Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria)

 - Class of 1988

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Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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50595. X A 635 Xgdxoplotifaypvfg of ian 'hw X Q00 'fDV9f5w' 50850 LK X91 0105, Nov wwf' , ' I D not wa on wolf 5 A Wfxqcfxfxi g,D0"5 0 f X F0 MM UQQWQA 6006 Lacfff X V APWQHQYQ, and ww Qfvafmiifxfmg M100 CXO X xX imdb 403 AJ ww CXO 370' HE Qu xx '7 ANSBACH HIGH SCHOOL 1987-1988 ONOLDIA VOLUME XV .gu- Gnoldia ,88 18 34 40 44 '55 an T A e i . c a i o n I Y f al his years Ansbach High School yearbook is dedicated to Ms. Julia Rose Pileggi, the Art teacher here at A.H.S. Ms. Pileggi was born in Palos Verdes, California, and graduated from the University of Clark Worchester in Massachusetts 'th W1 a bachelor' degree in Art. She did a lot of gradu- ate work at Stanford University Columbia Universit U , y, CLA, New York University, Uni- versity of Washington, University of Maryland, and taught at the Wiesbaden American High School in Germany. Ms. Pileggi has been teaching at An b h s ac High School ever since it first opened, and this is her 15th Anniversary here. Ms. Pileggi's teachings in art have b een associated with DODDS schools for many years. She also taught in France for three years. Ms. Pileggi has been involved with man y art exhibitions, and art groups over the years, and is the chairperson of a group called the Personal De 1 ve opment Department. She has received outstanding performance ratin s g several times, and numerous letters of apprecia- .ion concerning her artwork with a group, Arts and Huma 't' . C . . . ni ies ongratulations Ms. Pileggi, we the students of Ansbach High School dedicate the 1988 JNOLDIA to YOU' U 3 Administration E D' I I , !,l' "q' v ,. V I ,.: ,W 4 q'yvQy v Q i i ri: : !,, A! 'sax ffm "' N' W, ' ' .w f94...'Mf fyfilg, The 1987-88 school year has brought a number of new faces: teachers as well as students. We are proud to say that we have worked hard to offer students a wider variety of classes to choose from. V I feel very fortunate to return to such a wonderful school. I would also like to thank the teachers and students for making this year such a success. Thank You, Cliff Gray Principal The 1987f88 school year has come to a successful close. For many of you it means a summer time with family and friends, and an eventual return to school next fall. For others it is farewell and a return to the United States. For our Seniors, it signifies graduation and full membership into the adult community with all its responsi- bilities that embark upon lifes great adventures. Whatever course your life may take, it is my sincere hope that you will look back upon your time spent in Ansbach High School, as having prepared you to meet and deal successfully with the chal- lenges that life will present. It is my sincere wish that each of you will continue to challenge yourself by setting worthy goals in the pursuit of your higher education andfor career. To take charge of yourself at all times and to be the "Very Best that you can be" lead- ' f ' ing a good and productive life as citizens or leaders of our nation. My very best wishes to you all! Thomas Murdock Vice-Principal 4 414 ui E-m-A S m.A ...m 9 L K 5 x A i 'Z - wh: f ,1 N. k X ,k:. . 4 . H -Qs . XX , t X ,N i ,, , -' Z f "1"'z... x w . .f . NA 131' ix '96 , , 41 w. x if 1 M , 11 :M r x X fi - 3 ff , Q ? 5 if-1 L 6 1 W 452 Q 11 , A M- iw .' 3: Q ' K 4, A., V in H25 it ,, A ,, 'Q iff A Personalities are like colors of spectrum. The uniqueness of a personality is complemented when viewed with other personalities, just as color is made vivid when contrasted with other colors. Interacting personalities create spirit in a high school as blending colors create life in a painting. Ansbach High School is rich with diverse personalities: enthusiastic extroverts, serious "intellectuals," creative artists and musicians, aggressive athletes, class clowns, and well-rounded achievers. The intermixing of these personalities produces our schools identity. . A sr lg 3 , E 1 1 ra, ,W ,f lb Q Q Y Q L x 1 ' X Q . ' 'll 1 , ' VI gl 2 , 1 'Ns X 2 5 rg If Q ,Q l --'f"" 5 gf . " gil ii rms W cu G sum A0653 mum 5 Faces E h Nicole Burkhardt Homestate: Ohio Nicole really misses the shopping, her friends, driv- ing and being able to go just about anywhere when- ever she wanted. But she says that she really enjoys the traveling in Germany. When I asked her what she liked about the school she replied "The closeness of the people, and you get to know everyone." Nicole also said that the shopping area in Ansbach was very quaint. Nicole said in the next ten years to come she wants to be married without children, and making lots of money. Angie Dyer Homestate: California When I asked what she liked about Ansbach and Germany she said, "I like the clothes and I enjoy the traveling but I'd rather be in the states. Angie said "I like the people, and this school has alot more activities than the states." Angie said she really missed her friends and family, and of course the malls, weather and the beaches. In the ten years to come Angie hopes to become the best lawyer that she can be. ww' a X" ,r I K, 3.3. 9 5, E , . Q Crowd . , s.. . 1 ff-5 , . Q 1 - f i L ' f ff , X ,lg e Q 5 ii ' ..h. . ,Q . i . 5 2 . .gf 2155 .rfwvk E gg., Brooke Baker Homestate: Alabama Brooke really likes Ansbach she says "It's not too big and it's not too small." She also said that she feels privileged to live in Germany because a lot of oth- er people will never have that chance. When asked about Ansbach High she replied, "I wish there were more activi- ties for seventh graders. I thought the upperclassmen were going to be mean but they're very nice." Brooks says that she really misses the states, mostly the shopping malls. Brooke hopes to be at KU getting her PHD, in the next ten years. f 9 Ii . , F - , if-.viii dv . 2 ', 1 - ' 4 'W' 4 I f fylii 'gf if' '3.,7,n . Nlffllififgf -if ik ' az - , 5'--'-I 5- Ari XX. 'r fix, Q "1 A . -" ,','x .f , I f', s I 'Z' ,fn I ONOLIDA staff member Tina Griffin interviewed four Ansbach High students to get their feelings on going to school in Europe. Students numbers were choosen at random, and matched with names. They were asked specific questions derived from the yearbook staff. The questions were particularly about the city of Ansbach and Germany as a whole. Different views on Ansbach and Germany were obvious. Everyone seemed to share the feeling of missing the States. Each of the students chose a different job, but all of the jobs seemed to have a high income. Most important, they all enjoyed going to Ansbach American High School. Mike Drummond Homestate: Virginia When asked what he liked about Ansbach, Mike replied, "It's okay, it's not the greatest but it's not the worst either." Mike said that he liked Germany as a whole because "people are more friendly, and I've got more freedom than others because I can speak the language." Mikes likes school because "It's small and you get to know everyone in the school, but I definitely miss the weather." When I asked Mike what he thought he would be doing in the next ten years, he replied, "That's a hard question, but I guess I would say that I'd like to be an accountant." Ansbach, the former residence of the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach, has preserved the beauty of its brilliant past. More than 1200 years formed the image of the capital of Central Frenconia. The Franconia Ho- henzollerns adorned the town with many fine buildings. Ansbach can be called a beautiful baroque resi- dence. There is the castle with its 27 state rooms of the 18th century. You will find the baroque Orangery and the Hofgarten Cparkj with its lime-tree-alleys and mag- ical ballrooms. There is also the ancient city with the me- dieval churches of St. Gumbertus and St. Johannis. To- day Ansbach is best known by its "International Bach Festival" which is presented every other year at the end of July. E 1 12 'Y .J " U, -qnxf if rf A fi If -'G gn ' Q, , lk J., ,. ...sJ..x"' AT -- xlzy It xg: f,,' jaw-:Q TW" , wx, W A A ., . ...,...., ' f'7"f?" ' 4 ' N fx, nff.x.:, .,-wxg, -Q ,,, f-x,,.,xA, ,.,, , .-. N '75 'rg we ,, AA ff X ' ' R z HJ.. V ' 5""'3" 'fvn M- ' W"-' M ' , ' M. www M, - 4 fb w.j1:i'g'+g ,,,, - ' ,, xx 'gl V - ' f J: 'fir' f w v ,R , -"if'5l!AW4f?W-...- , V! N W, tin.-'n',f1,z.'.".. ,Ng v " V' , " Av I ,"':"y ' 'fl ' ., . 4 Q K, y W ' g' Qo- f, W 4 X ,f-Z H3 px ,n 3 Q, ,Q x ? s Q K' x A - . 5 f I K "L 'SY A S ' ---- M X f-ww V Qiiiwgi 0' 'n ' ff? ' .qqulllff fx. . 5-MQ., , , , ' nil ,ii x',wiw ag, nn.. . ' V ,, . , f..1 A 1552-eb:-59, H: ag-, 3, 1.4 gyug :PQ , A yU,,',pg, 'Lf v-' ak-fx J 3 25 A , , ',M,k,3.f. , 'n 's-262 ' -.???!.'. 5 'n.'X2S'.' , . qmf., :Q 7 I k were Awww-M . ft, 2 W.-.- zz! MM TO AN ATHLETE DYING YOUNG The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the marketplace, Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high. Today, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home, And set you at your threshold down, Townsman of a stiller town. Smart lad, to slip bedtimes away From fields where glory does not stay, And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose. Eyes the shady night has shut Cannot see the record cut, And silence sounds no worse than cheers After earth has stopped the ears. Now you will not swell the rout Of lads who wore their honors out, Runners whom renown outran And the name died before the man. So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet foot on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintle up The still-defended challenge cup. And round that early-laurled head Will flock to gaze the strengthless And find unwithered on its curls The garland briefer than a girl 's. - A. E. Housman dead, X r f R 510 F ang.. L.....r'+ . K , 5 wr i' W3 H., - , . xg, , -MQSNXX W I Q 1 ,fffwbq mtg Q-os. , . W L m "Fw A f ' s f.1p,v-N . , 41. -ww , n xx, f -X Q! VV' N .X s 09' .W X s "'vm-ny "Wk 40" 1 "'s'. ni -x, ,i V Q . . A nll111nuu'1i-' fi F lr' F L 4-' A .- J- ' I K v 'K Q A eld"" -Q.. f' 0 f w.. L',,"a., ,uf ,Q 1 . wh 'f aa ,ls A' ,, ' . -' w wf-mf , we 41 QQ 1 'J ' M 5 IJ, ' 'ww 7.f E 6 1,4 h 'Q H E 4.1 Q.. My Sei? 11' gfrc, K Y .4 v . e A ' f w, 'Z. Li 2,6 0 if CX fx ' QX 5 i V 41" ftp, 'z any F 9 A 1 F 4 LA ,f f 1 1 x f , I I , , if Q ' mf? ' - A 5 ,. I - .2 H.. , g ' -5 1.-wwaf 5 S' 'iff J 2' ,. .1 + f ' -5 A .. , W A, 1 W I 5:- 4 i .au 9. ,X . .M - 5. Uni ', ' f 1 , Eg-l-W - 'M 5 x ff H Eli, . . E 61,35 fg , h A , uv ' , Q, Y X ' - x rg- 1 e fy - 5 L4 m Eg , .4 , imwnb u , V -0 1 5 X, 6 ,,.f f4Zem a , i' gf w 'Q 1 N ft ,Z 3, I I, c at 4 H J f 1 'lf e I m o m banged 2440: ffdake gmac Efame gent 1444401 Galddm fazeume Godin 'hang Homme ILA' 7Zdco!e ?mu64a4dc' 546306 6444 5 E I fx Qevzy Defacgeaeaax as " x FQ f. ' I 5 . X xt. , . , fe .M , mf' fa "aav',,'. U. , ,.,1K0 , rn N 4' 0 .u X V, P 'Qi ,b 95? ' . Q 5 x ,E , X xx 1 Wendy Qfaamon Vinum Daley 740t644 Daley .1 4: , 2, , X, 1 ,G ' XA . E ' QR' 49 , w will' fd I 'K XJ, N. I . l" X G SE IOR SUPERLATIVES 3 ff CLASS CLOWN' Emily jo Leopold. Not pictured, Mike Gloss. f ' AX x ,,,.,r 'AN 41 M OS TA TI-ILE TIC: Lori Dozark and Faatasia Lefotu. fk' BEST DRESSED: Lori Dozark, Tony Wesley, and Dasche Taylor. CLASS FLIRT: T.C. Moran and Tammie Melton. d ffoclf ,, ,4 I "Vvl IEQ' 1 -"J ig W iw ' E? XIV 7 . Q C 5+ , ' fi MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Lori Dozark Matt Patel and Missy Hatten. -5' A A - . I L. M, ' Tw, ' 411 lf fig Q4 15? Q BEST ALL AROUND: Attalie Bruce, Mike Wilber and Donnie Baker H 5 L e W 4' 1 1 e 'vflli . 'fi f f BEST LOOKING: Donnie Baker and Tammie MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Missy Hat- Melton' ten. Not pictured. Mike Gloss. g,Q : A 5 XX X, ,xx X wswmwri Damn ydltdd 77Za6e imap 6446416414 Kdlq m.,,,m,, ,1Ml '-... X Wi.. TM- s Salam Kwan -44-444006 -44066 ! N '7'colf .lance ' A '1fQ::.f . 'H .-.'...5f gn., - 'en ,E 9 P , l N A 4 ' 'Z ' ft D , .53 . 5 v 11 f' 1 J, ' x A 'D :rs ,J Q X Emily fa .lepold 7Zeu'4Zde Wlantgammg I'- Y, D'l 76 77Zwz4n i r,, , 0 ff - r x I, x X K 7ddfL'dd64 .lefotu . 'Q r 1. 2' J 3 g - ' A .. is Axlt ffk f b 'Sri W 'ii , ff ' if , J N H - f K Y I 5 Y! . J I J Deland Wladdaw Judy 775-:define as- R 'XX 'm,4i, YNY- X iw-:gx . 2 . X LE Alfwv. . 5'ffSfAN1 XX 1 v,m 7ammde Wiedton 14 nyde WGDGOMQ femdfn 7256604140 Duma 7264-:cada Donnie Baker was born in Richmond, Indiana on April 3. 1970. His High School Activities include soccer, tennis, Club Beyond, Rangers, and Bas- ketball. Hi farewell sentence to Ansbach High is "Good-bye and Good Riddance. I hope to never see this school again." 234 Pearl Street Richmond, Ind. 47374 Attalie A. Bruce was born in Kingston, Jamaica on june 14, 1971. Her Activities included track and field, and Student Council. Her favorite saying is, "I am going to have a nervous breakdown!" Farewell sentence: "One can never assure their total success for yet within society, but when success within one self is as- sured, it is a much greater feeling." 6 Munster Road Kingston 3 Jamaica, West Indies Nicole Burkhardt was born on the 20th of July, 1970 in Columbus, Ohio. Her activities throughout her high school years include Tennis, Club Beyond, Con- cert and Marching Band, and also Cam- paigners. I "If you love something, set it free. If it re- turns, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was," is her favorite sentence. "I thank my God every time I remember you." is her farewell sentence to Ansbach H.S. 24600 Marlboro Damascus, MD 20872 Danny Bush was born on August 77th, best wishes to the class of '88!" 460 Rudder Road Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Theresa W. Dailey was born on Decem- ber 26, 1970 in Norfolk, Virginia. Her activities include Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Cheerleading, National Honor Society, and JROTC. Her favorite sayings are, "Oh Well," "Ya Lyin," and "Excuse the sister." She leaves you with this thought, "Oh Gold rostet, was wird denn Eisen tun?" 460 Rudder Road Virginia Beach, VA 23454 Lori Ann Dozark CDozieJ was born on january 26, 1970 in Big Bear Lake, Califor- nia. Her activities include, Varsity sports: Cross Country-Central European Finalist, Basketball-Captain, All Conference, Soc- cer-Captain, All Conference, Tennis-Euro- pean Finals. Letterman's Club, Student Council, Club Beyond, National Honor So- ciety, Yearbook, TAG, and Newspaper. Her favorite saying is "You never fail until you stop trying!" "Quitters never win- Winners never Quit!" "No guts-No Glo- ry!" She leaves you with the thought: "I want to say thank you to my teachers, friends and most especially my family who helped me through these special years of my life and getting me involved in athletics! Also the biggest thank you to the Lord! Make the best of it! God Bless! '88" 11346 Stratton Park Drive 388 SE IOR Donna JOl'1eS was born on December 30, 1969 in Longview, Texas. Her activities include Volleyball, Softball, Afro-American Club, Octagon Club, and also the Spanish Club. "UN, UNH!!" is one of her favorite sayings, along with "Oh no!!, I sure hate it, he's beautiful." As her farewell saying, Donna chose "The four great years of my life have almost, for now come and gone, but only to face 'The Beginning' May God bless all of 1401 Rayburn St. Longview, TX 75602 Michael Jump was born on july in Laurel, Maryland. His high school activities included and Football. You might often hear him me? I never skip!!" His farewell sentence isg "It's in the Real World." 9225 36th Street Indpls. IND. 46236 Christina Maria ples, Italy on the 28 of Her activities include: Team I, II, III, IV, Color IV, Band I, and Y Chris's favorite saying Her farewell sentence a matter of chance, it is a it is not a thing to be 2' Pfif . I .Q-V3 1968 in BuenaVista, Georgia. ' His activities include Spanish ence Club, Gamma Club, and He also played tennis. He Leaves Oak Street Box 461 Rincon, with "It's didn't. M Her farewell sentence is Good luck and down. adison VA 22727 thing to be with, "Goodbye-God Bless DIRECTORY '88 You-Good Luck!" Glen Heritage 11105 140th Street Court East Payallop, WA. 98375 .Op Box 529 Butterfield, MN 56120 Angelia lAngij McDonald was born March 12, 1970 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was involved in Softball, Choir, and Golf. Her favorite saying is "Beaut Yeh!" She leaves you with1"To the Class of "88"- I say good-bye and Good Luck and to ev- erybody else: Party 'till you drop! It's been REAL!" cfo Beverly Richey 1327 Home Land Norman, OK 73072 Tammie fSue1 Melton was born in Frankfurt, West Germany on the 19th of March, 1970. She was a Cheerleader, and was involved in Volleyball, Letter Club, Student Coun- cil, Club Beyond, Soccer, and National Honor Society. t Her favorite saying is' beli- vin'!" She leaves you my teachers and pecially to my Donna Nicosia was born in Dunkirk. New York, on January 23, 1970. Her high school activities include the In- ternational Student Leadership Program. Club Beyond, Teen Forum, Family Force Workshop. National Honor Society, Dra- ma Club. Community Theater, and Band. Her favorite saying is: "I've got so much homework!" Her farewell sentence to Ansbach is: "May His light shine through you for all to see!" cfo Frank Petrella 42 Cleveland Ave. Fredonia, NY 14063 Mike Novak was born on july 29, 1970 in Ft. Lewis, Washington. His activities include the Vica Cub, FFA, Wrestling, Soccer, and Football. Mike's Favorite sayings are: "Hello", "Word", and "On it like a Hornet!" His farewell sentence is "Goodbye- and farewell in the life to come. Rt. 1 Box 18 Moro, OR. 97039 Matt Patel was born in Columbus, Ohio on December 17, 1970. His activities, include Club Beyond, Soccer. Club, Drafting Club, favorite saying is sentence Squad Drill, Platoon Drill, Club Beyond. Girl Scouts, Theater, Church Usher, and Fancy Drill Team. Her favorite saying is: "C'est La Vie." Her farewell sentence is: "When the going gets tough-remember you have friends to carry you through until time gets better." 704 Fisher Ave. Superior, WI 54880 Adrienne S1LuI'bOiS was born on Decem- ber 30, 1970 in Bloomington, Indiana. She was involved in Keywanettes, Model United Nations, Tennis, and Student Council. She often says,"I still haven't found what I'm looking for!" She leaves you with: "Life is what you make it." 203 W. 7th Ave. Cheyenne, Wyoming Dasche Lamour Taylor was born on February 7, 1969 in Alamogrado, New Mexico. Her activities include Chorus, and Club Beyond. Her favorite saying is "Brooklyn" As a Farewell Saying, she chose, "Keep be- ing beautiful inside and you'll achieve in your life," 811 Second Street NM 88310 was born on August 25, e, Grand-Duche du Art Club, Student above. cfo Rt. 6 Box Lake 70995.- Yo!" is saying is a new creature. hold all things e can be the have in Orlando, to the Albque, NM born in Superi 32807 Guard, ROTC Ranger, Individual Drill, Miss Valentine Committee, and M'en Fou" Whatever keep WHS Ms Nina SI-Iargrove Box 17 S H441-' M , A . Mn . 'Viva "" dr! Q . R , 'N-' Y ' 5 M ew S ' M F Q' , ,l , lf f Mm. Q .2 77640720046 77z4zz79azee' sl, 'x z I yum zoam 5. ,f E fwmdfw Sadneddn Kent' 546544 70e4!!44aemm4.4an9dd44e4,..w44zc4mwa44,eMmazwmum,9 Mem into atepfemg-cloned. so - 1, Kay filfexanalez 1- ---- -- --- Sddde Stachzq Q X fi 72444406 74m'm X sf 7avuf 70e4!eq 3' X 'fCf7' s h Q X ? ffeizdemze Sdenfada 944446 74qlv.vz Sindy 'fusion Kazaa 704404 , 31 N11 I . nf ff", -if ig,-"",1'+' J .1-f ,gal-'pn 4 ...-""" ff ' , : Q 1 .',lJ I ff . ,I 5 -' f T fr 27:3 S, 'Wig Q , Wczzfcneb .Zane .dweeaaamxdafgapeaal Samer4a:9z'44t4a4z'a9uw .ldieanewzaaefegdmrzngtalioaaom 74d4Zoaee4mn9e4fwmdaqt4da-y .ldietleddemndtleaand .ldieawdllawvzeeweepdng an :Ae wand. 715560 0'2u44 A1 WTA, .. ., i 33 66444 0- nggn President Martin .Baker: Vice President Tanya Snart E f i I - i A envy ,yur Kandice Altizer Ronald Artis Robert Bailin Martin Baker Donald Burton Victoria Castillo Denise Clark Robin Conaway Catherine Copper Gregory Davis Ben De1A1cazar Mike Drummond Timothy Ermer John Evans Kevin Gavitt , jj 35 I Randy Gire Mireya Gonzalez Kenneth Gourdine Tisha Hailey Stephanie Hamilton Travis Henderson Alisha Henry Silicia Jackson Clifton Keen Dax Kent Martina Kraut Heather Langford 36 ,ff i ti' . + . Y X Us xi , 4, ' if 1 g 'E - if 'N 3 s 4- X W x s ext NXRQEEEY ii' 5 . , ki xxx X W xg .. N.. me N .. i K A V, :VL :L K . Wi. ' ' ,a K 'x tif...-1... E I 'K if L . K -X X i F N 1 , 1 f - 'Q Q - I' " I ' 1 . ' W yi 8, ,xx sl: Q .ri. X KK it wi gu frr Q 1 I x Y -i K - - X f'-X x it , M. xx- A' Q ff? K xl ' 1 1 its , Mdfgih Q ingtr its s i i-i I MW V -WW MQ, 2, ' 'f I' 'if K4 XT,-xg P Wm , J' . is x .gi 1 -. ? Q 1 A . N , 4 u 1:4 X .M ,mr 2 'X I rx., . x FQ Yr s LK Trent Lee Deborah Leggett Jefrey Lotshaw Lisa McAdoo Khiva Meachum Caprecia Miller Angela Mohr Brendhan O'Brien Robin O'Conner Dana Patterson Craig Pitts Jennifer Pryplesh 37 Charles Rivenburgh Amanda Robertson LaTonya Robertson Brenda Schmitz jeffrey Schneider Kenneth Shannon Kevin Shannon Shannon Shoemake Denise Simms Toni Smith Tonya Snart 38 H :Kli- Q-f'Y "1 F' 5925 .. .2 ' Na. O 'F if Qi xx ' 3 s Keith Threatts Eric Tucker Greg Tucker Kerry Tucker Ron Vossler Richard Ward Stella Weart Kevin Whaley M it A 5 rj Grant Whiteley Mike Whiteley Chad Williamson K X M slr J, W SN 3 f , if 1. ' F X X 1 , 2 XC if ' QP J 39 W ii ' '5 'R ' Q Homecoming - Spirit Week 1987 Spirit Week 1987 opened with class as everyone decked themselves out as nerds, beach bums, toga wearers, and farm- ers. Sport day hit a homerun with outfits ranging from aerobic dancers to football and soccer players. Friday, Blue and Gold day, brought the traditional colorization as school spirit soar- ed with a wave of participation by the students and faculty. The pep-rally was a success as the senior class won over- all for Spirit Week. The juniors once again won the spirit stick in the class competition, while the sophomores won the hall- way decorating contest. Saturdays festivities opened with the kickoff at the Ans- bach v. Augsburg contest. Augsburg scored first, but was quickly matched by the offensive Ansbach Cougars. The score was 6-14 when the halftime festivities began. The parade of princesses began, led by freshman, Sten- itta Ross, escorted by Andy McGregor. Scott johnson escort- ed Felecia Reynolds, sophomore princess, and Kim Smiles, junior, was escorted by Kevin Shannon. The senior candi- dates wereg Lori Dozark escorted by Tony Wesley, Carmen Rosiere escorted by Mike Wilbur, Missy Hatten escorted by Matt Patel. The King and Queen elected were Donnie Baker and Attalie Bruce. The Cougars broke out after halftime to close the gap in the score, but with a recalled touchdown, the Cougars final score was 14-20. A lost game did not yield the students of Ansbach from having a good time, though. The traditional Homecoming Dance, held at Bleidorn Club this year, was a huge success as the Mighty Cougars danced their way into the evening with only memories of Homecoming 1987 to remain. ,,, I li V' ,, ,,,m W f ,P 'Q . Wgw' li 4 'Y N .ass fkvlil, junior Princess and Prince, Kim Smiles and Kevin UUA :awww M3 4. Mg. Sophomore Princess, Felicia Reynolds. -an f. .ffs n ' w ww A ' - wwf.. S i n , . Xh .. 1 1, ...wg 21. L- f. K - .. 1, ,Q K V, QW? WWQET ,gl 33 .si HL if Nj aw, 1 an 4 'Rf 4 ,qu- 1 fH'f.,z:--K si.. wr T vw ww-ffsfk nf nQP,5,i'1'QggfQ,L 'W if rf wp ,.... . mwwmp Mfmerff Q 1 " wwggwbyloj ,A ,,AA l AKAL - -,, .. . .. ' . L "L E EE E 5 3 Q al 3 V k NE :N 'it' N Z A . 2 ,,,, 5' 5. A my - 'P'-J' .. 5 I I K A S s wg xx s f vi vs N A w , se 2, 4 52 W ff wg, M 'N A . ff .-'. - - W5 Wiki i'?W xwigww g wk i 4 1 K K '1 f. x Mr :Q Ns ffwls 12 ZVVL ..,i .gl or ,X ' A . 'Z " " -1 'f .gg gi'-ff.. Z 5: -A , ' , 3 im" M .. -.S. W'EQQwi .a,.4. ,,:mff.a..ii-34, Cougar Spirit! Left - Homecoming candidate Carmen Rosiere Kicking off Homecoming. 41 HU: f 06A Jv- m QW F 'fx Q. The Tango! Picture Perfect w fi . L ii. N fi 4 my x 4. xl 'r' X Kg' I4 4 f w 5 , .sig Q X 'CWM ,. nw.. fx M n ON. A "We love our C 1 v- . .ff rv fff', n,,M ff nw QQ. ,ff f Y"!':2r If 2 . K Ywfif' 'wa- ' -f 'LL-nj V ""v'F'.2 w 2-"Ip:-, .g.g...'. ' , Q '::1,-:'2:1':-:-125: -if ' :- 'f'5f1:f'1'ZlTgf1T'f1'1hf,Zg.Y:3' 'rin 9 f, Lf.:-2? .-v.-b,- vig :. 4 ,:,,31g.--g.g3:g:,::g:g,q:gyQQ5.- 1 :gig 712.,31.511.",wjm7.3 Zz.. 'Q ,E :LQQ:QZ'2g2'f:i'273?51Zw:-525. 3 ff ' .isiifia ' ,g,fg2',,:v-1-2-'gtgt kify' f- I 'zicgizig-Z4--zgfvtgtv " ' Af. Q5g:5g11?1sg,:132:-34-1 I 4:1 g:Q11:5npg?nQ1.5.gjg'k- ga-X 'A Q NL-.-,A g,.g.,.,.5.,,,. .,.- , . 3-1-.,.1l,-N - gg 15. ' ' 3.'.:',:-gizi'-, 3315,-9..1':ff, f" ,f'sT.r' U 1 1 fy H . ,- if .H ,,..,,1.-1 5:45 I 4.411714 5:5 A..-., r M -"iz , fb 'lik 112545 ' gzsquz-2 4135-gy '-111,31-1.111 9151.-::'L' '- ' vi.-.f.-Q-':':-.L--3 -www.-f.s1n.1i' , .1-:an-'2:a,'L5:.:-.1.-'-.. mf ..:' - ,,n-.,., "Smile, Donnie! M.. r ougars I!! if Q Q V 43 6 0- ugou President, Kendra Petersg Vice President, Melanie Meridith Tina Adamczyk Maria Armstrong Dominic Bailin Melissa Baines Yvonne Barbosa David Bennett Eric Bogart Jason Browning Frank Bruce Cija ,Burt Jason Butler Kimpeberly Cavanaugh Kelly Chumard Robert Coan Felisha Collins E 45 Kimberely Cozemius Memorie Coon David Crane Sean Crane Lee Cunningham Margaret Droke Paul Ligenheer Thomas Evans Jeffrey Frensley joseph Fultz Vicky Gonzales Bret Himmelright David Hunter Douglas Jeffries Chris johnson Scott Johnson 46 .X 4 I W .435 - - ' if A saw, R.. .LX -- as ' -Q sa L , - s il 1 Y, Q N' 'g s sq z 5 , . '95 I . Q .Wm if 'X ffl. X 16" iw 'I ,W Kxgiiu Jeremie Jones Sara Jones David Jordan Cindy Keen Sabrina Kettle Tara Kingsley Christopher Koch Jeanne Lady David Lausten Dusty Leslie Eddie Maxfield Melanie Meredith Consuela Mines Robert Pacevich Kendra Peters Nancy Pierce 47 -Alix.: , I' , Q U? N Q ' X, ,N ii. or it Corinna Pihl , N, if R Kristi Pike ,b R , I L K9 11 ix X Earl Pulliam in Russell Radabaugh h ii , i r jf 'i" +A" 2. ' .Sie - f Natasha Raysik Felishe Reynolds X Brian Rodden fl' Sonia Rogers R N 'X ix , K s R " H55 1 5 35: PM fi K Ag in I I 5 Q, g A is I s- Ranelle Russell Kimberely Salmonson W 48 l 1 -' x. nf, X 5 in W ,f I 21" ' f a iff: EAA . ra I 1' .L ? Hb-Q , gy nv'-xi If - , 'il' ,-""' Kimberely Sears Sharon Wesley Charles Wilber Debbie Williams Robert Williams Ellen Woodard Warren Worrell Pynun Wright Jennifer Young Kendra Yount FNJ 0 , I nvf, . 1 ,fm , 5 f ,,, ,,wW..e,,-M,M,,,Q,,,W,,,- .N -A A M , 2 V ,WQw,,.,W, WW, w.,,N.m , ...ww Mhfw.w,, X,,,, A- ww-M' - Y 1 5 5 5 'W 1 'W""l , A . , Q-i.,,A What Up? Short legged blues brother. 50 www" X. u4w,r,1'we,n ,.,,Wf.m-rx-uaunutuntahzfirizf ., v 3 -am' Q.:-.r4n4,.. wut. 4-X-nvunlblthhfaifvi Q. wmwnofvnu Ywalhnlw 4f......g.4.4.1. 1. 1. 3- 'm'v-fx-'su tkxifyabv 'af 1 '24-'vu 'sa . . 1 4, s n 1. um--xbaw nwfmhqmwxf AAY'h'MU'Y,sAuir 'ici is mafia! L3,.,fM., .YN-H rf,.....-nw Caught in the act. 001-rf G. Q. '- 'Do You think she heard us?" Pretty Tasty! I use Dial . . . don't you Wish everyone did? The Culture Club I N H f"R l ' , 5711- -, -Mfg' X Doug . . . are you alive? 6 "77" Presiden t,-Stenita Ross: Vice President, Antho ny Conzemtus ,'-.- 'v'.,. ' .. , " 'zfslff . ' ', if J" . . ' 4 Q K 3 I B sr r ,e9El!o. . joseph Adams Annalyn Adriano Shedrick Anderson Consuello Artis Fredrick Askew Amy Aspinwall Michael Babbs Robert Baker Christopher Barber Frederick Bell Sonja Bogart Varonda Brown Chevoit Chandler Terrilyn Clark Peter Coffee Wendy Coleman jason Collett Jimmie Collier Anthony Conzemius Albert Cross Machelle Davis Dayane Deleon Daniela DeSimone Delwin Develrow 53 James Dixon Angela Dyer Teresa Eigenheer Michella Elia Michael Fine Jason Friend Omar Galan Jacqueline Gire Angela Goble Elka Gonzales John Grindstaff Kevin Hayes Lacey Henderson Margaret Herrera Tanya Higman Rachelle Hollandsworth Lewis Holston Elizabeth Huisking Kimberly Humbert Johnathan Ireland 54 Jewelle Jackson Marvis James James johnson Toni Johnson Sherry Jones Steven Jones Paul Jump Wallon King William Leeman Tive Lefotu Brock Lewandowski Tamara Long Nathan Magee Michele Marlin Andy McGregor Silivana McHenry Esther McKenzie Sami McKenize Ronnie Mitchell James Montgomery 55 Vaughn Morrison Marcus Novacheck Jennifer Orr Frank Ortega jennifer Panaro Venita Parker Clifford Pinckney Gregory Pollard Angela Price Kari Pryplesh Wendy Pryplesh Michael Ray Laura Reuss Crystal Riley Chris Rivenburgh jeremy Robertson Rene Roberts Erika Romero Stenita Ross 56 A ,Q , P X 1' .g4' f ,ff 1 N... P MIAM4 f 0' g f N, EY 1 E x ,V X, a Xi N it P l X if.. Lal IM la-f' . ' ,- ff j i X' 'W i ggi i 3 5 kK.,,u gs Ls. t- Sereka Ruffin Mark Ruiz Donia Schanthal Oliver Scheurer William Sears Stacey Shoemake jason Taylor Michael Teepled Felicia Thorton Randy Thorton Donna Truman Jenny Turrigiano Chris Vanbreuo jennifer Watkins Samuel Wells Wendy Wester Loretta White Ronald Williams Aritha Woodard 57 C Jas' gmt? Nu '11 Wswwmf 'V"1A a i Q -, I. ,,.. , x., Mn, lg, VF . I X .ff iii f gs r E fb Q 'F X 66444 0- Ugg, rresldcnt Mara Patel: V3 'ce President, Barbara Elia Li Y on ,if r l .5 iff' N. ,, s K K, , 3 ir fffiy., X f Q ..,, . O' A . f I 4 mmf Cesar Almodovar Amy Alvarey Meridith Beamon Kevin Bell Desmond Bennett Carla Booker Dameon Broadwater Karron Browning Thomas Brzozowski Sandra Burk Dawn Burkhardt Jenny Cherri Carrie Coan Adrianna Coon 61 Andrea Cooper Johnathan Crain Barbara Davis Barbara Elia Tara Ermer Kathleen Fitch Juan Frangui Bianca Glines Larry Goodman Maurice Gourdine Lisa Hatten Christopher Hazell 62 Q 1, F X X. Q- I 'N X ,f ' 4. 1 I sk XX sa 694992 21 2 X f fa X x xl S " .Sr X s Ei x f 2 - mv 7 ,N X I er MK: ': ' f , QQ , -. X xi , ..w-"if N,x -A FL'-ff XFX " ff XS X ,Xa , 2 ' 2" sfifyslzi ff? .43 Q 'fo H as K oS.'5 R Q J . I i Julie Herms Stanley Jefferson Tanya jefferson Brian Johnson Cynthia Keen Sean Keenan William Kelly Robert Kingsley James Lent Lora Leslie Daniel Mayhorn David Mayhorn 63 James McCombs David McKenzie Tara Millwee Robert Nelson Scott New Evelyn Noland Scott Noonan Michael Motz Jerry Peebles Marc Petri Lanetta Prince Sincerity 64 .fir N ef- l ex ri J, .1 . ,. :V ,fi w. X we, am i? 6 M em IJ, ,M Q? it f 5 A .Z,: h K A 1. 5 5 vi x Q5 i 'l 2 Q X V5 X l Steven Roberts Chad Rodden Maria Rubio Mark Ruiz Kimberly Shields Amy Stanton Tamara Thaden Rhonda Tribble Joe Turrigiano Sergio Villafane Christian Vossler April Wilson 65 66444 President: Melissa Merideth Vice President: Gila Shields Treasurer. Stephanie Marr Secretary: Sharon Kelly ree ! yre ef ':' ' fi 5 'N -of "3 Q .i ., X 1 1 M is ADR Terry Adriano Kavan Akins Thelma Akins Shawn Albertson Alex Almodovar Brooke Baker James Battle Christa BrzozoWsk1 Johnny Burrus Tom Chaithsong Chandelle Chandler Jason Chapman Shane Clay Jacob Clendenon Tyler Coon Jacquelina Crain 67 Sharon Cross Unitar Cross Margielen Dialogo Nicole Duncan James Ellison Jennifer Falck Randy Ferguson Robert Firsich Larry Forbes Nicole Friend Michaela Gadberry Lorrie Gonzales Yolanda Gonzalez Mashanda Green Lon Hale Cory Heath 68 xdxiiix X ..:.: Q. 5 FZEZ ,, xl Lg! 'XX if Ks X,-- J f 1' 4 P Sean Holland Evertt Holmes Elizabeth Huffman Ammia Johnson Nyree johnson Tyrone Johnson Cavin Jones Mario Jordan Kimberly Jump Sharon Kelly Julia Kendall Crystal Key Kelli Kuhn Annie Lee Melissa Leopold Lisa Magee 69 Elizabeth Markuson Mark Marlin Jason Marr Stephanie Marr Kimberly McCain Phillips McCarty Henry McC1endon Roosevelt McHenry Margaret McKenzie Melissa Meredith Damon Michell Martin Montjoy Michael Moran Daniela Munden Elliot Nelson Julie Nelson Tamika Neal Mark Nicosia Anya Price Jessica Ramey 70 P A uk . , 5 , M' 'N T ' x tr- ' QI? N. Q- ,, W Q 6- if .I 3 1 1 xx. i as 1 I Qi N fir Ei Y' x s Lf: 'Q Xl :ev il . .KEN 4' ' Xgf it fd MQ :sf "X ff im 'iii -:S . 'f Suki 5 r, .1 V5 . X .- lxr -195g YL,, X in r . N? 55 S is iiifilfif- L., . S ,f it ., is 'A S .:,: i ,QQ nf x.fl f , -, X . FU' ' if - . L , fxwvwiii ,"..'. 5 ,,.,, : F S .T-'Nt M1 "1 i , . X, ii X. X SM 2 F Q, Qc: QL? .. ,f , Y ff QQEQKYQQ 5 . X X i s ,XX ggi, 5 91 K . X lkmmk fms .U X 3 A if X, -as M S ! ! .A. -- A 5 X as Xl, 's -. " pigs Q ' ,. at S sf ,l 61 -'s Sz iiiw-,Ng S N E S -ali YV gb X X ss ,N N . N R 1 S11 R e Xi N tt X ss fin N.,- ' .Ms w ,sf s E i.n.'N'- rift? i ii? N i Krista Riley Nathasha Rivera Stephanie Roberts Brent Rosiere Kathy Salmonson Jennifer Schmitz Justin Shulse Joshua Smith Diana Stone Christina Strelsky Brian Taylor Donald Thomas N ikiya Thomas Kevin Thompson Roberick Thorton Travis Wilber Bethany Winther Todd Wirth Alicia Woodard Eric Yount 71 ADMME QQQQSMQSE Nw-af' Q sf, 13 Xt The Wrestling team got off to a slow start but progressively got stronger with new members and coaches, Mr. Buccerelli and Mr. Elleman, starting the wrestlers out and teaching them the basics. The wrestlers individually did great but, because of the team size, were unable to win a meet. The wrestling managers, Tina Griffan and Jennifer Ripley also took a major part in a good season for the wrestlers. At the end of the season Don Charles, Joe Adams, and Shannon Shoemake had advanced to semi-fi- nals and did very well. Congratulations Team! 5 , :22 5 fi fl Top left to Right: Don Charles, Mike Novak, Eric Bogart, Chris Vanbrusik, Mike Vanbrusik, jeff Frensl y Bottom Row: Chevy Chandler, Eric Bell, jerry La wther, joe Adams, Na than Magee, Eric Tucker 1'I1e 74 '45- If 75-2 Below: Mike Novak goes for a pin. wwmxwws Qu.-...wus 75-1 Left: Captains - Mike Novak, Shannon Shoemake 75-3 Eric Bogart takes a victory. A if 1 . X 75-4 Don Charles grinds out a win. -was gs? QQ N,Ni "f11 . 'EE :vz W if :kk gkvpw X N ,. .ww W 'if -Rf' an ,ww We .1 . SCOREBOARD Good E Bad Guys Guys 20 BERLIN 18 12 AFCENT 26 8 VILSECK 16 0 ULM 20 8 AUGSBURG 14 14 MUNICH 20 6 BAMBURG l 20 Captains: Sia Lefotu, Kevin Shannon, Mike Wilbur, Mike Killian, and Troy Lance. Top row: Coach Torey Taylor, Kevin Shannon, Andy McClaine, Keith Threats, Sean Mills, Tony Westley, Larry Gourdine, Andrea Edwards, Lisa Winborne, Coach McCauley. 1st row: Michael Killian, Kenny Shannon, Ronald Vassler, Shannon Shoemake, David jordan, jason Browing, Ilker Moran, Kenneth Gaurdine, Chris johnson, Charles Wilber, Coach Singledecker. 2nd row: Lemar Burton, Aaron Collins, Kent Shelton, Mike Novak, Andy McGregory, Greg Davis, Dwayne Artis, Greg Tucker, Troy Lance, Coach Ness. 3rd row: Mike Wilbur, Faatasia Lefotu, Chuck Rivenburgh, Randy Gire, Eddie Stuckey, Cedric Anderson, Steve Ra- gauball, Kevin Gavitt, and Matt Patel. ,V is . , , The 1987 Cougar? footballilseasoniivas indeeclione for rebuilding., Injuries-to new players, and a loss it of experienced athletes posed tough, lle not unrealistic task for coaches. s ' Mr. Mefiauley reinforced tliouglfiibyjaddingg "The guystried very hard this year. We played in a very tough conference maliiesieitclifficult for usfto. advance as far aswe would have liked to 7, - f f .. fa ., - V - . if 5 - ,, ' , 'sis . ., ' " - 2 ,-- , ,,p spite of the season record, did the best it could considering the unique situation it viias in this year.1QiAnsbacls,:iWas still ,able sto boast an allfconference player and can honorable mention. Faatasia,Lef0tl-1,,,AllfCgnference for his Srdyear ina row, expressed, "I wasn't sure-that I would rnake it' this year because oflernyiiisinjury. Mr. McCauley and Coach.Ness had confidence inme but I guess 1 didnlt thinkel eeee coulcngef rr. it .,s, onthe insider? s nLefotu, who! could not play until ithg.,Q,3rdifigame of the season, not only won All-Conference, but is the only footballplayer from Ansbach ssiiii t o receive it all three yearsin a row. Lamar Burton, the A11- 1 onferences honorable mention iss said, eii ff'I was surprised to receive flitinorable mention, I work hard, s aybe one 'Will be in future," s I A s S , s i i ' Allrinfall, the mighty Ansbach Cougars ended their season with a e ili record, but the satisfaction laying enjoyment, and experience will be with the team members forever. Soccer Team Left to right: Coach McCauley, Donnie Baker, Chuck Rivenburgh, Kent Shelton, Steve jones, Eric Tucker, Greg Davis, jeffLotshaw, Billy Horan, Trent Lee, jeff Frensley. Front row: Chris johnson, jason Collett, Scott johnson, Chevy Chanler, Marcus Novachek, David Hunter, Grant Whitley. errr " 3 ,L ,VV fy, 'ZR 7 f JB T ,itt M Sf. f' ,Q ' wk ,, fs "K ' J , rr' in ' Qt " ,, -"f 7 1' s ' K -eeei 'W ,,,h:: f , 4 , E, V qlwzcir f W .-:- 'VT ' 11 A V ,,,..rt ,viii V r'r1 gf T' Q . ..f. -, ' " ,V H .L " 'ffwfi I H ' sw' V59 5: Q T - T no ,, L W , Front row: jackie Gire, Denise Clark, Laura Reuss, Michelle Elia, Wendy Pryplesh, Lori Dozark, Kendra Yount, Tasha Raysik, Tanya Snart, Kerry Pryplesh, Shana Pienta. Back row: Mrs. G , Tammie Melton, Martina Kraut-Pihl, Michelle Marlin, Stella Weart, Michelle Poarch, Elisabeth Husking, Kendra Peters, Melanie Meredith, Theresa Eigenheer, jennifer Pryplesh, jolene Roberts, Carmen Rosiere, Coach Pienta. fi- eteeet The Storming' 0"efsBef1in 61' 51321101 Ber11r1'S111Qme fheJunioriVarsity 35116, if fliefeeiiiiihisiifiif Wifli liffllf Of 46 experience, Wk alia ??fd1hi1y'fsfee1ihee1sufrrany 1560910 were accustomed itis 5 5 5 f in 5 5 5 it 1 it 5 5 5 Q Lori Dozark, starting point guard, missed the begin- Seasoil b0ne.sMissy Hatten, starting center, fell out of the action as ia festilt ofiajsefioiis plierstovxnissfthesendgof the season. g 5 i t 5 eeei on-strong and made quite a showing at the Hahn Small Sghoolsilfiasketball ifllgffeiiilosingglto 50-55 because of a foul and a technical in the finalseeonds ofthe game, came back tolbeat Bamberg and Berlin. Claiming 'che Sth place recogni- tion for the second year in a CoachiNessi stated, "Maybe next year. If we stay strong and have alot of returning players, Ithink we gcanydo it!-' eg 41" 1 1-laik.. af-"""' 'M r"""' ffl? Q5 X .. X b K 'Q 4 if 4 if xy A t. s- in :NG the Os terholz defen se. ff: Flying high, Maria Armstrong puts up one of her many shots. I Driving in for a basket, Kim Smiles overtakes TOP: Missy Hatten, Debbie Williams, Denise Clark, Kendra Peters, Kim Smiles, Tive Lefotu, Natalie Montgomery and Coach Ness. BOTTOM jackie Gire, Margaret Herrera, Lori Dozark and Maria Armstrong.. NOT PICTURED: Tina Graves and Manager, Andrea Edwards. M ' M M VARSITY SCOREBOARD 2 K Ansbach V.jBer1in T il M A U Q lsls T W 5 si T eli ee s T ' if 1 - M Bamberg, M Ulrrlf M vilseck Vilsecke Miinich ' Munieh M Augsburg K M Mliugsburg e M M , PLAY A ,l,V KM T' L L. M ,Y MKMK 1MV5M4 iiMiV k,!VM 80 A M i M w51i53 M MM 61449 M'.s, 65439 T -471-37 33-38 39450 sz-sa 51453 LEFT TO RIGHT: Team Captains, Missy Hatten, Maria Armstrong, Lori Dozarlc and Kim Smiles. TOP: Debbie Williams, T errilyn Clark, Michelle Marlin, Martina Kraut Phil, jackie Gire and Coach Ness. BOTTOM Sereka Ruffin, Margaret Herrera, Denise Clark and Rochell Williams. LEFT TO RIGHT: Team Cap- tains, Margaret Herrera, jackie Gire and Debbie Williams. 3. I' S 12 Michelle Marlin and Denise Clark prepare to block out a foul shot. VARSHYSCOREBOARDH T HB-as 2 Osterholz Bamberg Vilseek 2 ,Munich 2 Augsbufgq ess 1 C ' 19-18 24-17 22-13 21-02 29-19 19-26 22-26 19-21 21-16 23-1 1 14-02 25-26 19-17- 22-26 Varsity Basketball Front row - Troy Lance, TC Moran, Robert Williams, Kenny Shannon, Keith Threats, Andy Mclean Back row - Coach Ted Marr, Lamar Burton, Sean Mills, Clay Charles, Michael Kilian, Greg Davis, Tony Wes tley, Lydell Scroggins, Assistant Coach Will Ross if X-.aff f-"J Y S... -'-.... air 'J A11 Conference 1 st Team Troy Lance. AII-Con- ference Honorable Mention Keith Threatts Ansbach vs. Berlin Ansbach vs. Berlin Ansbach vs. Osterholtz Ansbach vs. Osterholtz Ansbach vs. Bamberg Ansbach vs. Bamberg Ansbach vs. Ulm Ansbach vs. Ulm Ansbach vs. Vielseck Ansbach vs. Vielseck Ansbach vs. Munich Ansbach vs. Munich Ansbach vs. Augsburg Ansbach vs. Augsburg Ansbach vs. Gissen Ansbach vs. Bonn Ansbach vs. Munich FEED ME!! nses -'-e" f kk.k X , xx X. l f .1 k -. 5 . , . ---. - ' i ' ' 2 - f K s K X , . ...:.. . . , , .IZ . -""""H - 1- -1 nr ,. - :L - K aff' l'1'1'A 4 ff' . i ' i . i-'i it ..f .hm lygifpbgirzslqg . m1.S?Mi x . e . ff . il '..-l Q .:fi"'-HWXK 'f ' z V ,.hk 4 . . 'X B 'E 9 B 111fa2g1,szf:fi?xiQf'5 ily . : 1- fbi-ifggjx-Qqfsffcswg-X I, -3 ',f'!.!x K . K . . S .sgbskikkfgk t kg J, , .. - 'is' E - L 5 ' - L .- - ' ' 'ii' G' 'K' is as n , E . Q r , . i . s ' S TSS.-3 ,Af vw- -. V . .1 .,,.s ss., - - s A - .ws.4.'Zf3.: -4: . Y PRL.: iff .Q , . N . .1 ,V .... WM -f-'X - - : X - ,I 64: "'- The Cougar Cheerleaders are an important part of the AHS athlet- ic program. These girls work hard practicing during the summer and cheering during the Football season. Their devoted enthusi- asm is displayed at sporting events and pep rallies throughout the season. These dedicated Cou- gar boosters deserve the apprecia- tion of the students body for their support. Top To Bottom - Amanda Robert- son, Dusty Leslie, Caprecia Miller, fleftj Sonia Rodgers, Krightj Kelly Chu- mard, Stenitta Ross, Donia Schanthal Captain, Dusty Leslie ffwslw QQ' , wc.: t ww' Top to bottom - Tammie Melton, Amanda Rob- ertson, Kelly Chumard, Theresa Dailey, Melanie Candy Mines, Mascot Donia Schanthal. 3 3 I c..g ai im- 'R : . fi , li ss aww N 5 Xa-fim Q c Q S 41" -gg lqwwnmpq Top to bottom - Felicia Thorton, Aritha Woodard, jen- ny Watkins, Felicia Collins, Kristi Pike. 4 tttt V ,,.., s Nnmuunnq l ' v his Top - Debbie Williams, Angie Gobie, Wendy Pryplesh, Nicole Horan, Kari Pryplesh. Bot- tom - Mrs. Szemplenski, jennifer Young, LaTonya Robertson, Machelle Davis, Pynun Wright Ax vig? I A Qllfffw Y 4 Ki., i Top - Dominic Bailm, Allen Guffey, Billy Horan. Bottom - Phillip McCarty, Marcus Novacheck S 4 Grexsen MXLDBN HARRIER: A CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER AHS was blessed with an abundance of girl harriers for the 1987 season. With only 2 returning run- ners, the team surpassed every expectation of coach Szemplenski and proved to be quality as well as quan- ity. Led by Freshmen WENDY PRYPLESH, the girl harriers performed superlatively and added words like win and first place to the team's vocabulary. Their hard work was rewarded when they placed 2nd at the Euro- pean CC Championships at Giessen, which then quali- fied them to compete in the European CC Finals in Munich where they placed 4th for small schools. An outstanding season and some fine athletes indeed! The boys unfortunately were not able to field a full team but that didn't stop them from training and giv- ing their all for AHS and individual honors. They con- sistently placed in the top 10, proving that though not a team threat, they were tough competitors to try to beat. Next season will be even better! The runners and coach would like to thank Mr. Alan Guffey for his continued support of the team. Without his humor and assistance it just wouldn't be the same . . . win or lose. ii ,Lf,n '-QMFL - VARSITY ftop rowj g Coach Boyce Gire, Khiva Meachum, Kim Smiles, Natascha johnson, Maria Armstrong, Kendra Peters, Coach Sue Burroni. Kbottom rowj 5 Tammie Melton, Jolene Roberts, Natalie Montgomery, Victoria Castillo, Kathy Wilkins. The 1987-88 Volleyball Team did a great job this year. They started their season a little slow, with Vilseck taking a 2-1 victory. Ansbach went to AFCENT and defeated them with a 2-1 victory. Over all the Lady Cougars had a great season with a 13-20 record, and finished 4th in the A-South Championships. Our junior Varsity Volleyball Team had a great winning season. They were able to defeat all but 2 teams. Their captain Jackie Gire said there were lots of truly close games, but she was really proud of the way they played. They showed great spirit, good playing, and alot of teamwork. JUNIOR VARSITY Itop rowj 5 Coach Gire, Tive Lefotu, Melanie Meredith, Elisa- beth Huisking, Angie Mohr, Coach Burroni. fbottom rowjg Margaret Herrera, jackie 1 r , .-.- 5 . i , . ' rx . A KM . Gire, Mickey Gonzales. .44 lrii I is ...4V, Q A , H A vggg .g , s lsl I or 1 ,J .ze .,, X xx. I 5 A ,fx -sf r ' a , 5 . 1 .5 El l ., s . 1 s, . L .l .Q lk li f Below: The Cougars were led by Varsity Captain Na- talie Montgomery and junior Varsity Captain jackie Gire. 'Vs I fi Q . 1 Q i 'LY f s F ..-A l Above: Sophomore Kendra Peters and Maria Armstrong showed their skills this year and gained All-Conference sta- tus. Maria Armstrong also earned All-Tournament status in the A-South Championships. QFD gfszig - 554. X sv. '. 6 'as-W' "3" K U! 44 -my l l h, What a Racket - ,,,, f - W' , - -eases i ,,,,,M., , I ,, ,W Mfsfwf The 1987 Tennis team opened up at home fBerHng,3gvith e ayfufffftieam. This was the first year in quite some time that the 'ii a ve up both girls and guys teams. s A full team did not get the stage faultl y h, I :mh Aon, ofthe members of the team were first-yewqplayers who 'yant elearn the gpm Mr. Snart remembers, "I was very pleased at the size of the tea his i'i I think it is easier forifhe guys especially to learn and compete if they believe t 'yyhave a chance of winning bggthe day. Unlike the years when they didnlt have a charxceof winning." A The team as a whole faired better than ever with winning records by juwnior, Trent Lee 14-31, seniors, Missy Hatteio C5-lj and Lori Dozark, Stella Weart, and Tanya Snart. Heather Langford, a junior, replied, "I had a good time this year with tennis, it was very fun, and I learned alot about the sport, Mr. Snart tried very hard to help us excel. We all tried very hard and had alot of own team teams from other schools." ' Finals were held again and Danny Bush repre- T sented and Missy tion . . not. wait is becoming amore more progressive ls usual fine Job of I am expecting g girls as f1ne year. ,J YW Q gs.--, 'P W' , If K 'F c gf-.,.'7 ' " "L"-, . 'Vx x eff' L 5 li if 'Q A P' A lg Ti A, ' X sz ,',- ' , . - Q' 5 ' .K K ' " ' . . f sstt T t A N- n ew R, if-' 'x " iiii .Qs . - . 'iff' Danny Bush, Trent Lee, Tanya Snart, Missy Hatten and Lori Dozark traveled to e Wiesbaden for Tennis Finals October 21-24, T 1987. R , X - NWNv'f2-rmffs'- -ff' ,. W-.. Q-A W' 'S .ms 1987 Tennis Team - Back Row - Adrienne Sturbois, Tasha Raysik, David Crane, Danny Bush, Jae Kim, Sean Crane, and Mr. Snart. Front Row - Tim Ermer, Nicole Burkhardt, Heather Langford, fM'zrr2aret'Dr0!ge, Lori Dozark, and Missy Ha tten. Not Pictured - Trent Lee, Donnie Baker, Tanya Snart, Qella Weartxyric Tucker, and Eric Bogart. 1, 2 ix ,f s A g Q u ?!'3f, 4 .- 1.- 'fa 1- ' I 2 O,-1,-Q I i t-u lvv.. 5 ,V . iv- f . .:-1. f 1 5 , 'Z 'ff . "jx 7 4 Yzfjffv 4 5 5. 7 I b K , ' "fp '- , FW ' if 'ii' Q' 'if ' K N " ' , 54 .' ,4 '. B' rr- ' A-' yu.. f x cfs. 'WF' :Wal ly, 4 I 141: , " X f,',",. ' ,W ,' 1 , .,.V I D ' x it f-af , 1 . 2, A 21 M V, w a " rf ff I, 3,1 f H L, S., . - mf? h' w4v ggi- L 37,555 W, .vw ,f 21572-5 , H7 Q , , L , " ' ' J f-.'f,,,, ,W V 5 I viw If A 'yt Ng, fr, fkvykxi? ini gaM m. f iff.:-ghrfzw, . a.1,+ V WM ' 4 M ' if. A .f , ' f I ' ' I. Y ' x V I ' '- 'g-'df -,,,,,,f,,,, 7 75. , , be w . 'N"1... .0 43, ,W ii" S 'af ,'-'R 'v - 'MSX li'- gf,w , Q-we J e th1s good who 9 .4 vi' -JL N . N as. ' 'X -. W "W ', A' 6 1 gq'Hg.: M . 5,3 n il: .Q-xi ff . 1 if f Q B 1, pv- i QM! hu. U55 g, . gi ? : A um' v x JE . Q.. it , . L D, ' 5 U aa V"""'W"-W. X Hey Mate! Sleeping on the job, as usual? xl! Tux? K, This is how to run the school. Follow me, I71 show you some good eats. In , fs, , , -b ,. ,,, ,,. . k L,,, Vt, e , , . W may 'f' 7,,L ,,, , ,rev You found my paycheck? mx gk . fl' , y on, A ,Q A face only .2 mother could love. a iee """'m u ,e i fi 'L ' rg we ee u . , f 4' ,L XLQ? .. r e .ehf 1 . vw Q' e , if , " I B y 1' ' Sir . is r to ,w X f L, Q ei . A jj yn F1515 , Q QQJ. St- v Mk M + 5 jj, if -1 Ix x s if - K Y I X 1? IQ 3 Not you, again! Howdy, partner! Did you hear this one? TT'-W acult iQ X ,fy .v wfm ,, ,, wg. ff -,WW , ' ,wwf L5 ,wk 2 , 4 1- f ' , Q ' f 941524 J M, fb i w , 5 24 ww, 'A 4 M 4 f was fl ,rv 98 , ,U 'r Mrs. Almadovar - Math, Pre-Algebra Mrs. Dowling - German I, E.S.L. 1 s. Dozark - Business Lab, Ms. Eastwood - English, A Typing I Mr. Goldman - C.W.E. Drama' Mrs. Hatten - English K , wg . Q Mr. Gire - Science, Geometry Mrs. Karr - Home Economics Mr. McAdams - J.R.O.T.C. Mrs. Magness - Teacher's Aid Mr. Marr - Math, Algebra Mr. Ness - English, Reading - Mrs. Pienta - Reading, Paw Mrs. Porter - Social Studies, Mrs. Roltgen - Assistant Prints Advisor World History Librarian A l I I 'x Mr. Schaup - Science, Mrs. Skroski - P. E., Health Mr. Snart - Computer Biology Usage, Math Mrs. Syron - English, Reading Mr. Szemplenski - Industrial Arts, Yearbook Advisor in Mrs. Van Sweden - Guidance Counselor Mrs. Bruce - English fl! Ms. Meigs - School Librarian V E I I M, r J Mr. Myers - Social Studies, P.E. Mrs. Webber - T.A.G. , tx x Q, ff oss Mr. Westhusin - U.S. History, Government, C.I. Mrs. Taylor - Psychology, L.D. Math, English Mrs. Walton - Biology, Chemistry Physics Ms. Pileggi - Art, Crafts, Art Lab Mrs. Whittington German Q7 77,2 . A f 4,,, Barker - Band, Math World Regions Mr. Wolf - Math, Algebra Geometry 1: Maw" r , nn Q yM-..,q V Qltuarwffe Mrs. Hanus - Junior High Guidance Counselor Mrs. Meier - English, Typing Mr. McCauley P E sl al w L Y J, ,U I lj .lj xg! E.. KH! 31 I EE Ri!fIiV2fU5VlEfCifF7I M W ,,,,.. meal f., Q LQ .Hi Q y LQ! AL SBI E' MQ fi? Ei: W 1' W' an--,,.., N n-.N-ww ,gf ,- X. x x ,, X M 3, Q ...S A W ' .X Q- a i A " . 'PN SX 9 wwE.z:-f:-'-:-- ix 1 f ' . -f i Q N- - . 1 :mf-.: T ' QL ,. A 2 x L Q N at ,X ali ,fsf xf Q! vi' -- in I-"' iffy.. 'pd in 9th AJRGT C Battalion The 9th Junior Reserve Offi- cer Training Corps UROTCJ has just successfully completed its 5th year of existance at Ansbach American High School. JROTC is not a recruiting orga- nization, it is a class which teaches the cadets to be good citi- zens and enhance their leadership ability. The JROTC Unit provides many after school activities for the cadets such as Drill Team, Ri- fel team, Color Guard, Sobor Guard, Fancy Drill, and Rangers. All the activities with the excep- tion of Rangers, perform for the community and competes against other JROTC Units in Europe. In the class room cadets are taught such classes as Leadership Development, Drill and Ceremo- ny, First Aid, Hygeine, Drug and Alcohol abuse, Marksman Ship and Safety, Map Reading, Oral Communications, Military Histo- ry, and the Judicial System. The subjects varies depending on the LET Level of the cadet. The JROTC Unit offers many educational Field Trips for the ca- dets such as, firing of the M-163 touring Berlin, Dachau, Hoff Boarderg visiting the Flight Simu- lator, an active duty unitg being able to see the different types of Helicoptersg and we have guest speakers from all the different Military branches. I would like to thank all the ca- dets and SFC CRETD McAdams for making this 87188 SY such a successful year. Christina Kelly CXLTC, JROTC Battalion Commander C XL TC Chris tina Kelly Battalion Commander "f ,,." 1.. s in 5 N it tg: is ,.,. s . - rrs 1 ,xi .L 1 X X ii? xr u x CfMaj Cf CSM jenny Schneider Kevin Shannon Battalion XO Command Sergeant Major A 1 CXILT CXCPT Steve Radabaugh Mike Gloss S-1 Officer S-2 Officer CfMaj CXILT Scott johnson Donnie Baker S-4 Officer S-3 OfHcer 1 0 7 A Company: Bill Horan, Anthony Conzemius, David Crane, Earl Pulliman, Eric Bell, B. j. Leeman, Donna Truman, Sean Crane, Ericka Romero, Marcus Novacheck, Billy Brumbaugh, Robert Williams, Troy Lance, T. C. Moran, Mike Fine, jermeyjones, Cija Burt, Larry Goodman, Tina Adamczyk B Company: jeff Schneider, Brady Woodering, Aaron Collins, Sia Lafuto, Nathan Magee, Laytonya Robertson, Stenita Ross, Randy Thornton, Theresa Dailey, jim Dixon, William Smith, Antonita Moore, jason Friend, Derrick Askew, Davonne Charles, Clay Charles, Mike Grant, Yvonne Robertson, Kenneth Shannon, Wallon King, William Kelly, Sonia Rogers, Clain Burt, Randy Gire, Kevin Gavitt. 108 ROTC at the East German border, ,fx Wi Make my day! When does this Hurry up and wait . . . end? i 2 What General? Student Council From left to righ t: Mr. Sha upp, Ma tt Pa tel, Kerri Watkins, Lori Dozark, Heather Langford, Stella Weart, Natalie Montgomery, Missy Hatten, and Attalie Bruce. Student Council advisor Mr. Shaupp holds meetings once a month. President Attalie Bruce and Vice President Missy Hatten gather and organize the information that is to be discussed at each meeting. The five commissioners work hard at doing their jobs also. Lori Dozark-Spirit, Heather Langford-Assemblies, Stella Weart-Communications, Kerri Watkins-Finances, and Natalie Montgomery-Student Activities. Class Presidents and Vice Presidents were choosen to represent their class members. The presidents and vice presi- dents of each classpare as follows: Senior President: Tammie Melton Senior Vice Pres: Nathalie Thielen Junior President: Martin Baker Junior Vice Pres: Tanya Snart Sophomore President: Kendra Peters Sophomore Vice Pres: Melanie Meredith Freshmen President: Stenitta Ross Freshmen Vice Pres: Anthony Conzemius Eighth Grade: Mera Patel Eighth Grade: Barbara Elia Seventh Grade: Melissa Merideth Seventh Grade: Gila Shields No matter what their jobs were this year, everyone did a great job at making our school a better place to learn in. 110 Z 5 f . 1, is ' x ef" . ji , 97 'Q ft" '- .. sa- fi :3' . f -aw . Left to righ t: Ms. Eastwood, David Crane, Stenita Ross, Sam Droke, Sean Crane, Chevy Chandler, Missy Hatten The 1987-1988 Drama Club got off to a good start after performing at the Cub Scout night February 25. By that time, the young thespians were well on their way with preparations for Drama Fest where they performed the one-act play "Adaptation" and numerous solos and duets. "Dramafest was a really good experience for me and I plan on going again next year if I can." Explained Chevy Chandler who had the lead role in the one- act play. Chrisanne Eastwood, Ansbach's new drama sponsor took great strides with the drama club by getting a charter membership to the National Thespian Soci- ety and drumming up the interest for the spring presentation. "I hope that 'You Can't Take It With You' goes over as well as past perfor- mances havef' Stated Ms. Eastwood. "Working with new sparkling talent and renewing interest is exciting. Having the drama class helped out alot as far as getting bodies onto the stage. I just have to remember that it can be just as scary for the young actors and actresses as it was for me."'-eu-m-we--akx Varsity Letter Club 6' 4' xl Xa,-A This year's Letter Club consists off' I t to b, I to rj Mrs. Dozark, Sponsorg Tanya Snart, Tammie Melton, Vice- Presiden tg Tasha Ra ysik, Carmen Rosiere, Lori Dozark, Presiden tg Stella Weart, Matt Pa tel, Missy Ha tten, Secre taryg and Maria Armstrong. To be a member of Ansbach's Varsity Letter Club is a privilege. An athlete must have two Varsity letters or have one Varsity letter and be working on their second to become a member of this elite club. The purpose of the Letter Club is to serve the stu- dents, the faculty, the community and ultimately the school as a whole. The Letter Club's activities include: setting up and cleaning up at high school sports events, selling concessions, keeping the book at the games and helping out the coaches in any way possi- ble. This year the Letter Club has quietly helped behind the scenes to make a strong sports program. 112 -wi-,., ' ., , Club Beyond, which is sponsored by the community chapel, is a program geared to the needs of Ansbach's teenagers. On a weekly basis there are "club" meetings for jr. highers C'Wildlife"J - and for sr. highers. These clubs involve games, skits, and a talk by one of the leaders, or perhaps a discussion by the whole group about some of the key issues in a teenagers life. For those who become more interested or involved, there are also small group meetings during the week C'Campaigners"J , and trips. Club Beyond loves trips! Ski trips, Spain, Chiemsee, biking, you name it. But whether its a trip, a small group, or a club, all of Club Beyond's activities are meant to create an atmosphere of fun and belonging, and to examine who Jesus Christ is and how knowing him can effect our lives. Y a Top Row: Martin Baker, Corinna Phil, Tina Griffin, Brett Hemmelrigh t, Nicole Horan, Donna jones. Middle Row: Missy Hatten, Jacque Shanthal, Nicole Burkhardt, Stella Weart, Tonya Snart, Heather Langford, Robbie Pacevich, Sara jones, Scott Bennett, Natalie Montgomery. Bottom Row: Jeanne Lady, Lori Dozark, Jolene Roberts, Christina Kelly, john Szemplenski, Lisa McAdoo. Y Y A , V ,l , ,, K , r, H, N, A I ,, , M. , .wWW,A,, Y ' ' , 1 ' ,1 ' , ' , f 1 : ' , 1 , ' n ' V, H , -y",,,-G-L'-'QJW W 1- ' , ' 1 - Y, 1 ' , ' ' ' ' 1 , -1 --'f -1 my -, g1,,:1,,,11:-'g,j1W ' ' f . 11' - ,1 H' 'I 'A 1, 1 '11 , , ' ' 1 ' 1 , ,, -J-,'J-" 1' r.5r:'WfY A , ' 1 ' ' ' J- - ' , 1-1 , , ,Q 1-1 1 - -' ,. ,11, ,- ,--,,-,gg--w-2 ' , ff , 4, - - . ,, -, , ,, ', - , Y ' ', , Y , "1 '-- i 1 -, 14.1,-R1-nz1""v'-ml--1,2 - '- 1 '1 - -H ' ' ,1 1 - - , 1 ,- , ' - ' 1: , -1,-' " n -,-- 11-,rw - - . , , ,- , . . ,. -. - --, 1- h Studentlifesty1eS, people, clubs andyactivities, sparks az1d, advertisgments arejalll-impbrtanti contributeto the story of the1Q87-1988, Ctlffyfe-'sii'bDok,,t,The if-adult! and f'-Mft Stfiffafifmg 1111992 DT 1whHfiW?iieifeiwiiiW5-ff?t2r+ifffObk1Bf116f df from members of -the yearbook , staff, but , Qiwet can say'-fthat i puiledl it, off? 7 if fl F--,ff 5Q3QffQfffji 1 Highlightsfof special moxilentsiiwdiiiitfarffthrbugkiout tkieibook and piqtoyiaiize mix? and1physica11y.1Look closelylat each page.1HEad1i:qeS,tar'cipIes atidpibtures te111y61ir iris outvast invvivements- B ' 'fl I1 E g i V17 ,1l,- B 1 il-, 5 1 if -ls, .1 V ',l- 9 it f 1 T B ' Q3 1QQ'4lqfgg1:1fg W 111 5 Ali- S N , ,During this yr-:ar's progressionjamd in the years to come, there Willibe 1times,1whenf the clock of time to hold at moment' forever d17'preverit1 la itfagjcyevent,fronx1happedingaTWef though, that letting go ofthese mdmei1ts,aI16Wsiluslto igrowand mature. some of ourimostiprecious rrgemoriesand1te11der1mbtpentslfoi'ever.i-11 1. ,i K 1 y if B Q i,'it l,11 vt.. -N ,A ' C -Q11 "YY: a-GAL H fikflfl-VN Spring Staff? Left to Right: jennifer Pryplesh, Mike Killian, jeff Schneider aw rint Top Row: Ms. Pienta, Sponsor, Tamika Neil, Micky Gadberry and Stephanie Roberts. Bottom Row: Lee Cunningham, Mashaonda Green, Nyree johnson and Lisa McGee. The Ansbach High School Newspaper staff, Paw Prints, is sponsored by Mrs. Pienta. This is Mrs. Pienta's first year working on this newspaper, and also this year's staff is brand new. But, it looks like they've been off to a good start! Mrs. Pienta's journalism class doesn't hold regular, everyday meetings, her staff comes to her on their own time, to help write articles, for their newspa- per. They also, have deadlines to meet every two weeks, to make sure the news- paper is in perfect shape to print. The Paw Prints newspaper comes out weekly in the Community Bridge, free, and Ansbach students can pick them up in the library. A new item in this years paper was "Dear Paw-la." It was a great idea! Instead of involving the whole school with your personal problems, the box was kept in the library and your problems were kept confidential. All the solu- tions to your problems were printed in the newspaper. 115 The 4th Annual Club Beyond Powder Puff play-offs was held on November 11th at our own Ansbach American High School. The turnout at the games was great. The crowd was positive that Ans- bach was the best team and it showedg not only in the crowd but also in the players. The team was led by two seniors, Lori Dozark, offensive cap- tain and Tammie Melton, defensive captain. The offensive line coaches were, Mike Novak and Bryan Cherrie. The defensive coaches were Alan Guffey and Greg Davis. Martin Redman was our offensive coordinator and Chuck Rivenburgh was our offensive mo- tivator. The first game started with a crowd roaring as Ansbach stomp- ed Heidelberg, 16-8. Scorers were Lori Dozark, Brenda Jones, and Tara Kingsley. Through the next game the excitement was high and the scores were close. But in the end the best team came out the winner with Ansbach defeating Nurnberg, 10-8. Tammie Melton and Kendra Peters stood out defensively, both intercepted for two first downs. Lori Dozark scored the only touchdown ad extra point conversion of the game. We played a great game against Frankfurt but we unfortunate- ly suffered our first defeat with a score of 9-5. Points scored due to first downs were scored by Quarterback, Lori Dozark. Ansbach played in the Powdered Sugar Bowl against Augsburg. Lori Dozark suffered a broken collar bone during play and the girls played extra hard to take the title for her. As the game came to a close, Augsburg came out on top with Ansbach taking second place. When the awards were given out to the Ansbach powderpuff team, they dedicated the second place trophy to Lori Dozark. alla? ,ob f j o4, C395 l-Q 1+ as--mf r 1--wr-f ou r QW 6 A if ' 0 in f..+i+ f1. if " gp ' A 1 I 4 25' ' ' FOUTB LL ' Vllf'YWv j' I . 1"-" ......f"" . f Ez?-S 1 Bm-jf? ' pm 1' J--' . 'V V? CE. 'QCLZDE2 ':'wr.'E.2e .,-94-45 Bing 113931 -,A-gf. Hy, fgali5EsAC.Hffw Af' .,,,,.. f- ..,,,,.. ... ,.,, .., ,,,-.n.,..,, f,,ar..c-- ,, X,,f"'H , My ,, N vlowl 7 ,,. M ...J - L-if' 3 J' WH qwa' fy ag MNH xx in , 3. :F X N ga Ks Clockwise: Tammy Melton, Martin Baker, Missy Hatten, Kerri Watkins, Mike Gloss, Donna Nicosia Stella Weart, Lisa McAdoo, Theresa Dailey, Lori Dozark. National Honor Society Cooperation.with those you work withjleadership through serving others, knowledge and knowing how to find it, talent, and ambition to excell to your highest potentialare only a few of the many qualities found in National Honor Society members. . r y e Society members were chosen at the end of the 1986-1987tsohoo1 year on the initial basis of graciepoint average. Of course, NHS membership is not based solely on an individuals academic skills, but also on their leadership abilities, service, and general character qualities including honesty, responsibility, toler- ance, courtesy and cooperation. Because of this, not all of the initial student applicantswerel inducted the first time around. t M M M e i i ,i The members inducted into the National Honor Society at the end of the 1986-1987.schoo1year Wersi Tamrnie Melton, Jeff Schneider, Missy Hatten, Lisa MeAdoo, Kristen Schanthal, MartinBaker, Stella ' Weart, Nathalie Theilen and Theresa Dailey. r t t 4 y i f J y i T Previous Honor Society members who conducted the induction were: Mike Gloss, Donna Nicosia, jennifer Schneider, and Lori Dozark. i g 1 . l r i is l 118 giglgz. F I f F , w ms- A QSLX , if ,ie m, '1 Q MQW? 4- In AVL: EL llcli Ejirlifiiiggl K , A M, ,. ,,,,,Nm., HK, ,V,,,,, W , M, M all 3 -..of K Q- wmv N 1 LL p H -- I A... rw - A LgLq Q as I fsd S - ' L . 4 is L Ai, A VLL.. ..., Q ...... - so "sa L .' I 'f Sh' , c X if X I ,,, ,gg WW. 2 51 KRW Q or trb ,.,, -W - .-q- ...: , R ,,,,: Q i 5 X 'K-Q-l'e"f i ' fb X RH-saw 5-fy-.,i11f:.1gs R ' is of people they attempted to solve the Egypt. In order to earn the funds a Student Liberation Organization "It 1S a Chris johnson commented, "It is it fthe programj can be alot ofyfuifl' and man- IS a rx whefgiitihe student DODD, .-e: err the or ro'ects in which niroles P J 5' the constitution and second semester non-violent manner while playing the role of er time, members of the Tag class formed particular teachers for ransom money. 1 to earn a history credit. If you are qualified, li S214 : '1!iS: :sE' :Sl-J -wl- First RoW.' Sergio Villafene, Christian Vossler, Michele Poaach, Felicia Collins, Tive Lefute, Connie Artis. Sec- ond Row: Greg Da vis, Grant Whiteley, Sean Crane, Felishe Reynolds, Sean Keenan, Karyn Coughlin, Sonia Rogers, jet Kidd, Ciia Burt, Denise Clark, Theresa Dailey, David Crane. Third Row: Raymond Sampier, Cary Heath, Alex Almodovar, Devin Bell, Clane Burt, Lemar Burton, Gerem y Robertson. Not Pictured.' Chris Van Grederods. Direc- tor: Mr. Dick Barker BAND!! r T The 1987-1988 schooliyearfsaw a big growth and interest in the band at Ansbach High School. Under the new iclireclior, Dick Barker, the band made considerable improve- ment in the number of concerts, theeknumber of students and in the difficulty of music played. The Advanced Bancleperforrned more than ten times at concerts, pep rallys and basketball games. The Intermediate Band played in three concerts during the year. Final- ly this year saw the start of The Anshach High J azz Band, which performed several times in the spring. li r I FW Voice of emocracy I ? gl' 4 Q M AM is T -f f 5 A WA :Z ,V,.,:. i 3 f, Vg 5 5 2 0 s 5 '.," fi' j I 5 'ir .af W g, Finalists: Tammy Melton and Jolene Roberts ' 'v'l T llll . 'c T " .MCL f,.f 1 ' a 7 Q, 4 Ak r 'en H7 T 1.2" lst Place Winner: Donna Nicosia An y 10th, 1 1 th, or 12th grade student in public, parochial, or private school in the United States and overseas is eligible to compete in the annual Voice of Democracy contest.qi This competition is sponsored by the Veterens of Foreign War and the Ladies Auxiliary. Participan ts are judged on their interpretation ofa particular theme. The individual prepares a three to 'Eve minute speech on a cassette tape. Following school competition, the recorded talk of the school win- ner is submitted to the next higher level of competition. If the participant wins on this level, hefshe goes to Washington, D.C., to recite the speech in front of the President of the United States. i T . , T - This year's theme was 'i4merica's Liberty - Our Heritage? The three Ans- bach High School students who particiapted were: Donna Nicosia, lst place win- ner, Jolene Roberts, 2nd place Winnerg and Tammy Melton, 3rd place winner. Their speeches were judged based on delivery, originality, and con tent. Donna Went on to compete in the District competition and won 2nd place. Congratula- tions to all participants for your outstanding effortslp p . Cougar Broadcasting Network Cougar Broadcasting Network consisting ol? Denise Clark, Tammie Melton, jenny Watkins, Natalie Montgomery Missy Hatten and Michelle Elia. Being the first year for anything like the Cougar Broadcasting Network at Ansbach High School the announcement team had alot to work with CBN aired everything from birthday greetings to detention recipients, amused the students in the morning with hit tunes and extended song dedications over the air waves. Ms. Eastwood, head producer commented: "It is new and interesting, and I think it is good for the students "The difference in social studies knowledge between American high school students living in Europe and those living in the continental United States linesj , i g i , :Due to personal experience and findings from professional studies, We be lievecl that Americanistudents living in Europe have learned more about social studiesiand can retain it more than those American students living in the United States. Two schools participated inour study Ansbach American High School representedthe students living in Europe and a high school in Aledo, Illinois represented the students living in the United States The students at each school were surveyed in the following categories American and World History, Amen can and World Newsmakers, and American and World Geography The students from Aledo scored 7.7 96 higher overall than the students from Ansbach, but Ans bach students scored higher in World affairs and personalities There is really no significant difference because different schools have varied class study out 4 FYHX Q .,.A 1 5 f ' f ' 1 1 L GYFW j A TQ iANLX 2W XX CONGRATULATIGNS TO THE CLASS OF '88 FRGM BRAVO COMPANY 1ST BATTALION 37TH ARMGR Y sl fa UABRAMS STANDARDS" "?ee ?w,6ea4am4Z" BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM ANSBACH COMMUNITY RECREATION OUTDOOR RECREATION MILITARY SPORTS ' Camping ' Basketball ' Biking ' Flag Football ' Skiing V ll yb ll ' Softball LIBRARY SERVICES MUSIC AND THEATER ARTS AND CRAFTS INFORMATION AND TRAVEL SERVICE ' Photo Lab ' Local Tours 0 Multi Cr ft ' Daily and Weekend ' Wood Cr ft 0 Airline Tickets ' Auto C ft RECREATION CENTER AT: Hindenberg Crailsheim Illesheim 126 q , . . . .. ..... .... . .. .-. --.- I. .- - .-f.-:,p:'.-i-t-:-:wZ-:f-141'-:ticssz-I-:sz-2-'-1 I.-.-:tx-'-1-'-'-L-JI:-:-1IZ-.wazA,-I-:HZ-tic'1-:Z-1-":s:-:fI:-:W.----'fav I I I I. . .I If .- 4I,Q.-.- 55.5. .g.g .-'-'22' I- .'-:I:4t-Qtgzgfg 415' .5'-5 IRI.f:35I95-'IS:gI.:q'?:g4?3I3-'-Q.-'cI:P':-'a:-'-3512-'Gg'fI:::I:5:1:-'-SPNzffff-155'--'-'-:I:-:gz-I-'-'-5'-:-:P-'sz-:'- '-: ":h'-'-4:-cf v--tt1:I5--:':- V:- I4 I-me 'T asf-I-8 55:5-5-:I.-.g:4.1Ia5qw.1gt-.g5:?:,.-I, I.I.z-.gzip ISS.-,' ,521 .,,c,554f .,,,f3.- -,I.-Q - Meek,-QI.5,.-.'.-.s ws-., .-ev.-.4 W- -. 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IF YOU WANT TO TAKE HOME A NEW U.S. SPEC ' BMW ' SAAB " AUDI ' VOLVO ' VW ' VW Camper or Van 'Sales " Financing 'Shipping 'Insurance Call UFIBI-11315 Then decittle If-auiI'I'2'II'f:XS V-EDIEOO Clues .I 8800 ANSBACH 8531 ILLESHEIM Nllrnberger Str. 69 Westheimer Str. 110 '+. 9.9.8Ii5l6.6 0.9.8i8.89.8 . CHECK US OUI I I' - , Astc WHAT we oo Fort oun Msvtesns. You 3 WILL FIND our wIIY we ARE me Fnsresr IE. f cnowtttc vtoeo CLUB IN Eunopettt 'I omtzn cwnst Berlin - Bremerhaven - Hess. Oldcndorf ...BR BLOCK Fully qualified tax preparers backed: me INCOME Tax PEOPLE bv the H819 BLOCK Quafamee- .I -I - Woodcock Travel Service -I -I :II BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS WITH us ANSBACH ILLESHEIM xzgkzgzier 995 2966 I 0984 8848 most citleswfw Europe WE ALSO OFFER: ' Hunter's Insurance ' PCS nights u' Airfine of choice 1 Rentefs lnswance 1' Mqpedlngufancg " Fast COl'1fIl'm8IIOl'lS ' D09 Insurance ' I-898' Insurance Ansbach llleshelm ' Personal Liability Insurance ' ADAC ' DAS 0981-2499 09841-8848 -' ' f C I . 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A150 0 rrukxx KL Xitxt-4' Nnvqfy KXKX ' "" ' , nxxvx'1" 'V"N""ST'1xK ""'V7""" Frdvcrr Hx X' ' '-'tk' Q xx' . ,v f -r-QXANYEV '-Adxx ,,y :Nt xx . naw- 4 1. sxlK,Kx' X vw'- tw-N' -N jlze .xdnribaclz Qfkcera ana! giui iand iuefi 0l'lgl"6lflfl!6lf96 ik? aaa 0 7988! .7lze .fgnagacll Ofhcem anal Guigana llfwuea i5 132 a proud! Aponaor of file .xdndgaclz .gclzoog Congratulations to the Graduating Seniors from the Class of '88l Best Wishes from Ansbach Varsity Letter Club. President: Lori Dozark Vive-President: T ammie Melton Sponsor: Fran Dozark "You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying!" No Rules Can Limit the Heart No rules can limit the heart of one who dreams. There are no barriers that can prevent the soul, The free spirit within, from soaring above all Earthly criticisms. For the world created within One's heart, one's mind, soul, and spirit is as Tangible as the wind. It is not dehnite. It Cannot be touched or felt by the palm of one's Hand or the tip of one's Hnger, but by the heart And the mind. Only few know of this world, for Only few possess the miracle of innocence. They Have managed to preserve a magic in the world Known only to a child. As long as one can dream, One can escape. For as long as one can look At a Held of trees and see endless images of age And wisdom, he too can find solace and refuge in His special world. No one can read your thoughts, But the creator of the world you escape to. Reaching it is soaring to the highest cloud and Circling the brightest star. You need not wings To soar for your wings are your heart and your mind. The pinks and blues that play across the sky are Your paths, and your door . . . to the heavens. Maureen Espino, ongrafu afcona fo L' e emor au 0 l988 rom f e gran alle: IQ cent. f l , . 1 fi' The Ansbach American Red Cross Volunteers Salutes the Volunteers of Tomorrow. Good Luck to the Class of American Red Cross 133 I ,. . V. :-. wma - ,ff ' 'ff .. E .iff :uv 'fi ct' . J 5 1- L ?k7f:"5f-A 'V I! ull!-A-,V , . 3. g grf. I' .4 74 4. .. Q, I - ,Q" '45' f-fs: ' ' . - ' f ' fr., , ,. -. H inf' Eli 'gi- wa Qi '- Q- :. 4' : A 'sin .'f. ,f Z ' A 'y mi lf .5 .1-sg , ff. CY Q 'ity' A Z -L 88 r. - . 1,1 ' 'Sf' YL s. '2. j Q . QC 64 , 3, . .. f ci 1 ' 'l 1 . - ,ij - .32 Id " R9 J 'A ...r 6-+1 :X in S' I ts in' .I -H . , . ,qw I L" f :fs ' sf '1 'W' .ku 1, :Q . Our Quarter Pounder orpeople who haveabig taste Eorbeef. We know the kind of hamburger you like. That's Why our Quarter Pounder is a big, honest hamburger, made just the Way you like it. We start with a full quarter pound of 100'Xi pure beef. Then cook it up just right. Add nothing but the very best trimmings. And serve it on a toasted sesame seed bun. just for you. .ft-W 'I vWhenI've got 5 4 " a big taste for ' X, 1 beef,Iwanna . big hamburgercc. J, R N McDona1d's, V4 h Maximjlianstraiie 3 PA fd Ansbach , - --Elf' , 1' - ., 'If .- ' ff Weight 1X4 Ib. before cooking aw wma Ia me gem of mms' itz, A 6 ' 7 ii 4 Vx .1 N, BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1988 FROM THE ANSBACH PTSA ANSBACH PTSA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: LTC Joel Alvarey, President Ms. Dana Bertrem, Vice President MAJ Timer Keenan, Treasurer MAJ Sue Hastings, Secretary Ms. Diana Durbin, ChairpersonfPrograms MAJ Mark Dunn, ChairmanfPhoto Committee Mr. Floyd Bertrem, ChairpersonfMembership Committee YA I iYouth Activities Serving the youth of the Ansbach Military Community Join ACT CActive Council of Teensb Formed by teens and for teens Get involved - you could make the difference Good, Luck Class of H8877 Illesheim 09841-83-583 Best Wishes Class of 1988 from Warrant Gfficeris of Illesheim West Germany pecia! jnanko jo: .gfualenfa - jlle .fdfi Cibeparfmenf 31,6 51w.A,- l9afron.4f.x4aluerii5er.6 - mr. .gzempanalfi - me ye6U"LO0L ' for giving url a Jiory. for Ending your faint' fo our pagea. lOl' 6lf!0Wil1g OMF aiu!! member! Ollf ofc U65 Lefore CIQCCJAHCJ. for giving ua hnancia! Jupporf. for feacliing ua io meef aleacldnea and lzow fo ,Qui a Loolz fogeilzer !or being ao aleclicaieaa alone if wiflzouf you! we COM!Jll ,f L-HUC wnen puffing iogefller u profeci ai farge ua MM, fllere are many, many peopdz fo exfenal grafiiucle f .gf we llaue forgoifen io Maul' you pemonaffy, if cloea noi mean we lzaue ouerfooLecl you, ilzere ia f f I'- ll0f 2ll0MgA fime Ol' 5,7aCe. SACHIL yOu Cl!! do very HIMCL. QOOJ-AICL IleXt yea I I JFILHCBBITTS to the states and gift- - - 8 . ' Arg 8 ' worldwide, MTC if ' ' military charters... iq v. -. ' 3 at the lowest prices !!l Y ,,.. 4'-AQ-1' -1 st 4 ggJ L is 4 ' answering ALL your travel needs !! Ngvl- X IEW TTIRHIPS FLY MYER Beach vacaLlons,Cl!.y Ppfl L Tours, Winter Ski Trips. SPEC2fI,f,f,ff Package Tours destination, we'l1 plan Flight' Hotel, Y your trip ll Airport Transfer Hotel Reservations all for one low 'th Bm Car Shipping. price. K c 5 ,, P Sh' , l W 5E1itirT3:3,t M' M2 mi .-'S7PrD W I 'Wall-fliuvu wa x Brauhausstr. 42 ui' ' 8800 Ansbach . ,t t M Hindenburg Back Gate 'll Te1.0981l 88652 OPEN AMERICAN HOLIDAYS Well Done Class of 1988 , 7 Charhe Company 6,55 0 88 guery Leaf wirilz or eaclz of file " 88 rcwluafed flzaf file . . 9 I Q' I fufure 'A 'ff 6 J ull e g00 and 68607110 eUel" Leffer! lst Battalion, 37th Armor , IQ K . cc 79 M Ld . L e L ABRAMS 9 99 138 6 43? re- Ek I I 3 Y L K , Q 44,5 s..,,,. 'S , Y A -, 2 ifvm lst row: Maria Armstrong, LaShaon Lance, Kim Smiles, Sereka Ruffin, Pynun Wright, Missy Hatten, Kelly Chumard, Michelle Davis. 2nd row: Willie Luke, Kathy Wilkins, Eddie Stuckey, Phillip McCarty, Steni- ta Ross, Jericho Valle, Attalie Bruce, Dasche' Taylor Imanagerj, Coach Meier. 3rd row: Lydell Scroggins, Sean Mills, William Ross Kass. coachj, Kevin Brock, Kevin Gavitt, Stacey Shoemake, Cliff Pickney, David Lausten, Allan Guffey Kass. coachj, Coach Meyers. hugmss-.- Asa as, i , ,M , V N fm"'41'4',', I wwf, ,,,, , W r ii Now the time has come for the parting and the struggle to the top is done. The twelve years has come to an end, and the battle has been won. We started out to graduate, just to finish our high school days, and although it is over, the memories will never fade. As we each strive to fulfill our dreams, while going our separate ways, we'll "hold on" to the memories of those "good ol' high school days". WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COM PANY MARCELINE, MISSOURI. U B A M N , J X X N j 1 X W rj I .S KJ PV 5 7 X x X J K 5 x X , 4 ' f Q15 X X 7 Y , X , f 4 1 N x If W X X x" jfX J, VB' x N I x V . lj . 1 X X X? 2, A N :L V U" X vw , I ' V' in I iv , QW Nm 4 , f , N 15 ,L x 1 'X f V 5 Q .Q Ayxylfjbxyx Dj' I x Nj J if I X wx-' 5 .-A'j lfxgjlk X ,, ' XJ 4 7 is J .rv ,XAA ,f I if , F ,A X X A 'lux f ix V I f ' LD ff X! X f!!! a'fVL'V"1 , I A Neg? jf Z'-4rv"L' J , ' Aj' 17144 W 014 , P4501 Wm 466 M7 V QM M fb Mr ,ff ,QM f M U , 'Lf'7dfl,,LfC eq f ' x. KNP4 E Wmjd F715 ,V,,vyJ1-.-fjhfvlzfdfc 0 in .nxtkfv I 1 ,LL WM .Avg-f QQMQX MQQNX 'O MNJY mmm 'XC fX mgkMM W L cw. jg im AMX Wm NWS. MQW- Land gmc! was wcwl US Q CGWXQUXLK iwuclm , Q56 C1 :DCQXA UJ6Q,E"wfX GMX SQ Mg.Lf jjj NV . '-rm max ML Ka Aevlx WG", fcwmwx My MN 1 . K. xX :ff Q fi 55555 555525 SE gg ' if I QL " 5 I cw ,ik PSA A "V w KKJQ 'EMI J K X W7 iv fs f xW W ' W -'53 IKE' 'Xkh h Ji' 2 lm, -My X A .R NK. b . by Q, YQ. V x kk fglfkxlh vggwfl-'ILA Mlgwx X' 5951 B XX -x f A .3 'x1ksS1fXV, ff 2 . Z J 550 gs SHQK Q65 ' Q Q 3gxmQjQE,x Q gyfzw 5 Q 5 sw? SQ SESS N gi Q gs 5 E Q 52 Qmw, Ww'WMM'QWUW9MMqwf UQk64lMlJ2kLUucLQ3cp0C1bgfwJAdLawdJ I jbz,0v0LJQjQpQ03Uy vga' 'VX Udxaivl LL : ww? ?gOfgQFwL4L3Llif5g3Mw RULUJQ.0'lbUlZNf-OA WMI flj ! I M EQQ A E?5gENf jk X T X y x, v X553 'J X :fy ' X ' af' W ,fm XS E ' ' 5496 ggo '5 Apsqxqg Xxiifbws fm W Qwq as X fs' is gmegxgxggk N- grey' 0,5 QR Q wglffpix CN Jn CA ' Am QQ W .WM N fwfr? Jmcxqfrfg WORK f?1Nli'N.?,-ONWQFA . ,1 , - fl Freq ,fyitk It jx: ,f ' W Milf , 0, ' Jw 4, 1011i Ok 7 ' L M MfMj8'W'7f? ,M MQ M f Q0 WF QQ wel. Bwfffy M25 ' YQ, 'QQjOU! EZQGQI Xqpwfwpzfv ff 60441 P 4 T55 VW' of" Nw - ,A QW My Swyifffywgffo. W W M W ,QW WWWMWMML fUi?lxQmf,'EjQ vid V511 qjfmfo JW' J6 , QWWQW 'J 'M ll M m,wW,9 Wi .vwjw bm 3fMfl"'?" M My Www we QEYKJW D596 Wvysiigvg

Suggestions in the Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) collection:

Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 142

1988, pg 142

Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 149

1988, pg 149

Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 89

1988, pg 89

Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 137

1988, pg 137

Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 36

1988, pg 36

Ansbach High School - Onoldia Yearbook (Ansbach, Bavaria) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 28

1988, pg 28

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