Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1948

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1948 volume:

W A 0 vii: x fill, p h ':Mf. ,V Ill- t E, D Hman X Teo h X,,p...YAv-I 'x S f N J J 1 'Q-N: '. f A 'A V , ,,., N hr fc ,r CTQQ'f,C'53F 'Ql'fSf'1'l , Yes x L Liv 'ff fo .wa-Ni SKA xx V g K uf 'Ili fUlussuf1948 E379 geui U F5 2 191' es cut The HAPCENBQQR 39014 ' usuuiaQ1,5LgJ1oJ 5 U va rc. ilu num QI ,I '34-1 Z' I XXWN , NN! Vi fi. .kom kombhv x .- ,- , ':,- . 1 , 1 21. 3 94- ' . , . A ' If 5.31 'l '-.'A l 0 - Q I f If - 'A'iig'f2f.'l' ,g Q13-gfgQ5 T K6 J E.-iy. In . .1'5i1.j'-' I ..h' if-Ii..-I . 1 ,-f ' Z.. I 1 . . . .1 1' Q, '-5-2' Q..--.Qfph ' ', . 4 , 'z -If '.3':5-51' I fs 5' rl 511 V., '.'b :Lf .:.. . il ,fre Q ' W R 0 A ' MMM ' '.d1 'U - 4 ,- A' -if 1 MISS AGNES B RAY In grateful appreclatron for the mnufnerable kmdnesses and serv :ces rendered us durm rh Q our ree years assocuahon with her we the Semors of T948 proudly dedncate our year book to Mlss Agnes B Ray our Friend and adviser Tru--'-4-N gs..-ffivlu-'f Lf I. H .Buggy ADMINISTRATICDN MR JOHNJ STEVENS Superintendent Web MR JOHN o PRENDERGAST MP JOSEPH A MCGEE Prmcgrpql Ansonno Hugh School Pnncnpol Pune Monuol TYCIIHIUQ School 6 R32 LQ. wk f ' W V D 9 I FAC U LTY N' X 8 3 sm, ,mr f Z EV X rf J ,- H. 4 'J X ,N f o .N . 9 1 L ' 5 3 3' 1 , 4 , 'f ,A , , ,, , J . ? 4- LmrA.Jm,1.,m..j ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ohn G Pre-ndergast Prlnclpal Miss Agnes B Ray Secretary Mr Charles Arthur Mass eannetteF Booth Mtss Frances M Brodie M l-loward Clarlc Mlss Margaret E Conldtn Mass osephtneE Crtbblns Mtss Ethel Ll Ericson Mtss Loretta G l-lennessey Mr philip L l lllblsh Mtss osephtne G Kennedy Mass Mary R Lane Mr Georgelf Manley Mass Lou1seC Marvtn Mtss Eleanor L McNamara Mtss Mary E Monahan Phtltp E Newhall Mass Kathartne D Prtclrett Franlc Ryan Mtss Mary E Ryo Mass Edtth Schoonmalcer Mr Arthur F Stewa Mrs Lloyd Raclcham Mtss l-lelen Upton Mr Mtchael Vlcart Algebra an Algebra Plane Geometry cltln lypewrtttng Engltsh English Stenography lypewrtttng Fngltsh Fngltsh French Economncs U S l'llstory e Geometry Trigonometry Engltsh Chemtstry Physucs Phystcal Education Stenography lrypewrttlng Baolclceeptng Steno raphy Chemistry hystcs Btology Ll S l-lts ory American problems Anctent 84 Modern l'ltstory English French Physical Education Boolclceeptng Biology Latth J ' -T . . , j, ..,..................... t..,.... , i J , D ...t.,,....t...,..,....,.........,,........,,.. i j ' ,A ' ' ......t.....,..t.t,.r...,.t . , Z. J ,I v ....t.,. I, on . Mrs Henry . .Frenchl ltaltan Mr. j. V ....... '1 i b , rt t,,...., ' , L ' I ' , r J, - - .,.,,.......r,..r...t......t.,.r..,.. .. - , - a PINE MANUAL TRAINING FACULTY oseph A McGee PruncupaI Chemrstry phyglc MargaretIVI Roche Secretary Ray C Banks Raymond M Burns Wulluam Comcowuch Gerard W Conkhn George I'I Crook ames G Flynn rs Margaret K Gorman Wrllnam I-IaII1gan Mr Charles arvus Mr oseph KreIy Mass Emelua E Kuhkowskl Mr Robert L McLoughI1n Mass Frances S Nason M Herman Roche Prnntnng Mathematics Cnvucs Sclence Machrne Shop Practnce Enghsh Amerlcan probIems Economics CIoth1ng Foods Auto Mechanucs LI S I'Itstory WorId I-Ilstory Civics Woodworking CIothlng Mechanical Drawrng Foods Enghsh -I I ' 1 I I 4--- I , I 3 Mr. . .........................................,.,..... . ' ' Mr. . ......,,......................,.,........ . ' Mr. ' ' ' ....,....,..,,.I.......,.......,.......,. ,. ' ' Mr. . A .....,..........,..........,.,............. . . ' Mr. . ...........,...........,...,....., ' ' Mr. ,I , ..............,....... ' , ' , ' IVI . . ,............................,..... ' , Mr. I-IaroId W. Gottsegen ..,...........................,..... Woodworking Mr. ' ' ' , Jr, .,........................... . . . ' . ' ..,........,............ . . ' , ' , ' ' A. j h I ...... 4 .,r...........,................... . , . ' r. ......................,.............,........ ' 9 LAVENDER STAFF Editor in Chief Geraldine Murphy Business Manager Kent Alan osephson Assistants Robert Gordon George Mudry Ill Rine C ass Will Editors Virginia Adzima Geraldine Murphy osephine Sadlovvslci C ass History Editor ..................................... Kent Alan osephson C ass Will Editor Rine ...,.........................,........ Albert Wilhemy C ass History Editor pine ......,..,.........................,.. William Black C ass Song ...,..,...................,......,...,...,......... Alice Comich Snapshots collected and arranged by ...... ,.,,.......,...... G eraldine Murphy Art Editors .............. . l-larrington Burns Kent A. osephson une Lombardi Athletic Editor ....,,......................,.,...i........ Stanton Savelewttz Typists .....,.......,......,.,......... Virginia Adzima osephine Sadlowslci Staff Members - A.l-l.S. ...,,.......,....,,,...... ean Collins oseph Koshes une Lapointe Fred Littleiohn Stall Membersgpine. ..,.......,.....,,...,.., ames DeLuca Richard Mayo Faculty Advisor .....,............,,..,,..,.,............. M. . Frank Ryan I0 SENEQRS Rig KLJBJ fl' X A I cb ' F s , Q Y XX R X X X R N' xx X X. N lg f if, , V il ' 1 i1-If 4 i . ost, foil A.I-IS. Presrdem ....A,,,,..... Fred I.rHIeIoIwn Vice-President ..,,. Geraldine Murphy S6CreIOry .............. Joseph Kggheg Treasurer ...,... Une I-Qpomfe SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Vuce Presrdent Wolter Bygott Secretory Ireosurer Ruchord Mayo PFGSICIGDT ...........,.. ,Iomes DeLUco LILLIAN ALESKEWICH God s glfts put men s best dreams to shame Swelldresser fnendly pleasung personallty MARGARET ALEXANDER Marge Merlt and good breeding wlll make thelr way everywhere Quite pretty a good sport lllced by everyone LORRAINE ALU Larry Witty pests and frequent smnles Malce her friendship well worth whale Popular good dancer easy to get along wlth ADELE ANDRUSKO VlRGlNlA ADZIMA 9 G Y The hugh school day has tts de Everymans llfe IS a fairy tale l'9l'l5 wntten by Gods flngers Not the least of them the hugh Qulet wrth a ready smlle an SCl'0O'lf 'Ql1'5 ottractlve personallty Amlable and cheerful a good all around sport with a radlant smule IWW SIDNEY ANDROPHY Sonny Boy Fnelds are won by those who believe rn the wlnnmg Frlendly great audience for a lolce would be a powerhouse If talk were electrlcrty BETTY BALINT Kitten Be slow nn choosing a but slower tn changing Neatdresser friendly a worlcer MARIE ANTINARELLA ee Wrlte IDIUYISS tn dust Kind nesses an marble Quiet and shy always ready to gave a helplng hand CARMEN ASCIUTTO CPmeD Ca rm As sturdy and steady as the Rock of Gllbraltar Neat dresser always ready with O helping hand AUDREY BACOTE Aud Nothing as more honorable t an a grateful heart Outer but rough She always has a fruendly word for others friend wt lllng f ..D H.. I - 1. l . A i . l , . .fig . - 5, A i nm.. --R -t . I i Y ' V . I 4 I I I A I yd i ' . 'vit 4 'XJ . . gf' ' 4, i f , . . ' . wx M a- l V w, A nuff at 'f lt . . . . In 'I ' ' ' ' . . i - ' ' ' . . f . . . ' I3 7 LOUIS BARBIERI OU Always Iaughlng always gay As he goes hts merry way A good friend to all and w make more friends A good football player DELORES BARNETT ee Education has for nts oblect the formatton of character If she Isnt smtlrng herself she IS malctng someone else laugh JEAN BARTOLOTTA Off She ns gay she as sweet Just the type we love to meet Toll full of fun and laughter a good athlete If yo ALEX qunetly you must keep rt amused NICHOLAS BARBERA HERBERT BENGTSON Pnckles PYSNY BOY In CIOHWQ WIKI' we OUQIII we I-le loves to talk and talk he wzll deserve no pralse because rt ts For hourg on end ond longer our duty 5 Carefree fellow who lets nothxng Tolkogwe Gnd ambitious papu Ifouble I 'm lar wlth the falr sex Count I-lowne u would rule the world IHGCIIVIIYIS death Always talknng master machnmst Wrtty easy gomg and athletuc will do anythmg on a dare I I4 ANDER BAZYK CPuneD RALPH BLACK CPmeD DINO BERNARDONE Bernie Value the frlendshtp of htm Who stands by you tn the storm All round good fellow qulet but Itlceable PATRICIA BIONDOLILLO a There are gold ships there are sulver shlps But there are no shlps Illce friend shlps A warm heart and a wlnnlng CARLETON BLACK I-lead Good humor and generoslty carry the day wlth the popular heart all the world over Wttty and friendly quite fellow wlth the ladies I I ,A . H I . , A till. Ill- ff I 11 . rl I I 4. . . . ' ill E ' . I D P t I I I .I S .T PM I I . , If ff Y AA A smile . . . a friend indeed. 1 1 K I I - I O A I . s., . . . I . . , . I I I I ' ' WILLIAM BLACK qpmep Hard work reaps great profttg Ertendly wnllmg to work ntce personaltty MONA BRACI-l Monsy There are three days In the week I do not worry on or about Yesterday to day and to mor row Dtgnlhed and pleasant a very good speaker 'lf Lrkeable and cheerful always LOUISE BLAZIS ou Stlver and gold have I none but such as I have gsve I to thee Pretty and unassumtng wtth a gental dtsposutton MARY BOLAND Rusty Stlence ts more elegant than words I-las beauttful long red hatr s Friendly and pleOSOr1t Tl-IELMA BOSTIC T e A frtenclly nature a smtle n cere Talkatuve a good sport if 'Y ,ml 4:6 Zag 45 mfg' Z' ROBERT BRADLEY Pee Wee I-le that mrschtef hatcheth mt :htel catcheth A short fellow wtth a bug I-lello GEORGE BROWN Browme I had rather be a beggar and spend my last dollar luke a kung than be a ktng and spend y money luke a beggar Always wtsecracktng Ntce have around huh gurls BERNICE BRUSKIN Bern I do not fear to morrow for I know yesterday and I love to GY JOSEPH BOTTONE Cpanel O9 ust the klnd whose nature never vartes Qutet modest and well ltked QIQQIIHQ I-IARRINGTON BURNS Our greatest glory ts not In never falling but ID rtstng every ttme we fall Dtgntlted arttstlc and an ardent admtrer of Shakespeare L 40' ,fn qt' tg Nt HALTEQ 3515971 rpmey ARNOLD CHUDOBA fl9tneD 9, Chtbaba 41 lt ns good to have frtencls but A mon COW do 'WO mme lllflft he bad to need them CGW Tall gulet and a swell frtend AlN V5 qU'el l-W7 0lW0Y5 VeGdY ANTI-lQNY CARRUBBA iPmeD P uto Speech IS great but sxlence ts greater Great talker full of fun ltkes have a good tlme JOSEPH CHECKLEY Cplneb Chick A llon among the ladies A good sport always ready for a laugh ANDREVN! Cl-IERNECKY Andy We have two ears and one mouth that we may ltsten the more and talk the less Easy to get along wtth autet and frtendly can Nl' JANICE CHILDS O TIS DOT SO UV1COmVT'lOf1fO hear her wtth a yoke '79 fl - S ALICE COMICH jANE ClCl-lON enny l-le who succeeds has obtatned success A good ltstener with a frtendly sm: e JEAN COl LINS 9 We can always see her wnth a smtle Shes gay and cheerful all the whtle o s a around goo dresser excellent athlete wsth a charmtng personaltty THOMAS COMCOWICH Greasy Who ts the happtest of men? l-le who values the ments of others Athletuc mtschtevous a pleasant fellow to know Comptom VVho does not befrtend htmself You have waked me too soon by domg good let me slumber agam Qutet studtous pleasant to get Ntce smtle, wttty 4 4 4 along wtth Very arttsttc I 4 I f , 1 2 ef'f 'I' - 1 .V . . f l 1 'i bil.: V -- I V rv: .5 : .- --J tt I- I ,O , I Y, I A . . 15 s t .F l N 4 ',. R d - . K f af ig 4' I 41 . wr . ' 'd 'I 5 :MTA ' E ' L-s s, T p tt WG V d . X in-f l Q-in ' Y ,, 'll nl' At ' 5 6 A JACQUELINE COMPY MURIEL CORDETT Jackie penf1Y A merry heart doeth good like a A me fY hem' 9095 Gll 'he Cl0Y medlclne A sad one tures In a mule So very Well dressed gl-H5 Gmac Qutet mtelllgent lots of fun and Nye blonde has a wonderful personallty ANNA CONROY Anne A day for toll an hour for sport But for a frlen IS llfe too short Very dannty nn her ways glggler EDWARD COOK Cpanel Eddy Ounet at hrst but look agam Quiet but a Inkeable fellow DELORES COOPER 9 Flattery IS luke cologne water to be smelled of but not swal lowed Wavy hatred candy clerk who will sell much candy wnth that sm: e JOSEPH COUGHLIN Whlzz When a lruend asks a favor there IS no to morrow Ounet lukeable happy go ucky VIOLA CRAVEN True friendship IS like sound health the value of It IS seldom known untll It be lost Pretty lull of fun always ready wlth a smlle FRED CULMO rrp A man us only as good as hrs work A short fellow wnth a loud voice loves to talk at all fumes MICHAEL COPPOLA Lover There IS nothvng an the world so contagnous as laughter and good humor A wmmng personality a all around good guy well llked by everyone JOSEPH CULMO Cheechue There would be no great ones If there were no luttle ones Short muscular lad who likes sports a loyal frnend to have Bullet JAMES DeLUCA CPnneD Chlppy I-'Ins frlends they are many A wonderful guy Illced by a nice personaluty MARJORIE DILLON Marge LUCILLE DANIELS OU There as only one way to have a frlend That ts to be one A very qulet but soclable person JOHN DONOVAN Jaclue As prone to muschlef as he us able to perform It Gufted wnth a good sense of humor muschuevous sporty and a lad easy to get on wnth is ff-f NJ JOSEPI-IINE DOFZSO constant friend IS a thang rare and hard to fund ver ready to have fun and to share It wuth others WILLIAM DUDLEY That IS gold which IS worth god Pleasant voice a friendly posltlon and a good athlete EDWARD DOBBINS Dodo Whats a gen leman but has pleasure Slow but sure, a good sport, also a good fnend to have I-Ins limbs are cast In manly mold For hardy sports or contests bold Handsome tall and popular an excellent athlete specualnzes un basketball THOMAS DUNCAN Happy go lucky cheerful and A very good pal In every way Neat dresser good athlete, lllced by all LOIS DODA FRANCES DWORKIN DOCIY Fran Fnnds the toys of heaven here My hopes are not always rea On earth lnzed, but I always hope AQ00d0ll Iele0 1d05D0Vlf VSYY Good sport, muschnevous and GNGYQGIIC loads of fun JEAN EDWARDS Jeanie Things past belong to memory alone Things future are the property of hope lively and fun loving and gifted with a pleasing personality FRANCES FEDLJCIA I'Of'1 e hopes of men have been iustly called waking dreams Friendly and easy going with a look of mischief in her eyes ANDREW EST NAN Andy A man cannot spend all this life in rolic Good athlete and has a nice sense of humor ALBERT FALCI Fa ch Decide not rashly The dec: sion once made can never be recalled A good sport quite notsy ROSARIO FAMA Cpinej .r OW.. 'Life is too short to be serious. A good mechanic always ready for play. NORA FITZGERALD Nome ln sunshine bright or sorrow eep it is a 'friend you want to keep Pretty but oh so quiet' BEATRICE FCUNTAINE SO What we have to learn to do we learn by doing A good athlete ,joking and laughing are a specialty with ea GINO GASBARRI CPineD Gas Do it yourself and you'll get it done. Ready with a smile always whistling knows all the answers. JOHN FEDORS Archie l-lis air, his manner, all who saw admired. Tall, friendly-looking fellow with a keen sense of humor and a great personality. LORETTA GAVITT en lt is the best of all trades to make songs, and the second best to sing them. A nice singing voice, swell to get along with and very friendly. WILLIAM GERIAK CRineD Willy om Ambtttous lnendly and wonder ful personaluty Silence is a fence around wuse ROBERT GORDON Flash ln arguung, too, he owned hrs For e'en though vanautshed, he could argue sttll Lnarrulous and argumentattve who would make an excellent polltlctan ALFRED GERWAIOVVSKI Cplneb Gtbbey one knows what he con do untrl he tnes One who IS silent serrous and a LOIS GESSNER Mazda A friendly nature ns mirrored In her laughnng eyes Talented blonde plamst Very atlve FII of lun and am bntlous Loved byall Franlcte I am content to slt and dream Fu of the devel ID a lrten y way PATRICIA GORDON B ODSS G marble educatuon as to the soul and nm OI the hands Ouuet smart a good sport Word for GH ARLENE HARRISON Who' sculpmre IS to G block of Chanty as a virtue of the heart Ounet but always wnth a good DENIS GRADY A modesty tn delivering our sentuments leaves us at Ilberty ol changing them without blush n I-Iumorous wrtty and very so clable Always ready wuth a IO e JOHN GROLIS Mouse No mtnd IS well organtzed that IS dehclent of humor Tall mlschrevous and a regular fellow JOSEPI-IINE GLIERRIERI Laughter ns the goyous evergreen ol Itfe Cute and petlte a neat dresser 20 K d . y H y rp I . , I A igf' fu. ' . f ' . ' ' L , 'QW ' , U ' - I ' I Es I y W FRANK GIARDINA , f .. ., II ' ' ' dl L as I I ' . I Mp tl' nn . I. . H 52? 4 ALICE HEALY A sunny temper grlds the edges JOHN HAFETNETT Grunty A laugh as worth a hundred groans tn any market Llkeoble and brrght wrth a frank open nature a regu ar fellow of lrfe sdarkest cloud A tall reserved gurl wrth a lovely votce MILDRED l-lELMEl2ICl-l The ornament ol a home as the friends who Frequent rt Bashlul but with very nice dim p es MARION HOSKO l-losky n her and an her hugh en deavor The ltght of prarse wrll shrne forever Quiet, lrtendly and drgnllled A swell person to know ,df C7 KARIN HULTGREN Karn l-ler appearance ts angellc, stately and demure But of her Inner nature well, we re not qurte so sure Strawberry blonde who usually gets what she goes alter, Irked by everyone DONALD HYLWA Dyke As good natured a soul as ere trod on shoe ol leather Tall pleasant appearung fellow wrt a lrrendly smule a good athlete f ,, 5 DONALD JAEKLE Dangerous Don One hath planted In hrs memory an army of words Good lookrng and well dressed a very rnfecttous smile DONALD A If-IYLWA Pabbrt could stt and look and look at the covers of a book A good sport a wonderful lrrend to know HARRIET HYLWA l-lattle No gems no gold she needs to wear She shtnes rntrrnsrcally Farr Ernendly good looktng a nice person to know BETTY IRELAND 9 l-lave frrends not for the sake of recervlng but of grvlng Petite and so auret a good lrrend at all tumes Tiff! ALICE JECUSCO All Baba There as no pathway of Flowers Ieadtng to glory TS Attractrve mlss with a smlle ou cant resrst and whlch wlns her many friends WILLIAM JOHNSON Manny Rare compound of frollc and fun To relish a poke and relolce at a pun A good sport well liked and always srnglng PATRICIA JONES ' o WALTER KARPOWICH Karp Even from a foe a mon may was dom learn ure serious and a ar worker Entoys maklng frlends HARRY KATZMAN Lime The shame ts not rn havung once been foolush but tn not cuttmg thefolly short Friendly wrtty carefree and mls chlevous A great authorlty on sports I N ROBERT KELMAN CI G nuus ns the abrlxty to act Nothrng endures but personal qualltues Oulet but always ready to torn ID fun with others A swell gurl KENT JOSEPHSON Stretch Work but seek not false om button s flame to llght thee on Studlous quiet relloble and artlstlc Desttned to make good In the future are CHESTER KARABEINIKOFF OC HELEN KINGSTON rrghtly without precedent he power to do the right thtng the fnrst tume Friendly tallcatlve clever and with a decided sense of humor JOHN KING Hoble There rs nothmg costs so Irttle or goes so for os courtesy Talkattve and an automoblle en thustast wtth many bright mdeas A merry companion .5 05 ood a friendly heart that has Q lent of friends as a wogon D Y 4 Always laughlng and prepared Qugelt bulk s?C'cIgIe AIWOYS to tell and enloya poke 'eo Y O mo e en 5 I 'I 22 PATRICIA KUCI-IER FRANK KNEEN Squirt If not seemly do It not ll not true say nt not Amtcable cmd agreeable com pany has a beamtng smule MARION KOCI-IANOWSKY Koch And she ts wntty and she ts gay And she IS nousy In every way So friendly and popular a won derful frrend at all tlmes JOSEPH KOSI-IES Cuddles A cheerful life IS what he Muses love a soaring sptrtt as thenr prtme delxght Carefree and popular A luke able lad- man about town. A di! JOHN KISYK gpm-sy pen, K eys Mnschuef dances nn her eyes and Good humored frankand Free Smlles Upon lle, llps lndustrxous very friendly and well Exlremely llvely mdlvlduol lllges lllied bv all to talk and howl FREDERICK Kucmtco qmnep LORETT5 LNFOVEPA Freddie ell Tho mme magmyrbef' The H?O'Wf en'2,Of noble men are thetr vtrtues. Sheelrllul frlend to all and a hun- neo' dresser And G very er G em lrrendly gurl to all. STANLEY KLJCI-IEP CPrneJ Kung Gemus us the capaclty for evacl Ing hard worlc Always cheerful and ready wuth a corny lolce SAMUEL KUSI-IWARA CPtneD Om People become rlch by mtndung thelr own busrness I-las a personalrty all hs own a ready helper has a pleasant dlsposttron JUNE LAPOINTE Junle A head of curly loclcs a heart lull ol loy ite et 0 e n ce pas Jacques'7 Wethtnksotoo MARION LEMBO Mar I slept and dreamed that lnfe was Beauty I woke and found that llfe was Duty Frrendly and qulet and a neat dresser WILLIAM CARL LOVE Dulce lt ns better to be small and shlne Than to be great and cast a shadow A good sport Always ready for fun always ready wnth a laugh GEORGE LESIW Georgxe My troubles are luke bubbles A good sense of humor slightly on the qulet side A good foot ball player ALAN LINDI-IOLM Lundy One :sn t lazy If he conserves has energy for further use Tall nxce looking and very easy gonng FRED LITTLEJOI-IN Scotty I-lappy am I from care set free Why aren t they all contented luke me Cheerful and smlllng and out standtng all around athlete F? EDWARD LYSKOWSKI Wrshy A friend I5 one who wallcs In when everyone else wallcs out Happy go lucky a smrle and craclc for everyone Tallcattve DORIS MADIGOSKY Dody Amrabtluty shlnes by Its own IQ I Not too loud not too quiet lust rsght all around NANCYLEE MADORNO Nancy Beauty the smile of God M src I-Irs Voice A congenlal lover of nature wlth an optlmlstlc and merry dns positron JEAN LOMBARDI Jenme Though she be but llttle she rs lovable uuet and frtenclly wnth a charm :ng manner ANTHONY MANTINI Cpunel Tony Llttle frlends may prove great frnends A hard worker very friendly and a nlce guy all around Frrendly likeable always on ir'-4. FRANCES MARCH TI-IERESA MARTONAK ran Theree '57 As hethtnketh ts hrs heart so he Shels nO,dIfFlCUtNO please Never a dull moment when she s She can be srlent as the trees Nrce to know and a gurl who around One greatly enloys her mckes friends easily company GRACE MARCI-IESE Gray Laughing talking always gay She helps to make a perfect day Good sport and good company peppy and wrth a sunny nature which attracts many Frtends GLORIA MARCUS C rry through I I a smtl g face and let your heart be gay Quret ltkeable A good drum malorette FRANCIS MARGANSKI Bunny The world rs so lull of a number of thtngs lm sure we should all be s happy as krngs b T e lad wrth at school gurl complexion vp G f ROSEMARIE MARTIN Re Re Or dark or lrght or short o She sets a trap to snare them all Very popular Cute and ts a lrrend to everyone MICI-IAEL MASTROSIMONE Cpanel Mike To loaf ts a sctence Friendly likeable enloys a good laugh UFI F 41 RICHARD MAYO CPmeD Moe A good sport always ready for Carefree wttty and aulte ath letlc Good friend LORRAINE MQCARTI-IY Mac What wtsdom can one hnd that us greater than krndness Qutet gentle socuable Always ready to greet you with a cheery I-Iello FRANCIS MCDONNELL Cpmeb Lucky Mac An ounce of mrrth rs worth a pound olsorrow Intelligent wttty wtth a poke for every occaston I . gn If I ' I I, 4' 1 -1- ,A ' , ' Ari 45 , ,I I 14 - . I 7 -r li 'S' ' I I . Fr 1 ,, 3 I E 1 2 11 nr I I ,v . I .. , I . I J 'J t H A U 1 Y ' 1 I tx I I t rf Y I :L J X Glor f' ' ' 'A a I e ' in , 1 , V f H , . i . ' I I I ul I - 5 1 ' . 4 ' 5 l -Q , ,, rg , v I1 gg ' G 4 525 r' V . , .. , ' ' . , 1 I I the to . h th , 41 45 ffl. 5 V .A - r H 1 I F ' I Il, ' ' ,, 1:1 . . A , I I If It I A 25 JOAN MCDONNELL lg l-low far that little candle throws its beams' So shines a good deed in a naughty world One with beautiful hands a likeable nature and a nice ap pearance SOPHIE MILEK Zosia Serene and calm as an un troubled day Her laughter makes many friends cheerful and gay nothing war ries her KAYE MCNAMARA Kaye Whate er my fate tis my fate to be quiet A mischievous red head always talking and laughing ALEXANDER MCWILLIAMS Cpineb Mac Better late than never but better never late Full of fun popular football player easy to get along with EDWARD MERANCY There is no duty we underrate so much as the duty of being happy- Lots of fun with a mind of his own- a loyal friend and an even disposition. RICHAR M R I ALEXANQER MQSCARDlNl -- E SK Sandro .. . . r that care is an enem Be stlentand safe, silence never l ll' 6 Y betrays you. 0 'e' I d f d Never silent fun-loving loyal . I , , A WGYS '90 Y or 0 goo Mme' friend to have. Proud possessor very mischievous. of new pontiac 26 GLADYS MILLER G ad Oh the gladness of her gladness when she s glad A giggler and forever talking ANGELO MIRABILE Angie Calm and reserved you hear little from him An excellent gymnast with a friendly disposition JEANNE MITTON 'Jeannie' Good humor is the health ofthe mind. Sadness is its poison. ' Cute always has a witty remark swell friend. GEORGE MUDPY lll CPineD HELEN O DONNELL Mudd Squeelm A true friend is an asset o Personality is to a woman what anyone perfume is to a flower Ouiet in a friendly sort of way pert and pretty this sociable always helping others brunette GERALDINE MURPHY Gerry 'l e worth is in being not seeming In doing each day that goes by some little good no in dream ing of great things to do by and A small loveable girl Very popular also makes a good cheerleader JEAN MYERS jeannie A generous person is sunshine to the mind Ouiet and shy but a generous and helpful friend ri-ioivms NArowicH qpmep Om The hope of all the maids. A wonderful dancer always SW' 39 ,ia 31' fi' -r 'I CAROL OLDERMAN Cookie Duty then is the sublimest word in our language Do your duty all things You cannot o more You should never wish todoless Generous tallcative and always gigg ing A nice person to have as a friend PEGGY O NEIL 99 One of those happy souls who are the salt of the earth A great friend helpful nice disposition likes lun CORRINE ONOFl2!O l'Corlcy 'Hlis good will malces intelli- gencef' Ouiet as can be but oh so sweet. ready for deviltry. -Li , gf. ,'.5sg-.LLL - , ,'.'Sv's..xp - H ,'. -5 -AS'-ff J if EUGENE NAVETSKI NavetS Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship. Friendly and lilceables Finds some- thing good to say of everyone. ANAMARIE PANTALONE HIANFIHH Friendship is not a fruit of en- ioyment only but also an oppor- tunity for service. Generally quiet but a perfect classmate and an even better friend, 4. THOMAS PANTALONE qpmep MWDRED PETERS Om lvlllly VZ? Gentle 'n monnef lO'CelUl 'll Sllence IS true wlsdoms best Q4 exeCUttOn reply Athletic always wlllsng to help AIWOYS I-,OS G laugh for every others senous person thrng A swell sport RL EX DORIS PARKER Freddy Not much talk a great sweet silence lnaulslttve loads of lun cheer lul company and a good sport ESTELLE PAWLAK Babe lhe golden rule of life IS mod Good humored makes many friends by her ready laughter A but talkative JOAN PEPE Babe So mgh ts grandeur to our ust So near ts God to man When Duty whlspers low Thou must The youth replies l can Ambttlous good scholar always lrtendly ?W -4-'vs 'Fa 17 GLORIA PETPIC Pete Always ready wrth a good poke yet kind and thoughtful whenever she spoke Popular wtth everyone a good cheerleader and always ready for a good tame JOHN PETRONCHAK Johnny A wise talker IS he who knows A good sport with a pleasing dlsposrtton MADELINE PIRRITINO Ma lhe gllt of galety may Itself be the greatest good fortune Quiet a good sport and nlce to know JOHN PERUN ALBERT PIZZI Cpme-D fUIl 12 A true companlon IS he who 1 e the Marne coast one long helps of need contnnuous bluff mOll Cute 0f1Cl O VGVY Q00Cl A ltkeable fellow who knows SDOVY has busmess ,..s It fx ' ' ,L Sn ll H , - H ' - ' . 'Q A ' J .J - , 42. , g 1 . L ' Q ,.fk.,fX f K gms. I ' r A I U I1 I P- CHM f' . I .Al ' -A P ' tag? ' 52' - 5 P 3' A -4 5- 'V A -- t f P ' - ' . .. ' N' ,, I P . if' . I i i ' W V 3 f 'f x ' - .I t my . eration in all things. 4 when to stop, ' ' , ' ' ' , H 4 f 4 A ri ' ' 3 ' ' d , .M ' H l I . , V .. . . , I , f . .. f 4 ,, . U ft . ' , , . , , I I F A . I i - 'A A .. A 2 , 4, F . np. ,. . , - .. H . . ul-,k , I ' Q , K S , ' ALBERT POETA Nothlng worrues htm nothing hurrles htm A frtendly fellow and easy to get along wtth THOMAS PRATT OG Too low they bulld who butld beneath the stars Never a dull moment never a sad story when Joe ts around ANDREW PRINCEVALLI Lover A thtng well done to cloy means less work to morrow A young man badly hut by Cupid s art MARY PIZZI CHESTER RAMOTOWSKI Pttza Chey O dflfk Itmfed m0'd Wlth Seek honor ttrst and pleasure Ifleftdlt' WOYS Ines not for behmd A DVSYIY bf'-Welle WITIW VSVY ex Friendly and very easy to get pfeSSIV9 EYES Qlong With W fn N W 'E LI' ...f LILLIAN REMUS The greatest truths are the stm plest so are the greatest men Friendly quiet pleasant to Icnow HELEN RICE Le ty Quiet and neat frlendly and sweet A good sport In a very qutet way and Indeed a great friend to have JOSEPH RICHARDSON Cpmej O6 I have a volce but why wear tt ou Sernous qutet and very slow on the move M, :P ELTHEA RAI-LIS BETTY RUBELMANN E sue 9 I have e hear, Wnh ,oem fe, In silence there ts a worth that every 'ey brlngs no rtslcs VIVGCIOUS and frtendly A neat QUIGI Gnd INGVTCIIY CIIWOYS dresser and a good companion 'QGCIY Wlth C' CI eeVY Qfeelmg and a smile M 29 i , YA Q,-71, n gggez. AI I M I H I . , .. ' ww I I I i ' Ic, ,T. J , . ' . f? ., Eadjf' A V 'yen '., ' Q ' ' ' Q . U v ' , . I 1 :Ar . . E , e 1 I H I ,- e I , lt 1 , I 11 lr v I v xx um L ' z I ' ' xl -4 - H, if, 5745 -- - - - It t. d ' . A -1 ,A H B I ' . wx' I . L' Y A JOSEPHINE SADLOWSKI Stosh CARMEN RUGGEH Gabby A falthful frlend rs the medlclne of lrfe An engaging smile and how that boy loves to talk' IRENE SASKA O5 Nothlng us so popular as krnd ness A nice personallty always has a smrle for everyone easy to get along with STANTON SAVELEWITZ Busy active full of fun Much has she undertaken much has she done Attractive and Intelligent that s our Jo JOSEPH SALERNO oe Stamp dance be nrmble an merry A good dancer a qolly drsposr tlon and always looking for a good trme ANTHONY SAMPIERI CPrneJ Gm Why work when play IS so much more fun Always smrllng and ready for mlschlef If there were no drffrcultres There would be no triumphs Conscrentlous and always smll Ing lukeable and unassumtng HERBERT SAVITT l-lerky The man who slts down to walt for a golden opportunrty to come along never has a comfortable walt Cute llkeable and one who heartrly enloys a poke swell company and very popular EDWARD SCALONE Bambino Give to the world the best you have and the best wnll come back to you A small energetic fellow wlth a wonderful sense of humor per sonalrty plus Babe 09 He eno s both work and fun h I l Y Glonous m 'S Gppare and has a smlle for everyone Gnzodheiipjekullallflalg fnendly Hardworkrng honest and san G C Cefe HE LESQTTSOU HARRET ISLOSS US Everyones friend and no one s enemy Let us then be up and doing Tallcative but always ready to With a heart for any fate help in the vicissntudes of others V'V0c'0'-'5 and peme has 0 QUY A swell fnend personality and sparkling eyes MARIO SCRIMENTI Mar e have forty million reasons for failure but not a single ex cuse A witty fellow with a most at tractive smile a good lad to have as a friend ADRIENNE SHARKEY Ade Good nature is one of the rich est fruits of personality Cute engaging smile talkative MARYLOU SHORTELL OU Full of cheer full of pep making fun at every step. ' Pretty full of fun- has a very JOHN SLOSS ack Its not the gay cloak makes the gentleman Soclable and well liked always in good humor EASTON SMITH Western I wish my deadly foe no worse Than want of friends and an empty purse Good natured and able to talce a mock Friendly and carefree GEORGE SNITZER Snitzy ' A wise mon reflects before he speaks. ' izossiir SINGLEY Bobby Don't leave for to-morrow what you can do to-day. Spirited iolcesteri always laugh- ingi with a pleasing disposition. Never fellow. ROBERT SNOW Pete Be always as merry as you can For no one delights in a sorrowful man. Good-natured, has a funny laugh and always willing to help out a friend. hurried this easy-going -.ff ' ANTOINETTE SPIVAK ODI O all the means to Insure happiness throughout the whole of lnfe by far the most Important as the acqunsltlon ol lrrends Petite and cute Frnendly quiet dlsposttton LOUISE STANLEY OU He that has patlence may com pass anything Always there when there IS a game to play A very optlmlstlc person JOHN STATKEVICH Cpmeb GW The face IS the Index of the mind Always on the rob lndustruous and ambltlous oEs2rs2uDE soLovvAv ANTHONY SUCHOWER Goldue UC A good heart IS better than all glgggng Vemuled nolhmg the heads In the world Q Always chattering but there S O Oulet ambuttous a loyal Frrend Ieosm Smile present member ol the Natnonal Guard p 9 new member ol Dramatic Club M 'W T EDITH SWAN Toots The smallest courtesles sweeten e Quiet frlendly and possessmg a swell dusposltuon ROGER TERRILL Beaver He most prevails who nobly dares Always happy when huntmg or s mg A smlle to match IS dnsposltlon EDWARD THOMAS CPmeD Eddle The reward ol a good deed ns to have done It Frlendly popular and a great basketball man SALLY STEEVES RONALD THOMAS CPmeD O 6 We are here to add what we When he comes nn mtschuel can to llfe beguns Very frlendly lull of lun Mlgqhrevous, always lolclng, ex always craclcmg golces tremely tallcatnve 32 T , -1 , f I .. .. .. f . f Lb I , C7 -as .. , - I - ,fs M a I ' nf - M- - H .f Engl , . , l K A apt: K 5' A R X ' 1 A ' - ' E I , K I iz-I . 1 . At Fibh' in ' If . . . ,,J ,, - ll . nr S 1 R d . .1 HAZEL T1NQLEy THEODORE VARTELAS Hole Greek The most mantfest slgn of was CWOWIHQ Old 'S UO mOf9Tl1Of1 0 gg, dom lS a contmual cheerfulness bfld l10b'TfWlT'Cl' G LUUSY VYIOV1 l1OS l l A very good natured and stud: no 'me O Om OJ5 ,qdmduql A good athlete always around VIVIAN TINNEY Those who know her est pralse her most Possessnng a frne sense of humor you wrll always fund anlmatton where she IS around WALTER TRELLA Cptnej Wa t QUIET unassumlng and well nked A steady fun lovlng lad and a loyal frtend to have NANCY TYMA Nance Whatever IS worth dolng at all ts worth donng well Likes to make friends llkes to TG where there s mtschtef f zz JEANNE VELMS '75 fi Jeannte A true frlend ns forever a frrend Ouuet but pleasant very friendly and helpful MILLICENT WALSH -1' , he touches nothing but she addsacharm Attractive and agreeable e empllftes cheerfulness and versa tl y ARLENE WARYCHA Plnky Farr thoughts and happy hours attend thee always Quiet shy and a true frrend 'IL IRENETTYSZKA ROYAL WENTWORTH CPrneD x 3 1 ,., .0 rsh Spooky l-ler world IS luke the sunshune, Why should l work when lrfe IS N always brtght so short l .,, Talkatlve, friendly, fun loving Cute, olwoyg on tho lookout for mischief fa I ,ag sf 5 , . I 33 A 1 , ,, ull 2. v my-1, - if r'ls T HWY.. , Q, W4 , g , .. . ., 7 A47 .. I .. ' 2 --My- I' - l A ' ,K i X. ' s 'lit . ' I' fl H A ff . , . ... . i I I I lk. ' ' ' ,lf -T BEVERLY WEST ev The truly generous is the truly wise Willing to give everyone a help ing hand friendly and with a smile for everyone ROBERT WOODFORD jimmy Diligent work malces a skillful Workman A quiet lad and one who makes friends easily ELEANOR WHITELEY e With a heart as great as the world but with no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong A friendly red head always happyandsmiling swf W ALBERT WILHELMY CPineD O Leisure is a fine time for doing something useful Outdoor type ambitious headed forthe top 33 x EDWARD WINKIS CPineD Ace The First sign of love is the last sign of wisdom. Tal likeable with a ready Smi e. E. BARBARA WOODFORD Bobs A , , I find earth not grey but rosy Heaven not grim but fair. Quiet but sociable with very expressive eyes. lk 34 JUNE WOROBEL Moo Fame is the scentless sunflower wit gaudy crown of gold But friendship is the breathing rose with sweetness in every o A very friendly person well liked by all JEANNE YOUNG Jeannie Life is short but there is always time for courtesy She has many friends and will gain many more A very quiet person RITA YOUNG Rusty Those smiling eyes portray a cheerful disposition. Quiet serious and not very talk- ative. Q11 U5 Swann per as peril ab an-sire: H1355 Qfolofg YU '52 'ahh mhffz SENICDR SUPERLATIVES ANSONIA HIGH SCHQOI. J If JJG ff 1 I If IJVQ I QQICI Ire fIII0Iv ear Q CJ 0 Q Pe Lo rome AIIJ e QIHIIIQ Jdrpm LOIS QQQCNQI G Iv IG Cl d Q L09 Q QC' :GCI QQI e pct DC PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL e I ccee IVIOSI Dom ICI OSI GMI Q P PI P959 Q IG AGC QISJ HC D 6 0'3- C I 'QQCIJIFQ 'Q 3 Wie' 2' LE '.'c1 ' :iii 1 ffe'c::1Ife '.'I,.'r,' ,I 'HQ T VF T: BIZ 'fix 1 zz' 5, 0I Q'm,fw ies' IQQP YQ Q GIG' 3 I3-GNC 3012 kI, Ic.1,nI'i'I Ie F'-Lf' WQQC- I jun 19 Qwajs JIIQ3' I I Lcpome 'QQQQI F 'cf I I7 I , I PLN Ifprffof I I I RoIIIIzs A QI AI II Inc, 'ZJIIJIE-f' PI I ' I3 ,, fzcme' my G I IQ, III M BJQIIQIOI, .A F , Nc SIGSI BIIIIH L, LII4 If IO S, zz IW , IIHQIIQQIII -'. 1Of' TIQIIIII-QI'f IOGIIIIQ: IQefI AIII 5,5 II A 'I 'mei' S ,I I3 I FFQI ' H P-D 'I 5' BQI IICWQIQ: Ben ug' ,H Ear wg 1 NCIS ei' ,1u:':g? ass 03 LN J 4 1 Xnox-us W-1 x AHS AICI1 M AC1 Sm 29 gig 11344, 13923151 y vt- s. mg W. ...AMX QM W.L3v,,,Q,,N.,, Y g 22131 NU HEFTI , iHigf'JgJ4 iimjljx Qou-an .MAN5 .4 .M MX, xx.. ..Q,.-Le, ,,, um! ,, 5r5i1V'fFUILV7yE1 .3.5i i,,ivii fi i f WTF ,FTW Ffflfffra ?wi 3 fgjQ k l fl ik ii ia-'Q 1 + Q 5 a- .4-Q ' 13555 VF?-T: ff a7T'ffFf NAME Virginia Adztma Lillian Aleskewich Margaret Alexander Lorraine Alu Sidney Androphy Adele Andrusko Marte Antinorella Carmen Asciutto Audrey Bacote Betty Balint Nicholas Barbera Louis Barbieri Delores Barnett Jean Bartolotta Alexander Bazyk I-Ierbert Bengtson Dino Bernardone Patricia Biandolillo Carleton Black Ralph Black William Black Louise Blazts Mary Boland Thelma Bosttc Joseph Bottone Robert Bradley George Brown Bernice Bruskin Harrington Burns Walter Bygott Anthony Carrubba Joseph Checkley Andrew Chernecky Janice Childs Arnold Chudoba ,lane Cichon Jean Collins Thomas Comcowtch Alice Comtch Jacqueline Compy Anna Conroy Edward Cook Delores Cooper Michael Coppola Muriel Cordett Joseph Coughltn Viola Craven Fred Culmo Joseph Culmo Lucille Daniels James DeLuca Morlorie Dillon Edward Dobbins CLASS MIRROR PET PHRASE Why sure' Listen honey' Oh toy Oh you beast' That s true What am I going to wear? Putrtd' Notch' Yeah' Oh' Shut up Oh gosh' logamo' Shame on yo Are you kidding Emergencies only Whats the matter7 Get out of here' Kebttz it' I feel for yo Beat it bum' Same difference' Notch' That s sharp' Golly' Listen to that' I have to be home early' I-loly cow' Supersonic' lt s tough' Oh brother' l dont know' Prove that statement' Take it easy' No kidding I Il smash yo No hector dino' By gosh' Yes it s good' Oh Yeah' Gee Whiz' Oh nuts' Oh toy' Dont lose you' Oh brother' Cu tt out will y And you know' Put in on Em O I l'Iuba I-luba' You know' Oh yes' Oh yeah Brother' Dont lose you Dont lose yo LIKES Dancing The Blue leans Classical music Food and cars Dramatic movies Dancing Dancing Sport reports Music Photography Food Good times Dancing Singing School Movies People Everyone Hunting and Fishing Music and sports Sports Dancing Drawing Flowers Sports Basketball Dancing Classical music Red heads Arguments Sports Brooklyn Dodgers Larry Bowling Sweets Sports Sports Music and Art Everything Pond Point Airplanes Music and Drawing Sports Basketball Sports GFI Baseball Football Movies Blondes Sports Sports 38 DISLIKES Conceited people Nickname Lilly Concettea people Llnfriendly people Brooklyn Dodgers Schedules and budgets Conceited people U S History Nothing Conceited people Movies and dancing Liquor A quiet classroom Snobs Nothing Nothing School Work Sarcastic people Machine shop Waiting around Concetted people Work Greedy people Insects School Geometry Concert Crowds Sophisticated people Nothing Doing nothing Work Cokes Crooks Loud people Snobbish people School Schedule I Conceited people Conceited people om Waiting Being inactive Unreliable people Phontes Crowded places Tennis I-Iotheads Noisy people Sophisticated girls Shorthand School FUTURE OCCUPATION Private Secretary Legal Secretary r-wousewtle Pianist Merchant Nurse Housewife Printer Secretary Housewife Army Air Force Dentist Hairdresser Model Interpreter U S Navy Janitor Dancer Barber Forester Draftsman Teacher Legal Secretary Artist Florist Man of leisure Engineer Medical Secretary Artist 'J S Marines U S Marines Electrician Writer Medical Secretary Bowling proprietor Secretary Physical Ed Teacher Laborer Stenographer Commercial Teacher Secretary I ot Receptionist Engineer Reporter Sports Writer Housewife Baseball Pitcher Football Coach Singer Auto Mechanic Teacher Grocer I . Q . , . , . . . ' , . Bill ' ' ' I n . . , U! . . , . . 7 . . l , . . ul ' Mona Brach . Classical music Loud people Doctor I I 4 . , , . , ! , . . , U! . . I . , V . . , I n . I h , , . I I . - - I . . . R . p.l . ' . I , O! . . , . . . U T . , , . . h. B . I - . . . . . . . I ! ' ' ul NAME Lots Doda john Donovan josephtne Dorso Wtlltom Dudley Thomas Duncan Frances Dworktn jean Edwards Andrew Fstwan Albert Falc Rosarto Fama john Fedors Frances Feducta Nora Fttzgerald Beatrtce Fountatne Gtno Gasbarrt Loretta Gavttt Wtlltam Gertak Allred Gerwatowskt Lots Gessner Frank Gtardtna Patrtcta Gordon Robert Gordon Dems Grady john Grous josephtne Guerrtert Arlene I-larrtson john Hartnett Altce I-Iealy Mtldred I'-lelmertch Kartn I-Iultgren Donald I-lylwa Donald A I-Iylwa I-Iarrtet I-Iylwa Betty Ireland Donald jaekle Altce jecusco Wtlltam johnson Patrtcta jones Kent josephson Chester Karabetntkoll Walter Karpovvtch I-larry Katzman Robert Kelman Ohn Kung I-lelen Ktngston john Ktsyk Frank Kneen Morton Kochanowsky joseph Koshes Fredertck Kucetlco Patrtcta Kucher Stanley Kucher Samuel Kushwara june I.aPornte Loretta LaRovera Marton Lembo PET Pl-IRASE Oh gee' Aw boloney jeepers' Oh Gee' Knock tt oll' Serve towels Oh Ftne' JOY' JOY Is that rtg Don t lose tt' I ll see ou I-I s Bells jeepers' Ye tt s good All rtght' Oh really What s up? I-loly Cow' Son a ma gum Don t lose tt' I-Iey you know what7 Ye Gods and Ltttle Ftshes' I don t gtve a darn' Oh my achtng back' What? Dorn toottn' Who knows7 Oh gosh' Don t fool around' Never repeat' Go get tt' Knock tt oll' I-loly jerusalem' I don t know I-Iorse leathers' Wanna bet7 I don t know' Oh great' Thats Iogtca Shame on yo Smtle when you say that' I m runntng thts show' Ye gods' LIKES New jersey Sports To eat Sports Sports jelly Sortdvvtches Square Danctng Sports Gtr s Gtr s Sports Betng lazy Clothes oys Sports Mustc Sports Vacattons Mustc Records Men To Argue People tn general Sports Rrtnce Badrrttnton Baseball Mustc oey Peanut Butter Good food I-lockey Clothes Danctng Good food Derby Motor boat ractng U S Coast Guard Classtcal Mustc Danctng Polkas Sports Vacattons and sports What cha mean telly bean? Danctng Is that rtght'7 What s the dtllererce7 Thats a goodte' Ltsten here fella' je ne sats pas' Any day now Whats the rnatter7 Don t be a dummy Thats rrght Really' Gee whtz' That s true' To loaf Outdoor sports Dartctng Danctng Everythtng Gtr s Coolctng Frshtng Gtr s Ptckles Sports 39 DISLIKES Concetted people Gtrls who smoke Publtc scenes Stuck up people Work Concetted people Nothtng Concet ed people School Show olls Long dresses Overly sweet people Homework Concetted people I-Iomework Double negattves It-lomework Sports Double negattves Worktng Two laced people Schedule I Work Work Nothtrtg Snakes Long sktrts Norse Snakes I-ltgh heels wtth bobby socks Rah Roh Gtrls I-lomevvork Gaudy ltpsttck Nothtng Cucumbers Mocktng Homework Ansonta Popular mustc Agttators Showolls Carrytng books Stully schoolrooms Untntelltgent gtrls I-lomework Readtng I-larrtlet Notsy gtrls Starchy people Concetted people Long dresses Watttng I-Iorses Gombltng Mondays Nothrng Scratcny blackboards FUTURE OCCUPATION Secretary Denttst I-'lousewtle Sports B oadcaster Laborer Dental I-lygtentst Rrtvate Secretary Army Arr Force Factory Worker Auto Tvlechantc Doctor Nurse Nurse Rhystcal Ed Teacher Mechantc Mustc Teacher Mechantc Farmer Mustc Teacher Taxt Drtver Bachelormatd Accountant Grocery Store Manager Mtlttary Servtce I-lousewtle Social Worker Phystcal Instructor Stnger lmlousewtle Dental I-Iygtentst FB I Man Mechantcal Engtneer Nurse Secretary Engtneer I-Iousewtfe Merchant Nurse Psychtatrtst Radto techntctan Sotlor Sports wrtter Vetertnartan Mechontcal destgner Nurse Master machtntst Engtneer Nurse West Rotnt Play boy I-Iousewtle Satlor Mechanrc Dress destgner Olltce worker Nurse I I , , . I I 't E ' ht? ' I , I I . . , . I P , Y I ell' . ' s, ' ' . B ' . I 4 fp . . . . . U , ' J Q Marion I-Iosko Oh, darn' Music Nothing Secretary . l . . It -A . S. , . , ul ' ' ' ' J ' I t - ' ' ' ' - ' f ' t, ' ' , ' I ' ' ' I Bttt ' NAME George Lestw Alan Ltndholm Fred Ltttlelohn Jean Lombard: Carl Love Edward Lyszkowskt Darts Madtgosky Nancylee Madorno Anthony Manttnt Frances Marcel Grace Marchese Gloria Marcus Francts Marganskt Rosemarie Martln Theresa Martonak Michael Mastrostmone Rtchard Mayo Lorraine McCarthy Francus McDonnel Joan McDonnell Kaye McNamara Alexander McW1lltams Edward Merancy Rtchard Merskl Sophle Mttek Gladys Muller Angelo Mtrabtle Jeanne Mltton Alexander Moscardlnt George Mudry Ill Geraldine Murphy Jean Myers Thomas Natowtch Eugene Navetskl Helen O Donnell Carol Olderman Peggy O Nell Corrtne Onofrto Anamarle Pantalone Thomas Pantalone Darts Parker Estelle Pawlak Joan Pepe Jack Perun Mlldred Peters Glorta Petrnc John Petronchak Madeltne Ptrruttno Albert Ptzzt Mary Ptzzt Albert Poeta Thomas Pratt Andrew Prtncevallx Elthea Rallts Chester Ramotowskt Ltlltan Remus Helen Rtce Joseph Rtchardson PET PHRASE Dummy up I dont know' Are you ktddtng You know' Lets sktp today Dont lose y What' Oh golly Holy cow' Oh shut up Drop dead' That s mean I don t know I don t know You bug Oh yeah' Dont lose you Come on' How do madame' Don t forget to wrtte Aw' go on You punk' Oh yeah' You re nuts' Oh Sugar' Horse feathers' Anyttme Oh Fme' You dear boy' Here goes' All right' It s a r ot' Hey brtght boy Oh yeah' Yeah' What a character' You know' No Ile' Oh Crane' So what' Coax me a ltttle but Thats what you thunk' Naturally' Yah' Get out of here' Mama Mta' Oh come now' Do tell' Who cares' I am t squeallng Can t see rt' Notch' Why? Oh tt s beauttlul' Walt a minute' Nuts' You don t soy That s what you thunk' LIKES Sports Gtr s All sports Odd foods Money Flshlng and hunttng Baton twtrllng Horseback rtdmg Mustc Naugatuck A good tame Mustc All sports Dodgers Dancing Sports Sports and music Sports Outdoor sports lce skattng Dancing Lauren Bacall Sports and music Good ttmes Crocheting Baseball To eat Eattng Drlvlng Mechantcal Operattons Aptzza Danctng Dancing Radto To eat French frles Swlmmtng Mustc lce skattng and dancing Sports Sports Dancnng Basketball Mustc Sweets Sports Sports Sptke Jones Football Commodore Hu Sports Baseball JO JO Sports Baseball Mustc Sammy and sewmg Westerns 40 DISLIKES Wtse guys Schools Speeches Gaudy tewelry School Work Llnlrtendly people azz Danctng Notsy people Gossoptng people Hats School Getttng up early Ram Gtr s Poor sports Concelted people Long dresses Norse Homework Wise guys Work Shakespeare Crabby people Concetted people Women haters Concetted people Mocktng Homework Work Tardy people Nothlng Concett To watt Unpredtctable people School Mondays Loud people Notsy persons Wrtttng letters Concetted people Soccer Work War ptctures Work Work Humorless people Nothtng Vactllattng people School Behavrortsts The army Concerts Crabby netghbors Nothtng Snobbtsh people Work F 'JTURE OCCUPATION Electrrctan Truck drtver Sportsman Dress designer Pharmacist Sport shop Secretary Oxford polnttctan Carpenter Nurse Model Medical Secretary Engtneer Secretary Housewtfe Servtceman Physlcal Ed Instructor Hatrdresser Radio Technician Housewtle Medtcal Secretary Draftsman Muslctan Dentist Stenographer Nurse Beachcomber Secretary Comedtan Tradesman Pharmactst Recepttontst Ll S Navy Pharmactst Housewtle French teacher Housewrfe Secretary Fashton Deslgner Machtnlst Secretary Nurse Nurse Mustctan Typist Commerclal Fteld Accountant Nurse Machtnrst Nurse Man about town Radlo Broadcaster To marry Jo Secretary LI S Navy Prtvate Secretary lntertor Decorator Theatre Manager . . , . . 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' l ' ' V ' I 1? I Oh, ' . ' ' . . Oh! F A , Oh, ,.,. Oh, ' right' ' ' ' . . . . Oh, y h. - ill ' , , I A I . . , CLASS HISTORY four eventful years ago on a sunny day ID Sep tember whIch sIgnIfIed the opentng of new vIstas to a brIllIant assemblage of fearless youth we, the Class of forty EIght bravely advanced to the ranlc of Freshmen ID the Ansonta HIgh School Unhlce many classes that had preceded us, we were un daunted by the new surroundIngs and unfamIlIar Instructors WIshIng to demonstrate our prowess and Independence, we proceeded to try to show our teachers that we were mature CITIZGDS of the world and needed none of thetr Instructton, but we were soon put In our proper places Settltng uncomfortably on the bottom rung of the scholastIc ladder, we opened the school year by choosIng our leaders to guIde us through the fnrst mazes of thIs new adventure, oseph Koshes betng se lected as our ftrst presIdent The Cbserver whlch was to proftt greatly from our resourceful mInds durtng the next four years, added to ITS staff PatrIcIa BIondolIllo Robert Kelman, Geraldtne Murphy joan Pepe and Thomas Pratt Although as freshmen, we dId not shIne parttcularly In the athletIc program, wIth the exceptIon of Blll Dudley s belng chosen for the regular varslty basleetball squad, when It came to the HIgh School band we reatly atded Mr Rorell In malang It a very success ul season from our freshman class Carleton Blaclc, George Brown, MIchael Coppola, Robert Gordon Kent osephson, Robert Kelman, ohn KIng lorIa Marcus, Edward Merancy, ohn Perun and Stanton SavelewItz became members and practIcally all of them have served wIth the As the last few days of our fIfSl year at hIgh school drew slowly to an end, we anxtously loolced forward to FGTUFDIDQ as Sophomores the followlng September When after a splendId summers va COTIOD that heart STIFFIHQ tIme fInally arrIved, we assumed our new tItle, upper classmen wIth great prIde, whIch lasted only untIl we had gaIned our ftrst glImpse of a few of those self esteemed characters, called Sentors However we WIST fully loolced forward to the OCCOSION when we too could assume that coveted tItle and stroll through the halls wIth that same appearance of nonchalance and superIorIty A closely contested electIon culmtnated In the chotce of the followIng offtcers for our Sophomore year MIchael Coppola, presIdent, Grace Marchese, VIC9 presIdent, oseph Koshes, secre tary, and Geraldme Murphy treasurer Added to the Observer staff were VIrgInIa Adztma, Gear e Brown, Mtchael Coppola, Mu ruel Cordett, atrIcIa Gordon, Robert Gordon, Kent osephson and Marton Kochanowslcy whIle Herbert Bengtson and Robert Snow became affIlIated wIth the band ln football, 1948 was represented by LOUIS BarbIerI oseph Culmo WIllIOm Dudley Thomas Duncan, Donald Jaelcle fred Ltttletohn and Teddy Vartelas ln the baslcetball season l.ouIs Barbtert, Bll Dudley and Tommy Duncan dId the honors for the Sophomore class, whIle BIII Dudley and Fred LIttle Iohn IoIned up wIth the baseball squad IU the SprIng ln the formatIon of a TennIs team under the dIrectIorI of Mr VIcarI, tl was almost strtctly a Sophomore combInatIon wIth Herbert Bengtson Robert Gordon, Kent osephson Stanton Savele wItz, Herbert Savttt, Easton SmIth ana Robert Snow malctng up the squad The DramatIc Club presented ITS annual offertng Days Wlthout Daddy and Included In the cast were Herbert Bengtson, Harrtngton Burns MI chael Co pola, LoIs Gessner, Robert Gordon and Herbert avItt The annual publtc spealcIn contest Included Mona Brach and Robert ordon who was awarded thIrd prtze for hts efforts ln a contest sponsored by the Women s AUXIlIGfY of the Veterans of foreI n Wars on What Can I Do for My Country the IVST prIze was awarded to osephtne Sadlowsla whlle l.ouIse Blazts won second place ln the MemorIal Day Assembly the varled mustcal talent possessed by the class was dIsplayed In a vocal selectIon by AlIce Healey a pIano solo by l.oIs Gessner and a vIolIn solo y ohn Archte Fedors Once more we slowly and unsurely reached the end ofa memorable year at school l.oolcIng baclc Important part of our development Many new frlendshtps were formed and old ones strengthened we had slowly become orIentated to new Sched ules and were serIously fGCIDQ two more years of aspIrIng to the Ideals exemplIfIed In our school motto VerItas, studIum, fIdes wIth a fuller realIzatIon of the truth of Bacon s words Knowledge IS Power As leaders for thIs very Important unIor year we selected Fred LIttleIohn as presIdent, Geraldlne Murphy vtce prestdent, Thomas Duncan, secre tary, and VIola Craven, treasurer Now neartng the zenIth of perfectIon, the Ob server augmented Its dIstInguIshed staff wIth Loutse BlGZIS, Altce ComIch, MOYIOU Hoslco, Nancylee Madorno osephtne SGdlOWSliI, Stanton Savelewttz, Edward calone and eanne Velms It was not long after school opened that we made the selectIon of our class rtngs, and after re CSIVIDQ them we set out on the valn taslc of con vltnctng the SGDIOTS that ours were far SUDSFIOF to t etrs ln football our class was represented very ably by oseph Culmo, Wtlltam Dudley, Thomas Duncan, fred l.IttleIohn and Teddy Vartelas AddIng to the Interest of the football season as usual the ADSODIG HIgh Band dId llS part wIth the large number of veteran unIor members, to whose ranlcs Herbert Savrtt was added and among the ener A - T I V t . ' . . . I J I I I i ' ' ' ' ' ' , J 1 I .I . . , .l .l . I G . Q J , band during the past four years. to those first two years we see that they formed an - , n 1 . t J I Q I I . I I , ' A , .I J I I . . I . . . , . I . - V J . getuc and peppy cheerleaders doung such a fune lob at each game were ean Colluns Rosemarue Martun, oan McDonnell and Geraldune Murphy ln baslcet all Bull Dudley, Tommy Duncan and Teddy Vartelas were agaun a valuable addutuon to the squad un baseball Dudley, Luttleuohn and Carl Love dud theur share un malcung ut a good season The Tennus team wuth uts usual large mauoruty of unuors was under the durectuon of Mr Clarlc ln the publuc spealcun contest held un the Sprung Mona Brach Herby avutt Robert Gordon and Robert Kelman represented our class Gordon was awarded Qnd pruze, whule Kelman garnered the thurd pruze Later un the year commuttees were appounted for the preparatuon of the unuor Senuor receptuon As a result of theur fauthful and undustruous efforts both ,lunuors and Senuors enuoyed an evenung of merrument and an occasuon recalled by all wuth the most pleasant of memorues Chosen to represent our school at Nutmeg Gurls State at the Fort Trumbull branch of the Llnuversuty of Connectucut was Geraldune Murphy The two boys selected to attend Nutmeg Boys State, also at Fort Trumbull, were Kent A osephson and Fred Luttleuohn ounung un the Class Day ceremonues near the close of our thurd year, we antucupated the heart sturrung fact that on our return we would be full fled ed Senuors Resolutely we determuned to dou le our efforts to malce the last months of our hugh school career well worth whule Returnung as dugnufued and august Senuors for our fourth and funal year un Ansonua Hugh Fred Ltttle lohn, presudent, Geraldune Murphy Vuce presu dent, oseph Koshes, secretary, and une La Pounte, treasurer, were the classmates puclced to manage our affaurs durung the last lap of our school career To head the Observer staff as edttor tn chuef, Kent osephson was selected, to be ably assusted by Geraldune Murphy as Luterary Edutor, and Robert Gordon as Busuness Manager, Muss Erucson and Mr Martorano actung as Faculty Advusors Shortly after the opening of school the Senuors almost unanumously agreed to have a year boolc and later ut was announced that Geraldune Murphy and Kent Josephson had been appounted edutor un chuef and busuness manager respectuvely Mr Ryan was the Faculty Advusor un charge of uts prepa ratuon Durung the football season 48 greatly added to the athletuc laurels already gauned by AHS Tommy Duncan and Fred Luttleuohn served as co captauns, and on the squad were Louus Barbueru, Tommy Comcowuch, oe Culmo, Donald Dulce Hylwa, Robert Kelman, George Lesuw and Teddy Vartelas Harry LIME Katzman proved to be a capable and valuable manager for Mr arvus The cheerleaders thus season uncluded ean Col luns, Rosemarue Martun, oan McDonnell, Geraldune Murphy Anamarue Pantalone, Glorua Petruc and Harruet Sloss A new attractuon was added for the furst tume by the appearance of the baton twurlers uncludung Lorraune Alu une Lapounte Dorus Madugoslcy and une Worobel The band wull be sadly depleted un une when about '15 senuor members are lost to ut by gradua tuon, most of them veterans of four years servuce The annual D A R award made to the gurl possessung outstandung qualutues of leadershup dependabuluty patruotusm and loyalty was well meruted by thus year s recupuent, Geraldune Murphy At an untermural conference held un New Haven to duscuss the partutuon of lndua, Ansonua was effec tuvely represented by Patrucua Buondolullo Muchael Coppola ohn Donovan, Robert Gordon, Maruon Hoslco, ent osephson, Robert Kelman Nancylee Madorno, Geraldune Murphy oan Pepe and Vurgunua Adzuma Thus year the Dramatuc Club got really energetuc and presented two plays furst Moonlught for Herbert un the tall wuth patrucua uondolullo Mona Brach Harrungton Burns, Muchael Coppola, ohn Fedors, Lous Gessner, Herbert Savutt and Ant ony Suchower as members of the cast And durung the Sprung the second lay, Tommy , was guven wuth Adele Andruslco, ouus Barbueru, ohn Dono van, Lous Gessner, Donald Jaekle, Walter Karpo wuch and une Lapounte lendung theur talents to malce ut an outstandung success ln an untercuty radlo debate held un Derby Hugh School on the questuon Can We Beat lnflatuon , AHS was represented by Robert Kelman, wuth Muchael Coppola actung as alternate ful, endun wuth AHS gettung unto the state tourna ment at t e Arena un New Haven Durung the playdowns we defeated West Haven 50 40 tn the quarter funals we won a decuded vuctory over Brudgeport Central 45 40, only to lose to Hull house un the semufunals 48 39 The Senuors malcung theur funal appearance as hoopsters were Tommy Comcowuch Bull Dudley, Tommy Duncan, Fred Luttleuohn and Teddy Vartelas Vartelas won a place on the all tournament second team Gradually we realuzed that tempus celeruter et tacute fugut A great dusappountment was felt by all the Senuors when the decusuon was made by the authorutues that there would be no trup thus year to our Natuon s Caputal Then un these ftnal weelcs our thoughts turned to many matters of vttal unterest, the publuc spealcung contest, the Senuor Assembly the Senuor Prom, the unuor Senuor Receptuon, Class Day and funally graduatuon utself After four years of lastung, enloyable companuon shups wuth schoolmates and beneflcual, unspurung assocuatuons wuth unstructors, we have reached the clumax ofa peruod un our luves whuch wull alwavs fondly exust un future remunuscences Sadly but gratefully, we extend suncere thanlcs to Mr Pren dergast and all the faculty members, who have patuently and effucuently guuded us through these years Ansonua Hugh School the Class of Forty Eught bud thee a fond farewell as they progress ad astra per aspera A, J .ul .H . A I. .U , 4 A . IJ ,I . . K , .. ul u 1 5' 1-1 '- . . . . - n . The basketball season was exceptionally success- .Qu 4 1 - -- 4 -' . I '. I- .' -. rf .1 ' u r ,J f ' 't R ,Q 2. l Af iqnrcx CLASS HISTORY Pursusrvumsuuf-xu On the night of une 16 T948 thurty eught seniors un all will graduate from the Pune Manual Traunung School and proceed to make theur places un the worla The graduation exercises wull mark the end of a period of four five or more years of toul, headaches and sacrufuces durung which the cla s dwindled from 85 to 38 boys The remaunung students however after diligent study and hard work have finally reached the zenuth of theur hugh school careers and are ready to embark upon the ocean of socuety as untellugent well trained young men ln September, 1944 our tumud group faced Mr Ruddy un the Mechanical Draw ing room with scared and fearful faces As we looked around we saw that the faculty was composed of such ru ged undu vuduals as Doc Conklin, Mr ottsegen e c We were then assigned to our home aduusted to our work and learned that the teachers were more friendly than we had previously thought Class electuons were held and the suc cessful candidates assumed theur respective offices Many of the boys made the honor roll havung receuved passung marks Wonders will never ceasel During the muddle of the year Mr Ruddy resigned hus position as principal and Mr Stevens assumed hus duties for the remaun der of the year ln the Public Speaking Contest Carmen Ascuutto represented our class and did a fine uob The year passed rapidly and soon ut was tume for the Class Day exercise at which tume some of the boys were awarded em blems for scholarshup and cutuzenshup After Class Day ut was only a matter of days before we were all happily enuoyung our summer vacation Soon, after a well earned vacatuon we were back to the rooms of Pune with the udea un mind to do better than the previous year 1948 This tume we were addressed by our new pruncupal Mr joseph McGee and were assigned to our rooms Our class officers for thus year were Michael Mastrosumone Rresudent Royal Wentworth Vice Rresudent, Walter Trella Secretary Treasurer Qur athletucally munded class formed basketball and baseball teams, being suc cessful un both sports Gur class was rep resented on the football squad with Wul luam Black Donald Hylwa, Alexander McWulluams Thomas Rantalone, Edward Wunkus Allen Webb Albert Wulhelmy and Francis McDonnell ln the Public Speak :ng Contest our class was well represented by Carmen Ascuutto About thus tume we selected the shop that we decided to master during our next two years Thus was a hard chouce as all whule ln the Machine Shop a new tur ret lathe was unstalled and thus gave the boys un that shop a chance to work at a mass productuon machune ln the Auto Shop the boys were allowed to brun theur cars to make repaurs The une Rrunt shop supplied the duplomas and class day programs The Woodworkuna shop made chaurs smokin stands and crubbage boards for the Red ross and the Mechan ucal Drawing class made the blue prunts for many prouects Another credut awarded our class was to have Charles Montefusco picked as a leader in sports and cutuzenshup for achuevung thus honor he was sent on a trip to the Fort Trumbull branch of Conn University to take part un the State Boys Week Because ut was such an unterestung year the months seemed to fly by and before we knew ut, it was une and tume for Class Day when our class receuved scholarshup and cutuzenshup awards Followung a fine summer vacatuon we re turned as unuors to learn that our class had dumunushed by three for various reasons ' Ttfpimw I I ' I . I T I I ' V -A I F T I . .. . I , . I . S . I, . , ' 1 1 U A I - . I A - - A ' I I I . . l . ' I ' . I I . T . . , rooms and within a short time we became of the shops were interesting and worth- n T H u ' ' 8 in I . ' .E Y , . . . T . 1 . I . . , - Q S, L -Q..-ai We assembled as usual for the tnurd tume un the Nlechanucal Drawung room where our pruncupal Mr McGee gave an enlughtenung tallc We were then baclc to our studues and as upper classmen we thought we could coast through the rest of our hugh school course Thus was the turnung pount un our careers un the Pune Hugh School We were no longer nousy, unsettled Sophomores, but calm and dugnufued unuors Qur offucers for the year were Edward Coolc Presudent, Walter Trella, Vuce Dresudent, Alexander McWulluams, Secre tary Treasurer The boys all assumed the dufferent shops that they had prevuously chosen and started to worlc un earnest Assustung Coach arvus un a successful season of football were Wulluam Blaclc Donald l'lylwa Alexander McWulluams, francus McDonnell Thomas pantalone, Allen Webb Albert Wulhelmy and Ed ward Wunlcus At the end of the season Tom Pantalone was elected one of the co captauns for the 47 48 campaugn we were represented by francus fVlcDon nell and Carmen Ascuutto who gave a fune showung although they won no pruzes Durung the year our classes were unter rupted for a bruef peruod of tume when the teachung staff went out on strulce when theur demand for hugher wages was re used As the end of the year drew near the annual unuor Senuor receptuon was guven, an affaur always loolced forward to wuth greatantucupatuon At last came une and Class Day wuth all the boys anxuously awautung the summer vacatuon wuth the Senuor year un vuew ln September the boys of our class were all travellung the well worn and well lcnown paths to the Pune School The class assembled as usual un the Mechanucal Drawung room where ut was addressed by Pruncupal McGee The boys were then durected to theur proper classes and puclced up where they had left off last year un theur shops The football season was un progress now and our class was represented by Alexander lVlcWulluams, Edward Wunlcus Albert Wulhelmy and Tom Pantalone iAx Hallowe en wasnt for off by now and our class was plannung a dance The necessary commuttees were elected and the preparatuons were soon un full swung The commuttees all dud theur worlc well, especually the decoratuna and the adver tusung commuttee The dance came off as planned and was quute successful It the other years went by quuclcly, the Senuor year seemed to fly Before we lcnew ut 'lhanlcsguvung Chrustmas, New Years and Easter were behund us and we were movung to the end of our Senuor year We who wrute thus feel that we repre sent the general opunuon of the class when we say that all un all, these years have been the most pleasant four years of our luves followung are some of the most recent events whuch had a place un our dauly school curruculum Now that Sprung weather us here agaun we hope the senuor boys enuoy theur stroll to the hugh school audutoruum twuce a weele to attend senuor musuc where they blend theur beau tuful vouces wuth those of the senuors from the Ansonua l-lugh School Au the wrutung of thus hustory a commuttee from Pune us busuly engaged tryung to secure some of the more talented boys, of whuch there are many to talce part un the annual Senuor Assembly Both schools are co operatung un tryung to malce theur affaur a success As thus goes to press we are all anxuously loolcung forward to the unuor Senuor receptuon and the Senuor Prom, the maun socual events of the season Plans for the annual class outung are stortung to formu late and the affaur us practucally certaun to be a success Coolc, Ruchardson, Bazylc and Gerualc have made many contrubutuons and as susted greatly un Pune s share of malcung thus year boolc a success ln conclusuon, we wush to thanlc the teachung staff and Muss Roche for theur understandung and lcund cooperatuon dur ung our tume un the school, and ut us largely because of them that Pune boys are unu versally lcnown as fune boys Wulluam Blaclc .,-- L AJ'-if INLHMNG . .. J , - ' . V u ' I u , s s , C D. This year in the Public Speaking Contest A l ' u . ' ' -l'iprgf'4Slg-.5 E TESTAME ASS 9 We the members of the Class of 'I948 ol the Ansonra l'lrgh School rn the Crty ol Ansonra New Haven County State of onnectrcut supposedly ot sound mrnd an understandrng hereby proclarm thrs to be our last wrll and testament FIRSTLY To Mr Prendergast we leave our deep apprecratron lor hrs unlarlrng personal rnter est and krndly attrtude rn handlrng our prob Iems durrng the three years ot our school career under hrm SECONDLY Io Mr Ryan our able advrsor we leave our most srnce e thanks for hrs untrrrng ehforts rn helprng to determrne the success of our yearbook TI-IIRDLY Io Mrss Ray we leave a Ieelrng of per sonal Irrendshrp for all her krndnesses and patrence rn sprte ot the rnnumerable trmes we have bothered her wrth our petty prob ems Io our rnstructors to help lessen therr sad ness at our departure we eave the knowl edge that Iuture members of our Icrmrlres wrll soon be comrng along to take up the torch of Iearnrng that we are about to relrnqursh so regretlully and who In therr own small way wuII attempt to Frll the vord we are Ieavrng behrnd us FIFTI-ILY To our faculty we leave the Iollowrng rndrvrdual rtems I Io Mr Arthur a standardrzed scale of prrces rn the caleterra to lessen the mental strarn of hrs mathematrcal computatron of rndrvrdual lunches Q 'Io Moss Booth a soundproot Irbrary 3 Io Mrss Brodre the grand prrze of a radro program a home complete wrth elec trrca applrances etc a start rn future home makrng plans 4 To Mr Clark best wrshes for a success trI and co operatrve drcrnatrc club for T948 5 To Mr omcovvrch our regret at hrs resrgnatron as assrstant coach after these many years but our srncere best wrshes to hrm tor every success rn hrs new posrtron as prrncrpal of the unror I-Irgh Cchool 7 6 Io Mrss Conklrn the hope that a branch of St Elrzabeth College wrll be founded rn Connectrcut rn the very near future 7 Io Mrss Crrbbrns a new and relrable clock tor her trmrng processes 8 To Mrss Errcson a Ioud speakrng system to rntorm her second perrod Senrors rust what she expects them to do 9 Io Mrss Hennessey the hope that some Burck doctor can Irnd a surtable prescrrp tron to relreve the wrnter cough from whrch her car horn seems to suffer durrng each cold spell IO Io Mr I'lrIbrsh our congratulatrons on the elhcrent manner rn whrch he handles the numerous problems connected wrth our arh Ietrc program II Io Mrss Kennedy the latest edrtron of the Emrly Post Book on Etrquette for the beneht of her Irtth perrod mathematrcs class 'IQ Io Mass Lane the hope that she can persuade Mr Gottsegen to supply her wrth some cupboards for that long desrred storage space 'I3 Io Mr Manley the fulfrllment ol hrs hearts desrre namely a 'I948 Ford complete I4 Io Mr Martorano congratulatrons on hrs new posrtron as Faculty Busrness Advrsor for the Qbserver wrth the hope that he wrll be blessed wrth as elfrcrent a stahl from the Class ot 'I949 as he has had Irom the Class of T948 I5 Io Mrss Marvrn a supply of false Irngernarls to replace those broken dur ng the gym perrods thus encouragrng the more darnty of the members to engage rn the varr ous class games 'I6 'Io Mrss McNamara some new records for her typrng classes 'I7 Io Mass Monahan new quarters for her bookroom and an elhctent catalogutng system I8 Io Mtss Nason a long summer vaca tron rn her beloved Marne tree from the cares and worrres ot the cateterra 'IQ To Mr Newhall new test tubes and an rnexhaustrble supply of laboratory equrp ment to replace those so mysterrously drsap pearrng Q0 To Mr porell best wrshes that he wrll be able to Frll the valuable vacanc es Iett rn hts band wrth the departure of the august Senrors TH LAST WILL AND NT CL OF 1 48 rourarewzg A T T ' I i I I f I I I ' I ' Hi, .-as I' her ' I Y THBA 9'I To Mass Prackett a new arttfacaal eye and specamen tanks for her Baology classes QQ Io Mrs Fraeda Iurschmann Rackham congratulataons and best washes for many years of happy marraed Iafe Q3 Io Mr Ryan a Senaor class that wall shatter has unbroken twenty fave year trada taon by knowang all the raght answers to the raght questtons the farst tame Q4 To Mass Ryan the gaft of a four leaf clover a rabbats foot a horseshoe and a prayer that her beloved Dodgers wall have better luck an the I948 season clamaxang at wath the clanchang of the Nataonal pennant Q5 Io Mass Schoonmaker doors an her classroom and corrador that wall operate by remote control Q6 To Mr Stewart pads of detentaon sltps for has Senaor boys as a gentle 7 re mlnder to brang thear gym equtpment to CICISS Q7 Io Mass Upton, a welcome to the Ansonaa I-lagh Faculty as our darector of art Q8 Io Mr Vacara an allustrated guade to the World s Most Pacturesque Spots as an ancentave and atd to future travelang SIXTI-ILY We also make the folaowang andavadual bequests I Gerry Murphys abalatv to garner As to Dorothy Morgan Q Peggy Q Neal s anfectaous Irash smale to oyce Shea 3 Mary Bolands tatle of Rusty to Doro thy Goodall 4 I-Ierky Savatt s noasy talkataveness to Whazzer Webb 5 Bullet Dudleys good looks to ammy Q Connell and has physaque to Vannae Drake 6 Bernae Kelmans argumentataveness to Zeke Zuraw 7 ackae Donovans cuteness to Carl Aaello 8 Marao Scramenta s curly locks to Buddy DeRosa 9 Bunny Marganskas school garl com plexaon to Wall Kearan 'IO The roles of Romeo and ulaet so ably played by Jojo and Andy to Barbara Mackae wacz and Robert Shortell 'I'I Eddae Scalone s babyashness to Johnny P oska 'IQ Re Re Martans flartataousness to Doras Young - sf--fuvx..-. I3 oseph Salernos dancang abalaty to Make Stanko I4 I'l Burns dagnaty to oseph Kaza kavage 'I5 Donald aekle s art of wearang clothes well to Walter Kozey I6 ean Bartolottas heaght and genaal dasposataon to oan Landholm 'I7 Cheechae Culmo s atomtc energy on the football faeld to Mouse Vellturo 'I8 Angae Marabales shyness to Marty yan 'I9 Gloraa Petrac s athletac abalaty to essae Grova Q0 Stretch osephsons heaght to Eu gene Gabaanella and has scholastac abalaty to any unaor thankang hamself capable of equal ang at QI Beaver Ierrall s love of the great outdoors to Red Gavatt QQ To Co captaans Vannae Drake and Dazzy Dean our best washes for a very successful 1948 season Q3 osephane Dorsos well worn copaes of Good I-Iousekeepang tolngrad I-Iultgren Q4 Sonny Boy Androphy s enormous capacaty for food to Vannae Drake Q5 To the ,Iunaors we leave our reputa taon by unanimous agreement Of the Faculty as the most stupendously brallaant, wade awake and eager to learn class ever to grace these halls of Iearnang Q6 To the Sophomores we leave our abalaty to chasel more pencals and paper than any other class an the hastory of the A l'l S LASTLY We hereby oppoant Mr Frank Ryan sole executor of thas our last wall and testament Watnessed under our hand and seal at Ansonaa I-lagh School, Caty of Ansonaa, County of New Haven State of Connectacut, on thas saxteenth day of une an the year of our Lord, one thousand nane hundred and forty eaght SIGNED VVINKEN BLINKEN NOD TH Bun-n I ati V g J , y V . 1 I- .HV --J Y- ,t '- i 1 Q I U' .. c, . . . .I NIJ I -.,U -A A -4 .wa - I. A A F -H. H I, I .. IJ.. IZ' I . I 2 417 lin-K LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF 1948 PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL We the members ol the class of 1948 ot the Charles I-I Pune Manual Irarnrng School sttuated tn Ansonta New I-laven county State ol Connecttcut Unrted States ol Amertca berng physuctally 7 and mentally 7 balanced do make our last vwll ana testament Article I Sectton I lo the Charles I-I pane Manual Iratntng School we leave our hne record lo the ohhce we leave a mechanlcal Ire detector to vertly the doubtful ex cuses Io the woodworktng shop we leave a Iew natls to start the new addtttons to the school over Mr I-Ialltgan s and Mr Ktely s shops Io the auto shop we leave a turnsttle lor the doorway so that the tolls on tralhc through the shop wlll help pay lor badly needed tools Io the prtnt shop we leave a set ol doors wrth translucent glass to keep the boys from looktng at the gurls ln the sewtng room Io the machtne shop we leave a vacuum cleaning system to make the Sopho mores happy lo the mechantcal drawtng room we leave a walkte talkte so that Mr 'lo the cooktng class we leave some Arr Wnck so the odors wont make us hungry during the classes Ar rce ll Furthermore we the Class of 'I948 make the Iollowtng bequests to the Iaculty whom we have so grudgtngly obeyed durtng the past Iour years Sectton I l -lo Mr McGee we leave our stncere gratttude and best washes lor the best posstble future Io Mr arvts we leave an our condtttontng system so that he wtll not freeze out hrs class alter the lunch period Io Mr Conklrn we leave a lone ranger pedometer to keep track ol the mules he walks between the two schools lo Mr lVlcLoughItn we leave a reserved seat on the mornrng arrlrner from New I-Iaven to Ansonta Io lVlr Flynn we leave a hot tmp when the stock markets are gotng to drop Io Mr Comcowuch a book on I-low to be an Ideal prtnctpal lo Mr Roche a new patr ol overalls so he wall look sharp when he goes to work at G E Io Mass Roche an asststant secretary so she won t have to work so hard Io Mr Gottsegen we leave a parr at elevator shoes so he wrll be able to look hrs tall students rn the eye Io Mr Ialalltgan we leave one ol DeLuca s cars Ia Mr Crook we leave the love at those outstandtng characters Kusyk and Statkevtch Io Mr Banks we leave a portable gasolrne stove so he can have a warm shop on wrnter mornrngs f 1jiS TMR L 0 VNS? 'Y Y 1 if' it 5 I 1 1 1 ll 1 t V ' it . V I 1 t 1. . , . Q4 . . - 4. W ' . 54 , . . 6. ' - McLoughlin won t have to shout to the boys at the rear ol the room. 8' Q . I . , tt I 3. , ' 4. . b 5. . . . 6. . ' , 'I 7. . , 8. , , I . 9. . AIO. . ' . tl .Q , CIQI - . , 1f s 2 M ' NZ-1741.-K 1 ,fs j lo Mr Ktely we leave an engraved humtdor for has everlasting supply of cigars To Mr Q Connell we leave a vacuum cleaning system for the Pune School To Mr Burns we leave a prtvate tax: for servnce between the two schools so he will be on tnme for has various classes To Mr Stevens we leave our good will Artlc e lll The Class of 1948 does hereby malce the followung bequests to those hereafter mentnoned We leave lfucher s stze to Donny Sorrentt McWtlltam s record of tardtness to anyone who can brealc tt Wtlhelmy and Blaclc s abtltty In mechanlcal drawung to Brunnoclc Bygott s ablllty to get along wuth Mr Flynn to Cerrttellt Checlcley s way of gettlng along with Mr Banks to Sands lo the future students of Mr arvls fur coats To the faculty of Pune School we leave a larger men s room so that the a s won t be ftlled wtth smolce when they open the door lrella s trousers are left to Buclcy Howard for an overcoat Mudry s abtllty to get along wtth Mr Gottsegen ns left to Farmer Lepeslca Gerwatoslct s shoes to anyone who can Ftll them Mastroslmone s cuteness ts left to Massert pantalone s athletic abtllty ts left to Sparlcs Camtllerl Carrubba sabnlnty to argue wtth Mr McGee ts left to Knuclcles Gtammarto McDonnell s flashy tues are left to Mr arvts Arnold Chudoba s abtltty to go ftshtng on school days ts left to Dtzzy Dean Bazylc s physique ts left to Muscles Muller Bottone s qutetness ns left to Broolcs Rlchardson s drtvtng abtltty ts left to Qscar Coolc s ushering ablltty IS left to Murray The art of blowtng bubbles by Gino ts left to Astor Bostlc Sardo s and Kusalco s mechanucal abtlnty ts left to Kelly and l-lennessey Mayo s one ftnger typtng abultty as left to his brother Norman Soty Fama s bottle of hatr tomc and rake are left to ohn Thomas Kushwara s super phrases are left to Mumbles Brunnoclc Manttnx s mustcal ablltty IS left to Red Grady Red Thomas and Sampler: s drawtng abtlnty us left to Knepple Asclutto and Natowtch s danctng abtlrty IS left to Dapper Dan Kozar and Lady Killer Whalen Colonel pnzzt s mtlttary expenence and abtltty nn the Natnonal Guards are left to Tech Sergeant l-lnggnns Scavone s car ns left to anyone wtth a strong baclc and a good hand for pushnng Eddy Thomas s share In the Tax: Lunch ns left to Astor Bosttc Wtnlcts road map to Waterbury ts left to Red Thorpe Statlcevtch s drag tn the Machine Shop ts left to Yeztlc Ktsylc s RUSSIOD sweater as left to Allan Thomson Gerlalc s Broad Street slang ts left to Dorosh if ' I .J ', . , h 4' ' h It ' . ' .J .' - Tran LOWNMKYAN A H S HONOR RUPILS '1- ORADUATION SPEAKERS CA H S , C1 GC CTO O jOSEPi-NNE SADLOWSKI DCJTUYOYOHGV1 GERALDINE MURPHY jOAN PEPE CLASS DAY SPEAKERS CAHSD Aluce Comudw Kem osephso Pctrlc O Gordon Rot C G B ofwdolullo Sfom1omSo ele Mo O Kodomowsky 2 'V x 4' sr ' A .X ! l Vi U wr -1 ' ' VIRGINIA ADZIMA J H i Tl I I . v WHZ FN U . 50 PINE I-IIGI-I HGNOR PUPILS P e V Ied to WILLIAM BLACK Sol toto ALBERT WILI-IEIVIY GRADUATION SPEAKERS CLASS DAY SPEAKERS 51 John K sylc R Cho d Mayo Som el If sI'1w Edwo CI Cook WIII om Ge oIc Edwo d Tho G C in D G ic rion U rion Cpineb i i r U U or r ' i ri r mos Umor Class Qffucers of Pune Manual Tramrng School President Paul MITSOLCOS Vice President ohn Dean Secretary Treasu rer ohm Sweet AHS. Presraem Robert DZIOOIIC Vice President oyce Shea Secretary Mlchael Sfanlco Treasurer Nncolene Pefrnc 52 r JUNIOR CLASS J. AI-IS. Presrdent Peter Motel Vnce Presldem Susan Boylan Secretary ames Fntzgerald Treasurer Constance CuImo SOPHOMORE CLASS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presldent James IVIItsaIcos Vice President William Kelly Secretary 'Ireasu rer George Raslavslcy . J Q 53 PINE MANUAL TRAINING president I2lcI'1ard Gilbert Vice President Anthony Calm: Secretary Treasurer Edward Grady A.I-IS, President ConneIIy Stevenson Vlce Presndent George Antinarella Secretary Treasurer Eleanor I-Iealey ESHMAN CLA 54 FR SS GQ '4 1 K-la 9 SNA in N ZNJX fl f 5? 6 Q M f X 'SYN EI! Kiiilgiij 1Q5i4,j !F 7: ' ,, 1 'El ' , H N' Ag? X . y , diy ,W MY' v ,FQbxXx qigax gf NQf'TT A' QXXN X 1 W NNW y GQ x..LA.,zu.,L..Cj ' 22? FOCTBALL '32 4 I- 4, . The 1947 lootball season ended fairly successfully with a record of six wins and three defeats. For the first time in many years l'lillhouse of New l-laven was added to our schedule. The team was led by the co-captains Tommy Duncan, Freddy Littleiohn and Tommy Pantalone. Vinnie Drake s superb kicking, passing and running earned him a place on the mythical all-state team, while Tommy Duncan, Al Webb and joe Culmo were given honorable mention. Ansonia piled up l4'l points as compared with 70 for their opponents. Alan Webb was individual high-scorer ol the team, being credited with 65 out ol the total 'l4'l points. Vinnie Drake placed second with 33 points. COACHES AND CO-CAPTAINS Left to right: Assistant Coach, William Scull Comcowich. Co-captains: Freddy Littleiohn, Tommy Pantalone and Tommy Duncan. Coach: Charles Boots ,larvis. JY . an ANSONlA 13 SHELTON 6 Ansonia opened the sea- son by defeating Shelton High in a closely contested game in which Shelton did not give up trying until the last whistle sounded, the game ending with Shelton held lor two downs right on the goal line. The most outstanding event ol the game was a 53 yard touch- down pass lrom Drake to Webb, who incidentally did all the scorin for the Laven- der. ln the Erst period alter Drake had intercepted o pass Whizzer made the First tally on a QO yard scamper around right end, in the second period the score re- sulted lrom Drake's sensa- tional pass which Webb gathered on the 7th and continued untouc 4 across the goal line. Scoring: TD. Webb CQD XP. Webb x ANSONIA 7 TORRINGTON 6 Thrs game proved to be a thrrllrng and rnterestrng event wrth the determrned Torrrngton combrnatron keeprng the Lavender trorlrng 6 O untrl the last few mrnutes of play Torrrngton scored rts tally rn the Qnd perrod on an rnter cepted pass on Ansonra s 38 On a poor Torrrngton punt to therr own QB Vrnnre Drake tossed a pass to Dzradrk who ot as far as the 4 yard lrne where he was stopped Here rake went over the lrne on a quarterback sneak wrth Webb placekrckrng the extra pornt whrch gave Ansonra the one pornt margrn for vrctory Scorrng TD Drake X P Webb ANSONIA 32 CROSBY O The game wrth Crosby proved to be a touchdown parade for the Lavender grvrng them an rmpressrve vrctory over Crosby and therr thrrd successrve wrn of the season l the openrng perrod the frrst score occurred after a fumble was recovered by Drzzy Dean followed by a pass from Drake to Lepeska on the 8 yard lrne wrth a run around end by Webb ln the second perrod Webb made rt two rn a row on a 9 yard scamper around end ln the thrrd perrod rn a trrple reverse from Barley to Drake to Webb Whrzzer Webb rushed the ball 55 yards to the 34 yard lrne After a Q5 yard thrust by Drake Webb and Lrttlerohn Freddy pushed the ball over for the thrrd tally ln the frnal perrod two more scores were added after an rntercepted pass by Barbr rr followed by Drakes 31 yard pass to Lepeska rn the end zone The frnal score of the game occurred after another Crosby fumble when Freshman Bam Barley slanted through tackle and wove hrs way across the goal lrne Scorrng T D Webb Q Lepeska Lrttlerohn Barley XP Webb Lrttlerohn ANSONIA O STAMFORD 18 Ansonra s wrnnrng streak recerved a severe set back at the hands of Stamford s unbeaten eleven and rt also marked the frrst Ansonra shutout suffered rn fourteen contests Cloeta DeVrto and Gardella were the day s stars on the Stamford eleven Some features of the game were the blockrng of Smrths drop krck and also the blockrng of Drakes punt Another was Drakes rnterceptron of De Vrto s pass rn the 4th perrod whrch garn was soon offset by a Lavender fumble ANSONIA 26 CENTRAL 7 Ansonra resumed rts vrctory strrde rn a sweeprng Q6 7 vrctory over Brrdgeport Central Trarlrng 7 6 at rntermrs sron they struck for two scores rn the thrrd perrod and added a fourth rn the frnal quarto to clrnch the encounter Wrth frve mrnutes remarnrng rn the Qnd perrod on an rntercepted pass by Duncan Whrzzer Webb dashed 43 yards behrnd a screen of blockers to regrster the Lavender s frrst touchdown ln the second half the Lavender machrne rolled rnto hrgh gear wrth a terrrfrc offensrve Webb took the krck on hrs own 'TO yard lrne and raced to Central s 16 before berng hauled down from behrnd A15 yard penalty ensued and Drake pegged an aerral to Wrnkrs who tucked rt away for o touchdown Cn a poor krck by Central to therr T9 yard lrne Webb and Drake moved the ball to the 7th and rn two more plays Drake rammed thru center for the thrrd tally Webb started the 4th perrod wrth an rntercepted pass on Ansonra s 26 Drake and Comcowrch moved the ball to the 44 for a frrst down and then Webb streaked 51 yards fora touchdown Scorrng T D Webb 9 Drake Wrnkrs X P Webb Q ANSONIA 6 NEW LONDON BULKELY 7 The New London Bulkeley Whalers staged one ofthe maror upsets rn state grrdrron crrcles by therr unexpected vrctory over the Lavender holdrng them nrne trmes rnsrde therr own '15 yard lrne The one brrght spot durrng the entrre contest came rn the frrst perrod when Speedy Webb broke over the Whalers rrght srde cut back up the mrddle and raced 57 yards to pay drrt for what was to be Ansonra s lone tally of the game Thrs set up was started when Vrnnre Drake recovered a New London fumble on the Lavender 47 yard lrne The maror portron of the game was played deep rn the New London terrrtory where An sonra threatened trme and trme agarn but rust could not sustarn the drrves long enough to score Scorrng T D Webb ANSONIA 'I8 HILLI-TOUSE Q0 ln the frrst game between these two teams rn many years the decrdrng factor was the questron of the extra pornts Ansonra mrssrng all three trres and l-lrllhouse convertrng two out of rts three and thus assurrng rtself of a vrctory The frrst perrod Hrllhouse scorrng occurred when Lynch rntercepted Drakes pass and later when Grrffrn blocked Drake s punt f-lowever Ansonra struck back furrously and Drake heaved a magnrfrcent 45 yard pass to Webb on the 3'lst and the Lavender speedster sprrnted to the frrst from where Drake bucked over for the score On Drakes rnterceptron ofa l lrllhouse pass on the 40 and a run back to the opponents Q4 yard lrne rt was followed by a re markable pass to Wrnkrs rn the end zone ln the thrrd perrod on o recovered fumble on the l-lrllhouse Q5 Drake unleashed an aerral to Dzradrk on the 'lQth who scompered to the 4th and then Drake plunged over for hrs second score ofthe game ANSONIA 33 NAUGATUCK 6 Combrnrng a hard runnrng attack wrth trmely passrng the Lavender had lrttle trouble rn powerrn rts way to the 33 6 wrn over Naugatuck s Greyhounds he only score of the vrsrtors was agarnst the local reserves rn the fadrng mrnutes of play Vrn Drake was the outstandrng player rn thrs Turkey Day contest scoring once tossrng two touchdown passes and helprng set up the other scores wrth hrs smashrng runs l-le also added the three extra pornts by hrs lrne plunges AI Webb scored twrce once from the 4 yard lrne andthe other when on the recervrng end of an 'I8 yard pass from Drake Lrttlerohn and Comcowrch also added a touchdown each Scorrng T D Webb Q Drake Lrttlerohn Comco wrch X P Drake 3 ANSONIA 6 DERBY O Thrs trme honored Valley classrc was played December 6th after berng postponed from rts re ular date due to bad weather The game was played un er the most harrowrng weather condrtrons here rn Q5 years a brrght sun meltrng the rce encrusted playrng su face and turnrng rt rnto a quagmrre Ansonra early showed rts physrcal superrorrty by the tackle thumprng bolts of Drake and the knrfrng thrusts of AI Webb Three passes by Drake to Webb for T3 yards to Comcowrch for 'IQ yards and one to Wrnkrs carry rng the ball to Derbys 13 were nullrfred by a fumble re covered by Bursmato of the Derby team On heaves to Webb and Wrnkrs arded by a 15 yard penalty vs Derby for roughness Webb managed to score the lone tally from one yard out Scorrng T D Webb . I . . . . n . A ' 35 V - U ' C 72 i ' ' i T ' - ' N ' swings: TD. Dforeqsp, Wrnkrs 4' A t - f ' T' ' 33 - - l R Di i ' ' f - , . . , ' ' - C 5 ry, ,N .. rp ni.. 57 'R THOMAS CQMCQWICH Tommy showed hrs versattltty by playtng both end and half baclc LQUIS BARBIERI l.ou was handicapped by weak anlcles au una the past football season but when Lou was given an opportuntty to Flash hrs abtltty e ata wen A sure taclder and a glue hngered pass catcher Tommy came through at crucial moments Bestdes football Tommy ts also a guard on the basketball team THOMAS DUNCAN Co captaun and center Tommy played a stellar garre all season Ltght but rugged hrs detenstve playtng saved many a tough sttua tton Tom made the All Valley team and receuved honorable mentton on the All State team Tom ts also a guard and a good one on the basketball team JOSEPH CULMO A mtghty atoml Cheech has been a hard rugged football player for four seasons l-lts abtllty ts best descrlbed by saying he made the All Valley team two years and recetved honorable mention on thus year s All State team 58 DQNALD HYLWA Bug touglw Q00 pound D l4e ployed lus best lootboll when tronslerred by tlwe cooclwes to o ouord posmon A rnree yeor mon be will be lword To reploce RQBERT KELMAN Bobby us smoll lor o lnnemon but overcome tlms bonducop by lword clworgung oggressnye lootboll ond lwls lxglwtnng lweort would no? yleld even when plagued by o slmoulder nnlury lx oEol2oE LEsuw George rs onollwer of our QOO pound lrnemen Due to on eorly seoson onlcle rnlury lwe sow only lumnteo servrce flwns yeor but wlwen used lwe ployed the QOfTIGTOll19lIl'TlIl FREDERICK LITTLEJOHN Co coptoun ond lullboclc Freddy lnos been Q vorsrly performer lor tlwree yeors l'lrs defensive worlc os lrne boclcer up of times wos sensotlonol Freddy ns o three letter mon lor besides lootboll he as cn guord on the bosketboll leom ond o pIlCl IeV In boseboll 59 0 , I - A A L , 'I l s . -2 i f ff I I I ' 0 Qin -Fm ALEX MCWILLIAMS A big rugged lineman McWilliams played his best Football dur ing the past fall His worlc in the l'lillhouse and Naugy games was out tan irg THOMAS PANTALONE A serious knee iniury early in the season handicapped Co captain Pantalone for the greater part ofthe season Though able to play but little Tom showed his school spirit by encouraging his teammates daily at practice and during games TEDDY VARTELAS Teddy is a two sports man playing football and baslcetball During this year s baslcetball season Ted established a Naugatuck Valley League record by scoring 38 points against Wilby EDWARD WINKIS Ed was onthe receiving end ol many ol Dralce's sensational passes. When points were needed badly, Ed would be sent into the game to be onthe receiving end ot one of Ansonia's deceptive passes. 60 1 ,I Il .- W fi hw- 1-r 'ix 7 2' ld Q :WN 5 l' 9 is ph' y A Y ' 4 , JVM ik W, 0 . V.-'iq' i ., nf' '35 - L14 1 1 G 3 uw' f'-51 -Jqri ' .1 '1 , g. - fl QM, A - uv . x ,,' 3. 2 Q. W 1 . 1 g, 2- 'Cz N ef' Iffur SCHEDULE Ansonla Alumnn Ansonta Wtlby Ansonna Shelton Ansonla Torrnngton Ansonla Stamford Ansonna Commercial Ansonla Norwood A C Ansonta Commercial Ansonla Leavenworth Ansonta Derby BASKETBALL HAROLD ALLEN a fleet footed hoopster to loolc for In the years to come only a Sophomore but has per formed l1l4e a veteran RONALD BAILEY a highly touted Freshman to bear vvatchlng a fancy drtbbler and possessed of a deadly eye for the baslcet WALTER BELSKE a sux footer who wtll be troublesome to foes next season has pnclced up skull and expernence nn hts two years of playnng THOMAS CQMCOVVTCT-l dangerous set shot cager hrs deft maneuvers on the de fense as well as nn dtrecttng the passtng attaclc malce htm a vttal asset to has team s success VINCENT DRAKE a l'lam l'lands thunderbolt on the court a maglctan with the ball who ts an expert under both boards plus being a chtef potnt malcer WILLIAM DUDLEY pos sesses a great plvot shot from the buclcet or from euther side of the hoop descrtbed as the guy wtth Ice tn hts venns Bull bows out after four years of brtlllant varstty Ansonna Ansonua Ansonta Ansonna Ansonta Ansonta Ansonua Ansonta Ansonta Ansonta Crosby l-ltllhouse Torrxngton Crosby Naugatuclc Stamford Naugatuclc Derby Wnlby l-lnllhouse ig' potnt malcnng THOMAS DUNCAN team stabnltzer an Ideal type of team player a superlattve defenstve cog and artful play malcer ROBERT DZIADTK rugged performer on the court does a bang up tob under the boards along wtth has deft play malcnng FRED LITTLE OHN a demon on the defense who can also de morallze the opposttton wtth a neat one hander from an close TEDDY VARTELAS a sux footer and a bundle of baslcetball brtlltance leadtng scorer nn the Naugatuclc Valley League shattered the one game cnrcuut marlm wtth a 38 point effort In the opener ,ICT-TN VELL TURQ the tnreless ltttle forward who came on ltlce a house aflre early tn the season and has been tmprovtng nn everv game snnce ALLAN WEBB a gtfted speed merchant with plenty of Ftght and hustle to go along with has defensuve abnltty -1 1 f fr T 1. 2 'IN 1?Qj'rf in Q53 'x 1 .fy f, msn. 5 . ,z x.,W. W . , . I gi ,bf v-1,3-M 'ffffef 21131, Q ,. , f Q 24 ?- .QQ W 'v',Qo'5f U ' ' , 8.9 .lv 1. U O -.n , Q' I 'I I BATON TWIRLERS ean Collins Geraldine Fitzgerald Rosemarie Martin oan McDonnell Geraldine Nlurpliy Anarnarie panlalone Gloria Petris .loyce Shea l-larriet Sloss Virginia Bygoft Ann Demancliylc lngrid l'lul1Qren une Lapointe Doris Madigoslcy Florence 'lpalernal une Worobel CHEERLEADERS 69 M Howord Ctorlc Sidney Androplwy Herbert Bengtson Robert Gordon Kent josepnson Allon Llndholm Stonton Sovelewutz Herbert Sovntt Easton Smuth Robert Snow Coach BASEBALL The A H S boseboll squod reporting ID response to the Furst colt for Sprung trolnlng TENNIS 4r.J- , PING PONG Lounse Erl Grace Marclnese Gloria petrnc Eleanor Wlnteley Paula Yudlcrn Flf1GlISf umor Sensor Badminton Tournament Finalist umor Senior ping Pong Tournament BADMINTON Patrncla Brondolullo acauellne Campy Murlel Cordett Lounse Erl Ruby Giles one Heavens Ruth Maroney Nancylee Madorno Mary Przzn Adrienne Slnarlcey Paula Yudlcln 71 1 .., . QJ ' 3 . 4LoisDoda 5 . 6 . 7J 8 9 TO 'l'l ' 'IQ ' ,,J.-. HoNos2Ar2Y BASKETBALL TEAM VOLLEY BALL Lnlluan Aleslcewnclw Audrey Bacofe ean Coll ns Allce Co lclm Beatr ce Foumc Loretta l.a Rovera oan McDonnell Gloria Petrus Mary pizza loseplwme Sadlowslm BASKETBALL VKJKNVHKUD ea Coll ns Rosemarie Marrm Gloria pefrlc GUARDS Lounse Blazus Lols Dada Beafrlce Founlam HCDNCDRARY VOLLEY BALL TEAM -ALM . AAA sl rx L Eleanor Vlfluileley sl I rn I ID l W Q 'gf' da-in ' ! We Af 'fa ,XE f G!! s 'Q d o I IL KXLXE! to 'Lg 0 eu? v 'W' X M 5, if.: HN ,JN vewi M1 53 Wig ' L 121150 . 'fxifsff' A E . , K! if Q5 .fm '2 -.0 X M 5. 9 . p, f j A i3 N' ' 1 f Q1 1 ' 'E e - 7 S' 'EQ' Q 'sr X f Y uf: ' , F Q ' ' 3' U ' d 2.-'1 ' .Ag ,.., ' X Q 5 J gk B- 5' L- 'I 1' - Em E Gaz 2 ff'--.DD QQ GN,-,H ' . I ' OBSERXER STAFF 1947 48 Edztar ln Chzef kent Josephson '48 Lzterary Edztar Geraldlne Murphy 48 4srzstant5 Patrlcla Blondollllo 48 MBYIOH Hosko 48 Josephlne Sadlowskl 48 Wllllam Kelran 49 joan Llndholm 49 Bernlce Maher 49 MHTIOU Wlnter, 49 Rose Marle Krueger JO Nancy Whlttum S0 School Nates Edztar Joan Pepe 48 Amtarls Loulse Blazls 48 Allce COmlCh 48 MHTIOH Kochanovyslty, '48 Elre Derbyshlre 49 Barbara Glttlng 49 Nlcollne Petrlc 49 Mary Lou Danlels JO John Kolakovyskl 50 Exchange Edztor Nancylee Madorno 48 Arszstants Gall Phlll1pS 49 Antonla C0mCOW1Ch SO Alumnz Edztor Patrlcla Gordon 48 Asszstants Dorothy Morgan 49 Dorothy Andrews S0 Athletzc Edztor Stanton Savelewltz 48 Asszstants Rlchard Levy 49 Phlllp Hllblsh JO Nlrglnla Adzlma '48 Business Manager Robert Gordon '48 lvlarlno De Rosa, 49 Charles Moore 49 MBFLID Ryan 49, John Skurat 49 Rocco DlL1slo JO Edward Morgan SO Allan Terrlll SO Freshmen John Adzlma Donald Maloney Dorothy Merancy, Connolly Stevenson Ievsell Taylor Mary West Typzsts Chzurman Lllllan Al6Sh6WlCh 48 Asszstant Chazfmen Jean Edwards 48 Josephlne Sadlowskl 48 Av.7zstanl.7 Margaret Alexander 48 Jane Clchon 48 Allce Comlch 48 Anna Conroy Maryorle Dlllon 48 LOIS Doda 48 Patrlcla Gordon 48 Mlldred Helmerlch Marlon Hosllo 48 Glorla 'Vlarcus 48 Rosemarle M3Yl1H 48 Jeanne Mltton lx ye 'VIcNamara 48 Anamarle Pantalone 48 Lllllan Remus 48 Betty Rubelmann Marx Lou Shortell 48 Jeanne Xelms 48 Eleanor VVhlteley 48 June Worobel Jean Young 48 Faculty Adzzsers MISS Ethel Erlcson Mr Henry Martorano . -. - . I 7 . V . . v , . 7 A .7 . K .. . . , 1 . , - . . , - . . . A 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 . ' 7, l ' 7 . ' ' 7 . 7 7 7 I 7 7 .. A 7' . ' , ' 7 7 7 A , 1 ' ' 7 A I 7 , ' ' . 1 . ' ' v . , ' 7- . , ' 1 5- 7 - 1 l , l 1 7 ' ' 7 7 ' 7 . . . . , I . . , 7 7 7 A 7 . . , . . , , ' 7 7 . 7 7 , 7 7 A 7 . . Y. , I 7 . . V , U .. . . ,, . ,. . . . 7 .7 7 7 7 A 7 . 1 7 A.ffltanfs, Herbert Bengtson, '48g Michael Coppola, '48g Thomas Pratt, '48g Edward Scalone, '48 ' 5 A 7 ' 7 ' 7 ' ' 7 ' 7 ' ' ' 7' . 7 7 . ' 7 7 7 7 7 7 I A 7 V7 7 , 7 1, y . . . . , . , 1 7 A I . . V , - . . , .7 7 7 7 -' '7 7'7 '7'77' '7'5A 7'487 ' ' ' 7 I ' 7 . ' ' 7 . ' ' 7 , 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 487 7 ' Y 7 . ' , 7 . . ' ' 7 , ' 7 . 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 437 'A . , ' 7 - ' 7 . ' ' 7 l 7 7 . M, - A 7 77 7 7 7 7 7487 . 7 . ' 7 . ' Q 7 . 7 . . 7 7 M7 7 7 7 7 437 , . 'I , A ' , . Sidney Androphy Franlc Asciutto Herbert Bengtson William Bennett Robert Biggs Carleton Blaclc George Brown Kenneth Burt Mary Callaghan Grace Camody Pasquale Collicelli Antonia Comcowich Michael Coppola George Croclaer Frances Cushner Elre Derbyshire Marino DeRosa ohn Dreher Thomas Dunning Marilyn Elko Mary foley ean Gabianetli Edwin Gerwatowslci Robert Gordon Robert Harold Catherine Hummell Kent osephson Neal osephson ohn King Edward Kobelais Tauber Kornblut Agnes Madden Donald Maloney Anthony Mantini Aaron Marcus lames Marino erris Martinez Richard Mayo Edward Merancy Barbara Miclcewich Gloria Marcus- Drum Maiorette Douglas A. Rorell - Director 75 ohn Rerun Gai Phillips Richard Rorell Angelo Quadrella Pasquale Ragaini Sanford Rich l.aVerne Rich Stantonsavelewitz l-lerbert Savitt Theodore Smayda Charles Smith Robert Snow Martin Soloway Connelly Stevenson William Stone Allen lerrill Nicholas Tyma Abraham Vaughn Vincent Wantroba A. H. S. BAND my J J J Jg bln J J J J J SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Robert Kelman Master ol Ceremomes GENERAL COMMITTEE eorge Brown Walter Bygott ames DeLuca rances Dworlcnn oseph Koshes une Lapolnte red Llttlelohn Rtchard Mayo Geraldlne Murph Albert Wtlhemy PROM ASSEMBLY prom Commlttee Class ol T948 Chatrman Ered Ltttlelohn Co Chanrrnan ames DeLuca GENERAL COMMITTEE Walter Bygott Mnchael Coppola Thomas Duncan Donald I-Iylwa Altce ecusco Kent osephson ,Ioseph Koshes une Lapotnte Rtchard Mayo Geraldtne Murphy I-Ierbert Savttt Anthony Suchower I J J I ' Maryplzzih G Q . J I . I I 'Q Y 76 MOONLIGHT FOR HERBERT presented by The AUSOHIO Hlgh SCT'lOOl DI'C1mCl'IC Tl-lE CAST Grder ol Appearance Beverly Rams Margaret Ram Mass Hepplewhlte Mrs Elltngton Lewis Felrx l-leldler Vuncent Farnsworth Sldney Rams Ulla Arnold ean Bressart Vtncent Farnsworth Mrs Tracy Mr Tnerney Director l'loward Clark SCENES A l A mud afternoon rn summer anet Northrop Lots Gessner Ga phllltps oan Lrndholm William Davldson Mtchael L Coppola ohn Fedors Patrtcna Btondollllo Mona A Brach l l larrrngton Burns Tern Goldloerg Anthony Suchower A II cene G e lfvennng the lollowung weelc Scene Two l.ate the lollcwnng afternoon Act lll The lollownng day ll Il Clft 5 'Q ..,,.,........,............,,.,...,. j E ' ' T'Tiliflffillflffffffl. tl -- I, 'H - ' .,.........,.,,.....,........... 'E ' 'llll fjffffllfllffiffTf'l . Herbert ......,.....,........,..............,.,.... l-lerbert Savitt ' ,...,...,....,.....,,.....r .,,...,.,... gl ij' .r.,..., ,....r.r , ...,, ..r. , ' ' j .....,.. r.,..,,.,....,.... . ,... . ' ,Sr ...,......... ...r...,.. J , . ,,..,,..... A ..... ..,........... ct - '- A . ct HS n 1 A , . VISUAL AIDS COMMITTEE Edward Anderson Herbert Bengtsan Frank Blaze Mrahael Culmo Mrp 'I947 'I948 Edward Grady Mrchael Scarpulla Donald Smnh ohn Sweet InIlpIf NewI1oII Foculty Advisor 78 I J CI1orIes DonieIczuIc Robert SneII, Chairman Dorothy Agos Lenla Anderson l-lelen Andrechu Adele Andruslco Barbara Bablonlca Patrncna Brondollllo Susan Boylan Adele Brelwe Bernuce Bruslcun Dorothy Danl4o Peggy Dowlung Mary Foley oan Goluna Lorraune Grant Supervisor Miss Bernadnr-e Groth Marre l-lonas Patrlcla l'lonas Gladys Muller eanne Muller Lrlluan Moran Ruth Moroney Peggy Q Nell Sylvna Qrzechowslcr Betty Parmalee Mary Ann pesto Gloria pe-1rlC Mary plzzl Barbara Ryan Edward Srpay 79 Frances S Nason lrene Saslca ldella Schrealver Delores Serevnch Gertrude Soloway l.llllan Spader Florence 'lalemal eanne Tanner lrene Thomas Evelyn lrngley une Worobel Anthony Dellavolpe John Dreher ames Fitzgerald Walter Karpowuch CAFETERIA STAFF . - . J . r J r Mrs Wllson Marte Thurber Bernard Mr Thurber Davxd Tuttlo Tommy Mnlls Judge Wilson TOMMY Scene The Luvnng Room of the Thurber Home mme A l Early evennng A II The same Two evenlngs later A t lll The same One hour later THE CAST Adele Andruslco une La Pointe Donald aelcle Lots Gessner Walter Karpovvach WlllIOm DOVIdSOn Directed by Mr Howard Clarlc 80 ohn Donovan Louns Barbuern H M T' :zu ct - ' ct - - ' C .- - ' .,.................,........ ,.... il ' Mrs.Thurber ........................,...,.....,, ' ' ....,,..,. ..............,,......,,.. sl -3' -qu ,su 'QE' J ivsfx-QL 15 1 'tin .1 tux LXIA 'IV' -w 6.-' g I I ' Za A f C .- if 4 'J + ' 4 1 34 x 3 . I 4 1 r n,, .b 4. -Q FN. 5 it ' -0 F' .Q-an-gsm' -S1 iw WJ! '-:Z x A A 'f,, -juan:-an '9 , 2 X 1' ,, , fv 1 1 X f .., x RN' ,Nl 5 I. R n ',,l -if 1 ,Ei - , f - 'z , fl' Q-ffilfl' ,.,- 3 Q ly-+. ' . -7' .r 1-qi ,. -' ---,I-'w A?: -ks , - -'- -, , . .1 .-.. fu l..f1Sg,'f..fv til.: fm' Q- 1 E 4 -Q-T l- .. 1, 5 'ak I ' X i , l L A - X' W..-fx .lgyt 1 J, H K9 ,whiny A ff' s. vvh- rw, 'L 4s n u L,-li X rl -..., x J' 1 ,, ... ,, X' ,X . v v ' Y, g , A .V N' , ' we. Lx , . V,,,. ,. f X . .Ka , . Q ' 9 .I ., : -K 59 'T f- fx' , , V . 5,5 .1 X, ,,.-. ,A ., A ix .- '4,,., .ll , ,, .'. J- As, 5 .1 'll K cf up . 1 W . 74 4. :M , . I . s ' 9,7 ngrd ,- 1'- 1 - 55 Q-54 of N 'Q-sQ- xi , ' X .I+ R xx ,vs 5 a 'I K wr 4 YL , , '44 ,uf 3552 H 'i v 20-pin X ' 'Y' JZINJQL ffl I I,-1..,. F! .7 Mild? 25 11 1 xx M? ni., Lf! 1 - its I 1 ASW ,fan Ci ' 4 'TY' F1 ,yin -A 'W 5 62 M D QQGQWQQQ HP ?N. -GK! af wi 5, ifff 's'-gi-?- k 21 r,,. exif ff , 5 x f ,YW fm, eg se Q - A F' J. wi, sf W. 4 is ' ff ff- 1 r 4 -N .V ' 35 Q -of 4 ' E JR 1 Q- M K .. .J OX wk- ' Q r 1 ' , X V ,f 0 4 X , I L NL 'fn 'f ! V5 A , f A, A A 5. + -i 4 bi ,mv 5112. 1 Qg In-v --. 'f ia 4 5-,Kg xi . '9' 1: 5 - ' xv'- ee C 5 if I , . ,fi 'KM V 4 1 5 'f K , f ' . ' ' 5- U . 339. Q f' f' .K Q A A, wb 1 Pa +5 . -- 2 eff,- 1 X X I X. Y f ef'- Hi HV 'Eff-.:., 9 JA, , L . 15 1 .f ,IN -AL .An l Q , H ' - QQ 5 ,sf f 'I .MFA ,, v t i. ul Li' 1 I 1 , ..... H 1 ,X 5 .Mil Q 4 s, , ,gk l I , -will f x Aff f ' x A ,9 any A DV ERTISI Nc: 5 A I f 15 X n, I 4 7 Hr + l f 1 j X MA 44 Wg W E l. L W l S l'l E R S Nr and lxfrs ohm G prenaergast r and Vt G ldlenmrta jo epltson lk r ana lxfrs Joseph A McGee lxfrss Aanes B Ray Nr Frank Ryan Mrss Mae Gallney Dr Anthony Alu Cnty Clerlc and Mrs Paul E Schumacher Alderman and Mrs Matthew Shortell and Susan Cnty lreasurer and Mrs Blass De-venport Mr and Mrs Samuel Qlderman Mr Rrchard Dumsrghott Representatrve and Mrs Frederrclr B Ruchter Representatrve Gregory Comrowreh Mr ahn Thaddeus Tsalronas Ansanra Vets and Met Co Eds Mr and Mrs Anthony Cleplalr Peppy Teens Sam Shuran Tarlorrng Shop Mr and Mrs Wrllram Edwards Mr and Mrs P Bondolrllo Dr and Mrs lryrna Yale and Famrly Mr and Mrs Samuel Lattes ana Alan ryr ana vtrs jorr Adzrrra 1 r and frs Pram lfoslte cmd Mrs Albert Rubelrronm l lenry Baruch lrolan Dry Cnooas Hudson umors Shorty s lax: Servrce and Mrs Mrchael Clderman and Mrs Sam Bruslcrn and Mrs ll4e Dworlan and Mrs Al Savelewrtz Dr and Mrs ohn Penehan Mr and Mrs Qsccr Solowcy McQuade s Pharmacy Sl1urFme Cleaners The Selecteens 'Xrlr ond Mrs Orr lmpelltterr Nlr and lsflrs Olwrt livortlfo Dr and Mrs l.outs Gans Rev and Mrs ultart A laylor 'Vl acob Bellrn Vkmay l-lrll G rls Club 90 Y r my A MA tr, A V S A , VA A Aft. rt A f s ml Mr A A r ' Mr A A J ' Cl1leloll3OliCeortdMrs, John JA Mahoney Mr Stanleyl Need A ' Mr A - A A . tytr A ' A - Mr A Q A A Mr, A ' .. - A AJ AJ A A . r As r A A M A AJ A A A A' r LJ A, A I A Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1948 from the Facultles of the ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL and PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHOOL Best wsh t he Class of 1948 f om the JUNIOR CLASS OF A Bt zbesto e Class of 1948 from the SOPHOMORE CLASS OF A H S 1948 f om the .IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Faculty and Students to the Class of 1948 from the A H S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION i es o t es w's th r . H. S. ' ' ' Congratulations and Good Lurle to Good Luck and Continued Success r 91 THE ANSONIA NATIONAL BANK AN SON IA CONNECTICUT THE EVENING SENTINEL YOUR HOME PAPER over 11 300 Net paad czrculation C overmg ANSON IA DERBY SHELTON ANSONIA LUMBER CO Inc Prompt Delnvernes of Lumber ALL KINDS READY ROOFING AND SHINGLES Dupont Patnts and Varmsbes THE HOWARD 8: BARBER COMPANY The Metropolitan Department Store of the NAUGATUCK VALLEY Ansoma Conn Phone 00 268 MAIN STREET DERBY CONN , SEYMOUR and OXFORD .9 O . y i 3 , 92 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the A H S Senlors of 1948 rom the BOARD OF EDUCATION JOHN M DZIADIK JUDGE OF PROBATE DISTRICT OF DERBY C om plxments o THOMAS J NELLIGAN MAYOR AN SONIA CONNECTICUT C om plzments A H S 1917 Harry Llftlg A H S 1921 Compliments o LESTER C MARK DONALD MARK A H S 1940 HOWARD MARK A H S 1946 Com pltments o THE GRIDIRON CLUB Let us all support and encourage A H S Atbletzcs 93 f ' f . of ' f George Liftig A. H. S. .1934 ' f The Shop of Progress and Sermce SECCOMBE S MEN S SHOP 46 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN S E C C O M B E S CLEANING and PRESSING 1 Holbrook Street Anson1a Conn Astor B Club Members extend Best Wishes and Good Fortune to the Best Wishes Gladys V Davis Director ASTOR B CLUB ALEX KARPOWICH 19 HIGH STREET Shoe Repamng Papers and Magazines Shoes Repalred While U Walt KALTEISSEN S MARKET CHARLES F ZIMMER, Prop Grocerzes Meats and Delrcatessen 268 Wakelee Avenue Phone LEWIS JEWELRY STORE LEWIS SCHPERO Pro przetor DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY 204 Mam Street Telephone 153 ANSONIA CONN Compliments o GEORGE S CONFECTIONERY 418 MAIN STREET Ansoma Connectlcut 94 9 9 9 . , i CS 99 'ff Outgoing Seniors of A. H. S. - 9 . . I . ' ' ' 969 ' f . . . 9 DERBY PURE FOOD SHOP 264 MAIN STREET PHONE 3035 Derby Connectlcut JEROLMAN MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Service SPORTSWEAR SPORTING AND ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT 172 Clifton Avenue Ansoma Conn Phone 3467 Delwery Servzce G O U M A S ROYAL FOOD STORE Inc Fme ualzty Meats and Grocerzes 171 No Mam Street Ansoma Conn Com hments o THETA BETA SIGMA Complzments o The Schoonmaker Drug Store GEORGE BARNICO Prop 410 Mam Street Ansoma Conn RALPH MANN 81 SONS Plumbmg Heatmg and An' Condztzomng ROCCO S APIZZA Subs Spagb liz A zzza Rocco BARBIER1 Prop Tel 633 125 Powe Street Ansoma Conn Complzmenls o WEITZ DRESSES Mam Street Ansoma Conn QOppos1te City Hallj I , . P ' f , . ' . . , . ' f f 37 High Street - Ansonia, Conn. . . , i 9 ' f ff lf - e ' - P' ' 252 ' ' , . . , - . ' . 95 Compliments o IOTA EPSILON FRANKLIN L CORDETT Mason Contractor and Builder Telephone 3766 150 ackson Street Ansonxa Conn Complzments 0 O S CAR CO H E N 134 136 Mam Street 9 Ansonla Connecttcut For Appltances of Qualzty G L A Z E R S ANSONIA APPLIANCE C om plzments o LEAR DRUG C0 Good Luck to all the Graduates of 1948 Wakelee Avenue Ansonla Conn JAMES S CHIRGWIN Grocerzes Con ecttonerzes 85 FRANKLIN STREET Ansonra Connecttcut GANS OIL C0 Inc Petroleum Products Tires and Tubes Phone 1526 21 BEAVER STREET ANSONIA, CONN Compliments 0 HIDE AWAY GRILLE Apzzza and Spaghetti ORDERS T0 TAKE OUT 13 Hxgh Street Telephone 3994 Ansonxa Connecticut 96 J ' , - ' f 9 - ' Tel. 63 'Iii- 51 Bridge Street Ansonia, Conn. ' f ' f I, I C om plzments o THE CAPITOL RESTAURANT 58 BRIDGE STREET Ansoma Connectlcut To the Class of 48 May Every Step zn Your Future Brmg You Happiness and Success THE CAPITOL SIGN CO HENRY MAl.Us Prop A050012 Connecucut Complzments o PETERSEN S MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone 160 9 Maple Street Ansonxa Conn JEFI' ERY S SERVICE STATION MOBIL PRODUCTS Battenes, T1res, Gas and O11 Telephone 5975 180 Wakelee Avenue Ansonla Conn F HALLOCK CO Since 1838 Farm Lawn Supplzes BPS Paznls Hardware M111 Supplies 116 Mann Street Derby Conn Ayoub s D1-:Luxe Confectlonery Where Frzends Meet' Groceries-Dellcatessen Fountam Servxce Frozen Foods Telephone 1156 199 Wakelee Avenue Ansoma Conn Compliments o The East Slde Greenhouses 72 N0 PROSPECT STREET Ansoma Connecucut L HERE S DeWYK 81 CO Ansoma Conn and Boston Mass En gmeers Macbznery and Tools Speclal Machmery for RUBBER AND METAL INDUSTRY . f 9 O , . . f X , 9 u . , . , . 9 . . , . re ' 1 . 9 ' . a ' f . ' . . . a -a 9 - -153 . 97 PALMER BROTHERS Mowng and Storage mm ATE muLRoAn smnxc Telephone 5359 6 Bank Street Ansoma Conn MADORN O AGENCY REAL ESTATE dtld INSURANCE Country Homes a Specialty OXFORD CENTER Tel Sey 2 91 Best Wrshes rom NAVETSKI S MARKET 284 No Mam Street A050013 Conn Complzments 0 THETA OMEGA CHI NOVIN SKY BROTHERS PRINTERS 7 Maple Street Ansonla Conn Tel 3079 Complzments o M W RIORDAN CO ,Inc DRY GOODS 174 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Telephone 678 E S GORDY 81 CO Inc A Complete Insurance Serwce Maxn Street Ansoma Conn Compliments o PRESTO LUNCH 10 BANK STREET ANSONIA CONNECTICUT . . 6 ' f f 9 . . ., . Sporting Goods and Trophies . El 9 ' . l 3 I f ' f 98 PALACE OF SWEETS uality is the Secret o Good Taste VONETES BROTHERS Ansoma Conn Derby Conn AN SON IA FURNITURE Complete Home Furmsbmgs 200 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONNECTICUT Compliments o ALEXANDER S HARDWARE Alex Donofrro Pro p 4 MAPLE STREET ANSONIA CONN Telephone 3031 Wztb C om plzm ents The Androphy Electric Co VICTOR COLUMBIA DECCA RECORDS 82 84 Mam Street Ansoma Conn OUTLET SHOE STORE Fzrst uztb the Latest 128 Mam Street Ansoma Conn JUNIOR MISS CLUB II The Bristol Drug C0 THE Rexall STORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS HOWARDI SMITH Reg Pharm Mgr AnsonIa Connectlcut Complzments o VALLEY SPORT SHOP MacGregor Goldsmxth Spalding Reach Wrrgbt 8: Dzkson 101 MaIn Street Ansoma Conn PHONE 1261 A j TONG CO. UQ f !! 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' 9 7 5 ff ' . f ,U , , , . . , Plannmng to Bulld or Buy Consult us before you take the first step We may be able to offer some helpful suggestlons The Derby Savmgs Bank DERBY, CONNECTICUT Mortgage Loans Made Smce 1846 102 YEARS or SERVICE Surplus 3 1 982 441 47 FARREL BIRMINGHAM C O M P A N Y I N C Ansoma Derby DIVISIOH ROLLS CASTINGS MACHINERY Buffalo D1v1s1on GEARS GEAR UNITS Plants HOTEL CLARK INC Your Meetzng Place zn the Valley Under New Management 100 Ehzabeth Street Derby Conn 'Flephone 3800 Consult THE HOME TRUST C0 DERBY MANAGEMENT OF PROPERTY INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Real Estate Rents Trust Estates Surety Bonds Deposits . - - S516,885,973'04 Ansonia and Derby, Conn. Bulfalo, N. Y , 0 rf ' ' H IOI REICHELT S WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS 1908 1921 1923 1927 1936 Phone 17 Ansoma Conn Phone 1308 Free Delwery A P LUNDGREN Grocerzes Corner Vifakelee Avenue and Scotland Street Ansoma Connectlcut Complzments 0 DAVID SCHPERO S ewelers Smce 1923 Tel 463 23 Ehzabeth Street Derby Conn C om plzments o EPICURE SHOP THOMAS AJELLO Prop 192 Wakelee Avenue, Ansoma Tel 3684 3685 Comphments o SHELTON Roofing Company SHELTON ROOFING COMPANY, INC SHELTON SHEET METAL WORKS Shelton Connectlcut Complxments o Bob MOPPIS, Mo Karlms an Al McDonnell THOMAS 81 JOHNSON C ommerczal Prmters 12 Lester Street Telephone 2740 Ansoma Connectlcut 102 ' f 9 . f I ' Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Bengtson ' f ' f d 49 6X ANACONDA Copper and Copper Alloys Sheets Plates Wire Rods Tubes Plpe Speclal Shapes THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY General Otiices WATERBURY 88 CONNECTICUT Tins Bank Belongs to You and Your Parents We Want Your Business SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA 117 MAIN STREET ANsoN1A CONNECTICUT Best Wishes or Every Success and Happiness to the Graduates of A H S 1948 WEDO S MUSIC SHOP 256 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Telephone 1401 103 Class of 1948 . f . 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' 4 0 0 . f . . . , . 1. - 29 Complzments o Muellers SCPVICC Statlon Phone 1823 174 No Maxn Street Ansonla Conn Comphments o Charles F Aslmus Agency Complete Insurance Serwce ANSONIA CONNECTICUT W SN Optometrzst and eweler 103 MAIN STREET Ansorua Connectlcut T61 3937 Free Delwery FAMILY FOOD STORE 6 MAPLE STREET ANSONIA CONNECTICUT The Clancy Insurance Agency fOver VONETES, 242 Mam Street Phon 1520 W Ansonxa Connecticut Comphments o NIELS I POULSEN INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Axda Greywacz Wadyka Manager 206 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN Phone 2134 Complzments 0 Fltzpatrlck s 33 RIGGS STREET AN SONIA CONNECTICUT Good Luck to the Class o 1948 Tyszka s Incorporated A S1gn of Holiday Hospxtahty 3 n o . . ' , ' , . C 0 . . 0 W Grocerzes - Fruits - Ice Cream ' f 0 e - , ' f f I O , a 105 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Avallable rn two years to the Hugh School Graduate The Assoczate zn Science Degree nz Physacal Therapy Th1s course prepares for State Regxs tratxon and the R P T Degree Clmzcal Laboratory Course whrch prepares techmcxans for posmons 10 hospltal laboratorles X ray Course whxch also prepares technlclans for pos1t1ons ln hospitals and phys1c1an s oHices Available ln one year to the Hlgh School Graduate Medzcal Secretarzal C oune whrch prepares for asslstmg 10 all phases of the work rn a medical or dental ofhce NO AGE LIMIT CO EDUCATIONAL Approved for Veteran Trammg under Public Law 346 For information and Catalogue Address SECRETARY Jumor College of Physlcal Therapy 262 Bradley Street New Haven Conn Phone 5 8113 ee ' 9 Paw, Q Q Powen Reddy Kllowatt Your Ut1l1ty Servant THE DERBY GAS 8: ELECTRIC CO Complzments o THE ANSONIA ELECTRICAL DIVISION NOMA ELECTRIC CORPORATION ANSONIA CONNECTICUT llllllllllll ellllll IlII'lll IIII Illlllll INC. 94 MAIN STREET Opera House Bldg ANSONIA, CONN 106 .D . . . . I I I . 6 ' . . 1 - 1 ' 2 i t I X1 'I I' . - . . I . . . Is ilmih and physician's offices. - I . . . l l f ' f THE EXCELLENT SHOP Hzgb Grade Confectlonery and Ice Cream Capltol Bunldmg Ansoma Conn Complzments 0 Theresa Dress and Novelty Shoppe 38 CENTRAL STREET Ansoma Connectlcut FRANKLIN PLAN CO Inc INSURANCE RALPH VAN ARMAN Agent Mann at Bank Street Ansoma Conn Comphments 0 ANN BRODY Bride and Gown Shop 568 MAIN STREET Qnear Platt, Compllments o MARCUS ANTIQUE SHOP Telephone 3006 441 Maln Street Ansoma Conn Complzmenls o LEMBOS Barber Shop MAPLE STREET ANSONIA CONNECTICUT Compliments o PHILS BEALTY SALON PHILIP AIU Prop 84 Mam Street Seymour Conn Telephone 7 1 5 LET YUDKIN HEAT YOUR HOME Ansoma Connectxcut ' f , . ' f ., . 7 ' ' Ansonia, Connecticut G ' f f 9 . . , I ' f 9 T , . I , . n 9 107 Belmont Camera Shop 9:1 Maln Street Aneonla, Conn TELEPHONE 2431 W vas' The only Complete Camera Store ln the Naugatuck Valley devoted to Amateur and Professzonal Photographlc Equipment and Supplles PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES KODAK ARGUS GRAPHIC DE JUR ANSCO UNIVEX REVERE DEFENDER DISTRIBUTORS OF CAMERAS LENSES AND PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT VOGN' Sales and Serwce 'Eastman Kodak 'Speed Graphlc 'DuPont Defender 'Revere Movle Equipment 'Ansco Cameras and Fxlm 'Kalart 'G E 'Wabash 'Weston JAMES MESSINA Manager 108 p o 1 s V59' FIRSTFOR RELIABLE 7557 dr.:-ze LITHOCRAPHY coax, PRINTING 31 JEFFERSON STREET STAMFORD Q91 CTICLT TELEPHONE 41 5088 MASTERS GMPWC AWS 'I09 T. CYTGGLE EB SONS, INCORPORATED LJ E5 'r FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS SIGN HERE PLEASE SIGN HERE PLEASE

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