Anson High School - Tiger Yearbook (Anson, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1953 volume:

,Fil Ili,-F42A..'f'F2e3Z-'i?.:i'5 'Siw'B'f!'1rT'5"ilY-f1f2"551E'553i'P? 25? 4, A. ,V ,mv 2? ff fig s-AQ. .. 'Fa ii ,f 'kv ' wr: my f5f"Z"i'f,?Gi-5-2352-'4fiT29.255'f ,1 ,f v hm: w. , A W ,nk N +A ,r -1-nz: zu urwmm msn: gs: . M-unarmu:..n. .rl A-,M x . .cun rn. una . nun In Memoriam Orc Maude Wright E 5 5 Foreword As we, the Tiger Staff, bring to a close this scrapbook of memories for 1952-53, we feel that you would like to know something of what we have tried to give you. The cartoons that you will see throughout the Tiger are put in by special permission of the creator of "LittleAbner", Mr. AICapp. We deeply appreciate the courtesy shown us by Mr. Capp and his staff in permitting us to use these characters. If, as you glance through these pages, they bring back some treasured memories, we will have accomplished our purpose. Dedication MISS HYBERNIA GRACE In appreciation of your devoted service to our school and community through the years, we, the annual staff, dedicate our Tiger of 1953. Jgmf Homer Anderson Editor-in-Chief ,XA W sw xggggW mw :zza"i'T"" qi so gf 1 sig ' ,..-5-y:,. - - ' -v B Q M3 Em? hi ,App ,. 3 A ' L . ,V z X 5 5 1 F E gif? ix . gif ,L fx R 5 ? .rig N i ..... - h Z f nw :lii fy X ? W s K . pad X-1 4' ns.. pqaigg Mr . Tompkins Sponsor nf" f- we O ,,,,,, ,... 9 -Q Ernest Glozner Eldridge Nix chool Board Rue Bennett Dr Allen Andrus Presndent Bull Bartlett Gene Pnttord Tax Collector Russell Fagan Vice-President Gene Sosebee Secretory uperintendents Message With the completion of our band hall, lunchroom, and gymnasium, the pupils, faculty, and administration of the Anson High School should recognize and accept a great challenge for the betterment of our schools. This physicaldevelopment of school facilities is a continuation of school plant improve- ments begun in T949 under the supervision of our friend and co-worker, E. M. Connell, who was superintendent of the Anson schools at that time. To the public, may we express our appreciation for the financial backing which made these improvements possible. My sincere desire is that our schools match this physical progress with a comparable program of cultivating those intangible values designated by the terms "culture" and "education". Congratulations to the annual staff on this edition of the "Tiger" . Sincerely, N . H. Touchstone Principals Message I am glad to write this message at the request of the Annual Staff. Working with the Annual Staff has been my favorite activity. They have done an unusually Fine iab in producing this 1953 "TlGER". I believe the student body has made good progress this year in learning to co-operate with each other and with the faculty and administration. Leaming to live harmoniously with others is a major goal of education. Congratulations for a good year of school work. I Sincerely, H. W. Tompkins ul Mrs. Mary Akers English Ill, IV Senior Sponsor Mrs. Edna Beck Homemaking I and Senior Sponsor Mr. C. O. Bragg Chemistryg Physics General Science Freshman Sponsor Mr. Larry Dooley Vocational Agriculture Student Council Sponsor Mrs. Norma Dozier English I, II Spanish Ip Pep Squad Sponsorg Senior Sponsor Mr. J. F. Dozier Ill Vocational Agriculture Senior Sponsor Mrs. Amy Gentry World History Junior Business Community Civics Sophomore Sponsor Miss Hybernia Grace American History Librarian Freshman Sponsor Mrs. Lucy Holland Plane Geometryg Solid Geometryg Trig.p Alg. lp Junior Sponsor. Mr. H. A. Johnston Typingg Texas Historyp Tip Top Typer Sponsorg Civics and Eco., Mrs. Artie McFarland Homemalcing I, Ilg Junior Sponsor. Mr. Fagan Mullins Coach and Director ol' P. E. Mr. George Owens General Mathg Assistant Coachg Driver's Education Freshman Sponsor. Mrs. Josephine Russell Secretary Mr. Bill Woods Bandp Choirg Sophomore Sponsor . Don Watts. . . Don Hollums. .. Joy Flynt ..... Joan Hagler. . . Margie Edmonds. . . Sammy Garvin . enior Officers . . . . . President Vice-President . . . . Secretary .... Treasurer .. ...Reporter .. . Fire Chief HOMER ANDERSON "I have no ambition, I do every- thing already." Honor Student l,2,3, Tennis 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 4. NORMA ANDERSON "To be in before T2 and entice my mother to believe it." F.H.A. l,2, Pep sqUcd1,2, Student Council Secretary 2, Shield bearer 35 Tip Top Typer 4, HonorStudent l,2,3, MostBeauti- ful 4. LEE ALLEN ASH Science 2,35 Choral 3,45 Foot- ball 45 Band 45 All State Choir 4, F.H.A. 4. "To replace Vaughn Monroe." EUNICE BALDWIN "To be the champion bubble gum blower. " F.H.A. l,2,3p Volleyball l,2g Pep Squad l . DON BAUCUM "To be cuter than a bug in a rug! " Football l,2,3p Track 25 F.F.A. lp Class President 2. WILLIE J. BEAN Football 3,45 Basketball l,2,3p Track 35 Baseball l,3, Most Hand- some 3p F.F.A. l,2,3g Student Council 4. P.S. "My ambition is to be a famous oil man." TEDDY BEASLEY "To run a Flea Circus." Football l,2,3,4pAll-District 4, Track l,2,3,4g Basketball T, Baseball l, F.F.A. l,2,3. DOLORES BENHAM "To drive Pete's car." F.H.A. l,2,3, Song Leader l,2, Band l,2,3,4g Tip Top Typer 4, Senior Play lg Honor Student l, 2,3. DON BE NTHALL "To pitch a no-run, no-hit ball- game in the major leagues." Football 35 Tennis 45 F.F.A. 1, 2,35 Track 45 Honor Student 3. BOBBY BINGHAM "To be a heavy weight wrestler" Band 1,2,3,45 Band Officer 3,45 F.F.A. 1,35 F.F.A. Officer 35 Choral 45 Choral President 45 Student Council 35 Class Officer 2. GEORGE BORING "To sing in the opera" Tennis 25 Boxing 1,45 V.A. 4. JIM BRADSHAW "To get handsomer, fif possible1" Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2 35 F.F.A. 35 F.F.A. Vice Pres- ident 35 Track 1,2,3,45 Boxing 3,45 Most handsome 45 Secretary 3: Choral 45 Band 45 Baseball 2. EVELYN BRYANT "To fly a iet plane" Class Treasurer 35 Volleyball5 Basketball team5 Office Secre- tary5 Honor Student 1,2,3. J. K . BUMPASS "To be the world's best known fiddler." Basketball 1,2,45 Track 1,25 Tef1hlS 25 Volleyball 1,25 Editor of Tip Top Typer. LESTER BYRD "To be the blushing Romeo of Anson High" Pep Squad Sweetheart5 F.F.A. 1, 2,3,45 F.F.A. Officer 3,45 Foot- ball 3,45 Baseball 1,45 Hi Jester 35 Tip Top Typer 35 Choral 45 All around crop production Boy 3. THURMAN CASTLEBERRY "To be a foot shorter and a yard broader" Basketball 1,2,35 Football 1,35 F.F.A.1,2,3. LEN CLARK "To be a private detective" Student Council 3. WAYLAND COFF EY "To play in the New York Sym- phony Orchestra" Band 2,3,45 Band Sweetheart 45 Most improved musician 2,35 Football l. HARVEY CULVER "To be the second Shakespeare" Band l, 2, 3, 45 Officer 45 Most Popular Boy 4. R. L. CURTIS "To get married" Student Council 25 Choral 45 Perfect Attendence l5 Honor Stu- dent l,2,35 V.A. 15 Halloween Escort 2. PAT SY DOT SO N "To be a girl Wrestler" Home Making l, 2, 35 Honor Student l5 Pep Squad 3. MARGIE EDMONDS "To be the next Marilyn Monroe" F.H.A. Officer 2,35 F.H.A. l, 2,35 Class Reporter 45 Class'Sec- retary 15 Annual Staff 25 Pep Squad 1,25 Tip Top Typer 3,45 Student Librarian 45 Honor Stu- dent l,2,35 D.A.R. runner-up 4 . DUTCH ENCKE "To be a successful millionare" Student Librarian I5 Bandl,2,3, 45 Assistant Conductor 35 Choral 45 Tennis 1,25 Honor Student i. VONNIE FAGAN "To go to A8.M with Darlene" Band l,2,35 F.H.A. l,2,35 F.H. A. Officer 35 Most Popular 'I5 Most Beautiful 25 Maiorette l,2, 35 Student Council 2. MARY FRASER "To be an old Maid school teacher" F.H.A. l,2,35 Pep Squad 1,25 Band 3,45 Tennis l,25 Volleyball l,25 Honor Student l,2,35 Sen- ior Play l,45 Annual Staff 45 Choral 45 Band Social Committee 4. JOY FLYNT "To never get green overWhite" F.H.A. l,25 T.B.A. Band 3,45 F.H.A. Officer 1,25 Band l,2, 3,45 Band Officer 3,45 Student Director 45 Class Officer45 Stu- dent Council l,2,35 Outstanding Musician 25 Honor Student l,2, 35 Perfect Attendance I5 Annual Staff 45 Senior Queen 45 Tip Top Typer 45 Tennis 45 Al l-State Con- cert Band 2,3,4. SAMMY GARVIN "For Mrs. Akers not to think I'm a thorn among roses" Annual Staff 3,45 Class Officer 35 Fire Chief 45 Tip Top Typer 45 Football l,25 Baseball l,45 VA l,2, 35 VA Officer 25 P.E. 25 Tennis 3,4. JODEAN GATEWOOD "To owna bowling alley in lower Sloblbia" F.H.A. T5 Halloween Duchess 2. CLIFFA GOOD "To gain 50 pounds" Class Officer I5 Band l,2,3,45 Most Popular l5 Annual Staff 35 Junior Play 35 F.H.A. l. JUNE GOZA "To owna pinand pencil factory" Annual Staff 35 Class Officer 35 Most Beautiful l5 F. H.A. l5Band 3,45 Choral 4. WILLIE DEE GOZA "To be single again" Football l,2,3,45 Track l,2, Choral45 F .F.A. l5 MostPopular Boy l. JOAN HAGLER "To raise a housefull of kids--- as an attendant to an orphanage' F.H.A. 1,2,3,4, F.H.A. Officer 25 Class Officer 45 Band l,2,3, 45 Band Sweetheart 45 Most Im- provedMusic'ian l5 Tip Top Typer 25 Student Librarian 2,3,45 Hi- Jester 25 Perfect Attendance l, 25 Honor Student l,2,35 Office Secretary 4. BOB HANCOCK "To be a Latin Professor atYaIe" F.F.A., l,2,35 Tennis 35 F.F.A. Officer 35 Choir 4. WELDON HAZARD "To sell perfume in Paris" Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 2, 35 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Choral 45 Band l,2,3,45 Boxing 45 Tennis l,2. DON HOLLUMS "To laugh all day and laugh all night" Basketball l,2,3,45 Football l, 2,3,45 Treasurer of Class 35 Most Popular Boy 35 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 F.F.A. Officer 35 FootbaIlCap- tain 45 Track l, 2,3, 45 Class Officer 45 A Cappella Beau 4. ANNA LANOTTE "To build hot-rods" F.H.A. l,2,.35 Pep Squad l,2, 3,45 Volleyball 3. MARY LANTRIP " To be a professional Cook" Band l,2,3,45 F.H.A. l ,2,3,45 F.H.A. Officer 35 All-State Marching Band 45 Annual Staff5 Student Librarian l ,35 Honor Stu- dent l,2,35 Office Secretary 45 Choral 45 Perfect Attendance l. JORETTA LlEB "To be a famous lawyer" Pep Squad 3, 45 F. H. A. l, 25 Band l5 Volleyball l,25 Student Librarian 25 Honor Student l,3. KERRY LINLEY "To drive overthe old lake with- out getting stuck" Band l,2,3,45 Band President 45 Band Officer l5 T.B.A. Band 2, 35 Tennis l. MARY MCILWAIN "l found an A-l Bargain, so l have my ambition" F.H.A.1,2,3,PepsqUQd1,2,3, Volleyball 35 Most Beautiful 2 Honor Student l,2,3. A. H. MCILWAIN "To be Wild Bill Hicup!" Basketball l,25 F.F.A. 2,3545 F.F.A. President 45 F.F.A. Of- ficer 25 F.F.A. District Presi- dent 45 Volleyball l,2. MAUDIE McINTlRE "To make every year a leap year" Pep Squad l, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. l, 2, 35 Volleyball l, 2, 35 Choral 45 Girls' Baseball Team 3. KATE MCKAUGHAN "To better Einstein's iob" Honor Student 1, 2, 35 Student Librarian l,2,3. NANCY McLAREN "To do nothin'--can't do nothin"' Tip Top Typer 45 Class Officer T5 F. H. A. l,2,35 F. H. A. Presi- dent 25 F.H.A. Officer 35 Hall- owe'en Duchess 35 Student Coun- cil 45 Choral 45 Choral Officer 45 Hi Jester Staff l,25Band 'l,2, 3, 45 Student Librarian l, 3, 45 Honor Student l, 2, 35 D. A. R. Representative 4. SAMMY NEAL "To be another Daun Jaun." Football 'l,2,3,45 Football Cap- tain 45 Basketball l,2,35 F.H.A. Sweetheart 45 Choral 45 Band 2, 4. THOMAS NIX "To be the best farmer in West Texas" F.F.A. l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2, 45 Football l,3,45 Track l,3,45 P.E. l,2,3, 45 Best All-Round Cattle Boy 35 Owned Grand Champion Calf 3. PEGGY MCKEEVER SUE PEARCE "To teach the snake dance to the "To be a ballet dancer" snakes in Egypt Pep Squad I5 Band 2,35 F.H.A. l,2,35 F.H.A. Officer 35 Stu- F.H.A. l,2,3, Pep Squad l,2, 3,45 Pep Leader 45 Volleyball l, 2,35 Honor Student l,2,3. dent Librarian 3,4, Honor Stu dent l,2,3. S H IRLEY PROPST "To be manager of Noolworth and Company" Band I7273747 Band Officer I7 T.B.A. Band 27 All-State Con- cert Band 3747 TMEA Band 27 Student Librarian I7 Honor Stu- dent I72737 Office Secretary I 7 273747 Hi-JesterI7Outstanding Musician 37 Perfect Attendance I727 Tip Top Typer 4. WANELL RANKIN "To have Two Twin Brothers" F. F.A. l727374. WENDELL RANK IN JOHN ROWLAND "To be a Lady's hair designer in La Stringee's in Paris" F.F.A. I7273747 F.F.A. Officer 47 Baseball 2747 P.E. 3. LELA RUSSE LL "To squeeze tooth paste back into the tube" Pep Squad Ii Band 273747 F.H. A. 17273. VERNON SIMPSON "To be 4-F when they call me "To be a girls P.E. Teacher" to the Army" F .F.A. I727 Tennis 2737 Basket- F.F.A. I7273747 F.F.A. Officer ball 47 Track 47 FootballManager 4. 4. LOU RILEY "To raise monkeys in Brazil" VERNA SIMS "To be able not to fuss with Sue' Perfect Attendance I72737 F.H. F.H.A. I72737 Pep Squad I72 A, I72747 F.H.A. Officer 47 3747 Volleyball I72737 Cheer Band I7273747 Honor Student I., leader 4. BUFORD SPRABERRY "To be a taster in a Candy Fac- tory" Football 1,3,4, F.F.A. 1,2,3, F. F. A. Officer 2,35 F. F. A. Lone Star Farmer 35 Tennis 25 Baseball l,25 Hi-Jester 2. DON TRICE "To be another Frankenstein" Football l,2,35 Track l,25 F.F. A. 1,2,3,4. BOBBY SMITH "To be head maiorette at Baylor" Band l,2,3,45 Band President 35 Social Chairman 45 Student Di- rector I ,2,3,45 Assistant Direc- tor Junior Hi-Band 2,3,45 Honor Student I ,25C lass Officer 25 An- nual Staff 2,3,45 Choir 45 Tennis 25 Duchess Escort 35 Tennis 25 All-State Marching Band 2,35 Region Band 3,4. DARLENE SMITH "To enroll in A. 81 M." Band l,2,3,45 Band Shield Bear- er 35 Hallcween Duchess I5 Homemaking l,2,3,45 Annual Staff I5 Band Officer I5 Miss Future Homemaker. GERI STARNES "To be true to one beau for one day" Pep Squad I5 Band 2,3,45 Bancl Officer 45 F.H.A. l,25 Choral 45 Choral Officer45Tip Top Typer 45 Volleyball 35 Most Popular Girl 45 Librarian 2,35 Honor Stu- dent l,2,35 Office Secretary 45 Tennis 45 Senior Play I. BILLY TUBBS "To travel the world with the Cowboy Band" F.F.A. 1,2,3,4, F.F.A. Officer 35 Basketball l,25 Baseball l. WALDINE WALLACE "To be a great orator" F.H.A. l,2,3. BU RN EA L WATTS HonorStudent l,2,35 Football I5 F.F.A., 4. . " To be--or not to be" DON WATTS "To be the Humphrey Bogart of Tomorrow" Tennis l7Football l,2,3,47 Bas- ketball 27 Most Popular Boy 27 Class Officer l7 Class President 47 Track l,2,3,4. BOBBY WEDEKING "To go with one girl, Trice" Football l, 2, 3, 47 Most Hand- some I7 F.F.A. 'l,2,3,4j Gold Star 4-H Club Boy 37 State Sante Fe Boy 37 Track 1, 2, 3, 47 Bas- ketball 27 Boxing 3,41 Baseball l7 Band lj Choral 47 Regional Golden Gloves Champion 4. DOUGLAS WHITE "To be black" F.F.A. l,2, 47 F.F.A. Officer 47 Choir 47 Band 37 Baseball 3. KARAL WIMBERLEY F. F. A. 17 F.F. A. Officer l7 Football l. P. S. "My Ambition is to tall- like a Texan." DOROTHY WOO D "To be Mrs. Akers private Secre- tary fand get paid for itl F. H. A. l,2,37 Most Beautiful 37 Shield-bearer 37 Student Council 37 Pep Squad l,2. DELORES WOODRUFF "To own a Skunk Factory in Paris" Basketball i,2,37 F . H . A. l,2,3j Volleyball l,2,37 Pep Squad 1, 2 Baseball l,2, 37 Annual Officer l7 Officer of School paper 37 Choral l . JOE WHITE "To never be Green, fwith envyl" Football 1,27 Basketball l,2,37 Baseball l, 27 F. F. A. I, 2,33 F.F.A. President 27 F.F.A. Off- icer l,3f Boxing l7 Most Hand- some Boy 27 Lone-Star Farmer's Degree 47 Outstanding F.F.A. Boy 37 Tip Top Typer 4. CLASS OF '41 WAY BACK THEN--WHEN WE WERE CUTE?'???'? 'Qi-f 1. vginmgm at E Junior Officers Gilbert Pelfon .... ......................... ........ P r esidenf Billy Holmes ..... ..... V ice-President Bernice Connell .... ....... S ecrefury Don Boyd ........ ..... T reosurer Murray Owens. . ..... Reporter Martha Bali June Barley DOD Boyd Q- 45 Jony Carothers J. B. Cole Shirley Cole Bernice Connell Vonnie Davidson Delbert Davis i ' ' , - A 5 ,f ff i ' Tff?i.1ff I . i2 1-Efliffi Graham Dobbins Margqreffe Gozo Mor,-is G'-ice S ll 2 i Qi f .f- 'ff-eh if W 4. if 5 L S Q Kenneth Helms Donnie Holloway Billy Holmes -aa., "'! -2 QQ ,N . 49 1, ,nw M X W 3 3 -'ms' el f Gerald Howard Jane Johnson Mozefto Love M J J ooel ww J . - .NSSW -' Qicwbfw-4r.4n:q,::t. ,A , 1 sifimzszzf- V- -- ik? J ' ' ywgmbkfziyg . , mia.. rig piawxgb , , mgfbyrzz ' H ,.,.. T ing Y , I JT J ?13AT,f5'f'71 ' is lqjivlilg ' - Q , ' l'SS,ie99,.T . J ,fkamwi , -. - ' ',.- I , .f I Ei3:Q5?Qq -3 fi- , g 119555: llikgiigff y My - .ff lm J I H J 'N' - .J were ' 2 ' m iffixfigly fe x I K 1 . - ifglifi f' ' T K .V aff fi ' , 4 . U . X 7 1 me J J Q A if 4 K 1 f 45 . E li, 1 , X E x x i 4 Max Marks Jimmy Marvin Dwain Mayfield Jack McCaleb Joyce Miller Dorothy Morrow George Moss Shirley Myers nk 1' Ag if 'ix T ...Q rrr at Nancy Nix Murray Owens ff' AG' Mark Necessary : r ., 555, 3 a a WN Q..-6 We K fi , e ii if me , , rf fv""1,..M 5. Gilbert Pelton o 3 V Nancy Phariss Frank Scott Cathryn Rushing Emma Scott Joyce Steel Wanda Teague ff' Virginia Trice Barbara Walker Janelle Watts Weldon Wimberley Jesse Woodard Sydney Wyatt gr l Q: N- --9 fx Q Monte Cowserf Gilbert Smith. Louis Pelton . . Adron Staley . . . Llnclo Kelly . . . ophomore Officers . ., . . . President Vice-President . . . . . .Secretory . . . . Treasurer . . . . Reporter Bobby Anglin Rosemary Asrin -ff Rosel la Beasley Maurine Bennett sf "-09 Rosemary Cagle Stanley Calhoun 5 Vera Cozart Jeanne Culwell .W X T.,-'J 1: E Roy Austin xggig 4,-fr' f - lk' gig' V L 5gf'..2'5f1Qfi5i5X ten - ' : A - 4 - ' ' ' L J Y ws: 2 ' B- , B lleell 'B A s ' V ff f,vg,g:1' - , 2-N... - y L f ,Q ,. .,,,. , 'qv V E. J. Black Q' Monte Cowserf in 1 sp 5 Jimlee Baucum A ga-li K ,X Q, , arf: Norma Blankenship ,Ane- Jackie Cox A ,pi s NN Fayrene Davis ww Vonay Davis Thelma Dofson 3 ' L A 1 K K , ...,... . Q1 4.. xi weffkx fbi Q i 'f Q WQXZKQQ 3 'ig .1 y rgmuw is QF, Milk Wh R -N A 57 i egvggaw Qi W 3 , S X Y if 3, W 55 Qi il Ni assi gig? A in .. l il .WT lx vf 5 w .af ef ,X i A xi 18 gigs .4 lgiwkf 'i wg Q i SNEi,:W'h1H. 1 K 4 Q Nw eb 4 , 3 if is 1 5 Y' D 4' in ' 1 K 1 if n- 6 if H N . .'N- s f Qi fe . ig, 5 , ni Clifton Fletcher David Glaze Jeff Glazner ,-. 'Wx mfr, -.,,,, WTA- My Kenneth Good Larry G,-ice Dollie Huber Jerry Don Hudson FZQQKH' . ,f"Nm, 2 23,2 Nvgi, f x . 2:'. -: - M y cw J Q 4 Rees it Q if fs My In QXQN , , Q , R .... we ., 7 ,- f ..3 g ll , .b ig Q ': 2 ,X Q f'3. ' :sew Q, f. . 4 A 1 -V im x fix A, ff K R. , J, T 8 L' M S B5 'l 2 ,pf X VH e 3 Qv 'S ef Q x 1 yf A .. . .v if .af Ronald Irwin Eugene Johnson Janis Jones Linda Kelly Linda Lanotte Jerry Long Douglas Lusk Jane Mayfield x!VA'5?h ff' iw 'Q , fi LaNell McCaleb Jerry McCleslcy John Mclntire Patsy Mitchell Merle Moran Jacque Nash James Oates Morris Parker W 11. uf A u i f ewan? - , 4 Q L 19" , Uni" , 1, J.. ,. W f S I t - ll 4 N u ' fi ' 7 vs V Xfg I ,h I -' i . 'l - '. A ' M ,. fb' 3 Jb ' z ' I J A A ff' Lfj , 41" 'p Q ' ' i 1 ' 'Q sz , 1 ff' fx l if 4 'zt 1 " 'U' Z K, ff i, emi E ws N , fs, me 1 1 .P iff? i -it ,QA ,, j X I Louis Pelton Paul Perry Jack Pitcock Kenneth Pittman . ' K-'A ' f . ' n 'V' fm l J Ar , ur- Jx v.,f x t M X .A ,rr gg J X QA , X , , tg , ,f P JW fin ia, Psi . N in Stuart Propst Jayne Rainwater David Sanders Franklin Sims xXx . TNQ ,Q Gilbert Smith Jimmy Sosebee Adron Staley Joyce Stoneman Glenn Thomas Syble Thorn Janis Todd Annette Tollison I' 'xy w.. Jimmy Tompkins Geneva West Benny Whitaker JoAnn Wiler KIQICA-F" C' Toul TMICC f v' I n , .LfgIieIi9i'." W EN Freshman Officers Donny Tollison . . .................. ..... . . President Max Hogler. . . .... Vice-President BarboroCox........ PczulcrBoucum......... Moe Frances Heffner .... . . Secretary Treasurer . Reporter Fai '15 I -R 1 Paulo Boucum Richard Baxter a . - ,4 ' , I? I '. Janis Bennett Frances Block '13 X m ,fam Nancy Breed Marnette Bushell f ifty Z, yf 3 Q y """"'8'K q:,, A ,, ,.,., A ,I ' 'Y Pot Cole Paul Roy Cook 6 Sandro Cross Betty Culwell M 41 Wk 5 A Ab 'YY r K to ck -A May R ic ' if IAM. X M-'SN Doris Byrd Johnny Coffey AD' Q Q Betty Cooper Barbara Cox Y x x R' I Dorothy Donnelly Annette Foy X 21: P, ..,. 1 sv '- 5 ' - A l 55 , 5' my J fn : ' ' , as S 1 ' Howard Franklin Ann Hammaclc .f-4" Q - 1,-A ' W - :sig 'H ie W ""-rm .2 . ..,. . K - , ,.,- .V 5 we , Q 5 -:sfz K , 1 X i ' ' K . "z I V K1 W fe rg ,J Wiaif Robert Gibbs Mae Frances Heffner 'Qu Wanda Holloway Gaynell Holwick 1192 fvtrii? Peggy Glazner Sonja Herman Ronnie Hornsby 2 sf S li R Max Hagler , K ,px 55.5, 411 ' 'E ' " ws-fs' A . . N ff l R X 4 E 22 x , ff . we . '1 ':.. rx.: ,rg by air M, ifft Q ff 1 H X, X K b ml? Q F X K life' X 3? 4 xg, :G QE W' f N ,5 Q, in A ix NMI X RQ M48 5 . , 5- 5 v- '-:Qs ., - ,. 3:-:-,.f13f.":Q-::-::..M:q14 ,S u.'.Qg.,. N, .. Y . ' . v 9 :- 1 W ' 'H x .:, ff W 5 Ah 5 , xr ,. ,J . .. , ,Jr H 3 TX 'X' 1 , R If ' :fi -1 3. x it In 2- ei: -15533, '. .1:1:- . H2512 .Q . Ronald Herndon Jeanell Hughes 1 1 f"""'W .. X. wsifyasjag Q' A H , A, f Qlfffxin wks Q '- 'Y ,- lf ,, J A X ,lzzz-fr" .. " 411516 gift!-1 Agsffglfi.,-f?i1 xi .. A. - ffasgiffv , sr J Q V. if Johnny Jackson Jeanette Jones Jimmy Jones J0l'1r1f1Y JONES if LcVerne Jordan X .bmi I M.. - il az Jeanette Lantrip Roy Leonard Douglas Liniey Travis Linley 4 i i bm A A 'fm .- 'U' P f N :IX F. 1.16 Maxine Owens Vivian Robbins 'UQ I w-. X., X Freddie Li ham Betty Moss Kenneth Newman it Q 4 r iiii '27 3154A gig., 3 Kathryn Rainwater Weldon Rainwater Dengel Rankin Royce Rodgers Dorothy Sanders Jack Roseberry Marion Simpson Patsy Spraberry Lee Stephens Lavada Thomas Q '- - '1 ffl! o iff 'xx aw 2 5' if , 'Q ii. 1 2? A if o lf' I f D. C. Todd Danny Tollison Bobby Wade Mary Wade i y -Q .,'- . '. Robert Wade Clay Wimberley Gerald Watts Mary Lou Webb Carlene Williams Hgflpl 'is 1 Gerald Woodruff Vs vm E B X 5 12 Q 6 Best All-Around Girl Best All-Aound Boy MOST POPULAR BOY HARVEY CULVER enior MOST POPULAR GIRL GERI STARNES enior MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL NORMA ANDERSON MOST HANDSOME BOY JIM BRADSHAW MOST POPULAR BOY MURRY OWENS Junior MOST POPULAR GIRL JANE JOHNSON Junior MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL CATHERYN RUSHING MOST HANDSOME BOY WELDON WIMBERLEY MOST POPULAR BOY "BUTCH" LINLEY ophomore MOST POPULAR GIRL JEANNE CULWELL ophomore MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL JOYCE STONEMAN I , - -I 1 xi: . . . ,, ,wt MOST HANDSOME BOY LOUIS PELTON Freshman MOST POPULAR GIRL WANDA HOLLOWAY MOST POPULAR BOY DANNY TOLLISON Freshman MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL MAXINE OWENS ., 'Q MOST HANDSOME BOY RONNY HORNSBY D.A.R. Representative ME. , wi SJW 3 r Haifa I w in, X Q ,A U 'QM W- .1 SH V s A . iii! J. ,gm Yi ff X 33.1 'S .Qi 51 Q +6 fer? 2 if Q XS' i. ' 7 y i 6 Football weefheart VONNIE DAVIDSON Band weetheads WAYLAND COFFEY - JOAN HAGLER JK 'fwy if Choral Sweetheart JEANNE CULWE LL DON HCLLUMS . S .. V 3 .... X2 x ,gy XSS X. Pep Squad weetheart F. EAR-Rethean F. H. A. Sweetheart SAMMY NEAL Miss Future Homemaker DARLENE SMITH enior Queen JOY FLY NT enior King JOE WHITE V ff Junior Duchess and Escort JOYCE STEEL - GRAHAM DOBBINS J-0' S Sophomore Duchess and Escort AVIS JANE MAYFIELD - G Freshman Duchess and Escort PAULA BAUCOM - DANNY TOLLISON King and Queen's Court EK ME M N OO Anson Hi Band Norma Blankenship Ma iorette wus-..., Virginia Trice Max Marks Drum Major Vonnie Fagan Maiorette Joyce Steel Ma iorefte Ma ioreffe 1'i + :ml Y' Q, 1 ,-FA X' 4- 'Q Z zmlf v ww 0 ,F xx -X M .lv ISN Pep Squad M RS . DOZ IER Sponsor ..- .. as E N Q 8 C' Q 3- U N- 'D o Q' O 3 41 o xx .2 U: LJ 6: ,' 8- :8 va tg, 6 If QQ X o A '2 .T 5 -L5 box Rav X?-XX Q43 '5' 3 an " - A Q 84' df 6 Z -9' 5 S5 4' w '90 5 f N Q, 3 E is -C? G 000 QQU atb X NWMNXNQAWN el of U -. V- K A ' X' '32 E 3 59' .sg 5 QQ' any J' A , f - 1. 4 6, 1 'E Z3 O q hx'-no XXXX ' 2 '6 0 N' '-i ' 'oo 0 xx 'K 2 cn P- m 5 A-X X-Q. Z gr 0 O X, X O' .. 2 Z -, K 9,51 1 E K A D " Go in Y ec! 1 fx ff am ' Box 1 X H Y, foe. T -I-G-H ow Hit fhdl' f line an hut 'Sw G H-A -R-D! I I 0011 P47 ye 'VDX 0 eo, Gy ff! oy Q s 9 Pl 15 oyflj Anson . ' 4' WM Smneu A Q 92,2 Ks ye' ,cox U M 15 5: 62 ofk, . xb- G0 ,S : - Q " 3 0 0 ,QRNG o 4 -' 12 45 1 oo' ' Q Q00 'U gl II .c 3 4 4, gb 0440 3 t E Q1 E ra 75 AO' 0 rf' H p 1 2 1. 1, as - 0 o -E C -3 1' 5, o .. 0 2 O lg- Q 0 1 L. dp -9 O E 1 1, ,X '69 Q B' x - K 9' '.f 9- X U Ex U 1 S' 9' fx S 5 U ' 2 og Ax lf 5' f 5 .5 C5 -. '53 4. Q E 35 3 c if 1 59 2 E Z 0 2 -c .. 9 ca ,rv Q 1, 1 E 46 5' 3 N 5 C S ou E E .C V1 3 0 0 c 4 :. 'Q ,R .-qL':,,,.,,,.--nq.CF.,,...r'5.,, M,,.-'lllunllva-.P-"""' -1 -. enior High School A Cappella MR. BILL WOODS Director A Cappella Officers A Cappella Student Directors Future Homemakers First Row: Mrs. McFarland, Wanda Holloway, Annette Foy, Thelma Dotson, Fayrene Davis, Lavada Thomas, Carlene Williams, Jeanette Jones, Jeanette Lantrip, Waldine Wallace, Jeanne Culwell , Norma Blankenship, Joyce Stoneman, Patsy Mitchell, Mrs. Beck. Second Row: Monte Cowsert, Lee Allen Ash, Dollie Huber, Vonnie Fagan, Darlene Smith, Dorothy Wood, Bernice Connell, Avis Mayfield, Linda Lanotte, Annette Tollison, Merle Moran, Mary Lantrip, Nancy Mc- Laran, Doris Byrd, Benny Whitaker. Third Row: Ronald Irwin, Vivian Robins, Mae Francis Heffner, Marnette Bushell, Ann Hammock, Pat Cole Peggy Glazner, Lou Riley, Vonny Davidson, Nancy Phariss, Dorothy Marrow, Evelyn Bryant, Joan Hagler Mary Lou Webb, Louis Pelton. Fourth Row: Jimmy Marvin, Laverne Jordan, Freddie Lipham, Janis Bennett, Kathryn Rainwater, Betty Cooper Maxine Owens, Nancy Breed, Martha Ball, Wanda Teague, Maurine Bennett, Rosella Beasley, Syble Thorn Jack McCaleb. Fifth Row: Weldon Wimberley, Dorothy Sanders, Jeanell Hughes, Francis Black, Paula Baucum, Patsy Spray- berry, Sonia Herman, Betty Culwell, Barbara Cox, Gaynell Holwick, Sandra Cross, Mozetta Love, Vera Co- zart, Jacque Nash, LaNell McCaleb, James Oates. fi yi xxliillll X Homemaking Officers First Row: Dollie Huber, Rosella Beasley, Avis Mayfield, Jeanne Culwell, Vonnie Fagan, Vonnie Davidson. Second Row: Mrs. Beck, Sponsor, Lou Riley, Janelle Watts, Annette Tollison, Joyce Stoneman, Vir- ginia Trice, Mrs. McFarland, Sponsor. Boys' Class Future Farmers of America In front: Lester Byrd, A. H. Mcllwdin. First Row: Mr. Dooley, Kenneth Newman, Robert Wade, Robert- Gibbs, Ronnie Hornsby, Jerry Don Hudson, Stuart Propst, Howard Franklin, Royce Rogers, Johnny Jones, Denzell Rankin, Douglas Lusk, Gene Johnson, Gilbert Smith, Mr. Dozier. Second Row: Bobby Wedeking, Max Marks, Monte Cowsert, Jony Carothers, Dan Boyd, James Oates, Jimmy Tompkins, J. B. Cole, Adron Staley, Vonay Davis, Sammy Garvin, Clay Wimberley, Delbert Davis, Jack Pitcock, Max Hagler. Fourth Row: Billy Tubbs, David Glaze, Jesse Woodard, Jeff Glazner, Clifton Fletcher, Lee Stevens, Jack Roseberry, Louis Pelton, Benny Whitaker, Franklin Sims, John Rowland, Don Trice. Fifth Row: George Moss, Morris Grice, Stanley Calhoun, Jimlee Baucum, Gerald Woodruff, Burneal Watts Gerald Howard, Glenn Thomas, George Boring, Kenneth Pittman, Butch Linley, Jerry Long, Bob Hancock: Joe White. ...-an-u F. F. A. Officers On Fence Left to Right: Karal Wimberley, Sentinel, Bob Hancock, Treasurer, John Harvey Rowland, Reporter. On Ground: Eugene Johnson, Secretary, Jeff Glazner, Parliamentarian5Max Marks, 2nd Vice-President, Lester Byrd, Vice-President, A. H. Mcllwain, President, Jack Pitcock, Historian, Dan Boyd, 3rd Vice-President. E re, ll W qaun Y ' ',.. X Anvisons ' '-Q: ' sw Larry Dooley and J. F. Dozier ludenl Council Sponsor, Mr. Dooley, Jimmy Sosebee, Clay Wimberly, Joyce Stonemon, Nancy Breed, Nancy McLclren, Jone Johnson, Not Pictured: "Spider" Wimberly, Willie Bean, President. Tip Top Typer Staff Bus Drivers 'vw Onis Bennett, Pete Lollor, W. W. Thompson, Pat Patterson, Gene Spurgin, Max Littlefield, Hoolie White, and Y. G. Bartlett. I Cusiodlans J. S. J. E. Wright 54 as N 3 'QL f i Qs . i n L NN EJ w W ,, y X N . , .1 - ' Y E , TM xl' .. 4 N, wi 37 4 45 49 4? 48 S Y Q gtg 4 , Date Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov . Nov . Co-Captains TIGER SCHEDULE 1952 Who and Where Coleman at Coleman Roby at Anson Haskell at Anson Albany at Anson Electra at Electra Colorado City at Anson Hamlin at Hamlin Stamford at Anson Merkel at Merkel Rotan at Anson Anson 39 55 39 19 52 19 33 0 33 39 -Q U, Opponent 15 6 6 7 26 13 6 41 14 13 5 LEE ALLEN ASH TE DDY BEAS LEY 3 year Iefterman Tackle .QM xg-fr-we . f I year Iefterman Center . .--. WILLIE BEAN 2 year Ietferman Tackle S S Q JIM BRADSHAW I year Iettermar Fullback LESTER BY RD I year Ietterman Guard MONTE COWSERT I YGCII' Ietrerman End I Q 4 ga VELDON HA ZARD year Ieffennan ullback GRAHAM DOBBINS End WILLIE GOZA 3 year Ietferman Left halfback I if I ...Q . BILLY HOLMES 2 year lefferman I KENNETH HELMS 3 year Ietferman Quarterback ,I if L W' . Guard DON HOLLUMS 4 year letterman End 4 THOMAS NIX I year lerferman Tackle GENE JOHNSON I year lefterman Guard SAMMY NEAL 4 year Ietterman End 1 Q Y 3 f -Q? MURRY OWENS 2 year letterman Quarterback x. wxsxw.-n:.n..nnu.4gn. ,, mmf GILBERT PELTON 3 year letterman Guard LOUIS PELTON I year lefterman Center E Q sf 4 2 -X 9 4 I DRON STA LEY year letferman enter I .. a BUF ORD SP RAY BE RRY I year letrerman Center FRANK LIN SIMS 1 year lefferman Leff halfback BOBBY WE DEKING 2 year lefterman DON WATTS 3 year letterman Right halfback Right halfback BENNY WHITAKER I year letferman End 'W 'ww f u- ..:f.'- mv :ueK,wg..,4. ,v-ui- Managers Vernon Simpson Jimmy Sosebee "C HESTE R' ,Q f ,QQ-fyyw.,W,,,,,Q,yfww., W, ,, ,N f...-nf, ,H W I I he ,-,ffM3mgfSw12239-W . X X x '- ? ffl-gwkl,4fB'wlSsWzmim,g4, my7.AH+Z1g?W?w,w1sfA,K 5315 f f f2f7'wh' -4 Mytmllgb-W-Z1'1i'?hwtRwgfgQQIHQQZ-Aif V,'TiS21NQZx5l5'ffw.Y3"Y?fl'a?WFS? X -, A A X 31, M 5- W-Q., ,4mf.m, .wiv f 1 f x ' 4 1: Jig vviwhww' Vw mmm' 'cflvx +A f-"f'A3f'x . - 14, X M K p,qs,,, A A mg-,::s,w. :xx y, M, ,Q gy Wg A V D 4-pf,-i , K In X W- ' . ,gx ff , F Q- ' ' K ' 1 , 5. J, "B" Squad S'dne W ctr Benny Whituke ' Y Y Forward Guard I' Thomas Nix Don Hollums C t Center-Forward en er Opponent A. C. H. S. Avoca Hawley Avoca Hawley Ballinger A. C. H. S. Eastland Avoca Novice Sweetwater Ballinger Hawley Roby Hamlin 'Stamford 'Colorado City 'Hamlin 'Merkel 'Rotan 'Stamford 'Colorado City 'Rotan 'Hamlin 'Merkel ' Conference Game "A" Basketball S uad q SCORE We 35 47 33 53 45 35 37 38 28 36 24 35 40 62 43 22 48 36 44 61 52 63 61 59 64 They 51 53 56 63 49 40 50 29 45 32 55 53 45 31 41 55 36 38 42 Overtime 35 54 Overtime 62 34 35 73 "B" Basketball Squad mg 'Wi' qi :fi M1 Kifgiiilgfi ' xfi:2Ef?,5 P.E. Boys Jim Bradshaw Hdimd wexdon S0 X fnfnxl Neo Don Watts Bobb Y Wedeking Gilbert Pelfon 5' ii 4 Q -ner? W ix 'fi Q 5' H pring Training M .... ,.,L ,I . ..w-Qwfp.-w!,,M ,W V - f3M,w,,, - , ' E if . Q v X f fir-, i" tag 1 , fn ,f i N f.,, ,A 'Ni Tennis - ' Qfva hr 255 F E QQ Snapshots --, -MW, M-.NNQM 'D-Q.. ,Q- QL ., """ -an W, it xv' wi, 'TN A fl 4 'W Q M tl, U A Q' Dolly don't reod that Benyll note. napshots What? ? Water Drink, Drinkll! Working hard? ? ? ..,,' A 3. -',. , X' f in y .,.. , ? Few ' "Sub Deb Club" ullllemll get ,ii ws aff? 'Q A A5 tl 4 K S . 1' 4 Caught getting owoyl I l I What could it be?'?? ?????? hole X' MW' Kewl' ix Hejlo G fI'fs??? fi U sm ya L20 ,, Mr. 81 Mass Sums """an l'll build a cagelll Self explanatory f"'T 30 Hi! Kate my 3 f x of I , Just Donl ! Get 'em What is it? Kerry Drink, Drinkll 5 Don't crowd there is room for ALL .X . Q 'I .- K E an 017 the by C img 'ous fl lisa, ose beh f Cody 0 ind Q 1 U Vusntors Hello Bob! ll A wffyep Easy Now Snapshots Strufg 1 I XJ' 1 L.,. , ,Fi : , .izq V f ' fif - "H , 5 N N -if 5, S-1' , eff Ib N 0 wk? M 'B-E KM? X9 E-xi" aw 56377 5 ,ss 5? if W FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE TIGER RECEIPTS Sale of Annuals S 3.50 Sale of Advertising space 10.80 Payments for being on snap-shot page .90 Cmainly from teachersl Bribes from Businessmen 3,857,693.08 Rent of Annual room to courters 63,849.86 Miscellaneous bribes from students 75,940,273.96 TOTAL 89,861 ,820.86 EXPENSES Printing S 879.00 Engraving 80.00 Photography .05 Stationery 8,475,975.93 Kfor love letters onlyj Postage .03 Recreation for Annual staff 57,483.49 Spending money for Editor 8,475.39 Staffs bribes for teachers 8,574,839.39 Whiskey for Photographer 57,483,000.39 lin dark room onlyl Coca Colas for Sponsor 678,908,765.00 Gum-clrops for Art Editor 857,483.29 lncidentals 485,748,392,039,485,769.30 TOTAL EXPENDITURES 485,748,392,911,372,928.37 RECEIPTS 89,961 ,820.86 DEFICIT 485,748,392,821,411,097.41 QThis deficit was made up by a free-will offering from all English teachersl l 3 Xl Q, -ws .Y wr Q ' . 30 ..-req 35 .L ua M' .IL V 1 napshots l. My door - lady. 2. Just watching. 3. Give a cheer. 4. During 3rd period. 5. Please don't put my name up!!! 6. ??? 7. Camera shy -- Miss Grace'?'? 8. Just talking. 9. Shaggie dog. IO. Our model locker.. Ho!! ll. Be stubborn HARVEY l2. Sh-h-h-h Woodie at work. l3. Good view. .. .. l4. DOUG l5. What?apair l6.B Woods. l7. Sure GOOD. l8. Pure glamau-r. I9. Our bubble girl. 20. Smil-l-le. 2l. Our talent?'??? 22. Reclining. 23. Mob Scene. 24. Joined the Foreign Legion. 25. Mirrow Mirrow on the wall. 26. Yea Bo! 27. What 2 heads. 28. lpana 29. Goto sleepy little baby. 30. Montel!!! I il 'mi napslwts l. What? beautiful voices! 2. Smile-e-e you-all 3. Coach I didn't know he could climb c polel I ! ! ll 4. The G-R-E-A-T-- Anson High School Bond - in their stunt uniforms .... ii E 441.6 MM M A Es 2 Faculty 4 ' fn A fl . LJ, N A o , A MR. TOMMY BEENE ' ,l Principal ,M fw X ' FMLML L A MISS BERTIE AGNEW MRS. HELEN BEENE MRS. ANNIE FERN BERRY L MRS. RUTH BREED MRS. LOUISE CROW MRS. CLARA FINLEY ""'k MRS. BRUCE FOSTER MISS ROSALIE FRY MRS. VIOLA GARRETT z, ..,., , kk G 1, Q I 'Q' my I . MRS. LILLAH GREEN 1 MRS. BLAND HARPER MRS. CECIL H. HAWKINS by w,1,ffw AMR ,N ' ,-P xg I I ' +p I I I , . -I 1 Z 55:2 E V, ' .YY 531 . Z .. . . S -51 x ., 1, . - v, vw '41, .. X I .. I: Q .Jn I 4 f.. .,. 1 ' 1H'f,',S-4. S I 'w' x 1 4 ,L-,,,.,,,v F Q I ."M'5wznV"4 ' l MRS. SALLIE HONEA MISS BERTA HOPKINS MRS. WINNIE HUGHES MRS. AILENE KAY MRS., BILL LEHMBERG MR. PETE LOLLAR MRS. DOTTTE MOORE MRS. PEGGY NEVILLE MR. ALTON PATTERSON IQ"-'N X MRSL CHARLES ROBERSON MRS. CLARICE TOMPKINS MRS. MINNIE BELL TOUCHSTONE .XT X. 1 8th Grade ff"'S1 I X 1 gk 'F FN X 'ete Baker Jerry Barker Sandra Baucum MQW B0Yle55 John Binkley TC'lm0Cl9e Campbell 'na Chambers Billy Clemmong Rebecca Cook Annette Cooper Brentz Crow Janice Cypert '55 l lwll rry Dale Coker Robbin Drennan Squndro Sue Dutton Jackie F09 Emel'S0n Sharon Farnsworth Nelda Finley tri Jill Flynt Anita Fraser Ann Garrett Ann Grogan CG'0lYn SUS Richard Hodge Henderson AQ X , l lobby Lee Jones Betty Jean Jones Viola Kelly Pauline Kelso Pat Key Patsy Lawsc Alvin LeCl4 Kennelh LOPSF Johnny Midcllebrook Glenda Joy Moore John Tom Murray Nathalie McDaniel Cl10fle5 MCllW0l'1 5Gf1df0 Betty Nix Wayne Pelton Don Pendleton Lee Ann Ray McWilliams .:- I ' J 4 Minnie Jo Rector Max Reston Frankie Robbins Teddy Jo Robbins Jeryce Lee Ruby Lee Rowland Sanders Jlack Scott Sue Spicer Jackie Stephens J. C. Teague Sue Teal Mary Ruth Thorn ,,-JU' :borah Wallace Johnnye Lou Jeannine Williford Jo Ann Willis Mary Belle Wood Alton Woodard White -Mar rwrence Woodruff William Wright EL F!! r- L'3-7 'vs x 1 N xqy-J? A K L 7th Grade rma Lee Addison Johnny Addison .lois Andrus Lois Andrus Dan Baldwin Darrel Ball X x'Kfi'S,f Melinda Bartlett Carroll Burns Gearldine Calhoun Wayde Calhoun Martha Cole Scherrie Kay Lillie Mae Cox Peggy Cox Cook WW it All Wanda Baucurn Don E. Bennett Rita Bennett David Binkley Janice Borin Robert Carnes Bob Clemmons Donny Coffe' Agni Mary Lee Creel Torchy Derd llg I lilliam Dobbins Arlene Dofson Priscilla Edwards Patsy Evans Rodney Ezell ClW0l'leS Glozner ,Qu 'UQ 5Nsg. x 'W wana Good Dee Ann Goodrich Leonard Goza Tommie Sue Gray Margaret Grogan Kathleen Hagler xi B 'icy June Hagler Donald Hamil Carolyn Hammock Hunter Hawkins Ann Herndon Frances High 1 E is. x G v.. X. um '. i ' , - dna Jackson Tonya Jacobs Durell Jenkins Jimmy Jones Jo Lynn Lain Mary Sue Lantrip Wayne Lindsey Tom Martin John Mitchell Judy Morris Harold Neal Linda Kay Neal ibn . A W W Jerry Pittman Joice Pittman Harvie Robbins Martha Roberson Jimmy Roberts Nelta Sanders Q 'Q t -'1 .FIR . E 1 Tf Dorccss Ann Sealey Doris Mrlrie Taylor Joise Teague Loise Teague Elveta Thomas Barbara Thorn new up Jerry Washburn Bobby Joe Webb Randy Wilson David Wimberley Leo Wolverton Larry Woodard 6th Grade f I 'S l Billie Adams Freddie Adkins Charles Barth Lonnie Jo Bennett Robert Bevel Etta Black fi 1? , ,-, 6 X xl' -Q' y C . -A 35 A A lu Ig! X -f all . 1 x Ckle Blankenship Billy l30l9l' Ida Nell Boring Mariory Bradshaw Wanda Brandon Barbara Carmon fi- 4' Q Y v 1' 3+ l X . 1 if Iharles Childs Sidney Claire Shirley Coker Betty Ruth Cole J. P. Cook Bennie Cox Childs w--'af 5, Linda Carol Sue Cross Wortham Crow, Jr. Mary Sue Culver Milda Mae Davis Carrol Kay Ezell Cradduck Charles Lee Ioma Graham Leon Griffith James Grogan Jackie Guthrie Betty Lou Giles Harrison Mary Hazard Dorofhy Herbs? Larefha Hill Barbara Ann Mark Don Hughes Hodges Holloway Lula Mae Brenda Jones Dickie Jones Linda Gay Jones Patsy Jones Gerald Lain Jennings il, .lb Larry Lindsey Charles May Durvvood Brownie Eddie Miller Kay Murry Mayfield Middlebroolc fl' " 14 " .ie ., 12 s x l 3 list . A, McKeever Joioe McWilliams Ellen Newman Evelyn Newman Sarah Pearce Alice Fqe Pyron illie Bell Reese Willie Dell Reese Dorothy Robbins Ronnie Ryan Helen Stephenson James Scott ,ff X x, Sue Scott Judy Simmons Demetra Tanner Paula White Janette Wood Elsie Moe A Delbert Wilson Virginig Wimberley X XVf ss TSQX '5 Q I Woverton X - , 1 Q 'NH 0, 5 07 S5 2:41, f' ul VI if' Miss Agnew's Room Sth Grade Mrs. Green's Room Mrs. Lehmberg's Room 6 4th Grade 5 3 'r1 -. '4 M. 5' O 3 ...+- .... ,, , . Mrs. Crow's Room Mrs. Breed's Room Mrs. GorreH's Room 3rd Grade Mrs. Finley's Room Mrs. Berry's Room 2nd Grade Mrs. Moore's Room 4G Mrs. NeviIle's Room .........,..-..m..,......N..T M--...Q-,-1.--.--xv Mrs. Hughes' Room W.. ...,s......M....s...s.,.. l """"f""'Rf"""""""'7MT Miss Hopkins' Room Mrs. Honec's Room Ist Grade Mrs. Hawkins' Room Mrs. Tompkins' Room Tiger Cub Squad Tiger Cub Football Schedule US Roby--Here 6 Lueders--There I2 Merkle--There O Haskell--Here O Roby--There 0 Lueders--Here 36 THEM 0 0 28 33 6 6 .Ku .--v Tiger Cubs TIGER CUB SCHEDULE Score Opponent We They Merkel T7 50 Wylie 29 37 Albany 37 52 Q-..-.- un Elementary Pep Squad ,X 2 1 .0 A K . Elementary Pep Leaders Mrs. Beene - Sponsor 4 lk... Elementary Choir MNHTht E Dt Don't disturb the neighbors Girls Just a coke party! ! ! !! ll! It isn't eusyll napshots What Q get-up! I ! ! ll ecrshurtl!!!l!!l!!!l!!!!!! Cold but fun!! FAMOUS LAST WORDS-- I never get mod! ! 635 . ,fan sgbx ,. ...L Q -.I ll' Cooks H Mrs. Edna Jones, Mrs. Ruby Zawadzke, Mrs. Revo Pelfon, Miss Willie Marshall, Mrs. Ellen Booth Mrs. Sallie King. I Custodlans M. C. Capps, Onis Bennett, T. H. Gleaton Giga Qiiwffdg M My Madman 514 Q64 XV pf .cn ' I WW Wh, +773,,,, 227jA 5 Www WW W1 my Q WMM M 'WMV Aan, Mm glfgliiiw QWNYMOLZ ymgfllmaoffho Qqgwyw . -SA. ' -+ D MKQWMA Q Qwwwfwmw , , Wfpaffpf., WWMWQMJEM W' 772h9Y2v2n,M,f9,Xff?M. 5, ' fifff' if W 51 HI-WAY GRILL Fine Foods Prepared by Experts W. A. OWENS BIGON OWENS FZ 3 vmcn. STRANGE Moroks 6 1301 S. Commercial Phone 2111 Anson, Texas H 4 r 1 V 1 I , . 4, I 4 5 f l li 31 Q 5 .4 E E The future of West Texas is your 9 Power for T9day"' future-foritisyoufcheyouthl lj , of today, who win build the 5: 'D 'FQ N Q Q new homes, new industries, 9 L and the new businesses of the S -'X W s Z greater West Texas of tomorrowlf fp ei ' ' 1 I ,V W. The West Texas Utilities Com- 0 pany, as your partner in that future, 9 Q f is building new plants and new service facilities providing an abun- Q dance of Electric Power-power 5 'Hand Tomorrow! for the future you will build. 9 X WW:stTexas Utilities if 00"'P"'9' Q 0' 0" 0 010'-0"'0'0 -10" l0v' 0'l0'l0l0'0 Ni. 5 - '0'0l0"0 HAGEN'S FOOD STORE MILLERS JEWELRY Expert Watch Repairing All Work Guaranteed Southeast Side of Square Anson, Texas JOHNSON FEED STORE Purina Chows and Bewley's Anchor Feed East Side of Square For All Livestock Needs T H E H U T Eats and School Supplies JESS WHITAKER, Owner HIGH SCHOOL GROCERY AND MARKET M. B. WYATT Phone 4581 Anson, T CXBS ANSON SPOT CASH Grocery and Market Jacobs and Holland Phone 2751 Free Delivery Service THOMPSON'S GROCERY AND MARKET Save and Shop Here Anson, Texas WILLIES PLACE "Biggest and Best Burgers In Town" Northeast Side of Square Anson, Texas PIGGLY WIGGLY Grocery and Market Phone 3911 Anson, Texas 07 '0" '-01' '1-0" 'V- . ff--'--'- - - f -'-'-'f-If 'ff---A-A-'-'---1'-'-A-'-A-sf'-'-A--is-'-A-Af--A-A-'V'-'-Aff-'-'-'J-'J4 41 34 4 4 53 COWAN DRUG 4 1. 14 44 44 4 4 ,4 '4 4 4 K HWHEREALLIUUENDSMEETH 4 4 4 4 4 41 '4 4! ', 4, ', 4, ', 4 N 4 4 4 4 5 4, W ' 4 Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Repairs - Gifts 5 5? ORANA.DEAN 1 S 6 Phone 3851 Anson, Texas S '4 4 I' 4' 14 4' 4 ' 4 - 14 4 ' 6 4 1 PANHANDLE ABSTRACT co. 53? 4 ESA 1886 b 4 J.M.sosEBEE f 5 ' Anson, Texas Phone 2631 X 3 ' :YS '4 ,4 '4 - 4 '4 '4 4 4! s 3 SPURGIN AND HUGHES CLEANERS 4 4 e Phone 3931 Anson, Texas 0' 0f 01700'0-0 0 0-00f0Wu 1' S 5 4s NECESSARY T' GULF STATION S. fCopeJ NECESSARY, Mgr. Dial 5481 TE A Anson, Texas ,I - ,V T ,, 'L 4 MAcK'S Moron co. 25 SALES AND SERVICE Phone 3351 Anson, Texas I is "RIP'S" CITY BARBER SHOP Southeast Side of Square Anson, Texas ,T ,V ,T ,. I 'T S M 'Q MILTON' MARKS IMPLEMENT co. T 1 V T 1 1514 S. Commercial , , Phone 4571 3 5 6 I Anson, Texas r 4 ,T ,r ,L ,r TYVY, 7, ,YYY.,v,Y,:Y.Y,:v,::v,:V,v,v,Y,v,v,v,:::YA-27Y:::::::vA::::::::::YA::::::::w v Y YA: Y,:LAY,Y.v.,,v.,,,,,,,,, T HOME FURNITURE AND HARDWARE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS H Phone 3951 Anson, Texas M HARPER CLEANERS 5 A FINE DRY CLEANING SERVICE Phone 4441 Anson, Texas FARNSWORTH GROCERY AND MARKET G QUALITY Foons AT LOWER PRICES Tllli FRIEINDLY STORE Phone 4051 Anson, Texas 11 Q1 1 5 I' . , 1 1 SUMMERS CAFE 1 1 Music and Fine Foods .5 Where These People ff Are Happy to Serve You South Commercial 11 '1 1 1 1 11 41 1 1 1 -' -'-' -'-'V'-1 - - - If-1-'--11'-Y:-Y-1 .1:arf-1'-1'-'-'-1----1 ,-,-,-,-,-fa-1.1 .-,-,-,-,-,-,A-,-v-,, -Y-VYYYYYY,-Y-Y., Y-,-,-,, ,-ff,-,-f,-.1-,-,-ff, 1 0' -01 -010-0-0-0-0.-or 0- 0.0.0-0-.0..., PITTARD DRUG Dial 2331 COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE JONES COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. ABSTRACTS ' LOANS -INSURANCE PHOTO COPIES MCCALEB AND MCCALEB 28 West Court Plz. Phone 3721 WILSON FURNITURE The Right Name for Finer Furniture , P- ANSON SUPPLY CO. 609 South Commercial Phone 2151 Anson, Texas GRAVES and NEVILLE Dry Goods HOME LIFE INSURANCE "We Stay and Pay" Hospitalization, Polio and Life Insurance MR. 8: MRS. GRADY FLYNT R. L. YOUNG INSURANCE "As Close as Your Telephone" Fire, Auto, Theft, Casualty GRADY FLYNT, Office Manager WHITE AUTO STORE 1249 So. Commercial Ave. Phone 7611 Anson, Texas '0' '01 N-0" 'Qi' Na, Another ten Forward? f' I f USECO r , W was " ' -Q . I - 'ffm r W: 'V., I "'r A ,', - x T rrr r rr f an G r' ' Q es,er1 r b Life rr1 'lfr 2 ri ef 1 . .e ' ' 'E ' 411221: , Y. n-use This year, nineteen-hundred and fifty-three, finds many of you graduating and others mov- ing up to take your place as next years grad- !! UCIIBS. X X 1 Through the commendable efforts of the Q teachers of our great America, you face the xx world of tomorrow with greater confidence and xx ability, capable of taking your place with your X fellow citizens. We at USECO are most happy to have played a part in recording your treasured memories of 1953 and have utilized every skill at our com- mand to present you with a book you'll cherish through the years. May we all feel iustly proud of our accom- plishments and remember them as, "Another Step Forward!" NX X N xx Experience .... Net an Experiment UNIVERSITY SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT CO. 6001 East Rosedale Fort Worth, Texas ma. sau. .-' 4m,z.x-Q.: as 4, -yu V ? 42.3 24. Aoiwge f-ff-V - f-1-31 Q-54' .,, I-:gg -1. bl: ,Fi , Q-l"z. ., Y . we "ff h...1'q,., - E-,f , "" 'Z-T 9, .P - :!"r:?A ' . F , .. 122+-1-f ff,-Qfil' V- 3F , ' s'v .15 4.-.4 41:-5 5:1 ' -f .ffm 3: l":'f!' . . f, fin' . L21-f +I -14,121 -4,.1B.,," ,ffi-F. ,V 5 4 uf.: , L vfrvifff' H , 5' ""'f'l"f-IJPSE' Q7'1F-'5l,:fl!'iZ75'+ A ,Q-Mg-11' -cf -'-v--,r rw Af- -5 -'af' . -H,-,1.,y4,.,Lg, mg, -2- -..a,:.r4-f-., -'W ,ya- Trfgf -V 3 QP! 4 .f flgfge, . -11-'AL . .R ' SSS.. J aff?-,, Q: .wif K-f?..r-L 54"-rg' J, FA' f was iw?-. 'QPSK . 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