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. mums' ., - . ' xNaAn1,bsE.'emxumuxm's2-umlnlxwcwcusaxmu J 94 E 2 2 '1 3 F 1 a. 9 5 I QPXUE-fx7!,q4X as S 'Q 3 HONESTAS gp -5 ' MIN 0+ ' 2 TD ET .X fp S CORPORE I D7 I gfg 'B zfacdaa ?ze4enZed iq 75a Sascha 61444 1 J! Anna ,-fmxemq ":'1'!? ' fl5KNI,:5g - ':f7q""'Za!5P'Sa'?Z:L f 17. "-f 42: ya- .S an-,-:gNjq.Q3'h5z.g.iQ.35. J. nsnaffgsf-saw--2 mrs. 4"-9' -'J .Spy -. Q". - 3-f. . 4 -'wilrfff . M445 ' "ve-if Er-11f'Q-":s?fa?:.M-Isa pt..-911. 51541 'rs-,.g39:-:,9g1,,.vi,x-qgfa .r Agfa: Tiff: ' 55325773 ' V' ggi .4 Ir- ' s .J- . 145499. 0- : -Yn- --- taht-'r .fifffrffsfif Through these portals we, the Class of '55, en- tered Anson Academy four short years ago. These have been full years--full of varied activities, joys and disappointments, excitement and discouragement. Through all, however, has run a continuous strain of happiness that has made a rich and lasting imprint upon our lives. We have earnestly endeavored to present a pic- torial history of the highlights of the year's activities in the pages of the 1955 ANCHOR. As you turn through these pages in the future, we hope that itwill enable you to recall many pleas- ant memories of the years spent as students at Anson Academy. K 2, 3219- , rg. 155.19 x-9313 '1--A-'J f2"'F5' :fps -4 . 1 " 356413 . , ,, '5'2f5t-'fail' .fx in I v :ab ,. L. --'14'3f-t?-?if'i5sS-f- -S5-K'-4' . ,tvr-'B-if-if-1:'51-,i9.ii?4vs'2z5f'2g3If-N2g 3ff:9-'S' ' -,w':3'-f"iY,'Y'?i M rr-vw -v Q- -W.-2.24-f-.g. 1.15, - : ,-.-.-st-.q,2r:a,5! -4- Nv-fe,fs25.,ga:1s-" saga-.2m.,fQv?Q. Qiiwfr-P - fg4l,v-Y Ry:-v .q,,n1,QlpK:v'2,.4 4" 3!d"!?1gglaJh7'g,:N'E M"-gf-S'1!L'L- if Wi- ..L5if53,'3:fg7il Kksqnyb .no vi: u!L'- v,-3 ftkgfggjlj '2 2'!2!aGs1"'f -G23-" SM 2 'afiwgr 5 Q? .55-D Ed--rf 413.5 21 "fed 321132 SM 'T' f Q O I We, the Class of 1955, proudly and sincerely dedicate this edition of the Anchor to our principal, WILBUR C. CONNON, in appreciation of his tireless efforts and friendly guidance during our four years as students at Anson Academy. In all of our associations with him--as principal, teacher, coach, and friend--we have found that his helpfulness and interest have been exceeded only by a full measure of devotion on our behalf. Class of '55 ' 0 'NX . 'gf' , Q. ' ff' , .,,5,,n,-fm V - f 3 3 I ' 'iff 5 . ,Q .'fQ25 5'5" 1 ' 1, . .. . -9, 1 1 ' mm TY Q I ,- , A D ,M . 3- 2 lid ,g , , qw .. . . x N- " fa 2 ,r , f ,fr W fs . -1 I I I ,ts ,Q , -M ow? A h , 4 I -' Jig?,':Q ' 4,951 1 'ig f' ff""jZun 1116! jp-a9""' "':-f"'r-1r2'fhvT"-"f.a- "'f " ' a-'P' ie ' -"tw A132- 'L KL - . I-:Q X5 U xv A, xyigw, I 'A 'R 99" --' X- R 'jr 3' -X ax w A - -- T ,,QQEQrlgfssf.J, p J-I K l 1 v 1 ' 4 F1 is 5 21 u iq 'Q JW, 4400 ,L ' . 'VV f W 1 "W 2 1 . 3039, , v i 1 6 t i Q ' ' --. 'Sy . I 'Q' . Xa,VL I A , b, , 121 , K T- 'x 1 i n xx' VA, ,I 1 ., . , 5-f 'Xl , 5- 1. ar ' :Q 1 A Wall . , Q f vu-Q nf: 'fs 4 --:M-. ' 9 1 7 , 3? 4- 1: A. 'Ai V, nf 'KVI ' Xr '. U . Q, ., 1: 9 1:9555 5 HSV' , ig 1- ff ' .Q 'L - aaa- W-' 3 Ss 1 fi Q hui 55332222-'GE if 1 fi . R? 11 M - -: 3 Q P K K i S , 1 ' f ,Q XSQ ii! 4 5 fr f an f , J .12 f fi, ' E Q, A fx --E Zim-I 'ew Q W ' 1 X Qt ,. 'Sv J -f 1 jf! cf' N 5 -- Al gg , -M .Y QA ' x .. 'IN M , L 5' 1 f 2, 9 Q, f Q R mx ' -H r r 'R 1 if t , M ' f Xe: x it 5g X Q QV ' -r , g X .., f - - ..,.. ,, 5 .53 H' ' V' aim -:W - J W . I ww- X: - -J'-Q" ii' -.I 1- g l?-'.-" SP ' Q , , mi,-. .V ' QSM ,s - "HT ' -- I --'R Q22- h s ssk sigfgii gfir Q ' if -- .g---A fi, . - - n V .. - -1---ff,-.Mr-ig f - Y -1- L if .,fg1 ri--1.11-.ze- .Q .w k r -v A -h a Q -, sw- J- : ':5" 2E JVff"591,-2 ' ,M -' i '43 . : , g ",41,qL,a51?w,L-. in .- ' 12. fl K ' -,Lf 'A -is" y..vk "i I 5- ' 1 , Aw 'ix in - S -S"'..,f " '.. ' 4- 1 -- -- .-ri-.uw ,g . ,. W gl. 6' by ,E xx ., , """' A . . ,Q " gg rv k ' '- V' " ' -v ,. In kg r......:.M..A g.., A A I . . f- -- .fui Y . -. K . ' .. i f , - , ff Q 75 -Nami!" ---' qf 'I' 7 T f"2f-.135 A -. '- K7 K A ' .g,Q.aaff1T'S4a.-gfM.-A R ' -'- -- '- 'Q , 4-.Ev - 'wfzm .fir-X - A .-sf' .Q . ,- . --:f "' x - J-:Q K fm' 0 ff ' -..-.-if .. M: -w .Q 'T' ,vw 4 .. I -. . mp. 'S-wMg,,.,..,,,QE,...,, .,,.,..mi:, M. -g,..W,f . - N ,:-. L. - A - .. Q... M"--M 5 nw .M-H,.....w--K -... -ug-Wf - fer -ff f.3..,v-f, ?3'55.' .ff1 -- Q .umm W -ww... 5 . Q .J ga-N515 facult .-1' "... 4" ,gn ...pv- ,, -an 4-,Q Q.- .-,, -n' " ,N ,-5 qu- ..- - ,- gf,- nv- -Q MRS. THERESA B. GIVEN Commercial Publications MRS. HARRIET C. DOLAN Home Economics Cheerleading Coach MR. WILBUR C. CONNON Principal Science Mathematics Girls' Basketball- Baseball MR. IOHN A. GLOVER Social Studies Dramatics welll MR. E. 0. IUDKINS Superintendent of Schools Blalflill FT' MRS. LOUISE H. BUBAR English French Dramatics MR. ELWOOD A. PADHAM Industrial Arts General Mathematics Boys' Basketball !f is MISS KATHERINE A. ELA Music Supervisor MRS. CHESTINA D. GETCHELL Seventh Grade Dramatics MR. CLIFFORD S. GILBERT Eighth Grade Basketball Baseball -6 fi Ewa af 7 President - - - ----- ARTHUR E. ELA Vice President - - - - ARTHUR R. CUMMINGS Secretary ---- ------ E ARL C. WING Treasurer - - - - - - ROBERT H. ELLIS W, EARLAND BAILEY LOWELL E. BAILEY HARRY O. BEALE EDMUND A. DAGGETT WILLIAM C. GOODWIN ALFRED L. HOLBROOK CHARLES L. KNAPP ' ,. b .. HOWARD A. LOVEJOY " ' '-W fa f CARL R. LUCE Ala . A' DR. HENRY E. MARSTON x x 5 I Q, ' J ROBERT M. PORTER I' .iil 1, BYRON N. suv? V 2 ' EDWIN H. WYMAN seniors enchfz Presldent - --------- - - - JOYCE FLETCHER Vice President - - - - MARION PIPER Secretary - - - - -JUDITH ROGERS "Not How Much But How Well" Q44 dau Maroon and White 66444 '7Zowoz4 White Roses Scion! Sang In the gallery of memories There are pictures bright and fair, But this dear old Anson Academy Is the brightest one that's there. CHORUS Alma Mater, how we love thee With a love that ne'er shall fade, For we feel we owe a debt to thee That never can be paid. In every field of action Men of Anson have won a place, In the schools of all New England It is Anson that sets the pace. CHORUS Alma Mater, how we love thee With a love that ne'er shall fade, For we feel we owe a debt to thee That never can be paid. ,',1 ,bf , IP ETTA ABBOTT Basketball 1-4 Softball 1,2 FHA 1-4 Press Club 2 Commercial Club 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-3 DALE BESSEY Class Officer 2 Student Council Basketball 1-4 Baseball 1-4 Press Club 1, 3 Shop Club 3 Archery Club 1 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Chorus 4 Yearbook Staff 4 1,4 LOIS BLAGDEN Class Officer 3 Softball 1, 2 FHA 2-4 Press Club 2-4 Commercial Club 2, 3 Prize Speaking 3 Band 4 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Chorus 2-4 Eastern Maine Chorus 2 New England Chorus 3, 4 This Page Sponsored by NORTH ANSON REEL COMPANY Compliments of W H. HINMAN, INC. CLYDE BROWNE Basketball 1-3 Baseball 1-4 Archery Club 1 Shop Club 3 Senior Play 4 llb i iz so V - : K . VINCENT DAVIS Student Council 3 Basketball 1-B Baseball 1, 2, 4 Archery Club 1 Commercial Club 1 Senior Play 4 Band 1-4 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Band 3, 4 All-State Band 4 BARBARA BURNS Basketball 1-4 Softball 1, 2 FHA 1-4 Press Club 2-4 Commercial Club Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1 EVERETT DUNLAP, IR. Basketball Manager 2-4 Archery Club 1 Shop Club 3 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Chorus 4 Senior Play 4 WINFIELD DAVIS Student Council 1 Basketball 1-4 Baseball 1-4 Archery Club 1 Press Club 1 Senior Play 4 Band 1-4 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Band 3,4 All-State Band 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 1 sq DANA EDGERLY Student Council 2 Archery Club 1 Commercial Club 1 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-3 This Page Sponsored by " Your School Child Insurer" WORLD INSURANCE COMPANY Waterville Branch Office Compliments of JOHN LUCAS TREE EXPERTS JOYCE FLETCHER Class Officer 1,2,4 Student Council 3 Cheerleader 1-3 FHA 2-4 Press Club 3 Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 GEORGE GRANT Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2-4 Press Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 4 Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 3, 4 K. V. Chorus 4 WILLIAM GOODWIN, JR. Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Archery Club 1 Commercial Club 2 Senior Play 4 Band 1-4 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Band 3, 4 All-State Band 2, 3, 4 LEWIS HOLBROOK Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 1-4 Shop Club 3 Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 HOWARD HARTWELL Class Officer 1 Student Council 2 Basketball 1-4 Baseball 3, 4 Press Club 1-4 Archery Club 1 Senior Play 4 Chorus 2 f -aur- SHIRLEY MANZER FHA 1-4 Press Club 2-4 Commercial Club Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-3 Yearbook staff 4 yes ,xl 3,4 This Page Sponsored by L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Compliments of WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO Official Photographer for the Anchor DARRELL MOODY Class Officer 3 Student Council 4 Basketball 1-4 Baseball 1-4 Press Club 1, 2 Archery Club 1 Commercial Club 2 Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 Band 1-3 IUDITH ROGERS Class Officer 3,4 Student Council 4 FHA 2-4 Press Club 3,4 Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 Yearbook Staff 4 MARION PIPER Class Officer 4 Basketball 1 Cheerleader 2-4 FHA 1-4 Press Club 3, 4 Commercial Club 3,4 Prize Speaking 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 K. V. Chorus 3,4 New England Chorus 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 NANCY WELLS Class Officer 4 Basketball 3,4 Press Club 3, 4 ub 3 4 Commercial Cl Senior Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 WALTER VILES Basketball 2-4 Shop Club 3 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 BETSY WYMAN Class Officer 1, 3 Basketball 1-4 Softball 1,2 FHA 2-4 Cheerleader 2-4 Commercial Club 2 Senior Play 4 Chorus 1-4 Band 3, 4 K V. Band 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 Most Likely to Succeed Most Reserved Most Popular Best Dressed Did Most for School Most Versatile Most Polite Worst Flirts Best Behaved Most Opinionated Best Complexion Most Athletic Boldest Typical Students Wittiest Most Brilliant Best Writers Worst Gum Chewers Best Speakers Best Artists Most Modest Most Absent Minded Most Talkative Best Actors Most Active Quietest Best Personality Cutest Best Natured Nicest Smile Nicest Teeth Nicest Eyes Nicest Hair Best Singers Best Dancers Class Pranksters Best Musicians Best Looking Chubbiest Tallest Slimmest Laziest Earliest Latest BOYS DARRELL MOODY WILLIAM GOODWIN DALE BESSEY VINCENT DAVIS DARRELL MOODY DALE BESSEY GEORGE GRANT WINFIELD DAVIS VINCENT DAVIS DARRELL MOODY LEWIS HOLBROOK DALE BESSEY WINFIELD DAVIS DARRELL MOODY DANA EDGERLY DARRELL MOODY VINCENT DAVIS WALTER VILES DARRELL MOODY VINCENT DAVIS DALE BESSEY GEORGE GRANT EVERETT DUNLAP DARRELL MOODY WALTER VILES WILLIAM GOODWIN DARRELL MOODY DANA EDGERLY LEWIS HOLBROOK DARRELL MOODY CLYDE BROWNE WILLIAM GOODWIN CLYDE BROWNE EVERETT DUNLAP VINCENT DAVIS EVERETT DUNLAP WILLIAM GOODWIN DAVIS TWINS LEWIS HOLBROOK DARRELL MOODY HOWARD HARTWELL CLYDE BROWNE DALE BESSEY DANA EDGERLY GIRLS IUDITH ROGERS SHIRLEY MANZER IUDITH ROGERS BETSY WYMAN IUDITH ROGERS MARION PIPER JUDITH ROGERS LOIS BLAGDEN SHIRLEY MANZER BETSY WYMAN BARBARA BURNS BETSY WYMAN LOIS BLAGDEN BETSY WYMAN LOIS BLAGDEN .IUDITH ROGERS JOYCE FLETCHER BARBARA BURNS JOYCE FLETCHER MARION PIPER SHIRLEY MANZER ETTA ABBOTT LOIS BLAGDEN .IOYCE FLETCHER LOIS BLAGDEN ETTA ABBOTT IUDITH ROGERS MARION PIPER .IUDITI-I ROGERS MARION PIPER .IUDITH ROGERS BARBARA BURNS BETSY WYMAN MARION PIPER BETSY WYMAN LOIS BLAGDEN BETSY WYMAN BETSY WYMAN NANCY WELLS BARBARA BURNS LOIS BLAGDEN BETSY WYMAN MARION PIPER BETSY WYMAN W3-E X. jx Best Dancers Most Studious Q 66444 " x Ziadce -M In gg Nicest Hair Best Singers 4 4, N X W gs F 2 A ,J 'XX Ar Mos: Arhleri l A J I Q 1 A-R ff ' Nicest Smile Most polite 3" Most Absent Minded Best Musicians 41 If 423' lx I ii? , ui 4 ? 1 rl Q 623f08Q0fM6w44df,?55 A memorable day in the history of the Class of 1955 was September 4, 1951, for it was then that twenty-three of us, thirteen boys and ten girls, en- tered Anson Academy as Freshmen. During that year one of our classmates, Lorraine Mayo, dropped out. Her loss was balanced, however, by the addition of Lois Blagden. Our initiation by the members of the Student Council early in the year was most "enjoyable. " Our cardboard box costumes were outlandish but what fun we had with those cowbells! Our number was increased by one in the fall of 1952 when George Grant joined us. During the year, Joyce Miller left, giving us a total membership of twenty-three at the end of the year. 7731: 1 J N 5 At the beginning of our Junior year we were pleased to welcome a new member, Nancy Wells, into our class. During that year twelve of our class- mates participated in the annual Junior Prize Speaking Contest, the prize winners being Darrell Moody, Joyce Fletcher and Lois Blagden. When we entered school as Seniors in the fall of 1954, Gene Dickey's name was missing from the class roll. Our number has been further reduced since that time by the loss of Katherine Jacques and Walter Parlin. As we approach the June 9th graduation date, we have twenty-one members. eigh- If QQ' teen of whom were among the twenty-three Freshmen who entered Anson ...-f Academy away back in September of 1951. A glance at our activities and accomplishments during our four years at Anson Academy indicates why the Class of 1955 has earned a reputation as a very energetic and well-rounded group. Without exception all members of the class have been very active participants in one or more of the various school activities. That our class has excelled in scholastic achievement as well as in other fields is shown by the fact that the names of many of our members have appeared consistently on the honor roll. In the spring we plan to take a nip to an as yet undetermined destination. The many varied activities undertaken to raise money to finance this venture include washing cars, raffles, dances, food sales, and the collection of dues from the members of the class. This trip will serve as a fitting climax to our Q9 it 7 'a i - ,f four enjoyable years as students at Anson Academy. classes 4 at Hmm 746 7954-7955 FRESHMAN CLASS Lawrence Atwood June E. Beauchemin Glenda I. Berry Betsey M. Blomquist Gerald T. Brown Weldon E. Brown Lorraine E. Clark Cecilia M. Coro Larry L. Dickey Patricia A. Dickey Lynne Dion Darlene G. Dunbar Joan I. Dunlap Ralph A. Friend Danis D. Garrity Janis J. Garriry Duane L. Gilbert Jane E. Hinman Lucille l. Holbrook Lillian R. Leavitt James G. Lehay Wayne W. Lehay Richard E. Lynds Leonard T. Mayo Wesley J. Moody Robert L. Perkins Virginia E. Peters Christine M. Piper Donald H. Priest Bruce A. Ricker J. Harvey Spear, Ir. Janice O. Young SOPHOMORE CLASS Ann A. Bessey Beatrice G. Booker Caroline G. Carlson Ronald A. Chase Sandra L. Cushing Blaine C. Davis Frances A. Ducharme John N. Fencik Roger W. Gilman Charles G. Hunnewell David E. King Grace A. Matthews Gary L. Moody Lorna A. Nault Jacqueline M. Newell Keith B. Partridge Dianne G. Piper Kary K. Quint Earl R. Price Rodney N. Rolfe Lorraine A. Skillings Nadine L. Spencer Betty L. Witham JUNIOR CLASS Marie G. Adams Sonja E. Brown Lauriston C. Browne Maxine H. Browne Shirley F. Carlson Gene E. Dickey Norman L. Greene Ronald L. Hewey Eleanor J. Holbrook Christine B. Miller George L. Mullin, Jr. Byron R. Nelson lrene R. Newell Linton D. Partridge Millard E. Phillips Carol A. Ricker Ernest E. St. Peter Agnes A. Tingley Frank L. Viles Thelford R. Viles Warren F. Watson Robert G. Whitaker S..-vx.4 H. 699. C0608 First row: I. Newell, E. Holbrook, C. Miller, R. Hewey, F. Viles, M. Adams, S. Brown, A. Tingley. Second row: B. Nelson, S. Carlson, M. Browne, C. Ricker, T. Viles, L. Partridge, E. St. Peter, Mr. Glover, Advisor. Third row: G. Mullin, L. Browne, M. Phillips, W. Watson, N. Greene, G. Dickey, R. Whitaker. President ---- - - Ronald Hewey Vice President - - - - - Frank Viles Secretary ---- - - Christine Miller Although three members of our class, Neal Preble, Lura Scott and Lawrence Mayo, did not return to school in the fall, we still have the same enrollment of twenty-two members that we had last year. Our new classmates are Frank and Thelford Viles of New Vineyard, who transferred from Farmington High School, and Gene Dickey. Our class has contributed some valuable members of the Academy's outstanding athletic teams this year. Norman Greene, Ronnie Hewey and Buddy Nelson have played a prominent part in the success of both the basketball and baseball teams, while Ernie St. Peter served as manager of both of these squads. The outstanding girls' basket- ball squad included three Junior girls, Marie Adams, Eleanor Holbrook and Agnes Tingley First row: L. Nault, B. Booker, D. Piper, A. Bessey, S. Cushing, G. Matthews, B. Witham, I. Newell. Second row: C. Carlson, L. Skillings, N. Spencer, R. Rolfe, D. King, F. Ducharme, C. Hunnewell, Mrs. Bubar, Advisor. Third row: R. Gilman, G. Moody, B. Davis, E. Price, K. Quint, K. Partridge, R. Chase, J. Fencik. President - - - ---- Ann Bessey Vice President - - - - - Sandra Cushing Secretary ---- - - Grace Matthews Five of our classmates, Gloria Beane, Richard Davis, Robert Furbush, Barbara Mayo and Kenneth Wright, did not return to school in the fall. However, Jackie Fencik of Anson joined us for the first time. Since the beginning of the school year two more of 1 our members, James Lightbody and Shirley Gordon, have left us, giving us an enrollment of twenty-three at the present time. Up to the present we have lost none of the pep and enthusiasm for which we gained great fame during our first year. The bulk of the membership in the still very popular "3:l5 Club" continues to be made up of members of the class of '57. Some of our classmates have been very active as members of the various athletic teams. Particularly outstanding have been Gary Moody in basketball and baseballg Grace Matthews and Sandra Cushing in basketballg Dianne Piper as a member of the cheerlead- ing squad: and Ann Bessey as the manager of girls' basketball. C5 SKS 66444 First row: W. Lehay, V. Peters, D. Dunbar, C. Coro, B. Ricker, H. Spear, C. Piper, L. Holbrook, I. Dunlap, D. Gilbert. Second row: J. Hinman, B. Blomquist, L. Dion, L. Clark, I. Beauchemin, L. Leavitt, J. Garrity, J. Young, P. Dickey, Mr. Padham, Advisor. Third row: I. Lehay, L. Atwood, R. Friend, W. Brown, R. Lynds, W. Moody, R. Perkins, G. Brown, D. Garrity, L. Dickey, L. Mayo. President ---- - - - Bruce Ricker Vice President - - - - Harvey Spear Secretary - - - - - -Christine Piper On September 7, 1954, seventeen boys and seventeen girls became members of the Freshman Class at Anson Academy. We were pleased to welcome five members who did not attend Junior High School with us last year. These new members were Donald Priest and Neal Nelson from Anson, Robert Perkins from Kingfield, Lucille Holbrook from New Vineyard, and June Beauchemin from Bingham. Since the beginning of school in the fall two of our members, Barbara Gordon and Neal Nelson, have left, giving us an enrollment of thrity-two at the present time. Members of our class who have participated in athletics this year include Wayne Lehay, Duane Gilbert, Ralph Friend, Wesley Moody and Leonard Mayo as members of the J. V. basketball squads Glenda Berry and Janis Garrity as members of the girls' basketball squad: and Christine Piper and Joan Dunlap as members of the cheerleading group. mn First row: N. Witham, D. Quint, L. Mayo, G. Hurmewell, S. Greene, C. King, V. Stapleford, G. Berry. Second row: B. Hines, K. Dunbar, R. Clark, D. Ricker, G. Miller, P. Chase, R. Goodwin, G. Bessey, Mr. Gilbert. Third row: D. Simeoni, A. Vining, B. Merrill, G. Perkins, J. Abbott, A. Davis, W. Oliver, H. Peary, E. Weber. Qaeda First row: A. St. Peter, B. Edwards, E. Rolfe, D. Mayo, S. Piper, J. Mayo, G. Dunphy, P. King, P. Brown, R. Tingley. Second row: D. Friend, F. Browne, K. Smith D. Greene, M. Hines, M. Berry, L. Gordon, P. Dickey, R. Peters, M. Watson, Mrs. Getchell. Third row: R. Lehay, M. Garrity, J. Luce, L. Merrill, V. Salley, N. Oliver, D. Perkins, P. Weber, M. Edgerly, J. Engelborg, M. Rolfe. organizations Seated: N. Greene, D. Piper, J. Rogers, D. Bessey, Mr. Connon, Advisor. Standing: E. St. Peter, D. Moody, W. Moody, C. Hunnewell, D. Dunbar. President ---- - - -Judith Rogers Vice President - - - - - -Dale Bessey Secretary ---- - - -Dianne Piper Treasurer - - - - Norman Greene The Student Council of Anson Academy is made up of three representatives from each of the two upper classes and two from each of the two lower classes. These repre- sentatives were elected by the students at an election held at the beginning of the school year. Among the activities which t.he Student Council has sponsored this year have been the sale of magazines, dances, the sale of candy and soft drinks in the game room, and the Annual Freshman Initiation. Funds raised by the group have been used to purchase equipment for the various athletic teams and to purchase a new tape re- corder for use in the school. The Student Council also made a sizable f for the purchase of new uniforms. 3 am, f - contribution of funds to the school band to aid them in raising money pf - Q fl- , 7.107 President ---- Vice President - First Secretary - Second Secretary Treasurer ---- Parliamentarian - - - - Song Leader ---- - ?.?f.,4. - - -Barbara Burns - - - - Judith Rogers Grace Matthews - Marie Adams Shirley Manzer -Pauline Chase - Marion Piper Forty-two girls from the Academy and Junior High School are enrolled as members of the Anson Academy chapter of the Future Homemakers of America this year. Weekly meetings are held in the Home Economics room on Wednesday mornings during the activity period. Under the leadership of the advisor, Mrs. Dolan, many activities, such as dances, sale of refreshments at all home basketball games, and the making of improvements in the Home Economics laboratory, have been carried out. The club purchased a new electric range for the refreshment area in the gym- 1? NEW YXC nasium. Nic M A K Ek S O 'N ln November many members of the club attended QP '17 the regional F. H. A. meeting held at Dexter. At Ct. ' lx 9 this meeting one of our members, Grace Ann Mat- 3 1 'Q thews, was honored by being elected to the post of 'S E, E secretary of the regional group for the duration of P: le LT the school year. O -,S Q 5 wc 0 tx Seated: A. Bessey, M. Piper, N. Wells, S. Manzer, Mrs. Given, Advisor. Standing: S. Cushing, R. Hewey, G. Grant, W. Watson, J. Fencik, N. Spencer, B. Witham. President ---- - - Nancy Wells Vice President - - - - Shirley Manzer Secretary ---- - -Marion Piper Treasurer - - - -Ann Bessey The Commercial Club is composed of those interested students of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes who are taking at least one commercial subject. At the present time there are eleven members in the club, with Mrs. Given, the commercial teacher, serving as advisor. Among the activities in which the members have engaged this year are the selection and presentation of movies of special interest to those in the commercial field, and the purchasing and presentation of awards to students for outstanding achievement in commercial subjects. Frequent meetings are held during the activity period for the pur- pose of discussing job opportunities and requirements in the commer- cial field. The club sponsored a field trip to the local telephone busi- ness office, where the latest types of business machines were explained and seen in operation. fzeuddal Editor-in-Chief - - - - - Judith Rogers Business Manager - - - Howard Hartwell Literary Editor - - - - - Marie Adams Art Editor ---- - - Ronald Hewey Boys' Sports - - - Howard Hartwell Girls' Sports - - - - - -Grace Matthews Roving Reporter - - - -Lois Blagden Jokes and Gossip - - - - - Barbara Burns The purpose of the Press Club is to publish the school paper, the "Tattler. " Under the guidance of the two advisors, Mrs. Given and Mrs. Bubar, the twenty-seven members of the club do all of the work concerned with the publication of the paper once each month during the school year. The "Tattler" is the source of much interesting information concerning school affairs, interesting hobbies, coming events, and the latest school gossip. The club exchanges papers with a number of .. -. nearby schools. ln this way much interesting information and many new ideas are obtained. The expert composition and excellent appearance of the paper is ample evidence that the staff membexs and advisors spend a great deal of time in its A q F preparation each month. cs sf NS '5 'f-'ff-l:ff.f2'Qi . 1 ?Q'5iY5 , fffffi 5314'- Seated: B. Wyman, S. Manzer, J. Fletcher, J. Rogers, D. Bessey. Editor-in-Chief - - - Business Manager - - - Advertising Manager - - Photography Editor - - Literary Editor - - - Boys' Sports Editor - - Girls' Sports Editor - - Exchanges ------ SW! M. Piper, N. Wells. Standing W Davis - - Judith Rogers - - Dale Bessey - Nancy Wells Shirley Manzer - Marion Piper Winfield Davis -Betsy Wyman Joyce Fletcher The staff of the 1955 Anchor is composed of members of the Senior Class who were selected by their classmates. Under the capable leadership of the editor-in-chief Judith Rogers, and the guidance of our faculty advisor, Mr. Connon, the work of col- lecting and preparing the material has progressed very rapidly. Early in the fall the members of the Senior Class cooperated to make the sale of advertising for the yearbook a great success. Sufficient funds were T ' raised in this manner to pay most of the cost of publication. 1 L The members of the staff wish to take this opportunity to express ,, . . . . . their gratitude to all of the many individuals and groups who have aided in making the publication of the 1955 Anchor possible. SPOIJIS 3144? lb' Kneeling: E. Dunlap, Manager, G. Moody, R. Hewey, W. Viles, B. Nelson, E. St. Peter, Assistant Manager. Standing: W. Moody, N. Greene, W. Davis, D. Moody, H. Hartwell, D. Bessey, G. Grant, Mr. Padham, Coach. At the beginning of the 1954-55 season the all-veteran Anson Academy team had high hopes of annexing the league title. However, early in the season these hopes were considerably dampened when the star pivot man, Darrell Moody, suffered a broken leg while playing against Harmony. Despite this great loss, the team compiled an enviable record, winning ten of the fourteen league games, which placed it in a tie for thi.rd place with Bingham in the league standing. The only other game on the schedule resulted in a one point loss to the strong Kingfield team, making the season's record ten victories against only five defeats. In tournament play at the end of the season our team was victorious over Clinton in the preliminary round, but was defeated by the league champions, Monson Academy, in the finals. Dale Bessey won the foul shooting championship of the squad and took part in the shoot-off for the state title at Farmington. He and Howard Hartwell represented Anson Academy on the league all-star team. Although six members of the squad are Seniors, future prospects do not look too dim. The remaining squad members, plus some help from members year. X151 of the strong I. V. squad, form a good nucleus around which to build for next Seated: G. Matthews, E. Abbott, B. Burns, Mr. Connon, Coach: B. Wyman, N. Wells M. Adams. Standing: A. Bessey, Manager, E. Holbrook, L. Skillings, F. Ducharme, J. Garrity, N. Spencer, A. Tingley, S. Cushing, L. Holbrook. The 1954-55 Anson Academy girls' team compiled an excellent record. There were only two losses, both by two points and one of those in a double overtime game, to mar an otherwise perfect record. The season's record was thirteen wins and two defeats. The league record of twelve wins and two defeats put the team in a triple tie for first place with Central High School and Harmony High School. Nearly a month after the end of our regular season the team had to play off for the championship. In a game played at Bingham, Central High was victorious over us by a score of 52 to 46. Betsy Wyman and Nancy Wells were selected to represent our school ln the annual league all-star game. Four members of the squad are members of the Senior Class. Al- though all of them were members of the starting six, prospects for con- tinued success in the future are not too dim. The valuable experience f. J 1, gained by other squad members plus some very good material coming . I up from the Junior High School team promise to Keep Anson Academy at or near the top in girls' athletics ln the years to come. .W. fs, Kneeling: D. Gilbert, C. l-lunnewell, W. Lehay. Standing: L. Mayo, R. Chase, K. Quint, K. Partridge, R. Friend. Because of the large number of boys who desired to participate in basketball this season, the group was divided into varsity and junior varsity squads. The eight member J. V. squad was coached by Neil Witham, who very generously donated his time and knowledge in teaching the boys the fundamentals of the game. Although the schedule of games played with teams of other schools was limited to five, the boys received valuable experience. There was only one loss to mar an other- wise perfect season, that being a two-point defeat by the Bingham J. V. 's when our team was weakened by the absence of one of its better players. Later in the season that defeat was avenged by a 49 to 29 victory. The highlight of the season was an easy '77 to 12 victory over a supposedly strong I. V. team from Monson. Us Some of the members of the I. V. squad have developed to KX!!! 5 5, the point where next year they are expected to capably fill the X 'sr . i shoes of the members of the varsity squad who will be lost by X graduation. Since all the members of the squad have at least two more years of eligibility, they are certain to play a prom- inent role in furthering the winning ways of Anson Academy's K Y athletic teams. fy .1 4: 1 is I I ar Huddle Coach Girls game R 1. Girls and Coach 6 P 61-1 ea defy 6 M egapboae s GUS KM Instructions Cheerleaders in Action eww Euelall Seated: N. Greene, B. Nelson, R. Hewey, W. Davis, C. Browne, G. Moody, R. Chase. Standing: E. St. Peter, Manager, E. Price, L. Holbrook, D. Bessey, D. Moody, H. Hartwell, V. Davis, Mr Connon, Coach. The outlook for the Anson Academy baseball team for the 1955 season is very bright. The reason for this optimism is that, with the exception of one player, the very strong team of last year will once again take the field. The fact that there are twenty-five boys on the squad, all of whom are very eager to play, means that the more experienced players will have to hustle at all times in order to hold their positions The pitching staff is once again headed by Winfield Davis who did not walk a single batter in the forty-three innings he pitched last season. Leading candidates for the vacant catching position are Darrell Moody and Lewis Holbrook. The infield posi- tions are capably filled by Buddy Nelson, Gary Moody, Dale Bessey and Norman Greene while the leading outfield candidates are Clyde Browne, Howard Hartwell and George Grant. F, - E K ? If the team can overcome its inability to hit Q b ff f j in clutch situations, it will be a strong contender ' 6 X to take the top league honors for the first time in 53 many years. F A 'fs it 2 N a kr 3' K rag '31, ' X C I 'X , rf, A. , YN .-X F H 4 activities 1 I Seated: V. Davis, B. Wyman, R. Rolfe, M. Adams, L. Blagden, W. Davis, W. Good win. Standing: K. Dunbar, H. Spear, N. Greene, C. Ricker, Miss Ela, DirectorgB. Merrill, M. Phillips, C. Hunnewell, G. l-lunnewell. The Anson Academy band is made up of fifteen members. The group rehearsed regularly during the Wednesday morning music period. In addition, the younger mem- bers of the band have received special instrumental instruction from the director, Miss Ela, throughout the year as part of the music program. The band has made a number of public appearances this year. It played several numbers at the fall concert of the pupils of the Mark Emery School and also at the spring concerts held in the various towns of the school union. Some members of the band have been outfitted with new maroon and white uni- forms. It is hoped that in the near future sufficient money will be obtained to buy uniforms for the remainder of the band members. Vincent and Winfield Davis, William Goodwin and Betsy Wyman were v. I selected to participate as members of the Kennebec Valley Band. The first Fl three also represented our school as members of the All-State Band which 5' - f Of I 'Y 4 WQ 6 presented a concert at South Portland during the month of April. gl X Q2 sq . 'gig ',,, Q , K K- ' ,C g , QQILF ini' M A s Wand This year's Anson Academy mixed chorus is unique in that thirtv-nine of its total of seventy-three members are boys. Under the direction of the music supervisor, Miss Ela, the group met regularly throughout the year during the Wednesday morning music period. The Academy chorus participated in the annual Christmas program held in the gymnasium. It also presented many fine numbers at the annual spring concert series. Highlight of the year's activities was the trip to Belfast, where, in the spring, the entire group auditioned at the Central Maine Music Festival. Some of the members of the chorus were selected by the director to represent our school in outside choral activities. Lois Blagden, Marion Piper, Marie Adams, Everett Dunlap, Charles l-lunnewell, Dale Bessey and Roger Gilman were members of the Kennebec Valley Chorus which presented a series of concerts in many cities in central Maine during the winter. In addition, Lois Blagden was selected to attend the New I ,asf-1 .W M' 'v England Music Festival which met at Rutland, Vermont, in the spring. si t? ,v N ,J I. Dunlap, C. Piper, D. Piper, B. Wyman, M. Piper, J. Fencik. This has been another busy year for the cheerleaders of Anson Academy. For the first time in many years at this school, a boy, Jackie Fencik, was a member of the cheerleading squad. He, together with Christine Piper and Ioan Dunlap were new mem- bers of the squad. Much hard work and constant practice under the direction of their advisor, Mrs. Dolan, and the head cheerleader, Marion Piper, enabled the group to develop and present many tricky routines. The pleasing exhibitions were well received at all games, both at home and away, especially the routine which ended up with all members lying flat on the floor. During the basketball season rallies were held to acquaint the student body with new cheers and to arouse enthusiasm for crucial games. - - The group was attractively outfitted in uniforms of the school colors, maroon and white, and was equipped with new megaphones purchased by 35 the Student Council. Although two of this years cheerleaders, Betsy Wyman and Marion ,-Q Piper, will graduate in June, there remains an experienced nucleus around which to build for next year. Let's hope that they have as much to cheer about as we had this year! 1 Q7 'I 91' 1 I Y' 1 4. -9 I- , 1 XX Candy Machrnc ' Y R' S Q' 3 X Gul Crawlmg 3us A DH Ver Glrls wrth Arms Around Each 0tl1r,r Santa Claus Guls Wlth Ball ef Nancy Gul With Coat Betsy Mrs. Given 3 Boys Kg- I 7 Y, x i 1 S New Class' oem QI' ' M" .. -. ' Qf' . , : xg -R... , , ' imp , - - fg ffk- - 5 'MA - l is ,Ll k 551 AM t K K t 5 " v i . , wg .'...,I:imif""g6W'f'f:fI :W +1 , M . ,, .' " 2 ":: 5!N'35-V""""' ':s, Q .. - -' . .-1 X I ,fe ,- , L.,. LL,.Z . . . i - o sg X 11 Al sg . X ..,v..,,....,,,..,.,N..W. .VA..LL, U. W,,. -.,..W,,,,,,L,, T i Zi I , ,W x :""' I A 1 E iw - 251 f QE? I I W , H W ---F ' Wf fw' 'V W , '.--1-wa , ' ' V " - " , - ,A , .. ...M 4- ----- w-iw " A-'T . . y... .- M99 -' 4 A- 55" ,vf A W 'A ff , - , ..,.. M ' Tw .,.- , LL,, M Q - Home Ec Sink Shop Door 1 E e T'anSPorrarion Area 7 4Zz4mzaoa ,4c4demq The major improvement at Anson Academy since the close of school last spring has been the construction of a two story addition to the main Academy building. The addition, the construction of which was made possible bv funds raised by the Town of Anson, contains two large classrooms. These rooms are very modern, with excellent flourescent lighting, green chalkboards, asphalt tile flooring, built-in coat closets, ample window space, and all new school furniture. The new room on the second floor is occupied by the 'Ith grade of the Junior High School, while the room on the ground floor is used as the homeroom of the Senior Class. The room in the basement of the new addition is used as a projection room for showing movies. The work of landscaping the grounds around the Academy building was started last fall and will be continued this spring. Improvements in the Industrial Arts Department continue to be made. A large doorway has been constructed on the south side of Academy Hall. This doorway pro- vides access into the rear of the basement of the building, making lt possible to bring automobiles and other vehicles into the newly equipped transportation area of the department, thus affording the students an opportunity to learn about automotive repairs and maintenance. A new stainless steel sink has been installed in the foods section of the Home Econ- omics laboratory to provide much needed sink space. This piece of equipment, in addi- tion to being very usetul, adds much to the appearance of the laboratory. Another improvement at the Academy has been the construction of a wide asphalt walk which extends from the front entrance of the Academy building to the steps lead- ing into the Academy Hall. This walk aids greatly in reducing the amount of dirt and mud carried into the building. A new electric range has been added to the refreshment area of the gymnasium. Money for this much needed piece of equipment was raised by the F. H. A. Club through the sale of refreshments at all of the many basketball games held in the gym- nasium. This year the policy of using the large area to the rear of the Academy building as a parking area was started. This relieves the congestion due to parked cars on the narrow driveway between the Academy building and Academy Hall, especially during the winter season when the problem of snow removal is so great. These improvements serve as a good indication that Anson Academy is a progressive institution. They also make it possible for all connected with the school to continue to boast that their school is one of the best, if not the best, of its size in this area. 'Me "Zu" BOY GIRL . . JUDY ROGERS Tallest. . . KARY QUINT. . . . .GLENDA BERRY Shortest. . WAYNE LEHAY. . . . . JOAN DUNLAP Youngest. . . DANIS GARRITY . . . . . IANE I-IINMAN Oldest. . CLYDE BROWNE. . . . . ETTA ABBOTT Brainiest. . DARRELL MOODY . . Nearest. . DAVID KING ..... .... L YNNE DION Busiest. . ROGER GILMAN. . . .... .SUE MANZER Quietest. . LAWRENCE ATWOOD. . . . . BETSY BLOMQUIST Sportiest. . EVERETT DUNLAP. . . . . LOIS BLAGDEN Noisiest . . EARL PRICE .... BETTY LOU WITHAM Politest. . ROBERT PERKINS. . . JGRACE MATTHEWS Shyest. . . LARRY DICKEY . . . . . VIRGINIA PETERS Slimmest . . HOWARD HARTWELL . .SANDRA CUSI-IING Earliest. . . RONNIE HEWEY. . . . . LORNA NAULT Latest. . . BILLY GOODWIN. . . . .BETSY WYMAN Slowest . . . LEWIS I-IOLBROOK. . . . NADINE SPENCER Fastest. . . DALE BESSEY .... . . . MARIE ADAMS Absentest. . . ARODNEY ROLFEL . LORRAINE SKILLINGS Peppiest. . GARY MOODY . . . .... ANN BESSEY ' ae, 74.6. A7 ' ' M. E. A. ........ MASTERS EVERY ADVERSITY D. A. B. . ..... DARING AND BRAVE L. A. B. ..... LOVES ALL BOYS C, M, B, . . CHASES MANY BROADS B, E, B, . BRING EDGERLY BACK V. S. D. . . . . . VERY STEADY DATE W, L, D, , , . . .WISE LITTLE DEMON E. G. D. . ..... .EVERY Guuxs DREAM D. L. E. . . . DRIVES LIKE EVERYTHING W. C. G. . . . . WILL CO-OPERATE GENERALLY G. W. G. . . ........ GONE WITH GIRLS J, E, F, , , . . JILTS EVERY FELLOW H. A. H. . . . . I-IALE AND HEARTY L. 1. H. . . ..... LOVE IS HERE S. S. M. . . SHE SELDOM MISSES D. L. M. . . . . . DOES LOVE MONA M, E, P, . . MAKES EVERY PLAY 1, F, R, ..... JUST FOR RAGS W. T. V. . . . .WELL TRAINED VILLAIN N. I. W. ..... NEVER IUST WILLING B. A.W.. . . . .BEST ALL-ROUND WOMAN V . Boy Refldlllg il I' lx la I I Congratulations SONLYCSX jf: ' - , V ,ii ' ' K ' .YP-3' K s I ' 5 o .f f E ' I A xg' W , .,..-1--"""" fiu. ! Ut door 8,984 Stball f 3 Girls Girls Clowning 2 Boys Card Party Jam Session - S .h I Tm mn X ,Q cywzee Eff eng . f C 3 3223 fi aii- K2 it , 0 Q, f f H 1 ',. i 3 lv? J' R. Rolfe .W g X4 - L 1 - w J D. Kmg A SR QJMXQ.: XSSQT- ' 'G NW, X-M ' L-Q s nw Af' Mr. Connon J n 18 , AA , I-I. Hartwell 1 Q g bla, ' 1 x Q SQ Q J i q K v- , E , . P mf ir. ' -17 D. Bessey B. Wyman if C. Hunnewell -.-2' . A X -:J D. Moody I g A A i.. I I es . V 'Z fn N NA? 'X C. Browne 'QW 065,51 ,,A, .Q 5 ' ' ,N mnwllplwl'FmXw . ' N 5 7 f N is S nv' ' f' -4, M :Q .af 5 Z mg .EGO G. Moody 'f 0 . LQ X .g ' X Wie wwx N X , E. Price X X 0, ,, V? B N 1 613' 4 . e son --UMW v-"wWWV"wW'5lhflMll0'lW'! W'-0 M- Piper J. Fencik advertisers I A The merchants and friends of i ANSON ACADEMY listed on the following pages have contributed P E ' funds toward making the publica- tion of this yearbook possible. NORTH ANSON Lynd's Barber Shop McHenry's Garage J. P. Murray and Company Great Northern Paper Company Dr. Henry E. Marston FARIVLINGTON WATERVILLE E. E. Flood Shoe Store Al Corey's Music Center Howard's Drug Store Atherton's Furniture Store Dr. John Friend Harris Baking Company Franklin Farmers' Union James L. Boyle, Attorney MADISGN Be1anger's Restaurant Dom's Quick Lunch Perkins Machine Shop Dr. E. J. Darveau's Dry Cleaners Dr. C. F. Smith Perkins Hardware Store Dr. H. E, Danforth Madison Dry Cleaners BINGHAM tj ft, Bemis Restaurant and Cabins T fm' "- Howes Service Station X Cooley's Filling Station Kennebec Incorporated Bristol's Hilltop Restaurant and Cabins If Q i, X it XX fy ANSON KINGFIELD Somerset Greenhouse Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Covert Taylor's Drug Store A Friend Archie Spencer's Service Station Knapp Bros. Dodge Agency W. B. Freeman, Jeweler I. A. Konecny 11' SKOWHEGAN is fd W. T. Grant Company wg xdm Wentworth and Plummer, Insurance Skowhegan Commercial School W Hight Buick Company Dr. R. A. Derbyshire , Kyes Esso Station Dr. Philip Russakoff Dr. L. W. Symons ' Woolworth's N I Dr. P. E. Lessard ,A-A Xe p Demo Studio William Philbrick Co., Insurance Dr. A. S. Appleby Peop1e's Garage Noyes Stove Corporation Millburn Hotel Cross Hardware Store Cut Price Clothing Store Variety Drug Store NORRIDGEWOCK NEW PORTLAND Norrwock Shoe Company Dr. E. L, Hutchins SOLON Solon Manufacturing Co. Riverview Restaurant ta f-V 'v ' 4 95' U X M- fN94!N V ...- ff? - N A N Riffs -" 1 A ii " ffl f U :I V U L- an A 5 Q Ie E E N V Tire A AND Retreading ',,i sAvE , 50 N 1 News il' A M AT MW Radio N s IW' Television ' Q! M di Sales H . a 1son d Q Skowhegan Seglxlice 9 6 8 970645622 IVIF-56. CO. INC. 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N C55 BANK ,,fwu 7 X- Water Street - Skowhegan ' Come to Us Wi Z Q HURT f W enum E 1 th A11 of Your Banking Needs Jima FURNITURE I-IAL ILS HALL'S HOME FURNITURE North Anson, Maine Phone: Madison 6-8061 In f---...uf-Q, ' AN I X . 'ij X3 0' MEADER'S : M you? i l If . . 5 SADDLE at LEATHER Ms ' F X SHOP U me xx 'll T0 'aMos:Everythi The Plant of H. A. LISHERNESS Manufacturer of Rul Sto k North Anson - or e X Q or e an I 1 er x Wa ervi e aine 65' f th n H S d I-B x R'd 1' J Q r 11 , M 'aaa B 'E- QQQQ Moore QUE? SEM Toz i er S GULF SERVICE 0902! . 1r5V0f1f5' L b B ilding a d R f g Matemals L-uw, E. Pans 5 5 C 'Nl mlIlll'lllllLumber Co. skowhegan I 1 Re ad The LAST MINUTE jfgw L Wkkdwzffe Morning Sentinel Central Maine's Daily Newpaper S 1 S W 11 Best Wishes From CHET'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER EDWAl2D'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE ' CHESTER BLIZARD, Proprietor 84 Main Street Atlas Batteries and Tires Madison, Maine Madison High Grade Birch Veneer eg. L x fdl' Outboard and Inboard Boats ALLEN QUIMBY B ingharn, Maine Get Your Graduation Gifts COOKUS DRUG STORE At ENO'S JEWELRY STORE P1'e5C1'iPti0n5 Filled Watches - Pen Sets - Typewriters Radios - Luggage Madison Madison - Skowhe gan Standard B rands At Fair Trade Prices DRUG STORE TRY OUR HJQS . :--:f : - . .J 'C-'-:.y:,-I J 1,-,gC.-:Zgf:2--.'-5-49' i'-::::--.:.l.Z11-'A -I ' 9: '-1-'luzft-T?-:L g:.'-,'fj.:'.'g : 5:1 5:55, .5151 -.-3: 5.35 13.7 'I 1' flirjffi-5f.32?:f-V .. ' -. .4 - 5,4-: :ag wi:-r. 1 "5 Win:-5155. :fp In gl:-gg , . O . .55 '- KN .'1ZE'E2i!fg -5, gli: . - .' .- .Ff:'fx3'z 'r-:-. 11-5-2 .' ' ' "1-255' 9:4:,:'5g2:f1-. . I .Q-'. E1:.5B.-ff'5'f- . ' . -Zi E-.qL15:.':. . R 1 :e-'a'::::-- - - -35.'.'-.1I:"' . jijgggziz-5 - ,. J!g:.4,f.:'- . ,.g-3. ,L-'I-?f.'S.1 '- -.: v ?:.N' ?fE55'fE' . " '-':.'ff1i1': E'-' . -:.:j,1gi3f . -..,,,,::a. -1ii:::r-'5:j.j ' ' . ' i'.-2:0-7,-,: :- j .fm-'-':.jrf. 4 - X :q.'f.11:.--1:. ' - '-l":! Z'-..' ' ' ."o' . 2-.Q-.--5, . . , '. 4 .. 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