Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1949

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 49 of 120
Page 49 of 120

Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 48
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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 50
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Page 49 text:

rop and Gasl Phsllsps ln The second Tommy our only Junsor To have a parT was Wsllsam Davsdson The greaT socsal evenT of Thss year was of course The Junsor Sensor recepTson sn whsch The Junsor Class plays hosT To The Sensors Everyone looks for ward To +hss evenT wsTh greaT snTeresT and a mosT pleassng Tsme was ensoyed b all Those TorTunaTe enough To have aTTended sT wo hsghlsghfs of The laTTer parT of The year were fsrsf The selecTson of our class rsngs Then The chosce oT our class colors Green and WhsTe and The class moTTo ScsenTsa crescaT VsTa excolaTur whsch when TranslaTed means LeT knowledge sncrease and leT lsfe be per Tecfed EveryThsng comes To hsm who wsll buT wasT ss an old and TrsTe saysng buf a pracTscal applscaTson of sT was gsven sn SepTember of I948 when we reTurned To our lasT opensng day sn A H S now members of ThaT group popularly descrsbed as Sensors They who know and know ThaT They know rever ence Them lmmedsafely we goT snTo achon for The mosT smporTanT parT of our enTsre career To daTe Ofhcers were elecTed Pressdenf John VellTuro Vsce PressdenT Joyce Shea SecreTary Marsno DaRosa and Treasurer Nscolsne PeTrsc Two famsl sar faces were mssssng on our reTurn sn SepTember ssnce boTh Msss JeanneTTe Boofh and Mr John PrendergasT had ressgned Thesr possTsons The prevs ous June To boTh of Them we wssh all TuTure happs ness and success sn whaTever underTaksng They may follow Through The years To come The enTsre school was shocked wsTh The news ThaT lusT before school was due To open Mr ArThur STewarT physscal sn sTrucTor for The boys had dsed very suddenly IT ss wsTh a greaT feelsng of prsde Therefore ThaT we Sen sors dedscafe Thss our Year Book To hss memory Mr John Glenn succeeded Mr STewarT and To hsm we oTTer every wssh for success sn hss new posshon Mr PrendergasTs posshon as Prsncspal was filled by Mr John J Ruddy reTurnsng To The Ansonsa school sysTem aTTer an absence of several years wsTh The VeTerans AdmsnssTraTson To hsm we gsve a hearTy welcome and bes+ wsshes Tor many years of happs ness and success as our gusdsng spsrsT Our l948 fooTball season was a greaT success and To our schedule we added Two new opponenTs New BrsTasn Hsgh and NoTre Dame Hsgh of WesT Haven WsTh The Tsnal game of The season The Tollowsng Sensors played for The lasT Tsme Drake Dzsadsk Gabsanells Moore Plaskon Rubelmann ST Clasr and VellTuro The cheerleaders Thss year ap eared sn snappy new navy blue unsforms dessgned y Gasl Phsllsps They were Geraldsne FsTzgerald Jessse Grova PaTrscsa Hylwa Elasne Lulu Nscolsne Pefrsc and Joyce Shea The Sensor members of The baTon swsngsng group were Anna Demanchyk Mary EsTher Donahue and Florence Talemal Marsl n Elko was selecTed as Drum MasoreTTe of The ban Under The supervssson of Msss Erscson and Mr MarTorano The publscaTsors of The Observer was enTrusTed To DoroThy Morgan EdsTor sn Chsef and Marsno DaRosa Bussness Man ager The were assssTed by a large and capable sTaTF The askeTball season was very uccessful lske wsse AH S recesvsng an snvsTaTson To The STaTe wsde TournamenT sn New Haven aT The Arena where we were elsmsnaTed sn The Playdowns by Cen Tral Hgh Mr Jarvss loses all hss veTeran players on The Team wsTh The graduaTson of Belske Drake O Connell ST Clasr and VellTuro Preparafsons Tor The publscaTson of our annual Year Book The Lav ender were sTarTed early under The dsrecTson of Mr Ryan Marlon WsnTer was apposnTed EdsTor sn Chsef and Rschard Levy Bussness Manager The var sous Sensors on The commsTTee worked hard and TasThTully To snsure maksng The book The success Thai sT ss An acTsve Sensor Councsl was creaTed Joyce Shea besng selecTed PressdenT OTher Sensor mem bers sncluded DoroTh Agos Marsno DaRosa Ger aldsne FsTzgerald Ws lsam Kesran Theophsl Obrem sks Nscolsne PeTrsc RoberT ShorTell KenneTh Mc CarThy and John VellTuro ln November Two smporTanT evenTs Took place when a Junsor Town Meefsng was held aT Derby Hugh School sn whsch DoroThy Morgan represenTed A H S wsTh PaTrscsa Hylwa acTsng as alTernaTe The oTher was sn connecTson wsTh NaTsonal EducaTson Week when an open house was held aT The Hsgh School and hundreds oT parenls were persenT To enloy The varsed programme oTfered b The commsT Tee sn charge A new sdea sn assemb ses was snTro duced by Mr Ruddy when TTve professsonal groups Trom The ouTssde handled The enTerTasnmenT They all proved exTremely snTeresTsng as well as snsTruc Tsve ln The DramaTsc Club presenTaTson June Mad The casT sncluded such Sensors as George Conroy Gasl Phsllsps Barbara Mscksewsch and Leon ard Rzasa In The annual DeclamaTson ConTesT our class oT I949 was represenTed by Gasl Phslls s and JaneT NorThrop Gasl Phsllsps recesved Thsr prsze Msss JenneTTe BooTh acTed as one of The sudges The annual chosce of The DAR of a gsrl ouTsTandsng sn csTszenshsp was won by Geraldsne EsTzgerald wsTh Joyce Shea and Nscolsne PeTrsc as runners up The regular Junsor Sensor recepTson sn whsch we were The honored guesTs as usual proved To be a greaT success The Sensor Assembly presenTed enTsrely by Sensor TalenT proved To be amussng and snTeresT sng The greaTesT socsal Thrsll ol: our school career however was The Sensor Prom A grand affasr oT gorgeous evensng gowns Tor The gsrls and The boys so unexpecTedly dsgnsfsed sn Thesr Tuxedos Thss evenT always gsves a Teelsng of grown upness and saTssTacTson noT expersenced dursng The oTher sn formal dances Throughoul' The year Every msnuTe of :T was Thoroughly enloyed unTsl The lasT lsngersng sTrasns of Good Nsgh+ SweeThearT dsed ouT on The evensng sTsllness Then Class Day wsTh sTs snTer esTsng and varsed programme and TTnally gradua Tson nsghT sTselT As The lasT words of The valedsc Tory were spoken we realszed wsTh a Teelsng of sad ness ThaT wsThsn a few msnuTes we would pass Through The porTals of AH S for The Ias+ Tsme alumns and no longer pupsls BuT also came The ThoughT ThaT we would sTsll have our pleasanf mem orses of Tour years sn The A H S whsch could never be forgoTTen .I ' ....' . ...' ' L ,' .i . 1 F' ..i

Page 48 text:

A H S CLASS HISTORY On a brughf sunny mornung early un SepTember of T945 we gleefully gaThered un fruendly groups chaT Terung wuTh each oTher wauTung for The doors of The auduToruum To open Soon we enfered The revered porTals of A H S as The Freshman Class of I949 green as They come buT wuTh greaT hopes Tor The fuTure Thus was a day looked forward To for a long Tume ever sunce we had fursT enfered The grammar grades un our unfancy Perhaps we were a Trufle Tumud and self conscuous and despuTe The facT ThaT we were recupuenfs of TaunTs and uubes by The upper classmen we soon goT rrghT down To busuness and elecTed a group of compeTenT offucers for Thus vufally umporTanT mulesfone un our career To guude us Through These perulous Tumes we chose Gaul Phul lups as PresudenT Nucolune PeTruc Vuce PresudenT Joyce Shea SecreTary and Richard GavuTT Treas urer We soon leT Them know we were an unTegral parf of The school and were represenTed on The Observer sTaTf by Grace Carmody Ruchard Levy Joan Lundholm Gaul Phullups MarTun Ryan and John VellTuro Tha+ Theurs was noT merely an honorary assugnmenT was seen un The fursT ussues of The Ob server when poems by DoroThy Morgan Wulluam Keuran Ruchard Levy and Joan Lundholm were un cluded Also an accounT of The Freshman baskeTball acTuvuTues was wruTTen by John Vellfuro probably a forerunner of The umporTanT parT he was To play un Thaf sporT laTer on un hus school career Mr Porell reco nuzed our musucal possubuluTues and selecTed as mem ers of The school band Grace Carmody Elre Derbyshure Maruno DaRosa Marulyn FoskeTT Aaron Smayda and Norma Vacca lncudenTally Elre Derby shure Maruno DaRosa Aaron Marcus and Gaul Phul Iups were To become veTeran members of The band durung Theur enTure four years un A H S Our conTru buTuons To The aThleTuc programme were necessaruly lumuTed buT Vunnue Drake managed To geT on boTh The TooTball squad and baskeTball squad The only Freshman regular on The Team Days weeks and monThs passed all Too quuckly Through The lasT porTuon of our Freshman year and The long enloyable summer vacaTuon Then came The day un SepTember when we were To enTer The hugh school proper as real upper classmen and no longer members of The afTernoon sessuon We were deTer muned To show Them Thaf we dud noT luve up To The luTeral meanung of our new name Sophomore or as uT us more popularly known Wuse Fools BuT despuTe Thus new Teelung of opfumusm as we swag gered along The halls ThaT were To be our famuluar surroundungs for The nexT Three years asklng The upper classmen foolush quesTuons and receuvung smarT answers The fursT week was a nughTmare We were compleTely overwhelmed by new schedules new Tumes and meThods of changung classes geTTung ac quaunTed wuTh all new Teachers We were consTanTly enTerung The wrong rooms and showung up laTe for classes buT The Teachers proved To be very lenu enT and we soon seTTled down luke veferans unTo our regular rouTune Thus year our ofhcers were Maruno DaRosa PresudenT Joyce Shea Vuce Presudenf Wul luam Kelran SecreTary and Helen Behrle Treasurer To The Observer group were added Maruno DeRosa John Huber Wulluam Keuran Charles Moore Dor oThy Morgan and John SkuraT In The annual DeclamaTuon conTesT our class was represenTed by Noreen Donahue Madelune Ondosuk and RosaLee Charles who was awarded fursT pruze Durung The Toofball season Drake began To aTTracT aTTenTuon and among The newspaper descrupTuons couned for hum he was chrusTened The Sophomore aerual wuz ard Bob Dzuaduk Oaks OConnelI and Mouse VellTuro became regular members of The baskeTball squad and un The Sprung Bull Keuran Mouse Vell Turo Bones Belske and Vunnue Drake Iouned The regulars un baseball The gurls gauned aThleTuc prom unence when Jessue Grova Maruon MaTusovuch Madelune Ondosuk Nucolune PeTruc Joyce Shea Zephruna ST Claur and Paula Yudlun were chosen as members of The Sophomore Honorary Volley Ball Team As The year ended we scampered Through The halls on closung day and flew ouT of doors unordu naTely proud of havung successfully complefed The halfway mark un our memorable lourney Through A H S We could look back wuTh prude on The many honors besTowed on our members durung The pasT year Tume undeed had marched on quuckly and sulenTly as we soon realuzed when we reTurned To school un Sepfember of I947 as full fledged members of The Junuor Class dugnufued un bearung and Tully conscuous of our new and umporTanT posuTuon Unconscuously we casT our e es un semu puT on The wude eyed be wuldered Sop omores wan erung aumlessl un Theur own sumuluar posuTuon so shorT a Tume before Thus was undeed an evenTful and bus year for The mem bers of l949 un varuous forms o acTuvuTues Our of fucers were Roberf Dzuaduk Joyce Shea Muchael STanko and Nucolune PeTruc as Presudenf Vuce Presu denT SecreTary and Treasurer respecfuvely In fooT ball Drake was honored by beung guven a place on The myThucal All STaTe Team and agaun un baskeTball was also honored wuTh a place on The All STaTe Team and also The All Tournamenf Team when A H S deTeaTed WesT Haven un The Playdowns and CenTral un The Ouarfer Funals only To be elamunaTed by Hullhouse un The Semu Funals Muke Culmo also began To make hus mark as one of our mosT eTTIcuenT and able managers boTh un Toofball and baskeTball Among The cheerleaders Thus year were Geraldune FuTzgerald and Joyce Shea Florence Talemal and Ann Demanchyk were chosen as members of The newly orqanuzed baTon swungung group To The band were added Marulyn Elko and Agnes Madden Th efhcuency of The Observer was greaTly uncreased wuTh The adduTuons of Elre Derbyshure Barbara GuT Tungs Bernuce Maher Nucolune PeTruc and Marlon WunTer To :Ts sTaTf In an essay conTesT sponsored by The Ladues Auxuluary of The V FW Anne Bar reTT was awarded fnrsf pruze and Barbara GuTTungs Thurd In The I948 speakung conTesT we were repre senTed by Vuncenf Drake Pafrucua Hylwa and Gaul Phullups who won TTrsT award Two dramaTuc presen TaTuons were offered Thus year ln The firsf Moon lughT for HerberT The casT uncluded Wulluam Davud son Fern Goldberg Joan Lundholm JaneT NorTh Marcus, Balrbara Mickiewich, Gail Phillips, Theodore Sfrange Surroundings, compleTely forgeiful of our 44

Page 50 text:

CLASS HISTORY PINE MANUAL TRAINING scuuoou On The nughT OT June 22nd I949 TorTy Tour well Trauned and well educaTed boys we hope wull be graduaTed Trom The Pune Manual Traun ung School To go on as TuTure young men OT The world and communuTy Thus all began on a sunny mornung un Sep Tember I945 ruTTy eughT boys wauTed ouTsude OT The Gloruous Buuldung Tor The bell To sTarT Them on Theur way Tc hugher educaTuon A They wauTed Tor The bell To rung each boy eyed The oTher cauTuously To Teel hus way To ward Truend or Toe Among The bug bo s even Then were rugged Dean Lepeska We b and Drake When The bell rang we Tuled Through The hallways To The Mechanucal Drawung Room where we were greeTed by Pune s new pruncu pal Mr Joseph McGee l-le made a shorT speech and we were Then dusmussed The sec and day was long and hard and Tunally came To an end We meT our home room Teachers and our class advuser Mr Raymond Burns Soon class elecTuons were held and Donald Brunnock was elecTed PresudenT AnThony DellaVOlpe Vuce PresudenT and Muchael Cul uo SecreTary Treasurer ball season was begun Rough rugged and handsome were The cOnTrubuTuOns OT Pune To Mr Jarvus squad durung Thus our Freshman year They uncluded Snell Lepeska Dean Drake AnTrum JeTT and CerruTellu who made a very good showung durung Theur TursT season on The Team ATTer The halT year markung peruod was Ofer The resT OT The year rolled merruly along mel uT u as no Tume aT all beTOre Class Day was around MOST OT The bo s receuved awards Tor euTher cuTuzenshup Or sc olarshlp IT was only a maTTer oT days now beTore The Green Year would be over All OT The TuTTy eughT boys were enuoyung Theur vacaTuon when They read OT The Openung OT school wuThun a Tew weeks un The columns OT The local newspaper Well here we are agaun un TrOnT OT ThaT Gloruous Buuldung wauhng Tor ThaT TaTal bell To begun The Wuse Year beTTer known as The Sophomore year Lookung around we no Tuced ThaT some OT The boys had noT reTurned buT There was sTull ThaT Tough Truo OT charac Ters Lepeska Dean and Drake The bell rang and we wenT TO our meehng place Tor abouT a halT hour and Then came The welcome dus mussal sugnal Our class OTTucers Thus year were John Dean PresudenT John Lepeska Vuce PresudenT and PeTer KeTz SecreTary Treasurer Those handsome guys who wenT OuT Tor TooTball The prevuous year agaun made Theur appearance un answer To Mr Jarvus call Tor candudaTes early un The Fall They were Lepe ska Dean Webb Snell Drake JeTT MuTsakos and AnTrum All OT These boys gave greaT perTOrmances and some even showed wooden splunTers Thus year There was unTroduced The Idea OT an unTramural baskeTball league un whuch ZA were The vucTors AnOTher creduT To The Class OT 49 was To have Bob Snell pucked as a leader un cuTuzen shup For gaunung Thus honor Bob was senT To The FOrT Trumbull branch OT UConn To Take parT un The Boys STaTe AbouT Thus Tume we elecTed The shops un whuch we would mauor Tor The nexT Two years Tume had no eTTecT on The boys Thus year and un no Tume aT all Class Day was aga n wuTh us We dud nOT mund much because Thus meanT a summer vacaTuon and ThaT The nexT year we would be on our nexT To The lasT lap OT our school careers as Junuors ATTer enuoyung a Tune summer vacaTuon Sep Tember quuckly crepT around and here we were un TrOnT OT Pune agaun awauTung our Junuor year To sTarT Accordung To The usual proce dure we gaThered un The Mechanucal Drawung Room where we were addressed by Mr Mc Gee and laTer on were unTroduced To our varu ous shop unsTrucTors The nexT day we resumed our sTudues un earnesT and The boys wenT To work un The varuous shops whuch They had chosen ConTrol OT our acTuvuTues Tor Thus year was enTrusTed To our very able class oThcers Paul MuTsakos PresudenT John Dean Vuce Presu denT and John SweeT SecreTary Treasurer John Farmer Lepeska John Duzzy Dean Alan Whuzzer Webb and RoberT Calupso Kudl AnTrum assusTed Coach Jarvus on The TooTball squad showung The oTher Teams who was boss Chosen Tor The Publuc Speakung ConTesT Frank Blaze dud a Tune uob even Though he won no pruze lm ifllu-li" - - n - .I It I J . I . . . 1 Q 1 . S . - 4 - H Soon aTTer The Opening OT school, The TOOT- I ' - . - ' E .. .' . . .. .. ' ' l . l - l ' l . ' . ,. . ,, . l l . . l

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