peggy Cheek, Linda Billenstein, Kathy Jones, Second row: Ronda Wagner, John Maxwell, John Turner, Lowell Dean Rhoades Jr, , Danny Moody, Jimmy Sink, Larry Henderson, Terry Ungericht, Dean Edwards, Susan Amspaugh, Third row: Duane Mclildowney, Mike Hatfield, Ricky Utz, Jimmy Heiser, David Black, Sonny Morrett, Roger Wagner, Fred Barga, Eddie Huff, John Kinnison, Terry Benge, Mrs, Corle, Absent: Cathy Jo Drake. ctiuities JUDY EMNWECUNWNG 1958 QNUREBEQ'SEifSBMDFQ Kf .JI UDY of ewan RUBERTA SUZANNE Q' 'W N' is Escort - DICK MAYO Queen - SHARON ERWIN QUEEN AND COURT Gary Middleton and Judy Brewer John Monnier and Suzanne Smith Roberta Riegle and John Westfall Judy Derr and Bob Hiestand Dick and Sharon f' 5 W V--E f Q. 'I S "S,.. ,,. an if mei N57 VARSJITY SHUW . . LLL', ' ZL: t ,-W', L-. ,L V,A.f. ,. W,U,. , t L. AL -V a..,,.....,.,.,,,. ntl. Front row, left to right: Jim Whittington, Jim Snyder, Melvin Brown, Don Beam, John Campbell, Joe Campbell, Second row: Joyce McCullough, Judy Lewis, Diana Shaw, Judy Derr, Julie Campbell, Car- olyn Brumbaugh, Shelba Edwards, Barbara Wilson, Pat Baughman, Carol Hopper, Judy Burnette, Joyce Beemer, Carol Hamilton, Jeanette Sheffer, Dick Neff, Mr. Hillman, Judy Brewer, Roberta Riegle, Su- zanne Smith, Nancy Steed, Phyllis Boyd, Linda Coppess, Jerilyn Young, Patsy Mayo, Ann Barga, Georgia Baughman, Kenny Partin, Louise Baily, Sharon Erwin, Myrna Hopper, Evelyn Baird, Martha Hair, Third row: Marjorie Byrum, Janet Hupe, Charles Prashun, Beth Sodders, Benton Oliver, Larry Coppess, Jane Anderson, Ronnie Mayo, Tony Walters, Dean Pond. Fourth row: John Burkett, Patty Shaw, Ruby Wor- thington. RNA, -.....,,-sn Zyxll pu Q-fav ai -NX F WN 'N ISK ffl! Qii r 1 19, .I gn .5 'fur rganizations X--Q' ig K ..-Q 2 , ,B 0 . 1 4. Front row, left to right: Evelyn Baird, Linda Coppess, Judy Liette, Karen Walters. Second row: Jane Baughman, Linda Garbig, Janet Young, Kay Beemer, Roger Stewart, Carol Hopper. Third row: Joyce McCullough, Jeri Young, Roberta Riegle, Kay Fletcher Judy Barga, Carol Barga, Martha Hair, Richard Lear, Diana Shaw, Julie Campbell. Fourth row: Scott Sheffer, Phyllis Eley, Nancy Steed, Rhonda Warrick, John Burkett, Jan Sheffer, Bob Woodbury. BAD This year the Band participated i.n the Bradford Pumpkin Show, gave shows at foot- ball games, played at the Ansonia, Rossburg, and Greenville Halloween Celebrations, sponsored the Christmas Supper and Dance, and participated in the Miami Valley Band Festival, The Band Boosters have sponsored many money-making projects to buy new uniforms and to help buy more musical instruments. One of their outstanding projects was a smorgasbord, which was held at the Ansonia School in January. Front row, left to right: Beverly Rose, Charlene Sheffer, Kay Hosapple, Marilyn Baird. Second row: Paul Trittschuh, David Prasuhn, Wanda Birt, Roger Oliver, Diane Snyder Don Blume, Patsy Mayo, Carol Gilbert, Sandy Lambert, Beth Sodders. Third row: Barbara Wright, Brenda Taylor, Judy Henderson, Benton Oliver, Rowena Sheffer, Ann Beemer, Susan Barga, Suzanne Smith, Sue Fullrod, Marjorie Byrum, Janet Hupe, Charles Prasuhn. Fourth row: Mary Brandt, Connie Sodders, Mr, Hutchens. FIBANHD CN President - - - Vice President - - SUZANNE SMITH - ROBERTA RIEGLE Secretary - - - - - IERILYN YOUNG Treasurer - - ---- PATSY MAYO Reporter - - JOYCE MCCULLOUGH B lil if ll N N lil R IB A N Ill Front row, left to right: Larry Bigham, Dale Baird, Diane Dines, Sherry Bigham, Diane Harmon, Diane Moorman, Dennis Gibson. Second row: Mr. Hutchens, Eddie Ault, John Kissinger, David Muhlenkamp, George Baughman, Donna Shade, Sharon Brown, Tom Brewer. ,U 'L' N fl D R lily A N U Front row, left to right: Pam Bell, Joan Hoening, Carol Shade, Sharon McCullough, Larry Carter, Sharon Mayo. Second row: Susan Burnette, Carolyn Trittschuh, Doris Skillman, Ethel Taylor, Gary Broering, Walter Steward, Charles Baughman, Kent San- ders, Don Thornhill. Third row: Jackie Bigham, Janet Pearson, Cheryl Campbell, Darla Riegle, Sharon Shiverdecker, Nancy Miller, Delores Partin, Donna Rhynard, Karen Baughman, John Herron, Jerry Derr, Lester Trittschuh, Wayne Harbison. Fourth row: Jim Wick, Bobby Anderson, Mr. Hutchens, Karen Snyder. CHURTUS Front row, left to right: Elizabeth Cain, Connie Brumbaugh, Phyllis Hartzell, Helen Brown, Patty Richards. Second row: Connie Blackburn, Barbara Boone, Mark Slyder, Eddie Besecker, Larry Peters, Lester Clawson, Gertie Osterloh, Barbara Weyant, Phyllis Weyant. Third row: Bob Curtis, Jim Chrisman, Thelma Prasuhn, Jack Smith, Arlene Carter, Robin Ault, Jack Riegle. SCIUENCE CLUB Front row, left to right: Herb Brewer, Jim Snyder, Benton Oliver, Phyllis Robison, Lisa Norris. Second row: John Campbell, Wayne Gilbert, Dean Pond, Gary Hemmerich, Larry Baker, Mr. Burkett. Third row: Tom Gibbons, Orville Niekamp, Jim Meade, Rocky Warrick, Jim Miller, Tom McGee. lF'U'lF5LF'Rll5', llsflUNlfE1Ml AKERS UF AMERHCA Front row, left to right, Carol Hopper, Assistant Treasurer, Lisa Norris, Co-Parliamentarian, Ronda Warrick, Co-Parliamentarian, Marlene Rhoades, Second Vice President, Martha Hair, Third Vice President, Evelyn Baird, President, Sharon Erwin, First Vice President, Carol Gilbert, Assistant Treasurer, Marilyn Baird, Assistant Treasurer, Diana Shaw, Pianist, Mrs. Kuester, Ad- visor. Second row, Rita Gigandet, Assistant Treasurer, Shelba Edwards, Assistant Food Chairman, Lea Herron, Food Chairman, Barbara Detling, Assistant Treasurer, Sue Baker, Assistant Treasurer, Jan Sheffer, Song Leader, Nancy Steed. Treasurer, Mary Alice Poling, Reporter, Rosemary Mc- Eldowney, Assistant Reporter, Diana Snyder, Recreation Leader, Rowena Sheffer, Recreation Leader, Violet Hall, Secretary, Nancy Marker, Assistant and Corresponding Secretary, Violet Collins, Historian, Katie Baker, Assistant Historian. Front row, left to right: Shirley Robison, Carol Hopper, Patty Richards, Marcia Williams, Wanda Birt, Judy Henderson, Elizabeth Cain, Phyllis Hartzell. Second row: Mrs. Kuester, Miss Crom- ley, Jane Gigandet, Nancy Runner, Norma Boyd, Gertie Osterloh, Barbara Wilson, Ruth Oster- loh, Barbara Wright, Phyllis Runner, Connie Brumbaugh, Martha Billenstein, Judy Birt, Ann Beemer, Phyllis Weyant, Yvonne Snyder, Carol Gilbert, Marilyn Baird, Linda Garbig, Carolyn Rismiller. Third row, Martha Detling, Diana Shaw, Marlene Rhoades, Connie Edwards, Joan Delk, Arlene Carter, Sue Baker, Bea Johns, Diane Snyder, Sandy Lambert, Sharon Subler, Phyllis Eley, Thelma Prasuhn, Violet Hall, Violet Collins, Janet Gigandet, Sharon Erwin, Bar- bara Weyant, Shirley Monnin, Shelba Edwards, Nancy Steed, Ronda Warrick, Fourth row: Sharon Goffena, Nancy Marker, Violet Snyder, Phyllis Fullroth, Rita Gigandet, Mary Alice Poling, Rowena Sheffer, Jane Baughman, Joyce Robison, Betty Rowand, Martha Hair, Jeannette Sheffer, Helen Trittschuh, Barbara Detling, Ann Barga, Evelyn Baird, Rosemary McEldowney, Lisa Norris, Katie Baker, Lea Herron. FUTUREIZ lF'ARNUE,RS UF AXMERIICA First row: Keitn Schlechty, Paul Young, Junior Fullrod, Torn Nisonger, Bob Curtis, Wayne Bry- son, Rocky Warrick, Eldon Bruner, Charles Prasuhn, Ronnie Barga, Nelson Weaver, Bob Brandt, A1 Barga, Harold Pearson, Roger Curtis, Jerry Batten, Virgil Rismiller, Charlie McGlinch, Darrel Trittschuh. Second row: Mr. Beckley, Carl York, Anie Besecker, Tom Shepherd, Dave Runner, Joe Martin, Gary Boolman, Dick Rowland, Jerry Gilland, Gale York, Stanley Stammen, LeRoy Billenstein, Carl Baker, Mark Slyder, Johnny Moore. U F F ll C ERS 1957 F, F, A, SWEETHEART Q qs, 53' ' Sak 3 fs 537- af-' . Wit M, fav to fag Q , J C l Wig, " Q .H r .,,, ic, First row: Bob Brandt, Nelson Weaver, Rocky Warrick, Charles Prasuhn, Ronnie Barga, M Al Barga, Eldon Bruner. Second row: Harold Pearson, Jerry Batten, Stanley Stammen, i Paul Young, Wayne Bryson. PHYLLIS BANKSON '59 ---.i 7 I I ip., Q34 Mp. W sw -4' nv ' - f 1 . nfl 1. sl 4, tu, ,o,00s. ,.' In 1 , Ut Q i as, SPY' 5.x 'l 'u 0 ILATIIN ULUIPEJ LAETI LATINI The Latin Club is composed of fifty members, each having com- pleted at least one year of Latin. All of the Latin students are mem- bers of the Junior Classical League and are eligible to go to the Nation- al Junior Classical Latin Conven- tion held at Ohio State University each year, Some of the club activ- ities include picnics, Roman Ban- quet, and Latin Club plays. Their sponsor is Mr. Collins, Judy Brewer, President, Judy Derr, Vice Presidentg Wanda Eley, Sec- retary, Joan Whittington, Reporterg Gary Hemmerich, Sergeant-at-Arms, Judy Burnette, Treasurerp Herb Brewer, Sergeant-at-Arms, K D lb' WC ERS 'CSP' STUDENT CUUNJ-CTL First row: Judy Barga, Jim Herron, Joyce McCullough, Phyllis Bankson, Tom Williams Mr. Pond, Ted Trittschuh, Andy Barga, Bob Peters, Robin Ault, Judy Chrisman, Judy Brewer. STUDENT TEACHERS First row: Roberta Riegle, Mary Sheets, Judy Brewer, Nancy Runner, Glenna Howard. Second row: Carolyn Brumbaugh, Betty Rowand, Mr. Pond, Joyce Robison, Violet Collins, Norma Pitsenbarger. fhlefics i9 FUUTBALL 57 Front row, left to right: Kent Shade, Fred Short, Jim Herron, Tom Williams, Tyrone Wolters, Gary Hemmerich, Joe Young. Second row: Tom McGee, David Runner, Jerry Barga, Larry Baker, Dean Pond, Wayne Gilbert, Johnny Burkett, Leslie Brandon. Third row: Mr. Larimer, Dick Hecht, Leroy Robison, Tom Harmon, John Moore, Robin Ault, B0b CUIUS, D9-I1 Sullellbarger. Andy Barga, Ted Trittschuh, Mr. Beisner. H Head Assistant Coach Coach MR, LARIMER MR. BEISNER FOOTBALL VARSIITY D JIM WHITTINGTON TOM WILLIAMS EAN PON gk Senior Ri t Guard Senior Ri hr End . ARGA 'D an-etba g Selllor T Senior Qu Co-Captain Co-Captain 301:16 WAYNE GILBERT TOM MCGEE TYRONE WOLTERS Senior Guard Junior Tackle Junior Fullback cg JIM HERRON GARY HEMMERICH RIC-HA wP5"9'X ' Ri H If ' c S0 RD ROCXSZX wh E06 Junior ght a Junior enter p1,0moteLI:gC:T Hlf WN EOUTEALL CHEERLEADERS RSP' ANS BB G ERTIE OST UQ OH Q I ,Q My ACXLB JUDY BREWER gall ab JUD C0995 Y D'-'RR UQ RQ 0 ,MLWN G ST ,NEW Head Coach Assxstam Coach V 1 s G ER xgh Coac D NIE L px-STA Sumo: X-X N BHS DU P-NE NBR SESSU? '57 VARSHTY U58 Front row, left to right: Stanley Stammen, Jim Whittington, Dean Pond, Tom Williams, Gary Hemmer ich, Gary Young, Herb Brewer. Second row: Mr. Larimer, Ronnie Barga, Rocky Warrick, Jim Miller, Larry Walters, Ted Trittschuh, Gary Baker. For the Finest in Photography OSBORNE STUDIOS INC, 1521 Central Ave. , Middletown, Ohio TOM WILLIAMS Co-Captain DEAN POND C0-Captain Senior Guard Senior Forward GARY HEMMERICH STANLEY STAMMEN Junior Center Junior Forward HERB BREWER GARY YOUNG Junior Forward Junior Guard N NRSHTY7 Q hll-'LRH lh,eXDlERS JUDY BREWER SUZANNE SMITH ROBERTA RIEGLE .TULIE CAMPBELL 58 ss 58 '59 ALMA MAXTIIER All Hail to our high school, Our pride it will ever be. Our Ansonia High School, We'11 give thee our loyalty. Our sons and our daughters loyal forever to the High School we love so dear. We'l1 always defend and protect to the end Ansonia, Our Alma Mater, always. iii RESERVIE BASKETBALL 35 34 Front row, left to right: Jack Smith, Richard Hecht, Joe Young, Gary Burns, Mike Wright. Second row: Kent Shade, Benton Oliver, Charles Prasuhn, Gary Boolman, Dick Stump, Mr. Beisner. ANN BARGA '61 GERTIE OSTERLOH '61 BARBARA WILSON '61 SHARON SUBLER '61 R957 TRACK TEAM SCHUUL BOY IPATRUIL, I7 .4 3If'9's if 'li Q95 X ".., First row: Charles Sleppy, Chris Sanchez, Lester Trittschuh, Jerry Jones, Bill Hamilton. Se-:ond row: Wayne Bonifield, Dale Michael, John Batten, Kennan Leichty, Robert Ful lenkamp. I D ll? Hi ll C li? ST AX F F Left to right: Violet Collins, Connie Sodders, Mrs. Kester, Wanda Eley and Mr. Pond, Absent: Mike Wright. Q 9 5.955 0 Q . ww- . l'ts,l W iq? Q A . A . .- 5 fig v 'mf F T:-fAA 'Z I 1:-1'+' vm. 4 fKZ""",Z.!.'?' """'K img, S S WK Mr iff, , X X sf .. X ,A as ix 2 af MK y if .aw Xi .xw H SQHUUIL PERSUNNEIL E s Q 3 1 . a E . 5' X ,fl - Xxx L3 .K xg . Irene Bickel, Kathryn Steed, Helen Shiverdecker, Ethel Thomhill, Don Birt. CUSTODIANS S LIBRARIAN alms Bill Holdeman Ray Holdeman BUS DRIVERS Clara Longfellow Left to right: Raymond Marker, Joe Houpt, Jack Westfall, Eddie Miller, Harold Miller, Louis Walters, Gerald Ary, Bob Weaver, R. H. Riffle, Rodney Steed . ll9 CLASS P UJPHECY 68 I was awakened this moming by a loud blate from my clock-television. There be- fore my eyes was the world-famous sports commentator, Orville Niekamp. He was ex- citedly telling about last night's Ansonia Orangelegs baseball game. The starring pitcher was Dean Pond, who won the game for them by pitching his famous straight-curve balls. Another familiar name and face appeared before me. It was Ruth Stammen receiving a gold cup for her high jumping ability in the Olympics. After the sports review came Lea Herron's country music show featuring the nation's top two singers. Carolyn Brumbaugh sang her latest hit "I Took Her Out in a Canoe, She wouldn't Kiss Me, so I Paddled Her Back." Helen Trittschuh's hit was "When it Rains Banana Peelings I'll Come Slipping Back to You." I slipped out of bed and into my custom-made garments by Evelyn Baird, Incorpora- ted of San Francisco. Feeling hungry, I decided to go to Boyd's Breakfast Shop owned by Jim Boyd. I recognized the waitress who took my order, Yvonne Snyder. She informed me that the bacon they served was from one of David Ganger's all lean, no fat hogs which he raises. The eggs were from Jim Sullenbarger and Linda Birt's poultry farm. After finishing my breakfast, I got back into my 1968 Ford with Smith-O-Matic trans- mission sold to me by that super saleswoman, Suzanne Smith. She said power glide has gone out of style. I went to Sheffer and Fu1lenkamp's Beauty Salon. Jan suggested I dye my hair platinum blonde like hers, but Jeannie thought I would look better in her own creation of the space-age hair style. The girls are joint owners of the shop with Jerry Batten who creates unique and unbelievable hair styles. The next stop on my schedule was at the Citizen's Bank. I was greeted by Tom Williams who has advanced from class president to bank president in the last ten years. He told me Glenna Howard was the teller and Norma Pitsenbarger was the bookkeeper. Carol Hopper is Tom's indispensable private secretary. I decided to go shopping and as I proceeded to do so, I was astounded to see a bill- board telling of the Hell Driver's Show, starring Eugene Dohme. Eugene now does the bunny hop in a car. Some driverl But his car can always be repaired by Gerald Ken- worthy, his competent mechanic. I went into Hall's Clothing Shop, owned by Violet Hall. I was almost knocked over by a moving stack of clothes. When I stopped to inves- tigate, I found it was Mary Mendenhall carrying Carol Hamilton's latest order of clothes. Mary said Carol has made her first million and is fulfilling her ambition. As it was dinner time, I headed for an exclusive restaurant. It had recently been re- decorated by the widely known interior decorator, Violet Collins. Upon leaving the restaurant, I ran into another classmate, Judy Derr,who is the commercial teacher at my Alma Mater, Ansonia High School. She invited me to come to the open house for the new high school building this afternoon. I thanked her for the invitation and was on my way. As I entered the new high school, I was welcomed by Wayne Gilbert, the superinten- dent. As a favor to an old schoolmate, Wayne personally conducted my tour. One of the highlights was Martha Hair's Home Economics department. The School's secretary, Diana Shaw, called him to the telephone, so I continued my tour alone. As I went into the auditorium, I met Jim Whittington who is the head coach. He said his football, bas- ketball, baseball, and track teams are tops in the county leagues. Jim invited me to have refreshments with him in the cafeteria. The pastries were personally baked by Joyce Robison and Betty Rowand, head cooks of A,H, S. We were joined by Roberta Riegle. She is happily married and she introduced us to her first-grade triplets, John, Johnny, and Jonathan. After chatting with Roberta, I glanced at my watch sold to me by Roger Miller, who owns Mil1er's Jewelry Store, and decided I'd better hurry to the air- port to pick up my husband. 2, 7 In my haste I forgot to watch my speedometer, and when whizzing through a small town, I was stopped by the town marshal for speeding. It was none other than Jerry Barga He said that since it was my first offense, he would not make me appear before Judge Gibbons. I was thankful for that favor because Tom is known as a Stem and non-lenient official. After this delay, I finally arrived at the airport. I rushed to the reservation desk and inquired as to the time the airplane in question would arrive. Judy Brewer, reservationist, informed me I had one half hour to wait. On my way to the gate I passed the hangar. There, Larry Baker was checking Jim Snyder's jet and preparing it for the next record-setting trip around the universe. The plane landed and the first person to appear at the door was Judy Burnette, the stewardess. While scanning the crowd, I recognized another former classmate, Mary Sheets. Mary hurriedly told me that Lisa Norris was also an Army Nurse and was stationed in the Philippines. Mary is a special duty nurse and all her assignments are with high-ranking officers. I greeted my partner and suggested that welgo to Connie Sodder's Dairy Drip for a snack. After telling Connie of the classmates I'd seen today, she added Alfred Barga and I-larold Pearson to the list. Alfred now owns a modern dairy farm, and Harold owns the local feed and grain eleva- tor. She also told me that Mary Miller was Harold's general secretary. Heading homeward we passed Don Blume's experimental farm. Don's farm is under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Agriculture and they are helping him to promote his newly developed hybrids. They are soybeans without pods and com with- out husks. These are a great help to the farmer, because the grains are easier to harvest. After dinner my partner and I went to see Carol Delk's Model Home. She is married and is a successful homemaker. Joyce McCullough was there, also. She is married to Larry and as an additional career, she types for Shelba Edwards, who is manager of G. C. Murphy Company. I was informed that all of Carol's fumiture was designed by Carolyn Rismiller. Carolyn has practically reformed the fumiture industry with her startling and practical designs. I noticed the color scheme was very striking. Carol said that it was developed by Nancy Runner. I was very tired so we headed back home. I noticed that after my day's excursion, my gas tank was running low. As a final visit, I stopped at Sharon Erwin's filling station. She was closing for the night, but she filled my tank and I hurried home. Reaching my destination, I talked over the day's events with Dick, We decided that the members of the class of 1958 had fulfilled their desires and ambitions. Written for the class of '58 bb' , ' Evelyn Baird and Wanda Eley Xlxflllfg ACTIIVHTJIES BAIRD, EVELYN GAA 23 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 2,3,4, State Homemaker Degree 3, FHA State Convention Dele- gate 1,2, FHA State Pageant 23 Class Play 3,45 Girls' State Alternate 33 Miami Scholarship 1,2,33 Senior Scholarship 43 Annual, Literary Editor 43 Varsity Show 33 Band 1,2,3,4, Woodwind Ensemble 3, Clarinet Quartet 1,33 Science Club 1,22 Chorus 1. BAKER, LARRY EUGENE FFA 1,2,3, FFA Officer 13 Football l,2,3,4, Varsity "A" 2,3,4: Science Club 1,2,4Q FFA County Dairy Judging Team 2,3, FFA District Dairy Judging Con- test 3, FFA State Dairy Judging Contest 3. BARGA, ALFRED FFA 1,2,3,4, FFA Officer 2,3,4Q Class Play 43 Track 23 Football 1,31 Student Council 33 Miami Scholar- ship 23 Annual Staff 43 State Dairy Judging Team 2, 3.4, State General Livestock Judging Team 2, FFA Delegate to National Convention 3, Parliamentary Procedure Team 1,2,3,4. BARGA, JERRY FFA 1,23 Football 1,2,3,4, Varsity "A" 2,3,43 Track 23 Annual staff 4. BIRT, LINDA GAA 2,31 FHA 1,2, FHA Officer 23 Varsity Show 23 Science Club 1,23 Chorus 1,2. BLUME, DON FFA 1,2,3, FFA Officer 2,31 Class Play 43 Annual Staff 43 Band l,2,3,43 State FFA Convention Dele- gate 2, FFA County Dairy Judging l,2, FFA County General Livestock Judging 1,2. BREWER, JUDY GAA 2,3,4, GAA Officer 3, Latin Club 2,3,4, Latin Club Officer 3,45 Class Play 33 Girls' State 3g Chorus 1,25 Student Council 43 Football Cheerleader 3,4, Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3,4Q Miami Scholarship 23 Homecoming Attendant 43 Varsity Show 2,3,43 Crescendo Queen's Court 23 Band l,2,3, Dance Band 2,3, Band Officer 23 Varsity "A" 2,3,43 Science Club 1,23 Latin Club Play 3. BRUMBAUGH, CAROLYN GAA 2,3,4, GAA Officer 3,43 Varsity Show 2,3. BURNETTE, JUDITH GAA 2,3,43 FHA 13 Latin Club l,2,3,4, Latin Club Officer 43 Class Play 3,43 Miami Scholarship 1,2,33 Senior Scholarship Team 43 Annual Editor 4: Latin Club Play 33 Varsity Show 2,31 Band l,2,3,43 Amer- ican Legion Essay Awards 33 Science Club 1,23 Clari- net Quartet 1, Woodwind Ensemble 3, District Solo Contest 2. COLLINS, VIOLET GAA 2,3,4, GAA Officer 23 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Offi- cer 3,43 Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,23 Science Club 23 Annual Staff 4. DELK, CAROL GAA 43 FHA 43 Class Play 43 Prince of Peace 43 Greenville High School 1,2,3. Dm, JUDY GAA 33 FHA 13 Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club offi- cer 43 Student Council 3, Student Council Officer 33 Football Cheerleader 43 Miami Scholarship 13 Annual Staff 4g Homecoming Attendant 43 Latin Club Play 33 Varsity "A" 43 Class Play 4, EDWARDS, SHELBA GAA l,2,3, GAA Officer 3 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA offi cer 43 Varsity Show 2,3. ELEY, WANDA GAA 2,35 FHA 13 Latin Club 2,3,4, Latin Club offi- cer 43 Class Play 43 Chorus 1,23 Miami Scholarship 1,2,33 Annual Staff 43 Science Club 1,2. ERWIN, SHARON GAA 2,3, GAA Officer 33 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Offi- cer 3,4, Fl-IA State Convention Delegate 33 Class Play 43 Annual Staff 43 Varsity Show 2,33 Home- coming Queen 43 Crescendo Queen's Court 3. FULLENKAMP, JEANNETTE GAA 2,33 FHA 1,22 Class Play 4g Chorus 1,2,33 Annual staff 4. GIBBONS, TOM FFA 13 FFA Officer 13 Class Play 43 Track 2,43 Miami Scholarship 2,43 Senior Scholarship Team 43 Annual Staff 43 Science Club 1,2. GILBERT, WAYNE Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Football 3,43 Boys' State 3g Miami Scholarship 1,2,33 Senior Scholarship Team 43 Varsity "A" 43 Science Club 4. HAIR, MARTHA FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 2,3,4, State Homemaker Degree 33 Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Annual Staff 43 Band 1,2,3,43 Science Club 1,23 FHA State Convention Delegate 2. HALL, VIOLET GAA 2.3: FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 43 Class Play 43 Class Reporter 43 Chorus 1,23 Annual Staff 43 Sec- retary to Athletic Board of Control 4. HAMILTON, CAROL GAA 2,3, GAA Officer 33 FHA 1,2, FHA Officer 23 Class Play 3,43 Class Reporter 23 Annual, Assistant Business Manager 43 Chorus 1,23 Student Council 23 Varsity Show 2,33 Band 2. HERRON, LEA IRENE GAA 3g FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 3'4Q Class Play 43 Chorus 1,2,33 Science Club 1,2. HOPPER, CAROL ANN GAA 2,32 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 3,45 Class Play 43 Chorus 2,33 Varsity Show 2,35 Band 2,3,4. HOWARD, GLENNA GAA 2g FHA 1,23 Chorus 13 Miami Scholarship 3. KENWORTHY, GERALD FFA 1. McCULLOUGH, JOYCE FHA 1,2, FHA Officer 23 Chorus 13 Student Council 43 Miami Scholarship 1,23 Annual Staff 43 Band 1,2, 3,4, Band Officer 4, Clarinet Quartet 1,32 Science Club 13 State Quartet Contest 3. MENDENHALL, MARY GAA 23 FHA 1,25 Chorus 1,2,3. MILLER, MARY FHA 1,23 Chorus 1,2,3. MILLER, ROGER FFA 1,3,4, County General Judging Contest 33 Dis- trict General Judging Contest 3. BOYD, JIM Union City East Side 1,2,33 Cross Country 4. NIEKAMP, ORVILLE Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Miami Scholarship 33 Senior Scholarship Team 4. NORRIS, LISA GAA 3: FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 4g Latin Club 1, 2,3,43 Miami Scholarship 23 La tin Club Play 3. PEARSON , HAROLD FFA 1,2,3,4, FFA Officer 2,3, FFA County Dairy Judging Contest 2,3, FFA County General Livestock Judging Contest 2,3, FFA District Livestock Contest 2,3, FFA State Livestock Contest 3. PITSENBARGER, NORMA Versailles High School 1,2,3. POND, DEAN Latin Club 1,2,3,4: Class Play 3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Fovfball Basketball 1,2,a,4, Basketball Captain 4: Baseball 1,2,3,43 Class vice President 1. 56CIBtary-Treasurer 2: Chorus 1,25 Senior Scholar ship Team 43 Annual Staff 4: Varsity Show 3,43 Band 1,2,3, Dance Band 1,2,3, Varsity "A" 1,2,3,4: Science Club 23 Solo Contest 1,2, State Solo Con- test 2. RIEGLE, ROBERTA GAA 2,3, GAA Officer 2,32 FHA 1,2, FHA Officer 23 Class Play 33 Class Secretary 1, Vice President 2, Treasurer 3,43 Chorus 1,23 Football Cheerleader 3, Basketball Cheerleader 2,3,43 Homecoming Atten- dant 43 Varsity "A" 3,42 Band 1,2,3,4, Band Council 3, Band Officer 3,4Q Varsity Show 2,33 Science Club 13 Clarinet Quartet 3, State Quartet Contest 3. RISMLLLER, CAROLYN GAA 2,s,43 FHA 1,2,a,43 chorus 1,2,a,4. ROBISON, JOYCE GAA 33 FHA 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1,3,4. ROWAND, BETTY GAA 3g FHA 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1.3.4- RUNNER, NANCY FHA 1,2,a,43 chorus 1,3. SHAW, DIANA FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Officer 43 Latin Club 1,2,3,43 Class Play 43 Latin Club Play 33 Varsity Show 2,33 Band 2,3,4. SHEFFER, IEANNETTE GAA 2,3,4, GAA Officer 33 FHA 1,2,3,4, FHA Offi- cer 1,4, FHA State Chorus 43 Class Play 3,43 Chorus 1,21 Varsity Show 2,32 Band 3.4: Science Club 2. SHEETS, MARY GAA 2,33 FHA 1. SMITH, SUZANNE GAA 2,3, GAA Officer 33 FHA 1,2, FHA Officer 2g Class Play 3,4, Class Secretary 3,43 Chorus 1,23 Student Council 23 Football Cheerleader 3, Basket- ball Cheerleader 2,3,43 Annual Assistant Editor 43 Homecoming Attendant 43 Varsity Show 2,33 Band 1, 2, 3,4, Dance Band 3, Band Council 3, Band Officer 43 Majorette 1,2,3, Drum Major 43 American Legion Essay Award 23 Varsity "A" 3,41 Science Club 1,2. SNYDER, JAMES Football 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,43 Annual Staff 43 I Science Club 2,4, Science Club Officer 43 Class Play 33 FFA 1,23 Chorus 1,23 Miami Scholarship 2g Senior Scholarship Team 4. SNYDER, YVONNE FHA 1,2,3,4Q Chorus 1,2. SODDERS, CONNIE GAA 2,3, GAA Officer 33 Fl-IA 1,2, FHA Officer 23 Class Play 43 Chorus 1,23 Varsity Show 23 Band 3,43 American Legion Essay Award 23 Science Club 1. STAMMEN, RUTH GAA 2,3,43 FHA 1,2. SULLENBARGER, JAMES FFA 1,2,33 Class Play 33 Baseball 2,3. TRITTSCHUH, HELEN GAA 2,33 FHA 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2. WHITTINGTON, JIM FFA 1,2,3, FFA Officer 2, FFA Student Advisor 33 Class Play 3,43 Track 43 Football 1,2,3,4, Football Co-Captain 43 Basketball 2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Class President 1,2,3, Vice President 43 Student Council 1,2,3, Student Council Officer 33 Annual Advertising 43 Varsity Show 2,33 Band 1,22 Varsity "A" 2,3,4, Varsity "A" Officer 3.4: Science Club 3,43 FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team 1,2,3, County, District, and State Dairy and Livestock Judging Team 1,2,3, FFA National Convention 3. w1LL1AMs, Tom FFA 1,2, FFA Officer 23 Class Play 3,43 Track 1,2,3 43 Football 1,2,3,4, Football Co-Captain 43 Basket- ball 1,2,3,4, Basketball Captain 43 Class Secretary- Treasurer 1, Vice President 3, President 43 Student Council 2,4, Student Council Officer 43 Annual Business Manager 43 Varsity "A" 2,3,4, Varsity "A" Officer 2,3,43 Science Club 23 FFA Parliamentary Procedure Representative to Athletic Board of Con- trol 4. M SU N QAE Wkfffzfgfw FARM 5 Dawn, Ohio GROCERY D Groceries - Meats - Vegetables awn Fresh Eggs Ice Cream - Soft Drinks Polled Hereford Cattle Phone 737-M Ansonia, Ohio Phone 92 Ansonia, Ohio 2 f GODDEWEAR VCDIC-3 I ' rmfs BODY SHOP Phone 19-M SERVICE STORES 603 S. Broadway Greenville , Ohio Ansonia, Ohio Phone L18-1179 ANSCDN IA SEA! N COMPANY Grain - Feed - Coal - Fertilizer Farm Supplies - Grain Drying and Seed Cleaning Phone 18 Ansonia, Ohio CCDPPESS SUPER "E" MARKET Phone 34 Ansonia, Ohio Compliments of S'I'ARTZMAN'S DRUG STORE BELL'S RESTAURANT OSWALD'S GARAGE CHUCK'S BARBER SHOP Ansonia, Ohio QCDVA I. GARMENT CO. Manufacturers of Ladies' and Men's Burial Garments Ansonia, Ohio AGENCY Real Estate Insurance 9 emembev 12.5. cox Ph. 148 Main St, Ansonia, Ohio IV! IDDLETON KESCO PRODUCE PRODUCTS Buyers and Shippers of Poultry Ansonia, Ohio Phone 146 Janitor and Restaurant Supplies Phone LI 8-5735 Greenville, Ohio I-IEIE-ITA AVE FARM A i 9 A yr s hir e - f ' -1 Lf- A C attle 1 3'3" ' '1 4 ' A aivlf T 1 55: I Q5 3: VCE:- Custom Foliage Harvesting Ansonia, Ohio R.F.D. 1 Ph. 1727-M HERALD BAIRD AND FAMILY Compliments of A 8: N STORE MAID RITE SANDWICH SHOP STAN'S TRAILER SALES FRISCH'S BIG BOY Greenville, Ohio Compliments of O'NEAL'S RESTAURANT BATTEN'S ELECTRIC SERVICE Greenville, Ohio WOOTER'S DRUG STORE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Union City, Indiana LANAV CANDY CO. Greenville, Ohio SEE U wg!! YQ iff ag! mfg NAQVAYS SPORTING GOODS 323 Broadway LI 8-3245 Greenville, Ohio S cere F 1Serv1ce - Ci , " 054167 Zmfzafgfmz Oh A S Q Phone Z4 W f .3 GLADDEN C PAULINE G. xl -Q1 X I GECQGE L.. KLIPSTI NE Phone 88 Syv um , I --ggi ' UQ Q' MBLBQLQEJ 5?-, 5: ,.,, QU "R fj " - ga" ' ' ii - Q- 0 Y 1 ' 31 FEM! C ompliments of HECKERMAN'S DRESS 8: GIFT SHOP MARY'S BEAU TY SHOP KLIP AND KURL BEAUTY SHOP MI LADY BEAUTY SALON Ansonia, Ohio Compliments of MINTON'S SHOE SHOP Ansonia, Ohio NORB'S PLACE New Weston, Ohio Q XfQxx14'x5W '12 Shi 'G Zdbwmzaf INSURANCE CARL H, SHADE Ansonia, Ohio R, R, Phone 1739-M X45 lmao X131 mul PASTRIES WW GQEENVMLE BAKING CO. I Greenville, Ohio IVI I DDLE TCDN QIEGLE STOCK YARDS X Ansonia, Ohio New Madison, Ohio Phone 160 Night 2o4R or 141 Dealer in Arcady Feeds - Seeds Grain - Fertilizer - Coal Enarco Motor Oil and White Rose Gas Phone Greenville Li-'7-1321 Woodington, Ohio - -gxl EOUIPMINY f2?'1'EiflI'iL -, k ' Compliments of -141 L52 K Qiifgxgiw , I M N 'fy.fl.l ' Z CI: :In CQ? ug: 6 1 HARDWARE, INC. Ansonia, Ohio Phone 116 Compliments of 12211-2 E-. SEl2vuc:E MART: N . 'STATICINI JEWE I-'ERS Ansonia., Ohio Gre enville Union C ity Ohio Indiana 2 01 S, Main Phone 81 HWWKZ 660047755 New and Used Cars Since 1913 Rossburg, Ohio Telephone Z9 W 235554 Wagga f Compliments of Wwfzgnawb WWW! Phone LI 8-2910 GRAIN COMPANY Corner Third INC. and Broadway Rossburg and Yorkshire, Ohio Greenville, Ohio cr Phone 1 Phone 6 Compliments of Compliments of ZZWWMZQ DA12 KE cou IXITY DAILY ADVOCATE AUTO DEALERS' ASSOCIATION Darke County's Onl D '1 N Y my ewspaper Greenville, ohio Greenville, Ohio Compliments of We Kama? Www WMM Diamonds - Watches - Luggage C0mP15-ments of Jewelry - China - Silverware I I WW Uwigme JEWE L1-:Rs BAN K Member F.D,I,C, Greenville, Ohio Greenville, Ohio C ompliment S of QMMX M45 RQFQ-Do 1 Ansonia Compliments of Congratulations I , I to the Class of 1958 lZ6mf6 DEQPLES RADIO at TV K RCA-Victor, Philco, Motorola Phone 55FZ3 fRossburgD Phone LI 8-5068 New Weston, Ohio Greenville , Ohio Compliments of CITIQ-ENS BAN K POULTRY FARM 8: MILLING CO. Formulators of Feed Since 1920 Awarded First Prize in the State by the Farmers' Club of the: Cleveland Chamber of Commerce If CO Ansonia, Ohio C ompliment s of web Q t f ' KN 4 BEAUTY SHOP Phone 68 F Z0 Rossburg Phone 216-M Ansonia, Ohio R,R, 1 Ansonia, Ohio I WWW WMWMZ Trucking Fertilizer - Lime - Gravel - Dirt - Etc. Phone l52M Ansonia, Ohio i , 8 WZWMZQ MARATHON, NA I Distributor of Marathon Greenville' Ohio LLOYD TRITTSCHUH 4th Tfglfiiway Ansonia, Chi., Phone 700-W R.R, 1 More Farmers Use QD-Ve A D DEKALB HANSBARQEE K S CJ N Greenville, Ohio 533 South Broadway CCQN Z Cl-I IX Your Dealer, DAVE MCGEE LI 8-3174 Compliments of 746776625 NCBLE SEEVICE NA I L.l.EI2 MONUMENTS 8: MARKERS Ansonia, Ohio 123 N, Main Ph. 91-M Ansonia, Ohio An Sonia Ohio Phone 32-W DAIQY TVVI N DQIVE- IIN! Inv Rm nmbwng An- IAVL Muck rumlsulrwo QONWANW D rv EFI .- ff 5 'a N 3' -as 5 f? Pi Q., E 2 '1 if .1 as R S S- ii 3 5 fi if E ws if Pi ' 11. ii 2-. 2 .. ff 54 5: ur A ,s Y X 3 2 Q Q QA + F . , is ,, ---.m-mf---w.ww,q:s:: iQ2: 1.:gx,i"2s- .l2""":?'f'fi wi ""'PSw-'f -X 14 --.. '- Qs., . Q, ww.-...X . , , , , , M M , . "X"'N.,'-h,..,'A 1 ,. .. , V Q .fi4!m',W'fxf1m',mav1,,.-,,. ..-,,.,,.. Cum? ..,,, -.1 W ...B ,..,,,.,, A .. --..JX""':.'f,.,..... EMT' .N-f '- -Qfwr . '1 '-5, ,'-.-...i4- . .uw V .. RSI' 17 'f- -'iw - ., ' -X2 '- W, J if--A ,-f- Y, , ,F-:Pfam-f1f...v FL . : , x!Z,Ti ii' YL I gi V K Yiyk-I ir r RY - -M A -- ' f- -x- , - Y aff -2. 7 lx , YS'NX...'z.'x,., .1 - ,, .,

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Ansonia High School - Oracle Yearbook (Ansonia, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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