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 - Class of 1959

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W WW L? WfMWffjAp ',f!Lff51f'yf'L5y1 ' ,gf J? Mwffba WWWW WW M W W Jw QWMWWMMW' W gjW' ww wQ , W 63 DW WWW ,xwfjw W MW XQmwQgf4mQyQ 551Mf M5551 NW fj ,gf W is K F My br 1-my-X ,- ' :ISL C ' H , , .. . F -. , - -' -1' - ,, ' A -' 1 I 1 fi ' 1. f' M' -1gf.,.fux5 A -11-M-5'i z.. -sw- Q' "WY V GSW gd ? ,WO ,ff W Q ywf , U as Q JU QQ? W3 f WSLMESDXQQ A 6 5 Sw 6? IJ U-je' Wggql 1111 5 .mf- 1 U 1, CZTQIA .iplncl Y NW GZQY0 X MJ N, e+J9 oxen ,jjj Uv 3 'N MMM Q gm .q 1 " M , W"gf2 GJ X wb A f ,iff W 'fgvqgi WI 6' - I V , n NA 5 ' ffl' Q f v '71 ffl ngypvwwu ww-rm , , V rx A 'ffi ' 'f A ,dfffj7'y! fw' , W' if W MMM! Mi MQMQWMB Wmifg ff ff f qiU?'tfg5f3 f , k 1?g5.?l?!671Qg WWW 'fi , Lf? ggiifwfz WRC 92 23 1 q- , 9 L 1 D J I B I k Mr. Carroll .Iohnso V l 1 , S 1 -' : ' ? P I n l Judy eterson i l , Carol Erickson ! G 1 Mae Dorholf Tom Lahn - Anoka Senior High School Anoka, Minnesota f 2 M lb QV.-kgvvb 1' li". 'll XJ I V. . ,Apu :xv xfswfl so 141 , lf? , f L X3 K-7 M jg., . XXBUL , M' U -wk., V X '- - LvKl4x.- -"YI ,- A ' , Wg Lf- lil li U Llftel-L11 " 3 Lb ' .1 X, ulybl I 'H K f ,A xr: M 'ki' X ff , it LL x Y -K tLv,X,xv ' w -bf? , , voir' J' , -f' " r MA QM x -ILLK jkngcx .kk Mbpuff' Tx ' Hxsirxr .fu -AX, Q M bxlpxwf I i KLLX'-,of ww, at Xxxbly J ' -I J UNQJB 4 M qvfy' -fu Q c-Q 59 Iv awk ig LIL .vyff J V ,J 2 Because the stairway pictured throughout This book is a symbol of the steps of growth in charac- ter, knowledge, abilities, interests, and skills that pre- pare you for future living, it has been chosen as the theme of this school record. As you leaf through its pages, may it remind you of the pleasant memories and experiences, each of which was another step in making your school days a memorable and profitable experience. Each step in preparing this book for publication was met by the cooperative efforts of many people. To our hard working staff our grateful thanks. To our business managers, Mae and Tom, who built us sound financial props, a special word of gratitude. To Mr. Carroll Johnson, our advisor, a warm thanks for helping us climb each deadline hurdle and for giving us the necessary encouragement. To you, Anoka Senior High Students, whose "steps to the future" have made this book a reality, we present- THE i959 ANOKAN. Sincerely yours, Carol and Judy ,I Tobwoff Contents ffJUJf,f fywtz Wg Ig s UM5v5Q?QiifWi" hl' hr .Mft M W it Q Jfpfijj MQU,fWvfL7, ffjwl M ,fi fjwgeni rs W' ffm of JM .Ulf M Uv 'pp W ,, Qtr :diff jf' QE gk Qi JWQWMLM - o ses fb , Activities Sports School Stott 6 14 46 62 104 134 Highlights .127 7 4 l l ! 1 r a i G My . f- -. 5 , ,1- A 4? . 4 if f'n- "4 , fx, J f - M .N . ',4-. . - I S, 1 ,,' , gl . ." ,.n 1 , -1. ,, ' ibn ,.f A it X N Ni? U L, M lm fix tu in, , I , mi, , L., Axv, Q N wa E if 4 74 Sl M.. "v-...W ... 4 I , A ual xy . ia, 1 1 ' 4 x ff B ' Q 1 y ff 3 If: S- K Q wif S fuk, ' i ,J ' ... . ki ' 2 , Q1 A ' if J sr I ' j V ,,,... - m fr , P? 9 sf' Ons, ,Q v ex' 2 A Q2 Q , V V, 1 sw: I 1 Y A is Y 0 gg-v , .QQ ,fan L 7 Q Q YE ,N 7 if . i f '9 1 fi 4 iw vs.. wi .- 5 f 1 we In 'Q 'Pawn .MN N""""--- X ,.V.,,..,w. me X Q . , ..,. -S .Q I I' ."'::,?l5E?1.5Zf' 'vt 'E' .'5X'Z?? ,Feng suffix, X - SKYRWWISQI FF: W1 lp gsm. X ,-. wk 1 X 3 . ax LV-3 if K 9 Q- Q,l',:"6. 7 K, px , v Q..-- s - , I s- 1. 1 I s-: pl W . r L e" f .. 5 F51-la' viii f, .5 . 4-,Ad :A W K 4 'NJW1 4. .51 h x s- 5 ff mmf! 'Y Q. '94-A 1 ws.: , P' 0' f l ,I ,f O I. , 'x ,gdfr 'f , 4,39 , Q . 'X ..- ,,, - g ,,1e4,f as M-,ff A V A m W wi K fy , A 3 ,xw ' . , 4 flip 1 Q f K u. Q 'Gs .fo ok, 'A J H 3, rf I M,wem..1W,4,, N L. li I ' 4 V Sl .. K 'Sw Q I 5 s . .. 5 sf . v I Vx 5 0 Q .1 'a po MM., ,Q S 'fa ' --wrflll' fS,.w. ,, 4 A ' fn. 5 ': he ,-L ,cd 1, M ' ,fw2y""'f V f - 1: fa- vg 1 1 1. 'slr --giv .- .1-'. 1 4 Lqglgu fa H 4 .,, WW' -- .A-' f U v "1 A. . .4 f' .Un - -m" gn' I wg, A L 1 My W ., ffiw . ,gg Lp- jx " W HQ! C 'G I - 5. if '. Q 'Q . , zz-A X ' up -' .- cf, Q-ex,dx STAN: x pg 9355 P Q . X!!5.w""' new K, Seniors ' 0 L' 2446 Seniors '59! The top of the stairway! The begin- ning of a new flight into the future! But before we leave, let's reminisce. We remember, the basketball tournament "fever" and sponsoring a May Dance in our Sophomore year, creating the "Underwater Rhapsody" theme of our Junior-Senior Prom, working on class floats for Home- coming Parades, supporting our team with enthusi- astic school spirit, thrilling to the sound of our school song played by the band, nervously filing on the risers for chorus concerts, beginning our senior year by getting acquainted with our two foreign exchange students, Maria Marques from Portugal and Asif Beg from Pakistan. We'll never forget the day our fruit machine was installed in the cafeteria, the fun of reading the school paper, the crowded assemblies, taking scholarship tests, attending Awards Banquets, exchanging class pictures and signing annuals. All through our senior year we felt the significance of the many "last times" that occurred. And now we Seniors have even more memories: the announcement of honor students, the Senior Banquet, Baccalaureate, and finally, graduation itself and our plans for the future. Yes, as we stand on the top step of our high school stairway, we look back at these happy memories and know we'll never forget our wonderful days at Anoka Senior High. President, John Tammi, Vice President, Joe Blesi, Sec retary, Mary Watson, Treasurer, Janice Anderson. BRUCE PAUL ADAMS - A Club 2,3,4, A squad Wrestling 2,3,4, District Champion 3, Regional Champion 3, A.A.U. Champion 4. MERRY LYNN AHTI -GAA 3,4, YDFL 4, JRC 3,4, FTA 4, Anokan staff 4, Spring Lake Park High School GAA l,2, Student Council 2, Class Sec. 2, Annual staH 2. RALPH GEORGE ALTENWEG - FFA 2,3,4, Dele- gate to State Convention 2,3, FTA 4, Student Council 4, Film Operators l. BARBARA JEAN ANDERSON-Chorus l,2,3,4, Biology Club 3,4, GAA 3,4, FHA 4, YFC 2,3,4, Latin Club l, JRC 3,4, Rooter's Club 3,4, Square Dance Club l. JANICE KAY ANDER- SON - Anokan stat? 4, Anokahi staff 3,4, Band 3,4, Anokaclettes 3,4, Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls Ensemble 4, Representative 4, JRC 3,4, Council 4, FTA 4, V-Pres. 4, GAA l,2,3,4, JA Pres. 4, Class Treas. 4, B squad Cheerleader 3, A squad wrestling Cheerleader 4, Science Club 3,4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Rooter's Club 3,4, Square Dance Club l. KAREN RUTH ANDERSON-FTA 2, Library Club 3. PHILIP KENT ANDERSON-Film Operators l,2,3, Square Dance Club l, Intramural Volleyball l,2, Debate 2. WILLlAM ALLAN ANDERSON-FTA 2,3, Intramural sports 3,4. DARLENE ELEANOR BARFKNECHT- Library Club 4. JANE ELIZABETH BAUER -GAA l,2,3,4, Council 4, Thespian 3,4, Pres. 4, "The Importance of being Earnest" 3, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 4, "Christmas Rose" 3, "Not Even a Mouse" 4, Speech Contest 3, Anokahi staff 3,4, Co- editor 4, FTA 3,4, JRC 4. BRUCE P. ADAMS KAREN R. ANDERSON MERRY L. AHTI RALPH G. ALTENWEG BARBARA J. ANDERSON JANICE K ANDERSON PHILIP K. ANDERSON WILLIAM A. ANDERSON DARLENE E. BARFKNECHT JANE E BAUER LORETTA A. BISEK DUANE J. BLASKA JOSEPH G. BLESI RAY BLISS PATRICIA A. BLOOD LINDA M. BONDE Hr , . in Qi?-' 5,961 ' JOAN K. BAUER LYLE D. BEBEAU ASIF M. BEG TOM J. BEHNKE JAMES W. BELTRAND STEVE BENZIAN DENNIS O. BERG LINCOLN BERRY JOAN K. BAUER-A squad cheerleader 3,45 B squad cheerleader 25 Football Homecoming attendant 25 G-"A I,2,3,4, Council 3,4, Pres. 45 Rooter's Club 2,3,45 Thespian 3,4, V-Pres, 45 Chorus I,2,3,45 Anokahi stat? 3,45 Anokon stall 45 Declamation contest 3,45 "The Christmas Rose"' 3, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 45 FTA 3,45 Square Dance Club I5 Latin Club 2. LYLE DAVID BEBEAU- lntramural Basketball I,2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball I,2,3,45 Intramural Bowling I,2. ASIF MIRZA BEG- Student Council 45 Stamp and Coin Club 45 JA 45 AFS 45 Track 45 Pakistan - Debate 3,45 Press Club 3,45 Cricket Club l,2,3,45 Thes- pian 2,3,45 Tennis 2,3,4. TOM JOSEPH BEHNKE-Bowling 2,3. JAMES WALLACE BELTRAND-Wrestling I,2,3,45 Football I,2,35 Baseball I5 A Club 2,3,45 Intramural sports l,2,3,4. STEVE BENZIAN-Thespian 3,45 Football 45 "Importance of being Earnest" 35 A Club 45 Intramural sports 3,45 St. John's Prep School - Wrestling I,25 Football I5 "I2l" Club I,25 "Richard III" 2, "Career Angel" 25 Sagotagon Yearbook 2. DENNIS ORVILLE BERG-Wrestling I,2,35 lntramural sports 3,4. LINCOLN BERRY-Cross country 45 Track 3,45 YFC 2,3,45 YRC 3,45 JA 3,45 lntramural sports 45 Talent Club I. LORETTA ANN BISEK - FHA 2,3,45 GAA 45 Library Club 45 Square Dance Club I. DUANE J. BLASKA-Football I,2,3,4, Captain 4, Allstate 45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,45 A Club I,2,3,45 Student Council I,3,4, Pres. 1,45 Jr. Class Pres. 35 Intramural sports I,2,3,45 Nat'l. Athletic Scholarship Society 2,3,45 Nat'I. Honor Society 3,4. JOSEPH GOR- DON BLESI -Student Council 2,45 Intramural sports 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 35 Red Cros Pres. 45 Chorus I,2,3,4, Boy's Ensemble 45 Senior Class V-Pres. 45 JRC 3,4. RAY BLISS. PATRICIA ANN BLOOD. LINDA M. BONDE--FHA I,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. I, Historian 3, Treas. 45 Spanish Club 2,35 Rooter's Club 4. NORMA E. BONDE-FHA I,2,3,4, Historian 45 YFC 3,45 Bond I,2,35 Anokahi stall 45 Spanish Club 2,3. BOBBY LEE BORN-FFA 3,45 St. Francis High School FFA l,2. JUDITH ANN BOURDEAUX-Rooter's Club 45 Library Club 45 JRC 25 FHA 25 Square Dance Club I. WAYNE FRANKLIN BRAY. RALPH EDWARD BREYEN- FFA 2,35 A Club 253,45 Wrestling 2,3,4. MEL EARL BROCK-Football I,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Intramural Basketball I,2,3,4, WILLIAM JOHN BROCK-Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 A Club l,2,3,45 lntramural sports I,2,3,45 FTA 3,4, ollicer 4. PAUL BUCHHOLZ-Bowling 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 35 FFA 2,3,4. MARGIE ALICE BULEN - Band l,2,3,45 GAA I,2,3,4, Council 35 Anoka- dettes 2,3,45 Rooters Club 45 FHA 2,3. WILLIAM BUSH-Wrestling 25 Intramural volleyball 2,3,4, Basket- ball 2,3. NORMA E. BONDE MEL E. BROCK BOBBY L. BORN WILLIAM J. BROCK JUDITH A. BOURDEAUX PAUL BUCHHOLZ WAYNE F. BRAY MARGIE A. BULEN .11 x RALPH E. BREYEN WILLIAM I. BUSH ii, JOHN BUTE ROGER O. MERLEE M. BUTLER MARY E. CANFIELD CLAYTON L. CARLSON MARY J CARLSON CARPENTER ROSE M. CARPENTIER CAROL A. CARTWRIGHT PATRICIA J. CASHMAN MONEEN G CASS 20 JOHN BUTE-Intramural Basketball 3,4, Volleyball I,2,3,4, Football 2. MERLEE MARIAN BUTLER-YFC 3,4, FHA I,2,3,4, FTA 2,3,4, Spanish I and ll 3,4, Anokahi 3,4, Anokan 4, Rooter's Club 4. MARY ELIZA- BETH CANFIELD-Library Club 2,3,4, FTA 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, YRC 4, Spanish Club 2,3, FHA 2. CLAYTON LEO CARLSON -Track 2,3,4, Football 2,3, Crosscountry 4, Intramural Volleyball I,2,3,4, A Club 2,3,4, Student Council 4. MARY JENNINGS CARLSON-Chorus 2,3,4, YDFL 4, Rooters Club 4, Square Dance Club I. ROGER OWEN CARPENTER. ROSE MARIE CARPENTIER-Student Council I, Debate 2, FHA 2,3,4, GAA 4, FTA 4. CAROL ANN CARTWRIGHT-Spanish Club 3, Chorus I, FHA I,2,3,4, GAA 3,4. PATRICIA JANE CASHMAN-Anokahi 3,4, Anokan 4, FTA 3,4, Parliamentarian, JRC 3,4, FHA 2,3, Rooter's Club 3,4, Winter Homecoming Attendant 3, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 4, Spanish Club 3,4, Square Dance Club I, Junior Achievement 3, Treasurer. MONEEN GAY CASS-GAA I, Art Award 3, Band 'l,2,3,4, Twirler. DAVE GEORGE CASTLE-Football I,3,4, Basketball I,2,3,4, Baseball I, A Club 2,3,4. DENNIS MERLIN CHAPMAN-Spanish I 3. SHARON MARIE CHAPMAN. JANIE HELEN CHAREST- GAA I,2,3,4, JRC 4, FTA I, Student Council 2, Rooter's Club 3,4, Square Dance Club I. DENNIS BLAIN CHRISTISON. RODNEY CHRISTOPHER. JOHN EDWARD CLINE - Band I,2,3,4, Biology Club 4, YRC 4, Flute Trio 3. DAVID L. COLLISON-Intramural 2,3,4, Film Operators Club I. JAMES STEPHEN COOK. JUDIE LYNN COTTINGHAM-GAA I,3, Library I,3,4, FHA 2, Rooters' Club 'I,3, YFC 2,3, Square Dance I. CAROL LEE CRAIG-GAA 2,3, Latin Club I. LEEDS DARRAH CUTTER-Square Dance Club I, Spanish Club 2,3, Thespians 3,4, "Importance of Being Earnest," "Christmas Trimmings", Latin Club I, JRC 2,3,4, Tennis 3,4, Student Council 3,4, Crasscountry 4, Wrestling 4. LAVONNE MARIE DADY-Library Club 2,3,4, FHA I,2,3,4, GAA 3, Anokan 4. PAMELA JEANNE DAHLGREN -Band I,2,3,4, Anokadettes 2,3,4, Spanish Club 2, YDFL 4. JOHN E. CLINE DAVID L. COLLISON JAMES S. COOK JUDIE L. COTTINGHAM CAROL L. CRAIG LEEDS D. CUTTER LAVONNE M. DADY PAMELA J. DAHLGREN . fir DAVE G. CASTLE DENNIS M. CHAPMAN SHARON M. CHAPMAN JANIE H, CHAREST DENNIS B. CHRISTISON RODNEY CHRISTOPHER ,A . 'fSl'f?'X -vw EDWARD E. DURAND LARRY E. ECKMAN JUDY A. EDGARTON VIRGINIA A. EHLEN DAVE B. ELLING ROSE A. ELLIOTT KAREN S. DAHLMAN RUTHANNE F. DANIELSON SUSAN E. DAVIS CHARLES L. DAY RONALD R. DEHN BONNIE M. DILL MAE M. DORHOLT ALLAN J. DUERR . DANIELSON-GA 2,35 Blue Tri I. SUSAN ELIZABETH 45 Rooters' Club 45 Chorus I5 Anokan Stott 4g Spanish JALD ROMAN DEHN - FFA 3,4. BONNIE MAE DILL- Club I. MAE MARIE DORHOLT-Chorus I5 Student Council 3,45 Girls County 35 Football Homecoming Attendant 25 Seven Dwarfs" 45 Anokan Co-Business Manager 4. ALLAN 45 Square Dance Club Ig Band I,2,3,45 YFC Club l,2,35 and the Seven Dwarfs" 45 Football Ig Intramural Sports 4g Intramural Volleyball 35 Intramural Bowling 3, LARRY Chorus I,2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble 45 Music Clinic 35 All-State Biology Club 3,45 Science Club 45 Band l,2,3,4, Saxophone 4 Nat'I Honor Society 3,45 Nat'I Honor Student 2,35 Girls f FFA 23. ROSE ANN ELLIOTT f FHA 25 Square Dance 4 Treas. 45 GAA 3,45 Rooters' Club 3,45 Declam Contest Sports I,Q,3, EDDIE PATRICK ENGELS4 Baseball I,Q,35 ural Volleyball I,2,3,4. ROBERIA JEAN ENGLUNDf GAA Student Council 35 Anokan Co-editor 4g Nat'l Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Ensemble 3,4, Mixed Ensemble 3,4, Vocal Solo 45 YFC I,2,45 Square Dance Club Ig FTA 3,45 Rooters' Club lg Anolcadettes 2,3,45 Honor Student 4. GERALD GORDON ERICKSON-Intramural Sports I,2,3, JULIE ERICKSON -Band 23,45 Anokadettes 2,3,45 GAA I,3,45 Latin Club lj ETA 3,45 JRC 2,35 Biology Club 2,3, 45 Rooters' Club Aj Square Dance Club Ig Student Council 3. RODNEY BRYANT ERICKSONAFFA 2,3,4, KEN ROBERT ERNST- Intramural Basketball I,2,3,4, Volleyball ,I2,3,4, Bowling 23,45 Square Dance Club Ig Football I5 Basketball I,2, PATRICIA ANN EARRELLf GAA I,35 Trietts Girls Club. 2,3,4, Saxophone Solo Q,3,4, Saxophone Quartette 2,3,45 Chorus 23,45 Girls' lll S xi' I 1 W, U L Il ll ' A315122 sis" 3 , ff dl. .NND--. f 'Q --5+ . 4? my f 'W'5'.i?' MARY L. ELMER DAVID E, EMMANS EDDIE P. ENGELS ROBERTA J. ENGLUND CAROL A. ERICKSON GERALD G. JUDIE ERICKSON RODNEY B. ERICKSON KEN R. ERNST PATRICIA A- FARRELL Eieicicson 23 507 HOWARD N FERRY PRISCILLA L GLORIA I. FIDELDY JAMES E FOLLRATH PATRICIA K. FOSTER ROLAND J. Ss., 5. HOWARD NILES FERRY- Baseball I5 GLORIA IRENE FIDELDY- FHA 3,45 Library Club 35 Speech 35 Hallo- ween Window Prize 35 Anokan Staff 4. JAMES EDWARD FIELDSWFFA 2,3,4. EDWARD PETER FIETEK. GERALDINE ANN FOELL-Debate I,2,45 GAA I,2,35 FTA 2,3,45 Anoka Hi-Line I. PRISCILLA LORRAINE FOLLRATH-Library Club I,2,35 FTA 3,4. PATRICIA KAREN FOSTER-Band I,2,3,4, Drum Ensemble 3,4, Anakadettes 2,3,45 Debate I,25 Spanish Club 2,35 FTA 3,45 Thespians 3,45 District I -act Play Contest 35 "Importance ol Being Earnest" 35 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"-Student Director5 Anokahi 3,45 Anakan 45 YDFL 45 Square Dance Club I5 Sub-District Declamation Contest 35 JA 45 Girls County 3. ROLAND JAMES FOSTEReScience Club 3,4, President 4, V-Pres. 35 Biology Club 2,3,4. ROSANNE MARIE FRANTZ. JANICE ANN FREDRICKSON-Square Dance Club Ig Rooters' Club 45 Library Club 4. LARRY PHIL GADOLA-A Club 3,45 Basketball I,25 Intramural Sports I,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,4. MICHAEL FLOYD GALLAGHER-Track I,2,3,45 Football l,2,35 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling I,35 Croscountry 45 A Club 4. RONALD DUANE GARDIN -Band I,2,3,4, Anokadettes 2,3,4, Cornet Trio 35 Stamp Club I,2,3. SUSAN ANN GAYDA-Band l,2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 YRC 45 Declamation Contest 3,45 "Christmas Rose" 3, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 45 Square Dance Club .lj Rooters' Club 2,35 FTA 4. GLORIA KAY GERBER-Chorus I,2,3,45 YFC I,2,3,45 GAA 'lj Raaters Club I. CAROL SUE GIBSON-GAA l,2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,45 FTA 45 Anokan Stat? 45 Square Dance Club I5 Raoters' Club 2,3,4. EUGENE HARRY GIBSON - Elk River High School: Football 2,35 Hockey 2,35 Baseball 35 Intramural 2,35 Junior Class Play 3. MARILYN MAE GOODRICH - Band I,2,3,45 YFC 2,3,45 JRC 35 Anokahi Staff 3,45 Flute Trio 3,4, Chorus I. GLORIA .l.EANNE GRANT-FHA 2. JUDY ANN GRANT-GAA 2,3,45 Spanish I and II 2,35 Biology Club 25 Latin I Club lg Rooters' Club 45 Anoka Staff 4, VERNE KENNETH GREENLEE-Chorus 2,3,4, Boy's Ensemble 45 Thespians 2,3,45 District Speech Contest 3,45 Debate Ig YRC 45 "Stalag l7" 25 Business Manager-"Impoi1 tance of Being Earnest" 35 Anokohi Photographer 2,35 Anokan Staff 2. SUE MARIE GREGERSON-GAA I,2,3,45 Rooters' Club I,3,45 JRC 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council I,45 Class Secretary I5 Cheerleader 3,45 GAA Council 35 Chorus I,2,3,4. JERRY DUANE GROSSNICKLE-Track I,25 Stamp and Coin Club I,3,45 Intramural Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball 3,4. ELIZABETH ARRENA GUSTAFSON -Library Club 2,3,45 GAA 25 JA 45 JRC 2,35 Anokan Staff 4, -I EUGENE H. GIBSON MARILYN M. GOODRICH GLORIA J. GRANT JUDY A. GRANT VERNE K. GREENLEE SUE M. GREGERSON JERRY D. GROSSNICKLE ELIZABETH A. GUSTAFSON LARRY P. GADOLA MICHAEL F. GALLAGHER RONALD D. GARDIN SUSAN A. GAYDA GLORIA K. GERBER CAROL S. GIBSON I sv af' Q , H' iw R QF ""W- i f Q' I ' . .4'i.3l!? Q r CONNIE M. HAYES NANCY J. HEDTKE THOMAS A. HEIE NANCY J. HENNING SHELDON D. HERDINE DUANE E. HERMAN AIRIC A. HAHN JOYCE L. HALVERSON JEAN M. HAMMOND JEFFREY M. HANEY LESLIE J. HANEY CAROL M. HANSEN MARVIN H. HANSON RICHARD J. HATTEN vw BEN H HILL BERT J. HODGMAN LESLEY J. HOEL MARLYS F. HOKANSON NORM L HOVIND GARY H. HUGHES KATHLEEN A. HUGHS DOLORES E. HUNT AIRIC ALAN HAHN -Square Dance Club I, Stamp Club I,4, YFC 3,4. JOYCE LAURENE HALVERSON- Sophomore Queen, Bigford High School. JEAN MARIE HAMMOND-JA 3, Chorus 2,3,4, JRC 3, Biology Club 3, Anokahi 3,4, GAA 3,4, FHA 3,4, YFC 3, Rooters' Club 3,4, Square Dance Club I, Anokan Staff 4. JEFFREY MONTGOMERY HANEY. LESLIE JOAN HANEY-FTA 4, Librarian 4, JRC 4, Council 4, FHA 4, Rooters' Club 4, JA 4, Winter Homecoming Attendant 3. CAROL MAE HANSEN -Anokohi 3,4, FHA 2,3,4, GAA 3,4, Library Club 3, Honor Student 2, "I Speak for Democracy"-Second Place Winner 3, JRC 4, YFC 2, Square Dance Club I, Rooters' Club 3. MARVIN HENRY HANSON-Stamp and Coin Club 2, Volleyball-Intramural 3, Audio-visual 3. RICHARD JOSEPH HATTEN-Science Club 4, Boys' County Representative 3. CONNIE MAE HAYES -JRC 3. NANCY JEAN HEDTKE. THOMAS ANDREW HEIE- YDFI. 3,4, V-Pres. 3, Chairman 4, JA 3, Treas., JRC I,2,3,4, Council 3,4, Square Dance Club I, FFA 3,4, Anokahi 3,4, Anokan Staff 4, Chorus 2,3,4, Band 3,4, Latin Club I. NANCY JANE HENNING-Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls' Ensemble 2,3,4, GAA I,2,3,4, Council 3,4, Sec., Anokahi 3,4, YFC 2,3, YRC 2,3, Library Club 3, Spanish Club 3,4, Class Pres. 4, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Rosters" Club 2,3,4, Nat'I Honor Society 3,4. SHELDON DEAN HERDINE - Intramural Sports 4, Stamp and Coin Club 4, Anokan 4, Square Dance Club I. DUANE EDWARD HERMAN-FFA 2,3,4, BEN HARRISON HILL-Square Dance Club I, Intramural I,2, Track I. BERT HODGMAN. LESLEY JOYCE HOEL-Band 2,3,4, Debate 2, YFC 4, Sec. 4, Anolian 4, Anokadettes 4. MARLYS FAY HOKANSON -YFC 2,3,4, FHA 2, GAA 3, Library Club 3. HARVEY RICHARD HOVIND-FFA 2, Wrestling I,2, NORM LOWELL HOVIND- Bowling l,2,3, Intramural Sports I,2,3, Foot- ball l,2. GARY HARLAN HUGHES-Track 2,3, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4, Square Dance Club I. KATHLEEN ANN HUGHS- FHA 2, Library Club 2,3, GAA 2, JA 4. DELORES EDITH HUNT- FHA I,2,3, Library Club 2,3,4, FTA 4, JRC 4, Rooters' Club 4, "The Birds Christmas Carol" 4, Anokan 4. JOYCE ANN HUNT- Square Dance Club I, FHA 2,3, FTA 3,4, Spanish I and II 3,4, Treas. Spanish l,3, Anokan 4, Rooters' Club 4. HARVEY R HOVIND JOYCE A HUNT ABBY A HUSTON KAREN J. HUSTON JUDY J JAMES KAY D. JARNIG MICHAEL R. HUSTON ALLEN 5, HYATT ARTHUR J. JAWORSKI CHARLES L, JQHNSON GAYLE L. JOHNSON J f. v A ' A 1' f ABBY ANN HUSTON - Band 2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Biology Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club. KAREN JANE HUSTON -Library Club 25 Stamp and Coin Club 3,45 FTA 2. MICHAEL ROLEY HUSTON-Band I,2,3,45 District Music Contest 2,3,4. ALLEN BURTON HYATT-Football I,2,3,45 Basketball manager 253,45 A club 3,45 Intramural sports I,2,3,45 Nat'l Athletic Scholarship Society 3,45 Anokahi 45 Anokan 45 Latin Club I. JOANN BEVERLY JACOBSON-GAA l,45 FHA l,2,45 JRC 45 FTA 4. JUDY JEAN JAMES-GAA 45 Thespian 45 Anakahi 3,45 Spanish Club 3,45 JA 45 Rooters' Club 4.'KAY DIANE JARNIG - GAA I,2,3, Library Club I,25 Stamp and Coin Club 3,45 YRC 45 JRC 2,35 Spanish Club 3,45 Biology Club 2,35 Science Club 3,45 Anokahi 3,45 YFC 2,3. ARTHUR JOHN JAWORSKI. CHARLES LAWRENCE JOHNSON-Football l,2,3,45 Basketball I,25 Track I,2,35 A Club 2,3,4, Sec. 45 Student Council 3,45 Intramural sports I,2,3,45 "Twas the Night Before Christ- mas" 3, Square Dance Club l. GAYLE LEE JOHNSON - Spanish Club 2,3. MARILYN JOHNSON - Anokahi staff 3,4, Co-editor 45 GAA 2,3,4, Council 3,4, Sec. 35 Chorus l,2,3,4, Girls Ensemble 3,4, Mixed Ensemble 45 Thespian 3,4, Declamation 3,4, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 4, "When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet" 4, "Not Even a Mouse" 45 Student Council I5 FTA 45 Nat'l. Honor Society 3,45 Jr. Class Sec. 35 Girls' County Rep. 3. WARREN EDWARD JOHNSON - FFA 2,3. CAROL LYNN JONES-Talent Club I5 GAA 2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,45 Library Club 45 JRC I,35 Anokan stolif 45 "Radio Jumble" 35 YRC 45 Rooters' Club 2,3545 Square Dance Club I. MARVIN LLOYD JONES- Intramural Bowling, Volleyball I,2,3,45 Debate 25 Square Dance Club I. JAMES ROBERT KARI-Band I,2,3,4, Treas. 4, State Contest 3, Anokadettes 3,45 Football 3,45 Basketball I,25 Baseball l,35 Intramural Sports I,2,3,45 A Club 45 Film Operators 3, RAYMOND KEGLER- Baseball 253,45 Intramural volleyball 2,35 Square Dance Club I. JANICE FLO KEILLOR- FHA I,25 FTA 3,45 Library Cub 2,3,4, Sec., 35 Chorus I5 Rooter's Club 45 Anokan stat? 45 Homecoming attendant 3. DENNIS BYRON KILLMER-FFA 3,4. JAMES CARL KISH-Intramural basketball 3,4, bowling 2, volleyball 3,45 Nclt'l Scholastic Art Contest 3. SHIRLEY ANN KOHLER - FHA I. ROBERT WAYNE KOLBY. KENNETH HERBERT KOST-Football I,2,3,45 Wrestling I,2,3,45 Baseball I5 Nat'l Athletic Scholarship Society 3,45 Band 45 A Club 2,3,45 Intramural sports I,2,3,4. KAREN JUNE KROGH -GAA 45 Biology Club 2,45 Latin Club I5 YFC I,2,35 Square Dance Club I5 Rooters' Club l,45 JA Treas. 3,4. CAROLYN ANN 'KUNZ-FHA l,2,3,45 YFC 3,4. A 5532 JANICE F. KEILLOR DENNIS B. KILLMER JAMES C. KISH SHIRLEY A. KOHLER ROBERT W, KOLBY KENNETH H. KOST KAREN J. KROGH CAROLYN A. KUNZ MARILYN A. JOHNSON WARREN E. JOHNSON CAROL L. JONES MARVIN L. JONES JAMES R. KAR! RAYMOND P, KEGLER Vx-,sf 29 PHYLLIS J. LEITTE DENNIS G. LENZ FRANCES J. LEWIS DONALD B. LIVGARD PAUL W. LOMMEN KAY L. LUCHSINGER 'Q "'Q'iif-Q RTL -iff, J .. ,,.,QuUw':f3 M QQ if fits.. fl I If, hw gs , ,, GENE S. KUSS PEARL E, LA BONNE WILLA J. LABOUNTY THOMAS LAHN AUDREY J. LAPLANT SHIRLEY A. LARSON PATRICIA J. LAWRENCE KEITH F. LEIDER rg . . AI. 2. I ,231 ', wifi 2 " Qfw 35559 1 lv az, I SHARRON M. LUKE GEORGE T. MAGNUSON GENE STEVEN KUSS - Intramural Volleyball 2,3. PEARL ELIZABETH LA BONNE - GAA I,2,3,45 Library Club 35 JRC, Secretary I, Rooters' Club I,2,3,45 JA 45 Square Dance Club I. WILLA JEAN LABOUNTY- Thespian 2,3,45 Anokahi Stott 3,45 Anokan Stat? 45 GAA I,2,3,45 Rooters' Club 2,3,45 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 4, "When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet" 4, "The Christmas Rose" 35 "Trouble or Nothing" I. THOMAS LAHN - Anokan Co-Business Manager 45 Rooters' Club 45 Latin Club I5 Square Dance Club I5 Intramural Sports I,2,3,45 Thespians 3,4. AUDREY JEAN LAPLANT - FTA 3,45 GAA I,2,45 FHA 2,35 JRC 35 Spanish Club 25 Square Dance Club I5 Rooters Club 2. SHIRLEY ANN LARSON-Football Homecoming Attendant 3 FHA 2,3. PATRICIA JOANN LAWRENCE - Library Club 3,45 YFC 4. KEITH FREDRICK LEIDER - Football l,2,3,45 Baseball I,2,3,45 Hockey l,2,3,45 A Club 2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball, Basketball I,2,3,45 Basketball I. PHYLLIS JOANN LEITTE-Rooters' Club I,25 Square Dance Club I5 JRC I,35 JA 4. DENNIS GARY LENZ. FRANCIS JOAN LEWIS-YFC I,4, Quiz Team 45 Anoka Hi-Line I5 Debate I,25 "Trouble or Nothing" I. DONALD BURTON LIVGARD-FFA 2,3,4, V-Pres. 35 Intramural Sports 3,4. PAUL WARREN LOMMEN-Band 2,3,4, Anokadettes 2,3, Music Contest 2,3,45 Biology Club 3,4, V-Pres. 45 Tennis 2,3,45 Football 25 Intramural Sports 2,3,45 Film Operators Club, 35 Crass-Country 3,45 Band V-Pres, 4. KAY LA RAE LUCHSINGER-GAA 2,3,4, Council 3,45 Chorus 2,3,4, Girls' Ensemble 3,45 JRC 3,4, Council 3,45 Stu- dent Council 3,4, V-Pres. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Basketball Homecoming Attendant 2, Football Homecoming Queen 45 Anokan Stal? 4. SHARRON MARIE LUKE - GAA 2,3,4, JRC 3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Chorus I5 Square Dance Club I5 Rooters' Club 45 Anokan Staff 45 Latin Club I. JIM LUND-Tennis I,2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Wrestling I,45 Intramural Sports I,2,3,4. GARY MAAG. JERRY RICHARD MACGLOVER-FFA 2,3,4. JO ANN MADSON - Band I,2,3,4, Twirler 3,45 Rooters' Club 3,45 FTA 3,4, Historian 45 Square Dance Club I5 JA 45 GAA I,2,3,4, Council 3,4, Treasurer 45 Student Council 3. GEORGE MAGNUSON - Stamp and Coin Club I,25 Intramural Volleyball 2,35 Student Council 2. ROSORA GAY MALLERY - FHA I,3. MARIA MANUELA MARQUES - Spanish Il, President 4, Spanish Club V-Pres. 45 GAA 45 Choir I5 Sports Club I,35 Dancing Club I,2,35 Gym Club I,2,3. JANIS JANAE MATHIES - FHA I,2,35 GAA 45 Thespians 45 YDFL 45 JA 4, Sec.5 Spanish Club 2,35 Chorus I5 Rooters' Club 45 FTA 2,3,4. V-IILLIAM MATTHEWS A Football I,2,3,45 Wrestling 2.3.4. I . I JIM LUND ROSORA G. MALLERY GARY MAAG MARIA M. MARQUES JERRY R. MACGLOVER JO A MADSON JANIS J. MATHIES WILLIAM V MATTHEWS DAVID C MEISTER LINDA I. MERHIY LAVONE D. MERRICK JON M. MESSER MARY A MEYERS LESLIE R MICHAELSON DALE D. MILNER MARILYN L. MOODY JULIE R. MOORE JANICE C MORPHEW DAVID CLYDE MEISTER- Football I,2,3,45 A Club 3,45 Track 3,45 Baseball 25 Intramural Basketball and Volleyball I,2,3,45 National Athletic Society 3,45 Class V-Pres. 25 Student Council 4. LINDA IRENE MERHIY - Chorus I,2,3,45 Biology Club 2,3,4, Pres. 3, Sec. 45 Anokan Stott 45 Science Club 25 GAA 'I,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 YDFL 4, V-Pres. 45 Student Council 45 JRC 35 FTA 4. LAVONE DELLEEN MERRICK-Library Club I,2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 FHA 2,3, Butler High SchooI5 Chorus I,2, West High5 JA 2, Sec. 2, West High5 Spanish Club 2, West High. JON MICHAEL MESSER - Student Council 3,45 Football I,2,35 Wrestling l,3,45 Track I,3,45 Crosscountry 45 A Club 3,45 H Club 2, Hutchinson5 Wrestling 2, Hutch- inson5 Track 2, Hutchinson. MARY ANN MEYERS- FHA I,2,3,45 YFC 2,3,-45 Library Club 3,45 JRC 35 FTA 3,4, Anokahi 3,4. LESLIE RICHARD MICHAELSON -Chorus l,2,35 Square Dance Club I. DALE MILNER- Intramural Sports 2,3,4. MARILYN LOUISE MOODY. JULIE RUTH MOORE - Anokan 45 Band l,2,3,4, Anokadettes 3,45 Latin Club I5 JRC 2,35 Science Club 45 GAA 45 YDFL 45 YFC I,2,3,45 Debate I5 Square Dance Club I5 Biology Club 45 FTA 2,3,45 "Trouble or Nothing" lp Anoka Hi-Line I5 Rooters' Club 45 Honor Student 4. JANICE CAROL MORPHEW - Anokahi Business Staft 3,45 FHA l,2,3,4, Parliamentarian 35 Library Club I,2,35 JA 2,3,4, Sales Manager 35 Thespians 45 Chorus I. SHARON ELAINE MOTT- Chorus I,2,3,45 Library Club 3,45 YFC 4. CHUCK MULLEN- Intramural Basketball I,2. TOM MURPHY- Intramural Sports l,2,35 Audio'visual 4. GARY THELLAR NELSON-Football Co-manager 2,3,45 Wrest- ling Manager 2,3,45 Intramural Sports I,3,45 Nat'l Athletic Scholarship Society 2,3,45 A Club 2,3,4. GRANT EARL NELSON-Wrestling 2,3,45 Football Co-manager 2,3,45 Intramural Sports 2,3,45 A Club 2,3,45 Nat'I Athletic Honor Society 2,3,45 Square Dance Club I. KAREN NELSON-FHA I,2,3,4, Pres. I5 FTA 3,45 Library Club I5 Square Dance Club ly GAA 45 JRC I,25 Roaters' Club 4. KENNETH RAY- MONDNELSON-Baseball I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,45 Football I,2,3,45 Intramural I,2,3,45 A Club 2,3,4. SHERRY BETH NELSON -JRC I,2,35 FTA 2,3,45 FHA 2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 JA 4, Asst. Treas, 45 YDFL 35 Square Dance Club li GAA I5 Roaters' Club lp Library Club 3. CAROL NEMETH-FHA I,25 Rooters' Club I5 GAA I5 Library 25 Anokahi 3,4. HAROLD FREDERICK NESENSON-Spanish Club 3,45 Film Operators Club 4. DAVID JOHN NESS-Intramural Bowling 2,3, Intramural Basketball 2,3, Intramural Volleyball I,2,3,4. DENNIS WARREN NYROP-Football I, Intramural Sports 2. PATTY ANNE O'DON- NELL--Spanish Club 35 FHA 25 Square Dance Club I. DOROTHY LIND OLSON-Cheerleading 3,4, B Squad Cheerleading 25 Anokahi Staff 3,45 Anokan 45 GAA I,2,3,45 Spanish Club 3,4, Sec. 35 JRC 2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,45 Roaters' Club I,2,45 Square Dance Club I. I 1 KENNETH R. NELSON SHERRY B. NELSON CAROL A. NEMETH HAROLD F. NESENSON DAVID J. NESS DENNIS W. NYROP PATTY A. O'DONNELL DOROTHY L. OLSON 'W las, SHARON E. MOTT CHUCK MULLEN TOM MURPHY GARY T. NELSON GRANT E. NELSON KAREN M. NELSON M .IUDITH M. PETERSON ELIZABETH A. PETTY GARY L. PHELPS DENNY L. POTTER DALE R. POWELL JUDY V. PRESTIN RICHARD D. K. OLSON NANCY A. PAGE ROSEMARIE O. PALMER JON D. PEARSON MARLYS PEKULA GARY E. PETERSEN MEREDITH A. PETERSEN .HM L. PETERSON RICHARD DARYLL KNUTE OLSON - Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 A Club 2,3,45 Square Dance Club I5 Hockey 25 Chorus I5 Anokan Staff 45 Film Operators 2. NANCY ANN PAGE-Band 3,4, French Horn Solo 3,4, Brass Sextes 4, Horn Quartet 45 GAA l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 Biology Club 3,45 JA 45 Sec. 45 Square Dance Club lj JRC 35 Rooters' Club 3,45 Anokahi Stat? 3,45 Anokan Stott 4. ROSEMARIE PALMER- FHA I,2,3,4, Treas. I, Sec. 3, Pres. 45 Spanish Club 2,3, Sec 35 YFC 35 Library Club 45 Anokan Staff 4. JON DOUGLAS PEARSON-FFA 2,3. MARLYS PEKULA-FHA I,2. GARY EVAN PETERSEN-Band l,2,3,45 Intramural Volleyball 3,4, Basketball 45 Stamp and Coin Club 3,45 YDFL 3,45 YFC 3,45 FTA 4. MEREDITH ANNE PETERSEN- Thespians 3,4, Sec. 45 FHA l,2,3,45 FTA 3,45 YFC 45 YRC 4, V-Pres. 45 JRC 45 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 45 Library Club 2,3,45 GAA I,3,45 Square Dance Club I5 Rooters' Club 3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Anokan Staff 4. JIM LEONARD PETERSON -Basketball l,2,3,45 Football 45 Track l,2,3,45 A Club 3,45 Anokan Stal? 45 Intramural Sports I,2,3,4. JUDITH MERRIL PETERSON-Anokan Co-editor 45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Honor Student 3,45 Thespians 45 YFC I,2,3,4, Reporter 45 Chorus I,2,3,4, Soloist I,2,3,4, Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4, Girls' Ensemble 2,3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Band I,2,3,4, Band Rep. 3, Anokadettes 2,3,4, Sec. 4, Drum Maiorette I, Instrumental Soloist 2,3,4, Saxophone Ensemble 2,3,45 "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 4. ELIZABETH ANN PETTY-Chorus l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 FTA 2,3,45 Library Club 2,3,45 Biology Club 35 Square Dance Club lg Rooters' Club 2,3,45 YFC I5 Anokan Staff 4. GARY LEE PHELPS. DENNY LEE POTTER-Square Dance Club I5 Intramural Volleyball 25 B. Squad Basketball 2. DALE POWELL-Square Dance Club I5 JA 3. JUDY VIRGINIA PRESTIN - Square Dance Club I5 Library Club 35 JA 35 YFC 2,3. JAMES CHARLES PRODAHL-Chorus I,45 Square Dance Club I. DENNIS EDWARD QUIGLEY-FFA 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 4, Volleyball 4. MARY MAXINE QUINLAN-GAA lp Chorus I5 Art Club I. DAVID MICHAEL RAND. JANICE VIDA REMUS-Sub-district Speech Contest 35 JRC 45 Library Club 25 Ushers Club 25 Paper Staff, Princeton 25 GAA I5 Honor Student 3,45 Christmas One-Act Play 4. MARY ANN RICHARDS- Square Dance Club I5 FHA 25 GAA 25 JRC 25 Anokahi 3,4. JERRY ARTHUR RICHARDSON -Track l,2,3,45 Football I,25 Chorus I,2,35 Intramural Sports l,2,3,45 Crosscountry 4. MARILYN ELIZABETH RODEN- GAA I,2,3,45 Raoters Club l,2,3,45 JRC 35 Anokahi Staff 35 Square Dance Club I5 FTA 35 JA 3. ANNA MARIE ROGERS-Square Dance Club I5 Rooters' Club 4. DARLYNNE LORETTA ROGERS-Square Dance Club I5 Latin Club 1,25 Spanish Club 3,45 Roaters' Club 4. JAMES C PRODAHL DENNIS E. QUIGLEY MARY M. QUINLAN DAVID M. RAND JANICE V REMUS MARY A RICHARDS JERRY A. RICHARDSON MARILYN E. RODEN ANNA M. ROGERS DARLYNNEL ROGERS cAIzoLYN IzosELAND PHYILIS c. RUSTAD ROBERT Ie. RYBAK DENNIS E. RYDELL DIANE E RYDHOLM DON Ie SALTER DON D. SAMBORSKI WILLIAM A, SANDEN CAROLE D. scHAIcs MARY Io SCHANHAAR CAROLYN RUTH ROSELAND-YFC 2,3,45 Spanish Club 3,4. PHYLLIS CECEILIA RUSTAD-Spanish Club 25 YFC 2,35 FTA 2,3,45 JRC 2,3,45 FHA 25 Anokahi Staff 3,4. ROBERT RYBAK-Intramural Sports I,2,3,45 FFA 2,3.4. DENNIS EDWARD RYDELL-Square Dance Club I5 Intramural Volleyball 2. DIANE EDITH RYDHOLM-Chorus l,2,3,45 Art Awards 2,45 .IA 45 Library Club 45 JRC 4. DON RAY SALTER- Student Council l,2,3,45 Football I,2,35 Stamp Club 2,3. DON DAVID SAMBORSKI. WILLIAM ARTHUR SANDEN. CAROLE DANA SCHAKE- Bank 2,3,45 YDFL 45 Square Dance Club I5 Rooters' Club I, GAA I. MARY JO SCHANHAAR-Band 2,3,45 Clarinet Quartet, 3,45 Student Council 45 Anokahi Stott 45 Anokan Staff 45 FTA 2,3,4, Treos. 45 GAA l,2,3,45 Thespian 45 JRC 25 Rooters' Club 2,3,45 Square Dance Club I. STEVEN PORTER SCHENK-Band I,2,3,4, Drum Ensemble 3, Anokadettes 2,3,45 Chorus I,2,3,4, District Chorus Contest Solo 2,3, State Chorus Contest Solo 253, Boys' Ensemble 2,3,4, Mixed Ensemble 45 Thespians 3,45 Debate I,2. ROCHELLES LYNN SCHLAGEL-GAA l,2,3,45 FHA 45 JRC 3,4, Sec. 3, Treas. 45 Hockey Cheerleader 45 Square Dance Club I5 Student Council 25 Sub-District Speech Contest 35 Rooters' Club 3,4. PATRICIA ANN SCHNARR-GAA 25 Library Club 35 FHA 2. RICHARD SCHOEBEN-Intramural Sports 'l,2,3,45 Football I,2. BEVERLY ANNE SCHROEDER--GAA I,2,35 Chorus I,35 FHA I,2. PATRICIA ANN SCHRQEDER. SHARON LEE SCHULTZ. DENNIS WAYNE SCHUMACHER-Biology Club 3,45 Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4, Bowling 3,-4. GLADYS MARIE SCHWAB-FHA 25 GAA l,2,3. SANDRA KAY SCOTT- FHA 2,35 Library Club 3. KARYN JOYCE SETHNEY. ELEANOR MAY SHAW-GAA 25 FHA 3. VALORIS FAY SHOWALTER-Library Club 3,45 FHA 2,3,45 .IA 3. PATRICIA A. SCHROEDER SHARON L. SCHULTZ DENNIS W. SCHUMACHER GLADYS M. SCHWAB SANDRA K. SCOTT KARYN J. SETHNEY ELEANOR M. SHAW VALORIS F. SHOWALTEI CAROLYN B. SCHARBER STEVEN P. SCHENK ROCHELLES L. SCHLAGEL PATRICIA A. SCHNARR RICHARD SCHOEBEN BEVERLY A. SCHROEDER I ALEXANDER D. SPRINGER JOHN F. STEELE CAROL A. STEGORA JAMES H. STEWART DUANE A. STRAND JEANNE M. STROUSE wwf BARBARA L. SKINNER KENNETH L. SLYZUK SUSAN M. SMITH DAVE SONNEMAN LAVERNE M. SONTERRE WANDA M. SONTERRE ROGER HENRY SPANO MAUREEN O. SPENCER sf BARBARA LEE SKINNER-Square Dance Club I, GAA l,2, Rooters' Club 4, JRC 3,4, JA 3. KENNETH LEE SLYZUK-FFA 2,3, Farm Shop 3, Film Operators 2,3,4. SUSAN MELANIE SMITH-Square Dance Club I, Chorus I,2,3,4, FHA I, GAA I, Rooters' Club 4. DAVE SONNEMAN-Football I,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, A Club 3,4, Intramural Volleyball, Basketball 2,3,4. LAVERNE MARION SONTERRE-Home Ec Club I, GAA I,2, Square Dance Club I, Rooters' Club 2. WANDA MARIE SONTERRE-FHA 3. ROGER HENRY SPANO-Latin Club I, V-Pres. I, Square Dance Club I, V-Pres. I, Football l,2,3,4, Intramural Sports, I,2,3,4, Science Club 3, Film Operators 4, Tumbling 2,3,4, A Club 4, Track 4. MAUREEN SPENCER-GAA 2,3, FHA l,2,3, Library Club 3, .IA 4, Treas. 4, Rooters' Club 4, JRC 2, Square Dance Club I. ALEXANDER DANIEL SPRINGER- A Club 2,3,4, Football l,2,3,4, Track 2,3, Hockey Manager 2,3, Intramural Sports l,2,3,4, Stamp and Coin Club l,2,3, Film Operators Club l, Square Dance Club I, All Suburban Conference Football Team 4, Honorable Mention All State Football Team, JA 3,4, Pres. and V-Pres. 3. JOHN STEELE. CAROL ANN STEGORA-Anokan Stat? 4, Anokahi 3,4, GAA 3,4, Council Member 4, JRC l,2,3,4, Pres. I, Council Member I,2,3,4, Library Club I,2,3,4, FTA 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. JAMES HARRY STEWART-Tennis 2,3,4, A Club 2,3,4, Biology Club 2,3, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4, Football l,2, Track I, Square Dance Club I, Stamp and Coin Club I, Boys State 3, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3,4. DUANE ALLEN STRAND-Chorus 2,3,4, YDFL 3,4, Biology Club 4, Boys Ensemble 4, "Trouble or Nothing" I. JEANNE MARIE STROUSE-Library Club I,2, Home Ec Club l,2, Rooters Club I, Square Dance Club I, JA 4, JRC I, Chorus I. H. EUGENE SWEET. LEON DALE SWING- Intramural Sports I,2, Football 3. JOYCE ELAINE SZYPLINSKI -GAA 2,3, Library Club I,2,3,4, Pres. I,4, FTA 3,4, FHA l,2,3, Clas Treas. I, Rooters' Club 4, Spanish Club 2,3, V-Pres. 2, Pres. 3, YDFL 3, JRC 2,3, Square Dance Club I, Student Council I. JOHN KARL VILHO TAMMI - Hockey I,2,3,4, Captain 4, Student Council Treasurer 4, Class Treas. 2, Class V-Pres. 3, Class Pres. 4, Thespian 4, Crosscountry 4, Football 2,3, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4, Square Dance Club I, Sec. I, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2,3,4, A. Club 2,3,4, A Club Treas. 4. SUSAN MARGARET TEXTOR-Student Council l,4, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Spanish Club 3,4, Latin Club I, FTA I,2,3,4, AFS 3, Chorus l,2,3,4, JRC 3,4, .IA 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Anokahi 3,4, Anokan Staff 4, Thespian 4. EDDIE LLOYD THURSTON-Intramural Sports I,2. ANN MARIE TITTERUD-Student Council 4, Sec. 4, FHA 2,3,4, FTA 4, Anokahi 3,4, Anokan Staff 4, YFC 3,4, Latin Club I, Rooters' Club 4. MARILYN JEAN TOMMERDAHL-Latin Club I, YFC I,2,3,4, V-Pres. 4, Library Club 3, Anokahi 3,4. ROBERT D. TUFFOR -Football l,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,3,-4, Track l,2,3,4, Anokahi 3,4, Anokahi Sports Editor 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3,4, A Club 3,4, Pres. 4, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4. SHIRLEY JEAN VAN HORRICK- FHA 2,3,4. H EUGENE SWEET LEON D. SWING JOYCE E. SZYPLINSKI JOHN K. v. TAMMI SUSAN M TEXTOR EDDIE L THURSTON ANN M. TITTERUD MARiLYNJ.rOMMERDAHL ROBERT D. TUFFORD sHiRi.EYJ VAN HORRICK FRANCIS WAGAMON CHRIS WAGNER WANDA R. WALTON ANNE M. WARD ROSEMARY WARHOL DICK WATSON MARY J. WATSON SHARON A. WEATHERLY GEORGIA G. WELLBERG TOM J WELLHAUSEN FRANCIS WAGAMON -Columbia Heights High School, Band I,2,3,4, Superior Rating Sax Solo, Sax Quar- tet. CHRIS WAGNER- Football I,2,3,4, Wrestling 3,4, Dist. I6, 175 lbs. Class Champion 3, Track 2,3,4, A Club 3,4, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4, "Christmas Trimmings" 4, Thespian 4, "Trouble or Nothing" I. WANDA RAE WALTON -GAA 2,3,4, FTA 2,3,4, JRC 3,4, Rooters' Club 3,4, Latin Club l, Square Dance Club I. ANNE MARIE WARD-Band 2,3,4, Anokadettes 2,3,4, Woodwind Ensemble 2,3, Anokahi Busi- ness Manager 4, Staff 3,4, GAA I,2,3,4, Council Member 3, "A" Squad Cheerleader 4, "B" Squad Cheerleader 3, Latin Club I, Sec. I, Square Dance Club I. ROSEMARY WARHOL- Forensic League 2,3, JA 3, Ecownais I, FTA I. DICK WATSON-Class President 2, Student Council 2, A. Club 2,3,4, V-Pres. 3, Nat'l Honor Society 3,4, Football I,2,3,4, Co-captain 4, Basketball I,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Intramural Sports l,2,3,4. MARY JEAN WATSON-"A" Squad Cheerleader 2,3,4, GAA I,2,3,4, Student Council 2,4, Class Sec. 4, JRC 3,4, Council 4, FTA 3,4, Anokan Staff 4, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Rooters' Club 'I,2,3,4, V-Pres. I, .Thespians 4, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Just What They Wanted" 4, Square Dance Club I, Chorus I,2,3,4, Anoka Hi Line Staff I, Latin Club. SHARON ANN WEATHERLY. GEORGIA GAYLE WELLBERG-JRC 3,4, Band 3,4, GAA 2, Library Club 3,4, YRC 4, Pres. 4, YFC 2, Latin Club I, Girls' State 3. THOMAS WELLHAUSEN-Football I,2,4, A Club 4, Intramural Volleyball I,2,3,4, Student Council 3,4, "Christmas Trimmings" 4, Class Treasurer 3. JAMES WARREN WELLS- Intramural Basketball l,2,3, Bowling 3, Square Dance Club I. RO'NNIE FREDRICK WIELE-Intramural Sports 2,3,4. RODNEY MARVIN WILSON-Wrestling I,2,3,4, Regional Champ. 4, Suburban Conference Champ. 3, District Champ. 3,4, A Club I,2,3,4, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4, Football I,2. MARIANNE WINTER-Student Council I,3,4, Nat'I Honor Society 3,4, Girls' State 3, Chorus I,2,3,4, Accompanist 2,3,4, Anokahi 3,4, Anokan 4, Band 2,3,4, Anokadettes 2,3,4, Drum Maior 4, Pres. 4, Council 3,4, Piano Solo l,2,4, GAA I,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Rooters' Club 3,4, FTA 4, Parliamentarian 4, Square Dance Club I, Science Club 3,4, V-Pres. 4. MARJORIE ANN WOJCIECHOWSKI - FHA I,2,3,4, GAA 4, JRC 4, YRC 4, FTA 4, Rooters' Club 4. NANCY CAROL WOLFF. PATRICIA ANNE WOLFF-GAAI, Square Dance Club I, Biology Club 2,3, Library Club 2,3,4. BARBARA LEE WRIGHT-Rooters' Club 4, Spanish Club 2, Square Dance Club 2. JOHN PAUL WURZINGER- Biology Club 2,3. MICHAEL ZIEGLER. DAVID JAMES ZOPFI -Tennis I,2,3,4, Wrestling 3, Hockev l,2, Biology Club 2,3,4, Science Club 3. PATRICIA A. WOLFF BARBARA L. WRIGHT JOHN P. WURZINGER MICHAEL J. ZIEGLER DAVID J. ZOPFI JAMES WELLS RONNIE F. WIELE RODNEY M. WILSON MARIANNE WINTER MARJORIE A. WOJCIECHOWSKI NANCY C. WOLFF Noi Pictured: JIM HOFFARTH WILLIAM PATEREK DAVID THORNBERG 41 MOST LIKELY TO, SU6CEED Paul Lommen Lindo Merhiy Henning Q' '5- BEST DRESSED Judy Coftihghom Denny Potter L fi ""w.M,,,K A Mosr Humonous Al Hyatt Moe Dorholt BEST Kay John ew- MOST HANDSOME AND PRETTIEST Steve Benzian - Mary Watson MOST TALENTED Marianne Winter Steve Schenk Classes menu? 947' Vice President, Dave Hyllengren, Fresiaenr, rere nen- zian, Secretary, Nicky Kerpin, Treasurer, Karen Brown. The Junior class stepped right into school activities this year. Members of the class ioined clubs and ac- tively participated in athletic events. One "A" squad cheerleader and four "B" squad cheerleaders led their class in cheering for the teams. The high point of the winter sports season was the Winter Homecoming Dance which the iuniors spon- sored. Juniors were busy in their classes, too. In addition to regular classroom tests, they all took the Iowa Tests of Educational Development and the College Aptitude Test. College-bound students took the Schol- arship Qualifying Test and the National Merit Schol- arship Test. Trying to answer the questions on these tests quickly shrank any swelled heads which they might have had. In between tests they showed their natural love of a good time by "accidentally" blow- ing up the chemistry sinks, singing cowboy songs in English class, or "forgetting" their textbooks so they would have to share books with a friend. In the spring the iuniors really stepped into action. They received their class rings. The halls were filled with groups of juniors and seniors comparing rings. Naturally the iuniors had the best rings in the school's history. The class also elected members to the Na- tional Honor Society and chose delegates to Boys' and Girls' State. The Junior-Senior Prom in May was the biggest social event sponsored by the juniors. They worked very hard on a gay and festive dance which will al- ways be remembered by the iuniors and seniors who attended. At last, they passed their final exams and became seniors. Next year they will be the "big wheels" of the school. But they were sure that there would never be another year quite like their iunior year. 'xr ' 'ef r - FIFTH: D. Cuhel, B. Hording, P. Benzion, J. Green, C. Tennison, M. Dickenson, K. Seibert, G. Worble, THIRD: SECOND: B. Chopmon, S. Bokken, E. Ness, K. Stock, K. Erickson, B. Krcimoliscl-i, K. Moron, J. Jones. FIFTH: D. Snyder, B. Pedersen, B. Lyke, D, Carter, D. Anderson, R. Steiner, R, Johnson, B. Hogen. THIRD: J. Swenson, SECOND: M. Collins, K. Peterson, S. Hunt, D. J. Stromberg, M. Krous, D. Vetsch, D. Jergenson. 6 V! ,,.f Stickney, C. Jocoloson. FOURTH: T. Kuhlmey, J. Adams, A. Johnson, T M. Kohout, L. Schroeder, D. Menter, B. Higgins, G. Bennett, D. Moron B. Loska, J. Sollberg, D. Wennerlund. FIRST: S. Eggleston, P. Antolick McNomorg, E. Krouse, K. Hippy. FOURTH: S. Conklin, L. Rosine, R. Benson, S. Wildo, E. Wilson, G. Koiser, R. Richardson, B. Pierce, E. Schultz, M. Larson, T. Hermes. FIRST: K. Peterson, J. Durand, B. Demors, I -"-v FIFTH: E. Nelson, J. Baker, C. Pratt, M. Shadick, L. Axilson, H. Ellefson. FOURTH, J. Olmscheid, T. Tronson, J. Collison, J. My ren, D. Gale, M. Jost, R. Bouley. THIRD: J. Blesi, P. Ashe, G. Dunn, G. Davis, J. Christensen, D. Schommer. SECOND. K. Wol Ium, E. Johnson, G. Burchett, S. Garnhart, N. Brauch, C. Ziegler, M. Kemske. FIRST: S. Robbins, R. Blue. P. Murphy, P. Neinius S. Lowenstein, C. Nold. FIFTH: G. Mark, M. Buchholz, G. Peterson, G. Vogel, W. Swanson, T. Stuck, B. Jacobson. FOURTH: P. Mclnnis, W. Hoffarth W. Dill, J. Jirasek, R. Selin, K. Isaacson. THIRD. M. Jost, J. Jorgensen, P. Richards, J. Bourdeaux, J. Fields, B. Lepinske, M Sundquist. SECOND: R. Bumgarner, K. Lasley, C. Sorenson, J. Jaworski, V. Showalter, B. Grace. FIRST: K. Miller, L. King, M. Lero, R. Paddock, S. Huston, S. Kulclish, R. Wolff. Julie Bryan is trying to prove to Mr. Goodrick that there is more than one way to solve this problem. f Jean Fields is shown doing what you would expect her to be doing in a speech class - giving a speech I I FIFTH: G. Howe, G. Peltzer, T. Price, D. Rainbow, W. Wesi, D. Magers, B. Huber. FOURTH. B. Johnson, M. Fideldy, C. O'DonneII J. Gertz, A. Wesvlund, D. Worn, G. Craig. THIRD: R. Peterson, D. Bouley, G. Green, P. Petty, N. Kerpen, S. Brellenthin, K Lemm. SECOND: B. Harmon, D. Koivulc. L. Cecka, S. Geriz, D. Murrell, J, Huebner, J. Knoll. FIRST: I.. Peterson, C. Ridlon, J. Jor dan, J. Sandager, B. Lufsky, S. Beck, J. Bryan. FIFTH: D. Kulenkomp, D. Bickford, G. Beckman, B. Norberg, D. Meyers, J. Peterson, R. Brown. FOURTH: E. Koehler, J. Weeks, M Iverson, G. Gilleen, D. Hyllengren, T. Johnson, S. Allen, J. Campbell. THIRD: G. Lindsrcm, M. Nelson, D. Hyaft, T. Woodward, V Jen, A. Follraih, L. Blesi. SECOND: B, Scharber, E. Merhiy, K. Ortfell, C. Long, J. Cose, V. Rubis, M. Michaels, J. Jepsen. FIRST B. Evchaner, M. Kurschen, D. LoBonne, D, Kinch, V. Torgerson, A. Doberstein, G. Steinlein. C7 I . 'J xl! LL.- .lf im' I . . bv FIFTH: B. Gustafson, S. B. Elwood, K. Campton, G. W. Edwards, G. Carlson, D. Gustafson, R. Hammond. FOURTH: B. Trombley, B. Gonyeo, D. Johnson, T. Freer, K. Slcrandies, D. Fideldy. THIRD: S. Sassor, S. Houghton, M. Titterud, L. Donner, B. Lea, C Beckenbach, J. Legg. SECOND: J. Olson, J. Ingalls, D. Brown. D. Moyer, K. Swearingen, D. Chosen. FIRST: J. K. Anderson, M Sanden, J. Mead, C. Henning, P. Featherston, K. Horn, B. McAdam. FIFTH: R. Gamm, D. Erickson, B. Leger, G. Pearson, H. Morphew, D. Dean, C. Mead. FOURTH: M. Corrigan, F. Sanford, D Prahl, B. Sand, J. Poate, D. Olsen. THIRD: J. Halverson, K. Stone, J. Anderson, C. Bromley, R. Bauer, F. Hoffarth, D. Carroll SECOND: C. Hutchinson, H. Holland, C. Johnson, J. Peterson, C, Noble, R. Dehn. FIRST: D. Erickson, B. Olson, B. Weber, A Kisor, J. Runquist, M. Lewis, M. Gunther. FIFTH: K. McCall, R. Jackson, B. Hayford, T. Sullivan, F. Walton, B. Youngquist, J. Sroga. FOURTH: G. Hauft, J. Dedrick, S Larson, B. Walker, J. Christensen, R. Sullivan. THIRD: B, Pederson, M, Mevissen, B. Paulson, S. Harrier, S. Cooner, W. Peterson N. Mattson. SECOND: A. Rundle, C. Scheonrock, M. Stahlberg, S. Burquist, J. Miller, M. Rahl. FIRST: P. Erickson, D. Bell, M Nemeth, A. Taylor, C. Guntzel, J. Zajic, P. Smith. FIFTH: B. Huber, D. Magers, J. Swankier, C. Peterson, S. Draheim, B Hayford, C. Norberg. FOURTH: M. Taylor, D. Hovind R. Sweezo, B. Larson, R. Michealson, A. Maxhimer, W. Barnacle, E, Stone, THIRD: F. Bruno, R. Heidelberger, D, Houck, D DeForest, T. Eychaner, D. Bebeau, C. Burns. SECOND: T. Kessler, J. Swenson, J. Sundeen, R. Peterson, R. Crapser, E. Crossen J. Elliott. FIRST. B. Ridge, J. Hazewinkel, J. Warhol, D. Grace, G. Olsen, R. Lehn, S. Heim. FIFTH C Samuelson L Wheeler D Scharber J Hammans C McKusick J Huston, K. Nelson. FOURTH: J. Olson, E. Green- inger B Sorteberg J Pearson M Trentine K Larson THIRD D Mattson U Sawvel, K. Brown, B. Mozis, M. Mead, J. Stroh- meyer D Flor SECOND D Peterson J Moey M Holm B Hughes J Slobeck M. Buchholz. FIRST: B. Hagen, J. Wiggs, M. Q ii- . 'R Elizabeth Johnson and Pat Petty are ear- nestly concentrating as Mr. Froiland ex- plains the use of the Avogadro number in chemistry. .s A Ll It 4 The graduating class of 1961, this year's Sopho- mores, entered into the activities of the year as the youngest students in the school. Although they felt lost in the beginning after the big step from Junior High to Senior High, they soon learned to find their way around the halls to their classrooms, the lunch- room and their auditorium seats. Before many weeks had passed they became well acquainted and had settled down to the serious business of studying. The class was headed by Eugene Wolffe, president, Don Rainbow, vice-president, Pat Englund, secretary, and Terrie Pt1eider, treasurer. Representatives were also chosen from each English class to help make up the Student Council. Two of their proiects for the year included decor- ating a float for Homecoming and sponsoring a dance. Sophomore school spirit was led by Terrie Pf1eider and Pat Englund, two peppy "B" squad cheerleaders. Also they had many boys on the "B" squad football and basketball teams. Aside from athletic activities, members of the Soph- omore class were kept busy with the all-school-play, band, and chorus, Cwhich, by the way, they almost monopolized.l. They anxiously awaited their junior year when they would no longer be the under-dogs, but we're sure they will always remember the year 1958-1959 as a most memorable school year. Zegia T President, Eugene Wolfte, Vice-President, Don Rain bow, Treasurer, Terrie Pfleider, Secretary, Pat Eng lund. is I . . I . , E Ac lx..-.J 'C9.I me IQ FIFTH: R. Erickson, T. Tapanila, R. Bickford, D. Pearson, A. Thomson, D. Martin, P. Gage. FOURTH: D. Mack, A. Lieden, K. Kin- ley, R. Ridge, J. Swenson, E, Schroeder. THIRD: B. Rudenick, P. Berg, S. Ven Huizen, D. Peterson, M. Pulley, G. Strand, B. Olson SECOND: D. Campbell, B, Flint, L. Rasmussen, J. Carpenter, M. Larson, S. Bengtson. FIRST: K. Dill, S. Wood, S. Martin, P Hoftarth, S. Craig, S, Nott, J. A. Johnson. Q FIFTH: H. Marker, B. Cleveland, S. Levine, K. Kukar, L. Zimmermann, C. Bobendrier, P. Mork. FOURTH: S. Miller, D. Davenport J. Dedrick, B. Helland, E. Jepsen, M. Hiller. THIRD: T. Pfleider, K. Nelson, K. Richards, K. O'Connor, S. Goodrick, N. Bliss, V Erickson. SECOND: R. Hadley, 5. Noon, J. Buckholz, C. Steinbrecker, J. Ekker, J. Keller. FIRST: L. Swanson, N. Kirchner, E Bauer, J. Miller, S. Nieters, S. Follrath, M. Mills. 1 var : rye", PM 1' ' .-Q is . 1, L 1:11:25 312:5- - :u,.. n..,,'4 L1 -----':::::'- - J W -1," .... . H M iz.. I: 91 1 :Q . .,g ::'g. ,.. ' T A "uv QR -' ' 'if " .5 - - .v v f . 1, N ., -1 H...- 'J r -J . :- -0 rm -1 . , .i f .. U. - .. "Wu-Q K MAJ. gl i-Q FIFTH: L. Banfield, B. Grise, J. Freeburg, R. Grace, R. Nelson, K. Wellman, J. Tillotson, B. Pittman. FOURTH: M. Robbins, G. Gorham, T. Schroeder, D. Hovet, T. Goodrick, B. Stewart, G. Beck, F, Petersen, H. Working. THIRD: J. Crysler, J. Jackson, G Johnson, J. Sundeen, D. Ekerholm, G. Gabrick, R. Liter, G. Gengler. SECOND: B. Frank, S. Wentlond, A. Stull, D. Nist, D. Dan ner, D. Berrett, F. Erickson, K. Dickman, J. Wahl, FIRST: O. Kost, A. Kollergis, C. Strohmayar, S. Sodmon, B, Peterson, J. Lund- gren, C. Wheeler, S. Bloom. FIFTH: M. Bennett, T. Owen, G. Caswell, R. Peort, B. Skinner, J. Hoag, T. Look. FOURTH: G. Swanson, A. Bebeau, D. Johnson, B. Joniok, S. Pedersen, N. Billstrom. THIRD: A.-Spencer, D. Hodimon, R. Goodin, C. Palmer, K. Fields, J. Lund, J. Olsen. SECOND: B. Loge, J. Rohn, C. Rustod, R. Doly, C. Fassett, C. Hunt. FIRST: D. Peterson, K. Brodway, D. Rohl, K. Dahlmon, J. Huseth, S Mozis, J. Johnson. FIFTH: P. Albinson, G. Tyler, D. Nagy, T. Napier, A. Hedtke, K, Barnes. FOURTH: D. Danielson, Y. Larson, A. Kost, D. Kasell, J. Adams, S. Smith. THIRD: D. Broadbent, E. Meister, C. Whitehead, D. Owens, L. Constantine, G. Pierson. SECOND: G. Nelson, R. Jerwers, M. Quigley, P. Englund, J. Syring, J. Schlemmer, M. DeMars. FIRST: M. Leakas, J. Wold, E. Schneider, D. Sonden, D. Ritchie, H. Ehrnreiter, FIFTH: T. French, D, Pearson, D. Lincoln, L. Lasley,, D. Frozee, B. Bunker, D. Jakawiclc. FOURTH: G. Sutherland, D. Brandt, J. Wangler, D. Tellers, D. Hill, R. Beach. THIRD: J. Johnson, J. Walton, S. Miller, K. Brask, R. Trayer, J. Hulbert, M. Jensen. SECOND: S. Olson, M. Engles, J. Stegora, V. Holm, J. Orr, A. Cutter. FIRST: J. Runquist, M. Weber, P. White, S. Lachinski, J. Lea, S. Paterek, J. MacGlover. -AM Gene Woltte and James Strouse are pointing out the differences in wing formation of the vari- ous species of ducks, Janice Cloutier, Margaret Behnke, Ronnie Cass, Joanne MacGlover, and Elizabeth Meister are bus- f ily preparing themselves for duties as tomorrow's homemakers. FIFTH: S. Peterson, T. Lehn, D, Nelson, R. Pelkey, J, Rootes, D. Bulen, M. Kallc. FOURTH: C. Quinehan, M. Olson, C. Larson, D. Kessler, D. DeForrest, J. Cloutier. THIRD: M. Schake, G. Waolery, E. Morrow, G. Bauer, M. Carter, J, Erickson, M. Behnke. SECOND: E. Robinson, D. Moser, D. Pipenhagen, L. Hanson, G. Berg, R, Eischbach. FIRST: J. Ness, S. Kresal, P. Allen, D. Stone, C. Johnson, K. Niebercall, C. Thorkelson. FIFTH: L. Mozey, D. Anderson, N. Edgarton, D. Downing, J. Hofler, R, Blesi, P. Andberg. FOURTH: P. Bennet, K. Lund, R Nelson, C. Sand, C. Livingiston, C. Blaese. THIRD: B. Springer, R. Loren, D. Soucy, E, Kesller, L. Hathaway, D. Murphy, J Strouse. SECOND: G. Adams, T. Luchsinger, D. Sonterre, J. Cudd, K. Schuly, R. Pariseau. FIRST: L. Peterson, P. Rodgers M. Geisinger, M. Cashman, K. Graber, E. Kegler, R. Peterson. ' .J X 'C' FIFTH: D. Lee, B. Russell, P. Titterud, R. Butler, R. Stegora, S. Erickson, J. Christison. FOURTH: E. Wolfl, J. Knoll, C. Gundlach R. Marsh, D. Anderson, D. Roseland. THIRD: J. Erickson, J. Helinski, D. Hoskin, D. Peterson, G. Sonterre, J. Herman, D. Brown SECOND: C. Sorenson, L. Blackburn, R. Trail, R. Szczesniak, S. Rasmussen, D. Groess. FIRST: L. Blesi, D. Otto, K, Getchell, C Vigness, D. Dengel, K. Smith, J. Kolby. FIFTH: J. Atkins, J. Garmen, H. Woehnker, R. Swing, D. Swanson, D. Rainbow, J. B. Erickson, M. Lynch, D. Ostlund. FOURTH R. Ricker, J. Sheets, E. Koch, D. Maness, F. DeJarIais, L. Olson, E. Eyrich, W. Carlson, G, Claessen. THIRD: T. Flurey, P. Nelson J. Gilbertson, M. Mumm, C. Baglo, M. Graham, A. Prozinski, J. Krszizanick, P. Orttell. SECOND: D. Anderson, C. Russell, B Huss, M. Getchell, J. McNurlin, D. Hathaway, D. Hudson, J. Kovar, B. Wells. FIRST: B. Breckenridge, G. Krough, G. Mullen P. Chapman, D. Szyplinski, S. Bebean, D. Warnke, D. Bach, I. Peigler, J. Paulson, S. Gardin. T Sam s ,, 2 - ' Paul Buchholz ond Don Luvgcrd seem to be enjoying iheir work with the lathe in metal shop. One must never let his "wind moncler in this class! KW Blue Monday? Activities 'X laden! mac!! "The meeting will come to order." These were the well-known words of the Student Council President, Duane Blaska. Members of the council included representatives from each English class, five members of National Honor Society, and the two foreign exchange stu- dents, Maria Marques, and Asif Beg. This year two delegates were sent to the state workshop and two to the state convention. They came back with many new ideas that helped improve the council. The council sponsored two beautiful homecomings and was able to get a fruit machine put into the cafe- teria after much discussion and debate. They amend- ed the constitution to meet the changes in school life and financed the AFS by their spring car wash. Omcers Duane Blaska, Kay Luchsinger, Ann Titter- ud, and John Tammi can look back on a very suc- cessful year. Secretary, Ann Titterud, Treasurer, John Tammi, President, Duane Blaska, Vice-President, Kay Luchsinger. FIFTH: C. McKusick, J. Tammi, L. Cutter, J. Hoag, B, Pedersen, Blaska, J. Messer, L. Carlson, T. Wellhausen. FOURTH: J. Swenson, D. Salter, D. Brown, P, Mark, D. Rainbow, C, Johnson, R. Altenweg, J. Blesi, M. Winter. THIRD. L. Merhiy, M. Schanhaar, D. Moyer, S. Textor, A. Beg, C. Palmer, T, Price, J. Campbell, S. Larson. SECOND: C. Guntzel, P. Richards, S, Gregerson, T. Pfleider, A. Titterud, J. Elliott, J. Jackson, C. Bobendrier. FIRST: D. Erickson, L. Swanson, M. Dorholt, D. Mattson, P. Englund, J. Johnson, J. Pearson, K. Luchsinger, V. Rubis. ' 2 wad FOURTH C Jacobson J Bless T Heie, L. Cutter. THIRD: C. Stegora, S. Schlagel, M. Watson, J. Remus SECOND C Hunt A Cutter K Luchsinger J Anderson FIRST M Cashman, P. Haney, S. Huston, K. Brown. Causing much excitement and interest each school year, is the annual Junior Red Cross enrollment drive. Each class tries to outedo the other by persuading the students to give their money to a worth-while cause. Besides the enrollment drive, JRC also made table decorations for hospitals, window displays, writing portfolios, and last but not least, the gift chest. Leading the club this year was President Joe Blesi. He was helped by the other officers, the council, rep- resenting members from each class, and Miss Melby, Advisor. Each summer Anoka sends some of its members to the JRC camps. Much is learned at these camps, and the members came back with many good ideas. Students participating in JRC, not only get a chance to help in these projects, but also get a per- sonal satisfaction by knowing they are helping people throughout the world. THIRD J Collison R Foster J Bless SECOND S Kuklish, J. Edgarton, J. Anderson. FIRST: B. Harmon, J. Moore, N. Page. "Anyone interested in science?" This was one of the ques- tions that was asked the students of Anoka High early in the fall of the year. Those interested were asked to join the Science Club, organized for the purpose of increasing their knowledge of science. Although Sputnik was not one of its main proiects, the Science Club had a hard time finishing its telescope which has changed hands for the third year. Many of the mem- bers had previously been working on it during the summer in a futile attempt to finish the lens, one of its many parts. Besides working on'the telescope, the club also saw in- teresting films, received much information about cutting and polishing agates, and heard special speakers. Calling each meeting to order was President Roland Foster, who was assisted by Marianne Winter as Vice-Pres- ident, and Janice Anderson as Secretary-Treasurer. Helping the members with his advice was Mr. Froiland. A round-up picnic was planned to celebrate the success of the year. Secretary-Treasurer, Janice Anderson, Vice-President, Marianne Winter, Pres: dent, Roland Foster. Zaaew gm Secretary, Linda Merhiy, Treasurer, John Collison, President, Gail Kaiser, Vice-President, Paul Lommen. Does visiting a college and museum sound like the Biology Club? Well, to your surprise those were just a few of the under- takings this past year. It was the purpose ofthe club to get mem- bers acquainted with the Biology Department. Early in the year the club toured the Museum ot Natural His- tory, which everyone thought was very interesting. Visiting Mac- alester College was next on the agenda. Members investigated the school facilities and attended classes in which they were in- terested. Students received much helpful information from this trip. Guest speakers, interesting films, overnight trips, banding birds, and delicious dinners including frog legs and grosshoppers, were other programs and proiects of the club. Because of the increasing membership of the club and its ac- tivities, President Gail Kaiser, and the advisor, Mr. Wagner, can look back on another successful year. FIFTH ROW: J. Campbell, S. Smith, D. Cuhel, D. Strand, K. McCall, J. Atkins, R. Foster, M. Shadick, P. Lommen. FOURTH ROW: G. Houft, G. Gilleen, J. Cline, J. Swenson, J. Collison, C. Bobendrier, G. Kaiser, B. Anderson, J. Moore. THIRD ROW: K. Krogh, J. Erickson, A. Huston, C. Bloese, L. Merhiy, C. Bromley, B. Cleveland, J. Jackson, B. Pederson. SECOND ROW: E. Merhiy, C. Sorenson, G. Bauer, D. Davenport, D. Zopfi, D. Schumacher, B. Springer, J. Erickson, J. Edgarton, G. Swanson. FIRST ROW: P. Rodgers, B. Peterson, S. Kresal, J. Rohn, J. Heie, C. Steinbrecker, M. Carter, C. Hunt, M. Schake, N. Page. CD un, '-,L- 41- f, ' ".,'.' ' feud? Fl 4 f ms x Eileen Kegler, Treasurer, Karen Peierson, Secretary, Maria Marques, Vice-President, Sue Textor, President. FIFTH: J. Herman, J. Krszjzaniek, R. Richardson, B. Siewciri, D. Anderson, M, Lynch, J, Garmen, J. Knoll, FOURTH: K. Dick- man, M. Jensen, L. Zimmermann, J. Crysler, M, Mevissen, J. Halverson, D, Danielson, G. Adams. THIRD: R, Hadley, D. Broad bent, G. Woolery, J. Jackson, J. Orr, A. Spencer, D. Moyer, J. Jawarski. SECOND: E. Kegler, S. Noon, M. Hamann, M. Kraus G. Burchefi, R. Paddock, i. Peigler. FIRST: C. Ridlon, K. Dill, J. Ness, K, Peterson, P. Allen, E. Eggleston, J. Sandager, L, Swan son. L "Noche de paz, noche de amor," could be heard throughout the school around Christmas time as the Spanish Club carollers sang the beautiful Spanish Christmas carols which they had learned as one of their proiects tor the year. Gaily decorated pinatas hanging from the ceiling lent an atmosphere of Old Spain to the festivities at the annual Christmas party. Singing Spanish songs, studying Spanish culture, and trying to learn more about Spanish customs played a large part in creating in the students a real interest in their Spanish-speaking neighbors. Verbs and idioms became more interesting as they discovered the exciting back- ground and history of the Spanish people, and learned how many ot our neighbors to the South use the Spanish language. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Mrs. Hunt, the Spanish Club always takes an active part in school affairs, entering a float in the Homecoming Parade each year, and usually walking ott with a prize. Because so many students were interested in Spanish this year, a club was organized in each ot the Spanish classes. To make the work more interesting and effective, the groups all met together under the capable direction of Sue Textor, President. Maria Marques served as Vice-President, Karen Peterson as Secretary, and Eileen Kegler handled the monetary affairs. FIFTH: G. Lindstan, D. Warn, J. Benson, B. Pierce, M. Butler, D. Cuhel, C. McKusick, D. Dean, K. McCall, FOURTH: B. Sorte berg, M. Kemske, E. Merhiy, S. Textor, M. Lewis, J. Elliott, G. Kaiser, J. Legg, M. Titterud. THIRD: J. James, D. Olson, S. Bakken B. Larson, S, Miller, D. Peterson, S. Harrier, J. Karen Anderson, C, Bramley. SECOND: J, Hunt, P. Cashman, C. Roseland, K Erickson, D. Jergenson, S. Gornhart, S. Brellenthin, B. Grace, J. Zaiic. FIRST: J. Jordan, D. Rogers, N. Henning, M. Marques G. Olson, J. Bryon, D. Otto, E. Johnson. 1 7mm maine A ' Song Leader, Judy Peter- son, Librarian, Peggy Haney, Parliamentarian, Pat Cashman, Treasurer, Mary Jo Schanhaar, Sec- retary, Nicky Kerpen, His- torian, Jo Madson, Parlia- mentarian, Marianne Winter, Vice-President, Janice Anderson, Presi- dent, Bill Brock. Climbing rapidly in membership this year was the Bertha Gow Chapter of the FTA. Under the guidance of President Bill Brock, and advisors, Miss Anderson and Mr. Nelson, the club acquainted its mem- bers with their future occupation. Films, pamphlets, and special speakers from various colleges were only a few of the many ways in which the students received a better insight into the qualifi- cations and responsibilities that must be met by teachers. Seniors of the club were given the op- portunity to go into the Anoka schools to try their hand at teaching and see if they had the patience that is required. This club has helped many students in deciding their future careers and has giv- en them the knowledge and desire they need to become the teachers of tomorrow. FIFTH ROW: J. Moore, G, Petersen, M. Butler, D. Cunel, M. Winter, P. Benzian, B. Brock, T. Heie. FOURTH ROW. C. Stegora, J. Bauer, S. Tex- tcr, M. Watson, S. Davis, J. Szyp- Iinski, E. Petty,-J, Keillor. THIRD ROW. J. Bourdeaux, D. Hunt, J. Jones, N. Kerpen, D. Wennerlund, D. Moyer, M. Kemske, S. Gayda. SECOND ROW: S. Garnhart, J. Heubner, K. Luchsinger, J. Anderson, M. Schanhaar, S. Luke, M. Lewis, C. Bromley. FIRST ROW: P. Cashman J. Hunt, P. Haney, J. Madson, A. Ward, M. Canfield, P. Follrath, K. Wollum. FIFTH ROW: C. Erickson, D. Warn, M. Petersen, B, Jacobsen, J. Peter- son, A. Westlund, K. Nelson. FOURTH ROW. M, Collins, P. Rich- ards, R. Carpentier, J, Bauer, D. Hyatt, G. Kaiser, J. Jacobson, J. Erickson, THIRD ROW: P. Foster, J. Mathies, J. Foell, A. Titterud, M. Wojciechowski, J. Sallberg, J. Jar- gensen, SECOND ROW: A. Kisor, K. Erickson, D. Mattson, S. Huston, P. Rustad, C. Gibson, R, Bumgarner, J. Zaiic. FIRST ROW: K. Peterson, S. Eggleston, G. Olsen, M. Meyers, M. Dorholt, J. Bryan, G. Burchett, Q-f' ff FIF H: J. Blesi, T. Tenn Harrier, P. Lawrence, P. wus M, Lewis, J. E J Edgarton. FlRST: K. I 4.9 S 177 cali fam ' It you have ever been in the school on Wednesday mornings at 8:l5, you may have heard choruses coming from the speech room, the meeting place of the Youth for Christ club. Other activities you may encounter at one of their meetings, might be a Bible quiz, a special speaker, or an interesting film. During the year, club members and their friends attended Youth for Christ rallies in Minneapolis on Saturday evenings. They also held many parties after some of the football and basketball games. With the advice ot Mr. Hochstetter, and Karen Erickson, President, the club promoted Christian fellowship. . Treasurer, Marlys Hokanson: Reporter, Judy Peterson, Vice-President, Jim Blesi: Presi- dent, Karen Erickson: Secretary Marilyn Tommerdahl. ison, G. Lindstam, A, Westlund, M. Hokanson, L Berry, G. Petersen, M. Butler, M. Petersen. FOURTH: J. Peterson, S. Orttel, B. Anderson, J. Moore R. Richardson, N. Bonde. THIRD: C. Scheonrock, J. Huebner, S. Mott, M. Dickenson, F. lliott, A. Titterud, C, Erickson. SECOND: C. Roseland, P, Smith, C. Kunz, L. Hoel, R, Hadley, K. Erickson, G. Gerber, Brown, R. Peterson, G. Olsen, J. Stromberg, M. Meyers, B. Kramolisch, J. Anderson, M. Tommerdahl, G. Woolery. 'K' sv- 7 ff' K lamp and ada Hu! lf! .4- THIRD ROW1 J. Collison, S. Herdine, M. Shadick, A. Hahn. SECOND ROW. D. Pearson, J. Grossnickle G Peterson FIRST ROW K Huston, J. Blesi, A. Beg, G. Gilleen. Do you know what a First Day issue or a foreign cover is? It you were a member of the Stamp and Coin Club, you would have to know, otherwise you might tail one of Mr. Buehler's stamp knowledge quizzes. lt you would have gone to one of the Tuesday morning meetings in the shop oftice, you would have heard President Gary Petersen call the meeting to order. At their meetings the Stamp ahd Coin Club often had trading sessions where members could trade their valuable stamps and learn more about the various phases of stamp collecting. Stamp collectors feel their hobby is worth while because it gives them knowledge of the world and fills many leisure hours. It possibly during the month of Octo- ber you saw some unfortunate boy doing push-ups and walking like a duck on the school lawn, you probably saw an initi- ate of F.F.A. This club does more than initiate candi- dates all year because they took part in nine different iudging contests at the dis- trict and regional levels and managed to qualify four judging teams tor the state judging contest at the University farm last May. Also, in October of this year Dennis Killmer, Paul Buckholtz, and Kenny Slyzuk attended the thirty-first annual National FFA Convention at Kansas City, Missouri. Charity tor others was recognized as the chapter did something rather special this year. The boys raised S57 for Easter Seals as an aid to build a better Camp Courage at Annandale, Minnesota. FIFTH: D. Quigley, B. Russell, H Ellefson, W. Swanson, S. Erick- son. FOURTH, D. Roseland, R Selin, D. Nagy, R. Dehn, R. Ste gora, D. Anderson, THIRD, J Christensen, R. Eaton, T. Tronson J. Helinsky, J. Knoll, SECOND R. Trail, D. Groess, R. Sweezo J. Herman, D. Peterson, D. Kill- mer. FIRST: G. Nelson, L. Black- burn, K. Slyzuk, D. Herman, D. Sanden. octane afzmeza ,4mmcccz Standing: President, Duane Herman, Other otticers: Vice-Presi- dent, Dennis Killmer, Secretary, Ron Butler, Treasurer, Dick Eaton, Reporter, Ed Schneid- er, Sentinel, Paul Tit- terud, Fianna ,itcftf FIFTH: Mr. Hammer-Advisor, P Titterud, D. Livgard, J. Fields, B Anderson, R. Butler. FOURTH: G Peterson, M. Buchholz, B. Born, B. Rybak, R. Erickson, THIRD: W. Dill, R. Altenweg, P. Buchholz, R. Keniston, T. Johnson, J. Moc- Glover. SECOND: R. Heidelberg- er, B. Hoftarth, G. Sonterre,'J Peterson, J, Jirusek. FIRST: E Schneider, J. Wold, L. Blesi, R. Breyen, J. Peterson, J. Miller, ?uZa'ze Wana 4 Hmmm .ll U01 Secretary Diane Jorgenson Song Leade-r, Barbara Anderson, President, Rosemarie Palmer, Vice-President Merlee Butler Re porter Mary Fudeldy Points Chairman, Ann Titterudp Historian, Norma Bonde, Parliomentarian, Kathy Wollum The Christmas Tea held every year with the Library Club was one ot the most important events of the Future Homemakers of America. As always, the girls put lots of time in on this proiect to produce a lovely tea for their mothers. Also, in an effort to increase their treasury fund, the girls held bake sales and sold ice cream. , The FHA meetings always got started with the creed, which you no doubt would have heard if you happened to be passing the Study Hall on Tuesdays after school. . The district meeting held at Long Lake this year was well represented by the Anoka Chapter. The girls received a small trophy tor contributing the most to the camp fund. Something new was tried this year. Members com- municated by letter 'fo other FHA members in many parts of Minnesota. By doing so they were able to learn how other FHA clubs held their meetings and organized money-making proiects. All in all the FHA club had a wonderful year under the leadership of President Rosemarie Palmer, and Miss Johnson, Advisor. . 5 , ef -Q -nv :QF - 5 . FIFTH: B, Janiak, P. Albinson, C. Gundloch, P. Bennet, M. Fideldy, C. Burns, G. Fideldy. FOURTH: A. Spencer, J. Hammond, S Schlagel, B. Helland, J. Olson, K. Stone, Y. Larson. THIRD: M. Mumm, A. Rundle, K. Brown, M. Jost, E. Greeninger, S. Hunt, J. Orr. SECOND: J. Buchholz, S, V H ' lc B. W b an orruc , e er, M. Buchholz, L. Hanson, J. Olson, J. Knoll, K. Richards. FIRST: D. Erickson, S. Gardin, P. Hoffarth, M. Lero, K. Niebergall, P. Rodgers, C. Hansen. FIFTH: C. Samuelson, J. M h M P orp ew, . etersen, J. Benson, K. Isaacson, D. Cunel, M. Butler. FOURTH: B. Chapman, J. Anderson, D. Hyatt, M. Titterud, B. Anderson, K. Nelson, N. Bo d . THIRD: L, B d n e on e, M. Woicieciowski, M. Stahlberg, D. Jergenson, P. Haney, J. Jacobson, C. Johnson SECOND- C Kunz D Vetsch C Nold H Holland R Car entier L Dad C Sorenson A , . . , . , . f f P I Y: , Titte- rud. FIRST: M. Meyers, S. Eggleston, P. Murphy, K. Wollum, R. Palmer, V. Showalter, V. Showalter. 6 "sy 75 O Making the interesting and helpful library bulle- tin boards and keeping the library in shipshape condition were some of the achievements of the Library Club. President Joyce Szyplinski, the other officers, the members, and their advisor, Miss Goodner, have given Anoka High a library to be proud of. Besides working at the desk, the girls took care ot the many new books, magazines, and newspapers and tried their best to keep the card tiles in order. The lighter side of the club's activities included a silver tea which was given at Christmas time for the mothers and teachers of the members. This was one of the most important social events of the year. The last event to wind up the year was the an- nual picnic, which was enioyed by all. Treasurer, Mary Elmer, President, Joyce Szyplinski, Secretary Arlene Westland. FIFTH: J. Baurdeaux, P. Richards, J. Szyplinski, G. Wellberg, G. Claessen, J. Christensen. FOURTH: K. Stack, M. Sundquist, B. k S M tt C Z' l , J. Jones, THIRD: N. Sawvel, C. Hutchinson, S. Paterek, S. Wentland, D. Szyplinski, S. Kuklish. Lepins e, . o, . leger sscowol K. wouum, c. Nold, J. Olson, J. Knoll, M, Nemefh. mast. P. HoHarth, K' Niebefgoll, L. Bisek, C. Jones, V. Tore gerson, M. Kraus. -H in .1 f . .ww . FIFTH. S. Conklin, M. Nelson, M. Elmer, A. Westlund, V. .le-tt, M. lverson. FOURTH: J. Case, P. Petty, E. Ness, J. Erickson, S Davis, E. Petty. THlRD: V. Showalter, C. Sorenson, B. Breckenridge, M. DeMars, P. Lawrence, J. Anderson. SECOND: E. John son, M. Mills, S. Olson, P. Smith, G. Stenglein, R. Palmer. FIRST: M. Meyers, S. Gardin, L. Merrick, K. Peterson, S. Eggleston B. DeMars. FIFTH: B. Walker, K. Isaacson, M. Petersen, D. Warn, J. Benson, C. Gundlach. FOURTH: S. Harrier, C. Bromley, M. Mevissen M. Kernske, E. Merhiy, G. Kaiser. THIRD. A. Cutter, E. Morrow, M. Behnke, C. Stegora, D. Barfknecht, C. Scharber. SECOND K. Schulz, M. Cantield, K. O'Connor, P. Wolff, D. Jergensan, L. Dady. FIRST. P. Murphy, R. Wolff, R. Bumgarner, L. Rasmussen M. Larson, K. Horn, 9 sky? qv . M 'LW a ' X it Ti " . .X , 4 a 1 THIRD ROW: M. Petersen, J. Tammi, A. Duerr, L. Berry, V. Greenlee. SECOND ROW: G. Wellberg, M. Stahlberg, S. Gayda, J. Moore. FIRST ROW: M. Canfield, D. Vetsch, K, Luchsinger, M. Wojciechowski, .l. Cline. Treasurer, Margie Meredith Petersen Zona? 2e,ea5Zc'ccm4 Woiciechowslci, Vice-President, This new club has been organized tor the purpose of building interest in government and to acquaint young people with their local, state, and federal of- ticers. In later years, these young people will be ac- tive, intelligent citizens, able to vote wisely, which is an important step in our lives. To achieve this goal, members heard many speakers and tried to help out their party. The oFficers, Georgia Wellberg, President, Mere- dith Petersen, Vice-President, Kay Jarnig, Secretary, and Margie Woiiechowski, Treasurer, along with their capable advisor, Mr. Hass, helped draft the Consti- tution, which was their maior job this year. The year was thought a success except for the out- come of the tall elections. Chairwoman, Pat Foster, Secretary, Leslie Hoel, Chairman, Tom Heie, Vice-President, Linda Merhiy, Treasurer, Mary Carlson. Campaigning with signs and buttons around elec- tion time was part of the activities that the YDFL club actively participated in this past year. Many of these young Democrats had the opportunity to meet and speak with important state and local officials at the DFL rally held early in the year. Members of this club, led by Chairwoman Pat Fos- ter, attained a broader view of governmental prob- lems through meetings, discussions, guest speakers, and many interesting films. Everyone in the club obtained a greater under- standing of governmental affairs and became a bet- ter, all-around, active citizen. Much of this success can be attributed to their advisor, Mr. Bell. ffm? 9 FOURTH ROW. P. Dalhgren, D. Strand, T. Heie, C. Schalce. THIRD ROW: G. Petersen, M. Carlson, L. Merhiy, M. Ahti. SECOND ROW: L. Hoel, J. James, J. Mathies, P. Faster. FIRST ROW. G. Burchett, B. Harmon, M. Wojciechowski, J. Heie. far - W W? FOURTH: L. Lasley, J. Paulson, J. Cudd, M. Huston, D. Warn, C. Hutchinson, K. Wellman, D. Bulen G. Petersen, M. Winter, M. Bennett, K. Wohl. THIRD: C. Nold, G. Bauer, S. Kuklish, S. Smith, C. Vigness E. Robinson, B. Cleveland, A. Word, J. Hulbert, P. Lommen, J. Jorgenson, J. Kari, M. Konout, C. Shake J. Jackson. SECOND: A. Kisor, B. Sorterberg, V, Rubis, A. Huston, S. Gaydo, M. Shodick, L. Constantine M. Cass, J. Edgarton, K. Nelson. FIRST: J. Bryan, J. Sallberg, G. Warble, M. Schanhoar, B. Jacobson G. Kaiser. r FOURTH: T. Heie, S. Schenk, S. Peierson, B. Peterson, D. Ostlund, J. Moore, J. Anderson, L. King, M Collins, P. Foster. THIRD: S. Wood, K. Erickson, N. Poge, J. Peierson, C. Wellberg, P. Dolgren, K. Barnes J. Stromberg, B. Lorson, H. Working, K. Kosf, A. Duerr, J. Erickson, C. Pratt, D. Nist, M. Bulen. SECOND J. .Syring, J. Modson, F. Wogomon, C. Erickson, B. Springer, D. Roinbow, L. Hoel, D. Brown, R. Gordin J. Erickson, D. Olsen. FIRST: T. Look, S. Huston, S. Von Huizen, M. Goodrich, P. Petiy, J. Cline. game! 1 Q 1 11' 0 ix 'A I 32' ,IS I ' v A O Q L..,..f Reeds: B. Cleveland, G. Wellberg, P. Dalgren, J. Kari, A. Kisor, S. Kuklish, G. Warble, M. Goodrich, P. Petty, M. Schanhaar, J. Madson, J. Bryan, C. Nold, V. Rubis, G. Kaiser, S. Gayda, J. Strom- berg, C. Erickson, J. Peterson, P. Lommen, J. Cline, J. Edgarton. The band's "cutest couple," Julie Moore and Allan Duerr, prepare to march with the Ka-Dets, Anoka's su.m- mer marching unit. Brass: M. Huston, J. Erickson, D. Olsen, M. Winter, D. Warn, R. Gardin, J. Erickson, N. Page, J. Anderson, J. Moore, H. Working, M. Bulen, D. Nist, S. Schenk. "E-AND! AT-TEN-TION!" These are familiar words to all band members during marching season. Leading the band through their successful season this past year was drum major- ette, Marianne Winter, preceded by the two perky baton twirlers, Jo Madson and Butch Cass. Much time and effort went into each half-time show. For- mations had to be figured out and then practiced many times, but even then there was still someone who wondered, "Where do I ga next?" "Pick up your feet!" was another favorite expression of the seniors who liked to show their superiority by yelling .at the sophomores. Winning a home football game meant fun to every band member. They were seen doing a snake dance in the center of the field after the game with their hats on backwards. Crazy kids? Maybe, but this was just their way of celebrating the victory. Marching in the Halloween Parade ended the '58 marching season with a big success. Anybody interested in buying a magazine? You probably heard this if you came in contact with a band member during their annual magazine drive, which helped increase their funds. This year's band broke all other records with sales totaling more than 53,900 Next on the agenda was concert season. Many hours of practice were necessary in preparation for the district music contest. Also, many ensembles and soloists received A's in the district and then went on to state where they ably represented Anoka. Adding spirit at the basketball games was another assign- ment for the band, but sometimes the members would get overly enthusiastic and feel they might go flying off the band loft onto a cheerleader or iust the plain, hard floor. For many seniors, being a member of the band has meant many happy experiences they will always remember. 83 FOURTH: T. Heie, J. Blesi, D. Hathaway, S. Schenk, K. Wellman, L. Eckman, D. Strand, F. De Jarlais J. Tillotson, D. Rainbow, J. Erickson. THIRD: C. Ziegler, D. Rydholm, S. Follrath, C. Bobendrier, G. Mullen M. Kohout, S. Hiulberg, K. Nelson, N, Henning, S. Mott, S. Textor. SECOND. C. Steinbrecher, S. Gardin M. Lewis, C. Erickson, J. Peterson, C. Jones, J. McNurlin, S. Wilda, B. Pierce, N. Page, M. Watson FIRST: D. Davenport, B. Breckenridge, L. King, D. Brown, J. Jones, M. Johnson, B. Cleveland, E. Swenson E. Jepsen, B. Peterson. WW. FOURTH: E. Nelson, J. Blesi, J. Atkins, T. Price, V. Greenlee, G. Bennett, D. Erickson, H. Morphew C. Doy, J. Strouse, H. Working. THIRD: G. Gerber, S. Smith, J. Zoiic, E. Eyrich, J. Kovcr, J. Nordgren D. Olsen, H. Woehenker, P. Petty, B. Anderson, G. Hcuff. SECOND: J. Hammond, E, Merhiy, L. Blesi, K. Erickson, D. Olson, L. Merhiy, E. Petty, L. Zimmerman, J. Bduer, M. Winter. FIRST: B. Hellond, J. Anderson, N. Kerpen, T. Pfleider, P. Nelson, G. Krough, K. Luchsinger, P. Antolick, V. Torgerson. U V am 'B wk if I W V' , rn pg 0 ff K E 1.5 ' if 1 af' itil f . xi mi rf lk S +,,f,, 'gf gr it , 1: Q Fi -MQEJQA gq M , V 5 1 , in 7, i , X Q32 Q , e 5, S Z Q Q Q 52 3 , is ., .. 3 me W - H A 8 4,,. , L ,-,,., , H 4, . W- ,X K , guna. ef Q A 2 5 -4 """""'-H f --:Hun-use-qgp..,,,,wm,..v ' ""L""ipp.,,,,,.,,3 I Council: Miss Ruth Hallenberg-Director, Carol Bobendrier-Sophomore Representative, Dave Olsen-Junior Representative, Janice Anderson-Senior Representative. With Miss Ruth Hallenberg expertly directing them, the chorus again this year spent an outstanding year and through their fine performances imparted enjoyment to many. Many hours of hard work were spent in preparing for these concerts. Besides learning and perfecting the numbers, members of the chorus went through daily warm-up exercises to enable them to sing in tune. They found, with a little reminding from Miss Hallenberg, that having a smile on their faces also helped them to sing in tune. When the Christmas spirit filled the air the chorus room was full of excitement. The chorus presented their annual Christmas concert, singing the well-loved traditional carols, as well as a group of religious songs. There were also selections by the mixed ensemble, the girls' ensemble, the boys' ensemble, and soloists. The members were busily getting ready for the music contests. Besides the soloists that were picked in local eliminations, the ensembles all participated. In Anoka's fine music tradition they received excellent ratings. The massed chorus, held in Cambridge, was a fine production, besides being a lot of fun. The spring concert came around again with all the girls dressed in pretty pastel tormals, and the boys in their neat-looking suits. They sang both sacred and light-hearted songs. This for the chorus members was the start of spring. Presenting their last performance of the year at the Baccalaureate services provided the last step in the singing of the senior members of the chorus. Not only the seniors, but all the chorus members can look back on a year of fine accomplishments. THIRD: D. Olsen, D. Nist, G. Peterson, N. Page, K. Erickson, J. Edgarton, J. Cline, T. Look, M. Shadick, S. Kuklish, L. Con- stantine, B. Jacobson, B. Peterson, J. Crysler, B. Stewart, F. Erickson, R. Erickson. SECOND: J. Erickson, M. Carter, P. Bennett, P. Englund, J. Heie, D. Sandeen, J. Hoag. FIRST: D. Davenport, P. Andberg, C. Hunt, S. Miller, B. Cleveland, K. Luch- singer, J. Jackson, G. Howe, M. Sandeen, C. Steinbrecher, E. Jepsen. Mr. Kenneth Davenport-Director 046564024 This year an orchestra under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Davenport was added to the music department of Anoka High School. The orchestra, composed of about 35 members, most of whom were sophomores, performed at many various community affairs throughout the year. The orchestra began the year with lust strings by playing chamber music for the P.T.A. As the year progressed, the various brass and Woodwinds of the band were added, and the orchestra again played on the program for the P.T.A. They were enter- tained by the Kiwanis and furnished music at other banquets during the year. ln the spring they presented their first concert. They also went to the district music festival, and as the only orchestra in the district, they were able to go to the state music festival. They accompanied choral groups in the city and ended their year by playing for Baccalaureate. Even as a new organization the orchestra can look back on a very successful year. They have had many ups and downs but have improved themselves very much. With all but one member coming back next year, they can profit from all that has hap- pened and look forward to much future success. Thus, a new step has been added in Anoka's music department. The Business Managers, Mae Dorholt and Tom Lohn, are busily adding to their resources, while the Editors, Judy Peterson and Carol Erick Aww Seen those two girls with the worried looks? Well, if you have, you know these were the co-editors of the ANOKAN trying to meet one of their deadlines. At times, it would have been simpler to have put up beds for the nights in the school! Those deadlines came so quickly! A feeling of relief was always felt when the copy was handed to the publishers. son, are putting the finishing touches on the annual. Photographer, Mr. Cliff Wilder. Advisor, Mr. Carroll Johnson. In the fall, committees were formed and given assign- ments. Finding out the activities of all the Seniors, gather- ing information about the clubs, and then typing it all up were some of the duties of the staff. MONEY is a big problem to everyone and especially to the business managers, Tess Dorholt and Tom Lahn. They were always selling something, whether it was popcorn at the concession stands, subscriptions, or ads to the local businessmen. During the whole year of planning and putting the annual out, the editors welcomed the advice of their ad- visor, Mr. Carroll Johnson, who often helped calm frayed nerves. But at the end of the year when the ANOKANS were issued, the staff forgot all the headaches and remembered only the good times and sense of pride they felt toward a . Q lgvy iob well done. 89 fi' Wo' SPORTS COMMITTEE: Allan Duerr, John Tammi Chrus Wagner BIII Brock Kenny Nelson AI Hyatt Rnchord D K Olson Joan Bauer Walla La Bounty, Marge Bulen. WJ ART COMMITTEE: Jim Peterson, Lincoln Berry, Bette Gustafson ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE Carol Stegora .Ion Remus Janice Kelllor Delores Hunt. Jeanne Hammond Merrue Ahtu Georgua Wellberg I fl. I ' wr ,, '- " fl X 5 Q 3 Icy: .54 .t.L X W5 5 Isis Ffa, Xu? 'T' w ,- we TOP-STENOGRAPHIC COMMITTEE: Julie Moore, Susan Davis, Carol Gibson, Sharron Luke, Pat Cashman, Judy Grant, Rose- marie Palmer, La Vonne Dady. BELOW-ACTIVITIES COM- MITTEE: Paf Fosfer, Elizabeth Petty, Meredith Petersen, Janice Anderson, Kay Luchsinger, Dot Olson. ii M W.. . M., , 5:3 W ANUKAH' 111-.dl Editors, Marilyn Johnson and Janie Bauer. Business Manager, Ann Ward, and Advisor, Mr. Hochstetter. "Extra, Extra . . . Nine big issues this year . . . only one more day to buy . . . support your school paper!" These were familiar slogans last fall when the subscription drive was in full swing. ln September, the Junior "cub" reporters got the lowdown on writing articles and selling ads. Meanwhile, the Senior "ace" reporters put together the first issue and wished they could remember all the techniques that Mr. Hoch- stetter, their advisor, had taught them last year. To the majority of the student body, it seemed as though the paper came out monthly with no mishaps, but Marilyn Johnson and Janie Bauer, the co-editors, can remember some problems that often arose. The journalism bulletin always held interesting "info" for the ANOKAHI workers. There were the inspiring not- ices about spring advertising that Anne Ward, the business manager, posted for the business staff. There were occa- sional notes of thanks from the editors and sometimes even "threats" aimed at reporters who had a habit of missing deadlines. One day the bulletin board displayed a strange list of Senior staff members under the headings of candies, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. This had nothing to do with journalistic terms or nicknames, but rather with the bake sale. The ANOKAHI sponsored the sale in March and the proceeds went for financing their field trip. Looking back over the year, the ANOKAHI staff will always remember the excitement of the'days when each issue came out and the feeling of relief, satisfaction, and accomplishment that came with it. ADVERTISING COMMITTEE: Sally Huston, Charlotte Nold, Karen Brown, Mike Shodick, Carol Nemeth, Karen Nelson, Janice Morphew, Will Peterson. ,-, -f-sears ww x B' H. it 'lk'-mug. img., "!llluu.,i Qs1hq Q SPORTS WRITERS: Bob Tuttord, Jack Campbell, Al Hyatt, Pete Benzian STAFF WRITERS: Top to bottom, left to right-M. Shadiclc, C. Pratt, T. Heie, W, Peterson, C, Jacobson, D. Rainbow, M. Winter, G. Warble, M. Butler, M. Goodrich, N. Bonde, B. Jacobsen, D. Warn, S. Hiul- berg, K. Nelson, D. Hyatt, C. Scharber, J. Bauer, C. Erickson, G. Kaiser, L. Blesi, D. Wennerlund, J. Jor- gensen, N. Kerpen, E. Merhiy, P. Petty, J. Bryan, C. Stegora. fa.. Q STAFF WRITERS: Top to bottom, left to right - A. Beg, J. Anderson, N. Henning, M. Schanhaar, B. Chapman, M. Sorenson, M. Larson, D. Jergenson, P. Rustad, S. Kuklish, D, Olson, J. Jones, M. Collins, J. Case, S. Balclcen, K. Brown, J. Sallberg, S. Huston, W. La Bounty, P. Foster, J. James, M. Richards, K. Erickson, K. Wollum, S. Garnhart, V. Torgerson, K. Peterson, M. Meyer, M. Marquis. W? K? vw YS' ABOVE: FOURTH: M Butler D Salter B Matthews P Lommen J Bless M Ahh THIRD J Steele R Carpentuer S Davns J Moore J Prestnn A Beg. SECOND: M Canfield M Schanhclar K Luchsnnger J Anderson C Erickson J Peterson M Tommerdahl FIRST P Cashman P Follrath, A. Ward, D Olson C Kunz W La Bounty BELOW FOURTH G Peterson G Wellberg R Altenweg M Petersen M Wnnter J Kari. THIRD: L. Merhuy J Bauer J Remus R Malmgren R Hatten W Walton SECOND J Madson R Palmer J Edgarton L Dady C Stegora, M. Johnson N Page FIRST C Hansen M Meyers J Grant M Dorholt J Hunt M Marques NOT PICTURED K Jarmg K Seth ney, D. Zeilin. a wi 055 iw ' czlqfcuacvzs ' ABOVE: FOURTH: M. Butler, M. Petersen, C. Jacobson, W. Peterson, B. Nordberg, T. Lahn, J. Stewart, P. Lommen. THIRD: L. Merhiy, R. Wil son, J. Peterson, P. Ash, J. Moore, D. Salter, J. Blesi, R. Altenweg. SECOND: N. Page, J. Anderson, M. Schanhaar, M. Johnson,,J. Bauer, M Watson, T. Textor, G. Kaiser. FIRST: M. Dorholt, E. Johnson, C. Nold, J. Eclgarton, M. Tommerdahl, L. Dady, P. Cashman, A. Ward. BELOW FOURTH: M. Ahti, D. Warn, M. Winter, D. Rainbow, B. Matthews, D. Blasko, J. Kari, B. Tufford. THIRD: C. Stegora, J. Bauer, J. Remus, R Hatten, C. Erickson, L. Eckman, D. Dean, J. Richardson. SECOND: B. Kramolisch, J. Elliot, C. Guntzel, K. Brown, D. Olson, N. Henning, K Luchsinger, D. Hyatt. FIRST: K. Wollum, J. Hunt, R. Palmer, M. Canfield, M. Buchholz, B. Grace, S. Garnhort, J. Bryan. NOT PICTURED: K Jarnig, S. Gregerson, J. Madson. f Nw-' 1 "J, , 1'3- x.. .P .s 'EN : .X . deapimze Project! Upstage hand! Have those lines set tomorrow! Few steps downstage! These are iust a few of the many expressions you might hear if you walked onstage during a Thespian play rehearsal. The Thespians have financed two plays this year. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was produced in No- vember. This play was based on the children's fairy tale of the same name. An excellent cast was headed by Judy Peterson, Witch Hex, Joanie Bauer, Queen Brangomar, Pete Benzian, Prince Charming, Marilyn Johnson, Snow White. Other principle members of the cast were Jeff Hoag and Allan Duerr. The "Thespers" also did some extra play work around the holidays. Several one-act Christmas plays were put on for entertainment tor various Anoka organizations. Also, a one-act play was directed by Jim Kern, a student teacher from St. Cloud State. Thespians are also experienced make-up artists, electricians, and painters. Plays, however, are not the only thing Thespians support. They also are active in the State High School League Speech Contest. Anoka placed 15 superior ratings in the sub-district. Superiors were awarded in the humorous, manuscript, extemporaneous, discussion, pantomime and memorized oratory. Of course, all this work could not have been accomplished without the assistance of Lavona Person, club spon- sor. FOURTH: P. Benzian, J. Tammi, S. Benzian, R. Hammond, L. Cutter, T. Lahn, J. Hoag. THIRD. J. Remus, J. Bauer, J. Bauer, M. Watson, P. Albinson, M. Petersen, B. Greenlee. SECOND: P. Foster, J. K. Anderson, A. Beg, M. E. Kemeske, E. Merhiy, J. Peterson. FIRST: M. Johnson, W. LaBounty, M. Dorholt, D. Mattson, B. Harmon, N. Sawvel, M. Collins. 96 Meredith Peterson - Sec. Marilyn Johnson - Treas. Janie Bauer - Pres. Joan Bauer -Vice Pres. new 704622 tie Dm , 4631 af f A. Duerr, D. Mattson, M. E. Kemeske, N. Sawvel, M. Watson, J. Bryan, M. Johnson, T. Textdr, S. Gayda, P. Benzian, C. Jacobson, D. Moyer J. Hoag, J. Bauer, K. Dickman, E. Johnson, A. Ward, P. Albinson, B. Harmon, M. Collins, C. Guntzel, J. Peterson, E. Merhiy, M. Dorholt 97 .QF- W ar, YJ val , 4.9- 5 5R2,f Uefate THIRD: B. Cleveland, R. Johnson, T. Look C Pratt J Tilleston V Jacobson C Jacobson SECOND: D. Nist, J. Campbell, D. Rainbow C Mcliusick W Peterson D Rainbow THIRD: C. Guntzel, S. Paterek, B, Harmon J Foell V Jett T Woodward G Bauer "Oh, I just know I forgot something!" These were familiar words to the debaters as they set out on one of their debate tournaments. These trips took them to many places such as Fargo-Moorhead, St. Cloud, Mankato, Macalester, Duluth, Denfield, and St. Olaf. The first team consisting of Chris Jacobson, Co- rinne Guntzel, Doug Rainbow, and Will Peterson helped bring success to the debate club. This year a new tournament was started called the "Round Robin". All the sophomores attended this meet, which included the cities of Cambridge, Mora, Princeton, Spring Lake Park, Fridley and Anoka. To insure the championship of this tournament. Mr. Jacobson sent Vivian Jett, Terri Woodward, Chuck McKusick, and Tom Price. At Hamline the Debate Club took second place, and at Gustavus Adolphus Tom Price and Chuck Mc- Kusick received Speaking awards. In the Region 4 tournaments they took second place, to wind up a very successful year under the direction of Mr. Jacob- son. Winners of the District I6 trophy: T. Woodward, V. Jett, C. Mc- Kusick. Not Pictured: T. Price. l A . . . we X'k Sue Textor, Asif Beg, Miss Melby, Leeds Cutter, and Maria Marques talk over all their wonderful experiences which were made possible by the Foreign Exchange Program. The American Field Service has provided an opportunity for many students of the United States and foreign countries to learn about other lands and their people and, most important, to promote good fel- lowship throughout the world. Anoka High welcomed two AFS students to our school this year. Entering early in the fall were Asif Beg, from Pakistan, better known as "Ace", and Maria Marques, from Lisbon, Portugal. Both of them had to adjust to the students' way of speaking, especially their use of slang terms and their ability to speak in rapid speed. But it took them only a short time to finally figure this out, By this time Anoka's own representatives were arriving home after long summers abroad. They were Leeds Cutter, who had traveled to Italy, and Sue Textor, who had spent the summer in Turkey. All four of these had the thrill of speaking to the students at the AFS assembly. Much was learned of activities in the schools in other parts of the world. Filmstrips also showed highlights of their trips. To raise funds for the AFS the Third Annual Car Wash was held, sponsored by the Student Council. It was a success and helped fill the "kitty", Students, especially seniors, at Anoka, will never forget their friendly AFS students who helped make their year brighter. 100 1 6Zm0 What do members of the Film Operators Club do? Some students think they only run the proiector for Elms in the audio-visual room and enjoy themselves watching the movies. But aside from this, the members also have charge of the public address system at the pep tests and the assemblies. They have the iob of making the "mike" run in good order. These boys have a big role to play. Their success each year can be attributed to their advisor, Mr. Stimmler, who has given them expert advice and valuable information. Fourth: R. Anderson, G. Peltzer, D. Rstegore, K. Hippie. Third: R. Spano R Michelson D Carroll J Bl si Second G Howe K Slyzuk Trail. First: J. Swenson, B. Nelson, D. Groce, B. Kok. ' s if 1 L f ig f f X f J , - if 1 1' i Q 1-f it 3 W' Sky ii! .FV Gif, E 'Q f 'f W- s W W? X 'W' -.55 Q 43' ia! .1 V -ga X w 3? 5 ' f Y I ig! Wg Pig? is 4 ,Af 'X XTNQX ' 14665665 ifgdsa' FOURTH: G. Beckmon, D. Blaska, J. Kari, D. Meister, D. Watson, J. Stewart, B. Tuf- ford, P. Lommen. THIRD. B. Pederson, D. Pearson, B. Matthews, B. Benzian, J. Tammi, D. Hyllengren. SECOND: B. Johnson, A. Hyatt, G. Nelson, J. Freeburg, A. Duerr, J. Richardson, C. McKusick, D. Rainbow. FIRST: D. Zopti, A. Fcrmes, R. Wilson, R. Peter- son, G. Nelson, T. Owen, C. Noble. NOT PICTURED: K. Kost, B. Higgins, J. Lund, P. Mork. Sports I LEFT: Fourth: W. Dietz, J. Lund, G. Edwards, D. Olson, J. Peterson, RIGHT: Fourth: W. Lyke, R. Tutford, C. Woqner, F. Kalk, D. Blaska, D. Castle. Third: G. Pearson, K. Leider, D. Meister, A. Springer, J. T. Wellhausen. Third: S. Benzian, C. Johnson, R. Nordberg, G. Beck- Kari. Second: R. Harding, D. Meyer, B. Brock, E. Engles, B. Matthews, man, C- MCKusic, C- PEYSFSOU- 5- NelS0n, G- NelSOl't- Second: W- K. Nelson. First: B. Johnson, M. Brock, R. Spano, T. Tronson, J. Pederson, P. Benzian, P. McGuire, D. Hyllengren, N. Mattson, K. Peterson. Kast, D. Snyder. First: G. Bennett, A. Hyatt, R. Higgins, R. Moran, 6' N D. Schultz, J. Olmscheid. guna! ?aaz'5a!Z Coach Stan Nelson, Co-captains Dick Watson and Duane Blaska, and Assistant Coach Wayne Deitz. "5 106 The team that greeted Coach Stan Nelson at the open- ing of the football season was filled with experienced backs, but had few linemen with actual playing experience. They quickly improved, however, and won the second straight game 40-O over Ramsey. According to Coach Nel- son, it was "the best game of the season." After losing two games to the Packers and Mustangs - the only losses of the season-the "Men of Nelson" really settled down and played ball. Coach Nelson is especially proud of the defensive record of the team. Only twice during the season was more than one touchdown scored against the team, and the Tornadoes completely shut out three teams. Duane Blaska, probably the best player in the Confer- ence, was named All-State. Dave Castle and Alex Springer were both rewarded by being named to the All-Conference squad. Senior tackles Bob Tufford and Chris Wagner, and iunior fullback Dale Meyer were on the All-Conference Honorable Mention list. All in all, the Tornadoes produced an excellent record of seven victories and two defeats, which tied them with Moundsview for second place in the Suburban Conference. ma 445:44 If I F - ' 'f. X if 4? r N' P? . K , wth'-F?.EV 1 x , Qikg n5- kk., XTNU' Qkiix 13' ' Mi? -of F ' g is 1 .LJ M ' , I 1- k k ' i x W r r V Po MPM? Benzian streaks for ah 5 o r e .toischdown against Ramsey Q A 1 N K ' , 1 ' , N 5 'W an qu Duane Blaska fries to shake fackler ,- E I ' 4 amp-E Y? .Bill Brock thinks four against one i s unfair Q rr iv!- Chuck John Q' i ii i me .L m Q R. son breaks into the open uf 'Z' S 7 Third: E. Perovich, A. Thompson, J. Freeburg, B. Johnson, D. Bickford, J. Hoag, R. Nelson, B. Bunker, R. Leger, J. Raiala, R. Carlson. Second: C. Laroque, R. Bickford, R. Kinney, D. Pearson, G. Blanski, T. Gallagher, T. French, E. Kesller, D. Martin, First: T. Luchsinger, J. Hornsby, E. Wolff, T. Owens, G. Strand, A. Leider, D. Hovet, G. Caswell, J. Rootes. The young scrappers that kept the varsity fighting for their positions made up the "B" squad football team. They were out on the field pushing constantly under the hot sun, looking forward to the day when they could par- ticipate under the lights while the band played and the crowd roared, leading the team to victory. The biggest hi-light of the year took place in the game with Ramsey. With only forty seconds left to go, Ronald Kinney threw a spectacular pass down field to Art Thompson who caught it and was downed on the one-yard line. Gary Beckman, with a very clever quarter-back sneak, plowed his way across the goal line for a victory touchdown. The boys that deserve a big "back-slapping" are Gary Beckman, Art Thompson, Gary Blanski, John Raiala, and Gary Strand. These boys, with the help of others, showed a lot of schools what a determined, "never-die" team can do. If these boys continue to develop and improve, Anoka should have a very excellent varsity team in years to come. A lot of recognition is due our two coaches, Mr. Carlson and Mr. Perovich, for making a strong team out of what appeared to be nothing at the beginning of the season. A few of the boys were experienced, but most of them hadn't played much football before. The record of four wins, one loss, and one tie shows what a lot of patience, hard work, and sweat can accomplish. 108 Queen Kay Waves to Subiegfs A ,K 'N---.-.. Morris Johnson Escorfs Her Majesty 4 'f ll. .rigi ' iff .ig-'1.Vs I, , , r X-W 1- 'M fvijvfipff fffeik - Agiir 5 X Q' is H, Q is N5 fi xggsgeiwf if 7 ' L-.u f'fT"Z."5'f'ziN if ,, ,nfs ' X talk its .V - 2 Q:-fig' Q, in 'ffgyj 5 i 'sgflvf-,yfigiry 5' V. - Sv fl., HAL . fy 1. ff f an ff ff W.-,sk kylmiakrwr-Rfg, .- X ,rw f-fgm -Wfww, ami, fx X i'mMw Mr J - f th . an-as effk, - Duane Crowns Kay xx , ' Q xii ,ix . 1059.25 in .fs as fk -- mm, ni' DP may Vg 0'- 1 FN . pw.. 3 I E lv , 'F w1ifE'z'?f2'Q'fLgAgnfl .gk ' ' A my New I 451-..,f.,.,,.v. f flfff- f' SW-W ' f A- .Q-H-kiZ5i5i1H,wfm1wg-,f 1, x. U, .4 vk-1 '-2 s., v ' a'-N A Q f ' 1 n. ' g ' f -.SUT If - K K . x '14 N". I ,Q n 1 , -P ".:j.- K X. Z 'f V .f YT:- I 1' fx 1, ,"' . X A ' -' vm' "MEX Aw? M-.1 I W' - fat if K K Q A SR'-.QM gh I J' Jdk'f,s' 3 A V.. 7 -w . ,. C.- 11- gf figi, 1, , in lr: g ' iw. X 4 flu? W -f Q f , v Q wpf ' , ML . W ,' ,QW --A-M-94,w..,A ' f- i, img. Q .. 1 v 'I .nf Q'-Q f"'- 'O' S.,-1" , My i ,P Q Tw- K my AQ V. , , -b iv ., Q. nu W , ., 4 5-JAX QM:-11. qufwev ' S I ' 3 " , Af. I 4, Q 3 A 5 K A A M, AL --53411 Re' ' ff' . V f N 5 gg W Vg mmm. xx 3, i I ' . ,, -' 72' k . if ki Y K' . my x f 5 ' 2 gf' K WJ-Q': 1 ' - wr-1.1 ,ai H I ..-7 , Wim, fan.. QW: ,Q ? if ' NQJ-,ffw ' 'Z '-' 14 If N sf t- . 2 V f-Qi' I K V ,XA H, 'K " VL + L ' - f, 2, , - f. f if ff ' VM 1 F, lg, ' ' ff' af A -Ku., .X ""-Nu.-vs. LEFT: Her Maiesty Kay Luchsinger, Sr. Attendants: Mary Watson and Nancy Henning. Jr. Attendants: Julie Bryan and Sharon Freeburg, Soph. Attenclaritsz Pat Englurid and Judy Johnson. Autumn leaves and a giant football wearing a golden crown and bearing the letters " '58 HOMECOMlNG" made a perfect background for the i958 Football Homecoming Royalty. John Tammi, Master of Ceremonies, began the program by announcing the attendants as they entered escorted by Jim Kari, Dave Meister, Alex Springer, Chris Wagner, Dave Castle, and Bob Tuftord. Then, in a swirl of regal maroon robe, Queen Kay Luchsinger and her trainbearers, Jimmie Luchsinger and Lisa Dreisbach, proceeded down the aisle. A fanfare then heralded the lovely Queen as she knelt to receive her ofticial title. Co-captain Duane Blaska crowned and escorted her to the throne, and Bill Brock presented Her Majesty with a bouquet plus a kiss. After Leeds Cutter gave an amusing account of the Queen's history, Judy Peterson sang the Queen's favorite song, "You'll Never Walk Alone." The cheerleaders then gave the audience an idea of how the crowd looks to them. Anoka High School's own rock 'n' roll king, Al Hyatt and his "Black Slacks" entertained the audience with a hilarious skit. Guest speaker, Chuck Weaver, and Mr. Bye gave suitable speeches and the homecoming coronation assembly was ended with a VICTORY yell. Homecoming ceremonies then continued with the afternoon parade. Leading the way with peppy marches and new varied formations was the band. Next rode Queen Kay and her attendants, followed by all the floats. During the half-time celebration at the game that night, the band divided into two lines to form the tradi- tional "royal pathway." Then as band director Morris Johnson escorted Queen Kay across the Held, each band mem- ber honored her by placing his cap at her feet. The dreamy music of Johnny Reynolds' band at the dance topped oFf the day perfectly for Queen Kay, her Royal Court, and for the students and alumni of Anoka High School. 1'l'l SECOND: B. Brock, D. Bickford, G. Edwards, D. Tuftord, D. Blaska, J. Erickson, K. Nelson, C. Youngquist, D. Castle, B. Wanamaker, J. Camp- bell. FIRST: D. Watson, E. Engels. 'fit' " S Bill Wanamaker, Duane Blaska, and Jack Campbell are going over a few last minute details. 112 gcwdetlal Two games marked the high spots of the season for the Tornadoes. One was the victory over West St. Paul in the Homecoming game. The Tornadoes, playing their best game of the season, beat the Warriors by twentv-one points. The other big win for the Tornadoes this year was over Spring Lake Park in the District Tournament. Spring Lake Park had been beaten only once, but the Tornadoes 'went into this game with the same terrific desire that hellped them win against West St. Paul. At halftime Anoka trailed by six, but with tour minutes lett in the game, Anoka tied the score. Then Dick Watson came into the game, took tour shots, and scored on all tour to give Anoka a victory of 55-53 in one of the most exciting games Anoka fans have ever seen. But Anoka had its troubles too. At South St. Paul they lost by twenty-eight points, playing their worst game in tour years. Against Region Four Champions North St. Paul, the Tornadoes played very poorly. The Tornadoes' season was ended with a loss to Mora in the District finals. Congratulations to Coaches Jack Campbell and Bill Wanamaker, and the entire team, on a fine season. 1: ' as . ... JH!" I' - s ae ,lo . q V a Duane Blaska frles an e S W "Km-fr' au my I.-wp. W W Fw Ng , Y. - QQ!" '?'f?5f:? o if 1 w?:,'4'u he-W' A-'P . iii if a "'i?4 . s 3 w if 'mn - eva, V ,.Q ' , "' ' We -T f 'ff J' Q' V L FLV . V .N ..' ' ., iff, .fn u s, - 9 ig as X 3 his N, 33 'L, ' F Q.: 4 sl: .. ' . i 5 L , my 4 M., M W W.,-J MAI' P Q Dave Castle Dave Castle and Bull 1 fx. 1? 'AN We Ken Nelson raise our score. ,Z HX "Z" S gcweezfdald SECOND R Liter, R. Kenny, D. Ostlund, D. Hartfield, L. Baufiel, D. Martin, D. Hovet, J. Campbell, B. Wanamaker FIRST: J. Hoag, G. Strand, The Anoka Senior High School "B" squad basketball team, coached by Mr. Bill Wanamaker, had a final record of i3 wins and 5 losses. The team finished the season by winning their last seven games. They also won i0 out of 14 conference plays and 3 out of 4 non-conference plays. The team brought thrills to the crowd when they won two of their games in overtimes. The big gun for the all-sophomore team was Jim Erickson, with a season's scoring total of 208 points, coming within 4 points of the record set by Bill Brock three years ago. Jim averaged i2 points per game. The top scorers for the "B" team were Jim Erickson, Dennis Hovet, and Gary Strand, each finishing withxa total of over 100 points. Other helps to the team were Dave Hartfiel, Ron Kinney, Larry Baufield, and Don Martin. Some of these boys will see action next year bcause only three iuniors will be returning to the "A" squad. One thing that deserves .mentioning is the fact that the team was undefeated on their home court. ui ...- Queen Janice and King Bill CT ' 4 f , M 3. L . 4 Q Cheerleaders Barber Shop Sextei Qffyce 'X - Kenny Crowns Janice 'Honey Bun" by Dick ond Mae ,004 was eq milki- Royal Couple ov" Joe Presents Queen Janice With Bouquet li 5 M ? Vqif'-. QE' ivggfw Pig, F H, 7 1 ' , i 4 -M , Q T-fx 3 s K Q V :A gk 3.1 'fy' lid RL 1 Fai , , MQW, 2' A M ,? , 1, ,ft hr I Qjjg n --5lf' 'z- ,f'f Hg . I if AL 'J i-ilk! fig ' iff I' ' 3 v ,gn Q. za A 'lk Q 1 y.f,Q?"'!' -K Ai' 'rv "X...N N 1 " AQMW 5, 4 X ri' The annual pep fest held to announce the new T959 Winter Homecoming Royalty finally arrived. The results of The balloting were safely enclosed in balloons suspended near the gym ceiling. Mr. Campbell asked the cheer- leaders To assist the escorts in selecting The proper balloons containing The names of The Royalty. This began The ex- citement that precedes all homecomings. The date of The coronation finally arrived. As The excited student body entered the auditorium, they became aware of the homecoming decorations. The silver lettering, H1959 Homecoming", was suspended over two wintry- looking penguins. As the traditional "Pomp and Circumstance" was played by the band, a hush fell over the audience as they awaited the entrance of the Royalty. Escorted by Dave Castle, Chris Wagner, Jim Peterson, Bill Matthews, Allan Duerr, and Greg Edwards, the attendants entered the auditorium followed by Their Maiesties, Janice Anderson and Bill Brock. The Que-en's princess was Marsha Rubis, and the little prince was Steven Blewett. The program began with Tom Lahn reading the Queen's history and Pat Foster reading the King's. Steve Schenk and Lincoln Berry presented the King's and Queen's favorite songs. After Mr. Bye gave a welcoming speech to the alumni, the guest speaker, Gerald Bryan, spoke to the student body. Next, a Barber Shop Sextet was portrayed by the basketball cheerleaders. Then Mae Dorholt, with the assistance of Dick Olson, did a pantomime to "Honey Bun!" from the Broadway musical, "South Pacific." The Winter Homecoming dance, held after one of the most victorious games of the year, brought to a close a wonderful day of excitement. LEFT: Queen Janice Anderson and King Bill Brock. Sr. Attendants: Julie Moore and Carol Nemeth. Jr. Attendants: Vicky Rubis and Nicky Kerpen. Soph. Attendants: Pam Albinson and Pat Nelson. 'BR' We ' W1 Nix, xxx 1 Q, W3 Xxxllfff aim XXX i3?3 Ulf 1370! :ED 03 SECOND: R. Malcolm, C. Wagner, D. Meyer, B. Matthews, A. Duerr, K. Kost, G. Nelson. FIRST: E. Wilson, R. Wilson, R. Breyen, B. Adams G. Nelson, B. Owen. Co-captains Rodney Wilson and Ken Kost along with Mr. Bye proudly display our State Championship trophy. M.. Ken Kost and Rodney Wilson lLEFTi and Bruce Adams and Grant Nelson lRlGHTi demonstrate how Anoka won the State Championship. In 1958, Garth Lappin, giving up only the coaching angle of wrestling, was replaced by our new coach, Ron Malcolm. Under his excellent coaching, the Anoka wrestling team scooped up the fourth State Wrestling Champion- ship in ten years. Twelve years ago, at Anoka High, the wrestling sport was a mere seed. In growth the seed was nourished by fine coaching, self discipline, strict training, top physical conditioning, and in l959, according to Coach Malcolm, DESIRE. The year T959 at Anoka is one of great achievement as far as the wrestling team is concerned. Starting the season with a win over North St. Paul, the grapplers were upset by Robbinsdale in a very close match. Eight wins in a row. redeemed the Tornadoes, but another close match with Alexander Ramsey proved fatal. As a result the con- ference championship was lost. Coming back to win four matches, including a rematch with Robbinsdale, the "Men of Malcolm" faced the tournament time with a i5-2 record. The payoff for the year's work started by soundly taking the District T6 Championship. The seven champion wrestlers that represented Anoka at state, went on to take -the Region 4 championship placing. These were Bill Owen, Grant Nelson, Bruce Adams, Ralph Breyen, Rodney Wilson, Ken Kost, and Chris Wagner. Out of twenty State tournament matches, Anoka competed in lo and was victorious. Four individual champions and one third place gave Anoka its 58 points to out-score the nearest rival, Mankato, which had 49 points. Truly, we are proud of the desire and fight displayed by our wrestlers, and the title and trophy they brought home to us. SECOND: T. Tennison, R. Peterson, T. Owen, J. Johnson. FIRST: D. Titterud, J. Kuhlemey, S. Craig, J. Hauff, J. Board. st. s, f W. Johnson, G. Pierson, D, Pearson, P. Benzian, G. Beckman, W. Lyke, D. MeisTer, E. Krause, Mr. Alley, T. Gallegher, K. Leider, G. Westlund, J. Tammi, D, Hyllengren, A. Farms, D, Sanden, A. STull. John Tammi , Gary Beckman, and Dave Hyllengren. Waceeq The 1958459 school year marked The sevenTh consecuTive season of compeTiTion in The Suburban Conference for The Anoka hockey Team. The Team complefed The season in The sixTh place'wiTh a win-loss record of IO-13. Mr. Alley consid- ered This year's Team as one of The besT he has coached aT Anoka. This year's Team was led by Co-capTains John Tammi and KeiTh Leider. The firsf line consisTed of wings Dave Hyllengren and John Tammi, defense men Gene WesTlund and KeiTl'1 Leider, wiTh Bill Johnson in The neT and Gary Beckman aT cenTer. Tak- ing high scoring honors This year were Dave Hyllengren and Gary Beckman. KeiTh Leider was The roughesT player on The squad, which explains his frequenT visits To The penalTy box. The Icemen played Their besT game This year againsf Wesf ST. Paul, alThough The score was 5-3 wiTh WesT ST. Paul on Top. NexT year Coach Alley will have eighf reTurning leTTermen buT could use a couple of good defense men, as This seems To be The weak spoT on The Team. Mr. Alley says ThaT with a liTTle hard work and desire, John Tammi, Gary Beckman, and Dave Hyllengren will be excellent college hockey players. Sm Dance Maria Marques lends a hand with the decorations. Their Moiesties: Joan Bauer and John Tammi. Excitement mounted as the crowd assembled for the crowning of the King and Queen and the climax of ca beautiful Sno Dance. The GAA had beautifully transformed the cafeteria into a winter wonderland, using huge snowmen and ever- green boughs to achieve a wintry atmosphere. Preparation for this dance had begun weeks before by voting for King and Queen candidates in English classes. Janice Anderson, Joan Bauer and Mary Watson were the three Queen finalists, and Steve Benzian, John Tammi and Dick Watson were the King finalists. Finally the long-anticipated moment of the coronation arrived. Joan Bauer, GAA president, walked slowly in front of the King candidates, creating unbearable suspense before crowning John Tammi 1958 Sno King. Bob Tuf- ford, "A" Club president, then placed the Queen's crown on Joanie's head, crowning her Queen Joan Bauer, 1958 Sno Dance Queen. Eldon Miller and the Collegiates gave the finishing touch to the dance by supplying dreamy music and a per- fect atmosphere. 121 gage ' '7nZ9mmanczZ About the middle of November the Intramural sports program got under way. The first sport was basketball. Ten teams got into the act, six in the "A" League and four in the "B" League. After' a rugged season, "Ace and the boys" finished on top in the "A" League. Champions of the "B" League were the Slopshots, who finished with a 10-3 record. Bowling was also done at this time. Every Wednes- day night the boys bowled at Hi-Way IO. Some of the scores were very good and others not so good, but everyone had a lot of fun. Winning the championship was a team called the Kingpins. Only two games be- hind were the All-Stars. Marvin Jones had the highest league average. Toward the end of February, volleyball was started. Three leagues were organized with a total of twenty- three teams. The top teams in the "AA" League were the Deadbeats and the Ky-Sy-Six. The most colorful and best uniformed were the Sad Sacks. The Aubgabers ll were a very strong team in the "A" League. The "B" The Swimming Club, formed in the hope of enter- ing competition with other schools, is the newest club. Unable to gain access to the State Hospital pool more than one evening a week, which was somewhat of a handicap, the members nevertheless managd to prac- tice relays and other swimming events, which included diving. Richard Hammond and Tom Lahn are off to a flying start. Spike it, Leol League was very evenly matched and probably had the greatest competition. Intramural volleyball consisted of about 160 boys who made up twenty-three teams- ten in the "AA" League, eight in the "A" League, and five in the "B" League. 6 Their very able coach was Mr. Si Jablonski, a gradu- ate of the University of Minnesota, where he excelled in swimming. Competing with the St. Cloud Tech swimming team, our team made a good showing, considering their few chances for practice. Next year they hope to establish a team which will be able to compete with other teams in our conference. Members of the Swimming Club. asked gacwl A tennis meet between two schools consists ot five sepa- rate matches, three singles cmd two doubles. Each match consists of the best ot three sets and counts one point in determining the school that wins that event. The chances ot this year's tennis team winning more matches than last year's are good. ln tact, Anoka stands a fairly good chance ot finishing well up in the Suburban Conference in the overall team standings. The main reason for this improved outlook is that there will be tour returning lettermen on this year's squad, Jim Stewart, Dave Zopfi, Doug Rainbow, and Captain Paul Lommen. Also, Anoka has a new tennis coach this year, Mr. Earl Holdridge. Already in the short time he has worked with the team, Mr. Holdridge looks like an excellent coach. Jim Stewart C t' op Gm , M4 g -gas- Paul Lommen . . i ' 4 ' , f t , , .4 . ' A 0 Q .4 ' ' 4 ' Q . J i, g 0 Q I v SECOND: E. Holdridge, P. Lommen, J. Stewart, T. Lahn, W. Peterson, J. Tammi, S. Benzian, T. Look. FIRST: Jim D. Erickson, D. Dean, D. Rainbow, D, Rainbow, D. Zopfi, J. Bles-i, J. Campbell. Third T. Tennison, J. Gay, L. Carlson, D. Meister, B. Tufford, L. Berry, G. Edwards, J. Peterson, V. McGonagle, R. Carlson. Second B Weeks J. Messer, D. Sonneman, J. Rouliard, D. Giddings, C. Peterson, C. Larson, D. Pederson, M. Hunt, T. Stack. First: D. Winch, A. Heodly E Durand, J. Richardson, C. Le Richeux, C. Johnson, J. Swanberg, C. Noble. The April of i958 started one of the most successful track seasons Anoka-ever experienced. Coach Roger Carlson was very pleased, not only with the participation and the records of the trackmen, but also with the support given by the students. Under thebleadership of Captain Dick Pederson, the team copped Conference, County, District lo, and Region IV championships. The Region IV title was considered the major victory of the year. Three boys represented Anoka at the State meet. Senior Vern McGonagle, in his second year at State, finished second in the high jump. Bruce Weeks, another veteran, in his second year at State, placed sixth in the half mile event. Junior Jerry Richardson competed in the State meet for the first time in the broad iump. Jerry is also captain ofthe i959 squad. Good prospects for the future include the Peterson brothers, Jim and Carl, along with Greg Edwards at the hurdles. Bob Tufford at shot put is expected to do well in that event. Leo Carlson, Dale Meyer, Ed Kessler, and Mike Robbins are all future track stars. Coach Carlson hopes that last year's record will be a stimulant for more student body support. Track is a sport that includes both individual and team work. It is one of the most competitive sports oFfered in the present extracurricular program in our school. Each member of the team competes as an individual, yet helps the team as a whole. This makes track an outstanding sport and one of which we at Anoka can be proud. Q t t fr As? f b " a , 4 - 4 . -X , , 8 J, ,fl Q , u f t 4 2 xv ' fy" 5 "gn 1 1' ?": ' Ps, ' 5 9 ' . .,f gf KA N ,vw-xi - v 5 ' K ' ,, M , x fl 4 , -5 fn 37 . vp:-.Ig qw 1 Q nv 4 'K' - . ' sa, , 5 - ww, v. w xvyq +A ,ff-' 3,1 ff' wr W3 P .f ww .i g . 1--iff-4 1 Baffim 1 'ff 1' I .Q ... A vx- '1 . Second: S. Nelson, D. Hyllengren, D. Blaska, K. Leider, B. Ridge, T. Lyke, B. Brock, K. Nelson, G. Beckman, B. Pederson, E. Krause. First: R. Kegler, L. Gadolo, D. Schultz, P. Benzian, D. Moran, J. Goodrich, B. Higgins, C. Beckenbach. A My it "A' Dave Hyllengren and Keith Leider LOWER RIGHT: Dick Moran and Duane Blaska Bill Brock and Dave Hyllengren 5 i i Zmzelall A comparatively young and inexperienced squad reported to Coach Nelson to start the 1958 season. As the season progressed, however, the team made excellent progress, in both hitting and pitching departments. The team boasted a season's record of l3 wins, 7 losses, with a conference record of 3-5. In District play the Tornadoes really started to roll. Augmented by the timely hitting of Duane Blaska and the very excellent pitch- ing of Ken Nelson, Anoka defeated Princeton, Spring Lake Park, Elk River, and then Braham in the finals. Advancing to Region Four Play at Parade Stadium, Anoka defeated New Prague 9 to 4. The squad went right up to the finals before getting beat by a very strong St. Paul Johnson team, which later became state champions. Prospects for the l959 season are bright as the entire mound staff of Nelson, Blaska, Gadola, and upcoming Dave Fellers are returning. Other seasoned veterans, Brock, Leider, Beckman, Hyllen- gren, Higgins, and Benzian will comprise an outstanding combina- tion both onthe field and at the plate. na? l Last spring the Tornado golfers turned in another excellent record. The one conference match they lost was to Stillwater, who took the Suburban Champion- ship. The District tournament proved to be an easy test for Anoka, they took tive places out ot nine. Next came the Region tournament. The Tornadoes upset Stillwater, won the crown, and placed three indi- viduals in the State tournament. These three were seniors Jim Ptleider and George Duffy, two of Anoka's all time greats, and promising sophomore Butch Youngquist. They fought hard to win the State Cham- pionship but had to settle for second to o strong Minneapolis Roosevelt team. Even though the team will be short some good players this year, they will still have a good squad. Much of the load will be on the shoulders of Butch Flint, Butch Youngquist, and Bill Johnson. RIGHT: George Duffy, John Walter, Norman Erickson, Butch Youngquist, Bill Johnson. ABOVE: Bill Johnson demonstrates the proper way to putt. RIGHT: Butch Youngquist displays excellent form in golfing. x I :Si I i ll 1 r Y SECOND: P. Mark, J. Tommi, L. Berry, J. Messer, L. Corlson, M. Gallagher, L. Cutter, R. Axelson, L. McLoughlin. FIRST: S. Gregerson, B. Owens, M. Robbins, B. Pederson, C. Noble, R. Peterson, G. Craig. 1044 Out of the twenty boys who greeted him on opening day of practice lost fall, Coach McLaughlin was to de- velop a cross country teom. He did o very fine iob con- sidering the fact that none of the boys had been out be- fore. In Conference meets the Tornadoes took one first place and two second places. At Mankato, Anoka placed sixth out of eight teams in an invitational meet. ln the All-Con- ference meet McLaughlin's boys managed to take fourth place. In o newly organized District meet, Anoka walked away with the crown by placing four of our runners among the first five winners. The team put forth their best effort in the Region meet. Sporked by the fine performance of freshman Bill Owen, sophomore Mike Robbins, and seniors Mike Gallagher, Leo Carlson, and .lack Messer, Anoka came in fourth place out of sixteen schools participating. By plocing tenth out of lO5 boys in this meet, Mike Robbins was qualified for the State meet. He came in 67th out of l35 of the best cross country runners in the state. Although cross country is o fairly new sport, we ore sure that its popularity will grow, and we certain-ly encourage more students to come out and support the team. .lock Messer, Leo Carlson, and Mike Gallagher is I, l 3 i 1 X V E r vi 2, X' J 1 Mx 'QS , , fa J' A I -s, 'xl A .J X15 L P fx fgX ff fin f 1 o gi 1 ,ja . -M' Na Pat Richards, mary vvatson, Dot Olson, Anne Ward, Sue Gregerson, .loan Bauer. Six of the snappiest, peppiest cheerleaders to ever front a cheering section led the Tornadoes to victories this year. Seniors Joan Bauer, Anne Ward, Captain Mary Watson, Sue Gregerson and Dot Olson plus iunior Pat Richards were always on hand when our teams needed support. Miss Prichard, the squad ad- visor, said this year's cheerleaders are cooperative and have lots ot school spirit. Working with the band and the students, the cheerleaders did a lot to boost team morale. 'Z' S Anoka's "B" squad football and basketball teams were cheered on to victory this year by six enthusiastic "B" squad cheerleaders. Diana Wennerlund, Nicky Kerpen, Burnetta Pierce and Karen Nelson, juniors, and Terrie Pfleider and Pat Englund, sophomores, practiced every Wednesday evening in the gym with their ad- visor, Miss Prichard. Their goal throughout the year was to improve their old yells and to construct new ones. These girls will probably "step" up to Hockey, Wrestling or "A" squad cheerleading positions next year. 6 Nicky Kerpen, Diana Wennerlund, Terrie Pfleider, Pat Englund, Karen Nelson, Burnetta Pierce. Janice Anderson, Lonita King, and Vicki Rubis. Wzwdmg Ekezkadew This year the school had an addition to the cheer- leading staff. Vickie Rubis, Lonnie King, and Janice Anderson were chosen as our new wrestling cheer- leaders. They have done a lot to make wrestling a more popular sport. These girls were required to use more chants than anything else, and to come up with them at the proper time. Other additions to the cheerleading staff were the the hockey cheerleaders. They are Shelly Schlagel, Kay Luchsinger, and Diane Mattson. Their warm, toasty outfits enabled them to cheer even in below Zero weather. This type ot cheering required quite a different tech- nique. The cheers were led from the ice. Skates were not used this year, but there is a strong possibility that they will be used next year. Qfockq Zieezfeadefw Diane Mattson, Kay Luchsinger, and Shelly Schlagel. GAA really started last spring when Joan Bauer was named this year's president. The beginning of the year saw the election of Kay Luchsinger as vice-president, Nancy Henning as secretary, and Jo Matlson as treasurer. They are assisted by seventeen sports managers. Judy Grant handles archery, Julie Bryan-basketball, Janie Bauer- bowling, Nicky Kerpen-field hockey, Julia Jorgensen-golf, Marcia Collins-rhythms, Janet Huebner-softball, Corrine C, Guntzel-soccer, Sally Bakken-tennis, Karen Peterson- P track and field, Diane Erickson-tumbling, Marilyn Johnson -volleyball, Karen Brown-minor sports, Pat Richards- .. rooters, Carol Stegora-concessions, Chris Jacobson-pub- - licity, and Ann Ward-points. Early in the fall, new members were initiated into the club. This year they wore green beanies throughout the day and then assembled that evening in the gym with the ,www old members to get better acquainted. Throughout the year, the GAA girls participated in a number ot sports, such as golf, tennis, skating, tumbling, and bowling. Also regular basketball and volleyball tour- naments were held. ln close connection with GAA is Rooters Club. This year they started a card section and made their first appear- ance at the Pumpkin Bowl game. COUNCIL: Top to bottom, left to right-J. Bauer, C. Jacobson, N. Kerpen, M. Collins,J. Jorgensen, P. Richards, TWO highljghfs of flqe yegr were fhe annual GAA Spon- S' Bokken' K' Bmwn' C' Gumzel' A' Word' J' Modson' sored Sno Dance and Mother-Daughter Banquet at which J.B ,C.St ,K.Lh' ,M.Jh ,M.H- , ryan egom UC smger O mon en next year's president was named. ning, J. Bauer, Miss Prichard. 4 44 it ' ,-ifzuezaa ,-4 ' ' Fifth: J Szyplinski, K. Dickman, S. Miller, J. Strouse, C. Livingston, J. Moore, J. Christensen, B. Stewart. Fourth: H. Holland, S. Gayda, S, Miller, C, Hunt, D. Davenport, M. Kemske, L. Merhiy, B. Chapman, S. Schlagel. Third: K. Moran, D. Olson, J. Charest, S, Gregerson, S. Pa- terek, S. Wentland, J. Stegora, J. Peigler. Second: R. Paddock, S. Burquist, J. Sallberg, C. Sorenson, B. Scharber, J. Mathies, J. James, A Ward, N. Page. First: C. Jones, C. Gibson, P. Erickson, G. Birchett, M. Bulen, B. Dill, S. Helm, M. Trentine. 1:1 gy 11 " .4 v v. Q TOP: Filth: D. Moyer, D. Hyatt, S. Pedersen, S. Peterson, J. Bauer, M. Elmer, C. Bobendrier, S. Smith. Fourth: R. Carpentier, G. Mullen, K. Brown, P. Richards, E. Morrow, M. Behnke, S. Wilda, G. Swanson, J. Jacobson. Third: D. Mattson, N. Sawvel, P. Haney, J. Huebner, C. Guntzel, S. Luke, M. Watson, B. Paulson, Second: P. LaBonne, C. Johnson, S. Noon, S. Beck, J. Zaiic, S. Huston, D. Vetsch, E. Meister, M. Woiciechowski. First: O. Kost, M. Leakas, D. Stone, C. Ridlon, M. Cashman, S. Eggleston, C. Hansen, J. Grant. MIDDLE: Fifth: R. Peart, S. Levine, P. Albinson, J. Benson, M. Ahti, K, Isaacson, K. V. Nelson, B. Pierce, B. Jacobsen. Fourth: N. Henning, J. Madsan, M. Schanhaar, N. Billstrom, D. Brown, E. Ness, M. Nelson, J. Erickson, J. Erickson. Third: P. Petty, E. Merhiy, J. Jones, J. Jorgen- sen, T. Pfleider, B. Breckenridge, G. Krough, M. Cutter, J. Hammond. Second: R. Wolff, D. Pipenhagen, M. Schake, A. Huston, V. Showalter, M. Carter, G. Green, J. Case. First: D. Erickson, D. LaBonne, S. Robbins, V. Torgerson, L. Bisek, C. Cartwright, K. Richards, P. Murphy, L. Swanson. BELOW: Fifth: E. Petty, M. Spencer, J. Bauer, K. Krogh, K. M. Nelson, B. Anderson, M. Petersen, M. Winter. Fourth: M. Stahlberg, J. Bourdeaux, M. Sundquist, C. Stegora, S. Van Huizen, C. Larson, D. Kessler, D. Peterson, K. Stone. Third: M. Johnson, G. Stenglein, C. Bloese, V. Rubis, J. Anderson, M. Collins, N. Kerpen, D. Wennerlund. Second: J. Bryan, P. Englund,wJ. Syring, K. Nelson, M. Lero, A. Rundle, K. Luchsinger, C. Schoenrock, S. Bakken. First: S. Wood, K. Peterson, S. Gardln, M. Marques, L. Merrick, W. La Bounty, J. Johnson, E. Kegler. -- ,ws Y? uv ,g . 5' .rg e School Stcjff 24' V95 HELEN M. FLE I SCHMANN DARWIN FOLLRATH RUDOLF G. FROILAND MARVIN GILBERTSON RUTH V. GOODNER LAWRENCE GOODRICK ERMA ANDERSON J. PAUL BELL LYLE ROY BRADLEY ORVILLE A. BUEHLER VALBORG BYRUM JACK L. CAMPBELL REX D. DORN CHARLES FAUST llllmlfftb lf .WMV ERMA ANDERSON - Commercial J. PAUL BELL - Social Science LYLE ROY BRADLEY- Biology ORVILLE A. BUEHLER-Industrial Arts VALBORG BYRUM- Home Economics JACK L. CAMPBELL-World History, Basketball Coach, Director of Athletics 50' .nt Ml if, 5- W lV,.f'lQ"iof5f Il M' Ju REX D. DORN-American History I CHARLES FAUST-Social Science, English HELEN M. FLEISCHMANN - German, Latin DARWIN FOLLRATH - Art RUDOLF G. FROILAND - Chemistry MARVIN GILBERTSON-Driver Education, Athletic Equipment Manager RUTH V. GOODNER -Librarian LAWRENCE GOODRICK - Mathematics ROBERT GRANUM - English DONALD H. GREENGO - Science, Mathematics WILLIAM H. GREFE- Industrial Arts RUTH I. HALLENBERG-Chorus, Vocal Music Director HENRY C. HAMMER - Agriculture, Biology CHARLES E. HAAS-Social Science DELLOYD E. HOCHSTETTER- English, Anoka-hi Advisor EARL P. HOLDRIDGE- Bookkeeping, Tennis Coach MARY C. HUNT- Spanish VICTOR JACOBSON - English, Debate Coach Bmw C1391 ROBERT GRANUM DONALD H, WILLIAM H. RUTH I. HENRY C, GREENGO GREFE HALLENBERG HAMMER CHARLES E. DELLOYD E. EARL P. MARY C, VICTOR HAAS HOCHSTETTER HOLDRIDGE HUNT JACOBSON IK J. .T sf 4.1. NT!! ROBERT CHARLES JENSEN BERNARD JULKOWSKI CARROLL N- JERRY E. MIRIAM JOAN JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON ELLEN DONNEI-I-Y MARION PHYLLIS D. JUREK LEMBERG LYSAKER 138 Gu.-as my ROBERT CHARLES JENSEN - Mathematics CARROLL N. JOHNSON -Anokan Advisor, Boys' Counsellor JERRY E. JOHNSON - Industrial Arts MIRIAM JOAN JOHNSON - Home Economics MORRIS E. JOHNSON - Band, Director of Music BERNARD JULKOWSKI-Driver Education, Mathematics ELLEN DONNELLY JUREK - Dean of Girls MARION LEMBERG - Commercial PHYLLIS D. LYSAKER - Commercial LOIS MELBY - English LYMAN R. MILBURN - History STANFORD NELSON - Physical Education, Football and Baseball Coach, Intra-mural Athletics CLARA G. PAULSON - Nurse LAVONA PERSON - Speech ANITA SUE PRICHARD - Physical Education EARL W. STIMMLER - Director of Audio-Visual Education and Radio HELEN L. STORY- English JAMES SWENSON - Mathematics, Physics GLADYS UNTIEDT TURNER - Commercial RUTH ULFERTS - English KATHRYN VAALER - English JEROME E. WAGNER- Biology LESLIE F. WAGNER- Industrial Arts WILLIAM WANAMAKER- History, Assistant Basketball Coach OSCAR O. WILCOX - Mathematics ALICE D. HERDINA- Reading Specialist HAZEL HOGLUND - Speech Correction LUCILLE JOHNSON - Home Economics MORRIS E. JOHNSON LOIS MELBY 415 is 49-..x 'htm- JAMES SWENSON GLADYS UNTIEDT TURNER RUTH ULFERTS KATHRYN VAALER JEROME E. WAGNER LESLIE F. WAGNER WILLIAM WANAMAKER OSCAR O. WILCOX -1 ,ll B. L-, Sv My l -I?-. 5"1"" s .S ' I i li PUQM , KA I H: 3' NI ' 2? X r vw f- ' b' "r in ,H-fsnggk ga., Sv hw vxx I , Ni' at SWLVYYSTZB-'A Q' --vlfiit 4-rv' '-'f--aSi.-5 . X , . A-was I "C1:' S'x ' Shri ,..- V -m , LYMAN R. MILBURN STANFORD NELSON CLARA G. PAULSON --ng, ,N NOT PICTURED: ALICE D. HERDINA HAZEL HOGLUND LUCILLE JOHNSON LAVONA PERSON ANITA SUE PRICHARD EARL W. STIMMLER HELEN L. STORY -ills lf" "-A Qi ' T39 riff, ' V awful C' H' V Our hard-working never-failing ianitors are Alfred Hintgen -Maintenance Supervisor, Kenneth Nelson, Newton Anderson, Robert E. Johnson, Roger Dickenson, Thomas E. Beck, and Harold C. Spence. Not Pictured: Earl Holland. Always prepared to serve the students-literally-are our cooks, Emma Fleury, Evadne Cater, Mariorie Hoagland, Mrs. Ralph Huston, Cuhel, Mable Erickson - Head Cook, and Evalyn Adler. Mrs. Gladys Fischer, Mrs. T. J. Q V50 W The members ot the District ll School Board L O Jacob treasurer John Higgins Director Earl E Olson, Business Administrator, Fred H Moore President Morris Bye Superintendent of Schools H G Haugland, Vice President, Fred J. Ghostley Director Raymond K Nelson Secretary Our business administrator, Mr. Earl E. Olson, is in his sixth year of service at Anoka. His many duties include auditing the bills and supervising the school lunch program. When he's not busy with these duties, you can find him purchasing instructional and main- tenance supplies, distributing equip- ment, and taking inventories. As you can see, Mr. Olson is ci very busy and essential member of our administra- tion. . me ll " ' ' :LI : f f ' C., ., F. ig' fl ' I'g,I i I C C l f , fi Our Superintendent's office girls pause from their many duties long enough to pose for their picture. They are Maiorie Collins, Mildred Haney, Dorothy Olson, Maiorie Wiese, and Murial Gregg. Not Pictured: .lo- anne Boyd. W yris I is-N fd Few people realize the wide range ot duties that Mr. Cleveland's job as Curriculum Director covers. Studying schools' curricula, meeting with teachers, and supervising improvements in all study courses from the kindergarten to senior high level are only a part of his job. Whenever any sizable changes are to be made, Mr. Cleveland must outline units upon units to be okayed by the Superintendent and the Board. Then he must meet with our state officials to get their ap- proval. Mr. Cleveland also institutes all practice teachers and is in charge ot the new speech correction and remedial reading classes. - qw ggnlllvll qi. .W M.,- grill Il Sets QS .,,..... ...A Carol Harmon. These gals, always ready to give assist ance with a smile, are Frances Cox and There could be no more fitting way to close the 1959 yearbook record than with our able superintendent, Mr. Morris Bye. Speaking at all important occasions and carrying out his many administrative duties keep him more than busy and make him a very vital member of our school's adminis- trative staff. ln his sixteen years of serving Anoka-Hen- nepin School District ll, he has played an important part in determining the educa- tional policy of this state. He has directed us in making our school what it is today, and in guiding indirectly each of our "steps to the future." Our principal, Gerald E. Huston, is a very important member of the administration. Students and teachers alike find Mr. Huston a patient, understanding listener. The reporting of the morning and after- noon announcements is one of his duties with which we are most familiar, but he has many more important duties to perform that lead to the most efficient management of our school. inf' ...-"""'--'7""' SENIORS Adams, Bruce Paul, 17, 102, 118, 119 Ahti, Merril Lynn, 17, 79, 90, 94, 95, 133 Altenweg, algh George, 17, 64, 94, 95 - Ang15rio515Bar ara Jean, 17, 67, 71, 74, 75, Anderson, ganice Kay, 11, 16, 17, 65, 66, 70, 81, 83, 5, 86, 8 , 91, 93, 94, 95, 115, 116, 117, 131 133 ,af ' Anderson, Karen Ruth, 17 Anderson, Philip Kent, 17 And Willi All 17 erson, am an, Barfknecht, Darlene Eleanor, 17, 77 Bauer, Jane Elizabeth, 17, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 109, 132, 133 Bauer, Joan K., 18 43, 70, 85, 90, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 109, 115 121, 129, 130, 132, 133 Beheau, Lyle D., 18 Bei, Asif M., 10, 18, 42, 64, 72, 93, 94, 96, 100 Be nke, Tom J., 18 Beltrand,SIames W., 18, 102 Benggin, teve, 18, 45, 96, 102, 103, 107, 111, Berg, Dennis O., 18 Beny, Lincoln, 18, 71, 78, 90, 124, 125, 128 Bisek, Loretta A., 18, 76, 133 Blaska, Duane, 8, 12, 18, 43, 64, 95, 102, 103, 106 107 109, 112, 113, 126 , mari, Joseph G., 13, 13, 64, ss, 35, se, 94, 95, 115 . Bliss, Ray, 18 Blood, Patricia A., 18 Bonde, Linda M., 18 Bonde, Norma E., 19, 71, 74, 75, 93 Bom, Bobby L., 19 Bourdeaux., Judith A., 19, 70, 76 Bray, Wayne F., 19 Breyen, Rel? E., 19, 102, 118 Brock, Mel ., 19, 102, 106, 115 Brock, William J., 8, 11, 13, 19, 70, 90, 102, 106, 107, 109, 111, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 126 Buchholz, Paul, 19, 61 Bulen, Margie, 11, 19, 81, 83, 90, 132 Bush, William I., 19 Bute, John, 20 Butler, Merlee M., 10, 20, 69, 70, 71, 74, 75, 91, 94, 95 Canfield, Mary E., 20, 70 77, 78, 94, 95 Caiasgn, Clayton L., 20, 32, 34, 122, 124, 125, Carlson. Mary J., 20, 79 Carpenter, Roger O., 20 Carpentier, Rose M., 20, 70, 75, 94, 133 Cartwright Carol A., 20, 133 Cashman, Patricia J. 20, 39, 10, 91, 93, 94,95 Cass Moneen G., 26, so, 82 Castle, Dave G., 11, 21, 102, 106, 112, 113 Chapman, Dennis M., 21 Chapman Sharon M., 21 Charest, Janie H., 21, 132 Christison, Dennis E., 21 Christo her, Rodney, 21 Cline, Jlohn E., 21, 67, 78, 83, 88 Collison, David L., 21 Cook, James S., 21, 101 Cottingham, Julie L., 21, 43 Craig, Carol L., 21 Cutter, Leeds D., 21, 64, 65, 96, 100, 111, 128 Dzldy, LaVonne M., 21, 75, 77 91, 94, 95 D area, Pamela J., 21, 79, 31, 83 Dahlman, Karen S., 22 Danielson, Ruthanne F., 22 Davis, Susan E., 22, 70, 77, 91, 94 DaiLCharles L., 22, 85 De , Ronald R., 22, 73 Dill, Bonnie M., 22, 132 Dorholt, Mae M., 9, 22, 44, 64, 70, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 115 Duerr, Allan J. 22, 78, 81, 83, 90, 97, 98, 102, 103 118 Daraad, Edward E., 22, 124 Eckman, Larry E., 10, 22, 84, 86, 95 Edggrtoiii, gudy A., 22, 66, 67, 71, 80, 82, 83, . 9 . 5 Ehlen, Virginia A., 22 Elling, Dave B., 22 Elliott, Rose A., 22, Elmer, Mary L., 23, 76, 77, 133 Emmans, David E. 23 Eagan, Eddie P., 23, 102, 103, 112, 113 Englund, Roberta J., 23 Erickson, Carol A., 11, 23, 70, 71, 81, 83, 84, 86, 89, 93, 94, 95 Erickson, Gerald G., 23 Erickson, Judie, 11, 23, 67, 70, Bl, 83, 133 Erickson, Rodney B., 23 Emst, Ken R., 23 Farrell, Patricia A., 23 Feny, Howard N., 24 Fideldy, Gloria I., 24, 75, 91 Fields, James E., 24 Fietek, Edward P., 24 144 '7ew!ex Foell, Geraldine A., 24, 70, 99 Follrnth, Priscilla L., 24, 70, 94 Foster, Patricia K., 24, 70, 79, 81, 93, 96 Foster, Roland J., 24, 66, 67 Frantz, Rosanne M., 24 Fredrickson, Janice A., 24 Gadola, Larry P., 25, 102, 126 Gallagher, Michael F., 25, 102, 128 Gardin, Ronald D., 25, 81, 83 Gayda, Susan A., 11, 25, 78, 80, 83, 97, 132 Gerber, Gloria K., 25, 71, 85 Gibson, Carol S., 25, 70, 91, 132 Gibson, Eugene H., 25 Goodrich, Marilyn M., 25, 81, 83, 93 Grant, Gloria J., 25 Grant, Judy A., 25, 91, 92, 94, 133 Greenlee, Veme K., 25, 78, 85, 86, 96 Greiggrson, Sue M., 25, 64, 109, 115. 129, 130, Grossnickle, Jerry D., 25, 72, 122 Gustafson, Elizabeth A., 25, 90 Hahn, Airic A., 26, 68 Halverson, Joyce L., 26, 68 Hagrgnond, Jean M., 26, 75, 85, 90, 93, 122, Haney, Jeffrey M., 26 Haney, Leslie J., 26, 65, 70, 75, 133 Hansen, Carol M., 26, 75, 94, 133 Hanson, Marvin H., 26 Hatten, Richard J., 26, 94, 95 Hayes, Connie M., 26 Hedtke, Nancy J., 26 Hes:-i, 'ggomas A., 10, 26, 65, 70, 79, 81, 84, Henning, Nancy J., 8, 26, 42, 69, 84, 86, 93, 95, 110, 132, 133 Herdine, Sheldon D., 26, 72, 91 Hemian, Duane E., 26, 73 Hill, Ben H., 27 Hip i, Ken, 101 Hoxijgman, Bert J. 27 Had, Laaiay J., i1, 27, 71, 79, 31, 91 Hokanson, Marlys F., 27, 71 Hovind, Harvey R., 27 Hovind, Nonn L., 27 Hughei, Gary H., 27 Hughs, Kathleen A., 27 Hunt, Delores E, 26, 70, 90 Hunt, Joyce A., 27, 69 70, 94, 95 Huston, Abby A., 11, 28, 67, 30, 133 Huston, Karen J., 23, 72 Huston, Michael R., 28, 80, 83 Hyatt, Allen B., 28, 44, 90, 93, 102, Jacobson, JoAnn B., 28, 70, 75, 133 ames, kidy J., 28, 69, 79, 93, 132 Jamig, ay D., 28 Jaworski, Arthur J., 28 Johnson, Charles L., 28, 102, 107, 124 Johnson, Gayle L., 28 Johnson, Marilyn A., 29, 43, 84, 86, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 132, 133 ohnson, Warren E., 29 ones, Carol Lynn, 29, 76, 84, 91, 132 Jones, Marvin L., 29 Kari, James R., 10, 29, 80, 82, 83, 94, 95, 102, 103, 106 Kegler, Raymond P., 29, 126 Ke1llor, Janice, 29, 70, 90 Killmer, Dennis B., 29, 73 Kish, James C., 29 Kohler, Shirley A., 29 Kolby, Robert W., 29 Kost, Kennedi, H., 29, 81, 107, 118, 119 Krogh, Karen J., 29, 67, 133 Kunz, Carolyn A., 29, 71, 75, 94 K G S. 30 uss, ene , La Bonne, Pearl E., 30, 33 LaBounty, Willa J., 30, 90, 93, 94, 96, 133 Lahn, Thomas, 10, 12, 30, 43, 89, 95, 96, 122, 123 LaPlant, Audrey, J., 30 Larson, Shiligley A., 13030 71 77 . U' '11 -r r , L2i'32if'?arrri'r1f'12, ao, we, 120, 123 Leitte, Phyllis J., 30 Lenz, Dennis G., 30 kewis,dFr115ncesldJ.h30507161 ar , o a ., , Lhlfimzxg 105530, 42, 67, 80, 82, 83, Laahaiagar, Kay L.,' 3, 30, 44, 64, 35, 70, 73, 865388, 91, 94, 95, 109, 110, 111, 131, Lake, ,Sharron M., 31, '70, 91, 133 Lund, Jim, 31, 106 malaga Gary? 31 R 31 Y, -r Mggsograo rfinll, 31, 70, 81, 82, 83, 94, 95, 132, 135 Magnuson, George T., 31 gallery, Roiorls: G., gre . 118. M:f'Qdl51es:lMa1?iaeM., 31, 68, 69, 94, 100, 121, 103, 107 Mathies, Janis J., 31, 70, 79, 132 MzHt3ews,1g7Villiam V., 31, 94, 95, 102, 103, 6, 1 Meister, David E., 32, 102, 103, 106, 120, 124 Merhiy, Linda I., 10, 32, 42, 64, 67, 79, 85, 91, 94, 95, 132 Merrick, LaVonne D., 32, 77 Messer, Jon M., 32, 64, 102, 122, 124, 125, 128 Meyers, Mary A., 32, 70, 71, 75, 77, 93, 94 Michaelson, Lislie A., 32 Milner, Dale D., 32 Moody, Marilyn L., 32 Moore, Julie R., 11, 32, 66, 67, 70, 71, 78, 81, 83, 91, 95, 132 Morphew, Janice C., 32, 75, 92 Mott, Sharon E., 33, 71, 76, 84 Mullen, Chuck, 33 Murphy, Tom, 33 Nelson, Gary T., 33, 102 103, 106, 118 Nelson, Grant E., 33, 102, 103, 107, 118, 119 Nelson, Karen M., 33, 70, 75, 133 Nelson, Kenneth R., 11, 33, 90, 102, 106, 112, 113, 115, 126 Nelson, Sherry B., 33 Nemeth, Carol A., 11, 33, 92, 116, 117 Nesenson, Harold F., 33 Ness, David J., 33 ' Nyrop, Dennis W., 33 O'Donnell, Patty A., 33 Olson, Dorothy L., 11, 33, 85, 91, 93, 94, 95, 109, 115, 129, 130 132 Olson, Richard D.K., 34, 90, 102, 106, 155 Page, Nancy A., 34, 66, 67, 81, 83, 84, 88, 91, 94, 95, 132 Palmer, Rosemarie O., 34, 74, 75, 77, 91, 94, 95 Pearson, Jon D., 34 Pekula, Marlys, 34 Petersen, Meredith A., 34, 70, 71, 75, 77, 78, 91, 94, 95, 96, 97, 133 Pegeison, Gary E., 34, 70, 71, 72, 79, 80, 88, Peterson, Jim L., 12, 34, 90, 102, 106, 124, 125 Peterson, Judith M., 10, 34, 70, 71, 81, 82, 83, 84, 86, 89, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 Petty, Elizabeth A. 34, 70, 77, 85, 91, 133 Phelps, Gary L., 34 Potter, Denny L., 34, 43 Powell, Dale R., 34 Prestin, Judy V., 34, 94 Prodahl, James C., 35 uigley, Dennis E.. 35, 73 uinlan, Mary M., 35 and, David M., 35 Remus, Janice V., 35, 65, 90, 94, 95, 96 Richards, Mary A., 35 Richardson, Jerry A., 35, 93, 95, 102, 103, 124 Roden, Marilyn E., 35 Rogers, Anna M., 35 Rogers, Darlynne L., 35. 69 Roseland, Carolyn, 36, 69, 71 Rustad, Phyllis C., 36, 70 Rybak, Robert R., 36 Rydholm, Diane E., 10, 36, 84 Salter, Don, 36, 64, 94, 95 Samborski, Don, 36 Sanden, William A., 36 Schake, Carole D., 36, 79, 80 Schanhaar, Mary Jo, 36, 64, 70, 80, 83, 91, s ii3'b94'65' i 3313 37 77 c ar er, aroyn ., . Schenk, Steven P., 10, 37, 56, 81, 83, 84, 86 Schlagel, Rochelles L., 37, 65, 75, 131, 132 Schnarr, Patricia, A., 37 Schoeben, Richard, 37 Schroeder, Beverly A., 37 Schroeder, Patricia A., 37 Schultz, Sharon L., 37 Schumacher, Dennis W., 37, 67 Schwab, Gladys M., 37 Scott, Sandra K., 37 Setheny, Karyn J., 37 Shaw, Eleanor M., 37 Showalter, Valoris F., 37, 75, 77 Skinner, Barbara L., 38 Slyzuk, Kenneth L., 38, 73, 101 Smith, Susan M., 38, 85 Sonneman, Dave, 38, 124 Sonterre, LaVeme M., 38 Sonterre, Wanda M., 38 Spano, Roger H., 8, 38, 101, 102, 106 Spencer, Maureen C., 38, 133 Springer, Alexander D., 38, 102, 106 Steele, John F., 10, 38, 94 Stegora, Carol A., 38, 65, 70, 77, 90, 93, 94, 95, 132, 133 Stewart, James H., 38, 95, 102, 103, 123 Strand, Duane A., 38, 67, 79, 84, 86 Strouse, Jeanne M., 38, 132 Sweet, Eugene H., 39 Swing, Leon D., 39 Szyplinski, Joyce E., 29, 70, 76, 132 Tammi,1John K. V., 16, 39, 44, 64, 78,90 96, 102, 03, 117, 120, 121, 122, 123, 128 Hotfarth, Frank, 52 Textor, Susan M., 39, 44, 64, 68, 69, 70, 84, 95, 97, 98, 100 Thurston, Eddie L., 39 Tittenid, Ann Marie, 39, 64, 70, 71, 74, 75 Tommerdahl, Marilyn I., 39, 71, 93, 94, 95 Tuiford, Robert D., 39, 93, 95, 102, 103, 107, 112. 124 Van Horrick, Shirley I., 39, 75 Wagamon, Francis, 40, 81 Wagner, Chris, 8, 40, 90, 102, 107, 111, 118 Walton, Wanda R., 40, 94 Ward, Anne M., 9, 11, 40, 70, 80, 92, 94, 95, 97, 98, 109, 115, 129, 130, 132 Warhol, Rosemary, 40 Watson, Dick, 8, 40, 102, 103, 106. 112, 113 Watson, Mary, 8, 16, 40, 45, 65, 70, 84, 91, 95, 96, 97, 110, 115, 117, 129, 130, 133 Weatherly, Sharon A., 40 Wgllberg, Georgia C., 40. 76, 78, 81, 83, 90, Wellhausen, Tom J., 40, 64, 102, 107, 111 Wells, James, 41 Wiele, Ronnie F.. 41 Wilson, Rodney M., 41, 95, 102, 103, 118, 119 Winter, Marianne, 10, 41, 45, 64, 70, 80, 82, 83, 85, 86, 91, 93, 94, 95. 133 Wojciechowski, Marjorie A., 41, 70, 75, 78, 79, 133 Wolff, Nancy C., 41 Wolff, Patricia A., 41, 77 Wright, Barbara L., 41 Wurzinger, John P., 41, 122 Ziegler, Michael J., 41 Zopfi, David J., 41, 67, 102, 103, 123 IUNIORS Adams, Ioanne, 49 Allen, Steven, 51 Anderson, Judith Kae, 52, 71, 77 Anderson, Judith Karen, 52, 69, 75, 96 Anderson, Robert, 49, 101 Antolick, Phyllis, 49, 85, 86 Ashe, Paul T, 50, 95, 122 A.xelson, Lawrence, 50 Baker, James Bakken, Sally, 49, 69, 93, 132, 133 Ball, Carol M., 54 Barker, Jeannette, 50 Bamacle, Wayne, 53 Bauer, Robert, 52 Beard, Sandra. Bebeau, Diane, 53 Beck, Susan, 51, 133 Beckenbach, Carl, 52, 102, 126 Beckman, Gerald, 51, 102, 103, 107, 120 Belisle, Elwood Bell, Bob, 53 Bell, Doris Beltrand, Gerald Bennett, Gary, 49, 85, 107 Benson, Iudith, 49, 69, 75, 77, 133 Benzian, Pete, 48, 49, 70, 93, 96, 97, 98, 102, 103, 107, 120, 126 Bickford, Donald, 51, 108, 112 Blesi. James, 10, 50, 66, 71, 72, 84, 86, 101, 123 Blesi, Kathleen Blesi, Lorraine, 51, 85, 93 Blue, Remda, 50 Bouley, Donald, 51 Bouley, Roger, 50 Bourdeaux, Jane 50, 133 Brabender, Lila Brauch, Nancy, 50 Brellenthin, Sharon, 51, 69 Bromley, Carole, 52, 67, 69, 70, 77 Brown, Donna, 52, 83, 84, 133 Brown, Karen, 48, 54, 65, 71, 75, 92, 93, 95, 132, 133 Brown. Richard H., 51 Bryan, Julie, 10, 50, 51, 69, 70, 80, 83, 93, 95, 97, 109, 132, 133 Buchholz, Marvin, 54 Buchholz, Mary Jo, 50, 75, 95 Bumgamer, Reeta, 50, 70, 77 gurcheg Gfiil5350,i568, 70, 79, urns, aro, , Burquist, Sandra, 53, 132 Campbell, Jack, 51, 64, 67, 93, 99, 114, 123 Campton, Kenneth, 52 Carlson, George, 52 Carngan, Michael, 52 Carroll, Dave, 52, 101 Carter, Donald, 49 Easel, Iiabanne, 51, 77, 93, 133 ec , onna ggapmas, Bonng? 49, 75, 93, 132 ose, onna, Christensen, Jim, 50, 73 Christensen, Judy, 53, 76, 132 Collins, Marcia, 9, 81, 93, 96, 97, 98, 132, 133 Collison, gohn, 50, 67, 70, 72, 149 Conklin, ylvia, 49, 66, 77 Coolmer, Shirley Ann, 53 Craig. Gregory, 51, 102, 128 grapser, lglonald, 533 rossen, ugene, Cuhel, Dorothy, 49, 67, 69, 70, 75 ganner,GLarrys052 avis, ary, Dean, David, 52, 69, 95 132 Dedrick, Jerry, 53 DeForrest, Donald, 53 Dehn, Rose Ann. 52 DeMars, Barbara, 49, 77 Dickenson, Margie, 49, 71 Dill, Walter, 50 Doberstein. Alice, 51 Dolan, Timothy Draheim, Jerome, 53 Dunn, Gerald, 50 Durand, Judith, 49 Eaton, Richard, 73 Edwards, Greg, 12, 52, 102, 106, 112, 124, 125 Eggleston, Sharon, 49, 68, 70, 75, 77 Ellefson, Herman, 50, 73 Elliott, Iean, 53, 64. 69, 71, 95 Erdmann, Robert Erickson, Erickson, Erickson, 93 Erickson, Daniel, 52 Diane, 52, 64, 75, 85, 86, 133 Karen, 7, 49, 69, 70, 81, 85, 86, 88, Patricia, 53, 132 Eychaner, Barbara, 51 Eychaner, Thomas, 53 Falconer, Iacqueline Featherston, Margaret, 52 Fideldy, Dick Fideldy, Mary, 51, 52, 74, 75 Fields, Jeanne, 50 Flor, Diane, 54 Follrath, Ann, 51 Freeburg, Sharon, 109, 110 Freer, Tim, 52 Frisinger, Gary Fritz, Wayne Gale, Richard, 50 Gamm, Richard, 52 Gamhart, Susan, 50, 69, 70, 93, 95 Gertz, Iudith, 51 Gertz, Sherry, 51, 133 Gilleen, Glen, 51, 67, 72 Gonyea, Robert, 52 ohnson, Ronald, 49, 51 ohnson, Tom, 51 ohnson, William, 12, 102 103, 106, 120, 127 ones, Judith, 49, 10, 76, 84, 86, 93, isa ordan, Joanne, 51, 69 orgensen, Julia, 50, 70, 80, 93, 132, 133 Jost, Marg Jane, 50, 75 Jost, Mic ael, 50 Kaiser, Gail, 49, 67, 69, 70, 77, 80, 83, 93, 95 Kalk, Fred, 107 Keillor, Gary Keirijsice, Mary Ellen, 50, 69, 70, 77, 96, 97, Keniston, Ronald Kerpen, Nicky, 48, 51, 70, 85, 93, 116, 130, 132, 133 Kessler, Timothy, 53 Kinch, Diane, 51 King, Lonita, 10, 50, 81, 84, 131 Kisor, Annette, 11, 52, 70, 80, 83 Knoll, Judy, 75, 76 Koehler, Elaine, 51 Kohout, Mary Ann, 49, 80, 84 Koivula, Diana, 51 Kramolisch, Betty, 59, 71, 95 Kraus, Mary, 49, 68, 76 Krause, Earl, 49, 120 Kuhlmey, Timothy, 49 Kuklish, Susan, 50, 66, 76, 80, 83, 88, 93, 122 Kulenkamp, Darrell 51 Kurschen, Monika, 51 LaBonne, Donna, 51, 133 LaRoque, Charles, 108 Larson, Briiucie, 53, 81 arson, o Larson, Katherine, 54 Larson, Marjorie, 49, 77, 93 Larson, Sandra, 53, 64 1-jarion,BWillia1n6 as a, etty, Lasley, Karalyn, 50 Lea, Bill, 52 Leger, Robert, 52, 108 Le g, Jean, 52, 69 Grace, Barbara, 53, 69, 95 Legmann, Frayne Lehn, Rosemary, 53 Leight, Virginia, 54 Lemm, Karen, 51 Lepinske, Barbara, 50, 76 Grace, Darrel, 50, 101 Green, Gail, 51, 133 Green. Ieffrey, 49 Greeninger, Eileen, 54, 75 Guimont, Thomas Gunther, Myrlette, 52 Guntzel, Corinne, 9, 53, 64, 95, 97, 98, 99, 132, 133 Gustafson, Bob, 52 Gustafson. David, 52 Hagen, Bev, 54 Hagen, Robert, 49 Halverson, Jeanne, 52. 68 Hammond, Richard, 13, 52, 96, 98, 122 , Hammons, John, 54 Lero, Mary, 50, 75 Lewis, Mabel, 10, 52, 69, 70, 75, 84, 86 Lindstam, Gretchen, Loewenstein, Sharon, Long, Carol, 51 Lufsky, Barbara, 51 51, 69, 71 50 Lyke, William, 49, lglx, 120 Magcrs, Dennis, 51, Maki, Doris Mark, Gloria, 50 Harding, Robert, 49, 106 Hannon, Barbara, 9, Harrier, Sharon, 53, Hauif, Amidore, 53, Hayford, Bob, 53 Hazewinkel, Judith, Heidelberger, Ray, 5 51, 66, 69, 71, 67, 71, 53 3 Hein, Marjean, 53, 54 Helm, Sandra, 132 Henning, Charlotte, 52 Hermes, Tim, 49 79 96, 97, 98, 99 777 ss, se Higgins, Robert, 49, 107, 126 Hill, Joyce Hippie, Kenneth, 49 Hjulberg, Susan, 84, 93 Hoffarth, William, 50 Holland, Harriet, 52, 75 Holm, Margo, 54 . Hom, Karen, 52, 77 Houck, Dennis, 53 Houghton, Shanette, 52 Hovind, Douglas, 53 Howe, Gary, 51, 88. 101 Huber, Bruce, 51. 53 Huebner, Ianet, 51, 70, 71, 133 Hughes, Betty, 54 Hunt, Sharon, 49, 75 Huss, Janice, 54 Huston, Iames, 54 Huston, Sally, 50, 65, 70, 81, 92, 93, 122, 133 Hutchinson, Carol 52, 76, 80 Hyatt, Diane, 51, 70. 75, 93, 95, 133 Hyilgzgigren, Dave, 48, 51, 102, 103, 107, 120, Ingalls, Iohn, 52 Isaacson, Katherine, 50, 75, 77, 133 Iverson, Mary, 51, 77 Jackson, Richard, 53 Jacobsen, Barbara, 11, 50, 70, 80. 88, 93 133 Jacobson, Christine, 49, 65, 93, 95, 97, 98, 99, 132 Jaworski, Jacqueline, 50, 68 Jepsen, Janet, 51 iergenson, Diane, 49, 69, 74, 75, 77, 93 ett, Vivian, 51, 77, 99 irasek, James, 50 Audrey, 49 ohnson, ohnson, Carol Ann, 52, 75 Dean, 52 ohnson, Johnson, Denice olargson, Elizabeth, 9, 50, 54, 69, 77, 95, 97, Mattson, Diane, 54, 64, 70, 96, 97, 131, 133 Mattson, Neil, 53, 107 Maxheimer, Alan, 53 McAdam, Bob, 52 McCall, Kenneth, 53, 67, 69 McGuire, Patrick Mclnnis, Patricia, 50 Mcllgasick, Charles, 54, 64, 69, 99, 102, 103, McNamara, Dick, 49 Mead, Carl, 52 Mead, Judy, 52 Mead, Mary Sue, 54 Menter, Donald, 49 Merhiy, Elizabeth, 9, 51, 67, 69, 77, 85, 93, 96, 97, 98, 133 Mevissen, Marcella, 53, 68, 77 Meyer,'Dale, 51, 102, 106, 118 Michaels, Mary, 51 Michaelson, Richard, 53, 101 Miemitz. Rosalie Miller, James E. Miller, Jerry, 53 Karen, 50 Miller, Moey, Ioyce, 54 Moran, Kathleen, 49, 132 Moran, Richard, 49, 102, 107, 122, 126 Morphew, Harold, 52, 85, 86 Moyer, Darlene, 52, 64, 68, 97, 133 Mozis, Elizabeth, 54 Murphy, Patricia, 50, 75, 77, 133 Murrell, Dorothy, 51 Myren, John, 50 Neisius, Patricia, 50 Nelson, Edward, 50, 85 86 Nelson, Karen, 54, 84, Se. 92, 93. 130, isa Nelson, Marvyn Lee. 51, 77 Nemeth, Mary, 53, 76 Ness, Elaine, 49, 77, 133 Noble, Charles, 52, 103 Nold, Charlotte, 50, 51, 75, 76, 80, 83, 92, 95 Norberg, Charles, 53 Nordberg, Robert, 51, 93, 95, 107 O'Donne l, Clara, 51 Olmscheid, Iames, 50, Olsen, David C., 52, 86. 87 88 Olsen, Olson, Beulah, 52 Olson, Ion, 52, 75 107 69, 77, 81, 82, 83, 85, cima, ss, 69, 70 Olson, Judith A., 54, 75, 76 Orttel, Karen, 51 Paddock, Roberta, 50, 68, 132 145 Will, 53, 92, 93, 95, 98, 99, 123 Paulson, Betty, 53, 133 Pearson, Gary, 52, 106 Pearson, Judy, 54, 64 Pederson, Bill D., 53, 64, 67, 102 Pederson, Bill, L., 47, 103, 107, 126 Peltzer, Gerald, 51, 101 Petersen Peterson r 1 Katrina Carl, 12, 50, 53, 102, 107, 124, 125 Peterson, Donna, 54, 69, 133 Peterson, Eugene Peterson, John S., 52 Peterson, Jghn W., 51, 106 Peterson, aren M., 49, 68, 70, 77, 93, 133 Peterson, Lawana, 51 Peterson, Michael Peterson, Richard, 51, 102, 103, 119, 128 Peterson Roger J., 53 r Peterson, Petty, Patricia, 51, 77, 81, 83, 85, 93, 133 Pierce, Burnetta, 49, 69, 84, 130, 133 Poate, John, 52 Potvin, Arlen Prahl, David, 52 Pratt, Curtis, 50, 81, 93, 99 Price, Thomas, 51, 64, 85 Rairalaow, Doug, 12, 51, 93, 95, 99, 102, 103, Richards, Patricia, 11, 50, 64, 76, 115, 129, 130, 132, 133 Richardson, Rosemary, 49, 68, 70, 71 Ridge, Barbara, 53 Ridlon, Chris, 51, 68, 133 Robbins, Sharon, 50, 133 Rohl, Morris, 53 Rosine, Larry, 49 Rubis, Vicki, 51, 64, SO, 83, 116, 131, 133 Rudnitske, Michael Rundle, Arlene, 53, 75, 133 Runquist, Judy, 52 Sallberg, Judy, 1'1, 49, 70, 80, 93, 132 Samuelson, Carol, 54, 75 Sand, William, 52 Sandager, Janet, 51, 68 Sanden, Margie, 52 Sanden Marie Ann, 54, 88 sdrrfdrd, Fred, 52 Sannerud, Marlowe Sassor, Sandra, 52 Sawvel, Nancy, 13, 54, 76, 96, 97, 98, 133 Scharber, Bemadette, 51, 132 Scharber, Dick, 54 Scheonrock, Carole, 53, 75, 133 Schommer, Dale, 50 Schroeder, Lawrence, 49 Schulstrom, Carole Schultz, Darryl, 49, 102, 107, 126 Siebert, Karen, 49 Selin, Russell, 50, 73 Sehx. Harolyne Shadick, Michael, 40, 67, 72, 80, 88, 92, 93 Shepard, Pauline Showalter, Vivian, 50, 75 Siobeck, Judy, 54 Skrandies, Kurt, 52 Smith, Peggy. 53, 77 Snyder, David, 49, 107 Sonterre, Lester Sorenson, Carole, 50, 67, 75. 77, 93, 132 Sorteberg, Barbara, 54, 69, 80 Sroga, James, 53 Stack, Kathleen, 49, 76 Stahlbegg, Margaret, 53, 75, 78, 133 Steele, ern Steiner, Ronald, 49 Stenglein, Gloria, 51, 77, 133 Stenson, Joy Stickneg Chris, 49 Stone, ugene, 53 Stone, Kathleen, 52, 75 Stott, Eileen Strohmeyer, Julia, 54 Stromberg, Janice. 49, 71, 82, 83 Stuck, Thomas, 50 Sullivan, Ter-131, 53, 106 Sullivan, Ran all, 53 Sundberg, Sandra , 133 Sundeen, Joan, 53 Sundquist, Marilyn, 50, 76, 133 Swankier, Jerry, 53 Swanson, Wayne, 50, 73 Swearingen, Karen, 52 Sweezo, Ronald, 53, 73 Swenson, Eleanore, 49, 84, 86 Swenson, James, 53, 101 Taylor, Audrey, 53 Taylor, Mike, 53 ' Tennison, Thomas, 49, 75, 102, 119, 124 Thoreson, Judy Titterud, Marilyn, 52, 69, 75 Torgerson, Valene, 51, 76, 85, 86, 93, 133 Trentine, Mickey, 54, 132 Trombley, Brian, 52 Tronson, Timothy, 50, 73 Tumer, Carl Vetsch, Durene, 49, 75, 78, 133 Vogel, Gary, 50 Voilepohl, Mary Waker, Bemice, 53, 77 Walton, Frank, 53 Warble, Gloria, 11, 49, 80, 83, 93 Warhol, Joe, 53 T46 Warn, Donna, 51, 69, 70, 77, 80, 83, 93 Weber, Bette, 52, 75 Weeks, Judith, 51 Wennerlund. Diane, 49, 70, 93, 130, 133 Wentland, Denny West, Wayne, 51, 102 Westlund, Arlene, 51, 70, 75, 76, 77 Wheeler, Larry, 54 Witlzs. Janet, 54 Wilda, Sherry, 49, 84, 133 Wilson, Edward, 49, 118 Wold, Dennis Wolff, Romona, 50, 77, 133 Wollum, Kathleen, 50, 70, 74, 75, vs, 93, 95 Wood, Carol Woodward, Terry, 51, 99 Youngquist, Carl, 53, 102, 112, 127 Zalic, Judy, 53, 69, 70, 85, 86, 133 Ziegler, Cecilia, 50, 76, 84, 86 SOPHOMORES Adams, Gary P., 59, 68 Adams, John M., 58 Albinson, Pamela J., 58, 75, 96, 97, 116, 133 Allen, Patricia A., 59, 68 Andberg, Paul E., 59, 88 Anderson, Darlene, 60 Anderson, Dennis, 59 Anderson, Durwyn, 60, 73 Anderson, Karen Ashmead, James Atkins, John, 60, 67, 85 Bach, Diane, 60 Baglo, Charles, 60 Barnacle, Gary Barnes, Karen, 58, 81 Barrett, Richard, 57 Bauer, Eleanor, 56 Bauer, Geraldine, 59, 67, 80, 99 Bauileld, Larry, 57 Beach, Roger, 58 Bebeau, Annette, 57 Bebeau, Susan, 60 Beck, Glenn, 57 Behnke, Margaret, 59, 77, 133 Bengston, Sharon, 56 Bennett, Milo, 57, 80 Bennett, Pamela, 59, 75, 88 Berg, Gerald, 59 Berg, Phillip, 56 Bickford, Ronald, 56, 108 Billstrom, Nancy, 57, 133 Blackburn, Lawrence, 73, 60 Blanski, Gary, 108 Blesi, Larry, 60 Blesi, Raymond, 59 Bliss, Nancy, 56 Bl C l 59 67 133 oese, aro yn, , , Bloom, Steven, 57 Bobendrier, Carol, 10, 56, 64, 67, 84, 86,879 133 -v Bouley, Douglas Bradway, Karen, 57 Brandt, Dean, 58 Brask, Karin, 58 Breckenridge, Barbara, 10, 60, 77, 84, 133 Broadbent, Dorothy, 58, 68 Brown, Donald, 60, 64, 81 Bruno, Floyd, 53 Buchholz, Judith, 56, 75 Bulen, Douglas 59, 80 h Bunker, aiu, 58, 108, 114 Butler, Ron, 60, 73 Campbell, Dianne, 56 Carlson, Barbara Carlson, Wayne, 60 Carpenter, Judy, 56 Carter, Maureen, 59, 67, 88, 133 Cashman, Mary, 59, 65, 133 Cass, Ronnalee, 59 Caswell, Gary, 57, 108 Cecka, Lois Chapman, Patricia, 60 Christison, John, 60 Claessen, Germaine, 60, 76 Cleveland, Norma Beth, 56, 80, 82, 83, 84, 88, 99 Cloutier, Janice, 59 Constantine, Larry, 58, 80, 88 Cook, Julie Craig, Stephen, 56, 119 Crysler, Judy, 57, 68, 88 Cudd, James, 59, 80 Cutter, Mary Ellen, 58, 65, '77, 133 Dahlman, Karen, 57 Daly, Rita, 57 Danielson, Darrell, 58, 68 Danner, Dwight, 57 Davenport, Dianne, 10, 56, 67, 84, 86, 88, 132 Davids, Wayne Dedrick, Judy, 56 DeForrest, Denise, 59 Dehn, Gary DeJarlais, Fred, 60, 84 DeMars, Marie, 58, 77 Dengel, Sharon, 60 Dickman, Kathleen, 11, 57, 68, 97, 132 Dill, Kathy, 56, 68 Downing, Douglas, 59 Durand, Bever y Edgarton. Neil, 59 Egland, Joe Ehmriter, Hazel, 58 Ekcrholm, Donald, 57 Ekk d'th 56 er, Ju x , Engels, Marie, 58 , Y. Enizgiand Pa 55, 58, 64, 88, 109, 110, 130 Erickson, Fred, 57, 88 Erickson James B., 81, 82, 83, 84, 112 Erickson, games D., 10, 60, 67, 88, 123 Erickson, anet, 59, 77 Erickson, Stanley, 60, 73 Erickson, Virginia, 56 Essig, Irvin Eyrich, Earl, 60, 85, 86 Farmes, Allen, 102, 103, 120 Fassett, Carol, 57 Fields, Kenneth, 57 Fischbach, Richard Fleury, Larry, 60 Flint, Robert, 56 Folck, Karen Follrath, Suzette, 10, 56, 84 Frank, Bonnie, 57 Frazee, Dennis, 58 Frederick, Paul Freeburg, John, 57, 103, 108 French, Tom, 58, 108 Gabrick, Gary, 57 Gage, Paul, 56 Gallagher, Tom, 102, 108, 120 Cardin, Sandra, 10, ss, so, 15, s4, 133 Garmen, Judith, 60, 68 Geisinger, Mary, 59 Gengler, Gary, 57 Getchell, Kathleen, 60 Getchell, Mary Anne, 60 Gilbertson, James, 60 Goodin, Richard Goodin, Robert, 57 Goodrich, Susan, 56 Goodrick, Thomas, 57 Gorham, Gary, 57 Graber, Karen, 59 Grace, Richard, 57 Graham, Margaret, 60 G ' B'1l 5 rise, 1 , Groess, Dennis, 60, 73 Gundlach, Cathleen, 60, 75, 77 Hadley, Ruthanne, 56, 68, 71 Hamann, Marie, 68 Hamilton, Beverly Hanson, Loretta, 59, 75 Hartfiel, A. David, 114 Hathaway, Dennis, 10, 60, 84 Hathaway, Leonard, 59 Hedtke, August, 58 , Heie, lanet, 67, 79, 88 Helins y, James, 602 73 Helland, Beverly, 56, 75, 85 Hennessey, Miriam Herman, Gerald, 60, 68, 73 Hill, David, 58 Hiller, Marilyn, 56 Hoag, Jeff, 57, 64, 88, 96, 97, Hodgman, Donald, 57 Hoifarth, Patricia, 56, 75, 76 Hoifer, James, 59 Holm, Vema, 58 Human, Lloyd Homsby, James, 108 Hoskin, Daniel, 60 Hovet, Dennis, 57, 108, 114 Howe, LeRoy Hudson, David, 60 Hulbert, Jerry, 58, 80 Hunt, Carol, 57, 65, 88, 132 Huseth, Janet, 57 Huss, Bob, 60 Israel, Paul Jackson, Julie, 57, 58, 64, 80, 8 akowich, Dave, 58 aniak, Beatrice, 57, 75 ensen, Michael, 58, 68 98, 108, 114 8 egsmen, Elaine, 56, 84, 88 o son, Carole, 59, 75, 133 ohnson, Diane, 57 ohnson, Garland ollinson, ?ene3,?7 Jghiiggii: 139 A., 64, 109, 110, 133 Johnson, Jdudy K. o , uc Jghiiiog, Robyevrt, 108 Kalk, Marjorie, 59 Kallergis, Antonia, 57 Kasell, Darlene, 58 Kegler, Eileen, 59, 68, 133 Ke ler, gean, 56 Kems, aula Kesller, Edward, 59, 108 Kessler, Diane, 59, 133 Kinley, Kim, 56 Kinney, Ronny, 108 Kirchnev, Noreen, 56 Knoll, Jim, 60, 68, 73 Knudson, June Koch, Eugene, 60 Kolby, Gerald, 60 Kost, Arthur, 58 Kost. Odelle E.. 57, 133 Kovar, John J. K., 60, 85 Kresal, Sandra L., 59. 67 Krough, Georgene, 60, 85, 133 Krszizaniek, Judy, 60, 68 Kukar, Kathleen, 56 Lachinski, Sandra. 58 Lage, Barbara, 57 Lane, Jerold Larkin, Lynold Larson, Carolyn, 59, 133 Larson, Margaret, 56 Larson, Yvonne, 58, 75 Lasley, Lconard, 58, 80 Lea. Judy, 58 Leakas, Mary, 58, 133 Lee, Dale, 60 Lehn, Terry, 59 Leider, Allen. 56, 108 Levine, Susan, 56, 133 Wamke, Lincoln, David, 58 Liter. Ronald. 57 Livingston, Cheryl, 59, 132 Look, Tom, 57, 81, 88, 99, 123 Loren, Roxann, 59 Luchsinger, Thomas, 59 Lund, Joan. 57, 59 Lund, Kenneth Lundgren, Joyce, 57 Lynch, Marie, 60, 68 MacGlover, JoAnn, 58, 59 Mack, David, 56 Magnuson, Yvonne Maness, Darrell, 60 Marker, Hewlett, 56 Marsh, Robert, 60 Martin, Donald, 56, 108 Martin, Sally, 56 McGraw, Sandra Mc-Kibben, Linda McLellan, David McNurlin. Joan, 60 Meister, Elizabeth, 58, 59, 133 Miller, Joyce, 56 Miller, Sharon G., 56, 69, 132 Miller, Sharon M., 58, 88, 132 Mills, Margo, 56, 77 Mork. Peter, 56, 64, 128 Morrow, Eileen, 59, 77, 133 Moser, DiAnn, 59 Moylan, Robert Mozey, Leonard, 59 Mozis, Sharon, 57 Mullen, Gloria, 10, 60, 84, 133 Mumm. Martha, 60, 75 Murphy, Dan, 59 NaZY, Eugene, 58, 73 Na ier, Thomas, 58 Nelson, Dennis, Nelson, Doug Nelson, Gary, 58, 73 Nelson Karen. 56, 80 Nelson: Patricia, 60, 85 Nelson, Richard H., 57 Nelson, Richard T., 59, 108 Nelson Robert, 101 Ness, Jeanette, 59, 68 Niebergall, Karen, 59, 75, 76 Nieters, Sally, 56 Nist. Richard, 57, 81, 83, 88, 99, Noon, Sandra, 56, 68, 133 Norgren, John, 85 122 Nott, Sandra, 56, 68, 133 O'Conner, Kathleen, 56, 77 Olsen, Judy, 57 Olson, LeRoy, 60 Olson, Bob, 56 Olson, Sharon, 58, 77 Olson, Marlys, 59 Orr, Jolane, 58, 68, 75 Orttel, Pat, 60, 71 Ostlund, David, 60, 81 Otto, Dianne, 60, 69 Owen, Tim, 57, 103, 108, 119 Owens, Dennis, 58 Palmer, Craig, 57, 64 Pariseau, Rita, 59 Paterek, Susan, 58, 76, 99, 132 Paulson, Gerald, 60. 80 Pearson, David L., 56 Pearson, Donald, 58, 103, 108, 120 Peart, Roberta L., 57, 133 Pederson, Susan K., 57, 133 Peigler, Ilene M., 60, 68, 132 Pelky, Roger A., 59 Perkins, Thomas A. Petersen Frederick E., 57 Peterson, Bobbie Jo, 57, 67, 81, 8 Peterson, Dawn K., 56 Peterson, Dennis P., 57 Peterson, Douglas J., 60 Peterson, Lucy D., 59 Peterson, Renee L.. 59, 71 Peterson, Sandra S., 59, 81, 133 Pfleigdier, Terne L., Pierce, Lee F. Pierson, Gary, 58, 102, 120 Pipenhagen, Diane, 59. 132 Pittman, William V., 57 Prozinski, Anita, 60 Pulley, Merle, 56 uigley, Marquerite. 58 guinehan, Carol, 59 Rahn. Judy, 57, 67 Rainbow, Donald, 55, 60, 64, 81, Rankka, Richard Rasmussen, Lila, 56, 77 Rasmussen, Steven, 60 Richards, Kathleen, 56, 133 Ricker, Roberta, 60 Ridge, Russell, 56 Ritchie, Dennis, 58 Ritter, Patricia Robbins. Michael, 57, 102, 128 Robinson, Elizabeth, 59, 80 Rodgers, Patricia, 59, 67, 75 Rohl, Dean, 57 Rootes,CJerome, 59, 108 Roselan , Darrell, 60, 73 Rudenick, Bonnie, 56 Runquist, Virginia, 58 Russell, Carol, 60 Russell, Robert W., 60, 73 Rustad, Corinne, 57 Sand, Carol, 59 Sanden, David, 58, 73. 120 Schlake, Marilyn, 59, 67, 133 Schlemmer, Judith, 58 Schneider, Edward, 58, 73 Schroeder, Thomas, 57 Schulz, Kay J., 59, 77 Selin, Roemarie Sheets, Jeff, 60 4, 88 55. 56, 64, 85, 122, 130, 84, 99, 123 Shoemaker, Shirley Skinner, Smith, A William, 57 rdell E. Smith, Kenneth C., 60 Smith, Susan L., 58, 67, 80, 133 Snyder, Betty Joy Sodman, Sonterre, Sharon R., 57 Donald, 59 Sonterr, Gene L., 60 Sonteree, Ronald F. Sorenson, Curtis W., 60 Soucy, David J., 59 Spencer, Ann M., 57, 68, 75 Springer, Barbara J., 59, 67, 81 Stegora, Judy M., 58. 132 Stegora, Robert F.. 60, 73 Steinbrecher, Carolyn D., 10, 56, 67, Stevens, Shirley A. Stewart, Barbara I., 57. 68, 88, 132 Stone, Diane M., 59, 133 Strand, Gary, 56, 108, 114 Strohmayer, Cecilia, 57 Strouse, James L., 58, 59, 85 Stull, All Sundeen, en H.. 57, 120 James R., 57, 88 Sutherland, Geraldine A., 58 Swanberg, William Swanson, Donald, 60 Swanson, Gayle, 57, 67, 133 Swanson, Leone, 56, 64, 133 Swenson, James, 56, 64, 68 Swing, Richard, 60 Syring, Judy, 58, 81, 133 Szczesniak, Robert, 60 Szyplinski, Dianne, 60, 76 T' . 'l Td 56 apam a, e , Tellers, David, 58 Thompson, Arthur, 56, 108 Thorkelson, Carolyn, 59 Thomberg, Elaine Tillotson, John, 57, 84, 99 Titterud. Paul, 60, 73 Tracy, Gayle Trail, Robert. 60. 73, 101 Traver, Ronald, 58 Tyler, George. 58 Van Huizen, Sharon, 56, 81, 133 Verwers, Roger Vigness, Chole, 60, 80 Wahl, Keith, 57, 80 Walton, Joyce, 58 Wangler, Joseph, 58 Donna, 60 Weber, Mary, 58 Wehking, Linda Wellman, Kermit, 10, 57, 80, 84, 86 Wells, Robert, 60 Wentland, Sharon, 57, 76, 132 Westlund, Charlotte Wheeler, Carole Ann, 57 White. Patricia, 58, 116, 117 Whitehead, Carolyn, 58 Woehnker, Harrison, 60, 85 Wold, James, 58 Wolff, Eugene, 55, 58, 60, 108 Wood, Sharon, 56, 81, 133 Woolery, Workin g, Geraldine, 59, 68, 71 Howard, 57, 81, 86 Ziegler, Peter Zimmerman, Linda, 56, 68, 85 Zopfi, Gerald 84, 88 147 The publication of this yearbook could not have been possible without the friendly support of the following sponsors. A 81 W Drive ln Amidores Anoka Cleaners 81 Dryers Anoka County Abstract Company Anoka Dairy Anoka Dairy Bar Anoka Drug - Shopping Center Anoka Garage 81 Insurance Agency Anoka Linoleum 81 Tile Anoka Locker Plant Anoka Minneapolis Bus Company Anoka Steak House Art Goebel Ford Babcock Hardware Company Ben Franklin Store Burke's Studebaker, lnc. Carl's Cafe Coast-to-Coast Store Colburn-Hilliard Conger Pharmacy Chounard Highway Cafe Culligan Soft Water Cully's Shell Service Dairy Queen David Bank Studio Dave's Lumber 81 Hardware Downing Jewelry Dulty Lumber Company Ewing's Castle Falls Restaurant First National Bank Fred's D-X Station Freeburg Fuel Company Frisch Department Store Gambles Goodrich Rexall Drug Company Green Insurance Agency Grosslein Beverages Hiway i0 Bowl Hoffman Electric Hoglund's Greenhouse Horeis Appliance Jarnig Plumbing 8- Heating Jensen's Variety Klip Shop Knodt's Grocery Leeds Drug Leo Finance Company Lindsay Soft Water Company ANCKA Mac's 66 Service Main Motor Sales Nielson's Super Market North Street Cleaners Odegard Rambler Sales O'Donnell's Cleaners 8. Launderers Olson's Shoes Paul's Hearing Center Peterson Office 81 School Supply Peterson-Pinney Company Peterson Pure Oil Peterson Shoe Store Pierce Motel Pierce Record Shop Ray's Skelly Service Richard's Home Furnishings Rum River Lumber Company S 81 L Store-Anoka Sears Roebuck 81 Company Shadick's Drive ln State Bank of Anoka Sterling's Men's Wear Supreme Sales 84 Service T. V. Engineering Tasty Food Bakery The Town House Thorp Loan 84 Thrift Company Thurston and Sons Tom Ward Motor Sales Toni's Flower Shop Uebel's Grocery Vevea's Cafe Ward Transfer, Inc. Western Auto Winch Sinclair Service Zieg's Barber Shop CHAMPLIN Ken DeJarlais Excavating COON RAPIDS Chicken Little Drive In Coast-to-Coast Coon Rapids Bowling Center Home 'N' Auto Northwestern Auto Pederson Florist Rapids Cleaners 81 Laundromat Rapids Variety Thunnell Linoleum Company 4. ..f. J- ffifflfc' lf ,Y f if fkf 417,-ff I ,. iw r 1 1 'I T , I .gl . mm an vf 'iff ,X wif , 1 V N ,b 1 Q, ' IH M 4? ' 1 W ff I X Rl Y 1 ww r I JW AH? Mf , F QSM,, QA. lQLy.xk, Qfxxsuvvf 'f" N Gyn, RSX.-X QQ., Lxmvgl ,, X fkxwfmftwx, 4 , .Q 'ew M, 435 ' 1, ,af .Rf .' 4 I .- I 252 45511 . Q' 1. 4'- ,Q 5 Qyii ' ,Jw ' 245 1.

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