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I F R 1: x E I I I I I I y ,, Wi f rf. , x ,x A, 5 A. V . .Q . - If -, ..f .RQ CMM! www , gl -W -1mi1J.Mi1 l 1 I l ,Mba mmm M--JW ,6-a 021:24 Vw-4w.,,fgw .WJ E1 Q ggjhljwe wie!Li+Ju.b m.w1,7.,.1.f,1 OM, J ff' J J J 5-1 Jwwdmmyi-wlA7up. M675 ,JJQ-04' w,el0-wawbdcam will JUJJTJ md 55l1 UPU1rHh'H fs h 40-n-owOwu Q1-www 741a1Cvu cz!-wa.47,4f. W cfgf , 777 b ?4iwKf,glig,1TQff?Q if f ??m+t ff, w!,!., g - vQg.'c"2-c..... fi ,nhnnhww I ' ' . A ' . A ' - , X ' '. Q- H' ,1, . ,. V. . 4 , V - x , - Y Q 'www ,,-11: 4 f'.f4,,f.fKi.-rr' - , -- . :V , A . "3',Lf5'."9I'f"- Vf b .J J J'-FUJHJ, fl vs WN . , ' ,yew .. q. . ,. X 1 S , . N? 3: .-.gQ-fQk i?:f- , ,X A R f ' 3 Q K. , -Q. g ' ' '. TV , ' M xx 5 K mx W "' " li S: V J? ,M XPS! . .X . .f V Q- io- : 1 1+ K - QQWQ N 3 Fi t . 'TN - fx " N Q. . qv! S, - K . K x X 519, '? "QS v, G :EQ Wi.-' N Y -. ,X . . sg , is Lf- N iH1fQ-1 at . -' X ' -'t A Q Q Nv A -. A ME 1 link v - Q X kg: Ax fx f- X L ww . Q K NVQ? S -.N V .K ' f K - Q. H f A if ' ' " - 5 R39 K ' , 5 v. NYS- f 2 . y . i U KL , Q . Q9 X M: X! X K ,rf .K -' x . R Y , 1 ' N Q Q Q Q R 41-1 - 1 X Q 3 A A X Q .Q it fi xii wg X 5 wk l .. Q if fl? I A Fa.. he CQ Q41 Ei . 5, u 1 gxm gc! ,V MQ LQ K 1' -.41 A a fixing' 7 ", 1 -..I V , 'r gs - ,A s V U t ' ' J ' W rs' 4 ,F 1155 ' ,txt W 'Vof gf ' -A ' A ' ' - 3' diss. - .'f""'v6 w- J- D EDICATION: OHIO SESQ UIC ENT ENNIAL March 1, 1803, with nearly 60,000 inhabitants, Ohio was declared the 17th state of the union by President Thomas Jefferson 'JH ' year, 1953, marks Ohio's 150th statehood anniversary with over 170 times the original populatir During the yeai of growth the state has attained third place in the nation's industry and ranks high in agriculture. Ohio is composed of 88 counties, with Darke County the leader in agriculture. Early Darke County was the scene of many skirmishes between the Indians and U. S. troops commanded by Generals Anthony'Wayne and Arthur St. Claire, which finally resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Greenville, 1795, and the opening of the Northwest Territory for settlement. Our village of Ansonia, founded in 1845, was formerly known by the i ane or Dallas. However, because of another town in the state having the same name, much of the mail was missent. This caused the postmaster to rename the village Ansonia. The name Ansonia was borrowed from a clock, which was made in Ansonia, Con- necticut. This clock still remains in the local postoffice. The Community of Ansonia has contributed many famous per- f t 4 sonalities to the state, some of whom have gained world wide recogni- 4 tion. They are: Lowell Thomas, Radio Commentator, Author and Traveler, Enock Zeitz, Renowned Mathematician, John S. Royer, First Ansonia school Superintendent, First Newspaper Editor and Author of "Royer's Mental Arithmetic"g and Annie Oakley, Famous "Little Miss Sure Shot. " We are proud to be natives of Ohio. The Buckeye state has a his- tory to be proud of. Remember, you yourself, are continuing to give it this history. f'4tf 66 apzwde at '4 SCHOOL amz W' V- POND 1 N -ff if B. Yank idea! T N 5N90NiA. 0610 nnnotn sxxov. 'IHA-19 V. YOND, 5090591096991 HARRY 211551-108, 1310: R. BYRON 001, Clark Loggg 65013. pon annum Camus n. smaxw To The Students: The ORP-CLE is a record, and a good one, oi your Ansonia School for the year l9S'Z-53. long years from now it may be d a source of pleasure for you and your iriends. To look back upon the happenings oi your school years, is oiten a pleasant ' experience. Sometimes there is a note oi sadness, but, al- ways it is interesting. ll The ORACLE record is valuable to you for the happy moments it enables you to relive. The record which really counts how- , ever, is the one you make in after school years. There is often a very definite connection between the two. y The point X wish to make in this letter is to be found in y the words of Omar khagy am, which are as follows: "The moving, , Singer writes, and having writ, moves on, hor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, hor all your , tears wash out a word oi it." Make your school record right the first time so that "he who runs" may read without any unpleasant sensation. Tours respectfully, illis 'XI . ?ond, erintendent oi Schoo Sup Left I I Salzngaarllgtgai Welcom f ' 9 B 1ss Shirley Wgfns. Dwight lte W . . V P0 . nd. ls o 0 5 WELCOME BURNS Elementary Princlpalg DWIGHT SALZMAN High School Principal. Seated, left to right: Harold Slyder, Presidentg Harry Prashun, Vice Presi- dentg R. Byron Cox, Clerkg Loris Grote. Standing: Charles H. Stem- ley, Willis V. Pond, Superintendent Don Huddel. FACULTY 'IC-'-'P ROBERT LEONHART Vocational Agriculture Ohio State University B. S. , Agriculture One year at Ansonia JOHN LUCAS Mathematics and Science B. S. , Ohio State University Three years at Ansonia HERBERT MYERS Industrial Arts Physical Education A. B. , Otterbein College M. A. , Miami University One year at Ansonia MRS, LOIS PETRY English and Physical Education A. B. , Olivet College One year at Ansonia WARREN F. COLLINS English and Mathematics B. S. , Indiana University M. A. , Indiana University Two years at Ansonia 0:02 4 HARRY C. HAGGERTY Music B. S, , University of Cincinnati Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Diploma in Trumpet Two years at Ansonia JAMES HOLZAPFEL Football, Basketball, Baseball Drivers' Education, Social Studies B. S. . Miami University Three years at Ansonia MRS. ANNA LANICH English, Latin, Spanish A. B, , Asbury College Four years at Ansonia M A Ohio State University MISS ISABELLE TEICHERT B S Wilmmgton College Office training school at University of Cincinnati MISS DOROTHY BAXTER j Student teaching in Home g Miami University One- Student teaching in Home Miami University One- WILLIS V. POND History and Introductory Teaching A. B. , Wittenberg College M M. A. . Ohio State University Two years at Ansonia HOWARD ROYER listory, Mathematics, Law and Speech B. S. , Manchester College One year at Ansonia 1' P 'S' MRS. ALICE KUESTER Home Economicsg B. S. , Miami University Bishop Method of Clothing Certificateg Eight and one half years at Ansonia. This year Mrs. Kuester gained one of the highest offices in the teaching field by being elected presi- dent of the Ohio Vocational Association. This is the first time in the history of the school that we have gained the distinction of having one of our teachers elected to such an office. The Ohio Vocational A ssociation is a member of the American Vocational Association. This associa- tion includes school instructors who work in the fields of agriculture, home economics, trade and industrial education and vocational guidance. CLASSES ,D4 M55 Wm QW i ..- ff .-4 1,.,.. 'l".l!',."" 1 - ffl fffw-I ff . .. " Y, ' ll u 'U lf "" -My "JIM 'ff' -, M.: v:!.m fl'!fpfpl9fl74,f1.' .414 f--fx? K SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: JIM DERR, President, MADON- NA HOENING, Secretaryg GENE CAMPBELL, Vice Presidentg ROGER SANDERS, Treasurer. The Senior Class accomplished many things with their thirty members. They presented two successful class plays. The second production boasts of two separate casts. Each year the plays were directed by Mrs. Anna Lanich, with Mrs. Lois Petrie assisting her the second year. During the year the class enjoyed a hayride, a Christmas party at Lo- well Thomas lnn, and many other activities. The Class of "53" was also active in clubs, music organizations, and in sports of different kinds. au, Pet Peeve Junky Automobiles Ambition To build a hotrod A V, t-,. i n ,.-l its ' ' ' it ELDON BANKSON fchicp . 'K I V x . . U '2 K : s A g 5 1,5 Hobby: Girls as , f 4:-sr-is 5375 I Senior Scholarship Test: Miami Scholarship Tests I 1-,G ' A Q1 1,25 Football l,2,45 Band 15 Orchestra lg Class 'id' 1' -q:.:-Af ' ...WM X Play 3,45 Chorus 1,25 Annual Staffg Attended 'Q 'hr g f s Versailles H. S. 3. Z" A ,607 MAXINE BOYD fMaxj Pet Peeve: School Ambition: Bernard's wife Hobby: Taking pictures Operetta 1,25 G.A.A. 1,25 FHA 1,25 Chorus 1,25 Annual Staff: Attended Versailles H. S. 1,25 Stu- dent Council l,2. ROSELLA CHRISTIAN lRosiej Pet Peeve: Bleached Hair Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Reading Class Treasurer 15 Homecoming Queen 45 Band 1, 2,3,45 Orchestra 2g Class play 45 FHA l,2,3,45 Chorus l,4: Variety show 45 Annual Staff. t nf DUANE BEAM fDrain7 Pet Peeve: Girls Ambition: Government Grader Hobby: Skating Football 3,45 Annual Staff. SHIRLEY BLACKBURN Pet Peeve: Dirty shoes Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Sleeping Majorette 2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 FHA l,2,35 Annual staff. MARVIN BOYD Oviarvj Pet Peeve5 Women Ambition: Farmer Hobby: Pool Class Play 3,45 Football 1,3,4p FFA 1,2,3, FFA Officer 2, 35 Attended Versailles H. S. 1,2, 5 'ra as uf Yiikt 6 A, 0 '- 5 A as 5 ss " ".ri' Z' F JIM DERR fHenryy Pet Peeve: Commercials Ambition: Pilot Hobby: Old Coins Class President 3,45 Football l,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band lg Class Play 3,45 FFA l,2,3,45 FFA Officer 2,3,4g Annual Staff. GENE CAMPBELL fRazory Pet Peeve: Grandstand Coaches Ambition: College I-lobby: Photography Senior Scholarship Test5 Class Vice President 45 Football Co-Captain 45 Alternating Basketball Captain 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3, Track 25 Class Play 3,43 Chorus 45 Variety Show 45 Annual Staff: Student Photog- rapher 4. MERRILL CLAPP qnabbiry Pet Peeve: Mechanics Course at School Ambition: Farming Hobby: Motors Class Play 3,45 FFA 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,25 Annual Staff. J-N 'UW 961 ILENE ELEY Pet Peeve: Ponytail hair-do Ambition: Housewife I-lobby: Reading Homecoming Queen Attendant 45 Band 3,45 Football Cheerleader 25 Basketball Cheerleader 1,25 Class Play 45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,45 Annual Staff. X, IRENE ELEY Pet Peeve: Poodlecut hair-do Ambition: Housewife Hobby5 Eating Miami Scholarship Tests l, 25 Class Reporter 15 Homecoming Queen Attendant 45 Band 3,45 Football Cheerleader 25 Basketball Cheerleader 1, 25 Class Play 45 FHA 1,2, 3,45 Chorus 1,45 Annual Staff. DOROTHY GIGANDET lD0rtj Pet Peeve5 Ironing clothes Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Sports FHA 1,2,3,4g GAA 45 Chorus Attended Versailles H, S, l. 1: Annual Staff5 .f' sfeN,p-X 'CTP' Q- ...Je X .f ,.--14 -. MARY HESSON fSpeedyJ Pet Peeve: Stringy hair Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Drawing Class Vice President 1: Band 1,2,3 4: Orchestra 2: Class Play 4: FHA 1 2,3: Chorus l,4: Variety Show 4: Annual Staff. MADONNA HOENING qponniey Pet Peeve: Fresh Boys Ambition: Nurse Hobby: Sports Senior Scholarship Test: Class Sec- retary 3,4: Assistant Editor of An- nual 4: Homecoming Queen At- tendent 4: Buckeye Girls' State 3: Class Play 4: FHA 1,2,3,4: FHA Officer 2,3: Latin Club 3,4, Latin Club Officer 3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4, GAA Officer 3. IOE KINNISON Uoe Boyj Pet Peeve: Big Assignments Ambition: Cheerleader Hobby: School Valedictorian: Miami Scholarship Test 3: Senior Scholarship Test: Football 4: Latin Club 3,4, Latin Club Officer 3: Chorus 2: Annual Advertis- ing Manager: Class Play 1,3,4: Attended Patton, Missouri H. S. l,2. MARLENE MCELDOWNEY flvlaggiej Pet Peeve: People cracking gum Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Collecting pictures of handsome men Class Play 4: FHA 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1: Annual staff. EUGENE MICHEAL fMikel Pet Peeve: School Ambition: Farming Hobby: Hunting and Fishing Class Play 4: Annual Staff. JACK MUNN fBiggiel Pet Peeve: Chevrolets Ambition: Stock car driver Hobby: Pool Class President 1: Class Secretary 2: Football Co- Captain 4: Football l,2,3,4: Alternating Basket- ball Captain 4: Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball 1, 3,4: Track 2: Class Play 4: FFA 1,2, FFA Officer 23 Ch0l'U5 1-2-41 Variety Show 4: Annual Staff. JOHN PAULUS flake? Pet Peeve: Washing dishes Ambition: Farming Hobby: Mechanical work Football 3,4: Baseball 3,4: Track 2: Chorus 4: Variety Show 4: Band 3: FFA 1,2,3,4: Annual Staff: Attended ,West Milton H. S. l,2. MARY PAULUS QMitzl Pet Peeve: Bossy people Ambition: Missionary nurse Hobby: Art Class Play 4: FHA 2: Latin Club 3, 4: Chorus 4: Variety Show 4: Annual Staff: Attended West Milton H. S. """""". WILLIAM RIEGLE fwilliej Pet Peeve: Spanish Ambition: U.S. Navy Hobby: Hunting Class Play 4. BETTY JO ROSS qromboyy Pet Peeve: Lovers in the hall Ambition: Secretary Hobby: Collecting curly haired men Senior Scholarship Test: Miami Scholarship Tests 2: Class Play 3,4: Chorus 1: FHA l,t2: GAA 2,3,-4 Annual Staff, -ws IB .,,,.,f""' Qs. . Q -wir-.. lic., -- .lr-5' .gpg 4' ...lgtca Q.-:ry -4. 13651 'Cf 1 'S '..v- :gb rl .3 js 31 . -.5sf" -'-"s i fmssifzfi " X N 'T :. 'W 4 ' PHYLLIS ROTH fFlashJ Pet Peeve: Bleached Hair Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Taking Photos Class Reporter 3,4: Class Play 3,4: FHA l,2,3: Chorus 1,2,4: Annual Staff: Attended Jackson 1, 2. GARY ST EMLEY QMonkJ Pet Peeve: Talkative Women Ambition: A Trip to South America Hobby: Swimming Salutatorian: Senior Scholarship Test: Miami Scholarship Tests 2, 3: Class Vice President 2, 3: Annual Editor: Football 2,3,4: Basketball l,2, 3: A V Baseball 1,3,4: Track 2: Athletic Association Representative 3,4: Class Play 3,4: Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Latin Club Officer 4: Chorus 1,4: Attended St. Henry H. S. 1: Class President 1,2. ws.. " 5 E ROGER SANDERS fRogJ Pet Peeve: Under Classmen 2: X Ambition: Second million dollars A 'Q Q L y . : L: if Hobby: Women fp Q A 1 Track 2: Class Treasurer 4: Alterna- we "'-T..."7' ting Basketball Captain: Football 3: Basketball l,2, 3,4: Baseball 1: Senior Scholarship Test: Class Play 3,4: FFA l,2: FFA Officer 1: Chorus 1: Annual Staff: Attended LOUISE TEDDER fHildaj Pet Peeve: Washing dishes Ambition: Beautician Hobby: Sewing Class Secretary 2: Class Play 3,4: FHA l,2,3,4: State Homemaker 4: FHA Officer 3,4: Latin Club 3,4, Latin Club Officer 3: GAA 2,3,4, GAA Of- ficer 3: Chorus 1: Annual Staff. ALBERTA WILLIAMS fBirdiej Pet Peeve: Washing Dishes Ambition: Housewife Hobby: Collecting boys pictures Class Play 3: FHA l,2,3,4: Chorus 1,4: Variety Show 4: Attended Lewisburg H. S. 1,2. Jackson H. S. l,2. JIM SMITH fSmittyj Pet Peeve: Bright light drivers Ambition: Cheerleader Hobby: Sports Senior Scholarship Test: Class President 2: Football 4: Baseball 3,4: Class Play 3,4: Annual Staff: Attended Dayton Chaminade H. S. l,2: Bowling Team, af 7754 I I . 7? I 'qw I 1 Wy ,I iv' IIIIIZ F ol 4 96" by ' 's IJ "'f HMI H avr, .1371 x ' 'I fall! My No ...N 36 Lf, P M , 9 .zefxf I, nu ,WV JK!!! gh 1 Ile' , , 'M 5 'fly F I I iffy. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: ROLLIE DETLING, Secretaryg JIM RIFFLE, Presidentg EARL HANNAN, Treasurer: BILL GUTERMUTH, Vice President. The Junior Class consists of forty members. During three years of high school they have lost twelve members but regained two. Among their major money making porjects were a skating party, sel- ling of pencils, license tags, and a successful class play this spring. They are hoping for many more money making activities before gradu- ation. Mrs. Lanich serves as the class sponsor. X EDD IE ALEXANDER DON BOMMERSHINE 6606074 LARRY BRETZ I f LZ DAVID CAMPBELL ARBADELLA CHRISTIAN , MARTHA CLAWSON gf 15' MARLENE DETLING ROLLIE DETLING LAWRENCE ELSON IERRY GIBSON DARLENE GILLILAND BILL GUT ERMUTH MAXINE HAMILTON EARL HANNAN NADINE IENKINSON NORBERT LACHAT FRANKLIN LENKER ROBERT LYME ,Q 5 gnz K 1 ,Q i . my DELORES MCELDOWNEY ff, . ' " . 1oAN MILLER M ' BARBARA MONTONEY , ' :Z A-I AR' -5 545 ' xiii' I w Egg , 14 J Q3 A -1 I KENNETH REPLOGLE Without pictures: Jim Miller, Jim JACK REIGLE Moody, Marvin Paulus, Phyllis Subler. , Q. Y Lvl R IAMES RIFFLE PAT RODEHEFFER WAYNE SANDERS MARILYN SLYDER RUBY SNYDER DARLENE STEINER BETTY STRAIT MARGARET SWANK TOM TRITTSCHUH MARY WAGGONER CONNIE WENTWORTH ITM WILLIAMS ab -,- 4- . . .g k 31. ,fc -G ...I -'Q 2 ,, '-I ,. 3 -1 I A' 1:1-I'-1 11:4-,' ,-.4, , v .ff"'v" . H ,jof ----J ,,.0,af' 4,-7' '- , 19 LJ'-7, ,af- ,fz-zif --' -23 "!,'f-5" .-r-5,5 54. ,rf .15 "' 44- 914' GI ' -9 3..,sf SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Kay Whittington, Treas- urerg Homer Brewer, Presidentg Delores Taylor, Secretaryg Mary Gig- andet, Vice President. The Sophomore Class has an enrollment of forty-five members. During ten years of schooling, they lost eleven pupils, while four new students joined the class. Some of the activities include hayrides, dances, parties, and a Thanks- giving turkey raffle. They also have sponsored markets of various kinds. The class enjoyed a Christmas party and gift exchange. Mr. I-lol is the class sponsor. zapfel I g J Cl ' 5 I." ' . af ' Nz V ht . N "..,vf. E . Shirley Barga Carol Blackburn Ruth Boone Y . K 4 X2 Betty Boomershine 'Q' x Sh Q l ' Xt X hi l- :f1'f'wf: f,if 1' - 1 . -sees X ix -- v- ' Jesse Boone Dwight Brewer Homer Brewer Bill Brumbaugh f Lois Burke 6 QQ, Jerry Campbell Fred Clingenpeel Toni Croskey i X va Virginia Gibson Mary Gigandet Roseann Gleason N Eugene Etzler X. ., fx . I 5: : ff l ti XS Mary Hall Don Holderman Deanna Holsapplc Maxine Kenworthy 'X ily 15 'Li' , Duane Kinnison X X K Marlene Knick X a Sa f lf ,M Fred Prasuhn Jim Richards Carol Reigle Byron Roll Myrtle Rowand Phil Schlechty Barbara Sink Sue Ann Sink Jerry Smith Annola Snyder Delores Taylor Myra lean Van De Grift Kay Whittington Joe Whittington Larry Lephart Susan Liette ,WV nn h " 'V Ly qt L5 W ,A , Hr 4 t . Nila Williams ft, wg, 8 K I lf, : iff -1,, . 1. X if T W I M I K 1 sw, H it Gene Young J .i i Without pictures: Ianet Leeper, Gary Middleton Charles Osterloh, Darrel Rowland, Charlene White it M 5 , M' Q 4 7756 ff I BM FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Jean Bankson, Secretaryg Carol Jean Grote, President: Dean Bankson, Vice President: Irene Gar- big, Treasurer. The Freshmen Class has the distinction of being the largest freshman class in the schoo1's history. It is composed of sixty-six members, nineteen of which originally started school at Ansonia together in the first grade. Everyone is hoping that all sixty-six members can grad- uate together in "56" ' Under the guidance of Mr. Collins, the class has enjoyed hayrides ' ke sales and a Christmas party. skating p artres, ba Delores Boyd Phillis Brumbaugh Richard Burke Mike Campbell Lynn Clapp Gary Cothran Richard Davenport Barbara Dickensheets Francis Dickey Beverly Edwards Irene Garbig Shirley Gibbons Margaret Gigandet Carol Jean Grote Jerry Hall David Harbison Eddie Harman Anita Henkaline Thelma Hiestand Alden Hittle Patty Hopper Barbara Howard Linda Keaser jay Kimmel Don Marshall Q. I AP' ff' J xl " -- . 'I' I " 'lm 'X ik 1. I' ' 'W X . L Dean Bankson Jean Bankson Ioan Barga Mary Baughm an Thelma Beemer Kenneth Bostleman s 1 JCR pw . , 31 as m he X . - r 1 n., X K VX - ur Q . 9 30- . f few 1 Y 0- .., X I L.- .N QA' 'fir ff Q x , -sl K GSP A t 54' as vi '19 Ioan Martino I Wanda Mendenhall P ' 2' we 3l'l'lCS OUIOUC X, t s . V J M y Z xx i Mark McGee Betty Myers James McEldowney '57 5 M Without pictures: George Anderson Tom Hall, Sandy Schlechty, r :?. h f. .. ,Q Mary McEldowney Q Q' Sharon Nowlin Q X Herbert Osterloh 4 x , ' -e b k' -:- Billie Pence 1 R 'f .X 'L xx xii Carol Peters 1 ,1.. ' A be 'ff Nancy Pollev Barbara Replogle Janice Reigle Francis Rose Marilyn Sanders Gary Shepherd 'K """ as 2 Larry Sink V Lavern Stammen 0' Neil Stemley me A lack Striegle , " 4 x Y - i"' I" -fa 5 Max Subler Richard Tedder A Ioan Townsend Marjorie Thompson Iris Thwaits :O sg xg A . B s s 6 4 . r Charles Voigt ' Q " Leona Walters Richard Winn Edna Wilson , P X N so ,av A K XE: L .A ' x "'f. Snr- Whininmnn 'P xx if Jifis. ,A as 5,9 B ll .- an g, sgh ,, . 4 View gig' fd, -x JUNIOR HIGH M46 Front row, left to right: Patty Skillman, Patty Baughman, June Homan, Donna Brandon, Connie Voigt, Kay Longfellow, Ellen Miller, Roberta Thomas, June Leeper, Janice Deeter, Second row: Myra Hopper, Janet Erwin, Wilma Pearson, Judy Lewis, Connie Liette, Retha Waymire, Patty Shaw, Betty Strait, Bernie Sheets, Ray Billingstein, Naomi Stump, Francis Williams, Shirley Pittsenbarger, Jane Anderson, Ruby Worthington, Joan Young, Ruth Cox, Carol O'Neil. Third row: Larry Coppess, Robert Amspaugh, Earl Mangen, Mary Steiner, Barbara Rose, Sandra Nowlin, Jeannette Osterloh, Dorothy Lyme, Barbara Thwaits, Ronnie Riffle, Ronnie Mayo, Jerry Walters, Danny Nisonger, Jerry Waggoner. Fourth row: Marion Hannan, Goethe Rodeheffer, Robert Byrum, Bill White, Charles Davenport, Gene Riegle, Jim Gleason, Mike Riegle, Joyce Weaver, Harold Weyant. Fifth row, Joe Campbell, Wayne Detling, Jerry Hiestand, Larry Beisner, Jimmie Leis, Joe Huddle, Benny Black- burn, Jim Van De Grift, Tony Walters, Larry Goffena, Sixth row: Gary Pearson, Danny Batten, Charles Foster, Wayne Brumbaugh, Mr. Herbert Myers. Class Officers, front row, left to right: June Homan, Secretary, Donna Brandon, Treasurer. Top row: Wayne Detling, President, Jim Van De Grift, Vice President. The Ansonia Junior High Eighth Grade has sixty-seven mem- bers. Because of a large class they are divided into two groups "A" and "B". The Eighth Grade class planned activities which were enjoy- able and also profitable. The Junior High basketball team is dominated by eighth grade boys. Mr. Meyers is the class advisor. ,f lass Officers, left to right: Larry Rose, Treasurer, Judy Brewer, ecrttaryg Roberta Riegle, Vice President, Jim Whittington, resident. 7 The Ansonia Junior High Seventh Grade has sixty-two members. eing such a large class they are divided into two groups, "A" ind B". It was hard for them to get used to moving from class o class, this being their first year with different teachers. Extra-school activities included a fall hayride, and an exchange af gifts at Christmas time, Serving as class sponsor is Mr. Royer. 44 Front row, left to right: Carol Hamilton, Jeanette Sheffer, Nancy Pearson, Lea Herron, Judy Burnette, Judy Derr, Jeanette Fullenkamp, Wanda Eley, Evelyn Baird, Connie Sodders. Second row: Glenna Howard, Joyce McCul- lough, Sharon Smith, Marcella Clawson, Velma Gibson, Mary Bryson, Diana Shaw, Joann Miller, Vera Gibson, Shclba Edwards, Yvonne Snyder, Willa Young, Carolyn Brumbaugh. Third row: Alice Martino, Peggy Richards, Linda Birt, Mary Mendenhall, Betty Thompson, Roberta Riegle, Judy Brewer, Lillian Hall, Sharon Erwin, Norma Pittscnbarger, Suzanne Smith, Carolyn Rismiller, Carol Hopper. Fourth row: Jimmy Boyd, Harold Pearson, Tom Gibbons, Donnie Blume, David Ganger, Jerry Batten, Billy Polley, Junior Jolley, Jimmy Baker, Roger Sanders, Wayne Gilbert, Alfred Barga, Jerry Barga, Fifth row: Teddy Barga, Jim Snyder, Tommy Williams, Dean Pond, Jim Smith, Ronald Clingenpeel, James Greenwalt, Tom Edwards, Orville Niekamp, Larry Rose, Jim Whittington Mr. Howard Royer. Queen of Homecoming ROSELLA CHRISTIAN -41 f X At right: Front row, left to right: Floyd Neikamp, Madonna Hoening, Charles Keaser, Phyllis Roth. Back row: Marion Whittaker, Irene Eley, Donald Brumbaugh, Rosella Christian, Faren Van De Grift, Ilene Eley. FIFNF FIFY PHYLLIS ROTH MADONNA HOENING IRENE ELEY W' . . N K. MA f Sw Q5 .D gg 51 ads YS E f 2 1 T r if TW Q , .. K l kb E N 3 ,f . rf Q . QM - I is I 1,5 Y 6 , 'fig ' J 757 5 4 'I .5 5 n 251 gy 5 I 1: Q g Au - H A 6 I " " ,QQ Hu - . 1 " AMQQ E Mx 1 5 I ' Q Q I wie W, M f RRY ' Q m..,...,a K QW' ,,,v" I m F450 Zemeamfzq deadly XX ,Zig fx ,.. -'flxS-Ndis Front row, left to right: Mrs, Shumaker, Mrs, Corle, First Grade, Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Puterbaugh, Second Gradeg Mrs. Grindle, Mrs. Schafer, Third Grade. Back row: Mr. Burns, Mr. Gibson Sixth Grade, Mrs. Renz, Fifth Gradeg Mrs. Boomershine, Fourth Grade, Mrs. Burns, Fifth Grade, Mrs. Whittington, Fourth Grade. The Ansonia grade school consists of the first six grades and twelve teachers. The en- rollment is 375. Other than regular work the grades' music is a part of the high school music department. Each room has one period per week in the visual education room and one period for physical education. They conduct an annual magazine sale, the money is used to purchase school needs. Their annual grade basketball tourney attracts a large crowd. GRADE SCHOOL BUILDING 5 4 Front row, left to right: John Burkett, Eldon Bruner, Jerilyn Young, Phyllis Boyd, Larry Walters, Carol Homan, Julie Campbell, Ralph Boyd. Second row: Layne Peiffer, Katie Baker, Tommy McEldowney, Phyllis Bankson, Tuna Collett, Gary Young, Barbara Davenport, Mr. Welcome Burns. Third row: Patsy Mayo, Elvin Davenport, Benton Oliver, Jim Neade, Roger Curtis, Edgar Cottrell, Violet Snyder. Front row, left to right: Wayne Bryson, Linda Coppess, Stevie Shepherd, Marlene Rhoades, John Camp bell, Ronnie Barga, Sharon Goffena, Leon Howard, Jeannie Waggoner. Second row: Herbert Brewer, John Myers, Phyllis Robison, Tom McGee, Gale York, Joyce Beemer, Thomas Shepherd, Mr. Ernest Gibson. Third row: Duane Dunham, Patricia Poffenbarger, Jimmy Herron, Edward Swank, Jimmy Sanders, Marilyn Schlimmer, Nelson Weaver. Absent: Ramon Macias. 6 '54 if de F- Front row, left to right: Jack Riegle, Marjorie Byrum, Alan McG1inch, Judy Pearson, Larry Peters, Charles Swank, Beth Sodders, Andy Bartga, Patty Richards. Second row: Judy Lawrence, Donald Bryson, Joyce Adams, Phillip Eikenberry, Arlene Carter, Gary Baker, Sue Baker, Bob Brandt. Third row: Joan Whittington, Glenn Turner, Leslie Brandon, Jack Jones, Barbara Detling, Martha Billenstein, Shirley Robison. Fourth row: Ronnie Christian, Rosemary McE1downey, John Sheets, Barbara Weyant, Ted Trittschuh Mrs. Mabel Renz. Front row, left to right: Tom Harman, Junior Young, Carolyn Hall, Georgia Baughman Mike Wright, Ronnie Beisner, Brenda Taylor, Bobby Voigt. Second row: Jimmy Erwin, Marilyn Rose, Gary Burns, Dickie Stump, Jerry l-lesson, Martha Detling, Janet Hupe, Kay Coppess. Third row: Gary Boolman, Nancy Marker, Mary Alice Poling, Rita Gigandet, Karen Thomas, Sandra Lambert, Jack Smith, Mrs. Ruby Burns. Fourth row: Janet Leis, Mary Hall, Phyllis Fullroth, Leroy Billenstein, Charles Prasuhn, Lewis Riegle, Dick Rowland. Absent: Anna Beemer. 'yawzti E Front row, left to right: Joe Young, Linda Garbig, Carol Gilbert, Barbara Wilson, Wanda Smith, Barbara Wright Suzanne Boyd, Norma Boyd. Second row: Tommy Nisonger, Scotty Sheffer, Arthur Besecker, Barbara Boone, Robert Staver, Carl Cummings, Barbara Owens, Ronald Turner, Mrs. Goomershine. Third row: Sharon Subler, Robin Ault, Diane Snyder, Tommy Gleason, Judy Birt, Marcella Hanna, Tex Cottrell. Fourth row: Nick Poeppleman, Ann Barga, Jane Baughman, Rowena Sheffer, Sidney Hickey, Ruth Osterloh. Front row, left to right: Carl York, David Shook, Phyllis Weyant, Sue Dunham, Keith Schlecry,Donna Martino, Connie Blackburn, Phyllis Eley, Lester Clawson, Carol Barga. Second row: Janet Gigandet, Jane Gigandet, Judy Henderson, Marilyn Baird, Marcia Williams, Sue Davenport, Virgil Rismiller. Third row: Larry Alexander, Judy Polley, Junior Fullroth, Patty Owens, Richard Williams, Gertude Osterloh, Connie Ed- wards, Mrs. Whittington. Fourth row: Wanda Birt, Bobby Curtis, Carl Baker, Mark Slyder, Jerry Gilliland, Darrell Trittschuh. 45 qmde Front row, left to right: Sharon Barga, Ethel Taylor, Linda Beisner, John Boyd, Dick Campbell, Bonnie Miller, Kay Beemer, Gary Voke, Kenneth Erwin. Second row: Mary Alice Henning, Tommy Lewis, Linda Riffle, Carolyn Birt, Roger Oliver, Karen Walters Sherry Jenkinson, Ivan Christian. Third row: John Middleton, Cecilia Ruelas, Jerry Thonas, Ronnie Thwaits, Earl Goewert, Jimmy Burns, Janet Mendenhall, Mary Lou Homan, Mrs. Alice Schafer, Fourth row: Donn Thornhill, Sharon Brewer, Lorenzo Novar, Dan Sheets, Warren Williams, Barry McLear, Martina Macias, Ronnie Deeter. Front row, left to right: Mike Boyd, Bobby Sink, Dickey Sodders, Keith Howard, Clara Swank, David Cultice, Leslie Waits, Carl McEldowney, Bobby Herron, Patricia Liette. Second row: Barbara Campbell, Marion Price, Ruth Ann Billingstein, Joyce Duebner, Barbara Myers, Edna Metzcar, Johnny Rismiller, Mrs. Miriam Grindle. Third row: Ioan Hoening, Dean Marshall, Jean Gilliland, Alfonso Ruelas, Sue Fullrod, Bobby Peters, Harry White, Fourth row: Galen Eikenberry, Judith Liette, John Huddle, Mary Ann Brandt, Judy Barga, Henrietta Owens, Johnny Edwards. Absent: Carolyn Weitemier. eww! Qaeda Front row, left to right: Lenny Boyd, Carol Billenstein, Jacqueline Bigham, Paulette Van De Pitte, Annette Deeter, Janet Pearson, Lucille Deeter, Karen Snyder, Marilyn Lyons, Barbara Rhoades. Second row: Kay Holsapple, Johnny Batten, Larry McLear, Judy Hall, Gary Brumbaugh, Karen Bryson, Roger Stewart, David Prasuhn, Mrs, Vera Randall, Third row: Dale Michael, Donna Rhynard, Susan Barga, Robert Fullenkamp, Billy Hamilton, Ronald Smith, Barbara Keaser. Fourth row: Sue Shuff, Charles Hall, Doris Skillman, Charlene Sheffer, Jerry Henkaline, Wayne Bonifield, Mary Cathine Martino, Front row, left to right: Eddie Besecker, Darla Riegle, Marilyn Birt, Ralph David Boone, Jenie Shook, Danny Liette, Janet Young, Jan Dunham, Judy Rowland, Kay Michael. Second row: Shirley Schlimmer, Marilou Weyant, Connie Sheets, Norma Hickey, Judy Rismiller, Raymond Smith, Kenny Possell, Donnie White, Jack Myers, Ronnie Boolman, Mrs. Enid Puterbaugh. Third row: Charles Sleppy, Larry Carter, Carol Pearson, Jim Alexander, Dottie Baker, Sharon Shiverdecker, Ruth Williams, Mike Barga, Kay Fletcher, Beverly Rose, Marvin Wiley. alma Front row, left to right: Judy Campbell, Emilia Macias, Chris Sanches, Kenny Blackburn, Susie Michael Marilyn Hall, Donnie Shuff, Larry Ellis, Susan Burnette, Dickie Birt. Second row: Jerry Ellis, Paul Rhynard, Donnie Shook, Scotty Jones, Marvin Peters, Tommy Ross, Ronnie Duncan, Kent Sanders, Shirley Cheek, Marilyn Gibson. Third row: Louise Bailey, Mike Whittington, Wayne Harbison, Marie Thwaits, Pam Bell, John Herron, Roger Osterloh, Kelley McG1inch, Mary Gibson, Mrs. Anna Shumaker. Fourth row: Judy Thomas, Charles Baughman, Stanely Duncan, Barbara Sheets, Stephen Waits, Fred Brandt, Tommy Horn, Susan Barga, Sharon Mayo, Karen Williams. Absent: Flynn Owens, Judy Ann Wilker. , Front row, left to right: David Staver, Judy Baker, Cecil Hall, Diann Turner, Bud Wilson, Karen Baughman, Bobby Anderson, Pearl Wagner, Larry Mendenhall, Nancy Miller, Nelson Rismiller. Second row: Terry Pepple, Janice Bryson, Norman Weaver, Mary Boyd, Walter Stewart, Jean Eikenberry, Walter Hickey, Nancy Hunt, Jimmy Poling, Sharon McCullough, John Young. Third row: Pat Gleason, Patty Weyant, Jimmy Hathaway, Clindy Neff, Steve Schlechty, Beverly Goewert, Allen Sanders, Pamela Sink, Jerry Derr, Carolyn Martin. Fourth row: Keith Fullroth, Cheryl Campbell, Sandra Pearson, Larry Byrum, John Gibson, Patty Rose Carter, Gary Broering, Mrs. Jesse Corle. Absent: Jerry Rue, ecmiiw 24:52, Zdrdmafec 666,44 ,Qi 24? l""N A F . f ...ff Q5 ' A' ff Q 9:5540 he I' J 'I Q QS , -MMUUP A THLETICS ?wzd4z6 .rim ,xiii ' "egg 'W-Mi sl' ' Vs vi-wg-Q1-.'J, V Q- ,. 7"1Q'. 1,5 far may 1 :fam ak- -' . '. ,, Q in my WMM Front row: Manager Joe Campbell, Duane Beam, Jack Munn, Eldon Bankson, Gene Campbell, Jack Good Jim Smith, John Paulus, Marvin Boyd, Joe Kinnison, Gary Stemley, Coach Jim l-lolzapfel, Manager Dwight Roll. Second row: Jim Montoney, Tom Trittschuh, Marvin Paulus, Phillip Schlechty, Byron Roll, Dwight Bre- wer, Rollie Detling, Bill Gutermuth, Eddie Alexander, Gene Young, Bill Brumbaugh. Third row: Larry Sink, Mark McGee, Neil Stemley, Eddie Harmon, Bill Pence, Francis Rose, Kenny Bos- tleman, Don Holderman, Dean Bankson, Max Subler, Francis Dickey, Dick Davenport. ups v- "-f v rm ..,. rf., ' V I 4 A i A -4 Y 74454456 .latte 'Wm' OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE Ansonia's 1952 gridiron campaign proved not too successful. Over a 1 3 schedule of eight games the Tigers were able to capture a lone victory while dropping seven to the opposition. Co-Captains, Jack Munn and Gene Campbell, were elected by popular vote of the returning letter- u men. These 1952 letterwinners included lack Munn, Gene Campbell, Gary Stemley, Marvin Boyd, Jack Good, Rollie Detling, Eddie Alex- ander, Bill Gutermuth, Tom Trittschuh and Dwight Brewer. Above, Left to right: Ends Rollie Detliug, Jr.g Jack Munn, Sr.: Gary Stemley, Sr. Below, Left to right: Guards Marvin Boyd, Sr.: Tom Trittschuh, Jr.: Jim Smith Sr, ! Aboveg Left to right: Tackles Eddie Alexan- der, Jr.g Jack Good, Sr., Bill Gutermuth, lr., - Joe Kinnison, Sr. ! Belowg Left to right kneeling: Center Eldon Bankson. Standing: Backs Gene Campbell, Sr.: Duane Beam, Sr.: Dwight Brewer, Soph.: John Paulus, Sr. The requirements of a letterman states that he must play at least one-halfof the total number of quarters, which happened to be sixteen during the past season. In addition, a letterman must participate in every practice session and game unless he is sick or an emergency appears. M5455 W BRADFORD 27 ANSONIA 13 Ansonia's 1952 grid squad trekkedto Bradford where fum- bles marred this initial contest. Trailing 27-0 at the half, the Tigers strong comeback failed. WAPAKONETA ST. JOSEPH 18 ANSONIA 7 Opening their home season, the Ansonia Tigers were be- hind 12-'I very late in the fourth quarter and failed to score on a golden opportunity. VERSAILLES 24 ANSONIA 0 Versailles' Tigers came west to give the -100313 the only whitewashing of the season, leading 18-0 at the half. COVINGTON 24 ANSONIA 13 The Tigers competed at Covington with the highest ranked "B" team in Ohio. Outclassed and outmanned, the determined Tigers scored two touchdowns against A stel- lar defense. MINSTER 6 ANSONIA 26 The team played the best game of the season on the gridiron at Minster. Effective running and timely passing notched for Ansonia its highest scoring punch. PIQUA CATHOLIC 39 ANSONIA 7 Ansonia's largest crowd of the season was on hand at Homecoming. Cold weather, combined with Piqua Cat- holic's spirit, gave the crowd little to cheer. WEST ALEXANDRIA 24 ANSONIA 20 The Tigers' clash at West Alex saw the lead change often the first three quarters. Early in the final period West Alex regained a lead, 24 to 20, which they held till the end. ST. JOHN 13 ANSONIA 7 Scoring from a 60-yard pass in the third quarter, the Ti- gers came back to tie the visitors 7-7. A later TD by St. John ended the scoring. Zhu lecwlew Left to right: Marilyn Sanders, Freshmeng Shirley Barga, Sophomoreg Myra Jean Van De Grift Sophomoreg Connie Wentworth, Iuniorg Mary Waggoner, Junior. A cheerleader at Ansonia High School has had a very difficult time earning a cheer- leading letter for the last three years. But in an Athletic meeting held last spring it was decreed that any student who was cheerleader for any two high school years was definite ly entitled to an "A. " ,,1 w Left to right: Nadine Jenkinson, Iuniorg Charlene White, Sophomoreg Thelma Beemer, Freshmeng Virginia Gibson, Sophomore. gcwkefczli game! From row, left to right: Dwight Roll, Jim Montoney, Gene Young, Rollie Detling, Dwight Brewer, Donald Holderman, Bill Pence, Jerry Smith, Joe Campbell. Second row: Gene Campbell, Wayne Sanders, Homer Brewer, Roger Sanders, Bill Gutermuth, Don Marshall, Jim Derr, Jack Munn. Third row: Mr. Holzapfel, Byron Roll, Dick Davenport, Jay Kimmel, Kenny Bostleman, Francis Rose, Herb Osterloh, Fred Prasuhun. P K l 'M , . -sf SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Wcvzadtq Q Q wr- , gr XS X x, Q if Ai 7 A 4 gf' --'ul or . L M .- N X , 's ,rr Q Left to right1 Guards: Homer Brewer, Sophomoreg Gene Campbell, Senior, Wayne Sanders, Junior, Forwards: Jim Derr, Senior, Bill Gutermuth, Iuniorg Jack Munn, Senior, Centers: Don Marshall, Freshmen, Roger Sanders, Senior, ROGER SANDERS, 6' l": As alternate captain of the DON MARSHALL, 6'f Don outplayed many of his first five, he led the team in scoring with a devas- more experienced opponents and earned himself a tating jump shot, spot on the first five in the last half of the season, JACK MUNN, 5" l0"g Being a regular this year, Jack JIM DERR, 5' lO": A senior, serving in spot as- did his best always, especially in the tight games. signments and being alternate captain played his He also was alternate captain. best game against Gettysburg, BILL GUTERMUTH, 5' 1l"1 The Ansonia five had a WAYNE SANDERS, 5' 10"g Playing both Varsity SCIHPPY rebounder in this Junior. Bill improved and Reserve ball, Wayne tried constantly to im- tremendously as the season progressed. prove his wonderful basketball ability, HOMER BREWER, 5' l0": As a guard on the first team, his speed and dribbling skill led many fast breaks down the floor, GENE CAMPBELL, 5' I0": "Razor", an altemate captain was not a high scorer, but his points came at the right time. Left to right: Homer Brewer, Gene Campbell, Wayne Sanders, Jim Derr, Bill Gutermuth, Jack Munn, Don Marshall, Roger Sanders. Zcweetfdi Opponents Westmont Franklin-Monroe Versailles Bradford Gettysburg jackson Piqua Catholic Arcanum Versailles 'Overtime 'W Opponents Union City Minster New Paris New Madison Shawen Acres Union City Ansonia Alumni Sideny Holy Angels College Corner The first team season s record in a nutshell was 9 wins against 9 losses. The first team in the tournament included Roger Sanders Jack Munn Homer Brewer, Bill Gutermuth, Don Marshall, The varsity players elected an honorary captain for the county tournament. Jack Munn received this honor. RESERVE STARTING FIVE . .... ws., .W ., ,Q F64 The reserve team this year had a success- ful campaign with a season's record of 11 wins and 5 losses. The outlook for next season is very bright with several high scor- ing players moving up to the first team. Front row, left to right: Bill Pence, Bryon Roll, Fred Prasuhn, Jerry Smith. Second row: Kenny Bostleman, Jay Kimmel, Dick Davenport, Francis Rose, Herbert Osterloh, ' gaabetfczfi The Junior High team won 3 of 13 games sche- duled and placed fourth in the county Junior High tournament. These boys were coached very ably by two varsity players, Gene Campbell and Roger Sanders. Front row, left to right: Larry Coppess, Benny Blackburn, Ronnie Riffle, Jim Van De Grift, Bill Polley. Second row: Bob Bryum, Bill Whits, Gene Riegle, Wayne Brumbaugh, Tony Walters, Joe l-luddle. Third row: Coach Gene Campbell, Larry Rose, Dean Pond, Michael Riegle, David Ganger, Junior Jolly, Coach Roger Sanders. Left to right: Mary Lou Stiener, Kay Longfellow, Connie Voigt, Dorothy Lime, Z Front row, left to right: Larry Sink, Eddie Harman, Dave Harbison, Francis Rose, Lavern Stammen, Dick Davenport, Bill Pence, Kenny Bostleman, Dean Bankson. Second row: Homer Brewer, Bill Brum- baugh, Dwight Brewer, jim Smith, Rollie Detling, John Paulus, Wayne Sanders, Gene Campbell. Third row: Mr, Jim Holzapfel, Gary Middleton, Byron Roll, Fred Prasuhn, Jim Williams, Bill Guter- muth, Gary Stemley, Don Boomer- shine, Earl Hannan, Jay Kimmel, lim Montoney. Under the coaching of Mr. Holzapfel, the Tigers have eleven lettermen returning from previous campaigns. These lettermen include five seniors: Jack Munn, John Paulus, Jim Smith, Gary Stemley, and Gene Campbell, Returning lettermen include also four Juniors: Wayne Sanders, Rollie Detling, Bill Gutermuth, and Tom Trittschuh. Gary Middleton and Dwight Brewer represent the Sophomores. Ad- ditional strength was added by the numerous Freshmen recruits. Before becoming eligible for district competition the Tigers must defeat the Franklin-Monroe Jets twice, and the Wildcats from Westmont. 62444 eawrlzg Kneeling, left to right: Gary Middleton, Homer Brewer, Don Bommershine, Don Marshall, Wayne Sanders, Herbert Osterloh. Standing: Mr. Dwight Salzman. These boys represented Ansonia High School's first cross country track team, organized by Dwight Salzman. The seasonal meet occurred at the White Springs golf course, near Greenville, where Ansonia placed fifth. Homer Brewer was the first Tiger to cross the finish line, ranking tenth in the meet. Of the forty-five competitors Wayne Sanders captured the twenty-second position followed by Gary Middleton, ACTIVITIES N sf Q NW E AX , , L g I X ,, . VM " 'tri'-Z 'mb' A z Qi v EK . A 3 'W X A-jf, " - Q X Ng! ,iv Q4 fx " 1'XWX N 'S W1 -'Xi f Q1 l. L.. AN A. V Wh . .L.. ,, N L , .,.-, i , Ax ,J F, ,,,.L.1. 4-',,,, I L. .,X ki... i . , ', ' I X! Sf-hkfii, L, - V., Q , ,QE Viv! L., , f gmfx A l W x ,AV F9 'fy ,Y ' ' "1 W f 1-fx . I a MAJQQETTES Q r ht Sh rley Bla kburn Mary Waggone Fourth row, left to right: Ilene Eley, Darlene Steiner, Mary Hesson, Gary Middleton, Ruby Snyder, Ruby Worthington, Rosella Christian, Myra Jean Van De Grift, Wayne Brumbaugh, Marlene Detling, Director, Harry Haggerty, Lois Burke, Bob Lyme, Mary Lou Steiner, Irene Eley. This year for the first time, band officers were elected. All band members were eligible to hold of- fice and to cast a vote, i P l 'gazed The concert and marching band consists of 55 mem bers and is under the direction of H. C. Haggerty. ed many varied musical programs for the school and community. Some of the events consisted of parades, football and basketball shows, conventions, centen- nials, fairs, public rallies, contests, festivals, spring concerts and class plays. During the current school year, the group received top honors at the New Madison band contest and was awarded a trophy at the Bradford Pumpkin Show for their marching and playing ability. OFFlCE2S Left to right: Deanna Holsapple, Treasurer, Barbara Sink, Reporter, Mary Baughman, Secretary, Myra Jean Van De Grift, President, Darlene Steiner, Vice President, Throughout the year the band prepared and present- 407664 Front row, left to right: Rosella Christian, Mary McEldowney, Joan Townsend, Linda Keaser, Joan Barga, Marilyn Sanders, Sandra Schlechty, Jean Bankson, Irene Garbig, Beverly Edwards. Second row: Sue Whittington, Mary Baughman, Shirley Good, Mary Paulus, Alberta Williams, Mary I-lesson, Phyllis Roth, Sharon Nowlin, Patty Hop- per, Carol Jean Grote. Third row: Mr. Haggerty, Dick Burke, Dean Bankson, Jack Streigel, Barbara Replogle, Janice Reigle, Ruth Boone, Anita Henkleline, Myra Jean Van de Grift, Deanna Holsapple, Barbara Sink, Nancy Polley, Thelma Beemer, Marjorie Thompson, David Harbison. Fourth row: Gary Middleton, Jack Munn, Mark McGee, John Paulus, Billy Pence, Jerry Campbell, Gary Stemley, Jack Good, Gene Campbell, Gene Young, Jer- ry Smith, Don Holderman, Duane Kinnison, Jim Montoney. 1 Ji The mixed chorus boasts of 86 members. This group Cs N, 511 of junior high and senior high school students com- ,W yt pose the largest chorus the school has had for several If f years. ' Dxf-'f 1 . . . Q is -1 This organization, under the capable direction of QS 'X Mr. Haggerty, has been very active through out the l , 'X school year. They presented Armistrice and Christmas Day pro- J J grams, variety show, and had an active part in va- rious churches , Lowell Thomas Day, Tri-County - Music Festival, and a Christmas carolling party. 1 L , I 4 Dy KJ Front row, left to right: Neil Stemley, Joe Kinnison, Gary Stemley, Mark McGee, Duane Kinnison. Second row, left to right: Mrs. Lanich, Toni Croskey, Sue Whittington, Myra Jean Van De Grift, Madonna l-loening, Louise Tedder, Marv Paulus. Third row, left to right: Irene Garbig, Leona Walters, Carol Jean Grote, Mary Baughman, Anita Henkleline, Shirley Gib- bons, Louise Carter. Zum HM " ' The Latin Club is composed of students who have taken Latin, or are taking the subject at the present time. Mrs. Lanich, the club advisor, reorganized the club last year. At the present time the club consists of twenty-five mem- bers. This spring the club celebrated the year's progress by having a Roman banquet. Student teaching is a comparatively new course here at Ansonia. The class is composed of junior and senior girls who are interested in making teaching their careers. These girls are assigned certain periods to help the first grade teachers with their pupils. This experience helps the girls to become acquainted with the problems of teaching. wg - ...- . EE rf , Front row, left to right: Rosella Chris- tian, Darlene Stiener, Marlene Det- ling, Alberta Williams, Arbadella Christian, Phyllis Roth, Mary Hes- son, Martha Clawson, Betty Strait, Delores McE1downey. Second row: Marilyn Slyder, Louise Carter, Betty Ross, Phyllis Subler, Joan Miller, Patty Rodeheffer, Mr. Pond, Maxine Hamilton, Ruby Snyder, Nadine Jen- kinson, Louise Tedder, Marlene Mc- Eldowney, Madonna Hoening, Max- ine Boyd, Margaret Swank. were absent. 74:13am dew af 740802634 5 x 3 fps '1 N-.. Front row, left to right: Rosella Christian, Carol Riegle, Delores Taylor, Ioan Townsend, Marilyn Sanders, Irene Garbig, Linda Keaser, Delores Boyd, Joan Martino, Barbara Dickensheets. Second row: Louise Tedder, Secretary, Barbara Sink, Vice President, Shirley Barga, Phyllis Subler, Treasurer, Connie Wentworth, Presidentg Mary Hall, Deanna Holsapple, Marlene Knick, Kay Whittington, Mary McEl- downey. Third row: Miss Dorothy Baxter, Betty Strait, Ruby Snyder, Delores McEldowney, Martha CIHWSOFI. JOSH Miller. M3Xil1C Hamilton. Roseann Gleason, Nila Williams, Beverly Edwards, Barbara Howard, Marjorie Thompson, Mrs. Alice Kuester. Fourth row: Alberta Williams, Maxine Kenworthy, Lois Burke, Betty Boomershine, Charlene White, Virginia Gibson, Mary Gigandet, Annola Snyder, Carol Blackburn, Sue Sink, Margaret Gigandet, Myrtle Rowand, Ioan Barga, Thelma Beemer, Jean Bankson, Sandra Schlechty. Fifth row: Nancy Polley, Janet beeper, Iris Thwaits, Carol Peters, Thelma Hiestand, Phyllis Brumbaugh, Patty Hopper, Edna Wilson, Barbara Replogle, Wanda Mendenhall, Sue Whittington. Sixth row: Nadine Ienkinson, Marlene McE1downey, Irene Eley, Ilene Eley, Sharon Nowlin, Leona Walters, Janice Riegle. organization of pupils studying homemaking. The purpose is for better and happier home life for everyone, which is the most important thing that youth can do for democracy. Some of the high- lights of the Ansonia Chapter this year were the luncheon, served by FHA girls, to Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Thomas. In observance of U. N. Day, Mrs. for an assembly program. National FHA week was commemorated by a week of community activities During the fall, redecoration of the department 's living room was completed. The Future I-Iomemakers of America is a national Rose Buckner of London, England, was guest speaker 06 Learning to dog doing to learn, learning to live, living to serveg is the motto of the Future Farmers of America, These thirty- seven boys, under the capable direction of Mr, R. L. Leonhart, are responsible for live- - .' .. stock and crop project, Sponsoring a hog sale and community Christmas decorating contest and capturing awards in the county parliamen- F? sm 'WP 'as slgfpsis 3 tary contest were among other activities. C- 53 First row, left to right: Rollie Detling, Mike Campbell, Dick Burke, Francis Rose, Larry Bretz, Bob Lyme. Second row: John Paulus, Charles Osterloh, Joe Whittington, Gary Cothran, Dick Davenport, Don Marshall, Lymm Clapp, George Anderson, David Harbison, Herb Osterloh. Third row: Fred Clingenpul, Bill Brumbaugh, Jack Good, Jim Derr, Bill Gutermuth, Byron Roll, Marvin Paulus, Dwight Brewer, Merrill Clapp. Fourth row: Darrel Rowland, Larry Lephart, Dave Campbell, Jim Riffle, Fred Prasuhn, Frank Lenker, Jerry Gibson, Wayne Sanders, Kenny Replogle, Mr. Robert Leonhart, 'TR If if I' 6'-'I'-3 minded 'em Front row, left to right: Sharon Nowlin, Mary McElnowne, Janice Riegle, Beverly Edwards, Marjorie Thompson, Linda Keaser. Second row: Connie Wentworth, Marlene Detling, Marilyn Slyder, Secretary, Barbara Montoney, President, Nadine Ienkinson, Vice President, Maxine Hamilton, Shirley Good, Treasurer, Dorothy Gigandet, Mary Waggener. Third row: Louise Tedder, Mrs. Lois Petry, Nila Wil- liams, Marlene Knick, Mary Gigandet, Mary Hall, Carol Riegle, Janet Leeper, Madonna Hoening. , Ax l ' TU G eden! Zag Palm! In order to prevent accidents, the School Boy Patrol maintains a force of nine boys who make up two shifts. Each shift expires at the end of twenty minutes. At the end of the school term, the entire patrol is rewarded by attending the zoo or a profes- sional baseball game. First row, left to right: Danny Batten, Jimmy Gleason, Charles Davenport, Gary Pearson. Second row: Ralph Boyd, Johnny Burkett, Jim Meade, Gary Young, Larry Walters. 795494 on, From ,O . ht. Maw Hess W, left to . l From row. lefts:22?nnis0n, lsneviliz k 521112 Chrisrian, g,itLyLgpise Tedder, Belly 10 Ross' ney. Secon to . grllu S y Good, Phylli ackbutn. e Mclildow . Smith. M eC0nd ro , S R0Ih, M MarlenGene Campbell. lim .m Dem gene Roger Sangv. Gary Slemley H ary Paulus, G0od. Madonna lfloening, ll Jack Mu CIS, John paulus ' E151 Derr, CUPP' nn, - On Bankson EW- "EAGER Miss BEAVER" An entirely new idea in local class plays was introduced with the starring of a different cast of charac ters each of the two nights the senior class play was presented. Mrs. Lanich, assisted by Mrs. Petry, was the director. Acceptance of a wealthy western cousin, believed to be a "clod -hopping Kansas jay- hawker, " who later reveals herself as an alluring heroine, added to the problems of adjustment in an inherited haunted house. "NO BOYS ALLOWED" Boys' intrusion of an exclusive slumber party, Fred's kissing a blonde cousin at the airport, and the invasion of a real intruder created near pandemonium in the Junior play. The C351 was composed of David Campbell, Arbadella Christian, Marlene Detling, Earl Hannan, Bob Lyme, Barbara Montoney, Jim Riffle, Wayne Sanders, Marilyn Slyder, Darlene Steiner, Mary Waggoner, Connie Wentworth, Jim Williams, Ruby Snyder and Mrs. Lanich. Directory. I, . 'J ., ,X sixk me dad A very beneficial club was organized at midterm. Repre- sentative students under the guidance of Mr. Pond are en- deavoring to improve attitudes and interests of students to- ward the following: Respect for public property, use of good manners, recognition of health and safety, adjustment of new students, promotion of scholarship and learning and encouragement of school loyalty. gfaaaz endemic lfront row, left to right: Joe Kinnison, Gene Campbell, Roger Sanders, Jim Derr. Sui ond row: Jim Smith, Gary Stemley, Eldon Bankson, Madonna Hoening. Absent: llctty jo Ross. The group shown above were given the privilege to represent the Senior Class in the State-Scholarship Tests. The higher than average grades these students earned in the four main fields of study qualified them for the test. They competed against other seniors of all Darke County High Schools on January 29 This test lasted approximately three hours. MADONNA HOENING Last Summer the Ansonia American Legion Aux- iliary made it possible for the first time for our school to be represented at Buckeye Girls' State. This program was held from June 21-29, at Capital University in Columbus. The purpose of this camp is to inform the girls more about our form of gover- ment and to make them better citizens. Madonna I-loening was bestowed the honor of attending Buckeye Girls' State. 1 -1- - Paul Alexander, Custodian -friet 79 z CANDYES MRS, JUNE WALLS, Librarian ' li' 5 13-3 1 2 5 . . s . N ' Q! Front to rear: l Mrs. Blanche Bankson " ",' , V' .E 4 Mrs. Donna Campbell " ' C' W 1 Mrs. Verla Smith, X' , A N Cooks I Roy Bankson, Custodian Front row, left to right: Taft Gib- son, Gerald Ary, Harry Skillman, w Ray Osterloh. Second row: Delmar A, Mikesell, Ray Marker, Junior Hittle, Bob Fletcher, Elmer Mauk. Ab- sent: John Lucas, Ronald Riffle, Paul Hufford, Willis Holdeman, Clarence McGlinch, Bus Drivers. L'aweZZ hmm Dag Louise Tcdder, Mrs. Kuester, Lowell Thomas, Connie Wentworth, Madonna Hoening. Principal Salzman, Lowell Thomas This page in the ORACLE is in recogni- tion of Lowell Thomas, who is one of the most well-known news commentators in the country. He merited this recognition by his friendliness and thoughtfulness in coming to Ansonia October 9, 1952' Mr. Thomas and his wife came to Ansonia by the special invitation of Mr. A. R. Lam- bert to dedicate a community house which Mr. Lambert had built. The day consisted mainly of a parade, Mr. Thomas' nation-wide newscast directly from Ansonia, and a dance. Facade I Q . 210 00 im ga' W T3 fi"daeu' ' Gfeenviue 116 we xx' W 0 .4 'C '10 ill 0 is 7 The business men and friends who have placed ads herein have h make our Annual possible. Why not show them patronizing them first? elped our appreciation by union cami 4-0 J WALLACE KIMMEL West High Street Ansonia, Ohio Phone Z2 Dealer in Hay - Straw - Fertilizer - Gravel - Dirt - Lime OUR MOTTO "We Try to Satisfy" Also Experienced Public Sales Clerk KEN WHITTINGTON Grocer Groceries - Meats - Vegetabl Ice Cream - Soft Drinks Phone 92 Ansonia, Ohio Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States New York, N, Y, DWIGHT S, SALZMAN Phone l178S 133 Sater Street Greenville, Ohio Teachers' Protective Mutual Life Insurance Company Lancaster, Pennsylvania ZZMQZQZZA GENEIQAL sionae AMBULANCE D AY Maw Funeral Home Licensed Lady Attendant GLADDEN C, OLIVER Phone 24 Ansoma, Ohio C ompl ime nts Coppess Meat Market Ansonia, Ohio T and S Cleaners Ansonia, Ohio Qfdkgi AUTO su DPLY Greenville , Ohio Phone 448 756 QZEQMQ' BANK COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Ansonia, Ohio The Friendly service You Get At Ywfffff? WZ? Q25 INSURANCE AGENCY South Main Street Ansonia, Ohio BREWE:R's SERVICE C0mP1imenfS Of Motor Tune-Up - Complete Mobiloil Products Lubrication - Road Service fo Tires - Tubes - Batteries A ccessor ies Phone 91 M . Main and Canal Street mn Street Ansonia, Ohio Ansonia, Ohio WMJQKWQMZWQM s Z- i F Dealers ln f ." Q i. X 5 A '4 1 maui I Ayr -V White -f-HCC " W bm "' -- N Feeder Cattle 1 ? .5 Y Wee Q SAVE f -2+ ks hutt gc I Qfzffmefflf fxdiam arm Eqlnprnen Television and Appliances Owner R.. J. C mpbell and S Phone 164 Ans onia, Oh C mpliments of T A-I E Qmfcawzk LUMEER COMPANY Ge orge L. Klip Stine Ph 88 UNITED GRAIN COMPANY, INC Grain - Seeds - Flour - Salt Coal - Fertilizcr - Posts Fencing and Paint Elevators at Rodsburg ana Xorkshirc 52x75 2: A- CHEVIQIQLET Rossburg, Ohio i X CMM? Zffg 1 JEWE EERE Q I North Main Stra-ct Ansonia, Ohio Nationally Advertised Watchcs - Clocks, ctc. Export Watch and.Clock Rcpairiug 'ill Work Guaranteed Come and Visit Our Showroom W5'ZQgL2i sporzme eooos 32.3 Broadway Greenville, Ohio Phone 416 Compliments fmfmxmi 'Complete Store For Men and Boys 1 Corner of Third and Broadway Greenville, Ohio . 5 , 5 1 S 1 235 Q2 - J., ' 45- 'PPA S61- K I ' "-v,- I .QF9 o 1 , . , 5 '7'!1'!L:Y'i'-- "gif X ,. . V K n A AVVL i - 'l"L.xff - . -.3 b 49 to 2,41 Y F Compliments 4 R Hx A X 'X V i xxsg, " "1 Class of 1953 EAI LEEY 1-I ARDWARE Ansonia, Ohio Phone 116 Congratulations To The Seniors of 1953 amid? 1 N co12Por2ATsD 1 Ansonia, Ohio . MOTOR' AM ZING New,Whizzer Blk '45 R WEAVER'S MOTORBIKE tl!!! Q "N Sales - Service gi, 400 Anderson Avenue 'X Greenville, Ohio f X 1 - Y Njgyg 60 qxx V X S "r ,. E-P: ini- gl ag, 771 ' "ah . . Q :hh nnnluu,,,u 55139.50 See Us For All Your x,-pi'-31, H , n i og eating and Plumbing Needsl 'K A T " 'fun " lgefefl 555,532 SON Phone ZOIR Ansonia, Ohio Times Publishing Company Arcanum, Ohio Brock' s Store Lightsville, Ohio Kraniers Seed Farm New Weston, Ohio Kindell Motors Greenville, Ohio Schmidt Refrige ration Greenville, Ohio Dairy Maid Greenville, Ohio Greenville Skating Rink For Health's Sake - Roller Skate like lx I Good Luck Dekalb To All The Grads 5 I Chix and Corn U Your International Dealer Greenville, Ohio fhfajfgf' RADIO if TV Sales - Service New Weston, Ohio Phone 551723 Wzkfcfkfvm 77fZwfzcc2e Buyers and Shippers of Poultry Ansonia, Ohio Phone 146 Qafmzk GRAIN commmv Grain - Feed - Seed - Fertilizer - Coal - Farm Supplies vvz RECOMW D 6 ggi! ARCAW22 Zigiiiiiizgsifggiiizziilgiff S E narco Motor Oil dwg C ANDY COMPANY Greenville, Chin 120 422212272 ogfgfeg Q74 Ch' k D' O S ' l .ffater Well Drilling I lc en lrmers ur peclat Flint and Walling Pumps I and Supplies Lawrence Marshall I Proprietor New Weston, Ohio Junction 47 and 12.7 Phone Rossburg 55-F-13 7 9 Compliments Grain Company Web Devor, Barber Dealer In Grain - Feeds - Flour T at S Cleaners Seed - Coal - Etc. Fritz E. Martin Jeweler New Weston, Ohio Phone 56-F- ll Greenville C ompliments Of 754 Qfeewzfzfk DAI LY ADVO c AT Drake County's Only Daily Newspaper Gene Campbell Agent Ansonia, Ohio WlELAND'5 JEWELRY , P Expert Watch Repair 5 Headquarters for MEAT MAP KET Watches - Diamonds and Gifts Phone 469 Cold Storage Corner 5th and Broadway Greenville I AYISOUV1, Ohio Q ,, E9Hsm.h ., - .. ,-rf " E va! ' fx .fa N 5 , kk .1 X, . i K - . f ' f 'GL ' Tw 'N' . X f s t Q ' X X ,tj ' ' i- 5. '-1 . h ,s h X 'v .. f ' F . v ' -.T -M' .' ' " . X. - ... -A ' , 5 E. I , ,, . . -.. ' 3 . ..Q 0 ,Q L q 'Ph w ks, Q K - h .L S W X M. , T' - ..- .Mig F 5 . mr ., -H H 3.5 JW. g Aki" - . x x' w5'fK..f .f '- ,A , - 'gy V e-4Q.jfg,.1 'kg arf " . -' 3 'sb ',s...g M , - . . - vw MN U - :s..w41in3ga,L- I. -f K. v K 4 an V- f ' Q x A.- i' '- xx .11 . . N u. f L A f L X. was u -wx ' L . 'mwil ki. rv' 'A ' ' Q ' " ix .EMP 'X 'I X ,B" mgg , """1 fi 3-fn S J A 1. XX... .X in wi ' 7N'x 1 K: V a -5 . 4 E 1 . Q55 - Q. X, X I 'x 5 M L .-xg-ng", war s .1 , I sg p-:gs WI-IEW! Didn't we work hard! --photographs, snapshots, dummies, copy sheets, ads, pub1isher's deadlines, subscription campaigns, finances--all for this one book. Now it's done! We hope you like it. GARY STEMLEY ---- MADONNA HOENING - - - GENE CAMPBELL - - - - - LOUISE TEDDER JOE KINNISON - - - ELDON BANKSON ROSELLA CHRISTIAN - - ROGER SANDERS - - - IRENE ELEY ILENE ELEY ----- JIM SMITH SHIRLEY BLACKBURN - - PHYLLIS ROTH BETTY JO ROSS - - JOHN PAULUS JACK MUNN - - - MAXINE BOYD ----- DOROTHY GIGANDET MARY PAULUS ----- MARY HESSON JIM DERR ---- SHIRLEY GOOD MARVIN BOYD ALBERTA WILLIAMS DUANE BEAM MERRILL CLAPP JACK GOOD ENGINE MICHAEL BILL RIIiGLE MARLENI: M1-ISLDOWN EY MR. HOWARD ROYIER - - -------Editor - - Assistant Editor Student Photography - - Advertising - - - - Literary - - Subscriptions - - - Business - -identifications - - Snapshots - - - -Sports - - Senior Copy -------An - - Staff Assistants - - Faculty Advisor 'wr-1, 3" ,,, sf , .W 'R QQ . 1 iff N. 1? W 1 Y fftf E? wi. '53, ii Y , A va' ,X gk-a1'ffg.f .qt 34.-5: ful E31 L ,,iFEg::, 4 w 'final k 5 ?,,w+r'1bwfe-'T9wf,. 4 ,, .umm A gxw-A, fs: an my we XT-lx ' '..ivf. 5??3Qf! a . ,L m A g,q.z'gg"3+L f . gf' p, L , gfswllaima' Q1 :5'397'il9?!P' mg ' wr, gm - A lr aj" 5 4 in r Q 7 -' HI14' wig: .rg f my rf- an .M by A-1. .yy .gm . .ug .W F s we . wif. .1 Q 4,1 L 23", .ig 525' .- w ,mmf ll L.,-fx K ,, 4 -2,-'F M fy Qkxfiz' , , 2,51 .1 Q5 1 f 133 3 , R .I ,E 'N ,A N, divx 'ff 1 ff5?9 ,Z K. ,saw f 5 , , 53.59 ,QQ 9? it , . ,Aw 1-2' .. X -- V ' YQ, ' , .-Q W Nil jfs- g , Li?-f-Q - ,5 QQ, w.. 4 ., r "'i"f -- Mxj.,-. 9:91353 323: X X 19? . ,qv . M . Q-+'::aRt?T ffggx ' :scum 4 aw 'F g,":.-15534 f"I,w f 5, vw ,fl W- Jwm... .. ,. 2.4.4 . ,....q'-1: if f:g+f.Q"w 1,f.,., vzg,-'-rp-:,...g 'Z-52? r , . -. 'F J- f55gigv"Q'R:.f'+Yf .Q . ,. 5 M. A , . L V b,,m4:aN!g,,,,,,,,. 1 ' ' V, . 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