Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1951

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Wben time. who Jtealf our year! auzzg. Sha!! Jteal our pleamref too, The memory of the pay! will fray, And half our joy! reneuu 5 - ?":5- 1 . la. 95 v. 'a -5" gy, 'il' -'Iq i . ' 'Q 72" , 2, A. f. , W , 1 I, 1 'A' - iz? V J ff Q , Y fx. Q Qxtln---,G I 3 leydwqx, P 'Q' -411. LJ. ,if ' 'iii gg-:'. -' - s a S - A ' Q" v 'Fl "'-K. 74a .faaeudez Volume7 CLASS OF 1951 MOTTO Veritas liberabit vos The truth shall make you free Colors Red and Wh1te ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL ANsoN1A CONNECTICUT -Q. ,same ll' u, ' e- fllfti. - ".ii.l.'l.,q ' 6 'I y" "Tp .fl'!f"' ' " li I' .' LOUISE C. MARVIN For three years Miss Marvin has guid- ed us not only in gym classes but' also in our everyday problems. Her personal in- terest, sense of humor and patience will always be remembered and appreciated by the girls of the Class of l95l. JOHN T. GLENN Mr. Glenn has been at A. H. S. for the past three years and has capably assumed the duties of the boys' physical education instructor. His skillful teaching has help- ed to develop many of our outstanding athletes. "Nepal in imporlance I0 freedom and jiirlice i5 popular education, uiilooizt f "' 2 X ZZ4 which neither freedom nor jiirtice can be maintained." 'T' asf 5,7 Mid Mfg., XX J XX X6 Xx J A my NN X J XXX XX XXX XX b X X Ss Ng gx X Xxx QB X ii 1 9 i Zz I my 1 El ADMINISTRATION MR JOHN J STEVENS Sufperzntendent Prmupal Prmcfpal Ansoma Hngh School 6 Pme Manual Trammg School Q MR. JOHN J. F. RUDDY MR. JOSEPH A. MCGEE ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mr chnj F Ruddy Principal M155 Agnes B Ray Ch trlcs Arthur Riymond Burns Hou 1rd Cltrk Gerird W Conklin MISS Margaret M Conklin M155 osephinc E Crrbbins MISS Ethel Lricson Mr ohn T Glenn M155 Iorettt G Hennessey Mr. Philip L. Hrlbish Miss Josephine G. Kennedy Miss Mary R. Lftne Mr. George E. Mmley Mr. Henry 1, Martorano Miss Louise C. Marvin . Miss Eleanor L. McNamara Miss Mary' McNamara Miss Mary' E. Monahan Miss Katharine D. Prickett Mrs, Frieda T. Rackham Miss Mary' E. Ryan Miss Edith Schoonmaker Miss Helen F. Upton Mr. Michael Vicari Secretary Algebra Pline Geometry Plane Geometry English Chemistry English Stenogmphy Typewriting English Physical Education English French Economics. U. S. History Algebra. Geometry. Trigonometry English Chemistry Physics French Italian Physical Education Stenography, Typewriting Biology Bookkeeping, Stenography. Type-writing Biology Oiiice Practice, Bookkeeping American Problems, Economics, Modern History French Art Chemistry, Latin T PINE MANUAL TRAINING FACULTY Mr. Joseph A. McGee Miss Margaret M. Roche Mr, Raymond Burns Mr. Gerard W. Conklin Mr. Edwin Cooper Mr. George H. Crook Mr. james C. Flynn Mrs. Margaret K. Gorman Mr. Harold XXV Gottsegen Mr. XVilliam Halligan Mr. Charles rl. Jarvis Mr. joseph J. Kiely Miss Emelia Kulikowsl-:i Mr. Robert L. McLaughlin Miss Frances S. Nason Mr, Herman VI. Roche Civics. If, S. Principal Secretary Mathematics Civics. Science Printing Machine Shop Practice Economics. English Clothing XY'oodworking Automotive Mechanics History. XVorlcl History XY'ooclworltini: Clothing Mechanical Drawing Ft Pl Igl5 linglish J U HH 5+ Hi-gh Gekwlihmjg are, gone far- ev-er, Mem- or-Kes re - mam q, :me ppp gn 1 If Usd Hal YCLN aj wu9.+Q.L9.'l'l1 'Cu 'l' Jn hut. r ff Iii ,J Cla. s err 'T-'G TJ n 3,44 .5 'r ZFVPPI' P E C! is 'LL..n. T4-'59-'C'-"""'SL"0 ,L-.fn n.a,..,nl.1. +P- . I .-.. CLASS SONG lklf P Y Y 750-1' reid c, Q. 0 i H Q . ' i C Q ' Y . . W Y Y Y Y Y Yo fi 'S - fr . , , H EL : - ', HB 3 Oh 3 . 0 o 4 - ' -NIS' S C - 051' 13' il lx I I 'ji' ' I SQSS l Y - , Y y....,..., 0 - o , 7 ' 3 1' " 8 E. 1: Q " :VII -13 rni 'n-.0 :Q rpg, 'ruff . T' 1 O , H V1 - :F F I 0 I in ' I .f . If E. few I ee S I 1 Q I I I l V I I -IS JST S iw S QS SSW 'nd' --I ol 1146 gat- i!' elf' I' 3, kms. -v at Q,-T. I J I i 4 o Yo ln Z F I ' W 0 W I -5' I 5 5. I S S I S I l Q O . , W " I I ' 99- S u.. 'I M y I' ' by 'h we learned here In the field f ' rk we'v h A ' ' y May d our best' L y ly cl h d K h mories of school d y E h cl cl . I u easure chest. RMA ENNED I K e .ft Co Editors Arr Editor Sports Editor Assistant Photography Editor Mirror Editor Assistants XX ill Editor Assistants 10 THE LAVENDER STAFF Dorothy Merancy Iexxell Tax lor George Antinarelli 'I iuber lxornblut I lxx ird Tsburski D in tld ldxx trds Suzanne O'C.illiighan Dean Wginiigill liarhiirii Boehm 'laequeline Campbell lllt-.inor Healey i .ii l. . g -. i ci.llWl.lI1' i History Editor Assistants Business Manager Assistants Pine Assistants Typing Chairman Assistants Faculty Advisors john Adzima Marie Eeducia Rosemary Gentilozzi Edward Sadlovsski Mirtin Solovsay George Supp Frederick Korzan Paul Pesta Thomas Babjak Donald Maloney Edward Grady Carmela Grova Evelyn McGee Helen Milek Mary Perfetti Miss Ethel Ericson Mr. George Manley SEHEQRS JOHNJ ADZIMA jr THOMAS AJELLO SALVATORE AMICO GEORGE F ANTINARELLA Jumor C PINE J Sammutes George Dzdicultne: are thing: that Tom Wat make: tt: own welcome Sometime: quiet mmetfme: :hou 11 hat men are and level: all dutmctzon: a not one know: what he can An 1nrellng.,ent and conscten do until he me: A cute krd with a wonderful A fme arttst wxtty and care txous student very good na sense of humor lrked by all free enyoys a good laugh tured and frxendly MARY V ANTRUM Rrbbons Angel: from fnend:h1p gath er half thezr 7oy: Fun to have around congen ral neat appearance JOSEPH DAVID ARNONE oe Fnendly coumel cut: off many foe: Rated All Valley football player Hrs abnhry to make fnends ns yusr as good as hrs playmg Qulet but frxendly can take a yoke FRANCES ANN ARBONA Fran Happy am I from care Im ree Why arent they all content ed like me? Good entertamer neat dres ser and very socrable JAMES ASHE QPINEJ m There II nothing in the u orld :o contagxou: a: laughter and good' humor A good athlete hrs cute smnle IS only one of hrs attrxbutes that make htm popular THOMAS BABJACK Q PINE J "Tommy" "None knew thee hut to love thee: none named thee but to praixe thee." Good looking blond with a nice physique a great football player CHARLINE ANN BEGLEY Charl She :J gay :he :J rweet just the type ue like to meet Cute friendly appropriate dresser for all occasions ROBERT DONALD BIGGS Bo Why Jhould I uork uhen life rs Jo Jhort7 A happy fellow always ready for deviltry talkative MICHAEL PETER BAK "Mike" "Speech is great, hut :ilence is greater." Quiet and studiousg sometimes serious sometimes gay. Q, ,IO GERALDINE BARTOLOTTA "Gerry" "Her zmrla' is like the run- Jhine, alufayt hrightf' Her own boss. Her Cute size and innocent face may be mis- leading 1'1- JOAN BEECHER "Joanie" "Silenre is 4 friend that will never betray." Cute, quiet, very friendlyg a clever artist. ROBERT JOHN BELSKE BeBe When he come: rn mnchtef hegzm Well liked great pal good athlete WARD BLUDNICKI Edge Dflzgent uork make: 4 .fkrll ful u orkman Sports enthusiast friendly al ways enyoys a good laugh i S u vu " " , . . I . ft - ' 1 I I ' . ,, - H 1 , . 3 ' g ' ' 2 3 'Y I. v . " 4 .ll ED - - I u . " fe , '. .5 . . . ' y . .I i, . . 7. "' ,122 :V-.Vx 'V .no -In ' r., -.h .W .. . .., ,A s 32: E .,'.:f1., cur, , O 13 BARBARA BOEHM Barb She touches' nolhmg hut :he addr a charm Arrracrrve blonde near dres ser popular but reserved SAMUEL BURKE Sammy The best of healert 15 good cheer Shy very neat rnteresred m newspaper work ANTHONY CALINI KPINEJ Tony A true frrend 11 forezer fnend A handsome and hardwork mg lad, very friendly DOROTHY BORKOWSKI Dot It :J a friendly heart that har plerttm of frrendr Socrable person cheerful com pany always ready to grve a 14 ROBERT BOWOLICK QPINEJ Bubbles Laughter rr not a had began rung for a frzendthzp sense of humor GRACE C BRONECKI Gray A merry heart goes all the a .fad one txrer rn a rmle Always ready wrth a smrle has know KENNETH BURT QPINEQ Ken zlzgent work maker a :kill ul workman norsy boy who makes friends easrly co operatrve rn all thmgs JOHN CALLAGHAN f PINE I ohn Aoi too rerzuur not too gay That! the proper uay urer frrendly well lxked by hrs class mares N p 1 , W f T f J .H W, - .H H V . J yy. l A A . . ' - A rr - A 'H Y ' helpiyng hand. Noisy but well-likedg good a gay personaliryg nice ro rr H ' HD. . . - D f .Jr 1 1 ' ' A' ' ' U ' ..J .. MARY F CALLAGHAN JACQUELINE CAMPBELL Mary Jackxe DONALD CHECKLEY KPINEQ The rrmle fha! umr Thing! part belong to mem Dm ory alone thzngr future are A qurclt smrle pretty eyes and ,be p,0pe,,y uf hope T0 ufffk 15 4 56122152 a frrendl drs osmon Y P Consrderate of others an all AIWKYS Smllmg always Had' STIAN CHRISTENSEN CPINE1 Stan A good companion an eafy friend Serxous and quret always says a good word about everyone FLORENCE JOAN CICHANOWICZ 0 A generour perron 11 Jun Jhzne to the mind Generally quret, but a helpful and generous frrend round good student and ath mg 3 NWA loke PUPUI4' etc 15 l X J nw-Q.. G 'R 2 it ,L Q tg I - 'NV In ,, N M :gig ' , ' L '. A " ' ' ' "Ile enjoy! work and fun." l . 1 7 I A I J ..J .. "Fl " I ' 1 H n 4 - hl ' A - FRANK CHMIELEWSKI CPINEQ Cherp Always on the job mdustrtous and ambrtlous THADDEUS PAUL CHROSTOWSKI Pere To Jpend loo much time zn rtudzer II rlolh Always yokmg easy to get along mth a devrlrsh smrle OYCELYN CLARK olly A certain dignity of man nerr 1: ahmlutely necerrary to make ezen the mort zalu a e character ezther rerpec ted or rerpectahle in the u orla' " An attractrve, frrendly person, and a very neat dresser J DWIGHT COE Butch And uhat he greatly thought He nohly dared Talkatnve never rn a hurry lrkes plard tres ANTHONY COPPOLA Cuppv What uudom can you fznd that 1: greater than kmdnerr A nrcelookmg fellow who rs always around when needed Hrs frrendly nature makes hun popular ALAN STANDISH DANA T15 good uzll make: mtellrgence A neat dresser sery rntellr gent and very frrendly w..1'?xlL.,, RITA ALICE CONNORS Ree She 1: nzre to ualk uzth uttly to talk uzth and plea! ant to think about Cordlal personalrty very good JOHN ANTHONY CONSTANTINO Johnny II qualzty rather than quan ttty that matterr Anythmg for a laugh but serx smrle VINCENT DaCOSTA Vmnre If at frrrt you don t rucceed try the hackfzeld Versanle rn sports carefree opular wrrh hrs classmates ROBERT C S DeMELIS Bo e haze mtg million rear on: or failure hut not a Jrngle exrure Cure fellows mth a brg hello and an rnfecnous smrle -Au!" tb, , 5, 'N dh i V K ,V , 1,3 f :lf iff X ff V T sit A I I no ' , ' , g narured and very popular. ous when necessaryg ,very nice A . Us ' ' 9 9 , , i , . . . . . W P I ' N 1 A i V 1, '- l NAV .. b.. . , ',, f - ' H 16 H11 air hrr manner all u ho ARLINE R DIDONATO Cheech Though Jhe he but lztlle :he rr lovable A nny cute brunette wnth a very amlable dlsposxtxon attractive twlrler wxth the band CLAIRE LOUISE DRAPEAU Tootsre Quzeinen rr bert Wrllnng worker pleasmg per sonallty conscxentxous MARIA A FEDUCIA Rtck Wrt the errennal for :uc :ers Pleasmg dnsposmon versatlle athlete an appropnate phrase for every occasion DANIEL DIMARTINO Danny A man he .reemr of cheerful yerterdayr and ronfrdenl lo morrour A good dancer and smger who always has a smile for every one whnch only adds to hrs many admrrable qualmes KATHLEEN M DOLAN Kath Carry through Irie a Jrnrlmg face and let your heart he a Frrendly neat nolsy once she gets started HAROLD M DOUGLAS Doug A mrnd equal Io any under takrng that he pu!! rt along Jzde of He has a very ftne voxce for whxch he IS already well known well lxked DONALD ALBERT EDWARDS Don mu adm :red Good looking popular well dressed ROBERT FITZPATRICK 1tz Happy a man unh nary a care Good sport always ready and wtllmg to do another a favor LYNN WILLIAM FORSYTI-I Lynn mzglaty rpznt lfllr that lzlllc frame Cheerful very frrendly good all round fellow JOHN GELOS0 ohn Plazn uzthout pomp rich A qulet fellow and a good lrstener Welllxked by hrs classmates EDWIN GERWATOWSKI Ymmck In argumr mu be uuned I5 tk: for t tn though rarlquzthczl he cnulzl argue mll Never serrous for a moment can always be found argurnt. about hrs beloxed Beaver Drug JEAN MARIE GABIANELLI Garre I quzelnerr and zn confl dence rbfzll be your Jtrengtla Frrendly quiet and co opera trve ROSE MARIE GABIANELLI Bunny good dzrporztmn 1: Godt happzen gzfz Good natured co operatrve srncere frrend MARCIA GATISON Marcra Above our ble ue love a rtendfart fnend A grrl who wrll go places be cause of her rntellrgence and frrendly attitude toward every one ROSEMARY GENTILOZZI Ray It unulzl talk ana' bou I Fun to be wrth helpful at all nmes AGNES M GIOACCHINI Happy ru lllffl cheerful and ,tru a zen good pal fn ezefy um Very ralkanwe and easy to get alont, vuth a good dancer and neat dresser 'X We L UA , I . . . ,, , Y I r I ,. n I - -- HA . . . - , - ly, I ,. - - H - I . ' Y A - - . - . 3 - . 3 a . . U . witlaout rl Jh0u'." vm I mlkggiln l I U l I .ic ,, - 7 1 "AR" h, .Hr ,, Y' V - V' . , I Q y ,yr H , 18 JEAN BEVERLY GOLDSON jeannxe Let the path he open t talent Very cheerful and always wnth a song on her lrps JANE GRUTTADAURIA anne An ounce of urt 15 uorth a pound of rorrou Carefree and full lof fun known for her frrendly smrle CYNTHIA MARLENE GULUZY Cyn In runrhme bright or Jor rou deep It lr a friend ue uant to keep Wltty and mxschrevous nev er a dull moment when shes around' ELAINE GOUMAS Elaine She pleated you hy not study mg to pleare An IHICCIIOUS laugh very frnendly a constant source of amusement 'K EDWARD GRADY f PINEJ Re Treat other! as you uould have them treat you Short CHIC red head good have f CARMELA J GROVA Me A merry heart maketh cheerful countenance P py d fll of fn smooth dancer and a good athlete STRATOS GUILIOTIS Strat man J happznefr IJ to do a man 5 true u orh Lrkes to expernment can take a good yoke makes frrends eastly MARIE ANN GULUZZY Murph There u ould be no great oner if there u ere no lrttle one: A true frrend her pleasing drsposxtron IS twofold her srze Q I H 0 ,, - .. d., ,, 4 ff - ff -H ' ' II I ' ' ' 5 ' ." ep an u u 3 a y . ' . Q sport and a mce frrend to in - , 2 3 ' . ' ' ' 1 , I f- ' ' . . ' . ' V' rv I V I O 'I iN 'Wi .Z FLFANOR HFALFY It 11 one thing to ha1e been happy If 15 another thtng to he happy Very peppy head cheerleader popular a good athlete ltked by all Lots M JAEKLE Not too rerzour not too gay Thatf the proper nay A conscrentnous student and a good athlete qunet but very good natured SALLY RAMINSKI a Happfnen IJ a hy prorlurt of an effort to make someone elle happy An attractne brunette vsho never nets sertous a good pal MARGUFRITF ANN EDWARD M HENNESSEY JOAN ELIZABETH HLALFY HLYWA Margne joanxe Happy the man utth never a ltr nzre to he natural 11 hen care A comtant friend 15 a thing you rt naturally nlre rare and hard to find Neat dresser frrendly always Wntty neat and lnl-teahle smnlmg Quiet but sociable eager t make new friends NEAL JOSEPHSON fPINEJ Wlllle une man reflect: before he .rpeakr Quxet and thoughtful accom phshes what he does m hrs own good mme DOROTHY LOUISE KARLAK Doclle The het! uay lo .fecure future appznert :J to he at happy I J rtghtfully poynhle today An attractne and vrvacxous blonde possesses a friendly personallty a clever twnrler IRMA LOUISE KENNEDY rm A 7uJt ana' merry foul :J uorth more than a fortune Lots of fun always ready for a laugh a good tap dancer MARIE E KLESYK Mane All succeed uzth people uho are ,rweet and cheerful Amxable wnth a twmkle her eyes sweet personalnty FREDERICK KORZAN QPINED Fred Gzze to the uorld the bert you have and the hert uzll come hack to you A handsome and mrellxgent lad, frlendly toward everyone ROBERT IOSEPH KENNEDY P1x1e Dont talk much hut I hear a 0 Quxet frlendly and easy gomg PHYLLIS MARIE KERSHAW Ph: A rrend rr uorth all hazard! ue can run Nxce to know moderately 21 EDWARD WALTER KLESYK Skzll to do corner rn doing Quxet dependable and good natured TAUBER S KORNBLUT Tobe mort prevazlx who nohly dare! Neat dresser ambltlous l ways ready with a qu1p IRENE T KOZLOWS KI Kozy One of thore happy souls' uho are the :alt of e earth Good dancer talkatlve ways full of fun V 'fl ,la X ! 1 W ' K I If 5 5, , ' ..I .. 1 ,, ,. , ,. I, l - V H - l - 'N ' I tl' f ." , T Y . . Y . . r .I I 3 . quxetg very frlendly. H v' V lPHe ' 77 If . y . . - in 9. .. Z a- , . . - 5 A 5 ,, I A . V 1 H " ' I ' tb , , 'H ,. . . L ' L al- EUGENE KRIZAN Gene Every man: life u a furry tale -u rzlten hy God .r fingers Qulet dtgmhed always has a smxle for everyone DONALD LEVESQUE f PINE J Don 7161127 1147161 Modest qu1et well thought of by hls classmates ARTHUR GARLAND LITTLE II A good heart 11 hetler lhan all the heady in the uorld A brg fellow mth a brg gnn talkative and smcere WINIFRED KUZIA Wxnnle Not much lalk 4 great Ju eet silence Quxet but with her dnmples ever present well hked by all LUCY ANN LAURICELLA Lucy Polnenerr :J to do and my the hmdert thzng fn the kmd er: way Very quret frrendly and easy to get along w1th MAUREEN CAROL LENEI-IAN Maureen Quiet at int hut luten again Attractxve a neat dresser pos sesses a qunet but frnendly drs posmon WALTER LEWIS C PINE J Walt mg hurne: hun Reserved but frlenclly always ready to help a pal ROBERT ANTHONY LODA The only uay to have n fnend ar lo he one A good athlete a swell pal quret but wellhkecl ' ' 1 ln , ' In - - 4 ' - rr ' - H ' ,IP .. 3 . . Q I . . . 1 . . A . 1 - . , D L. I L U - "lust the kind whore nature "Nothing worrier him,' noth- ' u ' ' ' 11 I L 9 - ' 9 ..A .. "Bohn . V H - - H Y V Y. . . 1 h 1 - 3 . Y - ' A R , f A i - . 22 ROSE MARIE LOMBARDI Rose T e mule that nerer 119471 Qulet and observant a ready smxle and a helpmg hand CHARLES MAHER Gng At the mid hour 11,7271 star: are u eeplng I fly Lrkeable and cheerful always laughmg DONALD MALONEY fPlNE l Legs Do unto other! before I ey unto you Drgmlied a pleasant personallry studnous possesses JOHN S LOREC Lucky If 14 ark interfere: uxtb pleax ure the heck with work Talkatlve always on the go cute RICHARD H LOWENADLER Tex silence were golden would be broke A good basketball player wnth a real sense of humor LORETTA MADDEN Loretta I lry all thing: I arhzeve -ubat I can Very quret well llked by her classmates a consclenttous student BARBARA CAROLYN MALLON Barb xgmty zr like per ume tbore ubo ure nt are rcarcely conrcxoux of :I Attractrve neat dresser pep py cheerleader good dancer CARLO MARCHESE Carlo Hx: very foot ba: munc an Sharp dresser good dancer a wrtty word at all trmes ,fl ' JI - - if l 'A , ' '. ' H b . I A ' , ,VU A 1 I J .H rf " Og, D I D . , t -. 1 v . l . . ' g . 1 fPlNEJ 6 .. .. HD- A - -A f ,, ,, - I f ' - . Y .fu I I ,H ' a ' 1 1 - . . V 3 . EIL, " ' b ' it," do ." l S 23 ROBERT MARGANSKI NORMAN MAYO QPINEJ He who :J .nlent comentr Nummy Good frxend dependable nice Permnalzly 1: uhat eounlr dxmples A wonderful lad lxked by all EVELYN MAY McGEE Evxe Be .fzlenl or let thy uord: he u orth more than .nlence Always ready to do another a favor qulet and xntelllgent DOROTHY V MERANCY Mmk She that ua: eter fair and ne1er proud had her tongue at uxll and get ua: nezer oud Not only rntellxgent but also wntty and good nn sports ac uve ln many extra curncular actlvmes MARY LOU MCDONNELL u Talk and Ill talk uzth you Slop and Ill talk alone Nonsy but mce mlschnevous Never refuses a dare very PCPPY l WILLIAM MCDONNELL CPINEJ Mac We aluayf Jee him with a mule He u gay and cheerful all the uhile Courteous cheerful and very frrendly quite a fellow ROBERT G MEADE Bo The face fr the zndex of the mind Handsome with a nxce per sonalrty a swell frxend RENO MIGANI CPINEQ Reno true companion 1: he uho help: at need Defmxrely the outdoor rype very wrtry and ambxtnous HELEN ANN MILEK Helen A frxendly nature a :male .rmcere Athletic frrendly and very neat a dependable pal KATHRYN MARILYN MULVEY Cathy A gram of gazety .fearonr everything Frxendly and good narured an attracuve twrrler FRANK NOGA f PINEJ Frankle A man rr only ar good ar bu u orb unet mdustrrous a tue frrend SALVATORE MIRISOLA KPINEJ Sam A friend zr one wbo walk! an uben everyone elre walk: oul Happy go lucky very easy to get along wrth qunet WILLIAM MITCHELL JAMES ELLIOT MOORE KPINEJ Jrmbo Re Why uork uben play xr .to Alwayr mzrlzng alwayr gay much fun' ar be goer bu merry way Easy gomg and cheerful al Good natured friendly to all A very capable athlerxc mana er 25 ways ready for mxschref MARY NICOLETTI Maxr Ambztron bar no rub Serrous at work gay at play SUZANNE MARGARET O LALLAGHAN UC Bury actwe full of fun Much :be bar undertaken Much :be bar done A peppy cheerleader actxve rn extra turrxmlar acrxvmes ex cels rn basketball JOAN MARY OLENECHUK Joanxe Amzahzlxty .rhmer hy tt: own lzght Pleasmg dxsposltlon mce vonce mmgles well with ot ers JOYCE PLOCKE Joyce Her appearance 15 angelzc .rtately and demure hut of her znner nature-well were not quite so rure A pretty and popular blonde wmy and always ready for mxschlef PAUL POPOWCHAK CPINEJ Farmer Modeny become: a young man Qulet not too talkative a good worker and a good frnend MARY LUCILLE PERFE'l'l'I Marr With a heart as great ar the world but wtth no room fn zt to hold the memory of a wrong Carefree easy to get along wlth a wonderful pal PAUL PESTA 4 PINE J Yatzne All good thing come tn ltttle packages Mxschlevous b a swell frnend to have LORRAINE JOAN PIZZI Lorne Witty 7e.rt.r and frequent .rmzler make her fnendrhtp uorth whtle Snlenr ar umes bu: erupts wlth bubblrng laughter more often than not DONALD POPIKAS QPINEJ Donny God helpr thore uho ep themselver Cheerful fnendly and well llked NANCY JEAN POTTER Nan It 15 a friendly heart that har plenty of lrfend: Easy to get along wxth cute wxrh a smile for everyone ANGELO QUADARELLA 1 PINEJ Sonny L1 e II loo rhorl to he Jer mu: Extremely generous v e r y frrendly a dependable pal JOSEPH PATRICK ROWLEY Buddy Popularity hears ham corn PWD' Carefree and popular able athletxc manager man about town MARGARET SAMPIERI Margre A lovely lady garmemed in light from her oun heauty Nrce drsposmon neat at all trmes frrendly PETER RICHARD RANNO jr Pere he happy here 1: mans chzef end For to he happy must need: he good Popular lots of fun easy to get along wrth DONALD REIDY Donnre Happy go lucky cheerful and a a very good pal rn every way A good loolung all round fel low pooular wrth the grrls I.aVERNE LOIS RICH Verne There 1: no index of charac ter ro sure as the vozce Makes an attracrxve drum ma yorette possesses a sweet vonce EDWARD SADLOWSKI Field! 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to dream Jhe dares to do Good dancer friendly ralka IIVC JU HOWARD FREDERICK TINNEY Howie Hu hmh: are cart tn manly mold For hardy Jports or contexts bold virile physique and athletic ability EDWARD S TYBURSKI Ta High erected thought: .feat ed in the heart of rourtexy A fine athlete who plays his heart our m many a sport 1 so a good pal ANDREW ANTHONY VARSANE Andy Thofe move eanext uho have learned to dance Tall blond and quiet noth mg worries him , . A4 i I 1 I . XX 2 My ,, .. . .. ,, . . V I V Of' -H U A A A ' ' , ' " I li I - ' 5 . 1 H L l H 1 - ' ' ' ' g '- His ,angelic smile belies his U In .. d.. Q " ' . " ' . - u . . 7, ' i A .9 .' P ' ' za- ff... H . 'MN I Jo f fr " , i A Q U , U s . I 1 ' DOLORES HELEN VARSANE Dee Or zlaflf rr light If Jhrrt of tall She Jen a trap In mare them a A happy go lucky gurl vurh many talents an attraanvc twlrler JEAN D WANAGILL Jeame Laughing talking aluayf a .She help: to make a perfect a Fme athlete frnendly dnsposn tion a good dancer WILLIAM JOSEPH WEAVER Jr B1 There are three :lap fn the ILCL I U rm! unrry ml ur about 3eJtera'a3 today and tomorrou Carefree fellow who lets noth mg trouble hum very mrty and friendly ANNA MARIE VINCI Ann Curmntx kzlled a cat hut rat I5 actmn brought it hath Nmsy wnth a frlendly and cheerful klISpOSlIl0fl DOROTHY IRENE VINCI Dot We mutt laugh before ue are happy for fear ue die before ue laugh at all Always smllmg, a carefree and fnendly person GLORIA ANN VIOLANTE Glor The mutt precmur of all por serrmnx I5 a uue and loyal frrend Artxsncally mclmed possesses a q-ulet but amnable dnsposn non a dependable pal VINCENT JOSEPH WANTROBA Gus Speech :J great but rzlence 11 greater enerous qunet noted for hrs bashfulness 'IOBI RUTH WEINBERG Tobl The rule 0 my lzfe xr to make Lunneu a plearure ana' pleasure my banner: Cute nn slze and looks very neat dresser MARY E WEST JAMES WHITELEY Mar Bubby Good nature 15 one of the rr Izke the dew! richer! frutir of perronalzty uayr In mucbzef A cheerful hello for every Good natured and always smll one that s Mary' ln L AX JOHN RICHARD WILLIAMS Bumps mmd :J uell orgamzed t at xr dehczem o humor Good narured arhleuc and cheerful an easy gomg lad ROBERT YOUNG CPINEJ Zuzu chem :J ar .rtrong at :tr ueakert lznk A good sport mlschxevous regular fellow 32 GERALD YOUNG QPINEQ Bosco urong anrwer :J better than none Good natured popular l ways smllxng VINCENT BARTLETT Vm Value the fnendrbap of bam ulao Jtand: by you zn the .rtorm A new comer wxth us just thus year but has made many frxends qulckly a good ath lere specxahzes m baseball :ge Q X. ,, . ,He . . . H dl- .. .. 4 ' 4 rf - - ' n fr ' ' ' . ' . N0 ' h - - f ,, "A , . ' .1 vu ' ' I! - . g. - , - - A Q . ' l D x a 3 ' .1 1- H I I I . . . H HA , - H 7 . . . L . . L ' v . h a . , g I ' AHS Alan Dana Lynn Forsyth George Supp Barbara Mallon SENIOR PINE Charles Smlth Charles Maher H O M E R O O M Anthony Calxnx john Lorec Anthony Coppola Arlme D1Donato Edward Bludmckx Kathryn Mulvey Donald Levesque Norman Mayo Angelo Quadarella Jewell Taylor 6 Vrce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer 34 H Dorothy Memncy Donald Edwards Suzanne OC1llagh1n SOPHOMORE YEAR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CLASS OF H .S. Edward Sadlowski Dorothy Merancy Donald Edwards Suzanne O'Callaghan SENIOR AND JUNIOR YEARS A. . S. President . Connelly Stevenson PINE President Frederick Korzan Vice-President Paul Pesta Secretary-Treasurer Thomas Babjak SENIOR YEAR 1951 PINE Pres1der1t Paul Pesta Secretary Treasurer james Ashe JUNIOR YEAR Vice-President . Thomas Babjak 1 my M 'M 'I ' XU4 Ilemwr Hmlu r rhx Kiera mar r w 1 I u Puri lrr I HL fs fx cl f Beit Lmpkrnae Niosr Drenmed Margaret Xxmplcrr joyulxn Clark Rulvnrr Maude Iohn Aduma irles N1 rher rn r Anthony Cilrm CP1ncJ Bur Athlete Best Dressed hm XX..m.1 111 Charlene Beelu rmem Dmali I ixxardx rw e' r1L lx 11 n Bear Arm! ,hun Bomber Gemge Anzrmrelga Remr Mrgani 'Pmef v 1. -.. 1' - X Yfirriesr Marpuerrre Healey Vfrllmm XY'e,1ver Gerald Ywung nP1ncf Sf Cutest Best Personality Arline DlDonato Nancy Potter joseph Rowley George Antinarella Paul Pesta fP1neJ Donald Levesque CPinef ff, 'Pepprest Btst Naturetl Eleanor Healey Dorothx Nlerancy john Lorec George Supp Paul Pesra fP1ney Thomas Ajtllo rP1nLJ Best Dancer Best All Round Dolores Varsane Fltanor Htalu Carlo Marthese H4 vtarl Tlnnu Charles Smnth CP1neJ james Ashe fP1ncf D i Noxsxest Qulefegt Jewell Taylor Loretta Madden Joseph Testa Mnthael Bak Th01'D8S Bilblak lP1UC? bnan Chrxstensen CP1nen GLASS MIRROR INAIN PIT PHRKSF john Adzuma Thomas Ayello Salvatore Amrco George Antmarella Mary Antrum Frances Arbona joseph Arnone james Ashe Thomas Bablak Mrchael Bak joan Beecher Charlrne Begley Robert Belske Robert Bxg.,a:s Edward Bludnrckr Barbara Boehm Dorothy Borkovy skr Robert Bowolnck Grace Broneckr Samuel Burke Kenneth Burt Anthony Calrnr john Callaghan Mary Callaghan jacquelrne Campbell Donald Checkley Frank Chmrelewskr Stran Chrrstensen Thaddeus Chrostowskr Florence Crchanowrcz joycelyn Clark Dvtrght Coe Osborne Coleman Rlta Connors John Constantrno Anthony Coppola Vrncent DaCosta Alan Dana Robert DeMeI1s Arlme DrDonato Danrel DrMarnno Kathleen Dolan Sure Ixnock rt of? Bcconc parasrtc lor r al I ct So what Su cm up Sam HL s a bug Cut II quick Yeah' Oh yea Sugar' Dx rt asper You re crazy' You sard rt Hey Buster' Oh fish' Holy covs Hom about that I don t knovn That s tough Natch H1 krd' I ll bet you one' E ky Hey cuddrbuxx No No You poke Horrors Holy cow You know what I mean Please Nothrn' God bless you Oh brother lor real' Do rt boy' Shtevsd W'hat are you crazy How am I supposed to knovl Fright rt Off' Isn t that a rrotf IIRFN Good food I rrmrns. Sports Drmrnc Bookkccprnc Tall hoys Caddyrnc Sports cc Sports College boys Popular music Grants Arrplanes and engmes Model arrplanes Baseball Dancrng, Camels Dancing Takmg cars apart To eat Dot Hunting Red Sox Good orts Grrls o Woodvorkrng Red Sox Eatrng To laugh Grrls Audrey Clothes Roller skattncz Dantmi Sports To vxalk rn the ram Food and musrc A certam qlumnus Sports To eat 38 DlsLlIxFS Cold vleather Homework u ct Rav deals Prctcndcrs C rntcrtcd people Sully pcoplc Phonrcs Mean people Homcvxork Snobs C onccrred people To eat rn restaurants Lazy people Concerted people Wrse guys Drsagreeable people Stubborn people Braggers Concerted people Crrtrcnsm Work Wrse ,guys Small cttres Trckrng of clocks Practrcal yokers School Walkrng Geometry School Snakes Meat loaf and creamed corn Homework Loud people Norsy people Enclrsh Rah rahs Schedule l Practrcal pranksters NX rse guys Draft boards School Nothrnu IUTLRF OCCUPATION Acronomlst Farmer Art rnstructor Crcncral omcc yxorker lNurse Profcssronal golfer Ball playcr Drsc jockey Man of lersure Houseyufc Housewrfe Secretary Professronal ball player Arrplane mechanrc Enyuneer Secretary Destgner jet prlot Dental Hygtenrst Gas statron attendan Pattern maker Archrtect Busmess man Nurse Nurse Prlot Pol1t1c1an Archrtect Mrlkman Typrst Llbtarran Pharmacist Busmess man Medrcal secretary Bookkeeper General manager Professronal ball player Brology researcher Busmess man Stenographer Floorman Dressmaker r t ' IE 1' . 1 . I ' , , ' . , N . 5 fl - , , . ., , - 'V ., .A I K' If Q I Q I- Cartoonist Y . I T cl L .' A, , . R ' - L' ' ' ' ', Qt "4 A I A., I Y 1 y ', , , V, A ' - -,, LM ,, . 'p + ' v Geraldine Bartolotta WI1a'tIy' know? Boys 1 V ' ' , h! ' Q , . . , Y Y I , K , I .Y J ! . r V , Y , . . , . ' . . . . A A V ,' , . Y ' Y . ' r ' ,I 77 I ' , u ' ' ' ' . . ' Y , ' , . y 1 Sp . , 7 . . ' ' , I Fl I ' - 1 , ' ' . . ' ' Y I Y' I v f ' . l . ,A . ' , J . ' 'V' ' ' , YI NAVIY Harold Douglas Clalre Drapeau Donald Edwards Nldfld I-ClUQld Robert Yttzpatrxck Ly on Yorsyth lean Gabtancllr Rose Gabxancllt Marcra Gattson john Gcloso Edvy rn Gervyatovy skx A Lnes Gloacthnno lean Goldson Elarne Goumas Edward Grady Carmela Grova jane Gruttadaurra Stratos Gurlrotos Cynthna Guluzy Mane Guluzzy Eleanor Healey Marquerrte Healey Edvard Henncssey joan Hlyyya Loxs jaekle Neal josephson Sally Kamnnsl-tr Dorothy lxarlak Irma Kennedy Robert Kennedy Phyllxs Kershavs Edward Klesyk Mane Klesyk Tauber Kornblut Erederrck Korzan Irene Kozlovy skr Eugene Krtzan GLASS MIRROR Pl T PHRASY Get rut lt ere Oh yeah Guarantee l 'Osh me Dm lf That s ll,lSLlJL1S A L you kt 1 g XX htn was thts T t xt etsy preasy y y s ns .tb not that mt kn- GdtlS You yyouldn t fool me now would you' Oh gee lo kr lt mt, Holy cov. 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' 'NAVII' Wxmfrcd una Lucy Laurxcella Maureen lenchan Donald Leycsquc XX alter Lcvyls Arthur lnttlc Robert Loda Rose Marne Lombardt lohn Lorcc Richard lUVkLl1lcllLl' Loretta M xddcn Charles Mahcr Barbara Mallon Donald Maloney Carlo Marchese Robert Maraanskx Norman Mayo Mary Lou McDonnell Wlllxam McDonnell Evelyn McGee Robert Meade Dorothy Merancy Reno Mrpanx Helen Mrlek Salvatore Mmsola Wllllam Mrtchell james Moore Kathryn Mulvey Mary N1coletn Frank Nora Suzanne O Callaghan joan Olenechuk Mary Perfetu Paul Pesta Lorralne P1221 Joyce Plocke Donald Poprkas Paul Popovschak Nancy Potter Angelo Quardarella Peter Ranno Donald Reldy GLASS MIRROR PET PHRASF Crrpes Dellnxtely Oh sucar X ea l Cro bt go l lont novy Oh gcc Saye your mone Oh my Qrtcrous Oh yea Oh Babe' Turn blue X ou re g.,one Iac Ilpht II off' l don t lcnoyy Who me Bully Yeah' I knovs Wonderfu Your srsters' H o Sam' Suck a lemon le pers' So yy hat' Hovy about tha That s all she wrote Oh yeah' Oh my' I syyear Ill get you Ol joy X eah' man Hou re askmg, me Ann t he a Wlifh' C mon now' Hot dong' What say hot rod No klddmg., That 5 true Thats what she sand D J If Uh' do lf LIRES P lkas Danclne B on C rs Traycllntz Sports Sports TXPIDAL, Glrls Slccpmg, Movles Neyy cars Tall blonds C 1rls and money Money Popular music Pretty yyomen Model A cats Good tnmes Ammals Grants Sports HUDIIHQ., Sports and dancmg, Huntmg Basketball Basketball A certarn alumnus Dancing, Sports Dancmg., and sports Sallors Sports and records lnstraatme Cars X a e lords and urls Huntmg and hshrng, Marne un Sports Dntleland records 40 DISLIREQ School Qllqucs from ded places Nothnng. Army L S Hnstory perlod Homework K osslps U S Hrstory wth period l uy pcoplc C onccltcd urls Pl me yacomctry Lrvcr bcttme out of bed I-IlLl1Sll Wrse guys Loafers MKJNIUQ, cars Lcay me thlnas undone llomeyxorlc Pcsty girls Wnse guys Red Sox Unrelxable people Dancmg. 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V A - . ' f V , ' , . " V ' ' ' Y . kr Qc '-A V " ' 74V ' V . ,'- Y . Y " ' V! ' ' V V ' V J , V . . ' , . Y I- V -. 'T' V . - V. A ' -VV' V ' V MD ' l! ' V V- ' ' Y 1 ' 'n-. V V .F . , E . y A . - V h 6 ' S . Y . . .. , V . r Y I V Y . " ' V It , . . 7 I S a ' ' YA . Y . 1 , j . 1 7 7 ' I ' T , A - y 71- V! I . 7 . V. . f '. , - - - - , - V V -V I V- V .Y . , . .. V . ,h VXI , V " ' ', 2 T V V' '. V V .' 4' , 1 ,' Vf , I: - . t '. ' ' V V A" ' V I ' 1 - . NAME LaVerne Rxch joseph Rowley Edward Sadlowskr Margaret Samprerr Andrew Sandowrch Ruth Schuchman joan Sherllck Frances Srlva Charles Smrrh Jean Smlth Martm Soloway Rosemary Spnterr Stephen Stanko Carole Starchak Edward Stevenson Wrllram Stone james Stordy Joan Strand George Supp Charles Sweet Jewell Taylor Steven Tesbrr Joseph Testa Carrre Lee Thomas Howard Tmney Adele Tretrak Edward Tyburskr Ahce Valentr Andrew Varsane Dolores Varsane Anna Vrncl Dorothy Vmcr Glorna Vlolanre Jean Wanagrll Vrncent Wantroba Wrllnam Weaver Tobr Wexnberg Mary West james Whrteley john Wllllams Gerald Young Robert Young Vmcent Bartlett GLASS MIRROR PET PHRASE LIKES I wanted to do rt anyway Your Ignorance IS unexcusable Now please' Yes sare Dont get me mad Oh well' How s trrcks' You know what I mean Oh why? God bless me You re crazy I don t know Oh yeah' lm so trred Schmoo Get em jackson Howdy? You know what Oh man' Don t get extracxte Oh creeps' Yeah' Do rt boy Not hardly Oh yeah' Chrcken Thats a bet' Oh yeah' I wouldn t say that Oh shoot' Oh yeah' Holy cow' Yeah huh You re off' OK Whntmore Oh for Chrnstopher Columbus sake Lrsten' Oh mother Yo' How s xt loo Guarantee Do lt' Whats the dxf? Musrc Golf Sleep Dancmg Sports Musrc Wakelee Spa New clothes Dancmg Club meetmgs Sleep Musrc and dancxng Sports Mall from Oklahoma Eatmg Money Hunting Vacatrons Canaan Yanks Cardmals Travel Gnrls Drums Buddy Sports Talkmg on the phone Sports Tall blond boys Sports Convertrbles Pets Sports Talkmg Any sport Basketball Tvpms Aprzza Dancmg Motors Baseball To have fun Gtrls Good lookmg gurls 41 DISLIKES Concexted people Queers Homework Sophrstrcated people Workrng on a farm Schedule 1 Concerted people Homework Wrse guys Inactrvrty Homework Concerted people Homework Jealous people School Bxg wheels Grrls Srx weeks exams Wrse guys Dodgers Inactnvlty Plane geometry Concerted gurls School Schedule 1 Short boys Ear benders People who are late School Short boys Snobs Poor sports Work Attention seekers Schedule 1 U S Hrstory Schedule 1 Bemg lare Homework Show offs Plane geometry Work To lose FUTURE OCCUPATION Housewxfe U S Navy Draftsman Salesgrrl Prmter Nurse Journalrst Nurse Plumber U S Navy Pharmacrst Dressmaker Sports announcer Nurse Army Rarlroad engrneer Astronomer Nurse Ofhcer Accountant Phychratrnc socral worker Carpenter Band leader Stenographer Coach I-Iaxr dresser Electrrcran Nurse Army Costume sketchrng Floor walker Housewrfe Commercral artrst Nurse Busrnessman Accountant Physlcal Theraprst Secretary Jet pllot Baseball manager Carpenter Army Professxonal base ball player , . , . , . . . v ' ' ' ' , . ! ' at ' ' ' ' d! ' . , . . . . , . - , I ' . . , . . . . . k? ! A H S THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1951 It was the aum of the authors un wrutung thus hrs tory of the class of 1951 to record the facts adven tures and events that were a part of our experuence as students of the Ansonua Hugh School As the years that have marked our graduatuon grow more un number may thus hustory serve to keep aluve those cherushed memorues of the days when we were stull members of the A H S Ours was a good class lt was such because xt was made up of fine honest and fruendly young men and women a trtbute to theur school theur crty and therr country Now that we have taken out places un thus world of uoys and sor rows as we meet the challenge of the future let us always look back upon our hugh school days and never forget the companuonshup the unspuratuons and the lessons that they left wrth us On a brught and cheerful day un the fall of 1947 a day long to be remembered as the begunnung of a new and happy adventure the doors of A H S were opened for the first trme to that group of young Freshmen who were to be the graduattng class of 1951 It was perhaps an occasuon that had been looked forward to for many years the tume when we were to begrn our hrgh school careers At first stght un comparuson wuth grammar school the hugh school was frughtenmg The maze of cor rudors the varued schedules the new teachers the hundreds of lockers the looks and actuons of the upper classmen and the subjects for study both un trrgued and alarmed us However we soon settled down as respectable experuenced and knowung stu dents of A H S wuth Connelly Stevenson George Antunarella and Eleanor Healey at our head as Presu dent Vuve Presudent and Secretary Treasurer respec tuvely We were not a class to be long un lettung the rest of the school know that we were there ready to play our umportant part un makung the school year a suc cess On the Observer we were actuvely represented by Dorothy Merancy Connelly Stevenson ewell Taylor and john Adzuma Our great talent was soon recognrzed by Mr Porell when Robert Buggs Mary Callaghan jean Gabtanellr Edwm Gerwatowsku Robert Harold Tauber Korn blut Vuncent Wantroba Wulluam Stone Connelly Stevenson Martrn Soloway and LaVerne Rich were all chosen for the band In the field of athletucs our classmates Charles Tunney Nelson Sheppard Ruchard Lowenadler and Tauber Kornblut all shone on the unuor Varsuty basketball team However our greatest accomplush ment as Freshmen asude from the successful comple tuon of our academuc studues was the producung of the operetta Hulda of Holland un whtch Donald Ed wards Damel DuMartuno oan Olenchutk Peter Ranno Edward Bludnucku and Robert Harold were leads Tume Hew all too fast and before we realuzed ut rt was une Yet all un all rt was a very successful year for us and everyone looked forward to the tume when we would return as Sophomores After enuoyung a splendud vacatuon we found ourselves together once agarn wautung for the doors of A H S to open and admtt us as upper classmen To some degree we felt better rn knowing that were not the only ones who were new for thts was the year that Mr Ruddy uotned A H S as prmcrpal We wasted no tume un electung our offucers Con nelly Stevenson prestdent Dorothy Merancy vuce presudent Donald Edwards secretary and Sue OCal laghan treasurer Added to the Observer staff were Marte Feducxa ean Gabuanellt Tauber Kornblut Donald Edwards and Martun Soloway In football Tauber Kornblut Donald Edwards Donald Reudy Edward Tyburskx and Vuncent DaCosta bore the banner for 1951 Don ald Edwards Howard Tunney Vuncent DaCosta Robert Belske and Taubcr Kornblut became part of the hugh school basketball team whtle un the sprung ohn Wullrams uouned the baseball team The followung were members of the Sophomore honorary gurls teams Valley Ball Mary Antrum acquelune Cambell Marue Feducta Marcra Gatxson Eleanor Healey Sally Kamunsku Suzanne OCallaghan Aluce Valentx Dolor es Varsane and jean Wanagull Barkelball Mary Antrum Mary Callaghan Mary Lou McDonnell Sue OCallaghan Aluce Valentu Jacquelrne Campbell Marue Feducua Eleanor Healey and Jean Wanagxll Included un the cast of the Dramatuc Clubs pro duct1on une Mad was Toby Weunberg One of our students ga1ned country wrde fame when Lots jaekles poem was accepted by the Natuonal Poetry Anthology Jewell Taylor represented our class rn the publrc speakung contest whrle Alan Dana who had entered our class thus year from Hopkuns won furst pruze and ohn Adzuma thurd prlze rn the an nual essay contest Once agaun une was swuftly approachung and the school year was comrng to an end Durung the year we had saud good bye to Connelly Stevenson who had moved to Vermont but un return we had welcomed Kathryn Mulv ey to A H S as a member of our class The class of 1951 had completed another successful year w1th everyone looking forward to a well deserved vacatuon Upon our return un September we came to assume the role of unuors those rugged unduvuduals only one step removed from the sentors We embarked upon thus unterestung and undeed busy year by electung our class offucers namely Presudent Edward Sadlowsku Vuve Presudent Dorothy Merancy Secretary Donald Edwards and Treasurer Sue OCallaghan The progress made by the Observer that year was un no slught measure due to the umor representa tuves for added to uts dustunguushed staff had been Alan Dana ocelyn Clark Lots jaekle and George SUPP Thus year Ansonua enjoyed a very good season un sports and sharung the glory were our own unuor o s o . . Y . . . . - . Y. . . V 1 V - V ' V ' ' , 1 Y L - K K . .. V. , . . . . I l - ' I 'l VVS V Y V V V ' 1 . . Y V . . . . , , . . . . . ' i ' ' ' . . . ' 1 - . Y . V V ' ' ' ' 1 1 r . - 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . ' V Y 1 1 1 . . . , V K V ' 7 ' .V VV - - . . . V Y ' 1 , , l g , , , 1 ' 1 , , 1 ' 1 f 1 1 ' U t, 4 . ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . 5 K K 1 1 4 . . . . V V ' 1 ' 1 t i . . , i ' V V V - l i- , Q ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . ' , 1 . T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' . . , . , 1 , - - .1 -V - - 1 1 ' . . . , - ' - , L - V VV - . , 4 1 ' 1 ' ' " , ' . . 4 . . . . Y . . 1 1 t , V V V . . . . . . . . 1 J 1 1 ' K . V V V , V J J . . . V 1 . t 1 1 , . ' - 1 . '. V ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 ' V 1 1 1 - ' . . , 1 1 V 1 ' . ' V 1 . . . . . . V 1 1 1 ' 1 . W ' . . . . V . ' 1 ' . . . . V - , 4 V 1 1 V 1 . . . . . . V , V- V 1 1 1 4 1 . .V VV . . V ' V A 1 1 - 1 1 7 - ' - 4 V. -1 1 1 1 V ' ' V V ' ' ' 1 1 t - . V I . . . . ' . 1 ' . ' ' , J ' 1 1 V V 1 V . - 1 1 , - . . . , 1 . . . 7 . 1 1 classmates. In football William Stone Vincent Da- Costa Robert Marganski Dwight Coe Joseph Roa- ley Howard Tinney Edward Tyburskl Daniel De Martino Donald Reidy and Robert Btggs did the honors for our class In basketball we were ably re presented by Robert Belske Vincent DaCosta Arthur Little Tauber Kornblut Donald Reidy and Edward Tyburski in baseball by Robert Belske Howard Tinney and John Williams Cheering our boys on to victory were Sue OC1l laghan Eleanor Healey and Barbara Mallon Among the twirlers were Mary West Dolores Varsane Arlme D1Donato and Nancy Potter The unior Honorary Girls Teams were as follows Barketlmll Carmela Grova Dorothy Merancy Sue OCallaghan Jewell Taylor acquelme Campbell Marie Feducia Eleanor Healey and ean Wanagill Volleyball Jacqueline Campbell Marie Feducla Carmela Grova Eleanor Healey Dorothy Merancy Helen Milek Joyce Plocke Nancy Potter and Jean Wanagill Eddie Sadlowski was doing his part on the movie squad while ean Gablanelll Dorothy Merancy and Stephen Stanko were Juggling food in the cafeteria for their second year Our ability at writing was proved again when Joycelyn Clark won first prize Dorothy Merancy sec ond prtze and Alan Dana third prize in the annual essay contest As poets we were tops Dwight Coe George Antmaralla and Dorothy Merancy had all gained national prominence in the poetry contest In the field of public speaking we also stood out with Toby Weinberg and John Adzima representing us During the spring season of grrls sports oyce Perfetti as her runner up Also Jewell Taylor became ping pong champion with Lo1sJaekle as her runner up The Dramatic Club presented its annual produt tion What a Life and included in the cast were Mary Nrcolettl William Stone Jacqueline Campbell and Marte Feducia Our representatives to the New Haven Teachers College Geography Club conference were ewell Tay lor and John Adzima To the U N E S C O con ference at New Britain we sent John Adzima ewell Tayolr Dorothy Merancy and Alan Dana Chosen to Nutmeg Girls and Boys States were Dorothy Merancy Edward Sadlowski and John Adzima The highlight of the year was the choosing of our class ring and the class motto and colors For our colors we chose red and white for our motto Veritas vos llberabit The truth shall make you free For the Juniors the month of June marked two important occasions the unior Senior Reception and the Senior Class Day exercises in which our Presi dent received the spade from the outgoing seniors Returning in September as dignified and noble Seniors they who know and show that they know for our last year as part of A H S we immediately set to work at the great tasks before us To gutde us through this important year we elected Edward Sadlowskl president Dorothy Merancy V1cePres1 dent Donald Edwards Secretary and Suzanne OCal laghan Treasurer To head the Observer as editor in chief Alan Dana was selected Martin Soloway was appointed business manager with Dorothy Merancy literary editor John Adzima school notes editor Tauber Kornblut sports editor and George Antinarella art editor Under Alans able leadership the Observer inaugurated its new policy of prmtxng both a news paper and a magazine This year witnessed the formation of a Pep Club with Jewell Taylor Dorothy Merancy and Carmela Grova as its leaders Making their last appearance ln football were co captain Vincent DaCosta Howard Tinney Joseph Arnone Edward Tyburski Our basketball team en yoyed another very successful season with Vincent DaCosta Edward Tyburski Arthur Little Richard Lowenadler and Vincent Bartlett a newcomer to our class all playing a wonderful game Joseph Rowley proved an able assistant to Mr arvls as the Senior manager On the girls honorary volleyball team were Cath erine Mulvey Barbara Mallon Sue OCallaghan Carmela Grova Barbara Boehm Joyce Plocke and Marie Feducxa Selected to the honorary basketball team were Eleanor Healey acquelme Campbell Marie Feducia Dorothy Merancy Lois Jaekle Sue OCallaghan and Carmela Grova LaVerne Rich was appointed drum malorette with Martin Soloway and Mary Callaghan still carrying the colors for 1951 in the school band The cheerleaders were led this year by Eleanor Healey with three other seniors Barbara Mallon Mary Lou McDonnell and Sue OCallaghan also helping to cheer on our teams It was not long before the publishing of the Year Book went into ful lswing Co editors Dorothy Merancy and Jewell Taylor along with business manager Edward Sadlowski and their able assistants worked diligently to achieve the success that they have realized The annual D A R award given to the glrl having outstanding qualifications of leadership pa triotism responsibility and loyalty was well deserved by this year s recipient Dorothy Merancy At two of the local unior Town Meetings of the air Alan Dana and Dorothy Merancy took part in the panel discussions Alan represented A H S at the Derby panel and Dorothy at the meeting held in Ansonia Dorothy and Alan also attended a conference of Geography at New Haven Teachers College Representing our Senior class in the Public Speak mg Contest was Jacqueline Campbell and IU out American Legion Oratorlcal Contest were John Ad zima Tauber Kornblut and Jewell Taylor Among the most amusing and entertaining as semblles held this year was that presented by the Senior Class However perhaps the greatest thrill of our Senior year was the Senior Prom Everyone had been looking forward to xt and few can forget the wonderful evening enjoyed by all Following the Prom in rapid succession were Class Day and nnally graduation night itself t e night that ended our happy days as students of A H S Such is the history of the Class of 1951 with each event recorded in its order of occurrence Happy were those years spent at A H S To us A H S repre sented more than just a school but words could not express our feeling of regret in leaving However life must go on and so to dear old A H S we bade an affectionate farewell 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . , . A... .. .. . , ' ' 3 9 ' I I - - ' I1 H I 3 9 V Y . , -7. , , , 7 9 ' ' 1 1 . 1 1 , - ' , . J 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 I ' ' v . ' , , l - . 1 ' , , J . - J 1 ' L . 1 7 . . 3 Y Y 1 1 1 , 1 ' 4 ' y 1 1 1 4 . . - . ' ' I K J , . 1 J - h 4 J, 1 1 1 , , . 7 ' ' t , . 1 . ' . . : , , 1 . . , . . ,, , . 5 , J . . . Plocke won the badminton championship with Mary 1, , , 1 ' ' 1 . - N - 11 - Q A , ' , , . . . . . . . . . . , , 1 1 1 ' v ' ' . g . . . :J ' 1 - ' . . S - 7 7 ' I 4 ' 7 ! I L ' l , a . , t 1 J ' 1 ' , - , , - h 1 9 1 ' ' . . . . . . - Q , Q ' ' Q K , . . . . ' 7 ' ' , , . . . CLASS HISTORY 1951 On the night of june 20 1951 we a class of thirty two Seniors will receiwe our diplomas for successfully completing our m nu l arts course at the Pine Manual Trarning School It all started in the year l947 when as freshmen we gathered in the mechanical drawing room to be assigned to our respective classes It was there is a fine school and Pine Boys are fine boys Class electrons were held and the boys chosen as our class officers were Richard Gilbert President Anthony Calmi Vice President Edward Grady Secretary Treasurer Grady also represented our class on the Visual Aids Committee At last Class Day came after a year of hard and strenuous work Thomas Ajello Anthony Calini and Edward Grady received Citizenship awards In a few days we were all enyoying our summer vacation September rolled around all too soon and we again found ourselves rn the Mechanical Drawing Room to be assigned to our classes Our class was well represented on the football squad by Babyak Ashe and Bailey The class officers elected for our sophomore year were Anthony Calini President' Angelo Quadarella Vice-President' Paul Pesta Secretary-Treasurer. lt was soon time to elect the shop in which we were to major for our next two years. This was a hard choice to make because of the fine and interesting shops offered to us. We were well represented in the Public Speaking contest by Edward Grady. The year flew by and it was again Class Day. Anthony Calini and Kenneth Burt received Citizenship and Scholarship awards. A few days later school was closed for the annual summer vacation to which we all looked forward. 44 PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL for the first, but not the last time, we heard the expression, "The Pine School After a fme summer wacatton we returned to the Pme School where Mr McGee our prmcrpal gave another of hrs enlnghtenmg talks before asslgnment to our classes Our offrcers for the year were Presrdent Paul Pesta Vrce Presrdent Thomas Babjak and Secretary Treasurer James Ashe Wrth Coach Charles jarvrs were three of our best boys on the football squad james Ashe Thomas Babyak and Angelo Quadarella As the end of the year drew near the annual umor Senior Receptlon was held wrth us as the hosts and the Semors as the guests On Class Day a day looked forward to by everyone Donald Maloney and Fred Korzan recerved crtrzenshrp and scholarshrp awards Korzan also represented our school at Nutmeg Boys State at Storrs Connectrcut After returnmg our books and brddmg farewell we left for our summer vacatron Our vacatron drew to a close and we agarn found ourselves rn the halls of the school we had learned to love Class officers for thns our final year were Frederrck E Korzan Presrdent Paul Pesta Vrce Presxdent and Thomas Babyak Secretary Treasurer We were represented on the Student Councrl by Fred Korzan Thomas Babjalc Paul Pesta Anthony Calxnl Angelo uadarella At the Publrc Speakrng Contest Grady and Korzan t1ed for frrst place and were chosen to represent our school tn the Publrc speakmg assembly at the Htgh School Audxtortum on March 15 Thus year at the annual unror Senror Receptron we were the guests rnstead of the hosts The prom clrmax of all our soc1al actrvttes found everyone eager to attend Th1s was for some of us the flrst formal affarr Class Day remrnded us that our school days were raprdly drawmg to a close At last came the day we were all wartrng for long to be remembered as the happrest event rn our ltves graduatron 45 . Y . Y . 9 ' s 1 9 1 ' s 1 ' 1 ' . . y T , . v 1 I - , . Q a a ' 1 s 1 ' x r ' ' 1 , , , Q A 1 s ' 9 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF 1951 ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL We the members of the tl1ss of 1951 1n the Ansonm Hrgh School rn the elty of Anson11 rn the eounty of New Huen 1nd the State of Connectxeut berng ln 11 helpless state of eonfuslon wlllfully dlselose thls our last w1l1 1nd test1ment FIRSTL3 To Mr Ruddy 1nd to the members of the f'1LL1lI'y we leue md bequeath our sm eerc thinks for the 11d 1nd 1dy1te whleh they hue gnxen us durmg four joyous and unfotgetuble ye1rs ln Vkl1lLl1 they hue prep1red us for the ye1rs th1t he 1he1d Srtomon 'Io Mlss Irneson md Mr M1nley we extend our deepest gr1t1tude 1nd genunne 1ppree11t1on for 1ss1st1ng us to ITI1lCC our ye 1rbook 1 suetess THIRDI 1 To the loy1l members of tl1e flLL1lIy wl1o h1ye stood by us so futhfully for t11e PISI four ye1rs we beque 1th these lf1Ql1XlClU1l ltems To Mr Ruddy VUe le1ye tr1fF1c srgns so l1e wont h1ye to dlrect the students whlch st11rease to use To Mrss R1v We le ne 1 trustworthy messenger to e1rry the SIX weeks tests to 1ll tl1e rooms To Mr Ry11n We le me the sparlclrng knowledge of the QUIZ KIDS for ey ery pup1l 1n hrs el1ss To Mlss Sehoonm1l1er We bequeath 1 new set of curbstones on wh1Ch to pound l1er dusty er1sers To Mxss Crrbbms We le1ye 1 push cart 111 wh1th to e1rry l1er m1ny belongrngs To Mlss MeN 1m1r1 We bequeath an 11r eondxnonxng system to keep her typmg rooms cooler o Mr Cl1rk VUe le1ye more boys for hrs dr1m1t1e elub M1ss1 1ne VC'e leue 1 7 55 to 1 55 schedule M155 Kennedy We le1xe 1 l1e detector to test the exeuses of the students Mr 1ry1s VC e le1ye 1 e1mpa1gn manager to persu1de young hopefuls to out for footb1ll 111 thetr sophomore ye1r Mlss Erreson VC'e le1ye 1 group of semors who ICI hke seruors t Mrss Conlxlxn VUe le1xe 1n Obsery er Stfrff who l11nd IH therr mater1al on nme To M1ss M1ry1n Vife beque1tl1 1 slzeable sum wrth VNl1lCl1 she may atrend all Dodger b1seb1ll g1mes To Mr Glenn Vife beque1th 1 safe 1n whtch to put the y1lu1bles of the boys To Mxss Mon1h1n VUe le1ye 1 permment 1ss1st1nt to t1ke lnyentory 1n the book store To Mlss Upton VUe le1ye 1 s1nl1 m t11e 1rt room so she won t hue to w1sh the p111nt pans 1n the founr11n outs1de the door To Mlss Nason VS e le1xe more puplls who w11l buy the 25C dnnner To Mr M1nley 1nd Mnss EIILSOD VUe leaye 1 ye 1rbool1 st 111 IS Cap1ble 1nd depend1ble IS the st1Ff of 51 'lo Miss Ry1n Vkfe lene 1 dnetlonary for eyery one of her pupils To Mr M1rtor1no Vile le1ye 1 bllly Club to use rn hls p1trol of the lower h1lls durmg lunth perrods o Arthur VC e le1xe 1 permment 1ss1st1nt for the e1sh regnster o r Mmley We luxe 1 new l1b 1pron to replue h1s t1ttered one o r Conltlxn Vie lent 1 selt IH the 1ud1tor1um to ht hlm o Mrs RlLlxl1'lfD VC e le1ye meCh1n1t mrnded students for her buslness pr1C nee eourse To M1ss Pr1tl1ett Vye bequeuh 1 group of senlors who wrll ma1nt:11n good posture rn the study 11 Ill 46 3 ' 5 Y is Q V V L' L , W , 1 ' " ' A' A 'A 1 '1 . ,I vi . C- vw 1 Lv.: A , - 1 y - ,KA K t Y-. - '- ,. i, - ' ' 1 1 '1 A " 1' 1 '1 1 1. 1 'A A f 1 111 1 - --1 1 1' ' 1' 1A 1 1. . 'Z 1' 1 ' ' ' 1' A I I cA Q 1 1 , , . D. . Lf 1' ' I 4. ' ' .' 3 1 " 5. ' A A 3 1' 1 - ' " '1 1 ' . 6. ' ' 1 111 ' 1' ' 'A ' V I ' 7. T . 1 3 '1' ' A 1 QA' ' . 8. To A -1 2 ' 1'1 i" 2 .' , 9. To ' y': 1' U . ' . 10. To .J1 "Z " 1' 1 '1 A 1 ' try 1 ' ' 11. To A 1 1 A ' 1' A ' . 12. TJ A. "3 1' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ' ' 13. A 1 "1 1 1 A 'A 'A ' 1 1 1 '. 14. . 1 A1 1 A " '1 1 . 15. A 21 i 1 1 2 '1 1 A ' " 16. A : 1' 1 A 'A 1 ' ' 1' '. 17. A 2 "' ' ' 'A ' -" A . 18. 1 1 '1 A ' A' 2 '11 ' 1 1 1 1 1 '1 .1 ' . 19. ' 'K ,L i '. L. K , , . 1 1 H 20. . 1 1 I " 1 ' " 1. . I Q . g 21, T Mr. I 7' '. ' 1 1.'A.1 "A . 22. T M. 1 '1 " -1' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1" 1 . 25. T INI. 'A I ' '1"1 1 ' '1 . 24, T . 1 7 1' 1 ' ' . - ' 25. A' 3 "- - 1 1 A ' 'A ' I For RTHIH To the student body we leue More feiture moves The oleers reput tnon rn Mr Ry tn s eltss to anyone xyho wants II New eurt.uns for the yymdoyys rn the tuelrtorrum -X regulated heztrng system A eolee mulune rn the Cafeterm A publle telephone rn the stuely h1ll Nlore mlelunes for the Busrness Przemee Course Three Pep flub Ietders is eapable 'ls Carmelu Grow Dorothy Meraney md len ell Tux lor to e1rrx on the 1et1x1t1es of the elub More penell shirpeners 1n xyorlung Conelrtlon A 9 00 to ll OO seheelule FHM C trlo Mtrehese s tl tnenng 1b1l1ty to Bueky Shortell The oleers reputttron IU Mr Ry ms eliss to qnyone yyho yy 1nts II eu ell Tulors repertoxre of monologues to Dolores Angellnl Alm Dmt s lntellxgente mtl tblltty to sueeeetl to Sh mn Ruelely Ioe Arnone s hghttng, footbtll sprrrt to Chtppel Dorothy Mertney s 1nd Sue OCz1ll1gh1ns popularrty to S15 Trnney and Mary o XXood1n erm Wfanigxll s Hthletle Zlblllfl to Nlm Feelerovleh To Co Captuns Kmskr and Clmppel we leixe the hope of a successful season Tex Ioyxemdlers herght to Itmmy fgm Buddy Rovtley s cuteness to Erre Culmo Fle mor Helleyfs 1b1l1ty to mike fr1ends to her slster Nmey Mrehtel B114 s quletness to Ioseph Ptlmueel Arllne D1Donttos petrteness to loin Gmrthnr Vrneent Dtfosms prowess ln bisketblll to Dtyrd XY rrght Fd 'itlloyy sltl s popullrlty to loe Musmte Iohn Aelztmts elxgnlty to Frlnk Krenzel Chtrlene Betglex s ll ur for Clothes to Ruth lxltzm tn Ioe Testts mt to Mlehlel Bruno I 1Verne Ruth s srnguny., 1b1l1tx to Betty Fxsher loby Wexnbergs tblllty to get rnto trouble to noone Ftlvtrn Cjerxy ttoxx slu s modesty to Robert Blxzls Dontld lqelyy xrels person tlrtyf to Rlehirel Perr tult Nutty Potters mqp of Mune to my Iunror whose mun tnterest rcsleles there Btrbtrt Boehms frrendllness to fxrol Htlllhtn SIYIIIIX 'Io the unrors ue le ue 'Ihe hope thlt sprxngs eternll nlmely thlt they mu soon re teh the llLlcS.,lTIS of the llITTlgl1IX senlors INI To we unelereltssmen yye lelye our best mshes for hipplness ln IllCll' future lugh se wool lus l Asn x XX e hereby tppolnt Mlss lnthel frleson exeeutrrx of our I lst XV1ll tnel Testiment ln yxrtness whereof me the Qrtttluttes of l9Dl hue to th1s Qfhweel our SlgIT1IL1I'LS mtl se tl thus 'Oth tl tx 1 f lune A D mneteen hundred intl hfty one Helpless plflflll Tr tgre 47 U. l"' . - ' ' At . -. 1 A . A I Q T l A . l0. Z I ' ' . 'l 5' l.YI 2. "A-I 'A '."' A L' A . jx " ty' ' ' 'L A. 4. 4 2 A"t . , .' '. 5. ' Y A ' 1 , A 1. 6. A ' t 1 1 A . 1 ' A A 't ' J. " ' . 7. ."t 'A 'Aj ' . A . 8. , - LA '.. A . t ' .' . . 9. 'A 1 A' - 'A . A A AA 1' 1 t . ll. ,'1 1 Y. t A' A , t '. IZ. " w . A. A Q 1 l3. A - A 4 -A A . K . A 1. M. George Antinnrellas artistic ability' to Charles Durant. li. A' 1f..', '.A 1 t 1' 'A . lo. 1 ..e . A ' y - .Q . 11 b -1 ti ' ' f r -e . lH. . A ' ' 'K .A At ' L . 19. y I f . 20. .4 x A A. .A 'A '. A A ' - ' 1 , L 'A T' ll 'A 'llt A 'f Y 1 A . 23. 1 1 'L A. '.' 1 A A " . 1 . ffl. , . " t 1A ' 4 ' A ' LA A " .A I . 25. L .Ag ' A' A' A '.'.' ,L A 4 A 1 . SIEV1."'llI.Yi fl ttf. 'fl A A ., ' ' . . , . '- , ,. ', . ' f .-L I . ,AX , - . ' 7 '. - -. A' ' 2 " - LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF 1951 PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Know ye all by these presents that we the Class of 1951 of the Charles H Ptne Manual Tratnmg School sttuated tn Ansonta a muntcrpalrty of the State of Connecttcut Untted Sates of Amertca make thts our last wtll and testament Bemg of lawful age tn full possessnon of unsound mtnds fatltng memorres and saw dust brams we do heretn set forth the dtsposrtton of our maternal tngtble and tntangtble our real and personal property and do declare any prevtous wtlls or codtctls null vord and revoked Whereupon we the satd Class of 1951 after due deltberatlon and consrderatton make the followtng bequests ARTICLE I The Charles H Ptne Manual Tratntng School we leave tn peace To the office force we leave a Publrc Address System so the messenger boys wrll not wear out therr shoes To the Woodworktng Shop we leave a permanent home for Mr Gottsegens boys To the Auto Shop we leave an automatrc burglar alarm to protect the soap and towels To the Machrne Shop we leave a new and well furntshed movte room To the Print Shop we leave a new ltnotype machrne To the Mechantcal Drawing room we leave an abundant supply of drawrng penctls To the boys of the future we leave a bus to transport them to the htgh school assemblnes ARTICLE Furthermore we the Class of 1951 make the followrng bequests to the faculty whom we have so happxly obeyed durmg the past four years To Mr McGee we leave a patr of btnoculars to watch for boys smokmg on the bank To Mr Roche we leave a set of sport shtrts and bow tres to match To Mr jarvrs we leave an atr condtttontng untt so he vson t freeze the students every mornmg M Gottsegen we leave our smcere thanks for creattng a scholarshtp fund or t Pune School boys Flynn we leave a set of gloves to tram a freshman boxmg team Burns we leave a class of Freshmen who know algebra Conkltn we leave a chatr made of tron wood to save Mr Gottsegens class from keepmg tt tn repatr To Mr MCLoughltn vue leave two armed guards to escort htm through the halls To Mr Crook we leave an unbreakable Thermos bottle so he wtll have enough coffee to last all day 48 2. ' 3. ' . ' 4. ' 5. ' - ' ' . 6. ' ' ' . 7. ' ' ' 8. To the Cooking class we leave an up-to-date cook book. 9. ' , ' II 1. . ' ' ' 2. . ' ' . 4. To r. ' ' ' f he ' . 5. To Mr. ' A . 6. To Mr. . 7, To Mr. A . t ' ' ' ' . ' 8. . ' ' ' . 9. . " Amit I F To Mr lxrcls sse lease 1 Hrstors of the Prne School to grse to rncomxng Fresh men To Mr Cooper sse lease 1 set of traps to protect hrs desk so the boss cannot look at thcrr marks To Mr I-l1l11gan sse lease a set of ssell trarned mechanrcs so that thes do not cross ssrres on the teachers cars To Mrs Gorman sse lease 1 class equrpped ssrth nevs electrrc sessrng machrnes and gtrls to use them Mrss Nason sse lease a parr of nose plugs so she vson t have to smell burn rn Brussels sprouts Mrss lxulrkossskr sse lease a blrnd for her door so the boss ssont peek ln Mrss Roche sse lease 1 book on learnrng hoss to drrve the 1n1tor Mr Cyaudro we lease 1 branch remos al desrce to get rrd of all dead brlnchcs around the school T Ajellos srze IS left to Donald Lund Ashes footbmll abrllts rs left to Mxlton Wrlght Babyaks manls physrque to Srlas M1rt1n Bovsolrck s skrll ID sports to anyone ssho vsants rt Calrnr s attrrctron to the opposrte sex to Oakre CARROI L Burts skrll rn makrng tlrdboard houses to Red ONe1l Callaghans drag rn rxngrng the bell IS left to Woodford Checkles s record of tardmess to Wrllram Edss ards Chmlelessskr s argurng abrltty to Carl Ncvshouse Chrrstensens quretness to M1ck Gabrnel We lease Neal osephson s ssoocl carsnng lblllfk to Larkrn We lease Korzan s clrrsrng ablllty to any unror ssho ssants to dle levesques charm rs left to 111 future Senrors levsrs schcmmg abrlrty to Trntr Maher s dlncrng abrlrty to tnyone ssho ssants rt MTllJUiy s record for sknpprng school to msone that can bre1k rt Norm 1n A115475 nlckntmes to Mort Hlrold Wrllum McDonnel1s mechanrcal abrlrts to Chuck Hopkms Reno Mrgml s drag wlth Mr MCLOUgl1llH to ames Blrtolotta Mrrrsolos dr1ss1ng abrlrts to any trred unlor Mrtchells basketball skull to Rrchard Austrn Frank Nogl s abrllty to get along vsrth Mr Gottsegen to Len Tomasheskl Pestas drlg ssrth Mr ars IS IS left to O Keefe Poprkas fishlng abrllty rs left to Flosd Mmor Poposschtk s popularrty nn Machrne Shop ts left to W1l11e Durant Sonns uadarella s rough svass are left to Carl D Alessro Tesbxrs cuteness rs left to Buster Parr Youngs clossnrng rs left to B111 Smayda Grads s brarns rn prrntxng to Thomas Shortell Smrths fondness for grrls to Mrke DAlessro Sandossrch s road map to Orange to ans one ssho ssants to srsrt there Robert Young s drag IU Mr Fls nn s room to Srcrgnano 49 IO' A ,lj V V l . lv . ,' . . h 11. . ' 4' L A ' . 12. . L A ' ' ' - A ' ' 14. TO A L ' L' L LA ' ' - . g ' 15. To A ' 4 ' ' ' ' A . ' ' ' ' . 16. To A ' ' ' L A ' ' . 17. To ' , . L ' , ' ' L L - ' " A ' I.: ,Il 1. A V 1 L . 2. '. L AA 'A ' ' . 3. AL ' . ' ' " ' " L A . 5- K . ., K ix. L .. L . ,. 4 1 6- . , . A . xi K .. ., . .p fl, L L 10. ' ' A H L' " L . 11. L ' L J ' ' ' - L 'A V2 Nl' L ' , 13. . ' . ' 1 A L ' . 14. . ' ' ' Y L AA ' '. 15. L ' L ' L N L ' 'L A. 16. L ' . A A L ' L L A. 17. L L ' ' ' L L . 19. A L A' ' . Y A J L L. 20. .. . Q V. t .. V K . J . h 21. ' ' ' L A ' A . 22, L' U - L " . . A. 23. L' L 'A " ' ' . 24. A L ' . ' M ' ' ' . 25. ' 1'l A ' . ' A ' ' . 26. " Q ' L L' Y L ' ' A , 27. A' ' A " U . 28. ' ' A ' ' . 29. " A ' A ' . 51. r' ' L ' ' ' " A . 32. ' A . ' ' A ' . A.H.S. HONOR STUDENTS GRADUATION SPEAKERS DOROTHY MERANCY BTARY NxCoLE1'r1 BARBARA BOEHM ALAN DANA CLASS DAY SPEAKERS JOHN ADZIMA CHARLINE BEGLEY JEWELL TAYLOR CARMELA GROVA LAVERNE RICH ROSEMARY GENULOZZI PINE HONOR STUDENTS ANTHONY CALINI FREDERICK KORZAN CLASS DAY SPEAKERS GRADUATION SPEAKERS KENNETH BURT PAUL PESTA EDWARD GRADY WALTER LEWIS THOMAS A JELLO STEPHEN TESBIR Presxdent Vnce Presxdent Secretary AH joseph Musame Mary jo WOOdlH Robert Kyasky JUNIOR CLASS GFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presndenr Chiford Jackson Secretary Treasurer Robert Kolakowskr . . S. Treasurer ..r...,. . .,.,, . ,...r., , Adele Tirmey Presldent Secretary Treasurer john Andrusko Audrey Chrrstme Rrchard Van Rnper SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presrdenr W1ll1am Smayda Vrce President Wrllram Edwards Secretary Treasurer Joseph Carr . . S. Vice-President . ., A Lois Rubelman I PYCSIQICUK Blrbxrl Fxshcr Vmc Presuient Ann D1C mrgx Secremry Trcusurcr ohn Glenn 1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PINE MAIN UAL TRAINING Pre-sxdenr Carl D A165510 Vrce Presldent john O Kcefe Secretary Treasurer Robert Stexenson "X QNX 0 lo i ff Lf.f'.Q..?f N -4..J..:.. m G Gov 50 AVXK-lkmfmg FOOTBALL HAMDEN 23 ANSONIA 0 The Lavender started out what proved to be their worst season 1n over a decade by losing to Hamden 23 0 on the victors field In this game the Lavender looked woefully weak at the defensive ends as the Greennes gained most of their yardage through there HowxeT1nney oe Arnone and Tad Tyburski play ed a strong game for the Lavender ,NOTRE DAME 15 ANSONIA 7 The Green Knights of Notre Dame took up where Hamden left off They rolled on the ground and had Lavender didnt score untrl the last four minutes of play when it was too late Bob Kyasky a promising yumor and jim Ashe sparked the somewhat light Lavender offense TORRINGTON 19 ANSONIA 6 This game produced a charged up Lavender team for the first half but unfortunately they couldnt keep up the pace Ansoma scored on a jim Ashe to Vin DaCosta pass CROSBY 27 ANSONIA 13 Again displaying some fine first half football the Lavender falled in the final half and dropped a hard fought 2713 game to Crosby of Waterbury The win the Old Ivys first was scored at the expense of Lavender fumbles whtch were frequent throughout the game Howie Tmney and Vin DaCosta scored for the Lavender STAMFORD 35 ANSONIA 0 Powerful Stamford the eventful state champs rolled to an easy 35 0 wm over Ansonra on Saturday October 14 Too much all round power spelled de feat for the game but outmanned Lavender The only brtght spots for Ansoma were its two tackles arrm joe Arnone and Easy Ed Tyburskl SHELTON 25 ANSONIA 0 For the first time since 1934 the Lavender was beaten by a speedy and clever Shelton squad by a score of 25 O The game was wrapped up at half time with Shelton leading 19 0 junior Bacote Ed Tyburski and Vm DaCosta played bear cat ball on defense for Ansoma . . ,J y .. ,. . D Q . . . the game in hand well before the finish. In fact the ' - i A l . . . . , ,,J . 56 a , -rg ,.f.'-my ,,. t ' Q, is t Q fax i", "Q'1w"' 1 Y Q1 Vs' 'WJ ,t A if N J K" I Yu if f ' f - W--... N, 135' V f -H Q f ,i " 1 1 .. Q! if ,-vsp -Q 5-'Q xy, , A ff' 1 ' Kalb Q v ' . IP K 4 U Q4 id' . 6 u uf 5 rf ge 3,5 i H, X V, I ,qri ' we -1... ,: 'F' fx. X: 5 f NF X fa f' F R X if . 4 ,Q ,I X xl' K , 1 .f I ,?V,.. X. fi ff I .x s' , 1 P M9 ,Q A LI, S ' 5, ,iff SENIGR 1 ra-"X IOI ARNONI Amnlwlg 11111111111 In xx 18 xcmd 1 r s 11111115 I1x Mu IIIILIDIII c fllgguid 11111111 xxhosc pl1x 15111151 H111 houbc drnxx thc PIILIJIIS of rhc f111s IIM ASI-IE CLJCIPIIII1 xx1r'111c1'0ftl1c' Pop Shor tell trophy for bemg most x 1111 1b1c p11x 6 1m IS 1150 1 L1p1ble b1sketbf111 md b1seb1ll p11x cr 'I OM BABIAR 1-l1mpc:rcd H1051 of thc sc 151111 bx In IU yurx Tom xx IS sorelx mnscd 'Ihc bu fel 1 x xx15 111 1g,rL5s1x1 IIL 11 xxho 111111 rc 1111 pl1x xxlun llibplfid VINT D11 OSIA HI xr w 1 LT 1111 1 1 IC 1111 mx s r 11 IL 1m mm xxhf xx lb xx 1 1 1x111 58 w 1-1-1 1-I '-I 1-1-1 'PU Z 1-1-1 Z S1 MW ih- . , 1 ix 1, 3 ff l,.R X . ' s- 1 g, L- ' I I , fi F 4 . : ' -- 51 5 .- 2' A ' f . fi L-' K ' ,- L-1 I I F,- . Y 4 P rx ' l " N - :I A A ,J 1 ,J A 5 ii , " 1 1 Q - ' 1 -1 11 ff V' L. l 'x 1 ,X 4 'xv ' ' L, ' Til '1 L, :A 4 , - ' I ' s ' ' A-4 ' ' 1 . -., 1 1 , , 1 :. b Ln 3 9 2' ' ' ' ' - 1. . -' '11 2 ,1 W 1 . - 1 4 - ' " . - 1 I , f T ,, 4 - " ,' 5: .1 S 'Wh . 77' A I' ,, Zi' V. . A RP " ' ' WC ' A 1 7? 1 l ' ' L, V '- , f- . , , .1 .11 fr - 'x . 1. ff , A . rt 1-T. Q 5 , 7 ' , t . 11 ' ' .-7 ' ' ' Q ' ' 'f 11 . ,N .rm 1 21 - . ' - T. ... . . T 1 1 2 1 x N - I - 3 , ' , 1 HJ , 1 M 1 la f.-,4 i I A. HOWIE TINNEY Fastest man on the team, who could really run when pressed. Howie was the slippery back who scatted ninety yards against Hillhouse. ED TYBURSKI Unsung player who deserves a lot of credit for his linework. Ed doesn't say much but when he hit the opposing play- ers, they felt it. Ed was the player who teamed up with Joe Arnone to give us the best tackles in the valley. XVILLIAM "RED" MITCHELL For four years Bill cheered and support- ed the team. Always on the job, he was a good man for manager. JOE ROWLEY Small but spirited, he followed the team everywhere and made a good man- ager. He will be sorely missed from the bucket brigade. 59 '39 J Qt ' 74' .s'?' 1 r -'E I v u I. "f Q ,Q 6. f , 6 if N 'Af' f x 4'f ff f 5 Q -A' 5 1. l,gf I e.,,,.. 'AY 'A 5' -wr is I B Q U 6 . 'Q Q FQ 19' 53, QA 5 W vi .Qi Y' + x up j ' We .x r. I 9 s I, Q, , ., U- :.1 41 'K ,fa if Q 1 I' ' A 'L 4 . 2 P' Up ,N 'A msd' . ..-,mt .A-235' :-AC Q4 1 5-,ff if K' , lg L ,"': 'X Q E yi .Xb I x 'V"0 pbw ' 4 H- 4 s ' as i 5 ' 1 , 7? .' 6! f , Q .' ,f ,Z "a', .a Q " !,x s,f1't , . . I - ,.. "Pg"-9 rl. " Yr,-1.2. -4'-.f n ,-. J 1 -n 1 - . v - - 1- .-. , . , , um . Q31 fl., I ...U-j .1 DJ! . 1 ,333 ff, ' -'nfl 2,2 '..i..:. W4 ? -N, 4 3 . , W 0 ' , ,Q I .Q . XxiAVq S Y w 1 v . D 5 z fry, VME i I: 'Y A! NPRM Y 1 W 5 4 s x' ' RA ff- , 1 - x 'is' Y, ' ,ig wx m. 2 f'A'?7 E .WF BASKETBALL Ansonia Stamford Ansonia Wilby Ansonia Wilbur Cross Ansonia West Haven Ansonia Torrington Ansonia Naugatuck Ansonia West Haven Ansonia Derby Ansonia Wilbur Cross Ansonia Leavenworth Ansonia Crosby Compiling an overall total of 14 wins and 8 de- feats, the Lavender can claim the title to a successful season with the end of the 1950-51 campaign. Making up in spirit and team play what they lacked in experience, this team gave their all to both the school and fans alike. They were probably one of the youngest squads in our history but made up for their youth in height. Many of their losses, four to be exact, were by margins of two points or less. They were a team cap- able on certain nights of beating the best in the state, as shown by their 38-37 win over Hillhouse, their two victories over Torrington, and their spirited 68-44 "shellacking" of Class "B" State Champions, Derby. However, at times they were very erratic. Their losses to Crosby twice, to Hartford Weaver, and to a mediocre West Haven team proved this. Ansonia .. 43 Wilby Ansonia ,, 38 Hillhouse Ansonia 55 Torrington . Ansonia 31 Crosby Ansonia 56 Naugatuck Ansonia .. 45 Stamford Ansonia 76 Notre Dame Ansonia. 38 Hillhouse Ansonia .. 45 Leavenworth Ansonia 68 Derby Class "A" Hartford Tourneyj 40 Weaver Total 1027 pts. 947 pts. Average 46.6 43.04 Among the personnel on this year's squad were six seniors: "TEX" LOWENADLER, rebound and hook shot artist, VIN DaCOSTA, playmaker and ag- ressive defensive starg ART LITTLE, rebound leader, JIM ASHE, set shot artist, ED "TAD" TYBURSKI, whose timely rebounds played a large factor in the team's success, and VIN BARTLETT, an all round player. Three juniors, john "Bucky" Shortell, scoring star, Dave Wright, possessor of a terrific one hand hook shot, and Bob Kyasky, defensive star, rounded out the squad. Around these last three will be formed next year's quintet. Outstanding highlights of the season were the Jarvismen's tying for the Naugatuck Valley League crown with Crosby and their win over Hillhouse. Shortell, DaCosta, and Lowenadler were the lead- ing scorers, all hitting over 150 points each. AJ szfif' 1 ' av Ei Q, A . F1 r 5 L ll4t 46' s '-if' an 'z e 5 M V n I: ' ' sf: 4 f ,2,.,i,af -Q, S ifff. R K9 ,Sex gg, wx? . ' my Q R W Q' 3 M' rw iw H - N J' f ti Q . x ' ' A W Y 'x Vuvy ' A x ' 4 7 j N Lf ' w .1 . , pn, ts 'W lox , I t: 2 H 'QU- A gl A , 4 ,.,. V S if . .g. .,f ,. ln O ' O FF 1 x W. as, 2 Nw W 'O iw X FQ . 5' lj 2' 5. S L 1 L . ss x 1 Barbara Boehm Marie Feducia Carmela Grova Eleanor Healey Irene Kozlowski Barbara Mallon Dorothy Merancy Kathryn Mulvey Jean Wanagill HONORARY VOLLEYBALL TEAM Jacqueline Campbell Marie Feclucia Carmela Grova Eleanor Healey Dorothy Merancy Helen Milek Kathryn Mulvey Mary Nicolerri Suzanne O'Callaghan Joyce Plocke Jewell Taylor 70 CHAMPION VOLLEYBALL TEAM SENIOR BOWLING TEAM BADMINTON PING PONG CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS O 'Ce Plocke ewell Tavlor I Mary Perfetri Lois jaeckle HONORARY BASKETBALL TEAM i FORXVARDS GUARDS Carmela Grovu Jacqueline Campbell Lois jneckle Marie Feducia Dorothy Meruncy Eleanor Healey Suzanne O'Cnlla1glmn HONORARY CAPTAIN fSe1eCted on the basis of outstanding qualities of leadershipj Eleanor Healey Dorothy Merancy l WH -2- fius IG SENKOR G 031 99" X 46" B10 Tl P gdb,AZgQ9 Bike Q?- -9,2 E 39 v MSLY 9' , gfgg,5b?" EF . 1 -17 A ' Q5 Aw ' x Q .15 Q. 'fu 4' ,,,, Wa. B f-3-"" 2? Q-N... "'4g.. , LN 1 A' l - 1 STAFF SCHOOL NOTES jean Gabianelli, '51 Marie Feducigi, '51 Jewell Taylor, '51 Eleanor Kilduff, '52 Adele Tinney, '52 Nancy O'Connor, '52 BUSINESS George Supp, '51 Donald Edwards. '51 Richard Mace, '52 Shaun Ruddy, '52 VC'illiam Pratt, '52 Edward Primachuk, '57 Robert Winter, '52 'P-me "1 PINE Frederick Korzan, 51 Donald Maloney, '51 Paul Pests, '51 'XX'i1liam Smayda, '55 John Maher, '52 Joseph Parr, '55 Richard Rzasa, '52 John Kozlowski, '53 Charles Piwonski, '54 Michael Cichon, '54 A H S STUDENT COUNCIL President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Edward Bludnickr 51 Anthony Coppola 51 Alan Dana 51 Donald Edwards 51 Dorothy Merancy 51 Suzanne O'Callaghan, '51 George Supp, '51 ewell Taylor, '51 Robert Kyasky, '52 joseph Musante, '5- Elizabeth Renker, '52 Frederick Rubelman, '52 Edward Sadlovs ski Carol Hallihan 52 Richard Van Riper Shaun Ruddy Adele Tinney William Velms Mary jo Woodin Daxid Wright 57 ohn Andruslco, '55 osephine Brandon, '53 Audrey Christian, '53 Sally Coppola, '53 Gay Faulkner, '55 Lois Rubelman, '55 Ronald Skurat. '55 William Trevorrow. '55 76 PINE STUDENT COUNCIL Presldent Paul Pesta Angelo Quaderella Thomas Babjak Anthony Calini Frank Daniels Ronald Izzo John O'Keefe 77 Frederrck Korzan Wrlllam Smayda Wrlllam Edwards joseph Parr Clifford jackson Robert Kolakowski Carl D'Alessio DRAMATIC CLUB Presxdent Mary Nrcolertr 51 Secretary Ienner Crocker 52 V1Ce Presrdent Patrlcr Frlene 52 Treasurer Marranne Brezoskv 53 Advrsor M How ard Clark PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST Jacqueline Campbell, '51 Edward Grady, '51 Frederick Korzan, '51 Sylvia Perfetti, '52 Lois Kilpatrick, '52 Shaun Ruddy, '52 joan Cody, '53 June Ippolito, '53 Anthony Poehailos, '53 John O'Keefe, '54 I 15, X lf GUI! AMERICAN LEGION ORATORICAL CONTEST John Adzima, '51 Tauber Kornblut, '51 Jewell Taylor, '51 Robert Blazis, '52 BAND MEMBERS jacquelyn Ashelford Dorothy Bernadone John Boaths Mary Callaghan Luke Chappel Joan Cody jennet Crocker Nicholas Donofrio Charles Dorchester Richard Dreher Charlotte Erl Betty Fisher I joan Gabianelli Melvin Grovit Marjorie Hilbish Arthur Hylwa june Ippolito Neal josephson Lois Kilpatrick Mary Kosyra Donald Maloney Eleanor Milenkevich Rachael Mutrie Michael Nxshti Christine Parker Michael Patulat Myra Pearce Dolores Pegano Madelyn Porell Edward Primachuk Elizabeth Renker Shaun Ruddy Louis Sciarrino Charles Smith Martin Soloway William Trevorrow Gerald Yagovaine Mr. Douglas Porell - Director LaVerne Rich - Drum Majorette gqmusnmbfsnffm .pq-.2-My-t v f ,, F' I llnuunm-naw" , ' A Hn-Miha-v?5'i23 1 'www-N' Xw. 1 be 2-Nj ' 'A ' In gl' WW' I 'QQ in O. i sz A Ek '52- X I ' Y Y X 1 4 f3.?-irxxiei :,.lF, ,A1-3. .- V--Q . ' Q ,Y - Wvki I v i I Juowg' YS .2 A 1- 9 A 4 I e'5,g-1, ,Qui V ax If fX 'Z'- 6 '7 ..- V ' 13 X F Nu! Q1 LEADERS Carmela Grova Dorothy Merancy Jewell Taylor PEP CLUB TPS Dorothy Merancy D A R Award Wlnner GIIIS State john Adzxma Edvard Sadlowslu Frederlck Korzan CP1neJ Boys State !'Z!li5'3l Ely! john Andrusko Arthurine Antrum Raymond Applebaum Barbara Behuniak Ardyce Berg Dorothy Bernadone Marianne Brezosky Merrill Debski joan Delaplano Carmen Dil.isio Elizabeth Downing W'illiam Elko CAFETERIA STAFF Gay Faulkner Marilyn Ferla Paul Fisher joan Gabianelli Edwin Gerwatowski Melvyn Grovit Howard Heavens Martha Hultin Patricia Ianello june lppolitto Michael Koskelowski Mary Koziak james Lyons Charles Moser joseph Motel Rachel Mutrie Christine Parker jerry Pertoso Margaret Petro Elizabeth Ranno Lois Rubelman Edward Sadlowski Lucy Schrieber Richard Van Riper joseph Virzi Mary jane Whalen 86 SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE l.1 ..1i.l. .ii- Thomas Babjac Edward Bludnicki Anthony Calini Anthony Coppola Alan Dana Arline DiDonato Donald Edwards Frederick Korzan Donald Levesque Dorothy Merancy Suzanne O'Callaghan Paul Pesta Angelo Quadarella Edward Sadlowski Charles Smith George Supp Jewell Taylor Edward Sadlowski Frederick Korzan Co-Chairmen john Adzima George Antinarella james Ashe Thomas Babjak Alan Dana Donald Edwards Marie Feducia Marcia Gatison Edward Grady Kathryn Mulvey Mary Nicoletti Suzanne O'Callaghan Paul Pesta james Rowley Margaret Sampieri SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE A D A 44'33?'1'g .--5. -.., -11 I-,- ll . 'v J . I ji. .1 1 1 ' l"' ' . - 'F . v u 1 o f 'Qi A- mf 'X ' ' I 0 11 1- ' ,w..- , V N-A K .. I . 4 5 X ff. I ff , R -2 .uf ' .' N, xxi .,'x.gfi . . ..,-..- ,.. .-ff ,,,. : 5 -'4' --lr -'I .1 1 - .-- - ' . ,.,.- .1-. V . -- .s-- , V ,.., . --n v- .1 Y Y ,. . ..-. 1 a -1-n 3 . QJQU: II' I K, A , Q ,Q Q, .x,. ,L A, J 8 , Q ' vc.-" il 'lf ' in f H 1 1 6 I . A .r " . ' 3 A A, I N I , -1 F , '43 -aw gialli -ju II I ,. -FK "fffx 1 , QF 4X fx'- N , , A Q' - un! i J 0 X "F 1 -Y ' Rita . -' ' . A r Q-" n 'N w : Y .pml"W" 6- -2: Q oh 01 Z bi .,, . 4.4 pa fav , ., ?"Sf1,Q5:!, 071, U .Q ' -- 2 .'l.--ff wr. F. I PBX. X f A u ,... 5,11 ,ak x O X ,x ' Q. fx Af +A-,. P .1 ffr. 1 1 If 4' .71 .-- J an-A , 11 S if ., , Q If 1' 5 Y 1 X-. ' ' s i 's 1 '-Q f ' 3 I - p , ll L ff 1 L , KL. .Z V 'Ne X " M .., Us 1 V , - iff ' ! , Q Xl' if -at ' M 1 ini-K ' 'v 'Wlr' K' .14 . V L ,Q eu' .i , , W A . 1 ,. M 'g - -'nj ' 1 . I ' is -I M 3 1 -, ' VISUAL AIDS John Andrusko Raymond Applebaum Ronald Applebaum Anthony Calini Carl Ferrillo Richard Van Riper STAFF Dennis Pelepzuk Frederick Rubelman Shaun Ruddy Andrew Sandowich Mario Signorella Congratzzlationf and Beit Wifbef to the CLASS OF 1951 from the Facultles of the ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL AND PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL But Wubef Beit W1fbeJ to :be ro rbe CLASS OF 1951 CLASS OF 1951 from the from the JUNIOR CLASS OF A H S SOPHOMORE CLASS OF A H S Io the I0 the CLASS OF 1951 CLASS OF 1951 from the from the JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY and STUDENTS A H s ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 94 O I I . . O O C01lgfdf14lr1fi071I and G00-d Lllfk C07Ig7'dfIl1d1107I,l and Gfwd Link O I O C Il rztzzf 111 215 zmf B452 U 151245 to thc. AHS SENIORS OF 1931 from tha BOARD OF EDUCATION Cmzplmzc 7111 THE CLASS OF 1918 JUDGE MICHAEL I SHEEHX Pres1denr F mplzmc 711 FRANK P FITZPATRICK M XX OR ANSONIA C OINN Complzmenf GEORGE LIFTIG AHS 191 HARRY LIFTIG A S 12 1 LESTER C MARK AHS 19 1 DONALD MARK A H S 1940 HOWARD MARK AHS 1116 THE GRIDIRON CLUB LET US ALL SUPPORT AWD ENCOURAGE A HS ATHLETICS 95 0.31 1 .0 4 " "fn ' n I p T A Y E - f I ' . 'lf .ff I ' lflf, O ' ' I . f I 7 . . ,, ' I of Conzplinzezzn of I . . , 35 .HW 42 . . . 'fm C0ll1f7ZjN16'lllJ' of A . 1 a CLASS OF 1951 THIS IS YOUR BANIN. All Earrzmgr Belong I0 the Dcpmllorr Bunlcl up your ucoum for the txme when you vull really need II SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA Comphmenli BEN LAVIETES Complete Lme 0 FRUITS and VEGLTABLES STORES RESTAURANTS Horus CLLBS Telephone 4 6517 BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN BORMAN S STUDIO OF ANSONIA PORTRAIT AND CANDID PHOTOGRAPHERS Serzmg Connectzcul or Ozer 50 I can Telephone 4 91 OI Rooms 705A 206A 707A 70 CAPITOL BUIIDINCJ ANISONIA CONN 'll f UIIDUIIXT ilhd Snr GJ G DERBY GAS s. ELECTRIC f of ,,' f 65 , . 6 , I E, od P 'I ' A fi . If , f 1 , f c . .' R-J - if - , ,- ,-7B co. 96 THE ANSONIA NATIONAL BANK --O ANSONIA CONN THE EVENING SENTINEL YOLR HOIII' PAPER Over 11 450 Net P11cl C1rCul1t1on ANSONIA DFRBY SHEI TON SEYMOUR md OXFORD ANSONIA LUMBER COMPANY Prompt Delnerxes of lumber All Kzmfr DLPONT PAINTS AIND Vmzmsuhs Phone 4 7311 ANSONIA CONN Complznzc rzfr 0 THE HOWARD 81 BARBER COMPANY Slglzrlr 112 FURINISHIIXCS FOR 71-IE HOML and zn APPAREL I'0Ix IHE FAMILY Quahty Merchandise Rlghtly Pr1ced ak ' ' A f READY ROOFING and SHINGLISS DERBYIS COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE 7 ' ' ' ' . 1 1 I . ' : 97 The ANACON DA Copper and Copper Alloy Products COPPER BRASS BRONZE and NICKEL SILVER follomng lrst Includes some of the more Importxnt mlll products produced from copper and IIS alloys by the ANsON1A BRANCH of THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY SHEET PLATE AND STRIP Condenser Head Plates Roofing Copper Through Wall Flashmg Electro Sheet Copper WIRE MILL PRODUCTS Electncal WIre and Cable PIn RIVCI and NaIl WIre Slxde Fastener WIre Fx RoDs AND BARS Weld1ng Rods Propeller Shafnng Screw Machlne Rod Copper Bus Bar EXTRUDED SHAPES ArchItectural Bronze Weather Strrp and Door Saddles Drawn Copper Shapes ANACONDA THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY ANSONIA CONN 98 ri 7 A A - I I l I A ' 2 ' - - I , . Wfeaving Wire Angles, Channels and T Bars from mike to coisumel I a THE ANSONIA WATER Complzmc nl! 0 THE SCHOONMAKER DRUG C 0 M P A N Y GEORGE BARNILO Prop 410 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Ike Only Exflmzzt Mzuu .Shop nz the Valley RECORDS POPULAR AND C1 ASSICAL SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES Charles Lul nn Formerly WEDO 5 E1 erjtlomfg Alumfzl 256 Mam Street Ansorua Conn Opposlte Cnty Hall uulzzy zr Iloc Secret 0 Good 'latte V O N E T E S B R 0 S ANSONIA CONN DERBY CONN ALEXANDER HARDWARE ALEXANDI R DONOIRIO Prop Telephone 4 1555 Corner MAPLE md HIGH STREETS ANSONIA CONN THE BRISTOL DRUG CO THE RIXALI STORE PRESCRIP7l0N DRUGGISTS HOWARDI SMITH Reg Pharm Mgr ANSONIA CONN OUTLET SHOE STORE IIRS7 WIIH IHI LATFS7 1295 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN 99 , 2 f CO. e I I 1' A - , ' PALACE or SWEETS Cffmplifflwfff Of HQ . .W I , f .I ,, III! THE H C COOK COMPANY gfmdefzte 70:4 IH! SIOIII F011 IIIN IDS MAIN SIRII I ANSONIIA CONN JEROLMAN MOTOR CO CHAI S1111 PLI AIOUYII SALIS Amo SIRVICL Sporlsucav Sporfmg and Atblclzc Equzpmcnt BEAVER STRLIT ANQONIA CONN 177 CLIFTON AVE ANSONIA CONN Planning to Build or Buy' Consult us Ixforc you mlm thu Hrst stcp We H115 be lblc to offer some helpful sugbcstxons THE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY CONN IWORTGAGL LOAIN5 IWADE SINCE 12516 105 YEARS or SERVICE DLPOBITS Q18 078 077 343 SURPLUS C37 301 960 CIC F HALLOCK CO SINCI Ebb IAA II LAI! IN SUPPLIES B P S PAIIXIY HARDIVARE IIILL BUPPLIIS 116 MAIN S'lRELT DERBY CONN 7 7 FAIR SHOPPE MEX ER COHLN Prop LADIIS I1 IAAIAC APPAREL Iclc whom 17717 ELIZABETH ST DERBY CONN 100 ' I Cffwjv 1111 I ,fi ,V uf -, lj.. I C .. I- I , K LA. I I O Q Q . ,l,. :j , . I 1 I 'I "'i' I 1' 4 I I ' ' 'L E , . -- - s O I O , . , in 2 .' . 2, ,Q , , , ,V W, . E , . . y- v 5 - . . A , .- . j ' 1 I 'v -.. 1, ..1, .....,n C...,x .,.. .4 O O ' ,C. 'YV 1 ,1If., f'3 I v I ' 7 'fy , -. 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D 11- '- ' 1 I - I 1 I of O O O .. , O IOI ' 0' U W l JWZMMQ X f Wf Wm Esrabli shed 1892 -gi? Publishers of Fine Yearbooks . r llli' ' - 'X ll--- ll ' Q S Q ' c- " ' ss s' f' f ,W "x ' . 095' "Wo" S' f -ff' f 1.0 pangs 5 W O E 4 Klaus , ' fungi .Q X 15,0 nf" ,sf K ,gy E, Y' . e O' ,O slss O s S S ' Yearbooks by Offset ' Quality Craftsmanship I ' Dependable Facxlities THE MARK OF INDIVIDUALITY IS A YEARBOOK J 9 T. O TOOLE 81 SONS, INC. 31 IEFFERSON STREET - STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT STAMFORD TEL.4'9226 NEW YORK TEL MELROSE 5-4 I2 Complmze rzlv 0 THE TOGGERY SHOP COMPLETE mm 5 WEAR Armzz Sfazrlr :mf IX 111 111113 K1 zuz Hlbillfdffjffj Phone 4 M74 CAPITOL BUILDING ANSONIA CONN CLANCY INSURANCE AGENCY IIXSURANCE FOR EVERY INEED Pr ozeczzon Serz zce San mgi Phone 4 5855 744 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN THE ANSONIA GARAGE, Inc Where Servxcc Counts Most STUDFBAKFI CARS and TRUCKS Yomzgrlrm 71 Kzfcben Clblileilf Phone 5 1808 458 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Complzmenn 0 CHARLES F ASIMUS AGENCY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE ANSONIA CONN Iii. sz Ikfzrber I0 tba CLASS OF 1951 AHS GEORGE GARDELLA CO rRU175 VEC EYABLES C0lNfEC7IONERY 16 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN REICHELT S A H S 19 1971 1923 1927 6 Phone 4 0073 WESTFIELD AVE ANSONIA CONN Complzmentf of 0 R AY AIXAIY my AAVY STORE 1 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Complmzenzf of DAVID SCHPERO S ewelers Smce 1925 77 ELIZABETH ST DERBY CONN 1 I . 1 T 1 I V4 0 g 7U 1 C' Q f' 1- 1 f - . - , . 0 ' f 1 ' 1 Z ' I I A J F Kelzimzlor Elerfric Refrigcmlorf , . , ' ' , , I 08- .. -- S - -193 I , 1 - . . - 1 .I - ' S , I , 1 J - S94 - , . -7 ' - , - I04 CUNZADIINICIIIK j EAST SIDE GREENHOUSES NORTH PROSPECT STREEI ANSONIA COINN C 7Ilf7fI7Ile'.Hff 1 MUELLER S SERVICE STATION Phone 4 4981 I74 N MAIN ST ANSONIA CONN NOVINSKY BROTHERS PRIIX ll lx 9 Spnftznfx Comix un! lrophzc ROCCO S APIZZA Rocco BARBIERI Prop SI BMARINE SAINDWICHES Telephone 4 0675 MARIE ANTOINETTE BRIDAL mlolx Gnzznx Drcffcv II!f7Il!,71l Apfurcl Iclephonc 4 4169 Res 5 0536 C07Ilf7lZ7IlC7Zlf 0 MORRIS GANS C0 517 MAIN STREET ANSQNIA Q0x1N 280 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN ANN MARIE BEAUTY sHoPPE Bw, Wm, Pro effzonal Half Sbapzng MR SAMPIERI Telephone 4 7476 ROTHMAN S 76 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN ANSONIA CONN , I 0, ,U I I If 1 73 . . .' 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A 1 Iv, T A I I A 7 - 1 I , Q K f I O O 97 . . , , . 1 O , ., ,, , , Telephone 4-4066 Cheefe Coated Popcorn 1 '. , I . U 4 , M 1,-I f4,,' waaal I-'rozwz I7rf11I1 . II " 'A , ' 4 S . T V 106 ANSONIA FURNITURE CO COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 700 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN GOUMAS ROYAL FOOD STORE, Inc FIINE QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4 9665 171 N MAIN ST ANSONIA CONN Complzmentf 0 THE VALLEY SPORT SHOP A 1 TONG McGregor Goldfmztla Spauldmg Reach Wrzght 6 Dztfon Phone 4 1986 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN GANS OIL CO , Inc Goodrzcb Tzrw and Butterzef Calm Range and Fuel Ozli 21 BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN Complzmenlf 0 PETERSEN S MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 4 1813 9 MAPLE STREET ANSONIA CONN .I CLEMENT LARKIN INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Telephone 5 1934 18 NEW STREET ANSONIA CONN GLAZER S ANSONIA APPLIANCE FOR APPLIANCES of QU f1LITY BRIDGE STREET ANSONIA CONN Congmtulatzofzx and Bef! Wzybef 10 the GRADUATING CLASS OF AHS 1951 PEOPLE S STORE 106 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN I f - I Telephone 5-1824 101 , . ' . f I I U 51 , I ' if 'I07 C072lpli72Z6IlI5 of FARREL-BIRMINGHAM O S C A R C O H E N COMPANY, Inc. Telephone 4-7795 ANSONIA - DERBY DIVISION 154-156 MAIN ST. ANSONIA, CONN. 4 ROLLS - CASTIINGS - MACHINERY Bu I ALO DIVISION Complzmenu 0 GEARS GEAR UNIIS WEITZ DRESSES Plmrs COPPOSITE CITY HALLJ ANSONIA and DERBY CONN 752 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN BUFFALO N Y Mfwffi fmafxw X N I ron me szsr IN mst: sesr IN Nurnmou gb E X sssr IN smovmsm " ' KN EAT ICE CREAM I Ea? dellclous nufrmous HUBERS ICE CREAM X t often If confcuns VITCITHDS A and B profems X calcium ond other essenhcl mlnerols needed 1 T11 for good health 3.1 ALWAYS keep S, rcs cum on ' N md myowefng C Q .D HUBERS ICE CREAM CO "'1'0' 0':":P 'ml' 9 , - 800 Seaview Avenue vnu rea y or Q, ony occcsnon. 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T O O O 109 Conzpfmzwzlf of JOLLY ROGERS ir Complimcrtf of LAUREL TEENS ir Crmzfvlzmc nfs 0 Ilya JOKERS Complmzcrzty THE FITZGERALDS 15 QUFTON Avi ANSONIA CONN MERRI MAIDS AIND TOP TEENS Complzmenty of K E E N T E E N S CALLAGHAN S EXPRESS IOCAL mf LONC Dlsmlxcr T cphom 4 Sl 6 HOXX ARD ANI ANSONIA KONJN LEWIS JEWELERS Dlffuoxlns UAICHIS 11uf1LRY 'lnlcphom 41525 O4 MAIN S1 RIVI ANISONIA COWNI f f ' ' o 0 . I of A I O I 1-'L'R.N'l7'l.'R15 .mi PIANO MOVING I.IiXY'1S Suivlfno, limp. cl- M-'U' f- 7 " '2. H L' ,Q.g'. 2' N SEZ' 1 N ,Q.1 110 EDDY S BAKE SHOP EDWARD C THOENMZS Prop FRESH HOME BAKED DELICACIES Telephone 7368 Telephone 3622 CORNER OLIVIA STREET MAIN STREET DERBY CONN C wpfmzuzts PALMER BROTHERS MOVIZNG A Fen Blockf A Feu, Mzlef or Arrow the Coznzlry Phone 5559 ANSONIA CONN Complzmefzzf 0 WILLIAM E STAPLETON FUNERAL HOME 72 HOWARD AVE ANSONIA CONN JOHN SEXTON 81 CO Manu actzzrmg Wbolefale Grocery SEXTON SQUARE CHICAGO 90 ILL COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D 111 I 0 V 1 uf 1- 4 - - 7 p 1 n 102 INIAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONN. , , - 518 , . , , . f . O f . WELL WISHERS nd 'Hrs mhn I Run Nir Ind Mrs osgph A NIQGLL A1159 Agngs I5 Rry Mr frank Ryan Mrss Ethcl Krlcson Mayor and Mrs Frank P frrzpurrck Ru and Mrs ulun A T lylor Dr and Mrs ohn M Rcnghln 1nd C hlldrcn Mr and Mrs Iohn G Prcndcrgsast udge and Mrs Wrlllam Knntgston Mr and Mrs Anthony Qrcplak Crry Clerk and Mrs Paul Schumacher Mc uadc s Pharmacy Mrss Gladys V Davrs Mr and Mrs Oscar Soloway r and Mrs oscph Sddlowskl r and Mrs Alln Dana r md Mrs Iktzr Supp r ind Mrs FFIYILIS W Lfunos Mrs Mollm N1 lyo Chuck and Al Mr and Mrs Rohcrt Anrrum Mr ind Xlrs Clarcncc bmoot 112 Mr. 21 r 1 J I. My r . 2 I ,I ' . 1 A " 1 -. Q' 1 . 2 ' -f. ' . J 'z . 'z J' . f f. A A z z Q ' A Mr. and Mrs. Sam Impcllitcri Q . h . A' A Y J Y - - . . Y Q f 1 A M . f . J A f M . r. z M .2 f . - A 1 AI . 2 . 4 2 Q. . c , , ..,. , ,ur ., IV: an I, - . x 1 Je T . '1' ,. '99, -.,-' , ' -i Y - L ,741-:rf .4 v -- 4-,YYY ',-.,,, 4,4 T?-w v-vw-'-cf-r--H wr" Y -I -..-.-, .. A-1 -fn--V -- A v- V- -, I ,A A V wg- w- ,-

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