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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1956 volume:

THE LAVENDER Volume 12 CLASS OF 1956 Motto-Nou quantum sed quam bene Not bow much but bow well Colors-Red and White ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL Charles H. Pine Manual Training School Ansonia, Connecticut f Q i nay INTRODUCTION The mischievous Lavender Leprechauns, in their daring deeds and peculiar brand of dry humor bearing a strange resemblance to the A.H.S. senior, will take you through the '56 yearbook, a collection of your memories of the four years you spent in high school. Here are the friends you knew, the things you said, the games you played, and the fun you had. MR. JOHN j. F. RUDDY Principal of Antonia High School We, the class of 1956, dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Ruddy, because from our first day in senior high school you made us feel a part of A.H.S. We shall always remember your kind understanding of our problems, your friendly smile, and your ceaseless efforts to make us better men and Women. We hope your seven years as principal of the Ansonia High School have been as happy for you as they have been for the students under your guidance, and it is our sincere wish that the school and its pupils will con- tinue under your wise leadership for many years to come. DEDICATION We dedicate this book to you also, Mr. McGee, who have been with us both as instructor and as principal of Pine Manual Training School. For ten years a teacher of science at the Ansonia High School, you have served another ten years as principal of Pine School. You have always been helpful and efficient in aiding the boys in every way possible to start up the ladder of success. A true testimonial of this is the way the alumni return to our school to tell you of their progress. MR. JOSEPH A. MCGEE Principal of Pine Manual Training School f! W ft ,Uma 226 MISS MARGARET ROCHE Secretary to Mr Ruddy MR JOHN F GONDEK Get to work or I ll belt you MISS FRANCES S. NASON "A little bit rmaller portions, girlJ." MISS AGNES RAY Secretary to Mr Steven: MR JOHNJ STEVENS Supenntendento School: 6 MISS CHARLINE BEGLEY Secretary to Mr McGee MR. CHARLES JARVIS "If you want to play you got to run. MRS MARGARET K GORMAN Some people can! 12011 water uztbout burning zt Sg- MR MICHAEL VICARI Don! tbznk Im being pwaynnula n MISS MARY MONAHAN "Seven and feventy .feven double :pace " MISS KATHARINE D PRICKETI' Hz there' What can I do or you? MR CHARLES ARTHUR "Hand down, band down " 7 -cg AERA T A , , V X , me N 'S ' : - , I ,- I sh .,., I' A I I ss: . Hn . ' . 1 xl ,I Q l N: -- ,, . - ,QQ ' ,, - ' 2. ,Z 1 M V , , , - I , I '+ 'xigeyggyeief f ,335Le.Q. .. , V ,,.. Y, 4 H, h. , . 4 ...-- ' ' ..1.' 'x1',g.'.' ' v- . "" if. .N If'-.bfi ....P' '. 1" Q MR GERARD CONKLIN That and a dzme ll get you a cup 0 co ee MISS EMELIA E KULIKOWSKI A IIIICI9 zn tune Javef mne .0-s..gV MR PHILIP HILBISH "Come, come now Leff go " MR HENRY MARTORANO The Ohxerver hox 11 getttng loaded MISS MARGARET CONKLIN When I war zn Venice MISS ETHEL ERICSON Stop your talking' Be quzet while u e tahc care 0 amfly matter! MR HERMAN ROCHE Ohl Chalk up another one' MRS LILLIAN KYLE Do your practzce uork gzrls and Ill gzze you your affzgnment MR RAYMOND BURNS Letf have zt quzet now MR JOHN GLENN MISS ELEANOR MCNAMARA Everybody take a Jhower Put tn your practzce .fheetr gzrlf we re hawng a trmzng vi' Q ,L Qi S .I ig 'Z PP ' ' In H . I . I I I 1 ' , ' JI a S ' S V, I f f ' ,H SI- ' X A Lt . H S. ff ' ' ff FF I ' ' JI . . . , , K 30:1-gyxfj -, 5 ' 1. tiff 4'.' I ,, 4 . , My , M rf II 5 i re M rf ' - ' , ' I 1 I ' ' ' If MISS LOUISE MARVIN Follow through on thai .verve MR GEORGE MANLEY Oh that 5 rare un I hate to duturb you people MR DOUGLAS A PORELL Now' Smg' MISS JOSEPHINE KENNEDY Read the problem' MR J FRANK RYAN I have :letentzon today MISS MARY R LANE Ewl on ztfel doth backward cozl MISS EDITH SCHOONMAKER MR J HOWARD CLARK Zerox are awfully easy to average Szgn of now' 9 S 1 if Q If , ll! H I f ' . , . 1 If H U . . , . H ' Il II ' ' f ' JI , ' A rr ' fr 2 A . an , wa. R 'Y L' ff ' U . , . ii MR STANLEY MILLER Don I you hoyx have any revue? MISS MARY RYAN i l MR WILLIAMJ HALLIGAN There are fo 1 legf on Zhofe chazrf me them MRS FRANCES B LOMBARDI Let: get down to hunneu gzrlf MR JOSEPH J KILEY Can t you do anythzng ng 3 10 MR GEORGE H CROOK Break up the club meeting zn the crzh' MISS HELEN UPTON You hazen 1 got the eelzng 0 hgh! and Jhade yet MR RUSSELL KULAWIZ Szt down and fray mt I , , 533 rr I U J 'r ' ' ' If A s my , . 4 , - 'And you fall yonrfelvef Semonf' V Q - I .L 3, Il I . . ' ' , H I ' ' " I Y f f ,fl II img V ff 7 .' ' bt. if ff I ' ' Il I' ' L' , . . WILLIAM E ALCOTT Bn Tool Desrgner People are more fun than anybody Guaranteed Good looknng sharp dresser ardent fan of the Yanks Irkes cars grrls Arr Force drslrkes show oils homework staytng home HERMAN ANTRUM Herm Ballplayer Ready for every brt of fun always a frrend to everyone You re crazy' A wonderful frrend wrth a good natured heart popular wrrh the grrls never lost for words lrkes grrls dlslrkes snobs RICHARD J BAILEY Hooks Marme Corps A car rs almost as good as a compamon Could be Everyones pal a well burlt good sense of humor lrkes cars drs hkes the Army WILLIAM BARNETT KPINED Dunka Busrnessman He has a gtggle all hrs own Krck ou! Good football and track man ralkatrve easy to get along wrth lnkes sport clothes track drslrkes talk 12 QAQ, MARY ELLEN BAGLEY Meb Nurse Cood thmgs are twrce as good when they are short Ill hit ya nz the head' Petnte and pretty cute smlle neat dresser lrkes partles boppmg The Ranch drshkes msngators steak slow musrc xl 'iff' me JOHN CHARLES BARANOWSKY Blue Boy Prrnter May your feast days be many Why rare' The athletrc type anythmg for a game of cards lxkes cars sports horse back ndmg dtsltkes school homework v K .Sf , 5 ' .. .un - .. ., .. ., . , 1 rr n ' ." "' , U , H ff V - , - H . . , , . . . . . . - , , . . . . . . , , L51 , - , f- ' -ag 5, .. fl A up X 1. - ,Z-sw ' A 'w2'2fIg..' . fu 5 ,QE Emp " fl I 'iff ' -:::.'r-- 7,,:'1 .... . v l A flzlzzlzzlzssf' ,::::kJEf5?:5' " ' 53,1 Apt' 1--:rf .. ,-mf.-::::::g:g,,:g.,... Y' ll PY Pl ' . . t ll . . ' . . ' . . ' I . . . . - U I . . D , , - f . . . , . Q .. - - ,. If ' ll , . . . JOAN BARTLEIT Joanne Secretary Happy I am from care I am free Oh yeah' good athlete trreless talker rkes Berme rock n roll long haxr dnslnkes spaghetn movxes homework MARY JANE BEEMAN Mary Secretary Unaffected gentle and gay she enyoys lxfe tn a quret way Sure' Quret frxendly smrle gentle drsposl non lxkes clothes dxslnkes freckles LOIS BEALL Moon Housewxfe Lrttle chxps lrght brg fires You am! tellzng me nothing' dnslnkes concerted people BEVERLY BEHRLE v Secretary Beauty IS the grft of God Fine' Gorgeous eyes pretty harr that ns al ways m place tmy features quxte talkatrve lnkes skatrng clothes dr llkes nothmg MARILYN ELAINE BIBBY 1 Teacher Even pleasure xs a toll " ' You don't mean 1t"' Tall slender has a walk all her own pretty blonde hart lxkes eatrng drslxkes volleyball I3 ALEXANDER BEECHER CPINED A ex Cabmet Maker Lnve and let lnve A smxle for everyone always joklng Q2 u S -u ,, . . . . In " 1 " ' u n ,, . , . . ,, 1' ' ' .H VUY PYCUY - - 3lYVaYS feadl' f01' flifi- - Friendly . . always talking or laughing . . I 'Ge' OW of hem' 'mu'-'U . ' H ll . . . ..B-b.. ELAINE CAROL BILSKY HOWARD WILLIAM BLEWETT JR GAIL CYNTHIA BLUME Journalist Howie Service Gay Social Service Worker A good heart and an ever ready smile Work first then rest Gay humor is the health of the soul has She I don t know how ezlber So ubat .f new I mem Quiet friendly always ready to help Well dressed friendly always seen Peppy co captain of the cheerleaders likes football dislikes homework wearing lovely Jewelry very generous busy co editor of the Observer good talkative likes people clothes fun friend to all likes trees a good laugh dislikes show offs fakers EDWARD BOSTIC JANELLE BOSTIC lplNEl an Nurse Carpenter There is a cheery face without and a Not that I like work less but I love gentle bean Wllhm' fun more You know what to my Lookout now' Looks as though she just stepped out of A Slap on the back a good loko a band box generally seen wearing regular follow llkos women cars knee socks likeable fun to be with money dlsllkos wlso guys likes friendly people chocolate cake ANN BERNADETTE BOYLAN "Anne Secretary "As merry as the day is long. "No! No!" Very cute brunette with gay laughing eyes . . has a smile for everyone . . always talking . . likes dancing, football, clothes . . dislikes rushing, unfair people. 14 BARBARA BRADY Barb Teacher Its a frxendly heart that has many frxends Oh heavenr' Neat dresser mtellxgent cheerful and friendly ever Howrng sense of humor always wrllmg to help lrkes makmg frrends weekends drxvxng baby kxttens drshkes two-faced people bemg kept wamng GEORGE BROWNE KPINED Georgne Arr Force Wrt and humor my companrons be Oh yeah' An excellent track man wrth the speed of a jet loves to joke more than to work llkes track gnrls dxshkes wlse guys MARY C BRANDON Mar Teacher Faxr and softly she shall go far H onert to Pete' Dark wavy halr always smllmg sometlmes qunet dog lover lnkes cat sup nce skatmg drshkes gettmg up early m the mornmg salamx RICHARD A BRUALDI Rrchle Engmeer A good mmd possesses a kmgdom I dont know Very lntellrgent generally found dns cussmg the latest hlt record easy o talk to lnkes rock n roll and pop rec ords dlslxkes nothmg HOWARD BRUNS owxe Busrnessman There s honesty and good fellowshrp rn hxm Doggone' A good narured fellow hrlanous laugh lrkes good nmes, socnable klds dis lnkes wrse guys 15 bf AGNES E BROWN Browme Secretary Her thought and her conduct are all her own Are you kidding? Qulet studnous frrendly smnle brnght red haxr lnkes musxc dnshkes nothmg -r V A - Nl " l' ll I1 ll ' ll 'l ' ' It ' II il ' It I . u n I" 'f U , ' , , rr . . n I l l u o - . - - , . . . . . . l I ! . . , K .. - - H - : " ' " ' .1 ' ' n " ' ' l" rr 1 u rf If . . . ' I ' n a ' . . . ' . . . X . . . , . . , . . . . . .- - H . H X .- , . - - .. If If JOHN BUKOSKI Bucky Navy I want to live life to its fullest Huh? joking friendly witty likes girls a cgfod time dislikes short lunch pe rr s FRANCIS JOSEPH BURKOWSKY Fran Farmer A silent man seeketh no trouble Quiet but friendly good worker getting dressed up ANN ELIZABETH CALLAGI-IAN a Secretary Live long and be merry Oh I m tellmg you you would have d1edf Cute twmklmg eyes winning smile gifted with gab likes fun laughing school dislikes nothing RICHARD E CARLONI Dickie Florist 'Personal appearance is a letter of introduction " "Aw heck, I don't know"' Neat well liked by all friendly good personality likes good clean fun dislikes wise people 'I6 JAMES CAESAR rm Teacher A but of fun a br: of quiet Get out of here' likes talkmg about history stamp collect mg dislikes lettuce and tomatoes JOSEPHINE CAPPETTA Arr Force A quiet person except when otherwise Oh h no' Long dark hair m a page boy rather talkative hkes rock n roll dancing hot rods motorcycles dislikes con cented people ff II . . If ll ' . . . . re- - Iiun to have -around . . always talking and served . . likes horses, hunting . . dislikes Friendly . . easy to get along with . . ' . I3 f I W , F' 1 A ' F 5 ' 5 7 ..C 1,. ..JO., . fl I ' I H - - ll . I Y ' ' H , , . . ' ' . . . , , . , . . ' LOUIS CHEVARELLA CPINED Bobo Businessman A wrong answer IS better than none All rzght A good frrend quret m class but has a talent wrth gxrls lrkes football d s lrkes school BARBARA JEAN CHRISTIAN Barb Arrlme Hostess I agree wrth no man s opxnrons I have some of my own You re mzpornble' Cute cheerleader wlth an mfectrous gtg gle happy go lucky artrstrc dark Hashmg eyes lrkes to be drfferent Notre Dame dxslxkes to be rushed JOSEPH CIRILLO KPINEJ oe Navy There IS nothmg costs as lrttle or goes so far as courtesy So uhm! uret sertous honorable mentton Q wmner m the Ford exhrbrtton lrkes vacatlons drsllkes homework THOMAS COMCOWICH QPINED Blg Tom Flrer When he comes m mrschref begins Come of it man TERRENCE MICHAEL COOKE Tee Musrc Teacher Let not your heart be troubled Hey' Tall dark handsome mtellrgent A real joker always fun to have around well dressed conhdent manner ltkes fun dxslxkes qutetness lnkes football good musrc food d llkes homework ROBERT COSTIGAN KPINEJ OS Auto Mechanxc Better be happy than wnse Go away B18 fellow easy to get along with lnkes Carol drsltkes economrcs I7 X' 4:5 .. H . . .. .. - N H u - n - - J .1 ' It U -. - - - fr ' H rr 1 ' ' n .H . . . . . . . 'I , .H . . . . I' . . ' ' . - . . . . . . . . . , . . fs H 5 'A 1- H . 1. - U . U U 1. . . . . ,, ' V , , rr .11 n ' n l ' ' ' . . . . . . . . . . ' , , I I 15- Y UC ., , .- . ,, rr n BARBARA A CRISCUOLO Crrs Secretary A lrttle mrschref now and then Au come on' Prnt srzed blonde wxth lmprsh rmpulses neat dresser lrkes expensxve clothes rock n roll nrcely dressed boys dnslrkes hot rods dungarees norsy grrls long harr musrc 2 1 H .2 pi! MARIE LUCILLE CROWLEY Crow Teacher Rare compound of frolrc and fun To relrsh a yoke and re1o1ce at a pun Ol: kzdx uhat am I gofng to do? Cute never at a loss for words fun to be wrth lrkes movres Mercurys drslrkes hot rods MARGARET ANN DAUNIS Peggre Model Q gm! For what rs pleasant wrthout love un 1 X K and laughter A S000 when neu? Attractnve blonde wrth a cute lrttle grggle well porsed lrkes clothes New 1' Haven 56 cars drslrkes school Gal, a ANTHONY DE MELIS CPINEJ Tony Cabmet Maker I wrll be heard Hay Hunk Good athlete good frrend a lot of norse Irkes food fun drslrkes aleech 'IB ,, . ,, l .. U -4 - ,- ,, . . . ., .. - .. - ' . . . . . . . ' , . ,, rr I 11 , . . I . . 1 . . .H ze 1 - u ' ' ' , ' 1 . . . . . . I l v I ' ' ' , , , . . y , , U I . . , . . D I A . . - , , . , . . . 1'-L 435' C "' - 3 A. . 'A' ,' 4 s f z a l .. . .. . P G 536 U i . .. ,, . I 5 4 vin '-'r ,. .. - - - ., . . , ' XI sag ff ' - , 7 1 A n rr I lu L! . . . . . . . . -4 xv . . . . 1551: "' "Q-af. - ' ' ' ' ' 1:52, ,cvs . . , . . ' U , . n : N . , . . . f.:' gi . P '55, t 1 In eb ' 6' F1 Q iq. , x Q e 1 .21 X QV '12 l v f x ' r JV . , y gli 0 . . .' D ' I . 1 -AL. ISS1 K nn v 1 .. - .. lc' ,SX , S . 5 ff ., ,, 3, . . . , . . . r l MICHAEL W DALTON Mrke Lawyer Loads of fun cheerful and brrghr He rs hrs frxends greatest delight I m rerzour' Always full of fun and ready wrth a smxle good dancer neat dresser often found where the gnrls are lrkes danc mg clothes drslnkes no one ANTHONY DEL VECCHIO 4 PINE J Delvech Prmter Speech rs great but quxetness 15 greater Oh yer Qurte a hard worker lrkes prmtmg drslrkes mechanrcs MARLENE DREHER Mar Teacher Be drlrgent and true persevere nn servnce Oh abut fun' Qulet mtcllxgent calm manner blg brovnn eyes always wrllnng to help someone talented mth a needle Ilkes baking sewmg gardennng 4 I-I work drslrkes nothmg ANNE EDWARDS Annle Secretary Sometxmes qulet IS an unqunet thmg 019 yeah' Quxet well ltked by all very friendly mce to know lrkes sports clothes movxes dlSllkCS concerted people 5 I .df Q, JOHN DUBE MARVIN H DURANT CPINED CPINEJ Pogo Auto Mechamc Marv Mmxster A pretty gurl a gallon of gas Don t leave for tomorrow what Four good tures what more you can do today could I ask? 01, no Shufkf 'mm Good worker a good fnend to have Good mechamc easy to get along wnth around neat dresser lrkes archery a good knd llkes gurls drsllkes dnslxkes concerted people stuck up gurls ROSE M FAMA Rose Secretary The most completely lost of all days IS that on whxch one has not laughed Oh yeabf Gay frlendly dark flashrng eyes mfectxous gxggle hkes food d1sl1kes concerted people DONALD WILLIAM FATTERUSSO Bug Don Cook A good laugh IS sunshnne m a house Hou about that' Good natured forever talkmg likes X up gnrls drsllkes nothlng 5 "" A 2' 5 K .. . . .. , .. - .- U - v x ' ' " .. V .. . . v s u ,, V vf 1 y - .. , . , . - - I - 7 ' " rr 11 - V Y - - n 11 , . . , . . . - ' , , ' , ' . . . . . . . . 1 Y 1 ' ' . . . . . . . 1 me U - U .. 1. .. . . . . - ,, .. - rr 11 ' g" , . . . . rr ry . . . . 1 ' . . . . , , . . . . . . 1 I .. . . . ,, H , ff , , sa- 1 I A. .Lb V . , ., N . r , I .Q 'll ' f '-I rg vi SANDRA E FEDUCIA Sandy Secretary Brxght as the sun her eyes the gazer strnke And luke the sun they shme on all alxke All :nook up JOAN FITZGERALD ltz Nurse It IS better to be small and shme than to be tall and cast a shadow It .r 4 doozy' Small and qulet neat dresser a halrdo always ln place llkes dreamy musxc dnsltkes concerted people RITA FITZGERALD Reet Secretary Speech IS sxlver sllence IS golden Oh yeah' Qulet angelic lookmg blonde won derful frlend llkes movles televlslon dnslnkes outspoken people Brlght shlnxng hanr and sparklmg eyes are a good combmatnon m :hrs fnendly glrl llkes Italian food dlsllkes con celted people l'N A A :BGP WILLIAM FITZGERALD Q PINE J ltz Auto Mechanlc Happy IS the man wlth nary a care Get out Qulet but when he gets gomg watch out llkes money glrls dlsllkes trouble SHEILA MARY FLEMING Shell Commerclal Teacher The hre she lacks ln her temper e makes up for m her hanr "Ie ne .mu par " Flammg red head good sense of humor wonderful personalxty llkes fxgure skatmg dxslnkes early to bed, early to nse 20 ANNE MARIE FITZPATRICK Anne Secretary Good nature 15 one of the rlchest frults of personaltty Oh' for Pete .r Jake' Dark hatred qulet smnlmg lush eyes good natured good frnend lxkes salt xce skatxng dlslnkes tlmlngs Xi, . u V. .' . ff . .5 ,, ,, ' --F' " .. .. ,. . " ' ' .. - - . - - n ' .H zr y u - , - er y n ' ' . ,, - ' . . . . . ' er n ' ' I - ' ' ' . . ' ' ' I fx SH E 5 x I .. U "F' " ' .. . . . .. - - H . ,I er n n 1 ff l . . , . . . . . . . . . , . . . .. - -, - .. - , Sh ' ' ALYCE ADELI. FOUNTAINE l'1le Clerk What a smrle vwhlt a wrt And belreve me that s not half of rt' Hey heref Always ready mth a smrle and a joke mce frrendlv good at sports rkes boys food drslrkes concerted people ANNE C GALLO Anne Beautrcran The more mrschref the better the sport I don t knou f Good looklng dark wavy harr eyes full of mlschlef nice person to know swell dresser lakes talkrng bracelets drslrkes pesty people ALFRED GABIANELLI KPINFJ Gabby Car Desrgner He rsnt lazy hes gust conservmg hrs energy Fel out' Popular handsome dark curly hart has frrends everywhere lrkes cars blondes drslnkes vsork MAMIE G R GANDY Half Prnt Mrssronary Of a dnsposmon happy and gay ujlfh God all tbzngr are porrzble Always smrlrng and cheerful relrgrous lrkes dates wrth soldrers drslrkes trouble makers JOSEPHINE GARAFOLO osre Secretary A smrle recures the woundrng of a frown Oh boy' Small dark wavy hair very fnendly cheerful lrkes boys eatmp, d s lrkes school work 21 ETTA MAE GALLMAN Etta Secretary In quretness and confidence shall be your strength Hey here' Quret on outsnde but when you get to know her you find hrdden talents for makrng frrends lrlces boys drslrkes concerted people Q,"ggQKf HAI.. 4' 1 .. ., .. I - ' Y 2 V- Y . .. - . V 4 . 1, .. . 1 . . . ... r- I U ' Q" n xl . , . . . . ff U . . v v Y I . . . . . I . , - , . . . . . . . , . . . . , 9 4 'gs -1 J 5 rl 1 V . I 6 sy 412 -. ' 'N 'i. .. V - y .. - - 4 In -" re f - - ' ,rr rf ' , 11 . . . . f . - l ' . . . V. . I V I . . , Y . . 1- JOSEPH F GARGANO oe Arr Force Love all you can xt s a mxstalce not to jun go! off the bar Tall quxet good sense of humor hkes huntmg ftshnng dnslrkes home work ELEANORE GERWATOWSKI Polmcal Economlst Speak out hrde not thy thoughts Gee Tall statuesque long brown harr good athlete llkes sports butter crunch candy dlslnkes pesslmxsts LUCILLE ANN GIARDINA Lucy nld Welfare Worker A faxthful frnend ns the medlcme of llf Dzd you ez er9 Very neat rmy brunette lots of fun to be wnth always goes along wxth a joke hkes baby boys music dogs drslnkes spxders PASQUALE ANGELO GOLINO Patsy Draftsman Let tomorrow take care of xtself What are you nun? 5 Good athlete well dressed all round sportsman hkes gurls dnslrkes snobs 22 as JOSEPH ROBERT GETLEIN JR oe Electrxcal Engmeer Fearless mmds chmb soonest unto crowns C ext la me' Always seen weanng a sly grm sesses a large vocabulary lrkes ham radno money grrls dxslxkes work ANITA GIDO Neet Nurse Gentle of speech beneficent of mnnd' Oh knit' Small cute blonde very fnendly can always be counted on for a helping hand hkes pop musxc dxslnkes u frrendly people confusxon ..-I ,. . ,,El,, .. . ..J ,, . . rr Jr r' u Y" . O , If I ' ll , , . . . ,- A . H if ' l 5 V' if 2 E' In H Ch' 'I H -ein H 1 ,H H - , I U - f " - n- ' fl - . I . Q l. , U , Q s ' ' rv u 'V 11 f ' - . ' I . ' I MW' S A is t ff JOHN GORDON Flash Engmeer In snlence many vnrtues he 0 K ' Ta qunet readhead wnth very lrght blue eyes lrkes xce cream dxsllkes coffee JOAN GRIFFITHS Gr1H Nurse The mlldest manners and the gentlest heart For no conrzderatzon Speaks wnth a Boston accent can be seen tearmg up the hlghways on a Sunday afternoon hardly ever seen not wearmg beads lrkes rce cream sundaes dxs hkes the Yankees MARGARET MARY GRADY Marge Teacher Blushmg rs the color of vxrtue Oh beazenr kzdf' Tall brunette always gxgglmg rn class talks wnth her hands blushes easxly lrkes clothes sad movxes dxsllkes concerted people getting up 1n the morn m SEBASTIAN GUAGENTI CPINEJ Footsre Baker The hope of all the mards Some stu Talkatnve good lookmg a smnle for everyone lxkes grrls dnslnkes nothmg MARY ANN C GULOMB Gulomb Harrdresser Her sunny locks hang on her temples lxke a golden fleece Yah' Always hvely srlence IS not one of her strong ponnts lnkes everythnng d lakes nothnng RICHARD T GRIFFIN Grub Taxx drrver He IS happy that knoweth not hxmself to be otherwxse I need the dfme' Class Presxdent for two years good dancer wonderful sense of humor lots of fun to have around llkes sleep mg food new cars dxshkes concerted people homework if I U H ' u II xl in ' ' U . D . In as ' ' - yn ul ' ' H , NU n - u . ' " 1 ' , . ll - - - , , , ff - n ' . . , . . . . . . , - . . - 8- , , - - , . 5, 2, I .',L. . .. - .. ., . 1. - .. ' " 11 ' ll " ' ' " rr I? U .. .. . .. . ,, , H fy ' . . ' ' . . is- I I 3' 23 RICHARD GULUZZY QPINEJ The Kentuckran Natronal Guards When work lS done sleep lS fun You 76 km'd1ng9 Short gets along wrth the grrls good pm boy lrkes money drsllkes NICHOLAS HADJICONSTANTINOU fPlNEJ Hadn Automotrve Engrneer Greece s loss rs our gam Gite me a Jandu :cb A man wrth the money and the car hkes food Bulcks drslrkes trouble WARREN E HAROLD Warren U S A F Hes wrtty hes wnse hes a terror for hrs sxze Skzp zt Hrs smrle rs the soul of mrschref watch out for hrs deceptrvely Innocent questnons lrkes work drsllkes homework school MAUREEN EVELYN HENNESSEY Moe Housewrfe Common sense IS not a common thmg Ola, boy' Ready smrle good vorce rather quret lrkes movxes drslrkes school, home work 24 EDWARD H ALLET fPINED Hunky Auto Mechanxc A trger among the gurls G11 out Handsome good fnend easy to get along wrth lrkes grrls drslrkes school DANIEL HART Teacher A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance Yeah Qulet sincere sympathetnc lrstener h wxll succeed wherever he goes lkes food sleep Dodgers drslrkes home work Yankees l g n N ' 1 Xl X T L54 1- - Y - Un 1- , . . .,, " ' ' .H ff f - - 1, ff f I V- ,, If ' H . . ' ' . . a ' , , - . . I . ' . . spending it. ' W0rk- i' 1 ,Q t r- S I2-"' " " . . . . "Sli" x H , . 'un D fr .U ' I . . . . . I r h , , . I C - - - - . . 1 . 1 - I Q I ' 9 , , ' I - , . If Il 1 ' ROBERT HINE fPINEJ Becka Admnral Dont hurry me I ll catch up wrth the world Cer the heck out Good natured crew cut talkatrve drslnkes eye glasses lnkes navy SHIRLEE ANN HORBAL Shrrl Homemaker Ir rs better to be farthful than to be famous Haaayf Tall attractrve brunette snappy twrrler fanthful frnend very understandrng and agreeable lrkes Bull figure skatmg dzsllkes sprders GORDON HOTCHKISS KPINED Corky farmer Srgh no more glrls srgh no more lVant to bet Good looklng smart good athlete lrkes sports grrls drslrkes wrse guys MARY ANN HUZI Mar Secretary Nothrng rs rarer than true good nature Yeah 9 Quret ready to help slow frrendly smxle lrkes pop musrc drslrkes late people 25 SUSAN VALERIE HOROWITZ ue Secretary Frlendshrp glrtrers more than gold I don t know Very frnendly always ready to talk wrth you but equally ready to listen rkes Dodgers drsllkes nothmg DONALD F HUBERT Don Engineer Why should I let studres mterfere with my education? You know zt' Careless happy go lucky plays the accordron llkes musrc dlsllkes mck names 144 U 'I . un - ' u - . . n y . fr r N n ' Y , ff U , , V' 'Y . . ' ' . . 1 , , .. , . . 1 , K .f"',' , , . . .V U 1, - U H U . . . . , Q Q ,N ARNOLD F ILES Arnle Dentxst A good heart lS worth much gold I gne upf Quiet reliable hardworking Eagle Scout good frrend lrkes chocolate mxlk shakes dlslxkes long exams JOAN JOHNSTON Zoologxst Knowledge lS the only elegance Ol: ye godr' lntellxgent dngnxfied excels nn all she does lxkes clogs reading swrmmlng dnslnkes people who walk slow nn front of her HARRY H KERSHAW fPINl J Kmlts Auto Mechamc Gentle rn manner forceful 1n execunon Heck loo' Good mechanxc good lookmg Scotchman from way back lxkes grrls rods dxsltkes teachers JAMES KILEY Jnmbo Drummer A smlle for every fellow two for every gnrl "Say, baby"' Tall slum popular wrth the fanrer sex never a dull moment wrth Jxmbo around lxkes gurls, basketball, musrc drshkes concerted people 26 PATRICIA A KENNEDY a Secretary A frnendly nature a smnle snncere I ran nnagznef Frrendly brunette wnth clear warm eyes mg dxslxkes concerted people DONALD KIEROL KPINEJ Don Machxmst Hard work reaps great profits Don I knou do you? Hard worker good machmxst always wrth women hkes grrls hshmg d s lnkes nothmg 5 1 G .V-'fit ' "fQ,gw. J. J, ..P I., lr I 'rr ve ' lu H , , 'U D ' - , , - - , , -- ' 1 l 'v . . . helpful . . likes clothes, dancing, sew- f V W ' , . ' .H rr 1 I u rr vl I h 'I ' . . ' . . a ' . . ' ' , ' .. i- . . , . ADL .. - , ,jf - .H RICHARD D KRUEGER Rlch Arr Force Pilot I-Ie looked what he was an actrvc carefree good narured lad I ou abou! hal zff Good sense of humor always talkmg about drag., races wrllmg to do any thrng, that yyrll bring, a laugh rkes food sleeprng and money drslnkes homework and work MARVIN H LINDbEY Skeets Marrne Pleasure rs the only thrng to lrve for Sur ulmt' Great yoker wrth a spark of mrschref rn hrs eye sharp dresser strrctly a ladres man hkes gurls and clothes dnslrkes Yankee fans and snobs IRENE KUSAKO Rene Commercral Artrst Good humor rs f.,oodnes and msdom combrned Oh you dogf Cute co captarn of the cheerleaders popular and energetrc as she rs mtellrgent a good athlete mth a vsonderful sense of humor hkes catsup on French frnes and lrstenrng to rock n roll drsllkes grasshoppers and clrques FRANK LONDON I PINFJ Ug.,hs Poultry Man Happy go lucky cheerful and gay .1 very r.,ood pal ln every may Who 5 bllllllgp Good athlete vxell dressed lot of fun hkes French frres drslrkes love movres JUNE LUND Her very frovuns are farref far Than smrles of other mardens are I er dear A pretty perky grrl a loyal frrend never too trred to smrle hkes popular musrc and tennrs drshkes nothrng 27 WILLIAM LINDGREN fPINED Wrld Brll Auto Mechanrc Why work when play rs so much fun Oh yeah Good mechannc always ready for a joke likes money cars dlsllkes work 45 1 X .. - .- - - .. .. . . .. A .. . . " ' ' " ' . , ' ., , , I Y - I .. . ., .. V . .. y . . . rf 1 ' H ff y fn rr , u 1 . , . . . . ' ' ' - . . 35 . . I . . '- . . , . . . ' v Y' ' y 1 l y f' 1 . , . . . . Y . . , . . 1 i H X : .A . r 5 .. . , . H " , " ,. .V " . ' , . . . . . . . ' V 7 I v Y v H . , . , 1- - V I- H I I U 7 ll y I . I 1 1 DONNA SUE LUNDVALL Donna Laboratory Techmcran Wrth sweetness fresh as any rose Y 01111 better belleze 11 Adorable blonde vuth a flarr for drawrng always rn pace vurth the latest fashions lnkes elothes sczence musrc and Cadll acs drslxkes coquettes and bleached blondes 1 ,I .J gamut KU Nklx M, pl I ,gi 'ff 1 FRANK MATEJEK CPINFJ Moe Horse Trader People become rneh by mmdnng therr own busrness Hello there Good lookrng a lot of fun to have around frlendly lnkes huntmg drslnkes work LAURENCE G MCGIVNEY Lonme Engmeer A stout heart leads only for good of Easy gonng popular wrth hrs classmates a good athlete able co captatn of the football team lrkes food and sports drslrkes hot rodders LORYNE MCIVNFY JOAN ANN MERANCY Rene Teacher Joanne Arrlme Stewardess WK and wwl ludamcnr are meant to be A laugh rs a good rntroducnon to eaeh other s and frlentlshtp Hex uhatt going on here' f001ff11,a1L71t7 C005 PU'50f13'llf5 bfllshf Sense of A lrvely tvnrler wrth a warm laugh humor POPUIHY H 3003 daflffff neat dresser lakes clothes and hgure llke5 JHUCIUL fll5l1ke5 brownies skatrng L'llSllk6S chtpped narl polrsh JOHN MERKOWITZ KPINED Tweets Used Car Dealer Nothmg worrres htm nothmg if hurrres htm Gel lon C' ood loolung good athlete gets along wrth the gurls lrkes sports gurls drslrkes economlcs 28 ,, , . I ' V - -y l " ' K ' ' v ' ns ff . 1' I ' ' 7 Y ' v. w ' 1 I U ' ' fi-Pr 'il Kr 'wp " Q,-. l 'f . Yi ,Q I ,: I ., 7 , ,'- ui.. " ., ,' . I 1 ' i 1 . at! .4 "V -' A " ' ' , ' xsl' '52, ' ' A. , ' . . . I . ' I . N.. I . , ' . . , , , V - I , 'F' "' "ve . . Y - . X ' 1 I 4 , M., . . . . A,:jg asv, , . 7 . . Y . ., . Y . . . . . g- nif I A 5 ' ' ' ' ' ' .:f5E' ,ff A Q, ' 'X' Q 3. 1 f K t f A W in V' A t , t ag- A , , , y , , I . th fp .. I A ' . I '. 1-' - '- - Q1 .. ,. 'x X- . . . , x. g u 1 ig 6 . . ,,' , , H U V I nv I . . 4 1 1 - Q H . . , VIRGINIA ANN MILEK Ginny Assnstant Manager of the Caprtol The glrl worth whlle rs the grrl mth a smlle Wczu ' Easy gomg frrendly generous and talkanve always Jokmg lrkes Maple Street drsllkes nosey people JACQUFLIN R MITTON jackie Housewufe Not a mnnute of our llves should stretch vuthout some pleasure Ver r y good Peppy talkatrve never wrthout a joke always ready for fun lnkes Buddy dlslnkes school ARLENE MITCHEL Secretary A happy go lucky damsel rs she You knou Tall good natured blonde without a care rn the world lrkes gym movres and football drslrkes snobs hlstory and exams ILLEN BARBARA MORSE Bookkeeper When l thmk I must speak Am 1 tha! a rhame Black harr fnendly never at a loss for words llkes red and black trucks drslrkes srx weeks tests JOHN NIEZELSKI fPlNED Babe Tool and Dre Maker Seek honor first and pleasure Iles not far behind Sure' A good lookrng fellow has many gurls lnkes slow cars drslrkes money 29 GORDON MITTON Gordy Carpenter man rs of lrttle worth rf he cannot Joke How about tba? Cute very lrkeable energetrc lrkes to joke wrth people huntmg and flshrng drslrkes tardrness U I. ' 7 ' 4' - - ' Iv nA 1 - . V- . " . YI ll , H , H . , . . , , ' I " 1 ' 7 I Q a . - I . . . . . ' ' x a . . I x y 43 .. . ,. V. WEN.. V' x .', If ' V YI , ' fl'- - U 1 H U THEODORE M NIEZELSKI Theo Doctor When I cant talk sense I Just talk I ou kzzou rt Wntty ready for fun lrkes to talk about cars dnslrkes empty gas tanks L. 1 JOHN NOLAN CPINEJ Shoes Weatherman He has the world at hrs feet Yeah man Tall easy to get along wrth lakes food drslnkes trouble DOROTHY OLSON Dot Nurse Beauty IS not caused rt IS 'Tlunk that lbe ram u :ll hurt the rhubarb? Not only cute but frnendly and gay captarn of the twrrlers has a wonderful personalrty pretty as a prcture rkes people dancmg and klttens drslnkes nolse srlly gurls and electrxc llghts rn the daytrme LIZABETH ANN PETERS Tootre Nurse Shes merry shes gay what more can we say? I know J' Talkatxve frrendly has a good so prano volce likes sweets and clothes drslrkes trouble makers 30 EDWARD A OGREN Eddre Dermst The only way to have a frrend ns to be one Nazumlly Blond very popular class presrdent president of the student councnl good athlete has a frrendly greetmg for everyone lrltes huntnng and cars dnslrkes West Haven and moody peo e STEPHEN PESTA CPINED Yats Prrnter I don t talk much but I hear a lot Cbeefe A blg man for hrs slze always fun lrkes sports Betty drsllkes economxcs X I N I ' s if It I I X v u - , 1 .rn " H ,, . r- r V - u " ' "' ' ." . I . rr rr rf ,H . . . . F ' ' 7 - l . .l l pi . I KN A v 5,5 U , A .. ., y .. . . . .. .. ., - , . 'HV P' y ll . D I . ' ' I I ' I . . . . . , - v I . .. . - I " ' 9 ' 1 M ,, ,L F, I ROBERT E PETERS fPINI:j Robs USA I' Oh why should life all labor be Ill pnmla 3014 out A hearty laugh a smile tor everyone nothing, ARLINE POPIKAS Bubbles Navy Nurse To love is to live You don l knou do you' Tall blonde very lively loves fun likes tall boys and curly hair dis likes catty people DAVID A PHIPPS CPINEJ Teabags Draftsman Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction revived it E 1 pearance likes hunting hshing girls dislikes wise guys JOAN ANN PRIMAVERA Prim Music Teacher Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm You don t mean fl An attractive classmate with a vivacious personality neat dresser friendly likes dancing and clothes dislikes phonies concerted people and show offs PATRICIA ANN QUADARELLA at Housewife A cheerful disposition needs no help- it makes its own friends 'Ill do that lztlle lhzng " An attractive brunette with a winning smile and a pleasing manner a good friend likes music and clothes dis likes homework and setting hair Q 31 BARBARA ANN PLOCKE Barb Typist A sweet heart lifting cheerfulness like the springtime of the year I don I knou Cute bright smile pleasant talka likes concerted people K ' 7 - . i Y- H H . . I I . . i . . - . . a good kid . . likes dancing . . dislikes Good looking . . curly hair-. . neat ap- tive . . a neat dresser . . likes Billy . . dis- , rg 4 L 'S - v rf ' , D u ' l ,U D V I I' I ' Il ..P ,. . MICHAEL S RANNO XVILLIAM RFCAN cpmm 1 Dennst Mrlte Archrtect I would rather sec .1 xoung man blush than turn palf. HL lovts to tlllx antl tallx ht vxrll lor hours on tml ,mtl lom,f.r str ll all mm Huh hh 41 free an 4' feat 4 Ta mu loolung., always malxcs 1 neat rxppeammt frrentllx lrlxes tttrs A vronmn s m.1n rn hrs oxxn was ta time lrlsts .1 goo trmt tlrsr es x-use L,L1X 9 .incl popular musrt drslrltes toncentttl pcoplc tlassntal musty .mtl homcvxorlt SHIRBY RILH'I FR Shnrh 'iacrcmry A mtrrx heart gots all the this Inu irmu 1! 1 1 ll Jour 011 I lutln lulzcta 12 A cute hlontlr. full o un alxxaxs rcatx wrth 1 smnlt lrltts svummrng hovxllm, roller Slxlflfll, .ml shorthantl tllslllxu homuxorlx Anal snohs LULA MAE ROBINSON Lu u TYPISI Sha has a wortc of glatlness and a smrle Alf rztbly Af an .xthlttrt frrentlly talkatrve met tlrustr lrltts boys drslrltcs noscy purple 32 ROBERT ALAN RFGGIANI Bo Pharmacnst Thert s nothmg so becomes a man as modest stnllness and humllxty Sharks Qulet but frrendly pleasrng person .ilrts lrlws hshmg., and huntmg drs lrlxes mst gms and tlancrng WILLIABI ROBLRTS QPIINI I B1 3 Carpenter A good compamon an easy frrencl A111 I that a Jhame' Short frrentllx a good sport lrkes spaghtttl tllslllxcs vust. guys SSW 4 A-'Kit H N , rl, , IH ' T1 '- 74 I . ,.. I' - I - Ps' . I D t F : I . I ' N w - 5 ' I G 1- 1 I - .' 4 ' '-' Y , N ,A V, V 1 t . , , v I 'j V 7 , s . A ' ' . ' W fi-N .' E N - I I ,Q .1 ss ' f I - , ' Q E l' - f - - ' ' ' l . -N ' : X I N . ' I .. . ' Q "' - I ' - ' .' - I . ' J ' 1 7 f , V Q , w ' . ' FB I V ' I I 42 . . - 'T " K ' Uf .4 A I ' ,V ' 1 r I . I t ,, f- ' ' I g ,Q - 1 ,5fflii1riSiMfff",.N, 1. I 7 ' Qtim Els:-Q"lLiflu.-'1,-ggw - - ' ,,.,, ., I Am I I ESTELLE JANE ROGERS ras Nurse She enroys vxork and fun Has a smile for everyone Oh ' 1111 ,gosh Friendly blonde with a nice personality talkative when you get to know her dislikes Crooked S Hill RICHARD BRUCE SAUER Ricky Military Career Not too serious not too gay that s the proper may Petty cool boy Quiet manner very artistic ikes steak and outdoor life dislikes pea soup and communism MARY AGNES A SAFFO Mary Private Secretary A little time for laughter also time for work Realll Quiet until you get to know her a good friend easy to get along with ikes JOHN WILLIAM SAULENAS Vitamin Jack Accountant Life is short but there is always time for courtesy Tall nice looking, has a friendly man ner though seemingly quiet likes base ball and girls dislikes homework WILLIAM ARTHUR SCHREIBER Artie Agrrcultural Engineer As funny as I can The heck u :tb 11' A tall, carefree blond always ready for a joke likes football, baseball, basket ball dislikes nosey girls 33 MARION LOUISE SANDERS Mari Office Worker True' She can talk Really now Friendly always smiling en1oys a good laugh likes sports traveling and reading drslnkes detention homework - was x IX., ' .. . 'C' ' L - ,I .. ' ' ' , - , D . ., ,, . V Y. ' . 1 . . . V 7 I Y 1 I ' , ' ' . . . . . , , q I . V V y . U ' I Y y Y. ' . I. , I I . . . y Y . . likes traveling and popular music . . swimming , . dislikes homework. and conceited people. -'A. . V' , , , rr I Jn I ' ' , I ' - 1 ' 4 1' ' V I 7 I . . I . . I . . . A ' 7. D ' A A Y - VINCENT J SCHUMACHER Shoes Navy Intermrngle jest wrth earnest K1ck off' A good lookrng fellow wrth dark wavy harr always ready for a good Joke lnkes turkey drnner drslxkes gettxng up early X14 SAMUEL W SCOTT Skrppy Veterrnarran Your wrt makes others wrtty Bet Jour life A good sport wrth a neat appearance and happy drsposrtron lrkes cars horses dogs and hunting, drslrkes nothmg JOHN M SEMBER QPINEJ Sabo Auto Mechanrc Popularrry bears hum company I love that gzrl A popular hgure at the Y M C A easy to get along wrth alvnays wrth the girls ROSEMA RY G SHORTELL Posy Secretary Carry through lrfe a smrlmg face and let your heart be gay Oh .flop :N Always full of fun where she rs there s never a dull moment lakes fun dns lrkes unfrrendly people 34 LAURA JANE SECCOMBE Laura Teacher She need not seek charm she has rr You rc kfddmgf Cute blonde twrrler near rn appearance always thoughtful lnkes musrc drslrkes norsy people MARY ANN SHFA Shea Nurse Her personalrty rs a glass of champagne wrth foam rn rt Heb' Cute popular dark hanretl lass mth smrl mg Irrsh eyes always antrve rn he student councrl lrkes danung d s lrkes brownres -4 f - l I ' ix V .. ,. .. - -- - - .. .. u ' rr " ' .H fr 'J ' - u . . I' I. ' ' . A 1 U Y .. V . lx gl ly' 1 ls: v I , 1: Vx A M llfttvg. ' 1 t. ,I ',,l f v - I fs I " S -.6 u n ' 1- - A ,V rv, Y ff ' IJ 'P ..- Y ' . . . 7 V A I ' y . Y -. . . -,A , '..' ' 'h '., i- fl ' 17 , . THEODORE SILVA CPINEQ Doy Mechanic Be silent and safe silence never betrays you Dont bother me likes movies sports dislikes wise guys SHEILA G SMITH Woman Marine Some think the world is made for fun and frolnc Oh Boy Full of pep and fun a good friend and a good athlete likes stock cars and sports dislikes school and homework MICHAEL J SIMON QPINFQ Simp U S Army I can resist anything but temptation Come come nozz Ta good looking yavelm record dates dislikes staying home PEGGY ANN SOBOL L 11 Ty ke Secretary A happy go lucky damsel is she You J better belzeze it Cute vrvacious always ready for a good time likes sociable people is likes concerted people JUDITH SOKOL UdY College Talent is a gift which God has given us secretly and Which we reveal wifhguf perceiving it ' Have fazlbfn Good dancer promising actress dig mhed, yet full of vim and vitality likes reading, arguing, and food dislikes healthful exercise 35 KENNETH SMALLS C PINE J Ken Pro Football The world will go on' But I won t interfere Hey nou in likes Mary Lou dislxkes cold weather , X :I 'x . I ' x lr ll " ' "Y . . Y, . Y I D . . rr 'lu Quiet most of the time, but has his days breaker. :lot of fun.. . likes cars, money, Muscular . . good looking . , always jok- . - , - - .. ' ' . g . . . . ' ' A .',. J V11 V -at I 5, ,I s 'ii . Q7 "DD" ' " " V " I l ..J .. JFANI AUDREY SOTEK jeannle Pedlatrrclan A wrllmg, heart and a helpful hand By gully' Im t that u onder ul A wonderful friend wrth a smrle for ev eryone a good athlete wx ho has determl natron lrltes popular and classrcal rec ords drslrkes to catch cold af ELAINE PATRICIA SOUDIER Frenchre Navy Nurse Wxthout love and laughter there rs no joy 'I ou all belief belltle II A very pretty ash blonde large ward robe anythrnge for a laugh brrght smrle lrltes crew cuts Mercurys and red heads drslrltes unrnterestrng people LEO STANLEY o Mrnrster I'rrendlrer than he one cannot be ll' by u orrg about 11' Cheerful and gay good natured all round fellow everybody 5 pal rkes gurls drslrkes selhsh people MILTON STAUFFER Ml I Farmer A modest man who says but Imle 1 don t knou Quret modest qurck to apprecrare a yoke Inkes grrls money and cars d s lrkes Income tax 36 GEORGE SPADER QPINEJ Ace Navy Ofhcer Why work when there IS fun Don t knou do you? Tall blond wrth a very happy personalrry the natron s number one naval reservrst lrlces Pontracs drslrkes brownies GAYLE STARCHAK Gay Secretary Brrg.,ht and cheerful all the trme It J your lrfe do ll hat gnu nan! zz 1111 rl Beauuful blonde harr carefree and gay never a dull moment when Gayle s around sweet soprano vorce rkes dancrng and musrc drslrltes preyudrced people . A .1 - - Y j .U .. - Y " " A , , A I 'fr - V 4 vv rr 1 V , rr .. Y I' l .. ' - l . .. . . . ' ' , , .. l' 4 .. I l . . 41 -IM 3 so I -, ,. E - . ' , ' ' I, " . . 3 ' . . 1 . . . a , . I. rr 1 ,U ' .-. , , .. l- ALGIS SVELNYS Eng.,rneLr A dark haired lad mth trrendls xxaxs ll LU uh fha! ulfl he Tall and vcrx good lookmge wonderful P I lrkes gurls and sports drslrkcs messx harr DARLEANI' J TAMBURRINO Dolly Secretary Srlente IS more elegant than words I mn! help 11 uret frrendly always nn a good humor lrkes her one how Brlly I ns lrkes snobby people IS 99 'E e 'il BARBARA JEAN SWAN Balws Secretary Both srlent when there rs need md speakxng rn season Oh mme on lrkes pleasure dnslrkes homevsork PATRICIA A TANNER Patty Secretary Lrfe rs full of cares but laughter makes them heht It 11411 Lan! he June Good looklm, SOCIdl5lE and frxendly gooe tmrler lrkes animals drslrkes people xx ho mock RONALD M TEMA QPINFJ Ron Engineer I can snr and look at the cover of a book rfyedh ry Good worker rn math good friend always reads for a joke llkes hshmg and Lars drslrkes talkrng and work 37 RICHARD GEORGE TALLBERG Duck Arr force Navy men have too much wrll power rt s vvon t power they lack What mn you do about zl though mg and yokrng lxkes Lucllle drslrkes homework K RA I X A l xl A YQ, A l QVSOUHIIYV' lmelllflcm v -AUQM JWSSVY Friendly . . fun-lovlng . . never idle . . Ifasy-going Z . full of fun . : usually telk- V p , Y gt 5 A 3 . , 4 k, 1 ,V , . . V ., , I U . I I 1 '- 1 K 9 nik u n 4 . K f- ' is WILLIAM DAVID TENEDINE B1 Manager Nothlng IS so nmportant that I need to worry about rt You knou zt A fnend xndeed full of fun always on the go llkes glrls dlslxkes homework 1 na .2 . n ,n 1 'F Gal, CHARLES THOMAS C PINE J Cookle Auto Mechanlc Good humor IS the health of the soul I am t got any Dark curly haxr handsome lnkes to talk a lot and to joke lrkes glrls and money dxslxkes school WILLIAM J TINGLEY B1 Mnnxster A quret boy w1th qu1et ways What J the scoop? Pleasant good llstener always ready for a laugh likes baseball and glrls dlslxkes homework CORRIENE TUCKER Ko Ko Mo Women s Arr Corps Get all the fun whlle you can llfe rs short 'That there the way it gotta be ,f Very athletxc always looks on the brnght snde of ltfe talkatrve llkes fancy things drslnkes concext and homework 38 CLAUDIA BERTHINE THOMAS Tene Intenor Decorator Farr thoughts and happy hours attend thee always How about that? Frrendly neat dresser pleasmg per sonalnty lxkes to three step wrth Leo dxslxkes homework JOHN C TRIMBLE 4 PINE J Professor Carpenter It takes all kmds to make up the world Why ture' A lot of fun hard worker a frxend at all tmmes llkes cars dnslrkes adoles cents l l O , .. .HH V .. ,, - rr , ' n fr ' 1 U fr n 343' .,. A A A . P , - Z -A . ' , V , Y- . 5 A C' -1 fun . - - ,. QI ' ' ' ll ll lr W. . 'uk .4 :ik so, u 1 'u -v .H sf! f . . A ,f A N., , . ' ' ' ' ' - - - 'F' "bf - ' . ' . . 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' THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CHARLES H PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL We the class of 1956 of the Charles H Prne Manual Trarnrng School rn the crty of Ansonra State of Connectrcut rn soundness of mrnd do make these bequests our last wrll and testament ARTICLE I To the Charles H Prne Manual Trarnrng School we leave peace and quret To the ofhce we leave charrs for the boys to srt on when they get krcked out of class To the Prrnt Shop we leave a Lrnotype To the Auto Shop we leave a new and used car depart ment parts To the Machrne Shop we leave an automatrc lubrrca tron system To the Draftrng Shop we leave an automatrc tool checkrng devrce so the senrors and junrors wont have to check tools To the Woodworkrng Shop we leave a radar set so Mr Krley can detect the loafers To the Sewrng Class we leave a four foot thrck lead wall so the boys won t bother the grrls To the Cookrng Class we leave a deodorrzrng system for self evrdent purposes To the future puprls of Prne Hrgh we leave the best of luck rn the forth comrng years Furthermore we the class of 56 do hereby make the followrng bequests to the faculty of our beloved school whom we have served wrth for four years more or less ARTICLE II To Mr McGee we leave a pencrl wrth a lrfetrme guar antee To Mr Jarvrs we leave a hrstory class that wrll make hrstory To Mr Roche we leave a class to whom he can grve To Mr Flynn we leave a brokerage agency To Mr Burns we leave a thumb guard To Mr Krley we leave an assrstant to do odd Jobs To Mr Conklrn we leave Hardly Drvrsron Motorcycle to get hrm from school to school To Mr Kulawrz we leave a new blueprrnt machrne To Mr Mrller we leave a new woodworkrng shop To Mr Gondek we leave a devrce to prck up the type whrch has fallen on the floor To Mr Hallrgan we leave some new testrng machrnes To Mr Gaudro and hrs assrstant we leave a snow plow To Mr Cook we leave a nab drspenser To Mrss Begley we leave a handsome bell rrnger To Mrss Kulrkowskr we leave a drfferent room so the prrntrng boys can t look rn To Mrs Gorman we leave a can of Chef Boy Ar Dee Spaghettr ARTICLE III To the rndrvrdual members of the lower classes of the Prne School we the class of '56 do make these bequests Alex Beecher leaves hrs safe drrvrng to Domrnrc DrClementr Robert Costrgan leaves hrs werght to Charles Parr Anthony Del Vecchro leaves hrs oprnrons to Mrke Samprere Anthony DeMelrs leaves quretly Nrcholas Hadjrconstantrnou leaves hrs Burck to any one who can pay for rt Edward Hallet leaves srngrng a popular polka Gordon Hotchkrss leaves hrs athletrc abrlrty to Ron Barth Robert Hrne leaves hrs admrralshrp to any qualrhed Freshman Harry Kershaws abrlrty wrth the accordron we leave to Bob Pouncey Donald Krerol leaves hrs dumbbells to anyone who can lrft them Wrllram Lrndgren leaves hrs harr styles to Paul Grrfhn Frank Matejek leaves hrs coon dogs to brother Ray mond john Merkowrtz leaves hrs garrulrty to Wrllram Jaekle john Nrezelskr leaves hrs sweet talk wrth the grrls to Donald Wrllrams Stephen Pesta leaves hrs way wrth Mr Gondek to Robert Pouncey Mrke Ranno leaves hrs modesty to Paul Kennedy Wrllram Roberts leaves hrs masculrne appeal to Dom rnrc Yora Kenneth Small leaves hrs muscles to Ralph Maynard Ronald Tema leaves hrs hrgh school classes to Joseph Mackowskr Charles Thomas leaves hrs curls to joe Srmon John Trrmble leaves hrs srxty cylrnder words to any body who can pronounce them George Wuckrch leaves hrs car to anyone who wants to take a chance to drrve rt Wrllram Barnett leaves hrs Plymouth to Cleveland Toney Edward Bostrc leaves hrs way wrth Jonsey of the A 8cP to Andy Spak George Browne leaves hrs runnrng abrlrty to Robert Barth Lours Chevarella leaves hrs machrnrst abrlrty to Ed ward Sharkey Joseph Crrrllo leaves hrs prrze wrnnrng skrll to Alfred Mackowskr Tom Comcowrch leaves Mr Roche rn peace john Dube leaves hrs job rn Sponge Rubber to anyone who can keep the hours Marvrn Durant leaves hrs way wrth Mr Kulawrz to joseph Warrron Wrllram Frtzgerald leaves hrs workrng abrlrty to Rrch ard Cerrrtellr Alfred Gabranellr leaves hrs good looks to Joseph DrDro Sebastran Guagent leaves hrs way wrth women to Rrchard Bartolotta Rrchard Guluzzy leaves hrs huntrng abrlrty to Andrew Lugrrs Frank London leaves hrs clothes to anyone who can wear them john Nolan leaves hrs shoes to Buddy Jaekle Robert Peters leaves strll shrnrng shoes Davrd Phrpps leaves for Derby John Sember leaves hrs sleeprng abrlrty to joseph DrDro Theodore Srlva leaves hrs swrftness to Samuel Levey Mrke Srmon leaves hrs grrls to brother joe George Spader leaves hrs hrtch rn the Navy to brother Rrchard Robert Varsane leave hrs old beat out Ford 8: Mercury to the future puprls of Auto Shop Frederrck Watton leaves hrs used cars to Charles Chrrstensen Robert Wrllrams leaves hrs dancrng abrlrty to Paul Grrflin I , . . . , . . . , . 3 ' ' , . . . . Y , . , . . y . Q u . all uA,S'n . . ' . . . . . . . . . , . ' 7 3 7 l ' ' CLASS SONG se N -Qu x.fCll'3 pmssedbcl-QJ fl HF 'l' Six? w Le. lvy a.l,lWhoywe ell p4r'l', WWLQA H lu in Foncl eS+rnern rtS0'F+hu.ln-ge, pw-H1 non hen.l"l'5 .,,...--... 55,1 ELAYNF. ter gra ua 1on's over, we o our wa s, May the joys we've ound o et er I1 htena our a s We w1ll pray that God be wlth us, In all cares and strxfe, May he help us through endeavors, In our future hfe SHIRLBE HORBAL 45 3 , n 9 - - f A it- gl I fr . 5- e U Q We mul--l-mee -Hx rzxfs lz-Fare us, E451 in l17s oil wall l " Q , IE' " Ck I M 3 lil ,n r W 1 ' . ee' 52 n l Af clt' AS g y ' f fgh B'g ll dy. SENIOR HOME ROOM OFFICERS-AHS Mary Brandon An1ta Grdo Margaret Grady Barbara Brady Elalne BllSky Rlchard Grlffin Mlchael Dalton Laurence McG1vney Francns Vernl Rnchard Carlonn SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS--A H S EDWARD OGREN Prendenr IRENE KUSAKO Vue Preudenr MARY ANN SI-IEA Secretary RQ. SENIOR HOME ROOM OFFICERS-PINE Nncholas Hadpconsrannnou, Anthony De Mehs, Mzchael S1mon, Marvnn Durant, Edward Haller, Gor don Hotchkxss, Alfred Gabnanelh, john Sember SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-PINE GORDON HOTCHKISS Premiem ALFRED GABIANELLI Vzce Prendenr JOHN TRIMBLE Secretary EDWARD HALLET Treasurer 46 QI.: r'1X 3. T41 2'7- er X in ,D lk 1 1 1 Q I 1 1 5 1 , 1 1 , 1 , I 7 ' 5 7 I l 3 3 ' ............1-..........'.. D l ' J 'QA JAMES KILEY ................................ Treamrer ' 'I ' A ' Y , ,. X HONOR STUDENTS GRADUATION SPEAKERS joan ohnsron Irene Kusako Anrra Grdo Barbara Brady John Nrezelskr QPIDCP Donald Krerol CP1neD CLASS DAY SPEAKERS Gordon I-Iotchkrss Robert Hme Ronald Tema Stephen Pesra Mrchael Ranno Anthony Dc-Melrs PINE Lucrlle Grardrna Lourse Wrberg A ggnes Brown Laura jane Seccombe Mary Brandon ofrn F1rzGera1d J CLASS DAY SPEAKERS - A.H.S J 1 ' lllau nd STAFF ASSISTANTS Barbara Brady Richard Brualdi Terrence Cooke Marlene Dreher Lucille Giardina Anita Gido Arnold Iles joan Merancy Laura Jane Seccombe Judith Sokol Elayne Webber David Phipps CPineJ Michael Simon CPineD Ronald Tema CPineD 48 CO EDITORS joan Johnston Irene Kusako erbfaff Y-4,-YT ...-4" , - s BUSINESS MANAGER Edward Ogren ASSISTANTS Michael Dalton Joseph Getlein David Phipps ., , . few-fffll TYPING CHAIRMAN Rita Fitzgerald ASSISTANTS Ann Boylan Ann Callaghan Barbara Crisaiolo Mary Agnes Saffo 49 MOST TALKATIVE N1cholas Hadjlconstanttnou CP1neD MHIIOH Sanders Mlchael Dalton Now hear thns IETEST Anthony Del Vecchro CP1neJ Mary Jane Beeman M1lton Stauffer As quret as a mouse SEN BEST LOOKING Terrence Cooke Dorothy Olson Alfred Gabranellr CP1neD Mrrror mxrror on the wall WF BEST PERSONALITY BEST DANCERS Edward Ogren Mary Anne Shea joan Prrmavera Mrchael Dalton Gordon Hotchklss CP1neD Alfred Gab1anell1 fP1neJ Personalrty plus 50 Arthur Murray taught them dancmg rn a hurry g AR I ,t.rtt. 1.1 x . , W , A, .,. V. . V , D M Y l . X X ' .X T I QU -X ff A I , , V 6 X . . O' X R , 7 R S W "' ' 3 -S., Q J , XX f 7 X L, , . y A :SEL tesy A 4 iii 1 fi l MOST DIC NIHED olln Tumble flfrn 3 Iuduth Sokol Terrence Cooke Re th lly Dxh lmfbs' Gordon Hotchkrss fP1neD Edvx ard Ogren Irene Kusako Varxety IS the spree of hfe ICR LATIVES CUTEST Robert Varsane CP1neJ Dorothy Olson Rrchard Grrfhn You must have been a beautrful Baby BEST DRESSED FRIENDLIEST Frank London fP1neb, Wrllram Regan, Edward Ogren, Mary Anne Shea, P joan rlmavera Frank Mateyek CP1neb There 5 low overhead at Robert Ha11's 51 They d even grve you the shrrt off thert backs " KN ' 1 ' 'fx 'TQ-2 P d yf , 2 4 E E ' 'ff - , I 'r Q K 4 , 1 ' 'N A x 5 R j N .. A , BEST ALL-ROUND ' . . b y N jf kg.? x I . FS R ff A 1 v ed ' 4' I I MOST FUN TO BE WITH Jfrmes Klley Mary Anne Shea If I could be wrrh you MOST ATHLETIC Gordon Hotchkxss CP1neJ jean Sorek Patsy Golmo Ready for the Olymprcs BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Anthony DeMel1s QPIHCD Mary Ann Gulomb James Krley A funny thrng happened to me on the way MOST POPULAR MOST INTELLIGENT Rlchard Grrffin Mary Anne Shea MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Gordon Hotchkxss CP1neJ R ld T h The Peoples Chorce 52 Ona enf5dii??rul?3F JO umm They ve got the world on a srrmg -14 ,S -Qwuvvg 1-- S , l X V--I ff ff if jlrcve ww STUDENT OFFICERS EDWARD OGREN, '56, Prefidenr ROBERT MCCARTHY, '57, Vice-Prefident A FRANCES SI-IEA, '58, Secretary H S. SENIORS Richard Carloni Michael Dalton Richard Griffin James Kiley Irene Kusako Laurence McGivney Mary Anne Shea Francis Verni JUNIORS Carol Chirgwin Donald Drapeau Joseph Fama Frank Guliuzza Robert Keller james Morganelli John Renehan Sheila Sobol SOPHOMORES june Abare Michael Adanre Linda Belko Peter Burns Steven Casimares john Chiaro Richard Olderman Thomas Slade Alex Taggart COUNCIL OFFICERS GORDON HOTCHKISS, '56 Pferidenz RONALD SMALLS, '57 Vice-Preridenz JOHN TRIMBLE, '56 Secretary'TreaJ11rer Richard Cerritelli I Timothy Driscoll Arthur Ferre N Willie Fountain E Alfred Gabianelli Ronald Gabianelli joseph Gabriel Paul Griffin Edward Hallet William Jaekle Richard Spade: Cleveland Toney Donald Williams Y BHP Jean Sotek Alumni Editor james Morgan Managing Editor Michael Dalton Bufinefr Manager Agnes Brown Typing Co-Chairman Lucille Giardina Exchange Editor Shirlee Horbal Typing C0-Chairman Mary Brandon Literary Editor Mary Sullivan Girly' Sporty Editor Barbara Christian School Note: Editor Francis Verni Boyr' Sport: Editor al-A-Q .--lr 'QQ CO EDITORS Robert Bell Elaine Bilsky OBSERVER TYPISTS Beverly Behrle Marilyn Bibby Janelle Bostic Ann Ifdwgirds Sheila Fleming Ann Fitzlfntriclc Mary Ann Gulomh Joan Mernncy Gayle Stgircligik Clzrudigi Thomas Shirley XX'.lIICl.ll'i Audrey Yiigoxpiiie Susan HiPl'llXX'lIL Anne Virzi STAFF I r. r r"' " " LITERARY Judith Sokol Phyllis Gibralter Eileen Pesta Josette Di Mauro Mary Martorano Marlene Dreher SCHOOL NOTES Juliana Madorno Simon Rich Eleanore Gerwatowski EXCHANGE Susan Olderman Judy Bruns GIRLS' SPORTS Carol Chirgwin Leola McGrath BOYS SPORTS William Fulton ART Irene Kusako Donna Lundvall BUSINESS John Bukowski Arnold Iles Samuel Scott George Balco James Morganelli Thomas Bellas Eugene Kapusta Richard Olderman Patrick Ryan ALUMNI Marie Crowley Estelle Rogers Dorothy Walters OFFICERS Loretta Barnico, '57 Treamrer Robert Bell, '57 Vice-Prefident Michael Dalton, '56 Prefident Marilyn Koval, '57 S ecretary Rlchard MHIIHO Casrmrr Danlelnzuk Barbara Chrxstmn Vwnce Fazzrno Robert Bell Lor tm Barmco THE GOOSE HANGS HIGH Wrlllam Powanda Carol Llndholm Phylhs Glbralter Sunon Rrch Donald Drapeau joan Johnston Elrzaberh Novrnsky -JA r . 3 C .. ' ll Y, wg' 5. 'ha' ,X 1 j I Q- Y 4 1 1 1 ,v.' ,F 4 E " :M S 2. 'X lt '. .-S 'gum -' -asf' M nv, ix ,A '.. :- J :ggi Q H35 I J' .I u uzig ' 1 Q -. -Q -:Hg ' if Az - N J", 21 'H S 48952 at Eg 7" u 1 W E x .h nm '35 !+ 71 2 5 'f ,XHQ'iaR5s21gfk1N 52 I ax Rf! Ea fl J, ,f , f xl XX Xl XX Q, X x '-an J 4.-r f o fa VA, 5, Dorothy Olson Patr1C1a Tanner Laura jane Seccombe Lou1se W1berg Sh1rlee Horbal Barbara Chrlstxan Irene Kusako CHEER Elame Bxlsky LEADERS Carol Chlfgwln Loretta Barmco Barbara Chrrsrran Marrlyn Koval Irene Kusako Co Capram Margaret Kershaw Gall Rarmo Roberta Murphy joan Culmo Elaine Bilsky, Co-Captain BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE Francis Verni, Ronald Tema CPineJ, Edward Ogren, Irene Kusako, Richard Griffin, Donald Kierol CPineJ, Gordon Hotchkiss CPineJ. V . Q ' ', . ,xy . . 4 T IA: ' l PUBLIC SPEAKING Eugene Baron fPineJ, 583 Richard Olderman, 583 Robert Barth QPineD, 57g Robert Bell, 57g Robert McCarthy, 573 Marvin Durante CPineb, '56g Joan Johnston, 56g Shirlee Horbal, '56g Carol Lindholm, 575 Barbara Brady, '56g Judith Sokol, 56. VISUAL AIDS Richard Olderman Richard Tallberg Marvin Lindsey Donald Drapeau Thomas Bellas, John Giovacchini Simon Rich, john Kowal. .---Q Irene Kusako D A R Ave ard SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE as QF!! Margaret Kershaw Prerzdenl Dorothy Walters Secretary Mfxrbrret Wrrzmqnn Vuc Prcszzfuzt Leoll McGrath Trcamrer N ' 51 ii 'x Elaine Bllsky Vfmner of Betty Crocker Homemakmg Contest CAFETERIA STAFF SENIOR PROM 1 .4- is ,N I 111 ,ax ll' ?' Wh 7 N R N'- .LJ-W ffdiif fx. if Q III? NIH!! my u HH! a l'I ,sql ,' I 'nl Hs' :""ma":2f 'l': I 2, I' 'S' 5- I l H mr' 5U!U?f QE? 5 ,.... Hlillil! nuuup 31312255 hllllx ::::::::a unung ipsum? 322 -5 flip pw 11.. isp" fri" gf ff i3'i.gig'3 QQ 'Y' IL! 'ns 1 Jimi, N? 'Hai-I: HH' f f 1? g 'I IM'-'l Sfhfjng I , . am I P, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS A H S Robert McCarthy Prerzdenz Shella Sobol Vice Prefzdefzt Carol Chnrgvun Secretary Donald Drapeau Treamrcr -A-"""" SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PINE W1ll1e Fountam Prerzdent T1mothy Drxscoll Vue Prerzdent Donald Wrllxams Secretary Arthur Fette Treafurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS A H S Peter Burns Prefzdent une Abate Vzce Prerzdent Lxndt Belko Secretary M1ch1cl Adante Treamrer 37.11 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS- Ronald Smalls Prefzdent Cleveland Toney Vzce Prerzdem Rnchard Cermellx Secretary joseph Gabrrel Trearurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PINE Rrchard Spader Prendent 76 Ronald Gabxanelh Vzce Premient Paul Grrllin Secretary W1ll1am jaekle Treaxurer 7' m 1' J l X -A M I .fl ' Y? A' Y - IL ' n ..... ' t.,t 1 B J' ..... 1 V 1 ' 1 if S .S V , Q S PINE ' Z ' ..........,,.. j i grid, 5 . ................ A K I AA . -- 'T"""' 'J' , Q ' it 1' ll U " I xx I I I l l 1 h k - I lq G90 D173 ff u Q A N I K 5. ,- .I .. , 'i f" ,N B EY "' v Y. 93: iiljliiliili v f Q 62 ff j L X 31 Y -w:.5"9"W 3 auf' 9-if FGOTBALL SQUAD 1955 ANSONIA O LEAVENWORTH 0 ANSONIA 7 CROSBY 25 Hmdered by fumbles Ansonia was forced to be sat isfied with a scoreless tie at the hands of Leaxenworth Tech Of the seven times Ansonia fumbled Leaven worth recovered all but two Both teams showed 1 promising defense. Lon McGivney and the omnipres- ent Pat Golino showed well for Ansonia while Gil Bouchard, a powerful linebacker, and johnny Baltrush, a bruising tackle, were the Leavenworth brilliants. ANSONIA 6 SHELTON 39 Once again fumbles proved costly to Ansonia High as the Lavender allowed a rugged Shelton team to nail down a 59-6 victory. Despite herculean attempts by Ken Smalls, Frank London, and john Merkowitz, Shel- ton scored twice in the first half and punched over 27 points in the last half. It was not until the last period that Gene Smalls was able to register Ansonia's lone touchdown. Jack Rose, along with Frank Pisacone, the latter being chosen to the mythical All State team, led Shelton to victory. Although beaten Ansonia showed considerable im provement Crosby managed to unleash on the second play of the game their powerful and elusive Dick Scott who then ran 54 yards for a touchdown In the third period Crosby scored again but the Lavender bounced back and drove 70 yards to send Fran Verni, a rugged fullback, over for the touchdown. Bill Barnett added another point with a perfect placement. Crosby, how- ever, scored twice again in the last period. ANSONIA O STAMFORD 49 Stamford, one of Ansonia's much larger opponents, was highly favored over a much smaller foe, and showed why by scoring 7 touchdowns and 6 extra points. They overwhelmed the much smaller Ansonia team. Defensive standouts for Ansonia were Pat "Wed- gie" Nolan, Frank London, and "Corky" Hotchkiss. ANSONIA 13 HAMDEN 21 Ansonia, playing like a new team, led at half time by a score of 13-0, but in the second half a series of in- juries proved too costly as Hamden scored 3 times. Pat Ct! Ogren, and Gene Smalls all were offensive fs for the Lavender with "Corky" Hotchkiss, ferry Cooke, Frank London, jack Merkowitz, and ichie Griffin the defensive standouts. ANSONIA 34 DERBY 13 Winless until this game the Lavender unleashed its power by rolling over a weak Derby team Ansonit sparked by co captain Corky Hotchkiss now playing fullback wasted little time in disposing of its arch rival Derby Ansonia found the range fast scoring twice in the first period with Gene Smalls and Pat Golino doing the honors Fran Cirillo scored for Derby in the second period but that was all for the Red Raiders until the last period when they scored again against the Lavender unior Varsity Also scoring for Ansonia were Frank London and Corky Hotchkiss ANSONIA 6 TORRINGTON 0 A favored Torrington High School fell prey to a battling Lavender squad in a game played at Nolan field The game was scoreless until the last period when Ansonia outplaying Torrington went all the way by sending Hotchkiss off right tackle for a touchdown Fran Verni, along with Hotchkiss, made himself known defensively with some rib-rattling tackles from his line- backer position. ANSONIA 27 SACRED HEART 6 In an attempt to continue a small winning streak, Ansonia defeated Sacred Heart by a margin of 27-6. Ansonia although minus a rugged replacement in jun- ior Tony Cooke because of an injury previously in curred managed to take the measure of Sacred Heart Defensive sttndouts were as usual Hotchkiss and Verni along with Merkowttz Griffin and McGivney the lat ter playing an excellent game from his end position ANSONIA 6 NAUGATUCK 15 All the luck seemed to go to Naugatuck while an undying Ansonia team fought vainly to end the season with a victory Ansonia beat Naugatuck in every de partment of football except the one that really counts the score Once ag un it was the workhorse Corky Hotchkiss assisted by the fleet footed Gene Smalls who stood out offensively Although allowing Naugatuck 13 points to their 6 Ansonias line from one end to the other played a good rough game and refused to take the back seat to Naugatuck s much larger line 4? of ' at 'fa af ai? 79 Coach Charles Jarvis Co captain Laurence McG1vney Co captain Gordon Hotchkiss Coach john Gondek t t 4 t s 1 'a ' 7 . L Q .L . - . . . . - - .. ., Q - - ' r ' , , 4 1 4 . , - 2 L 7 ' 5 7 I , - t . . a , ' L V I K U L . ' ' ' t . .. ., - 5 - - .. ,, . 2 4 4 , ' , . . . . . , . . , , 3 7 - - V .. U , . t . , l .iw Q4 K of v Q P' Q ' I I.. 0 J' 'Y Q ,ami U 45 T., sv V- ll ' 9 K its 9 Y V is ft v f o 4- 4 i .K gf 'Q :ti 'I ,ii . 5 itz- E -- if l, .st v V' K . ' t 4, Y XX x Q' 6 hx 3' 3 -' F ifi, fll r xl Y 1 1- A i If lf :ll ff , 4 .Q K N x i - 5433 ,ou zo, X wiv GORDON HOTCHKISS Co-captain"Corky"started the sea- son as a tackle, but the lack of a pow- er runner forced Coach Jarvis to switch him to fullback. As fullback, "Corky" played so well that he scored two touchdowns in both the Derby and the Sacred Heart games and was the only one to score in the Torring- ton game. This playing earned him second team all Naugatuck Valley honors and honorable mention All State. TERRENCE COOK Terry, one of the bigger men of the team played tackle and guard. Terry played exceptionally good football tn the Hamden Derby and Naugy games and also proved to be 1 power ful defensive and offensive tackle ANTHONY DEMELIS Bull a substrtute used as a cen ter and guard was always ready when Coach Jarvis needed some one to help He was hampered most of the season by a bad ankle I ti - PAT CJOLINO his time at halfback and fullback Al though he was only 5 5 and 140 pounds Pat was probably the best ground garner for the team He was also 1 defensive dynamo FRANK LONDON and later was found to be more valu able as an end a position with which he was more familiar He scored two touchdowns and caught many help ful passes EDWARD OGREN did some fine running in the Ham den and the Derby games and usual ly got the extra yards when the team needed them most 80 7 v , . i Pat, a mighty mite all season, split Frank played first as quarterback Ed, a halfback most of the season, K I , I' - - . - Q - - . , . . , LAURENCE MCGIVNEY "Looch," a definite standout for Coach Jarvis all year long, was one of the fine co-captains. He made many timely tackles and proved to be an of- fensive threat as well. Larry was lack- ing in weight but was tough as most of Ansonias opponents discovered. WILLIAM BARNETT "Dunkel" started the season at cen- ter, small but fast He hurt his hand c irly in the season and was used mostly as a place kicker after that RICHARD GRIFFIN Grilf was one of the small men of the middle He made himself known by his strong defensive sup port in the Derby and Naugatuck Eames -exe E, 4 ' IIS' of 'tx 1 'L-3 0 V. l X I 9 Q' if V-2 L - Eu. - F' , JOHN MERKOWITL teamed up with Pat Nolan and Rich ie Griffin to give Ansonia one of the smallest middle of the lines of any team in the state Statistics showed that he was rarely taken out of a game by the coach ai FRANCIS VERNI some fine running and showed best on defense by mikmisn many rib rat tling tackles 81 KEN SMALLS defense m iking many timely tackles His playing in the Derby Hamden 1nd Naugy games earned him honor rble mention All State and first team All Nrugatuck Valley Ya . .. l "Merko," small but effective, Fran in his fullback position did Ken, a tackle, was at his best on - . , 1 . 1 Y 4 z I . 2 4 4 4 ' 6... f 4' Y 'nllfli 7 ,gi i li qgfll -1 75221 x - p if 'L-f x x T f ' V 1 I 5 , 6,4 - I' it X 1 ,. ar, 6- az if f 90 I CY ' i f If ,x V15 . . ' 23-3- +242 u',0 ii I , r Q' ,J I I BASKETBALL Although Ansonia High's teams have had better seasons, no group of boys could have played with more determination than did ours, led by its very able captain, Frank London. Our season, however, was not a total loss, for the team had won six games-played against West Haven, Shelton, Crosby, Leavenworth, and twice against its frequently inter- city rivals, Derby. When our last game, played against Derby on February 17, was over, I'm sure that all the boys felt that theirs was a job well done. The season, as well as their high school basket- ball Careers, was over. Every game they played did not bring them a victory, but they had played to win and had done their best. What more could anyone ask? 84 wo dwg eiv Ames k 1253, Frank London Etsy 00,010 'ss Sq am PNB S 86 nh, 17' BASEBALL 1045 -W4 'wif Kenneth Smalls Herman Amrum Edward Ogren TRACK Patsy Golmo Francls Verm 88 A A , - ..:....-.-............ I 1 ,, I - N :ff ' X I ...w Q A V I K EXW .Q .4:,inx, Q., ' A 5 Lg Q , ' . 1 I f. Wig '29 ..., :- . ,' -2--1-,,A.i F A F , .1--Q " ,,:L-X ' 'Q "k'Aa"'FX-" Q"L3'5?e . '- 'vfm " R , ,gg "9 : wfvf- fa- 'sk A . , ' W K V P ' ' ' ' ' " - Q+7yWw?!WQ?m A wwwwwwyfzwwa AAA .fp I -, ' wxqeu' " -K., ' xf' Q A Eleanore Gerwatowskl Foul Shooting Champion HONORARY VOLLEYBALL Shrrby Rrchter Lorene McG1vney Shlrlee Horbal PZ1II'1Cl21 Tanner ean Sotek Alyce Fountame Loulse Wlberg Dorothy Olson Arlene M1rChell Marron Sanders ki SNA CHAMPION VOLLEYBALL Mary Brandon Shrrby Rlchter jean Sotek Parrlcra Tanner Marlene Dreher Janelle Bostrc Arlene Mrtchell Claudra Thomas Elayne Webber HONORABLE MENTION VOLLEYBALL Mary Ann Gulomb Barbara Plocke Eleanore Gerwatowskn Anne Gallo Irene Kusako 90 g L 1 l w , 1 L fx A U' L ,A 1 5: ' ' l , A ,-1 gli' ff we A X j 1 Y Ft X 5 4 ' Y L f ,V F. S Q bl X, N :EW E W 5 t . . -, -, . ' ,f v, 1, .,,f , V.. 4 MHIIOH Sanders L A V lf ff E" Y r f A ' 1 ,'kV'W D 5 Q f , ,,,, 'ff Q 1 1, am . l l 1 J. . sf L Xxx J.x, , I 5 - 1. HW , ' R r , A 'll . A X .YS Q I V CLASS CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL joan Grifhths Mary Brandon Janelle Bostic Marion Sanders Lula Mae Robinson Arlene Mitchell Arline Popikas Patricia Tanner Claudia Thomas Marlene Dreher HONORABLE MENTION BASKETBALL Shella Smrth Barbara Plocke Elrzabeth Peters Shlrley Wanclak Mary Ann Gulomb jean Sotek Estelle Rogers Marrlyn Blbby HONORARY BASKETBALL Carol Wedrn Irene Kusako Marlon Sanders Janelle Bosnc Lula Mae Robnnson Eleanor Gerwatowskr Arlme Poprkas Arlene Mrtchell Shirby Richter P? 6 f QWW New Haven workers IH the mud and sxlt enjoyed good Mr McGee dlrects work of hlgh school glrls 1n survey meals 1n the cafetena of losses by local busmess establlshments wil! Mr Hallxgan of Pme was 1n charge of laundry and samtatnon Student Councll Room Boys helpmg to sort out Baby enjoymg hxs bottle nn temporary nursery set up canned goods for dxsbursement on Red Cross 1n Room 117 orders . , x X I 1 'L' HF." ,Q I - , if Q . N Y f my Mr 5 1 yi X U 1-. . . . Y- . . 1 -gffeii "-nw.-E, ".-Er ,........u-'Ig-"m":"P"e W wiilnlna-,.,, an Fresh vmter was brought rn large storage tanks daily Main Ofnce Principal Ruddy Shelter Director puts Ex ttuces relax in school yard through long distance call for more supplies Mr Ray Mott C D director and Mr jack Abbels assistant discuss a problem -4' Evacuees prepared their own meals in the kitchen Nurses devoted spare time to sorting out baby clothes under the direction of Mr Frank Rapp of Rapps Room 113 Paradise Inn Auditorium-A small portion of clothing sorted out Danbury unit of the Red Cross was of considerable for those in need. help supplying food and clothing. Red Cross personnel 97 dismissing needs. The mam office houslng Crvllxan Defense personnel Note the extra telephones needed to carry on the glgan trc operatxon C D Dtrector Ray Mott Tax Collector W Tokarz Mary Buckley and Dorls Waters all volunteer workers help out Audxtorrum Lobby More shoes and clothmg yet un packed Tons of clothmg were recerved and glven out by the Red Cross volunteers V... ,-..... Z ... SPI-'Crap Frrst and to the mjured rn the hosprtal set up 1n A large refrrgeratron truck kept food rn good condx Room 111 tron Mr Hallrgan checks the gasolrne m the motor Quantmes of canned goods were stored rn Room 113 for later cafeterxa use or for d1str1but1on on Red Cross orders Cafeterra Hrgh school boys help out m supplymg nourxshmg needs m cafeterxa K-X1,l"U xl?" 42 X Gymnasrum Gxrls slde wlth cots and other equrp ment st lcked durmg, the day Cots were placed on the Pflllklpll Ruddy pets typhoxd lmmunlzanon IH cl1n1c goof U night stt up 1n Room 108 A H S student sees how If IS done M 5 ,1 " m Three youthful volunteers help IH the datly clean up Two Auxlllary Polrce enjoy a late lunch by themselves Room 114 Red Cross Ofiice Natxonal Red Cross Dlrector rn Anson1a, "Thad" Baxter, goes over plans wrth local volunteers, Attorney Irvxng Abkowltz, the Rofng 215 iniof the Sfofge units for calmed goods Reverend jullan Taylor, and Mrs Sldney Blumenthal 99 3 6 S OH t 6 Oxes may e somewhat misleading A V..,,:.i 'I I I one ' Q I I va X 1 M1 . A, ' . , -.3 Q . A4 , ,, . VL ,R-I. X Y Q vig "1 ,- I x - ' I F. K .-- ' N ",.'Z"' ' 'Vg , . , . . . . . . . . . . . . U L N H l 7 . . i , , 1 1 2 .7 . -'lvl Y. v x 1 X , 'W'--Wfif- K -W 21x30 . tl 414' f-Kc' 'ff ff If fr 'W 010' 4?0'W26P6101610HJ'0f0ff7f70401f?'Q0N?10'10'l7'0K0'6K0K70'6lS Congmtzzffziiozzf and Bef! Wishex to the C L A S S O F 1 9 5 6 CULT ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL AND PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Bef! IV lex lo tb B If Ufzfbef I fb CLASS 0'-'1956 CLASS OF 1956 FROM THE FROM THE JUNIOR CLASS OF A H S SOPHOMORE CLASS OF A H S Co zgmtzzlatzom a ld Good Luck C ng 111 I o II and Good Luck totle tothe CLASS OF 1956 FROM THE CLASS OF 1956 IROMTHI: JUNIOR I'IIGI'I SCHOOL FACULTYH ,j5TUD1jNT5' A I'I S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 0'6" 017'-0' 2-0f'0' 70 '61 COYY7 x0"0"0K0h0'01'0'G0Y0X0N0Y0f40N0K0"0'G0Y0K0N01Q0'202'0P 0H.0N0P0"0'H0'0f0N0"0"0N0N0K0X 'I02 - 40Y0Y A Q , Q N Pa 'xr ka C ' ru O b I O I . - - ' Q l'l'I 5 Ui -X 'Ib . A Q I VN v Q . A ca N O O O 7- - - . - . 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 Complzmcrzlf r Comphmentf 0 THE CLASS OF JUDGE Mic HAI L E Sm IHY Prcfz lc 111 Complzmentr 0 GEORGE LIFTIG AHS 1917 HARRY LIFTIG .I 91 8 WILLIAM T SHEASBY MAYOR '00110100'ff0f00'0'f00ff0"0 ANSONIA CONN F77Ilf7ll777CIZZJ' 0 THE FITZGERALDS REICHELT S FLORISTS AHS 971 7 19 1956 Phone Rligent 4 0077 Westield Avenue Ansoma Conn Fmnplzmenlf 0 40' LESTER C MARK AHS 1954 0f!f'f0' DONALD MARK AHS 1940 HOWARD MARK AHS 1946 LEWIS .IEWELERS LEWIS SCHPERO Prop Dzamondf Ilkztcbef jeu elrj Telephone REgent 4 1597 704 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Bert Wzfhef to the CLASS OF 1956 AHS GEORGE GARDELLA CO Frzulf Vegembley C011 eclzonery 96 Mam Street Ansoma Conn x ' iowa-f 5 , C5 2 A S ' I I . I 1 E . N 2 A 2: A A :A -A 9 A 2 , 1 ' 25 A ' . 3 ' I -2- it B 2, 5, I E A I 2 3 A 3 A 2 9 . 9 9 - I E' E5 . 6 I 75 i '1 A 2 .., 4. 1 2 . 1 I A QQ A a D "1 2 SN I SN I '50-. -+A 3- . 2 - ur-1 3 . O O :u - P x?" 19" .- - - ,. , ,. ' 1. I, i, 4. 4, '77, 6 0Y01'01f0'N-040K0N-0'0" Q0N-0'-I-0N0"'6X G L A Z E R S WE SER VICE WHAT WE SELL 360 Main Street Ansonra Conn C omphmenl: of DAVID SCHPERO S JEWELERS SINCE 1925 23 Elnzabeth Street Derby Conn 3 New Haven Avenue Mxlford Conn STONE COLLEGE Now Haven J Leadzrzg Banner: College SUMMER TERM JUNE 25TH FALL TERM SEPTEMBER 10TH C 0 U R S E S Secretarnal Bookkeepmg Cler1cal Accountnng BUSIHCSS Machlnes Busmess Admmlstrauon Pre lnductlon F1I1lSlllUg Slaie Approved STONE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Telephone SPruce 6 1010 129 TEMPLE STREET Why Look for a Job? Attend STONE COLLEGE and the job Wxll Look for You College Phone LOcust 2 9021 THE B 81 L STORE THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS WHERE QUALITY IS HIGH AND PRICE IS LOW 116 Main Street Ansonla Conn BEN GANS OK RUBBER WELDERS WORLDS FINEST RECAPPERS Dzrlrzbutorr of Mayor Brand Tzres 27 Cllfton Avenue Ansoma Conn 990 Brxdgeport Avenue Mnlford Conn MACCHIO BROS SERVICE STATION EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE DEALERS IN Amoco PRODUCTS Phone REgent 4 9897 587 Mam Street Ansoma Conn THE FAIR SHOPPE LADIES WEARING APPAREL Telephone REgenr 4 2213 221 223 Maxn Street Derby Conn 0'-04'-0'-0K01L0Y fi . 9 I . I , . I , . O I El S - x 104 4074955 0103 F HALLOCK CO Complzmentf o SINCE 1858 FARM LAWN SUPPLIES SHELTON ROOFING CO , Inc B P s PAITS HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES 101 Factory Street Ansonla Conn 116 Mann Street Derby Conn LET YUDKIN HEAT YOUR HOMIE COAL OIL TIMKEN OIL BURNERS SETTIEMENT Phone REgent 5 1821 E STAT E S M YUDKIN AND SON PROPERTY ANAGEMENT ask your attorney 116 Canal Street Ansonxa Conn ANN MARIE BEAUTY SHOPPE MARGE SAMPIERI Prop COMPLETE LINE OF COSMETICS COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICES Telephone REger1t 4 2476 76 Maln Street Ansonxa Conn Complzmentx of SECCOMBE S MEN S SHOP Bef Wwe! CLOTHING I-IABERDASHERY R Q 1' H M A N S 171 Mam Street Ansoma Conn AND SECCOMBES CLEANING 8: REPAIRING 1 Holbrook Street Ansonla Conn ANSONIA CONN 0H0N0"-?"?f0f 016110204021-0' T05 ' W O I I f K Of 5 I 9 - - M 5 of ' and I Since 1902 1 I ' L. I I -'.- , .- S ' X 4055PZ' 10"-0101101-JH Complzmentf of THE ANDROPHY ELECTRIC CO R C A G E Zenztla Philco T V O G E Refngerazon Wafherr and Dryen 82 84 Mann Street Ansoma Conn ROCCO S APIZZA Rocco BARBIERI Prop SUBMARINE SANDWICHES Telephone REgent 4 0623 175 Powe Street Ansoma Conn Complzmentf 0 CHARLES F ASIMUS AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE 91 MaIn Street Ansoma Conn Complzmentr o THE TOGGERY SHOP COMPLFTF MENS WEAR ARROW SHIRTS Telephone RE5ent 4 7708 Caprtol Butlclnng Anson1a Conn 0 W S N O W JEWELRY and GIFT SHOP 103 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Conzplzmentf 0 PETERSEN S SUPERETTE MEATS and GROCERIES Telephone REgent 4 1813 17 Maple Street Ansoma Conn LEAR PHARMACY PHARMACISTS and CHEMISTS COSMETICIANS DELIVERY SERVICE SIX RegIstered Pharmacnsrs to Serve Your Health Needs 198 WAKELEE AVENUE ANSONIA CONN 0K0140'H?K0'c0f'-0Y01f01'-0N0110"'0r10110f0'h0'f01' 10"'0K0X I . f . 7, ,U-- ,I-- Nationally Known Haberdafloery C O . f I lil 106 10X0'40'4? 05G0f055'99405'0"9 0105! A N A C O N D A Copper and Copper Alloy Products COPPER BRASS BRONZE and NICKEL SILVER The followmg lIsr Includes some of the more Important mIll products produced from copper and Its alloys by the ANSONIA DIVISION of THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY SHEET PLATE AND STRIP Condenser Head Plates Roofing Copper Through Wall FlashIng Electro Sheet Copper WIRE MILL PRODUCTS ElectrIcal W1re and Cable RODS AND BARS Weldrng Rods Propeller Shaftmg Screw Machme Rod Eng1neerIng Rod Alloys Copper Bus Bar EXTRUDED SHAPES Weavmg WIIC Archltecrural Bronze Cold Head1ng W1re Angels Channels and T Bars SlIde Fastener Wlre Drawn Copper Shapes ANAQN DA THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY AN SONI A CONN 0K0uae.7x0n0v0w0wW1f0w-01'-0'f'0w0N0f'0w0'fs0" I 07 ' w Pin, Rivet and Nail Wire Weather-Strip and Door Saddles fmm mifn 0? consumer , . G X ffm . if f WIWW! M! W1 igtylllli , KW 0 , ,, Q14 X ! 1' I fllll ,WW WM! 1' V. .. is! !Egng9g-Hens d alan . KU at J" A . nag ilflog of ' . Vu 'II direct sales personal service ,,..-ff-"",I12ff original layouts dff service retouchlng composition mechanicals halftone and line negatives film and plate stripping plate making offset printing folding complete brndery service packaging delivery t o'toole and sons, mc stamford, connecticut sfamford davis 4 9226 new york melrose 5 4112 MISSION ORANGE BOTTLING BOTTLERS OF MISSION ORANGE Telephone REgent 4 4066 101 Central Street Ansonra Conn L 81 S BOOTERY SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING Telephone REgent 4 9127 280 Mam St CCap1to1Bu1ldIngJ Ansonra Conn CLANCY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED Proleclzon Serwfe Sawngr Telephone REgent 4 5855 244 Mann Street Ansonla Conn Cofzgratzzlaiforzf and Bert Wrfbef to GRADUATING CLASS O AHS 1956 106 Marn Street Ansonra Conn ALWAYS ASK FOR S C H U L E R S POTATO CHIPS AMERICA s FINEST JOHN R REMBERT CO ESTABLISHED 1887 SCHOOL SUPPLIES SEATING EQUIPMENT OFFICE FURNITURE 157 Court Street New Haven Conn FRANS S BAKE SHOP EDWARDJ MALINKOWSKI Prop Telephone REgent 5 3750 199 Wakelee Avenue Ansoma Conn HENRY F THOMAS COMMERCIAL PRINTER 15 Pleasant Street Ansoma Conn r0' 6"0' 5'f0'f9'-710'4?' 3 I I I 2 3 5 I I 3 01101401 0f0H0Y - IJYQY - x . .- I A n 1 il. 5 , I A I 5 I I ' 1 - I H1 . A 0 l . 'U 'T' ' . Q ' "I ' I E 0 . m U I m . Q v . O W .. w w 'Sq - Q if 0000040000000 0455 RINGS PINS MEDALS excellenl design CHARMS CU PS cmftfmambip PLAQUES superb TROPHIES qualify YOUR cLAss Jswsusn G E S G I. U 610110117 201' BosToN 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8 N Y PROVIDENCE '02 MANUFACTURING JEWELERS Honest to Goodness GO0DNESS' FOR THE BEST IN TASTE BEST IN NUTRITION BEST IN ENJOYMENT EAT ICE CREAM Eat dellclous nutrltlous BORDENS ICE CREAM often It contalns Vltamms A and B proteins calcium and other essential minerals needed for good health if ALWAYS keep ICE CREAM on 'mb '13 hand In your refrlg erator or deep freeze umt ready for CITY OCCUSIOI1 QE ff , 1 BORDEN S ICE CREAM CO 800 Seaview Avenue B"'d9eP0l'f, Conn 7f0R0f0"0N0' -ofawx III I I - ' I l . S I ' I I c I - .,1:-o - . s ' , m ' ivfgfilgqp ' VAX. I! , . 'ini 27' 'I1555 ' ' ' .' 'QL' N ' Il-Ij J N C If I S ff pl ' x V -:H - N . . A 1 ll., - uw I , av , I-In , Q rs aI 1 , ' rf It X oily 1 0 ' -15' - I gnvx v' ' I W Z 257553 Xxx ,' Q "Tiff, h' f ' f I 'Is If I x XM X S' 1 'I Y IX- I I 1 ,Io Q N N N N 1 - 1 I X ' 'f 'A 1 1 ' -gif-E ..:-ee 1 'IEE ,f' FARREL BIRMINGHAM COMPANY, Inc ANSONIA DERBY DIVISION ROLLS CASTINGS MACHINERY BUFFALO DIVISION GEARS GEAR UNITS PLANTS ANSONIA AND DERBY CONN CLASS OF 1956 THIS IS YOUR BANK SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA ALL EARNINGS BELONG TO THE DEPOSITORS BUILD UP YOHR ACCOUNT IOR THE TIML WHEN YOU WILI RIALIY NEED IT Complzmenlf 0 THE HOWARD 8. BARBER COMPANY DERBYS COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE Stylulf In FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME and In APPAREL FOR THE FAMILY Quahty MCfChaHdlSC RIghtIy PrIced ANSONIA LUMBER COMPANY SINCE 1883 Prompt Deluerzes 0 Lumber All Kmdf READY ROOFING AND SHINGLES DUPONT PAINTS AND VARNISHES Telephone REgenr 4 2511 ANSONIA CONN f0"0'20' 0K00'0Y0"0"0' I I E I 060'-0? ' I CD C I '11 DR . ' ' I-' - 9 . ' 2 I . X K5 . E , , 4 . I I-I X My 1 . . C0-A. W, '03, ' . 4 Cmplment NATIONAL BANK ANSONIA CONN TH C COOK COMPANY BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN JOHN HANCOCK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO EDWARD V MULLANEY Dfr Et Manag C p tol Bu lchng, Anso a Co LOUIS H WEINER of ANSONIA INCORPORATED MACHINE SHOP SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS EQUIPMENT Merlden Mlddleto n Waterb y Telepho e REgenr 5 1896 Cenrr I Street A son a Conn pl 1 CHARLES H PETERS USS Carpellorr APD 136 CXO FPO New York N Y ETA BETA THETA CHAPTER VIII 3 3 2 3 2 5 2 5 2 Oi 0'040'f 0Y0K0f x 0"01 r7'0v'01f70"0"0Y0"010"0'40f61'0K6X - f'0'0f-0 A051 FJ ' Q Q J S S I 'fa 2- ' S' lj s' -. cw , S . I 5 ' E . EH N- 35 2. ' . N D N - -. - . Z fb 5 ' - Z3 KN 1 Z FD :J ' Q , 5 C 0 I Q 3 . - D . I Q U7 E. Q 53 lj C., N. 2 ? ' rn I 'Q ' Z D J 2 U21 F1 .- ... ,-:,- - S E. "' :B NIEI.S I POULSEN ALL Fokms or INSURANCE MRS AIDA G WADYRA Manager 206 Mann Street Ansom 1 Conn 402010 COLONNA S MEN S SHOP ALBERTJ COLONNA Prop Flrst Wrrh the Latest MENS and YOUNG MEN S CLOTHING Telephone RE5ent 4 1794 427 Mfun Street Ansonna Conn MASSARO FARMS EGGS AND POULTR1 Ford Road Ansonm Conn Fomplmzentf FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Brxdbe Street Ansonla Conn V 0 N E T E S B R O S PALACE OF SWEETS ualzzy 171 the Secret o Good Tafte Ansonm Conn Derby Conn ANSONIA ARCHITECTURAL WOODWORKERS Manuhcturers of SPECIAL MILL WORK Better Homer 161111 Better Woodrvork Telephone Rlibent 5 0957 167 Chfton Avenue Ansonxa Conn EDDY S BAKE SHOP LANDOFCAKES Telephone REgent 5 0501 317 Mam Street Ansonla Conn Telephone TUxedo 8 H48 157 Mann Street Seymour Conn THE ANSONIA WATER COMPANY 0R0N0k?K0N0Y -0K0N0'0K-0N0' 1 1 I . , . , . 1 , . 1 I ' , , Of 7 FZ' U I S .I 1 - A 7 . , . I UQ I , f U Natural Wood Cabinezx, Formica T0pf,StaircaJe.f ll , ' I U 7 . 'L y . , . . . , A I f' ff , . , . 114 49"Q5 9?'i?1C9' f7401495165'-990749'90:l07 !67G?407'6"6x Compliments C om plimemr MUELLER S SERVICE STATION 'Ielcphonc RL5ent 4 4581 174 North Mun Street ADSOHIH Conn EAST SIDE GREENHOUSES 77 North Prospect Street Ansonm Conn J CLEMENT LARKIN 81 SON INSURANCE amz REAL ESTATE f'0"0f0 Telephone RE5ent 4 4413 57 Bridge Street Ansonm Conn JOHN SEXTON 81 CO MANUFACTURING WHOLESALF GROCERIES Sexton Square Chrcago 90 Ill ANSONIA FURNITURE CO 700 Mann Street Ansoma Conn Complmzentr 0 THE VALLEY SPORT SHOP A J TONG MCGREGOR SPALDING REACH WRIGHT and DITSON Telephone REgent 4 1986 281 Mum Street Ansonra Conn RADIOMIKE S MICHAEL J ADAMSKI AHS 33 TELEVISION ELECTRONICS RADIO SALES SERVICE 487 MHIH Street Ansoma Conn CARMCDDY C, 1p1tol Bunldrnb Ansonla Conn X740101010'010'6f'0K010Y0"0N0M7K0f0'7016K0'6N70K00'0K0f0' 1010"-0x Of of 5 I Q . ' f COMPLETE HONIE FURNISHINGS 0 I I I ll 115 CALLAGHAN S EXPRESS LOCAL and LONG DISTANCE FURNITURE and PIANO MOVING Telephone REgent 4 7817 67 Hovmrd Avenue Ansonm Conn C077ZpII77Z671f.f O S C A R C O H E N Telephone RE5ent 4 7793 2 E ,,, ,Q DEI. S APPLIANCES SALLS AND SERVICE HOTPOIINT APPLIANCES Telephone REgent 4 0569 7 Cl1ftOn Axenue ADSODII Conn f00f'0'010'0'00'0v'0f THE BRISTOL DRUG CO HOXXARDI SMITH RQ, Pharm Mgr THE REXAIL STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Complmzcntf 0 ALEXANDER HARDWARE ALEXANDER DONOFRIO Prop Telephone REgent 4 1555 CORNER MAPLE AND HIGH STREETS ANSONIA CONN Complzmc nt! 0 THE SCHOONMAKER DRUG COMPANY GEORGE BARNILO Prop fr'-0 410 Mun Street Ansonm Conn B .I ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIR COMPANY FRANK L JOHNS Prop NEW AND USED MOTORS Reu mdx Rc pain Rt phzcemerzt Part! Telephone REgent 4 1139 107 Central Street Ansonxa Conn C0 NIPIIIIIL 1115 0 CORONETTES CHAPTER1 f0"0f 5 ' R 5 . 5 1 Cx ,. 9 I 5 3 I - 5' so , E . ' Q . . SN . . N . ' D' v . D I I 8 I . . E. , , .O ,A C Q D . P . 2 E 5 E 2 1 A - 5 Z n ' U7 A1 E A 5 A A ' A t , G x . , O A, 2 C ' C 2 5 Z ' . 9,. ,. , 4. , ,. , . , 4. . ,. , -7, 6 x9,.0.f0I-0w0f0:w1040Rm-04a010Aa10w0w-0x0x04aww0x0n0a0 Complzmentf C omphmentf JOLLY ROGERS CHAPTER II THE HYLWA FUNERAL HOME C0"1Pl1mf"ff EQUITABLE CREDIT CORP JAY C MYERS Mgr LOANS .I O I. L Y R O G E R S Phone REgent 4 1646 CHAPTER III 178 Mfun Street Ansoma Conn RECORDS POPULAR AND CLASSICAL SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES lafw The Only Exclzmve Record Shop m the Valley EVERYTHING MUSICAL OPPOSITE CITY HALL Telephone REgenr 4 2494 Planning to Bulld or Buy' Comalt us he ore you take that nt Jtep We may he ahle to o er Jome help ul Juggestzom THE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY CONN MORTGAGE LOANS MADE SINCE 1846 110 YEARS OF SERVICE DEPOSITS 3525 266 702 00 SURPLUS 352 770 856 00 X 0H0N0' II7 9 Of Of I 5 of . , . S . . E 5 H . . ,, S - - 9 - 5 9 . . Q f 19 - DI f ' 1 6 . 11104-0'-02-0 X DOWNINGS FISH MARKET HERBERTS Inc FRESH FISH IN SEASON THE STORE FOR MEN LOBSTERS CLAMS Telephone REgent 4 3711 Resndence REgenr 5 1125 MARVIN SHOES Inc C0mPl1mf'1H 174 Mann Street Ansoma Conn MORRIS GANS CO 280 Mam Street Ansoma Conn lx? E .-. fb "1 fn FP F1 na ro F. D' :w U1 0 E FJ 0 O :z :J P-4 kll oo 5 D fn FY "1 FD fb PY D' :: W o E N 0 o :1 D S0'f0f10110' 0'0N0f 101 '01 THE EVENING SENTINEL NEWSPAPER if? THE EMERSON BROS , INC PRINTING OF ALL KINDS 1 2 E 1 2,1 5 . . s . . . .. -' oo f . . -I. I. o -' I 59-Q - I i. u' N . 2 0 - . S - . . . . A . . ,6 10f10'6V 40540"-7 '0Y7'9' HOMOGENIZED 'vVl'flDxIJIlI4 IC? FVlIl.l4L J 52 DELUHIRST rom Uorzrzeczflcafs Qirzesf 96117125 it 0056 1-0'0"0"'-010'10'f0'720N0'0I0'f10"0H0"0X0"-0N01' 011011-0' -01-0"0"0X0N0'2 0K0K0f0K0l 0N0K0'0H0" -0N0'0'10'0f ' w ll ll If V' ' Q . Q 622505 , 3 X Ji I 'NC' . J -J I v f 564 . ' " ' . Kg 'VI J K X W 3" ll 9 . .' y , , T. I l G R E C 0 - DISTRIBUTOR -- Phone REgCnt 4-7116 0'G? 0"0'!0Y0K00f0" 10"0l0g 1 AUTOGRAPHS

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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