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! 3 s i 2 A E 5 E Z 5 ! 5 E x 5 5 5 E E , V-i- A . ' V A NJ ' 1 . 1 - , 1 , X f rr -- r.,,r., fi' A -Lino v ,6.' H,, 1953 E55-n 'V R 7 A.,1,, X, r K1 ANOKAN I9uM4Le.l L, , Cfaaa of 553 XX lff'frrrff,,0!7J',fH'ffr1'Pr7v-aDYtLg,ig tllnlllrqfyffffvpfw - f ,lm ,N ., J g Cf' P A H, R 6 67? 63 67 - W, X - f 0 0 I i 'gjzf'-,Q -,Q 'O IE rv' CD 9 -'ff . 'LX ,fu c Edt A O El se Pet W lb O X ' 9 Dick Ford 2 gm? fab Co Business Managers - ' rm L ' R 'b 5 of f 02,9 05,3 'Qu MZ' 009-6' a A-V", Ad isor - q'lu44"l'k"s Mr. Carroll John ,4n.,4., JM 3400! u,f,,,,,e .24noLa, mnneoofa 32 X X " ' X vm M X wx 0 1 X! W:- w 4 Q ll " ll! .1 W il ANN ,f .1 A ii N 5 ' ff Z ' 4 jf f fl 132, :gi-"' 1.?T2:Z!""'- qv 5-,r , 39:11 Y Xi., B sw .- cs- G Nbfvemn '-'ig f K A Z 1 S X n Q I fl f X ' 45? 5 :xii W? Z X 1 x S 3 -O ff e A ' g 1' "' YI ' X : 'Q---- M ! f I ,X x 9. r Wf!f"'fff'47n,,a NWA, . 1 I 3 K Nflfffffff 1, wi Q . ,V T, A ff Gln 1 A ' 4 N - W. x. 9 1,11 L b gl Q0 4. B , ai 1, E , D , 2 - 5 N. . po 3 ' Q!! ,ffvf,ff,,W A49 M EN I' I 5 2 xx 1. S 3 ,.vrf'm.3 we 1 5 W aijfg 3 flvwib' kxumrf 1 ln' E X 4 -ua wyv an JF fl, 9 .V 0572 J- f X -4 ,, ' 'Jef W wx f' " ., " I L 14, gff X gl I WMF .uf 9 I ., ' 1 I A f , I 'I 5 1 44 V' NY, 4' WK M us Jx M , . 1 f fl Ziff IA' ffffl Tx A it Z V! 4 afnrnlld KWMME :rzwzin .X KKWII -- riff' I, 'X B Sf f f' - 6 N K u gk,-A X' 'avr ' 3 r W WR f gli? 'ff X if ji-'Ill "M . E V M if fl ll 4 x x ff' ' I V g54M4A0xw-+'?J if J 5,02 YM If rf f 55 4 I 4 , WA!! fb , 'OL ww faawf' ' f , -, ,W I , - fn. -A 5 Y I N jQ,vwrff,A' QQ LA' Z FQ- 9 . fl' , 1 llffflfg 'lah I ff I K D ' ' 5 S F P 0 ' .1 1,511 ':!.a,1fr44f r ,tg Q 9 fiffjjf 1 Y, . f'A f 14762, ff' if -7511 --"f"f5 ,1'1' Q:-xx" A L11 ' Y ' - 1 , 'W 1 'F +A - wo- - M" 5 'W , ' 32, 5 , "F Z ,V - A ' fn ell? -1 A Ai f 1 g K, NPV? lj 7 ' SR :him ,f R Jw' W kxxxxHKYM L ff ,SP IM? 'wmrumn n Q W.:-HQ' ' il-MA ' ' ' l f- 147 It yfjj p-'ya' f.L..'1px7f A 75. wifi f M, ,fm .W ,L .QQ71 L.,-3' P'M4'! L Ai' xijfff' 'Mjfq'-1 , 5 1 f :gk V444 RF A fs J! F5219 Cd ,jr-'4 LUVVZXX J tx A115 'I ff ., ,Aft 4 5 I Fl ,Wwwwiff H -f cvs 4,lh.m,,. . HZ' U Q . ' 0 QW mf . Q E , 11 ai ? 3 7-2' 'Q . UML 6... Aj' U rm Wwmm f - fan VI' ?"r:9"""4xt ? X I . ll, 'G - 2 W N f U .i I '49, A wg ? 15 6 v , .1 X 4 A "' ef I Q 'JMLZM ll H W9 W 'NNN 'L 3 H Of, ' U 'S . L 5 0, xl 3 6:5 'npr X 1 wwf' f K , , 1 6 I-5' NX Q xx +Xxx RNA KN R' S - Q , x N 5 A Q E X X To the students ot A. H. S. We, the editors of the "53 Anokan," have endeavored to record in the following pages life in Anoka High School tor the past nine months. We hope this publication will serve its purpose as a memory book so that when we open its covers in the years to come, we shall recall one ofthe best years of our life. This yearbook has not been produced under our hands alone, but is the result ot the combined efforts of many people. We therefore take this opportunity to thank our business managers, Lowell and Lois for making possible all our expensive ideas, our faculty advisor, Mr. Johnson, for his excellent experience and knowledge and for giving us that extra nudge whenever we needed it, Jean and Lois tor their splendid art work, Mr. Jacobson for his invaluable assistance to the artists, the Anokan staff tor assembling and writing the copy, the Greene Engraving Co. and the North Central Publishing Co. for their professional service. El and Dick fuiliijrfi . ilyylff 5555 77 'Nw -MH l.-its 'n',.t '42 " ,fbi w ?f,7M,,,ff0,eeQ4fWg,i2 X 55 I3 R1 A " 2 i L- W, f 'tml A I ,--fn , KN If 9 .rw I giitkitl ' it LW it f . We , ,af J it QL, iw tw Page four 'MAX 'L LJ lyll I, s?54'A xx 'sal ' 4 PYP.. T D IRR X 4 N X 'Xxx if Nb A l lx -:N ' S N' X X- lv- -1, ! Xe CL 'N- T' Mfr, 1 ffv-,A-A5 XA 5 Ai . Visa N "wi, l f w'D '6Vff-5 fffgv .Q? AVID, x.QJq'Xr my M UW- if WW ff "WW LQ WWQQXZ gym ,wx f 7 5 ui XJxU7XyV'f4f, i1.,.,3je, ,,,, , ,W N N 1 Qlbwp -,fn 1 -my '51 ax 'WWWm'3E'n"'z O Q 'S ' EgQf!jJ?21 f? ff Q5 ig? 5? gfxz avi :xml vga Q34 13" , Mx 5 it . if - CVE? IEW QP fve Yfgca 1 Rf QVMWEKFQQ . Q www? . s -K' Miss HELEN stoizv "More is thy due than more than all can pay." lt is only natural that Shakespeare should aid us in conveying our admiration for Miss Helen Story who has given everyone of us a deep appreciation for Shakespeare's works. She has undoubtedly helped form a foundation for the understanding of English literature which will guide us throughout our stay at Anoka High School. The pleasing manner in which she exemplifies a true friend and teacher is not only found in the class- room during school hours but is also carried with her wherever she goes as an intimate part of her very being, as are her keen expressions and her radiant smile. Miss Story has always been more than willing to give a helping hand to Anoka High's amateur musi- cians whether it be by accompanying a soloist or the entire chorus in their numerous appearances. In her capacity of Senior Class advisor she has shown undue sympathy, kindness, and an unusual un- derstanding of our problems. For this, Miss Helen Story will always be remembered by the class of "53." .leaked fion, Our social science instructor, Mr. Carroll Johnson, has won the unswerving respect and admiration of the Senior Class of 1953. He has presented to us age- long problems and has formulated answers in our minds that we may better the world we live in. By carefully analyzing world events and by pointing out the good and bad points of our society, he has helped prepare us for our life after we leave the halls of Anoka High School. Equally important is Mr. Johnson's supervision of the Anokan. His kindness, consideration, and actual technical knowledge of the production of yearbooks have been the motivating force behind the publica- tions of the Anokan in the past years. Under his watchful supervision the annual has risen to its pres- ent prominence and has become an accurate record of school life, a record which is a priceless treasure to all those whose many memories are pictured between its covers. ' Page Mx MR. CARROLL JOHNSON W9 W Q WM .fdclmznzaffation M -N 9 W 6 ' 6 W3 'f--P-1'-A gig, Q iz -ijt W , 271, '54 -ict ,J XEX Z W Ho SVC L. if TA 4 kv v'T Nr. 1- R1 K' 55 YJ N 2 N-3' u ' Yf- 1 5 E - f Q, Y- E isis 4 ' 'Xi ,v . F CX 4 6 f Of , X ,, M - -' f P 'f 52712 ,Z ' h 4 K X5 ' ' gn . kia? Nash! 1 , fire! o ' 1. ,1 4 ' - X f V 0 ff' A 4': w f X X swf!! XV X Y V X , , , -3 A ' I V E :H x ff A 2 X , W f ny A Q! A -4 N N ' If fw W " Q Q N mm XXX " GFX! xy I W M X E ' , , f Q f X F 5 9 " 5' K . ,fx , S - "Ii A ' - x 1 f:5:f f Q ff 62' M'-'Q -di 14 f I, We .ZX + ' g 1 M Q -'W , x g LW , , Nxxjtf ,vi gb: P D H -3 mxkkgkxxxia V Y H " , 1 ik: . J-if Q! Ml Wd S my Vmjgq UOMIULQ Q Q, ,, ma! oaro! of - 4- fffz , fl '. Av ., B--fe .. ., ,. ,Q X ' it i 5' dl, lL!Agx',,:. 5 'A v ,fi 5 g N g .gy ,,, r i . f 'i2Zi5 .: 1 EDuCHT N ' i i v 2 P7 M! V1 W'-x c ,Rx 4 aw gducafion The Board of Education, a civic minded group ot men, directs the use ot the taxpay- ers money which supports our school and all of its various activities. This newly elected Board represents the consolidated Anoka-Hennepin County School District No. 220 which was formed last sum- mer. Besides their regular duties the mem- bers of the Board of Education have laid the plans for a new Anoka High School. Left to right: Mr. J. M. Wennerlund, Secretary, Mr. A. P. Franke, Director, Mr. H. G. Haugland, Vice President, Mr. Morris Bye, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Forrest Babcock, President, Mr. L. K, Reisberg, Treasurer, Mr. F. H. Moore, Director. Page eight Umm pQl'50I'll'l8 -wSir s'l MR. BYE Mr. Bye, our superintendent, is well known by everyone in the community. His iob takes onthe addi- tional importance this year with the formation of the new Anoka-Hennepin school district. Although his very successful term as president of the Minnesota Education Association ended this year, he is still in demand by a profession which recognizes his profi- ciency as a leader in education. Everyone who knows Mr. Bye respects his wisdom and judgment on school administration. His excellent and efticient iob as su- perintendent of Anoka High School is appreciated by everyone in the community. MR. HUSTON Our principal, Mr. Huston, is the person who is re- sponsible for the day to day administration of the high school, Although he has many decisions to make everyday, he is always ready to listen to any student who has a special problem. His friendly interest in the problems of Anoka High is a decided asset to our school. Mr. Huston is a firm believer in student government' and cooperates in every possible way with the Stu- dent Council. All in all he deserves our special praise for his efticient execution of his difhcult duties. The girls you see busily working in the outer omce are the secretaries to our superinten- dent and our principal. Jeanne Brahs is Mr. Bye's able secretary, while Bonnie Swing per- forms this oftice efhciently for Mr. Huston. Occasionally we see Ruth Lundberg and Marge Collins who work part time. They can usually solve our problems, if only by saying "he's in,"-or maybe relieve us a little with "he's out." The girls deserve a hearty vote of thanks for their cheerful and willing assistance. BONNIE SWING JEAN BRAHS Page nine jacudy ,,,.,N aff VH Anita Anderson Chester Anderson Erma Anderson Walter Bauer Evelyn Berg Gertrude Bowers Orville Buehler John L. Campbell Helen Fleischman Darwin Follrath Gail Foster Carol Freeburg Marvin Gilbiertson Ruth Goodner Bertha Gow Anita Anderson--Home Economics, General Science, Home Economics Club Chester Anderson-Biology, Tenth grade adviser Football Coach, Baseball Coach, "A" Club Erma Anderson-Commercial, Senior Class Adviser Walter Bauer-Business Organization, History, Hock- ey coach, Eighth grade adviser Evelyn Berg4English, Ninth grade adviser Gertrude Bowers-General Science, Ninth grade ad- viser Orville Buehler-Industrial Arts, Eighth grade adviser Stamp Club John L. Campbell-Modern History, Tenth grade ad- Page ten 1 viser, Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Business Organization, Golf Coach, "A" Club Helen Fleischman-Latin, English, Tenth grade advis- er, Anokahi Darwin Follrath-Art, Eleventh grade adviser, Chess Club Gail Foster-Mathematics, Algebra, Ninth grade ad- viser Carol FreeburgfG-eography, Seventh grade adviser Marvin Gilbertson-History, English, Tenth grade ad- viser, Geography Ruth GoodnerfEngIish, Eighth grade adviser Bertha Gow4English, Seventh grade adviser Harold Greengo-Consumers, Chemistry, Science Club, Junior class adviser William Grefe-Senior high industrial arts, Ninth grade adviser Carol Gutenkunst--Home economics, General Sci- ence, Eleventh grade adviser John Hagmanel-listory, Eighth grade adviser, Debate, Geography Ruth Hallenberg,-,Vocal Music, Tenth grade adviser Henry Hammer-Veterans' Agriculture Hazel HoglundfSpeech, Senior class adviser, Thes- pian adviser Mary Hunt-Rudiments of Music, English, Tenth grade adviser, Business Organization GCUA ? Victor Jacobson-Mathematics, Cartoon Club, Twelfth grade adviser Carroll Johnson-Social Science, Senior class adviser, Anokan Morris JohnsonfBand, Ninth grade adviser Ellen Jurek-Spanish, English, Eleventh grade adviser, Dean ot Girls, Spanish Club Mark Klonowski-Physical Education Director, Tenth grade adviser, Intramural Sports, Square Dance Club Garth Lappin-History, Seventh grade adviser, Geog- raphy, Wrestling Coach, "A" Club Marion Lemberg-Commercial, Tenth grade adviser Harold Greengo Ruth Hallenberg Morris Johnson William Grefe Hazel Hoglund Ellen Jurek Carol Gutenkunst Mary Hunt Mark Klonowski John Hagman Victor Jacobson Garth Lappin Henry Hammer Carroll Johnson Marion Lemberg 'R AAT iv" 'l:"" F- X 5 A Page eleven 6lCUAg Shirley Linden-Mathematics, Seventh grade adviser Rhoda LundervLibrarian, Library Club Lois Melby-English, Eleventh grade adviser, Junior Red Cross adviser Patricia Morken-Junior High English, Seventh grade adviser Phurney Mortenson-Mathematics, Eighth grade ad- viser Ruth Nordlie-Bookeeping, Business Organization, Junior class adviser Clara Paulson-School Nurse Vivian Sanderson-Girls' Physical Education, Ninth Shirley Linden Rhoda Lunder Ruth Nordlie Clara Paulson Earl Stimmler Helen Story Lois Melby Vivian Sanderson Don Swanson grade adviser, GAA., Supervisor ot elementary grade school Judith Sass-Elementary art supervisor Elizabeth Schaefer-Home Economics, General Sci- ence, Eighth grade adviser, Home Economics Club Earl Stimmler-General Science, Seventh grade ad- viser, Audio-Visual Education Helen Story-English, Senior Class adviser Don Swanson-English, Sophomore class adviser Leslie Wagnerflvlechanical Drawing, Metal Work, General Mechanics, Ninth grade adviser Jerome Wagner-General Science, Ninth grade class adviser Patricia Morlcen Judith Sass Phurney Mortenson Elizabeth Schaefer Leslie Wagner Jerome Wagner Page twelve Xjy CLCU, l i ,fs Tj- x . g l :gh Gordon Walker William Wanamaker Oscar Wilcox Gladys Williams James Zimdars Janitors Gordon Walker-Aviation, Health, Assistant Football and Basketball Coach, Junior class adviser William Wanamaker-American History, Basketball coach, Junior class adviser, "A" Club adviser, Track Coach Oscar Wilcox-Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Twelfth grade adviser Cooks Gladys Williams-General Business, General Science, Mathematics, Eighth grade adviser James Zimdars-Physics, Junior grade adviser, Junior High principal, Boys' Counselor, Junior Academy ot Science Not pictured, Eleanor Abbey-Physical Education, G.A.A., Seventh grade adviser, Supervisor of ele- mentary grade school Page thirteen .gzwlenf .xdclminififrafion The Senior High Student Council consists of a rep- resentative front each home room and the members of the National Honor Society. The council was head- ed this year by Bill Hunt, president, Jim Dale, vice- president, and Barbara Van Hollen, secretary-treas- urei. The purpose of the Student Council is to promote better relationships between students and teachers, and to give the students a voice in the running of the school. This year many important proiects were car- ried out. The council ably supervised the football and basketball homecomings. Buttons were sold for the football homecoming and the annual parade was held. The council also presents assembly programs for the student body. For the fTrst time at Anoka the council undertook supervision of study halls. A "Sock Hop" with music on record and dancing in stocking feet was held. Prizes were awarded for the most un- usual socks. The council is a very important part of school life. It gives the students a chance to express their views on school matters. It is democracy in action, student- elected representatives following the students wishes to make school life run more smoothly, All in all it has been a very successful year, much has been accom- plished, the students benefiting from the councils pro- iects and the members gaining a knowledge of sub government. The Junior High Student Council, under the super- vision of Mr. Zimdars, is the governing body of the Junior High. All the classes are well represented by a representative from each English class and by their class officers. The council was headed this year by George Zubulake, president, Charles Wennerlund, vice-president, Llewellyn Ridge, secretary, and Mona Herbold, treasurer. The council has four standing committees to assist in running its school. The welcome committee greets new students and shows them about the building. The pepfest committee assists the cheerleaders, while the building committee takes care of such things as locket cleanups. The program committee sees that entertain- ment is furnished to the students, .xdcfiuifiea - 1 . A Rf k" 'L "f 5, L , .- if ' Q ' f 2 nf V W'- bzf f ex Q I f 3 i :L t ,jill of dj I f S P X. 'f X 3 l 5 x l Y y y ' . I . X y B tk Qtkx ij, .,'3l,r' ' -'J ,-f- , YZ' fcgfl. f , Q ' W , glfffw JJ,- 5 ' E XXX Y' "f ' ffa -:Z ES"i f f 'f X : . ' ' My, JK, V .Zh Q . ' A ff " -'ME 5 N Q M -ip., if N ' VW 2 , x Q ' mxxr- fff..- B--. -f- ' 1 iyjl LA E Q yi Y"'E?, W Q W ' av-1 'Q , H 1, ' . , wx N " Q 'ks- 'Q 1 ' w , . w ' ?., , -q,..,,mf- . . .Q . . N, X , . R Y7 N SWE fi j . S F " .-U. V. y A K I ' g I :H , Ex 4 L' ,ffl X ,.g.j 5 ' ,ff 2"U5b x . - VX' ' x T E 'SQ 1 A - 3 X , g mi ' W1 .M Nix ti as mm". 5 1 ,ty -Qi slag ge I h V ki. Q Q2 K Q ,.gV? 1 xl " Q sg yn., ,. .Q X e'-arf ' , . . 'RJR X , -WXN R' gX Q - 'Q sw W ei X ,' k,,'fTK"9Q . m,m,ww,i V. . 5 In X .xf W, N .- NN ,W ,XA ,""'se,: 5 ,'4g5g'Q . - Q-mx f Sv ,P - s. 5' x wf 'W X35 f t. I Q -'sum 4 Xxx X ' . V, ffl in was gps is 5006! ,f R.. goggie janefd Jgag representative, Janet Nyberg, freshman representative, and Yvonne Strand, eighth grade representative. "OK," kids, get out "Anoka Fight." That was band leader Morrie Johnson telling the kids to get all prepared for that favorite song in the hearts of all of us at the first basketball game, Everyone agrees that no band could be peppier at a game or pepfest than ours. The band's concert season is not all play and no work. Each day in practice sessions, breathing exercises and technique skills are improved day after day, and these many long hours of practice paid oft in the form of better playing at public appearances. The spring contest is always a big event for the band, and they were well prepared this year vvith many solos and ensembles representing the tornado school. At the district contest in Elk River, no school equaled Anoka in the results of the competition. Many groups, because ot . lt gg K g s. is . their fine results in the district contest, represented Anoka at the State music festival at the University of Minnesota in May. And then came the "Pop Concert." Anyone who is a native of Anoka thinks of the "Pop Concert" as one of the finest evenings spent in our community. The band performed like professionals in their playing, the decora- tions vvere superb, and its food delicious. Mr. Johnson vvill never forget the tribute that was paid him by the students that night. He forgot all the grief that the band might ever have given him. The band played their final strains of music May 29, as the seniors marched up to receive their diplomas vvith "Pomp and Circumstancef' But marching and playing vvill continue all through the summer at diflferent tovvns and in various festivities. The seniors and underclassmen will long remember the band of T952-53. mr. joLn5on CA 0l"l,t5 0 Y Q,-5 .Slrfezfe Thanks to the determination, patience, and talents ot Miss Ruth I. Hallenberg, the senior high school chorus was again an extremely successful musical organization. Much time was spent both during school and at evening practices as the eighty voices blended together to pro- duce harmony. As a result ot this conscientious work, two beautitul concerts were given. Rehearsals tor these concerts naturally were not too harmonious. It anyone happened into Room T7 when practice on a new song had just begun, they would have been greeted with the sound ot absolute discord. This would be followed with a burst ol laughter from the group and Miss Hcllenberg. Then back to work they would go. Slowly the parts were learned and complete harmony resulted. Sunday, December lil, tound the high school auditori- um hlled with the many people who came to enioy the truly beautiful Christmas Concert, This consisted ot a number ol unusual religious songs plus the many well- known Christmas carols, among them, "God Rest Ye 0,4 Offeffe Merry Gentlemen" and "Joy to the VVorld." Among the ensembles that sang at this performance were the mixed octette singing "Christmas Roundelay" and "Deck the Halls," the boys' octette singing "Beautiful Savior" and the girls' sextette singing "Lullaby ot the Christ Child" and "Alleluia, Christ ls Born." Four solos were also sung. These were a soprano solo, "Come Unto Him," by Cal- lista McCauley, a tenor solo, "VVhen Children Pray," by Bob Potter, a contralto solo, "Sleep My Jesu," by Raeola Smith, and a second soprano solo, "Birthday of a King," by Pat O'Connor. The seventh grade ensemble, the eighth grade chorus, and the ninth grade girls' chorus also sang at this concert, Before the lcrst carol, "Silent Night," was sung Gary Schake, in behalf ot the entire chorus, presented Miss Hallenberg with a gift, a white jeweled cardigan sweater and a pair' ot matching ear- rings, In May, the spring concert was given. It contained a number ot light songs in addition to many beautiful reli- Oyif 7 Qu afiette Clow mixed Ocfeffv giious sl-lediorrs One ol The lriglrligjlrlfr ol This coruvrT was The clelighTTul Nl-giro Time, "Rock Ll My Soul," vvrlh The errlrre chorus clcrpprrrg lrcirrds To The lrec1T, Tire girls pusTul forrriuls also uclnlocl To The be41UTy of This corrcer'T, Chorus groups also sang aT Pl!-X, arrcl Church rrrnolirrgs arrcl oTher' social luridiorrs llre eriTiro Lhorus was lrorrormrll lay Mr. Bye's ruquvfxt Tlral They sing ai The operrirrgg session ol The Ml ,A rrr Oflolvor.lhisheirrgMr. Bye'slL1sTyoc1r r1sTlrosTc11ulVl,l',!-X. prusrclerrt, rT was rrrllmfrl 41 growl horror which he liv- stovvorl on This group. Ilru yuclrly rrrusil uOrrTL:sT was lrlflfl nil lillx Riyur Ori April l , , . I8 urrrl 29. Ilrl- groups Thu! morrrpeicnl iii This lresrclus The rrrrxml Lhorus vvuru Tlrl, IlllXtEll a1TaTTc+, The gil ls glen: cluh, The boys' QLTLTTTL2, The girls! sexTl:TTe:, The boys' c1uur'TcrTTL:, and The girls' oLTeTTe, Members ol The rrrixed ocTeTTe were Callista McCauley, Karen Wrabek, Lois Reisberg, Eleanor Beckenbach, Jerry Hall, Skip Rither, Eddie Brown arrrl Bob Potter. Those in The boys' quc1r'TcTTc were Jerry Hall, Eddie Brown, Gary Gerber arrcl Bob Gerber. llrosr- iii Sodidfa Thr: rlLicrrTvTTw plus Bob PoTTer, Skip Rifher, John Billstrom cirrll Gordon Lindgren rrrcrllr- rip Tlrrf lioys' ocTfrTTr-, lrrc lull ml iii The' girls! sr-xtf,-Tlrr wvrr- Callista McCauley, Pat O'- Connor, Marilyn Giddings, Gerry Leider, Lois Reisberg crrrll Eleanor Beckenbach. llrvsr- ggrr ls plum Barbara Knodi nrrril Virginia Meisier rrrnirll: rip The girl" rmlTwTlv A rrirrrr hor ol g,4rloiwT-T norrrprrhzll iii llllfr lprrrlr--T alum, lri lylurclr ci ScrlnrisTsLrliiriirrr1Til1rrcwirln,-HTwaslrullllrr-we-wliifli solcuiml-T would go Tu The c,orrTusT Tire lJUIQlKl5Tt? of rr rrrrw f-,r:T ul rim-rs ww, lrrlorriplislu-rl This ywurl New l'l5rt'I's lrrrll lim-rr rim-cl:-nl lor srrrrrce Tirrir-, Willi The yearly rrrcrcrusrr iii Tlrre riurrrlm-r ul llrorlis rrrurrr hers, ilrif olrl prius wirriply rlrolrl rip! lrurrrrrrrrrrrlritrf .ill Tlrr- rrrefrrihers, lllllk yvill' llLlfr lHl'1VL'IT ll'J lil' tl Nvly lillky HIM' lor llll' clipruv, IT was ni lol ral lrlrrcl vvrrrll lrrrf r-yvryoriw iii Tlrrr chcrros will rigrrw- TlrlrT iT ww llrrr rrrrrl wr-ll vvcurTlr iT. l yrrry Thirigg Thl1T was crTTrfrrrpTr-nl ww-. lrrrrrplmwll sour-ssllilly urrnl raw-rywruf le-lt clruru-, WiTh Thr' lr-r-lrrrgi ral liriyirrlg liz-1-rr urrriclivcl rri rrilisrclil llriprvvlvrlggir in -Auf engerg IQQQCL A hush came over The audience, the lights were dimmed, and as the curtain parted, The hrst speech department play of The year was underway. As The audience listened, The story of "Cheaper by the Dozen" was unfolded before them. This was The story of The Gilbreth family which consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth and Their Twelve children. Bill Nelson and Betty Mattson did an excellent iob as Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth while The children played by Mary Mork, Bill Hunt, Alice Foley, Lois Reisberg, Jim Johanson, Jack Blesi, Judy and Lois Quickstrom, and Melvin Lofgren did Their best To make The play a humor- ous one. A budding romance is also evident in The play when boy friends, played by James Bouley and Dick Walter, come to court the Gilbreth girls. The next play was primarily a children's play by the name of "Rum- pelstiltskinf' For the first time, a double cast of characters was used. The story was about a poor miller's daughter, played by Janelle Cass and Mary Fahey, who had to spin straw into gold or be put to death. Since the miller's daughter couldn't spin straw into gold, a little old man called Rumpelstiltskin, played by Betty Beck and Mary Jane Gibelyou, did it on the condition that the iniller's daughter would give him her first child. Other members of the play were as Mother Hulda, Eloise Petersen and Pat Kane, Miller, Bert Webster and Arden Hughes, and as King's Son, David Micheau and Dick Haugland. Shortly after the Christmas holidays were over, Miss Hoglund and The stu- dents concentrated on getting prepared for the speech contest. In the sub- district Anoka received ten superior ratings, placing the following contestants: Janet Reed and Dick Walter, discussion, Bill Hunt, extemporaneous speaking, Bert Webster, Mary Mork, and Barbara Brown, extemporaneous reading, Vir- ginia Jacobson, original oratory, Audrey Gow, Betty Mattson, and Mary Fraz- ier, declamcition. All in all The speech department has had an unusually successful year. This would not he true, however, if it were not for the able assistance given by Miss Hoglund. .X4l'l0L6ll'l "You in the bcick row, move to the right just ci LITTLE bit. There, thc1t's right!" These ore the tomilior words heord by dll of us students when pictures for the T953 ANOKAN, edited by Eloise Petersen ond Dick Ford ond supervised by Mr. Johnson, were token. The ntciny hours ol herd work put into this yeor's on- nucil begun wcxy lost summer ond followed through until lvlcirch when the lost copy wos sent into the pub- lishers. Since the cost ot publishing o yeorbook os hne cis Anokc1's is so great, the seniors pledged S6 dues to help pcty tor it. They cilso sold refreshments ot the tootbctll cmd bctsketboll gomes, No source ot in- conie was considered too insignificant to help meet publicotion costs. Lowell Hummer ond Lois Reisberg supervised this most diflhcult port ot the book. The octuol ossembling ot pictures ond copy wcis supervised by the editors who had ct committee under them responsible tor sections of the book. l-lordly ci senior but did not give some time, eltort, or talent to moke this yeor's book worthy ot its predecessors. ll this book truly mirrors the school life in Anoko, then the senior closs feels its money ond etllorts were well spent. Page twentyrone jAeapian Sociefy T N N S s ,if ' 0' T 3 fi1"' p ,mfs-iff-.g5fg'J'T'01,9 , , A. TQ., , Y 1:12 I TL S L3 m " 1 in if ffl 285 , l -65' mifljg T: fill ' Q 36' Q i f -. , 9 fx N -P n 5 J 'yn 1 ' ff T 1 1 I f .fi ' 'T Iwwqfog Q . f l ' T fr, I l ,..x ,5 F 1 33' I . . D, Nha. The TirsT chopTer of Thespions in Anolco begon in i944 AT ThoT Time The Anolcd Troupe No. 396 hod eighTeen members, This yeor There ore oround sixTy sTudenTs who ore Thespions or who ore working To become Thespidns. Thus The populoriTy of This society hos increcised ond The enrhusiosm Tor speech Work has grown, The oTTicers oT The Thespions ore os Tollovvs: John Reynolds, Presidem, Lowell Hammer, Vice Presidenfg Barbara Brown ond Janelle Cass, Secre- Tories. Membership To This socieTy is eorned Through o poinT sysTem, TiTTeen poinTs being The minimum, These poinTs ore eorned by ocTing in ploys, consTrucTion work, deboTe, ond by pc1rTicipoTing in speech conTesTs. MosT of The leoding ports in ploys ore Token by Thespions. SelT confidence ond poise ore very essenfiol for ci successful life no mc1TTer vvhc1T vocotion is chosen, One good vvoy To achieve These Two quoliTies is To porTicipoTe in speech work. Miss Hoglund is responsible Tor The Thespicins success in everyThing They underTol4e. lf is she who direcTs The ploys, pldns The cosTuming ond mcilce-up, ond ofTers her c1ssisTonce wherever if is needed, WiTh Miss Hoglund's ossisTc1nce iT con Truly be sciicl ThoT The T952-53 Thespicins had cz very prosperous yeor. Page Tweniy'Two Every year The Junior Red Cross has a special protect. This year it was the filling of a chest ot school supplies tor a needy European school. The annual enrollment drive was held in February to raise the money to till the chest. Then, under The very able direction ot Miss Melby, a box was made and filled with The various articles required. They all came under the general headings ot: School and l-lealth Supplies, Recreation Equip- ment, Musical Instruments such as harmonicas, First Aid Kits, and Books. Altogether the chest and its contents cost about STOO. The articles which were sent had to be new and the quality of the contents was more im- portant than the quantity. The chest was then sent to Washington and tram there delivered to the school that needed it most. Then everyone waited anxiously to see it the school receiving it would in any way acknowledge the gift. Before school started, Junior Red Cross members, Ann Alt, Gerry Vetch, and Stuart Laird attended the Junior Red Cross Camp. They learned a great deal and enioyed it very much. Although The organization accomplished many things during the past year, the most outstanding event was their annual project at the State Hospital. At Christmas and on ValenTine's Day, they decorated the hos- pital Tor the annual parties. l-lere's hoping that next year and for a long time to come they do the same. This year the Junior Red Cross was very ably led by President, Jack Crawford, Vice-President, Stuart Laird, Secretary, Gerry Vetsch, and Treasurer, Ann Alt. ff'f'Y rwfvvmk W5 X- N lfU'lLOI' KPOZM 9' I E 1 ,yi N ia -1 J is if Y S yl I if as ' 6 3. ,WVJJJ K K l l l Page twenty-thre 94,4 Y I Bock row: P. Eliefi, E. Peferson, H. Wrigiwi, B. Knodr, C. Buck row: E. Sfrond, M. Fahey, B. Knodt, P. idk: ns, J. Sircind. VVc1rning. Row 3: Miss Sanderson, C. Peterson, E. Kodi- Ton, J. Lindgren, K. King. Row 2: K. Brindie, S. Scoies, M. Lieder, N. Row 3: Miss Sondeison, M. Tigue, M. Mork, G. Bucklin, M. Foiiey. Row 2: G. Verdi, M. Biilstrom, K. King, D. Corroi. HOH- Row iz K. Broucht, C. Anderson, S. Mills, D. Row 1: J. Reynolds, A. Gow, M. McLoughlin, A. AIT. Koons. en for unior H1177 .fl T ' 5 ig... -A Page Twenty-four Page Vwentyfi 1. .AHOLGAL The Anokahi, under the supervision ot Miss Fleisch- mann and co-edited by Barbara Brown and Barbara Van Hollen, was eagerly awaited on each Tuesday ot the month. On this day such columns as "Introducing," edited by Gail Bucklin and Mary Mork, "Thru the Halls," edited by Janet Reed, and "Barb and I" edited by Barbara Brown were very enthusiastically read, Anne Alt, Gerry Vetsch, Dick Walter and Jerry Hall also co-edited columns called "Chat 'n Chew" and "Idle Thoughts," respectively. Qthei' staff members on this year's Anokahi were James Bouley and Kenny Nordberg, sports writers, . -7fffffZf ,swf mfwrwiif ll X F' X ill iii. Ki -is ii, I LQ S .Sl 15,5 X ' 75l5f3i f ':' ff" T l fiigii X lgftll' Q Bi jul! 'I YI Virginia Meister, Lois Reisberg, Mary Fahey, Ruth Le- ger, Ann Russell, Harvette Villwock, Barbara Knodt, Bonnie Hathaway, Donna Daml, Benita Wallick, Shir- ley Weese, Geraldine Johnson, Laurel Johnson, Kath- ryn Goodrich, Betty Mattson, Barbara Pease, Janice Bergstrom and Helene Turnbull. A tine paper also pictures the serious side ot a school, its unusual programs, its participation in com- munity alilairs, and the day by day routine ot school lite. By recording the serious as vvell as the trivial, the Anolcahi and its statt built up a valuable picture of our school lite. 5 1- L 3' T V . , , Page twcnty-six xl--i 611 ft 0011, One of the newly-tormed clubs of this year is The CARTGON CLUB. This group was organized tor Those persons who had artistic talent and wanted to improve especially their cartoon drawing. The club met every Monday afternoon and was supervised by Mr. Victor Jacobson. The oiTicers were Stuart King, president, Mike Auspos, vice-presi- dent, Diana DeJarlais, secretary, and, Lee Buehler, treasurer. Many enioyable times were had by The members who still chuckle over the cartoons ot their friends. .megafe The debate squad got ofT to an early start this year by electing Bill Hunt, president, Janet Reed, vice- president, Barbara Brown, secre- tary. Tournaments were held at Mac- alester, St. Cloud Cathedral, Gus- tavus, Carleton, and Augsburg, be- sides the one at Anoka where the first squad won every debate, and the regional where the teams ot Barbara Brown and Bill Hunt, and Betty Mattson and Janet Reed placed second. Because of this placement Anoka, for the very first time, was able to go on to the state. This concluded the l952-53 season under the competent assistance ot Mr. Hagman. cm, 2 qllafe GHC? Twice a month the gymna- sium was The scene of whirl- ing tull skirts and gay shirts of all colors as The Square Dance Club met to revive one ot the forms of recreation popular in the days of the American frontier. Above the sound ot the quick beat ot teet following the intricate step patterns ot the music, Mr. Klonowski's voice could be heard calling the steps of The dances, To handle the business affairs ot the organi- zation, Bob Rither was elect- ed president and Mary Ellen Billstrom, secretary-treasurer. Page twenty-scvcn CMA ol? Fa fy Tlte library is an iniportant room to Anoka High students and the Library Club, working behind the scenes, makes this possible. Besides the checking in and out of books, they type orders, tile cards, repair hooks, etc. The attractive bulletin boards il- lustrating current events and thoughts vvith relating book iackets, were executed by Barbara Knodt and Kathleen Magers. The executives work vvas admin- istered by President Harvette Vill- wock, Vicerpresiclent Gladys Ander- son and Secretary Jane Reynolds. The club adviser was Miss Lunder. Ivanizi "C Habla usted espanol?" "Un pocof' This is vvhat you niight hear float- ing through the Spanish room door on Club day. The rneetings are held during class and are presided over by the otcticers who are Gregory Bergeron, president, Marlys Con- ger, vice-president, Colleen Kerns, secretary, and Janet Livgard, treas- urer lor Spanish l. The Spanish ll olticers are Shirley Weese, presie dent, Laurel Johnson, viCe-presi- dent, and Bonita Wallick, secre- tary-treasurer. Page twenty-eight I Every Monday morning during this past year, twenty or more boys and Mr. Buehler inet in the Wood shop as the Stomp Club. Every boy had some kind ot a collection of his own. Sonre of the collec- tions vvere snrall, some very large. Some were general, and some cen' tered a definite kind ot stamp. The club, as a vvhole, has concentrated on the stamps ot the Unit- ed States and the United Nations. unior .fdcaclemy The Junior Academy of Science is composed ot a group ot scientitically minded students who are interested in making some scientific project. The ot- ficers were Mel Pearson, president, Barbara Brown, secretary, and Barbara Pease, treasurer. The mem- bers ot The Junior Acad- emy had a very enioyable and profitable year, due credit going to Mr. Zim- dars, their sponsor. CMJ Olfle C Recognizing that a happy homie maker is a good one, tho Home Eco- nomics Club tries to provide rocreaf tion for its members as well as addr ing ideas to those acquired in the regular class. A roller skating pai ty, and ice skating party, and a Christmas banquet did all this as well as the regular meetings and annual spring tour. Club ofticers were Diane Caroll, president, Joan Noreen, vice-presi dent, Joanne Daly, secretary, Miss Schaefer and Mrs. Gutenkunst sponsored the group. cien ce The Science Club is made up of a group ot scientitically-minded iun- iors and seniors who enjoy explor- ing the field of science. Led by Dick Ford, president, Barbara Brown, secretary, and Dick Haugland, treasurer. During Easter vacation the club held its annual held trip which took them through the Ford Plant in St. Paul, the Coca-Cola Bottling Com' pany and the Honeywell Plant in Minneapolis. Each one in the club truly telt that their advisor, Mr. Greengo, had helped them have a very suc- cessful year. Page twenty ninf- CAA jifm Opera fora The Film Operators perform a greaT service To The sTudenTs of Anoka T-ligh by making it possible for Tilms To be shown in The class- room, They are a group oT live sen- ior high boys who volunTeer Their services to The school, Besides show- ing Elms in The classrooms they also operaTe The proiecTions aT public meeTings and organizations such as The Kiwanis and BoosTer Club, This year's iunior high sTudenTs were in- vited To form a club To assist the 1 'srl Q veTeran operaTors and To prepare To Take over when the experienced operators graduaTe, Once again a voTe of Thanks To the Him operaTors Tor Their excellenT iob and To Their sponsor, Mr. Stimmler. arid fian ge!ZJwdAip IT you were To look in aT one of The Christian Fellowship meetings, you would see many happy faces, because This club, which is inter-def -.W nominational, meeTs every Tuesday morning and is organized To develf op a deeper Christian Fellowship among sTudenTs, AT The meetings, hymns are sung, local ministers, missionaries, or anyone with a spir- itual message To oTTer may address The group. Many ol their activities are connecTed wiTh other ChrisTian Fellowship Clubs in other schools. The ofiicers oT the club were Bar- bara Pease, PresidenT, John Look, viceepresidem, Nancy Schlafge, secreTary, and June Westlund, treasurer. k00t0l':i The functions ot our Rooters' Club is To back up the Team and leT The play- ers know That The students are cheering Tor Them. Their ollhcers This year were Pat Angelo, presif denT, Jean Lindgren, vice- president, Lois Reisberg, secretary, and Dolly Tigue, Treasurer, There is cooperation be- tween The cheerleaders and The RooTers' Club on yells so That greater uni- son and eTTectiveness is achieved. Page thirTy OAR ,H2l'U'g5 QP? A I, N 1 Q Qwfw ffw li Qcucjcfv ' A "'Lf yf-fifmif-514, my X ay' yy .fgncl Over .Mm 300 ff , xr kfgrlxg -4.1! 411, v .1 1 ' KD VC-qvvdxle V ,fp l x'v : f kj QKQOI ' in , AC' Xi -A V f RQ 0 J Q2 X if Ji s 7 Mb .,, v f C71 'pfwn 9 T6 Q90 LYLZ7 , Ali 45 Q .QQ ,JL 'QL my ,H QL' 19W PC of 6 ' ,- 7 X I .WWMZ Q f fi Q x ' , rj, ,111 f L 1 J- K W . , , .I li KO ,Soar-fa l,,g Jia! x ,il ' 'gg 'gl 'ri Q1 1 .4 A ' any E- T4 47 on - lr X wh N ' " 7 'N. ' 'fsj 'J Gs- if Y " ' ' ' Y 41 ' - l X X if f X., Z X X ..,- ,B 'X' ff- 1 Sq :mx ml A ,U - 9 ii ' 1 . N , T- el J' V w w- - U m m J' X , J' R- K f v Q ! ' f u ,f , , X ff f I ,fm X . Tam A Mm ' , nf -sf? 1 F1 -P A fb? Q J N' LJ r?' en?-0.5 D. If-Vo i . K. . J Z4 i' CAA The "A" Club is made up of all varsity athletes who, by their efforts in one sport or another, have won the right to wear the monogram of Anoka High School. This group includes members of the football, basketball, baseball, golf, track, and wrestling teams and will soon be ioined by members of the newly formed hockey squad. This year's organization is headed by president Sam Hovet, vice-president Jerry Hall, and secretary Adrian Beltrand. Under their leadership, the "AN Club has spon- sored the football homecoming dance and the faculty basketball game while co-sponsoring the annual Sno Ball. Every other week "A" Club members sold ice cream in the cafeteria during lunch hour and the same boys sold programs at basketball homecoming to raise funds which, this year, went toward the purchase of the cheer- leaders' new uniforms. .fdfhgfic .szkofarakip Sociefy The Athletic Scholarship Society offers official recog- nition to those Anoka High School athletes who have not only worn the maroon and grey of the Tornado teams but have also maintained their grades throughout the season of play. This organization emphasizes the fact that school work and sports activities can be co-ordinated effectively and provides an ideal goal for the conscien- tious athlete. The society is made up of senior high school boys who, in addition to gaining a letter, have maintained a C average or better for three consecutive semesters includ- ing the semester in which the monogram was won. Mem- bers must also exemplify characteristics of citizenship, leadership, and ability which are essential to athletic achievement, Page thirty-four 3 gf CA QQPACL Clefd 5 EA ' Q Q1 l T? ' ' E.. 2 r J 5 Jig. T P Y., unior 6LeerAacler5 X ng! "1 'SW W :iw The cheerleaders sTarTed praciicing early in July in pr'epai'aTion Tor The TirsT ganie ol The season. This year Their looTball uniforins vveie rnaioon corduroy slarlcs, Eisenhower iacl4eTs, grey TurTlenecl4 sweaTei's, maroon derby haTs and grey bucks. For baslceTball This year They seleded niaroon couloTTs and grey pleoTed blouses which had rnaroon slilching. One ol The deTails on The blouse was an ascot Tie wiTh a silver niegophone Charni. To CornpleTe Their ouThT They Wore Two-Toned saddle shoes. The TQSQYS3 squad includes Mary Mork, Eloise Pet- ersen, Paf Laird, Margie Pipenhagen, Raeola SmiTh, Sharon Goss, and .lo Ann Reynolds. The girls have done Their usual splendid job in rnainlaining The school spiriT oT Anoka l-ligh School. For The hrsf Tinie The iunior cheerleaders led Thi' cheering Tor' The Foolball "B" squad as well as The Basl4eTball "B" squad. The girls chosen were Morva Sawvel, Diane Frank, Kay Brindle, and Chrisiine Green. These girls do a greaT deal helping To boosl The morale oT The "B" squad, ' L -T gi,i i X T5 3 T .E L 2 1 T T 4.-Q, T I 6Ll"5Ltg i952 saw one of Anoka High School's greatest football Teams in action when the Tornadoes donned The maroon and grey last fall. Head- ed by Coach Chester Anderson and Co-Captains .lim Dale and Sam Hovet, the Tornadoes plowed Through a tough 9 game schedule, emerge ing with 7 wins, one tie, a single loss and The co-championship of the Suburban Conference. In the Suburban Conference race, the Tornadoes got oflf to a good start by defeating their arch-rival, South ST, Paul, before a Dad's Day crowd at Goodrich Park. Anoka's massive line held the Packers scoreless in This contest while Fred lvlor counted The game's only touchdown. White Bear Lake was next to fall, and Anoka made it Three in a row when Ade Beltrand reeled oFf two 50 yard runs in the last quarter to disap- point Columbia Heights, Anoka's line also starred on defense as it held the Highlanders to IO yards rushing for The entire contest. However, lowly Hastings Turned The Tables on The Tornadoes homecoming night when The conference cellar dwellers upset Anoka and forced The Tor- nadoes into a first place Tie with White Bear Lake. Bouncing back rapid' ly, Anoka iourneyed to Stillwater where The Tornadoes trounced the Ponies in a wild scoring battle which saw a total of 8 touchdowns. As a result of Their play during The season, fTve Anokans were placed on The T all conference Team. Anoka's line was well represented with Jim Dale, 3 Bert Webster, Dick Allyn and Dale Miller all making The grade which Adrian Beltrand was chosen To a backfield position. Outside of the Suburban Conference, the Tornadoes faced rugged opponents from all corners of the state. They began the season by decisively defeating a St. Louis Park Team which later placed second in The Lake Conference. Anoka then Tied Fairmount, a southern Minnesota powerhouse which lost only one game all season, Minneapolis Marshall was next in the line of non-conference teams to fall before Anoka and Little Falls, one of North Central Minnesota's stronger elevens, succombed to The Tornadoes in the Pumpkin Bowl to end the season. ln all these games, The last two in particular, Anoka displayed a brand of teamwork and spirit which made it difhcult to pick any star performers except the Team as a whole. These victories coupled with Anoka's Suburban Conference showing, dehnitely marked the Tornadoes as one ofthe state's Top Teams. rr Thirty-six K Squa anal g0lfl'l68I"Z5 The "B" Squad under the supervision of Garth Lap- early the very necessary fundamentals of lootlnall pin and Jerry Johnson and the Bombers coached by which they can use in the coming yvarf, with tho Gordon Walker and Jerome Wagner show promise Varsity. to be great future Anoka Griclders. They are learning Page thinly si viii ff mv 6- m 3 '-wif? 0 S N P' mf 4 N' wyvw, Q F 1.33 C Q k A VS' 3-,uk sf , I, a , 1 B 1 ?1 Q I 44'-563, , AEI! , if f is -,- 1 1 A 94, 7 N, 4,! 5, x iv I 1 fm A' L XX I QP R, W M Swim Jge foriy COP? Amokm Arwokfl Anoka Arwokcl Anoka Amokm Anoku AVWOIQKI Alwoku .JOGVJ St. Louis Pork So, St. Paul Foiriiioitt Wliito Beal' Lclce Columlbio Heights Hcwstiitgs . lvlpls. lvlciisltcill Stillvvcitfvi' little Falls ww JG Page forty-one joofgaf . . . in lleefl ary Mary Mork was crowned the charming Queen of the i952 Football Homecoming by Co-Captains, .lim Dale and Sam Hovet. Red roses were presented to her by tho Senior class president, Dick Caswell. Mary's royal court included six lovely attendants from each grade, Janelle Cass, l2th, Bonita Wallick, llth, Joyce Hauk, lOth, La Donna Alt, 9th, Mona Herrboldt, 8th, and Ann Philips, 7th, Dale Miller gave Mary's history, after which Marge Pipenhagen sang the Queens fa' vorite songs, "Star Dust" and "Trust in Me." Then the Faculty Fools added the comedy to the occasion in an hilarious pantomime of "l Went to Your Wedding.' The afternoon parade followed the coronation where thousands of people crowded the sidewalks to witness the unforgetable scene. The evening parade, led by the Anoka High School Band, progressed to the gridiron where the undefeated Tornadoes clashed with Hastings to lose by a score of seven to nothing for the most surprising upset of the season, None the less, a wonderful dance ended the evening and an- other successful Homecoming Day came to a close. Page forty-two omecomin WMM Na? 'QS' gffx E7 Q.. Uaraifg The T952-53 Anoka High School Basketball Varsi- ty witnessed -one of their more prosperous seasons with an overall record of ll wins and 7 losses. They were third in the Suburban Conference winning'from Columbia Heights, White Bear Lake, and West St. Paul, twice splitting with Hastings, and losing twice to So. St. Paul and Stillwater for a record of 7 wins and 5 losses. ln non-conference competition the tor- nadoes had a 4-2 record, winning twice from Elk River, once from Milaca, splitting with Braham, and losing to Crosby-lronton. For the first time in a number of years, Anoka had a short team, but, hard work, aggressiveness and good training made up for this handicap. Dale Miller, the tornadoes 6' 2" center, often outiumped opposing centers 6' 5" or better, which is one of the reasons why he was selected for the All-Conference team. Sam Hovet, Anoka's other member of the All-Conference team, was probably the best long shot in the confer- ence. Sam has been a regular guard for three years, and this year was high scorer with 221 total points. He has had the distinction of being chosen to the All- District team two years in succession. Erwin Dargis, a forward, was Anoka's other starting senior. Erwin won the free throw championship this year by making a good 65.506 of his attempts. Jerry Hall and Dick Hartfeil, the other two starters were juniors. The rest of the team consisted of Randy Burns, Bob Johnson and Denny Ward who were seniors, and Ron Kish and Dick Walter, who were juniors. Friday the l3th proved to be unlucky to the Home- Page forty-four coming Tornadoes since they came out second best to Stillwater. The Ponies iumped to a i5-i4 first quar- ter lead, with the locals coming back to take a 27-26 half time advantage. The game continued even through the third quarter with the score tied 40-40, but early in the fourth quarter the roof fell in when Miller and Hartfeil fouled out, Stillwater was able to outscore Anoka 25-l 4 in the last quarter to win 65-54. Although Anoka lost, the fans weren't too disappoint- ed because it was a hard fought game and the out- come wasn't decided until the final quarter. In the first game of District competition Anoka trounced Mora, the Sub-district winner. ln the first quarter Anoka iumped to a 26 to 8 lead, which they continued to increase until midway in the second quarter Coach Campbell put in the reserves. The re- serves then held the lead resulting in a 69-46 victory for Anoka. Anoka's plans for a District Championship were ruined in the second game, by a sharp shooting Braham team. The game was close all the way, with Braham taking the lead in the last minute. Braham then went on to win the Championship. In the conso- lation game, Anoka met Cambridge and were de- feated 54-42, The Anoka High Basketball team definitely had contrary to some people's pre-season beliefs, a very successful season. The team and coaching staff, Mr. Campbell and Mr. Wanamaker are to be congratulated for a iob' well done. l W, .SDCZUG .sv-if The Anoka "B Squad" under The guidance of Mr. Wanamaker, made a vast improvement through the season. Unlike other years, Anoka didn't depend upon juniors or members of The varsity but relied upon the talents of sophomores, freshmen, and 8th graders. Although a record of 6 wins and lO losses is far from a fine record, Mr. Wanamaker and Mr. Campbell feel that it was a successful season because The purpose of The "B Squad" is to develop skill and team work rather than win games. This year's team was made up of T8 players of whom Dave Adolphson, Chuck Wennerlund, Jim Bernstein, Bob Erickson, Bob Potter, Bill Magers, Jack Blesi and Mickey Pipenhagen were start- ing. The Reserves were Dick Castle, Dick Erickson, Jim Vandecar, Jack West, Sheldon Lehman, George Zubulake, Bruce Eggleston, Dave Mason, Paul Mayo, and Jerry Erickson. The Junior Bucketeers won twice from West St. Paul, split with Braham, Elk River, Hastings and White Bear, and lost twice to South St. Paul, Stillwater, and Columbia Heights. Anoka started the season with a win over Braham. The game wasn't decided until the last five seconds when Blesi dropped a freethrow to win the game for Anoka, 46 to 45. Another exciting game was with Elk River. The lead changed hands five times be- fore Anoka finally forged ahead in the last minute to win by 2 points 31-29. High point men for Anoka were Chuck Wennerlund with 93 points in l4 games for a 6.7 point average per game, and Dave Adolphson with 99 points in lo games for a 6.2 point average. Other standouts were Bob Potter, a good shot from the corner, Bob Ericson, a scrappy forward, and Dick Castle, who the coaches hope will develop into another Pete. Much is expected from these boys in the future. !lf""'W!,,,rfMw,1 ,454 0 'E' I ff' ! is jg: 5 9' 'Y ,Lim f lc 'li I, 1 " ,X , f T Mf it A if ,W 1 ' f, V G ' will X f filly!! M 1 " 1, ' A Uilzhl J llrw f' I! ' lw gf ui, linshx .,- Y ' '2f if Page forty-five wx M i WA X. id in .SX w., -X,.x '55 1 is 13 fl M 1 L' 4- "H X ? ,, 'Q A W A '13 'E Wx 'k 552 n k ,X 2141: Q5 A j a, YZ 'w w 'r g X ,W S ku? I sh S, ' v if ig? H Z, . th u k 'A 3 . W, W j x3 CZ'-f WN . N, E Qi H, :Sw QW? M s ,fi .xiii Eli? fill? was . W.. 1 ,in X -Jgw:k3..kjlAM,5 in 7- of 'U Q is K gy ,.. X " , .: X - sr , wi: , N - , . w -S X,...,.fu 'fa fav 5- ,A JF' G .9 ki- ' g ' 5 x f ii . -22 ffl . ' if A K K fx 'nv 5 ..,. if 'X LY 1? 'Q . - II l 'vlvujr M A 'Was- ,. X .52 Fl 13' 9 Q 51 X O gafefgaf . . . Jan, Sam Marge Pipenhagen and Sam Hovet reigned as King and Queen of The i953 BaskeTball Homecoming. Their highnesses were crowned by Dale Miller and Eloise Pet- ersen. Wlwile flowers were presenTed To The Queen by Dick Caswell, The senior class presidenT. Anending The King and Queen were: Marsha Bennett, 7Th grade, Kay Brinclle, 8Th grade, Margo Pinney, 9Th grade, MarneTTe Tigue, lOTh grade, Joan Noreen, llfh grade and Delores Peterson, lQTh grade. Train bearers were Ronnie and Marlette WesT. The cheerleaders led a yell lor The King and Queen followed by Their hisTories which were humorously given by Dick Ford and Barb Knodt. "For All We Know," ueen argie Marge's fayoriTe song, was sung by PaT O'Connor and "Because Your Mine," Sam's lavoriTe, was sung by Gary Schake. BoTh were accompanied by Helen Wright. Then John Reynolds wiTh his magical sax played "STardusT," accompanied by Gary Gerber. VVaTching women play cards is comedy enough, buT when Dick WalTer, Gary MarTinson, Arden Hughes and BerT "Snooky" WebsTer imilale women, The resull is hilarf iously funny. The Tornadoes, however, meT a headbreaking cleleal, being unable To oufscore The STillwaTer Ponies in The lasT quarter and losT a Terrihc game. omecomin Wreaffing VVrestling rates as one ot the toughest and most strenuous sports in Anoka High School. lt puts every muscle in the body into action. The boys who are par- ticipants in this great sport are nothing less than some ol our greatest athletes. With the opening ol the season there were eight returning letternren vvhich included Bob Board, Al Scott, Leslie Hovind, Jerry Herberg, Gene Montague, Bill Dale, Don Hardle and Jim Dale. For their captain the ntatnten chose Jim Dale. Alter a gruelling tvvo Weeks of hard training the Tornado grapplers were in action. They went on to win l3 matches, lose two, and tie one. They beat University High, University Farm School, Robbinsdale, and St. Cloud Tech each Page fifty-two twice. Edina, VVinona, Austin, St. Paul Central, and Wayzata were each beaten once by the Anoka grapplers, Their two defeats vvere to Wayzatcx on a return match and to Hastings with vvhom they also had their only tie. The hve top scorers tor the Tornado matmen were D. Board, J. Dale, B. Board, Hovind and Hardle. They all collected over 40 points with D. Board leading the vvay by 49. B. Dale, Moore, Herberg and Montague all had over 25 points. Others who scored tor Anoka were Wilson, Kline, Rogers, Scott, Skolte, Horbal, Trombley and Beltrand. At the end of the regular season D. Board, Hovind and J. Dale were still unde- teated. The Tornado grapplers lost the regional trophy to Hastings by tour points but not until they had tive champions and tour second places taken, D. Board, B. Board, and Hovind were crowned Region Four champions in the 95 lb., lO3 lb. and ll? lb. classes respectively, Don Hardle was crowned T45 lb. champ and Jim Dale the T65 lb, champ. Herberg, Montague, Moore and B. Dale all took second places in their weights while G. Lindgren took third place and A. Beltrand took fourth place in their weights. In the State Tournament Anoka vvon titth place. Captain Jim Dale won the state's l65 lb. champion- ship while Bob Board and Dick Board took second and third places. Leslie Hovind was beaten by the state champion in the first round as Don Hardle was elim- inated bythe runner-up in his weight. Coach Garth Lappin and his assistant Coach Chet Anderson should be commended tor their fine work in building what we think is one ot the best wrestling squads in the state, The future tor next year looks pretty good and you can bet that they'll have another winning team. i 'xggf 3 xisgff Q, iz. 4' , . 5 ik ,.p-nsnnunuh, I.,-,n f"""Nl gaussian... '-G-'I' f wi 'qt' 'N SS ,Liiqnfimmvinmvpasy V-D-'Nw g,,,,,,3, p S"!' 6 Y M x aww' an muwmw ann nmvmhg g-gf. lv MM Q M 1 Q nf wif Q- .------ x Q M, K - .Q M990 F XM. axuunms X As X ,ww gm K ax - warns 5 iw S ,S 'E' 4 'mum 1 .4 ff' . ' 1 3 3 M, 1 mis ' "Q"-Ulf' 2 M 7 X ,- K' Q ,gl M "' H' unl1,, , ,L.. f - ffm" Mnssmvlun-..,,u,'fQ .. . M' guilt-Q ini?- f,,,x..,'1h Tr! A maui' Mggmm, in .. .., a ' A I 19' . in fi? '.4'-,,ffuui""'1, """""'----., ' ff' I Q9 .,,w"' K- Mfr Nw X If QW My ff. X U . . . ,N Q , . - lr ,M t MQW 6' .. Q ,f se?" M., , IP P I 'f sl, .f Vie 1 ,..1YgL W-iw-:Aa HWS ' N, I . A, V J? :nano ix zz mms l'ClC The i952 Anoka High School track team had a good season. They came in second in The Suburban Conference, second in The district, and took first place inthe region. The District I6 Track meet was held at The Goodrich Field. Ed Faherty Took first place in The 440 yard dash and Ron Murphy ran second. Faherty came out on top inthe high hurdles and in The high jump. In The shot put event Jim Dale and Bert Webster placed first and second respectively. Jim Dale also placed second in The discus Throwing event. Bob Hunt ran second in The half mile run and Bud Hovind placed first in the mile run. The Anoka relay Team composed ot Fred Mor, Bob Hunt, Ed Faherty, and Ron Murphy capped The first place position in The relay event. Anoka won The regional crown aT ST. Paul Central with 34 points. Fciherty and Murphy again came in Hrst and second places in The 440. Jim Dale and Bert Webster placed first and second in The shot put event. Faherty ran in tTrsT place in The high hurdles and Hovind ran second in The mile run. The relay team came in second place, this time with Bill Hunt, Fred Mor, Ed Faherty and Ron Murphy running. Five Anoka men, Ed Faherty, Ron Murphy, Jim Dale, Bert Webster, and Bud Hovind, went on to The state. Jim Dale was the only Tornado To place in The state. Coach Bill Wanamaker was well pleased with last year's Team, but questions T953 because ot a scarcity OT veterans. gtldegaf The Anoka baseball Team became District lo cham- pions although they won only one game during the scheduled season. The tirst game of the season showed The Tornadoes at White Bear where they were defeated quite decisively aT 9-T. Stillwater was its second defeat, at the Ponies field, by the score of 6-O. Anoka enter- tained So. St. Paul in our first home game. The local nine led 3-i in the last of the seventh, when The Packers broke loose with a scoring spree The Tornadoes couldn't stop. So. St. Paul went home with a 7-3 victory on their record. Sam Hovet pitched T2 strike outs against Columbia Heights in the next home game to squeeze out an 8-7 victory for the local nine. Then Hastings handed Anoka a decisive defeat by crossing the home plate to score T i times. This was the hnal scheduled game of the season. Anoka really caught on to the winning string when the District lo tournament came around. The Tornadoes downed Cambridge in the opening game of the Tourna- ment by the score ot 6-i. Hovet pitched a 3 hit game from the mound of the Anoka ballpark. The second game was played in Anoka too. Princeton was the victim of a 5-4 win for Anoka. Gary Schake started the pitch- ing assignment for the Tornadoes but was relieved by Hovet in the Htth inning. Anoka traveled to Braham for the finals ot the tournament. The Tornadoes rallied 4 runs to break a 5-5 deadlock and to make Anoka the i952 district champs. ln the first game of The region Anoka drew Stillwater and was defeated 8-3. Curt Vevea was the only senior on the team. The rest of the lineup was Dargis, Hovet, Miller, Vaught, Wenner- Iund, Schake, Board, Caswell, Dickman, Kish, and Earl. Coach Anderson was pretty pleased with his team, an- ticipating a better season in T953 because of the many returning lettermen. .9l'ltl"Cll'l'llll"6lK .S?90l'f5 Intramural sports are rapidly assuming an important place in Anoka. Their popularity is well deserved be- cause no other activity gives so many students an oppor- tunity to participate, Little wonder then that even at the early hour of seven, student teams are on hand to com- pete with other teams, Such enthusiasm is partly due to the well planned program of its sponsor, Mr. Klonowski. Basketball starts the season which was an exception- ally good one. Games were played in the gyms of both the High School and Lincoln. The following teams par- ticipated: VV L Class "AA" Fairylanders T8 T . Pressurites TO TO Class "A" Royals T7 4 Globe Trotters TO 7 Class "B" All Stars T6 T Whiz Kids T5 Q Class "C" Doodle Bums T7 T Regular Drips 9 B Class "D" lmbeciles T2 4 Flashes 3 T2 High point men were the followingz "AA" Bob Dick- man, Milt Peterson, "A" George Eaton, Jack Beggsg "B" Charles Crandall, Richard Calhoun, "C" Wayne Bebeau, James Pfliederg "D" Vern McGonagle, Wendall Larson. On November TO, the Anoka High School Intramural Bowling league began at Vaughn's Bowling Lanes. Sen- ior High bowled every Monday and Junior High every Wednesday right after school. The following teams composed the Senior High section and by the end ofthe season had scored as follows: VV L P ct. Maple Heads 39 T2 .765 Pin Busters 33 QT .6T2 Anokans QT 25 .457 Pin Hogs To 32 .333 The Junior High teams hnished in the following order: VV L Pct. Zubu-Lakers . 30 T4 .684 Gutter Boys 23 T9 .574 Pinky Dinks 22 T7 .564 32 .TSO Alley Rats , 7 The spring sport, volleyball, had a lot of interest in it this year. The games started at 7:20 and 8:00 every morning of the week. Because of the large floor, four teams could play at one time, therefore taking care of eight teams a day, There were twenty teams in the league so each team could play twice a week at the High School. CAM E' 1 fi i 5 , W? F gy , ' A + ' A CAM 0 ... CATHERINE GAIL ACKLEY . . . "Cathie" . . . "Sweet, unassuming as can be, yet full of seri- ous thoughts is she" . . . G.A.A. I, 2, Library Club 2, 3, "Green Valley" 3, Intramural Basket- ball I. RICHARD ALLYN . . . "Rich" . . . "Ah! Here's a chance for mischief" . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Wrest- ling Manager 2, "A" Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. JOAN ROSALIE ANDERSON . . . "Jo" . . "Nothing is more admirable than a friend" . . Entered from Minneapolis Vocational 3. PHYLLIS ARLENE ANDERSON . . . "Fuzzy" . . . "Is the athletic sort, she merits credit in every sport". . . Intramural Sports I, 2,G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Rooter's Club I, 3. ROBERTA JEAN ANDERSON . . . "Bobbie" . . . "To twirl a baton is her greatest pride-her skill in this is nothing to hide." Rooters Club 4, Thespian 4, Twirler 3, 4, Science Club 4, Debate 3, G.A.A. 3, Twirler at North High, Mpls. 2, Chorus at North High 2. PATRICIA MARIE ANGELO . . . "Pat" . . . "A sparkling dark-eyed beauty is the only descrip- ' kl ' l A d . . ,, Cmherme Ac ey Rmhurd A 'yn 'loan n erson tion to fit her . . . Square Dance Club 2, Home Phyllis Anderson Roberta Anderson Patricia Angelo EC. 'Ii Roofefs 3, 4? Roofers Club! President 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Council 4, "Anokan Staff" 4. Vernon Arviclson Phyllis Bauer Ted Bauer Eleanor Beckenbach Betty Blaska Karl Blomgren VERNON ARVIDSON . . . "Vern" . . . "A man of few words" . . . Intramural Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4. PHYLLIS ANN BAUER . . . "Bunny" , . . "lf any- thing you want to know-dial the operator O" .. . G.A.A. I, 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Rooters Club 2, Science Club 3. - TED BAUER . . . "I'le's a boy of quiet ways" . . . Science Club 4. ELEANOR ANN BECKENBACH . . . "Becky" . . . "She takes the "t" out of can't" . . . Band I, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Quartette 3, Mixed Octette 3, 4, Girls' Octette 4, Girls Sextette 3, 4, Soloist 3, Anokan staff 4, Honor Student 4. BETTY LOU BLASKA . . . "Beatrice" . . . "She will mold some young man's future". . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Representative 2, Science Club 3, 4, Library Club 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, Honor Student 4. KARL DENNIS BLOMGREN . . . "Why worry, life is too short" . . . Page fifty-eight WILLIAM WAYNE BOARD . , . "Bill" . . . "He looks shy, but don't let that tool you" . . . Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, Intra- mural medal winner I, 2. YVONNE DOROTHY BODIAK . . . "John" , . . "There's mischiet lurking in her eyes' '... En- tered from Columbia Heights I, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Y-Teens l, 2, Color Guard I, 2, Tumbling team 2, Swimming captain 2, chorus l. BARBARA T. BOEHM . . . "Not very tall, not very small, but good and sweet and liked by all' '... Library Club 2, G.A,A. I, 2, 3, 4, Home Ec, Club 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, Square Dance Club I, 2, 3, 4, Thespian 4, DELORIS ANN BOELTER . , . "Dee' '.,. "Her kindnesses have won her numerous friends" . . . Spanish Club 2, 3, DAVID ROY BOULEY . . . "Napoleon was a small man" . , . Intramural sports I, 2. JAMES E. BOULEY . . . "Man is man-and master of his tate." . . . Intramural Bowling 3, Intra- mural Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, "Cheaper By the Dozen" 4, "Green Valley" 3, Thespian 3, 4, Anokan Staft 4, Future Voter's Club 3, Anoka- Hi 2, 3, 4, Honor Student 4, Nat. Honor Society 4. Donald Braucht Mary Brindle Barbara Brown Gail Bucklin Carol Burke Ray Canton I953 -R V ax ---r Bill Board Yvonne Bodick Barbara Boehm Deloris Boelter David Bouley James Bouley DONALD LEROY BRAUCHT . . . "Don" . . . "Easy come-easy go" . . . Intramural basketball I, 2, Hockey 3, 4. MARY JANE BRINDLE . . . "She's little, but 50 is dynamite" . , . BARBARA LAUREL BROWN . . . "BooBoo" . . . "Her talents are varied, she is our all around American school girl," . . . Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band secretary 4, Thespian 3, 4, Thespian secretary 4, Science Club 3, 4, Science Club secretary 4, Jr. Academy of Science 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 3, 4, Future Voter's Club 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Debate secretary 4, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, "Cheaper By the Dozen" 4, Anoka, Hi 3, 4, Co-Editor ot Anoka-Hi 4, Anokan 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Rooter's Club 4, Trombone soloist 3, 4, Honor Student 4. GAIL ARLENE BUCKLIN . . . "Her third tlnger has a sparkler on it" . . . G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Council 3, 4, G.A.A. Treasurer 4, Thes- pian 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, Square Dance Club I, 2, 3, Square Dance Club Treasurer 3, Anoka-Hi 2, 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Council 3, Science Club 3, Future Voters Club 3, Intramural sports l, 2, Student Council 2, 4, Anokan 4, Rooter's Club 3, Class Treasurer 2, Girl's State 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Honor Student 4. CAROL MARIE BURKE . . . "As sweet as she looks and sweeter" . . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross 2, Anokan 4. RAY CANTON . . . "My mind is set on greater things than women's smiles and engagement rings" . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2. Page Iifty-nine C6166 0 . . . DIANE MARIE CARROLL . . . "You can always find her at the roller rink, but never in front of the kitchen sink" . . . Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Council 3, 4, G.A.A. Secretary 4, Home Ec Club 4, Home Ec. Club President 4, Girl's Glee Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Rooter's Club I, 3, 4, "Green Valley" 3, Anok- an 4, Thespian 3, 4, Intramural sports I, 2. DENNA JANELLE CASS . . . "Nell" . . . "Beauty is the gift of God' '... Thespian 3, 4, Twirler 2, 3, 4, "Rumpelstiltskin" 4, Anokan 4, G.A.A. 2, 3, Square Dance Club 2. RICHARD CASWELL . . . "Finch" . . . "His eyes, his hair, his friendly smile makes him a man worthwhile" . . . Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural champions I, 2, 4, Football I, 2, Baseball 3, 4, Class President 4, Athletic Schol- arship Society 4. CELIA CHAREST . . . "Ces" . . . The senior girl with the natural curl" . . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Snow Queen candidate 4, Home Ec. Club 4, Intramural basketball I, 2, Rooter's Club I, 3, 4. RONALD TRACY CHASE . . . "Our hero in foot- ball togs" . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 2, Intramural sports I, 2, 4, "A" Club 3, 4. KAREN ARNEL CONSTANTINE . . . "Kacy" . . . "Good things come in small packages" . . . Diane Carroll Celia Cl-rarest Amy Countryman Monica Crysler Phyllis Dahlgren James Dale Erwin Dargis James Davis li f Iin, Page sixty Janelle Cass Richard Caswell Ronald Chase Karen Constantine AMY LOUISE COUNTRYMAN . . . "Pedo" . . . "Earl's" well that ends well" . . . Square Dance Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Thespian 4, "Rumpelstilskin" 4, Anoka-Hi 3, Girl's State Alternate 3, Intramural sports 2, Honor Student 4, Nat. Honor Society 4. MONICA LORAYNE CRYSLER . . . "lvlonie" . . "A cheerful nature ancl a steady hand" . PHYLLIS ELAINE DAHLGREN . . . "Dog" . . "Her interests surround her artistic talents" . . . Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, Library Club 3, Rooter's Club 3. JAMES EDWARD DALE . . . "Jim" . . . "Hand- some, athletic, intelligent, too, what more could you ask?" . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Football Co-Captain 4, Wrestling Captain 4,, National Athletic Scholar- ship 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 4, All-School Vice-President 4, Science Club 3, Debate 3, Jr. Class President 3, Jr. Academy of Science 3, Wrestling State Champ 4. ERWIN JEROME DARGIS . . . "We all know l'te'5 hard to beat, both as a friend and an athlete" . . . Intramural basketball I, 2, Intramural vol- leyball 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3, 4. JAMES RICHARD DAVIS . . . "Jim" . . . "Charac- ter is the measure of man" . . . Intramural bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4. . . . 1953 ROGER WILLIAM DICKENSON . . . "Bill" . . . "A man of few words." ROBERT DICKMAN . . . "Bob' '...' 'My motto is, 'Don't study until you are called on to recite'." . . . Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural champions I, 2, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football I, 2. ROSANNE DOEGE . . . "Rosie" . . . "Pleasing eyes that declare-happy heart is surely there" . . . G.A.A. I, 2, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Science Club 4. KENNETH DOYLE . . . "Duke" . . . "Young blood must have his course, lad, and every dog, his day" . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE DOROTHY DUDEK . . . "Gerrie" . . . "lt is tranquil people that accomplish much" . . . Home Ec. Club 2, 3, 4, Home Ec. Workshop at U. of M. 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club Certificate 2, 3, 4, Rooter's Club 4. RICHARD EARL . . . "Slippery" . . . "Tall, blond, and breezy-the personality of l952" . . . Football 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Film Operator I, 2, 3, 4, Film Operator Award I, 2, 3, 4, ln- tramural Basketball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Bowl- ing 3, 4, "Rumpelstilskin" 4, "A" Club 4, Sci- Roger Dickenson Robert Dickman Rosanne Doege ' ' S h I Kenneth Doyle Geraldine Dudek Richard Earl 4l Thesplcln All Al ellc C ours lp GEORGE DEAN EATON . . . "l spoke to a wom- an Once-my motherff ' V U Infromurol Sporfs George Eaton Margaret EliefT DuWayne Emmons il, 3, 4- . Robert Erickson William Erickson Mary Fahey MARGARET ANN ELIEFF . . . "Margie" . . . "A placid easy-going lass" . . . Rooter's Club 4. DUWAYNE EMMANS . . . "Rita" . . . "No use worrying" . . . Thespian 3, Intramural Bowling 2, 3, 4. ROBERT JOHN ERICKSON . . . "Bob" . . . "GOd'S gift to woman" . . . Band I, 2, 3, 4, Class Presi- dent 2, "B" squad Football I, 2, "B" squad Bas- ketball I, 2, Intramural sports 3, 4, Science Club 3, "Green Valley" 3, Jr. Red Cross 3. WILLIAM EDWARD ERICKSON . . . "Bill" . . . "The man who will is the man who can" . . . "B" squad football 2, Stamp Club I, 2, Intra- mural basketball 2. MARY ELIZABETH FAHEY . . . "She's liked by us all" . . . Chorus I, Library Club 2, Science Club 3, Jr. Academy ot Science 3, Square Dance Club 3, Anoka-Hi 2, 3, 4, Anoka-Hi Ex- change Editor 3, 4, Anokan 4, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Council 3, 4 Jr. G.A.A. Advisor 4, Intra- mural sports I, 2, Student Council 4, Thespian 4, "Rumpelstilskin" 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Honor Student 4, Nat. Honor Society 4. Page sixty-one CAM 0 . . ALICE JEANNE FOLEY . . . "Sparkle in her eyes, mischief in her smile, she will be happy all the live, long while". . . Intramural Sports 2, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Square Dance Club 3, 4, "Cheaper By the Dozen" 4, "Green Valley" 3, Anokan 4. RICHARD THORNTON FORD . . . "Dick" . . . "He's not afraid of work, no iob will he ever shirk" . . . Class Pres. I, Basketball 3, Science Club 3, 4, President Science Club 4, Co-Editor Anokan 4, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club I, 2, Thes- pian 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Anoka- Hi 3, "Green Valley" 3, Honor Student 4. CARL DOUGLAS FOSTER . . , "Pudge" . . . "His greatest sin is a happy grin" . . . Science Club 3, Chorus 4, Thespian 4, "Green Valley" 3, Intramural Bowling 3, Intramural Volleyball 4. EYVONNE MARIE FREDRICKSON . . . "As friendly as a basket of kittens" . . . Rooter's Club 3, G.A.A. 2, 3. HARVEY FULWILER . . . "He goes on the theory that the footballtield isn't the only place you need a good line" . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club 3, 4, Track 4, National Athletic SchoIar4 Alice FOISY Richard Ford Curl Foster ship 3, 4, Science Club 4, Intramural Sports Eyvonne Fredrickson Harvey Fulwiler Edgar Galle l' 2' 3' 47 Student Councll 47 Rooters 4' EDGAR R. GELLE . . . "Sincere men always suc- ceed" , . . Future Farmers of America 4. Gary Gerber Wayne Gfetchell Mary Jane Gibelyou I I y "Gefb" . . h Marilyn Giddings James Gilligan Glenn Gillund "From earyl morn 'til day is done, he has a smile for everyone" . . . Intramural Sports 2, 3, I I 4, Football 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4, lviixed Octette , 3, 4, Boys' Quartet 4, Solo 4, Vice-President 3. WAYNE PHILIP GETCHELL . . . "His friends all know his true worth" . . . Intramural Basketball 4, Intramural Volleyball 4. MARYJANE GIBELYOU . . . "Toots" . . . "A quiet little miss" . . . Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Thespian 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, "Rumpelstilskin" 4. MARILYN MARIE GIDDINGS . . . "A mischievous maid that's never afraid' '... G.A.A. I, 2, 3, Band I, 2, Chorus 3, 4, Girl's Sextette 4, Girl's Octette 4, G.A.A. Council 3, Rooter's Club 3, Square Dance Club 2. JAMES PATRICK GILLIGAN . . . "Jim" . . . "Ladies BewareII" . . .Golf I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural sports 3. GLENN GILLUND . . . "Gill" . . . "Here I am, girls". . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 4, Hock- ey 3, 4, Intramural I, 2, "A" Club 2, 3, 4. Page sixty-two ELEANOR LOUISE GOLDEN . . . "Elee" . . . "A blond with a smile is a bond worthwhile" . . . Christian Fellowship I. JOAN PATRICIA GORHAM . . . "Joanie" . . . "Silence is sweeter than speech" . . . Home Ec. Club 2. GLENN GUSTAFSON . . , "Gus" . . . "The urge for speed came fast and furious" . . . Football 2, 3, Wrestling 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Hockey 4, Stamp Club I. RITA HALL , . . "Reet" . . . "A ball of fire with zip and zest" . . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Rooter's Club 3, Home Ec. Club 4, Science Club 3, Thes- pian 4, Square Dance Club 4. LOWELL EUGENE HAMMER . . . "LoweIIy" . . . "He is popular with everyone, handsome, arn- bitious and full of fun' '... Class treasurer I, Band I, 2, 3, 4, "B" squad basketball I, 2, "B" squad football I, 2, Thespian 3, 4, Intramural sports 3, 4, Anokan Business Manager 4, Stu- dent Council 2, 3, "Green Valley" 3, Thespian Vice-President 4, Band Council 3, Nat. Honor Society 4. HARVEY HOWARD HARMSEN , . . "Worry and I have never met" Spanish Club 2, 3. Richard Hauglond Shirley Hiller Intramural sports 2, 3, 4, Charles Hayek Clinton Hovet .I -4 . . . 7953 W Eleanor Golden Joan Gorham Glenn Gustafson Rita Hall Lowell Hammer Harvey Harmson RICHARD CHENEY HAUGLAND . . . "Dick" . . . "God loves them all, so do I" . . . Stamp Club Gene Hibbord Leslie Hovind I, Jr. Academy of Science 2, 3, Debate 3, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, "A" Club 4, "RumpeIstiIskin" 4, Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Thespian 4, Senior Class Play 4, Nat. Honor Society 4, Ath- letic Scholarship Society 4. CHARLES HAYEK . . , "Charlie" . . . "He cares not to be great" . . . GENE DUANE HIBBARD . . . "Hibb" . . . "Calm, and cool - at least in school". . .Square Dance Club 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN HILLER . . . "Quiet but sincere and true and here's a girl who is never blue" . . . Christian Fellowship Club I, 2, 3, 4, "Rum- peIstiIskin" 4, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Library Club 4. CLINTON P, HOVET . . , "Sam" . . . "Our three- star fellow - looks, personality and sports" . . . "A" Club I, 2, 3, 4, "A" Club President 4, Bas- ketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Football Co-Captain 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball King 4. LESLIE LAWRENCE HOVIND . . . "Les" . . . "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength" ...Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volleyball 3, 4, Student Council 3, Film operator 3, 4, A.A.U. 4, National Athletic Society 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Award 3. Page sixty-three d:i60 ... ARDEN GARY HUGHES . . . "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best ot men." . . . Football I, Baseball manager l, 2, Basket- ball manager l, 2, 3, "A" club 2, 3, 4, Anokan statt 4, Anokahi 2, 3, Teen Town Council 2, 3, Class vice-president 4, Thespian 4, Honor Stu- dent 4. Athletic Scholarship Society 4. LESLIE MARLIN JOSEPH HUGHES . . . "Les" . . "Stately and tall, he walks in the hall." WILLIAM COUGHLIN HUNT . . . "Bill" . . . "Expert in so many ways, his leadership we'll remember all our days.' '... Football l, 2, 3, Basketball I, Track l, 2, 3, "Cheaper by the Dozen" 4, Thespian 3, 4, Debate 3, 4, Intraf mural 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Flute Solo 2, 3, 4, Flute Trio 3, Science Club 3, Junior Academy of Science 3, Square Dance Club 3, Student Council l, Q, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Speech Contest 3, 4, Anokan staff 4, All school president 4, Honor Student 4. EDDIE JACOBSON . . . "Ed" . . . "The days ot our youth are the days ot our glory." . , . "A" club 4, Football I, 3, Wrestling 2, Baseball 3, 4. WILLIAM E. JENKINS . , , "Jilly Benkinsn . . . "Always out for a good time . . . well, is that a crime?' ',.. Intramural Bowling Q, 3, Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3. PETER A. JOHANSON . , . "Pete" "A good rep- utation is a good credit." . , .Chorus 3, 4, "Rum- peIstiltskin" 4, Honor Student 4. Geraldine Johnson Robert Johnson Donald Jud-e Kathleen King Arden Hughes Eddie Jacobson Rosemary Johnson Barbara Knodt Page sixtybtour Leslie Hughes William Hunt William Jenkins Peter Johanson GERALDINE ANN JOHNSON . . . HGSFVISH . . , "Chic, charming, clever, and cute." . . . G.A.A. 2, Square Dance Club 3, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Thespian 3, 4, Anokahi 4, Anokan 4, Intramural Sports 2, Science Club 3, "Rumpelstiltskin" 4. ROBERT E. JOHNSON . . . "Commanche" . . . "A valuable addition to athletics' '...' 'A" club 3, 4, Football 4, Basketball 3, 4, Intramural Vol- leyball 2, 3, 4. ROSEMARY JOHNSON . . . "Rosie" . . . "Smil- ing tace and twinkling eye, you simply can't pass her by." . . . Band 3, 4, Square Dance Club 3. DONALD PHILLIP JUDE . . . "Don" . . . "Silence is the key ot contentment." . . , Band l, 2, Film Club 3. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KING . . . "Kay" . . . "The electric spark of our class." . . . G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Jr. G.A.A. Adviser 4, Thespian 3, 4, Rooter's Club I, 3, 4, Baton Twirling 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Anokan 4, BARBARA KNODT . . . "Barb" . . . "Music hath charms the poets says, it you don't believe it, just hear her play." . . . Debate I, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Octette 4, Band 3, 4, Soloist 2, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club president 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Green Valley 3, Thespian 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, National Hon- or Society 3, 4, Honor Student 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. council 3, 4, Anokahi 3, 4, Anokan 4, Intramural I, 2, Rooter's Club 3, 4, Student Council 4, Future Voters Club 3. . . I953 THOMAS ALFRED STEENBERG . . . "Tom" . . A "Kind and considerate to all." . . . Football I, 2, 3, 4, Intramural sports 2, 3, Baseball I, Basket ball I. DOLORES ANN TIGUE . . . "Dolly' '...' 'Natu rally nicef '... Chorus 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 4, Library Club 2, Root- er's Club I, 3, 4, Rooter's Club treasurer 4, ln- tramural sports 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 4. GARY PAUL TROMBLEY . . . "Good natured and good heartecI." . . . Spanish Club 2, 3, Wrest- ling 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Chess Club Vice-presi- dent 4, Athletic Scholarship Society 4. DELORES Z. TYLER . . . Ty . . . Most glorious night, thou were not meant for slumber. BARBARA LOU VANHOLLEN . . . "Barb" . . . "Beauty plus brains." . . . Teen Town Council I, 2, G.A,A. I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Academy of Science 2, 3, Science Club 3, 4, Junior Academy of Science President 3, Student Council 4, Stu- dent Council Secretary-treasurer 4, Anokahi 2, 3, 4, Anokohi co-editor 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, I-lonor Student 4. HARVETTE GRACE vilwock "Her emcaen- Thomas S'een""'9 De""e5 'IW Gm ""m"'eY Cy is the Silent kind." . I Q Il 2: ,junior Delores Tyler Barbara Van Hell-en Harvette Villwock Academy of Science 2, Science Club 2, Anokan 4, Anokahi 3, 4, Rooter's Club 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Library Club Secretary 3, Library Club President 4, Honor Student 4. Dennis Ward Evelyn Word Judith Weyhrich Bert Webster June Westlund Nancy Westlund A DENNIS AMBROSE WARD . . . "Denny" . , . "l would not be the villain that thou thinkest." . . . Basketball I, 2, 4, Football I, 2, Track I, Baseball 4, Intramural sports I, 2, 3, 4. VI' EVELYN A. WARD . . . "Ev" . . . "As friendly as the day is long." . . . G.A.A. I, 2, Intramural sports 2, Rooter's Club I, JUDITH MARIE WEYHRICH . . . "Judy" . . . Chorus 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Junior class play 3. BERT B. WEBSTER . . . "Snookey" . . . "The llle of his class, but the death ol his teachers." . . . , Anokan 4, Thespian 4, Intramural sports 3, "A" . Club I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball W manager 4, Wrestling I, 2, Track 3, 4, "Rum- ' W pelstiItskin" 4. t':" 1 JUNE ALVINA WESTLUND . . . "A lady in every A ,..' ,Q sense ot the word." . . . Rooter's Club 3, Chris- FN' dx I tion Fellowship Club I, 2, 3, 4. 4 ' . I NANCY ANN WESTLUND . . . "Nance" . . . "A smile is currency in any country." Library l'I .I- Q 71 A h--L-..l- l'I..I. A A.--I....- A Y! 1 0 O I I . . 7953 VU' LUCILLE WILLIAMS . . . "Lucy' '...' 'Strictly on the beam.' '... Intramural volley ball 2, Root- er's Club 3, 4, Chorus 2. KENNETH RUSSELL WISEN . . . "Rusty" . . . "A good fellow among tellowsf '... Science Club 3, 4, Scholastic Art 3. DONNA CLARA WOLFE . . . "A quiet Tongue xe . fs. e si i shows a wise head.' '... G.A.A. 4, Thespian 3. HELEN MADGE WRIGHT . . . "Voted our most musical gal, in her you'll always Gnd a pal," . . . Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Teen Town Council l, 2, 3, Teen Town President 3, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Council 3, 4, G.A.A. M1 'S f C .V',,f f Lucille Williams Kenneth Wisen Donna Wolfe Helen Wright Richard Zeglen Atter twelve years ot great uncertainty we've tinal- ly made it, all T75 of us. We've completed our senior year, a wonderful year ot memories which ended all too soon. The senior class otificers were chosen as follows, Dick Caswell, President, Ardene Hughes, Vice-presi- dent, Lois Reisberg, Secretary, and Jean Lindgren, Treasurer. Milton Legg won thte Bausch-Lomb award and "Boo Boo" Brown received the "D.A.R." award. President 4, Thespian 3, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Rooter's Club l, 3, 4, Anokan 4, Junior Class Secretary 3, Sextette 4, Intramural Bas- ketball l, 2, "Green Valley" 3, National Honor Society 4. RICHARD S. ZEGLEN . . . "Zegy" . . . "Sincere men always succeed," . . . Band l, 2, 3, 4, In- tramural sports l, 2, Wrestling 2, Science Club 3, Coronet Quartet 4, Not Pictured .... RAND BURNS . , . "Randy" . . . "His wavy hair led to the despair and envy ot all the girls.' '... Band l, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Snow King 4, "A" Club 4, Honor Student 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Athletic Scholarship Society 4. Not pictured .... PHYLLIS PARKHURST . . . "Phyl." The activities of the senior class came to a close with the class play, "Annie Get Your Gun," high- lighted by an uproarious evening ot good tun. In rapid succession followed the Junior-Senior Prom, the award banquet, and baccalaureate. May 29th ended this year as the class in cap and gown received their long awaited diplomas. On that evening the doors ot Anoka High School closed on us as students but re-opened to us as we toolc our place in the ever growing list of alumni. 0ll0l' StuJent5 av The climax of any students high school career is to be chosen an honor student because only those who have achieved an enviable scholastic record are sel- ected. This signal honor represents long hours ot study, the willingness to improve the mind and the Wafiona In any democratic society, the practice ot it begins in the school. The leaders ol our society must receive their training early and under the guidance of those with more experience, For that reason, those students who show ability and desire to assume responsibilities deserve recognition. The National Honor Society with a chapter in Anoka has this obiective. Each year ten per cent ot the senior class and five per cent ot the junior class are selected to compose 3 ability to choose the important from the trivial. This year's group are worthy ot the great honor given to them and proudly join the ranks ol those who vvon a distinction coveted by all, 'J onor .Sociefy this group. To qualify, a student must be in the upper third ot the class and must have shown outstanding traits of scholarship, service to the school, leadership in school activities and good moral character. Since the screening ot eligible students is done by both taculty and tellovv students, only those with high qualifications are chosen. A salute then to the National Honor group who in the eyes ot their classmates deserve this single honor. l Page seventy-three C CMM I Catherine Ackley Richard Allyn Joan Anderson Phyllis Anderson Roberta Anderson Patricia Angelo Vernon Arvidson Phyllis Bauer Ted Bauer Eleanor Beckenbach Betty Blaska Karl Blomgren William Board Yvonne Bodick Barbara Boehm De Loris Boelter David Bouley James Bouley Donald Braucht Mary Brindle Barbara Brown Gail Bucklin Carol Burke Rand Burns Ray Canton Diane Carroll Janelle Cass Richard Caswell Celia Charest Ronald Chase Karen Constantine Amy Countryman Monica Crysler Phyllis Dahlgren James Dale Erwin Dargis James Davis Roger Dickenson Robert Dickman Roseanne Doege Geraldine Dudek Richard Earl George Eaton Margaret Elieff DuWayne Emmans Robert Erickson William Erickson Mary Fahey Alice Foley Richard Ford Carl Foster Eyvonne Fredrickson Harvey Fulwiler Edgar Gelle Gary Gerber Wayne Getchell Mary Jane Gibelyou Marilyn Giddings Page seventy-four LEAVE MY Dances Good naturedness Quiet ways Basketball Brains Twinkling eyes Size Skipping Theodore Our parties Blushing Wisecracks Ditching Mr. Huston Future Poise Diamond Sleeping in Social Taxi Ice skates Good grades Trombone Love forever Tobogganing Manly Charms Foley Road Out-of-town interests Going steady The baseball outfield Naturally wavy hair Reform Dave "verbals" Little waist Roller skating "police record" Laugh Intelligence Bus No. I4 Ambition Talkitiveness Disposition Football strategy Intelligence Pete Many cars Yellow Beetle Iviodestness Resolutions Long notes Versatility Sleeping in classes Study halls The girls of Anoka Agriculture class Bow ties Bashfulness "coffee pot" Sweet ways TO Johnny Bill Dale Joan Daly Pat Elieff Mike Rich Me Roger Hedstrom Joyce Berg Ted Werner Karen Wrabek Larry Swanson Joel Baumgartner Ade Beltrand Ralph Donalene Barret Myself Ronnie Kish To the snow drifts Dickie Pearson Jackie Moran Tom Hilliard Lyle Next winter Neal Guy Those who can find it! Elk River Jack 81 Sharon Chucky Wennerland Joyce Hauck Dick Hartfield Myself Miss Story Janet Burke Darlene Lofgren "the party" Jackie Blesi Ray Bodick Kottke's Miss Story Virginia Jacobson Jackie Hiebenthal Speech class Darrell Tilleskior Anybody's parties "Pierce's" Knodt's Paul Franke Wastepaper basket Rosie Skip Rither Ade Beltrand Wayne Johnson Jack Lehman Larry Blesi Posterity My brother Jake Beggs JoAnn Anderson James Gilligan Glenn Gillund Eleanor Golden Joan Gorham Glenn Gustafson Rita Hall Lowell Hammer Harvey Harmsen Richard Haugland Charles Hayek Gene Hibbard Shirley Hiller Clinton Hovet Leslie Hovind Arden Hughes Leslie Hughes William Hunt Eddie Jacobson William Jenkins Peter Johanson Geraldine Johnson Robert Johnson Rosemary Johnson Donald Jude Kathleen King Barbara Knodt Gladys Koehnen Richard Kok Patricia Laird Edith Lanning Shirley Larson Dolores Lee Ruth Leger Milton Legg Geraldine Leider Robert Lincoln Mary Ann Lindberg Jean Lindgren Victor Lindquist Stanley Lofgren Louis Longfellow Bernice Malm Beverly Malm Gary Martinson Ann Masloski Mildred McLaughlin Sharon Meko Virginia Meister David Micheau Dale Miller Kenneth Moey James Moinicken Eugene Montague Mary Mork Patricia Mueller William Nelson Virginia Noll Kenneth Nordberg LEAVE MY Leisurely ways Party crashing Rudiments Brother's Ford Tardiness Large brown eyes Subtle humor Gumchewing West River Road Quiet ways Blondes Sunday afternoons Basketball King title Guard duty at noon Fun-loving ways Senior class All School Presidency Quietness in all classes New Year's Eve parties Brains Married lite 7th hour study hall Married lite Physics class Fairmont Driving School books "Hot Ford" Flirtatious eyes Hair Freckles Personality Rogers Mr, Wilcox New Home Dairy Camera Reducing All my hair dyes Blue eyes Hair "specks" Riding pants Navy "hot sax" Steak House Ready smile Love ot skipping Straight hair and eyelashes Champlin Woltish instinct Skipping gym Halls of Anoka Wrestling talent Red hair Height Karen "The Lake" "Thanks" TO Gordy Lindgren The parties Pat Bahr My brother Dwina Odson Geri Vetsch John Look Mr. Greengo Larry Swanson Joanne Slater Alden Youngner Clit? ??? Duane Schulte Johnny Bell My brother, Floyd ??? Bud Emerick The "girls" History Neal Guy Morris Johnson Earl 8g myself The birds Mr. Anderson Geri Vetsch The twins Some lucky underclassman Mary Ellen Billstrom Audrey Gow My sister, Joan Marilyn Bush Lavina Dehn Eddie Brown The customers Mr. Wilcox Geri Vetsch Raeola Smith Beverly Gayda Glenn Ellis Bob Gerber Shirley "Pinky" "Big Dick" JoAnn Strand Joy Doak Cecil Talbot Mike Monahan Alfred Scott Dick Walter Howard Harman Jim Bernstine Roger Sawyer Eddie Brown Chucky Bowers Sophomore boys Joan Walton Dave Bagaus Evelyn Novak Pat O'Connor Beverly Olson Margaret Olson Virginia Palmer Phyllis Parkhurst Gerald Paul James Paulson Jean Paulson Joyce Payette Melvin Pearson Hildegarde Pedersen Delores Perkins Eloise Petersen Doloris Peterson LaVone Peterson Milton Peterson Gale Pettygrove Marge Pipenhagen Janet Reed Allen Reilley Lois Reisberg Jane Reynolds John Reynolds Marilyn Rippel Katherine Ritzke Howard Rogers Nyle Rolter Pat Rouillard Ann Russell Nancy Russell Earl Rydholm Gary Schake LeRoy Schake Leona Schmelzer Margaret Schnarr Don Schollian Dona Schwab Patsy Shank John Skolte Norma Sonterre Thomas Steenberg Dolores Tigue Gary Trombley Barbara Van Hollen Harvette Villwock Denny Ward Evelyn Ward Bert Webster June Westlund Nancy Westlund Judy Weyrich Lucille Williams Kenneth Wisen Donna Wolfe Helen Wright Richard Zeglen LEAVE MY Thomas's Sunny smile Dimples Skipping days Consumers Technique Height Innocence Baritone Dark eyes Friendly grin Shyness Deceiving blue eyes Dancing lessons Forest Lake Quietness Trumpet Answers in Social Clothes Drum Major Baton W l TO Their customers Joyce Hauck Marilyn Johnson Duane Schulte Mr. Greengo Linda Dick Hartfielcl Dave Dilcher Marilyn Meyers LaDona Alt Jim Johanson Darlene Langseth Pat Traver Arthur Murray Joeanne Slater Donna Daml A H S Band Mr. Johnson Leanne Driscoll Dick Walter 54' cigar Terry DeMars Spur-of-the-moment parties Unsuspecting underclassmen Cambridge Barb Pease Money First National Bank Frisch's Bernie Frisch Chubbiness Jack Crawford Curly Hair Gerald Rogers Back bending ability Darlene Lofgren Good times Kathy Magers Questions "My Friend Irma" Love John All my millions Jerry Wolfgram Miss Story Jim Duerr Refrigerated room 2l2 Coming seniors Records Electronics Future Pete Irresistible charms "Beckie" Quiet ways Koryne Kaneski Flirting Peggy Wiggling ears Letter writing Attinity tor Spanish Giggles Don Hardle Norman Peterson Colleen Kerns JoAnn Reynolds Crutches The iunk pile Horses Ronna Adrian Sweetness Carol Lydon lrish temper Anyone who wants it Early morning stenography class Junior girls Manly charms Late hours at the Gopher Love lite Letter writing Short Hair Artistic talents Social Piano playing Last seat in the last row in every class Jerry Asplund Myrtle Olson My diary My sister Janice Fisher Jerry Hall Sharon Noll Anne Alt George Zubulake Page seventy-five CAM 0 The pupils who have worked The hardest and had The most Tun doing iT This year were Tor some unknown reason The Junior Class. The 209 mem-- bers of This group were led by President Eddy Brown, who was ably assisTed by Don Hardle, Vice- president, Shirley Weese, Secretary, and Bill Dale, Treasurer. Athletics played an important part. The football Team had Adrian Beltrand, Jerry Hall, next years captain and Roger Headstrom in starring roles. The juniors were also well represenied on The bas- etball Team by sTarTers Jerry Hall and Dick Hart- field and onthe wresTling Team by Don Hardle and Bill Dale. Page seventy-six But iT wasn'T iusf The boys That made The year so successful. Benita Wallick, football queen's at- tendant and Joanne Noreen, baskeTball aTTendanT, added a great deal to Those special occasions. Many of The girls were active in G.A.A. and Raeola Smith was one of Those peppy cheerleaders. OT course The climax of The year was The Prom when The iunior class were hosts To The graduating sen- iors. Able service was Turnished To The iuniors by Mr. Greengo, Miss Melby, Mr. FoIlraTh, Mrs. Jurek, Mr. Zimdars, Mr. Walker, Mr. Wanamaker, Mrs. Guten- kunst, and Miss Nordlie. Lofgren, J. King, G. Crosby Bovee, E. VVesTlund. Back Row: A. Chouinard, K. Magers D. Hardie, D. Dilcher, D. VValTers B. Butler, C. Coler, G. Kurilla D Erickson, D. Brodhead, VV. LaBar B. Brown, G. Noon. Row 4: J. Logan G. Anderson, B. Dillon, K. Good rich, W. Swanson, R. Tammi, J. Ku Ienkamp, B. Rick, T. Fields, D. De Jarlais, N. Loucks, J. Strand. Row 3 M. Peterson, N. Delvlars, C. Leh man, L. Millard, J. Krause, V. Fran cen, R. Hughes, C. Hedtke, R. Mor row, Y. Anderson, G. Holmberg J Berg. Row 2: K. Rogers, L. Volker A. Temple, B. Guimont, A. Bebeau B. Pease, C. Moe, P. Jacobson D Hughes. Row T: S. Durand, J. Eisen brand, J. Anderson, D. Cech J Wargin, M. STaFford, L. Hovind S Elmer, J. BergsTron1, J. Fisher D Back row: G. Rogers, A. Nicklow R. Macko, G. Asplund, J. Gabrick D. Warble, G. Miller, D. Blaska, C. Murney, D. Pearson. Row 4: H. Turn- bull, T. Mueller, L. Blesi, R. Kish, R. Ring, L. Madsen, M. Monahan, B. Woolery, F, Hughes. Row 3: L. Pet- erson, G. Rinehart, J. McMorran, G Wortgram, P. Reilley, C. Auspos, D. MacGlower, A, Fields, W. John- son, G. Hampton. Row 2: C. Huss, C. Anderson, J. Maness, H. Halvorsen, J. Cooper, L. Porter, B. Wallick, M. Morthberg, D. Springer. Row 'lz B. Beck, G. Schmitt, N. Schenk, C Breen, M. Vasseur, D. Frischman, J. Daly, D. Vlfhitney, M. Murphy, L. Burke. 1 1 Back row: F. Mor, E. Beck, G. Steen- berg, R. Rudolph, R. Hedstrom, J Larson, J. Reeves, D. Schulte, VV. Sutherland, J. Crawford, Row 4: R. Reuter, J. Noreen, B. Mattson, F. Burton, F. Fkberg, R. Fmerick, P. Franke, C. Beckenbach, J. Bell. Row 3: C. Johnson, J. Littlefield, B. Dale R, Jackson, D. Tilleskjor, B. Swan- son, B. Hornsby, F. Graham, D. De- Mar, R. Guimont, Row 2: D. Camp- bell, M. Hall, J. Heibenthal, J. Wal- ton, S. Noll, N. Jones, A. Swankier L. Johnson, B. Noon. Row 1: D. Sio- din, J. Beggs, C. Lydon, L. Quick- strom, P. Jensen, M. A, Frazier, Y Bouley, M. Cox, L. Driscoll, M. Lig- gen. 1 1 Back row: J. Hall, T. Hilliard, T Werrwer, G. Lindgren, R. Englund A, Peltzer, A. Pearson, T, Mitchell Row 4: D. Burton, J, Anderson, M. 1 Iverson, J. Duerr, E. Brown, A. Belt- rand, J. Johansen. Row 3: S. John- son, D. Daml, R. Smith, J. Lehman B. Gerber, P. Kane, R. Jedlicka, Ll Packer. Row 2: J, Slater, G. Cox, D. Morrow, S. Weese, J. Germundsen, C. Anderson, S. Nisun. Row 1: A. Gow, C. Bowers, M. Sawvel, K. Wra- bek, A. Alt, M, Bush, M. Billstrom, G. Vetsch. ...l954 Page seventy-seven cf... of. . . Although Silas Marner occupied much ofthe sopho- mores time they acquired few of his attributes. A more cheerful and friendly group would be diflhcult to find. Early in the year the class chose Robert Rither, president, Gerald Herberg, vice-president, Jeanette Miller, secretary, and Marnette Tigue, treasurer. Messrs. Swanson, Klonowski, Anderson, Campbell, Gilbertson, advised the class with Mrs. Hunt, Miss Fleischman and Miss Hallenberg. Page seventy-eig ht The class had its show of honors being represented in the Student Council by Jo Ann Miller, Marnette Tigue, David Adolfson, Koryne Kaneski, and Mike Hagen. Many members ioined the Junior Red Cross, with Stewart Laird, John Billstrom, Jo Ann Miller, Jean- ette Miller, and Myrtice Reed on the council. Joyce Houck and Marnette Tigue were the lovely attendants All in all, the class promises to add much to Anoka Back row: L. Peterson, G. Viste, J. Vaught, D. Vifellman, D. Breyen, L. Schollain, K. Kimberley, E. Moinick- en, W. Norlund, G. Sonterre. Row 4: D. Faison, K. Murney, B. Runquist, D. True, I. Rybak, J. Wargiii, A. Yungner, G. Allen, C. Crandall. Row 3: B. Swing, J. Werner, J. Mil- ler, J. Miller, J. Livgard, C. Swan- son, J. Ulness, C. McCauley, D. Hov- ind, C. Pettygrove. Row 2: K. Good- speed, A. Bonde, P. Tanner, R. Jen- nison, M. Gemmil, W. Schiefer, C Bucholdt, G. I-lolrnberg, P. Frees. Row 'l: J. Weckwerth, J. Ottenctro- er, M. Strom, M. Morrison, D. Bar- rett, D. Waltoiw, S. Barker, R. Strand D. Johnson, B. Baude. Back row: J. Erickson, D. Larson, K. Anderson, T. Lehn, P. Sutterer, D Adolfson, D. Engels, G. Schilling. Row 4: S. Wilson, R. Rither, D. Spohn, R. Lawrence, D. Mason, W. Beckman, J. Hintgen. Row 3: D Malm, L. Scoler, E. Schlosser, R. Bo- dick, P. Pipenhagen, K. l-lokanson C. Schwab, B. Erickson. Row 2: J Butterheld, W. Novak, K. Landborg J, Boelter, K. Rick, R. Getchell, VV Matson. Row 1: R. Beggs, D. Odson B. Emmons, S. Carlson, M. O'Con- nor, D. Haines, V. Barkuloo, D. Pal- mer. 1 f 1 1 Back row: P. Keillon, E. Kloce, C. Tolbot, G. Olsen, I. Noon, M. Rey- nolds, S. Lciird, P. Moyo. Row 4: VV. Clorke, B. Froberg, R. Potter, M, Gornin, C. Kerns, D. Johnson, D, Henrickson. Row 3: M. Kurillo, B. Hiller, M. Hunt, L. Delwn, J. Billstrorn, T. Libby, M, Hogen, J, Countrymon. Row 2: J. Anderson, C. Stoflord, M. Conger, D. Von Dcike, D. Lczngsetli G. Nygord, A. Scott, Row T: I. Gun- ter, M. Crowe, M. Sclwwcwnclt, J. Rey- nolds, D. DeMors, F. Corneron, R Koons, J. Blesi. 1 Back row: J. Bourngczrtner, P. More plwy, S. Goss, M. Meyer, B. VVeyl1- rich, J, Honey, L. Pekulo, R. Hall Row 4: M. Driscoll, C. O'Keele, K Dovis, J. Kori, M. Hedtord, J. Bern- stein, J, Sornborski, H. Poulson. Row 3: R. Lindberg, R. Hoyek, E. Lincoln, J. Look, J. Eciton, P. Bohr, S. Spence, B. Blcisko, G. McDeorn1on. Row 2: V. VVelcl1, C. Ellis, H. Cox, M. Tiscli- mon, J. Miller, E. Meyer, R. Helten- stein, G. lnmon, S. Kukor. Row l- L. Ernst, C. Nordstrom, V. Chose, J McGloyer, D. Fisclwer, M. Olson, B. Pcxul, J, Houck. Bock row: VV, Horbol, J. Herberg G. Bergeron, L. Tordsen, R. Lorson, VV. Leger, D. Reynolds, VV, Mogers, D. Webster. Row 4: M. Tigue, E. Emmons, B. Jocobson, M. Reed, M. Doltlen, H. Moson, J, Dunn, D. Tdl- bot. Row 3: R. Lewis, R. Pike, S. Hol- vorsen, D. Clwristenson, R. Rdyette, V. Jocobson, A. Miller, J. Jennison, L. Hulegczrd. Row 2: K. Koneski, M. Hoftorth, B. Miller, M. Slodn, S. Tys- ver, A. Brown, J. Rusclimeyer, J Scott. Row 1: J. Burke, M. Le Vigne R. Morris, P. Huss, D. Noll, N Schlolge, R. Burton, B. Jones, N Peterson. 1 1 I 955 Page sn- Jr l of. . . Freshmen may be green, buT They're usually a friendly group. Our Q38 This year were no excepTion. AlThough many were newcomers, They soon lound Their niche and conTribuTed acTively To The class. BoTh The chorus and band were represenTed by The grade, parTicipaTing in The ChrisTmas ConcerT and ofher programs. Marva Sawvel helped The junior cheerleaders. Donna AIT and Margo Pinney were homecoming aTTendanTs Tor TooTbaIl and basl4eTball. Various boys placed in The school's Teams. One of The highlighTs of The class acTiviTies was The annual parTy where Pat Muller and Eileen Johnson won honors in The Talent show. Steering The class's acTiviTies were Pat Rich, presi- denT, George Zubulclke, vice-presidenT, Richard Rey- nolds, secrefary, and Jack Schouveller, Treasurer, Miss Berg, Miss Foster, Mr. L. Wagner, Mrs. Bowers, Mr. Grefe, Miss Sanderson, Mr. M. Johnson, and Mr. J. Wagner acTed as advisers. Back row: B. Kujawa, B. Krause, P. Miller, C. Dwinells, N. Guirnonl, VV, Essig, B. Goudy, D. Pederson, J. Vandecar, R. ForTner. Row 4: V. Ar- vidson, S, Campbell, D. Sawdy, R. Ball, B. Kerns, J. Hogan, R, BeTlach, V. Springer, I. Chouinard. Row 3: R. Lage, P. ArThur, D. Overbaugh, B. Sweef, M. l-lunT, M. Organ, N. Peterson, M. Pederson, J. Easig, P. Noll. Row 2: D. Bogaus, N. Iverson, B. LindquisT, L. ArmsTrong, P. STevf ens, S. PelTzer, L. Brakander, Y. Neisius, G, Rogers. Row 1: E. SmiTh, S. Larson, J. HedTl4e, B. SaaThoFT, D. SmiTh, J, Koehnen, M. Hoppe, J. Koehnen, K. Anderson, T. Carrol. Back row: J. Erskine, B. Duf'Ty, M. Landru, R. PuTnam, J. SoderquisT, M. Davis, J. Larson, M. WesT, S. Tol- leTTe, K. Bauer, Row 4: S. PeTerson, M. VVisen, C, Johnson, M. Johnson, L. Douglas, S. Sallberg, L. Siodin, P. PearT, J. RoberTs. Row 3: L. Piper, S. TalboT, M. Sawvel, I. Evans, S. Per- kins, K. Popisil, J. Joslyn, B. Blesi, C. Fisher, M. O'Connor. Row 2: S. LindsTrom, B. Anderson, M. Carlson, B. PeTerson, N. Hall, M. Bylander, P. Mullen, E. Anderson, L. AlT. Row 1: P, Breyen, N. VVells, D. Bulen, J. BarsTow, D. Moyer, J. T-lerberg, R. GOTT, P. Paulson, M. Eclcer, D. Hog- gan. Buck row: S. King, S. Lehman, B. Eggelston, M, Peterson, S. Angle, P. Eaton, M. Erick- son, R, Swonson, Row 4: J. Shouveller, P. Rich, P. ElieH, K. Peterson, D. Smith, L, Erickson, M. Roselond, V. Woolgor. Row 3: S, Guy, J, Howkins, B, Hoel, E. Jonn- son, J. Ridge, L. Johnson, K. Dahlman. Row 2: J. Hebert, K. Brock, L. Gregory, M. Stroh- meyer, A. Fredrick, B. Clarke, R. Gobel, M. Lincoln. Row 1: R. Bodick, R. Hughes, R. Sodmon, L, Lehman, L. Nisun, M. Pinney, M, Lolgren, L. Larson. Back row: C. Johnson, G. Lind, L. Johnson, S. Swanson, R. Duerr, D, Kittleson, R. Pro- vost, R. Bowers. Row 4: J. Mennengo, F. Gordinier, J. Armstrong, C, Nordberg, J. Skollerud, B. Eliefi, D. Look, B. Isoocs, J. Larson. Row 3: R. Mumaw, E. Krouse, F. Kline, W. Couture, V. Hunt, D. Larson, J. Beltrand, R. Stricker. Row 2: G. Atchison, M. Cropser, C. Alver, J. Madison, K. Matt- son, J. Kline, D. Wilson, E. Kroll, J, Coter. Row 'l: H. Garvey, A. Meyer, E, Kost, K. Breyen, S. Huss, E. Gront, M. Erickson, A. Kent. Back row: J. Purmont, C. Gillund, B. Mc- Gonogle, D. Jenson, E. Crandall, S. Han- son, A. Dohline, R. Sawyer. Row 4: A. John- son, J. Choiunard, L. Atonosoff, R. Ness, G. Jensen, J. Anderson, K. Hanson, J. Winch, J. West. Row 3: T, Kulenkomp, C. Montcxgue, B. Bouley, B. Loucks, M. Auspos, P. Honstod, M. Johnson, S. Blount, Row 2: L. Siodin, M. Peterson, C. Chorest, J. Edwards, A. Miller, A. Cudd, J. Helland, M. Horvoth, M, Wei- Clenboch. Row l: G. Boos, S. Smith, B. Moin- icken, D. Schumoche, G. Zubuloke, D. Board, G. Sonterre, G. Ellis. Back row: R. Reynolds, V. Erickson, R. Eng- strom, J. Lawrence, B. Jacobson, J. Wollery, J, Keillor, J. Londroche. Row 4: P, Veveo, P. Vetsch, W. Bengston, V. Reilley, M. Cox, M. LcxBonne, Y. Thoreson, L. Skolte, N. Pierce. Row 3: J. Epps, J. Eden, L. Scott, J. Hciemig, P. Kirchner, L. Petersen, B. Hovind, B. Goyda. Row 2: E. Ellingson, G. Petersen, M. Hunt, C. Schneider, R. Jones, D, Flint, S. Burton, J. Harrington, l. Buehler. Row 1: D. Sutherland, D. Bouley, B. Moness, C, Lofgren, Y. Pike, M. Ringhond, C. Dehn, G. Eshelmonn, Back row: R. Provost, H. Ander- son, G. Witte, J. Abbott, J. Gustafson, D. Tysver, D. Breyen, M. Corlson. Row 4: D. Beckenboch, C. Redmonn, R. Lindgren, K. Gelle, M. Eckstrom, T. Breckenridge, D. Ostlund, L. Lappe, R. Ecker. Row 3: V. Fish- er, M. Melberg, D. Blaska, S. Opem, J. Ny- berg, Y. Erickson, D, Van Dake, B. Vevea. Row 2: S. Gunther, A. DeJorlois, J. Crosby, B. Jones, J. Trowbridge, J. Poisson, D, Berg, S Weeks, J. Ernst. Row 'lz R. Miller, A. Berthiaume, A. Getchell, G. Hawkins, D, Rickoby, J, Borstow, T. Strohmoyer, K. Rob- erts. 196 Cf... 0 Here are the three hundred or more eighth graders who are veteran citizens of the school community. After a year of feeling their way, they earned the recognition as responsible ithough livelyi members of our school. This year president Charles Wennerlund, vice-president Dick Grefe, secretary Richard Adler, and treasurer Mona Herrlooldt steered their activities under advisers Misses Gooclner, Williams, Schaeffer, Mortenson and Messrs. Bauer, Hagman, and Buehler. Page eighty-two Their representatives on the Junior Student Council were Jean Sower, Gerald West, Kenneth Davis, Lenny McLaughlin, Charles Wennerluncl, Peggy Hartfiel, and Bill Gunther. Mona Herrboldt and Kay Brindle were the lovely attendants at the football and basketball homecoming activities. Kay Brindle, Christine Greene, and Diane Frank were the peppy cheerleaders who supported the teams. Back row: R. Castle, R. Erickson, R. Tollette, C. Wennerlurwcl, G. John- son, P. Warning, J. Kuiaiva, S. An- derson. Row 4: R. Peterson, J. Welch, S. Appleby, L. Lappe, J. Rippel, E. Alarcon, G. Hassell, M. Phelps. Row 3: D. Brellenthin, P. Robinson, L. Murney, M. Price, J. Johnson, N. Hall, C. Peterson, D. Grefe, E. Shank. Row 2: P. Gay, M. Herrboldt, M. Frischmon, W. Be- beau, A. Isaacs, D. Schollian. Row T: B. Nelson, D. Getchell, T. La- Bonne, C. Wilson, E. Brown, J. Hof- uis, V. Canfield. Back row: T. Gogren, B. Mark, V. Eeckenstein, W. Hunt, G, Shannon, D. Pust, S. Weeks, L. Hanson, J. Sharkey, D. Hassell. Row 4: M. Lang- seth, B. Hume, N. Kinney, E, Evans, J. Wylie, B. True, L. Norgren, G. Tysver, J. Baumgartner. Row 3: D. Hesli, B. Huckenpoehler, M. Dam' mar, N. Mueller, R. Kari, M. Mc- Guire, B. Dillon, J. Westlund, Y. Strand. Row 2: M. McDearmon, L. McLaughlin, C. Budau, J. Hanson, J. Schaelter, B. Gabel, M. Leider, J. Sower, P. Stepp. Row l: J. Frantz C. Gelle, H. Quickstrom, J. Eshel- man, R. Howell, F. Niven, A. Swee- zo, R. Wilson, D. Millard, J. Ander- son. I Rack row: D. Jacobson, D. Gilson, R. Edberg, R. Rootes, A. Becken stein, D. Anderson, D. Jacobson, G. Gilleen. Row 4: D. Johnson, D. Beau- chaine, R. Belisle, C. Hemgren, R Cox, J. Brauch, J. Olson, J. Baker Row 3: W. Chapman, F. Cox, P Dahlin, F. Hoflarth, L. Graleske, L Griep, C. Warn, L. Hagerty, J VVrabek. Row 2: K. Weeks, R Swartz, R. Peterson, K. Roberts, G Gustatson, V. Gaupp, R. Buchholz R. Atkins. Row T: W. LoBor, R. Proj vost, D. Davis, M. Bergstrom, M Barker, D. Bellows, J. Thoe, K. Bar- rett, K. Braucht. Johnson, G. Colquhoun, L. Trom- Back row: J. Nelson, L. Nash, H bley, E. Kochton, J. Anderson, L Grosser, J. Kuiawa. Row 4: C. Gale J. Rydholni, K. Klose, P. Dickinson C. Greene, K. Brindle, J. Moran, C Meister. Row 3: D. McKenna, R Brochnieier, A. Morphew, M. De- Mar, L. Johnson, G. Perkins, S. Hall B. Faison, J. Peterson. Row 2: J Epps, M. Martin, I. Bahr, J. Beloeau L. Green, G. Buchholz, C. Slaytonl V. Brock. Row 'l: R. Trover, D. Murth, P. Harttiel, E. Swanson, J. Israel, W. Hedtke, G. Boelter, K. Macko, K. Hughes. Back row: J. Noble, D. Schulstroni, H. Harnion, O. Brown, R. Wolfl, G. Bosell, B. Gunther. Row 4: B. Good- lund, W. Putt, K. Sjoberg, K. Peter- son, W. Wennerlund, C. Durbin, S Saari. Row 3: H. Hyden, K. Petti- john, L. Goss, K. Pettiiohn, R. Adler, C. Sawdy. Row 2: L. Myers, P. Fran- sen, R. Kendall, T. Ball, J. Randall, D. Frederick, N. Paul, T. Frazee, G. West. Row 1: D. Koehler, R. Woll- grani, J. Ferkingstad, G. Jude, T. Goudy, J. James, L. Parkinson, T. Pease. Back row: V. Fisher, J. Duteck, M. Russell, B. Schirniers, H. Ruscher, J. Hagen, R. Ness, R. Holmes, E. Schnarr. Row 4: B. Day, D. Strand- berg, J. Ganieany, J. Tainter, S. Nelson, M. Beck, R. Rundle, L. Lind- lot, L. Brabander, M. Runquist. Row 3: G. Scudder, V. Lewis, M. Tommi, S. Hentges, D. Rottei, M. Tommi, N. BeiholTer, J. Witte, G. Eckstrom Row 2: G. Villvock, F. Peterson, L Schmidt, S. Stephan, R. Lambrecht, B. Stover, J. Moe, N. Britton, J. ln- man, D. Frank. Row 'l: D. Peltzer, J Thurston, J. McCall, C. Gale, D Packhard, E. Peterson, G. Palmer, J. Bailey. 1 i 1 ...I957 Page eirihty-thre-n cr... af. . . Just as a new recruit enters boot camp to be trained and molded into a member of an indesfructible Hght- ing machine, so the seventh graders, the newest faces around our school, enter our ranks to be trained and molded by their class advisers, Miss Morken, Miss Gow, Mrs. Abbey, Mrs. Freeburg, Mrs. Linden, Mr. Stimmler and Mr. Lappin. These newest members of our school family elected as their ofhcers: president, Robert Ridge, vice-presi- dent, Janet Erickson, secretary, Myrna Blaska, and treasurer, Kurt Driscoll, and Student Council members, John Walter, Tom Grey, Daniel Brodhead, Eldon Mil- ler, Carolyn Grandstrom, Tom Anderson, and Bill Johnson. lt wasn't long before this class were veterans taking part in all school activities. Ann Phillips and Marsha Bennett represented them as football and basketball homecoming attendants. The Junior Red Cross Coun- cil, Junior G.A.A. the Bombers and other groups were well represented. Probably the climax of the year was the class party held December l3th when square dancing, games, and of course refreshments were the order ofthe evening. Poate, R. Hardle. Row 3: J. Ea Lofqren, C. Hendricks. E, Peek, P. Erickson. Back row: J. McNaughton, G. Beinliatt en, G. Herbal, C. Wiberg, E. Bowlbv B. Johnson, J. Hemgren, M. Blaska Opem, J. Lindgren. Row 4: M. Pierce Krzizoniek, L. Fredrickson, D. Smith Krzizaniek, R. Hostetler, R. Morrow Buehler, R. Atchison, L. Parkhurst Baker, D, Winch, G. Duffy, T. Grey McGuire, R. Kulencamp. Row 2: D Thun strom, J. Price, F. Gilliland, D. Ash Ledoux, L. Madison, J, Harmon Smith, A. Lindquist. Row l: R. Jones D Orttel, K. Ellis, B. Engen, D. Schnei N. Pitchford, H. Kovar, W. Phelps M Bock row: J. Bengston, J. l-lerberq N Gregory, C. Wellman, W. Doylc N Erickson, F. Wellhausen, T. Andeison R. Boyer, M. Stanhope. Row 4: V At wood, S. Rippell, B. Jacobson, R Chi s topher, C. Smith, R. Ridge, R. Giddmqs M. Hunt, G. Gay. Row 3: R. Bavtusek N. Sebeck, R. Martin, D. Brodhead D Jennison, G. Norberg, K. Lage, R Sweii son, P. McDaniel, B. Weeks. Row 2 D Johnson, R. Froberg, W. Frederick K Kober, C. Schwab, J. lvielberg, D. Joncs L. Rubis, K. Shelander, Row 'l: D G dinier, J, Guy, R. Johnson, R. Be eau S. Miller, E, Olson, H. Bauer, B Essc Back row: V. McGonnigal, G. Nold, J. Walter, J. McKenzie, G. Biore, S. Syr- inq, H. Kimberly, K. Ostlund, R. Brown. Row 4: D. Anderson, R. Siodin, J. Web- ster, A. Davis, D. Fisher, M. Huntington, J. Moey, J. Smith, Row 3: S, Nicklow, G. Sundquist, N. Bulen, B. Cudd, S. Scales, A. Runnels, E, Hulegaard, H. Shepherd, C. Larson. Row 2: R. Titterud, M. Nord, A. Feltzer, S. Rohl, C. Anderson, M. Carlson, V. Crysler, A, Phillips. Row 1: J. Nygaard, B. Gerber, V. Burlingame, T, King, P. Davis, J. Johnson, D. Yung- ner, S. Kirshner, B. Tuomie. Bock row: J. Schultz, S. Allen, T. Eck- man, A, Reierson, L. Berry, M. Bennett, D. Anderson, A. Axelson, J. Bledsoe, D. Ulness, Row 4: C. Olson, B, Beckman, E. True, C. Clark, M. Freer, L. Sundberg, D. Barnet, K, Wiggs, J. Rene. Row 3: R. Smith, J, Sawoy, G. Schautel, B. Bacon, G. Enzler, H, Gustafson, E. Hampton, N. Mokowski, D. Steppe, L. Edwards. Row 2: D. Durbin, E. Miller, W. Schu- macher, M. Bennett, A. Ness, B. Robison, S. Johnson, V. Farris, B, Evans. Row 1: T. Josephson, E. Rootes, G. Sodman, D. Erickson, K. Driscoll, J. Goodrich, T. Garvey, W. Larson, G. Cooper, G. Hei- denrich. Back row: F. Griep, J. Reynolds, S. Guy, B. Chapman, D. Freeby, E. Knutson, L. Sutherlcincl, L. Petersen, J. Eyrick. Row 4: J. Skaalerud, C. Simonson, C. Wat- son, J. Janiak, D. Gadbaw, E. Toyt, D. Hodson, B. Dillow, J. Whitney. Row 3: I. Walton, M. O'Keefe, G. Chelgren, B. Kinney, B. Patchen, M. Simonson, C, Rick, J. Howell, J. Johnson. Row 2: J. Olson, G. Gale, D. Bluebough, D. John- son, R. Bcckenbach, J. Rand, J. Peter- sen, S. Mills, A. Martineau. Row 'l: J. Quickstrom, B. Carey, J, Swonberg, C. Toberrnan, H. Carr, D. Stevens, D. Reu- ter, R. Lehman, D. Cornelius. Back row: S, Sonterre, J. Howell, G. Shannon, R. Gustafson, J. Johnson, B. Wecse, K. Poshek, S. Hoel, J. Lund. Row 4: L. Magnuson, L. Rodgers, C. leRichc-ux, G. Beyer, R. Grams, J. Sni- der, A, Brellentine, B, Robertson. Row 3: C. Gronstrom, S. Anderson, K. Ross, G. Johnson, J. Pneider, L. Nutter, A. Kroqh, G. Olson, J, Frisk. Row 2: J. Cox, R. Chamberlin, W. Swanson, R. Bick- ford, D. Soley, B. Lonning, D. Koons, J, Erickson, Row I: D. West, J. Millard, K. Hawkins, C. Stanley, M. Franz, C. Rose- lnncl, T. Mulloney, R. Rorrick, M. Boelter. nalalofa l 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Page ei Buddies Hopalong Happy Birthday Piano Roll Gerb Junior Cut-ups The Boys Drink to me only ghty-six Age of Innocence Convention Rowdies Where ya going, Pat? Who wouldn't? Legs Rock What ya got, Harry Sr. Grub Pub How they've changed .lust plain Bill Finch and Comanche The Lakers!! Eleanor That ain't garbage!! Love Birds Paul Bunyan Senior Rowdies What 'cha eatin, Wow! ! Mr. America Buried treasure? fellas?? A famous paiama party l00l'l60I':5 0 fke I .!4l'l0LaIl Young's Apparel Shop Shadick's Confectionery Anoka County Union The Steak House Anoka Dairy Green Insurance Agency, D. W. Scott, Manager Main St. Food Market, Dick's Groceries, Duerr's Meats Peterson Pure Oil Service Vaughan's Bowling Alley First National Bank, Anoka State Bank ot Anoka Peterson's Shoe Store Anoka Independent Grain and Feed Dealer Rum River Lumber Company Freeburg Fuel Company Linden's Grosslein Beverage Company Anoka Truck and Implement Company Taystee Food Shop Johnson Electric Company Nelson's Cate Green's Confectionery Northern Pine Motel Dedrick's Department Store Jensen's 54' to Sl .OO Store Dowdell's Wallpaper and Paint New Home Grill and Dairy Bar Anoka Theatre Pierce Refrigeration Sales and Service Beaudry's Barber Shop A. C. Horeis Funeral Home Jack's Outlet Store Gil-Gas Inc. The Deluxe Cafe Uptown Cate Smith Variety Shop C. L. Ekwall, Watchmaker and Jeweler Richard's Home Furnishings Red Owl Store Anoka Radio and Appliance Quality Cleaners Jackson Street Motors Inc. Thurston and Sons Leeds Drug and Jewelry Colburn Hilliard Anoka Dry Cleaners and Dyers Gamble's Authorized Dealer Anoka Herald Publishing Company Witte Drugs Downing Jewelry Goodrich Drug Company Maytield's Red and White Store Babcock Hardware Company Charmette Shop Peterson-Pinney Company EIectronic's Service Morse's Food Store, Champlin Marty's Service, Bill Lund, Proprietor, Champlin Boai'd's Grocery, Champlin Art's Auto Body and Trim Shop, Champlin Charles' Sinclair Service Clark's Super Gas HogIund's Greenhouse Corky's Pure Oil Martinson's Electric Anoka Home Bakery The Anoka Garage Jepsen's Food Market Oswald's Cafe Laundromat Self Service Laundry Main Street Texaco Station Arnie's Super Valu Duffy Lumber Company Knodt's Grocery CarroII's Cities Service Hasting's Shell Service River Motors Zieg's Barber Shop and Hair Stylist National Tea Company Paul La Plant Bottled Gas Coast to Coast Stores Ward's Confectionery and Cafe Main Motor Sales Company Page eighty-seven "A" Club A Advertisements Anokahi A AA A Anokan A A Athletic Scholarship Autographs A Band A A A A Baseball AA Basketball, B Squad Basketball Homecoming Basketball, Varsity A Board at Education A Cartoon Club A Cheerleaders AA Chorus A AA Christian Fellowship Club Debate Club A A A Dedication ,..,. AA AA A Eighth Grade AA Faculty ,...,, Film Operators Club A Football, FB Squad A A Football, Bombers A Football Homecoming F-ootball, Varsity A Freshmen A AA A G.A.A. AA AA Golf A A Hockey A AA AA Home EC. Club A Honor Students A A A Intramural Sports A Junior Academy ot Science Junior Red Cross Juniors A A Library Club A A National Honor Society Ottice Personnel A Rooters Club AA Science Club AA A Senior Class Will Seniors AAA Seventh Grade Snapshots A A A Sophomores A AA A Spanish Club AA Speech Department Square Dance Club Stamp Club A A Student Administration Thespian Society AA Track A A AA Wrestling Page eighty-eight s9l'lJ8X 34 87 26 21 34 31, 32 lo I7 1 A 55 45 50,51 A 44 3 A 27 35 13, I9 A 30 27 6 82, 83 12, 13 30 37 A 37 42,.43 A 36 30, 81 24, 25 53 53 A 29 73 56 29 23 76, 77 A 28 73 9 30 29 74, 75 58-72 84, 85 A 86 78, 79 A 28 20 27 28 i4 22 54 52 vxjif fig J fgfif QJDPBJ wffiyfigwf W W 95? My mf Wye WW VXA? jjywdfzb 439 Sd ffyf WM + 1 1, . , 1 . J MK Y W4 s ix 1,- LE. at mf' A if X i 5 J- ai ai AIN Kill! aaigi 52 1' 'Egg vel: 'uf' 'fi aggwfi Ra if , ff' L' -X f. V, ',,,..,f' l X59 A M.. ll -r L! I - 55211: Y y 'vs 1.

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