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PROLOGUE All hands on deck! All hands on desk! Another nine-month cruise of this educational voyage of ours has just been completed. The anchor has just been lowered and we seniors will soon disembark from this faithful old ship to enter our own little life boats and go our separate ways. It has been an eventfufl year and a pleasant one which we shall want to keep in our memories during the many years to come. We seniors have been anticipating this desire, so we kept a careful log of this journey which we present to you now in the form of the Oracle- May you keep it and cherish it in the memory of this 1940-41 cruise aboard this mighty old ship, our school. FACU LTY Row One 1- Mr. Bales, Superintendent, Mr- Schneider, Principal, Miss McKinley, English, Mr Walker, Coach: Mr. Collins, Industrial Arts and Science. RCW T'.vo:- Mr. Peoples, Vocational Agriculture: Miss Allen, Commercial, Miss Birt, Vocation al Home Economics, Mrs- Bales, Junior High, Mr. Frye, Music and Art- CAPTAIN Mr. J. Earl Bales, our superintendent, has just completed his second year here in Ansonia He graduated from Depauw University and received his Master's degree from Indiana Univer sity. He came to us directly from McKinley S, hool near Winchester, Indiana. His Quiet manner and sociability have gain ed him the love and respect of both students anc parents. He likes sports and especially enjoys participating in baseball activities. Mr. Bales has done much to advance our sc hool and has done his best to put our dear old A. H. S. in the "front ranks". He Worked very hard to get our district centralized and he wa: quite instrumental in arousing sentiment for a r.ew building project. Thank you, Mr. Bales. We hope that you will continue your excellent work here at An sonia High School for many years to come. FIRSTMATE Mr. Frank E. Schneider, our principal, has been here longer than any other out-of-towi teacher in the building. He came here in the fall of 1935 as a science and mathematics teacher He spent his earlier days at Hamilton, Ohio, and later attended Ohio State University Where hi received both his B. S- and M. A. degrees. Mr. Schneider is a sincere, hard worker who is al ways doing his best to make our school a better one. The seniors wish to take this opportunitg to thank Mr. Schneider for his assistance to us in getting over the milestones of our high schoo days. THE CREW MISS LOUISE MCKINLEY, our English teacher, was born in Indiana but we claim her as a Buckeye because she has made her home in our state for several years. She came to us from Miami University and has had charge of English, French, and publlic speaking during her three years here in Ansonia. This year she has been junior class sponsor and has coached both the junior and senior plays- She has also introduced choric reading to A. H. S. this year. Miss McKinley is a jolly, fun-loving person who adds much spirit to the school. May she continue her splendid work at Ansonia High School. MR- HOWARD WALKER, our coach. is also an Indiana man. He graduated from Earl- ham College, Richmond, Indiana, where he was a member of the varsity basketball team and was a participant in many other organizations. Mr. Walker's gentlemanly ways have won for him the respect of all those w.ho know him, He spends his spare time working with his hob- bies - beekeeping, collecting Indian stones, and remodeling school houses. Mr. Walker has done much to improve the Ansonia basketball team- May he continue his good work! MR. PAUL COLLINS is quiet and reserved but well-liked by all students. This was his first year at Ansonia, his subjects being: industrial arts, science and mathematics. He received his college training at Wilmington College, Whittier College in California, and the University of Southern California. Besides teaching, Mr. Collins has held positions as assistant biologist at Wilmington College, assistant to county superintendent, and state game management agent- His extra-curricular activities this year .have included being sponsor of the freshman class. MR. ROBERT PEOPLES, our vocational agriculture instructor. came to Ansonia in the fall of 1937. He received his degrees from Ohio State University, and had formerly taught agricul- ture at Willshire, Ohio. He is sponsor of the Future Farmers organization, and with this or- ganization has instituted a Fall Fair project which has become an annual event. Mr- Peoples has a sincere interest in his field. Just this Spring he moved to a farm so that he can "practice what he preaches". MISS MAXINE ALLEN is another Hoosier- She came to us three years ago from Ball State College, Muncie, Indiana, to take charge of the Commercial Department. In addition to teaching all commercial subjects, she has served as senior class advisor and as sponsor of the "Ansonia Memengern and the "Oraclle". Miss Allen possesses a sweet personality which has gained her many friends here in Ansonia. She is always lending a helping hand to those in need- The Seniors are especially grateful to her for she has been their main counselor through- out the year. Our appreciation and gratitude is extended to you, Miss Allen! MISS THELMA BIRT can be called a home-town girl because she is a graduate of our own high school and has lived in this vicinity all of her life. She has charge of the Home Econom- ics Department, heads the F. H- A., and manages the school cafeteria. Miss Birt received her college training at Miami University and taught vocational home economics one year at Rock- ford, Ohio. before she came to Ansonia in the fall of 1939. Perserverance is Miss Birt's strong- est trait. She never leaves a task until it is finished. She puts her whole heart into her work and has done a fine job of managing the Home Economics Department. MRS- PAULINE W. BALES has commanded the respect of everyone who knows her through her faithful service and understanding manner with boys and girls. If we were tak- ing a vote on the best-liked and most capable teacher in Ansonia High School, Miss Pauline would come through with flying colors. We Ansonia students are especially proud of Miss Pauline because she is a product of our own community- She was born in Ansonia and graduat- ed from Ansonia High School. She also attended Miami University, the Cincinnati Conserva- tory of Music, and the Wabash School of Music. We wish to express our gratitude to her for her assistance and inspiration to us, and we join with the whole community in thanking her for the many hours she has spent in playing the accompaniment for various programs which have been presented. May she be amply rewarded for the efforts which she has put forth. MR. HARVEY FRYE, our music and art instructor is from Illinois. He received his train- ing at Depauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, where he was affiliated with many music 01" ganizations. He is an accomplished musician and can play almost any instrument, but his choice seems to be the violin- Mr. Frye and the art class have 610116 much to help the UGWSPRD' er and annual staffs with cover pages, small cuts, and title pages. We thank you, Mr. Frye, for the help which you have given us. STAFF This page is sponsored by i RAY HANSBARGER 6 SON Greenville. Ohio l Row One :- Marjorie Lyons, Robert Smith, Sue Ann Brown, Paul Dohse, June Turner. Row Two:-- Phyll's Beisner, Harry Jones, Lila Hanna, Wayne Henkaline, Annabel Hart. Row Threez- Rollin Ary, Wanda Poling, Loweil Hittle, Gertrude Gray, Miss Alleng The newspaper and annual staffs were comprised of mainly the same people. Both pro- jects were carried by those people in the commercial department and they wish to thank .thi other seniors and the teachers who helped them- ORACLE STAFF ANSONIA MESSENGER STAFF' Editor ............................................ Marjgrie Lyons Editgr ............................................ MaI'j0I'ie Lyons .Business Manager ------- .-..-..- R obert Smith ASSiStaHt l5dlit0r ---'--- -'.------ S ue Ann Brovg .Assistant Editor --.-------- ---..-.. P hyllis Beisner Sports Edltof """""" """"" R' obert Sml R . , Asst. Sports Editor ---.---- -------------- P aul Dohse Advertising Manager -----.-.------- Sue Ann Brown Literary Editor ,,...... .,.,.,..,,,,,, P hyuis Beisnel Circulation Manager ---------------- Gertrude Gray Feature Editor ----..---- .------- W ayne Henkaline Literary Editors .......................... Wanda Poling, Allunmnl Reporter """" """"""" Hagryfgqpes Lila Hanna, Annabel Hart, June Turner, g0f1a1.RZ3Z1lef """" """" 1 21: W H k l. , P ID h u rganiz ........... .......... ' , aim? en a me an 0 Se High School News ...... ....... L owellH1ttle Plcture Iqdltgrg .................... ......... Harry Jones, Current Events ..'...... ........ R ouin Am Rollin Ary, Lowell Hittle. Grade News ....,...,,, ,.,,,,,, J une Tm-nel Sponsgr .................................................. Miss Allen Sponsgr ............................... ............... M iss Allel' The Seniors published five monthly issues of the "Ansonia Messenger" before they turnec it over to the Juniors- The experience which they had with the paper helped them greatly il the editing' of the annual. They have put forth their best efforts to make this one of the finesi annuals ever edited at A. H. S- They hope you enjoy it as much as they enjoyed editing it fo1 you. A SENIORS The emotions of we Seniors are divided at this time. We are happy to have been the hon- ored guests on this last educational voyage which ends our high school career, and to know that we have completed such an important part of our lives. We are sad to know that it is time for us to leave our friends and classmates and go our separate ways, knowing that we will probably never again meet together as a group- We are a little perplexed as we look into the future and realize that from now on we are going to have to map our own lives and make our own decisions in this world. We are grateful to those teachers who have given so willing of their services that we might have every opportunity for a well-rounded education which would fit us for what is ahead- We are envious of the underclassmen whom we leave behind, and we wish that we could instil in them a desire to grasp every opportunity which is offered to them to enrich their brain with knowledge and develop their personalities for better social enjoy- ment. We are just now beginning to realize and appreciate the value of the opportunities which have been offered to us: wishing that we might have taken better advantage of them. We believe that we have a class whose members are capable of going places. Some of them have already proven that they can go into competition with students from other schools, as well as with students from our own school, and "bring home the bacon" so to speak. Mar- jorie Lyons competed with students from the entire county and won two contests in one week. Robert Smith made a name for himself, as well as for the school, when he was chosen all-county forward at the Darke County Basketball Tournament. Paul Dohse was selected as honorary captain of our basketball team. Basil Timmons was one of the most valuable members of our basketball team. Phyllis Beisner and Paufline George served as cheerleaders during the bas- ketball season. Rollin Ary and Harry Jones were the basketball managers during the season. Cecil Bard was president of the F. F. A. during the Senior year and last fall he won the corn husking contest- Sue Ann Brown has made a name for herself in music and dramatics. Anna- bel Hart was president of the F. H. A. during the Junior year and has always proven .herself capable of taking over responsiblities. Paul Dohse, Basil Timmons, Robert Smith, and Paul Niley were member of the baseball team. Several of the girls have served as librarians and office, girls during the year- The Seniors have carried on several activities during the year which include the annual, the newspaper, the Senior play, and the Christmas dance. Sue Ann Brown had the title role in the play, "Pigtai1s". The other members of the cast were: Lowell Hittle, Wanda Poling, Harry Jones, Marjorie Lyons, Phyllis Beisner, Pauline George, June Turner, Annabel Hart, Basil Timmons, Wayne Henkaline and Joanne Martin. - There is no question in the mind of anyone that we have the "arguingest" class in school. After much deliberation, we were able to decide on our invitations, name cards, and dress for graduation. The girls wore navy blue and white dressess which looked quite pretty on that memorable night of May 23, 1941. Our llast activity together was a trip through the "bluegrass country" on the 26th and 27th of May- It was a joyous way to end our association together and a trip which we shall never forget. As we make our departure from Ansonia High School we make our pledge to do our best in making this a better world in which to live. So long, A. H. S., we love you. CLASS OFFICERS I, . ..,. , L , i L ,F .. X Q gs 1 , gk g xt r e K Y' X .. iii S 5' 5 XS PAUL DoHsE ELLIS DETLING ROBERT sM1'r1-1 ELDON GERTRUDE GRAY SHIVERDECKER President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Rep0rter CLASS MOTTO: "Life is a Picture so Paint it VVell-" CLASS COLORS: Blue and White CLASS FLOWER: Blue Violets PAUL DOHSE, the president of our class, is a tall, handsome lad who is capable of being star center on anybody's basketball team. Four years of this game have given him the distinc- tion of being chosen honorary captain of the team. Paul is prominent in our commercial department, hav'ng served on both the newspaper and annual staffs. He is often seer roaming the halls with atom-chaser Henkaline. Paul believes in having a good time, bu1 nevertheless, his scholastic ability rates high. We're proud to claim him as an Ansonia graduate. ELLIS DETLING, our vice president, may be a little quiet and reserved, but we have a feeling he can make his own decisions without having anyone to tell him what to do. "Det's" fav orite pastime is getting together with "Shivy" and Bob and arguing about whose cal will go the fastest. Ellis played some basketball during his first year in high school bu1 since then his outside activities have been in connection with the F. F- A. He will nc doubt make an excellent farmer. ROBERT SMITH, our secretary, is probabily the busiest boy in the class. VVhen there isn't ang mischief to get into, Bob is more than likely getting advertising. If he isn't getting adver tising, he may be turning in annual money, typing a letter for somebody, practicing bas ketball, delivering papers, building a fire at the church, or doing some of the many othei jobs which he has. "Smitty" can be depended upon to do a job right- VVe have Bob t1 thank for the financial success of the annual: he did a fine job as business manager. ELDON SHIVERDECKER, our treasurer, has been with us for seven years, and a mighty fini fellow he is to have around. He has been an active member of the F. F. A. for four year: and has aways been on hand to do his share when there is extra work to be done- "Shivy' is another fellow who likes to spend his spare time talking about automobiles. We wisl you the best of luck, Eldon. GERTRUDE GRAY, our reporter, came to Ansonia during her Junior year. She puts spice int- English and Democracy classes by always being able to put up a good argument. "Gertie' has taken part in various senior activities and has been a member of the F. H. A. Gertrud has unbounded possibilities of climbing up the ladder of success. May she prosper in wha1 ever vocation she chooses! OUR CANDIDATE ' FOR SUCCESS 3 S2 A ROBERT SMITH Robert Smith has already shown us that he possesses certain qualities which are necessary to succeed in this world. First of all, he is a worker. He always has a job and is never afraid to take on another one- He is polite, dependable, honest, and capable of taking responsibilities. Bob also presents a neat appearance and has a friendly manner which enables him to meet the public and make friends with everyone he meets. Bob really did his share to put Ansonia in the headlines at the time of the Darke County Basketball Tournament when he was chosen all-county forward and almost captured the indi- vidual scoring honors. We Seniors are proud to have a member of our class who can compete with students from other schools and make such a good showing. Bob also won a trophy for making the highest percentage of free throws during the games this year. He won a similar trophy when he was a Junior. When we start summing up Bob's accomplishments, we find that he did other things be- sides play basketball- He was secretary of the Senior Class, business manager of the annual, sports editor of the school paper, business manager of the Senior play, chairman of the trip committee, and was a member of the baseball team. Bob was one of those people who took over the responsibilities connected with his particular jobs and did his share of the work. Like any other normal high school boy, Smitty gets into his share of mischief. He has a vast amount of energy that must be used up, so he usually finds a way to use it. When there is work to be done, however, Bob is on hand to see that it is done. Robert's scholastic record is nothing to be ashamed of either, because he holds one of the best records among the boys in the class. With a little more effort put on studies, he could have run the girls a good race for the top honors- We think Bob has many traits which will take him to the top if he uses them in the right way. Yes, we nominate Robert Smith Our Candidate for Success! FIRST IN BEAUTY? 5 FIRSTIN ' KNOWLEDGE MARJORIE LYONS When you find beauty and intelligence combined, you have something to be proud of and the Senior Class is proud to have Marjorie as one of its members. Marjorie's beauty won for her a contest which entitles her to a trip to Columbus. The judges for this contest were Hollywood talent scouts and the trip to Columbus includes a screen test. Wou.ldn't we be thrilled to have a member of the Class of 1941 in the movies? Marjorie's intelligence won for her a trip to Florida by way of the alcohol quiz contest in which she competed with winners from all of the schools in the county. The remarkable part about these contests was that she won both of them within a period of about fifteen hours- Marjorie is a person who leaves nothing undone. She is a thorough student who usually comes out at the top of the class in any project that is carried on. She is one of those few people who can maintain a high scholastic ranking without sacrificing the social part of school life. She ranks at the top of her class and yet takes part in many extra curricular activities. She usually has a prominent place in any organization to which she belongs. Among the duties which Marjorie has had during her Senior year were being editor of the annual and editor of the school paper. These were both difficult tasks which required much time and effort- Marjorie did an excellent piece of work with both of them. She was also quite a prominent member of the music organizations and had a part in the Senior play. Her consideration for other people probably accounts for Marjorie's many friends. Mar- jorie has a desire to always do the right thing, and anyone who keeps this point of View is going to get along in this world. We have confidence in you, Marjorie, and we shall be watching you. ANNABEL HART is one of those capable, level-headed girls who can be depended upon to do almost any job that is assigned to her. She makes a very good exeoutiveg she was president of the class during our Junior year and has also been president of the F- H. A. Annie is a good student and we hope she will be able to continue her schooling after graduation We wish you lots of luck and happiness, Annabel. WAYNE HENKALINE, the class humorist, keeps everybody in stitches with his witty remarks and clever responses to questions in class. "Hink" is one of the "greatest" chemists A. H. S. has ever turned out- Just ask him anything you want to know about this subject and Wayne will have an answer for you. He has participated in several activities, including the Senior play. Wayne's one and only, but very secret, ambition is to become a grease monkey in a filling station. PAULINE GEORGE is as friendly and cheerful as they make them. She is a sincere, loyal student who puts out her best at all times and tries to get the most out of everything she does. Pauline serv- ed as cheerleader during the basketball season and did a fine job. She had a part in the Senior play, served as a librarian, and work- ed in the offioe- If a fine personality will get you anywhere, Pauline will surely be successful. IOWELL HITTLE came to us from North Star, and proud we are to have him, too! He has been a member of the newspaper and an- nual staffs and also had a leading part in the Senior play. He is also a very good art student. Lowell is a good-looking, good-na- tured fellow who tends to his own business and gets his work done. Good luck, Lowell, we like you! PHYLLIS BEISNER is our auburn-haired, brown-eyed lass whom we would put in anybody's beauty contest. She has been a loyal mem- ber of Ansonia School for twelve years and ' has participated in many activities. She served as cheerleader for two years, was a member of the newspaper and annual staffs, and had a part in both the Junior and Senior plays- Phyllis has a good singing voice, and it would be al'l right with all of us if she would sing on every assembly program. We wish you the best, Phyllis, in your career of nursing. BASIL TIMMONS is another boy whose name we associate with sports. He played four years of varsity basketball and by the time he was a Senior he was one of those players we couldn't do without. He received three varsity "A's". Basil joined us as a Freshman, and his contagious smile and sense of humor have become indispens- able to all of us- We hope this world holds lots of happiness for you, Basil. A ' SUE ANN BROWN is another efficient and gifted member of our class who has had all twelve years of her schooling right here in An- sonia. Besides being a good scholar, Sue Ann has taken part in al- most all of the outside activities that have come along. She is a skilled trumpet player and is a member of the music organiza- tions. Her acting ability won her the title role in the Senior play. She was also a worthy member of the annual and newspaper staffs. HARRY JONES is the ladies' man of the Senior Class. He came to us from the New Weston grade school and has made friends all along the way during his four years at Ansonia. He has partici- pated in many extra-curricular activities and has proved himself worthy of the trusts that have been given him. Harry is a good actor, too, as he proved in the Senior play in which he had the leading male role. We know the future holds much for you, Harry. EI NORA HOGGATT has been with us for five years and a mighty fine classmate she has been. Our class would not be the same without "Ellie" with her quiet, shy ways and her charming but dangerous smile. Elnora likes to have fun, but she also takes her studies seriously and is a good student. Her sweet disposition and gracious manner will long be remembered by those who have known her. ROBERT DETLING is another auto-minded young man who majored in agriculture. Bob has been a faithful member of the F. F. A. and has been active in the activities of that organization. Bob is an easy fellow to get along with, but he has his own ideas and doesn't hesitate to express them. He will no doubt make good in whatever occupation he chooses. His secret ambition is to be a Ford salesman. FDITH CUNNINGHAM has attended Ansonia High School all four yearsg she acquired her grade school education at Dawn. Edith is a home economics major and has been active in the projects car- ried on by that department. Her hobby is handicraft. Edith's friendly manner has won her a place in the hearts of all of us. CECIL BARD is probably the busiest man around. He has been a er V Y active member of the F. F. A. and during his Senior year was president of that organization. Last fall he was awarded a jacket for the winning of the corn husking contest. He has been on the second team in basketball and served one year as cheerleader. Cecil is sometimes known as the class statesman. When there is a speech to be made, you can be assured that he can carry the weight on capabl shoulders. JUNE TURNER: They say redheads have a temper, but here is an ex- ception! This was June's first year at Ansonia, but she needed no longer time to endear herself to the hearts of all of us. She took part in many Senior activities and was always ready to give a helping hand. June is well-mannered and likeable, thus she was able to make many friends. May a happy future lay ahead for you, June! LILA HANNA is a little lassie who came to us from North Star High School only last year, but she has indeed become one of us. Lila is the poetess of our class and has contributed much to the school newspaper and annual. Lila is the tiniest member of our class, but quality out- weighs quantity. We are very happy to claim her as a member of our graduating class, and we wish her every success possible. JUNE BROWN is as quiet as a mouse. She is one of the few girls in the Senior class who has a sweet, good-natured disposition. June never says anything to offend anyone. When she is given something to do, she works hard and does her level best at it. We can use lots of girls like June in this world of ours. PAUL NILEY is the boy who knows how to drive a truck. He was a member of the baseball team during the last seasong sometimes he played at second base, but .he was also a good man in the outfield. Paul was also to be seen around when there was a basketball game to be played. He is a quiet sort of fellow, but we like to have him around. MARGARET WENTWORTH possesses about as much natural beauty as any girl around. Her dark, naturally curly hair has brought her many compliments. Margaret is a rather quiet sort of person, but she has a likeable personallity which has won her many chums. We know that the future holds much for Margaret. IOLA THORNHILL, whom We more often call "Icke", is a happy-go- lucky talkative blonde whose pet pastime was skipping school until the new laws Went into effect. Iola always manages to mix a little fun into whatever task she has to do. We like to have Iola around because she never lets things get duvll. She also has a reputation for being an excellent pie baker. Take heed, boys! ROLLIN ARY doesn't have much to say, but his name usually comes near the top when the grades are being handed out. He was man- ager of the basketball team and.was a member of the newspaper and annual staffs. Rollin spends his spare time practicing on his electric guitar and he has become an accomplished musician. May you have many years of success in whatever line you follow, Rollin! WANDA POLING has come to Ansonia school for twelve years and has made herself a prominent place 'in our Class of 1941. She has always rated well in scholastic achievement. but she has by no means centered all her efforts on books. She had important parts in both the Junior and Senior plays and was active in all Senior projects, including the "Ansonia Messenger" and the "Oracle", Dependability is her outstanding trait. If Wanda agrees to do a task, it will be done. Luck to you, Wanda! ROBERT STRAIT is another one of the Ag boys who is mighty handy to have around when there is decorating to be done or stage sets to be built. Bob's favorite hobby is riding around in his flivver. He also likes to roam the halls when he isn't occupied in stirring up a batch of "muscle-builder" or "Whisker grower" in the chemistry lab. Bob will no doubt be a successful farmer, but could give Bob Hope some stiff competition. BETTY THOMAS's true-blonde hair and dimples make her one of the cutest girls in the class. Her aasy blush also adds to her charm. She has a beautiful singing voice which she has lended to the F. H. A. songs and to the Girls Glee. "Tommie" is not one to take things too seripusly but she can accomplish much when she ap- plies herself. We wish her much happiness. LAWRENCE GREWE enrolled at Ansonia as a Sophomore and has been a loyal member of our class since that time. Lawrence is a quiet boy and seems to have a knack for staying out of mischief. He is interested in agriculture and has been a member of the F. F. A. for three years. Lawrence plays the violin and was a member of the orchestra. His hobbies are raising rabbits and collecting pen- nies. You are a good boy, Lawrence! Keep up the good work! J OANNE MARTIN is another member of our graduating class who has completed all twelve years in the Ansonia schools. She has taken part in all home economics projects throughout high school. This comely young lady has a quiet, easy-going manner and is always trying to please her associates. She, Iola, and Wanda make quite a threesome. You have our recommendation, Joanne. FACTS ABOUT SENIORS FRESHMAN YEAR SOPHOMORE YEAR Sponsor ,.......,......4.................... Miss Garrison Sponsor .........,...............,............,. Mrs. Bales President ......,.,.,......,.............. Robert Detling President , r.,,.,...,.... ,...... R obert Smith Vice President .,..... ....... M arjorie Lyons Vice President .....,. ...r.... A nnabel Hart Sec'y-Treas. ..r.....i ,.,,... S ue Ann Brown Sec'y-Treas. ......,.. ..,..., P hyllis Beisner Reporter ..,........ .,,,.. P hyllis Beisner Reporter .......... ...... B asil Timmons JUNIOR YEAR Sponsor ..............4.....i.............,......,,. Miss Allen President ...............,... .,...... A nnabel Hart Vice President .........,.... ....... M arjorie Lyons Secretary-Treasurer ..... ..... S ue Ann Brown Reporter ............................,..,.....,...... Paul Dohse It was during our Junior year that things began to happen. We carried on many projects with the Seniors to make money to go on a trip. We ordered our class rings. We gave our first class play, and we helped in the publication of the newspaper and the annual. The Junior play was "Spring Fever", which was produced under the direction of Miss McKinley. Probably the most thrilling event of the year was the three-day trip to Detroit with the Seniors. SENIOR YEAR Sponsor ..........,.............................,,.. Miss Allen President .....,................,........,............ Paul Dohse Vice President ....... ................ E llis Detling Secretary ..........., ........,......... R obert Smith Treasurer .....,., ....... E ldon Shiverdecker Reporter ....... .......... G ertrude Gray Interesting Happenings of the Senior Year Lila Hanna, June Turner and Lowell Hittle came to us from North Star. Emil Birt and Harold Jones withdrew during the year. Paul Dohse, Robert Smith, Ellis Detling, Sue Ann Brown, Phyllis Beisner, Marjorie Lyons, Wanda Poling, and Joanne Martin attended Ansonia School for twelve years. The Seniors gave a Chapel program early in the year. We sponsored the Christmas dance. We published the school paper until March at which time we turned it over to the Juniors. We have missed Robert Shaw who is finishing his Senior year at Greenville. We had three letter men on the basketball squad, an all-county forward, the honorary captain, and the winner of the foul shooting trophy. We had several members of the county chorus and the county band. Marjorie Lyons won the Darke County alcohol quiz contest and the Darke County beauty contest. Commencement was held on May 23g Reverend Wobus was the speaker. Our last activity together was our Senior trip on May 26 and 27. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1941 of the Ansonia High School,..City of Ansonia, County oi Darke, and the State of Ohio, being sane and producing well-crammed minds, after twelve year of mental labor, do make this our last will and testament. We have tried to show justice anc impartiality in distributing our gifts unto those who will use them to the best of their ability. To the Junior Class, we will our splendid cooperation, hoping that they will uphold i1 when selecting commencement invitations, name cards, etc. We also have some personal bequests to make: To Jim Evans we will Ellis Detling's ability to blush easily. To Junior Sneary we will Lawrence GreWe's quiet disposition. To Percy Leeper, Paul Dohse leaves behind his position on the basketball team. To Floyd LeMasters, Robert Smith wills his wonderful ability to get out of jams. Marjorie Lyons grudgingly bequeaths her flashing Crather dangerous-at-timesl eyes tc Betty Rose. Rollin Ary wills his red shirt to Clyde Whittington. To Mary Kathryn Billenstein we bequeath Gertrude Gray's "spunk". To Wilbur Miller we graciously wi'll Wayne I-Ienkaline's humorous jokes. Sue Ann Brown wills her ability to argue to Marian Midlam. To Luella Detling, Wanda Poling wills her fondness for railroaders. To Naomi Beery we will our cilass statesman, Cecil Bard. To Loretta Grewe we will Annabel Hart's outspoken manner. Bob Detling grudgingly wills Henry Poffenberger his ability to get a girl friend. To Boyce Bankson, Eldon Shiverdecker bequeaths his curly black hair. Lila Hanna bequeaths her tinyness to Marjorie Lanich. To Mary Cross we will Phyllis Beisner's red hair and freckles. Pauline George wills her pep and vigor in cheerleading to Betty Jane Drew. To Treva Curtis we will Joanne Martin's l ome-making knowledge. To Imogene Schlechty we will Margaret Wentworth's different boy friends. To Nevin Gibson we leave Harry Jone's "way with the women". To Dwaln Bowers we grudgingly leave Basil Timmon's reason for being absent on Mon day. To Nevin Detling, Lowell Hittle wills his ability to answer questions in class. June Brown wills Pauline Shiverdecker her ability to play a Hawaiian guitar. To Evelyn Shiverdecker, June Turner wills her memories of North Star High School. To Marjorie Riffle, Elnora Hoggatt leaves her height. Edith Cunningham bequeaths her dark hair and eyes to Clarice Strosnider. Paul Niley wills his grown-up appearance to Charles Jenkinson. To Dale Garrison, Bob Strait wills part of his ambition to become a farmer. Betty Thomas leaves her beautifying dimples to Kathryn Hunt. To Bob Bell and Lester Price we leave the task of editing the "Oracle" of 1942. And lastly, we rather grudgingly leave Miss McKinley our Senior home room and all of it accessories. To our successors, we leave our places in the hearts and thoughts of our teachers, also fone memories of our association together, and a tender feeling of friendship which shall last for ever. In testimo-ny whereof, we the Class of 1941, subscribe our names and affix our seals thil beautiful day in May in the year of Our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-one. Signed: ' The Senior Class SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY We are the graduates of Ansonia High And are proud, let us tell you why, For we have made good in our chosen fields And are happy and content with what life yields. While the sky grows darkg and the storm is brewing I'll tell you what my classmates are doing. A practical nurse is Sue Ann Brown, She is an asset to any town. A United States Senator is Cecil Bard He is a statesman, not a coward. Lowell Hittle is an electrical engineer He's been in New York, since last year. Robert Smith, Ansonia's coach, Can be trusted - - without reproach. Fair June Turner works with a will At a roadside tavern, your orders to fill. Elnora Hoggatt, a pretty old maid Lives by herself down in the glade. While Marjorie Lyons, a pretty lass, Now is teaching a music class. Rollin Ary a radio star Plays popular songs on .his old guitar. Iola Thornhill is married for lifeg She'll make her husband an excellent wife. Robert Detling sells spark plugs, Horse collars, carburetors, and thermos jugs. While Paul Niley sells lovely things Diamonds, bracelets, and wedding rings. Annabel Hart, a stylish old maid Stopped at a tavern for lemonade. Robert Strait, the handsome young man, Serves his customers as best he can. The last of the Jones brothers, that's Harry He is still home, but he'll soon marry. Gertrude Gray is a happy bride, She is her husban.d's joy and pride. Joanne Martin gives facials with care, Wanda Poling will wash your hair. And if you wish to be a lady fair - Let Margaret Wentworth curl your hair. The farmers: Eldon Shiverdecker plows his land, Ellis Detling harrows his as best he cang While Lawrence Grewe, their friendly neighbor Discs his land which saves him labor. Paul Dohse, a President-to-be, Four years to guide o11r land of the free. At opera singing, Betty Thomas will take the lead, For she has a voice that none can exceed. A filling station agent, Wayne Henkaline, Ready to serve you at any time. Practical nurses, Phyllis Beisner and June Brown, They are now working in their home town. Edith Cunningham works in a department store Selling dresses, coats, and hats galore! While Pauline George, a ballet dancer Makespretty steps on a polished floor. Basil Timmons is married and content, He works in a factory to pay his rent. At writing this, I've done my best: I am, Lila Hanna, the poetess. Ewwfff fy 'X A + 3 EBSQ Qi wax JUNIGRS V .- Dale Garrison Clarice Strosnider Betty Jane Drew Treva Curtis Sponsor ....... ...... Miss McKinley President ............. ........... D ale Garrison Vice President ............. ..... . .Clarice Strosnider Secretary-Treasurer ..,..........,.. Betty Jane Drew Reporter ...,............,,.., ........... T reva Curtis The Juniors felt a wee bit sophisticated as they moved into the Junior quarters last fall and prepared themselves for the events of the year. There were thirty-two bright and able- bodied boys and girls who entered this room to take over their duties as upper classmen. The Junior year is the year when activities really begin as these young men and women found out. In October, they found themselves sponsoring a Hallowe'en box supper and dance which proved to be quite successful. They selected their class rings, but we don't know wheth- er they did them much good or not, because it was a very short time until very few of them were wearing their own rings. The class play, which was very appropriately named, "The Nutt Family," was presented in December. This was the first experience on the stage for most of the members of the cast. They found that it was hard work, but under the very capable direction of their sponsor, Miss McKinley, it turned out to be a grand success. The class is looking forward to giving their Senior play in the new gym. When the question of trip came up, the Juniors decided to save their money until next year and take a longer trip instead of two short trips. They hope to be able to go to Washing- ton, D. C. next spring. Many of the Juniors participated in various school organizations, such as, F. H. A., F. F. A., Band. Glee, Dance Band, basketball, and baseball. In March, the Juniors took over the publi- cation of the "Ansonia Messenger". The members of the Junior class have had a highly successful year and by their carefully planned and directed activities have proved that they are worthy of becoming Seniors. PERSONNEL ROW I Evelyn Shiverdecker Percy Leeper Marjorie Lanich Dwain Bowers Mary Cross Robert Bell Marian Midlam ROW II Junior Sneary Marjorie Riffle Nevin Gibson Loretta Grewe Wilbur Miller Pauline Shiverdecker Charles Jenkinson Betty Schlechty is not ROW III Luella Detling Boyce Bankson Mary Kathryn Billenstein Floyd LeMasters Imogene Schlechty Clyde Whittington Naomi Beery ROW IV Betty Rose Lester Price Henry Poffenberger James Evans Nevin Detling Kathryn Hunt pictured. 4 V SOPHOMORES George Klipstine Lois Dickey Mary F. Ehle Betty Lewis Sponsor .................. ......,....... M rs. Bales President. ,...... ...,.,. G eorge Klipstiu' Vice President ,.,,.....,... .......... L ois 'Dickey ,V Secretary-Treasurer ,...... ...... ' Mary F. Ehle Reporter .....,,4,,......,, ......n. B etty Lewis Last Fall, on the first day of school, the Sophomore room literally bulged with its class of fifty-four bright, sunshiny Sophomores. There almost wasn't enough room for Mrs. Bales' desk. Besides being the largest class in school, the Sophomores have been very active in the var- ious organizations, such as F. F. A., F. H. A., music organizations and sports. The Sophomores are especially proud of the record of the Sophomore boys in basketball. Of the first ten men on the basketball squad, six were Sophomores. They were: George Klipstine, Marco King, John Minton, Earl Moore, Lloyd Smith and Junior Walls. George Henderson was also on the first team during the first part of the year. This is indeed a record of which to be proud. One chapel program called, "The Develop ment of Christian Personality," was given by the Sophomore class. It was very well done and was well-received by the student body. The class had a hike and Weiner roast in October and at Christmas time they exchanged names and had gifts. The class is looking forward to activities during the Junior and Senior years. They have already started to build their treasury so that they will be able to take a trip at the time of their graduation. ROW I Martha Ritenour John Dohse George Henderson Joyce Sanderson Madge Slyder Robert Longfellow John Minton Gerald Roll Joan Black ROW Ill Betty Ellis Charles Leugers Don Puterbaugh Edward Subler Ada Mae Gibbons Verl Roll Richard McGlinch Junior Tester Pauline Howard PERSONNEL ROW IV Junior Walls Ellsworth Birt Mary Catherine Fanshear Wayne Turner Marco King Dick Norris LaVera Applegate Duane Rayman Rolland Bruner ROW ll Lloyd Smith Glenn Dohme Mary Alice Garland Dale Snyder Chalmer Cruze Don Wentworth Pauline Campbell Chalmer Alexander John Leis ROW V Earl Moore Carlton Strosnider Altha Brown Paul Billhimer Dorothy Bard Wayne Munn Frank Poffenberger FRESHMEN x . Sponsor .,.,.. .....,. M r. Collins President .......,...... .,... Jay Garrison Vice President .............. ....,. M ax Beisner Secretary-Treasurer ........ .......... S ue Howard Reporter ,.................... ....,. R ichard Sanders PERSONNELf Row One - Max Beisner, Wilma Shiverdecker, Byron Armstrong, Sue Howard, Minor Leeper, Maxine Subler, Leonard Michael, Helen Bankson, Lawrence Fenstermaker. Row Two - Olive Subler, Paul Garrett, lda Mae Shultz, Junior Thomas, Henrietta Hoggatt, Donald Demorest, Evelyn Pitsenbarger, Kenneth Strait, Jerry Norris. Row Three - James Klosterman, Peggy Price, Gerald Gard, Marjorie Sink, Donald Warner Evelyn Shuttleworth, Richard Sanders, Delores Sanders, Bill Whittington. Row Four - Mae Niswonger, Dorothy Pepple, Charlene Shaw, Agnes Witters, Merlin Parker Pauline Gray, Betty Heck, Vivian Snyder, Jean Riffle. 1 Row Five - Harold Howe, Carol Steed, Barbara Bader, Ruth Thornhill, Marguerite Bryson Jay Garrison. JUNIOR HIGH Row One - EIGHTH GRADE: John Lyons, Kathleen Cross, Robert Henderson, Mary Dohse, Duane Shiverdecker, Pearl Ann Roll, Keitn Mann, Marlene Bowman, Dale Leeper, Melissa Reigle, Richard Hittle. Row Two - Ruby Hampshire, Donald George, Esther Snyder, Harry Duncan, Isabel Brown, Charles Schlechty, Doris Michael, Robert Redenbaugh, Barbara King, Paul Hesson, Phyllis Gower. Row Three - Lynn Detling, Maxine Bell, Charles Swihart, Faye Birt, Jim Jones, Ann McGlinch, Russell Turner, Mary Ann Swihart, Billy Beisner, Louise Warvel, Rober1 Billenstein. Row Four - Thurman Shiverdecker, Billy Wagner, Dwight Hoschouer, Betty Gower, Norris Bickel, Phyllis Tharp, Walter Minton, Max Sink, Rodney Lorton, Lucille Warveil, Eugene Brewer. ' A Row Five - Ruby Wentworth, Chalmer Steed. SEVENTH GRADE: Rita Pullen, Rober' Thompson, Mary Fischer, James George, Betty Wentworth, Oscar Figel, Florence Liachat Dale Riffle, Donna Jean Garrett. Row Six - Norbert Beyke, Florence Rhotehamel, Richard Warren, Alvera Leugers, Thomas Bryson, Esther Parker, John Billhimer, George Wampler, Randy Wagner, Doris Anr Wampler, Russell Midlam. Row Seven - Mary Frances Rose, Cyrilus Braun, Betty Holdeman, Margaret Sanders, Edmonc Lachat, Ruth Michael, Lee Mendenhall, Pauline Ehle, Edward Leeper. GRADES Miss Doris Gluntz, Firstg Miss Mary Webber, Secondg Miss Gertrude Sluterbeck, Thirdg Miss Elizabeth Smith, Fourthg Mr. Ernest Gibson, Fifth: Miss Waneta Young, Sixth. Contrary to the early school life of children in non-democratic countries, the school life of the American child is patterned in such a way that he is prepared for a democratic form of liv- ing. The elementary school in America devotes its efforts to those elements of study which are of common value to all persons regardless of who he is or what his future occupation may be. The school is a place where children go not only to learn but to carry on a way of life which will enable them to make adjustments in the future. Our elementary pupils have the advantage of learning under democratic-minded teachers who show boys and girls how to live efficiently, cooperatively, and harmoniously together. Along with this they must learn those essential processes, how to read, write and use numbers. Ansonia boys and girls have done several interesting projects this year which have been organized to help them learn how to live democratically. Their activities during the year have included parties, programs, educational trips, classroom projects which require cooperation and planning, educational pictures, music and art. The lower classes presented an operetta and other programs during the year to adult groups. Miss Webber directed these particular projects. Music in the Grades The general objective of the grade music course this year has been to give every child an opportunity to develop a being who loves music and enjoys participating in its ex- pression. More specifically, we strive to foster a love of beauty, to provide an opportunity for self-expression through singing, and to develop the power and desire to respond to different types of rhythm and mood. XA An attempt was made to develop individual power to sing simple songs, rhythmically, in tune, and with a light floating tone. Some elementary music theory was also taught. Music, we believe, is of major importance because it can become the source of immeasur- able pleasure and satisfaction to its creators, its performers, and its appreciative listeners throughout their lives. Miss Webber 1 bidi ii has X XXX XX? X X N 2 WX- NN W? WV XX X X X XXX X? QX. X SQ XX X X X XX X X Xiiifg XX XEXNK X XX. XXX X X X X X XX XX XX 'SSA X X ,XXX X- XX X XX XX X X XX X XXNX X XX SXQXXX X XX X SQ XX X X W X XE X X NX XXXXX XX X XXX x X XX XX E-MDX 9. X X se I DMXN www WR? V XNUX X X 'XSXX Wu- wwf NYE XXX XX W' X X Wk XV X Ya-X -X is XXXXX, X msgs W X MQ .XA ,XXX WX X N I' X XX X RQ eww. XX 'ki' X .XXX XX X, X X Filly X, XX XXX XX XX X X 5 XXX X XX XXX X X 9 SPORTS BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1940-41 AHS Opp Ansonia vs. St. Henry ......4, .... 2 2 15 Ansonia vs. McKinley ........... ..,. 2 7 32 Ansonia vs. Jackson .......,....., ,... 1 8 34 Ansonia vs. New Madison ......... .... 3 5 28 Ansonia vs. Gettysburg ..,.,.. .... 2 2 24 Ansonia vs. Arcanum ........ .... 3 0 33 Ansonia vs. Palestine ........... .... 1 7 37 Ansonia vs. Hollansburg ,,..... .... 1 9 25 Ansonia vs. Monroe n....... .... 2 6 29 Ansonia vs. Versailles .,...... .... 1 6 38 Ansonia vs. Monroe .,......... .... 2 0 24 Ansonia vs. Union City ....... .... 2 8 35 Ansonia vs. Gettysburg .......... Cpostponedl Ansonia vs. Hollansburg ......... .... 2 9 44 Ansonia vs. Franklin ........,........ .... 2 1 13 Ansonia vs. St. Henry ..i...............,.,... 26 32 Ansonia vs. Palestine ...,......,............. 23 22 Won 4, Lost 12, Percentage .250 TOURNEY AHS Opp Ansonia vs. Arcanum ,..,...,..... .... 2 8 40 Ansonia vs. New Madison ......... ,... 3 5 27 Ansonia vs. Hollansburg ................ 50 37 Ansonia vs. Monroe .,.......................... 29 26 Ansonia vs. Arcanum 4........,.....,..,.,... 28 39 Won 3, Lost 2, Percentage .600 OUR COACH Mr. Walker is a hard-working coach with a pleasant disposition who is well-liked by every pupil in school. He received his training at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, where he was a member of the varsity basketball team. He came to Ansonia during the 1939-40 season and has done splendid work in improving our team. Mr. Walker is respected by all of us not only because he led our team to a third place standing in the county tournament, but because he shows good sportsmanship at all times. He has maintained a high standard for citizenship, which no doubt, is the reason for his success. He has proved that if we respect our school and uphold its standards we will not only improve the school but our selves as well. - 1 E- 1 CHEERLEADERS These pretty young ladies -- . Lois Dickey, Pauline George, Phyllis Beisner, and Treva Curtis - did a fine job of cheering the team. They worked hard and we wish to thank them for their efforts. We also wish to thank Miss McKinley for the help which she gave them. GEORGE KLIPSTINE "Klippy" is a valuable Sophomore guard who played in every game. He is a good defensive man, having held some of the best scorers in Darke County to a minimum number of baskets. He earned his first letter during the 1940-41 season and will no doubt be a valuable asset to future squads. PAUL DOHSE Dohse is a tall, stocky Senior guard. He was forced to watch the game during the first half of the season but came back to make a regular. He is a good bankboard man. Paul had the honor of being selected honorary captain by the members of the team. He received his third award. ROBERT SMITH Smith is our Senior forward who was chosen on the all- county team. He turned in excellent games at the county tourney to receive individual runner-up scoring honors. Bob also received awards for foul shooting during both his Junior and Senior years. He received his second varsity award let- ter. BASIL TIMMONS Timmons is a Senior guard who was consistently scrap- ping and giving his best. He was fast and clever enough to turn in a good defensive game any time. He has been play- ing against scholastic competition for four years and has won his third varsity award. JOHN MINTON Minton is a tall Sophomore guard who probably shows more interest in basketball than any other boy in school. He lacks consistency, but has turned in some excellent offensive work to become the the high scorer of the season. He re- ceived his second varsity letter. it as Y X , S g JUNIOR WALLS Walls is a fiery sophomore guard who has lots of scrap- ping ability and a good attitude. He should develop into a good athlete. Walls has plenty of spirit and we are sure he will show us some things next year.. ' e MARCO KING King is a Sophomore who is a good thinker on the bas- ketball court and an excellent shot. Marco added a lot of spirit to the team. He lacks experience and speed, but is cap- able of developing intoa fine ball player., We are looking forward to seeing him perform next year. EARL MOORE "Whitey" is a rangy Sophomore forward who shows great promise for another season. Due to inexperience, Earl's game is somewhat unpredictable but it should become worthy of note before midseason next year. JAMES EVANS Jim is a heady Junior guard who has turned in a good first year with the Ansonia team. Evans is small but tricky. He has a good disposition and good possibilities. LLOYD SMITH Lloyd is another Sophomore whom we are counting on next year. Lloyd is somewhat a beginner in varsity ball but he has possibilities of making a good ball player. This page is sponsored by THE ANSONIA LUMBER COMPANY Ansonia Ohio Row One - Klipstine, King, Timmons, Evans, L. Smith Row Two - Coach Walker, Walls, Moore, R. Smith, Dohse, Minton Row Three - Niley, Bell, Leeper, Duncan, J. Dohse. Coach Howard Walker looked as if he had the ball breaking the right way as he begar administering preliminary drills to this 1940-41 basketball squad. There were veterans Smith Dohse, and Timmons, and a group of promising sophomores, Klipstine, Henderson, Minton King, and Moore. Henderson was forced to leave the team at the middle of the season to have an appendicitis operation, but the rest of the toys came through and by the end of the season had made the best showing to be made by an Ansonia team for several years. At times the going was a little bit tough, but on analyzing their record for the season, ii will be seen that only a very few points kept them out of the first division. Twelve more points would have brought our percentage to .500. The boys finally got to working as a unit anc proved that they could, by working together, beat the best team in the county. The last game of the season with Palestine proved a lot of things to Ansonia players and fans. It showed then that by working together they could produce what it takes to win. ' The team did profit by this lesson. They entered the Darke County Tournament with :rel newed spirit and came through with the third place in the county. But that was not all! An sonia had the second place individual scorer, Robert Smith, who was also chosen all-county for ward. This is, indeed, a record of which we can be proud. Although they got started a little late in the season to do much about their record, this team has done a lot for Ansonia basketball. We are proud of our team and we hope that futurm teams Savill profit by the mistakes which they have made and the lessons which they have earne . JUNIOR HIGH BASKET BALL The Ansonia Junior High basketball team enjoyed a successful season. The team played twelve games, winning seven, losing four, and tying one which was not played off. The team was rather small in number, but those who remained through the season will be varsity ball players in a couple of years. The team was comprised of Walter Minton, Bob Henderson, Bill Sholley, Harry Duncan, Bill Beisner, Bill Wagner, Norris Bickel, Randy Wagner and Richard Feltman. Several of these boys have the possibilities of developing into very fine ball players. It is in Junior high basketball where the boys learn to work hard, to cooperate, and to obey instructions, that future teams are developed. It is in Junior high ball where a boy finds out that there is much to be learned and that it is going to take really hard Work to master the PP fb C :- E .2 : CD O Ph c' an U2 ar CD PV' c' ii '-3 :r CD c- o Q4 M o Ph 6? s H. U2 ff: CD sw '1 sw '1 CD FY' O c- CD 4-L..J - O O 5 CD : Q. CD Q. H: O "1 FP :r 2. '1 CD wa O SP. I-F :s CY' CD Ph Ph O "1 FP En .5212 . 3 ROWI Q .E ,J 4 Billy Beisner Walter Minton Bob Henderson Richard Feltman ROW II Harry Duncan Norris Bickel John Lyons ROW III Bill Wagner Mr. Schneider, coach Bill Sholley BASE BALL Row One - Niley, J. Dohse, Walls, Klipstine, Henderson, Minton Row Two - Moore, P. Dohse, King, Smith, Mr. Bales. BASEBALL SCHEDULE ' ' ' AHS Opp. Ansonia vs. Umon City ......,............. 11 7 Ansonia vs. Jackson ........ . 4 11 Ansonia vs. Palestine ........................ 5 4 Ansonia vs. Hollansburg ................ 7 6 Won 3, Lost 1, Percentage .750 The baseball team, under the direction of Mr. Bales and Mr. Peoples, showed great spiri and ability during the season and finished the season with a tie with Jackson for first place 11 the northern half of the county. DWAIN BOWERS was our sturdy catcher who hit for bases rather than steal them. PAUL DOHSE, our first baseman, was the powerhouse of the team. When he connected witl the ball it really took a ride. BASIL TIMMONS covered a lot of territory around second base and was a dependable hitter. JOHN MINTON stole hits from enemy batters with his bullet-like throw to first. He was 2 good hitter. GEORGE HENDERSON'S play at short was spectacular, his snappy throws starting many z double play. EARL MOORE pitched good ball and had fine control with men on base. His slow curve fool ed many a batter. JUNIOR WALLS was one of our speedy left fielders. He also did his share in the batter's box GEORGE KLIPSTINE stole a lot of enemy hits in center field. He could give the ball a ride when he smacked it. JOHN DOHSE was a worthy right fielder. He was fast and had a powerful throwing arm. ROBERT SMITH was a good player to have around. He could play almost any position anc was a dangerous hitter. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT 1 This Page is Sponsored by ARNETT'S DELICATESSEN Wholesale and Retail Distributor of Meadow Gold Products Ansonia, Ohio Ninety-two girls were enrolled in the home economics department during this year. This is the largest enrollment that we have ever had. A Junior-Senior class was organized for the first time. These girls studied meat and meat preparation. interior decoration and furnishings, and made several articles for the home. They prepared and served a banquet for the Superintendents and Principals of the County on March 6. The Sophomore girls made fall and spring dresses, studied child care, and had units on food preservation, candies, and baking. Their last unit of the year was planning, preparing, and serving lunches and dinners. The Freshmen girls made smocks and dish towels which they used during their laboratory project of planning and preparing breakfasts. They studied choice of clothing and made print garments. They had a unit on room arrangement, care, and furnishings. Vegetable cookery and baking were also considered. The eighth grade girls had units on sewing, good grooming, and good preparation. The seventh grade girls made aprons and had several foods lessons. THE CAFETERIA The school cafeteria, which was under the direction of Miss Birt, had the biggest year it has ever had. The number of students eating in the cafeteria has steadily increased. Mrs. Nola Hile and Miss Frances Rieg-le cooked excellent meals which were served at a minimum cost to students. FUTURE HOMEIVIAKERS ASSOCIATION l . e l This page is sponsored by THE MARION-RESERVE POWER CO. Ansonia, Ohio President , , . ,, Pauline Shiverdecker Vice President . , . . . ,.,. Betty Lewis Secretary .. . Marjorie Riffle Treasurer , . ...A Mary Frances Ehle Historian . .. , ., . . ., ,. Kathryn Hunt The Ansonia F. H. A. was organized in 1938 under the direction of Miss Porschet. Nine teen girls were initiated by the Jackson Chapter in November of that year. The first presiden' was Viola Mclilinch and the second president was Annabel Hart. The activities of this year are typical of those carried on by this organization. Miss Bir has been the sponsor and the total enrollment has reached forty-one. Business meetings werc hcld once each month and the other activities included: participation in the Fall Fair and Farm urs Institute. a Mother-Daughter banquet, serving for the F. F. A. Father and Son Banquet, z bakc salc, a quilt raffle. an assembly program, and a program for each of the Granges. The purpose of this organization is to make better homemakers and to develop young women who can contribute to the welfare of their community. MUSIC an . .... 'M :s s-- is -1 if-F' 1: This Page is Sponsored by "THE ANSONlAN" Ansonia. Ohio Musical activity in the fifth and sixth grades has been limited to materials which aid the student to understand the construction ot music. This leads to greater appreciation. The limit- ml time has. of course, limited extensive development. During' the winter months the band has devoted most of its practice to light concert work. This tvpe of music develops finer techniques, reading ability, better tonal qualities. and cn- L'Hlll'2lf."l'S practice at home. Six members of the band were chosen for membership in the all-county band. This or- ifamzation offers competition and an opportunity for the better musicians to play in a superior environment. ln the spring months the band drilled in marching. This offers variety and teaches tech- niques in an altogether different field of music. The girls' elee club has spent a greater part of their practice time on three-part arrange- ments of light classical numbers. Twelve members ot our gfroup participated in the all-county music festival. The clarinet ensemble has done fine work on several occasions. It was well received at the music festival. XXX- are justly proud of our dance orchestra. lt received a favored spot at the county L I ,J ' l LL ' L l li.-nfl-in-ev' nwiudinn- .J llninn IWHH 1,-..... n1..n,.fI IA.. .NA f .1m,..xi1 D.. ....,.A.-v..x.c,...,, .c .,.,...... ..,, THE NEW SCHOOL BUILDING This page is sponsored by W. F. HOWARD, General Contractor Columbus, Ohio A new building project, which includes alterations to the present building and the additic of a new structure, has been started during this school year. Alzl of us have anxiously viewe the progress which has been made and are awaiting the time when we may first enter this ne building. A new heating plant will be installed to accommodate the entire structure. All corridol will be covered with a mastic tile floor. Built-in lockers will be provided for the students. . new library will be made out the present Sophomore home room. The present office will t enlarged into a general office with lobby and service counter. A private office will be furnisf ed across the hall. The alterations to the present building will include a new vocational agriculture depal ment, a new vocational home economics department, a new commercial department, and a ne science department. The new structure will include a combined cafeteria and fine arts room, a combined gyi nasium and auditorium, and locker and shower rooms. This should be a beautiful building. May all of us do our best to maintain the high stan ards which will be expected in such a building and may future students keep in mind that tl success of this school will depend upon the cooperation and spirit of the people in this buil ing. The future looks bright for Ansonia High School! WALKER, NORWICK, TEMPLIN -Architects- FOR OUR NEW BUILDING Dayton . Ohio All Aboard for the Bluegrass Country, S e n i o r s ! GREENVILLE - DAYTON TRANSPORTATION CO. Greenville Ohio ANSONIA GRAIN COMPANY Specializing in: Master Mix Feeds Grain Fence Coal Grinding Phones 40 and 18 D 2-F-13 Ansonia Elroy, Ohio Compliments of ADVOCATE Greenville, Ohio Benrus Watches Benrus FRITZ E. MARTIN JEWELER- Credit at Cash Prices "If we serve you once we are sure to be friends!" Greenville, Ohio P a r k e r 316 Broadway Phone 566 P e n s S h e a f f e r Deeter 8: King Service Station MOBILGAS - MOBILOILS TIRES - TUBES BATTERIES - LUBRICATION Complete Ignition Repa Adjustments'and Testing Ansonia Ohio l COMPLIMENTS OF Kenneth Whittington -QUALITY GROCERIES if' Phone92 Ansonia Ohio JERROLD'S - Good Clothes for Men and Boys - Manhattan Shirts Beau Brummel Ties Society Club Hats Hanes Underwear "We Have Your New Suit" COMPLIMENTS OF Fisher and Becker, Inc Ansonia, Ohio Broadway Greenville Ohio CHOOSE YOUR HIGHWAY Traveling over the International highway towards a career in business is a pleas- ant and profitable experience. Graduates of International can look back on a year of pleasant memories as to school life and can, with their efficient training, look forward to a future with confidence. International College "School of Commerce" 1889 52nd Year 1941 Fort Wayne, Indiana Enrollment Limited to High School Graduates coMPL1MEN'rs or STATE THEATRE Greenville, ohio ED CORNELL'S for Young Me4n's Clothes Arrow Shirts Stet'son Hats Interwoven Hose COMPLIMENTS OF THE TREATY CO. Phones 269 gl 529 Greenville Ohio Hart Schaffner 8: Marx C I o t h e s RAPID ADVANCEMENT FOR COMPLIMENTS OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES A few months of specialized training after 1 Commencement will qualify you for a pre- M c F A R L A N D S ferred position in business. The Defense Program requires trained B R 0 W N B I L T office workers. Typists, Stenographers, Accountants, and others are needed in 5 H 0 E 5 T 0 R E- business, government and army offices. Qualify for early employment and a prom- ising future. Air-Step Roblee Ask for 1941 Bulletin. No obligation U' d Buster Brown Shoes Miami-Jacobs College u Greenville Ohio Second 8z Ludlow Sts. Dayton, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF WAYNE THEATRE Greenville Ohio PHILSAN'S Ladies and ChiIdren's Ready to Wear 531Broadway Greenville Ohio COMPLIMENTS to the SENIOR CLASS OF 1941 Paul Applegate 8: Son - RADIO SALES and SERVICE - Phone 33 Ansonia, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Sink's Meat Market Ansonia Ohio Sellman's Hardware Fostefr's Com pa ny All Types of Sporting Goods Ba se b all Tennis Softball Greenville Ohio Dry Cleaning All Your Work Donfe ln Our Modern Equip- ed Plant. Phone 102 517 Walnut St. Greenville, Ohio Del Lamy Candy Company Wholesale Distributors Of Fine Candiy 527 Washington Avenue Greenville ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Herff-Jones Indianapolis Indiana SODAS CENTRAL UWCH DRUGS DRUGS Phone259 Greenville Ohio Snnth Chevrolet COMPLIMENTSOF Authorized Chevrolet Feltman Sales and Service Drug Store W. T. SMITH and SON Union City Indiana Rossburg Ohio 0'BRlENS "Say it with flowers" Greenville Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF The Dinner Bepll Cafe Union City Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF The Home Store DRY GOODS SHOES GROCERIES Phone 1 Irven and Lyle Shifflet The R. Kirshbaum Company, Inc. A Depar'tment Store Conveinient For Your Needs Union Cify Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF Tibbett's Drugs Union City Indiana Bailey Hardware Massey Harris and John Deere Farm Equipment Ansonia Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. G. R. Greenlloff VETERINARIAN Phone73 Ansonia Ohio The .Boston Store Union City Indiana Miami and Grand Theatres Union City Indiana J. L. Harrison Agency Real Estate - lnsuranc-he and F a r m L o a n s Phone 52 Ansonia, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of 1941! May Your Future Achievements Re- flect Credit to Our School. A E. F. Howard L. L. Deardoff GOOD CLOTHES Laundry DrylCleaning AT Linen Supply i , , Rug Cleaningl Tailoring Mason 8 Men 8 shop 414SyCam0re Popular Prices Greenville Ohio Greenville Ohio To -, - COMPLIMENTS OF Montgomery Ward Co COMPLIMENTS OF DARKE COUNTY . BOARD of EDUCATION Benj. H. Neff Paul Shank G I. e e n V i I 1 e O h i 0 E. W. Schafer Herman Whittington Dr. H. E. Hapner L. A. Winchell, Supt. COMPLIMENTS OF Moderne Beauty Guaranteed Odorilesls Hering's Cleaners Sh Phone922 op W. 3rd St., Opp. State Theatre Greenville Ohio Greenville Ohio COMPLIMENT-LS OF Mu:-phy's 5c to 31.00 Store Greenville Ohio Schme1rmuncl's Hamilton Gruen Elgin 8: Faith Watches Greenville Ohio ew - All Makels - Use Typewriters Rented and Repaired Corona Portables -- Special Student Rates -- Miller Office Supply Co. Broadway 8z Ash St. P i q u a O h i o COMPLIMENTS OF Service Lunch Greenville Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Greenville Furniture COMPLIMENTS OF The Farmers Cooperative Sales Dairy Phone 574 Greenville Ohio DAIRY MAID MILK PRODUCTS Greenville Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF L. C. 5 8: l0c Store When in need of School Supplies A vist our Store Ansonia Ohio McVay's NEWS STAND Confectionery Sporting Goods Phone87 Greenville Ohio Niehaus 8: Son, Inc. SPORTING GOODS 35 E. Fifth St. Phone Adams 3571 D a y t o n O h i o COMPLIMENTS OF "Whitey" Hartle Greenville Ohio Baughman Garage I AND Just A Good Place To Eat Olha Brewed' ' Dan's Restaurant FOR Sinclair Products 113WeSt3rdSt' The' B""e'ie' Greenville ohio Ansonia Phone 81 Ohio COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF '41 Greelnville Piano Co. COMPLIMENTS OF Ohio Furniture Sales Greenville Ohio We Train- R,EPoR'rERs SECRETARH-:s ACCOUNTANTS The American School of Reporting Fourth and Ash Streets Greenville Ohio GOODYEAR TIRES RADIOS - BATTERIES AUTO SUPPLIES-BICRYCLES Goodyear Service 603 S. Broadway Phone 112 Greenville Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF The Selby Insurance Agency Greenville Ohio Startzman's Drug Store Ansonia Ohio For Superior Quality ln FRESH and CURED MEATS LYONS MEAT MARKET Ansonia, Ohio C-ongriatulations Seniors of Ansonia High School! Kenneth Bowers Generial Insurance Ansonia Hatchery Fife Wind Automobile Casualty Phone 128 I Phone 21 Ansonia, Ohio Cloverleaf Creameries Satisfactioli to you is our aim and purpose Carl Young COMPLIMENTS OF Ruebush Grocery Ansonia Ohio The Citizens Bank Co. SAFETYandiSERVlCE Ansonia Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF Johnston Furniture Co. Union City Indiana Ethel Pullen Beauty Shoppe Specializes in Duart and Machinless Waves Complete Beauty Service Phone 130 Ansonia, O. IN GREENVILLE IT'S Byrum's Wayne Dairy -Fountain Service- Hittle, Body Shop 'Q Mile West of Ansonia -Painting- Safety Glass lnst'allati'on Front End Alignment Barr 5 and l0c Store Greenville Ohi Globe Dutch Oven Dealer Combination Coal and Electric Ranges Duffey Hardware Phone 288 Greenville, O. COMPLIMENTS OF Harry E. Miles Greenville Ohi Minton's Shoe and Harness Shop A Miami Valley Credit Association Ansonia Ohio Greenville Ohio The following people gave donations to "The Oracle The Sweet Shop, Union City Bernard Lorton, Ansonia, Ohio Dr. J. C. Poling, Ansonia Dr. G. M. Marshall, Ansonia Frank Sheffer, Ansonia Dr. D. G. Carlson, Ansonia C. O. Baughman, Ansonia Grimes Bros. Meat Market, Union City Busy Bee Cafe, Greenville Nicholas Lunch, Greenville Folkerth's Studio, Greenville McCartney's Seed Store, Greenville Lawrence Paint Shop, Greenville Farmer's Bank, Greenville County Commissioners Engelken Drug Store, Greenville Flood's Department Store, Greenville Cu'lmor Tea Room, Greenville John Arnett, Greenville Senior pictures by The Camp Publishing Co.

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