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Qiizh 4 ,, ,.-4 1 . 1 E K. f 1 4 2 lg. 2 ' I J' 4 - ..g,E , .,1.,., X ,S fx 5 ,. TIE T5 2 'Ai wi ,fi ,K 'lD.JR'.l1I' iif 3, 555 : Wu ALMA MATER All hail to our high school Our pride it will ever be, Our Ansonia High School We'll give thee our loyalty, Its' sons and its' daughters loyal forever To the high school we love so dear, We'll always defend and protect to the end Ansonia our alma mater always. FOREWORD We, the Seniors of 1951, wish to present to the students, faculty, and friends of Ansonia High School the 1951 "ORACLE" We have worked many long hours on this book and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. 2 DEDICATION The 1951 Seniors of Ansonia High School wish to dedicate the 1951 "ORACLE" to Mrs. Anna Lanich, Mr. Berl E. Walradth, and Mr. Clyde G. Corle for the support they have given to the Senior Class. Mrs. Lanich was our junior class play director and junior sponsor. She has always taken an active interest in the class. Mr. Walradth was our senior class sponsor and helped us untiringly in publishing the "ORACLE" Mr. Corle directed our senior class play and has shown a sincere interest in all of our class projects. 3 SCHOOL ADMINISTRATURS Dwight S. Salzman Clyde G. Corle Welcome O. Burns Principal Superintendent Grade School Principal A. B. - Bluffton College B. S.-Cedarville B. S. -Ohio Northern M. A. -Ohio State M'A.. Miami Graduate work University of Cincinnati Pictured above are: Clyde Corle, Superintendent of the Ansonia School fcenterjg Dwight Salzman, Principal of the high school fleftjg and Welcome Burns, Principal of grade school and sixth grade teacher. frigbtj 4 HIGH CHOOL FACULTY JOHN LUCAS Math and Science B. S. Degree-Ohio State ALICE KUESTER Vocational Home Economics B. S. Degree - Miami BERL E. WALRADTH Business Education B. S. Degree - Ball State XVESLEY HAINES Music B. S. - Degree - Wilmington College LOIS OPPER Girls Physical Education R. N. Degree-john Hopkins B. S. Degree - Taylor RICHARD VVINTRINGHAM Social Studies and Ass't Coach B. S. Degree-Otterhein jAMES HOLZAPFEL Social Studies and Coach B. S. Degree-Miami ANNA LANICH English and Latin B. S. Degree - Asbury College FRED KEENAN Math and Coach B. S. Degree - Ohio Northern EARL KANTNER Vocational Agriculture B. S. Degree-Ohio State BASIL U. GANAS Industrial Arts and Driving B. S. Degree-Miami VELMA THWAITS Secretary 5 BOARD OF EDUCATION The Ansonia Board of Education consists of five members. Reading left to right they are: Clyde Corle, Superintendent, Harold Slyder, Vice-president, Glenn Gilbert, Loris Grote, Harry Prasuhn, and R. Byron Cox, Clerk. Absent when picture was taken was M. S. Van De Grift, President. 6 E IDRS FHA l-2-5-43 Band l-2-5-43 Chorus I-2-3-43 Senior Play3 Operetta 1-23 Annual Staff 43 GAA 43 FHA Queen Att.3 Senior Scholarship. DONALD EASTRIDGE F. F. A. l-5-43 Class Play 5-4. JOHN KELL Football 2-5-43 Chorus lg Class Play 43 Bas- ketball l. BARBARA LAMBERT Band l-2-5-43 Operetta 1-23 Annual Staff 43 Orchestra 2-5-43 FHA l-2-5-43 GAA 43 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Sec. Athletic Board 33 Prince of Peace 3-43 Class Play 5-43 Home- coming Att. 43 Senior Scholarship Test 43 Class Officer 2-5. CAROLYN WENTWORTH Band I-Z-S-43 Orchestra 2-S-43 Prince Peace 5-43 GAA 43 FHA l-2-3-43 Class Officer 1-2- 5-43 Annual Editor 43 Class Play 5-43 Operetta l-23 Chorus 1-2-5-43 Homecoming Att. 43 Cam- era Club 23 Scholarship Test I3 Senior Schol- arship. RICHARD DETLING Basketball l-2-5-43 Football 5-43 Baseball l-2-5-43 Class Play 5-43 Annual Staff 43 Class Prasident 2-43 Latin Club 1-2-33 Senior Scholarship: Scholarship Test. E IOR RODNEY STEED Basketball 1-22 F. F. A. 1-3-43 Class Play 3-43 Operetta 13 Class Officer 2-33 Chorus 1. NANCY LENKER Band 1-2-3-43 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Orchestra 23 GAA 43 Latin Club 1-2-33 Homecoming Att.3 Class Play 43 Operetta 1-2. MARLENE TAYLOR FHA 43 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Mixed Chorus 1-23 Senior Playg Secretary lg Annual Staff 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Scholarship Tests 1-33 May Queen Att. 13 Senior Scholarship. ROBERT TURNER F. F. A. 1-3-43 Class Play 3-43 Annual Staff 43 Class Officer 43 Chorus 1. ARTHUR FISCHER Band 3-43 Orchestra 33 FFA lg Football 3-43 Baseball 1-23 Class Play 3-43 Camera Club 23 Class President 33 Annual Staff 4. MARILYN WHITTINGTON Operetta 1-23 Camera Club 23 Latin Club 33 Annual Staff 4g Orchestra 2-3-43 Band 1-2-3-43 FHA 1-2-3-43 State Homemaker 33 GAA 43 Chorus 1-2-3-43 Prince of Peace 3-43 County and District Prince of Peace3 Class Play 3-43 FHA Queen Att.3 Scholar- ship Test 1-2-33 Senior Scholarship Test 4. E IDR JAMES BEISNER Basketball l-2-5-45 Football 5-45 Chorus 1-2-35 Band 15 Prince Peace 33 FFA l-3-45 Camera Club5 Class Play 5-45 Operetta l. NAOMI GANGER Band l-2-5-45 Chorus 1-2-5-45 GAA 45 FHA 1-2-5-45 Class Play 3-45 Operetta 1-25 An- nual Staff 4. ALICE JENKINS Annual Staffg Class Play 4. MARILYN KING Class Play 5-45 FHA l-2-5-45 Annual Staff 45 Scholarship Test 2. S DARLENE NOWLIN Band 1-2-3-45 Chorus 1-2-3-45 Prince Peace 35 FHA 1-2-3-45 GAA 45 Operetta 1-25 Home- coming Att. 45 Class Play 5-45 Annual Staff. KAREN BOSTELMAN FHA l-2-5-45 Band l-2-3-45 Chorus l-2-5-45 Operetta l-25 Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 45 GAA 45 Cheer Leader 2-5-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 Senior Playg Prince Peace 35 Senior Scholarship. E IOR as MW K, A aww! aww WANDA POLING EARL JOLLEY PATRICIA WHITTINGTON Band 1-2-3-43 Chorus 1-2-5-43 Basketball 53 Football 43 Base- Cheerleader l-2-3-43 Band I-2- FHA I-2-3-43 Class Play 5-43 ball 5-43 Chorus 53 Flora and 5-43 Camera Club 23 FHA 1-2- Operetta I-23 GAA 4. Fauna Club 23 Band l-2-5-43 5-43 Chorus l-2-5-43 Class Play Class Play 5-43 Orchestra 5. 5-43 Orchestra 2-5-43 Class Of- Class Ufficors ficcr Z3 Annual Staff 43 Prince Peace 5: Opcretta I-Z. 10 SNAPSHOTS 11 , u""W"F UNIOR Top Row: junior Beamg Lewis Polingg Hubert Fellersg Robert Sandersg Roy Thornhillg Dwight Detling. Second Roux' Bill Croskeyg Jeanette Millerg Joyce Byrumg Villa Sublerg Ann Lecperg Ralph Middleton. Third Row: Donna Beisnerg Barbara Wheelerg Janet Shawg Martha Hannang Verna Mendenhallg Doris Whittaker. Fourth Rau: Charles Keaserg Gerald Sinkg Larry Replogleg T. J. Hostetterg Faren Van De Griftg Ivan Wombolt. Fifth Row: Mrs. Lanichg Marion Whittaker: Ruth Snyderg Norma Clawsong Mary Meade: Shirley White: Thomas Hile. Sixth Roux' Maxine Slyclerg Gayle Whittingtong Charlotte Oliverg Susan Guter- muthg Joyce Tester: Phyllis Marshall. I7 OPHO ORE Top Roux' Eugene Michaelg Bill Riegleg Robert Hamiltong jim Derr. Second Row: Ronald Winng Margie Hessong Madonna Hoeningg Betty 'jo Rossg Marlene Mclildowneyg Eldon Bankson. Third Row: Shirley Kellg Rheta Waltersg Ilene Eleyg Irene Eleyg Louise Tedderg Rosella Christian. Fourth Row: jack Munng Gary Stemleyg jack Good: Gene Camphellg Duana Beam. Fifth Row: Merrill Clappg jim Shiverdeckerg Shirley Goodg Velma Browng Jim Thwaitsg Lon Groschg Mr. Lucas. Sixth Roux' Anna Montoneyg Louise Carterg Kathleen Weyantg Joanne Keaserg Janice Matting Mary Hessong Shirley Subler. 13 FRE H EN Top Row: Albert Sheets, james Riffle, Rollie Detling, Donald Brumbaugh, Bill Gutermuth, Franklin Lenker, Earl Hannan, Roy Baker. Second Rona' David Campbell, Nadine jenkin- son, Pat Rodeheffer, joan Miller, Ruby Snider. Esther Brown, Bernice Dill, Norbert Lachat. Third Row: Shirley Leedom, Phyllis Subler, Dorothy Coby, Betty Strait, Margaret Swank, Arbadella Christian. Fourth Roux' Lawrence Elson, Jim Miller, Eddie Alexander, Jim Moody, David Burns. Fifth Row: Robert Lyme, Kenneth Replogle, Maxine Hamilton, Connie Went- worth, Jack Riegle, Tom Trittschuh, James Holzapfel. Sixth Roux' Mary Waggener, Bar- bara Montoney, Delores McEldowney, Marlene Detling, Lovernia Boone, Dorothy Waymire, Marilyn Slyder. Ahxeut: Lowell Bohman, Ruth Boone, Larry Bretr, Martha Clawson, Jerry Gibson, Darlene Gilleland, and jimmy Williams. 14 EIGHTH GRADE Top Roux' Eugene Sanders, Dick Mayo, Larry Lephart, jewel Thompson, jesse Boone, Gary Middleton. Second Row: jimmy Richards, Clarence Martino, Carol Riegle, Nila Wil- liams, Annola Snider, Gene Young, Donald Holderman. 'l'bi1'1l Roux' Shirley Barga, janet Leeper, Virginia Gibson, Viola Knapke, Sue Sink, Charlene White, Rose Ann Gleason. Fourth Roux' Franklin Cox, John Weyant, jerry Smith, Byron Roll, Homer Brewer, joe Whittington, Charles Voight. Fifth Row: jack Garbig, Bill Brumbuugh, Myra jean VanDe- Grift, Dorothy Kell, Jerry Campbell, Kenneth Buzzard, Philip Schlechty, Dick Wintring- ham. Sixth Row: Lois jean Burke, Barbara Sink, Toni Croskey, Deanna Holsapple, Kay Whittington, Mary Gigandet, Delores Taylor. 15 EVENTH GR DE Top Row: Herbert Osterloh, Gary Cothran, Rodney Subler, Gene Riegle, Donald Marshal, Charles Davenport, Robert Byrum, Francis Rose, Henry Hoggatt, Gary Pearson. Second Row: Max Subler, Tom Hall, jay Kimmel, james Mclildownev, Mark McGee, Bill Pence, Richard Tedder, john Birt, jim Montoney, George Anderson, Richard Winn. Third Row: Micheal Campbell, Lynn Clapp, Gary Shepherd, David Harbison, Richard Subler, Larry Sink, Jackie Striegel, Richard Burke, Kenneth Bostelman. Iionrlh Row: Lois Opper, Irene Gar- big, joan Barga, Phyllis Brumbaugh, Thelma Hiestand, Mary Baughman, Anita Henkaline, Edna Wilson, Patty Hopper, Thelma Beemer, Wanda Mendenhall. Fifth Row: Judy Ack- ley, Nancy Polly, Carol Peters, Viola Knapke, Iris Thwaits, Shirley Gibbons, Janice Riegle, Norma Nisonger, Sue Whittington, Marjorie Thompson, Shirley Hally. Sixth Row: Sandra Schlechty, joan Martino, Delores Boyd, Sharon Nowlin, Margaret Gigandet, Beverly Ed- wards, Barbara Replogle, Barbara Dickensheets, and Barbara Howard. 16 SNAPSHOTS . 1 " GR DE CHOOL F C LTY JESSE CORLE First Grade Ohio Northern AMY SHUMAKER First Grade B. S. Degree - Wittenberg VERA R. RANDALL Second Grade Wooster - Wittenberg ENID PUTERBAUG H Second Grade North Manchester TWILA ALEXANDER Third Grade Cadet - Anderson College ALICE SCHAFER Third Grade Miami University JOANNA DELAPLANE Fourth Grade B. S. Degree-Ohio State MARY HAPNER Fourth Grade N. Manchester, Miami, University of Colorado MABEL RENZ Fifth Grade Ohio U., Ohio Northern, Miami RUBY BURNS Fifth Grade Ohio Northern ERNEST GIBSON Sixth Grade Miami and Cedarville 18 SIXTH GR DE Front Row: Owen Gillilandg Harold WeyantgGera1l Harterg Larry Beisnerg Joe Campbellg Eugene Amspaugh, Jerry Waggoner. Second Row: June Homang Wilma Pearsong Donna Brandong Patty Skill- mang Roberta Thomasg Betty Straitg Ruby Worthington. Third Row: Patty Baughmang June Leeperg Janice Deeterg Shirley Kernsg Kay Longfellow: Patty Shaw: Shirley Pitsenberger. Fourth Roux' Jimmy Leisg Larry Coppessg Dwight Rollg Billy White: Marion Hannang Goetha Roclehefferg Wayne Brum- baughg Mr. Burns. Absent: Larry Goffenag Retha Waymire. ii Front Row: Ronnie Mayo: Larry Coby: Joyce Weaverg Danny Batten: Michael Riegleg Ronnie Riffleg Jerry Hiestand. Second Roux' Connie Voigtg Judy Lewisg Sandra Nowling Ruth Coxg Dorothy Lymeg Irma Groschg Janet Ervin. Third Roux' Barbara Thwaitsg Kay Billensteing Jane Andersong Bernie Sheetsg Barbara Roseg Jeanette Osterlohg Myrna Hopper. Fourth Roux' Mr. Gibsong Wayne Detlingg Jimmy VanDeGriftg Tony Waltersg Paul Knapkeg James Gleasong Charles Fosterg Joe Hucldle. Absent: Joan Youngg Benny Blackburn. 19 FIFTH GRADE Front Roux' Linda Ijirtg Lillian Hallg Shelba Edwardsg Diana Shawg Vera Gibsong Velma Gibsong Joyce McCulloughg Suzanne Smithg Carolyn Rismillerg Carbl Happer. Second Row: Tuna Collettg Junior Jol- leyg Carolyn Brumbaughq Yvonne Snyderg Judy Bur Ierteg Judy Derrg Nancy Pearsong Carol Hamiltong Alfred Bargag David Gangerg Ruby Burns. Third Row: Billy Polleyg Jerry Batteng Tommy Williams, Tummy Edwardsg Edward Swankg Teddy Bargag Rifhard Kernsg Jimmy Snyderg Roger Sanders. Front Row: Donnie Blumg Jimmy Boydg Jim Whittingtong Harold Pearsong George Bitner. Second Row: Alice Martinog Carol Hayseg Jeanette Shefferg Mary Alice Sheets: Glenna Howardg Willa Youngg Lin- da Winng Roberta Riegleg Betty Thompson. Tfairzl Roux' Norma Pitsenbergerg Evelyn Bairdg Marcella Clawsong Wanda Eleyg Judy Brewerg Sharon Irwilg Mary Mendenhallg Peggy Richardsg Mrs. Renz. Iiourlla Row: Larry Roseg Wayne Gilbertg Tom Gibhonsg Larry Bakerg Mark Knapkeg Orville Niekampg Jerry Bargag Jimmy Baker. 20 FOURTH GR DE First Roux' Wayne Bryson, Linda Coppess, jerilyn Young, Joyce Beemer, Mary Ann Hall, Violet Snyder, Marlene Rhoades, Phyllis Robison, Rosemary Garbig. and Larry Walters. Second Row: John Burkett. john Campbell, Gary Young, Nelson Weaver, Roger Curtis. Thomas Shepherd. jack Hunt, Tommy McEldowney, Eldon Bruner. and Mrs. Joanna Delaplane. Ifronl Razr: Billy Bitnerg Julia Campbellg Katie Bakerg Patsy Mayog Ronald Bargag Marilyn Schlim- merg Leon Howardg joan Kelly Carol Hamang Jean Waggonerg Ralph Boyd. Second Row: Elvin Daven- portg Herbert Brewurg Jerry Halley: james Meadeg Benton Oliver: Tom McGeeg Gale Yorkg Merlin Grouschg Mary Hapner. Pl THIRD GR DE Front Row: jimmy Erwin, Ronald Belsner, Dick Rowland, Bobby Voigt, Leslie Brandon, Andy Barga, juin'or Young. Secnnd Row: Patty Richards, Marjorie Byrum, Shirley Robison, Gertie Osterloh, Joan Wfhistington, Thelma Baker, Edna Baker, Karen Thomas, Nancy Steed, Carolyn Hall. Third Razr: Georgia Baughman, Kay Coppess, Arlene Carter, Phyllis Fullroth, Marilyn Delaplane, Nancy Marker, Joyce Adams, Sandra Lambert, Martha Detling, Alice Schafer. Fourth Roux' George Throp, Michael Wright, johnny Sheets, Leroy Billenstein, Charles Prasuhn, Billy Buzzard, and Larry Alexander. Front Row: Charles Swank, Larry Peters, Gary Boolman, Gary Baker, Alan McGlinch, Gary Hoggatt Gary Burns. Second Row: jackie Riegle, Brenda Taylor, Rita Gigandet, Janet Hupe, Barbara Detling, Marilyn Rose, Martha Billenstein, Sue Baker, Bobby Curtis. Third Rout: Judy Pearson, Gloria Vernon Barbara Weyant, janet Leis, Rosemary McEldowney, Mary A. Poling, Patricia Beemer, Twila Alexan- der. Fom-tb Row: jim Kell, Philip Eikenberry, jack Smith, Larry Delaplane, Ted Trittshuh, Tex Cot- trell, Bobby Brandt. 22 C0 D GR DE Front Roux' Susan Boyd, Barbara Wright, Sharon Subler, Connie Edwards, Ann Barga, Phyllis Eley, Phyllis Weyant, Marsha Williams, Jane Gigandet. Second Roux' Bobby Sink, Carl Baker, Lester Claw- son, Janet Gigandet, Wanda Birt, Diane Snyder, Marilyn Baird, Carol Barga, Joe Young, Carl York, Mrs. Puterbaugh. 'l'lJird Row: Johnny Middleton, Mark Slyder, Eugene Atherton, Jerry Knapke, Tommy Gleason, Tom Nisonger, Bobby Staver. Front Row: Connie Blackburn, Judith Birt, Judith Polley, Jeanie Gilliland, Rowena Sheffer, Darlene Butts, Marcella Hannan, Jane Baughman, Barbara Boone, Carol Gilbert. Second Row: Linda Garbig, Arthur Beseker, Johnny Rismiller, Barbara Wilson, Ruth Osterloh, Sharon Hufford, Judith Throp, Sheridan Jenkinson, Darrel Trittschuh, Donna Martino, Vera Randall. Third Row: Scotty Sheffer, Robin Ault, Virgil Rismiller, Nicholas Poeppleman, Junior Fulroth, Gary Weaver, Keith Schlecthy. 23 FIRST GRADE Front Row: Sharon Barga, Linda Bitner, Barbara Hasted, Sandra Beemer, Joyce Deubner, Sharon Brew- er, Mary Ann Brandt, Mary Homan, Clara Swank, Carolyn Birt. Ser,-and Row: Gary Brumbaugh, jenie Clowse, Carl McEldowney, Ronnie Thwaits, Donn Thornhill, jimmy Burns, Michael Boyd, Earl Goewert, Marion Price, Dick Coampbell, Charles Hlll, jesse Corle. Third Row: Keith Howard, Jimmy Hosted, Bobby Peters, Berry McClear, Dean Marshall, Galen Eikenberry, Johnny Edwards. Front Row: Ralph Boone. Johnny Boyd, Linda R iffle, Ethel Taylor, Barbara Campbell, Judy Barga, janet Mendenhall, linda Beisner, Marilon Weyant, Tom Lewis, Jerry Seiber. Second Row: David Cul- tice, Roger Stewart, Dale Michael, Karen Walters, Edna Metzcar, Ronnie Deeter, Carolyn Weitemier, Dottie Baker, Jerry Thomas, Kenneth Erwin, Ronnie Voke. Third Row: Roger Oliver, Barbara Ather- ton, jim Alexander, Sue Fullrod, Dan Sheets, Johnny Huddle, Ruth Ann Billenstein, and Amy Shu- maker. 24 1" A CTIVITE: D E 1 D 9 :E 5 0 A T 1 H 0 0 N M 0 E F C 0 F 0 M 0 I T N B G A L L A N li D E L l D -1-1 srl I5 Q CJ d all 6611 ll , WMM i arbara Lambert B R LO E TAY EN MARL Carolyn Wentworth Nancy Lenker Nowlin Darlene ANSONI HIGH CHOOL BAND The Ansonia Band under the direction of Wesley Haines consists of approximately fifty members. Nine senior members will graduate this year. This year the band presented marching maneuvers at nearly all the Football games and at all home league basketball games. During the year the hand played a radio concert. Later it will appear in two spring music festivals. 28 g u fi Mary Meade and Head Majorctte, Carolyn Wentworth Naomi Ganger, Carolyn Wentworth, Darlene Nowlin Mary Meade, Roda Hoggatt, and Wanda Poling. Wanda Poling Reda Hoggatt 29 GIRL'S CHORUS The Ansonia Girls Chorus has been directed by W'esley Haines. This chorus is divided into two groups. Both groups participated in the Christmas program. The one group sang for the Rossburg Institute. The chorus sang in the Tri-School festival at Union City. F. F. A. The F. F. A. consists of thirty three members. The advisor of the F. F. A. is Earl Kantner. During the year this organization and the F. H. A. sponsored a very successful fall fair. The F. F. A. has sponsored many other worthwhile activities this year. 50 SENIOR C ASS PLAY 6'Love Your Neighbor" Tessy Vaski, who lives in a little Iowa town, is about to marry glamour lad. Ozzy Fredrick, a Chicago A neighbor and ex-marine, Johnny jones has a candy business including bees. While Tessy and Ozzy are romancing, one of the bees stings Tessy's lip. Indignant Tessy Calls johnny and in a few minutes he comes to render first aid. Ozzy intrudes while johnny is kissing Tessy. Discovering that Tessy is engaged, johnny assists with the wedding. johnny went to find a minister for the wedding but didn't bring one back. The wedding is further complicated when Ozzy's aunt trys to force business. Tessy becomes enraged at the unfair treatment Johnny is getting South honeysuckle, Dixie jones, inquires about Johnny saying that she is his At this, Tessy decides at once to marry Ozzy. They are at the "I do" break loose. In the end Dixie finds she has the wrong Johnny Jones. Johnny gets of Tessy's twin sisters who he has been sweet on all along. 31 Johnny out of the candy . About this time a Deep- wife. stage when Johnny's bees Tessy and Ozzy gets one F. H. . Ansonia's F. H. A. chapter consists of approximately 70 members. Alice Kuester is the advisor of the local F. H. A. With the help of the F. F. A. this organization sponsored a fall fair. The organization creates much interest in the community by sponsoring an annual community fun night. 37 G... Front Row: Barbara Wheeler, Connie Wentworth, Gayle Whittington, Marilyn Whit- tington, Karen Bostelman, Barbara Lambert, Betty jo Ross, Marilyn Slyder. Second Row: Norma Clawson, Nadine Jenkinson, Madonna Hoening, Esther Brown, Shirley Kell, Carolyn Wentworth, Phyllis Subler, Janice Martin, Louise Carter, Louise Tcddcr, Miss Opper Advisor. Front Row: Mary Waggoner, Kathleen Weyant, joan Keaser, Marlene Detling, Martha Hannan, Arbadella Christian, Doris Whittaker. Second Row: Anna Montoney, Barbara Montoney, Nancy Lenker, Wanda Poling, Darlene Nc-wlin, Joyce Tester, Pat Whit- tington. Third Row: Naomi Ganger, Velma Brown, Maxine Hamiliton, Joan Oliver, Shirley Good, Donna Mae Beisner. 53 G. A. . The local G. A. A. Chapter consists of approximately 40 members. The advisor of this group is Lois Opper. This group sponsored a recreation night during the past year. Since this is a newly organized chapter they expect to do much more in the coming year. 34 Bl BAR The old bus barn located on East Canal Street burned in the spring of 1950. A new barn was erected in the late fall of 1950 on a lot in back of the school building. The ap- proximate cost of the barn was 37.000, It now houses rwelxe buses. DRIVER ,M .. -.-55, W - 1 Rob lee, Delton Weaver, Raymond Marker, john Kell, Edgar Fullroth, jack Westfall, Doyle Morrow, Elmer Mauk, Ronald Riffle, Delmar Mikesell. 35 SCHOOL PERSONNEL Top: Cooks - Velma Wentworth, Thelma Lephart, and Ruby Hunt Bottrml: Custodians - Cloyd Erwin and John Kell. 36 BOY COUTS Pictured above is the Ansonia Boy Scout Troop No. 1l4. Included in the picture are five Rossburg Scouts who attend school at Ansonia. There are approximately twenty active members in the Ansonia Troop. Their Scout Master is Ernest Voigt. This summer the troops plan to attend the Wayne Lakes and the Treaty City Camporees. Several of the boys are planning to go to Camp Cricket Holler. The Scouts are also going to have several community projects, picnics, and various other activities. 37 DEDIC T10 The seniors of 1950 erected a flagpole on the new football field in memory of Marvin Clawson. Marvin a graduate of the l950 class lost his life in a drowning accident. 58 .4- i ...- THLETI FOOTBALL SQU First Row: Student managers junior Jolley, Gene Yonng, Larry Coppess, and jim Montoney. Second Row: Charles Keaser, Jim Derr, Gerald Sink, jim Beisner, Art Fischer, Jack Good, and Jack Munn. Third Row: Dwight Detling, Earl Jolley, Marion Whittaker, John Kell, Faren VanDeGrift, Dick Detling, Ralph Middleton, and Gene Campbell. Fourth Row: Tom Trittschuh, Don Brumhaugh, Bill Gutermuth, David Burns, Gary Stemley, Eldon Bankson, and Rollie Detling. Coaches, Dick Wintringham, Jim Holzapfel, and jim Hopkins. CHEERLE DERS Left to Right: Irene Eley, Karen Bostelman, Pat Whittington, and Ilene Eley. 40 JACK MUNN JIM BEISNER JIM DERR JACK GOOD L. E. CENTER L. T. R. T. F. VAN DE GRIFT JOHN KELL ART FISCHER DICK DETLING Q. B. ' F. B. L. G. L. H. GENE CAMPBELL DWIGHT DETLING MARION Q. B. H. B. WHITTAKER H. B. -11 CHARLES KEASER GERALD SINK RALPH MIDDLETON EARL JOLLEY R. E. R. G. TACKLE F. B. D D'S NIGHT Dadls night was when the fathers of the football players were recognized. The fathers are pictured above with numbers corresponding to the numbers on their son's football uniforms. Reading from left to right: M. S. VanDeGrift, Charles Stemley, jet Sink, Clifford Munn, Lloyd Tritschuh, John Beisner, Rolly Detling, Clarence Thwaits, Orville Brumbaugh, Nevin Derr, john Kell. Chance Detling, Albert Jolley, john Fischer, C. F. Keaser, and Ross Middleton. -4 F URMATION ACTION KETB LL VARSITY: Kneeling: Dick Detling, Faren VanDeGrift, Charles Keaser, Gene Campbell, jim Thwaits, and student manager Tom Trittschuh. Standing: Gerald Sink, Roger Sanders, jim Beisner, jim Dcrr, jack Munn, and Coach jim Holzapfel. RESERVES: Kneeling: Larry Bretz, Marion Whittaker, Wayne Sanders, and Dwight Detling. Standing: Rollie Detling, Gary Stemley, Don Brumbaugh, Ivan Wombolt, Bill Gutermuth and Coach Dick Wintringham. 44 VARSITY TEAM VARSITY Gene Campbell Guard Charles Keaser Forward Faren Van De Grift Guard Gerald Sink Center Dick Detling Forward 45 CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL Gettysburg . , . . 53 Ansonia , . Sidney H. A. . . , . 46 Ansonia . . Union City . . , . . 65 Ansonia . . Versailles . . . , . 59 Ansonia . . jackson . . . , . 57 Ansonia . . Bradford .... . . 54 Ansonia . . Versailles ..... . . . 62 Ansonia . . College Corner , . . 70 Ansonia . New Madison . . . 80 Ansonia . . Franklin .... . , 54 Ansonia . . Russia ....... . . . Sl Ansonia . . Palestine .... . . . 65 Ansonia . . Hollansburg , . . . 49 Ansonia . . Monroe ..... . . . 41 Ansonia , . Covington . . , . . , 44 Ansonia . . hllOURNAlNTlfN'l' New Madison . , . 58 Ansonia . , Union City . , . . 52 Ansonia , . 46 Sl 58 56 56 4l 40 27 42 62 47 28 45 51 47 55 45 il ,IU IOR HIGH TEAM Reading left to right: Coach Fred Keenan. Kenny Bostelmnn, Phil Schlccty, Jerry Smith, Don Marshall, joe Whittington, Homer Brewer, jerry Campbell, Don Holdcrman, jack Gurbig, and jim Montoncy. UNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADER Myra Jean VanDeGrift, Shirley Barga, Sue Whittington, Barbara Sink, and Sandra Schlecty. -17 SNAPSHOTS 1 5 Q i 48 CLASS ACTIVITIES CLASS ACTIVITIES Pictured above is Wesley Haines with the Eighth Grade Boy's Chorus. Mr. Haines has taught school three and one-half years. He taught in the New Antioch Local School his first half year. After that he taught in the Elizabeth Township school for two years. This is Mr. Haines' first year in the Ansonia High School. Lois Opper is pictured above with one of her Girls Physical Education Classes. This is Miss Opper's first year of teaching. Her home town is at Elyria, O. '30 CLASS ACTIVITIES Basil Ganas is pictured above with an Industrial Arts Class. This is Mr. Ganas' first year of teaching. Mr. Ganas' home is located in Parma, Ohio. The Ansonia library is under the supervision of .Ioan Walradth. Mrs. Waldradth is pictured above with two of her helpers. The library has received many new books this year and has several new book shelves. SI CLASS ACTIVITIES Pictured above with a group of Home Economics students is Alice Kuester. Mrs. Kuester has taught school eleven and one-half years. She taught in the De- Graff School three years. Following that she taught in the jackson Township School two years. Mrs. Kuester has taught in the Ansonia High School six and one half years. Her home town is Palestine, Ohio. Earl Kantner is pictured above with his Vocational Agriculture Class. This is Mr. Kantner's first year of teaching. Mr. Kantner's home town is Wapako- neta, Ohio. 52 CLASS ACTIVITIES Pictured above with the Advanced Typing Class is Berl Walradth. Mr. Walradth has taught school for two years, both years have been spent at the An- sonia High School. Mr. Walraclth's home is located near Muncie, Indiana. john Lucas is pictured above with the biology class. He has taught school two years and both years have been spent at Ansonia. Mr. Lucas's home town is in Willard, Ohio. 55 CLASS ACTIVITIES Fred Keenan is pictured above with the Freshman Science Class. This is Mr. Keenan's fourth year of teaching. His first year he taught at Roundhead, Ohio. He then taught at DeGraff, Ohio for two and one half years and leaving after the first semester he came to Ansonia. His home town is in DeGraff. Dwight Salzman is pictured above with the Seventh Grade Literature Class. Mr. Salzman has taught twenty-four years of school. His first year was in Sauderton, Pennsylvania. Mr. Salzman taught in the Greenville High School twenty-one years before coming to Ansonia. He has been in the Ansonia School two years. Mr. Salzman's home town is Bloomington, Illinois. 54 CLASS ACTIVITIE Richard Wintringham is pictured above with the junior History Class. This is Mr. Wintringham's second year of teaching, both at Ansonia. Last year he taught the fifth and sixth grade and this year he teaches social studies in the high school. His home is at Sidney, Ohio. , :Eli ..:.f.:s:-.::::::.s-" -::'-few1:.:.:.:s:ss:s:1:.:a:a:1-::::': V x www? mwwwwwwkt Pictured above with the Senior English Class is Clyde Corle. Mr. Corle has taught school twenty-four years. Twelve years of his teaching was spent in various county schools. Mr. Corle taught in Greenville High School ten years. He has been superintendent at Ansonia two years. Mr. Corle's home town is Wootlington, Ohio. Si CLASS ACTIVITIES Anna Lanich is pictured above with the junior English Class. Mrs. Lanich has taught ten years in various Darke County Schools. The last two years she has taught in the Ansonia High School. Mrs. Lanich's home town is Yorkshire, O. james Holzapfel is pictured above with the Eighth Grade History Class. This is Mr. Holzapfel's first year of teaching. His home is in Greenville, Ohio where he now resides. SU Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. SCHOOL ALENDAR 5-School Opens 8-Football Preview CPiquaJ 15--Ross Township Game QHereJ 22-Beavercreek Game iHere7 27-Sophomore Hayride 29-Piqua Catholic Game lHereJ 4-Eighth Grade Hayride 5--F. H. A. Picnics 6-Covington Game CThereJ 10-County Teachers Meeting 12-Annual Pictures CSeniorsJ 15-Minster Game QThereJ 17-Kilties Assembly 18-F. H. A. Dance 19-F. H. A. T. V. Tea 20-Homecoming-Bradford Game QHereJ 24-Faculty Party 27-W'est Alexander Game lTherel 28-Rossburg Halloween 50-Ansonia Halloween 1-Mrs. Swarthout Assembly 2-St. Johns Game lHereJ 7-Election Day 5-State Teachers Meeting 9- 10-Senior Play 10-Brittons Assembly 14-F. H. A. Rally 16-League Meeting 17-Basketball, Gettysburg lThereJ 18--Junior Class Market 22-Sidney Holy Angels Game QHereD 25-24-Thanksgiving 25-BLIZZARD OF 1950 7-Every Pupils Test 8-Arcanum Game CHereJ 15-Piqua Catholic fThereD 15-Union City Game CHereJ 16-Versailles Game 1HereJ 19-Jackson Game fThereJ 20-Caroling Party 21-Christmas Program 22-Bradford Game CThereJ Dec. 23-Senior Market 29-30-Invitational Tourney Jan. Feb. Mar. April May 9-School Reopens 10--Boy Scout Court of Honor 11-Exams 12-Franklin Game CHereJ 15-Career Day 16-Russia Game fThereJ 19-Palestine Game 1Thereb 24-john Deere Day 26-Hollansburg Game 4Hereb 31-Career Night 6-Monroe Game fl-lereb 9-Covington Game and Senior Tests 12-Junior Assembly 22-W'ashington's Birthday 24-Tourney Finals 26-F, F. A. Assembly 28--Business Men's Dance Z-Grade Tourney 7--F. F. A. Banquet 4 ' N 8-F. H. A. Community Fun 13-Ferguson Program 14-Recreation Night 16-Spring Musical 21-Senior Skating Party 23-Good Friday 24-Senior Market 25-Easter 27-Ciphering Match 28-Soph. Recreation Night 50-Tri School Festival 6-Every pupils test 12-State Scholarship Tests 20-Eighth Grade Tests 3-4-Junior Class Play ll-Miami Valley Band Festival 1 5-Baccalaureate 17-Commencement 18--Alumni Banquet 21-School Dismissed ight ANNUAL STAFF Editor ..... Ass't Editor ...... Sports Editor ..,.. Ass't Sports Editor . . . Activities Editor .... Ass't Activities Editor Carolyn Wentworth . . . Barbara Lambert . . . . .. Dick Detling Art Fischer . . . Darlene Nowlin Marilyn Whittington Class Editor .......... .... K aren Bostelman Ass't Class Editor .. . Art Editor ........ Ass't Art Editor Snap Editor . . . . . Asslt Snap Editor ..... Business Manager ...... Ass't Business Manager Advisor ............ . . . . . Reda Hoggatt . . . Alice jenkins . , . . Marilyn King . . . . . Naomi Ganger .. . Pat Whittington ...... Bob Turner . . . Marlene Taylor .. Berl E. Walradth SENIORS EDITORS Gayle Whittington Shirley White 59 Carolyn Wentworth Barbara Lambert JUNIORS AUTOGRAPHS tTi.A'-lli V , mx. ' 1, X X H 5 V 3: r I i , I 1 ze 'i 'f I ' ff i, P' 3 .. V -r '1, if ,.,,. FJ 1 ' ' 5 3 .Q i I. 1,5 3 ' 5 . 1 , , V . 4 :V ,xi - Qi -1 15 ' V ,Li , . ., ,N . Q 'gif E , I 'f W VL 3 I . , W - : , L . ,Qw ,- li W fl 5441 EZ' --EW? 'L H" E '. fl' Cl. iii: , -vxfgfmii 3

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