Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1959

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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, ff gp, u THE LAVENLEK UIILUHE JS CLR S U1 1359 N117 HHH HUEH Rui MI!! HELL LRVEHLER RHI: HB1 TE ANSUNAA H156 SCHUUL RN uma rnuuzcnnur mm ummm sn. num Hsu: A329 af l f ,Z x fx H fb 'a I 4 m as ffifl rl' e l x ' W '7-E' ef' 'ffl P" l' ' " 'VF' 991-ffqff ef e "Ym"'J "-g1 "'l,Af C Ffgfqq flllyigpfglfffyq Qs'-isrhodf Q Qv-a 'GFP v '3 fps, ,Q f ., 'f,'sfb?'t5! 1 141 6 B f X ' bpfg QFNKQ 4 y ,' 3 bt, Q ' A O Q f Qs gf? f .4036-X ,I '40 'Iv-fb 1 Q y 'I' l 3'P'9'i5 0 1, f ,jg X . 4 U , Q ,gr fssimgo ff vppe' -8 I uv 2 0' l-054 W6 fflifhfb 'U .u 1 we-""f3"? fa 4: +0 . 4315 gf G' I f X -:ZW ,L H 5:13-fkxw J' Sayonara japanese goodbye yet th s o d means so much more than merely goodbye It has a tender lovmg mean g nvok ng s eet memor es and sad parnng W th th s as our Ley word let us nlock th s pr celess sroreho se of happy memones of our sennor year at the Anson a H gh School lfixmxr W X I mx llllfl. 3-'51 fx ' N l DL , , X A m,,ff,6,1f7p1mllfmMiL,jW WW 'M X tj 1721,-L ML, 4 an MWML. 14114414111 1 419517 QQ WMMUWJW, guluffgf 16:-ff., qtllfdf my ffif ,lflfdffm "af-grxi 2. ' 1 N y I l f K . . . . . . l y M i W r X' ' in , l w li I A ll ' . i i - , xl u i i u g ,ll i i . ' l ' Y l 1 ll A ll px .fi vl ,. :llgiv ll ff A' ' 9 l, on ll We . l V . , z .- X .All 'g ,A it X YQ L., i' L1 S f l 1' . gf' 255 ,f-ff 1 lz ll 0 I H 'A' X -' "4f9l1'1 W' . XXX ul. f D lv .I I g?',' f n N N fa-ff:-ill: l uv QW ' 1 Q, X, ll l ' 4 Qalfhiff I lf, , - 1 , Xlxx 4 I 1 I '- JJ' I V, l MM l If f Q ' f MI- :Q Y f 'lx -X V .',.T, Ti-Lx V f F M W ge' fi e nr V ,-5--i Y mm- I i i 1 V if JK, m ff ' xkl 2 M jwlllu quluv yew! ua 1 mZ.1.,..LL K W ll xl 'Au Dnane Pepe Eduor .r-4""" 9 Ab5ISTANTS Seated Exleen kopduk hduh Wall Dame Alxfc-ns Niargarcr btudlcy Nlars Lou Lmnuu btandlng Patncla Mudry bmdra knscl Pamcxa Hcaphx Theodore Lhuanoslu Dune B.1151s Liana Nidmn Estelle Lybmum lmnk Pauzal not shovrny Vi- 1:3 --u-iq 1 1 mx- .-1:-5. I 'QS F - z , , , -- V A - J,-,,W,.,.g.,,7fW,, , - """ 1 ' , 1' V MVN Q K . ' . C! 1: ' ' me vy V ' s . , , . - --"" -. ' 4 ., ' ' xii QI , - , r r... ff i L, E 9 .e-ci.-1, . N ,I 15' 13X-Q, 4, af2..:"Qf gv-f-N WQIPSEA4' 6439 -- SN PINE ASSISTANTS Seated Srandmg Richard Spader Thomas Hyde Paul Grxfiin I' rank Morse 51- QF'-4 ft: TYPISTS Mary Ann Popovsskx Chairman jo Ann Falcx Dxane Nxcholls Peter Dnpchak Manager Thomas Mareckx Gall Renker Eleanor Horbal joseph LaPag11a Ch2flCS Matusovxch BUSINESS STAFF 5 lxEMlIPlTlILlN Frrend of a lrfetnme whose ambmon has been to be just a good school teacher who has emrnently succeeded who rs therefore rn the best sense democracy a genuxnely educated man We the members of the Class of 1959 dedxcate thrs book to Mr J Frank Ryan a fine teacher with a natural wrt who has been a member of our faculty for many years Wnth us Mr Ryan wrll say Sayonara to our beloved alma mater 6 Q ' 1 ' L , , . , wrth hrs 'perfect arrstocracy and complete l I 1 ' I , . 5 A 11 ll 92495425 K X I J f X: X X xfk x XX ,,f"' ' K Q1 A f, f 13352711 'f' ff ! ff .Xi .XX ' l ' X' MXMINKSTKATIUN Mr Wnllxam Comcovuch Superxntendenr of Schools -A T i Q. l '15, ...-0' if Mr Joseph McGee Mr Johnj F Ruddy Prmcxpal Pme Manual Trammg School Prmqpal Angoma Hrgh School r X 5 Mrs Margaret Pantalone M155 Agnes Ray Clefk Secretary to Mr Comcovuch R Mrs Hennerra Condon 8 Mrss Margaret Roche Secretary to Mr McGee Secretary to Mr Ruddy 1' -Milli! ' ill 111 ill! ' if Jgjff -'-in Mr. Frank Alu History 'Q' Ga Mr. Anthony Bonadies Art FAEULYY Mr. Raymond M. Burns Mathematics - C 9 Miss Ethel Ericson English Mr. j. Howard Clark Mr. Gerard Conklin Engli5h Science Q, , 2 ,.f 15- ' f X ef? Mr. Russell Kulawiz Mechanical Drawing Miss Maruaret Conklin MF. Gffbrgc Crook English Machine Shop , I IJ , . 1: r-1--7'-1 : Nw wise, our , "I ,..3h. T si 1 5 A' 'cw K. I Mr Wnllnam Hallngan Mxss Estelle St Mane Mr Douglas Porcll Auto Mechanics Physical Educanon Music unp- Mr Hermanj Roche Eng.,l1sh Economlcs Mxss Mary Parnnson M155 Marv RSHU H t A Problems Mathemancs 15 Of? mfflfan 'N' DX ack. I1 'slr Nllchacl N 1car1 Nllss -Xlxce Shea Mlss Frances Nason Lann Scncnce Enghsh Dnennan 12 V, av vs 3 c, x ' ff f ' 4 I I 1 A 4 I 7 J J. Y ,V A wr. 4 6 , .' ,f 4 s 1 f' ,f V - W. X t f - 7392. f -. 1 1 7 . . . , - ' ' v l as f - .xy ,, ' if 'J' i , ' , any 1 I - l .X , . ,fx Y . ll jg ,J A N X , . . I," 5 ' I I K P: i j . 's A .6 . f Q a 5 . ..4' ' ll A A. . M! I ' 'lv' S mms fi Mxisj si 1 ".. t V K A A K MIM W lf .I -. t wwfrmw... X 1iaMlTllIlllm Wlllmgiflw vim """"l"" I '1fHi 1l"""W'l JOYCE ABATE "Joyce" Teacher "Her wondrous qualities and mild behavior." "Good Heavem" . . . cute and if C27 xl: x X , ' ngu,'- X K X 2 1 X r I xxx 29 5, Q wu- 1... ,.1 . I ...r--H., rm Q 'll' I' I Kb is . ' .'L I' , A vi- 2 gsxwxx . NEW: nu. --un 1 , 1 v I I . , . I I I1 ' -' Q ,,,, ,f-.IL K all . gn LEOLA ADELE AKSENTIS Housewife Words endlessly issued from her rosy lips tractive blonde forever jimmy always in a green Ford fine pal amiable soul quiet . . . always a smile on her lips . . . friendly . . . intelligent . . . Observer . . . Girls' State . . . sew- ing . . . Dramatic Club. I RICHARD ABATE fPineD "Bozo" Car Salesman "I would my horse had the speed of your tongue." "Pick on .romebody elJe" . . . black, curly hair . . . cute . . . fun to be with a good friend to have always in Derby rv, 'iv 'X ELIZABETH ADAMOWSKI Betty Pet Shop Owner A quiet maid yet questioning and curious I don I know quiet friendly driving where s Charlotte7 animals ce skating horseback riding ELAINE S ALIEERIS BERNICE ALLEN Elaine Teacher Spontaneous as a crystal fountain Cookie Secretary Talk and I ll talk with you stop and I ll talk alone Youre the utmorl keeps everybody in splits good na tured cracks yokes constantly but enyoys a laugh on herself friendly neat talkative dancing grape soda french ries rock n roll Diane and Carrie rea sense of humor Youre the only one uho laugh: at my yoker very talkative pretty blue eyed majorette long wavy hair a fabulous sweater collection Lavender 14 . I I 1 N , ll I ll . ' .FA fi' B I' f Y Hue.. . .. . .. .. . .. I "Huh, what, why, where?" , , , ar- "What" . . . "Ha!" . . . "Sixers" " ' " . . . - .V . . . . . . . . . ' - - - A H u- - , . . . . . . , ' D - . . . . . I . . . ' . . . , A . . . . . . 1 IIIWIIMMI n ,... ALBERT ANDERLOT Servrce Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow I don t know red harr walks so very softly and slowly happy and carefree books drsagree wxth htm Sentmel reporter 5 HARRIET ANDERSON Harr Teacher Farr tresses man s nmpenal race ensnare Not really st ju!! looks tha! way long blonde pony tarl attractrve snappy mayorette Lmcolns motorcycles Sharley THEODORE ANGLACE CPmeJ Te Mnlkman In quretness and confidence shall be your strength I don t know quxet dxous good mxxer curly hanr lots of fun 'IIIIIIIIIIP "" ig G2 BESSIE ANTRUM Bess Secretary Stull as a lamb I don: know cute young lady wnth expressnve brown eyes sports fan connoisseur of mce clothes a great kid Pau Bernrces frrend NICHOLAS BADAMO CPmeJ N rck Shoemaker What rs past my help rs past my care See tba! friendly helpful good lookmg an mterestmg person to know fun to be wxrh neat dresser 15 99' ANTOINETTE BALDWIN Tom Smger Worry kmlls me why dxe' Enyoys a good argument as well as a good laugh untroubled by womes enjoys smgmg but not homework takes hfe easy rock n roll dancmg I ,U fflassi-h ' E , - ' X , - ' A t W- .1 ' , X 4 Illil f - so N ' .. .. - "img . lf A1 Tx- 4? u rv YY" A n 1 n ' Y My V k f- - - 1' L 'e Q sqm Q f7 1 X ' : ' . . ' ' ' . f 5' eff' gf -f I' i . . . ll - ' 4 1 .. - ,f u.. I sw I fr 1 n A I . . . . . stu- mf' .ff ' , V .V Q 5 . . . V H, V ,Tau f 6 z l . . . . . . x 1.i'0L?, I, M ft . . . . V '. . -Sli R fzrylx I ,, . .. .. - . .. - . .. . , . lr 1 U I 8 D .H ' . ' ll ll ' u 6 1 LUCILLE AMY BALL Luc Housewxfe Wxth sweetness fresh as any rose Gee I dont know' cute red head f ll of pep joe Joe oe asketball ns a favonte dancmg enthusiast demon dnver Art s Semor if X2 ' Nil W f WW l? avec un dxamond DIANE ELLEN BALSIS Secretary Both her achnevements and her fnends are many Oh I don t know about that attractnve blonde beautnful and fashxonable clothes neat a pearance avxd Yankee fan Latm Amencan musxc e skatmg shoppmg Lavender Staff BENJAMIN P BARTO JR Pete Forest Ranger He puts all hrs troubles tn a pocket wxth a hole m rt Don t work too bard always yokmg and foolmg around wrth everyone not a care rn the world KO Boys Crew 10 C D skatmg plays pool and enjoys basketball M Y F fs 'B' 7 BARBARA BENOIT ELENA BEVILACQUA Barb Secretary Lane Secretary Enpoyment of lnfe ns my purpose She speaks behaves and acts for lnvmg lust as she ought Let .t go doun to Arr 1 attrac 'That 1 a not newcomer to X MARJORIE ELLEN BIBBY Marge Legal Secretary From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot she xs all mxrth uve page boy smart dresser A H S smcere and fnendly Good Grzef' personahty plus enjoys eatnng Art s xce conscxenuous ntce dresser master mnmxc the yoker skatmg enthusxastxc dnver unusual eye glasses charge publxc lnbrary movnes on carefree and gay cheerful laugh accounts Ftnday mght :ce skatmg 16 Cokertes kmttxng hrstoncal novels tall boys ll' V . A,- Q 5 f 1 V 2' .. ,, . , .' l f .. . 'ff' ,, to lm? lk, ,... , 'rcgwyc U ..I 1 1 X . I at L 4 ..Di.. N I , H, Z ' , L . . .' l. l . . . . . ,,: H I I- ff fit R ' 'av' B, NX 'M' h - w. is' A 1 , . Vldlwj M? x ' P ' s A "Wiki ' N. ,- G4 Mag 4 'Ni' ROBERT CAESAR QPrneJ Butch Draftsman He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game 'Timer out lover of animals good team man lots of fun friendly good athlete ARTHUR S. BLOCK "Art" Psychologist "Jesters do often prove prophets." "Aba."' . . . black hair . . . studious and intelligent . . . the philosophic type . . . full of jokes . . . Ronald John . . . Observer. THOMAS A BONACUM Tom Air Force A pleasant manner makes life s Journey smooth 'The thang 1: tall friendly full of fun sports always tinkering Explorers Hurricanes JO ANNE BONI J Harrdresser There rs no wrsdom lrke frankness I haven t the shghtest natural curly hair genuine smile cap tivates all who meet her boys are favorites long walks up Hill Street usually smgmg ti JUSTIN CANNICI fPmeJ Choo Choo Lrnotype Operator You are not only good yourself but the cause of goodness in others Hey Inch' well manneted liked by all genial winnrng personalrty 17 s AZ. bill- :F 'fx' 955, ' .Y h -4 ' ' L- ,- -: ,if V- ,, -.1 , vga- FF. 'f 'ffg4.- H, ,. -- A , ?,.,.,.V,,.,, Yi - -4 4 ef. . . --if 4' 'ie :'-. HL. 1 - Q- z 5, ,, , e AE : 1- -F 7 - - I- 5 -2 5 Z - 'AV ll ff 'Q""" Cv -- DAVlD CARLSON fPrneJ Elvrs Archrtect Love is but a beautiful dream Ill never tell good dancer friendly good worker and student 'D lf Hamel si ff 2: W4 x My .V 'I .Q H ' im. I I . . U H . . . . H? 41 H u . 'J' . . . . l ' ' V ' lr 1 - fl I H l t. H 'R t , 1 I A ' 1. ! , N A - fjiifti, ji-Lvl ffij? ' I ' " K .' V 3 'ff ' , e s, A -V ',, -'zff,5'f,?155, L51 H A ' .I I.. .. ll I If - . I . H . . . I ' 'U . . . ' . - . l ' ll I' nhl' rl 'fa is if '-St SHARON CHIRGWIN Sharon Hanrdresser EDWARD CHADWICK fpmel Chan Cabmet Maker Though I am anythmg but clever I could lrke that forever Im gonna tell curly halt tall and talkatnve always gemng mto mxschxef ANTHONY CHAPIS fP1neD Tony Machmlst He ll play a small game rather than stand out Aw Shack: a good sport hot rodder curly blond harr lots of fun a good frnend to have lrked by all RONALD CHIRGWIN Ronme Auto Body Mechanxc I take lxfe as lt comes Huh whad ya Jay? cars are hrs hobby Road Knnghts frrendly and pleasant ue Sunday helpful and full of SllggESIIOl'IS ds 4 auf' NANCY CHRISTIAN THEODORE CHRZANOSKI Chrxsuan Housevufe Te Dentist A helm ns a lnttle thxng but nt A sweet attracnve kmd of grace Ishall not look upon has lxke agam governs the course ofthe shxp You gene, 1,e1,e, E ,, Prem. Hey uho :ha may cute and captaxn of the Mayorettes ' ternhc personalnty petxte wmnlng personality tractxve dresser Chnsnan strut our class presxdent always talkative humorous dang Strul gxrl: Nrcl-ue laughmg full of fun yet sed d an rn Joe Capitol tremendous personalxty nous too Joanne re black convemble Stans hrs server buddy Dad anybody do I e 9 18 Marvms a teal ladres man vu , I -f' V , H' IN. V.. 'iff w lx D 51. II: 4' I ' , ll 1 E' " X:."l M1 l Q Y HN. ' I 1 "' 'rf 'WIN ,, ,, . 2' :I , IQ ,f 5 l H n 03,9 I sn, t H Y " 'f-M117 I . ' l. fl . fl ff . .. ' l - A ' I 1 ll I l . . . ' . . . X c A l ' ' ' ' . Ifl Yi X 'rf ' A .V ,. I , fi " wgfvfv ',', .. , I x i" I . ' Q n u ' H . ' . Plymouth quiet at times 3 X iff' I gl fl' A" M 1 " -', ' -I -. - I U' ' -H..' "Eh."... ' ' .. l b-.' -if MARGARET C CONLON Marge Secretary The mlschxef that hes nn a gurl s eyes Hz Sweelxe easy gomg cute soft grey eyes full of mnschxef mce clothes Wesklts CAROL CHUDOBA Carol Beaut1c1an A f ad Let come what may No foolmgf long dark haxr lots of fun always late for homeroom neat appearance Gary nnce- clothes Jerry s PATRICIA CIEZNIAK Tnsh Secretary She loves to talk and talk she wall for hours on end and longer stxll Oh Great' tall cute mayor ette loves to talk dancmg Hurncanes lokes Observer Eta Beta Theta JACQUELINE CLIFFORD jackne Secretary A good laugh IS llke sunshme ln a house Fun lovmg easy gomg pert halrdo knee socks and Bet muda shorts swxmmmg rock n roll peanut butter sandwxches Art s 11 lfvh wo' 4 l f-Q 41" an-udp Nur' yi ,IUDITH COOK GEORGE CRAMP CP1neJ Cookxe Secretary Creeper Machmlsr Sweeter than sweet honey A fnend ns worth all hazards Ol: Cnpef' dark shmy hanr we can fl-U1 chxck young lady frlendly Houfx things? qulet Chuck and the salmon Ford mtellxgent friendly good 19 student well lxked ' 4. Eg- L, V, ,?1 1-0' P L s 5390 Q W ,, . It .,? in , . 3 1 ,. . ,, 56' U U - ' . ,, . , W aft , A , f ' N! J 5 f ff' ' 8 'gl 'C V4 i A I -' ' Y' : f c. xl '-'R .1 ff 3 l illllm' ffa f v 'IR I 3 -'I Q 1 4' 'fl rig xl' Ki, 1 A 4-sg ' Q Eli xi x FRANCIS CWANEK Fran" Accountant A man he is of honesty and trust." Shut up . . . nice looking lad with a crew cut . . . wonderful athlete . usually quiet . . . YMCA ..PatBoone.,.food ,s n ..- .,. .1 v X ROBERT CRISTINI Bob Electrical Engineer Truth is the highest thing that men may keep Youre rrumng for a brumng likes to sleep brown hair shy and quiet modest participant in many sports DANIEL CROWLEY Ipmel Dan l Weight Lifter Good people are scarce Get outta here good na tured helpful well liked good sport lots of fun a good sense of humor friendly to everyone PATRICIA I. CULMO Culmer Medical Secretary A merry heart goes all the day Its fabulous full of fun bubbling personality beautiful clothes ood Arr s Gaylorettes Milford Tony in GARRETT E. DALTON "Moe" Stable Owner "It's not in the book, so why study it." "Get array from me" . . . horses, horses, and more horses . . . First Nationals protege . . . blond . . . friendly lad . . . Sam'5. 20 ANNA GERVENE DANIELS "Gerv" Secretary "She makes friends without half trying." "You know what they Jay" . . regular joker . . . witty and care- free . . . boys . . . friendly . . . Pepsi-Cola . . . talkative . . . I..P.'s . . . Johnny Mathis . . . the halls of A.I-I.S. will always echo the laughs her wit created. '41 ill 's I Y A: 17,11 .' E l it 'I ' 'e s'll 1 V K+ .P Qtr X -FM. ,, ,, . . 5, so t Ii if I -- .. , ., j.-ill V " ' . ' 0 6' fy' ! hr ll ' EDWARD DANIELS fPinCJ "Eddie" Auto Mechanic "To educate the intelligence is to enlarge the horizons of its , desires and wants." " "Let me tell you something" . . . intelligent . . . tall . . . dark curly ' ' mechanic model hair...good .f cars and ships . . . playing guitar . . . hamburgers . . . Mary's house . . . auto racing. JANE DANKO " anie" Nurse 'As merry as the day is long ' Blonde angel A l chatterbox amor des football games and rallies a cheery smile and a happy heart ELIZABETH A D ANTUONO Betty Secretary l would have peace and quietness A sweet brunette Wllh winning ways petite nice clothes calm and easy going quiet miss hums with jackie N. 517 if RONALD DICK CPmeJ Dmgy Carpenter FELIX DELLA ROCCO Army Officer Think of ease but work on He plays sports and is one Stop that rweafm friendly Qun bugging me easy going swell personality courteous good worker qulet good looking popular good friend to have cute and athletic v West Point curly haired neat dresser sports Boys State Class treasurer 21 in-I 1 JOSEPH DIVINCENZO joe Electrictan No legacy is so rlch as honesty black Chevy model radios are his hobby quiet J 6-' ' A 1' - we A N 5' sr I " ""... 'I " ' ' "... 1' "Gee."'... 1 1' l ' ...a A ' '. 5 1954 f S fy- - '- ' ffl A Vi ." ', A H L 4' ' ',- 'Q J I , h ,Q 7 . 1 t A if " f cn lf-.I ' lux . ? ,ei 1 lb f he if 1 W J 3 wer BARBARA ANN DIXON Barb Teacher Of spirit so still and quiet Oh gee' tall blonde pride of AH S cafeteria ways chatting friendly person talented piano player MICHAEL DIVINCENZO "Mike" Businessman "He's quiet, he's thinking, he'll accomplish." "You d0n't .ray."' . . . known for . his curls . . . appreciates art, work, and girls . . . swell person . . . gets along with everyone . . . quiet . . . soccer games. 'F' , ELIZABETHANN DONOFRIO Betty Ann Medical Secretary So little done so much to do Oh uonderful' always rush in quick talking tennis pals with Sharon Fran s Bake Shop friendly easy to get along with PETER DRIPCHAK Pete Engineer For that eye is so modestly beam mg you never thunk of the mischief he is dreaming .23 BARBARA ANN M DULKA BONNIE LOIS EMMERSON Barb Nurse n Secretary Quiet and sweet friendly Silence what s tha and neat If I rn not there um! for me J cute pleasing smile red haired bombshell piano I don I knou loads of fun easy to get along mth shin Marrnes cute pals wrth loves to fool studious at mg eyes driving ice skating Harriet and Judy amiable times friendly the Capitol attractive brown hair quiet young lady hot Plymouth Shelton girls at ttmes Road Knights 22 SANDRA MARIE ENGLE "Sandy" Teacher "Few can possess such qualities of cheerful ways and friendliness." "Good golly!" . . . cute . . . friendly dancing . . . "Sonny" . . . "Y" . . I 0, K the Terrible Three . . . "Queenie 9 and Cindy" . . . stops signs . . . U.Conn. THERESA C. ESPOSITO "Terry" Secretary "She left no little things behind excepting loving thoughts and kind' Oh beam' friendly s at time a passion for clothes newsboys favorite dish spaghetti pals around with Carol shorthand THERESA EVANOSKI Trese Secretary Good manners and soft v-ords have brought many difficult things to pass I don 1 know good natured vsell mannered always ready with a cheerful h pleasant smile helpful sewing baking swimming reading 'Sf Q9 JO ANN FALCI JOAN ALICE FELLOWS Executive Secretary joanie Nurse A good heart is worth gold Golden hair lrke sunlight All rrgbty short wavy hair Sffeammg adores her baby sister It: all rn the game cute bl d ifted with a tractive clothes autumn petite on e g d s little housekeeper beautiful votce roller skating in ustriou b ln babysitting dancing singing helping baking owi g soft music football games others eating and eating h olor blue typing Cokettes t e c 23 . 4' A f f -rig: :wif T . ,L N ', A' l l lil ANDREW FERRILLO CP1neJ Andy Carpenter Happy the man with nary a care Carefree and cute appreciates a sociable person Hurricanes O F C Crescent Spa cars ... A.A... ' 41 ifm 'V u 1 ,rr D 9 5' ...Y' ... I , . G: . ' II ' ll .' '.H Y . - -X f 4, .. 5'3..'fTa ZQ L '3f5'i: f' ,.-4:-Y -.fa-f EE' , l f p'-'4 Eff Q4 ll' if LOIS FISHER "Lo" Teacher "Truth and goodness are but , , different faces of the same all." r " fy f .5 , 'Tremendouf' . . , everyone's ' ' ,. 3 , 5 friend . . . really can belt that ball if , "1 'tgfi A lj i in gym . . . comical giggle . . . A , A " -ugii athletic . . . sports minded . . . l ll A: . 'f' ' f lla f c f l wg, ll " A 1 W -1, X N W , , 'fi c 'fm , , x 3 A 1" . :- f' "' ,JLG 's'f', 3 K XA, :Y-EQL:-. funny books . . . spinach . , . sew- . yy Q ig' ing . . . violets . . . French II . . . 494-Q1 ,. QA lfiff 5' E- Zi f f " -1' in babysitting. .V - . Lanz' fry 2: DONNA FITZSIMMONS "Don" Secretary A smile is a smile in any language Don I gel nervour cute south ern chick sweet Tony Valley Co eds swimming skating dancing i 5 CELESTE GABRIEL is Housewife Her happiness is contagious Oh gee' friendly in her ways always laughing fun to be with a a certain yellow Pontiac K' as 13 'i .4-0 LEO GALLARANO JEAN GARDELLA Luke Coach Jeanie Sales Clerk His only labor was to kill time Don t let your simplicity Idrdn 1 bear anybody ask you be lmP05CCl UPON dignified distinguished speaker I guetr ,ro matching Band always telling yokes in physics stand listening to rock n roll all round athlete playing luke boxes apizza up the river coffee dow ntovnn with Ioan collecting magazines badminton 24 JAMES J GEOHAN JR im Air Force In the life of a young man the most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship Quiet well mannered friendly has a good word for everyone sports working with cars Explorers Oil ,,- U GERALDINE GOLDSON "Gerry" Executrve Secretary "A pretty face rs a srlent commendatron " "Hey now"' mce clothes dancmg James school chrcken drnners partnes shorthand drrvrng around baseball smgrng rn the chorr bashful at trrnes MAUREEN GEORGE oe Beautrcran I am full of pleasure Hey' ya kzddsng me? Henry always laughrng Derby JOSEPH S GIANNONE JR oe Engrneer A frrendly nature a smrle srncere lndubztably full of fun pleasant smrle drmples help ful ltalran food especnally spa ghertr good natured rea asset to our band Submarme sandwrches JOANNE EILEEN GINEX J Typrst Laughter and a sense of humor are the balm of lrfe Yeah man ' cute frrendly bowl sports Co-eds talkatrve rn dancrng Pau jokes ADRIENNE V GOODSON "Agn Secretary 'Laughter round the eyes means warmth rn the heart" "Oh yeah?" tall, athletrc lass aprzza "Sonny" borrows money from Drane sports lover loads of fun 25 M:-'..a fa iflolll of ,4 2 f W' vt DIANE LOVENIA GOODSON 'Dee Dee" Polrcewoman "My books are frrends that never fall me" "You better believe at" never wrthout a smrle neat as a pm PUFSUCS her goal wrth genurne srncerrty actrve rn sports cheerful -5:1 'Q -'Iggy I. II! " 5' Y 'n ' fl , x . ' Y ll: , il L- ,I N14 ' ,IN I VO! S -' , r Q at 7' ,MW-, I UH., .,-A .., lf . l I ' ' ff 'l ll in " . ' ,,?Kf' 1, gf 1' 1 -1 ' 'I ff "S, good times . . . neat appearance. l 'l X Q5 ,i , a sl ' fy. J , ff. If 1111: . ut 1 fy, Q,- e 'f 1 ..J ,. . ff ' ll . . ' . . . A 1 4 ' sz 'Y .. H on b , . f x i ' , ffl Ji , r H JAMES GOODSON "Moose" Service "Silence has many advantages." Friendly and easy going . . . usu- ally quiet.. .a sharp wit . . . sports -football, basketball, and track . . . likes oranges after practice . . . lean and tall, but powerful. 111' N I ogg ,.,L'.1 gi E -:f V 5 'T ll ll' ffl f J t7 X l J f C' BARBARA J GREGORY Barb Private Secretary Personality is her key to life For goodness rake' friendly to everyone nice personality good sport seen with Lor raine Falcons KATHLEEN GRADY "Kathy" Teacher "Enflamed by the study of learning." "Oh you Mau-Mau" . . . intelligent easy gorng good sense of humor editor of Observer usually seen with Helen or Shirley crazy colored nail polish SANDRA ELIZABETH GRANATIE Sandy Secretary A witty talkative and loyal frxend Not today petite and pretty sensitive about height ways talking to someone about somebody very sympathetrc always combing her hair The Terrible Three fun to be with RONALD VINCENT GRESKI Ron Businessman School work fascrnates me l could sit and look at it for hours Son of a gun great athletic ability fun to have around sleeping and eating are his hobbies gir s U Conn always seen with Frank and Pete French II cards at the club Boys State 26 cg PAUL GRIFFIN CPineD The hungry stomach rarely despises common food Got any for me? a good pal to have never lets work inter fere with food crew cut friendly lots of fun to be with never a dull moment with Bull f ' Q 1 iz' ff' " " l " " ' "BuIl" Chef 'Q-Y PATRICIA A HEAPHY Heaph English Teacher Full of gentle kmdness her looks and language are Hey bng dark eyes a shy smxle sweet and frrendly Skrppy Eta Beta Theta gentle vorce and manner to match Lavender CAROLYN GROSSBAUM Came Teacher A lady always and rn all ways a lady Let: do romezhmg excumg sweet and gentle The Perfect Lady New Haven State Teach ers College always smcere a ballerrna of great poise and harm nrst student to graduate c under the accelerated plan RICHARD HALLET CPme7 Rrck Bxg Game Hunter Nothmg can be purchased whrch rs better than a frrm frrend Hey good student frnend 1 lots of fun crew cut srnger good dancer JOHN HALLIGAN fPxneJ Happy Jack Teacher One of those souls who are the salt of the earth Intelligent always smrlrng studxous quxet rn a frrendly sort of way DAYTON D HOLMES Holmsre Electncal Engmeer Work never pays It rm t logical often seen wrth lrght blond harr radxo ham The Logrc Krd C D loafs rn Physics 27 ans., 'li' ELEANOR HORBAL Housewrfe Keep up appearances whatever you do' Oh for Pete: rake' ong blonde pony tall pretty always on the phone Coast Guards bowlrng wrrtmg ICUCIS Crazy about chocolate mrlk shakes qw , s ' " . V- 5 4-7,1 2 ae. f i Y 14 ' 'xxx' -fw-s,ev 'QI' riff' 121 'rf vw. gl, VJ' ,v P Vi 1 EL. E X JEAN HUZI Huz Beautician Friendltness glitters more than gold I m gumg up' cute u of pep and merriment Donnie skating bowling dancing eating MARTIN HOROWITZ CPineJ "Marty" Air Force "No man can enjoy happiness without thinking he enjoys it." "Cut it out" . . . Brown crewcut . . . Stasia . . . good looking . . . football . . . friendly . . . fun to have around . . . always in a happy mood. BEVERLEE A HOULIHAN Bootsie Hairdreser Born with a sense of laughter 'Than Nice' carefree day dreamer always kidding around red and white Chevy expert Frankie s fan diets on cokes and chips forever smiling GERALDINE HOURIGAN Geri Secretary A well bred silence is always at command Oh Gee quiet dignified well mannered stylish clothes eo sports is 1 lf 'uv E THOMAS HYDE fPmeJ Tee Barber The most manifest sign of wisdom is a continual cheerfulness Go! a cigarette? good na tured wonderful sport very well liked cheerful fun to be with 28 f' PATRICIA JANDROK at W A F Eyes can speak and eyes can understand Oh :hut up' motorcycles and horses are the most fun big black eyes shine with friend liness talks constantly babysitting f I ' ll - N V . Vg - is A rf ll ' ' ' gtft if 517 r W sf' V n X ,viii ' -,531 .t 'wgf 1-1145 ' .iffy ' 11:3 ,. . . . ,, H , - I- u f I" If - 11 ' ' II - ll . I I . . y - . I ' , r , V. - - MARY ANN KARLOK Karlok Secretary Calm and serene amxd the troubled day I dont know' pretty blonde hanr neat clothes blue eyes green Ford conver nb e Walt J ALBERT T JESULAITIS lu Sonny Construcnon Engmeer A books place IS m school football squad Bennett s Garage M111 Masters Ford Well' blond harr athletxc I convemble MARY JOHNSON Mary Nurse ts a fnendly heart that as plenty of fnends I dont know fnendly and nxce to know pleasant drsposr non athlenc bowlmg dancmg WALTER KALEWSKI CPmeD Wadju Prmter An mabnlxty to stay quret ns one of the most conspncuous fanlmgs of mankmd Aw come on ta crew cu frxendly studlous quxet easy to get along wxth Prmtmg Brooklyn gnr s THOMAS KASPRZYK CPmeJ Ghost Auto mechamc Snlence IS more eloquent than words Extremely quxet and shy ood mechannc always tardy easy going mtellxgent with cars 29 LILLIAN G KENNEDY Secretary Speak out hnde not your thoughts Shut up md be quret' deter mrned has a mrnd of her own always ready to watch a base ball game ardent reader of mys tery stones could eat and eat , I -Q ,Q I I 1 sw' H A f- lx "1' N ' H I H h 'l. x p f N H . U . 'Z . bl ., ULU" Q . " '- ' ' .n...g "D .'.H'... - .1....un. ' , nn.. D . . una ...D : 4L v1o": : x n ya ' 1 f l Jgfb. EET3' Q lib l w U 'R J 0,04 W ,L Q 3 HARRY KERR CPmeJ Harry Archrtect He makes two gnns grow where there was a grouch before 'Take at easy' blond hart mrle runner stock cars draftsman frrendly smrle JOSEPH KEWALIS fPmeJ around Kewal lce cream man Fnendshxp rs the bond of reason Tall curly harr very fnendly mxschnevous well lrked by ll always excrtment when he s BETTE ANN KING et Volce teacher A httle tune for laughter a lrttle trme to sung Do l look 0 K 9 attractnve majorette good smger ways wrmng letters dressrn p datmg dancrng Co ettes water sknng Seven teen and Charm magazmes talkatxve thoughtful and courteous MARYELLEN KINGSTON Maryel Nurse Blue are her eyes as the falry Hax Oh posh" blg beautiful blue eyes long blonde hart ROBERT KOHANSKI Bo Aeronautrcal Engmeer A merry heart maketh a cheeerful countenance Oh yeah' a great ladder tall and goodlookmg full ponytaul always a corn of trrcks that are played rn good phment on her lnps modest fun Flonda the Hnlltop about her own vnrtues Mon The Falcons IRVOIII 30 EILEEN KOPCHIK Nurse Wrnnnng her wavs and gracxous her smxle Anynme cute struttmg may orette long hanr mnschrev ous talks wnth funny expres snons fnendly captnvatmg smnle dreamy musnc cash mere sweaters horseback rndxn hamburgers down the Rod? Cokettes Lavender 1 fi' 52 39 V i""' ,qpv 1? Q 'X 0 - r 9 JOSEPH J LA PAGLIA "Joe ' Busmessman "A loyal, just, and uprnght gentleman" 41 4' af I llklmhg STEVEN KOPCHIK fP1ne9 Steve Engmeer e-g ewi eff I' Eat to please thyself but dress to please others Blond wavy hart short qunet loads of fun helpful good dancer smart me If y chamc neat dresser MARY KROPIEWNICKI Bunny Secretary closed mouth catches no flxes Nutr sometnmes qunet easy to get along wrth great sense of humor Pennsylvanra Navy Schpero s ANDREA ZANE KRUGER Andy Plastxc surgeon The world means somethxng specnal to the capable Well' ta blonde attractnve crazy about sports and sportmen Observer Oxford and the puddlepumper smgmg clowns around yet ser nous too sewmg sorceress talented artxst Ill try any thmg once' sv-M' X xg Q JOSEPH LA ROVERA 'Joe" Manager of Gardella s "As wnllmgly as ever I came from school " "You don? Jay" another Cute mce smrle sharp dress "Moose Skowron" good na er easy to get along wnth tured reserved always wrll black, wavy hair cars boatg mg to lend a helpmg hand sports photography 3l KAW!! P Y'-59 ' MK? 'ff lov ills sn., SAUNDRA E LE COMPTE "Sandy" Laboratory Techmcxan "The world dellghts m sunny people" "Let'r play the role" skatmg and swxmmmg are favonte sports dancmg Gerrx and Antorn ette mce clothes apprecn ates tasty food consrderate boys are preferred here nf" f x ' 44- -its A , ' Q . gee, If . 1 H . tg! p"i" '?,-- , ',. N .. .. . 'exp F5 ' V-L dy -- E Q11 5 1, To ' - ' ,fav .. ,, ' .,.1-nf? - -f- 1 ,- ' 2' 'I 1115- , 5 N-c-.. 'F..7 4 if ' . .. . . . ' V ,sift 1: i - 0 ,,ff,4, p 'iff Qin, ' ' '. ' ' ' 1- 5 gg. 4,13 llflligfy 51553 . ..A . I! ll ' ' . 1 ' L V' 4 4 K A , Q x , 4 fl , Pl' -4- W1 f 'af ' - ,il fell' tillllfll J? A U KBS- fh JUN MARY LOUISE LIONETTI "Lou' Nurse A secret's safe 'twrxt you MICHAEL JOHN LEGEZA Mtke Mechamc Live and let lxve Id lfke to customize thai' car fan pnzza Lattes s Pontlac Road Kmzhts rn Strtpes Frrst Nanonal ERWIN LEVINE fP1neJ Erwm Soda Drstnbutor Behold how much ll stands a man mdeed to have a frtendly answer tn tnme of need Good student and fellow worker quxet and shy always W1 mg to assrst a fnend tn need ANTHONY LEWANDOWSKI fP1neJ Tony Draftsman It rs easter not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than we should Extremely quret Alaska carefree easy gomg moose huntmg -:' SALVATORE Lo CICERO CPmeJ ' Sal ' Sctentrst When my fnends are one eyed and me ' l look at thenr prof1le" Oh you don? bub"' dark wavy haxr socrable Cok "I dxdfft do rl" swell person ettes loves clothes vvonder to know small but mnghry ful dancer pattent lnstener well inked by all fun to be expressxve brown eyes roller wtth skatmg playmg prano cheertng at football games 'an apple a day" 32 All 1 f"" f f f nf? xi. l I z M-on rf S JOSEPH F LOMBARDI JR Joe' Truck dnver A good heart ts the foundatton of character ' A hu" for everyone perpetual smxle easy to get along wtth farms ammals mg fnendly L1 "'fq1+f Avrflygtrctpr' 1, W . . sm '-5 tl. 15 ,...,g ,Ly . - E- . . , She f- ,....-. " !,'g't 5 - . . . . . . 'u ve .ww---' 4 - 1 ...P em - f c ' ' . . . ' 'A . I I.. '. .'l1- A al'-' g, if .. ,. A 3 ' . . . . . . 1 ,- f. ff - . t cry ft, . arf , E if j , ' . Z .3 an-f 'ml' DONALD C. LOVET1' "Don" Mechanical Engineer "Serious and well behaved, not much trouble ever gave." "Hey, bow about 4 ride to Derby?" . . . well dressed . . . tall . . . dig- nified . . . good looking . . . blond . . . Derby . . . Mark's Hardware . . . English. CAROL JEAN LUNDVALL Cary Nurse Whats yours is mine what s mine is mme Ippm you wanna' cute athletic blonde loves drums Darlin and George full of fun and mischief Arts yulte box spmach singing with the girls hates red heads ROBERT LYSAK QPIDCJ Lefty Carpenter Be good and leave the rest to Heaven Curly hair good natured true friend sincere worker intelltgent hunting fishing ready for fun anytime RICHARD MACIAG Mr Maverick Service Loafing is a science Zorcb blond cute hot Ford quiet in school girls girls and more girls Derby Shelton Seymour 1 Dip loves school coo driver MARCIA M MANKULICS Marsh Private secretary Gentle rn manner firm in reality What do you say? quiet soft gentle vorce Navy babysittrng dancing 33 tif 4'-'f if THOMAS MARECKI Tom Metallurgrst The man that laughts certainly does well Hey gzmme a pzece of papef intelligent studious spirited yokester ambitious quiet lil h1S OWU WHY First National 1 'I ' ll . ,. ,Q . Ia' ,sl X ',f'4"' A Z Weir J f ,, . i, . ,, ,, . - it U . - , If fl ' . 'I' I.. , , ...Bg . . 1-L'1j.Q,l,44-nn!! IZ' W ' l 'i -3- SHIRLEY MARINO .-F Shrrl Housewrfe She who goes slowly goes safely Oh no' quret mannered Bandstand fan fun and laugh ter are constant compamons Pontrac convertrbles rate as Num ber I on her I-In Parade CLAIRE ELLEN MARTIN Petty Nurse She blushes all rs well Don I forget that now' blonde wavy hart Canada snow trme French athletrc sports mmded the Y Cokettes gab sessrons wrth the grr s walkmg wrndow shopprng Lavender c skaung STANLEY J MASIAK tan Doctor Three words are saxd of hrm Loyal Staunch and True Ob no not agam mtellrgent good lookrng helpful farthful frrencl Chevy cermrn Cokette Sentmel person wrth a promrsrng future the Presrdent s Ard JOYCE MATEJEK JANICE MATIKA Joyce Secretary Janne Nurse Twrnkle twrnkle lrttle eyes Wrllmg rs she and eager to please What s that mrschref you what other vrrtues are better drsgurse7 than these? What 4 ya outa your box Definately pert lrkeable carefree mrschrevous and talka blonde always smrlrng trve rarely seen wrrhout Drane ready for a joke crazy about ready for fun the cottage swrrnmmg Cokettes danc Gaylorettes Art s rn St Mary s 34 CHARLES J MATUSOVICH Charley Engrneer Of a good begmnmg cometh a good end I don t know good loolung lad wrth a blond crewcut very lrkeable quret and shy athlenc baseball Kenny Crescent Spa French II f- L' . 'n ,, -, . 'v -. Y IA..--..--r,2 ,A .,. I :!. 1-vnlll I ,- ',.i.11-1 I ,,,. 1 1111 ' ' ,i , ,-,: '4 ' , -Ls- TQ' ' ' li ' Il ' , " -- -- If ll ' f .... , . ... .1 - .- 1- nr u ' - n 4 Q - V t. if ' u f 11 - . : . . . .U U . ' .. . . . . 1 e X us n ,, . . . at . " " ' 1 I ' ' .' u ' ll ' ' 1 , . .. I X I u J 1 . 1 Q 1 1 c 1 ,V ' ' 3 MW i . . . - . . . . , . I I ' V' V V A-I.. . 'awe sf. A H. , . N. 3 4 . . I, ,' kv yr 'i UU ll ' I7 ll I1 ' ., . . . ,, . . . .r . . Y U 3 V ' ' i- ' ll ' ' I" l" u 1 rl ' u - - pu u ' n ' ' I ' ' I I . . . . . . . .,. . I . . . I Q ' 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I C ' 1 . , -1 JOHN MCGRATH iPineJ ,- "Every humor hath his adjunct h ,U IQ Q fvflb A-if QW U'-?'.'ll 'L .XV -,, ,,i Pleasure wherein it finds a Q: 'v if if if I ' I joy above the rest." "Wanna buy a mr?" . . . always joking . . . fun to be with . . . noisy . . . resembles james Dean , . . . good pal to have. . - .- ' :, 'ff r-at Q9 assa 1:35 X - N , 1 ' v- -A i I -V!!! T W .'s 40' Z I ' 1, ' 4. P 4. 3 .. ,, . A 4 I J.P. Auto Mechanic 1 J, 4 ff, , ,Y -I If f L f in , V , ' It ff ' f' I f - -4' 2 . fl if, . i F - if FRANCES MCLEESE Mabel Housewife I don t like noise unless I make it myself Hz Sport' A good friend to laughter always in a happy mood loud but likeable Sam is tops cheers loudly at games for both teams' Hey Mabel JEAN MCWILLIAMS Jeanne Secretary An ounce of mirth is worth a pound of sorrow Attractive bruette pals with Maggie and Connie Butch .-'fy mischief s companion cute gig C 4" LYNDA R MILLER ANGELINA MIRABILE ROBERT MITCHELL Lynda Executive Secretary Angie Secretary Bo Teacher Serene and calm as an Quiet lass I wish I knew what Keep quiet and people will think untroubled day rare treasure is hidden in you you reaphilosopher Yer ma am' welcome addr Oh gee whzz quiet always What? soft spoken and well tion to A H S pleasing south presents a neat appearance marmeted prefers quiet hob ern drawl quiet until you get good listener polite s ICS Stamps and reading to know her traveling fried S chicken sewing comics 35 W' F - -- -ii. 2 gl. Y x 7 'ii , u U ' u 'H U b'l I' I .,,.n1 K " ll 1 .-. . . . 'I u,,.-. . ' ' ' '...'iQyf b' - . ' ' hy. Mk' X I f A 55 Q4 l i FRANK MORSE CP1n6J Frank Printer Hrs own pleasure attracts each one Nou uatrha dom 9 neat dresser good sport easy going cheerful good na tured liked by all DOMINIC MOSCATO CP1neJ Memo Italian Pastry Chef All I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow rover Hey Chooch dark black hair Italian accent always clown in su s mechanic friendly fun to have around PATRICIA MUDRY at Teacher A sunny disposition rs half the battle Gee wh1z for heaven r ,rake sweet and wonderful Janie and Lynda drives that green chevy loads of fun Vonetes Lavender xmpromptu get to gethers and parties the cutest laugh if ,G .,pe- 7 o- Z' ' ELIZABETH MUZIN DIANE NICHOLLS "Betty ' Secretary ' Secretary Always ready with a joke yet 'Calm and serene she treads kind and thoughtful whenever life's way.' she spoke. Oh dear . . . blonde . . . sweet Oh really." . . ,cheerful and gay young lady with quiet ways . . . . . . talkative. . . cute . . . friendly band . . . gym class specialist . . . . . . Valley Co-Eds . . . enjoys a Danny. little mischief . . . dancing clothes . . . swimming. 36 QD JAMES NOLAN fPineJ Nunsatical Navy 'The moods of love are like the wind. 'See that you guy: . . . good foot- ball player . . . always ready for an argument . . . neat dresser . . . ots of fun to have around. 5 H. r . ,' vera if 'za 3' PATRICIA PARKOSEWICH a Housewife Always laugh when you can rr is cheap medicine Hz' short and cute Pete Davis Oil Company drive in movies pickles dancing friendly favorite color bue WILLIAM O'BRIEN "Bill" Electrical Engineer ,XA si-: . Q1 ..Tl'1e wise rnan is his :Sass It 5. ,V own assistant." f 'wfgxi ' ' 'L :Lg .32 - "Hey Sam" . . . new addition to ,' '7 ','i gif -, , our class . . . good natured . . . fl quiet . . . attentive listener . . . , ,V-if ' ' gel." , 1 ' ix, .Lf- radio expert . . . photography . . . science . . . Maine. n A ' .lk Q Y Lmxlti r l in ' ?'J Q 5 RONALD OBUCHAN Obie Doctor Greater men than I have lived but I doubt it can t mock you nature already always seen with Arthur witty always good for an argument observer popcorn telephone HELEN ANN OSIECKI Helch Teacher A woman of many words 0 ibut .f lovely tall brown wavy hair Nancy and Kathy boys especrally Al New Britain in the future Oh that walk' FRANK PAUZA Frank Business Manager I am more than common tall Your noxe hrst of all tall good looking lots of fun Lavender basketball UConn Boys State danc in go seen with Ron and Pete 37 ii vff DIANE PEPE Drni Anesthetist Impossible is a word she never pronounces Sb b b cute cheerleader expressive brown eyes wor ships Yale men fashion with out fad Dig those crazy words Lavender editor sisters with Elaine and Came HI I '. ' d:d".'.. ' if . 1 a el' f 6 v 4 3 av ' ff 4 Q1-- Q1--l i-:i. + -. L..-l-- R ,ig .-,SA - in ' " li..-1 NANCY CAROL PHIPPS "Nan" Teacher "Nothing is sillier than silly laughter." "Garb, go are .romeone elre!" , . . friendly and carefree manner . . . takes life in her stride . , always laughing at something . . . many friends and few regrets . . . rock 'n' roll. JOSEPH PIZZI "Bill" Barber Thou art pleasant gameson and courteous No kzddzng quiet friend good spo t well man nered takes his time at letic oan movies e store Italran foods -A.. MARY ANN POPOWSKI Popowsk Commercial Teacher A demon to those who know her Oh you blob tall blonde peppy cheerleader with a wonder ful jump always neat nice clothes Milford Jer Observer friendly to all Eta Beta Theta ROBERTA PRENETA NOBLE S PROCTOR Bert Secretary Mick Zoologist Goodness is the only investment He that is content has enough that never falls Don t ru ea! rr' admires Oh bop' hard worker Mickey Mantle base all usually quiet conscientious animals sweets and pies eager to lend a helping hand Paul s yokes home svteet home dancing sports football hiking through the woods rallies movie squad shy and fairly quiet 38 ZS xvv yf 3 X QR f'Oi 1--9 BARBARA PUTERSKI Puterak Teacher Here s to a girl who doesn t shirk Rolls up her sleeve and goes to work Oh brother cute and petite nice smile sv ell personality Academics Joey Von etes Eta Beta Theta iy... 1 A '...J I.. '..."th , X 6 in t ? " " ' 43 G' .. T Q 0 t " lf' Q .'.."B....al1 I X .10 Af GAII. ANN RENKER X Gaye Nurse Of manners gentle atfectxons XX M t m1 d ln wrt a man Slmpllflfy a chxld' I gotta go' fnendly atlent combs readlng Student Counctl hayr1des movles on Frxday nnghts stuffed ammals Cokettes potato chtps GEORGE RUMBIN fP1neJ George Owner of Dude Ranch All thnngs are ln common among fnends Ta lanky horses studlous frxendly artxst jazz Western musxc ROSALIND ANN RYALL sul A fnendly nature a smlle smcere Boy look at that fob' t perlod hlstory zxppy Valley Co Eds always laughrng and a ftxendly to all Steven son lmport Boy Scout darlmg dlmples .ji-7 Q' HELEN SALTAS GERALDINE SAMPIERE MICHAEL SAMPIERE CP1neD Salty Nurse Gem Secretary Inch Supermarket Ovs net Txs a good thnng to laugh She laughs and the whole world Indemnity for the past and 1 h rt laughs wxth her secunty for the future Wbaddya mean yep S 0 brown wavy halr cute mayor Can I some 1009 attractnve Leave me alone mlschnevous ette gregarxous soul dances brunette wlth cute dlmples small good natured and pames New Haven great gxggler and a swell person to curly hair lots of fun to be appreciates good mustc fnendly know 1nqu1s1t1ve frxendly wlth talkanve roller skatnng dancmg blue Ford 39 vw 4 tw ' I 5 Mi N' ' tl H .. .. . XX vi ' 1 "Q"5f.:'hIL I ' , .M X , - 'V' U 1- .i . Y E' Q .1-ASA PA '.'- .' . v Q' Q . . . V M X ll . . . . . . . . . .rum U "Roz" Executive Secretary H Y., 'I I X ' h . . .A . . . X, bf , six S' c 4 I .. f A I f N 2 4 t N N! -1- -'E , - , SALVATORE SAMPIERE fPineD I "Sal" Printer "I've taken my fun where I've found it." Y "Clean up" . . . blond hair . . . .a 1 T , as R ' L J i 4 ll, an M! " always happy . . . easy going . . . always talking . . . girls and cars. JOHN SAROKA CP1neD Sonny Pro Golfer He is here for fun put away the books I dui not tall blond singer mischievous hunter good looking wavy hair von sf T ,fi JUDITH A SCHROETER udy Secretary Softly speak and sweetly smile Oh boy' quiet pleasant disposition attractive dimples enyoys water skiing svum ming motor boats collecting statues of horses always talking he blushes too PAUL P SAZANOW az Engineer To worry little to study less That s my idea of happiness Greeting: Richie and Paul incorporated ta payamas Kentucky Colonel ties rea hep cat gir s mad maga zines true sportsman LP i WALTER SEMBROVUICH Skippy Coach The days of our youth are the days of our glory See u ba! I mean athletic friendly easy going sleep mg in class always clovsmng a laugh of his own football 40 S? . x l' A d""' i 1,1 EUGENE SHARKEY fP1neJ Gene Machinist As a mt if not first in the very first line You Lnou xt good student friendly talkative good personality comedian ways a smile on his face I .. . H I fr-Q 1, IJ ll ' I7 I "' Q fff ' C . W A n -ye Us ,, . ' ll..." ' " xx , - , 1 'Q l' K . ,., fy an-x 1 f l I ll-I Il . U . ,, I.. H I I PAUL SHORTELL CPineJ "Paul" Carpenter "The happiness of man consists in life, and life is in labor." "Come on" . . . good worker . . . well mannered . . . wavy hair . . . ready smile . . . happy-go-lucky. KATHRYN HELENE SHAY Ka Nurse A mighty spirit fills this little frame Shut up or walk" cute brun ette Snooks Silver Hill Studebakers baking energetic in sports spur-of the moment ideas sparkling per sonality imperuous lilies of the valley 1,0 'Nl 5753 o gg MARGARET M SHEA Sheasie Secretary Life is like a good book it s there to be enjoyed 1 What 4 way to die ta cute sunny disposition I-lamden short hair always ready for a good time wrap around skirts Katherine Gibbs friendly and agreeable to all GAIL SHORT Secretary Never say more than is necessary quiet polite served neat amiable parties '11 4 . 'Y f 6- fl A I wrpa.,z!mlL6, ROBERTA GLEN SIMMONS "Glen" Archeologist "individuality is the salt of life." "Good morning, or im? it?" . . . studious, dignified, and ambitious . . . reads often . . . takes long walks around hilltop for recreation . . . sports . . . wishes only to be herself. 41 LEONA SINKEVICH "Leona" Secretary "True worth makes but little noise." '71 bat :lays mc" . . . short brown hair . . . sweet . . . quiet . . . record hound . . . Eddie. .Six ' QEIMR1 ,G X ,QNX vt-Q63 "fl x .kin-1 ti 'dffrma 'll'1'?'1"Jv X 1e1m'1'8k.FL'Spx 9 W I gtigfva' 1 W x EILEEN SKOWRON SKI Skronsk Nurse Not too serrous not too gay That s the proper way Boy was I lucky grfted wxth rntellxgence dependable Grrls State baknng dancmg TV and Cary Grant am mal lover enthusrastrc parucnpant of sports JOSEPH SMARRELLI Joe Teacher senous rn hrs own w 4' cute accent all' 1 ,av- TIMOTHY SMERZNAK Smerz Teacher He who hath knowledge spareth hrs words Gee thank a lot' loyal band A smrle for every boy Two for every grrl ea always a yoke on his lrps keeps teachers as well as frlends ln a gay mood very ay artrstnc FOOD' JAMES D SMEREKANYCH Jrmmy Chemlcal Engrneer He IS amongst the few persons who pursue scrence wrth true dxgmry' 1 man' ta amrable keen xnterest rn scxence Chemrsrry explosrves m bmous hshmg and hunting 1'-4 'War BARBARA JANE SMITH Barb Secretary Conversation warms the mrnd and enlxvens the nmagxnatlonl Stop yaxbmg me' swell kld member Jack Benny of to know extremely talkanve AHS quret polrte vrm vxgor and vrtalrty pnde of the Frrst Narnonal always chewmg gum carefree 42 'lv JOY CHRISTINE SMITH Smmy Recepnomst The more the merne Dont ark me' cute drum mayorette always a lot of fun when she s around adores long hanr Teach crazy about drnvmg and cars rn general D 15 ' I 47 X. ' , 2 4 li if X 6, 1 6 Y .fri X X N 1 1 . " " ' X 'Sa , ,fl -Q U , 8 , .' V A 'b 1,1111 If 11,1 Z' ,. . . . '-'v Q32 , X f ' . D ' .I "Qb,' J ff' . . . u ' k 'I .Q ' ' H 4' fr . V 11 . " V1 "ag .7 . . . ll .I ' p 'X I . l . I ... . G ' . . . X gi 5 3 -of .. I 1 .EL rv' , "-'W RICHARD SPADER fPineJ "Spade" Navy "I look upon a day to be lost in which I do not make a new acquaintance." "Darn rigbt."' . . . good friend to have . . . carefree . . . always laugh- ing . . . has a good word for every- one . . . Naval officer . . . walks like a Texan . . . Lavender. MATRONA STUDENT Tona Secretary Efficient innocent and sincere I look hke rag anne a pretty brown hair friendl nice personality always has neat appearance MARGARET STUDLEY Peggy Astronomer Quiet at first but look again Oh gee' cha cha crazy American Beauty Roses artistic poetry Cokertes swim ming at Milford Beach basket ball the country horses appreciates beautiful scenery ardent star gazer Lavender T' J JOSEPH C SULLIVAN BERNICE SZOSTEK ARTHUR TALLBERG Joe Air Force Bern Private Secretary Artie Service Good narured full of fun Good in and about all things Calm of mind mules with evefyone Oh' really friendly quiet Csomerrmesj Oh brother' nice looking ways smiling boys and con sincere friendly relaxed willing helper at the football games vertrbles enyoys dancing and and confident enjoys hunting S ll ood avoids work when he can part of the team of u ivan and Sullivan girls ice skat in basketball 43 ' ' MARGOT ANN TANNER , "Silence is a flne jewel for a woman." Attractive, tall "brownette" . . . stately and reserved . . . pals with Maryann . . . friendly in a quiet manner . . . proficient at many - X ' W X M X "IvLargo". Secretary X .ffi ANITA LOUISE TINGLEY Neet Teacher The blush is beautiful but it IS sometimes inconvenient Oh my acbmg bead' oo natured blushes easily yoys playing the piano sewing mountaun climbing vaca tions in New Hampshire thur s twin' sports. PASQUALE TEODOSIO fPmeD Dozer Navy He winds up his mouth and lets himself go Faw out crew cut friendly Shelton girls football not a care in the world always laughing and Joking never stops talking DANIEL THURSTON fPmeD Thurst Draftsman A quiet tongue shows a wise head So what' quiet friendly well liked always working hard Diane ARTHUR S TINGLEY rt Carpenter lf work interferes with pleasure the heck with work I know rr' big and strong likeable lad with a sense of humor movies food--espe cially sweets domxnoes e other half of a set 44 JOAN VALENTINE joe Telephone Operator Full of fun and mischief too Doing things she shouldn t do I guen so usually listening to records boys-especially Al Bandstand fan Art s dancing and singing ood times E' Q g g, 3 . t w,'A il' 'I ijk l le X ll nl UA In I I1 ll " ' .'Q...'g a " E j ' " 1 " l -... . ...?n' ... . ... ' ' ' . ' "Z ""f..g"' ' "I ...Ar- . . I - 2 , 1-. N.-' ELAINE MARY VENTRE "Elaine" Secretary "A joyous laugh flows from a joyous heart! " . "I known' easy to get along wrth hates to argue enloys np roarrng rallres excrtlng games bakmg loathes set tmg her halr seen wrth Char lotte Dolores Angle CHARLOTTE M VICIDOMINO Lolly Teacher Manners are the happy ways of domg thrngs Be qmelf rce box cake clrawrng horseback rrdrng gym perxod football rallres pet hamster Big Dlp re fers radro to 'I' V DOLORES VINCI Dee Housewlfe What should anyone do but be talkatrve I don t care talkatxve shxes away from homework Ayoub s pals wrth Elame friendly sports Italran food Broom Mard Teacher s tna -'I r " . f O 2'1" 'X .. 1' ,, 1,1 4-A t 1 Q ' ' '11 .,, 'ffl W ' ff' l " I5 f. - . l ,i' vqtzmmfe - -'f Vit .. rw' . --f L 4 Uhiucchx-. g-.-Lrkufk WW fkf I -'Wk DIANA LEE VISSELLI Halrdresser Her vonce was ever soft gentle and low an excellent thmg m a woman Attracnve brunette cheerful and happy go lucky athletlc and actrve dancmg Art s studrous Rocco s Joyce and Patty Gaylorettes Te ELIZABETH A WALDORF Betty Prrvate Secretary A devrlkln srts on her shoulders and whxspers rn her ear 'Thank you tall ralkatrve blonde frrendly carefree lrkes to make nonse te e phone Penn the Marrnes Valley Co eds the cottage 45 EDITH WALL E re Designer The tranqull person rs the accomplrshed person Gee' short sweet and oh so smart 100 s physxcs trrg square dances bowlmg ar lovely clothes Lavender Drarnatlc Club a really wonderful gxrl - D 1' A K. if . . - I a ... . ' ni 5 'ff , I l na- l V D N 1 'ft A N ,.Di,, . ,, ,, . ., d.,, . ll I ' .... . ... I... dn - . U. L ,Q W J Q , Lg 4 J ig' i . fm ' y of X' 1 ' iz 'T DONAI D WARHCDI IC, Bu Game Warden WARREN WANNACGOT j "Willy"' Business Administrator "Bewareg lmay' yet be famous." "But nba! happened?" . . . am- bitious lad . . . talkative at times . . . spare time devoted to tishing, swimming . . . boating . . . hunting .. . Crescent Spa . . . skating rink . . . Bassett's ice. lm XHCHALL 5 XVANTROBA Niilce Electronic lngmcer Quiet as a street at night Quiet s 1 cnyoys boats and cars CAROLYN M WARGO Warg Airline Stevs ardess Goodness is easier to recognize than to define nur Does my lmrr look O ls cute peppy captain of the cheer leaders unusual haircut neat clothes sweet smile friendly personality 1? .411 JOYCE WEBB CLIFFORD D XWELLS oycc be-crcrary C iff U S Marines Bri, surpriscs comc in Nothing, is so important thatl Each day comcs and finds mc wishing, l could spcntl my UNK 3 lwhlnls Ola bm short and shy la btw girls are his hobby Bmf 13,51 BU, ta lsltmri athletic softball roller roc n roll fan lowes to sportsman lishini., hunting skating, dminr, playinr, go our not a care in the world hocltey scicnce fiction hooks accordion Chinese food cspc lots of fun to haye around hamburgcrs riot in L. 5 cially Lhovy Mein roscs are her mischievous cars work is H15t0ry vggfltg at first Isa favorite lloyser his enemy sleep his friend tional small pacltabcs need to vtorry about it 46 A : 1- l AY , '- ..., ly . ,. I r . . E Q - iii i ' V b - ' 1 5 K y , mt ' f 'f .. - lv. L . 5 4 ' . ' ,, yuyl 'R V wry.. ii, 1 ...- my it" fim- 1 f i i gc 'qv LORRAINE ZALENSKI Rene Gymnastrc Teacher Her axr her manners all who saw admrred Leu Polka' leader rn the Falcons enpoys domg the Pollta cute smnle fnendly to everyone quret Barbara f6 FRANK VUILDE CPrneJ jeremnah Mechanrc A frrend rs newer known rrll a man hath need Thu lhmg uon 1 Jtarl quret motorcycle enrhusrast frrendly easy gorng always smrlmg DARLLINL A W lTKOSKl Dce Teacher A truc frxcnd IS forever a frxend You re kldzlnzg strawberry blonde cute ta Elame and Drane grggles rn French Observer qurer Frxday nnght lam sessrons CONSTANCE WYSOCKI Connre Housewrfe Better lane than never' H1 Bzg' long blonde halr always on the 1,0 Joe Fords extremely talkatlve energetrc at rallres wY..x f PRISCILLA ZENKUS ESTELLE ZYGMUNT Sybrl Housew rfe tas Secretary So free so kmd so apt Full of cheer full of pep so blessed a dlsposntnon malung, fun at every step Hum Ha Hum etc happy Hz' pleasing personallry go luclty always clowmng a smxle for everyone enjoys around full of fun wonder eating danung, hne slng.,er ful personalrty popular always presents a neat appear class vrce presldent Butch ance Marty one of our hne Murphy S Cl'lCEl'lC3LlCI'S pfegldent of the 47 Dramatrc Club Lavender at XX U U e s T ' , K o l la ,J t' . 1 V f KJ .." . ', H f "f tl 'Y 'A ' H' on 1 5 x Q 1 4. I V I A - Q V. I l ' I Y I V ,, A .I , a , faq? V . . A .'. . - 4 Q ' wonddflri artist . . .' Valley Co-.eds i A . . . . ' uf. vf r . It ZILRSE UPN EK? Fellx Della Rocco Prnscnlla Zenkus Theodore Chrzanoskn Gall Renker AHS Treaxurer Vzce Preszden! Prexzdent S ecrelary james Nolan Paul Grxffm Rxchard Spacler Thomas Hyde PINE 48 Secretary Vzce Prendent Prendent Tfeamrer ,IJ fs cz ti Y I ' ,Nalw 4 I S .K X I 1 . 1 X! Q . r Q Wilt'-, X- I v 4 ,. ' HUNHRS A H S CLASS D Kathleen Grady D1ane Balsls Thomas Mareckr Ga1l Renker Darlene Wxrkoskr Joyce Abate AY SPEAKERS GRADUATION SPEAKERS Andrea Kruger Edith Wall Eileen Skowronski Margaret Studley Edvs ard Danlels lP1nej George Cramp CP1nej I hash ff' PHNE CLASS DA Eugene Sharkey Domlmc Moscaro Theodore Anglace Damel Crowley Paul GIIHTIH Robert Ly sal-1 Y SPEAKERS 49 ' ginger-- tl' xf . - a " 1 A A. I . . , I I N r PA , , Cl ', K 1: 1. S ' fl 2 Q -- 3 , P A ' ' . 3 ' f nl ' ' V X' Rx, , , , J, . gli- l .Q , , di MOST POPULAR MOST LllxELY TO SUCCEED Felix Della Rocco Priscilla Zenlcus Paul Griflin CPmeD Edward Daniels CPlneJ Andrea Kruger Stanley Masiak A1 -:lr l if It En-.. nga adv W 1.12 s e, , "ff fy 1 QUIETEST FRIENDLIEST Stephen Kopchik LPineJ, Robert Mitchell, Margaret Ted Chrzanoski, Bernice Allen, Daniel Crowley fPine Srudley 'Y E? 1 BEST DRESSED BEST ALLAROUND Diane Balsis, Leo Gallarano, Nicholas Badamo fPineb Paul Griffin tPineJ, Kathy Shay, Felix Della Rocco AVL X x fr - at .L 1 ' Z r ,V.Q:1,i1?'- Q Y S ' "Si?j1g , ' gn .Q ' 1- - u Nj! mv .5 9:1 sv- f ' S . - B' , ,S f H ,Q av iff S N rf 1 ff 1 Y w - 72 J '43 fa' A,-f I n, ,. X-7 5 sf f Q-:ifff I fy BEST LOOKING rn McGrath 4PineJ, Nanty Christian, Albert jesulaitis BEST DANCER Rithartl Spatler fPinc1, Diane Visselli, Frank Pauza -49" g MOST DIGNIFIED MOST IDN TO BI: WITH Leo Gallarano Duane Pepe Rxchard Halle: lPmeJ Paul Gnthn IPIHCQ Bermne Allen Tel Chrzanoskn 1 1 z' NICEST SMILE lohn McGrath 1P1nel Enleen Ixopchxk joseph l.aRovera BI1bT 5ElNsE OF HLMOR MOST ATHLLTIC Helen Saltas Prnsulla Zenllus Thomas Hyde KPIHCJ james Ixolan 4P1nef Dlane Goodson Yelnx Della Anhur Block Rocco 1 - 1,1 in .- Y A y , , . I . I . . . V .M , k . . N. . ,J-sq. vii ,jg I uh. , 2 -- ,xy 45: - ' .... , V. Q . -Q ug - QS' Q" V, , 33 " 1 f , Q Iv - - ' - , lN A W T 515 ' E , wb 4 i F ,fk V I A I W- Z, 2477 1 X? -'c-vw. ff . ,. ,I . --fill K- fe f f ' v' e' ',l ' 2' -. '.f " . ' ' , -ai N ' .7 5 i Q ek'-12? -,f- QL :X 7' H , ,"'4 i. 1 . , .Qi ,kk 2 'ly' My gf f ' ef 5 I 9 f' V -fe ,ff f 1. al ' , T A 'Q , 'I . , I l W If J IF. 'I-I ., I 1 , h In . I7 I ,A I ' V I , . y . , 4 . ,..'L MOST TALKATIVE MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT John Saroka CP1neJ Patr1c1aCulmo Ronald Obuchan Fclxx Della Rocco Carolvn Warga Paul Grrffun lPlneJ Andrea Kruger i dw 1 1" 1 'A ik ,- 2' .19 CUTEST ! 1, f Mlchael Sample-re CPmeJ Parrrcra I-leaphy Arthur Tallberg BEST PERSONALITY MOST COURTEOUS Rrcharcl Spader CPmeJ Estelle Zygmunr Ted Walter Kalevnskr lPmeb Felnx Della Rocco Darlene Chrzanoskr Wrrkoskx 4 9 f , 2 , V ' ' f . ' ' . 4 X 4 , I l C , A V K l l M3 3 I 1 Q . V' V y h 4 u ' I F v a , . 5 -'fl' '- 0 . 5 '. NN.: -, f, PT ,. rg- -. f-' .rf " J ,,., 'ni' , S 0: X ' ' bl ' . 41469 'A .. M A Alf!! -74 h , .I Y, M, :lm V. ' ,V , K I , 1' Q ' 'Q' ' . l - ' - : ' f ' ' f 1 -SC H Z ' .. ll N' ' ' ' 'R f V ?ff l f -,fv:, ' T L - , - , ,f l g,?1, A , ' "qua ,fm - f- , , I VW 17? " 37 1, 'V' "ff ll' :L 'ff is I f 5 'af ,J , 1 " ,X n X , nf ,tix il fa 4 .qqffg xx ' -Q 2 , f ' ' A 7413. 'XX - ,, , 2 2 1 f ,ff . . . . E J ET - ,A X' Y V , - 15 . 'L 5 i ' nu, ., A l t l v . Y U' 1 4 1' l 4 , .l T 1' I ... ,, , ,y ,Mfr in ' J. W W l - , . . Y . . . , . - , ELBS9 sum: if HU IH 3 f9W'i?FF riff if rw err F dfizl -LJJ 5 ffm' ifffliiwi Effffliiii ml Of the A H S Barbara l J' .I ii: 6 I e J I as Coll! -l , l ga - " I! - r . .ai :ll - - T pq Qu elassmgi-gg Jak iv-1 pd' 8- 'par-T I ' - 1 3 : V ' Q - n . 1 ' , ' , Clus Q9 sindtzlk I 4- . -Mm. NNY! hs :en - du- and mhi-lg, Hay our drum! oi -Cu.' SM ng I Il. -this worlj Se bih In our hearts will always linger Memories, so dear, Of the happy days we During our four years. Now the time has co To bid their farewells To the Class of Hfry-n' vi 'll BOYS -GIRLS STATE Seated Erleen Skowronskr Joyce Abare Fehx DellaRocco Frank Pauza Srandmg Theodore Chrzanoskr Harry Kerr CP1neJ john Hallxgan CP1neD Paul Grxflin CP1neJ Ronald Greskn l 1 1' :up 054' SVT? N3 52"' ..--ur' il Bermce Allen D A R award Gail Renker Homemaker award 9' AN I MW l TUB. N7 lIlUNEl L -'ivnvvw -,..... ,, N?llmv,,-, A un., L -il Seated Ronald Greskn 59 Shexla Shea fl Jeanne NfCWll1l3mS 60 Sandra Amnco Cl Fe-l1x Della Rocco 59 Wxllmam Zayatz 60 Marcia Sapach 60 Mary Zebromskt Albert jesulantns 9 Matthew Brandon 60 Walter Sembrovuch 59 Gus Chnaro 60 Standlng Prnscxlla Zenkus 59 Gaal Renlter 59 jeffrey Wnlllams Cl Louis D1L1s1o 60 Ldv ard Mareckn fl Theodore Chtzanosltn 59 Rxchard Yasuano 60 Frank Pauza 59 Ellnot Sllberherg 60 Rxthard jurltowslcn 60 Stanlex Nf3.Sl3k 59 Thomas lppollto fl Marcxa lxrueger Cl Loulse Impetato 6l Sandra Amxco Secretary Trcayufer Fellx Della Rocco Preudcnt Wllllam Zayatz Vztc Prendcn! v 1 . f as ' . . ' 3 F' I V ' I u I I f V ' -P s. A 4, .UA 4 1 f f ,L w. 1 ' ag 4 9 " l 4 ' Y, lxfl ,- . fa . 1: - , vi , , A1'li- K , . A ., , V . ,D ' ' ' '60 '5 ' . 5 ' ' ' A5 f . , f Q , , .Q 1 , ' 'J I It . , , , ' I -Y 7 I V - I V -...-........,.. -5' A A .V4 . ' . .3 . , 7 ,7 58 up' HANK -g.,.s. x?.:-:s- td SENIOR MEMBERS Irrsr Row Drane Nncholls Barbara Smrth Barbara Benonr Joseph Grannone Second Row james Smerekanych Trmorh-, Smerznak -lv joy Smith Dmm Majoretre AJ KETTES 9 1 f i L Exleen Kopchnk Hamer Anderson Lxnda Kel Joan Motel Lmda Farnham NHUCY Chflman X. Helen Saltas Nancy Christian, Captain Elame Ahferns Beverly Cuscuolo Patrncna Creznxak 7:5 - I I 1 'I' Betty Kmg Patrlcla Cleznlak Hafner Anderson 5.-2-"2 c"7: Wdsx x Helen Salras Elame Ahfens Enleen Kopchxk 5 f 2 was. SCHOOL NOTES LITERARY Seated: Kathy Shay Nancy Christian Editor Shirley Sharon Bogan Rhoda -Greenberg Andrea Kruger Sledzianowski. Standing: Carl Cecere Patricia DiLisio. E11'1f0f- Edith Kyle PZUICI3 Kllm21ZSVvSlCl. BUSINESS Fi? john Rotteck James Smerekanych Manager Thomas Bonacum Jeffrey Yale Steven Berkowitz William Collins gal 6 few 9:49 Mg tra igwe as Qiwif bl- -dfo,J C.-3,.:f A T TYPISTS Seated Judith Cook Margaret Conlon Eileen Skov ronslci C0 Cbdifffldfl Diane Balsis C0 Chairman Leola Aksentis Barbara Puterski Mary Ann Karlok Standing Patricia Parlxosemch Bernice Allen Eliza beth Muzin Barbara Benoit Estelle Zxgmunt Mariorie Bibby Donna Fitzsimmons Matrona Student Barbara Gfeskl Gregory Roberta Preneta SPECIAL FEATURES 62 Seated Patricia Ciezniak joxce Abate Ea'z1or Mars Ann Popovsski Standing Richard fascrano Lorraine THE IIEISEKVEK ALUMNI Ronald Obuchan, Managing Editor Arthur Block, Editor, Roberta Shaftel, Gail Renker, Kathleen Grady, Editor-in-Chief june Martorano. SPORTS EXCHANGE Darlene Witkoski, Edilor, William Comcowich. Seated: Harriet Anderson, Editor. Standing, Paula Schlitter. 63 RA ATL OFFICERS Eduh Wall Secretary Estelle Zygmum Prendent Darlene W1tkosk1 Trealuref Mary Ann Popowskl Vice Prendent 64 Elillllll TTEEQ 11 1 ASSEMBLY Seated Margaret Studley Drane Goodson Duane Bals1s Marjorxe Brbby Exleen Skowronskx Mary Ellen Kmgston Lucnlle Ball Carolyn Warga Standmg justm Canmcn CPmey Charles Matusov1ch Ronald Chrrgwm Thomas Hyde lPxnej Paul Grnfhn 1P1neJ Theodore Chrzanoskn joseph La Pagina james Nolan QPIDCQ Domnmc Moscato QPIDCQ joseph Lombardn Nlcholas Badamo CPmeJ Rrchard Spader 1PxneJ PROM Frrst Row Darlene Wltkoskr Drane Vnssellr Eleanor Horbal Edxth Wall jo Anne Bom Second Row Elxzabeth Muznn Prxsc1llaZenkus Mar1or1eB1bby Ga1lRenker Theodore Chrzanoskl Bermce Allen -IoanneG1nex Patrrcxa Mudry Elaxne Alrferxs Thnrd Row Paul Grxlhn 4P1ne7 James Nolan iPmeJ Paul Shortell fP1nel joseph Przzl Frank Morse 4PmeJ Fellx DellaRocco Arthur Block Fourth Row Rxchard Hallet qPmeJ Rlchard Spader QPIHEQ Thomas Hyde CPIDCQ Damel Crowley QPmeJ Stanley Masxak 66 I J ay ! A! QTFVE? 'U'-1 - 1 :sl IO rfb, O ve O0 0 ,an--, V p 0 4, f .Q Q '-- HUB 'Q '..,, is-1 l, 11 XS Q1 Welcome to the Prom. The pause that refreshes - 15 everybody happy? This must be a dreamy tune. V' . P627 . Nxys Q X Q. Waiting for the next dance. sgegggg iff .345 ln I A fwft ' 534 '21, 0 . Q ' nv ' X ffy .J Zi. , 1 "9" 1' . if .I 4 I f!liw" D V46 ? ! lllza Q R5 A if fn v ik 23 N ' The night is still young. Qfzx Q Star Dust. What's so interesting? 67 QQGJ Lf 19 1 I-.r PUBLIC SPEAKING F1rstRow Leo Gallarano 59 Thomas Ippolxto 61 Rrchard Renker 60 I-Iarnet Anderson 59 Lorrarne Greskr 61 Sec ond Row Edward Damels 59 Peter Capone 60 Steven Berkowrtz 61 second prrze Rrchard Fascrano 60 frrst prrze Karl Wendelowskm 60 first prrze VISUAL AIDS Thomas Bonacum 59 Edward Baboms 60 Steven Berkovutz 61 Leo Gallarano 59 Mxchael Kopchnk 60 Mrchael Lembo 61 Noble Proctor 59 Rrchard Mayers 60 5:1 A , - g ' M in - f- f 1 . N J X NX I . A , , '17, Q K . 5 ,Q .:1" 1 , " , 2 . I 1. ' ' ,1- n J . 5754 F? 5" gf' P i f' i . I , Y . , , . ! 7 ' . . . . Y . y . , , M ,v,, .1 - 1 f'3"l53 bxffbff ,- M A I , on .. , , 1 f. 4 , I Q ' .Q " A ' I . "1 3 ' ,Q -.X ' , ar' P1 I , I 5 N 4 I 4' . J v A 1 . .1 3 f 4 " 5 .- 13 'bf 1 - A w E I 5 1 , kk - - . - , . - , w , am 3191 I 's f I -U They also serve M r QQ- 5 ,Arif Q. Hurry up' We ant to eat too 19, UF' Our favorxte perxod 69 Food makes ug happy ARUXJNIA The Hovser of femmnmty 4 IPP' .34 n 1- 3 iz..-if iff 5 . ft? y ' 13 ? Y Fl .EU - S ,X 'P' 1 . gp- tai P! ' -s Q, 1 I K. Who gan study? WT' Cheer upf Ir's almost time to go home. 70 -Q . 'll 1. """T' A 1 -XR I Stop' Ive got wmers cramp brrollma., ioxxn thc lane ' 1 Working hard? -Q ARUUU Where s the engme7 L3 Qxll ,4q 5 U I 72 l. .!v"' just hke pros Inreresung xsn r II, Does anyone hawe a penal? Watch out for your fmger' Ouch' Whxle were at nt lets prmt some M O N E Y" By the way what are we malcmg7 PNK How do you spell arb1trary9 LEQQV Lf' ag ,Z 51- gf ,QS 'i 5 Mr Grady Mr Bellls Mrs OKeefe Mrs Busk Mrs. O'Donnel1 0 10 .1-0 X X S 21 K Z FUUTEALL 1 6 ANSON IA 14 CROFT 6 The frrst game of the season for the Lavender was not a very rrnpressrve one but the Lavender emerged vrctornous from the fray Ansonna racked up yardage heavxly on krckoif and punt returns wnth the and of some solrd blockmg by I-lorowxtz Capone Matejek Goodson and Gallarano The Lavenders total of frve knckoffs and punt re turns added up to 204 yards rncludmg Zayatzs TD romp and a 54 yard gallop by Della Rocco Zayatz handed hrs teammates an early lead whrch the Lavender was forced to hold on grnmly for three periods before Nolans game clmchnng TD took the pressure off The fleet footed Zayatz electrnfied some 2200 fans wxth has spectacular 64 yard touchdown before the game was two mmutes old Nolans mterceptron of the Tlgers aerral brought the score to 14 where nt remarned ANSONIA 14 Sl-IELTON 0 After the first game Ansonna came unto nts own and defeated the Shelton Gaels wlrh a show of ground power The game was chiefly defensive m the first half The Lavender wastmg no tnme an the second half te cenved the kxckoff and marched 71 yards for nts first score wnth Della Rocco scormg from thrrry yards out In the fourth perxod agam Ansoma scored by a spec tacular seventy yard gallop by Slnppy Sembrowxch Both Della Rocco and Sembrowrch were successful ground gamers Defensxvely up front nr was Nolan Matejek Gallarano and Della Rocco ANSONIA 22 CROSBY 0 Facmg a strong Crosby team the Lavender ex more than conquered the Old Ivy Crosby found the hard runnmg of Felnx Della Rocco and Skxppy Sem browrch too much to cope wnth Other brxght spots were the passlng of Ron Greskr to Leo Gallarano and the rugged Ansonra defense bulwarked by Co CHPIHIDS Ray Mateyek and jxm Nolan Della Rocco Greskn and Sembrowxch were the Lavender touchdown makers ln that order ANSONIA 12 STAMFORD 20 Placmg nts three wrns and no loss record on the lme the Lavender was defeated by a strong and fast Stamford team In thxs game the new extra pornt rule played a key role m the rugged well played battle whnch could have gone exther way Felrx Della Rocco played a brlllnant game ln defeat and cracked the stout Knrght lme for one hundred yards ln srxteen carries Della Rocco and Sembrowrch scored one touchdown each Defensxve standouts were Della Rocco Co-cap rams Ray Mateyek and jrm Nolan Leo Gallarano Bxlly Kmg and joe Francolmr . , , tr 1 M . I 4 ' - l I .r '4 xl F lx V 'll l . ' 4 I A. N. 1 1 4- A- Rx A .5 Q. I l Q' ' , y ' , y v ploded for ,three quick first-half touchdowns, which 1 , A - 1 Q I , , , 1 76 ANSONIA 6 DANBURY 38 Havnng been defeated the prevnous week the Lavender was agaxn downed thus nme by the Hatters Ansoma domm ated the game for one and a half perxods and then snmply fell apart A few fumbles and mtercepted passes helped to get the Hatters on then' way Scormg for the Lav ender was Skrppy Sembrowlch on a four teen yard run Fehx Della Rocco again played a brlllxant role both offensively and defensively ANSONIA 12 DERBY 6 Playmg ln the ram at Coon Hollow Park the charges of Coach Jarvns squeezed by wlth a 12 6 vnctory over the Derby Red Randers The game was a defensive one wnth both teams havmg a hard txme mov mg the ball The Lavender opened the scormg nn the second pernod wxth a touch down pass from GICSICI to Gallarano Later nn the same pernod Al jesulams recovered a fumble nn the end zone for the only other Lavender score of the afternoon An of fensxve standout was Felnx Della Rocco yi '-'F-fs.. 'ivy It looks lrke a brnsk game of tag VF' Remember Leo and hrs halo? 'VZ if-15355 ag 77 What a struggle' -'N Ron's aerial arm works again. Felix scores against the Gaels f ai? F :rats Kfg V Url, W -1- if if ' Will he make it? 78 ANSONIA 0 - TORRINGTON 22 Losing the third game in the last four starts, the Lavender suffered a 22-0 defeat at the hands of the powerful Red Raiders. The Lavender's defeat was caused by a rash of fumbles and poor play generally, but the jarvismen had consolation in the fact that they had a 9-7 edge in first downs and out- passed the Raiders 78-72. ANSONIA 14 - WEST HAVEN 12 Getting off to a 14 to 0 lead in the first perlod the Lavender offense completely collapsed for the rest of the game Ansonia first scored on an eleven yard pass play from Greski to Gallarano Neil Evans in tercepted a pass and two plays later Evans threw to Hammon for the second TD Throughout the rest of the game the Lav ender could not move offensively They were nearly beaten in the final seconds of the game when john Gannon the Blue Devil bandit stole the ball from Skip py Sembrowich and raced seventy one yards for a touchdown Luckily for the Lavender the PAT was stopped Key men defensively were JCSl1lalflS Teodosio Hot owitz Francolini Nolan and Della Rocco ANSONIA 44 SACRED HEART 22 The Lavender displaying a solid pass ing and running attack uncorked a six T D blitz in rolling to a 44 22 romp over Sacred Heart With Felix Della Rocco Walt Sem browick Billy Zayatz and Richard jur kowski providing the T D touch and Ron Greski the passing punch the Lavender roared back to a triumph after spotting the hearty but outclassed Hearts a 6 0 lead Della Rocco and Sembrowich a pair of swift seniors racked up two touchdowns each while Zayatz and jurkowski two jun I , - Y - .. - H .. - Y - H - 1 1 - D U , ' ' V . ' "Q,-rffrff t 7 - rw: fa - - . - I - , . . a , - 1 3 ' I R . 7 I I ,L ' 4 A 'iv' -" . - .' 1 l . 2 ' i, . . rl ttf ff. 0 A " r f. ' rx 5 b -1-+V f- Eg: l .H " ,rim - es A- -I rj 1 fe:--'12 in i,.i 'fx-je' 'hx 4 . 7' Q ""' .1 ' ." . . 1 - , "'r 5 4 ...M ff- 1 373.- ,, '. . :S-,W s bm 1 jg.-gtisgl. Q3 . 'A ,nfl ', "'f',.,lf,, wg . Q, N 2":v 'sm F ' ' S451-4"'1x'3' Af ..- " " . .ff . sh tn'-. ' ' . '.-' ' ,x Q H. ' ,. if' -.L 5 3 - , it ...N . . Q -3 4 A 9 . R , - W. 'Y ' --'s w--M 5""' 1 ,i gf' yu. ,ang 4.- '-Wt' A 1- . . ,ns ior speedsters added single T D s Greski s aerial arm accounted tor two six pointers and the Lavender quarterback also clicked for a pair of PAT pegs to Leo Gallarano ANSONIA 24 NAUGATUCK O Employing both a passing and running attack Ansonias balanced team rolled to a 24 U victory over Naugatuck to end the season with a 7 3 record Leo Gallarano a standout at end open ed the scoring via a pass from quarterback Ron Greski On a third and ten situation Ron Gres ki flipped a screen pass to Felix Della Roc co who made a spectacular run of seventy one yards for the second T D 'lhe three backs Della Rocco Sembro wich and Zayatz were successful ground gamers throughout the entire game The third score was made by Hammon on a pass from Della Rocco making the score 18 0 In the final quarter quarterback Ron Greski sneaked over making the final score 74 0 The entire team was credited with a great defensive effort with Della Rocco Gallarano Matejek Nolan and Capone leading the way FOOTBALL BANQUET This year the highlight of the football banquet was the presence of two West Point Cadets Bob Anderson and Harry Walters and an illustrious graduate of A.H.S. and West Point Bob Kyasky. The Cadets were bombarded by ques- tions from the players and guests which the boys generously answered. The Class of 1959 will probably always remember these two fine cadets-especi- ally Felix and Skippy, T ills:-fav ,K 11 This is one of our good days Fortunately Moose is not seriously hurt 79 Ah! ,SA 455 4 x AQ l I A -1.1 "'-D -.-W 1- T.. F' 'TIF-ev E is H L LQ, JIM NOLAN A co captam who excelled through hrs brtllrant defensne lrne play and hllecl hrs capacxty as an offensne center Made the All Valley Team FELIX DELLA ROCCO Coach jaruss bread and butter boy who played brnllr antly both ln vrctory and de feat Made the All Valley Team and second All State Team Recerved the Fred Ltt tlejohn Outstandrng Back of the Year trophy and Most Valuable Player trophy PATSY TEODOSIO A tackle who blocked well on offense and gave a standout defensrve effort wlth hrs key tackles ALBERT JESULAITIS An outstandnng player both offensrvely and defensrvely who helped brrng home the uctorres mth hrs hard block mg and hard tacklmg JIM GOODSON Hrs defenslve abnlmes help ed to stop the opposmon many trmes and hold the defense to gether 80 MARTIN HOROWITZ A defensue lxnebacker who hut hard and came up wth many key tackles durlng the season Made the All Valley Team .-I 'SEN JDK RAY MATEJAK Q L K S A co captam who was the mam stay of the AHS ltne Made the All Valley Team FRAN CWANEK SA 4,5 4X 'xi A valuable subst1tute who helped to brtng vlctory IH the Sacred Heart game by a brll ant tackle 4 J dl Pi.-sg-gi' WALTER SEMBROWICH An outstandmg fullback who helped brtng home many of the XICIOIICS mth hts hard tunnmg Made the All Valley Team RON GRESKI A tall quarterback who call ed the plays and passed the team to vrctory LEO GALLARANO An outstanding pass catch mg end who could be rehed on for 1 good game Also the favorlte target for Ron Greskr Made the All Valley Team E EEKL ABEKS Carolyn Warga Drane Pepe Jeanne Mcwrllrams aan Susan Geloso Tstelle Zxgmunt Elame Marrrcarra Carol Brenna Georgrana D1G1org1 Mary Ann Popovfskr 'A N Q Cavwn Carown Watga Diane Pepe Mary Ann Popowskn Estelle Zygmunt 'IJLN N M vf I x J nun. ""N "1 J VARSITY Kneeling Elliot Silberberg john Dziltoxxski Felix Della Rotco Ronald breski Viator Sierkowski Michael Kopchik Standing William Comtoviith james Cfoodson Iranlt Paula Karl Wendelow ski john Figoras Leo Gallarano JUNIOR VARSITY Kneeling: Craig Brown, Edward Dymitruk, Thomas lppolito, Stephen Passek, john Lacko, Michael Kopchik, Ronald Maynard, Peter Barilovich. Standing. joseph Keenan. Xwilliam Comcowich, Louis Angelucci, Karl Wfendelowski, Richard Fasciano, Steven Berkowitz, Victor Sierkowski, Elliot Sil- berberg. Ronald Greskl C0 Caplazn ANSONIA VUIINS 9 LOSES 9 Ansonna Ansonxa Ansoma Ansonla Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansonla Ansonla Ansonxa Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansonla Ansoma Alumm West Hax en Wnlby Torrnngton Derby Naugatuck Sacred Heart Hamden Croft Crosby W1lby Crosby Naugatuck West Haven Sacred Heart Croft Hamden Derby Fellx Della Rocco Co Captam 'Y james Goodson Frank Pauza Leo Gallarano OSX g f 1 5123.95-Q P ' ik- , -' x QT- -sw Put xt m ack Wanrlng expecramly The anxxous crowd gasps gm J Is.. i I .Li J ul' I J g.. ln -x Ia 'VD X-,QM . . 7 J U f Q I A , n g X f 5 '.5'if4!' 8 23-93, R, Ti fy -js 9. Iii: N'- , :wi I X1:, 'QA J: BASEH LL Felnx Della Rocco Walter Sembrowxch J r M gm' L80 GAIIUBDO Jggeph La Paglla, Charles Matusovxch Wil Robert Caesar fi l l I X x l ,' 4 4 ' ' :Uflf I 5 , f I . . 1.1 1. I", J fwfr? - ' r J ' -- ' T ri I , '15 I 2 r H' ,I . 1 ', I , ,K I l v wx X ' . ' W ' L , W X1 .1 H I , F55 . nM m :amen-wma-z, Q A It , 4 VV, W Mfr, Q f ' ,X 'r' . ,,.-., I 1. , ,-4 k'., '.,' ,'f:f" .Ns , A 5 U Q ,D-ig-U A TKA K fl' 5 ,ax gh Y Y kwa M PulGf5 H ryK B9 "-tix rnn.4" Mn!-I tz ff! JRLS' FI! TS Front Row Diane Goodson Margaret Studley Captam Darlene Wxtkoskx Standing Harrret Ander son Lots Fisher Andrea Kruger Patrrcra Mudry Eileen Kopchrk Sandra Engel Knot shownl Hooray for the grrls varsrty basketball team at A H S ' Thxs 15 the first time rn the hlstory of sports that our high school has produced a gfrlr varsnty The team exhnbxted great sklll and true sportsmanshrp nn each game Our first game was played rn our hlgh school gym wlth Derby long a frlendly rrval rn boys sports Ansoma Derby Ansoma Shelton Credrt must especxally be given to our new and good natured gym teacher Mrss Estelle St Mane Without her efforts a gnrls team would never have been organrzed For the Semors led by captam Peggy Studley rt was the first and last basketball season 90 Ansonia ................ 31 Derby ................ 23 ' ................ 36 ................ 35 ' ................ 19 .............. 9 vi 4...- '51 9! HONORARY BASKETBALL Ironr Row Clam: Mamn Sandra Engel Second Row Mar lone Blbby Back Row Mary Lou Lnonem Helen Saltas jo Anne Bon Dld xt go 1n7 1 , p k "' I ,F g A A' ' ' ' Q Ti., .4 ,, X . 2 'Jr . Q I X " " ' e ne A . f . ' IA'-' I fi ,9 f ig ' , " 1-5 ' 3 A 2 1 A ' 1 ,, c 5 I' . 1 U , Eno,-' ,wr X, Ari-. L A A W X ' ,,...... , if V-.x K fi ex r N g f A A A4 Q . i : 1 A ' , . 1 - . 1 , , . 5 f- 5 f - i . I ? f A , 1 L I 4 ,V 3 QVfj'3wQf ' 1 2 : 1' ' I 1 1' , , I ' 1 , ' Y Y 'lc .,,4 i gt ' 1 if A 'UA fa' . ,S ' ' I f ' Af n ' ' f 572' ' A A Q n ,QA 1 'ff . M44- x "1.7ff'. ? ?f' z 92 Jump!! A sure sho: rw: 3 CHAMPION VOLLEYBALL Front Row Drane Goodson Andrea Kruger Standing Dolores Vmcr Jamce Matrka Mary Johnson Charlotte Vrcrdommo -J' HONORARY VOLLEYBALL Front Row Darlene Wxtkoskr Mary Lou Lxonettr Gall Renker Back Row Lors F1sher Helen Saltas Frances McLeese 5 V V A ' . ' f A R ? A 2 tiff A lx 4 , ' '21?'fri'1'v'f4f:, I V gt? I I AA A - , I ft :I 4 tk ,.:, .,, A , I, A iii? I A . I 4 .M X ' ' 2 1 3 'Q f . , V, 'V V c 4 ' I L L M l A ' itil.. I I I Q ,S 'Q g l -J ,. 3 X 2 2 ' .5 A fb' Q ' ' ., -.. 4 L4 0 , . Q -. L If fy Alll L V. l X CHAMPION BADMINTON Drane Goodson Lons Frsher Helen Salras joan Fellows Jean Huzr Elaine Alnfens jean MCWllll3mS Andrea Kruger HONORARY BADMINTON Darlene Wxtkoskl Carol Lunclvall Mary Ann Karlok Kathy Shay jo Ann Falcr Lorrame Zalenskr 202 0-ll3P'I'l75JPTVZC 1. U NHTIR Un -i 'VS Q' a OFFICERS imma sz: Ielnnff INr1LXVlll1lmS Secremfy IWLIIY Zcbrovu skl Vue PV'CfId6'72l W1ll11m Zu ltz Prcfzderzt Elhot Sllberkcrg, Trcamrer eff ll' W M I K Miiilmlff 1 96 bins ll in lg 1 'aim Q? inf ivilvgfd zu.. 1 F9868 U' 97 r J-J SUFHUNERES . 'W 151652 N 1'fQ.'91Q , i 5. T i 'l I, i ,ii ls 1, i ifllll -04 - 1' !M?ll1W,lll' S. 4. OFFICERS Thomas Ippolito ................................,. President Lorraine Salerno ................ Seirelary Sandra Amico ........................,... Vice-Praridenl jeffrey Williams .............,.................. Treafurer ,Li of l IU!!! Q YE li ""' 1 Odin, t s nu- Ili Quuvtt M Q Ill-U-O HK! C6515 9 mv uv 'fur PE? ffv! OFFICERS oAnne Fxasconaro Prefzdcrzl Louxse Mxlardo Treaiurer Carol Dobrowskl Vzce Prefzdent Anne Sullnzm Cnot shovmj Sencfary TEAIZHEKS 100 dur' T ni OFFICERS Seated: Lorra'ne Greski ...............,.......... V 'ce-P efidenz Phy1l's Sabett .................................... Preyident Standing: V'rgirx'a Sabetta ................................ Treafurer Sheila Shea .......................................... Sec ela y FUTVK ?F"'Q XXX X X Q4 7 X NURSES 101 V Frrst Row Nancy Hoyle Edrrh Kyle Paula Casrrglrone Jane Wall Marsha Sapach Elarne Matncarra Susan Geloso Carol Brenra Second Row Lynnore Fernberg Barbara Ruccro Barbara Fama Paula Schllrrer Lrllran Pearson Gall Matrrcarra Glorxa Srefursky Thxrd Row joseph Nrcosra Steven Ross Herman Frolrger jeffrey Yale Ellrot Srlberberg Mrchael Kopchrlc Fourth Row Stephen Passek Louxs Musanre Rrchard Fascrano Wrllram Comcomch Wrllram Zayatz OFFICERS Dafllfl Skurel Lynnore Femberg Prerzdent HSN E BLUE PINE IIFNEEKR JUNIORS Alfonso Garrison Treaxurer Robert Swan Secretary Richard Renker Vue Preudenz Samuel Livolsi Pfendent 131-1- L 'fig' SOPHOMORES Nicholas Mancini .,...,....,....,....,..,....,........... Prexident Robert Schroeter ..........,........,..........,.., Vice-Pfeiidenl 103 Thomas Feclucia ..,.................,..........,............ Secretary Joseph Bear ...................,.....................,...... Treasurer Front Row: Robert Riccio john Matil-ca ., Back Row: Charles Darzen ......., Michael Vinci FRESHMEN Vice-Prefidenl Preiident Secretary Trearurer Wrth thls book we have preserved all the joys and ac tnvmes of our senlor year We are deeply xndebted to Mlss Ethel Ericson for her ad vrce and ard rn edmng thls book to Mr George Manley for tlme and effort glven to make tt a financial success and to Mr Anthony Bonadres for SAYUQHKH h1s assrstance xn the art work As we part to travel our separate ways we also express our deep gratitude to our teachers and prmclpals for thexr undersrandmg help dur mg our four years at the An soma Hugh School and Plne Manual Trammg School and sadly say N X N." QaL?A."'M I S pf! if X E X f r 1 i X 1 , ,UW-flyf ivlrlllll :M wi .3 2-f-2 , mul, w 5521... 0 fm -, 1 I , 'HMV gf AW mv, 5,123 1-lf' 5 x J -X . Nfgfr .' fs- 11 I W . L, 5 't TA" ' l'vfl'.lL ,fl-'1',f ' i I xvri. xJ.',:4'.,' 5 iLzJ,,,,ff v. 1 ? W EEE" ENVI. I N - 'I 740 S 11 if ' W I H MY: W' B 3 5 L QXkfQy fi? ' I ' ' 2b...z,.f x5-Q iii: 331410 as Jw ,M H W gl ' -'x' T - - ' - IH fW'W:fWT"1'T WI H, 1 Q w L l 'figs f 1' ' - f - .NM MFE " A f f f9?5fL?r "1 A ' ' M A H3551 1 - 1 N ' wk N K - , - A - ' VY WEN 5 i - M-w,fH ., 2 l -1 " " 1" - - "4'1':-V ,......... K 4.0u0sl0r0w0l0 Congratulanom and Best Wube: to the C L A S S O F 1 9 5 9 CULTI OFTHE ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Bert Wfbes to the Ben Wsrber to tb CLASS OF 1959 CLASS OF 1959 FROM THB FROM THE Cong tulat on: and Good Luck Cong atulat om and Good Luck to the to the CLASS OF 1959 CLASS OF 1959 FROM THB FROM THB JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ndSTUDENTS A H S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 106 F A E S JUNIOR CLASS or A.H.s. sovuomons cLAss or A.H.s. 4-0'N0l0-'0N0l0 MUSIC and VALLEY NEWS Featured on W A D S 690 ON YOUR DIAL The Vozce of the Naugatuck Valley Complzmentx of THOMAS E BENNETT ALGONQUIN INSURANCE AGENCY 88 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN USE OUR NEW DRIVE IN WINDOW Our Parkmg Lot m the rear IS avaxlable wh1le on busmess m the Bank THE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY CONNECTICUT RECORDS POPULAR AND CLASSICAL SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES CHARLES LUBIN MUSIC SHOP The Only Exclufwe Record Shop m the Valley FRANCHISED DEALER 256 MAIN STREET Telephone REgent 4 2494 mmm 107 rr ' H l , . 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Real Estate 103 MAIN STREET 285 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN ANSONIA CONN LEAR PHARMACY PHARMACISIS and CHEMISTS COSMETICIANS DELIVERY SERVICE SIX Reglstered Pharrnaclsts to Serve Your Health Needs 198 WAKELEE AVENUE ANSONIA, CONN 6 xo-wwv 0-faxof X Y . I . . . . . ' ' T.V. , , Compliment: of Compliment: of 9 , . , . O 113 4'-0"'0'0'40f0l0 FARREL BIRMINGHAM COMPANY, Inc Heavy Machmery for the Rubber Plasuc Metal Paper Sugar and Other Industrnes Macbme Tool: Roll! Cartmgs Weldmentf Gear! and Gear Drzvef PLANTS ANSONIA AND DERBY CONN 40-0,10-0-tax CLASS OF 1959 THIS IS YOUR BANK SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA ALL EARNINGS BELONG T0 THE DEPOSITORS C omplzmentr of THE HOWARD 81 BARBER COMPANY Derby r Complete Department Store bee -Q- 174 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN DOWNING S FISH MARKET FRESH FISH IN SEASON LOBSTERS CLAMS Telephone R.Egent 4 3711 Residence REgent 5 1125 2 LESTER STREET ANSONIA CONN FOR CORRECT STYLES IN MENS APPAREL i 3 158 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN BUFFALO AND ROCHESTER, N. Y. All Deporits Guaranteed in Full I E 5 I II4 4055401010 G L A Z E R S WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL 560 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzment: of DAVID SCHPERO S IE WELERS S1NCE 1923 23 ELIZABETH STREET DERBY CONN 84 BROAD STREET MILFORD CONN STONE COLLEGE New Haven: Leadzng Bunneu College SUMMER TERM JUNE 22ND FALL TERM SEWEMBER 14TH C OUR SES Secretarlal Bookkeepmg Clencal Accounrmg Busmess Machmes Busmess Admnmstratlon Accrednted by Nauonal Accredmng Aurhornry for Busmess Schools Wash1ngton D C STONE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Telephone SPruce 6 1010 129 TEMPLE STREET Why Look for a job? Attend STONE COLLEGE and the JOB W1H Look for You College Phone LOcust 2 9021 THE B 8. L STORE THE STORE fo, MEN and BOYS THE BEST FOR LEss Call REgent 4 2607 116 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C omphment: L U G G S ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS C omplzmentr MAYOR JOSEPH A DOYLE -0'l0'-0"0v0'40f'-0 115 THE FAIR SHOPPE LADIES WEARING APPAREL Telephone REgent 4 2213 221 223 MAIN STREET DERBY CONN ' 1 - State Approved -- 1 - of . I . I Of 0 . 4014010401010 TH UNION 8. NEW HAVEN TRUST CO AN SON IA BRANCH C omplzmentx TH H C COOK COMPANY BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzmentr of .IOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO 451 EAST MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN LOUIS H WEINER OF ANSONIA INCORPORATED MACHINE SHOP SERVICE Automotwe Parts Equzpment New Haven BIISIOI New Brltam Telephone REgent 5 1836 31 CENTRAL STREET ANSONIA CONN MAY S VARIETY STORE 150 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Complzment: of nnsunln 'ul annum IAIDIAH cum' 380 MAIN STREET AN SON IA CONN E of EDWARD V. MULLANBY, Dirlrict Manager Meriden - Middletown - Waterbmy 1 m c u H I I6 4056101010110 ANSONIA BOTTLING Bottlerr of A COMPLETE LINE OF BEVERAGES Telephone REger1r 4 4066 101 CENTRAL STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzmentx CLARKS DISCOUNT STORE ANSONIA CONN THE EDWARD CLANCY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED Protection Serwce Sawngf Telephone REgem 4 5855 242 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C Ongratulatwm and Bert Wzshex to the GRADUATING CLASS OF A H S 1959 106 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN ALWAYS ASK FOR S C H U L E R S POTATO CHIPS Amerzcdf Fmerl Complzmentx CAPITOL THEATRE Bert Wzfb 61 WILLIAM BERKOWITZ REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 88 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN xy-z0x0'v -0K0'0" HENRY F THOMAS COMMERCIAL PRINTER 15 PLEASANT STREET ANSONIA CONN co. u of - - PEOPLE'S STORE I of II7 SILBERBERG S MEN S SHOP CLOTHING HAEERDASHERY SHOES 393 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN L 81 M C L E A N E R S I HOUR SERVICE ON REQUEST SHIRT ,md RUG SERVICE Free Plasnc Bags Free Moth Proof Call REgent 5 7250 131 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzment: of WM E STAPLETON FUNERAL HOME 72 HOWARD AVENUE ANSONIA CONN C Omphmentr to the C L A S S O F 1 9 5 9 From A FRIEND C omplzmenty of THE COURTESY RECORD SHOP Browse and Lxsten at Your Lexsure In the Largest Record Store In the Valley HI Fl EQUIPMENT GREAT STOCK OF RECORDS 32 EAST MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN EDDY S BAKE SHOP Telephone REgent 5 0501 317 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES COLUMBUS OHIO GEORGE W TANNBR Telephone REgent 4 1952 84 BRIDGE STREET ANSONIA CONN 0'-0l0'0 NIELS I POULSEN INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Telephone REgent 4 2307 206 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN I I I I , , "LAND OF CAKES" I I8 40:0-aaovowo PREFERRED FINANCE CO DON ALLARD L OA NS Telephone REgc-nt 4 1646 178 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C omphment: EAST SIDE GREENHOUSES 72 NORTH PROSPECT STREET ANSONIA CONN MASSARO FARMS EGGS and POULTRY FORD ROAD AN SONIA CONN JOHN SEXTON 81 CO MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERIES SEXTON SQUARE CHICAGO 90 ILLINOIS VONETES BROS PALACE OF SWEETS Qualzty if the Secret of Good Tarte' AN SONIA CONN DERBY CONN GEORGE A DREW NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES STATIONERY Telephone REgem 4 9848 46 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN COLONNA S MEN S SHOP ALBERT J COLONNA, Prop FIRST WITH THE LATEST MENS and YOUNG MENS CLOTHING Telephone REgent 4 1794 427 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN THE ANSONIA WATER COMPANY O of , . , . 9 , . 7 c 0 fr ' ' 1 , . I - v ' I I 1 I , . 119 UNITED CIGAR STORE NORMAN S1-IAFTEL AN SONIA CONN C omplzment: of DELS APPLIANCES Inc YOUR HOT POINT KELVINATOR ZENITI-I DEALER Telephone REgent 4 0569 161 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA CONN C omphmerm OSCAR COHEN Telephone REgent 4 7793 134 136 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN THE BRISTOL DRUG CO HOWARDI SMITH Reg Pharm Mgr THE REXALL STORE Prexcrzptzon Druggutx Telephone REgent 4 0240 ANSONIA CONN C omphment: 0 ALEXANDER HARDWARE ALEXANDER DONOFRIO Prop Telephone REgent 4 1555 CORNER MAPLE AND HIGH STREETS ANSONIA CONN C omphment: of SCHOONMAKER DRUG STORE R A ANASTASIO Reg Pharm Mgr Telephone REgent 4 0548 394 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN B .I ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR COMPANY FRANK L JOHNS Prop NEW and USED MOTORS Rewmd: Repam Replacement Part: Telephone REgenr 4 1139 102 CENTRAL STREET ANSONIA CONN RAPP S PARADISE INN WAICELEE AVENUE AN SONTA CONN I 1 0 1 I , . , . 0 Of . , . ., . 1 ' , - , - . . , . ., . 1 ' , - I . , . , . , . 120 40'-020'-40"0'4'0 F. HALLOCK CO. smcn 1838 FARM- LA WN SUPPLIES B.P.S. PAINTS - HA R D WA R E MILL SUPPLIES 116 MAIN STREET DERBY, CONN. C o mfpliment: of SHELTON ROOFING CO., Inc 101 FACTORY STREET ANSONIA, CONN. E 1 3 SETTIEMENT ESTATES and PROPERTY AIIAGEMEIII ask your attorney LE Y U D K I N HEAT YOUR HOME GASOLINE c0AL-OIL TIMKEN OIL BURNERS Telephone REgent 5 1821 M YUDKIN AND SON SINCE 1902 116 CANAL STREET ANSONIA CONN Beit Wuhe: ROTHMAN S ANSONIA CONN Compliment: of SECCOMBE S MEN S SHOP CLOTHING HABERDASI-IERY 171 MAIN ST ANSONIA CONN OK RUBBER WELDERS WORLD s FINEST RECAPPERS AND Dutrzbutor of Mayor Brand Ttrer SECCOMBE S CLEANING 27 cL1FrON AVENUE 8. REPAIRING 1 HOLBROOK ST ANSONIA CONN -04-020' ANSONIA CONN T of G I BEN GANS I I I 121 Compliment: o tbe CLASS OF 1959 BENNETT C ourtesy of R I O R D A N S DEPARTMENT STORE MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzment: of GEORGE LIFTIG AHS 1917 HARRY LIFTIG AHS 1921 C omplzmenn of THE FITZGERALDS 15 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA coNN REICHEI.T S FLORISTS AHS 1908 1921 1923 1927 1936 1960 WESTFIELD CONN AN SONIA CONN C omplzmenn of LESTER C MARK AHS 1934 DONALD MARK AHS 1940 HOWARD MARK AHS 1946 LEWIS .IEWELERS LEWIS SCHPERO Prop Ben Wzfbex to the CLASS OF 1959 AHS DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Telephone REgem 4 1592 FRUIT S VEGETABLES CONFECTIONERY 204 MAIN STREET 36 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN ANSONIA CONN I f I . Telephone REgent 4-0073 I 22 4011010 -'JK COKETTES Chapter I BETTE CLAIRE EILEEN GAIL JANIE JO-ANN MARGE MARY LOU PEGGY 40'61'040f?'6 JOLLY ROGERS Chapter IV SUE LINDA SHARON EADIE BARBARA JEANN E -0470 C 0 mplzmentf 0 the GAYLORETTS 1011010 0020 516110 '0240' 4021004 40' '01'-0210 101'-0 91'-OW0 5 2 ETA BETA THETA Chapter IX Chapter II BETTY M CONNIE W MARIE c JEAN H BETTY W DONNA E 123 RCMEO S C 11REge t49845 285 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN VALLEY CO ED Roz R SUE W JEAN M JOANNE f 1 1, B 9 a n - ll - Sli . G. .sr al' ,aff , A , A1 -5, wr, . ., ....,. .,,,,', . . . f- '- tu" ""w3""'b 4' Tig' -yr -zz.,. f - , T A Y ni MMG W V4 ,. ,ids gy i 0, R f . I 4:2 . f' .1-.- , " , IZ, v " f -, 'Q y ,. ' 1f'nq' fff2 fN!.""'f 1"9hf'53f' -5? aff ' 3 '-1'-'fr ef-' Y' '-f' 'Q Mn .4 le 7 1 1 ' .v - ' ., i .Lt I Q 1 ll puquun Q Q' .., a slww- fe" """""1 M s.-Uv. "v.Pw-qi' Wm: -' M 3 wf Mu-nn Z, K. i, N in I K W ' ' f 'U 'ii 'W "'W"'r- ' "W ""'1!S""" A -f, .um 'Yfyqn .r-. Q ky, if 47' S' . ,Q z X, 4 v ,fix J 1, ,f . K f , 4, -5 uad"4 ." ppl CT? LQ , ,uL'3ag7?56g4 hi 4', 6 4.1 N 1, -X 'MN 9' . 1 1 - . f , 4' V 9 , , . 5 , A fy fqf "lim, ff s I, fb! A gi ', fr' A 5 ,Ml Aimkffk ' , , n , af' ' , ' , n Vai, ' ,. M ., ., .,.-fx , A gh. 'Ffa V' 6 x X Q' M , 1' X ' 1 55 :- -LJ,.? Q R4 gy , rii ?9!?1',fQ4, 'fb in 4 H v as , ' 1 Q! ,is vflvf-Nui 1 Rfb 4, F wg sen, ' if 'lv'-1 -N '- v-JK ua ,- 1. i -.r ,p ,M Ps 'V' 1 .4 9' I ,fl xv' ,a AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

Suggestions in the Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) collection:

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