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W7 W Wi g fwf dem , f U Q 'xl if HEY' Wm 3 if Fl X f wb rf W + my A f L31 , ' ' V fg if , . vi 1- 2 A' emu f A ' QWWQ 119! va ISV , -, W '45 ' f ' c' jfY:5E3'1 ' 2 J" fl w i f , I' W X . fill ! .if ' V M 1' f' N H " , ' mw?W www ..: u,ywa3'wm? M A, vimsmmgmf: hw X n '- hhwk-1'x' 4 www -.W 1 1 w wwrmm ,! ,- M if 'R L X mg 1 71 anoka senior high school anoka, minnesota 1 1 -4 7X0 '-' ' J ,I Af ' ' - f . kg , 'AX ' .4 1 x K.. I 'Y I . I ' ' 'v 1 , . . 1 f . 1 - , 'X 8. .1 K - . . . , he , N 'V "L" 1. ,-Lx.. ' If . ' ' ' YHQNM - Y M gs A 1 .. , if .vfj-.,X' A f 1 A I '4 ifgkz. Q. ,QaQQf ., Li' ff-f,.:,2, k ' ,Q N 1 A P' ' L Q - 'X 5 . ..... ff K Lx-A - ,W ,-s 42 A ." drf'f'i- iz x "' mi. M 3 . +.,.--v-ev' I 'I f I, 4 4 A -x5,,L4A . .. If ,P A A 1' 1 -xfilr, . J 1 ' 1 - - 1 1 'X 215.3 A ' . 'y','p1'T: .fl K X A 1, ,.1,.'M-M .F ' L X , -Ar, 7531 I I ' A -.9 A :yy . Q A 1 r V.: y 9 " !,.f" . f 1 ., 1 A -- ' 8' A .f '1 . 1 i"7'w: .e K 5,.,f1gVfQ Q, L gt If J 1 'rfrblif mn ky 'i ly fi n N Q, - ,,.m.,t: V, K. ,L I KJ ,ki 152, 5 - 5 rt, K 1, A K ASQ 's .. 'Br A V L 'J' 5 if A fs 'QU gig , ' ijw,Q' ,, 1,.'if:M 1 - . K - If , ' ,g , W TN Y '1."'fw+f-' - 'W' A ,X V 1,1 sy , , ,, ,lc 9, a n-0 dh 6 ' kk,A fain- j 5 R i P ,j ,kk 4 ' ,!- , . N' ' ff 77? Aff I 1 ' ' 'x ' 2-.8 ' ' .ff V+. M - . ff -,,'. I 1, 1 - V -fi V , , D' xv, ' 1 V Q 8 'K 3,51 ,Lf 1 ' . , wif 1 ,xg , 1, 1 , ' f ,f . " . - , h, s Q X f A 'J 1 s V 5 s If ' by 'if' I 1 1,2 - TQM,-, s --A if ff 8' f',i"' Jn R 1 ix, x 113225 1, 3 1. t W, It A . 'a e' ,Rza 1 ' ,, 11 1 1 f , ,Q ' ,A . 'ggff' . In is: 8 Q - ' ' I 1 S g , 5 " , 821' ,ig ,f 83, Yf N5 21,2 f i+ ff- ' ,gf qs 28 1 ff, fs -- 1 ' . f 4 'f ,f',,,A ' - is 2 if i - 5 2 ' 1 fs 1 1 s i , wx V 1 ' ' f J . in A M ,, is 1 giilff 8 5 if fi, ' ' , if ,-ki -K keivyv ,X x V N' ' H if 4 'A 'sis ' is ,-. W. .' 1 ' e , "NX X viisxk l 1, Xxx X irladwis 1 gg, ky' A X 511 I ,,.1-X, x I contents student life 18 sports 38 activities 62 album 82 seniors 84 underclassmen 122 academics 142 life at ahs meant variety. variety ranged from studying for an upcoming test, to working on an English project, to gossiping to a neighbor or quietly sleeping outa study hall period. business law proved to be a somewhat time consuming subject for diane hiltz 5 52335 'Q Study hall? two journalism students discussed an upcoming article for the 4 school newspaper variety witnessed et ans Q . yum steffenson took time out from his studies to discuss friday night ,,,. ' becky perovich worke assignment d diligently on an regardless of how hectic or trouble- some a day might be, there was always time for friendship at ahs. friendship, an essential part of a val- uable high school education, was especially prevalent at ahs as students and teachers alike partook in friendly exchanges ranging from laughing over a joke, or square dancing in gym class, to walking a girl friend to her classes. promenade your partner" 19 " -mmmnpmmymnmm 6 how amusing-to say the least a friendly chat with the boys Uwmnws -me-we mwww MQW . friendship we ff-fe, wmv, Iss C lunch was tabled momentarily for an intellectual discussion f friendship in the halls of ahs was frequently shown as a young man escorted his girl to her class 7 ,ww "a time for activities" ahs concert band looked on as byron carling and natives performed a the concert band, shown here leading the homecoming par- human sacrifice for the student body during the homecoming assembly ade, was victorious throughout the marching season "a time for activities" appeared to be the winning phrase for ahs students. as the school year pro- gressed, school spirit increased, thus proving ahs activities a success- ful accomplice to school studies. constructing scenery for the production 'carousel' involved many long hours in preparation, but resulted in a superb performance. an office worker performed one of her many tasks the orchestra began rehearsing in its recently con- structed practice room students danced to the music of 'Showtime' making homecom- ing an even more memorable experience if '5' i 5 f, , il iii iii 1,81 E. ll, ' ' 22 llll Eff i S E' fin-A 'if' :W il, li 2 l 1,1 , si , s FE 51 5 2 ' : iz' Q , E 2 J l A s f l l i ii .urls 2 . llfi z l 1 1 E s i 5 2 a girl's swimming team diver leaped with excellent form 1 2 3...4.. sports prevailed as an ahs activity as is A t L k X .r t ,,. . sl "', 2 "rf sf . -Q e e y A , r is f K - 5 1 ' " w 21 t L ' ,gir:a1QQ1,. -S32 f 5 K t N .,, is ,Q ' x'--- -1 K- il 9 .. 3 , I N Q f f '1 l i to iii - 'tl' Af' l fs t , p xt' . W, A as ..,,. A'k'L l '1 fi A K , 'vim V' ' " if " . .,.-. . -egg' -sf . ' -i 5 iiii iii N'-gf""',4f-Q' gf t . M . W ' ,' - X 3.,,. X Q.-ff.'..W gs , J-.of O , .gg wma-T K an .6 K. "just a few more yards," rationalized a swimmer harrier hanley led the way "a time for sports" was always heard at ahs as the many tornado the ever present tornado spirit proved tion against our competition. in reference to sports, one sophomore football player exclaimed, "a really neat way to spend friday nights with my friends." senior boys considered sports an essential part in a well rounded education. action was always created by the tornado gridders teams challenged neighboring opponents. to be a successful weapon when in opposi- ll "a time for homecoming" sophomore attendent, mary boggs discussed the latest news the fall season at ahs has been traditionally highlighted by the ap- pearance before the student body of the homecoming queen and her at- tendants, all beautifully gowned and coiffured. the pageantry of that hour over- takes us and the girls seem to many of us not like students at a subur- ban high school but instead as rare visitors from another land. these girls are really students though, ac- tive and participating members of the classes they represent, so we have chosen to present to you the fall homecoming royalty of 1970 in "school dress" pursuing a normal day, october 8, 1970, four days before homecoming. becky leroy, senior attendant, thoughtfully studied her assignments 1970 fall homecoming queen, shelly anderson "i certainly hope he calls me!" kathy stack, sophomore attendant, inspected "creepy thought senior attendant, mary frank crawler," through a microscope "goalie" kathy geier, junior atten- dant, beamed happily over a gym victory junior attendant, peggy christian, listened at- tentively to a lecturer "a time for pageantry" one departing senior remem- bered prom as a "perfect ending for a high school career." for a junior, it will be remembered as "the most fun school activity l've ever taken part in". the prom dance beginning the fun filled weekend of dining, dancing, and picnicking was staged in an atmosphere of inner earth fantasy with john reynolds band playing the ro- mantic music to dance for dancing. in june, 1971 as numbers of blue robed ahs seniors march ceremoniously off goodrich field, twelve years of formal education officially draws to a long awaited end. for many it begins a time for furthering their educations, the draft, marriage, or just taking it easy: while for all it means the pursuing of individual goals N5 ..4.,, J f 1 hs 1 ' I ' .. ,, ,, ' 'il' . . K' rv ., ' f 4 K ' f . -ak I ' g HF X f aww GG: Q9'i-E' "EU E3 CEI' G99 UWB 5 2 5 fn 2 gg I 9 1 'sf-.."ff Aivy fl Jig' .a'x'Qf in W1 3!3f'ww,g s I' 'I' 6 No matter what Leo did, he always smiled. Leo de Silva, our AFS student from Brazil. The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost Here they come Tne typical teenager? An American Abroad! Ready or not? i . ,':ee,f:--. 1 f- . : N , t sei L 'X x K r H X 4 N A r g Q if r. 0? has--.. A Communication of all kinds. D 5 f, ff .ae Anoka's AFS finalists, Marsha Danielson and Becky Robinson. A s. The jumping atmosphere of June coming in, brought on by Nettie lDena Olstadj. Mr Snow iAl Sorensonl sin s to his future wife CSue Geslinj of - 9 outlined plans. "Strangely enough, they're all going in the same direction." l l He looks normal? Carousel Thrilled Audiences Billy Bigelow lMike Wallenj look young Julie's attention lMel Sonnen- bergl to romance. The sailors were really the clowns. Walk on, Walk on, WiH1hope in your heam And you'U never walk alone. You'H never walk alone. The Long as Ji You'd never guess there was a tree three feet in front of them, would YOU ? Anoka's snowplows sometimes got carried It looked like this every day at 2:35 p.m., for tlve in E L 2 5 ? an L Q away. ,,,, Isl ' ' ' .. .. , .. 1' lla Lockers showed that it was winter in more than one way. months. -ll 1 ara." 1' f ... hwsww i .a b t - 'w . f- ii i - fi l" A .I I agjifzgsssi X'J" . l 3 t M A w t H - ..,. ,... .... at h t . . nfw t t g if if' 'F ' ' .hh . Efa r f V r y 'f H X t A " 1 f t n n r t .c r , . 'F 2 rf' It V im . 2 15 KIV ,f X , y 5 ,J t ' t sl. 'V . Va V ,.,,. J V . 1 leg 2 or 'Z-1 w it' 11, L ,w1. . 7 E V xli'Aiw N M I t .1iw,-, U . t It 'zo 1 m ... . .. . . .ff "!A t ,, V . 1350 cans collected by Mr. GambIe's students brought Christmas to needy. W' n t e r 23 Al Sorenson was usually found in this spot while directing. 24 Une-act Plays Beginning at three o'clock, Tues- day afternoon, January 12, the sec- ond interschool one-act play con- test was held in the ASH auditor- ium. Much variety, among the four competing plays was shown to both the judges and the audience. Rat- ings for each play were given in regards to characterization, direc- tor's interpretation, technical han- dling, and all-over effect. Of the four one-act plays, Brian Carling's stood out for its original- ity. Titled, A Play, Brian wrote, di- rected, and acted the entire pro- duction. Greg Petterson, a junior, brought to the audience a rhythmic horror, typically Edgar Allen Poe, in his production of The Tell-Tale Heart. The major character role was por- trayed by Mike Youso. Involve Many New faces, introduced by Pam Hill proved their acting ability in Lewy Olfson's lntanta. This story dealt with true love, in the era of knights and chivalry. Joni Arndt swayed the emotions of the audi- ence, with the help of Larry Hos- kins, substituting for Marty Dehen, Jim Harris, Julie Quinlan and Lynn Johnson. The combination of seniors John Bergsten and Steve Henning and sophomore, Al Sorenson received first place for their one-act play, Zoo Story by Edward Albee. Al did an impressive job of directing the representation of absurd theater. On Saturday, Janury 16, Al's ASH team was awarded third place at the sub-district one-act play com- petition held at Coon Rapids High School. An accidental stab, then death All right, you guys, now remember . . Parties, Parties, and more Parties! Nite Life Bob Jackson showed his skill at Farreli's. E ..,, , go ! 'i 4 "f'- A- ,.,.... i 255i A! 'Ji NI a M" ,L 'L - ii, -',' ' z' Ei E3 r r rrrr or 3 I ' is ' 'iii . , -"' ,Q siss r ii 'r-' ---- ' r"' 'r'i ,Jig lf irss or .,--'-- Q 'Wg L,.. 1 ' iir'i is iii . Q , i .iii ffl, " 5 i .r'. rrrs i "Up, up, and . .. away! Night lite strikes again. What would you look like, lf you had lust eaten ten pizzas? School is only one part of stu- dent Iife. The outings, parties, and hilarious happenings are all ele- ments, which are impressed on a students mind. These elements are what make life so enjoyable. The gym of the Anoka Senior High?" Embarrassment hit the wlnners. Winter Homecoming, 1971, was a combination of many eventsg starting with a pepfest, which an- nounced the royalty, a week of fun began. At the end of this time, both boys and girls showed injuries, consist- ing of bruises and dislocated shoulders, to pride and to dignity from broomball tournaments. Something new was added to the festivities this year. A slave day erupted, where girls did boys' man- ual tasks. 28 The skit announced the royalty with a circus lulunnlneunnn Midwinter Holidays With students robed in various fashion, the tournaments began. - ,,,..5f:,,, -- my style routine. "Would Leo de Silva, please es- cort, Mary Zubu- lake." The last touches were part of nerves. They have sometimes called it, "Cloud 9!" 30 The Merry-go-Round finally stopped . . . Winter Homecoming! Queen Rose St. Dennis and King John Adams are The final day came. An afternoon pepfest offered a showing of the royalty, two danceline perform- ances, and entertainment by three talented singers: Dena Olstad, Pete Bauer, and AI Sorenson. That night, The Marauders pro- vided music for ASH'ers, in the cafeteria. It was a finale, to satisfy everyone's dreams. Attendants: Mary Zubulake, Marty Dehen, Jeannie Schmidt, Buddy Hedberg, King John Adams, Queen Rose St. Dennis. Becky LeFloy Leo de Silva, Julie Peterson, and Chuck Bune. What is she handing him, anyway? I wonder what they are smirking about? 3 2 Charlie's Aunt, A roaring comedy, quite fitting to bring in the spring season, Char- Iie's Aunt, put Anoka audiences in hysterics. The tale rolled through the happenings of two Oxford men, and the catching of their sweet- hearts. The problem was solved by "CharIie's Aunt". However, who was, where was, and what was Charlie's Aunt? Miss Dorothy Kuppich and her staff produced two performances of this humorous play. The shows of March 12th and March 13th, both opened at 8:00 P.M. in the ASH auditorium. You'll never guess what she was looking at! THE CAST Stephen Spettigue ...,.. Col. Sir Francis Chesney .... Jack Chesney .... Charley Wykeham .... Lord Farcourt Babberley .. Brassettlm. .,.. Donna Lucia D' Alvadorez .V Kitty Verdun . . Amy Spettigue . "While there's tea there's hope." Pinero Full of Laughs! Gary Danielson ..., Jim Harris A.. John Bergsten . , . Al Sorenson .. Brian Carling ,... Flon Butts .... Laurie Olstad ,.. Joni Arndt . . , . Betty Blesi Ela Delaney , Lori Younggren C- arlie lAl Sorensonl and Amy lBetty Blesij conferred with each Other. l do my thing And you do your thi I am not in this world To live up to your expectati And you are not in this world To live up to mi You are you, And I am I And if by chance we find each ot lt's beautiful. W A an ':, 'K IM,-5,.,, 1 , , f .,,, vga 'V ..,,. ,f IIK ,,, . 565-1' law ' "'Mk Qfgpw ,, . "27ifi.iTf', , :IV , ,,,.:.,' i ,. .4,,.,H,,..s,, -wmsvs-W , ...,,. ,,:,M,,1- --H My Q CQUQFYU PM an JW., :V E4 .,,. . Vrkk 45,1 N W Row One: D. Rogers, S. Blewett, D. Enge, Jay Bradley, J. Ruudlong, B. Merit, P. Ward, D. Asfaly, D. Liffrig, B. Lester, Row Two: K. Peter- son, M. Dass, S. Alley, T. Prody, S. Ward, T. Ward, D. Enge, J. Krenn, G. Zeigler, D. Way, Row Three: K. Peterson, R. Kent, D. Haugen, B. Hedberg, D. Wallace, J. Hoover, A. Wells, B. Way, N. Pratt, J. Klosterman, M. Talbot, Row Four: J. Sampson, M. Leadens, T. Mullowney, J. Hlltz, Dennis Minor, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Kropp, Mr. Blegen, Mr. ldstrom, G. Snyder, L. Helm, J. Klosterman, D. Landecker, D. Atkinson Row Five: J. Adams, Mr. Denn, C. Syring, P. Lindman, T. McLean, C. Lillegren, W. Hammond, D. Eidem, L. Sage, C. Snell, T. Plant, D Schendel, S. Sawyer. "Stan's Stickers" ofthe DOES W is , Q 5 if Y. 7 SN! .., -If wr 5 5 6 and Cheering Produced Scoring This year the cheerleaders, the marching band and the Twisters helped cheer the team on to victory. Along with the numerous fans, they cheered Scott Schlitz on to be the top scorer, with a total of 24 points. During the football season, Allan Wells, named 'tlvlost Valuable Player" by his teammates, was next in line with a total of 20 points. lt was announced at the conclusion of the 1970 football season, that seniors Buddy Hedberg and Allan Wells were named to the All-Conference Football Team. Along with this, Steve Alley, Tom Prody, and Pat Ward were named tri-captains for the 1971 football season. A squad football cheerleaders Lori Rus Renee Beck Shelly Anderson, Nancy Olson, Jane Buyse, Becky LeRoy, Pat Larsen, Rose St. "B" squad, Row 1: B. Bennett, F. Warhol, C. Durham, T. Berger, D. Bauer, R. Rahn, B. Thompson, T. Stover, M. Beckman, T. Stetckeck, D. Larson, Row 2: D. Larson, D. Moore, G. Veum, J. Redmann, C, Lines, S. Sorteberg, Greg Soreson. J. Williams, D. Merritt, V. Elleraas, J. Kilmer, D. Larson, Row 3: D. Batters, R. Wesp, M. Johnson. C. Gilbertson, T. Talbot, J. Davidson, Mr. Pills, Mr. Malcolm, D. Nickel, D. Vei- del, B. Hiltz, G. Newell, T. Wall, T. Buzzelli, J. Zimmerman, D. Peterson, T. Snell, D. Boese, B. Rohs, J. Omer, T. Vevea, D. Johnson, C. Taylor, M. McDonald, L. Heinrichs, D. Larsen, D. Olson. Steve Ward took some fancy steps Wrestlers!!! Co-captain Mike Simpkins Junlor Randy Rand Sophomore Rick Hiltz Sophomore Craig Gilbertson Anoka happily accepted the Gary T. Nelson Award The Tornadoes started the season with a game winning streak. They carried this on to 25 games. The first match of the year ended with a 28-14 victory for the Tornadoes. They followed this up with two victories over Foley and lrondale. Then we upset Hopkins with a 26-16 victory. Still undefeated, the Tornadoes met the next seven teams and needless to say, beat them all. The season ended with a disappointing loss to Albert Lea, the number one rated team in the state. The Tornadoes placed seven wrestlers on the All-Conference Wrestling team this year. They were co-captains Mike Simpkins and Dave Way, juniors Bill Riley, Randy Rand, and Steve Sawyer, who were named as the new 1971-72 tri-captains. The sophomores that were named to this All-Conference team were Rick Hiltz and Craig Gilbertson. C0-captain David Way Junior Steve Sawyer Mr. Malcolm watched Anoka attaln anolher vlctory. Row one: G. Norton, J. Miller, J. Hlltz, R. Rand, B. Riley. Row two: B. Clark, C. Skajewskl, J. Wllllams, M. McDonald, T. Buzzelll, D. Nlckel, Row three: M. Slmpkins, co-captain, J. Redmann, D. Way, co-captain, R. Hlltz, S. Sawyer, J. Rudlong, C. Gllbertson, J. DeJarlls Sophomore Greg Norton Senior John Miller Junior Bill Riley Sophomore John Redmann B Squad F. Hughes, T. Blanski, D. Nickel, L. Ploog, V. Warhol, M. Hambleton, L. Gilbertson, B. Humlbo, Row Two, M. Shank, D. Vielguth, T. Strande, D. Olson, T. Vevea, T. Martini, B. Way, D. Sauer, S. Mickelson, M. Beckman Cheerleaders Have the Spirit Squad Wrestling Cheerleaders: K. King, M. Blaskey, C. Dietz, "A" Basketball Cheerleaders: M. Sonnenberg, K. Castle, S. Wana Christaln maker, P. Wargln Squad Hockey Cheerleaders: R. St. Dennis, S. Anderson, B. LeFloy, P. Larson "Lm mj" Tornadoes Flated Tops Throughout Season I l l B. Fisher, R. Omhdahl, B. Hedberg, T. Hedberg, M. Ekmark, G. Bancroft, J. Hadley, S. Schwen, S. Alley, M. Kovar, Mr. Poole, 2, J. Martin, R. Johnson, R. Wesp, P. Douglas, S. West, J Hymanson, J. Wuest, J. Kapplehoff, B. Morrow, AI Wells, R. Berg, J. Blattman, B. Lester X Anoka worked as a team during the season Anoka scores again Jeff Hymanson was given som place his throw-up green ones. J. Hymanson, T. Hedberg, D. Baudett, M. Dass, E. Knapp, P. Douglas, S. Bolduc, R. Ander- son, M. Dehen, J. Hadley Puckster Power This year the Anoka Tornadoes were under the leadership of co- captains Ron Berg and Bud Hed- berg. They led the team to winning their first District 16 trophy. At one time during the season the Tornadoes were rated as high as fourth in the state and remained in the ratings throughout the entire season. The leading scorer this year was junior Steve Alley, followed by Bill Lester and seniors Ron Berg and Jay Wuest. Mr. Poole, the Tornadoes coach, feels that there was much enthusi- asm and cheering for the team this year. He also feels that this was the best team that he has coached so far from AHS. Basketball Attracted Gigantic Crowds Row 1: B. Rohs, C. Snell, S. Nordling, G. Kettler, L. Erickson, C. Lilligren, J. Hennesey, D. Voss, Row 2: R. Bebeau, L. Sage, R. Oppegard, G. Hlerlinger, T. Bergstedt, S. Ward, fcaptainl, T. Castle, P. Rahko, Mr. Wanamaker lcoachj 1970 Captain Steve Ward The Anoka Tornadoes Basketball fans started with, and throughout the whole season, had high hopes for the team. They were not disappointed. The 1970-71 season started out with three straight victories over Osseo, Fridley, and Columbia Heights. Cambridge, a very powerful team, was ready to hand Anoka its first loss of the season. This year our neighboring Coon Rapids had quite an aggressive team which was rated first in the state. They treated Anoka to another loss. This had to be the biggest letdown during the season. The captain this year was Senior Steve Ward. We had many fine juniors and sophomores on the team this year, along with the outstanding seniors, Steve Nordling, Steve Ward, Chuck Lillegren, Dave Voss, Tim Bergsted, and Greg Herilinger. I0 ' H-. W Tornadoes can be stlngy "B" squad basketball . . . Row 1: M. Johnson, T. Wall, R. Krug, D. Larson, R. Kleve, G. Elleraas, C. Taylor, A. Skenandore, T. Talbot, J. Kronn, A. Westman, Mr. Moening .4-"""' Veum, D. Merrlt, Row 2: P. Dunn, D. Boese, V. WW4 Up, Up, and Away Row 1: Mr. Berkley, S. Beaudry, D. Slgfrid, J. Blomberg, B. Danielson, Row 2: S. Bennett, G. Noren, M. Schafer, S.DussI, C. Zlebart, B. Bennett, Row 3: P. Roche, S. Antolic, M. Wilber, D. Mansk, T. Miller, T. Boyd 1971 Gymnastic Team Perfection is shown on the rings 1971 Co-Captain-Steve Beaudry A-q The crowd watched senior Phil Roche intensely' Gymnasts Learned WHY t0 HHOVSGH Around . B OU. 'th T Olson J Green T. Miller, D. Larsen, X. Simon, ROW TWO: N. Olstad, W. Lew, K. Jensen, R GHS "B" Squad: Row One: K. Sml . - 1 - '. M Lindgren z. Fang, ROW Three: S- Leonam' D' Wm e S Mapson, W. Bass, B- Padockf Mr' Schyma' coach .....Qnasxusau-.x.-nv + 1 x -' ...-..,fp-a.nan1q.wannum:--vnu-puma-.vnu A ..x...v.f-44:-nr: nu .. ....,..Q Q. .yi M.gwmwm l tiiitilWiliu!iDi!Qviih6!!UQi1li!!QiUl!l1liii5l6lQAdllttxS1Q wllxls M, Q..-Q--N..xufQ-vxfsnqvnfff.-9-ev.-+1-lunar-caps.-x.n.x-1.U.-Qu,-....,...u.-Q Q :rf L iiwwjt ,,,,1, nvu:+veevfvan-unounnnsaswsmunniafa 4axxauvvuvnnamavnsnxxwnxcuman4.ug4wqannexxx-newwe ' 5 ,1,.:f,, viii!!! 0i5!CIiliilitliAi Qitiillbii iii!!!iOQl8l0l1!OQ!slRk'I-USIKO 35 . ..,g ... ....,..Q ....... f-..,..n.u. i..,..r.Qxw yi.,,. fL,. .fr .-.... ,..a1 -..Quen.. .......--Q xnx- S,x,4,,,,,,sf, , nan svn. :assassin nfgwaxqms wvi .,.-.f-g.,.,.,fam- nun :naman nsawsaxx xxx nan A :asa uqnxns+v Y'- ' 'HM vw-H 'UNH' 'ga' f' Qgimgvyyfw-as Q lv H 4' ff5jjf:jffyr.,.u+,m9a 1 'fn ' 'if xii -- WF HAS, fi fwsgiif W' -fe , , ' " ' " ' .,.. panic ' 1 naive lf 'er 1.,.v K if a austin, n YQ.-'r ,se-:li 155 .Quinn xg' DD "Q Qu -1 f. Q sv sQva eil! N . - . .na .Q Q 'K N1 2 W-vweuaikn . una..---1 ......X1 ' wanna: "i'ff' v .nurse QB" Q 'Grove E H I 1 A Obit!! i are gg. . A ' WN n I I' Gvancv 'lieu ' asa an P.- . 3' r U . K, QTY- 1 The girls were quite active at AHS when it came to sports. This year girls participated in organized track, swimming, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading. There are many outstanding members of each of these teams. Seniors Becky LeRoy and Lynn Klonowski should have special rec- ognition for their work and effort put into G.A.A. and girls swimming. As an entire year, it was very successful for girls sports at Anoka Senior High-an area usually re- served for AHS men. Row One: Mrs. Long, C. Trosen, V. Anderson, L. Stone, W. Berghorst, L. Gesko, A. Albro, D. DeGroot, Y. Bennet, Row Two: K. Stack, P. Way, L. McFeters, D. Nutter, N. Becker, L. Shuh, Row Three: C. Fredrickson, M. Dehen, J. Hadley, L. Klonowskl, D. Becker, P. Bentz, P. Mellas Girls Sports Drew Much Attention Row One: N. Hasler, N. Olson, J. Sansac, P. Luke, M. Gaslin, J. Gab, D. Olson, S. Geslin, S. Adams, D. Flelbelkorn, M. Dehen, S. Flock, B. Bennett, K. Geier, P. Way, J. Johnson, Row Two: C. Anderson, R. Schultz, P. Hoover, V. Anderson, M, Dalbee, L. Bergsted, G. Haugen, S. Riley, M. Rindahl, L. Stone, M. Clayton, D. DeGroot, M. Redmann, P. Dankuloo, C. Dussl, Row Three: S. Albro, Mrs. Gustafson, C. Frederickson, L. McFeters, C. Johannes, G. Aschwege, T. Ekmark, L Weichelt, C. Troumby, C. Wilberg, L. Rother, L. Erickson, T. Spence, J. Neumann, A. Frisk, D. Kanen, D. Schneider, R. Peterson, C. Walbum, Row Four: N. Becker, C. Rosburg, K. Patterson, A. Domlno, B Peterson, N. Conger, B. Dickenson, M. Weidner, S. Steele, A. Mead, B. Conger, B. Peterson, D. Rosburg, M. Boggs, S. Helmer, D. Bouten . ,B W ii. . , . , . E., ., , .. ..... ,,.,, , Z, .L . , .,,,,,... . tt' 'T i N t ,.., 3 tg la! f Row 1: P. Cravens, T. Norby, T. Weiss, D. Hammer, J. Adams, D. Vry, M. Omar, D. Hablonski, M. Wallen, P. Clatton, Row 2: J. Wilkins, Fi. McCrady, D. Konen, K. Carithers, K. Bergston, A. Drews, M. Flosenwinkle, J. Thorner, S. Mitchell, Row 3: M. Dussl, S. Sweney, B. Kufus, L. Cravens, D. Durant, D. Elin, G. Sloth, S. Sanasac, Mr. Wanstrom AHS Svviwimers are Kinda Fishy Anoka executed some beautiful dlves 1970 Tennis Teamg One: M. Board, S. Hlllsirom, D. Vry D. Nlandlgo, K. Shannon, D. Pierce, M. Shlnckle, Two: Mr. Wanstrom, J. Martin, D. Minor, K. Peterson, J. Tondina, L. Hoskins, K. Notle, S. Harden, A. Drews, B. Danielson, S. Anderson, D. Hand Spring Sports Gave a Lift to 1970 Golf Team, One: T. Pflider, D. Enge, L. Sage, S. Ewald, Mr. Sentz, D. Halsey, J. Sampson, T. Bonell Two: T. Loehlein, C. Theisen, B. Zunker, D. Hall, C. Bune, P. Clayton, J. Bendix, S. Engle . - ... f ii u fl Row 1: D. Llffrig, W. White, A. Wells, D. Way, B. Erickson, R. Johnson, T. Castle, B. Lester. Row 2: M. Case, M. Leadens, C. Dletz, J Newell, S. Nordling, B. Norton, C. Syring, S. Ward, S. Alley, Row 3: Mr. Poole, T. Plant, D. Voss, C. Llllegren, C. Snell, G. Herllnger, B Jackson, Mr. Dietz, Mr. Manning, R. Gerard Nearing End ofthe School Year Row 1: D Kanutt, D. Bagley, L. Hyme, Fl. Beabua, E. Nougart, D. Wallace, F. Waldrof, Row 2: T. Larson, R. Greenly, S. Nickelson, G Ziegler, J. Nording, N. Pratt, Row 3: Mr. Moening, Fl. Oppegard, T. Prody, C. Anderson, T, McLean, J. Hennesey, B. Morrow ' r l 2 l l l l 2" S Track Ended the 1970-71 Sports Season Row 1: L. Shue, S. Kent, K. Ward, M. Nlckleson, K. Finimore, B. Walters, R. Beck, N. Olson, L. Omit, R. Johnson, B. Conger, L. Fltec, D. Conger, Row 2: B. Bennet, R. Dvavorcet, B. Bouten, K. Castle, G. Ziegler, D. Claypool, L. Harman, B. Belan, C. Gerard, D. Fiest, L. Erickson, D. Strand. Row 3: D. Becker, D. Olson, B. LeRoy, M. Dehn, C. Camp, R. Moau, D. Paulson, D. Febllcorn, B. Dickenson, J. Boyum, N. Albro, S. Adams, K. King, C. Nelson, Mlss Hildebrant icoachl Row 1: D. Rodgers, B. Tranner, C. Skaweski, E. Stelchec, B. Koske, T. Hanley, M. Baroni, K. Hammer, P. Ward, J, Erlanson, S. Fucha, R. Kent, W. Davis, Row 2: S. Blewett, B. Barnes, T. Spencer, T. Ward, B. Shoop, T. Bergsted, M. Dehen, J. Buhs, D. Johnson, V. Schoon, J. Klosterman, M. Johnson, K. Gallager, S. Schwen, D. Vielguth, J. Anderson, Row 3: R. Sewald, J. Stphenson, Mr. Kropp, Mr. Klendhoun, D. Hiltz, R. Gustafson, P. Lindman, D. Schendogg, S. Fictel, W. Hammond, D. Eiden, B. Holstrum, D. Henderson, D. Behr, C. Relnko, Mr. Dye, Mr. Johnson, P. Rahko. Row One D Vielguth D Henderson T Bergstedt K Gallager T Hanley, S. Fucha, Row 2 J. Erlanson, M. Trarlgy, T. Anderson, R Rand C Taylor Row 3 Mr Johnson R Jackson J Wuest P Dunn, L. Silva, J. DeJarlais. Cross Country Got AHS Sports Going The cross-country team had an excellent season this year and became the first from Anoka to go to the state meet. The team depended on a fine group of Junior runners to bring them through the successful season. Anoka won the Conference and District meets: and finished second in the Region meet. The team finished ninth in the state meet despite injuries and poor conditions. "Water, water . . ll' Junior Varsity, Row One: Manager, Gary, D. Merrit, T. Phleider, J. Bendix, B. Hagemo, T. Johnston, P. Ward, R. Miller, Row Two: Mr. Bahn, J. Norman, D. Petter, G. Petterson, R. Askinson, J. Washburn, W. Linde. Sexy Randy posed for playgirl Sports Roundup Leo Silva was awarded a Ietterjacket by "A" club president, Peter Rahko The grass is greener on the other side l l Flow One: J. Skajewskl, S. Kuelbs, D. Liffrlg, K. Dahlberg, C. Eidem, R. Dvorchek, M. Zublake, D. Fluble, Row Two: J. Gab, Wolf, N. Albro, Co-captain Pam Anderson, S. Stefanskl, V. Frank, C. Nelson, Co-captain Judy Klammer, D. Paulson, C. Camp, not pictured: P. Setterlund, L. Esklldsen Danceline "Twisted" Up a Storm "B" Squad Wrestling and Basketball Cheerleaders: M. Boggs, P. Dalhimer, C. Peters, N. Becker, Nl. Stone, C. Erlanson, G. Haugen, A Frisk x 4 4? Wigs EEUU QC? Ulf' Spanish Club Row 1: L. Weichelt, C: Agee, W. Ganz, S. Phillips, K. Mayer, N. Overdick, K. Leanord, J. Knapp, L. Welson, N. Albro, S Adams, S. Fteedstrom, L. Lofgren, G. Forde, B. Peterson, P. Sharpe, T. Wedner, D. Weikert, M. Bragelman Flow 2: Peterson, P. Moe, C Bostrum, D. Cook, A. Smith, M. Scroggins, L, Phillips, A. Millner. J. Greene, K. Qualey, S. Peterson, C. Farrier, C. Lundgren, M. Dehen J. Phillips, J. Paver, D. Konen, S. Olmstead Row 3: Miss Jackson, L. Trosen, J. Camarata, C. Eastling, J. Paulson, N. Becker, N. Conger S. Heck, C. Simpkins, D. Palmer, B. Klein, L. Anderson, M. Boros, B. Belien, P. Mandigo, L. Bergstedt, M. Clayton, B. Schuler, C. Fredrick- son Row 4: Lanz, C. Sebrell, S. Ward, L. Hales, H. Bauer, B. Johnston, J. Johnson, J. Undem, C. Reynolds, Fl. Hennessey, L. Davis, N. Olson M. Day, S. Althouse, T. Weisbrod. P. Williams, P. O'Keefe Spanish Club had a very active year. Under the 1 - - supervision of Miss Jackson, meetings were held at S least once a month. At the first meeting, Sherry Howard was elected President and Gary Ford was elected Vice- President. The Members joined Coon Rapids Spanish d h Club and had a Halloween Fiesta. The Club also hosted 3 e a Foreign Language Christmas Party in December. German, French, Latin, and Spanish members attended . and enjoyed themselves. A dinner at La Casa Coronado 3 n I r was also planned. Foreign Speakers were guests of the French Club. They interested the members by telling about foreign travel. Jamie Gab-President, Jeanne Stende-Vice- President, and Cheryl Broulette-FSecretary organized meetings and activities with the help of Mrs. Hoeft, the Adviser. French Club also planned a dinner at the Chateau De Paris. The Latin Club, though small, is unusually active. They produce a Latin newspaper that was so inter- esting in format that it inspired an Illinois school's Latin class to adopt a similar format. Mr. Scmyczak, the club's adviser, keeps the club on the move-toward Rome? Not the 'iMexican Hat Dance," but a French dance. Different languages created no barriers at Christmas party. The Language Club Christ- mas Party meant fun for all- not only for the people who attended but also for the peo- ple who became involved by preparing the treats such as cookies by French Club, bars by German Club, punch by Latin Club and a Santa Pinata by the Spanish Club. Later on they all gathered around and sang Christmas carols. The Latin Club gathered "round" to put their newspaper, ROMANITAS, to press. N.. . .M,'fm.m'rf VICA Row 1: G. Kroening, J. Bergsten, P, Peterson, D. Zelazny, S. Skold, P. Graber, Row 2: D. Boettcher, M. Wiike, L. Bias, C. Hayes, S. Johnston, J. Blomberg, Row 3: L. Klersy, L. Hoosline, C. Mead, B. Russell, S. Freeby, J. Stahlberg On the job training meant new experiences MOEA Row 1: N. Johnson, N. Pflipsen, G. Hughes, M. Brageiman, M. Skogquist, L. Anderson, J. Bebeau Row 2: Miss Case CAdvisor7, Mr. Neis, J. Rosenwinkel, B. Adrians, S. Lcrentzen, G. Zunker Row 3: L. Ecklund, S. Beckenbach, N. Hathaway, S. Branum, V. Countryman, D. Zimmerman, P. Maid 3 Vocational Industrial Clubs of America better known as VICA had a successful year under the supervision of Mr. Wagner. They placed second in the homecoming floats. Their president this year was John Bergsten, Vice-President was Tim Swanson, Secretary was Mary Wilke, and Treasurer was Dave Zelazny. The club at- tended a leadership convention in Minneapolis during the fall. The Distributive Education Club of America under the leadership of Mr. Crose succeeded with plans dur- ing the past year. They participated in a magazine sales drive with the other co-operative training students by which their profits helped pay their way to the State Leadership Council. This spring they held an Employer- Employee Banquet. The Minnesota Office Education Association Club, whose adviser was Miss Case, provided office work experience for senior students who plan a career in office occupations. During the year, the students at- tended two state organization meetings of the Minne- sota Office Education Association, sold magazines, sponsored an Employer-Employee Banquet, and par- ticipated in other school activities. The office trainees have made uniforms using the colors gold and green. VICA, DECA, and ACDEA Had a Profitable Year DECA Row 1: B. Swanson, T. Deans, B. Brue, J. Erickson, M. Shaffer, R. Colbert Row 2: L. Dryden, D. Tikkanen S Freeby J Funk S Naymaster Row 3: R. Lidberg, D. White, M. Schaeffer, A. Triggs, L. Huber Row 4: L. Bullivant, C. Guy, J. Selheim V Siolund S Kryzer S Wilson fNot picturedy u-nur' Row 1: D. Blumberg, J. Wuest, P. Douglas, G. Duerr, G. Stolp, C. Lastner, T. Sauter, T. Longfield, M. Nelson, J. Scholl, T. Peterson, B. Jochum Row 2: T. Way, J. Nadeau, space, E. Mortinson, B. Thurber, R. Hanson, M. Talbot, R. Anderson, K. Carithers, D. lsler, K. Alten- weg, J. Dehn Row 3: W. Olson, J. Katnis, D. Lemke, G. Sundeen, R. DeMaris, T. Dahl, M. Shindel, D. Peterson, D. Ronnenbaurn, J. Ed- wards, F. Hughes, B. Hughes Row 4: M. Hamilton, D. Hanson, D. Frey, B. Longfield, M. Brey, B. Dickenson, K. Baker, S. Hueseth, P. Webster, D. Byrdziak, P. Fernandos Future Farmers of America have been kept very , busy in the past year. They sponsored the homecoming A dance last fall and held snowmobile races to earn money to send a delegate to the National Convention in Kansas City. The officers elect were Tom Longfield- President, Glenn Simdeem-Vice President, Becky to Hughes-Secretary, and Jim Edwards-Treasurer. Mr. Hammer was this year's adviser and has been FFA's adviser for the past 18 years. Row 1: D. Schendel, M. Seeman, M. Leadens, T. Mulluney, D. Hotland, L. Hinrichs, B. Boynum, P. DeMars, R. Pipenhagen, G. Hagberg, B. Dehn, C. Fields Row 2: J. Erlenson, D. Stokes, J. Green, P. Douglas, M. Gillan, R. Orvls, S. Huebner, P. Gerster, M. Welsh, R. Moey, J. Strand, J. Blattman, J. Toohey Row 3: C. Schultz, D. Sterry, R. Omdahl, M. Gibson, J. Martin D. Liffirig, D. Dargis, G. Zophi, space, G. Sundberg, C. Bune, M. Mldlo, D. Hinston, Mr. Hammer Row 4: D. Renallo, V. Anderson, T. Johnson, L. Erickson, J. Flor, W. Mortenson, J. McCarty, E. Eden, R. Rother, T. Sende, G. Crowe, R. Johnson, M. Erickson G. A. A., F. H. A. Kept Girls Busy R11 Debbie Nelson, Linda Egelkraut, Micky Day, Laurie Jongquist, Nancy Conger, Pat O'Keefe, Denise Gerlach, Julie Braastad, Bev Hicks, Sandra Beach, Marlys Heidelberger, Cheryl Wahlburn, Kathy Finnemore, Donna Etnier R12 Mary Ghostley, Diane Lanning, LuAnn Fieteck, Becky Bennett, Becky Dickenson, Debbie Nutter, Judy Kiien, Suzanne Nelson, D. Conger, Sue, Alice Ness, Pat Larson, Janice Sanasac, Paula Way R13 Becky Tesch, Linda Bergstedt, Jillane Gillespie, Becky LeRoy, Judy Hoskins, Mary Redmann, Denise Konen, Gail Aschwege, Micky Dahlbrat, Roxanne Bombarger, Karen Eastling, Colleen Dahlheimer, M. Dehen, Debbie Borros, Jean Niklason R14 Carol Bostrom, Rose Schultz, Mary Gaslin, Debbie Lundberg, Dede Larson, Sue Kraabel, Donna Lind, Deb Schneider, Wendy Ganz, Sharon Albro, Terry Spence, Wendy Wells, LaDon Lundberg, Lucy Dahlheimer, Cindy Wilberg, Cordie Anderson G.A.A. had a fun year or- ganizing different sports. The President of the organization was Becky LeRoy, Vice-Presi- dent was Becky Dickenson, Secretary was Gail Aschwege, and the treasurer was Alice Ness. Mrs. Abraham, who was new this year, was this year's iills adviser. Every Tuesday and Thursday the girls played a different sport such as foot- ball, volleyball, or bowling. The dues this past year were a dime-an aid in the age of inflation. F.H.A. meant business when holding a meeting F.H.A. was an active club this year and was kept very busy in their activities. For Homecoming they sold Mums for a dollar to help make the festivities brighter. They also had a Christmas Tea for all who wanted to attend. The food and gifts were made by the girls themselves. This past year's adviser was Mrs. Neshem. Student Council, Library Club and NHS -- Active ASI-l'ers , ,i Za Student Council Row 1: P. Pierce, L. Silva, B. Strand, D. Halsey, J. Buhs, M. Dehen, B. Carling Row 2: C. Bune, T. Stover, J. Williams, S. Anderson, S. Alley, S. Adams Row 3: J. Johnson, M. Tranby, J. Long, C. Chutich, B. LeRoy, M. Boggs, Adviser- Mr. Wangsness The Student Council had a successful year with the Christmas Food Drive where over 5,000 cans were collected. Walking into certain rooms found a student surrounded by cans upon cans instead of the usual desks, books, and papers. Along with this they also sponsored a talent show in the spring which was open to the school. Still another activity was a special lunch which con- sisted of tacos for the main food. National Honor Society Row 1: D. Hingten. P. Ftahko, J. Houchins, D. Halsey, S. Nordling, T. Bergstedt, J. Buhs, J. Adams, J. Trosen Row 2: K. Mayer, S. Melrose, Y. Schultz, D. Jones, S. Henning, M. Nelson, P.' Taylor, J. Buyse, J. Newmann Row 3: M. Sonnenberg, C. Peterson, K. Castle, B. LeRoy, N. Redmann, S. Babcock, T. Boyd, J. Gab, D. Olstad Row 4: P. Wargln, J. McArdle, B. Robinson, M. Danielson, M. Rider, P. Morris, A. Millner, L. Phillips, C. Chutich The National Honor Society sponsored a book fair which was a success and the profits were used for two NHS scholarships. The NHS sponsored a tutoring program for any student that requested it. John Adams was elected State Treasurer at the State Convention. The officers at Anoka were Peter Flahko - President, Jeff Houchins - Vice- President, Lynn Klonowski-Secretary, Dave Hingt- gen - Treasurer, Diane Jones - Scrapbook, and Kay Castle-Publicity. The advisers this year were Miss Story and Mr. Dahl. Library Club Row 1: G. Winters, D. Fontilla, C. Lauritsen, L. Riley, K. Macheledt, L. Lacey, M. Spain, L. Mau, L. Gillund, D. Harrington Row 2: D. Johnson, K. Horm, L. Erickson, C. Perrin, P. Nesset, D. Olson, J. Quinlan, K. Geier, B. Hix, D. Zitzloff Row 3: J. Foley, P. Schuler, M. Bladine, S. Wiese, W. Berghorst, C. Swing, D. Pellow, P. Bentz, J. Giliespie, V. Kisrow Row 4: Mr. Hysjulien, L. Farrier, T. Shish, T. Rovin, N. Albro, D. Dushane, D. lmholte,'C. King, R. Austin, Mrs. Carlson Library Club Row 1: B. Hughes, C. Keyser, T. Held, P. Chicoine, D. Rydin, C. Clark, T. Graves, N. Tamblten, L. Erickson, K. Schultz Row 2: P. Swanson, B. Schuler, K. Jendro, S. Wilson, C. Bostrom, V. Vickstrom, J. Janikowski, M. Karpe, P. Hill, M. Paradise Row 3: D. Flor, J. Tollefson, M. Gaslin, B. Larson, S. Dean, C. Anderson, R. Schultz, S. Heckler, S. Brettschneider Row 4: R. Mayer, R. Overdick, M. Wick, M. Skoglund, S. Olmsted, J. Arndt, L. Duerr, S. Albro, L. Gesko Quiet! Please! The library was a very busy place this past year. There were over a hundred volunteers who brought the rest of us their services. Our new librarians, Mr. Hysjulien and Mrs. Carlson, brought changes to the library in obliterating fines, rearranging the card system at the desk, and shifting books so that they are all in the right order. The Sounds of Music Mixed Choir Row 1: D. Krull, S. Ernst, K. Eastiing, J. Ellingson, J. Gilmer, P. Morris, K. Hall, M. Sonnenberg, S. Row 2: R. Beck, L. Stoddard, L. Phillips, M. Kummer, S. Geslin, J. Lundgren, J. Knapp, J. Caine, J. Buyse, M. D. Olstad Row 3: D. Hingtgen, D. Johnson, M. Larson, D. Newton, S. Alley, W. Davis, M. Lastovich, C. Snell, J. Klonowski, C. Chutich, D. Hardy, M. Blaskey, Row.4: W. Nielson, T. Johnson, L. Soare, M. Johnson, M. Kovar, P. Halstrom, B. Nordstrom, T. Haneey, W. Collen, T. Miller, Fl. Greenly Choirs were bigger Boys Ensemble Row 1: G. Petterson, M. McLean, T. Renko, J. Newcomb, D. Hintgen, J. Hegvig Row 2: G. Danielson, G. Bass, B. Bowersox, I. Gilbertson, C. Giibertson Row 3: R. Greenly, D. Johnson, C. Skajewski, A. Sorenson, M. Wallen, M. Larson Were Heard by Many Althouse, B. Olson, J. Newmann, P. Wargin, J. Thomas, G, Lawrence, C. Crandall. S. Titterud, L. Tyler, M. Olson Conger. S. Anderson, M. Pauley, M. Carly, G. Ziegler, M. Stodola, S. Wiese, B. Hultquist, S. Anderson, D. Jones, Newcomb, J. Hegvig, M. Wallen, B. Bowersox, G. Petterson, T. Larson. T. Mullowney. G. Bass, C. Skajewski, L. Bauer, J. Trosen, L. Helnbrecht, G. Danielson, L. Hoskins, T. Flenko, M. McLean, L. Gilbertson, D. Johnson, B. and better than ever Girls Ensemble Row 1: D. Olslad, M. Conger, J. Buyse, J. Newman, B. Olson Row 2: J. Slende, P. Morris, S. Geslin, M Pauley, S. Anderson, S. Carty Row 3: M. Sonnenberg, J. Gilmer, J. Ellingson, M. Stodola, C. Norlein Girls Sophomore Choir Row 1: J. Paulson, D. Tangren, H. Stavig, K. Larson, J. Long, J. Pitenhauer, C. Myers, J. Welshinger, V. Lubbin S. Kramer, S. Gagnon Row 2: D. Pratt, S. DeJarlais, H. Roemhild, S. Nelson, V. Vickstrom, A. Nettleton, P. Blumer, K. Conway, P. Sprowls L. Lofgrin, S. Walker, V. Nohr Row 3: P. Lee, L. Hoffman, D. Stoddard, V. Freed, M. Danielson, K. Leonard, L. Erickson, D. Ahlman, S Wilber, A. Frisk, T. Anderson, P. Gily Choirs Sang Out to Everyone Girls Choir Row 1: J. Peterson, C. Sebrell, L. Hales, S. Hannenstein, S. Huseth, G. Manen, D. Holzer, L. Forse, S. Sund, B. Marquart, L Pearson, C. Reynolds, P. Nohr, M. 'Danielson Row 2: L. Lick, M. Seman, R. Strohmayer, L. Eskildsen, M. Weidner, R. Anderson, C. Farrier B. Bielen, K. Norlein, M. Boros, R. Carlson, C. Sprowls, R. Moseca, L. Eden, L. Morrs Row 3: S. Gordon, G. Sonterre, P. Dryden, D. Flavin D. Ruble, J. Theisen, J. Phillips, B. Klosterman, M. Scroggins, A. Nordvick, L. Means, S. Cherney, L. Maki, D. Gentz Row 4: D. Blascyk, D Blascyk, K. Koopman, L. Larsen, C. Underwood, K. Hedquist, J. Wagner, B. Hadley, L. Brown, S. Severson, B. Peterson, J. Schumacher M. Washburn, M. Riley, C. Gagnon The Choirs have done an outstanding job of sere- nading the school again this year. During the Christ- mas season, a concert was given when the mixed choir sang such songs as "While Shepards Watched", "O Magnum Mysterium", "There ls No Rose Of Such Vir- tue", and "Sine Nomine". The Boys Ensemble sang "Come Ye To Bethlehem", "Glory To God ln The High- est", and "Boars Head Carol". The Girls Ensemble sang "Hallelujah", "Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head", and "Pin a Star On A Twinkling Tree." A spring con- cert was also given where the Mixed Choir sang "On a Clear Day", and "The Impossible Dream" and the Girls Choir sang "Jean". The Choirs performed at Brookdale Shopping Center during the Christmas sea- son, and participated in the school musical "Carousel". Anoka Senior High hosted the Districts which were on March 13, 1971. The two all state choir members are Melanie Sonnenberg and Mike Wallen. Sophomore Mixed Choir Row 1: S. Sonnenberg, T. Stover, D. Larson, D. Jones, R. McLean, P. Mlndrum, D. Zimmerman, W. Richey, M. Houser, C. Taylor, M. McDonald, M. Fichtel, L. Johnson, N. Peterson, P. Rainboey, K. Wagner, A. Sorenson, B. Lundberg, R. Kravik, B. West Flow 2: L. Pettersen, S. Brecht, H. Engle, N. Marxen, D. Larson, C. Gilbertson, D. Knapp, D. Veidel, K. Sandoz, D. Petersen, F. Warhol, T. Olson, K. Givens, G. Aschwege, L. Farrier, N. Lundgren, J. Wise, L. Trosen, S. Phillips, M. Bergerud, J. Kielblock, K. Strege Row 3: D. Larson, A. Ness, L. Erlandson, J. Smith, D. Boros, D. Smith, H. Harthe, G. Winters, D. Zimmerman, G. Abrahamson, J. Schurrer, K. Norton, C. Soderquist, D. Springstead, M. Dalbec, L. Stoen, B. Nastrom, K. Stack, D. Nelson, K. Larson, 'N. Overdick, D. Bartz Row 4: S. Braadstad, C. Allanson, M. Stack, B. Marker, K. Sjobeck, L. Benjamin, D. Nutter, C. Bergstrom, J. Wilkins, P. Kramis, B. lngman, N. Cardinal, T. Bauer, K. Beckman, C. Walburn, S. Heimer, L. Parker. M. Shepherd "do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do" Standing Gvation Was Giver E Row 1: K. Macheledt, J. Buyse, M. Nelson, L. Huston, D. Paulson, J. Gab, J. Stahlberg, D. Stone, A. Nordvlk, D. Johnson, M. Soine, Rovi Egelkraut, C. Dussl, C. Buyse, L. Gesko, S. Heckler, W. Berghorst, N. Lundgren, C. Perovich, K. Wagner, Row 3: C. Anderson, C. Frey L. Anderson, K. Castle, K.. Olson, S. Babcock, N. Redman, M. Pauley, B. Larson, D. Bust, J. Torseth, P. Hitchcock, J. Scott, K. Norllen Schuh, J. Stone, S. Ewald, D. Mandlgo, C. Chutlch, D. Clifford, M. Wallen, D, Hingtgen, S. Sweney, B. Heck, Row 5: S. Rock, K. Howes pictured are A. Nielson, T. Whlte, D. Bohanon Row 1: P. Hoover, S. Kraabel, J. Braastad, D. Stoddard, M. Clayton, H. Stavig, B. Carlson, S. Heimer, K. Hennessey, C. Perrin, J. Klelblock, Row 2: H. Smith, D. Witt, C. Culver, D. Linge, D. Trettin, M. Wilberg, Fi. Bombarger, C. Johnston, L. Egelkraut, C. Flosburg, C. Lewrenz, Forde, K. Strege Row 3: P. Mandigo, D. Reedstrom, B. Stack, B. Gilbraith, N. Lanz, M. Fedje, D. Landecker, E. Kittleson, B. Flohs, C. Anderson Row 4: D. Olson, D. Durant o Music Department : M. Sonnenberg, C. Lynch, P. . Butts, B. Larson, L. McCrady Olstad Row 4: M. Bergerud, Phillips, Mrs. B. Melting tdirectorj, C. Kemp, J. Olson, D. Vry, not N. Nelson, J. Wlse K. Schroeder, G. Bergstrom, C. ls this the way the music ls supposed to sound? Helm, M. Holm, K. Knapp, L. Weichelt, A. , G. Nelson, L. Svare, D. Johnson, K. Graber, P. Soine, S. Hackbarth, D. Fieblekorn, L. Innovations were noticed in both band and orchestra. The bands were divided differently this year so that their titles now include the Concert Band, the Symphony Band, the Varsity Band, and the Cadet Band. Anoka had two all- State Band members this year who are Laurel Anderson and Dave Hingtgen. This year was one the Orchestra could be proud of. They featured the Balazs Quintet from the Minnesota Orchestra who participated in the AHS Orchestra Concert. At the end of the program the Balazs Quintet and the AHS Orchestra joined together in playing "Camelot". Some of the other pieces which the orchestra played were "Water Music Suite", "Russian and Ludmilla", "St, Paul's Suite", "The Last Spring", "Waltz of the Flowers", and "Tales From the Vienna Woods". Some of the mem- bers also participated in the orchestra for the musical "Carousel". The members of the Or- chestra Council were Doug Johnson as Presi- dent, Kent Howes as Vice-President, Jane Buyse as secretary, Claudia Dussl as Treasurer, and Marlette Nelson, Betsy Larson, Cathy Chu- tich, and Jeff Olson as representatives. Anoka has three all-State Orchestra Members this year who are Jeff Olson who is a sophomore on string bass, Cathy Chutich who is a senior on french horn, and Jamie Gab who is a senior on viola. The director of this year's orchestra was Mrs. Melting. .MLA we-" r i i i 3 3 l mt ' K Concert Band Row 1: L. Anderson, M. Mongan, S. Melrose, B. LeBoy, J. Newman, K. Larson,, J. Tendle, P. Spohs, D. Connett, L. Anderson, L. Erickson, S. Geslin, S. Ewald, G. Danielson, D. Mandigo, M, Carty, C. Chutich, B. Bobinson, M. McLaughlin, T. DeLong, S. Aschwege, Bider, C. Hubbard, G. Ziegler, T. Connell, T. Boyd, D. Clifford, M. Anderson, M. Wallen, W. White, D. Feist, D. Grosslein, D. Legrid, B. Gilbertson, B. Higemo Row 4: S. Wanamaker, D. Peterson, L. Kreblock, K. Jenson, C. Dietz, S. Dussl, D. Stone, P. Forstad, M. Larson, P. son, J. Hoover, J. Houchins. D. Hintgen Row 5: K. Castle, P. Downing. K. Chamberlin, D. Hiltz, P. Budrud, B. Olson, C. Johannes P. Bahko, D. Bohanon. D. Strand. K. Howes, B. Kufus, L. Farrier, S. Babcock. L. Schultz, C. LaSalle, P. Luke, S. Leonard, D. Larson, B. A Time for Celebration Symphony Band Row 1: K. Macheledt. J. Johnson, C. Miller, D. Trenttins, K. Kopecky, B. Pesovich, B. Johnson, L. Erlanson, L. Farwixk, Hedquist Row 2: G. Haugen, B. Tesch, T. Spencer, M. Thoe, G. Anderson, B. Omen, W. Collien, B. Peterson, J. Newman, B. Peterson, A. son, A. Heim, D. Boros, A. Mead, S. Biggs, D. Schroder, D. Conger, P. Farwick, J. Budud Row 3: J. Sha, J. Olberg, J. Cameron, B. Jendro, M. Conger, L. Harmon, L. Lilligren, L. Eskelson, D. Knapp, D, Jameson, D. Dosedel, J. Washborn, B. Beedstrom, M. Shank, J. Fishtale, B. Lundberg, J. Wolf, D. Becker, T. Beed. B. West, B. Benson Row 4: L. Johnson, M. Karpe, B. Bother, B. Germanson, B. Glenn, Sanerud, S. Phillips, D. Pinewski, B. Merritt, N. Johnson, W. Lindy, M. Tranby, D. Merritt, Skenandore, C. Gilberston, L. Erickson, N. Skoglund, S. Gilbert, J. Zimmerman, D. Olsen, Mr. Peterson 2 B l J. Ducommen, K. Olson, S. Kent, B. Larson Row 2: B. Cleator, M. Shepard, M. Pauley, D. Behs, M. McMahon, D. Halsey, G. Crowe Row 3: M. Dehen, J. McArdle, K. Sjobeck, C. Wagner, M, Klein, P. Trites, M. Johnson, J. Newcombe, S. Johnson, J. Essig, C. Fredrickson, D. Littlefield, L. Lund, R. Dobratz, B. Sewald, A. Drews, J. Steffenson, B. Heck, S. Sweeney, S. Banke, K. Peter- Mellas, D. Hogie, L. Phillips, J. Schmidt, C. Flansburg, R. Kohout, T. Hannish, M. Schaffer, P. Larson, B. Bulen, J. Williams, K. Ward, T. Von der Lippi, M. Zubulake, P. Setterlund L. Onit, D. Mix, J. Wood, K. Dehn, L. Bergstedt, B. John Macamm, L. Lofgren, K. Hedvig, A. Sorenson, D, ,- T. Patchen, P. Hewit, R Cardinal, R. Kravick, M. The bands under the direc- tion of Mr. Olson and Mr. Peterson brought Anoka a time for celebration. At the "October-fest" in LaCrosse, Wis., the halftime band re- ceived 1st place for their per- formance. This was the first time the band entered the halftime competition. For the 3rd year in a row, the band won 1st place for their march- ing ability. The bands partici- pated in the performances of pepfests, during the halftime at football and basketball games, wrestling matches, and hockey games. Cadet Band Flow 1: P. Bentz K. Kirchner, C. Milberg, M. Colbjorn- son, D. Peterson , D. Tasler B. Thurber Row 2: J. Collette, D Schneider, P, Johnson, C. Lundgren C. Scott, J. Stone Row 3: S. Peter- son, R. Koopman, K. Kruger, R Johnson, B. Kinduall, N. Belker i A Time to Dance Dance Line on parade! The Anoka Twisters put on some outstanding performances for the student body again this year. With some variation of the standard uniform the Twisters came up with different outfits for each appearance. To raise money they sold maroon and white pompoms which sold for 35 cents apiece. Practice was long and strenuous, but the results were fantastic when they performed to tunes such as "Winter Wonderland", "Swing March", "Basin Street Blues," "March of the Q- Balls," and "Goody-Goody". This year's adviser was Mrs. Gustafson who brought out the talents of the girls. The Twisters had long hard hours of practice. What time was it? Anokahi members worked hard. Anoka High Publications Were Exceptional Debbie and Todd helped work out problems. The Anokahi staff was successful this year in putting out an out- standing school paper. Various polls were taken of the students in the school, and controversial topics were presented. Editors Peggy Taylor and Mary McMahon worked their staff long and hard so that it would be possible for them to get an issue out to the mem- bers of the school each month. This year's adviser was Mrs. Jorrisen. The Anokan staff members tried to carry out some different and new ideas this past year. Quotes were taken from students and used in the Student Life Section, and words from a song, "Turn, Turn, Turn", were used for the theme of this year's book. Long tedious hours were spent working on the annual by the entire staff where Todd DeLong and Debbie Fontilla attempted to straighten out some of the many problems that came about. Mrs. Brown was this year's adviser and Mr. Nordberg was this year's business adviser. .-1-"iT r EF S staff? Z' Qin 52' Alf Looks like they sold some annuals. Student Congress, under the di- rection of lvlr. Gamble, had the op- portunity to make the club a learn- ing experience. The purpose of this is to learn parliamentary procedure, to develop a speaking ability, and to discuss current national and inter- national affairs. The students them- selves assumed the role of senators or representatives and debated the issues and answers. The members of the Anoka Senior High Student Congress were Patti Tanner, Col- leen Lagerquist, Kathy Knapp, John Cotten, Deb Olson. Gail Ramsey, Kathy Olson, Pat Houck, Pam Bloc- ker, and Tim McLean. They have attended sessions at places such as St. Anthony, St. Agnes, Hill High, White Bear Lake, and Coon Rapids. Congressional duties-serious business Interesting projects were arranged The Science Fair was the major event which consisted of time and work in preparation. Last fall, an Environmental Cleanup was attempted where the Ftum Fliver became the center of attention. A trip to Rochester to tour the Mayo Clinic was a chance for the group to relax awhile. After all the work, a Gym Night was made available where activities such as swimming and toboganning took place. The officers for the club this year were John Klersy-President, Ken Hammer-Vice President, Stef- fanie and Chris-Secretary, Sarah-Treasurer, Pat Jorlin-S.F.C., Dave Fleischner-Wildlife, and Eldon Gath-Chief Historian. The advisors were Some of the ones are the by the Biology Club this past year. Mr. Boege, Mr. Berekle, Mr. Bradley, and lvlr. Johnson. ,Mi Speaking Or Dissecting! helping hands of Biology Club. I wonder which creatures? Political Clubs Provided an Insight on Politics YGOP researched the issues-and made it a gala affair. Listening to lectures was an educationally beneficial part of YDFL The Young Republican League of Anoka Senior High had a part in the elections that took place this past year. Literature drops were distributed, and having the oppor- tunity to meet with a few of the candidates was fun and interesting also. A guest speaker was brought in later in the year, whose position was Chairman of T.A.R. and who spoke about this organization. Ac- tivities such as broomball, volley- ball, and a retreat were the centers of recreation for the group. The of- ficers this year were Steve Henning -President, Steve Sweney-Vice President, Debbie FontiIla-Secre- tary, and Betsy Hultquist-Treas- urer. The adviser this year was Mr. Colvin. YDFL kept its opposition running this year. Officers Debbie Durham, president: David Sundeen, vice- presidentg and Sue Hackbarth, secretary-treasurerg kept the group moving. The mayor of Anoka, Elliot Perovich, addressed the group with the main topic being the Ham Lake Airport. A recreational activity such as bowling gave the group a time out from their chores. Other pro- iects, which were pursued by the group were a bake sale, pollution movies and a cleanup of local facilities. The advisor for the group was Mr. Bell. E 53 EQ EDU329 4 ' Ni M M x V . ., .i K, k A Y . Q fl Q, Ka. ,Of W" an ,,, W John Adams Rick Adams Barb Adrlaens Cynthia Agee Sue Althouse Laurel Anderson Leslie Anderson Linda Anderson Pam Anderson Rosemary Anderson Class of 70-71 Shelly Anderson Stacie Anderson Sue Anderson Steve Antolick Joni Arndt Jayne Arvin Sue Aschwege Theresa Asfaly Robbie Austin LuAnn Axvig Sue Babcock Ken Baker Bobin Baker Betty Ball K t i" 5 ii r "W" W. 'R Barbara Bauer You could always tell a senior by his warm smile. Peter Bauer Gary Bass Helen Bauer Bill Baum Steven Beaudry Judy Bebeau Sue Beckenbach Janice Beckman Becky Bennett ,J 9. gif M32 ? , ' Z a x ai B Q B me AA', . Z '.f, f B e z il Jan Bennett Mlchael Berg Ron Berg Lowana Bergeman Timothy Bergsledt Bruce Bernu Lynn Bias James Blegler LaVonne Bimberg Jerald Blxby I G ra d u at I o n Dan Blanchette Debbie Blascyk Diane Blascyk Jon Blattman Shannon Blesi John Blomberg Don Bloomberg Sandy Blue Mark Board Brent Boettcher vera!! w Qh' ,,, W7 'wr-f waqlef Dennis Boettcher Carla Bolduc Charles Boller Cathy Bolster Dave Bormes -fn., 'uf 'v""""" WT? Fred Bowers Robert Bowersox Thomas Boyd JoAnn Bradway Margie Bragelman "lt's About Time!" if M C f Am. Sue Branum Lynne Brennan Melody Brodt Christopher Brooks Cherlyn Brouelette YZT'37 Louann Brown ,ff-1 Brent Brue Jeff Buhs Charles Bulen - Linda Bullivant AI Walks on the Moon Chuck Bune Jane Buyse Seniors were admired for their enthusiasm. Diane Byrdziak JIII Caine Steve Cameron Chuck Camp Brian Carling Jean Carlson Greg Carpenter Mark Case Kay Castle Vern Chalich Kay Chamberlain Sue Cherney and Seniors Walk Gut 1.15 i. Q.: in V Ji i 1 J Connie Chrlssis Ron Christensen Catherine Chutich Cathy Clark Patrick Clayton 'CHP MQW. QNWFS' N. ,LZ ...A .. ft Q., tt if . Warren Cleator Daniel Clifford Ron Colbert Nancy Colbjornsen Barb Conger gi Aff Diane Connett Vicki Countryman Darlene Cook i ini' Tom Craig Tee hee hee! 'YPD-luunnf Jerry Cramblitt Bob Crawford Richard Crawford Thomas Crossman Steve Croteau X, 7 -ij N-JI? Kathleen Culver Thomas Dahlberg Gerard Dahlheimer Jean Dahlheimer Lucy Dahlheimer Seniors Bid Farewell to - Sir f Q-if M Sharon Dalland Marsha Danielson Michael Dass Diana Daun Michelle Day Tom Deans Many Dehen Bruce oenn Michael oenn Jeff oeiariais 3 ai Todd DeLong Rick Delviarais Pat DeMars Jeff Denny Rebecca Dickinson We fa aff f ,D x QT ,iiJi, ,i, , W ? y yyfa y ' icn it Carol Dinzl Dan Downing Pam Downing Richard Drechnik Alan Drews Fifth and Washington 4--A V., Lynda Dryden Joanne Ducommun Steve Dusosky Steven Dussl Karen Eastling V97 Q-www Laurie Ecklund Linda Eden Anita Edwards Jim Edwards Kay Ehrmantraut Doug Eidem Dennis Elin Lynn Enge Scott Engle Brian David Erickson Richard Erickson Jeff Erikson Dean Falck Pat Farstad Terrie Fearing Mini or Midi? Nancy Fennema ' 5' ., 5- "95H!Qi, ' V. V,,,, 3 , Karen Fischer Steve Fichtel Lenny Fields LuAnn Fietek Brent Fischer Patrick Fischer Roxanne Fischer Cyril Fiansburg Denise Fiavin Larry Flor Deborah Fontilla Laurel Forse Theresa Foster ,, ,,. A, , ,,,, Mary Frank ' . ,.,,. r ga 4? W YQ W Carol Frederickson Lawrence Free Sandi Freeby Shari Freeby Dwon Frey Strai ght or Flared? pam. "When I grow up I wanna be a hockey player." L Jenean Funk Stephen Fuqua F rerr Q gg , ,W . '92 ' 1 ,,, Ae, . f Jamie Gab Charlotte Gagnon Senior Girls Cried Thru Patricia Gangl Brad George Rick Gerard Mark Gibson Lance Gilbertson Steve Gilbertson Mike Gillan Leslie Gillund Joyce Gilmer Neal Godfrey Thomas J. Gow Philip Graber Dave Grams Debbie Grant Becky Graves ,I ,. if are rf' 2 E ,J Jan Greene Kevin Groess Mark Grundman Mary Guimont Cheri Guy Love Story V- - WV , af rf wma-Y Q37 James Hadley Kathi Hall Bradley Hallstrom David Halsey Lawrence Halverson Y""!' "T""'Qf K if 'TSB' "Qi," w-337 :wif . ,.,, Doug Hamm Ken Hammer Richard Hammer Wayne Hammond Donald Handy "T'j',-77 ,PN Donna Hansen Randy Hanson if 'X -V Roger Hanson Ray Harris s-.15-yr "l'll see that and raise you twenty-five." !!?'1'9w Nancy Hathaway Patrick John Hatten Keith Hawklnson Dennis Heath Sheila Heavey Buddy Hedberg Judy Hedin Mary Heitzman David Henderson Steve Henning Term Papers Were Donna Herrboldt -., 'if' 1 :z myi.12',.::tray-qi-:,A:,-IV1., ff 2. v,,W, gg, ,xg to it Dave Hingten H Greg Hierlinger Scott Hillstrom Diane Hiltz Jim Hiltz Bev Hoffman Gary Wayne Hoffman Debbie Hogie David Holland Marcia Holm Brian Holmstrom r Art Holt Doretta Holzer Laura Hoosllne Linda Jo Hoosline Jim Hoover Lawrence Hoskins Gary Hostetler J. P. Houchins Gbstacles for Seniors Lorna Houle Kent Howes Renee Hulne Betsy Hultquist '- f N ' . Lynnette Huber Janet Huebner Gayle Hughes Michelle Huseth Linda Huston Dave Isler Seniors Finally Got What Pat lsler Frank Jirasek Claire Johannes Kelly Johanser- Zi. h Bruce Johnson Dave Johnson Dennis Johnson may Q i "Um, um A li li ii iii liii :iif J A ,.,, oiiii lm Doran Johnson Douglas Johnson Jill Johnson Broomball They Wanted good!" ,1e-4ff,-H, f ' 'fe 'we' f ,J iyf ,,.,, iii is 'f ' V K- K "i2f:,f ,, f E f, A af - 'f ff! S ,, 4 anyone? John Johnson Mike Johnson Nancy Johnson Pat Johnson Steve Johnson Tim Johnson ' seo is Sharon Johnston Diane Jones Dorcas Keillor ,nv ,wl9F"'FK f . 3- i zy. Mike Kemp Jim Kepler Vickie Kettlewell Lori Kielblock Lynnetle Kinney Yvonne Kisler f Luana Klersey Lorna Kliever Lynn Klonowski Debbie Klammer John Klersey Barbara Klosterman Julie Knapp Some Seniors Specialized Kathy Knapp Jerry Kroening Dennis Krueger Sue Kryzer Laurie Kucheska inw- k L Thelma l-3f1Qf19" Diane Lanning Michael LaPenotiere Colleen Lagerquisi H30 309 Lana Larsen Betsy Larson Patricia Larson Robert Larson Chris LaSalle Gloria Lawrence Jean Lawrence Rick Lee Walt Leeb Linda Leel I I i n D et e nt i o n Mike Lefler Karen Lemke Rick Lemke Cary Lene Scott Leonard Becky LeRoy Fflanona Lidberg Dave Lillrig Debbie Lifffig Dave Lilley if 1 1 'ii wg, Chuck Lilligren Peter Lindman Denise Littiefield Linda Livgard Sennor Athletes Proved 'A' y f' 1 ,522 wr aw:- F We We J we 1 Dave Loken TOITW LOr'1gfi9Id Stephanie Loremzen y s Nancy Lutgen Gary Magnuson Peggy Maid Dennns Mandlgo Dan Mansk ff!!! Rich Mapson Julie McArdIe Elaine McCalIa 25+ Barbara Marquart Barb Martin Jim McCarty Their Strength Mike McLean James Martin , My J 335 4 err Linda McFeters Kathleen Mayer Jeffrey McGraw . .X Mary McMahon Christine Mead Roxanne Mead Patty Mellas 'KTWWL rerr We an ,,., MM , Z li 74775 Ja, ,J If Sue Melrose Debbie Miller John Miller Ardeen Millner Pam Moe 4 Ron Moey Connie Moore "Hey good looking . . Pam Morris Celia Morrisette The World - and Viet Nam Warren Mortenson Ed Morton LaVonne Muecke Joe Nadeau Gary Nagy bf i Sandy Naymaster Arnold Neil Marcia Ann Neis Linda Nelson MN l.ll ,,ll . , . . ':.iga1t.s1fw21fa: ' lily ifiiesw rzsii fy -- .. '2. ieel Marlette Nelson W was fd' ea-rf 'ME ...QA ,,....., ' Z . - , M 5 xx. S N: s....,l? 'Esau 1 Mitch Nelson Nancy Nelson Paula Nelson Vivlan Nelson Nancy Nettleton ,ef-'v Whit' mg? W.:"gf+'Y li- i i"1"""'Y Jan Neumann Sue Nichols Wade Nielsen John Noes Christine Nohr Awaited Seniors lff lax ,,, . se Wk Steven Nordling Bryan Nordstrom os? Connie Nordstrom Gene Noren Potential millionaire Pat Hatten scrutlnlzed the Wall Street Journal Kathryn Norlien Susan Nyquist Donald Obremski Sandy Ocel James Olson Kalnlyn Olson Kevin 0lS0r1 Luther Olson Lynette Olson Robbin Olson Twelve Years Behind U Floger Olson William Olson Dena Olstad Diane Osborne Roger Overdlck Sharon Page Mike Pahl Janet Palm in 'i' ' i 1 s llss ' d rrrt L Shelley Owen Lynn Palmer Timothy Paquette David Paradise John Paradise Jody Paver Lynn Pearson Randy Pederson Cheri Petersen Andy Peterson Darlene Peterson Duane Peterson I he 'Heal World' Ahead Julie Peterson Sharon Peterson Paul Peterson Nancy Pilipsen PM -is 5 W 5, 1 Steve Beaudry and Jim Toohey took time out trom their studies to h Mr s. Snyder. SIB SS . ' f. ' X xxb in 8 rw QE Q 1 Q' lx? W g .sa is lil Y '55 vi P 1 if M if Joanne Phillips Laurie Phillips Dave Pierce Paul Pierce Carrie Pipenhagen L X l WE R Q -me H. f 5 L ef' mel, A ' I 'F ' -r- Joe Pipenhagen Robin Pipenhagen Jean Piram Tom Plant Bonnie Ploog 'Sesame Street' Gary Prozinski Diane Putnam Kay Qualey Peter Fiahko Ken Ramstorf Debbie Fianalio Gary Fiasmusson Scott "Whitey" Redfield Nancy Redmann Terry Reichel aa. f Pam Rlstow ,aa Jean Rosenwinkel 1-1-f D bbne Ruble Pam Rudrud Pamela Ruhl R d Richard Sanborn Marysue Sangrene Thomas Sauter S , , 'L tt N sf XY E fi wt S' Q as x T. an X5 it T S ii, Mark Schmalzer Jeannie Schmidt Marcie Schaefer Vicki Schalo Doug Schendel f SX Theresa Schmitt Jeff Scholl We've Only lust Begun Verl Schoon Thomas Schuler Debbie Schultz 1 X 5 -arg, X xl , at 5 Y 'sf , X Et l' Yvonne Schultz Mike Schonhardt Bill Schwanot Jackie Schwartzwald Scott Schwen Dan Schieger Dennis Schieger Ken Scott 'YM ,x..k gf Margaret Scroggins Michael Shaffer .41 K R, "'- S fs? X was i muvlvv Chuck Shellito X - Curt Shimek V 1 A ':. dh. -.iv Janel Sellheim Mark Seman Paula Setterlund Ronald Sewald Greg Sheldon Q .K "l scream, you scream, we all scream for lce cream!" Rory Scott Shiltz IF rg- :Wi f 4 "ni" 4-or 45-J", Scott Shobe Dan Sigfrid Douglas Sigfrid Leonardo Sllva Marlin Simonson Mike Simpkins Merrilee Sizer Vivian Sjolund Mike Skipton Seniors Attended Moliere's "Instant Shelly Smith Kevin Snaza John Solarz Melanie Sonnenberg Gloria Sonterre Corrin Sorleberg Michael Spence Janelle Stahlberg Dave Starmack Rose St. Dennis 9' 05 ,af 'W'-f'? 1' Jim Steele Jim Steffenson Dawn Steidi Timothy Steinlicht Dennis Stenquist . xi xv om., Gentleman" at Art Institute 1' A153 ,wx 'r'r"'s V3.7 ai 1P"v W Glen Sundeen Steven Suthers Bruce Swanson Mike Swanson Sandy Swanson Timothy Swanson Steven Sweney Craig Syring Patricia Tanner Peggy Taylor Jean Thelsen Jacqueline Thomas Cary Thompson Chris Thurber Debra Tikkanen Steven Toibert Joyce Tollefson Barry Tommerdahl Jim Toohey John Toohey Everything Good Must Pam Tracy Anna Triggs Paul Trites James Trosen Eileen Turnquist my 'Www 5 , i fi 3: 'uf 1 ' ? gi ,. ",, ff V vvvv J -,fh-, Linda Tyler Thomas Uebel Jerry VanDeest Susan Voges Toni VonderLippe 4 WW David VOSS Carol Wagnef Barb Waldoch Sandra Waletskl Susan Waletskl I ,mV , ' ' Michael Wallen Kolette Ward Pamela Ward Steve Ward Timothy Ward C o m e t o a n E n d W ,,,, Z, Pamela Wargln Vincent Warhol David Way Thomas Way THGFGSH Wednel' Teri Weisbrod Allan Wells Marvln Welsh Kathy West Steve West Peggy WGSTGV Pamela Westlie Debbie White Thomas Whlte Peggy Williams Sue Wilson CNUCK WIYTQ-ard Sandra Winterfleld Yvonne Woodman Jay Wuest Lori Younggren David Zelzany Kelth Altenweg Melvin Bennett John Bergsten Ronald Carlson Daniel Chamberlain John Cotten Ruth Dobratz Steven Dryden Gary Duerr Steven Eichmiller Robyn Ernst Marjorie Gleason Darcy Zimmerman Mary Zubulake Greg Zunkef Seniors Not Pictured Virginia Harrls Charles Hayes Bevalyn Holmqulst Sue Jacobson Donald Johansen Carol Johnson Rick Kohout Steven Llnd Charles Lofren Kate Norl Bruce Olson Linea Oman Kathy Patterson Mary Patterson Christine Pinger Don Ringstad Lorelei Riley Jack Sherburne David Sonterre Kevln Swenson William Thurber Thomas Wadel Mary Welke 1971 Senior Hall of Fame Best Looking Mary Ellen Zubalake Best Figure 8 Physique Toni von der Lippe Greatest Smile Melody Brodt Most Flirtacious Debbie Liffrig Most Talkative Jane Buyse Most Athletic Buddy Hedberg Most Musical Melanie Sonnennberg Friendliest Cathy Chutich Prettiest Eyes Julie McArdle Prettiest Hair Julie Peterson Best Dressed Sue Aschwege Most Outgoing Teri Weisbrod Best Sense of Humor Mary McMahon Most Sincere Jeanie Schmidt Most Aggressive Kay Castle Most Likely to Succeed Marcia Danielson Most Intelligent Dorcus Keillor Most Artistic Rose St. Dennis Most Popular Shelly Anderson Most Imaginative Patty Tanner Jeff Buhs Gene Norn Bon Berg Dave Liffrig Micheal Doss Becky LeRoy Mike Wallen Tim Ward Scott Schwen Bud Cleator Steve Beaudrey Marty Dehen John Adams Leo Silva Bob Bowersox Jeff Houchins Peter Rahko Curt Schimek Chuck Bune Bryan Carling Some senlors doodled dlllgently. "That darn hangnaiI!" "Ha, ha, ha, you should see what I put In their waterix' tis l i l Bill Schwandt sets a new record for the banni- ster slide-four seconds flat-another Anoka first! Seniors will look back at their high school days with vivid memo- ries in mind. Many of us were aware of the school's shortcom- ings, but how many of us were aware of everything positive. With a graduation class exceeding 600 in number, we barely got to know half. We put up with those little things that bothered us, desks that snagged your clothing, textbooks and movies older than we were, or listening to heaters that whined and whistled-when and if they worked. Despite these minor tech- nicalities we worked together to get many things accomplished. Our senior class officers provided the leadership we needed to ac- complish the things that we did with what we had. its 'iii "Pumpkins make great pets!" 5 I 3 "Gimme a F, l, G, H, T! Fight Tornadoes, we want a victory! "My girdle IS killing me!" Seniors were spellbound by the exceptional quallty of the Anokahi. It Was a Very Good Year Some senior guys loved Mabel almost as much as her cooking. Say cheese! Homecomlng spectators were captlvated by the senlor float. Organlzatlon was something the glrl's basket room didn't have. "Knock it off you guys-you know I'm on a diet!" Juniors Anticipated Good Year if .Q 2 0 Q - A A aw 'rf x 1 Aadland Adams Alesnire Anderson Anderson T. Aadland J. Abeler C. Adriaens N. Albro S. Alley L. Amundson D. Anderson G. Anderson M. Anderson M. Anderson Juniors enjoyed make-believe wr ' j N ' . r ss ' gf Er V W f f rrr if 2. A . A A .,. y , W' rfei eyes ' '-,. ..i ,.lJeJ 'fer Kffvsz . . ' .1 ,-. S- ' . 1 f x 'J M. Anderson T. Anderson G. Asfaly J. Backhaus R. Anderson R. Anderson V. Anderson W. Ankenyon P. Askren V. Aslagson J. Backowskl R. Bagley .Aderson .Arnold .Atkinson E. Bancroft X ,,,,. .. h G. Bancroft M. Bass R. Beck L. Benton B. Blelen wg in- iz.. S . 'L a-' " J. Barcal B. Barnes K. Batko D. Batters D. Becker D. Behr B. Bergman M. Berllen M. Blaskey S. Blewett - .... Q - ,,,. , . . 5 .f S. Banke W. Bass M. Beckenbach M. Berger M. Blair .,. . r r W. Boettcher D. Bouten S. Brashears D. Bohanon J. Boyum A. Breiwick av K. Bohnen S. Bolduc P. Bradish J. Bradtey L. Brockopp B. Bulen , ,, 4.57 4,.. .. R. Bartels C. Beaulleu J. Bendix K. Bernhagen K. Blood T. Bonnell R. Bragelman K. Bune 'sus' . R. Barthel J. Barthold A. Bebeau R. Bebeau B. Bennett L. Benson L. Berry D. Baumer J. Blue W. Boerner J. Borgen M. Boros J, Brantner F. Brasch K. Burgess J. Burns ' ak WWF rf :Ii .gl- iiz, P ' J .-s, . -W sms? iigiguiw Butts Cameron Carlson Carty Causin Chapman Christensen Claypool Conger Q aw X + ..... - - - A. Buzzelll C. Camp R. Carlson T. Castle M. Chaffee B. Chavis D. Christian W. Collen W. Connett ' - ' ' -5:1 ... ...,,. . W ,. we C ta Q t Camerata Carithers Carter Castner Chamberlain Chlcoine .Christian Conger Coop il2ii s s '3i?Q, iiii ' . if i J. Corbin C. Crandall C. Dahlheimer B. Danielson G. Davis . Couture .Cravens . Dahlheimer . Danielson . Dean . Cowden G. Crowe J. Dahlheimer S. Danielson . Deans 2 lt l-im mr M. Cramblitt K. Dahlberg P. Dahlhelmer D. Dargis M. DeCamp M. Dehen C. Dehn J. Dehn M. Dehn R. Dehn J. DeMarais J. Denis R. Denis C. Dietz T. Donnette D. Dosedel P. Douglas , . . , . . , 1 , L f i 'IW V V! C. Dunn C. Eckiund R. Draeger S. Dreon D. Dryden P. Dryder C. Dubisar D. Duschane J. Dusosky C. Dussi R, Dvoracek C. Eastiing 4- f 32.1 . D. Durham E. Eden AHS luniors Had "Go" Power QW' H M L' 1 1 Fw if my JS: Was the great pumpkin coming? Uk W Y 7 a of f 4 54 f L. Edwards L. Egeikraut J. Edge S. Enrrnantraut C. Eidem S. Eidem J. Ellingson D. Enge D. Erickson D. Erickson K. Erickson L. Erickson J. Erlandson S. Ernst L. Eskildson J Essiq S. Ewald C. Farrier M. Eiiefson M. Erickson P. Farwick f" ' ' f WW V VV fsfffaf may "wi -WWI., .v ,.,, 'wifi Q! ff f sg 2 , .6 , Q-, I ZA, 411 f 'L . af it D. Feist C. Fields D. Fleissner W. Foster V. Frank K. Geier S. Gilbert J. Glassmann S. G'ams F ..,, Juniors Aroused .7 . rf asm... f. . ,I-W. I... ..,,, .. ,.,, , 2 Q 2 ri it ,l i 2 Spirited juniors swarmed in il 2 2 J 'Ln ' ... 4 'fb . . .,.,, , . ff , . E 3 z 2 .-, -. ,,-, :. f f Z We Zig if ? 'Z , .W , . w i5gjfi5'N2!g,, W, . ,M i P. Fernandes Fi. Fields J. Flor W. Fournier K. Gallagher D. Gentz T. Gillan B. Goldenstein T. Graves QQ W ,,., Z KW . Fiebelkorn K. Finnemore . Foote . Foushee . Gaslin .Geslin Gillespie . Gominsky Ft. Greenly E C P T E S K S J. Field Fischer Forss . Freynoltz Gath Giddlngs Glrouard .Gordon Gregory D. Grosslein R. Hadley S. Hackbarth L. Hall Q 'Q .Grundman Fi. Gustafson .Hagberg T. Guyer Hagemo D. l-lall .Halverson D. Hand Enthusiasm to watch Anoka football. T. Hanish T. Hanley J. Hanson D, Hardy R. Harmonick S. Harnden J. Harris D. Harrison Hanson . Harmon Harrington Hartfiel '95 N X i ts . with 1 Q was ss.. ...,,. my 'SH-K A QR l i wi ilk' sffitfxgi .r s kde if Sk t xr gg X s N A N. Hassler W. Heath K. Hedquist L. Heim S. Henderson J. Hettwer L ll .Hi s L. Hlnsvark P. Holland iff ff if ' 2 D, Hathaway D. Haugen B. Heck S. Heck J. Hegvlk lvl. Heidelberger J. Heitzman L. Helfinstine J. Hennesy Fl. Hennessey P. Hewitt P. Hill R. Hills S. Hillstrom C. Hoffman J. Hoffman W. Honebrink K. Hopper if E . - . .E R it as l Hawkins Hedberg Heim L. Helmbrecht Ft Heslin Hills Hiltz Holland J. Horn C 3 Ll. g O N-I1 CD .E I- CU Time for Learning . A M u W 1' ses. . f was K I 11 . . 1 . B.. ,S-S . : :V b y . E Q.. . .E Q 5 J. .. ,.: , I. . .... L . L' : gg s Wg? M. Hoskins P. Huston D, Jameson L. Johansen W. Johnson J. Kappelhoff P. Kilburn B. Klick K. Koopman 4514 P. Houck S. Hyatt J. Janikowski C. Johnson W. Johnson F. Karls J. Kiilmer L. Kliever B. Koskie L. Hovlnd D. Imholte D, Jedlicka J. Johnson B. Johnston M. Karpe K. King J. Klosterman R. Koski 'E rf X 2 ,,e.,...,,.. H AZIAV . S. Howard D. Irvin J. Jenkins J. Johnson D. Jongquist C. Kemp C. Kinsley C. Knudson M. Kovar ' 55 5' 1 st H u b b a rd I si e r J e n se n L . J o h n s o n P . J o s I I n Kent Kisler Knuth Krull M ,5,1 A 71" Q .Tiagm 12.5, , s . Huebner Iund .Jenson Johnson Kapaun . Kent . Klein Kohout . Kufus H I it J Humphreys Ives Jett R. Johnson L. Kappedahi J. Kepler Klersy Konen Kulenkamp if ' W ,,. f ,, T 'Z ,gk J. Kulseth C. Larson S. Lawrence D. Leu G. Lockwood P. Luke M. Mangan R. Masica . 742113 . 'J . oon L , C ' M. Kummer K. Larson D. Layton E. LeVasseur l ji v g l Z2 Q J.. . C. Kuno E. LaceY M. Larson Fi. Larson M. Leadens C. Leeb L. Lick L. Lilligren M . , 3 ew D. Landecker T. Larson Fi. Leger M. Lindberg T. Loehlein D. Lundberg T. Mangels K. Mauer D. Landowski M. Lastovich D. Legrld M. Lindgren fygygk M A Q , J. Larkin C. Lauritsen W. Lester M. Lindsay E, ' i 4' . r B. Longfield J. Loren L. Lowe J. Lufsky A. Lundstrom S. Lynch T. Maid M. Mains D. Marotte L. Marrs S. Martin T. Martlnl T. McArdle L. McCaIla Fi. McCann S. McCarty W. Lufsky L. Maki G. Marxen D. McCormack x T. Miller D. Moore M. Mudd - E ff' ' .. . ..... . M.. M.. . , X Prorn was the Juniors -z S Q 3: L. McCrady J. McEwen D. McFarland M. McLaughlin T. McLean J. Medin R. Mehrman D. Melr S. Merrick W. Merritt P. Messner W. Meuwissen D. Meyer J. Meyer R. Meyer S. Meyer D Michaud S. Mickelson M. Midlo C. Miller A French chef in the making? D xi so . wiser iris? ef 'ls ax 5 D. Minor S. Mitchell T. Moreau G. Moreil R. Muecke D. Mueller fx . A . Q' X Q- Q Y ig Q 1-" .mph-ki. . EL, Q . D. Mix G. Mellner T. Morgan B. Morrow D. Mortensen G. Morton J. Mueller T. Mullowney J. Myers T. Neary ' -v 'git 3 ' ift to Seniors Nelson Nohr Nordling Olson Olstad Oslin Patchen Peterson 4 is of if Y.-25 1 X. in Nelson Nohr Nordvlck Olson Oman . Ostrowski Pauley Peterson Qi . Q- . M 3.4. ei.. Picture Not Available .-.QE x sr ' if W I l . Nelson .Nolte . Nunnelee .Olson .Oman .Ostrowskl . Paulson . Peterson Nesset Noon Ocel Olson Omdahl Packer Perovich Peterson sis J. Newcomb L. Norberg P. O'Keefe Nl. Olson L. Omlt R. Paddock H. Petersen T. Peterson . tc. jr. 3 f th X M. Nlcholson T. Norbie J. O'Konek N. Olson R.Opper1gard D. Palmer M. Petersen G. Peterson . .... A xx , S ff -i N. O . x I .. ,Ji lt 7 2- . .. 5. J. Nltschke Nordin Olmstead Olson .Orvls Pashke P9lGI'SOfl . Pfannensteln 3555 .1 x at ii T. Pfleider T. Prody E. Ramsay M. Redmann M. , ig is 'Q A . Pinewski R. Ploog G. Post R. Potthoff Prozinski D. Pullman D. Putnam L. Pyka . Rand T. Randall V. Randle R. Ray . Reedstrom J. Reichert C. Renko C. Reynolds N. Prat R. Price J. Quinlan T. Raines D. Redepenning B. Redmann T. Richards M. Ridler L. Ries D. Rogers G. Russell J. Sanasac JE J N T sssr ,....,.' S. Riggs W. Riley J. Rinehart G. Ronallo D. Ronnenbaum J Rudlong .Rust G. Rydh Rydin .Sanborn D. Saulter Sawyer . Robb . Rudrud . Sage . Schake S. Rock D. Ruhl G. Sampson L. Schalo C. Roemhild K. Runge J. Sampson P. Schendel it - -T .v.:..x I5 ., ...QM i . t xX 2 X J .Q tt X, XXX! tw t X t s 'fr gf -i f 1. t , 53 -Kf: 1 -. ",k S .xx.. ,V in We as W, my . . :- jx ki' lt 91' i 11? h K R . is 1 Lf Y N' .. . Q.. is K X M. , .ug ' f -e ---f,- :wwQiwzzssasismzwta ..... ,,.. N W S 'QP X xg? -x Schendel Schultz Seebach Shobe Snell Spohn St. Hilslre Stroklund Talbot L. Scheufeli K Schultz . Severson . Shorma Snyder Sprouls Stodola Stromgren D. T. Talbot ' """ l it Q X tw ,L M. Schinkel M. Schultze J. Sewald Fl. Sidener M Soine B. Stack G Stolp D Sundeen N. Tamblyn K. Schmitt J. Schumacher M. Shank D. Sigfrid L. Sorteberg S. Stetanski D. Stone M. Sutherland B. Tanner K X XS r. .: 1 QM., WK W XN 5 xx . . X X L K X L. Schuh P. Schuler A. Schunaman W. Schwartz K. Shannon Ft. Sharbonno C. Simpkins C. Skajewski J. Soucy M. Spain T. Steindel E. Stelchek D. Strand J. Strand P. Sweeney S. Sweney P. Teeselink R. Terrele 'E .WN . 'A '-., RV. i A g 4 J SA x!Q MX , . 5 9 . A R ,M K N 4: T . 4 PQ' ..-sv.. I Q 6' it e Et - 'rS- 11 f. f' -. K v. '- X il? Ik gg, my X s New Q Q . ..,,. 'X . vi 1. T-mx.. . A N 1 D. Schroeder J. Scott P. Sharpe D. Skjefte W. Speaks J. Stende G. Strande S. Sweney D. Thedorff K. Schroeder C. Sebrell T. Shish W. Smith T. Spencer R. Stewart J. Strohmayer A. Tobako C. Theisen aw gi? .-If ' .Sf t V as I A . Q 'W 5 X v M . gi sr Picture Not Available if , VVLK- . . . ,.,- ...lee 2 D. Theisen J. Torseth C. Underwood B. Vix M. Wallace M. Washburn L. White J. Wingart G Zxeigler D. Theusch D. Treichel D. Upton D. Vry B. Walters P. Way W. White J. Wolf G. Zeigler M. Thoe K. Trettin J. Veiman E. Vyskocil S. Wanamaker W. Way J. Whitehead J. Wood K. Zeigler Thorner C. Trombley G Vetter Wagner Wanous Weidholz Wick Woodstrom Zopfi .Thrall .Tronson J. Vevea J. Wagner E. Ward .Weikert .Weise . Wright ' 1 . tw, J., , - . S. Titterud C. Trossen M. Vevea L. Waldoch G. Warlof T. Weise M. Wilber R. Young J.Tonding Umbreit Vielguth Walker Ward Wells Wilberg Yourzak Torgrimson J. Undem Vigen Wallace .Ward J. Wheeler D Wingad .Zeibarth Sophomores Adjusted to the Bustle P 1 . . Q t 21 . .,, i g . 5 K H L , , . tt A ,X , ag: i 1 . . t flag an +5-we K faq .. .ss :- Q Qi ,-. . rx. X . . A ii' i J-Sl .". . .. . 1 gm 15 1.2: D A Q.. kkrkkk LA :E-, . In - ' I ,,. fl' : ' 'l ,g'V,. A "I-' -' V qbb' Q iii 'Q ie 'A , . t s. .--. :.,, d . d . my . . -. ..g . . . if , g, g -2, Lf? Q'Q ' t ltii ig 1 t aff is S A d t L A... it fl J A 4' . N - A vii' 5 . . i j " 5 t f ii y i za .. 'L fib r i n? . it A tt 'LQ'L 'if i s -Q' ' ' t . 2 as R11 S. AAdland, M. Aarestad, J. Aasness, C. Abrahamson, G. Abrahamson, S. Adams, P. Agee, D. Ahlman, G. Albee R12 S. Albro, C. Allanson, J. Amies, D. Anderberg, C. Anderson, C. Anderson, D. Anderson, G. Anderson, J. Anderson R13 K. Anderson, K. Anderson, L. Anderson, T. Anderson, V. Anderson, B. Anstett, G. Aschwege, A. Ashley, R. Atkinson R14 R. Auchter, P. Barkuloo, D. Bartz, D Batters, D. Bauer, T. Bauer, S. Beach, K. Beckenbach, N. Becker , 5 if 2 s sr ' . 'K ass . ' . Q: ..' - . f 1. rw- .:"s 193. ,r.'..RJ ' n , P .H Qbbhb q :Wz 'A is x . Q itv g , 55: 1-, sk ,,. :., DE J fs.. M 1 1, , .. A 1 . L A . fibr e-iii' . Q . ' ..- ' . ' U ' . ' H A . , J nqzz A . K... ' KLVLV A H in " ' ' is 1 R.. . .rs s A as ' A if . . . ' A D. - i. A ' ' 1 eee A R11 D. Beckman, K. Beckman, M. Beckman, J. Bell, V. Bellows, L. Benjamin, B. Bennett, Y. Bennett, R. Benson R12 P. Bentz, T. Ber- ger, M. Bergerud, W. Berghorst, L. Bergstedt, K. Bergsten, C. Bergstrom, V. Berkman, C. Bernu R13 L. Berry, D. Berthon, P. Bickner, B. Biegler, S. Biegler, D. Bixby, K. Bjorke, M. Bladine, T. Blanski R14 B. Blesi, P. Blocker, P. Blumer, M. Boeke, D. Boerboon, J Boerner, D. Boese, B. Boettcher, M. Boggs R15 S. Bolster, R. Bombarger, D. Born, D. Born, J. Born, D. Boros, J. Boshea, C. Bostrom, D. Bowman . 'ii V Se. F . . . Q- , flylm ll J - Z. ii : P e Ei .ix e la ya, .Q e ' zailer-ew' K, . ... tai ' i it ' 5 1J 5 J f. -a " 'E A - qu . .- I - A ' 'l'1' I ' f" 1 . R l es. Q B D ' ' ' 1 ' . al ' .y,?i . :,1 ..... y QQ L , 1 AK W.. . ..., ... . . . ,Y 'S' 1 xy i5l ii l Haan aa eg. leer gg Wfy yeo l . .ee feo eeea. aa . ":5:' . . ' " 1 ,'h11 B R D 1 1 "h 1 'K f . f .aw ga my feaf Sag ga aa awe .ma . . --Q' ,.':" -"' J .. - . 'ffl if AZZV 5 L::ViV L ' V 1 .B J f , R..1 N ... -. . . . QQ, - , - D 1 Rx Q R , 1,,L ' K N' W... ,- 1 W Q X B ri in B . ' 'q' ' qQ R11 M. Clayton, M. Cloutler, M. Colbjornsen, J. Collette, J. Collins, R12 N .. , .., , K Conger, G. Connett, K. Conway, K. Cook, J. Corneman R13 K. Cottingham L ..,, 'J L. Cravens, C. Culver, K. Cunningham, C. Dahlheimer R14 P. Dahlheimer ' g ggf . M. Deloeo, l.. Dallenol, S. Daly, M. Danielson nfs J. Davidson, L. Davis f, x N , C. Dawson, D. Dean, G. Deans waeeswm Jeff .... liy . ... . ee l .f Q ' ,.k- Q - DWA ... ' " I -:Q-P -'ai , '1:ii:.f1. -2 . .- X- , R11 Boyum, J. Braastad, S. Braastad, K. Bradish R12 D. Brastad, D. Braun, M. Bray, S. Brecht, R13 D. Brening, K. Brennan, P. Brennan, J. Brenner R14 S. Brettschnelder, G. Breun, R. Bridges, G. Brown R15 R. Brown, M. Bruzer, J. Busch, B. Butler R16 C. Buyse, T. Buzzelli, W. Caddy, J. Ca- marata R17 D. Cameron, J. Cameron, J. Cameron, N. Cardinal R18 B. Carlson, J. Carlson, J. Carlson, K. Carlson R19 M. Carlson, R. Carter, D. Chamberlain, D. Chelberg R110 L. Chlcoine, E. Chmarowski, A. Clark, D. Claasen Underclassmen got their feet wet ln '71. Se -X ks. we fly 2.1 A ,Txb picfure . N + 111. .1 i L'1' . H ' 'O 531 5 f' I W 'F AVdll6blE l' " ' ..,. N . .. G. .-. , r . l of ili -hwyw le -l ff I fifgflfi' -".,, . iff: X Q. P .. K g . ., .. . M F l . .ee 1 l, N5 i 5 I , K . ,.,. an . K 555' Qi' l 3 1 . ,., , l I X A an X 2 Nol gig Q5 N . I EE??if ef. Q5 l l K. y ' Yew I 'EHS 1 Q X q t if Availa ble H , Q Q .1 ,. .M , I Q .... , X -. . . ffl? 1. 4 e ix X QQ? 3 W na RF S' I H .F ar . - . -3- -l 'Y . A - .,,d K Sv . 41. N6 . be f Y :Mx X if " fi 'gig Q5 W,,,. X W l V K' ' F af 'F ' illz. . A ..... . . it i .... A , , l ..,,,, G . G 1 . ' ' "ff if I - '1-- ' - . K" ' F . F - N.:, as . .F ' if , F zbv XL I 1. . X. 0 R11 D. DeGroot, A. Denen, M. Dejarlais, M. Dielzel, V. Dubisar, D. Ducommun, L. Duerr, P. Dunn, D. Durant R12 C. Durham, S. Ebert,xB Edeburn, C. Eclstadt, A. Egelkraut, K. Eicksladt, M. Ekmark, T. Ekmark, V. Elleraas R13 L. Elin, R. Ellingson, J. Elllolt, J. Elmer, R. Elofson H Engle B Ennis G. Erickson, L. Erickson R14 L. Erickson, L. Erickson, N. Erickson, L. Erlandson, D. Etnler, L. Falck, W. Falck, R. Farmer Lf Farrier R15 l.. 'Farwick, M. Fedje, Fl. Felegy, B. Fellows, lvl. Flenlel, L Fields, Fl. Finneman, B. Finney, T. Flavln R16 D. Flor, J. Foley' G. Forde B. Foss M. Foster, B. Fox, D. Frank, C. Free, V. Freed R17 D. Freih, C. Frey, L. Freyholtz, A Frlsk, S. Gagnon, G. Ga'mm, W Ganz, M., George' D. Gerlach R18 B. Germundsen, P. Gerster, L. Gesko, M. Ghoslley, C. Gilbertson, J. Gillespie, J. Gllmer, R. Gllpln, D. Gilyard, R19 K. Givens, B. Glenn, V. Glesner, L. Godfrey, R. Godfrey, M. Goshy, K. Graber, K. Grant, J. Green R110 M. Greer, M. Grif- fiths, M. Grindy, W. Grover, P. Grow, A. Grundman, V. Gubbln, D.Guimonf, P. Gulick Sophomore "Battle Cry" Brought U, ,.,,. Wm., ,,.. MW ,,., ...M-Q ff-wf' owfgw rkhk . I oooo ooooo T foo lflo 2,5A A:'o oo o . , if . oooo . . Aw 'fig 1 oooo we ' "" R11 B. Gunderson, P. Guy, C. Guzy, J. Hadley, R. Hadley, P. Hagen, M. Hahn, L. Hales, M. Hallin R12 J. Halls, L. Halls, M. Hambleton, G. Hand, J. Hansen, J. Hansen, G. Hanson, S. Hanson, D. Harrington R13 V. Harris, H. Hartje, J. Hauck, G. Haugen, V. Hayes, S. Haynes, S. Heckler, J. Hegvik, P. Heim R14 S. Heimer, T. Held, D. Hendrickson, K. Hennessey, T. Henson, S. Hershey, A. Heltwer, R. Hiltz, L. Hinrlchs R15 D. Hinseth, P. Hitchcock, B. Hlx L. Hoffman, L. Hoffman, W. Hoglund, C. Holasz, B. Holmbo, K. Holmquist P -l"', Avll , .J 'f...,,fi R11 C. Holmstrom, D. Honebrlnk, P. Hoover, K. Horn, J. Hoskins, T. Hostetler, M. Houser, J. Houston, B. Hughes R12 F.'Hughes, J. Hul- burt, D. Hulegaard, B. Huntley, A. Ingham, B. lngham,,D. Jablonskl, K. Jacobsen, K. Jendro R13 J. Jenkins, S. Jenkins, R. Jochum R. Jochum, S. Johanson, B. Johnson, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, D. Johnson R14 D. Johnson, J. Johnson, L. Johnson, L. Johnson, M Johnson, N. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Johnson, S. Johnson Down the Walls YFQQE gifs '-" . . 3 A WWZ if 1 Ag we . me Nm-I V , .,... H in . i Vlfv ,,f, J K sf -- r :iz . ,. ..... , . . . A, . . " Q' i K Q . ' as if W 1 ' . iiii i ' ' it S f R11 T. Johnson, C. Johnston, J. Johnston, D. Jones, L. Jongquist, J. Joslin, J. Jurek, B. Kassen, J. Katnis. R12 L. Keller, K. Kelly, B. Kemp, P. Kemp, N. Kessler, G. Kettler, C. Keyser, J. Kielblock, T. Kienitz R13-J. Killmer, E. Kindvall, C. King, S. Kinney, M. Kirch- ner, V. Kisrow, E. Kittelson, J. Klein, J. Klersy R14 R. Kleve, S. Klick, W. Knapp, D. Knudson, G. Knuth, T. Koehler, R. Koopman, K. Kopecky, L. Koskl R15 S. Kraabel, S. Kraemer, P. Kramer, R. Kravik, J. Krenn. J. Kress, R. Krug' K. Kruger, S. Kuelbs . kzy f',., -'fL'. 3? , -,,, nu sM 1 . sll . . f ' f rler 1 .ll .fs 1 P lerll esrefe. it 4 X f srrs l P 1 rrt lthrl l hilf .. A " A ""' f 1 . . 1 e 1 hlh's1s ' ' P ' 1 Q T 1 ... 5 ' ' llh ... .,.................. , . tci V,,: h e J htth ,g ..., hhf r e ..., , . , . .. ,, S Q ,,,. if i 5 'i R11 S. Kuss, D. Landecker, T. Langton, N, Lanz, J. Larkin, R. Larsen, B. Larson, D. Larson, D. Larson R12 D. Larson, D. Larson, K Larson, K. Larson, P. Larson, D. LaTour, K. Lawver, S. Ledford, P. Lee R13 M. Lehn, L. Lene, K. Leonard, W. Leu, L. Levasseur, P. Levenhagen, C. Lewerenz,-M. Lilley, S. Lilley R14 D. Lind, M. Lind, W. Linde, C. Lindgren, D. Lindgren, R. Lindgren, S. Lindgren, C. Lines, D. Linge ge fiiffffwtffiwwa x,., 5255 F 1 454' 'W 9 f P ' ,wwf f' ff f f f ,... ,,,W ,H f fb MW f 1 . . . , V in .. ...W 552125-. 2 f fx 1 , V 1i11s J l , ,, . . . A . ' , - 2 , ' ' . 11e.1 . ,,A1 .1 A'f': - '--- ls l A R' 1. .i1..11 1 ssi., :HA ' 1 ' A 1 'l "" R11 D. Littlefield P. Livgard G. Lockwood L. Lofgren L. Lofgren R. Lofgren W. Lofgren D. Long J. Long R12 C. Lorentzen L. Lund- berg, C. Lundgren, N. Lundgren, P. Lutgen, C. Lynch, B. Malamen, P. Mandigo R13 S. Mapson, B. Marker, D. Marker, S. Marotte, R. Martin, T. Martineau, N. Marxen, K. Mattys, L. Mau R14 S. Mauer, R. Mayer, T. McArdle, K. McCarty, L. McClay, M. McDonald, R. McGill, S. McKay, D. McKusick R15 R. McLean, A. Mead, J. Mead, K. Mead, L. Means, C. Meir, T. Mercer, D. Merritt, J. Mevissen R16 K. Meyer, E. Michaud, K. Michel, D. Mledtke, C. Miller, D. Miller, W. Mills, P. Mindrum, M. Mitchell R17 R. Mjos, D. Moore, C. Morgan, D. Morgan, J. Morgan, P. Morgan, C. Morisette, R. Morisette, E. Mortensen R18 E. Mortensen, J. Mortenson, L. Morton, C. Mowan, R. Muehlbauer, C. Myers, B. Nastrom, E. Nauman, J. Neis R19 G. Nelsen, D. Nelson, N. Nelson, S, Nelson, A. Ness, A. Nettle- ton, J. Neumann, D. Nichols, L. Nicholson R110 D. Nickel, A. Nielsen, J. Nilkason, R. Nitschke, V. Nohr, B. Nolan, J. Norman, G. Norton, K. Norton Aa W it it 14 7 f .ww , f ' 2 " 'Z '5" 1 sri if . , Jimi. .T f , . 1 .liii I lll ' , A A K A f ri ,,,,,, if . my t E nv ,. , .V VW Si' .. 1 ff V A I.- .lb w V K IAVV ,,,,.., , A A , I ,., ' ' 'dire 'X fairies i i fi ' ft' , X 5' 1 1 :V fv, ,, M , , . ,,.. fy . -i fy, W W W 342 . 2, My W ...I . . 5: . lim E Qt ff ng' iff' V i M R11 D. Nunnelee, D. Nutter, D. Nyqulst, R. Oberg, T. Ocel, J. Olberg R12 B. Olson, D. Olson, D. Olson, D. Olson, J. Olson, J. Olson R13 K. Olson, S. Olson, T. Olson, V. Olson, W. Olson, W. Olson R14 N. Olstad, S. Oman, J. Omer, W. O'Neil, S. Opheim, L. Oppegard R15 D. Osborne, J. Otten, N. Overdick, M. Paddock, M. Paradise, L. Parker R16 B. Parnell, E. Paschke, R. Patchen, K. Patterson, B. Paulson, J. Paulson Underclassmen sometimes carrled the ball. if ,, . - .... . . . ,,,. x We, 1 1 1 W 1a11 , lrs J J. -5 r ., , fe Q are . ... A ' -W ' M 5 1225, 4' ' "TSN -' ,, ' . nf., i t Q 'M A' - ,.., .,, . . it r . I J , V:V V ,,,f: 1, VV jg , ,,,, . ,vl I , jx ,n k Wvi A , V? V I R11 K. Paulson, L. Pavin, T. Pawllk, T. Pawllk, G. Pederson, D. Pellow, C. Perovich, C. Perrin, C. Peters R12 C. Peters, D. Petersen, N. Petersen, D.. Peterson, D. Peterson, G. Peterson, K. Peterson, R. Peterson, S. Peterson R13 L. Petterson, J. Pfotenhauer, S. Phllllps, L. Phipps, T. Pierce, L. Ploog, J. Poisson, J. Post, P. Powers af: tn1 1 HW 15? Ig 1.V ,Za 25 f 1 ft 2.2 523 f ,, ' l 1 - ii - . o , , '2" ' T 'g' --V, i"- , A f isrt. 1 ii? f Affary R11 D. Pratt, T. Price, K. Putnam, R. Putnam, R. Rahn, P. Rainbow, J. Rasmussen, J. Redmann, T. Reed R12 D. Reedstrom, J. Reichert K. Reilley, M. Reimler, P, Reinhart, D. Reynolds, C. Richardson, W. Richey, E. Ridge R13 M. Riley, M. Rindahl, M. Rinehart, D. Robb T. Roden, H. Roemhild, B. Rohs, C. Rosburg, M. Rosenwinkel R14 L. Rother, J. Rounsville, S. Rudong, J. Rustad, R. Ruter, L. Rux K. Sandoz, D. Sangrene, R. Sannerud R15 G. Sauter, W. Schafbuch, P. Schafer, S. Schaffan, J. Schanahaar, G. Schantzen, G. Schendel . Schleper, J. Schmelzer R16 D. Schneider, G. Scholl, P. Schonhardt, T. Schroeder, B. Schuler, B. Schultz, R. Schultz, J. Schurre . Schwandt R17 P. Schwartzwald, S. Schwieger, C. Scott, E. Scully, C. Seifert, R. Sellheim, M. Seman, J. Sha, M. Shepherd R18 Sherburne, D. Sherburne, T. Shreve, K. Simonson, D. Singer, K. Sjobeck, B. Sjolund, J. Skajewskl, A. Skenadore R19 M. Skoglund, Skold, C. Sloth, D. Smith, D. Smith, G. Smith, H. Smith, J. Smith, K. Smith R110 S. Smith, W. Smith, T. Snell, C. Soderquist, P.'Soine, S Sonnenberg, G. Sonsteby, G. Sorensen, A. Sorenson B D in Q fl' P V L an . Ig Qi K l, . I 1 . ..:.m.... M ffl... mf . We le a we 'E fa 2. I 'W A Hag, V .1 n 4 ,aff , 1 me 1 fa me , .1 Vff' 2 it i Picture Not qw W' 41 ,. L J' v zg W ., " X Available . JJJ.. Sz. -:f,V,, J .V . Vim Q? f 1 'W' -. Z,A,. Z A ill? JM- . L 1 14, " VW Q tsv 9 'L Q .Q Steele, Ft. Stef- 11 S. Sorteberg, I Spain, D. Spence, T. Spence, D. Springstead, P. Sprouls, K. Stack, M. Stack, H. Stavig R12 R. St. Clair, S. enson, P. Steffes, L. Steindel, L. Stelnke, K. Steinlicht, T. Stelchek, D. St. Hilaire R13 L. St. Hllalre, M. Slmpson, D. Stoddard, L. Stoen . Stokes, J. Stokke, C. Stone, J. Stone R14 T. Stover, K. Strege, R. Strohmayer, C. Stromgren, D. Sundberg, G. Sundberg, L. Svare, P. Swan on, N. Symanitz R15 G. Talbot, T. Talbot, W. Tamblyn, S. Tandler, K. Tandon, D. Tangen, M. Tanner, T. Tarbert, D. Tasler R16 C aylor, E. Tennison, Fl. Tesch, R. Theisen, G. Thompson, R. Thompson, L. Thoreson, V. Thorson, B. Thurber R17 R. Thurber, R. Thurber . Tikkanen, C. Till, P. Tilton, V. Titterud, M. Tranby, D. Trettin, J. Trippe R18 L. Trosen, W. Turok, L. VanBockeI, D. Veidel, V. Vetter, . Veum, T. Vevea D. Vlcha, V. Vickstrom R19 L. Voges, K. Wagner, T. Wahl, D. Wahlstrom, C. Walburn, S. Walker, T. Wall, S. Wallen, . Wanous R110 rd, S. Ward, S. Ward, F. Warhol, J. Washburn, J. Weeks, L. Welchelt, D. Welsmann, W. Wells v 44 . ' H a ' Sr f D ,QI . L: V' A K A ' .T f ' 1 A A lil A 1 . 1 , A , I b,,: J 2, r r fr aa f. F , r , .ff - w . f ,.. . ' ii rr... Q, f 91" if UZ, ' VVAL "',d , T, W 1 ' . , , , ,,,. ' 1 W fr: -- .Qt A T 1 ,aff r aa 1 ' if R11 J. Welshinger, P. Wendell, R. Wesp, B. West, A. berg, J. Wilkins, J. Williams, M. Wilmes, E. Wilson Wolf, G. Yates, M. Youso, P. Zak, G. Ziebarth, D. Juniors Not Pictured A. Bergerman D. Holmstrom T S. Burley W. Hruden D J. Counard J. Hymanson D W. Curtis J. Klammer D D. Fuets T. Larson P T. Hallich L. Lindsay D B. Holen F. Michard D W. Holm D. Miller Ft It was all fun and games Westman, S. Wheeler, M. Wickett, R. Wicklund, D, Wiesner, R12 S. Wilber, C. Will- N. Wilson S. Wilson R13 M. Wingart G. Winters J. Wise S. Wise D. Witt, D 'ZimmarmaFr, D. Zimmerman, .i. Zimmerntan, D. Zitzloff, G. Zoofl, D. Zunker Sophmores Not Pictured Miller A. Anderson P. Harris R. Pearson Olson J. Berg S. Herelm J. Perrin Pederson J. Bre-wich Ft. Jendro D. Ranallo Petter D. Brown D. Jensen L. Small Roden R. Carling N. Larson R. Steffenson Showers T. Carlson K. Macheledt B. Stewart Sterry M. Carrick P. Mork W. Strand Wyatt D. Fields G. Newell D. Weidner J. Gittins W. Willard "Um, um good!" Underclassme 4 AHS Principal, Mr. Dussl Mrs. Swing, Mrs. Host, and Mrs. Nelson were eager to be of service The Administration Faced Changing Ideas Mr. Nybeck frequently wrote notes to the students ln his opening remarks to the 1970-71 student body, Mr. Dussl emphasized the fact that this year would hold many changes along with the largest enrollment AHS has ever seen. The new dress code, crowded halls, and more teachers are a few of the changes Anoka has seen. Mr. Dussl, along with assistant principals Mr. Ny- beck, and Mr. Boese, stressed that co-operation and much consideration would be needed among faculty and students this year. Mr. Boese was notorious for his warm smlles Mr. Johnson Mrs. Klonowski Guidance Office Guidance Office Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Bever added an extra friendly touch to the counselors' office. "Will you hurry up Mr. Stende Guidance Office 2200 AHS and take the picture!" exclaimed Miss Angerilli shyly. The counselors aided the stu- dents with academic and personal problems and guided them to ca- reers and further education. "I am always willing to help out however I can, especially where a young person's future is concerned," said lVlrs. Klonowski who was serving her first year on the counseling staff. My M tt,,yf.yl Miss Angerilli Mr. Wangness Guidance Office Guidance Office Students Kept the Counselors Busy . And the Bands Marched Un . fr , ' 5 '- J vi' 'mwauf' Mr. Peterson Football and Symphony Band, Mixed Choir " 'o" N Mr. Olson Mrs. Melting Concert Band, Varsity Band, Marching Orchestra Band, Ftudt. of Music 'Nr' Looks like Al Hlrt! Miss Hallenberg Mixed and Girls Choir The music program involves more students than any other program. This year two more choirs were added with two new bands and one new band director, Mr. Peterson, was in charge of the half time band which took top honors in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, in the Ok- toberfest Half-time show. Mr. Olson and Miss Hallen- berg kept the choirs going and were busy as they pre- pared for concerts. Mrs. Melting directed the orchestra. 3ym classes were sometimes crowed. Gym Kept Students in Shape Z sm . 1 tleee i . tttttt 11 tttt 1 S emmtt V f :V 1 A ftt M f"' ,H W E 1 p L ll l 1 gf ff if 5? Q ia 'mrs 5? X f Mrs. Gustafson Phy. Ed. 8t Health .... .. fi. Miss Hildebrandt Mrs. Miller Phy. Ed. 8t Health Phy. Ed. and Health "Give me that!" said Mr. Alley Mr. Nelson Mr. Alley Phy. Ed. 81 Health Phy. Ed. 81 Health Despite over-crowded conditions, even after the addition of new gym facilities, the A.H.S. gym staff pulled through the 1970-1971 school term as successfully as the one before it. H L I7 We Cer-ainIy Hope We Did Our Best! ,395 s1HwMsEQm ,mf .f - w'x?'f" "iYf B- ,iC .sm N Mr. Nabedrick Miss Paul Speech Speech , e e ' ' "'- 'IL If , -' , ws, ,W I M " , . 3 i i Mrs. Hoeft Mr. Bergeron Friends, Romans, Countrymen . . French I 8 H German I 8' H "lt is rewarding to work with young people on a self improve- ment programf' said Miss Paul. "As they see themselves improve, then motivation to improve in- creases." t'Too loud!" E 4, 'wwf Miss Hoglund Mr. Hall Speech Spec. Education "Working with the students who are having trouble in the basic subjects," was the job of Mr. Hall. The students in special education are taught basics in subjects from math to social studies. ln this class, students' abilities were evaluated and they were taught how to get along with people as well as to learn academic skills. Mr. Paul Joyce worked with stu- dents in the reading area. How far off ls June?" Mr. Szymczak Miss Wrobel English 10 Spanish I Miss Jackson Spanish ll Under Quarter System Teachers Specialized Mrs. Brown English 12 l Mrs. Jorlssen Mr. Jacobson English 11, Journalism English 10 Mrs. Anderson English 12 Miss Westerberg Miss lfuppich English 10 English 11 Mr. Granum English 11 4 Mrs. Baker Mr. Erickson English 10 English 12 MiSS.UlfertS Mrs. Olson Mr. Hochstetter English 10 English 10 English 11, Humanities Mrs. Green Mrs. Alexander Mrs. lAmaryllisl Dunn English 12 English 11 English 11 The entire English department has turned to the new quarter system, where each twelve weeks the stu- dents change teachers. "I think that this is beneficial to the students, as they are given a change to break the boredom," says senior English teacher, Mrs. Green. Sophomore teacher, Mrs. Baker views the world as, "The increasing emphasis of the world today is the area of human relationships, the unexplored frontier of the human spirit." Another view given by 11th grade teacher, Mrs. Dunn, who is optimistic, "Involvement is a circleg a circle is endless. Involve yourself!" Enthused Science Students Prepared For Further Education Chemistry was a popular course at Anoka with the students becom- ing involved in the new chem. study program. This year Mrs. Rohs switched to conventional chemistry, to make the entire chemistry program parallel. This year Mrs. Bohs switched to conventional chemistry, to make the entire chemistry program parallel. Mr. Horton continued his "chem" study and electing his harassed students of the month this year. Was he ever replaced by his brother who looks like him, with the exception that he has no hair? Mr. Shuckart, known to students as "Mr. Physicsn, worked diligently with his students. Mr. Shuckart Algebra, Physical Science, Physics l Mr. Horton Mrs. Flohs Chemistry and Algebra Chemistry ' l ill A 1 A rr t Mr. Bradley Mr. Johnson Biology Biology , 'f F is Q.. ww .'.f' A 7 Mr. Ruess Mr. Kropp Aviation Science, Fund. Math Biology, Health, Phy. Ed. Iii fi Mr. Meyer Mr. Boege Biology Biology Plenty of common "scents" was involved in the maintenance of the biology teachers' rooms. Curious orders again infiltrated the halls and rooms surrounding the biology room area. Advanced biology, which in- cluded among other things bio- chemistry, paleoanthropology, and microbiology, prepared students with the necessary basics for their college careers. "Oh ish!!" Algebra, geometry, and basic math courses are offered to all students to broaden their under- standing of the number system. One year of math is a requirementg the others are for furthering your knowledge as far as numbers are concerned. Mr. Reuss offered a very inter- esting statement, ". . . treat stu- dents as responsible individuals who are honest and hard working and then see if they prove you wrong . . ." Mrs. Abraham Basic Geometry Mr. Dahl Algebra and Basic Geometry Mr. Swenson Algebra and College ..,:,,, w1..,,i Math Mr. Malcolm Mr. Bahn M Mr. Pearson Mr. Goodrlck X N, Mr. Schyma Fundamental Math Mr. Jensen Solid Trlg. and Geometry 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,, This year again, advanced math students worked with computers. Each student in the advanced class, along with the teachers, Mr. Dahl, Mr. Goodrick, and Mr. Swen- son, felt that this year was a chal- lenging year with many new ideas. 91O... The history teachers showed special interest in not only history, but sports also. Mr. Blegen, American history, assisted with the football team, while basketball coaching was Mr. Wanamaker's bag. The goal of each American history teacher is to help the students learn and understand the history and the founding of our country. World history teachers showed special interest in the history of other countries and their influences upon the U.S. lVlr. Dorn spent his free time as lunch supervisor, while lVlr. Wanstrom spent much of his time at the pool, where he is Anoka's swimming coach. A favorite of many students was Mr. Preston. He not only teaches history, but has a way with the stu- dents that they want to learn and they enjoy doing so. Social Problems Were the Basis iiiiffiiaiiitgii Mr. MOFK Mr. Moening Mr. Dorn Social 12 World History World History Mr. Faust Mr. Buss Mr. Preston A-V Coordinator, Social 12 American History World History i I 6 ...W Z R : L3 i rug I' 3 I X -I " if i Q A - .5 1 fl 'I lr 'C' 16? I x N. 4 , ,,,1, .:,,, ,wi :, , , X94 il ' 'Q 4 1 sl f , G 2 ,W ' 6 Sz Q 4' M57 f Mr. Blegan Miss Anderson I American History American History 7, on l l V far' -mm 4 ' 3' "T-,, ,mi ,v,,.l,f b!j",N f :X MXL A xtf'fjKfQL , V ,. f, 1 -X Nfhx -V ,,, L, J ' Ai W X li W' V V of 5 K G 'S ,vii l Mr. Milburn World History 1 , 1 T. .7 , Mr. Gamble Mr, Wanamaker Social 12 American History . ,MW Mr. Hass Social 12 Mr. Wanamaker kept a watchful eye on the Iunchroom lol ,1 'AX bk: Xt- lacffxlvt' Tr' or Good Business Principles Were Necessary i My Mrs. Long I Miss Lemberg Miss E. Anderson Typing, BOOKKGGPIUQ Typing Office Practice, Shorthand 2 s r , iii iiii ,. .t , Mr. Nordberg Mr. Holdridge Mrs. Vicklund Data Processing, Personal Typing Business Law, Consumer Econ. Shorthand, Personal Typing One of the business teachers expressed the belief that each student should have a plan or a career choice before high school graduation. The business education curriculum prepared students for future technical education, a career after high school, or a college education as in the case of personal typing. Concentration was our goal! iii, J' Miss Case Mrs. Doschades Personal Typing, Office Procedures, Office Typing, Accounting Ed. Coor. M lil ' ff' ,, . Quiet, class, quiet!! Businessmen at work! 4 1 Mr. Braun Marketing, Basic Business, Business Law Mr, Crose Marketing 1, Distributive Ed. Coor. Art Encouraged Development of Self Mr. Yasseri Mrs. Manning Art I Art I B rr' ' A, 'B . , , . 145135 We 4 r fwf i i 'll --Q, ,L , , ,. , A Q i. iff? 4 lf' 1,151 i t .2 .kyk in 1, ,si iq .,- g g hqu is ,,-f' i f iarss ,ff f K s ti The art curriculum was directed toward instilling an appreciation of art in the students. Many fields of art were touched upon including rug making, pottery, and oil paint- ing, and the students learned to use their senses and imaginations as tools in self expression. Mr. Folrath, not pictured, also taught art. Mr. Eke Mr. Wagner Mr. Grefe Electricity 1, Metal 1812 Trade 8t Industrial Coor., Machine 8. Wood- Drafting 283 shop Mr, Lundblad Mr. Moehrke Conflagration! Metal 1, Drafting 1 Machine 1812 Shop Aided in Technical Training Mr, Magnuson Mr. Blauert b MY- Hammer Electricity 1, Electronics 2 Power Mechanics Homcultufet AQVICUITUVG 1.21813 Mr. Buehler Wood 1812 The industrial arts curriculum was devoted to the development of mechanical skills, electrical knowledge, and graphic ability. In the shop, students learned basic skills as well as perseverance and patience. Shop prepared students for future education or trade after high school. Shop teachers hoped that what the students learned would be valu- able to them outside of schooling and occupational work. Home Ec Helped Future Homemakers ' -4 ugp,.,,, -',t.,-, --r,- ,l,, Q5 i , , Mrs. Neshiem Modern Foodsg Foods for Hospitallty 1 .,.. t . i'i T r A' ,,,' " 'il 327, V, H QW 5, sw.. - argievazf' ,i u. Mrs. Tolkinen Mrs. Byrum Housing, Clothing, Advanced Clothing "Easy does lt" The Home Ec. Department worked extra hard to put out a beautiful tea for the faculty at Christmas. Each of the girls in Family Living or Home Ec. made some sort of Christmas decoration. This year the Home Ec. Department went to a luncheon at the elec- tric company and also went on a tour of the State Hospital. The Home Ec. Department is headed by Mrs. Neshiem who is a graduate of the Uni- versity of Minnesota. She also taught at Cambridge Senior High for two years. Each of the Home Ec. Teachers employed new methods with tradi- tional standards. Their goal was to turn out young ladies who would be capable of accepting the responsibility of a Homemaker. HHH NAUONAL BANK S st K' National Bank in Anoka 3RD AVE. N. - ANOKA, MlNN. 55303 ' PHONE 4121+383 Beoufiful Full Se vice Banking 2015 3rd Ave. No 421 3820 Lawrie's Family Shoe Store Sh heclclquczrfers for The ici ly E TM 421 9520 Carl's Kentucky Fried Chicken Visif The Colonel 711 Wesf Mclin 421 1960 -..,.,.,, PROUDLY Serving The ehfire Anoka Oreo WiTh everyfhing in fine home ehTerTc1ihmehTsc1Ies cmd services. Cohgrccfulcxfiohs To The Class of '71 1 K K V yh s Ill gg. -V , ,z, ,...s1,:QgQ,z if ll! m , Ill, iis ,Ill we 3 Twin City Federal Savings 8. Loan Association Tuckalouckadayavvay 405 East Main 421-9500 Main Motor Sales 8. Service Dealer Since 1919 Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, 81 Cadillac 222 East Main 421-2700 Peterson 8. Pinney 1 Hardware Everything to tit your needs. The store with a history ot integrity. 1926 Second Ave. So. 421 -1650 f 5 'pl' 0 ll' A Redmann's Lmoleum and Carpet Co. We will toke core of every t1oor's need. 334 Edst Moin 421-4052 .Zan NORTH STAR GLASS INDUSTRIES Everything in gloss 4135 Coon Ropids Blvd. 421 7072 GCODRICH DRUG We offer rnony products to soitisfy our friendly customers. 118 Eost Moin 421-5540 Hit Tunes Record Shop The best in todoy's sound ond equipment 1920 2nd Ave. So. 421 3604 Powder Puff DUFFY Style Shop Hove you hoir done o1T Powder Puff Tor Those speciol occasions. Villoge Shopping CenTer 421-1490 LUMBER CO. Duffy Lumber hos whoT you neeol, 539 Pierce STreeT 421-2340 1 11- L ,.... A TleeT oTT1'ae TirTesT buses To keep you on cu sTeooly course. C1TorTered Trips ovoiloble. KOTTKES' BUS SERVICE INC. 650 SouT1'1 STreeT 421-1300 FRISKY'S A 8. W Our friendly atmosphere is a mark of our good service' Hwy. io 421 3876 ,f iw Vim J" A ' ,,, f ew K . I - . f . , 5 X .jf si, ., 1' Cotten's Inc. Automotive parts and indusfrial supplies, machine shop service. A single source to supply your every NEED' 2040 Ferry Sfreef 421-3300 CCON RAPIDS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Your "SUPER COONH Rapids Dealer. 2710 Coon Rapids Blvd. 421 8000 Colburn-Hilliard Where Tosfe ond sTyIihg mosrk The qualify of our CUSTOMERS! T17 Moih Sfreef 421 2662 TASTEE FREEZ Be good To yourself - G0 To TASTEE FREEZ 404 Jefferson Hwy. - Chomplih 421-T970 ANOKA THEATRE We hclve The loTesf in MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT!! 420 EosTMc1in STreeT 421 T414 Rum River Lumber See us for all your plcinning and building needs! 2208 Norfh 2nd ST. 421-5252 Anoka Jewelry lnext to Searsl Experf wcifclfi - clock ond jewelry repairs, Diamonds, wedding rings, and beffer iewelry. 2128 2nd Ave. NorTl1 421-6930 Anoka Ready Mix e--new.. I , hw H- .. W-...,, A-f Our product will give you - "SOl.lD" Results! 710 Norrh Srreef 421-1850 Princess Printing INC. 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Main 421-9877 Hwy, 169 84 River Blvd. 421-1920 State Bank of Anoka - A full service bank - our 79th year Third 81 Jackson 421 5460 QUALITY GLASS Our qualiTy work is refieded in our customers smiles. 2163 Coon Rapids Blvd. 421 8750 RIVER MOTORS - Dodge cars and Trucks '- 65O East Main 421 3330 Jewelry finishes the iob clothing starts DOWNING'S Peterson's Shoes Shop in comfort and your feet walk out in style lIO East Main 42l-3433 KessIer's Bakery We specialize in wedding and birthday cakes. Fresh pastries daily. 233 East Main 42l-25lO We are always ready to serve your daily needs lO6 East Main 42l-4030 Babcock Hardware -. H lsvmgfs K - . ilgllkili so . i f ls 2 if T l ll A s ' Q '5 , Q3 I 1 555113. : ,,i, 3 3 . ,. eisslifslsi Q ' r 'f ,rr' g :fi M ...i.,, .,r. .s,. f We was xsi: 'S Toni's Flower Shop Thom' pores To The beaufy S. 625 E 421 3123 Jude 55553, T235 Candy HW 1OAir.7O1 esf ann Tobacco M0500 Co. Greenloergs' American Motors Go one beTTer - g G I Hwy. IO 421 4950 Youngquist's Barber Shop Styles the vvorol! 638 East Main 421-9948 207 East Main 421-8 -' ' 1 la- Q Smith's Ben Franklin Where our customers receive personal attention. Location known to all. 689 Anoka County Union Our specialty is pleasing our many customers. Come in and see the selection of announce ments for all occasions. 229 Jackson 421-4444 Sponsorships Anoka Dairy Queen 421-5441 Anoka Drug 421-2811 Hoffman Electric 421-4670 Richarcl's Furniture 421-2152 Western Auto 421-5696 The 1970-1971 Anokan staff wishes to thank the Anoka and Coon Rapids businesses that contributed to the ad section. It was with their help that the prooluction of this book was made possible. ADAMS, JOHN: 84-Track 13 Football 1,2,33 gwimrging 1,2,3Q NHS 2,33 A-Club 1,2,33 Boy's tate . ADAMS, RICK: 84-Track 13 Football 1,23 Stu- dent Council 3. ADRIANS, BARB: 84-Girls Choir3 OEA 3. AGEE, CYNTHIA: 84-Spanish Club 2,3. ALTENWEG, KENITH: 84. ALTHOUSE, SUE: 84-GAA 13 Student Council 13 Mixed Chorus 2,32 Girls Chorus 13 Spanish 3. ANDERSON, LAUREL: 84-Band 1,2,33 Orch 2,33 Spanish 2,33 Football Band 3. ANDERSON, LESLIE: 84-Band 1,2,3. EIXRERSON, LINDA: 84-DECA 33 Band 1,23 ANDERSON, PAM: 84-Spanish 23 Twisters 3. ANDERSON, ROSEMARY: 84-Chorus 1,2,3. ANDERSON, SHELLY: 84-Fall Queen 33 Anokan 33 Paint Your Wagon 23 GAA 1,23 Student Coun- cil 1,2,33 Secretary 13 Cheerleader 1,2,33 Choir 1,2,3. ANDERSON, STACIE: 84. ANDERSON, SUE: 84-Girls Ensemble 1,2,33 French 1,23 FTA 2. ANTOLICK, STEVE: 84-A Club 2,33 Gymnastics 1,2,33 German 1. ARNDT, JONI: 84-Choir 13 Library 1,32 Twisters 1, Carousel 33 One Act Play. ARVIN, JAYNE: 84. ASCHWEGE, SUE: 84-GAA 13 Band 1,2,33 French 1,23 Football Band 3. ASFALY, TERESA: 84. AUSTIN, ROBBIE: 84-Library Club 2,32 Gym- nastics 2. AXVIG, LUANN: 84. WZZEE5 iHEi.?.?'ll3TS? iFS02Z?'l5i22?3 1,23 Orch 1,2,3. BAKER, KEN: 85-FFA. BAKER, ROBIN: 85. BALL, BETTY: 85. BASS, GARY: 85-Boy's Ensemble3 Carousel. BAUER, BARB: 85. BAUER, HELEN: 85-Spanish 1,2,3Q Track 1,33 GAA 1. BAUER, PETER: 85-Vice President 13 French 23 Choir 2,3. BAUM, BILL: 85-Intramurals 1,2,3. BEAUDRY, STEVE: 85-Gymnastics 1,2,3. Seniors BEBEAU, JUDY: 85-OEA 3. BECKENBACH, JANICE: 85. BECKMAN, JANICE: 85. BENNET, BECKY: 85-GAA 1,2,33 Track 1,2,33 Gymnastics 2,3. BENNET, JAN: 86. BERG, MICHAEL: 86-Track 23 Football 13 Gym- nastics 2. BEZRG, RON: 86-FFA 33 Hockey 1,2,33 Baseball BERGMAN, LOWANA: 86. BERGSTEDT, TIM: 86-Track 1,2,33 Cross Coun- try 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 NHS 2,33 A Club 1,2,3. BERGSTEN, JOHN: Baseball 13 DECA Presi- dent3 Gymnastics 23 Boy's State 2. BERNU, BRUCE: 86. BIAS, LYNN: 86-VICA3 Library Club 13 German 13 GAA 1. BIEGLER, JAMES: RC. BIMBERG, LAVONNE: 86. BIXBY, JERALD: 86. BLANCHETTE, DAN: 86-Class President 33 ln- tramurals 1,2,3Q Float. BLASCYK, DEBBIE: 86-Chorus 1,2,3. BLASCYK, DIANE: 86-Chorus 1,2,3. BLATTMAN, JON: 86-Hockey 1,2,3. BLESI, SHARON: 86. BLOMBERG, JOHN: 86-Gymnastics 1,2,3Q VICA. BLOOMBERG, DON: 86-FFA. BLUE, SANDY: 86. BOARD, MARK: 86-A Club: YDFL 13 Baseball 13 Tennis 2,33 Biology Club 1. BOETTCHER, BRENT: 86. BOETTCHER, DENNIS: 87-VICA 3. BOLDUC, CARLA: 87. BOLLER, CHARLES: 87-FFA. BOLSTER, CATHY: 87-Swimming l,2. BORMES, DAVE: 87-Football. BOWERS, FRED: 87. S2X,'E3.?03f' 82353 ESZ42Bf. '3?tCEi??S1,Sg3Z Paint Your Wagon 2. BOYD, TOM: 87-Concert 81 Marching Bands 1,2,33 NHS 2,31 Gymnastics 1,2,3. BRADWAY, JOANN: 87. BRAGELMAN, MARGIE: 87-OEA 33 Spanish 1,22 Band 13 GAA 1. BRANUM, SUE: 87-OEA. BRENNAN, LYNNE: 87. BRODT, MELODY: 87-Anoka High Rap: Anokan 3. BROOKS, CHRIS: 87. BROUELLETTE, CHERLYN: 87-French 1,2,33 Chorus 1. BROWN, LOUANN: 87-French 13 Girls Choir 1,2,33 Anokahi 3. BRUE, BRENT: 87-DECA 3. BUHS, JEFF: 87-NHS 2,32 Student Council 2,33 Basketball 1,22 Track 1,23 Football 13 Spanish. BULEN, CHARLES: 87. BULLIVANT, LINDA: 87-Band 13 DECA. BUNE, CHUCK: 88-A Club 1,2,33 FFA 33 Basket- ball 13 Student Council 33 Football3 Golf 1,2,33 Intramurals 1,2,3. BUYSE, JANE: 88-Theatre 2,33 NHS 2,33 De- bate 13 Girls Ensemble 33 Orch 1,2,33 YGOP 1,22 French 23 Cheerleading 1,2,3. BYRDZIAK, DIANE: 88. CAINE, JILL: 88-Concert Choir 1,2,33 Litleaf 13 Choir Council 2,33 Floats 1,3. CAMERON, STEVE: 88. CAMP, CHUCK: 88. CARLING, BRIAN: 88-Student Council 1,2,33 The Skin of Your Teeth. CARLSON, JEAN: 88. CARPENTER, GREG: 88. CASE, MARK: 88-A Club 1,2,33 Football 13 Cross Country 13 Intramural 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,3. CASTLE, KAY: 88-Band 1,2,33 Orch 33 GAA 13 AFS 2,33 Chorus 13 NHS 2,33 Cheerleader 1,2, 33 Young Republicans 1,2. CHALICH, VERN: 88. CHAMBERLAIN, KAY: 88-Marching 81 Concert Band 1,2,3Q Timer 1,2,33 Anoka Girl 33 Prom 2, Swimming 1. CHERNEY, SUE: 88-Girls Chorus. CHRISSIS, CONNIE: 89. CI-LRISTENSON, RON: 89-Library Club 23 Latlr' CLARK, CATHY: 89. CLAYTON, PAT: 89-Golf 1,2,33 A Club 2,33 Swimming 1,2,3. CLEATOR, WARREN: 89-WW 2,33 Concert elarlivd 5,33 Biology Club 13 Marching Band 33 . . ,3. CLIFFORD, DANIEL: 89-Band 1,2,35 Orch 3. FOLBERT, RON: 89-Baseball 15 DECA 35 Wrest- mg . COLBJORNSEN, NANCY: 89-Spanish Club 1,2,35 AFS 2. CONGER, BARB: 89-Track 2,35 Gymnastics 3: Library 1. CONNETT, DIANE: 89-GAA 15 Band 1,2,35 French 1. COOK, DARLENE: 89-Spanish Club. COTTEN, JOHN: 89-Anokan 35 Anokahi 3. COUNTRYMEN, VICKI: 89-OEA 3. CRAIG, TOM: 89-Basketball 1,25 Intramural 1,2,3. CRAMBl-lTT, JERRY: 90. CRAWFORD, RICHARD: 90. CRAWFORD, BOB: 90. CROSSMAN, TOM: 90. CROTEAU, STEVE: 90-Baseball 25 Wrestling 1. CULVER, CATHY: 90. DAHLBERG, TOM: 90-Debate 15 German 15 Anokahi 2,3. DAHLHEIMER, GERALD: 90-FFA 3. DAHLHEIMER, JEAN: 90-Library 15 GAA. DAHLHEIMER, LUCY: 90-GAA. DALLAND, SHARON: 90-French 1,2,35 GAA5 Li- brary 1,25 Prom. DANIELSON, MARSHA: 90-Twisters 1,2,35 GAA 1,25 Choir 1,2,3: Drama 25 AFS 2,35 French 15 NHS 2,35 Teen Corps. DASS, MICHEAL: 90. DAUN, DIANA: 90-Mixed Choir 35 YGOP 1,25 Girls Ensemble 2,3. DAY, MICKEY: 90-GAA 1,35 Prom 25 Spanish Club 3. DEANS, JOHN: 90-DECA5 OE 3. DEHEN, MARTY: 90. DEHEN, MICHEAL: 90. DEJARLAIS, JEFF: 90-Band 1,25 Track 15 lgrestling 1,2,35 Cross Country 1,2,35 French DELONG, TODD: 91-YGOPI5 Biology 15 Band 1,2,35 Anokahi 35 Anokan co-editor 3, Tennis 1. DEMARAIS, RICK: 91-FFA5 Track 1,2. DEMARS, PAT: 91-FFA. DENNY, JEFF: 91. DICKENSON, REBECCA: 91-GAA 2,35 Band 1,25 Track 1,2,35 Gymnastics 2,3. DINZEL, CAROL: 91-Spanish Club. DOBRATZ, RUTH: Band 1,2,35 Twisters 15 Swimming 15 Litleaf 3. DOWNING, DAN: 91-Hockey. DOWNING, PAM: 91-NHS 35 GAA 15 Prom 25 Band 1,2,35 French 25 AFS 2,35 Class President 25 Football Band 3. DRECHNIK, RICHARD: 91-Band 1: Electronics 3. DREWS, ALAN: 91-Band 1,2,35 Track 15 Tennis 25 Golf 35 Swimming 2,35 Anokahi 1,2,35 Ano- kan 1,2,35 Intramural 3. DRYDEN, LYNDA: 91-DECA. DUCOMMUN, JOANNE: 91-Band 1,2,35 Biology Club 15 Anokahi 2,35 Marching Band 3. DUSOSKY, STEVE: 91. DIQSSL, STEVE: 91-Band 1,2,35 Gymnastics EASTLING, KAREN: 91-GAA 1,35 FHA 35 Chorus 1,2,3. ECKLUND, LAURIE: 91. EDEN, LINDA: 91. EDWARDS, ANITA: 91. EDWARDS, JIM: 91-FFA 3. EHRMANTRAUT, KATHY: 91. EIDEM, DOUG: 92-Football 1,2,35 A Club 2,33 Track 1,2,3. ELIN, DENNIS: 92. ENGE, LYNN: 92. ENGLE, SCOTT: 92-Golf 1.2.3: Intramural 35 French 1. ERICKSON, BRIAN: 92-Football 1,2,35 Hockey 2,35 Baseball 1,2,35 A Club 2,35 AFS 2,35 Ger- man 15 Intramural 1,2,3. ERICKSON, RICHARD: 92 ERIKSON, JEFF: 92-DECA. FALCK, DEAN: 92. FARSTAD, PAT:'92-Band 1,2,3. FEARING, TERRIE: 92. FENNEMA, NANCY: 92. FICHTEL, STEVE: 92-Cross Country 1,25 Bas- ketball 15 Track 1,2,3. FIELDS, LENNY: 92. FIETEK, LUANN: 92-GAA 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3. FISCHER, BRENT: 92-Baseball 1,2,35 Hockey 1,2,3. FISCHER, KAREN: 92. FISCHER, ROXANNE: 92. FLANSBURG, CYRIL: 92-Band 1,2,3. FLAVIN, DENISE: 92-Spanish 2,35 Choir 35 GAA5 Anokan 3. FLOR, LAWRENCE: 93. FONTILLA, DEBORAH: 93-AFS 2,35 Library 1,2,35 Anokan co-editor 35 YGOP 35 Spanish 15 GAA 1,25 Cheerleading 1,2. FORSE, LAUREL: 93. FOSTER, THERESA: 93. FRANK, MARY: 93-GAA 15 Cheerleader '25 Homecoming attendent 2,3. FREDRICKSON, CAROL: 93-FFA5 Swimming 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Spanish 1,2,35 Gymnastics 35 Band 1,2,3. FREE, LAWRENCE: 93-YGOP 35 Chess Club 1, . EREEBY, SANDI: 93-DECA5 Orch 1,25 Twisters FREEBY, SHARI: 93-VICA5 Twisters 15 Orch 15 FTA 2. FREY, DWON: 93-FFA 3. FUNK, JENEAN: 93. FUQUA, STEPHEN: 93-Cross Country 1,2,35 Track 1,2,35 Latin 15 A Club5 C.H. GAB, JAMIE: 93-Orch 1,2,35 NHS 2,35 French 1,2,35 Twisters 1,2,35 GAA 1,25 Theatre 35 AFA 2. GAGNON, CHARLOTTE: 93-Girls Chorus 1,2,35 Library Club. GANGL, PATRICIA: 94-Library Club 2. GEORGE, BRAD: 94. GERARD, RICK: 94-Baseball 2,35 Intramural 2,3. GIBSON, MARK: 94-FFA 35 Wrestling. GILBERTSON, LANCE: 94-Football 1,25 Wrest- ling 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 Boys Ensemble 2,35 Choir 1,2,3. GILBERTSON, STEVEN: 94. GILLAN, MIKE: 94. GILLUND, LESLIE: 94. GILMER, JOYCE: 94-French 15 Girls Ensemble 2,35 Drama 2,35 Choir 1,2,3. GODFREY, NEAL: 94-FFA. GOW, TOM: 94-FFA 3. GRABER, PHILLIPI 94. GRAMS, DAVE: 94. GRANT, DEBBIE: 94-Twisters 15 Chorus 15 Speech 2. GRAVES, BECKY: 94-GAA5 Library 1. GREENE, JAN: 94-Spanish Club5 Library Club 1. GROESS, KEVIN: 94. GRUNDMAN, MARK: 94. GUIMONT, MARY: 94. GUY, CHERI: 94-French 15 DECA 3. HADLEY, JAMES: 95. HALL, KATHI: 95-Choir 1,2,35 Latin 1. HALLSTROM, BRAD: 95-Basketball 1,25 Cross Country 25 Chorus 1,2,35 Carousel 3. 4 HALSEY, DAVID: 95-Class Officer 1,2: Student Council 3: Basketball 1,2: Prom 2: German 1: Band 1,2,3: Intramural. HALVERSON, LAWRENCE: 95-Basketball 1,2: Intramurals: Spanish 3: Baseball 1. HAMM, DOUG: 95. HAMMER, KEN: 95-Track 2,3: Biology 2,3. HAMMER, RICHARD: 95. IQIQMMOND, WAYNE: 95-Football 1,2,3: Track HANDY, DONALD: 95, HANSEN, DONNA: 95. HANSON, RANDY: 95-Golf 1: Gymnastics 2,3: Basketball 1. HANSON, ROGER: 95. HARRIS, RAY: 95. HATHAWAY, NANCY: 95. HATTEN, PATRICK: 95-Gymnastics 1,2: Golf 1: Treasure 3: Intramural: Floats: Homecoming. HAWKINSON, KEITH: 95. HEATH, DENNIS: 95. HEAVEY, SHEILAI 95. HEDBERG, BUDDY: 95-Hockey 1,2,3: Football 1,2,3: Class Secretary 3: A Club 1,2,3. HEDIN, JUDY: 95. HEITZMAN, MARY: 95. HENDERSON, DAVID: 95-Football 1: Cross Country 2,3: Hockey 1,2,3: Track 2,3: Intramu- ral 1,2,3: A Club 2,3. HENNING, STEVE: 96-YGOP 1,2,3: Paint Your Wagon 2: Carousel 3: Anokahi 3: Litleaf 1,2: Tennis 1,2. HERRBOLDT, DONNA: 96-Cheerleader 1: GAA 1,2: Choir 1. HIERLINGER, GREG: 96-Basketball 1,2,3: Baseball 1,2,3: Football 1: Cross Country 2. HILLSTROM, SCOTT: 96. HILTZ, DIANE: 96-Band 1,2,3: Marching Band: GAA 1: Twisters 2: Anokahi 3: Prom 2: Anoka Girl 3. HILTZ, JIM: 96-Band 1: Football Manager 1,2,3: Wrestling 1,2,3. HIGNTGEN, DAVE: 96-Football 1: Golf 1,2,3: Band 1,2,3: Drama 2,3: Orch 3: Latin L: NHS 2,3: Choir 3. HOFFMAN, BEV: 96. HOFFMAN, GARY: 96-AV 1,2,3. HOGIE, DEBBIE: 96-Band 1,2,3: Spanish Club 2,3: GAA 1,2: Marching Band 3: Anokahi 3: Plays. Holland, David: 96-FFA. HOLM, MARCIA: 97-Orch 1,2,3. HOLMSTROM, BRIAN: 97-Gymnastics 2. HOLT, ART: 97-Band 1: Football 1,2. HOLZER, DORETTA: 97. HOOSLINE, LAURA: 97-GAA: VICA 3: Library 1. HOOVER, JIM: 97-Football 1,2,3: Wrestling 1,2: A Club 3: Baseball 1: Band 1,2,3. HOSKINS, LAWRENCE: 97. HOSTETLER, GARY: 97-Hockey. HOUCHINS, JEFF: 97-Class President 1: Biolo- gy 1: Paint Your Wagon 2: Marching 3: Orch 2: NHS 2,3: Intramural 3: Carousel 3: Band 1,2,3: One Act Plays 2: Thurbers Carnival 1: Stage Band. HOULE, LORNA: 97. HOWES, KENT: 97-Stage Band: Carousel 3: Band 1,2,3: Orch: Orch Council Paint Your Wagon 2: Debate. HUBER, LYNNETTE: 97-DECA 3: Prom 2. HUEBNER, JANET: 97. HUGHES, GAYLE: 97-MOEA. HULNE, RENEE: 97-Anokan 3: Library 1. HULTQUIST, BETSY: 97-AFS 2,3: GAA . 1: YGOP 1,2,3: Library 1,2: Anokahi 2,3: Girls Choir 1: Mixed Choir 2,3: Litleaf 3: French 2: Paint Your Wagon 2: Skin of Your Teeth 2. HUSETH, SHELLEY: 97-Girls Chorus 1,2,3. HUSTON, LINDA: 97-Orch 3. ISLER, DAVE: 97. ISLER, PAT: 98. JACKSON, BOB: 98-Baseball 1,2,3: Basketball 1,2: A Club 2,3: Intramurals. JACOBSON, LARRY: 98-Basketball 1. JACOBSON, SUE: GAA 1. JIRASEK, FRANK: 98-Gymnastics 1,2. JOHANNES, CLAIRE: 98. JOHANSEN, KELLY: 98. JOHNSON, BRUCE: 98. JOHNSON, DAVE: 98-Mixed Choir 2,3: Football 1,2,3. JOHNSON, DENNIS: 98. JOHNSON, DORAN: 98-Choir 1,2,3: Choir Council 3, Paint Your Wagon 2: Prom 2: Anoka- hi 3: Litleaf 3: Carousel 3: French. JOHNSON, DOUGLAS: 98-Hockey 1: YGOP 1,2: Prom 2: CH: Orch 1,2,3: Orch Council 2,3: Carousel: Anokahi 3: Latin 1. JOHNSON, JILL: 98-Spanish 2,3: Anokan 3. JOHNSON, JOHN: 99. JOHNSON, MIKE: 99. JOHNSON, NANCY: 99-OEA. JOHNSON, PAT: 99. JOHNSON, STEVEN: 99. JOHNSON, TIM: 99. JOHNSTON, SHARON: 99-Orch 1,2: VICA 3. JONES. DIANE: 99. KEILLOR, DORCAS: 99. KEPLER, JlM: 99. KEJELEWELL, VICKIE: 99-Biology 1,2: Anokahi KIELBLOCK, LORI: 100-Band 1,2,3: Anokahi 1,2,3. KINNEY, LYNNETTE: 100. KISLER, YVONNE: 100. KLAMMER, DEBBIE: 100. KLERSY, JOHN: 100-Biology Club 2,3. KLERSY, LUANA: 100-VICA. KLIEVER, LORNA: 100-Library 1,2. KLONOWSKI, LYNN: 100-NHS 2,3: Swimming 1,2,3: Prom 2: GAA 2: Sophomore Choir 1: Mixed Chorus 2,3. KLOSTERMAN, BARBARA: 100. KNAPP, KATHY: 100-One Act Plays 3: Paint Your Wagon 2: Carousel 3: Orch 1,2,3: Con- gress 2,3: Debate 1: Anokan 3. KROENING, JERRY: 100-Baseball 1,2,3: Bas- ketball 1: Latin: Library. KRUEGER, DENNIS: 100-Baseball 1. KRYZER, SUE: 100-Prom 2: Twisters 2: DECA 3. KUCHESKA, LAURIE: 100. LAGERQUIST, COLLEEN: 100-Debate 1,3: Lit- leaf 3: Library 1,2: Student Congress 3: Drama 2-,3. LANE, RICK: 100. LANGNER, THELMA: 100. LANNING, DIANE: 100-GAA: Library 2: Spanish 2. LAPENOTIERE, MICHEAL: 100. LARSEN, LANA: 101-Girls Choir 2,3: French 1,2: Anokahi 2,3: Library 1. LARSON, BETSY: 101-Band 1,2,3: WW Band 2,3: Theatre Activities 3. LARSON, PAT: 101-Cheerleading 2,3. LASALLE, CHRIS: 101-NHS 2,3: Band 1,2,3: Stageband 2,3: French 2. LAWRENCE, GLORIA: 101-Choir 1,2,3: GAA 1: Girls Ensemble 2. LAWRENCE, JEAN: 101. LEE, RICK: 101-Football 1,2: Intramural 1,2,3. LEEB, WALTER: 101. LEEF, LINDA: 101-Anokan 2,3: AFS 2. LEFLER, MIKE: 101-Golf 1: Library 1: Intramu- ral 1,2. LIFFRIG,DEBBY:101-GAA 1,2: Twisters 1.2.32 MILLER, DEBBIE: 103-GAA 2: Spanish Club PETERSON, CHERI: 107-NHS 2,3: Twisters LEMKE, KAREN: 101. LEMKE, RICK: 101-FFA. LENE, CARY: 101. LEONARD, SCOTT: 101-Band 1,2,3: Gymnas- tics 1,2,3. LEROY, BECKY: 101-NHS 2,3: Band 1,2,3: Student Council 1,2,3: GAA 1,2,3: GAA 1,2,3: Cheerleading 1,2,3: WW Band 3: Girls Traclf 1,2,3: Homecoming Attendent 3. LIDBERG: 101-Marketing 1,2: DECA. LIFFRIG, DAVE: 101-Football 1,2,3: Intramural 1,2,3: Baseball 1,2. NHS 2,3: French 1: Prom 2. LILLEY, DAVE: 101. LILLIGREN, CHUCK: 102-Football 1,3: Basket- ball 1,2,3: Baseball 1,2: Anokahi 3: A Club 3. LINDMAN, PETER: 102. LITTLEFIELD, DENISE: 102-Band 1,2,3: Span- ish 1: GAA 1: Litleaf 2: Football Band 3. LIVGARD, LINDA: 102, LOFGREN, CHUCK: Band 1. LOFGREN, LEON: 102-Football 1. LOFGREN, LINDA: 102. LOKEN, DAVE: 102-Gymnastics. LONGFIELD, TOM: 102-FFA 1,2,3. LORENTZEN, STEPHANIE: 102-Biology Club: OEA. LUNDGREN, JUDITH: 102-Band 1: Latin Club 1: GAA 1: Mixed Choir 2,3. LUNDY, RANDY: 102. LUTGEN, NANCY: 102-GAA 1: Library 1. MAGNUSON, GARY: 102. MAID, PEGGY: 102-MOEA. MANDIGO, DENNIS: 102-A Club 2,3: Band 1,2, 3: Tennis 1,2,3: Basketball 1: Orch 2,3:. MANSK, DAN: 103. MAPSON, RICHARD: 103. MARQUART, BARBARA: 103-Anokan 3: Girls Choir 2,3. MARTIN, JAMES: 103-Cross Country 1,2: Hockey 1,2,3: Tennis 2: Track 1, FFA 3. MAYER, KATHLEEN: 103-AFS 1,2,3: Spanish 1,2,3: Library 1,2: FTA 2: NHS 2,3: Thurber 1. McARDLE, JULIE: 103-NHS 2,3: WW Band 2,3: Senior Band 2,3: Jr. Band 1: Football Band 1: MCGRAW, JEFF: 103. McLEAN, MIKE: 103-Mixed Choir: Boys Ensem- ble: Baseball. MCMAHON, MARY: 103-FTA 2: Biology 1: Band 1,2,3: Football Band 3, Anokahi co-editor MEAD, CHRISTINE: 103-VICA. MEAD, ROXANNE: 103-GAA 1: Anokahi 3. MELLAS, PATTY: 103-Band 1,2,3: Football Band 3: Spanish 1,2: Prom 2: Swimming 1,2,3. MELROSE, SUE: 103-Band 1,2,3: WW Band 2,3: Football Band 3: Swimming 2,3: French 1: Biology 1: NHS 1: Orch 1,2: Track 1: Prom 2. 2,3. MILLER, JOHN: 103-Wrestling 1,2,3. IVIILLNER, ARDEEN: 103-GAA 1,2: Spanish Club 2,3: Anokan 3: NHS 2,3: Prom 2: Track 1,3: By the Skin of Your Teeth 2, Carousel 3. MOE, PAM: 103-Spanish. MOEY, RON: 104-FFA 3. MOORE, CONNIE: 104-Anokan 3. MORRIS, PAM: 104-French 1: Girls Choir 1: Girls Ensemble 2,3: Carousel 3, GAA 1: FTA 1: Mixed Chorus 2,3: NHS 2,3. MORRISETTE, CELIA: 104. MORTENSEN, WARREN: 104-FFA 3: Photogra- phy Club 3. MORTEN, ED: 104. MUECKE, LAVONNE: 104-GAA 1,2,3. NADEAU, JOE: 104-Tennis: Electronics: Biolo- gy 1,2: FFA 3. NAGY, GARY: 1 04. NAYMASTER, SANDY: 104-DECA. NEIL, ARNOLD: 104. NEIS, MARCIA: 104-Prom 2, Twisters 1,2,3: MOEA 3. NELSON, LINDA: 104. NELSON, MARLETTE: 104-Jr. Sr. Ensemble 3: NHS 2,3: Carousel 3: Orch 1,2,3: Council 3: Paint Your Wagon 2. NELSON MITCH: 105-FFA 3. NELSON, NANCY: 105. NELSON, PAULA: 105. NELSON, VIVIAN: 105-Anokan 2,3: Anokahi. NETTLETON, NANCY: 105. Prom 2: Biology 1 MCCALLA, ELAINE MCCARTY, JAMES: 2. MCFETERS LINDA GAA 1. 103. 103-FFA: Electronics Club 103-Latin 1: Library 1: Bi- ology 1:Gyi11naStiC's 2,3: Swimming 3: Track 3. NEUMANN, JAN: 105-NHS 2,3: WW Band 2,3: Senior Band 2,3: Carousel 3: Girls Ensemble 3: Prom 2: Mixed Choir 3. NICHOLS, SUE: 105-Anokan 3. NIELSON, WADE: 105. NOES, JOHN: 105. NOHR, CHRISTINE: 105. NORDLING, STEVE: 105-Basketball 1,2,3: NHS 2,3: Baseball 2,3: A Club 2,3. NORDSTROM, BRYAN: 105-Carousel 3. NORDSTROM, CONNIE: 105. NORZJEN, GENE: 105-Football 1,2: Gymnastics 1,2, . NORI, KATE: GAA 1,2. NORLIEN, KATHRYN: 106-Girls Choir 1,2,3: Orch 1,2,3: Girls Ensemble 3: Spanish Club. NYQUIST, SUSAN: 106-Cheerleading 1: Span- ish Club 3. OBREMSKI, DONALD: 106. OCEL, SANDRA: 106. OLSON, BRUCE: 106. OLSON, JAMES: 106-Basketball 1,2,3. OLSON, KATHRYN: 106-Biology Club 1,2. OLSON, LUTHER: 106-Band 1. OLSON, LYNNETTE: 106. OLSON, ROBBIN: 106. OLSON, ROGER: 106-Anokahi. OLSON, WILLIAM: 106. OLSTAD, DENA: 106-NHS 2,3: Cheerleading 1,2: Theatre 1,2,3: Girls Ensemble 3: Vice President 2: French 1: Mixed Choir 1: GAA 1. OMAN, LINEA: 106. OSBORNE, DIANE: 106. OWEN, MARGARET: 106. OVERDICK, ROGER: 106-AV 2,3: Electronics 2,3: Photo Club 3: Library 3: Chess Club 3. PAGE, SHARON: 106-Twisters 1,2. PAHL, MIKE: 106. PALM, JANET: 106. PALMER, LYNN: 106-Library 1: GAA 1. PAQUETTE, TIM: 107. PARADISE, DAVE: 107. PARADISE, JOHN: 107. PAVER, JODY: 107-GAA 1,2: Spanish 2,3: Carousel 3. PEARSON, LYNN: 107. PEDERSON, RANDY: 107. 1,2: Band 1,2. PETERSON, ANDY: 107. PETERSON, DARLENE: 107-Band 1,2,3: Foot- ball band 3: FTA 2: Spanish 1,2,3: PETERSON, DUANE: 107-FFA 2,3. PETERSON, JULIE: 107-GAA 15 Choir 1,22 Prom 2. PETERSON, PAUL: 107-VICA 3. PETERSON, SHARON: 107. PFLIPSEN, NANCY: 107-OEA 3. PHILLIPS, JOANNE: 108-AFS 1,25 Spanish 1,35 Girls Choir 3. PHILLIPS, LAURIE: 108-Band 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 Orch 2,35 Spanish 35 NHS 2,35 Theatre Activities 2. PIERCE, DAVE: 108-Tennis 1,2,35 A Club 2,3. PIERCE, PAUL: 108-YGOP 1,2,35 Student Council 15 Biology 1. PIPENHAGEN, JOE: 108 PIRAM, JEAN: 108. PLANT, TOM: 108-A Club 2,35 Football 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2,3. PI.ooc, BONNIE: 108-Prom 25 Litleaf 1,2. PRoziNski, GARY: 108. PUTNAM, DIANE: 108. QUALEY, KAY: 108-Spanish 2,3. RAHKO, PETER: 108-Latin 15 A Club 2,35 Track 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 NHS 2,3. RAMSTORF, KEN: 108-Football 1. RANALLO, DEBBIE: 108. RASMUSSON, GARY: 108-VICA. FEDFIELD, SCOTT: 108-Basketball 15 Wrest- ing 2. REDMANN, NANCY: 108-WW Band 2,35 Band 1,2,35 Orch 35 French 2,3. REICHEL, TERRY: 108. REILLEY, LEDL: 109-Biology Club 1,2. RENKO, TONY: 109. RIDER, MARKLYN: 109-GAA 15 Band 1,2,35 French 1,25 Anokan 2,35 NHS 2,35 Paint Your Wagon 2. RILEY, LORI: Library. RILEY, MELINDA: 109-GAA 15 Girls Chorus 2,35 Prom 25 Anokan 3. RISTOW, PAM: 109. ROBINSON, REBECCA: 109-GAA 15 Track 15 AFS 35 NHS 2,35 Concert Marching 8 WW Band5 Chorus 15 Biology Club 1. ROCHE, PHILLIP: 109-Cross Country 15 Band 15 Gymnastics 1,2,3. ROLLINS, MARY: 109. ROSBURG, DIANN: 109-Band 1,25 GAA 15 Gymnastics 35 Theatre 3. ROSENWINKEL, JEAN: 109-GAA5 German Club 15 OEA 35 Track 2. ROTHER, STEVE: 109-FFA. ROTHER, SUE: 109-Chorus5 Spanish 1,2. RUBLE, DEBBIE: 109-Girls Choir 1,2,35 Twist- ers 2,35 Homecoming Attendent 2. RUDRUD, PAM: 109-GAA 15 Band 1,2,35 Orch 2,35 Cheerleading 1,25 Prom 25 Marching Band 35 Anokan 35 Homecoming Attendent 2. RUHL, PAMELA: 109. RUSSEFF, DAVE: 109-VICA. RUSSELL, BETTE: 109-VICA 35 Girls Chorus 1. RYCHLY, MIKE: 109-FFA. RYDIN, ALLEN: 109. SANBORN, RICHARD: 109. SANGRENE, MARYSUE: 110. SAUTER, THOMAS: 1 10. SCHAEFER, MARCIE: 110. SCHALO, VICKI: 110. SCHENDEL, DOUG: 110-FFA 35 Football 1,2,35 Chess Club 35 Track 1,2,35 A Club 1,2,35 In- tramurals 1,2,3. SCHMALZER, MARK: 110. SCHMIDT, JEANNIE: 110-GAA 15 Biology 15 YGOP 15 German 15 Band 1,2,35 Football Band 35 Prom 25 Track 2,35 Swimming 2. SCHMITT, TERESA: 1 10. SCHOLL, JEFF: 110-FFA 35 AV 1,2,3. SCHONHARDT, MIKE: 110. SCHOON, VERL: 110-Track 1,2,35 Football 15 A Club 1,2,3. SCZHEJLER, TOM: 110-Intramurals 1,2,35 AV SCHULTZ, DEBBIE: 110. SCHWANDT, BILL: 110-FFA5 Gymnastics 1,2. SCHWARTZWALD, JACKIE: 110. SCHWEN, SCOTT: 110-Track 1,25 Hockey 1,2,3. SCHWIEGER SCHWIEGER, SCOTT, KEN: SCROGGINS, DAN: 110-Electronics Club. DENNIS: 110-Electronics Club. 1 1 0. MARGARET: 111-Girls Chorus 1,2,35 Spanish 2,3. SELLHEIM, JANEL: 1 11. SEMAN, MARK: 111-Football 1,2,35 FFA 3. SETTERLUND, PAULA: 111-Band 1,2,35 Cheer- leader 15 Twisters 1,2,35 Anokahi 35 GAA 1. SEWALD, RONALD: 1 11. SHAFFER, MICHEAL: 111-Band 1,2,35 Gym- nastics 2,35 DECA 35 A Club 2,3. SHELDON, GREG: 11 1. SHELLITO, CHUCK: 11 1-Chess Club 3. SHILTZ, SCOTT: 111-Football 1,2,35 Basket ball 15 Baseball 15 Intramurals 1,2,3. SHIMEK, CURT: 111-Prom 2. SHOBE, SCOTT: 11 1. SHREVE, BOB: Chess Club 35 Library 2. SIGFRID, DAN: 1 11-Latin 15 Gymnastics 1,2,3 SIGFRID, DOUG: 111-FFA. SILVA, LEONARDO: 111. SIMONSON, MARLIN: 112. SIMPKINS, MIKE: 112-Wrestling 1,2,3. SIZER, MERRILEE: 112-GAA 1,2. SJOLUND, 'VIVlAN: 1 12-DECA. sklPToN, MIKE: 112. SKOGQUIST, MARLENE: 112-OEA 3. SKOLD, STEVEN: 112-VICA. SMITH, ANN: I 12-Spanish. SMITH, BRIEN 112. SMITH, JULIE: 1 12. SMITH, SHELLY: 112-Twisters 1,2. SNAZA, KEVIN: 112. SOLARZ, JOHN: 112-Photo 35 Electronics 35 AV Club 1,2,3. SONNENBERG, MELANIE: 112-Theatre 2.32 Orch 1,2,35 Cheerleading 1,2,35 NHS 2,35 Choir 2,35 Girls Ensemble 1,2,35 Anokahi 35 GAA 1. SONTERRE, GLORIA: 112-Girls Choir 1,2,3. SORTEBERG, GORRIN: 112. SPENCE, MICHEAL: 112. STAHLBERG, JANELLE: 1 12-VICA5 Orch 1,2,35 Latin 1,25 GAA 1,2. STARMACK, DAVE: 1 12-Track. ST. DENNIS, ROSE: 112-Cheerleading 1,2,35 Track 15 Anokahi 2. STEELE, JIM: 1 13-Hockey. STEFFENSON, JIM: 113-Band 1,2,35 Track 1,2,3. STEIDL, DAWN: 113. STEINLIGHT, TIMOTHY: 113-Biology Club STENQUIST, DENNIS: 113. STODDARD, LYNETTE: 1 13-Girls Choir 15 Con- cert Choir 2,35 Latin Club 35 JCL 3. STOKES, DONALD: 113-FFA. STONE, DAN: 113. STYNER, PAM: 113. SUND, SUE: 113-Girls Choir 1,2,3. SUNDEEN, GLENN: 113-FFA 1,2,3. SUTHERS, STEVEN: 113. SWANSON, SWANSON, SWANSON, SWANSON, BRUCE: 113-Orch 13 DECA 3. MIKE: 113. SANDRA: 113. TIMOTHY: 113. SWENEY, STEVEN: 113-Orch 33 Band 1,2,33 Track 13 Carousel 33 Anokan 33 Anokahi 33 Bi- glogy 1,2,33 YRL 1,22 Swimming 2,33 Football and 3. SYRING, CRAIG: 113-Baseball 1,2,33 Football 1,2,33 Intramurals 1,2. TANNER, PATRICIA: 113-French 13 AFS 13 Band 13 Chorus 23 Debate 1,32 Student Con- gress 33 Anokahi 2,32 YGOP. TAYLOR, PEGGY: 113-GAA 1.23 Libraiaf 13 French 13 NHS 2,33 Twisters 1,22 AFS 13 lass !Secretary 1, Anokahi co-editor 'THElSEN, JEAN: 1 14. THOMAS, JACQUELINE: 114. THOMPSON, CARY: 114. THURBER, CHRIS: 114. THURBER, THERESA: 1 14. TIKKANEN, DEBBIE: 114-DECA: Band 1. TOLBERT, STEVEN: 114. TOLLEFSON, JOYCE: 114. TOMMERDAHL, BARRY: 114-Football 1. TOOHEY, JIM: 114-A Club TRACY, PAM: 114-Prom 2. TRIGGS, ANNA: 114. TRITES, PAUL: 114-Band 1,2,3. TROSEN, JAMES: 114-Baseball 13 Cross Coun- try: Spanish Club. TURNQUIST, EILEEN: 114. gY5.ER, LINDA: 114-Girls Choir 13 Mixed Choir UEBEL, THOMAS: 114. VANDEEST, JERRY: 114-Chess Club 1.2. VOGES, SUSAN: 114. VONDERLIPPE, TONI: 114-Band 1,2,33 Twist- ers 1,2. VOSS, DAVE: 115-Baseball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,3Q Football3 A Club 1,2,3. WAGNER, CAROL: l15. WALDOCH, BARB: 115-Library Club 1. WALETSKI, SANDRA: 115. WALETSKI, SUSAN: 115. WALLEN, MIKE: 1 15-Band 1,2,3Q Chorus 1,2,33 Boys Ensemble 1,2,33 Swimming 1,2,33 Track 13 Orch 33 Theatre Activities 2,3. WARD, KOLETTE: 115. WARD, PAM: 115. WARD, STEVE: 115-Football 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 1,2,33 A Club 1,2,3. WARD, TIM: 115-Football 1,2,33 Basketball 13 Intramurals 2,33 Track 1,2,33 A Club 1,2,33 Anokahi 3. WARGIN, PAM: 115-GAA 13 French 13 Cheer- leading 1,2,33 Choir 13 Mixed 2,33 NHS 2,33 AFS 3. WARHOL, VINCENT: 115-Wrestling 33 Elec- tronics 2. WAY, DAVID: 115-Football 1,2,3Q Wrestling 1,2,33 Baseball 1,23 A Club 1,2,3. Juniors WAY, TOM: 115-FFA 33 Swimming 1. WEDNER, TERESA: 1 15-Spanish Club 2,3. WEISBROD, TERI: 1 15-GAA 1,23 Swimming 13 Twisters 13 Spanish 2,33 Treasurer 33 French 33 AFS 13 Prom 2. WELKE, MARU: VICA 3. WELLS, ALAN: 1 15. WELSH, MARVIN: 115. WEST, KATHY: 1 15. liVI5Sg', STEVE: 115-Hockey 1,2,3Q Iluh WESTER, PEGGY: 116-FFA3 Chess Club 3. WESTLIE, PAM: 116. WHITE, DEBBIE: 1 16-DECA: Twisters 2. WHITE, THOMAS: 116. l5Vg.LIAMS, PEGGY: 116-GAA 13 AFS 23 Spanish WILSON, SUE: 116. WINGERT, CHUCK: 116. WINTERFIELD, SANDRA: 116-Library Club 1,2. WOODMAN, YVONNE: 116. WUEST, JAY: 116-Hockey 1,2,3. YOUNGGREN, LORI: 116. ZELAZNY, DAVE: 116-Basketball 13 VICA 3. ZIMMERMAN, DARCY: 116-MOEA 3. ZUBULAKE, MARY: 116-Band 1,2,33 Twisters 52,33 GAA 13 Prom 23 Homecoming Attendent ZUNKER, GREGORY: 116-Basketball 13 Golf 1,2,33 Intramural 1,2,33 Spanish 23 MOEA. Aadland, Myron 122 Aadland, Tim 122 Abeler, James 1 22 Adams, Sherrie 1 22 Adriaens, Caron 122 Albro, Nanette 122 Aleshire, Steven 122 Alley, Steve 1 22 Amundson, Larry 122 Anderson, Cory 1 22 Anderson, Douglas 122 Anderson, Glenn 122 Anderson, Greg 1 22 Anderson, Marilyn 122 Anderson, Mark 122 Anderson, Micheal 122 Anderson, Richard 122 Anderson, Ronald 122 Anderson, Steve 122 Anderson, Thomas 122 Anderson, Vicky 1 22 Ankeny, Wanda 1 22 Arnold, Gary 122 Asfaly, Gary 122 Askren, Philip 122 Aslagson, Vicky 122 Atkinson, Daniel 122 Backhaus, Julianne 122 Backowski, Jeff 122 Babley, Raymond 122 Bancroft, Edward 122 Bancroft, George 1 23 Banke, Stephen 1 23 Barcal, Jackie 123 Barnes, Bruce 123 Bartels, Robbie 123 Barthel, Richard 123 Barthold, Jane 123 Bass, Morris 123 Bass, Wayne 123 Batko, Kevin 123 Batters, Douglas 1 23 Beaulieu, Calvin 123 Bebeau, Allen 123 Bebeau, Randall 123 Beck, Renee 123 Beckenbach, Mary 123 Becker, DeAnn 123 Behr, Dennis 123 Bendix, Jon 123 Bennett, Bruce 1 23 Benson, LuAnn 123 Benton, Linda 123 Bergeman, Allen 123 Berger, Melanie 123 Bergman, Rick 123 Berlien, Micheal 123 Bernhagen, Kem 123 Berry, LeRoy 1 23 Beumer, Darlene 123 Bielen, Bonni 123 Blair, Mary 123 Blaskey, Melissa 123 Blewett, Stephen 1 23 Blood, Karen 123 Blue, Jeffery 1 23 Boerner, Warren 123 Boettcher, William 1 23 Bohanon, Debbie 123 Bohnen, Kathleen 123 Bolduc, Stuart 123 Bonnell, Thomas 123 Borgen, Jack Boros, Marilyn Bouten, Debbie Boyum, Joan Bradish, Patricia Bradley, Jay Bragelman, Robert Brantner, Julie Brasch, Fred Brashears, Sid Breiwick, Arvin Brockopp, Linda Bulen, Bob Bune, Kristine Burgess, Kelly Burns, Jeff Butts, Ronald Buzzelli, Antionette Camarata, Sandra Cameron, Joan Camp, Cheryl Carithers, Kevin Carlson, Christine Carlson, Robyn Carter, Robert Carty, Michelle Castle, Terry Castner, Charles Causin, Debbie Chaffee, Michael Chamberlain, Terry Chapman, Wayne Chavis, Beverly Chicoine, Paula Christensen, Guy Christian, Dixie Christian, Peggy Claypool, Diane Collen, Warren Conger, Donna Conger, Mary Connett, William Coop, Barbara Corbin, Janet Couture, Cindy Cowden, Loren Cramblitt, Micheal Crandall, Candie Cravens, Paul Crowe, Gary Dahlberg, Karen Dahlheimer, Charles Dahlheimer, Charles Dahlheimer, Judi Dahlheimer, Philip Danielson, Brad Danielson, Gary Danielson, Shelley Dargis, Dave Davis, Gerald Dean, Sara Deans, Douglas DeCamp, Micheal Dehen, Merry Dehn, Corolyn Dehn, Mary Dehn, Robert DeMarais, Jeffery Denis, John Denis, Raymond Dietz, Cynthia Donnette, Thomas Dosedel, Daivd Douglas, Paul Draeger, Rebecca Dreon, Steven Dryden, Deborah Dryden, Peggy Dubisar, Colleen Dunn, Craig Durham, Debra Duschane, Debra Dusosky, Joan Dussl, Claudia Dvoracek, Ronda 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 Eastling, Curtis Ecklund, Connie Eden, Ernest Edward, Larry Egelkraut, Lynda Egge, Jerry Ehrmantraut, Sheela Eidem, Cheryl Eidem, Steve Ellefson, Mary Ellingson, Julie Enge, David Erickson, Debra Erickson, Dennis Erickson, Kathleen Erickson, Linda Erickson, Micheal Erlandson, John Ernst, Susan Eskildsen, Linda Essig, Jonathan Ewald, Scott Farrier, Catherine Farwick, Paulette Feist, Debra Fernandes, Pam Fiebelkorn, Deborah Field, Eugene Fields, Chuck Fields, Rose Finnemore, Kathleen Fischer, Cindy Fleissner, David Flor, John Foote, Debra Forss, Patricia Foster, William Fournier, Walter Foushee, Rochelle Freyholtz, Terry Frank, Victoria Gallager, Kevin Gaslin, Mary Gath, Eldon Geier, Katherine Gentz, Debra Geslin, Sue Giddings, Susan Gilbert, Stephen Gillan, Teresa Gillespie, Janna Girouard, Kathryn Glasmann, Janet Goldenstein, Bradley Gominsky, Margie Gordon, Sandra Grams, Sheryl Graves, Theresa Greenly, Randall Gregory, Joel Grosslein, Dana Grundman, John Gustafson, Ronald Guyer, Tom Hackbarth, Susan Hadley, Rebecca Hagberg, Jerry Hagemo, Bradley Hall, Dennis Hall, Lanience Halverson, Jean Hand, Donald Hanish, Tom Hanley, Timothy Hanson, Dale Hanson, Jeffrey Hardy, Debra Harmon, Lois Harmornick, Renee Harnden, Scott Harrington, Dennis Harris, Jim Harrison, Debra Hartfiel, Gay Hassler, Nora 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 Hathaway, Debbie Haugen. Douglas Hawkins, John Heath, Wayne Heck, Brian Heck, Susan Hedberg, Tom Hedquist, Kimberly Hegvik, Jon Heidelberger, Marlys Heim, Ann Heim, Larry Heitzman, Joan Helfinstine, Louise Helmbrecht, Larry Henderson, Steven Hennesy, James Hennesseys, Rose Hesli, Rickie Hettwer, Jack Hewitt, Paula Hill, Pamela Hills, Dean Hills, Lois Hills, Richard Hillstrom, Shelley Hiltz, Dennis Hinsvark, Linda Hoffman, Carol Hoffman, Jay Holland, Loreen Holland, Paul Honebrink, William Hopper, Kenneth Horn, Judy Hoskins, Mark Houck, Patricia Hovind, Linda Howard, Sherry Hubbard, Carole Huebner, Steven Humphreys, Robert Huston, Peggy Hyatt, Sheldon lmholte, Debra lrvin, Dennis lsler, Elizabeth lund, Patricia Ives, Kathi Jamieson, Darrell Janikowski, Joann Jedlicka, Diane Jenkins, Joann Jenson, Kenneth Jenson, Kyle Jett, Cynthia Johansen, Lorelei Johnson, Cathy Johnson, Janet Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Marypaul Johnson, Richard Johnson, Wayne Johnson, William Johnston, Barbara Jonquist, Donald Joslin, Patricia Kapaun, Gregory Kappedahl, Lee Kappelhoff, James Karis, Forrest Karpe, Mary Kemp, Christina Kent, Ronald Kent, Sandra Kepler, Judith Kilburn, Patricia Killmer, Judith King, Kathryn Kinsley, Carmen Kisler, Diane Klein, Barbara Klersy, Nancy Klick, Brad 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 126 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 Kliever, Leann Klosterman, James Knudson, Gay Knuth, Dennis Kohout, Micheal Konen, Denise Koopman, Kathy Koskie, Brad Koski, Ruth Kovar, Michael Krull, Debra Kufus, Bryan Kulenkamp, Gayla Kulseth, John Kummer, Marie Kuno, Cozette Lacey, Elizabeth Landecker, Donald Landowski, Debbie Larkin, Julie Larson, Connie Larson, Keith Larson, Mark Larson, Ronald Larson, Thomas Lastovich, Mark Lawritsen, Christine Lawrence, Stephen Layton, Dale Leadens, Michael Leeb, Christena Leger, Randy Legrid, David Lester, William Leu, Douglas LeVasseur, Emil Lick, Linda Lilligren, Lisbeth Lindberg, Mark Lindgren, Michael Lindsay, Michael Lockwood, Gregg Loehlein, Timothy Longfield, Bob Loren, James Lowe, Lester Lufsky, Jerome Lufsky, William Luke, Peggy Lundberg, Debra Lundstrom, Allen Lynch, Suzanne Maid, Toni Mains, Michael Maki, LouAnn Mangan, Margaret Mangels, Thomas Marotte, Debra Marrs, Leah Martin, Sandra Martini, Thomas Marxen, Gail Masica, Rose Maurer, Kenneth McArdle, Thomas McCalla, Larry McCann, Rosanna McCarty, Steve McCormack, David McCrady, Lynanne McEwen, Jane McFarland, Dan McLaughlin, Micheal McLean, Tim Medin, Judith Mehrman, Ronald Meir, Deborah Merrick, Steve Merritt, William Messner, Peggy Meuwissen, William Meyer, Deborah Meyer, Jim Meyer, Randall 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 128 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 129 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 Meyer, Sherry Michaud, David Mickelson, Steve Midlo, Michael Miller, Cheryl Miller, Thomas Minor, Dennis Mitchell, Scott Mix, Debra Mollner, Greg Moore, Dennis Moreau, Thomas Morell, Gregory Morgan, Timothy Morrow, Bradley Mortensen, David Morton, Greg Mudd, Michael Muecke, Roger Mueller, Debra Mueller, Judy Mullowney, Timothy Myers, Jeffrey Neary, Terrance Negless, Robert Neis, Kenneth Nelson, Brenda Nelson, Cecelia Nelson, Graig Nesset, Pamela Newcomb, Jonathan Nicholson, Marlys Nltschke, Judith Nohr, Pamela Nohr, Renee Nolte, Kenneth Noon, William Norberg, Lyle Norbie, Thomas Nordin, David Nordling, Jeffrey Nordvik, Anita Nunnelee, Robert Ocel, Michael O'Keefe, Patricia O'Konek, Janet Olmstead, Sandra Olson, Beverly Olson, Davi Olson, David Olson, Kathleen Olson, Mary Olson, Nancy Olson, Sherry Olstad, Laurie Oman, Robert Oman, Robin Omdahl, Ross Omit, Linda Oppegard, Rodney Orvis, Richard Oslin, Lynne Ostrowski, Alane Packer, Charles Paddock, Robert Palmer, Debbie Paschke, Barbara Patchen, Tom Pauley, Marlene Paulson, Deborah Perovich, Petersen Petersen Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson Becky Harold Mark Betty Bonita Bonnie Kevin Randy Terr . Y Pettersen, Gregory Pfannenstein, Susan Pfleider, Thomas Pinewski, Daniel Ploog, Ronald Post, George 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 131 132 132 132 132 Potthoff, Robert Pratt, Norm Price, Reggie Prody, Thomas Prozinski, Cynthia Pullmann, Dwight Putnam, Darlene Pyka, Lou Quinlan, Julie Raines, Ted Ramsay, Ellen Rand, Randall Randall, Thomas Randle, Vicki Ray, Richard Redepenning, Debbie Redmann, Barbara Redmann, Mary Reedstrom, Steve Reichert, Joyce Renko, Chris Reynolds, Carol Richards, Theresa Ridler, Michele Ries, Laurel Riggs, Sandra Riley, William Rinehart, Joseph Robb, Jo Roak, Stacie Roemhild, Carol Rogers, Doug Ronallo, Geno Ronnebaum, Daniel Rudlong, James Rudrud, Jackie Ruhl, Diane Runge, Kathleen Russell, Gail Rust, Diana Rydh, Gary Rydin, Debra Sage, Lee Sampson, Gregory Sampson, Jeffrey Sanasac, Janis Sanborn, Mary Saulter, Dianne Sawyer, Steve Schake, Jacqlyn Schalo, Larry Schendel, Phyllis Schendel, Steven Scheufeli, Larry Schinkel, Mark Schmitt, Kathryn Schroeder, Diane Schroeder, Kenneth Schuh, Laurie Schuler, Paul Schultz, Charles Schultz, Kathryn Schultze, Michael Schumacher, Janet Schuneman, Anita Schwrtz, Weldon Scott, James Sebrell, Cheryl Seebach, Phillip Severson, Sandra Sewald, JoAnne Shank, Michael Shannon, Keith Sharbonno, Rick Sharpe, Paul Shish, Tania Shobe, Carol Shorma, Suzan Sidener, Randy Sigtrid, Debbie Simpkins, Colleen Skajewski, Charles Skjefte, Debra Smith, William 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 132 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 Snell, Curtis Snyder, Gregg Soine, Maryanna Sorteberg, LeAnn Soucy, John Spain, Mary Speaks, William Spencer, Tom Spohn, Patricia Sprouls, Connie Stack, Brigid Stefanski, Sunday Steindel, Terry Stelchek, Eric Stende, Jeanne Stewart, Robin St. Hilaire, Gregory Stodola, Margaret Stolp, Gregory Stone, Debbie Strand, Deborah Strand, Jeff Strande, Gene Strohmayer, John Stroklund, Mary Stromgren, Daniel Sundeen, David Sutherland, Marlette Sweeney, Pam Sweny, Sandra Sweny, Sharon Tabako, Alan Talbot, Mike Talbot, Timothy Tamblyn, Nancy Aadland, Steve Aarestad, Mike Aasness, James Abrahamson, Cheri Abrahamson, Gary Adams, Steve Agee, Patricia Ahlman, Debra Albee, Glenn Albro, Sharon Allanson, Cindy Amies, John Anderberg, David Anderson, Cordelia Anderson, Craig Anderson, Doug Anderson, Geryl Anderson, Janet Anderson, Karen Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, Linda Anderson, Teresa Anderson, Vicki Anstett, Mary Aschwege, Gail Ashley, Anita Atkinson, Richard Auchter, Richard Barkuloo, Patricia Bartz, Diana Batters, Dan Bauer, Dan Bauer, Theresa Beach, Sandra Beckenbach, Kerry Becker, Nora Beckman, Debra Beckman, Kari Beckman, Michael Bell, John Bellows, Vicki Benjamin, Linda 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 133 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 Tanner, Brian Teeselink, Pamela Terrele, Russell Thedorff, Debra Theisen, Chuck Theisen, Diane Theusch, Dan Thoe, Marla Thorner, Joseph Thrall, Bruce Titterud, Sandra Tonding, John Torgrimson, Donna Torseth, John Treichel, Dorene Trettin, Karen Trombley, Cynthia Umbreit, Larry Undem, Julie Underwood, Carol Upton, Darwin Veiman, Jane Vetter, Gregory Vevea, Joel Vevea, Michael Vielguth, Richard Vigen, Sandra Vix, Betty Vry, Don Vyskocil, Ellen Wagner, Jack Wagner, Jean Waldoch, Linda Walker, Thomas Wallace, David Wallace, Michael 133 133 133 133 133 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 Sophomores Bennett, Brian Bennett, Yvonne Benson, Randy Bentz, Pamela Berger, Thomas Bergerud, Marcia Berghorst, Wendy Bergstedt, Linda Bergsten, Kelvin Bergstrom, Craig Berkman, Vicki Bernu, Cindy Berry, Lewis Berthon, Dale Bickner, Peggy Biegler, Barbara Biegler, Stephen Bixby, Dave Bjorke, Kathy Bladine, Maribeth Blanski, Tom Blesi, Betty Blocker, Pamela Blumer, Paula Boeke, Mike Boerboon, Dan Boerner, Jeri Boese, Souglas Boettcher, Barbara Boggs, Mary Bolster, Susan Bombarger, RoxAnne Born, Dan Born, David Born, Janelle Boros, Debbie Boshea, Joseph Bostrom, Carol Bowman, Diane Braastad, Julie Boyum, Bob 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 136 136 Walters, Barbar Wanamaker, Susan Wanous, Dale Ward, Eunice Ward, Karen Ward, Patrick Warlof, Glenn Washburn, Marianne Way, Paula Way, William Weidholz, Gerald Weikert, Douglas Weise, Theodore Wells, Ruth Wheeler, Janice White, Linda White, Wesley Whitehead, James Wick, Maureen Wiese, Sherri Wilber, Mike Wilberg, Molly Wingad, Darlene Wingard, John Wolf, Janet Wood, Jennifer Woodstrom, Clara Wright, Robert Young, Randall Yourzak, Gary Ziebarth, Curtis Ziegler, Gail Ziegler, Gary Ziegler, Kirk Zopfi, Gene Braastad, Sandra Bradish, Kathleen Brastad, Don Braun, David Bray, Michael Brecht, Sheryl Brening, Debbie Brennan, Kathy Brennan, Patrick Brenner, John Brettschneider, Susan Breun, Gordon Bridges, Robert Brown, Glen Bruzer, Michael Busch, Jim Butler, Beverly Buyse, Cynthia Buzzelli, Ted Caddy, Wendy Camarata, Janus Cameron, Debra Cameron, Jean Cameron, John Cardinal, Nancy Carling, Rick Carlson, Becky Carlson, Jacki Carlson, James Carlson, Kelly Carlson Michael Carter, Ronald Chamberlain, David Chelberg, Dan Chicoine, Loren Chmarowski, Erline Clark, Arthur Claasen, Debbie Clayton, Mary Cloutier, Mary Colbjornsen, Mary Collette, John 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 134 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 Collins, Kathleen Conger, Nancy Connett, Gary Conway, Kathy Cook, Kenneth Corneman, Janet Cottingham, Kimm Cravens, Lee Culver, Connie Cunningham, Kay Dahlheimer, Colleen Dahlheimer, Patty Dalbec, Mickey Dalland, Laura Daly, Sheryl Danielson, Marlys Davidson, Jim Davis, Lou Dawson, Colleen Dean, David Deans, Greg DeGroot, Deborah Dehen, Anna DeJarlais, Michelle Dietzel, Mike Dubisar, Vicki Ducommun, Dald Duerr, Lucinda Dunn, Peter Durant, Darwin Durham, Chuck Ebert, Steve Edeburn, Bruce Edstadt, Cynthia Egelkraut, Allan Eickstadt, Kim Ekmark, Mike Ekmark, Tamara Elleraas, Vince Elin, Linda Ellingson, Ron Elliot, Jim Elmer, James Elofson, Randy Engle, Holly Ennis, Bradley Erickson, Greg Erickson, Loren Erickson, Lorna Erickson, Lydell Erickson, Nancy Erlandson, Linda Etnier, Donna Falck, Lorie Falck, William Farmer, Richard Farrier, Laurie Farwick, Leslyn Fedje, Mechell Felegy, Richard Fellows, Bill Fichtel, Michael Fields, Loretta Finneman, Roxane Finney, Beth Flavin, Thomas Flor, Fouglas Foley, Jane Forde, Gary Foss, Bruce Foster, Mike Fox, Bradley Frank, Debbie Free, Catherine Freed, Victoria Freih, Deborah Frey, Colleen Freyholtz, LaVonne Frisk, Anne Gagnon, Sharon Gamm, Gary Ganz, Wendy George, Mike Gerlach, Denise Germundsen, Beth 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 136 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 Gerster, Paul Gesko, Laurie Ghostley, Mary Gilbertson, Craig Gillespie, Jillane Gilmer, James Gilpin, Robert Gilyard, Dale Givens, Kristen Glenn, Brian Glesner, Vicki Godfrey, Lynette Godfrey, Randy Goshy, Marianne Graber, Kathryn Grant, Kerry Green, Joseph Greer, Mike Grover, Wanda Grow, Patricia Grundman, Audrey Gubbin, Valerie Guimont, Dan Gulick, Priscilla Gunderson, Byron Guy, Patti Guzy, Carol Hadley, Judy Hadley, Robert Hagen, Paul Hahn, Merrill Hales, Linda Hallin, Marvin Halls, Jeanine Halls, LeRoy Hambleton, Mike Hand, Gwen Hansen, Jean Hansen, Joan Hanson, Gary Hanson, Susan Harrington, Debbie Harris, Vickie Hartje, Holly Hauck, Jill Haugen, Gwen Hayes, Scott Haynes, Scott Heckler, Susan Hegvik, Jay Helm, Pat Heimer, Susan Held, Terry Hendrickson, Dave Hennessey, Kathleen Henson, Terri Hershey, Sandra Hettwer, Adele Hiltz, Rick Hinrichs, Larry Hinseth, Douglas Hitecock, Patricia Hix, Beverly Hoffman, Laurie Hoffman, Lawrence Hoglund, William Holasz, Christopher Holmbo, Brad Holmquist, Kittie Holmstrom, Connie Honebrink, David Hoover, Pamela Horn, Kimberlee Hoskind, Judy Hostetler, Tom Houser, Michael Houston, Jon Hughes, Beckey Hughes, Fredrick Hulburt, Jody Hulegaard, Darwin Huntley, Beth Ingham, Al lngman, Bruce Jablonski, Dave 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 137 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 Jacobsen, Kathleen Jendro, Kathleen Jenkins, Jerry Jenkins, Sandra Jochum, Rita Jochum, Robert Johanson, Susan Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Brian Johnson, Darwin Johnson, Diane Johnson, Donald Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Loren Johnson, Lucy Johnson, Mark Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Richard Johnson, Russ Johnson, Tim Johnston, Christie Johnston, Jeff Jones, David Jongquist, Laura Joslin, Jeannie Jurek, Jane Kasen, Bryan Katnis, John Keller, Linda Kelly, Kathy Kemp, Betty Kessler, Nancy Kettler, Greg Keyser, Cynthia Kielblock, Joni Kienitz, Terry Killmer, James Kindvall, Edwin King, Cheryl Kinney, Cheree Kirchner, Marcie Kisrow, Victoria Kittelson, Edward Klein, Judith Klersy, James Kleve, Randy Klick, Stephen Knapp. William Knudson, Douglas Knuth, Gailen Koehler, Tom Koopman, Richard Kopecky, Kathy Koski, Lois Kraabel, Susan Kraemer, Sheila Kramer, Philip Kravik, Richard Krenn, John Kress, Jeff Krug, Randy Kruger, Kevin Kuelbs, Suzanne Kuss, Scott Landecker, David Langton, Timothy Lanz, Niki Larkin, Joel Larsen, Robert Larson, Barbara Larson, Dale Larson, Daniel Larson, Dave Larson, Donald Larson, Kathy Larson, Patti LaTour, Douglas Lawver, Keith Ledford, Sue Lee, Patricia Lehn, Michelle Lene, Laurie Leonard, Kathleen Leu, Walter 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 LeVasseur, LuAnn Levenhagen, Philip Lewerenz, Candy Lilley, Mary Lilley, Steven Lind, Donna Lind, Mary Linde, Wayne Lindgren, Cheryl Lindgren, Debra Lindgren, Randy Lindgren, Steve Lines, Charles Linge, Denise Littlefield, David Livgard, Pat Lockwood, Gayle Lofgren, Laura Lofgren, Lonny Lofgren, Richard Lofgren, William Long, Debbie Long, Jodi Lorentzen, Carl Lundberg, LaDon Lundberg, Bill Lundgren, Cynthia Lundgren, Nancy Lutgen, Paul Lynch, Cheryl Malamen, Bonnie Mandigo, Pam Mapson, Samuel Marker, Becky Marker, Debbie Marotte, Sandy Martin, Rhonda Martineau, Terry Marxen, Noretta Mattys, Kevin Mau, Lorrie Mauer, Scott Mayer, Richard McArdIe, Timothy McCarty, Ken McClay, Laura McDonald, Marvin McGill, Robin McKay, Sharon McKusick, Dale McLean, Robert Mead, Arlys Mead, Janice Mead, Kim Means, Linda Meir, Cindy Mercer, Terry 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 139 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 Merritt, Dick Mevissen, Joan Meyer, Kelly Michaud, Edward Michel, Kenny Miedtke, Douglas Miller, Craig Miller, Debbie Mills, Wayne Mindrum, Paul Mitchell, Mary Mjos, Ron Moore, Douglas Morgan, Carl Morgan, Debra Morgan, Jaye Morgan, Pat Morrisette, Collen Morisette, Rollin Mortensen, Edward Mortenson, Jane Morton, Linda Mowan, Carolyn Muehlbauer, Rod Myers, Cheryl Nastrom, Barbara Nauman, Elizabeth Neis, Janet Nelson, Gregory Nelson, Debbie Nelson, Nancy Ness, Alice Nettleton, Audrey Neumann, Joyce Nichols, Debra Nicholson, Loren Nickel, Doug Nielsen, Anne Niklason, Jean Nitschke, Ronda Nohr, Valerie Nolan, Bruce Norman, James Norton, Gregory Nunnelee, Dave Nutter, Debra Nyquist, Dave Oberg, Richard Olson, Bruce Olson, Daniel Olson, David Olson, Debra Olson, Jeff Olson, Jeff Olson, Kathleen Olson, Steven Olson, Terry 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 140 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 Olson, Vanessa Olson, Wallace Olson, Willis Olstad, Nett Oman, Sharon Omer, John O'Neil, William Opheim, Sherry Oppegard, Linda Osborne, Don Otten, John Overdick, Nancy Paddock, Margie Paradise, Mary Parker, Laura Parnell, Becky Paschke, Evelyn Patchen, Robert Patterson, Kim Paulson, Barbara Paulson, Julie Paulson, Keith Pavin, Lynette Pawlik, Thomas Pawlick, Timothy Pederson, Gary Pellow, Deborah Peorvich, Cynthia Perrin, Connie Perrin, Julie Peters, CaraBeth Peters, Catherine Petersen, David Petersen, Nels Peterson, Daniel Peterson, Debbie Peterson, George Peterson, Kerry Peterson, Roxanne Peterson, Stephen Pettersen, Lynn Pfotenhauer, Jill Phillips, Sandra Phipps, Lea Pierce, Terry Ploog, Les Poisson, Joe Post, Jim Powers, Peggy Pratt, Danielle Price, Tim Putnam, Kevin Putnam, Rodney Rahn, Rick Rainbow, Paul Rasmussen, Jayne Redmann, John Reed, Todd 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 Reedstrom, Deborah Reichert, Janice Reilley, Kevin Reimler, Michael Reinhart, Peggy Reynolds, Diane Richardson, Cheryl Richey, Wally Ridge, Eddie Riley, Michele Rindahl, Marilyn Rinehart, Mary Robb, Dean Roden, Thomas Roemhild, Helen Rohs, Bryan Rosburg, Carol Rosenwinkel, Mark Rother, Linda Rounsville, Jeff Rudlong, Sheryl Rustad, James Rutler, Randy Rux, Laurie Sandoz, Kim Sangrene, David Sannerrud, Robert Sauter, Greg Schafbuch, William Schafer, Patricia Schaffan, Susan Schanhaar, Jeffrey Schantzen, Greg Schendel, Carol Schleper, Brad Schmelzer, Jim , Schneider, Debbie Scholl, Gary Schonhardt, Pat Schoreder, Tim Schuler, Beverly Schultz, Patricia Schultz, Rose Schurrer, Jeff Schwandt, Doug Schwartzwald, Pat Schwieger, Sue Scott, arol Scully, Edith Seifert, Craig Sellheim, Reed Seman, Mary Sha, Janet Shepherd, Marjorie Sherburne, Diane Sherburne, Donna Shreve, Teresa Simonson, Kenneth 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 Singer, Douglas Sjobeck, Karen Skajewski. Judy Skenanaore, Artley Skoglund, Marcia Skold, Diane Sloth, Gary Smith, David Smith, Deborah Smith, Gary Smith, Holly Smith, Judy Smith, Kim Smith, Steve Smith, Willian Snell, Timothy Soderquist, Cheryl Soine, Pamela Sonnenberg, Scott Sonsteby, lenn Sorensen, Gregory Sorenson, Alan Sorteberg, Scott Spain, Irene Spence, Debbie Spence, Terri Springstead, Deborah Sprouls, Peggy Stack, Kathleen Stavig, Heidi St.CIaire, Rechelle Steele, Sally Steffenson, Robert Steffes, Peter Steindel, Trudy Steinke, Lisa Steinlicht, Kathy Stelchek, Tim St.Hilaire, Duane St.Hilaire, Larry Stimpson, Mary Stoddard, Denise Stoen, Linda Stokes, Phyllis Stokke, John Stone, Charles Stone, Janyce Stone, Julie Stover, Thomas Strege, Karen Strohmayer, Roseland Stromgren, Craig Sundberg, Debra Sundberg, Gary Svare, Larry Swanson, Pamela Symanitz, Nora Talbot, Greg 142 142 149 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 Talbot, Timothy Tamblyn, William Tandler, Sue Tandon, Kusam Tangen, Deborah Tanner, Mary Tarbert, Tamara Tasler, Denyce Taylor, Curt Tennison, Ellen Tesch, Rebecca Theisen, Richard Thompson, Gregoiay Thompson, Rollan Thoreson, Larry Thorson, Vicky Thurber, Barbara Thurber, Richard Thurber, Robert Tikkanen, Roy Till, Cheryl Tilton, Patti Titterud, Vikki Tranby, Michael Trettin, Doris Trippe, Jeffrey Trosen, Loran Turok, Willian VanBockel, Linda Veidel, Don Vetter, Virginia Veum, Gregory Vevea, Tom Vicha, Dennis Vickstrom, Vicky Voges, Leland Wagner, Kenny Wahl, Tracy Wahlstrom, Dan Walburn, Cheryl Walker, Sharon Wall, Terry Wallen, Sheri Wanous, Sue Ward, Mike Ward, Shannon Ward, Sharon Warhol, Fred Washburn, John Yates, Gary Youso, Michael Zak, Pamela Ziebarth, Gina Zimmerman, Dan Zimmerman, Dave Zimmerman, John Zitzloff, Debbie Zopfi, Gloria Zunker, Diane 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 f l gms ,i,. 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