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 - Class of 1946

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ff' The Seniors GF The Class 015194-6 Present The LAVENDER VQLQ nsonia Hi gh School nsonia C onn Kfirdrbfa. DEDICATI With grateful and sincere appreciation we, the Class of 1946, dedicate this, our year book, to one who has done so much for Ansonia High School and for us, MR. JOHN G. PRENDERGAST. His unfailing interest and unselfish zest for service to prepare us for our future life has endeared him in the hearts of all the students. 4 MR. JOHN G. PRENDERGAST 5 Administration MR. JOHN J. STEVENS Superintendent av" MR. JOHN G. PRENDERGAST MR. JOSEPH A. MCGEE Principal Principal, Pine Manual Training School 6 Fa C ulty Ansonia High School Faculty Mr. John G. Prendergast - Principal Miss Agnes B. Rayi- Secretary Mr. Charles J. Arthur, Miss Loretta G. Hennessey-English, French Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry Mr. Philip L. Hilbish, Miss Jeannette F. Booth-Latin American History, Economics Miss Frances M. Brodie-Typewriting Miss Josephine G. Kennedy, Mr. Howard Clark-English Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry Mr. Gerard Conklin-Biology Mrs. Anne K. Krips-French, Latin Miss Margaret E. Conklin-English Miss Mary E. Lane-English Miss Josephine E. Cribbins, Mr. George Manley-Chemistry, Science Stenography, Typewriting Mr. Henry J. Martorano-Civics, French Miss Ethel U. Ericson-English Miss Louise C. Marvin-Physical Education Mr. Lawrence G. Grosberg-Chemistry, Physics Miss Anna T. Merz-Art Miss Eleanor L. McNamara, Stenography, Typewriting Miss Mary E. Monahan, Bookkeeping, Stenography Miss Katharine D. Prickett-Biology Mr. J. Frank Ryan-American History Miss Mary E. Ryan, American Problems, English, Modern History Miss Edith Schoonmaker-French Mr. Arthur E. Stewart-Physical Education Miss Frieda E. Turschmann-Bookkeeping Mr. Michael Vicari, Biology, English, Plane Geometry 8 Pine Manual Training School Faculty Principal - Joseph A. McGee Secretary - Margaret Roche Charles J. Jarvis-World History, U. S. History Ray C. Banks-Printing Joseph J-qKiClY-W00dw0Tki11g Raymond M. Burns-Mathematics Emelia E. Kulikowski-Foods, Clothing William Comcowich-English, Civics joseph A. McGee, Principal-Science George Crook-Machine Shop Practice Robert L. McLoughlin-Mechanical Drawing James G, Flynn, Frances S, Naggn-F0045 English, Economics, American Problems Herman J. Roche-English Harold W. Gotrsegen-Woodworking Pearl M, Tiffany-Cloghing William J. Halligan-Automotive Mechanic.: 9 The Lavender Staff Editor-in-chief .,,......... : ......,...,.......,.. ,...,,..,.,..,...,,.,............,.,.......,.............,.,.....,..............,...,.... B arbara Hallxhan Business Manager .............. Assistant ............,.,. Art Editor .........,.....,..,,.............. Class History Editor .......,........ Class Will Editors ....,...,....... Class History QPinej -+- . Class Will fPinej Athletic Editors ......................,.... Photography Arrangement ...........,.... StaH Members ......... Pine Stag Members .....,....,... ......,.....Howard Mark ...............,..,.........,Donald Shortell ...........,.Richard Ferdian fPinej Velms .4.,,,...................,..Rosema.ry Abel, Alice Engle Louise Richards, Lynn, Schumacher john Rekus, Charles Pawlak Russell Kulawiz, Louis Montefusco Albert Della Volpe .........,...Therese Comcowich, Frank Casalvieri .....,.......,......,..,.....Betty-Jean Crocker, Barbara Hallihan Freda Matjouranis, Gladys Tyler, Julius Douglas, Myron Brochinsky, Rose Cicerchia, Mary Vartelas, """""'Doris Edwards, George Kain, William Ashe, Nicholas Salce Louis Facchini, Donald Trella, Gaetano Verni, """""'Richard Warren, Donald Roche Typist ...................,............,.....,..,.......,...... .....,,.,....,.....,...,..........,....,...................,..........,.....,............. R osemary Abel Editorial Adviser ............ Business Adviser Anne K. Krips J. Frank Ryan I0 --X Rims' GRS Senior Class llllicers of Pine Manual Training School President LOUIS FACCHINI Vice-President DONALD TRELLA Secretary- Treasurer GAETANO VERNI Senior Class 0flicers President NICHOLAS SALCE Vice-President FRIEDA MATJOURANIS Secretary WILLIAM ASHE Treasurer GLADYS TYLER if' ROSEMARY ABEL fl N.. "R0semary" I .V . K "Nothing is so popular as 1 kindness." Pleasant disposition - pleasing smile, a good friend. , .ia 5 E ' 6 MILDRED ADAM "Milly" Q "Her wit will always shine." A likeable girl with a "You're K I like an open book" in her eye. AGNES AHEARN "Chick" "How you do talk." Neat dresser, with a cute figure. ANGELINA A LEXANDER "Kiki" "Love is only chatter, Friends are all that matter." Friendly disposition-sweet and ' 2 fait petite, with a cute dimple in 'A y her chin. J A ANN AMICO 1 "Dimples" , "A ood com anion, an eas , eggs 8 P V ' K: friend." ,A Z' A I A 4142 1 Noisy ft A we +.t if it drifihf if 5 ' ,ii it 133: ,af :rf 129. i , friendly, and sweet. MICHAEL ANGELINI "Mike" .1 . I ,i '1Honest fame awaits the truly .fi QOOI17' q . . Neat dresser, friendly and cute. A ,gil Q. .- i :'i'i5l V ' El .gigflfgiigl f SE! 'P . My L r levi. P 23,531 is I i sh , p . . . x il u Q ' g .5 2'- l g 1: W1 I' ' 'V f l, ff. Y f -Q xl " at H 5, 3 A , it 9, f V a- 'Vi' if' 42 1' qw' 535.5 8 I 1 44 5 1 1 fe VALENTINA ANTONOVICH "Val" "Who to a friend her faults mn freely show: and gladly praise the merits of a foe," A loyal friend-a good sport. WILLIAM ASHE UDOIU "Character is higher than intellect." Well built, well liked, argumen- tative. FRANK AXON "Pickles" "To spend too much time in studies is sloth." Quiet and unassuming-has dry wit and humor. LUCILLE AYOUB . V. 1 lv, "Lou" A . W "A constant friend is a thing 1 I - rare and hard to find." , K' K Good nalured-full of- fun-aI- ' lf- i ways helping others. fig' SHIRLEY BACOTE wronyn ANTOINETTE BACHKOWSKY LOUISE BEI-LIS ml-onyn "Belle" "Friendship is the breathing rose, "Women in miffhief We wiser with sweets in every fold." than men." Loads of fun, always laughing An attractive brunette, with a and friendly. wonderful giggle- "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." Always cheerful and gay ffm-69 Q VIRGINIA BAK "Virge" "One must be a wise reader ta quote wisely and well." Intelligent - quiet and gentle - beautiful blue eyes. WILLIAM BALLANTYN E "Bill" "A good nature is the art of God." Good natured-enjoys fun, sports- man. WILLIAM BERGMANN --Bin" "Nothing endures but personal qualities." Cute, lovable, never in a hurry. GERTRUDE BILSKY "Trudy" "A witty woman is a treasure." Witty, lots of fun, an accomplish- ed typist and pianist. ARLENE BISHOP "Arlene" "What 'er my fate, 'tis my fate to be quiet." Shy, bashful girl who is willing' to work. ELSIE BEDNER CONCETTA BONADIES "Else" "Connie" "She is as quiet as can be." "It is only the first obstarle which Quiet, but sociable, good athlete. counts to conquer modesty." Good athlete-fine friend-won- derful sense of humor. RALPH BOULAY ROBERT BROZAK "Frenchy" "Bunny" "A good heart is better than all "Personality is what counts." 'he heads "' 'he w""'L Curly hair, 3 big smile with A short fellow with a big hello! dimples. ROBERT BRASSELL fPinej "Brass" "May you have a head to earn, and a heart to spend." Friend in need-well groomed. 1 sl 0 RUTH BRESNAN . E "Ru thie" "Consideration gets many victories." Pleasant smile, reserved, thought- ful. MYRON BROCHINSKY "Myron" "Skill to do comes of doing." Tall, blonde with curly hair and ready smile. ROBERT BRYCE "Bob" "A cheerful look makes a dish a feast." Good-natured, witty, popular outstanding athlete. ROBERT BUCK "Bob" "Modesty becomes a young man." A clever and a hardworking fel- low. VIRGINIA BUCKLEY "Ginny" "And all that's best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes." Long wavy, blonde hair, blue eyes, a pleasant laugh. ii. -i H 2, 4 3-v ii 31, it ,H EL W'.-af" . gf' , ., J .V , ,, Wait : . - iw . . .sc N ggi pi 3,245 fi MARY BROOKS WALTER BURBLIS qpinep 'K "Mary" "YVaYVa" if ip , "Inactivity is death." "The world will go on and on, 3, 13 x ,gs 1 t 1 - n N .figiiggy Good basketball player-always but I wont mterfeye' irgl on the go, Always wise-cracking, a good . sport, easy friend. - A I5 LAVINA BUSWELL ..Bing., ..Rose,. "Joy is not in things, it is in us." "For she is wise, if I can judge of her." Happy go lucky, full of fun. ROSE CICERCHIA Hardworking, intelligent, very artistic. FRANK CASALVIERI ncasn "Happiness is a habit." Always smiling and in good hu- mor. LILLIAN CHAPLIK "Lu" "A little quiet is the only diet." A quiet girl, good volley ball player. CHESTERLYN CHMIELEWSKI ANNA CIEPLAK nzip.. A tiny friend with a smile for everyone. RICHARD Conv "Daddy" "Tradition wears a snowy beard, Romance is always young." Carefree - Happy - ular with the weaker sex. PGP ROBERT COHEN -'ghessyn ..Bob,. "A friendly nature, 11 smile "Silence is Atrue wisdom? best sincere." reply.,- Always ready to give a helping hand-a good friend. Quiet-always on the job when needed. SYLVIA CHUDOBA Hsu.. "A merry campanign 55' as good ' "Nor is the wide world ignorant as a waggnf' of hef worth." A loyal girl with 3 humorous . A cheery smile and a will of her nature. Own. THERESE COMCOWICH ' "Terry" i K "Friendship is the only cement." , N . K , . 1 5 .i 2,5 . A gay- 'Eg' .TQ cl, ,Y I :I as Y. 3 . it Q , - . '51- MARGARET CONNORS 2 .- ., 1 , I 4 "- I , 'ing Sf 4 ' 4? yi "Peggy" 1. 'LQ 1 , "True friendship is like sound 3, 143 health, the value of it is seldom ,Iliff , Af45'.'ii Y., known until it be lost." --A-ff' -.TA 'EM . ,. ff, 1 ii Talkative - good sport - bright I :vi if A I smile. 1, 1 W. 15.11 3 'V F 1 fill 1 Iiy :?g'?u.i-Q- V152 WILLIAM COSTIGAN -Anur- "He is always laughing, for he has an infinite deal of wit." Cute-with a mischievous glint in his eye. BETTY-JEAN CROCKER "Bunny" "And in such eyes as ours appear not faults." A cute little strawberry blonde- full of fun. JOHN DANIELS fPinej "johnny" "Man's best possession is sympathetic wife." a ' ir Not one to talk much. GILBERT DAVIDSON v "Gill" "Have patienre and endure." A quiet fellow-easy to get along with. MARION DAVIDSON "Mare" "True she can talk." Beautiful red hair-big tease- talkative. , . - y 1 .. . ff ff 155 ra: :li Q1 I . P i.lf52fJsrw' . , f5k.f5,?LlI3fgj5.5k1 . gg DOLORES cULMo egg .33 if. gf, all PATRICIA DEAN 'Do1ly" QA Sfgii v "Pat" "Madesty is the beauty of 'gg ff ggi "The smile that wins." women." ' ' 't ,fi.'gi55 'U .' .. A . 1 V iv,1,9M ' 0,3 smile for everyone - a good Good natured - neat dresser - - I Y . , A I ln 1 7,71 I "fy sport. ha - o-luck . qt-1 lf R , ,yt fa ,, .fi PPYE I 5. 9. a f .313 3 2 . S J KQQ4? '- is Tis.'ilialf. ' Q'-Sli W . ff ex, Y -,7 l. fe SALLY CULMO JOSEPH DE GENNARO Z X ' "Shorty" "joe" K 5' ' A "The joy late coming, late "A man can do no more than he A Q - ' QQ:-lEfg5.Qf3Lf"'f"4a' ,A f Energetic, quick and carefree. A quiet but likeable fellow. 1 ,5x,s,"eQ I. . his 5 5 A ,I . if-3,85 if 54547 Q' I I7 ALBERT DELLA VOLPE fP1nej FRANK DQIQHN Sonny Dell" Ffankle Im no angel, Round the world and home ' , h t' h 'l r' ." Alwavs willing to lend a helping agam a S I e sm 0. S way hand, 3 loyal friend. Energetic athlete, muslcal, and ' OH! what a voice. E LVERA DELLA VOLPE SALVATORE DIMAURO QPinej "Vee" "Sato" "Friendship is the bond of "At the mid-hour of night when reason." stars are weeping, I fly." Great kid to have around, talk- A steady, fun loving, and loyal ative, friendly. friend to all. l DORIS DELLIN JAMES DOLAN , "Do" "Steak" "The eye is not satisfied with "Wit and humor my companions seeing." Large bright eyes-and a charm Always Willing to help, W0lldCl'- ing smile. ful sense of humor. MARY DEMANCHYK ,,Chickie,, LEONARQBSLQSH grimy UTM first step is 'ff good as half "The past is certain, the future 'mer' obscure." A cute irl who alwa s has a g Y - Q . smile, a good athlete. Friendly, likes a good time. EMANUEL D1 DATO fPinej ANDREW DOROSHUK "Neelo" "Andy" "But le' me to my foftune and "He's 11 gentleman, look at his the easkets go." boots." CHIC, qmet' noted for his bash Takes nothing seriously and is . fU1l1CSS- always joking. .. STANLEY DZIENKIEWICZ "Stash" "He fasts enough who fasts with good reason." Friendly-good sport. WILLIAM EATON QPinej "Tweet" "Heir a very devil." Mischievous, but is a swell friend to have. DORIS EDWARDS "Blondie" "My way is to begin with the beginning." Good all around sport-swell homeroom president. JULIUS DOUGLAS ALICE ENGLE "Doug" "A.R.E." "I pity bafhful men that feel the "Red shoes run faster." pain." Carefree and happy-go-lucky. Always rushing, a reliable friend. f'i:i:"3i:-E'E'i'.5 fizfi' ,, . lrf ly: Q .-- if . 4. , . LU 'Jw ' , u :af . ,T ,ukwg pgs, vi i . s -, Q: ' 31:21. , .. . 3 as ta ,R 3 it 4 N ' 1 , , . 1 A Q . R irq' s r W fi ,v 1 x 5 5' r. -Q 2 l M .51-f',. ,, 'TQ f , , .. 1:13. .' ., .. 3 5 fy? . 5. iii f...:.l:, nga.,- . ...4, . ,, X,,,, . W5 -sa. . ,iv zip if Wlliif. U '-1141552424- .1 'Q -V a ee, SWE. 1. i . R. 1521 Y S -, PEARL ELIA , "Paderewski" , ' if A f "The same heart beats in every ' Y ,N , J fi heart." f l' j M f A jolly, carefree, good pianist. . ,,z,.,5 'watqwrr RICHARD FERDIAN qriney "Richie" "In God we trust-all others pay ' cash." Ever silent, ambitious and indus- trious, he is bound to succeed-a. wonderful artist. W ILLIAM ESTOK "Bill" "Shall I, like a hermit dwell, on a rock or in a cell?" Always full of fun and joking. LOUIS FACCHINI iPinej acige.. "Born with the gift of laughter." A born leader, ambitious, cheer- ful and gay. MARY FAMA " Mar" "Heaven lies about us in our infancy." Always smiling, a friend of every- one. NANCY FISHER "Stutf" "Be not wise in your own concerts." A wonderful singer-very ambi- tious. MARGARET FITZGERALD ..Peg,, "A true friend is forever a friend." Cute and is always joking. SAMUEL FERLA fPinej MATTHEW FRANZINO fPinej "Shine" "Muzzy" "A generous person is sunshine "When he comes in, mischief to the mind." begins." Always cheerful and ready with Witty always ready to say "Hello" a corny Joke. -pleasant smile. PATRICIA FRAWLEY HPMU "Isn't she cute, isn't she sweet." Dainty and charming -- lovely blue eyes. PHYLLIS FREIJE ..Phyl,, "Gentle ways are best." Her helping hand has won her many friends. SAMUEL GABIANELLI fPinej "Clam" THOMAS FLOOD "He'd rather lose his dinner than HTOIHU his jest." "A wi-W 'mm Tfffleff-Y before ht? jovial, gay, and a smile all his speaks." gwn, The perfect gentleman in every- thing he says and does. Q LORRAINE FRANKLINE JAMES GALSTON qriney kill ', x "Lorrie" "Red" , , "There are stars in your eyes." "Nothing worries him-nothing 1 , Expressive sparkling eyes-always '1""'fS htm' ' A ' , c merry come rain or shine, Good sport, friendly and co-op- ? erative. s , 5 V f' E222 24 pi J 9 gs 20 JEAN GILLILAND "Dearie" "None knew thee but to love thee, none named thee but to praise." She wears her stunning clothes like a queen. RAYMOND GITTINGS .ikayn "The hope of all maids." Tall, dignified and oh, so hand- some. ALEXANDER GODRIBA "Cudgie" "Dignity enhanceth the man." Sometimes happy, sometimes seri- ous, but never noisy. X 'Z - egg MICHAEL GIANNONE qriney ERNESTINE GooDsoN i - "Mickey" "Baby" 'A "The dearest friend to me, the "Stamp and dance, be nimble and A "Y" kindest man." merry." L Always lending a helping hand, A merry soul-likes to play the Qty well liked by all. piano. i 3 f' , A l fllii' PETER GOUMAS "Pete" "T'was his thinking of others that made you think of him." Tall, dark, handsome and what a smile. EDYVARD GRACON ..Gmc,. "Ambition has no rest." A mechanical wizard-always has a smile for everyone. JOHN GRANATIE "Sticks" "Why should I work when life is so short." Devilish-a wonderful dancer. - -. fl T : 1 1 AUDREY Gower-:Ro WILLIAM GRANT A 5? "Audrey" --Bill -L. iQy Q,'3'l'Eii "Her voice was ever soft, gentle "Handsome is ax handgome W, -fi 1 5,125,544 and low." does." .a?wi'sf', . . ,L 54 5 . gran -5 5 ai Unassummg-has a smile worth A happy fellow always ready for I . Eg jf: 1, Vg, A. 1 T3 waiting for. deviltry. Zl i WILLIS GREENE FRANK HANAS -'wi11" "Fetchy" "A mon is only any gggd as hix "The terrible burden of having wgrkf' nothing to do." Always ready with a joke. Qgnwzgzf,-fE,r' A Always looking on the side. Q3 me awry, . j RUTH GRUMULDYS if ' "Grumps" gilt-fgz. Aw' may it 1 -I K, ,, , . Qifefkf .., ' - f1,,.4,f, any -My we All Gods rhzldren got ,Q :fx ii N,-1 AK,g21,g2,.fg,eA, :W A I. ,f , 4 Rhythm." 1. 'lf A. any Nice to know-has many friends Q f , and will make many more. ' A 5 Qi? 'Q A "Vail 5 .f5Z'.f3i11 - ' 'fl fir? BENJAMIN GUAGENTI qriney nBl1Shyn "Not too serious, not too gay, that's the proper way." Quiet, a hard worker, and willing to please everyone if possible. LORRAINE GUTRICK .morn "Quiet, bashful and rather ma- ture, with these she should be secure." bright EVELYN HAWKS "Hawks" "The face is the index of the mind." Quiet-pleasant to know. Nj" ffl if y-f IJXI6 fx-lk rj! NORMAN HEAVENS -.Nonnn "The great end of life is not knowledge but action." A quiet, new comer to the school. LOUISE HECOX uldou.. "In silence there'.s worth that brings no risk." Quiet, sweet-tempered and lives an "easy go your way life." Quiet-likeable-shy. V I , .2 as . Q nz K- E? 3519 Y 2 A512 . .5 BARBARA HALLIHAN AGNES HEGLUND 't , 4' '1Bob" "Agnes" "Some must lead while others "The fairest garden in her looks xt ,il Q ff must follow." and in her mind the wisest looks." ' A K A line friend, conscientious stu- A loveable blond with a smile ' ff? R 1 V. Qt dent. All this and dimples tool for everyone. R ,- 2 ' if s - 3 211. , .. 22 S, . ,i MICHAEL HENNESSEY HELEN JAGIELLOYVICZ Y aspikev --Jakef' , . "So of eheerfulness, or a good "A merry heart maketh a cheery ' i f temper, the ntore it is spent, the countenance." g V A more It Temam5'n Full of fun, never a dull moment L it Cheerful, good sport, always smil- when She is 21l'0Ufld- ' , ing. , L HELEN I-IRICKO 0 A FRANK JECUSCO fPinej .A "Helen" . wi. "Frank" "Art is power." J "I speak too long." Quiet, always has a smiling 'F I A witty, talkative and loyal "Hello" for all. I , fx , friend. 'Q ,g .. . 1. :' . . . EE V' if K? - J Q . . IRENE JECUSCO FRED HUMMEL 2' ,gg "Irene" "Fred" ' 5 ' ' , . . H . ,f ,X 51 ' W "Laughter is not a bail begznnzng To work or not to work, that ts if ' Wi. 1 S for a ffiendshlpj' the question." Qt, ' '15 y " 'gag f' :Ei e- . f Always a laugh to ease a tense Quiet, friendly, has a good word for everybody. KATHERINE HUNT --Kaya "Quiet as a street at night." Very bashful and quiet. 5-is Q. -ix Els' 'L ' ' M ,. 1. Q, f- .. -' if ' ,YV LE 1- - 12 Kg -n 0 . t .4 v 'L ki.. - Ii ' QE' is 1 35 " 5, A 2. ii .5 F .. g :Ei 1 5 2 -t. f , 5 ng-'fx f A 1. . , ,, .i 'til' 3 4 ,1 U , fi- ami gif' ' 1 'it 1 ,ai .ee if 94,3 ' 'l ww, SQ 41? . f .1313 : gifs' ,l 'Q 1,3511 f - ME' 'K V- .fi - K 4 -zriiiwtii 'Yi if 1 if f t t 1 Q f .2 3 22 ' HXOIHCHI. GEORGE KAIN "Killer" "Wisdom is better than rubiesf' A swell fellow, musically inclined. LESLIE JACKSON NANCY KASDEN "Leslie" "Nancy" He gives not lectures or charity, A merry heart doeth good lzke when he gives, he gives himself." a mediCine," A spirited and lively fellow. gnappy dresser, 3 real wit EVELYN KATZMAN ELIZABETH KINGSTON "Evelyn" "Betty" "I know my duty." "I can resist everything except - 1, Retiring lass, but wait until she temptation' overcomes it, High stepper-not a bad dancer but quiet. JACOB KATZMAN ujake., "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall 'he also reap." A great bowler-always chancing something. w .l JOHN KELLEY .. ack., "His bark is worse than his bite." Neat dresser-can be fun when he wants to. ELIZABETH KERSHAYV "Betty" "Though little, mighty I be." Little bundle of dynamite never know when she's liable to ex- plode. DOROTHY KISCO ..Dot,. "To know her is to love her.' Pretty, has nice smile, popular. DONALD KLIMAS ..Don.. "E11er'yone's friend and no one's enemy." A good sport-friendly to every- one-certain to succeed. LORRAINE KLIMAS anim.. "Lovely to look at, delightful to know." Pretty, has nice smile. ALFRED KINGSTON LOUISE KOBZIAK HAY, num.. "What a man has, so much he's "Silence and I are partners." me Of' Quiet, likeable and a good friend. Quiet but an all around nice guy. 1 xii... . .. ,, , .. oi.. 1. .M . or , ., .A 'lux' -. 1 'Y .mxfm sl ' sage: ' ' 5. 3 , f f., 1 W xii . , f . ffl ,gli , .ii Lg 'age Q i f-,. , iifiif if 1:5 ta, ,. isis? FLORENCE KRUEGER "Flo" ELEANOR KRAMKOWSKI i.Kram,, "She laughs and the world laughs with her." jolly. good sport and friendly. ISABEL KUZAS HIS.. "Always laughing and always gay as she goes her merry way." Cheerful-happy go lucky-has a smile full of sunshine. "An easy minded soul, and always was." Quiet but swell-friendly with everyone. WANDA KSIAZAK "Wanny" "There is nothing in the world so contagious as laughter and good humor." Always laughing, a good sport. JOSEPHINE KUCZYNSKI HJC.. "She hath a heart as sound as a bell." As quiet as can be, but oh, so cheery. .f,,'.s-. I, Y . J 'K :dj x A . 9 LOIS LA MARCHE sir, 'if t 5 Q W .SRX N. . e "QQ 1 Q91 Q 'vw "The best of health is good ' cheer." A good sport with a ready smile. RUSSELL LESIXV --Russiv "Fair thoughts and happy hours attend you always." A good sport, friendly, and always smiling. WVALTER LITTLE "YValt" "No mind is well organized that is deficient of humor." Nice kid, warm and friendly. RUSSELL KULAWIZ fPinej URUSS.. "Knowledge is power." One of the cleverest boys in our Senior class. JOSEPH LOPES ..J0e,. "Nothing in the agairs of men, is worthy of great anxiety." Easy to get along with, hard worker. EYE 57'f:?.'5?f' zifsi fr.. 1: .z rs .Wt if M 4r.:f.:r':. rm.: gr NICHOLAS MARIN1-:LL1 qriney 7 KENNETH LUNN "Sonny" "He that mischief hatclzcth, mischief catchethf' HNKK' 2. wl.fsz3es . is' . 'f .: ifaS'5!1fff""4' "Meekness is not weakness." i 55: ,A E . . "t"?LJ1W Always happy when working. ,S Y ' 't f15,i1 2 I?Q"Fi Mischievous - carefree - loves to ' ' A ' A argue. lv st Lg.. .. . ' .b 1 . than ' A v Q af 1 ' 4 .12 7 ' 4 ' snip- . Q , . M., 3' r v 2 1 if ' 1 2 ., .. 3 W S..,.i4?s3. S5 ig 1,344 'ff' . me X5 1 f E' gg .ire A513 ei 5 'li :K li. ve- Intelligent-loud laugh, strong Loves to be silly-talks to no end. personality, talkative. , as if 2 MARY LXSKOWSKI If j 4 AES . 3 HOXVARD MARK "Mare" 5' my ,Jie g g r "Howie" "She loves to talk, and talk she . K I Y "Tig gg0d.wi11make3inge1. will, for hours on end and longer A W ligencef, mu." A is J H- fs . in ,, 6 ., ' A 1 f, " DOLORES MACIAG HLOHY-1 FRIEDA MATIOURANIS H , 1 I "Freddy" It is a native personality that U c l endow., a man to stand befme The heart's letter is read in the presidents." 93'e5"' Popular, good cheerleader, pretty Petite blonde with a pleasing per- sonality. JOAN MAHER "joan" eyes. it DAVID MERKLE "Davy" "Good nature is one of the richest fruits of personality." "Likeable and oh! how different." Always joking, friendly, and a Cute freckled face-nice person- ality. "guy" the seniors miss. MARY MANZONE SEBASTIAN MIGNOSA "Mary" "Fuzzy" "Happiness seems made gg bg "It is more blessed to give than shared." to receive." A little bundle of perpetual mo- Good Sport. wonderful friend to tion. have. Z6 J 1 LOUIS MoNT1aFUsco grimy MILDRED MCGRATH 'V '5 "Monty" "Milli" i f "Sweet are the slumbers of the "ACfi0'15 5119014 lfmflff than 3 virtuous man." 1L'0tdS-" as , v 1 uf f r -. sw 3 ' 5. it gy ' x Q 'ia Us 1 It J-:gt 4 1- fi life .gs ii 'Ji' if E", ' N ft it A, 5.293 if tis Smart fellow, very athletic, A quiet colleen with a wonder- F ' ' ful personality. QL fyjflr 1osEPH MORAN A "lVIllt" l j? ' "Sailors should never be shy." 'l " Hnrdworking, always willing to ' il help, 5 , LILLIAN MORONEY "Irish" "Love is the salt of life." Pretty. very helpful, nice ligure DOLORES MORRIS "D0lor" "The odor is the rose. the smile the woman." Attractive, nice smile, confident, CHARLES MCCARTHY "Ch tick" "Knowledge is a common thing, obtainable by all." Here's a boy who can tell you anything about sports. GEORGE MCMANUS fPinej ..MaC,, "I take luxuries to the limit." A good fellow, good dancer, pop- ular with the fair sex. RAYMOND MCNAMARA QP inej ..Mac., "He that is overczzutious will accomplish little." An easy fellow with a wonder- ful scnse of humor. SHIRLEY NEVILLE "Lee" "Her smile is su'e1'tf'ncd by her gravity." Full of fun-beautiful smile, very nent-nice clothes. SAMUEL NOC-A fPinej "XYillie" "Pz'rseveranee is a good thing." V A hard worker, excels in wood- working. FLORENCE OLENECHUK BESS PASSAFIU ME .Tlou ..Bess., "It is better to have one friend "lt's good to be merry and wise." "fg'f""f"'1'f-" Witty, easy to get along with. Smart-good sport-cute giggle. FLORENCE ONDOSIK JOSEPH PASTORELLA tPinej ..Fl0,, ..J0e,. "That which best fits us is cheer- "A lion among the ladies." fulness and courage' Always with a crowd, swell Good sport-neat dresser. friend, Fi lOl of fun. f WALTER OZINSKY fPinej CHARLES PAWLAK fPiney "Oats" "Cal" "Life has its music, let's seek a "Happy the mlm with never tl way," care." A future Sinatra, alwafys friendly A good SPOITSUIHH, hard W0rkE1'- and cheerful. FRANK PERGOLA SAMUEL PAN-TALONE qlfiney "Frankie" ulnstonu "Sometimes quiet-sometimes a "One hath planted in his mem- Ti0f-" 00' fm army vf w0'd5-U X Neat dresser-nice personality- Argumentative but likeable. 3 Swell friend- WILLIAM PARKER VINCENT PERO "Duber" "Sleepy" "With mirth and laughter, let "He sleeps by day, more than the the old wrinkles come." wildcutf' Witty and easy-going, loyal Always looking on the bright side friend, wonderful athlete. of everything, slow but sure. 28 0' -iellfug 7 El - L' . if Y SANTINA PERSUTTI MARY PRASKEVICH lj Q Q "San" "Mae" ,,' 1 . --rr" ' . .. .. :fi fit, "Charity is a virtue of the heart, "Sweet and quiet, friendly and 1. 5 ,W It and not of the hands." neat." R 57 .4 , ? 32 35, if Quiet-nice dresser-pleasant. Quiet, cute and always laughing Z V 5 - ,' Y Af eE.,161,,, , . T?,fii'1fif -a good sport. 57 fl: 555 S . W V fgifyfwgt 5 ig' 2 ego it , . - . 1 t Q 4 2 ' , .iiiis 2 D ' 3 :Qi A-3. . 'Q 5' 9 ' it , 31313 ff35g:,,.., 3 . -. GEORGE PHILLIPS QPinel 71.52, We s . O Y s HELEN RAFALOWSKI "Flip" -' 1 A q "Red" "To loaf is a science." Artistic, always laughing and with a good joke on hand. DONALD PLOCKE ..D0n.. "All men see the same object, but do not equally understand." A hard worker, very quiet, studi- ous, intelligent. VICTOR POETA qifiney "vin" "Good company, good wine, good welcome, makes good people." Always on the job, industrious and ambitious. ., 1 - t - lp 1 kt W 4- wg' g. ' 131.555 snr.. ' .!., f' Qiwii i "A noisy girl with noisy ways." Her red hair is a virtue. JOHN READY "Jack" "His wise, rare smile is sweet with certairitiesf' Quiet-intelligent-silly moods- cheery smile. JOHN REKUS fPinej "Yoni" "He finds the joys of heaven here on earth." Fast thinker, quiet, but full of fun. Y. . .p 33 Yi ' l p 1 4 JOSEPHINE POLIS ADELE REMUS Q. Q . V, fa sf . GSK- .. ., .. ,H Q.. is . .,'. ' .SF 6 '5 4 ". . lo Dolly .,'1:."... . A ff - " Lf " . . -.'Q'fsfi'W T ' ' .Na.'?.'i i, "ss, Q g55, R. "Gentle of speech, beneficzent of "ln quietness and confidence t,f':gf:,j54'f,fgI ,, 2' 'flfglzzril mind." shall be your strength." fig ' 4 x, Attractive-quiet-good in sports. Quiet, smart, a good sport. , iii -5 'N . Qg c if gm g "?glE',,f'i ., 'Vw' w I if 'ft -sg' 29 HARRY ROBINSON LOUISE RICHARDS ANTHONY RUSSO tPinej "Weeze" "Russo" "If silgnge we-re ggldgn, "If work interferes with pleasure I would be brake," the hefk with work." Loves to talk, always on the gg, Cheerful, friendly, and well liked. NICHOLAS SALCE "Lefty" "Nicky" "But common quiet is mankindis "Wh03Uef ii' f0T6"ff0-if leads the concern." hefd- Smooth dancer, neat appearance but OH! so quiet. DONALD ROCHE fPii "Donnie" "As sturdy and steady as th of Gibraltar." Studious and quiet, excellent, drawer. ANDREW ROTKO fPinej .1 Andy.. "He who is silent, consents." A good sportsman, and an lent auto mechanic. Cooperative, popular, and a good football player. LYNN SCI-IUMACHER "Lynnie" "When things are as pretty as that, criticism is out of season." rel e rock Always a listener, willing to help out. GENEVIEVE SCIEGAJ "Chink" "True goodness springs from one's own heart." excel' A Good worker, easy to get along with. EDITH RUBELMANN ALBERT SCOTT fPinej ..Edie., nscogt.. "Big Oaks from little acorns "Don't talk much but I hear o grow." lot." Cute, quiet and very slow on the Good dancer, always smiling and move. friendly. 30 Q -in -911 1-:gs . 1412555 5123? 72 i A A Wi 553 ' JOYCE SHAKER AUGUSTA SINGLEY Q 4 it ' f. .I ujoyn ..Miu,. if . E., ,te I "There may as well be amity in "The small caurtesies sweeten i x " - T life." life-" 3 Rig ' Q 35" . it 51- . . f A w .. Q 1 . R f N X i .fi 1 Tall, quiet, but always ready Tall, friendly, and sophisticated. - W ,Y , b. 1 :A . in .ij with a smile. . K, i his .4 N PETER sHoLTYs qpiney "Pete" "My best endeavours shall be done." Quiet, well-mannered, an ardent nature student. DONALD SHORTELL "Donny" "We are here to add what we can to life." Good looking, has a nice "Hello" for everybody. STANLEY SIDOR asians "One's eyes are what one is." Talking blue eyes, Bashing smile. Likes a joke-doesn't spare the smiles. Ei . J 1 i l s A 5 i 5. ses' kg 11:1 ' 1 ' F . E , - W . K 2 JOHN SIEMIENCZUK REGINA SOKOLOWSKI "john" "Reggie" "Our greatest glory is not in never "Her voice is everywhere, like falling, but in rising every time golden sunshine, filling the air." we fall' A lovely smile for all. 31 JOAN SLOSS .Joann "The mildest manners and gen' tlest heart." Friendly as the day is long-shy and sweet. WILLIAM sM1TH "sunny" "It is always good when a man has two irons in the fire." Quiet, good looking, nice to know. RUTH SOBOL "Rusty" "The gift of Gaiety may itself be the greatest good fortune." Friendly disposition-lots of fun. STANLEY SOSIENSKI KENNETH STOKES "Stan" "Kenny" "All can be ruled by the great." "Practise is the best of all Cheerful friendly, good fellow to know. An all round good fellow. instructors." l MICHAEL sP1vAK FRANK, SZPMS, Wine? ..Mikei, Fetchre "We have forty million reasons "Hear ZW: hem' Yer 'LW towncrie' for failure, but not a single shouted' WVU-T9-" One who is always silent, but al- Liked by everyone, good looking, WaY5 'eadl' with 3 Joke- quiet. MARVIN STEEVES MAURINE TALMADGE "Marv" "Peanuts" "Always ready for a good joke." "Though she be but little, she Ambitious, friendly, headed for 'S """""e- the top. Petite, sparkling eye, and what a smile. ALFREPASIEINER FREDERICK TANNER qriiiey "H th' t t k d uhrdien as a unfiigrstazldiiow an "Rich in good works." Studious, quiet, knows what he's A hanfl walker who will go 3 long talking about way in life and have many ' , friends. 5' if if F 5 if 15 5: gf i ::, 'a 5--it X ' xr. 2 I ' .- - JEAN sroiugs HEDLEY TINGLEY i "num" "Head" fi, 0 5 "One of those happy souls, who "A friend in need is a friend are the salt of the earth." indeed-" Q f, 3. 5 . Pppular, cute, easy to get along Extremely generous-industrious if , , .tiff 5 1 with. -very friendly. f? i " - w 'J I i f , 33? fi Www 52 DOREEN TYLER DONALD TRELLA qriney ..D0n,, "I meant to do my work today but oh, well." Friendly, popular, always laugh- ing, basketball man. MARY VARTELAS "Mary" "Her very frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens "Shorty" "Little, but Oh My!" SQVCEI, petite, Bashing dark eyes, nice personality, GLADYS TYLER ..Pinky,. "Popularity bears her company." Attractive, good dancer. loads of fun. KATHERINE TYMA ..Kay,. "Witty jests and frequent smiles make a friendship well worth while." Friendly-likeable-full of fun, a are." Beautiful dresser, keen at sports, attractive and likeable. . if in 0 , " .. , HARIETT VELMS 1, 3 . 1 , x "Harry" L' A' 'W' L 'fskizzed equally with voice and has fy 5 fl en. 1 sf if l y" f tl Tall, good-looking blonde with , A +5.'Ef-z: -m f an attractive smile. ag 4 f .. Q. in qi ..fx' ' 'g,l'Z:1i .' T '.. -Q. Q , . .. rixz' . . 4. 331+ V eg Q GAETANO VERNI QPinej "Gates" "To have money is a fear, not to have it is a grief." Wavy hair, friendly, good worker. ARTHUR VROOM fPinej HAH.. "He should, he could, he would, he did his best." Serious and sober minded fellow. good sport. DONALD TYNAN QPinej "Two Gun" "Perehed and sat and nothing more." A newcomer to our school, well liked. HELEN WALKINSHAW "Scotty" "The smile that won't come all-" Popular, full of pep, and smiling from morning till night. ,-1 we A if Q - H? 1- wi. x'a,'41f, A- K". 'Y e-Xa. S , ,, N Q., s, ax QXXLVM X K. SHIRLEY WHEELER WILLIAM YVALSH JOHN WALSH fPinej "johnny" "Quiet as a mouse in his hole." Good disposition-easy to make friends-willing to make many new friends. THOMAS WENTWORTH "Tommy" "Why work when play is so much more fun?" Witty-carefree-warm smile for all. ..Biu., "Amiability shines by its own light." Tall, neat, good-looking blonde wonderful personality and wit. THOMAS YVANTROBA "Hu l" "Without music, life would be a mistake." Quiet, but always ready with a joke. RICHARD WARREN QPinej "Richie" "People who make no noise are sometimes dangerous." Knows his work-can do it and have his fun. Siliii 5 4.53. ggi? i S' A Lf FLORENCE WATERS DOROTHY WOODFO I - "As good-natured a soul as e're "Studious of elegance and ' 1 ,,, 1 ' -723 trod on shoe of leather." . . ,135 we ,, V5 W A U Quiet, very studious. ,I 5 'jslgtg A Never in a hurry-always full of ' PCP. ' 34 "Shir1" "I try all things, I achieve what I ran." Good sport-always ready and willing. PHILIP WILHELMY "Phippy" "Business is a combination of war and sport." Quiet but pleasant, carefree but industrious. BETTY WITZMANN i.Benn "I wish your ladyship all heart's content." Always on the look for mischief. ease." FRANK JECUSCO QPinej "Frank" "I speak too long." LYDIA ZAMPA A witty, talkative and loyal "Lee" friend. "Little friends may prove great 1 h friendslv MATTHEW FRANZI1NOQP1nej MM ' Quiet but full of fun-a swell pal. ml, A , "When he comes m, mzschzef begins." . lVilty always ready to say "Hello" -pleasant smile. Class M tt N ministrari, ed ministrar Class Color ro and hite 35 l.FER QIAN Classmates in rm d orces wk s N is fr . .1 9 iixxx 7 , ' ,f C Q ,k t A 3: I as is sf it ik -nk X 41 ,I 41 +V if if is A' i' 1? ir i i' W 4: +I 4 +V ik 'lr Y ir H Q Q if is Y ,' W 2 4' 4 if + iff! i IW-sfwffif' W s,2S11f:9j,4,y"39 s,4, , E mis?" ' .gil 1 431.0-K' L ' X fl . N z,1,,.K ARMY Victor Poeta. fPinej NAVY Frank Dijohn MQ'lfI.ZYfflZTSLn'2PfflYe, COAST GUARD Frank Jecusco fPinej Peter Goumas joseph Moran fPineQ David Merkle MARINES Sam Pantalone QPinej Edward Gracon Michael Hennessey 36 Class Song 1946 A.H.S., oh, how we love you And the golden days we've shared. Into life we dare to venture Knowing that we are prepared. We have shared with you Our triumphs, our defeats, Our hopes, and prayers. In our memories you will linger Causing golden moments there. A.H.S. now we must leave you, But your teachings we will keep They will help us in life's battles And in trials that we meet. As we strive to make tomorrow, Fairer than the days gone by, A.H.S. we'll e'er remember, Love for thee will never die. JULIUS I. DOUGLAS I v l Nr fx l Ffkblhlf Th Class irror NAME Rosemary Abel Mildred Adam Agnes Ahearn Angelina Alexander Ann Amico Michael Angelini Valentina Antonovich William Ashe Lucille Ayoub Frank Axon Antoinette Bachkowsky Shirley Bacote Virginia Bak William Ballantyne Elsie Bedner Louise Bellis William Bergmann Gertrude Bilsky Arlene Bishop Concetta Bonadies Ralph Boulay Robert Brassell Ruth Bresnan Myron Brochinsky Mary Brooks Robert Brozak Robert Bryce Robert Buck Virginia Buckley Walter Burblis Lavina Buswell Frank Casalvieri Lillian Chaplik Chesterlvn Chmielewski Sylvia Chudoba Rose Cicerchia Anna Cieplak Richard Cody Robert Cohen Therese Comcowich Margaret Connors William Costigan Betty-lean Crocker Dolores Culmo Sally Culmo john Daniels Gilhert Davidson Marion Davidson Patricia Dean joseph DeGennaro Albert Della Volpe Elvera Della Volpe Doris Dellin Mary Demanchvk Emanuel Didato PET PHRASE Don't be foolish! What do you know? Oh how ravishing! Big joke! Don't lose you! Is that so? Gee, whiz Yeah, but! Are you kidding? Is that right? Oh, get out! You know it too Don't be silly Aw-w Gee! Oh, golly! How bad I feel Don't lose it! You don't say! Oh! What a pip! Are you sure? What say kid? Oh brother! Huh! For goodness sakes What's that? Oh brother! Holy cats! How considerate Hi Ya! Are you crazy? Wow! Oh! GEE! Oh, yeah Oh Gosh! Get out of here You're just jealous Don't lose you Quit fooling around Such is life Hey! N'est-ce pas? Good Gravy Lets be friends Yah! Huh Oh, Brother Hey! Gosh! Oh! Mv aching back Oh, well Sez who? Pardon me! Oh! Gee whiz Oh, sugar You got Moxie LIKES Optimistic people Movies Dancing Music Eating Baseball Classical Music Athletics Popular Music Everybody Bowling Everything Basketball A good time New York Music Wolfmg Almost everything Drawing Bowling Everyone Baseball Outdoor Sports Drawing Fun To loaf All sports Football Swimming Everything Western songs Sports Imitating people Everything Football Music Polkas Shelton girls Music Poetry Clothes Baseball Music Dancing Sports jazzy music Chemistry Bow-ties Long fingernails To loaf Sports Sports Dancing Navy Gambling 38 DISLIKES Nothing Teachers' Pets Book reports Writing letters Snobs Homework Being Teased Nothing Snobs Nothing Sewing Homework Early risings Redheads Poor sports Radio commercials English Snobbish people Messy lockers Chocolate Dancing Spending money Waiting Homework Being inactive Nothing Work School Busy telephone Economics Nothing Giddy girls Arguing Snobs Baseball Movies Boys Work School Math. Studying Studying Poor manners Homework Homework Slow music Spinach Sarcastic people Shorthand Working Writing Speeches Conceited boys Ouiet people Working FUTURE OCCUPATION Private Secretary Theater Manager Air Line Hostess Reporter Housewife Sports Announcer Private Secretary Pilot Housewife Salesman Secretary Housewife Secretary Mechanical Engineer Secretary Nurse Aeronautical- Engineer Housewife Artist journalist Doctor Owner of Heaphy's Nurse Artist Housewife Chemist Mechanic Engineer Sociologist Mechanic Nurse Engineer Artist Dietician Secretary Dress Designer Bookkeeper Dancing Teacher Salesman Scientific Writer Novelist Civil Engineer Lab Technician Hairdresser Nurse Artist Business man Nurse Housewife Factory worker Poultry farmer Famierette Secretary Music Mechanic NAME Frank Di john Salvatore Di Mauro james Dolan Leonard Dorosh Andrew Doroshuk Julius Douglas Stanley Dzienkiewicz William Eaton Doris Edwards Pearl Elia Alice Engle William Estok Louis Facchini Mary Fama Richard Ferdian Samuel Ferla Nancy Fisher Margaret Fitzgerald Thomas Flood Lorraine Frankline Mathew Franzino Patricia Frawley Phyllis 'Freije Samuel Gabianelli james Galston Michael Giannone Jean Gilliland Raymond Gittings Alexander Godriba Audrey Goldberg Ernestine Goodson Peter Goumas Edward Gracon john Granatie William Grant Willis Green Ruth Grumuldys Benjamin Guagenti Lorraine Gutrick Barbara Hallihan Frank Hanas Evelyn Hawks Norman Heavens Louise Hecox Agnes Heglund Michael Hennessey Helen Hricko Fred Hummel Katherine Hunt Leslie Iackson Helen Iagiellowicz Frank Iecusco Irene Iecusco George Kain Nancy Kasden Evelyn Katzman PET PHRASE Hey! Now Why, shore. You're not kidding Oh.Yeah D'ya want a medal? Gosh! You tell 'em Don't lose you Murder! jeepers O'Bo-oy Oh, brother! Curses! Oh, brother Don't lose it. Listen Son Oh, Come on. You get me. Hi Ya! Oh, well Don't moan Golly! Oh, gee. Don't lose you Oh, Yeah! I mean, you know Heavens! Don't lose it! That's all brother Don't you like it? You know it, too Oh! Brother. Want to have a card gam Don't lose you! Aw-w-w No kidding. Oh, golly. Get out of here. Oh, Christmas Pardon me! Give him a discharge No kidding. Oh! Oh, sure. Are you kidding? Oh gee! Oh heck! Oh mv back! What did you say? Oh, shoot! You're a smart kid, Hev. listen. Oh, brother! Act your age. In an age. Oh, gee whiz. e? LIKES To sing Vacations Baseball Females Study periods Sports Softball Dancing Getting mail Classical Music Nice clothes Work Goodtimes Singing Art Hunting Singing Frank Sinatra Bowling Sinatra Good times Gum Popular music Sports Football Everything Ice cream Vanilla cokes Bowling Nice clothes Basketball Sports Boxing Baseball Baseball Fun Dancing To read To be alone Wednesday nights Pool Peace and quiet Qnietness Quiet evenings Ice skating Sports Drawing Most everything Ire cream Baseball Chemistry Navy Sports Music Candy Piano 39 DISLIKES Dumb women Work Homework Homework School 4th Period Letter writing Work Short hair Jazz Rude people School Getting up Noisy people Poor sports Mockers Snobs Bing Crosby Noisy people Homework Stubborn people Noise Conceited people Conceited people Speeches Homework Silly people Tests Chiselers Gossip Snobs Conceited people Geometry Poor sports French verbs Homework Silliness Walking Noisy people Writing poems Work Shorthand American Problems Snobs Bow ties E's on report card Cliques Long speeches Boys Egotists Languages Being quiet Nothing Dissonance Conceited people Sophisticated people FUTURE OCCUPATION Movie star Grocer Baseball player Business man Research chemist Artist Artist Machinist Nurse Piano teacher Nurse Scientist Carpenter Housewife Dress Designer Business man Vocalist Secretary Accountant Nurse Shoemaker Private Secretary Dental Hygienist Merchant Marine Coach Engineer Medical Secretary Mechanical Engineer Expressman Dress Designer Pianist Sports Commentator Mechanic Engineer Chemist Aviator Professional dancer Machinist Housewife Nurse Business man Secretary Business man Hairdresser Nurse U. S. Marines Artist Aviator Bookkeeper Minister Lab. Technician Sailor Lab. Technician Teacher Advertiser Secretary NAME jacob Katzman John Kelley Elizabeth Kershaw Alfred Kingston Elizabeth Kingston Dorothy Kisco Donald Klimas Lorraine Klimas Louise Kobziak Eleanor Kramkowski Florence Krueger Wanda Ksiazak Josephine Kuczynski Russell Kulawiz Isabel Kuzas Lois La Marche Russell Lesiw Walter Little joseph Lopes Kenneth Lunn Mary Lyskowski Dolores Maciag joan Maher Mary Manzone Nicholas Marinelli Howard Mark Frieda Matjouranis David Merkle Sebastian Mignosa Louis Montefusco joseph Moran Lillian Moroney Dolores Morris Charles McCarthy Mildred McGrath George McManus Raymond McNamara Shirley Neville Samuel Noga Florence Olenechuk Florence Ondosik Walter Ozinsky Samuel Pantalone William Parker Bess Passariume joseph Pastorella Charles Pawlak Frank Pergola Vincent Pero Santina Persutti George Phillips Donald Plocke Victor Poeta -Iosephine Polis Mary Praskevich PET PHRASE I don't know. Don't lose itl Oh, brother. Wait a minute Oh, my gosh! No? That's itl Don't lose you. I don't knowl Hi there! Hi Ya! Oh, gee whiz. Don't be sillyl Are you kidding? Get out of here. Are you kidding? Hey, kids Go on. Me, too. Wanna bet? Oh, yeah! Jeepers ' Oh no! What ja-ma-call-it? Don't lose it. I swear! What 'cha say? Aw Gorshl How are ya? Like Heck Don't be silly You really think so? You don't say! Don't lose it. How now. Let's be quiet. There you are. Oh, is it cutel Oh, yeah. Oh, fish. For crying out loud! Oh, brother. Don't moan. Hi! Aw-now Listen here. Got a cigarette? I'm telling you. Curses! . Darn it! Don't lose you. Really! You're crazy. Don't be silly Go oiil LIKES Bowling Aeronautics Dancing Music Sports Music Flying Dancing Sports Dancing Dancing Polkas Popular music Making noise Modern music Chocolate Sodas Sports All sports Gym class Dancing Sailors Chopin Music Marines Cars Sports Dancing A good time New York Yankees Flying Good times TYPing Ice skating Sports To walk Dancing Women Blue-eyed blondes Problems Roller skating Sports Dismissal time Cars Seymour Nursing Dancing Football Sports Baseball Airplanes Drawing Physics Women Basketball Drawing 40 DISLIKES Work Seymour Rollerskating Homework French To have enemies Gambling Conceited people Snobs Snobbish people Poetry Conceited people Homework Hot dogs Snobbish people Getting up early Arguing Bad music Schedule One Writing Practical people Poetry Bossy people Gossip Nothing Being serious Getting up Dull parties Women drivers Speeches Sissies Flirtatious girls jazz Nothing Buses Mathematics Smoking Fickle people Exams Shy boys Being inactive Early hours Showoffs Being hurried jazz Exams Moaners Showoffs 30 Cushion Billiards Short Hair Ushering Nosey people Army Poor sport Snobs FUTURE OCCUPATION Man about town Engineer Hairdresser Teacher Photographer Lab. Technician Aviator Manager of Cafeteria Nurse Nurse Stenographer Hairdresser Nurse Carpenter Hairdresser Nurse Pharmacist Doctor Bookkeeper Sailor Housewife Journalist Housewife Dressmaker Auto Mechanic Dentist Song writer Lawyer Lawyer Navy Pilot Store-keeper Secretary Pianist Undecided Nurse Machinist Owner of Fulton's Hairdresser Business man Secretary Pianist Singer Auto Mechanic Coach Nurse Grocer Football Manager Aeronautical Engineer Salesman Secretary Artist Physicist Weaver Nurse Artist NAME Helen Rafalowski john Ready john Rekus Adele Remus Louise Richards Harry Robinson Donald Roche Andrew Rotko Edith Rubelmann Anthony Russo Nicholas Salce Lynn Schumacher Genevieve Sciegaj Albert Scott Joyce Shaker Peter Sholtys Donald Shortell Stanley Sidor john Siemienczuk Augusta Singley joan Sloss William Smith Ruth Sobol Regina Sokolowski Stanley Sosienski Michael Spivak Marvin Steeves Alfred Steiner jean Stokes Kenneth Stokes Frank Szpak Maurine Talmadge Frederick Tanner Hedley Tingley Donald Trella Doreen Tyler Gladys Tyler Katherine Tyma Donald Tynan Mary Vartelas Harriett Velms Gaetano Verni Arthur Vroom Helen Walkinshaw john Walsh William Walsh Thomas Wantroba Richard Warren Florence Waters Thomas Wentworth Shirley Wheeler Philip Wilhelmy Betty Witzmann Dorothy Woodford Lydia Zampa PET PHRASE Don't lose you. Stop! Oh, yeah, Oh, heck! Wrap it up. Don't bother me. Baloney! Don't lose you. Are you kidding? Hey now! Aw, go on. Therefore Oh, my back! Got a cigarette? Oh! What do you care. Know what I mean? Yeh? No, kidding? Hi, ya. Oh, glory! Oh, gee. Oh, how tragic! For gosh sake! O.K. What? O.K. What? Hi! What? Don't lose you. Talk to me! For cryin' out loud Is that so? Go home. Oh, golly. Wanna bet? Aw, go on. How's everything? Oh, Gee! Gee whiz! No kiddin' Don't lose it Don't be like that. I don't know. Gee! Huh? I'll mangle you. Yeh. hut. I don't know. Gee-e-e For goodness sakes. Oh! Oh, no! Gee, whiz! LIKES Roller skating English Loafing Music To sleep late Blondes Drawing Sports Boys Roller skating Dancing Outdoor life Helping people Dancing Music Quietness Red Heads Shelton Bowling Dancing Neatness Baseball Vaughn Monroe Candy Bowling Skating Fishing and hunting Sports Hot dog roasts Flashy socks Work To eat Cars Sports Spaghetti Dancing To be with the gang Roller skating Wine, women and son Sports Writing Cars Pie Dancing Ice skating Drawing lazz Sevmnur Anvthing lively Vacations Sports Football A good time French Marines 41 E DISLIKES Speedball Bread crusts Tightwads Conceited people Apples "junior" Girls 5th Period Homework History Dull nights Empty mail boxes Catty people Silly people Bad movies Dancing Nothing Noisy people Exams Snobs Copy-cats History Homework Being teased Attention English Snooty people Idleness Onions Work Dancing Effectiveness Asparagus People in general Poor sports Shorties Primping Poor sports Snobs Nothing Coffee Noise Ignorant people Unfriendly people School Gaudy colors English Cry babies Unfriendly people School Work Opposite sex Roller skating Snobbishness Homework FUTURE OCCUPATION Hairdresser Teacher Machinist Secretary Nurse Business man Stockholder Garage man Secretary Grocer Politician Songstress Secretary Garage man Advertising agent Forest Ranger Agriculturist Night club owner U. S. Army Housewife Nurse Business man Nurse Dietician Aviator U. S. Navy Engineer Professor Housewife Business Executive Theater Manager Illustrator Carpenter Civil Engineer Truck driver Hairdresser Traveler Secretary Garage owner Medical Secretary Journalist Mason Sailor Physical Ed. Teacher Traveling Salesman Architect Musician Merchant Marine Nurse Engineer Secretary Business man Secretary Actress Artist Class Hislor "A freshman knows not and knows that he knows not" was written clearly upon the excited faces of the chattering group of pupils as we turned eyes full of awe toward the fascinating edifice which was to be our Alma Mater for the next four years, and with eager steps and anxious hearts we Bled into the spacious auditorium, novitiates in a new phase of scholastic endeavors. As the weeks flew by and we were actually beginning to know our way around, the Red Cross clubs were organized and once a week we heartily did our bit by knitting the afghans we were so proud to send to our fighting men. That iirst glorious year we chose Peter Goumas to lead us as president, Barbara Hallihan as secretary, and Robert Brozak as treasurer. Others to earn fame that year were Howard Mark, Therese Comcowich, Barbara Hallihan, William Grant, Doris Edwards, and Harriett Velms, who were appointed to the staff of the school magazine "The Observer." As the winter winds gave way to lilting spring breezes, our happy minds turned blithely to thoughts of the annual operetta and in the true spirit of spring we presented the romantic tale of "The Gypsy Rover." Its successful performances proved emphatically the able prowess of our leading characters, Lynn Schumacher, Lorraine Frankline, Nancy Fisher, Ralph Boulay and Bill Costigan. Thus with ringing applause in our ears and report cards in our hands we turned from Freshman days to summer vacation with the promise of morning sessions and the Sophomore status locked deep in our hearts. All too soon the carefree days of summer fleeted by and once more we turned our steps toward the winding hills leading to the school. The opening weeks of our Sophomore year proved almost as exciting as those of our first year, as we had an entirely new schedule and a new standing. As Freshmen we were overlords, heads of the school-now as lowly Sophomores we meekly did as we were bidden and fur- tively glanced at the majestic seniors whenever we were sure of not being noticed. As for notice-no one looked at us, they looked through us, for we "wise fools" indeed, "knew not and knew not that we knew not." However, we were not daunted and self-confidently went through our trials under our second term president and vice-president, Peter Goumas and Barbara Hallihan, with Bill Ballantyne, secretary and Nancy Fisher treasurer. Under their leadership we sailed blissfully -through the ensuing weeks which were crowded -with many activities, the most outstanding of which was the Sophomore Hop. To the illustrious staff of "The Observer," were added the names of Mildred McGrath, Nancy Fisher, Irene jecusco, Dorothy Woodford, Aliee Engle, Peggy Connors, William Costigan, Sebastian Mignosa, and john Ready. Once again june was drawing to a close and we bade farewell to Sophomore days with fond memories and dreams of a superlative future as Juniors. When September lazily rolled around again, we felt as if we "belonged" to the 42 school-permanent fixtures and veterans of two hard years of service. Deciding to choose our two year veteran politicians again, we felt secure with Peter Goumas and Barbara Hallihan again our president and vice-president. Nick Salce became secretary and Agnes Heglund treasurer. Our "Observer" staff was increased again by Donald Plocke, Dolores Maciag, Nancy Kasden, and Agnes Heglund. In our third year also, Doris Dellin and Howard Mark won the two first prizes in the annual Public Speaking contest. Going from one success to another, we plunged whole-heartedly into the bond drives of that year with double motives, for our class president.Peter Goumas, and Frank Di john, Michael Hennessey, David Merkle, Edward Gracon, and joseph Moran entered the Armed Forces. We reached a goal of 310,000 as a tribute to them and late in the year were awarded the Minute Man flag for our efforts. One of our more outstanding accomplishments of the year was the Junior-Senior Reception, a great success and a welcome tribute to the outgoing seniors. As the summer again drew near and we assisted at the senior class day exercises we realized that next year we would be passing through those portals for the last time, and the thought sobered us as we sang "Lavender," that class day in 1945. With the dawn of September of the next term we confidently swaggered into the now familiar school, once more overlords-Seniors led by Nick Salce, presidentg Frieda Matjouranis, vice-president, William Ashe, secretary, and Gladys Tyler, treasurer. Lynn Schumacher was added to the "Observer" staff as girls' sports editor this year, and Harriett Velms was made editor-in-chief. Early in the year plans were made for a yearbook and an able staff was chosen led by Barbara Hallihan, editor. Another important achievement of our last two years was the News Digest now headed by Alice Engle and Barbara Hallihan, co-editors. Our football team marched gloriously to victory under co-captains William Ballantyne, Duber Parker, and Bobby Bryce, while Virginia Buckley twirled the baton as drum majorette of the band. The best news of the year, however, was the announcement that we would be able to make the trip to Washington, the first class to do so since the outbreak of the war. In December we chose Barbara Hallihan our D. A. R. representative for the annual good citizenship award. The usual senior activities, the Prom, junior-Senior reception, declamation contest, class day, and lastly graduation, rounded out one of the most memorable years in our lives and as we passed through the portals for the last time in June 1946, we held memories to be long remembered, of A. H. S. and the happy days spent there. 43 Class Hislorylpine On the night of June 21, 1946 a very select group of forty seniors, which includes two of our fellow classmates now in the armed forces, will receive diplomas for our four years of labor, -the labor depending upon how well Mr. Ruddy and Mr. McGee think we toiled in the vineyards. In September 1942 we assembled where we met Mr. Ruddy for the first time. There were 87 timid and frightened Freshmen who listened intently to Mr. Ruddy as he told us of the many hardships we must hurdle in order to win our coveted diploma four years hence. Our freshman year was very ordinary with none of us attaining outstanding success. Several of us made the honor roll each marking period for which we received a scholastic emblem. Galston and Dijohn went out for the football team and helped Coach Jarvis considerably. We went home in june, enjoyed a fine summer and before we knew it, we found ourselves in September and back to Pine where Mr. Ruddy instructed us in what to expect for our Sophomore year. To our surprise we learned that 14 had dropped by the waysideg some to the armed forces, others to help in the war effort and still others who transferred to the other high school. Danny Ready was the first of our class to help Uncle Sam defeat the Axis. Galston, Gabianelli, Giannone and Dijohn were soon treking to the football field and each gave a wonderful account of himself-so much so that Ansonia High School went undefeated. Trella and Galston joined the basketball teams and saw much action. Track and baseball soon followed the basketball season and Warren and Galston added many valuable points for the team. During our Sophomore year we elected the following boys to lead us in our many activitiesg President, Gaetano Vernig Secretary-Treasurer, Stanley Dorosh. June was again upon us which meant cessation of studies and some good swim- ming. Most of us had part time jobs but we were back at Pine as jubilant Juniors. Our first activity of the year was to elect our officers for the ensuing year. These were: President, Michael Giannoneg Vice President, Louis Montefuscog Secretary- Treasurer, Walter Burblis. As we looked about us we knew that several more had left our midst. In our Junior year we selected shops which we were to have for the following two years. Many of us also took Plane Geometry which meant a daily jaunt to the Ansonia High School which proved beneficial as well as entertaining. During that year also, Stanley Dorosh and Donald Maher left for the Navy. Giannone, Gabianelli and Galston starred for the Lavender which achieved another undefeated season. On February lst, Mr. Ruddy resigned to accept a position with the government at Newington. He became Vocational Advisor to returning veterans, a position for 44 which he was thoroughly qualified. His departure brought much gloom and sadness to Pine because in all our associations he had been a true friend and an excellent teacher. Mfe purchased our class rings during our junior year which made us feel secure in the fact that we were heading toward our Senior year. As our Junior year was fast approaching to a close we gave the Seniors their annual dance and it proved to be the highlight of our school year. Soon we were out for the summer and a year of hard and successful toil was forgotten. In September, l945 we gathered again to begin our 4th and we, hope, final year. This year we met our new principal, Mr. McGee, who succeeded Mr. Ruddy. From the outset he has given us a lending ear and helpful hand in all our activities. As we looked about us and counted our class, we were 45 strong. It was not long though, before we lost some other members of the class to the service of Uncle Sarn -Matthew Franzino, Frank jecusco, james Galston, Victor Poeta and Samuel Pantalone. Red Galston was co-captain of the football team but left at mid-season when his call came to join the colors. Giannone and Gabianelli also played sterling ball for the Lavender which was managed by Charley Pawlak who did a superb job. Verni, Rotko and Giannone had charge of our movie set-up and provided excel- lent entertainment for the student body. The class of l946 can also be proud of its excellent record in the purchase of Defense bonds and stamps and will continue with the purchase of Victory bonds and stamps. On October 25th, the Seniors held a Hallowe'en dance that was a great success. The profits will go to defray some of the expenses of the lvashington trip. Due to the fact that this publication must go to press, many of our activities can- not be mentioned. Our year is complete with planned parties and dances and most of us are looking forward to the best time of our lives when we shall depart for the Nation's capital during our May vacation. Another item on our "must" list will be our last social activity-the Senior Prom which will be held a short time previous to graduation. With what we have to look back to and the many pleasurable events to come, we can certainly say that Pine School is a fine school. 45 3 ' s The Lasl W'll nd Teslamenl Classof19 6 We the members of the Class of 1946 of the Ansonla Hlgh School ln the Clty of Ansoma New Haven County State of Connectlcut Umted States of Amerlca belng physxcally and mentally balanced do make our last w1ll and testament F zrstly To our faculty headed by Mr Prendergast we leave our smcere thanks and best wlshes for thelr aid 1n preparmg us for our future llfe and glvlng us four very happy years Secondly Our gratltude and apprecxatlon we extend to Mrs KYIPS and Mr Ryan for the t1me and energy they have glven to make thls our year book a success Thwdly To our faculty who have stood by us so falthfully we leave these xndlvldual ltems To Mr Prendergast a memo pad no SCIIOUS problems and cooperatlve class officers To MISS Raye a long summer vacatlon To M1ss Kennedy a large bottle of asp1r1n for her untlrxng efforts To Mr Grosberg an all boy fourth perlod Physlcs class To MISS Merz the hope of a personal art room To Mr Arthur a comptometer and a body guard for h1s cafeterxa duty To Mr Conkl1n our sympathy and sad regrets for the defeats he took at our hands m the field of sports To Mr JHTVIS hopes for a champlonshlp football team ln the near future wlth out the asslstance of the Senlor Stars To Mr Comcowlch our enthusxasm for h1s speeches at our football rallles To M1ss Conklln lots of success 1n her art hobby To M1ss Hennessey a nlce woolen muffler for her auto horn fwhlch always complains about the coldj Mr H1lb1sh many thanks for hrs swell athletxc programs MISS Monahan a prlvate secretary for her bookstore dutles Mr Manley a blue serge su1t and some good films for hls camera projector Mr Vxcarl a new tennls racket M1ss Prlckett numerous new Blology specxmens MISS Booth an efliclent library stall To M1ss Ryan an autographed baseball from the wmmng World Serxes team To Mr Clark the applause glven at the plays he has so ably dlrected To M1ss McNamara a dozen well sharpened penclls To MISS Brodle bl1ndfolders for her alphabet practlce To M1ss Marvm and Mr Stewart a flat gym floor 'R Ferdlcn f 4. 2. ' , ' , 4. . , ' ' . 5. ' , It H I 6. . , ' ' . ' 7. . ' , 8' I ., . . . . - 10. ' ' ' " " . 11. . . , . . 12. To . ' ' , I ' ' . 13. To ' , ' q ' . 5 14. To . , ' ' ' . 15. To . ' ', ' . 16. To ' ' , ' ' .Q 17. To ' , ' ' . 18. ' , ' ' ' . 19. . , ' ' . 20. ' , - ' . 21. . . , . . l 22. ' ' . I , . 46 A I 0 1 23. To Miss Schoonmaker, a light switch so that she can turn the lights off from her own room. 24. To Mr. Ryan, a set of fifth grade histories which would be better for the up and coming seniors, than is Muzzey. 25. To Mr. Martorano, a fence for his cafeteria duty. 26. To Mr. McGee, Pine School fa fine schoolj. F ourthly - To the school we leave: 1. Synchronized clocks and a more cheerful fire bell. 2. New recipes for the cafeteria. 3. Soft cushioned chairs in the library. I 4. A stabilized heating system. 5. Electric brooms and automatic sweepers for the janitors to pick up the little scraps of paper we may have left behind. 6. To the members of the band, well tuned instruments. 7. To the school office, a sizeable package of tardy slips, so that we, in our small way, may pay for the things we have used. F ifthly - To the students we leave: l. Lots of green grass to next year's class. 2. Lockers with easily worked combinations. 3. Extra chairs for those who can never Find them during lunch. 4. A cooperative Observer staff, "like ours." 5. Lots of luck in the publication of the News Digest. Sixthly - 1. just as God made green apples and dumb Seniors-to the faculty we leave next year's class. Seventhly - 1. All our appreciation to our class mates in the service, for their bit in helping to attain victory. Eighthly - l. To the Juniors, we leave the vacant seats which we hope they will occupy as well as we did. 2. For the Sophomores we have "hope." 3. Mfe leave next year's football team our hopes for good luck. 4. To the remaining members of the faculty we leave our best wishes. Lastly - We hereby appoint Mrs. Anne K. Krips, the sole executrix of this our last will and testament. In witness whereof, we, the graduates of 1946, the testators, have to this, our last will, affixed our signatures and seal, this nineteenth day of june, one thousand nine hundred and forty-six. ' Signed VENUS DIANA MINERVA JUNO Pine anual Training chool Hear ye, hear ye! Let it be known that we, the Class of 1946 of the Charles H. Pine Manual Training School, situated in Ansonia, a municipality 'of the State of Connecticut, United States of America, make this our last will and testament. Now, being of lawful age and in possession of unsound minds, failing memories and dusty brains, we do hereby set forth this drawn up publication of our docu- ment in which we make the following bequests: ARTICLE I 1. A public address system is to be left to the Pine Manual Training School. 2. To the oilice we leave two red-cushioned chairs so that the boys who have detention will be more comfortable. 3. To the Woodworking Shop we leave a new heating system so that the students will not have to wear their overcoats while working. 4. To the Auto Shop we leave enough wrenches and two F.B.I. men so that the boys will not steal tools. 5. To the Print Shop we leave two dozen bright red lounging chairs so that the students can be comfortable. 6. To the Machine Shop we leave a bar of laundry soap so that the students will not use Mr. Crook's Lux facial soap. 7. To the Mechanical Drawing room we leave a set of steel T squares so that the boys will not mark or damage them if they are dropped. 8. To the Cooking room we leave a deodorizer to kill the odor so that the boys will not run to Miss Roche for aspirins when the girls start cooking. ARTICLE II Furthermore, we, the Class of '46, make the following bequests to the faculty whom we have so grudgingly obeyed during the last four years: 1. To Mr. Conklin we leave a pair of crutches to use when his knee jumps out of place. 2. To Mr. Burns we leave a share in the Presto Lunch. 3. To Mr. McLoughlin we leave a helicopter to get to school from New Haven. 4. To Mr. Jarvis we leave a strong rocking chair so that he will not break the back of his desk chair, relaxing. 5. To Mr. Flynn we leave a secretary to keep track of all of his friends. 6. To Mr. Roche we leave a new door for his classroom so that the boys will not lock him out of his own room. 7. We leave to Mr. Comcowich a book of 1,000 jokes to entertain his pupils. 8. To Mr. Kiely we leave a box of cigars to smoke while the boys are getting his lunch'. 9. To Mr. O'Connell we leave a pair of roller skates so he won't wear out his shoes while going back and forth to Mr. Gottsegc-:n's boiler. 10. To Miss Kulikowski and Miss Nason we leave a set of drapes for the windows to stop the high school girls from looking at the handsome Pine boys. 48 11. To Miss Roche we leave a thought-wave typewriter so she will not have to work her delicate lingers to the lbones. 12. To Miss Tiffany we leave an automatic threading machine. 13. To Mr. Stevens we leave our good-will. 14. To Mr. Gottsegen we leave a housekeeper to keep his beautiful home in shin- ing order. 15. To Mr. Crook we leave a can of simonize to keep his car shining. l6. To Mr. Halligan we leave a certificate to buy a new Buick. ARTICLE III The Class of '46 does hereby make the following bequests to the hereafter mentioned: To our boys serving in the armed forces, we leave our best wishes for a speedy return home. 1. We leave Brasse1l's cuteness to joe Giannone. 2. We leave Burblis, physique to Charlie Howard. 3. We leave Daniels' quietness to Hylwa. 4. We leave Della Volpe's ability as an Auto Mechanic to his brother Tony. 5. We leave Didato's curls to Dizzy Dean. 6. DiMauro's height is left to Pantalone. 7. Dorosh's ability to speak is left to Carmen Fama. 8. We leave Eaton's shoes to anyone who can fill them. 9. Facchini's quaint walk is left to Adolph Dorosh. 10. Ferdian's art ability is left to any lower classman who thinks he can draw a straight line. 11. To DiGiorgi we leave Ferla's ability to argue with Mr. Jarvis. 12. To Korzan we leave Gabianelli's and Walsh's art of skipping school. 13. To Donald Bush We leave Mike Giannone's way with the women. 14. Ga1ston's ability to play football is left to Mike Kennedy. 15. To the Cooking class we leave Guagenti's recipe book. 16. Kulawiz's ability to get along with Mr. Gottsegen is left to Mattie Milardo. 17. Tynan's, Marinelli's and Vroom's way of lighting over one girl is left to Hyde, Bush and Dillis. 18. McManus's moaning habits are left to Sam Sampiere. 19 To any two Juniors we leave McNamara's loud mouth. 20. Montefusco's acrobatic ability is left to Peter Palumbo. 21. To Ray Dillis we leave Pastorella's dancing ability. 22. Pawlak's art of managing the football squad is left to Mike Culmo. h 23. To Knepple we leave Rekus' neatness in machine shop work. 24. Pete Sholtys, custom of taking attendance slips around is left to Walt Bygott. 25. Tanner's and Trella's ability to fall asleep during class is left to Nelson. 26. Verni's Hashy ties are left to Gondola. 27. Warren's swiftness in running is left to Stanley Kucher. Sworn to all regulations in accordance with the inheritance laws of Connecticut. Sealed and Signed, City Clerk - Iris Russcaz Notary Public - Musterseed Yondell justice of the Peace - Salty Montepaffen 49 Class Day Speakers Dolores Maciag Alice Engle Virginia Bak Agnes Heglund Nancy Fisher Elsie Bedner Graduation Speakers Valedictorian Donald Plocke Salutatorian Howard Mark Therese Comcowich Barbara Hallihan Graduation Speakers fPINE, John Rekus-Valedictorian Russell Kulawiz-Salutatorian Class Day Speakers fPINED Andrew Rotko Albert Della Volpe Charles Pawlak Richard Ferdian Louis Montefusco Gaetano Verni Class Superl alives Likely to Succeed ,.,...,...., ...... ,...., Therese Comcowlch ,.., ,.,... .,...,,. Gladys Tyler ..............,... Therese Comcowich Lynn Schumacher ...,.. Lynn Schumacher ...... Lorraine Frankline... Betty Kingston .,...,...... ,.Most Popular ......,. . Most Intelligent Most Dzgnihed ....,..,... ...,......., Best Looking ......... Best Athlete , ..,..,.... . Best Dressed ....,..,..,. Wittiest .......,.....,...., Lavma Buswell ...........,..........,..,..,. Maureen Talmadge Cutest ,...,.....,..,,. ,, ....,....... Helen Walkinshaw ..,......,..,...,.... Helen Walkinshaw... Rosemary Abel ............ Frieda Matjouranis Helen Walkinshaw... Helen Jagiellowicz... Arlene Bishop ,.............. 'Pine Manual Training School Best Personality Peppzest .......,......,.. ,...... Best Natured ,. .,.,..... . Best Dancer ........,...... Best All-around Noisiest ........ . .,...,........ . Quietest .....,.. 52 Howard Mark, Richard Ferdian' Nick Salce, james Galston' Donald Plocke, Donald Roche' ,W'illiam Walsh, Donald Roche' William Grant, Gaetano Verni' Mfilliam Parker, james Galston' Michael Angelini, Arthur Vroom"' William Ashe, Matthew Franzino' Robert Brozak, Emanuel Didato' William Parker, Robert Brassell' Richard Cody, Raymond McNamara' Donald Shortell, Donald Roche' Richard Cody, Joseph Pastorella' Frank Casalvieri, Albert Della Volpe' Leslie Jackson, Joseph Pastorella' Donald Plocke, John Daniels' Q9 9 Q 1 K N fr 8" jf X SQL W ff, Q Football Schedule 1945 Ansonia ...,..,................. 38 Shelton .,........................ Ansonia ...,..,. ,.....,..., 1 9 St. Basil ,...,.,,..,.. Ansonia ..,..,.. .,..,, 6 Hamden ,......... .. Ansonia ..,..,,. ,......,... 3 2 Torrington .....,... Ansonia ......., ..,.....,.. 1 6 Crosby .....,..,,...,.. ., Ansonia ........ ...,.. 0 Stamford ..,....... Ansonia ........ ,.... 6 Central ........ ,, Ansonia ......,. ...,. 6 Derby ...,.....,...,.. ,, Ansonia ...,,...,............... 5 1 Naugatuck ,...,.,.......... Total - Ansonia 174 Opponents 46 Won 6' Lost 3 Tied 0 54 ROBERT BRYCE on the Ansonia tradition of ace blocking quarterbacks. NICHOLAS SALCE His size has led to his nickname, "The Mighty Miteug but if anyone of his oppo- nents had an idea that he would be a pushover because of his size, Nickie quickly and decisively changed his mind. As a swift, running guard, he was seen far down the Held under punts and kickolfsg and leading the ball-carrier, often throwing a key block which led to a gain of many yards. He proved his versatility to the coaches and spectators when he was transferred to end where he played a bang up game. It'll be a long time before another guard matches Nickie's speed and aptness. JAMES GALSTON the team. MICHAEL GIANNONE Rough and ready Micky was a tremendous asset to the line play. A guard who changed to the center post when Galston left, Mike held down the pivot post so excellently that he earned the admiration of all who realized the importance of his position in the defense we used this year. In this defense, Mike was the key man. He was often the first man between the ball-carrier and "pay-dirtf' but needless to say, the opposing player could never reach touchdown territory: Mike was always ready for him. WILLIAM PARKER watched "Duber" on the gridiron. 55 Bob is our brilliant blocking back who was the brains of the team after Parker s injury. Although he didn't carry the ball much, he was always in front of the ball carrier, blocking savagely and paving an alley for him through a maze of would be tacklers. On the defense he was quick to tackle any back who slipped by the line into the secondary. In the last game of the season, he displayed his running ability by scoring three touchdowns and making several large gains Bob nobly carried Before he was interrupted in his football career by a call to the armed forces "Red" was a standout on the offense because of his excellent centering and vicious blocking. His line-backing and aptitude in diagnosing the opposition s plays were a stellar factor in our defense. His sudden call to the Navy was a severe loss to "Duber" proved his worth as a triple-threat back in his umor year Several injuries hampered him in his Senior year but he never lost his ability When he ran, he was as hard to stop as a runaway horseg when he wasn t running he was blocking hard and sure: and his passes were accurate. Before his injuries he called the signals with the skill of a strategist. It was always with great pride that we WILLIAM BERGMANN Bill is a quick-thinking guard who saw quite a bit of action this year. He made it "hot" for the "first-stringers" in practiceg and often interfered with the successful execution of a play by breaking across and stopping the leather-toter. Whenever he was in the game, he always played to the best of his ability. WILLIAM BALLANTYNE DONALD SHORTELL This'tall, rangy guard who was converted from tackle because of his defensive abilityg made things difficult for the ball-carrier to no gain, or tackling him for a loss. His blocking was frequently a contributing factor to a spectacular run by one of the backs. His graduation will be a loss to the team that will be hard to overcome. Big B111 was like a mountain on the defense and very seldom could the opposi- tion run a play through his impregnable position. He is noted for his bull-like charge, smashing through the interference and nailing the ball-carrier by himself. On the offense he is a battering-ram, knocking 'down all would-be tacklersg and can always be seen down-field when the play isn't to his side. His excellent leadership helped hold the team together through all difficulties. FRANK CASALVIERI WILLIAM ASHE A hard-charging end whose blocking is savage and clean, Bill is noted for his defensive ability and frequent dropping of a ball-carrier behind the line of scrima mage. As a receiving end he can snare a pass if it is thrown anywhere near him. When at the end of the season, he was hampered by an injury, his loss was felt keenly by the team. Cass belongs to that remarkable group of athletes: those who consistently play a good game. On all intricate plays, he carried out his assignment in the right way at the right time. His accurate blocking and hard tackling aided many a play to net long yardage. Usually, after a few attempts to run plays around his end, the opposing team would give up in despair and try some other way of getting through our line. "Cass' " contributions to' the efficient teamwork of our "field warriors" were invaluable. He always played his best under any and all circumstances. 56 Ansonia .,.... Ansonia ...,.. Ansonia ....,. Ansonia ....,. Ansonia ....,. Ansonia ...... Ansonia ...... Ansonia ..,... Ansonia ..,... Ansonia ...... Ansonia ...... Ansonia Basketball Ansonia ..,... 28 Torrington .. Ansonia ...... 24 Naugatuck .. Ansonia .,.... 33 Leavenworth BASKETBALL PLAYERS FRANK CASALVIERI-Coecaptain . . , Husky, hard fighting guard who fought from whistle to whistle . . . ROBERT BRYCE-Co-captain . . . Fast, aggressive guard, noted for his eye on set shots . . . VINCENT DRAKE-Big rangy forward, a demon under the backboards . . . FRANK ALU-A speedy guard with an excellent jump shot from the side court . . . THOMAS CASAGRANDE-A hustler at center, has deadly eye on one handed pivot shots . . . WILLIAM DUDLEY-Tall, high scoring forward with a good shot from the "Bucket" . . . THOMAS DUNCAN-A hard fighting guard noted for his defensive ability . . . HOYVARD WANNIGA-A flashy forward with plenty of savvy under the backboards . . . IRVING HOFMANN- Small forward with a sharp eye from the side court . . . SAM HOUSTON-A very fast guard, known for his ability to set up plays . . . LOUIS BARBIERI-One handed jump shot artist, could throw it up from anywhere . . . ALBERT ANDER- SION-Tall center, who fought hard under both backboards turning back many t reats. Stamford ......... 27 Leavenworth 36 Shelton .........,., 27 Derby .,...........,. 33 Crosby ...........,... 38 Torrington 38 Crosby .....,...,...,, 36 Naugatuck 50 Stamford . .,...,.. 25 Wilby .....,............ 27 Commercials. 41 Derby .,.,........... 43 SCHEDULE Ansonia ,..... 57 Alumni ........... Ansonia ,...,. 37 Wilby ............... Ansonia ...,.. 18 Commercial... Ansonia ...... 44 Shelton ....,.,. 1946 Baseball Schedule Tuesday, April 16 ............,.., Thursday, April 18 ,.....,.... .. Saturday, April 20 ...,....... ....... Monday, April 22 ...,..,.......... .,..... .,,.,...,.....Wilby at Waterbury .......,.........She1ton at Ansonia ......,......,.....,...Gilbert at Ansonia .......Leavenworth at Ansonia Wednesday, April 24 ....,....... ....,.,................., S helton at Shelton Saturday, April 27 .........,. .. Monday, April 29 .,,..,...,. ....,.. Saturday, May 4 ........... Tuesday, May 7 .,.....,..,. ..........,.....,Crosby at Waterbury .,.,.,...,.Watertown at Ansonia ...Torrington at Torrington at Ansonia Saturday, May 11 .......,..... ,.......,, ......... , . ..Gi1bert at Winsted Tuesday, May 14 ...,........., ...........,..,..,...,..... W ilby at Ansonia Saturday, May I8 ........, ,... ................... N a ugatuck at Ansonia Tuesday, May 21 ............. ..........,. Friday, May 24 .,...,........ ...Watertown at Watertown Leavenworth at Waterbury Tuesday, May 28 .............. ........,.............,.....,. C rosby at Ansonia Saturday, june 1 .............,.. .,,......,.... T orrington at Ansonia Tuesday, June 4 ..........,..... , ................. ,. .,...,...... Derby at Derby Saturday, June 8 ...,....... ...,..Naugatuck at Naugatuck Tennis Squad Mr. Michael Vicari ..,,..,...., Coach Thomas K. Wentworth, Captain Donald Plocke ..,...,................. Manager Marvin Arons Paul Barrett Herbert Bengtson Robert Gordon Kent Josephson Kenneth McCarthy Louis Nikel Stanton Savelewitz Herbert Savitt Easton Smith Robert Snow Alfred Steiner Robert Wentworth I , t TRACK The Ansonia High School track team is looking forward to a suc- cessful season. It has a few return- ing veterans in Parker, Alu, Ashe, DiGeorgi, Bryce, Salce, Culmo, Pantalone, Webb and Manley. Parker is an all around track man, competing in running, weight, and jumping events. Alu is a dash man and can be used in the mile. Coach Jarvis has a good miler in Ashe, who can also be used in the weight events. DiGeorgi, Bryce, Manley, Salce, Culmo and Webb are dash men. DiGeorgi was the leading dash man on last year's team copping these events in each of the track meets. Casalvieri, Pantalone and Kennedy are used in long distance events. Several newcomers to the squad promise to help considerably in this year's meets. Among these are Houston, Littlejohn, Farna and Dean. CHEERLEADERS Dolores Culmo Gladys Tyler Agnes Heglund Maureen Talmadge Frieda Matjouranis. Shirley Begley Helen Walkinshaw Barry Monahan Sally Bodiak VOLLEYBALL The termination of the 1945-46 Volleyball season found these outstanding Senior girls holding coveted positions on the Honor- ary Volleyball Team. Lillian Chaplik Nancy Fisher Betty-jean Crocker Helen Hricko Marion Davidson Florence Olenec Elvera Della Volpe Mary Vartelas Joyce Shaker Faculty Adviser Miss Louise Marvin l Senior Honorary Team The best players of the Red and White teams are chosen for the honorary team a goal that every girl looks forward to and tries to achieve. FO RYVARDS Elvera Della Volpe Nancy Fisher Earnestine Goodson Frieda Matjouranis GUARDS Mildred Adam Antoinette Backowsky Lorraine Frankline Mary Vartelas 61 A Kdivities News " Digest O B if 94 S - Jzthlof Senior 6 if Qxwofui RECEPUOIV ' N I CQXOY .!4jc."5'l,,J' Q2 infix? omg! Z iam ggi, ff?Q?E?f f Uaf 19 on Q8 I P X I I D. I945 f E X1 9? Observer tai! Editor-in-Chief, Hariett Velms, '46 Literary Editor, Dolores Maciag, '46 Assistants, Alice Engle, '46, Donald Plocke, '46, Barbara Hallihan, '46, Agnes lleglund, '46, Alfred Steiner, '46, Betty Jane Crocker, '46, Madeleine Martin, '47, Madeleine Elder, '47, Bernice Cushner, '47, Alice Pattinson, '47, Mary O'Brien, '47, ,Patricia Biondolillo, '48, Patricia Gordon, '48, Josephine DiMauro, '48, Geraldine Murphy, '48 School Notes Editor, Doris Edwards, '46 Assistants, Dorothy Woodford, '46, George Kain, '46, Peggy Connors, '46, Mildred McGrath, '46, Irene Jecusco, '46, Henry Listwon, '47, Lillian McLaughlin, '47, Carmen Angelini, '47, Rose Arnone, '47, Joan Pepe, '48, George Brown, '48, Virginia Adzima, '48, Marion Kochanowsky, '48 Alumni Editor, Nancy Kasden, '46 Assistants, Muriel McGarry, '47, Josephine Grova, '48 Exchange Editor, Therese Comcowich, '46 Assistants, Munsey Scharmett, '47, Muriel Cordett, '48 Athletic Editor, William Costigan, '46 Assistants, David Wright, '47, Michael Coppola, '48, Lynn Schumacher, '46 Freshmen, Grace Carmody, Joan Lindholm, John Vellturo, Gail Phillips, Martin Ryan, Richard Levy Business Manager, Sebastian Mignosa, '46 Assistant Manager, Nicholas Amico, '47 Assistants, Howard Mark, '46, William Grant, '46, John Ready, '46, John Elko, '47, Harold Grady, '47, Kent Josephson, '48, Robert Gordon, '48 Typists, Chairman, Genevieve Sciegaj, '46 Assistants, Rosemary Abel, '46, Agnes Ahearn, '46, Angelina Alexander, '46, Lucille Ayoub, '46, Antoinette Bachkowski, '46, Virginia Bak, '46, Elsie Bedner, '46, Concetta Bonadies, '46, Lillian Chaplik, '46, Patricia Dean, '46, Mary Demanchyk, '46, Nancy Fisher, '46, Helen Hricko, '46, Wanda Ksiazak, '46, Lillian Moroney, '46, Frieda Matjouranis, '46, Florence Olenechuk, '46, Mary Praskevich, '46, Adele Remus, '46, Jean Stokes, '46 Maureen Talmadge, '46, Doreen Tyler, '46, Mary Vartelas, '46, Helen Walkinshaw, '46, Shirley Wheeler, '46, Thomas Flood, '46, Lorraine Frankline, '46 Faculty Advisers, Miss Ethel Ericson, Mr. J. Frank Ryan Ansonia News Digest Stall EDITORIAL STAFF Co-Editors Alice Engle '46 Barbara Hallihan '46 Assistants Betty-Jean Crocker '46 Anthony Persutti '47 Louise Richards '46 William Phipps '47 Lynn Schumacher '46 Lillian Ready '47 Bernice Cushner '47 Munsey Scharmett '47 John Costigan '47 Angela Spagnola '47 Madeleine Martin '47 David Wright '47 BUSINESS STAFF Managers Nancy Fisher '46 Mary Praskevich '46 Lillian Moroney '46 Jean'SLOkes '46 , Mary Vartelas '46 Asristants Rosemary Abel '46 Agnes Ahearn '46 Angelina Alexander '46 Lucille Ayoub '46 Ant. Bachkowsky '46 Virginia Bak '46 Elsie Bedner '46 Concetla Bonadies '46 Lillian Chaplik '46 Patricia Dean '46 Mary Demanchyk '46 Helen Hricko '46 lVanda Ksiazak '46 Florence Olenechuk '46 Frieda Matjouranis '46 Adele Remus '46 Genevieve Sciegay '46 Maureen Talmadge '46 Doreen Tyler '46 Helen Walkinshaw '46 Shirley Wheeler '46 FACULTY ADVISERS Mr, John G. Prendergast, Principal Mrs. Anne K. Krips Miss Eleanor L. McNamara BAND President ..,.....,.......... ........... J oseph Pastorella Treasurer ...,........,....,.. ,..., . ., ...,..,. Alfred Steiner Vzce Preszdenl .......,.... ........ , .Thomas Wantroba Drum Majorette ......... .,,..,......... V irgmla Buckley Secretary .,.,...,....., ...,,,........ T herese Comcowich Baton Twirler ........, ....,..,...,. A gnes Heglund BAND MEMBERS Asciutto, Frank Bengston, Herbert Black, Carleton Brown, George Brown, James Buckley, Virginia Coppola, joseph Carmody, Grace Cook, Bailey Comcowich, Therese Crocker, George Derbyshire, Else Doroshuk, Andrew De Rosa, Marino Dreher, John Elia, Pearl Flaherty, Donald Flaherty, Roger Foley, Mary Foskett, Marilyn Gela, Theodore Gordon, Robert Heglund, Agnes Huggins, Donald Jpsephson, Kent King, john Kobeskis, Edward Mantini, Anthony Marcus, Aaron Marcus, Gloria Marino, James Mayo, Richard Merancy, Edward Michalak, Rita Michewich, Barbara 66 Pastorella, joseph Perun, John Pergola, Charles Petz, Ina Phillips, Gale Porell, Richard Regaini, Pasquale Savelewitz, Stanton Scott, John Smaydaf Theodore Snow, Robert Steiner, Alfred Terrill, Allen Testa, Joseph Tima, Nicholas Vacca, Norma Wantroba, Thomas "Days Without Daddy" Scene: The Day's Living Room Time: Act I Late Morning Mrs. David Day .,,......,. Leota ..........,...........,... .... Mrs. Bustle ...,....,,. Danny Day .,,...,.... Grandma Day .......,, Annie ,.......,................ Kate ..,.,,,..,..,...... Harriet Day .,,....... Betty Day ......,...........,...... Mary Day ..,.....,,..... Lt. Kenny Guilbiertii, Lt. Dixie Roberts .,..,...., Lt. Ranny Whitmore .......,..... Plggy .,...,.....,.,..,.,................,,,.. David Day .........,........,....... MacDougal .,,.,..... Jose ..,.....,,.. ,.,.....,.,...... Beth Finley ,,,.. .,,....., Professor Fud .,..,...., A Plumber ............ ., Act II Scenel 5:30 the following afternoon Scene II l 1:30 that evening Act III A little later CAST vmWR0bert Gordon Directed by Mr. Howard Clark 67 Dorothy Woodford ...,.............Lavina Buswell ,,.....,....Rosemary Abel .,..,...,....,Herbert Savitsky .......,...,.....,.Joyce Shaker .,....,......Mildred Adam ....,....,.,....Alice Engle ........,,...,.....Lo1s Gessner . ,.......,.......,.,................ Betty E115 ...,,...,......Lynn Schumacher ........,.Herbert Bengston .,.,.,,..,..,Stanley Sosienski ,.,..,......Michael Coppola ....,......,..Rita Michalak ..,,................,.,..Howard Mark ........,..,..Harrington Burns ,....,........,.Salvatore Fama ...,.,.......Nancy Kasden .....,..,....Ge0rge Kain Visual-Aids Committee Gaetano Verni .,.................,,.........,......,.... Chairman and Chief Projectionist Frank Alu ,.,.,...,...,.,,,. ,. ........,.....,.....,..,,....,..,..,. Assistant Projectzonzst Robert Snell ,.....,............. ....,.,....... 2 nd Assistant Projectionist Thomas Flood ..................... ..,..................,.....,...... L ight Technician Michael Giannone .,...,..,,, .,.....,....,..,..,..........,....... S tage Manager Joseph Giannone .............. .....,...,,..., S tage Manager Albert Della Volpe ...,...,......, ,...,,........ S tage Helper Louis Montefusco .....,.........,. ...,..,.,....,. S tage Helper Albert Anderson Joseph Michewicz Henry Listwon Faculty Advisor ............,..,.,..,....,......,...,......,......... ...,........ M r. Lawrence Grosberg Our school is equipped with a sixteen millimeter movie projector, which is operated by the preceding committee of boys. The boys take care of the lighting, the stage and all other incidentals. Therefore the committee is entirely a student activity. Some of our Tuesday morning programs are also prepared by these boys alone and they have done an excellent job. 68 Prom Committee - Class oi 1946 Chairman - Nicholas Salce Assistant Chairman - Michael Angelini Lorraine Frankline Mary Vartelas William Ashe Sebastian Mignosa GENERAL COMMITTEE Isabelle Kuzas Thomas Flood Dolores Maciag Jean Stokes Doris Edwards Patricia Frawley William Walsh Mary Demanchyk joan Maher Thomas Wentworth Louis Facchini' Leonard Dorash' Thomas Wantroba Dolores Culmo Charles McCarthy Antoinette Bachowsky Myron Brochinsky Alex Godriba William Parker Helen Walkinshaw Dolores Morris Rose Cicerchia Louise Bellis Lillian Moroney Ru-th Sobol Stanley Sidor Richard Cody William Bergmann Robert Brozak William Ballantyne Robert Bryce Frieda Matjouranis Gladys Tyler John Rekus' Donald Trella' Gataeno Verni' Faculty Advisers Miss Louise Marvin Mr. Henry Martorano ' Pine High School Senior Assembly Committec Robert Bryce, Chairman Robert Brozak Ralph Boulay Nick Salce Toni Bachkowsky William Ashe Leslie jackson Gladys Tyler Mildred Adams Frieda Matjouranis Gaetano Verni jean Stokes Louis Facchini Rosemary Abel Frank Casalvieri Angelina Alexander Faculty Adviser Miss Katharine D. Prickett Junior Class 0ificers oi Pine Manual Training School President JOSEPH GIANNONE Vice-Prexident MORRIS D1GIORGI Secretary-Treasurer JOSEPH CULMO Junior Class 0Iiicers President WILLIAM MANLEY Vice-President MADELEINE MARTIN Secretary FRANK ALU Treasurer JOSEPHINE GROVA Sophomore Class llllioors ol Pine Manual Training School President MICHAEL MASTROSIMONE Vice-President ROYAL WENTWORTH Secretary-Treasurer WALTER TRELLA Sophomore Class llffioors President MICHAEL COPPOLA Vice-President GRACE MARCHESE Secretary GERALDINE MURPHY Treasurer JOSEPH KOSHES '44, -Q... 1 .a sae-'Q W f My 6:51 if St Y , i E ws Q q, 3 .5 A " c X 1 K A M 2 W . .. ., -- fy X, 1' , ., ii ,H 1 Q" J' va? 0 in fe . miB jf - wut-.Kun .wrzfger-uaszxasr .f 3 1: " Q .Fil ,li 'xp 'iff 5 . 1 71' fx X C .4 my " Ak ,. 9?E?.g': Q' ,vs J ff' fsxj 1 Eknm -n-an-5 1" Sf x, YA.: ' gm! 4 S .af l f 59- fr eff ma W , 4 A , .2 ' , 3' .X r 'WW 2 -wx... ff Sai 5 VVOW Ufaige 4? U Af ' M . Q "' f-'F' 0 N Q wpw u l.: iii: Rfb Oxpyfb gg 3 016 ASX ' .f.,ll1 if - Fwongym mgrrl Fgrclioph Well-Wishers Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens Mr. and Mrs. John G. Prendergast Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGee Miss Agnes Ray J. Frank Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Albert Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly Fred Carmody, Insurance Troy's Market The Delphi Club Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gaudio J. Berman Insurance Agency Western Beef Company Mr. and Mrs. L. Asciutto Nemer Ferris Mr. and Mrs. I-Iarry Cirkot and Mrs. Sam Shuron Fred Haddad Irving Yale Shop Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Engle Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. The Epicure Dr. Anthony Alu Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brennan Paul E. Schumacher William Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Esposito Ansonia Mattress Co. Sardo's Grocery Store Timothy Ryan Maple Diner Theta Beta Sigma Kaunas Restaurant A Pilgrim Fellowship Jacey's Furniture Store Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Flesher Mi-Lady Shop Frederick McCarthy Cameron Electric Company Miss Anna Ignace Tasty Food Shop Children of Mary-Assumption Church Phi Beta-Delta Chapter Mr. and Mrs. William Lowe Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Crocker First Methodist Choir Mr. and Mrs. Morris Singer City Treasurer Abraham Savelewitz Edward Bedner The Lavenderettes Dr. and Mrs. Frank Alu Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Impelliteri Beta Gamma Sigma Ansonia Aero Club Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gordon Teen Age Miss Club Mr. and Mrs. Harold Breunig S2fc Joseph A. Bonadies Eta Beta Theta Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Raphael D'Ambruoso Mr. and Mrs. John M, Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Abel Eta Pi Fraternity Mr. and Mrs. James Hallihan Ansonia Fish Market Ansonia Music Shop J. Mascolo Xc Sons Congregational Church 82 HOTEL CLARK CARLETON BRETT, JR., Manager 'I' COMFORTABLE ROOMS COURTEOUS SERVICE EXCELLENT FOOD MODERATE PRICES DINING ROOM COFFEE SHOP TAP ROOM Why not have Dinner with us on Sundays and Holidays -x- 100 ELIZABETH STREET DERBY, CONN Congratulations and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1946 ,from the Faculties of the ANSIINIA HIGH SCHO0L and PINE MANUAL TRAINING SCHO0L Best w he to the Best wishes to the Class of 1946 Class of 1946 from the from the JUNIOR CLASS OF A. H. S. SOPHOMORECLASS OFA. H. S. Best wishes to the Good luck and Continued Success to the Class Of 1946 Class of 1946 from the from the FRESHMAN CLASS OF A- H- S- A. H. s. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION THE SHOP OF PROGRESS AND SERVICE featuring Nationally Advertised Men's Wear INTERNATIONAL - made-to-measure - CLOTHES Wilson Brothers Hickok Shirts, Neckwear, Hosiery, Underwear, Belts and Suspenders Pajamas, Sweaters Stetson Hats D di S SECCOMBE,S MEN'S SHOP a S Pot Curtis Shoes Remover 52 MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONN. ' PHONE 482 Cl G TUXEDOES e'mmg and + Pressing Seymour Phone - Enterprise 9420 - No Toll Charge QOWDJ? FARRELL-BIRMINGHAM i W COMPANY QW 0' G RLS 'I -N ROLLS, CASTINCS, MACHINERY, J Q GEARS AND GEAR DRIVES 9 Q Ansonia, Derby and Stonington, Conn. Buffalo, N. Y. REDDY KILLOWATT Your Utility Servant 4. THE DERBY GAS 8: ELECTRIC CO. ANACCNDA Copper and Copper Alloys Sheets, Plates, W ire, Rods Tubes, Pipe, Special Shapes A,mQi:s,eA THE AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY General Offices: Waterbury 88, Connecticut Class of 1946 This Bank Belongs to You and Your Parents We Want Your Business SAVINGS BANK OF ANSONIA 1 17 MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT Phone 2568 Formerly Fowles EDDIE THOENNES BAKERY Anniversary and Wedding Cakes Given Special Attention -l' 102 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Tel. 3937 Free Delivery FAMILY FOOD STORE Groceries - Fruits- Ice Cream 'I' 6 Maple Street Ansonia, Conn. THE BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL BANK DERBY, CONNECTICUT 'X' Open a checking account for your convenience No minimum balance required Member F. D. I. C. THE EVENING SENTINEL "YOUR HOME PAPER" over 10,900 Net paid circulation covering + ANSONIA, DERBY, SHELTON SEYMOUR and OXFORD Compliments of WATERBURY LOCK Sz SPECIALTY CO. -X- MILFORD, CONNECTICUT THE HOME TRUST COMPANY DERBY, CONNECTICUT Management of Property 4 Insurance of All Kinds 4 Real Estate -- Trust Estates 4 Surety Bonds 4 Rents 3 Palace of Sweets "Quality is the Secret of Good Tastel' WEST SIDE MARKET Meats, Poultry and Vegetables 'I' Fancy Groceries VONETES BROTHERS + ANSONIA DERBY 8 Maple Street Alilsonia, Conn Telephone 306 Compliments of ANSONIA WATER COMPANY RAFFEY'S SUNOCO SERVICE 1 430 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. 354 MAIN STREET Tel. 3111 ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT MORRIS GANS CO. 280 MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT J. COHEN SHOE STORE' "Shoes for the Entire Family" 'I' 413 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. WAKELEE DeLUXE "Where Friends M eet" Groceries-Delicatessen-Fountain Service REICHELT'S WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS Froien Foods 1908, 1921, 1923, 1927, 1936 'l' Solomon M. Ayoub, Prop. 199 Wakelee Avenue Ansonia, Conn. Ph0Il9 17 A1'1S0l1ia, Conn Phone 3467 Delivery Service ROYAL FOOD STORE FRANKLIN PLAN COMPANY Fine Quality Meats and Groceries INSURANCE 'I' 'X' Sidney Goumas, Prop. 171 No. Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Main Street at Bank Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of ALEXANDER'S HARDWARE -1- 4 Maple Street Ansonia, Conn. Telephone 3031 Compliments of HIDE AWAY GRILLE -I' 13 High Street ANSONIA, CONN. Tel. 3994- NOVINSKY BROTHERS PRINTERS -X- 7 Maple Street Ansonia, Conn. Tel. 3079 Compliments of PETERSONYS MARKET 9 Maple Street Ansonia, Conn Compliments of Reliable Garage 81 Service Station P. J. Ajello, Inc. Gas, Oil, Batteries, Repairs, Tires 14-16 Maple Street Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of IMPELLITTERI and SCARPA Funeral Directors ANSONIA GARAGE S. F. 81 E. F. Yudkin, Props. Studebaker Cars - Federal Trucks Kelvinator Electric Refrigerators 104 Central Street Ansonia, Conn. Phone 1760 l Compliments of Compliments of THE F ITZGERALDS 15 Clifton Avenue Ansonia, Conn Class of 1925 - A.H.S. ANSONIA RADIO SHOP 'L 20 Clifton Avenue Ansonia, Conn. S INSURANCE ZSZVZ Main Street Ansonia, Conn. LEWIS JEWELRY STORE C0"'Pli"'e"'s of Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry GARDELLA,S + 36 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Lewis Schpero, Prop. Main Sz Tremont Sts. Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of WEITZ DRESSES PRESTO LUNCH 105 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. 10 BANK STREET Next to Savings Bank ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT MICHAEL E. SHEEHY JUDGE OF PROBATE DISTRICT OF DERBY Compliments of THOMAS J. NELLIGAN MAYOR 'I' ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT Compliments of Capt. Lester C. Mark A. H. S. 1934 SfSgt. Donald Mark A. H. S. 1939 BEST WISHES THE CAPITOL SIGN CO. ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT Compliments of Dondero,s Confectionery Store 292 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of George Liftig A. H. S. 1917 Harry Liftig A. H. S. 1921 For Appliances of Quality G L A Z E R ' S ANsoN1A APPLIANCE -X- 5I Bridge Street Ansonia, Conn Whalen's Cutratc Perfumers Cosmetics - Toiletries High Quality Patent Medicines at cut prices 'i' 182 Main Street Ansonia, Conn 1 J l Compliments of Compliments of THE KASDEN FUEL co. ELITE STUDIO A. Sk 522 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. erpan 'I' I78 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of ANSONIA FURNITURE CO. NIELS I POULSEN COYl1plel8 HOHIC FUTfliShiYlgS 'I' 206 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. 200 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. P11096 2134 ALLIS 81 COMPANY Derby Pure Food Shop The Tweed Shop 264- MAIN STREET DERBY, CONN. Phone 3035 Y DERBY CONNECTICUT Compliments of The CO-OP Store HUBBELL Inc Buy here and share the profits ., . DERBY CONNECTICUT 1 260 Wakelee Avenue Ansonia, Conn. Opp. Dwight Street 1 l 3 i 1 l EDWARD G. CLANCY INSURANCE 256 MAIN STREET ANSONIA, CONN. QOver Carroll Drug COJ Phone 1520-W THE ANSONIA NATIONAL BANK ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT L. HERE'S DeWYK 81 CO. Ansonia, Conn. and Boston, Mass. ENGINEERS Machinery and Tools Special Machinery for Rubber and Metal Industry Compliments of the ANSONLA MANUFACTURING COMPANY Tel. 204 Meyer Cohen, Prop. FAIR SHOPPE Ladies' Wearing Apparel 25-27 Elizabeth Street Derby, Conn. Farm - Lawn Supplies B.P.S. Paints - Hardware -- Mill Supplies 1 Phone 1308 Free Delivery A. P. LUNDGREN Groceries Corner Wakelee Avenue and Scotland St. Ansonia, Connecticut Compliments of JUNIOR MISS CLUB II F. HALLOCK CO. Since 1838 116 Main Street Derby, Conn. "May we all prosper in the Sa years tg ggfnef, Groceries - Confectioneries 1 ' ETA BETA THETA 85 Franklin Street Ansonia, Conn. GANS o1L co., Inc. THE HOUSATONIC LUMBER Petroleum Products - Fuel Oils Since 1914 v r 96 Main Street Derby, Conn. 21 Beaver Street Ansonia, Conn. Telephone 1000 THE SEYMOUR SAND 81 STONE COMPANY Washed Screened Sand - Washed Crushed Gravel 482 NORTH MAIN STREET SEYMOUR, CONNECTICUT Telephone 2531 THE V. 81 H. TRUCKING COMPANY Excavating - Trucking - Road Construction 482 NORTH MAIN STREET SEYMOUR, CONNECTICUT Telephone 2531 Compliments of . . . GEORGE'S CONFECTIONERY Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1946 from the r ETTA 'lc KETTS 414 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of . . . Jack Shea's Restaurant Sea Foods, Steaks and Chops A F R I E N D Cooked to your taste 1 69 Central Street Ansonia, Conn Phone 3050 Marge Sampiere, Prop. Ann Marie Beauty Shoppe "Permanents of Valuel' 76 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Phone 3669 JOHN EVANKO Choice Meats and Groceries Fruits - Vegetables 189 North Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Best Wishes to the CLASS or 1946 SIGMA GAMMA THOMAS 81 JOHNSON Successors to F. B. Wetmore - Henry F. Thomas Commercial Printers GVZ Lester Street - 15 Pleasant Street Ansonia, Conn. LEAR'S PHARMACY I Good Luck to all the Graduates PETER'S FOOD SHOP Peter Klanko, Prop. 1 7 High Street Ansonia, Conn 'GSUGA RB OWL" ICE CREAM - LUN Sundaes - Sodas - Sandwiches - Candy Hot Drinks - Cltargest Ho CHEONETTE t-dog in the Valleyj Corner of Fourth and Liberty Streets Ansonia, Connecticut M100 YEARS or SERVICE" DERBY SAVINGS BANK DERBY, CONN. Incorporated May, 1846 Deposits .....,. ..... 3 l4,878,299.97 Surplus Funds ...,... . . . 1,818,779.85 'I' Mortgage Loans Made on IMPROVED REAL ESTATE 'I' "A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK" Compliments of . . . Charles F. Asimus Agency Complete Insurance Service 'I' Ansonia, Connecticut Compliments of . . . AHEARN'S RESTAURANT Y 57 Fourth Street Ansonia, Conn. Telephone 3469 Compliments of S. BLUMENTHAL 81 CO., Inc Y 37 CANAL STREET SHELTON, CONNECTICUT Compliments of . . . REG Daniel 99 Seymour Avenue A N , S F. Regan Derby, Conn Compliments of . . . The East Sid e Greenhouses I 72 No. Prospect Stre et Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of . . . KANE PRODUCTS, INC. 6 BRIDGE STREET SHELTON, CONNECTICUT Telephone .678 E. S. GORDY 81 CO., Inc. A Complete Insurance Service 1 99 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Phone 1235 CLARK 81 TRUNKFIELD Meats, Vegetables and Groceries 'I' 8 Wloodhridge Avenue Ansouia, Conn Compliments of . . . Mueller's Service Station Compliments of . . . PHIL'S RESTAURANT Philip Hyde, Prop. 'I' Best of Foods - We Cater to Banquets 174 No. Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Phone 1823 113-115 Liberty Street Ansonia, Conn Telephone 715 Compliments of . . . LET Y U D K I N JACOB H. BELLIN HEAT YOUR HOME 'I' Ansonia Connecticut N .gigji A so' ',.,. - X Photography by Loring' Whether it's portraits, group pictures Q or action shots- You can depend on fl. ,V f s, . , , Loring for the finest 1I1 portraiture. :egg f 'P 5' M ' Our expert staii' is prepared to handle te.-xXx :FW Q 1 ur any photographic assignment-at prices iii 5- X NW TN l 1 E .A that are always moderate. W 'fp 3 Q' 0 . . r 1 5 . 1 5 L0 R4 I G T li Il I 0 "New England? Largest School Photographers, f'J THE EXCELLENT SHOP High Grade Confectionery and Ice Cream Compliments of THE CAPITOL RESTAURANT ' -1- 'I' Capitol Building ANSONIA, CONN. 58 Bridge Street Ansonia, Conn. Compliments of Compliments of HADDAD'S MARKET g DAVID SCI'IPERO'S Jewelers Since 1923 'X' 'I' 62 Liberty Street Ansonia: Conn. 23 Elizabeth Street DERBY, CONN. Compliments of The Ansonia Lumber Company + ANSONIA, CONNECTICUT Compliments of X The Schoonmaker Drug Store George Barnico, Prop. 410 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. Best Wishes from Compliments of A. E. DOROSHUK BAKERY SERVICE AUTO PARTS and + PLUMBING SUPPLIES 15 Lester Street Ansonia, Conn. 527 Main Street Ansonia, Conn. AUTO RAPHS 5 v gg fff ls!-af . f' Z f gf "3 Mm , I K 1 51 v'vb-wil" v- bl N " :D f A-ff 'X' 4- V Ziff. 1 - AHVA.. W 90 fs ' 5 0 J ffe4'9h'7 I I 'SSA-J,fJ.:.,1.'2 f-,M ff . ' 167' f M - - f ' ,, ' I, 7. 1,9 Q B 3, X fbi? af J ,A . . f-J 'Q ' A 1 . 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Suggestions in the Ansonia High School - Lavender Yearbook (Ansonia, CT) collection:

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