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V 1,, wl 1 3 rg! V,-V A Q? if gWGsgLgMiiYEcSQHQiw'i'2?ll Cxfx9,C1,fvxdx wxiflblhw Siu Qgvwjlxmxg,-A090 U Q9 ,gy v Rfk . If MIR UTSM W5 gi WW PD, 59 X9 ' x6 mgfffffw? ' Qfgiig Q wlv vffg M20 fx , QQJWQW t QQWQQQVL yy Gif X ZZ Wing fig, Q Wiwffw 5 v ' rx ,fl ly-," Rf ' f' ' N WWI ,BWQW A T x D X O Q ,, L,0.0 PA., fbi 0, M4145 Q, C. 'Wifi Ex -0' 'x '0"'JfkW'w'W Woo LBJ? gb 5 XQQJQDS, Vik Xokpyxxlo X? t .gf ,Q 1 ff' RK! UQVW if veigxbixxl pf My CVM 2-Q XR-kklozxml X00 ,PBS s 'ax V WMU 9 S' NJA? 7 - .P 44. U x -SL X WJ v X ' Ex 0507 pl 9 Qvle' 6,1 ww :N Jw ff 'ifqoox I972 ANOKAN Anoka Senior High School Anoka, Minneso+a 1 WJ 'N6 XVWSZXQJQMMWQKLXQV WGS New Qpk N Ng A K . U 'Ns ,N no A Vow LYOJWU WYUWYQJY W3 wisp 1 5, XD if QXQ Y Jmwy ,USER If wo do by n ,gf ,J BN x ,O X5 . gy 'CMV JN NJ A DN X X U KY p QV my fx NJ YS L K Q95 Nowwvmwwgw MJ m,',x.:w, 1 ff ,.f:1-w. JJ H-fu' ,L,',' , 3-59:15 .1 Li, ati 1220 'x mx f nf: 1m-'qwfv f- 'wfwf-1 Il ::.,,f x.,rz,a.MzE .11 5 "HW , , , , ,. , wgfm, x,r:"fa.7fx - :UQ U, 1' f 4 U -UH' ,. ,,1'..A. 2 'vw 35- ,MQ - ,fyf ,- U. :im L . , . , ,A X 1,-1,-, ,H-vp 5 M: fp, 2. .LX 555331, 5 -f3Vfi,23: QQ W Vf'1i5xF'?E i"f1.!2Viifi EEE! if: 'N ff- X'-X,:1QN.1--31 1,12 fx. .NAV14 g:x,.,g " if viii ,J.,EtlI1, i1:i'fV I NE iz. .., f1:?"??:SfY?ffY' ' fi- '?Vff'2'?' ' l3C5s'Eif3: . s qs V, ,I fp. V arfu zghif ffm i X?'zwf3! ',wmf1-,wif-' IH! H+, ,wi :viii im,-Lx. Emu Imp- Q1 ,..,,JN-' '. L NI , Nm, V f"L,fi.:n,55JL Hina, 5152.5 ','.,'a31 , A Sl "VL QUIET Ff1".!li' A . my ' ,Apggji lfirnz L ,2feg3: aim :gm 'ww Viifigwiylfflkl H33-. "3-r "EVN :Q-',4'::AlEz-13 QM gn Wf"55,'ig fZf,L,!i5X' lwqgl ' 'mf 1 X f . H'?l2"I25f-If V A wf1 z,a1z-: QW I R53 Q 2:1 1,112 Uvwf QQ", f 4:s1JziiE5v' ' vr4g1tf12 nv X J-fE,ff5I'?f' Q '59 QQV??iLC,?U'EF4 ajmff: Q 12azzf ,?f55s3 -Jar, V HQQQE if'2x,3"vr3fw3 ips kwa: - fagf.i1- Y 'f '52 rw "1-'xfv QW 'Ms VL :Vw HEX!!! M, faugnlv Uglfhqflkv f,,,f.,,511,11- w .,1,x..x:.- .1.x, ljii3C1ifA':' V 31333 Ia ble of con+en+s S+uden+ +I1eme life - sf I - aw I I7l sporfs 43 :-gg nf,!!!-'--W facuI'I'y I I- I I A I I ' , l I I k I I acfivifies 79 underclassmen seniors I 76 I47 W2 n.. 1 Q u 'l .u, u ,- ..',n . 1.0, l".aa ,u .1 ,,nu .fu .,n .. . ,,n 1 .'.'! --... " an 'li' nun Hua 1" Q., .l'g'hUl U" 'I 1 s,n,"oaau. n., ' u .. .,0l wr- is made of "My life i pa++erns." "How do you spell Smith?" "If you can make it past the smell from Mr. BradIey's room, you can't miss it." "Who ordered the ham on rye without pickles?" "Go to your room!" . . and it's the first door marked 'BOYST' Amd YOU Umm YULFRE, c:cnrxfussec'!W nd" 4:-lg' - ' 'Ar vw 1 r 'W V XI VW 'i ,, f cv yi .3 0 x I' 1 A? ' I4 " ,fm ' Zig . 4' 'ff Q asia, E Z 1 S 4 X E ml , 'i v A ' Yqx .rt MM, 5 .Q Q 1 gil M' 5,-smfx. uw. , 5? Q., Ee , 1.1 if 3? 'Q 'f M ' w-M 'cw Xa ' '15 - L5 "' W 1 s -v '96 '2 S 2 1 Q ifgfht s 'gf .W ff 1 , f. gurl? iff , R K5- Q, f 5 N 'Aki-4 X ' M2 1 f a wa Q? " a if ""' SQ. F... - in! " .. ,.-,ww 'l, f. Q.--. 5, 5 N.-gk -", fxcfiggm Q if 2.,e,,'Pg,, W.. .w-.f,,f, wvzrgw yy-,4,-,-Qwxw va, -.wavy-:,--.1.-g,,oa xx- ,-- fyw ' -54-.1-' . -w.f,, ,qw- X ,4- '. 7' fS",'e1'- K 5, diy !l,4:,' 5? if ' . 94'f,!' -1-. ' '5f.,,3 f' gf!! J f ,an 1 c Af:-Q N ..,v fe-uns-..',..,-MA.,-rf-"""""'." ' iii! 'V 1 . ' - 4 Q 1: ,, 4 s Q g . a, . . .3 -if Q--k 4 - 7 , "W - ' 21 5 in -Q , 8 A , ,a A3 A X i Now Thai I Am No Longer A Child . . . J . . . I always get plenty of rest . . . I'm never suspicious . . . I never get lost in a crowd . . . I can Ioilow directions. . . . I have compleie control of my emotions I d0n't get eeld feeI . . . I never lose my temper , . . l'm never afraid . . . I can actually understand Mr. Horton's class . . . I can afford to slow down 5 I 1 ' 'T"r. vw- .1 . y, gk M W . , I, i 5' ' E V J' , f 7 1- 7 N 3' F A Q Q A f,fvfX4wiXhk F A- if ...Q ---..,, ii' fi --...- G--3 1 1 ., ' ' ., , -na.. A, v I. 4. ., - 5 H-an -Q --...I mms 2 A AAN? V Q . . ....,.,,'..R' 4 ,W X , A ,.1- Q Am 1 .. ,., , ,,..- 3, V b QQ, , 1. 1: 4?525if., A Mx Biologist Mr. Boege and exchange student Testaye pondered over the weight of a guinea pig heart. Together, The Burdens Can Be Lifted In Mr. Colvin's very organized history classes, students were ex- pected to behave as adults. Social Studies and MathfScience teachers plotted ways to burden students - but never without "fair warning." The road is long With many a winding turn That leads to Who knovvs where? Who knows where? But l'm strong Strong enough to carry on l-le ainlt heavy, He's my brother So on we go His welfare is my concern No burden is he to bear We'II get there - Russell and Scott Learning how to relate required momemts of introspection. Every relationship required an occasional violent confron- tation. H Q95-nv , ff Mary Blair contemplated the fate of humanity over an apple. "Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you ' Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters ot Life's longing for it- Self. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. You may strive to be like them, but seek them not to make them like you. For lite goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday." Kahlil Gibran The Class of 1972 ."'7mY't3" MW WWW . T . " .Lf i, Wg ' ' -Q it it V .Will T if T ' l . QQ. . T li T , , 1. W ll "" U .... . f 5: 1 5 2 i - 1 i ' . ir A X I S x ' ii s' - e vw. f Q- . . 3 i u ,mi r "You may house their bodies, but not their souIs." I6 "Your children are not your children." "For lite goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday ff'-evening There are golden apples to be picked and green hills to climb and meadows to run when you're young There are roaring rivers to be crossed and bridges to build and wild oats to sow as you grow. But later on the other side of time the apples no longer taste sweet. Bridges tall down. Meadows turn brown as life falls apart in a little room on Stanyan Street. g - Rod McKuen: Stanyan Street student life "Where have all the young girls gone?" Fr Fall Homecoming Royalty, 1971: Debbie Kent QSoph.j, Joyce Neuman CJr.J, Judy Mueller CSr.J, Queen Karen Dahlberg CSr.J, Cindy Cout- ure CSLJ, Gwen Hougen QJr.j, Sandy Ramsay CSoph.j. "Being Homecoming Queen was exciting, butterflies in my stomach, smiling, crying, happy, sad, and a little bit of hassle. Those two weeks of homecoming have made a big impression on me. I was getting so much attention - it made me feel guilty Now things have settled down and pretty soon everyone will forget about Homecom- ing, but I won't. All the people around here have given me a Homecoming I will never I 1 forget." - Queen Karen Dahlberg "What is it like to be the escort ofthe Home- coming Queen? Well, all I can say is that I'm ,i very proud ot Karen, and happy to share in the experiences she had as Queen. I had a great time." - Escort Steve Merrick I 'iii "Your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way." 1971 Fall Homecoming Queen, Karen Kay Dahlberg Fall Homecoming I97I A sixth hour assembly on Homecoming Friday after- noon, October 15, kicked off the fall football festivities. Al Sorenson and Tom Bonnell serenaded Karen at her Coronation ceremony during the assembly. Anoka "kicked the charge out of Kellogg" as the homecoming slogan predicted, with a score of 14-13 ending the game Friday night. During halftime the Anoka band saluted Karen as her father and Drum Major Jon Hegvik escorted her across the field. The "Fabulous Flippers" played at the dance following the game. Karen and her escort, Steve Merrick, danced the first dance alone as Homecoming celebrators watched. 1 S + if R if il. if , ' A gf ... f L , Al Sorenson, accompanied by Tom Bonnell on the piano, dedicated "You've Got a Friend" to Queen Karen at the Homecoming assembly. The band salutes Queen Karen as she is escorted by her father and Drum Major Jon Hegvik across the field. ...,........,,.Ai 1 i l Anoka Kicked The Charge Oul Of K e I I O g g 0 "Aw, c'mon, Mr. Hass - you always give us homework the night of a game! O X 6 5 Fall Homecoming Mascot Herbie. Anoka Tornadoes "kicked the charge out ol Kellogg" in a 14-13 victory. AHS Talents Band Together To Place 3rd 'I ,- Anoka displayed excellent marching formation at LaCrosse. ,., - ,Q t. 4 '-A,-1 AHS placed third in this year's annual Octoberfest held in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Fifteen midwestern high school bands competed for high scores in three catagories: marching pre- cision, musical quality, and general effect of the band. Each band had to march a three-mile course while playing several songs and keeping perfect line formation. Directed by Mr. Charles Olson, the Anoka band played three songs - "Swing March," "March of the lvlajorettesf' and the ASH school song. After winning first place for three consecutive years, Anoka band members were not too disappointed with a third place rating, as their comments after the competition pointed out: "lt takes a one and a two added together to make a three." "Well - out of fifteen bands!" "There's always next year . . .' "I thought I was crazy when l got done marching," sighed senior clarinet player Lynn Johnson. "We were so tired when we finished we couldn't move - but still, it was fun." 'S ,gc , 45,29 'ia-M g-Sf-, ' X '21 . , , . 4 . ,pn . .M ,ww Pl Q 3 It K --..- wt 4 'N 65 J? Exhausted marchers found relief on a shady hillside. Lunch With me DOYSA Far Lett: Tom Bonnell asked the musical question: "WhereYs the bathroom?" Lett: "Down this street and to the left," an- swered Kathy Kopecky. Hello, Dolly!! On November 20 and 21, Anoka Senior High School presented its first play in the new school building. A cast and crew of 150 worked together for many long hours to make the musical "Hello Dolly!" a success. This was evident as the play received standing ovations both nights it was presented. "Hello Dolly!" will go down in Anoka's history as a very memo- rable event. CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Dolly Levi . . . . . .Sue Geslin Ernestine .......... . . .Kim Hedquist Ambrose ............. Loren Johnson Horse ..... Betty Blesi and Meg McCoy Horace Vandergelder . . .Randy Greenly Ermengarde .... Cornelius Hackl Barnaby Tucker . Irene Molloy . . . Minnie Fay ..... Mrs. Bose .... Rudolph .... Judge ,...... Court Clerk . . . Stanley ..... First Cook ..... Second Cook . . . Policemen . . . Student Directors Director .. Vocal ...... Orchestra ..... Choreography . . . . . . . .Michelle Amble .... ....Al Sorenson ..........JetfOlson . . .,.. Julie Ellingson . . . .Laurie Wyatt . . . .Connie Culver . . . . .Mike Kovar . . . .Mike Houser . . . . . .Mike Youso . . . .Gary Danielson . . . .Warren Collen . . . .Mike Hirschi . . . . . .Jim Scott and Warren Collen . .Nancy Cardinal and Kimm Cottingham ........Joyce Paul . . . .Ruth Hallenberg . . . . . . .Bonita Melting . . . . .Dolly Prochaska Business Manager ........ David Mork -ftr' s Behind the scenes, Meg McCoy helped Julie Ellingson with her make-up. Jeff Olson and Laurie Wyatt led the opening scene parade through the auditorium. Randy Greenly, as Horace Vandergelder, and Sue Geslin, as Dolly Levi, shared a duet. AHS Combined Talenis To Presen'r A Lively Musical if Director Miss Paul and student director Nancy Cardinal enjoyed a rehearsal, The cast anxiously awaited the verdict of Horace Vandergeldefs crimes. A member of the cast con- Randy Greenly "swept" the audience off its feet as he displayed his vocal talent. Qfamated June Emngson for her performance as Irene Mol- loy. 23 3 ' Learning ls Individualized Creativity To learn, one must create - images, dreams, philoso- phies, opinions. To create, one must first learn the basics - for the potter, how to model clayg tor the mathematician, how to program a computerg for the musician, how to read music - and then learn to express personality through one's own creations, Learning is creatingg creativity is learning. "lt's supposed to be a flowerpot - why isn't it looking like a flowerpot?" fs 24 Excedrin Headache 11139 -- The English Term Paper. could never make a mistake - it must have been the computer! i :nf ' 33 """-w Jr' I "l've added it 73 times, and 1 + 1 still equals 5l" "And another thing . . 'gm "' M X' R gy it .,dd, ddQ Q 72' X ,N 41d ee ,d M Nix XX if Boys' gym coaches seemed to know just where to draw the line - all over the gym floor 55.5 "I just know if I blow on this thing long enough, some noise is bound to come out!" Creativity ls Hancliwork Man expresses himself through his hands - in his artwork, his drama, his industry, and his music. Through mastery of his hands, man has developed technical and esthetic skills that create the machinery of knowledge. Man creates for himself today what can serve him better to- morrow - or, as the poet Omar Khayyam said in his Ru- baiyaf, "Think then you are today what Yesterday you were - Tomorrow you shall not be less." "l got it, I got itl" "Did l only have four fingers when I came in here?" A sf! is Knit one, batik two. , -QQSWEIM JN F. N V ,,., . W,,., , M, ,..,, ig Steve Blewett and Tom Prody tried to understand Mr. Je-nsen's mathematical theories. Do you know what S going on? I don't know what's going on. Do you know whafs going on?" tif' "Ahhh . . . you ShOuldn't have!" Band members were required to genuflect in front of Mr. Olson's office. Creativity Is Effeclrive Communication Communication is discussing politics over a math problem. Communication is being able to understand without a dictionary. Communication is solving traumatic problems between classes. Communication is a smile. Communication is waving through a window. Communication is not saying a word but knowing anyway. Communication is creating awareness. "Say no+, "l have 'Found 'rhe +ru+h," buf ra+her, "l have found a +ru+h." Say no+, "l have found +he pa+h of +he Soul." Say ra+her, "l have mel' +he soul walking upon my pa+h." For +he soul walks upon all pa+hs. The soul walks nol' upon a line, neilher does il' grow like a reed. The soul unfolds ilself, like a lo+us of coun+less pe+als." - Kahlil Gibran "Tee hee " n't like being on the other end of the camera. Yearbook photographer Deb Stone d if lr , a wmm.,,, School was a delight for many enthusiastic There are times when things look more encouraging after an hour-long nap seniors. "Is that a camera I see before me?" or is Z , fi Varia+ion On A Theme: Growing Poe+ry is noi' enough and rhyme no subs+i+u+e 'For reason Ye+1'o every man a 'I'ime and 'ro every fhing a season. And you can bei your Bible, ba by. You'll one day ge+ your +urn for if you're seeking more +han maybe ii' doesn'+ 'rake a fool +o learn fhai' poe+ry is noi enough and rhyme no subs+i+u+e for reason yef +o every man a 1'ime and 'ro every +hing a season. Rod McKuen School is and should be much more than educaf tion. 6 an "It's nice . . . I don't know what it is, but it's nice ,W WW "And the music goes round and round . . . and it comes out here!" Aw, C'mon - it can't be that bad! 'S S NX "What was the purpose of all those moles, anyway?" ff' il Y I -if v Q bs t V Mr. Malcolm, at an introspective moment Mrs. Morris was besieged with work. Ei Underslandingl , r l e ? : i "The Lord does nol' obiec+ even if a man misundersfands wl1a+ he learns, provided he only s+rives +o undersland ou+ of his love for learn- YQ ing." - Baal Shemlov It all adds up in the end, "Now can I breathe? Now? Now?" 4? All My love shall in my verse live ever young "Devouring Time, blunt thou the lion's paws And make the earth devour her ovvn sweet brood, Pluck the keen teeth from the fierce tiger's jaws, And burn the long-lived phoenix in her blood, Make glad and sorry seasons as thou fleet'st, And do vvhate'er thou wilt, svvift-footed Time, To the wide world and all her fading sweets, But I forbid thee one most heinous crime: O, carve not with thy hours my love's fair brow, Nor draw no lines there with thine antique pen, Him in thy course untainted do allovv For beauty's pattern to succeeding men. Yet do thy vvorst, old Time: despite thy wrong, My love shall in my verse live ever young." - William Shakespeares Sixteenth Sonnet "I, Tom Norbie, crown thee, Peggy Luke . . ii - . . H And the 1972 Winter Homecoming Queen is Peggy Luke' Karen Dohlberg gave King George Bancroft a congratulatory kiss. 5 k W V 'B H ,A 1972 Winter Homecoming Royalty: Steve Allen and Barbara Klein, Ken Knowlte and Vicky Frank, King George Bancroft and Queen Peggy Luke, Brad Morrow and Sue Wanamaker, and Torn Bonnell and Becky Perouich. S Hurd 'mr' Chuck Skiewski and Mike Kovar serenaded Tornado Daze Royalty at the Friday afternoon assembly. Tornado Daze King and Queen - George Bancroft and Peggy Luke. : Farmer Morp lAncl NHS, Threw A Barn Dance. "Farmer Morp's Barn Dance," sponsored by the ASH chapter of National Honor Society, brought the 1972 Tornado Daze activities to a close Friday, March 3. The costume country dance began at nine o'clock Cafter the bas- ketball gamej in the ASH cafeteria. Wagon wheels, milk cans, hay bales, lanterns, and a buggy - minus the horse -- scattered around the dance floor gave an authentic atmosphere to the festivities. Art and .Joels Polka Band, led by ASH students Artley Skenne- dore and Joe Williams, played polkas, schadishes, and butterflies for the crowds of students packed into the cafeteria and commons. "Sheriffs" Dave Enge and Arthur Dussl periodically interrupted the music to announce their "arrests of criminals." Victims were sentenced to perform in front of the crowd -the most talented by popular consensus, was Jeff Sampson's infa- mous rendition of a dying cow. The dance was declared a tremendous success by Honor Society members. Adviser Miss Helen Story said that, more important than the money raised, "the kids had fun." Art and Joe's Polka Band enthusiastically played music for Farmer Morp's Barn Dance. "Roll out the barrel . . . " "Hey - wait a minute , . . I forgot how to dance a butterfly!" The Crucible The Salem witch hunt - a grisly little chapter in Colonial America - was a rise ot mass hysteria and intolerance when several children, in order to cover their nude dancing at night in the woods, pretended to have seen evidence of witchcraft and a reign of terror ensued. "Guilty by associa- tion with the devil" brings a whole community ot innocents to trial and condemnation to be hanged. Sometimes the scales of justice are overbalanced and the court is seen as so bloodthirsty that the malicious accusers pale by comparison. The drama spirals in from the story ofa community whose repressions invite mass insanity, to the tiner struggle of one man with his conscience. The Cast Betty Parris ttt...... Reverend Samuel Parris Rituba .,............ Abigail Williams ..... Susanna Wallcott . . . Mrs. Ann Putnam . . . Thomas Putnam .... Mercy Lewis ...... Mary Warren .t.. John Proctor . . . Rebecca Nurse .... 4. Giles Cory .......,,. Reverend John Hale . . I U Elizabeth Proctor ..... Francis Nurse . . Ezekiel Cheever . . John Willard ......... Judge Hathorne ...... Deputy-Governor Hanforth .t.. . . . . .Rita Jochum Greg Schnitzler . . . .Cathy Free . . .Meg McCoy . .Bonnie Bielen .Connie Culver . . . . .Jim Harris . . .Debbie Krull . . .Linda Hales .Alan Sorenson Sandee Titterud .Rob Haywood . . .Paul Hagen . . . .Pat Houck . . . .Jett-Olson .Keevin Norton . . . .Tom Engel Niels Andersen . .Mike Hauser Sarah Good ....... ...... .... D e nise Fuller Hopkins ,.... .Nels Peterson Director ......... .... M rs. Marjory VanNostrand Technical Director , . ..... Miss Mary Westerberg Makeup Director .... .... M rs.. Mary Alexander Student Director ....................... Colleen Frey The Crucible was still in production when we met our last deadline. Therefore, pictures of the play will appear in the supplement. Because I know +ha+ +ime is always lime And place is always and only place Ancl wha+ is ac+uaI is ac+uaI only 'For one +ime And only for one place I rejoice +ha+ 'rhings are as +hey are and I renounce +he blessed face And renounce I'he voice Because I canno+ hope 'ro Iurn again Consequenily I reioice having Io cons+rucI' someihing Upon which 'ro reioice T. S. EIio++ That certainly was not one of Mr, Mork's jokes. X . I ai I f Q a fi! 3 sf "Say, fellas . . " INK "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" "Well, l'm busy Friday night, but Saturday . . " ""' L15 rrlrl X . Q Q N . Q. , w Q: x 'X sf.:-S -wiv-y212X521f. ' - . -I .... . , Q mx val: QQ NQa1.:q' a,. ia- ,ts-.W .REMV Mu., X ,X fr Q' Q ff my Kew AME "Don't be afraid , . . all I want is your neck!" ri ---r-- X r- X Standing upon the shore of all we know We linger for a moment- doubtfully, Then with a song upon our , lips, sail we Across the harbor bar - no chart to show, V No light to warn us of rocks which lie below, V But let us yet put forth courageously. Although the path be tortuous and slow, Although it bristle with a thousand fears, To hopeful eye of youth it still appears A lane by which the rose and hawthorn grow. We hope it may beg would that we might know! Would we might look into the future years. Great duties call -the e twentieth century More grandly dowered than those which came before, Summons - who knows what time may hold in store, Or what great deeds the distant years may see, What conquest over pain and misery, What heroes greater than were e'er of yore! But if this century is to be more great Than those before, her sons must make her so, And we are of her sons, and we must go With eager hearts to help mold well her fate, And see that she shall gain such proud estate As shall on future centuries bestow From "At Graduation 1905" by T. S. Eliot Little boy go ride , the pale horse in the park. Count the golden butterflies and stay out 'till dark. Never mind the grown-ups who sing their old songs, so long, stay well love was here and gone. Little boy you're older keep life while you can. Happy days and holidays so soon escape man. Soon you'lI be grown-up and sing your own song, so long, stay well love was here and gone. Some other autumn we'll right the wrongs, so long - stay well love was here and gone. Little boy your youth and the summer is done. You have got the sunset though you've lost the sun. Now you are a grown-up so sing your old song, so long, stay well love was here and gone. "So Long, Stay Well by Rod McKuen ' Anoka Ran 5? 3 To . . . g And They Did! Running hard, Steve Anderson showed the endurance a cross-country runner i w ivia Q :in must have. vii '1f ,g'Z"1:W , 427.35 ' ,f N' gi f' ij, k - f ns ,3. ' i ' S' , v .. li .. . 1,. . " Q, fi jg, T gg, ig , ' sm .x., " f ' 'I B Q4 Qi 5 A, -' T-,? .-X we .. ', ...r ' 1 'I ., I I ,K . 'K vw be T C - T I Q K I in , if' J F A 4 .Ai Q u-X, A H , is Wa-.1 :KT if-9 Q W' Q W . U K V. J, I sx. W x Ng gs ' Q r ' v?'fi:3 T r . 1, r f T -- ' Harriers Brad Koskie and Dick Vielguth believed in a Cheerleaders urged top runners Tim Hanley and John Erlandson on to victory. close-knit squad. T rv . ,VA I ' . V 191 9 F - N., 5 RJUX ' ,fowl I I First Row: Al Westman, Jim Millner, Kevin Gallagher, Greg Veum, Bob Bridges, Second Row: Dick Vielguth, Steve Anderson John Erlandson, Tim Hanley, Peter Dunn, Brad Koskie, Doug Leu, Mike Tranby - mgr.g Third Row: Jon Wood, Robb Ander son, Dave Manke, Curt Taylor, Loren Erickson, Chris Benko, Mike Carlson, Dave Lilligren, John Leervig, Coach Bruce John- son. "Gee, fellas, what can l say . . . we did it again! The cross country team, coached by Mr. Bruce Johnson, had its best season this year. Highlights of the season began at the Early Bird Meet, first meet of the year. There, Anoka took first place out of fifteen schools. The team also won their second conference championship and the District M16 Meet for the seventh straight time. They tied for second place in the Region IV Meet, but were denied the chance to compete in the State Meet by a region ruling. The only individual qualifier for the State Meet from the team was senior, John Erlandson. l-le went on to take seventh place in the state. With this year's successful record, the team is looking forward to a promising season next year. l ,V , , rrf' After winning the District 12216 Meet, Tim Hanley's only comment was, "What a way to go!" Coach Johnson repeatedly assured his team, "It's as simple as this . . JV Takes Conference Title After A Successful Season JV Coach Mike TVBUDY and his team Comempiated f0VThC0m- A strong finish required sophomore Jim MiIIner's total concentration. ing victory. Cheerleaders Encouraged The Team With Their Pep Lx V . if xi i,i::L H T ,, ,, . . , X A . .Tii i sd! ml T. .c First Row: Debbie DeGroot, Second Row: Cindy Dietz, Alice Ness, Mary Kay Dehen, Melissa Blaskeyg Third Row: Peggy Christian, Mari Boggs, Mary Kay Ghostiey. "Stars" Led Anoka To High Conference Finish . M. tltiviifi . 1 t First Row: Dave Wallace, Chuck Lines, Ricky Wesp, Joe Williams, Capt. Pat Ward, Capt. Tom Prody, Vince Elleraas, Bill Merritt, John Red- mann, Tom Spencer, Greg Sorenson, Rick Rahn, Jerry Blaine, Second Row: Dan Larson, Dan Batters, John Zimmerman, Mark Johnson, Bob Larson, Dave Enge, Craig Gilbertson, Tom Branger, Scott Soterberg, Rick Hiltz, Capt. Steve Alley, Ted Buzzeli, Kevin Peterson, John Krenn, Third Ffowx Bill Lester, Ron Kent, Terry Wall, Larry Helm, mgr,, Mr. Pearson, Coach Parker, Coach Nelson, Coach Idstrom, Coach Jeppson, Jim Davidson, mgr., Doug Nickel, mgr., Tom Stover, Rick Johnson, Fourth Row: Bob Boyum, Larry Heinrichs, Tim Snell, Dan Peterson, Lee Sage, Curt Snell, Doug Boese, Darwin Johnson, Bryan Rohs, Mitch Omer, Art Skenandore, Mike Leadens, Greg Schneider, Jeff Sampson. nm'-....,..,,,-W Coach Stan Nelson and his 1971 tri-captains Tom Prody, Pat Ward and Steve Alley. Impressive Defense Battled The Opponent All-Conference linebacker, Dave Enge, made a crushing open field tackle against the Kellogg Chargers. Coach Stan Helson nicknamed the 1971 Tornadoes his "Star Team." "This was a team with a lot of spirit and determination, a fun team, one that was very easy to com- municate with," stated Coach Nelson. With a nucleus ot only two returning regu- lars, the team showed steady improvement from week to week. lt was a team noted for its defensive ability rather than tor its offen- sive power. Tri-captain and All-Conference linebacker Pat Ward and Terry Wall, the two hard running backs, received excellent blocking from the forward wall. This was led by All-Conference players Tom Prody, Dave Enge, and Mike Leadens. Bill Lester proved to be king of the defen- sive secondary by intercepting eight pas- ses, while Tom Branger led the charge of the defensive line. The kicking game was highlighted by the punting of Rick Johnson and the place kick- ing of Curt Snell. The Tornadoes split their two opening non- conference games with a one point victory and a one point defeat. The Pumpkin Bowl proved to be a tremen- dous success with a 28-O victory over Grand Rapids. In conference play, a second place 4-2 rec- ord was highlighted by a 13-O victory over Coon Rapids, and a Homecoming victory of 14-12 over Kellogg. With eighteen returning lettermen and an undefeated "B" squad team, the outlook for 1972 is extremely promising. The Tornadoes' defensemen swarmed Columbia Heights ball carrier as he headed for the goal post. Tri-captain, Pat Ward, battled his way through the Columbia Heights line as he at- tempted to gain yardage for the Tornadoes. Q- fo f ' UP' I wr-V Kicker Curt Snell booted the ball unto the en Kellogg Chargers r r r 1 ' va I -'fb 3' TVN pf? 9.1 I s af, as H, 'US ,ggi 5. W' L., rr A ,4 f"'f"S ,lr Oh "B" Squad Ended Superb Season With 8-O Record 'W H Fat , ff? to O .ie, .. 'TF' K I N L E-ggi-1 Nunn' . , -, J VA J aff f,,.,Qg.a2.i-943.2 4.-84-sgz.-S415-e,g,?.se5-f.4ff S t W2 rt ,iah N wiv M .. sz. dxSib?,,AC,vQ,s , 'A' :Nl lxxgif GXCL ., 22aa34es-,eve First Row: Jon Rounsvile, Mark Jansen, Tom Toohey, Mike Spencer, Dave Nelson, Kevin Ward, Tim Flynn, Rick Duclos, Gary Morical, Ar Schumacher, Gary Peterson, Dave Sorenson, Paul Steiner, Second Row: Tim Ward, mgr., Esdon Lehn, Dave Durst, Rick Chounard, Claytor Vnuk, Mike Schmitt, Capt. Paul Newell, Capt. Jeff Miller, Dan Geier, Dick Plant, Larry Olson, Don Smith, Kevin Baumg Third Row: Coach Dor Kropp, Don Trester, Capt. Bob Olson, John Hutchinson, Ron Jackson, Tom Alley, Brian Kraabel, Dan Voss, Dan Kovar, Darryl Russell, Kevir Wolter, Steve Erickson, Coach Oscar Blegan. The "B" Squad Football team, under the leadership of Coach Kropp and Coach Blegan, completed an undefeated season with an 8-O record. The team could best be characterized as a high spirited team with a burning desire to vvin. They had an explosive, free wheeling offense and a defensive team which liked to hit. The highlights of the season would have to be their 28-O vvin over Coon Rapids and the 34-16 victory over the strong Columbia Heights team. These players should help build a strong varsity Anoka's impressive defensive lineup prepared to attack. Team in 1972. Rick Chounard dropped back to make a successful pass in the Torna- does' victory game over Columbia Heights. ' Cheerleaders Put' Forrh Grea+es+ Effor+s To Show Team Support' "A" Squad Football Cheerleaders: First Row: Cindy Buyse, Gwen Haugen, Second Row: Marilyn Bindahl, Sue Wanamaker, Mickey Dalbec Third Row: Cathy Peters, Peggy Luke, Nora Becker. x , t. tl A.. .AL lx. . "B" Squad and "JV" Squad Football Cheerleaders: First Bow: Debbie Pomeroy, Kathy Boggs, A Karen Maagg Second Bow: Laurie Birrenkott, Julie Anderson, Sue Anderson, Liz Dietz, Third Bow: Sue Kline "Tornado Power!!" Newly Organized Soccer Team - . 47 Ve, in iw.-, 55' mm V A 'W1 V G gl , - il .. sz, , Q -f J' . ." z ., 1-,,: . wif -'lx as if K 5, C .2 .Q Q , "' , , ff 1- , - ,f r X y f F "- .au V WJ' ft I ' . ,Q . ss: -:-. t r' 5 i 4 +1 "A" Squad - First Row: John Cameron, Tom Pfleider, Joel Gregory, Gene Newell, Tess Sheferaw, Tom Miller, Capt. Tim DeJongg Second, Row: Cory Anderson, John Wingard, Brad Morrow, Niels Anderson, Greg Morrell, Tom Wingard, Coach Hooshang Yasseri. W ,rf wow,-mx Coach Yasseri gave his team essential instructions just before the games. Anoka's first year soccer team completed its suc- cessful season vvith an undefeated record of 5-O. Coach l-looshang Yasseri described his team as "wonderful players, very dedicated, and very enthusi- asticf' He said, "They obeyed everything I told them. When you have confidence, you have success!" -. Boasled U nolefealed Season iq. - . I M , ,, . I , t i A ri ' . ' 5 i' if if , 5 it 'fi C dv ,, Q' V Nw H :bfi 6 The necessity of strong legs and the ability to use them is shown here as Gene Newell kicked Captain Tim DeJong showed off his 'the ball down the field. skill at dribbling as he advanced the ball toward the goal. s C Q 5 Y x is I T ..vr"" "B" Squad - First Row: Brian'WickIund, Allen Kangas, Craig Winsleth, Paul Legrid, Brian Lappin, Chuck Durham, Kevin Kishg Sec- ond Row: Tim McCarty, Roland Thompson, Steve Bentz, Mike Givens, Paul Gerster, Craig Vielguth, Coach Hooshang Yasseri. N if ,gre .T , 5 ji i,l, , i i'i' 2 1 gm ff,'f+f2,i,. T rrrr an ' 'Z Mi -, 35 " W W A if C U ,fn ,N ma ' it 'rn Lf'f"'f' .43 fg. ,V I 'r , YH T Girls Golf Swung ln+o A Successful Firs+ Year First Row: Cozy Kuno, Vicky Ward, Deb Bouten, Sally Adkins, Jean Wagner, Cindy Trombley, Carla Turnbom, Lori Johansen, Beth Pin- ney, Second Row: Coach Ann Knuti, Nancy Ajax, Diane Schmeider, Diane Zunker, Kristie Bylund, Lauren Groustra, Maureen McCoy JoAnn Dehen. U- S' ,. "But girls, I keep telling you . . . you swing the club from this end!" Coach Knuti got into the swing of things! Tennis Team Netted Up Great First Season . I . .. K K . S k , . Q A . , 1 - Liih . ,X L -A k fs ,Wm , M gb six .ar ,Qt . - - . f- at sssr, 3 if -f'- af Wi k I ih, A 111 , -f-,e:. ,:--- - wi ':K1.. 1 L? Y t . . J .. S si Q lu., e n gs? 4553-' Str ? siksxiif' K N it Q 3 sf K st f E '- J f Aix 1: X G 'Ai Elm ,A' gi X vm E as At 1 3 s Q Ek 5 :I L. S , is bs X , , Xvf Xif O N "'i i R Q s 5 . 5 ,M lm First Row: Linda Egelkraut, Debbie Lindgren, Terry Madden, Janis Sanasac, Jean Deuel, Janet Macheledt, Sue Nelson, Michelle Fedje Sue Miller, Delores l-lerrboldtg Second Row: Nancy Lundgren, Ellen Tennison, Kim Horn, Beth Huntley, Laurie Peterson, Kathy Koopman Dana Lindley, Donna Lind, Cheryl Newschander, Coach Peden. i v 'QQ-3' rr, y k ' ' "-' ,.,' J ' , Coach Peden taught the girls the fundamentals of tennis. 'he competitive spirit of number one player, Jean Deuel, was displayed as she aced her opponent, Girls' Swim Team Plunged Into Action 1 .fglii 2-:-P93 'Q-525 IAS First Flow: Kathy Stack, Mary Leidal, Jan Dobratz, Paula Way, Laurie Schuh - Capt., Gwen Hand, Second Row: Debbie Nutter - Capt., Jan DeAcevado, Pam Bentz, Ellen Hadley, Mary Kay Dehen, Wendy Berghorstg Third Row: Lisa Johnson, Vonnie Bennett, Mary Connell, Mary Bennett, Sharon Albro, Laurie Geskog Fourth Row: Coach Colleen Welch, Pat Burku- loo - Mgr., Deanne Becker, Kim Eickstadt - Mgr., Jane Hammer, Cindy Wilberg, Barb Yelle. "Shauna-as-aussi Coach Welch gave the girls last minute pointers just before their meets. "Look out belowl!!" ASH Swimmers Were All We+ MVN' Busy though swimmers were, they always had time to smile for the camera. AHS Tankmen Jumped The Gun - And Won! ln spite of inferior facilities, Anoka tankmen were confident of success throughout their season. Since AHS had no swimming pool, swim- mers were forced to use the State Hospital and Centennial High School pools. "lt has taken six years to develop swimmers that realize that to be successful it takes self sacrifice and dedication in order to put in 5000 yards plus," Coach Wanstrom confi- dently stated. "The Anoka swim team has fi- nally reached this pinnacle of under- standing success." Tom Norbie and Paul Cravens co-captained the '72 tank team, and "did good," accord- ing to swimmer Mark Rosenwinkle. Swimming Timers: Holding Sign: Patty Hitchcock, Linda Oppegard. On Lock- ers: Claudia Dussl, Betty Blesi, Kathy Stack, Kathy Olson, Mary Mitchell, Sandy Titterud, Jane Rasmussen, Deb Krull. .vi 3' 3 , ' ' Ag . R - kd, r 5 W ws" -. A , w. i lst Row: Joel Sloth, Jett Wilkens, Bruce Nyrop, Dennis Dirks, Steve Benz, Dan Konan, Gary Sloth, John Abler, Mike Dusslg 2nd Row: Kelly Bergsten, Tom Spencer, Paul Cravens, Lee Rock, Charles Weaver, Darwin Durant, Lee Cravens, Steve Bentz, Mark Rosenwikleg Third Flow: Steve Barker, Scott Mitchell, Ross McCrady, Doug Sather, DeMar Wanstrom, Bryan Kufus, Don Vry, Tom Norbie, Steve Sanasack. Mild-mannered Joel Sloth turned into Superman at will. Cagers Won Impressive Viclories Over Powerful Cpponenls QWK4 i I 10 30 , , -- Y --Q "A" Squad - First Row: Terry Castle, Curt Taylor, Tim Talbot, Doug Boese, John Krenn, Vince Elleraasg Second Row: Loren Erickson Capt. Jim Hennesey, Gary Asfaly - mgr., Coach Bill Wanamaker, Lee Sage - mgr. Bryan RODS, GYGQ Kettief- JUfll0f Cemefl GVSQ Kei' Junior fonivard, Bryan Flons, battled lor possession ol the ball under the opposi- tler made anolner two points for the Tornadoes. lion basket, N, , O l XM, -s-...M I W WVV7 M I f l .. M V5..W Q - f-..,,,,.,M ,...,.,..e....-, , W :V-:,,,-if, ' 'A W"'s-,..., 'N""" -N., gf' A JW, ,,,., W . ,..f'-"""""'mvuMJ i-"""'v wwf-fW!.lT ,. Senior forward and captain, Jim Hennesey, drove in under the basket for two more points. .-4' Junior center, Loren Erickson, grabbed the ball from his opponent. The 1971-72 Anoka Basketball Team started inexperienced but with great potential. It was the tallest team in Anoka's history and one of the biggest teams in Minnesota. Led by hard-working captain, Jim Hennesey, the team was rated among the top 10 in Minnesota most of the year, only losing games to other highly rated teams. The team won impressive victories over powerful Alexander Ramsey and Mounds View to place second in the powerful North Suburban Conference. lt was also rated ir1 in Region G. and favored to again repre- sent Anoka in the State Tournament. 'Among the top players were seniors, forward Jim Hennesey and guard, Terry Castle. Junior starters were Greg Kettler, Bryan Ftohs, Loren Erickson and Doug Boese. Remaining juniors with great potential were Tim Talbot, Vince Elleraas, John Krenn, and Curt Taylor. 61 Greg Kettler, 6'7V2" center, leaped toward the basket to score. it ' K gi r,r, Junior center, Doug Boese, shot over the heads of his opponents. qt. -Q il! Bryan Rohs reached just a little higher for another two points, s...-4O""' .....,,-ff' Basketball Cheerleaders - Left to Right: Gwen Haugen, Sue Wanamaker, Mickey Dalbec, Marilyn Rindahl. JV And "B" Squad Baskefball Teams S+re+ched Their Effor+s For A Successful Season X,f" "B" Squad - First Row: Dave Nelson, Brent Bostrum, Paul Newell, Rick Chounard, Jim Hintgen, Kevin Ward, Second Row: Tom Wingard, Dave Lilligren, Steve Erickson - mgr., Coach Mike Parker, Ted Sage - mgr., Dan Voss, Bob Maueg Third Row: Randy Sutton, James Mill- ner, Ron Jackson, Brian Krabel, Jim Swanson, Dave Olson. "JV" Squad - First Flow: Brian Johnson, Terry Wall, Dick Merritt, Chuck Bemey, Mark Johnson, Second Row: Coach Dale Bahn, Pete Dunn, Jeff Olson, Art Skenandore, James Norman. Rand And Branger Captured Fourth Place In The State f. mm' ' -.-aff At 132 lbs., senior captain, Randy Rand, took control of the situation and attempted to put his opponent on his back. Heavyweight, Tom Branger, applied the pressure to force his man into a pin. . ..,w,,,NiM- ...vt MTN-W, . M N TT"'rf-s,,,NW . GMM N ., . 't-ss, an-N0M""""""" ... ..,.. ,......---""'f'N""""nhkN nxiety showed on the faces ofthe wrestlers and the wrestling cheerleaders Melissa Blaskey, Cindy Dietz, Peggy Christian and Mary Kay The wrestling team, led by Captain Randy Rand, experienced a season of highs and lows. The biggest disappointment of the season was in placing second to Coon Rap- ids in the North Suburban Conference. ln spite of this setback, the team was able to display their superiority over Coon Rapids in the District, Region, and State Meets. There, Anoka placed 4th, 6th and 9th respectively. Outstanding accomplishments for the team were winning the White Bear Tournament and the Grand Rapids Invitational, placing 9th in the State Meet, and in many out- standing dual meet performances. individual achievements went to All-Con- ference selections - Greg Norton, Capt. Randy Rand, John Redmann, Joe Williams, Rick Hiltz, and Tom Branger. Randy Rand received the Outstanding Wrestler Award while Tom Branger received the trophy for the most pins. Bill Way received the Gary T. Nelson Memorial plaque for outstanding contribution to wrestling. These accomplishments coupled with en- thusiastic support ot our outstanding cheer- leaders and pep club made 1971-72 a most rewarding wrestling season. Junior, 138 pounder, John Redmann, attempted a takedown for two points. AIEUKA xx Q. 167 pound junior, Rick Hiltz, recei I97I-72 Wres+lers Experienced Season Cf Highs And Lows .f-"""' -...anis-.1--' ved one point for an escape, Senior, Chuck Skajewski, prepared to attack. ' 1 li JL' , ' , ANUKA 127 ANUKA ANOKA HNOKA 112 Squad - First Row: Doug Hildre, Brad Holmbo, John Talbot, Doug Nickel, Mike Beckman, Fred Warhol, Second Row: Dan Bauer, Mike Jim Rudlong, Craig Giibertson, Ted Buzzelig Third Row: Steve Roach, Brad Moreau, Warren Dehn, Chipper Hilgevs. Pucksiers Cap+ured Disirici I6 Championship "A" Squad - First Row: Ellen Hadley - scorekeeper, Craig Miller, Rick Wesp, John Cameron, Ross Omdahl, Tom Hedberg, Tri-Capt. Bill Lester, John Erlandson, Rick Johnson, Nan Albro - scorekeeper, Second Row: Coach Mark Ryman, Tom Hostettler, Tom Alley, Kevin Wol- ters, Tim Mullowney, Jeff Hymanson, Tri-Capt. Brad Morrow, Jim Kappelhoff, George Bancroli, Mike Ekmark, Mike Spencer, Paul Douglas, Tri-Capt, Steve Alley, Mike Kovar - mgr,, Coach Joe Poole. ,. ,-s- k , '?3S1'Q1!5"5Q3AJ 135-"i'HVub . . X 521, ' T: M .,,,-M4 ' N. 1 .S ...f Senior Rick Johnson maneuvered the puck around the net and Anoka's games were always fast and furious and the tempo o charged down the ice toward the opposition's goal. action was always rapid and exciting. bw 5, , vig 4, 5 if K The concentration involved in hockey was shown here as junior, Rick Wesp, took another shot on goal. Its. 5' Tri-captain, Steve Alley, excellent senior center, aimed at the The Tornadoes shook hands with their opposition, Columbia goal before taking his slapshot. Heights, alter beating them 15-1. Q- Hockey Team Had Best Season Ever ,-. 5 2-J' Excitement occurred every time a Tornadoes shot went into the net. Junior wing, Rick Wesp, and sophomore center, Tom Alley raised their sticks to prove that point after Rick scored against Columbia Heights goalie. Under the excellent leadership of tri- captains center, Steve Alley, wing, Bill Lester, and defenseman, Brad Mor- row, the Tornadoes placed lst in the North Suburban Conference with a record of ll wins and 1 loss and also captured the District H16 champion- ship, "This has been the best hockey season ever," said Coach Joe Poole, "This has been one of the finest groups of young men that I have ever worked vvith. The team played as a unit rather than as individuals." X j . 'iw A- .ll l U K sp-.ii V Q vii T ff, J ff: Q Senior defenseman, Jeff Hymanson, checker. outmaneuvered a would-be I P fi Hockey Cheerleaders - First Row: Debbie DeGrootg Second Row: Alice Ness, Third Row: Mari Boggs, Mickey Dalbeg Not Picturedx Cindy Buyse, Laurie Birrenkott, Merry Dehen. B" Squad - First Row: Tom Hostettler, Art Schumaker, Craig Stromgren, Mike Spencer, Gary Peterson, Tom McKann, David KanDD5 Sec- ind Row: Brian Beckman, Keith Katnas, Stuart Bolduc, John Erlandson, Al Lundstrom, Kevin Wolters, John Cameron, Coach Mark Ryman. Let's See ,..E:mc 204 33 37f429 "Look Mom - one hand!" Gymnastics Team Improved Ratings "This is the most improved gymnastics team Anoka's had in tour years," said Coach Buerkle at the beginning of gymnastics sea- son. t'EspeciaIly since we lost eight lettermen last year." The team recovered nicely, though - rated sixth and seventh in the state and second in the conference, Anoka was beaten only by White Bear, who was rated second in the state. Medal winners from gymnastics tournaments included: Mike Wil- , ber on rings, Curt Ziebarth on trampoline and tumbling, Bruce l Bennett on the high bar, and Walt Leu on the side horse. "Quick - where's the trampoline?" Y, ,J Gymnastics Team - Row One: Jay Hegvik, Dave Larson, Brien Bennett, Mike Wilbur, Don Strand, Jim Elliot, Steve Schwartg Row Two: Mike Kohout, Bruce Bennett, Wayne Bass, Curt Ziebarth, Walt Leu, Ken Jensen, How Three: Coach Buzz Buerkele, Bob Paddock, Brad Daniel- son, Sam Mappson, Doug Weikert, Randy Benson, Bob Sannerude. Whats the floor doing way down there?" I Gymnasts' Talent' Overwhelmed Minor Obstacles In '72 1972 returning lettermen included Mike Wilbur on the rings, Bruce Bennett and Brian Bennett on the parallel bars and the high bar, Mike Kohout on the parallel bars, Curt Ziebarth on tumbling and free exercise, and Ken Jensen, Doug Weikert, and Brad Danielson on the horse. New equipment seemed to be more of a hindrance to the team than an aid. ln describing their new facilities, the team often used the term "rickety" Second-year B-squad coach Dan Schyrna "liked what he saw" of this year's gymnasts. Practice for meets was held in the field house, which many gym- nasts felt was a disadvantage. "Before every practice we had to set up all the equipment, and afterwards we had to take it all down again," complained senior Mike Kohout. Minor difficulties, such as equipment and environment, did not worry Coach Buerkle too much. His concerns centered on the stiff North Suburban Conference competition. "Last year's team definitely made a name for Anoka gymnastics," said Buerkle, "but we can win without our lettermen this year." Mike Wilbur held the world's record for a handstand on the rings - 3 years, 4 weeks, and two days. "st, ,X 'I , ff X, ,uf 'X. "The lack of gravity around here is astounding!" Squad - Row 1: Terry Olson, Dave Buday, Dave Honebrink, Tim Laqaer, Scott Larkin, Row 2: Coach Dan Schyma, Ned Olstad, Steve oany, Jack Peterson, W. Waldorf, Jack Johnson, Bob Snyder. Girls' Gymnastics Attracted Much Attention First Row: Kathy Boggs, Julie Shear, Patty Barkaloo, Judy Hall, Nancy Olson, Paula Way, Arlys Mead, Nora Becker, Kim Patterson, Mau, Mari Boggs, Lori Lindsey, Second Row: Mary Gaslin, Peggy Luke, Pat Midlo, Kathy lngman, Mickey Dalbec, Kris Bune - mgr., Graham, Coach Gustafson, Claudia Dussl - mgr., Terry Price, Sue Miller, Sue Kline, Janice Sanasac, Linda Stoeng Third Row: Sue Debbie Feibelcorn, Judy Klammer, Cecelia Nelson, Linda Bother, Terri Spence, Daviann Olson. Leading scorers were Linda Stoen, Sue Geslin, and Mari Boggs. Grace, poise and balance was demonstrated on th senior, third-year gymnast, Nancy Olson. e uneven parallel bars b irls' Basketball Bouncecl Through Successful Firsl' Year "A" Squad - First Row: Lisa Sangrene, Mary Kay Ghostley, Becky Tesch, Debbie Nutter, Pam Miller, Second Row: Debbie Lundberg, Colleen Dahlheimer, Sharon Horn, Kathy Brennan, Barb Adams, Diane Theiseng Third Row: Coach Knuti, Donnie Lundberg, Lynne Oslin, Kathy Kelly, Robin Fults, Terry Madden - mgr. "B" Squad - First Fiow: Dawn White, Rita Carlson, Cara Beth Peters, Jean Nicholson, Sandy Bouley, Julie Undem, Sue Henderson, Sue Luger, Second Row: Wanda Ankeny, Sandy Martin, Anna Dehen, Mary Paul Johnson, Jolene Olberg, Pam Bentz, Cordelia Anderson, JoAnn Dehng Third Row: Terry Madden - Mgr, Liz Lilligren, Winnie Stack, Patty Johnson, Ruth Steffenson, Loretta Fields, Dana Lindley, Joan Boyum, Coach Knuti. eq, 46 www 2 ww, Q 5 Q W 'WR A135155 i . if ' A ' , A al x 1 1 Yi" N' ww ganxmwbwf w.,....W...1, ,...,.. RA , ,X,,,...,.,..-4-fur-'N'N""N .W - Q,- ,,.,,.,- Mmmmm x,.x,,,,.,...-fa---"""""..-0 I K aw" 'W-mm, .,.. WNW, WM --f:M..NM.l '97 QB, Maw. up... ff..- -M-auf., 1F'i""'m- Like a child I just sat in the sunlight andplayed with the minutes as they went running by. I Like a child who had never known sorrow I didn't hurry tomorrow I just looked at the sky. While the Clouds went on endlessly passing All the clouds on their long voyage home seemed to say that youth is everlasting but a rose cannot grow alone. Like a child I would listen in silence to the soft sound of evening as it caught up the day, till you were there in the gathering darkness and we found that our green years had all gone away. Now the clouds are going forever here awhile then gone evermore and a child on the far side of never has to run when time closes the door. Then take my hand and as children we'Il go now all alone through the thundering crowds. Take my hand and together we'll look now like a child for the little lost clouds. 'Like a Child" by Rod McKuen Activities u Advisor Miss Story gave Honor Society members last minute instructions. N.H.S. - An Honor To Look Forward To With a senior membership ot over titty students, the 1971-72 dents, They held their traditional book fair just before Christ- Anoka chapter of National Honor Society was one of the mas. And they sponsored Morp in March, with a barn dance largest ever. Under their advisor, Miss Story, and President, theme. New junior members were welcomed into Honor So- Tom Bonnell, Honor Society was especially active this year. ciety in the spring with a special initiation ceremony and re- Members provided a tutoring service to aid their fellow stu- Ception. Row 1: M. Johnson, J. Sanasac, P. Hill, J. Ouinlan, K. Dahlberg, A. Nordvik, D. Olson, P. Joslen, R. Dvoracek, B. Klein, J. Undem, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, L. Helfinstine, Row 2: P. Luke, K. Olson, E. Hadley, M. Dehn, B. Olson, D. Becker, C. Hubbard, S. Bock, C. Mil- ler, D. Feist, L. Erickson, D. Strand, C. Dietz, Row 3: D. Fleissner, Fl. Hadley, M. Soine, T. Castle, T. Spencer, T. Bonnell, C. Nelson, M. Anderson, K. Jenson, E. Gath, K. King, J. Wood, M. Pauleyg Row 4: J. Essig, B. Hagmo, D. Enge, N. Anderson, G. Anderson, S. Ewald, C. Snell, S. Mitchell, S. Atley, J. Abeler, B. Merritt, B. Kutus. Student' Council - The 'Political Side' Of ASH Seated: M. Boggs, M. Leadens, S. Blewett, P. Luke, D. Miller, N. Albro, G. Ziegler, J. Strand, L. Beltrandg Standing: C. Weeks S Prezdzieck B. Laddin, T. Stover, T. Shiferaw, D. Trester, K. Dahlberg, B. Strand, V. Frank, N. Anderson, J. Williams, S. Ramsay M Tranby Senior representative Deb Miller addressed the student body at a pep fest. Representing a majority of ASH students, Student Council, under their President, Steve Blewett, attempted to establish a formal link between students and the administration. By establishing open Council meetings they hoped to give all students a voice in their decisions. Council members worked hard on a long list of activities throughout the year. They played guide at the schooI's open house in the fall, and chose furniture tor the lunchroom patio. They sponsored Fall Homecoming, Tornado Days, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the annual winter canned goods drive, along with continuing one of their most important projects -the week- ly student trips to Cambridge State Hospital. "When I grow up I want 'ro be President" With the advent ot the eighteen year-old vote student politi- cal organizations have become more important than ever before. Student Congress members, under their advisor Mr. Gam- ble, were given the opportunity of simulating actual congres- sional activities. Members drew up bills in the correct form and presented them to either the "Senate" or the 'll-louse" at the meets held with various neighboring schools through- out the year. Both YDFL, under Mr. Bell and YGOP, under Mr. Colvin, en- couraged their students to take an active part in their politi- cal party, They worked in the 1972 campaigns through the state-wide student party associations. Governor Wendall Anderson visited AHS on opening day to spark interest in political activity. Student. Congress Seated: D. Olson, D. Witt, M. Amble, L. Beltrand, G. Ramsey, Standing: G1 Danielson, W. Volenant, T. Newton, Mr. Gamble Young Democra+s Mr. Bell, H. Peterson, D. Sundeen, Fi. Nonr, K. Farrier, S. Hackbarth, S. McCarthy. Y R bl' O U I1 Q 9 p U ICB Fl S Row 1: J. Abeler, D. Feist, K. Jenson, S. Phillips, A. Borrud, A. Bonnell, K. Larson, Row 2: Mr. Colvin, S. Ewald, L. Sage, S Mariin, D. Enge, T. Sage, T. Bonnell, L. Erickson, B. Shepson. Young Americans Looked Toward The Future THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA was a growing success throughout the school year. New members were welcomed to the club with an introduc- tory coke party. Activities during the year were varied: FHA along with FFA entered a float in the Pumpkin Bowl parade, trick or treated for UNICEF, participated in a macrame and fondue demonstration held at the Anoka Electric Co- op, and attended the District 12 convention at Shako- pee. This year, Anoka's FHA sent four delegates to the state FHA convention in Minneapolis. At the district convention, Holly Hartje was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the district. She will represent the state of Minnesota at the national convention this summer in Los Angeles, California. FHA succeeded in helping AHS girls leave behind the things of a child and assume adult responsibilities through preparedness for the future. Before ASH even opened its doors to the 1971-1972 student body, FFA members were hard at work. THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA sponsored the Fabulous Flippers band for the Fall Homecoming dance. Later in the fall, 250 mallards were raised, tagged, and released by FFAers, and returning ducks were studied by the potential farmers. As a service to the community, FFA has sponsored a snowmobile safety class that certified 248 new snowmobile opera- tors for the winter season. FFAers agricultural interests were whimsically dis- played by the cheerful red poinsettas placed on lock- ers and winter ledges in the student commons at Christmas. .TT"n'-A Lg New AHS building spurred students to philosophical thoughts about their futures. l l i l Fu+ure Homemakers Of America l No Order: K. Collins, M. McCoy, L. Sorterberg, E. Tennison, M. Deschene, M. Bennet, D. Causin, C. Briggs, T. Nordstrom, L. Nauman, S. Hagen, J. Husen, L. Bauer, V. Vickstrom, C, Free, D. Mollner, S. Wanous, P. Hitchcock, B. Blesi, C. Sytle, Ft. Carl- son, S. Hartje, S. Shorma, K. Givens, J. Reichert, D. Tangen, P, Bentz, C. Walburn, L. Swanson, H. Hartie, D. Sherburn, S. Wallace, V. Olmstead, D. Sherburne, B. Rahn, A, Frisk, M. Hartje, Mrs. Nesheim. Future Farmers Of America nl wht .- ....ltL... Row 1: J. Larkin, M. Durst, D. Bonnenbaum, P. Dahlheimer, J. Demars, E. Eden, F. Hughes, K. Smith, D. Danum, J. Flor, M. Bray, R. Sellheim, P. Levinhagen, B. Malamen, B. Walters, S. Pfrannenstein, S. Larkin, P. Christian, Mr. Hammer, Row 2: N. Pratt, D. Heiselberger, M. Talbot, G. Zopti, L. Green, D. Guimont, S. Sawyer, A. Bergman, J. Altenweg, D, Wanous, B. Hadley, G. Crowe, B. Longfield, L. Umbreit, D. Sundeen, M. Sterry, J. Forslound, J. Boyum, P, Schendelg Row 3: J. Breiwick, B. Fel- lows, D. Born, E. Mortenson, W. Davis, J. Banallo, W. Olson, D, Scharber, J. Katnis, C, Dahlheimer, D. Machaud, B. Gustaf- son, J. Dehn, R. Johnson, R. Anderson, R. ,oeiegbaierg Row 4: B. Morrow, B. Jochum, D. Olson, C. Castner, H. Edeburn, L. Oman, R. Girourd, K. Gallagher, T. Freyholz, Ft. Ploog, D. Dargis, T. Anderson, J. Blue, S. Schendel, D. Welsome, G. Sundberg. Row 5: T. Carlson, B. Rooter, M. Veavea, Ft. Bartels, J. Backowski, D. Anderberg, G. Kettler, L. Sage, C. Fields, G. lllg, L. Bindricks, C. Holaz, E. Bancroft, M. Larson, B. Boyum, D, Mueller, T. Mullowney. The four language clubs united this year to form the French-Latin and German-Spanish association, or F.L.A.G.s. Their purpose was to bring students ot all of the languages together to compare and relate to the differ- ent cultures. F.L.A.G.S. members had their traditional Christmas party, incorporating international Christmas customs into it to make the party educational as vvell as tun. With the help of the three Amity Aids who were at our school this past year, F.L.A.G.S. members had a chance to learn about, and to understand, the life-styles and languages ot the French, Latin, German, and Spanish peoples. Flow 7: M. Hartje, K. Hennes seyg Row 2: S. Atkins, L. Far wick, L. Bergstedtg Row 3: K Sonsteby, C. Neary, M. Amies, Flow 4: Mrs. Wrobel, C. Turn bomg Standing: C. Dussl, Language S'ruden'rs Lei' Francais Row 1: C. Perrin, D. Etnier, J. Stone A. Ness, K. Blasyck, G. l-lartfield Miss Gust, K. Givens: Row 2: P Krull, J. Braastad, S. Braastad, M. Cloutier, L. Hendrickson, M. Des- cheneg Row 3: J. Freeburg, K Engdahl. J. Boese, A. Nettleton, S Rock, L. Sorterbergg Row 4: J. l-lale, C, Perovich, D. Witt, B. Norbie, T. Houle, Flow 5: D. Schafouch, M. Bennet, W. Wendt, L. Lilligren, D. Krull, S. Titterude. i r ' Espanol song Standing: C. Simpkins. Their Voices Be Heard Row 7: L. Hales, Mrs. Wimer, N. Lanz, Row 2: C. Lundgren, L. Troseng Row 3: S. Marin, M. Boros, N. Overdickg Flow 4: M. Denen, S. Wil- LaHnae Row 1: M. Skoglund, B. Larson, A. Helm, D. Harrington, S. Draabelg Row 2: E. Tennison, K. Jendro, A. Borrud, J. Olson, L. Erickson, T. Pawlik, Row 3: C. Buyse, K. Collins, D. Tangen, T. Pawlik, T. Sage, Row 4: P. Dunn, S. Mickelson, D. Sun- deen, K. Simonson, R. Benson, Standing: T. Spencer, M. Tranby, P. Askrin, Mr. Szymzcak. Instructional Materials Center: 'Out' with The old, in with the new' From library to IMC, from Library Club to Media Club. This year's library has definately changed. With a larger area in the new building the library was able to offer a wider variety of services to students. New books and magazines were added, along with a microfilm magazine library to aid stu- dents in their research. The Audio-Visual service in incorpo- rated into the lMC facilities, allowing students to view films or filmstrips, or hear tapes individually, as an aid in their studies. Music tapes were also available to students in the IMC. The Media Club is a service organization, made up entirely of volunteer students under the supervision of Mr. Hysjulien, Mrs. Carlson, and Mr. Faust. The members are given the job of assisting the librarians by stamping books and helping other students find materials in the new library. Row 1: D. Johnson, L. Warian, L. Oppegard, D. Sherburne, S. Wanous, L, Parker, V. Vickstromg Row 2: S. Martin, L. Mao, P. Swanson, P. Bentz, D. Lundberg, D. Sherburne, V. Kisrowg Row 3: L. Farrier, N. Overdick, Ft. Fults, M. Rinehart, B. Snyder, L. Olson, J. Janikow- skig Row 4: S. Baker, B. Yelle, K. Grabers, J. Kreor, D. Via, M. Skoglund, L. Parker, T. Ftoden. Advisors: Mrs. Carlson, Mr. Hysjulion, Mr. Faust. , , A ,.. ..-..s...-mmm..-1 l Ffow 1: L. Spain, L. Lick, M. Spain, K. Macheledt, L. Pavin, S. Ward, D. Harrington, V. Glesner, N. Tamblyng Row 2: C. Free, J. Hauck, C. Pemin, C. Laurltsen, F. Michaud, S. Hershey, Ft. Nohr, C. Keyser, M. Stimpsong Row 3: S. Heckler, J. Ranke, L. Schanhaar, S. Ca- marata, S. Boettcher, J. Macheledt, K. Mattys, J. Gillespie, P. Bickner, M. Fedjeg Row 4: J. Hoskins, S. Wilson, L. Deurr, D. Gustafson, B. Larson, M. Hirsch, B. Larson, K. Larson, S. Dean, M. Johnson, S. Brettschneider. K "Nia-ug, xy I972 ASH Publications Anokan YEARBOOK STAFF: Pow 1: K. Blascyk, T. Hill, C. Simpkinsg Row 2: D. Olson, M. Mullowney, D. Peterson, J. Rudrud, C. Dietz, B. Perovich, D. Stone, J. Stone, G. Ziegler, P. Way, D. Feist: Row 3: D. Foote, V. Olmstead, M. Fritzke, J. Quinlan, P. Hill, D. Harrington: Row 4: M. Thoe, S. Hartie, G. Vetter, M. Hartje, D. Fiebelkorn, K. King, M. Blaskey, C. Dussl, L. Oppegard, L. White: Row 5: J. Mueller, K. Ward, G. Ramsay, D. Hardy, D. Anderson, H. Peterson, N. Overdick. What can you say about a yearbook once you've worked on it? That it was frustrating, exciting, and hard vvorkg That it loved new ideas, poetry, and then tradition Cin that orderjg That it faced insurmountable difficulties, but found solutions, That it missed deadlines, lost pictures, and misnumbered DHQGSQ But that it had a staff that tried. Working on the yearbook means never having to say "Hey, Mrs. Brown - I think we did it right!" BUSlNESS STAFF: Seated: R. Shultz, Mr. Nordberg, C. Anderson, Standing: S. Rock, S. Larson, C. Neushwander, S. Martin, L. White, L. Peterson. roiecfecl New Images Anokahi . 'vw 'W te AM 4 f ffm " 44 My . - 'aw . fig? ,tm 3,32 .1 fr if 'J' 3 f'l'7.x'f' Q JIT 'M we ig, STAFF: Row 1: E. Hadley, M. Wilber, D. Stone, C. Perovich, C. Lynch, Row 2: Mrs. Jorissen, D. Lester, L. Benson, B. Nelson, Wilber, L. McClay, D. Redepenning, B. Perovich, Row 3: L. Helfinstine, K. Finnemore, M. Heidelberger, C. Simpkins, S. Meyer, V. Glesner, McCoy, J. Quinlan, P. Way, P. Hill, Row 4: K. Meyer, D. Sundeen, J. Sampson, J. Tonding, T. Talbot, C. Snell, D. Johnson, D. Petter, D. J. Essig. Anokahi editor-in-chief Deb Ftedepenning and assistant editor Becky Perovich rejuvenated the All-American award-winning Anokahi of 1971 to a more creative, modern, and relevent twice- monthly newspaper. The school paper began publishing new columns and series by experienced staff writers to appeal to the varied personalities at ASH - Jon Essig fthe Tony Randall of the Sports Worldj wrote humorous sports analysis, Cheryl Lynch compiled a three-part se- ries of statistics on teen-age marriages, and Julie Quinlan contrib- uted a series of in-depth research articles illustrating the religious controversies of the past decade. Despite problems involved in making deadlines, the Anokahi man- aged to put out very successful issues - due in part to their new darkroom facilities and also to their hard-working, enthusiastic staff. ,c5':5,f-fn 'aff' 'Q Co-editors Bedepenning and Perovich with the finished product. Work Programs Allow .. .-sssxi Minnesola Office Ecluca+ion Associalion Sitting: T. Buzzelli, L. MoCrady, S. Riggs, D. DuSchar1e,C. Camp, C. Eoklund, W. Hruden, B. Holen, L. Waldooh, G. Russell, J. McEw en, N. Hassler, V. Anderson, Standing: Mr. Crose, D. Herala, D. Olson, K. Nels, J. Hettwer, P. Drysen, P. Harmorniok, D.Torgrimsor1, K Carithers, J. Medin, B. Nunnelle, B. Lester. Vocalional lncluslrial Clubs Of America Sitting: R. Bebeau, J. Loren, H. Anderson, D. McCormick, G. Strande, B. Goldenstern, D. Deans, J. Chounard, P. Hills, M. Chaffee Standing: Mr. Wagner, T. Neary, D. Rust, V. Randle, M. Striklund, R. Beck, M. Berger, B. Coop, N. Klersy, P. Teeselink, G. Knudson, M Washburn, C. Theisen. Sludenls To Be 'On Their Cwn' ali.. Dislribulive Education Clubs Of America Sitting: D. Durham, Miss Case, E. Wyskocil, D. Schroeder, A. Domino, D. lmholte, D. Beumer, L. Lacy, Standing: D. Landowski, J. Lar- kin, M. Bechenbach, P. Spohn, J. Wolf, K. Girouard, L. Sorterberg, L. Hovind, L. Makz, P. Chicoine, C. Adrians, B. Bulen. -W - 1, .. . 9 - This past year seniors were allowed to participate in a learning experience other than the traditional classroom one. As a member of either VICA, DECA, or MOEA each of these students spent two hours of his school day in "on the job" training under the su- pervision ot Mr. Wagner, Miss Case, or Mr. Crose. Putting their training in business or office practices to work, students chose employment in an area they were especially interested in. To Dance ls To Live Tornado Twisters, under the direction of Mrs. Gus- tafson, performed at pep tests and sports events throughout the year. The girls also participated in two dance clinics held at Jefferson and Columbia Heights. The biggest event this year for the dance- line was entering the Minneapolis Aquatennial in May. Part of the danceline's duties was trying to arouse interest in sports by making good luck signs to put on the lockers of team members. "That's what Mrs. Gustafson did when she was in high school," said danceline members Susie Sell and Sue Kuelbs. Danceline co-captains Judy Klammer and , day Stefanski. F?ow1 T Tarbert C Eidem K Dahlberg S Ramsay R Dvoracek D Gerlach J Skaiewski Row2 M L Stoen K Eidem S Sell M Clayton S Kuelbs D Olson J Neumann ROW3 W Shonts J Klammer N Albro Nelson D Klammer S Stefanski V Frank D Paulson C Camp il I l. l r. P l 3 .. Danceline performed during half time at Anoka football games I G.A.A. Builds S+rong Bodies I2 Ways 1. "GAA relieves my tensions after a hard test." L. Dalland 2. "You can do whatever you like to do." Anonymous 3. "I like it for the chance to make new friends." A. Ness 4. "lt's different!" C. Dahlheimer 5. I'lt gives me the chance to get more exercise with friends." S. Snell 6. "Girls have the time to learn new activities and not have to be perfect." S. Albro 7. "It gives me a chance to explode!" B. I-lix 8. "I like it because I can goof around and have fun with friends." M. Mullowney 9. "Everyone has a wonderful time." Anonymous 10. "I like it for chance to have a good time with girls I know and Mrs. Abraham." W. Wells 11. "lt gives girls who don't go out for sports a chance to do something." S. Albro 12. Ml like football, volleyball, basketball, bowling, and all the other activities we participate in." Anonymous '-,...--st Row 1: P. O'Keefe, D. Nelson, I. Spain, J. Undem, V. Glesner, M. Spain, L. Egelkraut, C. Hinricks, D. Etnier, S. Kraemer, S. Steinlick, P. Miller, Row 2: D. Sherburne, S. Bettschneider, J. Nihalson, J. Gillespie, J. Ranke, K. Bradish, D. Nutter, B. I-lix, L. Dalland, J. Braastad, P. McCus- key, Flow 3: K. Brennen, J. Hawkins, A. Nettleton, C. Turnbom, D. Lundberg, D. Baldridge, D. Lund, D. Larson, D. Schneider, P. Larson, A. Ness, G. Anderson, Row 4: W. Wells, M. Doss, S. Shorma, S. Kraabel, M. Mullowney, D. Boland, L. Faick, C. Dahleimer, S. Renstrom, K. Steinlick, M. Bladine, S. Horn, PI. Fuls. Cffice helpers 'on 'rhe iob' Working in the principal's office, the counselors' office, and the resource centers, Anoka High School girls provided an important service to both students and faculty. ln the principal's office, girls help the secretaries by picking up absence slips from the classes and delivering messages. ln the counselors' office, the girls also deliver messages and do errands for the counselors and secretaries. ln the various resource centers girls help students by finding books and pamphlets for them. Although they have never been given credit as an activity before, the high school girls who vvork in the offices deserve this commendation for the service they provide. 2 its f 5 1 . 'J f IL' S Q 4 2 Q S l 2 . 3 is r- '... .t Q, l Mrs. Essig had trouble keeping up her image as a tough superv sor in the Language Arts Resource Cente The secretaries in the counselors' office helped create an inviting atmosphere. 4 'M Aviation Club Completed A Successful First Flight. Club members experienced sitting in an airplane cockpit. The Aviation Club was formed this year in conjunction with the Aviation Science classes. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in aviation. Members of the club visited several local airports throughout the year, and guest speakers were invited to meet- ings to explain the possibilities of a fu- ture in aviation. This spring club members were guests of the Minnesota Sky Diving Club at Howard Lake, where the University jumpers have their facilities, and mem- bers were allowed to go up with two jumpers and a pilot and watch as the parachutists "bailed out." ,. b Visiting l-loleman Airfield, students learned how an airplane was operated Chess Club 'Moved' Through A Great Year -, 1 , it , ,,,q M, 'r I gf ? 7 1 L 1 J! V ffl Q.. Chess Club was an Hunorganized organiza- tion," formed to give interested students a chance to play chess. Meetings were not held, there were no field trips or tournaments. The club existed only to provide the materials and the space for kids to come in and play chess whenever they wanted to. Concentration was an important part of playing chess. "Wha+ is service wi+h joy. Song. 7 II , Talmud - Y , , s 4 ' Tow 7: B. Jensen, K. Johnson, B. Norbie, C. Seaberg, O. Fenna, J. Bostrom, M. Schanhaar, L. Beltrand, J. Nelson, J. Hanshoe S. Hender- on, M. Heesen, L. Birrenkott, D. Peterson, D. Kent, O. Huftg Row 2: K. Chamberlain, T. Erickson P. Brue, S. Przezdzieck D. Olson M. La lere, M. Cramblitt, C. Perovich, P. Senn, J. Hammer, V. Buhs, D. Hoover, S. Kemp, B. Norbie, Merkel, L. Marker, C. LaSalle, Row 3: S. louley, J. Sawyer, D. Sandgren, V. Lemke, D. Shorma, D. Sand, T. Hamm, P. Botz, W. Stack, S. Crisis, M. Youso, R Demarais, S. Curtis, T. ladden, S. Nettleton, L. Axcig, D. Lindley, Row 4: J. Rudrud, R. Ehlen, K. Ramsay, J. Fisher, V. Pieri, M. Amble, L. Omer, S. Ramsay, D. Ku sk, W. Wendt, D. White, K. Hayes, D. Moes, S. Neuschander, D. Loger, S. Forse, M. Meyers. 00 A S I Th ' H L + The Boys' and Girls' Ensembles were made up of students These Seleeted QVOUDS also Deffeffhed at the district ehe Chggen frgm the Cgngert Chgir by Miss Hanenbefg, The En- state music contests, and entertained many different organi- sembles practiced each week and performed at the choir Zehehe ThV0UQh0UT the Yeef- ooncerts in the winter and spring. Girls' Ensemble - Row 1: L. Tronsen, L. Benjamin, L. Erlandson, J. Smith, K. Sjobeck, K. Stregeg Flow 2: C. Seaberg, J. Elingson, S Weise, M. Pauley, J. Stende, M. Bergerud, S. Cartyg Row 3: M. Stodola, D. Bartz, M. Kummer, S. Geslin, M. Conger, Fl. B. Olson! '43 VL? it-. Boys' Ensemble - Row 1: M. Larson, M. Kovar, J. Hegvig, P, Rainbow, Row 2: T. Stover, C. Skajewski, R. Greenly, J. Olson, Newcomb: Row 3: C. Gilbertson, S. Sonnenberg, G. Danielson. The Mixed Concert Choir is made up ot eighty- tvvo juniors and seniors chosen from choir classes. They presented their annual Christmas, spring, and pop concerts, and also performed at Brookdale during the Christmas season. ln the spring the choir entered the district contest and the music festival, Soloists from the choir also vvent to the contests. The Concert Choir Council, consisting of three students, elected by the choir, is instrumental in making any decisions for the entire choir and helps prepare tor their performances. Concert Choir Council: President, Mark Lsrsong Representatives, Marlene Pauley and Julie Ellingson. Advisor, Miss l-lallenberg, Row 1: S. Ernst, H. Hartje, N. Larson, J. Ellingson, D. Krull, L. Erlandson, J. Smith, B. Olson, M. Danielson, K, Strege, M. Bergerud, M. Shep- erd, D. Miller, J. Wise, C. Walburn, L. Trosen, D. Bartz, S. Wise, M. Stodolag Row 2: K. Leanard, M. Olson, A. Ness, M. Kummer, S. Geslin, L Benjamin, S. Braastad, C. Brencgt, K. Sjobeck, M. Conger, L. Parker, C. Crandall, L. Lofgren, J. Kielblock, S. Titterud, G. Ziegler, A. Dehn M. Carty, Row 3: N. Peterson, L. Helonbrecht, E. Warhol, C. Taylor, M. Lastovich, S. Alley, J. Newcomb, M. McDonald, C. Snell, P. Baonbow M. Kovar, L. Johnson, C. Gilbertson, J. Shurrer, T. Stover, Fi. McLean, B. lngman, W. Knapp, S. Sonnenburg, D. Hardy, M. Blaskey, ROW4 W. Richey, K. Norton, J. Olson, J. Eilkins, L. Svare, D. Jones, W. Lundberg, B. West, N. Anderson, K. Wagner, M. Larson, J. Hegvig, B Greenly, D. Jones, C. Skajewski, G. Danielson. New Faces Meant New Friends For AHS AFS, or the American Field Service club is a service organi- zation which each year sponsors two foreign exchange stu- dents who come to Anoka to attend school and become ac- quainted with American customs. AFS also sponsors two Anoka students each year who are given the opportunity to live and attend high school in a toreign country for a year. This year Neils Petersen, from Denmark, and Testaye Shiv- era, from Ethiopia are staying at Anoka. The AFS club mem- bers help these students to meet other people on a one tc one basis during their stay at Anoka. Denise Witt and Liz Lilligren were chosen to represent Anoka by attending school in a foreign country next year. 3? 5957 102 ,nf Niels Peterson Tesfaye Shivera I . . Seated: S. Ewald, S. Wallace, L. Erickson, B. Bradley, D. Feist, T. Shivera, T. Bonnell, N. Anderson, Standing: J. Hall, S. Sell, J. John- son, J. Prezedcki, L, Beltrand, A. Bonnell, L. Bergstedt, S. Flock, J. Johnson, Mr. Colvin. BIQE ll Emanuel de Vitton of France seemed to be obsessed with American carpeting. J it icii -,'1 '11-',' - V 3 1 i S, Three Amity Aids Enrich ASH Language Arts Department District ll was privileged to have had nine young people visiting from France and Switzerland, as well as from several Latin American countries to act as Amity Aids to begin the year's second semester. Three ot these nine came to Anoka Senior High School on Monday, January 24, 1922. They were: Esperanza Fiodriguiez of Colombia, l-lilda Echeverria ot Costa Rica, and Emmanual de Vitton of France. These aids volunteered their time in order to visit the United States and study its educational system. The housing of aids was provided by families in the area who volunteered room and board. Esperanza Rodriguez stayed at the home of Principal Arthur Dussl, Hilda Echev- erria stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Veiman, and Emmanual de Vitton resided with the Dr. William Rock family. Esperanza Rodriguez of Columbia and Hilda Echeverria ot Costa Rica enjoyed a typical American lunch - Mabel's cooking. 04 r The Anoka Senior High School Orchestra directed by Mrs. Bonita Melting Harmonize! Directed by Mrs. Bonita Melting, the AHS Orchestra highlighted its year by playing at the all-school musical "Hello Dollylt' and by presenting Christmas and Spring COFICGFTS. M 'Barter," by Sara Teasdale, expresses the orchestras philosophy very well: "Lite has loveliness to sell, All beautiful and splendid things, gf Blue waves vvhitened on a cliff, Soaring fire that svvays and sings, And children's faces looking up Holding wonder like a cup. Life has loveliness to sell, Music like a curve of gold, Scent ot pine trees in the rain, Eyes that love you, arms that hold, And for your spirit's still delight, Holy thoughts that star the night. Spend all you have for loveliness, Buy it and never count the cost, For one white, singing hour of peace Count many a year of strife well lost, And for a breath of ecstasy Give all you have been, or could be.' Secret agent 44-619 disguised as a French horn. Orches'rra Performed HS Dedication Cerem The Anoka Senior High School Chamber Orchestra directed by Mrs. Bonita Melting uartet Number Two: Colleen Frey, Debbie Stone, Mananna Some, Pam Some. 1 x 1 . , . 1 D Q X K 5 b' N 'fs A . . r.Lk I x ,,, ..4- ,- - ,:. -f f QQ- ' S .A x . . N 1 .I tx' . pf G I , K 1 x ,x !6!?nn. 'fs-vm 4 From Symphony "That note tickled!" Junior Ensemble: Front: Nancy Lundgren, Wendy Berghorst, Cindy Perovich, Ken Wagner. Back: Craig Anderson, Karen Macheledt, Colleen frey, Pam Soine, Laurie Gesko, Cheryl Lynch, Pat Helm, Sue Heckler, Jeff Olson. 7 08 ASH Sparks New Possibilities For Cid Clubs Under their advisor Mr. Blaurert the 1971-72 Photography Club became a little more involved with the school curricu- lum and offered a lot of new advantages forthe students in- terested in learning the art of photography. A complete dark- room was made available to the club in the graphic arts sec- tion, and club members were able to get actual experience in developing as well as taking their own pictures. The Electronics Club members, under the direction of Mr. Magnuson, were also exposed to a large number of opportu- nities for projects. The facilities in the new building gave stu- dents not only more room to work in, but more materials to work with. ELECTRONICS CLUB: Row 1: F. Jenson, M. Larson, M. Hanson, D. Evens, R. Underdahl, A. Swenson, Row 2: M. Waldolf, D. Irvin, J. Frid, R. Hill, G. Ziegler, D. Vicha, J. Whitehead, W. Blue, J. Swenson, B. Fugate. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB: Mr. Blaurert, D. Irvin, G. Vetter, R. Carlson, N. Overdick, B. Larson, B. Peterson. Special activities are one of the most important ingred- ients in forming students of Anoka Senior High School. And one of the important things about activities is peo- ple, so this page is reserved for people's reactions to the activities. Row 1: L. Pederson: Row 2: J. Quinlan, H. Stodola, J. Gillespie, P. Cox, W. Danielson, G. Winters, G. Reynolds, R Johnson B Bradley, S. Nettletong Row 3: C. Lungren, S. Danielson, J. Stone, A. Nettleton, D. Olson, S. Dehn, M. Youso, M. Thoe J Nies Row 4: P. Hill, R. Klersy, L. Hovind, L. Hales, C. Lauritsen, P. Joslin, K. Stack, Karen, S. Shoten: Row 6: F. Leeski, K Norton K Wagner, D. Reynolds, J. Johnson, R. Mjos, W. Blue, L. Peterson, E. Gath. By 1972, the ASH biology club had evolved into an ecology and camping prone organization with its largest membership ever. After initiating its hordes ot new members in Sep- tember, the club held its Fall campout in Sand Dune State Park. Biology teacher Lyle Bradley hosted the club for a backyard campout later in the year. President Pat Joslin led the club in planning for spring clean-ups, campouts, and the District ll Ele- mentary School Science Fair. "l'm a biologist who happens to be a teacher," club advisor John Boege often said. The examples of such avid scientists as Mr. Boege and Mr. Bradley spurred several club members to consider pushing a career in science. Kathy Stack would have liked to mix math and science in a technological science - perhaps in the field ot space travel, Eldon Gath and Dave Fleissner aspired to analyze the chemical con- tent ot everything that ever existed, Ron Mjos was, is, and always will be a paleontologistg and Patty Joslin wanted to work with animals - 'lAnything, as long as it's alive!" she exclaimed at a Fall meeting. Biology club activities spurred classroom interest in Mi- crobiology. 110 --. lt you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, lt you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting toog If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream - and not make dreams your master ll you can think - and not make thoughts your aim, It you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same. It you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn ot pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss. Il you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch, It neither foes nor loving friends-can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much, li you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'll be a man, my son! ,gg Rudyard Kipling faculty 2 Presenting: 'The Tlap Brass This year "the top brass" presented a new school to the students and to the community so that from the first day when we marched into carpeting and color, to the day of formal dedication, to a host of visitorsg the school, the admin- istrators, the staff, and students were on display - and it all went off well. There was a friendly feeling that had not existed before. Would you believe that students even said "Hi" to administrators and had the greeting returned - in this, the year that was. Lots of top brass here. "Ask not what your school," quoth Mr. Dussl i X JMN. ve "Q-K.. T -ii The ever-patient secretaries: Mrs. English, Mrs. Host, Mrs Nelson and Mrs. Swing. Mr. Boese was smiling!! Rounds was glad! b h . The '7I-'72 Squad: Two Refurning Le+'rermen Two Rookies Coach Says, "Off +o a grea'r s+ar1'!" "VII take one bucket of Kentucky Chicken," ordered Mr. Bragg. 4 2400 S'ruclent!5 Counselors 2 ? Faces and ? Feet: lf you had asked one of our counselors, he might have summed up his day in the following way: some abuse from teachers who were annoyed that he requested a student's presence during class time, some abuse from a student be- cause the interpretation ot test scores did not agree with the "Well, it's like this," explained Mr. Stende. 'mx Mr. Skinner is the most popular man in school. students convictions about his own ability to do well on tests, two million phone calls from irate parents, two phone calls from the main office, Cbut those sufficient for any dayb, and a little bit of praise that makes it all worthwhile - l'Boy, you really gave me help when l needed it. Thanks!" 5... , t iff " 2-- e5 dz ll " ,xi ggiijsj - L 'gy 239355 X AQSQ? V3 N-,ig QJ .-. .I Miss Stone, the nurse, checked her files. M.- HAPRQER E ' 1 Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Beyer were always ready to help. , . S J f 4 4 W A 'we -w4!1""'e There was always an encouraging smile from Miss Angerilli W "Perhaps this is what you wanl," suggested Mr. Wangsness. 3 , Bk-1 . .,! is J if., b V, 1, xr 'I A ii "Are you really taking my picture?" wondered Mrs. Klonowski. "lf has to be here somewhere," said Mr. Johr1SOr1. A Work Of Art - The Department And The Idea fl- L--f' Mr. Follrath appreciated a rare moment for contemplation. A line from the Talmud reads "Man is, in a sense, a creator, and therefore, a collaborator with God." In Art Labs this year, students were expected to be 'collaborators' in any way they could express themselves. In everything from drawing with crayons to contour cutouts, art teachers pulled every kind of creative talent out of their art students. More advanced art classes, such as Sculpture and Textiles, stressed an individualized study and method. Developing a personal medium and a personally distinctive method in that medium formed the theme tor advanced art students. .,,,,,,,,,:z Miss Prochaska liked to keep her students in creative agony. r t fi- A rii, t ,,:, 'S - - t , , ,ki 1 Qin 5 Yak W. 1 'K hi is 5 A W. nr, ...t f i n f.: K .,k,,,. - .,- :g ig , - 'fffffe " pf' - 1+ F iislissr I i " X t tk as f 3 as 5 1, xii K it Qs mix 1 ti t' ' ig sf l Q X N i Q 5 s 1 lfss syyt a N X H K K ,--:- '- ,. alfa? Now, now, Mr. Yasseri, everybody has to get their picture taken SOfTl6flm6. 5 1 New-Q., Mrs. Elnes sometimes found it hard to believe the subjects chosen lor art. Mrs. Manning was always there to guide the unsure. An Art In Business, Too . 3 it sos gg i XV' "No, this is not the Anoka State Hospital, I think." Even Mr. Long sometimes wondered. 3 i A , X- 5,5 i g . i'iE' ' -' ' M 's stsr so Lf: .,,,.n As usual, Mr. Crose was happily doing whatever he was doing. 7 Display ls Business' Answer A stroll through the business department took you into the world of Adventure. Where else could you see a snowmo- bile poised for flight manned by the friendliest of yellow dogs, or overhear a round table discussion on how to in- crease magazine subscriptions in one easy lesson? But all of the above was meant to be only the beginning for the business instructors who had as their goal the education of efficient, knowledgeable office personnel of the near future. Miss E. Anderson foundpointing sometimes helps. Miss Lemberg always enjoyed her work. Mrs. Vicklund's classes couldn't help but be enjoyed. fil, W , V, NT , V, N W , K f ,gh -Q. V . , Q I i ,,,,, Miss Case, like most teachers, needed very little to make her smile l Q ,.... Vkik . . V 21 K s nn 15 l. Y s xi t 'NEMO- NM Mr. Braun and student tabled some work. My. Nordberg Stgod firm 33 ever, An assignment got the once-over from Mrs. Long. "in-.....M -Jn- Another fun assignment from Mrs. Doschades. 9 20 Cooks Deligh+ From Mm WWW i f Mrs. Thompson didn't seem as tall as her students. Mrs. Nesheim seemed to appreciate Boys Chef. Mrs. Byrum liked to find something to smile about. Boys In Frilly Aprons lrs. Tolkinen shared her enthusiasm for the new department. il. 3 1 "Now, this is how it works," explained Mrs. Panning. Billy Boy baked cherry pies at Anoka Senior High, because this year we had a new, exciting, revolutionary course called Boys Chef. Mrs. Tolkinen and Mrs. Nesheim undertook to in- struct five classes ot boys in the art of kneading, mixing, and boiling to create the most talked about course of the year. When the gentlemen were polled as to their reasons tor tak- ing the course, the reply came quickly - "We like to eat!" lnduslry ls An Ar'r In Hself l'm not really mad," said Mr. Whittier. Mr. Wagner found time to just sit and think. "See, it's actually very simple," explained Mr. Blauert. Mr. Magnuson got a charge out of his students. E , ' Q 1 "Come on, you stupid flea, jump!" coaxed Mr. Moehrke. Mr. Buehler took time to cast a wary eye. The industrial Arts Department enjoyed the new building facilities, with more space and additional equipment availa- ble than ever before. The curriculum was expanded to in- clude graphic arts and a full program of auto mechanics, power mechanics, and small engines. A wider variety of ex- perience for students was possible because some classes were offered on a semester schedule. The objectives of the l.A. program was to provide students with a wide range of experience related to industry and the world of work, which provided the basis for the year's activities. 4 To Be An lndus+rialis'r i, wa, M Lea "lf you want it done right, you have to do it yourself," decided Mr. Prater. Mr. Grefe encouraged a young man in his work. Mr. Hammer used an overhead to project his point "Today's announcements are as follows . . Mr. Lundblad stuck to daily routine. To Be, Or Not To Be . . . An English Teacher 3 V "Today's menu is . . Another of Mrs. Bagenstos' special lec tures. "This is how you catch a basketball," demonstrated Mr. Erickson, the Shakespeare student. L A W.. "Ooh, the answers some kids give," groaned Mr. Nabedriok. "Let's be a little intrigued," suggested Miss Story. 6 A ,Aa . . ft? ' 1 2' 3 it WWF ef 2 2 ',', .5 J Z W .fm 5, Ziff V f aww g 55 'wx if M , 1. V at ig,.g,jff ff! , it M we , L., Z , ,s ' i 'JY 5 . if av' ' V h' f - 1 3525121 "'.,, ty M T z 5 1? 5 Z W' J Z :W 4 S f 'B we w if' , 1 W ,fj:,.r,g'v ' Mrs. Dunn was earnest about good literature. -J. 4 if ,f .. af Ly Mrs. Van Nostrand was practicing teacher talents. Mrs. L. Anderson stressed ner point. There was never a dull moment in Miss Kuppich's class. Mrs. Brown was talking about literature? Good ol' Mr. Granum. You could always expect a warm smile from Mrs. Jorissen. Read, Write, And Rewrite This year Language Arts meant more than English classes since the area included the Spanish, French, and German classes. To all, the resource center meant new freedom to pursue individual and group projects with materials right at hand or quickly gathered by Mrs. Essig, who staffed the cen- ter. ln addition, it was possible to receive help from a number of teachers since their offices were adjoining tothe resource center. One student summed up his positive feeling as "Bet- ter than modular, since we all have a place in the plan of the building." To the joy ofthe seniors, the new building did not mean that all the old had been replaced. lt was still possible to hear Mr. Erickson's famous stories, charge the monster Grendel, sympathize with Billy Budd, and convince teachers that sophomores had not learned everything in the book. 'I27 S ? 3 WW Good Grief! Mrs. Olson allowed Charlie in her class! Mr. Hochstetter communed with Aristotle tor a moment. s-as ,f Miss Westerberg gave attention to a problem with Mr. Webster Miss Ulferts always had a briefcase full of goodies. 3 M "LA" Resource Cenler - Language Arls X it "All right, quiet over there." Even Mrs. Baker could be stern once Miss Paul remembered a happy moment before "Dolly" began. in a while. wil' ,V ..5, W Mrs. Hoeft received assistance from student teacher, Miss Gust. 9 Communicalion. wi My-iqdiilfii' "This article is a lotta bunk," said Mr. Hall. K' s H W..- ., g' iv if . 5 3' W, s 5 x is llwlll llllll,l as e lAl, sw.,-. E Q E 1 5 gl 5 .. L e i x 3 S S Mrs. Wimer reflected for a moment on a memory of Spain gone by. Cheerlulness was a habit with Miss l-loglund. iComunic:arse. s.4f:H-A-f Communlcaho. W s........... so X -i' There is no bug on that blackboard," said Mr. Joyce. 7 M1191-V I WF? 'Q Q- W Mr. Szymczak had another nice Eoce Gratum Day. Av l X iff' Miss Wrobel liked io keep up with her bookwork. .wgrpr-,,,'Q,5 MiHeilung 3,1 "Was tust du?" asked Mr, Bergeron. U W1 CWM,- j M While There's Life, There's Hope - For Man And His Environment' WW jp W W r 'iv 'I32 Wt W lr "Once upon a time," read Mr. Holdridge. Learning to effectively function in a democratic society by practicing democratic actions in a classroom situation is the basis upon which the new class, Man and His Environment was built. One hundred and fifty juniors took part in this pro- gram, designed as an alternative to traditional education. Three separate classrooms were replaced by one, three sep- arate teachers coordinated their efforts into a team teaching situation, English, social, and business education were blended together, and ninety students spent three hours a day together, learning more about each other and the subjects than they would have in one hour, This new con- cept in education allowed for better understanding between students and teachers and gave them a chance to build a better working relationship with each other. Students were given a broad variety of information on study topics. Guest speakers provided more than one view to problems. Personal research projects gave students a chance to really get involved in a subject that interested them. Their conclusions were based on personal experi- ences in the community as well as on independent study in the classroom. By relating to others in a classroom situation, students gained something more than a knowledge of facts from Man and l-lis Environment. .jf l t' xi' WQJJ1 tl' lr' ,y , fi f Wifi. .f ll' ff' . bij 51 iff' 'Tx E H if' ff' flff VU fly!!! l f 'gjfJxyLf.fVjL lv , "What's this?" asked Mrs. Alexander "Happiness is teaching," smiled Miss G. Ander- son. Firsl ou on' Succeed Wilh Malh . . . fir? x. .. o 'px .. 7 X K "Could you come back a little later?" Mr. Pearson WaS alWEiyS Mr. K. Jensen is always willing to study those having difficulty. busy. '11 W9 Reel. fs, fiiu' -.s, ri? 5 S-V :k:f3s155r' 5 L - iff- 5' . s s X sy.,. . N....., ll..., . . . ll,. . me N K X' :iv 'ff fi, WX W Xfgf -4 ,. Q . 8, is A ss Q , X , X . -alta Viru s .,,sN,, .. .. " KN '1'V4Ni?rfQE.a.WfW js s ,C . . - fi.-Q X ssgffsi' 5 K if sssiifs ,XS ess, g'3ifa3! Wigwam is Sig? E xg Q S N fi s X . i . is Q W ll 5- I ,. Qs .5 fr 'ff'-ff f'i':1'iR.ris z:X S SA "And this here, folks, is what we math people call a diagram." Mr. R. Jensen always gave complete explanations. Try, Try Again - Nobody Gets Math The First Time "Now just wait a doggone minute, there," argued Mr. Dahl. All students agree that the new building didn't help to make math any easier - now you were lucky it you could find your way through the maze to the area itself, once you ar- rived the computer was prepared to bite you, solid and trig didn't move out ot your way, and the teachers didn't seem to understand that the approach should be casual in an new area. But the rewards - solutions to problems that con- vinced you that you really were an Einstein, preparation for college classes that you would need, and finally the ability to balance your checkbook, were, from the student's point of view, all worthwhile. "Ah son. let me see, now, what comes next," wondered Mr. Swen 3 Mr. Malcolm relaxed alter a hard "Match" T "You put WHAT in my coffee?" asked Mr. Goodrlck. "I didn't hear that last word." Mr. Schyma liked to keep an open ear. ll In 'i'hgfE' 'Fix ,-Sem. Even .5 teachers have to eat to live, Mr. Bann proved. "3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . Not all Mrs. Abrahz-1m's days went smoothly. 13 6 f Read, Readf Rea dV+ Bu+ l+'s Media Now Q Wf' , f , ,uw-'A "I remember that one," chuckled Mr. Hysjulien. --Another Overdue book H sighed Mrs Synder. 3 1+ Q Mrs. Zi9Q'ef h9'D9d in the IMC- "May I help you?" asked Mrs. Carlson. 'G Hy. is f fi sq ' fi if , l f f my A 2 fi 2 W f f Q lm, W X Mr. Peterson got into the swing of things. Sound, Sound, Sound This Time l+'s Music "Sing!" encouraged Miss Hallenberg. Who played that crazy note?" wondered Mr. Olson. , ' kk K ,sa c 0 ff - f' rss. t. , :'r" - "" 1 L x -,i" Q R . Q' " ,:':,i. K ' -- N ' 3 ' V. is ' .Ls Mrs. Melting anticipated the Christmas concert. 7 Shape Up Or Ship Out - A Motto For The Phy. Ed. Dept. Even if we are only counting mere size, the Phy. Ed. department has gone through its "biggest" change in its history with the completion of the field house and the surrounding area. The field house made it possible to in- crease curriculum offerings to such subjects as tennis and archery. The addition of much more outside training area has also made it possible to make firm the offer of a year different from the others - ever done push-ups out- side at 30 degrees? And don't forget that the increased size of the area made it possible for all of us to be seated at assemblies - a first in a long time. "We're doing it my way," stated Mr. Kropp. "Someone must know what this means," thought Mr. Alley. "This is not a basebalI," explained Mr. Parker. J sz i. .. 5 " v "You did that!" laughed Miss Knuti. "Good try," thought Mrs. Gustafson. If in-Q, ' ii "What was that?" asked Miss Hilderbrandt. "Who's missing?" asked Mr. Nelson. 139 40 Biology And Chemistry Learned To Co-Exist' "lt's like this," explained Mr. Bradley. "We're twins," laughed Mr. Buerkle. "And these pollute," said Mr. Meyer. J --iz fri' , ., K, "The answer is here somewhere," Mr. Ohland maintained X xx 'Very interesting," commented Mr, Johnson. That's not how to do it," said Mr. Jeppson. I Mr. Boege was always efficient 42 With Minor Explosions "Careful," warned Mr. Shuckhart. The most apparent change in the Science Department this year was in Biology. Emphasis in advanced biology divided into three fields this year - microbiology, taught by Mr. Meyer, physiology, taught by lvlr. Boegeg and paleontology, taught by Mr. Brad- ley. Advanced Biology students spent twelve weeks studying each area. A new natural habitat study area, located in the swamps and woods between the school building and the Mississippi River, was developed by the biology teachers and their stu- dents to give both advanced and general biology classes an opportunity to observe flora and fauna as the naturally occur. Two new resource rooms - one growing plants and one housing animals - gave students a place for keeping mate- rials for botanical or Zoological projects. Student labs and in- dividual experimental rooms were used for disections and in- dependent research. NSN s-.Qss..:xu2- t . . "It's exactly about one gram," said Mr. Mrs. Flohs was pleased that no one was absent. 2'5" "'rr' jqfpwi 7 u . - 'L gpinamvwr --H 1i Eagan: .I Horton. Social Evolulion Follows Thoughlful Inquiry gwgmh L'-'Q Mr. Gamble mused about injustice. "What?" asked Mr, Hass. "Amazing people!" thought Mr, Bell. "Of course my beard is real," said Mr. Mork. 143 44 "I won't smile," thought Mr. Fausi who doubled as A-V Director "My fish was this long," bragged Mr. Preston. ASH We "Now what are they trying to do?" wondered Mr. Dorn i Q' 2 S r fi ,- "i saw that," Mr. Milburn chuckled. Always Making History "It's simpIe," Mr. Moening asserted. "I want exact answers," from Mr. Wanstrom's chalk. "Take five," instructed Mr. Wanamaker. Watch it kid," threatened Mr. Buss 46 "Sounds logical," agreed Mr. Eakin. " .i til i ., -Q ,,,. r f. rf .si . ii wil. -A -' , - f - - ff - ., 1 it 'Q 5 'ii' 5 it ,A pi E2 ., if if 'K 2: I .2 W t t ,r. W .. ., r X2 is if alas ',A, ti m ox l 5' if it W art t l - I r ,., w ' N.x.. . , , .tm K , K. K A 'Q Tb 38 az is 5 slsi srsr i . .,'. 1 , , .,, , i iil l -,'-, , ff ff .,-. qg:1m:,: L--' ' - r "I read it here somewhere," replied Mr. Blegen. "What can I do to improve them?" wondered Mr. Colvin 1 5 vs if Tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade social studies classes this year planned a progression ot learning through which the student builds his understanding of past and current history. By breaking dovvn class materials into specialized areas stu- dents vvere given the opportunity of in-depth studies on a subject that relates directly to society today. Educational films aided Mr. Smith's classes. Will I make it? Looking back at .the dusty trail have I come a mile, or just started? People looking at me as l pass I don't care, 'cause l'm gonna get there. I clear my throat with a slight cough clear my eyes to see the way, hold my shoulder up high trying to forget the danger that might exist. because I'm here and I wanna make it. s - Jerome Holland underclassmen 147 48 Jon Abeler Barb Adams Sally Adkins Thomas Adriaens Nancy Ajax Steve Allen Tom Alley Joe Altenweg Steve Alzen Michele Amble Mary Amies Brenda Anderson Julie Anderson Lynn Anderson Mark Anderson Flick Anderson Robb Anderson Sue Anderson Jody Ankeny Deb Arco Ron Ascher Gary Aschwege Bruce Atkins Marlys Aubart Linda Axvig Neil Backman Beverly Baker Cherie Baker Danny Baker Debbie Baker Debbie Baldridge Scott Ballard Mike Barker Steve Barker Misty Bartels Mike Barthoid Kevin Bass Dan Bauer Lauri Bauer Paul Bauer Sophomores were caught between Sophomore cheerleader and District itil school officials saluted flag at opening day ceremonies t adolescence and adulthood V -.rua 0 V , e'ee ft Qfmv' Y-'J ef ff e , , :,: ,K H I dai A woman's work was never done - particularly when the woman was a handy nurse. . X ,, f ' A D K A1 , 44 f lf? IT? Afiiii rx' A S ,. ' .. , ' Q4 K Fw" he rss 2 uf '- 'D ' s 4 l xg wsw .S Q l Ev V 2 , N r jk f A .. l l l Q l the 'K f f i t o r .W - N Vrfr gf- A' I I I 3 ' . 1, ?v., W A ,tv g X , . Ai , V x A V . it ' ' ff J f i , 1' at 3 W K X i l -if 1 M if ' X r S - i N y S rrasr it srne . 1 'N' ,- . ,, , ,. WV'L A VVX I K 1, A ii N In , 1 I E , K fn , i, M, .lm , Q.. I A v. ,I t QV K V.,V,. :V l l a f r t L i - - 4 r 4 6' my I W ,J fd' 'Ma my ' if - .4 -uf gau P .,. f ji uf I K , f " f ix , V ' f -as In .4 A, A new Kevin Baun Randy Bearl Pam Bebeau Paul Beck Steve Beck Brian Beckman Tom Behun Linda Beltrand Heidi Benjamin Mary Bennet Scott Bennett Joe Benton Steve Bentz Cathy Bergherr Debra Bergin Darlene Bernu Gloria Berry Dori Betcher Laurie Birrenkott Kathy Blascyk Debbie Blesi Barb Blewett Charles Blue Wayne Blue Debbie Bodem Sherry Boeshans Mike Boettcher Kathy Boggs Denise Bohn Daniel Boie Debra Boland Ann Bonnell Aletha Borrud Brent Bostrom Joan Bostrom Sandy Bouley Greg Boyum Jett Braastad Beth Bradley Jeffrey Braun 14 0 Charlene Briggs Loren Brouellette Terry Brown Doug Brueshaber Vikki Buhs Lindsay Bunn Brad Burgoon Sharon Burns Holly Burton Sandra Busch Dorothy Bylund Deborah Campbell Vicky Carling Janet Carlson Julie Carlson Richard Carlson Rita Carlson Rose Carlson Vicki Carlson Ginny Carrigan Linda Carter Steve Carty Greg Cassady Pam Causin Cheri Chalich Karen Chamberland Sandy Chamberland Kim Charest Colleen Cheney Steve Cherney Judy Chouinard Rick Chounard Jack Chowen Susan Chrissis Rande Christian Bill Christian Mike Chutich Bob Clough Wendi Coates Kevin Cole Patti Coleman Martha Conger Mary Connell Thomas Conway Martha Cook Patricia Corbin Linda Cornelius Laura Countryman Gloria Cowell Pam Cox Mike Croteau Deborah Cunningham Sandra Curtis Donna Dahl Pam Dahlberg David Dahlheimer Jeff Dahlheimer Scott Danielson Wendy Danielson Carolyn Dargis if 1 X X V "Everybody's talking at me . . . 4 i Z i A ' f ' , 1 kj X it .wr V . at A. 4 fq ' K Al . , -if . l m jf L lly, My ,lg 'fi 1, l ,.mf:,,,, , ,WL f fl 'ivy In - " L fl it tits.. A M L or ir ,Aix , la ,- ,, :Q Q' Q as ' war , A 5 'N ' , , ' 1. 'L ,. 3' V 'Y K W' , Cf " .. 'f ' f if ' "" J iJl J G M Z'll,:"t rs ll J ,, ,l,, .1 ooi ll'i I AK ,, pr 5 A 33: ,X me 5,5 ' 4, I 4 jg L., f,x i Mir in M 5 , Q ,. VWEV ggl 'A W r C .,,, 1 'C it lii J slil i f - i an H : ,t w ain ,524 J 3 'N cgi, f i Afj 'lfz . gi 1 L f is G ltr J r lt 1 1 if ,. it .i V f , it I M ,A V i yggl Fly., yykz ' A f , . H A Q I' Q gl ' .,.l.l., ,,, . , Q t 2 s A ,"" ' - E 1 il Q 5 Q . If ww -V . . " it lb 3 R- 3- it iilgr f k tf- fr f'ii thx 1 , otlf K ,, J i , -B .I k..L kxyy I ,rf D 47 do ,' F, 91- B ft ' 3753 3 , L V, if I don'+ hear a word 'rhey're saying . ff" ' ' M S ,, X X ff 3 ,V 5 rr. A 1 ,W K X , 15 , H . ff Y ,ft f It '. '- XY ' A A V 'fi A J lr , My V X ?q ,IN E 'WW -1 it if I+., - tak , , Lx I .iff 4' . s 1 ,I I fit f' alkyi N. ,.1 1 A 'fly l 4 1 f X.. fl We fr A A , ,qs 'nf 4 Ni X r f f J 2 .V X '-" 'V t 19 " 2 ' .5 1.4.1 f V. 1 -Wffizgii. ,, . A 1 I J 2 A7' W1 l L A INK! Wal .1 f, J if ei ly 'F " -1 3 .,,i..f. Q -f- Z j,iLZ'Wf'3:' - K , il c 5 ,C l ' ' rv' i L., Tf it ' 1 D W, 'f if' X r Vi f av A X .X x Ir in , , Lk. Cheri Dargis Maureen Dass Cheryl Davis Mark Davis Colette Deans JoAnn Dehn Mike Dehn Steve Dehn Roxanne DeMarais Brad DeMars James Denny Mary Jo Deschene Jean Deuel John Dickenson Sheryl Dierks Dan Dietrich Liz Dietz Gail Dittberner Jan Dobratz Suzanne Dockter Debbie Donald Claude Drury Rick Duclos Christine Duerr Gary Duerr Linda Dunkley Dave Durst Mark Durst Mike Dussl Diana Dvoracek Joan Dziuk Rita Ehlen Marcel Ehrmantraut Kathy Eidem Jody Ekmark Drew Emery Karen Engdahl Gary Enge Joe Enge Carl Englund Cathy Erickson Dain Erickson Scott Erickson Steve Erickson Sue Erickson Terri Erickson Deryn Etnier Doug Evans Jay Falck Lorie Falck Steve Farrier Carol Feohner Linda Fedje Sherri Femling Cheryl Fenna Joe Fern Mike Fick John Filiatrault Kathy Fisette Jean Fisher Roberta Fitzsimons Kathy Flansburg Kathy Flor Tim Flynn Bill Foner Shelley Forse Barb Fountain Myron Fox Keith Frandsen Marty Frantz Jeanine Fredrickson Sandy Fredrickson Jane Freeburg Tim Freih Doug Frey John Frid Mike Fritzke Brian Fugate Denise Fuller Robin Fults Flandy Funk Steve Funk Renee Gallagher Dave Gamm Sylvia -Gaslin Tim Gates Dan Geier Rick Gelle Bob Gentz Pam Gerard Scott Gilberston Geri Gillan Mike Gilles Mike Gilligan Pam Gillis Rick Girouard Mike Givens Kathy Gleason Laurie Goff Blake Goldenstein Vickie Gominsky Steve Gordon Dave Gow Ftenee Gramentz Floger Grant Jerry Green Therese Green Bradley Greninger Patrick Greer Robin Groess Ii?-.. ,....,. I git" ' l i .if i new 13 1' X , Q -..-ef . ,.,.. .Y Wi If ff,f,,, -3-ff' .ff ,M ,J N, " K W K fr' , lcax ty Xiiiff K ,i g '- - ., ' -0,3 .M t its 3 F 3 x 'lg' as ea X XX :fi V' .- 1 may l ,- if an 'ff . - .-.A ., N1 3,1 X qi I ,,, J 1tfl A - ii it Tntfetr stty. ' it t eel 1 ' . f t' 7 Q 4 A .T H . L W V , . mtg A ,eff ! Val S ttlt T .. ' ' 9 t - I gi f' S gig ,, ,fi dwg' - -, lg I Weary sophomores ende ys t f f V1 X .6 of senior high school. 4 in 'X M M1 FQ. 1 iiitnn S -"'- Q11 - - .-'N tg it T T in Ns: 1 X 1 W 4' iiggf' A at . sri 4' ' 'a CN 'V,: Dwbx tx 'f ,fff f ff. :f-, f . -'I .. E7 i long, confused first day ' J S7 11 jf . H - From "Midnight Cowboy" my mlnd. Lyrics by Fred Neil E if ' A 1 L ,'4:, 3-- V no g 'QM V: .,g,,,:V , 'iv' me J if . M A if .i-:Q tl o r ' QF Q jp' my t W3 f l A I If k . . . 'A' r 1 . ' Q E , ' :W K I 4 Y 5 ' i i " s ,iz I , , K x lv i Q I :E V Wi ': ' , xt Ig F3 2 5 ?f'.,7L J Q " yyee 2 5 J ttr' G err' P r W ' J.. 4 -, .9 5 ff? ' 2 it G3 R. A Q fx, , 1 I , 4 Lauren Groustra Saundra Gruebele Dan Gubbin William Gulick Dan Gunderson Denise Gunsten Susan Gunsten Ftande Gustafson Earl Hagberg Terri Hagemo Sandra Hagen Jeanette Hale Judith Hall Becky Halls Bruce Halls Beth Halsey Gary Hamilton Pat Hamm Jane Hammer Bev Hammon Bruce Hammon Christopher Hampton Joyce Handshoe Mark Hansen Mona Hansen Dah Hanson Kari Hanson Sandra Hanson Steve Hanson Karen Harmon Ftoxann Harrington Jon Hartfiel Marilyn Hartje Sandra Hartje Brenda Hathaway Joni Hawkins Heidi Hawkinson Kim Hayes Mike Hayes Marcella Haynes Jennifer Hays Sue Headline Mary Heesen Dale Heldelberger David Heltinstine Jerry Helmbrecht Susan Henderson Lynn Henrickson Gary Hentges Dolores Herrboldt Suann Hershey Keith Herzog Sheila Hickey Doug Hiidre Ken Hiigers Randy Hill Teri Hill Jim Hingtgen Cheryl Hinrichs Barb Hippe Mike Hirschi Paul Hitchcock John Hoffman Darcy Holierbach Sandra Holmes James Holmquist Stan Holmquist Don Holmstrom Richard Holt Debbie Hoover John Horbal Sharon Horn Terri Houie Gail Howell Jim Hoxter Tim Hoxter James Huber Mike Huebner Ondrea Huff Wendy Hughes Marti Huntley Joni Huser Rick Huseth Gerald lllg Donna lmholte Cathy lngman Ron Jackson Mike Jacobs Arlan Jamieson Lori Janikowski Mark Hansen Bob Jedlicka Barb Jensen Frank Jensen Sherry Jensen Amy Johannes Gary Johansen Bruce Johnson Cheryl Johnson Chris Johnson Darla Johnson Deborah Johnson Diane Johnson Jack Johnson Janis Johnson Karin Johnson Marta Johnson Pat Johnson Susan Johnson Eileen Jones ii- rrrli V iij 1' 4 A U 4 N , ,,,l, ,Sr gg kwa ,W ,sk,V r ll, , l 6- Af x .I -'ri in ,W . J all - .2 wwe 9 fins! 'Wa was ,fr Y 'g els e , .1 f ,sr rg K g f K Nr "Man was made +o change 5 x iff? 4? ,f vs g QL ,xv li l r J, ig-'ff we in zfiwf' il ' 'f-qw, .4 A ,eaf,,. rr" 5. f -. -5' , v 49-bg' , . 'i-'la' i I l nays l ff r' AW Sa -i1Q- 1 I l lx 'g ' e f " 8 is , as ,J 1, 1 ,, ' J 4 ,xv D ., M3 f lk fl 2 c , I C KKV: K iv A ffl-as K 5 ' . Q if! ,J V J ' J "+ve 57755: .Ji if z " f. gy s W f bd ,I ' Z Q I , l K x J' W V' ,VVV Tx ti VLLLL Z A If h -. 1.-,f f f L , J , z l f L 5 ' iifulyf li H MM, ,, i t ' in Af gif ' 'jig H ,V . , ,ng glllll V l , , ' C J-I J V fini ' Q' ' i " " A Wg s is? rl 7M' E Y V M . ft' eil ' I V r, it M It ,, X EVV V, g.,E ,V V,v...! u,.., , ,, fy, Q .4 I 1, , J 'Q ,Qi "k f' W Ad' 'W ji. Q A " T Q, ' ,W f i s it t "' - ivillit 2 . No single 'rhing cubicles." - Tuli Kupferberg " i' L ll I ,Z 4 r Q if 'FU' 4 I B ,w A 0 Y? A ,V zikglx -,,. Vx - K it L3 .l ,f 3 .. ' z i il xt, - ',-'V' V ' . ,, J if l ' t o Maw ' 1 ,dv "e f M. J, r if 3 , :Y 9' lf -S -L 'K .Q 1 1, ,,,tg,H I, " l L L tl - X Jim Joslyn Roy Kalkbrenner Laurel Kalla Rick Kalstad RoxAnn Karkhoff Calin Kaspszak Keith Katnis Peter Kelly Rita Kelly Sally Kemp Debra Kent Faith Kiehl Curt Kindseth Wendy King Craig Kinsley Kevin Kish Darlis Klammer Suzanne Klein Rose Klersy Susan Kline Judy Knapp Annette Knoll Pam Kohout Dan Konen Cheryl Koontz Mary Koopman Laura Koskie Dan Kovar Brian Kraabel Cindy Krogstad Roxanne Krueger Paula Krull Elizabeth Kufus Cindy Kulenkamp Dianne Kulick Mike Kummer Cynthia Kumpula Michelle LaMere Richard Landborg Brenda Landowski Randy Lane Lori LaPenotiere Brian Lappin Scott Larkin Russell Larsen Sue Larsen Judy Larson Karla Larson Linda Larson Mike Larson Cathyrn LaSalle Lynne Lastovich John Lauterbach Jeff Lawrence Joel Lecy Kim Leeb Jon Leervig Timothy Leger Paul Legrid Dawn Lehmann gyttg i I 'IIJ '-.' flz I5 6 Mr. OhIand's biology lectures to Sophomore classes were one of the truly exciting things about ASH. Debbie Lihmann Allen Lehn Eldon Lehn Vicky Lemke Gerald Lian Floyd Lieske Debbie Lindberg Kathy Linder Michelle Lindgren Dana Lindley Janene Lofgren Ken Lofgren Debbie Loger Steve Louismet Larry Lynch Ursula Lynde Karen Maag Janet Macheledt Teresa Madden David Maenke Matt Mager Darwin Magnuson Debbie Maki Chatlie Maland Roger Malchow Steve Malloy David Mangles Lori Marker Tim Marotte Tony Marquette ng, ff ., , 43, V rtrr 1' by AI .,'r' A, 7 5 , J.. it 'ff in X A., - 1 'Y do . ,, f"v1"1I' Q .5 ' 5 v ., 'V ii' A ""3""5 f fsrt t -3. f YY ,ig '-'L .,,, L T W T yytt . "We musl' 1 iw . , 23 L ws, 4- ,k v ' . -' it k as H 3 2 E if 5 , 1 .. 5,,.ff.f,v' .A I A it 1, sL1g?h 3536, 'Elf l ,,,,, i if t " IP! 4.4 ., 9 4 r 'il 1 3 "l fm fix E inf:-y, Si 'if .. A :Xt i' . ' 1 not A , ii' " ti t. ' ' 5 V i I L f '- li 2 ,mi 15" I Ya. -J '.ti' ' rp .1- , ,i 'Q w is X -Q X xg , L K- 4 ag .M ...wwf ' A ,- tg, In K 0' .wi ,.VV , -f' -it uf f J,---""'-" sw in f':,., 7 2 , ' 'Y' I I N- ri f y 5 'ii f i ,' .i . . fl - 7 ' an., 9 -, f , , . 5' ' - :fy ,sf ' , A. Hff' 'fwaif I J 'x ., - V, ..,, V: r-V. A I V tw T M G T N W i.. Qt K" . , VH, V A ,L at? F A 1 ' in :,"k K N Y I L v . ,K , 3 .., , .. is .cms ..,, , Q 5, A ns, v'YLE5sK V lf' i s Q.. - 10 We T . f Axl l L ' f A W , L. . H , J: f L 1h A , A-V :si , wig. 4, , L r i 5 Z7 t f if W 1 lf- AA A J 'ff "TT T f " i "'i L' A ' i W M ' 0 ll close our minds . . . ggf ' f i N fx gif . W 'sr 3 4 T ' 1 Mill ,fa ,A za , T V . -N tk-I W ,fs i as Q- fr' 1. vi, amz, tk ,, 4 IJ in 3 F ffffft xxx it Q iii . is? p,f"4,. ' -1 . W I K K .F dr 6 M: 1' ' 'Q xt ,, L l Deborah Martin Dawn Mathies Laurie Mathison Denise Mau Robert Maue Mike McArdle Mary McCarthy Lee McCloskey Ross McCrady Patricia McCuskey Mike McDonald Gerald McDougle Dennis McKay Gwen McLaughlin Linda McLaughlin Kevin McMullin Bob Mealhouse Linda Means ' Karen Merkel Tim Mevissen Steve Mickelson Pat Midlo Jett Miller Lynette Miller Mike Miller Pam Miller Susan Miller Terry Miller James Millner Marilyn Moe Beverly Moen Diane Mollner Deborah Moos Cathy Moreau Gary Morical Mark Morton Robert Mowan Gloria Muehlbauer Ruby Muetzel Patti Mulcare Marian Mullowney Gary Munsch Tim Murch James Murphy Pam Myrphy Kurt Myers Michelle Myers Luvern Nastrom Steve Naymaster Cheryl Neary Ross.NeiI Dave Nelson Jeanne Nelson Scott Nelson Linda Nesset Sandra Nettleton Cheryl Neuschwander Paul Newell Tim Newton Debbie Nolan 157 Keven Nolte Susan Noon Barb Norbie LeRoy Norby Deanna Nordin Scott Nordling Taryn Nordstrom Mike Nordvik Bruce Nyrop Kim Oberg Dan Ohman Richard O'Konek Vicky Olmstead Bob Olson Camille Olson Cheryl Olson Colleen Olson David Olson Deborah Olson James Olson Joan Olson Larry Olson Lyle Oman Mike Oman Rick Omdahl Rory Omdahl Libby Omer Debra Omit Phil Oredson Wallace Orsund Lori Ostby Linda Packer Peggy Pahlen Richard Pahlen Kathryn Parker Roxanne Parrow Sandra Pederson Peter Pentz Kathryn Perish Christine Perovich Theresa Perrin Deborah Petersen Ted Petersen Dale Peterson Darlene Peterson Gary Peterson Jack Peterson Laurel Peterson George Petty Debbie Pierce Vicki Pieri Mike Pinger Beth Pinney Cindy Pipenhagen Mary Pipenhagen Richard Plant Kim Podany Robyn Potfenberger Deborah Pomeroy Bill Porter , M. ., Q93 ag i '3 L 4 A P wa 1 af' , , t iv I, - '4 gi, ,ii J' ff 5 af? fe, - 1, WVVV V Q Q L L 1 if fl- Q , X ,a f Virv im, ti W it T if so 'I at get "We must let our thoughts '--ar '2 A , ff1,.jzgg,w .gi .Ay A Mi., fb 1 xi 71 IF' U i ii stli Q J h ff, S 'z f tri R - 1: 'iv fr 'i az- I E A .. ,,,, 33,3 ' i ' fp' "' ws' ' WN., ex -. l' x.f"i Swim i ..GA, ,' - ir. .A .,, 11-'V , , "' it run free." , 'I-nk X f'j,X. Q ? Iii at V we-ij if it - Ray Stevens nr T V sth. 1 , wi T Q I ,Q Q' A A wb ' K . ,-'Mfg , 'Q , fl A f x, 'lt 54 ,Y t xi ie , 5 .. 4 1 ,Q f 'Q iz Dan Posl Julie Potter Sharon Przecdziecki Duane Pyka Karla Qualey Blanca Oualey Phil Quiram Karen Ramsay Sandy Ramsay Connie Redmann Bruce Reichert Gwen Renslow Stephanie Renstrom Greg Reynolds Paul Reynolds Perry Rice Robyn Richardson Steve Roche Phyllis Rohl Theresa Rohling Jean Rollins John Rollins John Rootes Susan Roth Ronald Rudlong Jill Rudrud Darryl Russell Ted Sage Steve Sanasac Diane Sanborn Deborah Sand James Sand Dana Sandgren Lisa Sangren Ronald Saulter Carol Sauter Jack Sawyer Jill Sawyer Jeff Schafbuch Debra Schafbuch Mike Schafer Julie Schalo Michele Schanhaar Steve Schanhaar Julie Schear Cindy Schmalzer Mike Schmidt Diane Schmieder Mike Schmitt Doreen Schneider Steve Schnickels Tom Schroeder Patti Schuh Curt Schulte Patricia Schultz Susan Schultz Arthur Schumacher Steve Schwandt Pat Schwartz Roxie Schwartz 60 Sheila Schwartz Mike Schwersinske Debbie Schwieger George Scott Carol Seaberg Mike Seavey Susan Sell Vicky Selvig Peggy Senn Sharon Severson Steve Severson Brian Shank Mick Shaw Linda Sheppard Susan Sheppard Brian Shepson Wendy Shonts Denice Shorma Doreen Shreve Loretta Singer LeAnn Skaug Mark Skogman Becky Sloth Debbie Small Rick Small Donald Smith Daniel Smith Geoffrey Smith Joanne Smith Kirk Smith Steve Smith Robert Snyder Robert Snyder Deborah Sonnabend Christie Sonsteby John Sonterre Dave Sorenson Mark Sorenson Linda Sorteberg Julie Spear DeeAnn Spence Jayme Spence Mike Spencer James Spires Winnie Stack Susan Stahl Jeff Stefans Paul Steiner Donna'Steinke Sandy Steinlicht Mark Sterry Janelle Stone Gregory Stores Don Strand JoEllen Strand Dave Strande Vicky Stromgren Peter Stunek Patricia St. Yves Monty Sullivan Q l S .gg 4 , , . .ti 'blk Break the patterns! ShaHe am W-if we U mm it 553.1 Nf, lv fi K -P I .--. A .if ' .! an ! Q3 S if ' .' 5 5 1 V l + 'N 54 4 ' 1 i r. 0 S rm 5 In G 42.-f fi 7, L Pwr 3 my L-L it ,Lf "ii H lla-. M 9- 4 2 Z i Pago. ,A he images! Down icons!" - Tuli Kupferberg y . r ti I., W A 3' V. rx T M J f ,ff I. X I 3 A K' W- .Fir W4 A 11 clay I! -M-v we 'off '. -gf K VZKL V . W' is A asxwvmvv- lf', 2' .swam .- . I . Q5 x 5 fi t A V 'e gg ' ag: zv Z 'J' -' -. ' A ,'- . ' C ' ' G w . V ,asf I is A I I 1. 'fl It I 'I Q 5 if A . N t. , A . fr t X f m t . 1, Ay, .. B X , ,M 3 j 1 , K W! .N V in . ,J 3 1 , fl 2 A acyl t r Q! for-1 4- 5: . 3 .M XV, ,M viii? ' , .V , ' 5' ,rf n 55 1 + M -Q K' ' r 6,4 Q W Z' x, WA! fy . -f .J ,., Mis. - . , f ff r v n,k 'T-6 ri .A fi it ' E .r N 425 f f. T ff, ru ...,...,g I " ' Ht f xx mi fa s gg Wi. T if-ff 4'! f an T if , A ff' dr' l , x0 it , .v .lr '-' J Kc! fr J at V . ,Q h 1 V, 'J-A M J my 41 3 I 1' h 'gm A if . Q ,,,, , ,gg f Z W2 it if ' V' f .' ' ' 't :X 'lx fr r 'init f at 74' Dean Sundeen Randy Sutton Roger Svare Jim Swanson Lynn Swanson Sam Swartz Alan Swedeen Debra Swedeen Jett Swenson Cheryl Sylte John Talbot Deborah Tamblyn Mark Tangen Kathy Tanner Barb Taubert Don Teeselink Pat Tesch Kathy Thunstrom Bob Thurber Jill Thurston Tom Toohey Craig Torbenson Tom Torborg Deborah Torkelso-n Don Trester Don Tullar Carla Turnbom Karen Turner Boy Underdahl Kevin Vadnais Karen VanDeusen Shirley VanGrinsver Suzanne Varness Lisa Veiman Craig Vielguth Greg Vietz Tom Vigen Bob Villagomez Clayton Vnuk Wes Volkenant Dan Voss Betty Vyskocil Jeff Wadel Jill Wagner Tracy Wahl Steve Wahlstrom Ann Walchessen Mike Waldhoff Gale Walker Susan Wallace Cinda Waller Debbie Ward Don Ward Kevin Ward Tim Ward Vicky Ward LuAnn Warian Rhonda Washburn Floyd Watson Kathy Way 62 These songs are not meant 'ro be understood. Charlene Weeks Dave Welcome Greg Wells Mary Wells Wendy Wendt Curt Werner Don Wesenberg Rod West lda Wheeler Dawn White Brian Wicklund Henry Wiebusch Jon Williams Lynnette Wilson Suzanne Wilson Thomas Wingard John Wintermeyer Kevin Wolter Gerald Wood Jon Wood Sandra Wood Laurie Wyatt Barb Yelle Scott Young Mary Youso Jim Zeck Debbie Ziemer John Zimmerman Judy Zunker 'ff John Berryman M E I are s . . 1 mx-1 L W 9, r ig 4' W.-af ,Ei f r 117 . 2' - .Q ' 'H if wr, . " :gp pre' 2' .lim if il ij, i ,,:,,r55,5.,.1, . . . fm ji .. do 4 sf 554' ,,. 1 s , ,av 'Y E! X, ' , W ,f 5 is in i fi.. 1' A - , A ,r ' A Q., -,W .. A ,,., 555- - A E Q9 si X ' ,tft , f t J , ...Sis X ' 2 ge 1 l Q ttsty, Ng r ,A r..a.t Q .. it w fl. A I , 1 it s t ffl' i 1 15+ 1"' I 't2.,' ji i,yf- my ' y r a,iyhy . 1 tt : fu., fr- Juniors: Class of '31 , ,. ,Q mills J f MEI' i ,f -frlmuw 'ill' 1 ?s,f L.: , .,'v ' ,,,,., kv 5 J K M F 1, .,, , V ' . , V A , ,::,,: ,,i. x ' M 1 . 5 1' um A J 2 V- V 'Bw ' i ,". t 'if' An rf. X ,EVV Al f bi Q I A A dr A L, to 'A ' J ' ,J V W il 4 fi, iii' 1 ZVV ' . M . f J Q -ll V M3 if l , f i r. 'xmas ,. ,. ,N .. J H- J fi , 1 J ity ,, A5 r x axe ' N., A., X X K H A if , .W n C Q ' . - , V , , 1,1 :ug ,,V, l A Q . y ti , fe- 1Q -J 7 In fi 5 A is as i Jta A if gli Q li - f , ,gg - V f K i V W I I 4 " f ist' .,. i K' A e it as if A x I , Q ,, 1-,N ' ,avi K W V if we 1 1 A A 'V ia " ' A' C V it t iiii 'W I f i in ' , M I 4 I ,,. 5 .1 Ag fl ig 4, A ff fs. g 4- 1 Q. 4' ff. -A x 5 I973 Steve Aadland Jim Aasness Gary Abrahamson Pat Agee Debra Ahlman Sharon Albro Cindy Allanson John Amies Dave Andenberg Cordelia Anderson Craig Anderson Geryl Anderson Janet Anderson Karen Anderson Kathy Anderson Linda Anderson Teresa Anderson Tom Anderson Vicki Anderson Mary Anstett Gail Aschwege Anita Ashley Richard Atkinson Richard Auchter Sandi Baker Pat Barkuloo Annette Barten Diana Bartz Dan Batters Dan Bauer Theresa Bauer Sandra Beach Nora Becker Kari Beckman Mike Beckman John Bell Linda Benjamin Brian Bennett Yvonne Bennett Pam Bentz Jack Berg Tom Berger Marcia Bergerud Linda Bergstedt Kelly Bergsten Craig Bergstrom Vickie Berkman Cindy Bernu Lewis Barry Peggy Bickner David Bixby Maribeth Bladine Gerald Blaine Tom Blanski Betty Blesi Pam Blocker Paula Blumer Mike Boeke Dan Boerboon Jerri Boerner 64 Barb Boettcher Mary Boggs Susan Bolster Roxanne Bombarger Dan Born Dave Born Debbie Boros Joe Boshea Carol Bostrom Barb Bouley Diane Bowman Julie Braastad Sandra Braastad Kathy Bradish Don Brastad Dave Braun Mike Bray Cherie Brecht John Breiwick Debbie Brening Kathy Brennan Susan Brettscneider Gordy Breun Bob Bridges Glen Brown Robert Brown Mike Bruzer Jim Busch Bev Butler Cynthia Buyse Ted Buzzelli Janus Camarata Debra Cameron Jean Cameron John Cameron Nancy Cardinal Rick Carling Becky Carlson Jacki Carlson Jim Carlson Kelly Carlson Terry Carlson Mike Carrick Ron Carter Dan Chelberg Loren Chicoine Erline Chmarowski Arthur Clark Mary Clayton Mary Cloutier Mary Clbjornsen John Collette Kathy Collins Nancy Conger Gary Connett Kathy Conway Kimm Cottingham Pam Crandall Lee Cravens LaDona Cronk 5' If Q Azjaz., 1 ' - Q J x 4 J.. W' , I ' -60, Q5 in i, ':"' 5, ' f 92' ll il W it 4- ' it W I 1' 1 sig? 4 ' , 3. , ' t F t i' r it A 4 . ff ' ' my ' H :S 1 I . -tk, uf 'Q t m X ylil y if ,ix AA? 1, v f ., ,AV - v gf ' im . t H1 +1 , ww-z f view .xr-1 ff' o 'X E J 1 w 4 1 , S, JF . f . fn 'N , , . , .,,,,N,, Kb' Ev, 3 0 mf? 3, 2 V E fe - is V t I' , ,il as X t fx! if '47 4 S -1 .M -i 5 .4 41, 'VX 'ZYW ww., WJ, J rl U . ian' , X 1' x J. y A if in gn' my It Tk ?15 gwg ld men have their dreams s ,, .ut 'r-' '19 4 'Emi l 1, lm ei-'lg y Q tr X C V K ' x I VVIV A , n , -as P7 t J rf . "' V - it-J K' , ii' x 1 K + I. X X ' 4 't g e. C ' 'eff if rr f, faiths' 1 -Q Q .eng t t 'Ca ,X ,M , A22 X t it al w H it 0 QF b V i , mr. K ,,1:L " ig J ffirififgg . U K r af X 2 A ! its I - ' it -' ' I qi Mg, ,. ,,,. and young men 'rheir visions . . . n M J nn nn n. n 41 n bn n n i A , J ' , ,ff ig' ffm fa J Sal 5 7 9 I i L tr . X f X M7 'F F .ff it 'effslit' ' 0 r ,kr f . J ki Jack Cullen Connie Culver Kay Cunningham Colleen Dahlheimer Patty Dahlheimer Michelle Dalbec Laura Dalland Sheryl Daly Marlys Danielson Jim Davidson Lou Davis Coleen Dawson Janet DeAoevado Dave Dean Greg Deans Deborah DeGroot Anna Dehen Michelle DeJarlais Mike Dietzel Bruce Dresbach Vicki Dubisar Dale Ducommun Lucinda Duerr Peter Dunn Darwin Durant Chuck Durham Steve Ebert Bruce Edeburn Cynthia Edstadt Allan Egelkraut Kim Eickstadt Mike Ekmark Tamara Ekmark Linda Elin Vince Elleraas Ron Ellingson Jim Elliott Randy Elofson Brad Ennis Loren Erickson Lorna Erickson Lydell Erickson Nancy Erickson Linda Erlandson Donna Etnier William Falck Richard Farmer Leslyn Rarwick Michelle Fedje Richard Felegy Bill Fellows Mike Fichtel Dave Fields Loretta Fields Roxanne Finneman Beth Finney Tom Flavin Doug Flor Jane Foley Gary Forde I6 6 Jon Forslund but l've seen green BVUCQFOSS land turn to salt . . . Brad Fox Debbie Frank Cathy Free Victoria Freed Deborah Freih Colleen Frey Sharon Gagnon Bonnie Gallagher New biology labs sparked botanical interest in underclassmen. at Qi, ,, . kiviiim is ffm, .L ,,.iiwgi ii,.:-,fm , M ii. 9514. ., i X ., 41 4 tg Y i gsx' .W I5 . Gary Gamm Denise Gerlach Beth Germundsen Paul Gerster Laurie Gesko Mary Ghostley Craig Gilbertson Brian Gilbrajth Jillane Gillespie Mike Gillis Jack Gittins Kris Givens Brian Glenn Vicki Glesner Lynette Godfrey Fiandy Godfrey Marianne Goshy Kathy Graber Kerry Grant Lee Green Mike Greer W Mark Griffiths V Mark Grindy Wanda Grover L V i,,i ll Pat Grow Valerie Gubbin Dan Guimont Priscilla Gulick Byron Gunderson Patti Guy L , G f Q ige ' ' sf' Ez! Q , if HW 2' J ,,, , V, ,,, ' in X of A -uw MA. Q like .Q 31 i A fv,"", ' 4 X , '- ,P if ' t .nj Hd 0 K 'W W ' g-:xi-. t, g,: DL Y P' gr I Q, V ,. li' :iv av. ., A . 4 X 27' j A i"'Q- ' '. JF , - ' M f' .?fj.,,. ,V -ff -'w e 'QQ , 'YU 'A X , , X w rfhr, H A Ia , .7 .X Y. ' . 5 at Carol Guzy Judith Hadley Bob Hadley Paul Hagen Merrill Hahn Linda Hales Tom Hallich Marvin Hallin Jaenine Halls Gwen Hand 9? , , -51, ,X 1 fgfkiizfh A Mg , while men talked peace +erms" 1 Elizabelh Bar+Ie++ K '- 7,,.. .Mawr -an Y '1'5Wlq,,.w,Y ,H stevlli Marching band member lakes time out at LaCrosse competition to contemplate. i 'ii,t Joan Hansen ' Gary Hanson -V ' Robert Harlan - Q Debbie Harrington Peg Harris . Vickie Harris 5 lx f Q A R ' 'A X,,,,, X 7 . Holly Hartje 3 t Y' 'f ' f Jill Hauck by 'Y 1 Gwen Haugen it -, Viyii y ' 1',yV Scott Haynes y Q Susan Heckler Q G ' Jay Hegvik t lllyfll t ' 5, M, 5, ' I X , ,,. tri L it , 4 'Y ,qw 5 A ,ie if, if .rfiiiygf , my qw' , 1' i, Q, it Pat Helm ' Susan Heimer iii l' 'Q 4' ' Terry Held alt. , l A Q ' f Dave Hendrickson Kathy Hennessey l ' l Terri Henson Sandra Hershey Adele Hettwer Rick Hiltz A 1 Doug Hinseth i 'l " G ' Pat Hitchcock at l ll ,li g .3 I Beverly Hix ,i i ' l Laurie Hoffman ' Y Q V: XEX4 ' . ' l Larry Hoffman . c Vyzii ,l y if Chris Holasz nw kj A . i r . l-2' Kittie Holmquist if! fg , A ' '- f' Connie Holmstrom ' i'l'i r X Dave Honebrink ' .-- f- ml 4 ,, 0 J A, V' 2 may 3, l ' 13' A I QQ , 0' '-I," V ,, . 7 1.0.1, 5, I6 Pam Hoover Kim Horn Judy Hoskins Tom Hostetler Mike Houser Fred Hughes Becky Hughes Darwin Hulegaard Beth Huntley Al Ingham Bruce lngman Dave Jablonski Kathy Jendro Jerry Jenkins Sandra Jenkins Darlene Jensen Rita Jochum Robert Jochum Brian Johnson Diane Johnson Don Johnson Jett Johnson Kevin Johnson Loren Johnson Mark Johnson Richard Johnson Russ Johnson Steve Johnson Christie Johnston Jeff Johnston David Jones Laura Jongquist Jean Joslin Jane Jurek Allan Kangas Bryan Kassen John Katnis Kathy Kelly Betty Kemp Patti Kemp Nancy Kessler Greg Kettler Cindy Keyser Joni Kielblock Jim Killmer Ed Kindvall Cheryl King Sherree Kinney Marcie Kirchner Vicky Kisrow Judith Klein Randy Kleve Steve Klick Dave Klimek Dave Knapp Doug Knudson Gailen Knuth Lyn Knutson Tom Koehler Rick Koopman Y J , 4 LY ,,.,. . --X -,ZW . eillililbklffegfl a f l , -Q Q 41.5 gift V 1. A 'W'. "A curious reticence .-N., ' lrlx it 943, x - s , aff ,H c .T 'f 3 . l fl A K ' ,, 5 as f Z - ,fs 1 at is ll... 5 fl M 1 ai f, ,v-. l, f, ,. ,i ' 1 it , MM, f f .- 21 fi . ll t" lf,.d Wifi , - .r S- E j af f , ,L ,ki -. . "Y V v ' ' V E5 5 , ' , B "tj J J V- 5151 L ' ,V I v 'sg-Q ,z f' , .ggi 0 3 g , , ' , ts, 1 4 ' 2 ,I .X .K 1 , . ,, " '52 J Q lv m l g gg, 6 8 ii Al, J s A ' I I 6 .Pt fe ? 1' l HN" ". 7 is mil QL I J 1' -A X r I saw Me" 49? ,x ur L., ,J J sr? if 1 'LZ . mf . A if y gi . ei! Q gi im fs, C3232 'tk , gi g, 4-my ua, u It f, ,,,i . K .Q 5 I lg 1' -f at :ritz .. J affec:+s my genera+i V J .X y , ' " iiv . nl , . gr ,f,- W h . f 'Q . A - W it La 4 bi P I, on O I .7 I V 5' 5' 0 X A ' Q A 4 wi ig g A 1 I 6? M ,Q f fi 5 it 'ff ,v lw ' ' lit , Qirwafi - ' f, ' L, X, M ,.1s,r,lL ' ' y g , It 'A Pe L t L Elf h A QM Y X J ' - L K 4 'R , J, f 4 , ' ff A" 71' K mg " ,. 4 , L . ' ,WR , 5 ,A wt 1 N , Aa:L' ' V A 'fl V Ze. ,ii 5 s M b . I . ' 'Za ' .A in Af 'I W - P , 9 ug, .9 4 ' it ' 'QA' lei. xl, Y f. ,A , rn I L, 2 I I QB I ,. A 4.43, 129 : 5:55'f'31'1E7f'7'1?57??ittf525A may ' .mmf K x ,,Lz,,?k 3 .eq A i, , 4. K ' if fy t L . ' 5 if " X E Q 'M it , H is . , A '- fx ,, . 2 fu-iv. ,v as .MS v H! aa' t X ns,,, jaw- it .2 lit' it f I J ia f" I A .f -'R ,W K . maze: Kathy Kopecky Susan Kraabel Sheila Kraemer Phil Kramer Richard Kravik John Krenn Randy Krug Kevin Kruger Suzanne Kueibs Scott Kuss David Landecker Niki Lanz Joel Larkin Bob Larsen Barb Larson Dale Larson Dan Larson Dave Larson Don Larson Kathy Larson Kitri Larson Mark Larson Nadine Larson Patti Larson Mike Lawson Sue Ledford Pat Lee Michelle Lehn Lorelei Lene Kathy Leonard Walter Leu LuAnn Levasseur Phil Levenhagen Candy Lewerenz Mary Lilley Steve Lilley Donna Lind Mary Lind Wayne Linde Debra Lindgren Randy Lindgren Charles Lines Dave Littlefield Pat Livgard Gayle Lockwood Laura Lofgren Lonny Lofgren Rick Lotgren Bill Lofgren Jodi Long Carl Lorentzen LaDon Lundberg Bill 'Lundberg Cynthia Lundgren Nancy Lundgren Paul Lutgen Cheryl Lynch Karen Macheledt Bonnie Malamen Sam Mapson 70 l ,, Becky Marker Debbie Marker Lana Marks Sandra Marotte Rhonda Martin Terry Martineau Kevin Mattys Lorrie Mau Richard Mayer Maureen McAlister Tim McArdIe Ken McCarty Candace McCown Megan McCoy Marvin McDonald Robin McGill Sharon McKay Dale McKusick Robert Mcl.ean Arlys Mead Janice Mead Kim Mead Linda Means Cindy Meir Dick Merritt Joan Mevissen Kelly Meyer Ken Michel Doug Miedtke Criag Miller Deborah Miller Wayne Mills Paul Mindrum Mary Mitchell Doug Moore Carl Morgan Debra Morgan Jaye Morgan Pat Morgan Patty Mork i 1,4975 f fe? Z W n ,H w 2 ' X- . lr Ji 5, ,I , . 11? , , 1 M v J lv '-.,.-ff H 5 M? if fp ' f ' vii-", M f ,..,, . is V. QM. .. ,Mg , 5 1 'J :fm 'Kg Q 1' A, Mi, M yrttyy I L W i I ,. ri . h. if Mr. 'M a s - ,A K of ASH juniors. M M New three-hour long Man-and-His-Environment classes devel- H Faced wilh 'rhe holocaus+ 'fre If f' it at fi ,ail I . V' M A ' I f N K M . ga X' -4-- I X., fir 5- . Q i- ,fi ' 8, '-,. v M, f 2 5 fl ' s,tf Fl i,ii... X i l My tflt it 3,7 N 1: t,, ,M In W f .N 'f V '- - 1 A 1. , o -1 Q, ' , ,fy - , i t U s f . Kg, . ' '. M vsii M 'i'f M lii vts it A . ff i F ig, W " ,,M," 12 2, Y f i J- 42 t ' . V' Q 3 XML, 'rg liyg, Q im, ,,,, K 1 ME SV , , t,ti, M it M. LM M M t X1 asa- r'H roy. MN aaa' ti- yi if,. L8 X id' I , f K . M ,,Wii,,.i ,Vi,g !t x g ,MMZM-M if X l fx K J , Q- w wf: M fy, W xl ' ,M ' A. 1 DW V L :M- B ' "w ' . Z A, - :V M if 4' Ll ,, K ' M 2' 7 Z' 1' 'L i i i v . M i M :i'fQ. ' lf M y XI: - lu M 1 ' l , 4 , oped constructive, imaginative, and timely thinking in the minds we seldom speak v ,1 ., ,l , ,.. ., A ' 5 I get A 1, .ASV .'A rf?V, M J i'ii' ! y 4' 3 Q I 1 4 , ,, J W4 eiliii S Q 41-- ,. ,L 'Z' 16" -5 521' -p ,f f sy. it A3 .gw,,it , 'f f 1. V aww M ' ,, , M 6 s- , W ,VJ x ,-Q., Ktfarfjggt tx 'yr l I' J V' J.. .JM , , x ' ,V 'His E JW- Mr, if , ,ii ?Q5QQ ,grae I K W . , fl mbzli 1 f 2? ,1 1 M , ieef 'K fs:- x gx Q teak ,Q Q 'i - "ff J X W Ai1hl4.,,f - ,ZW ,, ,, ,, it l "' -'S' 3: in I 2 X 1 flu' W .. t fi J fm ,xl W qlqtlfgg fl wx? iieiiie,ieei 58 iii 7 1? J 'fm A ' X9-A W I X QM t i ii L r 5 i f kfi' I, ,i.e, - f n "'. VJ X211 "', F J , I K , V? M in C ya J l ir Rollin Morrisette Ed Mortensen Ernest Mortensen Jane Mortenson Carolyn Mowan Rod Muehlbauer Dennis Mueller Roy Murray Cheryl Myers Ron Mios Barb Nastrom Elizabeth Nauman Janet Neis Debbie Nelson Nancy Nelson Suzanne Nelson Alice Ness Audrey Nettleton Joyce Neumann Gene Newell Debra Nichols Doug Nickel Ronda Nitschke Valerie Nohr Bruce Nolan Jim Norman Greg Norton Kevin Norton Dave Nunnelee Debra Nutter Dave Nyquist Richard Oberg Jolene Olberg Dan Olson David Olson Debra Olson Dick Olson Jeff Olson Jeff Olson Kathy Olson Terry Olson Vanessa Olson Wallace Olson Nett Olstad Sharon Oman William O'Neil Sherry Opheim Linda Oppegard Don Osborne John Otten Nancy Overdick Margie Paddock Mary Paradise Laura Parker Evelyn Paschke Robert Patchen Kim Patterson Barb Paulson Julie Paulson Keith Paulson Lynette Pavin Tim Pawlik Tom Pawlik Randy Pearson Gary Pederson Deborah Pellow Cynthia Perovich Connie Perrin Julie Perrin Cara Peters Cathy Peters Dave Petersen Nels Petersen Dan Peterson Debbie Peterson Kerry Peterson Steve Peterson Lynn Pettersen Jill Ptotenhauer Sandra Phillips Lea Phipps Jim Post Peggy Powers Danielle Pratt Bob Price Tim Price Kevin Putnam Rick Rahn Paul Rainbow JoAnn Ranke Paul Raphael Dave Ranum Jayne Rasmussen John Redmann Todd Reed Deborah Reedstrom Janice Reichert Mike Reimler Peggy Reinhart Diane Reynolds Never speaking of the event itself, but 1-.9 ' x 3' 2 ,Q A T x ' if gg :E I, ir Q 4 Q. 'K il ,J '17, -- J' f ztwizzf ' ss' -W. "T" " 'f y ltttt t ty,l sw,g '51 vt. wi' -xt! ' 1, K C 1 vi 1 K 'X l , . 3- rv XX "5 52'- t ff.. as 44' '- ,5 K I' ,fr , 4 xy . , v,.- , W rx , a t at lx Ea Lf" , 'ir 1 aa ff 3452! Hs, t X ff' 3 its 'K wif X , ii Vkkyh ' V ,V r A V Q Ji '2i.J,1w4 fi ,-.- 4 1, jiri' - l l K 9 a. . Q r '51, . L ., , ,T K .T T T Ft? '-,l l, 1 ' T , ,. , l -init li i f f ,Ffa T '.'l'iQ,,?YL.u .fry ' .1 ll is " ," an f 1 or Xlx L. ir 'KL' 515' f' Wav .ty W4 .ff f f ---- ' , '- I vvk L ,Q X ., t LJ-hay? . K QQ L W6 4 , i t ni, hge. Lf: N .Amt . ..,,, '55 lk' " 'lt l. """ A ,ill I only of what will be lost." - Hayden Carroth C llilll F f L ' "l'I: lff' 'I Am at S.. '1 lk ,gigs -D f . ,.V5l A . :KWK ' l.,. . ,... A V ., V F791 4. - A . llllll C , t :,' lt hi s 4 ll l y i t K ' g g l .rv AV ' , x ..- , 1' ,1 e I ., I.. ,. ., ., af , 5' f' 1 llc 90 is est - H 1' ,Q .nr t it l S it ti, ' ll A , K 'f A Qin 5' tri ' x fi Cheryl Richardson Eddie Ridge Shelly Riley Marilyn Rindahl Mary Rinehart Helen Roemhild Mark Rosenwinkel Kathy Roth Linda Rother Jeff Rounsville Randy Ruter Laurie Rux Kim Sandoz Dave Sangrene Greg Sauter Bill Schafbuch Pat Schafer Susan Schaftan Jeff Schanhaar Lisa Schanhaar Greg Schantzen Carol Schendel Brad Schleper Jim Schmelzer Debbie Schneider Gary Scholl Pat Schonhardt Tim Schroeder Bev Schuler Pat Schultz Rose Schultz Jeff Schurrer Doug Schwandt Carol Scott Edith Scully Craig Seifert Reed Sellheim Mary Seman Janet Sha Marjorie Shepherd Diane Sherburne Teresa Shreve Ken Simonson Karen Sjobeck Beatrice Sjolund Judy Skajewski Artley Skenandore Marcia Skoglund Diane Skold Gary Sloth David Smith Gary Smith Holly Smith Judy Smith Kim Smith Bill Smith Tim Snell Cheryl Soderquist Pam Soine Scott Sonnenberg I7 74 Glenn Sonsteby Al Sorenson Scott Sorteberg Irene Spain Debbie Spence Terri Spence Deborah Springstead Kathy Stack Mary Stack Heidi Stavig Sally Steele Rob Sleffenson Ruth Steffenson Peter Stetfes Lisa Steinke Kathy Steinlicht Bob Stewart Larry St. Hilaire Mary Stimpson Denise Stoddard Linda Stoen John Stokke Charles Stone Janyce Stone Julie Stone Tom Stover Bill Strand Karen Strege Roseland Strohmayer Craig Stromgren Debbie Sundberg Gary Sundberg John Sundberg Larry Svare Pam Swanson Greg Talbot Bill Tamblyn Kusum Tandon Deborah Tangen Mary Tanner Tammy Tarbert Denyce Tasler Curt Taylor Ellen Tennison Rebecca Tesch Richard Theisen Greg Thompson Mike Thompson Rolland Thompson Vicki Thorson Barb Thurber Rick Thurber Roy Tikkanen Cheryl Till Vikki Titterud Mike Tranby Doris Trettin Jeff Trippe Lorna Trosen William Turok L X I :g l . t a, 5 " Q r QA ,., . L ' T i lsii X N, J t il' 55 . , A 5 ki 5 i vp my .'-Are? lg ,. ' 5 i 1 ' W, K -fag? 5' , is is I . ' iss cific T . ,R .. M . N f A 5 X9 J 2 ., V 1.,,.,,sg l I SX tflsrg, G ' - T., f ,.. V . J i- , , ' e ' I ' f ' "Y 'T' K i ' Q .xl A ' ,tim tggg to .. or .L E I Rs t w if f at 2 ly v H- I "And I have promises 'ro keep, W 2 ,, X Q: A" HJ. , 5 tn S , t..,, taxi . R fl ll E' sfis sara f X ! Q ,Q 1 G X 3-3t 7? NT R R 5. .."' -' M K .i ,. 3 4 1 t J Q N- .Q C ' i. z, w?'4r1f: Y wwf-dxf f' 1 K +L L i at xii' t . A .iff si TV XM, 1' "-f in . , M ,gs as ,ff Ki i ,N my ,, WE Q . ' as t . f Q. in iii if lla Z - W 'ww :, ' -vi gi ,Q Q -3- ,p' , MX 1? Vi if -f 1 Q 1? F' l .f u . ., , ,. fi 2, , ,I i and miles 'ro go " In I D f y, , Robert Frosl' it ,, . . i , ff-af ,, ,N -Z ft f 44:4 1' L , M if . if' . is til- 1 Al l ,i I ,va 0, ., ' ., fif W ink 4'-V,"m . X ' E177 V? 0 ,- by ,V L l ,L Q! 1, K , .' ,-Q,-', , -1.7 3 K. 416 fs' , ttf 'ir-R ,dx 1E'75L'fV:'zK?S' '. 1'4Q1"f V Linda VanBockel Don Veidel Greg Veum Tom Vevea Dennis Vicha Vicky Vickstrom Jeff Voeltz Lee Voges Kevin Wagner Dan Wahistrom Cheryl Walburn Sharon Walker Terry Wall Sheri Wallen Sue Wanous Mike Ward Sharon Ward Fred Warhol John Washburn Janalyn Weeks Lynette Weichelt Dave Weidner Debra Weismann Wendy Wells Janice Welshinger Pat Wendell Rick Wesp Bruce West Allen Westman Sheree Wheeler Mike Wickett Ron Wicklund Debbie Wiesner Sheila Wilber Cynthia Wilberg Jeff Wilkins Joe Williams Mary Wingert Sandy Wilson Guy Winters Jill Wise Susan Wise Denise.Witt Debra Wolt Gary Yates Mike Youso Pam Zak Gina Ziebarth Dan Zimmerman Dave Zimmerman John Zimmerman Debbie Zitzlott Gloria Zopti Diane Zunker 'I7 "Don'+ H' always seem 'ro go Tha'r you don'+ know wha'r you've go+ "fill i+'s gone. Joni Mi'rchell 7ll Myron Aadland Tim Aadland James Abeler Sherry Adams Caron Adriaens W Nanette Albro Steve Aleshire Steve Alley Larry Amundson Neils Andersen Cory Anderson Glenn Anderson Greg Anderson Michael Anderson Richard Anderson Florlald Anderson Steve Anderson Vicky Anderson Wanda Ankeny Kim Arey Gary Arnold Gary Asfaly Philip Askren Vicky Aslagson Daniel Atkinson Julianne Backhaus Jeff Backowski Edward Bancroft George Bancroft I Stephen Banke Jackie Barcal Bruce Barnes Robbie Bartels Richard Barthel Jane Barthold Morris Bass Wayne Bass Kevin Batko Doug Batters Allen Bebeau 177 178 liftandall Bebeau Renee Beck Mary Beckenbach DeAnn Becker Dennis Behr Jon Bendix Bruce Bennett LuAnn Benson Linda Benton Allen Bergeman Richard Bergman Leroy Berry Darlene Beumer Bonney Bielen Margaret Bird Mary Blair Melissa Blaskey Stephen Blewett Karen Blood Jeffery Blue Warren Boerner William Boettcher Debbie Bohanon Kathy Bohnen Stuart Bolduc Thomas Bonnell Marilyn Boros Deborrah Bouten Patricia Bradish Robert Bragelman Sid Brashears Arvin Breiwick Robert Bulen Kris Bune Kelly Burgess Steve Burley Ronald Butts Antionette Buzzelli Sandra Camarate Joan Cameron "As my fa+hers plan+ed for me, so I do plant' for my children." - Taani+, 23. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Rochelle Foushee, Secretaryg Marypaul Johnson, Co-treasurerg Mike Kovar, Vice- Presidentg Randy Rand, Co-treasurer, Gary Danielson, President. 179 0 "This time, like all other times, is i a very good one - if we know Wl'l6'l' 'ro do Wi'l'l'l i'l'." Edison Cheryl Camp Kevin Carithers Christine Carlson Mr. Colvin always managed to stress South Da- kota's influence on 20th century events in his Robyn Carlson Robert Carter Michelle Carty lecture . S Terry Castle Charles Castner Debra Causin Michael Chaffee Terry Chamberlain l l Paul8iChlC0if1G Joe Chounard Guy Christensen Peggy Christian Diane Claypool Warren Collen Donna Conger Mary Conger William Connett Barbara Coop' Cindy Couture Michael Cramblitt Candie Crandall Gary Crowe Debbie Dahl Don Dahl Ronald Dahl Karen Dahlberg Charles Dahlheimer Chuck Dahlheimer Judi Dahlheimer Philip Dahlheimer Brad Danielson Gary Danielson Shelley Danielson David Dargis Wayne Davis Sara Dean Douglas Deans Mike DeCamp Cory Dehn Joe Dehn Mary Dehn Robert Dehn Tim DeJong Jeffrey DeMarais John Denis Cynthia Dietz Annette Domino Tom Donnette David Dosedei Paul Douglas Becki Draeger Steven Dreon Deborah Dryden Peggy Dryden Colleen Dubisar Debra Durham Debra Duschane Joan Dusosky Claudia Dussi Ronda Dvoracek Curtis Eastiing Connie Ecklund Ernest Eden "lf a man does noi keep pace wi+h his companions, perhaps H' is because he hears a Jerry Egge Sheela Ehrmantraut k f Larry Edwards Lynda Egelkraut d n+ d m m e r . Q . A j Q wg risp bL b W i Q f 5 Yearbook editors, hard at work. Cheryl Eidem Steven Eidem Julie Ellingson Mary Ellefson David Enge Glen Emery Debra Erickson Dennis Erickson Kathleen Erickson Linda Erickson Michael Erickson John Erlandson na 4 D Susan Ernst Linda Eskildsen Jonathan Essig Scott Ewald Catherine Farrier Paulette Farwick Debra FeiSt Pam Fernandes Deborah Fiebelkorn Rose Fields Kathy Finnemore Cindy Fischer David Fleissher John Flor Debra Foote Patricia Forss Keith Fossen Walter Fournier Rochelle Foushee Viki Frank TGVVY FVGYUOHZ Kevin Ganaghef Mary Gaslin Eldon Gath Katherine Geier . Lei' him slep +o 'rhe music which he hears, however far away." - H. D. Thoreau Debra Gentz Sue Geslin Susan Giddings 40' Steve Gilbert Teresa Gillan Kathryn Girouard M? Senior Jenny Wood watched marching band Janet Glasrnann, Bradley Goldenstein Margie Gominsky COWDGWOU HT LGCVOSSG- Sheryl Grams Theresa Graves Randall Greenly Joel Gregory Dana Grosslein Ronald Gustafson Debra Gustolson Susan Hackbarth Ellen Hadley Rebecca Hadley 186 Bradley Hagemo Dennis Hall Jean Halverson Don Hand Tom Hanish Tim Hanley Dale Hanson Jeff Hanson Debra Hardy Lois Harmon Renee HfiHT1OrF1iCK Scott Hi-lmdefl Dennis Harrington Jim Harris Gay Hartfiel Nora Hassler Debbie Hathaway Douglas Haugen John Hawkins Robert Haywood Wayne Heath Brian Heck Susan Heck Tom Hedberg Jon Di-leigvik "I+ is in each of us 'rhal lhe peace of 'rhe world is cas'r . . . from our hearls I+ mus'r spread ou+ 'ro l'he limils of 'Hwe universe." -- Cardinal Sevens Kim Hedquist Marlys Heidelberger Ann Heim Larry Heim Joan Heitzman ise Helfinstine Larry Helmbrecht Steve Henderson Rose Hennessey James Hennesy David Herrala Rick Hesli Jack Hettwer Paula Hewitt Pamela Hill Dean Hills Lois Hills Richard Hills Dennis Hiltz Carol Hoffman , ,.,,Q , ,, r f at + f tfffzgii " vm "l am awairing perpe+uaIly and K forever a renaissance of WOI'ld9l'.H - Lawrence FerlingheH'i Jay Hoffman Loreen Holland Paul Holland Mr. Dussl, Governor Wendell Anderson and Wayne Holm Dawn Holmstrom William Honebrink mm Qff'C'a'S addfessed the Student DOGS' l opening day. Kenneth Hopper Judy Horn Mark Hoskins Pat Houck Linda Hovind Wendy Hruden Carole Hubbard Robert Humphreys Peggy Huston Sheldon Hyatt ,, K Debra lmholte Dennis Irvin Liz lsler Patricia lund Darrell Jamieson Joanne Janikowski Diane Jedlicka Joann Jenkins Kenneth Jensen Kyle Jenson N 'VM' S I Lorelei Johansen Cathy Johnson Janet Johnson Lynn Johnson Marypaul Johnson Jennifer Johnson Richard Johnson Wayne Johnson Barbara Johnston Donald Jongquist Patricia Joslin Y D John Kangas Greg Kapaun Lee Kappadahl James Kappelhoff 90 "Go forward, straight ahead Mary Karpe Christina Kemp Ron Kent Y. Sandy Kent Judy Killmer Kathryn King i ii ir f NNN -9' Senior girls prepared the throne for Homecom- ing Oueen Karen Dahlberg. Carmen Kinsley Diane Kisler Judy Klammer Barb Klein Nancy Klersy Brad Klick Leann Kliever James Klosterman GGY Knudson Denr1iS Knuth Mike Kohoui Denise Konen Kathy Koopman Brad Koskie Mike Kovar Debra Krull Bryan Kufus Gayla Kulenkamp Marie Kummer Cozette Kuno Elizabeth Lacey Don Landecker Debbie Landowski Julie Larkin Connie Larson Keith Larson Mark Larson Tom Larson Thomas Larson Mark Lastovich Christine Lauritsen Mike Leadens William Lester Debbie Lester Peggy Luke Debra Lundberg Suzanne Lynch Christina Leeb 92 Randy Leger David Legrid Douglas Leu Linda Lick Lisbeth Lilligren Mark Lindberg Michael Lindgren Lori Lindsay Gregg Lockwood Timothy Loehlein Robert Longfield James Loren Toni Maid Lou Ann Maki Margaret Mangan Thomas Mangels Debra Marotte Barb Martin Sandra Martin Thomas Martini Laffy McCaIIa Rosanna McCann Thomas McArdIe Steve McCarty David McCormack There are no limits on your 'f,"'r" xv--W I e O 0 I l'f Lynanne McGrady Jane McEwen Xrt students were forced to tolerate a few inadequacies during the first veeks of school - the absence of chairs, for instance. Dan Mcparland Michael McLaughlin Judy Medin Steve Merrick William Merritt Peggy Messner William Meuwissen Debbie Meyer Jim Meyer Sherry Meyer Steve Mickelson Mike Midlo Cheryl Miller Deborah Miller Thomas Miller Thomas Miller Dennis Minor I9 4 . . . but +hose barricades you'll build yourself." -- rod mckuen Scott Mitchell Debra Mix Greg MOIIHGF Dennis Moore Headwaiter Pierre CMike Kovarj poured Dolly Levi CSue Geslinj another glass , of champagne in the tall production of the musical "Hello Dolly!" Thomas Moreau Greg Morey' Bradely Morrow David Mortensen Greg Morton Mike Mudd Roger Muecke Judy Mueller Tim Mullowney Terrance Neary Robert Negless Kenneth Neis Brenda Nelson Ceclia Nelson Graig Nelson Vicki Nelson Pamela Nesset Jonathan Newcomb Marlys Nicholson Pamela Nohr Renee Nohr Kenneth Nolte QGNNQ. William Noon Lyle Norberg Thomas Norbie David Nordin Jeffrey Nordling Anita Nordvik Robert Nunnelee Patricia O'Keefe Janet O'Konek Sandra Olmstead Beverly Olson Davi Ann Olson Dan Olson David Olson Kathleen Olson 96 Mary Olson Nancy Olson Laurie Olstad Robert Oman Ross Omdahl Linda Omit Rodney Oppegard Richard Orvis Lynne Oslin LOr1r1ie Ostrom Alane Ostrowski Charles Packer Robert Paddock Deborah Palmer Barbara Paschke Tom Patchen Merlene Pauley Deborah Paulson Daniel Pederson Becky Perovich Betty Peterson Bonita Peterson Bonnie Peterson Kevin Peterson Randy Peterson' David Petter Greg Petterson Susan Pfannenstein Tom Pfleider Daniel Pinewski Flon Ploog George Post Norman Pratt Tom Prody Dwight Pullman Darlene Putman LouAnn Pyka Julie Quinlan Ted Raines Gail Ramsay Randall Rand Tom Ftandall Vicki Randle Debra Fledepenning Mary Fledmann I97 98 Barbara Redmann Steven Reedstrom Joyce Reichert "No sooner did i learn, man's casile ' I isn 1' home - Chris Renko Carol Reynolds Theresa Richards Senior Larry Helm took a moment between CIEISSGS to COl'iTerT1Dl3tS. Charles Remy Sandra Riggs William Riley Janet Robb Stacey Rook Carol Roemhild Doug Rogers Geno Ronallo Dan Ronnebaum Jim Rudlong Jackie Rudrud Diane Ruhl Diana Rust ar-' Q? A- -F Gary Ftydh Lee Sage Jeffrey Sampson Janis Sanasac Mary Sanborn S., we--' Dianne Saulter Steve Sawyer Jacalyn Schake Larry Schalo Phyllis Schendel '13 Steve Schendel Mark Schinkel Kathy Schmitt Gregor Schnetzler Dawn Schnickels Diane Schroeder Ken Schroeder Laurie Schuh Paul Schuler Charles Schultz Kathy Schultz Michael Schultze James Scott Phillip Seebach Sandra Severson 200 The nes'r is good for noihing when ihe bird has flown." - Jeihro Tull Q A N MSW' Michael Shank Keith Shannon Rick Sharbonno Tonja Shish Tesfaye Shiferaw Carol Shobe Some seniors said Mr. Gamble never sat down the ennfe Year' Suzan Shorma Randy Sidener Debora Sigfrid Colleen Simpkins Charles Skajewski Debra Skjefte William Smith Curtis Snell Gregory Snyder Maryanna Soine LeAnn Sorteberg Mary Spain Tom Spencer Patricia Spohn Connie Sprouls Brigid Stack Sunday Stefanski Terry Steindel ,Ns-1 -Nl--Y fav' Jeanne Stende David Sterry Robin Stewart Marge Stodola Greory Stolp Debra Stone Deborah Strand Jeff Strand Gene Strande Mary Stroklund Daniel Stromgren David Sundeen Marlette Sutherland Pam Sweeney Sandy Sweney Sharon Sweney Mike Talbot Timothy Talbot Nancy Tambiyn Brian Tanner 202 Pam Teeselink Russell Terrell Deborah Thedorff Diane Theisen Dan Theusch Marla Thoe Joseph Thorner Bruce Thrall Sandra Titterud John Tonding Donna Torgrimson John Torseth Dorene Treichel Karen Trettin Cindy Trombley Gregory Tronson Julie Undem Carol Underwood Darwin Upton Jane Veiman Michael Vevea Dick Vielguth Sandra Vigen Betty Mansfield Don Vry X".T.?' Ellen Vyskocil Jack Wagner Jean Wagner Linda Waldoch David Wallace Michael Wallace Barbara Walters Susan Wanamaker Dale Wanous Karen Ward Patrick Ward Glenn Warlol Marianne Washburn Paula Way William Way Mary Weidner Douglas Weikert Ted Welse Ruth Wells Linda White Wesley White James Whitehead Maureen Wick Sherri Wiese Mike Wilber 203 204 Molly Wilberg John Wingard Janet Wolf Jennifer Wood Clara Woodstrom Robert Wright Kathleen Wyatt Randall Young Gary Yourzak Curtis Ziebarth Gall Ziegler Gary Ziegler Camera Shy: Mark Anderson Melanie Berger Kem Bernhagen Jack Borgan Julie Brantner Georgia Cameron Wayne Chapman Bev Chavis Paul Cravens William Curtis Merry Dehen Craig Dunn Charles Fields Eugene Field Sandra Gordon Jerry Hagberg Debra Harrison Barbara Holen Jan Houge Steven Huebner Jeffrey Hymanson Kathi Ives William Johnson Forrest Karls John Kulseth Ronald Larson Allen Lundstrom Jerry Lufsky William Lufsky Mike Mains Timothy McLean David Michaud Frances Michaud Debra Mueller 'I-J l M S or Kirk Ziegler Gene Zopfi Dixie Christian Micheal Ocel Harold Petersen Mark Petersen Jon Pleski Cindy Prozinski Janet Schumacher Paul Sharpe David Showers William Speaks Carol Swing Alan Tabako Chuck Theisen Larry Umbreit Gregory Vetter Joe Vevea Tom Walker Darlene Wingad f X flu 'lk ,mx-X F . 'Q :fi k Q. lik. . Wifi hwy- f,, ... ,giv- J' r 'f?i 5' X P' . X. , 5 . ,waxy iw v . . K . f" Q. 5 1 .z , Q Q , ku QE, 3 5, Y h M 3 i . V . ,,, my .!,,g 'V f - ' . JL K + ' ,iq ,5 fy: , , .. ""'-. -1 mee Y 5 A , sw , . ,, k 'Q 4- ,ig Q ' ' ' 'wg 2 W 4 . ,R 4 Ma L, ' ' , . 'iifmbw 125---"':'.' if f-,-- 35" I f.M'55k6js.k ' ' ei .-.e v H, M, kat, 4, Q, .f 72 - -x ,,Q 4, ' , ,M Q- -f,f.--,qkg ' f-:m,,w- mf- 'f-g,i51,-wxiiwx. 1. A f" 4 W 1'fg'iM - Y -2 lm,-yds, ,W 'Wie 135,33 A WW J ' Y f Wwiw 33 Sf 1 mf f 5 QLEJMSWEL 2 W Z- 206 Senior Activity Incl ex AADLAND, TIM. ABELELER, JIM: Honor Society ll, III, Biology Club I, Y.G.O.P, Band I, F.L.A.G.S. III. ADAMS, SHERRY: G.A.A. I, Student Council I, II, Ill, Spanish Club l, II, Gymnastics I, II, Track I, ll, Broomball I, II, Ill. ADRIAENS, CARON: Media Club I, M.O.E.A. III. ALBRAO, NANNETTE: G.A.A. I, Media Club I, ll, Student Council Ill, Spanish Club II, Tornado Twisters Il, III, Hockey Boosters Ill. ALESHIRE, STEVEN: Intermural Basketball. ALLEY, STEVE: National Honor Society II, Ill, A Club I, Il, III, Student Council II, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Choir I, II, Ill. AMUNDSON, LARRY. ANDERSON, CORY: Baseball, Soccer. ANDERSON, GLENN: V.l.C.A. III. ANDERSON, GREG: National Honor Society Il, III, Latin Club I, ll, Anokan Il, Band I, II, Ill. ANDERSON, MIKE: National Honor Society ll, Ill, Band I, ll, lll, Ten- nis, Hello Dolly Ill, One Act Play III, Speech Contest III. ANDERSON, NIELS: Choir III, Student Council Ill, National Honor Society III, Soccer, A.F.S. Ill, Track. ANDERSON, RICHARD: Hockey. ANDERSON, RONALD: Wrestling. ANDERSON, STEVE: A Club ll, lil, TRACK, Cross Country. ANDERSON, VICKY: F.F.A. II, D.E.C.A. III. ANKENY, WANDA: Photography Club I, Cheerleader I, Pep Club I, Art Club I, Yearbook I, Newspaper I, German Club Ill, F.L.A.G.S. III. AREY, KIN. ARNOLD, GARY. ASKRIN, PHILIP. ASLAGSON, VICKY. ATKINSON, DAN. BACKHAUS, JULIANNE: F.H.A. II. BACKOWSKI, JEFF: F.F.A., Intramural Basketball. BANCROFT, ED: F.F.A. III. BANCROFT, GEORGE: A Club I, II, III. BARCAL, JACKIE. BARNES, BRUCE: Football, Track. BARTELS, ROB: F.F.A. III, Media Club I, Aviation Science Club III. BARTHEL, RICHARD. BARTHOLD, JANE. BASS, MORRIS: Media Club I. BASS, WAYNE: Band I, Gymnastics. BATKO, KEVIN. BATTERS, DOUG. BEBEAU, AL: F.F.A. I. ll. BEABEAU, RANDALL: A Club II, Ill, Biology Club Il, Ill, V.I,C.A. III, Auto Club III, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Coachmen Race Club. BECK, RENEE: Spanish Club ll, Ill, V.I.C.A. Ill, Girls' Gymnastics, Band I, Choir I, ll, Cheerleading, Girls Track. BACKENBACH, MARY: M.O.E.A. Ill. BECKER, DEANN: National Honor Society II, Ill, Student Council I, Latin Club II, Band I, II, III. BEHR, DENNIS: Band I, II, III, Track. BENDIX, JON: A Club Ill, Basketball, Golf. BENNETT, BRUCE: A Club I, II, Ill, Auto Club, III, Band I, Gymnas- tics, Football. BENSON, LUANN: Anokahi III, Wrestling Pep Club lll. BENTON, LINDA: G.A.A. II. BERGEMAN, ALLEN: F.F.A. I, III. BERGER, MELANIE: Media Club I, V.I.C.A. III. BERGMAN, RICK: Auto Club III. BERRY, LE ROY. BEUMER, DARLENE: O.E.A. III, B.A.T, Club Il. BIELEN, BOHNEY: Spanish Club I, II, Ill, G.A.A. I, Biology Club I, Il, Choir I, ll, Ill, Fall Play III, One Act Plays I. BIRD, MARGARET. BLAIR, MARY: G.A.A. I. BLASKEY, MELISSA: G.A.A. I, Media Club I, A.F.S. I, Wrestling Pep Club Ill, Batgirl I, Il, Anokan Ill, Choir I, ll, III, Girls Gymnastics, Cheerleading. BLEWETT, STEVE: Student Council Ill, Class Officer Il, Band I. BLOOD, KAREN: F.T.A. I. BLUE, JEFF: F.F.A. III. BOERNER, WARREN: Football, Wrestling, Baseball. BOETTCHER, WILLIAM: Baseball. BOHANON, DEB: Orchestra Il, Band I, II, III, Choir I. BOHNEN, KATHY. BOLDUC, STUART: Aviation Science Club III, Hockey. BONNELL, TOM: Honor Society II, III, A Club I, II, III, A.F.S. I, Il, III, Y.G.O.P. I, Il, Ill, Band I, ll, III, Basketball, Golf. BORGEN, JACK: F.F.A. II. BOROS, MARILYN: F.H.A. II, Spanish Club II, Ill, Biology Club I, Choir I, Il, III. BOUTEN, DEB. BOYUM, JOAN: F.F.A. III. BRADISH, PAT. BRAGELMAN, ROBERT. BRANGER, TOM: A Club I, II, Ill, Student Council, I, Class Officers I, Band I, II, III. BRANTNER, JULIE. BRASHEARS, SID. BREIWICK, ARVIN: Auto Club III. BULEN, ROBERT: M.O.E.A. Ill, Band I, II. BUNE, KRIS: Band I, ll, Track II, Ill, Ski Club Ill, Gymnastics I, ll, III. BURGESS, KELLY. BURLEY, STEVE. BUTTS, RON: Orchestra I, Il, III, Debate I, Tennis, Speech Contests I, II, III. BUZZELLI, ANTIONETTE: D.E.C.A. III. CAMARATA, SANDY: Media Club Il, Ill. CAMERON, JOAN: French Club I, Il, Band, I. CAMP, CHERYL: G.A.A. I,D.E.C.A. III, Tornado Twisters II, III, Girls Gymnastics. CARITHERS, KEVIN: "A" Club, F.F.A., D.E.C.A., Swimming III, Cross Country I. CARLSON, CHRIS. CARLSON, ROBYN: F.H.A. III: Photography Ill, Choir II, Ill. CARTIER, ROBERT. CARTY, MICHELLE: Band I, II, Ill, Choir I, II, III, Girls' Ensemble II, Ill, Mixed Ensemble II, III, Brass Choir II, Ill, Football Band II, Play Orchestra ll. CASTLE, TERRY: NHS. II, Ill, "A" Club I, II, III. CASTNER, CHUCK: F.F.A. I, Ill. CAUSIN, DEBBIE: F.H.A. II, Ill. CHAFFEE, MIKE: V.I.C.A. III, Track I. CHAMBERLAIN, TERRY. CHAPMAN, WAYNE. CHICIONE, PAULA: Media I, II, III, M.O.E.A. Ill. CHOUNARD, JOE: V.l.C.A. Ill. CHRISTIAN, DIXIE: F.H.A. II, Media I, Girls' Track II. CHRISTIAN, PEGGY: F.F.A. III, Cheerleaders I, Il, Ill. CLAYPOOL, DIANE: Choir I, II, III. COLLEN, WARREN: Band I, II, III, Choir I, II, III. CONGER, DONNA: G.A.A. I, ll, Band I, II, Ill, Symphony II, Ill, Foot- ball Il, lll, Band Council Rep. Ill, Track I, ll, Ill, Gymnastics I. CONGER, MARY: Choir I, ll, Ill, Band I, II, Ensemble II, III. CONNETT, BILL: Tennis II, III. COOSP, BARBARA: V.I.C.A. III. COUTURE, CINDY. CRAMBLITT, MIKE. CRANDALL, CANDY: Choir I, II, III. CRAVENS, PAUL: "A" Club I, Il, III, Swimming I, Il, III. CROWE, GARY: F.F.A. I, ll, III, Band I, II, III. DAHL, DON. DAHL, RON. DAHLBERG, KAREN: NHS. I, II, Media I, Student Council III, Anok- an lll, Tornado Twisters ll, Ill, Prom II, Fall Homecoming Oueen Ill. DAHLHEIMER, CHUCK: F.F.A. DAHLHEIMER, JUDI. DAHLHEIMER, PHIL: F.F.A. I. DANIELSON, BRAD: "A" Club I, ll, III, Band I, Gymnastics I, II, III: Tennis I. DANIELSON, GARY: Class Officer ll, III, Student Congress III, Banc I, II, III, Choir I, II, III, Drama I, II, III, Boys' Ensemble I, ll, Ill. DANIELSON, SHELLEY: G.A.A. I, Biology II, III. DARGIS, DAVE: F.F.A. I. DAVIS, WAYNE: "A" Club II, Ill, F.F.A III, Choir I, Il. DEAN, SARA: Medial, ll, Ill, Biology I, II, Ill, German III. DEANS, DOUG: V.I.C.A. I. DECAMP, MICHAEL. DEHEN, MERRY: Spanish I, ll, III, Track II, III, Gymnastics I, Il: Swimming II, Ill, Cheerleading III. DEHN, CORY: G.A.A. I, Spanish I, Girls' Track I. DEHN, BOB: F.F.A. II. DEHN, JOE: F.F.A. I. DEHN, MARY, N HS ll. Ill, Band I, II. III, German III, Football Banc ll: Woodwind Choir ll: Anoka Girl Ill, Play Orchestra Ill, DEJONG, TIMOTHY: Soccer III. DeMARAlS, JEFF: F.F.A. lllg Track II. DENNIS, JOHN: Gymnastics I, Il. DICKINSON, STEVE. DIERKS, DENNIS. DIETZ, CYNTHIA: N.H.S. ll, III: Anokan Illg Band I, ll, lllg Cheerlead- ing I, ll, Ill: Wrestling Pep Club Ill. DOMINA, ANNETTE: G.A.A. lg M.O.E.A. III, Girls Gymnastics I, Il. DOSEDEL, DAVE: Band I, ll, Ill: Marching Band ll, III: Tennis Il. DOUGLAS, PAUL: Track I. DONNETTE, TOM: F.F.A. Ill. DRAEGER, BECKI. DREON, STEVE: F.F.A. I. DRYDEN, DEBORAH: Biology I: Jr. DRYDEN, PEGGY: D.E.C.A. Ill: Choir II. DUBISUR, COLLEEN. DURHAM, DEBRA: N.H.S. ll, III: G.A.A. I: French Club I, ll, M.O.E.A. III: Y.D.F.L. ll, III: Literary Leaf ll. DUSHANE, DEBRA: Media Club I, Il, D.E.C.A. III: Y.G.O.P. ll, Ill: Ski Club Ill. DUSOSKY, JOAN. DUSSL, CLAUDIA: Media lg A.F.S. I, II, Ill: Orchestra I, ll, Ill, Spanish II, III: Anokan II, Ill. DVORACEK, RONDA: N.H.S. Il, Ill: G.A.A. I: Tornado Twisters I, II, III, Track I. EASTLING, CURTIS: Chess II, III. ECKLUND, CONNIE. EDEN, ERNIE: F.F.A. ll, III. EDWARDS, LARRY: Media I, ll. EGLEKRAUT, LYNDA: G.A.A. ll, III: Band I, ll, III: Tennis III. EHRMANTRAUR, SHEILA: G.A.A. Il, F.H.A. ll: Basketball II. EIDEM, CHERYL: Tornado Twisters II, Ill: Wrestling Pep Club III. EIDEM, STEVEN: Hockey I. EGGE, JERRY. ELLEFSON, MARY. ELLINGSON, JULIE: Choir I, ll, Ill: Girls Ensemble ll, III: Carousel Il: Hello Dolly III: Concert Choir Rep. III. ENGE, DAVE: N.H.S. ll, III, "A" Club ll, Ill: Y.G.O.P. I, ll, Ill, Anokahi III: Football I, Il: III: Track II. ERICKSON, DEBBIE K: French Ig Biology I, Choir I, ll. ERICKSON, DENNIS. ERICKSON, LINDA: N.H.S. II, III: G.A.A. lg Media I, ll, III, Marching Band ll, Ill: Y.G.O.P. Il, Ill, Band I, Il, Ill. ERICKSON, KATHY: Biology I. ERICKSON, MIKE: F.F.A. Il: Anokahi II. ERLANDSON, JOHN: "A" Club I, ll, III, F.F.A. Il: Aviation Science II, Cross Country I, Il, Ill: Track I, ll, III: Hockey I. ERNST, SUE: Media Ill: Biology I, Student Congress III, Choir I, ll, Ill: Drama I, ll, III. ESSIG, JONATHAN: N.H.S. Il, III, A.F.S. lg Latin ll: Anokahi III, Band I, II, Track ll, Ill: "Hello Dolly" Crew. EWALD, SCOTT: N.H.S. II, III: A.F.S. I, ll, Ill, Orchestra ll: Y.G.O.P. I, II, lllg Band I, II, Ill: Basketball I: Intramural Broomball II: Golf I, II, III. FORNIER, CATHERINE: Spanish I, II, Y.D.F.L. Ill: Choir I, Il, III. FARWICK, PAULETTE: Band I, II, Ill. FEIST, DEBRA: N.H.S. Il, III: G.A.A. Ig Media I: A.F.S. III, Spanish Il, Y.G.O.P. Il, III: Anokan III: Band I, Il, Ill: Football Marching Band ll, III: Wrestling Scorekeeper Il, III: Wrestling Pep Club Ill. FERN, PATRICIA. FERNADES, PAM: The Cambridge Group Il, III. FIEBELKORN, DEBBY: G.A.A. I: Orchestra I, ll, Ill: Anokan Ill, Girls Gymnastics I, ll, III: Girls Track I, Il, III. FIELDS, ROSE. FINNEMORE, KATHLEEN: G.A.A. I, Il: Biology lg Anokahi II, Ill, Track I, ll, III. FISCHER, CINDY: V.l.C.A. Ill. FLEISSNER, DAVID: N.H.S. ll, III: Biology I, Il, Ill. FLOR, JOHN: F.F.A. ll, Ill. FOOTE, DEBRA: Biology lg German III: Anokan Ill. FORSS, PAT: Biology ll, Choir I, II, III. FOSSEN, KEITH. FOURNIER, WALTER: Intramural Basketball I, Il, III. FOUSHEE, ROCHELLE: N.H.S. ll, III, French I, ll, Class Officers I, ll, III, FRANK, VICTORIA: Student Council III: Tornado Twisters I, ll, Ill: Hockey Pep Club lll. FRAYHOLTE, TERRY: F.F.A. lllg Intramural Football and Basketball III. FULTS, DARRYL: Intramural Basketball I, Il, III. GALLAGHER, KEVIN: "A" Club I, ll, III: F.F.A. Ill: Cross Country I, ll, Ill: Track I, ll, III: Intramural Basketball I, ll, III. GASLIN, MARY: G.A.A. I, ll, Ill, Media I, II: Girls Gymnastics ll, Ill, Track Ill. GAY, DEBRA. GEIER, KATHERINE: G.A.A. I, Media I, ll: Class Officer I, Tornado Twisters lg Girls Gymnastics I, II. GENTZ, DEBBIE: French ll: Choir II, Ill. GIDDINGS, SUE. GILBERT, STEVEN: Spanish I, Band I, Il: Aviation Science III. GILLAN, TERRY: Girls Track II. GILLESPIE, JANNA: G.A.A. lg F.H.A. I, Biology ll. GIROURD, KATHIE: G.A.A. I, ll: Biology I, ll, III, M.O.E.A. III, Jr. Achievement I, ll. GLASSMANN, JANET. GOLDENSTEIN, BRAD: V.l.C.A. Ill. GOULD, JERRY. GRAMS, SHERYL. GRAVES, TERRY. GREENLY, RANDY: Choir I, Il, Ill, Musical I, ll, III: Ensemble Il, III. GREGORY, JOEL. GROSSLEIN, DANA: Band I, ll, Ill, Ski III. GUSTAFSON, DEBBIE: Media I, Biology II. GUSTAFSON, RON: F.F.A. I: Basketball ll: Track I. HACKBARTH, SUSAN: G.A.A. I: F.H.A. Il: Orchestra I, ll, III: Y.D.F.L. ll, III: Chamber Orchestra Ill, Hello Dolly Orchestra, Jr. Sr. Ensemble II. HADLEY, ELLEN: N.H.S. Il, Ill: G.A.A. Ig Media I, Anokahi Ill, Girls Swimming III: Hockey Boosters Ill: Anoka High Reporter ll, III. HADLEY, BECKY: N.H.S. ll, III: French I, Il: Choir I, Il, Ill. HAGBERG, JERRY. HAGEMO, BRAD: N.H.S. ll, Ill: French Ill: Band I, II, III. HALL, DENNIS: Band I, II, Goli I, II, III. HALVERSON, JEAN. HAND, DON. HANISH, TOM. HANLEY, TIM: "A" Club III: Choir Il: Hockey II: Cross Country Ill: Track Ill: Basketball I. HANSON, DALE. HANSON, JEFF. HARDY, DEB: A.F.S. I: Choir I, II, Ill. HARMON, LOIS: Media lg Biology I, II, Band I, ll, III: Drama I, ll, Ill. HARMORNICK: A.F.S. I: D.E.C.A. III. HARNDEN, SCOTT: Tennis I, II. HANIS, JIM. HARRISON, DEB: Media I. HARTFIEL, GAY: N.H.S. III: Media Ig French III: Prom Committee ll. HASSLER, NORA: G.A.A. lg D.E.C.A. III, Girls Gymnastics I, II. HATHAWAY, DEBBIE. HUAGEN, DOUT. HAWKINS, JOHN: Electronics lg Ski III. HAYWOOD, ROBERT: Spanish Ig Photography Ill, Choir lg Ski III. HEATH, WAYNE. HECK, BRIAN: Orchestra ll: Band Ill. HECK, SUE: Spanish II. HEDBERG, TIM: "A" Il, Ill. HEDOUIST, KIM: G.A.A. lg Orchestra lg Band I, Il, III: Choir I, II, III: Tennis Ill. HEGVIK, JON: Band I, II, Ill: Choir I, ll, III: Ski ll: Boys Ensemble I, llg Intramural Basketball lg Intramural Broomball I, ll. HEIDELBERGER, MARLYS: G.A.A. llg Anokahi II, III: Track I. HEIM, ANN: Latin ll, Ill, Band I, Ill. HEIM, LARRY "A" Ill: Electronics I. HEITZMAN, JOAN. HELFINSTINE, LOUISE: N.H.S. Il, III: Media I, Anokahi ll, III: Wres- tling Pep Ill. HELMBRECHT, LARRY: Choir I, ll, III. HENDERSON, STEVE: Gymnastics ll, Ill. HENNESSEY, ROSE: Spanish II. HENNESY, JIM: "A" Club Il, III: Football lg Basketball I, ll, III: Base- ball I, ll, Ill. HERRALA, DAVID: D.E.C.A. III. HESLI, RICK: Auto III. HETTWER, JACK: D.E.C.A. III. HEWITT, PAULA: G.A.A. lg Band I, II. HILL, PAM: N.H.S. Il, III, Media I, II, Biology I, II, Ill, Anokahi ll, Ill: Anokan Co-Editor III: Friends of the Earth II, III: Drama II, HILLS, DEAN. HILLS, LOIS, HILLS, RICK: V.I.C.A. III. HILTZ, DENNIS. 207 208 HOFFMAN, CAROL: Media I. HOFFMAN, JAY: F.H.A. II. HOLLAND, LOREEN: Bowling. HOLM, WAYNE. HOLMSTROM, DARON: Cambridge Project I, II, Media II, Home Ec- onomics I. HONEBRINK, BILL. HORN, JUDY. HASKINS, MARK. HOUCK, PAT: Student Congress, Y.D.F.L. II, Choir I, Il, III, Debate II. HOVIND, LINDA: Biology I, Il, III, M.O.E.A. III. HRUDEN, WENDY: D.E.C.A. III. HUBBARD, CAROLE: N.H.S. Il, III, French Il, Biology I, Football Band II, III, Band I, ll, III, Debate I, Windwind Choir I, II. HUEBNER, STEVE: F.F.A. II, III, Intramural Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis Ill. HUSTON, PEGGY. HYATT, SHELDON. HYMANSON, JEFFREY: Hockey I, Il, Ill. INHOLTE, DEBBI: Media Il, F.H.A. ll, M.O.E.A. III. IRVIN, DENNIS: Photography Ill, Electronics Ill. ISLER, LIZ. IUND, PATRICIA ANN: Band I, ll, Ill, Winter Activities Band Ill, Brass Choir III. JANIKOWSKI, JONANNE: Media I, II, III, F.H.A. I, Biology I. JEDLICKA, DIANE. JENKINS, JOANN: Biology I. JENSEN, KEN: N.H.S. ll, III, "A" Club I, Il, Ill, Y.G.O.P. ll, Ill, Band I, Il, III, Debate I, Gymnastics I, ll, III. JENSEN, KYLE. JOHNSEN, LORI. JOHNSON, CATHY. JOHNSON, JAN: Choir Il, III, F.H.A. JOHNSON, JENNIFER: N.H.S. ll, Ill, Media I, Student Council I, II, A.F.S. I, II, III, Orchestra III, French I, Band I, II, III, Girls Gymnastics I, II, Track. JOHNSON, LYNN: N.H.S. I, ll, Latin Il, Biology Il, Band I, Il, III, Marching Band II, Ill. JOHNSON, MARYPAUL: N.H.S. II, Ill, G.A.A. I, A.F.S. I, Spanish I, II, Class Officers I, Il, Ill, Anokan ll, Choir I, ll, III, Broomball II, III: Basketball III. JOHNSON, RICK: "A" Club I, II, Ill. JOHNSON, WAYNE. JOHNSON, WILLIAM: Football ll. JONOUIST, DONALD: Auto III. JOSLIN, PAT: N.H.S. II, Ill, Biology I, II, III, Swimming Timer II. KANGAS, JOHN: Orchestra Ill, Band I, II, Ill, Wrestling I. KAPAUN, GREG: Aviation Science III. KAPPEDAHL, LEE. KAPPELHOFF, JIM: Hockey II, Ill, Football I. KARLS, FORREST. KARPE, MARY: Media II, Band I, Il, Ill, Football Band ll, Ill. KEMP, CHRIS: F.H.A. I, Orchestra Ill, Cambridge Project. KENT, RON: "A" Club III, Band I, Il, Football I, II, III, Track I, Intra- mural I, II, III, Broomball Il, III. KENT, SANDY: G.A.A. I, Spanish ll, Biology I, Band I, ll, III, Girls Track II. KILLMER, JUDY: Band I, Track ll, Gymnastics Ill, Ski Ill. KING, KATHRYN: National Honor Society ll, III, Anokan Ill, Band I, Gymnastics, Track, Swimming, Cheerleading. KINSLEY, CARMEN: G.A.A. I, Media Club I, Spanish I. KISLER, DIANE. KLAMMER, JUDY: Tornado Twisters I, Il, III, Gymnastics, Track. KLEIN, BARB: National Honor Society II, III, G.A.A. I, Spanish Club I, Band I, ll, Ill. KLERSY, NANCY: V.I.C.A. Ill. KLICK, BRAD:'F.F.A. III. KLIEVER, LEANN. KLOSTERMAN, JAMES: Football I, ll, Track I, Il, Ill. KOHOUT, MIKE: "A" Club II, III, Gymnastics I, ll, Ill. KONEN, DENISE: G.A.A. Il, Spanish Club ll, Ill, Gymnastics II, Four- H I, II, Ill. KOOPMAN, KATHY: Choir I, ll, III, Tennis. KOSKIE, BRAD: "A" Club Il, III, Track I, ll, Ill, Cross Country I, II, III. KOVAR, MIKE: "A" Club ll, Ill, Class Officers III, Choir I, II, Ill, Hock- ey I, II, III, Golf I, ll. KRULL, DEB: G.A.A. I, French Club I, III, Class Officers I, Choir I, Il, Ill, Ski Club III. KUFUS, BRYAN: National Honor Society II, Ill, "A" Club ll, III, Band I, II, Ill. KULENKAMP, GAYLE. KULSETH, JOHN: Student Council I, Latin Club I, Biology I D.E.C.A. III, Choir I, III. KUMMER, MARIE: A.F.S. I, French I, ll, Choir I, II, III. KUNO, COZETTE: Golf Ill. LACEY, ELIZABETH: Media Club II, M.O.E.A. I. LANDECKER, DONALD: F.H.A. Ill, Football I, II, Intermural II, Ill Broomball II, Ill. LANDOWSKI, DEBRA: M.O.E.A. III. LARKIN, JULIE: M.O.E.A. III. LARSON, CONNIE. LARSON, KEITH. LARSON, MARK R.: Band I, Il, Ill, Choir I, Il, Ill, Drama I, II, III. LARSON, RON. LARSON, TOM A.: Auto Club Ill. LASTOVICH, MARK: Choir I, II, Ill. LARSON, TOM C.: Choir I, II, Ill, Baseball I, II, III, Intramural Basket- ball I, II, Ill. LAURITSON, CHRIS: Media Club I, ll, III, Biology Club I, ll, Ill. LEADENS, MIKE: "A" Club I, II, III, F.F.A. III, Student Countil Ill. LEEB, CHRISTENA. LEGER, RANDY. LEGRID, DAVE: A.F.S. I, Y.G.O.P. I, Band I, ll, III. LESTER, BILL: "A" Club III, Student Council ll, D.E.C.A. ll, Foot- ball, Hockey, Baseball. LESTER, DEBRA: Anokahi Ill. LEU, DOUG: "A" Club III, Intramural Basketball, Broomball, Cross Country, Track, Swimming. LICK, LINDA: Media Club Ill, Choir I, Il, III. LILLIGREN, LUZ: French Club I, II, Ill, Band I, II, III. LINDBERG, MARK: Ski Club Ill. LINDGREN, MICHAEL. LINDSAY, LORI: Gymnastics I, Il, III. LOEHLEIN, TOM: National Honor Society ll, III, Golf I, II, III. LONGFIELD, BOB: F.F.A. I, II, lll. LOREN, JIM: V.I.C.A. III. GREG LOCKWOOD. LUFSKY, JERRY. LUKE, PEGGY: G.A.A. l, Media Club I, National Honor Society ll, Ill: Student Council I, II, Ill, Band I, ll, Ski Club Ill, Gymnastics I, II, Ill, Prom Committee ll. LYNDBERG, DEB: G.A.A. I, Il, Ill, Media Club ll, III, Biology Club I, Track I, ll, Ill, Basketball III, Chess Club Ill. LUNDSTROM, ALLEN: Hockey Ill, Golf ll, Ill. LYNCH, SUZANNE. MAKI, LOU ANN: M.O.E.A. Ill, Choir II. MAID, TONI. MANGELS, TOM: Gymnastics I, Track I. MANGAN, MARGARET: Media Club I, A.F.S. I, Orchestra III, French Club II, Band I, II, Ill. MANSFIELD, BETTY: Anokan Il, Band I. MAROTTE, DEBBIE. MARTIN, BARB. . MARTIN, SANDRA: G.A.A. I, II, Y.G.O.P. ll, Ill, Anokan III, Media Club I, II, III, Basketball III, Prom ll. MARTINI, TOM: Wrestling I, II, Baseball ll. MASICA, ROSE: Choir. MCARDLE, TOM: Band I, Intramural Basketball III. MCCALLA, LARRY. ' MCCANN, ROSANNA: Band I, ll, Photography Club Ill, Gymnastics I, Track I. McCARTY, STEVE: T.D.F.L. I, ll, III, Electronics Club I, Il, Intramu- rals Sports I, Chess Club ll, III. MCCORMACK, DAVE: V.I.C.A. III. MCCRADY, LYANNE: D.E.C.A. I, Latin ll, Orchestra Ill, A.F.S. II Drama I. MCEWEEN, JANE: D.E.C.A. III. MCFARLAND, DAN: Hockey ll. MCLAUGHLIN, MIKE. MCLEAN, TIM: Biology Club I, Student Congress I, Anokahi ll. MEDIN, JUDY: D.E.C.A. Ill. MERRICK, STEVE: "A" Club Ill, Anokahi III, Anokan ll, Ill, Intramu- ral I, II, III, Baseball I, ll, Ill, Basketball I. MERRITT, BILL: National Honor Society II, Ill, "A" Club III, Studen' Council I, Orchestra III, Band I, II, III, Football I, II, Ill, Basketball I, Il Baseball I, II, III, One Act Play Ill. MESSNER, PEGGY: Broomball II, III, Guidance Office Worker I, II III. MEUVISSEN, B. J. MEYER, DEBBIE: F.H.A. III, Spanish Club I, Anokan II. MEYER, JIM. MEYER, SHERFKYZ Anokahi Il. MICHAUD, DAVID: F.F.A. Ill, Media Club I, Il, III. ICHAUD, FRANCES: Media Club I, ll, Ill. ICKELSON, STEVE: Baseball I, Wrestling II. IDLO, MIKE: F.F.A. I, ll. ILLER, CHERYL: National Honor Society ll, III, Media Club lg A.F.S. lg Band I, Il, lllg Debate Ig Jr. Great Books Ill. ILLER, DEBBIE: Student Council Il, lllg Choir I, ll, Ill. ILLER: TOM: Choir Il. ILLER, THOMAS W.: Gymnastics. INOR, DENNIS: "A" Club Il, Ill, Media Club Ig Auto Club Illg Biolo- gy Club Ip Football I, Ilg Gymnastics I, ll, lllg Tennis I. MITCHELL, SCOTT: National Honor Society ll, III: "A" Club II, Ill: Biology Club ll: Swimming I, Il, Ill. MIX, DEB: G.A.A. lg Band I, Il, III. MOINS, MIKE. MOLLNER, GREG: Auto Club Ill. MOORE, DENNIS: Intramural Basketball I, ll, Ill. MOREAU, TOM: Football I. MORELL, GREG: German Club III. MORGAN, DAN: National Honor Society ll, Ill. MORROW, BRAD: "A" Club I, Il, lllg F.F.A. Ill. MORTENSON, DAVE: Band I, II, Ill. MORTON, GREG L.: F.F.A. Ill. MUDD, MIKE. MUECKE, ROGER. MUELLER, JUDY: Spanish Club Ilg Anokan Ill. MULLOWNEY, TIM: F.F.A. ll, Illg Choir I, II. NEARY, TERRY: A.V. I, II, V.l.C.A. Ill. NEGLESS, ROGER. NEIS, KEN: D.E.C.A. Ill. NELSON, CECILIA: Tornado Twisters II, Ill, National Honor Society Il, III: Gymnastics I, II, Illg Track I, II, Ill. NELSON, CRAIG. NELSON, VICKI. NESSET, PAM: Media Club ll, III. NEWCOMB, JON: Band I, ll, Ill: Choir I, II, III. NICHOLSON, MARLYS: Choir. NOHR, PAM: Choir I, Il, Ill. NOHR, RENEE: Media Club Ill: Y.D.F.L. Ill, Choir Ill: Prom Commit- tee ll. NOLTE, KENNETH: Football lg Tennis I, ll. NOON, BILL. NORBERG, LYLE: Auto Club Ill. EORDVIK, ANITA: National Honor Society I, Il, Ill: Orchestra I, ll, Ill: hoir I, ll, Ill. NORDLING, JEFF: Basketball I, ll, Baseball I, ll, Ill. NORTON, JEAN. NUNNELEE, BOB: D.E.C.A. III. O'KEEFE, PAT: G.A.A. ll, Ill, Spanish Club ll: Y.D.F.L. Ill. O'KONEK, JANET. OLSON, BEV: National Honor Society ll, lllg Band I, ll, Ill: Choir I, ll, III: Hockey Boosters III. OLSON, DAN R.: National Honor Society: D.E.C.A. Ill. OLSON, DAVE: D.E.C.A. Ill. OLSON, DAVI ANN: Anokan Ig Tornado Twisters Ig Girls Gymnastics III. OLSON, DEBORAH: Media Club I, II, lllg Y.D.F.L. II: Student Con- gress I, ll. OLSON, KATHY: National Honor Society Il, III: Orchestra Il, III: Band I, Il, III. OLSON, MARY: Choir I, ll, III. OLSON, NANCY: Spanish Club I, Il: Cheerleading ll, Girls Gymnas- tics I, Il, Ill, Girls Track I. OLSTAD, LAURIE: Orchestra l, ll, Ill. OLMSTEAD, WENDY: Media Club II: Spanish Club ll: Choir I: Cam- bridge State Hospital Il, III. OMAN, ROBERT: Band I, Il, Ill. OMAN, ROBIN: G.A.A. I. OMDAHL, ROSS: "A" Club I, II, III, F.F.A. II, Ill, Hockey I, ll, Ill: In- tramural I, ll, Ill. OMIT, LINDA: G.A.A. lg Biology Club I, Il: Band I, II. OPPEGARD, ROD: "A" Club I, Il, Ill: Baseball I, II, Ill, Basketball I, Il. ORVIS, RICK: F.F.A. I, ll, III. OSLIN, LYNNE: F.H.A. I. OSTROWSKI, ALANE. OSTRUM, LONNIE. PACKER, CHUCK: Wrestling. PADDOCH, BOB: Football I, Il: Gymnastics II, Illg Auto Club Ill. PALMER, DEBORAH M.: G.A.A. lg Spanish Club I, ll, Tornado Twisters lg Ski Club Ill. PASCHKE, BARB: Biology Club I, II, Band I, Il. PATCHER, TOM: Band. PAULEY, MARLENE: National Honor Society Il, Ill: Media Club lg Orchestra Il, Ill: Biology Club I: Y.G.O,P. I, II, III: Band I, ll, Ill: Choir I, ll, III. PAULSON, DEBBIE: G.A.A. I, Orchestra I, Il, Illg Tornado Twisters I, ll, Ill, Girls Track I, II. PEDERSEN, DAN. PEROVICH, BECKY: G.A.A. Ip Media Club Ig A.F.S. Ig Anokahi ll, III: Band I, ll, Ill, Choir I: Batgirl Il, Illg Wrestling Pep Club Ill. PETERSON, BETTY: F.H.A. Ilg Y.D.F.L. Ill: Spanish Club I, ll, III, Choir I, ll, Ill, Wrestling Pep Club Ill. PETERSON, BONITA: Photography Club III: Band I, Il, Girls Gym- nastics Ig Girls Track I. PETERSON, BONNIE: Band I, llg Girls Gymnastics I, II, Girls Track I ll. PETERSON HAROLD: Y.D.F.L. Il, lllg Anokan III. PETERSON KEVIN: "A" Club Ig Band I, ll, Ill: Football Ill: Tennis II, Ill. PETERSON, RANDY: V.I.C.A. Ill. PETERSON TERRY. PETTER, DAVE: Anokahi Ill, Wrestling Ig Basketball ll: Track II, Ill PETTERSON, GREG: Choir I, ll, III. PFANNENSTEIN, SUE: F.F.A. Illg Choir ll, Ill. PFLEIDER, TOM: "A" Club I, ll, Ill: Anokan ll: Basketball I, llg Soc cer III: Golf I, ll, Illg Intramural Broomball III. PINEWSKI, DAN: Biology Club lg Band I, ll, III, Ski Club Ill. PLOOG, RON: F.F.A. lllg Choir III. PRATT, NORMA: F.F.A. Ill: Baseball I, ll, Ill, Football I, Il: Basketball I. PRICE, REGGIE: F.F:A. I, Il, III. PRODY, TOM: National Honor Society II, Ill, "A" Club ll, Ill: Football I, ll, III, Baseball I, II. POST, GEORGE. PULLMANN, DWIGHT: F.F.A. PUTNAM, DARLENE. PYKA, LOU ANN. OUINLAN, JULIE: National Honor Society Il, lllg Media Club I, ll, Y.D,F.L. llg Anokahi Ill, Anokan lllg Friends ofthe Earth Il: One-Act Play Contest ll. RAMSAY, GAIL: A.F.S. I, French Club Ig Student Congress I, ll, Ill: Anokan Ill. RAND, RANDY: "A" Club I, ll, Ill, Spanish Club I, Il: Class Officers Ill, Anokan II, III. RANDALL, TOM. RANDLE, VICKI: V.l.C.A. III. REDEPENNING, DEBBIE: French Club llg Anokahi II, III: Wrestling Pep Club Ill. REDMAN, BARB: G.A.A.: French Club. REDMANN, MARY: G.A.A. Illg French Club ll: Biology Club Il, Ski Club Ill: Girls Gymnastics ll. REICHERT, JOYCE: Media Club lg F.H.A. I. REMY, CHARLES: Basketball lllg Track I. RENKO, CHRIS: "A" Club Ill. REYNOLDS, CAROL: Anokan ll: Choir I, ll, Ill: Spanish Club II. RICHARDS, TERRY: G.A.A. I. RIGGS, SANDY: D.E.C.A. Ill: Band I, ll. RILEY, WILLIAM: "A" Club I, Il, Ill: Wrestling I, ll. ROCK, STACEY: National Honor Society ll, lllg G.A.A. I, ll: A.F.S. I, II, III: Orchestra Il, III: French Club I, ll, Ill: Anokan Ill. ROEMHILD, CAROL: Debate II. ROGERS, DOUG: "A" Club Ill: Football I, ll, Ill: Track I. RAINES, TED. RONNEBAUM, DAN: F.F.A. Ill. RUDLONG, JIM: Wrestling I, Il, Ill, Football I, II, Ill: lntermural Bas- ketball I, III, RUDRUD, JACKIE: Spanish Club ll, Band I, II, III. RUDSTROM, STEVE: Spanish Club llg Band I, II. RUSSELL, GAIL: D.E.C.A. III: Automotive Club Ill. RUST, DIANA: G.A.A. I: Orchestral, Il, Ill: V.l.C.A. lllg Anokahi II, lllg Speech Contest ll, III. RYDH, GARY. SAGE, LEE: "A" Club I, ll: F.F.A. Ig Latin Club I, llg Biology Club I, Y.G.O.P. I, Il, Ill: Band I, II, Football I, Il, Illg Basketball I, ll, Ill: Golf I, Il. SAMPSON, JEFF: "A" Club lllg Anokahi Illg Football I, II, Ill: Golf I, II, Intramurals I, ll, Ill. SANASAC, JANIS: National Honor Society II, Ill, G.A.A. I, Ilg Wres- tling Pep Club Ill: Girls Gymnastics I, ll, Ill: Girls Tennis Ill. SANBORN, MARY: Anokahi llg Gymnastics I. SAULTER, DIANE: Media Club I. SAWYER, STEVE: "A" Club Ill, F.F.A. Ill: Auto Club llg Wrestling I, Il, Ill. SHAKE, JACKIE. SCHALO, LARRY. 209 210 SCHENDEL, PHYLLIS: F.F.A. III. SCHENDEL, STEVE: F.F.A. III, Hockey I. SCHINKEL, MARK: "A" Club I, ll, Ill: F.F.A. ll, Tennis I, ll, III. SCHMITT, KATHY: Spanish Club lg Photography Club Ill: Anokahi Ill: Choir I. SCHNETZLER, GREG. SCHNICKELS, DAWN. SCHROEDER, DIANE: M.O.E.A. Ill, Band I, Il. SCHROEDER, KEN: Band I, Il, Ill. SCHUH, LAURIE, Orchestra I, ll, Ill, Swimming I, ll, Ill, Track I. SCHULER, PAUL: Media Club ll, Audio-Visual Ill. SCHULTZ, KATHY: Media Club ll. SCOTT, JIM: Orchestra I, Il, III. SCHUMACHER, JAN: F.H.A. Ill: Choir I, ll, Ill. SEVERSON, SANDY: Choir I, ll, Ill. SHANNON, KEITH: Tennis I, ll, Ill. SHARBONNO, RICK. SHARPE, PAUL. SJIFERAW, TESFAYE: Student Council III: A.F.S. Ill. SHISH, TANJA: G.A.A. lg Media Club lg Spanish Club III. SCHOBE, CAROL: Media Club I: Gymnastics I. SHOWERS, DAVID: F.F.A. Ill, Auto Club I. SIDENER, RANDY. ISGFRID, DEBBIE. SIMPKINS, COLLEEN: G.A.A. I, II, A.F.S. I, ll: Spanish Club I, II, III, Anokahi Ill: Anokan Il: Broomball Il, Ill. SKAJEWSKI, CHUCK: "A" Club I, II, III: Choir I, ll, Ill. SKJEFTE, DEBBIE. SMITH, BILL. SNELL, CURT: National Honor Society ll, Ill, "A" Club I, ll, Ill: Choir I, Il, Ill: Baseball I, II, Ill: Football I, ll, Ill: Basketball I, ll. SNYDER, GREG: "A" Club Ill: Media Club I, Il, Spanish Club Ig Chess Club I, Football I, ll, Ill: Wrestling I, Track ll, Ill. SOINE, MARYANNA: National Honor Society ll, Ill: Orchestra I, ll, Ill. SORTEBERG, LEANN: M.O.E.A. III. SPAIN, MARY: G.A.A. III: Y.D.F.L. III: Media Club I, Il, Ill. SPENCER, TOM: National Honor Society Il, III: "A" Club Ill, Or- chestra ll, Ill, Latin Club ll, Ill, Band I, ll, Ill: Choir Ig Football I, ll, Ill, Track I, Ill, Gymnastics I, Swimming I, Ill. SPOHN, PAT: Band I, Ill, Y.G.O.P. I, II. STACK, BRIGID: G.A.A. Ig Band I, II. STEFANSKI, SUNDAY: G.A.A. Ig Tornado Twisters ll, Ill: Girls Track I, ll. STEINDEL, TERRY: Gun Club. STENDE, JEANNE: Orchestra III, French Club II: Biology Club I, Band I, II, Ill, Choir I. STERRY, DAVE: F.F.A. I, ll. STEWART, ROBIN: Gymnastics I. STODOLA, MARGE: Media Club lg A.F.S. lg Biology Club I, II, Ill: Anokan Ill: Choir I, ll, Ill, Friends of the Earth. STRAND, DEBORAH: A.F.S. lg Media Club I: National Honor Socie- ty Il, Ill, Band I, Il, Ill, Great Books Ill, Prom Il. STOLP, GREGORY: F.F.A. I, II, III. STONE, DEB: Orchestra I, ll, Ill: Anokahi lllg Anokan Ill. STRAND, JEFF: Student Council. STRANDE, GENE: V.l.C.A. Ill. STROKLUND, MARY: V,I.C.A. Ill. STROMGREN, DAN. SUNDEEN, DAVID: Y.D.F.L. Il, III, Latin Club Ill, Anokahi ll, III: Chess Club ll, Ill: Great Books ll, Ill. SUTHERLAND, MARLETTE: Spanish Club I. SUTHERS, STEVEN. SWEENEY, PAM. SWENEY, SANDY: G.A.A. I, Gymnastics I, II. SWENEY, SHARON: G.A.A. I, Il, Ski Club Ill. TABAKO, ALAN. TALBOT, MIKE: F.F.A. I, ll: Aviation Club lg Football I, II. TALBOT, TIM: Auto Club III. TANNER, BRIAN: "A" Club I, ll, Ill, Latin Club ll. TAMBLYN, NANCY: Media Club I, ll, III. TEESELINK, PAM: V.l.C.A. Ill: Choir I. TERRELL, RUSSELL. THEDORFF, DEB. THEISEN, CHUCK: V.l.C.A. Ill: Golf I, ll. THEISEN, DIANE: Basketball III. THEUSCH, DAN. THOE, MARLA: Y.G.O.P. Ill, Band I, Il, Biology Club Ill: German Club Ill: Anokan III. THORNER, JOE: "A" Club Il, Ill, F.F.A. Ill: Spanish Club II: Aviation Club III, Football: Swimming ll. THRALL, BRUCE: Auto Club Ill. TITTERUD, SANDEE: French Club I, Ill, Choir I, Il, Ill, Ski Club II TONDING, JOHN: Anokahi Ill: Tennis I, ll, Soccer III: lntramura Basketball I, ll, Ill. TARBORG, PAM. TORGRIMSON, DONNA: D.E.C.A. III. TORSETH, JOHN: National Honor Society ll, III: Orchestra I, I Aviation Club Ill. TREICHEL, DORENE: Media Club I, F.H.A. I. TRETTIN, KAREN: Anokahi ll: Band I, II, III. TROMBLEY, CINDY: Basketball lg Golf I. TRONSON, GREG: F.F.A. ll. UMBREIT, LARRY: F.F.A. I. UNDERWOOD, CAROL: G.A.A. I, A.F.S. lg Choir Ill. UNDEM, JULIE: National Honor Society ll, Ill: G.A.A. I, Ill: F.H.A. Il Spanish Club Il, Ill, Biology Club 1: Anokan Il: Basketball III: Wres tling Pep Club Ill. UPTON, DARWIN. VEIMAN, JANE. VETTER, GREG: Photography Club Il, Ill: Anokan II, Ill. VEVEA, JOEL. VEVEA, MIKE: F.F.A. Ill. VEILGUTH, DICK: "A" Club Ill, F.F.A. I. VIGEN, SANDY. VRY, DON: "A" Club I, ll, lllg Orchestra I, ll, III: Tennis I, ll, Ill, Swim ming I, II, Ill. VYSKOCIL, ELLEN: G.A.A. I: M.O.E.A. III, Prom Committee Il. WAGNER, JACK. WAGNER, JEAN: French Club II: Photography Club Ill, Band I Choir Il, Ill: Golf Ill. WALDOCH, LINDA: D.E.C.A. Ill. WALLACE, DAVID: Football I, ll, III. WALLACE, MIKE. WALKER, TOM. WALTERS, BARB: F.F.A. I, Il, III: Band Ig French Club I, Gymnastic: I, ll. WANAMAKER, SUE: G.A.A. lg Band I, II, Ill: Cheerleading I, ll, Ill WANOUS, DALE: F.F.A. WARD, KAREN: French Club II: Biology Club lg Band I, II, Ill. WARD, PAT "A" Club ll, III, Football I, Il, Ill. WARLOF, GLEN: Choir lg Auto Club Ill. WASHBURN, MARIANNE: V.l.C.A. Ill. WAY, BILL: Wrestling I, ll, III: Soccer III: Football I, ll. WAY, PAULA: G.A.A. II, Orchestra I: Anokan Ill, Anokahi Ill, Cheer leading I, Swimming II, Ill: Gymnastics ll, Ill, Track ll, Ill, Pep Club III Prom Committee Il. WEIDNER, MARYELLEN: Gymnastics ll, Ill: Choir II, Ill. WEIKERT, DOUGLAS: Spanish Club I, Il: Gymnastics I, II, Ill. WEISE, TED: "A" Club I, Il, III. WELLS, RUTH. WHITE, LINDA: G.A.A. Ig A.F.S. III: Choir Ig Anokan Ill, German Clut Ill: Great Books Ill. WHITE, WES: Orchestra ll: Band I, Il, Ill. WHITEHEAD, JIM: Electronics Club Ill. WICK, MAUREEN: Media Club I, ll. WIESE,ASHERRI: National Honor Society ll, III: Media Club I, ll, Ill Biology Club I, Choir I, ll, Ill. WILBERG, MOLLY: Anokahi Ill: Band I, ll. WINGARD, JOHN: Soccer I: Intramural Basketball Ill. WOLF, JANET: M.O.E.A. Ill: Band I, Il, Choir lg Tornado Twisters Il WOOD, JENNIFER: National Honor Society Il, III, F.H.A. I, Band I, II Ill: Choir I. WOODSTROM CLARA. WRIGHT, ROBERT. WYATT, KATHY. YOUNG, RANDY: Intramural Basketball. YOURZAK, GARY: Cross Country Ig Track I. ZIEGLER, GAIL: G.A.A. I, ll: Student Council lllg Spanish Club ll, Band I, ll, III, Choir I, II, III. ZIEGLER, GARY: Electronics Club Ill, Spanish Club Il: Baseball I, ll,llI: BAsketbaIl Ig Football I, II. ZIEBARTH, CURT. ZIEGLER, KIRK. ZOPFI, GENE: F.F.A. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Beau+i'FuI Service Banking CompIe're Loan Service Savings Checking 20I5 3rd Avenue NorI'I1 42I-3820 NaI'ionaI Bank in Anoka STATE BANK OF ANOKA A FuII Service Bank Is a Bank Thai' Lis'rens . . . We're LisI'ening. 3OI Jackson SI'ree'r 42 I -5460 A FULL SERVICE BANK 2 ART GOEBEL FORD Globel Goebel 340I Coon Rapids Blvd. 42l ll20 ...m,,,,,,,-gush QUALITY GLASS Our Qualify Work is Refleciecl in Our Cuslomers' Smiles 2I63 Coonl Rapids Blvd. .. ,. + .!:.V. ,Q Q. .4 V K , 4-fialff' 'W 53' , '1' f13'2'wf3'L' 123' 5'-it y G ,Q ,agp a. V 'if Q' xy 5-..A.,',i. if .j-J , B qlsegkfglfx' f 99 , , ' ..,?5',.f.:': 03. I W A s .S :Inq Ralf W gf' . r , A lei. 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I69 and River Blvd. 722 EffZIlg3Q0S+'ee+ 42l-l920 - in 1 fi inn:-' n,: ,i 'wmv' :mu 'ms ", mmlim 1 .nn ' W 1 , -.. Princess Prinling lnc. Handling all your prinring needs in a Royal fashion Kessler's Bakery We specialize in wedding and bir+hday cakes fresh pasfries daily. 233 Easf Main S+ree+ 42I-25I0 ierigfsa Thanks, Q' 'S A gibg Tornadoes . . . x For Allowing J Us To Serve QMQW DAN GLEASON by JACK BLESI Sales Represenrafives 216 SIv1ITH'S YOUNGQUIST'S BEN FRANKLIN BARBER SHCP Where You Receive Personal AHenI'ion The Fines+ in Grooming. 207 EasI' Main S+ree+ 638 Easf Main S+ree+ 42 I -8689 42 I -9948 .. . 'wif Servicing and Selling I'I'1e Finesf in Home En+er+ainmenI'. ZI Our Success is Based on a Personal Approach SHOP 'ro Our Cusiomers Anoka TI1ea+re Building 42 I -9955 CAM ETTE FABRICS We sioclc +he la+es+ in fabrics, pa++erns, and all your sewing needs. l9I9 2nd Avenue Souih 427-28I0 if KEHP' Q unnrin is gg:- LAWRlE'S FAMILY SHOE STGRE We Have 'ihe Besi in Shoes 'For 'I'he Whole Family . . . a+ Low Prices 2I2 Easl' Main S+ree+ 42I 9520 KEMP'S SU PERETTE Open 7 Days a Week 365 Days a Year 7:30 -- I I:30 38I4 7+l1 Avenue Nor'I'I1 42I-9998 217 218 A818 N O Ever 'lhin STAR in gilassg SPORTING GOODS G A+hle'I'ic ieams can buy our equipmenf af a discoun+ 4l35 C431 sggds Blvd. ZIZVZ Edd M S+ + 42' 8856 Y mv! RUM RIVER HCGLUNUS LUMBER GREEN HOUSE ' Quali+y Flowers - Live and Arlificial See Us for all your. Tropical Foliages, Dish Gardens planning and building needs. Cofsages 2208 Noah 2nd s+ree+ 42I 5252 5'9 Pafk Slfeef 42' 3307 ,, i DOWNING JEWELRY "We have fhe iewelry +0 'Finish 1'he iob clo+hing s+ar+s" I20 Eas'l' Main S+ree+ 42I-3205 MILT'S UNION 76 COMPLETE CAR CARE SERVICE I925 Ferry Sf. 42I-8880 The Spirif of '76 lives here. ANOKA THEATRE We Have +he La+es1' in Movie En+er+ainmen+ 420 Easf Main S+ree'I' 42l-I4I4 219 220 - -, PETERSON SHOES GOODRICH DRUG We have a wide varieiy , . Shop In comforl of fine producls d 'F + +o mee'I' all your needs. an yollr ee walk ou+ in s+yle. Ilb Main S'rree+, Anoka 42I-5540 I I0 Easf Main S+ree+ 42l-3433 . sz' S , f HIT TUNES BoB's WHEEL RECORD sl-lop AUGNMENT "Where wheel alignmen+ and balancing The beg? is a business - in 1'oday's sound equipment Noi a side line." I92O 2nd Avenue Sou'l'h 42I 3604 4l5 Pierce S'lree'r, Anoka 427 238i ANOKA READY ANOKA JEWELRY M Our waiches and jewelry are of 'rhe finesl' qualify. Our Producis Will Give Yo "SOLID resul+s" 2I28 2nd Avenue Nor+h 7l0 Norfh S1'ree'I' 42l-6930 42l-l850 -Ns! -4,mfvga14:n,g,fQ,,f, fulv ,em . ' v QUALITY CLEANERS DUFFY LUMBER DVY Cleaning If H"s Lumber . . . 6+ Hs 365+ Call Our Number 558 ESS? Main Sifeei 539 Pierce S+ree+, Anoka 42 I -456' 42 I -2340 222 H I CARL'S KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN "Visi+ Ihe CoIoneI" al: 7II W. Main Slreel Anoka 870I Cenlral Avenue Blaine 2I4I Coon Rapids Blvd. Coon Rapids Highway 52 and 3rd Avenue Osseo SODEROUIST S OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY We Sell and Serve Office, School, and Home Typewrilers and Adding Machines 235 E sf Main S+ree+ 42I-47I3 il 4 I ' ,,. . PETERSON-PINNEY HARDWARE Everylhing 'ro 'FII' your needs wiI'h our high quaIi+y and low prices you can'+ miss! I92b 2nd Avenue Sou+h 42I I650 TWIN CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOANS ASSOCIATION "TucIca bucka day away" Over 900 miIIion dollars in resources Main GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE The besI' in car care and supply E I Main S+reeI' 42I 8460 COLBURN-HILLIARD INC. The finesf in cIo+hing and accessories. To be in sI'yIe check our fine sI'ocIc. M S+ ef 42 I 2662 224 MEL'S BARBER ppl-EIDER OIL COMPANY Where Haircuis and Sfyling Are ai' Their Bes+ Meferecl Delivery Promp+ and Courieous Service K p F II S 2 d A ee U ef'VlCe n Venue 623 Pierce s+ree+ 42l 2:25 A EATING tw mis :mmm Gulf REDMANN'S HOFFMAN ELECTRIC Linoleum and Carpel' . When ii comes io eleciriciiy We will lake care of charge +0 us. every 'Floor s need. I9l7 2nd Avenue Soufh 334 Eas+ Main 421 40 2 42l-4670 A 8. W DRIVE-IN Our friendly afmosphere is a mark of our good service r""""f""1"N 'A W' - Highway zo A 42 I -9992 JUDE CANDY AND TOBACCO COMPANY Safisfy your sweef +oo'I'h! QELQYE! 70I Wesf Main - H y. I0 42l-0500 TONI'S FLOWER SHOP The Beau+y of our flowers canno+ be compared 625 E 'I' River Road 42l 3l23 225 THURSTON 81 SONS The finesi' in household Furni+ure. Three floors of selec+ion . . for your convenience 203 Jackson S+ree+ Anoka 42I-4702 RIVER MOTCDRS Come in and See +he I972 Dodge Cars and frucks. 650 Easf Main S+ree+ 42I 3330 ig x ' ' W' ' . N J , . .2 K ' 1 e XJ RAPIDS BLVD. Q Q5 Q E E 226 ANOKA CCUNTY UNION COAST TO COAST STORE OF ANOKA Publishers For: Anoka Counfy Union Blaine Life Coon Rapids Herald "Your dollar buys +he mos+ . . . and Anoka Coun+y Shopper al COM+ lo Coasln 209 Jackson S+ree+ 42'-4406 227 Jackson S+ree+ 42I-ISIO gfhsm T V, ' I will will' .f1,1.,.f'. M,-, ,, TH ERMO-SERV COM PANY 'FLA The makers of i Tum +0 Us inlernalionally for your known fu+ure needs Thermo-serv insulafed serving ware. 2939 Sixfh Avenue Norlh, Anoka 42l-2224 227 ANOKA Congra'ruIa+ions!!! Class of I972 DAIRY OUEEN DID YOU "DO" TODAY?? WesI' Mai SI' e'I Bes+ Wishes for a successful FuI'ure 44' 444' From The Anokahi s , 'c Ii 441 I 4. 4 ff' fs' . 'ig , . yi' N , 4 , 1 I . ,an as A 5 f I, nuanvagmssa U ' 1 L -k444 1- 7-kh':I: - x ' 4". . ' ' ' 1 228 Kkk. ., N . , ---A.., .,.L,.s:..L . . V... , 2 K .Iii A . ' 3 435 , PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY THE GREEN INSURANCE AGENCY D. W. ScoH 2I0 Eas+ Main S+ree'I Anoka, Minnesofa 55303 WEAVER, TALLE, AND HERRICK A'I"I'orneys aI' Law 3I6 Easf Main, Anoka TM: RS . T TIAL HUM couluuv Ann. runner eunaing 41-n z, man sum A,-nn, umm. sum MALCOLM B. AL N 421-4970 We Thank 'rhe Sponsorship of DR. B. W. BUNKER 2I5 Eas+ Main, Anoka if REFRESHMI-:NT EQUIPMENT Cold on I-lor The Cornelius Company 2727 North.Ferry Street V V 1 F A . 1 1 J ,N 1 7 L Q E 5 5 i K , ,- ,,,..v- v---r-Q-nw , A 'K - I ' V ...- Q ,, 9.0 Q K LV A K A - . , ,,f,,,f.QQMl" ik- W -Mi in " " . , V E W L 7 ""f'-Gi.. V- -W-.1 -, L I . M L " Q' 3-Q... -- ' -i.-.., h ,, - hiss I K K A ,b ', ' ' K 7' ' i--fz.:'w1,wisfA, W V . -, I """' - -.-' . "' ' " , tl I xamvd' . .. " Q j f s . A ' 1 V. ' ,---- Q . - A ' A 'v khkk. A v A W' ' , A - 1 K N V ' LW ' E A X Q .... : A - i... K f ,qu M, ,M - nw, i., :Maw 'J Q-ik. - L K i' ,,..,,l-,,,,,.,...Q ,, LQ., W, , W- ,,,..., .M..,,,-,,, M - . , w"""'l----M f' 'f 'Wim K N n 2 H E a. 2 E E f 5 Q Z a E J 232 .Y mv .,.-...,, ...v..., -- il Yearbooks really can't be appreciated from the outside. Being the people responsible tori summarizing an entire year of the events, hassles, emotions and trials that make adoles-l cents become adults is a heavyresponsibility and a nagging worry. ' E We have tried to set aside our personal prides andprejudices to represent Anoka Senior? High School fairly - we hope that our struggle has been successful. l Most of the administrators, faculty members, and students did not comprehend the huget scope of our job, but we would like to humbly thank the fantastic people who understood, us missing their classes, spreading layouts around their rooms, and occasionally being5 enormously depressed. l The following people have donated amounts of emotional support far above and beyond human expectations, and if this yearbook has achieved anything at all, it is because of, these people. l Mrs. Karen Brown, our adopted mother l Mr. Curtis Nordberg, who shouIdn't worry about it: Mr. DeLoyd Hochstetter, who was lenient and beautiful beyond belief l ' A Mr. Charles Faust, the, MM-er King The entire Social Studies' Department, who provided us 1 l A ' with a shoulder and a second home . Mrs. Kathy Jorrissen - who shared her room with us Mr. Milton Hysjulien, King of Nothing , ' "Doc" Milburn, for helping Mr. CliffWilder, photographic genius of the world The ASH Super Jock squad, just for not being there when we were Mr. Charles Hass, just for being there although wenever were ' All of the very special little people - they know who they are l And last, but extremely useful, the staff of the Anokan. Student Life Seniors and Faculty. Kathy Blascyk Underclassmen 'C' Deb Fiebelkorn Teri Hill i'Gail Ramsay "'Greg Vetter Marian Malowney 'i'Greg Anderson . 6 T - l Sandy Hartje Judy Mueller . Photographers Q . g Lori Peterson iigeb Sitorbe I 1 Sports au ia USS i'Melissa Blaskey .Activities Paula WHY Cindy Dietz 'iDeb Harrington Deb Feist Linda Oppegardf ' , Marilyn Hartje Staff Artists Dennis Harrington :i?jZbg5I?gte Business Staff M A' '3?fjigAeSG'g5 With love, admiration, and thanks,l gggggfhnjgfson The Editors Linda White Julie Quinlan ' ,, C, , , - W r Pam Hill 1 ' i . Iam. I think. I will. What must I say besides? These are the words. This is the answer. I owe nothing to my brothers, nor do I gather debtsfrom them. I ask none to live for me, nor do I live for any others. I covet no man's soul, nor is my soul theirs to covet. What is my joy it aII hands, even the Uunclean, can reach into it? What is my wisdom, if even the tools can dictate to me? What is my freedom, if all creatures, even the botched and the impotent, are my masters? What is my life, if I am but to bow, to agree, and to obey? Ayn Rand summer of '72 34 Class Cf I972: How strange Time is, and how queer we are! Time has changed, and lo, it has changed us, too. It walked one step forward, unveiled its ace, alarmed us and then elated us. Yesterday we complained about Time and trembled at its terrors. But today we have learned to love it and revere it, for we now understand its intents, its natural disposition, its secrets, and its mysteries. Yesterday we were a toy in the hands of Destiny. But today Destiny has awakened from her intoxication to play and laugh and walk with us. We do not follow her, but she fol- lows us. Yesterday we tore down the temples of our souls and from their debris we built tombs for our forefathers. But today our souls have turned into sacred altars that the ghosts of the Past cannot approach, that the fleshless fingers of the dead cannot touch. We were a tiny spark buried under the ashes. Today we are a raging fire burning at the head of the valley. Yesterday we were, and today we are! Kahlil Gibran "As long as there's another guy who feels as ridiculous as I do it's not so bad!" "Someone's going to trip . . . I just know it . . . someone's going to trip!" "1O:OO at the A and W. . .pass it On!" -ti "" ff-SH-fr"l'.-.eww -vit-Y E: f fl' -f 'fr ff W fir"-21 ' 1' Us ff iff 1v1?Wi-WM" W1 "2-222 " wifrfi2'v'flW:11f'f'ititrwitfiwiffffwwmmm 7:3535 "Yesterday i we were, and today we are!" '72 salutorians and valedictorians: Jan Sanasac, S.g Dave Enge, S.g Tom Bonnell, V.g Jim Abeler, V.g Cory Anderson, V.g John Torseth, S. "342...343...344..." Salutorian, Dave Enge, and valedictorian, Tom Bonnell, presented a dia- logue on ideal lifestyles during the ceremony. Honor student Deb Feist was one of many seniors to receive a scholarship graduation night. 235 i v 1 w 1 w lv as 5 'Hi 'we - 1 I F' N J we Audrey Nettleton and Doug Fransen, enveloped in the French atmosphere created by the juniors, sat out a dance. "Could I interest you in a polka or two, toots'?" Prom, I972 What a dream I had: Pressed in organdy, Clothed in crinoline Ot smoky burgundy, Sotter than the rain. And when you ran to me, Your cheeks flushed with the night, We walked on frosted fields Of juniper and Iampiight. I held your hand. Oh, I Iove you, girl. Paul Simon HAS soon as that photographer leaves, sweetie, would you like to see my etchings?" I . I ,M gd: 1 , , 'ig ga, .,'t,rr..f , -1 " I ., assi. 237 2 Boys Swung Into State, Caught 2nd Place, Girls Threw Enthusiasm Into Game The AHS Boys' Baseball Team won second place in state competition June 14, 15, and 16. Their conference record was 8 wins, 4 losses, Season record was 16 wins, 6 losses. Pitching statistics were: Mike Leadens, 9-3, Curt Taylor, 4-1, Bill Merritt, 2-O. The AHS Girls' Baseball teams, under the coaching direction of Miss Knute, concentrated on fielding techniques and anticipated improvements next season. "Harve" Merrick knocked one into left field 152' 1972 Girls Softball Team Coach Knute ,,, 1' wf'1r:fv!':sw -5fEfl5,2'f'???7!-29fi,f4w.!1wV 'ft yy f ' , 17 , , ,, ,.5,,:,,,z:,,,,: W 1" ' ' 7 ' ' ' f f H 'I 'Q ,A ,aa M G Q 'K ' Sometimes it was hard to tell the coaches from the players. Players Terry Castle and Rod Oppegard accept the 2nd place state trophy. Vx M phil ,5 1972 Boys A Squad Baseball Coach Dietz 1972 Boys B Squad Baseball Coach Moenning 239 240 Girls' Track Sent Two To State Cindy Wilberg and Lee McCloskey were the two AHS jun- iors that competed in the state track meets in the summer of '72, Team member, Sue Noon said the girls were proud of their representatives at state competitions, but more girls Y "Alley-oop! " might have been sent had more runners been on the team. The AHS girls track team won only one meet this year, but, said Sue, "we've improved." Donna Conger's injured leg didn't stop her from running for Anoka. How Onex Terry Nordstrom, Judy Klein, Judy Hoskins, Aleta Ftorrud, Ann Dehn, Ftita Carlson, Row Two: Donna Conger, Deb Nutter, Deb Ta Patti Hitchcock, Beth Pinney, Linda Bergstedt, Gwen Haugen, Jo mblyn, Sharon Horn, Sue Noon, DeeDee Molner, Cordie Anderson, Edith Scully, Julie Schalo, Diane Johnson CMgr.J, Debbie Sonnabend, Laurie Ftauerg Row Three: Coach Hildebrandt, Kim Horn, Helen Ftoemhild, Sherry Ftoeshars, Lorna Erickson, Kim Hedquist, Lee McClo Ftenslow, Diane Kulick, Lynn Anderson, Robyn Carlson, CMgr.J. sky, Janis Johnson, Libby Omer, Cindy Wilberg, Barb Yelle, Gwen I Anoka Trackmen Display Surprising S1'reng+h .f mel A I tsp ...,., ,M-uv.-.-v. Anoka nurdler displayed perfect torrn. ViCiOfy! Qiimitlfs it N , ,i,i t F' 3 xt .,M.W.Mmff::'-ff Once again Anoka triumphed over Coon Rapids. 'F Unfortunately, a group track picture was unobtainable prior to supplement submission, 24 242 New Courts Sent Rackets in Motion Under the direction of new coaches Ohland and Peterson, the '72 AHS tennis team utilized the new courts on the school grounds for the first time. According to one varsity player, "the new courts were a definate asset. Last year we had to spend too much of our practice time just getting to and back from the courts." Outstanding varsity players included Keith Shannon, Mark Schinkel, Don Vry, and Jeff L. Olson. if E, f 2 -Z 2 g ' If V1 xx fl xxx The secret of a great tennis game was having sexy legs. 1972 Boys A Squad Tennis Coach Peterson 5 f , .. Q 4 ' . Q .JT ' kg g 5 i i bu. ' ' . 1. .A-2' " sf . " K fb .2 . ' ii ' . 1 -W ei--s I psf- . If ff 1 i. g""' if iff ill- 1 231. .1 F2 i f A li? ri' Q . 'if A - 5' fi if f? i ii? 'El f' 'fl 121 ' 2 4 - - .r is 1 . - gg Q j jj f' H31 ,cj ,E 1 -if " ,L ia N: - 11 W .. V M - W 5, N K. k t f f 1 'E A ' - L . ,jg V f - ' ' . ' , , 3. r .- - . Q 2- 2 A A -- -' Q' f - :gy-z1 'zu...--. . f . , - I 'QM - .pg , an K fggzffw zw - .V-1 ' wa v' KF . .Jl.,."' P. . - mf kdgf, A -2 -, ' . V, ,- A ' :' vi f 'If ': '--9' 5 my , . . 1' ' " . xv .: ' ,. -- 5' if .... .Qu - L. ,g K K ., H fa, .- .f, ...Q-:H V ' i " ., m QQ K ,Hb ' A g, a..,.+,3 if L A N 5 - . K A , . . , . . , Q , . . . Q I f :fin-Q1 .S .A , , .. . K 1 if-M 144 4 . Thflfiglaf-g1i'?'1i'+-g4++H4 4+-Q-H-tibia, ' ' ,. ' ' 1 ' ,' ' ' .,.- 'fr fm-f 4-in , . .--"N ff.'.5.+"""'4H-f--H' 4- Q- 4-54 I. V ,TI 'Ty-51,m,f,sgJ53,Q,:,: . ....,.,.......,,,,,, 11 533:--f-3-,-.,,.,,...L.. .......,...., ,, ,, , gi -I iffa A A L, wma .5,.,5ww , ...QU , , . -M 3 .3.':.vr.Q,w+q..,,.,, ,' - . ' K . .. Q-f K -+ fi as - ,':ffQ,sgs1.f.-:.ig.vsef - - .6 H Q . . .,. 1.Sg.1IfiZ,l5I +353 ff ffv+-+4-M 4 ful.. . .Q 2 I.. . Y TZ 31.1 I I "1 N ' 'ANN rf '-fjj-4 f-'gg - f '- A K ' ' ., 1' MH- 'rw-w4.4-.,..,.5 ' H+ +-N Www-+4 fnn-M + a . v,.. ...,.., . . " ' 'W '-'vw 4 vw'- ,,.v,. W., r . . ,,,..,,,.,,f5w,M ff- ...UU , -1-fry-e..,,..,,.,..pfI-N-, Hmji. - ' I:-3 1 f vez:-Q-x,..:.+,5,.,,, g H NWN ,MH ' . N. , ,-. Q H . , . . , , , r T ' Vff +-+.:.f,-f-L+-4 , . , A,..n:,. v V +"' -If ... 4 ' -ff-4-f.. f.,.+ . ,,, , ' 1' ... ,,,.k. -, 1 ,MQW jf."ffl:-Kr-fe-1+++.If1,If.fffdff? -Q:-xv-...H.+.,fI.fI..ff.., I 4:-:I+-.,++.+.4, , .,, ,,..,. .. -+-.,,. ..... ., . -L.. ., , +4-H. , --HMus.-4.8f1I,QH'f?+'f'Hi-+f,.......,gf.j,f,1.fIff,j'1"?"' Q. .,.,.,,,:fY1i, . 'f L...- +....,, ..,.,4 '..4.?44, rv - 5 fw +.--rva., ,,,.,.,.,..,.,,. . " ""' ' . . , ,Q Q K i 1--w+5k+.4X .imfigfywffn-M...45.40111ffffffffl'' ' ' A ' 33533--fv 3f+f+N4I4f:II,:1.:31.1--+f+1-- . ......,...I,Zf1',y .... ..,,, .. .1rrkfrff-f+u,Q..,,,,,4M vdrvvm-,....of.....+ . "ff, .,..f -' M rv-,ws-+....,...,,.....,4. . '........... ., ., , ' -+. . ... .. ..'+""'M'++-- v+ 4-Q rw-frfaw.,..,1,.,n,m':?-'v+.a+... ..,-,...... 'ff' -....... "ff"-4'+++ f -N--.1 ,,,,4,n,Uw-,....,... .....,.....f. '-ffm, ..--"'1-Q -4+-4-4. A f 'fr--rffm... ,.......,..' ":f.......IH""f+o-ay., . . ,, 4-..., 4,, ,YH -+,.+,,, L 1 - H ..,.,,,M3,M ....,.,,H15f3. Q :LSL I. "Cowabunga!" Chris Evert, he wasn't. "-'sho-Af' V? . .. 'Fx . - 1972 Boys B Squad Tennis Coach Ohland 24 The Crucible: One Man's Conscience Alan Sorenson, acting for the first time in a school non- musical, stole the show with his believable portrayal of one man who refused to save himself with a lie. His "wife," sensitively acted by Pat Houck, gave in to the pressures of the Salem witch-hunters and lied in vain to save her "hus- band's" life. Meg McCoy, newcomer to the AHS stage, gave perhaps the most surprisingly good performance of the entire cast as the young seductress and accuser, Abi- gail Williams. Linda Hales was outstanding as Mary Warren, the con- fused girl whose testimony fluctuated from Abby's lies to the truth and back again. Strong and convincing supporting roles were turned in by Greg Schnitzler, Jim Harris, Flob Haywood, Paul Hagen, and Jeff Olson. Leading lady, Pat Houck and her "husband," Al Sorenson. "You dirty old man, you!" I told you, no autographs!" Funny thing about stage make-up - it never seemed to come off as well as it went on. l The Anoka Senior High School Concert Band On The Capitol Steps In Washington, D. C. A, W A, .. A Q- ,.., J pq A y 1. 1 g ggtwxlai L H ZQL sl xee- I3 ,, - n sg X ' - ,, - ' g ' s.,W ...W, ,. t' ,..., ....,,..1iQc.,,..' P- 'T ' A T T T :ee , ' '- is l ', " 1 .e., ,, , 1 c, , -eee so-M--2- l eeeh,ee , t Mfg Nl, it . a'nan:su'i1h'i'ii'v"-' Q'A- .-f':'1 me of - rf -' T. .. i t Nehhh'e 5 A e .ee c c , 1 ee.. l ,,.,Wt+1f c, , A , , rs SSYDYY K ' so , ,.., . M- , at T , is -T-A M., ,g T A .,xx - - -w-Mists.. . :gn . 3 A - 1- -,.- .. T. Ns. -.,,,. . - - A ,. ' f- '- - st g ,1e, g gJgiVfs,t1,v, l!,l,!j,!1,,! x' i gfg i .ir ,Z , X -' s s 'N 1 ' f it Ui gy Qxee as s A s flalllls 1,.t1.1.i,,i,ilQ i,j K 1, ...., W.. X... .... . .. . On the bus and ready to go. VV V. ,iw my Our Band In Washington T The AHS Concert Band left Anoka on June 10 for a week- long bus trip to Washington, D. C. The band played at Walter Reed Army Hospital, and gave an open-air concert on the capitol steps. Touring Washington with the band were AHS teachers Dennis Colvin and Greg Bergeron, and Band Directors Charles Olson and Ken Peterson. 245 2' , vm 2, :fi WWW, -my,f,,,. W-M ,W U CWW' A' ' W f ffl' 'V' ca H, ' 1 5 ,M 7 ,. N,.,, 247

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Anoka High School - Anokan Yearbook (Anoka, MN) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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