Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT)

 - Class of 1947

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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czz o If L Jcuzfm of Jzzeel Jzfcnl Ikon JI I 52117711071 np rwzlczzzbfzzzae f!Jl7Z6J ur I lzmffsfv flu ff!l17'!O7Zg 164171 of fizgb 555001 NI1dJIffu menu uc kzmzz Jo ue!! clldyilkgyg I ll' 'Zv1 f Q f A j 1 A gl !!f-A 944 l ' K -I W 13,31 -B E" '1'f"ll'i lf:- Of The Class Of 1911-7 Pre sent Th e VIZNDIQR K Vol 3 A nsonia n ' o . A soma C nn DEDICATI N In grateful appreciation we the Sensors of 1947 dedicate this torano through whose friendly Interest and untlrmg efforts we have been able to prepare and publlsh It 4 510475 Mterva cherished yearbook of ours to Mr. John F. Ryan and Mr. Henry J. Mar- 10 JOHN F RYAN HENRY J MARTORANO and .s ADMINISTRATION MR JOHN J STEVENS Supermienclenl lm-R MR JOHN G PRENDERGAST MR JOSEPH A McGEE Principal Ansoma Hlgh School Prmcfpal Pme Manual Trammg School 6 ' 5 5 '. fi wk- at 9: P ,I rm Y. ll. . I-fx 'lf' ZZ1Q7f pw 4,6 Zijjf Jiggff 7 J 2f,,,,, LfJz,f WMA! 'liff .141 Li 2 Fifi. L12 f f ...fl 'LL .J fgJ',fQf FA ULT Fulniv l'0"J"" ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY MR JOHN G PRENDERGAST Prlnclpal MISS AGNES B RAY Secretary Mr CharlesJ Arthur Mlss Jeannette F Booth Mlss Frances M Brodle Mr J Howard Clark Mlss Margaret E Conklln Mlss Josephme E Crlbbms Mlss Ethel U Erucson Mass Loretta G Hennessey Mr Phlllp L Hllblsh Mlss Josephme G Kennedy Mlss Mary R Lane Mr HenryJ Martorano Miss Louise C Marvm Mass Eleanor L McNamara Muss Anna T Merz Miss Mary E Monahan Mr Phllnp E Newhall Mlss Katherme D Prlckett Mr J Frank Ryan Miss Mary E Ryan Mass Ednth Schoonmaker Mr Arthur E Stewart Muss Frieda E Turschmann Mr MnchaeIJ Vncan Algebra P a Algebra Plane Geometry Latm Typewntmg Enghsh English Latm Stenography Typewrltmg English Englrsh French Economrcs U S History ne Geometry Trigonometry English French Italian Physacal Education Stenography Typewntmg Bookkeeping Stenography Chemistry Physics Blology Latm U S Hrstory Amencan Problems English Modern History French Physical Education Bookkeeping Biology Chemistry Plane Geometry ' ' . ...........................,...... , I , ' Mr. George E. Manley .............................................................................. Chemistry, Physics ' . ............................... ,......... ................................................................... A rt 8 PINE MANUAL TRAINING FACULTY MR JOSEPH A MCGEE Prlnclpal Chemistry MISS MARGARET ROCHE Secretary Ray C Banks Prmtmg Raymond M Burns Latin Mathematics WvlllamJ Comcowlch Clvrcs English GerardW Conklin Biology Science George Crook Machme Shop Practrce .IamesG Flynn American Problems Ancient History Economics U S History Harold W Gottsegen Woodworking Charlesj Jarvis Crvlcs U S Hrstory World History JosephJ Knely Woodworking Mlss Emello E Kullkowskl Clothing Mr Robert L McLoughlin Mechanical Drawing Mlss Frances S Nason Foods Mr HermanJ Roche Enghsh Mrs Margaret Macleod lSubstututeJ Foods Clothmg 9 Mr. . ..................................................................................................... . ' ' Mr. . ............................................................................ ' , ' Mr. ' ' . ' .............................................................................. ' ' , ' Mr. . ' .............................................................................. ' , ' Mr. .........................................,.................................. ' ' Mr. . .............. ' , ' ' , ' , . . ' Mr. . .....................................,...................................... .. ' Mr. William J. Halligan .................................................................... Automotive Mechanics Mr. . ' ...................................................... ' ' , . . ' , ' Mr. . ' .......................................................................................... ' ,..4s -Q-q LAVENDER STAFF Edltor In Chief Business Manager Assistants Class Will Editors Class History Editor Class Will and History fPlne2 Art Editors Athletic Editors Typlsts Staff Members Pme Staff Members Faculty Advfsers Madeleme Martln Paul Rarrett Vnncent Pepe Theodore Gela lPmeJ Eleanor Carrubba Charlotte Knott Alnce Pattunson Roney Antlco John Bak Carmen Fama Paul Guardnam Peter Palumbo Robert Wnllaams Gladys Arena Gladys Drake Allce Gordon Adolph Bergmann John Bolusclano fPmel Betty Ella Paula Petro Marlon Stuckney Frank Alu Bernace Cushner Ruta Mlchalak Munsey Scharmett Angela Spagnola Reanner Thomas Donald Bush Raymond Dlllls Joseph Glannone Joseph Lemchak Mr J Frank Ryan Mr Henry.l Martorano I0 GH nga f-"" SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presrdenf PAUL BARRETT Vice Presldenl MADELEINE MARTIN Sevfefafy FRANK ALU Treasurer BERNICE CUSHNER President ..,....., Vice-Presldenf ......,.....,.,..,.,.,,............,..,..,...,.......................,..,...,.,......,,...,,.. Secrefory .....,.. Treasurer ......., SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING JOSEPH GIANNONE DONALD BUSH I2 wllllng JOHN AGAPIOU Greek When a fnend asks a favor there rs no to morrow Has a personalnty all hrs own a ready helper has a pleas ant dlsposutuon ANGELO AGOS Gus Though I am always ln haste I am never rn a hurry A lot of fun easy to get along wut ROBERT AHEARN lPuneJ Lor To loaf rs a science Qulet but always ready wlth a poke JOHN ADAM CPmeJ GENEVIEVE ALU Buster' Gen Slnll to do comes ot doing lt's good to be merry and Good sport always ready and me Has a smlle for everyone bi NICHOLAS AMICO Nlcky rs air his manner all who saw admrred Neat dresser always ready wuth a helplng hand dugm re ALBERT ANDERSON Shall l lrke a hermlt dwell on a rock or ln a cell? Tall good lookmg blond al ways around wherever there s mlschlef PEARL ANDERSON Po I Our thoughts and our conduct are our own Hard working, quuet, but so ciable, fine fnend FRANK ALU CARMEN ANGELINI IIDOCII Ilccrmll "Wit and humor my "One of those happy souls companions be " who are the salt of the earth." Sports enthusuast, popular Quiet In a tnendly sort of way football hero wlth a crew cut I3 ll 1 u n Mig: I ll ' - u Il n ',-l,4 fl . ,, , ffl n f I . 1 . . . Ei. l 1 I fr-. ,, ,, -. X' ue ll - Il H . , ,, . . . , H I I . ,, - Il . . I, I . , F . . . . . 1 ' ' - , F d. Il u Al II Il ll - - Il ' 1 - II ' ll I ' l ' I I ' u d-11 u dll ' , u II - - II 195'- - II . , ., 1 . . - . ' . Tnco Feeble ways a smlle Ofhefs Always on the mlnute GLADYS ARENA G ad Let each man exercise the art he knows Very GYTISIIC a pretty blonde with a friendly smnle ROSE ARNONE Y good Quuet a true friend wnth a cheerful smlle MARIE ATHANS Rookne Who to a friend her faults will freely show and praise the ments of a foe Never says a cross word to anyone 1, CHARLES AUSCAVITCH PAUL BARRETT Chuck Ne ,, My best endeavor shall be lt was hrs thmklng of others done that made you thmk of hlm Quuet sometnmes sernous A leader no task too great sometnmes gay destmed for success I4 Knowledge IS power Who IS the happiest of men? A 'Olly good fellow wlfh gl He who values the ments of RONEY ANTICO lPmel WARREN AUSTIN JOHN BAK lPuneJ John A quiet tongue shows a wrse head A short fellow wuth a bug hello JOHN BALISCIANO CPnnel Bllnkle knows when to stop An all around good fellow ANN BARNETT Ann Calm and quiet ln a sort of way Wrth her 1t's work before P GY Quiet and unassuming , . l II - ll ll u 'V' . ll ' ll Il ' ' I . ll . u X I ll I II ll ll ll ' ll ' 1 II ll 1 ' ' . W l I A ' "M IlRolI .vi ,- -ll II - ' II "Honest fame awaits the truly R5 fs I f "The wise talker is he who Il H . ,Y , ' . ' 1 . 1 A l . ,Z 5 ' L A I ' ll II II ' ll , ' Iss 4- "' II - - ll ' iw, I . . . , , K A H . . ' ll ' - I II 'E Q at I ll u u dll I , - , 3, ' ,, ,, . . . Vail, I ' . . . Xe, K l V 1 1 F I HELEN BASHURA SALLY BODIAK Sherry Sylce Y There IS only one way to have The smvle that wms .-r a friend that as to be one Good friend has Q cheery Friendly talkatuve easyto get smlle for everyone Peppy along with cheer leader 'sg we SHIRLEY BEGLEY Shar lsn t she cute :sn t she sweet Good dancer wonderful ath lete loved by all EDWARD BENNETT CPmeJ Moon Give me a place to stand and I will stand on It Cute with a mnschlevous gllnt In has eye ADOLPH BERGMANN Butch Everyone s friend and no one s enemy Tall handsome blond very friendly and co operatnve RICHARD BERGMANN fplnel Duck One s eyes are what one IS Extremely generous mdustrl ous very friendly 4 1 I5 'R 98- .,-4 NT DOROTHY BOYLAN O There may as well be amrty In life Talkatzve Intelligent and a good sport NINA BRASSELL Nme She that was ever fair and never proud had tongue at will and yet was never loud Studnous neat good athlete HARRY BROCHINSKY ro Just the kind whose nature never varies A quiet boy and a hard work mg fellow MARY BROCKINGTON Lefty The mflclest manners and gentlest heart Actrve at all times Ill! " I - 5- H H n 11 5 3, ,m ,. 1' 'F S? u - 11 ' - ll '-' V . I q 1 I - 5 . ll J- J T - W' ga 4- ,, . ,, 1 R UD til I D , y 0, 2 11 1 vw- 1 . , H ' 11 3 ' ' ll , ' A Q 1 I 1 - , f ' ,, P' " ' 1 ' . Q 'ii 3 -g . YF " 'Q If H , ff ' H ' - vj w H - f v. , ff ' . . .,, V' . I 1 a . . f ll . . l - . 1 I , - pr' 15 5 V V. ' . 11 11 " WL "B ll 11 I - Y ' ' U ' 1 11 ' ' H , 1 V -n ' L ' ' . - I ' . K k , is L u - 11 11 ll ll I ' ll ll ' R , 4 ' . . ll ' , - ' Is.. - f. Q . fff: ' 12 lu T BERNETHA BROWN True friendship IS like sound health the value of rt IS sel dom known til lt be lost Talkatnve good sport and lxke abe A Qi CHARLES BROWN Charlne He has a thirst to know an understand Knows has work can do It and have fun ETH EL BRUCE Much speech as one thmg well timed speech rs another Always keeps you laughmg MARY BUCKLEY Mare A merry heart maketh a cheery countenance Very pretty wuth a wunnlng sm: e pw X' Happy go lucky cheerful and gay a very good pal Tall good natured a gay blade And oh so handsome' DONALD BUSH lPinel Bus If work interferes wrth pleas ure the heck with work Always with a crowd a swell fnend a load of fun 8 ELEANOR CARRUBBA True' She can talk Good sport clever dancer and a tireless talker GINO CALINI Gmo always as merry as you can for no one delrghts In a sorrowful man Industrnous good natured and loyal friend MICHALENA CAMMARATA Micky Gentle ways are best Dainty charming and always smllmg ANGELO CARDELLA Ange A dark haired lad wut friendly ways An easy gomg fellow with a good sense of humor QA , IIB II Il hll ,, . . . . ,, . . 1 .., . . , H , 1 ' 1 . ' 1 - - ll , . I r ' 1 - 4 ' 2 ffl ' ' -' 'f '41 1 if my . V 1 fin n - 11 s, n - ll 'sv Q-v ' ll . d A IlBe u V . . - , fr I . . ' ll I h . . , - 'lifjg y ' ' ' n ll ' ' EH A u - Il 11 ' ' . ' A ll ll . . ,, . Q I , Il ll ' 7' f 5. 1 Il u 11 Q' , :L . U ' ' ll K f 1 -, ' tl . .Q V 2 , . H 'ff ' ' . I 6 K L, - . . -I :. 1 Q L f n ll UEIH . 4 , ' ' 11 ll Il Xl' , . . .' f -, V I 1 . ' ' , ' ll , . , gg ,' 1 1 y, . "wil . ,U - : I ' .3 'rv I6 THOMAS CASAGRANDE 4 nu- ., Cassy Hrs friends they are many Powerhouse hunter at heart cheerful frrend to all JOHN CASTELLANO CPmel as FAYE CHILDS Torchy The face rs the index of the mind A vorce made for song and a heart that srngs very athletnc the lute of the party Q8 I take luxurres to the lrmrtl Wrtty carefree a warm smile for all MONTESS CHARLES Shump Good humor rs the health of "1 the mind sadness rs :ts porson Pleasant smile frrendly dnspo srtrons lots of fun i AILEEN CHECKLEY Check Always ready for a good loke yet kind and thoughtful whenever she spoke Always ready for fun frrend ly good athlete ELAINE CHERNECKY 3 6. 1-, rw y Her wrt will always shrne' Go to her wrth your troubles and she ll cheer you wuth her wr L hurl 1-J S ,A RAYMOND CICIA Cl Hrs limbs are cast In manly mold For hardy sports or contests bod All around sport good na tured well liked PAUL CONSTANTINO CPmeJ oo Haste makes waste Quiet hard worker wrlllng to please everyone BAILEY COOK Cookne Without music life would be a mistake Excellent trumpeter hand some frnendly a good sport JOHN COSTIGAN Jaspar Hrs bark rs worse than his I 9 Always lokrng loves baseball and hockey .1 'V ' ll ll II fl I, ' ... H - . H ,, . . 0 1 . I all L ll ' . ' ' . i v Z C ' dx . - . Q - l H , 'Ea I 1 .V ,gi ' Q 'l l 'l H n HC H R Y 11 - - - ll , Q U ' ' A I I V ,' ' .,. If I I rr Y" I - l l Il ll . ., ,, .- , 'P -rv 1 , rf - . ik , ,, ' I ' ' 1 ' fl , K :IF lr - ll l ' 4 -fl " ." . . :V . A ' ' - , I . D l 11 11 A 1 Q ' ' 11 f ,J . , rr - rr ' ' L x ' ' l ,, . . . ll I . ' , ' 5 l ' ' 'L l I 5 . it I ' , I ' 1 l - 1 - . . I L A. Q v' L. , 1- -- A -... ll ll 1 , - "' N I k 11 1 Q' - i ' ff - ' - 'll H , , , ' a' . - H Y I V I ' . 4 ,j I V A r 'f. x I l7 ELAINE CULMO Pinky Laughter rs not a bad begrn mng for trrendshlp Never a dull moment when you re wlth her thing o swell sport BERNICE CUSHNER Bunny F C '- Ambrtron has no rest Ambitious good scholar ever Iastmg smlle frnendly Iinmvll BEVERLY DAVIES u rersonahty to a F1 Good sport carefree with a mlschlevous smlle I ROBERT DeANGELIS Sonny Not too serrous not too gay that s the proper way Outdoor type blond good notured fellow e Josey Tall dark wuth curly hour o ou wolkmg ad for has future occu patron I8 NANCY DeMARTINO Nan 1 A laugh rs worth a hundred V' groans rn any market Always has a laugh for every CONSTANCE DIDATO Connie All good thmgs come In small packages Short but sweet MORRIS DIGIORGI lPlnel Chong Inactivity IS death cellent auto mechamc RAYMOND DILLIS fPmeJ a Dont fudge a book by :ts cover Carefree happy popular wnth the weaker sex MICHAEL DELLA ROCCO JOSEPHINE DIMARTINO Practice IS the best of all Joy IS notmthmgs rtrsm us 'VISIVUCIOVS Always has an answer to glve 2 - ' 6 11 - u ll H : t 4' In Q u - - - 11 ' g - - ' 11 ' ll " II 11 4, 0 11 - 11 rr. f ,, . . ,, " If L-v 11 - - - 'Q U 1 I ' KZ A , . I ' Q I ff- I .3 nv- J Q l . ll II ' B H tg- If . Il ,, "" -- f is wo . an I -X - ,, , , , H . P I I what perfume rs to a flower." I f l 5 f A good sportsmon, and on ex- 1 1 Yew X N . . . . X v - I 5. A 4 ' 'Mt F T if . ' 3 . ll ll ' II ll . s- R y 'E ,, - ' 11 I - - I I ' I K ,, 1 .ll Y 5 W I .11 , K X I I I ' X I I 2-A M .ix I x ' I 11 ' If ii Q 5 h H 1 HD Ill ll ll Q '- . ,, . . ,, . . . . . . H vq I ' Y - ll , , , ' ' , y . LAWRENCE DIPIRO :ro To spend too much t1me 1n studles IS sloth Never lonesome when es around PHYLLIS DONAHUE MARY DURANT Doc Great thoughts reduced to prachce become great acts Good sport always ready and wnllung to help MADELINE ELDER Charlty IS a virtue of the heart and not of the hands A strawberry blonde wnth mce personalnty JOHN DOYLE CPlneJ He sleeps by day more than the wlldcat Ambmous frlendly headed for the top GLADYS DRAKE Gad Oh the gladness of her glad ness when she s glad Swell pal to get along wlth sl 2' U Mudge My way IS to begm wath the beglnmng Lover of the outdoors and any thung having to do with farms ELIZABETH ELIA Betty del1ghts not the least of them the h1gh school knlghts An ambltlous worker popular all around We expect bug thungs of her JOHN ELKO Johnny w1ll travel far on waves of a1r Agreeable frlendly all around good sport ANDREW DUNNE ROSE EMANUELE Andy Rose T" Excuse my dust there s work Whate er my fate t1s my ve D to be done fate to be qUl8l I Carefree always ready fora A quiet shy gurl always is 4 5 good tlme frnendly I9 1 'IP' ll ll ll 6 l 'V' ll ' ' Il ' - ll . ,, h 1 . X 1 7 l . - , I, .1 ,, nph-I11 "3 ". i- I' ' H 1 v 5 ,, . . . . 5' "D - 11 - - - H " V ' 1 s I ' . . ,, 1 - ' 4 'J 1, ' I . C YV l I sg - - 5 I ' II II "Jackie" ' f Z "The high school day has its ll ' , , 1 - 11 - ' ll . . I . I I Qi, - - I -- ' ' ,, ei ll 11 ll I 11 -1, r "He ' ll ' - ll 1 ll ' , I u I 2 nv- - .- ' A - ll 11 Il II ' Q, , ll 1 11 1 1 ' 'r V 1 1 1 I k A ' ll - 1 v . ' 4 ' ' f l l I-I I ' I ' I I 'V Q s A ,, . . I ,,--ffl.. "N A F? MARY FAINER NORMAN FITZPATRICK lPmel Mare I z Not much fall: a great sweet Always ready for a good srlence o e Quuet and gentle frnendly and Takes nothnng sernously and as Cheeffvl always loknng CARMEN FAMA lPmeJ Cee Jay I w1ll be heard' Splrnted and llvely fellow SALVATORE FAMA CPmeD Toohe Fmds the loys of heaven here Always on the 'ob when needed AGNES FERLA Laughmg talkmg always gay She helps io make a per fed day Bashful smart and cute A swell friend to everyone L1 BERNARD Fl'l'ZPATRlCK lplrlej GRACE FRYER Bunny GFGCIC would be broke OWU and frlendly UCRY 20 ROGER FLAHERTY Fleabone I am a great fraend to publzc amusements for they keep people from vlce An easy gonng fellow wlth a bug broad smlle for every body A snappy dresser and a smooth dancer KENNETH FLAMINIO lPunel Ken A noisy guy Wlfh nofsy ways An all round good fellow RITA FLESHER ITC We l1ve and learn but not the wlser grow Always ready with a story talkatave full of fun srlence were golden l She l'lUS 0 9'Q9l9 Ull hef Good dancer always smlllng QUlCk to l0Ugl1 l1GPpy gO ? 'v- Z- ll ll llF't ll C C . 11 ,, . . ' I v' 'I - 11 - lr 'L - 1 lf - , 1 . . . . . F. H H V' -K. 11 11 ' 1 6 . ' 2. 11 - 11 . 9 - ' " ' ' 1 ' I Y E - N 4 . . . , ' , ' ' 11 lf I A if . , 11 - 11 " 11 - ' E - x V, X is I . on earth." - VVIV - ,L 11 11 , I ll ' ' ' ll , 'Tir A ' KAL! . A-V527 11 11 ' ' A . 9 G' wi Q ,, . - : 1 W 1 I N' ? "3 : - 1 , N, ll ' ll H A R ' my , ,, . I ' A I ' ll - S A 4 ' , 3 1 , - . 2 1 l I ' w ' 11 ll l' ' H "' .- 6. f' "ff ' " ' 41, f 1 ,, .11 i I a o ' I - - I I 44 -1 ' ' K 'ma FRANCES GATISON Fran I speak too long and laugh too short The merrxest soul DOROTHY GELA ot And she hath smiles to earth unknown Attractnve frnendly and talk atrve THEODORE GELA CPrneJ e A quiet boy with quiet ways Always wlllrng to lend a he p mg hand A loyal fnend JOSEPH GIANNONE CPuneb oe A sheep ln wolf s clothlnq Good natured witty popular outstandrng athlete ff? 'S ANN GILLILAND ,L ! Elegant as slmpllcrty and warm as ecstasy Good sport pleasnng appear CIFICC l Zl GEORGE GOGGI Those who know hrm est praise htm most Frlendly mclustrlous worker Hrs nature not measured by hrs stature i'-T-'fx EDWARD GRONOWSKI lPmeJ remember a mass o things but nothing distinctly Smnlung always trymg to crack a oke L ALICE GORDON Touched with human gentle ness and love Quret frrendly easy to get along with LUCY GOUMA5 Her voice was ever soft gentle and low to know HAROLD GR ADY Egghead ln argumg too he owned his skill for e en though van qulshed he could argue strll Always talking a fancy danc er wrll do anythmg on a dare H H ,, . ,, - . ,, H H . b . - .H I I ,H . Y 0' X I I 1 . . HD n qjg V - UAV, 11 - T' V 11 - ll ll 1 ' f 'V . I O 1 - T ' -, ,, f . . ,A xy, . , 1 -' ' L HT du R 'A E' "Lu" II ' ' ' II , A '-5 E ll . I ' ' l - lf 'il g - - l df? ,Z Quiet, hard worker, and mce 1 . l ..v?'1 4 5 , Y' 'rn .Y 1277 f--4 A -I . ' 3 as . l W f I , 11 ll "J " W ' 1, . . 'mx X la X ' ' . ' ' - ' - 11 1 1 1 A X I I . , x 2 ,. ' , 14 I - T ' ' ',', 4 1? - - , ' s .f ng I . J - U lIG'lIl ll ' Il 11 ' - ' ll - l 5 , 'ex 11 - - - 1, V , . n . . , . ' V ' . i . JOSEPHINE GROVA If a good face IS a letter of recommendation a good heart IS a letter of credit Easaly enthused attractnve good dancer f EMILIE HALL Emmy U Unceremomous as a tram whistle Cute mlschlevous and loads of fun PAUL HALUSCHAK Paulue Whatever IS worth domg at all IS worth domg well Very good roller skater Quiet but an all around nlce fellow MARGUERITE HAMILTON Marg Gentle of speech beneflcent of mmd Frnendly lnkeable nnce look I1 JEANNE HARTNETT Peggy With mirth and laughter e the old wrinkles come Fnendly loves to talk full of fun and laughter MARY HEALEY Mar A generous person IS sun shine to the mmd Lots of fun a good friend al ways cheerful A IRVING HOFMANN Hermue When he comes fn mischief begins Intelligent a smoothue never a dull munute Basketball flash .IACQUELYN HEARN Jackie To all my friends l leave kmd thoughts Carefree and happy go luc y JAMES HENNESSEY .llmmy Good nature IS one of e richest fruits of personality A llkeable fellow always kld dang an nrrepressvble laugh popular with the gurls ANNA HLYWA Anme e always see her with a smlle shes gay and cheerful all the while Happy go lucky always laughing and fnendly ', IIJOII Il II 11 . ,, . 65' - . . . ,, r I n ' f 11 , 5 K ' I I ' , , a . Il II T: .7 ll ' Il ,, . . .- K ,, . . - 11 - ll - 1 . X ' ' , , k I jg' n .mc ss.. . 1 " G , ll ' ll U l H , ', if-gf Q ' ' 4 ll - H.. f ' 4 'Mir ,, . . .A My V, . . . ,, 1 - 5 5 Y " , - ' i 7 .52 - - - E f . 5. A ' s - L E 2' K 'V Il ' II II ll A A HW . ll ' . I I I - II A . , - ll 3 QE, . . . . ' U V 3 1 1 ' W V, F34 ' ' r ' 9' A I L - ' ' ' - ' v so 'G' All 11 II ll f ll L, . C 4' u - - ,, . . . l t , ' Il ' ll lg I I I 1 E .GQ ' . . - SAMUEL HOSTON LILLIAN JACKIMCHUK Sammy Personality rs what counts I have U ITG'-'iff Wflh f00m f0f Llttle Samson great athlete a every ,oy wonderful guy llked by all Agood bowler and lots oflun KATHLEEN HUBER I am content to slt and dream Good conversatnonallst with the help of a glggle and a beautlful smlle DONALD HUGGINS e Hls world IS like the sunshine always bright A good personaluty has a way wnh the ladies WILLIAM HYDE lPmel Van Get all the fun while you can life IS short' Always smllnng and In good humor Q Us GRACE JONES Gra Silence and I are partners Oh so quuetl Consclentuous MARIE JULIAN Dnmples true frrend rs an asset to anyone A very frlendly person ELIZABETH JULIANO Z At what I smg there are some may smrle whrle some perhaps may sigh Nuce vouce lover of musuc GERALDINE IRVING MICHAEL KENNEDY lPmeJ Gerry Yabo A smile that wont come oft Nothing wornes hrm nothing Frlendly cute and what a hurrreshrm 5m'e Quiet but a lnkeable fellow 23 5 A ' 14 I1 H ' ' ' 6' 4, V ,, . . ,, ,, - - , nr 1 5, Q . - u Q 5 '. ' ' 7 ' - - ' 7 'Vt H' 4 L-fri :-L' i -A f I ,: K. 4. ' 'Div Y vi ' Q 'faq L-512: 'sf' W "Kit" " " 11 - ,, , t' 11 - 11 : , 4 ' ll ' 5 . . . 1 I X ? , I Q 5' u - 11 , QI, IIR dll ' W HA . . ,, . . . . I 11 I , . - Il ' . gy, :W L Q IQ L . 12" , nu n lllfllz I 11 - n 11 11 - - ' 4 1 ' - ll . . ,, . . . . W , . I . - N, ff 2 u ll ll ll I , It I 11 - I 11 ll - - - I - fr' . - , ' . . . H "t r 1 - . I i V Speech rs great but silence Always ready for a loke mg how to conceal one s Good personality and a lot JOHN KNEPPLE lPmeD Much time to work little time A steady fun lovmg and loyal BEVERLY KINGSTON Butch Character IS higher than Intellect Shes very frnendly and us lnked by all LEONARD KIRPAS There IS great ability rn know ,- MARY KOHANOWSKI Mecca , 4. Sweet and quiet frrendly Y, and neat Qunet cute and always laugh :ng a good sport FLORENCE KORPALSKI O She s very handsome an has wrt at will Cute blonde Always has a wntty remark Swell frnend AAA. 76 FRANK KOSHES CPnneJ Spanner A lrttle nonsense now and EW ten X Happy go lucky fellow MAX KOWTKO Sonny Sometimes quiet sometimes a rlot Short and blond chap has a cheerful outlook on ll s always punnmg and making UTI CHARLOTTE KNOTT DARIA KROCHTA Char Dorry can resist everything but Though she be but llttle she temptation IS lovable Wlllowy blonde who usually Sweet and petlte friendly gets what she goes after qunet dlsposntuon ll ll U ll ,, . . 11 - - ., I . Il ll y , , . I I 1 1 ' x A- : if ,,y, we N ' ll Il u 'Pj'-t ' r. . I 551 A n 1 d 3. ' r - - ll , t 4 f 1 4 - D ,,. L , " Il - Il ' '-- ' A ,R ,, . Q 'N .N ,KL 1 ww , h 1, T W ., ,, L I ,, . .fig 'Q fi, A ,'-' tg 2 fp, Qgf W ,, W K .L u Il ,, . . . I ' In - ll I 'fe, i ll Il Il ll L' , '- ll' ' ' ll ' - 11 - ll 24 MARY KRYSTOPIK Mar A blrthe heart makes blooming vrsage GRETA KRUEGER Gret' silence theres worth that brings no risk As qulet as can be but very cheerful MARJORIE LANE Marge Silence IS true wisdom s best reply Reserved wnllmg to help out her friends T' JACK LaROCCO CPmeJ A constant trrend IS a thing rare and hard to flnd E 1 II I Il u 'q ' 5 A3 ' " T7 Illn - I II - - ' I ' - - ll Il N . 1 I . X ' , iw. S? ' 1 II II A I , IIE II I1 - U T E C V II - - . . I1 I Q X V I A V ' , ' ' . K I Q A good-natured person . ,iffy i W, 3: Z, , - . . . so W3 1 27" X I 'fv IIB-Hn 3 4 " " ' II ,, . . -.. . . . ,, A I l I 1 n n . I . I . I . X Il II II - ll I ,, Ir - - II ' ' is V - ll " ' - ll , - . . I V ll ll II - n T II ' ll ' ll - 25 Quiet always wlllmg to help WILLIAM KULIS He IS always laughing for he has an mflnlte deal of mirth A big fellow with a bug grm JOSEPH KUZIAK Goosle As prone to mischief as he able to perform It A good pal with a bug grm way Lf QP' WALTER LABAN ROSALIND Lo PRESTI Lefty Why work when play I5 so much fun Full of the devil, In a frlendly Tmy It IS better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow " Petite and cute Always good for a laugh Can be called on for a favor at any time long lasting friend hes talking about JOSEPH LEMCHAK fPmeJ May you have a head to earn and a heart to spend Studzous qulet knows what HENRY LISTWON We have forty mllllon rea sons for failure and not a Ready wlth a smnle talkatsve knows all the answers JANE MADIGOSKY MARIALICE MARCHULITIS Bubbles Peaches ' Wit fo persuade and beauty BON? Wllh fhe Qlff fOr to dellght laughter Some thunk shes shy but we Cute blonde with an engag know her better Nuce dresser Ing smvle fdllwflve ESTH ER MAKOFF We are here to add what we can fo life Get to know her and you ll love her A heart of gold wuth a good share of spunk .AH THERESE MALONEY Terry A good nature IS the arf of God Friendly wlllmg to work nlce personality WILLIAM MANLEY He that mischief hatchefh mischief cafchelh Mlschlevous always lokmg extremely talkatlve LEROY MARCHAND "Corky" "He should, he could, he would, he drd his best" Nlce smile, very popular and athletlc 26 ANDREW MARTIN The great end of life IS knowledge not achon Oh' He s a golly good fellow JAMES MARTIN Angel What a man has rn ch he s sure of Cute fnendly likeable loys a good laugh MADELEINE MARTIN Mad Busy achve full of fun Much she has undertaken Much she has done Glggler good friend and scholar JULIA MATEJEK lljulell "I flnd earth not grey but rosy, Heaven not gnm but farr of hue" Pleasant dnsposmon, a good fnend .f '- ii -I I .I , T-.L M f I :S 14 . 53- , 3 n ll n ll .. jrgjn H . U . . .112 ef.,-X , I K ,, ' fi? 'II , we ' L 6, A, - ,, ll X' , , . . N I gf . . 1 ' J , . X - 1 fs x llEstu g usa boyz! , 2, , 11 I U ll - - ' ll ' ' ' ' ll I 17 ' I ' . ' N ' 'X M 'ia -g sg. iw I I ,ex , L u II Il .Il 4' n - U H i so HU . ll - 1 ll ll ' . . - P' , Y 4 , , . En- , , I - 1 L! ls ' Q, I n II I Q u - IIBHIII . , , , ,, . . 1 I . II - - Il 1' xi ' . . . . 1 I - 1 X DAVID MERKLE Merk Round the world and home again that s the sa1Ior's way A swell fellow who should suc ceed CHARLES MIGANI IPlne7 Muggs A man IS only as good as his work Wutty carefree a warm smule for all JOSEPH MERLONE O6 Why should I work when life rs so short? A bug fellow wlth a contagnous smlle has ablllty to make frnends anywhere happy go lucky JANE MEURY Janne Nothing IS so popular as kindness Kmd hearted lovable and a wonderful fnend RITA MICHALAK Reet' If my heart were not Irght I would die Fnendly cheerful pleasant to know MATTHEW MILARDO IPmel Mattie He enloys work and fun has a smile for everyone' Always on the 'ob Industruous and ambmous O8 It IS a friendly heart that has many friends A bug hearted fellow Easy to get along with MICHAEL MOLLOY Mlckey There IS no duty we under rate so much as the duty of being happy Always wnllung to lend a hand has a fnendly smnle for all JOSEPH MICKIEWICZ oe I try all thmgs I achieve what I can Dlllgent worker Always on the 'ob ALICE MONAHAN Barry None knew thee but to love thee none named thee but to praise Sweet petlte and what a smule' Very popular and ener getnc u u u Il n ll - - N - 1 - ll II - I I I . HJ u . I 11 . u . I, u - " I V, sv Y , - Il 5' ' Il , A . I . I . . . VV 7? , JOSEPH MIRABILE ' IIJ Il II - Il 11 . . II ' ' ' ll - n I . - I A l . 3. '7f"'QfiE ll - u II - ll I - ll ' I ' ' ll . H 9 ' ' . . n - I I I ' c HJ ,, ll II ,, . . ll I Il n I I l . . . J I . I 27 EUGENE MOTEL tPuneJ Calm and reserved you hear Extremely generous lndustrn ous very fnendly HELEN MacDONALD Mac Happmess seems made to be shared She knows all your troubles MURIEL MCGARRY Mur Her very frowns are faarer far than smlles of other maidens are Fun lovmg cute all round good friend LILLlAN MCLAUGHLIN Canary Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak Nlce personality hard work mg a good snnger T7 A faithful frlend IS the medl A penny saved I5 hoardmg A loyal frlend full of fun always helpmg others LOUIS NIKEL 1 Gene Louue Growing old IS no more than little from hrm a bad habit which a busy man X' has no time to form Popular all around pleasant to everyone athletlc always greets you with o bug smlle nLl""'r JEAN NORDHORN 6 Jeanne Her sunny locks hang on her 'T temple l1ke a golden fleece Beautiful blonde hair always wnllmg to help others MARY O BRIEN f Ma re Those eyes nffnrtlonnfe qd glad whrch seem to love whatever they look upon Beautiful expressive eyes a good friend ANTHONY ORTALI Ortzy People who make no nolse are sometlmes dangerous A newcomer to our school Marvelous football star Cute too' But oh so quiet SUE NICOLETTI PETER PALUMBO fPmel ue Wlmpy CH19 of life A smlle that as a smlle 28 s -Q sf - -I fa 11 11 11 - ll e ' ' - '51 11 11 - - 55 55 1 ' . . H . . L : ' I K 1 D . ,, 1 , -xi , . 1 ", . I 31, Q ' . . . 1 1 - I 1 Q ' . ,J ff ja- 2 1 -' 5,,f A . . . l 1 -I s 11 11 t A ll - Il ,, . 7 11 of J 1 '11 -4 . ' ' .ll Sv , L' ., I A . . ls. 9. I Ms? V ,pw 'K - I Il 11 3 5 if - - ' Q " " I 1 " ' L ..- " ,I , JU' W an ' ' of 21 . ' 11 "A I ' ll - , . - if - - - , . ' I' " 1 , 'faq Q , L 1 x 4... f ll 1 1 if :Y " ll 11 Il - fa . 'I W' ' 11 . 5 ' fl ' ll ll so . , . 1. 1 ' ' I f . ." - . . V A J , I ' XA . QI - - 1 ' if ' V ,A,,.?5jF' J L , Y ,E Q , 3-'P'tL:'!.. get ' 11s 11 11 - Il , rv sv. .. 'T ,, . . . . 11 . . ,, l I DOROTHY PARKS Parky Friendship IS the breathmg rose with sweetness In every o Quset at hmes PAULINE PAYZER Pau She IS witty and she IS gay and she IS noisy m every way Popular and energetic wlth a wnnnlng smule THERESA PASTORELLA Tree Her wlse rare smlle as sweet with certalntles Pehte quiet but frlendly ALlCE PATTINSON Ahce Sllence is a fence around wisdom Qulet wuth a shy smlle LILLIAN PATULAK Quiet as a street at nrght Quuet wnth a sense of humor bubblung underneath e luv 1-Q FRANK PAWLOSKI SHIRLEY PETERS Franu SI-Nr VINCENT PEPE Vance Dlllgent work makes a skillful workman Pleasant dlsposmon popular ambmous a baseball fan ANTHONY PERSUTTI Tony A friendly nature and a smile sincere Full of fun well luked easy to get along with JOSEPH PERTOSO O6 Work but seek not false am bltlon s flame to light thee on A hard worker who ought to succeed ef Happy I am from care I am Nothing endures but fee personal aualltles Sporty always smnlmg and Swell person to get along friendly wn 29 n H Il Ill YV' ,, . . . . ,, . . . I . . . . . H f Id ff ' - ' I 1 11 11 an ' 11 - 11 ,, . . . 5, H . . . - ' - H l ' V T I ll . A . . 1 - v 1 1 1 1 . I tf, Z , - , .wg I fx .v- . yr 1 V ,fi ' . n - 11 1 ll u we 1 ' ,, . . I .ls 3 ,, . . A ff wr, + gf - ff - V - Q I I ' 1 , . ai, Q Y . I if , A A , - V 5-fa i Le 6' - Hz." Hi l ' . , 'U' 1 if , Ml -4 1 4,51 .,.' ", ka r ,, M W,,:L,Q , . .4 if V 5951 ' f it f - -' - A, nl-ilu A' HJ ll n - - 11 -Q ' 11 , I 1 . . , . ,, V a - ' 4 I V f ii . --if' V ll ll ,, . I,, 6 -' -fx? V ,,, ""' U , ll - 'ffl' , - . I A f Il . , ,, 7 PAULA PETRO NORMA POETA Pau Norm ,. I am wealthy rn my frrends A true friend IS forever a Smart frlendly good sport mend INA PETZ DO Where there s music there cant be mrschlef Cute mce vonce peppy drum magorette EILEEN PETZOLD A terrrble burden ot having nothing to do Laughter that sounds luke ver bells LOIS PHIPPS Fair thoughts and happy hours attend you always Loves to talk has a cute laugh 'Q wi Noisy lnkeable and a true frnend 'XC' THOMAS POMPI lPlneJ Luke Hed rather lose his dinner than hrs lest Always on the look out for maschlef MATTHEW PORCU lPmeJ Mat Im tlred of tour walls and a ceiling Tall dark and handsome and what a smlle' NORMAN POTTER Norm And rn such eyes as ours appear not faults Quiet not too talkatlve but a good fruend WlLLlAM PHIPPS WILLIAM RAHAEL CPnneJ At the mrd hour of mght Modesty becomesayoung combs when stars are weepmg I fly man' frsendly allergic Studlous and quiet If "lt WILLIAM RALLIS IPmeJ Willie Came the dawn' Friendly a good sport WILLIAM ROWLEY Bu y Full of cheer full of pep making fun with every step Short spicy redhead mischiev ous always the life of the PONY 'ev P' F I If Z T m IP U -4 She touches nothing but she adds a charm Quiet sweet and so athletic DAVID REGAN Crash The world is so full of a num ber of things Im sure we should all be as happy as kings Cheerful happy and always ready to go anywhere ELIZABETH RHODES Toot How you do talk' Well built well liked argu mentative Ill' hi LOUIS RUSSO IPnneD OU A good companion an easy friend Cute quiet and very slow on the move SAMUEL SAMPIERI IPmeD Saza sturdy and steady as the Rock of Gibraltar Outstanding athlete lolly fel ow MUNSEY SCHARMETT Munce The finest garden in her looks and in her mmd the wisest looks Personality and versatility coupled with brains and effi 'I , ciency. EDWARD ROGERS FLORENCE SCHUMACHER Eddy A wise man reflects before he speaks. Always joking with others. Fawn It is the best of all trades to make songs- and the second best to sing them. Beautiful voice energetic al- ways ready with a cheerful smi e. JOHN SCOTT "Scotty" "Dignity enhances the man." Tall dignified pleasing smite and manner FRANCES SIPES A 3 4'- "Little Sister" Q -.4 ' .,.-.nw "What wisdom can you find . , H-' greater than kindness A friend to all and a heart of gold What a piano play 1 l DOLORES SHEA ee Nor rs the wide world ignorant of her worth Attractive brunette smart dresser swell drum malorette THOMAS SHEPPARD Tommy e always see him with a sn' le l'-c rs gay and che rtul all the while An ex navy man courteous and ch rful good dancer always has a grin on has face quite the fellow ARLENE SIDO I' She loves to talk and talk she will for hours on end and longer still She s always happy and gab bing. Q-mv JAMES SMITH IITI Take care of the minutes for the hours will take care of themselves ender deluxe from bed to class nn 10 minutes never oses an argument MARY SMITH Mar Laugh with the voice of loy Friendly disposition never in a hurry HELEN SOKOLNICKI o She laughs and the world laughs with her A good sport with a wonderful sense of humor. 4 E FRANCES SIEMIETKOWSKI JEAN SOLESKI W Cookie Jean 4 3 Stamp dance be nimble and Quiet at first but look merry. again, J' A good dancer and lots of fun Attractive-quiet with unas- 'S to be with. 5uming ways, 32 ANTHONY SORRENTI CP1nel ELIZABETH STEVENSON fulness CONSTANCE SORRENTINO Connue Or dark or ltght or short or a she sets a trap to snare them all Boys like her for her cuteness gurls lxke her for her frnendlu ness ANGELA SPAGNOLA Int Lrttle tnends may prove to be great frrends Ambmous a good scholar CARMELA SPITERI Carm ln all she as a lrkeable ass Very bashful and quuet Tony Betsy The world wlll go on and on' A good heart IS better than Butlwontmtertere all the heads rn the world Cute quiet noted for has bash Good sport cheerful friendly 5.11.1 MARION STICKNEY Ma re She IS pretty to walk wlth and wrtty to talk wlth and pleasant to thrnk on Petlte cute mce personallty good athlete ANNA MAE SWEENEY Anna Mae A wrtty woman as a treasure Always ready with wlttlclsms galore a ceaseless talker NORMA SWEENEY Norm Mrnd cannot follow rt nor words express her rnflmte sweetness Tall blonde good sport al waysafrlend ELEZENA STANLEY HENRY TALEMAL fPmeJ Zena Hank Meekness rs not weakness The hope of all ma1ds Quiet shy and sweet easy to Mlschlevous but IS a swell get along with trnend to have 33 A , ll ll ll ll V Q1 ' S 11 1 11 - -- 1 ' 11 - H 1 1 . 1 ' l ' 1 1 I . sa g X 1 11 - 11 11 11 in 1' ,, . 11 - - I I bv I t ll, N V ' ' , 11 - - 11 I I X M l 1 1 l l 1 !,wfll lt' ,' , V r ,M 11 'Y 4 0 ' . V Q. 4 - ', ' II ll 11p 11 L I V - H . . K I I fn 11 - - .11 ' ll Q . . . . . I I -jar I I tite uiet and entle. ' P9 1 Cl 9 -1 Mk? . . , we - ,- , - qt- ' fj ' C 11 11 1 . 11 11 ' . I H , "All ' ,, l .H I 11 l , W" L ' 1 1 1 ' , Mig I .tg . Q3 " f - ' 11 11 11 11 'T Qs' - ' 1 , 5, ' ll A - ,, 11 - 11 If . ,N 1 I 1 l V l ' l ' 'L' it sf " -' A-2 514 .LQ 5 CONCETTA TERRASI Connie She is not difficult to please she can be silent as the trees Quiet cheerful nice person ality a smile for everyone DONALD TINGLEY Pigeon He speaketh not and yet there lies conversation in s eyes Definitely not noisy mdustri ous student radical Dodger an BETTY TERRILL 6 Very great inthe very little things mind of her own where fun is concerned she s tops HELEN TETMEYER e AIN , laugh nga d lway gay as she goes her merry way Jolly carefree and a good athlete ANNA MAE THOMAS G9 There would be no great ones if there were no little ones. Cheerful-good company. l Q' IA PHYLLIS TINGLEY The gift of garety may Itself be the greatest good fortune Popular pretty and a good friend DOLORES TINNEY Dee fl er Good all around sport a cute girl has a smile worth waiting or FLORENCE TINNEY Sissy A friendly nature is mirrored in her eyes. Always ready for a good con- versation. REANNER THOMAS ELEANOR TOTH ,Q Bunny , "Friendship is the bond of "Out of this silence I pick'd a reason." welcome." lf you ever need a friend, Quiet, but sociable-an ac- she's always there. Girl with a complished typist. X Q million dollar smile. 34 is , ARTHUR TREMBLEY ERNEST WHEELER CPmeJ r Gag I am sure care s an enemy to To work or not to work That I e I5 the question Sltuatlon well In hand friend Cheerful fellow 990d lnend ly man about town to know ANGELINA UBERTI Angle True goodness springs from one s own heart A swell person to know NANCY WABUDA Nan A good deed IS the spice of 1 e Always helpmg others HOWARD WANIGA Howue Happy a man with nary a care A good athlete and popular with the opposute sex tive. I ,I fa, , l' D DORIS WATERS Il orll "Talk happinessg the world is sad enough." Red-haired, full of fun, talka- i 1-Q DONALD WILHELMY Don There IS nothing In the world so contagious as laughter and good humor Cheerful friendly and well nked ROBERT WILLIAMS fPmeJ IS courage foes his friends his truth proclaim Cheerful fruendly and well lked DOROTHY WILSON Dohy merry companion as as good as a wagon You can tell when s es around there s loy and laugh ter everywhere. DAVID WRIGHT "Davie" "Happy am I, from care set freeg why aren't they all contented like me?" Tall, dignified, a pleasant companion. Class M ollo Aul Ven lam vlam aut Class Colors blue and Wl1lt6 ClCoS3 on '77 .I II I I I I I 4 N0 noki n S rv LRUGH TEFL n This: wall k halls lu on wel leave R EK F K 'thi 'V 'l'uRi Calls Cho us It-I QFZ wi F az pled 9-'ll racg thi wrld wrfh 5 , can lass CC' ml LU th rtmo will leased h T e h Ilh Wthf' CTO Ol 37 d d O dt dtd ALICE E PATTINSON 'EE11' di' of '-FUN nn - '- no:-Hai 5 :Hifi flflfll fill I It f i I H I I I I - ' l I '- -. I.III,I..tIgI,ft 3 o 'I fo EU - .nz af- t' o v- - ' l-lillflilil ITIII IS- xg I I r I I II I I f I I I I 'I V ir U 1 J: Q j l l 31111 'F - Il, 0 Fo - Tj- .Sz - uzn F f -well Fl, l-l, I . I5 le Y ' C i I : ' V V V lf ' I if 4 A Q i sl ' I '. . ' 'UF' 7 ti, Ei i i i l J f C- : H gl.. 3 rt , 0 . I P.- M Q , R I - Q ' ' lr if i P' il' - ' ' ggfy 2-Q LJ I , . ' .5 - -2- -3- We s all find ci way or make onev Gro uation brings sad partingg his our motto beg - Paths of friends ivide. W s a eed its wise dire i Still our class will l ng remember i irm constancy. Comra es rue an rie . Chorus: Chorus: Name John Adam John Agaplou Angelo Agos Robert Ahearn Frank Alu Genevieve Alu Nncholas Amlco Albert Anderson Pearl Anderson Carmen Angelina Roney Anteco Gladys Arena Rose Arnone Marne Athans Charles Auscavttch Warren Austm John Bak John Ballsclano Ann Barnett Paul Barrett Helen Bashura Shnrley Begley Ed ard Benn tt Adolph Bergmann Rnchard Bergmann Sally Boduak Dorothy Boylan Harry Brochmsky Mary Brockungton Bernetha Brown Charles Brown Ethel Bruce Mary Buckley Thomas Burns Donald Bush Gmo Calm: Muchalena Cammarota Angelo Cardella Eleanor Carrubba Thomas Casagrande John Castellano Montess Charles Anleen Checkley Elame Chernecky Faye Childs Raymond CICIG Paul Constantmo Barley Cook John Costngan Elame Culmo Bernice Cushner Beverly Davnes Robert DeAngelus CLASS MIRROR Pet Phrase Never happened Well what s nex Get out' No lse' That s all brother' Aw come on' No ktddlng What are ya chncken" Oh don t be stlly Nuts' Oh brother' ls that bad? Of all thlngs Oh no' I don t know Oh but you won t' I don t know How do' Oh shucks' How ya dom 7 No klddlng Oh my gosh' YQL rlrsn t gray I don t know Never happens How could ya te 9 Ya her Ou: Ou: Shame on you You know It to Say man You say you wlll' That s ndlculous Where we going Take five' To each hus own Dog gone st' What' Holy cow' I ll blast y Your father s moustache Oh but I do' Ya' When? Oh cut It out' Wowee' Oh shut up' Don t lose t at' What ya say Qunt moanung Oh gee Wucked' Ah shut up' Don t lose at Lrkes Sports Sports To have un Sports Dancing Sports To be humorous Danbury Football Weekends Pretty redheads Food Athletics Sports Dancing Sports Dancing To sleep To eat and sleep Chocolate :ce cream Seymour Baseball Muslc Cladvs Cars Sports Nice clothes Travellng American history To play the plano Quiet evenmgs Smgmg Bookkeeping A good tame Company Navy Pretty women eatmg Joey Hunting To dance Outdoor sports Sleep Swlng Jazz Dancmg Dancing Spaghettl Bl y Re Re Dancmg Music Red Sox Sports Farr play ZIQQY Outdoors 38 Dlshkes Gettmg up early Homework Studying Work Snobs Cuncented people Conceuted people Turnnps Jerome s teasmg Nothung Bossy people Two faced people Lengthy conversatuon Books Work Classucal musnc Manual labor Parties School Competition Snobs Snobs Glrls who smoke Walking Show offs Spinach Fllrts Red heads Beung nnactlve Braggers Malnctous gossnp Fancy dresses Sarcastnc people Arguments Army Long workung hours Homework Geometry To be kept waltung Studylng Crttucal People Late hours Homework Sad People Snobs Other women Loafers Paying bulls Girls Snooty people Walkmg Havmg flat tures Nonsy classes Future Occupation Mechamc Salesman Restaurant Owner Business Man Denttst Housewnfe Proprietor of Furestone Denttst Nurse Supermtendent Marune Refngeratuon Servsce Commercnal Artust Nurse Model Busuness Executive Dnrector of Dancung Draftsman Mattress Manufacturer Mortlcuan Pharmacist Housewife Mustc Artlst Draftsman Pharmacnst Baseball Player Artnst Secretary Salesman Salesman Bookkeeper Llvmg Secretary Nurse Doctor I wnll take what comes Chef Secretary Dentist Laboratory Techmcuan Malar Leaguer Mechamc Seamstress Haurdresser Housewtfe Nurse Athletvc Coach Mechamc Band Leader Busmess Man Housewnfe Nurse Nurse Draftsman . l , K, . f ' I . , . . . ? ' ' ' , . I 1 - ' . , ' 1 I - . . I , . . . . , , . o . ' -W .e.. I . . ' 1 , l I I . - II. ' ' ' I f l Nina Brassell Oh, how revolting! Sports Conceited people IHVGYIOY DECOYUIUY , . , I . . . . . O! . . , . . . - ' ? ' al ' l ' , 'Il . , h h ' . ? . - - a ' ' s lr ' II ' l , . Name Muchael DellaRocco Nancy DeMortmo Constance DnDato Morrls DlGtorgu Rayrnond Dnllts Josephnne DuMartnno Lawrence DnPnro Phyllns Donahue John Doyle Gladys Drake Andrew Dunne Mary Durant Madeline Elder Elulabeth Ella John Elko Rose Emonuele Mary Famer Carmen Fama Salvatore Fama Agnes Ferla Bernard Fitzpatrick Norman Fttzpatnck Roger Flaherty Kenneth Flamnnuo Ruta Flesher Grace Fryer Frances Gatnson Theodore Gela Joseph Gnannone Anne Gllluland George Goggl Allce Gordon Lucy Goumas Harold Grady Edward Gronowskt Josephine Grova Emnlle Hall Paul Haluschak Marguerite Hamllton Jeanne Hartnett Mary Healey Jacquelyn Hearn James Hennessey Anna Hlywa lrvmg Hofmann Samuel Haston Kathleen Huber Donald Hugguns Wnllnam Hyde Geraldlne lrvmg Lulltan Jacklmchuk Grace Jones Marte Jullan Eluzabeth Juluano Mlchael Kennedy Beverly Kingston Leonard Klrpas Joseph Klsluk Pet Phrase Aw go on' Hey Yeah' Don t moan' Be nrce now' Gee whnz' Are you kuddmg I dunno Oh yeah' l m serious Don t lose you' I wan t tell you Ye Gods' Oh brother' Oh gosh' Are you kuddnng7 Gosh' Yaa' Don t lose you' All beat up Take tt easy You know what I mean I don t know Oh sure' Gee' Are you ready? Oh brother' Howto go' Oh Ieepers Don t lose you You don t say Oh bunk' Lets drag' HI' Honey Golly Moses You know what I mean Don t lose ut You kidding Gee whlz' O rugged' Are you klddlng What ya mean? Jellybeank' You know Oh brother Stralght up' Hey? 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' , , , . , . , 'r. ' ' .. . .,. ' - , . . - - ' .. , . - H1 .. , . .. , ' , ' , '. " Model - . , . . , . , . . . . -- , . r ..? . . , . ' ' I e . , . . ' .- I ,' , . F'h ' ' , . . . . - , ASS STO Overawed by a sense of our own dlgmty and dazzled by a bright prospect for the ensuing four years we entered the Ansoma Hugh School as Freshmen ID September 1943 There a multitude of elusive rooms and unfamiliar faces baffled even the most acute Within a few short days however the rooms stayed where we expected them to be and the faces became those of our well known classmates As our class officers for that memorable first year we chose Michael DellaRocco Josephine Grova Nicholas Amlco and Agnes Ferla as president vice president secretary and treasurer respectively When the members of the Observer staff were announced we were proud to learn that Frank Alu Paul Barrett Henry Lustwon Madeleme Martm Lillian Patulak and Munsey Scharmett had been selected to participate in publishing the school paper During our freshman year everyone plunged eagerly into whatever work we could do to help the war effort We bought war stamps and bonds every week we kmt skem after skem of wool into afghans Under the capable leadership of Carmen Angelim a student council was orgamzed for the eighth and mnth grades for the first time Perhaps the most pleasant memory of our first year IS the operetta The Pirates Daughter which was presented In May A few weeks later our summer vacation began All too quickly It ended and we returned to school filled with the expectation of good times ahead Now we were members of the morning session To our already heavily burdened mmds was added the necessity of remembering new schedules new times for the changing of penods new teachers We surmounted this difficulty easily but the fact that we were mere Sophomores troubled us for the remamder of the year As a result of the elections Arthur Trembley became president of the Sophomore Slgmfylng our Increased importance In school affairs Bernice Cushner Harold Grady Irving Hofmann William Manley Mary O Brien and Alice Pattmson were added to the Observer staff ln the Sprung presentation by the A H S Dramatic Club The Fighting Luttles Sally Bodlak Beverly Kingston Barry Monahan and William Rowley were included among the cast Enthuslastlcally many Sophomores participated un the numerous tag days and bond drives Before we realized It the year was over and ten weeks of glorious vacation stretched before us In September 1945 we were old hands upperclassmen accustomed to the entire system To lead us In this year of heightened prominence we selected William Manley to be our president Madeleme Martm vice president Frank Alu secretary Josephine Grova treasurer During the early part of our Junior year the Observer staff profited by the addition of Nicholas Amuco Carmen Angelina Rose Arnone Madelme Elder John Elko Muriel McGarry Lillian McLaughlin and David Wright Several of our classmates assisted un the publication of the Ansoma News Digest a monthly paper sent to all Ansomans in the armed forces of the country 42 . I . . . I U I . . . . . . . I I I . I . I . . . I . - . I II II I I I . I . . I . . . I . . I ' ll ' I Il ' ' . . . I . . . I ' I Q . I . classy Agnes Ferla, vice-presidentp Nicholas Amico, secretary: Barry Monahan, treasurer. . . . . . . . I . I I . . . , . . . I I II ll . . . ,, . . . ,, . . . , , . I . I .. . ' I I I I . ' 1 ' ' , ' - ' : 1 : ' I ' - ll 11 - - . . , . .I I . I I . I . . . . . D . . . . ,, . . ,, , , That year we were Indeed proud of our two energetuc cheerleaders Sally Boduak and Barry Monahan In November we selected our class rungs and as soon as we had receuved them flaunted them proudly before the eyes of all our comrades Near the end of the year we worked hard at the flrst actuvuty for whuch we were fully responsuble the Junuor Senuor Receptuon an event whuch proved to be a great socual success As the year drew to a close and we Junuors were Included un the exercuses of Class Day we realuzed for perhaps the first tume that our hugh school days were nearly com ple ed We realuzed that when we returned In September we would be the bug shots' We dud return overflowung wuth a feelung of superuoruty and Importance and the class affaurs got off to a flyung start wuth the electuon of Paul Barrett as presudent Madeleune Martun as vuce presudent Frank Alu as secretary and Bernuce Cushner as treasurer Munsey Scharmett was selected as the edutor un chuef of the Observer and Vuncent Pepe as busuness manager Anthony Persuttu and Donald Tungley were also added to the staff All the Senuors were partucularly pleased when ut was decuded to have a year book and everyone was especually satusfied when the announcement was made that Madeleune Martun would be the edutor un chuef and Paul Barrett the busuness manager Our pruzed football team emerged from a hughly successful season under the able leadershup of co coptauns Frank Alu and Joe Guannone Contrubutung to the color of those eventful days were our luvely cheerleaders Shurley Begley Sally Boduak Faye Chulds Elaune Culmo Barry Monahan and Paulune Payzer drum mauorette and Dolores Shea cleverly twurlung the baton The annual D A R award made to the Senuor gurl possessung outstandung qualutues of leadershup dependabuluty patruotusm and loyalty was Indeed well deserved by thus year s recupuent Madeleune Martun The basketball team enuoyed a most successful season under the leadershup of co captauns Tommy Casagrande and Frank Alu wuth a record of fourteen wuns and three losses rankung 6th among the state s hugh school teams They realuzed the dream of all hugh school teams by receuvung an unvutatuon to partucupate In the basketball tournament In New Haven That there would be a trup to Washungton D C durung our May vacatuon was decuded on un the Fall and thus but of unformatuon was receuved by most of the Senuors wuth uneffable uoy The Dramatuc Club presented uts annual play Moonlught for Herbert and among the members of the cast were Included Madeleune Martun Ruta Muchalak and Ina Petz As the year sped to an end all the Senuors at least'were agreeably occupued wuth the customary actuvutues the publuc speakung contest the senuor prom the .lunuor Senuor recep tuon Class Day and at last graduatuon utself Throughout the four years of our hugh school career although we grumbled about our unuustuces we enuoyed ourselves thoroughly The uncertaunty of the years ahead can never obluterate these happy memorues of our hugh school days 43 I I I - . - . . I . . , . . . - ' - - H - I , i . . . - . P , . . . .. - . Q, H . 1 I -. - . I . I . I . I . I . I . I . ' Enhancing our enioyment of the football season was our band with Ina Petz acting as I I , . I . I , . . , . , . . ' ' ll ' ll I I . . . - . . I . I . - . - , . I , . N HISTO On the mght of June 18 1947 we a class of 41 Semors wull receuve our dnplomas for successfully completnng our Manual Arts course at the Pune Manual Tranmng School It all started on a brlght September morning nn the year 1943 when 66 frughtened Freshmen assembled In the Mechanucal Drawlng Room to be assigned to our respectlve classes and to be nmtnated unto some of the nntrncate problems connected wnth our new posltlon as Freshmen so dnfferent and perplexnng after the simple routnne of the grades However some of the sharp edges of our greenhorn stage soon wore off and wlth the electron of our own class officers we began to feel as nf we really belonged Some of our classmates obtauned meruts an scholastnc sports Several of us even made the honor roll each markmg penod and for thus effort we were rewarded wlth the receipt of the scholarshup and cltlzenshlp emblems with whlch Pune Manual recognuzes falthful work Carmen Fama and Joseph Cannone entered the Publuc Speakmg contest held that Sprung Cannone doung exceptionally well by walkmg off wuth one of the prlzes In June wnth the f1nal sux weeks tests completed we had successmully passed the f1rst mulestone un our new career and wnth a feelmg of work well done we left for a long and pleasant summer vacatuon Luke all good thnngs the summer ended all too quuckly and before we knew ut we were back an school agann resummg our studues thus tume however not as tnmud and shy llttle Freshmen, but as eager Sophomores and wlth a decuded feelung of much greater umportance Before the year had grown very old we elected our class officers for the Sophomore year and Joseph Culmo was chosen as Presndent wlth Morrss DlGlorgn and Joseph Cannone Durmg the course of the year eight members of the class dropped by the wayside for varuous reasons Some of the more athletucally lnclmed members trned out for football and among those greatly helpnng Coach Jarvis solve some of hrs problems and complete a very suc cessful season on the grlduron were Sammy Sampler: Morns DlGlorgl Joe Culmo Joe Glannone Johnny Baluscuano and Bull Hyde Much to our regret on February 1 1945 our devoted frlend and prxnclpal Mr John J Ruddy, reslgned In order to accept a posltlon wlth the state government nn connectton wuth the Veterans Admnmstratuon Wlth the handmg In of our textbooks un June our Sophomore year ended and we left to enloy a much needed holuday and for ten long beautlful weeks to forget all such things as readm, wrltm and ruthmetlc When September finally rolled round In much too qulck a fashnon we were looknng forward eagerly to meetnng our new pnnclpal Mr Joseph McGee who had been selected as succssor to Mr Ruddy after many years as a scnence teacher an the Ansonla Hugh School Mr McGee helped us from the very start nn all our actrvotres un a most fruendly and coopera tuve fashion To help us gulde our actnvltues dunng our Junior year the class selected Joseph Glannone President Morrns DlG1orgu Vlce Presldent and Joseph Culmo, Secretary Treasurer 44 . I I I . I . . . I ll ll ' , . . . , , I i . . . . as Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer respectively. . . . .I . . . .I I , . I I . . . I Q 0 I . . . I . ' ll ' I ' ' I I ' ' ll , . , . . I . I . . . .I . h . I - Beginning with our Sophomore year when we were enabled to attend gym classes at the AHS and also to take courses in several other academic sublects we had a grand op portunity of thus creating a better feeling of goodwill between the two schools Due to our various choices of shops our class was divided into various groups lt was In our Junior year that we purchased our class rlngs and it Indeed gave us a grand feeling of satisfaction a feeling that we were now well on our way to that much desired and long looked for goal members of the Semor class As the close of the year was fast approaching the annual Jumor reception for the Seniors was given a social affair always looked forward to with great anticipation and this year it was no different the event was greatly enloyed by all who attended It With the last classes In June we soon started out on what was to be our final summer vacation from our scholastic duties and with the toil of a hard and successful year com pletely forgotten The beginning of our fourth and final year was a typical one Entering upon our Semor year 41 strong we were determined to set a good example for the lower classes giving them someone to whom they might look up envy and whose good qualities they might well emulate The officers for this very important year were Joseph Glannone President Donald Bush Vice President Raymond Dillus Secretary Joseph Lemchak Treasurer On the gridiron our classmates added much to the luster and success of a very satis factory season under the supervision of Coach Jarvis Joe Glannone was selected as one of the two co captains while Sampler: Kennedy Ballsciano Hyde and Fitzpatrick per formed brlllnantly onthe field When Gig Wheeler was forced to give up active playing because of illness he did a grand lab as manager of the team all through the season As a reward for faithful service on the football team during their high school career they were all awarded sweaters During the last few months of our senior year we were kept fairly busy with many different kinds of activities A Halloween dance was held to help defray the expenses of the Washington trip And this solourn In our nation s capital proved to be a most en loyable one in both an educational and an Inspiring fashion to those Seniors who were fortunate enough to go The Pine Committee composed of the four class officers were kept on the alert pre parung their contributions to the Year Book This year we were the guests rather than the hosts at the annual Jumor Semor reception an event always greatly appreciated by the Seniors Then the Prom the climax of all our social activities and the first experience for most of us with a formal affair and tuxedos An evening that will be long remembered with pleasure Then Class Day a reminder that our school days were rapidly drawing to a close And at last the final and happiest event in our lives to date Graduation and our diplomas 45 , . I . 1 1 1 1 "' 1 1 1 1 ' f 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 ' .. 1, .,, . . . . . , 1 1 ' 1 1 ' T if .4 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF 1947 We the members of the class of 1947 of the Ansoma Hugh School an the clty of Ansonla In the county of New Haven and the State of Connecticut supposedly bemg of sound mmd full of techmcal knowledge and nonsense hereby wnllfully disclose this our last wall and testament FIRSTLY To Mr Prendergast and to the members of the faculty we leave and bequeath our smcere apprecuatnon for the and and advuce whnch they have bestowed on us durmg these four loyous and unforgettable years In whuch they have prepared us for our future l1ves SECONDLY To Mr Ryan and Mr Martorano we extend our deepest gratutude and genuine appre cratuon for theur efforts nn assnstlng us to make thus yearbook a success THIRDLY To the faculty who have stood by us so pahently and farthfully for the past four years these mduvndual Items are bequeathed 1 To Mr Prendergast a cooperative group of class officers and student body 2 Tn Muse Ray monv comoetent student assnstants to help lnghten some of her innumerable tasks In the offlce 3 To Mr Arthur an adding machine to facllrtate has flnancnal dutles In the cafeteria 4 To Mass Booth a set of Latm books made to her own special order 5 To Miss Brodie an album of popular records for her typrng exercises 6 To Mr Clark our own Darryl Zanuck we leave hopes for many future successes an we glve applause for the entertannlng plays he has directed and will direct 7 To Mass Conklm many applicants for St Elnzabeth College 8 To Mrss Kennedy a bottle of smellmg salts to arouse her Trng classes from therr lethargy To Mr Jarvis the Knute Rockne of A H S the fighting splrlt of the 1946 football team To Mass Lane an electrnc heater to keep her room above the freezing pomt To Mr Manley a photography shop all has own To Mr Martorano a homeroom group who wnll pay their debts promptly To Mnss Ryan a season pass to all Dodger home games for the 1947 season To Mass Marvm a gurls gym class that wont play basketball as though It were football 15 To Muss Nason a recupe for real old fashuoned Boston baked beans X gk ff-CN NGN l - IJ . . ' ' . .J : 1 l a o n o 5 ' : . J . . , . 4 d . . l I n - I s 1 o . 9. 1 . ' , . . ., ' ' ' 15. . I . . . D 11. . , ' . 12. . , ' ' . 13. ' , . 14- . . I . , , . S l 1 C 46 I C 'X , f. 1 - V 7 . ard 16 To Mr Stewart a flat gym floor 17 To Muss Schoonmaker a deodoruzung system to remove those unpleasant smells from the Hugh School 'I8 To Mr Ryan another efflcuent and cooperatuve group of Senuors to help un the work of preparung the l948 yearbook FOURTHLY To the student body we leave Shorter school hours Pencul sharpeners un good workung condutuon More and larger murrors un the gurls rooms More frequent and better feature movues Locker combunatuons that wuII actually work A F I F T H L Y Aluce Pattunson s natuve untellugence to Geraldune Murphy Donald Hugguns skull un dancung to Joseph Salerno Madeleune Martun s abuluty to make fruends to her suster ReRe Tommy Burns heught and personaluty to Bull Dudley Dolores Shea s abuluty to dress well to Muruel Cordett Bauley Cook s dugnuty to Kent Josephson Harold Grady s talkatuveness to Robert Gordon Adolph Butch Bergmann s cuteness to Eddue Scalone To Co Captauns Duncan Luttleuohn and Pantalone the hope that they may have as successful a season as dud Guannone and Alu 'Il To the .Iunuors we leave our own untegruty and perserverance wuth the hope that they wull eventually develop unto worthy Senuors I2 To the Sophomores we leave all our best wushes S I X T H L Y Just as all good thungs must come to an end so lukewuse must our senuor authoruty whuch we now hand down wuth our blessungs to the up and comung senuors of 1948 LASTLY We hereby appount Mr Frank Ryan the sole executor of thus our last wulu and testa ment and have aFflxed our sugnatures upon ut on thus 20th day of June A D nuneteen hundred and forty seven SUGAR AND SPICE X - Z I if I I 4 . I 'I. . 3. ' ' ' ' . 1 4. ' . I 4 .L . . , . . . . I 2. . , . . . n ly 3. . . , . . . . I i ,J 4. ' ' ' ' . 5. Gino CaIini's trousers to any two Juniors who can fit into them. 6. ' ' ' ' . I 7. ' ' ' ' . I 8. ' ' . 9- Il ll I ' . 'IO. - ' , ' ' xx 47 6 ' - ,f f I I T H Gord!!! JF'-1 a .X ti Nfl LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT CLASS OF I947 , Pme Manual Trammg School Hear ye' Hear ye' We the class of 1947 of the Charles H Pune Manual Trammg School of Ansoma a munucupalnty nn the county of New Haven state of Connecticut U S A do hereby make these bequests our last wall and testament ARTICLE I We leave our ablllty for fine qualnty work neatness posse good looks ruggedness mtelllgence and mannerly ways to the fortunate classes whnch nn the future wlll enroll ln the great Charles H Pme Manual Trammg School ARTICLE II To the Charles H Pme Manual Trammg School we leave A sigh of rellef ARTICLE III Section I To the following faculty members we make these specific bequests I To Mr Halllgan a set of wrenches so he can taghten up some of the loose nuts wanderlng about hls shop 2 To Mr Gottsegen a fine crew of semors who are wnlllng to help hum fulfill his dreams of a new shop 3 To Mr Banks two lmotype machanes and our congratulatlons for havmg a me bunch of boys elect has shop now and In the future 4 To Mr Flynn a degree of Doctor of Flnance for the way he teaches banking ln his economics classes 5 To Mr Burns a sharpshooter s medal for his abulnty to slay Inattentive students with his klllmg stare 6 To Mr Roche a bottle of Kreml halr tomc so that he may keep that well groomed oo 7 o our football coach Mr Jarvns another lufe savmg tackle a la Samplers Kon paperj 9 o Mr Conklm an all valley stadium for the lughtlng generator whlch he and Mr Halllgan are preparing for nlght sports 'IO o Mr Comcowlch a blank pamphlet so he can lot down has most colossal lokes 'll To Mr Crook a gun metal tlmsh applied to has car so he wont have to shane It every hour on the hour I2 To Mr Klely a smoke filled car so when he enters at he wont have to fill nt with hrs own clgar smoke I3 To Mass Kullkowskl o note of appreclatnon and our thanks for the use of her sewung room ln whuch we prepared thus document 'I4 To Mass Nason a car and tranler so she can transport the teachers lunches from the hugh school down to the Pune School I5 To Mr McGee a plaque wnth has famous saynng The Pme School ns a tlne school' 'I6 To Mr Stevens our thanks for the untra mural basketball program I7 To Mlss Roche a paradise sltuated far away from Pane so that shell not be bothered by the many nnterruptuons she receuves there whsle trynng to work G X ji if cT'I R Wvdh I J2- 1-R Ms .f X fi? X a D 1 1 'X 1 . ' gr' - , ' ' -4 -1 , 5-1 -1 ' . Z - ' ' ' 5 . . . ' 0 . I' . 2 ' I - . f , ' . ' gg ' . ' ' . Z . 5' '. U . M. . . I I YL , C , . x ' Q. . . Q 3 C . . 3' 7 - . my A I . . . C l . K vl . A , n g-5 . . 0' . ' : I . ,, ' , , 0 . 0 . ' lg . a ' .. . N I , o ' - . w . ' ' -2 ' : I y ' . 5 . . ' . 0 ' . . , g. - ' 'H ' o 2 . - ' . 2. ' . , , n ' E 1 . - on I ' o . - 5. - A . . 3 - , .. D N D' ' V II 0 I I . ' Q. ': . . 2 . -6 l - . u - . 5 ,L ' . . 1 . un c ' ' I S I ,f x J , ,A I 'x .f ,Q fx,-Q' ,. ' 111 1 Nz 'l8 To Mr O Connell our best wishes for a frnend who has won the hearts of all the semor boys at Pune Section ll To the follow1ng members of the school we bequeath these ll'lCJlVIdUGl items l John Adam s ability to speak Russnan to Klsyk 2 Carmen Famas cleverness in wood turn1ng to any lower classman who can qualify to Mr Gottsegen s standards Bernard rutzpatncks car to Huz1 and may Heaven help hum' Mat Porcu s ability to argue with Mr Gottsegen to Dmky Hylwa Bush and Hyde s good looks to any lower classman who can compete with them 6 To Norman Fitzpatrick a scooter so he will be able to get to work on time and not be tardy as he was when In school John Ballsclano s powers of oratory to Gasbarrl D1G1org1 s muscular build to Dizzy Dean LaRocco s temper we let hum keep for himself no one would want It To Willy Rallls a share In Chatfield s dairy Yabo Kennedy s height and statellness to the Freshman Sorrenti A book of l 000 lokes to Sardo and Kucegko as nt IS publ1shed by those two semor lokesters Pompl and Gronowsku 'l3 Sampler: s fine defensive tackling ability to his two rivals Granatle and Cerru 'le I 14 Mlganl s drag with Mr Gottsegen to Mudry and Hessels 'l5 Palumbo s pamphlet on A Way W1th Fem1n1n1ty to the future classes of the Pune Manual Training School To SalFc1ma a bottle of Jo Curl and a rake so he can keep his hair under control Mllardo s muscles to Stanley fK1ngJ Kucher To Joe Glannone a commnsslon In the American Cruc1ble Corp as fireman first c ass To Gela an alarm clock to wake hum for h1s early morning sports expeditions To Talemal a note on thrnft so he can learn to keep a check on h1s finances Russo s exciting wave to Paul Mntsakos Motel s skull in drawing to Wllhelmy Doyle s ability In Auto Mechanics to any freshman who can compete w1th hum To Antlco Williams Bak Constant1no Knepple Bergmann and Sorrentl the keys ofthe city of which they hope some day to be the future officials To Raheal a road map to Seymour so he can locate his heart throb Ken Flamlnlo s ushering ability to Knepple Jr To E Wheeler a 3'l Chrysler so he wont have to borrow his future father in ,V- aw s Lemckak s dashing speed to Bygott Koshes shoes to any Junior who can fill them To Castellano a governor for his car so he wont attempt to break all world speed records A Sworn to under all regulations of the mherltance laws of the State of Connecticut Signed and Sealed City Clerk Frank Foots Nusty Notary Public Senor des Juan Pedro Lastuagus Eldorado Tot Justice of Peace Johan Benito Lulgo Gulseppl Pasquale Jones 'Q-L X I B' vdln Q-1 4. ' " ' . ' . 5. ' ' . 41, l . i 7. ' ' f '. 8. . . ,, . . . 9. ' ' ' - '. 1o. - ' ' ' ' . 11. ' ' ' 1 12' I . . . . . nz J 17. ' ' ' . A 18. n n a 1 0 c . I 5? 1 . J 19. . . . .. . 20. ' ' . 1 21. ' " ' . 7 22. ' ' ' - ' . yy 23' , .. . . . .u l 24' . I . . I I I I I .I 4 1, . . . U 25. , ' . ' 26. . . , . .. , n it 27- I ll II I ' -' - 1 I '. - 28. . ' ' . 29. ' ' . l' ao ' ' 1 - X LX . I 1 XX tl . . . s . l I' I : V ' - - 49 F '1-X-s Q 9,55 CAHSJ Valedfcforlan ALICE PATTINSON Salufaforlan BERNICE CUSHNER Paula Petro Rose Arnone GRADUATION SPEAKERS QAHSJ Madeleine Martm Sally Bodlak Munsey Scharmett Lucy Goumas Marlon Sfnckney Josephnne Grovo CLASS DAY SPEAKERS 5 1 A 1 x, fi 5 'Q Q CPINEJ Valedicforian RONEY ANTICO Saluiaforian JOHN BAK GRADUATION SPEAKERS CLASS DAY SPEAKERS Peter Palumbo Paul Guardnam Richard Bergmann Carmen Fama Anthony Sorrenh Wllllam Rahael SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Ansonla Hugh School Pme Hugh Bermce Cushner Shnrley Begley Allce Pattmson Charlotte Knott Munsey Scharmett Poulme Payzer Dolores Shea Anna Mae Sweeney Shirley Begley Madelenne Martin Elame Culmo Jane Meury Elame Culmo Madelelne Martm Alnce Pattlnson LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST POPULAR MOST INTELLIGENT MOST DIGNIFIED BEST LOOKING BEST ATHLETE BEST DRESSED WITTIEST CUTEST BEST PERSONALITY PEPPIEST BEST NATURED BEST DANCER BEST ALL AROUND QUIETEST Vmcent Pepe Paul Barrett Vmcent Pepe Bonley Cook Albert Anderson Frank Alu Nlcholas Amlco Harold Grady Adolph Bergmann Raymond Clcla Wnlluam Rowley Raymond Clcla Donald Hugglns Frank Alu Joseph Mncknewncz MOST MOST MOST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED POPULAR INTELLIGENT DIGNIFIED BEST LOOKING BEST ATHLETE BEST DRESSED WITTIEST CUTEST BEST PERSONALITY PEPPIEST BEST NATURED BEST DANCER BEST ALL AROUND NOISIEST QUIETEST Raymond Dlllls John Bak 52 John Bak Joseph Guannone John Bok John Bak Raymond Dlllls Samuel Sampler: Wlllnam Rallls Thomas Pompl Donald Bush Joseph Gnannone Matthew Mnlardo Joseph Guannone John Ballscnano Joseph Glannone John Balnsclano John Bak Esther Makofl ...................................... NOISIEST .....,................................ Harold Grady 'Z I x FOOTBALL o n '1- The 1946 season ranked high in the history of our high school athletic records with seven wins and one defeat. The team rolled up an imposing total of 254 points while the opposing teams scored only a total of 72 points. Ansonia was rated highly in the state schol- astic circles. The Co-Captains were Frank Alu and Joseph Giannone. The school was honored also in the choice of an All-State team. On this mythical eleven the defensive and offensive playing of Ray Cicia earned him the position of tackle, while Tony Ortali was similarly honored by being chosen as an end, due to the excel- lence of his catches and defensive playing. Frankie Alu was awarded a place on the second team, while Sam Hoston, Sam Sampieri and Tommy Casagrande were given honorable mention. Another further honor was granted the school with the announcement from the Connecticut interscholastic Athletic Conference that the Committee on Awards of Merit in Football had chosen Ansonia as one of the schools to be recognized for its outstanding season and also that a suitable trophy was to be given to the school. Left to right: Assistant Coach, Wil , liam "Scuff" Comcowich. Co cap . tains: Joseph Giannone and Frank E' Alu. Coach: Charles "Boots" Jarvis 0.11. f W 'f'a..'a.. R , 5. .ff "V ,qi -fe . PS' -1-dv we ,n 'sas ' ' I Q Mfg fe, 1 W ' ,. " , ",J'5,f'f1,g"i I V ff'frifg1f, 'feff-.5 , f 4 N U. ka li-'I X ' I ' ' 1 ' 4 I F '1 it is X 13 1 fb r " H , 3, U.l'l, " Qi ,D .Ai-4 'f'-4 T - AV! .Y-1. ix' -..,,, , , x-f4ig5u,,,,,a ,. . ' if, ,f-+A - ' - , N 'n , -LQ. x "' 'fi 'Q.,:9'5j' w 'ie 4 4 . A ,M - A-:Ii . V. .I ,zxfirk - 'L In W- :Q vu 4" . ' L , k ,' V'N Jr v, -"-' .'?+3'. , V +1 ,W - 'x . ,fi ,q 4 . , 'A -f " Q- A ' f .. ,U 'g 1 'gl .'.""f ., N V' - w,mlT.4 N Jw A' vgyi :ggi v w , You - is uh ,,,1,VA:,' wl:4K1?h,iA' V.-:lah ' , ., V E I K ,, . v,,, ,, ' ' 0 A 9 :eff V ui' 'QQ M A I 4' 'K " kg , . " . ' ' ' Q- 3 t V! ta , A , ,hwy K . 3 D 1 221'-' jx: . 1 f ,. ls. ' - -Q, g i. , vfx-'-"i,'sf4-gfffs?-,f'1ffrl5f!fs3,4v g J , F, ffl-.ff - J Aw. '- , A, f-ff 1 H' 'V C , .ryfftx ,,,,,.1,.,,r,, .aifrqflr , V,,,fq' 5. ' rg., V je- 'A F ?:lVut' J' I, ,yi- 'k'A:,',4.524-f.ft"'kP'?'w. sit". fwfr. 1,36 'A' rv jf ff " V' K' -in ' ff 't " '4' 'fat -Y" 2 --'-' ' 4' 9, Us 2 a'5SiiW Y' . " Bef . WU' ' - ' ng '- , ... , 'I D L' H44 ' , I, 1 " -,.-,515-A ,Lf A.' ' - D- ' 'A' Y ' Q ' QQ. ,. 1 Ac M. U 1 ' 3, 6354 S 2 P ,qz rod 4111. H Z' A 5 fn-rpilg Av1v,', 0 S fi xiii ., 1. . 8 A - Y ,- H'-,'t,,: .,Y fx.- pi? .. fs-1-TTC -. ., .pl W' r ...V ua.- ,4 f ' A .- K , Q "ggi ,hh , . 1-,gm Q- Jfgug' A Q ' r ' 9 Pig? 1 ,...., 114 . J FRANK ALU A varsrty regular for two years and co captam thrs year Frankre was an rnsprratronal leader and a coach s dream Callrng the plays on offense Frankre befuddled the opposrtron wrth hrs drversrfied attack Workrng from the T formatron hrs qurck openrng plunges often got thrs 'l50 pound dynamrter beyond the Irne of scrrmmage where hrs deceptrve runnrng and change of pace got hrm away for many a spectacular run For a lrttle fellow Frankre generated a great deal of power He recerved honorable mentron on the All State team rn hrs lunror year and thrs year he was placed on the second All State team ALBERT ANDERSON A three year man who really showed hrs stuff thrs year Al showed hrs versatrlrty by leavmg hrs end posrtron and takrng over the guard spot on defense and tackle on offense when an rnlury to Culmo necessrtated a change Hrs savage blockrng on mousetrap plays allowed the Touchdown Twms to get out rnto the open He was always movrng rn and stalkrng the ball carrrer and hrs downfield tackles were exceptronal Al always put the welfare of the team above hrs own preferences whrch made hrm well lrked by the whole squad JOHN BALISCIANO Johnny who was a good man to have around was always playrng to the best of hrs abrlrty When rn the game he could always be seen rn front of the ball carrrer makrng a key block allowrng hrm to go for yardage On the defense hrs hard tacklrng would often stop the leather carrrer behrnd the lrne of scrrmmage He saw a lot of actron thrs year THOMAS CASAGRANDE Brg Red a solrd 235 pounds rs one of our finest athletes for besrdes playrng foo ball for three years Red rs co captam of the basketball team and one of the finest 4 baseball prtchers rn the hrstory of the school ln football Red played rn the backfleld and also tackle Always wrllrng to play where hrs coaches deemed best for the welfare of the team Red won the admrratron of hrs teammates Hrs fine defensrve play and boomrng punts many over 50 yards on the fly pulled Ansonra out of more than one tough spot Red rs another of our players recognrzed by the All State havrng recerved honorable mentron rn both hrs rumor and senror years RAYMOND ClClA Grven the appellatron 'The Rock by the state s sports wrrters because of hrs tremen dous abrlrty to break up the offensrve manoeuvers of every opponent thrs 195 pounder easrly won honors by berng chosen as tackle on the All State first team Ray to hrs coaches was hke mqnnq frgm heqyen for he was q wrllrng worker playrng part of the season as offensrve fullback and defensrve tackle Deadly as he was on defense some of hrs best work was done on offense where he and Orts combrned to open large holes for our backs to run through V 3 ' ' , . . . . ' I ' , . . . . . H 1, . . . . . ' I . 3 l . Q o 0 Q 1 . ll - u - - - ' x , Y I I ,W ,If .. . . - . . .V if r ' I ' 1 l ' Mx' . . 'sis ' H . N . . . . 1 1 T' ' ll u - - f ' . 1 f' l I n ll " . . . ,- n u - - - - - - f , 4 , . . , 1 r - u u - - - - . I I . - I rl l ' ' , I I I f ' ' ' - 1 I . I I 3 - - u I 11 ll - 56 I""1 JOSEPH GIANNONE BERNARD FITZPATRICK "Bunny" saw a lot of action this season. He was a rough and tough player. His hard charge often stopped opponents from making gains. When he was on the offense his hard clean blocking would allow the ball carrier to make yardage While in a game he was always doing his best Joe co captain of the team was a good man to have around Playing any position in the backfield he saw a lot of action this season You could see Joe in front of the ball carrier making a hole for him On the defense hardly a back would slip through and make yards for Joe was a sure tackler He often stopped them for no gain He was always doing his best SAM HOSTON Sam and Captain Alu were known throughout the state as The Touchdown Twins and they lustly deserved the cognomen When long runs were needed Sam was there with the goods His line plunges and end runs scored many a first down and touchdown for our Lavender Sam was a real breakaway runner and speed merchant Good as he was on offense Sam did exceptionally well on pass defense for not once throughout the season did an opponent succeed in completing a pass in his territory Sam was also given honorable mention by the committee selecting the All State team WILLIAM HYDE Billy was a hard charging end who could often make a tackle behind the line of scrimmage His blocking was savage and clean He was hampered by an mlury near the end of the season which was a loss tothe team Billy though small was a fine replacement for the varsity ends when they needed to be relieved fl MICHAEL KENNEDY Mike a tall lanky tackle made it hot for the first strmgers His quick thinking often made it tough for the leather toter He fought hard and clean When in a game he was always playing to the best of his ability ANTHONY ORTALI Tony or Orts as he vs affectionately called us one of the finest ends In the school s hastory This bug rugged l85 pound end gave Ansoma fans many a thrall because he was capable of handlmg a defensuve tackle by himself wrth a cross body block Hls one handed knock down catches on offense and savage tacklmg on defense were a thrlll to watch Tony IS quiet and shy but was poison on the grldlron Especlally happy are we for Orts us the other member of our team to wm a posetuon on the All State first team SAM SAMPIERI Sam was like a Glbraltar Coming from a football family that has glven other good football players to our school Sam did much to uphold the famlly s reputation for football ablllty Hrs hard charging and offensive blocking won the admlratlon of the coaches and players On defense he was always Sammy onthe spot Sam will always be remem bered by the people of Ansoma for has game savmg tackle un the New London Bulkeley game One of the best In the state Sam won honorable menhon on the All State team ERNEST WHEELER Gag was a good man when he was on the team He was always at hls best Due to Illness Gig was forced to hang up hns umform He took on the lob as manager and would always see to It that the players would get the best there was WILLIAM ROWLEY Football Manager l946 Season 58 ' A ""' '4 .ws ,a'..N'F . H ' "4- .7 1 inf- 'r , ' ffw --' ,-. '5.,'x.s'f' ,W -44.4 '. ,. , v' 'A ,- ..,,.'g - 1,-'Q ' , 1 7 'vw-'Z , " .f,w.,f'P,,'gf'. xg, 'iv ,llivdar--413, g,ivJ4.f -.A,, "T, ' ..A'.'f' X .y pk 13:94, f -P, Ai Mxstg? in Q? "nrIf,?3-pg-.2 ' ,da . x sf. :qqzgt 4 -. -,V 1 - -- ux' g,-v'f'v ' ' I 4 y.'1 V- -."','lQ'4,, O C5 q 1 y K 1, F ' ' " 1' W . V TQ. '- QL. V -,' .-Q., M ws, :1'j':.Q1-gil .4 ,a-.,,, J, iff? I' R , , 4 'H' " 'SQ ,w5Y 3 'J gl I un- 4-.- -J ,. 44 ' -mv. if- A ' Q4 N, -w l .vi .f Q li:-nslj' rl 'fi , Y'--' ' .6 ' -i" 1 :. '11 ' 'Tx' f ,E 4 3 ,, 1 'H' ' f 'Q , 4. W QM Qjv Veqvgd I 5 , fi ' 1"f'?"'Qx -1 , f . ' N f - f ' r I Q . U 4 L A , 1 qfff wpwifrfy. ,L ' - . y. - ff 'Q' ' ' P' -2 ' Q fl , :ii-aw P- - f r ' '-Ax if' . M 5- J 4-N.f'H-- 3 . M ,qw-"' - .fl X. ' wtf .0 I l V 1 . A J, gtk J, "A - , l 4 ' ' " -' V136 1 '?f'r ' A ' ' gsfiuff. " - 1. Q54 A .4."'Ai., 9 'W . vu Q ' f. - 'NT 1 4 ' r 1 S, ,, , , 1-5405 -- ,U 4 ', ' - ' . A 'Quai . v ff V 2' 6'.7'fv1- ' rf .Jxzisi KX 'L , lf -sag ' , , . 4, . -.-2.' Y. .fA 1-J. ' ... RFI. fu 772-tx-, . ,-. , 1'-A , ,s--. . I J fl f' . 5 .i 1- , f'f"'! fi: ,, f"?:A e f. Z J ' iw 'll '-- , ,vi ,, x ,, F, V s , I Aaigf-wJ"""4.,., V 'V J. ,, 7, ' Ansoma Ansoma Ansoma Ansonla Ansoma Ansonla Ansoma Ansonla Ansonia Ansoma hrwf'vPOG 4' 5 SCHEDULE x Ansoma JWQO il ""M4 M 1 a Ansoma Ansoma Ansonla Ansoma Ansonla Ansonla Ansonla Ansoma SKE A FRANK ALU Co Captain speedy qulck thanking guard playmaker of the team ALBERT ANDERSON Tall hard fightung center plenty tough under the backboards THOMAS CASAGRANDE Co Captain Bug husky forward most effective with left handed hook shot VINCENT DRAKE Bug rangy sharp shooting forward with a deadly one handed plvot shot Number 2 scorer In Naugatuck Valley League WILLIAM DUDLEY Tall hugh scornng bucketman at hrs best controllung the ball off both backboards THOMAS DUNCAN Tough defenslve guard who was at his best when the play was roughest IRVING HOFMANN Small qulck forward wlth the one handed slde court shot specialty ANTHONY ORTALI Husky hard fighting guard whose strong pomt was his defensnve play TEDDY VARTELAS Tall aggresslve guard noted for has one handed dnvlng lay up shots HOWARD WANIGA Clever ball handling forward good under the backboards Leavenworth Crosby Wllby Stamford Torrington Crosby 43 Naugatuck 35 Alumni 35 Derby 36 Commercial 3'I 9 4 61 Alumni Shelton Wllby Stamford Torrmgton Naugatuck Leavenworth Derby W' E . 5 1 '-1 - A 'f l ' ' 3 Ep 2 lt T A ' "ad I' Q ' ---- 61 q .pf 'vt ' N - N' i ' ' ....s4 ' . ' - s. ' .... 54 ' 4 - M- L' t 'll 9 '--1: - ,... 33 - "ii ai T ' ' ' .... 33 A ' . l l f ' L Ali i1 7 10 ' .... 65 .,.... .. 7" - 4 ' .... 44 Commercial y! VVV, q if A x, Q , B A T B l. l. ' .32 .... 39 , .V V - -L fy 1 wx, T, 4 , L ' lf -j Lf -3122 - .gijijiijiiiiii P fi Sv 1 13 3 of 4V 75,11 10 , ' .... 47 .......... 44 ll Q lf -1 l Q f ' .... 36 ' ........ 35 Y C P ., 'A L V I 'I .,,,v ng .1 , ,. , 5- U ' f."B"i 5 Jud " f. 1 9 !! ,, ig - . 5 ' f "fl-.'!2' ' 'ip 4-f ' 1 :"5'3n'+'l -1' - . H-5, 11-r11fJ,ZF'f' " 'ff -2 fig 'ff . 'W . " -ffm-P" H' ,fa .T , ., ' lilnpff f H- "" 'N -.JY was H .1 12' I W' wean, st "4 I SWQ Q- s-5.4. 1947 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Saturday April 12 Tuesday April 15 Saturday April 19 Saturday April 26 Saturday May 3 Wednesday May 7 Saturday May 10 Tuesday May 13 Wednesday May 14 Saturday May 17 Alumm Wulby at Ansoma Winsted at Ansoma Crosby at Waterbury Torrington at Ansoma Leavenworth at Ansoma Winsted at Winsted Wnlby at Waterbury Derby at Ansonia Naugatuck at Naugatuck Tuesday May 27 .............,...................................,....................... Saturday May 31 ...................................................................... Wednesday y June 4 .........................,........................................ Friday June 6 ........................................,..................................... Saturday June 7 ..... Crosby at Ansonia Torrington at Torrington Leavenworth at Waterbury Derby at Derby Naugatuck at Ansonia Mr. Michael J. Vicari, Coach Robert Wentworth, Captain Marvm Arons Herbert Bengtson Robert Gordon Kent Josephson Alan Lnndholm Louis Nlkel Stanton Savelewutz Herbert Savutsky Easton Smnth Robert Snow :U P ,Q 124 ENNI Ji. V LLEYBALL The fermanatron of1hel946 T947 Volleyball season found these outstandnng senior gurls holding coveted posmons on the Honorary Volleyball Team Genevieve Alu Eleanor Car rubba Ela1neCulmo Kathleen Huber LllllanJack1mchuk Paulme Payzer Llllvan Ready Thomas Faculty Adviser Mlss Loulse C Marvm EERLEADE Shlrley Begley Sally Bodlak Faye Childs Jean Collins Elaune Culmo Rosemarne Martin Joan McDonnell Allce Monahan Geraldine Murphy Paulme Payzer 65 Annie Mae Thomas, Reanner O C H R S R D and WHITE BASKETBALL TEAMS FORWARDS Montess Charles Elalne Culrno Paulune Payzer Reanner Thomas SENIOR HONORARY BASKETBALL TEAM The best players of the Red and White teams are chosen for the honorary team a goal 1ha1 every gurl looks forward to and trles to achieve l l ee GUARDS Lucy Goumas Helen Sokolmckl Helen Tetmeyer Florence Tunney , .H ' I ' ANN. s V ,Pl t A . . I I L. Hg . - ' B s : ' L - T .5 , A N, l A A . 1 x M f 4 ' 1 'k, M. k""! I X- vm- "ii-3 17' Q. ,F 'x 1 x F Q,-rj' 41.42 :Si 'T OBSERYER STAFF Editor-in-Chief, Munsey Scharmett, '47 Literary Editor, Bernice Cushner, '47 Assistants, Harold Grady, '47l Marvin Arons. '48, Marion Hosko. '48, Nancylee Madorno. A483 Geraldine Murphy, '48, joan Pepe, '48, Jeanne Yelms, '48, William Kiernan, '49, Richard Levy. '49 Sfhaul .Yates Editor, Rose Arnone, '47 Assistants, Virginia Adzima, '48, Patricia' Biondolillo, '43, Louise Blazis, '43, Alice Cornich, '48, Marion Kochanowsky. '48, Josephine Sadlowski, '4S: john Huber, '49, joan Lindholm, '49, Dorothy Morgan, '49 Exchange Editor, Alice Pattinson, '47 Assistants, Muriel Cordett, '48, Gail Phillips, '49 Alumni Editor, Madeleine Martin, '47 Assistants, Patricia Gordon, '48, Grace Carmody, '49 Athletic Editor, David Wright, '47 Assistants, Stanton Savelewitz, '48, john Vellturo, '49 Business Manager, Vincent Pepe, '47 Assistant Manager, Kent Josephson, '48 Assistants, Nicholas Amico, '47, Carmen Angelini, '47, Anthony Persutti, '47, Donald Tingley. '47, Robert Gordon, '48, Edward Scalone, '48, Marino De Rosa, '49, Charles Moore, '49, Martin Ryan, '49, John Skurat, '49 Freshmen, john Kolakowski, Rose Marie Krueger, Anna Marecki, Edward Morgan, Allen Terrill, Nancy Whittum Typists, C0-Chairmen, Marion Stickney, '47, Helen Tetmeyer, '47 Assistants, Dorothy Boylan, '47, Nina Brassell, '47, Mary Buckley, '47, Michalena Cammarata, '47, Aileen Checkley, '47, Betty Elia, '47, Agnes Ferla, '47, Lucy Goumas, '47, Kathleen Huber, '47, Marie julian, '47, Elizabeth Juliano, '47, Mary Kohanowski. '47, Greta Krueger, '47, Theresa Maloney, '47, julia Matejek. '47, Jane Meury, '47, Sue Nicolette, '47, Jean Nordhorn, '47, Paula Petro, '47, Frances Siemietkowski, '47, Helen Sol-zolnicki, '47, Reanner Thomas, '47, Nancy Wabuda, '47, Doris Waters. '47. Faculty Advisers, Miss Ethel Ericson, Mr. J. Frank Ryan Au u-L3 Marvln Arons Frank Asclutto Wrlluam Bennett Carleton Black George Brown James Brown Grace Carmody Muchael Coppola George Crocker Marino DeRosa Ina Petz Drum Majorette SBA DOUGLAS PORELL Director Elre Derbyshire John Dreher Marulyn Elko Mary Foley Theodore Gela Robert Gordon Kent Josephson Edward Kobechls Aaron Marcus Glorna Marcus Sanford Rlch Theodore Smayda Stanton Savelewrtz Herbert Savitsky Robert Snow Allen Terrill Nicholas Tyma 7l James Manno Jerry Marhnez Richard Mayo Edward Merancy Ruta Mlchalak Barbara Mlckewuch GallPh1lllps John Perun Richard Porell Pasquale Ragalnl Dolores Shea Baton Twirler v--Im .f l A E Leu. Paul Barrett Chairman Joseph Giannone Co-Chairman Shirley Begley Sally Bodiak Adolph Bergmann Donald Bush Bernice Cushner Samuel Hoston Henry Lrstwon Madeleine Martm Sue Nncolettn Lulluan Ready Davud Regan Faculty Advrsers Mass Lourse Marvm Mr Henry.l Martorano N O A S S E M B SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Thomas Shepperd Paul Barrett Shlrley Begley Adolph Bergmann Sally Bodlak Donald Bush Bernnce Cushner Raymond Drllls Rita Flesher Joseph Guannone Harold Grady Joseph Lemchak Henry Llstwon Madeleune Martin Sue Nlcolettl Llllran Ready Davud Regan Faculty Advisers Mass Louise Mqrvun Mr Arthur Stewart S E I R L Y Master of Ceremonies 72 Beverley Margaret Rams Mrs Ellington Lewfs Felix Heldler Vincent Farnsworth Moonlight for Herb rt SCENE The Rams Llvung Room TlME Act I A Mud Afternoon In Summer Act II Scene I Evenmg The Following Week Scene II Late The Followlng Afternoon Act III The followlng day THE Janet Northrop Loss Gessner Joan Lnndholm Wrlluam Davidson Mnchoel Coppola CAST Herbert Sidney Rams .lean Bressart Vincent Farnsworth Mrs Tracy Mr Tierney Robert Gordon Directed by MR .l HOWARD CLARK 73 Herbert Savltsky Herbert Bengtson Mona Broch S Harrington Burns Rnto Muchalok ll ' e ll Miss Hepplewhite ........................ Ina Petz Julia Arnold .......,.......... Madeleine Martin ' ' ................ ' ' ' ' , r... ' VISUAL AI Vlsual Alds Committee Robert Snell Chref Prolectromst Joseph Mlcklewlcz lst Assistant Pl'Ol6CflOI'llSf Herbert Bengtson Joseph Gaannone Edward Anderson Frank Blaze Harold Grady Henry Llstwon Wulllam Manley Sam Sampler: Mr Phllup E Newhall 2nd Assistant Prolechonlst Chief Stage Manager Stage Assistant Stage Assistant Stage Assistant Stage Assistant Stage Assistant Stage Assrstant Faculty Adviser Our school IS equlpped with a snxteen mnllumeter movne projector whlch IS operated by the preceding committee of boys The boys take care of the lnghtmg the stage and all other nncudentals Therefore the commuttee IS entnrely a student actnvuty Some of our Tuesday mormng programs are also prepared by these boys alone and they have done on excellent 'ob 74 Donald BushUsSlllllll:lllszlllllllll:ll:Ilil:llZ:llllsllssssslllllllllljll stage Assistant 4.4 Dorothea Agos Jean Bennett Bermce Bernard Dorothy Boylan Adele Brewla Anna Mae Comcowlch Jacqueline Campy Mane D1 Donato Carmelo De Luslo Loulse Erl Rose Gnraldn Joan Golma Lorrame Grant FETER S Anna Mae Hylwa Harriet Hylwa Jenny Kucher Bermce Maher Therese Maloney Gladys Muller Jean Muller Aluce Monahan Jean Nordhorn Janet Northrop Margaret O Nell Mary Ann Pesta Glorua Petrnc Nucolme Petruc Supervisor Mass Frances S Nason 75 Gall Phullnps Irene Saska Anna Mae Sweeney Jeannette Tanner Beverly West June Worobel Gino Calm: Mlchael Coppola Walter Karpowuch Walter Laban Joseph Merlone Ruchard Mersku Robert Mutton CA IA TAFF JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President FREDERICK LITTLEJOHN Vice President GERALDINE MURPHY Secrefary THOMAS DUNCAN reasurer VIOLA CRAVEN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presldenf EDWARD COOK Vrce Presldenf WALTER TRELLA Secreiary and Treasurer ALEXANDER MCWILLIAMS 76 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Vice Presrdenf Secretary Treasurer Presldenf JOHN DEAN Vice President JOHN LEPESKA Secretary and Treasurer PETER KETZ 77 MARINO DeROSA JOYCE SHEA WILLIAM KIERNAN SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PINE MANUAL TRAINING fffffffflfffQfiffffflifflfflfffffflffffffflflffiffff ....... HELEN BEHRLE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Presldenf JARVIS SCHUMACHER Vrce Presrdenf CORRINE GRADY Secrefary and Treasurer CHARLES PERGOLA FRESHMAN CLASS PINE MANUAL TRAINING Presldenf JOSEPH FAMA Vice Presrdenf GEORGE RASLAVSKY Secretory and Treasurer BARRETT JACKSON 78 O OFFICERS gil .' K I M admit, . , v 'ig-.,. ,JIN . s :Cr -L Q vga , 13,15 Q' 'I-..f'f. ' x ff una' ,' A 'u' ai ' .. .xp A . .v T'l -1. .af 'R If-qv' M ,E T .Vs IM.. A .v7,fY' ,, l va,,,g., e ,aff I ix Lil'-gkk G x , fx - Q 3 , 'K , -'dish .1 li lf K5 l XX ff ui' N' V' af' Q is-I Q v Y Lf as -XSL 41. Q., Q E I3 '-:ws-an F '. bl-14 1 W. K if 1 Q? . , 1 B, xl 1" ,ml E 7 A 3 ,Lf 2? gf' f Ji . 4 ,L 'J Q ' 1 -Kwai F- 1: 'R MJ' wh .. 1 5- Yi" n M ' 1 n P 1,-kk , . ., 'B' ' ,'?'2H 'fm ,i -14 'tv -,f A willy as 1374 in sffilo . . S 3 Ohsalgx xfmvxghvfb MW .M ... Z ff? .4 use 9 Q5 X ,fi 1 SEC ke- fx Q S , 3 ,i N www' ff 5 c 0 , 'F' ' o Nr' W hawk Nh." M'U GZ - flu- 7 1: -f 1 ' I I ,Q P 0 X 'I V' R ' V . 76,11 I 1- L fn 3 M 7, ' . :,g ' "X NX Y' 1 , vu-. W , k . ,VMS 2 X I 1 V3 -1 Y x ,,, If , S 5-if 1' ' ' X M I .bf .Q .rl H ,, - V --'-F HOTEL CLARK COMFORTABLE ROOMS COURTEOUS SERVICE EXCELLENT FOOD MODERATE PRICES DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOP TAP ROOM Why not have Dmner wlth us + 10O ELIZABETH STREET on Sundays and Holldays DERBY, CONN 86 CARLETON BRETT, JR., Manager 'I' Cwzgrfzmffztzom and Bet! Wzrhef to the GRADUATIING CLASS OF A HS 1947 E S T O 106 MAIN STREET AN SON IA CONN M H SCULLY PLUMBING HEAYIING an OIL BLRNING CONTRACTOR Telephone 7770 185 North Mun Street Ansonn Conn Complmzentr 0 The Scharmett Beddmg Co Telephone 938 LUCAS RADIO APPLIANCE THL HO III OF FIINE APPLIAINCES and EXCELLEIXT SERVICE Phone 7056 478 Home Axenue Shelton Conn Complmzuztt TISI OIL CO Telephone 1236 7 Center Street Shelton Conn Complzmenft of DERBY SEALERS Inc PALMER BROTHERS MOVIING and STORAGE PRWATE RAILROAD SIDING Telephone 5359 6 Bank Street Ansoma Conn 87 T H P E O P L E ' S R E ll --- ' I I I ' d I ' I I . I A - L' , - 465 Main Street Ansonia, Conn . 7 of I , . ' . Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 'I947 from the Faculties of the ANSONIA HIGH SCHOOL all PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHO0L CLASS OF 1947 CLASS OF 1947 JUNIOR CLASS OF A H S SOPHOMORECLASS OFA H S CLASS OF 1947 CLASS OF 1947 FRESHNIAN CLASS OF A H S A H S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 88 B t " hes to the B t " hes tothe from the from the B t " hes to the C d luck and Continued Success to the from the from the X! to gt B N?" N.:-fi' Reddy Kzllowatt Your Ut1l1ty Servant THE DERBY GAS Sz ELECTRIC CO FARREL BIRMINGHAM Company, Inc ANSONIA CONNECTICUT PRODUCTS Ansoma Derby D1v1s1on ROLLS CASTINGS MACHINERY Buffalo D1v1s1on GEARS GEAR DRIVES Atwood D1v1s1on TEXTILE MACHINERY PLANTS Ansoma Derby and Stonmgton Conn Buffalo N Y Complzmentf 0 CHARLES O BEARCE Phone 4508 Roosevelt Drlve Derby Conn Beft Wzfbef EDWARD J BEDNAR Beft Wzrbex to the CLASS OF 1947 BETA GAMMA SIGMA SORORITY BERGMANN TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE ATLANTIC GAS and OILS Radzator Flufbmg Serwce Arwn Hot Water Car Healer: Accenone: G E RAPID BA1'rERY CHARGER Phone 500 Central and Mam Streets Ansoma, Conn Z - if 4 f 0 1 L' " 9 K 2' . nl 1 X l lx I' C X x . I ., x - U 1 1 gf A S . f . ' , . o 89 ANACON DA Copper and Copper Alloys Sheets, Plates, W zre, Rods Tubes, Pzpe, Speczal Shapes ANACQNDA THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY General Off ces Waterbury 88 Connechcul CLASS OF 1947 Thu Bank Belongs to 1 ou and Your Parents Let Us Help I ou Wzth Your Fmanczal Problems SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA 117 MAIN STREET ANSONIA CONN EDDIE THOENNES BAKERY FAMILY FOOD STORE AININIVERSARY zd WEDDIING CAKES GROCERIES FRUIFS ICE CREAM Guen Sp c lA1rnt n 102 Mann Street Anson a Con 6 Maple Sr eer Ansoma Conn 90 A I hinmiuwmisvmr i : , ' ' I , . . . , . Phone 2568 Formerly FOWLES Telephone 3937 FREE DELIVERY Y Y Y ' ' e ia e io - - ' i , n. r A , . JOHN M DZIADIK JUDGE OF PROBATE DISTRICT OE DERBY C mplzmerztr J THOMAS J NELLIGAN MAYOR ANSONIA CONIXI Complzmentf 0 LESTER C MARK AHS 1934 DONALD MARK AHS 1959 HOWARD MARK AHS 1946 Complzmentt of ROSE FLOWER SHOP O- 64 Elxzabeth Street Derby Conn TO THE CLASS OF 47 Brmg You Happznefr and SZICLCJJ THE CAPITOL SIGN CO HENRY MALLS Prop ANSOINIA CONN G L A Z E R S ANSONIA APPLIANCE 51 Bndge Street Ansoma Conn Compliment! 0 Dondero s Confectlone 5 Store 797 Mam Street Ansoma Conn SHUR FINE CLEANERS I4 Maple Street Ansoma Conn I 0 ' ff I , I I , ' f May Ezery Step in Your Fzztzzre For Appliancey of Quality Y I ' f O - 1 ' ' 7 . . , . 91 Compliment! of THE DEMOCRATIC TOWN COMMITTEE AN SONIA CONNECTICUT ANSONIA FURNITURE CO COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 200 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Complzmentr of NIELS I POULSEN IINSURANCE REAL ESTATE AIDA GREYWACZ WADYKA Mgr Phone 2134 906 Mam Street Ansoma Conn DERBY PURE FOOD SHOP Phone 3055 ALLIS 8: COMPANY THE TWEED sHoP DERBY CONN Complzmenl: of HUBBELL BROS Inc EXCLUSIVE FOOTWEAR Combmed wxlh Com ort by Correct Fzltmg DERBY CONN The CO OP Store Buy Here and Share the Pro 1: 760 Wakelee Avenue Opp Dwxght Street ANSONIA CONN 0 . O O O 264 Main Street Derby, Conn. O . , . . T F O , I, f . . - I 1 92 THE BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL BANK DERBY CONN O, Open a Claeclzmg Accounl or Your Comemence IN0 Mmzmum Balance Requzred io.. MEMBER F D I C THE EVENING SENTINEL YOUR HOME PAPER Over 10 900 Net Pald Cxrculatlon Covermg ANSONIA DERBY SHELTON SEYMOUR AND OXFORD MASON COINTRACTORS We Speczalzze zn Bmldzng Fzre Place! Stone Buck Plafter and Cement Work Phone 2505 153 Dnvxsxon Street Ansoma Conn COMPANY DERBY CONN . MANAGEMENT OF PROPERTY INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE TRUST ESTATES SURETY BONDS RENTS , - . , .. . U CHARLESMIGANIKSONS -I-HE HOME -I-RUST ' , . I PALACE OF SWEETS Qzmlzfj 11 the Some! o Good Tarfe VONETES BROTHERS Ansoma Conn Derby Conn Ansoma Mattress Company Hdllllfdffllffff ff HATTRESSE5 STUDIO COL CHES and BOX SPRIINGS CPHULSTERINQJ Dom: Telephone 3078 H8 Mum Street Ansoma Conn B411 Wzrhu to 1194 SENIORS 01' 1947 ANSONIA CONN ANSONIA WATER COMPANY 754 Mam Street ANSONIA CONN MORRIS GANS 780 Ma1n Street ANSONIA CONN J COHEN SHOE STORE Shoe! for lbe Entzre Famzly 413 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Complzmentr 0 THE DERBY JEWELERS 747 Mum Street Derby Conn REICHELT S IVE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS 1908 1971 1975 1977 1956 Phone 17 Ansoma Conn ,, . Y . A f ,, A Y E A U T 1 O THE ASTQR "B" CLUB 5 - Co. . O 0 . f , 94 Phone 5467 DELIVERY SERS ICE ROYAL FOOD STORE FIAE QLALITY MEATS and GROCERIES SIDNEY GOUMAS Prop 171 No Ma1n Street Ansoma Conn FRANKLIN PLAN COMPANY IIN SURANCE Let UI Be Your Agent Mam Street at Bank Ansoma Conn Complzmentr 0 ALEXANDER S HARDWARE PAIINT GLASS WALLPAPER ELECTRICAL and PLUMBING SUPPLIES Telephone 3091 2 Maple Street Ansoma Conn PRINTING OE ALL KINDS NOVINSKY BROTHERS SPORTING GOODS and TROPI-IIES Telephone 3079 7 Maple Street Ansorua Conn HIDE AWAY GRILLE APIZZA and SPAGHETTI Orderr to Take Out Telephone 3994 13 Hrgh Street Ansoma Conn PETERSON S MARKET MEATS and GROCERIES Phone 160 9 Maple Street Ansoma Conn SECCOMBE S MEN S SHOP ici The Shop of Progren and Serzzce 46 Mam Street Ansoma Conn T H E B 8: L S T O R E -0- FOR MEN and BOYS 116 Mam Street Ansoma Conn V I 7 I , . . , . , , S T T I ' , . Complimentt of Compliment! of Y Y ' , I Y 7 rr ,' Q ' 3 - 95 ANSONIA GARAGE STUDEBAKER CARS and TRUCKS FEDERAL TRUCKS KELVIINATOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS FOOD FREEZERS Phone 1760 104 Central Street Ansom Conn Complzmentyo THE FITZGERALDS 15 Chfton Avenue Ansoma Conn Complzmentf 0 ANSONIA RADIO SHOP In NORGE REFRIGERATOR and UVASHING MACHINES Expert Radio and Applzance Serwce Phone 437 Clan of 1925 A HS SAMUEL OLDERMAN INSURANCE 252W Mam Street Ansoma Conn LEWIS JEWELRY STORE LEWIS SCHPERO Prop DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY Maru and Tremont Streets Ansoma Conn Comphmenlfo G A R D E L L A S 36 Mam Street Ansonra Conn WEITZ DRESSES COPPOSITE CITY HALLD 0 252 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Complzmentro PRESTO LUNCH 10 Bank Street Ansoma Conn ' f O 'a, . ' f , C. 20 Clifton Avenue Ansonia, Conn. ' f - .. . A I I f O THE CLANCY INSURANCE AGENCY THE ANSONIA 40x ER Vow ETES2 NATIONAL BANK 247 Mam Street Ansoma Conn L HERES DeWYK 8. CO Complzmentf EIN GIIN EERS Mafbnzery and Tool! Spec1aZMac!nzer3 or Rubber and Metal Induytry CHROMIUM PROCESS CO Foot of Central Street SHELTON CONN V L' ' i . 1 , . I 0 0 , Of ANSONIA, CONN. AND BOSTON, MASS. O . J. f 97 Phone 704 Mex ER Cor-rex Prop FAIR SHOPPE LADIES ll LURIINKJ APPAREL 7 Ehzabeth Street Derby Conn Phone 1908 FREE Deux ERY P L U N D G R E N GROCERIES Corner XX kelee Axenue and Scotland Street ANSONIA CONIN H A L L O C K C O SINCE 1858 Farm Lazuz Sfzpplzes 116 Mam Street Derby Conn Complzmenfr 0 JUNIOR MISS CLUB KASDEN FUEL CO COAL FUEL RAZXGE OILS POWER and RANGE BURINERS Telephone 648 577 Marn Street Ansonra Conn C'072g7't1fllldlI07lJ to the GRADUATES OF A HS 1947 FOUNTAIN HOSE CO No ANSONIA CONN GANS OIL CO Inc ,Lfl'OLLIINl Prozfmlf Tint and Tube! Phone 1576 'I Bcuer Street Ansoma Conn Complzmcnlr 0 ANTICO S REFRIGERATION SERVICE 90 Povse Street Ansonra Conn A . . va ' 25-2 ' ', . , 1 . F . . ' . - A , II B.P.S. Pamlr -Hardware -M111 Snpplzef ' , . O ., . I ., . I f 98 THE BRISTOL DRUG CO The Re1al1Szore PRFSCRIPTION DRLGGISTS HOWARDI SMITH Reg Pharm My ANSOINIA CONN lizmc f r All Ocralmm RAY DILLIS and Hu AIELODI AIASTERS Telephones 7608 or 184 Central LIVC Poultry Market PAUL D1 MALRO Prop 57 Central Street Ansoma Corm CHARLTON PRESS Inc jot-IN SANTANGELO Prendenz DERBY CONN Complzmuzlf 0 GEORGE S CONFECTIONERY 414 Mam Street Ansoma Conn Complzmentx 0 CALLAGHAN S EXPRESS GENERAL TRUCKIING Telephone 965 67 Howard Avenue A050013 Conn Complmzentx 0 The Androphy Electr1c Co JACK SHEAS RESTAURANT SEA F0005 SVTEAKS and CHOPS VICTOR COLLMBIA DECCA RECORDS Cooked I0 Y011rTaJle 82 84 Mam Street Ansoma Conn 69 Central Street Ansoma Conn ' , . - 7-M . , . Telephone 5193 Telephones 4560 - 4561 O . f , 99 ALLEN SHOES POLL1 PRESTON and WILBLR COONS-SHOES for WOMEN HIGH QUALIT1 SHOES for HO NI. DAD and JUNIOR LARGE ASSORT UENT of HIGH STI LED FOOTWEAR for MEN 94 MAIN STREET AN SON IA CONN DONAHUE S TIRE STORE 114 Seymour Ax enue DERBY CONN THOMAS at JOHNSON Succeynrt to B Wetmore Henry F Thomas COM XIERCIAL PRIIX TERS 61 Lester Street 15 Pleasant Street ANSONIA CONN C07NfIl7l1871f.f 0 LEAR DRUG CO Good Luck I0 all tba GRADUATES OI' 1947 Wakelee Axenue Ansonla Conn PETER S FOOD SHOP PETLR KLANRO PTOP 7 High Street Ansoma Conn Max A Durrschmldt Inc BUILDERS 100 Mun Street Derby Conn JEFFERYS SERVICE STATION MOBIL PRODUCTS Baflcrl t 'lzrcr Gu arm' O11 Telephone v975 180 XX ,rltelee Axtnue Ansoma Conn f V f 1 1 ' f I f , . K 1 1, V I . 1 . , . , . . f , . . Y 1 I , f V . , . v ' 7 ' I 3 . , . 1 ju' .. M A , O A . ,' , 4 . E 'Rr -,, ' - , A , . 100 IOI YEARS OF SERVICE DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY CONN INCORPORATED Mm 1846 Deposnts S15 530163 57 Mortgage Lrmm Made rm IMPROVED REAL ESTATE A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK Complzmenly e HOWARD 8. BARBER Company Derbj J Complelc Deparmzerz! Store Sglzftt In FL RINISHIINGS FOR THE HOME and rn APPAREL FOR THE FAMILY QUALITY MERCHANDISE RIGHTLY PR1CED C0lllplI77lC7ZfJ' 0 CHARLES F ASIMUS AGENCY COMPLETE INSURAIN CE SERVICE ANsoN1A CONN Complmzefzlf 0 REGAN S DANIEL F REGAN 99 Seymour Avenue Derby Conn P E T E R D ZI A DI K SERVICE STATIOIN and GARAGE Gamlme O1! Accefmrzef Repazrzng Brxdge Street Shelton, Conn Complzmenff 0 THE EAST SIDE GREENHOUSES O 72 North Prospect Street Ansoma, Conn In y 7. -TZ - I ' f ' yf V A f I A A I 101 l l Compliment: of THE ANSONIA ELECTRICAL COMPANY AN SON IA CONNECTICUT 9 E S GORDY 8. CO Inc A COMPLETE IIXSURAIX CE SERVICE Telephone 678 9 Mam Street Ansoma Conn EPICURE SHOP THOMAS AJELLO Prop Telephones 3684 7685 197 Wakelee Avenue Ansonxa Conn Complmzerzlt 0 MUELLER S SERVICE STATION 1 74 North Mam Street Ansoma Conn Complzmenlf 0 HIL S RESTAURANT PHILIP HYDE Prop Bet! 0 Foodf We Cater I0 Banqueti 115 115 L1berty Street Ansoma Conn E'I Y U D K I N HEAT 1 OUR HOMF Telephone 715 ANSONIA CONN C mplzwuztr 0 JACOB H BELLIN I 0 7 I, 0 ' - 1' ' f , P I Phone 1823 f - L ' ' O 7, ' I f I , , O 102 THE EXCELLENT SHOP HIGH GRADE CONFECTIOINERY ami ICE CREA NI Cap1to1 Buxldmg Ansoma Conn Complzmenlr 0 GELOSO S COFFEE SHOP Speczalf wg zn GOOD COFFEE and SUBMARINE SAINDLVICHES Phone 7047 90 Powe Street Ansonra Conn Complzmenlr 0 THE CAPITOL RESTAURANT 58 Brldge Street Ansonta Conn Compliment! 0 DAVID SCHPERO JEWELERS SIINCE 1993 75 Elnzabeth Street Derby Conn Complzmenfr 0 The Ansoma Lumber Company ANSONIA CONN Complzmentr 0 The Schoonmaker Drug Store GEORGE BARNICO Prop '10 Maxn Street Ansoma Conn FRANKLIN L CORDETT MASON CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Telephone 3766 150 jackson Street Ansoma Conn Maln Street Esso Service Statlon ERNIE AND BILL Propf CARS WASHED and GREASED AUTO ACCESSORIES Phone 1159 481 Mam Street Ansoma Conn ' f L Y 4 , Y I 0 . f . , f . .Z. . I S v 1 r ' Y .. 1 . ORDERS TO TAKE OUT-WE DELIVER . ' f ' f 0 , H O , - 4 ' ' , . O 103 ANSON IA ARCHITECTURAL WOODXVORKERS CABINETS FOR EI ER1 PL RPOSE 16 Clrfton Axenue Ansonm Conn C07llpl177l6?2l.I 0 THE MULLITE REERACTORIES COMPANY SHELTON CONN OUTLET SHOE STORE HRST WITH THE LATEST 178 Mntn Street Ansonta Conn KALTEISSEN S MARKET CHARLES F ZIMMER Prop GROCERIES MEATS and DELICATESSEN Phone 969 768 Wakelee Avenue Ansonna Conn LUGGS ELECTRICAL SHOP I lzzorucuzl Lzgblf Hung and Repazred Telephone 1805 20 Hrgh Street Ansoma Conn MAPLE DINER 700 Cojee for 56' 7 Maple Street Ansonta Conn Bur 111111265 to lbe CLASS OF AHS mf JACK MARSH GARAGE Telephone 3699 XV 'OO North State Street Ansonta Conn CUIIZPIINICIIII 0 Marle Antomette Dress Shoppe U17 Matn Street Ansonta Conn ' f O 'k Eleclriral Repairy of All Kindf BOARDMANS COFFEE ' ' , . 1- ' , . I , , . f - . 'A' 104 Corzgrutzzluliom' Io rbe cLA550F19+7 SUB DEB CLUB Beit Witker for All Future SIICCKJI THETA ZETA SIGMA Complzmenlf 0 I O T A E P SIL O N J F HENNESSY AIEIN S SHOP Czutom Made Clotbef Genrf Fzzrfzzylazngt Complmzenly 0 WHITE HOUSE RESTAURANT ZALENSKI BROS MARKET Grocerzer Fmzlf Meal! and Vegetable: Our Meats Are Table Treats WE DELNER Phone u986 125 Powe Street AHSOU121 COIH1 WANTROBA BROTHERS Oz! Burner Range and furnace Coal and Coke Telephone 3167 W R A F F E I. S FIINE CLOTHES FOR AIEN and BOYS CNext to Androphy Electrlcal Storeb 78 Mam Street Ansoma Conn I O f O A f I - 260 Milifl Sffeef DefbY, Colm' 55 Mill Street Ansonia, Conn. 105 Complzments 0 THE NEW HAVEN EVENING REGISTER Compliment! of and MRS FRANK ALU an DR ANTHONY ALU Complzmcntt of GEORGE LIFTIG AHS 1917 HARRY LIFTIG AHS 1921 Town Lxne SCIVICC Statlon JOE MEADE Prop COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE 24 HOUR SERVICE Phone 1182 360 Seymour Avenue Derby Conn R TROY S MARKET MEATS GROCERIES VEGETABLES FRUITS Telephone 9444 193 Beaver Street Ansonxa Conn The Hershey Metal Products Co D1v1s1on Street Ansonra Conn VALLEY SPORT SHOP A J TONG Prop Compfcle Line 0 GYM and ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Phone 1761 101 Mann Street ADSOD13 Conn ' f DR. . d . .. ' ' ' Complimenlr of 'k T 2 ' f 106 T OTQCLE E33 SONS INCORPORATED LITHOQRAPHY 0020 PRINTING X.! MASTERS RAPHIC ARTS 107 9 3I IEFFERSON STREET - STAMFORDLQ-TIJN CTICUT - TELEPHONE 4-5088 OF THE G if W LL W SHERS Mr and Mrs John G Prendergast Mr and Mrs Joseph A McGee Mnss Agnes Ray Mr J Frank Ryan Mr Wllmot Jones Jullus Restaurant Dr S H Cohen Mr and Mrs J J Doyle Mr and Mrs Arthur Gaudlo General Automotlve Supply Derby Sportswear Co Paras Beauty Salon The Wee Shoppe Mr Stanley Need LaRocco s Market Phu Delta Sororlty Representatnve Gregory H Comcowlch Mr and Mrs Thomas H Anderson Ctty Treasurer and Mrs J Blass Davenport Mr and Mrs JohnJ Mahoney Mr and Mrs JohnJ Ready Representatuve Frederlck B Rlchter Mr and Mrs J Horowltz and Daughter Mr and Mrs MatthewF Shortell Jr Mr and Mrs Abraham Sovelewutz City Clerk and Mrs Paul E Schumacher Mr Ruchard Dumschott Mr and Mrs B Nlkel The Ramona Glrls Mr and Mrs Adam Petz Salvation Army Ansonua Branch Mrs Joseph Petro Dr and Mrs JohnJ Casagrande and Mrs Rlchord Martm Tnmothy Ryan and Mrs Frank Cushner and Mrs Harry Ella Mrs Vtctorsa Cheeseboro and Family Rev and Mrs Juluan A Taylor Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Selec teens Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Charles Meury Henry Stlckney Albert .l Anderson Irving Yale and Famuly John Renehan Louus Gans Thomas Bennett Tony Cleplak Dr and Mrs Fred Haddad Mass Mary McGoe Eta Beta Theta Chapter IV Mr and Mrs Harold S Wrught Mr and Mrs Paul Barrett Pllgrum Fellowshlp Congregatlonal Church l08 E - l . . . Mr. . ' ' . . . . Mr. ' . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. John W. Sullivan, Decorator Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Tyszka ' . ' Dr. . ' ' . . . Dr. . ' . . ' Dr. . ' . . . Mr. . . . . Mr. ' I 111111111 irtmls Q9 1 0,11 5111110 Q 'Q PORTRAITS That Emphd we Sour Per onahty Candldw Groupb Lhlldren Pabbports Nlodern Old Photos m lny Condztzon Copzed Restored and Fnlarged Photo raphy FOR XPPOINVI NIENT Call Aus Dby 2431 W 93 Him Street Anboma IO9 6 l7Z Z f ,' -.4 1 gl' I S . , ff , Individuz-11s,XVedding Portraits, in X ix Y' . 1 g ' 'I Sign Here, Please

Suggestions in the Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) collection:

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Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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