Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1949

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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ri 'Y elf-Y 'iw When To The sessnons of sweef sulenf Jrhoughf I c 3 3 O 3 c -U -1 CD 3 CD 3 O- -1 Q1 3 O CD O -H 'Y' 2- 3 LQ in 'U on U5 -F' ...L xbv- Through The four long years of hugh school Mlclsf +he scenes we know so well . 4, . 'i"':5v gg 'Y ' ' 2 2 vi , 2:--Q 5'-1 .aux - . fiif' gsi-,uf , , f -. 4 1-Q- H 1,,,gE-,jp . 'L U" ii' 'f Q Wwealg' A , , -' .,,. 'za V . A31 ,..W , , emi - ff!! 1 . ' . . . . . . . THE SEIIIIRS CLASS FISH!-I r Qing THE Vlll. 5 ANSONIA HICH SCHOOL ANSONIA CONNECTICUT dear H ICH lllll H Class of I949 proudly ded: We Hue Semors off e cafe 1+1IS our Year Book fo The memory of Mr Fxrfhur E Srewarjr UICSS Ll7'Ld Ld771CSfHLSS O Cl 1714171 ullo thouvht abou common O fl n' 4 ..T,.,,, 'Y Q ' I "His was the quic ' ' r f ' Q, f thmgsf' ' 4 Q, . I , ' I o Q Q 1 I I ARTHUR E STEWART CRGSSING TI-IE BAR Sunsel' and Evensng Slar Twllughlr and evening bell And one clear call for me' And afler Ihaf Ihe dark' And may Ihere be no moannng of The bar And may 'rhere be no sadness of farewell, When I pu'r oul To sea When I embark Bul such a hde as movlng seems asleep, For Though from oul our bourne of Time and Place, Too Tull for sound and foam, The flood may bear me Tar, When Tha? whnch drew from our The boundless deep, I hope 'ro see my Pslol face Io face, Turns agaan home When I have crossed Ihe bar 5 Lord Alfred Tennyson ,T ii G T968 I KN ADMINISTTQATION MR JOHN J STEVENS S per nie den? MR JCI-IN F RUDDY MR JOSEPH A MCGEE P nc pal A a H gh Sc ool P nc pal Pne Man al Tram ng School 7 u I n '53-" V45 fs rii,nsonii I1 F55 .F u 'I ANSGNIA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY L HR Mr John J F Ruddy Pruncupal Mnss Agnes B Mr Charles J Arlhur Mr J Howard Clark Muss Margarel E Conklrn Mass Josephine E Crlbbsns Mnss Elhel U Ermcson Mr John T Glenn Mrss Lorerla G Hennessey Phrl p L H1 Mass Josephine G Kennedy Miss Mary R Lane Mrs Frances Brodie Lombard: Mr George E Manley Miss Louxse C Marvnn Mrss Eleanor L McNamara Mass Mary E Monahan Mr Phrlrp E Newhall Mrss Kalharane D Prlcke'r+ 5 Algebra Bookkeepung Secrerary Algebra Plane Geornefry English English Slenography Typewrulrng English Physfcal Eclucahon English French Economics U S Hlsrory Geomelry Trlgonomelry English Typewrlllng Chemnslry Physlcs Physncal Educahon Slenography Typewrnhng Srenography Typewrlhng Chernzslry Physics Biology Mrs Frneda Turschrnann Rackham Bookkeeping Mr J Frank Ryan Lahn U S Has ory Mass Mary E Ryan American Problems Anclenl lory Modern Huslory Mlss Ednfh Schoonmaker French Msss Helen F Up+on r Mr Michael J Vlcaru Biology Lahn 'I .lRy f Mr. 'a . :lbish . J ,J J J J ' , . f ' Mr: Henry J. Marforanovl Q .A', E .V A.. .,. French, Hallam ' . ..,. .,r. A or . A+ 8 PINE MANUAL TRAINING FACULTY Mr Joseph A McGee Miss MargareI M Roche Raymond M Burns Gerard W Conkhn Edwin Cooper George I-I Crook James G FIynn Mrs Margaref K Gorman I-Iarold W Go+Isegen r Charles J Jarvrs Joseph J Krely Mass Emeha E Kulukowskn Mr Roberf L McLoughIun Mass Frances S Nason Mr Herman J Roche Cavncs Prnnclpal Secrefary Mafhemahcs Cuvxcs Scnence Prunhng Machrne Shop Prachce Econornucs Englnsh CIo+h1ng Woodworking S I-Iasfory World I-Iusfory Woodworking CIo'rhrng Mechanrcal Drawing Foods English Mr. . , . ' Mr. . ' . . . . , . . ' ' , ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. WIIIiam J. I-IaIIigan , Au+omoIIve Mechanics Mr. ' . . . . A . ' g 9 JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY Moss Mlss Miss MISS Mass Miss Mnss Mlss Muss Mnss Mr Wullram J Corncowsch Prrncvpal Cvlcs Marian V Ahern English Mae I Frawley Hnslory Pearl E Jacobs Healrh Spelling Mary R Lane English Mary E Maher Malhernalrcs George If Manley Science Theresa A Pedbereznalc Geography Alrce C Shea Englush Dons M Shields I.aI'vn Helen M Sluarl Anclenl Hnslory Business Praclsce Mary A Walsh Science I0 Mr. A . I ,..,.. .... , . . . . , . , ' Miss Mary Pallinson . . I I ,. , , Algebra, Science QI LAVENDER STAFF Edllor nn Chief Marlon Wmler Busmess Manager Ruchard Levy Assrsfanfs Marlin Ryan Raymond Adams Pme Cass l-luslory Ednlor John F Plosku J Cass Wall Ednlors Elre Derbyshure Geraldune Fulzgerald Joyce Shea Cass l-lnsfory Ednlor Pune Raymond Adams Cass Wlll Edllor Pune Frank Blaze Alhlehc Ednlor Charles Moore Snapshols collecled and arranged by Dorolhy Morgan Marlon Wunler Arf Edalor John Slcura+ Chalrman Assnslanfs Bermce Bernard Rose Porcu Florence Talemal Typusls Barbara Mnckewlch Rufh Moroney Nucolme Pelruc S+aFf Members Marnno DeRosa John Vellluro Roberl Anlrum Pune Facully Advusor Mr J Frank Ryan ' .........,....,..,..,,.s.. ' , l' l l ' ' ...,..........,............,...., . . ', r. I ' ' .,......,... ' , ' ' . I 'Q h ' I 4 ' 3 .,...r.s.s,,.,.. ,..,.,...,..s.r. I l l .l...,................,s.........,..,,.. Class Song ...,l....s,....,..,......,...,.4........... Dorolhy M. Morgan . .r..,...,,., ' , , l' l 4 I2 :Sl I ' A ll A. I-I. S. Presidenf .......,... ,......... J ohn VeII+uro Vice-Presidenf ....4,,.,........ Nicoline Pefric Secre+ary . .,.,.,.,........... Marino DeRosa Treasurer ........,.,,......,...., Joyce Shea SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Preszdenf Raymond Adams Secrefary Treasurer Angelo Culmo Y in I Vice-Presidenf ..,...,,,....... Charles Howard I3 A H S HONOR PUPILS CLASS DAY SPEAKERS IA H sy BERNICE MAHER ELAINE LLJLLJ GERALDINE FITZGERALD FERN GOLDBER6 LAURA BELL EUGENE GABIANELLI GRADUATION SPEAKERS IA H SI V led cf a DOROTHY M MORGAN MARION WINTER GAIL PHILLIPS RICHARD LEVY I I l a i ori n Salufaiorien 14 PINE HIGH HONOR PUPILS GRADUATION SPEAKERS RAYMOND ADAMS CLASS DAY SPEAKERS GEORGE BOATH RICHARD TRIMBLE NICHOLAS TEMA THOMAS KNEPPLE STEPHEN SMOLLEY PAUL MITSAKOS IPuneI Valedrdorlan FRANK BLAZE Salufaforlan IPineI 'I5 RAYMOND ADAMS Nozz Before begrnnung prepare care U Y Good sludenf a pleasanf manner 1eaf dresser ISABEL ARBONA Carry through llfe a smrlung face and lef your hear? be gay Ralher qunef and sludnous when IH sc ool gay and nous wrfh fhe gang 5 WWE DO ROTH EA AC-BOS Doisue We can always see her wnfh a sm: e Shes gay and cheerful all 'lhe whsle Cule wrlh an aflrachve smile loads of 'Fun her smnle rs as handy as her frrends and she as popular CARL AJ ELLO Cuhe us belfer 'r be sma an shane fhan lo be greal and cas? a shadow ure mrscheevous and possessrng a good sense of humor whlc malces hmm a mosf agreeable com panron 'fo be wrfh EDWARD AN DERSON Moose A qulef boy wrlh qurel ways Sees everyfhnng says nofhung does nolhnng an W 4' 'wa EDWARD BAK Eddle Seelc honor llrsl and pleasure laes nol far behind Makes and keeps frnends easlly a good sporf CONCETTA BALISCIANO Dolores Laughler as noi a bad begunmng for a lrrendshup Generally qunel buf her wllllng ness +o always lend a he prng hand makes her a pleasang frlend MARY BARBERA Mar Fruendshrp rs nor a fruul' of en loymenl only buf also an oppor funnry for service l-ler sweet lace and cheerful smrle make her well loved by all 3' ROBERT ANTRUM uzz A wrong answer rs berler rhan none A good sporf always ready for un ANNE BARRETT Barry Always ready wrlh a good lolre Yer lund and 'rhoughfful whenever she spoke ulel and full of lun rnfelllgenf always cheerful a good frnend fo have B .,g 1 A Ill W' -- H H ulsrr KVM AA M' fll ' ' .fi I l 2 h , "ls" is 'y I . I r gil Q .. . ., D y .. 1 . we H H .I K we , I . ' ,, I, . N . .sr ' 0 .H ' ? A 1 'V A ' ' I ' I- ' . 1' Jf ix if are r .s s " " --1+ - O II d rg y I .. . . . C I . . . 75 1 . - 1: ,, .. .. 4 K --B 'I -I . , Q : . O A I ' ' : V l f . I ' I I l I6 EDWARD BEAM All good Things come in small packages Worlr is IusT Tun and hes always on The run BERNICE BERNARD Bunny Serene and calm as an unTroubled 55' Very considerafe always Thinlung of oThers before herself HELEN BEH RLE Babe No gems no gold she needs To wear She shines unTrinsucally fair A guieT and very preTTy gurl w o wer liked by a LAURA BELL o WiTh a hearT as greaT as The world buT wiTh no room I hold The memory of a wrong Reserved buT well l lced by all who know her always has a pleas ing smile WALTER BELSKE Bones The happiesT miser on earTh s The man who saves up every Triend he can make A personaliTy as pleasing as he s Tall an enThusiasTic baseball Tan AHS slar plTcher 'Di 4-Q-45 'J' YOLANDA BERNARDONE Yolie There as noThing cosTs so liTTle or goes so Tar as courTesy ulef mTellugenT and wiTh a very friendly disposmon HARVEY B ESS Harv Who To a Triend his TaulTs can freely show and gladly praise e meriTs oT a Toe Friendly man abouT Town ELIZABETH BLACKWOOD BeTTy Never was good worlr done wnTh ouT much Trouble Always smiling and gay BeTTy as a very happy go luclry person JEAN BENNETT Jeanie "We would noT enioy The sunshine if There were no C oudsf' Lively wiTh a good personaliTyg always seems in a happy mood. FRANK BLAZE TombsTone Kid" The TirsT sign oT love is The lasT sign of wis om.' A young man badly hiT by Lu- pid's darT. a gurl loves lo lalkl ALEXANDER BOGDAN Few were has words buf won derfully clear Q When hes drnvung clear all roads' uv 'inf CECILIA BOLADZ Cel A The srnallesr courfesues sweelen u e Friendly buf very shy has cheeks Ink lfll e l e rosy apples ARTHU R BOLLARD Ar We have Two ears and one moulh fha? we may lusfen more and falk ess A govnal fellow wufh good spmt a qreaf admnrer of The lad es ,153 5. x Ere FERDINANDO BOTTONE To see whaf IS rlghf and not fo do rf fha? as cowarduce Well dressed llkely lo succeed has a very friendly way 18 eeoaes BOATH ADELE BREJWA ee George 6 1 l donl' falk much bul' l h Personalll y IS o a woman whal ,V ear 6 perfume us fo a flower o 'F Lakes readmg and enloys hrs k l and Sh l l y a o o lun +o wo' fhos h k e w o now her well Us R-J AN NA B ROOKS Libby A man wulhouf 'rhoughf for fhe 'Fu+ure wnll have early sorrow Pleasanf and dependable Lnbby as oh so quuef whsle un school' Buf al ofher hmes7 ELLA MAE BURKE Ie Life us shorf buf +here as al ways h me for cou rlesy A hearf of l -5: god buf how fh 'l JAMES BUSWELL US JOHN CAMILLERI Sparks h work when l pay ns so much fun Loves fo drlve and do work as long as fhe work us noi' loo hard Rare compound of frollc and fun T o relnsh a yoke and relouce af a un A lend a helping hand a pleasanf personalnfy good frzend always there lo l RIC' in -. 4' - as - S .. ,. 'D l f ,,.., K H . . v ' I +." ' ' A . . . . Quie I HAI.. 'y 5, " ' " L .. - 3- ' K ' ll -Ill J ,Av MEN. .. I'F X L g . K E ' .. f.. ..B .. ' c' .. ', ,, ,. . . P Y . . . . I -11:1 fi gg: P - ' l - 1 A A ' A Y .nfs ' : Mi, I. . U fl ' 3 ,eg s Q 515553 l E i.,g1:'r ,sl 1 , , k, " d" " " Q V ,W . . . .. WNY , ,QL " ill - . I 1 4 GRACE CARMODY MICHAEL COSENTINO 5, rms asa A sunny femper grlds lhe edges Whal we have lo learn fo o P' of lnfes darlcesf cloud we learn by donng Tall fallcahve and always ready for Wonder Boy who I5 always In any sorf ol lun Search of new advenfures JAMES CERRITELU Chlffy Tns no? lhe gay cloak malces The genfleman Sharp dresser lnkes fnxang cars ROSA LEE CHARLES Hoagy Joe Have frnends no? for fhe salre of recelvlng buf of gnvlng Ernendly aflracfuve a fnne dancer ANNA MAE COMCOWICH Amanay Tha? day ns los? on whlch one has no? laughed Te lo lo sa always on The move never quuef for a rnnnufe 5..- A modesfy In delnverung our sen menfs l ves s lnberfy changlnq lhem wllhouf blushung is-a A keen sense of humor a sincere fnend fv- 5 ROBERT DALEY Suucude GEORGE CON ROY oc Mme e all ef and reserved buf always a good friend fo have In an emer gency I9 r grealesl' glory nf never fallung buf In rusung every il WILLIAM CRAVEN Franlc Buc Lnfe IS foo shorf fo be serlous A good worker loves wuld Iufe ANGELO CULMO a ll s good +o have frlends buf bad lo need fhem Never sad faced llces all lunds MICHAEL CULMO lVllCky Popularufy bears hum company Good nafured always seldom seen an ry fr endly f all our sar arhlellc manager Nev' I ' S A, my f .ty . 5 ..l . h.. ..S n gy , g ,. l Y NZ", M U H d ' 'l , ,. ., , . ,I ' lx "Wg M M , . v Z. 4- .' . 1' - 'E .- ' fi. ' 2 1 H H I 1 , rx , 1 A HF in .. . 'ff' " 1 ' . . : . . .,. X 'l' . I . n . ! A 2 . -5 ' ' ' f, f of sports. an . . 'Liv' 5 lk A K I . U ll . 2, ik, ' " l , ' , 4 , , . A lifl girl wilh a 7 yj Lin f ' , ' . - , K V g 1 n o 3 f 1 El qi X 1 X 1 A, .. - - n 1 i 4 , .. .. X xl. A -f D fir " X -- - ' - A "Ou is o In A A V 315' , fi ea u a A of 4 H i -V , l ' ' ' W l ' L pl' '5 i A . - Qui : W J' - R -4 11" ., l ' E 'Orff A I I xl: if X Ir SABATINO D ASCANIO Sabo If nor seemly do nr nor If noi' lrue say I+ no'r uref wrfh a mosl dnshnchve smre and drmples' Always wrl mg 'ro do a favor Fas? becomrng an experf horfrculfurrsf MARINO DeROSA Curly ln dorng whaf we oughr we de serve no praise because ur IS our duly A good lookrng guy plays a sweer 'rrumper rhose curls arouse real ousy among The ladres qurre fhe wo fl 'nal Wi' asf' E r- 'I IP Z U P E U U7 O Z If as lhe besf of all frades o make songs and lhe second besr 'ro sung fhem Drgnrfned a pleasmg smmle and manner Never as happy as when he as srngrng and he possesses a swell vorce JOHN DEAN Drzzy As uprrghr as a cedar Good all around pal frnendly and a good word for everyone oulsfandlng foofball player ANNA DEMANCHYCK Speed True frlendshrp rs like sound heallh lhe value of If IS seldom known unlxl If IS sl Chuc and pehfe goodlooknng a very good lwrrler wxfh lhe band -or 5 I JENNIE DICLEMENTI IC We are here 'ro add wha? we can fo lrfe ure? wrlh a very even dISPOSI fron helplng ofhers whenever possuble PHILIP DrDIO u A lron among 'the ladies Cracks gokes consranily bu n loys a laugh on humself MARIE DrDONATO Meri Her world as lrke ihe sunshme always brrghf A lille gurl wrfh a lo? of mu hr has a very sweel volce ELRE DERBYSFHRE Emads "Go s gulls pur mens esf dreams fo shame " Wr+h her fun loving nalure, cheery smile and musrcal abnlnry, "Emads" rs an assef rn any group CARMELA DrLlSlO Ca rm "ln sunshme brrghr or sorrow deep If IS a frrend we wanr 'ro keep" A sincere frrend fo whom one can fell his frouloles and receive sym parherrc arrenrron .lr LAWRENCE DIPIRO Lnddy He who succeeds has obfauned success une+ always on The IOI3 when needed VINCENT DRAKE I-Iam Hands I-Ins lambs are cas? In manly mold For hardy sporfs or conlesfs bold I-Ins remarkable alhlehc abnll and physique coupled wrfh h popularufy should help hmm pro gress rapidly wherever he goes MARY ESTHER DONAHUE ESSIE Good humor and qeneroszfy carry Ihe day wnfh Ihe popular hear? all I e wo Id over C e and lovable wlfh a wnfy and yvacuous manner One our clever Twlrlers NOREEN DONAI-IU E Nome Farr +hough+s and happy hours affend Ihee always uler buf frrendly and good na lured a sweef Smale everybodys a ADOLPI-I DOROSI-I Make Slow To argue buf qunck Io acl L yes Io look al fhe glrls ha eg To look af his books LOUISE ERL mvme DOUGLAS Musdesu ROBERT DZIADIK Bozo A cons+anf frlend ns a fhung rare and hard Io fund An oufslandnng afhlefe and swe g y Io know a friend o everyone VERONICA ELIA Ronnie Who does nof befrnend hlmself by doing good A good sporf who IS noled for her Ialkahveness MARILYN ELKO Be B Whale er my fare hs my Iafe Io be qulef A good Irsfener wufh a shy uf Irnendly smile she makes an Iracflve drum magorelfe I-IOP' Be slow in choosing friendsi buf A smile Ihaf won'I come olff slower in char1CJIn9-'I A good singer and a s'ready, de- Smart quiel and always ready 'fo 'h k fha? is Io be pendable worker. help W'I anY WO' done. 21 ,,f Q '1,.,.:"' -ff ,I ' JULIUS FERRILLO "Julie" "Value The friendship of him who sTands by you in The sTorm." WiTh dark wavy hair: his wonder- ul smile and aTTracTive person- aInTy win him many 'Friends EUGENE G-ABIANELLI "essay- "Genius is The abiIiTy To act righTIy wiThouT precedenT: The power To do The righT Thing The TirsT Time." I-Iis nickname is indeed weII-chos- en and suiTs him perTecTIy AI ways ready To share in any prank ad-i. s., -X er, MA ANNE FIORE Annie Of all Things To unsure happiness ThroughouT The whole oT IuTe b Tar +he mosT innporTanT is The ac qunsrhon oT Triends Always ready To share In and en loy a ioke Wherever There is Tun There you will hnd Annie GERALDINE FITZGERALD FITZIE She ThaT was ever Taur and never proud I-I d her Tongue aT will and yeT was never loud One oT our Senior cheer leaders T of pep always wiTh a wi y remark a grand person To know MARILYN FOSKETT Spigof WruTe rniurnes in dusT kundnesses un marble uneT naTure an easy person To have around always agreeable and pleasanf -Vs. Y' ELIZABETH GALLAGI-IER 8 There is noTh:ng in The world so conTagious as IaughTer and good humor A TaIkaTive red head always ready wiTh a keen sense oT humor GLORIA GARLOCK Gor A day Tor Toll an hour Tor sporT BuT Tor a Trend is IrTe Too shorT Very good in dramahcs There rg deTerminaTion in her voice NELSON GATISON Bucky There is only one way To have friend ThaT is To be one WiTTy asserfs himself readily very good sporT ,H WILLIAM FOUNTAIN a Lover There are Three days in The wee do noT worry on or a ou YesTerday Today and Tomorrow WiTTy and care Tree never quxe and wlTh an infechous grin RICHARD G-AVITT e h her be beggar an end my IasT d a n To be a k g and spend money like a beggar A whiz now wiTh airolane models and has greaT aspirahons oT be ming be n I ie AU REUA GERWATOWSKI "' One ,f Sllver and gold have l none buf h as have l gzve A accomphshed accordnonls? r ' gag e bw a pleasan pe son fo know NORMAN GOLDBERG Matz Work buf seek no? false arnbn horns fame To hgh? Thee on of 'lun always good for early laugh s a way w fha members of fhe opposnfe sex VINCENT G-lAMMARlO I FY1 rnan go WOV Loves lo sd af The feachers desks a sharp locker RUBY GILES I FTW Thee are gold shnps fhere are snlver shlps hreaero noslkefrue shlos a lruendly and lh a wonder l. He BARBARA G-ITTI NGS Bobby w ar fha? l le cand e lhro fs beamsl h es 'waughly world Il you hear someone bragging o + he lan s prooably Bob Good nalured ralher quaef buf always ready wnfh a qulck corheback 'lf' 1 ,0- Q' ,- JOAN GOLINO Chncken A Thing well done foday meang less work lornorrow A llendly sorf of person who always ready lo laugh af even H-19 cornuesf of gokes DOROTHY GOODALL Rusfy A hne head of ha adds beaufy a good lace we go or? an has very lzkeable personalufy BERNARDINE GROTH SVU Flnds the loys of heaven here on earfh vor rand always eady To Helo anyone n dlhlcuf FERN GOLDBERG Terry Faffer lS luke Colo ne wa r Y srne ed o u s lowed generous pe son and a l lrwend lncllned lo be lalkalxve on all occasuons J ESSIE GROVA es Laughing 'ralklng a ways gay She he os To make a pe Tec? day Cufe and wlfh a mos? engagmg srrwle and lalkahvel 1- H4 1 .. H N ' suc l ' Thee." ' ' ' ' . rf P ' ' 1 Full , 5 a ij ear ' gl F N l l'1 . . l-la Hh 4 l HJ' Il h , . IV . "A is only as od as his sk H H I I , fx V. A . w -, . 'N Ti r is 2 1 if' A Wi In .. HSI- n . F I W I AO., AANVX .. ,, Bu? 7 e r s I! I ' nd- -Z H l ir wi .H I 'II T ll ' Wg . Alhckle redahead who is falk- hl " llc", X al , la od sp g d a . ' J +40 f nl I M fa l 'V' I So s ln a good deed ln a V "B " A I ki W A , . , . 0 r f - 'Q an Q. + N, Y. New +1 n is 'a 1 1 , . - X A flee x ke r ' ' N . .N ', ' ' 1 , I l y, - HJ 1. 'T' " l ' ' l g le - H V- A : To be , ll F b + not wal- 1 ' 1 1 ' , W A , f Vne n ' I V A 23 A WARREN HAWKS Q 'A - ..DimpyeSi. CHARLES HOWARD I' ' ' , 4 HB R ,. "There is no pafhway of flowers UC Y if leading fo glory." "Tho'liHle, mighfy l be." es h s and adores is D nified manner a plea if A fefching dimple in each cheek, Has loads of friends, respecfed X wifh a friendly manner and an by all. X .Xu L CELESTIA HAYES "Cee" "The rnosf manifesf sign of wis- dom is a Confinual cheerfulnessf Always wearing a friendly smile and with a very cheerful dnsposi fron JANE HEAVENS Janne A merry hearf goes all fhe ay A sad one fires in a m le Possesslng a lovable charm fhaf goes well wifh her lovable smile CHARLES HIGGINS Sonny People become rich by minding fheur own business " infecfious smile. fl'- .M AMR f ,,.. 1 X Nfl king qv! x dt' JOHN HUBER "Bellingfon "He spealcefh nof. and yef fheir lies A conversafion in his eyes ' a di mfied infe I enf ways ready wifh a helping hand DOROTHY HUZI o Talce care of fhe minufes for fhe hours falre care of f em selves Quief and sweef Friendly and neaf PATRICIA HYLWA a r hr manner all w o saw admired Courfeous fhough shy and genfle fhough refirecl personalify fll of pep a vey week ends good actress LOUISE HORBAL f- O., wiLLiAM JETT Buddy N' formafion of characfer I M Cement +0 Sly, and dream Edugahon has for :fs olslecf fhe Rafher serious in nafure unassum when Work is done sleep IS fun ing buf wifh a sweef manner TO 24 my JOSEPH KAZAKAVAGE Rollle DONALD JUDD Oscar of :ng worrles hmm noi :ng hurrles hum Good all around kld rovnal man ner and a very good friend good scout A? The mud hour of nigh? when sfars are weeplng I fly Wally and clever always ready wrfh a quick comeback A gas model enfhusuasl WlLLIAM KEIRAN Lead "4!5'aia,a A THOMAS KN EPPLE Knepp A sllenf counlenance offen speaks uuef and very serlous abou? has work ADAM KORPALSKI Karp He loves +o lalk and Talk he wrll For hours on end and longer s Lnvely wrffy mlschnevous always In and ou+ of frouble Never any We quuer when he as In lhe nelghbor hood FRANCES KORT X ran wh-s There IS no duly we underrafe An :deal palm every way for any s much as fhe duly of benng happy Good looking and rnfelllgenf fel low possesses many friends ser: ous abou? hrs educahon PETER KETZ SVS Genuus as lhe capaclly Ing hard wok for evad Happy go lucky never worries very humorous ,N EMILY KLIK Genlle of speech benehcenf of mmnd Erendly ro all a grand dns osr ron She IS prelfy 'lo walk wulh and wrfly fo 'ralk with and pleasanf lo lhlnk on one 'ro have very graclous and dignified ID manner WALTER KOZEY Duxue en d a favor There as no fornorrow Tall good nafured a gay fellow IU all ways WALTER KRUPA Wa? Do I+ yourself a d you II gel nr done Works when he has fo bu? would much rafher no? have 'ro .X ' is .1 " ' ., r. H H iff' 5 h "N h' ' ', h' .. . .AE I 1 K Xp' 4 . l T W 5 - ,ez Ha'- T - 1. -A ' J' , ki? Q lf- C, Q .. .. " 'H A Q, All J , Qlf aryy xl +HLN L KE.. I ,. 7, ' H H I L. - I X HF .. ll, K 9" H . . o M Q V v' is .A -T l . ifiiii I y r -- r - ' Y Q ' tv "Wh a frien sks a e - I 1 ' 1 '- ,arf . - ' A 7 1 'f E-LQ 'r ' f we y , A 4 , as 'V y A 'L - "M" H l H ! , , ' .p . l l 1 fa .' T- ' ' 'T Q 5 ' l ' ' I f E 25 JENNY KUCHER Jackue I do noT Tear Tomorrow Tor I know yesTerday and I love Today Loves sporTs and us a swell sporT herself Her dramahc gesTures un Trans aTung LaTun are murablle vusu RICHARD LEVY Ducky Too low They buuld who buuld be neaTh The sTars lnTellugenT and ambuTuous Ducky has a pleasung personaluTy and a ready smule flanked by dumples un euTher cheek JOHN LARKIN 4, 'W' Jack Fuelds are won by Those who be Iueve un The wunnung YY' A Truendly Tellow wuTh a Tlne smule Tor everyone A nuce lad To have around aT any Tume wif!!! SALVATORE LAURICELLA Ta Ta Who us The happuesT of men7 He who values The meruTs of oThers uueT un a Truendly sorT of way an easy lad To qeT along wuTh ALEXANDER LEMCI-IAK Beefy Work never pays Is rubbed by everyone buT Takes :T wuTh a smule Q1- THEODORE LEWIS e A laugh us worTh a hun red groans un any markeT aTTru:ucTuve blue eyes JOAN LINDI-IOLM ShorTy I-ler appearance us anqeluc sTaTe ly and demure buT of her unner naTure well were noT quuTe so sure Tall and TalkaTuve always presenTs a very neaT appearnce ALYCE LINGANE What sculpTure us To a block of marble educaTuon us To The soul Those sTreaks of sulver un her haur make her look oh so duqnufued JOHN LEPESKA Farmer When he comes un muschuef be guns ls known by everyone, Tull of mus chuef, never dull a good aThleTe ELAINE LULU The hugh school day has uTs de IughT5 NoT The leasT oT Them The hugh school knughTs A very pleasung manner, has a smule for everyone A greaT pal 'WZ I -V ' .T . I. u. . .- ' V -- I H u. H. . I me I . . g k as . ..' . I J ' 1Q',lQlfll,'i , 'T . ' K 4 I1 B K I ivy., I I ' Su- . A ll, . Tw" 'I U Q gg . ..T d.. . . . 45515 ' . ' . .V ' - Nice-looking wiTh a Tlne voice and ' 5 ' ,, . . . .Ph To A .. . . I - Q . . . . z .y . - 9 ' ' .u .1 3, , ai HAI.- uf f' eel' Q -s.-A My ..Luu. dn 26 AGNES MADDEN "Mad" "There would be no greal ones if There were no lilfle ones." ,Q Quiet reserved: member of lhe - school band The quiel' ones are olfen The besf of frnends To have BERNICE MAHER Q 9I'f1 E rymans lvfe a famry ale wrlflen bv God s hngers Cure and possessnng a very nice personalnly and a charmmg smnle a fanlhlrul fruend DOMENICA MANZONE Muclcy One of Those happy souls who are The salf of The earlh Cule mnschlevous wu+'ry There never a dull momen+ when one IS wnlh er AARON MARCUS CODIS rend one wo was n Tall and dngnnf ed nn appearance fruendly afhlude 'ro all well lllced a veleran member of The band IL RICHARD MARTIN Ruchre one lo muschuef as he abe o perform lf u full of fun happy o luc y Nol a Care rn lhe warl MARIAN MATUSOVICH "Babe" , . X v , LH- F 2 ef' "Good humor is fhe heallh of A The mind: sadness is Hs poison." ' A good alhlefe: allracliveg very near and wnfh nnce clolhes -3 fx BARBARA MICKEWICH o KENNETH MQCARTHY McGolz e shame us nor nn havang once een foolish bu? nn no? culfnng fhe o y shorl' Talenfed al sungung and drum ming possessing a personalnly all has own WILLIAM MQMANUS Harp As good nalured a soul as ere frod on shoe of leafher A hardworlclng lad qunel bul lov s a good lolce al any fume ROSE MICCIANCIO Noi Too serlous noi foo gay Thais fhe proper way Always ready To do anolher a favor an enlhusxashc worlcer a good sporf who can lalce a lol of kddmg The hopes ol men have been luslly called walcnng dreams Cule wullowy blond usually gels wha? she goes affer I A A v. gi UB .. ' l .. .. " ve ' ' is ' -Y " 4 "Th ' ' ' . . - --. A 3 b . 1 . . . . f II . . . H gn Q . . n . . ' Q V I . 1 . . ,Z 1 - 3 g A ' 5 . h H I, is l I I 5 ' 1 ' e . . In I . . n vl ' II L :V E IIROII MA fi is h Ik 1 R y , 'T " ' A when everyone else wallcs oul'." ,Q - 'I Q 3 , ' Zia A A 1 ' . Els . 'f A ,. f 1 .. , 34 " ' ' " -B b" M' A -, b "Aus pr ' ' is " :gag-5 1 + ' - - we C le: 1 eg - lc , ' - ll - ' d. , 27 A "' JEANNE MILLER Chrckre She as gay she as sweef Jusf fhe fype we love fo meef Carefree happy go lucky Lnkes To acf silly af fnrnes Al FRANK MISIEWICZ Fldppv He fhaf mlschnef hafchefh mls chuef cafchefh Carefree easy gomg and fhaf quofafron frfs hum oh so apfly PAU L M ITSAKOS au No mind ns well organized fhaf IS deflcrenf of humor A good nafured lad a flne a DOROTHY MORGAN o So nngh ms grandeur fo our dusf So near us God fo man When Dufy whnspers low Thou musf The Youfh replies I c n A whuzz af her sfudues buf always funds fume for amusing relaxahon a frue and wonderful friend RUTH MORONEY N5 Always laughing always gay As she goes her merry way Her fnendly dnsposuhon us meas ure by her helghf Shy buf a very good fraend fo Those close fo her ROBERT MITTON o Calm and reserved you ear lnffle from hum Always plenfy of fun when he s around possesses a pleasung per sonalnfy CHARLES MOORE ee One fhxng ns forever good fha? one fhrng IS success Bee s a very fr endly fellow likes a good poke buf can be sersous wnfh fhe loesf of fhem a member of fhe foofball squad and a falfh ful worker for fhe Observer ARTHU R NATOWICH Mr N If fhere were no dlfficu hes fhere would be no fruumphs A good nafured fellow always around wherever fhere IS mischief brewmg VIRGINIA MULVEY Freckles L us do nofhang abgec y no :ng lrmndly nofhung sug gnshly srmles and drmples A s posnhon which affracfs and holds numerous fruends GEORGE MURRAY 'P' George unel as a sfreef af nlghf Seldom speaks unless spoken 1-YW 3 FRANK N ESTERU K Baldy Lulce The Marne coasl one long conhnuous bluff A greaf lad Tor lrylnq To bluff lf all a Tune MARGUERITE NEVILLE Marge l have a hearl wnfh room or every 'oy l-ler srnule would malce Tren s wherever she goes fall qunel and dngmhed STEVEN NOGA TITT One usnl lazy :T he conserves has energy for Turlher use Agreeable and Trlendly all around good sporl JANET NORTH ROP Peanuls Wlfh murlh and laughfer le? The old wrmlmles come If good Things come In small paclc ages so does dynamule Power Tu vonce Tor her suze Good drarnalncs enlhuslasluc all sh underfalces To do 4.-34 ELIZABETH O BRI EN Belly The Toundahon ol: every sfale IS The educaluon of mls youfh Wnfh a cheerful snmle and a per sonallfy 'rhaf alfracls many To her Q JAMES O CONNELL Oaks y? Decade nof rashly The decusxon once made can never b called ulel al Times and al' ofhers' good 'Trlend and companion every way MADELINE ONDOSIK Bunny O darlc haired rnaud wnlh Trnenclly ways and lovely blaclc hanr Bunny has a sunny dISpOSIlIOI'1 and smnle fhal are The envy of all SYLVIA ORZECHOWSKI Good nalure as one of The rnch esl frunls of personality Never loo sersous aboul' anyfheng an lakes lnfe as :T comes os sesses many True Tr ends Tl-TEOPT-llL OBREMSKI Chef The buqgesl dlsappounlmenl' fha? o e can rave TS To dnsapponnl oneself A good sporf hus personallly and arnuabululy add To hs number of Trnends EDWIN PARZYCK J-A 4 Eggs l-l IS wealthy ln his Truen s ulel and sleady always ready Tor anyfhung A S.. ll A fs ,--, , . 1 A I ' V AT L-my . in all A kid. ' . T M , f T T -U Q 1 I .. .r g gb .. .. .. . if 54 .. . U .. ' we e re- . I d . i I . Q. . I . A ' ' . ' ' in f . E HS- -- nu lg- 1-T 'l " ' Q ie, l.. - . l Y Known Tor her sofr, dulcel voice .. . . ..Sy1.. V - - T K.-E Y. ,. - ' T- e ' . - 'Cf' . l . l ' ' . in 4 , ' : ' ' in e X A ' d . ' P ' X ,V I n All ssgy P , H rr ll A I A " e ' ' ' ' d ' I Q . .. E . y T ' ' - . an 1 Y lA A ff 29 STAN LEY PAWLAK Slach G-real lhoughfs reduced fo prac hce become greaf acls Always ready +0 slarf anyfhung muschnevous A good frlend and always ready fo help MARY ANN PIWONSKI Maur Be always as merry as you can For no one delnghls IH a sorrowful man Very qunel Has a ready srnlle 'lor everyone A marvelous dlsposn hon lhal affracls many frlends MARYAN N PESTA esl Though she be buf lallle sh ns lovable A qunef shy gurl always fruendly uf wnfh a wall o her own NICOLINE PETRIC Nncky Happy am l from care se? free Why arent fhey all conlenled luke Impossible lo End a personal en emy of Nnclcy a popular afhlefe fo meef her as 'lo luke her af sughl GAIL PHILLIPS True worfh us an beung nol seem mg In doung each day lhaf goes by some lvlfle good no In dreaming of greaf 'fhlngs fo do by and by Has lhe ambuflon and mfellngence fo succeed Takes an achve parf un many school achvahes T' STEPH EN PLASKON Sieve I wish my deadly foe no worse Than wan? of frnends and an empfy purse A qunel brg hearfed fellow who ns easy lo gel along wlfh A new comer wulh us lusf 'Ihus year bul has made many sfaunch frnends qulclcly JOHN PLOSKI Baby Face Things pas? belong 'ro memory alone Thungs fulure are The properly of hope The Beau Brummel of 1949 A swell dlsposlhon very cule gel Img lo be qulle I'he ladies man a golfer and hunfer par excel lence ROSE PORCU He who sows courlesy reaps fruendshup She has many 'Friends and wll galn many more because of her lolly dasposuhon and helpnng ways PATSY PIETRANGELO Rainbow Honesl lame awauls the fruly greaf The halls of Ihe AHS wlll forever echo 'rhe laughs his wll' crealed BETTY RICH e The gulf of galely may nlself be fhe grealesl good forfune A newcomer In our mldsf lhns year buf almosl lmmednalely we real Ized wha? a wonderful person and fruend she was EDWARD ROBINSON Eddue The grealesl' frufhs are Ihe slmpesf so are The grea es? men A quuef happy golucky person Aways wulllng To share In a good o e DOLORES ROWLEY Boofsue e aghs and fhe wor laughs wnfh her When our carefree and yolly Bools gels gngglmg lusf fry fo s o her' If lusf can? e o e JAMES ROWLEY Buddy A good hearl us be++er 'rhan all 'rhe heads In fhe world Always smalung has a cule freckl ed face and has dnmples galore are Ihe envy of all 'rhe gurls MARTIN RYAN Marty Dufy Ihen as 'rhe sublnmesf word In our language Do your duly a lhlngs You cannof o more You should never wash 'ro do less Qusef unfellugenl sernous mxnded An even dxsposmon thai nofhung seems able Io ruFFIe A greaf pal fo have around ALBERT RUBELMANN a Ver greal IH fhe very :Ie Ihungs Says llflle buf look cull Ang ROBERT RU BELMANN Bobby e man who suis down Io wall for a golden opporfunuly Io come along never has a comfortable wan? A fypncally gay muschnevous red head possesses a care free man ner 31 57- CYVIA SCHARMETT Cyv A generous person IS sunshine To the mnnd A very nee? dresser can easuly make one laugh loves Io fravel LEONARD RZASA Jumor Gave fo Ihe world ihe besf you have and fhe besf wall come back fo you Fruendly and cooperahve Jumor has a ready smule and a mos? pleaslng manner Rafher Serious and dngmfled ETHEL SANDERS Malsle Tvs good will makes mfalluqence A greal beluever an carrynng 'rhungs our 'ro fhe end MICHAEL SCARPULLA Mike sfurdy and steady as the Rock of Gubralfar A friend who IS always Ihere when needed loves fo druve cars buf can shll our Ialk her fravles S . S I' ' I' ,, . . ' I I-+9 - ' . I ,I in II ' , n d if I ' ' - ' .' - ' ' . f. ' ' A 1 I . - ' H cf H u U A X .. . .. '-sh I U Id ffg H D . I p . ' ' b d n . ' J. . . ' S W xl-1. ' It II g up In . A' it u . u '- Y ' V+: R y I "As ' 4 " " .. .. "K . 'I nTh - - H . I GLENN SCHMIDT Chuck To work or nol 'ro work lhal ns The queshon I lheres work lo be done e does nl If lheres loalmng lo e done he shnnes un fhal' also PATRICIA SEXTON 'T JOHN SKURAT Brud Slamp dance be nmlole and merry A good sporf always ready and wr mg lo help The class ar ns and dancer 5 6 I slepl and dreamed lhal' lrle was Beauly I woke and found fha? Isle was Duly Cule and good nalured gurl charmnng smile and manner al ways ads In so frlendly a lashuon JOYCE SHEA OY Busy acluve lull ol fun Much has she underlaken much has she done A peppy and allracfuve cheer leader wulh a mosl charming manner and personallly popular wn a parhcupa es In mos school achvmes ROBERT SHORTELL Herk We have lorly mulllon rea sons 'lor TBIIUFS buf nof a sungle excuse Talkahve mlschxevous lakes Isle as ml comes QUIIS lhe comeduan bs., P... i 5x WB' THEODORE SMAYDA Teddy One halh planled In has memory an army of words Has a personalely all has own A ready helper Blessed wnlh a mos? pleaslng dlsposuhon and a gulf of ga DONALD SMITH Smufly sheep IH wolfs clolhmg Le? hum sleep lel hum sleep STEPHEN SMOLLEY Sleve uuel al larsl buf look agaun A good arguer never leaves a dull momenl un belween and a lnon among The ladnes ELIZABETH SILVA ee The monumenls of noble men are lheur vrrlues There es somelhung an her voice which seems lo make you wanl lo llslen 32 ROBERT SNELL o Much hme for work wnlh llflle lame lo wasfe A line class dodger cameras come flrsl wnlh Bob , .. . .. I 1 I I ' . h : ' I . ' b 'II' . I' I .lp F. f 'gal : h 5-3 -i I. . . . , ,fr U - 2 a ' 4 wi 'g' sl' -- ' , . . Z - ' emu., U . I 'Yi ,L b. IXJ Il S . E if '27 .ff X U n T K IIA H I - -ll . - . 1 , - . I 'th II: ' ' + ' + ' I f ' ' ' it . ' I ' . ' 4- , 4' I u .I I' Q. if :fi 4 .. .. . - I ' I HO' '- a s I is T' ' I , If I ll UD .. V Lu, 7 X UB bn F 1' x FANNY SNIPES an he was orn wulh 'rhe gulf of laughfer Wally easy 'ro gel along wulh and a very good afhlele ZEPHRINA ST CLAIR Muff a friendly hear? +ha+ has plenly of 'Frsends A sincere worker and always do mg her basl foward others A IG-NATIUS SPITERI QQY e face as 'the Index of mnnd Easy Io gel along wllh always manages lo have a few words fo sa MICHAEL STAN KO Mzlce Full of cheer full of pep mal: Ing fun al' every sfep An allraclnve personallfy wulh a fascmalnng smnle always seems lo have a welcome slgn on The mal al' The home ol' some member of CHRISTINE STANLEY Tuna The world ns so lull of a number o Thungs Im sure we should all be as happy as lungs Very seldom wnlhouf her gum buf a good nafured lass 'N-n 1' LOMA ST CLAIR NICHOLAS TEMA SBIITI NIC ROGER STEEVES Sfevue I-Inrch your wagon To a slar Fund success and Ihere you are A quuel hard worlung boy Shy and very qunel buf well lllced by all JOHN SWEET Spue Beller lale lhan never buf beller never lale If all +he world loves a lover 'rhen lhaf lels Splel nn FLORENCE TALEMAL Flossre An she IS wnffy and she ns gay And she IS noisy In every way The gurl wnfh a smile aflached A good paanrsl and dancer Always dependable nn case of need and how she lallls IVY all fhmqs I GCIIIGVS W Never fake anyfhung for granl' Icn A QUICIY 'fl'1'nIf9" and always fry Sporls mnnded always hasa handy :ng To pu? hrs Ideas over word K1 33 "S b ' ' "I+ Is ' I W- "I " 'V faq, .. . .. "Th A ' lhe , L .. . Y- y - -- V ' . '- L lass gy gp .. . I.. . . . 11 . I 5. S .II fhe ff-if sex, I as , ' , ss'r' 1 Q 1 I sy 1 csr ' .. . 5: -. d - . - f , , X . . . . 'I v . . . . I A 'riffs A' YI - . . . Q I ,sg I ' mf. .jf 3, I G . K I cr I A' 'I ' H n - kr. K 'ii Q, II "I ' , ' haf " ' - , ,A G ed." ' F ' ' . 9 , , , ' ' I - I Qi: Sli . J ' Uh " V 'A Y Q. X 1 , . 3 , 5 -77 JOHN THORPE e I could sif and look and oo Af fhe covers of a book SHIRLEY THOMAS "ShirI" 'Thaf is gold, which is worfh gold." Quief buf very likable young lady: an easy manner fhaf affracfs many friends. NORMA VACCA MMOG.. "Fame is fha scenfless sunflower, wifh gaudy crown of gold, Buf friendship is fhe breafhing rosefwifh sweefness in every fold." An affracfive bruneffe wifh a charming smile and a very fine personalify-buf when if comes fo being a chaffer box-well she has no rivals. Q6 JOHN VELLTU RO Mouse Happy golucky cheerful and A very good pal in every way Loves girls red Packards danc in EDWARD TINGLEY FUZ Tis not so uncommon fo hear hum complain You have waked me foo soon lef me slumber again Good nafured and well liked by all who know him besf A good kid in every way JOYCE TINGLEY Dickey Calm and quief in her sorf of way Wifh her nfs work before play Cufe dimples neaf dresser and a fine sporf A good worker willingly helps RICHARD TRIMBLE DOROTHY WANTROBA DIC O An all round sporf full of pep his wiffy ways win everyone Our hard working class presudenf pos sesses ambition and should suc ceed in fhe fufure JOHN VIRZI HZ Everyones friend and no one s enemy une? an manner buf a good a fo depend on in case of need WILLIAM WALSH Willie The hope of all fhe maids If he said more and did more hed gef more done Life is foo short fo be Senous A frue friend is forever a friend Possessing a charming smile wifh ever one a chic appearance and affrachve Q Y ly dressed 34 . A as fi Q ..R d.. E l A g '.l l' ' Y . ..B .. 1 ll . A T ' ' ls uv- in T u l T O 1 - 5 . I d ,X H X I ' U . ku ND +I: T 1 ' ' . I . Ag ft? f - a - 2 JOHN WARION ANDREW YEZIK A d Mouse n Y T 1 d l HS bak is Worse than his me ere s a :me an pace r everylhlnq F Qhoodn mend always argues rs hard plays hard see s a lS oqers ALLAN WEBB Whazzer If al larsl you don? Succeed fry The backfneld A lne alhlele always looklnq for some yoke and lun MARlON WINTER Mamie On her and her hugh endeavor The luqhl of praise will shlne for ever Smarl sluduous always qrqqllnq abou? somelhlnq Reliable and dependable n all ways BARBARA WOODFORD Barber Those eyes alles? onale and qlad w nc seem lo love whale er They look upon Ralher quael bul' a ways ready for Q- '7' DONALD WOODWARD Woody lnacllvlly s death A qrear poker always ready far anylhrnq fha? brrnqs a laugh ard DOR'S YOUNG Dodo dark o shorf lall she sels a lrap lo snare Them a A very socnable qnrl who us lzked all always ready wnlh a blq Hella for everyone PAULA YUDKIN U Wlly gesls and frequenl s'nules Make her friendship well worlh whxle A lop alhlele excels ID every sporl Neal dresser u fun always ready for anylhunq amusnng ROBERT ZU RAW Zeke n arqulnq loo he owne h s For een fhouqh vanqunshed h Could argue sllll A lall good looking quy a e pendable fruend buf how Tha? bo can and lakes lo lalkl Rncharcl Levy SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL Dorolhy Morgan Nlcolune Pelrlc Doro+hy Morgan Palrncla Hylwa Helen Behrle Paula Yudkun Joyce Shea Anne BarreH Elalne Lulu Nlcollne Pefruc Geraldnne Fnlzgerald Nncollne Pefrlc Jessie Grove Geraldrne Fllzgerald Florence Talemal Lmkely 'ro succeed Mosl popular Mosl lnlellugenl Mosl dlgnlfled Besl looking Besl alhlele Besl dressed Wxlllesl Curesr Besl personalnly Pepplesl Besl nalured Besl dancer Besl all around Nousvesl John Vellluro Rnchard Levy John Huber Marnno DeRosa Vnncenl Drake John Plosku Roberl Shorlell Carl Agello John Vellluro John Vellfuro Waller Belske John Skuraf John Vellluro Roberf Shorlell PINE MANUAL TRAINING Lukely +o succeed Mos? popuar Mos? nn+ellrgen+ Mosl dignified Besl looking Besl alhlere Besl dressed Wn'l+les+ Cu+es+ Besl personaluly Peppnesf Besl nafured Besl' dancer Besr all around Nolslesl' ulelesl 36 SCHOOL Frank Blaze John Dean Ray Adams William Craven Pefer Kelz John Dean James Cerrllelll Donald Woodward Peler Kelz Charles Howard Charles Howard Angelo Culmo John Dean John Lepeska John Lepeska Edward Anderson Marilyn Elko ...... ..,........ . .Quielesr ......,.......,,.,....., Marlin Ryan Q ' ,....,,,...., .,.c..,........,... klllllll IIRESCAT SIZIEIIIIA VIH EXCIILHUII IIIILIIRS GREEN MID WHITE J HH mfr LEFF ff I HM FEP GZQSSSQHQ QW Fi I' H J k H f F' Q Q53 5 Q K iii? lg 5 l 11 if 5 fl fum Y J ,J 3 H M I : 1 11 J gi E :'i:f..r. 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I nf' V uf ff f ' v-I K ' ,Q E l ' Qs 1 ll J! - 4 0 9' ' E: r N W , -fa " ' """"""N'e: NW U NAME Ray Adams Dorolhea Agos Carl Arello Edward Anderson Roberl Anlrum Isabel Arbona Edward Bak Concelra Balrscrano Mary Barbera Anne Barrelr Edward Beam I-Ielen Behrle Laura Bell Waller Belske Jean Bennerl Be nlce Bernard Yolanda Bernardone -laryey Bess Ellzabelh Blackwood Prank Blaze George Boarh Alexander B odan Cecnl a Boladz Arr Bollard Ferdrnando Bollone Ade e Brelwa Anna Brooks Ella Mae Burke James Buswel John Carnrlleru Grace Carmooy James Cerrrlellr Rosa Lee Charles Anna Mae Comcow ch Georgu onroy Mnchael Cosenhno Wullram Craven Angelo Culmo Mrchael Culmo Roberl Daley Sabalrno D ASCGHIO Wrllxam Dayrdson John Dean Anna D manchyk Elre Derbyshrre Marino DeRosa Jennr DClemen+r Phrlup DuDro Mar e DrDona o Carmela DrLlslo CLASS MIR PET PHRASE als a Ohl Chrlslmas Grnger Peachrel Thlnk you re Iunny I wouldn Y say lhal now Va a Zappa You know who Good Chrrslmasl Are you krddrng arrll l e I arnl go? none Are you krddrng s wlll krl T ere IS slxll 'nme yer So No krddrn Ye Gods and Lrllle Ershes Lel s go Le? s oo Ya Bugge onf k oo ar You wanl a brass medal How do you kno OOI-I' O Do fhafl Oh Gee' Are you krddrng h Gee wh z Wrse guyl Thals whal you say Grve me conlrdence You gol no brarns You wou dnr lool m Afrocrousl lhrnk abo Oh Yeah7 You go? rocks rn your ead l donl now Gel Our' Cnpesl I-ly Jack' Gul Our' Thar s a lol o baloney Oh Fool Lovely' C mon Baby Gosh Da nl Oh I-Ieah B olherl OH Brollnerl Jrngles LIKES Ealing Swlmrmng Sporls and Eallng Ealrng Muslc Walking ra n Sporls Frull Vrlo To lalk Dancrng Ansonra Lumber Co Talking Sporrs Girls Shellon Musrc Prnochle Dodgers Jackre E uno ca s I-Iunlrnq Money Ice Cream Sodas Seymour gurls Dancrng Foolbal' Sewlng and Sporls Baskelball G rs Gnrs Musuc and Sporls Spagherlr Junn e Sporls Slrawberry Blondes Sporls Sports Sleep G r s Sleeping To work Muslc Sporrs Sporls Muslc and Sporls Sporls Sewrng Dancmng A cerrann Sal o Pudge 40 ROR DISLIKES Unlrrendly klds Concealed People Walklng and Work Scaremouche Business People rudrculrng olhers Schedule I I-lo'nework Snobs Sllence I-lrslory Mondays Baseball Srlence Concelled People Trouble makers Macaronr Wa krng Cancelled People Sludyrng Drrly Work STay ng ar I-Iome Schedule I Engllsh Cancelled People Nosy People Nosy People Cars Narnona Guards C rrucal People Sludynng Snobs Concelled People Square of I-lundred and lorry lour Concer ed People Nosy People Work Homework Work Women Bone I-leads Slarrrng Trouble Norse Conceuled People Work Con er ed People Conceuled People Sr-ow orls Coca Cola FUTURE OCCU PATION Prrnler Bookkeeper Mlllronalre Engineering Muslcuan Pharmacrsl Prolessnonal baskelball player Modusfe I-Iousewrle Nurse Machlnusl Beaulrcran Laboralory Technuclan Baseball player O ner of a chuldrens nursery Smger lnleruor Decoralor Rel rgerallon Engrneer Typrsl Au o Mecharrc Machxnlsl Wo kung mar Secrelary Salesman Nurse Secrelary Secrelary Velerrnarran Mechanzc Socual Worker Mechanlc Secrelarlal Work Desngner A ronaurlcal Engineer Engrrreer Business Man Mason Navrgallon Thealer Magnale Flornsl Salesman Aulo Mechanxc Secrelary Alg bra Teacher Denlrsl Typrsl Machrnrsl Secrelary Arrlrne I-Iosless Th ' lie ' ' ' ' . I ? . . . Q - . in y . . . . . . 7 . . W " I ll ya! ' Thi ' A I you ' ' ' h . . . -Q . . -'oo ' W ' ' I ' ' , ' I I l' " ' ' . F! . , . D I wo' ' h d lx' 4 r ' Y ,- oil w? I r' 1 .i I Ya, I d -I 4 Liars Englneer y . Y . I . . . 7 . O , I I . ' I 4 . il ' I . . , ! .N . I . K . . , ! . . . I el I ' I . I , . G I'll ' ul Ill - e ' A I I . 'I I. . . . yy . ' k . V yy . . , . F ,, . C W I . 'e I ' r,. 'P Q 4' ' Y ' f ,, , ' 'I r I -- S NAME Lawrence D Prro Mary Eslhe Donahue Noreen Donahue Adolph Dorosh lrvnnq Doug as Vrncenl Drake Roberl Dzladnk Veronrra Elma Marilyn Elko Lounse Erl Julius Ferrr Anne Flore Geraldune Frlzqerald Marilyn Foskell Wllllarn Founlaln Eugene Gabnanelll Belly Gallaqher Glorra Garlock Nelson Galrson Prchard Gavrl Aurelua Gerwalowskr Vrncenl Gramrnaruo Ruby Giles Barbara Grllungs Fern Goldberg Norman Gold erq Joan Golnno Dorolhy Goodall B rnadlne Grolh Jessle Grova Warren Hawks Celesha Hayes .lane Heavens Charles l-lnqglns Louise Horba John Huber Dorolhy Huzl Palrucla Hylfva William .lell Donald Judd Joe Kazakwa VV1llnam Kevran Peler K lz E ny K k Thomas Kneoole Adam Koroa skl F ances Korl Waller Kozey Waller Krupa PET PHRASE Whal s3y7 Goolus Oh Golly So Wha l You kddrnq7 And lhanks ll l lold u ou b rr Gee Whrzl Gee Whlzl Oh Darn' Are you kddlng Vlfha Hoppen Ya Shmoo Face Oh Crnme How you gonna ac Wnal cha say7 Yeah' Holy Smokes' Tell lhe lrulh Nor Mel Oh Shul Up I donl now Arnl you some lunk n N w all Oh Dear' Th r Oh Gollyl Are you loshlnq Ohl You re so lu Holy Cow You Don l Say' Can l Drove rl by 'ne' You g r lroubles ou wrlh ears' Geel You anloroveul yr' lher O nulsl uh You 5 ounqe q a Y n rn u krd Donl ose you' Ten o buslness Oh Golly o r e You know rl loo' nd LlKES G rs Soorls and dancnnq Bowllnq Work Women Swell Times Sporls Danclnq Horses Food Brooklyn Dodqers Srnqlnq Weekends and l-lol days Sewlnq Girls Lols ol lood Foolball Games To argue Sporls Blondes Music Loal ng Everyone and everylhnnq The Granls To lravel Sporls and Ealrnq To laugh She lon Boys N Sporls Sporls Eve ylhlnq Musvr lce skalunq Slafnlord Good lo d Danclnq Ealrnq Sporls Pa kard Al olanes po Soo ls Pc kas ard Movles Al plane models LO5Tlnq Blue Eyes able qw Hunllnq 41 DISLIKES School Kelchup ard Onlons Hornework Loalers Gurs Braqqers Homework Wearunq hals Know nl alls Vulqar Boys Home-worn Homework Pessnmrsls Shakespeare Glrls Srnoknnq Walkunq Work Qoulrne Slssles Work Old Cars Work Snobs and Cnques Readrnq To be In a hurry Walklnq Sluck up People The name Red Snobs Snobs Grrls srnokrng Concealed Peoole Hypocrrl s Grrls srnokrnq Concealed PecDle People who lr r ere wllh olher oeople Conceul d Peorhle Slow Pe D Jlllerbuqs Work Red Sox Sludyrnq FISDIUQ Too 'nuc ake uo Hard work Work Freckles n oo e Pancakes FUTURE OCCUPATION G ery c erk Teacher Derrlal Hygl nlsl Aulo Mechanlc Bachelor Coach Coach Secrelary Dessqn r Secrelary Derllsl Secrelary Nurse Denlal Hyquenrsl Reslauranl owner Lawyer Housewnle Tyorsl Publrsher Enqlneer Accorduonlsl xr d v r Secrelarnal work Teacher Dlellclan Buslness Man Nurse Owner ol Voneles n Derby Secrelary Slenographer Mayor League Bas ball Player Nurse Hous I e Barlender relar Engineer S crelary Me rnand s Uf Prlnle dr Pnol F glneer Tforsl Drallsrnan svn ss na e Denlal hyql has Bulcner Woodworkrnq I ' 1 . il A l '95 l ' I A ' . 'e ' . . . .I .y 1 l . ' ' yo , y 'd e . 4 - ' 'Ilo I ' ? l 'U , ? . . ' ' . ! i A A . I . ! . ! 4 ' A 4 , A I W .N . , - J - W - ' k Q Ta ' rl e . . , - r V' ' ' ' Ya kr o hr . A ' b Hl e el A l l l Q ' . ' cky! F. . S. QL A V 'H ' 5- ewl ' or . ' V S95-1 v Charles Howard Hey, lhere, kid! Sporls Conceiled People M5Cl"""Sl L ' , S f b re c I ls ' 'Sl I ' HE el 4 .9 9 ' 4 X, L1 U ' O lg rj l e B le' ' ' N llc' A l T . 3' l c s P'93'l 'C3'l'5l5' ff Q, l'll ua' nlee ll 'F ll ' ' l F On 'al S 'LS ' -F ' e Pul ll o hl , ' A I F- B' l- mll 2 Are yo A dlnqfl 'V I ' ' M ' T ' - 1 of N l- df '- Babe Maqll F X l ' - le fl , vcd fe SW' y U ,Q ydfl S05 'rls Co ceiled Pe l l, NAME Jenny Kucher John Larknn Salvalore Laurlcella Alexander Lemchak John Lepeska Rnchard Levy Theodore Lewls Joan Llndholm Alyce Lnngane Elaane Lulu Agnes Madden Bernice Maher Domennca Manzone Aaron Marcus Rnchard Marlun Marnan Malusovnch Kennelh McCarlhy Wnllram McManus Rose Mlccrancno Barbara Mnckewnch Jean Muller Frank Mnslewrcz Paul Mulsakos Roberl Mlllon Charles Moore Dorolhy Morgan Rulh Moroney Vrrgrnua Mulvey George Murray Arlhur Nalownch Frank Nesleruk Marguerlle Nevrlle Sleven Noga Janel Norlhrop Theophul Obremskl Elnzabelh O Bruen James O Connell Madelnne Ondosrk Sylvia Orzchowskl Edwin Parzyck Slanley Pawlak M a rya nn Pesla Nlcolune Pelruc G 1 Phlllnps Palsy Plelrangelo Mary Ann Plwonskl Slephen Plaskon John Ploskr Rose Porcu Belly Rrch PET PHRASE Oh Prflles Aboul Time Thals nolhung Thal s whal you lhlnk' Ill lold you you d gel rnad Per cryon oul loud Where are you gorng Holy Cow' Oh Gad' Honesl lo Belsy How nnce' You wanl l should fell you Oh lor crylng oul loud' Whals lhal7 Somelhrng lo eal7 Hey Kid' Whal happened7 l donl gel nl If I lold you you d gel mad God bless yo And how' Leave me alone' l us lruslraled Donl worry aboul nl' alnl e Thal s greal Oh Fushes Oh Greal' Wall lor Me' Your marbles are loose' Whal' Whal say7 Hey how' You annl krddrng' Oh Thals greal' You oughl lo go lo Hollywood Jeepers' Whal a hol rock' Oh No' Don l lose you' O my back' Don l gel lruslraled God Bless Your Soul' lhals l Oh beans' They re bouncun Gee Whiz' l donl now Whal d ya say Durnp ll' Gel oul ol here' LIKES Carrols Swrrnmang Ouldoor Sporls Hockey Slarlung lrouble Boslon Red Sox Work Horses and Sporls Sporls Muslc Cals Polalo Chaps sporls Dogs Sprung Danclng To have lun Sporls Everylhlng Movzes Ealing Dancing Muslc Sporls Sporls Good movies Fushang Gyffl Music and Travelrng Sporls Musrc Dumples Danclng Eoolball Money Earmmg Eoolball Games Good Sporls French frres Sorne leachers Shorlhand Sporls Musuc and Anrmals Dancing Hunlrng Bowlung Slamlord and Green Horses Cals Joe and Nero Music Sporls Sporls and good lood Her lrnends SWIVTTVTTIVIQ 42 DISLIKES Math Leaky Pens Gellzng up early Concealed People Loalnng Nolhlng Gur s Hlslory Preludnced people Hol lood Conlradrclory People To rush Wrnler and Summer Walkrng Homework Onions Nolhnng School Slaying home nughls To be kepl wanlnng Asparagus Soclal chques Hamlel Leo Durocher English Love pnclures ulck lempered People Ehrlalrous gurls Hurryrng Early rusung Work Teachers Oprnuonaled People Man who can l play laurly Gellung up In lhe mormng Some leachers Bossy People Work To gel up early Two laced People Wise Guys Snobs lnsulllng People Rarny Days Conlradlclory people Mondays Rah Rah boys' Physrcs Dancrng Work oncenl any orm Annie FUTURE OCCUPATlON Wruler Chernlcal Engineer Business Man Prrnler Cuslodlan ol Wrndy H IA C Doclor Bulcher Food Chemlsl W A Plano Teacher Nurse Teacher Busnness Eveld Englneer Polrlrclan Typlsl Farmer Manager ol lhe Capllol Thealer Nurse Medrcal Secrelary Typusl Navy Manager ol Eullon Underlaker Doclor Physlcal dnreclress Secrelary Secrelary Machunlsl Busxnessrnan Farmer Secrelary Army Lrle Olhce worker Lawyer Secrelary Gas Slallon Owner Labrarnan Secrelary Machunrls Manager ol lhe Tremonl Alleys Wellare Worker Buslness Woman Eashnon consullanl Burldnng nnspeclor Hair dresser Relvred genllernan Journallsl Aclress Beaulrclan il . . ' ' 7 'I ' , . ' 4 . .A, E. . l . . . . . U! , , . . T . . . . I ,S ' ll ' ' asy i' ' ' ' Yeh, ' I l ' ' a'l ' ' , . ' . , I V , '. ' C " ln l NAME Edward Roblnson Dolores Rowley James Rowley Alberl Ru e mann Roberf Rubelmann Marlln Ryan Leonard Rzasa Elhel Sanders Mxchael Scarpulla Cyyua Scharrnell Glenn Schrmdl Palrlcua Sexlon Joyce Shea Roberl Shorlell E zabelh Srlya John Skural' Tn odore Smayda Donald Sfnllh Swnphen Smol ey Roberl Snell Fanny Snroes Ignallus Splrerl M hael S an o Chrlslrne Slanley l.o'na Sl Clalr ZeTrlna Sl Clanr Qoge Sleeves .Ionn Sweel' Florence Talema N holas Tema J 'ln Thorp E ward Tlngley Jiyce Tlngley R lard Trumbl Norma Vaccw John Vellluro John Vlrzl Wrllram Walsh Dorolhy Wanlr pa John Wa lon A an Webb Ma lon W nler Ra bara WoodTo d Donald Woodwa Andrew Yellk Dorls Young Paula Yudkln Roberf Zuraw PET PHRASE or crlpes sake es dear o Oh yeah rn hred Whal do you mean7 For Pe-'es sake' s I s e Hol dog' Oh Joy Thals some slufl Va a zaopa Whal a clown' Oh Baby' No Tooling' Luslen lo mel You re crazy Lemme sleep' Oh yeh brolher' Holy Mackerel O G e Who dal7 Lusclous Vasla LaVue Hey now Cool Whal do you sa Look our now' Aw Geel Ya lhal s rzg Your rose' Whal s nl lo you Shame on y Whal do ya mean7 Donl be dumb' als a al h ll Gel our of her Oh nulsl I donl now Run Joel Oh Golly I'n ln ough o I e Walcn oull My Gosh Wha I-Ioope W als e o s ml oo7 LIKES Derby gurls Errends Bruneltes Dancrng Food Cleveland lndrans Nlce clolhes To play plano New Cars Dogs Gur s Eoolball games Sporls To lalk Nlce clolhes Sleeplng Sporls Sleeprng Sporls Sporls Gym class Records Oul of Town gurls Sporls Sporls Fnendly people Ayrahon an Pholograpny Women Norse and Music Bask lba l r ska+l Eoolball Gym and Swrmmung Sporls Eoolball Baskelball Easl drlyrng Sporls Dan mg Baseball Sporls Prng porg ard Sewrrg To eal cons anlly Baskelbal GTI' Clolhes Cass: a Musuc Sporfs 43 DISLIKES Gellrng up rn The rnornung Sludylnq Concelled People Nolhrng Work Slx weeks lesls Peculiar nndlyoduals Day dreamung Old cars Snobs Workang Concelled Peop To be kepl wamng School Concealed People To slay home Garrulous persons Workung Englush Physlcs Sully People Gur s U S H s o y Know ll alls Sully people Snobs Chealers Isl period Peace and quuel N Y Yank Baskelball Homework Homework Chealers Concealed people Concerled people Walklng Poor Sporlsmanshlp Concelled peopl Work Con e led , up e Belng for ed o do anylhrng Going lo lhe As or B Homework Wlse guys A cer ann Jun oy Burnl foasl Snakespea e EUTU RE OCCUPATION Mechanlc Nurse Slaqe manager Machnnlsl Pnllow and Bed salesman llne I Teacher Muslcal dar clress Truck drlyer Chlld speclalnsr Carpenler Krndergarlen Teacher Gym nnslruclor Rehred qenllernan Secrelary Mechanlc Sclenlrsl Farmer Me hanlc Carpenler Secrelary M hnnlsf Manager of Ful ons Nurse Pro Ball Payer Underlaker Ar crall Mechanic Carpenler Nurse Machlrusl Prrnler Mason Tyorsl Carpenler Nurse Engineer Tax: Driver Mechanic Se relary Machlnusl Po Baseba Payer Journalnsl Nu se P Baskerbal player Burcher Waxlr ss Gym lnslrucl' r Manager of A 51 D F . I . A . . . . Y X . . X Ya, I d A l, . -I . 1 ' ' ' ATV, PAIOI Ye , e 4 I A .9 E , . . . , .I - . . - - ' ' I V ' . ' I I , C , r ' h, e I I ' ' ' , 'I ac ' ' lg I k ' I , ' . . if F 5 I ' . ' I. ' r y? , ' f ,CI " I lc h, I' ' hll e I , , ees Shlrley Thomas Oh, yeah! Swimming Homework Secrelary o e . Rolla .'r'g ' d . 4 , , . ' aI I I 4 , I Th ' lie! ' V . ' ' W c ' I A A ' I I . . ' ' o' , , . c' ' I9 C r' ' k A A ll V . c,i : I r. ll I ry 5 E A - K .X . C y . or - ' 'rl ,lrl'T! 'I A I " . rd ' , l ro 1 . U ' ' ' W U? f ' ' Ior3 ' e I ' h ' We la+ s' sc . I 'c I ' ' , - A C Lel' " ill I ' I A H S CLASS HISTORY On a brughf sunny mornung early un SepTember of T945 we gleefully gaThered un fruendly groups chaT Terung wuTh each oTher wauTung for The doors of The auduToruum To open Soon we enfered The revered porTals of A H S as The Freshman Class of I949 green as They come buT wuTh greaT hopes Tor The fuTure Thus was a day looked forward To for a long Tume ever sunce we had fursT enfered The grammar grades un our unfancy Perhaps we were a Trufle Tumud and self conscuous and despuTe The facT ThaT we were recupuenfs of TaunTs and uubes by The upper classmen we soon goT rrghT down To busuness and elecTed a group of compeTenT offucers for Thus vufally umporTanT mulesfone un our career To guude us Through These perulous Tumes we chose Gaul Phul lups as PresudenT Nucolune PeTruc Vuce PresudenT Joyce Shea SecreTary and Richard GavuTT Treas urer We soon leT Them know we were an unTegral parf of The school and were represenTed on The Observer sTaTf by Grace Carmody Ruchard Levy Joan Lundholm Gaul Phullups MarTun Ryan and John VellTuro Tha+ Theurs was noT merely an honorary assugnmenT was seen un The fursT ussues of The Ob server when poems by DoroThy Morgan Wulluam Keuran Ruchard Levy and Joan Lundholm were un cluded Also an accounT of The Freshman baskeTball acTuvuTues was wruTTen by John Vellfuro probably a forerunner of The umporTanT parT he was To play un Thaf sporT laTer on un hus school career Mr Porell reco nuzed our musucal possubuluTues and selecTed as mem ers of The school band Grace Carmody Elre Derbyshure Maruno DaRosa Marulyn FoskeTT Aaron Smayda and Norma Vacca lncudenTally Elre Derby shure Maruno DaRosa Aaron Marcus and Gaul Phul Iups were To become veTeran members of The band durung Theur enTure four years un A H S Our conTru buTuons To The aThleTuc programme were necessaruly lumuTed buT Vunnue Drake managed To geT on boTh The TooTball squad and baskeTball squad The only Freshman regular on The Team Days weeks and monThs passed all Too quuckly Through The lasT porTuon of our Freshman year and The long enloyable summer vacaTuon Then came The day un SepTember when we were To enTer The hugh school proper as real upper classmen and no longer members of The afTernoon sessuon We were deTer muned To show Them Thaf we dud noT luve up To The luTeral meanung of our new name Sophomore or as uT us more popularly known Wuse Fools BuT despuTe Thus new Teelung of opfumusm as we swag gered along The halls ThaT were To be our famuluar surroundungs for The nexT Three years asklng The upper classmen foolush quesTuons and receuvung smarT answers The fursT week was a nughTmare We were compleTely overwhelmed by new schedules new Tumes and meThods of changung classes geTTung ac quaunTed wuTh all new Teachers We were consTanTly enTerung The wrong rooms and showung up laTe for classes buT The Teachers proved To be very lenu enT and we soon seTTled down luke veferans unTo our regular rouTune Thus year our ofhcers were Maruno DaRosa PresudenT Joyce Shea Vuce Presudenf Wul luam Kelran SecreTary and Helen Behrle Treasurer To The Observer group were added Maruno DeRosa John Huber Wulluam Keuran Charles Moore Dor oThy Morgan and John SkuraT In The annual DeclamaTuon conTesT our class was represenTed by Noreen Donahue Madelune Ondosuk and RosaLee Charles who was awarded fursT pruze Durung The Toofball season Drake began To aTTracT aTTenTuon and among The newspaper descrupTuons couned for hum he was chrusTened The Sophomore aerual wuz ard Bob Dzuaduk Oaks OConnelI and Mouse VellTuro became regular members of The baskeTball squad and un The Sprung Bull Keuran Mouse Vell Turo Bones Belske and Vunnue Drake Iouned The regulars un baseball The gurls gauned aThleTuc prom unence when Jessue Grova Maruon MaTusovuch Madelune Ondosuk Nucolune PeTruc Joyce Shea Zephruna ST Claur and Paula Yudlun were chosen as members of The Sophomore Honorary Volley Ball Team As The year ended we scampered Through The halls on closung day and flew ouT of doors unordu naTely proud of havung successfully complefed The halfway mark un our memorable lourney Through A H S We could look back wuTh prude on The many honors besTowed on our members durung The pasT year Tume undeed had marched on quuckly and sulenTly as we soon realuzed when we reTurned To school un Sepfember of I947 as full fledged members of The Junuor Class dugnufued un bearung and Tully conscuous of our new and umporTanT posuTuon Unconscuously we casT our e es un semu puT on The wude eyed be wuldered Sop omores wan erung aumlessl un Theur own sumuluar posuTuon so shorT a Tume before Thus was undeed an evenTful and bus year for The mem bers of l949 un varuous forms o acTuvuTues Our of fucers were Roberf Dzuaduk Joyce Shea Muchael STanko and Nucolune PeTruc as Presudenf Vuce Presu denT SecreTary and Treasurer respecfuvely In fooT ball Drake was honored by beung guven a place on The myThucal All STaTe Team and agaun un baskeTball was also honored wuTh a place on The All STaTe Team and also The All Tournamenf Team when A H S deTeaTed WesT Haven un The Playdowns and CenTral un The Ouarfer Funals only To be elamunaTed by Hullhouse un The Semu Funals Muke Culmo also began To make hus mark as one of our mosT eTTIcuenT and able managers boTh un Toofball and baskeTball Among The cheerleaders Thus year were Geraldune FuTzgerald and Joyce Shea Florence Talemal and Ann Demanchyk were chosen as members of The newly orqanuzed baTon swungung group To The band were added Marulyn Elko and Agnes Madden Th efhcuency of The Observer was greaTly uncreased wuTh The adduTuons of Elre Derbyshure Barbara GuT Tungs Bernuce Maher Nucolune PeTruc and Marlon WunTer To :Ts sTaTf In an essay conTesT sponsored by The Ladues Auxuluary of The V FW Anne Bar reTT was awarded fnrsf pruze and Barbara GuTTungs Thurd In The I948 speakung conTesT we were repre senTed by Vuncenf Drake Pafrucua Hylwa and Gaul Phullups who won TTrsT award Two dramaTuc presen TaTuons were offered Thus year ln The firsf Moon lughT for HerberT The casT uncluded Wulluam Davud son Fern Goldberg Joan Lundholm JaneT NorTh Marcus, Balrbara Mickiewich, Gail Phillips, Theodore Sfrange Surroundings, compleTely forgeiful of our 44 rop and Gasl Phsllsps ln The second Tommy our only Junsor To have a parT was Wsllsam Davsdson The greaT socsal evenT of Thss year was of course The Junsor Sensor recepTson sn whsch The Junsor Class plays hosT To The Sensors Everyone looks for ward To +hss evenT wsTh greaT snTeresT and a mosT pleassng Tsme was ensoyed b all Those TorTunaTe enough To have aTTended sT wo hsghlsghfs of The laTTer parT of The year were fsrsf The selecTson of our class rsngs Then The chosce oT our class colors Green and WhsTe and The class moTTo ScsenTsa crescaT VsTa excolaTur whsch when TranslaTed means LeT knowledge sncrease and leT lsfe be per Tecfed EveryThsng comes To hsm who wsll buT wasT ss an old and TrsTe saysng buf a pracTscal applscaTson of sT was gsven sn SepTember of I948 when we reTurned To our lasT opensng day sn A H S now members of ThaT group popularly descrsbed as Sensors They who know and know ThaT They know rever ence Them lmmedsafely we goT snTo achon for The mosT smporTanT parT of our enTsre career To daTe Ofhcers were elecTed Pressdenf John VellTuro Vsce PressdenT Joyce Shea SecreTary Marsno DaRosa and Treasurer Nscolsne PeTrsc Two famsl sar faces were mssssng on our reTurn sn SepTember ssnce boTh Msss JeanneTTe Boofh and Mr John PrendergasT had ressgned Thesr possTsons The prevs ous June To boTh of Them we wssh all TuTure happs ness and success sn whaTever underTaksng They may follow Through The years To come The enTsre school was shocked wsTh The news ThaT lusT before school was due To open Mr ArThur STewarT physscal sn sTrucTor for The boys had dsed very suddenly IT ss wsTh a greaT feelsng of prsde Therefore ThaT we Sen sors dedscafe Thss our Year Book To hss memory Mr John Glenn succeeded Mr STewarT and To hsm we oTTer every wssh for success sn hss new posshon Mr PrendergasTs posshon as Prsncspal was filled by Mr John J Ruddy reTurnsng To The Ansonsa school sysTem aTTer an absence of several years wsTh The VeTerans AdmsnssTraTson To hsm we gsve a hearTy welcome and bes+ wsshes Tor many years of happs ness and success as our gusdsng spsrsT Our l948 fooTball season was a greaT success and To our schedule we added Two new opponenTs New BrsTasn Hsgh and NoTre Dame Hsgh of WesT Haven WsTh The Tsnal game of The season The Tollowsng Sensors played for The lasT Tsme Drake Dzsadsk Gabsanells Moore Plaskon Rubelmann ST Clasr and VellTuro The cheerleaders Thss year ap eared sn snappy new navy blue unsforms dessgned y Gasl Phsllsps They were Geraldsne FsTzgerald Jessse Grova PaTrscsa Hylwa Elasne Lulu Nscolsne Pefrsc and Joyce Shea The Sensor members of The baTon swsngsng group were Anna Demanchyk Mary EsTher Donahue and Florence Talemal Marsl n Elko was selecTed as Drum MasoreTTe of The ban Under The supervssson of Msss Erscson and Mr MarTorano The publscaTsors of The Observer was enTrusTed To DoroThy Morgan EdsTor sn Chsef and Marsno DaRosa Bussness Man ager The were assssTed by a large and capable sTaTF The askeTball season was very uccessful lske wsse AH S recesvsng an snvsTaTson To The STaTe wsde TournamenT sn New Haven aT The Arena where we were elsmsnaTed sn The Playdowns by Cen Tral Hgh Mr Jarvss loses all hss veTeran players on The Team wsTh The graduaTson of Belske Drake O Connell ST Clasr and VellTuro Preparafsons Tor The publscaTson of our annual Year Book The Lav ender were sTarTed early under The dsrecTson of Mr Ryan Marlon WsnTer was apposnTed EdsTor sn Chsef and Rschard Levy Bussness Manager The var sous Sensors on The commsTTee worked hard and TasThTully To snsure maksng The book The success Thai sT ss An acTsve Sensor Councsl was creaTed Joyce Shea besng selecTed PressdenT OTher Sensor mem bers sncluded DoroTh Agos Marsno DaRosa Ger aldsne FsTzgerald Ws lsam Kesran Theophsl Obrem sks Nscolsne PeTrsc RoberT ShorTell KenneTh Mc CarThy and John VellTuro ln November Two smporTanT evenTs Took place when a Junsor Town Meefsng was held aT Derby Hugh School sn whsch DoroThy Morgan represenTed A H S wsTh PaTrscsa Hylwa acTsng as alTernaTe The oTher was sn connecTson wsTh NaTsonal EducaTson Week when an open house was held aT The Hsgh School and hundreds oT parenls were persenT To enloy The varsed programme oTfered b The commsT Tee sn charge A new sdea sn assemb ses was snTro duced by Mr Ruddy when TTve professsonal groups Trom The ouTssde handled The enTerTasnmenT They all proved exTremely snTeresTsng as well as snsTruc Tsve ln The DramaTsc Club presenTaTson June Mad The casT sncluded such Sensors as George Conroy Gasl Phsllsps Barbara Mscksewsch and Leon ard Rzasa In The annual DeclamaTson ConTesT our class oT I949 was represenTed by Gasl Phslls s and JaneT NorThrop Gasl Phsllsps recesved Thsr prsze Msss JenneTTe BooTh acTed as one of The sudges The annual chosce of The DAR of a gsrl ouTsTandsng sn csTszenshsp was won by Geraldsne EsTzgerald wsTh Joyce Shea and Nscolsne PeTrsc as runners up The regular Junsor Sensor recepTson sn whsch we were The honored guesTs as usual proved To be a greaT success The Sensor Assembly presenTed enTsrely by Sensor TalenT proved To be amussng and snTeresT sng The greaTesT socsal Thrsll ol: our school career however was The Sensor Prom A grand affasr oT gorgeous evensng gowns Tor The gsrls and The boys so unexpecTedly dsgnsfsed sn Thesr Tuxedos Thss evenT always gsves a Teelsng of grown upness and saTssTacTson noT expersenced dursng The oTher sn formal dances Throughoul' The year Every msnuTe of :T was Thoroughly enloyed unTsl The lasT lsngersng sTrasns of Good Nsgh+ SweeThearT dsed ouT on The evensng sTsllness Then Class Day wsTh sTs snTer esTsng and varsed programme and TTnally gradua Tson nsghT sTselT As The lasT words of The valedsc Tory were spoken we realszed wsTh a Teelsng of sad ness ThaT wsThsn a few msnuTes we would pass Through The porTals of AH S for The Ias+ Tsme alumns and no longer pupsls BuT also came The ThoughT ThaT we would sTsll have our pleasanf mem orses of Tour years sn The A H S whsch could never be forgoTTen .I ' ....' . ...' ' L ,' .i . 1 F' ..i CLASS HISTORY PINE MANUAL TRAINING scuuoou On The nughT OT June 22nd I949 TorTy Tour well Trauned and well educaTed boys we hope wull be graduaTed Trom The Pune Manual Traun ung School To go on as TuTure young men OT The world and communuTy Thus all began on a sunny mornung un Sep Tember I945 ruTTy eughT boys wauTed ouTsude OT The Gloruous Buuldung Tor The bell To sTarT Them on Theur way Tc hugher educaTuon A They wauTed Tor The bell To rung each boy eyed The oTher cauTuously To Teel hus way To ward Truend or Toe Among The bug bo s even Then were rugged Dean Lepeska We b and Drake When The bell rang we Tuled Through The hallways To The Mechanucal Drawung Room where we were greeTed by Pune s new pruncu pal Mr Joseph McGee l-le made a shorT speech and we were Then dusmussed The sec and day was long and hard and Tunally came To an end We meT our home room Teachers and our class advuser Mr Raymond Burns Soon class elecTuons were held and Donald Brunnock was elecTed PresudenT AnThony DellaVOlpe Vuce PresudenT and Muchael Cul uo SecreTary Treasurer ball season was begun Rough rugged and handsome were The cOnTrubuTuOns OT Pune To Mr Jarvus squad durung Thus our Freshman year They uncluded Snell Lepeska Dean Drake AnTrum JeTT and CerruTellu who made a very good showung durung Theur TursT season on The Team ATTer The halT year markung peruod was Ofer The resT OT The year rolled merruly along mel uT u as no Tume aT all beTOre Class Day was around MOST OT The bo s receuved awards Tor euTher cuTuzenshup Or sc olarshlp IT was only a maTTer oT days now beTore The Green Year would be over All OT The TuTTy eughT boys were enuoyung Theur vacaTuon when They read OT The Openung OT school wuThun a Tew weeks un The columns OT The local newspaper Well here we are agaun un TrOnT OT ThaT Gloruous Buuldung wauhng Tor ThaT TaTal bell To begun The Wuse Year beTTer known as The Sophomore year Lookung around we no Tuced ThaT some OT The boys had noT reTurned buT There was sTull ThaT Tough Truo OT charac Ters Lepeska Dean and Drake The bell rang and we wenT TO our meehng place Tor abouT a halT hour and Then came The welcome dus mussal sugnal Our class OTTucers Thus year were John Dean PresudenT John Lepeska Vuce PresudenT and PeTer KeTz SecreTary Treasurer Those handsome guys who wenT OuT Tor TooTball The prevuous year agaun made Theur appearance un answer To Mr Jarvus call Tor candudaTes early un The Fall They were Lepe ska Dean Webb Snell Drake JeTT MuTsakos and AnTrum All OT These boys gave greaT perTOrmances and some even showed wooden splunTers Thus year There was unTroduced The Idea OT an unTramural baskeTball league un whuch ZA were The vucTors AnOTher creduT To The Class OT 49 was To have Bob Snell pucked as a leader un cuTuzen shup For gaunung Thus honor Bob was senT To The FOrT Trumbull branch OT UConn To Take parT un The Boys STaTe AbouT Thus Tume we elecTed The shops un whuch we would mauor Tor The nexT Two years Tume had no eTTecT on The boys Thus year and un no Tume aT all Class Day was aga n wuTh us We dud nOT mund much because Thus meanT a summer vacaTuon and ThaT The nexT year we would be on our nexT To The lasT lap OT our school careers as Junuors ATTer enuoyung a Tune summer vacaTuon Sep Tember quuckly crepT around and here we were un TrOnT OT Pune agaun awauTung our Junuor year To sTarT Accordung To The usual proce dure we gaThered un The Mechanucal Drawung Room where we were addressed by Mr Mc Gee and laTer on were unTroduced To our varu ous shop unsTrucTors The nexT day we resumed our sTudues un earnesT and The boys wenT To work un The varuous shops whuch They had chosen ConTrol OT our acTuvuTues Tor Thus year was enTrusTed To our very able class oThcers Paul MuTsakos PresudenT John Dean Vuce Presu denT and John SweeT SecreTary Treasurer John Farmer Lepeska John Duzzy Dean Alan Whuzzer Webb and RoberT Calupso Kudl AnTrum assusTed Coach Jarvus on The TooTball squad showung The oTher Teams who was boss Chosen Tor The Publuc Speakung ConTesT Frank Blaze dud a Tune uob even Though he won no pruze lm ifllu-li" - - n - .I It I J . I . . . 1 Q 1 . S . - 4 - H Soon aTTer The Opening OT school, The TOOT- I ' - . - ' E .. .' . . .. .. ' ' l . l - l ' l . ' . ,. . ,, . l l . . l The boys un The PrunT Shop were saddened by The sudden and Traguc deaTh of Theur In sTrucTor Mr Ray Banks They conTunued The remaunung parT of The year under The supervu suon oT Mr Wulluam FuTzgerald As The year was drawung To a close There were a Tew socual evenTs croppung up One was The FooTball banqueT whuch The members oT The squad always enloy Also aT Thus ban queT The co capTauns Tor The ensuung year were elecTed Well here we go agaun The mem bers oT The Team selecTed a Tall rough and Tough hombre Trom Pune as one oT The co cap Tauns answerung To The name of John Duzzy Dean The oTher socual evenT was The Junuor Senuor recepTuon Those who wenT enuoyed Them selves ummensely and look Torward To uT each year wuTh greaT zesT JusT abouT Thus Tume The Senuors were almosT knockung on The door oT graduaTuon nughT lT was no longer a secreT To The Junuors ThaT un a week or so we would be on our Tunal lap of our hugh school career Class Day wenT as TasT as uT came and we were ouT Tor our summer vacaTuon only To re Turn nexT year as The bug cheese of The school IT you know how The musuc Tor MorTumer Snerd oT The Edgar Bergen programme goes you can umagune how we sounded as we re cuT durung The prevuous Three years To geT our unsTrucTuons once agaun Trom Mr McGee The bell rang and we assembled once more un The Mechanucal Drawung room Tor The lasT Tume on an openung day oT school Lookung The class over one could see ThaT uT had dwun dled considerably As Mr McGee spoke we were no longer green or nousy buT as Senuors should be quueT and dugnuhed Our Pruncupal sTressed The um porTance oT whaT educaTuon meanT To young people goung ouT unTo The world We were Then dusmussed On our reTurn To school however we mussed a well known and Tamuluar Tugure a man who was everybody s Truend and whc was unuver sally well luked our JanuTor PaTsy O Connell who had dued suddenly durung The summer AbouT Thus Tume we sTarTed a paper drlve To buy a movue proIecTor Tor Pune and a Tew oTher auduo vusual auds The druve proved To be a greaT success As usual The TooTball season was here agaun and oh whaTs The use you can T keep good men down' ThaT unduvusuble Toursome oT Whuzzer Webb Farmer Lepeska CapTaun Duzzy Dean and Calupso Kud AnTrum were TursT on The scene agaun You know Thus us geTTung Turesome' Lepeska Dean and Webb were guven All STaTe TuTles Tor Theur IorulluanT play mg By The way The Whuzzer broke all kunds oT records and seT new ones Tor scholasTuc TooTball The class oTTucers Tor Thus our Tunal and mosT umporTanT year were as Tollows PresudenT Raymond Adams Vuce PresudenT Charles l-loward and SecreTary Treasurer Angelo Culmo Mr McGee organuzed a STudenT COur1CIl To help hum carry ouT cerTaun duTues and acTuv uTues oT The school Raymond Adams was ap pounTed PresudenT and Ruchard Trumble Sec reTary Treasurer Agaun as un our Sophomore ear we are havung an unTramural basketball eague The TursT round has been compleTed and 4A were The vucTors The second round us now beun played buT as Thus goes To press The Tunal ou come us unknown The WebsTer Hose Co us Tryung To buy an ambulance Tor The CuTy oT Ansonua and un order To help Them purchase uT The sTudenTs oT Pune made a very generous conTrubuTuon To The Tund In SepTember we sTarTed on our Turual round as Pune sTudenTs and un no Tume aT all The year Q T us pracTucally over and now The Tun beguns TryouTs Tor The Senuor Assembly are now beung held and Adams l-loward and Culmo represenT Pune un Thus endeavor From all presenT ouTlooks uT seems as uT Thus years aT TempT should Tar ouTshune all oTher prevuous ones As Thus goes To press we are lookung forward wuTh greaT anTucupaTuon To The Publuc Speakung conTesT un whuch we shall be repre senTed by Blaze Ad ms and Buewald Then our socual lufe conTunues wuTh The Junuor Senuor recepTuon un whuch we play The parT oT The honored guesTs oT The Junuor Class and oT course The maun evenT oT The year The Senuor Prom Our Year Book The Lavender us well on uTs way To compleTuon and Adams Blaze and AnTrum handled our conTrubuTuons and assusT ance un makung IT a success un an able and eTTu cuenT manner In conclusuon we wush To Thank The Teachung sTaTT and Muss Roche Tor Theur kund under sTandung and help un makung our days aT Pune memorable ones and uT us because oT Them ThaT Pune boys have become known as Tune boys 4 JMU . V . y . J ' A ' . . . . - Turned over The well-Trod paThs which we had . 1 . ' ' . E AST W AND TESTAMENT OF T CLASS We fhe members of fhe Class of I949 of fhe Ansonsa Hugh chool sn fhe csfy of Ansonsa Counfy of New Haven Sfafe of Connecfscuf fhe Unsfed Sfafes of Amersca supposedly menfally and physscally flf and capable of maksng fhese momenfous decsssons do hereby proclasm fhss fo be our lasf wsll and fesfamenf FIRSTLY To Mr John G Prendergasf our regrel' al' hss ressgnafson as prsncspal susf as we were abouf fo become Sensors buf wsfh our besf wsshes for every success sn hss new possfson wsfh +he Sfafe Welfare Deparfmnf SECONDLY To Mr John J F Ruddy our hearfsesf con grafulafsons on hss refurn fo fhe Ansonsa school sysfem and a welcome fo our Hsgh School as our new prsncspal wsfh fhe hope fhaf he wsll ensoy many happy and successful years sn hss new possfson THIRDLY Our grafeful apprecsafson fo Mr J Frank Ryan for hss frsendly snferesl' sn our Year Book and fhe endless hours he has spenl' sn helpsng make sf fhe success sl' ss FOURTHLY To Msss Agnes Ray our consfanf feelsng of a personal frsendshsp for wsfh her sf ss a sunny smsle a warm Hello and lsflle deeds of ksndness fhaf seem fo say a frsend FIFTHLY To our Faculfy we leave a deep sense of regref for fhe dsffsculfy fhey wsll meef sn fsllsng fhe vosd leff by fhe deparfure of so dsgnsfsed so learned and so relsable a group of Sensors however holdsng ouf fo fhem fhe fasnf hope fhaf fhe sncomsng Sensors of I95O may sn some small way affempf fo fake over our places sn a becomsng manner SIXTHLY To fhe sndsvsdual members of fhe Faculfy who have proved sfaunch frsends and valuable advssers fo us dursng fhe pasf fhree years we leave fhe followsng sfems I To Mr Charles Arfhur a soffly up holsfered chasr for fhe cafefersa fo make hss long sessson ssfer dursng comforfable 2 To Mr and orderly may browse among hss beloved books wsfhouf fear of snferrupfson 3 To Msss Margaref Conklsn a years gen erous supply of arf mafersals of all ksnds so fhaf she may sndulge sn her hobby fo her hearfs corsfenf of pressdsng over fhe cash reg fhe 'rhree recesses a lsffle more J Howard Clark a well behaved ssxfh persod sfudy hall so fhaf he 4 To Msss Josephsne Crsbbsns sn order 'ro O I 9 help lsghfen her burdens a classsfsed lssf wsfh full defasls of all posssble empoyers seeksng skslled offsce help 5 To Msss Efhel Erscson a group of Sensors sn Englssh capable of acfsng fhesr age wsfh ouf consfanf need of dsscsplsnarsan acfson and fhreafs 6 To Mr John Glenn congrafulafsons and besf wsshes for every success sn hss new poss fson as dsrecfor of physscal educafson for fhe oys 7 'lo Msss Loreffa Hennessey our frank and open admsrafson af her courage sn drsvsng from New Haven sn all ksnds of bad weafher 8 To Mr Phslsp Hslbssh our besf wsshes fhaf fhe new Busck wsll lsve up fo fhaf repufa hon as esfablsshed for sf sn fhe ads 9 To Msss Josephsne Kennedy a prsvafe felephone operafor fo assssf her sn her dasly fask of checksng on absenfees and sksppees IO To Msss Mary Lane a class sn Englssh who wsll read fhe books asssgned fhem from her personally compsled Book Lssf II To Mrs Frances Brods Lombards man years of happy marrsed lsfe and a gsff of a 'she lafesf household applsances fo help lser manage her fwo lobs sn a more effscsenl' I2 To Mr George Manley congrafulafsons on fhe arrsval of a new lsffle chemssf I3 To Mr Henry Marforano a lsfney ls cense for fhe fransporfafson +o school of all fhe pupsls sn hss nesghborhood I4 To Msss Lousse Marvsn a gsrls gym class who wsll play accordsng fo recognszed gsrls rules and nof by fhe Knock Em Down Ksll Em All rules whsch fhey seem fo have formulafed for fhemselves I5 To Msss Eleanor McNamara fo vary fhe monofony a new fype of fsmsng devsce new sazz records and 'rhe lafesf model ma chsnes fo record fhem I6 To Msss Mary Monahan a permanenf fypsng sfaff capable of keepsng fhe records sfrasghf and an adequafe supply of change always on hand sn fhe Booksfore I7 To Mr Phslsp Newhall a pasr of roller skafes fo help shorfen fhe long dssfance from hss house on Howard Avenue fo fhe hsgh school I8 To Msss Kafharsne Psckeff an annual vacafson from Thanksgsvsng on so she may escape fhe rsgors of our New England wsnfers I9 To Mrs Frseda Turschmann Rackham a she wonf msss fhe rural beaufses of her nafsve Sfafford Sprsngs 20 To Mr J Frank Ryan a dssconfsnusng of hss classes sn Lafsn and fhe refurn of hss be loved fsve classes sn U S Hssfory counfry esfafe sn fhe suburbs of Ansonsa so Ida Ts-s L sLL HE F 94 , .. , , JN . '. . . ' ss . I g . if I . fashion. I 2I To Msss Mary E Ryan sn recognsTson oT her TasThTul aTTendance sn The Payne WhsTney gym a souvensr Yale baskeTball auTographed by The sncredsble Tony Levells and The oTher members oT The Team 22 To Msss EdsTh Schoonmaker a seT OT sn dsvsdual scrapbooks wsTh pscTures Tor her Sensor French class To see sT even ThaT wsll make any smpressson on Thesr lsmsTed men TalsTses 23 To Msss Helen UpTon our deep appre csaTson Tor her suggesTsons concernsng The arT work sn The Year Book 24 To Mr Mschael Vscars one long e Tended vacaTson To end Tor all Tsme The Teel sng OT wanderlusT ThaT seems To possess hsm SEVENTHLY To The Tollowsng pupsls we leave These sn dsvsdual bequesTs I ShorTy Lsndholms hesghT and gensal dsspossTson To Irene Rense Thomas 2 Rschard Levys menTal accomplsshmenTs To John Kolakowsks 3 Paula Pud Yudksns aThleTsc abslsTy To Connse Culmo 4 Dolores BooTs Rowleys snsmsTabIe gsggle To Marslyn KowTko 5 Johnny Ploskss baby Taced cuTeness To Rschard Psllhead Porell 6 Bernadsne GroTh s TlsrTaTsousness To Vsr gsnsa BygoTT 7 Eugene Gabby Gabsanells s capacsTy Tor Tood To Charles Psppy Danselczuk and hss hesghT To Howard Anderson 8 Anne BarreTTs repuTaTson as a wsT To Eleanor AnTsco 9 Mscky Culmos eTTscsency and abslsTy as a manager To any Junsor Mr Jarvss Thsnks worThy of Taksng over The sob IO Drakes and Dean s success as co cap Tasns To Danselczuk and Dempsey wsTh The hope ThaT The I949 season wsll be as successful a one as ThaT of l948 Il PaTrscsa Hylwas dsgnsTy To CharloTTe Bunny ArThur I2 Marslyn Elkos quseT shy manner To Anna Marecks I3 John SkuraTs arTssTsc abslsTy To Wsllsam DuranT I4 VsncenT Ham Hands Drakes aThleTsc abslsTy To any Two TuTure charges of Coach Jarvss even remoTely able To Tsll hss place I5 Marsno Buddy DeRosas good looks To Rschard CroTeau I6 Mary EsTher Donahue s abslsTy Tor mop psng up The gym Tloor To any Three Junsors wsshsng To compeTe Tor ThaT honor I7 John Mouse VellTuros pep and aIoslsTy on The baskeTball courT To Edward Soup Sspay I8 WalTer Bones Belskes good naTured dsspossTson aT all Tsmes To Frank Loda I9 John BellsngTon Hubers dsgnsfied bearsng To Alan Bubby Terrsll 20 ArT Bollard s TlsrTaTsous carrysngs on To Wsllsam Moon BenneTT 2l Geraldsne FsTzgeralds well worn copy oT The Home BeauTsTul To Sue Boylan 22 MarTy Ryans shy reTsrsng manner To Bobby Murgsn 23 DoroThy Morgan s absIsTy To garner A s on her reporT card To Helen Ba a 24 Jessse Grovas dancsng TeeT To lngrsd HuITgren 25 Flossse Talemals nosssness To ChesTer Iyn Klsmaszewsks 26 ThaT sksn you love To Touch comlex son oT Wsllsam Lead Kesran To GusTaT Gus sse Lsndgren 27 Joyce Shea s TsTle of The well dressed Sensor To CaThersne Hummell 28 John Ploskss TsTIe oT The Beau Brum mell of I949 To Frank AscsuTTo 29 Rschard GavsTTs TsTsan hued Tresses To PeTe MoTel 30 The popuIarsTy oT Mske STanko and Joe Kazakavage wsTh The ladses Trom Thesr roles as grocery clerks To Bob Wslksnson 3l RoberT Zeke Zuraws Tendency To argue To Jsmmse FsTzgerald 32 Elre Emads Derbyshsres TalenTs as a psanssT To Idella Schresber 33 Carl Asellos record Tor Tardsness To Bsll DuranT 34 Joyce Sheas beguslsng lrssh smsle To Shsrley Dobbsns 35 Adam Korpalsks s nossy TalkaTsveness To STanIey Coussns 36 Helen Behrles aTTracTsveness To Judy sm 37 The roles oT Red GavsTTs Romeo To Joyce Plocke s JulseT To ArTse Trevarrow and Carole STarchak 38 John 5kuraTs sksll sn Trsppsng The lsghT TanTasTsc To Jarvss Schumacher 39 Warren Hawks TascsnaTsng dsmples To Phsl Hslbssh 40 Elasne Lulu s cuTeness To Joyce CasTaw 4I To The Junsors we leave The hope ThaT by consTanT perseverance They may succeed sn some slsghT degree sn Thesr aTTempTs To reach The hesghTs seT by us sn a TiTTsng manner To The Sophomores we leave much pa Tsnce whsle They are awasTsng ThaT greaT day when They Too wsll be able To enTer The sacred ran s oT sllusTrsous Sensors LASTLY We hereby apposnT Mr J Frank Ryan The sole execuTor OT our lasT wsll and TesTamenT ln wsTness ThereoT we The graduaTes oT I949 The TesTaTors have To Thss our lasT wsll aTTsxed our ssgnaTures and seal Thss TwenTy second day oT June one Thousand nsne hundrd and TorTy nsne Ssgned Dopey Happy Sleepy W A ' I T , . . .T ss ss I I , . ss. . ss 7 . - I ' . . A - - T T ' " . . - ss s sl .L bl . l I, . I II Q 7 1 1 - 7 ' ' ll Il I ll . . X- ' . . - ss . :: .. . ss' . . . . 1 " ' - 7 I . 4 o I a Q F ss ss . s - - - . . . ss . ss . , I. s ll ll I a I s nn F 7 ' , ss ss s 'll Il I s 1 q 7 D T 0 , s ss . s , .I - - s l . - ss s ss - l ss ss . .s . - .I l . ss . ss . - , s . . . . . ' F ' . 7 I - I lg n n 1 s , - . - - - ss . - - I s s . - D I . Ill 7 ll 4 . . . . U . . . . I I 1 1 .Q u 4 T T 7 ' ' 42. - - vs ss s . I ' II II U T -- I an 7 Q' . 1 7 7 I . s s s s s ss ss s - . . . I - s ss ss . , .ss ss s 7, T ll I ll I .1 q ' Il II 4 ' ' si' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF I949 PINE MANUAL TRAININC5 sCHooL We 'rhe members of Ihe class ol I949 of 'rhe Charles H PIne Manual TraInIng School localed ID 'rhe CI+y of Ansoma New Haven Couniy SIaIe of ConnecIIcu+ beIng possessed of reasonably sound mInds do hereby make I'hIs our las'r wIll and +es+anwenI ARTICLE I I To Ihe fuIure sIuden'rs of Ihe Charles H PIne Manual TraInIng School we leave Ihe +radI+Ions and records of Ihe class of I949 Io Ireasure and preserve 2 To Ihe olhce sfalf we leave Ihe servIces of a harIdwrIIIng experf Io examme Ihe excuses supposedly orIgInaIIng from Ihe Fa'Ihers and Molhers a'I home 3 To Ihe aujro shop we leave an elecIrIcally operafed overhead door so Ihe boys wonI endanger IheIr physIcal well beIng by sIraInIng 'ro IIII The old one 4 To Ihe cookIng classes we leave an au+omaIIc dIshwasher so 'Ihe gIrls wonI have Io worry abou+ acquIrIng dIshpan hands 5 To The woodworkIng classes we leave Ihe fervenf hope Ihal Ihe long awaI'red and eagerly desured new shop wIll In Ihe near Iulure be somelhmg more deIInI+e Ihan a mere dream 6 To Ihe machIne shop we leave Irays Io be placed under Ihe machInes In order 'ro cafch 'Ihe chIps so Iha+ I+ wIll be Ihaf much easIer for 'rhe sophomores when 'Ihey sweep up Ihe floor 7 To 'Ihe prInI shop we leave new Iype cases wIIh Ihe leI'Iers prInIed IH brIgh+ red In Ihe comparImenIs so Ihe Freshmen won I mIx up Ihe 'rype ID +heIr cusIomary manner 8 To Ihe mechamcal drawIng classes we leave a scooIer so Mr McLaughlIn won I have 'ro walk so lar In order Io check on whaf each IndIvIdual pupIl IS doIng 9 To Ihe laculfy of PIne HIgh we leave more I'Ime off and a newly eqwpped men s room for enIoyIng Il'IeIr leIsure momenls ARTICLE II Furfhermore In recognmon of Iheur sfrenuous labors In our behalf durIng Ihe pas'I four years Ihe class of I949 makes Ihe Iollowmg be-quesIs Io 'Ihe varIous members of The faculfy I To Mr McGee we leave a Iruck so Ihal Ihe boys wIll no'r ruIn hIs own personal Car when +akIng up +heIr paper collechons 2 To Mr JGFVIS we leave an open aIr classroom so Ihaf he can have all Ihe fresh aIr hIs nafure seems Io crave 3 To Mr Flynn we leave a pFOlIl makIng bUSID6SS on MaIn Sfreef so +haI he wIll nof have Io resorf Io Ieachmg school any longer as a means of earnrng has lIvelIhood 4 To Mr Cooper we leave a se+ of ball bearIng roller skafes Io lac:IlIIa're h +ravelIng from New Haven In case of a breakdown In Ihe bus syslem 5 To Mr Goffsegen we leave a specIally consfrucfed bumper ex'rendIng com plefely around hIs car In order Io pro'recI II from beIng denlred so regularly and Ire quenly 6 To Mr Hallugan we leave a specIal 'rype of mouse Irap Io be placed ID hIs personal soap con'IaIner so Ihal he may be able Io ca+ch Ihe culprIIs who habIIually help Themselves Io hIs soap supply 7 To Mr Roche we leave a s+eel door wIIh a heavy padlock Io prevenl pupIls from wanderIng Jrhrough Ihe halls durIng Ihe penods devoled Io classes 8 To Mr Burns we leave a green shIrI and he Io mafch Ihe green carrIa'IIon whIch he 'fanlhfully dIspor'rs on each S+ PaIrIck s Day 9 To Mr McLaughlIn we leave 'rhe lIcense of a dusc Iockey so Ihaf he can play records and SIHQ Io Ihe boys a+ lunch 'nme IO To Mr ConklIn we leave a rockIng chaIr so Ihal he can salely lean back In comforl wI+houI' any danger of breakIng Ihe ordmary chaIrs In hIs class room I I To Mr Crook we leave a specIal room of hIs own so Ihaf he wIll be able 'ro show hIs shop movIes wI+houI dIsIurbIng anyone else In Ihe buIldIng L IJ I D . . q . ' P . . - ' ' ' Is I2 To Mr Kuely we leave an aur conduTuonung sysTem Tor hus car so ThaT hus cugar smoke wonT blund humselT and hus Tellow passengers I3 To Muss Roche we leave a publuc address sysTem so ThaT she wull noT have To resorT To usung The servuces oT some boy To carry her messages around To The varuous rooms I4 To Mrs Gorman a new seT oT club alumunum so ThaT she may enlarge her acTuvuTues un The Toods deparTmenT I5 To Muss Nason a seT oT uce Creepers so ThaT un The TuTure she may avoud any Talls un The wunTer season and save herselT The pauns oT anoTher broken wrusT I6 To Muss Kulukowsku a seT oT Ten brand new sewung machunes To make her Task oT workung on The cosTumes Tor The opereTTa ThaT much more convenuenT I7 To The lanuTor we leave a new power lawn mower so ThaT uT wull make hus 'ob oT keepung our large lawn un shape much easuer I8 To Mr STevens we leave our besT wushes and good wull ARTICLE III The Class oT l949 does hereby make The Tollowung specual bequesTs To Those undu vudual pupuls hereaTTer menTuoned Guammaruo s abuluTy To sung To Kershaw JeTT s record Tor Tarduness To Blackwood Knepple s skull and abuluTy un mechanucal drawung To Granahe Yezuk s abuluTy To geT along wuTh Mr Flynn To Dempsey Adams cooperaTuve spuruT wuTh Mr Cooper To Kelly To The TuTure Senuors oT Mr Jarvus classes we leave elecTrucally heaTed over coaTs Anderson s shoes To any Freshman ThaT can Tull Them SchmudTs drag wuTh Mr GoTTsegen To Kozar Duzzy Dean s suze us leTT To PesTa KeTz s cuTeness To Alello Farmer Lepeska s aThIeTuc abuIuTy To I-lopkuns CerruTelIu s Tlashy Tues To Mr Roche Parzyck s hunTung Technuque us leTT To Sanders Murray s quueTness To Brooks Bogdan s druvung abuIuTy To I-Ienry McLaughlun The musucal TalenTs oT AnTrum and Douglas To Babuaclf and l:laherTy I-lugguns muIuTary experuence To anyone who wanTs uT Waruon s pull un The rnachune shop To Teodosuo Baldy NesTeruk and Woody Woodword s wusecracks are To be leTT alone BoaTh s opporTunuTy oT leavung classes early To rung The bell To TunTu Tema s skull on The baskeTball courT To Dempsey Webb s good naTured dusposuTuon To MorT I-Iarold Snell s skullTul Technuque un operaTung and repaurung movue proIecTors T McGuure 25 Scarpulla and SmuTh s eTTucuency on The movue commuTTee To anyone who Teels he can maTch uT Craven s usherung skull To Red Grady Culmo s aTTempTs To argue wuTh Mr McGee To Osuecku DuDuos 'ob as messenger boy To Young Blaze s abuluTy To geT along wuTh almosT anyone To Thompson The skull oT Smolley and Walsh un The auTo shop To McLaughlun and TunTu Lemchak and Thorpes cleverness un prunTung To any Junuors who choose To eIecT ThaT shop WuTnessed under our hand and seal aT Pune Manual Traunung School CuTy oT Ansonua CounTy oT New I-laven STaTe oT ConnecTucuT on Thus TwenTy second day oT June un The year oT our Lord one Thousand nune hundred and TorTy nune Sugned IGNIS 1' 1 -I 2. ' ' . 3- 1 . nn . . . f 1 . 4. ' ' H ' . . 7. ' ' . 9. " ' H ' ' ' . IO. ' ' . I I. H H ' ' U ' . IZ. ' " ' . . l3. ' ' ' ' . I4. Dorosh's physique To Tom AnTrum. l5. ' ' . I6- . . . .. . ' I7. ' ' . . I8' .... . . . I I9. ' ' " " ' ' ' . 20. " " " 'I ' ' . 21- . . . v . . .i 22. ' ' . 23. ' - ' " " " . 24. . . . . . .. . . O 26. ' ' ' " " . 27. ' ' ' '. 28. "" . 29' , .. . I 30. . . . . .. 3'- . . . . . ' FQ-71 A. I-I. S. Presidenf .....,.....,..,...... . . PeIer IvIoIeI Vice-Presidenf , ...,, I ,...,.... Susan Boylan Secrefary ..AA.. A . .A,. James FIIzgeraIcI Treasurer .,A,. .........,.... , . Joyce CasIaw JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presudenf Ray Granahe Secrefa ry Treasurer Rober+ GoIcIson Vice-Presidenf .....I..........,. John Dempsey 52 'fi A54 Presrdenl Vice Presldenl' Secrelary Treasurer AH Connelly Slevenson Dorolhy Merancy Donald Edwards Suzanne O Callaghan SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PllNlE MANUAL TRAINING Presudenl Anlhony Calm: Vnce Presudenl Angelo Quadrella Secre+ary Treasurer Paul Pesfa R X . . . s. l li ' - ' A . , ..,. . . . , l 5 f F b Y .l..,. . . ,. u f , , li A ,..,. , . . , . r- l, f" f ar 53 A. I-I. S. Presidenf . . . . . . ,,....,... Joseph Musanfe Vice-Presidenf . .,A.. . , , . Mary Joan Woodin Secrefary-Treasurer , I I . .A,. , Alcine Doyle FRESI-IMAN CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presldenf Muchael D Alesslo Secrefary Treasurer Richard Mahka Vice-Presidenf . .....,........,. Leonard Mayo I I , f 54 If 6542? 42- SN IL SK FOCTBALL WVXQU 56 , .A fx P' Le- "f""T'.....2-'er ,,:.Ef?..:.m-mil' e A H S TooTball eleven had a very successful I948 season under The able leadershup oT Co cap Tauns John Dean and VuncenT Drake They won eughT and losT Two games Those To TorrungTon and To STamTord They scored a ToTal oT 276 pounTs as compared To a ToTal oT 94 scored by Theur oppon enTs Two new ruvals appeared on The I948 sched ule NoTre Dame Hugh oT WesT Haven and New BruTaun Hugh renewung relaTuons aTTer a lapse OT many years Thus year The Team was honored by havung Two oT uTs players chosen Tor The RegusTer s myThucal All STaTe Team Drake whose superb pass ung punTung and rushung easuly gauned hum hus posu Tuon Tor The second year un successuon was TurTher A 5-ff, '-LL honored by beung named besT beT capTaun by The sporTs wruTers Also chosen was Allan Webb whose phenomenal success un caTchung passes and hus re markable abuluTy un broken Tueld runnung enabled hum durung The season To seT a new ConnecTucuT Hugh School scorung record wuTh a ToTal oT I47 pounTs 66 oT These were The resulT oT successfully snarung passes Trom Drake whuch ended un Touchdowns 60 more came Trom IO oTher Touchdowns Trom rushung The ball whule The remaunung 2l were acquured as exTra pounTs kucked by The unerrung Toe of Webb Also honored were John Lepeska who was named To The second Team whule Charles Danuelczuk and John Dean were boTh guven honorable menTuon 'JPL T3 I u In Pj W gl' 'I 'Fi'- COACHES AND C0 CAPTAINS LeTT To rughT AssusTanT coach, Thomas BenneTT, Co capTauns John Dean and VuncenT Drake Coach Charles "BooTs" Jarvus 1 uf! A - I I Y Q A I 'I , -1 .5 xl f ' ' . IE lh A I ' v -1 - ' - ' I J Y K 4 , S.. I 2 I l I 5 I I vvh 5 , V ' ' A l I T x-u : s,,,. , A D J T Y we ' -' A ., T in . 4 ,T b , 'VW' ff ug,u -u ,Q A 'hr QED Q , ' L. , ' T2',QTf!'T"T"'M 'M' ,, b. A V. . - 'D 5, , - y A ,V T A t A .,. fan- . A -.. ' .. 6 1 4 I we '. Th . . . ' H " ' . . V , Q V ,y wr, -ff' l ', iifl 'hiw' if - I A A I I , I 'T ,il V U 1 ' QQ sa ' sv v v K x V , YJ I T'T I 1 1 VARSITY ANSONIA I8 SHELTON O The Lavender sTarTed 1Ts season un TooTball by deTeaTung The Galloplng Gaels oT ShelTon by a score oT I8 0 The Lavender caplTaluzed on every mrscue oT The Gaels A ShelTon Tumble recovered by John Bull Dempsey opened The way To The Jarvusmen s TursT score Webb and VellTuro shared In carryung The pugskln and Drake clnmaxed The march down The Tleld by plungrng over Tor The TlrsT Tally IT was noT long before The AHS scored agaun On an rnTercepTecl pass by Lepeska on The Gaels 33 Drake Webb and ST Clair managed The runnlng On a pass by Drake To Dzladrk The ball was broughT To The 24 yard lane From Thus polnT Drake Taking a booTleg play passed To Webb who wenT over Tor The second score oT The game ending The T1rsT pe ruod In The second canTo anoTher Gael Tumble was recovered by Dempsey on The Gael s 35 Ham Hands Tossed Tuve shorT passes durung Thus pernod Two oT whlch were successTul one To Dzuadrk puTTrng The ball on The 25 yard lrne and The oTher To VellTuro moving The ball To The I4 and a TrsT down Vlnny Drake drove over Tor The Tlnal Tally TD Drake T21 webs ANSONIA 40 NOTRE DAME 7 The NoTre Dame Team had The sprrlT buT noT The sTrengTh To sTop The Lavender who overpowered Them 40 7 The Touchdowns were made early and oTTen The AHS Tallled The TrrsT score on a pass 1nTercepTuon by Drake The second came as a resulT oT a 50 yard drlve clumaxed by a pass Trom Vnnny Drake To Whlzzer Webb In The end zone The Third Touchdown march sTarTed wlTh Webb and VellTuro maklng greaT ganns by rushnng Drake Tnnally Takung IT To The sux yard lme and Trom here VellTuro scored on Two Trnes The nexT play resulTed In a NoTre Dame Tumble recovered by Teodosro VellTuro and Webb hrTTung The lune Tor a TnrsT down on The nune Webb Then wenT oTT Tackle Tor The score The TuTTh and srxTh scores were The mosT specTacular oT The game On The 3I yard line Drake Tlrpped a TlaT pass To Dzradlk who laTeraled To Webb who wenT all The SI yards wlTh greaT blocknng by Dzradvk and The oThers The s1xTh and Trnal Touchdown came when Trom has own 35 Drake launched a 53 yard pass To Dzuadrk who Took The peg on The I2 and Then wenT over easrly Tor The Touchdown TD Webb 3 Drake VellTuro Dzladlk XP Webb I3 Drake ANSONIA 6 TORRINGTON 9 The Lavender suTTered aTs TursT deTeaT oT The season by The Bug Reds on a Tleld goal whnch was booTed 28 yards In The opennng quarTer and whuch gave The TorrlngTon Team lTs margun oT vncTory over The Lavender For Three quarTers The TorrnngTon players malnTauned Thus margrn AHS ThreaTenung several Times To score buT lusT could noT reach pay dlrT Time ran ouT on one eTForT when Drake hurled a 59 yard pass To Bobby Dznadnk whuch ended on The one yard lnne where he was Tackled ummednaTely and Tame was called beTore The ball could be puT unTo play agann Our one and only score came In The TourTh perrod when Drake connecTed wlTh Webb who wenT over Trom The I I aTTer The caTch T D Webb ANSONIA 20 CROSBY O Twnce In The TlrsT quarTer and added Thelr Thlrd Touchdown rn The lasT canTo On The second reTurn k1ckoTT The Jarvis men began Thenr march down Tleld wuTh Webb ending IT by slucung oTT Tackle and goung unTo The end zone To score Crosbys aTTempT To sweep around end was sTopped by a Tackle by AnTrum when The ball popped loose and was gaThered an by Loma ST Claur who ran 5I yards To score ln The TourTh peruod Webb nnTercepTed a Crosby pass Then Drake passed To Dzuaduk and Webb Tollowrng whlch VellTuro and Webb rushed The ball and goT To The goal lane Webb Took an unexpecTed TlaT pass Trom Drake To score The Tinal polnTs T D Webb I2l ST Clair X P Webb 2 ANSONIA I4 STAMFORD 20 STamTord had To baTTle back Twice In order To subdue The Lavender aTTack by a 20 I4 score They scored TnrsT on an rnTercepTed pass oT Drakes an The second quarTer and Then complehng a pass To Theur men un The end zone WrTh some good ground galnung by Drake Webb and Vell Turo Drake passed 22 yards To Lepeska who Took :T The goal lrne and lusT sTepped across Tor The score W TlrsT downs beung made by rushes by Drake and VellTuro n y VellTuro and Webb They managed To geT The b The Tlve yard lune A pass Trom Drake To Webb r e In anoTher score A lasT duTch assaulT by AHS Talled when Drake s long pass lusT glanced OTT Bob AnTrum s TrngerT1ps T D Webb Lepeska X P Webb 2 P5 , 'W If I A ' P 3 I ., I I 1 M 1 ' I I A I I . . I . I I ' I . I Lavender swepT To a 20-O vIcTory over Crosby, scoring . y, . ,, . . I I I . I I l I I . ' . , Q. l I I . . . B l . .- I : : ' ' l .- r 57 - -- I- . .- I I ANSONIA 40 CENTRAL 26 A dazzlung exhublhon oT running ancl passing was oTTered The Tans rn The game w1Th CenTraI In which Webb accounTed Tor 28 oT The 40 pomTs The TursT score came when I-Iam Hands Drake dropped back Trom has own 44 and pITched a perTecT pass To Webb on The 2I who scampered over To score Lavender on a 70 yard march downTneId wITh Drake p1Tchnng a pass To Dzuaduk on The 40 who rushed IT To The 23 Webb Then sped over on a dazzlung run A Third Tame Drake Took To The aur and Tlupped a pass To Lepeska on The 6 who sprunTed over Tor The Thnrd Tally oT The day NexT Drake Tlnpped anoTher 4I yard pass To Dzuadnk who was Tackled on The 6 and on The nexT play Webb wenT oTT Tackle Tor anoTher Ansonua score The TITTh score came when Drake passed To Webb on The 37 and Then agam To Lepeska who Ia+eraIed oTT To Webb who scored buT The lasT play was called oTT Then Drake passed To Mouse VellTuro and Webb sklrTed around end Tor anoTher score WuTh passes Trom Drake To Moore and good running by boTh wITh The ball on The nlne Drake ran around rIghT end Tor The Trnal sux polnTer TD Webb 4l Lepeska Drake X P Webb 4l ANSONIA 26 NEW BRITAIN 6 BeTore a capaclTy crowd New Br1Ta1n sTarTed OTT wlTh an upseTTung Tally early un The TnrsT period wnTh a 74 yard run by Magnolia Thus surge however proved To be merely a Tlash compared To The Tire englneered by The Jarvlsmen Trom Then on scoring Twlce In The opennng pernod Then AI-IS sTarTed a 78 yard march down The Tneld To Tue The score wnTh I-Iam Hands whnpplng passes To Johnny Lepeska and Pep VellTuro Trmshnng up In a grand Tlournsh wnTh a pass To Whnzzer Webb In The end zone who snared The ball and Then wenT over Tor The score The nexT Tume Ansoma goT The ball an :Ts possessuon Webb sprvnTed 56 yards behind beauTnTul blocking To score The second Touchdown The Thnrd Tally came aTTer anoTher march oT 79 yards wuTh Drake whip ping anoTher oT hns accuraTe shoTs To Farmer Lepeska who Took The ball on The 22 and wenT over To score Tor The Thnrd Tally The lasT Touchdown oT The game came un The Thnrd canTo aTTer a pass Trom Drake To Webb who hauled IT In on The Three On The nexT play Mouse VellTro plunged over Tor The score Through The cenTer TD Webb 2l Lepeska VellTuro XP Webb Drake ANSONIA 27 DERBY O Ansonna Trlumphed over :Ts TradnTuonaI rnvals Trom Derby wnTh a 27 O vacTory wnTh Drake s accuraTe passnng playnng The leading role STarTlng The scorrng came wnTh Drakes pass To Whrzzer Webb who ToughT hrs way Trom The Red Randers 33 To The I4 On The nexT play Drake Taked a handoTT shoT around The leTT end on The booTleg play and carried The ball To pay drrT The nexT Two Tallues came In The second canTo w1Th Whnzzer Webb and Farmer Lepeska accounhng Tor Them on preTTy passes Trom Drake In each case In The Third pernod The lasT oT The scormg was sTarTed when Drake w1Th a one handed anTercepTuon oT a Derby pass rushed To The IO yard Ime beTore benng sTopped On The TourTh down Drake Txred an aerial To Webb who made a clnvnng caTch on The 6 In Two plays VellTuro scored TD Drake Webb Lepeska VellTuro X P Webb 3 ANSONIA 26 I-IILLI-IOUSE I9 The passung oT Vunnne Drake The pass snaTchnng oT Whiz zer Webb and The sparkling deTens1ve work oT VellTuro Wanagull and Dzladuk greaTIy arded The Al-IS nn wunnung a vucTory over The powerTuI I-Illlhouse eleven In a Thrnllmg ex hnb1Tuon oT TooTball Hxllhouse ganned an early lead In The TursT quarTer as a resuIT oT a Tumble In The end zone I-low ever Vellfuro soon recovered a Tumble oT I-lnllhouse and Three plays IaTer AHS scored when Drake puTched a nnce pass To Webb In The end zone Webb converTed puTTung The Jar vasmen In The lead whxch They dld noT rellnqulsh Tor The resT oT The game Two plays IaTer on anoTher Tumble Wanagull scooped up The ball on The 25 Drake Took To The anr wuTh a pass To Webb who scored aTTer maklng a mosT spec Tacular caTch On openlng play In The second quarTer Joe Johnson drove 66 yards Tor anoTher I-Iullhouse score WrTh Tlve munuTes IeTT In The halT Wanaglll recovered a second Tumble on The I-lnllhouse 44 Drake passed To Webb Tor a TursT down on The 26 A Drake To Lepeska pass was good wuTh Farmer scoring The Third Tally oT The day ATTer Drake had punTed on a Tackle by AnTrum and Dzladlk McCarThy oT I-Irllhouse Tumbled The ball whnch was nmmednaTely grabbed by AnTrum on The 5 Drake on a booTIeg play galloped xnTo The end zone unTouched Tor The lasT 6 po1nTer TD Webb 2 Lepeska Drake XP Webb 2 ANSONIA 57 NAUGATUCK 7 In Thrs game Two hugh school records were shaTTered Allan Whuzzer Webb broke The nndlvndual scorrng record esTab lashed by Bubby NaTowuch wnTh I47 pounTs beTTernng ThaT oT NaTow1ch by I9 ponnTs Also The Team seT a ToTaI oT 276 ponnTs I2 pomTs beTTer Than ThaT seT by The I944 Lavender eleven The TIrsT Two Tnmes Ansoma had The ball They scored Webb aTTer a I9 yard sprnnT wenT over Tor The T:rsT score Dzuadxk scored The 2nd Touchdown aTTer receuvung a TIaT 26 yard pass Trom Drake In The 2nd pernod Prppy Damelczuk seT up The play Tor The nexT score by nnTercepTung a Nauga Tuck pass on The 25 and reTurned IT To The I3 Drake passed To Lepeska Tor The score In The TnrsT play aTTer k1ckoTT Webb 1nTercepTed a pass and raced 43 yrds Tor The TourTh score oT AI-IS Ray Granahe recovered a Tumble on The k1ckoTT and Tlve plays IaTer Loma ST Clanr smashed over Trom The 2 The only score nn The Third period occurred aTTer The Jarvns men had rolled 83 ards downTneld wnTh Webb cllmaxlng The drlve and scoring rom The 9 In The TourTh period a Drake To Pep VellTuro Trom The 33 To The 5 accounTed Tor The nexT Touchdown Webb agarn scored on a 69 yard pass play wITh Gene Gabby Gabnanelln rushing over Tor The exTra polnT Don Dube AI-IS cenTer broughT The game To a close wnTh a 60 yard sprunT aTTer an unTercepTed pass TD Webb 4l Dzuadlk Lepeska ST Clanr VellTuro Dube XP Webb 4l Gabnanelln . tl. ' . in I It ..- lr : I ' I I . . . .. I .. , . ' ' ' - ..- II: : I .. ,, -.., . . . M- II ..- lg I I ' '. ' - . . -. . ' . l 'ii K: . .: I Q' .: : sa ROBERT ANTRUM Bob fXnTrum or Buzzer a he as known To has pals was a good TasT end who would be an The backT eld some Tam beTore The back could geT The ball very TasT and a good pass receaver AnTrum was a bearcaT on The deTensave and he sTopped many a ball carraer beTore They really goT sTarTed on The move l-le was speedy an geTTang down under punTs and was a good clean hard Tackler V59 'Sas 96' 'SPT JOHN DEAN Long and lean was Johnny Dazzy Dean oT Ansonaa T-lagh long on gradaron savvy and lean enough To slap Through The smallesT hole To brang down a ball carraer oT The opposaTaon almosT beTore he could geT goang The Lavender leader worked aT guard on The oTTensave and Tackle on The deTensave and Talled boTh posaTaons ably Dazzy played Tour years oT hard clean TooTbaal and was a credaT To hamselT co capTaan along waTh Vanny Drake Dean was always dependable and worked hard no maTTer wheTher The opposaTaon was sTrong or weak he was a hard charger and a deadly Tackler Coaches Jarvas and BenneTT wall sorely mass Thas Tall grader VINCENT DRAKE VancenT l-lam T-lands Drake played almosT Tull Tame an every game on The schedule A pasT masTer aT ball handlang Trom The T Torma Taon has decephve handoTTs were hard Tor enemy deTense men To Tollow l-le was a powerTul runner especaally on end runs or on The booT eg play waTh The ball neaTly hadden behand ham as he alone can d a T-le could ounT and block well and backed up The lane waTh auThoraTy The opoosaTaon aTTempTed buT Tew passes an has TerraTory because oT has Ham T-lands As Tor has passang The almosT uncanny and deadly accuracy oT aT made ham a sorT oT l-lagh School Luaack Baugh and Graham rolled anTo one The wazard oT The aarlanes almosT deTaes descraphon When he wrapped has maTTs around The pagskan and Threw has oegs shorT or oT The lengThy varaeTy he seemed To be a masTer among boys l-las record makarag Tor The season an cludes 20 Touchdown heaves 67 passes comoleTed Trom a ToTal oT I24 aTTempTs resulTang an beTTer Than I 324 yards There probably hasn T been a passer oT Drake s abalaTy before and There as llTTIe doa.abT ThaT There wall be anoTher Tor a long Tame To come because perTec TaonasTs lake our modesT hero oT The Lavender campus are born and noT made sf' 'f'-1 . A - lass I aa aa S . A . 1 .kkifa a ' I ' e M A A as T T Q - as 45. - ",g 'f ,gacg - 2 9, ,V ' . . .. 1 .. . ,. , and his school. Being a leader Type oT aThleTe. he was chosen as f A . . . . T ' - T -I 5: , T . 'Jem ' a - T- - T 4 O '+. y ' ' , T . ' . ' . . VV ' . .. . . ,: g ,ig . . . ' . . 4' T . . . ' ' 1 F5 ,. Nl: , lie V ROBERT DZIADIK Bob was one of +he srrongesl' players on +he squad a hard fighhng end who was also on +he defense and good a+ calchung passes as he proved by his achons 'fhroughoul 'rhe year Bob was af home on fhe defense and he was a deadly man fo have +o bus? up fhe unlerference so +ha'r one of 'rhe raclcles or guards could pull down The runner Bob layed lhe game hard and clean and was a favorile wufh 'rhe fans ecause of if EUGENE GABIANELLI One of 'rhe mosf underrafed players on +he Ansonua club was bug Gene Gabuanelli who played has hearr our un every game Gabby wull long be remembered for hus grea'r game agamsf Sfamford really proving +ha+ day he had +he fighf in hm Along wufh Charles Puppy Damelczulc he made rhree quaders of fhe fackles +ha+ day Gene was fhe srrong snlenr fype playing un a posifuon rhal' is Tough +o fill un hugh school ball never saying much buf lefhng hus acfuons on lhe gruduron speak for 'rhemselves Gene s brggesf fhrnll un addufuon +0 +he defeaf of Hullhouse and New Brnfann was in rushing 'rhe ball over for an exfra pounr agarnsf Naugafuck Gabuanelli leaves a good hus sheepkun in June JOHN LEPESKA Farmer us bowung our of high school in a blaze of glory as he was one of fhe fmesf defensive or offensive ends ever produced af fhe local school He was a greaf pass receuver excellenf on backing up a line and was a deadly knufe like fackler who cuf down luke a sfreak of lighrnung a rough fype of ball player who gave all he had a+ all fumes Lepeska caughf six fouchdown passes from Drake one each in fhe lasf sux games Lepeska is a rugged mduvudual who could go far In foofball uf he wanfed +o furfher his educafuon He will be a hard man fo replace as hus fype of pla er does no+ appear foo of+en un rhe ranks of hugh school foofball payers CHARLES MOORE Charles Bee Moore is anofher good ball player who was over shadowed b ofhers of a lnHle more brulluance Moore was always fhe hardwor ung fype who gave of hus bes+ all fhe fume Charle came un'ro his own in 'rhe Cenfral game when he ran 'rhe ball wirh finesse and are up a lo+ of yardage as well as playung a good all around gme 60 record behind him scholasfically as well-as in sporfs when he receives . l' . ' ' - . u PATSY PIETRANGELO Palsy was injured earlier in ihe season, and +he Lavender coaching sfaff los'r a good, hard, clean ballplayer, who had pleniy of foofball "savvy". Palsy was a good cenfer and very seldom made a bad pass from his snapper-back post was a good man af backing up a line. and had a keen eye in sizing up a fumble or in figuring ou? lhe afiack sirafegy of The feam on fhe offense. STEPHEN PLASKON Sfeve was fhe 'rype of ballplayer +ha'r was around when needed and he saw pleniy of achon during 'rhe pas? season l-le is lhe 'rype of lad you would ra+her have on your bench lhan on ihe opponenls feam doing fricks agamsf you Sleve was a good backer up of a line buf was laboring under +he drawback of undersfudy io Drake and 'rhaf was a man sized lob as fhe Lavender leader was always good for almosf 'rhe full forfy minuies of foofball ROBERT RUBELMANN Bob was a very good and reliable subshiuie +o have around a will ing and hard working player who would play his bes+ whenever +he opporlunify was offered and he could be counled on doing 'rhai' ai all 'fumes A firsf line sub who saw a lol of achon because he showed he had fhe will and abulaiy +o fake over whenever called on by fhe coaches Loma was +he quueiesl man on 'rhe squad who did nol gel +he all around publiculy and hero roles +ha'r bofh Drake and Webb did buf he was a good sfeady ball player and a line blocker a big rangy boy who had plenly of fhe so called popular inleshnal foriifude 'rhai is whaf gained populariiy for fhe Salem' Boy from Derby Hull Sa n+ scored two iouchdowns all year bu+ his blocks greafly aided Drake Webb and Vellfuro many 'fumes for euiher scores or long gains S+ Clair came along ra+her slowly bu+ no one could lake his 'ob away from him as ihe season progressed 61 LOMA ST. CLAIR ALLAN WEBB Al Webb was fhe fype of ball player who worked hard and con sfanfly fo affann fhe honors he finally achleved Whnzzer along wnfh has plfchung parfner Drake provuded fhe foofball fans wafh some of fhe besf foofball fhey have seen an a long fume he made a preffy plcfure running down The field whale un fhe background was bug Vln ne uncorklng a long heave and connechng for a fouchdown wufh Webby on fhe ofher end of fhe pass Webb has come a long way un 'rhe ranks of hugh school foofball and his long runs and has dodgmg fype of runnung were pleasanf fhlngs fo wafch Has fofal record of I47 polnfs for fhe season wall undoubfedly sfand for some fume fo COITIS JOHNNY VELLTURO Pep was a ball of fire who does nof know when fo sfop he iusf keeps on husflm along a masfer nn fhe arf of perseverence Mouse was a deadly fackler and pass defender and a beffer fhan average runner This was affesfed fo by hus record of 304-V2 yards In 69 fries Vellfuro was always a key man un fhe Jarvcsmen s scheme of fhmgs and he came fhrough nobly from hus raghf half back posf Pep will never play a beffer game of foofball fhan he dad fhaf day agamsf Hullhouse when he was cufhng down fhe powerful runmng affacks of fhe Bendermen wufh deadly and accurafe fackles around fhe ankles MICHAEL CULMO ager who IS Indeed an umporfanf cog In fhe machvne and who has a vasfly dlfficulf and a+ fumes fhankless 'ob fo accompllsh Buf an fhe person of Micky Culmo fhls was done In a very efflclenf and cap able fashion He rs fhe foofball players besf friend on fhe field fak mg care of oufflfflng fhe boys wafh The rlghf paraphenalla whefher af pracfnce sessuons or on fhe acfual day of fhe games The manager of our local ball club has a full fume 'ob durung fhe season and no one ever dnd a beffer lob fhan fhaf done by fhe likeable Mucky NOTE Our grafeful appreczahon ns exfended fo Maffhew Pop Shorfell for fhese very clever and comprehenslve fhumb nazl skefches of fhe various Sensor members of 'rhe I'-748 foofball squad The Lavender Sfaff 62 l l l One of fhe unsung heroes of fhe foofball season is fhe Senior Man- W". win- : '- 7 ,-u... QM- oss 5' lin V. 'W ...i'..- . N . L. iw 5, .-. : v-" ' 1 4 Q A Q wp .. ,K nl ,- 'E 1' 7 Ye 3. , -.4-. , ,...,f.A a,-.1 , F. .,v.v:-.,,,'rf.l?- 4-'fa-M-9 .,. Av'-'f'f"7.fV'3?' 'F' '17 Yfgll- ' .e w an C 54.5, .4 a--u-,.,,N:J, f ,sf 4 ,f,f,, - ' I A I 1 V A fi, L, JQQ... 0 U f ,ve vit x 'ina ff' . , .. .,.,.,, V. .. 54 1 .v 1 ,,,-.,.. ,Q-5 .q SCHEDULE Ansoma Faurfneld Prep Ansoma Wllby Ansoma Nofre Dame Ansoma Commercnal Ansoma Torrmgfon Ansoma Sfamford Ansoma Naugafuck Ansoma Commercnal Ansoma Eanrfleld Prep Ansoma Derby Ansoma Leavenworfh BASKETBALL WALTER BELSKE A bearcaf on The defense a flne de fender and a good rebound man possessed of a deadly over +he head sef shof a feam man all fhe way THOM AS BLACKWOOD 6 3' nvof man wlfh a good hook shof sfrong defenssvely un er fhe blackboards fhe lone veferan refurnlng nexf year VINCENT DRAKE C0 cap fam fop offensnve man on fhe feam Esfabllshed several record for a season wnfh ZOO pomfs new Ansoma Hugh School record of 453 pounfs for fhe season and a four year fofal of IO54 pomfs A fme and spnrnfed leader on fhe courf Vnnnue leaves affer four years of brllluanf playnng for fhe Lavender JAMES OCONNELL Tall rangy wnfh a good shof from enfher fhe buckef or fhe slde SCHEDU LE Conflnued Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma C I A C Ansoma 67 Tourn Crosby Wllby l-lullhouse Torrlngfon Cosby Naugafuclc Sfamford Nofre Dame Hallhouse Leavenworfh Derby amenf Playdowns 40 Cenfral sfrong rebound man aggressive all fhe way LOMA ST CLAIR Sfrong defensive ballplayer doang a sfurdy 'ob under bofh backboards JOHN VELLTURO Co capfann a husflung player sfrong defensively and adepf af sfeal mg fhe ball from 'rhe opponenfs Mouse possessed a deadly shof from 'rhe oufsude A greaf floor leader and feam man ALLAN WEBB A speedy defensuve player many games possessed a fnne sef shof from fhe oufsude Jummue Ashe Mnke Brozek Vnn DaCosfa Jack Dempsey Phnl DuD1o Frank Loda Howle Tnnney all Junuor varslfy players who played In many of fhe varsnfy games A challenge awaufs fhem nexf year as fhey move up fo fhe varsufy squad ' 3I ' ' 33 ' 59 ' 44 ' 79 60 ' 36 ' 42 ' I7 ' 43 ' 50 38 ' 48 43 ' 39 ' 37 ' 27 ' 38 ' 40 26 ' 43 22 scoring records: new. Naugafuck Valley League feam wifh a devasfafing fasf break maneuver fhaf helped win ' 35 37 ' 52 ' 3l ' 32 ' 30 ' 44 ' 50 ' 47 r 48 ' 53 48 ' 34 35 ' 66 46 ' 28 ' 29 ' 56 29 ' 62 42 ' 55 ' W 1 .. S 4-4 J E . w x gli si . 5 , 1 -' mi: Ei X W ,J ax V" Q- 41:15 U., 'U H sg 4, -'eff-54 5' ,SWS 1 1 Q: I' I Hfjg' ' gifs I i W a 1 . 4 X ... , -' ' nv- W . ,S ff A K ,f 652' - 4 , , , A . is lax x .,,x xi ' . 8 F I. ' 5 ds 4' f, F A '5 . , . 1 im. . 'Q 5' M figivw , 'H HA Q , 3' 2 1 i 'QS ',' lf I I P" , 1 gd ,eff 2 Swag 1' f 'ik F An VA U1 M, iq Y x BASEBALL e A H S basebail squad reoorHng TD r sponse To Jrhe Hrs? call for Sprmq framing Safurday Apr Ibfb Wednesday Apral 2O+I'1 Safurday Apru 23rd Tuesday Apr I 26+l'1 Sa+urday Aprxf 3O+I'n Tuesday May lO+h Safurday May l4+n Wednesday May I8+I'w Frwday May 2O+h Tuesday May 24+b Sa+urday May 2841 Tuesday May 3Is+ Thursday June 2nd Safurday June 4'rb SCHEDULE G1Tber+ a'rAnson1a Leavenworfh af Waferbury Crosby a+ Waferbury Wnlby af Ansonua Torrlng+on a+ Ansonla Wnlby a+ Waferbury 'Nlaugawck a+ Naugafuck Hwllhouse af New Haven Derby af Ansonna Crosby a+ Ansonua Torrung+on af Torrmg+on Derby a+ Derby Leavenworfh a+ Ansonua Nauqeduck a+ Ansonna 72 Tb . . . I u' - 9 YT , . , . ' ' Safurday, May 7+h V , A A. Gilberf af Winsfed Senior Honorary Baske+baIl Team Anne Barreff Carmela DlLuslo Mary Esfher Donahue Jessie Grove Elalne Lulu Bernice Maher Marlon Mu+usov1+ch Doro+hy Morgan Nncohne Pefruc BeHy Rich Joyce Shea Doris Young Paula Yudlun Senior Honorary Volley Ball Team Rosalee Charles Ruby Giles Jessie Grova Marion Mafusovifch Nicoline Pe+ric Joyce Shea Doris Young Paula Yudkin GIRLS GYM TEAMS 73 ,yu im- T 0 Qwff' S KBC. ' THE Bscavf 3' THE UXVENDEK 'Be.a'l?erJ Charlolfe Arlhur Frank Ascau'r+o William Bennelf Roberf Biggs Rober+ Blazis Margaref Burkowsky Mary Callaghan Anfonia Comcowich Frances Cushner Elre Derbyshire Marino DeRosa John Dreher Mary Foley Jean Gabianelli Roberl' l-larold Marjorie l-lilbish Calherine l-lummell Lois Kilpalriclc Mary Kozyra Agnes Madden Donald Maloney Aaron Marcus James Marino Leonard Mayo Mary Lou McDonnell Eleanor Milenlcevich Vincenf Wanfroba "' Helen Nesevilch Dennis Pelepzuk Gail Phillips Madelyn Porell Richard Porell Pasquale Ragaini Elizabelh Renlcer LaVerne Rich Charles Smilh Marlin Soloway William Sfone Alan Terrill Abraham Vaughn Marilyn Elko ....,..,,...,.,.. Drum Maiorelfe Mr. Douglas A. Porell . ...r.., J , Direcfor 76 A. H. S. BAND ON PARADE A H S CHEERLEADERS Pairlcla Hylwa Elalne Lulu Doris Machufas Nlcolme Pe+r c Joyce Shea Eleanor Anhco Barbara Black Geraldine Flfzgerald Joan Foley Jessie Grova WHAT I ACTION' A. H. S. BATON TWIRLERS Ingrid Hulfgren Mary Lou McGuvney Florence Talemal Adele Borkowsk Vnrglnna Bygoff Anna Demanchyk Mary Es+her Donahue OBSERVER STAFF feta i OBSERVER STAFF 1948-1949 Editor-in-Chief, Dorothy Morgan. '49 Literary Editor, Marion XVinter, '49 Assistants, Barbara Gittings, '49, Catherine Hummel, '50, john Kolokowski, '50, Rose Krueger, '50, John Adzima, '50, Dorothy Merancy, '51 School Notes Editor, Bernice Maher, '49 Assistants, Nicolene Petric, '49, Mary Lou Daniels, '50, Marie Feducia, '51, Jean Gabianelli, '51, Jewell Taylor, '51 Exchange Editor, Gail Phillips, 49 Assistant, Antonia Comcowich, 50 Alumni Editor, Elre Derbyshire, '49 Assistant, Anne Marecki, '50 Athletics Editor, Richard Levy, '49 Assistants, Philip Hilbish, '50, Tauber Kornblut, '51 Business Manager, Marino DeRosa, '49 Assistant Business Manager, Edward Morgan, '50 Assistants, Eugene Gabianelli, '49, Charles Moore, '49, Martin Ryan, '49, Stanley Cousins, '50 Rocco DiLisio, '50, Richard Porell, '50, Alan Terrill, '50, Donald Edwards, '51, Martin Soloway, '51, Connelly Stevenson, '51 Freshmen, Delores Arigelini, Robert Blazis, Paul Fisher, Lois Kilpatrick, Madelyn Porell, Edward Wiberg Typists, Chairman, Alyce Lingane, '49 Assistant Chairman, Barbara Mickewich, '49 Assistants, Anna Brooks, '49, Anna Demanchyk, '49, Carmela DiLisio, '49, Veronica Elia, '49 Louise Erl, '49, Marilyn Foskett, '49, Gloria Garlock, '49, Jane Heavens, '49, Emily Klik, '49, Frances Kort, '49, Marian Matusovich, '49, Rose Micciancio, '49, Ruth Maroney, '49 Faculty Ad'visf'rs, Miss Ethel Ericson, Mr. Henry Martorano "JUNE MAD" Penny Wood Chuck Harms Mrs Wood Elmer Tuffle Dr Wood ffle Mally Lou G Mervyn Roberfs Roger Van Vleck Mr Harrls Slwnrley Wenl'wor+l1 Ralph Wenfworlh Julre Harrls J U N E M A D Presen'red by The Ansonla Hugh School Dramahc Club THE CAST ln Order of Appearance Eleanor Anhco Sfanley Cousins Gall Phillips George Conroy Edward Morgan Marne Donofrlo Frank Ascnuffo Pl'1lllp HllblSl'1 Leonard Rzasa Cynfhna Guluzy John Lorec Barbara M nckewuch Dlredror Mr J Howard Clark SCENES A l A Wednesday af+ernoon nn June A Il Scene One The followmg Frnday nughf Scene Two Safurday af'rernoon A III Safurday evenung 82 l l E' ..l., fffffffffQfllfjfffffl,fffffffff,fff.'.'f.'.'f.lffff ' ' ' .,...,..,,... ,..,........,. .r....,.....,..,.., T o by Weinberg of -- ' C+ - B . . . c+ - ' STUDENT COUNCIL STAFF Dorofhy Agos Wullnam Bennelfr Edward Bludnuclo Susan Boylan Margarel Burlcowslcy Wullnam Buswell Joyce Caslaw Charles Danrelczulc Marlon DeRosa Donald Edwards Geraldune Enlzgerald James Fulzgerald Agnes Gzocchnno Wulluam Kelran Joyce Shea Chaurman John Wulluarns Y my m AX If vs-W Q Qi. Kennelh McCarl'hy Dorolhy Merancy Pefer Mofel Helen Malek Theophul Obrernslcu Suzanne O Callaghan Nlcolune Pelruc Joyce Ploclce Edward Sadlowslcn Roberl Shorlell Connelly Slevenson Arlhur Trevarrow John Vellluro Roberl Wanagull as , of W 'N if NX . ' ' ml., - l PM rl lvl ' L J A 5,-- lam ,ARS E cali . , yy Salvalore Amuco Helen Andrechu Barbara Bablonlca Roberf Belslce Susan Boylan Mary Callaghan Jacqueline Campbell Anna Mae Corncowuch An+hony Coppola Marle DlDona+o Dannel D1Mar+vno Rose DnPoalo Kafhleen Dolan Palrucua Doyle John Dreher Marne Feducla Mary Foley Jean Gabuanellu Gloria Garloclc "xv Rosemary Genhlozzl Dorolhy Goodall Jane Grufleclaurua Marne Guluzzy Frances Guerruerl Marue Guerrleru Eleanor l-lealey Marne l-lonas Palrlcua l-lonas Mlss Frances S Nason 84 Duehcuan lngrnd l-lullgren MaryLou McDonnell Dorofhy Merancy Barbara Mlclcewvch l-lelen Mllelc Suzanne O Callaghan Nncollne Pe+ruc Joyce Ploclce Idella Schrelber Jarvus Schumacher Joan Severmo Roberl Talemal Ar+hur Trevarrow Tony Weinberg J X CAFETERIA STAFF SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Raymond Adams Carl Ajello Angelo Culrno Marino DeRosa Mary Esllwer Donahue Jessle Grove Clnarles l-loward Elalne Lulu Charles Moore Nlcollne Pelrlg Jolwn Ploslci Rose Porcu Joyce Slwea Florence Talernal Jolwn Vellluro Paula Yudlcin VISUAL AIDS COMMITTEE Rober'r SneII Cnaurman Edward Anderson Frank Blaze IvIncI'1aeI Culrno CI1arIes Damelczuk Freder ck IvIcGu:re Muchael Scarpulla DonaId Sr'nuII1 JoI'1n Swee-I' 86 l L Raymond Adams 49 John CamuIIeru 49 John Dean 49 R Chard Inmble 49 John Dempsey 50 Raymond Granahe 50 Barreff Jackson 50 Ani ony Ca n SI Edward GFGOY 51 Norman Mayo M ch1eI D AIe s o 52 R Chard IVIa+ Ica 5 87 PINE MANUAL TRAINING STUDENT CGUNCIL Paul Mnsakos '49 h 1 'I '51 3 5 iv...- , I F ul' '-Vs... -1-Z Hi WN x- hr.. 'M-5 'XXX lllibp 6' f?-ea. ' "l"v' hp .w,.s. W! I , -, f 'L -"" f- A it 'F , .-za, SJ' . ' 'fx 1 f .QV :E ' ,ag if if ,Nh m- ,2- .f .. ' , . A' ,,,,,. 4 1 A ,. . , , .- Q . , A. , , 1:-.5 'Di' ' Q H... 4: An, V .h i l 1 f L .., fix. A9 ,. xf' 5 X 1 ' " , 'r 2 , 4 J 4 f ' ' 9 0 w In J ' I fm 4, 'H 1 ., f ff P 5 K3 X if F5 xg 0 f A 1 Wk Q ' fl v , :gs x . w lu :J 4, s 1- p S ASL .I yr J Q ' ff 3 L gli , f X , ,Q X4 6 ' L f ff 1 L ww, 1 4 Q gf K KX ! ,I 1,5 1 '4 4 L, deilxn? X. fx six I "Digg I n f ww ' .. N' W .ks 1651, " ,ff " 1, ., x 4 4, qi - .a+ - , gk 1, if fax b x NX' 'xiii-iii? ' , i 1 I P T A . - f ."f?'.'!"'- - .. .ff h . 4 i R' . ' Q ".51?'5. A 'WIN 8 ':.1g".- . f .pf . -, 'TSN r 3, N Q' " N: W' '-4 Q, Q1 g I 1 1 . , fig. W I 5 J., 11 -1 nv... -, s X Rx X4 . Q S I A . ! 1, n- uf. 501- wl. ...Ma-.-..-. ' ' i I 1 , x h .1 ,. , Qs, x ' 'f x S., my 2 , lv N I F' -Q1 FV' ,f 1 af- X K' 9 , Qian A , F951 V AJR. in ' 31- if . fi 4 jg, U If - Af. R is hw 00 I '07 if 5 . i V kd,.,: I .. vi -. ' 1, 1 I. L 'V L 1 Q . . Q13 J 5, ,Y A L ' iw ' ' " 2 ' - 1' K 5 , 3 w y ' A , fix,-,, I 'Z C ,S V4 P , , V . A: . ,b 1 ' 3 .R ,,' 5 - , 5. f R 1 .5 . 1 ,J N A 1 I f . if s xv i. f ,. .,."' , .L fig' X 5. . .X , I Nl ,IJ A - 'I 3 I I YZ A u 1 f W5 I -' V L - . 1 ' - A .- iw ffggsfmf' 1 , is - by A A A fi. 1 vb w E .5 I- . K ' r " was ' , . ' 4 Ti p P X Q . J, L 1 I . ff? Q 1 3, w 2? 5 Q '. A, r X .,, A. W 9 6 6 . I. Q, H. "3 'U 6 'A 'I' . ra . if wg Q . L Q iq' 'Q 'U' 1-1 QW' 'Sw snr- 1 il 9 Q.: pi WELL WISHERS Mr and Mrs John J F Ruddy Mr and Mrs Joseph A McGee Muss Agnes B Ray Mr J Franlc Ryan Mnss Mae A Gaffney Dr Anlhony Alu Mr and Mrs Henry Wunler Mr J Thaddeus Tsakonas Blu Sox Mr and Mrs Joseph Shea Alderman B F Mc6arr Sam Shuran Tailoring Shop Assumphon Carholvc Yourh Orgamzahon Mrss Lucnlle Vellruro Mr and Mrs Sam lmpellxlerr Valley Co Eds Cuslom Beauly Shop Dr and Mrs John M Renehan and Children Mr and Mrs George E Phillips Jr Ansonla Travel Agency Mr and Mrs Theodore Smayda Mr and Mrs Ray Adams and Son Mr and Mrs John G Prendergasl Judge and Mrs Nalhan M Levy Judge and Mrs Leon McCar+hy Dr S Howard Cohan Dr and Mrs Waller B Spencer Mr and Mrs Wullmam l-l Plarz Mnss Lllllan l-l Meury Judge and Mrs Wllluam Kungslon Mr and Mrs Max Kelman Phu Del+a Mr and Mrs Anlhony Cneplalc Mc uades Pharmacy Mr and Mrs John F Ploslcr Mr and Mrs Marfno DeRosa Lavenderefles Srx Teeners Mr and Mrs MlchaelJ McCar+hy Top Teens Mr and Mrs John Vlrzx Rev and Mrs Julian A Taylor Royal Teens Mr and Mrs Kennerh Adams and Son Mr. and Mrs. Edward Morgan Mr. Slanley Need 94 DANCE 70 QL, 'I 17" AD Ng.. J 1 Q d ' ri. I , F 1 1 ANSONIA-V5 E a CDT ba ' we- CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1949 from the Faculties of the ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL all PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL BL ST Wisufs to me BFST CLASS OF 1949 from the jumor Class of A H S WISHES to the CLASS OF 1949 from the Sophomore Class of A H S 1 9 4 9 from the jumor H1gh School FACULTY AND STUDENTS to the CLASS OF 1949 from the A H S Alumm Assoc1at1on 96 d f Congratulations and Good Luck to Good Luck and Continued Success THE ANSONIA NATIONAL BANK Aneonla Connectlcut THE EVENING SENTINEL YOUR HOME. PAPER oxer 11450 Net Paid Clrculatlon ANSOINIA DERBY SHFLTOW SFYMOLR and OXFORD ANSGNIA LUMBER CO Inc I Ompi Deluerzes 0 Lumbe DuPont PZIIIII and Vaxnl hes ADSOHIB Conn Phone 500 f mpllments 0 The HOWARD 85 BARBER Company Derby s Complete Department Store Styhsts m I'llI'Il1 lun S for the Home and III Appalel for the Famlly ualzty U rdzandzse Rzghtly Irzced GL 1 ,, 7 T . . . 7 Y 7 , J I L , I 4 In - , f ., . 'r " ' f r 9 All Kinds Ready Roofing and Shingles ' 5 . 'S I 1 QS 1 g I Q . A. C h . I . , , . 97 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the A H S SENIORS OF 1949 from the BOARD OF EDUCATION F Z L Compliments 0 amp lmen S 0 The Class of 1918 Frank P F1tzpatr1ck MAYOR JLDGE MICHAEL F SHEEHY I reszdent ANSOXIA COYXECTIFLT fx Jmplmzenls 0 L t C M k George L1ft1g CS ETH 5 ru. A H S 17 Donald Mark A H S 40 Harry L1ft1g A H S 21 A H S 46 Howard Mark Complzmentso THE GRIDIRON CLUB Letu all uppoxt and encourage X H S athletlcs 98 7 . f A f 1 . 1. ' ' 7 f , ff ,v ,r ' f Complimenls of . . .193 . . .19 i G . . .19 - - -19 . . .19 ' f M s s ' ' '!1. . . ' ANACONDA Copper and Copper Alloy Products COPPER BRASS BRONZE AND NICKEL SILVER The followmg lIst Includes some of the more Important mlll products produced from copper and Its alloys by the AHSOHIH Branch of The AmerIcan Brass Company SHEET PLATE AND STRIP Condenser Head Plates Roofing Copper Through Wall lilashmg Electro Sheet Copper WIRE MILL PRODUCTS Res1stance W1 re Electrlcal WIre FourdrIn1er Wlre RODS AND BARS Weldlng Rods Propeller Shaftmg Screw lVIachIne Rod Star Ground Rod EXTRUDED SHAPES Archltectural Bronze An les Channels and T Bars Drawn Copper Shapes Auto DA THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY ANSOINIA CONNECTICUT 99 Trolley Wire Weather-strip and Door Saddles I hum! ivfeoggunur Complzments 0 CLASS OF 1949 THIS IS YOUR BANK THE CONNECTICUT earnlngs belong to the deposltors Telephone 2871 Bu1ld up your account for the tlme when you mll really need lt SAVINGS BANK RINIMOW HILL SEX MOUR COIXN BEN LAVIETES Complete L1ne of FIUIIS and Vegetables Stores Restaurants Hotels Clubs Telephone 4165 Bea er Street An 01111 DAIRY Telephone 4407 W 13 Hodge Avenue Ansonla Conn Pasteurlzed Mllk Cream and Conn Dalry Products 100 ' f . All ' ' C0mP'f'mf1fS0f J. V. FITZGERALD 65 v , s '., . . The AHSOD13 Water Company Compliments 0 joe Shea s SCTVICC Stat1on Phone 3472 153 Wakelee Avenue Ansonla Conn Complzments 0 Danny s Dr1ve 68 Bud eport Avenue Shelton Conn The Anson1a Garage, Inc Where Servzce Counts Most STLDEBAKER CARS AlND TRUCKS FEDFRAL TRUCKS KPIVINATOR LLECTRIC REPRIGERATORS 458 Maln Street Ansonla Phone 1760 The B 85 L Store 116 'llam Street Ansoma Conn Bormans Stud1o of Anson1a Portralt and Candld Photographers Serung Connectzcut or over 50 years Telephone 512 Cap1tol Bu1ld1ng Ansonla Conn Ansoma Mattress Co Ma zmtl facturers of Mattresses Stucllo Couches and Box Sprlngs Upholsterlng Done Telephone 5678 448 'Nlam Street Ansoma Conn Compliments 0 Charles F Aslmus Agency eo'x1PLE1E INSURANCE sun ICE An 01113. Connectxcut f v 4 f . . ' ' -In , . FoR MEN AND BoYs l. . I K , . , . f 101 George Gardella Co 56 Mann Street Ansoma Conn Fru1tS Vegetables Confectlonery BEST WIISHES to the CLASS OF 1949 A H Fc zplzmcnts 0 Morr1s Gans Co 280 Maln Street Ansoma Conn Re1che1t S Phone17 estfield Avenue Ansoma Conn A H S Ep1cure Shop MFATS AND CROCERIES IREW AJELLO Prop Phone 3684 Complzmenls 0 Dav1d Schpero S Jewelers Slnce 1923 23 Ehzabeth Street Derb onn Jerolman Motor Co CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Servzce SPORTSWEAR SPORTIING AIND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 172 Cllfton Avenue AnSon1a Conn BestWzshes Rothman S Ansoma Connectlcut Complzments 0 NICIS I Poulsen I INSURANCE REAL ESTATE 206 Mam St AHSOHIB. Conn Phone 2134 Urs fllda Creyuac Wadyka Mgr 102 . , Jn ,' ' If ' 7 W ' ' , . 1 3 , . 1908 1 1921 -sn 1923 - 1927 1 1936 192 Wakelee Avenue Ansonia, Conn. i f , O , i ' y, C . . . . ' f I , . The Only Exclusive Record Shop In The Valley RECORDS POPULAR 8 CLASSICAL SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES CHARLES LUBIN WEDOS MUSIC SHOP Everything zn Music 256 IVIam Street Ansoma Conn Telephone 14-01 OPPOSITE CITY HALL Cornplmzcnls jacob H Bclhn Complzments 0 Mr and Mrs Allen Goldberg Tasty Food Shop 58 Brxd e Street Ansonla Co zgratz latzo s and Best Wishes to the IRADI ATINK CI ASS OI' A H S 1911-9 THE STORE FOR MEN 158 'Ham Street An oma Conn Compliments o ohn Hancock Mutual Avmovv Kwc Capltol Blllldlllg Dzsl zct Manager Ansoma Conn Fred D Carmody Insurance That Meets Your INeeds Cay xtol Bu ldm Ansonla RFST WISHES TO A H S 1949 from Henry Spero, Inc Dzamonds 0 Per ectzon Capltol Bulldm Ansoma Conn 3 . of . ' f 'I 1 'iz ' , ' f Herbertfs, Inc. L1fe Insurance Co. . f f . lO3 - E S Gordy 85 Co Inc Complete Insurance Servtce Telephone 678 99 Mam Street Ansonra Compll zents 0 Presto Lunch 10 Bank Street Ansoma Compliments o Palmer Brothers Mov1No 4 z Ilocks I1 cu mzles o across the country Phone 5359 Compliments 0 The Androphy E1CCtf1C Co Vlctor Lolumbla and Decca Records C omplzments 0 Hubbell Brothers, Inc EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR Combmed vuth comfort by correct Httmg Derby Co nectlcut fomplzments o Shelton Roofing Co ,Inc 101 Factory Street Ansonla Conn Thomas 85 johnson coN1MERc1AL PRINTERS Telephone 2740 61 Le ter Street Ansonla Conn LET Y u d k 1 n HEAT YoUR HOME Telephone 715 An oma Connectlcut 104 , .n f . . ., . , ferr 1 , 1 ' r , , , , 9 Ansonia, Connecticut 82-84 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. 7 n Q 7 ' Complzments 0 The Toggery Shop COMPLETE MENS WEAR Arrow Shlrt and lNat1o ally lxnow 1 Haberda hery Phone 3889 Capltol Theatre Bldg Ansonla Conn Complzments 0 The F 1tzgeraldS 15 Clrfton Avenue Ansoma Conn Fan' Shoppe LADIES WEARUVG APPAREL MEX LR COHEN I rop Tel 204 25 27 Flxzabeth St Derby Conn O W Snow oPToMETR1ST AND JEWELER 105 M3111 Street Ansoma Conn Clancy Insurance Agency INSLRANCE FOR EVERY NEED 244 Mam St AnSon1a PROTFCTION SERX ICE SAVINGS Phone 1520 W lammrw mm Opera House Blllldlll 94 lVla n Street Ansonla Conn The Excellent Shop HIGH GRADE CONFECTIONERY AND ICE CREAM Capltol Blllldlfl An onla Frankhn Plan Co Inc INSURANCE Ru I H VAN Amin Agent Ham at Bank St AnSon1a Conn I05 . v 'S l'n ' 'r S ' , . . . , . . . . 9 ,. I ., . . ' .' ., ., . I .7 , T A, . , f i - r l Q3 ""' v 7 , J '7 7 L . . D' U . A 1 9 . ., . T Ill ll V l .Y l V " 'A "'7 I . ..g. 5. A. t .9 LEWIS jewelry Store Lrms SCHI mo I rop Dzamonds Wan hes Jewelry Telephom 153 204 Mam Qtreet An oma Conn Derby Pure Food Shop Phone 3035 261 Maln Street Derby Conn lone 3467 Delnery Seruce Goumas Rotal 1ooc1 qtore Inc Pme uallty Meats and CIOCCFICQ 111 'N Ham Street An oma onn Ralph Mann 81, Sons umbmg Heatmg and Alr Condltlomng 37 H1 11 Street An oma Conn l UfI1pll77lf"llf8 0 The Schoonmaker Drug Co GEORGE BARNICO Prop 410 Mam Street An oma Conn Complzments 0 We1tz Dresses 252 Mam Street Ansoma foppo lte Clts Ha111 Compliments 0 Oscar Cohen Telephone 963 134136 Mam Street An on1a Conn Complzments 0 Lear Drug Co Good Lucia to the Graduates of 1949 Wakelee Axenue Ansoma Conn " 'L .' . 9 3 5 ' . L S .v 4 . ,U .J V, n Pl I " ' " 1' 4 5 A . Ill . , . . .. . I 'g 1 , s '. . H .1.t " , S .,C . f 'A f , . f . , . s , . ' as A 99 .-Q ' s ', . , v , 106 PALACE OF SWEETS ualzty zs the Secret o Good Taste Vonetes Bros Ansoma Conn Derby Conn Ansoma Furmture Co Complete Home Furmshmgs 200 Ma n Street Ansoma Conn Fomplzments o Alexander s Hardware ALEX WUI-:R Dovormo Prop Telepho e 3031 1 Maple Street Anso IIa Com 1 Outlet Shoe Store FIRST WITH THE LATEST 128 lvlizllll Street Ansoma The Br1stol Drug Co The R fall Store Howmol SMITH Reg Iharm Mgr Ansonla Conn fomplzments o The Valley Sport Shop Reach Wrlght 81 D1tson 101 Mam Street Ansoma Conn lhone 1261 TONG Complzme ts 0 A F r1end C omplzments o Mayflower Beauty Shop 169 How e Axenue Shelton Conn Spfczalz zng ZH Permanent Waozng an All Branches o Beauty Culture 107 HQ - f - f as i ' , . , ' f 7 Il f 1 k ' r' , . ' ' s . 1 ' f 0. Prescription Druggists lVlacCregor-Goldsmith Spalding - , , 1 A. I. J I - f . H f ' 1- V I ' , . d jf , Gans O11 Co Inc Coodrlch Tlres and Batterles CALSO RANGE 81 FUEL OILS 21 Beaver Street Anson1a Conn Telephones 1526 1527 FOR APPLIANCES OF QUALITY Glazer s Anson1a Appllance 51 Brldge Street Anson1a Conn Complzments 0 Petersen s Market Meats and GTOCCIICS Phone 160 9 Maple Street Anson1a Conn Complzments 0 East S1de Greenhouses 72 INO Pro pect Street Anson1a Conn F Hallock Co Since 1838 Farm Lawn Supplles B P S Palnts Hardware M111 Supplles 116 Maln Street Derby Conn TO THE CLASS OF 1949 Br ng You Happlnes and Success The CHPIIO1 S1gn Co HENRY IVIALUS Prop Ansoma Connectlcut Complzments 0 The Derby Jewelers 247 Mam Street Derby Conn J Clement Lark1n Insurance and Real Estate 18 1Nex Street AHSOHIB Conn Telephone 5736 ., . . . . , , . 9 9 1 . ' . s ' , I , . "May Every Step in Your Future i 1 X - S ss .Y , . 9 ' . 7 ' , . V 5 , . : IOB Plannmg to Bu1ld or Buy? CONSLLT US BEFORE YOU TAKE THAT FIRST STEP WE MAY BE ABLE TO OFFER SOME HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS Mortgage Loans Made Smce 1846 103 Years of Servlce THE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY COMFCTICUT Deposlts 1517 281 943 25 Surplus 82 O61 873 57 CONGRATULATIOINS AIND BEST WISHES to the Craduatln Cla s of A H S 1949 People s Store Complzments 0 Mueller s Serv1ce Stat1on Phone 1823 C omplzments 0 The johnson Coat, Apron and Towel Supply Co Tel 3637 38 GROVE STREET ANSONIA CONN Novmsky Brothers P R I N T E R S Sportmg Goods and TfOph1CS Tel 3079 Compliments 0 Cap1tol Restaurant 52 BRIDGE STREET ANSONIA CONN Ewald C Thoennes Prop Eddy s Bake Shop Fresh Home Baked Dellcacles 102 MAIN STREET AINSONIIA COINN Tel 2568 318 MAIIN STREET DERBY COINN Corner Ol1v1a Street Phone 3622 109 r T T ' ' . f 1 . g 4 S. . . . , . O 7 106 MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONN. 174 NO. MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONN. 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Suggestions in the Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) collection:

Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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