Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1950

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1950 volume:

1 V L QA Q 'M id - Q,.sLV V-by I IW i Q SQOYQ' XA B M, di' K""' gf' 'I 1' nv ar ' . its G. alusev 5+ -r 1 C0 V' 2' U 'XX ? :ml ' eg i Fungi, :vis 5 ll' --e-we: ' "1 . ".::f:':E'::.f si' II lxllflll llllllll -nl 1 I ll llll 35235:-' .. is ' Pug .Q v ::::e'54l' 5 lltniuill i"::.- Il !::Z?'iiiee:EE:z:es Aff ' .:':::::'::....:f ,,,. :V in ill'IlIlIllI ,555 1 gllllllllihgm :gint illlH4:fnll1llii,4ls5 ,,, n gf lllll lV"'l ' r ,E annul 'mall' 2- , I IHQIIIIU l """"I .5 5515.45 ' !'l'5,,: 'Fi --'I' . -sul 'Q' I !'wlI'lF,': ::nnm -::',,,!,.s I II ll Wm -.fq,,qM, x N I - urn 'fin n ull I I I mgxq Hs.: .. . bgszwilll mm M5 "' ' " in--I Ig nl 'V ' ' Ill ll' . :!::..:I -'ia Igiigiigu-H 3.321 A llY P' if 4: , Ala: 4 'ha xg QQVVV ,Q 4 4 1 ill!! IIl,g -da 4: f if f K' l 1 V :ffl Miigfigiiigg f-' ' 'I-zzz,ff:E"::::::!5fig3 - li ':eiiisp:::r-1:54:12 'a . !!':ggl5i'i,,-:!:I... f fs. , I.. , .,..-- ..,...,., J. :::.2--::::S fe.e5e.--9:3 -ggamw Q.: ,g ml rfsgq n 1 I sggnnll-::,ga J Qoigit l!.!g1llI ass:--'A nggjps II ..: .5 neg: nn In ' " '1- :5:5 .V::,A , I I V, "" I 1 f i'::.'a ,,,,, , Q55 WW- - 1 W Mfg. , ,JVM V w'::.1 ff! 5, 'll-:. W l I 'ifieil V I 1 , f - V F573 H f' W A ir' 'I . ' V 1- 4 'f5::.:V 3 . al ' h.-5.514 ' 4 5 ' I -:Z-Lg ' l I ' Q! 9 f':"": V V ,- flf':' " QVMVIN, assi' ,W , . V , 4 E I 1 F5355 I., ff .--,..-- , 1 W 1 f '- If , w,'-:54 . Y Q I, .,, - an V ' f R-:q - n V .f ' fV::. 1 5 l-- 1 f 1 1 lg: ,, f- "YP , Y :3 5 , E 5 I 1- I ,1 , if V, V I -- 'V V V .. V VV 'V ' 4' -. -, - J L Qnqizsiii A ini: - Q 'VV' , ' ' 7 gi: I .3 - 4:55 ' X V L, " S15 A V, Qhggl' n 1 ,g5. H!,., ,W 55511 F' ' ' 2 - -I -va 2535: Z- U, 'iazsi , , ,Y,Y Y ,fn 7::..'g-fi f "'i' -"" 'ii '55 f 5: . hiv! ---- 2 A ' 1 131 ' "" 1,1 In ' .iii I f 1 . If .. .- pull . . ,. -,Q ... I- , -f, f - V. eg' , Z fi . I . In ia -:V.L'.,1 P V A-ff' 'V---' " ' V212 V F ll .'..... -- .. ff.-ff. : "l Fix UU", l V ,Af :si """" 'I ,e-!:::'5'5'V5 Hu A, ' ,,,,,,, -if iw I .::: -faegsusgg sa f 1- .- 3 VN .1 ----- pi" 444 dass- .....-,,,,: ,,!f.,s,s.- -' , . 5 -,.a' 5, V .4 , u ni!! -- I --.' , I L51 rfifgiggss. ,Vsa-a - . I - ll.-fl. .,-- , E. . 'f ,I l,,!:-, n! -- - .mugs . -!- :fx y '51 . 9-197' 'V' "Ill " ii "V"'-' u' fl --" "' n5l:,,:::::-'ipiffi' 'CV 1.5 L11 -L 'V 7. -fffiifs' I f'4':::!':' Il,...--f!:::.z1i-ip' -:::::-11 -KV: ,-':ri X V U ' ' l'w 4 , I' 1 I 1 1-I ,..,. ---- - , g 5' H 1 .-I 1 v - In V ,. , . r .1 AI ,, ,,. 1- 1 ,,,, , , ,',..V-H I up-ng,.l - - ., -. '--1, ',' Vm -- - : 1 !-ggi!!! V.---i5p::::r,i,!!,::::5,EV5V.,',1w1 V 'JK '93, -" ,. lf? 4ijig!E:: --i 'fi' ' ' i ' ' .-J - Lf! i5Vf5JJEs:s2afn59":11.'V,.f 1 b ' iff f - .fI'f' , iz, .. A ,,if,,'.:? fi . 1:Z1Ql.aa,c-':V?f.f -if lx '-giegvi j bfmggfzx,-25551,1.55-:V3,g.:,ag.:,,3sg..Q,..1--,f.,,,,-,V . . . ' .. I ' 'x 5. 1 "'Pb,t1- . X--Q RR. -,-,- N .,, - -Q: S, 'XS--. '- . i 'rw 1' ' "M . ,K X X ,A ., g YI' ' xg "5'leKg,,3a3.k 11 12 1 'Jax , T 'fn llllzlfimi -. I -gf-: If W in ' , it f l ln ,. 010, The, calm b ekov-'e We Sform BooK5 and P0-PQVS on dePo5'FT' ..-- HN CTR.. Xn "VNS C,Xo5e1'1'.! 'YOMR QEQCCT 0. river- Xocb- 5o.m.... when 'His oyenedwff-H 4 4. N, f 1' ' ,4 '-X X ,Cs ff O I x ,O 'Q X Box XD bedxuwx fkfi' WAIT . . . Before you turn this page, Keep this thought in mind, That when you leave dear A.H.S. You'11 leave a Friend behind. And even though you may forget Many lessons learned, Deep within your heart you'll keep Some sentiment, deeply burned. For as you write your Book of Life, On each page is pressed Some memory of a golden hour From your High School Treasure Chest. - HELEN BASTA. is 'gi . to 3 ,V-, 3 2- -th-aut a 5- f Gu -fin.. N yffe Ofazfefzrzfefi Vo1.6 CLASS OF 1950 MOTTO Esse quam videri To be rather than to seem COLORS Blue and White ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT af x. f 3111 illllvmnriam JAMES BROWN JULY 28 1932 JUNE 23 1947 THERE IS NO DEATH There rs no death the daffodxl declares rt The snowdrop dancmg rn the snow procla1ms The robm wears rt and the swallow swears xt All the brnght pageantry of Aprrl names rt There 15 no death O heavy heart belreve nt' Earth sun and sky nn golden chorus shout lt Cast sorrow rn the fires of sprmg nor grxeve rr Lnfe rs reborn rn love ah can you doubt lt' l Zin illllvmnrtam JOAN ALLAN APRIL 14 1933 SEPTEMBER 20 1947 There rs no death sprrngs Cuckoo btrd repeats rt The hrlls and valleys echo and commend tt Llke Lazarus the Splflt hears and greets lf The death watch ends, the weary watchers end rt There rs no death death s very headstone proves rt For lo an unseen hand as llght as breath Stnrs rn the dark sttrs the great stone and moves xt And He stands there O soul, there IS no death josEPH AUSLANDER Repnnted from Thu Week Magzme Copy right 1949 by the Umted Newspapers Mags. zme Corporatlon ADMINISTRATION MR JOHNJ STEVENS Superzntemient IWQM WS' MR JOHNJ F RUDDY MR JOSEPH A MCGEE Prmwpal Prznczpal Ansoma Hlgh School Pme Manual Trammg School 6 X 13 C0177 ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR. JOHN J. F. RUDDY ..................,................... Principal Miss AGNES B. RAY ......... ............................ S ecremry Mr. Charles Arthur ........, Mr Ra mond Burns Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry Algebra, Plane Geometry . y ...... Mr. J. Howard Clark ........, .................................................... E nglish Mr. Gerard W. Conklin ........... ................................ P hysics Miss Margaret M. Conklin ...... ...................................... E nglish Miss Josephine E. Cribbins Stenography, Typewriting Miss Ethel Ericson ....,.......... ................................... E nglish Mr. John T. Glenn ............. Miss Loretta G. Hennessey . Mr. Philip L. Hilbish ......... Miss Josephine G. Kennedyihiin .... i.....i..i..Algebra,.Geometry, Trigonometry Miss Mary R. Lane .................. ............................................. Mrs. Frances B. Lombardi .. Mr. George E. Manley ........ Mr. Henry Martorano .... Miss Louise C. Marvin ....... Miss Eleanor L. McNamara .. ............. Physical Education English, French Economics, U.S. History English .................................. Typewriting .. .............. Chemistry, Physics .. .....,................. French, Italian ..................... Physical Education Stenography, Typewriting Miss Mary McNamara ......... ...........,........................................... B iology Miss Mary E. Monahan ............ Bookkeeping, Stenography, Typewriting Miss Katharine D. Prickett ...... ....................................................... B iology Mrs. Frieda T. Rackham ..... Mr. Frank Ryan ............. Miss Mary E. Ryan ............ Miss Edith Schoonrnaker Miss Doris Shields ............ Miss Helen F. Upton ......... Mr. Michael J. Vicari ........ .. .......................... .....,............... ................... B o okkeeping Latin, U.S. History .. ....... American Problems Ancient History Modern History 7 .,.....................................................................,........ French Latin Chemistry, Latin PINE MANUAL TRAINING MR. JOSEPH A. MCGEE ...................................... Miss MARGARET M. ROCHE Mr, Raymond Burns ........................................ Mr. Gerard W. Conklin ........ Mr. Edwin Cooper ............. Mr. George H. Crook ........ Mr. James G. Flynn .............. Mrs. Margaret K. Gorman ........ Mr. Harold W. Gottsegen ........ Mr. William J. Halligan ...... Mr. Charles Jarvis .......... Mr. Joseph J. Kiely .............. Miss Emelia E. Kulikowski ....,. Mr. Robert L. McLaughlin ....... Miss Frances S. Nason .......... Mr. Herman Roche ....... Civics, U.S. FACULTY Principal Secretary Mathematics Civics, Science Printing . Machine Shop Practice Economics, English Clothing Woodworking Automotive Mechanics History, World History Woodworking Clothing Mechanical Drawing Foods English JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY MR. WILLIAM J. COMCOWICH, Principal-Civics Miss Marian V. Ahern .,....... Miss Mae I. Frawley ........ Miss Pearl E. Jacobs ........ Miss Mary R. Lane ....... Miss Mary E. Maher ........ Miss Mary McNamara ........... Miss Mary Pattinson .... ......... Miss Theresa A. Pedbereznak ....... History Health, Spelling English Mathematics Civics Algebra, Science Geography Miss Alice C. Shea ..,................. ............................................ E nglish Miss Doris M. Shields ...... Miss Helen M. Stuart ....... Miss Mary A. Walsh ........ Latin Ancient History, Business Practice Science rm .iHELEl3Li LAVENDER STA Erfztof 112 Cblc WzllEd1t0r JOHN KOLAROWSRI ELEANOR ANTICO Art Edlmr Anzflanlr HELEN BASTA Susan Boylqn Joyce Castaw Pme Affzflantr Sport! Edztor George Raslavsky Robert Goldson ALAN TERRILL Edward Brewald Harry Brrnk Pbomgmpby Edfm' Bmzfzerr Alamzger PHILIP HILBISH JR EDWARD SIPAY Mzrror Edztor Afflifdflfi MARX LOU DANIELS Arthur Trevorrow Abraham Vaughn Typzrt C bazrmmz JOAN SEVERINO Alflffdilfi Frank Asclutto Antonro Comcow 1ch B1rb1r1 Bllck Robert W1nag11l Aiflffdflff H Ed Mary Bxaleckr Rose Krueger A H1031 UO' Adele Karkour Ann Mane Stokes NN ARECKI Faculty Aduferf Afffffdflf Mrss ETHEL ERICSON Edu ard Morgan MR GEORGE MANLEY 12 THE FE V' A.H.S. Prefidenr ................ ROBERT WANAGILL Vice-Prefidenr .........4..... JOYCE CASTAW Secretary .,............ ARTHUR TREVORROW Treamrer .................,...... SUSAN BOYLAN SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Prendenr GEORGE RASLAVSKY Secretary ROBERT GOLDSON Treafurer HARRY BRINK , ' V. , X V K, Vice-Prefidenr ........,. EDWARD BIEWALD A.H.S. HCNOR PUPILS CLASS DAY SPEAKERS ANN MARECK1 ELEANOR ANTICO ANTONIA COMCOWICH DOLORES SEREVITCH ANNA NICOLETT'l RICHARD PORELL GRADUATION SPEAKERS HELEN BASTA ALAN TERRILL MARY LOU DANIELS JOHN KOLAKOVYSKI AV GRADUATION SPEAKERS JOHN MACHOWSKI EDWARD BIEWALD PINE HONOR PUPILS WV I5 CLASS DAY SPEAKERS GEORGE RAsLAvsKY JOHN MEZTUZZI DONALD DUBE BARRETT JACKSON ALAN THOMSON FREDERICK MCGUIRE HOWARD ANDERSON Howxe Srlence zs golden Tall quiet good llstener CHARLOTTE ARTHUR Bunny Smile and the world .rrmler wrlh you lnfecnous and cheerful smlle a swell pal and the best m sports BARBARA BABLON KA Barb Laughter 11 the 1oyou.r unwer evergreen of lzfe Good natured brunette LEILA ANDERSON She zmfarlahly looks as though Jhe had Jtepoed out of the proverbial handhox Vlvacxous well dressed blonde tops ln sports DOROTHY ANDREWS Dome Good lhzngf come fn Jmall packages Cute grm frnendly nature a wonderful pal ELEANOR ANTICO Drgmty z.r lzke a perfume thore uho use it are Jcarcely comczour of zl A peppy cheerleader good m dramatlcs always actlve school alTa1rs FRANK ASCIUTTO F rank Irzaclzzzty 11 death Actxve ln school HHZIIS member of the band and the dramarlc dub ALBERT BACOTE Buddy A good laugh 15 sumhme m a house flashmg smlle wonderful sense ol humor WALTER BARBASH Walt I am wealthy rn my frzerzdr Fnendly and mterested sports ROGER BAUER Roger Great uorkx are performed not by .rtrength bu! by perseverance Independent can talk hrmself out of any sxtuatron WILLIAM BENNETT Moon If .Hlenee were golden I u ould be broke Good natured wntty wnll anythmg on a dare P IA RUTH BARNET Rurh1e Quzetnerr 11 ben Quret charmnng and rese rved 17 an JAMES BARR j1mm1e Humor If the irue democracy Good natured wnth a ready wrt ran. .Gr 2 HELEN BASTA Helen The .recrel of life 15 rn art Tall drgnnfned wrth a flare for ar CHRISTINE BAZYK Chrns rzlence theres uorlh :hat bnngr no risk Quret but frrendly a good sport MARY BIALECKI Mary Szlenre 11 true uudoms bert reply Kmd hearted mdustrlous wonderful fnend 3 A 3,1 If ' ' VF ll ' ' If PP ' ff ' ' ' YI ll m , , . , , . - , t. ' 1, ll ' 11 rr V A ,fin 4 , I - - U H . ' , 1 , I ' 3' Pit A U . . f K ff - - ,' 1 I u y ' I ' V u - , , do - 2 2 H , I, ' - 1 EDWARD BIEWALD KPINEQ Knowledge rs power BARBARA BLACK Barb Laughing talking alwayr gay .the helps to make a perfect a THOMAS BLACKWOOD EUGENE BOHMANN Q PINE D Gene Tome A modert man 1: urually admzred if people ever hear The hope for all the maid: of him X K 1 AI ' , - -K ,hx ,L f .' 11 ' sl,- , I 5, 'A .-Edu rv ' I ' , l, 11 U ,, . fl ' 'IV d y,'. fl ' .fl 0 1' Hafd W0l'kCl', honest and Sin' Vfltty, friendly, and what a Handsome-mlland P0Pulaf5?n Quiet, friendly, a good sport. . b , , .. I.. ,, . . J ' ' ll ll ' ' Y I ' Y ' , ' - ' u f . I , Us ., ., , .. .. ' ll . ,, . . . . I ' ' ll - 7 Y , . . , . 18 CCIC ADELE BORKOWSKI De She 1: never quiet hut when :he 1: .rleepmg Attractnve blonde nonsy full of un SUSAN BOYLAN ue None knew thee hut to love thee none named thee hut to praue Cute popular easy to get along wnth smile' Very popular and ener getnc excellent athlete specxallzes m basketball JOSEPH BOSTIC Q PINE J oe Hide not your talent: they for me were made What: a .fun dial zn the shade? A quxet happy go lucky fel low always ready to lxsten to a good yoke DONATO BREDA 4 PINE J Don N othzng warner ham nothmg harrzet htm Says lmle but look out' HARRY BRINK CPINBJ Bu In arguzng too the parxon owned hu Jkzll for even though vanquuhed he could argue mll Full of fun ln a fnendly way GLENDA BROWN Glenda 'The hfgh Jchool day har ur delcghls not the lean of them the high school kmghlr Good sport carefree mce to know ALAN BROZEK 'Think not I am what I appear Somenrnes quxet sometrmes mnschxevous A nrce fellow al ways STEVEN BROCHIN SKY Strffy 1: a scholar and a gentleman Studnous curly haxred blond humorous and gay JANE BROOKS ane e that wa: ever fair and never proud had tongue at u ill and yet wa: never loud Fun loving cute athleuc Get to know her you won t be sor WALTER BROOKS C PINE 7 Snr Walter He .rleeps by day more lhan the wcldcal A jolly fellow wxth a bxg smile NAOMI BROWN RUTHIE 'True fnendshsp as like .round health the value of rt 15 :eldom known tsl st be lost Fnendly mdustrrous always ready and wrllnng to help MICHAEL BROZEK Rocky The mon urelen day of all as that cn which we have not laughed Mxschxevous a good basketball player has more than has share of wit 1' ' H nj H u dn nHe - usb . 1- ' H 1: rr - ' rf . ' .' . . '. .N - ,, 1 n ' 1 ' . - , , . . . . ' n . . , . , - . u H " I . . , . . . . .' . ,, ' J ' ' ,li 1 1 , . . ' 1- H 1-Alu fr ' ' ' . . u , n . . . , A , l l l l i I9 -i Q JALIES BRUCE ANNA BURKE ROOSEVELT BURKE QPINED Stlence 15 more eloquent than fPlNED Postlggy u Wd! Tmy V t l ll Hu friend! they are many hs? qule 3 ways WI mg to Gentle zn manner forceful rn execution Good sport always keep you laughing Qunet but a lxkeable fellow WILLIAM BUSWELL Buzzy Virtue 15 hold and goodnen never fearful Tall good lookmg athletnc wxth a pleasmg personalxty an a good word for all MICHELINA CASSETTI Mtckey The hand that hath made you ...p- fazr hath made you good Attractnve dark hatred dowed wnth a frxendly and cheerful dlsposltxon A lot of fun to know MARGARET BURKOWSKI Margne A lady help uanted genteel and refined Ohltgzng and cheerful tndul trzous and hind Pretty well llked and frxendlv Our competent and attractnve Drum Mayorette VIRGINIA BYGOTT Vxrgne Her zery frown: are fatrer far Than .tmzles of other mazdenx ar Pretty popular and personalxry p us JOYCE CASTAW oyce The uorld war on thy page of uctorret but a comma Cute qunet and very well lxked A dependable and sympathettc frxend QP 1' . . - are 4 v L Y . 1 Q s l . l ff - - t. - ,. I ff an ' ul ' 1, . ,, H , 1 . Y . . H - - U ,. - - A 4 v I - 1 . 1 A -. . H I , I ' I! v . . ' y . . - Y - f . 1 A - .. .. Y. ' . .. - - ., If . . A 7 ll ' ff , ' r . . en , . ' d . 9 ll ' Il V W ' , A V, 1-J H . n 6 V 1 U V . V I- - t, u ' . v en' V . . ,1 ' in " ' - ' . - . , V Ll . 'M l I s ' ff: 41. , s ii ,' ANN CERRITELLI ADELE CHEROVUSKI "Dolly" "Cookie" "A f0V1If4f7f ffiffld if -'1 'king "Cef1iu.f,tbalp0uer which daz- rare and bard lo find." Zlgy mortal 9395, IJ nfl lm! pertererarzre in Quick to laugh, happy-go-lucky di! ,uijevif STANLEY COUSINS Happy Be aluau at rnerrm at mu r For no one delrgbtt m a 5 rouful man Always a smile and a disposi tion to match RICHARD CROTEAU Dick The hope of all the mardi Tall good looking football player always ready for a ioke and a swell friend. V A Witw, sports-minded, thrifty. Q I. N ANTONIA COMCOWICH "Toni" "I am armed uilb more than complete Jleef.-- The juslire of my quarrel." Athletic, intelligent, always ready for a good argument. A ,gi T' A 1 'Q' xii suv 3' I MAUREEN COOK "Reen" "In quielnesf and in corlhdenre Jball be your Jlrenglbf' Very quiet, loyal friend, earnest worker. GEORGE CROCKER George Quzet ai firtl but look again uiet with a real sense of humor a good friend CONSTANCE CULMO Connie Full of cheer full of pep Making fun at erery .tlep Cute talkative a big smile for a -'71-"' I? 5' f ,fri fy f ml? ig I will 'Y ROBERT CULMO Bobby They are nrb ubo lute Itue frzendr A frnendly mxschrevous young, fellow I RANCES A CUSHNFR bl-Nl Vll'VE D ALYSSIO Fran amc Tuff a It IH MIL mth mn I lauthler be the f00lJ0f11fC Sm and Ill tall alr ue Llfc me LXLLYJ to 11 Noxsy talltatlve .mtl mxsthnu Pulte mfettlous laugh very ous CHARLES DANIIELCZUK "" Plppv H11 Izmbf are fart fn manlm mold: For hardy xportr or mntefis 110 d Our popular and frxendly three letter athlete MARGARET DFALMO Peggy Moderty 11 not barhfulrzerr' Very good natured and always ready for a good txme Q.. VlVdCl0US f-,H MARX LOU DANIELS Lou Bun anne ul: Jf fun lluth 1174 har inzdtrlahn limb Ihc har done lntelllgent and attrattlve frlend to all DOROTHY DANKO Dot Permmzlzty 15 to a 1107711177 u but perfume If fo 4 Hou er A pretty frlendlv and popular xr AMELIA DELLAROCCO "Milly ' A smzle 15 a 14077111711 bert friend ' Small and friendly full of fun EVELYN DELLIONACO Evelyn U har a umnlnful prrzllege I0 haw the .ferrllty 0 a godderx Tall quxet frendly by nature JOAN DIXON 03.0 A pure ethereal mlm that bnoux no storm Calm qunet serene and be mgn MARIE DONOFRIO Pxpprn If fad 2116530111111 uear zz lrke a .word Tull of fun well lnlxed always really wrth a smrle for every one lv wh., JOHN DEMPSEY lPlNEl Bu H11 lllllbj an car! Ill mdnlm molds For hardy Jportr and Illflfeilj Grulf at rxmes hut ull In all lme fellow ,r 5 1 0 l ' 23 .l PHILLIP DlDlO Fit or zhf YIIPISHIZ 5 It l lou ell him A bdppl lullpfnrl IJVIIIILLY' 11 the bm lxnnd lovxal never vuthout a smxle for every one KN RS' QARMELA DIMAURO M1 ll'1Ih hu mu III loud 111112 laughter Arhlulc frlemlly vurh 1 hearts laugh SHIRLEY DOBBINS Shrrl Honey and all meet thingy lzgh! up zz manr eye A Swell lull llllecl hy all and a peppy cheerleader INIARGARET DOWLING Peggy For me 11 zr to laugh A Lute stravsberrw hlonrle full ol fun 1nLl.1lvs.1ys ready to help 1 f1'lCl"lLl 1 y ' E xl f- 425 1' e if ,x X -1 -- . f - ' 1, fn. " 'l1" , 'lf H, A Q - I ', .rr , ,jf ' ' ' lim." ' ' ' ' 4 ' ' , 1 ' ' ll el., I , I K ., - v V. , . 34 . , A , I s , 5 ' 1- I ' ' In Ayb. M V if Q I Y Y . 04' ev PATRICIA DOYLE A true friend :J of more prize than a kingdom A swell ftlend to have at all txmes liked by all WILLIAM DURANT Dewey The learned unzlerrland the theory of art the unlearnea' 1111718411178 Gxfted arnst pleasant mce to talk to JAMES FITZGERALD Fntzxe "Happy am I, from care Jet ree, Why afen't they all con rented lzhe me?" A good athlete, carefree, happy, and popular wxth the opposxte sex JOHN DREHER A fazlhful friend 15 a Jtrong Jefenre And he uho findeth Juch fmderh a tfearure Swell fnend and a good sport ,-Q L 1-FR 41 DONALD DUBE BARBARA DUFRESNE Old Man Lezel at heauty and at ul! Thore uho Lnou htm hnou Wfxtry ture always pokmg htm hen Popular fellow very good na tured A LESLIE ELLIS E1 ery man har three charac ten That uhzch he exhzhzlr That uhzch he has And that uhzch he lhznhr he as Rough tough and ready ralka uve DONALD FLAHERTY KPINEJ . S ug . "Borrou'zng make: .fommzng " Good narured and able to take a yoke I , tl.p M I av li' ' ' -f is s"' .-- I ' ax - - I . Y- L Y X .f A Nu Q "Pat" "john" CPINED "Barb" .. ,. 1 f , "Les" 'Ki A' --4 P . ' ' h 'ff .. - -.. 'V :E ,. f . 'Hx I K - ' ' 1 1 n 24 JOAN FOLEY 080 Silence :J true utsdom .f bert reply Good frrend ha a cheery smrle for everyone Peppy cheerleader MARY GALLARANO Mar She loves to talk and talk :he longer stzll Good dancer wonderful ath lete easy to get along wrth MARIE GATISON Zrna Much Jpeech ts one thzng uell timed tpeech II another Talkatrve frrendly and a good sport f . I .L MARY FOLEY VIVIAN FOUNTAIN Brbber Vrv JEAN FROLIGER Dodo I hut e a heart u :th room or Moderty 11 the rertanz zndlra A rmzle that u on t rome 0 eteryone non of a ,great Jplfll Go to her wrth your troubles Always ready wrth a story ways cheerful and shell cheer you wlth her talkatrve full of fun WI! hr N-u 25 Lots of fun a good frrend al ARTHUR GATISON rt T0 uorh or not to uork Cheerful frrendly and well lrked HARLOW GELOSO Harlow He .fpeaheth not and get there lzer conzerratzon m hr: eyer Always wnllrng to lend a help mg hand A loyal frrend and a ood athlete 1 2 a Y L xg 'fit , ' f A 0, X -f I ' K, ," , 1 , ,, . . V. , ,, V V. ,, , . . , V ,, . Y , H Il I fl f ' I ' ' JV 5' . , S . , V , I y . . , . N , 31 , .. .. uf HA ,y ff x .. ,. V V - will for ,JOHN 071 emi, and A ' , that ir the quertionf' - H W . 1 5 ix y-,- 3 ' , A r ' ' . ' 3 ' A 'A VA, ' . V Q' . ' ' R l ' , , lt A I . . F H l ' ' 1: 4 ' ' ' ' f' ,fl , . . M r g . 6- 'N 'f" ROBERT GOLDSON CORINNE GRADY RAYMOND GRANATIE QPINEJ Corrxne 6 PINE J Rapid The gift of galely may znelf Rock be the reateft ood fo lune Perxonalzly uuba! rountr g g r Though he II lrlile he J Never a dull moment when lozable Full of fun easy to get along you re wlth her wnrh Loves to look at the gxrls hates MARY LOU HALL Mary Lou To bear her Jpeak and .fu eeilj .rmzle You u ere m paradise the u hzle The more you know her the more you want to know her DOROTHY I-IEGLUND Dot Smrlnzg aluajf uztb a nezer failing Jmrenly of rounten ance Calm and amncable--wxth a serene and kindly nature is X62 'aw N ffratgf. Q to look at books 2' "Hn JOSEPHINE GUAGENTI osle It II better to be Jmall and Jbme Than lo be great and fart a .flaadou Small but nozsy always ready ro laugh FLOYD HAMILTON CPINED Floyd To 110736 or not to zz ork tha! fr the quemon Always happy when hunting and flshlng PHILIP HILBISH Phu H11 arr hu manner all uho Jaw admired Handsome wrth a mce person allty An mdustrlous worker IN. ,fri MARIE I-IONA9 PATRICIA HONAS I' aye Patty Carry through life a rmzlzng The mzldert manner and me and 41111435 let your gentler! heart heart he gay T3llx3IlVC and frlendly ntte to dxsposntxon know LOUISA JACOBS Lou Full of theer full of pep Making fun at ez ery Jtep Small cute and a lot of fun ADELE RARKOUR De ,103 has ltr frlendr hut grief 115 lonetmerr Always laughing and talkmg thats Del A cute blonde wnth a pleasant 41 'V -5. 3 CATI-IFRINE HUMMFL Cathy She if get the If June! just tht Mile ze Ioze It meet Always ready mth a pleasant word a swell fnend to have Very neat lin. K' xx' VC' BARRI-TT JACKSON QPINEJ Barry Calm and qmet Ill a .mrt ual ll zlh hm: nr uorh he ore 41 Reserved and wlllmg to help hrs friends RAYMOND KARG Dunne Only deedr gzze .vtrength to 1 e God naturecl an enthusxastlc follower of all sports XWILLIAM KELLY CPINED Lester Wfhen you re good to otherf you re heft to jourrelf Tall lllteable vnth a ready smnle io' MARY KENNEDY Bootsy Why 11 the u orld 50 fad u ben I rn ro happy Gay with a pleasant smile for everyone JOHN KOLAKOWSKI ohn Ire learned a lemon I :ball ure rl u ell Quiet reserved with an air of drstrnctlon MARILYN KOWTKO "Mar" When harry uitlene mirth ir mated ueele, Good lo be merry and rife, tbey lhinke and feelef' Pleasant personality, jovial character and always happy, Good athlete. I 1' DONALD KING CAROL KLIMAS Din I 115 more Im not Cool spurt with .1 bi smile g Tootsie 1 Ig Nwlnem If mg zmddle name A-, Affcttionate erin followed by 1 for all theerful hello in , . 4 l X 28 -Q f 43 'rea 154 1 7 CHESTERLYN KLIMASZEXVSKI Chet Lau g by are rlepy buppmerr Good sport with a kind sense of humor ALEYANDER KOSAR QPINEJ Alex To loaf If a .ference Is ribbed by everyone but takes it with a laugh ROSE KRUEGER "Red" "A :mile is part of my wardrobe." Good friend to all, with a yearning eye. A DORIS LAZZARI Dorxs I ou haze a mmble zz 1! 1 tbmk 1t u ar made o Atlanta 5 ee Neat petnte and all reet FRANK LODA Frank Not too Jermur not too gay than the proper uag Good natured popular out stanclmg athlete RICHARD LOWE Dxck When a frzend axkr a fazor there II no lomorrou A good fellow easy to get .1long,wth ' 111' Q! 'i MARLENE LINDGREN Mlcl-.ey If 17711191 lzmutlai zzrznklu my fare u 011141 be u Plcaslng, PCFSODIIIIY full of tL,lj.,j.,lES ...ff F 29 63 he ' HYLFNI Ll PPMAN I-Ielcnc S1 13 Jpcak and 514 cetln Sllllft lxnown for her lwr1L,l1t Sm1lL and quxct frlemlly manner "1-F lj fc 'ang hr ff my - Lv MICHAYI.. LOCICERO lNl1lx6 F1 erwme J frfe11z1'ana"r10 one 1 enemy Agrcmlule frlendly all around good sport CARRIE LONDON S 1m A7111 :be 11 11 my and .the 1: ll Arm' :be II nouy zn ezery 1111 a good sport a swell frxend to have RICHARD LYSKOWSKI Rrchre I in all thzngr Iafb1eze zz but I fan Qunet not too talltatxvc but a great frlcntl 1 7 l N Q 4 ' X W ' . 'll N1 5 . 1 - 11, , 1 11 - K, - H ,fu 1 1, "31 - ' ' ' ' ' ' f ' ' ' ff ll." 2" 11 , ' - vx 1 v h f ' ' ' h A ' , . .. 1. lv" 1 . 51 H . 4' 1 A 1 ' ' WH! 1, H1 . . . 1 1 a ' '- WL 1 1 1 1 v 1 , 15 gg 3511 el ,V ,I . ' I .an 3-QP ' Always ready to Joke wxth you, 1 - . 1 .xt . . 5 4 .X ' ' H 13 ' I A ,wr " 1 ' ' 1 . I Y 11 1' 1 y 1, I 1 7 7 A 4 1 ' " 1 'li' A , 1 ' I I .1 r, -' 1:1 I ,. ANN MCDONNELL Ann food nature IJ one of the rlchen fruit: of perfonalzty Quxet amnable and cheerful HARRIET MABERY Harrxet The prozerh Jazth that many Jrnall make a great Sweet and peute frnendly talkative DORIS MACHUTAS Shorty There u ould he no great oner rf lhere uere no lzttle one: Cheerful peppy and good na tured A good cheerleader MARY LOU MCGIVNEY Mary Lou Happmen reemr made to he shared Frnendly and gay always vuth a happy appearance " 45 "Ms FREDERICK MCGUIRE fPlNEl Fred Reading maker a full man Mediation a profound man Ducourfe a rlear man A nne class dodger a camera enthusxast 3 ws, HENRY MCLAUGHLIN KPINED Omk It :J a friendly heart that har many frzends Good looking and well dressed JOHN MACHOWSKI fPINED Chow qlllef 10712148 shout d 10156 head A swell fellow who should suc ceed FRANK MANTINI Frank I have a voice but why uear zl out? Easy to get along wnth Sertous quxet and fnendly ANN MARECKI JAMES MARINO Ann Spike Wudom 1: hetter than The more mischief the better ruhzex :port Quxet and pleasant very Always mro somethmg never fnendly and helpful stlll talking all the txme JOHN MEs1'Uzz1 1 PINE 7 Silence rs a fence around was dom Tall mtelllgent wmth a smxle for everyone JOSEPH MILARDO oe 'The wzll for the deed Calm and kmd always ready to he p JERRIS MARTINEZ erry All who yoy would wm must share st happmesx was horn a twm Always wlth a smxle and fnendly greetmg cheerful and JOSEPH MASSERI QPINBJ Snlent Sam Haxte make: waste Never speaks unless spoken to ALFRED MEZZATESTA Where heart: are true Few word: will do Quxet and mxld laughs wlth a good heart VINCENT MILARDO fPINEJ Welge Look before or youll fi d yourxelf behmd Nonsv always clowmng ready wlrh a corny poke -1 -. .1 - t. --J .- H . . ,l - - U . . U - -t ' u xl - l - ' ' I . H rr n 1 s . , . ' 1 U Q ln ll . . . , rr - , H fl ' - w 1 . I 2 x . It ' lr -.J n i z - n H , fl ' ' n v . . 1 . r v GEORGE MILLER JAMES MITSAKOS EDWARD MORGAN CPINEJ QPINE5 "Ed'-' "Muscles" "jim" "joy i: my name." "Quiet at fint but look again." "Ge, all the fun you mn life Friendly and jovial happy-go- ' l k . Cute :always on the lookout for U Ikon' uc Y mwfhlef Carefree fellow bothered by PETER MOTEL Pete A glad heart maketh a cbeer ful countenance Cheerful and friendly quick to blush HELEN NESEVITCH Helen Her voice wa: ever :oft gentle and low an excellent tbxng tn woman Gentle and good natured perpetual frnendlmess on her countenance KATHRYN MORGAN ..Kitty.. "Her modert look: the cottage might adorn, Sweet a: the primro:e peep: beneath the thorn. Soft voxce and pleasant smxle never wxthout amncable greet m ROBERT MU RGIN Bobby It 15 good to :peak but better to be ml! Good hearted and happy a frxendly appearance ANGELINA NICOLETTI Angle A: merry a: the day 1: long Happy lnvely good natured wnth a smnle that never dxsap pears ANNA NICOLETTI Anna He profit: most who serve: BJ! Qunet studnous a smcere frxend Always wxllmg to do her share and then some ELIZABETH PARMELEE CRY 'There u no mdex of character so :ure ax the voice Fnendly yovxal has a sweet vonce EDITH PAWLAK ..Jadz.. "A wztty woman :J a treasure " Wltty and talkauve, enchants everyone wnh her gay laugh fel' PHYLLIS NOLAN IRENE OBREMSKI SALVADOR ORTS Phn Paxxe Ons Little thang: pleaxe many 'The mort preczoux of all po: Oh why should life all labor mmdt .re.mon.r 1: a wne and loyal e7 friend Cute blonde energetlc agood A swell fellow full of fun athlete and full of fun Tall blonde and good natured never wornes about home Q 33 work PAUL PASSANDER Paul Laughing quafmg and unthmksng tr Well mannered very good na tured a swell pal CHARLES PERGOLA "Chuck" "A: there z.r a me m medzcme for pouon, .ro the world can not move wzthout roguex " Noxsy, always ready wxth a yoke and smxlmg, very fnend lv I .ff fs fe? f is ANNE PERRUCCIO "Ann" "There if only one um to have a friend and tba! il to be one. " 5 x :Ni I I ' xl 'mtv il -if NANCY PIZZI LOUIS POETA RICHARD PORELL "Nan" "Louie" "Pillhead" "Ar the Jun folourr flozreff so "Sufc'e:ffuln1,rfalr are irzmffer- "The Jmile lhat u'o11't come does art folour life." able." off" Reserved but pleasant. A long Cute, witty, a wonderful artist. Nice-looking, good athlete, al- Quiet and intelligent, with a f d vsays really to share a joke cute smile lasting rien PASQUALE RAGAINI Patsy An ounte of mirth IJ uoflb a pound 0 .rorrou A little fellow but always full of fun GEORGE RASLAVSKY IPINEJ Ras The face IJ the mdex of lbe mimi' lull of fun always good for a lr kg -Q-v 'V 'iq' ii 'uv-'M' It IRAQ .fig 34 -RC' Quiet JOHN RALLIS I PINE J La La Came the dfzurz modest and well liked EDWARD RICH QPINEJ Herman Work but Jeek not false ambmon J flame to light lhee Cute with a smile for every il r . .. ,. 3 fir , ,, , , Y A s - D D " , -f f " " If ,IU 1 H V H .ff he ' . A 'g ' If 1 QI qv- ki' If 'Z' Q if -' '- H - - I ' L I I ii. .. '."",. " I . Q 3 I ,, A I .. . " A I, H , ' I , . ,Mi 1 A. fix 'W' h i ix 6.:112 ?5'if, 4 'll 1 2 is '- ig: Y ' ' eany aug ' gif I - R I I V I one. - was ' 1 .nw ' - ' I ' ' ' ' 2. T i sl"'572,t 'f - ' 'nigh 1- it . W ' Li L-iff' 'A 'S fu...- SANFORD RICH Sandy Drew 11'oe5 not make ihe 1111111 bu! 1t offer: makw the Jllf re55fz1l one Well dressed and du.,mhed Makes a model Boy Smut IDELLA SCHREIBIR Della A good d15p051l1on 15 C0115 bappzen gzfl Cheerful dlsposltlon surroun ded by happmess DOLORES SEREVITCH Dolor 'Through the .ffdfl to betlef lh1ng5 Quner, verv serxous, good stud ent well llked bu all XA Barb fi I 111 rzeml IS orczer 11 rzeml l-l'l6l"l1llY and pl6dSll'lL, to all Alulns vullmg to lend a help une Wfh' If L 4 1? is I J IA Z BARBARA RYAN JOSEPH SANDS JEAN SAUER fPINI 7 eau Chlckamo Brzglvl ar lbe 51411 her e305 the gaze rr 5lr1ke 116 15 aludlf lfUfl5hf'1C' mlb A711 his the Ill!! Meg 5191716 WU 4114415 X47 on aff afzke 114 1111125 lo make a per en Popular wlrh a mmd of hls OWU K5 vig ?,,, f- 495. Y' Dnmpled smile and tvsmklnng eyes JARVIS SCHUMACHER Jarvy from lhe from rz of 1115 head' I0 lbe mfe of bu font be I5 all mntb A good dancer and a vutry per son well known for hls soma hxllty JOAN SEX ERINO Joame Art 15 not atbmg If If a um Arrnsrnc alvnaxs vullmx: to help our MALCOLM SHAKER Salty He it ala ay: laughing for he ha: an infinite deal of wit Wxtty and humorous keepmg everyone laughmg wlth hs hvely talk DONALD SORRENTI 4 PINE J Don All good thing: come an :mall package: Quret a smrle for everyone EVELYN SPAKOWSKY Never idle a moment but kindly and thoughtful of other: Good natured and fnendl dnlrgent at whatever she does JUDITH SIM Smile: make the world go rouml. Popular nice smile very pret ty lots of fun EDWARD SIPAY Soup Don t hurry me - I ll catch up with the world Good athlete never rn a hurry swell dancer mce dresser " .K ,, , Ax EMMA SMOOT Friendship it a glorious word Good frrend very popular mrld pleasant drsposxtron LILLIAN SPADER 1 'The world sr made for fun Very frrendly bubblrng wrth laughter always found where there IS fun MARY STACHOWICZ Marv Good mdure 1: more agree able in conversation than wit and gwe: a certam asr to the countenance which st more rnzahle than beauty ret possessmg a natural fnendlrness ORLANDO STAITIERI fPINFl Lannly Happy I am from fare Im ree Tall and easx to get along mth SHIRLEY STOKES Shlrl Nou the red zum upon her cheek Nou ubzte uitb cnmson clofey In defpemre Jtruggle m lo Jpeak war of rofef Has an easy blush really quxte JOYCE SUPP oy ce e mozef a goddeu and look: a queen Beaommgly dlgmhecl but al vsass very frlendly - N I L ill 5. FRANK STANLEY CPINFJ Imnlue 'G' N--4 W SHIRLEY STANLEY ANN MARIE STOKES Shxrl Ann A fu or toil an 170117 for L Ifvc ron ypnrt The lllllld ffm 1401714171 I fflfflff' 14176 UIHUI I But If a rzcmf 11 lie foo 1, ,,,,j,1 1,5 5,056 Ibm, some qulet but really QUIIC full of fun WITYI and hUm0f0U5 l0f5 Of Alvuns Lax and malxms fun UH 'Yi Q- MICHAEL SL CHOWER Q- Mxlxe Speedy 11 great but Jzlenre 11 greater Sllcnr and pleasant wlrh a calm and frxendlv countenance IOHN SW EENEX luv Q3-Q jackle ll len Ilyere ual uork I0 be ,fone I may jack at a pmrlv Quner has lots of fnends le If H- . -"' ,W 791 M, K s K ' I I f ' I f" I' fin- 2 F . iq? Y . I fr ' S f I 1 1 ' 4 " " "T 1 -' " A, f S, Y 4 ' mfuf if , 1 '.' rr V f fr f ' , 2 I 47 L 2 , I ' f . I . l ' I V A f Af' 1 fl" I 'H To, I . ' ' f ' f h ' ' , - . . ., A I, . ,H Xl 4 ' Q H I ' I , H , 3 ' , . A . becoming. 1 I' ' K ,. . sag 1 I, , .'J V H -V , H -v "sh I A J l v lv v V vl VV A , Q K' Arfj 'A ll' I In A ' I ng ' I3 X . ' 37 EQ +A, N FREDERICK TEODOSIO C PINE J Fred I worh mlerferex uzlh plea Jure the heck uzth uork Good dancer fnendly and al ways smnlmg JOHN THOMAS QPINEJ Pmto Meehnefs 11 not u eakneu Cheerful and a very good sport EVELYN TINGLEY She 11 not dzfcull to pleaxe She can he Jzlent ax the tree: user but socrable Always ready to make fnends ALAN TERRILL FRANCINE THOMAS IRENE THOMAS Lefty Fran Reme So m each aclzon lu turret! Qmel and ,tu eel fr1endl3 and Good nature 11 one of lhe That gzzex lt all :IJ camel: near richer! fnuly of perromzlzlg new Slrghtly shy but always ready Cheerful company and a good Intellngent destined to make to enyoy a good laugh Sport Lxkes French ALAN THOMSON CPINED Humphrey Itrg all thmg: I achzez e u hal I can A quxet fellow an excellent auto mechanrc NORMAN TINTI QPINED Norm Full of cheer full of pep Mahmg fun 111th every step Very good natured and pop u ar iinsm. 'bg Q9 5,4 H N5 5' 'fs 2 ARTHUR TREVORROW Arr A fheefful lzfe If u but the Mme! lore zz Joarmg .fpzrrl :J their przme delzgbt A popular and llkeable lad vurh an En,L,l1sh accent Blushes qulte easily MARJORIE WEAVER Margre make have lo laugh al ez erythmg Lxkes to talk always ready to enjoy fun LORRAINE WILSON Rizllflle Quiet peryonf are uelcome eaeryubere Doesn t have to say a word her smnle and looks speak for her ABRAHAM VAUGHN blxlppy Happy go lucky Lbeefful and a A zen good pal m eLer3 ua Near dresser and humorous Lnkerl by all Wo if-r JOHN VFRBISKY ohn not Jeemlg do ll not I not true my t all Agreeable and amxcable com pany has a beammg, smlle 39 ROBERT WANAGILL Bo Be aluau ar merrm ax you can for no one delzghfr nz a for rou ul man Popular cheerful and smnlmg ROBERT WILKINSON Bo Ones eye: are uhut one I5 Tall good narured and oh so andsome Pl ' ' I X . I ff AI, - .,' . I fflf ,' I' V. f' 1 V ' - V ',' g 71. f , ' 1 ll ." ' f , A ' ' ' ' fv , W ' X I , '11 I1 ' ll ' ' 6 V .. b.. ul I Z H , ' . I , ' .11 F . ' , K .4 , h v 1 , .. A . ,, r s , , , U S i I ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL Helen Basta oyce Castaw Ann Mareckr Eleanor Anrrco Vxrgrma Bygott Carmela D1Mauro Lella Anderson Frances Cushner Joyce Castaw Dor1s Machutas joy ce Castaw Vrrgrnxa Bygott Joyce Castaw Angelma Nxcolettr Anna Nrcolettr Likely to Succeed Mort Popular Mort Intellzgent Mort Drgnr ed Bert Looking Bert Athlete Bert Drerred Wzttzert Bert Perronalfty Peppzert Bert Natnred Bert Dancer Bert All Around N ozrzert nzetert Alan Terrrll Robert Wanagrll john Kolakowskr john Kolakowskx Phrlrp Hllbrsh Charles Danrelczuk Sanford Rrch Wrllnam Bennett Robert Wanaglll jarvrs Schumacher Wllllqm Buswell JHFVIS Schumacher Robert Wan1g1ll Wrllram Bennett Frank Mantmr PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Lzkely to Sacreed Mort Popular ............,.......... Mort Intelligent .................. Edward B1evs ald Donald Dube Edward Bievsald . George Raslavsky Mort dzgnz etl ............................................................. Bert Looking .....................,. Bert Athlete ...........,,............ Bert Drerred ........................ Wrttzert ............................... C ntert .................................. Bert Perronalitj ................... Peppzert .......................,....... Thomas Blackwood Thomas Blackwood Henry McLaughlin Frank Stanley Donald Sorrenri Robert Goldson Norman Tinti Bert N armed ...............................................................,........ Donald Dube Bert Dancer ...............................,......................................... Fred Teodosio Bert All Around .................. Nozrzert . ....,,.........,...... ,..... . . Qmetert ............................... Donald Dube Vincent Milardo 40 Joseph Masseri SENIOR SUPERLATIVES J 'rV.'.lt'r'.lr ' . '.', '.lrl.'.'.','.l.','.'t'.','.'r 1 Q '.l.', ff ...I ...fffQQQQffffQfffQQffQ'l""" - V l"' .'r'r'.l.'.l.'.'r'rlt'.'.','.'.'.'.'.',',l,'. '.'. ' . ' .'r'.'t'.' . 1 I r rr .'.'f.f'.'.'fffQffffffff I Joyce Castaw ..... '.'.'.'.'.'.V.C.'.'.','.',l.'.','.l.'.'.' f ffffffffffff.. .'.' . '.'. ' ffQQf l,',C fffffffffffffffff'Pasquale Ragaini r U ..,... ffQfQfQfffQfffffffllQ - ffffiffffffffffffffffff ...C 1 I I 6 llffilfil ifllffg Mel? wil iii if will Ulillilm ilelligelvflflil UH 5' 553625 5421-HJJ5 5 rw mf? FEET? M v ' A-L V l . ,, 0 , V . ,. , ' -nr a Cl ss ol' 'Tl' class dll TQ ' l when we fialn Sue ' cess ' 0 F I . 7 O 9 ' I 0 . . Q i I A I l V V O In our lnea TS- wil YC umem-lpgv-' D 5 al' A . 3 , I 0 T Y I A 0 1 o 0 - ' A a . l NANC P I Through the years that lie before us, As we bravely face the future Graduation cannot sever Through the work and play, May these mem'ries stay, Ties of friendship true. We will pause and then remember Loyalty to thee forever We'll remember class of '50, Happy High School days. Guide us on our way. Colors, white and blue. -LEILA M. ANDERSON. NAME Howard Anderson Lerla Anderson Dorothy Andrews Eleanor Antrco Charlotte Arthur Frank Ascrutto Barbara Bablonka Alben Bacote Walter Barbash Ruth Barnet james Barr Helen Basra Roger Bauer Chrrstrne Bazyk Wrllram Bennett Mary Bnaleckr Edward Blewald Barbara Black Thomas Blackvs ood Eugene Bohmann Adele Borkovusku joseph Bostrc Susan Boylan Donato Breda Harry Brrnk Steven Brochmsky jane Brooks Walter Brooks Glenda Brown Naomr Brown Alan Brozek Mrchael Brozek james Bruce Anna Burke Roosevelt Burke Margaret Burkowsky Wrllram Buswell Vrrgrnra Bygott Mnchelma Cassettr Joyce Castaw Ann Cerrrtellr Adele Cherowskr Antonia Comcowrch Maureen Cook Stanley Cousins George Crocker CLASS MIRR R PET PHRASE Go on now Lovely jeepets You couldn t Shucks That s true Why for7 Don t worry about rt krd Lo there jeepers Don t ask me joys and elanons Yeah Ooo la la G r r r No' Why not What say you Come on How about that! I m trred You never do Son of a gun Come on You knovt who By gosh Well say Golly I don t know Oh sugar Suppose so I love rt Who knows You knovs rt too' What7 Gay Don t know care less Great balls of fire Tell me Holy crovs Oh goon Oh no Its a panrc Are you krddnng' You got me You don t ltnovs do yo ll LIKES I ood Clothes Srngrng and Sevurng Classrcal Musrc Sports and Dancrng Class1calMusrc New Cars Women Boston Red Sox Englrsh Dancrng Dram mg, Travelrng Re Everythrng Boy s Hockey Sports Naugy Grrls Basketball Fun Yankees To eat and Classrcal Musrc Blondes Money Readrng Tall People and Tod Bessre Food Everythnnr., Movres Boston Red Sox and Basketball Be bob Sewmg To be left alone Popcorn and Dancrng Talkrng about Sports Clothes To eat People and Anrmals Johnny Joe DrMaggro Football Baseball Everythrng Any thrng vw nth vs heels and a motor 42 DISLIKES Nlusnc Sprders Concelted People Dorng Nothmg Gossrps Unapprecratrve People Unfrrendly People Homevn ork Snobs Hrstory Concert Imposlng People Women Drivers Nobody Fakers To vu art for any one To argue Vegetables Bragkgers Norhrng Fact Evaders Gzrls Wartrng Workrng fast Work Loud People Gossrp Sheets Exercrse Concerted People Evrl and Pretense Phoney s Moaners and Losmg Machme Shop Gossrp Trny Indrfferent People Eatrng rn the Cafeterxa Srx weeks exams Concerted People Destructtve Gossrp 7nd Perrod Hrstory Red Sox Baseball Show offs Stuck up Grrls Work FUTURE OCCUPATION Doctor Commercral Buy er Desrgner Commercral Teacher Food Demonstrator Teacher Nurse Government Worker Merallurgnst Secretary Accountant Arnst Radro and Televrsron Techmcran Secretary Gas Stanon Attendant Housevufe Pattern Maker Secretary Basketball Pro New spaper Drstrrbutor Secretary Reporter Secretary Restaurant Owner Playboy Optometrist Medrcal Secretary Jockey Secretary Fashron Desrgner Makrng Money Laborer Srnger Seamstress Body Guard Nurse Veterrnarlan Medrcal Secretary Internor Decorator Socral Worker Nurse Nurse Psychologrst Nurse Doctor Arr Cadet ' I , Y . l V v , , .y . . V., . . .. kj , rm- . . . ? 7 rv 3 v ' , ,, Y Y., . . . 'Y , - , 1 ' ' ' Y, '- v v 7 .' 9 V ' , . CLASS MIRROR NAME PET PHRASE Rrchard Croteau Constance Culmo Robert Culmo Frances Cushner Genevreve D Alessxo Mary Lou Daniels Charles Damelczuk Dorothy Danko Margaret DeAlmo Ameha Della Rocco Evelyn Del Monaco John Dempsey Phrlrp Drdxo Carmela D Mauro joan Drxon Shtrley Dobbms Marte Donofrro Margaret Dowltng Patrrcla Doyle John Dreher Donald Dube Barbara Dufresne Wtllram Durant Leslne Ellrs james Frrtzgerald Donald Flaherty Joan Foley Vrvxan Fountam Jean Froltger Mary Gallarano Arthur Gatrson Marte Gatrson Harlow Geloso Robert Goldson Cormne Grady Raymond Granatre Josephtne Guagentx Mary Lou Hall Floyd Hamllton Dorothy Heglund Phllrp Hrlbrsh Marte Honas Patrncra Honas Catherine Hummel Barrett Jackson Oh heck How about that? 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' . V J . . 7 , . . ' D Mary Foley Oh, for corn sake Hamlet QIYIS Wh0'53Y, . H Teacher . . ' J D - . . . . I 1 ' ' ' . ! ' NAME Loursa Jacobs Raymond Karg Adele Karkour Wrllram Kelly Mary Kennedy Donald Krng Carol Klxmas Chesterlyn Klrmaszewskr John Kolakowskr Alexander Kosar Marilyn Kowtko Rose Krueger Dons Lazzarr Marlene Lrndgren Helene Lrppman Mxchael LoCrcero Frank Loda Came London Rrchard Lowe Rrchard Lyskowskr Ann McDonnell Mary Lou McGxvney Fredenck McGu1re Henry McLaughlm Harrnet Mabery John Machowskl Dons Machuras Frank Mantxnr Ann Mareckr James Marrno jerrrs Mamnez joseph Massen John Mestuzzr Alfred Mezzatesta joseph Mrlardo Vmcent Mrlardo George Mrller james Mrtsakos Edward Morgan Kathryn Morgan Peter Motel Robert Murgrn Helen Nesevrtch Angelrna Nxcolettr Anna Nrcolettl Phyllrs Nolan Irene Obremskr Salvador Orrs Betty Parmelee CLASS MIRROR PET PHRASE H1 Chxcken Huh? Honest? 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I . . , . . ,. ! , ' ht? ' , . . , .ru . . , n! . . . . ? . , J ' ' , , . . , . . , , . , . , NAME Paul Passander Edlth Pawlak Charles Pergola Anne Perruccro Nancy Przzx Louis Poeta Rnchard Porell Pasquale Ragamx john Rallls George Raslavsky Edward Rlch Sanford Rxch Barbara Ryan loseph Sands lean Sauer lclella Schrelber larvxs Schumacher Dolores Serevxtch loan Severmo Malcolm Shaker judrrh Sxm Edward Slpay Emma Smoot Donald Sorrentr Lrllnan Spader Evelyn Spakowsky Mary Stachowrcz Orlando Staffierx Frank Stanley Shnrley Stanley Ann Mane Stokes Shirley Stokes Mlchael Suchower Joyce Supp john Sweeney F rederxck Teodosxo Alan Terrxll Francine Thomas Irene Thomas john Thomas Alan Thomson Evelyn Tmgley Norman Tmtl Arthur Trevorrow Abraham Vaughn john Verbxsky Robert Wanagxll Marjone Weaver Robert Wrlkrnson Lorrame Wrlson ASS M ROR PET PHRASE Oh Yeh What s that? 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' -I 'I ' . ' ' ' ke? . ' ' , l . . . . .. . - Or. p - I ' ' O.K. ' - A H S CLASS HISTORY OF 1950 ln the early fill of 1946 the doors of the Ansonra Hugh School opened to admrt the students who were to be the graduatmg class rn 1950 There were so many new things to be seen and we all gazed about us bewildered Finally we discovered that the rooms rn the 100 bracket were on the first floor and the ones with 200 on the second These first few days were spent rn meetrng everybody and getting acquainted with everything in general Before long however we started to settle down to the actrvmes and routme of the Ansonra High One of the first thmgs to do was to select a capable group of officers to lead us rn our new adventurous lrfe Those we chose were Jarvis Schumacher President Corinne Grady Vice president Charles Pergola Secretary treasurer We were also qurte proud to have our very own editors on the Observer staff Ann Mareckr John Kola kowskr Rose Krueger Edward Morgan Alan Terrrll and Nancy Whrttum Our greatest achlevement during freshman year and one that we will always remember was the oper etta The Gypsy Rover In the starrrng roles were g J macher Margaret Burkowsky Peter Motel Edward Morgan Mary Gallarano and Barbara Bablonka Bur the days flew by much too qurckly rt seemed and before we realized rt June was here and our fresh man year was at an end Yes September again and rt was time to return to school but now as sophomores attendrng the morning session But mmgled with the garety of our return was an undercurrent of sadness because of the loss of two of our classmates James Brown had died durrng the summer and very soon after school started on Septem ber 20 1947 Joan Allan passed away The class of 50 rs proud to dedicate thrs yearbook to their memory Now we found that we had a celebrrty rn our mrdst Phrlrp Hrlbrsh as a Star Scout had gone to the Boy Scout Jamboree rn France We were also glad to wel come a new student from England Arthur Trevorrow into our class This year we chose as our ofiicers Peter Motel President Susan Boylan Vrce presrdent James Frtz gerald Secretary and Constance Culmo Treasurer To the Observer staff were added Mary Lou Daniels Antonia Comcowrch Dorothy Andrews Phrlrp H11 brsh and Rocco DCLISIO As sophomores we were entitled to the prrvrlege of attendmg the assemblies and rallres and some of us even took part rn them ourselves In fact two of our classmates Edward Morgan and Antonra Comcowrch displayed therr oratorrcal abrlrty rn the annual Publrc Speaking Contest In the field of Athletncs we were proud to have one of our sophomores Charles Danrelczuk starring rn football The followmg were members of the honorary grrls teams Volleyball Charlotte Arthur Barbara Black Adele Borkowskr Carmela DrMauro Vrvran Fountarn Chesterlyn Klnmaszewskr Marrlyn Kowtko Marlene Lindgren Dorrs Machutas Basketball Charlotte Arthur Carmela D1Mauro Ingrrd Hultgren Idella Schreiber Tonra Comcowrch Carol Klrmas Chester lyn Klrmaszewskr Theodora Schumacher Then of course the weeks glrded by and rt was once again une trme for the summer vacation Hav mg accomplished much this second year we left wrth light hearts Once more the days grew longer and the trees turned red and gold and we realized that rt was trme as unrors and upperclassmen After having gone through two years of teasing and uncertarnty we now took our turn at plaguing the lowly underclassmen There had been a few changes and we found some famrlrar faces mrssrng because Mr Prendergast and Miss Booth had resigned To take Mr Prendergasts place as prrncrpal was Mr Ruddy whom we welcomed sincerely The death of Mr Arthur Stewart our boys physical instructor had saddened everyone Mr Glenn now holds the posrtron left vacant by Mr Stewarts death To lead us through this important year we chose Peter Motel as Presrdent Susan Boylan as Vrce presr dent James Frrzgerald as Secretary and Joyce Castaw as Treasurer Robert Wanagrll had been appornted as Vice president of our newly formed Student Councrl rn whrch the officers of all home rooms took part Thrs year our class shone rn the Publrc Speakrng Contest for John Kolakowskr was awarded first prrze and Joyce Castaw the second Others who partrcrpated were Edward Morgan Antonra Comcow1ch and Helen Basra who had jorned our class as a Junror hav mg transferred from Buffalo New York . . . 1 . Y . . , , Y , . . . . . y - , , . . 4 1 . . . l 3 . . 9 7 7 3 . . . . , . l I i l 1 1 . . . I I 7 3 . . ' . . 7 7 7 7 I I ' 1 . - 3 7 1 ' 5 1 ' ' ' . , . . , . , I U 1 1 1 ' , . i 1 ' i ' . - 7 7 3 7 I D 7 I J , . 5 I - . , ' , . U ,, ,. - 7 7 , . n 7 Theodora Schumacher, Charles Per ola, arvrs Schu- to go back to school. However, We were going back , , , J ' I ' 1 7 ' I - . . , 7 7 . Q 9 1 ' y . . , . ' , Y . . - - . 5 7 7 . ' D . . . , 1 7 ' 1 i 1 ' ' 7 7 ' I . . . .S I V 1 G ' i' Q 1 - n 5 3 7 1 1 . ' I - , . , 1 1 ' ' I D 7 ' 1 , , , , , a . Z ' 1 1 ' . ' a ' . , , 46 Some of our poetrcally rnclmed classmates were honored 1n the National Poetry Contest for submrttnng wmnrng verses They were Helen Andrechu Lula Anderson Irene Thomas and Antonta Comcowrch A very lane Dramatxc Club Club productton june Mad was presented wrth these students rn some of the leadnng roles Eleanor Antrco Stanley Cousms Edward Morgan Frank Ascurtto Phnlnp Hrlbrsh and Marre Donofrno Also rn connectron wtth the Dra mattc Club Edward Morgan attended the Hrgh School Dramatrc Festrval at New Brrtam As usual our Athletrc Department was garnrng fame and glory wnth many of our classmates 1n places of honor Cheertng them on to vrctory were the cheer leaders Eleanor Antrco Barbara Black oan Foley Dorts Machutas Shrrley Dobbxns udy Srm and ane Brooks and our very expert twrrlers Adele Borkowskr Vlrgtma Bygotc, Ingrrd Hultgren and Mary Lou McG1vney This year the honorary gtrls teams were as follows Volleybtll Adele Borkowskr Antonra Comcowtch Carmela D1Mauro Mary Gallarano Ingrld Hultgren Martlyn Kowtko Marlene Lrndgren and Idella Schrer ber Basketball Vtrgtnta Bygott Carmela D1Mauro Ingrrd I-lultgren GulM1shou Idella Schrerber Adele Borkowskr Tonla Comcowrch udrth Srm and Shirley Stokes Toward the end of the year we chose our candrdate for Grrls State Joyce Castaw and those who would go to Boys State Edward Morgan Alan Terrrll and john Kolakowskr Durtng thts unror year we were thrrlled to choose our class rmgs and then wear them proudly As our class colors we chose navy blue and whrte and Esse quam vrderr To be rather than to seem as our motto These rmportant events remmded us that we were raptdly passrng the mrlestones that lead to gradu anon So the months passed by qurckly and then came une when we partrcrpated rn the Semor class day exercrses preparing to take the place of the graduatmg class next year It was also durrng thts month on the 14th that we held the un1orSen1or receptxon at whrch the Senrors were our guests After the summer vacatron we returned to school as Senrors to retgn supreme over all To prlot us through thus last most rmportant year we elected Robert Wanagxll Presrdent oyce Castaw V1ce presrdent Arthur Trevorrow Secretary and Susan Boylan Treasurer Because of her great rnterest, rn and many contrtbutrons to the Observer Mary Lou Danrels was chosen edrtor of the Observer wrth Edward Morgan as busrness manager As was usual rn September our entrre rnterest was centered on our football team whlch made an excel lent showrng under Co captanns Charley Danrelczuk and ack Dempsey Those playrng on the A H S team for the last trme were Charles Danrelczuk Frank Loda Robert Wanagtll Edward Srpay and Wrlltam Buswell Much entertamment and amusement was grven us by our band at the head of which was Mar garet Burkowsky as drum majorette A very enloytble presentatron What A Ltfe was grven by the Dramatrc Club rn whrch the followtng Semors took part Alan Terrrll Frances Cushner Eleanor Antrco Walter Barbash Edward Morgan judrth Sum Stanley Cousrns Marte Donofrro Salvador Orts and Evelyn Del Monaco Agarn thus year rn the Natronal Poetry Contest these students were honored for therr poetrcal efforts Ann Mareckt Lella Anderson Arthur Trevorrow and john Kolakowskr A great day for all the school and especrally for us Sentors who were soon to go out mto the world was anuary 18 when a Career Day Program was held A junror Town Meetmg of the Arr 1n Seymour was attended by Tonra Comcowrch wrth Catherlne Hum mel as alternate A srmxlar program was held later on anuary 6 rn our own hrgh school wrth Mary Lou Dantels partrcrpatrng and Ann Mareckr her alternate Thrs was the first trme thrs radro program had been held 1n Ansonra Another great event rn our Senror year was the selectton of Frances Cushner to act as Prrncrpal for a Day on February 7 Thts was sponsored by the Obser ver durrng rts subscrrptron campargn and the Senror class navrng obtatned the greatest number of sub scrrptrons was entttled to choose tts own candrdate Wforthy of the honor Joyce Castaw was chosen for the DA R Good Cttrzenshrp Award After a most successful season Ansonra s basketball team reached the semr finals of the state wrde tourna ment held at New Haven Those playrng for the last trme for AHS were Charles Danrelczuk Edward Stpay Wrllram Buswell Frank Loda and Rocky Brozek Our team was elrmtnated by Central at the semr frnals after a season of twenty wrns and five defeats As capable commrttees have already been chosen for both the Sentor Assembly and the Prom we are sure that both these affatrs wall be complete successes and wrll hrghltght the endrng of our eventful years rn the A H S 47 ' 4 4 ' L 1 a 4 4 4 4 v 4 4 ' . A y I 4 s ' ' ' . 4 . . . - . - 4. - 4 4 , 4 4 ' 1 y , , 4, 4 4 , 4 , 4 7 I 4 , 4 , . 4 4 4 . ,. . . Y - A rs y A , , 4 ,4 4 4 . 4' 74 ' - -Y . - 4. , H 4 4 Y4 4 1 4 , 4 , 4 4 - 4 , 4 , 4 4 - 1 4 1 , 4 4 v 4 4 4 a 1 . 7 ' v 4 4 4 a 4 , .J ,- JK . , a 1 v 4 - . . . Y . , , 4 1 y v 3 4 . 4 , ' Y 3 s 1 , - , , J , . 1 a ' ' 7 - . . 4 . - a 4 4 v 1 1 , Y l . . 1 4 a v 4 4 . , 4 ,J , J. , , . , . K , . . 4 , 4 , ' ' ' 1 a 9 ' . ,, . . . . . . ,, , 4 , .... - 4 . a ' " . . . a 4 - . H. .. 14 ' .1 7 L . . . . . . a . . 4 4 . . , , 4 . 4 - . . . 4 .C , . . . . ' 1 J , 4 4 9 , - . - 4 . 4 , . . J - - I w I a . . . . , . . . 44 U 1 1 1 4 x . , . . . . Y 4 . , , J . - . ' . , 1 4 w w 4 4 . v - ' 4 4 4 , 1 ' 1 v L 71 5 - . . . PINE CLASS HISTORY OF 1950 On a dark and dreary mormng early 1n September of 1946 a group of well tra1ned and mtellngent boys waxted nn front of the Prne Manual Tra1n1ng School for the bell that would launch them on the1r way to hrgher educanon At the rmgmg of the bell we clnmbed the stanrs to the Mechanlcal Drawmg room to hear that phrase that we would hear so often Pxne School 15 a Flne School and to be assrgned to our respectlve classes As the weeks rolled by we became well acquarnted wrth such txmld characters as Doc Conklrn and Sllent Burns Wrthln a short nme we became adjusted to our work and learned that the teachers were more frnendly than we had prevrously thought Class electlons were held and the successful candrdates were joe Fama Presndent George Raslavsky Vrce presxdent Barrett jackson Secretary treasurer Our class was well represented on the football team by Donald Dube Ray Granatxe Bob Goldson and john Dempsey In the mrddle of the year we sponsored a dance whlch drd not turn out to be so suc cessful as we had expected At the class day exerc1ses a few of the boys were awarded emblems for scholarshlp and The vacatlon was over too soon and we returned wrth more enthuslasm as we knew we were no longer the lowly Freshmen There was a short address by Mr McGee and we were agam assrgned to our var1ous classes Our class officers for thls year were James Mltsakos Presxdent Wrllram Kelly V1ce presrdent George Raslavsky Secretary treasurer Our class was represented on the football team by Dube Granatle Goldson Dempsey Brmk Blackwood T1nt1 Burke Thomson and Kelly The first half of the year flew by and xt was txme for us to select the shops 1n whxch we would major durlng our next two years It was a hard chorce to make because all of the shops seemed rmportant The year was so rnterestmg that the months seemed to fly by and lf was soon trme for class day Some of the boys recelved awards for scholarsh1p and C1t1ZCI1SlI'llP Resummg work after a thoroughly enyoyable summer vacatlon we agam appeared before the Pme Manual Trammg School wartlng for the bell that would mark the begrnnmg of our experxences as upper classmen We were once agam addressed by Mr McGee tn the Mechamcal Drawmg room and once agam heard that phrase Plne School IS a Ftne School 48 , - . 7 7 7 , . y Z 7 7 , . citizenship. In a few days we were all enjoying our summer vacation. . . , . L . . , . - L 3 ' ' 7 I 3 7 7 ' 3 7 . .7 I 9 ' Our class oflicers for thrs year were Raymond Granatle Presldent john Dempsey Vxce Presxdent, Bob Goldson Secretary treasurer Dube, Dempsey, Teodosno Goldson Granat1e,T1nt1 Brmk Blackwood and Thomson asststed Coach arvls 1n a successful season of football At the end of the season Dempsey was elected one of the Co captams for the 1949 football season In the publ1c speakmg contest we were represented by Edward Btewald who gave a fine recttatlon although he won no prtze A paper drnve was started to buy a movle prolector and a few other audlo vlsual alds The drrve was a success A drxve for an ambulance was also held by the Webster Hose Company and the stu dents of the Ptne School made a generous contrlbutlon to the fund Granatre, Dube, and Teodosxo were our representatlves at Boys State for a week dur mg the summer Qoon the end of the year drew near and the juntor Senior receptxon was held Thts was an affatr that we had long awanted Before we knew If Class Day was over, and we were enjoyrng our vacat1on knowmg that next year we would be the qulet and dlgntfled Sentors September wasnt long rn commg and we appeared once agaln 1n the Mechanlcal Drawmg room to be addressed by Mr McGee The boys were then assrgned to the1r proper Our Class had dlmtmshed because of the fact that Whalen Ahearn, Madtgosky and Hennessey had entered the armed servlces of our country Goldson, Granatre Teodoslo Dempsey Blackwood T1nt1, and Thomson represented our class on the football team thts year Our class officers for thts our last year were George Raslavsky Presldent Edward Blewald Vxce Presldent, Bob Goldson Secretary and Harry Brlnk Treasurer They assumed the1r dunes wlth vrgor Thls year at the annual umor Sentor receptron we were the honored guests lnstead of the hosts The other years had gone by qunckly but the Sentor year passed IWICC as fast Before we knew rt we were movxng toward the end of our Sennor year It was soon ttme for the Prom, for most of us our first experlence vs 1th a formal affalr and tuxedos It was a dellghtful evenmg that wtll long be remembered Class day was a remlnder that our days IH school would soon be ended and that Gradu anon was not far off We should ltke to express our apprectatxon and thanks to Mtss Roche and the teach mg staff for the1r help tn assrsttng us on our may to 1 better educatxon 49 , S , 1 ' ' , - - - 9 1 V . .W . 7 Y l 4 - I 1 - , , classes and resumed work. , , I 7 . 5 V Y . I 5 K K I r ' V. K l C . . . . K L L ' 5 . . LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ASS 9 We the members of the class of 1950 of the Ansoma Hlgh School rn the crty of Ansonra New Haven County State of Connectrcut supposedly bemg of sound mrnd do make our last wrll and testament FIRSTLY To Mr Ruddy and to the members of the faculty we leave our srncere thanks for therr and rn preparmg us for our future lrves and for the advlce whnch they have glven us durmg these four happy and memorable years SECONDLY To Mrss Errcson and Mr Manley we extend our stncere gratrtude and apprecratron for therr efforts tn assrstrng us to make thus our yearbook a success THIRDLY To our faculty who have stood by us so farthfully we bequeath these 1nd1v1dual 1tems To Mr Ruddy 1 stenographer cooperatrve class officers and a longer summer vacatton To Mtss Ray we leave a permanent asslstant to help lrghten some of her rnnumer able tasks ID the office To Mr Ryan five classes of Academrc students To Mrss Schoonmaker a new thermos bottle To Mxss Crrbbrns a thermostat that can t be tampered wrth her classes To Mr Clark scenery for next year s play and the hope that 210 wtll not be used by the afternoon sessron To Mrss Lane a room wrth a moderate temperature of about 90 F To Mrss Kennedy a class capable of makrng up new excuses for not havrng therr homework prepared To Mr Jarvrs a permanent chaperon for the cheerleaders To Mlss Errcson a homeroom group who wlll not talk Clf there IS such a thrng J To Mtss Conklrn a more cooperatrve Observer staff To Mrss Marvrn the hope that there wrll be no complarnts about her wearrng a gym sunt To Mr Glenn more HSSISIHHES from Arnold College To Mxss Monahan a prlvate secretary for her bookstore dutles To Mrss Upton more drawrng boards To Mlss Nason a new reclpe book To Mr Manley and Mrss Erlcson another efhcrent and mdustrrous group of semors to help ln the work of prepartng the 1951 yearbook 50 1. . , . Y . , ' , . 2- . . . . - 3. . . , ' . 4. ' , . 5. . . . , , . I 6. To Miss McNamara, a permanent assistant to take over the first ten minutes of 7. . , ' ' 8. ' , ' O . 9. . . , . . . 10. . ' , . 11. ' ' , ' . ' ' . 12. ' ' , ' . 13. . . , . . , 14. . , ' . 15. ' , ' ' . 16. ' , ' . 17. ' , ' . 18. . ' ' , . ' ' ' FOURTHLX the student body we le ave More m1rrors ID the 5lI'lS rooms More curt uns for the LlI'6SSlI'lf3 rooms nn the gym Locker comblnanons thu wtll actually xx ork Nevs srde curtalns for the stage Lots of luck rn the orgjamzanon of the school orchcstrx Shorter school hours I n THLX oyce Castrw s tbllnty to m1l1e frxends to Sue O Qtlltbhm Susan Boylan s frlcndly smrle to Nancy Potter Barbara Bl lck s success 15 head cheerleader to Elctnor He rly Alan Tcrrnll s xnnumcr tblc quallnes to rnyonc who Il1lIllx5l1lID5ClfWOI'El1y of them ohn lxoltlcowskx s ntnwe xntellxgence to ohn Adznmt Helen Basra s personalrty to Mary Nrcolettr Betty Parmelee s slngnngj abllxty to Jean Goldson Adele Borlxowskt s trllunveness to ew ell Ttylor Wlllram Durant s art ab1l1ty to hrs brother Charles Phxl H1lb1ShS cuteness to Alan Dana Mrchael Brozelc s ardent basketball fan club to Rrchlrd Lowenadler Frank Loda s agabressxve basketball ab1l1ty to Edward Tyburskn Edward Srpay s football abrllty to Joseph Arnone Charles Damelczuk s all around sports ab1l1ty to V1ncent DaCosta W1ll1am Buswell s famous one hand push shot to Robert Belske To Co Captams Ashe and DaCosta the hope that they may h1ve as successful a season as dxd Damelzuk and Dempsey To the Junrors we leave our vacant seats wlth the hope that they may occupy them as well as we dxd To the Sophomores we leave the best of everythnng SIYTHLY To the students of the Commerclal Course we leave the hope that someday the1r rntelhgence vull be reallzed as equal to that of the Academxc students SEVENTHLY To the Jun1ors we le we our own xntegrmty and perseverance wlth the hope that they may develop 1nto worthy senrors EIGHTHLY We hereby appomt Mrss Ethel Errcson the sole CXCQUIIIX of th1s our last wxll and testament In wttness whereof we the graduates of 1950 htve to thls our l1st wxll afhxed our slgnatures and seal thls twenty first day of une one thousxnd ntne hundred and hfty Signed INKY DINlxY PARL1 vous 51 To 1 : 2. ' 1' ' Y ' Y . 5- ' ' l 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' . 4. ' ' ' 1' 1 Y . 5. " '1 ' 1 ' ' ' 2 1. 6. ' . 1. J ' 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 ' ' '11 1 ' 1 . 2. 1 1 ' 3 ' 1 . 3. 1 1 1 1' ' 1 1 t 1 ' '1 1 . 5. J ' 1 ' " 1 " ' 'Y ' J " 1. 7- 7 , . 7. Y .. K ' 8. Jane Brooks' mania for short hair to MaryLou McDonnell. 9. ' " 1 'z ' ' 1 . 10. ' ' ' 1 1 ' ' ' , . 11. ' I ' ' . 12. ' ' " 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 15. 1' 1 Y 1 ' 1' U ' ' ' '. 14. 1 ' 1 ' 1 " ' . 15. ' ' H ' . 16. ' ' ' 1 . 17. - 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 L 5 . 16. ' ' 1 ' ' 17. 1 ' . .C K 4 L . V KLCL L . 1 1 1 . ' ' , , 1 1 ' , 1 ', 1 ' , 1 'Y 1 1 , ' - 1' J , 1 ' A . LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF 1950 PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL We the members of the Class of 1950 of the Charles H Prne Manual Trfrrnrni., School srtuated rn Ansonra New Haven County State of Connectrcut berng, of sound mrnd do hereby make the followrng bequests ARTICLE I SECTION I To the Charles H Prne Manual Trarnrng School we leave our quret ways To the office force we leave comfortable charrs so those haxrng detentron vurll srt rn comfort To the Wcmodworkrng Shop we leave an automatrc savs dust collector so that the boys won t have to sweep up To the Auto Shop we leave a safe so that the new tools won r be borrow ed To the Mfrchrne Shop vue leave an automatrc towel drspenser so that the boys won t have to go the borler room To the Prrnt Shop we leave a machrne to strarghten out the cases To the Mechanrcal Drawrng Room we leave stools wrth backs so that the boys can rest To the Cookrng Class we leave 1 waste food drspenser so that the grrls won t have to To the future students of the Charles H Prne Manual Trarnrng School we leave heated surts so that the boys won t freeze gorng to the Hrgh School durrng the wrnter ARTICLE II Furthermore we the Class of 1950 make the followrng bequests to the faculty whom w have happrly obeyed the past four years To Mr McGee we leave a book A Thousand Ways to Make Money so that he won t have to have a scrap drrve To Mr Roche we leave a permanent messenger boy To Mr jarvrs we leave 1 snuff box to keep hrs nose clear so that he won t open all the wrndows and freeze the students To Mr Gottsegen we leave a telephone rn the shop so that he won t have to keep gorng across the street to the office To Mr Flynn we leave a prrvate bookkeeper to keep track of the thousands of dollars we spend rn hrs Economrcs Class To Mr Burns we leave an arr condrtroner for hrs car to elrmrnate the crgar smoke so that the other people rn the car can breath To Mr Conklm we bequeath a room on the second floor To Mr McLaughlrn we leave a sound proof room so that when he srngs and whrstles he won t drsturb hrs class To Mr Crook we leave a set of lecture records so that he won t have to grve the lectures whrch wrll help to save hrs vorce 52 , I 4 . l I I I ' b 7 , . . . . . 7 . 3. ' ' . . 4 ' . ' . r 4. . ' ' . 6. ' ' ' . carry out their uneaten portions. 9. . ' ' ' Y 3 7 5 7 Y e ' . 1- . , .. . 2. . . 4. . ' ' ' 5. . ' 7. . ' r . 8. . ' ' ' 9, . 1 ' . ' . . S . . U To Mr Kxely we leave a planer 1n hrs own shop so that hrs boys wont h1ve to go over to Mr Gottsegen s shop To Mr Cooper we le1ve 1 record book to keep track of 111 the money he lends to the oys To Mr Hallrgan we leave a car so that the boys c1n learn how to drive To Mrs Gorman we leave 1 set of new s1nks so that her glrls won t make so much nolse washrng dxshes To Mxss Nason we le1ve the happy thought of 1 new Cookmg Cl1ss To Mrss Ku11kowsk1 we le1ve 1 book of 1nstruct1ons on how to run the movxe pro jector so that she won t always have to call a boy down to run rt To Mrss Roche we le1ve 1 pr1v1te room so th1t she won t be dlsturbed by the boys gorng IH 1nd out of the ofhce To the janrtor we leave an automanc furnace l1ghter rn hxs home so that he wont have to come to school so e1rly to lrght the furnace ARTICLE III The Class of 1950 does hereby make the followlng speclal bequests to those 1nd1v1dual PL1PllS llefelfl IT1CI1E1Ol'1CCl Kosar s woodworkmg abnllty to Checkley Sorrenn s s1ze to Ajello Mestuzz1 s wave to Furlllo Frank Stanley s way wrth the grrls to Chff jackson Teodoslo s football ab111ty to Babjak Thomson s dr1v1ng ab1l1ty to anyone who wants lf Brxnk s abrlrty to get along wrth Mr Crook to Kobeckrs Dube s personahty and good nature to Kolakowskl Bruce s happy sm1le to be donated to Manaru Machowskr s abrhty to get along wrth Mr Gottsegen to Noga Blackwoods manly bu11d to Pesta Breda s corny Jokes to be burled T1nt1 s ab111ty to slng be bop to anyone who wants If McGu1re s method of gettxng out of class to rep11r the movre proyectors to C111n1 Kelley s halrdo to be left to Ashe Granatre s xnfluence wrth Mr McLough11n to Magam Masserr s quretness to Hopkrns Raslavsky s frrendly sm1le IS left to Mrlton Wrrght Sands former technxque ln c1ean1ng the Tremont Theater to Ballnster McLaugh11n s flashy tres to Mr Gottsegen Mrtsakas and Mxller s record for bemg absent to any 1b1e freshmen Flaherty s ab1l1ty to get 1 r1de to school w1th Mr Flynn to umbo Maher Brooks s1eep1ness rn class to any w1de awake freshman Goldson s s1ng1ng vorce to Talemal Rallxs s athletrc abrhty to O Ne11 Ham1lton s huntmg ab1l1ty to Chem1e11wsk1 Srgned ITCH SCRATU-1 AH H H 53 , . . . . . I L Y S. K K ' t 4 2 4 . . . . . , . ' K L . . . . . J . 9? "'- A.H.S. YT7 Pm mhur ......,....... EDWARD SADLOWSKY Ififv-Pmidwzf ........ DOROTHY MERANCY Surf-mry ................... DONALD EDVUARDS Tmmwr ....,... SUZANNE OCALLAGHAN NIOR CLASS OFFICE PINE MANUAL TRAINING I uc Pm mfuzt THOMAS BABJAIX SLL7LfI?jTfL1!1lILf JAMES ASHE . A xx x ' XO n km 4'-,f J U R 5 Pmnfuzf ........,..,,................ PAUL PESTA I'-" AVN- V ....... ..... A r A.H.S. Prmdenz ................... JOSEPH MUSANTE Vice-Pfefidwzr .......... CAROL HALLIHAN S0cr'c.fary ..................... MICHAEL NISHTI Treamrer ..............,......... ADELE TINNEY SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Vzre Preyzdefzl RICHARD MARTIN Secremry Treamrer RICHARD MATIKA v ! I I. X if w Prefidenz ................. CLIFFORD JACKSON A.H.S. Prefidenz .................... JOHN ANDRUSKO Vice-Prefidenr ........ CHRISTINE PARKER Secretary ............... RICHARD VAN RIPER Tl T refuuref ...................... SALLY COPPOLA FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Vzce Prefzdent ELIJAI-I THOMAS Secretary Treamrer WILLIAM KNAPP ,NX ' f, Prefidenz ................ JAMES BARTOLOTFA In 'Q I X Y X Q! j I ik Roberf C0570 FOOTBALL SQUAD, 1949 Three Victories Four Losses Two Ties 'Yi' V3 .,.'iv,,QN-42 . 3 COACHES AND CAPTAINS Left to right: Mr. William Comcowich, Mr. Robert Fitzgerald, Co-captains John Dempsey and Charles Danielczuk, Assistant Coach Thomas Bennett, Coach Charles Jarvis. FOOTBALL ANSONIA 6-SHELTON 6 In the opening game of the season, Ansonia was held to a tie by an underdog Shelton High eleven. The jarvismen were under the leadership of their co- captains, Charley Danielczuk and jack Dempsey. The first half was marked by hard fought play but both teams showed inexperience. They left the field at halftime in a 0 to 0 deadlock. There were many new faces on the Lavender this season and all the fellows were showing up well on the field. Both the Gaels and the Lavender scored once in the second half but failed to convert the potential winning extra point and the game ended a 6-6 tie with Shelton deep in Ansonia's territory. ANSONIA 21--NOTRE DAME 6 In the second game of the season, the charges of Coach Charles Jarvis halted Notre Dame's initial drive with an intercepted pass. From there Ansonia marched to a score. Bob Goldson swept his end behind beauti- ful blocking and raced 56 yards for the touchdown. Co-captain Charley Danielczuk converted the extra point on a line plunge. The Lavender had many chances but lost them via fumbles and penalties, until Bob Goldson again scored from five yards out, with Danielczuk rushing the point, bringing the score to Ansonia 14, Notre Dame 0. The Ansonia line, led by Bob Wanagill, stiHed any attempt to score by the janendamen until the fourth period, when they pushed over a lone score. The Lav- ender promptly iced matters, however, when Howie Tinney danced 80 yards down the sidelines into pay dirt. Frank Loda converted the extra point from place- ment. Coach Jarvis substituted in the last minutes of the game. TORRINGTON 24 -ANSONIA 13 The Ansonia football forces, fresh from a victory over Notre Dame, threatened often against the Big Red of Torrington, but could never push over the deciding points. Lou Poeta notched the Lavender's hrst score and Charley Danielczuk converted, giving Ansonia a 7 to 6 halftime advantage. In the second half, led by speedy Lou Zanderigo, Torrington ran up a 24 to 7 lead, which they main- tained until Howie Tinney carried 27 yards into the end zone. Charley Danielczuk, Frank Loda, and Ed Sipay sparkled for the jarvismen in defeat. ANSONIA 15 - CROSBY 13 The Lavender gridster, smarting from their Tor- rington defeat, vanquished the Old Ivy of Crosby with a thrilling Frank Merriwell finish. Late in the first quarter, Co-captain jack Dempsey spilled Amico in his own end zone for a safety and what proved to be the winning two points. Crosby unleashed an aerial attack covering 59 yards and good for a touchdown, but failed to convert. The hectic final quarter afforded the cheering crowd plenty of excitement. Crosby scored again, but with four minutes to go the jarvismen scored, making it Crosby 13, Ansonia 9. In the final minute Da Costa hit Sipay for a flrst down on the 11, and then, after two running plays failed, pitched to "Towering Tom" Blackwood, who fell across the goal line for a Lavender victory. ANSONIA 12 - STAMFORD 12 A spectacular and determined Ansonia eleven doused any Stamford hopes of an undefeated, untied season by holding them to a 12 to 12 deadlock. Stamford scored two quick touchdowns but the Lavender settled down and closed the door for the rest of the game. Co-captain Danielczuk tallied both Ansonia scores and received valuable help from Co - captain Jack Dempsey and Bob Wanagill. Both touchdowns were set up by sensational catches by Tom Blackwood. The tying score started when Dempsey recovered a fumble on the Orange and Black 34 yard line. Ashe tossed to Blackwood to the 16, and then to Buswell on the 5. Danielczuk bulled over on two tries. Stamford threatened, driving to our 11 and 30, but failed to score. CENTRAL 26-ANSONIA 12 A hefty, rugged Bordgeport Central eleven downed Ansonia by a 26-12 score, displaying a powerful run- ning attack. Again, Charlie Danielczuk tallied both Ansonia touchdowns and shone defensively. In the second period, the Lavender rolled 79 yards to a score. A Buswell to Danielczuk heave covered 50 yards. Goldson ran for a first down to the 26, Buswell hit Sipay on the nine, and Ashe threw to Danielczuk in the corner of the end zone. Early in the second half, Ashe pitched a short toss to Danielczuk who took it on his own 43 and ran 57 yards to pay dirt on a sensational play. But there Ansonia's offense stopped, while Central racked up two more tallies to bring the final score to Central 26, Ansonia 12. NEW BRITAIN 59-ANSONIA 6 Capitalizing on several intercepted aerials, a New Britain squad trampled a hapless Lavender eleven 59-6. The Red and Gold's hrst three scores came as a direct result of pass interceptions. Ansonia gathered itself together for one long 92 drive. Ashe tossed to Blackwood on the 26, who raced 71 yards before being pulled down on the New Britain 3. A series of penalties seemed to have halted the drive but Ashe hit "Easy Ed" Sipay in the end zone for the lone Lavender tally. New Britain pushed over only one touchdown in the third period but scored six times in the final quarter to complete the rout. DERBY 14 -ANSONIA 12 The Red Raiders of Derby, using two old time plays, came from behind to defeat a favored Ansonia High eleven. The charges of Coach Jarvis roared to a score the first time they got their hands on the ball. The Lavender penetrated to the Derby 39 with Goldson, Ashe, and Danielczuk running the ball. With a first down on the 16, Bob Goldson, behind some powerful blocking, scampered to pay dirt and a 6 to 0 bulge. A perfectly executed "sleeper" play caught the Lav- ender unaware and Derby was on the Ansonia 2, whence Romagna busted over, and Derby led 7-6. Late in the second quarter, after an Ashe to Sipay toss put the ball on the Derby 6, Dave Wright gathered in an Ashe heave for the score. A Derby screen pass set up a dash by Pascuzzo, which brought the game to Derby by a score of 14 to 12. ANSONIA 13 -NAUGATUCK 7 A battered and weary A.H.S. team brought to a close its 1949 football season with a bruising 13-7 victory over Naugatuck in the traditional Thanksgiving Day game. Bob Goldson put on a brilliant display of running to lead the Lavender forces. Naugatuck's three powerful backfield stars, Co- captain Alegi, White, and Ratoby gave the jarvismen trouble throughout the game. Ansonia drew "first blood" in the second period, with a 46 yard march after a Garnet and Gray fumble. Again in the third quarter, Bob Goldson sparked and completed a 74 yard march for a 13-0 Ansonia advantage. But Naugy's Bob Ratoby took the succeeding kick- off, faked a reverse and dashed 89 yards down the sidelines. Alegi converted. The Lavender football machine ended its 1949 sea- son with a record of three wins, four losses, and two ties. WILLIAM BUSWELL RICHARD CROTEAU SENIOR LETTERMEN '-ff1'i"f1?s,. v , , TOSS UP NEW BRITAIN GAME WALTER BARBASI-I Walt, who is a big fellow with ability, saw a lot of action in the lint and gave a good account of himself THOMAS BLACKWOOD Big Tom was the chief pass receiver of Ansonia as he made sensational catches all' season. Tom is also bas ketball Captain and high scorer Bill played mostly in the backheld but was also used as an end. A fine passer and blocker, he also stood out as a pass receiver. Bill also shines during basketball season. Dick was a standout tackle on this years Lavender team I-Ie really played his position in good fashion for the Jarvismen QQCD' ROBERT CULMO Bobby was one of the sm rllest mem bers of the team but alw xys play ed a good game He was h lmpered bw a broken leg, sufIered ln hrs rumor year CHARLES DANIELCZUR Lo captann Damelczuk led the Lax ender thus season and was selected to the myrhncal All State team Chlrlle ts 1 thru letter mm benng., a gsumrd III basketball md second blsemm rn baseball IOHN DEMPSEX Ilck w IS Cocapt11noftl1cI ucndcr thls yur A bxg, ru3.,g,cd txcklc Ink w IS a bulwark rn the llIIL I-It also pllyed on the basketball tetm DONALD DUBE Don dldn t see actlon th1s past sea son but was a stalwart lmeman ln the prevlous years WILLIAM DURANT B111 saw HCIIOD as an end and gave good servlce Bull was a fine tackler and blocker JAMES FITZGERALD FIIZIC was a b1,Q center and filled m elsewhere rn the lme He plaved a hard game whenever called on 62 pi.. W--7 fv- Ref i QD ff I V 1 , I . . 1 1' ', ' 1' t vs I I ' ' V... iv' f I f U 1 , -I N ' LA L . 1 V' , ,Q N 1 - . . . 1 l ' .4 ' 1 , Y. 'z v A . f . 1 f 4 4 ' L, ' 4 L - I ' A , I , ' 4 f 1' 'L . -1 1' '.1" A I ' , . - F ', H' :A 17 , I . . , if-' V 4 'L . '. ' 1 ' . .Mx ' 1' . . Q . 'J ,T . 1 'I I . . , ' l l l 'l B . . I I X 2' I 1 Y A j I K' 1'1- ,P ai f'-' HARLOW GELOSO Harlow was a b1ckheld m1n for the 1rvismen 1nd w1s a f1st powerful runner alw1ys giving his best to t game ROBERT C OLDSON Bob vu lb Ansonlls bre1k1w1y run ner this 5e1son He vms 1 speed demon 1round the ends and led the I wander in scoring RAYMOND GRANATIE Ray wis h1mpered by injuries this ye1r but this musCul1r 5u1rd pl1yed fine bill for the Lavender R1y is 1 slugging outfielder on the baseb1ll team FRANK LODA Although Fr1nk w1s inyured in prac time in the middle of the se15on he pl tyed 1 lot of rugged footb1ll 15 center 1nd line b1cker He 1l5o st1rs in baseb1ll 15 a c1teher 1nd 15 a b1s ketball forw1rd LOUIS POETA Lou played some sp1rkl1nig, SWITIGS for the L1vender Used mainly as a defensive halfb1ck Lou 1150 showed 1 lot of power offensively JOSEPH SANDS Aloe w1s 'mother depend1ble per- former for the L1vender eleven. He 1lw1ys pl1yed a h1rd tough g1me 15 1 substitute center until 1 knee ' - jury forced him to the sidelines. 63 'im if--wr y EW if' Q- 7 'VN 'GMM hh 'ST EDWARD SIPAY lid 1 hm ptssutchcr 1nd one of the best dtfcnsnc ends tn the area reftlly nnthored hrs end of the lme He 15 1150 1 stetlvmrt bftsketball pliyer FREDI RICK TLODOSIO Fred vms out rnnst of the seftson ww 1th 1 let, xnlury but tcm ard the end of the se1son performed mpxbly the lme ALAN THOMQON A1 VNIS 1 bib strong 'OO pounder 'md ftlvmys VKIS bultmrlk qt elther getmrd or tickle NORMAN TINTI orm vw IS 1 hdrd xxork1n5 5.,u1rd for the Lmendcr squdd 1nd sm 1 lot of rmerxe actron ROBERT WANAGILL Bob vu1s nlvmys ID there p1tch1ng durtng, every moment A rugged 4,L,LllI'd he shone especmlly 1n the Notre Dftme md Smmford games HARRY BRINR H lffy play ed 21 rugged game 'tt guard for three wears then was Senxor Mftmger durtng h1slz1styear 3 Wk gig.. Wm i 68 X 6 'iff Ansonia Ansonia Ansonia Ansonia Ansonia Ansonia BASKETBALL Ansonia Stamford ..,.... Ansonia Wilby ,.......... Ansonia Wilbur Cross Ansonia West Haven . Ansonia Torrington Ansonia Derby ........... Ansonia Naugatuck .... Notre Dame . Wilbur Cross Leavenworth. West Haven Crosby ......... Wilby ....... The Lavender basketball forces under Coach Charles "Boots" Jarvis rolled through a very successful season, cop- ping their first Naugatuck Valley League Championship with a record of nine victories and one defeat. On the basis of an 18-4 seasonal record the team qualified for a berth in the class L C.I.A,C. Tournament. Ansonia put on a sensational display in the qualifying and quarter-final rounds, defeating Hartford Weaver, 60-50, and Windham, 57-54, only to fall before a sharp-shooting Bridgeport Central quintet 58-59, in the semi-finals. Ansonia's squad was led by Captain Tom Blackwood, 6' 5" center, who captured League scoring honors and who was a tower of strength under the backboards. "Towering Tom" set an A.H.S. scoring record, amassing a total of 447 points in season play. Frank Loda, rugged rebounder and dependable scorer, was another vital cog in the Lavender machine. Frank also gathered countless assists in deftly feeding the other scorers. Bill Burwell, with his deadly one hand shot and good backboard work, aided the Ansonia cause immeasurably with timely baskets. Charlet Danielczuk often broke the back Ansonia Hillhouse .... Ansonia Torrington . Ansonia Crosby ........ Ansonia Naugatuck . Ansonia Stamford .... Ansonia Notre Dame Ansonia Hillhouse Ansonia Leavenworth Ansonia Derby ......... TOURNAMENT Ansonia ...., ...... 6 O Weaver ....... Ansonia ........... 57 Windham Ansonia ..... ...... 3 9 Central ...... of an opponent's rally with his driving one hand shot from the keyhole. "Pippy" was an excellent dribbler and a con- sistent scorer. Vin Da Carta rounded out the first five. Vin was the playmaker of the jarvismen and his passing and feeding was sensational. He also possessed a good set-shot from outside. Ed Sipay was the sixth man on the squad. He filled in for any member of the squad. Ed was a fine shooter and rebounder. "Rocky" Brozek was a fine guard with an accurate set-shot. lack Demprey played three seasons of good basketball for the Lavender. Dave Wright, a sophomore, showed plenty of promise and is expected to give a good account of himself in the future. jim Arbe. is a good ball- handler and set-shot. Richie Lowenadler is a tall center with a good hookshot and is expected to be a mainstay of the team next year. Art Little is a big fellow with a good eye and is a strong rebound man. Ed Tybufrki is another tall player who will be counted on strongly the next season. Bob Kyarky was a fast floor man with a good shot, and should see a good deal of action next year. I ggi ,,.1 nl ,dx 1- , ,JL GJ 4.41 pfiwf K a 9801111 xA9,05N4 ' QSIWQ 'RSONI A A L ' ,LE 1 l f A P 1 l' A ea at Sas-1 A , af, s'?ef.L' at L ,N A- 4 BASEBALL The Ansonia High baseball team Niugttuck Valley League champions vs ill be out to retain the champion ship and also to qualify for the CIAC tournament The Lavender has seyeral fellows returning from last years top team and will be bolstered by some new comers Coach Charles Boots anis returning vet erans will include Charlie Dinielczuk a hard hitting and fancy fielding second baseman Frank Loda a poxx er hitter vt ho can play either third base or catcher Rty Granatie a solid slugging outfielder Alan Terrill a good fielding and hitting first baseman Charlie Pergola fireball right handed pitcher jim Ashe a catcher with a good arm and bat Bob Belske an inhclder and jack Williams a pitcher The Jarvismen expect a banner baseball season in 1950 1930 BASEBALL SEASON Wednesday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Monday Wednesday Tuesday Saturday Monday Thursday Saturday April April April April April May May May May May May May May May june june 29 1- 5- Leax envy orth Gilbert Wilby Crosby Torrington West Haw en Gilbert Wilby Naugatuck West Haven Derby Crosby Torrington Derby Leavenworth Naugatuck 74 Waterbury Ansonia Waterbury Ansonia Torrington Ansonia Winsted Ansonia Ansonia West Haven Ansonia Waterbury Ansonia at Derby at Ansonia at Naugatuck Virginia Bygott Tonia Comcowich Carmela DiMauro Chesterlyn Klimaszewski Marilyn Kowrko Idella Schreiber Judith Sim HONORARY BASKETBALL TEAM Leila Anderson Charlotte Arthur Tonia Comcowich Mary Gallarano Marie Gatison Catherine Hummel Marilyn Kowrko Irene Thomas STH PERIOD MONDAY-WEDNESDAY CHAMPION BASKETBALL TEAM 'if' f C95 ,R 5. ..1.e.,, , JM , 4- - :L ... -- ,Zu . . Q-f 1 'F' U S . A Sw 1 I 'Y .ff"'i v 5 x I 5, Q is ww .1 51 A 'W' K l "QW 1 A LL 'R sh- ,gmt ET , . ,, ,, K1 . ,.., fy ,X , fig i. 'ff .,A. I N53 fi W f?RQ+ww W Q ia AW 'A' V f jg , 5 if x I 1 v sfffifsggg 'wr' fi? 3 ikf:-Q' a L new , A i -fvifkixf fm 1 - ' 3511 A 1. 46: - 1: ' A ig if F Xfyr Q , ,L 'W 1 'QI' W 0 mvf k AY3i?iV'f ik L 5?- Q if , 41 in ' . fi , - x. QE? 5 'Ev 5? fy X? Z Q5. 'ix WGA' :J 'Q 0' n " 4 W ' 6 E55 I xi An 4" ,ra55' I h fl' , 4 1 ,.f'f1- E .IZ I , .,,, 54 I fl "' ' xx, A 1 4790 I , QQ 0 ur 'lim' e"?Q'kI I 0 1'-E:-11" "QQ" ' 'Is i Owl ' Q mm in KA' y' ,P Qeuuhg ll ll! Qt v3 avi .Q I fn' 2 gl Xqglm ,si , if dr I 3 in I xxx ,,f5, ' X A' , N 12 , XA X 2.5 lr Q y X' M951 X Y si ,fl 1 r 5 X Q41 ' 79355, 'A XX 17" to 'l o'4: X Qkxffbvg 5 U! 4IfN Alix mats 'I P . s 0 0 1 V-I 39 v 1 W, s,s:X:9f .: r-X , , A X .Swv O .V I,-, 1 xx' 11, A x 0 5 . 695 4 s QQQOQ -'I' I Q,9,g,i, 51 Q-Q In 904, JA' X ,ff ...I l:l . .4 ' Illlll f :aug-2'-'11 ,g 1 X wx I-Ill . ff 4 41-' f Q, f pl 'Q fw ,I iii X f , N , ,X ww . f if QQE N, f WS:-y 4 X I Q S, I 8 44':'r l 4-59,6 'X N . ff""fff lily! !! MQW WX X ' 'a,0??0' x iw f V f f je x ,. Qs f 'SSN 1 HHFH1 -ffl N X Y ' za Q 0 0 A ,f 2 ,f 1 0' Q- , f rj, L- , N?.-g- xx 1 X' Q 141552123 1:51221- 'ix--PKQQ' ya. Q x S- -1 iigffig . 1 U Q , 'Q fi! 1 ' 421 Af . 1 f f f 2, jv 20.11 A I bye' LZ' .1 -GSELXFY H , :iv 61 'OG 57 J X if ,sf K ,1 1 1 " - , Q5'?'Q?1FPJ:?s'fQ2i55! ' , 1 11' Q -1 1 P nz.-vga -,Vg-'fx' y f Sl ,331 143- 515- Q ' ' ,: 5 4 ggtaf f 10 v.-- - . 9' 1' ... .5 x " Q .I ,. ' , W if I E' Y I V ' X sv X ' I LLXY , C ' 1 1 1 .,. -Qi' is f ,f V, V, 4 I, V -'QA :ll aa- um- !l! 1 --S, 1 X X It .V'!g,2 -- L M - If 5 X 4 ,P471qgjQg'.::'1iii2!ai '75, " ' 'Mxqf I 115555 : wgigii' I 1 1 -. 1 ,.:'z. ,111 1lII::5n .ich an I GX . jgqtgggl Ill XX fx , If ip. 'JA V 'I W 2i1,'f.N Vxxx 1' I w f ' iff' I' L 1 1,-V X "" 1 ' X 2 fl' ' a 'I X I" ' o"x.' 'O f' fvflw ,s- ' , 1' 9' ' f '12 -'A' "vi 5 .117 fi" X, jlxg 4, w V 14. 1" ff- 96, :Liz fm efzw- 'EEL' i 4 " 1 .Qi 'QKQ ., X f 19 S N' Q 1.3 QQ,-paxxf O H 51:1 51:55 'f 1 'f Q 6: .fx '41 1 01 21 1 " 11 , -'14 .f "" ,.v5's:? 'O . ' ' 1 ' - " ' "Q-:fm XO I V - . , -N. 5 y 1.-14: L fs, 1 ,Q , f' 1' X , ' 1- '61 1 1 11' 1 11' X fe? K 1 rw gf, 1 llll Y IN, , 41 .155 ' QQ 5 'Qv '11, 1 '.. X' Q55 O .h . X 1 I 'u 311.1 BM ,. '- , . , Q, X20 51 ' 1.1 vf' VV, ' Q 'O s "QI I1 , ' ' X Ii M -W 11 1 yvg, 1 11 1 1 ng: .Ja-I 1,1 5 I 3.1 ,if-,K an-:., lj, X ix ' 9 ii: , us! ,49 X X H i' ' IA. K I - s 3 - I, A' af' I N - -A 1 S If ,f .5 X . 3 s X gs ' f' IX, xx G A- X 1 Q - 1- .1 ,1 I .lx . K' xex 5 X' ' ,X A f' f x.:x I KX- Y 5 X x k : I -5. w x, K X :X XXX , 'iff' XR wxf x Q k , igx , 1 r , fn f X ig 1 ! ff' X " ,1's:' 1 fi'!!7 ,' 1 A xii 7 ' ,,"'QQ!" , ' ' 1 'N X4-I f ff ' 111 Q- 'NX . l H ki 'Ex , Al . I. z, Q 1 W X ix 7 Ng: 1, fm," 1 f l r - . x ' f fx ' N ff Qaiffi' 1 1, 'X 4- - ' lg ff ' , 532 ,-iff ' ' ' ' 1 . -' I ' Q C .N.'.g,gfff, K l 1 - 1 , y ' X 1 f' -,rf-zv' - X X X , , 1 Y ' X i1 A K 6 , ,J k 1, k, X I ' 1 1 .1 5 ,A X lyx ui, a - XXY1 K nn 1' I 3 X X , 1 Q X - 1 X , fn L f X, ...fb ,Q , XX 3' O' 1 , .17-:L x R' 1 Z X X , 1 ,zxey f 4 R - , ?b 4" 4, .1 X - X f ' f . lf 1 if' Q- ,f s N 5 1 1 Barbara Black 50 Lleanor Annco 50 fme Brooks 50 Slurley Dobbins 50 joan Foley 50 rthghsga CHEERLEADERS Dorrs Machutas 5 judrrh Sxm 50 Eleanor Healey 5 Barbara Mallon 5 Suzanne O Callaghan 51 'X Joseph Abate Charlotte Arthur Frank Asciutto Dorothy Bernadone William Bennett John Boath jean Brimavere Kenneth Burt Mary Callaghan Pasquale Collicilli Tonia Comcowich George Crocker jennet Crocker Frances Cushner Merrill Debski Nicholas Donofrio John Dreher Richard Dreher Donald Dripchak BAND MEMBERS Charlotte Erl Richard Ewen Elizabeth Fisher Mary Foley Jean Gabianelli Melvyn Grovett Marjorie Hilbish Catherine Hummel Arthur Hylwa june Ippilito Neal Josephson Lois Kilpatrick Mary Kozyra Donald Maloney james Marino joseph Mastrosimoni Henry McLaughlin john Mignosa Mr. Douglas A. Porell ......... ......... B and Director Margaret Burkowsky ...... ........ D rum Majorette 79 Eleanor Milenkevich Helen Nesevitch Michael Nishti Louis Pantaleo Dennis Pelepzuk Edward Primachuk Madelyn Porell Richard Porell Pasquale Ragaini LaVerne Rich Sanford Rich Shaun Ruddy William Ruddy Martin Soloway Alan Terrill William Trevorrow Abraham Vaughn john Virishus Frank DeStefano AM! TEAM! TEAM! V , f . 1 rwflih. I 4 Y WHAT A LI FE Mrss Shea Mr Nelson Mr Patterson Mlss Prke 1 Mrss johnson Mr Vecchmo Henry Aldrrch THE CAST Cln Order of Appearanceb FRANCES CUSHNER PHILIP HILBISH JR WALTER BARBASI-I PATRICIA FILENE CHARLES DURANTE HELEN BASTA SALVADOR ORTS Barbara Pearson Gertre Mr Bradley Mrss Wheeler George Brgelow Mr Ferguson Mary Deeter STANLEY COUSINS MR J HOWARD CLARK Dzreczor DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Prerzdenr EDWARD MORGAN Vzce Prendem FRANK ASCIUTIO Secretary FLEANOR ANTICO Treamrer MARIE DONOFRIO B3 ELEANOR ANTICO MARIE DONOFRIO ALAN TERRILL EVELYN DELMONACO WILLIAM STONE EDWARD MORGAN JACQUELINE CAMPBELL B'll ............................................ ' .............................. Miss Eggleston .............,................ MARY NICOLET'fI Mrs. Aldrich ............................................ JUDITI-I SIM 5. ,DQ PRINCIPAL FOR A DAY Fmnccs Cushncr 46-Quays" A.R. AXVARD FOR GOOD CITIZENSHIP Joyce Castaw -:IN ' E OBSERVER STAFF Editor-in-Chief School Note: Editor MARY LOU DANIELS, '50 CATHERINE HUMMEL, '50 n Auirlazzlr 1-fffffw Edlm' Marie Feducia, '51 JOHN KOLAKOWSKI, '50 Jean Gabiafwlli, '51 Jewell Taylor, '51 Arrirranlr Eleanor Kilduff, '52 Rose Krueger, '50 John Adzima, '51 Jocelyn Clark, '51 Allan Dana, '51 Dorothy Merancy, '51 Carol Hallihan, '52 Lois Kilpatrick, '52 Jacqueline Noe, '52 Burifzefr Manager EDWARD MORGAN, '50 A rrirtanif Stanley Cousins, '50 Richard Porell, '50 Terrill, '50 Edwards, '51 Solaway, '51 Adele Tinney, '52 Exchange Editor ANTONIA COMCOWICH, '50 Aryirfanlf Lois Jaekle, '52 Madelyn Porell, '52 BUSINE George Supp, '51 Richard Mace, '52 William Pratt, '52 James Steeves, '52 Typirt Chairman LILLIAN SPADER,'50 Anirtanz Chairman CHESTERLYN KLIMASZEWSKI, '50 Alumni Editor ANN MARECKI, '50 Arrirfant Joan Giardini, '52 Alhletic Editor PHILIP HILBISII, JR.,'50 Arrirfantr Tauber Kornblur, '51 Joseph Musante, '52 Frerbman Arrirlanlr Norma Crocker, '53 Merrill Debski, '53 Martha Hultin, '53 STAFF A Jrirtanlr Eleanor Anrico, '50 Helen Basra, '50 Jane Brooks, '50 Evelyn DelMonaco, '50 Barbara Dufresne. '50 Adele Karkour, '50 Rose Krueger, '50 Kathryn Morgan, '50 Helen Nesevitch, '50 'v -L, ff ' 13,5-N' , A ' MV? -wgev - L -5. , X ,ff J - ' Edward Flood, '53 Christine Parker, '53 Sidney Savelewitz, '53 Pine Afrirlanlr Donald Dube, '50 Fred Korzan, '51 Robert Kolakowski, '52 John Koslowski, '53 Joseph Bostic, '50 John Machowski, '50 Donald Maloney, '51 Robert Bowolick, '51 William Velms, '52 John Maher, '52 Edward Sawicki, '53 Matthew Gabriel, '53 Anna Nicoletti, '50 Betty Parmelee, '50 Jean Sauer, '50 Dolores Serevitch, '50 Joan Severino, '50 Evelyn Spakowsky, '50 Faculty Advisers Miss Margaret M. Conklin Miss Eleanor L. McNamara Mr. Henry Martorano PINE MANUAL TRAINING STUDENT COUNCIL james Bruce, '50 Donald Dube. '50 George Raslavsky, '50 Orlando Sraffieri, '50 Frederick Teodosio, '50 James Ashe, '51 Thomas Babjak, '51 Anthony Calini, '51 Paul Pesra, '51 Clifford jackson, '52 john Maher, '52 Richard Martin, '52 Richard Marika, '52 james Barrolorra, '55 Vlfilliam Knapp, '53 Elijah Thomas, '53 ANSONIA HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL Prefidenz ....,......................... .......... R OBERT WANAGILL Vife-Prefidenz ...... 4..... S UZANNE O'CALLAGHAN Secreffzrj'-Tr'tazf11rer .............. JOSEPH MUSANTE john Adzima George Antinarella Josephine Arbona Frank Asciutto Susan Boylan William Buswell Joyce Castaw Charles Danielzuk Donald Edwards james Egan Charlotte Erl james Fitzgerald Carol Hallihan john Williams 87 Eleanor Healey Robert Kyasky Frank Loda Richard Mace Dorothy Merancy Michael Nishti Betty Parmelee Shaun Ruddy Edward Sadlowski Margaret Sampieri George Supp Adele Tinney Arthur Trevorrow VISUAL AIDS COMMITTEE Ronald Applebaum Denms Pelepzuk Charles Dinxelczuk Edward Sadlowskx Fred McGu1re Marlo Sxgnorella john Soboc1nsk1 88 Anthony Calini Fred Rubelman CAFETERIA STAFF Dolores Angelmr joesph Arnone Barbara Behunlak W1ll1am Bennett Ardyce Berg Robert Blazls jane Brooks Naoml Brown Charles Damelczuk Carmen D1LlSlO Donald Drlpchak Mar1lyn Ferla Paul F1sher james Fnzgerald Mary Foley jean Gabianelli joan Giardina Marie Guluzzy Raymond Karg Mary Kozyra George Larkm john Lorec Harrxet Mabery Dorothy Merancy Mary Motel joseph Musante Betty Prmelee Robert Rrchter jarvns Schumacher Ruth Schuchman oan Severlno john Shortell Mary Stachowicz Stephen Stanko Joyce Supp joseph Virzi f, lk SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Robert XY'anagill George Raslavsky Walter Barbash Wfilliam Bennett Susan Boylan William Buswell Joyce Castaw Donald Dube James Fitzgerald Betty Parmelee Charles Pergola Frank Stanley Joyce Supp Frederick Teodosio Arthur Trevorrow Abraham Vaughn Robert Wanagill George Raslavsky Dorothy Andrews Eleanor Antico Helen Basta Susan Boylan Joyce Castaw Donald Dube Robert Goldson Frank Loda Phyllis Nolan Salvador Orts Nancy Pizzi Edward Sipay Frederick Teodosio Alan Thomson Arthur Trevorrow SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ln x 1 1 1 1 Q , , , -. u , Q Q-h - ,- V "Xi Q' Q '51 I' YY 7' , , M . D.-I al n . 1 ' 5 5, gals An , , ly, , G YK 5 6 . pg' 'frm 'T ' gqwii ,Q 4 12 is W 1 1, I , Q 4 ., X . ,ls Q . 'vi' x Q2 S ' 4.4.-is ff ,, as 'Q 4 ff. N 'wb ..-9' HQ I 1 HQ' ftyg 5 w - 1 '1 X 'Ar H "5 lm . S x I O 0 ,M bfi 1 Y I W4 Q ga: fc if ef f 5,75 fn six gtg 'Y 1- W9 , 1,f W7 w aff ,V 1.f 5 N Mig 1 fl ig" 4. Y? s n F .,,, r Q. 0 .Vw 2'-S . Q 'pw 1 N f3'if",w.,' Wh E , f-"f45L ,,l5 N xg V' , fc'f'- 'K I we I ' V1 K f se' I X . 49.3 V' I s 1, 5 9 0,3 01 55 Ix 1 x I k , X83 ,V in .3 ' N. x tx N1 rf -,X . if I I 6 Q 54' lv W X for iW5 ,155- , gin, 'Htl 5 Qv A Q .M 1 1 51 11 . K f 'S , , R xXNx ,--ir -4'-Hn K- arm. f, 1 N 'ph-. i5?'1"'F5'f' up .41 1-1. ,"a A .wp A ,Q 3' 5,5 ll sf- ,av 3, tif W lm 1 X fr X 'I t ll X --v , -may 3. . ,fxm ,aol ir V . fi ,MV N :XS W' fa . -4' jf 1 ll ' 6 I I ? .5 Iff' if 51:9 , ,' 7714,-X' 111' ,f 4:4-11 J . C07lrg7'llZ1l!llZ072J and Ben Wzshef ro the CLASS OF 1950 from the Faculties ofthe ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL AND PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Ben Wzfbef Beit Wzxbex to the to the CLASS OF 1950 CLASS OF 1950 from the from the Cong atulatzom and Good Luck Good Luck and Continued Succen to the to the CLASS OF 1950 CLASS OF 1950 from the Juulon HIGH scl-loom. f'0mfh'f FACULTY AND STUDENTS A H S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 96 JUNIOR CLASS OF A.H.S. SOPHOMORE CLASS OF A.H.S. THE ANSONIA NATIONAL BANK AN SONIA CONN THE EVENING SENTINEL YOUR HOME PAPER OvER 11450 NET PAID CIRCULATION ANSONIA DERBY SHELTON SEYMOUR AND OXFORD LUMBER COMPANY Prompt Dehverxcs of Lumber All Kmdx READY ROOFING and SHINGLES DUPONT PAINTS AND VARNISHES Phone 500 ANSONIA CONN THE HOWARD 8. BARBER COMPANY DERBYS COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE Stylutf m FURNISHINGS FOR THE HOME and m APPAREL FOR THE FAMILY Qualnry Merchandnse Rxghrly Pnced -1-O1 A N S 0 N I A Compliments of 97 Congnztulatzom and Bef! Wfzfhef ro the A HS SENIORS OF 1950 fromthe BOARD OF EDUCATION Complzmentf 0 Comp! ment: of THE CLASS OF 1918 FRANK P FITZPATRICK MAYOR JUDGE MICHAEL E SHEEHY PRESIDENT ANSONIA CONN LESTER c MARK GEORGE urns AHS1934 AHS1917 ooNAl.o MARK AHS 1940 HARRY LIFTIG AHS 1921 AHS 1946 HOWARD MARK C omplzmenty 0 THE GRIDIRON CLUB LET US ALL SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE A H S ATHLETICS 98 . ff i Complimenlf of Compliment: of ' f A N A C O N D A Copper and Copper Alloy Products COPPER BRASS BRONZE and NICKEL SILVER The followrng lrst Includes some of the more Important mrll products produced from copper and Its alloys by the ANSONIA BRANCH of THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY SHEET PLATE AND STRIP RoDs AND BARS Condenser Head Plates Weldmg Rods Roofing Copper Propeller Shaftrng Through Wall Flashmg Screw MachIne Rod Electro Sheet Copper Star Ground Rod WIRE MILL PRODUCTS EXTRUDED SHAPES Electr1ca1W1re Angles Channels and T Bars Trolley Wrre Weather Strrp and Door Saddles Fourdrxmer Wrre Drawn Copper Shapes Amigo DA THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY ANSONIA CONN 99 3 Resistance Wire Architectural Bronze 3 I iam 1? uma Q... I I CLASS OF 1950 THIS IS YOUR BANK All Earnmgx Belong to the Depomon' Budd up your account for the txme when you will really need nr SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA C omplzment: BEN LAVIETES Complete Lme 0 FRUITS and VEGETABLES STORES RESTAURANTS HOTELS CLUBS Telephone 4165 65 BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN BORMAN S STUDIO OF ANSONIA PORTRAIT AND CANDID PHOTOGRAPHERS Serwng Connecticut for Over 50 Yearf Telephone 5 12 3 Rooms 205A 206A 207A 207B CAPITOL BUILDING ANSONIA CONN I N1 I W f U IIDUI Iliff ll Q Q DERBY GAS 8. ELECTRIC Of I l 6 f Q . I ' x. S -, I R P fa, Q Q A I " A C - . , yay - if ' I ' co. 100 T H E ANSONIA FURNITURE CO A N 5 Q N I A w A 1 E R COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS C O M P A N Y zoo MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN The Only Excluswe Muna' Shop m the Valley RECORDS POPULAR AND CLASSICAL SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES .4'aZw77ZaaccS Formerly WEDO s Everytlomg Muucal Clark Lubm 256 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Planning to Build or Buy? Consult us before you take that first step We may be able to Offer some helpful suggestions THE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY CONN MORTGAGE LOANS MADE SINCE 1846 104 YEARS OF SERVICE DEPOSITS S517 755 122 44 SURPLUS S2 143 592 59 GOUMAS C 1 Royal Food Store, Inc ompmmm of THE SCHOONMAKER DRUG C0 GEORGE BARNICO Prop FINE QUALITY MEAT S and GROCERIES DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3467 410 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN 171 N MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN 101 C9' ' B Opposite City Hall TRUST INVESTMENTS SURETY BONDS INSURANCE WILSON ESTATES SEA FOODS 'A' 'A' 'A' STATE STREET NEW HAVEN CONN C omplzmenty of THE DERBY .IEWELERS 247 MAIN STREET DERBY CONN F HALLOCK CO SINCE 1838 FARM LAWN SUPPLIES BPS PAINTS HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES 116 MAIN STREET DERBY CONN MEYER COHEN Prop LADIES WEARIING APPAREL Telephone 204 25 27 ELIZABETH STREET DERBY CONN DANNY S DRIVE IN 68 BRIDGEPORT AVENUE SHELTON CONN 0 0 Q I . v a 4 1 f FAIR SHQPPE Complimentf of ' I 102 LEWIS' JEWELRY STORE LEWIS SCHPERO, Prop. DIAMONDS - WATCHES- JEWELRY Telephone 153 204 MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONN. Compliment! of O S C A R C O H E N Telephone 963 134-136 MAIN STREET, ANSONIA, CONN DERBY PURE FOOD SHOP Phone 3035 264 MAIN STREET DERBY CONN C omplzment: of WEITZ DRESSES QOPPOSITE CITY HALLD 252 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN PALACE OF SWEETS ualzty If the Secret of Good Tayle V O N E T E S B R O S ANSONIA CONN DERBY CONN C omplzmentx o ALEXANDER S HARDWARE ALEXANDER DONOFRIO Prop Telephone 3013 CORNER MAPLE AND HIGH STREETS ANSONIA CONN THE BRISTOL DRUG CO TI-IE REXALL STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST S HOWARDI SMITH Reg Pharm Mgr ANSONIA CONN OUTLET SHOE STORE vs MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN ' f I UQ ' ' u l "FIRST WITH THE LATEST" 103 FARREL-BIRMINGHAM COMPANY, Inc. ANSONIA - DERBY DIVISION ROLLS - CASTINGS- MACHINERY BUFFALO DIVISION GEARS GEAR UNITS Plants ANSONIA AND DERBY CONN BUFFALO N Y C omplimentf Of THE H C CO0 BEAVER STREET K COMPANY ANSONIA CONN fwvwf faadzew f0fJf1':53'f FOR THE BEST IN TASTE BEST IN NUTRITION BEST IN ENJOYMENT EAT ICE CREAM Eat dellclous nutritious HUBERS ICE CREAM often It contalns Vltamms A and B proteins calcium and other essential minerals needed for good health :AQ ALwAvs keep X NX ,QE I ,1 lgff 'CECWM 0" 4 'F' HUBERS ICE CREAM CO hand an your refng X S2 all erctor or deep freeze Pa Seqylew Avenue vmt ready for ' - any occasuon. Brldgepbrf, Conn 4 I O Q . X ' V A Q-Q' O x W 9 0 u A A xx R X l X 0 I C 1 Q Q VE kv? E- X S1 l . 'I I wil E I f yet X -Z..-I ,, Z' ff M Q1 A I jg!-,T . . I . . , x kk I V . . . . I . I 0 I gl I X W,,. fl! . H RQ S 5 K ' ' ' 352 ' . . B l . C omplzmentx of THE VALLEY SPORT SHOP A j TONG McGregor Goldfmitb Spaulding Reach Wrzgbt 6 Dmon Phone 1261 101 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN GANS OIL CO Inc Goodrzcb Tue: and Batterzex Calm Range and Fuel 011: Telephones 1526 1527 21 BEAVER STREET ANSONIA CONN Complzmenlx of PETERSEN S MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 160 9 MAPLE STREET ANSONIA CONN GLAZER S ANSONIA APPLIANCE FOR APPLIANCES of QUALITY 51 BRIDGE STREET ANSONIA CONN Complzmentf of NORTH PROSPECT STREET ANSONIA CONN To THE CLASS OF 1950 brmg you bappmeu and .ruccexx THE CAPITOL SIGN C0 HENRY MALUS Prop ANSONIA CONN .I CLEMENT LARKIN INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE Telephone 5756 18 NEW STREET ANSONIA CONN Congmtulatzom and Ben Wzfhex to the GRADUATING CLASS OF AHS 1950 PEOPLE S STORE 106 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN . 0 I 0 ' I I EAST sms GREENHOUSES "May MW WP in W' f"""e ...oi- 72 , . I I05 C omplzmentf of CAPITOL RESTAURANT 52 BRIDGE STREET ANSONIA CONN Comphmenzf o MUELLER S SERVICE STATION Phone 1823 174 N MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN NOVINSKY BROTHERS PRINTERS Telephone 5079 EDDY S BAKE SHOP EDWARD C TIEIOENNES Prop FRESH HOME BAKED DELICACIES Telephone 2568 102 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Telephone 3622 CORNER OLIVIA STREET MAIN STREET DERBY CONN Complzmentf 0 A N N B R O D Y BRIDE and GOWN SHOP Telephone 3645 QNEAR PLATTD 568 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN CALLAGHAN S EXPRESS GENERAL TRUCKING Telephone 965 67 HOWARD AVENUE ANSONIA CONN ROCCO S APIZZA Rocco BAREIERI Prop SUBMARINE SANDWICHES Telephone 655 125 POWE STREET ANSONIA CONN Complzmentx of GEORGE S CONFECTIONERY ICE CREAM and LUNCHEONETTE Telephone 5496 418 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN I I Sporting Good: and Tmphiex l , . 318 , . . f I I . I ' I 106 ANN MARIE BEAUTY SHOPPE Pro efyzonal Hazr Sbapmg MR SAMPIERI ANSONIAS LEADING HAIR STYLIST Telephone 3050 76 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Beit Wzxbes R O T H M A N S ANSONIA CONN C omplzmentx of MORRIS GANS CO 280 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN JEROLMAN MOTOR CO CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE Spormuear Sportzng and Atbletzc Equzpment 172 CLIFTON AVENUE ANSONIA CONN C omplzmentx 0 NIELS I POULSEN MRS AIDA GREYWACZ WADYKA Mgr INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Phone 2143 206 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN C omplzmentf 0 JACOB H BELLIN ATTORNEY Congmtulatzom and Bef! Wifhef to the GRADUATING CLASS OF AHS 1950 HERBERTS Inc THE STORE for MEN 158 MAIN STREET AN SON IA CONN FRED D CARMODY INSURANCE THAT MEETS YOUR NEEDS CAPITOL BUILDING ANSONIA CONN By I ' , I n u C1 . . . ' 7' ' f I O A 107 Ben Wzxbex to A H S 1950 from HENRY SPERO Inc DIAMONDS of PERFECTION CAPITOL BUILDING ANSONIA CONN E S GORDY 8. 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