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:N-4 y X "uE'pis+ K X' -sf- ? Rx. :MPV gr Q w xx . ' ,lm .-1-1. 9 xg?-,il,k:,f:'.5QQk gg, J T -. f 'mr 'F' - A. " ' 21,1-ay '.,,, w?6'q,g-nas fr, ,, -Q : '- -.b U 4, Vi'-..e1g:,,:p , , ' gfg. , Q1V.j,f' K - V r , K, f1,'?,g,jf ' 1 1 4, Aux-L fm. 'a,a,ijf,gg N iii,-3 Q ng Jzflxga f f,,.w ..y!9'L fig , V . 1'2- f gf, 1 ', f ,. ,'2,!fgQ. .A ,- Mir, V' S Q' , 'W T fix".-.fA f .' if J V' V' , sf ' N QQ' fx . 5',f'?fJj ' rf 'QVZJ9 " A- if imvszfm ' M Q ,W 1 . - vi' " . ' PM . - ff? ' . V rl' A + r X J' ' ps Y' f3i'5f'.f"Yp"- K A ' .P .V . .wk-hi "Q ,ggi Mfwl. . - v-X ,n of I'g2.J"X,f3'ux ,g ' z 21- 15 , ' J 1. 4' 'V' , ' k a , . , ,, . . N - s 4 1 331, NV ,FHTN 'A . Y 1 K , . . I, . . . . I . . A 1 3 , 'L1'g'gf? ,wr 4 . ' 14 ' Q 1 - " K ' X I , .- V . l ..,, -N , 1 , , J . V .5 V a , , . ' in 1 ' . Q ing,,g.'fh A' f A V . , A -A . ' f rf i wwf si, . ' ,V v..x'5E3,::, , ' " ,55gg.5,3!jW,t h, N Y . . , . wi., "-5 VL T a f 1 :rf ' 'QSM 34 gg 5:55 ' , F f 1 - -4 , ' -Aw '. v f '- . ' Vi L Af 'Z ' ' M, . ' g I 1 Q ii r 'Q Q Y ,f . 'A " :Mex -, f , A -www: 4' 2,9 . x P3 R , efwffi 5:0 .' ' '- I-'E'-.iw . ' ' ' . I :'P+.Q.:Z':" ' .. ' if- 45 ,fab V. -V .r . ,X -5, ygidw, A , ' . -, . 13. ,Q sf . W ' w. g 5--V..-33.9 -4. va . . ' ,. Lwhdfw' N v . 'Q Q Q , 1",f,mj , ' V , ' ny., , r K ..- g .. V' . gg.-5' r ' . 1 X . V mf. ' ! ' ' Q .- v- ' A V 1 " 4. 3 ' .ff . L: ' Ry ' ! 1 , ,. ,K is F ' I . Mr .H , V, 1 V. i,.,., ., ' il'-M f , .fi , ff fl' ' 1 Y fiw, ' -' '7' . , Tim, 3, -' ' , Lzk vnx 4 , V ua K ' Y ! ' ,QVQNIZQJ h, A, - Aff, J. " , ' Z,'i"" . 1 A ,H I , 5 jx V 'Wa' . 1 .1 .193 ws. J rf :M Q 1 ,' ',,.P:l,Y'., ' - . f A Q N Q , X , , we ' 4 K' ,.', 1 ' R ' . , , Q S '11 X ' fl . -' .'i'11,f - , ya, , 5 . . , W- ,., .wif x, E , ,, 5, u 5:4 L , .HF . . "V - . ' rg, , , 'C Q V 1, 50,4 3 ' , V, EA' P -V . , 4 1 V f, , Q , 1 'ff ' 4 . to Y X A " --' y 2 .. ,E L H . ,, - a- A,. , vu., ' ' .1 ph?-if,,l"? . 'Qu gf? , , ,Q Q ,. M. .,!., ., . , V .-.52 X N,i,:,g?w 4 , 'V Q . g ., , ,is IA ,gm ,'L,x.n,,,, Wigs, 'nf , ,Q .g F, , C - H P K J , .. X gn. . ,.J. :I L . ,Lf .. ,- -, , , ..- 1, ., - 4: ' -Y , tp Jafar - 7- 1Qv'q'g1-ff-y f -H ,Lf 4: 4- - .U ,gr -. yu: A, fy , ,y , Q ,:l U-Ng, , 'A fitfi' He? 1 Ff'ffi?fJff'v k Mfw- ,-egQ:a:zf4aa?X. 9- ,M , V 4JMf,l,,,f-, - Y V, . , ,, ., . K , .,.. . ,t i , U ,. Y W, ,MN .I ,. 936' 'gf 2 A . ' . 1 ' I fc jeg? ,fm , m Y. .fa-,.. V ,. Q V. K V All H tpi:jgL',WQ'g3lm 'i qi", '41, ,.,xV:'."1'Qg,f2Xg': ll ' ' , +1 ,.- vj ,534 ' ,GQ . .93 W , ,WJ-w, ,rc it . .V TN. t Y-Z . X r , 573 . Qzifkvb ,f. :Q , ., P. X M., Q i,:.r went- 1?- -. -. -. K--.fv3,.,,1 h 55516 .? 5, l ,L L. 25,5-24.53 'rw v Zi' L v QQ! 5' 5 'f- -ai? 'fy gulf-If ' 'lf -Q., ' ' 'ww U ' .- gyms: A . W.: ,Wk 5 ,fbi 4, -11 , f ff W .1 MA- , " '-jul' Qgpffw kr' '51 1 x .- ., -- sin' G lb .- v 1 Q., -, 7' EK.. 1 A r. 5. V -. . " ,- -- 'v"'.-afL- ,: ' I 5'?,3' 1.m-- r -vu ' .-1. -','f .. ,f , ni in " 'ffl - ,fm 1 V. 94" GV ' L -X-r , 'F + , , . ., W . -X r wx.-, S 4 , 5 1 . .1 " gg. . , . N V K , I 5, HU , 93? . 1- Q rg ,L 1 R r Q Q' .. A, Q22 'H 1" xx' ix g 'Q fi . x Q ' A f 3 1552152 W' 2 'rf .3 lv S ,Q A x 1 ft? .- -Q1 "5 .QA f QJIQVY 'L 1 , , '5"E'f'w', .5 A' gg.: , -i, ,4 ' Av, . ,,?k,.Q, I - A 1 Af A032 w ik v ,Wt 1 QL 4 , L a- ,. ka 'SJ ,.v,. it Qui. I.-EL-if' 4 ' .gt 33 I ' 1 F. M " if Q . Tk.. , 3 , :E su--fg ' 'Y M ' 1:nf..T4 ' . Y A, 4 r ' m w ' 7' - W: 4. , 3 1 , . 1 gi A , 1 Y 7 U . JSR' KVI", , , s. - M ,,,w . K ,,-L -A,-f , 4x r : i 'Q t A Eff ', W I luv, Q .il-.Ma , , .' y , M. V ffl ,V Wim WAI. A V Qw-,: ,A 'g 2 N wi nf, .ff I, f. q' ig:-11."5f,',t , .1"'-.x-.r1f'ieg- iw, wi- .,4'-.j,1'-1,91 Z4.5f'fi,,5ff ' We Ki+'5w'g:g'4.45,1Amar, if: - f- L N'-1 2 .Ts ' f". ,,,,1 . ff: if W. ,1.-W-M -' ff: 'Y U-V. ,, 3 ' I Y 1 fry, I I . , A V Y fx- ,n.'ry'., Q tv a , U16 O ack' 1954 VOLUME XXXIII Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS of the ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL Ansonia, Ohio Editor, CONNIE L. WENTWORTH Advisor, MARIORIE K, KEMP Dedimlivn We, the class of 1954, wish to dedicate this volume of "The Oracle" to Mr Dwight S. Salzman and Mr. John T. Lucasin appreciation of their leadership To Mr. Salzman: For his helpful suggestions and his understanding views of the students' problems. To Mr. Lucas: For the advice and assistance which he has given to the Senior Class. SCHOOL BUILDING MRS. MAXINE GILBERT Secretary to Superintendent uperinfmdcuf WELCOME BURNS, Elementary Principal Kvard af Sdumfirw Left to right: Willis Pond, Superintendentg Byron Cox, Clerkg Don Huddle, Charles Stemley, Presidentg Loris Grote, Gerald Harbison, Harold Slyder, Past Presidentg Harry Prasuhn, Vice President. Principal 's DWIGHT SALZMAN, High School Principal g Nskszl n 5 Rr . MN ....,,,: Q . 'K-, K x BX' A .njkjdx-T , , I. - ,, . F K Q ,sw .. ' X j x an -fa 323,18 fig A A A ..,. .. .N ,Y N Xe NSNS N? :wr x SLN W Eff FQ,-4.ff--it 'K 512' H -1-QQ-U ' -1- 'sf fm.. .S i Q Kg V Qi wx r ,L ' WF X X g . Qs, ww. ,X MRS. MARILYN ALBRECHT Physical Education and English B,S, , Ball State Teachers' College JOHN LUCAS Science and Mathematics B,S,, Ohio State University WILLIS POND History and Introductory Teaching A,B, , Wittenberg College M, A, , Ohio State University 'QWQ X E his WARREN COLLINS JAMES HOLZAPFEL Football and Basketball Drivers' Training and Physical Education B. S. , Miami University MRS. ANNA LANICH English and Latin A,B, , Asbury College History, Science, Mathematics B. S. , Indiana University M. A. , Indiana University HARRY HAGGERTY Music B, S, , University of Cincinnati Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Diploma .in Trumpet DWIGHT SALZMAN Science A,B,, Bluffton College M, A, , Ohio State University vs-if MRS. ALICE KUESTER Home Economics B. S, , Miami University Bishop Method of Clothing Certificate Family Financial Security Education Miami University HERBERT MYERS History and Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing A, B, , Wittenberg College M,S. , Ohio State University MRS. MARIORIE KEMP Business Education B. S. , Miami University ROBERT LEONHART Vocational Agriculture Ohio State University B, S, , Agriculture s..q .1 MRS. HELENETTA BOOMERSHINE Wittenberg College Defiance College Fourth Grade MRS. RUBY BURNS Ohio Northern University Fifth Grade MRS. VERA RANDALL University of Wooster Wittenberg College First Grade MRS. IESSIE CORLE Ohio Northern University First Grade MISS JOY ANN CORY Ball State First Grade '16- 3' 4 MRS. ENID PUTERBAUGH Manchester College x Wittenberg College Second Grade it MRS. RUTH MARTIN 1 B. S, , Miami University in A '-', Second Grade -t. :fi ' """'A MRS. ALICE SCHAFER . , Miami University ' Third Grade MRS. MIRIAM GRINDLE Ball State Third Grade 9 MRS, GRACE WHITTINGTON Miami University Fourth Grade vi! wr!" MRS. MABEL RENZ Ohio University Ohio Northern University Miami University Fifth Grade 9-J MR. ERNEST GIBSON Miami University Sixth Grade MR. WELCOME BURNS B, S, , Ohio Northern University Sixth Grade ' - x MR. 1.1. FAMBROUGH ' A B.S,, Middle Tenn. Teachers' College , 1 Miami University I A .aw . V34 -fs! -SY '-. Q gr X N N su R X xi? .V .. ,TY-Q.QlS" WW., ,.,...., wx: -S M "ASA LARRY BRETZ. fLarry Rayj Pet Peeve: English Ambition: Mechanic Hobby: Skating Weakness: Money Chorus 1, Basketball 1, 2, FFA Vice President 2, FFA-FHA Play 2, FFA 1,2, 3,4g Class Play 4: Annual Staff. DAVID CAMPBELL fFingersJ Pet Peeve: Hard top cars Ambition: Business Hobby: Girls Weakness: Skirts, Wow! FFA l,2,3,4, Class Play 3,4: FFA-FHA Play 2, Basketball 1: FFA Sentinel 2, FFA Reporter 3, 4: Annual Staff. 4 EDDIE ALEXANDER fSatchj Pet Peeve: Red Heads Ambition: Truck Driver Hobby: Tail-gaiting Weakness: Blondes Football 2, 3: Chorus 1: Annual Staff DON BOOMERSHINE fSlimJ Pet Peeve: Bleached Hair Ambition: Electrician Hobby: Stamp Collecting Weakness: Sports Track 3, 4, Football 4: Attended Troy H. S. 1, 2, Annual Staff. ARBA DELLA CHRISTIAN QArbiej Pet Peeve: Peroxide Hair Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Twirling Weakness: Don Class Play 3, FHA 1,25 Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1,2,4g Homecoming Attendant 4: Annual Staff. MARTHA CLAWSON QRedj Pet Peeve: Sewing Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Skipping school Weakness: Boys Class Play 4: FHA 1,2, 3,4g Annual Staff. Chorus 1 JACK CRUZE fCruzeJ Pct Pecvc: Women Ambition: Minister Hobby: Study Weakness: Food Attended Greenville 1, 2, 3: Chorus 4: Annual Staff. MARLENE DETLING fAuntyJ Pct Peeve: Band Ambition: C.P.A. Degree Hobby: "Ma Shoe's" Weakness: Argyle Socks GAA 1,2,3,4: FHA 1,2: Latin Club 2, 3,4: Band l,2,3,4: Orchestra 1: Class Play 3, 4: Class Treasurer 4: Chorus 1: Miami Scholarship Test 2: Senior Scholarship Test 4: FHA--FFA Play 2: Annual Business Manager. f .MX wr We JERRY GIBSON Uerry Genej Pet Pecve: Nosey People Ambition: Projectionist Hobby: Hunting Weakness: Ice cream FFA 1,2,3,4: FFA Secretary 3,4: Stage Manager 3, 4: Annual Staff. BILL GUTERMUTH fCoonJ Pct Peeve: School Ambition: Old Age Pension Hobby: Pool Weakness: Barbara FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Captain 4: Track 1: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Co-Captain 4: Miami Scholar- ship 2: Class Vice President 3: Class ROLLIE DETLING Pet Peeve: Nosey Teachers Ambition: Coach Hobby: Girls Weakness: Dates FFA l,2, 3,4: FFA Treasurer 3: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Junior High Basketball Coach 4: Junior High Sportsmanship Trophy 4: Senior Scholarship 4: Miami Scholarship 2: Track 1,'2, 3,4: Miami Track Relay 3,4: Springfield Track Re- lay 3,4: Football 1, 2, 3,4: Football Co- Captain 4: Class Secretary 3: Chorus 1: 2,4: Annual Staff. LAWRENCE ELSON fRafeJ Pet Peeve: Teachers Ambition: Truck Driver Hobby: Pool Weakness: Girls Chorus 1: Annual staff. NORBERT LACHAT QMortJ Pet Peeve: English Ambition: Pilot Hobby: Driving Weakness: Blue-eyed blondes Chorus lg Senior Scholarship 4, Band 1, t 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President 3, Stage Manager 3, Annual Staff. ,J JIM LAWRENCE Qkedj Pet Peeve: Teachers Ambition: Store Manager Hobby: Skating Weakness: Cars that won't run Football 2, Annual Staff. MAXINE HAMILTON fMacj Pet Peeve: Fresh Boys Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Sports Weakness: "Satch" GAA Point Chairman 3: GAA Social Chairman 4g FHA 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2, 4, Annual Staff. EARL HANNAN QSonnyj Pet Peeve: Cigar smokers Ambition: Truck Driver Hobby: Connie Weakness: Money Chorus lg Basketball Manager 1,2, Football Manager 2: Class Play 3,45 Class Treasurer 3: Miami Scholarship Test 2, 3g Senior Scholarship 4g Class Secretary 45 Annual Sales Manager. 1,-'Q' F 1 BOB LYME fLemonj Pet Peeve: Chevrolets Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Sports Weakness: Dates Band 1,2,3,4g FFA Vice President 3g FFA Treasurer 4g Chorus 1, Class Play 3,4g FHA-FFA Play 2g Agriculture Scholarship 45 Dance Band 3, 4: Annual Co-Editor. DOLORES MCELDOWNEY QDOIJ Pet Peeve: Washing dishes Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Reading books Weakness: Boys FHA Chorus lg Annual Staff. JIM MILLER fPierreQ Pet Peeve: Talkative Women Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Girls Weakness: Chocolate Pie Play Manager 4: Senior Scholarship Test 4: Annual Staff. JOANN MULLER Uoej Pet Peeve: Bossy People Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Boys Weakness: Clothes FHA 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1: GAA 1: Annual Staff. - .tg JACK RIEGLE QPokeJ Pet Peeve: Raisin Pie Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Fishing Weakness: Girls FFA 1,2: Annual Staff. KENNETH REPLOGLE fRepJ Pet Peeve: Wild Drivers Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Fixing cars Weakness: Girls Chorus 1: Band 1,2,3: FFA 1, 2, 3,4: FFA President 4: Class Play 4: FFA-FHA Play 2: Stage Manager 3: Miami Scholar- ship 1: Annual Staff. rx.,,,,4i We BARBARA MONTONEY fBabsJ Pet Peeve: Chewing gum Ambition: Telephone Operator Hobby: Photography Weakness: Clothes GAA President 3, 4: Class Secretary 2: Class Social Chairman 4: FHA 1,2, 4: Chorus 1,2: Class Play 3: GAA l,2, 3,4: Annual Staff. MARVIN PAULUS fRussJ Pet Peeve: Broken down Chevrolets Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Swimming Weakness: Girls Attended West Milton 1: Football 3: FFA 2, 3: Annual Staff. DARLENE S'I'EINER fDo1lyj Pet Peeve: "Hi1l-Billy" music Ambition: Music teacher Hobby: Music Weakness: Pennsylvania Dutchmen Attended Aristes, Pennsylvania 1, 2, Band 3,4, Class Reporter 3g Band Vice Chair- man 3, 4, Class Play 3, 4g Senior Scholar- ship Test 4, Miami Scholarship Test 35 Salutatoriang Athletic Board of Control, Secretary 3,4g Literary Editor of Annual staff. MARILYN SLYDER fBuckshotQ Pet Peeve: Certain FHA Teacher Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Cheerleading Weakness: Joyce Orchestra 1, FHA 1,25 Chorus 1,2,4g FHA Recreational leader 2, GAA Secretary 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Attendant 4g Class Vice President 45 Annual Staff. N' JIM RIFFLE fHarveyj Pet Peeve: Under Classmen Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Kay Weakness: White tires FFA 1,2, 3,43 FFA Officer 2, 3,4g FFA- FHA Play 2, Chorus 1, Class President 3, 4g Class Play 35 Baseball 4, Assistant FFA Sentinel lg Annual Staff. WAYNE SANDERS fFlopy Pet Peeve: Stuck-up girls Ambition: Pilot Hobby: Girls Weakness: Dates Band 1,2,3,4p Track 3,4g FFA 1,2, 3,4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Scholarship 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, 4g Annual Staff. , , RUBY SNYDER fRubJ Pet Peeve: Band Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Sleeping Weakness: Boys Band 2, 3, 4g FHA 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus lg Annual staff. BETTY STRAIT fBetj Pet Peeve: Bragging People Ambition: Housewife Hobby: "Shady Park" Weakness: John FHA 1,2, 3, Chorus 1,2g Annual Staff. MARGARET SWANK QMargiej Pet Peeve: Packards Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Photography Weakness: Ray FHA 1,2: Chorus 1, 2,4: Homecoming Attendant 4: Band 1,2, 3,4: Orchestra 1: Class Play 4: Annual Staff. TOM TRITTSCHUH fllloydj Pet Peeve: Television Commercials Ambition: Barber Hobby: Hunting and fishing. Weakness: Liver and onions Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Football Co-Captain 4: Baseball 2: Basketball Manager 1, 2: Chorus 1,2: Class Play 4: Student Coun- cil 4: Annual Staff. ski I MARY WAGGONER QMOJ Pet Peeve: Tight sweaters Ambition: Movie Star Hobby: Doing nothing Weakness: Rock Hudson Class President 2: Band 1, 2,3, 4: FHA 1, 2: GAA 1,2,3,4: Cheerleader 1, 3: Class Play 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2,4: Homecoming Queen 4: Orchestra 1: Miami Scholarship 1: Annual Staff, CONNIE WENTWORTH QSadiej Pet Peeve: Tight dungarees on boys Ambition: Model Hobby: Playing Piano Weakness: Clothes FFA-FHA Play 2: Band l,2,3,4: FHA 1, 2, 3,4: FHA President 3: State Home- maker Degree 3: GAA 1,2,3, 4: Class Play 3, 4: Senior Scholarship 4: Home- coming Attendant 4: Chorus 1, 2: Val- JIM WILLIAMS fwilliej Pet Peeve: Teachers Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Cars Weakness: Delores FFA 1,2, 3,4: FFA Sentinel 4: FFA-FHA Play 2: Stage Manager 4: Class Play 3: Annual Staff. edictorian 4: Annual Editor. 'Q Smivr 611155 Officers r 'L The Senror Class conststs of thrrty four mem bers The class has presented two successful plays both were duected by Mrs Anna Lanrch The class of 1954 has emoyed skatrng parties hayrrdes the annual Christmas parnes and other class acnvmes -vis-' nv' K' hm Rrffle President Earl Hannan Secretary Marilyn Slyder Vrce Presrdent Marlene Detlmg Treasurer 5 ' , Barbara Montoney-Social Chairman . , . . , 's 'an X xx in-9 .K l 'Q' LOIS BURKE IERRY CAMPBELL FRED CLINGENPEEL EUGENE ETZLER VIRGINIA GIBSON MARY GIGANDET, Reporter ROSE ANN GLEASON MARY HALL DON HOLDERMAN DEANNA HOLSAPPLE, Secretary MAXINE KENWORTHY DUANE KINNISON, Vice President E3 'Qt' f ,sh SHIRLEY BARGA CAROL BLACKBURN BETTY BOOMERSHINE IESSE BOONE RUTH BOONE DWIGHT BREWER HOMER BREWER BILL BRUMBAUGH I.. 0.- 'UQ' xl. G-J '3' MARLENE KNICK JANET LEEPER LARRY LEPHART SUSAN LIETTE 554',xj GARY MIDDLETON JIM RICHARDS 'A A CAROL RIEGLE f 4, BYRON ROLL 5 - YV , X, R . K" 1 x 'ini as -1-7 'CJ' Y3 MY RT LE ROW A ND .V Y Absent: FRED PRASUHN "" BEVERLY RHEJNHART ,S Q ' Jah PHJLLJP SCHLECHTY M . 'ff' JERRY SMJTH 1.3! '-ff BARBARA SJNK sUE ANN SINK 5, JT ANNOLA SNYDER , y DELORES TAYLOR A ,IQ Q-Q .122 MYRA JEAN VAN DE GRIFT , ,L CHARLENE WHITE 1. . "L, Q 1 :riww AJ.1 Li .REQ 7 4' -me I 1 -sv' --iv , "1 .1 LA KAY WHITTINGTON, President JOE WHITTINGTON, Treasurer kr NILA WILLIAMS ...Ay GENE YOUNG A!! Afff f f M if , 1 " 7' M, ff , , :NN ,, .,, '.'- T' if .Q- , Qqwf' . ,..,- .,l iW4g.,. , - M ff. ',q:.,'f.j' '41,-K M .jF..L . ,A M i-mfbj 3 -Q..-J, .- '+ 4 ' .fl ' ffl. 'Q nf! ,ffayqv .,, A v. ry .fx 'f , f 121412 ' " K' "L K: f gf .'1!f'1?..L W fv- rlqkyy 'F 1-sw ,. J, fg,-A -.N Nw' .4 ', 1. as-xv ,X . xt K xi J " f". 1' I ' -3 ,R .NY ' vw .3 ,,,, vi 5,40 if Q M .. Q, V4- Mi.-6.4 "' it , an JN!! n , pf Nf " . vv. M Q. w- ,'J-.,n- - ac' . Wg . V. 5 R A ri., -ffl .- m, x" 'if 'Sam ,,, .. ff, wig. . 9":'ss.. ag, . . ,j.g 'ef' 3 9. 1-an Ill'-nn-141 Dann ,i Q-I Z U asutet Andefso IYJYIB George Secrela k on. s . mean Ban warden' lean yoan Bafga Mah' Baflkson' B aughman eemex Thelma B n l ma Kenml BOS' Z Dames BOY n Phyllis Richard Bum Bt umb Wig Mike Campbell 6 Ptesidenr LY lack Coates Cothian GaIY H on nn Clap? vm TQ DickDa"e P J, A Margaret Glgandet Carol Grote Mary Hair .Terry Hall Tom Hall David Harbison Ed Harman Anita Henkaline Alden I-little Parry Hopper Linda Keaser rc-an Francis Dickey Beverly Edwards Irene Garbig r f 'W' P 2 R N ' Q . M ,Q ..,, S ... R Q, :jr e. X r , -1 .W " 4, f l 'A IC? .ag 1? x i X , X x 'X N I -sv L ' Kev! L '- . ..d. O rw' "' af Q -' rf Don Marshall Ioan Martino James McEldowney Mary McEldowney Mark McGee Jim Montoney Sharon Nowlin Herbert Osterloh Bill Pence Carol Peters Nancy Polley Barbara Replogle Ethel Rhotehamel Francis Rose Marilyn Sanders Absent: Richard Hartzell Barbara Dickensheets , .4 1 Y "CY L, My 4 h 3 QI Q Q hi MB! 5. Q, f in-N3 L- 1:---v Sandra Schlechty Gary Shepherd Larry Sink La Vern Stammen Neil Sremley Jack Striegle Max Subler Dick Tedder Richard Thobe Marjorie Thompson Ioan Townsend Iris Thwaits Charles Voigt Leona Walters Sue Whittington Edna Wilson Si K+ X Mi i f X 5 X A Y' 'K f xx 5 'S f 5 S N., 224646711 ,. ALJ -gr ., V ? 3 0 X 3 s . -ng, '-S 2 Wayne Detling, President Janet Erwin Charles Foster Owen Gilliland Jim Gleason Larry Goffena Barbara Hammond Marion Hannan Lynn Hartzell Jerry Hiestand Myrna Hopper Joe Huddle June Leeper Jim Leis Judy Lewis Connie Liette Kay Longfellow Dorothy Lyme Earl Mangen :R -:Ziff .rw X james A damS e Anderson lan hmm P any Bang Xd Be am Dona LartY Benner rsnxensfem ffainv Blackbum B Donna B' andon h W mine Bmmbaug rt Blifum as I 1 'U Robe .of Q L Ioe Campbeus Larrl! COPPGS Ruth COX d, Secfelafy r lanet CY aww lanlce Deana' 3 'll-O' L 'sv' Saw C' 'V' 'sl 1-wr 597 x'f ini is -.eq Betty Miller Eddie Miller Ellen Miller Richard Neff Dan Nisonger Mark Norris Sondra Nowlin Jeanette Osterloh Gary Pearson Wilma Pearson Charles Raypole Gene Riegle Mike Riegle Jane Riffle, Treasurer Ronnie Riffle Robert Arnspaugh Charles Davenport Dennis Stammen Janet Hartzell Lf Y-N! ' :3 Qs 'U-+ my 3 WJ 'Y Goethe Rodeheffer Q Q .Q Q -:Y -gg' ' P5 Barbara Rose Patty Shaw Bernie Sheets Patty Skillman Mary Steiner Betty Strait Naomi Stump Roberta Thomas Barbara Thwaits Jim Van De Grift, Connie Voigt Jerry Waggener Jerry Walters Tony Walters Retha Waymire Joyce Weaver Bill White Albert Widener Ruby Worthington funn Vn-.nn any Qi 0 5925 .sigma Grade EA i n Front row, left to right: Jim Whittington, Betty Thompson, Jerry Batga, Shelba Edwards, Donald Hittle, Carolyn Rismiller, Jim Snyder, Judy Brewer, Wayne Gilbert, Marsa Rheinhart, Alfred Barga, Ruth Stamen. Second row: Mary Mendenhall, Sharon Erwin, Suzanne Smith, Linda Birt, Velma Gibson, Vera Gibson, Carolyn Brumbaugh, Roberta Riegle, Peggy Richards, Carol Hopper, Alice Martino, Glenna Howard, Third row: Diana Shaw, Joan Hecht, Lea Herron, Yvonne Sny- der, Mary Evelyn Bryson, Joyce McCullough, Evelyn Baird, Judy Derr, Carol Hamilton, Nancy Pearson, Jeannette Sheffer, Marcella Clawson, Joan Miller, Mr. Myers, Teacher, Fourth row: Judy Burnette, James Smith, Jeannette Fullenkamp, Larry Baker, Danny Batten, Martha Hair, Tom Williams, Mary Alice Sheets, Dean Pond, Bobby Hecht, Lisa Norris. Fifth row: David Ganger, Jerry Batten, Larry Rose, Tom Gibbons, Teddy Barga, Harold Weyant, Bill Polley, Roger Sanders, Orville Neikamp. Don Blume, Jim Boyd, Harold Pearson. Absent: Lillian Hall, Willa Young, Connie Sodders. Class officers: Jim Whittington, Treas- ner, Nancy Pearson, President, Jean- lette Fulenkamp, Vice President, Tom- ny Williams, Secretary. g Seventh Qmde V M. Front row, left to right: Sharon Goffena, Katie Baker, Patsy Jones, Violet Snyder, Patricia Poff- enberger, Marilyn Schlimmer, Joyce Beemer, Patsy Mayo, Phyllis Robison, Phyllis Bankson, Bar- bara Davenport, Marlene Rhoades. Second row: Wayne Bryson, Eldon Bruner, Leon Howard, Ste- ven Sheperd, Ronnie Barga, Jimmie Baker, Thomas Sheperd, Gale York, Herbie Brewer, Ronnie Coates, John Burkett, Larry Walters, Third row: Phyllis Boyd, Jerilyn Young, Donna Adams, Gary Young, Nelson Weaver, Tuna Collett, Carol Homan, Linda Coppess, Julie Campbell, Jeanie Waggoner, Mr. Fambrough. Fourth row: Jim Meade, Eddie Widener, Elvin Davenport, Roger Curtis, Jimmie Heron, James Sanders, Ramond Macias, Tom McGee, Benton Oliver, Ed- die Cottrell, Ralph Boyd, Class officers: Gary Young, Secretary and Treasurer, Herbie Brewer, Vice President, Jerilyn Young, Presi- dentg Phyllis Bankson, Reporter, Since Phyllis Bankson moved to another school, Carol Homan has taken her position as reporter. ,, F af -u I J. ix ou' N T a. 7 ...4-5-3 qt ifzih Grade ,Q Front row, left to right: Anne Beemer, Janet Hupe, Nancy Marker, Janet Leis, Barbara Weyant, Joan Whittington, Sandra Lambert, Beverly Coates, Carolyn Hall, Sue Widener, Barbara Detling, Second row: Mr. Burns, Dickie Stump, Richard Hecht, Jerry Hesson, Charles Prasuhn, Leroy Billenstein, Lewis Reigle, John Sheets, Phillip Eikenberry, Michael Wright, Tom Harmon. Third row: Marjorie Byrum, Sue Baker, Gary Boolman, Gary Baker, Jack Smith, Donnie Bryson, Leslie Brandon, Larry Peters, Judy Pearson, Georgea Baughman, ,f ii 31 x K . vw 1 Front row, left to right: Marilyn Rose, Bobby Brandt, Martha Detling, Gary Burns, Joyce Adams, Junior Young, Martha Billenstein, Dick Rowland, Brenda Taylor, Jack Riegle, Second row: Mr. Gibson, Kay Coppess, Rita Gigandet, Jack Jones, Rosemary McEldowney, Mary Alice Poling, Karen Thomas, Geraldine Hayes, Ted Trittschuh, Ronnie Beisner. Third row: Jimmie Erwin, Andy Barga, Glenn Turner, Bobby Voigt, Alan McGlinch, Charles Swank, Shirley Robison, Pat- ty Richards, Absent: Beth Sodders, Mary Ann Hall, Phyllis Fullroth. Zzfih Grade Front row, left to right: Nancy Twaits, Joe Young, Norma Boyd, Jimmy Rue, Donna Martino, Jerry Gilliland, Carol Barga, Bobby Staver, Linda Garbig, Elizabeth Cain. Second row: Mrs. Burns, Ruth Osterloh, Daisy Hayse, Lester Clawson, Phyllis Weyant, Robin Ault, Wanda Birt, Mark Slyder, Marilyn Baird, Barbara Wright, Scott Sheffer, Third row: Leon Bey, Janet Gigan- det, Ronald Christian, Jane Baughman, Tex Cottrell, Connie Edwards, Tom Gleason, Sue Daven port, Connie Blackburn, Carl Baker, Front row, left to right: Rosalee Adams, Darrel Trittschuh, Suzanne Boyd, Bobby Curtis, Barbara Boone, Tom Nisonger, Judy Polley, Carl York, Sharon Subler, Ronald Turner. Second row: Bar- bara Wilson, Virgil Rismiller, Judy Ann Henderson, Wanda Smith, Junior Fullroth, Gertie Oster- loh, James Evans, Fred Short, Judy Birt, Keith Schlechty, Carol Gilbert, Third row: Mrs. Rentz, David Shook, Diana Snyder, Nickey Poeppelman, Marcia Williams, Marcella Hannan, Ann Barga, Arlene Carter, Rowena Sheffer, Larry Alexander, Jane Gigandet, Arthur Besecker. Qaurth Grade 4 First row, left to right: Linda Beisner, Carl McEldowney, Carolyn Birt, Roger Oliver, Sharon Barga, Michael Boyd, Rosella Stammen, Keith Howard, Janet Mendenhall. Second row: Kenneth Coates, Ruth Ann Billenstein, Mary Ann Brandt, Martina Macias, Barry McLear, Dan Sheets, Jean Gilliland, Joan Hoening, Donn Thornhill, Betty Adams. Third row: Mrs. Boomershine, Bon- nie Miller, Harold Hammond, Edna Metzcar, Earl Goewert, Robert Peters, Galen Eikenberry, Carolyn Weitemier, Ivan Christian, John Middleton. Absent: Thomas Lewis, First row, left to right: Bobby Sink, Linda Riffle, Dickey Sodders, Ethel Taylor, Gary Voke, Mary Alice Henning, John Edwards, Karen Walters, Dickey Campbell, Second row: Mrs, Whit- tington, Jimmy Burns, Kay Beemer, John Huddle, Sue Fullrod, Bobby Woodbury, Sharon Brewer Ronnie Deeter, Sherry Jenkinson, Kenny Erwin. Third row: Ronnie Twaits, Joyce Deubner, Bob- by Herron, Irene Stammen, Johnny Rismiller, Dean Marshall, Harry White, Jerry Thomas, Judy Barga, John Boyd. Absent: Barbara Campbell, Mary Lou Homan. yy, Chin! Grade v- f , First row, left to right: Wayne Bonifield, Darla Riegle, Janet Adams, Lenny Boyd, Barbara Rhoades, Carol Billenstein, Linny Phillips, Marilou Weyant, Johnny Batten, Kay Michael, Mary C. Martino. Second row: David Prasuhn, Barbara Keaser, Ronnie Smith, Dottie Baker, Larry Carter, Carol Pearson, Jim Alexander, Sharon Shiverdecker, Mike Barga, Donna Rhynard. Third row: Mrs, Schafer, Judy Hall, Kay Fletcher, Beverly Rose, Roger Stewart, Judy Rismiller, Mari- lyn Birt, Karen Bryson, Ronnie Boolman. First row, left to right: Eddie Besecker, Jacqueline Bigham, Charles Hall, Janet Pearson, Gary Brumbaugh, Karen Snyder, Raymond Smith, Marilyn Lyons, Ralph Boone. Second row: Jerry Henkaline, Connie Sheets, Janet Young, Clara Swank, Billy Hamilton, Marvin Wiley, Charlene Sheffer, Kay Holsapple, Phyllis Betts, Jenie Shook. Third row: Mrs. Grindle, Shirley Schlimmer, Sharon Widener, Larry McLear, Susan Barga, Dale Michael, Charles Sleppy, Marion Price, Doris Ann Skillman, Paul Ette Van De Pitte. Second Grade First row, left to right: Tommy Ross, Judy Rowland, Jimmy Poling, Frances Jean Stoltz, Charles Baughman, Patty Weyant, Raymond Widener, Janice Bryson, Keith Fullroth, Susan Burnette, Jimmy Hathaway, Susie Michael, Second row: Kelly McGlinch, Susan Barga, Mary Jane Shock- ney, Cheryl Campbell, Sharon Mayo, Larry Byrum, Barbara Sheets, Peggy Bey, Judy Thomas, Pamela Sink, John Herron, Beverly Goewert, Louise Bailey. Third row: Mrs. Puterbaugh, John Young, Nelson Rismiller, Ronnie Duncan, Diane Twaits, Bud Wilson, Jerry Rue, Kenny Black- burn, Marvin Peters, Diann Turner, Donnie Shook, Jean Eikenberry, Paul Rhynard, Mary Boyd, Chris Sanches. Absent: Dickie Birt, Cecil Hall. First row, left to right: Patrick Gleason, Judith Baker, Terry Pepple, Marilyn Hall, Judith Camp bell, Karen Baughman, Norman Weaver, Emelie Macias, David Staver, Nancy Adams, Larry Ellis, Jerry Ellis. Second row: Kent Sanders, Karen Williams, Stanley Duncan, Cynthia Neff, Steve Schlechty, Pamela Bell, Fred Brandt, Sandra Pearson, Gary Broerman, Judy Ann Wilker, Roger Osterloh, Mary Gibson, Ronald Widener, Carolyn Martin. Third row: Mrs. Martin, Wayne Harbison, Walter Stewart, Phillip Hammond, Nancy Hunt, Sharon McCullough, Marie Thwaits, Allen Sanders, Jerry Derr, Robert Anderson, Marilyn Gibson, Lucille Deeter, Annette Deeter, Michael Whittington, Scott Jones. Absent: Nancy Miller, Shirley Cheek. Hirst Grade PIX vo-Q., P First tow, left to right: John Schlimmer, Betty Lou Price, Otis Hayes, Sharon Brown, Jerry Sing- er, Margaret Neff, Albert Duncan, Janet Birt, John Widener, Sherry Bigham. Second- row: Mrs. Randall, Diane Dynes, David Thornhill, John Brumbaugh, Kenneth Alexander, Roger Schlechty, Larry Shirer, Larry Rhoades, Charles Broering, Carson Cheek, Third row: Charles Wilson, Irene Sanders, Mary Lee Swank, Gary Toops, Billy Gibson, John Klipstine, Eddie Ault, Ralph Hen- ning, Sharon Bickel, John Honian. Absent: Janet Bryson. ,I fu 1 First row, left to right: Dick Nisonger, Timothy Barga, Ronald Moody, Danny Eastridge, James Lewis, William Black, Dale Baird, Donald Hoschouer. Second row: Diane Kay Moorman, Con- nie Hale, Mike Brandt, Kay Taylor, David Muhlenkamp, Diane Delk, Charlene Steed, Donald Byrum, Third row: Miss Cory, Jimmy Dapore, Eddie Robison, April Whittington, Dennis Gibson Becky Shiverdecker, Janet Smith, Lana I-little. Absent: Tommy Brewer, i Ns sg is Recess s 9irs! Grade , -by-as Q N, gif if ,- Front row, left to right: Donna Peters, Douglas Dickey, Joan Floor, Otis Stewart, Karen Barga, Ronnie Lyme, Jean Snyder, Marvin Howard, Carolyn Baker, Bobby Birt, Jean Lyons. Second row: Jackie Sanders, Diane Harmon, Philip Thomas, Barbara Carter, George Baughman, Marie Woodman, David Boerger, June Snyder, Gene Rieman, Martha Jean Ross. Third row: Mrs. Corle, Jack I-lenkaline, Gregory Whittington, Alan Deubner, Larry Mendenhall, Harold Metz- car, Richard Holdeman, George Stannen, Freddy McE1downey, John Billenstein, Wa.. 4 :"' My - X 1 'Y :Q , f 1- J Y, 'A' M 'lf - ii x s Af M 'Ewa '51 J , r 3,-, V li i W 'iii 'V 'E' Nm Y ' 'EC ' A s w L Q' ' , ll i V' . fu ' . ' ' ,I K S. ,W - 5 V ,gm Q , '--g-.M M.. v L s- .yn , Sf' U 4.. , N - l -. 'V fix ew Gy -. -w ff W N.,-. s..,, Qs ' .Img -....- --.X M A Q K0 Q- 149 N :xx wr O 1l,:x , ,Q .1 1 E! . K ' Q if qi ' sr , ,K iw. ,.,iQ.. -,XHL .Ip I' 'E'-Q N-4, a 1 a J' , 1 Q ' as J " it '. V 6? Jw gr -vrq' fy Q E. me ' a i li " Q Q l Q J J Ja , ' A x ,Q A " Q, ss' " , . " Q lg D X ' Q , NH' if s s . if., Q. 5 ' W ll? Q J E 1 "Ii X W 'rl I 's 5 L. '4' , eu, 5 , Qing. ,gg ED it , V in a44i,,l.L, A ""aiq gill' .- i ggi .- X"'5,a 'l I K' I :mart Our 6flISS Plays NO BOYS ALLOWED A three-act comedy with the crashing of the girls' slumber party, Fred's kissing his cousin at the airport, and the capture of the intruder by mistake, created much action in our Junior Class Play, The cast included: Dave Campbell, Jim Williams, Jim Riffle, Marlene Detling, Arbadella Christian, Bob Lyme, Wayne Sanders, Earl Hannan, Barbara Montoney, Marilyn Slyder, Connie Wentworth, Mary Waggoner, Darlene Steiner, Ruby Snyder. The play was directed by Mrs, Lanich. NO FOOLIN ! After Joan Burton broke her engagement to Hal Merrick, she was found in the park with a stranger, and under the new Curfew Law it was imperative that they wed immediately, The stranger, at first suspected of being a criminal, was later revealed to be a famous playwright, The cast included: Connie Wentworth, Wayne Sanders, Darlene Steiner, Mary Waggoner, Larry Bretz, Marlene Detling, Martha Clawson, Kenneth Replogle, Margaret Swank, Tom Trittschuh, Dave Campbell, Marilyn Slyder, Earl l-lannan, Bob Lyme, The play was directed by Mrs, Lanich. lf flamccvmiug ,4 ifmdanis mow Qugen ARBADELL wp,R1Vm S A CHRIS , QW' - Qui wanw n url-g WWE. MARY WAGGONER MA RGARE T Sw AN TIAN P Hamtwming 1953 Queen, MARY WAGGONER Escort, ROGER SANDERS 3 t On October 16, 1953, Ansonia played its Fourth Annual Homecoming game with Minster. The half- time activities consisted of the crowning of the Home- coming Queen, and a ceremony honoring the Dads of the boys on the football squad. Mary Waggoner, whom the student body chose s for their Queen of 1953, was crowned by Rosella Christian, the 1952 Queen, This year's attendants were Arbadella Christian, Margaret Swank, Connie X Wentworth, and Marilyn Slyder. Following the game, the queen and her attend- ants ruled over rhe Homecoming Dance. "Stairway to the Stars" was the theme used in decorating the ""' gymnasium. C f 1 Q 1 .P Q - 1 3 K -l5z"'.a5 A 1 Q - ff. - .S -' W .ra L gg K A - . 2 Y Q, K Attendants and Sstorts I i ... .. nv' 'C Y - L L Left to right: Marilyn Slyder, Joyce Left to right: Don Brumbaugh, Arba- Swallow, Connie Wentworth, Earl della Christian, Herman Washington Hannan, Margaret Swank, . 411405 T .add 're A7i,.1. , r,,- Ltr'-.:,4-'gf Wil' 8 nd, On October 16, we celebrated our annual " Dads' Night," The fathers of the football squad wore numbers corresponding with their sons' uniform numbers, Left to right: Donn Smith, Leonard Williams, Raymond Holderman, Chauncey Detling, Dave McGee, Herb Roll, Otis Harmon, Lloyd Trittschuh, Roll Detling, A. R. Cothran, Maurice Van De Grift, W, V, Pond, J. T. Lucas. Honor fudmf +L Front row, left to right: Earl Hannan, Connie Wentworth, Darlene Steiner, Wayne Sanders. Second row: Rollie Detling, Mar- lene Detling, Jim Miller. Absent: Norbert 5 ry, ! V 'X I f -X .si'xS ' f Q "E, Nssxgu 'ik 'Si l so -f A X Exiles ' ff N X N These students represented the Ansonia High School in the State Scholarship Test held in Greenville in January. Lachat. Bob Lyme was chosen from Senior g if d,tA. S 9 ,L - Agriculture Students to represent A Ansonia High School in the State Agriculture Scholarship Test held in Greenville in January. Twenty students from Darke County parti- cipated in the test, Bob Lyme 1 x .7 me a fl, 1 fx ,I ' Hlmrus Y, First row: Darlene Steiner, Accornpanist, Judy Lewis, Janet Erwin, Myrna Hopper, Linda Keaser, Mary Mclildowney, Marjorie Thompson, Donna Brandon, Marilyn Sanders, Joan Townsend, Myra Jean Van De Grift, Accompanist, Second row: Irene Garbig, Sandy Schlechty, Mary Hair, Patty Shaw, Marilyn Slyder, Mary Waggoner, Mr. Haggerty, Music Director, Betty Strait, Jean Bank- son, Connie Liette, Nancy Polley, Joan Barga, Barbara Replogle, Mary Steiner, Third row: De- lores Boyd, Dorothy Lyme, Janet Crawford, Patty Skillman, Arbadella Christian, Thelma Beem- er, Sharon Nowlin, Janice Deeter, Patty Hopper, Jane Riffle, Roberta Thomas, Naomi Stump, Jane Anderson, Fourth rowg Iris Thwaits, Phyllis Brumbaugh, Leona Walters, Betty Miller, Bar- bara Rose, Jeanette Osterloh, Kay Billenstein, Sue Whittington, Barbara Hammond, Julie Leeper Anita llenkaline, Mary Bzrughman. I Ahsentg Maxine Hamilton, Margaret Swank, Barbara Dickensheets. First rowg Larry Sink, Gary Shepherd, Gary Middleton, Richard Burke, Jim Richards, Ronnie Mayo David Ganger, Ted Barga, Larry Rose, Jerry Batten, David Harbison. Second row: Dean Bankson, Eddie Harmon, Jim Montoney, Jay Kimmel, Richard Thobe, Francis Rose, Bill Pence, Jack Stricgel, Mike Campbell, Herbert Osterloh, Lynn Clapp, Third row: Bill Gutermuth, Joe Whit- tington, Wayne Sanders, Jesse Boone, Don Marshall, Byron Roll, Bill White, Dick Davenport, Richard Tedder, Mr, Haggerty, Music Director, Absent: Jack Cruze, Phil Schlechty, Jim Mc- Eldowney, Mark McGee, OFFICERS Hand Front row, left to right: Nancy Polley, Connie Wentworth, Sue Whittington, Mary Mc Eldowney, Thelma Beemer, Connie Voigt, Jane Anderson, Carol Peters, Margaret Swank, Second row: Carol Jean Grote, Sandy Schlechty, Mary Hair, Evelyn Baird, Nila Williams, Shirley Barga, Kay Whittington, Delores Taylor, Edna Wilson, Tony Walters, Suzanne Smith, Patty Hopper, Patty Skillman, George Anderson, Dean Pond. The concert and marching band consists of 65 mem- bers and is under the direction of H. C. Haggerty. Through the year the band prepared and presented many musical programs for the school and community. Some of the events consisted of parades, football and basketball shows, polio shows, fairs, public rallies, contests, festivals, spring concerts, and class plays. During the current school year, our band was awarded second place trophy for outstanding perform- ance at the Bradford Pumpkin Show--an event in which eighteen bands participated. Front row, left to right: Myra Jean Van De Grift, chairman, Darlene Steiner, vice chairman. Second row: Kay Whitting- ton, treasurer, Gary Middleton, reporter, Mary Baughman, secretary, Mr. Haggerty, director. Third row: Barbara Sink, Jerry Smith, Joyce McCullough, Judy Lewis, Judy Burnette, Patty Mayo, Donnie Blume, Larry Beisner, Billy Polley, Ronnie Mayo, Marilyn Sanders, Larry Coppess, Norbert Lachat, Lois Burke, Judy Brewer, Janet Hupe, Charles Prasuhn, Mary Baughman, Bob Lyme. Fourth row: Dee Holsapple, Phil Schlechty, Joan Barga Wayne Sanders. Fifth row: Darlene Steiner, Arbadella Christian, Susie Leitte, Myra Jean Van De Grift, Marlene Detling, Patty Shaw, Sharon Nowlin, Gary Middleton, Donna Brandon, Ruby Worthington, Jim Whittington, Mary Lou Steiner, Ruby Snyder, Mr. Haggerty. Absent: Marilyn Slyder. ,Majareffcs Left to right: Connie Voigt, Marilyn Slyder, Mary Waggoner, Arbadella Christian--drum majorette. Absent when picture was taken: Mary McE1downey and Thelma Beemer, Qulurc Homemak ers af ,Amcrim e Front row, left to right: Janet Crawford, Connie Wentworth, Myrna Hopper, Nancy Polley, Joan Barga, Irene Garbig, Sandy Schlechty, Marilyn Sanders, Linda Keaser, Janet Erwin, Barbara Montoney, Dolores McEldowney. Second row: Patty Baughman, Barbara Sink, Jean Bankson, Delores Boyd, Barbara Dickensheets, Dorothy Lyme, Kay Longfellow, Joan Townsend, Patty Hopper, Barbara Thwaits, Joan Mueller, Connie Liette, Third row: Judy Lewis, Myrtle Rowand, Lois Burke, Ethel Rhodehamel, Janet Leeper, Maxine Kenworthy, Rosanne Gleason, Carol Blackburn, Carol Riegle, Marlene Knick, Retha Waymire, Jane Riffle, Mrs. Kuester. Fourth row: Miss Roberts, Susie Liette, Dee Holsapple, Sondra Nowlin, Iris Thwaits, Phyllis Brumbaugh, Margaret Gigandet, Barbara Rose, Jeannette Osterloh, Kay Billenstein, June Leeper, Betty Miller. Fifth row: Mary Lou Steiner, Donna Brandon, Ruby Worthington, Mary Hair, Annola Snyder, Sue Sink, Maxine Hamilton, Martha Clawson, Ruby Snyder, Jan- ice Deeter. Sixth row: Mary McEldowney, Thelma Beemer, Carol Peters, Sharon Nowlin, Edna Wilson, Sue Whittington, Connie Voigt, Patty Shaw, Patty Skillman, Leona Walters, Wilma Pearson. Absent: Barbara Ham- mond, Marjorie Thompson, Barbara Replogle, Beverly Edwards, Joan Martino, Janet Hartzell, Maxine Black. OFFICERS Front row, left to right: Joan Barga, Secretary, Irene Garbig, Parlia- mentarian, Leona Walters, Second Vice President, Nancy Polley, First Vice President, Jean Bankson, Re- porter, Sandra Schlechty, Historian. Second row: Mary Hair, Award of Merit Chairman, Patty Hopper, Re- creational Leader, Lois Burke, Assistant Secretary, Mrs. Kuester, Advisor, Deanna Holsapple, County Secretary, Barbara Sink, President, p Maxine Kenworthy, Treasurer. il 1 L i 9ufure Zzrmcrs af America R Front row, left to right: Gary Cothran, Fred Prasuhn, Fred Clingenpeel, Joe Whittington, Bill Gutermuth Dwight Brewer, Rollie Detling, Byron Roll, Mr. Leonhart. Second row: Wayne Brumbaugh, Don Marshall Mike Riegle Ronnie Riffle, Tony Walters, Robert Byrum, Mark Norris, Benny Blackburn, Jim Van De Grift Joe Huddle Iim Leis. Third row: Larry Goffena, Lynn l-lartzell, Ronnie Mayo, Herbert Osterloh, Joyce Weaver David Harbison Francis Rose, Mike Campbell, Richard Burke, Jimmy Richards. Fourth row: George Anderson Dick Davenport Bill Brumbaugh, Larry Bretz, Bob Lyme, Jim Riffle, Kenny Replogle, Jerry Gibson, Wayne Sanders Charles Voigt, Richard Hartzell. OFFICERS Front row, left to right: Dave Campbell, Reporter, Kenny Replogle, President, Jim Williams, Sentinel. Second row: Jim Riffle, Vice President, Bob Lyme, Treasurer Absent: Jerry Gibson, Secretary, Mr. Leon- hart, Adviscx. Qirls ' ,4 fhlcfic V45-Wffiflf i014 Front row, left to right: Mrs. Albrecht, Carol Riegle, Linda Keaser, Maxine Hamilton, Barbara Montoney Mary Hall, Marlene Knick, Mary Gigandet. Second row: Marilyn Sanders, Mary Waggener, Jeannette Osterloh, Virginia Gibson, Nila Williams, Mary McEldowney, Joan Townsend, Kay Longfellow, Myrna Hopper. Third row: Patty Hopper, Lois Burke, Janet Leeper, Sharon Nowlin, Thelma Beemer, Marlene Detling, Connie Voigt. Absent: Marilyn Slyder, Connie Wentworth, Maxine Kenworthy, Marjorie Thompson, Beverly Edwards. s , y , IF XL, Q g A lqxiw Xvlm 1 J! X :V X 2 X 0 T , ly - sv ' , OFFICERS Front row, left to right: Mrs. Barbara Montoney, President, Albrecht, Advisor, Mary Hall, Secretary Second row: Marlene Knick, Treasurer, Maxine Hamilton, Social Chair mang Chairman. Mary Gigandet, Point latin 61116 Front row, left to right: Donna Brandon, Mary Lou Steiner, Irene Garbig, Betty Strait, Jane Anderson, Kay Whittington, Rosann Gleason, Ruth Boone. Second row: Naomi Stump, Roberta Thomas, Ellen Miller, Myra Jean Van De Grift, Carol Jean Grote, Leona Walters, Mrs. Lanich. Third row: Shirley Gibbons, Marlene Detling, Bernice Sheets, Mary Baughman, Anita Henkaline, Sue Whittington. Fourth row lack Striegle, Phil Schlechty, Duane Kinnison, Mark McGee. Absent: Neil Stemley. OFFICERS Left to right: Myra Jean Van De Grift, Presidentg Jane Anderson, Treasurer, Mark McGee, Vice Presi- dent, Leona Walters, Reporter, Sue Whittington, Sec- retary. alma! 15011 Patrol jr-'r .rv Navy The school boy panol, headed by Mr. Burns, has thirteen members. Front row, left to right: Gary Boolman, Tex Cottrell, Jack Jones, Iim Meade, Dick Rowland, Dickie Stump, Andy Barga, Second row: Bobby Voigt, Alan McGlinch, Gary Burns, Ted Trittschuh, Charles Swank, Jimmy Erwin. tudcnf 60lll'I6'ff The Student Council of Ansonia High School is a student body organized to promote schol arship, encourage the use of good manners, and promote school loyalty, Each six-weeks' period this organization publishes current school news in "Tiger Tales. " Front row, left to right: Marlene Knick, Kay Whitt- ington--president, Rollie Detling--vice president, Jean Bankson--secretary, Sue Whittington, Marca Rhinehart. Second row: Connie Liette, Nancy Pear- son, Mr. Pond, Sharon Nowlin, Judy Brewer. Third row: Dick Neff, Tom Trittschuh, Byron Roll, Jim Riffle, Wayne Detling. The class in Student Teaching, taught by Mr, Pond, consists of junior and senior girls interested in a teaching career, Each girl is assigned to a lower grade teacher for one period a day in or- der to observe and assist in an ac- tual classroom situation. indent Crashing ,, . rrfrfi X X Front row, left to right: Ruby Snyder, Darlene Steiner. Sec- ond row: Joan Muller, Myra Jean Van De Grift, Betty Strait, Dolores McEldowney, Marlene Detling, Marilyn Slyder. alma! sf Personnel A, it Y ,NB ,Vx , X h , ,xx 1 - , . X Tl f fm! Mx 2 Q 5 I Q E K L! 1 1 F' 1 7, X X XX X, .R X xy l r COOKS ke, DOIOWV 4 'E ' R - Ng N Q hi It 'verdec ' - fl I gf A - ht- WY Sm Smith ' 5 5 5 S If Lei' to Ugsodders, Veda Q - f li. .. VET . G 4 R Q ml ,gg .. vm. , X ,S . Q L F ,rr Q 4, W rw. S LIBRARIAN Clara Longfellow BUS DRIVERS Front row, left to right: Ray Marker, Taft Gibson, Eddie Miller, Ronald Riffle. Second row: John Lucas, Harry Skillman, Gerald Ary, Willie Holde- man, Paul Hufford, Roll Detling. CUSTODIAN Paul Alexander A569524 E'-'r-si Qaofball Squad X f insi Fw QQ Qifl W 1i2l W 31:1 M 1 any-pil :ruin runnin W iiiltll First row, left to right: Tom Harmon, Manager, Dwight Brewer, Rollie Detling, Eddie Alexander, Bill Gutermuth, Tom Trittschuh, Don Boomershine, Bill Brumbaugh, Jerry Smith, Ted Trittschuh, Manager, Second row: Mr. Holzapfel, Coach, Don Holderman, Jerry Campbell, Larry Lephart, Gene Young, Bryon Roll, Gary Cothran, Mark McGee, Bill Pence, Duane Kinnison, Third row: Dwight Roll, Jim Gleason, Larry Sink, David Harbison, Francis Rose, Francis Dickey, Jim Montoney, Lynn Clapp, Dean Bankson, Phil Schlechty. Fourth row: Wayne Detling, Kenny Bostleman, Donald Beam, Benny Blackburn, Jim Van De Grift, Wayne Brumbaugh, Dick Davenport, Eddie Harmon, Dick Neff. ki X ii' E gi j?"7':gvs y if ui- - ws- ,www '1 .rr ' f X - yn, C5 , X -1, . -, i nf, , mg ' .' L 1 '1 K Nm" fr L 'vs L . . , . . A - . Varsity Squad ,N-1 jr g ye , s : 2: Ea - SIE 5 . First row, left to right: Larry Lephart, Don Boomershine, Bill Gutermuth, Eddie Alex- ander, Rollie Detling, Tom Trittschuh, Bill Pence, Phil Schlechty, Second row: Gene Young, Dick Davenport, Ierry Campbell, Don Holderman, Gary Cothran, Bill Brum- baugh, Coach, Jim Holzapfel. Third row: Jim Montoney, Dwight Brewer, Jerry Smith, Byron Roll, Mack McGee, Eddie Harmon, .sr . . Fi x., ' V V , M W ". , 'Eiga , B W 2 V . . fi : ":.. ef aff? . F ""'i"- ,, ii , A . rt , f f " .Je -re .--i-as 1- 9 is 4' -' -'., Q- 'Q ws 1 "X , . This year there were four Seniors on the team. Each of these boys mf' played an outstanding game of foot- ball. Bill Gutermuth and Rollie Det- ling played the positions of half- back. Tom Trittschuh played the position of guard. Don Boomershine played on the team as an end. Tom, Bill, and Rollie alternated as cap- tains of the team throughout the football season. -s , -. A yddfbllff Wzcerlmdcrs nw- ips. S 1 ixx: '74 Left to right: Mary Gigandet, Virginia Gibson, Carol Riegle. CUFKS Hatha!! ,Ccifcrmeu ANSONIA OPPONENTS 13 65 Coldwater 19 27 Minster 0 33 Bradford 0 45 St. John 7 33 Versailles 18 25 Piqua Catholic 25 13 Greenville 13 21 West Alexandria Three players from the Ansonia Football Tcam qualified for the All Tri-County Team this year, namely, Rollie Detling-- left halfbackg Dwight Brewer--fullback, and Tom Trittschuh--right guard. Front row, left to right: Dwight Brewer, Tom Trittschuh, Bill Gutermuth, Rollie Detling, Don Boomershine. Second row: Eddie Harman, Jim Montoney, Bill Pence Don Holderman, Gene Young, Byron Roll, Jerry Smith, Francis Dickey. Third row: Gary Cothran, Mark McGee, Dick Daven- port, Jerry Campbell, as V Y Varsity 3 532-15,33 my www' quain- 'LI Front row, left to right: Rollie Detling, Wayne Sanders, Don Marshall, Bill Gutermuth, Homer Brewer, Gene Young, Second row: Mr. Holzapfel, Jim Montoney, Bill Pence, Fred Prasuhn, Dwight Brewer, Don Holdeman, Gary Middleton, Larry Rose, Manager. ANSONIA OPPONENTS 54 67 Arcanum 43 37 Versailles 65 48 Union City 72 61 Coldwater 50 63 Arcanum 57 70 Shawen Acres 61 80 Westmont 44 41 Union City 53 44 Versailles O Overtime ANSONIA OPPONENTS O 81 Minster 63 Franklin Monroe 62 New Paris 38 Gettsyburg 67 New Madison 61 Piqua Catholic 56 Jackson 46 Sidney H.A. 'If C""" pu- lieft to right: Dwight Brewer, forward, Rollie Detling, forward, Gene Young, guard, Wayne Sanders, for- ward, Don Holdeman, guard, Bill Gutermuth, forward, Homer Brewer, guard, Don Marshall, center. Front row, left to right: Ronnie Rifflc, Mike Riegle, Wayne Brumbaugh, Tony Walters, Benny Blackburn, Jim Van De Grift. Second row: Mike Campbell, Gary Middleton, Dick Davenport, Fred Prasulni, Bill Pence, lim Montoney, Third row: Jim Gleason, Manager, Kenny Bostleman, lay Kimmel, Francis Rose, Herbert Osterloh, Teddy Barga, Mr. Holz- aplel, Keserves Ghevrlcaders Lett to right: Myra Jean Van De Grift, Shirley Barga, Marilyn Slyder, Marilyn Sanders juuiar ff W1 Kaskefball Our "Starting five" players are on the front row, left to right: Dean Pond, Larry Rose, Danny Batten, Bill Polley, Tom Williams. Second row: Gene Young, Donnie Bloom, Johnny Burkett, Herb Brewer, Larry Walters, Jerry Batten, Rollie Detling. Third row: Jim Baker, Benton Oliver, Jim Smith, Tom McGee, Jim Whittington. Hffcerlcaders Left to right: Roberta Riegle, Judy Brewer, Velma Gibson. This year our Jr, High team, coached by two varsity players, Rollie Detling and Gene Young, won the trophy for show- ing the best sportsmanship in the tournament. :--,J Baseball Front row, left to right: Rollie Detling, Jim Riffle, Wayne Sanders, Tom Trittschuh, Earl Hannan, Don l-loldeman, Bill Gutermuth. Second row: Eddie Harmon, Jim Montoncy, Bill Pence, Jack Cruze, Dwight Brewer, Jerry Smith, Bill Brumbaugh, Mr Holzapfel. On Mr, Holzapfel's baseball team are seven lettermen returning from last year. The lettermen include three seniors: Rollie Detling, Wayne Sanders, and Bill Guterrnuthg three juniors: Don Holdeman, Bill Brumbaugh, and Dwight Brewer, one sophomore: Jim Montoney. Crack 3+ i -.Gu X Front row, left to right: Dwight Brewer, Byron Roll, Wayne Sanders, Don Boomer- shine, Don Marshall, Rollie Detling, Jerry Smith. Second row: Mr. Holzapfel, Kenny Bostleman, Fred Clingenpeel, Jerry Hall, Francis Rose, Jerry Campbell. '3 In the Christmas Basketball Tournament, played on December 29 and 30, Ansonia defeated Union City and Versailles to win the tournament, and the trophy. Our school was also presented with a traveling trophy. When a school has won the traveling trophy three times, it is then awarded the trophy permanently. Louise Carter was a mid-term grad- uate of Ansonia High School, She received her diploma at the end of the first semester. Miss Roberts, a Home Economics Major from Miami University, was sent here for student teaching during the first semester of this school year, E is . 4 i Z , Q If E s' -I 3" I ww' Xmu' Ikiratcr IPOIIIICI? Wim! kind ol snow 15 fi 'S :,X Y, J' tin x Am: Mm!! Thu ?L!U5,3I'S an you. Ywu mmm' xt! Sumgcs of thc' roaring UMR Vv'ff.'u um: vmzmm vimfi' I! Why ill-mr I , Simi x cur Surf!! Way Hlxlilnyl, SIVQCT! Guess Wlmi' Annual Staff A KS, Editor ------- Assistant Editor - - Business Manager - - Literary Editor - - - Advertising - - Annual Sales - - - Senior Activities - - - Student Photography Typists -------- Snapshots - - - Class Pictures - - Sports Editors - - - Activity Pictures - - - - - Eddie Alexander David Campbell Barbara Montoney Maxine Hamilton Martha Clawson CONNIE WENTWORTH --------BOBLYME MARLENE DETLING - - - - - - - - -DARLENE STEINER - - - - - -JIM RIFFLE, DON BOOMERSHINE - - -EARL HANNAN, ARBADELLA CHRISTIAN --------------MARILYNSLYDER - - KENNY REPLOGLE, ROLLIE DETLING - - - - MARY WAGGONER, JIM MILLER - - - -BETTY STRAIT, IOANN MULLER - - - JIM WILLIAMS, NOREERT LACHAT TOM TRITTSCHUH, BILL GUTERMUTH MARGARET SWANK, DoLoREs McELDowNEY STAFF ASSISTANTS Lawrence Elson Wayne Sanders Jerry Gibson Marvin Paulus lim Lawrence Ruby Snyder Jack Cruze Jack Riegele Larry Bretz Faculty Advisor - - - -Mrs. Marjorie Kemp x X A ,..-v-'f"' fAm,,.x A K .. ., Nw ff' m X ... x g UWNWX' K... ., ' . NL ., . K' . .2 i r' R 5 PW ,,,f' Q.,,""" , ff ,. qw " A Xf"" .. .. W .-ffl-'W' fg . ""'f N, . . 'M ' ,ff 4 f Q-"W "f ' ,M-W' ' wwf! A . ,mf ,..w" ,ww K - s- X x.,f'f'!n,,?Q N- ,,w" X ' Maw BREWER'S SERVICE K -L Motor tune-up en . . ng orvs Complete lubrication G Mobuon Products "' OCC F' Y T' - - B tt ' ues Tubes . a emes Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Accessories Radio Service Ice Cream - Soft Drinks Phone 91 Main and Canal Street Phone 92 Ansonia, Ohio Ansonia, Ohio SI N Compliments of N1ea+ lV1ar'ke-l- 6 dtdtzafi COLD STORAGE Phone 448 Af1S0f1i3-, Ohio Greenville, Ohio 744 - as CHEVROLET Phone 29W Rossburg, Ohio Compliments of CornP1iment5 Of fig-Je QW' MIDDLETON STOCKYARDS Gi..F+ Shoppe COPPESS MEAT MARKET TOWNE CLEANERS "Home of Better Gifts" Ansonia, Ohio Greenville , Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF THE mica ' -1i" P X s , ' f I 'lf' If I! E N? 'ix 'Rs xnxx! Z I f 'X lg Sf' I ls NN? ' Phone 88 GEORGE L. KLIPSTINE UNITED GRAIN COMPANY, INC. Grain - Seeds - Flour - Salt Coal - Fertilizer - Posts Fencing and Paint Elevators at Rossburg and Yorkshire Ohio Phone 1 Phone 6 le Cc. Cgrnplifnents Of Pontiac Cadillac Frank Gi r' her'+ 115417 West Main Street CALDERWOOD MOTOR SALES Phone 174 Greenville, Ohio TOBY'S DRIVE IN Greenville, Ohio When You Think of BUICK Think of Hami I-i-on B u ic: k Co. Greenville, Ohio Compliments of NEW WESTON GRAIN COMPANY BlRT'S GENERAL STORE New We ston, Ohio WARREN CHEVROLET Greenville , Ohio See Scinmicii' For a Better Deal in Furniture and Appliances Opposite the Fairgrounds Greenville, Ohio Developing Printing Enlarging iziuwer-141 S+ucfio Greenville , Ohio 42.4 afmimnia. Grain Company Grain - Feed - Coal Fertilizer - Farm Supplies Phone 18 Ansonia, Ohio mf' -sf I ,Z I3 E gf. .5 1 .::!1 'L v-1 :::' f" X, !931f Xxx 2 " X fx C , . , X ou re money 7 elfw INSURANCE AGENCY Ansonia, Ohio C omplime nts of REED'S TIRE AND GULF SERVICE SHRADER'S SERVICE STORE RAY HANSBARGER AND SON Greenville, Ohio yE5! See Us For All Your Heating and Plumbing Needs L. J. WHEELER AND SON Phone Z0 IR Ans onia, Ohio I i W Zfeykt ju x S ' ,I P o R N T 1 G N o M G o D S 32.3 Broadway Greenville, Ohio Phone 416 Compliments of Tl-ue. Greenville Dai ly Aclvoca-le Darke COU.nty'5 Only Daily Newspaper Greenville , Ohio MIDDLETON PRODUCE Buyers and Shippers of Poultry Ansonia, Ohio - Phone l46 BERRY SEED COMPANY Home of Gro-Coated Seeds Alfalfa - Clover Grasses - Feeds 107 West Main Street Phone 578 Greenville, Ohio Compliments of JEFFERIS TRAILER SALES Greenville, Ohio FRITZ E. MARTIN Greenville, Ohio Center Service - Phillips 66 Woodington, Ohio VANCE 2-- SON Elroy, Ohio Master Mix Feeds Grinding - Feed Grain Phone Ansonia 2F12 Union City 4140 The Q'Z?3zmr' Zami fab. Ans onia, Ohio BYRAMIS Compliments f GARAGE AND SERVICE O General Repairs Z Z9 Automobiles - Trucks - Tractors ? Z 4 Atlas Tires - Batteries Cooper Klipper Mowers -DP'-135 Route 71 Phone 2042's Ansonia, Ohio R. R. 4Greenville, Ohio Ask for DAIRY MAID Grade -A- Milk Products 2.00 East Third Street Greenville, Ohio 116:-14: Side. Ser-vice.. Ford Tractors Mobilgas Mobiloil Dearborn and New Holland and Farm Equipment Tires Batteries Sales - Service North Broadway GREENVILLE TRACTOR SALES Greenville, Ohio Phone 192 Phone 3ll Greenville, Ohio I U Compliments of T gaddaaaf Winfigka lb .fn it ,L G Insurance and Real Estate . O' Agency Q51 X1 J Phone 109M P Ansonia, Ohio FOURMAN'S Compliments of Complete Store , For D6lf'y Queen Men and Boys TEAFORD'S DAIRY STORE Phone 332 Corner, Third and Broadway Greenville, Ohio HOSEA BIRT AND SON Greenville, Ohio Quik Ziffeflu MONUMENTS AND MARKERS Ans onia, Ohio Established 1876 KESCC Janitor and Restaurant Supplies Phone 1504 Greenville, Ohio c 1' t f For omp imen s o Your Graduation Ped Watch Come To 73 Cf' 2 8 FTW ef' Y Union City, lndiana Grayls Je we fer-5' 601 South Broadway Greenville, Ohio Zettn Walesa WM. SHIFFLET AND soN N THE Ho1v1E sToRE Dry Goods - Groceries Shoes Phone 1 Ansonia, Ohio Compliments of PASTIME SKATING RINK BISH - PLUMBING AND HEATING MAIDRITE SANDWICH SHOP Greenville, Ohio Petroleum Products and Farm Supplies DARKE COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSN. , INC. Greenville Sater Street Phone 567 or 272 Versailles 5444-1 Castine Phone West Manchester 2.8FZO C omplime nts of CHUCK'S BARBER SHOP Ansonia, Ohio WOODINGT ON STORE Woodington, Ohio TOWNE C LEANERS Ansonia, Ohio QQWWZQ ,4 pr-o cl u ce Buyers and Packers of "Dawn Fresh Eggs" Breeders of Registered Polled He reford Cattle Phone - Ansonia 7F30 Dawn, Ohio H Riegef and Son Dealer in Arcady feeds - Seeds Grain - Fertilizer - Coal Enarco Motor Oils and White Rose Gas Phone Greenville ZOZOR Woodington, Ohio 3 64-z 7'20ll!k4 BAUGHMAN'S GARAGE Phone 81 Ansonia, Ohio wgfmiegafdwfaw SENIORS OF I954 LAMBERT INC ORP ORATE D Ans onia , Ohio Compliments of ROYAL GARMENT COMPANY HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Ansonia, Ohio GILBERT STEEL SALES Authorized Quomet Dealer Let Us Give You An Estimate No Obligation ALVIN GILBERT 8a SON Phone 20135, R.R. 5, Greenville, Ohio Zig, Candy Company Greenville , Ohio More Farmers Use 256 af! Chix and Corn Because They Like Them! Order Yours From DAVE MCGEE C omplime nts of RAPP 'S LUNCH Greenville , Ohio MINTON'S SHOE REPAIR Ansonia, Ohio SUNBEAM BAKERY Eldorado, Ohio ss Rvacej f I QCQQ D 6 IS OUR f y FIRST A THOUGHT ' FARMERS' EXCHANGE Fergus on-C ockshutt Farm Equipment Television and Appliances Owner, R. J. CAMPBELL C. J. PAULUS FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishers Furniture, Floor Coverings, and Appliances Phones 5332-1 - 5333-1 Versailles, Ohio Compliments of WRIGHT 'S GROCERY HECKERMAN 'S DRESS AND GIFT SHOP Ansonia, Ohio MARSHALL'S MOTOR INN AND SONS Junction 127-47 Phone 164 Dawn. Ohio Ansonia, Ohio +55 S51- . Compliments to the Class of 1954 '94 R gxf'-V .Tj.i. Hardware Phone 1 16 Ansonia, Ohio K . 'P There were times we thought we wou1dn't, But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. THERE IT IS ---- WE HOPE YOU LIKED IT I I l THE STAFF -4 74qla--wa Y Tum! Ynnaonx Cow ll Ft, , vw w . hymns . ,,, K , f. my ,.: '.q"-2 UQ Qu . . "ff: . H "NVQ .-.1. .ii-154 95511 ' ' . i f ,. ' '9'Q 15- V t --Av . ,,,f'w- X JE 15,-fl. K 1 , A 1 ' ,fl .if .sw I, -. my 'gm-V A w ? if 1 ' wr I f ' 1 ' . C Q., ,uf Ki -.lm A .. , e. . .A-ff 'xi J if AI 1 , X I Q ' - . - Ei 'f-ii wz i' - 1 'w a ji , V.. Q: ,Q HM. 2. i . - '..-f .awf- 'iffwif ,i i Q.. f 5-K 11 -f ha ,-4? Q V. .3 'rf' , yr . A- . ' M Q Lg? mglf,-, '. A , x. 1 A " Yr-'H ITV: . fri '. .zfftvv ' +?-"'-YV' ' 'L .U 91 ' 'fl' , + .ge ii, Y ,. .buh-553' . . 4-' - Tv' 2+ , . 'r-'c ' 1, . P- Q -K -iff' mg 935 -. "eww-If ' . Y , "inf I ' K .4125 ?g.fav,4,,'5.Jx...7--5 p T1 .P 5.-, . , . -.figgiaf-v A Q , . p . , .q5,g,.,.V ,P ,, Jr Yum . ' .3 N- ' grv J 'L 4 VA ,mi ..-,,, ,. 7 b F: .,- ,1 w 1 . Sh' .A ifwwfwglfff Aw .if is , 'gifs ' ff! 1' 43 f , 4 r 3 .3 --,gig ,nt 5 4 ., ,. QQ: W' - . , , f N. ' ' H 'JSQNF - ff ' "" ' F -1 -f-X - :H , Y -.1,5'f- 4 4 , ,sv.-ufiqf? 'I .1 .r.1.3a'-" '. bfmrjf., ' . 'Q fad-:sf - ' + -,Q 1 4 1' , ' 5 ..,a , . ,- , Agn A ff wg. - ,F ' s Y lliftjf 14 fl if A J 4521: 3 'al . . .' ' lx 1 ,.t7:1f-1 . .V A Y 3 a .ttf Z xl' ' K , ,nk A v 'A 4292-s . -Ln: .L ,... .WY 5. . K.. 1-,erxifg WFLYA . '11 -vi ?1"'f,' 5 V1 'swf .BV Y' - X gtg, 2 4 "pi, ij,-4!7' Jr' .. fx ' V. Q F7 L FLT .val .fr lbfzffmzf -1 vw .,, 16-'iii' :aw . . T-FQ 45 ' 'Z- -qv ,Q .6 3 44.2. . ., . v. . -.f 1. 1 - -. T mtiufgif fl 133- W1 'P , 4 -:gf f r 1. 3 .vi 1 wiv ' . if 5 an V, M, 'S E rv: ik r 5 w 1. 5 e Q E Q E 3 gi if H 2' E P: Sl -W fa E S af FF if as ii f? I. 5 5: E vu 4. , N 4- 41 ' ""f 4 ' ' X, .qflf ..,. ., ,. -+5.51 'lf A v ,vf 17: HL ., 1 z .,,,,,.

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