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,f i 9 ' S N 4 ,J KQWHEGAN, MAINE Ng- " '3-'L7i7L-L-g-LTlTlTL7.:.T-T-T.- - - - - - -11 ETF ,, ' , ' f-..,.:' - - ,lygw i.1igLfi'.x,y "+ - "sc: N. 14?"f.' F :-Sf -1149: ' . fl" " 4":"fiih- " 'Y ,..-.','41-:mg-QL , , -,,,:.,g:fAqfjmf H: O i ll , W H Published by the Senior Class of Anson Academy North Anson, Maine 1945 IH! HNEHHH tuttntuttv M t ,iv , ,YY , t Seated left to right: Mrs. Gavett, Mr. Merrill, and Miss Pullen Standing left to right: Miss Richardson, Mr. Botkin, and Mrs. Pease CMiss Jackman absent when picture was takenj Romain' B. lXlliRRIl,l., B. A., Colby College Pri azf' ipat, Svtluzvv, Matlwmatics RIl'll,NlZIJ il. liortim, liorliam Normal School Industrial Arts, Physical Eduration HIcs'rtcR M. lJULl.IiN, Bates College English, History, Languages lxlARY S, JACKMAN, B. S., University of Maine Hmm' licozzouzirs lXlARY XV. l'l2,xs1Q, University of Maine History, Eighth Grade AMY D. GAVETT, VVasl1i11gton State Normal School Svwmztlz Grade' ALlClQ R, R1cH.xRosoN , B. S., University of Maine Nasir i' ir ir t ir ir 'k 'k Wi SHHIH ...MJ BLIN FELKER W1NsToN PAENE XYi1liam Blin Felker is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Felker of North Anson. He has been missing since December, 1942. XYinst0n Paine is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Perley Paine of North Anson. He has been missing since January, 1943. Both boys are graduates of Anson Academy and they have fought for and served our country well. We are very proud of them and we honor them highly. 'lr 'A' 'A' ir uk ir ir ik President V ice-President Secretary SENIHH HHSS CLASS OFFICERS Class Motto Out of the Harbor into Deep Channels , Class Colors Blue and White Class Flowers Blue Bachelors Buttons and White Carnations SCHOOL SONG In the gallery of memories There are pictures bright and fair Bnt this dear old Anson Academy Is the brightest one that's there. CHORUS : Alma Mater, how we love thee, With a love that n-e'er shall fade For awe feel we owe a debt to thee That never can be paid. In every field of action Men of Ansan's won a place In the schools of all New England It is Anson that sets the pace. CHORUS: Alma Mater, how 'we love thee, With a love that ne'er shall fade For 'we feel we owe a debt to thee That never can be paid. THE ANCHOR . . jovcx-: YOUNG Wmsron MCLEAN . Emu Hom' ANsoN ACADEMY nnnnunus FRANCES CLARA ADAMS KTATTERJ "She that was ever fair and never proud ' Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud." Glee Club 45 Senior Play 4Q Basketball I, 2, 3, Home Econ- omics Club 31 Junior Prize Speaking, third place, 3. DAWN ELAINE BESSEY "Like - But, oh how diferezztf' 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4g Vice-President of Class 35 Home Econ omics Club 35 Junior Prize Speaking, second place, 3 Senior Play 4. Y' r ERMA HOYT LERMIED "Nothing .great was ever achieved iwfthouvt enthutsiasmf' Glee Club 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Captain of Basketball Team 4, Senior Play 4, Latin Club I, 2, 35 Secretary of Latin Club 3, Class Secretary 4: Student Council 41 Leaders Club 3, 4j Junior Prize Speaking SQ Softball I. 6 DONALD WINSTON MCLEAN QVEEPJ "Good things come in small packages." Student Council 4g junior Prize Speaking 31 Class Vice- President 4. THE ANCHOR GLENICE ALTHEA LIVINGSTON CNEDQJ "True as the nvedle to the pole, Or as the dial to the sunf' Glee Club 45 School Play 4Q Senior Play 4, Latin Club 1, 2, 3g Home Economics Club 3g Student Council I, 2, 3g Basketball 1, 2, 3g Softball I g Junior Prize Speaking 3. ELIZABETH MAY SPENCER QLIZZIEJ "Had side to many bllf107.'Cdj1l5f one." Basketball I, 2, 3, 4g Senior Play 4: President of Home Economics Club 3: Student Council 2. 3, 41 Leaders Club 3, 4: junior Prize Speaking SQ Class Vice-Presb dent IQ Softball I. ANsoN ACADEMY 3 JOYCE VIOLET YOUNG qjwyp "Tho Ivam not splenitiwe and rash Yet I have something 'in me dangerous." Class Secretary 1, 31 Vice-President 23 President 45 Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 43 Captain Basketball I, 2, 3Q Softball IQ School Play 3, 43 Senior Play 4: Latin Club I, 2, 33 Treasurer I, 23 Leaders Club 3, 43 Junior Prize Speak- ing 33 Student Council 3, 4 3 Assistant Treasurer 33 Treasurer 4j D. A. R. Candidate 45 Glee Club 4. 'A' ir 'A' uk Former Classmates Now In Service E ' i 3 . 1 i- J KENNETH ATULLIN ALLEN PHILPOT Kenneth and Allenare the two boys from our class who had to leave in order to fight for our country. VV e are more than proud of them and wish them success wherever they go. THE ANCHOR JUNIHH EtlHSS -F e l Standing left to right: Bruce Paine, Raymond McHenry, Walter Ela, Kenneth McHenry Seated left to right: Blanche Mullin, Mary Judkins, Dorris Skillings, Phyllis Coro, Marion Has- kell, Muriel Moody The junior class of Anson Academy began a happy year with ten students at first and later we we coined Muriel Moody, making a total oi eeven. The following were elected as cass otiicers: . Prvsidrnt Bruce Paine Serretary Dorris Skiiiings Tzraszirm' Mary judkins Studcni Cozmril fllcmbrrs Water Ela Phyllis Coro Raymond Mcl-lenry ln October we had our Junior Prom and in December our class rings arrived which was a happy moment for all. Some members of the junior class took part in the Student Council and the Senior plays. The class was very active in basketball with all but one participating. We are sorry to hear that Kenneth McHenry is leaving usyto join the Merchant Ma- rines this spring. VVe are looking forward to the junior Prize Speaking Contest later this year. ANsoN ACADEMY SIlI1HlIMIlHlElHSS Standing left to right: Robert Judkins, John Young, Rebecca Briggs, Chester Briggs and Verne Berry Seated left to right: Betty Petty, Maxine Paine, Muriel Dunphy, Katherine Ela, and Lelia Newell The Sophomore Class started the year by electing officers. Muriel Dunphy was elected president, Rebecca Briggs, vice-president, and Maxine Paine. secretary. The Student Council members from our class are Muriel Dunphy, who is the secretary. and John Young. To finance our Sophomore lflop we held sandwich sales. The Hop was held April 6, 1945. the hall being decorated maroon and white. 'l'n1a ANCHOR HHSHMHN class Standing left to right: Ralph Manzer, James Farley, Richard Whitaker, Christie Mullin, Eleanor Ketchum, Lucille Berry, Merle Skillings, Ruth Newell, Hilda Walker, Gerald Peters, Eldon McLean, Leroy Rolfe. Seated left to right: Frances Lynds, Florence Coro, Mary Jacques, Barbara Judkins, Sadie as Lightbody, Iva Moulton The Freshman Reception was held on Friday. September 8. XN'e started with a class of nineteen, but now number eighteen as Roger Booker left school in the spring to work in Madison. Three boys and three girls played on the Academy basketball teams, nine girls partici- pated in the Glee Club, and three girls are members of the school band. The class officers are as follows: President Mary jacques Vive-President Richard NNhitaker Serretary Barbara 'Iudkins Nlenibers of the class who are on the Student Council are Iva Moulton and Merle Skillings. ANMMYIIHHIH annul i l 4 Standing left to right: Herbert Lynds, Garry Spencer, Robert Ferguson, Beatrice Harvie, Mir iam Skillings, Edith Spencer, Beverly Paine, Chester Newell, Fred Coro, and Warren Bessey Seated left to right: Violet Price, Alverna Livingston, Chrystelle Berry, Alice Collins, Jo Ann Anderson, Shirley Viles, and Wilma Hartwell Absent when picture was taken: Lillian Young. The fall term opened with Mrs. Ruth French as teacher of Grade 8. We were. in- deed sorry to lose her at the end of five weeks, and tendered her a farewell party in appre- ciation of her many kindnesses to us. Mrs. Ruth Cross took the class for one week until October 9, when our present teacher, Mrs. Mary Pease, came. Our class now numbers eighteen. Clyde Keene having left school in the fall. Two of our class, Chrystelle Berry and Miriam Skillings, are members of the Glee Club, and five are playing in the band, They are: Garry Spencer, Robert Ferguson, Chester Newell. Chrystelle Berry, and Alverna Livingston. In the Held of sports, we were represented by Herbert Lynds and Garry Spencer, who were on the Junior High basketball team. Robert Ferguson is a member of the Student Council. Edith Spencer, Shirley Viles, Jo Ann Anderson, Wilma Hartwell, and Chrystelle Ber- ry assisted in the basketball banquet. slvuuu EHHIH St d' left to ri ht: Albert Bradley, Eugene Norton, Frank Dickey, Robert Cummings, Les- an mg g lie Watson, Priscilla Whiting, Lois Bean, Carmen Whitaker, Colby Hilton, Robert Nault, Myron Blanchard, William Paine, Robert Burns, Vaughn Bessey. Seated left to right: Rose Bessey, Emma Creamer, Glenys Watson, Frances Edgerly, Nancy Fish, Shirley McLean, Patricia Witham. Absent when picture was taken, Chandler Cates. We have had three different teachers: Mrs. Chestina Getchell, Mrs. Bertha Hoyt, and Mrs. Amy Gavett. Cur class has seven boys in the band: Robert Nault, Robert Burns, Robert Cummings, Colby Hilton, Eugene Norton, and Chandler Cates. Frances Edger- ly is in the Clee Club and Robert Nault is on the Student Council. We had a Christmas party and invited the eighth grade. On Valentines Day we had a Valentine box. ' ANSON ACADEMY y siuniii nuutinli Standing left to right: Robert Nault, Robert Ferguson, John Young, Walter Ela, Merle Skill ings, Raymond McHenry, Winston McLean. Seated left to right: Erma Hoyt, Elizabeth Spencer, Muriel Dunphy, Joyce Young, Phyllis Coro, Iva Moulton. The Student Council consists of thirteen members, four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen. Also one each from the seventh and eighth grades. The Student Council sponsored a play, "Sound Your Horn" on March 2, I945. They have regulated Dancing School and supervised all athletics. The ofhcers are as follows: Prcsidmzt Virc-President Secretary Treasurer riSSl.SftI1Zf Treasurer A dvisor Halter Ela Raymond McHenry Muriel Dunphy Joyce Young Phyllis Coro Mr. Merrill THE ANCHOR SECHHIH lllHY M Standing left to right: Kenneth McHenry, Walter Ela, Joyce Young. Seated left to right: Mary Judkins, Katherine Ela, Phyllis Coro, Robert Judkins, Muriel Moody, Maxine Paine, Glenice Livingston. "Sound Your Horn" The School l'lay, uthllllllld Your Horn", was presented by the Student Council on March 2, 1945. The cast was as follows: Drusilla, ll litflv girl about town .... M.xx1NE PAINE Phyllis, her clmm ....... .... .... .... P H v LLls CoRo Etta Lamh, a waitress .............. i . . ..., GLi2N1ci-1 l,.IVINGS'l'0N Mr. Angus, attorney for Mrs. Van Dyke .... .... R onlinr JUDKINS Homer Bird, Contact man ............. ..., K ICNNETH lhlCl-lENRY Christine Elliot, owner of stand . . .... -Ioyciz YOUNG Mrs. Van Dyke, millionaircss .... KATKERINLL ELA Dianne VVebster, har niece ...... .... N IARY JUDKINS Theodore Webster, hm' neplww . . . .WALTER ELA Mrs. Beasley, rawtakm' . .. ..., ..,.....,...... K 'lURlEL Mooov "Sound Your Horn" was a three-act comedy which took place at Christine Elliot's refreshment stand. Some times it was Homer Bird and cute little Etta, sometimes Phyl- lis and Drusilla. who touched the funny hone. There was quite a contrast between Mrs. Beasley and Mr. Angus. Une suave. the other blundering and inefficient. Christine was the real focus of interest. Mrs. Van Dyke tried to put her off the property but Christine won out. Christine also discovered unexpected allies in the niece and nephew. lt was really a play of romance and comedy from beginning to end. The play was directed by Mr. Merrill of the faculty. ANSON AC:.o2MY I5 SlNIHH IllHY I l Standing left to right: Robert Judkins, Bruce Paine, Walter Ela, Joyce Young, Teddy Briggs. Seated left to right: Elizabeth Spencer, Dawn Bessey, Glenice Livingston, Erma Hoyt, Frances Adams. "Betty's Millionaire" The Senior Play was presented on Friday, April 13, in Academy Hall and was directed by Miss Pullen of the faculty. The cast was as follows: Betty Brown, who zuaizts to marry a millioizaire, JOYCE YUUNG Peter Adams, the millionaire, XNALTER ELA Sam Palmer, Peter's seeretary, TEDDY BRIGGS Sue Vlleatherbee, Peter's Cousin and a friend of Betty, DAWN BEssEY Nancy Fletcher, friend of Betty, GLENICE LIVINGSTON Mrs. Evangeline Brendlinger, a roriiantir old soul, ERMA HOYT Augustas Vl'inslow, staying at Ocean Breezes for his health, BRUCE PAINE Thaddeus Atterbury, proprietor of Ocean Breezes, ROBERT JUDKINS Nora, maid of all work, ELIZABETH SPENCER Lillie Daniels, an architect, FR.txNCEs ADAMS Betty Brown, pretty and intelligent, whose life ambition is to marry a millionaire. finally meets one-or thinks she does. ln reality he is nothing but a secretary. This is all the re- sult of a bit of scheming on the part of Betty's friends, Sue and Nancy. However, Betty turns the tables by falling in love with the secretary, who, of course, is ac- tually the millionaire. And then, upon discover- ing the identity of the man she loves, is pro- voked at being fooled and declares she won't marry anyone, which complicates matters quite nicely, especially as Sue has decided to marry the real secretary. And to top off this bright comedy, there is Thaddeus Atterbury, proprietor of the Ocean Breeze Hotel, where the action of the play takes place. Thaddeus is anxious that all his pay- ing guests are comfortable and happy, but is quite annoyed at being labeled a "chicadee" by Mrs. Brendlinger. 16 THE ANCHOR lIllHHHY "Lizzie's Singing" In my kitchen Lizzie's singing ,- Words I hear her'say Bring the sweetest music ringing Of another day. Lizzie holds her pickaninny On a starry nightg . Pappy's strumming, little Dickie Dances in the light. Of a new moon, bright and slender, Caught up in the trees ,' Lizzie's music, sateet and tender, Swings upon the breeze. "Little pickaninny darling", Tremulous, now low ,' Lizzie's holding her wee starling Of the long ago. "Shut yo' eyes, yo' pappy's strumming, Not a ghost to fear," Lower, lower, Lizzie's humming IVords I cannot hear. Like a south wind, sobbing, weeping, Softly hushgd and deep, Lizzie in my kitchen weeping, Sings her child to sleep. My Composition I have before me a blank sheet of paper. If this paper is still blank tomorrow morning at 8:35, I shall- have to stay after school for English. However, I ani not worrying as I know I can write something. Shall it be de- scription, exposition or narration? I think I'll try descriptiong that ought to be easy enough. All you have to do is to describe something. What will it be? I have it! Snow. Every- body writes about how white it is, how it falls- er, ah, hum! Oh well, I think I could do much better with an exposition. It must have some- thing to do with exposing someone. 'I should not think that the teacher would want me to expose anyone. But, I do know someone I cou.u expose. Teddy might expose me if I exposed him though so I guess that leaves ex- position out. Now there is just one thing left, narration. I wonder if I know any stories? Oh yes! there was a travelling salesman who- whoops, I guess I don't want to tell that one. Maybe I ought to make up a story. Once up- on a time, there was a man. This is going to be easyg all I have to do is to put something in between "once upon a time" and "they lived happily ever after". Let's see! There was a boy: no, a girl. No, I guess a boy and he- er, ah, hum! Well, this paper isn't blank now, but it is the nearest thing to it. By the looks of it, I think I shall be staying anyway. '- VV ALTER ELA '46 Spring in Maine In the early spring of the year. When the rains begin to fall I want to be in Maine, our Maine The grandest -state of all! U 1 want to sit in the old rocker And watching the little drops of rain There's no other place I want to be Than in the grand old state of Maine. When in the way of distance I see the snow-capped mountains To me they look like crystal fountains Reaching for the sky. Then, in early April W'hen the pussy willows nod their drowsy heads I often wondered if they wish to Leave their cosy beds. And enjoy M aine's cool spring air In the sunshine and freshness of spring so rare. Some people newer notice these Signs of the spring, especially in Maine As for me, I sit' and swoon ozfer Little drops of rain. Domus SKILLINGS '46 ANsoN ACADEMY Graduhtes Creed I sing a song of dear old Anson Anson is the place for me I sing a song of dear old memories Cherished 'til eternity. I remember all my tears and laughter Brought by this Academy Still to be remembered everafter Anson is the place for me. Never shall I fail the name of Anson I shall sing its praises loud and free Of all the schools in Old New England I'z'e found that Anson is the place for me. Never shall I fail the things it taught me I'll uphold its teachings loud and strong Anson Academy, that dear old Academy Always was it right and never wrong. Cheer we all for dear old Anson Always shall we hold a torch for thee. Anson Academy. that dear old Academy Anson is the place for me! - IVA MOULTON '48 Dern Such Weather Did you ever see such weather? It seems as if it either rains or snows every day. I don't believe that the nights should be so cold either. How can you have any fun nights if it is between thirty and forty degrees below zero? Along about seven-thirty in the morn- ing, the sun makes a feeble attempt at getting up. By eight-thirty, the sun is hidden behind the clouds. You might just as well give up all hope of seeing the sun that day. I'll bet that most of the people aren't thinking white celestial thoughts. Occasionally, say once a week, the sun does finally come out at about eleven o'clock and stays out until about six o'clock in the even- ing. But those days are so rare that we shall not mention them. If it. snows, it snows about a foot and, if it rains, it rains for about a month. I should think that God would take pity on us poor lowly mortals. In the summer time when you are trying to hay, it generally rains, Let me give you a hint. If your garden is drying up and you want some rain, just go ahead and cut down about twenty I7 tons of nice 1irst'crop clover and I'll bet any- thing that it will rain for forty days and forty nights. Or, if you do not want any rain, just plant about ten acres of corn. Of course it won't rain! This way is kind of egcpensive, but it always brings results. No wonder all the farmers say "Dem such weather". - WINSTON MCLEAN ,45 Loss The little old cradle is empty The room is shabby and drear The tiny head that lay on the pillow Long since has passed from here. The room is almost in darkness Except for the red of glowing flames A woman sits quietly rocking, Rocking out her heart rending plains. Her face is twisted in agony And her shoulders droop with a sigh, For this grief-torn creature is the mother Of the little one who has passed by. As I gaze upon the picture I watch with fascinated eyes And her face gently relaxes And more quietly in her chair lies. For this brave woman bears her grief As no man ere could'do She looks upon thetragedy As something anyone could go through I think that if everyone Could be as brave as this A That all the common everyday things Would be valued as heavenly bliss. For she cgvpreciates the wealth she had If only f r a short while Humble, and a gift of God Be it only a step or a mile. - DAWN Bssssv '45 Diseases and Ailments of Spring Around the months of April, May, and June, there is a certain wonderful illness going around which makes the lives of most boys quite en- joyable. Not being an authority on the op- posite sex, I could not tell you whether or not they catch it. This malady, as you have probably guessed, I8 is Inspringuritis Refeverish or Spring Fever. The victims of this very desirable illness just sit around and dream. They never do their lessons and might just as well never come to class. The teacher may scold, lecture, and curse for two years and make not a single impression. The only quick cure for this fever is a good swift blow on the head with a sledge-hammer. The usual procedure followed is to leave the patient strictly alone and the patient usually becomes normal in about two months. Respectively submitted in the interest of science. - ROBERT JUDKINS '47 When We Parted When we parted In silence and tears, Half broken-hearted, To suffer for years. Pale grew thy cheeks and cold, Colder thy kiss,' ' Truly that hour foretold Sorrow not bliss! In secret we met: In silence I grieve That our hearts could forget And our spirits deceive. I f I should meet him, After long years How should I greet him? With silence and tears. - BLANCHE MULLIN '46 Miracles Can Hapgen Jim had joined the Army two years ago and he had seen plenty of action in the Pacific, where he had been seriously wounded. The news about his sickness arrived at his home one summer evening while his family was on the front porch. Dad was reading, Mom was knitting, Sis was just sitting and dreaming, and Bob was whittling. Their hearts felt heavy when the messenger boy came up the walk and passed Mom the telegram. As jim had lain on his hospital cot, he was on the verge of dying. The VVar Department THE ANCHOR had sent another telegram, saying that he was dead. Then at jim's home another summer even- ing, about a month later, a letter dated the twenty-fourth had come from jim! Why, that was a week later than he was supposed to have died. Their hearts were happy. Jim was alive! A miracle had happened. - PHYLLIS Coko '46 A Prayer for America Say a prayer for America, you and me, God Bless America, keep her free Preserve her liberty for you and me, Hold her banners, waving high, Precious symbols in the sky Of the freedom of you and me. God Bless America, home of the brave, Her democracy, 'we pray to save, America is a land in our heart For her we fight if the cause is just. To protect this beloved land we must Say a prayer for America, you and me. God bless her and keep her free. - LELIA NEWELL ,47 Sound Mental Health The person who has sound mental health meets with confidence and courage the various problems encountered on life's narrow path- way. He acknowledges mistakes and assumes full responsibility for his behavior. He be- comes a person of greater wisdom after fail- ures, as well as after successes. The right minded person has an attitude of mind which gives assurance that, as a whole, this world is well orderedg and that reward will follow effort. He believes that people in general are striving to be considerate, just, and honestg that truth and right will, in the end triumph. From such a belief he will conduct his business affairs with wisdom and he will not assume heavy responsibilities outside of his intellectual abilities. He will live within his means, and he will make previous arange- ments for unproductive periods. or for emer- gencies that may arise. He will win the esteem of his fellow men by promptly meeting every obligationg by lending, with no thought of re- f ANsoN ACADEMY I9 ward, a hand to others in need, by giving gen- The Autumn Woods erous service in the promotion of social wel- fareg and by developing mind and character. In every mentally healthy person who is ac- tive and ambitious, a conflict arises between what he desires to do and what he has the ability to do. Often he is faced by disappoint- ments, because of his desires and his inability to realize them.. His attitude in the face of these disappoint- ments shows his real worth. If he goes for- ward with renewed vigor and courageg if he puts the ideal of service above hope of rewardg if he moderately estimates his ability, and works with cheer for the good things within his means, he will gain strength and may ac- quire by degrees a complete mastery of himself and of the obstacles in his field of work from which he will gain much personal satisfaction, adequate material rewards, and social esteem. - HILDA WALKER '48 lik I was walking through the woods one autumn morning as the sun was coming up. I heard the song of the blue jay, the "cawcaw" of the crows, and the "tweet tweet" of the sparrows in the distance. To hear the noise gave me an intense feeling of happiness. As I strolled leisurely on, I noted the rustling of the new fallen leaves and the crackling of the twigs as I stepped on them. Becoming tired from my long walk, I sat upon a log. There I heard the chatter of the squirrels as they gathered beechnuts and acorns for food for the coming winter. I heard the "tap tap tapping" of the woodpecker as he secured his breakfast. The red sun of the early morning shining through the beautiful frost painted leaves of red, yel- low, gold and green made a picture so lovely that no artist could paint it. I noticed too another colorful picture, that of the leaves as they came whirling down to earth circling about like confetti. With all the gorgeousness it seemed as though Mother Nature was celebrating both happy spring and the lazy summer time. This scene was too beautiful to be something of the earth. - TEDDY BRIGGS '47 fix Q43 .H i 'sn .1 r' dl -. 4' -.--- so ,. , Q x 1 4' , s 1'-' A, 20 THE ANCHOR lHlSHNNYSlIll Can You Take lt? Be not sore, if here below You find a grind, a knock, a blow That shows that you're not the whole show just grin and bear it-HERE WE GO! lkrlivkvklk THE PsvcHoLoG1sT asked the inmate of the asylum, who insisted that he was king, "What makes you think that you are the king P" "I know that I am the king," was the reply, "Satan told me so." At which a voice from the next cell snapped, "I told you nothing of the kind." THE TWO MEN in the doctor's waiting room sat in silence. Finally one of them said, "I'm aching from arthritis." To which the other answered: "Glad to know you. I'm Ginsburg from Chicago." "A Sad Fact" I once had a heart Tender and true It has gone from me It has come to you Care for it tenderly As I have done For now you have two And I have none. Glenice---Stanley Steamer Winston--H enry F ord Erma1lYoungstown Express Frances---E dis on Elizabeth--Tin Lizzie Dawn-1-B essemer-Co nzferter ? ? ! Joyce--You Tell Us I ARCHIBALD NEEDED SOME money, so he went to his uncle john, and said, "john, I need a hundred dollars. I'll pay you back Saturday." Saturday came, but he didnft have the hund- red dollars. This time he went to his Uncle Jack, and said, "Jack, I need a hundred dollars. I'll pay you back Wednesday." Then he took the hundred dollars and paid his Uncle John. On Wednesday of the next week he went to his Uncle John saying, "john, I need a hund- red dollars. I'll pay you back Saturday." With the money he paid his Uncle jack. This prac- tice went on for a few months. One day Archibald saw his two uncles com- ing down the sidewalk together. He ran up to them and said, "Thank Heaven, I have found you two together. jack, every Saturday you give John a hundred dollars. John, every VVednesday you give jack a hundred dollars and leave me out of it." - LEE Mooov '46 Advertisements W ANTED': Reliable means of transportation to Madison on Saturday nights. Pop and Ted- dyg and Becky. Fon SALE: Back Seats. Seniors. FOUND: Sailor, with no strings attached, lost by a junior girl. Loser may have same by applying at editor's office and paying for this ad. WANTED: Intermission at dancing school. Boys that go to Madison. France S 4 Adam S Elizab E th McL E an Daw N You N g Glen 'I ce Liv I ngston I O yce H O yt E R ma Spence R Win S ton Bes S ey ANSON ACADEMY 21 You Will Know Them by Their: Clark Goble of A. A.' Scowls ................... Mr. Botkin Legs .................. I ......,... jimmy Hair-do's . . . ......, Iva Eyes . . . Q . . . . . . - Ralph Giggles . . . . . , Dawn Teeth .... . . . Bobby J. Length . . . . . . Walter VVink ....,.. . . . . . Pop Pig Tails ........... . ......... Hilda Hair ........... ...... T eddy Quietness .... Frances A. Hercules Build . . . . I Raymond C hautteur fneed one Fl . Way with the girls .... jimmy Anchors ................,...,. Dorris Temper ........ .... B ruce Eye lashes and curley hair ...... Teddy Feet .........., ..... P ete Laugh ....., ..., , Betty Voice .... Raymond Flirting ..... .. Florence Ears ..... . .... Merle Knock Knees . . , Glenice Dimples ...... . . . , Teddy Hugging Girls ..,. ..... M erle Complexion .... . .... Kenneth Making Eyes . , , Eleanor Personality ..... . . . Richard W. Girl Friends . . .. Ralph Sportsmanship .. ..... , Merle Walk ........ ...... I immy N eatness ....... .... P op Short Skirts . . Muriel D. Profile .,.....,..... ....4 P ete Temper ..... Miss Pullen One woman complex . . . . . . . Kenneth Riding ..... Mr. Merrill Penmanship ....,.... . . . . . John Moustache ...,.... ..4, R alph Did You Know That: Winston has legs Glenice is in love Joyce hates uniforms Dawn disapproves of jitterbugging Lizzie can cook Frances has a voice . Erma studies Lizzie never blushes The juniors think we're lucky The Seniors can be dignified Becky likes tall men Muriel likes coca-cola tor popj Winston likes girls Erma likes to walk Joyce can stay home Glenice can drive Frances always gets "home" on time Dawn can sit still Lizzie has a new Dickey The Student Council has had important meetings Pop is bashful Verne likes Old Point Avenue Marion has an allowance Lelia can flirt ??????? Hedy LaMorr of A. A. 1 Eyes .......,................... Eleanor Teeth .... .... B arbara Mouth , . . , . . Maxine Hands , . . ...... Lucille Feet .. Muriel M. Figure . . . ...... Blanche Lips . . J .... , Christie Nose .,.. Mary Judkins Ears... ....BettyP. Hair .... ...... I va Eyebrows . . ...... Hilda Legs ........ . . . Katherine Complexion ..,. .... M uriel D. Fingernails . . . . . l , . Dorris Smile .... ..... P hyllis Temper .... ...... B ecky Walk .... Wink .... Dimples . . . Personality .... . Sportsmanship Way with boys . . . . One man complex .... Betty Jacques Lelia . Frances L. . , .... Sadie . Miss Pullen . . . . Marion . . . . Maxine 22 What Would Happen lf: Winston got a girl Dawn got mad at Lizzie Frances got up in the morning Joyce couldn't write Lizzie got "Rich" Erma got home early on Tuesday night Glenice was seen without Stanley Miss Pullen didn't assign a lesson for the next day Elizabeth lost her Dicky Pop couldn't giggle Kenneth had black hair Iva couldn't think of a new hair-do Muriel didn't have a pop Farley got the right math example on the board Qfor a changeb Pete danced the rhumba Winston's car fell apart The school had a rummage sale Hilda kept her seat Ruth got a man Frances got to school on time Miss Jackman didn't get a letter Kenneth couldn't pitch fwooj The school burned down Glenice got mad at Stanley Hilda learned who was in general science class Florence didn't have any boys Bruce was bashful Winston learned to dance Maxine should act at least six years old Katherine went out on Dicky All the boys danced at dancing school Dawn couldn't giggle Mary and Kenneth broke up Pop really popped Erma took John instead of gym Joyce broke her arm and couldn't write The Freshmen weren't fresh The Sophomores weren't silly The Juniors weren't jolly The Seniors were dignified ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Wouldn't lt Be Funny lf: Erma was a rake instead of a hoe Qitj Joyce was old instead of young Frances was Eve instead of Adamfsj THE ANCHOR Dawn turned to evening Winston was fat instead of QMcJLean Glenice was a deadstone instead of a Living- stonfej If we found out that Lizzie was tin fTin Lizziej Kenneth's car didn't head toward Madison Lee didn't take all the new girls out Merle didn't flirt with all the girls Joyce stayed home Saturday nights The Junior boys didn't talk in History and English class Pop couldn't find Katherine's--Seat??? Frances couldn't buy any gum ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Us Seniors F. A.-Found Alluring D. B.-Doodle Bug E. H.-Ever Helpful G. L.-Great Love W. M.-Wonderful Mechanic E. S.-Exciting Stranger J. Y.-Just Yours "My Ford" - The Ford is my chariot I shall not walk J It maketh me to lie down in wet places It destroyeth my soul It leadeth me into trouble It leadeth me into the paths of ridicule for its name's sake It prepareth a breakdown for me in the pres- ence of mine enemies It will bear more evil when it is with me Its rods and its shafts they discomfort me It anointeth my head with oil Its water boileth over Surely to goodness if Lizzie follows me all the days of my life I shall dwell in the house of the nuts forever. ARcH1BALD PERCIVAL REGINALD EARL de- cided one evening to call on his girl. Together they talked of their "kith and their kin". He said, "May I kith you ?" and she said, "You kin? ANSON ACADEMY "A Boy ln Khaki A Girl ln Lace" "Long Ago and Far Away" "johnny" and "Marie" walked "Together" "Whispering" "I Love Youl' "Always" and "It Had To Be You". "I'll Get By As Long As I Have You" you're so "Sweet and Lovely". "Time Waits For No One" so "Promise Me" you'll "Wait For Me, Mary" CMarieJ or "I'll Walk Alone" "Un- til I Grow Too Old To Dream". I "Good Bye Now" "Until Tomorrow" "Come To Me My Melancholy Baby" and "Don't Cry" "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Cif only in my dreamsl. "I'll Be Seeing You" but in the mean- time, "Remember" "You Are Always In My Heart" for "An Hour Never Passes Cbut I think of youj". When "Marie" is saying "Goodnite Soldier" "johnny" has "Just Kissed Her Picture" "When The Lights Go On Again All Over The World" they will be "Together", John Young: "We're going to have a swell time tonight, honey. I've got four tickets to the movies. Erma Hoyt: "Four tickets! What will we do with four tickets? There's only two of us." john Y.: "One each for your mother, father, Muriel and Pop. We're going to be alone for a change!" A Comments At the basketball game at New Sharon the scorekeeper asked, "Will you please tell me Bessey's last name ?" Mr. Merrill' Q in Physics dlassj : "Which weighs the most, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead P" Miss Coro fwithout hesitationD : "A pound of lead!" An answer in science: "Solids are not liquids." The bell rings as Mr. Merrill is explaining the last half of a Physics experiment. Mr. Merrill: "Goodness the time goes so quickly-You see it goes right through this porous cup-" 23 Missi Pullen: "Don't you know anything about the battle of Saratoga, Raymond?" R. McHenry: "No, I wasn't there." Miss Pullen: "Who were the English people fighting against, Ernest F" E. Moody: "The Dames." Miss Pullen: "The what ?" E. Moody: "Well, something like that." Caution Be careful, Mary, red is a sign of danger! QCONTRIBUTEDJ TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Walter Ela was chosen Chief Dubber for 1945 Basketball Team. He was awarded the letters "K.C." for being the most helpful play- er for the opponents. He is easily recognized by his two left feet. He is well known as being a "ladies man". He was given this award for being a fast man, fon the floorj. These Songs We Dedicate to the ' Students of A. A. Dancing In the Dark-Kenneth and Mary I'll Walk Alone-John Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes-Lizzie Whois Going Steady With W ho?-Maxine Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair--Winston Chew and C haw My Gum-Frances If Your Knees Go Knockety Knock-Glenice Oh, Johnny-Erma Pop Goes the W easel-Muriel D. In the N any-Dorris When Johnny Comes Marching Home-Joyce Strawberry Blonde-Pop Wait For Me, M ary-Kenneth Pigfoot Pete-Pete Fellow On A F urlough-Marion When the Lights Go On A gain--Mary J. Together-Percy and Merle You Always Hurt the One You Love-Speedy Lady Be Good-Maxine Let's Take the Long Way Home-Erma More and More-Miss Pullen Bridal Chorus-Miss Jackman A Please Won't You Leave My Girl Alone-John He's My Guy-Florence Do You Care? ffor Seniorsj-Freshmen 24 Our Gossip Column We wonder why-at certain times-there is a girl absent from school. W E thought that Uncle Sam urged girls to go to school. 0-0-o Does anyone know exactly what happened down to Moe's that started them looking for a pin? Accident--no doubt! No one ever told whether they asked the girls from Norridge- wock if they had a pin. o-o-o Why does a certain person spend so much time trying to make an impression on the new girls in town? Could it be because the ones that have always lived in town know him too well? . o-o-o We also wonder why a certain sailor spends so much time visiting one of the Junior girls when he's home. Could it be love? We think it could Ceven tho she denies itj. o-o-o And why should a prominent junior be mad at one of the Seniors? Could it be because she is a little bit afraid? o-o-o A few of the students in school seem to have an incurable fever for going to Madison on Saturday nights. We wonder if it would be cured if the roads between Madison and Nor- ridgewock became impassable. o-o-o I wonder what one of the teachers could tell us about Warren Gould. CMethinks it would be interestingj. o-o-o Have you girls seen the latest thing on the dance floor??? We wouldn't advise you to copy it unless for the purpose of furnishing a laugh! o-o-o Why does a certain sophomore Cfemalej try so hard to get to Madison on Saturday nights? Could it have anything to do with N. N. P. ??? o-o-o What are they trying to do to us? Make us old maids at the age of s-w-e-e-t sixteen. We're at the right age to have some fun! THE ANCHOR What would one see if 'one should journey down toward Old Point Avenue on a Saturday night? It would shock some people. o-o-o A few of us wonder what happened after dancing school during the last part of March. Suppose that it would interest anyone? It's anybody's guess. o-o-o . HEY! Have you heard the latest? The school burned. Gone is the last bit of evidence. Don't cry. We're sorry, too. o-o-o Why is a certain Junior boy going to Madi- son next year? Could it be "Returned Love"? o-o-o Some people have mush for breakfast, some have mush for dinner, and some have mush for supperg BUT--Some people we know have MUSH all the time! You HAVE TO PAY some people to be good but the Freshmen are good for nothing. J-for jolly, which we all areg U-for the union the class maintainsg N-for nonsense each of us possesses I-for ignoranceg but little remains O-for the outlook on life we haveg R-retreat we must always detestg S-for Service, we'll do our best! S-is for Sophomore as we are in school O-is for opportunity, obeyed as a rule P-is for privilege given to us all H-is for honor as we might do or fall O-is for originality which is done by ourselves M-is to prepare us for a better mind O-is for obligation which is very outstanding R-is for rights with many in kind E-is for education to which we're finally led. F-1s for friendliness never to end R-is for respect for each teacher and friend E-is for earnestness-it shows by our looks S-is for seriousness while studying our books H-is for honesty as you all can tell M-is for merits for our working so well A-is for ability to stay ahead, not behind N-is for nationality-the American kind. 32 2 ff: E D' O as cf Fl 3 e be Il Y 8 6 66 W -1 S w 1: E -if 5 -3 N --1 O O as -H D fe E -5' 'C :fn an gl 5 P, Lil 'Q an -ng : Q W I: "' as F: E -,-1 :N Q4 Q 3 fi 5 av 8 m 5 S 3 E Q 5 'S .E W L' s-4 , 5.05. N 5 E E :vig 3 L- gf Si 3 5,51 3 aw as 'cs 3 3 'c .S Ng v-1 4511-,-Q-Arie 8 N Q, gtg 'Q 5- F 01180 an P. "" 5 qi U 5 Mimi :J N as Fa Q F'-350 N m .M 5 P4 sw Q Q o. V2 QQ B ' -as - : -- -. 'V-c V1 ...S s -H Q 5 'la ES 'I 2 2 1 rv az aw 2-5 Q N Q 3 mm '+I SE. fc cu .Cf lam 315' Zi P- xc: ba FII N lo 3 5 5 m E E N .fn P 0 3 2 '51 Q tm " P' O .... an u-4 " E O I-1 U I.. --4 Nl 3 an In G 5 Q 4 D Q 4: .+- E 'E - :n 'Q U an an -- hp 5' an Q xc: 1: wg C NU 1: I bo : 35 ,E,.. -- V2.2 -5 we rr BU VJ '4-'49 :E H I-1 U- ..-. 509 va 3 ug z: mbb ou gm cs S Q cs E .E P' as D 5 6 "' 3 3 no 2 2' 8 .E S 8 m .... M Q 50,2 4-1 s .eg M .E mu E .Es ,3 E UU"c .E .M cu ua -Mp., +2 .-4 an L. U w ,QU b .CI O bn Q vm "' N .EO 'E' 'H G Q. P '1 3 - s. 'Q-Z' as 5 E 3 '02 'C H an 'E 'E gg 'E 5 lf' N O Q e-. O 'O-I O 4 U' E 3 'z 'E P' :Q YI .Q "' 5 os : E W Q F3 an 0 43 9 -8 ua 0 D E .,.4 'E 9 S s U. E 5 .N af 2 F: Q ra 5 3 .3 -I 25 Wanted SIZE ..... ..... L ivingston and Winston A BILL .A............ .... , ....... J oyce VOICE ......................... Frances GOOD PUPILS ..... .... M r. Merrill A FARM ,..... . ...... ....,.. D awn AN ALARM CLOCK . .. .... Frances A UNIFORM .......,. .... J oyce A CAR ....... ..... W inston SPIN ACH , . . ...... Elizabeth A MAP ......., .... H istory Class DIGNITY ......... .....l. S eniors AN ARGUMENT ...... juniors HOLIDAYS ....... .... S ophomores KNOWLEDGE .... l.... F reshmen BRAINS ..........,...... Stupid Council MORE JOKES .A .......,.. Anson Academy SHORTER PERIODS, - junior and Senior English THE ANCHOR Qtek I Eazgatgaff Usam l First row left to right: Lelia Newell, Katherine lla, Erma Hoyt, Joyce Young, Muriel Dunphy, Rebecca Briggs. 4 Back row left to right: Phyllis Coro, Elizabeth Spencer, Mary Judkins, Barbara Judkins, Fran- ces Lynds, Dawn Bessey, Blanche Mullin, Betty Petty. We had a good season with fourteen going out for basketball. Four girls are graduat- ingg two from the first team. These are Erma Hoyt and Joyce Young. VVQ won fifteen games out of twenty-four with Joyce Young having the highest total of scores. Practically all the games lost were to larger schools. Tl ere premises to be even greater success next year for the team. Muriel Dunphy was elected the most valuable player for the year and was awarded a gold basketball. Mr. Merrill of the faculty coached the girls' team. ANSON ACADEMY i Boyz, Baagsfgaff Umm Left to right: Coach Mr. Merrill, Teddy Briggs, Ralph Manzer, John Young, Kenneth McHenry Walter Ela, Raymond McHenry, Merle Skillings, Richard Whitaker, Mgr. Bruce Paine. Center: Bobby Judkins. The boys worked together this year for the first time as a team, and did a good job. They started slowly, but as the season went on they showed improvement. V'v'e won a third of our games played with "Pop" Ela having the highest total of scores All the team will be back next year except Ken McHenry who is going to Maine Mari- time Academy in Castine. Ray McHenry was chosen captain for 1946 and also chosen most valuable player for '45 for which he received a gold baskeball at the Basketball Banquet held on March 23. The team was coached by Mr. Merrill of the faculty. 28 THE ANCHOR JUNIOR HIGH BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM l Left to right: Robert Cummings, Robert Burns, Herbert Lynds, Colby Hilton, Robert Nault, Garry Spencer, Eugene Norton, In October most of the seventh and eighth grade boys went out for basketball. The first team consisted of Robert Cummings, Robert Nault, Herbert Lynds, Colby Hilton. and Robert Burns. The substitutes were Eugene Norton, Garry Spencer, VVarren Bessey. and William Paine. lfVe played six games losing five of them. Our only victory, which was over the Mark Emery School should have been more successful, but only four of our squad came. VVe used a classmate and defeated them I6 to IO. All the players did a ine job with no out- standing player. Most of the squad came from the seventh grade. The next season two of the first team players will be in high school. They are Garry Spencer and Herbert Lynds. Mr. Merrill coached the team. BASKETBALL BANQU ET A basketball banquet was held March 23 at the Academy Hall with Mr. Mark Pullen as toastmaster. Katherine Ela played the piano while we all joined in singing between the courses of the meal. After we had finished our dinner we heard a few speakers. The captain, Erma Hoyt, and Walter Ela gave short talks and Miss Jack- man was presented with a gift for the mag- nificent dinner. Mr. Dana Dougherty, athletic director at Cony High School, talked to us on basketball and sportsmanship. Then Mr. Merrill awarded the medals for the most essential peo- ple of last year's teams, also certincates to those who earned basketball letters and he announced the captains for next year's teams. These were chosen by the players. After this we had two movies on sports and following we enjoyed a dance. - The banquet was very successful. therefore, we hope to make it an annual affair. - P. M. C. ANSON ACADEMY , Hllllllllll l Back row left to right: Sadie Lightbody, Christie Mullin, Mary Jacques, Rebecca Briggs, Mu- riel Dunphy. Center row left to right: Florence Coro, Blanche Mullin, Frances Adams, Frances Lynds, Miriam Skillings, Muriel Moody, Eleanor Ketchum, Miss Richardson, instructor, Dorris Skillings Erma Hoyt, Barbara Judkins, Lucille Berry, Joyce Young, Frances Edgerly. Seated left to right: Lelia Newell, Katherine Ela, Betty Petty, Glenice Livingston, Phyllis Coro Mary Judkins, Iva Moulton, Maxine Paine, Marion Haskell, Chrystelle Berry. 1 3 The Glee Club at Anson Academy is made up of twenty-eight girls coming from the seventh to the twelfth grades. It was organized in the fall by our music instructor, Miss Richardson, and has progressed rapidly under her able leadership. This club has proven itself very interesting and worthwhile to its members and we hope it will go on in years to come. ' THE ANCHOR lHl HHNH g Band members: Robert Nault, Mary jndkins, Raymond Mcllenry, Marion Haskell, Rob- ert Judkins, Maxine Paine, Leader Miss Richardson, Rebecca Briggs, Eleanor Ketchum, Blanche Mullin, Muriel Dunphy, Robert Burns, Barbara judkins, Lucille Berry, Garry Spencer. Robert Cummings. Colby Hilton, Chrystelle Berry, Alverna Livingston, XValter Ela. So that the students of Anson Academy could have a broader education, the Trustees hired Miss Richardson as a part-time instructor of music. The instrumental course features trumpets, cornets, clarinets, saxaphones, trombones, drums and a piano. , F rom the twenty that registered only four had had previous instruction. ANSON ACADEMY y UHNH HHNH Left to right: Robert Judkins, Walter Ela, Katherine Ela, Raymond McHenry The Dance Band was formed this year by the members mentioned above. They played at our dancing school while our victrola was being checked. They did a good job-con- sidering .... . 32 Hllle 1944 Coro, Frances, home. Ellis, Randall, Maritime, Castine, Maine. Estes, Ruth, Bath, Maine. Q Ferguson, Irene, school. Skowhegan, Maine. French, Richard, home. Greenleaf, Mary, home. Moody, Kathryn, home. Moody, Lillian QDillj, Cadet Nurse, Lewiston Maine. Moulton, Rolland, Navy, Sampson, N. Y. 1943 Beale, Elizabeth, college, Westbrook, Maine. Haskell, Mary, Brewer, Maine. Kitchin, Anna, married, North Anson, Maine Moody, Frances, home. V Parlin, Olive, school, Skowhegan, Maine. Savage, Mavis, school, Skowhegan, Maine. Slipp, Florence, Pennsylvania. 1942 Berry, Benjamin, Army, Florida. Bessey, Merle, stenographer, Skowhegan. Davis, Elroy, in Connecticut. Greenleaf, Frances, married, in North Anson, Maine. Hoyt, Mae, college, VVaterville, Maine. Paine, Frank, Navy, South Pacific. Salford, Barbara, nurse, Waterville, Maine. Rickards, Norman, North Anson, Maine. Walker, Ernestine, married, North Anson, Me Wells, Thelma, home. THE ANCHOR 1941 Barbeau, Lorraine, married, living in Connecti- cut. Berry, Amy, married, living in Solon, Maine. Greenleaf, Raymond, Army, Germany. Hamilton, Pauline, married, living in Anson, Maine. Harvie, Priscilla, nurse, in Lewiston, Maine. Hoyt, Ivan, Army, Alaska. LeClair, Alice, Veazie, Maine. Lightbody, Marjorie, married, living in Skow- hegan. ' Livingston, Murray, Army, England. Moody, Lillian, married, Bangor. Nichols, Lola, married, Gardiner. Petty, Saterlee, Navy, discharged, home. Smith, Robert, home. A Schwarz, Betty, nurse, Rhode Island. Trenton, Florence, married, North Anson, Me. Viles, Bruce, Navy, South Pacific. U Young, Raymond, Navy. 1940 Greenleaf, Ruth, married, in New York. Hooper, Elwin, home. LeClair, Agnes, married, in Anson, Maine. Spencer, Everett, home. Walker, Forrest, Army, Germany. Wight, Hall, Army, overseas. ANsoN Aczmsui HllIllliHHI1HS Aw Q? fd -4, ,,,,..,' v Oyua-21 nadawzfawkb -vz.,c:.4..F.-.2-4' "'15a"'t" L ... may 'Qfl"'7',Q.wA,f ,f-ffm- OM 4.11 m.a,.w- ffm 'W M " q'j7a,,w,,'U'7,. MQ' PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 'lr THE sENloR cLAss WISHES TO EXPRESS THEIR APPRECIATION TO THESE 'SUPPORTERS WHO HAVE MADE THE "ANCHOR" POSSIBLE. THE ANC A Nsou ACADEMY 44' .4'4' 4 41, 44, 44 .4 14 42: I4 45, 44, 46, GI 4 'I rj, lj' 4,1 4,4 4 4 I 4 4 4 4 1 42' 44 45' 44, '74 44, 44, 14 44' 4" 14' 44' 42' 42' 4'-' 4'4' 41' 4:41 44 4'-' IQ' Pl I 44 42 4" 'I 43, ii' 45' 44: 14 42' 4,4, rj, PI fp r'I 414 H1 4 4 4 4 I 4 42' 44 'jg 49, 14' 44' 45: 4,-, Q4 4'4' 1'4' Q: 14 444 45' 44, 44, 44, 14 414: 44, 44, 4:- 45' 4 Q4 44 44' 4KLTLTL7LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL7L7:7LTLTLTLTL7L7LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTJ.TLTLTLTLTLQCLTLTLTLTLTLTLQTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT. Compliments of Beagfer Wood Produdts North Anson, Moine 1 QTLTLTLTLAL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-fLTL7L7LTL75LTLT17LTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLT17'TLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTLTL- 36 T H E ANC OR Compliments ot H. M. Pullin and Company MENS FURNISHINGS rvIEN'5 woR14 cLotHEs RUBBERS North Anson Maine Complniments ot Central Maine Insurance Agency Eorl C. Wing North Anson Moine I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ANsoN ACADEMY 37 Q4........................v...... ... Q-.........................Q..a I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I2I2I I,I,I,I2I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,l,I I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N . N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N . N I I I I " Ili Im V1 " N Y N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I Q N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N I I N N I I N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I Y if N Q Q N I I N N I I N N I I N N I I O4 OO I I N I N I I OO OO I I N N I I D4 OO I I O OO I I N N I I N N I I N N I I N N I , I N ' Ol' USOT1 Olne 3. I I I f N I I N N I I N Q I I N N I I N N I I N Q I I N N I I N I I , I N N I I N I I I OO O0 I I N N I I O0 OO I I If O4 I I N N I l I' O4 I I 'V O4 I I 04 N I I N N I I I' 50 I I Y 54 I V ? N N 5 ' N I I N N I I 7' OO I l N ,, I I 9' OO I l " 96 I I N N I I N oo I I 0 N I I 04 N I I 4' O6 I l " 09 I l " O4 I I .Q ....................... IIIIIIIQIQIQIQIQIQIIIIIQIIIIIQIIIQIQIQI4I.IQ'4I4IaI:I:I!I3IZI:I:IZI2l2l ItlxuzlzuzuzIgugugngngng-1-:Ing-gn3-3-gngngngug-:nnrug.:-3-311-3.3.3 38 THE ANICHOR Q . l,l2uIlllluIIInlIu:l2I1l2IXl2lXl:llluguluullunluuululnIlllunlluuInIIllulilgliliuiliuilluilin I Q n n N , n n n I I I E, Compliments Compliments , of of 2 5 R. B. LYNDS Ideal Print Shop 5 WORTH ANSON MAINE NORTH ANSON MAINE C omphments C omplzments MEATS GROCERIES FI-OUR GRAIN PROVISIONS GROCERIES NORTH ANSON MAINE NORTH ANSON MAINE aT 0,2 , Elm Street Market C, F, CQQLEY 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I 4 V4 4 SXN E: N 441: - 5: A,- :I EAA 45: 43? em, 45 E '54 M JSE Y 424 'T 45' , 4I: T 4:4 L 444 - 4,4 A 154 i 4: :fl - 44: lt 4:4 L iii 1 454 L- Ul A 4: 4: 4f4 T 45: L- 4: 4: T 194 1 Ii: L, 444 - 44 ,- 1444 A Q L? by , ll L I' - 444 'L 444 - 4,I - 4' 141i A- 1414 Y- 4'4, A :I L 1:21 1, 4: 1 gg x-XML, gg ALTL C ,T O Alti .TWTWT - I C mp!! 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HI MA Corporation North Anson, Moine- I 1 1 I1 1" 1 I II 12 1:11 II 11 II 11 II I I I I I I . 1 II II 1 II II I I1 I1 I I1 I I I 11I 141 111 II 111 I I1 'I I 1I1 1 1 1 'I 1'1 C1 . ,1 I '1 '1 I 1 I I 1 11 I '1 '1 11 141 111 111 II 'I 1:1 111 111 111 111 I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I1 II 111 111 'I 1:1 I1 1:1 141 111 'I 111 'I 111 111 'I 1:1 I1 'I 11I TI 'I ll 111 111 111 141 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 12' 1 1 1 1 I 111 'I I AANSON ACADEMY 4I QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q Q QQQQ Q .QQQQQQ I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I,I:I1I1I,I2I,I1I2I I,I,I,I,IXIZI1I,IXIIIZIZIQIQIII2I2HIZIXIZIZIZIZIZIIIZIQI,I,I,I,I,I,I,I I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I oo Compliments of . . BEALE Manufacturer of Wood Producfts Dowels, Skewers and Candy Sticks Highest Prices Paid tor White Birch Bolts North Anson Maine I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I so I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I Q I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I Q I QQ I oo I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I oo I QQ I QQ I QQ I oo I QQ I QQ I vo I oo I QQ I QQ I QQ I I I Q I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I oo I n I QQ I QQ I QQ I oo I oo I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I no I QQ I QQ I oo I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I on I oo I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I Q 'Q I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I Q. I N I N I N I N I OO I N I N I N I N I 90 I N I N I N I N I 90 I N I Q I O6 I I N I N I N I N I QQ I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I O0 I 04 ,lg I 60 I OO I OO I V9 I N I N I Q I N I N I OO I N I I N I Q I OO ,k I OO I N I N I N I N I N I N I N I I N I 1 QQ I N I N I N I N I N I Q I OO I O4 I N I N I N I OO I N I N 2l.l.l.l. . Q Q Q Q Q Q ole QI. . Q Q Q Q Q Q Q . .l.l.l.l.l.l.l.lQl l.l.lQl l.l.lQ . Q .l.l.I.l.l.l.l.l l.l.l.l. . . . . . . . . . . .n, , . ' I I Q Q . .IQ-Q-Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q QIQ Q,Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q.Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q-Q.Q.Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q.Q.Q,Q.Q.Q.Q...Q.Q.Q-. ,.,. THE ANCHOR xx xx 2 xxx XX! Congratulations body of Anson Acodenny for on excellent occom- 'fo the edltorlcrl boord, the foculty ond the student pllshrnent in the Dublicotion of "The Anchor". The Skowhegan Press COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Odd Fellows Building Diol 784 Skowhegon Moine The Anchor is from our presses l 1 HF ll ll 1 III t I 'I r II I I l Mrsou ACADEMY I III 'I I I Ilj JI I at I I ll I I 'I I I4I Itl Iil I Iqj Itl 'I I ,I . Ill 'I II Iql 'I I 1 l I 4 4I I I 'I . ll 'I 4 III I PI Ill I -2.4L-LQ.-L-L-L I I I Ill 'I I QI I I I III 'I I Compliments ot C1ark's Manufacturing Co. NCIVEI.-IY VVOOD -l-URNINGS North New Portlond, lvloine Compliments ot D. H. Knowles SL Son GENERAL MERCHANDISE North New Portlond, Ivloine Telephone 222 9 H. O. HEWETT, President h O. C. PHASE, Secretary and Treasurer CHASE, HEWETT CC., Inc. Novelty oncl Spool Turnings North New Portlond Moine THE ANCHOR ---f- .----Q.--f------L---------LV----L--f--L-,----------,v----.v---v---H ---------- ----------------------- Y -- --vf ---------------------------- 1 wg Compliments 19, I1 0 15 f 9 It KCHDiSOD,S Drug Store C NORTH NEW PORTLAND - MAINE Compliments of SOLO GARAGE 151 Accessories Gcis Oil Greosing 1 V fy 1 Compliments of i 1 1 1 Peases Cash Market ggi Groceries - Meofs il 1 I '1 11 I up . . ',l Cigorettes - Condy Egg 15: NORTH NEW PORTLAND - MAINE all 15' 12: :jg ': V4 Il 14' i 111 11: 12, Kr, Solon Telephone 1-30 Mo V16 if: B. A. SHEPARDSON, Prop. Compliments of STANSBURYS On The Square Gorooe Gnd Generol Sfore Groceries, Meots ond I-lordwore .1 NORTH NEW PORTLAND - MAINE C. L. Stansburv, Prop. Q Compliments of M. H. Andrews' Store Furnishings ond Footweor For Men and Boys SoLoN, MAINE 121: ,gl Compliments of 1,1 CROSS' STORE lf' Thomas Cross, Prop. 'i 1 5 B 5 1 GENERAL STORE ' I 15' 12' it 1 1 1,1 SOLON, MAINE iq! TELEPHONE 2020 lit li' :if FROM FRIENDS lfi' I1 12 of IE ANSON AcADEMY P I i I I i t I IV1 NORTH ANSON, MAINE Elf! 15' lei - . - -A-A-A-A-A-,A.L-L-A-AvAv,-,-,-,.,,A-,- J O JAxNSON ACADEMY 45 Compliments of Carrabassett Lrght SL Power Compan ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES North Anson, Mome' 5 Compliments Compliments E J. P. Murray Frank Rancourt NORTH ANSON, MAINE soLoN, MAINE Compliments of L. B. RQGERS North Anson, Maine I2I2I I'I I,I2I,I I,I I I'I I I'I IZIZIXIXIZIM I I I,I,I2I2I,I2I2I2IXI IXIZIZIXIXIZIXIXIXIZIXIQIZIZIXIIIIYI I l'l I I I I I I I'I I I I,I2I I 46 THE ANCHOR . . . . . . . . l.l.l.l.l.l.l:IZIII:IQIZI2I2I2I!I2I,I:I:I2I2I2I:I2I:I:I2I2I:I2I:I:I,I2I I2I:I:I2IZIZIZIZIXIXIZIIIXIZIZIZIZI2III2I2I2I2I1I:I2I:I2I2I:I2IZIZIXIXI I I . .. I I .4 .. I I 90 9 O4 I I .. .. 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QI CHRISTOPHER BLOCK UI II Wholesale Confectioners t I I QE Fountain Supplies Ond Pipes Jobbers Of TODOCCO 'I UI gig ' Agents for MOXIE Il 4 Il ,ji TELEPHONE IO3-2 MADISON, MAINE I MADISON -- MAINE ' ,I I 'l PI II . ll Comphments Compliments gl gl U Merrill's D. W. jennys EE Ben Franklin D. M D. ' Store -T-T-1T-1-T-1:V1:::-1-vrvvv:.f.:.:.:.---1.1.1 - - ---- - - E --------------------------A- - - - - T THE ANCH ' - ' ' "-- - - - - v v - v - - - - v - - -'49 .-'- -'- - -- A-A-L -'- -A-A-A-'-A-L -'- -'-'-'L'-A-L -'v'L'-'-'-'-L - - HOUR Rick ards' Hardware Service , Store Station at 8 Upper Main Street h NORTH ANSON, MAINE I NORTH ANSON, MAINE Compliments of Daggett's Comer First Sfofe Ice Cream Candy ' National Lunches . Tobacco Soda ' Cigarettes Store 1 T. I. King, Mgr. ,F 8 NORTH ANSON, z: MAINE NORTH ANSON, MAINE FFELEPHONE 62-12 OR - it W fi' 1'-V 11' 11, 1,, 1:3 P V 1,1 gf 1,1, lg, li' 12' 12' 1,11 1, 1 1 1I P 11' 11' 1911 1:1 1,1 1,11 F' 1, 1 nf. 111 15' 15 1. 1 1, 14' 1'1' 15" ii 15 11' 12' M 1,1f 11 ,1 1,, I T 1 tif 11 '1 9 12' 11 Ii' 1Qf 11, P 1+ , 1 12' 1'-' 15' 111: lf' lu 14p gh 111. 141 111 1,1 1 I I 1 '1 1 11 1 P 1 1,1 1-11 12' 1" 1 ip 1111 1" Vi' 1 'V 1 1,11 :fy W 15' 11 IGI -----------------------A----------------A---A-----A-----------------ia ANSON ACADEMY ends . . Gram Restaurant BUY WAR BONDS Compan 49 I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I I Q I Q I Q I QQ I Q I I QQ I I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I QQ I Q I QQ I Q I Q I QQ I QQ I QQ I I QQ I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I QQ I QQ I Q I Q I Q I I Q I I QQ I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I Q I I I I I I I Q I Q I Q I Q I QQ I QQ 5 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q IQ'XlXIXIXIXIXIXIQIXIXUQIQIQIQIXIQIQUQIXIQIQIQIX!!! I 3380 XIXIXIXIXIZIXIXIXIXI I C89 . . Holt Compan ak SKOVVHEGAN, MAINE Chapman s ICTVICC Statlon L W CHAPMAN Prop SKOWHEGAN, MAINE I I I I I I I I I,I I I I I I I I I'I I,I I I I I I I,I,I IQIZIXIQIZIZI I2I'I'I2I2I2IXI2IZIZIXI2I:I:I1I2IXIXIgI3I I Igqgggggpgg . . . , , .Q- Q IQIXIZIZIXIXIXIZIXI I2I2I2I2I I!I2I2I2I I:IZIXIQIZIXIXI2I,I2IZI2IZI2I'IZI'IQIZIZIXIXIXIXIZIZIZIZI 'L . vw o 4' I 4' - , +-1 ' +-1-4 5? Z ' Z ' :P P-I IT! ? 50 THE ANCHOR 1 glgIgI2I2I2I I 2 I1I2I2IXIXIXIXIXIQIZIXIXIZIZIQIIIXIXIII fi!!! IXIXISIXIZIZIQIXIXI IXIXIXIZIZIIIZI IZI I o I oo I N I oo I n I oo I vo I. G. A. STORE ANSON, MAINE Compliments Of TAYLOR'S DRUG STORE :sc ANSON, MAINE Compliments Of WALTER RAY wk ANSON, MAINE BOB'S MARKET ir ANSON, MAINE Compliments FLETCHER S GARAGE ANSON MAINE e PEOPLE S ICE COMPANY ANSON MAINE JACOB S MARKET ANSON MAINE Complimpnfs RALPH WEBSTER S BARBER SHOP MADISON MAINE I I I I I , Y N I N I N I O5 I N I I 3 I I of . I I Y ! I ' ' ' ' " Zlllalzlxlflzlf IXIIlil2I2I!!!l:lZUZU1IIlI'!'Z'2l2lZ ' ' I,- III l,, Ig, II JXNSON ACADEMY , 1 I . ,lg . PI 1 'I 1 'I 1 'I 'I , 1 . Comfnlimezzfs Of .I in U 'I I Cut Price Clothing Store I I I QI 4 QI I: t 'I EI U q in gl 51 II SKGWHEGAN, MAINE 'I QI gl 'I H II Compliments al Igl OIC STERNS' Department Store SKQVVI-IEGAN. ' ' MAINE Compliments of I C. W. , DAY I ntl my 1:5 oRocERI ES In gif 5KowHEoAN, 2: MAINE T::1Qi1LgggLLgLL ....-- ------ 4-------- ---- - ---- - ----- - --v- -------v---- I Compliments Of Sampson's Self Service oEocERI ES SKQWHEGAN, MAINE Compliments of Hight Chevrolet Company SKOVVHEGAN, :: MAINE Compliments of BON TON SHOP IXIADISONJ IYIAINE COWb1'7Ii'7fl'lCHf5 of FELIX'S BARBER SHOP INIADISON, IXIAINE -iQQ-----i4L--.L1L34AAAiiJJJfJJJJJ:::: THE ANCH OR Compliments Of DELANO'S MARKET MADISON, NIAINE ----------v-----------v--------Tr I E'-'T'-""""'""""""'-A-"I I BISHOP'S TAXI SERVICE and I REPAIR SHOP IIIADISON, ' MAINE II I II II III II, II III III IZ III I II III II II II, II I I I I II II EMILlE'S CHATEAU I of BEAUTY BIADISON, MAINE L. L. STEWARDfS Shoes - Rubbers - Footweor Shoe Repoiring MADISUN, MAINE 4 I II 4 -I III III I-, I,- Ig I1 II II, I I I I V4 II III .I III III II II' I III Flan agin SL Booth 66 Main Street PIIIINE I65 AIADISON MAINE Compliments of Harold E. Danforth D. IVI. D. IVIADISONI, MAINE I IU' II III II III III IU' I-' I III III II III IU Ii-I II I I I II III I II' III I II' I R. W. I-Ieald PLUMBING ond HEATING Fumoce ond Ronge CII Burners IIIADISON, 1 : MAINE B. K.. Edwards WALLPAPER 1 PICTURES ak MADISON, MAINE I I I" II' III II III III IU' III III II III III II, I II' II III 1-I II III I I I ---- - ----------------..----------- -------..-----------..------,..--------, ANSON ACADEMY C omplzments Compliments .llsaga Beauty LUCC 5 Corner Cash Grocery MADISON MAINE MADISON MAINE Depositors Trust Compan Member ' FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM I I I : FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION . l I I 24 E Ofices at E Boothbay Harbor, Waldo, Vlfiscasset, Richmond, Gardiner, Hallowell, Augusta, E Winthrop, Waterville, Fairfield, Oakland, Madison, Skowhegan E United States Depository Autlwrized to Act as Trustee and Executor I oo I I so I so I vo I I I I I I oo I oo I so I I I I I I I I o I I o I I Q I I oo I oo I oo I o I I 43 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII:I2I1I'I:I2IIIlIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIJZIXIXI E of of E 2 ' P '- 5 ' wx , I I ,fe I I 4 ' v I 2I2I:I'IZI2I2IXIXIZIZIZI2IXI2I2I2IXI2I2IXIXIZIZIXIXIZIUXIZIXIZIIIZIXI lzlxlzlzlzlxlxltlzlzlxlzlzlxlxl IXIXIXI2I2I2IXI!I!I2I2I I I I I I I I A THE ANCHOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - - -'-'o'v'-'Q'-I . . . . . . . . . .IZl!l.lZl!IZIZI!lililtliltltlilililtlil.lil Compliments C""'P'i"'e"'S . of : of . Davis SL Miller J' R' Emew CU' l7eal0r5 in HARDWARE TINWARE PAINTS ouLs VARNISHES oooras vvmmoows Sportmg Goods MADISON MAINE MADISONT MAINE We Strongly Adwse the Purchase o Vi-J 1 X WAR SAVINGS STAMPS 2-,glglgsmil U III 1 .:- I WAR BONDS Skowhegan Savings Bank I .. I .. I .. I .. ir - .. , 1 , II ' f H, ,-f.,f, H 3 l ,qi :fs--'linen " a vf-of I A g al E, I113 : N , N 1 - ' I Panini: ' Malo HIWW' ' and ills A' 11 :' .lam ' - 2 1 !l'l'-'l'lZl1l:-Uullillltlilill-IlIIII!I1IZli-ilivivtillTIZIZIZIIIZIIIZIZIZIIIZIIIZIZIZIRIllZIZIZ-:Izntnznzuz-1-3-1.3Ig.g 3 - - 1 1 1 I III Pleasant View Farm 1 1 I 15' II I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 tl ,I ,I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I 1 I 1 JANSON ACADEMY ------,---------f--.-V-------V--Y-------f-A--W.------M-Inv------------A --.-A-----------Y----f---------f- Graduation Watches and Jgwehy McLean's Dairy PURE MILK dCREAM L. J. ENG II .E Jeweler 1 Egg NORTH ANsON, MAINE I . 71 VIYATER STREET BON TON SHOP 1 ii If SKOWHEGAN MADISON TEL. NORTH NEW PORTLAND 256 ll in . wi gl I ll Carnpl :ments Ot II 1 nl 'I 1 'II LESTER, PAINE, Prop. GUERNSEY MILK 1 I 1 I 1 I I-Ji Nartn Anson Maine 'I 1 up Il 'I ,fi C0"'pll"'e'm I RAYMCDNUS III of Y . III "I our Clntlizvru I S. RUSSAKGFF smiiiisfmaiofhes I Mallory l-lats - TO Be Assured Ot a Fine Gift, Arrow Shirts I M li Y Sl 1" E l gil G e our Sec 'Ons my Munsing Underwear If it A Complete Line of Men's and Boys' Jeweler Since I Clothing and Furnishings -I li II 1 Il 1 'I' RAYMOND LANEY, Prop. li QI SKOWHEGAN, MAINE SKOWHEOAN, 1 - MAINE , .,-,----.--W-----f---.--.--------A----V-------,.--- Y.-.Ev.---.----Kf--,------faW-------R------V f - v THE ANCH OR ----vu----------.---J,-- , ---.---A-,-,-A--A-A-,-,Ahv-.gE,A,A.A-A,,A-A,,A,A,-,A-A-,g,A. A,,A-A,A,-,A- which includes congratulations and best wishes to the cornnnunity, the faculty and senior class students of the Anson Academy, who by their efforts, have made the first edition of "The Anchor" a school publication un- paralle ed as to auality of content and appearance The Morning Sentinel North Anson's Own Daily Newspaper All of the Engravings in "The Anchor" were made by SENTINEL ENGRAVERS , Sentinel Building Tel. 476 'Waterville, Main G -----,,.---! .E ill ip, li' 'ali all li :El ll ill nfl lg llg. ll il' ill i, ,y ll' il' i 4 4 i Ill ll :El li nfl ig, ll' lil lgii El ill li Vi' ill ll ll 1 ill ll IQ: li Ill ir li' il' :El lil lgfl lil iz- rll lgig li' ily I ll' ill ii li' ill ill 'l sl l fi lil 1 il' 11' 12' lil li il' lit tl iff lgi ll ill iff.: ' at . x f x ,.:,. ' 4 9 L L +- ' Mx Syl . - .IL , .,..1g tfe 2,73 ' -x Vw. .rl J.: E1 ,ci 1, M-A, W K 'f 1 1 K ,- J x

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