Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1949

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 52 of 120
Page 52 of 120

Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 51
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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 53
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Page 52 text:

E AST W AND TESTAMENT OF T CLASS We fhe members of fhe Class of I949 of fhe Ansonsa Hugh chool sn fhe csfy of Ansonsa Counfy of New Haven Sfafe of Connecfscuf fhe Unsfed Sfafes of Amersca supposedly menfally and physscally flf and capable of maksng fhese momenfous decsssons do hereby proclasm fhss fo be our lasf wsll and fesfamenf FIRSTLY To Mr John G Prendergasf our regrel' al' hss ressgnafson as prsncspal susf as we were abouf fo become Sensors buf wsfh our besf wsshes for every success sn hss new possfson wsfh +he Sfafe Welfare Deparfmnf SECONDLY To Mr John J F Ruddy our hearfsesf con grafulafsons on hss refurn fo fhe Ansonsa school sysfem and a welcome fo our Hsgh School as our new prsncspal wsfh fhe hope fhaf he wsll ensoy many happy and successful years sn hss new possfson THIRDLY Our grafeful apprecsafson fo Mr J Frank Ryan for hss frsendly snferesl' sn our Year Book and fhe endless hours he has spenl' sn helpsng make sf fhe success sl' ss FOURTHLY To Msss Agnes Ray our consfanf feelsng of a personal frsendshsp for wsfh her sf ss a sunny smsle a warm Hello and lsflle deeds of ksndness fhaf seem fo say a frsend FIFTHLY To our Faculfy we leave a deep sense of regref for fhe dsffsculfy fhey wsll meef sn fsllsng fhe vosd leff by fhe deparfure of so dsgnsfsed so learned and so relsable a group of Sensors however holdsng ouf fo fhem fhe fasnf hope fhaf fhe sncomsng Sensors of I95O may sn some small way affempf fo fake over our places sn a becomsng manner SIXTHLY To fhe sndsvsdual members of fhe Faculfy who have proved sfaunch frsends and valuable advssers fo us dursng fhe pasf fhree years we leave fhe followsng sfems I To Mr Charles Arfhur a soffly up holsfered chasr for fhe cafefersa fo make hss long sessson ssfer dursng comforfable 2 To Mr and orderly may browse among hss beloved books wsfhouf fear of snferrupfson 3 To Msss Margaref Conklsn a years gen erous supply of arf mafersals of all ksnds so fhaf she may sndulge sn her hobby fo her hearfs corsfenf of pressdsng over fhe cash reg fhe 'rhree recesses a lsffle more J Howard Clark a well behaved ssxfh persod sfudy hall so fhaf he 4 To Msss Josephsne Crsbbsns sn order 'ro O I 9 help lsghfen her burdens a classsfsed lssf wsfh full defasls of all posssble empoyers seeksng skslled offsce help 5 To Msss Efhel Erscson a group of Sensors sn Englssh capable of acfsng fhesr age wsfh ouf consfanf need of dsscsplsnarsan acfson and fhreafs 6 To Mr John Glenn congrafulafsons and besf wsshes for every success sn hss new poss fson as dsrecfor of physscal educafson for fhe oys 7 'lo Msss Loreffa Hennessey our frank and open admsrafson af her courage sn drsvsng from New Haven sn all ksnds of bad weafher 8 To Mr Phslsp Hslbssh our besf wsshes fhaf fhe new Busck wsll lsve up fo fhaf repufa hon as esfablsshed for sf sn fhe ads 9 To Msss Josephsne Kennedy a prsvafe felephone operafor fo assssf her sn her dasly fask of checksng on absenfees and sksppees IO To Msss Mary Lane a class sn Englssh who wsll read fhe books asssgned fhem from her personally compsled Book Lssf II To Mrs Frances Brods Lombards man years of happy marrsed lsfe and a gsff of a 'she lafesf household applsances fo help lser manage her fwo lobs sn a more effscsenl' I2 To Mr George Manley congrafulafsons on fhe arrsval of a new lsffle chemssf I3 To Mr Henry Marforano a lsfney ls cense for fhe fransporfafson +o school of all fhe pupsls sn hss nesghborhood I4 To Msss Lousse Marvsn a gsrls gym class who wsll play accordsng fo recognszed gsrls rules and nof by fhe Knock Em Down Ksll Em All rules whsch fhey seem fo have formulafed for fhemselves I5 To Msss Eleanor McNamara fo vary fhe monofony a new fype of fsmsng devsce new sazz records and 'rhe lafesf model ma chsnes fo record fhem I6 To Msss Mary Monahan a permanenf fypsng sfaff capable of keepsng fhe records sfrasghf and an adequafe supply of change always on hand sn fhe Booksfore I7 To Mr Phslsp Newhall a pasr of roller skafes fo help shorfen fhe long dssfance from hss house on Howard Avenue fo fhe hsgh school I8 To Msss Kafharsne Psckeff an annual vacafson from Thanksgsvsng on so she may escape fhe rsgors of our New England wsnfers I9 To Mrs Frseda Turschmann Rackham a she wonf msss fhe rural beaufses of her nafsve Sfafford Sprsngs 20 To Mr J Frank Ryan a dssconfsnusng of hss classes sn Lafsn and fhe refurn of hss be loved fsve classes sn U S Hssfory counfry esfafe sn fhe suburbs of Ansonsa so Ida Ts-s L sLL HE F 94 , .. , , JN . '. . . ' ss . I g . if I . fashion. I

Page 51 text:

The boys un The PrunT Shop were saddened by The sudden and Traguc deaTh of Theur In sTrucTor Mr Ray Banks They conTunued The remaunung parT of The year under The supervu suon oT Mr Wulluam FuTzgerald As The year was drawung To a close There were a Tew socual evenTs croppung up One was The FooTball banqueT whuch The members oT The squad always enloy Also aT Thus ban queT The co capTauns Tor The ensuung year were elecTed Well here we go agaun The mem bers oT The Team selecTed a Tall rough and Tough hombre Trom Pune as one oT The co cap Tauns answerung To The name of John Duzzy Dean The oTher socual evenT was The Junuor Senuor recepTuon Those who wenT enuoyed Them selves ummensely and look Torward To uT each year wuTh greaT zesT JusT abouT Thus Tume The Senuors were almosT knockung on The door oT graduaTuon nughT lT was no longer a secreT To The Junuors ThaT un a week or so we would be on our Tunal lap of our hugh school career Class Day wenT as TasT as uT came and we were ouT Tor our summer vacaTuon only To re Turn nexT year as The bug cheese of The school IT you know how The musuc Tor MorTumer Snerd oT The Edgar Bergen programme goes you can umagune how we sounded as we re cuT durung The prevuous Three years To geT our unsTrucTuons once agaun Trom Mr McGee The bell rang and we assembled once more un The Mechanucal Drawung room Tor The lasT Tume on an openung day oT school Lookung The class over one could see ThaT uT had dwun dled considerably As Mr McGee spoke we were no longer green or nousy buT as Senuors should be quueT and dugnuhed Our Pruncupal sTressed The um porTance oT whaT educaTuon meanT To young people goung ouT unTo The world We were Then dusmussed On our reTurn To school however we mussed a well known and Tamuluar Tugure a man who was everybody s Truend and whc was unuver sally well luked our JanuTor PaTsy O Connell who had dued suddenly durung The summer AbouT Thus Tume we sTarTed a paper drlve To buy a movue proIecTor Tor Pune and a Tew oTher auduo vusual auds The druve proved To be a greaT success As usual The TooTball season was here agaun and oh whaTs The use you can T keep good men down' ThaT unduvusuble Toursome oT Whuzzer Webb Farmer Lepeska CapTaun Duzzy Dean and Calupso Kud AnTrum were TursT on The scene agaun You know Thus us geTTung Turesome' Lepeska Dean and Webb were guven All STaTe TuTles Tor Theur IorulluanT play mg By The way The Whuzzer broke all kunds oT records and seT new ones Tor scholasTuc TooTball The class oTTucers Tor Thus our Tunal and mosT umporTanT year were as Tollows PresudenT Raymond Adams Vuce PresudenT Charles l-loward and SecreTary Treasurer Angelo Culmo Mr McGee organuzed a STudenT COur1CIl To help hum carry ouT cerTaun duTues and acTuv uTues oT The school Raymond Adams was ap pounTed PresudenT and Ruchard Trumble Sec reTary Treasurer Agaun as un our Sophomore ear we are havung an unTramural basketball eague The TursT round has been compleTed and 4A were The vucTors The second round us now beun played buT as Thus goes To press The Tunal ou come us unknown The WebsTer Hose Co us Tryung To buy an ambulance Tor The CuTy oT Ansonua and un order To help Them purchase uT The sTudenTs oT Pune made a very generous conTrubuTuon To The Tund In SepTember we sTarTed on our Turual round as Pune sTudenTs and un no Tume aT all The year Q T us pracTucally over and now The Tun beguns TryouTs Tor The Senuor Assembly are now beung held and Adams l-loward and Culmo represenT Pune un Thus endeavor From all presenT ouTlooks uT seems as uT Thus years aT TempT should Tar ouTshune all oTher prevuous ones As Thus goes To press we are lookung forward wuTh greaT anTucupaTuon To The Publuc Speakung conTesT un whuch we shall be repre senTed by Blaze Ad ms and Buewald Then our socual lufe conTunues wuTh The Junuor Senuor recepTuon un whuch we play The parT oT The honored guesTs oT The Junuor Class and oT course The maun evenT oT The year The Senuor Prom Our Year Book The Lavender us well on uTs way To compleTuon and Adams Blaze and AnTrum handled our conTrubuTuons and assusT ance un makung IT a success un an able and eTTu cuenT manner In conclusuon we wush To Thank The Teachung sTaTT and Muss Roche Tor Theur kund under sTandung and help un makung our days aT Pune memorable ones and uT us because oT Them ThaT Pune boys have become known as Tune boys 4 JMU . V . y . J ' A ' . . . . - Turned over The well-Trod paThs which we had . 1 . ' ' .

Page 53 text:

2I To Msss Mary E Ryan sn recognsTson oT her TasThTul aTTendance sn The Payne WhsTney gym a souvensr Yale baskeTball auTographed by The sncredsble Tony Levells and The oTher members oT The Team 22 To Msss EdsTh Schoonmaker a seT OT sn dsvsdual scrapbooks wsTh pscTures Tor her Sensor French class To see sT even ThaT wsll make any smpressson on Thesr lsmsTed men TalsTses 23 To Msss Helen UpTon our deep appre csaTson Tor her suggesTsons concernsng The arT work sn The Year Book 24 To Mr Mschael Vscars one long e Tended vacaTson To end Tor all Tsme The Teel sng OT wanderlusT ThaT seems To possess hsm SEVENTHLY To The Tollowsng pupsls we leave These sn dsvsdual bequesTs I ShorTy Lsndholms hesghT and gensal dsspossTson To Irene Rense Thomas 2 Rschard Levys menTal accomplsshmenTs To John Kolakowsks 3 Paula Pud Yudksns aThleTsc abslsTy To Connse Culmo 4 Dolores BooTs Rowleys snsmsTabIe gsggle To Marslyn KowTko 5 Johnny Ploskss baby Taced cuTeness To Rschard Psllhead Porell 6 Bernadsne GroTh s TlsrTaTsousness To Vsr gsnsa BygoTT 7 Eugene Gabby Gabsanells s capacsTy Tor Tood To Charles Psppy Danselczuk and hss hesghT To Howard Anderson 8 Anne BarreTTs repuTaTson as a wsT To Eleanor AnTsco 9 Mscky Culmos eTTscsency and abslsTy as a manager To any Junsor Mr Jarvss Thsnks worThy of Taksng over The sob IO Drakes and Dean s success as co cap Tasns To Danselczuk and Dempsey wsTh The hope ThaT The I949 season wsll be as successful a one as ThaT of l948 Il PaTrscsa Hylwas dsgnsTy To CharloTTe Bunny ArThur I2 Marslyn Elkos quseT shy manner To Anna Marecks I3 John SkuraTs arTssTsc abslsTy To Wsllsam DuranT I4 VsncenT Ham Hands Drakes aThleTsc abslsTy To any Two TuTure charges of Coach Jarvss even remoTely able To Tsll hss place I5 Marsno Buddy DeRosas good looks To Rschard CroTeau I6 Mary EsTher Donahue s abslsTy Tor mop psng up The gym Tloor To any Three Junsors wsshsng To compeTe Tor ThaT honor I7 John Mouse VellTuros pep and aIoslsTy on The baskeTball courT To Edward Soup Sspay I8 WalTer Bones Belskes good naTured dsspossTson aT all Tsmes To Frank Loda I9 John BellsngTon Hubers dsgnsfied bearsng To Alan Bubby Terrsll 20 ArT Bollard s TlsrTaTsous carrysngs on To Wsllsam Moon BenneTT 2l Geraldsne FsTzgeralds well worn copy oT The Home BeauTsTul To Sue Boylan 22 MarTy Ryans shy reTsrsng manner To Bobby Murgsn 23 DoroThy Morgan s absIsTy To garner A s on her reporT card To Helen Ba a 24 Jessse Grovas dancsng TeeT To lngrsd HuITgren 25 Flossse Talemals nosssness To ChesTer Iyn Klsmaszewsks 26 ThaT sksn you love To Touch comlex son oT Wsllsam Lead Kesran To GusTaT Gus sse Lsndgren 27 Joyce Shea s TsTle of The well dressed Sensor To CaThersne Hummell 28 John Ploskss TsTIe oT The Beau Brum mell of I949 To Frank AscsuTTo 29 Rschard GavsTTs TsTsan hued Tresses To PeTe MoTel 30 The popuIarsTy oT Mske STanko and Joe Kazakavage wsTh The ladses Trom Thesr roles as grocery clerks To Bob Wslksnson 3l RoberT Zeke Zuraws Tendency To argue To Jsmmse FsTzgerald 32 Elre Emads Derbyshsres TalenTs as a psanssT To Idella Schresber 33 Carl Asellos record Tor Tardsness To Bsll DuranT 34 Joyce Sheas beguslsng lrssh smsle To Shsrley Dobbsns 35 Adam Korpalsks s nossy TalkaTsveness To STanIey Coussns 36 Helen Behrles aTTracTsveness To Judy sm 37 The roles oT Red GavsTTs Romeo To Joyce Plocke s JulseT To ArTse Trevarrow and Carole STarchak 38 John 5kuraTs sksll sn Trsppsng The lsghT TanTasTsc To Jarvss Schumacher 39 Warren Hawks TascsnaTsng dsmples To Phsl Hslbssh 40 Elasne Lulu s cuTeness To Joyce CasTaw 4I To The Junsors we leave The hope ThaT by consTanT perseverance They may succeed sn some slsghT degree sn Thesr aTTempTs To reach The hesghTs seT by us sn a TiTTsng manner To The Sophomores we leave much pa Tsnce whsle They are awasTsng ThaT greaT day when They Too wsll be able To enTer The sacred ran s oT sllusTrsous Sensors LASTLY We hereby apposnT Mr J Frank Ryan The sole execuTor OT our lasT wsll and TesTamenT ln wsTness ThereoT we The graduaTes oT I949 The TesTaTors have To Thss our lasT wsll aTTsxed our ssgnaTures and seal Thss TwenTy second day oT June one Thousand nsne hundrd and TorTy nsne Ssgned Dopey Happy Sleepy W A ' I T , . . .T ss ss I I , . ss. . ss 7 . - I ' . . A - - T T ' " . . - ss s sl .L bl . l I, . I II Q 7 1 1 - 7 ' ' ll Il I ll . . X- ' . . - ss . :: .. . ss' . . . . 1 " ' - 7 I . 4 o I a Q F ss ss . s - - - . . . ss . ss . , I. s ll ll I a I s nn F 7 ' , ss ss s 'll Il I s 1 q 7 D T 0 , s ss . s , .I - - s l . - ss s ss - l ss ss . .s . - .I l . ss . ss . - , s . . . . . ' F ' . 7 I - I lg n n 1 s , - . - - - ss . - - I s s . - D I . Ill 7 ll 4 . . . . U . . . . I I 1 1 .Q u 4 T T 7 ' ' 42. - - vs ss s . I ' II II U T -- I an 7 Q' . 1 7 7 I . s s s s s ss ss s - . . . I - s ss ss . , .ss ss s 7, T ll I ll I .1 q ' Il II 4 ' ' si'

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