Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1954

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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if X .4' ,ar f lf' jj demzm, V X X 'X I NTRODL CTION Wltlm 1 song, m our hurts we the tl 155 of l954 Lxprcss thc. vmous ph tses of our memomble yclrs it thc Ansonn Hlbll School through the umxersfxl lmguqge of muslc We let cermm mclodles speik for us for we feel they mn best express our thoughts Novx th tt theres ITIUSIL m the ur remll vnth us the preclous memorles of our lugh school LllyS WL smterely hope thi throubh the tunes vue hut scltttctl you will bt xhlt to ttpturc thc SCDEIITICIIIS xuth vuhxth this book WIS vu rxttcn mHRson Dechso J , if t 1: , 'z' , ' ' z I :A . 'Q 1 A 1 Y ' V K L n , - L A 4 ' 1 , ' 1 . l L - , . , . ' ' z 1, ' f .t v ' ,- ,' A .F an X WBA? if ZMD .Z X JOHN BLA AQ ig 1617 agrju je Q51 MNH-IE INN BY THE R A jj e er was the sky so epggfh Bur that the sun ca e g hrough There never was a rghr sq k But' wakenecl to eisshgrnyg lark' Nor as there eveysa Ir Him rurn fbr rh wlgar? throng N ear: so sqgigh r gume I H' Ih efcame ndx K h And D,e6th s n t 'E 'Hrreat t ol Qfafglj K1 'Tas the nn lufyngjllo efqon our Ry to Casa 9' R fl? as Q1 4+ fl 'farce years ago euglgdkgdelh ww Hrs sacr d ome h ye We your flhssmated 'for ere foreggo feljr 6122.061 j6fld' Blake, we dedkate ry afb 91' 'deep affecuohsf L if L .X B' 1 NQ 4 L .X 'xx C I N W I , A y x , M' pu 5 5 , "T AX , lffggii iff , 453 R H4 . K V. rw' v W Z , ,Mg X., r , " X. 1 x f xr' , I , k I O 21 kr ' ' arg' f f Y 1 r f , f N , ,, X fist ' 1' ff s 1 ff ' . , V 1 -fx' fi s as lf' x jx A A, O A I ' sbdk K F - s Y L ' r - U'k.42'l' EJ ,f A ex f N x Y ,675 XA-fuk' 5 fig' al 4 sf EX R Y., , pw ff ff p f'Hh,Ljsi, ii if J ' C13 7' ,K rf ,TH x 1 l V7 ,W - -V fmxx , L ,L -.5 5 ,f , 1 '14, ,V -- f t of 'ln . ' , rf K 'I A qu Q 4 , , K N h r A K5 X , 15 , iqlk gt . F' Q . ' - f, b 9 ,' 'Qi z ' . X ', f .. ., , 1' '1. ' JA Ke r, M5-5 52, -HQ at law yr ' Q N :' A r 1' -.X f A rs is f- :es . , -N A4 irxx - X, e rf A r 1 1 .iz ,,f,-,,f,,e3egs,JL- -rss 1 wi 1 -,Q , ..,. I.-.X,.-Maia. "ex MR JOHNJ F RUDDY Prlncxpal Ansoma I-Ilgh School MISS MARGARET ROCI-IE Segremry ru Mr Ruddy ADMINISTRATION MR. JOHN J. STEVENS Superintendent of Schools MR JOSEPH A MCGEE Prmclpal Pune Manual Traxmne, School MISS AGNES RAY Secretary to Mr Stevens 5 MISS CHARLINE BEGLEY Secretary to Mr McGee ali I . . v . .ly ,N ' - H - - - A , G. Q-L S A V': fr! A . Miss JOSEPHINE CRIBBINS Miss EDITH SCHOONMAKER MISS MARY MONAHAN Commercnal French C0mmCrClaI PX aw' MR J HOWARD CLARK Englnsh -I--.ll MR PHILIP HILBISH Soclal Srudles MISS MARY LANE Lnghsh MR GLORGE MANLEY MISS MARY COSS Scxence Englxsh French INIISS MARY RYAN MR IOHN GLENN MISS LOUISE MARVIN Socxal Studles Physlcal Eclucatxon PITYSICHI EduCaI1On Tl. w - . u as N M155 KATHARINI PRICIxII1 MISS 1081 PHINI KLNNLDY M155 HELEN UPTON Blology Mathematxcs rt ""' MR CHARLES ARTHUR MISS ETHEL ERICSON Mathemaucs Engllsh MR J FRANK RYAN Hlstory Latm fx sxK MR HENRY MARTORANO M195 MARGARET CONKLIN Itallan Engllsh ELEANOR MQNAMARA MR MICHAEL VICARI MRS FRANCES B LOMBARDI MISS Commercxal Chemnstry Latm Commercxal A I ' 4 W 4 7,3 U If ' L Y MR. CHARLES .IARVIS MISS FRANCES S. NASON Social Studies Foods PINE MR WILLIAMJ HALLIGAN Automouve Mechamcs MRS MARGARET K GORMAN Clorhmg FACULTY MR GFRARD CONKLIN Sclence Cxvncs MR JOHN F GONDEK MISS EMELIA E KULIKOWSKI Prmtmg Clmhmg MR, JOSEPH KIELFY Wfoodworking MR GEORGE H CROOK Machme Shop Pracuce RAYMOND BURNS Mathematlcs MR HERMAN J ROCHE Englxsh Economncs MR JAMES G FLYNN MR JOHN F LEARY Miss MARY MCNAMARA MR KENNETH D SNOW English Draftmg CIVICS Woodworkxng K R ' 4' S ' 4. - I MRA . ' ' NX. 3 G- 7' .' 5 X LQ xg Business Manager- Robert Wakelee Photography Editor- John Dana Senior Section- Macleline Bernardo Marilyn Brunnock Charlotte Campbell Salvatore Ferla Barbara Fisher John Glenn Jean Hallett Rosemary Hylwa History- Janice Hylwa Frances Slusarslci Will- Edith DiLalla Joyce Leggo Mary Ann Supp Art Editor Jacqueline Ashelford Sports Anthony Vellturo Guido DeMelis -1 N Milf' ? J-RK Co-edirors- Helena Chmura Francine Daniels Pine Assistants- Mariano Adamo Horace Behrle Robert Cerritelli John O'Keefe Samuel Olenechulc Robert Ploski Andrew Porcu Business Assistants- Richard Dreher Robert Wedin Typists- Co-chairmen- Jacklyn Belko Margaret Condon Assistants- Faculty Advisers- Gloria Gaito Miss Helen Upton Antoinette Gurrera Mr. George Manley Virginia Krupa Miss Eleanor McNamara Helen McWilliams Miss Ethel Eriscon Ruth Yagovane in , ,., I 2 A 5 'lk .V Z MARIANCJ ADAMC? tiPineJ "Molly" Business Man "lVher1 he comer in, mirrhief hegimf' Likes basketballg Dislikes 755 a.m. bell. "Go ahead!" Small but livelyg always has an answer for everything. .IACQUELINE ASHELFORD "jack" Pediatric Nurse "She ir preftp la nailz ziirh. and ll iffy Io Iafi with. and plearanl 10 think on." Likes navy blue, musicg Dislikes stuffy people. "Oh, Mamaf' Friemllyg a very active member of the Dramatic Clubg cure A.H.S. mayorette. f19Qv-V ALICE L. BARNETT "Al" Beautician "I am ar had af ihe wont, hu! thank God I am ar good ar the bert." Likes Geneg Dislikes deceitful girls. "You knoll' hou' we do."' Gayg always with a smileg a friend in need. JOHN ALEA "johnny" Musician "Ile tha! fallout nazimf :fi mier out of hii' ual." Likes musicg Dislikes nobody. "Cool i!."' Musically inclineclg a true lriendg fun to talk with, l ADRIENNE JEANETTE ALLEN "Sis" Physical Ed. Teacher "Talk and I'!I talk with you: be .rilent and I'll talk alone." Likes dancing, sportsg Dislikes gossipers. "Dorff you LIIOII' I know?" Talkativeg peppyg a wonderful frientlg always has a good joke. Llit JN BARAUSKAS 'B.1ron" X-Ray Therapist "Nfl mari ll happx iflm doer not lhllli hllllllffff Jo." Likes bookkeeping, lj. S. l-listoryg Dislikes English. "ll"lm .role mm pahfunlfu Quietg friendly in his own wayg lmishlul. THERITLI. BE SOME CHANGES MADE A 1 liLlZABliTll M. BEEMAN "Bury" Othce Wtxrker "Quiet pcrmzzr are zrelrome everl- zvlaeref' Likes clothes, foodg Dislikes school. "Are you kidding?" Quietg shyg always workingg blushes easily. ALLAN BENIS "Allan" Weatherman "In quietnerr and confidence shall be your strength," Likes golfg Dislikes Shakespearean plays. "The plearure ir all mine." A neat dresserg very quietg appre- ciates a good joke. HORACE BIEHRLIE fPineJ "Hossy" Draftsman "fl friendly nature and tl .rmifc rinreref' Likes girlsg Dislikes oral topics. "Y0u're mad."' Full of fung well likedg easy to get along withg basketball enthusiast. xg- i I , 1 .N , L t L V." .h ' 4 . t A iiii X A. Y ' GOOD NEWS f-Us Aff! JACKLYN E BELKO jackie Physical Ed Teacher Beauty zr the gzfi of God Likes sports sharp dressers Dis likes arguments Cute smart dresser a good worker always lending a helping hand a nice smile MADELINE BERNARDO Mad ae Secretary llurzf rom the bear! IJ one rzgn of goodnerr Likes music school Dislikes bugs slimy animals I dont bnou. but 111 pzlzful. A born musician' talented piano player' always ready to help outg lovable and kind. JAMES BLAKELY CPineJ "Beaver" Auto Mechanic "Not too reriour. not loo gay. lbafr the way." Likes carsg Dislikes getting up early. "My tank ir empty." Amiable dispositiong cute grin witty without trying. MARIETTE BLOCK "Mar" Nurse "The hes! of life if conversation." Likes music, carsg Dislikes six- weeks tests. "What do Qou my. huh?" Very friendlyg a good studentg al- ways helping out. wi HELEN R. BRENIA "Helen" Interior Decorator "Whatez'er il worth doing if worth doing well." Likes jack, Sheltong Dislikes Helen. "Oh hoy!" Quietg charmingg a good worker. JOHN BOATH I Pinej "Punchy" Mechanic A :rife man relief!! hefore he rpeakrf' Likes dogsg Dislikes girls. "Don't heat on me." Good sportg always ready and lling to do another a favor. HOMEWORK ALBERT J. BREDA "Al" Mechanic "It if eaiier lo grow in dignity than to make a Hart." Likes girlsg Dislikes U. S. History, wise guys. "The most to my the lean." Neatg cuteg a good dresserg al- ways at his best. LAWRENCE F. BRETT "Larry" Priest "Character if that which can do without Jucceuf' Likes everybodyg Dislikes nobody. "join the cluh."' Very friendlyg an excellent speak- erg a good worker. ULYSSES BRUALDI "Les" Engineer "He would, he could, he did hir bert." Likes sportsg Dislikes homework. "Heck no."' Willing to co-operate with every- oneg helpful to those who need helpg winning personalityg intelli- gent. DIOHN P, COOKE "Full Speed John" Mechanical Engineer "Digr1ili CIlIJdPlL'CflJ flue man." Likes hot rods, footballg Dislikes hikers, talkative girls. "You zfwft Jai" Well builtg good uthleteg digni- lied. GERALDINE COX "Geri" Nurse UBEdlllffIl! in form and Hguref' Likes Notre Dameg Dislikes phonies. "Oh, bor1eJtl3."' Attractive brunetteg happy go luckyg full of fun. IT'S A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING ,IOHN XVINCHESTER DANA "john" Electrical Engineer "No mind if well organized tba! is deficient of humor." Likes classical musicg Dislikes school. "Greetings, Sam" Witty'g good sense of humorg good sport. FRANCES DANIIZLCZUK "Pat" Housewife "Silence if a friend Ilia! will nerer betray." Likes clothes, friendly people: Dislikes pests, jerks. "Old Go laonzef' Friendlyg neatg very quiet. ,fl ,Z FRANCINIQ R. DANIELS "Fran" Laboratory Technician HBIIH. dcfjle. full of fun. .Iluch ilu' l4?Id5'Vfd,LL'!1, Much flye har dune." Likes tall pcopleg Dislikes chop suey. "Ooh, I doflll Enom" Hard ivorkerg nice personalityg wonderful athleteg easy to get along.: with, SHIRLEY A. DANKO "Shirl" Secretary "QuielneJJ if bert." Likes musicg Dislikes conceited people. "I-1ea1e11r."' Willing workerg pleasing person- ulityg conscientious. .aims A LliNA A, DASCANIO "Lee" Nurse "fl lailhlnf friend it lhe zmfdifizlc of file." Likes musicg Dislikes being forteil to do anything. "Ili EI'6fi'VlII6'.!H Small und quietg a friendly disa position. CLIFFORD E. DEBAPTISTE "Chubby" Mortician "Ile tha! mirfhief hazchezh mir' vhief fatchethf' Likes everythingg Dislikes noth- ing. "Yo-Yo!" Carefree and popularg man about town. SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN MARION DECHIO "Skeets" Nurse "I try all things: I achiere what I can." Likes driving, dancingg Dislikes hot rods, "brownies," "Fry Ice!" Nice to knowg moderately quierg very friendly. DOMINIC DELLA VOLPE GUIDO JOSEPH DEMELIS ANN MARIE DIGIORGI '-DeDe" Florist "Chiquita" U.S. Navy Dee Secretaiy "p0puj,,,j,y bean him w,,,p,my," "He enjoyf holh :work and fun, Carry through life a .fmzlzng fare Likes everythings Dislikes phon- And has a :mile for ez'eUone." and Ie! your heart he gay ies. Likes sportsg Dislikes homework. Likes clothes Dislikes Schedule "Shui Up."' "No, you're leiddingf' O halonej' Spirited jokesterg noisyg a regular Able athletic manage-rg popular A quick smile pretty e es fellow. Y with the girlsg liked by all. friendly disposition 'TIL THEY'VE ALL GONE HOME A, -an a,. . .v RICHARD E. DREHER "Dick" Poultry Farmer "A little nonieme noni and :hen if relirhed hy the her! of men. Likes everythingg Dislikes not much. "Dig fha!" Carefree fellow who lets nothing trouble himg funny without any effort. "Gus Likes alecs, we , xx M - 'NL 29" X I r in ,4 A V V V W 5,15 yiggiv GAYLE DIGIORGI " Nurse "A friendly nature, A :mile sincere." good clothesg Dislikes smart "That'5 all jafh."' Easy to get along withg cuteg has a smile for everyone. EDITH R. DILALLA "Edie" Private Secretary "lt if a friendly hear! tha! har plenty of friends." Likes tennisg Dislikes swimming. "You're kidding!" An attractive and popular girlg neat dresser at all times. ANTHONY L. DIPIRO "Tony" Sailor "A good companion, an easy friend." Likes girlsg Dislikes phonics. "Wanr1a Fight?" Tall, dark, and quietg nothing worries him. MICHAEL j. EGAN "Mike" Forester "People hefome rirh hy minding their ou'n hufinefrf' Likes sportsg Dislikes "brownies," Not too talkativeg a good friendg a regular fellow. THOMAS FAIN fPineQ "Tom" Automobile Designer "Speefh ir great hui Jilenre is greater." Likes cars: Dislikes studying. "Whal'J happening?" Spirited jokesterg always laughing with a pleasing disposition. we f SALVATORIZ FERLA "Sal" Musician ",llu.iii'. mee! Ilvi maker." Likes music, good timesg Dislikes wise guys. UGO! man. GOV' A good pal to both sexesg parri- cipares in many activiriesg an ex- cellent musiciang our popular class president. "fe . 1- " i 'Hia CARMELA M FERLISI farm Nurse Not much talk a greal ,sweet Jilerzce. Likes musicg Dislikes silly people. 'Gee!" Conservativeg always there to do it favorg enjoys a good joke. ,W RAYMOND FINKLE fPineJ "Ray" Physical Director "G'rrmir1g old if nu more lhau 11 bud hafzif. zvhifb a bury man hai no time In form," Likes swimmingg Dislikes fourth period. "IJ tha! riffs?" Popularg all roundg pleasant to everyoneg athletic. always greets you with a big smile. X 'V 4 A ' ., is -Oi -' ., P' 4 1: BARBARA FISHER "Barb" Medical Secretary "The band that barb made you fair, bulb made you good." Likes handicraftg Dislikes creamed cauliflower. "Oh, for Pele'J Jake." Cute little blondeg has a wonder- ful personality and a pleasing dis- positiong co-operative. MARY LOU FEDERICO UI-UU Hair Dresser "And zvlml the drum tn dream of. she dares In do." Likes dating Lloydg Dislikes trou- ble makers, "fl fari,"' Always smiling. a Carefree and friendly person. ,a" ' fzf iizw 1. f'4+'I' i Q -'il L5 fr, . r Q iii f HENRY FERNANDES tPit:eJ "Duke" Mechanic "A .lion among the ladies." Likes womeng Dislikes to be lazy. "Cool ,10ur.felf!" Talkative and ambitiousg popular with the fair sex. MARY lfl'I'Z CilfRAl.D Hlfitzyll 5CtI'L'I.lfI' HCRLVIIXL' of ipwrlv. lwrzcfituir of mimi." Likes serious pcopleg Dislikes boys. "Gully" A loyal friendg pleasant personu- lityg always ,I good xxord for -,Q f-, ' fs .- ..a I , K, V CVCYYOFIC. a 9 X IT MIGHT AS XXIELI, BE SPRING CATHERINE BLANCHE FOUNTAIN ,1 AX DIUDITH FITZ PATRICK ".Iudy" Medical Secretary "There ii nolhing mf! ro little or gow .io for 11.1 rourle55." Likes study period: Dislikes peo- ple who .ire never on time. Hljreftri 4'ool,"" Pleasant to be withg a friend in- deed: loads of fun. "Cathy" Seamstress "A1u'a,u ready uizb a good joke. Ye! Lind and lboughtful Zl'h6719I'Ef 5276 spoke." Likes Cleog Dislikes conceited people. "Hem, you rlou'n."' Never a dull moment with Cathy aroundg a good athlete. X ROBERT GABIANELLI Kpinej 'lGtiDDQ'l4 U. S. Navy "Them .nu llvrw darn in llvf I1 eel wflndin. lodui and lozzzormzif Likes sportsg Dislikes "brown noses." "Cer off my !eg."' Spirited jokesterg noisyg a regular fellow. I do mil norm on or abou! - RICHARD GABRIEL CPineJ "Gabe" Carpenter HS07IlL"fT7Ilc'.I qulel. .rrmzetimei a riot." Likes .uolfg Dislikes girls. "I don? rare." Crooner of Pine Schoolg cheerful: happyg always ready to go any- where. K 1. X .L Q S D X VERONICA ANNE FCJWLER "Verna" Nurse "Both ijfwzt. zilufn Ilwre if need. Arid .rpeaimg in mzrmif' Likes loodg Dislikes nothing. "Yeah."' Quietg lriendlyg thoulathtful. GLORIA GAITO ANTHONY GALLO JOHN M. GARDELLA "Gloria" Secretary UT lpinel M Qh, A "1ohnny" Dentist "My trouble: are like bublzlerf' H Om , AL mist MDflfKf'1f Wifi Uldfff 11 fblllflll Likes beach, music: Dislikes The grrirldl it Snruitd an. 1l'0fk!7ld71." 4 V Schedule Lphonieg, I 1' 'V A I .6 ee' I Likes dances, holidaysg Dislikes .,We,e Jazz?" Likes goldg Dislikes fourth period. Studi up girls. Neatg conservativeg very cute. 'll doin failure thaw' HC0"?e.,?"'l Wim' do W" "bmi Full of fung well likedg easy to get flaw ir! along with, ESTELLE GATISON "Stell" Housewife Hlinu 'mu do mli,"' Likes musing Dislikes nosy people. "Dorff do il." Good athleteg co-operativeg fun to be with, DOWN YONDER Sociableg lots of fung pleasing sense of humorg neat appearance. JOHN GLENN "Bucky" Coach "Thai Jax IJ lm! lu zibiflv one lffai' rm! laug'7ed," Likes foodg Dislikes homework. "How do?" Popular with the opposite sexg loads of lung easy to get along withg mischievous. I . MARGARET MARY GLENN ' 3 3- "Marge" Medical Secretary "Silence it more elegant than u'ordi." Likes musicg Dislikes dentists. "Gee u'biz."' Quiet and sweetg always cheerful. IXIURIIQL Hqykqywflqy ROBIZRTA I1. IIl'BIiRT RICQIIARD IIARTMAN fPineJ "Pear" Traveling 'Q-I prefix gfrf. u rldfilflll nl gm. jour grind Izrei IIIIMII IIIUH iulzfif I dJ'L.LH Likes girlsg Dislikes work, "I duff! go! mme." A jovial fellow with good spiritg .1 gre.1t iidmirer of women. Mickey" Phys. Iid. Teiither "Frier1d,r me good 11 zz all rlmiwlf' Likes sportsg Dislikes nobody. "Yun get NIL' in l1K7'lUllI," A new-comer who gained many triendsg very tiutivc in sports. v V, 1 LOUISE MARY HUMMEL "Lou" Nurse "Laughter ii' not a bad begirlnirlg for a friendfhipf' Likes Massachusettsg Dislikes den- tists, "CrV1in' out l0ud."' Full of fung energeticg popular with the opposite sex. .IOHN LDXWARD IIIfMIiNXVAY "F.irmer" Test Pilot Hlieflcr lm happy 1114111 ziiief' Likes girlsg Dislikes school, "ob leak!" Rough, tough, and readyg a regu- lar guyg school is the least of his worries. we A X W , N six. Is I ARTHUR HLWYA tpineb "Art" Band Leader "fl limi fuidfriaierl IJ a taxi acum1pIiJlJed." Likes musicg Dislikes book reports. "Cool it."' Neat dresserg plays a mean trump- etg always ready with a helping: hand. Hliohlwyn Nurse "Vw ll rm! u'1'Hir11l1 In pleafe. ,Vw crm be .vffwll in lr'mfi'." Likes Uldsmobilesg Dislikes being t.iIl. UOIJ. geek' Pleasnritg good listenerg sports enthusiast, I UNDERSTAND RICHARD HUZI "Huz" Tcagher Hlylfiie ollwrf. ln' IJ himself." Likes sportsg Dislikes nothing. "Ili ,1a."' Very active in sporrsg enjoys .1 good timeg always reserved. ROSALILQ M. IMPERATO "Ro" Secretary "Speew'9 11 JIXIUV. and .ilfwzrf ll gnfdwlf' Likes bop musing Dislikes oranucs. "Yun mlzfd Maru lmrzgfmf' Cheerful brunerreg .i sxxcll friend to have aroundg .irrr.utix'e dresser, DEAR DIOHN 1" UIANICQE MARIE HYLWA "jan" Nurse "She uufkr 4 g1fa'de,i.f. and lrmbr u queen." Likes bracclersg Dislikes waiting. "Really" Attractiveg winning smileg always composed. . ,fri ROSIZMARY j. HYLXVA "Ro" Laboratory Technician "Her uppmmrzfe ii'lIll'. ,rlaleli una' demure, 1311! nf her inner mllure - llqell. infra rm! llllff H I sure. Likes pony tailsg Dislikes spongers. "Oi oi" Induslriousg class babyg shyg in- relligent. BARBARA KARKOUR "Barb" Housexx ife grmzl' lmzrl ii 1161167 llmn all the faerlzfi in Ilya z4m'ld." Likes datesg Dislikes trouble mak- ers. "r1l,,.rf,, flrillxtm Very lriendlyg rhoughtfulg always on the go. KIOHN KARLOK ",l.uky" Marines "lj in fm! mu duff! ,iucL'eed. Tri Ike uulnefdf' Likes sleep, sportsg Dislikes pay- ing bills. A y "LU Gwzflya' dl! il,"' Good .irhleteg nine blond hairg 25 pleasing personality, MICHAEL M. KASINSKAS "Father john" Forester H' zfrnff ml? Nllltfl. lm! I bear a lol." Likes serenity: Dislikes shtivinlu. "ll7baI,7' Quiet, reserved manner, yet loads ol lun to have around. DIIEAN KILEY "jean" Dancing Instructor "Life U' tam .iliorl Io be .i'erjon.i," Likes dancingg Dislikes school. "Hefpf'l Statuesqueg good dancer. witty. ANN M. KNAPP "Ann" Otiice Wtmrker "Get all ilu' fun zrbife .1014 61111. life ii' Jhorlf' Likes partiesg Dislikes conceited people. "Lei me tell you." 26 Her nine personality wins her many Iriendsg enjoys a good yoke. 12 I If MAURIiIiN D. KELLY "Maureen" Teacher Hui,kIL'll Irirlw wel' ure ir111lir1g." Likes study periodg Dislikes con- ceitcd people. "G0."' Reserved in speech and mannerg truly .1 likeable lass. 'if 4. . , 148 Q A . Y D V JO-ANN M. KENNEDY "jo" Nurse "Happir1ei's ii a hah!!-cultizale it." Likes almost everythingg Dislikes pretzels. HI'101l' rraz5."' . A cute cheerleader with an infec- tious giggle. ' HIIRLEY IELVIRA KLEIN "Shirl" Daming Teacher "t,m11c.i111dIr'ip il ui ,mu go. U11 llle Hgh! faulaiin' foe." Likes dancingg Dislikes nothing. "Off, 110717 fn' Jiffy." A tute hlonde1 fun to have giroundg good tapdanter. X STR ANGER IN PARADISE J I1l,I'ffXNUR IQQJAIAIXVSKI ."XN'I'OINI,'Ii'I'I' I.. "lil" Num. KROPII-1XY'NIl,Kl "II"'l1i ffffrl :fffwf f7fi1I II iff 'lil' S"'LrCUrI flllllll ffffff' 'l.f!i fi .f fmfff ffl tlft'f'f'ftai." Likes cxtitciiiuiitg Dislikes siiolv. Likt-s tlit' In-.itlig Dislikes sriimlis "Ymli."' Hlllff, 1'f! lf4f."' Quiet, Liritlcrstitiitliriu Ivltiiitlcyist Likcs tt: l.lL1yllQ t,ilk.itivcg gimfl tu .uct txluiig xxitli. .itlilt-rc, XYILLIANI LAR RIN ipllltl ,,,I.lpm,,. Ifst.ttc .intl lIlNLIf.lI "lf fi lztfffw tif flilflfll flfifff fff fft Il li.IL'.H Likes lootbull .mtl liuiitiiitug Dis- lil-Lcs w,QL-tables. Imlff Vfitty Lind uirctrccg ncwr qui it Auuotl athlete. BRIIEF INTIZRLLIDIZ l i f I . VIRGINIA ANN KRUPA ",Ic.m" Private Secretary USUIIIL' and lllc' whole iwffrld .I'Ulj!i',Ii with you." Likes scclusiong Dislikes soggy ite cream umus. "Lal me flue mn. I-ffl." A very active cliccrlcatlcrg an ull- muritl gtmtl sport, ,IOYCfIi IfI.lZrXBIi'I'll LEGGO Ubloytcu Teacher "lU'1'Ili fi ffl prclti dUt'.l,H Likes tu tlrivcg Dislikes cuties, Hllwvff. fffffft fan irfff lfflfil Pctitcg siiitcrc friemlg .uuiitl tlun- tcr, liwli. ture. XVILLIAM LIBBY 1 Pinei ' Beans" Private Df.-tettivc Ullwlij ILUIL it fufff lfle if ,vo ,i'fJrfrf," Likes girlsg Dislikes LI. S. Histtiry, "ThzlfI.l Ierrfbfefn flute yvith Q1 nite pcrsurialityg u swell friend. 27 DOROTHY T. LOREC "Gumpy" Typist "Sli: fmfdv the unrld di' ilu' iiorldf' Likes Piney Dislikes Seymour. "NUI lm: frilly." Nice pcrsoniilityg wittyg a sincere ,ii 'Q friend, , -1 ROBERT A. LLNGARINI gg 5, A "Bob" Lf S. Military Service ' mf- , 11, mil lniwfvzzrzmz lu livin- limi 1 " mmphinv, Yun Inna MALL!! 171: I lun mmf, lvl me ifnwfzu' i1,c'4i11." - Likes having ii gmail timcg Dis- likes sixth period. f "Be al fnfzffw lfuii lovingg niiisyg likes ni glgqp U' A f iii class, , K 4 T I I 5 L 4 fi' , ' ,:'- i TELL ME WHY ,loiix MALINAK. JR. "John" Teacher "Thi Iwi! Kflllrdl on Jlaaff be done." Likes biisehsillg Dislikes fish and peas. "I 11'u'II!6'tl In wi . . . " Reserveilg ii harcl workerg appre- ciiites ii joke. MARY MANTINI ROBERT A. MARINO ,IOSLPH S, MASTROSIMONE Mar" Secretary "Bubby" Mechanic "joe" Musician "YJ-nf, ibg my 1,1lL,"' "lu iilcmc Ilufw ii' iz imrllv Zhu! "Life har ilr mutic: Likes Perry Cloning Dislikes Uh 'f"f'f.ff 'W 'ffL"'H 191-5 ind 4 'M-VN ing. Likes c.irsg Dislikes school. Likes music and sportsg Dislikes "Uh, 11,,."' "Thats it."' snobs. H , H Petite very quieti friendly Quiet likable fellowg friendly to A I doin know ' ' ' JH- Nice personalityg quietg a dark haired boy. ,45 HELEN S MCWILLIAMS Re Secretary Good humored frank and free Lrkes sports DIslIkes long haIr Oh no' A lrvely redhead charrermg all the trme DAVID QCDSDNNELL WILLIAM MCGIVNEY A fazlhful fzfrgjefr the medzcme mow fun, LIkes fishm Dxslnkes small fIsh hkes food D'Sl1"fS homework gG-0 kid, Cule Cute' Never worrned thxs easy gomg GSL? matured fun lovmg Sfld fellow q MAURICE F MEADE o Pro Golfer Be rzlent and Jule Jzlence never betmyr you Lnkes ,golf DIslIkes homework Oh gee' Cure spry fellow on the football held fun to be wIth Mac l me F BI Agem ' E"S"'ee' Why uork uber: plug :J ro much Om ARLENE ROSE MEEGAN Arlene Secretary A maid pelzte uzth charmr .ro rweet LlkC5 popular musrc Drshkes late people Oh gee' Very frrendly and sweet -I - .I - .. .. B ll ,, . . . . . " I 1 I ' n - n , ' ' H u .I - H , . . . . . S , , . 'f.- , " I f- ,s-I I Q I ' ,be 3' I . V - I 5 I .- .I ' L E , !" . bfi. I ' ' , s A . 1 A . 1. dn .IM .I .. I- ,.- - ,, ,, . . . ,, . . '. I I . . . . . n lr , - . , u n ' r - ' ' ' , . I - I . . If 1: , Q I ' fr u ' . I ' - I . I - ' MARY LOUISE MLYNAR Mary Lou Secretary Her :mile :J ru eelened hy her grawty likes musnc Drslnkes nosy people What are you Jer:ouJ9 A hne frlend a cute twlrler BARBARA MORGAN Barb Secretary Wzty fern and frequent xrmler Make :he frzendrhrp well worth whzle Lnkes boys Dtslxkes concetned people Do ft' Quiet frxendly capable of bemg I r' WILLIAM MITSAKOS QPIHEJ Dynamtte Detectwe Nothing uorner him Nolhmg burner hzm Lakes huntmg Dnslnkes Sensor Musnc You knou 11 Easy to get along with often smllmg good sense of humor steady frxend MARIE MORGANELLI Mane Nurse Calm and qulel in her Jorl of uay With her zt II uorh hefore P47 Ltkes sports Dlslxkes I-Instory Oy' Good sport very acuve athletn cally mclmed a strong fnend CAROLYN MOROSKO Kar Pnvate Secretary ughter u the yoyour evergreen of lzfe Lxkes boys Dlslrkes catty people You goofed Noisy lots of fun full of laugh er NANCY J MOTEL Nance Prnvate Secretary A merry heart maketh a cheery countenance Lakes john Wayne Dxslnkes on Ions Oh for Peter rake' Cheerful hates to stand stxll al ways on the go wonderful twxrl MICHAEL A. PATULAK "Mike" Electrical Engineer "fir prone to lllllfbtfff as he gblg to perform it." Likes foodg Dislikes school. "Shut up."' Ver' mischievous3 ha 1 y-go-luckyg s I in not ti ture in the world. it BEXWITCQHED, BOTHERED AND BEXVILDERED liDlTH F. PliR5lfiO "Edie" Setretary "A your! lwtzrt if firtltfr Mum all the heady in the ztorldf' Likes lfddiel Dislikes tonceited people. "Yun Jon? innii, Jn mn!" Friendly: easy goingg very plaus- ing manner. CHARLES ll. PETERS "CQhutk" Dentist "lt it the future of .1 peareful mind In be 4111111 and 1n1df.i'tufl7ed." Likes food and sports: Dislikes mlkative girls, "IJ that right?" Quiet .ind shyg nite looking ath- leteg friendly nature. ALICQIQ ANN PETRYSHYN C1HARLESVPlXXfONSKl "Al" Secretary x U lpmel UAA , H "C.l'ias' Draftsman .1 merrx ui the dui 1.1 long. I ,Y E N b 'When :tori IJ' dune. Sleep I5 Likes almost everything Dislikes carry people. "I feature that." Amiable dis ositiong enio fs a good . P Y yokeg one of our cute twirlers. 32 fun." Likes huntingg school teachers. Dislikes high "Get 0ut."l An easy going fellow with many friendsg well liked by his class- mates. K 7 ' , 5 B- 4 J ROBERT PLOSKI fPinej "Bob" Toolmaker "Your good fhararter il tuba! you haze made it." Likes sports and girlsg Dislikes grammar. "Hey Brotlaerf' A good sportg swell to get along with. elf? - .ti X 4 , X WALTIQR ANTHONY PLOSKI "Walt" Mechanit "1 am Jure lhaf cure U an eneml of life." Likes a Buickg Dislikes sixth period. "Be a f0ol."' Fun lovingg entertaining company: usually talking and joking. TIME ON MY HANDS U JOSEPH J' POETA CHARLES Popikfxs Joe Poultry Dealer "Butch" U. S, History Teacher "A laugh ii' zwrfh a lazmdred f'N0ij9ing imiriei, him., gmunr nz any market. Nothing huwiei himiff Likes Pat, basketballg Dislikes ton- Likes Sports. Disiikes Wise Uiiyg wired people . .ffm limp. 'T H lltli gall Carefree' good for .1 laugh' never LAW Wllnil- always really lm' 3 marries about homework. iokeg noisy, ANDREW PORCU lPin62 "Pork-,"' Manager of a marker "I could iz! and louk and look- ' af the carer of a book." Likes girlsg Dislikes phonics. i'Rally in the rixlh,"' Always wisecrackingg nice to have around, huh, girls? BTARY ANN PORCU ALAN POTTER :Malin E Surelalfy "Al" Hardware Store Driver ff fffvgffiiijjjizifiifrfiifiifxfffed "1 vi quiet in ,mr quiez firm," Likes buysg Dislikes two-facers. Llkh dnvlrigl Dmmffs bmwmes' "YealJ"' DU up liasy to get along withg full of QUICK reservedl Shy' fi' ng infectious giggle. 33 Q L BARBARA A. RYAN "l5.irlv" 'l'clt-plione Operator "liar irlml ii filwlitnll Il'll!7llllf lm af imzf lrlll.Q!7lL'7'.jH Likes Alimmyg Dislikes pests. "Uh geef' Cioorl naturetlg always on the gog exuels in sports. 1 1 FRIENDSHIP 1' 4 A CilfNliVllfVli A. SADLUXVSKI "Gene" Teacher MA diipuuzzrnz in gnldui ui' her hair," Likes people in generalg Dislikes poetry. You llklllf lu bel?" lntelligent1 good ilebaterg haril working Ctlitor ol the "Observer," , 1 ,fs V, ' aft if :fig 'V 3 13 4' K DIANA JUAN SAURR AUGUST E. SBARDELLATI "Dee" Sorial XX'orker "Augie" Rada, Qpel-aw, "Serene and mlm in an uutruubfed day" Likes everythingg Dislikes nothing. "ReuU5."' Can be very serious antl quiet at timesg gootl listenerg easy going. "He lanky on life with quiet eyerf' Likes driving and girlsg Dislikes getting up in the morning. "Oh, yeab."' Good naturedg ftiendlyg fun lov- ing. JAMES PRINCIPI cPineJ .llmmyu Truck Driver "Sigh no more. yirlr. Jigh no more." Likes outdoor lifeg Dislikes fruits, "l'm iiilh ,w11."' Always presents a smile and a neat appearance. SAMUEL j. SALERNO "Sam" Accountant "Your cbamrler ii' what you hare' made." Likes music and girlsg Dislikes stuckup people. Tbafr nba! ,mu Ibirlkfn Loads of fung nice to talk tog tloesn't get mad fast. l'lrXRl's."xR.'X Sf lll'K llhlxkx 'Sthuky Metlital SL-tretaii "l..mqli fzrlillliu .'if,ii'illi1ffkglu L4 Ill' lulr. l.1lNL'sI11L1siC. liisliktw stlioollwookt "Cul .w li' Quiet. unassuming. :owl sporr -f N-XL Q i-Ws.!PxZ RICHARD P. SCI-IULL "Dick" Traveling Salesman A'Self - re1'erenre.' relf- knowledgeq :elf-rw11ml." Likes public speakingg Dislikes Monday. "Well . , . " Scientifically inclineilg intelligentg industrious worker. AS 'l'lMli CiOl:S ROBERT' INIAYO SCiHUlN1AClHliR "Shoes" Lab Technician "And be bin 41 fr.ier1z1'l,1 heart," Likes wisecracksg Dislikes snobs. "G0Jh!" Pleasantg appreciates a jokeg fun to know. CLAUD SILVA qPine1 "Sill" Auto Mechanic "Good humor and generosity farm lbe day friih the popular heart all the uorld over." DOROTHY L. SEXTON "Dot" Lab Technifian "Serene and mlm ar an uutroulalezl' day." Likes sports. Dislikes slow people. "116,V.,q" Likes girlsg Dislikes to get up, "Peter" Witty' and friendlyg quiet a fellow with the ladies. lirientlly, xx ontletful conversation- alist. . 35 HY XVILLIAM SCHUMACQHIZR tPine9 "Shoes" Carpenter "MJ plwinf-e.. are len - girlf. girls and more girlif' Likes footlg Dislikes "The Bums." "Good enough to milf' A good sportg always ready for fun. z l O L ful vxmlvle. lllxlxlxo un ml fur 1 lglllllll. I.1lR.1- IX 1 i V 4 A f 5Il,X'lVRl5l RU l.'KNlf l C,ANllLl.l1 SKl.RLl4 K l:RfXNf,li5 M. 5l,l'S,-XRSKI Mmlel ",l.m ' lluuwwile "l7r.m" Sen remry llmlfwm 111 L1 "S1fuml lv pllflllllll -- Iliff fl H1 wr' XMI' -fuer-1f1f1'f11ff." " Llmzpf' l.xl4es al.1DLlUgl Dislnlcex In be l.1lwx "pup nulsicf'Dlxlllu-s11pcr.1, 'llllllcjl ,Y I H .,u..,,7lIf., ll fuzfl ilu nm11w'.' ' Quia! A amd and IUN1 multi- l'l'lCI1nlll'. lI1nlL15I1'lUL1N, l1'lIClllgCHl, :me In knmx. mll yplrlt. ' l5.nrlw" lfm Hzlllllz 1' fl .nl ll fm. Lnku -llllllllyl Dnlnlx "YL Gm! l,.aw m Her .xl me xurl, 1. . we . . ' F K A ' Nur pg-rwn.1lxrx. :wml lmenerg kllL'L'Tll1l, ' ' FUNNY lxklil l.l..X I llRl8Ill 5Nlllll BARBARA NNIART ,, V X N' A lux Nuremrl L r L , . A N, C ,Af ff,1.'.um J. .a.: Jw 11 in ff L L Vrifl ,,Il,'Hlf, .l XMJYI . l.1lwx xp--ru lhslilxex bepremlvcr LN mlmll. tl Y I I 4 -. JAMES V. SORRENTINO "jimmy" Doctor "W'i.'fJ Jtep lrizzmphanl and a bear! of fbeerf' Likes fun and laughterg Dislikes homework. "I don? know." Always good for a laughg if rhere's mischief, that's where jim- my is, Guorl sense of humorg sports en- , X 5 '27 I , X f S. O 5: 5 E, if JOHN xl, STANKO 'Swanksu Business Mm "Full Of L'l2eer.f11ff of pep. UIJIIIILLI fun at erery rtepf' Likes loorlullg Dislikes brmsnies. "Ilan ufwn! lbalfu MARY ANN SUPP "Mary Aim" leunhcr "Her ww in .staff of 114 Ijlllfflf fair. l.1li'1:r.'!z,ulv1'.i Inu. fur 1111.151 burr." Likes nc rrerimg Dislike. 'curly rim lwcil. L-.irly to rise." "Oli, f'Jca1'w1.i."' DORIS L, SXWEET "Dorm Nurse Hxlff III aff, xlnrfi J flfeufzfe lu.i.i.' Likes televisiung Dislikes wnneireil pulpit. "11i."' Quicrg lriemllyg ililiuenr in every- thing she does. rhusiasrg easy going. Persimimliry plusg populurg intelli- luenr. CARL TALLBERG "Carl Trunk Driver "Happy 11 the man uizlv Vldfl L1 rare. ' Likes car ruaesg Dislikes opera singing. "ll7lJa!,' Do .wa 1141111 rl 711c'ddf.iii Quiet and pleasantg gooil frieml to have. DELLA M. THOMAS "Delly" Secretary H.llIlL'Z7lL'f ajumes in ber 6'jt.'.l. and imifci' druzie upon her lfpif Likes Auuud timcsg Dislikes people who rank take a ioke. "You 521014 ,"' T.ilk.iriveg gayg happy-go-lucky, I JOAN M. TOMASHESKI "Jimmie" Nurse MLJllKZblIlf. ldfilllxl. ufzlrui gum, .She helps lu Indie J peffw! Jul." Likes tall buysg Dislikes short hair. "Sax, 14 fur?" Full of fun and gituglesg t.1lk.1tive. RELAXED .ir-xuriicm, ,IRAN H. TRLYL JR ROXX' ",lc.iri" Nurse .l 1lH1fl1'lL'UlPc7' giuili tm uifgc' . , - . . Ill fffr V dilfktiil filullij. Liku rlic wunrryg Dixliku puki- muh. "Oh, f1mIfiu.'4' SL-rciic .uid L.ilmg .ippmliiiu Ln.:- lixli .iiiciitg iimiiilvlc .lixpmitiiiii ANTI If PNY lf. X'lfLLTL'RO 'Kiiiuwi' C liciiim 'wlllw fixw' iifwmii Jill fun lli .N ififliglwi. uw! the fem! of fluff, flu' Zuglv lil7UHil iiiigfu'-." Likca iiirpldnug Diblikcs lliiklgcrw ,. . ,., I duff! ffm! LIVUIHIZI. ffm. Pupukir .irlilctcg ilcturrniiicil pci- mri, ,i mighrx' mira: cniiip .i ,Sunil l 1 I CQIIARLLS A. YIVLS iif.ll.ll'llL" Arm! "fl J.zf'l-fialruf fin! HIIXT fl'lLPlLIll null." Likw iliimiiitug Dislikes nothing. Hlvnfufll. I gneii iri."' Siiiiiurli ikinccrg tall, ilurk and 38 h.imlwiiic. RALPH M. TROY "R.ilpli' Cirmcr Hfmmf N.lflH'L fi nm' ffl tfii l'llll7L il ffllfll' HI f7c'rir1l1dffI1.H Likes wupcil-up truQksg Dislikes six wccks tcm. Hljflllif fmg vial" Quiet .it tint. but look .igning blumhca ciisilyg nice to know. . X ...A X A " "ar Nil JUAN TYIWIA fluanieu Housewife "If ji' beltfr In he .wiall and .vhnit Ibiul to ,ic Agreai and i'i1.rt a .flmdrm Likes ,ipizzag Dislikes boys. "Oh dedrfn Tiny blunileg quick ro smileg quiet. -IOYCL B. YLLMS ",lw5'U-'i' Nurse Hn' iffsiii NJ1 nh flu infix the imri Ima' iiliwz Ifufi muy Iuge1lwf', " Likck thc Ngivyg Dislikes insulting pciiplfgl "l'fin'ff firm' fini," Dituiiilicilg IlL'.iILippC'LiX'.1l'1L'CQ popu- iliccrlcmlcr. SITTING BY THE XVINDOXY' ROBERT XVAKELEE "Bobby" Chemigal Engineer "AJ good-matured u .foul ar e'er trod on flzme of lealllerf' Likes photographyg Dislikes noth- ing. "Oh .riff him. ilzl."' Always merryg co-operativeg well liked by all. RUTH M. YAGOVANE "Ruthie" Secretary "Her air, her manner. all NIJ!! mu' admired. Lourteozzi' llmugll shy. and gentle lhougla reliredf' Likes friendly peopleg Dislikes complainers. "That'r pre1t5 cool. lJo3."' Reserved but friendlyg everyone has a good word for Ruth. ROBERT N. WIQDIN '4NX'easel" Engineer "Hull and lmmnr mi Llllllpdllllfll be." Likes driving and girlsg Dislikes homework. "Kid, I'ze go! neuxr for gauf' Tallg good-humoredg get to know him and you won't be sorry. IT SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES GERALD YAGOVANE 6Pinel "jerry" Carpenter "A Nllllhll .ipirit lilli' Ilia! linlff frame." Likes .uirlsg Dislikes hunting. "George."' Cute and talkativeg makes up in mischief what he latks in size. NORTON YONTEF "MOH" Pharmatist Hllappbi-go-llzfii. flfeerful und' yin. A rerbi ,good pal in E'16'fV1 way." Likes golfg Dislikes long speethes. "Clue me."' Good sporrg carefree fellowg al- ways ready for a laugh. ki 2 GENE ZYGMUNT "Zii.:i.:y" Secretary "And .flue li willy and she if gay Ana' the ir rmiij in erery maj." Likes boys, Dislikes Snobs. "Ab Valfh."' Witty'g talkativeg full of fun. 39 CLASS HISTORY We the members of the class of 54 enterrng the seemmgly mammoth halls of the Ansonla Hrgh School four years ago as Bewrtched Bothered and Bewrldered freshmen had one dream to become hrgh and mrghty semors Now that we have reached that model of perfec tron and are gradually prepartng to leave our be loved Alma Mater we can recall the numerous events that played an rmportant part rn the realrzatron of our dream Wxth the electron of our freshman class officers Barbara Ftsher presldent Ann Marle D1G1orgx v1ce presrdent and John Glenn secretary treasurer w made the first advancement toward our goal Before long the talent and the abrlrty of the freshmen were recognrzed ln the hlgh school band and on the Ob server staff After months of preparanon our efforts were rewarded wrth the presentatlon of The Belle of Barcelona our annual operetta vxhnch proved to bc a great success In the leads vsere ohn Blake Joyce Dreher Lourse Hummel Gene Sadlowskl Wrllraraa Glenn and Sal Ferla As our hrst year of hlgh school came to an end we looked forward to an enjoyable and restful vaca tron But that summer wrth the tragrc death of ohn Blake a popular classmate we suffered a very great oss We returned m September to the Ansoma Hrgh School gettlng acquamted agarn wrth some of our old classmates whom we had not seen all summer Although we were strll Strangers IH Paradrse lf was wonderful to be an actual part of the lllgll school Startmg wrth a bang we elected Sal Ferla ean Hallett john Glenn and Lmda Mayer as our class officers The sophomore football heroes that year were Tony Vellturo john Stanko john Karlok Bernard Odoy Charles Peters Bull McAll1ster and Hugh Collms Representmg us on the basketball team were Anthony Vellturo and ohn Glenn The gurls also showed thelr prowess nn athletrcs by gammg merrts on the Honorary Volleyball Team whrch included H 40 Genevreve Chapllnskas Marron Dechxo Edxth D1 Lalla Jean Hallett Gene Krupa Marre Morganellr Ahce Petryshyn and Gene Sadlowskx Many soph dramatrsts exhrbrted therr actmg talent by jornmg the Dramatrc Club Lawrence Brett was the lone soph who par trcrpated rn the Pubhc Speakrng Contest As unxors we were only one step away from our goal But T111 Then as full fledged upper classmen we eagerly set to work by electmg our junior class leaders Sal Ferla presrdent ean Hallett vice pres rdent john Glenn treasurer and Lmda Mayer secre tary Unfortunately Lmda left our hrgh school to at tend Shelton Hlgh but she was ably replaced bs Barbara Frsher Patty Smlth and Donald Redshavu left th1s year also for prrvate schools and Sandra Bus well left to attend Mllford Hxgh School It was not long before we had the pleasant task of selectxng our long awarted class rlngs Black onyx was agreed upon as the stone The rmgs were to be engraved vuth our class motto-Ad Astra Per Aspera john Cooke Mrchael Egan Rrchard Huzl Edward Grxfhn Mxchael Patulak John Hemenway ohn Glenn and Maurrce Meade jomed our football squad that year At the annual football banquet Bernard Odoy and Brll McAllrster were selected as co captams of our football team lohn Glenn served as our basketball captam Robert Wedln Jon Hall oe Mastroslmonl and Rrchard Schull were the rumor baseball players Cheerrng our teams on to vrctory were two peppy pumor cheerleaders ean Hallett and ackxe Belko Leadrng the Ansoma band were junior twlrlers Alxce Petryshyn Nancy Motel and JHTIICC Hylwa Grrls ptomment ln athletrcs were named to the honorary teams Jean Hallett Nancy Motel Alnce Petryshyn jackre Belko Dorothy Lorec and Marne Morganellr were named to the Honorary Basketball Team whlle the Honorary Volleyball Team mcluded JHCRIC Belko Helena Chmura Francme Daniels Gayle D1G1org1 Barbara Frsher ean Hallett Gene Krupa Marre Morganelln jean Zygmunt and Gene Sadlowskl A . . S . T , , , , , . 7 . . , . .- . ., , -. , - J ' , . , ' a 1 1 I , ' 2 J v ' ' , 5 , - ' g . 3 H , - L s C ' 6 4 . , . l ' . . '1 ' , , 4 ' - 5 ' . - I v K 7 K 'c 1 vc . - V C, y Y . A V K . I Velms, joan Tomasheski, Richard Schull, Richard Green and White were Chosen as our dass Colors. , - 4 . 1 ' I 7 , 4 4 , V 4 I D . 7 ' lv 7 - A ,uv l . ' . f . . 'Y ,J J - - 5 I . Y . -4 yy.. . , I , , ' I Y 5 I 4 5 6 ' ' s 7 H Y 3 7 , , .. ,, y , J . ' , , J , , . The first Play Day rn the hlstory of our school was held durmg our lunxor year Many of our yunxor grrls partxcxpated rn the event wxth members of other schools R presentmg the junror class In the annual Pubhc Speakmg Contest were Richard Schull and Lawrenc Brett who won second prxze In the Amerlcan Legron Oratorncal Contest Sal Ferla and Lawrence Brett drd the honors for the yunxor class Delegates to the Geography Conference held at New Haven State Teachers College were Mary Ann Supp james Sorrentmo and Sal Ferla A new attractxon was added thrs year the JLIHIOI' Sophomore Assembly wrth several of our classmates partrcrpatmg Everyone looked forward to the annual umor Senxor Receptron and rt rs wrth pleasant memorres that we recall thrs eventful evenrng Wrthout a doubt A Good T1me Was Had By All umor grrls chosen to represent our class at Nut meg Grrls State at the Umversrty of Connectrcut were jean Hallett and Gene Sadlowskr Boys chosen for Boys State were Tony Vellturo Brll Mc Allnster and Sal Ferla Wrth Mrxed Emotnons we yomed wrth the sennors rn the memorable Class Day ceremonxes Presrdent Sal Ferla accepted wxth prrde the spade from the senlor class presldent for next year we would be SENIORS' When we returned that fall we were actually Srttmg On Top of the World for at last we were the hrgh and mrghty senlors Our semor class ofhcers who ushered us through the final year of our high school experxences were Sal Ferla ean Hallett ohn Glenn and Mary Ann Supp Gene Sadlowskn was chosen as the edxtor m chref of our popular school paper the Observer Sal Ferla bemg a capable co worker was chosen as her as srstant Edrtors headmg the drfferent departments were Barbara Flsher lrterary Mary Ann Supp school notes Reyna Olderman exchange Marllyn Brunnock alumm Lounse Hummel glrls sports Madelyn Ber nardo and Edrrh D1Lalla typrst charrmen Rrchard Schull busmess manager and ohn Dana photog raphy Helena Chmura and Franctne Daniels were chosen co edrtors of the Lavender Durrng the month of December the Dramauc Club under the drrectxon of Mr Clark worked con tmuously for weeks rn order to present the play Sprmg Green whlch everyone thought was mag mficently accomplrshed The annual pubhc speakmg contest resulted rn Robert Schumacher wmnlng thrrd prxze Later on nn the year the Amerlcan Legron Ora torncal Contest was held Frrst prrze was awarded to Sal Ferla second to Gene Sadlowskr and tied for thrrd was Rrchard Schull Our artractrve drum mayorette jacquelyn Ashel ford and our charmmg sentor cheerleaders acklyn Belko jean Hallett ean Krupa Dorrs Carrubba jo Ann Kennedy and Joyce Velms together wrth our twnrlers Alxce Petryshyn Edxth D1Lalla amce Hylwa Nancy Motel Mary Ann Supp and Mary Lou Mlynar contrrbuted to the lrvely spxrxt and joy of games where we watched our senror boys lead us on to many vrctorres The grrls drd very well that year too and be cause of the large number of excellent volleyball players Mrss Marvm requested that the entrre class choose therr own candrdates for the Honorary Volley ball Team After much drfhculty thxs team was chosen Helena Chmura Francme Damels Barbara Flsher Mane Morganellx Barbara Ryan Catherine Fountam jean Hallett and Murrel Horowrtz March arrrved and flnally our senior assembly was put on the theme bemg Frfty years of musrc We had songs and dances slow and fast sketches e c which were favorltes from the years 1904 to 1954 And last but not least the most rmportant event we shall remember Forever and Ever was the Semor Prom That has all ended and now as we recall these mcrdents and the last trme we sand Vaya Con Dros to all our classmates we shall go on through lrfe as usual hoplng for the best and lookxng forward to the glorrous clay when We shall meet agam 4 -I A . Q . - - Q ' 5 I 4 e ' f 'z 4 ' ' . . . . ' 1 ' 1 ' . . ' . e . . 1 . . . , K G ' I . , 4 l , L 1 c. K X ' t . 1 4 A , . - ' I . ' N s J . Q . . , 1 . . . . . . , ' ' , J ' . , . , 9 9 ,I 9 1 J ' ' , , , , J . , . . . , , , I .. , ' " " 3 " ' " - our senior year at rallies and football and basketball ' , IQ lr . , ' . . . . . l s x ' . . 5 , K ' K . . , . lt I ' vu C Y , , 1 . . c .. . . .. . . Y , , . , , . , 1 v J 1 ,l v , ' . , , , t -7 , v , 5 Y I 5 7 9 9 Q , ' Q - , ' 41 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF 1954 ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL We the members of the departrng class of 1954 of the AHS Ansonra Connecticut USA Planet Earth having completed our four year Brref Interlude and departing for Far way Places now leave thrs wrll and testament Among, our Souvenrrs FIRSTLY To the superintendent of schools Mr Stevens to our prrncrpal Mr Ruddy and to the faculty we leave our srncere thanks for preparing us for the future and for giving us four happy well spent but wonderfully crazy years SECONDLY To Mrss Ericson Mr Manley and Mrss Upton we Live a vote of thanks for therr rnvaluable help and assrstance rn preparing thrs yearbook THIRDLY To the faculty we leave Mr Ruddy Some means to discourage rnterruptrons durrn, assemblies Mrss Marvrn Gerrtol to conquer that trred feelrnr, Mrss Ryan Added energy to break her old record of 5 push ups Mrss Prrckett Red Buttons welcome- Hr Hr Hr Mr Clark A tennrs match with Pancho Gonzales Mrss Schconmaker A prrvate fire engrne to go to all thc res Miss Conklin A separate shelf rn the library for her books Mr Ryan A brll collector to help hrm collect money from trghtwad puprls Mrss Coss Several students qur pouvarent prononcer ces mots correctment Mrss Monahan Some strong he men to help carry supplies to the book store Mrss Crrbbrns A parr of elevator shoes Mr Manley A secretary to record hrs valuable remarks for posterity Mr Vrcarr An arr condrtroner for hrs hacrenda rn Mexrco Miss Kennedy and Mr Arthur Some femme fatale: to grace therr trrg classes Mrss McNamara A heater to keep her warm rn the audr torrum Mr Conklrn A bottle of wrde awake prlls Mrss Lane-Coordrnatron rn junior and Senior High School test schedules Mr Burns A nomrnatron for the trtle of one of the 10 best dressed men rn Ansonra Mr Glenn A hothouse to supply hrm with hrs darly bou tonnrere Mr Porell Some young hopefuls for the band Mrss Nason A cookbook Mr Hrlbrsh A dozen people to be rn the oratorrcal contest Mrss Stewart A book entrtled Women s Rights Mrs Lombardi The newest model arrplane Mrss Roche A bottle of perfume entitled Take Me Away From It All Mr Martorano An empty hrst floor corridor dunnr, 3rd lunch Mrss Errcson Students who wrll be wrllrng, to stay after school to work on extra curricular actrvrtres FOURTHLY To the Juniors we leave the hope that they have as much fun serving therr term as we have had FIFTHLY To the Sophomores we leave the motto Remember everything always looks darkest before you become Senrors SIXTHLY John Alea leaves wrth Lena D Ascanro Adrienne Allen leaves making norse rn the halls jackre Ashelford leaves her dramatrc abrlrty to Judy Sokol Leon Barauskas leaves hrs brcycle clrp to any junior who wants rt Alrce Barnett departs at 1 55 Betty Beeman leaves her neatness to Marguerite Polk jackie Belko leaves her wardrobe to Joan Kusprnskr Allen Benrs bequeaths Shakespeare to anyone who vrants rt Madelyn Bernardo leaves her prano abrlrty to Drane Debskr Marrette Block leaves her left hand suspended rn space lWhat a Rock'J Al Breda leaves hrs neat appearance to jrmmy Mongrllo Helen Brenra leaves rn her grrlfrrend s hot rod Larry Brett leaves to change the outside world Ulysses Brualdr and Jon Hall leave for a Scout meetrng, rn the strcks Drew Callrnr leaves blrndly for the eye doctor Charlotte Campbell leaves to make the famous Noodle Soup Dorrs Carrubba leaves with everyone admiring her cute harrdo Angie Chraro leaves Bewitched Bothered and Bewrldered Helena Chmura leaves her scholastrc abrlrty to Pat De Rosa Hugh Collrns leaves hrs height to Brran Srnglrger 'Margaret Condon leaves A H S to work at Prne Betty Clifford leaves for work at the 5 8z 10 John Cooke leaves hrs drgnrfied ways to Jimmy Supp Gerr Cox and Babe Grova leave close frrendshrp to Irene McGurre and Mary Lou Mace john Dana and Robert Wakelee leave with their cameras Francine Danrels leaves her herght to anyone who wants to make the honorary basketball team Frances Danrelczuk and joe Mastrosrmone leave for the First National CNot the bankj Shrrley Danko leaves her famous grggle to Mary Connors Clifford DeBaptrste leaves to assrst others to leave Marron Dechro leaves whrzzrng up the Hous rn her motorboat with Carmella Ferlrsr following on waterskrrs Domrnrc Della Volpe leaves hrs ways to anyone who wants to get rn trouble Gurdo DeMelrs leaves hrs cuteness to Donny Poeharlos Gayle Dr Grorgr leaves to help out rn Sam s Ann Marre Dr Grorgr leaves sportrng the cleanest whrte bucks rn the AH S . - - - , Y . . . I - ' -n a H ' ' 'v v ' . . . Y - 1 ' s Z ' 1 ' ' ' rv I I ' . - Y . . . . . T I V U A1 -Y -H' . fi . ' . Miss Upton-Students worthy of Rembrant. Marilyn Brunnock leaves her proximity to school to anyone 7- - ' .. . , H . . . .. ' , . . ., . - . L . . . . . 42 Edrth Dr Lalla leaves her good nature to Dot Olson Anthony DrPrro leases wrthout a care rn the world Rrchard Dreher leaves hrs tuba to anyone who wants rt Mrke Egan leaves us wonderrng how he subtracts backwards Mary Lou Federrco gladly leaves Sal Ferla leaves hrs leadershrp to jrmmy Hallrhan Barbara Frsher leaves her complexron to Betty Lou Smrth Judy Frtzpatrrck Veronrca Fowler and Maureen Kelly leave srngrng Srde by Srde Mary Frtzgerald has left Catherrne Founrarn and Estelle Gatrson are gorng gorng gone Glorra Garto leaves rn search of a formula for garnmg werght john Gardella departs strll mumblrng about Toussarnt L Ouverture Bucky Glenn leaves wrth a brg., bag of lunch rn each hand Margaret and Brlly Glenn have rust left Whrch twrn has the Tonr? Eddre Grrfhn leaves hrs good nature to Artre Krlpatrrck Antornette Gurrera and Rosalre Imperato leave through the srde exrt jean Hallett leaves her pep and popularrty to Shrrlee Taylor Farmer Hemenway leaves lookrng half asleep Murrel I-lorowrtz leaves her New York accent to any grrl who wants to act wordly Roberta Hubert leaves to convert all the natrves rn Afrrca Lourse Hummel leaves her Drck Tracy set to the junror grrls who want to get men Rrchard Huzr and Robert Marrno leave out rn space over therr trmrngs janrce Hylwa leaves wrth no regrets Rosemary Hylwa leaves her 4th year Latrn book and notes to the poor unfortunates of next year Ann Knapp and Barbara Karkour leave rn search of jackre Karlocks formula Cnot out of the bottlej Mrke Kasrnskas leaves hrs track unrform Jo Ann Kennedy and Barbara Smart leave to grace the nursrng professron Jean Krley leaves us rn hysterrcs Shrrley Klern leaves Trptoerng Through the Tulrps Eleanore Koslowskr leaves her artrstrc abrlrty to anyone worthy of rt Fa Kroprewnrckr leaves Do re m so la tr o Vrrgrnra Krupa leaves wrth fond memorres of her cheerrng ays Joyce Leggo leaves her telephone number at drsposal at all trmes Dot Lorec departs srngrng Prne boys are fine boys Lungarrnr leaves Mr Ryan s room wrth Ploskr Malrnak leaves hrs nrckname of P B to anyone who wants rt Mary Mantrnr leaves the best years of her lrfe Mo Meade and Mary Lou Mlynar March on Munchrng M 81 M s M M M good Bull M Allrster leaves hrs athletrc abrlrty to Marty Lawlor Brll McGrvney leaves hrs brother to carry on the famrly tradrtron Helen McWrllrams leaves her red harr to any junror who doesnt want to use Trntarr Arr ne Meeqan and Barbara Morgan leave ssh Marre Morganellr leaves her athletrc abrlrty to jean Hulley Carolyn Morosko leaves talkrng all the trme Nancy Motel leaves the school mrnus a good twrrler Bernre ODoy leaves hrs formula for speech makrng to future football captarns Reyna Olderman leaves to open a tuna fish factory Dolores Pagano leaves to yorn Nrcky Mrke Patulak leaves bound for Wrndy Hrll Edre Persrco leaves her poetrc abrlrty to Ann Basra Chuck Peters and Butch Poprkas leave an honorary mem shrp rn the K O Boys Club Alrce Petryshyn leaves her artrstrc abrlrty on all the books loe Poeta leaves hrs vorce Mary Ann Porcu goes out rnto the dark dark world Allan Potter leaves not sayrng a word Barbara Ryan leaves Number Please Gene Sadlowskr leaves a supply of asprrrn to whoever takes over as edrtor of the Observer Sam Salerno leaves quretly August Sbardellatr leaves rn june Barbara Schuchman leaves srngrng I ll send you one dozen roses Rrchatd Schull leaves hrs abrlrty to argue to Brll Ruddy Robert Schumacher leaves to storm the Bastrlle Dorothy Sexton leaves her abrlrty rn Physrcs to Drane Ryan lan Srlvetberg leaves her cuteness to joan Ploskr lanrce Skerlrck leaves wartrng for Deanne as usual Frances Slusarskr leaves her pleasrng ways to Carol Osreckr Isabelle Smrth leaves rn search of her Srr Walter Ralergh lrmmy Sorrentrno leaves sportrng a new cashmere sweater Stanko leaves Clear the Way Mary Ainn Supp leaves rn ecstacy over her U Conn week en s Dorrs Sweet and Deanne Sauer leave together Carl Tallberg leaves the Hrlltop unwrllmgly lean Trevorrow leaves her appealrng Englrsh accent Ralph Troy leaves rn hrs red truck Go' Go' Go' loan Tyma leaves her story about a trrp to New York for anyone who vsants an rnterestrng oral toprc Tony Vellturo leaves a trarl of broken hearts 60h Tony' loyce Velms leaves her srngrng abrlrty to Joan Barberr Charles Vrves leaves equrpped wrth a shoe horn Bob Wedrn leaves hrs srzzlrng fastball to jackre Ahearn Ruth Yagovane leaves wrth trmrngs rn her hand Morton Yontef leaves hrs drag wrth Mrss Schoonmaker anvone who wants to Hunk Zrggy Zygmunt departs zrngrng zrng a lrttle zong SEVENTHLY To the entrre Student Body we leave l Added health and vrgor to carry on rn our footsteps 7 A more alert and actrve Student Councrl 3 A Coke machrne and a yukebox rn the cafeterra 4 Less Schedule l more movres and assemblres and all rn all less class trme LASTLY We hereby entrust to Mrss Ethel Errcson executrrx thrs our last wrll and testament In wrtness whereof we the graduates of 54 have srgned and sealed thrs wrll on the 23rd day of June AD 1954 DEAR HEARTS an GENTLE PEOPLE D . ' Y' A 1 . . ' ' . ' r ' 1 1 ' r ' ' . . ' . . . . l 9 ' ' ' I " ' I . W- 4 . . ,, ,, ' . . Y 7 . I ' . . r - - Q K 7 lt rl . . y ' , ' .' . loan Tomasheski leaves in her gay, carefree manner. ' ' ' ' . . . . . W 'b Q ' ' ' G , , i, 5 , '. Cl . Q - - - ' to Y . , . , . : , . . , , , . I N .x - 1 . . A I I t ' l - , Ae . - -! .. - . . . . V. d 43 U Ms OPHCYRQ H Q SENIOR O SYNIOR ASS QF PIN? President ciqlllgrc Fcrh pres! FICTRS 11110 nt II e grnno Ad Vice Fresi e M ferr Vice P flf me Behrle Secfemr gliiliwxxel Oleneiiliik Trensuref Robert Germ qty Ami Sup resldeflr ohn G enn P Sefferary Tfeasurer asf!-g A H S SENIOR HOME ROOM OFFICERS Robert Schull Bxrlml Fisher Hugh Cullum Beirhlrl Rx ln Williziiu McAllister Iom Tomwshcslxi MWTIC Morzginelli Rilph Troy Virginia Krupq Genevieve Sndlowski if xff? SJ? X I Xl PINE HOME ROOM OFFICERS - 4 A PINE HOME ROOM OFFICERS - 4 B Robert Cerrirelli Richard Burns Thomas Fain 44 Horace Behrle Samuel Olenechuk Willianu Larkin Andrew Porcu Mariano Adamo CLASS DAY-A. Genevieve Sadlowski Rosemary Hylwa Madeline Bernardo Edith DiLa11a Janice Hylwa Anthony Vellturo df sf' N44 PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Class Hrstory Class 1954 On 1 brrght sunshnny day rn September rn the ye1r 1950 the freshlj p11nted doors of the Charles H Pme School opened 1nd IIS frrendly corrldors beckoned to a group of small green freshmen We were gnen 1 welcommg 1ddress by our genral prm crpal Mr joseph A McGee There we heard those 1mmort1l words Pme Boys are fine boys and Pme School ns 1 fine school Class electrons were held and the followmg boys were elected to office C1rl De LISIO Presrdent ohn OKeefe V1ce Presrdent Robert Stevenson Secretary Tre1surer The Pme freshm1n blskerbfrll te1m enjoyed xery successful season defe1tmg our hugh school three trmes The ye1r rolled by vcry fast 1nd we were now ready to enjoy our long 1wa1ted summer vacation September came 1round all too qurckly and novs we were ready to st1rt our sophomore year at the dngnrty 1nd were no longer consrdered the babres of the school but upper cl1ssmen of our fine school Boys prcked to gunde our cl1ss HHHIFS for ou: second ye1r were Robert Stevenson Presndent ohn OKeefe V1cePres1dent and Robert Sherman Sec retary Tre1surer On the football team we were repre sented by Sam Olencchuk and Drck Burns and on the basketball team by Molly Adamo We had to make a chorce of which shop we would elect for our next two years at the school Now rt was June and trme for a long needed vacatxon As we c1me to school as 1ll lmportant juniors we found 1 new f1ce m our class Bnll I.1rkm who had come to us from Notre Dame We now had the shop of our cholce and h1d 1 goal rn slght In our class electxons we chose john OKeefe Presldent Wrllram Larkrn Vlce Preszdent and James Pr1nc1p1 Secretary Treasurer Thrs year we were hosts to the junior Senror Re ceptnon and all enjoyed a swell nrght Brg Sam Olenechuk was a standout on the foot ball team Some of the boys p1rt1c1p1ted rn the Sophomore junror Assembly whnch proved 1 success Boys State Delegates were Robert Ploskr Arthur Hlywa and Horace Behrle une came and we started out on a vacation which was to be our last As the school year came around agam the bell rang and we started our never to be forgotten semor year We assembled m the mechanncal drawrng room to he1r Mr McGee spe1k We were no longer green 1nd nolsy but 1s the B T O s of the school-quxet reserved 1nd dxgnxfied As the footb1ll se1son arrlved we were represented by Big Sam Olenechuk Mrke The Toe Crchon 1nd B111 Vrtamrn Larkrr' The class ofhcers for thls Important year were as follows Presldent Marlano Adamo Vlce President Horace Behrle Secretary Samuel Olenechuk and our 1ble class advrsor In September we started on the final round as Pme students 1nd 1n no tlme at 1ll the year of 53 was over After the Chrzstmas v1cat1on tryouts for the Senior Assembly were held and wnth all the natural talent of the semor Pme boys the assembly was en joyed lmmensely by the lower classmates The socral hfe contrnued wrth the un1orSen1or Receptron We were the honored guests of the JUHIOI' class and of course the mam event m any semors hfe IS the Semor Prom The prom commrt tee consisted of the followmg boys from Pme Marmno Adamo S1muel Olenechuk Robert Cerrx tellr john OKeefe Robert Ploskr Horace Behrle Rlchard Burns Wrllnam I.ark1n Wllllam Schumacher and Henry Fernandes Yes rt had been a very short but enjoyable four years and the rmmortal words that Pme Boys are fine boys and Pme School rs a fine school would always lmger m the memorres of the boys of thexr wonderful davs at the Pme Hugh School K I K . I. . ' 1 , ' f' I . T. 1 ' ' ' 1 3 ' . , J . I . , L I A ' I I Y Y ' . 4 . . ' ll ' ' ', A ' ' ' ' 1 "1 K ' y 'Y ' L . K K . I 4 ' 2 ' - u - - n - . . - t A' 1 4 . . . Y. K Q 1 L 1 1 Pme SCIIUOI- BUY HOW We had 3 llffls mme alt of Treasurer, Robert Cerritelli. Mr. Herman Roche was K K . . T y Tl . . . ' , g J . 1 ' Q , I' K , - K I . , . . I 7 9 5 . . l 4 , 4 , T. I ' 1 Y a D, , ' I K I 1 . 4 n n . 1 , 7 7 , , . . 9 , - 3 , ' " ' 46 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Class of 1954 Prne Manual Trarnrng School Hear ye' Hear ye' We the class of 1954 of the Charles H Prne Manual Trarnrng School of Ansonra rn the county of New Haven State of Connectrcut U S A make these bequests our Last Wrll and Testament Arlrcle I To the Charles H Prne Manrrrl Trrrnrng School we leave Peace To the office we leaxe a self wrrtrng pen to wrrte our tardy slrps To the Prrntrng Shop we leave 1 lrnotype Ma chme To the Auto Shop we leave a machme gun t kccp thc sophomores rn therr seats To the Machrne Shop we leave a l1e detector to find our who keeps the tools To the Cookrng Class we lerve 1 cold runnrn wrtcr system To the Sewrng Clrss we lc we 1 water fountarn so thc grrls won t have to make constant trrps to the cookrng class To the Woodworkrng Shop we leave a fan to clear the smoke out of the boys room To the Mechanrcal Drawrng Room we leave a new set of tools for each student To the future puprls of Prne School we leave membershrp cards for the members of the Camel Club Furthermore we the Class of 54 do hereby make the followrnf., bequests to the faculty of our school whom wc have happrly obeyed the past four years Artzcle Il We leave and bequeath to Mr McGee In electrrc eye to find the bottles the boys throw around To Mr Iarvrs we bequeath a football team that vrrll cop the state trtle To Mr Roche we leave a loudspeaker so the stu dents can hear hrm read We grve and bequeath to Mr Flynn a gym so that he can work out rn peace We bequerth and leave to Mr Burns a box of Havana crgars We grve and bequeath to Mr Krely 1 group of senrors who know somethrng about woodworkrng To Mr Conklrn we leave a hydra matrc car su that he wont have to leave hrs crr rn second gear when he comes down from the hrgh school We grve and bequeath to Mr Learv our gratrtude for lornrng the faculty of Prne School We bequeath to Mr Snow Mount Vernon so he can see hrs puprls To Mr Gondek we leave an undefeated track team We bequeath to Mr Hallrgan another Porcu and Olenechuk We grve and bequeath to Mr Gaudro an assrstanr to help hrm clean the halls and classrooms To Mr Clark we leave srx perrods at the hrgh school To Mr Crook we leaxe another Adamo to hx the benches We grve and bequeath to Mr Martorano a hel1 copter to go back and forth from the schools To M155 BeLley we leave two bodyguards to pro tect her when she walks through the halls We bequeath to Mrss Nason 1 chauffeur drrven Cadrllac to brrna her to school To Mrss Ktrlrkowskr we leavc r glass door so that there wrll be no drffictrlty rn seerng rnto the sewrng class We grve and bequeath to Mrs Gorman a set of new sewrng machrnes We bequeath to Mrs MacLeod our thanks for substrtutrng for Mrs Gorman Artzcle III the rndrvrdual members of the lower classes at the Prne School we the Class of 54 make the followrng bequests Adamo leaves hrs golfing abrlrty to Anthony DeMel1s Behrles rntellrgence rs left to Wrllram Hall Blakely leaves hrs abrlrty rn auto shop to Peter Beecher Boaths boxrng abrlrty rs left to anyone who can match rt Burns leaves hrs drgnrty to john Berenda Cerrrtellrs physrque IS left to Robert Wrl lrams Crchon leaves hrs place krckrng abrlrty to Donald Palmer Farn leaves hrs good natured ways to George ordanrdes Fernandes han' style rs left to Kenneth Smalls Frnkles abrlrty to get out of school at an earlrer age rs left to anyone who can match Gabranellr leaves hrs absent record to Steve Pesta Gabrrels srngrng ways are left to Wrllram Rrchter Gallr leaves hrs hat to anyone who can wear rt Hartmans car rs left to anyone who buys un branellr Larkrn leaves hrs pepprness to Domrnrck Sarracco Lrbbys way of gettrng along wrth Mr ar vrs to Rrchard Cerrrtellr McDonnells basketball abrlrty IS left Rrchard Chudoba Mrtsakos way wrth Mrss Begley rs left to Paul Dube OKeefe leaves hrs ways wrth Mr McGee to Mrchael Srmon Olenechuk leaves food and money to Fred Watton who had supplred hrm wrth lunch throughout hrs senror year Parks leaves hrs frrendshrp wrth Frtzpatrrck s Garage to Edward Bostrc Prwonskr leaves hrs way wrth Mr Leary to Leroy Stanley Ploskr leaves hrs pull wrth Mr Crook to ames Hallrgan Prrncrprs story tellrng rs left to anyone who can match t Porcus way wrth the gurls rs left to ack Vasseur Schumachers woodworkrng abrlrty rs left to Wrllram Rrchter Srlva s way wrth Mr Gondek rs left to Theo dore Srlva Yagovane leaves hrs herght to Herbert Pot er Sworn to rll regulatrons accordrng to the rnherrt rnce laws of Connectrcut Srgned and sealed Prne Class of 54 i i ' To I I 1 4 ' ' ' 1 2 3' ' I ' 1 s 1 f 1 K In ' Y r 2 -I r- I . . I 1 l I . - 5. ' H 1 ' 1 0 , . ' .. . - , H , Z 2 - U 6. - .. O . . ,Y A: ll 1 it 7. . K . . A .. ' 7- . I 1 1 ' 1 I , K . ' , f 8. 1 . 1 ' 4 l 7 . Q . . 10. . - it. 11. ' ' ' K '- Y' 12. f ' ' ' ' . ' ' , ' 1 1 1 . K . . K I - 14. . . ' u ' . . i kb . - ' 15. Hlywa leaves hrs peg pants to Alfred Ga- ' . - 16. . . . Q . . ' ' 17. ' ' ' ' .J . ' 4 ' ' 18. ' ' . 1 " ' to 4 1 . I 7 . - ' . " 20. ' . ' ' , ' ' 2 . - 1 21. . . . r . . ' 4 . v r ' ' 23. ' ' ' ' . L . ' . 24' s - , ' .' . . 25. ' ' " ' ' . ' I . ' , 26. ' ' ' ' J. . Y 274 , . K .. . ' - 1 28. ' ' ' h . ' . .-' ' ' 29. . . . ' ' . Y 1 K ' 1 t . . . E . N . .A i .Ay . K , IOR Z- A'-v' CLASS COMPDIANS Dommnt Dell.1Volpe Adnenne Allen Manano Adamo KPIDCQ 'F' 'Q BI ST LOOKING Charles Peters john Cooke Geraldrne Cox lames Prmcxpl 6Pmel S X MOST FUN TO HAVE AROUND MOST VERSATILL Robert Cerrrtclln 6PmeJ lean Kiley Salvatore Perla Anfhflnl Vfllruw lean Hallett Samuel Olenechuk tpmey Q7, G N PEPPlEST NOISIEST john Glenn jean Hallett Wnllram Larknn fPmel Andrew Portu fPmej Adrienne Allen john Stanko d ' ,VI Q 3 A 1 2 N 3 5 of , ' og N : . A 1 A ' -rf if A A f - ,, ' I K 1 A , 0' LN U uf, H ' ll 1 li X V S f ti. - ' rt E 1 ill A ,,,, ,, Nh I A S A S ' J Nl! , SN ,. A S ' S to ' 5 N , .A A 'wg h Af k X I l l Ht, ' K fm S -. v U1 , AS S . . i 48 ff yn MOST MUSICALLY INCLINED Salvatore Ferla Madelme Bernardo Arthur Hlywa 1PmeJ BEST ATHLETES Samuel Olenechuk CP1neJ Hugh Collms Marne Morganelln MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Horace Behrle fPnnej Genevteve Sadlowskt Anthony Vellturo QUIETEST MOST DIGNIFIED Robert Ploskt CP1neJ D0f0!hY Sexton Richard Burns 1Pmej Joyce Velms John Cooke Allan Potter ' fl,- cl' l ll' 'IJQJ AX 1, -'Ir x f .1 AA' . 4 i' f , f, Yi' A X N 1 he 'VI 'F ? , ,Q ,Al ' 1 I, , ' -:- .SJ O. N A O V .l 49 kwin'- BEST NATURED Thomas Fam 6PmeJ Edith DiLalla Edward Gnfliin MOST INTELLIGENT Helena Chmura Horace Behrle 1PineJ Anthony Vellturo CUTEST MOST POPULAR - BEST PERSONALITY Guido DeMeli5 jo-Ann Kennedy jean Hallett Mariano Adamo fPineJ Salvatore Ferla William Libby QPineJ 50 x ' QSEEEEES 4SyFQ gli is W4 V ,o 2 'haf n., 41 W lrllm QW! 5 l Z 1' 0 W l RN SS ff f 0 X W Q 7 NX-14' ofowl , Xxx IJ X NX X' fii 'isp X .xg -1 A. V. x ' x X E QI .1 6 4 I N. life ? 6 sfggiqf . f l , UW ff !Qf?QN D 'B 1 W f5 ' E '-if Y ,Q V A s, l X I Q A RRR xx "':N Q5 sr . 5 SSE f pb ,f, Q' " 4 1 f 4 4 M H 5 2 IW FOOTBALL On August 29, while most of the students of the A. H. S. were still enjoying their lengthy summer vacation, about forty boys headed, purposefully but reluctantly, towards the clubhouse at the Athletic Field for their first official practice. Under the guidance of head coach Charles Jarvis and his able assistant john Gondek, the team held double practices for two weeks during very warm weather, but soon our team began to take shape. Although the season was prophesied by many as a poor one, the team proved to be a success in winning seven out of nine games, while losing to Stamford and Hillhouse. ANSONIA-20, LEAVENWORTH-O Led by their able co-captains, "Bernie" Odoy and Bill McAllister, the untested A. H. S. team took the field against a poor Leavenworth team. With McAllister providing the punch with his two touchdowns, which earned him the honor, "back of the week," Ansonia downed Leavenworth with some strong line defense which starred pint-sized Collins and two rough tackles in the persons of john Cooke and "Big Sam" Olenechuk. Ansonia's third touchdown came by way of a Lawlor to Ahern aerial. ANSONIA-13, SHELTON-7 With one win under their belts, Ansonia took the field against Shelton in the first night game of the season. A crowd of 4,000 fans saw Marty Lawlor score Ansonia's first T.D. and co-captain "Bernie" Odoy add the winning touch- down. Co-captain Bill McAllister, Hugh Collins, "Chuck" Peters, and "Sam" Olenechuk were the big guns for the A. H. S. ANSONIA-9, CROSBY-0 This was the do-or-die game of the season. If Ansonia could win this game the season might prove to be a success- ful one. This game was all "jack" Karlok. His electrifying 50 yard touchdown run and continual lengthy gains, broke the backs of the CrQsby players. Also starring in this game were "Mike" Egan, "Chuck" Peters, Hugh Collins, and "Bucky" Glenn. ANSONIA-0, STAMFORD-12 Placing a 3-0 record on the line, the forces of Coach jar- vis met a strong Stamford eleven on a cold October night in a game witnessed by 4,500 fans who were sorely dis- appointed at the outcome of the game. Although defeated by two touchdowns, Ansonia outplayed Stamford and beat them physically with strong line play which featured Hugh Collins, Bill McAllister, Sam Olenechuk, John Cooke, Mike Egan, "Chuck" Peters, and "Bernie" Odoy. ANSONIA-7, HAMDEN-6 Sporting a 3-l record, the charges of Coach Jarvis took the field against Hamden on a rainy Friday afternoon. Al- though Hamden took an early lead of 6-0, late in the third quarter a Lawlor to McAllister touchdown pass gave An- sonia at least a tie. Then came the crucial moment, with Vellturo holding, Cichon split the uprights with the win- ning point. A defensive standout was Hugh Collins. ANSONIA-34, TORRINGTON-14 Led by the swift running of Tony Vellturo, the Ansonia football team rolled to a 54-14 victory over Torrington at Nolan Field. Vellturo was a busy bee all afternon as he scored three touchdowns in the Lavender's biggest offensive spurt of the season. Ansonia's first T.D. came on a one yard bolt by Vellturo. Minutes later Vellturo again scampered 15 yards to paydirt as Ansonia zoomed ahead 15-0. After the visitors sliced the deficit to 13-7 on a pass play from Kulas to Koplar, jackie Karlok, Lavender speedster, rumbled over from the four yard line for a 20-7 margin. Once again Ansonia scored as the alert Vellturo intercepted a Torrington pass and dashed 42 yards for a touchdown. Ansonia completed its scoring on a 17 yard bolt by Billy McAllister. With the Ansonia reserves in the game, Torring- ton scored on a 4 yard plunge by Koplar for the final score of the day. ANSONIA-18, DERBY-0 Highly favored Ansonia pounded out an 18-0 victory over rival Derby before 4,500 fans at Nolan Field. Sparked by Tony Vellturo and the timely passing of Marty Lawlor, Charley Jarvis' grid gang rolled to two first- half touchdowns to seal its sixth win of the campaign. The first Lavender six pointer was all Vellturo. After sprinting for 52 yards to the 9 yard stripe, Vellturo pocketed the remaining yardage on the ensuing play for a 6-0 ad- vantage. Lawlor set the stage for the second T.D. with a pass interception and capped it by pitching 25 yards to co- captain Billy McAllister for another Lavender T.D. and a 12-0 difference at the half. The Lavender didn't score again until the Hnal period when Bernie O'doy battered over from the four yard stripe for the final score of the evening. Sam Olenechuk, turning in one of his best performances of the season, joined the rib rattling Hugh Collins and Mc- Allister as the top Lavender defenders up front. HILLHOUSE-25, ANSONIA-15 Bowen Field was the same old boneyard to the high fly- ing hopes of another good Ansonia eleven. Hillhouse stacked up Ansonia 25-15 as it played one of its best games of the season. The main misfortune was the first period loss of Marty Lawlor, deft ball handler and passer. Hillhouse opened the scoring on a 62 yard T.D. run by Charlie Gray. Then after co-captain Billy McAllister capped rm 60 yard march with a four yard sweep for a 7-7 tie, the .Iarvismen allowed Johnny Daniels to go 85 yards on the following kickoff for a 15-7 Hillhouse edge, However the Lavender got six points when Tony Vell- turo, swift moving halfback, raced 47 yards to a T.D. on a handoff from Billy Hall to earn a 15-15 stalemate. It was Hillhouse the rest of the way as the Lavender, now minus John Cooke because of a second period injury, began to wilt. Hillhouse moved to the ten yard stripe, from where Charlie Gray cracked over for a 19-15 spread. After an Ansonia interception the Ac's proceeded to add the clincher as they moved 75 yards in 12 plays to the ten yard line, from where Gray again cracked over to complete the scoring with a 25-15 Hillhouse victory, ANSONIA-52, NAUGATUCK-7 Employing some eye arresting T.D. tours to chew off yardage in big gulps, Ansonia's well balanced football team rolled to a 52-7 victory over Naugatuck to cap a surprising 7-2 campaign before 5,500 spectators at Nolan Field. Tony Vellturo, a late season shocker to the opposition, was the back breaker to the Greyhounds. The senior speed- ster raced through the bewildered Greyhounds on an electri- fying 75 yard touchdown tour on the opening kickoff, Late in the same period Vellturo gobbled up a Marty Lawlor screen pass and went 45 yards to paydirt to make it 15-0 and offset a second quarter Naugatuck T.D. by Ray Marinko on a pass play. It was co-captain Billy McAllister who finished the Grey- hounds for keeps in the Lavender dominated second half. "Mighty Mac" climaxed a 45 yard march with a one yard bolt to make it 20-7 and then again hit paydirt as he rum- bled 24 yards following an interception by the alert co- captain Bernie O'doy. johnny "Bucky" Glenn kept the scoring ball rolling in the closing minutes of play. The double duty center, a wing- back defensively, speared an ill fated Doiron aerial on his 58 and raced 62 yards unmolested to the payoff stripe. Coach Jarvis cleared the bench in the fading minutes with the jayvees holding Naugy scoreless. ,'s u rf 0 v 'V , ' A ot T 5 Q " . Q' ' ' ' ' , 3- 5, ,A I I . i 3 A x . W ' Y 'fi ,ff Q Q. .,,f , YQ: -v rf Q Q Q 4 I 4 vile-" kg in s 0 fn si V- ,Q A 7 V - 3 -1 .- L . -WL . 70 4 0 5 f' P v A QS ' df A ox, .1 . 1 s . Qt fb HO ,.-4 Y- X W ' 1 A ' :WN BALL 53 V ,H .. ' .JJ J., 71"- Q .Q 'X FU 'ls- It is fs 5329 A f ..k,Qfa1.4-2:Rll?E5'?if3x'.4i's1x 1 ww W X , L ! ' Q A W -J mga Q50 xg 1695 N p N5 gf ! . x f 5 Q i, KN, ix an y Sk! V XD XXX, 1' . y ll 'Ei ,wi-zu, ,sigh V9-sn, JAKE wi? :gm Ang 4,32 ggsunl ASDN N . - ,, 'H ..., i 2 1- 1: ws ' na +-gg' I Q -wr 4 I ' N ..a lx an.. ' vol N I hy, Sk Q., D fi 7 -1 ' "' ' L f Q i mv" ,..' 'Af' 9 . ,. , 5 1 5 Q ' 3 ,dh A A . an Q ' , ' 4 i ies", Q' ul QM' ' 1 X rl 3, 'Qi :fig iQ:JxI, .q.A:,Q - 'UI' s we 1 R, ' - - .a X ' -Av QE. ' ,S4 -YV! IW- 5' f ? Q fs if 1 i f aaa' rw' ' BASKETBALL John Glenn, Captain CVD Daniel Hart Samuel Olenechuk CVD Mariano Adamo CVD Michael Egan CVD Thomas O'Neil CVD john Ahearn CVD Gerald Heffernan Donald Palmer CVD Herman Antrum CVD James Kiley Arthur Schreiber Edward Brown CVD Martin Lawlor CVD William Sullivan CVD Vincent Culotta Charles Marrone Anthony Vellturo CVD Guido De Melis CVD Lawrence McGiVney Francis Verni William Hall CVD Robert Mueller CVD William Winkus CVD 3 TRACK A recent innovation in boys' sports in the Ansonia fleet-footed and nimble boys. Ably led by Coach john High School is track. Since it is a most rewarding and Gondek, our team has heaped more sports honors on interesting sport, each year it attracts quite a few the Ansonia High School. Bernard Odoy William Larkin William McAllister Michael Kasinskas Samuel Olenechuk Leo Stanley Michael Egan Harry Kershaw George Brown Hugh Collins 62 in Rich din ard Dffhel- Yxobefivje Although baseball is not regarded as a major inter- sonia High takes the field. Excellent pitching, fine scholastic sport in the Ansonia High School, each fielding, and Clutch hitting btitig out team ti-,at-iv year when the cry, "Play Ball!" rings out, a group of victories. eager players wearing the proud uniform of the An- VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM Marilyn Brunnock, Mary Ann Supp, Francine Daniels, Marie Morganelli, jean G I R L S 7 Hallett, Dorothy Lorec, Genevieve Zygmunt, Helena Chmura, Barbara Fisher, Carolyn Morosko. HONORARY BASKETBALL TEAM Forward: Alice Petryshyn jean Kiley Francine Daniels Barbara Fisher Guards: jacklyn Belko Janice Hylwa Marie Morganelli Barbara Ryan 64 An important part of the Ansonia High girls' school life is girls' sports, including volleyball, basket- ball ,archery, badminton, table tennis, and softball. During the long movies throughout the year en- thusiastic shouts and disappointed cries issue from the doors of the gym. lf you peek inside, you will see girls clad in blue gym suits eagerly participating in tournament games under the supervision of Miss 1:5-5 VOLLEYBALL HONORARY TEAM Francine Daniels, Helena Chmura, Marie Morganelli, Catherine Fountain, S P 0 R I S jean Hallett, Barbara Ryan, Barbara Fisher, Muriel Horowitz. Louise Marvin, our physical-education teacher. An eagerly sought honor is membership on the Honorary teams, consisting of girls who excel not only in ability but also in team spirit. On these pages we depict the Championship teams and the Honorary teams and show you pictures of action in our physical education classes. 5, A fx 'fi if CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Francine Daniels Barbara Fisher jean Hallett Genevieve Zygmunt joan Tyma Helena Chmura Marie Morganelli Janice Hylwa Diana Sauer Lena D'Ascar1io 65 Q, 2 1-Z' W ,R Q Q J Q 6 "" If -X s IL? L s Y il--M Q. T i , rx 5 f Q is Q Q gf I Q 1 lf ' A . ' , Q' , x ' , "NW tr 4 ' w,J, X1 I 3 Q, f X ....., as ARCHERY Joyce Leggo Dorothy Lorec Charlorce Campbell jacquelyn Ashelford BADMINTON Marie Morganelli Janice Hylwa Alice Petryshyn Barbara Fisher Jacklyn Belko S E M Thu! ve, MN xL.i x "' A gmzugawcevg, f , ! DAYS A NX I 4- .M K an sru QWN HJ f, B IQQQX dar 5 Nr 5"22,'?2N 4 N H 31... I s T Q X 'u-IQWQ X""'T 1:0 2-l-.GL L B J 4""" an-.e fl A S9 fe 19 Q, '05 'QI-ap 2 . ff 1'6- ., Qc' e 'Ar f Q- A . 'ea 'al ea 3 gr - i -gp Q 5 , gi 0 man. lv t ,. 5. Q, ' 'NN' Que: si Q-X Agia, bcqvrnwi lanle. 411 L L ' fab' x , f X 3 X H 51x QMQQ 6 . 115:51 - ' 'S 052 1. - . . X... A X f . if 'F 5 B' Wi' 19- Q tteloywg 5 , xxx ' l ' yan X, w , 4 V f A 1 ll' I - X , X .1 gb- ' 'A f X -f at ' x ,P U ! v i f ' ' M x I vi V If :I AV 'D A W X -. 57'-g3:aa.-,.fE-'f":r.. R J f X I 1:1,?" -fi' .-54:2 l gl-13 un D 0 Q Z 04 SN: frfgs Ag A N' ,Kg . 3 g a:'7i5: - U Q X4 V ' 4 Y Y . - . 5 - 'PQ n 0 V H-'dn lo 1 Xig' Q11 Q, ' KA! - U M, if . 11.1. Q K X et 06 . V H ' als It 'I :fl is X K N N Y STUDENT COUNCIL A. H. S. ,- ni' if 'N Q Hugh Collins, james Mongillo, Wfilliam Ruddy, William McAllister, Arthur Kilpatrick, Donald Poehailos, Gerald Heffernan, Richard Schull, Laura jane Seccombe, Barbara Fisher, john Ahearn, john Glenn, William W'inkus, Martin Lawlor, james Kiley, Richard Grifhn, Shirley Taylor, joan Fitzgerald, Virginia Krupa, Mary Ann Supp, joan Primavera, Mary Ann Shea, jean Hallett, Irene Kusako, Ann Basta. is g WZ,-7 'Vx OFFICERS Salvatore Ferla - President james Hallihan - Vice-President Dorothy Olson - Secretary-Treasurer 'N as S-Y PINE STUDENT COUNCIL Mariano Adam, Horace Behrle, Samuel Olenechuk, Robert Cerritelli, john Berenda, George jordanides, Harry Hunter, Peter Beecher, Frank London, Harry Kershaw, Edward Hallet, Gordon Hotchkiss, joseph Di Dio, Andrew Spak, joseph Warrion, Ronald Smalls. OFFICERS President - Mariano Adamo Vice-President - john Berenda Secretary - Horace Behrle Treasurer - Samuel Olenechuk 71 Assistant: Edward Ogren. Girls' Sp0rt.v Editor Louise Hummell Assistants: Constance Young, janet Sobolisky, Marilyn Woodford, Typists Chairmen Madeline Bernardo Edith DiLa1la Staff: Edith Persico, Frances Slusarski, Janice Skerlick, Mary Lou Mlynar, Angelina Chiaro, Betty Beeman, Carolyn Morosko, Jean Zygmunt, Ann Marie Grova, Barbara Karkour, Alice Petryshyn. Business Manager Richard Schull Assistants: James Sorrentino, John Gardella, Robert Mueller, Richard Levy. Photographers john Dana Robert Wakelee Faculty Advisors Literary, Miss Margaret M. Conklin, Miss Mary Coss. Business, Mr. Henry Martorano. Typists, Miss Eleanor McNamara. Art, Miss Helen Upton. -elf +-.Q ,-ml. ? THE OBSERVER Ji gt- W V , wif 3 . " l. g I N ITA: Q R, X fl OYS 5' ' Yse4K5CN ' Aevi XOSX XX 9 Z. -Yiesx fi M015 Q06 N1 x06 ge NAQOCS W' 'YMXOX qos f vm Secievavi Xixixefl A V OC va f UN . S 0099 mo 955 Ha SOP fr Fr H Z frank OM GO,.gW3c:Sl1f0l7d ORE Q' lv o O0 Hlia, LUX Xp Ol' Ili' l x P IN CIM. rr Vlbs. E 'Ss X 6-'lxeiien ft' ' ,ef 1' eta Side Ur R bees 'J' 11,5 v Q. OFFICERS JUNIOR PINE john Berenda - President George jordanides - Vice-President Harry Hunter - Secretary Peter Beecher - Treasurer SOP RW, HOAIOR Irene 31-d ' E G x laGGraldKQsakOrl6'0 R A H S UD? faqggefnz Iabeficlsla . 6000 x 5 1' e ' mbe he sldellr Hs X S L11-er Pffe Fary L4- .ta WNV AS Z . A gi WN D yj ,ce VAN 3056919 SKIN fn f Secguie' Andmewhvl wifes f 'UC h Sgciiaxa Sinn Q-S ,lags 1 . --1 lillli-l!i!i5 4. ' - E In wiv , .r - kfzf, 1 ftmlna 1.5: .I . E-A! .I - l ' Q1 "' , u A q 1 - I fm 1 NW-4-1fAf'+f ' '11, ?5 1 M 3 , l l ' f V :NH ' Aiyh xv 4 5? L M , + gif A, fa mix ., , I .V 46 A. 1. W-fn .X .y 4:1 1, t F YWKV4 ,Q a' ,I -V1 ,L lf, :fe If 'L gf . - - - 1. iii' - V-' .-:WX P kx. M 34 'I H -' l. AE Z li . Af In , if -ii-'I 'Q sf-r ml-II. 435. 8 1 4 fs' fix' f 7 W: xg - E? Yfklf' - Q l V . -, , n un as v .-ci I i I J le vi., if A 5' 6 fx...-s.x 5 , f 'K1'HiwaEF 'S -. ' K V, -1 Q 'z 34-f"1 . f Ac,-4' . . Edlth D1Lalla Mary Lou Mlynar Patrncna DeRosa Mary Ann Supp I TWIRLERS Exleen Wrlght Loretta Motel jamce Hylwa Alxce Petryshyn Nancy Motel ,fa 77 CHEERLEADERS jean Hallett jacklyn Belko jo Ann Kennedy Vlrgmla Black Arlene Parczyzk Shlrley Taylor Joyce Velms Dorls Carrubba Vlrgmla Krupa june Banfe 'hd .r v -.... A 1 ! X 7 S l vo , ..... .... V x K PEP CLUB The Pep Club is a group of girls of the Senior High School who attend the Ansonia High's home games. In that part of the stands reserved for the members of the Club are seated Ansonia's mosr loyal and most enthusiastic rooters. By cheering and urging on our football heroes at each home game, the Pep Club has contributed greatly to the success of our football squad. 79 SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Co-Chairmen Salvatore Ferla and Mariano Adamo Alice Barnett Horace Behtle Robert Cerritelli john Dana Guido DeMelis john Glenn Morton Yontef john O'Keefe Ann Marie Grova Samuel Olenechuk Robert Ploslci Mary Ann Supp Anthony Vellturo jean Hallett Marie Morganelli 1 gli ,-- I SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Horace Behrle Williarn Larkin Arthur Hlywa Robert Parks james Principi Richard Gabriel Salvatore Ferla jean Hallett Madeline Bernardo glean Kiley jacl-tlyn Belko john Gardella Barbara Smart Louise Hummel Purrin' on the Rirz. Gateway to the palace of dreams. 9Q MMVI' q 1 I I'-v fs AW .F I.- I I, CAFETERIA STAFF Movia SQUAD Guido DeMelis Chief Operator Robert Mueller Dennis Taylor Richard Dreher William Ruddy john Dana STAGE CREW Richard Schull Chief Stage Mechanic Arthur Kilpatrick Assistant Mechanic Marvin Lindsay Francis Wiacek Richard Tallberg joseph Geloso Robert Levy ' "ill .L SCH NE OOL f X X Q Jr' ANSO HI NIA GH I Wglfron J Wfagiddcgmmkgkwaqa. VMWLM da 145-454' QLJJWQW fJ 1 7,1DP 4,4644 mM7h'75'Ww 'ga M Zdgvugw v.fVl"4WM Z2 W Q1-Q21 fab ag X M M 76 Mnwacjgg Wifi 2 fy W W'iw4f'V W X jjf-fLMQgh,lwJX VIQNMMM X +iffy,,i,WM W N fR.,N,v-X3ffP"'f"d'9'3'f Wm M GW . J? remfw M , AL Br d :C Cigfvfv I ge s ony W.ouSC" VQHTRYO Q ' b I 0 I lf'o , O ' yqflfl , Q ML, - rj 1 U o"'g O Q -8 ' K J I nm, Q6 - ,' 'E 'fi ,X , fr 3.2 QR M? ew 'S '7f41Q,G jg Lb 1 . .'f Q f Z-tu. 715 , A ' 5 qilgpfhllnv I g T ' 04,d",,,,3'p ,. F J!! mx. yrs! 3,4 96666 ,ff K r 0 IN' - X ' x ,-:Ko Y ' xx 3' 'Qpr jffyffffdw' ' X C33YAcX rg-RQ, mmwua' fy! if N? ov' .4 Q ,H , TDC' ng, Lum-ma. BAN' V771 ,X f ALAN POTTER ,M Jwx X 1 74 1 Cf L 1 afvy s ' I J ' 017' .0 WHWKMW QE Y as f'yM9a.?mCB,ae,m qjl,W"Qx2333" Ki Maw QR? aww fb UWDWWJW wfiffiifl E wffwwffj WAN aww-47121: 0'fJ,x'lM"'Mf 0351, A WQQQMW W5 Efgyifjl M53 Wmfclg Q14 s 'aff WH WW WJWDWMM ,WW in-1.D04w.,.Mf X Q-Qhx L0 MM 'gwlfvlw W -wI.:1LMJ 442142 WMM W ,jf Y, 5 JOE MASTRosrMoNEMp? 5 ia 3 6 Q BWWX ' 'gkcful' ' ao" ff T IS' ' . I X B . eo-MG Q U . awe' 19+ 6 U 2 I4 5'wW 134 WW Zyl... gww . 1, if . A46 4 . A . 63 Q X, -V+ - , WM W QQ Q Q 4? W 6' . 1 W' ff ' N X . QL...-Zvlif'-f C' g V it Q3 pm me,- Qj , pa 0 W e Ama: W1 Nj 2 xafwr '- .Fkfevg 'Jag fx.x..f..A ir rl ULUH :Lx iH5af'WFUFFaQs :4f:P:VriJJJ1rHiJlsL3 QJJJWFVVHZEFHIPS IHJ am mmf iffqff a'1'fflFFVFQBx J:VifHJJJ1:UHudx1 9 X , If ' 5 f I . e of f-1 f' -Lv' Gmkvn-ea one,Ng.sif '-hue 'ha-gen.-ev-,, C5455 F' '5 ' 1 M237 D us ?5Jf5e a, 'Yrusi' um'6'5" QWS "'f""""5-'L' 0' xep ' move' 1 CHOR I4 ar- vw, on -Af-rg T35 wma P Ov mp.-, 1 Tfu. IT' Yle0.rksi2ou'Il ?fBrWoc, VNS CRT 00" M56 Mug' ae""" l CLASS SONG 1 9 5 4 Thmk of all the days behrnd us Fllled wxth work 1nd play A H S dear Alma Marer Happy was the way Pray that Fate be kmcl and gentle May success be ever wxth us Answermg lrfe s call Waken and accept the challenge Burnmg brlght ln view So farewell and God be with you Classmates--fond adxeu 95 Louxse Hummel . . , Q U K I , ' ' 'J w I I . 7 To us one and all, 9 3 Y 'YM BLU H X f T cf Q- , 1 efxb X! O mf N N 'A 1, If W f A ' A01 f X 2 Q - 4177 fi' .f' l DA ,, -If-,fa dammwmum

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