Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1958

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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LA! 1.7 W" THI LAVLNDER umm I us of C J lXIf!ffU 1 1111 Z1 1111111 111 111115 cololzs BMI AND XVIIITI XNQUBIA HIGH QCHOOI XIINOIIII Clllllli C IIC lll 1 1 4 1 1 J Vol ' fl! Cla .'.' I 958 -A111 11.111 1 W1 -.1711 ,1111 l 1111! c'ffl7Cf1' 11111f 11 111.1 y ' 1 11 .1 Illlwj' f - vp, , TV wx Y 1 J' . .Q . ' ' . f 1 : i s niru uzhrfn f f' 49? 1 2 M zfisabngiiau 1515, X593 KIQKB' Qs rump diffs fum' JMD ii izlyxzlhrd Sai 115111119 Qjfgb mifb ikiu Qrilyxrr auf: 13 5 n IZ YI 1- 11 fnfiffi xi?i::"f' USM awk i-mi 1:1233 hi EA YQ 3 3 X " J'K -ff D. . , A11 If, ' 3' f - , x x :I U. " ' I . in i, th in, ' lg.. ' 11 L , J Q Q ' 3 CJ, Q, 'L A , 5 ng , F i 1 ' ,af O 9 Y is L! 1 11 R52 fy WG fi XW f 2 gm S! W N ' IAM HW 423 Wim fsp mx MX' X NX L? Y... y I A f-,qs N2 fl' X XOOA X y wfgnnpm f I vff bfvofv, r X9 E9 44 'aff' X, 1 Q3 191 ' , 1 N x J 2 QQ ,wif 4 K5 4 X' A, if xkgib ! f O x lug f iivg 5 A Q N S X. qu 1 X! HW x R O 3 X J I .J xi fl f r ' X K ff ' z Af" X N f Bluff 'mvr X R-fy 1 51fiPL5"'Y Ifwflfulgki mm '?Q? up lf fillelkn ' Q ' Hin um U A jxxkxr' Tawau ' ' Y 2:25 X if X EM -,, W rj y XX WJKXR il Q- .x XQQD T Nl izdl LMT-f T512 N-P GE -B X L-L Z I iid iuiwm inrmmg ,4LQwIr:'11v5n Vg V Q 'H ff. I 115m UMLBHNS 5 ! 'SX T-5,5111 'I rj , 1 ikrmfll A rf 5 Burk ,f'eEHa ,J u i 1 gina? 5-jwfms 11 :mr rr U H53 .HDTZHL ETB Jmvifiknufku Hrlwk in 2511 H - XfE1mbf15 HTTIIH rn il Hfififlf I1 111urH i f1fe11f11HE M51 sw 1-Nh M fmirvrx 'fl1HhT ir lil mx Y X, 'nn UTI rin n j"":LQ9-1 5 UWII1' Jgmfrml 1HH1tlLZuK 'NME Wm Q - ' E X ff Q 2 , 'W ' ' fi A TI S? - nf " Tiilfw A B ,H DB 1 S .Z :xg . .v I X . . 1 .f.:1: Q XNTS5-'S' - . X . . . 7 1 .A , Q:-5, ff U j 1 LL, ' V ..,, '.,: 3, 'fy 5' 4 Q 1 '- 5 .gh . . ff DEDICATION RONALD MICA October 6 1941 August 15 1956 Two years ago Our Lord felt If necessary to call you Ronald to your excrlastmg home vuth I-Ixm You are st1ll remembered ID the hearts of every one of your classmates WE therefore dedrcate thls 1958 Lavender to you CROSSING THE BAR Twrlrght and evenrng bell And after that the dark' And may there be no sadness of farewell When I embark For tho from out our bourne of Trme and Place The flood may bear me far I hope to see my Pllot face to face When I have crossed the bar Tennyson 6 151. I If J I Q. ,Qtr 3 7 x a s V I . Y . . . 2 . - a y r 1 Q , . v Vi, H 3 gnu ko- ADMINISTRATION Mr Wxlllam Comcowlch Superintendent 'S vw-sn, ,ff Qt Mfmc I I I jill!!! EEEI 'K gg- 3- ,4 Wx! ,fi Mr joseph McGee Mr john J F Ruddy Prmclpal Pme Manual Trammg School Prmcxpal Ansoma Hxgh School Mnss judnth Fntzpatnck Mg,-Ag 5, I- I Mnss Margaret Roche Secretary to Mr McGee -. Q I mmf s X 6 5' 1, , ff 62: Secretary to Mr Ruddy L.....,,,, Mxss Agnes Ray in 3, Secretary to Mr Comcowlch S X Xigq F' f M ,gif-Q I 1 x N f' ,sin 5 if "' x X Y V W up PJ A t v I X : 'Q T4 ' Q 1 4. , 4 - . k ,M A2 , I Z -1 'V -'X Fa F 1' . . . , 1 I X- V . ' .9 my ,. . ' 71- "" H - ' - - Q,-'w -as ---, ,. K . 4 f . mm:'ff' , ' .gg I 11, ,A . I .. ff? M I ' 7 ,, i mi I , - , ,ff . Z::2AMG i Q lx - f' wg I , . ' S :' ew- F A xg- . :HM A M I , ' Q , ' I ' - A Is 'fig-'fff A x -few, ,.,,. 'I , Q, -. I f I ,V I I ' e Tf " 'V 5 K X -N. If fry , , , , , I w -I .1 , , A g fp 5 . MQW 4.8. , T 'I,,.v-M S H v I, , , . A ,, u,.u My . ' I , . I . N- T' l s , A I 4, - I x, , X , 5 i Miss Ethel Ericson English Mr. Russell Kulawiz Mechanical Drawing Miss Eleanor McNamara Typing, Shorthand Mrs. Lillian Kyle Shorthand Mr. Raymond M. Burns Latin, Mathematics uri' Mrs. Elizabeth Flynn Ofhce Practice, Bookkeeping Mr. Philip Hilbish U. S. History, Economics Mr. Dougles Porell Music Mr. Henry Marrorano French, Italian Mr. George Manley Science Miss Josephine Kennedy Mathematics Mr. Charles Arthur Mathematics Mr. joseph Kiely Woodworking 5 Miss Mary Lane English .J--A. Mr. Michael Vicari Latin, Chemistry Miss Katharine Prickett Biology FACULTY he Mr G H rmQ0 ROC - era C1 , Mr' English Miss l.ouise Marvin Sfjgncgonklffl Physical Education ffx a g Miss Frances Nason Mr. john Glenn Miss Mary Monahan Dietitian Physical Education Bookkeeping Mr. Charles Jarvis Mrs. Margaret Gorman Mr. John Gondek History, Civics, World History Sewing Printing i C- LZ I AW, X xf ,QI ff Qff I go of I XJ! I X! 7 Q IIQQOII gf VI I I Xwyff I R43 I N I W 6 QI JI R 7 X I N I , , 1 ff LII If X I f Z2 5 . I I if X -A N , X ,X ' , ,f ff, ii V 4 ,uxftfg I X lZ !4f :I 64 I , -'if 'fl N ?'f I FQ If I L x.t...L XI , f i Q fe- f Xf,-X11 ,Q I . 7? ,- I 'R' if K, gf, I I ' I lx Q - ff 5 If fy ,if I I 14, if ,, L if FU: Qlhfgfff l I I O Q - X A M, fi A' lei 1 If L I. Ig-4 22,9 ' ff '. I N I ' , X- '- 4 .f ,F -l'.,, . I , I X ,K 'X X, A J b 1 E, , SJ? IN xxeja fi 5 SRI II I- , I 1 I I X .lf ' x I vf I 'T I , I X , R IN C? Q er lf! -I ,Em GTI X S C. X X 7 'f I iff? X If 'IQXIIQ I I I I II I I f UI 7 I II I X I 'I' I I OMIA IA Q 'yi I 4: -6- il X f I II. I, I NI In S I N ""' It y' y I I I I ,III I I QI? I ' 'ff I X? ' I I I I J' xx Z' ,421 f I ' ' X , , , I I , I I I SX I X fn, X V I fi ig 1 J W4 r 1 -X , I I Q Peter Burns Presldent CLASS OFFICERS A. H. S. HOME RCOM OFFICERS 'Sm-" Barbara Popowskl Secretary Y Mrchael Adantn Treasurer SEATED MaryArm Katreney Barbara Gr1Hin Rlchard Olderman Marla Matrrcarra joan Knapp STANDING Alonzo Styles John Chxaro Kenneth Davles Thomas Slade Robert Mace 4. .J X , Frances Shea, Vice-President A 'ur 1 . ' ', Domlnlc Yola Vlce Presxdent PINE CLASS OFFICERS Paul Kennedy Secretary HOME ROOM OFFICERS A, "- fb Leonard Stauffer Treasurer Rxchard Bartolorta Harry Katchm r Ronald Burr Eugene Mxsnewlcz Rxchard Shea Roy Sharkey Charles Parr A I, ff A I N. 2 NN-N I x 2' , V I Iv X2 f I I , .XIWA g 3, en-vi-4 NI JUNE E ABATE une Medrcal Secretary Dxgmry IS the mother of good luck You re out of your mznd Frxenclly mtellrgent we dressed lrkes swxmmmg drrv mg anyrhmg chocolate weekends drslrkes gettmg up early if frzfvg FIR mum MICHAEL J ADANTI Re Athletrc Drrector From the rop of hrs head to the sole of hrs foot he 15 all merrlment Ye godr' Athletic fnendly full of un lrkes sports food laxatron drslxlces bug heads pracnce n easy mrnded care free soul and always was Talkatrve friendly rkes most of all to talk dislikes homework walkxng JOSEPH PAUL ALONSO -gm. oe Accountant 'Vg' as MAURICE AMBRO MARJORIE J ANDREW LOUISE MARY ANGLACE Moe Mechanrcal Draftsman Marge Nurse Lou Secretary Come what may I m here A lrkeable gurl There s only one may to have a You fe out of you, mmdf wrrh lrkeable ways frrend that 15 to be one IN ll f You don 1 got lo Qulet fnendly slow but 0 'ef' 5' sure lrkes cars gurls from Frlendly always has a smrle Fnendly full of fun Shelton drslrkes dorng, home fun Iovxng lrkes scout pleasant llkes sports vsork mg CA P drslrkes unco drslrkes having her prcture taken operanve people 'I 6 5 A I 4 "J " ' ., . .-7 " ' ' ' -5 1, H 512-Q - P J H 1 ' rf fy- .f ' '- :.. All- a e I g , - 'J .. d., . . . . ' H -- I if f D. . . D ' , . , re- A , . . . , E, , ' 15 ,5 - , ,, A31 ni, 1 . 4 "J H JS . Q t "A - , , . v1 r I - ,, ' ' O" ' M ' l . . I rr 1 n rr I If . . . , I . . . . l ' . . . Q 4 1 - 7 ' - - Q ' - . v . - ' . I I . an-""' JOHN BIANCO IPINEJ Banks Hardware Manager I don t talk too much but I hear a lot I guerr .ro Quret well mannered easy to get along wtth nkes wood worktng quret repose dtslrkes gxrls wxse guys and snobs JEANINE A BALSIS f u ean Medtcal Secretary X X A dxsposttlon as golden M Xl XJ as her haxr -1 1' W Oh u ell what ga gonna do? A staunch Yankee fan serene f fashtonable dresser ta blonde ltkes Yankees tall xg Q men clothes dtslnkes gettmt, 1 up early ' RICHARD BARTOLOTTA QPINEJ Barts Head Clerk at Fulton s ln God vue trust all others pay cash' You re jurt lrymg to Hunk me Frxendly a cheerful word for everybody llkes sleep gtrls dxsltkes work exercxse LINDA G BELKO All good thtngs come In small packages Oh gee I don t knou Petlte peppy frxendly good lzstener lrkes cheermg clothes Italxan food dtsllkes trouble unfrtendly people JOSEPH F BLANDO oe Mechamcal Engnneer I am content to stt and dream And? Quiet fnendly athletxc lnkes sports food televtslon sleep dlsllkes homework study 17 5-.sf ELSIE LOUISE BRANCH s Secretary Dark haxr ts falter by far Honest lo Pele Talkatxve good natured likes roller skating., dislikes selhsh people . 5 . 1 J, -' , ,Qt f - --1 -' ' if A ' -We Nj . . . . . D D . . ., , X ,K G tml NJ 'V x' S-Fc , , ,. , . . lf AA , i s My ' . . I es , ,t.t "Lynn" Clothmg Retarler ' A -f 1 I ,fu V, V, if lv H ,,-I ,, . . . uEl rl ... 'I ...nhl .,. . I A A 7... 'E - .x A A, 42 A Q.. A n y 5 if PETER F BUR JS Pete Physical Education Teacher If you would rule the vsorld quietly you must keep If happy Oh yeah' Well liked athletic as a lot of school spirit likes chocolate cake football is likes concerted people sixth per rod noisy people JAMES BREDA "Zitzy" Auto Mechanic "A closed mouth catches no flies." "Hey, dizf' Friendly . . . quiet . . . ready to "drag" . , . likes cars, food, sleep . . . dislikes "piggy rods" CAROLE AbENATH BROWN lxay Secretary The xxorld bclongs to the energetic Hou f the uorld lffdllllg Q01 Checrful and g.,ay friendly dis position vtcll liked by every onc likes dancing, Fords and Chexrolcts dislikes con ceited people homework MARY ANNE BRYAN Mar Housevs ife Oh make us happy and make use good Ola George' Talkative cheerful happy go lucky likes pickles and Chevys dislikes concerted people and big mouths Q 'lr' 'VIEW RONALD BURT lPINEl Bert Machinist To work or not to vsork that is the question Idon 1 knot: Neat friendly a greeting for everybody likes girls machines dislikes work fakers 'IB - H X X 7 Q 'v" XX --iv , I' ' A i ll X ' nr """ I 'li ff fill' X , W C? MARY ANN CALLINI Mary Ann Secretary Silence has many advantages I don t knou Friendly when you get to know er quiet r es swim ming skating dancing s likes concerted people li! f MARIE L CANNICI Marne Harr dresser She has a smlle for everyone 'That .r for ture She enjoys work and fun 4 W Makes work fun does thrngs D with a smrle lakes eatrtg -' Q dancrng and clothes dlslr es J 3 ? if snobs 4"""x Qin KAREN L CHEESEBORO Cheesre Governess Laughter IS the yoyous unrversal evergree of hfe Oh you know me Full of fun loves to talk loves a good argument as well as a good laugh lrkes everythrng drslrkes concerted people STEVEN CASIMATES KPINEJ Cass Tourrst Gurde If you can t convrnce them confuse them I don t zhmk ro Good sense of humor frrendly easy to get along wrth lrkes prrntrng good sports girls drslrkes work poor sports JEANNETTE M CECERE ean Secretary Busy here busy there to find her quiet rs something rare Dear mef Talkatlve lots of fun frrendly wrth a smrle for all lrkes people fun drslrkes Latrn JOHN A CHIARO john Busmess Admrnrstrator More than wisdom more than wealth a merry heart that laughs at care I beg your pardon Terrrflc trumpet player ways well dressed fnendly good sense of humor lrkes musrc, gurls, a lot of fun drslrkes snooty grrls, wrse guys, Rock 'n Roll RONALD CHIRGWIN Ronny Navy Make haste slowly Oh yeah rare Quret at trmes friendly good natured lrkes cars wrest Img red drslrkes chocolate ,r- 1 l PATRICIA 1 CLIFFORD at Secretary Lxfe 15 lrke a good book It IS there to be enyoyed That 5 for .ture Very skxllful rn sports as gomg quxet at tnmes but at others' lakes to bop IS lxkes concerted people 20 ESTELLE ANNE CHMURA tas Teacher of languages A combmatnon rare and true Athlete student and swell grrl too Oh great' Frxendly always pleasant helpful mtellrgent rkes good lxterature Yankees carrots apples drslrkes concerted peo ple lazxness the Braves GARY W CHROSTOWSKI Schnapps Engineer Take lxfe too senously and what IS II worth? Yeah but? Athletic good dancer always smgmg rn the corrxdors and classrooms lxkes sports glrls muslc drslxkes nothmg JAMES T CLIFFORD rm Mechamcal Engmeer All thls mental toll I m bushed I don t knou Good narured the llkeable neat lxkes food gxrls movres drsllkes show offs trxg MAUREEN ANNE COMERFORD Nurse A cheerful sprrxt IS what the Muses love A happy lxfe rhexr chlef delxght' Glory be to St Patrzc Petrte a sparklmg smnle a swell sense of humor ots of school spmt and enthusxasm lnkes frrendly people talk mg parties dnslrkes State Potato Chlps -iq LAUREL COOPER Lorne Receptxomst What e er my fate ns my fate to be qurer You re kidding me' Qulet smrlmg smcere lnkes clothes music dlsllkes Calrforma drrvers g W t X 77" , f f "S " tg I V H , ,UH V Q X - . . . 'U ., + type of fellow . . . friendly . . . , V ' Q f NP lv - 1, - yy I ' ,, . . . 3 "Mo" .. . Y r ' I ...ey H 1 ,k!H' ' " '7.:,"- s KENNETH E. DAVIES JR. Stilts" Salesman "Happy am I- from care set free' Why aren't they all contented like me! Don t .ray tba!! Wonderful personality . . . ' - nified . . . friendly . . . cute . . . likes girls sports hayrides Buicks . . . dislikes study homework. SUSAN MARGARET COPPOLA Suzie Housewife A guardian angel over her life presides Doubles her pleasures and her cares divides Ob I don t care Happy go lucky loyal friend good sense of humor likes Richard sweets dogs dislikes getting up early winter homework CASIMIR j G DANIELCZUK JR Chas Engineer His friendly nature can be measured by his height Oh hz' Friendly good natured dignifued a good worker likes music listening to short wave broadcasts golf good food dislikes nothing in particular WILLIAM MICHAEL DANUSIAR Lumps Aeronautical Engineer The mind s the standard of the man Slightly tremendou Friendly intelligent rkes cars a good time sleeping dislikes snobs work ELAINE MARY DAVIS 'Davis" Teacher This lass so neat With smile so sweet. Oh criper Friendly . . . pleasant to be with . . . neat dresser . . . likes college men football Cespecially West Pointb . . . dislikes carrying trays parties homework. Lf' na riff ,Qin 25l'v 1' 1' 'H FREDERICK DIGGS CPINEJ ' Fred Pumping Gas There's a devil in his eye. Here. Good sport . . . well-liked . . . friendly . . . likes girls cars money . . . dislikes work study exercise. 2 434- i ii ti .wk L-kk n t ISABELLA DOJNIA ANNE ROSE C DrGlOVANNI Drgr Housevr rfe The best of lrfe rs conversatron You bug me Cute vsrtty a good frrend talkatrve possesses a catch rng enthusrasm lrkes to wrrte letters food dancrng drslrkes snobs JEROME j DrGlOVANNI erry Chemrcal Encrncet lt s a frrendly heart that has many frrends Yeah Frrendly talkatrxe lrkcs grrls cars rock n roll records drslrkes homework and cats FFRNANDA DrGlUSTO Nanda Teacher Hrgh erected thoughts seated rn the heart of courtesy ll but are you doing zz rztmg 4 book Good sense of humor graceful cspecrally rn gym classes lrkes cheerleadrng and casual clothes drslrkes unfrrendly people K I N 77x Y If? sum Sw mx ff' MARIE DREWELUS DORIS MARIE DRIPCHAK Secretary Marre Secretary Dorrs Nurse never thrnk of the future Not that I lrke vrork less but I Vrrtue rs bold and g,oodness rt comes soon enough lrke fun more new Cr fearful Gorbf You don t lanou do ya Ol: yeah Fun lovrng happy 3,0 lucky Talkatrv f ll c u of fun Athletrc cheerful good lrkes boys fun musrc drslrkcs roys a good trmc lrkes Walt natured lrkes playrng xolley vsrse guys and concerted people nrce cars food and motorcycles ball basketball Bob and hrs 1956 drslrkes concerted people Ford drslrkes D A s crevscuts 22 and norsy people '- - f as . f rafd .' if ,, ,, ' 4 " 4:5 r ' , , c, . , 1 I r . . s - ll X 4, 1 x 1 - ' ' ' ,R ..J .. . - I A Ay- A l I! Fl I , , , I 1 I Q , Q " A . , ' I ' t U 7 I 'A . W "5 I . 1 ' ' If l - T"'tf54V X 4 , E gas., . A ' . . . eff, '.3f'5"M f I f - 1 T -Q. ' -4 I . . . M - K . . . 'Q ga N511 U I ..I . 5 .. .b ' S .. . . Y ,, ,, ' rf - , . , Qu -' , rr. . , . f - ' -'- ...en- U , , D , , , I b ' - ' . . . , . . , n ' ' f . , , r I r 'N f NE Rl-JN JANET M ELLIS an Secretary You can t belxeve everyrhxng you hear but you can repeat rt Yeah tba! J what I .ray too Sharp dresser wxtty un to be wrth always ready for a good trme lrkes Brll Lmcolns a lavender and whrte Ford dns lxkes red Cadrllacs and sneaky people MARY E ESPOSITO Mary Secretary Wrth a ready smrle and a gleam nn her eye she won the heart of Ansoma High W ell now how about that? Cute sweet smrle frrendly although a newcomer she IS known and lnked by all lrkes volley ball rock n roll dancrng drslrkes staymg home on Satur CARL T EVANS Car Garage Owner The love of money overcomes us all Yeah but Quret frrendly conservatnve day nxghr lrkes grrls parnes dxsllkes drags JO ANN FAZZINO BARBARA ANN FERGUSON Fazzy Secretary Quret yet cheerful actrve yet resxgned I don t know Quret frxendly agreeable lrkes football games long haxr dxslrkes poor sporrs rypmg Bobble Secretary Worry the mterest paul by those who borrow trouble Do you Ab do you9 Blonde cute looks quret but appearances are decervmg lnkes Ford convertrbles Charleys Garage dxslrkes snobs con certed people 31. Wea? 1 -s3.w?f:i ,M ARTHUR FETTE fPINEJ rt Marmes My pleasures are few gurls grrls and more gurls Il J rough' Good lookmg nlce smlle popular wrth grrls likes Bev Rock n Roll drslrkes work spendrng money 23 A' ..-I ,, - A ' .. , . f 1 - H 1 H ' . . . ' . . . f , . . . h , g , , . . . - , , , Q . , rl . H ' , . ! I I ' . . . - , - .. .. ' v- 1 - sr. .. .. xv: ,, rr 'an " M f T 2 . . . ',5,q,,, R U .:. ' t f.!?,5r,l,f ,qi I V .ny is W ' gg ' ,, - ' -.f..-"fe 'A fs .. : b v K, .. v-,T L, A i Q-ef ' -, -E W x ' I , . W :ZM J I 'X . .1 H - I l ., H . .- ' ' . . , , ., 1 H If H ff f H - , , . . . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . l ' I , I. ... . . . . . , , ' ' ' y - I . 1 l . . . , . . . . , - , ,z- -. 5 I N 7 it 9 X fi? 'Qfg if 735 'hi- JOSEPHINE FRANCOLINI 10 Ann Secretary Good humor and laughter are tvuo of the very bcst articles of drcss she vuears in society Oh Geez' Full of fun always laughing very talkative likes drix ing fun dislikes staying home studying W 5 JOYCE M. FITZPATRICK "Fitzie" Nurse "Think not I am what I appear," "No kiddin'." Neat dresser . . . tall and slim . . . where there's Donna there3s Joyce . . . likes boys, '57 Fords, and black . . . dislikes conceited people, dull evenings, and birds. THOMAS FLEMING IPINEJ Flems Head Usher A prctty ,girl a gallon of gas four good tires what more could I ask7 I ll be rrglal back Cheerful friendly liked by a likes girls no school days dislikes vsork study school days ELIZABETH J FOY Betsy Social Service Worker Her personality is like a magnct H1 bon' Friendly WIIIY alvs ays cheerful likes applesauce boys ood dislikes cliques FLORENCE ANN FRIIY o Medical Secretary Quict at hrst but look again Au g u an Alvtays spic n span somttimes quiet usually a riot no matter what shes happy likes a 46 Nash macaroni n cheese s likes people who chew gum loud 24 wt , ' 'Vw ik tl WILLIAM J FULTON B1 Naval Officer A gentleman scholar a man about tom n an all round fellow who won t let you down Ol: yeah hub? Intelligent good personality friendly good sense of humor industrious likes to work on the Observer sea scout mg girls dislikes Venice '- . Af , y , aff' I y , 1 1 'mivsreiky k if 1 D ' . . i. i it .t ll . . .D t' , V f H . . A Y , s I A, I . is . E- X 'fel , . ,Vi :,,Vw!l :gh l 1' if , "' X ' " - " "Fl " ' " 'll" N ,. , ly' I ,:,... n , . JENNY S. FURLO "Frenchy" Secretary "A friendly nature, a smile sincere. "Thais the way it goerf' Likable . . . friendly . . . always seems happy . . . likes dancing, getting her own way . . . dislikes fish, dogs, contradicting people. JOHN HENRY FURTEK "john Henry" 1 Physical Education Teacher What should anyone do but be merry? And hon r eterjthzng Il :tb you? Mischnevous talkative ep likes dancing cars a good time dislikes homework put ting gas in his car MARY MEG GANDY Meg Clothes Designer Don t hurry me Ill catch up with the world Oh rulezt baby Quiet takes life in her stride fine dancer likes boys dislikes school PETER A GAUDIO SHIRLEY ANN GOODSON GERALDINE j V GREENE Pere Band Leader Shirl Teacher Gerri Housewrfe Pleasure and action make thc Carry through life a smiling face All that fair is hours seem short and let your heart be gay is by nature good You re not kzddm I-loner! no kidding You Lnou Fun to be with gulet nice Good sense of humor alvs ays Peppy friendly fun lov personality likes sports cars ga talkative likes talking in likes sewing spaghetti and girls dislikes homework giggling eating dislikes dislikes gym class and and concerted people school homework arguments ,V V, I X. Q 1' . . ' . ' It , , , ' 7 - I . . H ' U " ' . . . . V" r I I s ' , 1 V. ..- A .-. V ... I ,,, - - ' , 1 . .. Al 25 BARBARA ANN GRIFFIN "Babe" Policewoman 'A winning way, a pleasant smile, dressed so neat, and quite in style." "So, wlmtta you rare?" Short . . . sweet . . . cute . . . neat . . . likes ice cream, mice . . . dis- likes insects, trouble makers. LINDA GRUTTADAURIA Lynn Housevnife A hne head of hair adds beauty to a good face You rc fofhzng Good athlete friendly as .1 nite smilt and a personality to watch hard vsorlter likts bovyling., danting dislikes THOMAS JOHN GUARDIANI JR shoxs offs Tom Civil Engineer He s blessed with a temper vthose happy ray can make tomorrow cheerful as today Gad zookif Friendly fun loving good sport likes spaghetti driying dislikes vxise guys homevsork "W , ,Z In is qyx fr X ,Ur 'xx , . f , NYX Y 5 1 xg ,fR C ffl L 4-QQ +1-mt DONNA M GULDZY VICTORIA MARY JANE HALLAMAN Donna Life is Just Jam packed with fun Vicky H0 Nurse HADJICONSTANTINOU usewife Iguef, jo T is slight not strength that Talkative neat dresser likes gives the greatest lm boys 57 Fords dislikes con You knot' ff ceited people and g.,ym Pert petite talkative likes clothes steak Eddie 1 likes concerted people Mar Medical Secretary Her quiet ways are sometimes yery loud Youll neter knot: Good athlete cute talkative friendly likes to talk on thc telephone blue Pontiac con yertlbles Naugatuck dislikes snobs 1 A - W I . 4 Y V V I ! ii I uv . . . ' ' ' , ' . s '.-1 -- I 2 , 'Q ,.'- st 5 f ff 77 ' ll I I I r 'H . , i ' I 'H H f , ,u , I I h . .' ' ' " , ' U D . , . , . - . ' . . . . . . ' 7 . . . . . . . I - . . ' . . . . . . . I V -, , ' .. . d's- -A , ' . . ' , . . . g el-MII 7 5 hll , pai l f. ix' Q r 'lf I, X . W . 199 '51 T' , , t , , 1. g" l X u, 'lsll ?L . 'f yu: I 4 li E '5"r! l-' s .KKLQB A - em-- ff! 6 1 f 1 1 STANLEY HAWLEY JR CAROL ANN HALLDEN "Carol" Nurse "True, she can talk." "Oh, gorh!" Good singer . . . always chatting . . . friendly . . . likes dancing, singing, dessert . . . dislikes apiz- ,M THOMAS F. I-IALLII-IAN "Tommy" Insurance Agent "Always smiling always gay as he goes his merry way W e Fun loving friendly can take a yoke likes girls and food dislikes French homework JUDITI-I A HARTNETT udy Private Secretary A friendly nature is mirrored in her laughing eyes For gorh saber' Cheerful friendly good natured likes blue and white Fords driving gym dislikes bossy people busy bodies JUDITI-I ANN HERO MARYANN HOLOVACH Stan State Policeman udy Clothing Retailer Mary Ann Secretary He spoke naught but to the A merry heart makes Not that I love study less but purpose a cheerful face that I love fun more ll ho mep' Oh gee' Imagme that Friendly quiet likes N Y Lively carefree always Enjoys good pokes fun loving Yankees study hall blue ties laughing likes bracelets popu quiet Cin a wayj likes dislikes nothing in particular lar music sleeping dislikes dancing football xce cream walking staying home dislikes short hair cliques v y " ll--uh -." l NJ vu . ' ,, . . . . , D U , Q . I. I I , . 6 , . .. ,. - ...I .. . . .. H .. -. .1 v w .. .. ,, ,, 7 ,. .. ,, ., - ,, .. . - - I , I . , ' I I . . - U I ' ' i I y' ' ' v - - I I l . Q Q . - . . , h - - - - . I , -, i . u - 1 - --,M I - X' L if e 1' BUHIBU ' l -5 DORIS MAE JOHNS Dons Nurse A quxer manner heart of gold Oh jeepen' Cute redhead quret and shy Cmost of the txmej lrkes cats rollerskatmg dxslxkes schem mg people 28 JOAN HELEN HOPKINS "Joanie" Secretary "Silence is more eloquent than words." "T1Jat'.r righlf' uxet a good sport rkes Bobby Ice skating, danclng dxslnkes classrcal music LINDA H HORBAL n Housevufe Consoles the heart affords delrght And throws svseet pcace around ll barlm ma full it Fnendly quxet ibut not 1n a crovsdj xndustrxous lkes food chlldrcn housekeepmg dxslrkes sprnach quarrelmg JOANNE ELIZABETH HUNT Joanne Nurse There IS a tlme of speaking., and a nme of belng, still Mon Dieu' Qulct vutty lxkes danclng muslc sports spaghettr IS hkes hnstory gossrp CW RONALD B JOHNSON Ron Mortrcran Oh sleep' If ms a gentle thmg Beloved from pole to pole Cool zt nozz ' Fnendly good sense of humor g.,ood appente lxkes Rock and Roll hamburgers grrls dxslrkes onrons on hamburgers concerted people EUGENE J KAPUSTA Gene Archltect Books a thmg devrsed by the enemy' So heat ro hot ro hon do you do? A terrnhc sense of humor ways ready for any yoke un to be wnth l1kes money cars and gnls fm that order'J drslxkes poetry homework rx X 1 Q 'fe' Q' ,..lA 0, X . . Y . . ' . . , . , . ' ' l 7. . I . -ri . ,W Q ..Ly .. Y. I ki. .1 H y , V- , f , ' . . , , . - X ' r .. . . . Y 4 W , . . ' . .. . ,, ' , . . 'I . . . U l , ' ,h , . . . d - , . .Atv A 9 ' 9 ' 7 i- N , H .. ,. y I . . , ff - ,H ff Q : " , . ' , ' , ., - ...' . . , . . . ' .. . f , . . . , , . i 5 , f ,t A - 'W' Mm PAUL KENNEDY fPINEJ Bunyan Road Builder I m content to sit and dream Quit If u1llyou9 Friendly likeable good sport likes cars sports girls dislikes work school HARRY KATCHMAR KPINEJ "Katch" Auto Mechanic "Always up to something." "Good morning, Mr. Jarvis." Happy go lucky . . . not worried by tomorrow . . . likes baseball, school work, girls . . . dislikes to hold up the corner by himself. LIARY ANN KATRENEY Marr Office Work She sets you an hirl with es ery twirl That J the breaks Peppy head tvurler talkative always laughing ikes Mercs working in the office the color black dislikes con JAMES KENNEDY Jimmy Clerk Talk and Ill talk with you Stop and Ill talk alone lVlJat 5 neu 9 Always wandering around the halls talking to everyone about the latest news ikes Ayoub s skating Stratford C D dislikes school typing ceited people NADIA KLEIN Nady Teacher of Languages Dignity in her manner Deviltry in her eyes Do ga uant 4 medal for that? Dignrfied intelligent pleasant to be with likes New York Latin American Music dislikes cliques conceited people :re 6 . lr, I1 :Ox ff 'W .5112 401 f1fff2D GERALDINE KNAPP Geri Secretary Full of cheer full of pep making fun at every step She J too much' A H S cheerleader fun loving pleasant and friendly likes clothes pretzels dancing dislikes snobs phonies 29 .. - ., .. - 1 . Y , - If f H - Y. . , .. .. - - S ' ' if P' .. A ., I1 1 4 vu 3 . ,. s . ff 1 , ff , .. ,. 1- x A A ' , . 1 y - y - - , . . . . , . '-mx: . 4, I ' gaps was V W is- sf--2: fi:e,'f':L -Q I . . 2 - . Ji' A. . - Q as i .. H - .. -., .. -.l .. , . ,, .. . . . .. - , v i u . . V, fr In ." , . , . f- , I U ff i if . . . U l . . . . . . . . . . . . - K , - - - , , . . . y - i - JOAN J KNAPP can Secretary Deep rn a dream ll'hat 11 ar I gonna mg 7 JUN Always presents a neat appear ance frlendly lrkes dancmg clothes d1SlllxCS phomes hot ro s :ar WILLIAM KOLINDO K PINE Wrll Machxnrst D1l1g.,ent vxork makes a sknllful Workman ll lm! dzd mu breal mm Quxet xntcllnat nt to opera tue l1kes grrls machxne shop mse guys FRANK ROSKELOWQKI CPINTJ frank Mechamt If slltnct were golt he tl nes er be rlch Lear e me aforze Wrtty good naturetl llkes Llrls money footl tlrsllltes Sey mour boys lk li- SAMUEL KOSKO CPINEJ MARY ANN ROSLOWSKI Sam Natronal Guards Stretch Legal Setretary All for fun fun for all Snlencc rs a frrcntl that lgof fo go fo ,he xull newer betray Guard: lonfght Well Idtm! care Noisy fun to have around Ta quret vuth a pleasant great pal llkes food, grrls, manner lrkes clancmg, the marchrng drslrkes lectures, tlrrve rn tllslrkes tlecelrful work, norsy grrls people 30 ffl iysif 4' 'mv' ati' ww JOHN P KOWAL ohn fngrnetr Wlmy vxorryf I don t' Scrafrh Takes lrfe easy lrkable frrendly borsterous fat trmesj lrkes Flshmg, French illS llkes vxork if so ll NM M QV! I A 1 ,W H , . V wnfvm , - L J ' 1 Q A eee- 4 ff .1 . 1 , ffff :fM IV S, Qt, yn . V ,IH h c X I N I P cl . ' ' ' l ll PM A l X' 'V ,, . ,, 4 . . ,, 7' . A I f PM . hclislikes homework, history, h 7 ,,- ' 1 ' Q2 " Q1 1' . lin, lg , V XX ry L X s A rr y D Y' 1 V 2 "' ffl I fu I ff: 5' N 'B ff ' -C 1 fin 1? 9? f X X 7 O VER JOAN CAROL LADONA I 1. '- " oni" Hair Dresser S d h d weet 5 Tnm an neat s ort an s I .X You .marched Frrendly talkatrve good natured lrkes eatxng clothes dancrng drslxkes possessxve -if fl people X RUERA X DOROTHY SERENA LONDON Dot Seamstress In quretness and conndence shall be your strength I ll plant ga 71010 and dzg ya later Easy going talkatrve Wrth frxends never hurrres lrkes dancrng hamburgers french frres thunderbrrds dxslrkes JOANNE F LOTTO Nursmg She that mnschref hatches mrschzef catches Oh you knou ' Frrendly talkanve mrs chrevous lrkes fnendly people boys dancmg skatmg drslxkes concerted people concerted people li RONALD LUCIDO CPINEJ Lucie Pxzza Maker If work mterferes wxth pleasure the heck wxth work Way Gue me a bull All :hook up Added atrractron to our class pleasrng smrle ofren found where the grrls are lxkes musrc and dancrng drslxkes food 31 MICHAEL LOVEGROVE Mrke Record Shop Owner Happy go lucky cheerful and gay A wonderful guy rn every Quiet lrkable friendly to lakes cars grrls fun drslrkes work work work ROBERT THOMAS MACE Bo Teacher I rake lxfe as xt comes Huh Frrendly good personalxty always ready wrth a helprng hand 102 hkes sports drslrkes study 1 f x , fy, X J ' T' -' ,f .7 I 1, 11 - 1. -K. 'viiv'-.t 1 ' 'f , - gi. r ' ,J ,, ,, f li 1 3 X l ' f , Wil ' ' , X sus . . . . . . fwfr WH ' ' X ,f , J N . ' ' ' . . ' . ' QN x X 1 X A . . . lu . 511-qi,.xZl X X - , X N 1 X' t- R K w --u4h'w7,.Lf1 E X -W S, 1 N x - 1 - W7 ll I I l ' ll .1 l , r , , 1 , . . . .1-Ion . y Y fr All ' 1 . . : A . . . . I , ' , , . . . A ' " 'L X l ' I 1 . 1 nr 'L . L, 'll , I 5, Y YAG- I f, A ,A S C f, 4- , f K ' " h l , t ' x ,K .1 - H .1 . .t . ,, b,, If - - , . 11 - - , 1. - 1 'U ' 'U rr fr ny. Y' .1 7, I - F' J, . . ' I . - 1 l . u - fr 'lf I .sn Lnofvcuo, JOHN MAFFEO CPINEJ Ma Hosprtal Super The hope of all the mardens rs he I ll beat you Talkatrve ladres man grr s natural beauty dxslrltes home work school SANDRA GENE MALARD Sandy Mathematxcran A grrl vuho can vsork a glfl who can play A l,1rl who s a frrend m every way' You got a problem? Frrendly mtellrgent vsrtty xersatrlc athlete wrllmg to try anythmg from drums to Trng lakes rollerskatmg Math Yale drslrkes peppers clrques pre ludrced people MARGARET MALONEY Pefzgy Secretary Softly speak and svn eetly smrle Get outta here' Quret neat dresser sery soft worce lnkes musrc sports dancrng, spmach drslrkes ln er QW' K ELIZABETH M ANN E MARTORANO ELIZABETH DOREEN MANKAUSKAS Am, Teache, MATRICARIA Betty Nurse 'Z Mafhemanclan She IS qulet at trmes If brarns were electrrcrty She 01, Wal, Those frrends thou hast and would control a powerhouse Quiet friendly School therr adoptxon med Grapple llfell, 11 halta ga gonna do hub' Splrlted llkes Jolly Rogers, the? to ml? soullvufh Intellrgent frxendly good cheer leadmg, typmg drslrkes H Oops O sfee In natured lrkes Yul Brynner, gettmg up early, noise Oh' fo' Pew I Jake yewelry drslrkes clxques, home frrendly athletrc lrkes work 32 volley ball, Yale, rollerskatmg lntelllgent mce personalrty CllSllk6S hypocrltlcal people f ll' A fr : t .. fn - xt U . 'ff . . ,,, Q H 5 ff 1 . n KS' ' . - , ' . lfgnv l l, x G . . . - f 1 I A f , I , f . mfs Y ' V W. ' li, ff A rf ba ' ' ' . . . U v , 1 1 - -l , y ' Y ls S A l V' N ' .Lv- H rl if l .V A ' '. ' - ' , . . ' A 7, . . . if ,gf . 'K . V 0 ..L- .. . . U I , -n , .H .. .. .. - V . . , H N ..- I U l a H V V I I H 4 -I . . . t l . . . - ' V. MARIA 1 MATRICARIA Mar1e Prxvate Secretary There IS great force hrdden m a sweet command Oh my gosh' Attractrve a walk of her own a whxz at clothmg sewmg lxkes peanut butter dancrng good clothes dISIIkCS sour prckles yy two faced people short lmger nars MARILYN ANN MATUSOVICH Mar Nurse The gentle mrnd by gentle deeds rs known Oh Nutxf Qunet good lxstener true frrend lrkes archery basket ball potato chrps drslnkes get trng up early on weekends EDWARD j MCGOE Draftsman Mrschref plenty smrles many I dzdn t do nothin Never hurrres full of fun talkatrve lxkes talkrng food pokes drslxkes bullres 'Q' JEANNE A MERANCY MARILYN ELAINE MILES ean Secretary Marr Commercial Teacher She comes wxth gusts of Lrttle chrps Irght brg fxres You re nun' Iaughfef Fnendly p6PPY lrkes rec 111 flue 74 ords food clothes dlslrkes Talkauve always laughmg h d c rppe narl polrsh, concerted lxkes aprzza, rock n roll, parties people, sloppy socks dxslxkes snobs 33 L!! EUGENE MISIEWICZ IPINEJ Mtsch Vegetable farmer Lrfe rs too short to be serrous Ill crou n you ulet frlendly polrte lrkes yokes, grrls, flashy clothes drslrkes wrse guys, homework JANICE LEE MITTON "jan" Nurse "It is better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow Yeah Qunet Lat tnmesj athleuc cute A H S twrrler llkes skatmg twrrlmg dlslrkes slow pokes SAMUEL T MLYNAR Sam Eletrrcal Engmeer Turmoll m the mrdst of calm Scratch' Alvs ays talkmg lots of fun to be wrth good sense of humor frxendly lxkes cars good txmes rock n roll muslc s lxkes stuck up gurls MICHAEL A MUDRY Mxke Teacher A llttle nonsense now and then Is relnshed by the best of men You can t louch that 11115 Talkauve fun lovlng qunck tempered lxkes chewmg gum havmg fun dlslrkes Staying at home K lum-E 'lj Cp if 61' xg sfv - .P- bm sm Bw: VEIQF 'iii if ROBERT J NICOLARI Nnck Deslgnlng engmeer Good nature IS one of the rlchest frurts of personalrty lVhatcba doin 9 Good sense of humor apt to be a teaser sometrmes mrs chxevous good appetrte lrkes the Dodgers strawberrxes gurls dlsllkes chocolate Eng llsh homework THOMAS NIFORATOS Tom Chef Let nothing drsturb thee Let notlung affnght thee All rhmgs are passmg Yah you know Frxendly good narured good sense of humor rkes gurls drrvmg dancmg golf drslxkes workmg staymg home ELIZABETH MARY NOVINSKY nz Artxst Wxth laughrng eyes and a happy heart Oh well Friendly pleasant extreme ly lxghthearted lrkes talkln dancing art sports dlshkes cats homework concerted people novll' EDWIN J. ODOY "Ed" Mechanical Engineer "Napoleon was a little man too!" "lWhat are you, crazy?" Quiet . . . friendly . . . industrious . . . likes sports, U. S. History . . . people. X dislikes wise guys, conceited JANET ANN ONESCHUK an Medical Secretary Laughing talking always gay She helps to make a perfect day Au come onf A peppy cheerleader cute neat dresser talkative ikes clothes cheering sports likes idleness unfriendly people ram RICHARD ALAN OLDERMAN lchle Insurance Agent As prone to mischief as he is to perform it Don t tell me about zt Good sense of humor friendly talkative likes driving around in his Cadillac Waterbury dislikes weekends that go by WILLIAM JOHN OLIVER B1 Accountant Gay and audacious lights glint in his eyes I :ez Good sense of humor always talking about cars friendly fun loving likes cars girls parties dislikes home work sarcastic people too fast X CHARLES PARR KPINEJ Tubby Ambassador to Derby He s witty he s wise He s a terror for his size I m going lo Derby nou Good looking., carefree good companion likes Derby and Shelton girls dislikes waking up homevs ork 35 Nga:-sqm WY" JOHN A PATULAK ohn Electrical Engineer Live and let live Tough' Talkanve mischievous likes sport cars wrestling Italian food hshintz dislikes snobs work of any kind A, " 'l1" V. Q 9 yx 7 V .5 K li' X K 1 9, . .' ' ' , ' ' -dis' I ' 7. . . . D V ' A i . Pd si 'YT if Q if-, D LQNIQB. n Y-iw-MI 5 f "5 I I, . V .i x 4 , f xlisfifics X ffiif X -hal T KPINFJ Peels Undcrtaker If at hrst you don t succecd try the outfield I didn t do 11 Full of fun great smile friendly likes football cars money dislikes the day after the end of vacations RAYMOND LOUIS PELESH "Ray" Mechanical Engineer "Relax now, work later!" "Thats llae breaks!" Tall . . , blond . . . talkative . . . good sense of humor . . likes irls S , cars, snappy clothes, food . . . dis- likes snobs, work. DIANA VERONICA PEPI2 "Diane" Teacher "All things are xx on by diligence " 11134 lzdf Dicnihed good at sports hard vsorktr in xx hatexer she un dcrtakes likcs swung, musit history dislikes nothing JOANNI' PERSICO Housevsife It is easier not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than ne should O11 3011 Friendly usually quiet likes peppers dancing dislikes fancy clothes 42' all' '10 johnny Electrician A sunny disposition is the xcry soul of success Don t bug me Ericndly fun to be with .good sport likes cars basket ball 6th period dislikes home work conceited people X Barb Clothing Retailer Good humor teaches friendship to last Ola u ho knou 19 Fun loving neat dresser talkative likes tuna fish popu lar music dislikes staying home Mondays ,, ' .JON V- T " , lv i 1 v KKK JOSEPH PETER JOHN P. PETRYSHYN BARBARA LOIS POPOWSKI -. IGNATIUS PRENETA CPINE Q "Bears" Engineer . 24 . . . 1 P r Sometimes quiet, sometimes a I' riot." "Get out of here" ',:-V? i f 4 A ' ' Friendly . . . cheerful . . . gay . . . ....,t ambitious . . . likes sports, hard work . . . dislikes poor sports. X- . 3 SIMON RICH Simon Teacher A fellow of infinite pest Wanna hear a joke? Noisy school spirited or ever ioking likes food chemis try talking dislikes other peo ple s jokes PATRICK G RYAN at Aeronautical Engineer See that twinkle in his eye Me thinks there s mischief in this guy' I don t knou A good sense of humor ready for a poke but has serious moments too likes fishing math dislikes nothing yet but give him time ,pu- 'inns-n-4' s, ,S .Q ,4 . -FTP if sg, l x M if WN-1 MICHAEL SEVERINO ROY SHARKEY CPINEJ FRANCES M SHEA Mike Auto Mechamc Shark Fran Secretary Mischief comes by the pound OUfd00f Theafef Maflagef Personality is to a woman and goes away by the ounce Ambition has no risk What perfume is to a flower Oh la' Aw Idon t knou' Tha! J 4 crock 594 Mnschrevous talkative ikes Good natured fun loving Pleasant disposition a good cars sleeping dislikes walking seldom quiet likes Phyl gir s worker vut a hi to all working fishing dislikes wise guys likes swimming football basket poor sports ball dancing dislikes con 37 ceited people . QR? .j x eff L 1 A A 511 - P ' . -sr HP ,, x . ' rr v i ,-1:1 , 1 b . . .I al- ! ,t fl, , , ,.. ' x fl, ii' , , -, , I A Q , t 4 ! RICHARD S1-IEA IPINEJ V H V J I "Que" Carpenter F . ' Wh-' "A good companion, I I f an easy friend." i '- "Thal'J all right. " Popular . . . always joking . . . Q good to all . . . likes Mary, lish- ' ' ing, working after school . . . dislikes being broke, wise guys. R l is ., K s 1 ""'f X g l in X t THOMAS E SLADE Emo Businessman A man by nothing is so well betr iyed as by his manners That fim.flJeJ II Athletic distinguished fun to be with uellbuilt likes spoftsl leltithesfieejrtalin teach ers tisi es scu e s oes un 'ZX truthful people HOWARD F SMALLS Pete Businessman Hrs limbs are cast in manly mold For hardy sports or contests bo d S0 So All round athlete neat dres ser likes sports girls dislikes silly people dai, -1Xt5J.f,L5 JR X9 r f 'Wil l I 1 I Q N Y ' N ,4'.fQ iX Y e 1 Je 1 I xx! I Xl fa. t SIR GFXWMN MICHAEL T W SMERZNAK JUDITH GAYLE SMITH ROBERT SOBOLISKY CPINEJ Smell Engineer Gay Secretary bobs Primer Unknown to many because A quiet way Nothing worries him of his quietness but who can say' nothing hurries him Ilfell Don I get all fhook It J 100 far to u ali Quiet vsell mannered Fun loving ga sincere Noisy always laughing musically inclined likes play likes Italian food good jokes carefree likes girls levrs food k d dislikes walking work ing the clarinet and violin payday dislr es ungarees dislikes noisy people early to bed early to rise 38 2 . '. 1 V . , , H if , . A 35' ' ' 1. t. ,, N ,4 1' ,' i A gi et.. wi , . T 1 2 za LEONARD STAUFEER CPINEJ ii . "Speech is great but silence is greater." uict friendly easy going . . . likes cars horses . . . dislikes ' "Il goer thi! zray -" W Q . . . . . XX Ili' i ll f f X f X X,-, homework poor sports. AGNES B STEVENSON Stevie Nurse She ll speak her mind where er she be Wfhat are JUI4 lezddm me Noisy talkative un loving likes volleyball par ties Freddie homework dislikes school ALONZO B STYLES Skippy Air Force He isn r lazy he s just conserving his energy Hey Sugarf Friendly talkative u of fun likes neat clothes g.,lr s good times dislikes loud girls Y A "Stauf" Mechanic H nn- E will iv- 'T nal audi' ARVYDAS SVELNYS Archie Electronic Engineer Ah why should life all labour be? llfhat homer: 0rk9'f Ta good looking loosc and casual walk likes girls money dislikes homework stuck up girls LILLIAN F SVELNYS Executive Secretary Her appearance is angelic stately and demure But her inner nature Well we re not quite sure You knot: Tall and pretty has a flair for sewing., alw ays well dressed friendly intelligent likes tangos ice cream good clothes dislikes cllques smelly cheese ALEXANDER TAGGART Navy There are three days in the week I do not vsorry on or about yesterday today and tomorrow Are tx e Ilfdlgbfg Ta takes his time good natured lnkcs cars girls driv me dislikes Venice his typing desk 39 ' .. V - -, J., .7 ' . . A... ., Y ,fi " . , ' ' ...fu ' 7 I --'ll 7' I 2 s 2 A - A -r ef " - Q 1 , s ,,l , iv. K1 l Y 'A' .. . . . um, .b I HM.. . , , - H, I ,V ' ,- Y y "' t . ,- . H , - 11... - , ' ' ' ,' , ' , , ,J X PAUL C. TALMADGE f 5 5 2 I is 4 0 11 Q ,, "Paul" Pilot "The terrible burden of having nothing to do." "Come on, more it!" Friendly . . . teaser . . . good- natured . . . likes swimming, girls, good music . . . dislikes work, corned-beef hash, hooks. t ru ,M BEVERLY ANN TLSTA ev Beautician Nothing., ventured nothing gained T00 C1416 Good athlete full of fun friendly likes dancing, Bcrt clothes dislikes snobs RONALD F THOMAS Ron Air Forte Hear much spells little ll e U aff be ffl6'?ldf Quiet xery neat dresser alw ays humming or whistling., likes stcnokgraphy dislikes typing., 5 x Q 'war " I-i1"l 'N 3- 5 E if i' A Y LEON TOMASHFSKI lPINI'J MAXINL II TONIIY Tomo New spaperman Max Sccrcrary It takes all kinds to A maid with quiet ways makeupaworld 017965 Dm' 30" Ifff we Excellent basketball player 14 rertlrng matrlner lax! mg, bl fun loxmb pleasing Southern Constant charter good fellow drawl likes dancing, Walter great pal likes girls dislikes school concerted C Y O woodworking, dislikes people homework wise guys 40 VIOLFT ANTONIA FONTINI Clothes Designer Nothing, IS so important that I ntcd to worry about it Thai 5 berlde the point Friendly quiet until you cet to know her always around for a good time likes clothes cars men dislikes six weeks tests .. 4 7 . . J',,, . .V . Y A . . . , , " ' L ' . ,, . - ,, M Y . Y . . Y D D A i ' ' ' ' . . . V ' - Y 'x 'wt qxxx, t Q X A .9 is rc' 4 A i if A . M,-fr K 1. 1 , M W. if my x 5 be X e 5 C si .51 - 6 W- X - yr- a up ' early-K . is V' '4 A , " . ,"', - asyav 'P 2 .. .. Y .. .. h If .Vin -Y A V ." ,V H ., i. Y ' ." ff - W L' A V - ' yy , , D, I V. Y I V D . . A I ' . . V I I I , , , l ' ' y, Y 4 h - v I 1 7. - 4 - 4 y . . A . . . . . . , . . . , . . . , V r 7 . . . . . . . ., . , . . . , y Y U . l ff: ma", .41 1 MARIE VOLTO Mane Beautxuan O dark halred maxd wrth frrendly ways Patience 15 a zlrtue A true friend with a wlnnmg, personalxty svscet and charm lm, lrkes dancms., sewxng., dxslrkes hsh slow pokes JOANNE R. TUCCIO "Toosh" Secretary "Good nature is more agreeable in conversation than wit." O19 Jneakgf Talkatlve mce smllc good natured likes muslc food sports dlslmkes concerted people bad sports EDWARD TURGEON KPINT5 Turg, Truck Drrver The world w1llg,o on but I won t mterfcre You re ou! of your box Great actor ,good lookxng frlendly lxkes workxng on cars to dr1ve hls truck t IS lxkes runmnf, errands The Crlb ROBERT EDWARD JOHN URASHKA Bo Typlst What hes beyond that qunet extc nor C014 an :mu Qulet frnendly sports flShlDj., typma, ROBERTA WALSH Bobble Nurse A lot of chatter and a bundle of cheerfulness Cool xt' Talkatnve always laug.,hlm., mllmg, to help others lnkes new cars all kinds of sports dlSllkCS blrds snakes 41 rkes IS f ef A- RICHARD WANCIAK CPINEJ Wans Chicken Broker He loves to talk and talk hc will for hours on end and longer strll H011 abou! admze for u rendu ich' Always m search of knowledge ready for a joke or what have you lxkes searchmg ques nons g.,1rls cars good fun dnslrkes school school school I ' 4 ,. , V, ' . ' 9 2' ., K . X Y' all X170 M. W --. . H 'H I ,, , V ' A ,, Q f ' r, ' ' . . . l' - " s . .7 , - . .fi jj Z5 ' . . b, , . it 1 . I . ?,, T H 1 ' '.-y -rx ' ' X likes homework. , , 12, 1 . 1 , 1s v . aj' l N 1 'P' 4 A1 1 " ' ' .' -' H - H A ,Q V I . 7 ' I - ' - V' ' . . . 'H I Y ' . .A. ' ' - v A ' . . . A ' 1, A 1 ' ' ' h . . , . I t 3 . . . D ,D . -Q , , g 1 1 . 'rr 'QW -1,13 fiiv .Fira CX RICHARD S WARHOLIC Rrch Commercral Artrst And those who know hrm well know hrm as a frrend Oh Beam' Quret frrendly artrstrc lrkes grrls partres art drslrkes tests homework lf: BARBARA WARNER Barb Ofhce Worker A qurer person rs welcome everywhere De 1 nite ly Drgnrfred quret srncere frrendly lrkes Ray clothes musrc yewclry drslrkes srlly and concerted people BARBARA ANN WINSKO Inch Secretary It s the lrttle thrngs that make lrfe rnterestrng Meet 3011 dou n Pete J Petrte talkatrve good natured lrkes Fords spaghettr drslrkes concerted people A ll g X r VERONICA PATRICIA D WOLNIAK DOMINIC YOIA fPrneJ WOJCIECHOWSKI "Walls Nurse "Nrck' Constructron Engrneer "Ronnie" SCCICINY Trrlles make the sum of lrfe " Why work when play ff' rs so much fun? "It's nrce to be natural when H5000 ycffllre naturally nice ll Talkatrve good sense of hu "Tba1'.r life " Cbff-ffmaf Sdkefm mor lrkes talkrng on the Tall frrendly fellow lrked Loves to laugh neat dresser phone, COr otherwrsej, longoharr, by all lrkes baseball, Sacred ll hamburgers drslrkes rrng Heart Grrls drslrkes poor talkatrve CHIC we lrked by all lrkes to read evenrngs, stayrng home sports, concerted people 42 drslrkes washrng drshes .' pl, 5 X . lJlrAu..,jt x X U X -' - , C GJ D ' by Q ,,F5'2Tis37' QW? Q52 f " Q V r-:ff-5 .. .f ig A XZQVJJ A ' if 4' ' - . . .I 7 . . I HONOR STUDENTS S CLASS DAY SPEAKERS W1ll1am Fulton Femanda D1G1usto M1r1a Matrxcana eamne Balsls Estelle Chmura Nadu Klem GRADUATION SPEAKERS une Abate Ehzabeth Mankauskas Sandra Malard Ehzibcth Mitncarxa Dommlc Yo1a CPmeJ Ignauus Prcneta fP1neD at PINE CLASS DAY SPEAKERS Wllllam Kolendo Roy Sharkey Leon Tomashesk1 Leonard Stauffer Rmhard Shea joseph Peter EQ- .lil S N 'G' 1 ,ga-v' il!" .2- 'x MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED fhzabeth Mankauskas Wxllxam Kolcndo QPIIICQ Wllllam Fulton S MOST ATHLETIC BEST ALL ROUND Gary Chrostovnslu Margorle Andrew Arthur Ferre CPIHCP Eugcm Mnsxevucz QPmej Lmda Belko Thomas Slade '? ""NxP-'DME CUTEST 44 QUIETEST Mlfhael Adaml Charles Pafl' fplnel john Bramo QPIHCQ Maulyn Matusowch MlChaC1 Smerznak Mary Esposrto Kenneth Davxes rv brrr fr O b R EA! I Lf ff 1 . QT M L- , 0 M 4 " I +1 il J 91' If '1f',p S U P E R L A FRIENDLIEST Ignatrus Preneta fPrneb Frances Shea Thomas Hallnhan Ap" BEST DANCER Beverly Testa Gary Chrostovnskr Arthur Fette fP1neJ MOST POPULAR Thomas flemrnq fP1nej Frances Shea Peter Burns BEST LOOKING john Chraro Paul Kennedy CPrneJ june Abate L. fWf-NN 45 MOST TALKATIVE joseph Alonso Elrzabeth Foy Leon Tomasheskr CP1neD T I V E S 1 I 2 f F 5 5 ' S , . 4- ' , Q S , T 1 4 i ' j 2 Q . . kg if A A , ' V ti ,- , J If 1 . V , X. rj, A r N 'f ' A A f ' ' Qf 'Q 1 S 1 X , A T A S , I .5 ,,, 1 A A f Cb 7 of A F f ' ' - 'ir 1 Q 'ts ' ' 1 , P .. ,T S 505 ,n E 4 N I O R MOST FUN TO BE WITH Karen Cheeseboro. Alexander Taggart, Eugene Misiewlcz CPine1 Owskx Nadi , MO PEPPXEST GUY Chiost 3 Klein, Casi ' ST DIGN 5 Linda BCWO' 'Ulf Danielczuk IFIED . 6 , , sobousxw Wm N1cEsT SMILE Haffy Kamhm Robert Steven Casimates CPineQ , Jeannette Cecere, Kenneth Daviee at fpfnej 'Sul' S U P E R L A T I V E S H BEST PERSONALITY Michael Adanri. Frances Shea Thomas Fleming CPincj ,f fi x 'Y Richa BEST SYXYJ fd B SE MOST SCHOOQ' Wo pager BNHS artolotta gpinw IEE OF HUMOR . U aa 3 f i aren C mknic Yom, Lw BEST DRESSED heeseboro, Sain D0 john Maffeci fPineJ , Judith Hero, John Chiaro ue! Mlynar fi- 3 L I zggse:s,. 5 ii ii T 5 W 5 V I ' Q CLFI55 SONG four pf-JJ gears are now be-Ln-A usg ws muff 'Ville wr NHVO 32 Q ii ei1,4,,.,ii1,1 H gHs1ffgppg1fFr'enf lfldgig , C-Tin OF nxne.-Teevx-5155?-3 - 1'-ugh? co-Nova blue. and wlfn't'e. :fTLfrVQ'TlflQ'fFF EE tx 5l:21li:lI2HJJL:l:fIl:lE4:r!l Qssff g4g'efrg5q5gMfrUprgr w -'81 All the joys that we have shared here Each and every one, Will be in our hearts forever As we journey on. Now our final days have endedg High school years are rhroughg 123'-2 joy and tears are imermingled Mx As we start anew. Joanne Hunt '58 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CHARLES H PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL We the Class of 1958 of the Charles H Prne Manual Trarnrng School srtuated In Ansonra a mu nrcrpalrty of the State of Connectrcut Unrted States of Amerrca make thrs our last wrll and testament Berng of lawful age In full possessron of unsound mrnds and farlrng memorres we set forth the drsposr tron of our materral and personal property We the Class of 1958 after much thought and calm and careful consrderatron make the followrng bequests Artrcle I To the Charles H Prne Trarnrng School we leave A NEW WEATHER VANE so that the teachers wrll know whrch way the wrnd rs blowrng To the Prne Office we leave an AUTOMATIC PEN CIL SELLING MACHINE for cash only To the Cookrng Room we leave SAMPLES OF FOOD for the Prne boys who hang around lookrng for free ood To the Sewrng Room we leave DRESS FORMS to help the grrls make attractrve dresses for themselves To Mechanrcal Drawrng we leave lace ulrtarns In hon or of the first grrl student IH Mechanrcal Drawrng To the Machrne Shop we leave a NEW FOOT PRESS to replace the one the Senror machrnrsts broke To the Prrnt Shop we leave a LEAD DETECTOR to catch the boys who are Iosrng the type To the Woodworkrng Shop we leave a NEW SET OF BROOMS for the sweepers To the Auto Shop we leave TURGEON S TRUCK To the Underclassmen we leave a FRESHMAN WOODWORKING TEACHER who wrll fall IU love wrth the shop and stay for many years Artrcle II We the Class of 1958 make the followrng be quests to the faculty who trred to teach these past four years To Mr McGee we leave a three way perrscope to see around the corners around the trees and behrnd the backstop To Mr Roche we leave a new car to remrnd hIm of the beautrful Pontrac he had many years ago To Mr Kulawrz we leave a book How to Feed Your Dogs Wrthout Breakrng Your Knee To Mr Crook we leave an automatrc burglar alarm for the candy and nabs box To Mr Flynn we leave four new doors for hrs Jalopy To Mr Jarvrs we leave many football players to make up for the ones our class drd not have To Mr FItzGerald we leave a book to keep hrm company as he walks quretly from here to the hrgh school To Mr Burns we leave a supply of shoe polrsh to grve hrs shoes that Esqurre Boot Polrsh To Mr Gondek we leave a bottle of aspIrIn for all the headaches we caused hIm To Mr Krely we leave a cellophane cover for hrs car and an automatrc washer for hrs coffee cup To Mr Hallrgan we leave all the 41 Plymouths we can find To Mr Conklrn we leave a motorbrke to help hrm down from the hrgh school To Mrss Kulrkowskr we leave a supply of needles and thread for her busy dressmakers To Mrs Gorman we leave a curtarn to hrde her grrls from the stares of the Prne boys Artrcle III We the Class of 1958 make the followrng be quests to the underclassmen who have readrly bowed to our wrll RICHARD BARTOLOTTA leaves hrs great physrque to PETE CAPONE JOHN BIANCO leaves hrs shyness to ROBERT FAZ ZINO RONALD BURT leaves hrs thermos bottle to ERWIN LEVINE STEVEN CASIMATES leaves hrs wavy harr to any Freshman wrth a crewcut FREDERICK DIGGS leaves hrs seat on the bus to FRED WILD ARTHUR FETTE leaves hIs good looks to GEORGE CRAMP THOMAS FLEMING leaves hrs way wrth grrls to WILLIAM JAEKLE HARRY KATCHMAR leaves hrs place on the Hrgh St corner to RICHARD BARON PAUL KENNEDY leaves hrs weedprckrng abIlIty to FARMER RAY MATEJEK WILLIAM KOLENDO leaves hrs abIlIty In Trrgo nometry to ROBERT SWAN JOHN MCGRATH so he wont have to borrow them anymore SAMUEL KOSKO leaves hrs werght and srze to SAMMY THOMPSON RONALD LUCIDO leaves the prnk strrprng on hrs car to CHARLES CHRISTENSEN JOHN MAFFEO leaves hrs abrlrty In Mechanrcal Drawrng to ROBERT CAESAR EUGENE MISIEWICZ leaves hrs dancrng abIlIty to ROBERT SPAK CHARLES PARR leaves hrs abIlIty to thumb rrdes to PAUL GRIFFIN IGNATIUS PRENETA leaves hrs membershrp IH the K O Boys Club to hrs brother HENRY ROY SHARKEY leaves hrs car to ANTHONY CHAPIS RICHARD SHEA leaves hrs abrlrty IH woodworkrng t0 BOBBY COOK ROBERT SOBOLISKY leaves hrs Levrs to RICH ARD ABATE LEONARD STAUFFER leaves hrs safe drrvrng to the Sophomore expert BOBBY DAVIS LEON TOMASHESKI leaves h1S soda job to ROBERT POUNCEY EDWARD TURGEON leaves hrs truck to any Fresh man who can get a lrcense RICHARD WANCIAK leaves hrs abrlrty to beg sandwrches to JACKIE DZIKOWSKI DOMINIC YOIA leaves hrs 6 5 herght to ROBERT TOKARZ f . ' ' Nobody else wants it. FRANK KOSKELOWSKI leaves his coveralls to . ' I A ' I Il - . . 49 . CLASS WILL A H S In accordance ssrth our usual erratrc pattern UD of behasror sse the class of 1958 rgnorrng all prece dents do hereby omrt the eustomary and legal form of rntroductron and rush roughly and recklessly rnto the followrng bequests Sectron I To Mr Comcowrch and Mr Ruddy we leave our srncere thanks for therr rnterest rn our welfare To Mrss Roche we lease a full trme under secretary To Mr Ryan we leave a Czechoslovakran drctronary To Mrss Errcson we leave a record whrch keeps re peatrng at regular rntervals Button your Shrrt' and hearrng ards for those who strll cant hear To Mrss Schoonmaker we leave new curla tones on whrch to clap erasers To Mrss Lane we leave a flower rn a crannred wall To Mrss Prrckett vue leave someone to beat her to a cheery Good Mornrng' To Mrss Marvrn we leave some non collapsrble athletes To Mrss McNamara sse leave grrls who get therr budgets rn on trme and make A rrmrngs To Mrs Mace we lease tl typrng class wrth no I mrghty senrors To Mrss Kennedy sse lease the mrracle of the age perfect attendance To Mrss Monahan vse lease her own lrbrary rn whrch to practrce for her degree To Mrss Ryan we leave a box of sand a shovel and a garage door that doesn t strck for comrng wrnters To Mrs Flynn we leave an automatrc A markrng pencrl To Mr Vrcarr sse lease a new sombrero for hrs Mex rean trrps To Mr Glenn we lease some more doors to unlock rn the mornrng To Mr Martorano we lease a perrscope to look around first floor corners To Mrs Kyle we leave a book of easy drctatron mate rral for those 100 and over rrmrngs To Mr Manley sse leave a new set of calrbrated thermo eouples To Mr Clark we leave a dramatrc club wrth many many boys To Mr Hrlbrsh vue leave a solrd gold framed map of Pennsylsanra To Mr Arthur we leave an assrstant money changer rn the cafeterra To Mrss Conklrn we lease that long awarted second trrp to Europe To Mr Porell we leave a group of senrors who srng the rrght part To Mrss Nason we lease a years supply of frozen turkey drnners Sectron II JUNE ABATE leaves her cute hart do to anyone who can wear rt as well MICHAEL ADANTI leaves hrs rnterest rn sports to Leo Gallarano JOSEPH ALONSO leaves strll talkrng MAURICE AMBRO leaves to drag wrth John Petryshyn MARJORIE ANDREW leaves her frrendly ways to Sue Grlbert LOUISE ANGLACE and JO ANNE FAZZINO leave for therr long hard trudge up Hrll Street JEANINE BALSIS leaves to replace Mel Allen as the Vorce of the Yankees LINDA BELKO leaves her pepprness rn cheerleadrng to Carolyn Wargo JOSEPH BLANDO leaves hrs 40 wmks rn class to Pat Teodosro ELSII. BRAINCI-I leaves for Seymour JAMLS BRLDA leaves wrth a ehrrp CAROI E BROVUN leases her clreerfulness to Bernrce Allen MARY BRYAN leaves her can opener to next year s homemaker PETER BURNS leaves hrs leadershrp to Felrx Della Roeco MARY ANN CALLINI leaves a set of bobbyprns to any Junror who has strarght harr MARIE CANNICI leaves carryrng trays rn the cafe terra JEANNETTE CECERE leaves her grgglrng rn Mr Ryan s class to anyone who dares to try rt KAREN CI-IEESEBORO leaves her happy face to Emmett Kelly JOHN CHIARO leases hrs good looks to hrs brother Gus RONALD CHIRGWIN leaves rn hrs three door 41 Karser ESTLILE CHMURA leaves wrth pleasant thoughts of the Yankees beatrng the Braves next October GARY CHROSTOWSKI leaves a trarl of broken hearts JIMMY CLIFFORD leases rn search of a rabbit s foot and er horseshoe PATRICIA CLIFFORD leases her walk from Hrll Street to her srsrer ackre MAUREEN COMERFORD leaves her collectron of red blouses to Marge Krlduff IAUREL COOPER leaves to try to defy Calrfornra drrs ers SUSAN COPPOI A leaves her easy gorng ways to Marge Conlon CASIMIR DANIELCZUK leaves hrs drgnrty to Fran crs Css anek BILL DANUSIAR leaves hrs rntellrgence to be drsrrr buted among the boys of the yunror class fwho really need rtj KEN DAVIES leases some homework to a studrous yunror ELAINE DAVIS leaves to watch Army beat Navy ANN ROSE DIGIOVANNI leaves laughrng JEROME DIGIOVANNI leases for the herghts of Ansonra FERNANDA DIGUISTO leaves cheerrng pepprly ISABEI LA DOJNIA leaves her typrng abrlrty to Gerry Hourrgan MARIE DREWELUS leaves to walk down the arsle DORIS DRIPCHAK leaves her vrgor rn basketball to Mrss Marvrn s future classes JANET ELLIS leaves her wardrobe to Drane Balsrs MARY ESPOSITO leaves her cuteness to Carrre Grossbaum CARL EVANS leaves hrs forensrc talents BARBARA FERGUSON and PATRICIA WOI. NIAK leave srde by srde JOYCE FITZPATRICK leaves to assrst Mrss Clarrol BETSY FOY leaves to open up her own drrver trarn rng school JO ANN FRANCOLINI leaves her soft vorce to Lrnda De Palma FLORENCE FREY leaves her drstrncrrve grggle to anyone who can accomplrsh rt BILL FULTON leaves hrs rntellrgence to Thomas Mareckr JENNY FURLO leaves her vorce to Gall Short JOHN HENRY FURTEK leaves wrth hrs mrs chrevous ways and antrcs MARY ELLA GANDY leaves rn her crazy knee socks W 1' . . . - 1 . Y' ' . I l ' r ' 4 . L , A . , v r s . - ' ' I T , , . ' " . ' " r , . , 1 - . . . . v 4 . ' ' ' 1 . . if Y I . - - 1. . U , ' Q I t . . .. . . ,, . . Y Y .. , H . . . ' ' ' ' s. K r - . . s I ' r ' 'r V r . . . ,, ' ' 1 h r . I Y I ' .-- I he 4 r . Y Y . . V ' y 1 ' ' I . - rt - H , ' ' 1 . . Q A Y . .C V . K . . t - CK . A I . 7. ' . , - . r . . . Y - f . A . 4 ' ' r , - - v . f 1 y 1 8 y . , It . - . ' t - - v . ' , - , , . ' ' mt ' H t. ,. - - -. H - r 3 ' . . . , . .. -- PETER GAUDIO leaves hrs trumpet to Joseph Gran none SHIRI EY GOODSON leaves chatterrng rncessantly GERAI DINE GREENE leaves het last name to the Irrsh BARBARA GRIFFIN leaves her short dark harr to I rnda Trrecro IINDA GRUTTADAURIA leaves wrth orange blos soms and weddrng bells THOMAS GUARDIANI leaves hrs pleasant drspo srtron to Frank Blando DONNA GULUYZY leaves her pretty eyes to Jeanne MeWrIlrams VIC KI HADJIC ONSTANTINOU leaves her small feet to Edrth Wall MARY JANE HALLAMAN leaves her formula for curly harr to Tonr CAROL HAI LDEN leaves her voeal abrlrty to Estelle Zygmunt TOM HAI I II-IAN leaves as carefree as he came JUDITH HARTNETT just leaves STANLEY HAWIEY leaves wrth the thought that chrvalry rs not dead JUDITH HERO leaves her enthusrasm for drrvrng to Kathy Shay MARY ANN HOLOVACH leaves to do research on U S Hrstory LINDA HORBAL leaves to make room for her srster Drane JOANNE HUNT leaves her job at Ayoubs to some one who needs the exercrse DORIS JOHNS leaves her attractrve red harr to Lynn Fosdrck RONALD JOHNSON leaves to test out Sealy mat tresses GENE KAPUSTA leaves French Class rn peace MARY ANN KATRENEY leaves her twrrlrng abrlrty to Patty Creznrak JAMES KENNEDY leaves hrs freckles and red harr to Howdy Doody NADIA KLEIN leaves tryrng to teach Lrz to tango GERRY KNAPP and JOAN KNAPP leave therr drstrnctrve posrtron as A H S IWIHS to Vrrgrnra and Phyllrs Sabetta MARY ANN KOSLOWSKI leaves to type up some wrll deeds and court orders JOHN KOWAL leaves hrs place on the Lavender staff to anyone who can fill rt as capably JOAN LADONA leaves her short pony tarl to Nancy Phrpps DOROTHY LONDON leaves srngrng and dancrng JOANNE LOTTO leaves to do some babysrttrng for her younger srsters and brothers MIKE LOVEGROVE leaves to rnvent a food sub strtute ROBERT MACE leaves for the football field rn a gray Chevrolet SANDRA MALARD leaves wrth her glasses dovrn on her nose MARGARET MALONEY leaves her loud vorce to Nancy Chrrstran LIZ MANKAUSKAS leaves her brarn to Andrea Kruger ANN MARTORANO leaves wrthout a sound BETTY MATRICARIA leaves her rrght arm to Mrss Marvrn MARIA MATRICARIA leaves her walk to anyone vrho can match rt MARIIYN MATUSOVICH leaves her place as a senror to her brother JEANNE MERANCY leaves her walk to school rn the mornrng along the avenue to Carol Smrth MARILYN MILES leaves her Jolly ways to Bootsre Houlrhan JANICE MITTON leaves her towerrng herght to Marjorre Brbby SAM MYLNAR lerves hrs Jokes to Jerry Lewrs MICHAEL MUDRY leaves hrs gum rn the wastebas et EDDIE MeGOE leaves dorn nothrn ROBERT NICOLARI leaves hrs gentlemrnly ways to ames Geoghan TOM NIFORATAS leaves hrs reerpes to Betty Croc er I IZ NOVINSKY leaves runnrng after her dog Cocoa EDWIN ODOY lerves hrs plaee rn Mr Ryan s heart as Edzru RICHARD OLDERMAN leaves elrseussrng cars wrth Mr Manley XVII I IAM OI IVER leaves hrs smrrt dressrng to Paul Su mow JANET ONESCHUK leaves her manrcure to Eadre K le JOHYN PATULAK leaves for the ole frshrn hole RAY PEI ESH lenes hrs harr to Elvrs DIANA PEPE leaves her perseverance to Darlene Wrtkowskr JO ANNE PERSIC O leaves quretly JOHN PETRYSHUN leaves hrs car to whoever wants BARBARA POPOWSKI leaves her neat appearance SIMON RICH leaves hrs linger rn every pre PAT RYAN leaves to ofhcrally change hrs name to Rynrnshky MICHAEL SEVERINO leaves hrs transmrssron along the road FRAN SI-IEA leaves her wonderful personalrty t Prrscrlla Zenkus TOM SLADE leaves hrs physrque to Charles Atlas HOWARD SMAI LS leaves hrs football abrlrty t Walter Sembrowrch MICHAEL SMERZNAK leaves wrthout a sound GAYLE SMITH leaves rn a blue and Whrte Ford AGNES STEVENSON leaves her quret ways t Drane Vrsellr ALONZO STYLES leaves wrth all hrs brlls pard ARVYDAS SVELNYS leaves wrth Tony Curtrs harr do LILLIAN SVELNYS leaves to prowl about the vaults of the Savrngs Bank ALEX TAGGART leaves wrth Ronny Chrrgwrn for the Navy PAUL TALMADGE gladly leaves hrs seat rn Englrsh BEVERLY TESTA leaves her sense of humor to Celeste Gabrrel RONALD THOMAS leaves hrs hummrng to the bees MAXINE TONEY leaves hummrng Drxre VIOI ET TONTINI leaves her vrolet clothes to a fashron show JOANNE TUCCIO leaves sayrng good bye to cousrn Lrnda ROBERT URASHKA leaves trptoerng out on rubber soled shoes MARIE VOLTO leaves her long dark harr to Garl Matrrcarra ROBERTA WALSH leaves her assortment Of scarves to Vrrgrnra DeW1tt RICHARD WARHOLIC leaves hrs artrstrc abrlrty to Prcasso BARBARA XVARNER leaves her quret stately man ner to Erleen Skowronskr BARBARA WINSKO leaves another Inch' on the yard strek RONNIE WOJCIECHOWSKI leaves her 'brllrngs" lastly, vre leave to Mrss Errcson, our executrrx, thrs last Last Wrll and Testament rn accordance wrth her desrres . K I I I . . ' S c ' . 7 . . 'L ' I ' . 1 4 1 4 4 1 E K - ' . k . , . ' 1 ' . . . 1. ' - J. 1 - 1 . . l . r ' I A ' . ' ' - k . I ' L t . . 14 L ' J . . 4 .2 ' J - V A s 4 ' 1 V l K 1 . E 4 4 :L 'c l . . I 4 at 1 . . a K I Y 1 . . H " I , 1 4 a . ' ' U l l 'H t . ,L A .. it. . . . . t JOAN HOPKINS leaves as quietly as she came in. to her sister Mary Ann. . . L E' S . ' . -. ' o . Q I . . . 0 . . K l 6 . I . 1 .. - .. O I , , - r l 1 . C 1 . . ' I I 4. A ' 1 K . 1 e D I - . , ' . BOYS' - GIRLS' STATE Willinnu Fulton Ignatius Prcncta fPineD Dominic Yoia CPineD Pctcr Burns xlcylllllllll Kolcntlo ipincl June Abntc Thomas Slade Ann Martorano Michael Adanti v . .vV.A.,.v,A V-..A. A , . 355 f an 411 D, A, R. AWARD BETTY CROCKER HOME MAKER AWARD Ann Martorano MUY Bflnn ff-7-ff N57 X f,,,iF1xXx f IW YQ-Q QW iff ' ' xff X0 CL U 41 M331 B6 'X Y 11,1 I J WV X jil- YTTYQ 97, tjfxxy Qjpdi if lr 45 laroffg, ff I gi' NMQQN 5' f if XV 1 E ' Q X-J-n I XY "",""x I , Ji f kkmi ,Y N gx !7'X 3:7 f Iq- lyQfA 'H' NN x fl-,ffl f 'tn fr X '7 X ' ' 1T: 7 -P' ,ff N. ,Q,+,,, i X fx X w -f' . sw W I aff H ,IM xx , L s I wkx X! l IU I2 .X fi I Xgwi, X gif 5,5 i ZZ! Q c, NNW .U 1.3 gajgyw. 5' Vu , gs! XIV! S EX ln Q, XJ fl' fr fi MXN! Ima' J V U , ,fy -'nv 1 Q xy QA 1 qw, 5 H s I by . . L Q Nl, xx 2 E T Q W 'Jlii Q 12? V gf, ' m I ,sv 2 t N 4 X X ' 4 1 fjiff:?j N K X J ' X I i E fi?QX g , H , 77 ', ff ' 1 L 3 , Ney' , K. F A . . J?" 7 I W I 11" ff X. N fx S -11 X -Q X! ' as "5 Q2f.,.ii + q il Wi Q f fa X, - fh+ff' N- J ,, 1' ti- X14 -- ' Ci 1-' J X I , xii QP ff f- I M Q 0 ' '1 H" , "1 'lg ' x x'?':x - A xy'-41 .-'-I A, J In I x' X x N fg x "I" N' N ,MTL 1 -., ' !"v Q 1 fu ' .ty ,.i K . fl' 1 1 F' 1 ,,,, -7? 1 T " x L X:-3--g LP I . .i, I ., -ag-inf,-yd X X ,IH - 4 ...-T' W STUDENT COUNCIL A H S Peter Burns 58 Presxclent Felxx Della Rocco 59 Vlce Presrdent Beverly Crrscuolo 60 Secretary Treasurer SENIORS M1Chael Adantx John Ch1aro Kenneth Davles Robert Mace Rxchard Olderman Barbara Popowslh Frances Shea Thomas Slade JUNIORS Susan Bagley Leo Gallarano Patrlcla Heaphy joseph La Rovera Kathy Shay Joseph Sulllvan Cllfford Wells Prnscllla Zenkus 54 SOPHOMORES Matt Brandon Gus Chlaro Wllllam Collms Lou1s D1 L1s1o Rrchard jurkowskl Gall Matr1car1a Ellrot Sllberberg Dorothy Sulllvan Mary Zebrowskl Wrllnam Zayatz i 0 . 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S 1' M Q ,, t. , - ff' N H' I al- 5 Exchange Editor Ann Martorano Managing Editor Simon Rich ? ,f , i"f.. School Notes Editor Assistants: Harriet Anderson, Nancy Christian, Gloria Holub Sports Editor Andrea Kruger Asslstant Dal lene Witkoski ie' if' ps Q 3 fig 5 6 L Mfr mfg Fernanda DiGuisto Assistants Barbara Blakely Kathy Shay, Shlrley Sledzlanowskl 15' J Special Features Editor Sam Mlynar ASSlSt3ntS Joyce Abate, Patrlcla Cieznlak Mary Ann Popowski Business Staff Manager Richard Olderman Staff Patrick Ryan William Collins, James Smerekanych Jeftrey Yale Z 1 W A 'ia X j 4 4 9' 1 1 3 K ,w 1 A fv I . ,,, '... , S E , 3 f f A 1 i sf! if ' ici n g 'fh- ' , f W - B.. Y -e' A 7 A , 5 . A ' ' M, I ' 1 ' i n "N it .1 , ,, W fig A , , ,W I, 11. .f 1 s. '- " A - .' C-iz. " -- 1' Q A y .W X? 4. -I ,, p g A ' ' A ..,. ' -'2 Seated: Patricia Klimaszewska '60 C2nd prizej, Simon Rich '58, Richard Olderman '58, Carole Brown '58, Andrea Kruger '59. Standi1zg: John Figoras '60 CPine5, Edward Turgeon '58 CPineb, Dominic Yoia '58 fPineD 63rd prizeb, Karl Wendclowski 60 Leo Gallarano 59 Clst prize? PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST VI S UAL A I D S Michael Kopchik john Kowal Leo Gallarano Simon Rich 58 Noble Proctor Edward Babonis Richard May ers Richard Olderman Ann Martorano Edith Wall Patricia Mudry ., . A Mary Ann Popowski X If if if ,. A President Secretary ,, Treasurer Vice-President ,gawimfiixf A ,ff 13,1 vfni Ma , WZ? Mwillnwd-3 TWIRLERS MaryAnn Katreney Captaln Betty Kmg Elame Ahferxs anxce MIIIOH Helen Saltas Nancy Chrlstlan Harrxet Anderson Patr1c1a Cleznlak Exleen Kopchlk T MaryAnn Karreney Janice Mirron YW? if 7 Diane Nicholls Elizabeth Gibbs Elaine Blumenthal Karen Richter Patricia DiLisio Rhoda Greenberg Gail Matricaria Peter Gaudio Joseph Giannone Richard Mackniz Robert DiMauro Doris Dripchak Barbara Smith Barbara Benoit Ronald Johnson Marsha Zebrowski june Martorano Ellen Reichelt Michael Smerznak Russell Dubuk H. S. BAND N Elizabeth Matricaria Drum Ma jorette Q Q , s.,, 4 BW. W. , 1.3, 'x..,.,-hr 'sw- William Collins Stephen Berkowitz David Haddad Allen Cranford Joy Smith Sandra Malard Patricia Klimazewska Timothy Smerznak Joseph Zalenski Bruce Sikes Barbara Blakely Susan Strand Carolyn Weselcouch joan Nicholls Joseph Wozniak Alex Zygmunt Thomas Smith james Smerekanych Ulysses Allen Clarence Beall Mr. Douglas Porell, Director CAFETERIA STAFF ff SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Michael Adanti Peter Burns john Maffeo Robert Sobolisky Frances Shea john Chiaro Robert Mace joseph4Peters Eugene Misiewicz john Bianco Barbara Popowski Charles Parr PROM DECORATING COMMITTEE Richard Bartolotta Robert Mace Richard Olderman Frank Koskelowski John Chiaro Barbara Grifhn Peter Burns Mary A nne Katreney Roy Sharkey Samuel Kosko Thomas Slade Michael Adanti Maria Matricaria Frances Shea Barbara Popowski joan Knapp PROM BIDS AND PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Steven Casimates Leon Tomasheski Richard Wanciak Frederick Diggs Raymond Pelesh Dominic Yoia Samuel Mlynar Pat Ryan Linda Bellro Ann Martorano Richard Olderman JoAnn Francolini Barbara Ferguson Doris Dripchak june Abate Agnes Stevenson Judy Hero Eugene Kapusta Gary Chrostowski Thomas Slade Mary Esposito PROM BAND AND REFRESHMENT COMMITTEE Leonard StaufIer Stanley Hawley Thomas Hallihan Harry Katchmar john Kowal Thomas Guardiani joseph Blando Karen Cheeseboro Violet Tontini Paul Kennedy janet Ellis Michael Adanti ,4 R., '41 lj l'lwE Worm . M P R O M Ladies in distress CPD Then comes the deciphering! to '- iff Rf: 'gf ' M . I " 4 1 f EG uf .1-,.,,,., fff: H, 15, 'I 1, just before . . . ! 3 'A I Qui VEL A' I v,, ..2f , v , 5 , -Q.. N -.E..,'.' j i? A C ' .LQP N Ll 4? E Studious, aren'r they??? All this and history too! ! ?? Eyes on copy 'ala g,,,-44.5 :Ms-e5 P' Y 0 1 4 213: Ji: rff K ff' Y ft NA"N:'v. Mrs OKeefe Mrs Burns Mr Bellls 63 Mrs ODonnel1 Mr Grady G if ew WS' 69 f FW QC! Kplfflg-QR Q at fm Ffjfvfngg? yi ' lv X ga Lad W UBS wi!!! 1 I MICHAEL ADANTI "Red", a guard and tri-captain, gave several tremendous defen- sive performances in practically every game of the season, espe- cially in the West Haven game, where he kept the Westies from scoring quite a few times. MAURICE AMBRO A guard who played well when needed and also helped to make a vnell rounded team GARY CHROSTOWSKI Our outstanding quarterback who played a very important part in the scoring of most of this sea sons games Besides making the only touchdown of thc game in both the Stamford and Derby games he also made a total of six other TD s in the other games 4-my JOSEPH BLANDO THOMAS HALLIHAN STANLEY HAWLEY An end who provided key block An end who played an important An cnd who didnt see too much mg throughout the season espe part in all our victories and hclp action this season but was ready cially during the Sacred Heart ed make the team a well rounded and able when he was needed 70 fi!! PETER BURNS Our tn captann back who made outstandmg 53105 ln all the games and hmshed the season wxth a total of four touchdowns mclud mg one rn our last game of thc season agarnst Naugatuck THOMAS SLADE One of thrs years trx captams a tackle who was a very rmportant member of our extremely effec tlve defensrve unrt ROBERT MACE N JY A f - if If-J X 5 Wm An end who played m most of the xmportant games and helped to brrng home the vrctorres MICHAEL MUDRY A tackle who helped make thxs seasons team one of the best all round teams rn A H S football hrstory HOWARD SMALLS Pete a back made several spec tacular long drstance runs thxs season besldes hrs usual short drs tance gams Hrs record at the close of thxs season nncludes eight touchdowns 71 PAUL GRIFFIN A guard who played an rmportant part m most of our VICIOIICS by hrs ourstandmg defensive actnon -if FOOTBALL ANSONIA - LEAVENWORTH In its opening game, Ansonia upset Leavenworth 14-0. Pete Smalls, aided by blocks from Tom Slade, Marty Horowitz, and Gary Chrostowski, ran a spark- ling 61-yard TD in the first two minutes of the game on a return punt. Both teams remained scoreless after Smalls' run until the last few minutes of the game, when Ron Greski, with a 1-yard plunge, scored the Lavender's second tally, culminating a 38-yard drive. Leo Gallarano placed two perfect points after the TD's. However, neither team was at its best. While the Lavender lost three fumbles and was penalized 50 yards, the veteran-studded, but punchless, Tigers lost one fum- ble and were penalized 25 yards. As for statistics, Ansonia racked up 14 first downs and 219 yards rushing, as opposed to the Techmen's 4 first downs and 61 yards rushing. The big men for Ansonia defensively were Nolan, Horowitz, and Hallihan. Tri-captain Burns notched the most ground yardage with 82 yards in a dozen carries. Next came Smalls with 66 yards, Chrostowski with 60, and Della Rocco with 10. ANSONIA - SHELTON There was fur flying as Ansonia met and defeated its arch rival, Shelton, 20-12, at Nolan Field. In the first two minutes of the rugged scrap, Pete Burns, snagging a pass by Chrostowski, crossed the pay- off line, completing a 44-yard play. Then, before the Gaels Could regain their composure, Horowitz snatched a bobble made by the Gael half-back who was jarred by Paul Griffin. Horowitz easily raced into the end zone for the second Lavender TD. He also made a brilliant defensive play on the first TD. In the second and third periods, Davis and Mackniak tallied for the Gaels with no extra points. Chrostowski, Smalls, and Della Rocco kept the pig- skin hopping for another 24 yards. Then Della Rocco ran three yards for the third Lavender pay-off. Gallarano toed two extra points after the Lavender TD's. Smalls, Della Rocco, Burns, Chrostowski, Blando, and Horowitz were key men in Ansonia's victory over the Orange and Black. ANSONIA - CROSBY Aided by five fumbles by Crosby, Ansonia jolted the Blue and White team 28-14. A barrage of three TD's in the first eight minutes of the game gave Ansonia a healthy edge of 21 'points over Crosby. Before the Crosby team realized what had happened, Smalls, then Burns, then Smalls again made three TD's with 43, 31, and 27-yard sprints, respectively. As the Lavender weakened in the second and third periods, the Old Ivy, shocked, but not defeated, reached paydirt twice. Then, springing back in the final period, Ansonia, spurred by a 13-yard end sweep by Chrostowski and a 56-yard dash by Smalls, headed for another touchdown. Della Rocco, then Smalls ran the remaining yardage for the last TD. Gallarano, as on the three previous touch- downs, completed the placement attempt. Doing a commendable job in the defensive line were Matajek, Grifiin, and tri-captains Adanti and Slade. ANSONIA - STAMFORD Rugged defense work by both teams kept Ansonia from beating Stamford by more than 7-0. However, the Jarvismen completely outclassed the Black Knights. A series of "back-breakers" haunted the Lavender. The first occurred when a penalty nullified a dazzling 56-yard TD jaunt by Smalls. Ansonia's rugged offensive line reaped 14 hrst downs and 202 yards rushing, while its rib-shattering defense .-ll held Stamford to four first downs and 44 yards rushing. The defensive mainstays for the Copper City crew were Griffin, Matajek, Slade, and Adanti, Burns, Smalls, Della Rocco, and Chrostowski were the chief ground gobblers for A. H. S. It was Chros- towski who executed a perfect "bootleg" play for the 'only TD in the game. Gallarano placed the extra point, and Ansonia won a rugged game, its fourth victory in a row. ANSONIA - DERBY Ansonia barely defeated the Red Raiders 6-0 in a pitched battle at Nolan Field. The jarvismen were hampered by costly fumbles and penalties. The lone touchdown occurred when Chrostowski crossed the paydirt stripe on a 42-yard end sweep. Smalls, Burns, and Chrostowski did most of the ball toting, as the A. H. S. racked up a total of 14 first downs and 206 yards rushing, as opposed to the Raiders' 4 first downs and 40 yards rushing. All told, Ansonia had a rough time beating the scrappy Crimson and White team. ANSONIA - TORRINGTON The Lavender whipped the Big Red, 26-0, with such ease that in the final quarter Coach Jarvis let the reserves loose. The weatherman was against both teams, especi- ally during the first quarter, when the game remained scoreless. Chrostowski made the first TD in the second period. In the third period, Chrostowski, then Smalls, made TD's. In the beginning of the final quarter, Pete Burns, who had been the Lavender's workhorse all day, tallied the final Lavender touchdown. Gallarano toed two extra points after the TD's. During the entire game, tri-captain "Red" Adanti was a terrific defensive standout. He received solid sup- port from Hallihan, Griffin, Horowitz, and Matajek. Ansonia showed a noticeable bulge in the statistics with 270 yards rushing and 16 first downs to Torring- ton's 39 yards rushing and three hrst downs. ANSONIA - WEST HAVEN Ansonia, after six straight victories, finally met its equal. Both teams were fairly equal in the statistics column. There was no score until the last four minutes,of the game, when the Westies scored their only touchdown and extra point, which was enough to defeat the Lav- ender, 7-0. In the face of defeat, however, Tri-Captains Adanti and Slade, with support from Hallihan, Griffin, and Horowitz, performed rib-rattling feats throughout the entire game. ANSONIA - SACRED HEART It was an easy victory of 53-6 for Ansonia over Sacred Heart. The lone Heart TD came at the beginning of the second quarter. Making touchdowns for Ansonia were Chrostowski with three, Smalls with two, Della Rocco, Sembrowich and Jesulaitis with one each. Six of An- sonia's TD's were on longfdistance ruhsfDella Rocco was Ansonia's chief ground gainer vmh'I'07 yards via four carries. Impressive defensively were Smalls, joe Blando, Della Rocco, and Matajek. Featuring defensively in the final half were Capone, Morse, Garafalo, and Frank Blando. ANSONIA - NAUGATUCK Some 9,000 fans watched Ansonia drub Naugatuck I3-0 in the annual Thanksgiving Day game. Pete Smalls notched the first A. H. S. touchdown with a 5-yard run, climaxing a 48-yard drive. Burns made the second Lavender rally snatching a pass from Greski for a 16-yard run TD. Smalls and Burns were an eye-arresting duo all afternoon, while Chrostowski and Della Rocco lent able support. The defensive line was especially brilliant, with Tri-captains Mike "Red" Adanti, Pete Burns, and Tom Slade providing the necessary spark. With its fine teamwork this year, Ansonia now has 27 victories over Naugatuck, while the Greyhounds have 22 to their credit. There have been eight deadlocks between the two arch rivals. Statistics showed Ansonia had a healthy edge over Naugatuck, with 15 first downs and 243 yards rushing, as opposed to Naugatuck's 4 first downs and 33 yards rushing. The football team of the Ansonia High School, winning the Naugatuck Valley League title, has been a credit to its hard-working coach, Mr. Charles "Boots" Jarvis. Tri-Captains Peter Burns Thomas Slade Michael Adanti 1,1 A FIGHTING FOR LAVENDER WIN O D 0' Y: . R W Na A .al . " N 5 , . ff 4 f, 'Hag ' - 'xn-'9?:," . W 4 ' -. 1 ., My .. . . f , -ff .. ,. ,. E . . N Q , " 3, . -i -..,.+. W-1 f. 'L 1 V .. , 1 W . t 12.17 , sr Q.. A K 3, in-g A A C . ' 5. .. '.:' ,',u , v 4. riff- P Q V V ., WK I A - , in K X , 3 , -x 'H ,, 'f' we - 'i ' f A ef " M ff- lp. MQ K f i ' A - 5 ia Q . . M - - Q f if, A ' 'win 4 P " ' f A ' we 1 My .. , 1 -, iq 1 W4 -gig , Q ,g5-35,21 , f . ' W ' ' 3 ff X' , ' f -EE 1 f , - - . A zz Vg.. :Q , , K A L" . E A X 5 ' w f , " Pi' ' 1 'M 'A 'W 4 V . F 5 , ,E lz, 5 - rage, at swf :,m,..ff...J Y 'I ,A , ff' w. j gif ,Q , xi " s ,, , , xii, :iff A-fM,,2?fTf5,.,:-uma we ,lf-:ff"2'.i V4 N ff -ff"Hjf2i ,gg T,-4.3 'A Ni N f . , ff AQ, , - A egg, , ,yl'- , X' y,4W.,, wA,.,,A,, nv-, X ,Qc--,. My ,'f..-vb x I if 1 7- - j ,L K A- , ,A r K Vi. 4 x .ji 5 ,Zu .f 7,A,"g,T3i 7, ... 'K kfw- " R ww. Q , - . pf6q,xL .Q Q - ,- V, l wg, ., s,xi.ffQ,,"j4,... ,""', ,i Ka f' Q4' x' ' 'f' Q., '4-fr-.W ...M +. , W .Yin H ,K ,jf X. W! ,,,,w?i'g:'4j1Mk:1,W +5.nmf, N4 , I , 65.5 A 5 z,.m,iy, My Md, - N 144, fw xii 1 f .. g Q 4- ff, - ff sggem 'MA' 6,2 "WH -4, F wr'-ww , Q. Y- 1g!wJf vga .L QP .V L' ' 2,947 I FA. 'k'ws- 4, 5' i ff .,," 41Qig5..a5f:l Y. CHEERLEADERS Ann Martorano Fernanda D1 Glusta Linda Belko Dlane Pepe Mary Ann Popowskl aner Oneschuk Geraldme Knapp Carolyn Warga Carolyn Grossbaum ..!' 'M fa Linda Belko, Captain -is Ann Martorano A Fernanda D1 Glusta wan. 77 Geraldme Knapp janet Oneschuk ,Mf- Frank Pauza Leo Gallarano Ronald Greskl Gary Chrostowskx James Goodson John Dzxkowskx John Flgoras Harry Kerr VARSITY Ellnot Sxlberberg Neal Evans Vxctor Srerkowskl Fehx Della Rocco BASKETBALL Rlcharcl urkowskl Wxlllam P1221 Joseph Blando john Henry Furrek Kneelmg Mlchael Kopchxk Vnctor S1erkowsk1 Frank Blando Wllllam Pnzzx JUNIOR VARSITY Rlchard jurkowskx Smndmg james Goodson Stephen Hero Thomas Feduua Karl Wendelowskl Daniel Skuret 78 Rxchard Hammon Wlllxam Comcowlch Ronald Maynard Robert Ceasar Neal Evans Ellnot Snlberberg S ,Q 3. - F X . .V , Ansonxa Ansonla AUSOHIH Ansoma Ansonxa Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansonla Ansonn Ansoma Ansonm Ansonn Ansonn Ansonn Ansonla Ansonm Ansonm Ansonla 3 Gary ChfOSIOWSkl Captaln Alumnl West Haven Shelton Wllby Torrlngton Derby N augatuck Hamden Sacred Heart West Haven Crosby W1lby Shelton Torrmgton Crosby Naugatuck Hamden Sacred Heart Leavenworth Derby John Henry Furtek 79 Joseph Blandg ' 70 ' . , ' , 42 ' 51 . . ' .. 46 ' , . . 44 . ' 34 . ' 49 ' 61 . ' 56 ' 52 Ansonia 59 Leavenworth '. 43 . ' C0 ' . ' 53 .L 56 . I 50 I 56 ' 68 '. 64 . ' 66 ' 71 80 33 -.5 sp.. ,, ' ,vga , Qs:.m,'---.r ,g fa 1 U. K, fn' ' rf ,i x fr ,f ao, fl 1 N '- J! .-A , .wg an 1-'JAH 1 Gary Chrostowski Joseph Blando w" i7 D Ag.. 'wlfvf K .5 ' 5'g.95ff'5??v1u N Q f Mbumvwlbiu-L 1' -vw V . ., .. ' 'Knits-3 Q "mr"f'F Mwg. Avg, , , K , ,2,2Q:i51..,,."2f. Nt' iffy 4 VS' . ' ad sv . W X ,.. . -. iff' M 1N:f3Jv5' ' ' r"t.:..f M ' 1 YV V, :ilzw ,ev A , ,. 1, 34:15 ,VM Lf., y N . 5,1-' ,Q"' -3'5 ,.f'f "4 Yrfw Q A .ylv-kv'-..'1f' FAQ. fy: 1 J, xl, f .Www E as 55' A 32 J' .X ww?" 4 , fu w . s W. Wy, Q R- f X I 4 A4 ig"15"S J, wi? 5 may V' if: if FE Harry Kerr T 'QWVTYE - '.'1f2s' , K fi Yifw "ef gg A - . ,. 'jgffk , bf, .rm 5 A 3 QT W T 2555? Ei' "sig "' ig: F ' :ff 2, .f cf F 'L V -J. k 1 I .. 6 , 4, ' , f 5 - f, - K. 4,- 135 ' f-1, ARCHERY HIGH SCORERS Marjorie Andrew J Elli Sgrrflia Millard B CHAMP . Eliza 1, TENNIS h Marricarxa Parficierh Novinglf Euzabetlviakard a Clifford 131, Champion SaHdIa , unnel'-up CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS Sandra Malarcl Estelle Chmura Lmda Horbal Roberta Walsh VOLLEYBALL Laurel Cooper Mary Esposlro Ellzabeth MHIIICZIIH Lmda Belko BASKETBALL Estelle Chmura Sandra Malard Laurel Cooper Elnzabeth Marrxcarna Mary Esposxto Roberta Wash Lmda Belko 85 Lmda Horbal VOLLEYBALL ffm? Mary Esposrro Dorrs Drrpchak HONORARY TEAM oanne Tucclo enny Furlo Sandra Malard Ann Marrorano Mar1or1e Andrew HONORABLE MENTION Lmda Belko Marla Matrxcarxa June Abate Carole Brown Janet Oneschuk Estelle Chmura Isabelle Dojma ee E mfg XA l 'fl B, h A ' Nl -Y If ,il .A 3 ,, .jf Q . . . Y 2 S 3 T fl , A Q , BASKETBALL HONORARY TEAM Linda Belko Doris Dripchak Elizabeth Matricaria anet Ellis Carole Brown Marjorie Andrew Sandra Malard une Abare Ann Marrorano Maria Matricaria eanette Cecere RUNNERS UP Joanne Tuccio Frances Shea Lillian Svelnys Maria Matricaria Barbara Griffin Jenny Furlo Carole Brown janet Oneschuk MaryAnn Katreney Shirley Goodson Jeanine Balsis Jo-Ann Francolini 9551539 mi' K 07 K ff 5 Y o ' rv 0 K ' .. 0. :L jf xi l .. 6 TT . ' 0 . . Oo' "E"':'v"' B .' 0 N 'Q . . , 9 Q ' 0 Q Cfif' Rx 'l,,,, ,.: XII," I xml ffm Xflif Felxx Della Rocco President ,sf - e Bs I5 Priscilla Zenkus Vice-President wg '1- -W.. P I 1 ii C L A S S Patricia Heaphy Secretary Leo Gallarano Treasurer S O P H O M O R E William Zayatz K-Y. . H President Mary Zebrowski Vice-President iS no f- 'U' s 2' I li gi Gi ii , V" ' w 5 IT 5 3Q5ii3a5ii:f:. f figfiiiiiiiiiliii 1 iii, 1-3.1, 5 11552: X A w ' in X f 5,-ififf , ggi 4 K ' -fgvf' in '55, Y' Eff '4 'ii 'ff f Hi, I 5+5g.ief' i grfff' ,gr Lsilglia ! 1 I :fgggilpl V 51: ' . iffsiiei ,HI ,-v' X X . fn l C L A S S Elliot Silbcrbcrg Treasurer Dorothy Sullivan Secretary AQ L 'HW FUTURE NURSES' CLUB uL fl!iJl5lll1!!iiIlllH1'Us iilll!l1iHll 8 OFFICERS Bonnie Emmerson, Treasurer Barbara Dulka, Secretary Maryellen Kingston, Vice-president joan Fellows, President Susan Geloso, Treasurer Claire Martin, President OFFICERS FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB Joanne Fiascanaro, Secretary Patricia Culmo, Vicc-president If . f an ,,ts - -.J -f-Q: Q X32 TP I Lb 4, 'Q 5 QQQ 4" Q. 4' , - BQ N , " W H xg' FQ X gg Lx 'UQ W E f K 1 5' ' X f.f4 Congmtulatzonf and Bef! Wzfbef to the CLASS OF 1958 FACULTIES ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL BJ! W hex to the CLASS OF 1958 FROM THE JUNIOR CLASS OF A.I'I.S C ongratualtiom and Good Luck to the C L A S S O F 1 9 5 8 FROM THE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY and STUDENTS x?"0V0N07'0X0"-0X040N00'Q'-05'0'C740'f054010110N0 40'1101Z'2l0N0N0'-1011-05'-ONOO'-76" 405 x e if 9'9959?"0WfQ3C?l?'9QPt-9Y5'QQ4l75PfQ'9C?V0"Q 495405CQ'? 20'-0 f'0'K0"01Q0N0N040N0I4?r0N7'-0 'ff C ompliment: of ECLASS OF 9 JUDGE MICHAEL E SHEEHY Preudent now-Agana:-0Aa:ow0xa10:'0A0ww0f01.0x C omplimentx JAMES F SHAY DAVID 0 CONNOR Complzmentx 0 GEORGE LIFTIG AHS 1917 HARRY LIFTIG AHS 1921 REICHELT S FLORISTS AHS 1908 1921 1923 1927 1936 960 WESTFIELD AVENUE ANSONIA CONN Complzmenly 0 THE FITZGERALDS 15 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA CONN C omphmentx o LESTER C MARK AHS 1934 DONALD MARK A H s 1940 HOWARD MARK A H S 1946 LEWIS .IEWELERS LEWIS Schpero Prop Diamond! Watcbey jewelry Telephone REgent 4 1592 204 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Bert Wzfhex to the C L A S S O F 1 9 5 8 AHS GEORGE GARDELLA Frum Vegetable: Con ectzonery 36 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN 9'?f0Y?f01 0"0'f0P 0'f0119w'0'5'47f405w0 c?c01v0:6s :0r0 Of T H I 'I 8 1 - f A- 1 . . . 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REPAIRING 1 HOLBROOK ST ANSONIA CONN B E N G A N S O K RUBBER WELDERS Worldy Fmest Recapper: Dxsrrlbutor of Mayor Brand Tlres 27 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA CONN 9201205 0'10140'0'1011010v'0410f0f010'0lC7'0'1010 r0v010'0'0l010'00010'-0'0V0'040X0 0100' -:IX 'J Q I 5 . . . on S ' s -v. i . l O N . . . I Q ' I 5 . 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T . I 5 . I T - . T S , - A 1 excellent fs0'N0'0'600I0' I-0"0s6'Y0'R0"-0 Honest to Goodness GO0DNESS' FOR THE BEST IN TASTE BEST IN NUTRITION BEST IN ENJOYMENT EAT ICE CREAM Eat dellclous nutrltlous BORDENS ICE CREAM often It contains Vltamlns A and B proteins calcium and other essential minerals needed for good health ICE CREAM on hand rn your refrlg erator or deep freeze umt ready for any occasuon 'ml' 800 Seavlew Avenue Q B"'d99Port, Conn I NGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES YOUR CLASS dexzgn Jkzlled cm txmambzp superb qualzty .IEWELER EGES CLU BOSTON 226 PUBLIC STREET PROVIDENCE R I NEW YORK MANUFACTURING JEWELERS A x910"0'0"0P 0i0'170'0's0v 'I 07 X Y I u - 'I - A 1 I XX . . . .Q ' X X 3' ll, I f ,W . . I . . , if . . . . '- I '11 , , - I ff , I . . . : N xi ' ff ALWAYS k BORDEN'S IC I eep ,D E CREAM CO. ' - X Q T 5 5 f f . 5 Q . D I 84 5 I 4022016 FARREL-BIRMINGHAM COMPANY, INC. 40" -101 Heavy Machinery for the Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Paper, Sugar and other Industries Machine Tool: Rollr Caxtirzgr Weldrrzevztf Geary and Gear Drwef PLANTS ANSONIA and DERBY CONN BUFFALO and ROCHESTER N 40171220 201 1'0" CLASS OF 1958 THIS IS YOUR BANK SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA ALL EARNINGS BELONG '10 THE DEPOSITORS All Depofztf Guaranteed zn Fall 52 2 2 2 5 2 5 2 2 2 S 2 5 2 S 2 I 3, 102' 262' 020 '0A01 - I I A I P' I Q .- . 5. I 2 H ' Q- ,, S - A' I-2 . I Q .. Q n -I . . 5 -2 - rc . 3 . Q B 2 22 - , . :X A W . if ' 0 Complzmenn 0 002000000200 0X0 0 THE HOWARD 84 BARBER COMPANY Derby S Complete Department Store DOWNING S FISH MARKET FRESH FISH IN SEASON -0200'-0120"-0'-01 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Telephone REgent 4 3711 Resrdence REger1t 5 1125 7 IESTLR STREET ANSONIA CONN MARVIN SHOES INC 174 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN FOR CORRECT STYLES IN MENS APPAREL 158 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN 01020 '0X0"0120f 202022-0N020f'01f0v0'0f0 -'6 10' 201 020 '02 10100 40' 10402 40210 KO' Complzm vm THE UNION s. NEW HAVEN THE TRUST co COOK COMPANY ANSONIA BRANCH BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN LOUIS H WEINER OF ANSONIA Complmemfo INCORPORATED JQHN HANCOCK MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO A f 'H W P ff E71 Pmffnf H n Br srol Ne Brlr 1n Ed fd V Mull UCY D ff I Manage Merxle Mlddleto n Waterbury CAPITQL BUILDING Telephone REgenr 5 1856 ANSONIA QQNN 31 CENTRAL STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzment: Comp! ment: of CHARLESH PETERS III MORRIS GANS co USS Carpelloru APD 136 380 MAIN STREET cfo FPO New York N Y ANSONIA CONN 9-10vf0v02f0v10v0v-0e0v'02f02Q010'f10v102'0:e0w02f-vw0 455407'07Z5 'I 09 52 2 2 5 2 2 9 2 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 3. '0'402 0 E . 2-7 T 2-I . N. N. I I N. . Y . fa- Nh , I N Y O ' : Z I fb 0-2 N n N 0 , Dm Q is E ' N. .I Q , SL . , " 5 Q A 1+ eh . 2 I' I Q . . 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PREFERRED FINANCE CO Complimem Don Allard L O A N S Telephone REgent 4 1646 178 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN EAST SIDE GREENHOUSES 77 NORTH PROSPECT STREET ANSONIA CONN MASSARO FARMS EGGS and POULTRY FORD ROAD ANSONIA CONN JOHN SEXTON 81 CO MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERIES SEXTON SQUARE CHICAGO 90 ILLINOIS VONETES BROS PALACE or SWEETS uulzty ts the Secret o Good Taste ANSONIA CONN DERBY CONN ANSONIA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKERS Manuffnctuers of Natzmzl Wood Cabmetx Formzca Topy Stazrcafey SPECIAL MIII. WORK Better Houxex wztlo Better IVoodw0rk Telephone REgent 5 0957 167 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA CONN COLONNA S MEN S SHOP Albertj Colonna Prop Flrsr W1rh the Latest MENS and YOUNG MENS CLOTHING Telephone REgent 4 1794 427 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN THE ANSONIA WATER COMPANY wf01c0v0wfae0ff0fe0-fc0f0w01:0f0:f0:0v0:w::0x0fx0 0K01'0'f-0 0 Of v - a ' 0 4 , . v 0 I 1 4 4 1 1 . "Q ' ' f " . rf ' v a ' - . , . , . I I - . , . - 1 1 , . - , f gf III Complimenfy 0 Comphmentr of THE DEL S APPLIANCES Inc YOUR HOT POINT KELVINATOR HENRIETTA BEAUTY SALON 19 MAPLE STREET ANSONIA CONN ZENITH DEALER Telephone REgent 4 0569 161 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA CONN C omplzmc nt: OSCAR COHEN Telephone REgenr 4 7793 134 136 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN THE BRISTOL DRUG CO Howqrdl Smnth Reg Pharm Mgr IHE RLXALL STORE Prescrlpnon Drugglsts Telephone REgent 4 0240 ANSONIA CONN '02 ALEXANDER HARDWARE Alexander Donofno Prop 0'0"01'040' Telephone REgent 4 1555 Corner MAPLE and HIGH STREETS ANSONIA CONN SCHOONMAKER DRUG STORE R A Anastaslo Reg Ph Mgr Telephone REgent 4 0548 394 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN B .I ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR COMPANY Frank L Johns Prop NLW and USED MOTORS Rewznds Repam Replacement Part: Telephone REgent 4 1139 '01-0' 102 CENTRAL STREET ANSONIA CONN RAPP S PARADISE INN WAKELEE AVENUE ANSONIA CONN E9 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 5 3 5 3 9 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 1, , N l . Q . A 2 I .. ' . .. 'H .. TN. Q . 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Al I . . 1 I A ' I A ' I . .' .r ' ' '..' 4 88 MAIN STREET 1-01 ANSONIA CONNECTICUT RECORDS POPULAR and CLASSICAL SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES CHARLES LUBIN MUSIC SHOP The Only Exclzmze Refonl Shop m the Valley EVERI THING MUSICAL 156 MAIN STREET Telephone REgent 4 7494 FREE PARKING 1010 0 010210 011-0110101 011010 10 0' 5 9 6 S S 9 S S 5 5 S 5 S 9 9 S S E 9 5 S 9 5 S S S 5 S 9 9 S S S Se IH Another Reafon Wfhy People Lzhe to Do Thur Bmhzng Bzuzneu Here' Wlhen you have buslness Tr Our bflnk you dont need to drne for blocks lookxngb usr drug srrught IO Our CuSrOmCr p1rk1n5 lor xx here youll End a safe plue to luve your Cir handy tO the blnlx THE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DI RBY CONNECTICUT H3 5 2 5 2 2 2 2 5 2 2 5 2 5 2 2 '-01 452' -0'-01 C omplzmenif 0 WM E STAPLETON BORDEN 5 FUNERAL HOME MITCHELL DAIRY C0 72 HOWARD AVENUE ANSONIA CONN Telephone REgent 5 4651 SCENTERSTREET RADIO CENTER Telephone REgent 5 1851 SI-IELTON CONN 298 MAIN STREET DERBY CONN C0"2P1"'1'f"'f0f :nov s BAKE sl-loP me counrssv Rscono sl-lop LAND 0, CAKES Browse 8: lxsten at your lexsure Telephone REgent 5 0501 Hz F1 lfquzpment Greal Mock 0 record: 317 MAIN STREET 2 E MAI STR 3ANSONllfICON11fT ANSONIA CONN NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES COLUMBUS OHIO NIELS I POULSEN INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 40' 6102202 10' E, 5 2 2 2 5 2 2 5 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 George W Tanner Telephone REgent 4 2307 Phone REgent 4 1952 206 MAIN STREET 84 BRIDGE STREET ANSONIA CONN ANSONIA CONN 'II4 ' f ' 2 I , 2 . 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